Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 4, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 4, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6736. SUNDAY MORNING, FEBRUARr 4, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. AFFAIRS IN THE METROPOLIS. MASS MEETING OF WORKWOMEN. PVEHIDENT PIERCE EILMIZED, Organisation of Workingmen Through out the Union. Landlord* and Savings Banks Denounced. i WMBan Burned to Death* LAUNCH OB' THE FRIGATE SABINE. EVENTS OF THE DAT, Ac., &o., Ac. Suites meeting asaemMed loot nlpht, at Me nhanics' llall, in response to the following no tlx ? . WORtHnin H H.w Mutnso. ? This evonlng, at flight '('clock, at Mechanic'* U?H, No. 1H0 Heater stroet, by order of the Hope Chapel au?l Can Terence CommltUws ? K. Arthur Bailey, Chairman Hope Chapel Committee; Ben. i'riee and Antolne Kuekel, Hecr.'tartoa. |KA B. DAVIS, Chairman Conference Ccmmltteo. J. Mix* 11 Hk-nkv, I Secretaries C. LPDWIQ Ricutub, J At 8 o'clock the m< eting, which was composed about ?quail; of Germans au<i Americana, was called to order fey 1*4 B. IUiu, who nominated K. Arthur Bailey as Chairman of the nret-Mrg. Thi? was carried. Messrs. Actolne Bucket and Ken 1'riee were then appointed Vice President*, and David Marsh and Wm, Arbuthnot, Sec re taries. Mr. Bkk. Prick tutu read the following memorial to the Legislature 40 THl iiom. uonuniii of Tire htatk ok xkw toeic . Gkhttkhsj* : Most of you are probably aware that at the precept timo the l?u?>nen operations of this city are curtailed to id ext*-n' that bus reduced the working classes to a state or dort tutlon and misery, such as has Sever before been wltr.i sued in this country. feA meeting was he!d iu Hope Chapel on tho evening of December 29, 18Q4, to luquire into the causo of the pro nent aiaaitrous coilup-e of the business operations of our city, and to devise means to prevent tho recurrence of A similar catastrophe In future After a full anl free discussion of different plans propoaeil for the relief of the producing classes, a preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted, from which we bow make a few OKtracts, and to which we invito your sorlous attention "Whereas the conlitiou of tho working clashes is pre eminently attributab e !o unwise legsl.tlon. favoring the traffic In tha monopoly of tbe lauds and other capi tal belonging to the p< ople, and Its accumulation In tbe hands or afow tortuua'.e simulators, therefore, ' 'Resolved, l'liat a conn mi t tee of 6v?- pi rsous be :.ppolnt ed whoso duty it shall be to draw up throe memorials to beaddrvsoed as foiiows;-0o? to tho legislature of tho State of Now York, praying that the public lands of this State be given to the actual set lor, In 11m ted quanti tiee* that tho further sa e ot tbem, except to actual set tlers, be prohibited and that the quantity of land thst any person paj bereaf t?? acquire u> pay manner, shflU la accordance with sa!d resolution, the undersigned were appointed a committee t* draw up and present to your honorable body a memorial on tne subject matter therein set forth The public lands held in trust by the legislature, are the common property of the people composing tho lit ate, ?nl it la your duty and provinco to mike such disposi tion of them as will most couiuce to the prosperity and fcappineia of the people wbo?e representatives you have the n cnor to be at the present time. We beikT? that to theee lands fcr the free an* eiclunWe nee of the actual settler, iu limited qaantitleA, U tbe bent disposition that can he m*de of them, with th# Ttew of promoting and Increasing the pronperitj, t&appinOHB and wealtli of the people. flwoh * course of policy *ouid encourage agriculture -? m xtMk el Mustry srbleh has be?a too much MriMM try Mr BUte and natiunal WiiUturus, and would tent to draw off from our Urge cities an Immense number of unemployed laboring men, who have the physical capa city of producing, by the cultivation of th? soil, smply sufficient to maintain themselves and families, aod leave a large surplus to bo added to tbe geuoral wealth of tbe ^*W? hold that, in a country like ours, possessing such a vast extent of territory, there need not of ne easity be an ? largo class of persons suffering for the necessaries and comloits of life; an t the faot that ther? are aueh,l< conclusive evldtnce our legl-lation has be.-a unwise In i-ome particular, aud as your me moriallsts believe, particularly In the di?fo?itio.i of the public domain, which we new as a common in heritance, to be dispose l of In auch a manner as will b t most beseflcial to the great mass of the P**>P,e; Our forefathers pr'-claimed ?' that all men are entitled to certain inalienable rights that among these are life, liberty. an<t tne pursuit of happiness. lo the visa or the undersigned, if men have tiio right to life, tliat right Involves the means of sostaioing life by th? labor of tbeir bands, their hea ls, or both combine! No rata or number of men can sustain lire witnout being In pos seseion of land, except by the permission of sow- other Srson, who more fortunstely does possei* a por'.ioa of e soil. Let us illustiate this assertion by a plain and ^V'w^Vno.n to most of your honorable body that of tha TOO.OCO inhabitants of this city, ^nt % very imall portleo own the dwellings in which they reside, but are obliged to procure shelter bv rent bur the premises they occupy from the owners thereof, apon such terms as the parties mutually agree upon. Now efca parties owning these dwellings are not obliged to rent them, if they do not choose to do. but have a perfect right, legally, to close their bull lings, and refuse to rent them to any person on any term* whatsoever Suppose that all tbe pro erty owners of this city should adopt such a course on tbe ensuing ftrat of May, and torn out of house and hoase a tin an try of alx hundred thousand people, none of whom have a piece of land Which they have a right, fegaUf .to claim as their owe? bo nlace on which to obtain the Veans of li'e? and con sequently, practically no right to l'fo Itseir The same result would transpire in tbe country towns and agricul tural districts, were the owners el property in those sec tions to pursue a similar course. In answer to th"se propositions, It may be said that such a state of things can never occur, inn' much as the owners or property would thereby be Inflicting an Injury upon themselves to such an extent as to preclude the Idea of their pur suing such a course. We grant that this Is true; but It only proves that the landless portion pt the community live only by the sufferance and per mission of those wbo monopolises and possess the soil, and not as a matter or right. Hence we ooateod that whan the landi are concentrated in tha hand* of tlie few, tha great masses of tho people are completely at the mercy of, and are by necessity compelled to pay them tribute in the shape of rent? a state of society which places the tenantry in the position of aers, and the owners of the soli in thst of lords-end henre originated the term landlords, which U now generally applied to tboee who rent farms and lots to tenants. No people eaa exercise freedom of thought an l action to any ex tent whose whole time and energlee are required to pro cure the necessaries of life, as !? now the case In this city and State with the great majority of our citt tens? one third of their earnings being required to pay the landlord for a dwelling to shelter them from the Inclemencies of the weather? the 'ff*^ Of which tends to paralyse rather than stimulate to active exertions tbe producing classes. He Only Is truly a free man who la tbe owner and pro prietor of tho soil on which he reaidea. and ean. In tbe Uncuage of the ancient prophet, "sit beneath his own wine and flg tree, wl'h none to molest or make him nfrald." we would, therefore, preiwnt tovour honora ble body, for your consideration, tbe following nnoaiau The undersigned, on behalf df the unemployed work - Inemen of tbe city of New York, respectfully ask the Slate legislature to enact laws In accordance with the '"T* the further sale* of tbe pub'ie lands of this Hate shall be prohlb ted, aod that they be laid out In farm* aad lots for tbe fcee and exeluslvo use of actual "jl'to limit the quantity of land that aay prion shall hereafter acquire in this Hlate. All of whlea la reepectfully submitted. Wm. Arbuthnot, Beo. Price, Ira B. PoTis, Robert Grant, It, A. Bulky i John Commerford. William Rowe. Tbe foregoing waa, on motion, put by the Chair to the gMetlag, aad unanimously adopted. Tbe report of the committee appointed to preeent the Memorial of the meeting held at Rope Chapel, wasma<le by their chairman, Mr. Commerford. lie stated that he bad an latervlow with tbe President, who expressed hie Willingness to do every thing that he oonld for she workmgmen, within the limits of tbe constitution. The memorial had been presented to tbe House of Represen Natives by Mr Cutting, aad to tbe Senate by Gov. Hew art . That preen ted in the former was referred to the ?Committee on Agriculture, while that preseated .a tbe gnats was given over to the Committee on L*nds. All Ibe members of Congress with whom Mr. C. conversed, expressed themselves in favor of the Homestead bill, nod wore willing to do all in their power to procure its mil?rat Ibis report was also adopted, after which the follew |M rseolnUona were preeeated by Mr Benjamin Price ? n.mlTSil That tbe thanks of this meeting be hereby MbbS tbe ./ t^Tnited Eatsa. fee tbe prompt aad kind Interview axtended to to enmmHteeTpponted at the great mass i >>*"Uef. fclid la tbe Part oat he 15 th Jaauary, t? memorialise OSe ?j?sa ia -etitleo to the distribntleo of tbe publle lands. practical and couktitutional mwutM for the relief of the greet working maarnn of our country. Renolved, lh*t the roudact of tbo Hon. WilHum H Feward, in pr<-?fnting the memorial of unemployed work ing uien from tbn city *o the Senate, rnitlet linn to the tfteem of lilt fellow c'tizem. I nllko too many who take upon themaelvea the great ronponalbllltr of reproaenta t'Tpf , bin dlapoaulou to diacharp* thin great duty be comingly impel- him to ree that the interest and walfon of all Khali l>e aline protected. HecoWei!, That thU meetiug ia duly aamible of the favor exter rtefl to the werk'ngmen of tbiii city by the Hen I rancU H. Cu ? 'iiur. The courUoua and manly miu net evicc*rt hy taking upnn himself the preasaUtion of the memorial adopted at the Park, ia another mamfeata tion where the representative if ennobled bv dis charging tht attribute* which always characterize the conduct of the true gettlemao. itesolved, that ?e recognize in the Hrn. John I. Daw hod, ol Pennsylvania, a true and energetic friend of the Uoirettead b II, and that we have full conQ Inoce in hit aMrty aid determination to bring thU measure again before Centres* in ouch a ihape tin to neoari it.- panags at the pr*i.ent maaion Ktiolvid that w? hereby return our most hnartfaU thanks to the friend* of tlie Homestead bill in the .Menat* and HnaM of Hepre-entstlves. Believing a* we do that tbetie men arr influenced by the highest and butt motives of ]hilant opliy and patriotism, we shall continue to hop* that a kind providence ir.ay ?n?ure to thnoi that reward which *0011 services merit. In taking tht* bless ing for them xnd their families, we feel that auch oJer itg will he accepted, the more especially n? th? pray?r springs from the hearts of thoae who have nothlui to bestow but that which can be invoked from linn U the great di?|* n-er of all true happiness lie foregoing resolutions were also nnanimoinly adopted. The Committee en Organization prsseited the following report through thtlr cliairman, Mr. Ira n. Pmvii ? 8Y8T3M OF ORGANIZATION OF Till! rRHNDS OK NA TIONAL INDUtTKT. vidua"'""' ?T? **curB tlie wllu'0 right* of the Indl Thttoy of Causri an4 EjTectt.?V here*., in tho early history of men and nnlon*. certain svslem* ot govern m^ntand finance a- apt.-.) to the wants of the inhabl tan i were instituted. which in tlio further exis ence of P*?l '? were per odicaliy required to be changed in cooiurmtty with the physical and intellectual progress j 1 .*? We Hce' 'u th? Prp**nt central rtl oi of , , n<J 11 * correncj of tbo I'nlted Htate* in th* bands of a few capitalist*. evidences of an -nherent de lect in our land and monetary systems develop*! to an imposing eril. which ban already co'rcod aid plundered tho active industry of our couutry to a dcgr-e of un paralleled I degradation and misery; an i which bid* fair H unchecked, to tyrannize with more than mouarcl.isi lower over tbo future <i??t.nie* of our nation. We. therefore, propose the following metns for remedying these great and growing evilii. r,",?,al.M itemed*.- lit. By the enactment of law* by Congress, prohibiting nil further traffic in the public r?. " ill,tr,b,1'tl"f f>ie game in limited quant. tie* .or the use of actuul settlers only. ?ijf-'.J!" ?Mctmeat of lawa by tho several State*, llmi afUr acquire ? that aDy P,'r?on ?baU here To accomplish the adoption of tlie*e fundamental prin a ndeo no* rt? f ac* I yn" ' n* ?7?tem of organization rcfn'.ented ^s*n"a#0";? This association shall be represented by n central committeo, primarily located blh.'.tn 2'i w' collateral committees, whlc'i will he C n 1 ted K u ?' e M ' 4 ' ' tOWn TilU?8' throughout ti .L i Statee? these oommittee* heing originally I ,? k y I Oblic meetings and subsequently by ballot' elation " of 'botnrollel nieutberi or eachasso ,Tbc eCB,r*' '""""Ittee In New York shall be the executive committee of the whole organization subject to ronflrmati. n or removal every three months, fcy a ma jinrtty 9f tb? VQfl 9f \hf BBfwVr? of the loe*l'. ofliteral es-ociaHoh ?n New York or until a majority of the rotes of the whole association shall deci le otherwise. The central comm. ttee shall consist of tbe diiferent associa tions of New York, now instituted, who shall continue In offlco until the organization is complete. 3d The collatenl committers (or associations) shall make report to the central committees overy three months, the numb.rof members, and such other infor ? mat to ? of int#re*t to tb? organization. ,,To member a copy of the rules of the nssocla 2? J11*.11 ** delivered, with a card of membership, for which the snm of Ave cents must be paid. 4th. Every local association shall appoint a captain and lieutenant, whose duty it shall be to appoint ser geant over every ten member*. When a general meet ing la desired, it shall be the duty of the secretary of to ??*"/..?? captain and tfeuteaaut. these agate shall notify the mmsms, who ssda aUI notify the members ..flit* seetioii. 1'urpma of tkr Artociatam It is the Intention of thl* sssoc at:on to agita'e fh<\ land an 1 cutrency reform, by local le tures .llstr hutlnir pamphlets, challenges to con troveesy, perambulating lectures, Ac ; and the election to Office of only ruck petson* as endorse this pUtiorm, and subscribe to this organization. In furtherance of tbls view It shall aleo be the duty of the central com mittee in Now *ork to huve a practical condense.) work on political economy printed for general distribution st eoft, tog-ether with such other generally important trea tises on the Isnd. currency, and other questions a* miy be deemed admirable, Each association shall psy to the central committi ? the sum of on<* and a hair cents per neek Tor each member. wb<cb shall be tran>milte I t>y each collatersl as'ociallon to tbe central committee as often as once in tl ree months. At the termiaation of every quarter the Secretary of tho ( ertrsl t'cmmltt. e sh*ll likewise tran-rn t a print -d monograph of the . nt re state of th? organiA?tloo, both financial and practical, to each collateral bfanch there of. rhould It be de. med expedient to alter or amend vi/jj " nr*',nilta,ln" tbe Cen'ral Cooinitte* J? d'lff*t such plans aa may be proposed, and notify thicolUttnl a>avciation of that deeuiod roost efficient if the majority return an assent. Tho Central ii>mrnitte? shall then notify the entire o ganlzation that tbe impro ?rd rules are adopted. Such local committee may d" viso such aubsidisry rulei as they sha'l deem eipedient; and aiy local reform measure wh ch any association may desire, running para lei with the rtneral move ment, shall be Purported in every available manner by the entire association. The report was read in fSerman, for the information of that portion of the audience who did not understand the Knglish language. Mr. I ATM spoke in faror of the report. lie said that a large number of persona throughout the eonntry had expressed themselves strongly in favor of the projected organization of an atsociati. n like that proposed la It. A*, ho sever, there would nece>sarlly be some dilf.-ren -e in tb? societies tn various localities there must le a dif. rerence also in the organization so as to cover the p -cu ller grievances in those localities This r-port was merely | r>l minary, and the plan proposed In It would have to undergo some modifications before It would be advisable to adopt it. Tbo organization, however, ?honld be completed before the next election, so that those oflcltla, and particularly the Common Conned, ? no bad treated their petitions with contempt or inlif ference, would be Bade to feel that the working clasjes were not to be trifled with when they demanded that their interests should be consulted. Toeffect thie desirable ob ject the work Ingmen, without distinction of crew!, country or political opin ona, ahould unite, should fraternize in one p-and organization. Poli-y dicUted this course: for as long as they rema ned disunited so long wonl I they be made the tools of party and the sport of politicians. If they re used to do this they deserved to suffer the con sequences. The speaker conclude 1 by exhort. ng them lo unite, aa the only means by wh eh they could ga n the rights for which they had straggled so long, lie hoped that before the 1st of March next the association would number at least .15, Ot 0 members. At the conclusion of his remarks, which were frt 1"*"tlv applauded, the report was adopted. Mf. Il.iiiKT, tbe President, nextaddresee.1 the meeting T1 tf'* work ingmen to abandon all their political predilections and prejudices, a* the best m ans Mr which their organisation could bo i encored efTa'tive. They ba>l too long allowed th Mnse' ves to be n posed upon by politicians, and It was tifoe now that they should band together for their own interests. In this country paitl . ulaily, the working alasses being in the majority should not permit their Intereets to he neglect ed, while the moneyed clasiea enjoyed sll the benefit* and privilege* o? government. All par tl?a should be regarded all.* by them, for th?y all nsod then for their own purpose*, and when they had us?d tbev Rung tbem a. Me. Mr. B. spoke of tho e'xtor tiona of lacdlonla as one of the grievanco* under which the workmgmen labored, and (aid that the only war in whleh they could be redressed was by union among them as recommended in the report. All the Injustice which tbev suffered at the hand* of th* rich we* authorized under tho form of law, because their leg tlator* regard ?d money and capital a* superior to human right*. *??*?*> roan spoL* in favsr of land reform and on the quettion of the currency. lie said that the bankers of the country had robbed the people of fifteen hundr-d millions and that corporation* were organ t*4 an ler the sanction and authority of taw to continue that *ys tem i of plunder. The Inatrnmeuta of the law b* r-garle l ? ' of fr*ud ??'1 decent ion. Th*i* are f tr on sand lawyers Ln the HUI* of N*w York alone, ."P?'1 th# P?bM? '? oon. ?e-iuence ,4 the defects which eilrted In our Uw* rela currency. Be regarded the whY.e Ln u prejndiclal of the worklng classes, an 'expreoed banhs, which he called " *hav ings bsnkt, ' wer. .lmply osubliehrt bv the rich for tiJflr own WhiM to WMb'nffton lim m? an* fit *25 "th ing candidate too? wbo was engaged in extensive bank ing transactions and who wa* actually employed at ttut time in the establld m. nt of "Paro Banks ' A Voim? Wl o Is be r AvormVotr-n? ^ieorge law. Mr. Co??R?i.*n ? WelT yen have heard a ?, , * * ?bont the majesty of "Uw," and 1^4 farther about It. (Laughter, and applause ) Mr ^ neit took np the wiject of tie tariff and concluded by cAlling upon the worhing men U> nntte without regnrd to Mr- Rhui addreesed the matting is (toman aoen I Alter which it adjourned. wmen, won City laliUlgsat*. Drrrrr Dtsramanv hron roe Jakvakt, lUft ? Ifhole number of pntiente treated 1 Ml. New patients l.m. At the dispensary ,?1, 171; nt their dweUlag, MT, mniae fIJ f em alee, eti/eeMvity, L'nitod (Ha lee, 4M, tretanl, 1,017, other coentries. 7J lUseK, seat to the hospttai ? ; died, li. remaining under trsatm*nt, 13 pnilHillW j Unneh of the Dnlltd State* Frigate Sabine rroan the Brooklyn Nary Yard. Ad immense concourse of people were collected yester day morn top in the Nary Yard, Brooklyn, tj witness the launch of the I'nited States fHgi'e "shins. Tb*> people ! began to amenable about nine o'clock A. U , and at half peat ten o'clock (high water) there were proSably from ten to fil teen thousand persona preient. lite morning waa cold, but clear and invigorating and every available ?pot, whete a night of the launch could be obtained, wa? thronged with spec ?atom. A large number of Udlea were present, collected principally on the quarter deck of the receiving ship North Carolina, where a band was execut lrg Home lively airs, to ths performers discomfort, no doubt, on such a cold morning During the leagthoaed time they were waiting lor the sight, ths people dii played a remarkable patience. Shivering (arms mght be seen buttoning their costs and turn'ng up their coUara with a settled determination on their f?c*e to ?ee it out. Others, who had clsmberel ap the liagstaffs to obtain a better v'ew, held on, though tli* wind was piercing, by the skin of their teeth for a mor tal hour, and would not give in. About ten o'eloek tie attain tag made her appearance, and thli Inci dent, la the opinion of son*, was a signal that the launch was about to take plsoe. But the steamtag quietly lay to off the wharf, and the popular excitement fell at least thirty degree*. Presently ttrem?nlous bsirm'tlriK was beard. "Knocklog away the props," suggested a wiseacre with chattering teeth, "tihe'll go now," hinted another, lookieg perfectly blue But go she didn't, though It waa unanimously voted th\t she ought. Ami so another half hour elapsed, when the re pert of a gun from the starboard aid* of the Nort J Caro lina warmed up once more the expectations of the ptople. One man, more collected than his neighbors snd a wag iu bis way. snouted immediately "She's otf." A rush was msde to the edge jf th? quays? hoys dashed in b?t?een the legs of tall men, ami sorsmbl'd on all fours to get a s;glit of the ship. But shi didn't go off for full ten minutes even then and when that critical event did tale place, there *tts a general exclamation of relief? like that of a patient af?er his toolh has been extracted. "There she goes at last." "Hooray!" (Cheers from the JaMuo, vigorously respondsd te by the excited multitude on every tide.) Weil, the ship was off nt last. It was no false alarm now. In the poetical phraseology used on such occa sions, she was at length ' in her native element," after having been thirty-one years trying to get there. It was really a successful and highly satisfactory launch. Rushing down tbe slide, as though delighted to eecape from the old stocks, she plunged deep into the watsr, and rose with a buoyancy that brought soother cheer from tbe spectators and a grand salute from the North Carolina. The Sabine had the American flsg floating from her bow. and the vessel* in the vicinity eere gaily decorated in her honor The impetua she received in her descent frcm tbe atockg, impelled her a distant e of m?ny hundred yards into >J?e atream. and the stesmtug being in readiness, she wai subsequently towed to the naval dock, where the now lies. Foine historical notice of the Sabine will not he uain teresting at the present time. She waa commenced on the 12th of February, 182.1. put in fratre, and about two tblrds completed, when all work wan suspended until tbe anticipated difficulty with France -arising out of claims on that government fcr injuries <'oae to our mmmircs. This was during the second term of Jack son's adiniuistrat on. The work was then recom menced, but only lasUd during three weeks, and nothing further was done until the 16th of May 1W4, when orders were recivr-d from the Navy de to complete and launch the vessel. Owing to tbe length of time sbe bad remained on tbe stocks, she wss of course found defective In aiany particulars. S e lad, in fart, to be almost entirely remodelled Her keel was retried tm4 a vrm cab-Mtnted Twtltj fret wete added to her length, by catting off twenty Ave, and adding forty-flve feet Her bow wag also altered and modernized, and other improvements made under the direction and superintendence of K B. Delano Esq., the caral constructor. Her frame is altogether of line oak. The d.menslnns of the Hah ne are now as follows ? Iergtli in all, 208 feet; length < f ke?l, 110 feet br?adth of beam, 47 feet depth of hold, 20 fset, and tonnage 2,f 46. government measure. Her rmament will coasist ff ten H-inch shell guns of 63cwt, aad twenty 32 pounder- of 67 cwt., on ber main deck, an 1 of two fl-inch shot pivot guns of 12, GOO lbs. ?acb, and sixteen .V pounders of 33 cwt. on her spar deck? making alto gether batteries containing forty-eight guns. Tbe crew of tbe ?al>lne, when in commission, including officers, seamen, landsmen, boys and marines, will nnmber 175 all told. From tbe improvement in the model and from the weight of the metal whl :h tbe department has d* cided she eba'l carry, the Sebine will doubtless prove one of the most efficient vessels of her size and class. The Fmplrt Cltjr AfTnlr. PTATKMKST OF VOl MJ BBBKANDIZ. On Ihuraday laht th* HpanUh (.onaul aad Mr. Carno l'#li cail?d at the Clan-rack Inatitute. Mr. Carnobell ' banded Ef a letter from my father, d*-lring mi- to com* to Cuba. 1 read the I?lt? r, and then told liim 1 di I aot wi?h to 70 bom*. TbeHpatUh Con?ul then aaid that I n.n?t (o to I uba, and if I di 1 Dot f ?> imm' dia'cly I woul-1 l?- 1 1, r 0 ? n Into pricm if I ever went tU*r* aftereard*. j I then told tbem that I would (ire them 00 *u?w?r until I >aw my uncle, Joeeph Ella* Ileraandti, who renidea at No. 01 F'realc'eot atreet, Rrarklrn. They aaid that I could oi.t aec my ancle, and I then told th< m that I wonld not go tc Cuba witluut flrit bat log an interne* with bio. Ihe Hp* ninh Conaul then aaid if I would come to New York with tb<-m they would let me ?ec my uncle. 1 then ?greed to com* to >ew York, and arrived here about ten o'clock on tharame night Whan I got here they refuaed, < n my aekloR them, to let me go to my uncle alone or with tbem. I then went with Mr. Carnobell to the boarding lioure Ko. 164 Cbatrbera atreet, where I alept that night. The nest irornlDg (Friday), when I aroee from bed, I ?gain begged tbem to let me ree my uocW, but I waa re futed. That afternoon Mr. Carnobell took me on board the ntfram'hip Fmpir* City, for the pnrpoee of taking me to Cut*. W hen I got there I met my unci*, who aaked me if I wanted to go to Cuba. I anewered in tbe nega tive, and aaid that Mr. Carnobell and the Coniul had forced me to go. My unci* aaid If I wanted to go h<>me he would allow me to do ao; when 1 apiin repMed that I did not want to go. There were about ten Cubao* with ue at th* time, and they all were wltneeaee to the eon vernation. Ihe etat'mcnt made by Mr. Caraobeli that my ucel* bad forced me to atay in the United Stat**, la n? t true. I waa not prompted by bim to atay here; It waa toUily my own wUh to remain. Refueiog to go to Cuba, 1 left the '?hip, and went home with my aacl* to Brcafcljn, thrr* I am now atopplag. My uncle we* in formed of Mr. Caraobeli'* action* by a telegraphic lee patch eent to bim by one of my friend* at CUverack, ataticg that I bad h?*a tat en away from eebool again* t | my will and wiab. FRANK F. HERNANPEZ. Ilrrad for the Poor of the Rlatla Ward. ILe 'tecutiee eemmitt** for tbe distribution of bread at the Miealon Heuae deem it Important, in coming be fore tbe public for further aid, to make the following br;ef ?t?ti ment of their proceeding*, and the preaent d' n and f?.r ae?i?tanc* in that locality. l uring the month of January tbay bar* received La d< nation* of ca*b 91,341 75 hare erpeodawl $i,l*6 12, havg el??n out about 40,000 loavee of bread, and bare recorded'la a b<ok tie aamee and residence* of *00 wor thy destitute and ?ulfering familiee, who hare received family ticket* fer one, two or three loavee of br?ad per day. Tbe committee deelgned to render thie aid la riog ti e >?t? re part of the winter, knowing the alter Impo* eiblllty to obtain employment; but the r**d*ra of tbia will eee frr.m the above ?i?t?m?nt that we only have mean* euMclent to coatlaue the operatloa a few more dai*. And we now nek tbe friend* of n# bumin.ty what ahall be done t Win eon help in thie woi% ? Shall tbeee faaailiee be aaaieted, or ahall they luffer with hunger? M?*t of them are long r*eideat* of oar rite, and la foro*r timee hare been able to provide for their fa ?? ilea without aekiag charity. It I* true that but a email par tita of tha adult* are American* by birth, bat they *r* with n*. and how can we eee tbem etarre f It baa been aad atill la our conviction, that there are Baal* aad liberality auSeient to *aabl* a* t* *"?? plUh our pur|o** .'end we now a*k all thoe* who are at 1* aad willing to b*lp la thi* work to eenl in their do> nation* to either of tb* und?r?lgned, or to tbe I0e?to?> ary, Rev A ft. lafcla, (o?c* la th* MI**loa Boat*, oa th* al'e of tbe 0M Br?wery) ? Wm B hkidmore Chairman, 134 Hadeoa atreet i B Cornell Treaeurer. 141 CKatr* atreet L#oaart tiirby, U aad 37 V**e? atreet, C. C. North, M Cfcaaabar* fr**' . Franct* Half, *Are of th* Oimmn t?*i. fine, corner of William ?treet, O P MeCUIa. 1#T fpriag ?Teat, It O. Faii'h. 10 bit Twenty -third aad 14 Fallen .treat* N**h ?' or rail. M Kim atreet, R A Baad'ng. ttt Freat vVeet , Ralph Mead, 14 *ad it Caaatiw alia in ivw, w ?, w?. 1 Fire lit Vkilck (littUA Woman Burnt ?? DeMh Fet ween seveo and e'ght o'clock latt evening a flr# was discovered in a frump ?enem-nt situated in the rear of No. 128 Varlck street occupied by several p'KH faini lira TV- Ore was Brat aeen la the atMc, occupied by Vti. Belden. Jb? tlaine* spread ao rapidly that tb* in nate* of the hou<# became tlarmed and were running in ?il direct on", etdeaverlng to save their articlea of fur niture. Luring the exrltemeut no one thought about Mr* Helden. ? ho terrible to relate. was burnt tn death. The fliemto were quickiy at work, and extln.ful'hod the fire before It i x-em ed beyond the attic and roof The hotly of t !?<? unfor'una'e ?omau waa then e*irl-at?d from I er apartment. fhe waa badly burned about the

legs and ariim. Tbe body wa* convoyed to the Eighth ward ttstion tnuae The cau a of t'>e Are. according to the account given by the iomit?* of tbo bouse, appears to have been ther ault of ctr-lcstna** OB On part of .Mr-e Bidden. Uolortuontely the p >or wioau frtqkertljr Weave int< licated, anl on last evening she ws* seen lo come bom** very much un-i-T tlie ini'.u' uce of liquor, and go to her room, and soon after tbe Are broke out in her apartment, supposed to have b*i n caused by her own carelessness. The deceaee I was about forty yeaia of an*, and a widow She hud a relation Inst io th? steamship Arctic, whose property she became heir to, and in a few days she would bare come Into jmsses<.loi of about $1 000 Shs had raside I at the premises lor upwards of ten year* pvit . The fol lowing are the nsmei of the families wiio occupied tbo other tarta of the same house? Mr. Milan, Mr. Strat - bury, Mr Utau, Mr. McGuIr-*, Mr Molden *n1 Mr. Finn. Hie preuii-e* are owneit by Mr. Burke, of No. 31 .-It Mai i> 's [>ln< Th# d-mage done tn tue hail liug will probably amount to $U>0, said to lie covered by insu rance The | nor families Bait a Rood many ef tt.cir things dtstriyed by breakage and water. ( Ity Politics. HO TEH EM S OK TUK WIKKPI'I.I.BRS THE POI.ITICI4VH IN MOT W ATKIl. Tbe tuhloiiis's, so called, held a meeting last It day evening in the Coal Tlide In Tammany II alt , when th"y deteimiied tbtt the y" .t mass meeting, whhh is lo ro i.nite tlie aha'tcreJ (i*j. oeoti ol tha democratic party, shall ct rne on ?n tlie 7th of Vurcli next, imuiellalely alter tbe adjournmi nt of Congress. Tlie Sett Committee, wbii'b met on Nat I1iur*;*y evening .u tbe >imi plice, wet# considerably etc ted by a resolution which wat in troduced eon einninf the I'ostinaa'er for tbe np,?iiut. meat' he hau uiade, and fortu not turning cet'am well ki own wbigs out of oOire. iSouie pratty severe language was used, and at one time there were strung symptom* of a light. Although tbia committee in at yet hut a month old, It Is already divided into two faction*? one balling from the Custom House and the other from the Pot Office. Tt < latter clique ha* the support of a nuin ber ol outsi era, who are opposed to Custom llou?e dictation under the lea^crebip of Cochtaue, i?ud at ever> meeting tbo spilt become* more evident. Tbe Uard f?? ueral 'ouiin.ttee, who m-t on tbe samo eeeuing, were also in ir? uble. The resolu'Jons which we publiaLtd l? the Hikai.I) of Kri'ay were violectly op I* ned, because ti ey did not take ground aga nd Know Kotbisg m It wat also urged, that if a committee ? a* suit to Albaoy a projoaed, to influ?nco the h *r<l ii rm'.ers ol tl.e IxgislaMre to vote for a can liJits of ibt ir own, and ent> r Into no roinb'natlon with tbe op |c-D<utso Seward, it would Lave tbe alfvct of iniurirg ibr election of thst objectionable personage tn the .-?isle, and thereby mabrla'ly injuring tae future for tune* of tba national'. Exception waa al<o ta'.e.i to tbeombslon lu the re*olu*l"na of the Mttte Otlral Ccmnot'ew, of thensnte of (lr*-en<- C. Ilronso i, who ?as g m n the cold al oulder and Daniel * IHckinson al -n? | ne ttiomd in a cou.|diaf otary manner. Th* reaolu IH D', Ix wevit after so exciting dehile, p*i?e! an 1 ti e c< nomltler, loaiie i bv llora<-e >' Clsrx, sr? no * in /lbanr oanvassiog the Legislature, to prevent an; coa lit u.n between the hsrds aad suit* Tbe Mbl< ^euog Men, at their mtetin^ on Friday eight, bsd a moet etciiing time, in e nsequ-nee o( a re .olutl" ii being submitted endorsn.|r the claim* of ?-* w SI .1 t* 1 1.. .V.I ? ? ee?b<e fartmie eib vis vet wade lo stave oil sriii.u on the restlet ??, but It Waa at taogth cairle< . In tlt?f< ibiw or ehap* ; ? Uerolved, 1 bat ibe re<ult of the late fnlernsl Inter < Inline of nut inant >m?ng tbe wh g in>-ml>er? i?i t!ie Male I egi'laluie, presenting a candidate to Ii * i 'uitan ? represei t the btste of New York in t'.ie I'ui'# I .^late# fem.te, i. in acro'dame with the prefermrenf th s bod; s ml that wa hall it as sn n iden ;e of the fblel t ? of tba ? log paiiy to a time honored landmark, ti?? >(ton to 1 1 ? i tlom , hou'Sinty and justice. It waa I'ete' ui oed to pubhsh the prores !ingv ivtiu-h ?a? 'Ion- airuiu-t the wi-hes of meoy of tha m mb?r*. j aod a't< r a close Ughl ai to w h th papers th> y al) >ut l appear in Ibe following letter from one of the secretaries nhoes that there Is no Utile discontent among the youug euigs at tbe ac'ion of tl.e ci muitt?e ? I regret tn ne my nsios atlac ed to theHewsrd re?o lotion |.asse<l lastevra ng by the Young Meo's Wbig < en> r?l < oirniit'ee I am of the secretaries. I whs ab'Cot, sad I deny *be right to mtae we t|>|>ear aa tbe endorser of any such resolution. I should have op j os* 'l It, and by no mean* havr sign ed It < r allowed mt name to be attached to it, if I ba 1 biiD pifiut iUap'etfnlly, ten. 3, IS16. J AC! Hi CQOLWBI.L, Ninth wa rd. Police Intelligence. ClfABOE OV OBTAIN IMI MoNEV UKPKH false prk TKMJIW. Two German* mere arieated yentardae, charged with baring obtaited 11,1)00 from Auguatua A. lerrriacb tod Jeai*- O. Lartrlicb under falae pratencea. It 1? *1 Uged, on the (art of the complaioaota, that they war e induced to purchase tb?* itrck, flxtuiea, ?r l goodwill of the grtr. ry atore corner of Third arenue tod Kighteentb utreet from 'he ?cru?ed, for t' e mm in iju**tlon, in I that, bellavioic the r"pre?nt*tinna of tt e err <a i*d to be true, tbey toiled ?liu tbelr rr.on ry. It l? further *1 If ged by ibc r?m|,laloeiit? that the re, re*. nt?'l n? made t; tk? wen"! *?n Mt Irw; that the atorr did not c m u d tbe atork r? presented previous to, ?od a' th? tiro* of the pnrcbap". 1 be irmwil were brought befor? Juatire I a>'" D,at the Kecond dlatrirt (rfilica eourt, who held tlrm to bad each lo the aum of $1.00. TBI ALl BOtD BOOTH Fir HKP1 MAX, Omp'alnta agalnat tba man Militant', whoa* arreat we noticed a 'aw day* ago are beginning to be quit" frequent. Among the number la one from a Milwaukee gentleman, who aeada the 'oilowlng bill received, u ia alleged from flllllama, with the latent to obta'n money i uod?r falae pretence*. The original document waa printed, and afterward* Ailed In writing ? la w, ?.* ,.>?n.i k maorr, r'orwarllng and < om- laaion M*rcbant*, Mouth street, New Turk.? front ?tre*t, fan fraaeiMO, Cat J. 0. Law. T. W (iki>-.nii. W II MtvoVT. Nrw Yoag, January II, 1*M. 8ib? We have received, per ? earner X irtk i?tar, a package of jroo<la, trunk*, which bare arrived in g-??d r< nditlon. The freight from fan I'ranctaco aniutit* to ?4, to the of which it wul b? forwards. 1 Ui <:lrec tlon or orotr punctually Ad^reaa (poet paid), ? I. W H MW01T. New York. P. H.- k'ote but tank able f ?.,.?? recti red 10 pajiraeat, andaucb uxiuty aent at our Halt. TABINO IT COOL. Home expert aid impudent ball thief entered the bona* of Mr R.DePorreet. No. 141 lludaoa ?tm t. on Friday night laat, and carried off two overeoata, on# of wb cb c< tita'n<d the key* of Mr. Do Forreet'a ?tore So trace of tba thief or atolen property waa rereived up ti yeater day morning, wlen the oonero'tba property *a< aa t< niahad to flrrl the 'ol'oelng note, written In a i I legible bai.d, left at hie render re ? " I reture you thiae nw. aa tkay ate of oo u?? to n.e I am ni > -:1a pi ?**?! With jour i on, and tbnnk yon for tb-m " CHAE0R1) WITH UCBITtvo fTTOI.E* 000 Mh A men naste'l Jantee Duffy w?e nrmated by 0 fleer Bnrrejr, charged with bating been the reeeirer of ? pair of India rnbtjer iboaa, atolen from Mr. John Baabn*, of 1 V Hentmond atr?et, by twi amall bnye, aged abeit eight and nine yeara raapert .rely. lb? ao-uaad waa talan before Jnat ce Ilrennan, at tt>e JeJarx* a Maite'. I oil'# court, wbo betd bla V? (?ail la the ?am of %V*t, V> aaawer. Bandiy Rharlng, Siw Tone, P.b 1, 1IM. TO rsi nmi or ni nraaLD. 1 taee J?at read the article la the ll(aaij> of to day, with reference to M iady'a bill, la which he prepnaeeto ? ah at up the barber etopa on Boadaf 1 am aafieiiabe I tbat any one connected with a paper that tafeee avk ' ma^rrbftim riawa of naltan and thlage aa the I HlliU, aboold bare attributed thle moretaeat (a " mo rail ty and ptrty in o?r (Mate I'glilatur* ' The alaapla fact ta, that the t?rhera tueaM*l*ee Wire eueh a bUl, net from a ay rwl'gtoaa aemplee." but on ac ' count of their own ennreatenee aad osmfert. It ie a aa : tare bardab p to bare ao tima to demote to relaiauoa ?' body and mind. Maay of tbem wewld eio.igly fnr^o all ! the advaatagee der red directly 'r* aa Sunday ahavna if thee eonld eeeara their fall ?bareo< the te?la r,m mi ? , of tha weak? but wfeila aay may keep open eb?p ea that day, each aa da aa vnald receive aaora than Utolr dee abate < f the whole trade, aa'eae an did it. Yoa are pro rarMalt* a fa r maa I M the b*?>?a aaeak eat thrwgh yonr con aaa or at Maet M them hW t.o yon aa aa ewer ta tbe^iwtm Are ran for or an eat aloa ag all barber >hape aa hldatt Tea caa paUMk, a aaply, tha ar naber ra eatb aide The difleaHy la, that aaleee ail -turn, ahaae wha tleaa ap loee whet tbeee who a?op una a VMS Ifarae raa beep a tea all wth be #qna% ba*e?val y ha nag at itaat eae lay far raw eatte a aad ra?t Progrraa of the Municipal Revolution. The war ag?ln?t tb" fortune iellora h?? juat com nitr red and a iU L>? carried on until they are all driven from the city, ? r compelled to abandon their peculiar occupation. hinrt I lie arreat of Madams Kleury, bow trtr, none other baa bevn madu, but tb* police at* on tt>? ikii 7b<> fol'owlng repcrt <a regard to the io<pcctiou of wefghtaanti DNiiurN, waa presented yeaterday to the Matnr by Mr. tVainarl^bt, tbo Inspector, ahjaring the reault of lil> operation" ?nce the .'id ol January la?t ? Fal.HR WBlOltTS aNP MKAHL' *J'i. To n>* Hon. I ku.kanoo Vfoun, Mock ? I mhmk- I tale pleaaure id Uving before jour llonor a H jMir' cl mv Import on of weight* an I meaaurea for tn> m> nth ol Januaiy commencing January ;i, IH.S5 I liavi nepei-ted acalea, varylug from a aprln^ wale to a n ali- b* ? m of which 'J l>'& m> re correct, and Hi in rorrvrt; ol weighta 7 3I0, of which ft.ftld ware wrnxit, and 1'. 4 aire incorrect ol dijr meaauraa, 1,.'I'J7, of which SI 7 aero i**rr?et, ami I 0?u w. re looorrect or una??M; ol t>?t imaMirea, I' otft, of winch 1,470 werB correct. aau 2,ill? trri ineomct or undented. TB'tra, raBneetfullr, IMiW 0 WaIN WKH.Hr, Inapector of Welgb'* and Meaauroa for tbo Morond ttitrkt, *n*r tri rr.ori ? iuy. That the aideaalt ? ppnt.le 200 llrnome atraet baa caveo in eince laat Sunday eveuiug, aod it on: -odingly I ilanueioue to traielu m 'I luil tli> Ol rupanU of hoiiaea aling the nil*) way he ' tween h. f nil Sft l ibert)' atreet an' In t Us tail) hatiit of tliioa i i)i ti 1 1 li aoil giwhage in tb'l atret I. 'I imt opting etree', t* twi on llud on ant Clark, It ivm ?tantly tiwuinbrml alth old carta ?n I wair<n?, to inu li ?' t"at tbo i la^c of II o Catherine Ictrj lino ara unable to | ara 1 hat <b? home 104 Third avenue li dangeroua and al - moat ui.t. turntable, on ac ount of the b>ittraaaaa In tbo r ar lu Im*. ami the m Wfra and other parti ul aai I buitie | U- ng i i.t of r> pa r. That h ift > atoond (treat, between tha Rleraatli and ' 1 ? ?llih Mi ? no*. I- abandone I by iln- a rt* t cntrac or, who am. to have th< une don" lu five month* fr in th? '.d of F< bruary. IfrM; that tbo a aid contract ,r |,aa only ?orke?! (in t when It pleuai ii biutxdf, and from present | afifHurancra dora act inland to ?'o an} tlnug mur with It. lml I'l lrl vMi ouil atr-et, bot<re*n Hroi'way an I lllth HTOnuv, l.i Lot bavu cl-anc l fur the laat an (wot lit-, and l? i-x'ri Iii.-ly filthy and tliat the rulihiih b< ?ere ;>4 and . 0 in lu tbn aaino atrect, has n<jl Im n r* aimed 1 bit lb* aideaalV In front of No*. 9 and 11 Thirty | eon 1 att- if, t.aa uot been clcarn d from anoir thu witi'cr lliatl'riDtltml from Wall atreut to Old alip, kai not U rii (1-?dc) for two month a pi-t, and that the Bud i' at urea, ui one foot U1, loclie i deep, with a fair | I roapect of ? ftrther r at-. That tfTtnty nghtb atreet, betwen Tliird aniKlftb aTmu' a waa ordered to be )rradt-<l ail regulated a? einiy hi lbt>5t, hut no ^ucii graitiog ever to?a rdace till Hltei It aaa adrert aril 1 1 tie c in wooed, la July HW, i to he r> inp'e'e mo oi e tear from tha< tlmi At"iutt?o i third' id >uid atrei t inly aro ?o >;?ado.1. tbe ram tin tar 1m* tg leit lu an unilaUhede'n'lltion, reoaor im ttie itieot alnurt m| waallc tu the oi'cupauta of prvmiw. in that uri^htDtfcond. I'at Irk Ki>. d<'} , farmer'a laborer, of New lx>ndon, Ct., C'raplnln' thai loa ton, Patrick Kinupy, Jr., a minor, agui 17 y?tra in lMcimber Inat, eoliatad in the l'nit?i rotate* inlantr) . nt a reu<lp/voua Ml liowery. on or aiiout tbe S? ih nay o< January, lS/di Uu la now on (iovern ir'l la land Mra. Ann llyan compl ilnii that cli/" waa arretted on Ihureday lot Ik a polices an. agil U> ail to the Voric v :e pofire atotbn, on a i lia'go of theft, tint while there ?ob<e of tie offlrera attempted tott n improper lib'r'.U* nn'i that ate wai Uitained till nlbvnu o'clock that iiinlit. although the charge a^nuat b"r waa utturl/ grouLdlean and could not be proved. A DOTH COMPLAINT. The following let t . r waa aent to tho Mn/or'a office. We | uhllih It a* It waa wriitvo, rtrla! tm et 'I'Tddm ? Uiiviii?mji Ma ? 1 Irareto con plain of nndrew Hart agent to III- proper ty cf M fa ("ha i fell. No M oiotpIi ?ti?-t not ha?in< a IrcV rr (Atch or knob to the f'oit door can be opened at anj bour nf the Bight i have often Detected mao and at tnen I yiag tbpre and I)i-tiirh*<l me of me iitghta iteat wlat v.e have to I'ar our Rent in adiaii'-i VOur o'. edifnt Servant JUilN DKNNH i Tlif?lrn and KaUIMtlona. Mi?? J VI |)?v. ?[Hirt , tlii> diit ui;m lie 1 IraiH li'iinr, ? trrirtd at tlic Irvine Homo yaalorday from lUchwoml, Vs. fh? n;u tall la tli* ataaoiakip lio-ir^a l^aa to mir rrw tor ( irl''('ful? oa a prufaaa "?*.( tour I allforoltnit jirnrirbiail) gallant and a> MIm I ? renport l? tha flrat itcWeaa of jla'lnflon ti ki lit* via teal Ike <i iM*n lam', we <1 uM Lot tliAt her tour will be both profitable id (hidLt. luoi i.w ?i Tin a rut ? *rt eon MN) 111- noil of the aaerra* atleBileM npnn Ifcr produrtion of tlu> apl'a tM tail) of ?????<? 1^1' la of "(111 Imi'lU, ill I In nr Irr ?? tfc.' Bum roue appliraot* who hare >m<n nlilitl* illmf , o'n'i"' in prorurttf aaa'*, lee nan-*- ru-nt ofltnn It ratu' a' noub<? It uir rapr^aei l.ltlou <> ?< r i bfr ?h*ila? of m*i i I, a i-nli r l.i nta (< !? norrow '"."ti log ?> ni| ri?? " t indi rtlla " ami the far 1 <<f ' A.< 1.1** A? 1 ?o IVan. " I'oamY Tn? 'TOr ? Tlia joint beo?ni of Mr (J. C. 0 arle* a n<l Ml?? M. A. (.*ba''?a will t ? ' <? pi w.e to rnirro i ? veiling, * In' h mill nl.o Ni 'lie I* I of Ilia r api fariri"" tin ?fc - ti i-aaion l|i?y will upi :;r in (our of 1' r moat inpj'ar ji i-fta. n.n.u ljr ? Inland and Amerlra, '' The In li Ku< w Noibn K '"OurHal," Mil '? I i Idy Mile'a l.oy " 'i h? betiaflt of Mra. Dunn will c rjti ofl on Wad Brat ajr eri-i .!.* a*?t. I'l KToVa 'IwaTKK. ? Tomorrow rriiiOf Mia. Ann* ( ri M"well'a n*? p|re? of ' Kaahlou ' wll h* pro-lu -anl for tin Drat tima at thi- II eatre Tim r% t im'irtrn a I 1 In "eh nt of IliU enrallenl roinpaay, an 1 aome n- w ancrrji ki? l??a pii(M by Hl?l|<e U|ir???ljf for thta I i r?. Hr Burton will prr or.aii iha rhara'ter of Altm "I r i in-an. " lam Ijr Jaia " will al?o hi |--tformed. W>| l.u a'* TiiraTrr ?There will M no ? <e In the rRiiniUKi for lo in irrow evening '*ru?n anil ooiitrj" Abil "Tha ( r>ll<?" ar' tlm (ili 'f i In M rtpn cvtlfl. Mr l!laUa> IfDi-lll will lata plara on lun ilajr aT?n'np nnl, wban "Kaatlco and "fli? 1 <ut Mtn w<ll In- prmlucul. Mr Itlala-i'a rii"iit a> an art it ar* %hj wi-ll known, and thrrw U do doubt tbat tb? alUu 1 aura will Ik dari>a Mimrrotmji firr*? flm ? Tb? H-in-lajr ^OBe*r'? at thla tbratrw, nndi-r tha lnana/i>rn' nt of Mr Mr?uV lln(li' ?, aro wtooilM mora n?.) niorn itKi-Maful, and tk? ?? lac' ion ? lir Ibn ir'Oiii< ti> nl a ^al'u laM le Ittntt a rrowia l al'"i?'!ai)?w. Tb? airwilant barlti n?, Ibr Count di Valio ia, olliarwUa known aa Hini't fli-rnardi wililu<ko I it firrt a}>p?ar?no? at lb?ia rc nri rt? tbl ?Tan nf. Ma'li Pioi.alio I'anlli* I rao w'll alao | ? r f- . r m a n?w nolo on tha vtolln, t-y Vienit* mp> rwt- Mr??i'Po'iT?* Tiriti'? A ?ary altra'l ra f ri iri * niii-i* la auaoun'i<l for to ? irr''-* xianln^ ? onj I rl- r<K a i?rntj of aijue-lrian feata and (i?nwl.? ai rr-naa. Aura fin M< -r r-'Mmbr." (iw aatt' wilt bn ikt foi mad in tba afiarnoen, and In tlm ???n?0f Mr 1 It H?o1t w'll api^-ar aa I'gol n'i, and In "l<U?k I J i d I u ? "WiKjo'a Mi'wmrr# ? T)i? |.iiHa??|oa of "Mack Ulan dara'' wlil U plaj'd to morrow aran uf l'rr?l*t'? h?a??ii'**a ? ' l.?ajf of lama>*rni'>or' and a anparlrr Ktblop an tntarUinai'nt wiU ba (Iran to Borrow tTtnliif I oi<ii.Mi.? n tlrtp > flocm.? A roo<1 bill t< aria nn*? I for to uKirriiw irfula^ as a MKBir a n rniMA toimi. iCorraatonilantw of tl>? vtwart Ad??rtiaar I, Jan 7, I*. 4. Kortoaalalr wa what Ikla pla<w jnat la I ma to 'bar* IB tba bon'<ra of a J< uo| A r?Tl sari prima faaa*. wb? mad# bar rtakut ' n Iha aaaninf of oar arrival at I a frala Wa Uam'd tkmaak tlx niWaaUna al l'ia dlnnrr tabla Ibat all tb? world waa f*ut lo lh? thwB'r# to wllnata tba flrwt ma; of an A war -aa ran It'laV for ? |?ratia ln.nora. Who ha?l a-lraa' ir->8"l)r "Ha?" lo M an to ?ul mlt bar Il?alltla< lo tb* hlghaat tilbnnal n K i rot#, without atan ka? o* in" Umpl?-1 ar ; roSat .n In lararior apbar>a. Thar* wa< aomath of of ^mbIm la Iba ?ary audarily Of ?wr aa we awcurarf aaaU al aa tarly bour The i ftA waa "Lin la " "a bor #rat apj-*ar?ri?a It. a andlanra waa anariltalad by a 'oarmlnw pa>r?'?a, and kltdly fra?tiaga ????r?-l h?r of a fair b**'7of Tba yr* (4.<aaa>ion aaa amdanfl/ ni?.flriB?! by tho Ural a*l al Ibr >ad of wblrh th>r? wrw rlaar ladi'ai aaa of atrlta I ? H*r tatloaa. wbi<b, la tba pfofraaa 'A th? ^>a?a, vara al na^aatlr raaiira4. liar ?.ir^?aa waa ?a^'ia ATtar tba ?ariof art ?ba waa rilM oat ?a aaary {*rforn?a- -a, aad at tba ?loaa of tba i'?aa matiad aU tba bonora daa to a I'lfaaaftl dabnlanta. Matotally aympatli iiaf in Iha IritJImb of tueh anc f?aa ia tba nudat of Iha oM ?orl4 wa pall oar raajatli t/, II a yoaaa lady tba aatt atoralac, aa: foead bar aa I worthy of | ri?at? fa*ard aa of pa*>li? at pla-iaa |iba la tha I daayhiar of Mr < oar?4 llan?!ar, of Hoaloa, aad eaaa to f%tnp? up? two of thraa y?a rt aaa by tba adrtra ofaraiaof tha flrat r.I aaa -f tba Aaaarvaa Atbaaa, I a"r ai{a nlad ha bar fa'hwr, hiaaaalf a Hw aa by birth, to I 'joahfy haraalf by atadr -iiyW pr- par aaa a^ara tor iba Ovara Mia a II ?on)f II, aad aha yr?airaaa la ikaaKit ? of tb* moat Daiaararinf altanlloaa a f Iba W-?t aty la M aa iba ^niat MmplMty aad iaa<b?tad maaaara wbirh ara iiii?a| tba moat attrartlra frataa <A bar aai. H?i i?i?a la a eopraaa of tha rtabaat lota la Kala la doaMlaaa tha aaoat raaowaad 'baa'.ra ,a farata, aod aftar Paa Cbrka at Xaplaa ta ?ba larfawt !? Italy. It b aa aa*oma?a4atk>a for over *, >00) p arm, aad baa tba marlt af iaiM parfartiy ' raaoaant aatw.i h aiard'ag lu lirmaaa ty T> a adiiala|a l? ibialy ?wla| lo tb* for* af tba rw of, a alaaar 'aaalnri -hi by a r*? { tar?r of (?a>4 ar'bitarlara la Iz/ia'.ar ly ltar>a? 'ba la I -aat-jry Path loga, m bar, baa a anal room e^aaa- t?l aitfc l?, whara tha aarapaata raaalaa thatr fjaata aad laba rafrrahmaate dariaf Um lalarvala of tka play Tina tataa am (aaarally pr1?aU araporty Tba pr?-ti-a ?f raa?iTl?f alalia ta aftireraaf la Italy, aaary lady a a iwaaa la bat bra. Marina A ftlra. Cilia^Mlii. l/mtitrn ?Tba aaw ak p Ho t :??bt, raatiafad by K. B [Iramaaoaa^ aalkad from Baib, M< , for >aw OrUaaa aa Iba M of Jaiwy maU ha ran owtla Maw (olaaaa, loaAad W11k ?V.,i ?v?kalaa-t taa aad rlaw?l a?a<a far lJr*rffr ? til la tha rvart apa/a ?f thirty daya. TVi wa bahaaa baa a*rar baaa a-.aaOad by aay ah p ilw* TW Hark t j/kt waa btiH far tba Maw T?rt aad Ua^aal tra^a by Maaara ! Trafaat IVwma>?al * Co . af Bat*, far Tapaaaf. k Oa , I vu (trm m w ?T'V^t Antral of Ihr 8tc?malUp I'nlon, lb* ? traui'hip 1'aion, Capt A.laraa, arrieaUaat night 8h? left Birr* ?u th" 17th alt , aad 8outbampb>a ?n tha Ihtb. Hip t>r mi no later ueaa, the adtloa# by tha Africa being ta the SOtb. The folio* ing la a liat of tba r.tMKKUKKH nr thk rmox. Rial-op Saol rlrer, Ml" M T rariiaa4ai. Mr Oaaiteraa Hi lady Kt^iair V igaieai, Mr Uuatataa aol A.i.n.t Hamburger. Ml. a Srphle lUlii'lt". Miaa I'tamea^ ' Miaa J (ji.iirlaat Maa?er l?a?e Mr Van t'nnaaa ??< lagy, ' m?.V. V. Haaartf, Mrs daalav. Mr 0?.4o. Mr WrFnralbnrn Cal rial Vaaiial and I' t.aaeir, K V?lHla?e. (bar lea Craaary, Mr renal. K< llgloua lii??lllKrn4-*t ?KMMONH. Iter. Joaoph II. Wakaly, D !)., will deliver tbe four teenth dltcomae ln>for?> tlx Young People'a Chrlatian A a aoclutlon vl Calvary Itaptlat Church, Twenty third aUaet, n< ar bilth a*?nuo, thia ereninj, at 7>f o'aUok. Tbe flrat of a aerta of aeriuona will be dahrerad thi* ?*enlDg i? ft. Stephen'* Church, corner o' Broom* a?4 fbryatie ?tr? eta, by the Klght Her lloratlo loiter, !?*? *i?ional lli?bo|> of New York. 8ei ?lc<-? to comineaoa ?t half peat itiia o'clock. |te*. It. 8. Htorra, Jr., H.D., of Brooklyn. will deli?art?? nrvi iiterntb diacourae before the Young Meti'a Aaaoek 1 loaof the 8outh Dutch fhurch, Fifth a*enu?, corner af Turn'* Drat atroet, tbia J'abbath e*enlug, at lialfpael |(rr VI 8 llution, 0. D., wlU itellrrr tl.a nljjblh <b rourae lietora til- Voting I'rople a Aaeoriatioo ol the da forine.l I'utr n ITiurrh, Twaaty Ural atraat, near Hut* art u?e, thii eti *in!ng. at 7 ^ o'clock. PKI>IN'AT!0NH. On Friday, the 'th, ult m< tha llight ll??. J Q._ VM; deve'.le, lioman < atbolla Itl-lmp of Nateher, roa'efraa tl e lli'ty Older if Iieacooahl|> on the Jb't. Richard ICaaa, at H. Mary a church and oe the nett day (Kraal at h |.i| >an> ? lie raited the aarno reverand gentlem to *? the llol; Ordarif Frie fh>??<l. !'?? Henry Vmtlb I> H . l*rofa*aor In Una Hamlnafy, ?I, tecc n I It ? I. 1 to ?he (?oa|?l n mi ?t?T by the 1'iwa b?t?r??. tlii'ioi .tl f r f baa baan a llcentuta ar thj l're?l'ftirj n ote thnn twenty reata, having he?!??^ In leeeiuler, IHJi'i llln n?i?wtlfla with Marietta 'at lige ivndriad hla orilmatlnn unuer??aary. Hi?t t'tiarle? 8 I ? l.ue wa? ordalne I liy the PreibjMlf ol ? lB. ?i.nali, au I la Ui Uboi with the chonrh In ?** tba^e, Oh o. I'et Elijah IV Hmltfc waa ordalnr d an K?ang?liat by the I .i.nark Aaiii t I'lcn, !<???, ?n the Mult. IN\ fTATlOMI n.e I'blrerrallat Uty ??! Waterrllle, Me , bara tite.l Hr> H. 0. U-onard, of Oran?>, to bxsonta their ?aa t..r lie haa acrf|.tra lite Intitatiou and cou?u?anoo4 Ma latnirM. 1b? Flrat Cat tl?t < htirch In fimWy, M%"-i glieu a unanimous in?nation ?<> the |U* 8 K. ol l4Kkport N. \ ., to laciM their paator. Th. I'.eT. Jamaa ll?yt, 'ate of Stamford, tv.nn ,_ baa aa cet.'t d an inalu^ion to a. pply ol tha lire! t'orgn Rational horleiy of New loijooa, liann. H. ? Alfrtd V. tree ..f H- ulield. I.aa re^airea a nna?i reoiia Invitation to tbe |a?'i.ral odlca of lha O ugraf*. tional ( botch and ety in ? aatlne, Me. He* A Fair baron haa accepted a rail to Jluu'ntll#, Ti xa*. Iter Iraae W, K. Handy, of Newa.V haa baeaealta4 ?? the I- |r? t I reablterian Church in l oil.inouth, Va F?V I'an'i I (lit ha haa accepted a call to llinler, f1ia? taut nn roi.nty, N ^ and an>i?l upon hla labora ?? that place. in^tai.i.ation". _ The Inatallath'ti of Her Horatio Htehb na aa naator <M ti e V irat I re, -at . oal f.huichand tV^net / inl'ort Me , tl oh place on the .'ilat ult Iter Jai e. FaUa aaa in-talled naator of tha i l'ie?b) t< nan I burch in fleroland, Ohio, on IMMW "'lira !? flantey waa ln?talled, by the pie?t>jrta|y Maiahalt paator of t?.e Pi. . h) lei .au ChuffU In Joa? vllle, M ih , on tbe Ibtlt ult. lillret Ctai.e lale of TurLe? wa> in. lath d I of thi I reahytenan i hurcb at Huron on the l*th nil. J.,? l)r Man. :rr. lie. Ut-ly of At'.aay, an InaUlM I ??t. r 1 1 tLa tiofarnn.cnt utreat < hurcb, Mo'illa, aa tat llth ult. p?tT?* is nit Misiamr. Ft* Henry ti li?u, galea late p?<Vt of tlta Tbtrl li? forn.rd I uteU eborch In Ft.ilaaalabia. die! at <'nr*^ county, N V ,f? the ITUi ul(. lit* John H. Water bury led at KU/aVtUtown, V. i n the 21 tn ult., aged ' i j aia. >?.W iMCBCIIEN. A new (?. 8 rfcntrh ?a? organlitd la?t wck [a Waa* lift 'elb ?ti??t. In the J.lar? wl.'re the Weal I fllew . gett labeii a. la formally worablfpa t Heimoa by l?. 1 1, I l - ? ' . a new f>rtnon rl.urch a Mm' r.t a*, nue. Hewnnu S J railed !"t I'ttel . rtnnb waa da.] < ated aa IW M ' t'ft !t.e '.'*th ult ii (trdfarl, <Ht.? the Met >'nW* T Prown of tbi> eily aael't?l In organ a ara?MMC cluirb cmpoetd rl.Ufly *f bead" of fan. i.ea frow aid few baalaad. railed lit* Flrat Pr-t*. * latMM charrh ol Hadford. IB coaneefon wl'u tha lianeral *?? . ml.)} of tie I'le.bjtt rtan < tut rub, Old acboot. A Fieabyterlan *hu'. h wa? Vilratel at tool fprin^ Fb*rei ?..iiaty..l,el on tbe 1'jtb ult. Aatwlouaeof woiablp aiertawl by Mia I irat Oaajr*^ eat . . bur b n llaltldtre 1U , waa dr.lital?4 on tM llth nil. MI*CRt LAKWira To day It la Jdat tbr?e hundred yeara alnee Job* !*? vera 'l.e pioto nartyr of tha Mar an i?-r?^ation, "am I Ulti'd at the tlaVa ai ?niltMW-ld *e beat l^at a , f il.r < e-.en lai.ta of Ihat famoua man, re?it?ai la ,i, i.lly I n l.ara n a |. | |. | aiaii Wo' an ob ?, , U,i. ann .rr- .rr iin. of o ,r Ir'nH "'rnaF* ?*" n. ly la allied ?o M at of the n.artyr aad wlttna aaalHM for ro'.re than ?t.e genera' n hate taeen boaor?4 Mt ta pi,. ? 1^1 In ti e i an? a trf tl ' Sew hbglaod eiany. baa ^ at nun a lortraKaf tha tlluatrv ua man of e?BiiliMM( wb. 1 ai.tfrttnm l?a?a t*en the lb etna of aa murt. ?aM Mll.oa ant the^ta't n ioit>er ?f wbo< children ba? to long la tad t a bialr a of Juaenile reat.ra Th ? ral? |.a> l??n b'ti ted up for u?e at lha rathe ag af lha ??. t rm'' a ale tboae nln- oi ten cbl ren, wl U fortn lhaA iualan< bo'y g'oap In Ut? w o?ei- ot >n tbe '<14 adit urn* ajg tka S- ? I Balant Fr n - r Fb- Halem lif'Ut, kit allay ing to ttika u.< motahU iay, baa tba para ,fA^ddTn? to thi. ?*?n N< a lie, (ritou^t. aa eseiaf) tha relet rate.! Irt nrb Amba.'a ! /r , than at tha rttnrt a? Um' n la I a l.lUr lo?.ancr of tary ????lag, a.fl --"11, la day *K f^rf. rm-d the .r,8r?aUa?a? th* alf ar re batwaaa the i'opa and tb.a k?.r l"?. artl ?ol?n.n aa' rlftta of a pf ear hiog r aanaed 'togara, ? l.o l.aa l*?n hurnl al ta U?tr g a I utheran b it h* ?),?d .er-iaiitig In b? op m n At tbU road art , thj t rt a t ? r part <d tbep? pie took m> n orb pleaaora that , |,t y ware not afra.d U* make b.i'i ntai-y arr I ? Ma Hone Is ? iraegti.'B Ua e?ur?ge > taa b a.b I ran aaala?>diaaMa f. flu < I in in ?ucb a a.?awi at If ba Ua4 baaa lad la a wed<l Dg ' . A Jaw ab "dlega aa th? aw?'.e! of tha i.ermaa MllW ailiee, la atoat ti U ealabtlabe 1 ia M W snaali 1 l.e f t'Uago /frratd atatea ?ha. tba eaUrprtaa af rh a?ta' llah ng tha Th eoioileai "Ja?!aary, ir.?ji?eito be era aniinantlr ?aa,*aefal. tba Min, I'e* Vr haa mei ai'h great aace# a, and ?w? l ita *o ra ae ('a la the "'e'e of Hl'O'^a llOM A ' ilTof Ig ornera'W n haa altaa^y MN l*Uo4?a*4 late tl a llt|B. la I^g alata/a. |i| ah*' a f ee, of U?wa, la n-.?*?d la raiatag momlf for a pern a teat ro.aeiwaary fand ta bie dkteeag Tba retail o 4 tba ? aaadUa Wealeyaa 8oe?ata alaUa tha roatri>>otl -na to It tbe laat year to b* iT.M?, Wll'h an a.laaa'W'4 Al ,aa? ujoa tba p^ yang Tba ea rietf l& Indian ' i 31 tm ? etoaar.a? lo tl,a Indiana. ll*.?a.'i' and l?tey *??> a in th? i?:?e?'.n rbar^hea ara I0,4M a?a?nt?a*?, af wb? ) ,14* are lagiaaa. w M Cunningham haa bean ipH'tal Hfad'tJ mle.laaary '.aag.'lJ fcy the ? 8 t , of ?? ' with d'a retianaiy t?wer? to lab?r l? Wtitata ? ad bafld af cbarrbaa ,n ..I- uti a. of Ute M"h- at'l ir h ba.a left tVa laat'tl'f wiu,-*rawi?g tl,?.r a .at aa, thatr rta it piH teal ott a reiaforeeoaeat <4 -aa aal bara taa^ oiora a | p- .abed ta f< 1V.< la tha e|w ng % Mf>H m ?,*ir ?. ]fro? froMimJwmi | Vr Dl ? 'MUrr r*>*o'li r?'? 1 'f-? a fr*?1 !a / it Itwe i)MI tl.i JU? tt Hill, for mm*' 6?a !???? i MiMi'jMi; few Ifkniftl fiifb II tk.a ku W.? aarioaal/ lit, (Haaffc ha la m? la a ?v>Tilw?m rte'a Tfca ?? M <kota?a In A'iaa.a ha?a ka?? faar??l vbAla fans IMaa Sm> ??>?? ??-! >? Hfm aa j-arla atf ? 'ha 'Iti ',?? h>< Barbara /f k/<MM,?ko?? inaiUi ha*# 4>a4. ftoaa* kj lha aatfcwtttaa. llrat w^tf w?at ?aa? ?l. a ?i ?*rM la** ral ant!/ at IkW j'?t T?a ????km vW?l ?f IV HI vii ',frr,' I ?ft?T ta? ?autHMPT ?a- atf-ja, w lit k??4r*t? <A mUiii hat ?aa Va ka *Vja*4 lai In Ufl^ an a"?iat af tka rrifkt'al at?-a.l of ll?a ckV?w? Taafcaartta aa'aaan a?.4 fi fk raaj?*t to whlab Dr Bill '? k<44 *.y 'boaa a aatfconty hi Otm ata, I *01 Ut? "akj'W u dm af UNI ?(^ dl>?'a?"<?afua? lalanl ?f liVn, hla'Mtt pi> tfca ah r af lha at* -kiaf aiar4ar af Mr l?fx ui ? ? ? ? - L Uf?aaa4 a fa? aaatti ?*/? AR tfca Wa oaa'i In Halka la tbla ?aanfal Ing^t aata tra? .if I iaV? r?|Bah Vy I>r HiU, a*-) farvaMa* k; a ? V* Km Otfco aaaaiffcata tka ? a rail < nU-a.* .? IW kmm riiann.n'1.'*! ul kaa aavaral tltaaa al*l*?4 it, a ?a?. ai^rM?ta? t>*a4 aatiafaat ?? at Ua *wk Ikaf* r lo|'j? Ita Uaaarf Umaaa (af%44 aar tbla* 14a **? a?!jf> >'? ?a4 tkarafwa 'La >mlr latl laara far '-??*<* iinlmiwi la tW a'fcnala, afcirfc tfcaa fa# kintam ?c aa*t|j an~aarfal fa* a qaaclaa af a aaatary Dr. i>l *" IMl ka?a Vr.vV-1 all tkatr aaarfN U UU ? '* H?a'-atfa awl kirtiali if iMUiaa Ian kaa* a^a*ita4 ?a'a? tfcHr nnt'ii aa) aal; iMUna taa K" la ?*J fa* ika aaaai <f aJaaaUaa, bat iWm af tka klfkaat aa4 v?aHaia?t (aaa.ltaa |n 0n?aa. aa (all M ?a ?ha ttraaft aa4 laalaa Iikal) WV-, aaa irtfan Ika a'laat, naaaaa aaarf tk*t aay ft ka raailaf ka UWi 'MUlNt M**4> af IraU ka?a ka?a atluM U t?*4r ?aaia. wW* mmhkayll ?a>aa?fag