Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 9, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 9, 1855 Page 3
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Kvizozrii irrASM. ? Progren* of tlae Hunieipsd Reform. The Mayor h as re yoked the liceniee of seven liquor a??lew who eold on Sunday Uat la the eaaaa of thoee having *o licenses, warrant* will be iaaued, and they will b? proeecuted to the foil extent of the lew. The newly ?ieeted Councilman (Beulch) In the Fourth ward, ha* ?(reed to join with the Mayor in revoking the license* of thoae whe continue to diarefard the law. WHAT THB FKOPLB BAT. That the water pipes used for cleaning the privie* of building* 211 and 213 Centre street, are out of repair; that the water closets cannot be cleaned, and that they are very offensive to every ptr*on doing business in the ?vicinity. The landlord haa been no tiled, but falls to have the nuisance remedied. That the sidewalk in Rivington street, between Willett and Sheriff, is constantly covered with water and ice. The occupante of the houses along the street are in the habit of throwing filth and garbage of every description into it, rendering it extremely dirty ana unhealthy. That the tenant* of houies 206 Wooster street, are in the habit of committing nuisance upon the property of SMS, by throwing dirty water in the sink, cauaing it to All up and smell bad, endangering the health o( person living in the vicinity. Henry Adam*, of 113 We?t Twenty-eighth street, com plains of Owen Colligan, a cooper, in Waabington street, between Hameraley and King, for having bis work done on the sidewalk in front of his shop, grea'.ly to the Injury and annoyance of pedestrians Complainant Bays he had a valuable i oat torn this morning by a large cask in course of construction in front of said premisea. Be spoke to the person In charge, but was hooted and laughed at. DBITraO HOOB THBOUGH TBI STREETS ON SUNDAY JJ. RiMHDKi.i., Khq., President ICrie Railroad Co.: ? Data Bib? I beg to call your attention to the very aerioua evil of landing hogs and other animals at the pier of your road, foot or Poena street, so as to be driven through our etreete on the Sabbath day. The driver* prefer thia day? sacred to other object* ? in con ?eqnence of there being few vehicles in the street* by which to Injure or to obitruct the paasage of the ani mals through the city to the slaughter houses and varda. The immediate abatement of this nuisance la demanded, on a moral and humane, as well aa aanitary ground*, and I hope your company will take measures to stop it altogether. Your oompany la now using the nier foot of Forty-ninth street, which could be alao used for thia purpose, and which, in my opinion, i* the loweit portion of thia city that oattle of any kind ehould be permitted to land at at any time. 1 respectfully ask your co-operation with me ia abolishing this very serious ?Til. Yours, very respectfully, February 3. FERNANDO WOOD, Mayor. In reply to the foregoing, Mr. Ramsdell writes that tariy measures will be taken to abate the nuisance. OB8BBVANCB OF THB BABBATH. The following order was cent, by direction of the Vayor, to the captain of eaeh police district:? Mator'h Office, New York. Feb. 8, 1865. Bib? -You will continue the utmoet vigilance in pre eerving the quiet, mod order and peace of the Sobbath day. The aid y ounave rendered so far in accomplishing these great reforms, i* appreciated, not only by myself, hat by the whole community. Without your hearty co operation, I can do nothing. In addition to your usual Sunday Uquer report, pleaae make return* of any daguerreotype rooms, clothing stores, or other business placee, illegally open on Sunday, wlxhin your district. It i* my determination to make this city aa dlatlnguished for the orderly, peaceful and placid character of it* etreete upon the Sabbath day, ae it hae heretofore been on that aay for everything that wae objectionable and shocking to the moral sense of the people. To accom plish this improvement, I must have your coaitant, vigilant and faithful obedience to order*. Very respect fully, your*, fee., FERNANDO WOOD, Mayor. THB BUTPOBED BELGIAN FAUTKBfl AGAIN. "To ibb Hon. FBb.vando Wood, Mayer of the city of New Yerk: ? Si* ? I have just seen la the Evening Pott of this date, two letters, purporting to'be written by Mr. Mange, Bel gian Consul in Philadelphia ? one of them addressed to you, the ether to the twelve Belgian* of the Rocham beau , now detained in this city. Without intending to ?spre<M any opinion upon the proceedings of Hence, I feel, nevertheless, impelled to declare to you that they are an uncalled-for Interference in my own consular jurisdiction; and in consequence I have reported the cir cumstance to his Belgien Majesty's legation at Washing ten. I have the honor to be, Ac., HENRY W. T. MALI, Consul of Belgium. Nnr York, Tuesday evening, Feb. 0, 1866. Board of Aldermen. Fra. I.-Iimc 0. Barker, Esq., President, In the chair. The minutes or the previous meeting were read and ap proved. PETITIONS RKFKKRKT>. The petition of W. R. Stogdell and other* to hare the propoeed neW City Hall erected in Madiaon square; of 8. M. Andrew* to have hi* stage ronte defined and estab liihed; of several persons, to have the name of Anthony street changed to that of Worth street; and Little Water street to that of I 'ease place. 11m resolution from the Ceuncllmen, appropriating 9310 for wpens? attending the exhibition of the power of a steam fire engine, built for the eity of Boa toe, and to be exhibited fey Me builder? Adopted. A spar lal com mlttee of three was appointed to superintend the exhi bition. This Board concurred to pay 965 for music en gaged at tbe funeral of Major Gibson. COMlftTMCATIOH rnOM THK CH IKF OT POUCH. In answer to a resolution passed at a former meeting of this Board, the Chief of Police sent in a report of all the moneys and property received by him from January 1, 1861, to December 81, 1864. together with the dis position made of the same. Tbe Chief, in his communi cation, says : "As evil disposed persons, seeking the advancement of their own ends, nave seen fit to snt afloat various slanderous reports in relation to tbe bnsi ness transacted at this cffice, and the manner of trans acting it, I embrace tills opportunity to invite all the mem bers of tns Gommos Council to make tbe most searching Investigation into everything connected with this office. If any abuses exist In ft. they are unknown to ms, and 1 promise my most hearty co-operation to eradicate the Mme." alderman 8tkkbh moved that 2,000 copios of tbe report of the Chief of Police be printed. It had been very cur rently reported that the Chief of Police had enriched ?himself by property and money taken from thieves and vagabonds, and it was but to Justice to him that the communication now made by him should be published. Alderman Ei.v opposed the printing of anv document until thsy at least hoard a portion of it read. It might ?ostein something derogatory to this Board, and it would seem strsnge if they were to direct Its publication without knowing what It was. He would suggest that it be sent to a committee. /Merman Howard was In favor of the report being printed, a* many persons who had lost watches, pin*, coats, and other articles, mljht bs able to see where to get them. T .e motion to print tiro thousand copies was car Tie 1. A communication was received from the Mayor, snb - t Jtting tbe unnual report of the Broadway Saving" In?ti (ution; also the annual repert of the Northern IHspen sary. Ordered on file. ADOPTim. Repwt of the committee to organise a ho?e company; rrport to place two gas lamps in front of the Eighteenth Protestant Episcopal church. IIOATX OH I -UNO 1KI.AKD SOl'XD. .Alderman Fox olTered the following Resolved, that a special committee be appointed from this Board, to take into consideration some measures to Stop all stesmboat-1 running on l?ng Island Hound com ing below Peck slip, Kart river. I .out Adjourned to Monday next, at 6 o'clock. Board of Supervisors. Fx*. 8.? His Honor tbe Mayor presiding. The m'nutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Several petitions for the correction of taxes were re ceived and referred. The petition of John Doan, the Register, to have tbe Croton pipes removed from the offices in the second story of the Hall of Records, and placed at the head of the Stairway, was referred to tbs Committee on County Of ?cCfl. Resolved, That tbe Register be, sad be is hereby, au thorised to have eight new books made in the very best snanner, aad the contents of the following books re copied iato'them ? Mortgagee, Index tetters A, 7>. B, F, G, H, P, P. and tbe same not to be taken from his office, and to be done is a good and substantial condition. Adjourned to Thursday next, at 4 o'clock . . Marine A Airs. 8?PBmj>no w tbs l>mm Statu* rox 1864.? Tbe fol lowing table show* the number and tonnage of vents built ia the United States during the year 1844. It shows that Maine built 11,626 toas mors than New York, which steads asxt te bet on tbe list; 77,042 toas more than Massachusetts, aad almost one third of the ton asge built ia the whole country. At 840 per ton, the value of the whole built in the United States would be 921,426,440. v Flat ft. Maine N Hampshire . Massachusetts. Kbodelslaad... Connecticut ... Termoat ? New Tork 4? New Jerssy.... ? Pennsylvania. . 5.1a ware arylaad IX st Columbia. Virginia. North Carolina. footh Carolina f.eorgia Florida A la ham a Mississippi loolsiaea...... Tennessee ? Missouri ? Kentucky ? Illinois 1 Wisconsin ? Ohio ? Indiana ? Michigan J h TetSS * r^abfsrnte ? ? ?> Total* SM 113 Ml *M an 1,774 U9,?9 LEGAL INTELLIGENCE. The Am ?f the Young Cabu, Burma oocwr? sraoiAL nu. Mm Boa. Judge Mitchell. Aftointmmmt or ? ouakdi an to young hkbnandiz. Km. t.?In the Matter tf the Application qf Francis Kliai Hernandez, J or the Appointment qf a General Guardian.? -The petition of Francis Ellas Hernandez, re spectfully shows that he Is the too of Francisco Hernan dez and Inarbla Pelipich, and that he is 10 year* old and upward*, and. ii bow residing in the city of Brooklyn. And the petitioner further ehowi, that both hi* father and hi* mother are now living in the Uland of Cuba; that your petitioner hae been for lome time in this country, under the care and protection of hU uncle and godfather, Jose Elian Hernandez, who haa aupported, and eupportx bim, out of hi* private fund*, without any remunoratioa from the parent* of your petitioner, and that hi* tail uncle, Jose EUas Hernandez, iia* paid and ii paying every thing necessary for your petitioner'* achooling, boarding, and clothizg. And your petitioner further ahowa, that he haa no per sonal or real property of any kind whatever. Wherefore, your petitioner prays that you will bs pleased to appoint Jose Elia* Hernandez, his uncle, th4 general guardian of your petitioner, or to make such other order as may be just. And your petitioner will ever pray. FRANK E. HERNANDEZ. The affidavit of the uncle, stating that he is a citizen of the United States, wa* appended; and that the state ments in the foregoing petition are true . Judge Mitchell made the following order : On reading and filing the petition of Francia Ellas Hernandez, an tnfant, aged fourteen years and upwards, with the affida vits of Jom Ellas Hernandez and Francis de Ames, an nexed, by which it appears that the aaid petitioner de ?ires his uncle, the said Jose Elia* Hernandez, to be ap pointed hi* general guardian, and it also appearing thai ?aid infant haa no property of any kind whatever, and the said infant having been properly examined as to the truth of the fact* contained in hi* petition, on motion of Theodore Sedgwick, counsel fer petitioner, It U Ordered, That the prayer of the petition be granted, and that Jose Elias Hernandes be, and he is hereby, ap pointed general guardian of the rifld infant Francisco Ellas Hernandez, with the usual powers and duties of guardians In like eases. United State* DUtrlct Court. Before Hon. Judge Ingersoll. OLD CT.AIM8 I* FAVOR OF THH OOTCTKIONT. Fkb. 8.? The United States M. Jamet Monroe, Richard F. KenMe and Samuel L. Ooiwsrneur.? An applica tion tu made this day, on behalf of Samuel L. Gourerneur, to set aside the judgment and other proceeding* la this suit. An affldarlt was produced of Lorenzo Hoyt, testifying that he was nerer spoken to or consulted in relation to the suit by Kemble or Gourerneur. The affldarlt ef the defendant CouTerneur was produced, setting forth that on the lsth Becember, 1828, the bond of the defeniant Monroe, as assistant commissary of subsistence, in the sum of $6,000, was executed; that on the 13th of January, 1854) a suit was commenced by the United States for the sum of $4,319 01 ; that no plea was received until the 15th September. 1846 ? eleven years afterwards? when the then District Attorney accepted ^ the plea to be considered as serred In 1840. On the 13th January, 1842, it appeared by the record of the Clerk of the Circuit Court that a suit was pendleg on the MM bond in that court. That on the a d January, 1848, the then District Attorney required new pleas from Monroe. The affldarit of Gourerneur further says, that , to the month of December, 1864. the present Distiiat Alterner, refusing all further Indulgence to Monroe, pushed the cause to trial to his absence, and obratoed a judgment against him and his sureties for $$.000; that executions bare been Issued against Monroe and New York, and asainst Gourerneur, to Maryland, where he raaid**. Gourerneur swears that he nerer was serred wtth any process or notice of any such suit; that he nerer author ised any person to appear for him; that he nerer was aware of the. suit being in progress; yd thatthe tost notice he had was the execution Issued against his nro nertr ? that, under the impression that the claim against b.m unde* the bond had been settled, he gare up to Monroe security to the amount of $20,000. That Monroe paid to the United Btates, on the 81st Deeemtw, 1$??, the sum of $1,600, in part payment, as appeared by the certificate of the chlefelerk to the Poll ? Iter of the Tree surr. a copy of the^reeeipt being annexed to the affida vit. "lhe receipt referred, to states that Wm. M. Price (then District Attorney) received $1,600, and Mr. Monroe ?wears that be paid the sum on the day mentioned. The District Attorney said it was a most extraordinary application to make after a lapse of twenty one years. He produced In ceurt the registers of former DUtrlct Attorneys and read the following entries:? " 1834, Jan. 13.? Cspiss $6,000, and took appearance of all the defendants endorsed on capias. Returnable 13th Feb., 1884." " Feb. 6, 1884.? Recelred notice of retainer from Jeese Hoyt, Esn , ferall the defesdants." It further appear*! by the register, that Jesse Hoyt acted as attorney until October, '39, when Lorenso Hurt waa substituted. The Pis trie* Attorney thought It strange that the affldarit of Jcms Hoyt was not had, Instead or that of Lorenso, as Jesse Hoyt had actcd for $re years !? attorney, End during All that tiro? ill tbe partis# were sanidsmts at this city. Tli? \tt"- <i?y slso r-*?rT 1 the Set that tbe ce^-" w?s noticed at the October, ft orwnber and December t erms ; tUat on toe 7th December, 1854, Lorenso Hoyt appeared on behalf of all the defendants, before Judge Hall, and applied tor an adjournment, which was grsnted, until the 14th De cember; the caee was again, on the application of Mr. Hoyt, adjourned for the 28th ef December, when again an application was made to adjourn tbe cause, on the ground that Mr. Monroe was sAporoed as ?witness!* a criminal cause to Washington. 5udge BsU refu sed to postpone it, and an Inouest was taken for M.000. The District Attorney stated that there was no affllarlt that the two sums of $1,600 and $1,631. for which receipts were produced, had been paid; that the only vim that appeared to bare been recelrsi by the l'nlt?d States waa $l!'>.')l 41, deposited 5th July, 1*38, by Wm. J M ?ee, to the credit of the United Ptates; snd that he (the DIs trict Attorney) had been Informed that the accounting officers at Washington would not allow b* for o?e? $1,600? one receipt being but a duplicate of the other. Application had|been frequently made for postponements, on the ground of settlf ment, and it was now hljh time that the case should be closed. The department at Washington insisted that these old claims should be ( settled, and so far as he (the District Attorney) was con cerned they should be brought to a close. , Jndgo Ingersoll Intimated that be could not go behind the statement that the defendant's sppesrance was reru larly endorsed on the capias. The affllant ef the de- ; fendant Gourernusr might be perfectly consistent and truthfal. taken in connection with the ret"? ?* | capias. Mr. Jesse llojrt appeared for all of the | ants, and the I'nited States bad a right to assume that he acted by authority. It was a long time since the ef fair roirm* need, snd parties may hate foivotten what au^ thority tbey had conferred. It struck him there had been two payments, as there were two receipts; the United States msy hare receired but one of them, an! It miiiht be questionable how far the District Attorney had a right to recsive It. At any rate, It was the prac tice at that time for attorneys to receive moneys. He (the Judge) wss not disposed to Interfere in thli case, as ft was a matter heard before Judge Hall, who would be here In a few days, anil the motion must therefore stsnd ov*r for two week*, *q<1 eiecntion stayed till that time. United States District Attorney's Offlct. CONSULAR nUVILEGES. rKB. 8.? It sp ears that M. Figsnlere, the Portugese Consul General, who was subpeened before Mr. Commis sioner Morton, ss a witness In the case of Mr. lllanco, charged with fitting out a slare vessel at this port, bae refused to attenu. The Portuguese Consul claims ex emption under the third article of the treaty with France, which prorldes that the Consuls of either country shall not be compelled to attend as witnesses, and, as tbe Por tuguese Consul, he claims U> enjoy the ?me prlrileges and powers as those of thu most farored nations. A case arose between tbe I'nited States governmen'. snd the French Consul, at San Francisco, in which th* Judge ordered the French Consul to attend as a witness, but afterwards, on the treaty being produced, he 'lectded that the Consul was not bound to attend. A correspon dence baa taken place between the French gerernment | and the State Department in relation to the matter. The French Consul Insists that th. flag of bis nation shall be hoisted in San Francisco and saluted, and tbe Judge censured. Our Sscretary of State takes tbe ground that the treaty was subjsct to, and inferior in power to the constitution of tbe United States, which gusraatees to all persons charged with crime the right to demand com i pulnory process for ths attendance of all witnesses, to criminal trials, within the country. The question with regard to the Portuguses gorera ment is different. No prnrlston exists in ths Portuguese treaty with tbe United States, simllsr to that In the treaty with France. Upon the decision of this ma'ter will turn the question whether in tbe ease of bomictde. piracy, tbe stars trade, and other crimes. Consuls not siprei>slr exempted shall refuss to attend as witnesses and disclose what they know. lapcrter Court? Pari II. Before non Jadge Hoffman F?n. >?<? ntty tfiitbaum aft. Bernard Ijaei-man and Aupurt .Yosser? (Pomarnow.)? In our report of this case in yesterday's H*nsu>, a typographical error mad* it appear that the jury gare a rerdlct for the plaintiff, when, in fact, the verdict was in faror ef the defendao' Ncsse'r, (the other defendant, l>ackman, did not appear.) and the jury, under the Cede, are required to assess the value ot the property, In Use replevin eases, In order to determine tbe costs, which they did in this case, as be fore reported, at $800, and awards.) the defendant to terest on that amount, from October. 186$, besi.ies $100 damages. ooM>Bsa diana nt corirr. llrt'kiak P. Kennedy agt. John Orser. ? ' This was aa action In the nature of a replevin suit, to reeorer poe session of a certain quantity of rosewood melodeons music stands or racks, and aa oil painting, repreaeating the "Goddess Diana,'* brought by tbe shore plaintiff s gain st ths defendant , who is the Sheriff of this etty and county. The property In question. In May, 1863, was taken by tbe Sheriff, under four executions, Issued upon judgmsats recovered against Wm \ aoderheefc, music agent. No. $4* Broadway, some yesr and a half age. The property was la Vanderbeek'a store at the time of Ha set sure by the Sheriff, but tbe nlalatiff la this suit alleges that ha is th* owner of said property, and that H was there merely on sals, and that Vaederbeek was ta reeeire no commission for his serrieas to sslkng th* seme The defendant 's ewsaael. Mr. Mooghtoe and 4. J. Vanderpoel, alleged that Vender beet had a leviable interest to the property, aad that there was a special oopsfftMrahia between t he latter aad plaintiff ta regard be the sale of certain musteal Mods, smsng whlah Was ?h* property la nit. TtrM r?r plaintiff, $1$$. Coexrt or Cornmoi WlM. Mm Hob Jadge Daly. Pa. ? ,?WmrU M. fkwman la this ?alt, (air? 4j im ported la the Hjbald,) the Judge rendered judgment for the plaintiff, tlM dame tee. U. D. Lord, Esq., ford* fondant; V. B. Coadea, to r plaiatiff. Common Wm l>nl>l Tent. Bo for* Hob Judge Daly. Fra. 8. ? Ttooc H. Smith tl eU againtf William H VrattM.? Motion to >Ktll. Order of artest (rooted. Char lei U. Marshall agatnit Frederick- L. Vultee and Benjamin L. Vultee ?Motion for leave to fllo and serve amended complaint denied. James Pvgh against Ann Pugh by her Next Friend. ? Ordor of reference to Livingston Li vi net too. l'atrick Monaaan against Edward Schenck and Ano ther. ? Daly, Judge? If the plaintiff thluk* ho can reach the fond deopni'.ed in the Onion Bank in the defendant'* name, and Which is the proceed! of aalea made by the defendant ai auctioneer lor third partiee, he must com mence an action ia the natnre of the former creditor bill inequity, in which all who hare ao interest in tho furd muat be made parties. In this form of prooeeding I will not make an older that hie debt be satisAei out of that fund. Ia respect to the second branch of hie ap plication, he is entitled to sell tho equity of redemption in the mortgaged property, and the author ties g? the length of holding that, for that purpose, the property may bo If Tied upon by a sheriff or talfen by a rectiver To enable the receiver to do order of the court is necessary. If he is resisted in the exercise of his pow ers as an officer of the court, it will be time enough tlien to invoke the aid of the ooort . Theatres and Exhibitions. Bowtrt Trkxtiul? Mr Waldret, the leave of thi< establishment, continues, notwitlistaodiag the incle nieucy of the weather, to nave good home* Ho deserve* wsll from the dramatic public, ae he has labored hard for years to sustain a very hoary sxpeediture Th< pieces for thia evening are "Turpia's Bide to York,' the "Irish Know Nothing, " and a new drama called "Five Hundred I'ounda Reward," all being for the benefit of Mr. Freltif h. Broapwat Thkatkk.? Having received no bill, we pre sume Misa L. fyne and Mr. llarriaea are aot sufficiently recovered from their late indisposition, tmd thaMonae quently there will be no performance at the Broadway theatre before Monday evening nest. Burton 'h TinuT** ? This theatre, under the able man agement of Mr. Burton, is doing a respectable share of businoea. This evening the detections are old favorites, which embrace tlie nainee of the leading members of the company. The comedy of the "Herioun Family" will commence the amusements, and they will close with the "Toodles." Waiaair'b Thxatri ? 1 The comedy of "Fashion," by Mrs. Mowatt, is announced for this evening, with Wal lack'a excellent company appearing in it. We promise those who visit the theatre to night, that they will re ceive a rich treat. The farce of the "Artful Dodger" will conclude the entertainment!. AwrairiN Mentor.?' The afternoon performances con sist of "The Man and the Tiger," and the "Tailor of Tamworth." In the evening, the moral and domastio drama of "Charlotte Temple" will be repeated ? C W. Clarke, Hadaway, and Miss Mestayer, in the leading characters. Circto ? Mxtropoutaw Thxatri.? Signorina Charina appears to-night in her performance of La Oitana, Mas tor Sands as the Courier of Sebaatopol. Besides, the visiters will witness various feats of horsemanship, vault ing and tumbling. | Wood's Mjmstkklh are playing every night to line houses. Tne bill for this evening is very attractive. BrcEurr'H 8*kknadmui,? "I.uey of I-ammermoor" is still a favorite with the visiter* of this establishment. It is announced for to-night. Hon Ciiari_? Donaldson's Ethiopian company ap pear to-night in a variety of negro songs, instrumental pieces ana dancing. Brooklyn Intelligence. Srvrosim Inokndiabt Fie*.? A ire occurred In the grocery (tor* of W. H. Laurence, No. 246 Columbia street, shortly before 12 o'clock on Wednesday night, and occasioned damage to the extent of aboat $200 before It could be extinguished. It ii supposed to hare been the work of design. Fully insured in the llano rer Insurance Company. Tn? Hakd Tinas ?Mr. J. C. Rhodea, the county Super intendent of the Poor, atatee that since the lat of January of the present year, an arerai* of thirty per. eon* have been admitted to the almshouse per day . The institution now contains 1 ,000 paupers. Within the same period 1,(00 tons of coat hare been distributed to the poor of this city and Williamsburg. This is independent Ot the groceries and wood dealt out. Dkmhuctiow ok Piornrrr.? An entrance waa effected into a first class building on Montague atreet, on Wed nesday night ? the property of an ex Alderman? ?ad all the Unletting of the Interior was smashed up. The man tela, doors, bath tubs and gas pipes were all cut and broken In pieces. What oould not be carried away wal damaged. The house waa just read* for occupation The value of the property stolen and destroyed is b? tween 9200 and SU00. ~~ WlUlnma train City Hewi. Fxjmiimtion fok Btmlaut? The examination ?f Henry Close, prirate watchman, on a charge of burglar* ? (VfJj catering the jrooary stor' of Mr. Smith, ia (Iran d street, on Tuesday night, was commenced before Justi? | Boswell, yesterday afternoon The clerk. Win. H. Vat ' Cott, testified poeltlrelv that accused was the person ht 1 saw in the atore. The examination will be concludes to -day. TJnc Crjotmr amd rm Mayors? The clergy of the Pro testant Kpiacopai church, ia the Kastern district, held a meeting recently at which they pasted resolutions ap proving the course of Mayor IlaU and Mayor Wood, in reference to suppressing Bunder traffic, and also that they would on Bunday next, t'he Uth Inst . preach to their respective congregations upon the due observanre ot the Lord's l ay. Obituary. TIBATnOF A SI.ATR 111 TBARII OF AUK. The Rev. A. L. Ureen, D.D.. of Nashrille, Tenn . com mamcato* to the editors of the Nashrille Medical Jour rial the following incidents attending what he term* tb? " natural death" of one of hie ser rants, at th? advanced i age of 111 year! : ? I promised yon that I would fnrnl?h you with some of the facta conaectod with the last days of Aunt Piiilli*. an old negro woman of mine, who <]i*d last fall. Auht | Philiis was, at the time of her death at ths lowest es timate. Ill yearsohl, and the probability is that she waa several yenrs older For fifty jea r? she has enjoyed un interrupted health, and, as far as I hare been ehle to lsarn, she was never sick In her life, except at the b.rth of h?r children, For thirty years of her l!fe. and down to within time years of her death, she did n'>t seem to undergo the si ghtest change in her apB?er*nee? time eiercieing but little power over her. The flr-t sua of decay was that o( s.ght, which toot place about three | v ari before her death, up to that time she was la 'he full enjoyment of all her senses; and at one hundred and four years would have married an old negro man of i seventy five If I had not objected llur "(ght failed not In the usual war. hot she became near- a ghtwl, not b-ing able to see objects at a Uelauce goon after this h?r hearing declined, but up to the time of ber death she could hear better than old persons generally do, TO* first indication of mental failure was that of locality, ; she not being able to find her way to a n? ghbor's 1 liou'e. yet her memory seemed pedect in all olher nspects. She recollected ber' friends and oi l ac > fjuai ctanres, bnt eould not find tier way to the|> I houses. I at first supposed that this wa- owing t< de- > 1 fed ive sight, but on exam nation found it wa* in the ' mind. 8tiU her locomotion was good , she had tne full uee of herself, and could walk etrong and ijuiek like a young person, and hold herself up so s?rairtit thit, when walking from me I often took her for sutne of thi younger servants about the orem s*? Tb? next, an I to , me the moet singular sign of decline, waa that she lo<t | the art of walking? not that she bad not the etrengtu > to walk, but forgot how to walk, Tho children would lead her forth and interest ber for ? while, and she ' wonld get the idea, which seemed to delight her very , much, and she would walk about ttie y*r ' and porches until some person would toll ber she had walked enough ?but she would no soonwr take her ??at, and sit for a few momente. before e l Idea of walking would be gone, and ebe would have to be taught over again At length she became unwilling to tr* to walk unlees she bad bold 1 of eoaseth lag, take ber by the arm and she would walk, and walk well, but lust as soon as you would let ber go she would stop, and If no further aid was affordad ber she would get down and crawl like a child aod at length became so fearful that sbe ref need to walk altogether and continued to eit up daring ths day, but had to be pnt to bod and taken up like a child A/tor a while she became un wining to get up altogether, and coatia ued to lie until sbe died. The Alabama paper* announce the death of the Ron r>ivtr> 0. Lioos, Judge of the Hupreme Court of that State FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONK T MARK BT. Thcmdav, Feb. 8 ? 6 P. M. A slight retains ?n retiiaed u> acme of U>e fan cite at the drat board to-day. Railroad bnoda con tin tie to active demand, bat the market wai nit to ?trrng aad lover prtoet were accept*!. Btate itocki are la good mpply, particular'/ Virginia O's. Bar k gtockt, la tmall lot t, an dally oVm4 , aod the aalea art principally for inraatateat. At tht first board, Hew York Ceatral R >ada ftU off 4 ptr coot; Cumberlard Coal. 4: New York Central Railroad. Ei le Railroad, Radeon Railroad, 4. Canton C> advanced j per cent; Cleveland aad Toledo Rail mad, 5: Reading Railroad, Michigan Bwtbeni Railroad, 4; Northern In diaaa, 3. Wootora railroad stocks appear to be looking np, bat the treMectlmi ore to Halted that ta operation caa be eaoUy made for publication. at little expeaae. In oar faacy rail road rt octal thia la date to a greet txteat . bat it doee not work ao well to la the stall eaacoraa. The Boat buoyant railroad fancy oo the lilt ia Reading Hew York Ceatral aad Rrte apaaal aad elated heavy. Cumberland ooatlaoaa la actfre daaoad, wltboot naeh reartiea la prloeo. TbaaeeMibn celred ialaM?i to the lroe ore oa the etapt'T * property eaaflm an the early aatteipaMeat The remit la likely to be m ferorahle at ceald bedtotred. At the eecnnd board, with oh or two exoepttow the market wea lowar, tat cm the whole it was well ?nalainod New York Central Railroad wm dons | per cent; Beading Railroad, Clmliad and To? | ledo Btllmd, |. Cumbet land and Erie doeed firm, at prloee current la the morning. The expansive power* of the broken appear to have been teeted to their utmost, and it will be neceeaa ry at no very dla lint day to let prioee down to attract new parctiaeera. It ia utterly out of the queetlon for epesulators to reathce an advance ef any importance on current rates. They cannot realise at present prioee. Any attempt to do eo would knock down the entire list of prioee to the old itarting points. 80 long ae money ii abuadant, the brokers oan carry large lota of un productive stock*, but they cwmot bring new buyer* into the market, or indaoe a new Bet of brokers in the street to take bold of them at their present ele vated pints. We allude particularly and entirely to the railroad fancies Fhe public outside of Wall street bare got their eyes open as to the actaai va lue of railroad stocks, and it will be a long time befoti the broke rH can put sea lee on them again Bonn of the largest holders of fancy railroad stocks in WW1 street, who have the reputation of being rioh and ible to carry, unaided , large bloclu, are operating Bole^ on that reputation, which has longaince bees without foundation. The bears have, dilhng the >aet six months, been frequently compelled to oonpromise with theie wealthy bull speculators, and as a class they are not unlike a cheese, the in aidflof which has all been extracted, leaving It to all ippearance sound and solid. The bears operate to #?at disadvantage, on account of the diepoeitlon on tbi part of Qr't opponents to repudiate when the current sets against them; but anih is the worth lessneei of the securities operated in, that with the losses from bad contracts, they manage to bag all the prtfts. There is always danger in buying a worth He stock, no matter what lnflaeneee may for the tine be brought to bear in its favor. Any Infla tion cannot but be temporary, while sellers have the whole chapter of accidents on their side, and the abeeue of all value in the fancy stock sold. Tb< transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's cfficato-dsy,were as follows:? R*e*lisd #53,712 00 Pa 7 nr ota 87,343 TT I'ald or Assay Offlce 42.', ai Balaiee 3,700,6^0 20 Tie steamship North Star, at this port from As. pintail, brings seven days later intelligence from Calfornla, and one and a quarter million of gold aadgold dust on freight. The commercial advices are itent the same as those reoeived by the previ ous steamer. The effect of the recent rains on the production of gold dust had not appeared at the late# dates, but it was expected that a demand wouH soon spring up in the interior for goods, which busbeas men in Ban Francisco were anxiously look lngfor. The weekly shipments of gold show no fallng off; and as there was no scarcity of water, thi probability is that the exportation will increase after another month or eo. The Illinois Central loan, reoently taken, promises gnat .advantage to capitalists. The Ian-led pro p?ty of the company consist! of 2,000,000 acres of lmd in the hands of trustees, to secure 117,000,000 Viginal construction bonds, 260,000 acree te seouro fee interest on those bonds, and 345,000 acres that were unencumbered. The latter are sitnated within six miles of the road, extending from 'Chicago 130 miles sooth. These lands have been made the security for a loan of 13,000,000, seven per cent bonds, payable September 1, 1800, issued at 70 per cent. Takers of the loan have awarded to them the option of eub* aoribing, within three years, to three sharee of capi tal stock of the company at par, for every $1,000 of bonds. According to ealee reported by the United States Land Commissioner, the lands will sell for double the loan. Toe pro:eeda bdng appUei to their redemption, they must bring par in Bra yam. The holder, therefore, gets ten per cent for his mo ney, thirty per cent advance on cost in Ave years and the right to subscribe to the stock at par, which waa at thirty percent premium twelve months *in ja It is not to be wondered that this loan waa readily taken up. Independent of the road itself, It is a choice mortgage investment. Tne road, however, now connects Galena with Cairo, (438 miles,) and a lice of ateemera is being organized to run in con nection with the company from Cairo to New Or. leans. The develop* ib rut of roauurcaa which must , take place In Illinois oa the llne.'of this road, in coal, | produce and all the products of the gardea Bute, will probably surpa* the hitherto prodlgissof the West. All the means which the road requires for its completion are now understood to be at tbe com. maud of the company. There are no* upon the rosd thirteen hundred caraof all aorta, and seventy two lo .omotires in active operation. The warrant* entered at the Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the lit and fith Inst., were:? Fcrtfc* payment of *tock > ..$5 473 82 F?r the p?_?inniit of Treasury debt* 1,441 ? 1 For the Curtom* C,W4 37 Covering Into T-ea*urjr from mine. sourKt.... 70fl SI For the W*r I>eparttoent 77,*: t 7.1 For the N??y lJep*rtuient 77, MM H3 F? r r?r*fitif In th* Nary Pepartmsnt 77. Mi 30 ' 1 . r th* lotrrier Department 12,H?4 44 Ttie State Comptroller of Wincoasin givei notice that the Oahko*h City Bank, having failed to re- j deem it* protected circulating note*, filed In hi* : rfflce, all tbe drcolatfng notes of said bank will be , redeemed at tbe Comptroller's offlee, Madison, out of the trnst food deposited for that ;>nrp >*e. The pro< eedu of the fond will be applied pro rait to tie payment of tbe note*. It consist* of 111,000 North Carolina sixes, 115,000 Virginia do, and 110.000 M cs .nrl do.; whlci stock* will be aoli at public auction at tbe Merchant*' Exchange, New York, at 12 M., on Moodey, the 12th of March next. At preeent price* these etocks, with tbe 'January ooo pons, would realize enough to pay 96 cents on the doTlar on the ontiUndiug circu'stjon (about 160,000) of tbe bank. The receipt* of the New Orleans, Jackson aad Great Northern Railroad Company, for the month of January, amennted to 112,229 30; of whi:h tb, 260 was from freight, and 13,007 from pa wen gtn. Tbe cturent earnings and expenditure* of tbe Providence aad Worcester Railroad C unpar.y for tbe j ear ending Nor. 30, 1854, were a* follows:? I'SOWDSSCS *M> Wuu um fUlf SOAIi. Tbe teUI loeoaw, reealeed from paserarae* mer<-h*n rllee, Mtl* sad rent*, Moitla to >31*, 911 V< E*peo*e? for operating and main tun id* tbe teed, total aaouat 111,904 oe Tsmiaf* after deducting stpeo*e* $1.11, $1? is lelic* Interest paid on bond* IS, 334 SO I^stibi eet laeome for the ye?r 4Uf, 077 M Add ca?h In Tree?or?, Not M, ISM S 'MA S3 Add 414 there* ?to?k sold 40 4*0 <A Add c**b for eeoipany'i note* 61,Wi0 00 Tetsl $213 242 73 Dadnrt >m*un* paid d eMend* 3 per cent, payable Jan. 1. 1KM $44, Mo Ml Do 4 pr cent payable J07 I, 1S64 42.00U 00 ' Total $10N.fc?i 00 Amount roaatmetioa aeeonat ... II >?? t2 I Atc' tjot SO new freight tars..,, . . lt .4'0 00 I t- moo lit "4 damping -er? 8 K.'l (X. AaimjBt for Bew lornmntiee S 0*0 <?

Atoouet for aood *ad Iroa *,$07 vt Ad ' nt paid rlahn* recalling trim tbe colli* un Aag , 1IM. .. 44 4S* 7* Total 313,?? 32 Leaving cash ia Treasury $'ia 4* The net earnings were ab>ut equal to tie dirt deed* paid. The fond* for other expenditure* were raiaad by the sale of stocks aad by the leave of the ?ape ay's note*. Upwards of forty lee ftoaaand , dol are were paid laat year for dam ages to pasese 1 > per* by eai:W?a. The gold mining iatereet of VlrgMe, It appear*, Is 1 mrit* exienelre thaa many peraows mm asraea. Tbe Peterpborg fmitlhgmetr gtteea Hat embraetag l*Vae of tbe moat Important mlaee. the aggregate raJoe of | wkkh le setiisded at ll,70fijM0. Of thees, fire ' are not wotted, for wnatof capital, or becsaes their owae-ahlp le diepated ; aad foor , valaad at I47S 000, are owned by fegfaeh cesapeartee. Tbe l-uiht men I* of aptalaa that ae me ae thapraaeat straes la I the fiseaaymaffcattepaaed. fold mteiagvllltadaae 1 cafMalMa 1$ lavfrt th?lr *aro fna* U that Hate Italao MMtfoas felt Mfpar mi torn an to be fooad to a great extent We annex m offldal stateneeaA of the receipts tad expenditure or the United State*, exclude of tm. miry notea fuaded, and trnat funds, far Hie quarter ending December 31, 1864:? ri.tAxcn or tn UxniD Btaim Rimn a?s Exrtx MfVMSB. Htceipti. From coitom* $10,317,994 do. aalea of public landa 3,873,039 do. mlacellaaeott* and Incidental aource* . . 9*, 66$ Total $14,278,842 KjpxmUturrt, CItU, mlacellaneoua aud foreign inter coure* $6,486,960 Interior, ?ii Penaloue $92,429 Indian Depart. . 183,1)60 War, ?!i: Army proper, ke. 2, 411, 339 Kor Iflratiuna, ordnance, atiiioric*, Ka 442/.04 979,f>78 2,88.1,84.1 8,473,440 Nary 1st to public deljt, includ'g treaauay notus 1,182,476 Pram on atock redeemed . . 470,160 Reimburaeinent* of treaa. note*, par act prior to 22d July, 1846 M Rrd. or atook, loan 1842.. .. 606,42) R?d of atock, loan 1843,,,, MOO Knl of atock, loan 1846.... r.?9,0?O Had. of atock, loan 1847.... 9, 001, 960 Ha-) of atock, loan 1848. .. . 383,260 Ro.i . of Taiaa ind. atock,, . 264,000 Ked of debt contracted by Citiea ot Waaluugton,&c. 2.000 6,388,102 17,4T7,916 Fun* expenditure* orcr receipt* 93,11*, 963 The ordinary expenditure* for tbe quarter amount- j ed to 112, 081), 711, being (2,189,1 SI l<?ta than the re ceipt* from ordinary source*. The total amoaat paid for principal and premium oa public debt dor Ing tbe quarter waa 14,202, 725, whicb, with tbe *e nil-annual iuteiest on the outstanding debt, makes an aggregate for extraordinary expenditure*, during the quarter, of $5,388,102. The annexed statement exhibit* the average dally circulation of the leading department* of the Bcsion bank* for the week preceding Monday, the Gth of February, 1866:? Banks or Boston. Bank I. Ductmni. Specif.. P*poHtt. fYrcu'*. 170,441 $261,770 9160.684 143,740 924,610 218,68.1 178,000 47,290 1 49.389 902,778 247,444 200.390 190,187 212,023 203,000 189,282 1.16,007 109.909 913,090 191,264 179,11ft 193,621 198,241 147,070 109,320 679.910 199,907 144,298 190,644 187,000 197, #81 116,067 180,448 366,898 106,034 312, .104 163,197 1 42.808 303,970 Atlantic $819,493 Atlaa 926,844 70,322 214,304 ItlacUtone 1,191,003 31,491 347,077 lleaton ., , . 1,694,174 134,490 626,264 lloylaton 766,380 26,403 260,467 Broadway 143,30.1 6,971 28,388 City l,460,flO9 97,243 331,127 Columbian 1,100, M4 80,171 412,683 Commerce 3,194,020 168,704 &'J8,*48 fc*?le 1,170,266 86,613 378,830 Kliot 738,931 36, '>09 181,431 F.icbanna 1,792,409 1*0,847 404,108 1'anuell Hall.,.. t88,H34 34,682 270,823 Pn-emaa'* 709,204 39,600 102,022 Glob 162,494 994,067 (iranltf 1,323,287 96,004 204,639 CJroeam' 1,020,386 100,000 903,643 Hamilton 083.4:12 111,443 479, 4*0 Howard 773,429 93,784 144,408 Market 079,913 49,024 147,716 Maaaaobuaetta.. 1.028, 379 92,667 931,766 Marerirk 901,771 29, 361 104,844 Mechanic*' 377,847 14,462 00, 83d Marebanta' 9,000,402 408,166 1,399,023 National 869,379 91,901 197,791 New England ...1,394,734 91,437 244,667 North 1,217,706 99,133 299,743 North America.. 1,092, 849 72.400 293,218 Kbawmut 1,129,702 60,906 222,304 Shoe ft leather. 1,409,281 84,489 240,80.1 State 9,(162,470 188,413 468,907 gunollt 1,904,9X3 324,073 1,104,010 Tradera' 1,084,399 75 221,104 Trtmont 9,111,739 144,380 910,269 Union 1,484,709 76,280 276,081 Waahingtoo 1,072,096 62,139 270, 7?0 Webatar 2,409,822 133,833 711,402 Total 960,091,379 3,390,70813,907,460 7,060,221 Tbe return* of the paai two weeks compare a* follows Jan. 20. m. Capital at eck ... .932,244 929 $(2,244,126 Loan* and dlacta. 60,342,090 60,091,378 Ppecle In bank.. . 3,994,991 3.::S0 7!>8 I'uc from ot'r bka 7,M>4,726 7,470.701 liueto other bka. 4,022,044 9. 1 18,041 Deposit* 12,830,032 U, 207,460 Circulation ? 7,143,684 7.0*9,221 IncT. $1,'>00 lnrx-910.818 Inr. 16,9B7 lierr. 34 Oil Iner. 96,996 Incr.377,419 l>rr. f.7,lflfl -The increaae of capital i* at the Kliot Dank, $1,600. We give below ? copy of the assignment made by tbe Empire Bank, with a list of depositor*, and tha balance doe them at the time the concern collapsed. TW? assignment has been net aside by tbe 80 promo Court, and a receiver appointed to take charge or the few remaining asset*. The bank appear* to bare been ratted by a net of speculators, and there to very little probability of the depositors Retting one per cent of tbeir claim*. Home of tbe endorse ' menta on tbe bills receivable are pronounced forge riea, and tbe re la very little doubt bat that it la one of the greatest swindles of the day. H im* time pre viooe to Ita explosion, we caatloned the psbllu against it. This brought oat letters and cards from several of the directors, In which they assured tbe public that all waa right, and that it wm one of the moat caiefnlly matured balking institution is the city. The result shows what little confidence they were entitled to, and the inference that they were at tbe time well acquainted with the bankraptry of tbe concern, is Justifiable: ? Till* tndentiire, made the twelfth day of January one thousand Might huadred ant fifty Ave, t>etwr?n tli? Km plie Cltjr Hank, to N?? Vork, partita of lh? flrnt port, ? nd Hmlth Barker, J amaa < oiuier a a 1 Charlea M. Tapp*n, perllaa of th? eerond part. witneaeeth ? WUariaa, tbe aaid |>art.*a <if tha Orat part are a hank lr>tr *'X'"iaUon, formed urnl, r. and in p^rauan' a of, U,o ff-urral law? of tlia Mtate of New York, to aiithiru* tiiS buaineaa ot burking ?turran, the aaid ?? ablation ere iadabted to div^ra craiiltora, aad have pr ?tty and eflarte full? equal to, and aufllHant f 'or, lli* payment and aatiafar tn.n of , all their debt a art IMiIIIIim to aurh 1 rn-ditora, In full and ?fc. reea th* board of dir* tor* of I tbe aaid aa?> station , t> n v i n^C tl<* management of tb< a' fail! thereof, d*e?n It for tli"- Intera.t and ??'oellt both of *aM eieiiitora an t tha alarkboldars of -aid aaaorl* liua, that the aaid property and effects ahatild be prompt ly and eflv'ually appropriate 1 and applied to ? - pay mmV and aauafa'tt.n of aaid debt* aal liaMNtiea and whar< aa, the sioat eonveo ent aaf- ap? ly, arid e< 1 nonr'-al meaes of making aueh appropr atl> n ai,4 ?i>p!l 1 catl'ti la by an eaa gainent in truat 1her?fote, tf, praaeota wltiieaa, tl?t the ?aid |.art< a ef Ui* Ural part, ' In eonetderatloa Of the Lfeniiaea, and alao for an 1 In , tonr deration of one dollar toth*m Is hand pai l by th* ? a d parti* ? of tli" SSeand part, tba re><ipt *h*re<f la k?r*t.j a< a now ledge I, have gi nUJ, bargained, ?oM, I fObveved aaatgncd, tranaferre 1 and a*t over an! by tt.e?>- pmanta do grant, bargain, aall. roevey. aeeirn, I ItaaS'r and aet ? ??r. bale th> aai4 pertiea of it* a*. ?a I I part, all and atnjrular the property and off*' ta of t aa l pertlee of the lr>t pert, taeladlag all landa t.-n?n -nu ai.'J berealitan.'i ta, real eetate, good*, rhaltala, 1 made . hills, aotaa, rherka, demanda, du?a, and tl,lng< 10 a' ' ti' O of tha aaid |?rtiaa of th* Drat part, with all fe-mka - deeds, wrttmga, TOa>hera and etileairaa tHarmf To | have aad to holn uato tha aall partlea of tba aaoood, their be!ri, enratan admialalratora. an l aaaigna for j avar, In trnat. that tba aald part aa of ?b? aarwl part will Immediatalr ta ka p. aaaaaion of tha aal4 a* I property aad elferte, tallh tba aaid baoka, d?eda. wri tlnra vr>urbera and avldaor-. tharaof aad ?lll dillga-nt I ly aall eoUeet, aad liapo* of tba a a an* aad aonvert iba> aama Into money and oiUi tha n?t proraeda and ara la tharaef will pay and aetiafy all th? aaid d.Ma aal lla hllit.ea to aatd tredlUira, oithout prafanwe. aad Uia I eorpluaof aaid proreeda and aaalla, if aar thare be af tar th? foil pamant and aatlefeetlnn of all tha aaid 1 Aal taaod liahilltl'a to tha aeid rrvt.tora, ?ball b? by I tba aaid partiaa of tha *a? part, dielrikutal and pail to tl.a aovaral a??x tb'idera r f tha aaid aaaoclatioa la liaa pa. y rtion of tb?*r raafiaeUve (haret aad lat?rat?a la aaid aaaar atioa, withoat prefewo-aa. Aa ' tba parkas of tbe awoat [art hereby aerept tba ab< va aa.ignrrant, and aaauaia tb* truat above < ra?'~1 aad d??lar?d la witaa>a vhareof, tlia aa> 1 aarttaa of the I rat part ba< a ran >ad th?aa pfaaania \n Va ei?"itad on 'lev tbe4r eoartaaa ao^, aa l *e be algaed by thaw pva?id*at aad raabiar And tha ial< periled cf th* ae??d rart bare eat here to thair baadb sad aaala the dav aad year Srat above ?fit tea. A M KIS[M,H( I'raa. ",?ni [?*?! W>|fT It ? ?HP.AMm, 'aah,?r [leaJ ' SMITH HA KB Kit r<4aaJ 1 CHARUBI * Tl (deal.) jamct atssr*. j?*ai.] fVal*4aa>j d?Hv?r*d la tbe peaeaaa* of aa. V> a'l, at cap' Jnt'? ' oa?T. J'aarm W. UrCdMe*. Aa 'a the a geatare of Jamai Ceaaer ?awm S. r.iifiii Cill a+4 fVawfp ,*? T'/rk. u ? "n the EMh day af January IU* aatw^alltr 'era* befora me Abvain W H Slafar, to a>a kaova abata betag dely ewora Wove D# i?d dap- aa and aay be raafciaa ,o the rlty ef lira V rt% that ha la the heeieat of "TV Kanplra Oty Bank," la New Yevh, aad that tbe aeal e*aed hateto la the eoaa*oa a?*l ?f the aaid Kan pipe nty liaaa aad w?a a* tad hereto by hiai hp aathovtiy ef th* of I <trart< ra of the ee id "Raiptra ' >ty Haak ' Aad ea tbe a eat* day and year atae naaae peranaafly Wo- a to* Mart J Craearar la Baa baawa. wao aa kanf My befete see. did d*n..aa aad aay that he raatd?a la th* etty ef New Yee* that he te (V Caahlar of The laapire ntv I teak 1 ta New Yeek , that th* e*e! beveva aSlaed ta the '?-aiwwm eeaJ o? tha eaad f I jap -a aty leak " aad was >>si I barata by aithov 'y ef the of Itrestar* ef the said "The Kaapre (Jty Beak " Aad the (aid AVvaea Walafw aad PeWt J Cr?tm*, aaah sahawwtedgad befaee ma that they waaqM the forafetaf dead, by the I he avthovlty Aad ea the eeaae ^ey ead year alee came peieeaeBy before ma IhaHh Bather Jtaee Oswaer aad Chartee a Tep**a aUe kn' wa ta aa U U Ua aaaae pereeas daarrt'-d a aad wka aiaaiM the fueegiitag dead, ead aba aevavaly ae k r '.wWdged before aae Vaat they esaetrtri the eatd dsad ft the parpaedi thaiaie waatlaaa*. t E feuswa, Omsslaewr ef 6ea4s. ? a 03 71 IS 83 62,001 M K K.A'Owwe.... io 00 *. Acton Wm. lilii r. a Abbott ?? U'Bron Jf P. Hulkley ?WwlD Boutrn..., 7 IK "i' ? " 31 w M Ullea A Co. . . 18 11 {^.nJ*r ?< M nemuel llrown..,, \yj lo U*"- I' Baldwin , . J> llell A Ob. 2i ig KB *7 i u uu Monro 14 87 JfButaliHto, 49440 V. J fttor no* V vha oj ob hmwu..::; &U3 i Paul $4 mi 0. K. Hur?l?it 21 03 H. fl IhltloT. . . ?Q*t i?t Job.. Hark." ?55 ourc%.,uek.;; ai w] "?'J- 0>I in L'LVr*"' j IT i' m -?? V ? ' 1 oUtllagtt u. jo ** Jacob Colrin on ?*?? ccter---::: " ?? 1.' '''* 14 82 i! ?:>? 07 Thorn a a (arlm l,4f0 'JO J ttowley j aB Jaa t'oeuer A hon 191 hi n?Tph ' orn*u ? ? . . OH I*. I UrtlK |<i Mi?ba?i <o? M 0Q "i. lonnoUr .. . :im ?t i. cwwiiVco.;; im m T.0?r,.B,?p?e'U(I 860 00 Collateral account 0M 71 Crane A Hunker.. 310 rt2 i 1,7 OH 69 ri i ' ?Pcu,t- . . XIJ 69 Conker Brother* V 1?U1 Jamea l?iaaid. A Powell. J. Purdy P Reynolda C. 0 l!lrhard?<in H Hoot J. C Hiker H. A. Korea flatter a Joe. Co J Koui... P. K. 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