Newspaper of The New York Herald, 1 Şubat 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 1 Şubat 1855 Page 5
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' By tor, hw ?loee died; tbe Net, with the exception of tkiM, lave recovered. Bo pea are entertained that the iwt will r?ottr. Tbey bad itopped ?p the ventilators fe Uxit calls, whicn cauted the effects upon them. The Pliofeeeot and Kennebec Ralboad. Bangor, Jan. 31, 1866. At a large meeting of the citizena of Hangor, at the City Rail, tbie evening, reflation* were introduced by Haasnel Farren, Eaq., and unanimously pa<eed, directing ItfC repreeentativee in tha Legislature to prepare a bill granting authority to loan the credit of tha eity in aid af tha Penobecot and Kennebec Railroad, for three bun toed tbeniand dollar*. flteamahlp Movements. iUMViL O* THK AUGUST A AT SAVANNAH. Savannah, Jan. 41, 18.VS. Tha steamehip Aogueta arrived here from New York, at 7 o'clock this morning, with all on board well. BAILING Or THK CANADA FOR LIVERPOOL. Boston, Jan. 31, 1855. The dteamthip Canada tailed from here at 10 o'clock tfcia morning, with sixty five paasengcr* for Liverpool, and sixteen tor Halifax. She tekee out $'27H,375 in npe cte. Alexander Sidl, Kaq. , of Boeton, a passenger, went ae bearer of d< h patches io I.ondon. fatal Accident on the Ohio and Mlaalealpul Railroad. Cincinnati, Jan. 31, 1855. The down train on the Ohio and Misslesippi Railroad ? ran off the track yesterday, near North Bend. The bag gage and two passenger care were smashed, and a num ber of persona injure), but fortunately none Kcriomly. The brakeman waa badly wounded. The weather here i* cold, and navigation ii ntiU sus pended, Knrdcr In Horiiellsvllle., Pa., Jan. 31, 1866. J. Beers, the keeper of a bowhog saloon in this place, waa instantly killed la*t evening by a blow on the head with a bottle, in the bands of an IrUhman named Stephen Began. A negro by the Dame of Henry Mills wan also implicated. Both were arrested. State of the Weather. Backvillk, N. H., Jan. 31?0 A. H. Beautiful weather, clear and cold, with a west wind. St. John, N. H , Jan. ill, 1866. Weather fine and quite moderate ? wind from the west. Calais, Me., Jan. 81. 1865. P leaf ant, moderate weather, with a wst wind. Eas-wort, Me., Jan. bl, 1865. Weather over- act and cool ? wind west. Banuor, Me., Jan. 31, 1866. Cloudy and rather cool weather? wind west. 1'oktland. Me., Jan. 31, 1866. Quite moderate weather, dear ami pleasant ? wind west. BorroN, Jan. 31, 185a. Clear wtaUitr ? thermometer 16 degrees above zero. Markets. Charleston, Jan. 30, lH&ft, Tbe cotton market is firm. Tbe sale* ot to day amounted to 1,800 bales. Chaklskton, Jan. .11, 1855. The Africa'* new* had a favorable effect on our cotton, pncri becoming stiller. The sales to day amounted to !t,?60 bale*, at prices ranging from he. a 9)?c. Wj PIIILAD1LPIUA STOCK BOARD. ? I'HiLAiir.LPiHA, Jan. 31 1865. mock* are inactive but steady to day. Reading we quote at 34JK , Morris Canal HX; long Island Kaifr->ad 1? \ ; Penbtylvatia Railroad 43JJ ; Pennsylvania Stats b's bS. Money ia plenty, and paper scarce. Naval Intelligence. By the arrival ol' tark Mary Elizabeth, Capt, Stetson, Iran Rio Janeiro, we learn that the following United Mates vessels were in that port, Dec. 15:? U. 8. f-igates Independence, Com- Merwin, from Sew York; Savannah, Com. Salter, from River Mate; U. S. sloop of war John Adams, Bottwell, from New York, U. S storeshfp Relief, from New York. Lai ncii cftiik Sawnk ? The launch of the frigate Sa bine, which haa been postponed twoor three limes, we I are informed will come olT at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, | at 10 o'clock on Saturday morning next. The Sabine has >n completely overhauled, lengthened and remodelled, I under the superintendence of Mr. Delano, naval con I >trnct?r for this port. Lieutenant Jamea H. Rowan has been ordered to the I command of the United States brig Bainbridge, vice 1 Lieutenant Charles U. Hunter, recently dismissed from | the navj. Int* reeling from the Cape o t Uood llepr. U AMKKICA-N lUCIOKMKD DUTCH CHURCH -CONDI TIO* OF THK COLONISTS ? KAKFIK HOSTIMTIK* DUiDEI) ? MA88ACRK OK TWBNTT OOLONISTH. We have received our files of Cape Town (C. Q. H.) I papers to the 11th of Dtcember. They contain Ave daya later new a, which ii important aa allowing the continued anxiety which was ielt leaat the Kaffir hostilities would he suddenly renewed. The frontier settlers were m ich oed at their critical position. Shipping in Algoa Bay waa considered quite equal to i demand. Freight on wool waa quoted ai 1 }ad. lb. The Port Elirabetb papers notice with aatlafaci on that I government ia about to pnt the lighthouse on llird Dd in thorough repair. This, it is stated, is very ne The light is so placed that it ia affirmed that vhile vessels too or three mi lea at sea may see the those cloie to it cannot distinguish it: The Cape lown MertanlUt A&etrtiser of lie : -mlier 4th ay a ? On Sunday last the Rev. Dr. Scuddtr, minister >f * ? Dutch Reformed Church of North Aiu-rica, gaue an draas in the Dutch church at Wynberg. to the children r that place and neighborhood. Notwithstanding tbe .favorable state of the weather, there was a very large ttendance, about 4(>0 children bring prevent. The new Irana Veal Republic, formerly kuown as the age Kiver Sovereignty , was going on quite prosper usly. A writer f loin t hi- interior speak, of pianos in at distant region, with good beef, green peas, ngea, Ac. In tlie Cape Colony tV.e copper mines engross public [kttenlion, with plans for railroada and other public rorka. Home of tbe colonists at < 'ape Town are Ind.goant at I idea that they are tbliged to ait upon tne jury and ciate in other public capacities with colored pers >ns, but the right ia given In the new constitut on, and 'hey i obliged to su omit. Over the entire colony the public mind waa engrossed [iv the terrible massacre which had o;cured upon the, and which baa betore been bnelly stated in the ounte by the way of Englmd Tbe particulars o the affair in tbe papers are contra ory, but this much ia srtain, that of twenty per - a, all colonists, who were set upon by the Kallirs the frontier of tbe colony, only one, an infant, ed. Hie comet commanding the company wis tils feet and hands were -first cut. and gradually i waa hewed to pieces, each piece being thrown into a |re and burnt. The ashes were then cast into the river, i that every | article of tbe batel Englishman should ?appear. Une account says that the rolouista brought their ath upon themselves, by their cruelty to tbe natives, king their rattle and roo ts, an 1 at laat demanding i tbsir < hildren to be sold as slaves. The colonists in tbe adjoining settlements w ere thrown ato the greatest fonsterr-at inn They gathered into a hurch wliich waa surrounded with a stockade, and with I two gnn battery from the Inside. Thus they waited ir attack for a few daya, but no one coming their fears ere abayed. S?m from M< xtro. (From the New Orleans Pleayuae, .Ian 'ISA | The Oriraba, Captain Forbes, at this port, left Vera 9 s on Moeday last, the 2".'d Inst she brings on f? eight ; In sperm, teo box** of merchandise to J. P pesa, six hoses to the Mexican I'oaaul, and one kage to I J. Forssall. Mer specie is cons gaed as |?Uowa-? de Fuei tf a A Co. .$2,000 Alexander Harris,... $700 F. VaMes SIX) B Vaotre A Co .100 I The following is a list of the pa-singers by the risaba ? | Mr B. Portman, J. Ri htrdson W. Adams, A Ra sy, J Yglesma, tiayolly Captain W illiaios I Do igh ty, M. Craanona, J M i. io, C. Ro hmidt, an I teenty le m the -leerage |Capta.L Forbes report* that the Ilex.' an brig I'io jero B, from this port, arrived at Veratru/. on the 21st Iataat. Our mtelligen' e from Veta Crus by the Orizaba ex its to the ?2'l nst. , ai I to the ? of Mexico totbt (Tbe papers before us *ive accounts ot <?t?ral success latta'katn bodies of revolutionists ay g?vtrnm*'jt Col. K'heagaray announces that he arrived ai 1, in Mi<:hoa<-*n at 3 P. M. on tbe 7th mat and ding ttat a body of over four hundred insurgents had let quitted the place, pursued t hem and rou'rd ihein plii.* and wounding man;, and taking five prisoners id acme hcraes and arms. tint. Ma.atia aoooun-es that he hail atta sed n l put filgui ihe laad of Augusiln Maaea, ixling two aod nag thsir leader, Francisco Arrovo, prlv>??r. < ol. ie Maria <!e la frut Vega aaaonoflSS tbs' on the 1st A, a band led by < lem?nte Serra'.o was atts'-i.e-t by a Itacfameet of tbe forces under his i-ommand. shout five se ftOM Puruaadtro, tbst toev wen- touted and ato captured, and that on the 3d be was sbot. [in O^jaca the revolut on Is said to he put down Tliol. *olis is reported to have routed a han I at Ario, on i . k:liiog ?orty of 'h-m wo-in tiog m?oy era. and capt irtog a fo i (?iun ier p.eee. <>uerrero. on the tame day, at tb? Rsgona H II, Bth< r hand was a'.ta t ed and riuted with ??on- Irr i ' > le ?. and the saftoreot -ome aminnfiitlno V Mexiesn oa'lynsl schooner Rosario. aa ol I antra tthy vessel, waa wrecked at Alvarado bar tso feiuale setter* losing their I ves on the occas'oa. be I' re. h bn^- < war Obligs lo, bad a rived at liusy _ M inquire .nto the ircumttaaces of the !' ?u ' alhoa affair. The commander, In tbe name if tbl l?ach I mperor. thanseri the Ilex, an authorities for , Ires' m?nt the rebels had ? i r>erien ed ' tieltai |jee?ri?t.tiy paid a ? elt to the amaader on h -srd of V?se? 1 ^he fo-mal "aliiof i<n o- tbe Wrulla Valley ly Caited BMP authorities is ofb. IS ' y ann> uncd in || Mr*, -r I P-" Ijl.IT AAV k f itarv *'ate >(t> N J 'iTXbTio-' ra Nrw .1 th-gy, * < s wjl be held to day City InielllftMt. A PRWntT.aT?o*.? Captain Turmbull, of tbe ISghth ward potica, m ye?terday presented with at huxlnoto* watch and chain, by tbe men under hit command, aa a ttttlDonitl ol tbe nipfft th? j feel for him. The pre sentation twi made at the Mercer FIuum, in the prsxence ol a lain* company Kx Judge hesbe ??i ch<>??u to pre sent tne watch, wbich he ilid in a bricl ana appropriate watner, o?iDp)iL.enui g me Captain hivhly lur the teul lit had di? played in the diack&rgf of If* To tbi* the Captsin responded in w< ids " tit though few. " Tbe company then proceeded t<> dNcu?e a very excellent dinner. at wbtcb xpeecfct n were made by Capt. Asonard and otber?. ftnuccH Acciiknt to an Editor ?Yeetenlay morning, a* Mr. I avid Leans, of tbe .S'umJuy Txnut, wait rising into Boboken, tie wheel ol hie eulkey cam* io contact with a wagon which was xtanding in tbe centre of the street. Mr. I'e.ns wux dr?adful'y cut ami bruised about the lace; one of Lis rib* in a!si l.rnken. lie wm taken into tbc Manxiou Jlcuic, uheie he now lien under medi cal In atin) nt. ActlUKJfT on TltK Hi'Won Kl\ ?:K Railroad. ? A ?eriou? accident happened on the Hudion River railroad between Ttckskill and KixhkilL It appear* that a person wan standing on the platform of tbe express train, on the Vi'th innt.. wlun, by a sudden jerk of the care, he wm thrown oil with great violence upon the rock*. ami win taseu up lOM-nsible. lie wan conveyed to the nearest house. It is supposed that tbe injuries will prove fatal. Fink. ? About one o'clock thix morning, a lire broke out in the fourth xtory of the building No. 610 1'eAr street, occupied ax a tenant house The ft re men were quickly on the spot, and extinguished tbe llnmea. Loss between one and two hundred d illarx. Unknown Man Kouxn ? The body of a man wan fouol n the Hudpon river on Monday la*t, near Albauy lie appeared to be about 40 year* of age, and had been in the water xon.e time. His name wan not known. Ver dict 'Accidental drowning." Jersey City Ntwi. Itr* I'Bttoff Rkpokt.? lhere were committed to tho Jersey City prison, duriug the month of January, fifty three pemiui, for oll'encea an follow* ? Kor drubken n?fx, 27; xtealing, 7; assault, 7; drunk and disorderly, 7; suspicion of theft, 4; malicious mischief 1 ? total, 61. The nativities of tbeee prisoners are a* follow! ? Ire land, ;>a, England, 4; Germany, 6; I' nited States, 0, aud France, 2. In January, 1864, there were routined in the Kan e prison 82 persons, of wliicb 44 were committed for driinkennex*, 1J for druuk and olxorderly conduct, and 6 for vagrancy. During tbe paat mor.tli, Rev. Mr. Verrinder, city mi xicnary, liaa aOerded relief to 9 familiex. These were relieved Irom one to tour weeks each, as raxes re<iuired ltrurr KfRfriiK Poor? Oi'kkatiovh or tiik I.AOiKa' Sew JNU t o( li.TY . ? The ladiea connected with the Sewing So ciety recently organized to aid the city missionary In relieving those in want of help, met yesterday iu con lidt rable numbers to forward their benevolent work. ?od will hold a Kpeclal meeting on Kr day afternoon, at tne rccm? on tbe corner of Hen lerxon and Gregory xtreetx for tbe same purpose. During tne paat month this so ciety liaa made fifty comfortable*, which Have been difiuibiited among familu a in need of tliem, and articlex of (lathing have b?en furni-bed to thirty children and adults? moxtly children. Of the children, all were Sunday school acholarx, except a few that attend pub lic school. Williamsburg City IVewa.. Aj-juilt ami> Batttky on a Kkmalk. ? The trial of John r Teale, arrested a few nights since on a charge of as sault end battery en a German woman named Kaiser, took place belore Justice Boswo 11 on Tuesday afteroooo. lie testimony showed that complainant went to the hirnne of Mr. Tealo to collect $10, due her husband for woik,tbls wan refund, and she then asked for Ufty ite n tH to buy food lor her children, or tbat he would give them mmi-thing to eat. Alter Home word*, it i? alleged that Teale struck the woman several times, knocking her down ftwira, from which she recelvni ?e v*ie injuriea Aecused was m-nt'-nced to pay a tine of $20, or twenty day* in jail, if not paid fiTATC* OK JaCKBON IN N*W OXLIiSS The fourn atioa of 1n<- pedestal for a statue of Jackson, in Jackson square. N?w Orleans, wan commenced on the If? d instant It in to be a bronze statue, and dark Mill* i? the artist. Court Calrndar-Thb Oajr Bmti? #i<nn Ihhihht Cocst? No*. 57, AS to 70. Alison's DagnerrtotypM, Large Size, for VI eent*- colored, ami iu nice ca*e, twice tiie size -tt taken for M> cent a and equal in quality and si/.e to any that aie made elsewhere for $-? ANHON'S, i8U Broad way, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Tli? Two Shilling Daguerreotype Oepot l? ( i ruwu..t dally by the uraTi and tfce gay, tLe l>??ly and wint'- nil (ftfln| pirtiin?W Wttti kimI [mrfritlMi, <m |ieoltioii and economy, by the United Stale* patent pic ture machine of HOI. MRS, 2?9 Rroadway. Albert If. IVIcolay will hold hla ll<gnlar semi weekly auction Kale of stock* and hou is tlyi .lay, at l'Z)i o'clock, at the Merchants' Kxchaoge. Eor lur 'ber particulars, ?>e his advertisement in another col umu. ? atalogue* can be obtained at the o li :e, No. 4 Broad street. Plino?.-l>nat R* tl (lotion In Prlrrs.? The largest assortment in the United states, comprising those of ten dilf-rent manufactories. -Superior tou-d fi octave piano* for $175 Se onl band pianos at great bargain*. prne from $40 to $150. Melodeon* from live different manu factories IIORACK WATERS, 3J3 Broadway. Kxrhangr ? A Npir ndlil 1*1 alio, RiwwimhI, al most new and warranted, will be etchnngel for a j secondhand piano, or sold at a (treat sacrifice for cash. I necessity compelling the owner to do so. Ry Mr. Weber's | I ennisKi'on, it ir.ay be reen at 1 Oil West Broadway. f.ook Oat for the Sew York Picayune on Saturday ? A glorious h t at Chevalier Wikoll 'a ?' Court ship and its Ciion quencea" with the Am?ri ?n heiress. Twenty nil rich mil racy carlcatuiea. lilies prepare! gentlemen be serf f coquettes and fortune hunters, I where are you ' 1 r <?*, a* usual, only tlnee cents. Mi?? toys, wake tip The newabojs will liave the Picayune j on Sunday morning. t?rund Sale of Winter nothing.? flOOJIOO worth of clothing, manufactured "y ttiree of the . leading hooi-e? in Rro?dway, for sale at half pre <? at KVANp' clothing warehouse, fcfi and >tH Pulton street. Broken llankb.Prcient Value.? \ 1 1 city hanba taken at par Uuvernuient Stock, 76 cent*; Wheat | drawers', 9ft; Krldgetoo, 90, Washtenaw, 40, Lewis County, ?"tO. Indian* nst.ks, W?, at K.VaV.*?' clothing ware house, titi and 08 Pulton ?*reet Selling off, at an luiinruae redut lion of our foimcr prices, the balance of our stock of trlnter cloth ing. 'iver oats, t'i 50 to $ti; p?nt? and \ >?t?. $1 to $4. < all. eisinine sod purchase liHA.NT k KYUKK, corner ol (?rand and Ontre streets. (?aylei'a Hi llmire Sa la mn mil i Ha tea. -Only depot I earl eppot te Kletcher street. No <tle more reliable against Are and burglars : Lnu <!AYI.KH'S Huo* dreda ha?e proved prac'i ?Hy oselul to merchants, jew , elers, kc. Defiance Salantanarr Bulu? Itobi rt M. 1'ut" OCI'J tbe cole manul'sc.lur?r in the 1'nited ntales of Am aho?? celebrated safes, aod K, C. fiofltn s imp< tie wakle defiance locte and cross bars. ftepot No. 1 W ?earl street, oae door Wow MaJJen laoe. Wrdrilng Cardi^An Asaoilment in ECrer* dell's elegantly "ngravsd wedding cards, envelopes, te , j tan l>e bad on application, or sent by post to sny part 1 of the i.oun?ry. Established 1840. JAMUS K'. KitllKI.I., &U2 liroadway, corner of Duaue st F.narnrea of t Wer llrnn?ty, Nelguctte, llen oesey peiich and otar>l bran.lies. Jamaica and Mt. Croix rum, Scbiedam schnapps, sun ?-tte, ahsyntb and euia . j can. the must favori'e bran I of oil of, oils of { hitter slnmnds, .inn p?r, pimento ?'*rrsnn ? abnyntb, ' 1 raiaway, peppenn'nt. A<-.;p atma, h<smitth, mtnga tese, ' | cadmioBi, n.rkel, bromine, iodine, cyanide, potassi um. flistil'ed mercury , hyposulphi te siMa, Th iroe's eatrsct I ecpa'va. fnmigstinr p*st lcs, carmine rouge. Ac. Kor I eale by f?r I.. KKl't'HTWANOKK, 141 Maiden lane. Improvrment In L)rnttatry.? Dr. l<evett, dentist, l'i Waverley place, near the .Sew York Hotel. In i vltes tbe publi" to witness the su< ceee of ^ls various im trmements for artificial teeth, allowed hy those who ave tested them to be unsnr passed Hollo** ay'a Ointment. ? Profeneoi llolloway had the boaor of l?ing pressnted to th? Km|>eror of llus ?la in IkM, and obtaining permission lor the sal* of this extraordinary tdatment in Russia, In coasnqoeaoe of Ita grsa' efficacy in all skin li-esae*. It will cure aalt rfieum and cro'tila when all other minis fall. Sold by slldrog gists, and at the manufactories H) Maiden lane, New totk, and 1!44 Strand, Uix'no at 2Un.t , an I $1 pot. < onglia, (oMi, lloorarnena, Aatlima. Hore tkrntt, ano all lurg affections, are speedily relieved an I [ Anally < ur??l by using f>r. BotTtH celebrateil cough . candy. i'nil'ren who are pretisposel to croup, are I effectually relieved in a very 0?ort time. n i. j,ir??aot to eat Sole everywhere. I>ep<>t :t*i^ Itroadsay. What la ? ml l.lver Oil I Who liaa roimrc* tio* will the S'or* So 111 Aator Ho.tser Are quest . .n? : bii uga'. to public evsry day . they wlU tie aattsiae ' ti.rllv an. were: by PKUlKKICK V. Hi ?tHTON, so a ef tb<- late Wm L. R . bton, originator an : *eni?r par ner j of the late firm ol p. iibton, < lark k ' ?., at the ot 1 eita hllahlntnt, No. 10 Aator House, corner ol Bar ley street, and 417 Rrnadway corner of Caoal street. , ... _ Halm of Tltotieantl ?"Iotas re i Have you tried the Halm of H'. i?sn 1 Klosera, 'Ti? a gl'-riotia gift to this w> rid ?( oura I It clears tbe sk<n till esch tduab shims through lake a rosy gleam on the ?? rmng 'lew ' It abolishes frecslee, a?'l pi- 'i'lea, aul tan ? I It tesuUAes eomaa. gives couifort to man. R'nders shaving a luiurjr, terns b?* ao?n | All biil'liea ana chape, like dark ciotada from the mina. Thia W'.a>i< rftl ( rs?. r f'?oo er^dvate* every ' J tf.*- -kip, fci* 1 -* IL# 'i#usiow* fr?<rftr*. *04 ' b<aJtl> wath I?r the ever placed n '.be I 'oiiet rrnmitiC A Ol, l-w<a c H RI^, 1<#2 I T'rnas ?>y aid a I unr^g eta. -e f' ?>?? Mai i ImI. On Monday evening, Jmuarv 29, by the Rev. JuaN Millett. at bin retidf Dee, No 31# Broome ?tr*et, Mr. Jo?* Wiurr to Miaa Hakaii Cimt, *11 ol thi* city. DttO, On Monday morning, .'auuary 28, IlrizjuuiH B. Ciur M4M, in the ol u m age. The Mauve* md trieu 1* of i he d ?ceaaid. an<l those of ! bia brother, Warren Chapman, are re? pre- luliy invited to attend bii< fuuer&l, from bit late rcidru'e. No. I'll : (ireenwicli Itreet, thin attsrnoon, at two o'clock, wim out lur'ber imitation. Hit remain* w II tie taken Ureeowood for interment. On Wedne?day, January .'11, of scarlet fever, Canor, youngest daughter of Charli a and Julia M. Marcher, ujwi 1 ytar, 11 month* and CI day < fb? triend* of the :aniily are invited to attend the fa. neral from the residence ol her paren'*, No. 179 Went Twenty -tilth ?trr?t, this afternoon, at two o'clock, with out iortbrr notice On Wednesday evaning. January ill, Mr*. Klizaiutii ItoMNto.N, aged SJ yarn The r> lativen and of the family are respectfully iavi ed to attend tbe funeral aecvicc, at her son-in-law'*, No. 52 Fir?t atrect, at half paet nevcu o'cl'jck this eve ning. and the fuuer*l at the M'tbo<iUt Church, at New Kochelie, at eleven u'clock to -morrow incming. On Wednesday, January 31. Ku/siik-r.'i Tl. Fotkk, daughter of William II. uul Mary A. Foster, aged 4 month* and "3 da) a. Tkc friend* of the family are respectfully invited to at tend tier funeral, from tiie residence ot her parent*, No. 2 6b Kivington street, this morning, at nine o'clock In thin city, on Fricay evening, January -rt, of con sumption, tbe wife of Hon. I.uciui U. I'eck of Moatpe lier. Vermont, She \taa a lady of very eatuuable ell* racier, an<' ia much uiournad i>y a large circle ot friends in New Orlcanv, Wit?hin*tnn, in tbla city, aud elsewhere In Uroviklyn, on Wislneaiay, January HI, of ?cii<d?t lever. William <i , only ?on of tlnri A. and J une* 1*. 1'owell, aged 1 yt-ar. ll> months and 16 days. 1'be relative* and friend* of tbe family are reapeet fully invited to attend tbe funeral, this afteruooa, at tw> o'clock, from the residence of Ills father, No. 1M Nasaau j street, corner of Stanton street, Brooklyn, without fur- I ther notice. In l'rooklyn, on Wedn?*Jay morning, January .'(1, John I.kxlib, youngest child or James and Rebecca King, aged 4 yearn, 2 months and 18 dava. 1'be Irienit* ot the lamily are invited to attend the fu neral, tbiH auerncou at two o'clock, from the residence of bis parent*, No. 106 Bridg" street. In Flushing. I.. I , on Wednesday, January 31, Ja?K4 Scott, in the Mith year of hia age. The relatives anJ triend* or tne family are respectfully invited to attend hi* funeral, from hie late resi lence, Flushing. L. I , to-morrow. The Flushing Rulroail train leavee Hilton slip, N Y., at ten o'clock \ M. At Hoiioken, ou Monday, January 29, of consumption, Mr. Ihaao Liay, aged t3 years. Ilia fih-nda lire invited to attend his funeral, at the Baptist Church, corner of Third an l Uloomiield streets, . this afternoon, at tarn o'clock, wi-hou*. further notice. The remaioH of the late Mr Jim* O. Ausr vr, arrived iu the hark k. Wright. Jr., Irora far Franciacti, Cal. Me waa liom the county rVrry, Ireland, but for many year* a itcceislul merchant in St. l/iula, Mo.; he waa a man ol great integrity aud emrgy in husmets, and laaves many friend* in ibis city and Roiton. He will be inter red in I'hiladelph ? t)n Tburnlay, January 26, at her residence, Ivlge Hill, Accotnao county, \ a , Mra. ' 'athukixk i'roppkr, agelHt ! yearH. Mra, Cropper was ttie widow of tbe late '???uer?l John Cropper, an officer of the Kevolution, and motlter i ol ('apt. Thoman B Crupper, of thia city. lllVERTISkiMKNTS RENEWED EVERY MY PEHMMAU I^ttFPERlCE ASTOK OAKEB.? SHOULD IHIS MF.KT J tbeeye of ftdnbk At too OaktM, lately o:' spring j street, near the llowt-ry, New York, tie will luar of ?im? tiling n pally to tin advantage by writing to bis brother, in tlii* Iioyal Kc.giumr Hepartint nt, Quebec. Canada, IMOkMaTION WaNTED-OF JOHN II. OVERTON, OK York shite, England. bait been id thin country six years, lived in Kant Brooklyn Mint* two years ago; lit a machinist by traie. Any information will tie kin.ily re celved liy m?. Address Box 'J->4 llirinttnrliain i'??t onieo, OWMllMl .11 'UN ASK WITH. INFORMATION WANTED ? OF NAT! I VN'IEL REN yolds, of the city of New York, who purcnased two lots ot ground irotn 'tie t'ltnton IVuniiany, of ltal'>RHire, in 18di. By aUcrvfesing it line to M. J. Kerney, AS Fayette j ittreet, Ball more, will bear of something to lilit interest. IE JANE D N, WHO WAM FOR A SHORT iTMK i at Mm. Quillinan'i, No. t> John ?lifet, Minurl.M, London, will addrean a letter to J. , l'.?4 Water street, New York, the will hear of "Otnethinj; to her ail Vantage. IF JOHN MOVl'E Wll I. WW; P. In III HltorilKK IIE will bear of sotnetli ni{ to bin adv intake, or any I pernou i.nowinx where lie U, will roofer a favr by ad dressing DEN Nib BOYf'E, 119 Tichoivr street, Ne satk, N. J. "\| AhY MIIJ.F.R. FORMERLY WET NtTRSK IN TOE I l\ I family of K. Ear'.ewin, No. l:KH'ru*by ?treet, vl'l lentil something to her advant me ay < alltn< on John P r>Hil?rU.n \a vfc?? Irani lUnt, MAKY JIAOGEHTY, FROM SKIHHKKEEN, (XK'NTY fork parsctger per ljuly Franklin, who arrive! I'rcrDbrr ill, 1 HA4, is requested to i'all at t!io 0fH"r of Samuel Thr.nipson A Nepr.ew, 275 Peail s'rwet, to heir ot her friends MR. 10UI8 PAUL GERMAIN, BORN ON THE 1'irn of August, 1H27, at Umui, fCaivadn*, ) U hereby inlonatd tlutt hi* father, I out* Chiarles I iftw <i?nnain, died at l.isnux, on tkl 'ilrtof July, 1U3, II < lamdy request him to < onimuni'-?te with Mr. Kspoir derm h?i, < hevalier of the l?gi*n of donor, and Captain of (ieutl arines at lisie-ix, who is the exeautor of tbe eatato. or wuh Mr. I'anl N'egrin, 170 Front afreet. Now York. Any persona who may have information concerning the afore said 1 otiia I'aul tietmam, are ro<|'iefct?l to tranamit it to eith>r ol the above addrr ".sea, and Mcept the thank* 'if an affli ted family who have received oo new* of their relative for several year". New "paper* Id the I'moo generally would serve the eauae of humanity by insert ing the above PEK.~ONAI..? THK HKI^ATIVKS MMNIf. AM EN, recently mate nl a 'hip ant of this port, and sup posed to be from I'enneylvaoia. oan hear something to 'heir advantage, by applying to J A MM W. PHILIJP8, bl Sooth street. LECTURER. AN ILLUSTRATED LECTURE ON THE WAR IN Kurope will be given on Thtiradoy ? vening, Fob 1, at the Ftnyveaaot lii'tltnt* fta# Broad war by Captain AIFXANMR AMTX'K. Military, attention' The ie*| ????tea of 'he war will be (Moiled the ottorur of o r"gu lor lorirtaa, and the movement* ?f the balllgorsnto, ex empl lied by i olired plana- VlrWS, and am- dote* of uuli 'ary life in the romp, nciudlng the siege operation ? at Sebeatopol, and the position i f the arcn.i-s in the Held. , T cketa, 26 renta IV^ira open at t\ o'clock ; lecture to commence at 7,', precisely p EQKGK I'AYN (JI ACKKS'BOS, WIIX LEC V3T ture ttefore the Young Men's literary Aaau lotion of WIlliamaturK, on Tliurixiay evrninK, Fi b. 1, at 7,',' o'clock, in the Refotiin") Dutch cburcb, foorth ?treet, c?>rn< r of South Socood. -^ibject ? History and Woodera ot Magic. Admittance 26 coot*. JJEW KNtil.AND Y<?I NO MEN'K AMOCiATION IJCC I turea.? 7 bird lootore, at the Tote rnocl*, thi * evi o ing, February 1, at half paet aevo o'clock, hy the Rev. H?-nry Ward Beecher. Hnbjeet? "Patriotism. " Ti tela ^6 cent". Fourth lecture. >rt lay, Fehrutry t?th. at Clin ton Hall, Astor pla-e, by I rr. Ollvei Wandell Holm**. K. W. FIMIER, M D., ProaUont. E. W H ' ?ooeti, Secretary. RKST A ( It n MTf< BALIX-lil RWO THE BALI. KEABON, TATI-OR'S .-aloon, between Prince and .Spring atr^sta, will be kept open till one o'clock, to accommodate per?>na wl<b iog to take aupper e'lNE TFHRAI'IN mar AM) HTEWWl TERRAPIN. aou|> alogibier puree, Kngliah muttoo, veoiton ?leaks, mill ^ond and naHtlle ror k oy^tera. |?altry and game of all kioda In ?ea?on. from l'i till 4 thu day. Waahington Reatoaront. No 1 Broadway. CIIKLTENHAM LANOri, FLUsllINU, L. I. ? FIFTY acrt? on Wbiteatnoc avenito, adjoiniog the former i on ii try aeat of the late liardoer ti. Howlan I Ea<| It la favorable for the cultivat'no of market tru? *, or for a vioeyart, f. r whh It it would eooo yield a fortune annual ly. I (am it are valuable chalybeate aprlng" and copious eprng* of pure water. It may at any time i>e profitably xmtertrd Into villa plola. Also, twenty five n r?< of marth and three acres of wo >dlaod. Tne whole or any part will f<* a?'ld, or leased for a terms of years, on ?-a?y tern.', oi exchanged lor good ni .rtga^et or iniprove<l un encumt^red real eatate in or about the city Apply Vt EUWARD W. BRAMAT, No. .17 Mnth street. <ALfc? AT AUCTION. AHUON N'lTIf^:? W W SHIRLEY WILL SELL the bolan e of 'on?ignment- of earthenware chin* aoo gla?? in Frday. Feb 2. lKt, at I0){ o'cbf k, w fl oat I urther nnti e. Oots.ogues on th' morning '.t a%l>, at the sture of Thomas F. Field, IV) Foltoo street * I CTIO.M N(/ll(.TC.-rj BE ?<OIJ? ON F'KIHA V 1 lilt 24 of lehruary, at 44u F "htb avenue, a larre an I well aworte'1 ?tO' k of toot? ?t, -~e and flodings ienni co<h or approved aotee at twi and three m<,uth<. Hale to e ror ern e at 10 o'clock A H CB W \R-^l!N0, As.t^oce At < ritiN NfiTI'f THO-1 BIXt, ACmOVEKR . By PI LI. A K B ? This doy. at |(i>, o'cIks, io tke 'alerrMio', i'7 Ontre ?tr.*t, vat ?ty ??lc I urni ture, hotel arrangetf.'-n's, spleo kl pa.ot gt , foods, ' iott ng, pledgeo ir1i la? jewelry. w? i.e. . a icikjn bale or ran /eweut ftAMUKL of- j AnctM'OOei wil soil at bis store, ftA Naes ? a slrvet, at 10^ " ' lock, This day. :be remalod* r of 'he st>ck ol J M'n >orty. -le* easod, by Offer of t.e Ks ecu't rs, con>iating of (Foe lo* *-t, hunt ng and lep na ? at gi. Id guar! aod ?e*t ha'ti. r sft. earring, bra- eiwta, Irrx he? k< . Ti.? ? >u>le <A llir sVci to *e without reserve, Cota>?i|*e oo the m.> n ng of ?ale AU Sftii lea warranted as repraseo ted ia toe -ata log ue. HY C. a VATEM RT, Ai'UnONKER. -THM DAY, Th>.'*iay February I ? llovooa segars ) ist re cet??c per (bmlio, a I - e oti ko. Aieo. ol Oeroson ? i art put <| ti Mpooisl gtslo Also ho e w o?s, brao ?its* tod a la'gt raristy of o'Jttr ? ril'les I it oaetlco ?art see atatngie at o .t >:uit 4 H"ti, ?'??art. The 'a s is ssi oe a : u v U, aod ll ? tlK . ' eserve '.it i ask. ?AJLBi AT ACCTIOff. A LBERT H. NIOOLAY^ AUCTIONMR ? STOCKS J\_ and bornli at auction. ? Regular aaJa ? a;.I'EkT II NIl'OLAY ?i 1 nil Uli riji, Km. 1, at J'.1, o l?tl, 11 Ik* Merchant*' for account of (boa itioti concern ? 110,010 >*? ( a?ti? and Richmond RlllNM Irt mortgage 7 per wnt ? .interlude bond*, int*ri?t Mr* kll IB Nt? York let February an 1 !?'. Auifuiif, #1,000 each; SI,COC (li??t We?t*rn (IlliooU) lUi', l?t mortgage 10 per ?bt bund. in?*re*t l?t April ami lit October, $6,0u<l Flitbing Railroad lit mortgage, 7 p?r cent bonda, intertil pai>?bl? 1 at March and lit S*pt#m

Ler, $1,000 each; $> Ooo H'ate of MUeouri per cent bond*, ioUiHtt pa/.tble lit January and tat July, $1,000 each; $2,000 Cleveland and Toledo Railroad " per c*ut convertible mu-i uii bond*, internal payable l?t January and lat July, in N?w Yore, ?l,o0o each; tft,MiO?>r' land, l'UDeaTiUe anil Ailitabula ilallroad 7 per c?nt mi rttfage bond*, (itaued tolhe .-unbiirj and Kne Ka.lrimil Com pauy. intereat pa/able in Philadelphia, lat January an ) Ik'. JuJy, $1 l<OU each , t- OoO Hudaon River Railroad tbiri inoitf ??? 7 per out bond*, intereat payable l?t May and lat IsnnlWT, $1,(00 each; gld.oOd ( ity of Meniptl* ft percent boa<le,'lotere?t put Able l?t Jib. aod lat July, $1,(00 narh. $ft,000 Cleveland and Pitta bun Kalltcad 7 pei cent Income bondi, interest lat Mav aod lat November *1 ,(KH) each ?T WO Northern In-:! ina Rati road (Uoaben branch) l?t mortgage 7 per < ??nl bond*. | intercut l?t Fibr.iarv aud l?t Augnat. $1,000 each. Alto, by order ot Mnarii Ml*. Whitebouae, J. B Varn im an 1 A. Booriy, rr??t?eiol th? lite Rosbeater, I/M5kp>rt and Niagara Fallt Railroad, $21,000 New York Central Kail ro?ut o per ctnt Hiibacrtpii'jn bond*, redeemable n 1899, i inU r??t payible l?t May and lat November, $1,000 each ! 40 aharea Southern Mi 'blgan, I ldit e*:h; I.o do. Ohio Ceitral, $')U each: 20 do Northern In diana ccnatruction a'ock, $10O each; 50 do. do do., ?100 each $ltH'--A dividend ?crip for (>o? liundr- I and Hfty dollar* of the ( levvland aud Fllt?'iur^ Ktllroul Company. 20 abate* American Expreaa Company, $100 tacb; lo 4o. Irving Hank. 160 tacb; 40 do. Chatham Rank, $.'h #aoh b Co. Knickerbocker Rink, $ -6 ea:h; CO <!o Atlandl Hank, 9100 each; 40 do Suffolk Bank, tJOeacb; -0<lo I'ari.era' l oan and I'ruat Company I j0 e*ct? , ft .lo Ht. Mara'aKire Inmiran' ?? (Aiui| aiiy >'Jft?acb . ^'Oin. North American Wre Insurance O.m uiny, $M) utli , loo do. Haimooy lire Innunuce Company, *i<? ???.<? la ; .'.4 do. North Hrver Fire Insurance I (impaoy, (2ft ea b ; 70<( do. rotomm- Copper 1'nmpi.ny, $10 aa'-h; J7ft do !-u?b<dla Copp?r Company. ?10?ach; MK) do. I'nion Hold Mining Company or North Carolina, (ft ench. Tcruia of ail>' ? Ten ptr c?nt thin day, mid the balance before ? o'clock to m> rro*. 1 he accrued iutervat on all tba *ond* will bo charged to the purcbauer. Mail regular ?al? on Monday. Albert H. Nicola/ Wold* regular n?l-? of atocka and bocd* ?t?ry Monday aod TUuraday at toe M?r chania' Exchange, and alao aiwcial aal<-a, when riMju re I, Tiieeiay, Weiineaday, Friday and Satunlay. At private aale, agwat vari-ty ol flr?t cla?a railr<>ad, city and Kta^e Ik nda, bunk, inaurance and other atocta, of iiniloubUal character for inT*etm>'nt For par'iculam ?ee hia prf* rate ?alea catnlogue. Office No. 4 Broad atreet, nexv to i orner of Wall. IIH0ENKB. FRAVKMN, AUCflGNEKK ? HY FRANK j UN * Nl IIOI.-i, U John atreet? will oell on lhuraday, at 10, o'clock, on account of whom it may concern .ft batketa wine. Edward schenck, acction kcr.? cdward IsCHKNCK "ill aell at auction, on Thuraday, Keb ' 1, at 11 o'clock, at The wilea rcom, lfl Wall atreet, great i ?nle of a private gallery of oil painting*, by the ?>?<*' ar tlita In Europe. Tlia lollowmg paintingH are tbe pmpar ty <>f a gentlaman leavisg for Europe, and will be pernnp torily a?ild to tbo tigbeht bidder The palntinga Include very brautllul landn.sapea, aridiitectural ioteriora, lhitch interiore, winter aceiMM, pantoral aobjocta, How?r pieeM, j marine pieced, and uiany aplendi l Ian la?a(>ee of home i erenary, by the I jllowltw artUta ? Webster, Carter, I .^rl.arpe, Schadael, Vandrieait, Williaine, Hergi, Pilliel, lkitti, Vael, k.van?,i'au?aei Rim aeel, Walheal, (lintjan k, Datlman, Janper, Sely , aod otliera. Sale poa>ti?e. lermt ca.-h The painting* now on view. Alao, on Friday. Feb. 'J, a line collection of elegant Frearh and Kngliih Jewelry, coaaiattng of watchea, diamond*, he. IxcSSmm. franklin, auctioneer? by FRANK lj UN * NICHOUi, .11 John atT*et-WiU -ell thia day, Ht 10 o'clock, on account ot wbom it may concern, Jft liarket* Heidaick win*. G? ROCFRIEsj R0TKAWAY CARRIAGE, MACCAlluNI, f batdwar* ? Ft May, Feb. 2, at n I!"y >tre?t, corner ot Greenwich? Segara. tcan, augara, co'fe.-a buekwheat, chocolate, currant-*, almun^a, h' rrln^i, brandy, g>n, rum, wine, corditlt, champagne, ?ardln tn, aoap, candl**, wlipe, ?ad>:?rv, kiuvea, torka, couoteri. bal*n<'*a, . a* Icon furniture, Ike. W. A. CARTER, au -tloneer. ft7 I J'ey *lre*t. HKNKY H. I.KKIH k CO A l'(TI' MfHME ? UK A I ' ? til nl tiiiiCjr ke. ll?nry (i. Ionl- \ Co , will ] n?ll by [ami ion, oa 4I hurmlay l?t, aod Friday '2d, *t J( >, o'clock each ilny. at tin* aalen rMM, 10 Ni'miii 1 afreet, l>etwe?n !'in* an<t <4M)ar e'.reete, a urge :ollrr'iou hi l>eatitiful aud Italian guo?l?, jtut imported fr no lUly by .Rigour 0. H I'andolftni, all of the fic.rat aty lea cot up in Italy, i-on?i*tlng of large ami coitly vaaaa, tanaa, ke , auitablr (or nusbea, piera, kr. Alan, a Inilfi- i-olloctlon ol alabaster group*. ataiuettea, flgarea, k<.j* troacan, h?tx and other beautiful ?>?? of varinui F>?( &ad atyl*? Alao, the > alaoce of ?h*ftl?l<l pUted ware, to bo aold without rraerr* Alan, b.-oai**, fan y *?np, port MdiiM, gold l<>ek?tt, ao I o'.her goodit* i* luac cnnaig amenta. HK-4BY u. iam, aixtionkru. ? bv h. h. l.*rd* ft Co., Thoraday, k'rb. I, at 12 o'rlor.k, m f r?>?t of tbe a tore, 1# Naaaau ntrr?t, two caw anl *\ l?-o did light buggy w?f?oa, of tbe b te?t atylea aod b**t rtanufarturr. orrwial 10 rrery raat^ct. AUo, ntw (?ar bone ten yrar* ?.ld, (Otiod ami kind, and wi'l go a mile in 3,'j minuter Alao, a ain<(lr harn?*? bnt little oaod Alio, a roan yii j horae, about If) hand# b igli, f<mr ) tare old, warranted anand an l kin< In eiagle au<l double baroraa Hknrv t i feds7 AiTnwEiC^wsinrii.r lam aale of alngh rob*', kc , tbi* rcaaon, at 1 M t nil' n atrrrt. wir Naaaaii.? T'le rntiir ?to ?* innat ha Mild tlua day in conaequrnce of removal. Sni? prrrmpto ry, without |r**rve. l.i?- ry '.able keeper* would do well to attend. Hf.SRY II LKiillfl, Al/'CTIONKER ? Blf H. II l-Kl irt k 00.? 'Friday, February 2, at 1 o >lo.-.a, at Uir ?a'earooni. ift Nvtu ?lrw<) t>**otiluJ -ale of atufled birda, prepared by the crirOrat*.! Mr. Oaitraith, (*ia/ the Br?t collection e?*r brought forward by bun run ?iat iik of large caae* ol biria. do. in g..i?a auadet bird* 10 group* aod eingle, mounted OB *prlg? from all part* of the world, to lie toM without ffr**. H0C8K ani? i/>t at ai <tios'._to bk -"ild by ?herlft ? pal* at public auction to morrow fltt ou) ) i>b U, at I'J o'clock M , at the Un h>o < I. a cl.anirr, in iKm city, tin* hou>v aod lot 108 Laat -la tavntli ?tn*t, Imtwn n th? lira*, aod eM< od ???nu<-?, in tin iDiiotdialr tlcioilr uf railroad*, |.u'jUt m|ui*r?ii aud foiiBtainn Ibc lot ia IfO fort 10 .inckaa ky 193 tort 3 hii.bra. The hun**. four atory and higU bairm*nt, coo taina all lh? imalrrn improv-uiruta. piich up pa?, hatha, Croli B, h i toirlii rp, kc. , court yar<l and imn p<irtl?o in In ot, built in a >ub?tant ai manorr, tltlr p< rfrct . tarnip ioa lr jtoowo at the timr of ?alr E. II. Ll'bUJW, Auctioooor. Jniiv w sowcRmnvKF., a lctioiockr.? mokt. lapp aale of boup*hnkl fnroitaro, ate. ? On thia iinj .i|?i Inat at 11 o'clock, at II Bonl p'.rrr'. >|In4U b<iup< hold 'urnlturr, cooaiating ?f the i?ual rarie'y >f I-hiIoi illninr room, hod room, anil altchro furnlturr, pa sttnga, booka, tc. JOUN ? H<iMI HI 'JJi* KK, Attorney for ll?rtgai;*o. JOHN W .HOMKRINDYEK, ACCIIO.tKKR ? WlRTfJAaE >al? of laundry Uxturei, kc.? On Friday, Keb 2. at 1 1 o'rlork, on tbe nor'nrait <-ornrr of wixih aT>nneaod Forty arrond atroet, tba loUowliif go >1a o?o hoilor, 7t iron#, three furnacoa, drain pipra Crotnn | ipr?, waali tuba, raai gle, tahlra, and oth-r rnoreaide pr prrty ap prrta nliiK to tho laundry buame'i Alao, a hor?e wag.ui an i harneaa. JOHN W. lOMERlXDYKK, Att-ropy for MorW ago* IIKXiAKT, AI OnONE?:K? BY 1> WOOiM. HALCT . ruoma eoroor of I'ranklort and William atrcoto? Ivrai aal ittrntlon will l>o givra to tbe aale of honaehold f urnit. .r?. at Hie rriidrn"f? of famille* hnakut^ up hiinaekprpioK, acl to o,it door ?ale? r*-nrrilly aod a; th* -alTprf-oma, <?f faraituro, dry giiO'ia (rrn'rriea hr, (inoip atored, ibaureil andadnancra made whan raj ur- ! Klrat rrgalar aalo at tbe aalr-rooma. on Wrilnea<2a>, 7th >ehruary, inat. IMOKIAKI^. ADCTIOMEER, WHX KM. THW t 'lay, at 10 o'cloffc, at 173 Chatham aire?t, a nv-i aapni tmeat of f urnitur* from familira rwmoainr Alao bar fiitaiea, brer pump, and a large lot of groceries, ke., kc. BC. K?MH, AI'cnONEKR ? Kt'M. HUOMI ROMM, # * ~fkMradi|, ) rMay Md Wanlif February 1, ?l an-! ai I0>i i,'rUn k rart iiny. at 401 lirna !way, '?>r mrofWalkrr. H C. K?mp will aril aa aho?r t|<'i*IUN of ?'o- k nl t ,r a, to <?!<.*? thr reMora, ? "n> -tin^' of all the iiaual Tiriety of flrat etaaa fara. < a. I an ! ' latr. o*. and buy If y<io | Iraae. SHU* ? Mka OF D?Y k?' , OS FHfPAY. _ Krb. i, at .'110 Broadway, wanit n( of a reoarai n?M>itmant of dry gnpla, Baunala, cal 'oor. delatne i, ?b'rta, paata rapa, ke. rriu- MOKNINO, AT 10^ firlM'K, I HII.I, hH.I ^ by au' tion one dijublr aaite ao*l our ainclo aa ' r o f ?oaewid parlor furaituro, n.rrr?l aatia I ;'- atello alao lablra ti inati h, with a large variety of otfcar faraltaro for patera dinn r rooma, rhamliera aad hall?. of r-^o wooil, klMsk walnut Bafcngany aod <ak, alao "'aa, lia.ri. teto-a-ietea. divana, A< , from tnt ' 'aaa maau factorore, r> fnaraod fur roo**niror* of tala to my aai: tion ro* fii ilia Broadwar, "?rr?er of (wan* alreet At ni, o rlnek thl? afUrno- n, ;0,bnu argai ? in ? 'ta tu aa t pur haarra. I ?ary fa< lit. ? to afci|p>r?. H NW Mi IKRKI A . tiono. r Wn NH I/?K "aI'i TBoVKFB -BY HOI'i.HrOV k # MKIJ.'iK Ttla i*ay , ( Ttioraday ) at 10 o'elwk ; at th? >alr room. 11. ; "aaaaa *tr?et, elefaot ant ">>tiy I. rat claaa labinot furniture, r?m< ?a?t for "Oa'rn ea ? f tale M?o. ri?a#wf ?d | laoofortra mirror* til pa n' ago, k Tln? in want ?' gnnd farnl'nra ran r?ljr ,p a la fitia^ patlafa< t* n ?n<l aa r*pr*?*?t?d Hot?l p*opr1e t;re, 'I* trad*. ? o?.ntry mrf, (,ani? and thoaa a'r .t r* fnrni' bin*. ? ill Bad It to their adtaotag* o at lea I tr. a aai* rb? ite a cot?ieta la part of rvhij anel roae woc/'i |.?rk?r furn.tur* en auite, e#??ifwd n the Bar at tain fcroratella, pluah and hair cloth, mft 1 carted aiPtf?rra, w tk aiirror I'oora aad ha ?? war tr >00* plat* (Iat" I'Mra, par lor *? < r?tar ,r? loead win aao rl- bly ^arr* 1 la/ltea' ' alraata roe* *'?rl and n.a bocany, marbi* ? *o re an<t pier ta*-ioa, tote a trX ? ??(aa, di*an> and OdoOankO, Vi, Oaay and r.,-? ng % r?, ?Mer.didly tar Tad roeewon-l k^d oak Mil (tar 'a ha.' I lablra, d i. og room 'kaira In laororon aod p' i'b. *1 '? t?a"'r hkrary and ??"r*t?ry i*# .i ?ir?i lit riry -a- Ua, r.r-t '? , loerwood ao l oak r**('.?a kaira, t>< >tytr? tail <** fr?, foihl' ??wlOf ha r< rar*od faeeoiod a>. 1 aal. f'ti L-edeteade mart'- 'up ifmts bs.r?a a, w%?b ?'aa<i? .a) " nn*." I* iaal-1 |a.r. ? ; ar. i ?r. ?? - -'?'t !a? t?f ? iitO*, w*?> %?'* (| |* .aa't'p ;'t? w'b ? la* '*eo and npfcu. ?!*??- a* at <?*"*'? ta.r* p.** kor**ta r ma' ir?p*?* ke ?/ 'a "j *"* j* a# fir t'dM '*?? I yft* iiurriNi T?OR IJVKRI'OOU ? LNTOD iTATtn Ma!!. <-TTAM- 1 J " ?bip I'i' lUC, K. Nye, Commander Thm . abip will depart with tbe tniwd ^latae mail* for K iripe 1 po?it't*ly ou Wedueaday, February 7, it l'J o'clock M from aer berth, at tbe loot of Out I atreet Kor height or pa??age, tin Tina unequalled acoiuiuoOatioiia for *)? game a oil comfort, apply to UlWAKll K. COLtJNS, SB Wall atreet. I in*nr<-r> are requested to be uo board ?t I ? A M. 1'he Atlantic will aucm-ed tbe Pacific an<l aail Keb Jl fhippet* will pleare take notice that the abip* of j (l.i* lite < nonet carry any good* contraband of war I I IE WUTIffl AND NOBTII AMFJUCAN HOYAL MAIL SIKAMHUI' \ nV>M \'KW V ' 1 UK To UVKltPOOL. Oiicf ???! in paaaage tKH' 8ecind cabin pa 74 rlSOil UOtslON TO IJVKKJiMU. ? hief cabin paaaage. tllC teciud cabin |??-iiKt tO The abpa Iroiu lioaton call at liali'ax. AilAl'.lA Capt. Judaiua, aMLKICA, Capt. ! aog,> IA, Capi . Ryrie, kX'ROI'A, Cap), hani>< o, ASIA, Capt. K. <. Lott, CANADA, Oapt. .-turn All.ICA, lapt. llarriaou, NIAGARA, ' apt. Lar b. Tbta* vaaarla carry a cUier while light at want mac irrn i n ?tai board bow red on port b<iw. I ANA! 'A, Stone, leave* lion tun, Wedueailay, .Inn. 31* Al Kl? A, llarrii-un, " lloatou, W? tu**.!ay . Keh 14 A"IA, lott, " Itoaton, Wedneailay, Keb. 'JH. ? AN ADA, Mtono, " Ho*ton, Wo<lne?<1*y, M?r. b 14 [ Perth* uol ?? cured until patil lor. Au a|?nn??d eurgeon ou Uoatd Tbt owner* ol the*?. nlnpn will not be accountable tu> gold, ailver bullion, inacie, jewelry, preciou* etobe* of u.i ial?, unlet.* hill* ol lading urn aigned therefor* and tbe vali * tbeieot therein eipre*aed. for freight or peonage apply to L. cLNARD, 4 Bowling Gimo lT.i-rt will tw no ?tenui*hip? 01 thia liu* from New York unt'l further notion. Ou UVKRFOOL AND PHUajuKLTWa ?n:r U/mpany intend (oiling their favor it* ileaiaahir*? CITY OK MANOUiWncR....'i,ia6 toaa..Capt. v?,lie CITY OK HALTIMORK,(maw)2,6M ?? ..Capt. ? - tJTY OK WAhiUNttKiN do .*,700 " ..(apt. R. Lett** aoa FHiutoKLmu. CUTY U? UANCHKVKH Tburadaj, J.coarj 1?, IMA. ruin uvntroui, CITY or MANCmm'KK. . WodnaiMlay, February 14, )U*. bakxiD flW, toti and >&fc aorordlng to aiato room. A 1 1 mi tad number of third rlana pa??ngrrk wul b* tak*n from I'bJailalj hia and Lircrpool, aan fonad ia proTiiiao*. Krtim I'biladalpbla $>0 ) From Uv*rpooL I4i I*artia* wiahlng to briug out thalr fH*ad* can ot t*>a eartitnata* of pa?aa<r*. aun daafU 011 LiT?rpo<il, o luai of ?1 r>rling and upward* Apuij to H/ MCKl. SMITH, Ageat, 17 Walnut *lro?t, Khiladalpbia, a&4 ho 7 Hroad war. N'aw York. 1<0K LrVKJU'OOl. FHOM l'HII.AI>KJ.I'HI A THK NKW aud apli'Diild t'bilaili'lpbia built itoamnbip N'lK Til CAROLINA, l,h00 toon, Capt Wanblngton Sjrminaa, ? II btt rxadjr to rm rivc IrrigUt at t^ocoud Wharf, aoov* Vina ? tr??t, on Wadneaclay, .)l?t mat . abd aail 011 Saturday, Irhruary 3, ?t 10 o'clock. Hat** of pa???j;i. >*lo<iii U'itb?, $1'0, ini IndlnK atoward'a If an Third cUaa |>ai A l.aiitad numbar of third claat paaxTK^r* will lie taken from Philadelphia to Llvtrpool, and found .0 pro* iaion* , at t+.>. Dratta on agenta for ?1 nn I up warila. For frvlgLt or panaage apply to TIIOMA1- KICIl A lllifi k CO , 1 j broauway, N?w York, and Walnut ?treet, I'blladelphia. 1>(i|t HOI 'Til A MIT? IN AND HAVRE.? THK I'NITKD {.-late* mail ateamer I'NION, K Adama, Cominamlrr, will li'aTa New York for Ilavra, toucblii| at Southampton to land the ntal la and pax-i-ngora, on Saturday, I eo. 10, at 12 o'clock, from pi*r ii7, North River, foot of lhra<.b ?treet llic* of Pwaagw? Hr?t Cabin tl it M ? -Secouil ( aliin ft Lnrgage not wanted on tbe voyage ihoold be aeut t-u board tbe day before, markinl " below." No freight will be taken after Tburadny, Feb. H. Kor freight or po^aagi apply \j MOK11MKK UVlNHrtTON, Agent, ha Broadway. STEAMWre DKTWKEK HAVRK ANI? NKW Y0KK direct.? Tbe ateamalnp ALID will aaA froui Havre di rect lor New York, (without calling al any port iu kog land,) ou Saturday, 'ifiib of Novi'iober. Ibe rate* of freight aud pannage iu Ural aad Mcond cabin* will be veiy moderate. I be (ailing of ibe auccee lmg aUaiuera will be ahortly abuounced The rate of in?urane? In Krincei* le?a by abip* from Havre direct for N*w York, than in abip* railing at an l.ngliab port. Apply in Havre and I'arU, 17 Boulevard' il*a lialirnn, <? lioiiald ? ui/.a, or in New York, to K. CI S'ARIi, 4 Howling (? reen. ,>Olt LONLKJh . THK I ACKKT HBIP UVKRI'OOI.. lap- 1' Kearney, will aall oa Friday, Keb. SL Kor t>a??age, in brat or aecoud cabin, apply to TH0MAM C. ? hWlft-I, S3 Foalb atrial. AlbillAUA.- LNDEI'I-NDtNT UNt-TOSAU. WliH out fail i-ubroary I ? I he eloper aUip ICA31> UN TK, lor Mtlbomne, will be raaoy for *?? a* at?*e. 1 an a?ci mmodate lour cabin and *it aeooad .abiu pae a. ngara, if applied lor thia week, tier accommodation* are aufnor to any eeaael now np, aad pai tie* dee .OU* of!> rt and a tine abip, will do well to take pa(a?t(* in ihi* veahel. l or balance of freight and pa* .age, ai ply on board, al nli'r No. Kaat r.vei, or to AAKkl.l. h H I. KIT 148 Vaarl alreel, or K. RICHAIOWON k 00 , ?2 Houth atrewt. fr.Snkl) hTATF>< MAIL IXN'K K<?K CALIFORNIA, VIA 1 Aepiuwall and l anarna ? Calilorbiana are inlura>r<i (by authority Irom thel'auaioa Kallroad Company,; tiat the trail, it M tbe litbmua will be ina<le hy railroad from ot-ean to onran No more mule travel : No river boa'ibg Co Monday, leb. 6, at o'clock I'. M , from pl?r toot > f Warr< n ?treet, N01 ii? 1 iver, will be dcapalcbed the Meet ? teamabip Of OhOK i.AW , Capt. O V F' *, I H.N to rcrwect at 1'anama with the new and ?j per lor ?t?*u.>lip hONOKA A apare boat 1* ileaya kept at i'anama 'o pretent ?latent, on in < aa* of aatcldent. No freight re reived.alter one o'ebx k < d tbe aailmg day lor paaa*?re aj plf at the rompany a office, 177 V\eai atreet, 'o f. W. KaYMOND. Dlrl'Aini LINK. FOR HAN KKANCMCYJ - Tf IK VI W and etegant btat rlaaa A. 1 1 llp|*r abip rtAMLIU. W|IXKTJ, Rpicer, ma*t?r, i* now loading at p er >0. J7 ka>t river, and having tin great bula of her argo en gaged. will lave tb* oaual dlepat' b of thia I n- "top per* to San I i?n i?'0 are particularly requeated to nail the .Lemuel F'llleta, and Ji.dge themaelvea of her au|* rji r aailing q aaiitle*, abe be rig on* of tb* abarpea- ab | * now leading or th* above 1- rt lor the b*i*n'.e of her email rapacity dtiengiged apply to ml HON k CO., H4 Wall atreet IUW VOliK AMI C'ALUOKNU -<rK*? HIP 1 INK, I iUNkh if ut Hn icrMorjr Ttiiwt i unpii; ?r Mcara|ua, I ropnatora. Tb? ?^l?nrt 4 4' ut>l< ? i.riat ? tramabip !-lAK OK THE WK"T, V.OM) tot.? buriLM. Capt Turnar will l?a?r from pi?r No. 3, Nort'i ri??r at 3 o'tkwfe f U for I'uata Ar?n?< on Momlaj l>h l.\ ? onn?tt r>|f with tha i.UKTtK S.OtiQ tor, a bur titan 'n?r th? Nl>ara|ua lranait rcut?, liavmr but tffalv* kIh of lan<l lrana|? it tno \,j flrat r!aaa rtrriuri Mtmil arm *l.J awilt (ion aUamtx-ata ha??- lat?iy Uwo pat ' n ' ha r'Ti r ??<! la*', wblcli al.ortana tfco Uat* on 'bo tranait from <<i?n to oca an. Thaaa * re <i?mr [????<1 in tb? If aantllat.on m>>i acr amtnixlat'ona Ynt inf?tma''nn or a|[ l/ool? I" OlAh MOROAN, Ag??* *" * l.a-ttrr bag* mad* up at tbat irOi'* UtUn . ?ol? |i?i half caan . MA1I. tmC-MIHUD'aiMI-ANV? run HAVANA i aii'l Ntw "il?au? Ok Prl aj>, at i P M , from pier loot of Warran atraat V h > r tba w?H known awl faroriU ?i*ainibtp I.MPIKK < IT Y, ( apt. II Wia'Sl*. f'?wa|*>*ao l+ ?*ear*<l at th? eotopaay ? f h'liM to Nt> OtImm M '!?<? Nr . .bir f^.* fhlj prra will In* a u |> bltwl with Maak bill* of U4i'( "f tba- firm -iftad b? tka company, on applratioia at 'tur air# No otb?r 'orm al|n?~l ml m Mill u 'a<Hnf ? ? !l t# (tgnol ?ft?r tba hour o' ?* liny lor r> k> t or i ?? a*g? h ff.l t at tfc? It'* "f tba com pa or. Kit I ; *ni itrHt, tomr <( Varrao. M 0 K'lHItltTt. AI?tRAIJA I'TOKKTB I J** (AKKYINf; IHK '*!? t?<1 "tat** rr ? 1 Th' i??w A I *" *!| f?r ak > f.M'H'iKJ' ,ata-r maa'rr will ? ? I oo if to fan lit of Utrrh. Tb? r?ia>l>rat?-l rlpprr*h>p <>'*o H. ' '?i, tnaalat *.:l m 1 ?a or !>?(</? 1Mb Mar-b. U> l? follow") by tb? uir ?all?-l ? Hpp*' "b N |htii|ib. to tail on ? Moi> I ' lb April m '? ?a* k?r la?t t"fj? In h'* 'la/ ? ? l Vfb*. Itfat* ia "ft da;? tf# two ?hfri??t on r??nr-! If m " ? ro'io't/ t?r fr?trbt or paa*a?* apjl/ to ft W ' AKh HOM ll? W*i: (Iroot |M MUM, ACMKtUA 4Wpy TaWAII tig full 4 ll*r ' w II pkoaj* ?>! ? ot ladlr r 'or ' " A low poae-egwre '** l* a "? at lo? rat*' If iwwlll* a; plicaUoo ii? ? on b<-ar<l, at pUr 1- >a?' Mt?r or t . M tlll.tH A UiKll, 1M Wall fr**t I fHlR MVANNAH AW!) rf.'WI >A ? CVfTW wTAlWt Mail Mm - Tb? o?w ab4 i|'?? -t av?aw> li pK^'?* VIIJ K < A I1 Ia4Imi wui l?a?? Rra V'<-i for ?anoah '-a -atur-iay fab S fr? ? p??r Na 4 *<"fib r *?f, aDtVlMk I' M I*. 1 1 la of la! of otfiio4 M baard Pa* ifoiM tnlr i? toirt or laiiaaMi, U> PAM' fht. tttf flUL Proodoay for Jl- r'ia Ukr?u(b twkna fi'ti Saw Y' Ik to Ja'iar 0? ll? I I toltU'aa I Tht llorla 'apt M H. Wowlb ?1j, vlll ?ocm'1 ao ' <*aro om Wa4??a<Jax, lab 1. IM,ft ' IIAHIJ-- m*f AM> riO MUA - ? *?l W?;t*I.V I'bitvl -Ul'a m* T> u?? a* ! f . it f. ? ( a a.m-rJA s*?>- .1 1 ? . ? ' l?? tuoai f>.?o/ran -? ? I ????? |?*i, t Niartb rl??r <?? litatokf, t'**ri*if t at ? o> i?-k I* M ??lf '?? fbt ofwly ot * >*rt wkrro all bllia of l?< t.? ?UI b? ? / a^- ai.d tor p??oay? at (fe? ofll?? of fPOPTOBO, 1 tUBCTTtti A ?)*i < ls-?^ way. n.t<i*|k,l k>l< in II' riii ai f?'4?' To ia'k Mfitl'-l" I I to Ptlatka I lit Mm a a,.i a,- >?l, arwt toata "? Wo>la??'laf, t~>' " CO Al?, 4kf. (>hi:ap (xiau t<> <.w? ??*? ?? totrp. _/ p for ka.' i*4 aob ? rg at Man ? aol ft <i r. r ?.?' all ato w>'l itnaar-: aai -latiraraal *r?? ?/ -?rt af Jl, H Tkaika t.o ? all ?> wl a'atar ik* abor* '?r?a HI'TlAKf) <TJ*fT''N, 'iM I* rat a?'a- ? ClOAl KH < Ml I* IKI' I. ! ttl V.* .M| / | , >al ly of ro?t aab ?? <? ? r ? rpg ?klra I tl!l Wi" ? wall aaTaa I i<t at ft* *1 j-r ?> o 'rom ay ;tr '? aaroar of lia/ aat '?r?>a? ?b (liarla lltpiaMitmi, ao t Taat't 4'". itfaat ? ?. : * atb aoa ia Mo I?et4 fi.'? I'lTPit ? UKIOV WLAVKiiutwr opipjii N-nr jitatrr kahp.'i*i????ir p?fL*i?? nn _ i tt) Ua V itk ?a4 Wait *Mk Jaraoj < tif ai I a?1 iMM lfa? - laato <i?w Tw? ai*aM III. I. a*4 ' t af ' > M Para ft] T', a ? ao4 ft! a ? aM . I * ar ' ? P M ~"Txt -lw fti It .a l<> aa4 UN at li, tV>pp<?f It all wa* atalb-oa t>r??|k I i?'n < ft.r < ka- ' aaV< a*4 tka Woat, aM for Holt ri >? IV r#*a? *.rrf?? aa ' -rrinn ? scr*?' tka<Aa4 ?/ * ?< af V * a ' a* ' 10 A M aat ? I If wtrn. A LADY OK BDITATION ANT) A FftACTICAL HOI*. J\ keeper, woald like the aiiparvlelou <>f a flr.t claaa r < arrl i>g Iioumi, ? r of a f? rnlahed h<>u?? w? eia v* apai t meal* are ift he initod . or the will take a luro. -heil l.tiure If th? l?Bt i tn 1>? ji .i l in board, with tbe prlel l??? U a frw wlnl boaideia. The boat reference I vhi mitl required. AJdr>' ? fur t>?o day ?, Camb.idge, l'?rald< IT <?? Atini'ATIClM WANTED? BY A YOUNO OIHI., TI) take caie of i bile ieu an<< do dI?Iu, or to <'? i ereral b< u*ework. A 1 1< I > at 106 Klghth artnu*, at ber I r***nt ? n> 1 1< j?r'?, for i?o <i ay*. A 1 ('ITU'S ? A I.ADY AND MtNTIJCMAN II A VINO + \ , I?< ? rtiMm of thi'r ?wn, w:ab?* to adopt a te ti * orpl aa, from on* to three far* "Id; It iBuat be i rull'iy .,inl kood looking tlia ,|,il4 of hot)* ?t parent*. ? ;'t.*r (m?ri-*u tngluh'r fVnteb A uy perron know eg *ucb a I. (tie oaa ti I b? lung a kioOuaia, a* .t will le 1 i ought up a? an i.? n child A tint* i'.ir?.'ed lor Adoption, and I*'f t at b. ? 11 f. Haraltt a?c*, ?ta.ti?(r wlrie it* riiilil i an l>* will be attend*! to A h) M I ( TABLE vol Nl. WOMAN WANT* a 1ITI ^\. ati< ii to do tfei ?r?l I . i '.n a private tiunily | kii I* urn at her la?t |il ? ???? . ill 11 Wirt Twewt y third itiret 1* a ) <mmI waehei and rimer an I plnin "Oua a lilt. Ill Y RK-I'MTAIII.IC YOCIO WOMAN DC j\ rira* a ritual. mi ?? eli -nibermald and wai'er, or ?? I. .rie ?? am?tre?? . ? >u 'o Bnr wa-lnng 1 ironing neatly; will endiator to i lm?e lr? ill oartKulani In* juil i- 1 1 jr reference Afplt or call at Jul llowtry, for two ilnjr AMIWTiBU YOUNG WOMAN Wi-hwi a aitnallnn a? cook, * llkrr nil >ronar , .* an ranllenl maker ol bread < nn be net for two day*, at No 1U Keretlb areDtr, lirterni l"i|lit?rltb and Nine trentb ft/eetn. a MONO HARWICH WOMAN WITH AV INFANT /\ om Month old, m i ? be? a aitu?tt"Q a? weioureo l itj refer# II ca itttn, If ie.|Lilr?d. Can I* eeen ' II en gagod, at No. 107 rhirteentll utreet bet ween i' l ami IcurtU a?enue? In Ibe basement. * WILL H)I ? ATH? t.KKMAN <JIRI. pnorr-TANr want* a altuatlnn *? >eaMatre> * anl t ? 'In up etaire work or niir?li>|[ Hlie U able Ut luntrurt ebll tren m tbr t'ennau Ui'iruaf Oood reterein i - yiran l'le*ao In quire at 44 llrA atrewt, In Itie rear tiiom t. A III HTABI.K hoi NO woman W?IH A HIH j[\ ftt.i a to on (twrral buutework o a pr ?..te tkiolly hke la a irood ?a?ber and and capable of doiuj( bar work l(a? lived aovon roam m >ier I ml pla*-o. In ?luire at Ml Norfolk atrMt f?r two dajra AYOI NO WOMAN IH l>K IKOI OF A -irtiAnos aa ?rani'ti*-" and tak i rare ?f i bll'lren, <van rut and tit rlilldren'a .'.re??i ? or aa aeaiaatrria asittliaa bermald . ha* no objection to trarel wtlh a funlljr , <-ao give itcxhI fifjr reference A t-| Ijr *' t*4 Menry ?treet rorner of l ariRo, llr<M<kbn lor two day*. AtlTt'ATU'N Wa.NTH'- HY A NEAT ACnVSetRL, a* el atnbeunald la a pood aitkir and Irtiner . or w< ulrf <to <-b?mt>et,*>>r* ami imt'l eblldrcn; i* ? a|>abJ> of dolor tbe work <1 a ama.l lanult !???>?? city refer enr*. Can be aeen fi r fwodaj* ?t 4A Thlrteeotn "tjvet. Id t be r*ar, t? fwe. n filth anl Math aeenue*. AHMAht INIH>IK|t?r.? i.IKI. WISHES A BITVATN/N aa i tiamiwrioaid anil ? alter. <.r nur*e and plain a?w*r, or waulil <ln ib? Keneral liouaewnrk of a entail fanlly Hill Ire fonad wllllnr and uaeful Aptdy at l';4 i, Third arena*, betweao FUVtoeottl and FllUeoth ? 1r?eta, f< r two ilay*. AMTCATION WA.NTk.l', in A Ri:SI?niTAIllJr younf nan aa waeknw an'. ?rixia II orougbly iiMlr rataod* bl> bii*uie?> anl lia? K'xet refer n ? iron. Ina la?t eirplojer a* in hf'0*>ty, anbrl'ty and rapabillty with wliom ne ba> aarte.l uiaby year?. fan I e rem tor two day* at MO Hroadwav AHkUCKCIAIilX Woman wants a m: tua f ion aa CO?b, wa*li?raod Itoaar, no olijei'tion to tbe rouatry. Iiooil lily referen * |[lr*u. Addi-aa A it, llrralil i ff re, for two iluv* A RK'I'll TAIil.K YOt NO WOMAN WANW A Mil nation to in*tru> t or lake rara of rhlldivn ami to do pla'B ?ewiiiK ' an l>* <-n for t w. or tbrew daya, at 4. I rank) n >ti>-et Oood referenr.- an be (firm A " IT I AT ION WAMHl-W A NMMfl| J\, youaf woniao, aa good wa*h< r and Inmer, and to ?T?. plain cii'kmti Ooo i refereui ? <l*en i aa be wen at.'t. 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