Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1855 Page 5
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H MD to ceentry Mcrth&nU ? Sine* the -tlou of my Schiedam Aromatic Bchuappe in the several unprincipled liquor mixers have ?..?d nutting up their poisonous gin in bottlen and 4D<S ceiling it schnapps. That name btlongi eadn v to ny medicinal beverage, all others are oounter ' rte /eouine (an be hail at all the respectable drug , g UDO1.PH0 WOLFE, H ttaBufacturer no'l Importer, 18, 20 and 2 2 Bearer ?t. H ,dk i,o advocates for drinking at the bare of taverul^ H r any circumstances, we endorse the recommenda ? r| Mr. Wolfe to buy Bis article by the bottle, and C? 4rj against the possibility of decepton. We see claims the word " ScbnapDs " as his distinctive ? mark. It was certainly first applied in this coun M o >ie article, and he is therefor* entitled to its ei ? Tf esc.? Sunday Atlas, Oct. 1. ere is justice In the complaint* made by Mr. Wolfe, ie dealers who usurp his trade mark of ' ? >thnapps ? cover Ur their own articles. He was the l irst to m ace the came, and has a pre-emp'ion r'?*\- , ? to frif.nds of barroom drinking, we oordially ? con'owod ition to purchase the " .-chiedtm Aroma cboarps ' ' by the case or bottle ? Courier, O-t. 1. ? Wdfe claims, it will be seen from the above letter ? introduced the name of ' ^ f.^. J^inlv itry be lias an exclusive right to it. He certain y in courtesy if not in law ?Mercury, Oct. U ? seems, from the foregoing "y ifr ? firs: uf?d ?s a trade mark in thm ? ipl.o Wolfe. This l->iDf? the case, he has in equity a Hi to i's exclusive right.? W?paMb,*>ct. l. ? cou.: the complaints for whi. li tie fkhoMpa BM ? . declared a wtcilic by the "y* i lorreepon led with the proprietor, are p y. y ? Liebillty consequent upon long oon tinned sk.k ? tl, l old age. KpUepsy, Asthma, Gravel, CoIk, At ? ,ol? ol the Kidneys, and all chronic diseases of the ? ?c Ur niry Apparatus. ? For these, an l many other ? IV H now prescribed , with great success, by 'bau throe ihoupand meuical pPAC^itiontri in va Cited to the following PrVrc^?y,twn pl.y^:ian an.1, surgeon at Lyme, ? ^say^n a' letter dated 0;t. 14, 1852: ? r icti tiun -'cbnapps a superior article, and o*v that ? net cme short of our highest expccU.iona. M ? itlcle the meuical fraternity have long WMtOO, 1 ? > used it so far with every apparent ?ucce??, Plea<e ?iu;l>ue, as '?own as you can eoavscienUy, J j, ;|i I'. ' A IH I-'i.i. |r S. Russell Cli Ids, 86 Chambers street, New York, ? ,.T j?te July 12, 1862, after referring to the hcanapps ? .uixrior article, remarks - each an article is want ? for medicinal purposes. The prof^iion are .lecp y feasted in thin matter. * * It will allord mc I sur** to ItDd my aid in introducing the article you ? ebWB instrument 1 1 in bringing before the p ibhc ? .ru]T vour. S. Rrs^ELL, M. 1?. I 'torn l<x. 9. K.'Fortei, Toledo, Onto, Aug. 13, 1853. ? ... 'reuuent notices of the Scbiedain Schnapps, both l it profession and the press, had Induced tne desire letting the efficacy of this preparation ol gin be.ore 1 l ived your note. I trust it will fuliil the expe -a | e if 'lie most ?anguine, and piove both a blessing | u profit to suirerlng humanity. . . .. . . Hr 'V i.r'es A 1 e?t. Commissioner of liealtn, lialti I . Writes as -oHois in relation 1o the value ol Inappx as a remedy in chronic cataarhul complaints, tlo i(ttcr in 'latcd Jwly 27, 156J;? | tiki great phaiuM' in bearing highly creditf.ble ten I v -.) its Ctlica.-y as a remedial agent in the |diMMM ? wbieh yon recommend it. Having a natural tenden I U> the mucous surfaces, with a slight d-grw of ? ujr.uon, I regard it as one of the most important re ? n chruric caWarhal atlections, p?rt.cularly ? se (f the g?nito- urinary apparatus. Witn much re ? ?our ob.dient servant a ^ ^ ? m IT C. L. 1-eonard, Ix>ulsville, Ky.,Sept. 1, 180-. ? weil stew the difficulty of obtaining genuine una lul ? iteo st ntous liquor of any kind for medicinal pur^ If und thertfue rejoice at any attempt to render Hb "he rarity of those articles, and at tbe same ? (to njjrove the medicinal properties. Perhaps in I an cle is th h improvement mere desirable than I lolland gin. We frequently fail to prescribe i . where Icirbt be jseful, having no fa:ta in obtaining a genu I urti 'e and of course snticipat ng no bene tit from ? He of an infer or one. I sball take groa pleasure in ?fiv cg a bottle of jour hctnapps, aud hope it miy E* a Kobbicr oMi)ston, celebrated for hi* cure of ? lepsy cholera, fcc., compla'ns of *.ue great . >ro .in* a pire HcUand gin, anl speaks ot the lisuMn Hchsapfs as follow*, under d?te ot October 5, ttave flbmooeided your article in four cases, two in rnec'kut and one in Vtrmcnt, and one in Hhoie Und. ' An arthle of tb'l cbaraeter is mucli ne -de4. 1 ,v been unable tn find a sub??ltut^ in the mat ri% mi ;-?f?r iu.-e Holland g.n. Yours, C. Kob.u?. Pan Asnnu, July 1j, lr. Udolpbo tVoife, So. 22 llcaver street, N. Y ? Dear f-; akt ?? i?on ttif writer re:eive.l through your -geut tns city a ttottle of your Aronntic Sch.edam Schn*pps, .dt u -e that period has prescribed tha same iu certain r?e (,I urinary complaints: ab:o in caf.ej ol debility :n ??J per?oni. So Ur the S :hnapps has been of much ?ttbt t? those using it. * * "... , ml s on, where a diuretic and st innlant is requlwd, lUclu use the Aromatic Schiedam Sctinspps. lhank ? .0j ft r your kindness, 1 am, recpectt ully. yours A I" Vn*io*KK, M. !>., 1H0 South Mgbtb street. Tie f it joined letter from Dr. Paine, of Manchester, fiwHampebire. relates to one of the most valuable ins <?nl i>*auer*ies oofcies^ed by the Aromatic Schnapps, .^ciffiu^a. a -l^ific in a very painful dis "jdr WoUe? Permit me to address you a few lines, ar? j.* 1 berty to uae if yoix think proper, ?n s,eV?o vour me^-,nT. called Scn,;dam ifclmw. I ??'??.! a very obstinate case of gravel and stone of - . . tive vearb' 8tan<lii>Ki ttttlilf very Mtttt pa ? ?. attmpt to urinate. Alter using many remedies r?o-: n.u?h relief. 1 was induced to b r mtdieine. In ihe course of toree .lays It pro f?tu" dislodging large f "'?? ArXg to d-rections, and'tbe patient continued >.(**? recovnni'. I thina a medi :ine of so \'*l'ue in so stressing a'couiplaint ?|.no?n )U< pubiie ardthe world at Urge. And I, for one, i.trveitmy/pprocaUonand Mgnat.ire.. ^ ^ p F?cr l)r. John S Iteese, chtmlst, Halt moie, Md. Sept. An^berof our Phy?.c,?ns are < rdtring . ,_pr?i r,??e already presrnbe'l it. lemon* "? ?r?At)v with affect. ??n ot IM k ! < r too* -wo bottle., and sub.e p.ently pas-e-l a ??, ,'f wcdwable ?u'l ??' reUeTeJ- 11 a-"' Provisional Oover ^'d^Sdio'w'lft.'i/Bi.avtr 'tre?t, Y<irk-liear Sr Kc fc^rd rauch of the mcl inal pnif'tw ZZ ^di^aie pmS'g^he^Tairie and* moun in< t p? rt;oss of this country somewhat Oly and Onutry AdvertUliix attended to l? *??t j ?e?. ng daily and wevaly paper in tha Urn -o 0 Cana^'aa by 1 UaN i: k SI IV KIM, mcceHajr* io W. I. M'.Iontid, 102 Naiuu street, corner ol Ann. Popular Prude ?K. II. I.eaiilM-nti-r, 347 baaeway. .c tcllrg rkh filk* at Is., bn. and >m , ptr ard f reD :b ginghanca at 1*., barexea imm In. fld la a. ti(.t deberge 1r. t'd., and ribboua, lib nil, lin-nit ?Me di.ii.iir> a, napkina ahret'Dgii, <j jilta, b anket* an 1 pt." equally ttaeaj). Aho bU-.k nlaa. Pari* VvjU i. Shot) ami Cal('n. Ju*t rec?-lvrd ??? the cti'traUd manufactory of J, Yotr, 72 KM HKKb-i.t i I'-ria. A larpe aupply ccnatantly oa hao I. By I (IGtfl KIRKW, boo'. maki'r, K2 Nuuu fltfWti a ti< n. i'.x Improvement, when they fall, | r 1 1? th< ?? lapcrfMtiM; but the afltorta of OSMlf, No. Aatar Uejae, l? Wing tb? art <.f alurt .... ?> g to auch Ipailection .tat m. * Dtp should be >ni)4>aaible. have Dot toil"). aid tbtrtfora tLe work ol ,'igglera !? no logger pattern!*". CferpetM from \ u?(lon at a Wonderfnl H - ?tictio? at I'IRAM AMiKRSOIMi, <J9 IJowery, 1M (MX) jaro? ??(??! lapea'ry 'rom sa. to Itm W) 000 I ykiJn ;hr?? [.it and :ngrain at ?>., 4n , ja., be., 7a , per |;kril I Haitmaniler lafbk^Hobrit V. Pat? JjUCR fa ILo k(,l? MaaMim In the IMM ? w of [?? ? ? te'alratad rafaa, and f. OL a Iropene ItHabla i>e6i?n<e !o?k* aud crona ham No. 193 1 * <aa?l . -r%*. ?r* >? < (Mow M?<)?n laoa. I fur Oxt Ultra and Uqanr Mannlarlartn? Mi of <'? i h' aaacate of ..of**e; (S iguetta, Otard, Ac ). Jauaaca abd 8t. Orn.i ran. fechteoam >> hnappa, and all ttk*f llaiMi for )u|nciii and ctrCiala. for MM by F U. DC1UWI, li frank fort atreak. Water of Apr Stone ? luat anlveal from U>> reletrrated quarry of Mr Roy, at r-talr, near Ayi Hrotlaad, conaietiag of marble poliahera', joinera', anfiiTtr*' and corrleta' hocea. and jewel.era' alipa ;rnm U U> i .nrh TV II t* acll low for '^wb. Apply at 117 FulUn rtreat op ata ra. #u ' ?fnM?Ih? Brat lta|Hirted, and the a?<??'*ni)j approved, aaaecaa Otard poach and :i<^r r>?, wK-akay, J?sa.<.a .wi S; '"roti 0wm aJ? of jaalfer, bitter aluonda, akayntn, am :ttM, aa. aata and pimento; photographic and datrner'totypa a*a?>-a n; ryaaiCa po-aaeiom, pj r'ifalMc a .?!, He. , for t y I R I ? v tl'CU rw s NGrR, Ml Ma dan laoa. Hyatt a I.I ft Balaam? fUienmatlam In It* ?Ma', prlnlsl 'oraoa: aleo aciofala, old u c-rn, and tbe ami -Jiraa of natfcua of tha llt^d, graat JebiUty, lleer teas plaint, kidneya <? ir>>ent on? ?iop!in?, *<?.., are Bart r?-*^tly i ur?i by tbia great purl tar. Principal ?an ', W. ' rand rtr'et 71 retk'.a par oottla. To larruaa Nuf^rera-tflrtlrrd Clrrjjy mail. y%, t i ??a Up r.?altk d a fa? daya after a. any y?<ara of yreat ttniur ':<r* .a aaxlo-j* to make known tbe n*< ana rf r urt. ?'.ii Mr?i (fraa) anywhere the praaertpuan ,nt on maHtuf a .?!t?r (poatpaid). DUeet to tee. Jt It!' i. ,'iiflNAti. hi Tjfon rtreet, Proot:yn visiVmn) i 0;ntnt tit ami Puu._tny t'ker, ?M Mid. ?r *??" of twan^ yaara' rtandin#. nty be ri?e<l by th??e ? <ketrated aM'^teiLee. Cae .oe*. aa>d aal.rr : >eiil lw*i( ta'ad Lclaeiattta bene ba <la.trry?d Kara tb<i, a a ' ure for all. .Haul at ;ba maaufae lonea, l? Mai das ?k. Kew York, a?al 244 -f.wl. U.u t e; ?r J ^ 1 kT I, tti * > , C., , lOi-l f 1, ^er pal o i?i PIMM tlwrt Reduction la Prlcc* ? Piano* Iron Us different manufactories, among them the moat aetobrated maker* la the workl. T. Gilbert ft Co.'s pre mium K. ?Uu piano*, and Horace Water*' modern im proved piano*. secondhand piano* at groat bargain*? price* from 140 to $160. Piano* to rent. Pianos for sale as monthly payment*. MeJodeon* of every vari >tv of sty 1*, and of the moat improved maker*, at pric** which 4* fy competition. No better bargain* cad be had in musical instrument*, of all kind*, of any other dealer in the United State*. Music at the reduced rate*. HORACE WATERS 333 Broadway. Hew nMk.-Tbomu (taker's new *ong -Oar Boy*," jn*t published, with beautiful vignette. Words toy C. D. Stuart Price 40c. This is one of the hipniest illusion* of tlii* popular comporer, and piomises to ex ceed in it* popularity even In* former choicest produc tions. "fpurkling Polka," by tlio >imf comporer. I* having an immense pale; seventh edition is now out The polka i* also arranged for four hands and fororelies'xas. Price 40c. HORACE WATRJW, Publisher, 333 Boadway. Great Violin Improvement. ?Violin Tangtit with the recently invented keyed finger burd. The stopping and tuning of the violin are so simple and unerringly correct as to render the viulin the most eaiily learned an well as most popular of instruments iu nse; the keyboardcan be attached to any viclin. Rooms op?n <*ay and evening, at .133 Broadway, over Waters' rcuric store. W. ROBERTSON, inventor and teacher of the keyed violin. Uaiht Opt.? Bat my Oiigurnt for Forcing the whiskers or moustaches to grow strong and thick in six aetks ? 597 Uroadway, basement. $1 a bottle ? n ut to any part of the country. R. 6. GKAH1H. 9>0 Wig* and Toupee*. ?The Celebrated Bianufictory forwigs, toupe?H, braids of long h>ir, fron', biaids, Arc., in situated at 27 .Maiden lane, corner of Nf.snu street. Caution ? llewar* of Broadway prices. MEL' 11 UK jT As HEARD, 27 Maideu lane. Titothoche Cared In Five MlnuUs, by Dr. T0E1AS' wonderful Venetian I.imment, or no pay; bead ache in half an hour. Sold by all druggists and store keepers. Depot, 60 C'ortlandt street. MariltO, On Tuesday, February 27, by the Rev. J. Thjiopson, Wm. J. Pratt to Mis* I'atkrson, both of thin city. On Tuesday, February 27, Hkiinaiid J. Clark* to Miss Ann Kkhriua.n, both of New York. In Hrocklyn, on Tuesday, February 27, by the Rev. Mr. ].ewis, in the church or the Holy Trinity, Mr. Ai.r?:rt Wsbxk, of New York, to Miss Martha, daughter of George Woodward, i->??| , of Portcliester. Died, On Tuesday, February 27, of consumption, William At fokd, an attache ol the Herald office, aged 30 years and 0 months. The friends of the family, and the members of the New York Printers' Union, are invited to a lend the fu neral, tomorrow afternoon, at half-past one o'clo:k, Ire in hi* late residence. No. 48 Vesey street, without further notice. On Sunday n gh:, February 2i, after a shot t illness, Maria Tiikksha, w fe of Ather K. Morgan, in thu 29th year of her age. Her friends, and those of her father, Joseph N'. Barnes, and of her brothers-in-law, A. Oakey Hall, are Uvited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 37 West Thirty tlnrd street, this afternoon, at one o'clock. On Monday, February 26, Mr*. Ann Filk, widow of the late Anthony Filk, aged 59 years, 2 months and 18 days. Ber funeral will take place at one o'clock this afternoon, from her late residence, corner of Third ave nue and ^ixty-OrBt street. Her friends and relatives are respectfully invited to attend. On Monday evening, February 26, Mr*. EuxABirrB W. at)YDAM, wile of Wm. 0. Suydam, aged 26 years. The relatives and frieuds of th* family, and the family of ber brother-in-law, Mr. Timothy Cornwall, re spectfully requested to attend the funeral, this after noon, at one o'clock, from her lata residence, No. 117 Mott street. On Monday, February 26, at half-past twelve ?. M., Fanny, wife of l'hilo Smith, aged 39 years. The friends of the family are respectfuly inv-to I to attend the funeral, this morning, at eleven o'clock, Iron? ber late residence, No. 10 I-auiartine place iler remains will be taken toSouthport for interment. Ncrwalk and Bridgeport papers pleat* copy. Suddenly, on Monday, February 24J, Mr. Iuwrrnck Mc I'I.hmi T, in the 72d year of his age Hi* friends, and those of his family, *re respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon, at half past one o'clock, from the residence of his son-in law, Noah Worral, No. 60 Beach street, without further notice. On Monday, February 20, Mr. Johki-h F. Wricwt, for merly of, England, in the 49th year of hi* ife. His friends and ac<iua'ntao< e* ara respec fu ly invited to attend tie funeral, from hi* lato residence, No. 68 Beach street, this aftarnbon, at two o'clock, without further notice. On Tuesday, February 27, Thomah P. Ccmack, n/jed 36 years aid 7 months. The relative* and friend** of the family, aud of his father, Pater Uusack, and alaa the members of the Ex tmpt Firemen'* Association, are reapectfully invited to attend the funeral, from hi* late residence, No. 360 West Twenty-ninth street, near hleventh avenue, to-morrow afternoon, at one o'clock. On Monday evening, February 26, of consumption, Mrs. Mart Ann Sm, "luepljr sad deservedly ??icretted. lbe Iriand* of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 7 Varick i place, between Houston and Bleecker streni*, this after i.oon, at two o'clock. Her remains wi!l be taken to Ureenwood Cemetery for Interment. On Monday, February 26, William F. Dana, aged 48 years and 0 months. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend bji funeral, to morrow aft- moon, at two o'c)<<ck, from his late residence, corner of Seventy fourtn street and Tenth avenue, without further invita tion. Boston papers plea** copy. On Tuesday, February 27, of erysiyelas, Mrs. Mary S Grimwolb, aged 38 yesrs, 5 luontbs and it diys. Her remain* will oe taken to Roxbury, Mass., for in terment.. On Tuesday evening, February 27, very su denly , at St. Itavid's Hall, of apoplexy, llANlCL L. Jonkh, aged 42 years and 10 days. His I uneral w ill take place to morrow afternoon, at one o'clock, from his late residence. The friends of tlie Na tional Society are most earnestly requested to attend and officiate. On Tuesday morning. February 27, Aov* Nicholson, a native ol Ayrshire, Scotland, a^ed 79 years Her friends, those of her daughter, Mrs. Capt. Hut man, her *on, Francis Nicholson, anl tier grandson, James I), liutman, are ,nvite<l to attend tho funeral, from the residence of ber daughter, Mrs Butman, No. 11 last Thir.ietb street, tomorrow afternoon, at two o'c'ock. Her remains ?r ill be t,i no to Farrytoivn Ueme tery. On MjcdaT, February 26, Wiii.laM Hyslop, M. D., in the 2otli year of hi* age. Hi* relatives and : lien Is are respectfully Invite 1 to attend the l.meral, te morrow afternoon, at one o'c'ocW, ire m his late residence .No. 22 last llruadway. On Tuescuy evening, February 27, at li.s residence, No. oh2 lourth stieet, Hknkt Piw?r?:pont EDW?Bi>\ Judge of the Supreme Court of '.he Mate of New York, *g<s l40 years. l)n Monday, February 20, Iambi Rkdimtii, of paralyis, aged t.i years and 6 months. His friends and ac<iuainti,nce*. and these of h.s son in law, Peter King, are respectfully invited to attend the luneial, Irern hH late r-s dence, No. 1 > i Franklin ? treet, 1 thi* afternee<n, at one o'clock. Hi* remains will tie ta ten to Greenwood Cemetery. lb Williamsburg, on Monday, February 90, William David, eldest son of Thomas and Cathirioe IJnisay, ! age.i t jeara, 11 months and 14 day*. The rriemts of the f.mily, also of hi* grandparents, Joiepli anc Uathar.n* Fillois, are requested to n tend the i uneral, f't m the residence of his parint*, No 2A6 kwea street, thi* alt<rnoOU, at half pai*. one oVlex:k iu Williamsburg, on Tue*<lay, February 27, a'ter a short illness, Caiurai! '?*, dauguter ol Sam iel U. and laura A. Uaxter, aged 8 menttis and 22 days. The fr ends and relatives of the family are r?*peo'fully invlUd to attend the funeral, this al!?rnoon, at three o'elock, from No. lOFillmor* street, Williamsburg, I. I. At Oyster Hay, 1. I , alter a long and pa nful illne**, | in the 2.''d year of h-r age, Kmilv Jank, liaioved daughter of Henry II tlair. F*i| , lata of tins city. The flienda of the family are invited to atieo I the fu- | n?ral, to morrow afternoon, at one o'clock, from the of her uncle, W. M. Jeen*, No. 41 VanJam i treet. ! ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. *5S5Si5w VI KV BkNklT, miHF.nLY OK UOl I.D' S, 144 J ultoo Mitel, would be bappjr to ?e? htelren.le at tb? Market llot?l ami Din. eg -Ul .un, No*. 8, 10 and 1 luiton ?treet I HOY.? YOl'R NOTK WAS AltSWOUED IMMKI'lAIX lj upon Hi re.rptlon. The reply can be tound in lb* I'i>et "Hire, N*C- an ?lr*e'.. It HENRY IYMAN RYAN IS IN TH'rt CI If, HK mil hear ol Mjmetm/ to L.k advantage hy -allion at 1W) i h> rty etieet, at ? apfain Trad J 'i (Jailor ? Hoof Inquire for l-arab f eryeauii. IF Wit Oi NTLKMAN THAT BOL'iHT A HCHISK-H net and a |r?y pl'iah <eet, for $i ?<) >a I'ut-itday, i7th ,rrt , at 1>K (.*WI ft sONrt, <>?a Hall w.ll rc-urn the peril rar" Dial ?a? U f 1 n the ?eet po 'ket bjr n ?tea?*, be will ?e literally rewarded. U Knl'.on utrert. B' (JTK K-IK PATRICK Ml RKHY WILI.CAU. AITHF. Military II e l Newark, be will bear of to bia advantage. Til K TIIRC, I UK H0KkE, WILD IHI-IIMaN, THAT NOWMTaVDJ ? ea?!y to match aoy borM, mr', or fMi'.g in th? world, one, two, asd three m Ie? at I rejea', is to !>-> ?e< n at bia <i?n?-r ? itablee, al the Had iio'iee, wbere ?l?o tier, lu:< n.ei. and Utile Kim are tUclini-. Bbder the a:t'n*ioc of W to. A. Brown, tole oener ol >ai<j itxfc. BUX1ARPH. BaUAP.D TABIJJJ.-HAVINO IN\nVTr.r> \ HIJPK perior elaat.c cuah.on, we invite '.be pwbl e in fun nel. anj fteallrmen atonl pur-:ba? ok {or pri?a> or pub Ik um, to rail ami *iam r.e ear (tor* of ?'ate and oair ble bed tables, billiard ball", cuee, cie leather*, lot ha, and p?ol boaHa. One eereo'l hand table la perfect eroer for eai* at a ba/ra t., i nui >e for rr1*?t# ua. ORUYIIll ft DE KKR 'O Ann rtreet, ON1. OR IWO <.RNrjtMEN CAN l!B ACCOMMODATED with p tea east room*. | furn.?be<l. ) with partial Uard if ni'iired, In a private 'aari.)?, wfce?e Uk?re are LO Mfcer hoarder*, and n a (leered tar* of t>< eltjr, f>., . le 'rot R? Mm, leiveliM ^.exlM lU Bm* i Vera Ml fo*4waji Ji*ZJE* AT AUCTION. Am I ON NOTICK -EDWARD SCOINCK WILL 8ELI> at auction, on Wednesday, 28 th init at 10 ick, at bis salee rooms No. 16 Wail street, Ave cases of superior imported oil painting1!, by some of the bait artists in Eunpe comprising Interiors, flower piece*, landscape*, pastorals, This collection 1* well worthy the bttefija of connoisseurs, a* the pictures are to b? absolutely sold. Terms cash. A LB?JtT H. NICOI.AY, AUCTIONEER. -SPRING FIH J\_ niture auc tion sales. ? The undersigned bej?* leave to inform his friends an<l the public, that he i* prepared as usual to #ive hi* personal attention to ?rst clans fur niture lales at anction, a*, the residences of families that Intend breaking up housekeeping this spring. ALBERT H. NR OLA Y, Auctioneer, No. 4 Broad *t. Anthony j. bieecker, auctioneer ? broad w.iy pr perty ? Authooy J. Uloecker w II sell at auction on Thursday, March 1st, at the Merchants' Ex change, two very desirable plots of ground situated on Broailwny, corner of Sixty second street; a part of this property will be sold in one plot, ottering ptrtitulur In ducements to capital nts. The terms of tale will be v?ry libera). l or further particulars, and map* of th? pro perty, apply at the office of the auctioneer, No. 7 Broad | street. A I'CTTOM S4I.K ? HOUSE MOVERS AND VESSEL raiiers, attention ? I'os'tlve sale at auction of a urge lot of vsllow pine and sfruce timber, &c., and also eight sets of the be'-t raining litre ??, on Wednesday, the 28th inst., at 1 o'clock P M , at 11 Forsyth -tree*. J. W. SOMERINDYKE, Auctioneer. * LCTION NOTICE.? MORI GAGE AND CONSTABLE'S A k. I.- ?PETER PARKS will sell on Thursday, March 1, at 10 o'clock A M., at the salesroom No. 70 Nassau street, the lixtures, glassware, stock, , of a public house. A I ho, an asa.irtment of household luruiture re moved for vale. Term* cash, and deposit require!. AUCTION NOTICE-CROCKERY, GLASS AND CHINA. J. S. 11. BARTIJCTT, auctioneer, will sell on Wtd uesilay, February 28, at 10 o'clock, at 281 Pearl street, in lots to suit purchasers, Maddock'* 1 'ax ton h h i | >? W granite ware, English ^dlow, ironstone, I lock land and gipxey ware, glassware, porcelain, Sc. The attention of retailers in directed to the above nale, as tnc go>d? are of a superior quality. Auction sai.e of ready made clothing. - SAMI El. OSGOOD, Auctioneer, will sell at his sale rooms, 60 Nassau street, this day, Wednesday, at 10V. o'clock A. M., an invoice of ready made dotting, comprising coats, vests and pantaloons, all in season. Will be sold for cauli only. Auction notice.? to i'Edi.eiul fancy good? . dealers, Ac -AM1 !'l OSGOOD, Auctioueer, will ?ell at his salerooms, 6(> Nassau streat, this aay, Wednesday, at 10)i o'clock A. M^by order of tie manufacturers, about 700 dozen portuionnalei. Now on view. Sale for cash only. A CCTION NOTICE? SAM LEI. OSGOOD, auction r\_ eer, will sell at h<s salesrooms, Oil Nassnu street, this morning. (Wednesday,) Feb. '28, at l')>, A M , a collection of household furniture, such as lounge <, book cases, bureaus, wardrobes. Ac.; also an invoice of cloth ing and pot'.eui' nnaies, without reserve for cash. AUCHON NOTICE? WM. B. JONE-<, AUCTIONEER? By virtue of a chattel mortgage to m j direct* 1. I will expose for sale on Thursday, the tirst day of Marcu. 18'>5, at 11 o'clock A. M., the lixtures, lease n.?l good will of premises No 206 Division street, known as John sou'* oyster saloon. HrNKY A. KlILIJCN, Attorney for Mortgagee. Auction notice.- tho.s. bell, auctioneer. ? By Ikll A: Bush this day, at \Q)i o'closic, in the salerooms '11 Centre street, will tie sold as usual, ? tli out reserve, the entire furniture of a family, removed from Greenwich avenue; by .virtue of a mortgage, 12 carpet*, '20 bedsteads, hair niittressss, beds, looking glasses, chairs, tables, pictures, kitchen arrangement*, cooking stoves, ranges, gas fitting*, Aij. Extensive va riety sale on Thursday of pledged goods, Ac. ACCT1CN NOTICE? J. HOG ART, AUCTIONEER.? BY & liogart, Thursday March 1, at 10)i o'clock, at too auction rooms, corner Frankfort and William st*., house hold furniture, consisting of a large and neneral aasjrt ment of srfas, mahogany French ?nd gotlilc bedsteads, me r hie top washttund*, rar l taoles, bureaus, cha.rt, | table*, engravings mirrors, w'ndow curtains nuttreM e?, crockeiy and glass ware, also the clients of a ie*tau rant. At private sale, one splendid solid mahogany office desk. A I ? TION NOTICE. ? POSITIVELY THE I AST CHANCE | of rrocl.ery, glasiware, rich china vases, enamelled tea an 1 dinner sets, rich cut decauters. Hue Uohemiau glass tete a tetes, lava caril baskets, wedgewood tea s ts, stiver plated ware, rich toiiet sets, Ate , on Tbursdiy March 1, at 10 o'clock, at 171 Eighth avnu", betwei u , Eighteenth aud Nineteenth streets. The goods w > II be . delivered same day, for the convenience of the proprie tor * removal. By order of A. Mcl onald. WM. SlllKLEY, Auctioneer. A BMGNEK'8 SALE. ? JOSEPH U SMITH, AUCTION i J\ FIJI ? Thursday, March 1, at l'?>j o'clo?'k, at 160 | Twenty fourth street, between rieven'h and Eighth *v? nue?, the rich and costly household furniture contuned in the large three *tjry liowse above, conn'stlng of one superb rosewood ?even o stave pianoforte, of magnitt :?nt ?-ne and rlchljr -?rved case, co*t $WXJ: "T"1'' wood parlor liilt In auu gofd brocade; s lso, one suit in i-rlmvm aud green, with most olali irately carved frame*; reiy large her vy French plate mirror*, carved rosewood marb.e top centre, side an 1 sofa tables; a Un* collection of choice oil paintings and s'eel plate engrav ing*, in rich gilt frames; rosewood divans, covered in the b-st of sa in; costly china vases, tel.- a-tete, sets china, Parian, bronze and bisquo figure*; twenty one d*y mantel clocks, brocatelle and lare window curtains. an<l ri>h gtld band parlor shade*; about two biio r"d yar?ls of the best Eugll*b Upesiry < arpets, In excell?ot, main gany ano black svalnut tea, di liojr and ex t' tsion tables , gold b*n 1 china dlon-r and tea *et?, lil verware tea servic*, salver*, cake basket' w.'u solid * I ver edies, sp.xins, fork*, caster*, napkin r ug best of Ivory handled table cu'lsry, crockery, lich cat glass, ware, ke , alio bedroom furniture of the best quality, Iiruseels carpst*. iiilr"<rs; rosewood, mahogany, black walnut bedsteads: bureaus, washstands gilt ' sets, best of South American curled hair mattresses, bolsters and pillows' Hue wool blanket* and counter |>an>s, bookcase, mahogany cushioned chain, su'as, rociiig chairs, wor* tables, Ac ; toget'3'f w ha flue assortment of liasemen*. furniture. ASSIGNEE'S HALE Of A < 1TY EOL'NKilY, MACHINE j 'bop, steam engine*, 1>oiIt*, tooU, Ac ? SAMI'KL I O-MtOl), Auctlonerr, atoru <50 Nuna street, will *ell I ?y , an ?! on on Wednawlay, Mari'h 7, ltlU)i A.M., at the ??? tenalre foundry aituated on the corner of Vcatry and ' Vfll atre.ta, North river, the entiie content* of the en tatllabm-nt, c/'ropri? ng m p?rt tiLlahodanl unliulahei n.raui i ngin"*, boiler*, turning lull" and tool*, side lath**, Ac. Full particular* In eaUloeeee, which will , b.i in a t.-w day* The whole will be sold for e.iab, wl'hout re-erro, by order of the n*?ignee. BVC. A. WAI>'.KIII RY, AI'CTIONIiEK. ? OCB RE>il' lar weekly i ale of choie* l!*v?na i?e?-?r?, wioo* an. I iirauili** take* il?r? On Thur??J.?y, M?rct> 1, thl* woek. The good* will be fouod adapted to the bent >'lty traile. Aho, in load, *1* cmk* cog aac brandy, vintage l?4h_ no better in tbe luatom Heuee. Particular* by catalogue at our more, .'l* llroad atrcet Sale commence* at 10'. o''lo'k, for '*?h. CONSTAIil K'rt HaI>. ?A. M ??RI.STAI.AK, AUCTION ? er, will iiell tins 'lay, at 80>. li.?w?ry, at 10 o'clock, the ato k and fixture* ol a aaloon aud barr >jin, with one aolendid beer puinp future*. fee., Ac. J \MKS NfcsniT, Coiutable. DI). NA-H, Al'CiiONKF.R-H'fOllh, 310 BROADWAY. ? Hou'x'hol'l furniture, on We ineaday, February 2>, at 10 o'clock A. M., at No. 2 Firat avenue, collating of chair*, mirror*, oilcloth, carpet*, pie turn, MM, bed ami bedding, waabatanda, crockery, kit hen furniture aud ulenaila, comprieng a general a Koitrr.f nt contained in al-ore prrmiac*. DaMaOH) C'ROCKKRY AT AITnoN? 80 < lurus white granite I . dipt an>l edged ware, taiuiged by water a', the late fire in 1'earl s'reet will be pol l from the ifcahea on Thursday. March 1, at 10 o'clo k. at 216 Pearl atreat, by order of th<r underwriter*. J.NO. I VAN ANTWERP, Auctioneer. Ds. boom, auctioneer.? rich nnaou . furniture aid fancy artoloa ? Ttia ( Wi lu**day ? ?i orn ng, at 10>, ?'clock precisely, the elekMnt end mai lt lurmtureol the Urge five *tory dwelling |au*< in Warr'-n *tj?et, opi>o?lte '.he Ila<!e?n Hirer Ranrond depot, will be offered at public rale, furn.t ?re all llrateUav, mi i' by city maktia in a proper anl aobaUn'.iAl m*o Mi-(M*bttt( of roaewoo-1 ae> retary and elegere, plate frost, centre table*, quartette*, French work table" re : cep' ion ebatra, corner atani* and 'orner et egerea, Hire- I bMhan and antique bed*te.ida, burvaua, wainitanda, [ aofa?, te:e a tetea richly coeered. parlor *ultea, A A>'., i 1 all b?ing in *olld molded roeewood, mahogany aufa?, tele a t?te?, loungea, ciiaira, be^ateada, bureau?( table'. Ac j carpete, < miaiatlDg of Kngltah Wilton, velvet and | i tap'atry. Bruaeel* do , ingrain, Hro -ae * and Venetian ? ta.r do. . velv-t and tulted rug*, Adelaide and eOOO* mat*, de' oration ? ? oil painting*, a flue -o>e llm>ao1 |.lea?ini' aubje'ta, MM) and car iffee of Dre?len anl -?rre* por < lain rich pamt?d parian figure*, fan y ? '-ol'.gne*, ariific al Hoetn and TaMui, French pier ao<l i oval (laeaea, brc atelle and la<-e window drapery, gilt | bordered window abadea, tandelabraa, gt* elian'ielier, j ; inlaid <k>thic clock aUbaa'er and fancy do., Letvily . carved aev>n octave roeewood p ano, of Uie fin?'*t ton* btdding. ntattreeaen, pillow*, bolitera, palliaaee, abeeta, c<. .nt? rp?ri>-?, bianaeta, Udlet *et?, A:, erocke;y ana Mlvarware, t?a turubler*. pnaerve*. ?otore4 winca and liohamian cut dt-. ant era, ??!!*, A: , *ilv?r pla^od , ralwrT, ten ?ervlcea, cMUri, c*ke baek*-t <, fork*. | ai>.ona, napk.n r'nga, Ac. Ifale poaitlve, without ref%r<l , to wenlber. HtNKY H. IJOtflS, AtrCTTIONKKR -BY 11. II. I KEM A<JU., on V,?.)n?*4ay, Feb. 'iS, at 10 O'ckx k. at , ftl'1, Hro*i)way, oppoalte St. Thotnaa' Cb nth? *b%vin< auii ka!r Altering "at?bli*bment, conoiatmg of cheval | and lr?-aing Ubl--? and gla?*ea, ir.aiblet pa <o waah atagda, mirror*, fle*a *bow caa^a juib elinr, an aieg ui". aaaortrr.ent "t gold, fiiver, penrl and ivory ir.cuntel cane*, be r nod bat iiruahev porte looncmea p?-fu ery, >"ap razor*. . irtnlna, chalra, atrrrea, Ac h^ala wit-oil reperre. I~'0HX w. home ; i v d Y k ; a i mo ?. EEJt. - won ro a <; r aa.e of .ug ica-.binea, u -On TtniaLay wt, n*r--li 1, at 10 o :l?-ck A. M . et No. ">'i a're?t, up i a?a re. twenty -a i aew og m?.tlne?, Ort t*r, Baker ft1'?.. Ban .fn*tur?r? a ao, ileak*. ben .l ee flit jrea, lc , Ac JOHN W. hOMEKi.SlA K>:, Att j for M<, g ,ge?.

H. RO? YMt. AtCrixsEER, f-Al.lOOUX)* NO. ArJ a 1& even i?, near .M?th ar?n\?',> w I Mil 'n ttlWdtf kiaf'b I a", ialf raet 10 o clticn, M If o lo'a'fi la pia e, nearrlitti aver.ue, 'he furnit are ?< n ga^Ue.Tan g * r-v, to ' *1 fern a MM tf of wain it b?<T-oean fan. *. ir? one aiper crbar w?fre-? <?< rr. t ae? |a aam, one e?fa bed? en?;. arpefr, r t r< t *?! of I nhla, ?Ut k I*nn, ltU| l?a.e<. ?j? tea, a>.vW y ... I fOtkt, aM v>U< art^Ae tU auit<t j to ne?i ?a. sues vrivcim I ?AIL TAINTING*}.? raw Mi'KNINii, AT 11 O'CLOCK, ' V / at the gollery ami book ?alearoom, 341 Broadway, ? large c lUecticn of 01' paintings, bjr Americas artists, consisting of rich landscapes, winter piece*, a copy of Colo's celebrated Voyage of Life, lake an<l in lanU'O scenery, Ac., he., all id elegant line gold gilt frame*. Thia tvening, at 7 o'clock, a choice assortment of books, among which arc the works of Hhiu.speare, Byron, Tom Moore Hurna, and other elegant edit one of tue poet alto, Rnlliu, Jotepbua, Ribbon, standard hiitoriea; family B hies anil other valuable works. JNo LETI80N, Auctioneer. T) C. KEMP, AtXriONKER.? BOWEHOI.U Ft'KM El, . ture, Ac.?' Th's day, (Wednesday,) at 10 j O'clock, at No 8.ri San??u atreet, two door* from Fulton P. C. Kr.Mf' Will sell ?t auction aa above, a very large band some assortm-nt of new second hi.n 1 par lor. (lining room, chamber an! ki'cben furnit ire, niir rors, carpetn anil house furnish ng articles. wtveh are w?U worthy (be atteution of housekeepers aoil dealers, ok the mile in pomtlvo and without rok-rve. Catalogue* on the morning of rale bloods purchased to go out of (he city packed for ah iping, or can r?m?i& on Itnrr.gv until May, at i reasonable barge. SHERIFF'S SALK OK A iROl'ERV AND I I'J ?'K wore.? On Thursday, March 1, 1855, at lOo'du k A. M., at *>1 Went street, the content* of a grocery and liquor store, consisting of groienes, liquors, st.u ! c&sh, bar tistures, winee, a^ara, Ac. S1JEK1F1- -i RALE - BY VIRTUE OF A WIIT OF execution to me directed and delivered, I will e tpo'e fir sale at the vestibule of the City llall, in 'he ci'y of New Yo.a, on the 7th 'Jar of March, 183 i, at 12 o'clo-k at noon all the right, title and interest of the I.att ng Ob<ervatory Association, which they had on the 7th ilny \ of October, lbU, or at any time thereafter, of. in !>nd to I a rcrtain lea. e cf 9 years and 'J montiis, from May 1, 1843, j at a rent r.f $1 ,10", cne thousand one hundred pe** an* num payable quai terly. The following a the lea -rl bed pro- I perty, to wit. ? All that lot, pi?ee or parcel of ground j i .tuate, ly.n,{ and being in the city of N?wYor?, d? an boil aa follows, viz. - Beginning on the northerly aide ol Forty second atreet, distant two hundred and tbrty four ft et easterly from the northeast corner of Forty - second street and ixth avenue, running thence easterly along Forty-second street twenty six feet, thence north erly, on a line parallel w.tli the Sixth avenue, one hun dred fast and live inches, to the centre line of the blcck, aud equidistant between Forty-second aud Furty-thlrd ?treete, thence we-iterly and parallel with Forty aerond a*r?et twenty six teet, thence southerly and parallel with Sixth avenue cne hundred feet and fivo Inches, to aaid northerly side of Forty second street, the point or place of lieginnlng Ami alao ad those three Iota, pecea or parrel# of ground which, taken together, ars described aa follows, Ti/. : ? Beginning on the southerly aide of Forty third atteet, distant two hundred un 1 e glr. feet ?asterly from the South > aaterly c.ruer of Forty third atreet and Hixth avenue, thence<'rly along the k.v>>4 Miutberly side of sad street seventy -eight feet, tliFLce loutberly and patallel with aahl HUth avenue one hundred feet and five inchea, to 'he tcn'.re line of the block, and equidistant between Forty-i ecotid anil Forty-third streets, thence westerly on thu sa d i? ntre 1'ne ?evr tj eight feet, th. n -e northerly to said so jtherly line of Forty third atreet one h inurid fret and tlve inchaa, to the point or place ot begica'ng. A'?o, the large anil coetly bu.ld ng therei-n known aa the'. ing Obeervatory. Abo, the large Urumioond light erected in the top of aa d observatory. Alao, a large quantity of barroom and sak'U Hxturea in the lower part ol the otaervatcry. .IOIIN ORfKR, Sheriff. TIIOS. t-'A HI IN, Deputy EbcrilT. Ta'ed January 30, 18i6. THE IlftnT KOOB ol OONVESTIRO 1'EKSONAL pio|orty into caab, such as n? w and scond band i furniture 1 'pianofortes, oil paintinze. jewelry, At.. Ac , ia by auction. The subscriber ia fully prepaied to con vert personal property into cash, either at hw auction an l commission sales room, No. 81 Naisiu street, or at places required in thia city or vicinity. Ilia u- xt sale will take p'ace to morrow at No. 81 Naaaiu street. (?oods may be sent in dmin}; the day; terras ten p?rcent wh?n sold; no other charge; Sales regularly twice a wek at the store. 11 NM MOKKKI.L, Au .'.ioneir. WS. MSI I.OR, Al 'TlONKER.? bY III CillTON s; a MRLi OR, tomorrow, (lliurnday, ) ?t 10'4 o'clock, at the sahsroom, No. 113 N'aaxau atrtet, elegant cat>in?t furnitate; n vsral new and eecond hand ro-enool and maho(r?ny pianofortes, oval Frenjh pla'e in rrora, two thick Fren>'h plate |iier glntsea, 80x'J4, together ? ith a variety of fancy china ware, toilet sets, clocks, Ac. The trade, hotel proprietors, country mirobants, aud others, will lied in tne alloc stock un ex ? Hi ut var ety, mi h as is rarely to le found in a salesroom, and can only be appreciated by examination. Articles can be pac' < d for abippitg on the premises. Cabinet furniture will in clude aeviral rwcw'od parh r suites covered in r eh Fien t salin bro-ateiUi, rrimson and maroon pi i h, biir | eloth, Ac. ; rosewood chamber furniture, marble top, in | suites to match; tbree suites a^hljr de orated enaniuded chamber furniture, very eleganT, with marble tops mfas, tete a tetes, sofa bedsteads, rosewood and ? pring e?at easy, rooking and parlor ' hairs, n greit va riety; marble top pier, side, centre and card table 1 su perior ex tens on oiaing tablet, fourteen feet long, libra ry and dlnisg room luroiture, in auitoa to met:b. to gether with several outli American horsehair niA'tru >??*, paliasea, choice oil paintlnaa, closka, platel cut bottle > astors, knives and forks, spoon*. >;!>tfee u-na, cuke baskets, A : Alao a military aad'lle r.nd bridle comple'e, coa'. tlCO. WILLIAM H.? KHAN KLIN, Al'' 'TIONKI'.lt. ? 110' SB and lot 22 Cornelia itr-t.? W. U. FRANK I.I N SON will noli at auction on Friday, M.iy at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' i xrt ange, t ornslia street? Tba two story ami attic bri U house on the front, and '.wo story frame on the rear, and^the lot of ground No. 'i'J Coi nella street, fbe lot is ZO feet front and rear by 8<i feat ou one side and 02 < n the othi r I he bou-e is abi i -- r"e'. tront, (with an al'e^way of three feet leiding to the J leer) amis bo it :i2 feet deep, built in a v?ry s.ib 'if al maiinir terms liberal. \W M Ninnns, AM, wn.i. ? i.r. .mh VV di), at 10), o' lo k, at 100 West llro.".way, all , ti.e genteel tonceho' l furnltura in t tie above ho i ?? ? i tufas, ?ofa hed-toaus, bo ikearea, rocking and o'her 1 chair*, French plate m'rrors, winlow enrtsina, m.*rble top 'abh-s, tapes' ry, threw ply and other irpe s, hall oilcloth, stair rods ami carpets, mahogany and :oltage ' hetlateads, s.ijierior hair mattres>oa, feather beds, liess- ' leg bureaus and woshstacda^ to'lo* *e'at kitcben furni tur- A'- , together with china, glaaa an I pla'ed wjre Saturday, at 187 Canal atreet, a large qnan ty <f bouse- I bold furniture, removed fioin Stateu Islaol. I s ' :u I Isrs hereatter. "117 M Will KIW, At'tTIO.NEER. WILI. '-Kir, i II!S Yf ? at o'cloc*, ?t 10V We?t |!roa<lway, ten C.-mary b.rd* and "agea, ?n l apWOi 1 ? rfer?, U"??h?r with '.kt houarliold furniture, the own?r i? going to <allf< mi*. A rare cbance for line blri'.a in (nil ? n>;. ALTER fiRKEVOI 'HI, A'.'t'IlONKf H. ? I I" 5 V? ra ^kera at auction. ? W. liKKKNOHOH kl'l w.!i hi II ti ' day, < Wednemlay,) nt II 0'clt .k, *n front of ftoi?' I' H Wall 'treat, fur h mint of "vhoin it m?> uri tern, flr<- ? f.ick?-re 1,0 00 bn?H So*. 1 mi 4 1 hr?- ,* >. eie, v?ry uligb'ly damaged on the Toya#*. Term? a*1) MK Tl'RKIi ~ CU-INTON HALL. ACTOR I'l ACK-' TYNDALL f?B ) VK- It, L L I) , w II le-tur* on political economy, or tbe * ien*e wli ch teahei how rtcli?* are produeM and need. ? "Prodn-'. on, Prod i rtlTO Hertic**, Wn/' a !i? ?>rin -v-m* of ft. flmon, Fo jritr, 0*in, I/Ouii I an , Ar.. ," on ThnraJay n?iuriK, March 1, at S ?'c'i k. Ti.-keta 2b canto, ( an '?? obtain*-) at the v*ua! pia ???*. Iv KM || I Mil RKS.-SHSULEK INinriTE, NO 6 I'nion H| tiare, mi Tburnda.y, of each week, at H o So * P, M., bjr Klie 1, of I'arla, profeanoruf the Preach Ungu i** m II. l'etifnet'a inatit jtiM. To day, lhara day, M*rrh I, the third lecture of the courae. -I'lje ? Kran'.e m ihe Nxteenth centiry I* renal*<an * ?' t !a Hi formation ' ourae ticket*, * ogle, *0 'en i. IK'TtHM ? IiNIVKHHITY CIIAPKL, 'VA-III Ni, JOS j ?i|r?re ? A. (irandiaon llull, M D., wiil 'ietieer a er'ure on The Poire* of N'at ire, and tbelr a iipta'., n to the one of dlfua. He will ad??0'i? an original theory cf n.atti-r an J a* the Uim of a nee of medicine wllicb ha* l*?n letted In the ho?p t?'? of Kng laml and 1'ratr e. on Wednenlay rrenior, Mtb, at 7 , o'fick. ^o. ?.'> Wr?t Twenty mitb n'reet. inTliA KTIHT BMNXUUAL SOCIfTT.? MR WllSt Iw t ire bo'ore Uie society, for th* benrflt of I 'a library, w II he c?en by funeral .-"AM IJOf OTOJf, at the Flroariway Tal<erna<:l*, on W*dc*.aday eTeeiog, the tttti iHtaut Ticket* '2!> *ata, ran lie bad at the door of any of '.he officer* of the ubiety at the oOi ? ? of Hrrntihr and Heeler, No. ll.'i Na*aa>i atreet at th?* < hn ni:le ofn I'ornT n White and Ontre atr^et Wan. II, I A Koo, No. It3<> l!r adway, and at Jame* H. Uirki r-nij'*, 'il?7 Urea-, way. I H T. VAIJWriNR, SCity nail, I I i - MITIi, loit wail atreet, ,* omnittee. HENRY it. IiAWrtON, 301 Btxtb avenue. J ~ TIIK KIRKMKW. AHMH3AT10N OK KXKMI'I HKKMI-K ? TIIK A- O at nu will pleaae aaeemble at the koane of n fine : i oin|.any >? 4, M?re?r itreet, near Amity, on Ih ?m ?lay. ilafh 1, at IV o' lock H., for the yirpaaa of p?jr I in if the laa* tribute of reepe- t t? our late brother, Ilio?. r ' uaa -k. Th?i funeral will take pla^e fr> m >60 v,e?t Twenty n.ntb -treet, Mar kJeTenth trngne at I o' le *. 0. W. WIIKKLKK, He- ordinK e f'*rj N 'IINK COMPANY TIIR R'i.i I \K W . T J III* of th!e '.II t any will be he>l at '!/</>?? "wn, ; m tt-M.nw ??!**", hi* eTen n?, at * o Jock JAMM HUMMK, ' rretary. r?IK MIMTAUV. _ OTiCK-?^I tN QL'ARM.? rfiiC MtMHKP.H ' ^ tb< ?fcA*> 'AMtAKf IH herekr BiMfte-l oaV". I ; a miatinf, to be held at '.be oraei of Oak ar-IOhtf ' <t. ?- ?, ?'o W. n vtay eeeoiof. feb. iM, at 7 ? ? I to f?k?! 'n ?" -aaary pre^ara'.iona to at'en l tl?e I in* . ralifoori 'e t^-.taer nfwiber nxxna* P. na ? Hy ord? r, JAMK1 Pt OM, >W-?e ?ry POLITIC 41 C1 ivthal f'KMOCft auc iNiox.-rnr i ?i. a r to the<?ntral l?n?-T?'.?; I'non a ? f? j at'?-r?d a regular '?ee t| on Ir)4ay eten^mc, Maf b a*. 7 o ' -k at aawoay llall. TTie |*nt!e??n '-up hi. r tie renin.. '.lee o< arrang'aiiata for the ??taf ?! o- ? M**- of, 'o Ja?e piaee at laomany HaU tl * ih'.f Mar -> , an r?'|?eaied to be pun'tnal. JOli > flRA'-l l're? >f k^, j < OnP.aI) vtWKA<'KiiA WMI.' r?a. ? 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Lntl we predict tor It an Innwor* ... ? ? ? ? ' Uanrxr. life ami ilenutlea of fanny Kern r. ...? , ! ? uthor cive* ,1 reliable a<" uuiit f 1 ? l >, 1 1 ??? ? I Kern l,nvn iid I H'lUi It' ll ?u n? 1 art I frcni htr wiitiuK", wblcb iu >?' 1 ? i? ?. ? I'aiocr, BrldgojH.r'. 1-ile and l!?<uii*'i of Fanny i . i.nd will no doul : command > n* ? ? * tru? ii grnphy of Kanny, Willi * ' ?ti'u ijk iktlcli't and paragraph", 1 ?n> n?ti *| ipeared t any t?? ???fc -It. t ill It 11 1 Ktrk tlut till ctiato t Htu >. . '? Tirarg. The Ij'? ??: i.'-viI p . of l -.i ! ' * r .? ryrapb; f't c nvioal an l f ; ? ? * ? it .h l? uf\etl, ?llt eiind jii 11 ?' ??* ? , , . ' living jerioo b?r?tofore puoliKhe l , Kern Leaves, tn 1 Ruth Hell, <? -I.- 1 ? no''- w:U rly ??!.<? the 1.1 1 .? ? U.m, 0: ob'n .ini.K a ui'. r. 1 ' i ) ? tog aothoreanof work* . . . l ilc ant Beautit* of Kanoy ? - n v ? 1 tc I nnny IVrri 1 .j t- !o w i?i r? / , avidity ? [ latolllg* u **r. I'ai. >"u IJfe and ikautionof lanny I'-rn ? ? ??? nj '* orrati< oris inal and r? y ?t?i<>, 1 ?? the book, and will find It nome'hi v ? . readable ? [Stan'aid, I harlrt'ort. /II who ha*e read (?"?rn l.?nv?" an ! ! . 1 ft couif, procure un mil) ro, ? of tice of Kanoy f'era. ? [Courier, 1 ? I iy. Tin- buck .)? mat. ni< a ntlr In ? 1. n ? ? ? lectlonn fioin her wrltloni aie well 1. > ? ' t' part of the-n bare never before ap' ar' : 0 I ? ? IChickop* ?? J< iirnn I Pri- <? for the cnmpUte work, hm 1? ... >'!y 1 volume, cloth, i? one dollar * copy, only i'o| it^ of ti e ubove work will te ?' a; to t ? f ? ? ? . any part 1 f the CnlUd Ma ??>, per !i ! < ** ? not age, on their rwnittlntf 0110 i'uIU- 1. | ?t- ? 10 a ktter. poet pnid. ru'ili?ti I ird 1 >- ?>,- 1 r II. IillN . .V 111." Ill, It 121 Va**,au street, M. Y.,- i.iiideiii ?'.< Tu wLomallcrleri mu<t be a<i )re?#? <??.< . ? . 1 nod early attention. l,tiN *ranti<l. CUU1IUU.YVTOV WANT A COPT or THE I.1FE t and Br.iut>g of l anny I *rn, a* w 'l 1 > j-reu' u.?l. .or t. Hand inu'ly bound in t' | ^ > H" KlNlIKH \ IXJH'N*!W*;? 1 Ilroadway, corner of /on ? r<-t: 1(0Kti!.T TOR I.IKR AND BXAUTIM OVPlMKlT J Kern, ItlBMtkMkd the >n?in. It i? oat at ] laet. and everybody la purelia?n? It. t'nil <-a y f y 1 waetacpy. DKWiri' k MA V ':\r ? 1 1 , III in'l 111 Nt??in ?*reet 100K OCT TO DAY VOB TIIK 1 IF^ AND BKAl IIM j of l antiy ' n Oil early If you ?ant ? jpy. Bl*N'.*K k MHO. i.'*. 1 SIKH 1AHTAND PK8T,? I'RH'K 01 A ? ROWN, I. a | Eng. Soe. ? Juat pubHnlie>), th1 ' ? I.ra nl ? . 1 J I tbf i?Lnve yiftei' autl or: it In one of I ? .uo?t n.i ? I j ou. 'ioon. null wwM Pri co > 1 . cloth, ?!> cent* j in piper. T. L. MA(?.V0N<W, Fol'-i*.her Vo i A?u-r 1 llojir. ttroadway. Im 1 ll'E /Nil BKAl, QM or FANNY riKi.W I long antlclpotod, bai appeared at 1? at, l!i*r? a lufli lor tli?' boot, pi r?on? ue Iron* to p ir"ha*e ? ? . y will do well to cal' early at So. 2 Aetor lloana T. 1. MAOtOKOi. \i HERE'S 8AM f VV KNUU KOIrilNO ALMANAC, and Tf.rr amerk'an'm mani.'ai, ron D?i5. llliidtrateil. I'rJte, per flntle o-Jpy. lilj? o?nt -. pr r do/>en $7 |i*r (n ri'ire I. Soch l:?a been tlm unetamplod '>r.uo'J fur thi *<irk, that three edition", in ill over 15,000 ropier hme Ve-en prlnte.l within n week from pn til ?'ion ..r. ! te are ? till lehltid cor nrdtrt. I'.1, will \ IIAVKKTORI, Publ.rl.' re, No*. i'.O and lli'i Naaoau etro' t. HMMWBS? CAHKI \t.KS, itC. AT TBK MIW YORK HORSK BAZA VII, 31 ? KO HV will b* tol l (.11 Widimad.ty at 12 o'cI< ? twmiy bui <?* islUUt for all parpoan o?? .r ; m i t lh>i;il warona, b?ni*i<i ?<". i"i, t,ri ;U'?. fc JOHN H. (i.VU'.KI l?, I'roprit t. . TJWH'. feALE? 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