Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1851, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1851 Page 5
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?IT ? Fdltlckl IaUUl|?BM< Nkw Yon*.?There Mtmi, now, very little trou ble in the rankf of the whig iud democratic parties In this State, and both parties are contending ear* neatly for the ascendancy at the approaching etoo' tion. Both of the regular parties are using their efforts to enlist the anti-rent faction, which is one of considerable force in the central section of ths State, and whioh has, en previous occasions, held the balance of power in the choice of 8 tie officers, * . and the legislative councils. Th-ie are four parties in the field, but the fourth, or liberty party, is au insignificant one, comprising all the ultra-abolitionlets of the State. The whig party, for soma tiuie past in the ascendancy, has still e gi?od prospect to '.maintain its position, upon the principles ad/retted by Mr. William II- Seward, of hostility to the fugitive slave law. There seeros to be c ina.ird io the democratic ranks, but the opposition manifest-d to the works of internal improvement, which are alleged to bo vital to the interes's of the western portion of the State. There seem* to be l.ttle said upon the subject of the Presidency by either party. Maktlanh.?The oleotiun for members of Congress for this State, takes p ace to morrow. The contest has been a warm one, but the indications favor the success of the democratic party. In the first and sixth districts, always heretofore whig, there arc dissentiors in that party which will jeo* pardize, if nut entirely destroy it" >u toes". The State election, the first under the now constitution, will not take place until November. This oonteit is more oitteriy waged man mat tor in "in be rs of t Congress. The ntw constitution is claimed aa a < democratic measure, from thn fact that the flrat \ movement in the direction of changing the cooati- v tution originated with that patty Toe whig party, generally, oppose the election of the judiciary by poDulur vote, on the ground that it will tend to drag down from its exalted position that branch of the executive of the State, by the pandering of candidatei to thefpopular will, to retain their positions after having been once elected lo the matter of the question of the pre* djm y, the whig party are virtually pledged to the support of Mr. Fillmore, while General Cass is? without doubt, the preference of the democratic party. V iroinia.?The approaching elections in this old State possess more interest than ever before known. On the 23d last, the election far members of Congress, under the old apportionment, will take place, and the suffrage will be restricted, as heretofore, to tax-paver* At the same time the people will be called to vote upon the ratification of the new constitution. On this question, for the first time, since.the formation of the Sute, the whole of the white male population, of twenty-one year* uid ov;r, will be entitled t> vote without the old restriction, and precisely the came as if the <1 taslion on which they vote was in full force. Never before bts there been an opportunity to know what is the real vote of Virginia, because of the fact that a portion of her citizens wcro denied the privilege oi the citizens of most of the other states, by the restriction property qualification. The State election for Governor and other officers, will not take place until November, when, for the first time, the Governor will be chosen directly by the people, instead of by the vote of the Legislature, liotn parties have made their nominations, and two of the most popular men of the State have been cboEcn by their respective parlies. Tbo whole J country will look with interest to the result. Mr. , Fillmore is the favorite of the whig party for the presidency, especially in the wests rn section of the State. The democratic party is not committed to any particular candidate, though the views of General Cass, whose views on questions of national 1: policy, accord with their own. ^ Michigan.?The parties in this State have mads f their nominations?the whig party upon the free c toU platform, and the demuciats upon the basis of p the Baltimore C'onvent'on, and in accordance with d the views of General Cass. There is very little tl doubt as to what the result maybe. The demo- e crate have a large msiority in the State, and there r, is not a jouinalwithln her limits which coincides with the -views of the free soil democracy of the * Fast. The I >etroit Tribune, the organ of the whig 3 party of the State, is a zealous advocate of General d Seott for the Presidency, and the whig convention ? declared in his favor. The demoiratio convention, a while it declares the support of that party for Gen. Case before any other for the Presidency, will support the nominee of the democratic party. " South Carolina.?There seems to bo little said b in South Carolina now about the secosrion of that " State from the Union. There is no doubt but a p ' large portion of her people would gladly secede, but t there has arisen a largo party of opposition, which t has modified the feeling again*1 the federal govern- . ment to a great degree. In compliance with a law of the Legislature, delegates to a Southern congrei d are soon to be elected, but there is very little pro c bability that that body will ever assemble, as no n other of the Southern States has acquiesced in the j, movement. The Southern rights party have made their nominations in several of the districts, while the Seuthern co-operation part^has, as yet, made n uruvurMabiuu m vui one. lucre II no uuiou v party in the State, and the only difference existing i between her citiiem is that the one party deairei a separate secession of the State from the Union, m while the other wishes to aeeede only with the cooperation of one or more of tho sister slave States. Supreme Court?Special Teraa. e: Before Chief Justice Kd moods B tiik proposed new park. Brrx 30 ?lit the mat try of the applu a'ion of thr Mayor and Common Council Jar thr amount mrnt of CommittJtittri d for tin opening a) a nrw Puttie rait in I ha S inrtemth Word ? There was a motion thin d?jr In fore the ;ourt. rr?p<>;tlng . the proponed new park. Kx Chief Justice Jonee. anl Mr. l>avte? appeared as counsel for the Corporation. and ex- P Chirf Justice Broaeon for the opponent* of the project p III Is contended, oa the part of the opponent#, that . while the bill empowering the Corporation to make the park la the locality up town, knoen an Jonee' Wood, was V in pmgrere before the Hones, an alteration waa made by t< the clerk of the speaker, tn accordance with hit dtreetirns; and that, rnnse?|ucntly. the act wae illegal, and could not be considered a law On the part of the Corpo- h ration, it was contended that the alterations vera duly bl uihoriaed. and made before the third reading ot the , bill The aflldavlt of Mr MoMurray. as to the alleged Informalities of the actjwaa read. It stated that he bed ^ caused a clause tn be Inserted Into the act bef ire Its pae- f( * ?ege, allowing I lie owner of the land the right to choose , three of the live commissioners, that the net now appears en the statute book with tnis clause omitted; that ti the clause wss erased after the passage of the act through 'i I he llouee. by the Wpcuker, Mr Varnum; and that, with this alteration the act passed the tleoetc and wai finally signed by the Governor. The counsel lor the owner* of * Jonee' Woods hold, that, as the net did not pass both pi branches of the Leelsletare In lb- asm* f?rm It U regerd<d u a U?. and If not theref >ru binding i>< me preliminary dleeUMlon took pit. * aa to tb? au- ?' thorite of thin curt to entertain the moiloa. when T| tba Jaip fold be would hoar tba fact* that . am propoaed to bo proved bp aaeb party Ki-Chief J net lea .loner, on behalf of tba Corp >ra*|oa. b< raid that tbi y produced, on their part, a la* of tba It late a < f certified copy ot nbicb. beilder tbe printed e>ium*. ha ,w ttea held In hi* band? certified by tbe Department of htate By that act, the corporation of tbi. city ia an- tb tboriaed to take atraanroe. aa by law required, to obt .In m ertain land* for the purpoee or a public nark Oae of rl them meefurr* U an application to tula Court. for tho appointment of Ore commie, tonare to mako a ealuetion ot lb# laad; and It it not denied that all tbe preliminary 1 etepa required here have been taken by the Corporation. . and that they come properly before tbe Court; but It If . denied by Ib.m tbat It la an act af heglaiature They contend that certain portloaf cflt were diegally atrnrk qt r at. Tbe allegation la. tbat while ttil- bill w?e in program through the llouae, an am-adva'. w?e offered. the purport of which ie n >t prect?-ty f'a'ad; 01 but whlab he (couneel) bell*v*d wo tt at the eommle- to etonera aball be rh?<en partly by the oeuer* of pr.perty ... end partly by the Corporation They then allege that after tblt. tbe speaker of tbe llouw cau*ed hi* oen clerk to mako oraeuree ia tbe bill Tbi* he (e?ua*el) eonei- >h drrad to be ibe ground of tbe motion .uataiaed by afll la- rt) Tit. It reemeil. hcwtTer, to lum th*?. tba'. objection, la Itn preaeat form, could a >t b- ta*en r ynienee of by b< thia Court? that It could not be taken to negate and fal- be alfy the public law. Tbe learned gentleman continued to contend tbat It wan ant competent f. r a party to rife | . and offer evidence ta tbow that tbi* art never pved; B< and that tt waa not competent to do ao by parute proof tt in the form of affidavit Ka-Chtef .ladlee ilr >n*?a waa heard in reply, and tba Court referred Ita deolfioa uolll I Saturday ant | The Caae of Ctrmili To tub bi>i tor or tub hbrami Conaiderabl. rHttclam haa be?n indulged in bTBTml of tba da..y paper* of thi* city, la regard to Judge Marti* allowing a writ of error, with el ay <if proc-ding*. is the eat* of Carmel I? i* not true, aa ha? been -tat. J, flat tb# Judge* of thia illatrtet refuted a atay of proceeding* bo application for that parpu?* eaa erer maoe to them The Attorney General waa duly notified of the allien Tt tl< n by me a.?counsel for ('arm* I. and a'ten.lal b-fire Judge llarria in behalf of tb* prosecution. pursuant t> ?" ectlon IB, pa?;e HJ$. volume 2 of the Revised Statutes. 1 a* follow*: - Will* of error upon Juigtneut tendered on any ladirtanent for a capital off-ace ahall not |-?u- >m 'e*aallowed l*y the Chancellor, or one of the Jut:,-*- of * the Suptiane Court, or a Clroult Judge upon o dice given |2 to the Att-raey (Icaaral. or to the liietrlct Att rn-y of the county where the conviction ah ill bare b-en hai . tie Tbe tin?" appointed for the eiataf m Waa ao leaf 1,1 at band that no po tponamcnt of thia ai >tton waaaaaed hi The jurbdlctlon of the Judge we* not <|U-*.?lloned TU-* yt notion being thua regularly brought heiore Judge flar y ri?, and the proaeeutu n and the prisoner being repr* rented by their respective onunsel. the Judge, as matrer (jr if law we.* ob iged to bear it aud decide upon ita inertia j., ehlch he-did. Tbe power of any Judge o. the> Court to allow a writ of error Is e*pre**ly given by th? vtatulc ah* v? refrrred to. The neit .lection (.TJ pro- >j,, iidea for writ* of erro* ia ca*ea other than capital Sar , lion Ml etpreaaly coafera upon the Judge the power t> vraBt a at*) of proceed!eg*, and reada a* follows: Ru i o lueh wiit of iiror ahall atay or delay tli# < xa-uli m f utoh .iurtgnx nt, or tf aenlenea thereon, uole-a th. * i in* rball be allowed by a Juatice of the flupremc tloa-t. Hi r? r by a Clrruit Jsdga. wl'h an eiprea* di.-- e>n Hwr -io ebat the aan ? la to operate a* a atay of proceeding* oa tiie mdginent upon which aueh writ ahall be brought " I r' XU, aegtloa A Iks Rcri*J 3UUt?? providing that, I 4 No Jo4?a, (> ?? aro?om. U*?.** yyrV ,b.U hare aay authority "> * . >M kw u |?lu Ukr rouada ef tb? preee, atmriy " ' that i JuXga i?aairt mill- fuj.-iii-iu of lite Ooeern r k?,i (,?at a mat* rratdka y<>- f >nli? Ike ea-cutiaa fro* mm imlM lima l?VMwr, any mora I baa Um QormtlOf under Ika aaotlooa of the dUtute iImm quoted tad referred to, oould allow a writ of error with a ?lay of irueordlM*- Vo?r obadieot kartell, II L. CLINTON THE LATEST ADVICES iiaarit a* ni IBW TOSS UtfHALD UVriCB, Barr ?. MM. Aeapalao. Neilee.... Ae?. 11 karaaham. Ae? ? Alelelke. B Aaet'la. .k?y *t kataeeaa Ca?a ;s.rt. ; kl.ieaeri. ?<?! ? . . A u? I* led Ueeea Je.e'l la. lr?tMli| a.N|l li ?> k*ra??ee. ' K *>0*. I Aaaoetara.Vaaeaeeia.Aai U k.i.tlaa. keeteo... .Jueell Aaliaaa A u? i *?ii? Ae?M Aal errf. IUI.Iub . ::>.v Afrie . JeaeM l(o>li.l?. I" K ?.k ? k v...i 1 A July tl ketone, Or eg! a. ... Aa| t Naeeaa. b V 0*4 id Aaiu.tiae Mar J.e. li, CehO Ural 1 kurkleuA, N T .... kar *1 lei-eade 'aly? Aaa Care* Uartl...Aa? I raaeaa. >.? tira a?4 ,1 BletAelda. H**?biU .Apr ? far., hraeti Aaa J Hell are* N SIT.. key 21 far.. ..JalpM Hahia Kr.tll Aa? 18 f.rta. f?e .. .. Jeae II jarUtaM Aa? .1 IVraamta... Breed ?M Jl laiafii.Lt...... JaMtl J'- fjra Jely B Bay A. .Feb. ? '_??'? * v.- ^ }*?* Es$* ? S f52R."ViSRW ! Ej. ta. be. i.ra ...Aa? J ft* *?"? Tnaided Nayij lombT. i J Yiy ? K?rt? OiWli,T?V All B JEST .:::;.:i...? ???-? ..-? ?>? tuaaoa titM. ?. A.. J?'? * ?* ' ' Siaarao* ...Jaaa 'Zuitt? .... J ! / r btuiK Uraall.. AM sSIStm'*4 ?awj?ir.. irud..m ^ tH ? SwaaiauraaArOkSapA I ;*pa llaytkaa. llaytl Au IT Salt l.a.uii,, *?? I laaa. c. 0. M. * ? I ? ? *? l i blB?...., Jaaa ? .ardaaaa. Caba I* Baa aJ.aA-r C larthaaaa*. N. Grm Aa? X Saa Aat-?>a. ty.M* *V " iirnw. I r. (lalaaa. Aa| It s*at* Barbara, tu fab w laatrla*. St. Larta.. tM. " Saal* 4 "A * * * ! i*" }i >a?rr.. NawOr*...BapA l.'VS'"1' 2 Mratacrua. Cab*. .. . Rapt 14 Saata Pa M M . ....A*?? vbiti Bolivia..... \>+* i SMUlfcrtSt. *. (I Jalvnbo, Carl**... J*l? II ?aa jjff; M.*'ty '*?* .! ;.a>ia ud?i>I*. Tby.JaaaM Baa Ifcaaa. U. C. ... -Aa* II laataMla. t.A...Jaly St ?*. rr?.?a?. u. c. a1 U Imaell Blaffa. N T.. .Ayr U Baa Jai. ' '? * cba, A.. ,. j Jwl>14 jUm1? >?nr?r?. Br Uaiaaa.Aa*. IA ShaagbAi J??* 7 j.n.iLKk, W. I Jaly 1* Bian. ? II Pa??. N. M.... ...*?? .? Starra Afr,n* *"? " 'aytl. U1 4? A?M II 2IBf?,fctr* ; A J? 't. 0?i?4 Hopa. M.Bl* Jafy IT Snal. *'?' . f f..rt Kaara* JaaalS bnyraA Tarbay ... .S?pi I 'url Urania.... .? Jaly I* St Paul MiaaaaotA Jafy lw Bayt Oat. 4 >4. Narthaluaa** Aa? II ialUi-aaoa WlaaAi... Bay I St. I athariaaa Braall. Ayr IB 1.1 .l.tuB, Tiim ...Sapt. 11 St l r .n l Vtr??al.) Aa|| IS 4 StIh n.a?. City... ?? loaanraa. llaytl Sapt I SAMalaaa... ... ... Jaly T luadaloupa Aha- 1J St. Ja?a Aa Caba... .Ba|?t J luat.nala. .,. _.... J?y St. JoTba W P. Aa* i? luavana. F. K A**. St. Mm, p. B *" *f luayaqoil. EraaAor. Aa( I St. Jaaapba, M# ?"*? . laraaa, Caba tryt IT St But. Sept ? lam. traar. Rapt J St.tUrtiaa }' lobart Towa. V. ?. I-Apr. IS St Th^na. .. ... ? hu (oai JaaaM SA I baa. furtacal... Daa V luaolula,V i Jaly II Sa TiawaA ?Tl... May '? arncl llarti Ave. S Banatra April 1T, Oct. SI Sariaan.Uauk Oaia.R-pt. S araaila! Bayti Abr. 10 Bydaay. N S. W.?..Jbb4 1 .iDcatua. Jan Srpt II tal.ill. S^laty lata. ..JaaaW aaaayra. VcDtiaala.Au* IS Talaahaaaa. ( bill... Jaaa 11 aiuak. Maaloa Jaa. IS Tanp.M. Ma.ica... .Jaly S iahaina. S. I July S T.pIa Maaiaa Bar. 1 aaarpool SapA IT T.U?a...... J ' .oadoa Sept. IA Tabaaaa. Maaiaa. ... Jalyll ladtlra Sapl. 3 Trtaidnl Aa Caba... .Sayt.l J Itaicao, B. Can's...July I Traailla. U..aAaraa Jaaa A lalaga, Bpala Sapt. I Tarka lalaaA Sa?t Id lalt*... ,^T....... Sapt. I Irayaay . Jaly ?> laaufa. Philip lala. .Jaaa I Talparaiaa. Chill.... A*? II lantaaillo. Cuba.... A a*. M Ttra Craa, Maaiaa... Aw U lararaiho. Taa'a.... A a*. 21 Whanpoa. ...... Jaaa S lATiiBlqui Auf 15 U?BliM. U4 (Wft* July WHS I * Iim? T? Musnev, 8c|'t 29?<1 F. M There was more activity in the etock market than we ?Te noticed for acme da) a. and a greater portion of Ike ransactlon* waa for eaeh Priena, however, were not retained and the feeling abroad wm rather of a gleotny haractrr. The buyers are principal!) ehorta, and many ertiea receiving etock are compelled to pat it Innriately upon the market, realise, and make the beat of be lcrs. At the first board, to-da), krfe Railroad daUned 1 per cent; Reading Railroad. Canton Co., 3; Icrwlch and Worcester Railroad, X; Krle Bond*. e?n ertlble 1; Erie Income. I*'; Harlem Railroad. \ Mew erft j Zinc Company advanced \ per cent. The teni ncy of prices at the close was downward, and there rere indications of a further decline. We do not hear of nj mere failures, either among banks or individuals For time, the excitement has somewhat rubeided, and re lock for a dull market for a few weeks. There must e a great change In the publlo mind, and in the money larket, ls-forv there can be any permanent Improvement a prices fer stocks generally. Most of them are low nongh to attract purchasers, but tne scarcity of capital he high rates of interest, and the doubts existing rela' iveto the future, deter outsiders from coming In a uyers at current rates. We notloe sales of stock toay. on time, buyer's option, at an advance of two per < nt on the current cash price. Thl? shows the value of :on?> . and it also shows that some people believe lu an nportant improvement within the next sixty days. We rust they will not be mistaken. The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasure f this pott to day, amounted to (M 000 ; payments 482.M0 b9?balance. *3.804,616 Tl. The transfers of United States Stock, on foreig ecount. made nt the Treasury Bepartment, during the eek ending the 26th Instant, were (22,300. There lias been no ehange In quotations for foreign xebsnge since the departuie of the Faoiflc. The detand for sterling bills has been moderate The Europe leave* Boston for Liverpool on Wednesay. She will not take out much specie One of the cheapest stccks on this list la Edgewortb. ales have recently been made as low ni flee and a half er cent, and within the past six months as high as velvs. The ocmpaay have lately made an assessment r two dollars on every share of stock, for the purpose of sylng off the floating debt. The vtfect of this has been > depress the market value of the stock, but ultimately lie < fftct will be good, and of great benefit to the etookolder*. The company own a large tract of laud, admlra. I)' located fbr residences and business purposes It la ut four miles frcrn Boston, on the line of the Boston and Iain* Railroad. The company purebnx-d the land? rnuriy p?rt cf Maiden?120 acre* on the river, and bout IK ?th on the bilU eloping to the ?>uth. back of >e town. Vary (rent Improvement* hara baan mala, i^gradlrg. curbing (treat*, lewerag* Jtc. Tha population rapidly locrraelDg, and naveral large manufacturing tablirhmrota hara baan oonatnKted on tha oompany'a ropai ty A larga Dumber of boo**# bare baan erected iirlng tba paat raaaon In Kdgeworth; n larga quantity a now In proeaaa of amotion and under e }ntract ba Iloaton and Maine Kail road hara free ted a aticn bourn at Kdgeworth. There la alao a at at ion uaa one half mile north, and another about a quarter a mlla aouth. Tha railroad tuna immediately through 1* town That portion on the aaat. bordering both on ie railroad and tba liver, la appropriated wholly to anufbctuiing and machanieal purpoaaa. Tba Maiden rar la navigable for ordinary eoaatirg vernal* All the one uaa4 in building tba celebrated work* of Walworth Pi aeon baa been brought from Maine In coaeting Tea la. and delivered at their wharf la Kdgeworth Tha la tn the wa-t of tha railroad praaant proapacta uaa allvd for beauty and mlubiity, eloping gently to the utb ai d am offered by tha director* at price* really ity one.tenth of what elmilar lota aall for at Ka?t Hoan, whan. In faet, they am mora vreaaalbla from Ptate ml than elmilar lot* am from tba (Wiry at Kaet Bo*, n Karh lot I* aold under raetrietlona that n> building all avrrba erected within fifteen fret of tha line of the rvata laid out by tho company. and that no slaughter uta. livery etable or ether elmilar nuiaau :e. ahali aver arictrd on tbia eactl >n of the premise* Tha annexed et*t? moot rihlblla tha racalptt on tha wton. Concord, and Montreal Railroad, in each of the at eight monthe In each of thu pa?t two yearn Berior. Coxcoar, **n Mumim Roimun 1HJ0 IH.'il faraata rot* r'a't* for February... 877* .Tt l? XQ M Mil SI March 9 W7 0? ll.iW If 1.178 44 n pru jn..'<ni oo ix-kwoo inw 41 ' " Ma* 9 948 79 11 716 94 1.808 14 ?? Juna 1071# #4 14718 68 40?4 64 ? Jul/ 18 41# 18 16 679 77 8 434 69 " Aufuat 16,113 36 18 U181 8 136 46 Total $ 142 236 88 #106 891 79 $24 66# 40 Thl- l> a Trrj Road Inrreaaa f >r an unflni-hrd roa.l nr? la no dnobt. wh< n thla road la coaplatid. U ?IU do Ilia bnainaaa antirljati d Ilia ra-elpta of tba Clivaland and Cincinnati Railroad pan j, (or AuROat. amount- d to #60.806 08. for July11(0 1C?tctal lacrlpta for Fabruary, 1861, to Sept lac 46 741 17. lba l?rltera of that portlrn of tbc Cleveland an I riltaitr Kalln ad between Cltv.laadaad Karma. 38 mil-? r #S nn ntlia. foota up aa ftoilowa:? In 1? numbar cf pM-aetigera, 41 8 6 #83 141 36 li> la ami tint of fii-tRht >9.404 86 raa aarninRa #64 606 88 ipatrea fur tb? ran.? prrli.l 17 426 oo Nit liritrga #>6,(70 68 n par cent jar annum upon #'OO00V. (lh? i,it it iba |iirtlou nfcrtad to) 31084 00 1 l.iavlng aimplua of #4 9v? 88 ^ Tba ni t aarpit pa. aa abi ?a, of a llttia wn than oua. id if tlia toad, wti Id jay an annual divldaod of 4 p -r 1 tit npi n the antlrn coat of tlia pad (nun Clet >iani t ) i ?IIIvilla. 140 milaa. the ariLi-at-d autrinant ezlublU tba luantlty of oar Ufa irtlilH ftw tkli ytrt during tha waak radlaf thr nth taat, dtatlagaiahlag tha ixUat ofahlpui-nt to oaoh coaatry Oomnmt or the Foar or New Yoaa?Weeblt IlrMTE to lomdol*. rBKTCM we?t lABIKa. Bpora oil, gala 27,864 Horaaa 37 Ptarlaah. caaka. , .. 16 2i Pboa of lime. do... M Tobacoo, hhd? 92 Mfd. tobacco, lb*... 10 372 Onion*. rop?? 0.160 IWdo 92.720 Piokiad tub, bbla... 100 N*t?1 atoraa. bbla... 1906 ilaof. do 106 1 K go?d*. caar*... 66 Oorn. bu<h 128.1 flour bbl*....... 1,000 Cora meal, do 07 Stave* 12 POO Oata. do 60 Oil rah*. bbU 1,002 Hay, bain 10 Vnf.'tlncN 100 OhetM Ih* 2,260* 6745 Piuur, bbl* 250 Tie. It* 258,270 Ship bread do 2-10 io iniiro?L. do. do krga... 46 Pb tir. bbla 10.602 Oaadlaa, ibi 4 000 Naval aturra. do. . . 977 Herring, boxna..... 399 H baat- bu?b 17 996 Kbuoka 000 nprra oil, gala 1,023 Krfin?d augar, Iba.. 910 t l.<h?, ea?c* 114 Rio*. bbl-i 60 <ti, a gnnda t Salad oil, baaket*.. 100 Tallow. Ilia 24.061 tkrari 20.000 ' " M,11I ?'UTr" *?T ..or |*:nt krga. . . IV flour, bU? 810 N.?l 1R7? *! ? *!. do <J0 ? ? ?uZT'i>k? ' " "2 CMr? do 180 N-rtp r*f* W) juCfl 24 TO N> *. 1111 K M.TVIVR. IWf do 25 K.,n bu.. 3?o ? fottoo bol##* tU Corli' bu?h 800 ? ?=& " 4tS Sh,p brr%d'blii'Vl 37 1 K (ood*. ?M?*. . t? ButUr, Ibv 1,799 w .1? ?? 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About eiitera tb?uaaad berrrl. of florr ere .blpprd. moot ?f whlob wrot to Llreep?d Aaweg lbo ebl|Brato to Llrorpoot, to aotloo *4gbieea kaa* of ISC p*iai m D?w inivi> ? ?ry hiiw r wn |(ll| forward We *lf*rt to M nHm fa to*n4 largely la tto cow of i M week* bat vtoto MHa drawn acalaat ?ueh afclpmenta will to available la Ito market or not, at oaoa. la a mat tar that dapewda cHretj upon tba t lata of daewrlal rfcln at Ito tltoa At pre a?nt, thlnga look Una enough aad la tto iramt ad aa la rreared actleity la our egpawt trade II wewld to aaa lime before (to periaeto aoaM to appropriated to Ito I *jment at oar ladektedweee Tto iklpplag raturaa at Ito Hoard ad Trato ad ureal Vrltala, for tto mratk ending tto tok ad t^aa aatout Ito following raaalu ? Kat*r> <1 laearde? Toreai.a raa tar Moara Raa>te I a I I aaa iaaa mi Brituh rent* la taa H4 Ulaal MaTai I al''d Plata* rr*M U to.Mt Mlal at a: Ottoi lavua titiaa sjtjsd j mill wan urn The rlf araaraa outwarde were? lata lata tan Bntlek wrartt IN WW Ito Ml tot'a* I atl> <1 Platter***, la TT 114 to M ft Ml Ottor ci unlike MM Ito IM IIUN Ito ail to 1 tod ?*.Taa tfltk regard to tto mart lag trade tto taaaaf aaa aad Inward- raa lMttl* la tto moat a ending dnguM %> Hid, 1.1 M>3. la 1M4. and I add NT In Itol fto olamr antra c ntaarda war*. I 1*> '*4 la fune ltd. I Ito Ml la 1M0. aad l.lTfTtola 1MI It toll to -aa ttod la Ito teat age lalatrd aad cleared tto grradaal laaeaaa to bean la tnlltd Btalc Paarrla Im k KffllavMa finior r?. ff IM M? a?aV-...a Treat aa , uro da, 'at MM Ma aa IMf da. 1* !* H Mto da Ml aa miKilirl'l ?I 'a IN la aas X M. I rl# 7 *, W * '% Blue ?? Hid da H* M? to bto 7? IBM' Krla larcme Bda ? to da to' 71 lit II da da Jl SUP d? _ to B# da ato t'N IIMl da ato "tig 4? dr Ti^ ria it lata Caar, '71 add M aa da tod Tis i I7M# da "* Jf da miiOiCit I'll Im'M * sup !?< # Hei* la 7* If# da Ma :: . TO ft a bk elt?M I"'a da AA da P*' ' farlaan to da |M Wf to fr'a yo r.rile a Ira ft ?d 4a da M > tf'liaai C**dl ? M# da to. IIP ifa'? oitk Ca IS '*# l?aa leteal BB j , ro an IS t? da Ir I 5 rM I' ? " ' ?* t+'i l II. k? <n. *? ? ' w J JJS no roo !>T* ii i". 15^ . ? ? NlttNIU'ftft |ii 1, ?N Jar Mia (a ( in ** ?"'? * " ' * ? to .? m M ? ? 1 rn Kn k f? IB 4* * 4a N? hitt.i' 1rv?? '!'? , m?M) *>*??. ?rno?ii?C?r* "'? '" *' ?!?? ? in i? iii. > r ;? 7' * . 1111 tn 111 i-S 4a ' ft, r* l-ii 7 s. * M_ !??.. >? ... IS *9**kW? %*> n ro ra nil i'.Jt f? 4* r I imi ?; ?r? 7-s f" L'TJ' ' *? ** *. 1 nil ila I? 4a 41 IU) 4. ?** mMr A LONDON LIST i'wi^Aj^0^ -* * *Ko hereon fc Ce., ?1 Ut( Am, Mktf Mian ul fctf toe luiternii. BRUSH ANA COMB MAURA Mrtonlfe, BUrley kCa .UI.Al. Frtoee Albert, t? B. Ox/erd itreet. " Metoilfe* Alknline Teoth Pew HmmII. J ohm, M Si. Piel'i Chareh Twi BRIDLE BIT, STIRRUP, AND SP>R MaKERA Letcbford, Beuj., to Her Mijeity in4 Reyil EimOy, b Upper St. Martin'* Lmi COURT DRESS RAKERS AND MILLINERS. Mr*. Hill, to the Qaeen end Royil ITiiniljr, 171 NevBe* itreet. CHRONOMETER, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKBRA Delolme Henry, to Kithbone Piece, Oxford street. Arnold <> Co., Chn*. frodibim. 84 Stnnd, etrner e Cocil itreet. Yieyree A Replnron, IS Resent rtreet. Job, (lite Job k Bub,! to H. A H. Oreed BUi Heme Dirmetidt, IS Titobborne 8t . Bonent itcOOi. CUTLERY AND SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. Moieley. John k Son, 17 end 18 New itreet, CeTMrt 8n (leu; DMdlei, fce. CHILD. BED. AND LADIES' LINEN. Claok ft Co., U budgets it.rock, wedding irlmullUt* foscroloutflu. CARPET MANUFACTURERS. La|>wortb, A., It Co., S Old Bond atraat; to III Ma) oak and Ratal Family. Wataon, Bell ft Co., to Hot Majesty. 34 and 34 Old Bow toot*. DRESSING ARB TRAVELLING CASES. Keened y, to Now Iiood (treat. eutlery. stationery, ft*. ENGRAVERS AND PRINTERS. Halfhide. 0.. to Bor Majesty and Prtnoe Albert, 1OtTto try atraat. Warrington, W. ft Boa., to Her Majesty, V litail Bldon John ft Frederick, 37 Cheapaida. GOLDSMITHS, JEWELLERS, AND SILVERSMITH!. Hank ft Roakoll, tha aucoesson to Starr ft Rortfmoe, 1ft New Bond street, to Uar Majcoty and all too enwto haada of Euro pa and tha East. QPN, PISTOL. AND RIFLE MAKERS. Bliaaatt. Jobs, Maaufaoturar, SI, 3M High BslboflL Deans, Adama ft Daana, 30 King William street, City, a

M. R. U. Prlaoa Albart. Lancaster, Charles, Manufacturer. 141 Naw Bead atoaat GOLD LA tin AN. EMBROIDERER. AND ARMT AC COUTRBMENT MAKER. Holbaek Loala, to Mar Majaaty aad tha Royal fimlly Naw Boad a treat. OSIERS. QLOVERS AND SHIRT MAKERS. Goy, Evans ft Co., jcentlemea'a outfitters, ITS Plato dllly. and 3d aad 36 Cornhlll. Rommel l^Brooksopp ft C?., oatflttara, < Old Boadatraat God tail, George. ladiaa' aad laatlemea'i warahoaaa, 3P Recent otraat. Papa ft Planto, 4 Waterloo Plaoa, Pall MalV; maaadat turara of koalary and aurgioal alaatlo stockings. Churton ft Boa, II aad II Oaford street, ladiaa' aft tiara. Thraahar ft Olaaay, to tha Qaaaa, 1518tread. HOUSE AGENT. D* Baraardy, 10 Jeha atraat, Adalphi, ataat for Pads (to tha Continent. HOTELS. Imperial Hotel, Covent Gardea. M. Cnrahod. Leadoa Coffee Hoaaa aad family Hotel, Laraftaik Ludgate Hill. OU'ater Hotel, for familiea aad gentleman, PlaaadUb aad Berkeley atraat, Berkeley Sgoare; T. ft P. Dal*. Plaaaa Tavern Hotel aad Coffee Hoaaa, Caveat Gardea P. Harrteoa. St. Jamea' Dotal, Jennyn (treat; Nr. Stewart. Panton'a Hotel. S3 St. James atcaat. POCKET S1PUON1A (LIGHT OVERCOAT) MANVPAO TUBERS. Bdmlatoa ft Sea, 01 Strand ; manufactured of the at water proof coat. PORTMANTEAUS. TRUNKS, AND PACKING CASES Boat),gats. J., 76 Watling atraat, City, Maaofaetwrec ( the Reentered Portmanteau. RIDING HABITS Underwood ft Co., Ladiaa' Rldlai Habit Maker*, 1 Vet (treat, Oaford atraat. STATIONRERS ANB ACCOUNT BOOK MANUPAft TURKRS Water low ft Bona, BtaH London Wall, dl ParllaaMto treat, and 24 Biro),in Lane, wholesale and eiporA SILR MEKCEKS, LINEN DRAPERS. HOSIERS AMI GLOVERS, ETC. AlUaan, J.. K*r*nt Hoaaa. 340 aad 343 Raffaat atraat. Debeabam. Sob ft PreaVtdy. 44 Wlgmera street. Cam dish Sqaara. Beach ft Barrall, dl and 64 Edrewnre RoaS SCOTCH WOOLLEN WAREHOUSEMEN. Llewellyn ft Shiell.S Old Bond[street, plaid*, tartaas.ft* TAILORS AND ARM V CLOTHIERS. Weeby A Sou a. 14 Princea itrHl, Hanover Square. Rlnclcy, Charier Bent ley, 21 (treat Marlborough (treat Kiftul (treat. Cuthrio, A., M Now Bend (treat, court dreaeca (A> ladiea riding habita. Curia*ia A Co.. M Conduit (tract, Recant (tract. Allan A Co., 124 New Bond (treat. Curacy A Co.. A(i St. Jamaa (treat. CPHOI.STIRKR& AND CABINET MAKERS. Atkinaon A fo.. 7U to 7# Weatminiter Bridge Read, Oct pat and (jeneral Turniahinr Warehoueemen. Jaafceon A Graham and 37. Jo Oxford (treat, and aarpa manntaetnrara. TBir MAKERS. Swame A Adancy, maaifaotnrera to the Quean, lin i aadiliy. WOOLLEN AND MANCHESTER WARKHOUSBMBM. rouhtoa, Kant A Brouchton, Shi Oxford (treat. Belt. Kueeell A Batea, 114 St. Martla'a Lama, Ctada Rica A Traaaara, 17 Marylebona (tract. Recant (tract faery treweerlnc and broadcloth*. WAR. JPERMACEti AND TALLOW CHANDLERS. Aerkaaa. R.. ltd 1'iaoadUly, aonp, candle and ott wnw h " LIVERPOOL LIST CHRONOMETER. WATCH AND CLOCK MAKERS. Peallnytea. Joeeph. J Ua?ru a Craarant, Market atreat. Hornby, Richard A Son, dS South Cnatle (treat, lata Pea Inn*. OI.D8MITH, JEWELLER, AND SILVERSMITH. rtamere, Tho >aa. to the Queen and Prince Albert, Bab atreaa. comer of ilanoror atrrot. ajar, Joooph, CM and 70 Lord (treat, daeicmer andmana ftatarar. Watchmaker and dealer la Electro and SbW aid I'lata, artteloa of vortu and antique*. HOSIERS. CLOVERS AND S111KT MAKERS. Jarktm, i , <J Lord atraat. oppoait* the Mercury afSat HOTELS. The Quoen'a natal and Rafreakmant Rooma. at the RaS way Sutlon. H. Carchad. Roitb a Hotel aad Commercial Houaa, 9 Lima (treat?1 BILE MERCERS, L1NBN CRATERS. HOSIERS AH] CLOT ESS. ETC. defer*. Hannah A Co . Comptou Houaa. Chareh (tract Latch (treat, aad Earaett atreat, carpet waraheuaa. Glbeoa. Th<>(.. A Soaa. Kan-lath atreat and FalralanH atraot, near the Adelpki aad Watarlaa HataU. TAILOR*. Harden A Law, 17 Chareh (tract, ahlrtmaken. header* batten. Ac. MANCTIBSTRH LIST. CRNBBAL MRRCHANTS. Maoara PotCora A Norrtaa, (J. Patter. Mayor,) 1 Seen* Mwt, rtMMfir SliKPPIKLD LIST SHOB. BITCHI*v AMD COOMB' KMITXB, AMI Bl 1 ('lit* Pi Ell. Wilt*a J?ba A Baa. a*ryurat* mirk, four pM partarw u4 iuaiiC jj. PARIS LIST. ACIMTB. . _ B *kk. I.. It Baa U B1t*U. tHrUiiiU, thlpplat to B**to*H DMim, r lu flllto It. Tboa*aa, PI*** A cdhi'IPT" r~ Iw. J. P., Eaaiub iktalit to th? Amartoaa aa< BilMB Eaiuato, I Bat Caattciio**, ttm 4o*r* fna la 001 PPm'TV. JIWEILRB, AMD SILTRMMITM. "jujil i' r%l* " (f*nB*(ly- *' u* r4Ui Dm hlaim IT Baa tl?k*H*a. af a air anal rapatattot Tab!# ?Mto- Baaliak ta*haa. TO BB PUBLISHED IMMEDIATBLT. _ 1MB Iwm. Eaa la pnpartaa, la tiato* UUiuiikj Dva *ra*Ta? aa4< kr him *nri*i lk? **r*moap. a raithra r?pr**>*taii'.a. la Ik* Kakaat *1/1* *f art. *f th*St*i* <>p#" la* *r ik* Onal Rablktttoa * all Nattoa*. kp b?r Mai**.*. II.* u?- a Tk* m. Baal < k***a m tk* fitur* k*u>( *1* km Moral Bmkaraa Prl**a Alton l*li?*r?l to bar M*)**kj tka a*Jro*? *f tk* Ropal < *aa>t**i?a?n Blaa *r tk* *wlt alaa l"<* ia?ko* kp V. ai'koat msrcta. Pr..< *, 11a. prlata ID toll wlMl Ma W. R - Tk* ort?l*al ka* kaaa *a kik.t?a at tk* Pal***. Ml ******** *f kp bar M\j**tp aa km B<*al Mi*b**aa Prlaa* AI tort. Karlp ar**ra ar* r* IWM i' waara aaaA laapa*aal?aa laal*a A?k*raanl Ca. pakltok*** to baa Mai**** HMrtal i?, Jbl * I IT PUBLISHED. _ . .. "Tk* PilM Btoto* fn*.k* It U*mm Balatlaa ? Ciam. U I mul. by aaa*t*l p?rmi**t*a. to Cap*. AaaA* Plato, la M? aalraaR. Ma OA Ualm i A*b*naaaa^?t <J* TMB LOB DOM OHM POTBMT H A* DE ERCH1BP.Tk? vtil k???mi a m**t anaai >a|* |rw*al to **r miain ho>l*ullor*?a ??lto* P*rkay* ?a* *r lt< If??un aa to|mn to ****** tk* to** ?? *?*. aa pl?*a?r* I* to ta< biamll T a p*r* r- Utoooa* or ao.?rtp, ia**lr*4 la tto HHMI1HMI * ? ft' HM UttflllM < ?M?I1| I Ntt > aaaatri iimii aa mlMul MftliWiw ttn tm. 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Ir-M lit ??A M WI'M NIIMM aaa at aiM Maa gs-ESVa SfsAbrtaars ? .tiTT ?*Cw' >.'*? ?. ...? ? r |a4t *tla at a , a , J |?. ?af aai it>l la ? tm iaat 1 >?-tat.a i. ? ? ai . ~i t4 * HrSjEPFE : ?lESBtr .c: r, # .?* ;???.. fc^?riT.!35r ** ' "** <_*|'T 1 * ? ?"tt |>ih k.itkM' t- i?H fii sQSs S?arBar? ||Ct?? *trm miiii : r . i ??! r >t ivj-r.rffK-r-r. rrh rr.t .r. vsvtiwx?rser ? ? ? < ? *f ?? < 2? ? ?*? ??U wrr..i U. M<aiS?i Tl>. ' 'k? M RififeWi, I BO WHY THEATRE.-DOORS OHM AT T CURTAIT rihf u 7h t'cltck. Imm, M aaava, Pt*. aaau IwU u Orofceatr* Buim. W??tt Twaaday kmiil $?? *. *>11 te *1 DAMOM AMD PVTMllfDaaaoa. Mr S. Ill); PjUtM. Mr TUWa, Dtaayaia*, Mr. OriMtlia; Pkilliatiaa, Mr. Man-ilua, HanaU*. Mr*. Jar la* Calaatli*. Mr* Urattaa. T* I* (all .wod hy it. i.atlr *1 Ml. AN D MRS. WHITE- Pater White. Mr. OrtAtha; fera 1'. W hit*. Mr*. Mroadl**. T* coaaiad* *1U U* iriai *f TBK MILI.BI AMD 1MB MEN-Oriadoff Mr. *Unu k.rt, Mr. J riia; Utbilr. Mr. Tilt.a; liter. Mr. Haateltea. I*riaa. Mr*. Jordaa, Claudia*. Mia* Hilar*. BURTON'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS r'lili l? K * o|?a at 7; U te(ia at 7X o'rloeh. Draaa Circl* aad l'?ruuetle, fcOc.oU, Iteooad Ti*r, te Mate . Private ? * S*| Otcl.eatr* B?*U, 76 caata. Tu**dav ..rata*. S*at Ml, willte Brformad thrjilajr of THR ITRlSOfl-^u Mrnmtr Mr. yolt; Baron Bteiafort, Mr Hlaadi Bolonaa, Mr Rial- P.. Ur, Mr. Kurtna; Mr* Hal'rr, Mr* Warorr. Cauatta* W *. ttrr.a, Mr*, iliull; Chart..(ia. MUa J. Hill. T* aoaclat* with ti e ruitj, of tl.r IION Ml MOON-Duk* AflBl* Mr. D) alt; Rolando, Mr. Blaad: Coast Man talk* a Mr Ma..r h< u?<. bklttmar. Mr. Rum.II. Ja*.|ur*. Mr. Biakr. Jali.aa, Mr*. Warair; Vo'nu, MUa ChaRataat Eaaatr* Mia* J. Hi I. Nationai, tiikatrr. Chatham street ?doors 0,T.f *l 7; rtaa* ?? o'alaah. Or. u Oral* aal Jioxt, 26 cant*; 1'it, IJKiei.u, Orahaatr* Ticket., 1 rivat* Boa 1, (1. 1u?*day aeaniaa a.i.? ML the fascw^sffsj* ' i i*? m mm. , a ASSURANCE?Sir Haroourt Courtly, Mr riraiai Mr ?**ila, Mr.J.R Routt; Cha*laa Caurlly.k,. Araald Ma' Vw"?* *. Taylor Mark Middle. Mr. Po.. Lady day R*auk*r. Mr*. Niehola. O.wca Oarkaa.a a... ii.ak.L~l *i,r" ri?n Dance Ij Hi? l.udl.m. ftmrluii with lilt IDI^T Or THE SHANNON?Andy. Mr. Blaaehaf.1 Patrick. Mr. Arnold; bhcluh Godfrey. Mi Nki. . rpai PUBLIC iU RESPECTFULLY INFORMED *** mil o ATIIIIMI BATH Will iln bar Fourth Urud Concert la Aairlet. at Tairi i K Uali., on TruoAV. Strr. J', Ldtl. PROGRAMME. fait i. Overture?Zaaipa H-rold Duct?" Un teaero core" (Roberto lieierraa) Du aiiatli Signer Loruu and Mim Virginia tthiuag. Cantata?" Adelaide" .. Brotborra Mr. A. B rah am. Grand Soena and Aria?" Before mine ryea babald bim" (Der Prayaahnti) Wabar Miaa Uatmbbihb Ha tea. Song?" Die Fahneuw arbt" (Tha Standard Bearer) ., Lindpaiater Harr "?i'f " Auli Robin Gray" A Bcotok BaUad Miaa CaTManiMB Ktru. raar u. Overton?Anna of GairaUin Lavaaa Bcena and Aria?Caata Diva," (Norma) BallUd Miaa Cathfrina Davu. Duat?"Qoan to Aaon" (I.'Eiiaire e'A more).... DaaiaatU Uerr Mengia and Miaa V. Whiting. Solo on the Violin. Harr Oriebel. Ballad?" My Dreama are now no more of Thoo".... Laraau Mr. Braham. Scotch Ballad?" Dinna think, bonnio Laaaio" Ouna Miaa CATHaninie Havana. Bong? " Yea, lot me like a Soldier fall" (MariUaa). Wallace Mr. A. Brahaa. (By particular re>iueit.) . "Tha Harp that once through Tara'a Halla".,. Iriah Ballad Miaa Catiiebimk Hay na. Grand March?"Propbeta" Meyerbeer A grand Orchcatra of more than forty perforaero, the moat talented reeident 1b Now York, haa boon engaged. It nrlll bo oondnctad by MB. OBORQ1 LODES AND MB. LAVBNU. Tho grand planotorta employed at tbia oonoart will bo from tha manufactory of J. Chiokaring. Baaarved aoata, price tk Tiakata, ft. Tickata may ba proonred at Jollio'a mnaio atora, No. 3U0 Broadway; at Ball'o muaia otoro. No. 290 Broadway; at tho other muaic ataroa, and at Tripltr Ball. Doora open at 7; Concert eomaonoee at 8 e'oloak. The first private concert of miss valentini and liar pupila will take place an Thureday. 2d Oatuber. In Conetitutlon Ball, bhe baa tha pleaaure ot informing ti e viaitera that the C latinguiahad violinmt, Mr. Qnervoa, fcrmtrly a leader of Italian opera, will perform two marni floent Solo* on bia inatrnment. Miaa Vafentini will aing the Grand Aria from tha "Flauto Magico dl Mozart," tuug by M'lle Jenny Lind, and tho oalel>rntad variationa of Rode, rung by Mme. Soutng. The accombliahed piauiat Woloikl will preside at tba pianoforte. Miaa Vnlentini tearhee alnglrgat her reaidenoe, 67,'i llroadwav. where aha can ha aecn every day, from 10 till 4 o'clock. ABTOR PEACE OPERA llOCSE-SEVENTH WEEK I cf the Wirard, and i-till greater aanceaa. Doora open at 7; commence at 8. Profneor Anderccn'a laat week but two in New York. Profeaaor A. bega to announce that hit aojoorn in thiaclty it limited to three week* longer,and having taken the atovo elegant edifice Hr that time, where hia grand Drawing-room Entertainment haa been attended by crowded and delighted audiencea, competed of the elite of the oity, will he continued every evening, when the Profeaaor will introduce, nightly, a change in hit experiment#, which arc univerta ly acknowledged to he nneiinalled in the world. Admiaaion to all porta, M oenta. N B ? In order to enable gentlemin going to and returning from busineaa. deeirona of attending Ptofeaaor A. a Beireea Hyaterieuae. to accnre pltoea, the boa office ard plan will be cpen for that pnrpaee from t-X A. M. until 6 P. H., when placet may be eecured without any eatra charge. A fit . afternoon performance wtlltako place on Saturday, Oct 4, commencing at 3 P. M , plactt for which may be eecured durirg the week. <</"hIf, PAPA! PAPA! ARE YOC AWARE THAT PROY " ferior Andcracn ia going awey toon, and we have only been oree to art liml" " No, my dear; ia it aof" " Why, tea; and hia laat day performanca but one if next Saturday, won't you take up again, | apt?" ' Well. yea. if wa oaa aeenre placet." " Oh, yea, ten ran, papa. I aaw U announced to. " 1 l.en I'll engage ate for you, my pot." (t FNTI.I MEN GOING TO OR RETURNING FROM buaineea, ahould tear in mind thattlit BogOlfict and plan for tie Grand Soireea Myaterii uae of Profeaaor Andrr on. at tha Aator plaea Opera Uouae, la open Irom HX A.M. t<i 0 I' M . without any extra charge. Partial deeiroueef attending ahonld apply early for acata. A Grand Day Performance rent Saturday, commencing at 3 o'clock. NHIW YORK AMPHITUEATRX (3T BOWERY).?EE V 1 J. North. Proprietor.?Private Bo are, .V> eente; Droit Circle, 26 rente; Pit. I. x cente. Poor* open at a arter bufoie 1, and ccmmeaoe at a uuarter before It. Great at'.reo,i?... ,_ _ o t . .? ? ' v. Nuna, the beautiful tqugetricaue: niau. the clown and etump orator, Sam. Lathrop. Fifteen magnificent acta uf c jueatriaalxm on the same evening, and aiancing by the h?rae of the million, Tammany, and beautiful tricka by Spanloh Snot Riauiy. and doga Old Man and Nibba. Mr. Levi J. North aa Maetaroni, the firfgard; Mens. Edgar, the great double ?omeriet thrower; J. Harper on the revolving globe; Maeter M illie in Mr great act of the hurdle rarer; Madame T Kunn aa the Ococn ol the N'aladea; Charley Devere. the bumoriat and rrpe vanlter, and a hoat ot other performance*, aa ex preaaed ia the hilla of the day. Urand afternoon perforaaaee every Wedneaday and Saturday, commencing gt 3 o'clock. NATIONAL THEATRE, WASHINGTON, D.C -LADIES and Con tie men, of acknowledged talent only, daeirena of an engagtment in the above named eetuhliahment, which will open about the end of November, under the management of E. A. Merohall, may apply personally, or by latter, prepaid, to PETER RICH1N0S, Stage Manager, Walnut Btreat Theatre, Philadelphia. SHIP PINO. PACKETS POM HATPE?SECOND LINE THE POL lowing ah I pa will leava Havre en the 1Mb, and New Terk en the lit of ineh month;? _ Prom frem Niw Tort. Havre. Ship ST. DENIS, Jan 1 Peb. IS l.UUU tea* burthen. May 1 Jena IS Alenxo Pollanabee, maeter, (ant. I OeV IS Ship ST. NICHOLAS. Pel. 1 March IS l.UWtena burthen, Jane 1 inly IS M. W. Eveletgh, maeter, Oot- 1 Nov IS Ship BALTIMORE, Ma rob 1 April IS 70t' torn burthen. July 1 Aug. IS R. D. Conn, maeter, Nov. 1 Dee. IS hip WILLIAM TELL, (now) April 1 Marl* l.?l tone burthen, Aug. 1 Nepali John Willard, maeter. Dee. I Jan. IS They are ell flrat olaae New Terk built ahlpe, provided with all requlelte artiolea for the gamnrt and ooavanieaee of pa?lengero, and eommaaded by men of eiperitaoe la the trade. The price of ptaeage ia SIUI. without wlnaa or Hqoern. Ooodi tort to the aobocrirere win ? itmudil fret from way obarrno kit thene Mlitllr lie?p?f __ BOYD k BlNCEBN. iinto. 1?1 Pearl rtrili C1FAWI B I MON, FOR NEW ORLEANS. Tl'ESDAT, U 3Kh tteiuiliir, at three PM?A (taleroom in the appar after ?< a, ararly amidrlilp caa be had at tha offlre of BPOrrOKD. TILKhToN k Co, 4H Soalh alreet. U^m S MAIL ETEaMaBIP COMPANY-FOB NEW Oilataa direct, via lla?a? a. Freut'it and fact radaoad. Sa'urdav, October I lib, at 3 P. M.?The epleadid (teamahia IMPIb E I'll Y, 1,-1* teat, J. Taaaar. commander, will tail an Satardar, October 11 Ah. prectaely at 3 o'clock. P. M. Irom her t iar at Iha foot of Warren (tract. N. K , with tha Ooveramiat Mailt, direct far Havana and Naw Orleaaa. Freight to New Orleaaa at reduced rataa. Spcie only takea oa frelakt ta II arena. Na billa af lading will be etfaed after tha eteamer baa railed. N. B ?FLippero are renaeetej ta ta|ply ihrmaalraa with tba Company'* biUa of lading, which aj ha bad oa apt iieatloa al the oBoa. No other form will berimed. For rreiabt or paaoece at ply at the "?oa af tha Camyaay, 177 Weat atreot, caraor af Warren atraat. M O BUBBBTS. rHbB SAN mAM l-i O-DISPATCB LINB-THI Haew and eleraat Naw Yolk hailt clipper BWORDFISH. ? opto la l> S ltal'coek. at pier 5. N R. Shippera to Calh forma and tie public, are raapectfully invited to vlait thid aaperier cpeetmea of mrrino arahltaetara. Hor owaoro, (Meaara Burlap It Lie:mtataa)bavo a pa red aoith*r peine aor ai|rara in otiaiaiaa iaa-edol tad eoaetrortioa aa diaaaohlf a# Scat# Captaia Babe k (formerly of the clipper Race llerec) baa bad mora than ordinary eirerleaee <a clipper at ipe ib the Paeillc trade. Freirht will aa ukcn far a few daya at a law rata, far which or pacaaaa. apply ta B. B. SL TTON. H4 Wall atraat. hrdicaC No III mi l. - PEFRAS SE< RETS OF MATRIMONY I e< ivvylaa the Important kaoalc<l(o which avory family an.* I* poaaeea. and tb-oc ooetemplanaa marriaeo. and It a Ml aava the I calth af tboaaaada ol oar acaatry-woman, tad la maay itataa ? their llreo, with tie tecrctc, aa Itocm taiac tha ac rotary recolpta, wlthoat farther rrpenoa. It la a inocaatao aeatavt larya or amall ftmilh-a, and. af eoaraa, a, aiLat p rarty. Sold under teal Price pd. Addrata, poad paie M P-fra, N?w York City, and jon will reaaiva It by r>tnm ef ma.l, free nl pnotaae. All oedera etrictly aoa&dentiol N B ? Th?a ia la leaded only for the married. nl^HB. I A CBOIX'B I'BI FATE M SURAL THEATI8A.? I Cl.eoprot heoh aver pabMehod?SB pp and iM> am p'auo oa the I hyoa-lejy of Marriaeo. and theooarot laflrml wo and die- rdart of yeatk and itatnrity, rfaltia? fraa to <iarr 1 a boa whiah d<?troy tba phraUa' and maatnl paw 'It owlaeb a thv aataral foelinc*. tad eahaiat tha mergum* moataad, with prattle*! obaarvatioaa on the prevention and treatment af norvona doMlity, local and eanatitatlann' k L' tl I Pi ft 1 diaftftftNB ftridiBf trnn iwdftiw rnHnn ri? ? 4 ?i? yi? pa!**. ly ?M?k all twraoa* ran rap* m?a i> >n ?iiK ?t N*r<*vrT| *itk t>? laW.rp* iWnnttlm H > a*?r<a* iU ji'im Mil 4i?qaallfl ittj.'Bt, ul ih*<r raw 4?? ?nk lef?4 U'httr^fil*. Il'aptpatlaa iht ui?tri y ) < !???. n4 4i< mu ?i iii? niriltitln orpii i' lid -' 'taM, uw wl h*iilou. It ii-i:i|iir.w< I* ki**? t* ih*?? oM'tarlMlat ma^rtiaaay, a .1 Hit to* *lia*'t->a* a?ale marria*? - aaat, hnwraat ' I* uip*r aai wl'hoat Oral rnialilaj 1% M? Jt all '!? * * ?'f*a *1**. ?rl)*th*r uarri*< | arnrtU * TU|'n wh* paaair* toaAirai *14. hater* aoatall im 'it n?pM in la * wh?? *f hi* tia to rrt p irlj *. mi jiMfMil; lfi?m kv nto fhjraMM, M lk? i ?r? miiik lb* ?ai| Mi . >a 't quarhiry. *? ptfiltl' u? D**Wf l?<ral? i? a Wially qaaliaa* : ti ' l ? '-f twraij y?a? 4??->V?i !i'? f!rll"a to |*iii,>' * ahl- k M? b -?k trr*t# any p<i?imib Matiai 9 *? ia a ? ?. r< *( f*l4. ra"l?* ?*? ? rt by taatt Vtaa t t t r* 4alla?. ?Mrr?Dr. 1.1 Ul'toli.k lllit), k T. toll by tarpM 4 Ctofta a* ? % *,..4 E - ilvif, Km Tor* ha ii?y i"< * *ti * o <;o*DiAi.-TRl al r.i'H fey *1 ilaiM. ?nJ IhoM ??4 4lr<tr4?|i I m W? aa< ?.?< rioi?4 ky ?*rlr ? > ?. Be raatlrm wkati * *,| .. '4. 4 Al'U qnurk* a?4 tbMy aoatraaM i I I* II M -I ?I ! rtlpbyaul rriapAy a.11 Mtlar* r?A \> *. * - * a ? In a*>4 aol r?y ?? rMtial f?ae. Up C I , 4} |. r I all Ik* ?r? a?a?ll? eh?n?4. CnrAIal > ill4* im fa, Mikiay nhalaAyli* k I a ?r? '4 *?4 I ' rto Fi.|?ai<> 4 It lit cult}. Ulur It I t f $ <*< ?, W TMpii a??aa*. N. J. H. 1. ly t * ? 4 I ?' ?*tl?? r. r ' ?i ?*-'P* l)? r.oat^t I Tl *->.4 a. ? i . . . .. . * I" kMMi irrto* M OriM *!?? * I |? > * ' * ' a 11. i i.\ 11 . T.i DikKaytt 1 ? . ?i ??? ? iat. a ipiiiIi i> r *i -{In* rata t* Ik. .? I- -f. t - a I Ir -i pr4 la htw la bilf lha ? ** I - aat 4?tiip?l. k*? lyyly rarly. l'*t oU *r* n?a, Miii>4?*I*i ? *1' akaaiiraA**! Mtiail ??p**i m aat al Ai i<?*|., ??4. Ni(m 1111 ?acr4. UROADWAT THEATRE -1. A. MARSHALL, SOLM fl ~?T \ ^?ff op** 11 7J u ? '> TJji a'alaa*. i.uH v " R^.rac'K & Ornad Faa ? b*u? by Sunor Nnl ui M'Ua a4<}* "iu ?\? tare* of SHOCKIMQ 1VRNTR? On?.?.i?r Mr Dkria,-*; Mr Pa?, Mr. Whitini; Dorotbr. Muo Croebtr, Amy. In. Joba faltM. " M Nim.o s caeken -m an aqkr. mr. john seftow. IliktU MiitU. Private U .iti, (t. Tit* [-.r-? til aaamaaca r??ry evening At 7k o'aloak. "1 Mate A i ra 1 billon, ?bo, bating reeoverad from bar la At*, poaira ?ill trpair tot* evening ia tbe grind *oatie Uma^ ntlta *i Meanly I r b?r ly lb* celebrated Scribe and Au bar, nyyrtrt t) Mr Dndeca, *br papular roialtat and Irirfe ??.* an. Mia* Mary Tayl?r Mr. F M*yar. Mr Bolaaa, A r? trfal rbai u. aad a rem plat* orebeatra, under the dlraati-* < ( f ?aor la Maaaa. Tnrtday, Sept. 30, will La pr?i . * i ? , > . ...Mi.t ik. PBiiarv niiuntidu I La Cetertae. I aiiiii Thilfua. Diana. Midi Marv Taylor. Bltl'CHlll l LTCEl'M. BROADWAY. NEAR BROOMS t.?D**ra opra at 7; ta bavin at 7X o'alock. Dread ( mil >? Par<|n*tt?. M Mi.; family Circle, "Jb cte ; Orohoatrapeata. $1 l'ri?Bte U?ira. %">. 1 ueaday areninv. Bant JCL > ill la |-rriimrd tba now play cat ed tha ACTUM OP I'ADI A?Aecela Ma'ipiort. Nr. Lynna; Rodelfo, Mr C. Jardee. Aardi Mr. Paatar. Anal >t? Mr. Dnncan; Lil(l, Mr. Allayaa. I a Tuba. Nie? Caehman; Catarina. Mra Skerrett. Papalar beaee by Mi.? Malriaa. Ta aanrinda with the fare* at II.. Rol DIAMOND?''cum Joe, Mr. Johaetaa; Lira Plata, Mr Taylar. Cantata Blenheim, Mr. Duaean: l.ada Plata. Mr> I dor. Mart fry Mr? Skerrctt. BARNl'MR AMERICAN Ml'BIl'M.-P. T. BARMUK. Maaatar and Proprietor J aha Uraauwead, Jr.. AaHat at Maaaaar. Adminion ta the mtira Mueaum aad perform Maa. ? eeata. Monday aad September 2Mh aaA "ib. ai I be ptfieated a iraad and complete ohaave of eaia?a; la the el tare una. at 1 o'clock. A CHEAP IXCl MMON Ta be lalluaad by acme really novel perform? Ike Acicrde. a by MaaUr Benjamin, lour yoara old. Ta e. aith 11I E PIKE EATER. In the evening. do*, fencing at7M o'elcch. mil bo pr .ducod EoUchue'e oala!?b' moral arena Till dT RANG BR-Stranger, Mr. C. W. < lorke. Peter. Mr Uadaaey; Mra. bailer. Mlaa Meetayers lennteaa, Mra Ra><ra. Ibe innumerable noveltiaa of tha C. mnriee the Happy family, aa wall no the (a* amnio cf ( tuaaao life, the C l.iaeee collection, fee , to be aaaa at all One*. A CARD -BARNI M 8 MtJSBCM.?RENBPIT OF C. IP Clarke, luador <>l Amua-meate Wcdaeeday after Boon aal evening. October 1. By p. rmiteioa o< W E. Bur tan. Re<| . tba nalvereal latoe.U. Mite Mary Taylar. will aw pear aa a ' Wife for ball an hour.' aad eiag a-ratal popu ar conga. la tha eftrraoea. at S o'elaak. by ot aaty famllire, will ha perform?d tba bcaotifnl play of rHM STRANGER-Cvnat W aid hoary (the Btmnier), Mr. C. W. Clarke: Pator (a ainplrtaa). Mr. Haiaway; Mra. Bailor. Mica Emily Mcetaytr; Caaataaa ITiataraaa. Mra. Kaaart. la tha eeeafiy. at hall-padt 7. tke amaeieg comedy af A WIPE POM MA1.P AM MOUM-The Wife (with aouge) Mua Mary Taylor; llie Hatband (without ?oog?). Mr. C. V. Clarke. Te/cthar wttk Baakatoaa a aicallaat drama, la three aau. at TUB DREAM AT ERA; or. Tba VTeioa af tha Dcad?Laaaca Lyawoad (a yaaay iMtfiiitt), Mr. I. W. Clarke; Tahr Twinkle (the village audi maa). Mr. Qadaway; Bleak Ralph (a wrecker har. M online, Middy Nutte. Mi a Emily Mceteyar; Aaac Traaaaioa. Mia lagera. Stab may M enaured. CHRISTY'S OPERA HOCSE. MKCHAMIC8' MAI.U MOW , 172 Broadway, above Grand etreet?Opea every night during the week until further notice. Tha original aad Well known Chriety'e Miaotrcle. eompneing tn cMcieat add *er aii'.e " eorpe df " talentad " aad "dgpariaacad performere," andor the maaageniaat a( B P. Chriata, wkoaa coaaarta im tbia city, far a aarraaahaa af "dva year a, have baaa reoelvad with faaev by highly raapeatabla aad faakioaahla audiaaoaa. Ticketo, *f> cent a. Doora open nb 7, aad will eommoaaa at a o'cloak. <>n aad altar Monday. Oat. IS, contort will commence at o'clock. The patrone af Chrtaty'i Mlnatrela arw rcapaatfnlly Informed that tha Saturday afternoon concerts are <) neoa waned. (jiRLLOWB- MlNBTRRL8. ATPELLOWB* M1W HUH itroeta; op** every afght.-Aajaatly satohmtad mI ililirt corps ( ItlnMuliiNiiMMl paifcrnm, utoIkiNlt of J. B. renews, vhoM concerts la Uto atty to* the put year ton been rtctlfil with Ut in?la> favor k? the elite and 'uhloa from all parte of Ua Union. Fella*? Nultal Bill li om ( tto aoi{ ipailtu ail toilmHUM ? ' hnildlnsa la Ua world. Admission. to seats. Daara open eS f; eoaaert to hbbiih at 8 o elook. An aftaraaaa eoaeacff Ciry Wednesday and Batarday, for tha aoracial aaaaaat* tion af families. aaaaaoaiai at 8 a'olaak P. M. _ Till PUBLIC ARE RESPECTFULLY INFORMED ibat Mr. 0. K. Dickinson. lha ralabratcd aad papulae trif. Mr trom the Theatres K< . .I l.ondoa. Edinburgh01ir?i?, Liverpool, and tha provincial Uiratrta of Croat Britain and Ireland, will dalirer a (erica of Dramatic RenAinya, in the Tabernacle, Broad aay On Wednesday. 8th October, Sfcakspenra'e tragedy of 11 AM LET. On Friday, IOU October. Shskipeare's tragedy of OTBELLO. Dooretaapem at liaif-part 7 o clock, to commence at 8 o'clock preoisaly. Admiralon, 80 centa to all parta of the hour*. Tickcta ton* had at Ua Tabernacle, hotels, and muaia starts. Due note ? ? ill be yivsn to the public of ibe continuation af the eerie*. Franklin museum, its ciiatuam square, onm block .abov# the Nnticnnl Theatrs ?Qeorye Lea. aola pre priator.?Saloon pertormtncea every aftoraoon and ovoniry. Entertainments coiumoaoo in tha attamoon nt throo o'clork.iand in tbo sverlny nt eight o'cloek. Tha antartalnmanta are varied and select, and each aa can be aaan nt a* other tinea of entertainment in New York, consisting of'a Female Ethiopian Opera Troupo ; John Diamond, tha greatest dancer in the world, will appear; alto, Moaa. Graycire, the strcyyaet man in the world, who will break any atona tha audience choeaa to offer htm; ho will alao challenge aay man to " kill a bullock" with hie oleaohaA Cat, for aar amount of money; n tronpe of Model Artists, who are selected for their leant* and flgnre. and who pareotiita n number of beaotifnl tatleaui; n oompnay of Aim Gtr's, who go through n variety of faata of otrongth aad doatrrity; n company of Mala ana Female Artists, who will girn rn rahititicn of Marble Statuary unequalled in tha worlffr torether with n variety af interesting pericrmanoes every afierncon and avrnlnt* Fur particulars, aaa Mils of oath day. Admission?Santa in Private Boies, ? cents; stage acato, 37X cents; bears, 26 centa; parqaette, USn . cents. Raymond a brrr drrisuacu s menagerie.? This calcbrntad Menayena?Ua laryaat aad boat sonducted in tha known world?ombrnctny almeat ivory nnlmnl known to aataml history, and which hm received the patronage and tpplnuaa of buadredi of thousands of Uo most rorpeotable and intelliyant pecplo of tho Uaitod States, haa Juot sommrnoed a moat btilllant fall campaign, aad will rieit tha prirclpa) cities and towns ia New England. la tha following order, vil: ?Harre, September Dlth; Cnolooa, toup Knot Hands) ;h Nth; PorUitield. 27th. Montpalisr. bu| Tuesday, Sbth. W aterbury. Vt ; Wednesday, Oat L Stovt Thursday, 2. Hyde I'ark; Friday, 3, ifarlwick straat; Batarday, d. Iraatury; Miaday, A Lais Bridya; Tuesday, 7. So a tto. Trey; Wednesday. 8. Riahford;Thnrsdny. ?, Baksnlaldi Friday. 10. St. Albaaa; Saturday, 11, Fairfna, Maaday, 11 Jericho; Tuesday, Id, Burlinyton. &JIW ORLEANS THEATRICALS - N. M. LUDLOW. OM 1.1 tM hrm or Ludlow at smith, will ee la I?ew Tor*, a* the Ctllavoro Bona*, corner of Breadway ?n<l Spriac etraat, on the Id of October, to remaia flro da je oaly. Start withtac to rieit the South duria* the tatula* wtator. may tta salt him pcrioaally, if thay thiak proper, or hp latter. Parti is wishing to havk tor usb OT tripler Hall during llirte eveaiaita ia the week, will pleMB apply, by latter at ether* iae.te j b. w alptm, 3u0 Broadway. judical. Magical card.?practical rxcrrirncrop twaaty jeare, aaakica D?. Ulor? ta aura Moaa diiR. fit, protracted. tad half eared taaaa that eeoape from madieal pretender., aad aaeh ai hare baffled the akJIlafaar. |i?i> nan eoteeeu iih aimaaa H van IIUU OC ttrliM. Tb? iailNBHt 4?MliW4 It Uiii4ietl Ni tha cart tf iheee deplorable reaaaquraeaa ifwrl; tadiaertOfoae. may he had at hit offlca. Na. IS Aaa etraat, akMt h# ia eaaeulted daily. Dr. O. ia a raaalarly edaentad pbyab> oiaa tad aaryeaa- Die medical woraa far aala aa abaca. THBBI MABBIBD WOMAN'S FBITATB If BDIOAL COB> paaiaa?By Dr. A. M. M auric tan. Frofaaia* af DtaasMB ft Woman?Twentieth Edition. Id aa., n. Mb-Print feC Ycara af nffartuy, af phraical aad maniaf aayalah taaaas aa affaatiaaata aVa. aad pcaualary diMaalfcaata ttatap band, micht baa# baaa (pared by timaly poaaeaaioa af ibid work It ia iataadad aapaeiAllT far tba marriad. or tbaaa acatcmplaticr marrtaya. aa it diaotaaaa Importaai Mtaib wblcn abaald ba known ta them partiaalarly. To tbaaa wbaaa haaitb dcaa aat parmit af aa Imnom aB family, itla af atpaeial Impartaaaa. Here, alto, aaary female--tha wila, tba aatbar?tba tab aitbar t add lac lata wemaaboed, or aba aaa la (ba dtallaaH yaara, ia whaai aatara aontamplataa aa Important ikaaga o aaa d i acta or tba aaaaaa. aymptema. and ilia meat Aataai rantdiaa. aad moat aartala mada af aara. ia arary aampdalmi ba whicb bar aaala aubiaat. * (Batract af a labtar from b faatlamna fa Dayooa. Otia) _ Damn. May L IbdfT DA. A. M. Maraicaar:? Mr Dana baa ?My arifa baa baaa paratpaibly atakJaa NB acme thraa yaara ar mart, la aaaaaqaaaea af bat giaat a? aiabaad euRariay aoma moatha before aad dmrtay bar can dne-aaat, aaary awrraaaira aaa mora aad mora dtbUMabaM aaa Ltaatratad bar, putting bar Ilia ia iamlaaat daayor, ami arbioli wad aa tba laaa oeenoioa deepened af. I anppaaad 1MB tbia atata of t hinge aaa laaaitabla, aad rreiyaed myaalf tf maat tba warod. At thia tima. (now abort two moatba) I board year book highly apt baa of. aeoeataiaiay eonenft* tara reoablay my aaaa. On Ma ratalpt aad paraaal. I eaaraaA aapraaa ta yaa tba raliaf It afforded my dlatraaaad mtad. ad tba jar Ita payee imparted to my wifa. aa loaraiay tbat tba great diaeorery af M. M. Piiiaiim araridod a ram any canned a praapaat ta ma. wbiab I little aaaaafrad wan at Mi bit. Bat far tbia. art another roar woald barn iiiul awaA my band, ia aH bamaa probability ma wifa woaldbaaa baaa la krr grata, aad my abildraa iatt met ear I ate. It ia, af aearaa, impracticable ta eaaray mora tally tba ricna anbiacta treaded af. aa tbay an af a aa.ora italatfc iaua<i?d far tba marriad, or tbaaa eoatamplelia* atfibp, Tar aala at Of Breed nay. aad at tba Pabilihiay tBab IS Liberty treat. Maw Tark i Uttlc ft Co.. Albany; iaaaaft Tucker. Mobile. Alabama. T. ft Petoreoa. SB Obaataab ab? Philadelphia. . Oa thr rarait af BL aaapr will ba eraaemltbed by mafft frat cf peeteyt ta any part of tba United Btatea. All Want maat ba adfnirii paat raid, ta Dr. A M. Maarlitaa. Mm l.SM few Tark oity. OMeo. IS Ubarty rtract NbW MEDICAL lootj.-t COMI-I.BTB PBAOTM'AA work aa tba aatura aad traatmrat af daliaaaa dlaaaaam and all tba kiadrad efToetloae?Ulaatratad by a ?r?at a amber af baaatilally colored plotaa, aa larye ee life?bp Bamaa aatwleh. M. D.. lecturer aa aaryery aad dlaaaaaa af tfta abort aamad aatara. Itlaalarya quarto. Jar pp . eooewd adltioa. priaa |lt Sitreat from tba Boataa Badiaal ama arrknl J aara el?"It may aa aa<d. taarlnaalt. ta ba aqaal ta Bioord'e ar Aataa'a wcrkt aa tha aame family af fiaaaaaft aad fbr auporlor ta aaytbiay af the bind tear pabitabad IB tbia aoaatryAathor of "The Family rhytlwan." prtaa V can't Aathar of a worb oa "fell Abaaa aad Ita Dapdoral 1? Mftaata, ?o., fta_" tiatb odltlon, foartaaa piatam iwtaa I. far tail at aba asMi.hero. 8TBI ,'iT.lK ft TtiW NCMMMk ia ftraadaray, aad by Men aut.or. Bid Broadway. PA BIB Ah D DOM DOM THBATMSMT OP FBI Alt Diaraaaa ia a few hoara, by a rayotabla epplioettagu witbaan paia. la dablllty. br aybt an hy Improper HailS aad araattiatloBAl aPaatioaa, ba aamHaaa mad I el tea ? Mft tha local remedy, aad aaa abow nay aaa tbara an tbaaaaafi wh" aaaotdba cared witatat It. aa ba haa a aaaa daily af yaaaw durateoa, from tha other ; hyrieiana. Ia all. ba ywaraaaan a i arm maat ear*, fie makaa daily cam af dieeneee arltbami or . ahl lh othere nee aeneed r-. er -? ft. rotor 4l**aa* Ml* 4i|>lo?a. with ?h**r u)Hi hanfrnd* of ithrr r*rtltoat*?, *bo.i that aath>*( *aa a?aal F. V?? rnr*4 mo ia tar da* ??M rortra. l?aalr?al?^ rlltanru < urtd n? is a fa. r.oata, atWr aa?*h*r Hr?wr Will a 'cat tin* ?C lirraa4 I paid om A?W In tr* >nia M V* cat *4 ?l ?oaV rra* frata **ll alara, without Imlt, Wl rr j frr?d ar Ij IojiI aad fr.?r*i tr?atm?at. la a AM Mp.t.?Jo* r *-i Vo? euro. no of thi wont rrfMIMif a-rctl' a rr a > hr '? and fiat, la a ???r Ufa*. a?**r I Kan h*rt uadnr tbfoa physician* lot inw, h-?tdo? araa oaaap ???* bdIkim I taaH hoar of. -- * m. Ftrxaaoa. r*ftMAa> h-.j, Jl. J. ?bcf fattaat* at a diatom or man. byMolanaa A l*t, k* ir?at?4 h* mail 0?or brn'a-d aiPi'as tlU t, ?aif t* la thr tain' ... K I.A I. HON T. M T> , 4* fcaad* ?*?*#k two Hex trr m It road .*) ? rot la aba D*. Ul LAKBT. AVTH'tR Of TUB " f*BfT ATI *? * al fluid* no.. 41 ld*r*nar.l ?tia*A ???.?*** % Ti*(t**t larl'.ltla* ?n4 ilnuUfM !?* *?? . * aa*?njo?an 4' tin?li'??)?ar< r.a.dr aoo la IL* pr a rl oal?tltoo ' roJw and tunl ia, *a*fte him to .a.-raat, 1* t. to r?rti?B M of tha prrfo.-ion, ?'?? 4?rta|a. *'i turn a* ran h? obtained fmm a? oTbot It I* thirl), htwrrar. la dlffloult rm?U*a>?4. Ba4 trr al t 4 r*?r? ihathto ?rm~? BtHfolft W?JF*a*4M*?- ?% V' I I. all. th* I.t, a lor of t at rarr lb* drr^rrhl* 0.2 hahlla. It falliVU. .itho.t *' ? i-t W ant tf th* HI# ? WW? .* ^ulain ^ to thrrr .ho Mr iri. . a t^,?.?C2n at *4 ia to kn. waw* M ?ft?a *f*ot?4 ia a ' ?? ' ? M,?

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