Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1851 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 6915. ilVIBIlllIli Domir THEATRE.- DOORS OPEN AT T; CURTAIN D ri?e?ai7W o'clock. lloaea, 23 aenU; Pit, US eenta; Urate iu Orchestra Boz?a. 50 casta. Wedaeeany evening, Oct. I, the per'ormancaa will rnmaaanoo with th* tragedy ot OitKl.AU ?Ouiranli, Mr. Eddy; Mr. Tilt on; Montalheri. Mr. Gri lithe; Coltnar. Mr. Bo wet; Ciaudinn. Mrs. Grattan; Kathilraide, Era. Jordan: Marian, Mra Maion. Ta ba followed by the comedy of the WILl.U GIRL?Sir Oilvar OriHth, Mr. driflitba; Alfred Mr. Hamilton, Julia. Mra. Yeonftri. To conclude with the drima of T11R BROKEN 31> 0RD?Colonel Eigollo, Mr. Btevene, Bale: an; Mr. Goodall; M/rtaio. Miae Herring; Roanra. Mra MaaoA. BURTON'S TI1RATRE. ClIAMBKRS STREET?DOORS open at 7: to begin at 7 >4 o'oloo k. Draaa fc'irole and Parquet t a, 50 cental Second Tier. 25 centa; Private Boxea, Set Orrhcatra Seat . 75 centa. Wednesday evening, Oct. 1, will be played the comedy of A WINTER'S TALE?Laontea, Mr. Dyott. Caaiillo. Mr. Pardey: Antlgonua, Mr. Bland; Ploriael, Mr. Maerhonee Ant .lyeua, M?. John Dunn; Clown, Mr. Barton; Old SLepherd, Mr. Hamilton; Thaain', Mr. i'raderlc; ? Mariner, Mr. l'ariloe; Harmiona, Mra. Warner: Perdita, Misa Wtaton. Paulina. Mra. Hnihoa; Emilia. Mra. Dyott; Lamia, Mra. i'll. Hero. Mra. Oouxiov; Mo pea, Mra. Uoluiaa; Dorcas, Mian Barton. National theatre, Chatham street-doors open at 0*4; curtain riaee at7S o'olock. Dreaa Circle and Bo tea. 25 centa: Pit, 12>4 ccnte; orchaatra Tioketa. 50 eenta; l'rivatc Boa iickets, f.1. Wednesday evening.Oct. I. the entertaismzati *H! (n.menoo with the tragedy of OTHELLO ?oth-.lo. Mr V. M. Filming; Tago. Mr. T K Soott; Caaaio. Mr. Arct.d; Peadrmcua, lira. Nicbola. To ba followed by the drama ol ti c CATTLE STEALERS?Dueald Marneil, Mr. ?. Riancbard; Archibald l.ealie, Mr. Arnold; Jo>sy Camp hel<. Mra Nicnois; Maggie McCrea, Mra. Drew. To conolni > with the).ire. ot A DAY IN PARIS? Miaa Hathaway ao?taituug tr. r rluraiton. C'HBIBTYS OPERA HOUSE. MECHANICS' BALL, NO > 4,"-' Broadway, above Grand street.?Open every night luring tit week until further notice. The original and well known Christy's Minstrels, comprising en efficient end versatile "ceip* ?i "talented "and 'experienced performers," under the management of E. I*. Christy, whose oonocrte in this i ity, fo- a s " i tssicn of 'live joers, have been reoeired with tevor kvirhlv rcsrecteble and fashionable audienoo*. Tickets,* cents. l>oors open at 7. and will commence at 8 o'clock. On end alter Monday, Oct. 13, eoneert will comn.snce at "lj o'clock. The patrons of Christy's Minstrols art r.ereotfuHy in! -rnied that the Saturday afternoon concerts are discontinued. SLLOWf VTNSTRELB, AT FELLOWS' MBIT 1CUS1 sal Bail, 444 Broadway, betwoejs Howard and Grand ttcvsw; orew ovorj n'ght.?Tliisjustly oslebrated andaflloiaal eorp* of talented and einerlauosd performers, under theoou management of J. C. Fellows, whose coneerSi in this eity tet the past year hare been received with the greatest farer hi l.s olito and fashion from all parts of the Union. Fellows jdusionl Hail u one of the most spaeious and best ventilated bul'dlogs In the world. Admission. 33 oeuts. Doors open at f\ eeasori to eommsoec st 8 o'olook. An afternoon oonoorl very Wednesday and Saturday, for tho ciueoiul accommodation ?: taiul' as. comicecolng nt .4 o'olock V. . Asrrtit n 4cr oi r.R.t nousK-seventh week t! t?c W ?rd and still greitcr su'ccss. Doors open at 7; c oioj uocu. K. c'lotv-.or Andcrcon'e last wask but two in New York. J'rc'esaor A. begs to aunounoe that his ooJ? orn in this ci.; is litr.ito f. to three weeks linger,and having iah?n toe at or 'decant edifice Icr that time, where his grand liraw nr -o n, Entertainment hua oesn aitvnded bv crowded and del-rhud a -Hcncts, composed of the elite of the eity, will he rout!:,-,-ii c .try owning, wheo the Professor will introduce nigh-.'. . r, char ;0 la his experiments, which aro unt ?er.->a!iy aoit ooU Ige-i to ><oun'quailed iu the world. Adngia-1 n to alt i rts. ."41 cents. N B ? I a order to enablogenttrtnen goini i und returning from business, desirous of attfndlu : Protcaer-r A.'a Soirees Jfysterimso to secure placss. ''it' -Ceo sr. J Plan * ill be -pen tor tliat purpose fr>m "4; A. U Jr. Jf., uhen places insy ho sueurod without nny ?x:ra c'ji_ A sr:tud ultcrnoon i?-rl'>riuiinco will take 1 if on So f y. Oct. 4. con'incr.oiii;- at CP. 11, plaoae for \ hicu a?y b< enured during tin week. ?IS\U. PAPA' HI'i: AKI YOU AlYAKT TUATrKOv * tee-or A derson is Roir.g away soon. uiid we have ouly teen or to cJiin." ' No, lay dear; it it " Why, s ; aol Lis ! ' iiy performance but one ia next Saturday. Won't you t? . > s -.aia, pupa?" 4 WclL yes, if we can secure place Ob, }< ?, ecu tan, papa. I saw it auuouaced ?." MTb?nI 1 engay cat? tot yon, ay pel." fllNTim S OORO TO OK UTI'RMNR TROM " ' I uiuiJJ. th ?ld kcor in mind th?t the Bo* Office aud plan further- I Soir c? Mj atcrlcure of Ptofreeor Aadcr?on. at tha A or '.ilate Opera House, i> np?n from 8t* A V. to o P.M.. u t. . at any extra charge. Parties d eirouaot att tJiox alien' , rs ply early lor erata. A Grand Day Periurniancc ne*tS? day, commencing at t o'clock. F^YKNINCS WITH C: OilIEK JONATHAN, SOCIETY a Id; rarj . B aiuay, corner of Leonard atroet.?On Monday, the A?tK, a id every erruiny uutil further aotlae. Or. t Al.iMl.Vi:. o Koeitor of eeoentricitica in ldO character*. witt ii t a rival in the wor.d. Tliev will oonaiat of freaks. toll.. and foibles, with queer, quaint, quinicaL quiet, aid quart, i-'ome pecpl#; interspersed with musical akotcbae, alexin beet tripe, ataxa trax filers, aid tuxida, learned ignorant > ru ?. Long Island folia. y-uug children, ourioue law raata. nebati:i( societies, old men and ancient wouirn, fcatim< nenl music, train uk tun>< mmicr all aorta of aueer -. uicoa and . oriuui l'acea, paaoinu rapidly into all aorta ol tecplr. Lt.le boys at eebo.l; Hungarian einrara, and a litt a of aytry 0.T.d and unary t 1j. Ti.kcta foe a lady and t- atL'aau.hOc.nW extra tickets ifl caau. 'fu ctmatate at alf jqat aevr.i ' .,-k. /YLTMP1C. NC < IS BROADWAY.?fiKKMAN NATION' " " all h. ti r.?W<, Odder I. Opera performanaa. _ Third upper at of Mi a Jaeooi, from the Ihalia theatre ia Hamburg. I lUiLsC'll, an upera in two acta The performonsab.Rn.a with r.f'.n vliKkllltK. Boori opan at 7; to .-oomtu a a4. 8 e'vlveh. BE.-Z- if hit ( OA OVER -THE I RIENDSOJ WM. Conjv -r ullia, (formerly attach-J to Mitchell4* Olympic Tboa're. i are t< iu <ted to meat at the Merrer Uoiiae, corner ..f M< r> r and Br>?rae aireute, ?a Tl.urad ?y ?. raj eg, a4. 8 o'. u jk. to ma've arrang-wcnte for hia Seaettt, to tale pla- at,Br vytiam a Lyceum on Saturday, Oct. 11. \ 1 RS. P OaALSHM H WII.I. LACfl,"HI AT TOM irk St tjlna Intitule. en Tuesday ev uiug. October 7. ai a o'clock. ??' !??t?W ore an hood Ticket-, M eente: to ! 1 e had at c- i4. Pnto.uu'a. 1A.*> Hroadaay: at Uartiett Ac wei- 1 lord's, Aater Ut a, at Crovan's, AMI Broadway, and at tha : IVir.'A YOk< AMI'HITHraTM* I ft BDn?Tl I.KYI i AM J. Marth. iToprit tor ? Frtvute Mix'-a, .' 0 ceula; Dress ? ifi!.-, ?j r?n l\t, l?X cents. Emrsi.p-n at a quarter boicra 7, tin! itauiii-oer at a qosrtrr before H. Groat aliiaeth.asHrtbe un it week. Ka?t?l|rriii(iit of Madam* T. Nuiia. t I - j- i bi down and slump rat. f, turn. L* I-re p. 1 ifteen at u .'ta of ? |?ion t saaar eerniug. and dancing hy the liorae of t'n m lficn. Ts.musu). and beautiful tn- hs by Spanish Spot l!< nuty. and <| -a Old Man and Niobe. Mr. Lerl J. North as M*--aron!. the 8r:<and; M-si. Edgar. tin great double souerret throvi-r; J. Harper on the revolving globes Master Will?e in his . rra' art of tht hurdle raeer; Mad a Ota T. Nnna * tha Qv'?n of tl t Naiades; Charley Deters, th? humorist tad rote vault'*. a id a hoat ol other pert rosue**, as oa I rtse?a in the 1 Us ol the d sy. Orasd afternoon performnnoo rery W*d?r? l?j and Saturday. < oamien'-ie - at 3 o'clock. R^^MBAYMON Tl ;? II i'RK DBIISBACHS MKMAflBRia.1 i f ithrtled Mrr.agvtis?t-o large** and bast am dueled in tha knoan world?*Bikr*< tug alrntat every animal koaten t* natural history, an! nhieh ka* racclvaa I ho patronage and apr'.au** of hundreds of tho-tand* nf the moat respevtahlr and intclligant psopl* of >ha United Statso, hss His' commenced a moil brilliant fall campaign, and will etslt tk* principal eitles and towns in New garland. In th* 1 Honing ord r, vi<Thursday, 'lot 2. IIyd* I'ark; I rid ay. d, llsrlaricit S'.resl; Sa'nrfsr, 4th, Ir 'burr; Mnndiy, fith, I,sis Brid/s. Tt;tsda7. 7tli, South Troy, Wednesday, Mats. Riehford. Tbursdar.Hh. HakersboM; kriley, loth. St. 11l sua; Saturday, ifu>, Tallinn; Monday, liltli, Jeriahoi Tuss ay, M-.b, Burlington; tVidnoaday, IMV Virgsnnes; Thar* < ??, tilth, Mid saury, 1'riday, 17th, Brandon; Saturlay, I Mil, Rutland: Monday, :0th. Wnl); Tuasdgy, 21st, Mam > (tar ? I e?,lay. 2.'4, I'sat Beaninrt-.n. N^B^MBATIOK tl TVEATBR, WASHINGTON. I) C -I.ADIU and Dti. r urn. ot * knowlidged tsl, nt anly, dsstrons f an tngsg- rue it in the ubotr nrmid oetakllehm'st, w I list will open abt I the and of Koieraher, under tbonitnnglnuntif T-. A Marr til. lutr apply personally, or by lettor, repaid, to PITIH MICI1IN0S, Stag* Manager, Walnut btreat Tbsa .r?. i'hiladalphia. New ox; hasp theatahais-n m. ii'Dum, u? u>?tif?o( l.t dloar k. Stall b, wilt bo in Soar U.r Colli *.r n inn, tors or if RrtUvnv an I Hpnrr ttraot, n the id bl ?? rrtuiin tar* dtyr only. Stir* winkla* to aiatl the Aouia di rti* thr *iit?f, *?r ?? rult Iiim ftr>?tally, 11 thay thiik yt?r<r, or by Icttor. BAKlflfl. |>!ll . a > .t triXMV I U < nt r.wpMtfi ,11/ liform* hi* p 'roar and im pibI tl at ha will rr |>?n hit 4< 4'ma 'b Tbnrrday. ttctabor nil, it Ml Broadway. star Hoaiaton ?tre-1. Hr will llhrwiaa r* opra L.U i,?*<ra at tkr Pliak*r are Dotal, ili William -tre?t, ntit Pater-nay. Ot tobir tth, to tcvf, tht ?.?-?at **,,,#at it l'?i*ln? ii ill Ita brnn-uu. Mr. . will mtrodae* aaetrni now dan oat. which he l.t? r?o i*?i by hi* ' ort?r??idrBU it Carta and London. F>rfurther partlnnI ra. t .eaa* < *a at bla raaldaatr. All llcn*t..a ncroi, tr im HI -V ^* ***** " blit ShaV.pcard Until, frooa 31? V o'clock, Hn^BHlXR.r vru.s am> ins simu xauavi n. Gitaolll. hart apontd thalr Araderay for Dao'la* tad haalthr*! intmaro. at the P:uj 'iml I it ad ?"ay. Ctaaara are now tormina. Tnltl >n wilt donatio* on the lit of O^tohor. M. WolltR Jitter barn ratMd atraml yoir* la FnHa, ttndrla< thair profowlon at ttia Royal A' tdrmr, tod at the beat aohooli (or r>Ha , a daneiay. Tlir ryrtnn by wMrh tbry rrrpoao to torch it entirely new, and adaptrd tor tV> pronation of health. aa ill) tor the i? inlrrinorttl armful action and droorttn it. Ayslj daily, it t> aboya addr.'a*. Inn 11 o'dteel until 1 RAIIINC S I'RtVATB PANCISO and WALTZ!)** Aradttni, No. f?. H?nd aitcot ? Rr. J.ttkea ploataro ii ottiilng t..e. rlaaa daja. roaiii>nrin< Oolobrr llth and ' Mth, Weal nor* ay and Saturday, it I a It part three e'rlotk. or lidtra aari inaolort; Ti.erdtjr and Fnaty* at o'dlo-k torrrwtl' Trp Pr>* ate Irtwaaa nt ti??* rat oocnotod Stbonl# *nd trmller attend,d. teima at tit or I. Mr If. will Introdate*, la add, ti, a to thr (fortl'ro and ??'ep?td, th# I'nrodl matirki. cam,.o*od by Itiia^ll. Muatofor ?alo at hit real* drier aa alt,*. p I.MIA NT rrri r.sur UANCINO?vutSRH. ?r. ?.I;K.R Ed and (1. ( ? Korpoaay, ?!,> laarV in tlir t>?rnt atylai tfi# th#*Mh Ridowa 1'olia, r."da a M i; ...ft I, and thorn tirrly t.on or' (rrtod aan' ralla-1 Ln To ir da Oner, preaeat t? Iratktr owlru. tmr ntrfrr th* (?trr>nt?? thry rraaivod at iter* lb* wm tdt actdrioy Ir now 0| -nad I r D?cot.n?. Mil ale. end OyWiaadtif" poor lor t?ir?a nt VI Brrt Iwny, tlir-# doorr abeam JtiMr n, oatr tbapm'tirt itoro Prlrato tnltlon r r ladiroaud aralknttn and el am a I ryoen* > idao. and < nly In (fcert m >>?. Th? fcnnk It <.? i fur i>rtf*tc *?4 ?lto? |>n^M*at ? n r*> m rtfulf. \1MI. ?r<JAii/ *?-( RAVitK. n*Vl>Q KKV0VRD "I h.'fi .H aChm w>ttr?. ?j? -tlulfy Ufnrm Iu. fneiin t^.at ?L? wtii n|vj? tor elan In nX to ?|P*t. inAVWUiifR ? oirnOii ~ AND ARBOT RA 114(0 AO UNA ?J?OK S ' Nr? ITr,?* l? fat Na. I PnrMi Pl-n*. fc? **.?"irlrnj JOBS POTTS N. V . ?|-, .?i 0 lief*. All< r'.;) -n Mm. M(?'rt<i5V- Nf(k> ?t'W I *' ! Inr?*r* A*nk. "<. Snirtoil 11??. M # ?V[ott. P. M : CM*, tl KJ t. f?f TAB Ar>n? NtW HikX AMD> "Ha,V? W1W roKi M.1 ' direct, t i.ll I ' m i N .'1 Linrt.'i/VPS* In to* hnnrw, VI* K i? 'nrnrj1 !*!! > >4 flf? tt CAtti U A-i rer f.tft r Imp, ml tt *" n ?' n l niton f,n*t? >'r? Inifc. i.l (i A H., f?vn. io?? uf l? a .?**, **d tt t, *. M. H I ? P. *4. fr m iftt nf 1 itof.? Un??t PMi* 4?'fHn A ton J 11 s* i S P. N . f fnw ?h? ?rf n?i t i u? rtnii *c? HAt **?*% fawffnt i? f. i l?'ll,~r.?, 4ta*?S? n*44'? Ihv n' nil V ISw? i * <! '" ' ' .?>' *' " -i-- ' 1 ? ?n to A I', 'J, 1 ?* ?n t* -i (' .? 4ii< nlH fc* 'MAP "*4 !> ? M ? **> ?li .1 >? !',p?1 ? ? >1* fVlM ftr.l i?? UW1. E NE1 Mor urauam DROADWAY TBtATKE.?K. A. MARSHALL, SOLI > ,V Leaaee.-Doore open At 7btoeomaeeneeat7t? o'clock. i Dre?? Cirile and Purquette, SO oente; family and Third Cir- A clee, 2S center Gallery, 12 U center Private Boxee, AS aad M. ci yf ?*'*!*& 1. will be performed the play of the c< La1)Y OJT LYONS?Claude Melaotte, Mr. Conway; Colonel ? Damea. Mr. David re; Beauaeant, Mr Fenuo: Olavia, Mr. / Shaw; Pauline, Miae Laura Addiaea; Mae. Deeohnppellea, 1 Mre. Vernon. Grand Pai de Deuz by Bit [nor Neri and M'lle tl Adeline. To eonolude witk the farce of DR. DILWORTH? b Dr. DUwoitb, Mr. Davidge; Terentius O'Louahlin. Mr Shaw; I b Syntax, Mr. Whiting; Mia. Ditworth, Mra. Vernon. ' li 1U1AJ O UlHU?N.-??flAUIK, ik. JUUN BtrTUN. Ii Tickets, 60 cents; Private Boxes. 16. The performance T will commence every evening nt 7X o'clock. The wonderful Rnrel Family. Gabriel in hie original character of Simon. ~ Francois and Antone in favorite personations. The surprit J ing Mono. Blondin. Wednesday, Got. I, astonishing perform- 1 ancea ou the Tight Rone by the Ravel Family and Mono. Blon- R din. To be followed by the oomio ballet pautomime of the 1? MILLINERS?Bimen. Gabriel Ravel; Longitude. Francoie; di Mat Julia Varnleh. Mme J.Ravel. To oonoludc with the B fairy comic pantomime of RAOUL? Courei, Antoine Ravel; r< Aloibien. Franeoia Ravel; Ceotlia, lime. Harietti. ai BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEAR HROOMS b! street?Doors open at 7; to begin at 7!a o'clook. I>reea a< Circle end Parquette, 50 cents; Family Cirola, i'l cents; Or- ti chcatra Irate. 11; Private Boxee, $6. Wednesday evening. ti Get I, will be preeented a new play vailed the ACTRESS UP ? PADUA?Angelo Malipierl, Mr. Lynne, Kodolfo, Mr. O. Jor- i dan; Amode. Mr. Poater; Anafeeto. Mr. Duncan; Luigi, Mr. 1 Alleyne; LaTlabe, Miaa Cuahman; Caturiua, Mrs. Skerrett. ti Popular Dance by Miae Mnlvina. To eonelude with the w SCHOOL FOR TIGERS -Panels. Mr. T. B. Johnston: Mai or w Stiff, Mr. llrietoll; Tom Crop, Mri. Skerrett; Alexander Pa- ai nala, Miss Mnlvina; Mery Panels, Miae Tayleure. TEE GRAND ORATORIO OF THE MESSIAH WILL BE , , given on THvnanav. Oct 2, 1861, nt ! i IK1FLIR HALL. d rocai.iSTS. ! t MISS CATHERINE 1IAYES, 1 t, Miai Matin L.eeh, Mr. Augustus Braham, and Hctr Men r, I ii I r; raur i. i a Ovortare Oreheatra i C Comfort Ye Recitative ii Every valley ahall be?Mr. A. Braham Air I a And the Glory of the Lord Chorue ei Beheld a Virgin Recitative 1 Oh: Thou that tallest? Miaa Maria l.eech Air I Oh Thcu that telleat Chorus I J For behold darkness Recitative i 1' The pc-ple tbat walked?Hurt Mengis Air ti For unto ui a Child, Chorue ' A Pastoral Symphony. ; F There were Shepherds Recitative i Rejoice greatly Air 1 Mies CATjia.Ri.Nk Hav aa. | J Then ahcl! the eye* KeeitaMv 1 oi Us al.Ul fan! Hi? ttoo'a?Miaa Maria l.ceob Air a Come unto Him all j s that are heavy laden Air . ti Mi.ia CA'riia.uiNX IIavaa. p His yoke ia tat7 and lib burthen ii light Citrus Ii ranT u. ! , Behold the Lamb of God Chorus h He wes detpi. cd and rejected?Mies Maria Leech ' o All they that see Him Raoitntive [ He trusted in God Chorus a Thy rebuke has broken F?eitntivc ! ' Behold Mil see?Mr, A. Utah em Air ' ), He was cut off Keoita.ivc ' ? But TLon diiiat not leave Air p Him Vatki sisk IIatci. 1 lit en l-orr hr nd.i ???, , Chi.... ' - Thou ai ( goae i n en high?Herr Mciigi* Air Tho Lord rtvt the word Chora* , How beaatlfci tro the fret ...Air Ifi C AT M CS INK Bin). Their lonnd it gcEu tut Chor ti Why d<> the Tuitions?Berr Meugi* Air | lie that dwclletb K-cita'ite Ttmu *lt '.rcaA tuera?Mr. A. Braha.n Air I Hallelujah! t'allelujah; Chorus ' part in. ! To know tna; my Rede* cit r livcth Air Mies C AT1IKR1NK 111 ITU. Behold, I tell you Recitative | The trun rti shall round?Herr M. n;ii Air Worthy i j th; La..ib Cboru* Conductor*?Mr. Latkrv anii Mr. C. I??i*rn The Clotu* of the Nuv York Harmonic Society .* engagad fcr tho <te?aion. A grand (>rrhestrn, of more then forty pcitormeta, th* Boet talentod ntident in New York ht* been engaged. The grand pianoforte employed at thi* c mctrt will he from , the manufactory of J. (."nickering. I R-ier.i d deals, price JSh, Ticket*, tl. TioUeta mrv he pro- ' cured at Jollio'i music ttore, .'Ml Broadway; at fTaU'r niusit i itorr, ?' Broad* ay; at the other mu.uc alorcc, and at lip Ht Hall. Door* open at C j: Coeeert commeneea at 7S o'ci * j THE I* LS 31.MI.? CATHERINE H AYES' 1IFTH OOM* ce; t, on Thnreday craning. Uotober 2. on * litch Horn ' ehr will sing in ilandel'* grand Oratorio "The Me*?iah," ar liet?d l.y tho llarmocic Sot it ty.?A lar,;o nutahe* of th: best cat* for sale at the Muoic ?t re of WM II Al I, A SON, 211.* Broadway, oppositr th* Tark. Ticket*. f>l| Choice IMta, (I TRiriF.II UAM.?WEDNESDAY EVRNIN ti, OCT 1BalUd I.utertal.i n ot by Mr. Tomer, the Amentan Ballad biryer, i >r wl.ieh ocraiioa he hasobtained tne valuable oMistaace of Mr J.-.mca <: Mtr.ler. I'iauiat, ibiaoity. l itoiiitantiE ? 1'a?t l. A Viae* In thy Memory. Dcaroit Is this Old Chair my l ather tat (Opcia, Maid it Honor) Balio ? Iriih Emirrant'* Lament D mp-ur C.rare of Napoleon Keatu I Mary of Argyl* NeUon I PART If. ? There la a Ploircr that Mooiueth (Unrt, MiriUni) Willi ? * Old Arm Chair RuaacU 1 The Olorit* ? f Hrien the brave (IViji war rear) . * I would not Die in feprlnr time., Moer? I " Tt far i i. ir i.i iun (National ini) VraUaM . I The piau i mod < u thl> < i .-aeku la one i! Ilow'a celebrated 1 * American pi tmt ieti?D, irom the warerios^ of X. I'. B. e C'nr'ir. eele a?rnt. til llroadway. fire doort there Canal et. I? Ceroi el Acmiaiion, ft) c.-utic to be had it the uiuait >toi 1 fi aod hotele, and it I'llplcr I-itU. tonee open et 7; Concert toVmmeiice et fi< "ilock. Carriagetaat dowa headi aorth; lake up heade mi ... fj 1'U PIRhT I'R1\AT* CONCERT Of MISS VAI.EN- ? tiai an-i her pupili mil take plat e on Thunder, 2d tic- n tuber. Id Conetllution Hell. Elielm the pl< mure ot inf-rm. p ire the * I.-itere tl at the CUi iagolehel vi lini.t, Idr. Jiervoe, ,, ft rirerly a leader of Italian np?re will rert->r in two eiefir.i- . i oett fiolci un hia inetrnmrnt. (lu Vatrntliii aaill ?in| the [, Cried Aria from the "Flauto kt<ico di Moult," anal by M ile Jenny Lind, aad the eclc>rate-i variationi et Rode, jit-rc-by Max . Scntog. The mccombliehud piarilt M'olotki J aillpreoide it the pikru f?no Mi - tia<-hai?i?fi. ?, 1*1 nt her teeidenee, 671 Rmadway, where l e can l-e M<a r every fay, frtaa H till I o'clock. _ i ^ I1RAMKLIN MVIECM. 174 CHATHAM fi-rPARK. CiSI fl block .itote the Rational Tb< atru.? Gew.-fi lx.-a.iule I ? proprietor.?balooa p-rfbrm tneci etery alt. inuoa and erea- n irI. Antertiiumenti eocitnenea in the efrtraaea it three p o'clock, and in lie eieniut at eiAbt o'eloee. The entertaia- ^ n -nta are rati td and a -lc t, and an-hat can U iho at ae , other rla-e of cut rtainnei.t in New Turk. aca>ittin( o< I r l.ta'i Ft male Ethiopian Optra Tro-pt; Jul.a Diamond. the areateat daaoer In the world, wtll arp- irj ala--, Mon?. Crarolrr, the atrcaaeet man in the world, ?t. will break ai'y etuae the andlcntc c'moee to ?r-r him; ho will ,, alio ehallenie any maa to "kill a bullock" withlut clinched tlel, lor any amount of money; a troupe ef Mudei Aruati, E who are Iceted fcr their "beaut? end h*uro. and who per- annate a number of beautiful tulleau* ; a eompaay of Aral . Glrla who go thrauyli a rarictT of fcata of atrenctii aad deitrrlty; a onmpany of Mate end remaic Art -te. who ?U1 d?c r in exnltiUi n o! Marble Ftatwnrj < neyaaOe<i >a the W- r!P; t?fether with a variety of intoreetinc rvtry < ? aftetnoon and tvtplnf. Fcr parti.utari. tee Willa o< ' oath day Admiatioa?9-tate in Private, ' ) cei.te; tare ecata, 37>i state ; teiee, 29 oenU per utile, 1-", MMt- r raptiKit wifh:n? to have tue rs* or trip- j * l<-r 1IM1 ?urli.? 1hr?<- - ninf la the ?. k. mil I JU4 apply, hi letter?? *ih< rwiae, to J. n. W ANDWTLL. M> Broadway. J riRK ANNIfllleATOIl. IJ FIHE ANNIUIt.ATOK.?THE IKIXIi iN CO HP A NT, rt fut the laannlat-tur. and ml* ol I'Ullif > tailed *t?' ol Patent lire AnmhHator, aa well u lor tie die;Htiti"B ef it rlgbta te oae end read the en me, reepcrt, oily enatuaoa that a' they hare epeaed th- 'reAiae, No. ? Wir 11 H t.twe re n frrn liroadway. fee the trrart.-ti.n ef hcaia ?, anil will endeavor to rrailrr, ae expe.ilitioooly a? potollW. the p jkite r1 let.en a for u??e rt> iarkekl> tiro e ?[ ial t rt ex i ereirh- J r0.1 pi tree of territorial Ilrraiie r xhraiat "1 patent n rlct ti for fttateeand'.<Hritorl?e, resati.t 11 t'v i ,.a.- [Wood a t) aerate (who meet have a titall eeeh ( [ italj ca the (b??t ? ratoiahle term a, at Ich will b? rani. > oa ] aj appli atioa, by letter or be a p reoae'. tat r?tew. at ike It oBiee. The pficee ol luaehiaao, an* at ehare.t. tit at ith- i I] Iowa: ? i _ Site of Price, Price of ea -h j '] Maeliao. Including bue chars*. e.?r< c ?rra. 1 J No. I ?I0 ?l * I fc Ho. I *1 1 75 * Ho. .1 ? I .'< I ? No. 4 m "1 \ No. A ? ! ,, The fiai-hlne* < an he made to ord'r ' aar elre al ? pro- I p< rtlonat- prlro A f?w ol tho mlear. tai w ot t' if Ineea- | w (Ion OMf water fir ?> tlngiilrhinr Are. at lit. To-eaoor i rntlnanlahao Aaino nearly aa Inataat aaboai'.y alt. r turning i( ia roalact with It ?o tho damp In a well will? at aguiah a l( lighted oaaAle. 2d. the vapor ran he Inhaled and retplrrd _ oTtl. enpftrtnad oeinrltr 34 The Annihilator ltd!" tip ? at hand and ran In appHr I at vno< wither! gtvlr.r an alarm, wlnrcaewltb t|i? pr .. ut tfdy err-o- n, en al'-rn. and hel m watu-f -n t.'uenriue -nr. 1 ,'t t? . I I ar the whom hoi^e lelv flMnca. tlh. A cMM of V a r rar# d ran pe'rnto the AnalMUtur. fi-r ho I ?i oily to torn a pine, ' nieen rap with hia tiet, thca thtoo It into roemon i re, | and tin worn la deaf. 4th. The roe tr?at the atanla> .r lo (erf-etle I nrwileaa to geeda drvrvf, ir.eelincrj. rwrniture. thet it.a? he In the r eta. It If will Wnuwn f..?t wat-rlf ! a a hoot ae lajnrlona eo Arc. la coneeiceaoo el IV rreat dlftionltr ot a aanfaet'irir-''."a" oiarl.laeea"'* i propi'ly. and i f the extmelrr tad mr-rll-ate.. tn?i. in.ry | arm trary h>r tho aatn*. tl o Ci.mpaat will It ao eaaodl<o?r I of th- right to mnacfactr.m efthir wn?liln?e of c'.?ail?al I tiharr e. Partita ran If (Jppiled, poatare free, net, ram- j pbk'ie me tain lag aoeuata ef nnwr n eap--.m*ate and I noeiitnaaj trw, pro- lag tho utility rf there ni .'n . IP ?. ( rlorior fi.or thru- i "I | t'?Ae ataoire. dd.lf -< (pure ptli ) P, T Hd kM M, Iteoerai Mane ."r. at the ottce el the ! KI IIII ? 1 IT W. . P .. I 1*01/1 .ti HHI.K WJ'/l* Tli THf n BLIC.-INMA Rl'BBtlt eiH.r^-bPH u AMtatloa baa l?r? ?? an a4*arti.tntfh!. n iMtw. |>nM ill <1 In till flaw Vork UenM < ' llih I f. . Wli and the tieurlcr and ??%)n!rtr "f ama 4ato, la which. | after t?arh ?n??r1*4 a hate i.f nnr attericy, Wm Jn.U?h. . a-q,h ?wf tu Uiai ?f n?r? a?t C'.nf f Mm ?l'l> pltttlnj ; ,, (iocriyr re Kataati, na4*r "wr own r??i. at eni that b 4n> . ank l?iMn*a Oeo-year't Fa'.* ata la the m ii?nfi?tMrt of .1 ? a. ! , *i bale jaifel.Baia >?T'|c? n?-? for ?V miaafr.cttira >' In r /In lltibher chore ni,ilcr lodjeti'a rater* a, ao'l |<al,l ?uf ! > p.f.acy anil a?? .tally i>?|in* a lade r<it ?!v mi?. : and aar 1 ?? u? j- eecn tel~M fare a ? the imni It atnpv-e?4 | . 4< ro. C faii.tT than |lmU ayon (lo"lyeer'e l"av?i> think It ; i r. at .<> i *.irc' aw tnht ta ace a rair. pal-i.* < la ii Iriraa I. "a flay i ulnyheev ' r.-?linked. a kn iar- , <y'f>a Oaedrear'a rii >*t. ma ie a aettl.mnt, an* > -,t? l la 'atai aei fa irttlaae ?i I'otenke. lit li ??? ii' n in " ill fr'y to Inhi ft ?lil I'll it" hat 11 loj <"* owi ?!,#o ?ke hera, lat al?rpa .ortUeraM. a rnr.' mm acr li -m tnd i a arfl rtftt them, and are el,er?" Mr. Hay Rpi tly, , tnil hat > TtT n?? own ahroatnres with hlr??ia< tit~>r .!?< i l*?tatt-i la th- . nantf't fa at Mm eha< a e'.i, < 1 ikti Iti rii e to tl ? | uhllci aal we *1 < * Mm Dim ' tad III *1ic Me nor 'wrnih h Mm la prr : *c|nw i nine. tf l'la Mate i a<la la fl'U -a >?f aal4 F>toak I'.?jW Ul ^ la't; -a _ t L TAN. I* ? *l( rAiv/MiBrnunro., k,1 rn. A *->rf re-hem Trr \+ ? 71 . KifPARR H " i :'?'. f f- ' ' .a. ft- ? . f'Mi |r ' < ? Ri/r Tvj*. .X :'.a4. W YO tNING EDITION WEDN MUM IT AVOfflOa. | UCTION NOTICE -BOOTS AND 8H0ES.-H. FAB* riugtoa will Nil on Thursday, Oct. M. at 10^ 'dock. . M-, at the store of A- Claflir A Co., 283 Pearl street, &0U tses fresh and seasonable goods, adapted to Ui city and tuntry trade. t UCTION NOTICE.?TIIOB. BELL, AUCTIONEER, 1. by B. N. Bush ? Large sale this day, at 10K o'clock, U le action room, 10 North William street, of valuable bouseold Furniture of all descriptions ; also the furniture and ttings of a fashionable saloon, including faaey Paintings, urge Looking Classes, Pirtores, Ac.; also, ths portion of the took of a cabinetmaker, marble top furniture. Sofas, Chairs, hdl ' If Atkrd Kl ? . Arc. Alan utj fieat nnalitu w tawaUw ublct, Pianofortes. Cntlory, As. Sal* on Thursday. As. _ TH08. BELL. Anotionter. I T AUCTION.?WE WOULD INVITE THE ATTKN*. tion of our raider to the Urge Auction Salt by Mr. C. KEMP, cf elegant Roaearood and Mahogany Cabinet urnitnre. Rich Carpeting*. Pianofortes, ito.. to be *old thi* ay and to-morrow at the large llafl in the Chlnaan Mnaeuna uildiitg, M9 Broadway. It emhrace* a stock of splendid >od*. valued at twenty-live thousand dollar*. We are sural that the article* are all of the very beat quality, ad that they have been imported and manufaetnrae for the sat city ruatom trade, and were never designed to be ild at Auction. Tha assortment i* very extensive, and by ir the largest offered at publio sale this season, and is parcularly worthy of the notioa of housekoepara. % UCTION NOTICE.?MORTGAGE SALE OP FURNIn. turn. Kio . at auction, this moroing. H B.Wiliard. Aucouetr, will soil, this morning, at 10 >4 o'clock, at :M0 Broaday. at Hooper's Sales Room, a general assortment of rosecod, mahogany, and black walnut furniture. with an asjrtmcnt ol Bronze Ware. Catalogues now ready. H. E. WlLLARD, Auctioneer. A UCTION NOT ICE.?JOHN E. VAN ANT WEEP, n. Auctioneer?Crockery and Glass Wars. Kte ?Thnreay, 2d October, 10 o'olock, at the store, No. 1.11 Greenwich treet. being on importation of to orates, from the maanfaaorv of John and Joseph Mayer, sad of first quality, consist?g of White Granite, Flowered Blue aad F'oweroa Mulbory; sleo, jc. And dipt ware; also. Glassware; also. Knives nd Ports, Japanned Tea Trays, in handsome sets; plated aafors, Candlesticks, and fancy goods; the whole to be sold slots to suit purr haters, end Is all opened for examination, nd nu j he seen at No. lis Qrecuwioh street, till time of tic. ft b. NA.VD, Al'tTIONI'F.H.-BV HARMON A Nfifl LF? store 310 Broadway.?Receiver's sale of Faraititrn, aintirge and Engravings?On Wedn-eday, at Id o'clock, at lie etor? an assort moot of Household and o;Tio# Furniture Iso, a large e< Ucctton of valuable Oil Painting-, and bac rench and English Kngravioge. EH. I.UDI.OW. AUCTIONEER?HOUSEHOLD Furniture, No. ',17 Uroadwav, under tha direction l E H. Ludlow, on Thursday, October 2d. at I0W o'e'eilt, 17!7 Broadway, oppceitn C.-acc Cnavejt.?The entire t'aruiure, v ithoot reserve, contained in said house, eonvisting of Isbognay Cahinct runitnrc of about forty roomo. Be is. kdtliig, Blankets, Sheet#, Table Clothe, Br ;isols and Inlain C arpets. Oil CI' tha, and 1'iauo. Catalogue* at the ourc on the morning of tho ssle. or at No. 11 Wall aad No. New struts on ts edacrdsy afternoon. h WARREN, ALTT10NFFR -BT D. F. BULGIIE't 1 hutsdny, at Id o'clock, the furt itnro of tho bntrJinr ouee No. .'IP Howard etrect, cotupr l.-itiz a gr>-at variety, a-.d ell worthy the attention ol families and dealer*. Sale oeitive. FOR IALB AND TO LMV. For sai.f.-a dauueahian gallebv, wrrn all the iigtures, fco.-Tim ii a rare chance for any o;.? rishing to enter the daguerreotype business, as it is en old -tnhliehed stu'id, and will be sold cheap. Addrcis Curtis, I" raid oflUc. tfOR SALX-SUfl TONS OF DOCK AND SHILLING " atote, dcli.ered at the feet of Yhirty-eightb street j iortb rivtr. Apply at Tl>irty-c>^hlh street and Tenth | vu-uue. nOR SALE -THE STOCK OF A COUNTRY STORK. | C <1 is oop cl t!ic moat groa ion and buainoat villar a ' i the vicinity of the city. The atari liaa been kept by tin | rr? ut proprietor for twelve yeir?, uni eatabti?'ie? fjr I I teen or fightera year*. '1 he atore is the rrlnelpal one in fit pUrein which it ianituotad. For pirtlonlura apply to own an^Balkmtn, M Naomi at?at, and tit Urrr.1 * or. S*OR SALE?A rOR'ER HOUSE. IN CENTRE STREET, l opt oeitr toe New I!nv> n anil llxrlcm Kallmn-i L'epot. I.e atatk and ktarM ol thin ana ? aiil be -.Id elioap. aa iO pr?ri etoia arc about gnir ; intouthor b iatn sj. Inquire : t llbCtotrt at met, cao Mock aoove the To*nb?. JOR SALE-FIVE y KARA 1.EA8K WITH FIIRNT. " tura of boure ittti O.hefrea Cottage. Twenty-fourth atr e\ I rtacra Niatb and Tiath aveiiui a, aa the prevent orjnpaut about leavitg t.>e titr. The above willlc raid at a bar- | tin. The tiouee eODtalca aev en aw?4 rir.ed ronina. aid the | at it only ' !'?). Inquire at above. In ween the houri of Hi . M. and 4 V. M. Ct 0 R 8 A I. E.-A NEW EASTERN BPILT EXPRESS " wayon. t ew harntta. an??t antitul air ) ar out ni tre, n t legnu i tatabllehmi ut. B ill be mid loar, tonther oraaia'i Apply t* WR. COVaN, l'a Mrree r ate at t. HOR SAIK, IN BROOKLYN -TIIF. STOCK A\P PIT I t?i a of a On vary Store, 'luotii.k ia H:;i't, and th(tare* w II be eold lery law. K?nt law. Komt may b ad form email rautily. A rare eb-.nre for a man ? !' iraal*. a|ital. Inquire ?n the premiere, ol It ill'N I I.KV, No. SYe kingtou etrci t,corner of 1 ork atreet, Brooklyn. CIOR BALf-A WILI. ESTABLISHED WINE AM) T.I " qwar haaiaeta a Broadway, Mar doledoar .'in' I b ia?, and it: niort detirible opportunity for any perron III inc to enrage in the bnaiieor. The prevent proprietor a\rt in cona* quonce of ergariag in other trade. For fur- I l et .nlormation, apply at 115 Chamber? -treat. . Llor lit. I SEC. BAITS fOR SALE -THE SFIISCR IBER A oflurt fortale UUik Il?m' ort ard .tbar rli?i ? Orapta, t ft. per la. Tbi K in * tut tl tbfa dollrlnul fViit will ploaa> :nt lltrir order* oao day in advance, tni may rtly opou ait tre?h from the Tin* t. T. DL'N'I.AP, Seedtainn. 61< Bros !w?y. rO CAPITALISTS AND I>BVOtK?l)4 MERCHANTS ? lea to f>ft??u U oueand noree tf nail Mmker.-d and wtll I oti red lend. * p< rtiea of it Irirr : i m o. 'hi mIIi ii lathe world?Powell'* Valey?immediate'* ?n ! owe. IT* Kirtr, IB I'lubcr** county. T<*aco><to?. wonld to I >!d Kr ittli. or *v h*n*< d fotdetirakl* * > >ut,at ' r.cet, ia tracts raofii-r from M to ib') t it* it.'i. l?k? 1 tUr ere rood and nrdPfitcd (at will I.# tail* ceturtly \ 'ttaalod.) Tlioyr 'tt State rttd from Loniei lit *. Kv., t? j hrrlenten. S. C., ptitet ?Kr ?.{?< the inula body or the laud. ?mr of tli .- land It wlttia tv . milrt of TticwoQ. t . et a'y >w?. Tli* walet rower npe* two of fit tnct? i? unturloiod I* tf.? Initrd Sttlet. Tlia ttatr lit* chartort, lantid Vj- tke Lo^ialatnr: of T?ni. .oe. n?tlmr.*:ii: too riititt el dtmt for mounfantuiinr porpoto*. kz In inert, .la proptrty pro-oat* indu eurrntt to tVo rarittllit r*M"ni I

irtwith A roll tnd reliable deocrtptlnu will >e eiecii, and itpt exhibited. to tkote within* t.> iarrtt, by addPcwinr ?< ofbee, itatlir wher* an interview may be ad. 1^0 LET OR l.EAHE-A I.AICl SrORf. OR PART OF . ft. No. Its and till t etey street will be lot with or withM wm to prevent tlie rush of k'rewch aTinpatb'.trra | nt ittaai power. For ?tl - -two fall lot* la iSr u'r-tbird : iroet, between <ith and 7Lb avoanoa, all dnr on* and j adylor Ininriicinoou. Alto two three tiorv ?ri< l< hou leu, lot, i.; tnd^n Levinrti n o *ni>?. Apply to J. BTOIIV CMI, ; , CO . f'liln: aud Ultti ttoro, tH nruadway, or of Mid'HI , tooy ttrrtt. rO LET-IN UOOUn, A MOST DENTR.tP.LK ! three ttor;-Donee, to a party willit(t>mr i .> *>.t .NO worth of luraiture. Apply on th* prrmiaea. L-twa'-a II I ad 11 o'clock. at No. oH Ilirii.c n tlr ci. ee .n.4 d or iroin wary etraet. Immediate pottaaaioa ritea. MO TINSM1TB? -FOR BALK. A TIN. COI'Pr.P. AND I Short Iro* Nana'a .?, estaMi-' cd > ? , ttk a rrrtt rua af cnaton. lr*>m aliippii . In .if . . an ! . trnaicnt work. Ampla r*a < a a l<etd for iiUine it. ptly to S. w nrnoo'a eea?, No. It* H et.r, or et A. I" re,II W. ro 1. IT-IK Tnr MOST crXTRtl. Part ov I Brtadaay, * iff brink atora, larri callar. *Ith ito 'tj frame nhick mar b? nlnwl, M tkora it pl'iiff ?T1 'lad far do.n* M, lfr*|Oirod. To ai< f tri'Ubie. fie r?l ?l,< IV, y arti rl>. in adtanr*. Apflr At lit fiirih i' ?"?. rr p, -|?f Kiaoaath itntt. wlora > ?ib*I? gaatkiunu a jr ii?4 Itra ?ln 4 tow. ro LIT lit MOOK1.YN?WITH lifKIDIATK PM araaica. .?? tiladanuit parlor* *t nrtt floor, raarile, l,aak 1 .nrr aat, ?ni ?m I kmvli ) vl in a , an:, a -a i *i el l?, |iit t. twill i "r l lUbtl Dl!) I?f t (*ll?l flBllr. Uel'IK IimIH T I id f C aut, and bet In ?rioi toa- * ilk Irom Heath f* *rr. * at si.,-l?r?t?. Apylr m tha prair.inr, l>?aa treat, Kraal- i n. on* Lou at abort Smith atraat. I'O OA>l>ET HAKKXfl ?J. T. I'M* It CO.. INI'tiRr j art of Wiliaa a, tin. mjol.n atr at. bar to inform tht I ubat makira ttia> ar< Klliti tha t*ai aulnira irvia ; la ram ta < caata par pourd. iVtllliMmtK A > D 4KWKM KR- 'TOH flit "? Sale A it I o f. r*ot *jr i r i in ai-m > " il ta iaraal ii a ? I<m at**< a. 4 a raitr ?*taMI*' a i fc-.a . pltco, an Itpoftnattf la a(T rod that 1# ld?m ta ta mat itk. at tha rime hat a road ma of < ar.jiirf, and iha > n< roar* ? irt lata tka mnarfa. tar:o* kv.slnrr. To* far* I .or pan .m ain, aiflf at >11 Usiaoa. tiracr of Caatl 1 prat. I , ceRPuRATios soricRii LTOTICR T"1 CdkTlIN TO prvftr TlfFlit M J ~ ana.?Tha ardiaane t?r llemtltfl and ro*alatli.r I i nMir rarta tad tartmoa. rmldta that a'l llrenaoa ahall , , l?irta? ll.t la.-tdap afOabbar. la tarh j-ar. ranrwa1 .'a ratiaia to that lima, If ai piled fo' at a?i< ii tiiaa ta mi j bt amdatad tjr tha Mapit. V- 'iaa la ktrahy an a?. ahat r.m. ?la of lit* ana to koi-a natllo crtlt Bad ta ka puMia rartma*, , ill hr urarnf f t thlai IB-'r.koU'^a * A. Id. ? ? I , P. *., ?a k. adajr. Soptamh-r U ! > N??. 1 It ?>, Twadar. >?b. 3*1 ta aft ; 1I< dmidaTt I*..., WO kaSNk turuadar. l ;h, | VIoKlk>rida*. EHfe. Hl'U l.liOTl &ntuMar(jMM.W> ti I tot* to .a lit. hid. I.W ta 1,1'Vi Tuoadnr. *M. M1"' >* !.??* . , radBtadar, >drh, t.C. 0 I. I,*"; Thooadaj. iftiK LM ta AMHfc i ruloj. ijyhj In t 'f>. R'.taidtf. IT th, I l*?j j ( <WViJ, a, wo l" l. -v, liirw?i, ,vn?. "IV ?!. { Crdutt Uy.OoUl.r j. 1 <t N T' 7lTl.ur?fcj. U..l.?w N ' I ?+. *iM??,3d, >*t-u i? r,dtii, M?tn WA - , end Ay, Clh. 3.IHM Iftd t,jio*rd". Tim il-mPTO Ifttml t? l*lr p-iint-d ?n <?'li?id* 01 ?l * oortt, snrordlnK to liir; j ltd lie r?rtn bmncHto tho tw( ilU of Hroridw?r,?pp??ttt . M f"itjr IU1I. ttbtro Ibtr tt.'l bo l??p?o' <1. *nd tin "Id rrtitr tboibcd, tthlolt ?i" 'I then to pr. ?t d to tho rlftl lorobal, for fonottftl. Girt' t ?r? pftrln-ftlrrt/rt'tnof.U > Mr1/ t'1* ttr>< d' tlf 1 r' J-r lk-lp i- !?-fir* i rR>V?w. It f<. not Hvfnf rtntw Hnoftt < nf?*r til tul , tf -I l?ctot?r. Tho rtoiill'.ft of nil po-tnn ko~rin ot iOK i M'f *? ??fi?tl kn-i?rt ?.?*"? . nnd oth?r TthirW i .r? I ttln?p?rti?ti?>? r f ?fl'< !<? 'mm pint U pin ? v iikif , Urity, li din .-lod to op* foli.iti.ic o?'ru it fr??t tin r<M nor- -8to. I.?" Irtrt eort. trunk. at >p. ilfojr, ot othtt | dr* ?n Py out <>r tn rt km ? ?r n'bor onltosl* itli ?li?ll to 1??' ? d, I'Hvon. of twplojrd inptho r.fti linr 'jT i> mi i t?p- of stityt'1 n| trbftttoOOPT, fpi .0 flo-t i pltoo oitl.ln il'O 'iir or Now Vorl. I?r him, on-.o, ortftj tool ItOntporuri' n. ?P."H bo drmodn pot Ho tort olMiU t W I'ttjlpr of tPtaord rr ?: lo<l t?rry prrooft ?b"tX?ll o?l p: OT to Iff. i <iri" . < r n?.*M"t ot?T oo#i f fbiit ?W* ilkont brt; ohtlltunc it t. . ret r i yr- for nl iM fl'j.oth* 1 tolt. pr ttJn.'., nirjl 'Ot4 r.iltf ll 1 vioi u. o of .in# ontiuir-co," oni ?o'|orw tt * t** of coo- .to too de'lni*. >' be.rii-o tItnti -.moot r' 'nt rtt't nfTtort P.< . >- r i i #, .Ulitu.; to'rl inf r to iv..'t oi to Mil ft 1 - - t > ppt-l'o ?r I t> llp.-'t.i 0' *yt. > -.!.- 'n t to " ol tii, 1' <? ' v ?, , id ',tt I, t J t " il i / n i *1 ijt. ok t ?' ' 1 ti ' ' tl?Ut tKutlttoi' .fl'torw /" ,fc' h K?o.l fcoftf rt1r,i MO Tf *4 I *v P* '-K 1 . M. I- M ,' I lott aVOtrn't 1.11 t , . nt It1' ' "t d Mit< . ?? i, | . , ,4 I <t t" i 'a ijlfi -ml " .f- ?t. . if. tj -/T, u "it' i'" V t a bU. ?4 i>di, C'ftn; * .. ! ? ' RK H ESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 185 IMPORTANT TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ARRIVAL OF THE CANADA AT HALFAX. THREE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE* The Cuban Question in Sngland and France* Sailing of Troops from Spain for tlie West Indies* Kossuth Released and on His Way to America. RE8ULT OF THE PRUSSIAN TREATY. MOMENTOUS ASPECT OF GERMANIC AFFAIRS. INTERESTING FROM INDIA AND (UNA. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. Decline in the Cotton Market. Awful Steamboat Explosion on the Mississippi River. Reported Success of the Sierra Madre Revolution. LATER FROM SOUTH AMERICA. I THE WHIG CONVENTION IN MASSACHUSETTS. Item a f.oiu Every Section of th. American Continent, AFFAIRS i.\ thk oris worms. MY TFT Lf.a.YPH m>l* Till'. NOV* MOTH, flKW HRFNAWieK 1TI> MAIN LJSI'A 10 TOMTIAM), AND TIII M E BY TIIH BAlNi; MlllCli.lNTs' LINE TO NEW YORK. IIai i?'a?. N. 8., Scot. 30,1851. Tli" royal mall steamship Canada. Captain Shannon, frrm llrt-rpool. 20, arrived hope at 7 o'clock this lacialn;;. "UeC huA^jerraty oM throuth passenger*. The ct*.- hem England is devoid of interest. Koisiith Actually Itrlriiril. The Taris Pntrie, o* the 18th. f.t?*C9 that lvow h'.n irMrfJ. and lia<l reacted the Pardauel! Xtl'tmal a??ur?s the public that no thanks Tor hi. ttrn are due to the French dipk matiata, which had lately ! taken an unifier diy turn. The LofcJon Mnmr.i^ Chioui> ,'e ?f the IPth, eonlirina the report if KoMuth'a release, and says that he and hia cowf anions are safe i n board the Mississippi, and that she hail left the Parian lies on the 7th for America The French Republic. CUBAN AFFAIRS?THE REITS OF THE DEATH OF I.OPE.t A.NTi 1IIS COMPANIONS?THE POSITION OF FRANCE AMI KNOI.AND TOWARDS AMERICA AND M'AIN? DOWAGFR DUCHESS I'K MAII.LY 111 RNFD TO DEATH : ?T1IF. RECENT < ONNflUACY?LOUIS NATOLEON AND i THE MAI:BET HFi KSTBRS ? PRINC E DK JOINVILLK j AND THE PRESIDENCY, ETC. Th' lit De Fienee,Of Sept. 18 says, the news oftU* di atb < f l.oj i a aud bL companion* ha be- n receive 1 at ' the Hjanich embasy. The Mrsio?ri of the lOth, rays: u Di-pttctn * of Import- 1 arce were rcei-lvcd yesterday erasing from Madrid, at tlie MlAiidry or Fori <gn Attain. and inm"dUtelj afterwards SI. Parochc went to the Kly??c, where he was soou hU, ,1l .. ll.A flo.wlil. 1^1.. ?.U. .M.l T/a.1 Uam.A..I.. France and Fr:; l.ind luv decided on preventing u rupture between Spain and tbe United gluten, and of proKnin. t? the form t her valuable colony; but with the introduction of romr indispensable reform in the internal gncnimint of Cuba. The French tcamcr. with : despatches for Waahlngtca. wu tclcaia Uarra on the j ltth " The Jourre! Jti Drbtdt followed the ConitittHmnn'l. in the announcement that the French and EngU-h govern- 1 un cte ci ncuircd In addrvwin ; a communication on the . el/airs tf Cuba, to the goumni.'nl of the United Stater In X'ari* great ratiefcietion wan manlfeetei at the I maun, r In which the laying of the corner clone of the Central Market, by the Fret-id. ut p?**ed elf. ' ket women wore reeeivvd the o? at uioruing by the Frcsldent, at the Ely i-e. I The Fat is journal* continue tndUe.u** the can lida'.ure ; of the Friace dc JointiUc. The lopre -Ion gala* strength that tbe Frlnoe will come torward at the proper t!m?. i Pocumcnt- ri lled in the late arrest* in I'ad*. Implicate the Lindtn Cmtral Committee moat gravely; nciwith- i standing their avowals of eutirr iauocencc touching the ' lite conspiracy. The governs)* nt newspaper has hen -uapen lad for ; rne no nth and (lit editor lined, and sent, no d to an im- | pibocineut of blae month*. for nn article on the treat- I moot of foreigners by the French government. It I* reported tbat;morc than MX) foreign, r*. nearly 1 all Herman.* and Italian*. are already on the book* of the ' police, as being too danger, us for them to be permitted to r. uialn in Fari-*. Diinsdva is inc rearing lu the party oi orui-r. Another pioTiuelal Major bad le" n dJ-iniar<-d by th- ; fmUnt, A in at fr'glitlul a< i iil> nl had happened at theChv tfau 4# IfUtt. ha Hwyon. The I'orratf.-r l*uchr?? ilr MniUy, who w?a tkfrw on k *i?lt to her friend. the ut Rvcbif' cault. ?*.- acid' null/ burnt lo i death VpnlDt fAiuw ar Tttuuif roH ror.Tu men. Two w*r trar-p' rt? Witt to Mil from 0 kill a for Porto J Rlee. With troop*. t'rrmknlr Alfalri. inr TREAT*? A?ITTCIMTI:a M:*akiso I r 01" THE *OT.L?E?LI.W A".** JATIOX, AHI> Ut(A> j mo* or nmir #rATK?. It U thoogbt by well inf om 1 peraon*. thkt th<' In'it; , recently oirMi by I'm ' with th> Kln-dm of ' flnm-rcr. will lead to the braking up of the whote U?r- 1 man 7.ellT >tvin. Thr Au'trian p??-r? ?r? decidedly of the option that Pat aria. Saxony. *r l Wlrtr tuber*. will accede from the bnt uf. In the meantime. it I* r< n?r*tiy anticipate! itlt ttw BMW Tuftt will IbUuW tie example of Hanover. tot cob* nt to become frcr barb T -ra of the colbw tlw- Vnioti. hlriUlnburj ml Prunewh-k ml. otlll were. Oldenbur? and Pcbaumbur* will alao probably iccr.le totho prepo?al oiad- lb a to join thla K"*i-ib< nb ! a hit h Pt urate hka hetieX lai lb Item! the Cha:nbcr< were ?le d on the l*tb the IlnHar of the Interior J liti rini tl*r -pciwb <>n the oo- 1 tatloa TI " 11 -yvW-i.'-f paf?r. pnhtiahed kt llru wla, aty* it' UtmVurp crrroaooe-i.-it mi-iitlna a rcry rrtrr rom"f orient in that city. which rent* t;-cat Ul?|nietudo. tamely?lh?( tb? O'-ruikB Diet intend to ?tippr"?a th" nib) ei il- oc tf the throe free townr, II imhury. Brern-t mil lul-ee, mb I to Inoorriorwte thi-m In <th-r (li rman , ..-.<.1 ' * ? .! - ? I .1 I tn<?tira''d the rnm'-r mlfc r*-?Y?o, Tli? l?ndo? CAr>-> tVfc ><f Anjtiat If, ftm' b ? thU lian i b? ? ? LritmfrcaUaakburg rutrttetMV^anMy ?w i it tit Ult cl!j la eca ittrodi f a prrTallta* rwsr M t hit O* Wet ft I tinnft 't p nrp"'-* ?appr?* lag thu Inpe riMrt ff llatnturf, Li-'jpf, *u<! ?; ? ? lj *?? v- J t S th<m it tl ? Wit r flet m*n Statu. llambarn le tu fail > rxn *< . In all pfal afcUltf (V report I* uafotiaded. >t tih'i't.'p- iM V en mfrianetarat -C ?ai*tt*ii tfra- 1 iiaa.M 1h? Auatrtiu* Dyi??el>-. lAisiro ft b.i n>n j\K ur>Att?rtai^rtci >* UtT KONSY MARKET, F PC. Her nUn etiiWa frrm Yteaoa, (<Ai(?lU,tH ill ti* to filYf rt 'netraU* l&JiretVcn,. n garttlpfr tt?*ln*a, ifitl fbobtit rnt In tN4i ippll?Atl,? ?ifi?lrMtl ral H I't p apro a mt Thi * M9r<|>ti*V> at IM tt*eh,lk?? f?f taw vat w JWUBOO Ivan-Irttele, <H? .v vraMi warp mt far *?hl? Tke i i, iff Itt.l ii?*<t tit CltyOt anJ the( "ii * . i III 'i .? *:! r>? nj.f.tratl MtRI nt*>U , . I 'v j-at -* t;,?? L4Ci>?"f?t Wla4??* . % ERA] 1. or compel subscriptions, and one bouse bad drawn bills on London, for ?110,0(0, at the rate of eleven floriuthirt y-four. The Mine firm had becu selling gold largely. All other stock* were very heavy. Money on the best security, was In demand, at five per rent. Owing to excessive rains the grain market was still rising, and rye bad further advanced about 10 per cent. A change of weather was hoped for The Vienna advloos received in Paris state that the united houses of Messrs. Rothsehlld have subscribed thirty millions of florins to the Austrian loan, and that two other houses had taken ten millions, and twe Dutch bouses a similar amount. Important Movement In Switzerland. Accounts from Borne to August 1C, state that a meeting had been held at Chauxdefowles. to disc um the question whether it was not desirable to form a grand league of the people against the son reigns. The speeches were in Ire noli, and about 10,000 persons were present, and about 1,000 attended at a banquet. Italy. The FlorenceConstitutioiuU of the 12th, state- that Mr. Temple, the English minister at Naples, had been suddenly summoned ts London by the foreign office on matter* o! importance. Interesting from Turkey. HOSTILITIES BETIVLKN THE 81TII.IME POItTK AVD TIIB PASHA. The relations between the Porte ami the Pasha of Kgypt are assuming a decidedly hostile character. The Pasha has armed the forts on the coast for the purposs of resit ting any attack. India and China. COK?riRAC!ES ANIi EliVOLl HONS?VM.'.AOItS Pt.l NJiBItEt> ANP lit ENF.Ii, ETC.'. The overland mail reached London on the 19th of September. by express, with Calcutta adrices to Aug Tth TheNieeaabad afreed t?< dlx-harge the debt to the Indian govt rnmeut, paying forty lacs down, and giving 1 security for the remainder. No one of his provinces had j been occupied, and the etahnuut that they had been I whs unfounded. A c<.ntpiracy to effect the eeenpe of Moolraj lisd be?n discovered In Calcutta. It win reported that tic- arseuui hud been set onfire and the prisoners liberated in , the coiifu ion. Twenty villages arc-cnd Gftcilbiirgnh- had be.-n plundered and burnt by theivhll' l a!-o r i -red j that C;-lal) Singh's treot- lis- ' rteu by th pie, at a plsee some four day' a Cash Btuimfs dull at falcutie llion was gu'.uii;; ground ins i|0*ir.... Itrpci'ai tjc-of.- Would nitae no lmpref-ion Oil ie ri b- is. ,j meats of specie by the Pi ninsu'ar and Oriental .... spy's .'-tramer Indus,amount-' to A'ia'700. of which about AibfilCO Is in silver liars, and destined for llomb-ir, ! | Lai ut , hirgapore aod llong Kong Commercial Intelligence. Mom tiii Airams.--The British funds, during the wick, lid not exhibit much activity, the trau-a-tlajv being almost eBtlrely limited t<> consols, in which the UU1 lunuvun . -u ruiaj iuv mirxri wua fcrm, but not much buriner* *ai dmi-?. The j prici a far eontoia on thut day were K'i to 96',.. K*p >rt? ' by telegraph from London. on eh" 20th quit" W. to , tor mon.y. The general mtrkct f>r iti nieyc entile <1 dull, Foreign w?? particularly flat. Nothing bfcft-vir wai d'iogln American net >ft >i-an bal receded a:111 further, being on the li'th 26', t<> JO. lu tho talla ay hare market a bettor f.-eling < The Itauk of Kng'.atd bail U> clari J a dividend of tklM *ii<ia half per cent, fbr the half year The M returns bow an Ibcub-c of ?Wtfi>-i In th. bullion iu butU dopartiooftta. A t tb? l in Urajra*. on the 18th not W*a then .tit 000 ' frnr r?. of & per rent, vrci discount <b, but nltbout tu .re J than a Ii?o of IS. l ire." opened at 91 40. and elo- 1 at I 91.i0. Threes closed at 5t>.10 At thr Kovrtii, ? the l!)th. Ft>?* cold at 01 40. and ! Thre I * at 96. Coiro>.?The cotton market, at Liverpool, la rr? .rted ' aa eithcut animation. the trad* baring purt h*e?d sparingly during the latter port., n of lb? week endlnr on the liOth. and only fur their imm-dii. want*. IloM'ra had evinced mor* d! po?ili n to effect rales, and on th" ordicery .|iinlltl*s on<-ilgbth of a penny P?r po ind had been m.crded. Mi ldiinr aaatlticv ar klroa turn in ?,?. ' Tof i'( bvjiT* Tb? total mU ? of th? wvck w#r# 3*J,!(10 j l:J of which #p*< ulalor. t<? i. tf Anw.-au ll.i' i and exporter# 40 bait-#. Th? au h".H uotati >n# oj the SVtb wcie. forbowed. 4' .1; Mobil*, f d; anil '. W. lb* m.iiktrt cloned dull, en Iri>i*y with iale# of ; 6.(4.0 b?>#( f f which i s j- rti-rc took l.v t?> Kim* ami Ghai* ? In ImtadaMaffa lip#ro had be?a r;arerly way iwriationiu prima Curios tb' w##a. Taer# bad boon a mi.dt rately uctite dfa.n l f f wheat and fliur. bat Inytra rparatwd nryctoUi'iul}. Aa-ri-aa und Cum dim runt war ia ! aJwnud.1 W. pilui btan 1? w#ra a turn dearer. Indian com b*tajc t area. * oi Ntnijiifi mi ibc -pot wi r? thl. (iwr ,u?r'-r i'.p r. Am rican jtUcW ia gut ted at . mi and whi. . to US* 0d. Fan imOm ?Tli? njar'.et bar under* n* but trry Hill# chair# Tl "-r? w#? ratb.r nr re in , .ht I'r b? - m. and tb#Mttf;Wa ii' arlt #?htu t-d Mi 'Id n had rvlitl In d baw bad it"' ii'.| r t TMilUMCtkMl in j-rk w#r? only of a ratai rbr?r >r in h?*f, rxi(|it At tin-tir d I i*nA>. **!" ? t- I'Pljult to Pli-et tk?u ii ? l*l(# rtock of ail d< ?t!|' i i- in th- market The aupply'1 l? llfbt. tut tl -hIc during thf ' kluit If n tp#y liafht. i j'? (? !!;'-? m?' t a t*-ady aalf. and are % noted. Tie rbi) i pit pre f t oullur at# Tl'**. to ?l)a j#r cwt. Firkin M. a ?>ti. |-er lb Tbe j ui.ihet fi r larl wa.? quiet at !'. a IS Taiic ?i. fd i".: cwt. deal." with an act.t# <t#> and. N?iai Fiona ?Tar waa inaet'ee demand atd? toll#. In n ?tn ther# ia no rliaac# b ri". burp iriiie *?. fit in at prpTli'U- pi i<##. andth# waaniat h re lu-ed. On j ?la ?p? mi and lard oil lb#ri t b ?n n > ohan duriiiK the w?k. The rale.. hai' If nliniite-la r?'f# currt lit at the ratlins t f the Africa Pate ?'*l e iumarda Alii 0- < <>d Add V II.. . TV.. .. 1.. Laaa a. a ?! .. I.mia.. I I .* *< .1%/ . Ab? <i?auij- vbk-kwould wii readily f-t I*- to I.'/. t?l., io bos 4. M' -Tho d>mard f?f atijirla th? U?* b"? d*y? 1 h?? toiprorad. and prim a b??r l.- : *>;: ,rt 1. Tja?Tb* ttsnMc tl. u? in if? i.aTa 11?? iiuun-J. anl P?i<*? iia?* s downward ;?ai>t? M?l* *i> ?of Iriiilil i'l M"li > ? kit '> n a??l?" st ! ?: Anfuu,. a' 13* '.?l . atd It:. j- ! s*. n? jtanr* am - ' ly at VT?. m i.>r pof? ?b. ST . ?i t>* fx-arls. at wbirb rat?*? mini! b?tr tak-n plac?\ II s. ? Tltsr*- tn? fc??-B f'Bly ? ?n <1 4??ii?nl f. r <Hi?T;Ui?'ii bark, ?b<I i ll. -* b?n? -li,-. j J '4i?-J laofi.? lba di manJ f r ir^o hi) b> i> ?ary rri. a Lata V?-n r< > !/. but w.. li a <b I ?inr t'Od ue . fin. :i? Laf? bri-ti un?tr;.lj during iU? ?i-k.aud at i tla.- ci<v? wrre ( tv. t"??i baiir. an bIop tineVr I* worth la Ul. to 1? M ; iw>. la, M In 2? bl ; l li'k > rub, 1?. 41 to i?. M ; 1 12 '-. t plunk. CW to i'ls prr Iju tel.; b*ti??v a.1'4 to Ab'prr IX r. t. f'i:i ir Tliin: it n<? hi tMwnt adriort ft> ui India ba.i bad a dipr a t v .(T t up >o th<> Mabrb? MBttktt Tbr i mtti-'t. U'. a." ut ,t> uoiu Ckiua I bo?< v r. VHI r? rardad a* atlali'" I A lil tir rtnr.lT'il it Lit I >!? :U* Jit tlx- ?t?a?i*r J ?ay- that .? Man Y- v r U at< i Jy a (J pilc? a .tr.- unchai^ I MOM WiMiMlaUP, I'KI'I.KV AMI lo.'l CIH? ti' 'It, 1 bitrar v?t, F-pt. IP, l*uL . Tbm liM b< t bora .) mia b d'4ng la cott< n ,1.1* * * , M in tb# prtmd'ng car M-Uth-r ba< a fait ml regular C mand f"? id* to awraii tb u.-?t? 1 bale* dally, but ' l"r tJ.u a ar? li ln-V tile 11" tH? tn?Ja '.han t'> r*;.nrt and.tint 'n; r ? iLa fi nu?r. ind?--J !u i n,; pit* *n?? I ratb" r T'lir^.j at.4 catir- It in tb* <! faoMf ', ?hil< f<?. 'b'l-ni- bU (hi> Jatiy ptiri-haw- !j*Tr k?*a *oa?i4rtaWa ' aid tally tip< a * par a'tb th* r>prtatt"B? A yr-codiaf VfVr-'Uiit a ft fay* dm lay Ua U<t four r oih- hit'** j an<?*MI U> upaaija c4 at* y. With ! tl?ia t u?a? -?. tif,?n?nr. th? amfcot !?? b ft ?lf " nut-iota, and at tin ? fna,<*Vi" U' >1 -t'? juanUfy ftlil oIT?t'b? appearing to H? ampl* Am -if *o don: , li- > < har* tLrr-f( rt Kartri/ ti 'iaUtapl !-nl V-irleao? tk* tarn t.-Hy n th. tmr r "ft to<ial?i im tn ai.?4*tlt> ' * ' ,i,"t " 1 !<.?* a st,4*< h>?*r. p."'* J"''' '**}* Ifvbsl** r?n. 4? ? ;ft' " ??<* J'L aortt-rr. I'M .tiwlaa. W ' raneai.-? 7^' J* Wat tad:* it *?*???. '?-'"*? "? f-t IHn tnd ti,l7v bat" ih? >*?" to day. a-a *?at to i',twO p'p-piMtm**r |??IV- '*!?# t*di.y firt> '<tM tmlp- ?fal.ltU .?!? ' t??? ' 'At' tale* " <1 to* ttfili It * fir ' <?* r 1 ? r* ant, art ?*]. ? *r> aim?il ttif f l? *"* f' Itp'and*. iamI4 fry. 4%. aitM'I'll'C f*tr, f>\ M l"l?\ intltiiiTi; < , fcv 1 !- *%. HawOeteaaw, a till fciWOi"* , 1*1' !>V if* ?t ** iff i?> m." "*T '(!?? . ta, i '7. nil "" .: ? Ita'U* fu:/t ay >ft? ?'a? t*-t ?t 'i .it" aN?tt4>*)i at p'.'xg awutr Jt * *.* a ' ; L D. 9 PRICE TWO CENTS. y?i!|rrd*T The aale* reached TOO balm tad the prices were wed a attained at 'tuotatioiu. Sept. 18 ?The cotton market La more calm. u>l price* are rerj Arm. Sale* of ooO bale* New Or.nan* ham been effected at &8; IOC Mobile. TO; 8t> I'pUud .dia 80. Paaaengera per Mteamalilp Canada. Mr aadMra Kutlaa, Mr and Mra Smith, Mr, Mre and Miae Daridacn, Mr lil Mre Help. Mra and Maater OulciiSe, Mr and Mra Barsea, Mr aad Mr* Uilbcr and ohiU, Mr* Jaeheea and maid. Mr* Dr Jackaon, 3 children and nurae, Mr* Brew a, Mr* Cot*. Mtiara Eaetardon, Jack*, n, Bakac. Kaoaardea aad unut IianCtl ** !? Hilt?ilr I -- >? Ctbon, S|>ri*a. Hade. Blake, folly. Gray, f. erlis*. #rter ?i '' Irtend, Katie, T Perrin, Davie Bullin. Fefour. Duraud. Mall. , Harvey, Rivulet. Chipman, Linfbroth. keel, Simpaen, Phillip*, MrNieoU. Wilmencv. Johsioa, Kiohariaon. KicYhaan. 1 Etuntdy, Kedeia, Oil- cr, McNulty. Shipping lnt?lilK<iri(v. Bid for Bootun?Bept 17, Artuila, from the Clyd'. Art froin NVork?5?pi 11. Eho. at Hamburg; 17ti?, Adml1 'f1, #? J?****! I?4!1-Bir Hotit P'?l. oB Palmooth: Tlrge Mo1 ???'f p*?l; Oral, at do-, lath, Celt tree, at Livtrpool Iftk. I Banford, at do. Bid for NYork?Sept 17 Suwannee. from Bordeaux; Parte. 1 and Era. from do: Peter Uattrlck iron Antwerp; Marfan* EvanA from PurtamontS, Montemma. Meridian, and Jama* Seamitli, from Liverpool; lHh, Robert Kelly Jeeeioa. and Pnaooton.lrom do; Oaodam. treat OraetHod. 1Mb Kappv1 bannock, trom Liverpool. Arrfrom Fhllndelphla-Sepi 11 Shermaa Ueaia, oS Oaeoata; town. * Sid for Philadelphla-Bcpt 17, City 01 (read | livtrpool. Arr from NOrleana?Sept M. Carrtek. and W? Jar via. a* Liverpool. Bid for NOrleana?8?pt 17, J otephua, tr-.a LirtrpvoL. Uth. Jemea Corner, from do. At Anjier Jane SI. Ana Chariot e, Ire? Cuba, i Bid from Manila May 23. Gi-ntoo, fir Boa'.on. i -n; I. Aaan ' Maria, for NYork. Arr at Bataeia June 111, Car.hai?r. B .iton. 31* June lb Dolphin, NYork. 1 fid from l'man* July 31, Sterling Unit u. TheAgnee, from Bremen tor -NYork. *?e o.l O at ioae Bert 21. The Bmmerhaven, from Bremon lor N Or l oa n, ^aa >dt Dun*eneea Sept LI. The l?nlalaaa. fr< m Bremen for NOrl ana. aad l>r< in. -rote do fur Baltimore. Sept II. The Sliannon. from Ncwcaatla for Philadelphia, oB Dirt* Sap?. 1". Snip South Carolina, for S York, or" Daagentaa Bept Ml AFPMHS I> TI1K MOW ? OKl.D, Burt ma nf the Sierra Mailr? Ilrvolutdmae. hi* OiLrin, .Vp'? Id, 1UI T!i? ateamor Yacht from Oalvoio.i tin* arrived at th* South W< at I'M, nltli d-opa'cho* ax-.n'iiicur* that th* revrlutiou in Si. rra Mairr had proved en*.lr ly aanc?? eful lilt).01 taut from ranMla-ltrtlfnatlen nf Iha t ni mitlim Cabinet, rU Toromo, B*pt. ?, IWI ttu Comuil -loner of Orc>wn land1, ha^e rei-gnwi 'Juk office* and rents in the cabiaat. It l.a* not yot traa*> l>inj * lo t her the resignations nr? a- osyttrl TIh ?bolt cabinet is t-Kfect-d to re igo The S]mnlkl) Consul ni::l (lie Mhjr??e m New Urltnnj. Bini)'''tr ffeyt ember to, IttM lly to u>itlit'- roulheru um ! t? i nri that ths Mayer of New Orleans denies (hat hu adrlnej the 8}>*ni.<h Coaaiul to 1' arc the c'.ty lie rajs he toll hiui there was oH the least darker in remaining The Latctl rrotii ttuda I V. FLECtlON OF MA.KM: WK)<J ttTMAX?I HI I! >f'NI>A*T t (iM.UlSaiO.N? JIIUICIAh TUOt iii.t.3?l?EarM tW FIVE ?:l.N I.V llllK&r, I TC. Ixci rCMit. 5t?.. Mo, September 28, ISilTic diiiU from bi.utu IV an in J b-r last uighi, ? ei ir; oh J by ft *( ml Bo u?bct; of the lloumiary ().?*midon. hearing d< patches for th- Secret try of Um Interior. Mejcr \\'i igblmun i* certainly Uct -U delegate ta VomfTl *. Much tr ublo eulats in the eourta lr-1-au.-e lha jalfO differ widely in construing the l?we and the t? wyeet rwtu-e lohting .wi's until unamiully i.> ins,Ured V is of Colonel Sunnier'* men died of thirst t> faro r> ncliiiig I unri. tud the hrwr a. re C" i.tautiy String ; out. | It 1? nirocfM that the Navajo Ind'uts have tdsaWvf no cto|e. aod iuti'O'l aiakka.; their rtroij hold in the mountains. Dllll **lt!l R (1<UI||N l>IIUl'< CmiiLMrtt, Sept i)0,1*1 A diu-1 *?? f' U^ht on Saturday. bflwm klr .">aiyU?, ail H/wocfntw nliiur ot lb" -lufi .fa Cent' .'iucimhWH, lit l>r IN tun- of Av.uila. *1 Menu*, p C. Th? ciiim ?( the dm I war an article iu,;nil lNx-tor," in the ChiaaaMh a.V S?nti, oil- u*iva to Prnyth. of which Tbomaa aroweA Itlan.'clf to bo the author I pon thu ti.ird fire the haA parted thriifh Poiytli'a rt"bt thi^h nnd nearly through IN-left, but tbi- wound U not ronrider.-d mortal. Ho reached Ati.-u-ta on buuday night and ia doing ? *. Tin mm *a< not touched Another Awlal Mrnmitont Ktpiailon and l.o?? or Life. Ni ? Utuase, September 27, KM. The boiler of the aieaiuboat KrilUant jutch^ e?piotlid, mar Hayou Para. dittrojlng the caoi'U uA upper work*. Man) lJTi" were toat but the numbrr and >iamoa am aa yet unknown. Out of eighty deck hand' and firemen, only tw?ntytr. w< |e louiid i Iter the < xpl>Minn. The Unil.ani ? ? bound troin h'rw Orlean* to U.yoo Pain * t.ui jHin ilcr lCapIoolon at Norfolk. Nrtni ?i k, September utl, P taa gunpowder, ator. d in Oarrp'a China atore, o?plodi 4 hot nhht ami daintgei Mr. Uarry'e atoeh to tho rnhnt of AM. Murine on Uk? OnUHo. Toeoiro, Prpt it, let I. On ?aturilay night. a* th at?ara>-r Ottawa; waa frin^ lo Kin"*'*! ?lif -tm-k th<-Itriniloer anil inmodiatitp (link 1 < rtunaU ; no ill*-* wri> loot I t ui. kt. tli m am-r Onurlo ran d ?r? a fin :* l\ .iy?to?? hmb-T. iim :Ur- ? mi n w*r* drr.w^.j 'l'I.e Otuttrt Yallrjr lUllraad. KihiiiIIK. Srfl W. IM Tt<* n< in !?? r ol tho city of lloobi ?tof ?uV^nlrit trot OCt tew krila tl>. liooN \ alio/ ltailroad, baa ivMlttt a* r llow? ? For tbi road tM Again* It ?t Total rol* '.Mt Tw > Hi f %J! tb? Tot*- rart w. r?- rriufafti* l?carry ibr maaaorr. an<l it waarartlwd lijr a maturity of aO na Hal (iv r tlif-li bil l*. TV ri uit o.Turdn {?i?i MmUrlbn ?ti I nuiin n ;t? boirltt- arr Ilia-inj t.. atta.t IM teMTalJt y. Drraliallon of a HallrooH Ciwlraatar. I,. ?'-i .?. trftmW ft )W Ala la A Finn* oiiraitoi ef tin. >1". higaa ml ii?w Allien; Hiitlrn-tA. tui ?>.-oa4? l Lr ring err rlrawn lata* awat tl te.OOO ami o'a'inj <Ki> In lab1 Hnllrontl (lp nlng Crtthfallaa, T i t* ii r... Bojit ??, IW Tha i/harlr? Con) Pailrood ?*> oornod on .lator lar? an 1 a jctt-.nil < . ..-bralli n to <k plnr ?n 'ha o- caalao. Tb- eew.any o?f>?l?t. d j'.-lnulp ly <f ritl-an.?<if !fon Ytrk. >ir of rhaA.w 1-rt TV W la Tooill*.ut i f tho r'al. In* Sra i i'? CO-' aat lb an- 11' w praparw-l t.i 4> live-- lOton* of r .W por day. nif bare laaAm I Mr V-lli-alh * dtna-w a? tbe Ab* aoagahrla. tfeday. ?Juoh b? Jw* aocpt"*The anaarai of tbr ?f -MrjpMan lilt Ml tfi At' rmui 1'irwt, 8afl' N, 'bit. THa jtm! y>?ro1> t lb" ff* Ma*** tiih pfeoa t? day, ,B < ODii?ct' ' wlih Ibaro-bitarmant of the r*<naioa af itt.ehi n it'rari. Th n ?*> l* itto In tba iohmwi.i, wh h tiff wrioil a ina "l* I aria. j/i *;* ftitoriify b.'*l a rr? id Mitral at lb* Vr-Vai i :i* I Hail t t iTar'.y lOW a-rn at tha *! > fit,; n.n* iv-oh-. ai4 srn!tm.>nt* warw ,'.tyi *, I v' . ri rota h i uilria.ity and %i ,w|ta at lHltrr*1lr| from Nonlh tnriira. r (frill \? *n w m '.nim,?nivrwufro i-i? tr* t.atoi iioxi ti cmJUUtoiM. tiratn*, Ytv. "I (ft Aopt Mil ' * ' ' "l "T" o w w mi vt tumuli, a?.? ' r" T -1 WT ? ?. . i>m?ca. ?b'<l| or .r?4>M. aniM|k U1M1, ho- ^r inrp. 'tki> mtftrtm ?< ut>?i4i? ?o-, tt?*n 1 t(w r imH lUTtr. w, knO' Clonic* u |n?o.cTH.'4 Ow I v?* " **?*>'* {? ^<n? r?i atk aid in t V N w Tm tfc?m i?>. **? <?>* lar?4i*R (of*, I >c->i4in{ MG aw? ?o * ? ' 4 Trr w<th Ooui.u I* tU'-vl 0? (?% . < ?t ' ft#, lv ludlmc 1.1(0 Co?r> r(%r? PtV''**< (liiwi, *hl Ih-ir T ?' httM? o? 4 U?o inlitoo-i and >?fc 'Ok* 0a?> ? *?!?. -k? < ? d" v #1 #l motrf " 1' nil i-)nr4 ?? l*o ? *(?> ?A| 14'' ft r'W " *i? ... a on Moatrn ?o M ?*? hw ? ?? " art r .T ? * ? W>? Ol l?"l > f H'?0O I l ?r.,fW? 1 I | fi i. * ifc ? ?tk # i

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