Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1854, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1854 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 6620. MORNING EDITION-TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. fOUfZOAI ZVfBUMaVOA CITY POLITICS. Fernando Wood Jiominated for Mayor by the Soft Shells. flare-op ?n (he Hard kh?H mayoralty tine vcathi* TBAITORS DETH'IKD IN TBE C IMP. I1HM STAND 01 THE ADAMANTINES. WHI ft JFDICl lltf ITonilATIOIg. CA'l FDfl A JOHN N. GtNIN MEEPNG, &0., Ac.. *C. LNDEi'hMiEKT CANDID 1TE FOR MAYOR. iho following iniiiifekto was p ?te& on ae wall* of 11).* ci!y vt-ierJay:? >*Z>,V. JtDIWT CANDIDATE VOR MAYOR. JO l]> N t>?vl? CI'lions wl.o believe ?f>a' Id *)'ig*aee encsr m. lu tegr: fj trv'loc rari-e in *.? ri, .IrD" * piriii-a real ?><? pollli oi u? tori*'y In tLe ehl-f "-a?l?tr?te ?'this Rita". i-mcrcKl m<-lropoli?. are 'it ted 'o at 000 iHiiAuwir. TBIS EVENING. ("ir-idaO ?>ct 10 at 7 o'elocV. forth* purpcoof nmuibatlng J "hi * (lonla for Major, ano ta'.ic - kitkko.oi to kiu'Ii fcise'ao'ioa Clcau aticU. abolition of primary ekcttons, and p ?rity in '.L-e city governinnnt are 'b" principle! of the Goals party. This la the season of ctaWatea Amid ?o many nominated by the regular parties a stuia > era did*to slauds acme chance of g-tttog a fo ir votes?end, perhaps, being elccUJ. Wocto are the Koo' Nothings V HARD SHELL MAYOR ALTY CONVENTION. raaTOimo mrn's general committee?fernando WOOD NOMINATED FOR MAVO-< ?a DIVISION IN THE OaMF IN CONSEQUENCE?l BK aNTI-WUOD DII.E DATES EKYO .T AND H<H.D ANOTHER CONVENTION, BIT HAVE NO NOMINATION?1IIKY ADJOURN TILL THUKEUAY. The D rv Shell Mayoralty C'-nvsoM b wae held last r!sht at May ve*aat Tnftifute. ???- p-ooecded to a tempo :ary ere-ciiation about. liil" pas' eere i o'clock. There wore three dtk-gr.trs from eaoh w?rd, mating the total attenlance eizH->ix It wes expected from tie com mease not th*t there would be otn.idernble excitement, hut we beUere few, If any, an t trlpatid that it would terminate in a sec eg don. The eoftp, it was rumored, were '.ber? in l*rpn numbers, with the view el" wearing the ncmina'ioD of Fernindo Wood, and, as tho result provtd, tney succeeded In their object Whi'othe convention w?s in session the Democratic Young Yen's General Crmmlttoo were holding a meeting ir amther room, a report of which wa? a*nt in to the I*re$idec<t of tbe convention ?nd ordered on fi'e Thia d cumcnt is cmbcckd in the folio .ring report of the pro&ehcga. Tbe convention was organized temp?rsr'ly by the ap pointment of Inanml 0 Pan e* President, George H C'arte find John Caffrcy officiatirg ae lecntarics. The f ilowiig communication vtsrecthed and .aid on the table for the present:? _ hiv York Oct. P. 18.M Dear Mr: -1 air. directed ly ?lo l-, mucra-ic Republican Goticral I'Mnmlctee to sobmi'. to you, for ihr Ma 'oralty Convetllcti the fullowinr rroorodUge w'-ich hive rcoclved vtii-uasaimer.* approval of <?[ i cvminltttr: - IV! O'Str, 'iheri eio r?li?li'e throughout tho city that three is a rcortt. o'piiii-.-*tio... oomoo.ed nf >oral am ere sdi nc tint IS'Ioncl <ii-mi-cr?ts. hiTir-g fcr Its object -.1 uaaa'b.'Al c l'litlon Lytwee< tho neti'.nal doiuoortcy tad 7. it ?'v,v; "y"11. Otiwsei tnr, nn,\-.?ai domooracy and the eok. shc'i of tho admin ?trntton,.>r. lie candidates fur c. naty offers tc be e eotcu at the ensuing election ?therefore. * Retolred, TLst the Pem?c>a<io Rennl.iloaa General -f owroltiee, as a toey, ano ladleidRally. v 111 exo-t their HUoD for any office to bo Klieo by the p*oplo nt tbe comlnr eluetion (.atptorod Soot 20, irft ] s And. aiic, the enoloied ro-oln-i .na, ad' ptod at the meet eg holt at Stujvc. ant Ictt'.tu'e on tbe Cth lost?mt Be iil J . ?? speotfnily eubsaitted ? h UarT, Chairman. AicthOi*v T. GAnr-AOHUR, Secretary. ijio following are the resolutions of the meeting re ferred (?!n th? foragclng:? At a rtgaltr maotiDg ofvbe Na'irnal 1 emoctlie Rapuh ticac Oeutrnl Comsitlco <-f the city and o< naty of Now Vork, held at the Steyverant Icstitote. o Thursday even irg Oetotfr 5 1K>4 tb-i fello?iig r-?fl' u'le d, offered by ^Jtcx B 8weeny, E?q., w?? uaaeli*. oil* adopted:? Si sol ,ed, That tbe Natioaal Damoeratio RepubUsaa Getcral Commitiee wl 1 not cuppoit, at 'boannular alec ti<>a Iff ItlolitK who dee* sot, in ae'epting hU Romtoa* 'ion pled re Limsclf to th? ?urpor?- of tb?- peioeiples of tht ? comocratte party, as em tooled la the 'evolutions adopt ad T>y tbe 5'ati ocn -CDtioa at oyraoue* en the Itth of July. '.- VI. and pledge hla teppott t. the Domi-.eea of that eon vintion; or wbo shall jem-gnir# any po itlcal organizatiea NtopoMd tc the national demociatk par*y "Whereas. The acts of repfr tentative* .hou'd in ell cases le made hcowa atd not hid f em their e.-Dett'uenti, and -in or ? er that the latter may be nbt* to Judge who are and * ho sre act truo and faith al ssrvat t? therefore loic-lred, Tha> it it tho opisi-m of thi? General Comscltte* tfut all JVcmociatlo Cunveatli.tis mgbt to vote for raodi date* by taming then, insiead ?f on# vice it air actions under the corecy of tho ba lo* that oa-r-d right being in tended fortbo poot#e?1oh of the lud videal nettle n-pro ort'iliTO TIMOt'UV DaLY, Cnairman, pro. tun, AllTISCitV T. OAI.LACJUtll J Williak B. XtiPLRv, Jskcretaile* Mr. Jobs S Esi.kins prcsentet the foCowiag reeola ti.'us: Betclyed, That this committee recognize* t>? Katlontl Temoeratie RrpnMlcan State Ganra tioa whleh a-t-mbied at Syraiosc on the 12th o July last, at the on y rognlar De noerntio Eepnbllesn Stat* Coarontloa for tee <#ar 1S6I and -will sr.ppcrt the rtate ticket nominated by that oonvaatien beaded "Greene C. Br neon for i-oeern -r," as ibc roan nr Democrat n -tate ticket ea-.itled to be supported at the en suing fall election. Nose.ier, That this oonveition reeogntoes and supports tbe Naticrai Democratic Republican Uccral Commit ee <rt which Richard Bohell is chairman, a* tt.ere^alar Demo ocratlc i-epnbUcan General Comml tee of tbl, count/, f.r tbe yacr lt-irl. Kcrolvod That, as this c-<rvontioo is th?Jndge of the ell yibtlity <?'it* own ma nb-rs it h*r?ly declares that na per too la eliTible to bo roenfoizrd as a member thereof. n?leas Uc is n na'Wmal democrat, recogmtlne nod s-.inpor Ing tb* Stat* ticket. Loaded Green* C. Brons n for Gorernor, and ?tbe NaU. nc.l Cemocratie nepnnlienn General Conmitto* of this connry. of wbloh Richard beboll. Esq.. is obairman, and ti nt the temporal/ s*c<ate-ies. baioro computing their pull of members arebaroo/ dl cctod to bere po- licly In veatigaio each person el?lmiac a seat In tais convention, as io tbclr supporting said State commit roe. with a tIsw I-, tbe proper permanent orftntsntion oftbis coavnntlon. Mr hAfai.'NS ma'.,- a fo*r cruf remark* in euufx rt of his irsoluti -,Xo, le the course of srhich ho 1st mated that Tds-asay Ilall had i'S wire pu'le'a aid its minions in the attention T ho Lira lies- of tho Custom Ooose had cc-its with tho v'ew of olstractl'ig I'd proceedings, tnd he warred the coafciition o oowarr of them They sad co aero buun-ts in this boty tu*n they would t-avo at tie Whig Ccavcatioc in tte Broadway Ho-ire .Mr, J/Mrs K Coo lev sai-5 th t hr u?d always stool "a.v.n the caller al t-latfnrm and he did not know wucthrr the contrniion was tacked vith tha?e man or aiot; hut, for himself, he could sat 'hot he had cocua t> tor'Otcr.1 tie intcrfsts cf th* Hftoenth ararf, and h? iutccuad to do co with fearlessness Ho Ci neluded by moving to lay the resolutions upon the ta'-lo. HtAAClV Ciaeki! ngt-tied that there shot:Id bo any encitoscrut at this early s*ag(- of the mooting. He hud no political aspirations to.ubsxrvo, ltd if tbu conven tion w> -.- tc jg'ut b/pTOinl3?e of movoy. Cas'.om t-onso patiocrgc, cr offices, he was not awcro of it. Ho earns to th* ccLVkLtlcn from tho Eighteenth ward, urb<M*ed, aid cid lci hncw Mr. Wo.vt pewonal'y, bet he t-new that he had been " msmbcr <-f an o'ganl/ation wnlch had ai rays U'tcily tppcaod till Ltayve*aot Instttuto organi sation. Br. Jf.o'AH Benin; ts^ hoped that the eonvontton wr.u'd net Itself to bo pros'itoted hy mltleg.ap with its proceedings any l*saa> on th* question of sure rv. Can we net. said he, proscrre our little bead free from sty vi*? adJrc:-rcs 'o popular prejediets, like those that bavo been made b? Itc nbUs Mr. Cooirt said he woe a national democrat, and he did not flat any one had the a'.ightost suspicion that be would vo'e 'or Gorernor -eyaouc tier pudia led th# ctarrro end sxpiessod his dotermtoatiim to vote ft t any p ed man, es he was p'edged to i?o in IriduaL Mr- iDax:? said that he had b*en one of Mr. Co vle/'s strew sepprftc/s; he had tailed 'ho fnuds whlah sect, red hiatlscUrn, and lie Lao caused 'ho clroulatioa of 60.000 eiiculart for tho came purpose: jet, when ho presented him e bill for |2i0 te defray a portion of the sipojuwf! Ue'dishotOTej It "lie hoped tlie resoluibns would to paaeod ... ., . Mr. Too"*? thsnbel tho gentleman for wha'ever kind ?errlcee Ur U?d performed for him bo' conM aot le-.rn Uiat he ?vec eollec'td a cent. If he had b-rn misinform cd, however, ie rrfaru 'o uls course, M ZrgftlW lh? motion to 1?y the r?*oiuti< na on 'be 'abl- wss 1 Nit by avote of ih'rty iour najs to twenty six vets. Tho tcvolntlon* were ihot. vctrdou separn'cly and all adopt ei' unanimously, with tho cxcep'inn of the flr*t which ti-ocirod cm negattro Tho tamo of tho person who toted against It was Ge"rgo White and it. aauoanc *?tt wss followed by oii?s of ' put him oat " He was |orinittcd to remain. The following eommon!e<'lnn was recet'ed from 1 he Trurg Men's National Democratic Club, atd ordo ed on flir:?? At a mset'og of th# Truer Man's National DsmcrraMo V.epuLlleaa Goaoral room'.ltnn hr.ld a* nuycsant fo?'l tr,fe on Monday, Oet.P. l"8i. Mr B. B Har' in th* chile, It wts, r.t tn< tlr.n onanimoi.Oy Pesolvod That this eomml'tae on S?v*e and cor firm, and s<: ?I t a resoletlon of tb* n aii-?a Raoubll tar Psmocr.tio'fr pa***d at tlsir las' leartlng. a- f .ll.w, :? hrsolved, That the National DemnrraUs neruMir n ?Co rrral CommJltce will not support, at thssasulag ele. tion, nj m wt?4 d?<?6 bot. fu ?oc> p'iag hi* tun, p tcirt t ?lie ?ut>p rt ? f the pr'uoipl^i of the d? in j ortv i> tquhoot*. it* the retolu i d? 44 p*#4 h/the ht?tt 4 o? itbUo* 4t b>racu??' cr b-* 12 U of luly, lw*f a*.' r ?dk? hi* ?cpp rt t? t ?e M**ml?4e? eon *4 ti?o who -h?!i ree ?<.??* or ? i toil "t *t?t n op |o*4'' t?? ti?o o? i??ottl uom cr?tu pifiy Oi notion *r Mr. I Avir>Cf, hestlTe** That ? too u* i?i tuuoH of tH* prtco?4tag? of this committee he truinin't cA to tht M?vortU> '?'?oven tioo, row io M>*#i .n **.1 Lftvr**-", Kohertt. ?fi?0*utt, b? ? ppirtcO ? cocn>( 'eo t? cvrrrout *hii f*-' nti ?*?. ti 8 lfrtttf Vlcil'kurnau. i Tf> f-)l<i>iDg fct'or rem #? U. " w*sd, .loe'iclJg to pfrn>i as a ea' ni^nto fur u;or. was kl<? re.tift i, sad : naoiea on file:? New Vim, Oet !>,'8V4 Ll AR 6:? - I oJirdt'ttiar tba' ill* ..artiiility of 'rltai! li?f suifirtrd i'f rjj ukiui **b c*' "i ???? '??'ore tin iMpc.ritic ReraM'ote> I'onTii*' .n. at stu-re cant Institute, to b* b<-H t*'? *ct>ttiK, ! rrqt>? ?t tb?t J-u ; ?i'l plrar. ?rnoo're ?btt t am ?r ? ? e?i-dl*a'e f?r t*a Donrnitiop of klajor darias the present rt?iu R-.p*r t fully .orr'.Ac. Wkl. U T ' l? o. I T? the Chairman c'the t t>nio r t'c bepubli>?a Bays'Slty I Cor y??t uo. at 8i!?? le-snt li.ttitul*. 1 I bo rouvnU 'i h it w?c? it o n o eeU?n of offle.'rs i for ?bc permanent o g?rif-ti"o of too crv.?-..oc, ! utiih teauKio i 'ho eie rt.u?o of James II Couley u ' Pr.Kdett aod cf thtiiBiD* S*c't??il?i>. A n ot:.?!> iumi o 'but 'ho ciiDToolioa go (uto a bal I lot for c- adulate !?? Mif' t Boumr b i iA?Kt "flftrtd on ao an etidwrt to h'a thatttdiol la c-l'i-d ate t'awi each oiegatu oaotU aan.i ' to c wn oantil a'o Ptmilic tboee, au> tbtr tc t!o" W*- r>aie for sdjvura n? nt, whien ' aa 1 ei T'? ?.Lit.. o ot cm w?h airmen, d of M' CI..**, th-:i (> t, but a? flora tia-a o V'>t of t'.irt/ to thift., to ch fr ua ill# liiitclto l)*>* c? 'ho d. *K.tir ??&* U..' N ca ah-OL doiirg tha TO'ing ntoio n .t h(? ju tu o, aud ro <!'i?ue liovo to r-ro-o his v to ?-iiito ?a? h"?e ?r Tt'rrod ho qu-'tfs *as .uttoinc tg ic, aud CtciJcd in tho ?eg?*i?e f PTpral n otio^n for aojorrt la* nt wci' c.oar "Jad*, k d ti i lioct aiicram. and tt.e Ci vl who b'-wt I y ? nou a mal tltucool qaiHtU'M tor iff rc.?;irr r.? to loot t.\.? t<? ... .. I>rno th?' :t was a center t ot. if Ktow N'ntblug.t lontaad of haul riul's A nowtn n wai cow 'dopted in fan.r of arv'oijtin^ t'.ll f? and the Chair selected .Wests tSa ideii dl Jnhaaa't Willis n ? Ih* c ntoDtJon croooede' imm o<*fc'y a'ta* tUtli tp pointni) of to lis' or, with in fcllowtog result:? Augusto* choll.. 4 Jsn ea d l.'bht...., IT Foinnrdo Wo d 33 Joesttar 1 Trctter 1 E. K Collins ? bi C Wadrsll I E ? Jaibsco ( James Lea I Total 61 Viijoil'y for Woo.1 .. S As roon it the President aonour ced tho rar ilt of tha ha lot tho preaust c i>fu?l.o *t>au.d* .aid 'hit tea contention Lad t'e.-n pa d1 so, wLila other eaciaimad that v oc d rs-tes worn on' ir. on-rr. In the niffct o' tho ?s.-l r mrnt ona'nr Barb aroia and ar dies-cd th? coltc. ti"n:?Mr. v n d dou't bet ng to this orgsbtSAtinn, a d the T.-tea abieti have bueo c??t for tun are, therefore out in or., nr in tcis Cinviu tiM a Vorc*?Mr. T^irr has no sight to dictate tons who ?e shall tot* 'or. Mr. wets, from tho Siit-onth ?'&r.l. hoped that evirjnan there ops ini t pride ul cough to vote for ary r?T.(itdate ho p'care Mr. Baiik asse> t?.t tort i o mi a in that wveotina litl a light to voto for sn indi'idual wio was a meoi'o-r ol ano'lier < rgantzatinn He wount, tteroloie rat o a p. at 11 order Oi th* quest on 'Iho t.i.tiR Ctcidea Uitl tte join", of eider wa? not we 1 Islm Mr Hart ssid that Wood was at gresaut obsiruan of the C' netti Cdnim t:ea of 'TVn in-n? 'at and tbo re'es of tl.i- cnTH'ion disiioatly c-c * otthit io p-rmn was et tited to a vote tu it who ci i not belong to toe ortraal 2St ( D Mr IJatrips reth-ratod th? cb*r:e (fcat th? cinrootina wa? uidrr'he cont'd of tfcc ( OHt'.itn H?u e todc*U-d upon the h?r eboll dolcgatss opp-i-oi) to ktr Wood to withira* iiom the reom, tno hu.a a convtntion in the one ?? joining '.his ueitutior wa? ceirod -ilhtha tr.o?t echuslii' t c ot ce'it g by the aoti-Woc.i m*n who rushen ioto the otter to'm in u innaitaona at ter. is it eager to 4r li e jireeitica of thel' former i?t?ocl*tcs After the so ccsion, tbeWo*d<"o?>ventiec adjonrced When order wps rtS'Orid HE'tjr the hPOe'ers, lhay aleot d Lrnunuel it. Ha<t to prist a o e* th*tr praned ii gs, ard Uorsca (' C'aitc - no Jamat P I tire, to ait a* PMif'oiit*. By thie t.itnf th* oth^r r?'3? was vacant and h*j retnrnrd aad at oacc proue'icd to b.i lii?s?. Tbo roil aas railed, ar d the p act ol 'he mliti?f Ct s g?t?a eupp'lcd ly others appoiitet o> the cn ir.aet Afccnt forty dolegstea ?ero new p aret*, acd tcuso pro oti dea to an in)o:mol ballot for Mayor, eith tr.e follow it K result:? Atgv.gtcs Sche'.l 6 J.mea h. Llbby 21 Bora-a F. Clarko 4 .ic-ra baa I Trotter. 3 T. h. Lee 1 J. It. Bripgi. 2 After tho enactiBoatnent of tho shore infrrmal ballot, tho conventica sojourned till lhursday evening. THE SOFT SHELL CONVENTION' AT TAM MANY. NOMINATION FCS MA\ OS. At a mwtlrg of tha dolrga'ea of tta M?jor*It? Cctren ticn, hrW ot Tommany UeU lest evening, C P. Johnson wascboecn Ump.-r iv chairman and H. Patterson and J It /tears secretaries. On motion that aeomvitt a of fivo bo appointed to nominate permanent officer! fur the convention, the fol lowing gentlemen wore electe d :? Cbaiimsa? Benjaab- Fairebild. hccrctailee?O. Patterson and J. A Stc-rs. Tho convention then proceeded to nominate a Major, and the following was tha result I Wood 40 vote A John It. Brim IS " B. Kelly. 4 " ? Tu-'boefer - I " ( liver f hixlock 1 " On motion, i1 was then r col re 1 that the convection proceed in a body to the >eel<-euei of the nominee to in loim him of his nomination Hot ohet Tbat a committee of one from each ward ba appointed to lOLfer wl h a sio-il?r committee from tbo Ceunty and Judiciary oor.vex.ti.--na, to r?.U * ratification me-tlng, to icipood to the ccuiiuation of tbo county of ficers The following gentlemen were then appointed:?let ward, Thomas Burns; 2d Wm > ice/; 3d. Cher. Fletcher; 4th, Jo.roll Rose; 6tn, W. U Beier: 6tn. John Q>U"i?: Ttli, J. C. Clo-cr; 6tb, John nets; hth, 8ol Bacta; loth, A. Reed; 11th. J R. S-teere; 12'0, 'Ocmai Vie oh; I8'h, P. B. Pecks; 14th, JanNsemitb; ICth D W N or' i?; Kltb, C. L Jobm-eu; 17th, J N beeves 13th J tforphy; tOth. D. Mcr'art.'; it'll, Wm Muriai; ilat, C N Campbell 22;\ B. P rai'cbUd It wsa'the n R> sop-el. That the prosf-edlng* ?f tbe Con vention be pub' in the Ueiuiji Pay Boo!;, Ectning Pott. Sunday Atla*. and ten (if-man papers. The Ctnvcntion then adjourned WHIG JUDICIARY CONVENTION. NOMINATIONS FOB RECORDER. OITT JCOOC, DIS TRICT ATTORN It T ANN SlTRtiOOATB. The Whig Judiciary Cot ventioa was heid at the Broad way Bonsa last night, to com'natc candidates for the offices of Beeer cr, City Judge, Ihstrlct attorney and Surrogate There waa a fuJ attendance of driegitea present at the opening of the convent! ,n, and Wm. H. Btrg- il', of the Twelfth ward, was elected t-mncrary j hair man Vach of <te evening wa* stent incec'disg ecntrstod tickets in the Tlnrtcen'h, Fourteen h atd ?wacty.Trst wares. Tie diieucaion cm id in the slec'lcn cf the ? Cooper ticket'' r.f the ibitteentb, the ?? Iieopa t!?iet" of the Fourteenth, and the "Mairir ticact'' cf the Twen ty fi i i>t ward*. It was then moved and carried th*t the cc.evsatton go into an election of letTStmrnt i Ten, ?L?n Geo J Cornell, of th" I iffh was cl-ctt<l clairtn.u of thr c?a ventirn *11 thisge being rr*d? ror work it was then carried tbat the couth ion r<> > no mine tie n of a candidate 1 r tha offl-? of ? arrogate. Alexander W. Bredfo d waa tbv.n propc?*d and nomi nated by reclamation, aa the whig con.Use fur Burco gate. . It. wtamcvsd to tota up tho City Judge u?xt. Jucga bidrey B. Stuart was then arm'.natM fcr th'a post Tha i reorder wes newt oenalfimee. l or thb office there ?ere t ? o competitor#-^Welcome B. Brebe ant Join B Whl*e. They r?a wry close, but Whito waa dc clan d to he the upen the first ballot The last nomination waa that of District atternev, for wh lch T. B. Tomi.'nsnn and A Oe?ey Hail were In tha field. Mr Ball wm taken up en tbe first b?U it ihe following were 'ben declare ' W be tha nominees of >be whig patty at the ensuing election ? Pnirojate Alexander W Bredford City Judge , f-id?.ev H --tuart, bcoerdrr John H Whito district aito-nry A 0*key 11*11 It was then coved end carried the., a oommlt'e*' be anaaiated to wait upon tbo different totn-z>ee-?Lto inl-rm treed tf tkfl Choice which no ncefi mu-ie, alter which tho convention adjourned The outsiders on bsnrt during the res'lm of lh* con vet.ti< n or* wce?t the Beerquer ;?*? to nv*rflo?tr>g aed all sort* of FprculaUcKs were r fo as to tbe nomitte tons sblrii voulo be mace Tbe now-lnstion ofju.'-gc -it art panlcularly gavesreet ratls'Mtioe, ss hi? psrty'ssy to.?y fell confident Lis great (xperlrtce upeo t o judicial 1-enchsrd his well 1 rows c'ar.etir fur iu frits aid imi srtiality wi 1 render him p>puUr hia e itsll tuoroy. Ibegieat suhje-tat isrue, however was the chances | of ibe Mayoia ts Convestiru to ilght the of (siee cf I ths crnven'irn last t Ight w?r ecu-1"see4 to be itddstly ; lu f.vot of Mcetn 1'. Drswer f t Major and Jre?.h ? Trylor for e-ove-nrrof "he IhtikssM sua skate rtnok i fur'rgtho tve; !? g *ent up fi's p?r east, aotbst the ! fr'eacs of tlan sentUmsa woe laca uo' e tbec. a sore. Bc-h cf these candidate* are eieeediagfr pepular with their t [?il!0 crets fV ,hMr, ^,1? "f 'h*.r t V.B< rfc'l* rh.r.ceO J ?>'? *??.??"?' ? ? fL-f tel.*r. tL*n? Lfcia <h" " M?vu?vo.? tlan hj cnc e! e uctd. NEW JERKEV. JCCJT3 CONGBEi-SIOKlL PISTJU T* H>e r*c.cer.^ic Cungirietonal Coaveatioo v"* *c ver, J , T-iinOiv. The die :ict U eorap-iaod ??. ?*r" g't. l'n??6'c, t?i.rri?, and jioeex count-is the 'v '*? V?.i. the preeent K<m<>r, waa unanimously MBImI?1 in tie Sri ballet for ro elect* n. J' bn 'frta', E' q . 'onrar'y-jeVtrnf the Ner Jcree. iimiUy, waa cba.'rn ?i ot the contention. I?r. Vail ro'ad foi the Ne t Mt? ? Ui. TELEGKAPHIC. BPL1T ANONG THE KNO* M.TaCNGS ?ANOTHEtt bTATE CObYKI tub TO BE HKLP. U ni x Oc; 0,'8ft. TV prr-eeidtrg* of tt? Know 8ir.t??it.g rtato Honn a (f< n li Nt?r YcrL lut-t wc..k, >re re ittrGiteiS tj tt?# ordet kf?c end arotber ctete i'ccveottoq i? t?> be h?4d hf the.* fit i.cile opposed to Ne? Yoik dictation. The ctU WJ1 te listed in a fe? duys. ronTics in riin.APii.pniA. PuiiatiPirnu Oct P. IBM The eootist in M e F<r?t C' nfrte-ion.l dt.trliv. h-s a?r rrvt'C d<*n *o the dur'crnfic aud whic ca'.JMi'n, o receeq't tea <?('he withdrawal of Jtthn 'Itne, thiouni iiiti' the Native American putt7. Thi? hfwM tb? j?'."it a fo Flcreec?'ti e!?*c'inr hut Morris U gcuera If at; lid ?e ? Kmw N'cthitc. atd on list svonot, th-* de r tH" ??? a dead set ncri; h;a Boiu C6C di pre tddteiMng meeting* thi? evenioc rOE1T1CAL MEETINGS IN PALTIMOBU. Bat nifoRV oet. 9, 18(4. T1 n .'ttr^Talf held a I'.r^e m*et;oc hot- to night Ttan Krt ?'N?tl?l* ga hI-o rn.fe an oxtaiiS'** denim>tr\ti>f?. nar b'tp ?l-fitugh the aticefiln itrnecae aombera, with ham ?r* K ueic, Lc The political excit. ment ii g?ln(up tofivtshat. ' ? MABKi: POLITICS. Ponn asn, Oct 9,1864. 11 a Sljit cf Haim ftatei -.Lit Mr. Mitli??n foaicn Ut, lr pttbcM; ut?c1f(t in tbe eixth Cocftewinnal dlstiiot l4 yaiar. m eg to mfi ricallfy in tLa retnrni iroaa nme of tie ;.!.intatio s. T HE bTATK ELBC 111) N S. FLORIDA ELECTION. T>3 felloe its w the vote for j.emb?r ctCongre:* In Ttllahiaiee:? Dm. Whig. Augci.tue E M?:.well...2C2 Tbomsr- B<o?-o 177 Ir 18.'2. the rote e ont, for C*UU (wwg) 2f'S; M*n *eli ( en ) 212. Tho whole vote ihea wa* 41C?dot it U 408 Ceotrtvllla p*(cIoct plvei- Brown 4t> u nji.-/?ity. T>l'el-?sstt Is tUo residence of bath the ooagreeeloBd car lie itcs. TEI.EGR APBIO. B L1IM0RE. Bet. ft. 18ft Flight retime c* the election ic florid* hive be-.* re reive , m d !uCk*t? crmoc.-utlc f.icn, but there U b? tfclepr derisive TLe r? tun.. In Icon count/ *Low a gain fcr the demo crati *,;:?? :fci>2. &TATL ELECTIONS TO-DAY. TOf genet*) citations will b? htl l to day in three of the principal tati-a of the I'oios to nt?Peoneylrauia, I'hio, *1 d InOiar#; ;a wbich, brakes Mate officer* in tee t?o fdiBtr ur? to I e vice ?d D'tj fire number* of Con g:ts*, cr tfa.-'y one quarter of tbs v ole Dumber which ci t pr e tto I nlUd-States ouee of P.eprcrentatiree The cirvves ia cech Mat* hi* hicn v-ry &u'nu te and the esdweett tc tsj at the poila w.lh no doubt, be carried Ic i*e higher'. p ich, asd in am* localities. where the Kiev Nothings Lrve ariajtd thera-el es direct * a/al ?-. odrptcJ elitene, wc feir we eh.II hear of outbreak* and iiiti.rbi.tiMs of the peace We give below tto dif ferent 'eketa which are la Domination tor State officer l *td m atter* of C:ejtm? PENNSYLVANIA. Fcr tie office of Governor the rari'.n* erqantratlone in Ptsnaylvenf* bare en many candidate* In the field a* we Lato ia this state. Fiva'good end true end ptrty e-rvlejr aeptranta are ready acd wilhcg to tv>rr? the peo ple it. the obite of chief magistrate of the State; but cnlj cce can win, and who that fortunate Individual may he v e ebsll, no ooubt, be able to inform oar reader* to rscriovr muzs'eg. The f. Bowing are the different Stat* tick its;? m D'm Whip. fo?c-n<r. Wlllism Edgier. J?me? Pollock. Ju'pe upreuno ' curt. J *. Black. Bsiiial d. causer. Canal Ccmwtslcncr..Benry ?. Mott, George arete. Native American. Free Soil Govern r. B R Bradfotd. Pr.virt tott* .I .u.c P-.'prim* Court.The* H Buird. W? M. tephens. Cecal Cenmirei ter. B. U. pier. Getrg* R 1 l?ille Kvov Nothing. I.iquor Aotc. C' vernor Pollock. Theme* f. tmith. Juite upreme Court.BaL II Smyeir. anal Con.iul--.iomr.. Her rj rt. Mott. COMtm. Die. fttn. M'hip. Native d" htdrfxnd't. 1 T. B lie. rears, Frfwsr J Morti*, J Tlt?? (saurs.) 8? - Job R Tjsod, J lt.< handler (l?d.) ? ? J an eg 1 tr.ilv, H m. Jelllward, I.. W. Rrod. (native.) ( II II. Phillip*. Join Lsmtnt, J. Broom (native ) S?J Cednellaotr, Pathan L Joaos, J 11 Koheite (lad.) fi-Jibn Biol max, J M fiiombatt, S P filawatt, (lad ) 7-S A. Br dge*. S C. Bradalaw, ? 8- J O Joi je ? J. 0. Myer? (Ind.) 9-J L * efrvre, I F HtieUr. A. C. Robirta, (lad.) 10- a R Broughter, J C Kcnko i. ? 11-W.I. I'ewert, J If fan.pbeU, J W.Cane.(iad) 17-H B Briabt, H. B. Pi.Ilea K. Cieavrr. (aa*lv* ) Ik-Aea Patter^ ? B. f Ste?a-I (lad) U^Alieon WhTte L. A- Hacley, J. J. Pe?r]?. 0*d ) 16? J. E Bcabem. ? LeaiBol Todd, (Ind.) 17 ? il?ra Rvtl'y. D V ReMeeoa, ? 18?J. Ctee ?*il. John K Edla, ? If?a. lirtm, John Covode ? 2- ?w Oontiomer-- Jot ?tban Kalght. ? ? 2i?Cha* Sba'tr David Rluhie. J. C. Rlehey. (k ff ) J2?O. P. relmer. P. A Parvlaace, ? 73-11 C Tr.ut, John Alieca, ~ . v 74-1). B?rcley, ? C. B. Tarlii, (Ind.) at? ? Jehn tick. ? ?Aatl-b'ebraika. OHIO. In Ohio there l? no Governor to be elected thl* yrar, thotermof Mr Vedlli not espixlig until ISM; conee quently -bore are no Itate effieea to be filled bnt mena bexirf the Board of Pahl.'c Works end Jn g* of the Su preme Court, for which the whig party proper hare made to Dtminatioae. The contort will therefore be be tween the democrat* end the enti-Nebraska independent republican ticket, the latter being that moat g-narally tdoptcd by 11.0 whig*, lh* foUowlsg ere the nomina ticna:? Democrat Jndrpmitnl Puptrtc# Judge? M ep'd F Norrl* Joseph 11 Swtn Puttie Miorka?-ksx P. Miller. J Buekenaderfer, Jr. ixmnnwb . TUt J)?? *fh<a and Anti Ntbratka 1?Geory* H Pend'efon. TtmotOv C. Bay 2-Btii S Gvotsrcck. John Boot4. Hsrriroa. 8?C I> Va'anriBhtm. I. I? Campbi.l 4? O Volnet Iw 7ft y M H Klehol* (a N?h >l*m ) fu- n P. k'urmagir. R'd Mott (anM-Nab dam.) C_erdvrw H'<*on. Jcnaa R kmrio. 7?n?uj*J IriFielst o. A?Ton liartan 8-Enc*uG ni.l Berjvnln Unten |._J| alah -. I'UntS. C. K Watson (free eott.) ?r?J W Bovla. O F. Moore. 11?TotFnith. C V Culver. 15? -towits B Old*. Samuel Gaileway. 18?M m I> Ll?-skf. Join 8bermsu. 14? B??vrj B Jehr?cn. PhUem'.r BiUs. 16?Milliam enbsr. fn.R Happ. lf_*m Calllgher. Edward Bell. 17?THniel B wue C.J elbiigbt (a Neb. dam ) ?-{SU'i'uI.'ilV?' S.Om.1"r UII?. 1,-1? r. vik... { R?X?J'r* 20? Fuacbvns Lee. J. H Glad tig* (he* *oil) SI?isticw ntewait. Eten Newton. ILLINOIS. lie election In thl* State U for member* cf Congress only. The foPowipg at* Ui* names of tba candidates, *a far a* ascett.ilncd >? PC. Dim. Whig. i- ;r? s,.) w-'v.b wukuu.. ? fj B luruer (6eh.) ( RobeTi L BtackwelL 1 E 1 iSi js (?n Neb ) (J A Wordworth (Ind.) 8-John e. 1 ral e. Jaere O Kortin. 4?Mr Mchurty Jama* Kut,x. 0- Mm a. K.'cbaifcon. A?ch<nald wl .lam*, p? -hi roa* L B->nl?. Rictatd YtU* r -ItV.F n\ NT-lam B Archer iB P. H Burnetii (1) 8 tfl 0 /flamrel P. lanbslt. 11. J. L. (led ) W'fiMAN ArHIJT>D FOB NfORO STrALiNtf.? A wctr tn pivu 8 fcvt initit a> rar?h liubnerd, v.bou' twvety. fin inr- of age vs.- anea'e. lr: lh s eitj 00 fr'i'sj l?*i fir atten p"nt to *lei.' a teg o mat icu.i g r.g ?o *r P ciil?i'< l>STn-ge, O* ec rtlloit to tie o*'r 'a atrteireo* ihe we> to tele him to a free tate, aid he In ittun wea t* worl for her long scotch Ic pa; vjp?u4? ?Adnr.ta (<7e ) Int^Ufnrrr, 0% I. MUnOZVA& ATI*AXILS. BOARD OF ALDERMEN". li?t Bcaii Le.'d tie th'rd nutlicjo the October ?e? tkn list erenlt g, Kaihan C My, !?<i . Brio Mot, in the chair. !?ir?! i^tiiioo.i for the correction cf tajcea were re ft. ltd. elreta-an Mon presented a pe itiou from 18'-' voters of thi H:?t ward to poll now held at 110 Greeutrich tt, **t remcrtd to )3T Broadway. LhII on tie tablt, ?uk\ oen'ly taken up, and after eonsi -erable dlacuwion it at 3 ry lei ? c 'ho C - Mo iwai'itBRits rott holm * courts 11 or. jort ?'-f tbe Committee <?a Frthw. concurring to sip i?t littrpfcJUtK for tk . u iitit nf police courts, was ntiipted. apoptcb Tbe rrprr4 of Committee on Public Health, coocmlog t - fill up mi t1C! lota on Monk bouureil It Fif erc'b 8'K<o*nth atr??U and avenuea A. and R adopted. Tbe *e.oil i f ocmoilt ce cooe.'ir.lrg t.flifjul eienagoa prom t, elrtet ftom Eaa 'lotnpiioa atr-et; il.n, eait tide oi To<ni>k<t>ka<i(ot, from Grand to DeUn e/ i.trco'.. j'?o, to flag Vwvn'j third atifot. bctwoea ^erou h u.d Kigb'h cveuue* Al?o, to flu Thirty -ec-uii etuet, be tent, li, btu am Kiu .b a ret.uea Adopted. Tm i?.ot ut ?ho Commute* o Win. rr,, Ac , ti con cur t<. c/.i'go out atij le w ;eu IXuliert ant Via,try a'.ittlf, war. it.'i mu.'t'ed. iNm-rroR? or n.wnotrs. Ajriermon *' Tt'i'.Ki; nffe-od tb.< fofoalrg : ? J r* Ivto, 'that .1. aeo'i It .? artin be, sod he t< htreby, ar.,?d-i'0 an Inrperter of F.Vct'op. >n the Hath olatHot c't; e 1-?}.> tb ??rd In plare of Abraham B Purely, re ibovrc fioc tl.ewari'. Aooptea l'y r loot war. Bo.ifcDliaN? I eao'i-rd, That Grrdnee C? tbtnan b. at point*11 In-pivor of Idaittooa io 'lie Mt ri Unlet of ti e lleienth w.ire, ti flit a raoancy now < Tift itg Aril pit d U> It t a-tro-berolTKl, That George V Barrett h- *p p. ii.iiUno lrf.[?ct'rrf Kleotinna in tpo youth diatrirt t.f tbe 1. ever.t'i epiil in p'ace of A'lan Cameron, te ao'.ao fioc the *.?rd ido^t.d THE Oil*! OOtrTRGW. 'l.e n'eriolnaolfl ano neier-tniUog Reynold! contract ??r auaio on tie lajrit Ale. .mm llsnatcx trorod tbat fhi dnenraeut be caGed fn tc the tab o for 'he anion of the Bo*r.l. 1b>a mo b n called foitb a speech from Aideiinan Hon, in oppotition. A dettnan Ixbp araa alro eppored to taking up the dreumtnt, and iba'ge.1 ibat tbe cWiin which Ur Roy nil'i* tititmi e to taae egaiust the c'ty la, and tin' Wr heino'd* Vi.owa tuat it ir WTontr. It e trotion to 'afce up wn* lort, 9 votiog fir, and 15 ag? i'tt toe ptr petition Adjcutntd to Tbuisilay n?xt. BOAF.D OF COUNCILMAN". Ckt 9?n he Beard resumed its so-S'<>n last evening, Frwir> J. Brown, Fsq , President, in the eh.iir. fevers1 petiUi-D* were prerrnted, praying for the open ing cf ?cd remission of 'axes THE FKESCfl F1EKT AOAIlt DENIED TUB HOMTTALrttlji OF THE ] CITY. A {?!?? mi.iernd resolution were offer, dby tin-Brest 1eut of the Brard, Mr. Brown, offeiins the hospitalities of the citv to ?ho reur-ainipg portion of the Freoch flaot no v li < 'it briber, i,d(1 appropri.ling $1 f-OO for tho inject. Ti ? TfHilDfh o, n'r:iD>o 'o say, ?o choked off l#.v a few of ihe roi mh.-rs, and Kid on tbo tabic aaHl tho net t i.p' tof aiding Hie f.elinr of the major tr of tha 0'aid war, bowi ver, favor-Me to the adaption of tho ittotutloo, bu; under the title* it w*n indecc.ausly Lud i c t t o table RlrOKIS OF COMMlTtXA A v m'er of repirt* from tho v*rl?u* standing oom rri*l??-r. to n feic-uio to > he paring aid cradicg of Mitoti, .ppii'pi'aii'-t-s of n.oie- *, fto . vcio icetivii, and refer rid to the Comm'ttee of the Wl-olo. PAl'KHH Mi V THE BOAIID OP AIDEKMKV A of rej-o. to con'aioir g 11*1,1. wero rffitiid froni tlio Board of AldermeD, aixl refr.ret to their ctnp-iaie comniitio-a 1 be Braid then adjourned until WedntsJaj ovrcing, at 4 o'click. HOARD OF SUPERVISORS. OtT. 9 ?Iti* lltncr the Recorder in the chtlr ?1'eti tiers for lelltf f:om ? rrr.neor * taxation wero referred; and the i eport of ton mil tee In favor of paring SCftli tor ca- fetli p the t (fire- of the County Cark and It-crop >rt to favor f pryirg tba I L In of the four Corooara, uoiouo ? lit ti Eft,774. and 8279 for medical ?tr.end?uco, were ' dei !i<l and ordered to he paid. Adjouinod t > llturr. i ay next. CticttUugi The return match of the ic-cond alt von of the k't. Ceorje's and New Y irk CIuha tpoV place yww?.?ida/ on the erlckot ground at UoL-ohi-n. N't w York wen the toss. aa<l went in Qrat to the wicki-l* at If' o'clock 25 minutes, and scored in the in nirgs 147 runs t-t. (Jet rge's than took the ba', and vieei-e.1. d in p'.co it g < n the acote ITS ruui Mw York then went In for her tecoud inning*, and icon d, up to tur do.m, for the lor* of three wicket*, ?9 run*. Tb? follow'eg it tha rcoia a* far a* played, the eon t tinaiun cf the match being postpone-! la consequence c4 the inability of acme of tha cricket ere to attend to day KBW TOKK. birA Inningf. Se.vatt Tuning! Porter b Bei'ey 63 ? ? vexweli b tfeelieham 3 ? ? Ldwarue b. H*cbl bam '* 2 not out, 20 ?? ax a ha 11*y b Mtctleham ? uotont, 10 Bail rta b. Hnklebom 14 ? ? h-banls a V.n on b weeklehum.... 13 ? ? Bpiit) e and b. Michlebtm..., 17 ? ? lC?lvary, nor ont 23 runout, 5 Legal b. B-ile> S ? ? dieac*-e. Bailey b ktecklehtm 3 b Bailey, 1 beebujy b. lilt 2 1 b. wiceat, 1 Bjew lb! byea. , Wira*. 1 0 No baiu ;;;; y 120 1 Tcta! *T OBoKUB'F Krrt /unity >. Brown r. Edward* b. klchsrds 4 Croppere Oicxb. hlcbard* ? l.e?t?rb Legal 4 Belly b. Bal'ierw S4 bn bury b Legel f) Ueei lehem bit wicket 40 Tilth labia a ? Ylnton b. Ore* b. Belliera 2 La Montegne b. hi warn* 49 JubriHin b Orax b. Legal..., 3 r<e?Dder?, cot out 2 Bw 11 11 No bellr 1 Total 173 It will la reen bv lha acrra that there wae eonie spirited hating by i'ork-r, 1 icbarda. lid wards, Halliere, bpiv.y and Calvary, on the pirt of Now York, and Crop p?r, Barley, Beckleban and La Mobtspne on the part of at- Gerrge'a. lha bowling an. lit King on both aides was but bo ro. * ; Police Ir.f* liter* nee. TUB LATH eWIKPLINO O A HE IN Br.OknWAT. Y**friday six other vi-itlms of Ceorge X Ooibroch, <ba.<gol with having obtained money from countrymen *nd itiBDgers, under false axil fraudulent pretences, n *?!?? their appearance before Justice Stuart and male similar'aiLtl against this Individual. Their r amis were J'hn P Tekff, llltDard C Williams, George D. Voru ???, Joteph Vhoiaton and Jamas Kearna and they bsvw, they allege, been swindled out of sums of from tw-.r ty toi-nr huudicd aotlsrs each Ybey represent** their c*M?Ju?t exactly as d d tho coroplaloan s the day ueevouw. srd sta one and *11 of tba opiulon that they im<e Vert urai'edure* of h* this Intivldnai. who. during bt* OT*t?U<ra kept a ?tyliah ofGce at No. 307 Bread way, whither all hi* victim* were, by tba One appear at-ceofihe ratabliebment, decoyed and tbenswiofho out of all they posiaeeeit Tney raprr sentad thair condl ion in tbo>e cttiaa whsia they bad been sent on fnola' erraids as extras wlj pititnl. Batng dlrpos<aaoed of all that they had. and amor g st>a*g?ra, ft was with tha greatett "difficulty tbvt tbay obtained either bed or b"ard oil others who have snffwrcd at tha bands or Polbrook are rtqaa-tad by Juetlaa .-tna-t to mate their con points btfote him at Jcffersom mt'ket, whe-a an Investigation wllba rondo into tha partlenlara of the whols t'snfse'lon. ar.d tbo guilty parties, if posslhla, will bo brought to jn>t ce Charge >J Maknm ?a man, earned James UcGlyun, was a>T**>?d wy Cfliewr W- as, charged, on the om plaint of Jobs K Vrillen. with having at tha corner of Ibliti loii'th *traet end Ftr?t avannw, on tha night of tha S'b of Oeloler. fek ulooeiy bitten a piece out of his lip, tberit.y artlooily damaging his couttenanca Tea partlea wete qnare'llrg t< githcr *h?? th* ?ff'ar took place TI a t-rlcoiier alltged <hat be did not tito hla lip, ant that rb* lei wet* caused by ootsplalnant't falling i d an ft a'l Jna ic* lia'ke fully committad Mc 4-1* in icy tr'ai, in default of 81,000 bail. Cotwm ri' Ii.ifit?ats. Fatal JUc-i>??t ox tjik Frt>--ox iliuji Raiiboap?ci f. i-rnti Piiri.E cy a i-rtJtrnoAT t utaix ? Vcatorrtay Forener O'l'oiuell leld ?n iiiqneet at lft81 street, cpon 'h? to y 11 Captain Cbaries N Bs.ffl>?. who eatr# to his < a-th b< b ing rnn over Irt noe of the IneocaotiTescf tf>e Uur eot. RlAf* rillind ho eacass.d. It apwirW. was wal! rg ft- the t'?e> in this neighborhood wb*u lb* ranrauathrg tnoaith u h Ve had plaoty of ttma t# r*t off tha track be preferred to rcm*>n on tee, at>0 wis niu e ver before the t'*ln could p-es'bK bo t o|f*d He it?ce?ew<i bad teoo for **vere! yr-ara a ? t?'a'nrf a st-sn-h at on tha North river, named the J?euy 1 n.i ifcsjury rooderet a varaiet of acci'i#ut*t lea'h D?ra*aeo "waa about th'-ty Uv;c-t y at* tl ag? at { way hern in Raw TctW. 1 MILITARY A P t A I R 3 . P. rede.-Turret ?*.??*?"?*? K iuc licit nt?M lrpon our CWiw ??m * ? 1 be ?>*tur, ??.. A?. ? stranger La our mic A at tr.? pm#r;? tlmn, ?cdi* urtrto' our Hit ?hoi? *u^ acdttmeetnf mankind.' would un oubt dly that "!hi dogs of war" hfcd been let lo>* uf?n of, ?ud the ic?titvo i? ?ts lo t oU-tc or hlrje. fioa, ?* rising of thssun tl'l ttegr.Ilgdo. o tb reef, and cec?*?o*Uf eton til ?? late bour of t/ght. innit a iau?lc eo?ea up fr. ni c -n ekV ?U e tb; stnets, firks and atonwwatv ilnrd wi?h piuuvd troops tod k*ttn'ioca of ctTsln. marching and cruitermnichln.:, with ull thA oru-r ant prrclrlrr, of 'ii'fui rc'eracs vpon a b-ttle BcW await ing the oa??t of iLeJt?, or tlwordMt? "?!?*?*? Bur tVliad In' ore's flaak'ng In the raj s of anuet tor su" form impn erob'e har.ic-oet of at?. I,and tin U.Ooreut uniforms eh e n~; ctalrg coi.-ru-g to tfcc Ureal eoou-i about us. iu the isx-ka of tfcrw o?f ?a sclUiera ara rwproaantod all tinea sod Urjer end the mechaalo u? .tg the uiuatet shouldgr to ?h?ulder-? grand na lioxal cb*?. fratortii'iof In the g.r.crai aporcutlcerlvp to arm* It m'ght also to added that a Ho riott r tto e tf orrfrom 'the uhiulag ecLimlboj to He greyheaded sire. betraying In ?i, w a pwipbi. a ml' - t. r. spirit ttai brgina ?!ao?t at tuo cmclc and . i.scu , at the gmTO. ?\c :?iOa> the weather w??p.-o|it'ous for tula turnout .f our ro.aie r. loo lif ?*? e'eer, ,,;d th? ro bright rt..I worm, l-.ketue birU day of spr.oc rithe? then the prelud1 of winter with Its tr--- e end prow*, as i nn'urc had let bar rer.rd cf tue sta-oue, and wua doi..? rt:rr.trer crtr again The mercury ula.nteicJ up among ti-e eev? r.tU>, sppa-Ottly envious to sac oc- more rwi to the i let. reogc on toe sole, wae-o it .pent so much o'itettura during Use months of July ami August. Eomnor iiireU cane out from ttelr hieing placer, end the Uy crawled lortU fr.-m tie rein-t selected frriadeith ltd, *3** u upoi the rt-ocow illl acd -ecclre car life la tho wurm euaahluc. The Hoc., ,hicu have l-etr gradually unroelag Ibcm-eUoa, terror ?tricken Kftre the tL e.'r uirg breath oi BrO'-s uud wtlhngtotltf UP tuo ghost uilaout uitrupge, srero warm.d ?>htopo. and infant hula buret out around their trucks vat upon tbclr Bm a, like youth rr -irg Its puny mro? in fill -l ^otitud. and boUiyoon io* forth to* or pe-lah titbits futuOr. It vra? Zhudayas ebon i*aa focls .t org and svK .'O ;*ng. i?adj rorr^, new r-.. let-one. built now cet e. U th# sir and regrets In the Umroi*'? buoyancy o. hU spl. Its the time misspent In the V et. "I'm not goleg to fool ewty soy more time-I'm going to work now in finest, raS"d?io0fdromSrbU ticn, and sl.aIlsti.aoe g . P Id er, "HraWi W25 i- bi-rtis iudccnh "h'oh, like a w t- h'ul gj'ar Uo, LTe s lnri/i^nt tho w.Mala o? to- V?!?. cailiog the >n fiin'red si'tues-orth toa-aert thcr sit-r'to ^cr 0 orr.-"? a -s: iStllSJllRSlS. rise that iniaOou. vrt?: aKVF-'TU niniMi sT it jp ; iicot rott'io ?"? e i *,v ?' d <je?. s .1 . t - o r! -nk i" ?? sft rn -ltd to tn "'Vra s ,?,r- of < igb ? r*;n- .avtca,t r? ?bo MpUsbetj zt&xz, ?3 a b.ieta IbaMICf Jc i to rccthn rol-Ilo' ?? W"*' ^ V h |0 7-h " Tl.o wurpstJiaa ^q&amssm men tourc1. Li, imca, KuoU'sUree Orman fotU's stall vasseos^g cuw " ; .?i.-rW effect The hand striking ?P ? ?^u*' ^r\l for nbout two v-ure, ts gna.d was d-U cd m the P?r? i ? Oatween four the full est is'action ? f nU ?b?, ????? fe and and fire o'c!ork U,o rcp.mcnt p^td out cr x cl,^n(. no Broaowoy, ^ u^taSSk* *?W<Ht' tb" iaz T.nffeimel a gocc day s wo.k. TUB TWEilTU Ktel.Wns Tbo TucUth n. girnj i. ^^VVu t a^o ThB ime of tiro tur*c?1 out jejwfr M . *n i BtTC<.t ^hcro they the ropier out w.s g^USSSti This tegl were tertewed by <. onmp?oU?of our ssi 'sr'^rr.. of the tiate m'.litla. I TATir-FT FTCmSrOMll*. PrrY. a fbrel'oie re,Omental pwia'>s. thcto parsed io jfvicw 1 c r,- o u.r (.Tea several military ennpat iot, aiiich de cT-. c o rti.rc Brrr. al'boi gii thev cannot claim a potiticn in it? rarus o: the State divisions. fie Bootl L'gfct Gourd, at-ended by Adtins'a Draw Bst d, oa sd rsrnrsicn for target practice. G W fiyna iatra commas <i.-r of thin company, which mods a (in* appc?..-j>Dc* in the streets Billet' Mu?>?Lcie, Copt. W B Fre*lgh, nl*o went by our establishment la tho more! up. on tbair way to grounds for fa got cheating. Tho ICa-keteers wore nc companUd by rl.d'on's Bicjs Bund, and made (it try tclo>rlSe show in thast.-cite. O'Brien Guard la at other company t>.:?t attracted our at'cation in tba mcming ' hia Guard -as at loaded by ------- - - - eb llanahao'a Band, ami wore much i wired an a well diiiled company, manifested in tho regularity of their step upon tho march fhe trot on, a company of, bearing a will riddkcl target, and earn (ng a h-.ndcomo ril* ban cor, pasted by in the evi uiog Flroin'u mat a at good aoh iera at regularly orgnal-cd companies, if thin Binnl la to be taken an an cvldi nco of what they can dew I'aHTAPTICALB. Be.ldos all the cnipeutaa wo nave alluded to. wore two cits is that *o eannot rn*s Iheono w.?? tho A. M. A Club, a ccni'>abj of foot, and the ctner "Ihe Ore go law I'anry Troop " a company of cavalry. Both of Ultra todies vc.o on tildr tray for target ahestma, and were attended by erccleut hraaa pan is, which rave tia ac e gnrd n?,-ro melo'lb-a at ti.vr panned by. Jt woalo require ro.e.o rnc o' stirrer feriournen ?ban minadah Klerk" to have lcolort upon tho-n crmcr.olau without their rtsihlli'. ei U-ioi; Kioa'-ly arri.,<.! Azulniihtb hla.i-lf woula r? tainly have for gotten bins'ilf sad Bolokewil light our, nctrrH.aUn.l ipp hu prejudice* sgairst Uuffttog To dr?c<ih? those rompanirs would be to sak the reader to diaw npon bis own iB&piratlrn for tho m at lnrtierona '?isajka up" in dreea be ran tsrey. a?d he will come n?a er the pic ture tt an can to given on rarer K-ng Lev, with a very enmity face, waa in tha le.wl, w th a broomsti-Jb era sign of bit vocation, atd bluff-. <;? eenr Tanbraa, ciowna and harlequin* made up tl.c rea* of the P^tR In tfce lend of tbo cavalry troop waa. after the ?nie* 9. era bona caRinga, contaioirir "U<ac aid Large "4s%*" who we o out on a "hurt " phout* of laoght'je.^ffjnt op so tb< re csmstnaic* watched along. ihoe.e parades of oar citlren soldier* wngj0 far ni?h a ?brnie for a rJuw. They are one of ' ??'It 1 ?be itrtitutlona of tbo country, that sco',?* weU for onr . trength aralirt Inmdt'k~ eocmi<H. K| have no regular etanrdng armies, maintained r.t a a annual or perea of iD'llkba npoo onr r?op!e, f ut - Ahuitarilr the rbl*dr?n are tiatnid np to the nco of atrat. and in the hour of rteesMtj it would b* fnnud th A\ entire a im munity, sotmjr anr old, waa ere vaat ?i*rdlng army in itnlf, all aartadt to handle a musk in ihflr country'? defence as tho? wore able to direo'^ tt ?r(?h elT et npon their tor get. Iheae ate the ?icnes, to judfe of onr mtlt tar-at-erg'h, while our ei'i''r x for tb> ir own ainose c rr.t otly, are tn pata>'c am C ^ Bit* Jet #jr Convta. ITmoJi Cot trt r One err Coi rtt ? Ji.u( ? Hakca'd i^ *' B? a\rn -In thia ca o, a verdict of f i.i 0,0 In tarot of '^ininrft wnefonLd in f Ls eonrt In cbrusyj .*<t At-wkb grtnted. which caino on ? vrlrg tbn term of rb? court, bnt ru atorna 1 I ;? a a< jfmr the de enco had c-mirm red fo'^fTT ? orw orOvxnAari i*uurw. -Judge liaibeap^e" ...pjf Grand Jnry baa been in ?e??l<-n sV !*t * ' 'r(* t'l'sbcd ite budreae. , r< -ca'bered period of l?tir(n ls?tea a t&oro for '' c"' Xeiletof Ii ("'etr.en'a ty far tUen If ua'.inlly foled ''Vftij e?t#?l purer* wuo h?A t?io r r. -!e?e'' of e t'rgr "quor wittcut Veet>>e ?rd aa-aolta and tatterfes. i wne tea *t>c?d tv C:.?e ar-i Impriycni- .ni a<r *? ling to * thtlr ofltma NEWS BY TELEGRAPH, D^EADFfL ST AMBOAl DISASTER* Dr?tr,nction of the Steamer E. K, Collins by Fire. TWENTY-THREE LIVES LOST FIFTEEN OF THE CBEW M1MM nut I (IF fcdllE OF THE L09f ASD Mill, Arc., &r., Ac. I fTBOR, (><t. 9, ISM. n'gbt the stearr rr 11 K Co Sns oft this p^t, tm twe? 30 erd 11 o'cloe!', with a lacy quii'ki ?( pa??*a gn-H vW? board, bound frota the ?aclt St Marl. to CUn laid ?out tttdrigbt, irttn a little bel>w Mileen. nu ti*n UkiMaawc t\ the mru'k of ibe rivr, the vu di?eevss"od ft> bo on fire. ent brfrrr- a e could b* cat t shore win dkiwplo'tlj- cnvi Iryeu !? Uteres, The rp-e?to*% er-D?iois.">,>?tT nrevut'ed amr-'f ti.? p".eitert"'"', 'unit ot ?Lo?, aror.aed Tu m uhoir.flcep by the fearful tun ntn eliu'y about ib* ileckjtr plunctiat ore into the water. Twenty three persona pcrlsbe fcj* dre or arowalcjr. The nnu-.os of those suls- .'ow. in fa* r.i. w K?nr?r lilttd are snfollowt.:?' r Dibl !c. c?N< w York;Sterol Powell, lifMit ViltVn, TUomrs Co-?i-, th?-Pitt.h.irjr r.ilrrad sgmt oil of Ctevaland; Mr . KaNrillr, Utt Wolrru, ai.d chill, c: ArVtob'UU Hio bciiv o' the o"ilH ice iron reeovA cd i ? iw-o of the ere w ?m tmesis.;. An. org the f h.gfojwi fn in tqe East ssrei sre 11 r. 0u bole, Phlltcwphto, Mr I'at rrrx, of Weetteid,'auqro cccnty. A ltrgenuirbsr Gl iaeee'-OOTS from the S-.u't loft Ike ycseel af Pctroit. The origin cfbit ftrs hi? not been iHCittla'i. Ho Collins tcok fire on the-boiler dock, t:.d maul wna the prr tdof tho C.-mcn that the passssners a-d crew we>o urublo to sat* anything t rte.-t tbe c oth e they had on. In ?.si-lately after tbo Cro w;.s discovered, the beet wra h?a?'od fcr t> e r-hor*, but wae unable <o reach *b?l low water before tbo P nw bad tcmplfte pom-sst?n of bcr Tlio altar j n<t of tbi bolt tt? n ?ta?g s-ouod lot* tbo river, and ne> rly all on boaid be* eg or v-n to that part of the boat, wire compelled to ,iuw.p iuto tbo water The cuircot leu run? out -very sti-orgl) uto the '.aha, atd n voi7 fow would hove teen eared had not Cr.ptr.iB JjuMclcy, of the pripollor ITntry fo taoato.f ecen the I'glt, ond haat DC.l 'to the rrscuo. All'he boutu rf tlio propeller woro mauncd .'tnd Beat off, ?nl near!* e>rry roul Veved wai ibrvuoh tte r lnKtramoo tailtv. 31 o fow that roiubcd tiro hUor* pcre U a coca pleto'.j ?rhansted cotsii'ioa. Some wretch soobedoao of tbe ovfferortof eighty d'li&rn. Tt* ColHus cauio out as a rev. steratcr'att OctoW. She c.-'.'t one ' uno re J and Crc tiioruaiul dollar., and oho was imtirrd for tblrtron thousand doilicr* only, la tbo followirg ccmiunloeTo the Mcroanlilc H .t jct Now York, S5.00C; la tho Atlsg da. 1-5,000, and $0 C-OO in th? NortL-wot,tern. Bbo wan ownau byCapt. E. P. t?anL kon Artsvn 1 of ihe Etstopu. IT-turir, Oct P-8K' P I* There is ;ct i o ii j, of lh* rlo ir.e'.ip J uropa, now T curly c- pcctrdat thin pcti, ullh ?. . 1a; a later in toritft'"' Com L'nrrfc. L. tff fsoia 1'ori haiawlt, IIH OUT TO TilKWAl; UEPAb't'DE-T Wt TOE bOSUKA orneors uuia uttuc iwmaw, bto.. ?ro. Wasbisctos^ Oct 9, tSid. Two we*Ua Utcr aews frota I'ort I irawle received ai tho War DopartBif at [lays that tb.'rtj ere troopa wort killed by the- Inula v In tho lr.te Cjrht, acu that no eulo. eeqrest attACk had ttcn usr.tie oa tho foit. Wills at Parley, tho American stailcUn and goo^n awn so inn civ to r.,p.n. From Boiioiu WEATH7X IN ilt'STON?cTfrraBIAN CONVENTION A* MomrnAh. flOr-ox, Oct. 9, ISM. It Las been quite warm hero today. The thermometer at two o'clock itcod at clphty one. A party of over ene hundred Unitarians, Including clergymen, left here to-day for lfoatteal. to attend Use Atlontle Corvcntlon cf Auserloan rnitatiace, to bobedA in that elty uurlrg the present week. From the South. FATAL ACClfT^T OH TBS OROnUIA SAILbOAO?THIS VE1LOW FEVER, EfCr PAlTIWOBr Oct 9, ISM. A collision occurred on the Oe rgta retlri-au en Tbnrr. day teat. An oaytnosr and flroman were USed and eev? ral others wero eertousl/ injoryd The paaaen<ert ao ?;?d. at C'bar'eiton en Friday last there were eight death* frr m yellow fever. A Sister of ktepcy, Moo lea, fermrrtg Mies Ki-Uy, cf PLliadelibie, died at Angpataof the fover. r.orcrnoi Ligon baa appointed the twenty third day at Nirtinter as * day for thaskagifUg in MaryUnA Bwnbig offn Sew Ship. Caiab 04 0, ISM. In Fobblr.ntcr) last l laht a Are was discovered Issuing from iho bold of a new ship on tbo etccka, nearly ready for lancchlng, of about live hundred tons burthea. Tho vessel waa entirely consumed, fehe was owned by Satis 0. Low, end was ocly partly insurod. The cause of tha fire is unknown. ftlUa of tha Indiana l>'rte Hank* lUfnwC C.Nc:i*, Oct 9 1854. The bankers ia this city to day threw out the paper of the Tedium r:<? Bank? and lb j broi.ori a No refuse to pur cl-jtre tlura. Their rotes ar- also refuted la tinde. Cent ul.Appeals. ai-BAXT, Oct. 9,1854. Ihe Court ?f Appeals :?ct at noon to day No 44 was cc.DcJuJed, 100, 100, and 87 ?e?e ? trues off. 10# was loterrtd for Oc'oher 1# end 45 for October 16; Ne? 18 went by. i? fault, aixUiyiet aside; N> 0.'. was a Bant# by de'anif; f>o 85 wen eo/elided CalcoJca for October 10?P?, P8, lot 102, 82, 41, 44. so, lor.pi. 28, n, cn, 188. Oetrlplu of Cotton nt V? -* Orleans. Nr.v Or:.u!W, Oct. 7. 1864 ' The -f??ipta cf eo"xn are lar.easioff. and the total aire* the lat r'.t. <ho as or. ejects ci 4 L,COC bales, as oooa !?rct with the nun. late laet reason. ?arkda Nr ? .{tsu-uf, Oct T. 1854. 1he?e't< <f euhe deriof the post we* k hare been lCvOOO beleu. Iticd'inr is 8 '^c Ohio floor hae r'yhtij irnprorari -now selling at 8o 50. Mree port la at 8)410. Ilia cr^ro is <h?U. at He t'elea of noe at a/to. Cotton freights to Have are at lc. a 1**0. raTLlNhl.Fr.h4 STOCK 90UlJ>. PniLAOiT n:., Ost. 9.1854. At cur hut loar'. this Morning KtOwka w?ro doll sad Ww,?rr. Tjja ia'?5 ceB>risvd Heading lid., 86V; Long Island, 1*. Peons; lrr-a!? RR . 45: tCbrru Canal, 11/4; Vn'xnChtal, H",; Fian.lrtaiaHate r.'s, 84^. BALTINMX CATTLE MaSKET. AiiTSpar, Oot. 0,1854. fii.h.iea liC&urad head of heal cattle were ottered at tha cattle market Prices hare ?l]gh I; decline 1. Nine hunJirJ head were driron eastward, and'ho balance eel J at #2 25 to #4 25. Msgs ware In large eunelf. Mark *oi.l frcm $176 to 8" '4i. cnl fgltcntd at th 25 U #4 50. flatal Inulllfftnrc. Ti.k il i.jj ItitrnMxce, bound for tha Fecihe, which baa been lying for coco time In the North riser, wea towed from bar anchorage yeeterCpy morning by the ateam'ag La* la tha u down to the 5b W fpit, whore she anchored. She will probeMy proceed this mornieg. 1%e Independence will rclle7e tiio St Lawrence, which oomee heme fcr repairs. 7 ho I. oerriis ott a largo Jettei and core paper nail. Her crtw numbers 44 J, inaludlcg abont forty boj s. The folio wing Is a li?t of tor ottoon Dm Wetvlp. commodore of tbo Paclfl? aquwtroe; Jo seph TatnoB. cantata: Wm 0 Moboiaoo, captain a' the; jtin'aeautr?let, Ourrl Uwwroart; M, Q N Hif. ilrf-n 2d. .lota Mootay; 4tb. TV mas B Hodge-; 6th, olbrr' N MBl'h; Uwia tVarrtaptoi*. pa acr; ff H Ouo r?U pa.'-fco avl-tsnt enrpaoa. Henry C Caldwell tod ihntrr*,T urrer, atila'avt anrgcona, Tttch W. fejlir, ??tablh'n; A II Hifl-apie br-Ttt c&aj'.r; Adam N B tor, feotdant; Wm Ne sen, mister; if. Grm'tea. Wm. P. nef'arn, A T b^jnee, W?alit>gt?n To"ne, J him K. (.?errand ,1 W Raster, passed tn'dahtpmsc, J'.be 4 -rihitrg. ibon'M 0 S?lfrldgo and Jobu * "i'ler, <>U ?hipmec; George H. Lsaeh, boa awaia; Wa flirts.N garner; H Q. 'bomb*, iamas R. Child*. ?U ? akar.

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