Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1855 Page 7
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'imnuiKim lBown mil bat. FOR SAUB. AO AAA ? BSaUTIFX'L residence, on& yv/Ui fourth of a mile from village, ears at all boon daily, sight mllci from ferry, high ground, rich aoU, bandeomelT laid out and ornamented; building* Mf, sieey mum and kitchen, bars, care into house, fruit ?ad wat n. Apply to 8. L. JOHNSON, 2f2 Brwdway, corner of Fulton itmt, room No. 8. |Q':A ?FOB SALE? AN ELEGANT PORTER ?Ovvi Boom, located on a groat thoroughfare, well established, and in every way a ftrr superior place. Reasons for wiling going to California. This is an excellent ohnnce for any smart man. Apply at 119 and 121 Nassau street, room No. 3. RICHARD L. PURDY * 00. - tic ? A A ?TO PRINTER8. ? FOR SALE, A SMALL NDOUUe newspaper and stereotype printing office, wan located n-ar the CityHnll , permanent weekly in come >25 to $49 cash. No one need reply nnlesa he enn I*y $000 ready cash. Address Printer, bex IN Herald office. fQAA ?FOR PALE, THE 8TOCK AND FIX '? tare* of n grocery store, situated in a good location, and now doing a good ca*h business. Will be wild at a sacrifice if applied for anon, aa the owner la in in health. Apply at 212 Broadway, room No 19. _ HUpTED k BROWN. -FOR SALE, A LIQUOR STORE, WHOLE saie and retail, located on one of thn beet the termination of MTeral stage line*, and tithe immediate 'vicinity of several lirge foundries; also, n ?uperior, full blooded Newfoundland dog. Apply at 119 and 121 Namu itroet, room No. 3. RICHARD L. PURDY k 00. -FOR BALK, A DRUG 8TORR, SITUATED i In one of the pibllo avenue*. Will be cheap for cwh. a* the owner t* going to Europe; a $300 avenueo, at t 8250 sold cheap for cub. a* tbe owner la going to Europe; a rare ebance. Alio, liouse* and lots for sale or exchange. Apply at 212 Bioad way, room 10. HOSTED k BROWN. (Djt) i CASH? WILL BUY A LOT 27 BY 119 FEET deep just above thn taxable limit* of the proposed Centra) park ; the balance, $279, left on mort gage. Apply at 772 Oreenwicb, earner of Bank street. Aire, to let, two floors of bouse 93 Bank itreet, tiro rooms each. Rent $0 pur month tor each ttior. "oNIjY. ? FOR SALE. THE STOCK AND fixtures of one or the beat codes and as tn the lower part of the city, now doing a splendid business, and nut positively be sold this week. M Immediately at 119 and 121 Nassau street, room RICHARD L PURDY k 00. A BUSINESS FOR 8AIE? THE ADVERTISER WHH A es to dispose of his Interest in a profitable manu facturing business, as be Is desirous or removing from the city To a young man of enterprise, having a ready cat-h capital of from $4,000 to $0,000, with good recom mendations, sn opportunity will be given to engage In a permanent and respectable business Parties answering this advertisement must give their real name, ago and residence, or it will not be notioed Address J. H.. Herald office. Full particular* on an Interview, and all ootnmunicatinu* will be strictly confidential. A BARGAIN.? FOR SALE, THE STOCK, FIXTURES t\ *nd good will of a millinery and dressmaking es tablishment, located at 297 Greenwich street, ooe of the boat looatl* ns In the street, and no better In this city for iwuli and wholesale also the busineaa has been carried on by osef of tbe oldest prnetleal milliner* In this neighborhood for several years, which ha* a large circle of eity and country customers. For further particulars .nqnire on the premises. SAKERY TO LET? THE THREE STORY HOUSE AND bakery 810 Eighth avenue, occupied during the five years as a first class bakery, In a well eetab Isbed business locality. The bakery cost tains two gooi ?vena, nnd everything convenient to carry on a good bu siness For further particular*, apply at 173 West Twenty- sixth street. Beautiful country residence f?r sale or to let, situate inside five minutes' walk from the depot ef Lower Morrissnia, Westchester county. There is sne acre of ground, with entranoes on two avenues: laid out tafark, kitchen and Ho wer garden, stocxed with ex pensive shade and Iruit trees, shrubbery, graperies and green house, well and cistern water. House ZS by 32? wtng24 by 10 two parlors, seven bedrooms and cellar mnder whole, To a person ef leUureor one who may have daily business in the city, it will be found a moot desir able plaee of resides ce. Price, $6,000; rent, $300. Ad | dreee U. box No. 2,240, N. Y. Post Office. N. B.? Two thirds ef the purchase money may remain on bond and Mortgage, if desired flHEAP AND VERY DUSIRABLE PROPERTY FOR ^ sale? One handsome three story house In Twenty - eaventh street near Ninth avenue, with all modem Im C meats, $?,,40; also a model three story Engliah tent bouse in the best part of Thirtieth street, sea r Ninth avenue , several first class brown stene front louses, toasted on Twenty second street, Chelsea square, finished in the beet possible maano', with every m-Ji. em tnprvvemeut, a-Uo a number of henaes in <ii Bar er* f ir's ol the city, for snie oo saey terma, by J. F. ? WILLIAMS k SON, Sets Eighth avenue, and daily from 2 !? at 116 Chambers street. YWNTRY dwelling.? fob bale, in one of Vy the health ieot parta of New Jersey, near a village 1 lailroad itation, and three hoar* from New York, a ?rior country reaidmce, recently built, with out building*, ami thirty-Are acre* of Lwl, on which are ?brat 1,400 peach tree*. Will he aol'l a docided bargain, tf a pah 4 1 for aoen. Price 94,600 caali, or credit priie aa ?ay be agreed oo. The ?tock, implement* and furn tare *na be purebnaod along with tue property, an?i poa*e< (iao given immediately. Applv to Mr. HIRAM MILLER, So. 63 Cortlandt atreot, np atair*. OUNTBY RESIDENCE FOR SALE? A TWO STORY cottage bona* and 3J^ acre* of land, with a lot of ? grafted frnit tree* grape vine*, Sit., a apriog of water by tb? door, only three mile* from Hobokon, war the plank road, in the Tillage of Dallytown. For ?formal ion inqnire of JACOB MORRIS, No. 9 Roae street, 9 ano 8 o'clock Y KES1DEN JK FOB BALE ?THE PLACE belonging to tha aetata of Martin J. Ryeraon, altuated it three m lea lonthweat of Pateraon, N.J, con forty acres of eicellent amoolh level land, an ex man >< ion in the eottage atyle, containing eight nxcloaire of aerranta' room*, a oemented cellar the Thole, a aaperior ioe boaae, filled; all the olaite onthoneea, in good order. The ground* are ly laid out, ana have a variety of fruit tree* and ,bhery. The place 1* in e^ery reapect a genteel, con eat, and lalnbriou* residence; 1* acceiaible from the aaveral time* a <i*y In forty or fifty minute*. Wid 'told cheap and on eaiy term*. Inqnire of Mr* Ryer o* the preml*** ; to Jamea Bpeer, Congresa Hall, reon. N. J., or W. H. Fall*, Trade* men'* Bank, Torn. JN, 8TATKN INLAND ? FOR SAUK, BUILD ing lot* near tbe narrow*. In the moat attractive Ion for reiMenoe* on the ialand. M. O'CONNOR, Raa-le atreet, or at the end of the omnibua route, SEAT FOR AAIJt? ON THE BANK OF THE Ha4*oa, on thia Ul tod, of eaay aooea* by railroad, home il conveniently arranged aad tbe groand* CtifuDy laid out. For term*. Ac., apply to WM. & FIB, 89 Cedar etroet, ooraer of Broadway. kBl'O MNM FOB BALE? 1'RICB 9600-9200 each; balance on accommodating term*. Inquire Grand i> treat. NGINE AM) BOILFB FOR SALE? MX HOR'E i? ?? will be a old cbeap; ha* been u*?l but a time. The owner having made a change in hi* ha* no further uae for them. Can be *een at He*t?r alreet. JOHN H. M1AP. 1XPRE- 8 WAGON FOR 8AE. WITH TOP, POLE AND ?haft*, la complete running or let ; been but little I ; price $1C0. Alao a rockaway double net of har . (Uver mounted, price $46. Apply to A. LEI. AND 111 Pearl (tract. 3R RALE? TBE THREE 8TORY AND ATTiC BRICK benae 1*0 tut Broadway, between Rntjer* and Jef i atreeta The prupoa?i extenaion of Walker street I make H th* corner. Part of pare bane money can i U dtaired. Apply to 8.H. &ROAO, 13 Wall it. teas PA I r. OR TO I .EASE, FOR A TERM OF P year*, three kite, fronting Broadway. Farty-aeveuth I vet and Seventh avenue; a good aitua'ien for a Hvery Lhle, coal jaid er manufactory: or would exchange improved property. Apply to MEAD It KNIGHT, ahcra, 1,018 Broadway. BALE-TWO FlBBT CT.A88 FOUR 8TORY AND baoment brown i tone front booca 90 by SO, lota 9 incbe* Jean, wH'? all the mo<lern Improvement*, ,jl at 68 ao'' ?? Ka*t Thirtieth atro?t, between h and Islington avenue*. Inquire of JOHN W. "" ?R, No. #0, next door. SALF-? THF. STOCK FTTTCRES AND LEASE OT a lumber yard, aituated in Brooklyn, will bo *old, ther or a*parately I ? l bargain* oBereil to thoae (o will apply immediately at KEELER k WANDEL, Uton avenue, Sooth Brooklyn. | H)R BALE? THE 8TOCK AND FIXTURES OT A conf?cti< nery and ico cream aaloon , a rarei hauce. lake ?tJ2>?0X ""^ery. BALE-THREAD, NEEDLE, AND FANCY dare, >a one of tha beat avennoa la tha city, an la .meat to any t*r*ou ?i*htag* nae fancy (tore at a rant Apply In th* (tor*, 10 Math avaoua. RALE- THE BTOCK, FIXTCREB, MACHINERY, _ of th* glaaa bottle eatabltahmeot, 39.1 Bowery. ?*hatt" would do well by calling Immediately. BALE? THE LEASE inn -- * bona* and (tore in r>? . . TEN YEARS R RALE? A THREE STOKY AND ATTIC HOUSE, 229 Weat Twentieth aireet, complete, with all tha Icrn improvamaat* each aa gaa, bath, *p*aklag i, bell*, dumb wnMen, furnace aad atatioaary tuba, Term* *a*y. Apply on the premie**. |0R SALE? ONE OR TWO TWO STORY AND BASE ment brick houaee on the north aide of Fifty-Brat between Second and third aveauee. Term* *aey ; r particular* inquire of JAMEB REI1XY oa , or la tha (rooary etore la frcat. BALE? THREE BRICK BOUSES ARt IXm, o atory, with ba**me?t, collar aadUgb ataop. oa third street, batweaa Se^n<l and Third aveauac. hot and cold water bathroom, all flaiab?-l in good Will bo aold oa moderate tenaa. Apply ta a , 71 SUth Itmt hour* ? W . and 7. roR bU. T7\OB PA IX? ALL THE TWO STORY OAK FRAUB r building on tha corners of Market, Monroe, Mid Hamilton *treet?. for particulars, apply on the premises to SaMUEL TRYON. ZiOR SALE-TWO THREE SIX)RY AND BASEMENT brick houses, with full lota, la Howard ? treat, ne*r sdway: a two story brick house in Spring street, near Broadway, a neat three story brick house in Thump ion ntreet; a splendid three story house ia Eleventh ntreet. Apply to A. SERGEANT, It WaU etreet. ?DOR SALE? EIGHT FARMS, FROM THREE TO EIGHT JL aere* each, aaperior land for gardening purposes, SJi miles from Peek slip ferry, on plank road anl rail road: also, a farm of 137 acre* la Hempstead, price $4,100; oaa on Rahway Neck, N. J., of 20 acree, anug house, price 91,800. Apply to CHARLflf ft. MILLER, 1W Broadway. U*)R SaLE-THE STOCK AND FUTURES OF AN P entabliahed clothing (tore. Stock worth about 95, POO. No one need apply unlet* they have at least 92,000 cash. The balance may be arranged satisfac torily. Apply to HAMILTON DILL, 182 Fulton street, np stairs. 1JK)R SALE? A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SEAT AND JT 14 acres of land, handsomely located on the Harlem river, at King'* Bridge, 18 milee from New York with an elegant cottage" boose. SO bv 36 feet, with an exten sion is the rear, aontainlng if rooms. The sltuateea is vary accessible, one mile from the depot and only one hoar's ride from the eity. There la a new born, ioe home, green hanse, Ac , and the grounds tastefully laid ont; altogether being one of the moat desirable suburban retreats bow offering for sale. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW, 11 Waif and 2 Now streets. KflOR SALE-IN LEXINGTON AVENUE, BETWEEN ? Flfty-iecond and Fifty-third stroota, two lota, each 30 feet front and r ear by 70 foot deep, and also a good dwelling house, two ftcry. basement and attic, lot 20 feet front and rear by 70 feet deep. Inquire of M. Q CRCrtTO, 20 and 27 Washington Market F? SALE? THE OLD ESTABLISHED MEAT SHOP, 326 Bleocker street, and also horse, cart and har ness. For paitloulars Inquire on tha premises. TJWR SAI.F? THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND GOOD JP will of an old established wholesale grocery and commission house, with the lease of the store; tha own ers are about retiring from the trade. The location is second to none on the treat ske of the eity for either city or country trade. Will bo disposed of on reasonable terms to responsible partiea. Address box 3,918 Post Office. FR SALE- A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, OO V tainlng all the modern improvements, late'v paint ed throughout, nearly new, situated In ooe of the mo*t desirable parti of Hreoklyn, about ten muiutes'walk from WaU stmt lerry , will be sold at a fair prieo and accom modating term*. Apply to S. DODGE, 120 Wall street, up stairs. FOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT 202 WEST 1IIIKTY second street, (bar story and cellar, brown stone front. with all modern improvements. Inquire on the premises, or of D. H. SMITH, 106 West Thirtieth street. FIR BALE? A BEAUTIFUL SITE FOR A COUNTRY seat, at Newbnrg. It contains about tevtntj acres, and is situated about one-quarter of a mile north of the Powelton House on the same road. The location is one of the finest in Newbutg bay, commanding a floe view -of the river and Highland*, a* well as an inland riew, and having a gradual a* cent or rather succestlon of beautiful sites from the road to the woods on the high lands in the rear of the place. In point of he a th, beau ty of ecenery, rich and handsome country seat*, 4c. , Newbnrg I* unrivalled, aed situations like the above are now scaroely to be had there For particular*, apply to U0SE8 ELY, 46 William strset. EOR SALE? SEVERAL LOW PRICED HOUSES; ONE on King street, 96,600; two on Twenty-first street, at 96,000 and 6.600; two en First street, $6,200; one on Fiflty-Orst street, 93.260, and on Fifty -third and Kifty ?intb streets, at 94,000. Apply to E. B., 310 Fourth avenue, 3 to 7. FOR SAU5-STORE PROPERTY ? EXCEIXENT IN vestment*. House and store on hlghth avenue, splend<d location ; one do. Sixth avenue; one do. Pevecth avenue, Nin'.h avenue, Tenth avenue, and Eleventh avenue ? all rood locations for business and investment. For particular* apply at 376 Ninth avenue. HALLfCK k BILLING Eirsale-a karm of TWENrv a'.'he-i, kle" gently situated in the village of Huntington, Lone d, with easy ac:es* to this city by steamboit and railroad. The roil is excellent ana n?arly all unler a high state of cultivation. Terms reasonable. Apply Immediately to E. RICHARDSON k CO., 62 South struct, New York. T7X)R SAl.E ? A CI1?8T OF CARPENTER'S TOOLS IN JP geed condition, containing every requisite for the trade. Apply to Carpenter, Bay State Hotel, 146 and 147 Fnlton errant. FR SALS ? A THREE HORY AND BASEMENT Utt ?*??> he? . in Wast Tvntjr-wdanl i wet, m tww? Ninth i?4 T>-nth trnioH, broen stone front, con taining modern improvement*. Possession at ooce Titbh easy Can b? Ilta by applying lor fcey at south sa?t corner of Eighth avenue and Twentj-aeoond stent. HOMER MORGAN, No 3 Metropolitan Building, Pino street. J*OR SALE ? A VERY DESIHAULE BIO USB BASE ' roent house on West Fo'irte?nt>J street, with all e modern improvements, and most thoroughly built for the present owner will bo sold, with or irlthout the furniture, at a low p'ice, and very littlo money required. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, Wo. a Pise street. For sale?a beautiful cottage, situated ihs South Second Street, Williamsburg, slxe 22 by 32, Crb a with eolumns, gas fixtures, marble mint els, iter and range In kitohen yard tagged, ke , in tip top order. Price $3,<!00, <1,000 cash; lot 22x100 feet. Acdresa Box 114 H rald office. FOR 8AIJE? THE THREE STORY. BASEMENT AND sub-cellar brick house No. (0 West Twenty-seventh street, between Broad war and Sixth avenue: price $11,000. Icqulre of JOHN T. WILUAMS, next door, or 71 Fourth avenue. T??R SALE? THE STOCK ANF) FIXTURES OK A CON Jj fcetisnary and lee cream saloon, in oin- nf the prin cipal tli rough fare. i of Brooklyn ; house to let al-o, as the advertiser wishes to return to Europe. Inquire at 80 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. KOR BALE? THE FOUR YEARri' LEASE, STOCK, FI R nltuie and fixings of a umall hotel, up town, rooms hlch pay all expenses of house restaurant flmt floor, fitted nplendidly; business good; two thousand men em ployed on same block flood chance for boarding Rtat, $150. Oas, water, and everything corafortaMe. A man and wife understanding the business can make money and be at heme. All for $1,000, p?rt cash. Proprietor ban made enough to take a large house down town Ap ply at Unitod States Agency, '*12 Broadway, room 13. FIR SALE? HOTEL, WITH PEVTaCKANT ATT tCH ed, In Pulton street, one of the oldest and most money making establishments in the city, near Wash ington Market. Price, $2,00O. Must be told this week. Aleo. splandid boarding houae, Fulton street, Brooklyn, crowded with boarders. 1'rioe, $H00. Also, $1,000 wanted on mortgage. Apply at United States Agency, 212 Broadway, room 13. IpOR SALE? NO. 21 WALKER STREET, WEST OF ' Broadway, a desirable house and lot. 2Axl(ri, in excellent condition, on easy terms, Inquire of J. F. BROWNE, 206 Broadway. PGR SAIJC OR EXCHANGE? A VALUABLE IK ACT OF land in Herkimer connty, State of Nee York, th rty miles frrm Utica, located en the Black river. It contain* two hundred acres, a new house and sheds, a firs*, rtte mill site, with plenty of timber on the land, a small part cleared, and ready for cultivation one of the best pi noes o( land in the State, and beautifully loca'ed. The same will be sold on reanonahle terms, or exchanged for pro perty in Williatnaburv. Brooklyn, or New York. Inquire or WILLIAM FRHHTONE, Jun , Grand street, or at Peck slip ferry, Brooklyn. OR SAIJC, OR EXCHANGE FOR WESTERN LANDS? " Some very desirable lots up town Apply at the Union souare Real bUte Office, No. 3 Kvarett House, comer of Fourth avenue ar.d Ho? ?nt-enti> -treet. KKYIM * IMiGLANI). For sale or exchange? two low on mi;r ray Hill, n erth wei t corner of Thirty fifth street and Fonttb aveuue. to exchange for a gojd farm, from fifty to cae hundreu miles from tbf* ci'y, on Harlem, Hanson River or New Haven Radroads. Inquire of AIFRLDFL0CK, Fourth Avenue Market, from 7 to 12 A. M. T7?OR SALE OR TO 1.BT, AT NEW ROCHELI.C, r two cottages, one w<th one acre of land, with due ahide trees, garden, kn , the other with Ire acres, with in Ave minutes walk ol the depot. Also sereral otb-r te let and for tale Twn or three fin* farm* for sale or exchange for good alty property Inquire of II. F PM.ION. opposite the depot. Now Rocheile. OF RALE CHEAP-THE NEW FOUR STORY modern house aad let. 217 West Thirty second > treet, between Egbth aad Ninth avenues, repiiste with the modern Improvements, and btilt in a thorough saan rer. Can he seen for two day, from twelve to teo o'clock. Apply to 8. P. WATERECRY, A9 Hammond fti eel, or A M. Lyon, ?)? MerchanU' f.iehange, first floor, ?ntraaeo on WaJl street. TTOR HA IE OR TO LET-IN THE VILLAGE OF NY r ack, Rockland county, the hotel known as the York House The above house eoetelne forty rooms, and la conetdeied J?e beet stood a tee county. AW, one four story brick store, it is well adapted for asercaatile or maaufaetonag purpooes. For ptrtieuUrs apply te 1 HEOt ORE h(Mrt, 00 Pearl street, New York, or to A'/.ARlAl! ROB i, ea the premise*. fjVJR SALE CAEAP FOR CASH- A (CORNER DRINK J: ing saloon. Is licensed ; the stock, Ixtn res aad sood wiO most be >old to day for loos than half value. Receipts from $16 to $U per day Reasons for selling made known on application Apply comer of Howard and Merotr streets. TTOCTE AND FURNITURE FOR HALE IN JERSEY XX City. ?The house in well Voeate- near t It* ferry, furniture new , this Is a very desirable opportunity for tkose who want a genteel aad oomfortobla boot* Price $ ft, 000. Add reap box M*$ Post Oflce, New Yetk. House and lot for sale? ?t tompei vh place. South Hrooklyn, mefaiewoflae modem built houses Terms te suit purchaser, say $l (M0 dowa, balance in lastolsnente. The bonne In a desirable one; would prove a first rat* Investment, location would el wan insure a good t?*aat. Will bo sold low. Apply on the prsmisri. FOR SALE. Hook and lot for sale ?the modern bctlt three story brick house, with Hot, No. M Monro* street. For particulars apply to SAMUEL TKYO.t, 67 Market utreet, corker of Monro*. HOUSE AMD LOT FOB BALE.- THE THRR STORY and baaement brick booN, No. ' 81 Wooeter street, with Croton water, bath room, he., and ia good order; price $6, MX); part can remain on mortgage. In quire on the premism, or of J. A. Laurenoe, 140 Wtart 1 went/ second street. rTAIIflRS ? ?NY PERSON COMMENCING BU*I ntis this spring, and wishing to purchase the flx t tires only of a aeic&ant tailor'* store very cheap, now doing a basins sa at the rat* of ton thousand dollar* a year, would do w*0 to call lmm?diatoly at 147 Grand street, near Broadway. Possession given 1st of March ? th* present proprietor being engaged in other business. mo PAINTERS ? FOR SALE, THE STOCK OF PAINTS X Mid fixtures of th* paint store M Sixth Menus, doing a good business; stock and fixture* will be ?o d cheap, either separately or together. Apply at the paint ?tore, KM Hudson street, of R. ROCKEFELLER. ) MERCHANTS AND OTHERS.? FOB BALE, A ?ptoadid country seat, with 44 acres of highly cul tivated land, wkh three aero* of woodland, 1 W miles from th* Scaredato depot, on the Harlem Railroad, toge ther with a two glory house, filled In with brick, with marble mantel* and finished ia th* best sty la, with barns, carriag* bouse, Ae., all new, and needs only to be seen to bo appreciated. The house stand* la a lawn cf ten acres, with all kind* of fruit tree*, Urge gardens, fish pond*, u. For further particular* apply to J.NO LLOTl), 18 Na*sau ?t. VALUABLE I EASE OF WATER FRONT FOR SALE, baring S year* to rua from th* 1st of May next, containing 10 lot* of ground, and 200 hot of bulk head, together with the building* situated between Thirty ninth and Fortieth *tre*to. Apply on th* prtmiae*, foot of Fortieth *tr*?t. FDIAW1AL. retell 1WAMONW. WATCH or bought for cash. executod- at 101 Nassau street, room No. a N h 00.. broken and oommissUn eimlisato. ON DIAMONDS. jewelry, **gars, and hand!** generally, or bought out Bond* and mert #60-000 for cash. Noioe, stc f*ge* bought and soid Money constantly oa baud at 140 William street, o*ar Fulton ap stairs. F0HUU8H k CO., loaa and oxmmisaion brofcar*. TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, watch**, jewelry, Ac , or bought ? v ? ...... stock*, bond* aad mortgagee nego tiated; real e-tate bought, sold and exohangod. AH business strictly confidential. CHLEHMMAN, HRAlSTk"' k Co., Brokers, 36 John street, corner of Naaaaa. 1 \ A An ?MONEY TO LOAN ON DIA "e monds. watches, iewalrr, segars, planofirtes, meicbandise aa<l person*! property ge nerally, or bought for cash Business con tide o ial aad executed promptly, at No. TH Nassau str<-?V first floor, back office. FLORENCE A CO. INVEST IN THE PURCHASE aad mortgage* of $1 000 lot*, farm* coantry seats, $50,000 Mv. oT upward*; also, housee and lot*, farm* country seats fcc., m every section of the country, for saM by A SERGEANT, 16 WaU str**t. dSC)C AAA ?MONEY TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, iP^O-vJv/Lr- ??'ch*s, jeweUy, gu?*. pistol*, merchandise, Ac., or bought for cash. Businea* oonfi deutlal and >af*. Apply at th* old ?sto'dished loan office, 237 Grand street, corner of Bowery, room second floor. N. B. WOOLEY. Ml iHA ?WANTED TO BORROW. ONE ev'v ve thousand dolla-*, secured by resl estate in the lower part ol the city. For sat), a home and lot, neatly ftolahed, with ga* and marble mantel*, in East Brooklyn, near th* tarry? only $2,600. Apply to 8. C. .-Willi, 69 Rose stre*t. (tfeUilil WANTED ON A HOUSE AND LOT IN ?0\/ V Brooklyn, 614.000 wanted on 4 houses ami lot* i= f>cw Ycik Wanted ti> hlr*. a bouse near Fif teentn street, b?tween Third aid Fourth aseaues er viei nuy. Rent net to ext-eed $ii00. AllIj tr ElXA-i auctioaor and teal eata'.e agent, 244 Grand street WANTED ? TO IDAN, FOlt WHICH OOOD ?ecur ty an I lot?rest will be given, beside* krd sod pleasant rooms on adraottgecas terms in a desirably located house up town; to a gentleman, er a gentleman and wife dxslring a good home, this 1s aa op. poitumty not ofUn met with. Addrse*. with real tims. ?toting where aa Interview may be had, St. Claire, HeraU effie*. (^AI>H ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUN ?. OK *""RC?*a9K? j at eight, dlamenoi, watches, rie> >? welt v aad valuable personal property generally. R. <*iJOD. .4 Fulton street, second floor, nont room, f*cm 9 ?.. d. to 4 P. M. 2~\KBT8 or LONG STANDING OOLLKTTEO BY flK } powflr of geomancy ? H ni mi |*t l fvrtaM to to an Interview with the Aatrologer, C. VY. Kob%ct, roapaating mij permoa wbo owed ine bum;, who were able to pay ma, vet had nrt the diapoeitloo. Rut by oon*olticg wltli tola g?nt!emaa, I tiara re;ov?ret mm; btlla that I had forgotten and la tiro month* r*cetred more motey tlian I evrr did io tha nam* tin* * oca I bate bees in bu?ine?* I nouM adviee all to call, who *i?h a 'peedy collection of <*??btfnl eeoount*, aol buy bia mag e, for I am aura you will M"f rwnt It iKWH RUSHEART. All let*ora on any of tha a bore topic*, If poitpaH, will be aniwereil (rati*. Ilia office la at 171 Sycamore atreat. Cincinnati, Ohio. Ar*rological Almanack* can ha had gratia, by application by tat tar -palVlliEND? OFFICE oir THE CORN EXCHANGE I / Fiie an* Inland Navigation laeurano* Company, New York, Feb. 19 1856 ? The Boa *4 of Director* have thl* day declared a *ea( annual tliridend of *ix per cent, payable on and after the l*t March, at the'r of fice, rorner cf William and Bearer otreeta, until which time the transfer book la closed. W. tf WtWn-mR, Secretary. IRVING SAVIKOH IN8TTTTTION, 00 WARREN -trRICBT, on* door from Greenwich. ? Op*i daily from 10 A. M. to 1 P. M.. and 4 to 7 P. 51. iutereet at tha rate of *ti per cent allowed on all nmi from II to $600. The fondi Of tbia Institution are aeeurely ?nreate I in boada bid mortgage* la ?U* *ity of Now Y> r? , worth double MM amount loaaed, end la bond* la thla cite. Ca'JlB ? WOODEIJ'^, /r.aldoat 2 D vLUA?, \ ri0# pr,"ld"U Va.idbbbti.t L. 41'xroa, feerota ry Loan wanted.-a i-oan of on m prored property, aow naring 14 per e?at. In th* eity of Brooklyn, lor a trr.n of from three to fire yeata, at tlie option if the leade:, ?( Ire* I Interest, piyable *eml annually. Th? arcurity offerwO la worth a' lent treble the amount req>, aad la a ???ry deeir.elr op |-ortu.\ity foe a ?*'j inreatmeat ea jiroductir j real ertate. auorene U X. F., 1'oat Offloe, RaaUra diatriet, Brooklyn. T TONS, IOWA, CkNTRAL RAILROAD COMPANY.? ?J The condition* of toe agreem nt. aiga?d by in* holder* of the bond* of aald company, baring b<**n fully complied with, laid lx>ii<'holi.era are brrefey notified to call at the office of tb? .Vlaaiaaippi and Iowa Central Railroad Company. 23 William (tract, on or before riatur day neit, 24th ln?t . and *urread*r the r boada, aad pay the Brat Instalment of two per cent In eaah, at whi.-h time and place ?bry will receive preferred a'ocli, accord ing to the agreeoient made with the aa>d Mia*i*aippi ami Iowa Railroad Company. The few bondholder* eh ? hat* not yet ?lgn>d *aid agreement, can arail them?r|re* of iti proviaion* be complying with the above condition*, lijr order ol th* board of rMrector*. A II W. CHANDLER, Pre* id at. B. C. Ilaown, Secretary. MON?T 10 I0AN-PKKM)Nfl RfQf'IRING TEM porary adraacae on real ?*tat?, diamond*. ??tehee, jewelry, furaitore, p aaofortee wine aptr.ta, aad i-i tonal property of ee?ry deecrlptioa, caa be leamadis s~f aeccmmooated, oa ib-ral term*, and tbe atrkleat ro*. tfence obeerred, at the Empire l/iaa aad igeacy 09 i ^ US1 Broadway. -k| ON FY ?CASH LtBKftALLY AOTANCED OS Dl A JyI monda, wat- he*, dry gnwda p aooforte* , furiiture, ollee oil, teaa, or aay other property, at tae ajency aai loan offloe, 904 Broadway. eoru?r ?' D iane * 'eet ???? 1 floor room No 9. Ounfi-irnee aad boaor not ? be r*Ued upon, branch office, M Weet Mv??*nth ?tr??t M< IvOCUHMN k u'NHU. MORTGACK-WAMED TO A?IGM A MORrUAGE of four thou?aa.l Are hundred dollar* on property wnr*h fill. <W0, la tbe Tblrteoat* w%rd. In quir* at 40? Cherry *tr*et Hrninta a prntR-oN, rankem, ffrorK asd ? irbaage broker*, <1 and U "oath Th r l ?t'?et. PI tlai'elpbie. r lock aad Orpcatum loaa* bougbt aai Mild on romm'Mioa er*mUe?<-y note* and draft*, aego r ??!*?* m.ii< i ti'in. mtde opoa *U t- ???!? u poiat* la the ?onntry , draft* ea ether cltte*, ta auma to ?alt pur rhae*r*. riwit art*. DHICORA11YB FRflKX) PAINTEB OF ITER UBS HAN | aad Italian a tool ? I* r?ad? to deeorata ia the Mrt appror?d maon?r. and la all aiyloe. Addrwaa. *t <<Jb Hpring atreet, Mew York, <? MJKGK Elf II Fhivf. Aini-?oim h 00. RK-*PBrnriu.Y iv. I form* th* pot lie that they w 11 bare on axblMUoa. lor a ahort t'a??- only, at their Fine Art GaiUry, No i *A Broadway, th* painting by lUrao* V?raat, "Tha Brethren of Joeepb " Subscription* for a la* engraving tberaof will be rveelred Adai**k>a free OLD ENGRAVING* BUl'GH T. Alt*) OUI and tk* higheat pr1r? paid for Ibem la any i|?aati ty. Pmall aad large eagr?vinra. ol* book*, ke., aleay* on haad aad far eel* at the <Md Curloeity -"hep No Mt Broadway. Alao Morgan'* eipo*e of Fraemaaoary, lew EXTRA pay. YjENMosa, Boinry iamub~im a< rbh to any JL koldler or aallor. la aay war aiace 1 7M PooiUv* proof rewatred at Waah agtoa ? M. GRAM**. Attoraay at law, C*aiBii**i?a*T for the *?ewr*J mttM, 110 aad 1U Na*oaa HM CB. NaYY*AIIX*bTaNI) oTHEWL-atUA PAY * pro^tly paid, bounty laad warraat* iMafll, koagbt and *otd peavloa* proearod. balana** dw* hire of deeeaaid C a aaamea aaAeetaO aad all kiahaflhlw againat th* tailed Bute* reaa?aeed by buwabo Ageat aad lata Pwaw 0. ft Mary r Vail itrai ? (MOB UTM?OOL_0fi7*D 8TA1B3 MAIL #I*AM r ?fc'P BALTIC, Chpt. J J Cvmatsck. wmwl.t. tblj ftaamahip wtU depart ft Ilk the lalted but** ma, la fo* fcwH, poaltlrwy on Vedaeeday, March 7, it 11 o'eieah M.. tlhom her bertn, at the fool af Chaal * treat. rot * P****#a, harm* un?<| ijto4 aocommudaUoa for elagaaee ud ecmlort, apply to EDWaRD K COLUNH, M Wall (tract. ? fmrntagn ? ara raqueated to be oa board at 11 * e'elook A. M. Hi ateaauhip FacSk, will aaaoeed the Baltic, aad Mil March 21 Shippera pleeeo take aotloe that the ghlpa af tkli Una tuMt oarry any goode ua>w- I band af war. I njoqi swTtor^ and ijtkrpool cni-tid stai* the f oUd aWt-Atf!*. Ai&SS10' ^Iieea5y*<ue eonetracttea, aa aUo la tbair aagtaaa, to as and a peed, aad tbair aecoamadatiou far i , aoeqaaUed for elagaaee aito aomfort Frio* of _ ftroia Naw York to Liverpool, (a trit aUaa aabla, I?., la aacond do. 176; axaluiira aaa of amtra ?iaa atate kmm >324, from Lirerpool to Naw Torh, 30 aad 30 imlnaae 4a eiparianoed auneoa uttackad to ?Mk ahlp. Jeter* aeaarad utU pud rot. momxK) bam or i*jux?. ?Box saw roaa. raoa utbnl Wedseaday, Dee. VI..MU. Saturday, Da?. 17. ...11*4 WedaMiay, Jan. 10. ,186b. Saturday, Dm. M....1W4. Wedaeadey, Jaa. 24.. MA*. tiatarday, Jao >3 ... 1Mb Wedaeeday, Feb. 7..18U. BatuHay, Am S7 . . . . ISM Wadaraday , fab. 21 . . ltM. Batarday, Feb. 10....1M4 Wadaaaday. Mar. 7 . . 1Kb*. Saturday, fab. 34 .... 1Mb. Tor Iniibt or MHan apply to EDWDl. COlllNB, No. 6* Wall atreet, Naw Tort. BROWN, KI11FLKY fc CO.. UaerpooL 8TKPHKN KKNNARD hri6.. 27 Auatla Friara, Lia4<m B. 0. WAlNWRkiUT A CO., Pari*. OKOR6E H. DRAPER, Harm The owaera of Umh iUp> will uot ba accountable roa gold, aiWar, bullion, ?p?ie. jewelry, predoua atonaa aa matala, aalrae bICa of Wlicg ara ligaed therefor, mi the vara* thereof therein aipreeaad. Shippera plaaaa take aetice. tbat tha aklpa of thil ltaa :annot carry any goc .!? eoatrabaad af war. rpUK LIVERPOOl* ,vND PHILADELPHIA STEAMHaD 4. Con pa at nt?a: aaUiu tbair favorite etoamahiya CITY OK MAN? IIKH.'ktt 2,1 lb toaa..Capt. Wylla. JITY OF I1ALTIM011K (newj.i.b.* tona..Capt . CITY OF WAKllINt?*ON. do. 2, 7' O laaa . . Capt R. LetteL. Saloon 100, $?b and lib, tcourdiat <? elate room A limited number of 'bird elsaa paaeeagera will la takaa from l^illadalphia and Li tw pool, aaa fouad ta f'roM l'biJaJ?)pbia ?.?0 | Proaa I. rorpooi. $41 Partiaa wialiing to bilug oat tbair frtaad* caa obtan ^artifleataa of pataaga, aad -Irnfta oa f J arpooL la aaaw of itl atarllng aad upwarJa. Apply to 4A1ICC1. HMITK, A??at, 17 Walant atraat, ' hJadJpW, aad No. 7 Rroad way, Saw York. OCTAN STKAM NAVWAriON OOMPANY.? rOH B'?mea. via Soutbaciptoa. ? Tba Uaitud nUUa mail ?UaBhbip WAPIUNwro.N, E. Oavxatly, commiuxUtr, wO ?ail for Uramaa, touching at Hoatoamiitoa to lau l th? aiaila and paaaaanata for Kofland and Kranja, on Satur day, reb. 24, at 12 o'clock, M., fraia pier No. 37, North Illvor. raits or raauos raon nw loan to aoi Tuaarro!* oa aaaaaM. la Brat cabin, niaia aalcon $1 M !a flrat cabin, lowar aakxia.... 110 la aacoad oab<a 00 An axpcrlaueed Hurneon U attacbad to aaib ataaaaar -pecla diUvarad In Havra ar Luadon. All Uttara moat pana 'hrougb tha I'o-l Offloo For l*<aaga or frrlght ap ply to C. H. HAND, Afaat, 11 uouth WUlUm at. Iba ataamcr Hermaaa will >:ucraod laa WaahlagUia, and aail March 24. LtTKAMHHire at:rwnss hawkk and nxw vokji D direct. -Tba maaaaabip 4Lrti *111 lail from Uam 4' i*ot (or Naw York, (wttboat calllag a*, any port la ifc? uimt.; oo 9atnrday, ibih of Noraaabor. tba ratea ?i fra%ntaad paaaaaa ta Arat aad ^ao?ad aabiaa will M wrr modarata rba aalling of *ba aaoeaod.oc ataamaa* *Ul ba abortl? aoaouar.?d Tba rata of laaarmaoa a ?Vaaea ia laha by <klpa from llam Jiraat for Naw t or* ?ban la abfpa raM ag at aa Eagllab port Apply (n Ham kru) i'arla 17 RoniaTard* laa itallaaa, to ftoa^M Ovria. vr ia Naw York, to K CTTNaHD, 4 Rcwllag Gr<aq a i HTHAiJA ? piowkiji unk -Carrying th* J\ I'nitau Mataa maiL ? Tba jaw aud alagunt clippat abip OhORCE*. 1 , '.'0y tooa, for "^daay aa<i M?ibouraa, now laadina at piar No. 7, laat rirar, wll potitivaly aall oa tba lit at March. Th a abip alia' a a rara oppurtuotty for ma;hanie?, laboxara, aad domaat a aarva'ini 1 -ar rig to amigrata 'o Hydnay, wh?r* laimaoUta amploj man. l> obtained at aaonr.o uly hlgb raiaa o> wagaa Only ? Ji* r?quir?i5 to ba paM bare, aad t.V) a'tar arrival to ba paid aai nf aarataga Tha t;?< taaa alJ ba 'olViw d t?y tha wia batad pllppar.ahlpaO<jaan rttaad aad Nightingale Tha for n*r to a?.il a'lOUt Mareh 15 a-< l tha U>-?r April lb, floth t* aaa aaataia, on tbair aacia rojpagaa, baring oaa<la tba aboitaat y4aaag*a oa rasard' ti e Ocaaa -taaa < a eighty i n da) a, and tha N'gkMngaJe in aaraat^-tra daya. V'or fraicbl ar paaaag* apuly oa boarl, or to R. W. CAMK BON, lie Wall atraat. \j m? *UKK AND t'AI.IKORNU TKAMSHIP LINK, lit NI*tTi(it Tho A ? -r??orj riMt Ogmpu; ef Nioaragaa, Proprietors. TOO ai<?i efcertor Iks* u; ether rout*. Th> splendid lonble eirin? t tea ax hi a NORIHfcKN IJOI*; . 3,000 loo* bnrton, i'-*pt l wfcle paugh, will leavs /rom p!ar No. 8 Worth rrrer, at J a'ctoah P. M., for Pasta Jr?nM, on Pnetday, February 27, ooaaociiag iritb :he l'nei? >tem, 2, OW> ton* burthen, rver tha Nicaragua r*?n?:t rout", having but twelve rnilea of lani traaap?rtat'on *y 1rat ;laae jarrla?*a. fcevaral af? aB'l twlh boa ataaaiboaM have Ulaly l>?,<a pat um tha nvrr aB'l lava, which ibortaoa ?b? tin* oo '.La traaalt from or- an la ooata. Thoee ataau-r* art 'ineurpaaard in their vamilla'ivu an-', accurana. h) a Uoaa. For informa"ou or passere. apply on It to CHA-i MORGAN, Ajint Ni. A 9 wllng Orean I*U*r bag i auude up a*, tha oflca. La'.t art '26 casta pa* half onnna. T,tOR OPORTO? THE BAKK A DEI .INK, J. M. NEW. JJ man, Banter, will aail aa or about lha '23d Intl. for d<ck freight or | aa?a ?*, hav ng eomfortabla a<vom notation, apbl) to tha maatar, oo board, or to R'lOMK A DkNWIDI'Ir. 72 Uarrlian'a' El^hanga. N. H ? The Adeline la at Haitor't wharf, Brooklyn. SEW YORK AND N'KW ORLEANS fTKAM'HIP <X?M paay.? For Naw orieaas. stopping at llariaa. ? rvlng tba Lai tod M'ataa Mad.? The etearaahlp OA HAWBA, K. W. 3ku:eMt, Comsaaa.lar, will eommeaea receiving freight oo Wedaaeday, fab 21, act sail for thg above porta ua Monday, Feb id, at la ?'clack, from p4ar at foat nl Hratb itrmt, North rt?ai. Freight for tba la* tarlor and for Mobil*, oonaigned to oar aetata ia Now Orlaane, James Conaoly A Co. , will ba forwarded free ef aommtreieae. Iiu?t(tn for Havana mutt proeort pa*aporta before Waring port For freight or paeeaga, at ply to UVINUHTON, < HtX HERON * "O , Agents, 31 Hruadwar. N. R ? The BIJUK WARRIOR, J. D Mullock (Sua autndsr, will tucceed tba Cahawba, and tall Friday, March 10. Hills of lading suit be aaat la (of signing lha craning prer'out to tba thtp sailing 110K MOHILK, lOCCHINU AT HAVANA TO LANS paaaangarii. lba feat aalHag ataaaubip I N ITED STaTRI will Lave bat brrtii toot of Htacb etr-et. North Rlvwr. on Ihuraday, Match I, at 3 P. M., for Mobile aad Ha vana. ? I'ataaga to Mobile and Havana ? Pint caotn, ?56; for ward rahln. 940. ataeraga, ??'. for 'releht or pa-sage apply to 1ZNAOA ML VAL. F. * CO., A Hroadway, <x CEO HfANNAKI) Jr., 101 front itroot. I^OR MOBIL*? TOL'tHINO AT HAVANA TO IAVD paataniara? tha faat-aaiil?< t'eam'hlp UNITKI) b I Atf.x, 1.600 tout, will leave h"r berth at foot of Nortb Mootatlreal, North rivar, on fburaday, March I, at 'i y. M., far Mobile via f avana For freight or pa? tag* apply to IZNAUA DEL VAl.lJC k CO , !M Bro? t? iy, or li?o Htannard. Jr., 104 front alraet. ]iOK KEY W?31T-vriHt anUIUHIP f"T LAWMEV0B " will rtcetva Ira gbt *t h?r barik, foot ol North v|.?r? ? trtet, North rirar, an i ta 1 oo 2Mb inataot, at 2 I'. M. lor fnigbt or pas?aga, havtcg tuparior ?rr.,me? , lalloo, tpply to OLO. HTAN>AKD, Jr., lo4 froat utmi t/f.R KEY WK-T, TAMPA BAT, OXDAlt KETrtJ^ENHt ?* cola. Newport and Analaebirola. iV <ta\a.hlp 8T iJt* HKN<X win raoeiva freight for tba above porta at ter berth, foot bf Bach itre-t, N R , ao-l tail cm 2"'b mat at j V M. for freight or pat ago, having aapenor tecoaunodat en, apply to <<EO. HTANNARD, Jr., Mo 104 , .-oat ttreet. T.'0R CHiKIJlirON, B. C?TBE .WMIAIW ?ll? f. f wtral itetmabip Q' AKEK CITY, t- >1 Itodgioa, tf aiwam'ar will laava I'hiletklph a lor Ch?fl?-'<>a S C , rn Wadu'eiia), !'? hraary t'ltk, at lOo'eloea, A M. ik?n lataasa $J0. Apply to HFIUJN k MARtlN, No. *1H Sor*.u Wl,af<e?, I h ia.leipbia. ?, OR NORlOiJt. KKlEKrHITiin ANTi RIHMu iti - r The rait*l ritataa Mall ttoawaklp Jt vimioW.V L Ptrrlth, eo?ir\nd*r, will leave a tor IS Nortb rtvar. at Maiurday. lab 24 at 3 a'alocb P M., will arrive n Norfolk the aett artarauoa, lad PaUrwi)iit aad Ibab aioad thr follow'ag wcra ng froat Nortel, M-saag ? for ths ?V>Bthpj'--ted br mltv-4 J.raat, wilti ibroagt tickets fr*.? wtWoa to wllstiagt >a Augaala kt >*M toga an I fare to Nor oik, It, U fatsraburg 0*4 MtC ?oad $10, tt???as ha!f prlr*. Apply to U'niJkV k ftRAflAN*, m ?>- ad way. fr-OR SAVANNAH AN|? FWiK. UA- trinf |?D tTTATW J' Ma I lias ? Tha aew tad alagaat ttoaaathii A I (It HI A, Capt Thtaas Ly?a,wtB leave Mew Vara fot Mavannah ^oa -a'.urdav, f> omare 24, from pier No. 4 North river, at I eVWwt r M. iUbiof to mr aigaed r? board For fraght ta*ly oa koer'. , or for ..???? a. ? ?ahITJ. I. MlrfBIlL, la l'r-~.d??a^ tor KUirVta j ttiongh ttob?'? f?*tl New Tort ?? Ja'k?*avi'W. t'U '< I FUatl a. I >.1. IV KaotvtUa (Jbat. C. II. Lillo* ?il? tna**e?, aad itarthAk tatarday, Mar< )> t. X' , w AURA NUtMl N T. ? I1UU4JHT P0B~~h0Mr0l> and Pet?r?burg teotlrx. oa heard etoemakip fUJA KOEF, tvwy Tieafat aa.1 Wosaawtoy at pter I I Nortb River. I'atatga to Norfolk Petora xirg aad Mehnwmd ? ?ame aa keietofeta. Paeaaagan far fUehnoad wil be forwsrdad per railroad via Plarabtuv T?.r >?gh tichttt !? Lyatnkaif , laaladiag mealt aad ttourwa oa board tto liter, t14. Apply to UTDIdkM * FIXAMANTH, M Uraaimr M. ? ?The Reaaeba wtB laavw every Vadaaakay after koaa, at 3 o'ctoek. BIO 1* UM BAt E-4i,d?-nBIT fA^T UIUNO, as4 wall a^apkad talavhev. Met or anal trade. 1.4 tnat dra wt T H tae4 wator who* Wtaded aad waB toned A4dr*es tMiediataty A. ? , Herald aAaa. HOTRIJ. r\ oixiw h *tm foot or canal mar. ntm Vv lag lha nvtr. with a fell view of tba barter win lot Itailj sad sing is rmaie, oa saeet raateatMe Unas, tor lha ssaaaa tor Miailft at geimaeist heard . The irnm tea is mM heaRby aad nereanat TAU4UM ft turn, rtintoiw. niiBiwrin. BURTONS THEATRK. 0HAMWR4 ktrect. - THCH8 fey -IMi. .V II <b* lir. .t bill Foar lauthabl* p iff" M? H ir??n In three part*. 1HK RALANCK 0Y COMKOH i-Witn Jor.Ua aa4 M:ee Raymoad. JOhN JONES ? Wltli Burton at Gay floodluck, the un fori n An U man. THK FUIBl dTKR? With Burton m tha Vri|lnel Jacobs WHFRK SHAM, I DIVE l>- Willi Jordan, he. To morrow- VIHCBKIUOPH FAMILY art rHKTOOOMW I10WKHY THCATHE.? PROPRIETOR AJfD MANAOKK, ) 1. P. Watdron, RU(a Maoager, Robert Jones ? J*rieos A'misaaioo? Roiee, 16 mote, Pit and flattery, U3? ota; Private B?in 46.? -Thursday avaatag, Fab 21* Iteaeflt of Mr. J M Coake. THE ORPHAN OK OENKVA. TiiK native American. THE ETON 1IOY. J COCHIN JOB AMBfUOftN lNPEPSNDRNrK. Bowery TUEATRS.? a CAHD.?THK PHBIJC ts respsttfully uotiUsd that the arrangements being complete lor the ?xis? jcnun eonruaarAir ssxirrr to L P WAU>RON, ttt|. It will take place on MONDAY KVHONG NKXT fKB. *1 It la with fh'Mura that tha onmmlttee are enabled to anaouice the nsnx's of tha following distinguished a* ttitaa, whose services bar* bean tendered for tha oa caaiou ? Mr. E K.l.ljr, Mr An<teraon, Mr. John K. rieott, Mm Kata Weuiyss, Mr. R. Johnson, MIm Woodward, Mr. U. J Arnold, Mm Yromtui', Mr. H. Jordan, Mr*. C. Burke, Mr.O Oolila*, Mies Fanny lanJsrs, and tha entire atock fompMir of the theatre. In order to randar tha testimonial a aahstantlal one. and n eou?i<l? ration ot tha great combination of talent and powerful attraction which will ba offered on tha oc m?l o, It has betn -teemed expedient by tha committee to UOl'ULK THE HR1CIH OK AllMIHBION FOB TUAT NIGHT, aad they cordially ineite the co operation of tha publ'.o generally in making thin Jubilee In erery re^>eet worthy of Hi ohjtct and their intent. Tn? theatre will tie IIMIlUANTt.V II U'aiNATKtl. Tha Mil of enterttinmcnt ? a moot attractive one? an l with tba mean* at the di?|??al of tba committee, will be moat decidedly nnt nuTURK or nir nkahon. A plaa of tha house may be ?een at the box offlre, every day between the b?mr? of 10 and 3, wh're seats may bo necured. W B HMiTH, |M| , CUalimaa. Captain Jamm Tcrrkr, Secretary Edward Pramon, Ks<|., Treasurer. niUJ'S.? HATIhDAY KVKNING. * KB. iM, ilH.tNIr concert H PODWOUTH'S IMMENSE BAM) A*t> GRAND GKCHE8TRA, ca?ial*d hv una < iJkHA M HRIVKUdloi'K. the eminent Vocaliat; MR. AITOMMaS, the celebrated llorpict; UK. ?. r. HHIMOW. the Plaolet, and DODWOHTHH MXJOND BAND. OOWUimTABT to CHAHI. EH II. PINK, Under the direction of Hirwj II. DodwortM lUKKi^nriY CKS1K To be hu I ?t the principal boteU, murk etoro*, and at the door on the evening of the concert. Concert to comimro at * o' ilock preeiaety. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY.? KHAS'KI.IN Ml'MRt M, No. C?J Hiwcry ? Gala attra t>on*. ? Celebration of Ihla (lor oua enuiver-ary Two perfortnan -aa, oom ax dcidc at 9 ia lha af ainoon. and at 7 in tlm evening, l'ba Model Arliatac will appear in n b?autilul arlecllan of atatuary. TAHUAUX VIVANTS, OK UMNO KTATOARY, IN French and Roman style Prof. Pleur. wth hie entire troupo, ju-t arrived ir in France, will eihibil, ti>ie evening, at 1 o'clock, at tne Intei national Meaeum, M I'irlaion cticet. Ailroiaaion 2A centa, Ke?erved n'ati, AO rent*. 3 IHO OOKCJBXP.? THl BSDAY AMD IRIIiaY, KKB 22 aud 'i'l. ? u A 11-0,1411110'# n< w cantata, ' lha I'lleeteea," pourtraylnu t he b-nuticn of purity, will be rittn at the Tabernacie on Thurclay awl Krlday evonloKa, fvt, 22 anil by tiia e a??ee, cooaiat ieg tf one thou?au<l two uundre<l yo .ng eieger*, *n l hit or he-itra of one liunrirol loung mnalrlene; to clue* with a ir r? it-l coronation ol alt (Jumna. Tlokete, 2H aenta, aecured aaata t>0 con '.a. OWARD ATllKNiCt'M, I)' HTON. ? I .A T?IK J AND gen ci.g??*<l f< ' tM? *?lit>liahmerit are ro 4ueale?l to Bin t In the aro. v r??.m "u Monday, ?liib Feb. CHABUM tlkOlt I'ARril/iK, Agent. UbmiKIt, CaRltuUBI, *c. I/' K . A! > I IOK I , WA'ION, hui.k y, hijqoh f robee, harnoaa, ke., all iu good and complete ordnr. TV* owner la about leaving III-- city, aud will diapoea of all Iho abcau nt a eocrtflco Wugin aulky, harneaa, lu., are a'l nearly now, and mad? to order. The littrre i? ?<>un4 kin J. ami a fail traveller; a One r>ad<tl?i lnre< for ?itho? My or gentleman. Can be rem nt club mtla M lhlrd a treat. Price for tU*i wt-ota, MAO. f(?'U "A I.I a Ml lc HAN OH n utn, aoeod, and kind in a't.gla and doable b^rneae, aae trot In aide 2 AO A loo, n light trotting wamo, aiwia. one eetof haraeaa. whin, claMe aud drvea MMketa.rokM. bella, k* All to to aobl to(?tket . aa Uaattmer t? Ikail earliaf the elty. Apply atMudM Ueroar etreet JVOR ?AIJ^-A ffOlL***, OW AND SS55 . aLout norm ycaia old, (ectle, in>! <ra> ! trarelier, | kit born until about one year fultabic for a bna n??? roan or pbyi'ciin WUI l>e aold >r|>arate or tutfethnr. Apply to Iff" I.I. & CRU <KKR, 435 ie(.th atreet, Dry Dtok. I"< K tlAJX-A i IVKRY HTAMI i. OONiffiiTlN'i Df ?rat riMi hortea, heavy and llffet cnrrla(ee wxeu ?lel|ka, barnean. robea, Iwlia, Ac . aultnblo far alt* work. Apply to WILI.lAM KiflAiloN, 1? Paltaa (treat. rR PA I K- A IKiRhK, OB, I1ARN1UH, WM1P. t lank 1 1 aud robe, ll.e librae ia a bay ruan ..<ht y? ari old, wit boi.t bU-ai)?h, aoitnd and kind, a piaaaant ntMl atyliah driver, not alraid of ni^c, will aland with out tying, the gig wa? made to or Mr, >a nearly new and C?f?et, eiade by O^'ard, of iKteton, harneea etlver pla d alao, a pair of r maera l( eat tho !*>1 1 on, mek ln( a eoni|4?te and cetnf. rtablo aleigb I'riee |i60 Per furtbrr information ? k :? at Uil li ut atraet. "lyOR HAIJC? A HAY IIOR.'K, PTt'lKKN IIANIM HIMH, ! JT ae*en year* old, long tall, m ud I and kind, gentie in atn|le or deubk barne**, and ran trot pretty falet. Ala>, a gray borne, (is lea n band* i. yeara old, long tall, n very promising horae. Can be aeen by aalliag on l>. A. Moienaor, (tali SI, C utre Market, before 12 o'clock, or after at afahle M l bird atreet. Alao, wagan and bar aeta, if waot<d, with either beraa. TJ^tlR PAI^-Tiro PKOUND IIANI) IJUHr (NO T*?P) 1 T wagona, one two *eat roekaeay, an<i one do'-tor a *%, alao, oaa now two aeat pi < ton, one new top wagon, aod two light (no top) lagMia Apply at the hveiy atablo, 61 Waat Twrnty third ilreet, between Flftb aad Blith aienue* W' AiflfN'ITON /?PGR HAI.K, TII? fJL^T THU ITINfc key -UHlea. Waabington, 16)4 handa high toa yeara old; porfectiy aonnd an I kind Waabiagtea la a eap- Tte* foa I ge4%*r. aa all al? ato<-k haa proved. Par fml ? apply at M aad Mar car a'.raet. nr ? ahi>*. S?m Rliff ARD ? KltiLKN, ON .JATI'HDA Y iTTll ejl l Inat a ailvar ja'- oi lovoj watcb. utarkoO I |l lljcioft, I*e a, wl.or* tl e oat era aaine la general:? , haa one key attached, with the letter G on one at le Any laf< rtnatioa that trill lead to the recovery Of the wadeb, and conviction of lite f ief will reewtre *b? above reward, by Irav ng *uc>i to T R l<Y<RGPT, Al laire woiie I'.t < harry atreet or U r>iort/l atreet Jhfcir wwaki1 ?i.frT or wtiNQ prom r ) leoa >Hp threugh > t< nt - titer to I ?<?er, o goM I at' nt lerer watch , M' ocaa cater %< I I voat oliaia, wl'h In the cai.tre Wbterer a :U ret :ra It U> Jeaoa A. feiadltck. ST'2 *onth atr?et, ?? all reee ire tb* abr<va re ward, and ao <|?a* etla at aaked t RKWARI>? U*-T, <r*KCA*e ' ANTfiN (MtllM, lk/>*0 MfM allSuirf H, Ka 'il The a hove reward wilfbe paid for Ita recovery at No i Waat atro. t I 1 1 mu. nr. paid by Tii*wrn-<'Hi ? J " J t? r. f >t the appro he a. ou of the ihIM aad re ?r>rery of proprrVy atolet. froaa hie fu ia>tara wareltoa e III I rcadway, oa the a ?H <4 Ilia 20th or mora ?a? of th? VI at Pebr -ary Tho artlrlaa atolew wore aphotat^f |??le. n a? atlnf of one rernaaat brrcnite aat.n aaelahoo pattern very gay colore owe reionaat blao ye"?* an! weor. color aaHa. oao remnant frwan aad Mart brace t> Be ue reraoent Moo beawetelie Paeabmkeca eat ? plx la'erere will ^ieaao et?p aay or the above arttc e# t tried alao a LttlUd Cl.iea e 'vef dollar of Ika year lTft*, whiah may lead to ttao roeovarr -ami m. w atkhmc^y. tgr RXWAKD? pgr a wimr. H'.iifc WAU Hfi't ti -'.er on Ifaite a' m ?.lge a lllti? worn, llwlaal trin-ioed throng * ml, Inat frem a light ea?oa en Wadnea day, a let inat . atout 3 a ? lock P. M while etonlaog tatwr ol Hobatcn and Mulberry a'nda Jf'HN T Mi UM, 1, 14 Hroaiwey. RXWA1D.-U?r OM wa>*tol>AY. TfU iwr NiOt , % coming tr m f"Mla<1elphla t> Ik e city, ? ?id braarotkt, emu I S hnk a, with cha.a at f3 a't?. t reef ? htHdre w II aeaeiee the above reward and lha thaake ad I'e eacat. tMJJom ri wai'D? i/w, pwdat i renlng, t?t wen Thirteenth rtroot and Abnrin a',n?re, a pa r af CO. I epe^atloe, I* a naagaato aaao with tie uaaae af/. t * Moir oa the aae Tte above re ?tr>i wfO he |oid by tea* ng them nt li W*e? ThlrWatb *g ATRIHGNIAJ ? A r<HHC MAV. UNI?N THUrr j,T| ;>age of ago, e' bae aeoc haute and <u? : eg (a aoctaty, niahta w aaeTy a young ta/y of goodfaeaUf, who piaeeaaia lha 4 aoit Oca Mai at naioary 'o make an ae-eetl ,e romfooaoa, o icLglooo poreoo and a mwaa x<m of lha (jogietalnaiAl <m pkaohrto* ota (haM eawtd ha (referred. Addaeaa Halt 1 >1 ifaral-. edtoe Madam mom*/* wiu, uirt uum prxvati loot area on al caaiairne af We ho* predlettama are Iraiy com a la blag thoagh aha aaaitlaci aatking haat what la raaaa llalla to phUooofaf. If not mtladod Uaeeo vil be n? thorga :< Una? aluat, aaoi 'gggng Ijroadway t*nutn*?A. m. mamhaia, bolh X> L*?? ? IWr* om *? ? ?, oomomo I t'jW. ThunUU* rrrata#, Wnwj M, will b* yilon?4 BT M1HC. M. Mil- DMWfort O.nunlo Mr. rirrj I I'.troni Mr. C?tter Uvtuo.,.. 7.7. Mr VrM' I B*lU?or* . Mr.WAltew Ho??ri.i ... Mr Uroiiraor i Duk* Mr MeDouiU i u . . .Mr. lattnawvll] ln*oor* Ma*. PooUi V*le?ni..f, Hi Hint) Tn*?ra? Un. Abbott 1'**S*ol MIm PHra BCTVKY BAUER. Rah*r Ml" J. Ooof??h?i?^ Mr Mo?>*r MrTliBTid^ AUACKtl THIATKK, BROADWAY, ?A" broom* itmt, ? IhitrMit. F?b ? TBK CAPTAIN OF It IK WATCn. w Vlatoant D* U(bt Mr Uda) ilaron VondtrpoiUr .7 Mr. PblUlJ*" Adolf d* Courtr*y Mr rttewart KttriH .Mr*. Stephana TSK QAMK <M LUX. OrMalraf : .-.Mr. BUfto I fhntlor. ...Mr. BUa? Rupert W?lfo . Mr. Loiter Bom MIm K. B*an*tt Drak* Mr. Ifraofhm | JoybAll. . .. Mr*. llro?fh?*j Ljttea WjnrtAm, la% Mr*. Htephtat SkAHST M H AMERICAN Ml^XCM. ? THCBtfDAY. \ ?*?>. 72 ? ) TtaJu at 7H o'clock, UffCTJt TOM'S BIN, with til Usi nrlfta*4 ?c?o?rr music, A*. After - bom, At 3, AMRRO?L OWlNkTf. AdtelttAOM, tt e?o??; child r*a nndtr ten, lift crate. G EO. (UHHTY k WOOD'S MtNSTKELH, *0. 412 Hro?uw*y, (Mtthanio' HaU ) rroprittom Hrarj Wood * Ooo. CkrUty Tail wotk, a ??roJ And iilMxaa Ethiopian n kormance, -on>:n*uH*f trtrr *t*bIb* At T)? o'etoek Tlckote, M?. All bunlmiia IrMMiim by Boor; Wood. BCCXUCYH HCRKNaDJKI MO BROADWAY.? l.AnT WOK of Ik* un?<|?All*d bart**qn* *? i.WMSIA BoMrA, wim tin KUOINTHIC BARON. N. B.? In prrtui i?, i b><i*I*a1 ?i*M, aatltlad Hi* TWO lOMPKTti (wrl'tra riuutl; for tbte MM* p??J,) lawoduclsj **t*i*I onglokl naitral aotepMl iloB*, by c*l*br*i*d *oap???r? *Wo, Iba (rwl *AaJ 1*br* da*t. from th* op*r* of " U <h*Ut," ottU I favorite Air*. ''?B**rt At "H o'clock. TkctrU 'Zft Mate. w oNuMtni ntK dead to uke *T TM K COXN riu? HAKON, At Bi'caixi * Mt Ubuauwav, TO NltiUt. Ijitiu ADvutn imknt.? the ntARiru rRtom 'j rul H tUtliCI A UOHUIA, a?. dacklay for tola *nk onlr Musday ??tclof, f?b. la, kb or rlaal piaoa, line two ruMi-krii. 11/ MITK'rt OPERA H0U*E.? TV JOHN DIAMOND AND MICKY WARREN, two tarr dam uu la m? won lb, will bath appai r Bail ?ark. 1.^Mf IhK HA1X, kl? BROADWAY.? NOW OKEM JOHN li H. Msalib'a (IRANT) TOUR OT RCRonC, To ?b!<b I* BOW Bald?d THk HIIUIK OT HKMAJfTOCOL, Ilblbltad with olatiaf nlabrd auraaaa la tba I 600 Uaaaa, rltlaaof >ur?pa la Ix>nd<?i It ?aa ?ihibil?d i to half B mIUiob (?r oil, aad aekitow la<1?Bu by tba lie [>ra?a a* th? largaat and uaa of I ha naat atagaat aad laUrxttiBg rtlilbitieoa ib Ut? ourl-l. Ai a apanlaaaB of Amrrlrau art Mr J. It. Matlib raapaalfally aailatta a ?bar* of tba paironaja of tba latailrctaal portlaa af tba i.uhlie. Op?n foraiblhltl.u arary arauiBRat 7K0'?toeb. Tba mart'- by Mr Alywla Klrld of U>odna, a bo wilt la tra.lara, fur Ilia flrit lima la thla rim b try, tba aaw In (Irumrat of tba plaao amleo Admittoaea, M oaata f bildraa half prlra. t " tlj JRANkMN MUHtCI'M, NO. 61 ? I W Kit Y . - WfJlVW - ?lay alirram.B at 9 ?ao In tba r rani 04 at 7, Ivilra hi w lablram will bo yr^Ba'fl t <j tna m?l?l artlata, latrr-duelnf I'naor'a lliaali Hlara Sappho, Vaaua rtaina lioa tba flra, laaooa b TataptatloB, arlth olbara ajual ly >aUr*atin|c f|>llK IILACK hWAN, LATLLY AKIMVKD mOM 1 Karupa, aid |lr? too arte Voral aad Inatruataa lal < aacrrta, anlil?4 by thr aoadarfol trnor tadiaa, Marin, a |ritUa?n of aitranM oary Binalral tlltati, at tba Rrt>adaay Tabart-aela, oa lhuraday aad l*atur<tay arrBlBga, Marrh lit ant Id. WAN1>D- BY TIIK OKI HAS Ml Rlf'AL ROCIffT, imataur pailtraara t*r alalia, rnraat aa4 ala ri> aat. Apply at Ut Niim atraat tatVMl 9 AM I y. M. J. r HKWIIT, rtac rotary. OUlTMlMl, 1MJ. a lAHQt qd amity or ca.-<t orr ctoflBM a. mad ? i.>btira>-a baring I -ft off waariag bb paid la dopaaa a', la lain* ar mall quaaUtloa, ahm.ll r?r*laa tba rary Mghrit prti-a far itirm by ap|>la|ji( la or arirfraaaiaa llioaaaa D. I oarny, ml Paarl at/lat, b*< bttaa Utf Mall ylaaa aa4 l aa'ra a?raot. Cuiruimi ?la in* an? MorruattN hativ* aMtaaia?r mm**/ aaa wina a Mr *Mk aata* bf MMutMMaNaa ' $ Ltmi air- at, " ? ' it ?ft Waal liaxaay, ar aHwaa by Wtlar Uroafb Ua Ml MR. (UU. atta?taa br Mra 0?1<M. C'M>AK* CIID Aim THAN kVtH-UVtC IOC SOLA / alt boat ra*?rT*. ta aula moat for IMlM aoada, jaat arrtaad par afaaa^r Aria, aa par a4 rtrai fronYa/ia Iba balaaaa of tba aiatar a??rk ofll M (aid kl balf tba aatgiaal prlaa I a4iaa ara aat ? (panrd to Burefeaaa ua Waa parfrrUy aaRaflad tba? ar*|atUa| Vha aarUtof Cfeate aaonoy. Tba alylaa af tb- Hwt> nam o(T?rad at ta?b radaaac. prlaaa ara aaeb at will *>a w>>ra i-i 1 aaaiaa MOI.VNB, X MB.I, M CId iM C?A?T 01 Y ( fOTHINfl tt*M> WORTH WANTRD? / Iba bifbaat prtaa Ubarall* (Ivan, ao-l uab atMla aioaay ijaav >aaoa w,.l,'nf to dlaaoM aflaMa I lota in raapartfnlly r?.(?M<ad to ad4raaa aTaaO MUR<'NI.Y, U Raatar ffurtaarty Oraaga atraat) I carraat aioaay or aatall I ?a J A MM" MUID'NI.Y, II Ha???r ftnna?rif Uraaaa atraat) aaar CI atbara. ^ ' ? CAhT orf airrnrn<) and rrmxrmui WAirrm? IaIIbo or aaatiaaaaa baataa Bay of lha abaraartlaka Va dlapaaa of, r>B raaatfa a fair prta* for tba aaa bf a?a4lr? far tka raba?r1-?r. at bla raaMtaaa. ar tliaaab U>? poal U M KIlxiRf, It ?m atraat/ N. I.-UAaa attaatat by Mra 0. lay a. at a aat If*; (aaO??aa oa ??4aaa*teja, rKara ?laya, aad a??ry atbar "rlday at "s f< if. Frv-baU^ KM! bM*a aa nai.itaf if?m It iMgjlMMiaaUa saa MoatLJ? aalraaa laya baara a*<t Urma Kaiiaj at aay ti*o, ar *tll ba aaat by pWt. t) RMik I \ s i I.A "C AHF NOW m M!V?i 11 f?r lha laat l*rai, at Wll/0*l"ft Aea<Wai y for 4a aa lr|. aa ' ta'nn a|l aai, coroar Allaatic, apf^alta tka Atlaaaaaa l?d aa aad abildran na Wadaaadaya tad Haturdaia at Uiraa a'rlarb, aa t (?nllatnaa oa Tuaadaya aad ?Uay< al al?l<t a ttack Y M DHANfTWa A( a| KM V .1 II >WAlu> nrKKXT M IJ4 ? CARtilJM UIKNM baf ? laaaa to laforaa Uaa pab I lie Uat aba baa >|taa4 bar ilaaasf a^?4-oiy, far Uaa la ?trurttaa af la^lloa aat aaatl*?aa la tlao tao-l rilHab daac?a of tba .'ay krkaal far practiaa arary a% bt, froaa half paat ia?aa ta taa a'tlaab. tritkmrm' a rant. Hrw jpfcapy aaujui mj . r m caiunumA aad tba ftaatb aaa Waat ata Jaraay (My aatl Bad ?ipraaa Man - Laaaa kaa Tatk al k aad 10 A W aad 4 aad ta la k aad l4 A ?RDITAU Dr warwd?, Mmrat (* m* <>>ujbi;i or xnt (?oaa - I I abUa aad Miatarfk, atiaa4a ta 1 aatlia at >?t old >a4aWlak*d ok-a. 71 Ma llaaa atraat mm " aibartao. ?b*ra ba la pvtlaroa aa <b? naaal aalaalabtaa ?raa aa I aaar 4. ? tbvit nwtraiat la dial *r \rtfBi i paraaita | Dm Miftparr ia m am anuar mv h <wm H aaMad vttfe aaaMaaaa m pal rata dkaaaaas Rib bla I ran aipartoara a# II faar> ba <aa yaaaaabaa paraaa MM aaMa Ilia tr?aiaaM^ la vka mm aa ?at pr?r??M ky tba gr*al Haaoid, W faria aad ao atarfa aalaaa aar farily . |>4 ? * - l?, ( a aalaaa aa aaaibar af <ka *aa Vort t a tara?<y, alUa atlaar 'aatMialabaf a bifb aba radar a ar baaaaa la iMaadlfa ? vi jtmtHm.i-. liAst ?K>jri ham rmrnmm \ f *\ m'.ia 'araa af 4la?aaa Uiaa a ay atMaa aaMaal Mala *ar lart Dr J a traal aaaat M badM aafa aad ar paditlaaa . bla a>*ti?aaa ara baraakaaa, a^ aaa ba lakaa ?Hbraat faar al dataaliaa (baraaa aadaaata aaa tba aaaay rW aaaaaa if aaMr? aaWalaitfia ta aat ?r??a. ?*. cuifio. u DrAK>"?oirr, no i/mkarmoww I ta tba a**iaaaa af Ra* Tart aa tba aaaM railll {raatillaaar ia pnaata 4 taa aaa a tMa aakf aaa baaat af, a<Ul aaailaira ta ba aaaa?lud a* bki <M aRaa, rail** tag tba aa'attoaata aad ?i?lac aaaaatattaa la aaaay aa a4iar baart N R.-la C i n raataaa a aara a ail aaaaa awtriaxa. ar aa rbaiBa aia la. II I *RM' M fARRI AND 10*000 NVfVUM Irl ? aad aararaa, faatW <M tba Madtaal Advtaaa aad SaiJa. ) traata tba >a k.a apaataltty, at 4S Raa da fraat, "it aar af Nraadvay fr-* II A. It MM t, aa4 ? ta '? f . W , PaaAaya nia(>M TWaa al a Inm tr<?!*d by aaJ aad atpraa N. R.-NatlMa 4?a( dbara. x;oTi(X- Af'rif* to twr ArrurTTO, riur - i.1 aaU-? aaaaa atptaa. 'aaar aa4 w?a Raaaipta ail ba IrrvB'dad 'a* lay a/ tba al<r? Aaaaaaa aJib ta?a baaa prcraa aad ara kaaaa Vt la tka aaly' abu ?ta?i raa? l aa 1b?? ail! ba faraardad ta aay addroaa aa tha 'a??lpt af a latlar aaataiala? llr naata, la paat ? ra ?'?ara atatlfla partiaaUn to Rratoaaar ?ta?aU, Rraa^vty root o#ta, paat pMi Lattan im i i I ortt crn..iMi w 4Kb trmi mm rwrowr'. Q aataa' aaaaa ataa aatbaaa ataa ami Oaraa a baa aO <4 bar tblafa (a l TViaa dLoapatatad by paa Uadara aaaraalad a rata fj?aa M <"aaaJ atraat, aat 4?ar aaat af feraa'aay. At bla aid iBtalM.bad adtaa raraa ara ?arraatadla aaary >.aaa CmillkkMiaiai. Raata' y a tb a baa* 11.

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