Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1855 Page 6
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mmmgm n bbw itui mi, rm rAM. OARDfcNER.? A MOST INGKHIOOB FRJSNCH OAR diMt wiahai Jft MM* with ft |?*Unui by tha ?ear. He has ? itMMl UirMp of fruit, Cowan, ?acotable* ftad ornumti, Mid uaderstand* English par tteUy well. Hi* wl ? oniftrttaads the MHPimt of a dairy. Ou ft to good atty rafftreoa*. Haas* call at 91 Beads ?tra?t, troot basene at, for two day*. GARDENER. -WANTED A SITUATION Afl GARDKN er, by a itaady, sober, married aua, who perfectly undorfttanda bit basin*** in all Ita various dspaUmoata. Beat of city reference fire a. Ftaaaa call oa ha late em ployer. H. J. Beera, 34 Broadway, oi D. F . 102 Mott ittitt, rm, room Wo. ai. Housekeeper wanted? in a large first ciftss hotel OB Rroadway. None but an experienced woman, eftber American or English naod app'y Ad Iron* Hotel, baa 1,241 Poat Office. fTOCBEKEKPER'8 SITUATION WANTEH ? BV A fl respectable young English laoy, tn a small family, ?r aa companion to an elrieilj lady; or would hare no iujeottoc to go aa aeaaMtreaa in a ret pec la hie private family. Good reference given. Apply personally, or by lettor, to K. M., lire. Kotiman'i, 138 Atlautic atreet, South Brooklyn. IMPORTANT TO LADIES -A 1 RESsMAKER, WHO HAS fifteen years' experienoa in the business, wuthea to ?cgagaia a few families, ir<?m the 1st of March, by the day or wftftk; Cftn give anpenur city reference. Applica tion* will be attended at any t m*. Apply at 4 >8 Eighth ?v*nuft, between Thirty fourth and Thirty - fifth streets top floor. XJIANO PAIKfMAN WAVTKIV? ONE THOROUGHLY f with the business, who caa play on the piano, aad oomn well rftcomm?ftdt>d Apply at the ?mw fttora of Horaee Water*, &13 Broadway. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE AMERI caa, 28 year* old, a* freirvt c'ftrk, tally man, or ilerk in eome active business. It a good peaoiau, quick \t figure*, undaratanda nook keeping, aad wonld devote " time to the interest* of bla employ era. Rafer lia whole 1 jnoe* given Addrn * Charle*, Herald ofl ft u0>tion Wanted- by an experienced pro o taatant woman, aa cook ; understand* making all kuda of pastries, and la an excellent washer and lroaer; or aa experienced nurse. being fully competent to take tha ftnUm charge of an Infant. Ha* yeara or referenoea to flril^alaaa ttmttioo. Apply at 10 TlUary ?t., Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, as ehambe rmaid and waiUr. Good oity reference given. Apply at 337 East Twelfth (treat. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, to do chamberwork and waitiag and plain Bowing, in a reipec table family ; or to do housework la a ?mall private family. Pkaee laquire at 118 ffe*t Nine Aeanth (tree t, second floor, front room. tQITUATlON WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG p woman, to do general bonaework, cook, wa*h aad iron. Good city reference given. Can bo *eea for two days at 282 Mulberry etreet, in the rear. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PRO jj leetant girl, to mind children and do plain aewing. Good city reference. Apply at 166 Weat Thirty-ninth Wtioet, .between Seventh and Eighth avenue*, top floor, for two daja. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN fj ft* cook. Underatand* French and Engllsn. Good city reference* given. Caa be lean at 834 Twelfth atreet. between Flrat and Second avenue*, third floor, front SITUATION WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE GIBL, wHhthebestof city and country refe tnoi, to do general housework or chamber work; bo objection to the country. Ilea** call at 24 Christopher street, flrst floor, backroom. SITUATION WANTED? BT A RE3PECTABLE PRO testant weman, to aa*I*t la the care of children and do plain Miring. Apply at 106 Seventeenth itreet, between Sixth ana Seventh nvenaes, top floor, back room. SITUATION WANTED- BY A ZJESPECTABLE YOUNG | woman, a* chambermaid and waiter, or chamber maid and fine washer. The beat of eity reference given. Can he seen at her preeeat place, 00 West Twentieth street, for two days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, a* seamstress; would bare uo objection to wait on (rowing children. Can be aeen for two day*, it 1M Greene street, near Amitr, leoond floor, front room. SITUATIONS WANTED? IN THE CUT AND COUNTRY, for a large number of competent and reapectable lerrante, highly recommended; flrit elaae cooks, waaher* ind ironer* exparienoed chambermaid*, nuraee, aeaa I tree tee, and general houiework girl*? English, Scotch, in ah. German and colored? at the Select Agency, No. M Atlantic ftreet, Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, M cook, waaher and ironer. or to do houiework for a private family. Ha* to objection to go a ahort diataao* la tbe country City reference! given. Call a ho. 8 Slath itreet. fnat basetneat. SITUATION ?A TED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, to 4* general hoaaework, plain cooking nd wa>bia( and ironing, will be found willing and obUg ng. Can be aeeo at 212 Weet Nineteenth street, her present employer'*. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, to do chamberwork and waiting in a private family, or take care of ehildr?a aad do plain tewing. Ha* no objection to go a short distance in the country. Tbe beet of city reference given. Can l>e seen at 127 Mott street, in the rear. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, to cook, wash and iron, and is capable of baking. Ha* no objection to go a abort distanoe in the country. The best of city reference given. Can he seen nt 127 Mott street. fJTWO IR18PECTAB1E YOUNG GIRLS WISH TO OB JL tarn situations, one is a competent dressmaker; the other as chamb< rmaid and seamstress, or waiter, Tbe best city reference given. Pleaee call for two (lays, at 1M Sixth avenue. ' TO STRAW GOOES HOUSES ? A YOUNG MAN, 21 years of age, desires a situation In iom< straw Louse; has *ix years' experience in the business. Can ksep hooks if required. Can produce the best city refer ence. Address A. J. M., Herald office. mO MILLINERS? AN EXPERIENCED WIRE FRAME X maker and milliner desires work at her residence, nt either of the above businesses. A note addressed to Mra. Z. T., Herald oflce, will be attended to for one week. fflWO EXPERIENCED AGENTS, WHO CAN GIVE SK JL eurlty for moneys placed In their hands, can flnl employment and good waaaa by apt hint at the U. S. Vevtow office, 80 Nassau street. EO ENGLISH OR GERMAN GENTLEMEN CAN FIND n agreeable, genteel home, with board, at 87 Grand i, one block west of Broadway. Reference ex changed. T) HOTEL KEEPERS ? A YOUNG MARRIED MAN wiahsa to obtain a situation, either together or ae pa rate, ia a oompetent barkeeper and accoantnnt, has no Incumbrances, and can give highly respestable city reference. Ha* no objections to go Into the country Adams* 0. A B., Herald offics, for two daya fpO THE SICK.? AN EFFICIENT AND COMPETENT X monthly nurse wishes a situation as nurse to an Invalid lady or gentleman. Has boeu in th? haMt of taking care of both for many years, and can be well re commended by physicians and employers. Ilsaae apply nt 107 last Thirteenth street, third floor. TTNE RESPECTABLE FRANCAISE DESIRE CE PLACER (J dans une famille franchise on atn.ricalne, comme femmede chambre nu bonne d'enfant; elle peut ceudre ?t blnachir le lioge fin; pas d'objeetlnn de falred'autre ouvrage nl d'aUer & laeampsgnr. Elle peut fournir d* torn s recommendation. S'adressor au No. 49 Amity street. -frrANTS A SITUATION? A KESPBCTARI.E YOUNG W man, who ha* had seven years etiwrience at the (roeerv and spirit trade in the eity of Dublin. Tbe ad< ?rertUer can produce eatiafaetory teotimoa'ala and e\a ho highly recommended by respectable businessmen in Ihis city Address M. H. W, Herald office, for two W"* ANTED? BY A RFNI'ECTABlI YOUNO WOMAN with gooo city references, a situation as seam ?tress and to assist in chamber work, or as chambermaid Md to do flno washing. Call at 237 Thin! avenue, b? twomi Twentieth and Twetty-flrst striets, third floor, baok roans, rer three daya "TTr ANTED? BY A NICE YOUNG WOMAN, A SITCA Tf tk>n to do general housework In a private family. Plea** sail at 472 Houston street, corner of Bowery. "fJTANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAS Tf with good ctty reference, a situation as cook , is a goodbnkor.nnd would be trilling to assist in washing, If roaulrsd. Gall at 287 Third avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty first streets, third floor, back room, for three fays. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman; Is fully oompetent to do general houieworn. aad Is a A ret rate washer and ironer The beet of city i efbrono* ft von. Can be eeen any day this week. If not engaged, at her last place, 118 Livingston street, Brooklyn. AMTED-A CTTUATION, BY REHTWTAni.K Wo man, as cook, understands her bnsmess perfectly; can give good city reference. Can be seen at 182 Seventh W itr rsfsren n venae, corner of Twenty second (treat. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do ehemberwnrk and sewing, or assist In Ens washing; unexceptionable reference givon. Can bo seen a* 124 Twelfth street, between Fifth-end Sixth are ?uo*. for two day*. .YOl*B 70 00 pLAlN SEW WANTED? IN A FAMILY OF IHRBeTa FIRST RATlf ^ English bum, (middla agod,) te take sharp of a child. A food hoaM and good wages. Bait of referenoee inquired. Addrees box lft Poet oSa?. TJ7 ANTED? BY A PROTMTANT GERMAN GIRL, A Xw situation m nana and seamstress, tie., to aeoss pany a lady Vo Europe; can give satisfactory refereaoo at liar pie?tom ployer's, 60 I teach .treat. IXTANUCD? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID. BY V V a respectable jouag woman, who U willing to as sist is wn.hiM aa<l isonl?a; understands waiting at tahla. Bast of reference given from laat situation. Pleaee call at 106 Watt Nineteenth itraat, for twa days. ANTED? BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A FUR- ! nlshed room, without board, in the vicinity of UdIou equate I'r Irate family preferred. Address box 1,S08 I'oat Office, stating tarma. Reference glren if re quired. WANT?? A TEACHER ?AN EFFICIENT TEvCUKR of the French language, who eau make himself undejatood In Engljph, U wanted immediately at the Commercial Institute 687 Fourth atr^et. Inquire there. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN GIRL, a ultuatioo ai dress- maker or seamstress Can do general sowing, shop preferred. Can be seen for one week at 113 Hammond street. Reference given and re quired. WANTED? BY AN H0VB5T, GOOD AND INDUS triouc young woman, who li a good oook, waaher and ironer. and is willing to do general house work, a Ituatlcn in Brooklyn. Can give good reference as to baracter. Call at 67 Navy street, between Tillary treet and Park avenue, Brooklyn. Can be seen for bre? days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESECTABLE young woman, to go to California with a lady or family. Wages moderate. Good roferen-e given Can be seen at 379 East TweCth street, first floor, back room, for two days. WANTED? BY A STEADY COMPETENT GIRL, A situation as good plain cook or to do general house work, in the city or country; makes good bread: an ex cellent washer and ironer . understands milk and batter, and not afraid to woik. Has the best refereaces. Ap ply for two day* at 10 TlUary street, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS chambermaid or waiter. Good reference given. Inqulreat No. 11 Mercer street, all thU week. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESECTABLE young woman, a* cook, waaher ami ironer. Good city reference, if required. Has no objection to go a short distance in the eountry. Call at 91 Sixteenth street, between the Sixth and Seventh avenues, la the rear. WANTED? A SITUATION AS SALESMAN OR TRA veiling agent In a wholesale dry goods, grocery, or provision house, by a middle-aged man, who has been engaged in the above business for the last fifteen years. Has an extensive acq tain tance, and can influenee good oash and rhort time trade in either of the above. Thoee who appreciate integrity and perseverance, and are wil ling to make a fair remunerativn for ssrvicea, may ad dress J. V., Herald office, for three days. WANTED- A SITUATION. Blf A RESPECTABLE woman, to do general housework, in a ttmall pri vate family or boarding house; is a good washer and ironer. and good plain cook; has no objection to the conn try. Good city reference. Can be aeen until engaged. Please call at 106 Thirty-third street, between Slxtu anl Seventh avenues, first floor, front room. WANTED? A MIDDLE AGED PROTESTANT WOMAN, as nurse. One who can bring satisfactory city references as to character and capability may apply at 78 Amity street. w WANTED? A GOOD PROTESTANT COOK ; MU3T BE a good washer auil ironar; German or English preferred. Call at 41 West Thirty-fifth street, between 10 and 11 A. M. ' WANTED? A SITUATION AS GARDE.VER, BY A single man, who has a thorough knowledge of the business, management and care of trees, (hruba, plants and vegetables, greenhouse plants and vinery. Can be well recommended by his last employer as to Character and capability. Address, for two days, Garden er, bos 185 Herald office. ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as laundress; cnn do up Frenoh fluting and would assist in chamberwork; gooa city and country references given to that effect. Please call for two days at No. 608 Houston street, between Broadway and Bowery, in the small store. |*7"ANTKD? TO GO OUT OK TOWN, AN EXPERIENCED ? V cook, who understands her business, to do general housework, and a girl to do fine sewing and chamber work. French preferred. To competent persons a per- 1 manent home and good wages will be given. Apply at No^O Barclay street, up stairs, before 9 A. M. or at 4>{ "IT 7" ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, Y> a situation as seamstress in a private family. Can ent and (It children's clothes. Apply at 121 West Twenty- sixth street. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A SITUATION, BY A RE spectable young woman, as seamstress and to take care of children, or to do chamberwork, in some respectable family. Can produce good city referenoe. Call at, or address note to, M Boer urn street, near Ber gen, Brooklyn, for two days. WANTED? BY A COLORED WOMAN, A SITUATION as child's nurse, or to do chamber work and sew ing, or as lady 's maid. Good city reference can he given. Apply at 171 Wooster street, in the basement. gTTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTECTANT Tf young woman, to do housework: is also a good washer andironer. and understands making bread and pastry. Can be well recommended from her last place, where she lived over five years. Apply at 612 Washing ton street. WANTED- BY A l'OUNO GIRL, A SITUATION IN a small private family, as chambermaid or waiter, or to take care of children; would have no objection to go a short distance in the country, at moderate wages: best or raferanoe. Any commioai addressed Mary, 252 West Twenty ninth street, will be promptly attended to. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women? one as nurse and seamstress or chambermaid and seamstress? no objection to the coun trv : the other as cook, washer and lroner, er to do gene ral housework. Good referenoe from her last place, where she lived one year and eight months. Can be seen for two days at 30A Mott street, bit ween Houston ami Bleecker, first floor, back room. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND gardener, by ? sober, steady man, who under stands both branches perfectly. Has no objection to the country or cfty. Has good reference. Address B. M , box 134 Herald office, for three days. WANTKD-A SITUATION AS COOK, BF ONE WHO understands cooking In all its branches? meat, jellies, fee. No obj'ction to a hotel or flrsl class board ing bouse. If required, reference can be given. Apply at 320 Mott street, ono door from Bleecker, for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM4N, a situation as iaunJress; understands her biui cess | erfectly. * an glye the best of city and country reference Call at 68 Third avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, in the rear. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN*, A SITU A tion as cook . under* 'auds the business in all its | branches; has lived wi'h the best famil es in this coun try. Call at 08 Third avenue, between Eleventh and twelfth streets, in the rear. MVANlEIt? A tOLORKD 01RL, WHO IS A GOOD Vt waiter and chambermaid. Must have city is cnnmendatlons. Apply between nine and eleven o'clock, at 68 West Twenty-seventh street. WANTS A 811 UA TION? A8 COOK IN A HOTEL OR private boarding house, or saloon, by an expe rienced cook, wli > perfectly understands both French and English aoo. log, in all its branches; both meat and pst try. Either in city or country. Has fifteen Sear's reference, inquire at 67 BeeUman street, for E ?, in the store Can be seen for two days if not engaged. TST ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNG MARRIED Tf woman, who has lost bar own baby, a baby to wi-t nurse, at her own resilience. Good references. Call at 176 East Sixteenth street, between avenues A and B. ANTED ? E1UHT OR TEN MOOD BUSINESS young men, to sell segars. None need apply ex empt those willing to work, who can make from to 84 per day. Apply at 102 Nassau street, corner of Ann, room No. 4. w WANTED? A Wll ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE^ young woman, who is a ti rot rate rook, in ?ith?r a private boardtig bouse or private fauiiljr Can give the best X city reference. Apply at the store corner of Hackett and Court streets, Brooklyn. Can be seen for two days. " PANTED? A SITUATION. BY A F1H3T RATK laundress and chambermaid understand* wait ing and French tinting. Best city reference gives. Please rail at 20 East Nineteenth street. I "Mr ANTED? A SITUATION AS WFT NURSE, BY A Y? nble young Protestant woman, who has : l< ft h?r own baby has good city referenoe; no objection ? to go to ti e country, or to traval. Address ?x tast | H' venth street, near Third avenue. ' \]LT ANTIT* ? A SITUATION, BY A RBSPBCTABLK TV young womsn. ss rbsmbermii I, and ts take care of children or do plain sewing, no objection to do fine washing and ironing, or cook a/, washing and ironing. Ilest of city reference it required, l'lease call oi addreu No. S Howard street, in the rear, second floor, for two days. WANTED? BY A HIHI'BCTABUC YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as oook, winb< r snd Ironar. knows har but mess well. Can be seen for two days, at No. 70 ( harks street. Wantmv-a situation a? hy a rbh^cta hie middle aged woman, whs thoroughly undestands all braachaa of aenktog. Be?t of city refi renae can be given. Addreae 0. t., Unlcn s juaie post Office. PRo. good waaberand i? r?u oook and '??Jvaw Chm be seeafcr ?* af eitr reJanli?*,f' WANTED?A SlTCAlMN^Afc CHAM BSKE AID OB ebild'a ran*, by ? person who ha* aerved la both capacities, m4 on fire food neoMimendatioas. Apply at 473 Fourth aticct. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, a aituatioa u trot nun*. Good oity reference given. Pleaae inquire at No. 6 Hamilton ilraot, front room, No. 8, second floor, for three days WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A MTU ATOM to wait on a lady and sew; can do ehamberwork or waiting. City reference given. Oan be ihd at ISO TUiid a trot, between avonme* A and B, for two day*. WANTED? KY A RK PECTABLK MIDDLE AGED woman, a aits at ion ?>* oook in a private family; no objections to tbe oountry. Beat of mty and oouatry reference. Can be mod at 38 Eaat Nineteenth atreet, be tween Broadway and Fourth avenue, for two day*. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE ENGU3B WOMAN, a situation aa cook la a hotel, restaurant first claaa boarding hcuae or private family; unlerataads cceking la all It* branchea. The beat of city reference* glron. Inquire at 202 Sixth arena*, for two daya. WANTED? A HTUAHOV, BY A RESPECTABLE German woman, to do housework or ohamber work. Good oity re'eieac* given. Pl*aae addreai a note to M. M., Herald office. WAN ISO? A SITUATION. BY A YOCNO WIDOW worn* a, to do general houaework or to take care of children; hai no objt* ton Ho go a abort diatance in thoceuntry: beat of city refarenoe ean be given. Can be aeen lor two daya at No. 40 Hamersley ttreet, in tbe atore. , WANTED? A BITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH PRO tcetant young woman, aa aeamstme and child'* nurse; can cut and fit children'* clothing and do plaih family sewing; good recommendation from her la it plaoe. Can be aeen for two day* at 89 West Nineteenth atreet, near Sixth avenue. WANTED- A SMABT, INDUSTRIOUS PROTESTANT Hootch or German girl, to do the general house work of a small family; muat b? a good plain cook, waaher and Ironer; good city reference required. Apply at No. 233 Twelfth atreet, from 10 to 2 P.M. WANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation aa chambermaid and laundreaa; b?st of city reference can be given. Please! call for two daya at No. 64 Weat Wuwiogton plaoe. Can be Men for two two day*! near Sixth avenue. WT ANTED? A COLORED WOMAN; ONE WHO IS A YV good waaher and ironer, and understands plain cooking for a email ramily, and who can briug a good recommendation, may apply at 118 Hameraley atreet. WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITCA tion to do general houaework; 1* a good waaher and ironer; ha* no objection to do ehamberwork or plain ?ewiag. City reference If required. Ploaae o?U at 132 Mott atreet. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman; 1* a good oook, a first rate baker and laundress, and underatand* pastry perfectly. Can ?ve the beat of oity reference if required. To aave ouble, any person wanting general houaework done need not apply. Pleaa* calf at 00 Fourth street, be tween Charlea and Perry. WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN OF INTEL ligence and capability, a situation ?a nurse and aeamatreia. or companion to an invalid or aged lady; no objection* to travel; a gnod- home and good compensa tion expected, and conaslentloua and efficient Mrnces given in return. Good reference siren. Apply por tonally or by letter, at No. 7 Cottage place, near Bleecker street. "ITT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RE3PECTABIJC Yf woman, aa first claaa cook In a private family. Can make pastry of all kinda, and bread; would have no objection to assist in waahlng if requirod. Ha* the buat of city reference*. Apply at 04 Weat Washington place. Can bo aeen for two cays. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, a* first rate cook, washer and Ironer, or to do housework, In a small private family. Beat city refe tance given. Call at 180 Weat Fifteenth street, in the rear, for two day*. |*r ANTED? A SITUATION AS NURSE AND PLAIN WW sewer or to do chamber work. Please call at 70 East Thirty -leeond street, third floor, front room. Can be see* for two days. Reference if re quired. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman to do general home work. Will make herse'f generally useial. Good city referenoe. Can be seen for two dayi at her present situation, 30 Elizabeth street. WANTED? A GOOD GERMAN COOK.? SHE MUST be a perfect washer and ironer and have city references. Apply at 100 West Twenty- first street, be tween Sixth and Seventh avenues from ten to one P. M. mjrrANiSD? by a respectable pro test ant WW girl, a situation as chambermaid land waiter, or to assist in the washing and ironing of a small family. No objection to do general house work. Is a regular waitress and excellent washer and ironer. The best of city and country reference. Apply at 171 Ninth avenue, top floor, front room, for two day*. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS a SITUATION TO J\. do chamber work, and One washing and Ironing, or chamber work, or waiting, or house work. The best of citv refer* tee from her last piacc. Can be seen at ICO Ninth street, between Third and Fourth avenues. WANTED? BY A COMPETENT WOMAN. A SITUA tion to do the cooking, waahing ana ironing, or general bouse work of a family. Baa no objections to a plaoe out of the city. Satisfactory references given. Please call at 00 Watts street, near Hudson and Canal streets. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as cook, washer and ironer. Has no ob jection to go in the country. Good reference If required. Please call at 98 Eleventh street, between First and Se cond avenues, third floor, front room, for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN young girl, as child's nurse, to do plain sewing, light cbamberwork. The beat of citv referenoe given. Can be eeen for two days. Apply at 128 Twelfth st. WANTED? A GARDENER, A PKOTE3TANT; ONE who understands his business in alt Its branches, may apply at 706 Broadway, between 0 and 1 o'clock. WANTED? SEVESAL SMART YOUNG MEN TO EN gage in a light and profitable business, by which 91.000 per year can be realised Success guaranteed, and a capital of from $12 to 920 required. Apply at 262 Broadway, room No 14. WANTED- A GAR )ENER ? A SINGLE MAN (GER man or Scotch preferred) one who understands market gardening perfectly and would be willing to make himself generally useful on a small farm near l'ougliLeepsle, two hours from New York. Uood refe rence required. Address, post paid, box 266 I'oughkeep tie I'ost Office. TENANTED ? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY AN TT Englishman, one that thoroughly understands his business. Also, his son, agod sixteen, to act as froom or footman, if required. Address, by letlur, G. ., 82 Fifth street, between Bowery and Third avenue. WANTKH-A SITUATION AS GARDENER. BY AN Fngli'hman. who perfectly understands his busi ness, and has livid six jearN in bis last place. Can be ??en at Messrs. Tborbum's, IF Join xtreet. .1. H. 8. WAN1ED? AGENTS TC VISIT THE PRINCIPAL places in the United States and Canadas, and sell the best map pu Wished to make money on? Mirror of Sevastopol, and Map of the Black ."ea and Crimea, with Crtralta of the Emperor of Bosnia, Sultan of Turkey, rd 1-sglan. Prior* Napoleon B >napnrte, views of the Hurricane in the Black hea, Rattle of Inkerniann, tic. Apply at 60 Fulton street, up gta rs. (JiQnA OR $500 WILL BE PLACKD IN THE ?UvU hands of a first class house ? secured, of course ? by tie advertiser, who is a first rate business man, in order fo obtain a situation, either as bookkeeper, cashier, maosger of an office, or as an outdoor businsss msn, either situation be is perfectly competent to fill. References given. Address Situation, Herald office, for two days. IilfPnA TO 910,000.? AHEM S WANTED FOR EVE ry State In the I nlon, to sell a secret of great importance to business won in all parts oi the country. Enterprising and goxbvad persons will find this a rare chance. Call an<i see. BONNEK A CO., 208 rtroadway. ISH'IHVfTIOH. A LADY. (PCPIL OF HERTZ.) WITH A THO rough knowledge of the ( reach language, wishes to give Instruction to a few private pupils on the piano forte and In the abova language lor terms apply to Mme. J., 668 Broadway. A LADY, HAVING MLTWIIH A REVERSE OF FOR /V. tune, wishes to have a few pupils tolnstiuct on the pianoforte and singing. Terms $12. Address G , llroauway r oat Office. A CARD ?THE Sl'BBCVIRRR WILL RECEIVE TWELVE j\ students thi. weak, frr a tbotongh course of count ing bouse instruct-on, including double entry book keeping, mercantile writing and sr thmetic, at tke re duced charge of $26 for thr whole course including liooks and stationery. Application must be ma<l? Mis week. OUVEft R GOLIWMITH, &>1 Broadway, corner Franklin street. [From the New York Courier and Enquirer.] The chirographic art Is much more i militant to man kind than It Is generally considered, and Mr GMdsmith may vary well claim to be c nsl. ered at its haad . [From the Home Journal, June 26, INMi J In every profession there is a reeagntaed levllng man ?one whose pre eminence Is so dec! led that nobody calls It In Question Among those who teach the art of writing, Oliver B. Goldsmith is just tnat Indisputably preeminent person and recognised head of ths profes elon. CARD.? THE 8UBRCR1MR WII.L RECEIVE NEW pupils on Monday aad Tuesday for taetraction In p nasanship and bookkeeping. Terms reduced eee-half, vti : 9$ for writing, and 912 60 for a thorough oourse of took keeping. Ladies' writing elaai at 10H o'clock, dai^r. OLIVES B. GOLDSMITH, m Broadway. T) ?. FOSTER k BIRAM MT0W GIVE LKMONB IN XJe bookkeenfag. writing, ha , o?ee M? Broadway, (Appletan'l Building.) where gaatlemaa are qualified fit the eo?a Ung- house, In ft snjwloi aad expedition saan ttgqpjwp KEanrEB. 4 RARK CHANCE.? TO LET,' *A FEED STOKE, NOW A, doing a food business, situated at 36 avenue C. Tli? above store la 66 by 04 feet, with good atables. For further particular* enquire of R. J. BERGEN, 149 art nut C. Broadway lofts.? to ijct. separately, if desired, the lofts of No. 3 Park row, directly op posite the A* tor Houne. Apply to ISAAC SMILU'8 80N3 k 00., 867 l'earl street, near Fulton. Boarding house keepers, market uardkv. ere, drovers, 6c ? To let or lease. a large plot of ground, corof 126th (treat, Eighth to Ninth avenue, con taining about one handled and ft f.y oity lota, from ton to twelve acre*, fit for cultivation, with a sood farm houte, barn, ioe house, a never failing spring of good water Also, a Urge new four story brick buildin;. fifty by sixty, built u the best manner for a genteel family boarding houae, containing about forty room*, replete with every eonvenlenoe, baths, water oloseti, slop sinks and Croton water on every floor he To a very good tenant (no o'h?r need apply,) famable terms will be given; the house la partly furnished, to bo taken at a fair valuation. For particulars apply Cto Hossrs. MILLS k THOMPSON, 61 Cortlandt street. CTOJNTRY HOUSE ?A SPLENDID U0CSE ANBSOUT / buildings with land, at l'retona, Rye, Westcheeter county, on the banks of the bound, one of the most pic turesque and lovsly residences in tbe vioinlty of New York; bouse large and spacious. Houae and furniture to let or lor sale. Inquire at V2 Grand etreet, Wiillama burg, L. I. IpLlOIBLE FAMILY RESIDhNCE IN THE BERMUDA 'j Islands, for rent or lease. Tbe Orange Grove pre mises, situated on an eminence, and located in one of the most healthy and cooveulent spots in those beautiful Ulands. Tbe stone mansion house and outbuildings are new and substantially built, containing well ventilated and commodious apartments, and provided with every * convenience for tbe accommodation and comfort of a respec'able family. Attached to these premises are 30 aciesofland, a portion of whioh is occupied by fruit trees In variety , as well as graporiex, and tbe greater part of the remainder may be put under cultivation. To a person with means and a knowledge of agriculture, who may be desirous of removing to a gen<*l climate, the above affords an opportunity rtrely offered in the "sunny isles." For a mure particular description of the premises, as wall an in format on as to terms, apply to McCALL k FRITH, 73 West street. EURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED DWELLING HOUSE to let or leaee, No. 6 Bond street, near Broad way. For particulars appiy immediately, on the premises. Furnished house to let-in a desirable location, near Sixth avenue, yeu.-ly rent $800; the house is three story, with modern improvements, and contains about ten rooms; furniture good and nearly new. Possession 1st of March or sooner if desired. Ap ply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway, Bouse to let? in the vicinity of the new YorV Hotel, with all tbe modern improvements; Tarniture and everything in niee order, for sale; now full of first class boarders; location unsurpassed; sickness being the only reason for disposing. B. W. RICHARDS, No. 307 Broadway. House to let? a few doors west of broau way, and but a short distance from the New Haven oad depot; forty rooms; good location for a publlo honse, being now occapled as a boarding and lodging house. Furniture for sale; terms easy. & W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. House to let or for sale.? thf. four story an 1 basement house No. 87 West Thirty fifth street, between Fifth and S.xth avenues, with all tlie modern improveeaents; gas through the house, all complete, parlor carpets, window curtains, pier glasses, oilcloth, gas chandeliers all fitted up, new about six montbs since. To be sold on reasonable terms, as the owner is about to leave for the country. Inquire on the premises. House to let and furniture for sale, in the vicinity of Abingdon square. The home has all the modern improvements, ga?. furnace, rang*, bath, &c., and the furniture will be Bold very lew if applied for thii week, as the owner will leave the city. Address box 1,660, Poet Office. , Lofts to let? splendid loits, over brown (tone front store, No. 108 Chambers itreet, on lease. To a respectable tenant, the rent will be unusually low if taken Immediately. Apply to W. J. DAVIS, 109 Cham bers street. ?OFIB TO LET? THE SECOND. THIRD AND FOURTH floors of building No. 8 North William street, ex ling through to William street; has be< n occupied for the last three years as clothing warerooms; is well adapt ed to any light manufacturing business. Inquire at No. 8 Ferry street. NO. 206 BROADWAY TO LET.? THE THIRD STORY of this building to let in one room, or will be di vided into two offices. The premises are well calculated for any light business, or as a manufactory for jewel lers, watchmakers, Ac. OFFICES TO LET? IN THE LARGE BUILDING OVER the dry goods store 266 and 267 Fulton street: a very desirable location, being in the neighborhood of taa Oity Hall and public offices, and the centre of the most active business part of Brooklyn; very pleasant rooms, in single offices or suits. Rent moderate. Apply to J. 0. COTT8BERGER, 12 Centre street, or J. VANNORDEN, 20 Nassau street, New York. I TORE TO I JET OB LEASE? NO. 240 SOUTH STREET. ? Apply at the Boat and Oar Bazaar, 260 South st. TOO LET? A PUBLIC HOUSE, WITH SITITNO ROOM, A and other apartments if required. Also, two lam rooms, with four ante- rooms adjoining, snitabla for societies or military purposes. Apply at 126 Grand si mO LET? THE SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH FLOORS JL and basement, of 29 Bookman street, all being 90 , feet doep; well lighted, front, roar and side; also a frsnt room on the fifth floor of 81 Beekman street: also the fifth floor of 88, 100 feet deep, well lighted on four sidee; also the third floor of 24 Beekman street, 83 festdeep. Any of the a bore will bo divided to suit tenants. Inquire of J. CONNER k HONS. rl LET? ONE-HALF OF A NEW AFD COMMODIOUS house, located most desirably in South Brooklyn, fitted with chandeliers and gas fixtures complete, sat cious pantries, closets all through, with bath room, ke. to a small respectable family, this is an unusual oppor tunity. None but those who are willing to nay a fair remuneration need apply. Address Talbot de MaUbide, box 1 ,786 Post Office, New York. Reforences exchanged mO LET? THE FIRST CLASS DWELLING HOUSES, I Noe. 112 and 114 Leonard street, near Broadway. The houses have hot and cold water, furnaco, bath, &c. Will be let together, as at present, or separately, to first class tenants. Apply to HENRY HEATH, 298 Broadway. r> I JTT? COTTAGE ON THIRTY-SEVENTH STREET, near Third avenue, reht 92Z5. Apartment, Third avenue, between Eightieth and Eighty-first streets. Apartments, Sixty-eighth street, Ac , Broadway, cbeap. Inquire of ILACFaRIjLN k MKRRITT, 49 Third avenue TO I.ET? "73 BROADWAY. SECOND FLOOR, TWO large well lighted rooms, suitable lor a physicim, dentist, milliner, tailor, or aov light business; also, a parlor and bedroom, furnished, for a single gcntlemsn, with gas, bath, kc. Apply as above. TO LETT? THE THREE STORY HOUSE 247 WIST Thirty-fourth street; hr?s all the mo lern Improve meats. Apply to J. M. POST, 243 West Thirty fourth street. TO LET-IN WILLIAMSBURG, THE SMALL HAND some cottsf e 89 South First street, four blocks from lerTxs; yard very handsome, and filled with grape vines, ranting rases, woodbines, sc. Rent $300. Also, the store aad dwelling No. 181 Grand street. Apply to HUOUfcH k GREEN, 163 Orand street, Williamsburg. TO LET? I HE BOOT AND SHOE STORE, WITH the dwelling part, B26 Third avenue. Also, the dwelling Kt Bond street, corner of the Bowery; would answer for business purposes; possession now. Also, for sale, the firtt class four story brown stone dwelling, 36 Fact Twenty -second street. Also, a pew in Dr. Potts' church, Firth avenue. Inquire at No. 37 East Twenty second street, before 10 and after 3 o'clock, or at 49 Wil liam street, at 1 o'clock. IV) I XT? FROM TBI FIRST OF MAY NEXT, THE upper part of tbe three story house 110 Seooad street, with bath and gas, to a small reepsctable family. Rtot, 93(0. Can be seen Iron 10 A M. to 3 P. M. 10 liT? THE TH.tEE STORY HOUSE, PARTIALLY furnished, with all the modern Improvements, 109 Second avenue; possession can be had tbe middle of April Inquire between the hours of 1 and 2 o'clock TO LET? IN WILLIAMSBURG. TO A SMALI. OEV teol family, a new and elegant brick cottage, French windows, Iron balcony and marble mantels; six rooms and barement. Stages pass the door evetv five minutes. Rent 9176 per annum. Inquire of Doctor lXIRETt , 462 Grand street, Williamsburg. rl ET.? 1 THE DWELLING HOUSE #3 WHITE STREET to let. an the 1st of March . Rent 9700 per annum. Furniture for sale. Apply on the prem ses, between tbe hoars of 12 and ? rTK) LET? A NUMBER OF FIRST CLA84 DWELLING 1 houses wi'.h all tbe modern Improvements In the ?pi*r part of the city, also, the modern houses Nos ftfi snd 67 Greenwish avenue. Can b ? connected, and <n;uble for an extensive bosrdinf hou * Apply to K BMM>MKH. 208 Broadway. I rpO LEI? FROM 1HK FIRf OF MAY NEXT, TO A > J geutltDiao anl bis wife, without children, the ?s { ? n. story aril back under kltcbtn of the three story i brick dwellii.g house 48 Charles street, near Fourth. I Bent 9W0 a year, which Includes ras, hot and cold water, ke. Inquire on the premises from 2 to 4 P. M. rpO 1 ET? WITH SEVERAL YEARS' LEASE, IF DE i J. sired, a very superior house In Bleaker street, west of Broadway, the rssitieaeoof a private family. The , house contains thirteen rooms, with all the modern im piovt meats, l'eess seton from the 16tb to 20th April. ' B. W. RICHARD*1, 807 Broadway. E 1.ET? THE STORE, BASEMENT AND CELLAR, all connected, each floor about 26 foet by 100 deep. , a number of attractive offieee in the upper part of the building. Also. 178 Greenwich street. Possession | of the store immediately. Apply to | E. BLOOMER, 208 Broadway. mo LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY ONLY, FART Of A X genteel three story tofek house, near Madison i square. Rent 9400 Apply at 81 Bast Twenty-seventh I itrnt. TKMAirrr imdtkk. mo LET ? THE HOUSE AND STORE CORKER OF TORli JL and Charles streets, Brooklyn, suiUbls for a grocer cr butcher, having Imm qm4 h the Utter for the la it ten J ?an Alio, part of a modern built house in Thirty flrrt (treat. Apply at 907 Weet Thirty- first street, a fe? r door* below the Eighth eveaua. E LIT? IN WIIAJAM8BURG, A NEW ELEGANT brick (tore, eightrftve feet deep, and handsome window, well suited for a grocery, drug, or dry Cds store. None but good business men need apply, aire at 462 Grand street, Williamsburg. Alio, auitei of apartment*. TO LET? DHSIRABLE APART M EN' TB, OR ENTIRE tipper part of a modern built bonne, la a genteel neighborhood, with carpet* and ga* fixture* complete, with a widow lady having no children; privilege m the kitchen, without board. Apply on the premises, 107 Wert Twentieth street, near seventh avenue. mO LET? AT 110 GRAND 8TRRET, THREE DOOR3 X weit of Broadway, one Urge (rout parlor, suiUble for a gentleman and lady, furnished and ligh'ed with gaa, and a number of iinall room* for single geatleaieo, with or without board. Alio, one large room, untur nished, on second floor. TO LET? THE NEW FIVE STOKY H013E AND ?tore 66 Crosby atreet; twenty two roomi over the store. gaa, bath and water; suitable for a firat class boarding house. Inquire on the premises. TO LET? THE STORE NOW OCCUPIED BY R. SMITH, Esn , No 246 Greenwich atreet, with or without the bouse No. 44 Robinson atreet, forming an L. In case the firat atory of the house ahould be waste! for a atore, it may be connected with the one la Greenwich street, making in depth 120 feet. Also to let, two firee story brick bouses, Nob. 40 and 42 Robinson street;!!' required, they will be made to communicate with each other, being a first rate situation for a boarding heuse. Ap ply at No. 76 East Fourteenth atreet. mo LET ? THK HOUSE AND STORE "ORNER OF WASH X ington and Hammond stretU; bouae 386 Washing ton atreet; houae ami stare 39>? Yeaey atreet; a four atory brick building, 26 by 76 feet, on the corner of Twenty-eighth street and First avenue, well adaptml for a manufacturing bu*ine*i. Apply to PETER LYNCH, No. 41 Vessy street TO LET ? A FIVE STORY WORESHOP, WELL LIGHT tdon three aidea; rent low; a leaae will be given if required. Inquire of HARDMAN & OiBORN, 187 Walker street, corner ot Bowsry. I'O LET? AN ENGLISH BAsEMENT BROWN STONE front house, situated in Lexington avenue. House containa thirteen rooms, with all the modern improve ments. Would be let to a highly respectable family, without children, provided the present occupants, con sisting of two adults, can be accommodated with board. Please address George, box 126 Herald offlce. TO LET ? SHOW ROOMS FOR MILLINERS OR DRESS - makers, in the second story, over a Urge dry goods store; also, rooms suited for artists or lignt manufac turing purposes, being in ene of the most prominent parts of Brooklyn, vis. 26b and 267 Fulton street, oppo site Clluton. Inquire of J. G. GOTTSB&RGER, 12 Centre street, or J AS. VAN NOJvDEN, 20 Nassau street. New York. TO LET? THE NEAT TWO STORY BRICK BASEMENT and attic house, 100 Prince st, corner of Su'Jivan. Apply to POOIE, PENT7. & GOIN, 80 Burling slip. TO LET-THE TWO STORY MOKBRN BUILT HOUSE, ???rd *TeBU? ?*? 100th etreet, furnished with ^ ,nd 601(1 water, ho. Alio, the house f**?*4' near Thlrd ??enue, with garden Md atable if required. Also, the dwelling put of the brlckhouBe on Thlrdavenue and lO?th etreet, with rang# end Croton water. Inquire of S. B. McGOWN. Third avenue and 106th etreet. TO LET? POSSESSION IMMEDIATE? TO ONE FAMILY ? without children, second floor, consisting of front and back parlor, with room off each, hall, bedroom and baaement, at a moderate r*ht, In a highly respectable ">? floor will not be divided. Inquire at No! 14 Watts street; near Varlck, in the basement. r? I J5T ? THE TII1KD AND FOURTH FLOORS OF THE fra} *u.lldi1n* 10i ?trw>t, corner w?U adapted for business purposes. Posse* store m Inquire at 190 Canal street, in the TO 1ST ? HOl'8E NO. 475 PEARL STREET, HAVING forty seven rooms. Inquire on the premises. T?^T?* DWELLING HOUSES, NOi 102 104, 108 and 110 East Eighteenth street, near Ir ving place; also, part of two genteel houses. Imme Fa.?NCf"n?t? s't'Set ^ ^ " th? 92 r LET? POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY IF DESIRED? the second and fourth Doers and basement kitchen oi we large house No. 1,022 Broadway. It contains 12 ?*,\rln*e> dui?b waiter, Ac. Rent low to a good tenant. Inquire of J. J. sriLUNOS, 217 Canal etreet rrOLKT-JHX THREE STORY ATTIC AND BASEMEN!" <?naUt?^?'j uJJ?S!?Ji,"tw#ti in lh# flr,t b,ock '???? I^neMa^!)!*^' ^ .*? "krj basement house 14 '?aureus street. Apply to J. C'KaM, 60 Union aouare corner Seventeenth street and Fourtk avenue. ' A PRIVATE RESIDENCE, THE HOUSE ^ U.Li?M?f 4nd' 00 th* Hoomingdale l80ih BtrMt- Th* house is fifty feet square, and one of the best in that vicinity: the gardenis t laid out, and contains a variety of fruit nr^iw i i ,mAUer ??*? adjoin with extension. Inquire on the premises. T? r L^-p^?T OF A THREE STORY HOUSE, 10 A P*?0"' Tb* <*cond story and easement, immediate possession. Apply at 80 Wnst Twenty-ninth street, near Sixth avenne. T? I^B?E 1?*? STORY HOUSE AND 8 TORE, JL a first rate stand for any kind of business, at the asT whfl^ui?". 4ndRid*? It ie now occupied mih.T? ^ liquor store; the second floor is used for Millard, and aaloon - third floor a. a Jewish synwlgue' room. Also the house and store No. 67 Crosby street. AUo a lane four a?r? hnn-T ^Bf?:rU,rd; mediately. Inquire at 114 Water! oy place, below Waahlnfton iqoare. TV'"v POH8K8BION IMMEDIATELY? TWO NEW English basement fonr story houses, with all the m V? 7r#T.eB?J"' 119 ?-* Thirteenth strwt and Nineteenth street. Rents *1,000 and ?800 nu * m" T*ry 'flr"b1"' APP'/ *? TRlljILIO, FRAtf CH! & 00., general agents. 100 Wail street TO LET OR LEASE? TWO LIGHT AND COMMODIOUS suites of offices, in the building Nos. 4 and 8 Broad and*flftS' * d00r t3 th* corB,r of W*U, on the fourth and fifth floors. Possession an the first of Mar next APP'l CHRWTOPntR IIE18KR, 17 SUU street. T'ijawjarji SwftV.'.Ma ? OR ^se-the four storv house, of West Twenty-first street. Also the natt?I PElT ww'tr' nt *treet Annir to WAIJ)lfv 1 El.L, 19 West Twcnty-flrst street, or 100 Pearl street. rpOJM OR IXASE? THE MODERN, BEAUTIFULLY JL finished two storv and attic brick dwelling No. 12 Harrison street, confining thirteen rooms. The above Is on? of the best flnished dwellings In the lower part of 'n'' will be leased to a go-* tenant ab.e Uriua. Apply to J. CAMPBELL, Ja., Piciflc Bank between 10 and a o'clock. ' mm*, ''niPT PF 'EASK THE ISLAND KNOWN AS ?"T? # b*?n"fu"y situated in the bat river about two miles above Harlem; contains about 10(5 aaw of land, I.eautifnUr wooded, and has e large, com am dlotts house and out builiings, and a fine new dwk that r team boa tfl can land at at all tidea th? vhnin suitable for a public bouse and place of summer resort will b? let low for one or more years, and possession given Immediately. Apply at 66 Broad street T'lwUank ?L'VK,'E DWELLING HOUSE JL U J Hank street, containing seventeen rooms, with a "?d b*'h. Possession of which could be had ln? llh W?t Z}ulJ*r au9 ? t}1* two storv brick dwell i?ifril "t.BWway, Apply to THEO. J. SEIXAS, lw Hank strut, or 27 Perry street. TO Mi.VUFACTURERS ?TO LET, THE WTO OF 116 and 117 Franklin street, high 'oeillngs, well "gnted. Also, store and basement of 117 Franklin street **>" " cai"- *? TO PORK PACKERS OR BUTVilKIW? T?) l,Ef To I ether or aeperate, the dweUieg house H6 Crosbv mr - i?^?' I- !torJr t.mse In the rear with a double brisk smoke houae. and an loe-house Srf/XSTk/rr'SiSr % i- z ? ?' ?""?* To.letin Eiirr bmoklyn-trom now i vtil the 1st May next, or until May, 186'., a very desi laole family residence, with gaa, ran^> ttc -tnl nitiira will be sold at a valuation, If required. Franklin avenue, one block from Myrtle avenue, and close to tlin TO'^.ON BROAITW4T-A LARGE ROOM ON THE r?,n??.Ti"ni" "T famished, as parlor or irr-ireiiD, with a large ptntry. Pleasn tall at 671 ilreuut way, opposite tke lAtr^politaa Hotel ? T?!?.P? r?? 8AIX? THE HASIHOMELY FC'R a it t w daaa new fonr atorj brown itont front r basement bonse, situate No 227 West Thirtv perfect order, and aiTordi a rare opportunity far mpm.. desiring a pleasant and elegant mld^ VtohoK^S furniture are both new, and will be rented together on^J lease, or ao:d. Address box 2462 Poet Ofllce^ T?h^LAInII^K?,-8i7K^lAL DWDJJNo f| rO BOARDING HOHBt UEFBRS -TO IJCT A I^SR/ir 3RS3 T T TKiiiri BRcmr^ A mo LET, K IB! VICINITY OF TWENTY THIRD,, Jl str**t and Sixth iruu, a Urge four atory house, containing M in* with mm w4 Croton water throughout. I\ early full of boaroera. Yearly r*nt >600. Furniture for Ml*, pric* MOO, with 'iriiwffiat* posnirtlM B- W. RICHaRPB, DOT Broadway. mfil WHOLE OB PART OF A GENTEEL TWO M0RT X and attic brick house, with all or part of the Mr nitur* for sato? if required. For particular i apply at 06 Thouipaon ?tr**t, between Broom* and Spring. mO BENT VERY LOW? SEVERAL ROOMS ON THE J. fifth floor of Trinity building, Broad war. Anal* at 24 Trinity building. mO LET IN BROOKLYN? THE ELEGANT FOUR 1 story douhl* mansion. near the terminus of the City Railroad, fronting New York bay, finished In a superior manner, and auitabl* for a large faahioaabl* boarding hotue. Bant very moderate. Alao, the large brlek hou** on Sixth avenue, between Tweaty-aecond and Twenty-third etreeta, with garden, and suitable tor a ?ehool or large family. Bent $200. Alao, a email frame bouae, with atx acj>? of good land, adapted for a farmer. Bent $100. Apply to Mr DELAI'LAlNE, iS>i> Fifth ave nue, or No. 7 N*w btreet. New York. mO LET, TWO OFFICES). 311 BROADWAY.? TJIS 19 J. a fine location for lawyers, doctors, or insurance compan ea. Psaaassioa given immrdiatelv- Rent low to a good tenant. Inquire of B . W. RICHARDS, 807 Broadway. TO RENT? WANTED TO BENT, A HOUSE IN W1L lUmsburg, w th from six to ?:gbt rooms, in Eighth street, bet ?een South Fourth and .South Tenth street*. Bent not over >300 Address Alfred, lit raid ufflct. rpiIE SUBSCRIBER, HAVING A FINE H0U9E IN t X desirable location, is desirous of i en t ug t'l* lower part, to a smal' family, from the firat of May n-xt. A family without children preferixd. Fur further particu lars apply to B HI CK, 120 Charlton street TO LEASE TO HOTEL OR BOARDING H0CJ8E keepers? Tlie Fountain Hctel, 110 Centre street, corner oi Franklin, by the Uarlem and New Haven raO road depots, containing 47 rooms, including tuo restau rant in the basement Kent low to a good tenant. In quire of THOMAS Lt-Ma, 40 Rose street; alao loft* at 100 and 108 Centre street, for workshop*1 , six* 30 feet by 80. HOUHEM, ROOUb, WAilTKD. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WANT A FCRNIdBKD house, with all improvements, up town. Address Cos 2,278 Post Office, with terms and number of strvet. BOUSE WANTED ? A FOUR STORY HOUSE BE tw*?n Houston and Fourteenth streets, west of lower) ? all the modern improvements necessary, and the rent not to exceed fourteen hundred dollars. Address E. K. M., Herald office. House wanted to rent or leabi:-a two story house in Bayard street, between the Bowery and Forsyth street, or in East Broadway, between Cathe rine and Market etreeta. Any person having *ujh will And a good tenant by applying by letter, with lull par ticulars, to J? B., Chatham square Post Office. House wanted- bv a small quiet family . ? possession taken th* 1st of March, April or Hay; not particular about tbe locality if th* neighborhood 1* good. Gas indispensable. Bant from <600 to $000. Ad dress Comatock, Herald office. w TT 0U8E ? ANTED BY HAY FIRST ?A TWO STORY, XJL or small three story house, between Tenth ana Broome streets, within three blocks of Broadway - west side preferred. Bent moderate. Address J. T. A. Herald office. Horss TO IET, AND FURNITURE FOR SALE? IN Cumberland street, near De Kaib avenue, Brook lyn Furniture new In June last. Address E . Post office, box 3303. House wanted ?a small family (no chil dren) wish to rent or lesse a two or three story ib, with modern improvements, in a desirable loca tion, weat of Broadway, and not abore Thirty tifth street; rent not to ezoeed $4t0. Address L. M , box 8,6:8 Post Office. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED? IN THE SEVENTH ward, by a small family. Gas and Croton water must be in the house. Address Berry, Herald office, stating location. STEAM ENGINE AND BOILER WANTED? ONE FROM six to ten horse power, to be all complete and In gcod working order. Any person having such for sale cheap, can hear of a purchaser bv addressing JOHN W. HiGGlNS, 812 West Sevente^^ stieot, stating price and particulars. r> LANDLORDS AND PROPKRTY HOLDERS.? Wanted to rent, one hundred houses between Canal ani Twenty fourth streets. Please send location, de scription and rent, by post or otherwise, as soon as pos sible, to HARRISON i CO., 335 Broadway. 'ANTED? TO PURCHASE, A NEAT TWO STORY . _ basement house, in a good neighborhood, with modern improvements, between Second and Sixth ave nues, not higher up than Thirty-third street. State six* of lot, title; price not above $7,C00. Address box 3,219 Post Office. CT7ANTED ? A HOUSE, WITH ALL THE MODERN TT improvements, by a small private family, without children. The location must be desirable, above Eighth street and west of Lexington avenue. Address bjx 816 Post Office, statibg rent, and wben possession can be had. \WT AN TED ? ON THE FIRST OF MAY, BY A HIGHLY Tv respectable family of four persons, without ohll dren, half of a modern built bouse, in a good neighbor hood, above Fourteenth street. A family wishing a responsible tenant, who would pay a literal rent, wtB please addiess S. M., Herald office, stating location, and where an interview can be obtained. WANTED? A TWO OB THREE STORY HOUSE. WITH all the modern improvements for a small ramilly; the rent moderate, with the privilege to buy at the end of the year; location below Thirtieth street, near Sixth avenue, and above Carmine street H. W. KNAPP, 179 Waverley place, between Hammond and Perry streets. WANTED? TWO FURNISHED ROOMS WITH BOARD by a gentleman and lady, two children an 1 nuree, In a family where there are but few or no boarders. Best of reference required. Address H, Herald office. [17 ANTED? A PART OF A HOUSE, CONSISTING OF TV five or six rooms and basement, with modern isa provpments, west of Broadway, below Twentieth street, rent not to exceed $300, by a small family of grown per sons. Addiess J. W., 28 water street. WANTED? A FOUR 8T0RY HOUSE, WITH MODERN Improvements, for a first class boarding school, situated between Tenth and Thirtieth streets and Third and Sixth avenues Rent not to exceed $l,'iOO. Address L. B., Union Square Post Office. 0 "VTf ANTED? WIT n IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. A MEAT v v two story cottage in Brooklyn; rent Dot to exceed *3 CO. Addreis Bex 240, Chatham square Post Office. WANTED? A FARM, OF 60 TO 100 OR MORE acres, with good building', in exchange for city property. luqulre of M. FLANNELI.Y, 77 Third avenue^ between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, or address, stat ibg prire, number of acres, location, &c. WANTED, IN HOBOKF..V? A SMALL HOUSE OR cottage , possession to b? taken March 1: r nt not to exoeetl $.00. Address A. 3., box 4,0V3 Post Office. WANTED TO RENT? A PART OF A NEAT TWO story house, or would hire a whole house with the privilege of n lettiog a part. Address, lowest pri-e to a responsible tenant, box 4,100, Post Office. WANTED TO PURCHASE-A MODERN HOUSE, WITH all the improvements, near Fifth avenue, at a low price, with moderate payment down; would not object to the furniture, if In good order a&d at low priie. Ad dic?s S A. G., bot 3 71.3 Post Office. WANTED TO HIRE FROM THE 1ST OF M 1Y NEXT - A large house, witb about twenty-four rooms, be low Union sqnare and west of First avenuo, suitable for a boarding Lonse Must have ail the modern improve treats. Rent not to exceed 11,300. Apply to TRUJILLO, FKANCHI ft UP., 10? Wall stieot. WANTED TO LEASE ? HOME TENEMENT HOUSES, for respectable fao.ll es. for which a fair rent and the beat city refntnce will be given. Apply or address in the store No 179 Elizabeth street. WANTED 10 PURCHASE- A MODERN BUILT TWO story basement house, in a respectable neighbor hood, between Bleeaker and Thirty sixth streete an1 Fourth and Sixth avenuea. Mate location site of lot and title. Price not to exceed 97,000. Address J. H Stewors, Herald office. WAN TED I kMEl IATELY? FIMT OK 8S00NI) FLOOR of a house between Fourteenth and Twenty second streets and Fourth and Sixth avsnuee must bo bat one famili in; rent from $200 to |2M>. Persons having snob Dremites to lot will And a good tenant, by addresaiar Wm. H. L , Herald offiee, ANTED TO HIRE? AN ESTABLISHMENT OON tsiniag large vaU and steam power. A soap fee tory diaeagaaed would answer the purpo-e. Ad trees X. Y. 7... Herald office, statiag terms Ideation. Ac. WANTH) TO BI Y? A HOUsITnDLOT, BETWEEN Grand and Twentieth streets, es t of the Howe ry. Price not to exceed ft, 000. Address J. Jewett, bos :8 Avsmie D Post Office. ?POKTTJTO, 4tC. MAMMOIH NEW FOUWDI .ANDS, RING CHARLES snd Menh< im spaniels, Scotch and English ter riers. spotting dogs, wateh dogs, he together with a variety of choice breeds, for sale, also expressly for stock, at 205 Water street, corner of Fulton, up stairs Plea se copy tin addroes. OCKING BIRI* FOIl SAI.R? A GRF.AT CH \NCE IS ill now offered to proiure a flne bir<l at a low prtee. Nine splendid birds, they are aow in full soag. Any ladv wanting to procure one. warranted, may apply at lit Fonrth street. JT EW TORE , FEB 22, 1S&A.-A CHALLENGE T 3 I the Sporting World.? A voioo from the North the Soath ?The undersigned will match Wild Irish man against Leoomto, or any other horee or gelding In the world, the foUowtcg races ?One mile and repeat/two mjles and repeat, and three salloa and repeat, IhrThrao thousand dollars tech race, to ho nan ever one of tko tracks on Long Island. This ahaUeage isssslas open fcr oao month from this data. Any person wishing to ao ? . .v- asay apply to James Irving, S Wo* ?opt the thai bare may apply to Ja ?* M^tTNew York, or to W. InMBwo, Harlem A. Brown,

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