Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1855 Page 5
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li the let of December. Mr. C. R. Thome aad hit American company produced "I'nele lom'i Cabin," (first time on that continent,) on the 27th November. It did not kuccted torj well. Flrfi in K?w York. Fw in Broomk Sthekt ? Between 1 and 2 o'clock on Pwaday morn ng a Ar? broke out in the bakery oi LouU Kamyer, No. It Il/oome >'r*et. The fiiomen wo e sooa at 'hi- prtuiies . nil extinguished it. The dam.-ge will MM) i>nt to about $ li 0; covered by insurance. l'?B in llTKCHi thki.t ? At 2 o'clock on .Sunday moro lb* alarm bell aoutided for the Fourth district, caus ?il ty the carpenter's shop of Mr. Bogart, No. 172 Mi rer itn?t helofr 'UsrovereJ ou Are. Tb? firemen were very . qccMy at the shop and extinguished the 'ire cefois: mmb damage wan done Thin in (supposed to h?vo imn Uw work of an ineerdiary. OScer nn-.kt r, of the .'it Itenth ward, ttrst diacovered the fire uud gave the alaim. Fur in Rrixuway ? Shortly after 6 o'clock on Sun. day morning, p'.liceman tonly, of the First ward, dis covered a lire in the upper part of the aix story build fag No. 60 Broadway, occupied by Simon Strahlheim & Co., importers ol lace goods, fcc. The alann was given, and the Art men hastened to 'he building, and by their united exertions aucceeded in extinguishing the (Ire before it extended beyoad the tecond and floors On examination, alter the fire was out, it appeared thai it originated in the eatreme rear part of the necoad ?cr, the portion occupied as the business office of tho flim. Mere the fire appears, by the burning, to have ?tarted, burnt through the floor, anJ extended to the floor above, burning through that to some of the llx Lmtx on that flour Mere the (lames were arros.ed by the flt'men Tl.'o damage to the stock appears to .?j very extensive Hie ttrm hay they had a stock amount ing to S126,0C0 or SI30,000, on which they had an insurance of |U7,U0(>, divided in upwards of twenty insurance companies. We underntind that tho Liverpool ?nd London Irsarince Company li i v a a ri?k of >26,0<>0. The Empir^City and National In surance Companies, together with some twenty others, are uxdrnrritere on this stock, lbe names of the other companies could not be procured, as the policies were deposit* d in bank for sulesecpiug. The lo.-M on the stock 5sr tire and water will probably amount to upwards of #20. 0C0. Tbe building is owned by .Messrs. Cbittaodnu .V Co. The damage to tbe building will not exceed t '00, OOver<-4 by insuran je. Mestrs 8tr?hlli?im & Co. oeeu K" id the whole ot' the building from the second floor, e store is occupied by Dune in At Snow, dealers in do mestic dry good j. Their stock met with considerable damage by water; ar.d tha.r nfl'.ce furniture was ma terially Injured by the rubbi?h aud plastering falling from tbe second floor. The; are fully Insured. Naval Intelligence. The United States steam frigate Susquehanna, Commo dore T. Rucbanan, arrived at Valparaiso, January 1, iu j twenty days from Acapulco. Alalia for Europe^ THE HKW TORE If KRAI. ? ? KOITIOK FOR RCTlOr*. Bu Cuuard mall ite&m.ship A"i?, Capt. I.ot'., will leave Bolton on Wednesday, at 12 o'clock, for Liverpool. Th? European inula will clone in this sit; hi it quirer 10 two o'clock tbki Afternoon. The Herald (printed in EugUdh and French) will b? ?VfcU#hed at ten o'clock, in the morning. Single copea, ta wrapper*, alxpeuce. Subscriptions and advertisement* for sny edition of _ ike Nrw Vokk Ukhald will fce ravnitad ?? the following place* iu Europe Ijvt.?pool. . John H'iPter, No. 2 Parai'ie atreat OOMH'M Edward*, Sandford k Co., No. 17 Oornfcill. " Woo. Thomas ti Co., No 10 Catharine atrwt , Pajlis .Livingston, Welle <l( Co., 8 Place 14 IA UdurH? The conteota of tlie European edition of the Hk/u '.d will em trace the ntwi received by mail and tehyraph at the afice dnrlcg the previoui w?ek, and to the b?ur of yvblication. Stw? for tlie Pacific. The ?teaa:sbip Northern I.ight, Captain Tinalepaugh. will leave thia port to mono* afternoon, at a o'clock, for Punt* Arenas. the Nkw York Hkrald ? California edition? contain lag all the latent news by mail and telegraph from all part* of the world, will be published at eleven o'clock to-mirrow morning. A;?nU will pku.-e aend in tu.r artier* k* early an possible. Court C?l?ndai-iThla Day, Imitoi Statxn UlfcTKjci Cocht? 95, 00, 10, 25, 30, 34. 90, 40, 91, 62, 63, Soi'KRM* Coi RT? CutCCJT. ? 1075, 8S2, 8H2,1,', 830, 1624, 1107, 1466, 1710 1712 to 1715, 1719. 1720, 1721. St'iiRXm Coi kt ? Nor. 600, 678, 798. M)5, 7(>6, 824, 111, 20, U6. T19, 828, 829, 8.J0, 833, Klfl, 837, H41, 841 8?ft. MR, 847, 848, 849, 860, >>61, 862, 864, Sit, 8f>7, ?24, li,4, 319, 721, 1>92, 030, f.73, 1226, 723, 724, 092, 002, 717, 787 132, 309, . 30, 697, 839. Or. Hunter on C'oiiMamption? Lctler No. VIII. To TiiK *.orro?t ok tiu. Nkw Vokk Hirald: ? I'm ? 1 now proceed to describe the most prominent aymptom.- of consumption. One of the earlieat symptoms in 'oough.M It ia dry. aad tirrt uiacovercd on the patient'* getting out of ov.t in the morning After an interval it in also experienced during tlie day, especially alttr exertion, and again at night, after retiring. For aoine tune thia cugli is no ?hgbt an to l>o entirely overlookfd b' tlie p.ttlent, ml may scares ly be regarded by his It. en 'a, being in reality Mttie Dioru than one or two " dry hack*. Alter the lapse of lome ? ?ckx or montiia, the morning oougM i* observed to be attended by the expectorailo.i of char, ropy Hu d like sa'iva, which in supposed by tho patient to come from the throat. Uy .bi? come* ta be contiotiod nitti the cough throughout the day, though mi cli lei-x that in the inorniog. < Now, when ueeli a cough steals upon ? pereon without any apparent cause. It nhould exc to suspicion and leal to kbn meat searching examination. It may pxaibly prove amm| ortant, for cough does cot alaay* una in consumption, but, nevertlielean, it i* likely to indicate the nppicaeh of serious tuiaclnet Cough la not tlwaya present evou in confirmed i onaumption, for occae'onally a eaae runi through all ita Ktagu* wituout thro having ber-ahny cough beyond a ainaof elliit in rai* ing matter. Thia, however ia rare jtltor i. time, varying m diOerent caaea, little pointi of a pal* yellow, a gieenish, or gtcyi?h yellow a.a' tor, ar? obaerve^ in the trnmparent mncua ?\p*e'ora'.*d, aod about f.i-iit p?ricu, apecka and atr> nk < of Idov* ar.t oeoaf.. tal y aeen. Tfce trail par. nt exp tomtion be oora?a l' "H a* the dUeaiio adran -ee, w li :e on the oilier hand, '-ha <>| a<n?e yellow matter .J greafy increaaed in quantity . Iherc i? no uniformity in tt.- amount o j.sctorate I, in differfnt c . aea, evi n in the unit r.tate of the dixeoa. Orcaalonaily th? ijaantity ia vary Binall, even whero there i* i xienaive di (organization of the lunge. While, on the other ha an, thr amount may b< large from to i conun'scement, HeadUy increasing until it ezcee<la a pint in twenty ro-ir boura Many pat.ent* do cot < xje toratn until very >ate in the diaea-e, and in M>m<>, de?th occur -i before the lung, bave begtiu to bn-at. down. ".?-hortneaa of bresth'' ia often one of tue earliest aymptima, ami it ia obaervel In aa'tnding stall a, | wala ing up 1.111, or in any active exertion , at which tiiu ?s , the eeLaation is a c< mpani' d by a feeling of "tightnoas," i aod ptrhapa. of sl'ght oppreaaion in the chest. I the chile of Ute diieaae, tbia constitute*, often, tiio > r yrincipal Outreaa of the patient klaay pera<iu* who | ?X|?rence thia symptom, on being itnfp.icnel with r?Kard to it, will make a de.-p inspir <t'<.n, and toen forcibly atriku the brraat with the list. r> marking, " th?ro ia rolioon the matier here," to wnicU <l><claration they abtkipate iin'iuahiied aao-ut from the phyiiclan. But, uMori'iLately, tbm in no teat, hhoitaena ol brea'h ic generally muct iacrea>?d hefire homorrluM^e, aod re. Meved ly the Ion* of blood. The term, ?' shortness of breath" !? oaed In the aauie a?nt ? aa imrn?d or rapid hreathing. fke number of respirations, in hoiilth, va rtaw trom fifteen to aev'-ntxn in a minute ; but, in th.a di??ai*, it la no un'taoal thing for tuem to incr-'aae to twenty live or thirty, and that, too, without exciting the at'tenlivti or alarm of the invalid. Tho ?' pulse ' ia usually inucb increased n fre<|ii. nry an<t ft* bines. There a a remarkatle connection kept u| U't ?f'-n the pulae and the numbrr of renpiratiena per . minute, hit ah additional re .piration above the standard tf Bealtti wtH be lound to raiae the pul?e about H vo lieati. i Thote <a?ea in is but little disturbed are ??re favoraMc than those in which it rangea from j h inere I to ooe hundred ind twenty " I'am in the ch- st" uiually does not rccur until la'.o j ia the dix-a-e, and I have known tbe lun/s to be brohen | alowr. and large ulcerous excavations formed, without tho patent ereo conplatntag of tbe leaat pain. j raily, th?re I* a a?nte of we ght and oppreation .Some f*t.euta Ittd sbutp paint below the collar bone, beneath tbe tho .Ider blaiss, i,r in the sidra. In ><tl>?r*. there ia a cull arbisg, or a aec?' uf burning in the same part*. The i eat ol ib* pain is lrei|iiei.tly distant 'rum tbe part ailected. It ia not unusual lor th>- palu to be experienced u> the right lung, while the di>ea.e ia con tinea to tbe Imft, or v'ce ?ersa. ? Hectic fever" la a symptom of gTaat mam??t. Where tie* fsrer ia prrceded by a chill, it i? often mistaken for a yaro > > *ni o "ague ' aid treated without Iraiicg to a ?ilf?o?^ry of Its connection with tbe ditcaee in the lungs. It CT*epa upon the pat ?nt Inaioionsly, aud mcreaaes by alow d'gree*. Toward* evening he f?elsehl||y, orahruga up hi* ahO'il.te?a, orturna bia bach to the B:e After he Kete iuto t ed n.n bands all,| f-?t !,,,{_ aIllj a>o?nlng be percpirc* ? at C ret, ah^htly, tiut as the 4i* ease ruivane. ? so profusely, as to :r*nch cvsrythmg about 'he ???.! I robably, one in everf ten e.ea p"s -?night sweat* alti neth.'r. The^e *i. .ita have a eloee CMii.< t on witi. In p. Th?y rar' Ig oc ,r while the p . tlent 1 1 awat < '?u ui.'ies-.og is this vinptoo , t uat , eeay i ? ' t< I b;. i' l ' I th - ? '.urn . : I tie ri h \i.kted acd rapid wa -t.n< of the flash wtm h ir.'uriu tii. ?*>tvauc> 1 ft ig? i >1 tfcia iiiaea.-e are In a ;;re..t degree 4oe to tbe debil tatir.g elTectsof n.gbt aweat". Tl?' losing o( a Utu* tl "b" n on. of tlie esrliest (|n,|4otn*. WMtiog i? ill ar mark of tuis dl' Ug?.?<*oa, th" Ik'i 'he ap; ? -a. may lie <?], and tie* fu<d al?a?.Mit aiui nutr ti w .'hl?. however, ia nut the caee lov triably. for the ?! is. . ?? not uolrs.|ii?-n'.iy mal.-. rwasidrrahM progress before the tat etit baeomee visibly U.itiu<r? a re.ult ftr oio?t conujouly o young 'omen Wlfo I miWi with many ap^jr^nt cau??, bei oms? thin, ard ?atf*t the * ?. ?? : me, pu.?..u 1 hur rte4 brs\ thing, /o" may a.moat certainly <x>acli.da that Ibare i* s? h..w IB the ' heat, though tiat circumatanre may never have bean anapected. The ?men<tru.'4 function" le geserally auppreaaed after the drat few siontha of the aisaaee. fha . la* true - 1i?a e!,.. s gooig i.i.t '? "?? l ing* aeeni to ab>orb the aaatg ita of tbe systsm* Olt?n the >il. r,t. u is iwit even attra. tan to the lungs until long alter tbe menstrual faaetaoti haa Pt all auTpt'aaad. It ia no ualre>i&ent ^eainiK4 lor ng ma Oeiaea to ba prracnbrd by lha careless physicis?"to restore the meases; and he only discovers the folly mil cruelty of such a course whea the dixtoM iu the lung* becomes too manifest to o ? uy l(,nh?r n.i?tsk?n. To cover bin carelessness, hi then at tribute* the deposit of tubercles In the lungs to the <11*. arraupeim-nt of menstruation, while, la t? .illty, tbi.1 ii but on. of tbe commcn coune^nences ot eomumution. the circulation in alto fe.-ble iu consumption. at is man Hi >ted by habitual coldness of the ban. In and feet. I Ai.otber v?ry common indication of thi-i in an . of blu'-ness below tbe eyed, often observable l before iny otter symptom excite" attention. In my u?*t letter 1 rl.uil coo-ider "Hemorrhage" ami I' "sptttii ?? tl blood" it w symptoms of consumption. I aui, ttc., UOUKRI' HUNTER, M D., rbykii'ian for Diseases of th. Lungs. | S-8 Broadway, hew York, February 21, lXio. Albert H. Klrotiy will ItoM Ills rt^ular ?? mi- weekly auction t-al? ol flocks and bouds, thin ilay, I ut K o c'oc-s, at the M?rcb?n<4i' Kxchange. For fur j ther pat ticnl.ira nee his advertisement in another cj j I n in it. Catalogues cun be obtalued at tbo office, No. 4 broad street. IJ< pi ?> thd Week To-itny by (idling on.- of j tbofe niaiinilicftit photo; raphs, made only .it ROOT'S t great M'trlo's F?ir Dsguerrean Gallery. I.ife aiiee pia | turtg nia 'o on canvass. Gallery cany of access, lirst floor, opi-taiia, No. ?63 Broadway. Amciih DnKorritolyiHt, laisii hIi?, far Ally cents, colored, and in a nice case Urn-d with velvet, ami preserve r tweo tbe Sue othi-rn make for fifty cculs, Mini equal in quality ana size to thorn; made elsewhere for two dollttrs. Anson's, 689 Broadway, opposite Ma tropohtan Hotel. Pianos? Cirrnt Rt-cl nrtlon In Prices? Pin noe fr.un ten diffcieat manufactories, among tin in tbe most celebrated mutter* 'n the world. T. Gilbert & (Jo. 'h pre mium / olisn pianos, and Horace Waters' modern un pioved piaios, seentjdt.aiid patios at i,r?at bargains? prices from (40 to $160. Pi* no* to rvnt. 1'ianos for sale a?i monthly payments. Mei-ideon* of every variety of style, of the most improved makers, at prices which defy competition. No better bargains can be bad in musical instruments, of all kinds, of any other dealer in the (Jotted dtates. Music, at the reduced rates. HORACE \VATRK.->, 333 Hroadway. If You wish to Visit lint-ton's this Kvruliig, |/o early, a* tlnre will be a great houi-e. Burton appears in three of his best characters, for tbe bent- tit of the in fant children, Augusta and Maria. J. J. Nalbnus also has volunteered bl" services wi.h his wonderful children, in their classic posturing*. Ladles' Hoots, Slim h mikI tlalti rs.? Jut! re* ceived from the celebrated manufactory of J. Forr, Hue liichelim, 1'arii. A large assortment constantly on haod, at KltilCNK Ft RIMS', Bootmaker, 02 Nassau street, third houso above Maiden lane. Ten*.? The hint asMort mint of fine TV a* tvlll be found at IheC'nnttn Tea Company'* newly ercctcil ? oil elegant *tor? li'fi ('bat ham street, between Pearl an*! Rowtnlt strtets, theolde-j* tea establishment In the city. We assure our reader* they can d<> better hcie than due where, cither a*, trhyl'selv fV'.A'l Oil Copme-lUii licit Imported, ami the 1 umerrally approved, essen ces Gtanl, peach and aid-r ?randies; cs*tnce gin, whiskey, Jamaica and St Croix >am; oik of jumper, bitter almond*, ubsyntb, anisette*, saraway ant* pimento; Ymotogmphtc and daguorreoty |*? Uwtinicahi; cyaniee potassium, pyrogallie. aowl, kc., for ?ale by I>K. U ftCUCUTWANQEK, 141 Maiden lane. WlRit and Tonprcii.? ilnlrht'lor't n< w style j of wiga, toupee*, braid* and ornainentil hair, of evjry ; kind, i-bD be loun in the greatest perfection, at No. '?& j Broai'way where be ha* also fitted up nine private rot ins lor tliH *| plication of bin famous Hair dy?, acknowledged ! 1>> all tlM Mat H tlM world. Said wholesale and retail I as above. Lovrt'a Wab|Nne will Restore Oray flair ; to ite original color and youthful ap|>eirnnce. and curt1* i baldrics*. Call at *02 Broadway, wtient reference will be : Jivuu to aged pernio* wto have been guy and bald, and | who now bate a* beautiful hoods of liair a* wheu yo nig, < by the use of MVEl'S eahpene. Office, 702 Broadway, I four doors above Kightb street. Whlskcra for Hie Million.? Sly Onfjuent will torcethe beard, moustache and bair to grow strong and thick in six weos*. aud will not staiu or luj'ire lb* su in tl a bottle, >ent to any part of the country. K. G. GRAHAM, !/bt> Uroadway, ba-'ni'Uit, Uarringer, Hud son, N. Y. Hollown}'* Ointment and Plll.l?Utotil*h? ! ingly efficacious, in tbe cure ol *alt rheum, scrofula, anl >n all idiin diseases. lliey will (?fleet cures when all | other mean* fail. Sold at the manufa turer's, SO /fai ien , '?ne, New ^ork, and 244 .-trand, I.cnidon, and by all drug^ieta, at 2!> cents, ?> - }j cent*, uud II pur pot or box. | Croup? Crou|i.?i'hl* Awlul Complaint la | permanently cured by Hr Tujia* Venetian l.isluient I So fannly who value tun live* of their children should i be wittiout a buttle In th? house. bold by all druggi.its aud storekeeper*. Depot 00 Cortland atreet Died. On Saturday, February 24, MiniiAiucr, wife of I'imothy Watera. ben., in th.> i>;i<i year oi ber ugu. 'llin IrienUs of tbe tamiiy, uul the member* of Engne CeuipuDitH No. .1 and 22, also the members of tbe Baxter Guard, are respectfully invited to a tenil the funeral, from the rwMillM of ber *?o, Timothy Waters, Jr., I No. 464 Tenth avenue tin* alt< moon, at one o'clock, without turiner invitation. On Saturday. February 24. after a short an 1 s*ve*e illness, Mr*. St* an Fount, wife of Alexander Forbes, and eldest dai.gtrWr ot Joan l.udlow, of Wuebawken, X. J , hired 10 ytars, 6 monttia and b day*. 1 be frient'* of the tamiiy are respectfully invited to attind the funeral, tbi* afternoon, at two o'clojk, fro^i tbe refinance of ber parent*, Weetiawken, N. J. on Friday, February _i, Auric, wile of James Ga!la dber, in the i4tb ye*r of Iter age. Hie relatives ao l fi end* ol the family are respect fully invited to aitenM h r funeral, from the M. V cburrh, in Norfolk atreet, near Stanvon, tbi* afternoon, at hall pa*t one o'clock . Her remains will be taken 'o Greenwood (or Interment. On Saturday morn ni(, February 24, Lamrkkt Vav llot-KN, n tt " f'th yeiti of iua *ge The reUtite* and frieuda of tb-' family are rC|uoited to attend th* funeral, this aft> rao<in, at two o cluca, I from hi* late residence. No 8" Last Thirty first stree', j without further inritatlon. On Sunday February 25, of apoplexy, Bkknakd K. Wr > man a^ed ft4 year* and .'I month*. '(lie relative* ani friend* of tbelamily are reapectfuily int.Ud to attend Iils fim?rti, tomorrow alteraoou at four o'clock, from the re?id"nce of his sis'er in law, Mrs. t\i *t, .N'c. Ti 0 VVast Fifteen b street. t'n^uuday, february !t.'i daught?r.of Georf-e H ind lberesa i>. Vaaderblit, Hfjed !i ye%r?. 'ibe relative), act frieo<i* of tu? family ire respectfully iaviteo to attend the fuueral, to-morruw %(ieru?uu, at two o'ekek, trotn tnc rc ideuee of her parents, No 4j2 > ( beny street. On funday morniai;, 1 ebrn.iry 1:6, Jam, widow of the U :e Jobn Muttbew, u tbe ?> . t b year of her a<e. 'ihe relatives an I friends \A the family are respectfully invited to attend the literal train ner UU rcudCHS, No. lox King street, to morrow afternoon a' twoo'cloe-.. 1 Oat-aturday February .1 tt twelve o'ci-x-n I' M , Jl'UA E< mv?, inlant daugnt> rot Jo'.n W and J*rab.I. Pirtuoa. lh" relative* and friecil* <i| the family are invite<i to at'.< nd tbe fnneral. at tb' church of the Moiy Cominu alon, corner of a:< nmi and Twentieth street, at ten o duck tbi* morning. On Saturday, February J4, Mr*. CaWUII N. lUTD, ' wile oi 1' (' ijoyd. Ibo relative* a^d friends tt the family, and of her father. Cbaik* Nicbolaoi', are r??| tfully Invited to at tend llie lonerai, irom tb? reildence of ber brother .:i law. Mr. l.yons. No. 1 Vtl II eery, to uiorr >w, at twelve o'clock. Her remain* will be t >sei. to Greenwood l'< uie tery lor interment Ou .-uturdey, i ebruary ii, .Ton m Vwitos Takokk, m 1 42 years, only son of tbe In'.e Jobn Targeo,|. in* inrnd>>, atd lUt?? of Ins atu< r, are respestfuily icvittd to attmd the fuotral, tomorrow arterri>>on, at two o'clock, from hia late r- sideme, So. 167 ilud*<in street, without lurther Invitation On Sunn a) February ?6, Mra. Fraxckm M. iArr The Iriemrs and at^i.a:ntance* ot the tamilr, an t tho^e ' ot beraon*, (ie?rge l ull and lltl lwm N. lox, ire r spectfuily nuted to attend the fun"rai, to morrow, from her late residence, No 290 Fait llroa lway, fur th>r in v nation. un Saturday evening. February 'Jl, Thom.m IIuUa in the iilst year >'f lua age. Ihe I i it nd* and a' i^uaintances of the family, tnd the ?Olbtt of Oir.nthian No ;:iil I. O. of O K., are , respectfully int ited to attend the fun ral, Iroin hi* lata leatdence, No. '.'H Manton stieet, to raoir ia aftTooon, . at nne o>iock. Ou Huailay mcruing, letruary , slti>e a i.nir<-rlng tiioeas, kuXAiiMtli, wite ol James K. Fancher, of Bru'ia lyn, ag'u T> years aud J moutt ? Ibe relatives ami Ir ? nds ot toe family e ? "ivite'* to attNtd t ho fnneral, this afternoon, at t'o'i'Mtck, Ir m i the re ideate ol her aiatars. No. 1 . 1 ('l.auiimre street On Sun'. ay. February 26, of tjpfcoid pneum' ma, CHam.s* F. son of William 11. and l aLDeri ie Van Va.-r, ? agt 'i !i jears and 4 moutb*. The (rieuce and ralativea ol toe f imiiy are re*[*. tfully Mititetl to nt'.en'i the tuneral -ervlce., tf i- ? ? tunc, a seven o clock, at tbe reeldi-nce of hit ptr-n ?. No. I 'i Hndscn -tre*t. Ilia remain* will bu ttkvn '.<> llackea sack. N. J , to morrow morning, for int* men*. III! ' MAS I.. Hooak, aged 2't years son of tbe l ite I 'ani I | M llo^an. ihe tri. n<*s of tl e family are inv.tad to attei' i his f i neral, this afternoon, at three o'l loi *, from No. HO ivarl slifft On Sun'iar, lebmary of croup, Ciiturrrs R , 'aughter ot rimii'l ami Ana Mills I l.e friends and acquaintances of the family are par tlcu *r I y rerp i ?tr i t'. attend the fuueral. ironj tbe re^, o?t,?e I ( ker uncle K S ilewey, Foar M 1? , orn. r of lli'rd avenue and Fifty sev*-ntb street, w.t^ou' further invitation. Snd<tenly, on SatuMay, l ebruarr 24, at New Bnias- ' wiek, b. J . .Ions (HuitA, in tbe 40tb yeer ot i,,, > Hut friends, and those of hie son. h?>t>^t <, and sous tn law, r. (i Ma'bewsand J E. stlllwell are in ! vited to attend his funeral, this alMrnr n a t?o o'clock, from the residence of ir. J. K. Hun well No 266 ' i *st itr< idwsy. la flroeklyn, su<ki?nly. on Hat'irday evening February 24, Mist Kii/ c rm Ivmisk ag-d ..I years, 10 lonL'.na 1 atd w days. Mer relatives snd friends ?re re?teetf?!ljr lev ted to attend the funeral, fr in 't r late residence No. li>t H gh stre* *. in Hiookivn, after a long illaete. Ilmrn wife of I'eter Staloeck. a*ed Mi yeari. a natiee of Is , .mark, ller relative* and friends are respeeifnl'y laeltad to attend the funeral, to snorrovr afternoon at twoo'cio'k, I from ie Kalb aeeaue, corner of Houston rtreet, l^st j ffioeiiyn. w'tbcjt further ineitatu n At New Koctetle, on Ihura ay, I t r i?rf 21, Joiiv Tami, la<) an '44 and reelected lababitaut of ;b-t place, sged 04 years and 0 n>' nths. Now Woe be lie and WMt'hcaier papers pieaee c?p/. J ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. For Want* *?e Sixth page* IALKS AT iUU'UIN. ACCTJON NOTICK ? KDWARf) WHENCE WItX m il at auction at his e?l?* roomt, 14 Wall street, on Mendsy. Feb. 28, a large invoice of pure old liquors, Havana s gars, &o., constating of about 166 ??*?* of 1. I) braudiea, mariettas, an> .Ties, port Scotch att'l Irlah (iblnifj, MuH'at. an I llungariau toHay, Ac ; a*M> g<ntitue impoiieJ segara. -)?lo without r?a?rvt. i MtlAN H. Ml'LLKR, At'cnONEF-H.-l \R<?K AND /X. peremptory sale of real awl leas?b>;d property to the l.iitbi-kt b ddsr, through Adrian 11 Mailer, Auc tioneer. ? The subscriber will sell at public auction, at the Merchants' Exchange, on * li ? 27th lay of February, 1856. at 12 o'clock, M , to Hi" highest bidder, the follow ing described real an>l leasehold property, to vrit: ? I he bouse and lot known as Si). 4'J liaolt s'.reet, Ou the nirtberly el?lo, ICO leet westerly front Fourth streit, lot 25x10(1 4. On t ne front is a three story brick house, 26x42, ?ith basement ail counter cellar, ou the rear ih a three story brick tou<ie, with cellar, 2vx22. 95, M? (2) no* on mortgage. No*. r,9, 71 73 Weht Fifteenth striwt, on the north Hide adjoining, on.l commencing 125 feet went of '.lie Sixth avenue Upon the front or euh of tilts* lots ia a three storv brick house, 25x39, with basement au<l counter cellar; and upon the roar u a thrue atory brisk house, 26x214, with cellar. Tbe Iota are each 25x103 |3. I'pon Noa 6'J and 71, each, in a mor-gege of $4,000; upon ?No. 73 in a mortga ne of (4,600. No 90 Went Sixteenth street, on the south >ide, com uii uclta 1 :>6 leet west from the Sixth avenue. I1 p in the Iroift of tbe lot ia a three story brick house, .vita b.iHtiu?at mm counter cellar, 26x38; and oa the rear a three story brick house, 25x23, with cellar. (1,000 now on mortgage. Three leases ol a plot of ground commencing on the weit aido of the Sixth avenue, 02 f?<?t souin of the aout li westerly corner of the dixth avenue and Kghteentb street, and running to Haul corner, theuce westerly along the southerly of Kighteenth street 100 feet, thenos south parallel with Sixth avenue VI feet, iheace 100 feet to the place of beginning. Upon the I rout pf this plot are Ave three story brick bouse*, with cellars 18 feet 6 inches by UO feet. I'pon Kighteenth street aro two tlireo story brick houses with bisement, 19x23- and on the rear of last houses are two three story lirick houses 18x23, making nine houaea lu all. The abuve will be aold .n oue parcel. Tbe leaaea are from John Tonnelle, and for 15 years from November 1, 1842, with a covenant to pay for the buildings, or renew 15 years more at a ren*. of A ^er cent upon tbo valuation, the renewal to con tun toe same covenant as to a further removal and payment for the buildings, The present ground rent for the whole is (300 per annum. The present r-.ut now rcoeiveil from tbe premises Is 93,334 66. 98,000 can re main upon mortgage for oi o year. TLie-e premies are known as Nos. 219, 281, 283, 286, 287 Sixth avenue, and 01 and tfi West K'gbteentli attest Tbe three lot* commencing on tfce northwest corner of Sixth avenue and Twentieth stroet, running north erly along the west side ol Sixth avenue tf'J foet 4 inches, thence westerly 75 feet to a point lil feet north of , Twentieth street, thence til feet to twentieth street, then'.' easterly along the north side of Twentieth street 76 feet; each kit being 21 feel 1 inches front, and 24 leet 4 inehes in the r-ar 1,'pon the corner lot ia a four story t>ri?.'k building, <1 f'." t inches by 42, and H two atorv Irick *t?bU> in the rear. t'jion the lot next north is a fo irth story brick build ing. 21 fett 1,'j inches by 40. anil on the onen -rthof tie last lot is one of tbe same dimensions. These three Iota are known a* Nos. 321, 323, 325, Sixth avnoue. (:i,000 can n malu on mortgage upon Noa. 321 , and (2,600 upon each of the others. The lea-ta or the six lots on the samo sMt of t*:e Sixth avenue, and commencing 63 feet 4 'nchea north of the northwest comer of Sixth aven ie and Twentieth streat, and extenlin< to and including the corner of Sixth avenue and Twenty-Hirst street. Kacli of the Iota are 20 by 76, except toe corner, whi 'h la 20 fact 8 iuclies wide. Upou each of the lot-i is a lour story brick bail 1 ing, the Mime front as tbe lot, aud 40 feet deep. Thd least a of each lot are from the trusUss of the Congrega tion of I- beurith Israel, for the term of 21 years and 4 months from Jauuaryl, lm.'i. Qroand r?nt li>0 p?T an nam, with *.Q\*n?UU to yctj fvr building nvtbu cxjiirik'.wu of the term, or renew for zl years more, at a rent of five percent; upon the appra;-ed value of the lot, an I tu pay the value of the buildings on the lots at the expira tion of the aeuonil term. These bouses aro linowu as Noa. 327, :'2t>, 331. 33:1, 335. 337 Sixth I Venus, I pon No 7f33 (2,00<i, au i upon Nos. .I36]ind 333 (1 ,500 eaclij'aiid upon No. 331, (2,O"0; anl upon No. 329, (2,-'i00,and upon No. 327. 92,0<.Q can remmn u|>on mortgage. Also, the leasee of the four lots nortn sine Twentieth street, commencing *76 feet we?ieriy from the nort h westcoruer ol Sixth avi nue aud 1 we'itx In street. Kach lot ia 20 by about ''0 test; aud upon each of the lots n a four story brick building, 20 by 40, with cellars. The lota are known as Now 67, *9, 71,73 West Twentieth street, upon Noa. 07 and 6U, (2,000, upon Noa. 71 anl 73, (l.fiOO earh can remain on mort/a^e. The lease of these lots are from the same trustees, 21 y? are from Novemier 1, 1851; ground reut (70 per umum for each lot, and with the same covenants as to rene?al and pay mi nt for tbe buildings as thos,- Ust nsme J. House and lot No. 0o West Teeulietn street, ami tit side, commencing 303 teet 8 lache-i went from the Kouth westerly corner of Sixth avenu.i and Twentieth ataeat. | l^)t ia 2f>x92. L'pon the front of the lot is a two aWy, ! basement and attic hoi^e, 25x<0, <>n tne rear two atory frame bouse, 36x17, with cellar. (3,000 can remain on mortgage. No. 221 West Twenty sixth street, uorth side, 3'>) feet east of Ninth a venue. l.ot 25x92; on the froat of the lot ia a three story brick bou-e with ceiur, 2ot42, on 1 the rear three story brick hou^ with cellar, 26x23; ii. or to a/e f I,', i o. live story hrown atone front house, aoutb aide of Fourteenth street, 325 feet east of Kightb aveoii", no * known as No 148 lourteentb utreet; lot 2 xlo,if>>et 3 inthes; mortgage (9.0U0 Soutbwaat romor of avenue A tnd Kleventh air et ; , Jot 23 feat 3 In li? a by 94 t'ireo atory briek house, mort gag" (3, ( to, sold subject Oi the ini nojte right of dow> r | cf the wile of Krtward J. We'ib, no* alive. One half interest on the ieo-e of lot No. 105 Shfri.f street; lot 25 by a out 10C. Particulars of leasjgl.en at the sale. Tut owur of the other half will 'in te witit the unrfei signed in making a conveyance ai as 'he pur- | ci a>er ran have lbs whole premises Uu the front nf the let is a three story brcb bo s?, 25x36. and oi? the | ieir a three story brt-k house 2')x26 , mortgage (1, 0>i. , lhe mortgag s a hove ment on**i, whether upon thi , property or to be executed b/ the purcha >*is, w !l bo allows! as so much of, ami ieducted from the pitfcbase ?oB?y. Terms of nale ?Ten |kt cut upon the amount bid. the auctioneer's fees of HQ fur etch lot, to be yai 1 at the t me of the rale, and the dilfareneo b? t ??n tbe amount u' the purchase le^s the t> u per cent, and the amount of the n:or1saij|)"< ab?.ve tamed, to be paid to the undersigne I at h" '.files of C. C. Marsh hs j No 4 1 . Wall street, on the 1Mb day of April next, vhan tfce I conveyances ai l he ready tor delivery. Tbe usual i trustse's deed will be given title perfect subject to th't incumhiancs by ?ay >-f mortgago above spe Hied, and the outstanding rlgnt of dower upon tbe lot corn r of I avenue A at 1 Flefentu ?iri-<t Ibe subserlber ?iil reei lre the rents of the above pro- | perty to the 1st of May ne.-.t. I pay the interest upon 1 the mortgages now on t e pr >f rty, ari l tbo ground rent till that time. Mortgig'i. to be executed oy the pur' baser will draw interi-?t from tbe same time. lhe possession of the house in Fourteenth s'reet d? - livereii xt any t me after tt s sale, tlie house n >t U ing rerttd and not having beet occupied. M nt of the shove f r. peri* is a superior clnssof t<'nant property that is wi ll located I rjrn mends a <oo I clu ?< of payirg tsnan's, at.lpayaa large |e r cenWge up< i ; the capital iuvested. Ttr nootintof r. nta actually re- i Ctiveo in Jannary last will be stated at tae sales. New York, Feb 21, 1865. C. MINOR, Trustee. AC TJON NOTICE.? CKNTEK1. HOr-tKii<?l,li M K\I tare rltpAM Hraat' I* CATMt*. 1*(M Jiior m i ova 1 ir !?? ???, rich ^UT>r*?r?, ke ? J08UII 1.. - WITH, Auc lioaetr. I Ij i - Monday) morning, at 10H o'clock, in t!it Urtc" tout*. So *7 Ki?n?l u atrtat, otar Itroadway. ton 'i"'in(j?il ?U[* r.or rua<V ,,arl"r ?uilti in ronawood aud ? -ny, cotrrtd n aattn bro adr an<l lialr i loth, two neLly ' arrtd rn<ewoo<l < nrd table*, ctntra and utile (a bit*, ?i'li marble top?, Urv oral anil uier (Imhm*, ? b^avj In dcIi plat# ; about yar'a Hru?-?la c*rp?ta, on t:.? tloor% iu ti<*?ll?nt attar; Oil p&iDMniC, rmlirf ia^r a rarlett of actnta. by wiwdl tb* Intutlili, uiantrl clock*, chma 'UN, bro-a talk- mi I lac* urlalo* parlor il.inri, Ut, i.inmg and ntcnaiua tai>k-a, cr<n k*tf, j. !*? *war?*. coatly r blna t?a ami dinner not*; rich ?llvtr *?re aucn an caM?rt, cake baakata, apoona, fork? rich pla"- 1 t> a Mrvtoa, -ah< :?, ivory cutlery, tic. Alao, a larfe a*aortmtnt of tba but kind of bedroom turntt ire, ro?i wood and mal.ox*Dy bolattail*, bareau*, wild war bl> t' p'. maple cbaiA, toilai table*, wa*b<t?ndt>, iojrr.ii tarjieia two beautiful pamte I ?nlte* eoniplr* i ?.?<t liair mattrea?t*. at air etrpMl, oil clo'ba, bat man 1, ki :ch < n nttniuU, Ac.? the wbola to b? ?old withJ'it rtaarre, in roaatqnMct of altering 'b- hnuao Irto a at? r". !>? j ' -it* C'l'ilrrd from all purrlian* re. K ilo paaiUra. No potpobi-mint no any a count. A IT. ION NOTICE ?TH03. BF.I.I, AConoNrEiv? lly Oil k Ilouli tin* day. at 10'J o'clock hi tli* ?*l' I'.nm- 27 Centra "tr-ft, will be *ol<! tte entire f rin turt fr> m No. ? I 'onard ?Ui'?-t, ' ompri?lnif a valuable t uf ?*r*l|en? artic'?* In tha liouaek "ep'oj li?*. Ti ' ?' a.v furn tore lr- m H ai Lii >. '. u alr^t, an i aai?? w ill. i ut r-'erTe, er?-ry :*y tnia *f??, No itrt !?< will be ul?crt!?td utlm ??trtamty of ??le. HkLI. k 81" -II, Aiic'lfttietr*. AUCTION NOTICE.? CI J AllNOOUT .-AIJC'iKCRC try * Unaware. r rh < hlca ?a?ei, nMMlltl t-t and dinner ?tt?, Hobnr.Wn iltn ?**??<, a t?'t?, fariu.ii marblt. eutli ry, lilvtr piat?- 1 wai<- ^ rtr eb fan< y t,r.. t<.? auBivroi>.< l'? lorntlon on Mo.i'tay. >?b U>i. K?> p?r?mptory I aionit* ar' r? I Ii-?tw| tn call. Hy or I* r of Arthur Mr Donald. WW -IIIUKV, Aaetio->~r, 1,1 l.irbtb artnut. b*t?*?o !.ifht?<iilb and Nistti ? n('i ??*. A 1(71 >$ ?J. ROtiART, A' (.noNKKH, 'UK>Vrt OT Krankfort and William *lr.?t?? II. H Ito/.irt - limday Kt*>r?ary ?7, at 111"; o clock, at th? Mailoa reoi - Lo'.-'bti ' fartltort, couaia Un( of ? lar?> .nl ffti' ral ?>?rirlm?nt of parlor, btdioon and kiUkn fur Ll'i.ri', >p)*D'lid Bilrrort, mab<vany nofat, ro i r. ? bair? b. ??t?ad?, n..t r? ?? ? <!rt?np<and (lain bar' tua in?-k?r> and *!??? wart I' H ? Uvnl altan^?<in? a oo fmtuorn and ot) >-f ? o?^i#. I >rM>nal attrnt o rino to out door aa!a> at lb? i??id#nc? of fata li?a. .i? Of all klu<li> pr'i r. ;dly ?attl' d i f- i;sn. ?( BAIJC ' UNTIN' >'! ? K' ((KM B. Jt\ ITANKIJN, Ao !ion??r Krao^l n * Nlrl.oU will a?!l tbl* (Mmday) morr ag >?-b. an at I'l without '*t ird to waatbtr ?to * of U'??. amb"" f rl#a. aro wbit* ?o>!?, rrinaln og in tt<? ator" 7 Uroad way Alao flttorra of vhr ittra, to llow tk* kutlfat. Hy otdtr of th<- aaalftx-''. W. A. ItMTKH, A I fTK S .'?u: Hot ?>. VOVI'I" ^? !> VK.-KI raiarra, aftan'tm foa.'lra oale at auction f a lam M ti fallow p4oa aM ?( t?r? UmVr, Ac., a ^1 . ?1>L' m!? of i; ? t.?.t rtl'ini "rtwa on W*d'. ?l?y, tba

.'tth .nit , at 1 o'clock f VI at II I'orartb ?trnt J. W. tHHUmyilYllf, Aik .. ?-ar ?AXJBI at aocthw. "X*LBKRT n. NICOLAY, AUCTION EF11. -SPRING FUR otture auction *a lea. ?Tbe undesigned beg* leavo to "inform hi* friend* and the public, that ho U prepared M uituftl to giro hi* piTinul attention to Brut tl*M fur niture sale* at auction, at the real lenccs of families that intend breaking up bei.??kt)epiiif; till* ALBERT H. Nit 01..W, Auctioneer, So. * Broad >-t. b^HiNKK'H HAI>:-7;H0 KKlhM, LKJUOBH, -?ND lease ol H4 Grand iUMt, Wiitiamaburg.? Tue* lav, February 27, at 10 o'clock, cou-.i*tiog ol a general **? ?ortrnent At l'i o'clock, tbe Interest in the unuxulr-el lenec ol five yearn fr> u? Feb. I, 1 ?i?l. Ysarly rent ?i iO. fcy order of A?*igLt!<>. JOHN CAMI Audio ?e?r. "1 uction docks Sroi fiw - jri. The right to collect aud retain the wltarlaK" fir fbe uae or occupation <if ths undermentioned deck* and dipt, for the term ot five jours, from the (lrnt day of May, 1865, will be told at public auction, at the City Hall, on Wa^o^'ay, 11th -lay of Maruli, 1835, \t 1 o r luck I". M., vi?. : ? KAKT KIVKK. I. West ?!<'? of pier No. li!, ami bulkhead adjoining, foot of Old ?!ip. i. Kant ?l?le if tier No. 18, and half of bulkhead ad joining, foot ol Maiden lane. 3 w??t hide of pier No 10, including half of Iho and, and fait of b, Ikluud between No*. 18 and 19; foot of Fletcher ilrnt 4. Kairt ?<?:? of pier No. '.20, Inclvding half o?' the en 1, and half 01 the bulkhead botween No*. 20 nod 21 ; foot of Burling slip 6. Went Hide of pier No. 21, and half of bulkhead be tween Nos. 21 and 20, foot of Burling Klip. 6. Kaet aide ol pier No. 22, loot of Kulton street, and Fulton Market, flip, (except berth for one nU.p ou we*t hide of pi. r Wo v3, aud for tl?? tub car*.) 7. Ono huadr'd and forty-two feet, s x inch**. on Eaat aide ol pier S'o. 23, and end of *aid pier, f xit of BeeUman ?treot. 8. Kaet de of pier No. 24, and went aide of No. 25, md bulkhead b?t<*r<o Nun. 24 and 26: foot of Peck alip. 0. Kent tide of pier No. 20, with whole end of said pier; foot of Roosevelt street. 10. Weil aide ol pier No. 30, and bulkhead to ferry; foot of Rooaavell street. II. Kaat niJe ot No. 30, and bulkhead between No*. >10 and .'11 , except the portion reserved to tin city far dumpiug manure, to. , between James aud llooaevflt ?treat* 12. Pier No. 31 and l.alf of bulkhead between No*. 31 and 32' foot of Jame , *ii p 13. Went *id? of p er and half of bulkhead between No-. 32 aud 31; tout of Jtime* *Up. 14. Kant M-'e of pier N'o. 33 and half of bulkhead be tween No* :13 and i4; foot of Olirer stroet. 15. Pier No 34 and liall of bulkhead between No*. 34 and 38, between Oliver ami Catharine street* 10. went ride ol pi-r N'o. 3ft, foot of Catherine atreet. 17. I'ler No. 37, an I hal! of tln> bulkhead between No*. 37 and 38 and 44 feel 0 inches of th? bulkhead ou ea*t aide, between No*. 37 and 30, foot of Market *lip. 18 I'ier No 1-H and half 01 bulkhead between No*. 38 sad 37 ; foot of Market hIi p 19. Fit r No 40 and hall <,f bulkhead between No*. 40 and 41 . foot ol l'ike alip. 20. Pier No. 41 aul half of bulkhead between No*. 41 and 40; foot of l'ike *lip. 21. Pier No. 43 and Half of bulkhead between No*. 43 and 44. foot of Rutger'i *lip 22. Pier No. 44 ami hall of bulkhead between No*. 44 and 43; foot 01 Kutger * sip. ?1. I'ier No. 40, loot uf JellerROn stree*. 24. We*t aide of pier N>. 61 and ball of bulkhead ad joining. M of Uomoeur *tree.. !tft fca*t eiile o( pier No 6c and naif of bulkhead be tween Noa. 60 an,' 67, !"? t of Jackxou street. 20. West g'do of p er No 67 and half of bulkhaad be tween No*. 67 and 00, foot of Jai-kRon street, together with 100 fret on eaet side and end of said pier. 27. Half of both pier* at the foot of Delanoy *tra?t an<l bulkhead between. 28. Bulkhead foot of and along the north side of Ri vington street, and to within 60 ftet of pier between Stanton and Kmngton ?treet?. 2t>. Bulkhead foot ol' Stanton street, extending from Stanton street to altlnn 76 feet of the pier between Stanton and Hlvirgton street*. 30. South side ot p er between Stanton an 1 Rivington atreet 1, the north ?id* r??erv?d for dumping manure, Ac. 31. North side of pier foot of Stanton *tr?t.t. 32. Bulkhead fo it .if Th.rd htreot. 33. Pier foot ot f ifth street. 34. Tier Toot of Twenty -fifth ?treet 3ft. Pier foot of Hurty otghtn ?tr?>et. 30. Pier foot of Fifty third atreet. 37. Pier aod bulkhead foot of Hiity llrtt street 38. Pier loot of 100th ?treet. Mount Kivim. 30. North half of pier No. 12 and half of bulkhead be tween No* 12 and 111, futof Albany street. 40. West bait and outer end of pu r No 1.1, now oc cupied bi Virgin. a Bteaunhip Co . foot of Cedar ?tre' t. 41 ila*t bait of pier No. I I aud half of bulkhead be twecnNoe 12 snd 13 and Hand 14, foot of Cedar street. 42 South half of pier N'o 14 and half of bulkb' ?1 l? t?< en N>i*. Wan 1 13, f?ot of Codar street 4:;. South half and w*,t. rly end of pier No. 20, aud bulkLead adjoin. a*, foot ol lJ*y street. 44. North hall "f pier No. 'jo, ?r.d ual( of bulkhead be. tween No*. 20 and 21, f"Ot .if l)e> atreet. 46. llulkl ead b?t??eu pier* No*. .1 add 23, foot cf Vesey and Fulton street*. 40. South hail ol pier No. 23, foot ef \ eaey and Fulton streets. 47- North half and end of pi-r No. 29, foot of Warren street, now occupied by In '.ed State* Mail - tea hi P C<>tniiai.y . . . . ? 48. liouth half of pier No. 20. foot of Warren *tr?et, now occupied by I'owsll At Ibiwsdell. 40. Booth ba I of plor No j1. and half of bulkhead be tween No* 30 and Jl foot ot Ituann street to. North ball of pier No II, foot of Ituano atreot. 61. South half of pier No. 32, ar.i half of bulkheal I* tween Nc?. 32 aud .'11 between Jay an 1 Harrison street*. 62. North half of pier No ..4; f ot of Harrison ttreet M Pier N'o. 3rt, foot of North Moore street. 64. Pier No 37 foot of ll?a<-h ?tre?t. 66 P er foot of I .light ?tre?t. 60. i'ier No. 30, loot id Vestry street. 67. Pier No. 4d, foot o< Watt* s'reet. 68. Baeiu, foot of Spriog *'re?t 69. South half ol pier No, 41, except that par', occu pied by basin. . f,U. North half cf pier No. 41, between Spring and '^V'YJerNo 4ft, and half of bulkhead betweon No*. 46 and 40 foot <?? Cbariton street. 62 Pier No. 40, snd half of bulkhead between No* 40 and 46, toot of Charlton ?tr.>?t 63. Pier No. 47, foot o? nan -rsly street. 04. Pier No. 4", foot of ? larkaon street. pier No. 60, foot of Morton street. tjn I ier N'o 61 and bulkhead south to the ferry, and half of bulkhead between No* 61 and >2, fo'jt ol Ctinsto i/her *treet. . 07, I'ler Vo 62, and half ef bulkhead t*tween No?. 62 aod M, and half of Huitbead V tweeu No*, 'iland foot of Amo# rtr?et . ? 6*. I ier No. 63, and balf ef bulkhead between No* 63 and 62, foot of Ojs'le. * reet M?. I'ier No. 64 foot of Perry street 70 Ketiirn bulkhead, formerly pier No 6ft, Joe', of llamuiond street 71 Pier No 60, aod one hundred and twenty feet of bulkhead foot of Hao 1 *tf'?t. (no aiu.wuucc to be in vie for t llinr ln.) '"ot n! Hammond s'rest. "2. Hulk bead foct of Bethuue street. 73 Ititurr bulkhead f.K-t of T tij *tr?et 74. R Ik bend foot ot Ian* street 7f. Noith half of pier loot of TbirU*nth street. 7? New per l?jt of ^eteo'iwn'h atreet 77 l'.er font of F.lrht?entli streets. 78. pier fis t of Twentieth street. 7*i Bulkhead, and part of south si le of pier, foot ?f Twenty first street ktj Pier foot of Twentr second *treet kl I ier, (all not used .lumping n.anure, Hr. ,) foot < f Twenty 'ixtb *tre*t. 8J Pier, foot of fbirtle h s'reet. k.l n. w pier, fo?.t of Thirty "eren'.h street H4 I'ier I'jot of Forty eeeenth *treet. 'n km-, or u/ La ? Toe lessees t ? par at ther*t?oft?n [^?r cent pur annum of the eo?t of construction of a'l | p er* extended durmg tbe continuance of lite r lea ??, from the time of completion. ! Vessels t-> l-ar ?harl?V? a'corsllng to the laws of tho ^ ftate snd the ordlnsneeai f tb* ' eimmon Council; an I th* le???e- are to be bound by those laws, a* they may be altered from tin e to time. 1 No wbsrfage I* to lie ehirgedto HalUlats or rio m l pilot l-ats nor to the boat* belong ng to fie ship* ? f war > f the t illed 5tat?-? or for- go nation* or to the I nited S'ati* Navy Varts or irarrlaoni, or hi ve-sels ? m ployed in the trans[>or'.atio>i of street manure or coal 1 a' fr./m the city. lb" eor| orat.'.n re*er re to thern?elve< tlie right to bnll l new pi rs ard rebuild and rfrtend tbise a I re ?<1 y built, to hulM bulkhea. * and fill int>' thssati", and cleanse m> h wbt'vee, plei* and slips as they may think pioj^-r without cialtn or pretence of "lalio f->r damage*, or deduction of r<-nt whatever, on the p*rt of the !a*?ee* No d?.!iict'<in whatever will be sll<iwe<1 for I linage, by reason of ai.y brtmii or -ptdera.c that may pr> rail in th* Citv, or any on, *?un to ge out the ?'ips .,u the part ef 'he corporal. on, dor. ag th? c.ntlunarn ? of 'he [(?>/?. , a. Thl* Vttl th'' UfOlI rfiftwillt* MKl n I t .??&" pt *? ilt^rtlkDa nMt In Hi* \+rm* bjr tbi? r*?? ? utiou* of n rm M^nTi, ? cUu?b alU??*K?ir u ' ' isk? any *?r or M tb* rt r nutnUtm km* on a)l#?wtiifr to lb? ? ju*t ?*? * * t?M?* of d?doetM?. T> * will (Ml to th? ?h*rfM *? i i i?r? In jrool c-ii'Mlon, and $*(* projr?r rtpr, n ei.idii.g es|*<ial?y the *t. lag p?e?ee awl *?p. -?-ial p< f ti' n< ti.ereot f' r ?afe v.saje, at tb->r ow? ? ? peote ?i.l t? give a bond for double liie amount of the ananal r?ut, ? th nne or note sur?l.?* t? be approred bj '.he May r aod ttroUer. eontitb ned l-r t'.e pay ?et<( In rent ^j?t i/r yearly. *nd the fultla'tl 00 tk*lr part ?f the < vei.aot" of tbe 'eaae Iru *t ' nt 00 the yearly n-n' b I for e*th pa ? I. and ti ? auctioneer * !<??? ' ? ' > I- pa 1 >' '*>* ' ''' lertcr of the ( ty Re?enu< it I, ? tiw ??. 1 p^e of ??le a> .1 a wrtten stipulation v. be fnraxbed by ' .e ' , '?r ?, m ou. r m re, . ble ^ t. th- ? t t *t be or tbey will guirsotew the pajm ot ef tbe r*nt from tbe Brit cay ol fc'sy, and t; at e*i*facu?ry * .rety 'ml be t ??n wiss the !? ?*e and ?>oi?l ar. rwe ly to be ?? er ted Ike *sn per eett. wlien n ? ill b 'f' '?! on th? first <,i.*rur s ie?l < r to- . if tt.e I ?? ?? mm a .t ^Ive -atisfastory * irety an evnt' tbelea??a?l t' nl a* scon *? 'h?yh* S r. frotn the flnan-e de;*rttn lit, ant *b* f '????. sstu^era ?( the e.o>.*/ I"u"d shall ? * aatbortaad, it tl^rir oft to re a?t| t?< skim, r Biers b <t ?? by t?.< ?? tailing to ee, ply w 'n the '?'m< aa ?b??e and tbe parly a o ?e< to coaipl* to b" liao.e fr r ar) 4' fi' .stiey tbe* ? a see tt from ?->' n re *ale Ho p?r>' a wlM be r?.?u?l a* le*? or ?ir ;y wbo s d< liauuent e* *?y foemer le?^ from '.to rpoa ft, J ?.,4 will be *e e^tel frosst any p-rsoi who .? arreir to tbe eorp/rva*. on upe?n 'eM .?r ron'ract, >r abo sa .lefaelter, as secar ty or o?l?erwtae, op.a ur ?'";itl? U, 'b? rorporstioo 1 se *0! *s?M*4UuVr of 1? ) rr/*AM>0 WOfJli, Mayor A 1 Kl tOO I'owptra'Ver. yAV?J II fM'lH Jl, eirlw, r W ' sanbrli 1 AWiW HUtHI'K rn of Fiaaa e ' s>m ivt of Alt J C -?J , Cb of ? MKtUa. Dd U??e a* liMMj \T Al t' no*. ! 4 LBWiT II Mutiny, AU' l luNEtK.? ?mx.'ltrt AMD 1 boni* ut auctmi ? K.'ij ikr aale Alli-rt II NlcO lay will a?ll or thia lay, Feb JMb, at I'J >; o'clock, at the M>r:uaut< fcacbaiij-c, tor am ount of whom It may j Cunitiu, (ltf.000 citj of llaclnn ( Wm .irnuu) 7 par cent, I convert hl? Lod<..- iitt?re>t I*. Utb. (I,000 ?a.-li ? ? 7 GCO Uu??ou Wv?r Htilroad mortgage, 7 p?r j rent, convertible boar.', mlrrut lat May and I t | ; Noteuiber, $1,Mh I'Mti, M,"00 OrMt We?t?ru (IUn ' I*) i j Itailioad lat lev *??,?> I" I"1 out. bouda, nt?r. t ! April and l)ct?>i?!r 1 1 OQC . ftcli I'J.'XM) .New York *u l llarlem Kailroait 'i at mortgage 7 pi r cent bmli, wile ! r f t l>t 11 n y and lat November ?l,<MN) eacu , I 000 i ] Cleveland, 1'u ne? villi* ?nd A'bubula lUilrnad 7 i*.r ! nit n.crV?K0 tM/uda, ioUfent la* Jan an I lat July , J $t>fi,OlO Iji ' ro.iae aud .lil? uuklv Kiulmat H per cunt, buiulh, mini.'. lot .iau and lat July , #J.0O" McwJer try ( mitral Itailroau Ut muiU i<" 7p?ro"tit, bu ll in ! tuial Ut let) uii 1 let Au*u?t. $1,000 eacti ; $j,0OJ I itiehiBg i.a.inad l-t un it, 7 per ? ???nt twinn, lote j r?at lat March aod lat vept., $l,o0u ouch; $t>,000 Cat* winia, Williainiiport and I r ? Kailiutl l it morUg* 7 |*r cent. (?nv*rttbU> boi >: i, inn , ??t lat KeO. uu l int Aiyui-t, 1 1 ,iioo clulmri ? a. :h ?l 1,000 t<alena aul Chi cago luiouKailroad In' mor 7 |>or cent. lion U, lu'w rint lat Kot. and Ut Aufuat, >1,000 dicIi ; >1,000 Co lumbia, 11411# au'l loOiaua Ituilmad lat mortgage 7 pur . cut ei nv?rtl?ln oood", InUirU Jan lat and lit J u Tv 4 | ,000 ea< 1< $7,0011 Brvclieuridge C.tnuel Coal Co., u.i orpurati d 6y th*.S:ale of K*ntu< uy, .0 iittarM* New You, Albany and i<ul!ulo Telegraph Co , #' 0 each ; ?0 Michigan coulhun liailroad, (100 ; 100 llu'Uoa Hiver I ailruad, tlOO , K0 Krie Kuilmad, SlnOj 100 limfaln ar.d ,-'uH' Lull' Iva.lroad, f !n0, 16 h' Unblim liatlrotd, (JO; i ? Nortlirrn In 'in.n lU'lruad, #100 1<N) OumbarUn I Ci.mi .my, 1100, 2( Mechanic*' liana of Will amabiir^, #.><) , 111 K ui,',k?-riiOck.r I'm, >. , f '.o , NO Hudulk Hank, *.10, 11(1 t,lc?Uior Innuiano Co. till; 1 < >C rivyatouo InNiir?nc? Ccupany of ttiuaduluhiit, f-.O; .0 Mnrliatton l.ifc Inau ntoc?C?n.|iHny, *60, 10 1'aclli. M ill Mt<amalii|i Cuiupany, (1,000- U'i I mle 1 : tat* < klail .-u-aojauniOouiiiany, (100, II Well*, 1'itrKO and tyoinpaiiy < r ?| r. a #100 ; I ?!?'?'> VaruiDLt Unp|a>r M i oinpany lb, (ill I.yooinlUK Iron and Coal Company, (mi, hi Alivrdran ituld Mtninf Cum pany, $A. Tnina <j( aali-. ? Ten |>vr cent t li In day, an.l lb* balance I flora '1 n do a to ui?rio?. I n? accrued latereat on all the bondn will ba cbari(i>d to the pur chaser. Next regular a.tle on Tliurailay, March lat. Al??rt li. Nicolay nolda regular aula* ol atucka and l.ouda a rery Monday aud Thursday at the Merchantu' Kicbange, unit alao apec al when r<-<|iilied, Tues day, Wcdneadij, Friday an 1 >atuMay. At private aah'. ? A great variety of Urst clara railroad, city aud Htita bondn, baak, Inaurancn aud othur atocka of un loubtail ch racter for Inveatnient For particular* aee hi* pri vate talra catalogue. Ollica. N'o. 4 1 1 road atreet, n**vt to corner of Wall. Notice ? The undoraign*).!, in addition to hi* auction and private halaa oi aecuritlea, la fully prepared to buy and nell on conmiiaaton, all l.inaa of ktorka and bomia, at the ll-.ard of Hrokari, aul beg* leave to otfer hi* aervicca to aucli p^rtiea that prefer to oferate through that medium. ALfiJ-RI II. NICOLAY. ? By c. a. waitjiuchv, Af/fTiowm-wc hell, Mom! ay ) ??bruary iltttb, and l'ue ulay, '27th, iu coo* tiuuation. an immenre rnort^r.gre'* stock of jewdry, ft no gold watcne* ami silver warn, bain^ the "ate stock in trade of an importer in Maiden lane, removed to tbo Htore No 38 Broad street, for convenience of sale, com prising diamond, ruby jewelry an i m tneuno *ari<*ty, *?t in tlur.f?ra and singly in br ???%#%! |*' 11 <4, finger rio;H, ?-ar ring*. bracelets, thaiu*, erodes, ?v*\ The costly gold watcne* are of tbc best makers, and in double ca**a, H' >me ol whicO ara r*|f eluding and ???* t tin < , ai*0, g ?l?l rha.o*, in almost evsry pat.ein of (a-diionablo ?tyl**. No bettar goods cao be lound in tbia city than an* con tinned in tiicse two sale*, nor c an the patron* of tine good* (in 1 another opportunity like this to obtain such tpUadnl goods at their own price* The** sat?* are positive, and COD) men cm aach day at lu'^ o clock, By catalogue, for cash on delivery. DAMAOfD CROi'KRRY Ai AUCTION. ? HO CKATEH white grauite 1. dipt and edg?d war* damaged by water at th? late Are in l>*rl *'r??et will b?? *old from the ahelvts on Thursday, March 1, at 10 o'clock, at JVarlntri %t, by ord?*r of the underwriters. ./.NO. K. VAN A.Nl'WKKl', Auctioneer. D. NAbil, AlCTIONfcKR? TOKK 310 IlitOAD , way. ? Cousiable's sal* of fine jewelry, on Tun* day, February 27, at 10 o'clock, A. >1 , ronsiating of gold watch*-*, fob, guard ami ve-*t chains. gold aamog*. brooch**, breastpins, stnds, rharm*, wathkeya, flower riuga. silver watches a War poons, A- , Ac. J? B. LUbLOW WILL M L ON RTEdDAY, FfiB. 21, j9 at 12 o'clock at th* Merchant*' Kxc.hag*, four val liable kt* oo Ir.e weal aide of Uth avenue, botwaeu 44th and 46th ?tre?-t<i Term* liberal. C\RlXX!tlIM, FXIKIfciS WACiO.V, KICK MQUOKrf ? V Tutaday, i ?*b *7. at 10Jn o'clock, aegar*, broody , rum gin, w?a*a. ? bawpa^M-, tea-. codans, sugars, rice, mac< ar^oi, r'reorh chocoiate, buckwheat, < inoked Iter nogs, shelled al monds, picklsa, hardware, knives, fork*, Hpring balances, whip*. riding aaOdi***, harness. W. A <, auctioneer, hi Dey atrset G\ KvHIfK COOK, Al CilONKKH? TOltr. 17d IMK.C* | wirh street, below P*y.- rg? a will m?II by auction at hi* Htore, on Tue^dav , 1 .-b 21 at !?? o'<-l<? k, a g- n^ial aai^oi tuiant of hou-*'h?d?i lurnitu'e, rrock??rv, ^Unn, Ac , conniiftiug in part of iix fcofa*, in bair -loth, ?loi* n parlor chair*, io 4o. eaiiy an 1 rocain/. do , do. n.ahogAuy b?- t?UaUM inattr*'?avn, bolnt^ri, pillows, dm u*ra, tea. collee, and chain tie r seta. aUo, deaao, tables, clock* piatfortn ao<l ffiunU r acale , na(e* aud cbeila. Hnle po*ltl?^, tb?? *t.?re to let. Hfcrrlty M I . r 1 ? ~ Al < TloM ? If It I.KKIHa CO? Moocay. r*b. 26, at 11 o'clock, on Eighty lourth ntr?*?t b# . w? o Y ir*t a\ ? nne i*n?l avtnoe A 1 1?? ia? how furniture, oona atm^ of ii n?* ia pantry and |{ru*?? U carp? ta, nearly naw parlor mifaa t#!e a-tetwa chair*, arm rhaivn, covered in hair cb.'h , mahngauy ct*nlr* ub!?*4, marbio lojw .' ut v i****, lirg r ? l! #w?r stand, an 1 othe.- parlor furnft, ire, oiltlotha I. *t rtr^, hall Imps, Ac llwiroom ? French inabo/uiy ?* Jat*?a la ins tr <? as, brde, plllow?, Ac., n .arble top dre?*lvig bureaus, in grain carpet*, alad^s, 'iiarble top withstand* ''an** sat chairs, fkctia-nt forottur* KiUwio/io dm n^ rabla , ? ro kary, r?*(rij<?*rat'?r k tchsn lurriftur** A?- , with wh r<i the *?!*? w 11 commence All U?-- ahota in^u tnr?< i* ; u* ?rly new. 7 be car* have ? vary f?*w minute* and stop at J ???y-ttnt and ft'ghty s itfa streets. JODN W. SOMKHiNhYKK Al <TloM KH MOK Tt# M,K nala of groceri* < and liit-ir** On H ? i lay. l->b 2?, at 436 Fourth avenue, at 10- , o'clo * eight barrel* flour, be* fa, splraa. ^oap and Ot i?*r SMfi.! <??* pint* rrn t ?rale, lour counter s^alfn, molns^es and tea cans. Also ( . tore flatura* 1h?M- g'x dp ar?* all ne * < HAH. h WATIT4, Attorney f r Mort^igea. JOHN W. KOMKKINfiYKR, At'< TloNK?'.lt ? (iK'H'KKY *tOrk and fixtures tbi# day at 6o -*prteg *tre*-t, at 4! o' lerk , the at' U fon?.'*ts of th?- r ual rarirty, with xtu ra?, atand cask*, barrela, 'g*, acala#, counter*, | JOHN W. OMi FNftYKK, AI 'TMNll.H -'f.KIH kale o f larg* l re#tJ? rnirroraj , on 'Iueatay ? dh ir?*tant at U.? uuc ion room I i 0 ( .nt.? atn* , corner of FraLi.i n at I0'4ochi:k; two lar^e Kr?n i plate mlrr ra and one me<l am iiia, Ac. A *|OHN W. omFMJNI.YKK, AfiTlOVf" It -H ft V f f| tore aeU ? n ?' ay "27th n?'arit, at th?* -'./ire o# I and T. l)avla ? ? Arn ?travt, at !? , o cl ?'k, thsfr re n.aiii iig ?itor* ^.ona *t.og of a gr. at * ?ai .?? t y of / *> I bouKehold fnrn' .r?- parlor furniton* in trr .t? lla, marble top, centra an ? ?b'e taLh? ?fnnments,la a aurta.ns. paint 'Ok* i n? rt or*, lirn ?a?l? ???! infra n farp?*t , lar^'** jrany d. i ii,?, tit!a irtn ' hni'< i r*~l*rj tu l glfi'a ware marble t ?p ? aaning an i pU > bur*a-.? an la* I wash stand", toilet eta chair* ?ahiei gla?-**t together with a lot of c m.ijioo chairs, t?b^s atac.d , mahegany k"r? nch beO?Uada, m pla and cotta/e #*o , stoves, Lt t I'OHN W. p >MKHfNf)YK * Af'CTlnVhKU JlOWU^.K ?a'e of srwu.f n.a^h.nt , '*a Thursday natt, arch I, at lUt *lo"k A. M , at Mo. ' *? l*.n? ?ireet, up Ata ri, t#?n'.| sti e . ng mar bti?e# ?# : ? vtr, linker 4 < o mnnufaatureri a'e??, <*e?kp t>< nchea flxturas, Ac A JOH.V ^ ^OMr.KlM)\ A.V. Att'y fur Mortgagee IbSKKH VWtAC AHMIM s of a furniture at'*^. VT ill n?? sc. Id on H' ri'lsy, I eo *6, at 10 ^ o r\t? tt < n the pt * ii. i* ? a j So. '* W .Htslh hVfttw, n ar Thifty fourth street, tt.c entire *to*? <>t th fu*u>(ur' '?tore of tba <at? ifi.rgeH. Abbott, uer. ase I, tenei tm* of s la ige ?o I general assortven? of f fn.' ire of ? vary ?> ? a pUon. Alao. a 'jua ?ti!y of afir. ?l.e-; fum tur?-, worthy tha a. t<nt <r?of the tra^e. \tfu>? oa?h M'ORTiiAnK VAlX J fU K AMO F/XTtKM Of gre ary an 1 li'| i r '?or* * atio^-May, l ekr . ?r) *2?, at |0 i4 o rloek, at ? *0 I rst iteau* atand ran* an) cot tents ka<f*t d* 4aafe rs and eont*nta harco'intars r. t flat area, ??ear pomna teaa * syrapa r a, "%w ? trra, A", ^ A tAKfWi . ne^r, 67 l?ay ?tr?tt RVrriU* W HKJ IMiTT, A I rflONKKK -fLMHAST houeahoM fern tere at su'tiou Ttila M' ;# ley a?'rnr-ir, at lo*t o U'k ra?ft or ahtaa, a tftrge *o 1 ? planum variety t f hoi.??)oll fu nlture of STery 4e ? efi^'fleii ?#if lie I-B'ira rrntente of bouaa ?i | g th ai?u'.-' worthy tha at a of to ie?ka# oars aai ! tha tra^a i? fl>' g?'oo* wih lai p *? ptoi ?ly eoof "ft>jnnn' cfraaea 1 pai V.r f'. re, en ? ;t* n btU Uj'U ??? magnHirent ?e't'f e gt.t j .#? ai, n Fnsek bf oracle ran* t trtf a l#t? s an?l e? fa* arm an! reception f .aira to maVl. nch 'iaOW elof I io?- vool ta^?? ra.n'f ff ml ?t?g"re? r' ?w?w 1 plaM/orta, ? ijatv r Instroa^ at velvet at I her be- 'too tl > r* ?a^*e?i b? ? %*? | painMnsa two r >*''.) I to. h m r*? ra ?-.agaat maut'l vasa* aa I ore am* ?.'* a ?a < urta#?.a aa 1 eha*l**e, **!??? M- H R1.TI.Klt kVi TI? trator's rseeif* la teals parb tar oat tie with a Isrga 'j an ' J bsaairteEt flflKlfS s!a#? .ra wilton, I' > -gt 8 tb? f.U*??aea t^elhaa wars and rbim I am i - w ?>ry ar.4 wa* , # ? P?gara, wjwea and V?ee? .*e. Ilai !?ir* irel rut.ary. to eeUera, as fHir el wy oar * ...... l! U.l Ml.. ? . .r. I ?-*.( IU * MtliM Iklm'i, t |j l| I r... . Ii.'o Mw; II tr* .t> K >? nr ?m ; l?i.r.6 i lor lb*.* ??>*? ?>. ??Uy, *.? ?;.!??? >? ?ii. ...: C. A WAitllW nr 8 iifcatn ???aii I W.U1. J?l u?6'. 'itCTKE Tfi I ixwmt ?*.< -? K 'fuUf ibii >(*? ?..?).?. ?? mi ? ? ?? c 1't iB'^nrUt* *t.l i, fcr. ft. iM 14 A M (tap. ! 'J .? f 1.1 il I lAUHATioermi. CONSTABLE ti HA IX? A. M. I IUHTaLAH, AlCHoW (?r,?UI ">1 on Monday, ?> tb mat , at the aorlhw< ?L corner of Taotii atreet 4a I Klrat av*nur, barrooiatli tur?K a?<l fumltura, Ac., Ao , ?t 10,'< o'clock. SIIKKIFK'K HALK OK CINM.VNAT1 WINE.? Of M'lN i'ay, Ktbtuary at In o'al ? k, A. M. , at 310 llro.ti way, thirty five boxr* Onclunati champagne urtna. SIIK.hlKrrt fAI>. OK CASTlNt.S.-ON MONl>AY, KUl luaiy M it II o'i to k, A M.. el 310 Hroadway, | ? < baiatlng ol lathi- be.idi), puileya, <:aatln<?, bar Una, SJUUIKK r* Ha I K UK I uUli:MUSNAlK8, BUCK KiM punwa Uadiat' m..ti l. ..(i , iuiar . I??|.?, ?t?el tM-t la, laucy bote* portfolio j,, i). < i (line, p: tnra frame*. &?*., on Monday, KwUuaiy .o, ?t 1; i Muek, A. M , at alO Broadway T'HK ATIKSTii.S I i 1 i t ! II', I ,;?? 111 I IK A I. K-'. late la dlitrtid ii the t i in. i. ?*Ih if valjabla pro perty to be made lhU.:*y, i.i u l , . } by K. C lUln day , per orrter of tin Uil iMn,. Tr,t,i Company, IU M'lvrr of the lato Kui int.., u? 41 comprlaa t In- hanilauuii- bantu.*. i..< i .<?, on tin' u .rtii na-t corner of Kouiteenlli ?tr*n at, the h.tfhth avenue an I about fifty Iota, which aro ra| 'ly iiiipri.v'nir .a value, affording a very fa vol able opportunity fur aaf'iul protlt alio inv**tm?nt. HI 1AM WIT !KtlM AIH10M KK. Will. Kl.l ON Motility, X' th lliat., at 1*"* o'clock, at 187 I'aial itrnfl, a laic* anil dralrabli. *'ni?nt of In.meb 1 1 furniture, ao'aa *ofa b*.l?t"ad r.>?'*ing e?ay ami parlor claim marble tup, cen'.l*. card *n I ritni- . ii Ufelea, aarretary and booa<-o*e piar oval wrrora |.i 'utlng*. window curtain*, etegi rr, plat'd wan, i li na dino?r ami tea art* Uru?*rl? three ply ai.'l ot ht c irpeta , hall o I cloth*, atalr n?i?. dr*a#lnf b.iroao. an I waah'taad*; toilet *et*, 'mahogany ami otb*t bidataad*; liuir aiat ? IrrtHi, feather be?l?, bUuk a. ?(.t*ada, w ardrob**, kitchen furniture. Ac Alao, the fli una of a lager bier ?alo?n, large i|uaotity clia.r* An Abo on WeOuaaday, ? t 1 01* Wf*t Hioailway. all tbe |?nt??l furniture id tt? above boua<-. W .N I KWI A ' MOM l.l:. - l? V I.KWLH U Unit a tinier, ftore 117 ('bat bam atieat. ? Tbi* ilay, ?tt< tloD rale, at 10 o'cloi'k, at 'JV > lk>w?iy, tlia ccaUotx ot a iflaaa rutting e?taMlaliment, rnuautlntf a* follow* ? Oue ?team engine ot lour bur r pn?r< r, Iwlta, (lMftin|| anil pulleya. alio the tool*, apimllra an l everything eoanerteil ?Hh the bu'ineaa lira -ale la worthy tb? attentloo of the trade Hale poiilln NKW PtfUUt A<'IONH. r ? - 1IIK I'lCTOItlAJ. Mt -J?flDt KOK T1IB t)f)? Dionth of< b wi<l lie louml on Thura ?la> March 1 IBfcfi ? Thla nurnbrt will rnntalii tbra? large nigral iik? llluatrallva uf tha war in thn Kaat, >l>? of tngraaltiga, I'J I. r 11 lurh?*. hau laotn-ly rilora.t. Tbr nketrbea are a* follow* ?The Rif a litlon ami lAnd ing of the Kngliab ami Krench Aiioira at tbat'rlmra; alio, the ti iriflo burro ane. arrom.'aoird wi'.h a torreuf. of rain and antw, iu tbr Crlinea >bu?ip< the eipoiurn and fullering of tbnallnaln ttiuir rauip* before Hel>aa - topol, alao, a rorre- t a1 rti li of the brilliant cavalry action at KalakUra, Ac, two nrw mar a of (joa?ta It and M. Heterahurg, drawn and con.pile-1 by Jamea Wil l, J < li do n , giograpber t> I be tjuneu anl rinoa Alliart, will alao appear in tke 1'ictorjal fur Hare b. ?bow ug tb? forta und fortiBcationa, number of v 'ui, Ac. a ilaa< rlp tion id the deprlvallona ai.d ? ipiu ti ? a of the allien, ni camped before Pebaatnpol, during tli" progreai of *i*f4 operation*, Ac., wl'h oilier Inter** mg liatn*, am iii( wbirh will be found * Vftar of iterp I .tarnat frui? K. I' Mcioiluick, Jr., , tbii .uly Anin ican eorrMpoadeot at the aeat of war single ? oplan, wltu tha engraving't colored, IV >a ceuta plain i^ceoU nn ial a, fl Ub, oolorad. plain. UI cent a par aim nn ll?" copiaa to on* addrta* tt>, rolorrd ; plain flv* c pla*. t > A lib* ral illarount to the tra.1i. Stw? vrndrra an t >nl?4lf?J ?le| ot* Ibroughout tli> I'ultad late- and I invUi call have their order* toraardul pf uip'ly througti any medium they demgna <ib r?a? hTlMHON A CO., pnbiiabera, llroadway WrANTKJ?-THl WKKKLV IIKltAI.JI OK JANl'AHY 3 1, mi l IVbruarr :: I < .4. Apply at iba Conaulafr nrral of huci , M Wilkar alr?*t KI'Kt lAI. KOTICKl. * mi:ktino ok tiik m w york Yorvo /\ Men a ll. C. lion. ruli lit Aho l?l. n ?> til l*k* p.a'.n thl* (Moaday) aiming, at 1>U lloarry, at half pa-t 1 o'clock. I'unclual atUUtlaiica 'a aa tha ticket* for ill* aoira* n ?n| nl tli? llr|iliu Aaylim * II for tll?tribu*-on llv ur.rr JKlll.U'All gi.lNI.AK I'tMiXst. J J. 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