Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 2, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 2, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6762 MORNING ?-t M tYAfffJfI n MOT W5T/ * :* YORK HERALD. EDITION-FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. MTEltESira FRIM TDK ISTHMUS OF PUMA ".1ST0RY OF THE PANAMA RAILROAD. ,iririi Brilliant Inauguration Ceremonies. ? Address of Judse llowlin on Laying the {'ornerMone of (he Monument. SKETCH OF THE EXCURSION FROM OCEAN TO OCEAN. TrrpMatton of the Panamencanti on Srrlng tb? Iron Horsf, Ac., Ac.. Ac. By tbe arrivrl of the steamer Empire City from Hi Vnn? we hove received a graphic account ot tbc inaugu ration certsioniea on the occasion of tl>o opening of the Panama Thin important event wait parilri jiated in by a numerons delegation from this city, seve ral of wbon arrived in llie Km pi re City. The remainder ?>f tbe party wiU probably arrive in the Star of the West, now due from lAspinwall. HIBTORV OF THE 1'ANA.MA. ROA.I). The attention of* tbe world ban long been turned to ware the Islfamus an a way of shortening the route to the ,'nuiex. Various project* have bean conceived with thin end is viiw. In January, 18.15, a grant was made <d Charles Baron de Thierry, sovereign chief of New 7.' aland, by the President and Deputies of the Republic of New Granada, for the construction of the einal be tween the two oceans ? to connect the Bay of Panama and I.'icin Bay, by way of the Hio Grande and Chagres river? the canal to be adapted to velnfU drawing ten fret water, and to be cilled the Panama Canal. The grant tocxten i over a period of fifty yeari. In 18St>, Colonel Biddle, brother of Nicholas Biddie, procured a graut for a railroad or macadamized road, subject to the nun fulfilment of Thierry's grant. In 1*::?, Bid die died. In 1838, the Mew Granadian govern liient failed to carry out its contract with Thierry, and made a grant for 9U years, to Halamoi Sc Co., for a rial road oi canal. In 1840, Sabla, of Salamon A; Co , came out to profeeute the contract, but a division had taken jdm.e iu tbe governments of few Granada and the Isth mil*. The uncertainty ol the endurance ol th* new go vernment of ihe Kitado del Is mo prevented any ellort to piocure a grant in tfcu home quarter of the 1-lhuiiiH. After the reunion of thu I nth mi a to the New Granadian government, the earthquake at Polut I'etro occurred and W.e paper* and evidence of Salamon & Co. heariug upou the giant were lo?t. This coutruct fell through. It was not until American capital and American erit?r >iri?-* took hi Id of the project 'feat this great work was carried to a successful conclusion ? a work that had long agitated the hopes anl fear* of the conmerclal ?world !u .Inti". 1849. the Panama Railroxd f'oinpauy was otgani/ad uadei a charter from the State or New \or*. In lb.' O a contract wan male between the New ? Jrmailian govrnment nod John 1.. Stephen*. granting the pr.vilngo for forty-nine years of constructing anl wr-rkiog the railroad. The government reserved the light to resume possession at tbeeaa of twenty years, or pay rn-ut cf five millions ef dollars, or at the expira'iou of thlity years, or paying two millioas dollars. The company puys to the government three per cent, of the protita of the enterprise No taxes art- to be impo-ej on property of the company. Government store* to he jar lied tree. In June, IS.'O. the heat ground was broken on the road. ?1 he first < peulng of any portion of the road took place In }1sr<b, IS. 2. when trains wers lirst run to (iatun, a < of seven miles, lu the Jily following, the rjad whs (itendeo to Barbacona, a distance of 23 miles. In February, 18. 4. it waa opened to Obispo, ill m ilea in | length. (Jue train a day. except Sinlava, is run througu I each way the whole len/ih ol the road, now extending fr< ' in oct an to oceau, a <listance of 4S miles The lirst J:i mi es, which were, to a gieat extent. built upou pil"*, ere nl*. lilkrt. a aud '.he j.-?u i# of th? past saasnu n*,-< not c?oae.) to. material ail 'itig of the work on the east orn or northern sides. The equipment in power cooalf ts of six heavy anl four light locomotive*. ?? he necessary machine atiopt, Kb., ??? cow temporarily construitel of wood, hut it is in tended to substitute Iron, as also for the bridges. this is neccsi-ary in a climate where wood lasts but a short lime Going Irntn the Atlantic, the highmt grille it , til ty -three feet to the mile, From the I'acttle, sixty j feet. Ibe worit radius of curve i? *U hundred feet. At i tlit- highest point, the summit, the road lies two bun > sired and fifty lee; above the level of the tea. Ttie fare i tow i harge'i is $25, and teu cent* per pound ex ra for i baggage. I teigbt ia rated In thee classes, the lowest jiru-e bnog per ton. and the highest f iO. 1 he i nnipauy nas now about laborers engaged ? | wag< ? eighty cents a day and found. A police forje id fortv men has hereloioic been maintained by the ourptny on the line of the road for protection against robber*. 'I he greater part of these have been extermi nated or bat.lnhed, and t-e 'orco ta now reduoeil to laelve inen. They are under the command of the In Ooniitah'e Horn Runrek. At Aspinwall the company owns a harb'ir quite ncc?* eiule and well protected, except from northerly wlods. A few week* ago a violeLt norther diaiuaste<! a vesssl | and tore away a portion of the company's whaif aud th ? bull ) atr on' the same. At suHicient expense a break water may piobably be bull*. 'u improve this feature. 1 he charter bow obtained lequires the Pacific termi nus to be at 1'inimt. New conditions will have to i? ? made bviore it ran l>e carrie<l farther. At the Pauaaiaendol the road the facilities for freight ing may be estimated from the description of tue trau.sit I ? if the excursion partv from the railroail to the town, and ?h<nce to tlie propeller Columbus, In the bay. First, 1 three fourths or a milt of carriage to small boat", then vine and a hall miles in imall boats to the receiving v?* ??.!. All this handling of mercbandise must be vastly ' wvrensive. Heuro the n?te??ity is quite apparent for changing i.oe terminus of the road, now by the charter locate i at J'auaiua. The company have leircbaeed three small islanis I at a diftaoce of one ami a half or twomiles frnui tlieinain ?and south cl I'anama (the ro*<l now entering tue city on the north site;. where suflo-ient water and protection ( atloids a good laroor. To the-e tslaads the road will I\.alily te carried. 1 bis is the only expedient short of i A '.asm in the bay aid a tidal Iih i>age. not impractica da, | l>eihaps. where the tide risei and falls dallv twenty two feet. The consumed capital is now six millions. .-?ven minions aie raid to be wanted Doubtless seven millions will lie required before the nsrhor at Asplnwall is pro I tested, ano the iron and atone buildings and wharves provided. Before the roadway Is mad" solid anil secure, | and before the i'anama term'uu* is carried to the islands and the neces-ary appliance* are located there for a ? freighting business probably ten millions will be re quired, possibly twelve. It is po-s;h:e that, with so *hort a rovl, even after <he completion of all the-e facilities and a cunsequsnt iBcreaxeof freighting business, the work may be done -sid a eingle track and turnout*. 'Hie expenses of working the road are not likely to be lees than 60 per cent Cpropably will be more) toe Mrs*, '.wo ye?ra. though the item of fuel i* not expensive. It fte iug furnished on the road at three dollars the cor I. Water is auw brought ?eveu mile* to A*ninwali, bat tanks are being built, which will contain large roller tions of ma water Ihe sam* proceaa will be necesearv *t the company ? islands in I'a'iama Hay, tbey contain ?ng no fresb water, as I am tnfonned. An outlay of some S i 0.U00 of the receipts will, duilng the n?xt two veara, nrobaMy replace the decaying ties with lignnmiitae. ? Along the rou* of the road much current expense must fee anticipate 1 for keeping the track and the de?p cut -wibanknenta -ecu re against tbe washing* of the heavy rams of tbe ra ny aeason Kverytbing that i* perishable rapidly decompose* in this' climate, and iron ao I stone *n?*t take th s place of wood. i? oar railrr ads tbe moat profitable feature i# not the 1 through, but the way carriage Is tbe Isthmus capable of an agricultural and mechanical or manufacturing d? velopemeot that will make way business - Certainly not the lAtter. nod tho.e who cros* the country are not 1 hkely to form favorable opinions of ita e?rty agr:cultur*l | eettleoMiot and cultivation. This road must depeod j upon it* through business. Ihe gross receipts of thi* ! fcasiMes are oo>. Itkely to be less, th? II rst y?ar of the med's opening than II i.oO.i <si They may ex -eed thi* amoanv? probably will, if much of the truvel snouM, in avaarqueaw of tbe facility now afforded by this rotd, d. .ert Ihe Nicaragua route for thi*. The t>ea ity and ?-?>mf<-_ t of the Pacific mail steamers between I'aaam* aod Saa (ranciaco are the admiration of all who have leave ad ia them This enure* to the a lvaatage of this route o aid of the railioad benefits Ho? Inog the treacberoua, o??v aoll, where the road ' is aow mi stained by pilci anl tilled io, will permit tne ereeent ftrane-.s apparent oa tbe portion of the r?ad toogeet built, and whether the swampe will stay settled, H a of time perbape It now preeenls a fine, ?libelant iai appearani e Tbe eeven hundred acres composing the ialaad of Men .-aBIIU. ea which Aspinwall i* built, lie but j j*t ramed atiov* the sea la part covered witb swamp* and atind ing water, Aap.owail lo?a*, en a familiar aci|ualnt tace. tbe agreeabi* aspect It wears on entering the harbor. Tbeeewere Bie peculiar feature* of New Orleans, yet have oat prevented its growth to a great city. The rail vied track ia act tbe Mississippi river, however. Me h the Paoama Kailrna i ha* done, more it will do, ; #?i,#te true door of tbe seas, tbe facility demanded by j ?-' its ef co?na?erre will aever be opened until a ship <faal shall unite tbe oceans. The pract cal union, fraught to tbe full with thoee vast and peculiar ad van tages cammerce is to derive from tin union of tbe K**t ami tbe West, lie* in the *hip canal The expenditure of time an<! labor ia the prone*? of tranahipment m at ! ever be a bar to the emp'oyateat of thi* route for the traasitof theee large and valuable cargoes of product* eari manufacture* which make up th* bilk of tke ivwacierc* of the globe. The eiatpany has placed 1U rates for freight at so high a poiat ae to v.rtnally eaclude the traasportatioa of aisicWwrtlee, except is eery liaiM quaatltie* a?d of a perwltar ebara*ter A cargo eea he brought frem tbe ^swteia naaet of !*a-ith America, auuad < ape Hnra to XZZ"i0LMia'^ ?o.dio*. woull oe $20 SvS;: sm different UnR or charges prevails ' * WbfMwr a canaj cut from ocean to oceaa M?v oi?b drance and'at 'et 1th" fr"'Kbt*d slip. without hin .t?.rfn' . ' mod(,?t# tout, pats through K<Moir jteadlij ou itH way, the paH*a?re of the UttjmuU will imnKosely facilitate the movements of cimmon Then boweinr It will be mainly for the advantage of rrevail in *??. b*n|i,,B M in'1" *n<l the cal?s tbv prevail m tbe Hay of 1 anama, causing adeteut on o' tail r? thml sPProxiB"it'0lf ??> the time occupied m nisk ">{f'he pastage around the Horn. The construction and operation of this railroad {? step tending directly to Hie establishment of a .hip ea , lf ? 7" '?? P?.cUc.bUi It is under the cTrcm h.^u'H 8^0"" r, T""'"' ?J **ct.v? in aid^Tu inereault. The road drnwM attention, travel emit*! end enterprising observation along the r0tl^ o' 'he IstMnus It prepare, the way f?" ,he tr.n.porta,^ a?ca?". * ?{ to the won of Notwithstanding tbe fallureii we have witnessed th,r? are yet bo,?a entertained of the pracSutr of. h. !!?La*!i0i!!!! the'',t,imu,?- The river Atrato. in Darlen Tlienee tn ?l " d ";1, * dlst.noe of Rome forty iail?s! II enee to tlie IaclUc, in the province of Checo a dis> Is s"d?to f?jT ?f tl'" "-.ulo' ll is naid to fall away |?to irregular lulls, which do not sppenr insurmountable obstacles to the oonstructlou a ran". A survey ih beioK m?de, I understand, on pri "mVX route.'' m Y#rk' to "* ?" M SCENE AT A SPIN WALL ? THE TRII' ON THE ROAD. At 0 o'clock, on the moruing of the 15th or February 1H-5, tbe steamer (ieorge Ijiw entered the harbor of As pinwall, with tbe flag of New Cranada to the fore an 1 tbe stars aud stripes floating at tbe rnben, The tout tn Mnlle was pleasing beyond our expectations. The white houses, with small windows and green blinds, lent an American aspect to the town, while the lying at anchor in the hay. showed signs or commercial life" pnlm ,ree" 00 gracefully waved thtir tall foil - age In the brteze er tbe trade wind, and tbe greer, hills that, on two Mdes, encircled the bay, rejoiced in theglo* of th? tropical sun. The tiring of cannon audibly welccme l the party who, at the invitation of tb.- hmauia Railroad Company, was now arriving to join in Celebrating the opening of the road. The party consisted of several gentlemen from M-w \ork.nd vicinity. moat of them stockholders in rcild> un,)"'r charge of Mr. William Whltteorlght, Jr , a director of tbo company. We were met by Col. Tot ten Chief Engines, and Mr. Center, Superintendent, and corducted Irom the vessel ?o the quarters of Col Totten srd hi. corps, at tbe edge of the town, ou . point of sand beach lying In the bay. Here tbe hay present, a most beautiful -ea appearance, and at a few rods distance, the breaks., in snowy foam, roll ceaselessly on the sandy beach. Here, reeling in the de.lcious bree/e the party were urgently r.frched by the milk of tlie }<>ung coco nut brought by negro waiters, with the sheli perforated and ready for the delicious quaffing of the ursty tiaveiler. A sumptuous dinner soon after com pleted the refreshing process, and a walk to the railroad office afforded a sight of the entrance into A.pinwall, of the flrst train through from 1'anama without chang. of cars-the first through train since the completion of the rood, freighted with passsngers arrived that morning at I'anauia Irom Htn Francisco, in the John ],. Stephens Ibe next morning, the 18th, at 9 A. M , the party proceeded in a car attached to a train which carried over tbe passengers arrived at Aspmwall, in the (ieorge ,0 D1*k,> the P**sage of the Isthmus by steam, Tb engine was gaily decorated with flag*, and the express car of Hinckley & Co., which fallowed us in tno freight train exhibited a profusion of gay streamers and bril '?ant decorations. I'roceeding at the rate of about ttO miles an hour, our train ot nine pas?enger and one h.ff K'lgH car, nmn reached (Jatun ; i. iuilw? im-^ AmUi! . H?re*n?rch apaBDed the road' c??v>re?l with learjT ?f ! in'uZ monrr.7b?/ 1 I alrocoH enteral, iok " "?U*1 ! ' f,re"''? "u ?'"her han I. and a profusion ?i ? ceepem fairly Bmothered the tree? w.fh Ln ni"D.k*r0,ah- ** rank.mrllof ET win ,, th- no"tri" At about a Coren miles from Asp'nwall we nass? ! Mi? Lb e":,:,?np;,tb; ?"in? in ,,f ?hie" ? '? 1. Ub,,r HDl' J '?heartening exertion but punnet* fr'TlT * S.U;1 -??^?"tiy "JZZ grow* h was flr<! H?" Wl""p. Col fotteu wh-n the ??.V . beared away, pr.paralory to laving the track proceeded a short distance t^velhn/in a manner M.ii ,r*u!,)1r";unK'j: with th? <">? aSonledT, tbe "llr- .d Tinding hi, mule could not g.-t on. he aha, doned t)ie ttiintm), and atri ppinic otf hi-< rl<ithi?? ??. i n .round hM new/ leaping fro'iifiill:^ tire X' UlZ tree, swinging h,m,. If tr.?n bran-h to branch ?erarr.b thr'ugh, hours, succeeded in his way roaAd?nh,'\^'0n."f ro?*1' the AsplnwalJ side the ties seL ' i." ? The original pin. ties s re sst rotting out, last ng but about elthu^n months, and are being supplied *fth ^ j^mise to last a long t,},Pu of year,. Ot Vl'So irosred' th/ciil J? y " fr"m A,P,n?aU, w. ero.?ed the Chsgres r,ver on a substantial bridve with Ike to Hiw"81"' ! U"rrn ?"?t"ul Rlad* opened nark choked w ,T' . '"J1" altar tbe den-e /orest tofoie pa*?ed. rtr' * U'^OU?1, "b,cti w" ^ w al l"neiTt h l"? ' ' ? r*'' 0 * ? twenty , even mil., from Aspin the F?? (irande, ?br??gh wh^h.';^;^^^1 the train i stopped, fm the left flowed the Chagrts rivw' snd on the right, at a few ,.r.|t dl.Unce rol a c?i".i hill of regular rrrm f'erf.ct in form. and.trlkh?to ^- m?nn?nient,toiltiPer0 'l""" U" ?'ro/*r ?'f or )'alm? In.', , "r,K">l< grantees of tbe road. raled tft. I Tl *r?c?f"I, scattered Here and ther.. ,|.co rated tb? lull, and fr nged the val.s l,elo? The vale, hevillVvfAV "" M"" "n'' wi'h their bUU in i th? valley Of ,|,c river, l?nt a picturesque variety to tbe ? 't ???M"alMon the line ?f the roii ' C. r~r af,'r P,ac,B? 11 tin box ?p? th. intt u'l l? i, 'OW I'ontents he could not inform us introduced to he a-.emble.| company hi, exr..;|?n"v M bVvi^T '",,' ni""' UUt'" *''nister f> New (iranala ,b' ?pp^: AllItKK*- OF II IKJK BOWI.IS. We ir.ret here to ?lay, to commemorate an epoch in hiitory dea'ined in t ture to give new liie and aoinat on to commerce, and, by facilitating intercourse to national renown a brighter luatre. It in our pride an l pleaaute to announce to the world, from the summit of the lath mnn which divide* tbe two great oceans, that the bar rie. to Intercourse Let *?en them baa been broken down l.y individual enterprise that their wa'er* are |lnkel together by Land* of iron, ami that the car of commerce now ride* triumphantly from tea to sea, free and un*hackled to tb>- trade of the world. That the time n?< come when the prediction of Colutnbua, that the r?ute to In'iia and her rich eomm*rce wa? through tb" Wnt, i* no longer a spe ulative tbtory but a *olv>d problem, worked out by American genius, and Am' ncan enterprise. It i? the triumph of thia ureal I idea, tbe completion of thia great work, which forms an event in tbe bi?tory of commerce that we have tSi? day I aeambleri anit*bly to commemorate, by erecting a monument, not to record mil tary deeda .ind barren vie torlea, boi the loftier triumph* of tbe progre** o' elrlli nation. Tbe monument we thia day by the fojndation ot, la to per^et'iate the deeda of m>-n who eourt?d glory, nit upon the tented field, but in work" of utility and progresa. to bettor the condition of human ity through <jutet and unobtrusive struggle". it la the spirit ot i>rO)jre*a. the triumph ot art, the reation* of tren.n* that thia monument i? to commemorate Indi vidua! genius baa ? rigmated the den gn. and individual enterpnrn ha* proaecuted th e great work of connect. ng theaeaa? a work which bad batft'd th* speculative the orista ot three centir'.e* ? and, by Industry and perse terance. ha* a< ?< ompliahed the <>bye:t and laid the toun dation of a new era >n the commerce of the world, quite a? ?tartl.r. jr and more promising of results than the die co?ery of the ocean route to India. We meet here a* citiien*, re| r**entlng in our sympathies two republic*, alike Intereated in the roniummatlon of tbla great en terpriae. to eitend the hand of fellowahip an I unite in mutual congratulation* for tbe bright prospecs it open in the future to our relative countries We meet a* Iriend*, alike proud of the participation of our re* peetlve coun' and countrymen in thia un paralleled work, with no other rivalry than a laudable ambition to ejeel in fostering and encouraging an undertaking that equally re<1" inds to the glory of both republic* It la tne glory of New lire aada that her territory i? the theatre of tina roagnificen* eoterpnre, and that >m her "Oil ia planted the monument to record it to future generations whllat we, of tbe Con fed* racy, teel equally proud that our country ha* t?ro duced the man who*e deed* and wboee vlrtuea are m decorate the p*d?*'i?l. Tte ni*re?t of the respective n.untr e- * cq .*! st>'! mutual n thia new channel of roanmerce we can only be rivals for a renown which i* mora than eufhrient for both. Tben, auodmg bar uf on thia heaven eiected altar. who*? baea da*h*a beck the wavea of either ocean, and mutually mindful of our mtereet and our glory, lot u* determine by a solemn re solve that thia monument, conae.-rated to gen u* and to enterprira. and the road it commemorate*, a). all alike be imperishable. The completion of thia road la the virtual termination of a struggle of more than three rentnnea for a pas -age through the Wert to India. i rasn the eartie*t period, the trade of the Indiea had haaa the great subject of conteet between rival net on* and rival eitiee. and it never failed to etrich tboee who, for a time controlled it In the la pee of centnnee it frequently c ha aged Ita route erwt ing and deetrayiaf eittee In 4a math aa It fostered ar abandoned the* The wier- bant* who enjoyed it vera. n tli* language o' Holy Writ, "merchant prince*, " and | the nun* mat !???>? everywhere marsrd it < courae, alike | attest Hi power to buil<t up and destroy It built up Palmyra ia the tfetert anil left her palace* in marble only io perish scd become i mire consptcuoua moou- | Bi'i'l ia cer ruin* of her former glory Bl"' renown Alex- j ander the Creat, alter deatroying Tyre, a* a rival, | :oum'e<i hiK prmt city after hi* own name, t bat (be I ni aht, ih the enjoyment of that trade, beet rax the queen CJty of the world Acd then she too bad her age o< glory an t o' eban .e Constantinople followed in toe train ? then Vtnice, whom' glory was dimmed and then obscured by the d i seovery ol the passage around the Cane of Go<> l Hope. Then commenced a ne? struggle for that trad* wLlch enrlche-: nation* ?nd cities In it n march over Kurope I.iabcn reaped the lint fruit* ol a disco very, t lie honor of which belonged to lier country. The Dutch and Inglish were her rival*, until after a conflict of mere tt,un two centunee England triumphs in securing every commanding point in the new route, and controlled it it destiny ? making 1/omHin to the modern wi rid, wbatTyre, I'a'myra mid Alexandria were to tht ancient In the big niiia< of the struggle for the con trol of thi* commerce, < 'olumbua proposed a new hypo llit if, founded upon philosophic view* ? that the earth was globular. and that the true route to the Kant wa< t: rougha western channel In Iiik effor'. to denaouatrat hi* pioblem. lie> discovered to 'he world a hitherto un know n hemisphere. lit- establish* d the truth of his posi tn r, hut a continent intervened to cbask liino in h'? ca reer Thi* led to ? new struggle to ilnd a paaaage to India t d rough tbe Western Continent ; and in it every ellort tiint gmlua could Inaplre, or daring adventure would at tempt, nan resorted to. to solve tn? great problem of a " Nirthweat passage." From tho tro/en icgloa* of the Arctic Sea to t ape Horn, every inlet nun penetrated by tlic bold and advea'uroua naviga'ors ot every commer | c al nation, each striving to give to hi* nu.ue anil nation the imperishable renown of the discovery Kor more than three centuriea the content ban been nu ceaaing ; and while it baa been productive of some good result* in new <ii*coverle*, it lias lelt nothing io it* im mediate path but monumental wreck* of unparalleled earing At the very commencement of t:nn mighty *truggle, thin iHtbmua, where we now stand, and with it thcgieat I'm ificCiean wan discovered . Bilbao, an officer of i lie c row n. aod Eranel* PUarro, tbea ityoutliful ad venturer,* n to lame, but who wax subsequently destined to (ill >o large a space ill the world'* history , aa the conqueror Of Peru, were t lit* Hint tj penetrate the I grcit mystery that lay beyond the new continent, in I the discovery of tin- gieut ocean. Kornnil posaessiou wan j taken of it, as an acquisition to the Spanish crown, by Balbao'* inarching into it m watein and aa*ert>ng the do [ minion of the awr rd ovor It- boundless wave* Thin di* covery wax made before Cortea had learned th? road to Mexico, and mult have beeu the llrat. Imme diateiy upon the dixMivery of thia latamua, ad vocate, aro?* to vindicate it* claim* an the great passway of tlie world'* commerce. Spain, th-u, in the very zeoith of ber glory, made it tbe route of tbe commerce of her American po**e*sioa*, and lavished treaiures with n liberal hand for it* delenne 1'ue citie* of l'orti Hello on the Aflantic. and Km mm on tbe 1'acifie, sprung into existence us if by niagii', and Europe rung wltn the talc* of her wealth and splendor, more dar.zling an I extravagant tban the wildest irea Hon- of lictwn 'Hiey weie to the huropean worll the raves of Aladdin, to which every daring adventurer sought entrance that lie might posses* himself of their treasure*? and ye! thin rich commerce was carried be tween tbe two cities on a mere pave.! mule road. The bi?tor.v of thin age if tbe Intbrau* fully extabllnho^ her cla ms to tbe highent commercial importance, ax ber < itit* rore upon her roimntrre alone, and fell only when tbe conl nued rapacity of Kurope, Htunulated by extra vacant legend*, plundered and destroyed it. Spain her ni'lf contribute'! to their fall, by nuch extravagant prt teuton! in regard to her American poueanion* that it roused marly all Kurop* auainot her. particularly every jaw'en adventurer lirunk with her wealth aud p >w? r. she put no limit* to her arrogant a**mnpt on", short of loci ing up the commerce of the -eat Tin* policy led to the destruction of her citie* along the coait and the rr'ppling of that commerce upon which they llourlahed on every sea. Porto llelio ami Panami were no ex oeption* to the rule ? they fell, and in two centori** fnnitbiir foundation *carcely pre*erve>l r-lis* enough tf' atte*t a aplendor that had once dacxled the v if the world Tlie golden aje of the Uthmti* had i'e parted but survived iong enough to establish it* im portance an a commercial highway a? tbe true route to India. It >? a meliurliolv truth which the hiatorian will ierord with no pleasure, tnat after tbi* period of her gnatress, she leln^aed back Into a statu of obscuri ty but litt'e removed fiom the condition in which ber c> m,uerors bad orln inally 'oiind her. The Hptoiar 1* ot that uge were u race of heroes and conqner irs, no*, prti ? ticnl men, and *eli!nm contributed much to the impcuve ment i f countries that "ell under the dominion ol tbe r ?wor<*. Ihe glory of thei*thinu< was a cmnm^r-iil l oon, cot one of pillage and cult vatl' u ano wbeu tli>t was rlierled and l-er cltiea deatioyeil, to relapse was a i. Mural icsult. But. whatever the cauae, she certainly il! *o, ?nd remained for nearly a century and a bat' a trria incogvMa, until public attention was i ouse l femi it* apatbv to her tri.e worth, bv tbe investl?r?tiiMis ?> John I.. (Stephen*, to wbo*>' memory tlas ntoiaaiiaut i n part ereitel H* not onlr investigate i un folded the commsreial a?!vanUgen of tile ^tunm but extended his o|ieiation* through I'eniral Auwsl c*. dis> n'< mbin/ citie* i f forgotten nation ?' Hi past, and rWing to the world a work which will be read with i nt>rest as lone as the laugua i u w hich it i* written shall survive He foun I the co intry ar. almost unl/roi-en w, I li n.e-j, hut developing, to tb ? e>e of grnius and en:er|.ii*e, renonree and commi r advantage* which lie si pourtrayed a* to arouse hi countrymen to a tioa During all th? time the iathinu had nevi r ci *??<! to attrac.t, more or les*, tbe attention of tbe world, a* tte *pot ?l? signed bv n.?lure an 1 the im mutable laws of trade, a* the great highway of com merce. It had always held a place a* the rival scheme tol the darling project of daring navi|fat< r* in their March for ii northwest | a sage. I'hlloeophrrs and stutesim n had speculated upon It, and even iistion- lix t feigned to gne it pasaltig notice, jet tbe work wa* dee n ed too at opendoaa for tiectitlon, until tol. To .ten. the , i n((ini er, ' isabn -ed the world of that folly, by a :< ora ! pi bill eg the woik, teaching the diilerence betwi-en prai - ticnl proiriess and dre*' iin< ph lonopby. But tbe road is mace ? and In tbi* utilitarian age, where ev rythini? de pends upon practical results, the inquiry>, what is to be accomplished by it ' We inijjht reply, every til l g beneficial to n mru?rce throughout the world. Hut to he more -lecillc, tbe distance between th" indie* and tbe ports of l.urope, is to be lesanne 1 at lea*t one-fourth, an t tbe American Atlantic citie* on' third Ihe long voyagei, and dangerou* and bolsteio m navigation around the capes, i* to lie avolde ' Ih" whole lr?ck of tbe we?tern shore a of the two Atner;' is ia to be hrougbt into .inirediate connection by ? peed y transit with tbe eastern shore>?, anil with E ir .p* Again by ahurteninK the rnnte*. ateam can be successfully employed to visit the remotest reg.nus wheie Monwr e can tie- found? another gre. .I economy of time It ua locks the gates of commerce to tba South Ameii an re public*, and give* them a speedy aceea* to the j.jrts ot tin world. To New liranada, xitb ber extended Coasts < n both ocean*, it* advantage* are incalculable. It will form an era in ber history, :rom which will date that spirit of progress which is de?tiued to develop resources, and make her socially, wha' she ia now by nature, a magnilicent 'country. To New York, Ui whom jU-tly belong* tbe gh ry of tbi* intcrpii*e, it will be a contactor of tbe world'* richest, commerce. But her destiny is flve.1. nothing ran r' tsrd her prosperity. Nature and the Uw of cr mm< rce have *tampe<i her ae tb* future comro'r ?1 Mportnm of the world, and thia work i* hut one step in ti.e a CO loph-hment at that det. gn. And o<iw, to con elude we bare but to remind yon that the work ia done the triumph Is complete; the highway o- e rnm?r " to Int ia ha- been fouud, fie problem of f olnmbns h > ? be?n solved, the c*r* of coinmei ? e are rolling from ?ea to ??*, their water* are lioke<t ty indissoluble bonda, tbe reveluticn in trade i- at hand which s destined to work oat mcah >i 1 able re*. Ita And It is our glory sin', our boaet, as eltiren* of the I'ni'ed States, that an enter|riae tnat startle! na'. ions by ita magnitude has been completesl bv the undivided effort* oi a few ol dir countrymen, un *r the foe taring protection of tbe two directly int?i?"te.l r-puhl. a. Tb* memory of Meven* Aspinwail and ? ha incey, as th<* < r'ginal protector*, will be preserve.! on this monument, to remind tb* pas'.ng *tiar<*r of their de< ,;* but they ? r.d their associate- - r Mected as t.iey are, through the* work, With tbe com mer <al mtere-ta of tb* coin try ? shall live in k? history, and commensurate with ita Itoundless expanse There are dee<!s that out.ive inmi i mental marble, and men whose panel and fame rea. u beyond monumental I mite and are freebly remaeabered wh' n tbe ^?de?tal that lecvrds tnelr lieads bas m ngle-l with the dust it waa designed to commemorate ^s have but or.e duty more te perform, and that is to lay the foundation stone of a mon ineit tfeat is to r?c?rd to future generations tbe commercial uaion ol the two great ocean Ileyoo^ Gorgona the road i? (till m icb of it built oa wo?*l?n auj porta ot<-r r?*inM. and pre?enta an inae>uie ?pp?aran'?, and p-ai a .* ?.> wfcen ?<s eoaader how ra(. j idly the -laB^er wooleB {ilea dacorrpoaa ia thia climate Hut th?- |.r*>? ? of flliinr to ax><! of "ipptrlnc ,r' 0 *tMit >i >? foinif on. an 1 will tc fxetmux), I un<!?ratan<l uatl the ?b?il" ?ball h??? aiolid foundation At I !, I*. M. tha tra.B reaohad I'anarna, having ma<> tha fa?m? with oaer 40o paraona, ia four and a half heart, laeludJair balf an hour'a delay at M-mamant bi'.l A? truth la atraager than fletloa we do no* wob der at I tuia aaat improvement m the heretofore t- ..on paaaa* b; boat a ?ad trulaa. occupy an aa maty daja aad involv ing a world of fatigue I'tnimi with tt? ?toaa ho i? of thra* atorlea bi(h aad tbict walla, It* churcbea as<l heavy fortifiratwaa pr-aonta a atrong .-[an ah eontraat to Yankee Aap.awall All agraw'ia f r no,,B Of it aa he?|>ny aa Aapiawall la ual veraally adai "ad to be {?a'ilentlBl Ttjia difference waa ohaerved by the of* -re of the road ib th* affect jp?o the baaltb'of tb? worimaB Ttw.?e wko, ah ?? engaged on tb* A'laa'.c alipe wara aiel, ea,oyed health when the anmmlt had been peaaed aad th*; ia haled Pacific air*. I'aoama within fh* waila with !ta a jhatan'.a! atut?* hiitld'titfa aad Barrow gutter -haft and "gutter j>* f ?! ! atreeta. lowaet Ib the centre, preaeata a at: ? of -oatreat to Pana ma without th? waile !*>>? ?'.? ,h< aaburha? we had lo thread ? a our ?aar from the 'art to tha city are unpeae-1 aad irt'talefly ??l)t Bp with bemboo hula thatrhed with palm leavea. oustaang >>aa aa i e.n? time* two I'OBa with two '.oora oa oppoaite awiea. but i Bow'a<"o?a Hera aumhara of woman eat fhiMrea ?f mulatto aad black mlor hived aad aquattad oa tha grouad. or awaaf la/Uf ia haaiaancka. , heat aad dirt prepnaderatiaf ot*t all ether aleaweata the wtxn^a pi aaUaa th* faahtaa af ieitiag e<ia afcle ef their 4taaa fal I ?? low I*an oa tha arm, to at poee one a'leeUer a *<i wear 'hair thia ?r*aaa* eat vary low ia tha haefc. t ?at aa mucb of tbat par ? of the person a* possible rnn'be einoaed. At t Ue first appearance of the locomotive the** peo ple, the n r ., who had gene nut upon tbe *1/ to wit nes* (be riginn and train, were neiml with fright au# ran *way, shrieking 'HI animal I" (the ahimal) an tbev not iaapth have styled the "Iron horse." The connection made by the ready transit of the pa* senger* fro? the train to the steamer not cau dng Iod^ detention und accumulation of traveller* Id Panama, a* beretoiore ha* injuriously affectid the businee* of that place. Kent* hare fallen laimen-'ly. and the general talli ok oft of husines* i? certain to carry value* t? * itilt 1 lower point. In Panama the party were quartered im guest* of the railroad company *t the Aspinwall Houee? a fine build ing. but aeon to be cloned for want of buRine**. THE EXCURSION. (lathe 17th, alter breakfasting at the principal res tanraat, the hotel net furnishing ineal*, (be party pro ceeded to the residonse of Mr. Munro, the agent of the Pacific Ituil Miam hiji Company. Hence we procei<<ted through a gate in ibe elty wall, over the rocky lied of the l'arilic, tl.e tide being out, *oiue tliret <|u?rter? of a mile to th? i- mn 11 boat* Hers the party were taken, by turns, on tbe ha j ks of negroes and o arried from toe rock* tn tbe boat*. feratnhllrig for seat*, after occn siounl f V'pp"i? "I iigbt aeaa, to tbe aore detiimeutof white HM.ta.Ae. A rough row ol oae and a half utile* landed h , winding several ladies of the families a ' Judge Rowhn and Mr Muuro, upon the deck of the old I propeller (Toiuiubti*. Nin? mile* down the bay, partly | id a snower, brought nil to the pretty little inland of Toboga, amid the waving of Hags and the tlfiog of can . non Ironi the English work* on the inland ? a nalute of seven gnu* Iront the Itritiah battery honoring the pre- ' ?ence ol the American Minuter. Here debarking, the j party le embarked in small boat* for tbe Hritish steam [ ebip llolivia lying nt her itnchorage in Tobuga Hay. A A heavy ab< wer coining up, wet moat of the party to the fkin It ti ver rains in the dry searon ia a popular illusion that^ic present eipetiente ban t|ttlte dispelled Tie nat e? attribute the phenomenon to el animal Hut tl.e magnificent 1 lejtunrr 11 la fourcktlt* which the ) company sntdouu to, in the cabin of the HoUvia, at 'J P. M., more than compensated for 11 alight wet ting in that pen .il climate. The table presented a glittering array of table service, all handsome of its kind, and tbe comestible a were all? .turkeys, chickens beef. hatn, salmon, aurdlne*, iwtca, duoks, pne trite, 4c ? superior in <|uulity. The maguitlcent pine apple cf tile tropica, tinuked hy the complement ot oraagea and bananaa, thraw into the shade tbe dried prune*, raisins und vanoui nuta winch aided in m iking up the complete whole of a table where wioet) ol variety and superior ipulity crowned the whole. Mr Mathienon. the agent of the lliitbli Htmnililp ( C< mpeny at Panama. presided at one end of the table, sndt'apt. Wild, of the Rallria, at the other. After the due satisfying ol *pi>et It*, provoked to i eeu content by the temptation before it. >lr. Mutbieson gave? ??The health ol the President of the I'nited states." Ju<lge llow. in brielty re?ponde<l, and gum ? " l'lie Quean.'' j lirank with all tbe honor*. Mr. Center gave ? "The ateniner llolivia anj her accompliab<' 1 comm tnder," for which Cant Wild returned thuuka, ami ?!?*?? "The la dle* ?ho tinriOT u? with their pretence Hi turning to the island and re emhirking In the Co liimbua, the (arty returneil to Panama. The proce*H of 1 dthart 'ng wa* the name a* that of embarking in the ' m> rning ? hy hui*11 iKiata and negro hack. The ti le hid r?*n und the hoati came much neater to the city w.ill than In tLe morn.iig It wan a scene to lie remembered an the hunt* ueared the binding, and the hill < and lalau la thai ? in balllah the noble hay of i'anima were growing dim in tbe declining light of day, when the young moon hi ng her *ilv?r born over the tin <? worn walla of Tana n i> wbere the reaper bell* chimed their merry rouu le I lay iu tbe ear of evening. the banquet At x, I" M , of the 1 ;tn, a party of atMiut seventy per eona nat down to dinner at the Ai>pluwall ilouxe, I'ana ma. Mr. Whitewrlght presided. On hi* right aat hi* ? xrellency, Don 1'edio de Diego, Uoverncr of I'snaina 1 the Hlght lleverend llinhop of Panama, Kray Kdwardo Vanities tbe Receiver Ceneral, S>-nor Hon Kaucon Val leiir.o Ilou Carlo" /.achtinaon, the Swi Jiah consul, rienor llerlado, and others i'n the left of the chair sat ?h? Hon Jui'ge Bowliu. I nl.ed r-t*ten Minister to New (Ira nada ; Col T. W Ward, United .^tat*1* Consul at I'ana ma Itav. Mr Howell, protectant clergyman in I'animt ix (ioveroor I ia/, fen< r Iain Mariano Aronutsna, ei VI 1 - n inter to Perti, and others. Mr Matbieeo*, aftnt of th* '.1 1 . 0 ki 1* :i'. j. luripji) N. H. Monro, a/>at <>l Pacific M. h. ( o. Mi. ri'iiim, ag< n- ol" Atlanti M. S S Cu. ( olonel Tut ten, hjigineer in-Chief, Panama II. J! . \. J. Center, K?j., rii|ieriutendent Panama It K "Canadian 1 \erntii"iit, witb s ut mflaiiWMe ttter <ue rjincuasioii nf the viand*, Mr. t enter i?p.<?u*d ?? apt'f ?.^er ,il letter* from diniioguinheil p -r , a *'i hi ? ke>? invited to join m the celebration, ant te etc -in!. tuiong others, flow ('. Aug. ?i,|* '' I'r. lietbtKie |>r. Ifiwks. I leot Ifwfinee Irwin, K*<( , (ieo W Hlunt, K?<j., Hon. ' 'iiajpi Nubian* lb" a.asvwig of the l^th a delegation of Panama ni*n* calied u^uei th* railroad partv, and ,n handsome | term- preeanMol an add i? a* complimentary ami patriot! ' id its tone. THE RETURN. At ore P. M the party etaned / tiiei momeler ^i^htj hve degrees, during n shower ) in a special train to re turn to Anplnwall All ?ent aell until th* tr.iin had | pri Cteded al?ut twenty miles, iiere, at the Obispo sta I ticn, 11st after thetrsin had pae.ed over a portion of the i<ad sustained over a deep gully on dender piles, the ? ni( ne 111. off the track No .'atnage wan done beyond the faring up ot a few ties. A rii"?neriger was iintne diatelj despatched to Aapinwall oh a htn I car. At half pirt one at night, eleven hours after tbe M'ideat, a train arrived up from Anpinwsll. Tbe p*??engers and I a, i/?ge were immediately transferred, an I at j A M. oti ibe iM'tnir'.' of th" 19th rea< he. I A?p nwall. Th.s in 1 ident inly added varie'y to tne perhaps, to 1 moeotOKous and una. cintome<l manner of erotalog th? isthmus It ga^e us a taste of a night upon the Mhma*. and a rell*)i for the Inri' b of wor'singman's fare, which the klndnes. and activity of < ol. Totten and Mr ( enter | M cured !or th" party at the (>'..*p.i station A richer treat an 1 more reined, awaited us at the l ',u?e of Mr IViorn tbe I'emirblp cornp*n>'s a/ent st A-p naall. in a sumf tuou* breikfaet, that, In variety and ah'in^an. e of good thter rivalled tbe drj'urtr a la 1 Jourth'ttt 01 the Ikil.v a It was under* tood tbat the !sthmu*iant ''."signed giving a hull, on the eiening of the 16th, to 'he ra lrotd psrty and others, as their deninnatrat on in the c-ltbration of op ning the road, to l>e followed by a <f'j<??ei on T ies day morning, tbe itoth, at A?[in*all, given njr the rail road Ui *1 e I'anamnu *n* and ott.ert Those would close the feitlvitiet of tbe occasion V < r thi* ball and break- , fast tl,< majority of tbe | arty did not elay their stay on tbe isthmus At 0 A. M of the 19th tt.' patty stlle-1 aeay fr< in the hospitable shores of th" iathm ? t*snng avay with tiiern s?iee*hle recollection- of x most enjoyal.i" trip, | and of tbe reception of tbe kindest hoep tahties Tie burning sun of the is'hm i?. nowever, the rank and tangled (treat growth, f>etld ?wamj.s, tbe middy, -luggieh stream of the ( hagr-* and other r vers, the ab 'nceamongthe people of o.r lamiliar omiort* of Hie, the filth, pnvat on and fatigue that bad m?t our e_?. ? 1 n all tide* upon the i-tha us had prepared u* for willingly turning uur faces he. me war) We coild but tmiiine wl at must have teen the privat.on. of tho?' w ho made '.be pa. e*ge 1 f tbe utt n.'is In the time of mules and (hagre* W.nt., sr. > than* 'ni>rn an "iitei prise U?*t we I ?<! .-r 1, e e. n"f)t ..! r j.,n ? I Three b*arty cheers "Brrie i o ir adieus ? t, a party of ! oni entertainer* on the wharf, aril to four of oar party ! len.aint.g over until n"it ?teaiuer, and a lis' ret.m 1 ? tb?r parting gree-.:nge '0 M a* th* H l-;s o move.! a eay mUi the t ay t'. ' t.e .oui.d ' f .< f a 1 ' ng ?a I lute Irom the eannoa < n shore ? iccets at'end tbe notde enterprise, the Par., u.a Ha I road, and may it. aa a paying enterprn" e.^ual its le ? ert>. If t should no', tke a or 1-1 will be still th" gainer by it* c mpletion We are hav ng 1 ? lew f a ??age throngh the < arribb* an ea in tbe fl I ? rad", against a bead w nd teiwar '* the llatana The ship 1* no* *? rtby of her la d?ed. < apta.nOr*y is worthy of a >'? 1 ve.*el a all reelects. The pr"**ure of event' daring the short ??*y < n th* isthmus aad the of pie?? nn of sea* ?ne?s on th.s ee?e sue, icuat be an ap .l'ry for whatever short omlog* m* j be sp; erect ia this aecout of Y'iI H ( OP.PJ. I*ONf?KNT * lipoliilinent by Iht Prealdent, Bt till *I1ri TH* Hit Kg an, >Y>??rTT ov mi ' siTI '.eaeral WlnBeld .?'citt. ef tbe armv of the I nitod "tate*. to be Iieulenaat '.evierai l y brevet in the same, " r en .sent set vires In the laf ' war with Mateo, to t*n* rank *s snch fiom M*rch Jl 1'I7 tke lay on wb 'li tr.e I aited states trf. e? under n ? e<,mrr. sod ?'if. to red Vera Crar and the C?vla of "ea Joan > lilt.* < ???Him' I >af.?l Ptiimsu ? tm ?A 1*4 n*at?<l Jam?? Mr'Jtll, >|'>l IT }**r?, j?a??rl?j> at tb? r*a 4?Bt? of ml hriilbn. No MA Ook; ith' fr?. m '.h? ?'? '? of ? ?**?> ? kl"-il h* ?i?li a ;?*?!>>'? n tl>? bti. '? of M< ?b?. ? abuwt tb* ?*?>??#?, T>i? <1?- ???? 1 ???) t ?bat it lajUr. n* ?') r>th?r ? ?o tb* latlar !? mm* mff ?? ? t*l?'?*<l tb? .w caaad IB th* irn lor * ''?lp fl??h li)? f !wi ?n lli? I't* ul'. , tin ? ah 'b tiM th? ?!? ?????! i.t? grvim* II r gromn torw, 1 ?l an ha <!i?d || .i tiiat ?rt?l|>?la? via tN B?IB?<1iatB r,u?? b?'. *ht hf Ul? ?'.(? 1 In tb? irai As .K.(u??t wKl h? b?M a|oa U>? W!; '.f m?*a*l ito M < aha alll b? arra*t*?l to mil tb? rmilt of th* Cnioaara iot??'.^r?u<>o ?w-a 1 1 in T?> Hr a r? ? (aroaar w,ital?n b*M to IffiMl ?t-.? tb* My of GotllMb I 'ATlfe a bit rhfef :?u:; im 4Ib( it lit A, * bo km to Mi <w'.k im* ???!? ?'?Ml, *">4*Bt*ll? r?".tKl *t ' Un^r lall'i tllifkM knaa* B Hir -1f? .tra?t Til 4?-aiaM It ipyar*. ?" ??U? a bcrrlbt* tM'.k ll?tM ?t ?')fa la ? bi iMt* ?la*a, ha Vao* a b-y.7 la b ? baal for th* pa' [<?? af viMlaf II, aa l *aaiar aw lk? Urg* ?at of .? al^.Bf ??t*r ta art? in i p &? 'ariaa> la til* ... m g ? at*. a'/- .'WtaMy teal Ma balaao* **4 taa pr**iptat*4 lata tk* aaaatblaa aar Mroa TVa 4~~aa? t an a af <<*raaaj aal iknt Iklrtf In ;aaii af *f* AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON Important Debate in the Senate on the Tariff Qaeition. THE PROPOSED MODIFICATIONS REJECTED. THK TEXAS CIKDITOBK BILL A LAW. Tie Army Rill Paxufd in Commiltrr of Ihr lloiur, 4c., Ao., Ao. TIIIUTl-THUU) (eXURKIK. Hr-crou mutow. itnalt* W AJtmNtrrow, March 1, 1H36. HHiW7 or AMHtlt KSH AHftotU ? KKMClftH .<4 PkKM>i)M Alter lb* receipt of t??ver*l communication* from the head* of department*, ;ii i?ur*uauce of prtvtoui taqui ru * from the feuate Mr Ca ?*, (dem.) of Mielt., ui jred 1 to take ivj? the reaulutioua apfefKod tu Mr t'nd#rwtM?d ? ! report from the i ommlttee <>u Foreign Kelati hi? made ! oa the 17th ult Objection being made. Mr ('.\ "? ank*d for the yen . ami nay* \ can .'(1 nay a o The resolution* w ere then ta^en up aud pa^ed wit'u , out debate. THK <JKMKAI AITHOMMIATION llil.l After aundrv ineffectual attempt* to n?t up oU*r tnea pure* the Civil and IHplomatic hill, on motion of Mr IIimhi, we* taken up. Mr Clayto*, (wing) of Del., objected to the hill, be cauae of it a incorporation of a modification of the ta riff. Mr lfl'NTKR, (di*m ) of Va , aaid lit* d diked mich n corj oration* ami would not iidvocftte auch a ruea*ur? to originate here, yet it liad no com** from the limine, nod the tanll proviaiona were more acceptable to th* majority of the Nenate than thoa# of auy preeiou* bill* Mr. Cijiytob- We munt recollect that Uere 1* a oropo aition to change the whole tariff ay ? tern brought in tin* lant threw data of the aeaatot*, which need a month * conaiderat >ou The llouae of Represent ativea ha* bee n entirely chared in character by the late tremendoua political revolution I am a^niDHt forcing a mea*ur?* upon the country in thin manner. Thi* la carrying pre cedent* tot ? far for my acquieaeence. Tua r k \ a h fit k i uroii ?< witx Wa# then ?eut in by the I 're* id ant aigned by bmi. Tin TAKirv gr wmrn. Mr. Hkoai'UI ah, (d?*m ) of I'a -I am rtppoaed to thia incorporation el the tarul in view ot coming ?*<ut* ami the 'peculiar character of tt?e next House of Il>,p4a?*enta tivea. Hucb a measure will cooee hack to plague it a in vector* before a year from tbi* titn** The Senutor from Virgin ? "ay a the plethora of tb?* public treasury de manda thi* mea*ure The falhm; on thi* year of an million* from the public lan U. the Itounty I .and htU juat in from the limine, the Texaa Creditor* bl!l juat algue 1, and other measure*, will eoon retluce the plethora ol the treaturv 1 hope w? will go oa and pa** the Appropria tioii bill, eraaiag that incorporate*! Interference with the industrial interest* of the country, an I depart from here Hi peace. Mr. liA0t;i>.H, { n hig) o f N. C, o/f?r**d .tu amendment to the tarifl aection of the f i* il and fMpJomati- bill, to lefnnd the uuto a <n railroal iron, which ha< been Ni l conn lor eighteen month* paat, and which may he U t down for eighteen month* to cume( and providing that dyiatuft* and unmanufactured wool of the value above fifty cent*, and U low aixteeu cent*, be admitted fi*e of duty. Mr. OmU'ku, i whl/ > of l'?. ? T)iia tarilf |.p#vi*i??n re quire* gfea t deli)*eration. If thi* tarifl io? orp??ra? on j refailf, I ahall mtite a**an amend nent to the bill the French !-pollation bill and aomebody ? l <?? will mov* to tack on the llarhor an1 Kiver bill, and mother to m corporate Mi"* lux a biU for the m~un** If rou eat?b heh thi* precedent you *lll Und ev?-rv ima/ nahh* rn -a nine tumbled in on^ruoiinly upon the .Senatf* at t*ie clo*e of the aen i?.n, adding, if poaai'de, to tlie confu ?itin which Kfnerally prevail* at that period. I would a* wiU<ngly *ee all tb?- iluttin repealed, at witneaa ti*? ena< tment of auch aect.ou aa ihu??- relating to the taritl in thia hill. Me ra. I'kari y% t wh jl) ?if Ml and Kivtic. Idem . t?f l>i , thongbt it would te? better to iloi*at ttie appro jnaticn In U than t ? pa*a it in ita pr? **u? form Vr. B*njami* (whlf) t?f la , nhjeit*?t to the bill, allfjting that , in making a arale for r< taction, an un Cine a<tvautnfr*> ha* hern giveu to manufacture* Mr Hi mih *ald that a* tbi* rn?*a*< re t;i< arri** t by vote* in the Houftc from all ae t oo* of the countr the tarill modification, though not perfect, wa* e* *?o > \ >> ? ' rou hi bedeairrt). Mr J a m , fdem ) of H I , remark"! t" Mr Hunter, that many member* of the Houm- voted f*r the bill with the nn?.eri>tand<ng '.hat it would not he am* ad^d j by tue enaie. Mr.lli .HTi n ?aid he did not know h<?* that might l?e lie aaid, by the li*t of name*, however, that ?er-'ral I cnoat Ivauian* votetl f??r It. Mr. Ha YAhn nppo" I t'ie tariff provi^un in the appro prtation bill and did not like to bo th m compelled to K*a low the ni" liflratmn Mr . f't w a hi?. (fre*? aoll) of N. Y He! *ve?1 that hy -ait riottin/ tt? till* w -j eeie* of legt? ?tion w*? give tf.M Houae the preuMt^nt tn force upf a Th?* ountry any m*a ?ure th*y plesMt a* tl.? re ndition that they w ll f rniih the meina to carry on the gov*rnru?ot. For one, f atan l here until ratur'lay night at 1J o ? loci to renl<t thia meajiure from the il<>ua?* of Hepr< ?nt?tive- I t?e l)et?* the iron ititereat ? wararno nt to any othe* ia r*' V am- nrotertion ani l*% .riU?ie.t m i(f ri< o 'h*n any otli# r by thia Modification of the tm it* '?i? tl*meo frcrtn Virginia and Vermont w.,1 ?Uo M?e that ft, me of the?e alUra' on of the tari wlll??te p t.? ?h*ep fr? m the deehvitlea <#f 1 1. eir rno inti nt Mr ."?ward re>je*?* ; tt e effect tif a!> atioa ipon otb?r lottrolo, when Mr Joii^w v, {d#*m of Ark , move*| a r*?*t* till ^ o'clock . An adjouroft.ent wa* moved hy aev? al anl loet. An amendment wa* offer?d that the r* e?? be till ? oVloca, Mr John?on * motion (mall/ pre\aile : and the Senate took a iece*? until ?? *? ?doek. %\ K\| Ml ?? 'Ins. ra* ? > Tut ? ii- 1 vt?. llr > WiMi'i rMolutioa, proaiing for 'lir pa/ai-nt ? m< mber? of i'ongt?M prmmt* I fr"ui at'ainlliif y a n' ?" or nlo ?i?, by ulrkteaa >ti tl.a.r fa?i.l-?, .?r i,y ri?n-art kinic m, uoabla Ui Ukn tb?.. antaal Ilia MKBirbrnMl of tha arHton ??? ??k'? tip Mr. funw mo??i to atr .* ? t i?? ? ???rjr I ,? gr<p A iJiKiuiim follow*! bat * M?-?r? wa."l Tw in * . r? 1 < laitoa, al.?a tba atn> o4ii.<-at ?> r?,? tad awl tha reaolntiuu pa?M<i. Till ?Of?TT Moo Mil Mi Heoi'iii >ir trla4 to *?t tb? II" ?? Ain? i. tmauta to Hoiaty I "O'l til! bafur* tb? -? Nt tl ? aa? rafuaad, inii tni m ii a?t< I'lrtoaaTH mm Via t?k?a up V -twanii *iM<th?r t '.-i U? tb? 'i II ??? tbat t ?a? ?pniDg upon tba vitUia In or mi :?r?ot t! ? an i of tba aaaalin, ?i< ! tha mtnifa 'arm ha?* a-? tiro* to r?m< natrat* 1 ha?? i latin fr?>an t aiaauft t rar of b t.r ma' of pvUab, tb ? r lianf* aill n< ma liia Mr Bjimid What'abir roanata of potaafc - llr -iwarn- I ''no t knu? T1 * | "iia|i' "it ' ara fara, la, that' -Vnatnra ar* ignorant ar><l i Uluatra''" ray arxuax-n' . that la thia naatj iajialat.oa ? ikn t know ?ba" x< ?t ara ?!><<*( "a" t I ?'.? >03*, 'b? Mil ?III rr nt lb*- baa ataraat af tka eonat rj Kallroa l an'? fr'?? boa to* ?au'-h labor to that iat?r??l, an I too lltt'a ?ft n ?<r (iK'ir* I'rtiaa Bra too high W? ar? tap|i?f "'.a traaa .rjr at both a i. a I <!? n t ob,?' ?- t? th? | f <f . ??-?? <f ai^ai, i! ' .ra aban p!t,p*r ),*.? tba traaa'i'y Bin; '-a aaji*. (alt. Tbia bul l*a?? i> i.g tha dutiaa, a II tha U*a? ity Mr ? K no ? Notb nf/ o' Maaa , [ ra ??'.a<l iM/mWfn ftlBiaflall aa<! otl.ara of laatoo, for a r*|?al ol tta n?t'. -al /atl'ia lava an<1 of ,*i.a?l Ia< m ?n 1 > il^ra ol I'l >a!? Maaa , for a r> f*ai ? ' lh? I ???>?? hlai* a' ' Huth ?*r? laW oa th? *ati> Mr W<?i i (ra* ?o4< ' of (Am aaid b? ih'nli a>t w 'Iritn Us filt up??e a a?- V ?li b b? (??<) ri'it m? 'o aianttaa. t an. a prwtaetMWiat Tb? afrlcnlt ifaJ tha ??v. l it p? r'?a' of all or?upat>oaa ? j?apar ! i~1 bjr tbta ataaaara I 'aaaot ^?faua4a attwlf ".at t ? H<?-ia? haa aot tfc? 't nf .t ,ti?/i?a' f.fbt t'? all. i aaj ' f Irtioa V? tba r bom; Wlia Mr (It'Mrrup'.iBf H?a tfca H"?a? ' b* '?o ai t r onal rl|bt to attaib a Mottaa fa* tha a4miaalo* ? if a 'atat-. a (?r.'ra. aSpfoplWt -.a btil Ml H'ii a-1,1 I lorbM I ako.n aaj w. 1m *ba Ulna rna y -araa vhotMhat may or.' aO'l I ao.M ka tha laat to foaalioa tba "Matl* >'lonal r ffct ' a> i, Mr W;|><1 b??? l.atraa-: to M; *a ? an I aaa a. <f thia Hlk b'miiI prot#?U?a *a ha??l. I'.jb" r?k? >)?> i.aa Ui o , t ak'-'it tba iabo? o' ,b? ^iatr/ S??r)tbiaf tkat ha? k- n ?a i oa tba ? ib ??t tor ,.a<Vr ji4ii p?al i' b??a r?p? ?'??! AS tfca [ -a ?. ?. aa ahoj". '^Bgar fia? tla aa6'. pfo"a 'kb l.ara ??.l. fab 1 1 ' I ! B 1M4 t!? IBtar'ata of ? l?? iota i far1', ara ??r B" f'0<i fof I ? al ".si.'lafatioaa v'r *?<?? ba r?i.-arta4 that |.? iHilaaa ?u i kao? "i?ll r>f y> a M.ia ? . > "? aal ?o n>/<at of tfca <taaaW?r a a( j?ar 'o ha la 1*11 tk? da r.ator frora Maw VaT* ro>-l lor n-.-rp : ?Mac tka lM?r >*>t Harbor Ml! *p*a tb* I ( ? I aad ! plori.i U.a*. ;?? ' That *aa rt a>' * arontr'io a to tha n?,"l '.'.an tb a torlfl , aa- 1 a '.ifrtt I ah*. I MppAft thka hill, bar a aaa | ??. at. it a.ii a<i h?*f1* tha n'artat* of mf m -taia, aa wad aa th' ?? of tha # r tf } W Ha i a ?< ? a?a?4 a 4. ? ja? aa thaijaaa- <? Th* ?rat aart aflha amaa 'a^at*. '.f tha *aaa'<?f fr-.ia 'w-ftk ' aro na aaa (or th* haiaiatt M tl.? ra -r*?4 lata* at la tha *mth aa>l *??' T*.a la'tar par' aaa tot?ai?4 '? ' i?^rt tha ai?a '??a' ? irata ol '??a li.(i"'' ??" on MaattM a< f<r? ala>ary aa-t atvil-tioalani |ra akaaar/ aa4 Kaoa Siotl . aftai H? ?'?(iattUla ?" *a .'h- rn fr ??4a ?ip?.n thair aaa ally >a bahalf I fraa tia-a Mia 'r-a' froaa Maaaa'b<t??f.? f,< ?.?t?. i u.a', tha rfa a a< fritftlaa aaa ta ?'* "J15 It an * knag Una a Ma an'b aa Haa ha< "-oaa 'roaa that <i?art?t Ita ?aaM f"** 'h* waaator that Iba ?la?a tra^- oftotaatoi ?a Maa?^> fr.. ?ra4a aot^aa Ma ??al4 .a^arataat ??/ th Ur fro? Maaavbaa^Wa aaa M '?"V' 71 L. a lata a^>|?n , af tha ?w?lh la aW.1 f nrtao i . L :v>n< of i?nar< If a itlrart 'at at ?B ha '? wnaat to a fraa' |*rl af that hart a li fall aa t SB riaaa HatOO Maa-a buaatta aary*V??? haaa p*^i> , hr "" ???** ?faat?". awl "aa. ' aa/ta |?t th a aha - ?UI .ag to fi? f? IPBato thair tea free. ! won't uj Aarthio* About hArfAtni, but tbeae tU uf* look ,ueerly Tha arraoifemaat upoa the ClVl llig iHplomatir blU it 10 bud Ultc Ml At A OA* time l>v? luttonary Haaatora will firuw my teal aa tbe interest of rey real in<loiT? it Mr. *uoo% Ididntrefer to the Vn^Uve Hlava aoI, nor to tht repeal of the Munmri comproiaiae VfhAAi thoee ct>*? up f wilt br lor them. Aa to protertion, Ma*?arhuaette wanta freo wo*i m l frao ?ljroot tiff a* I would aboti?h the dot? on raw utttertnl which cntera into* the auoufftrtur^o of the country l>nn#vlrAii>A Ijaa eni?yed more protection thau AAJ other Mate I ?'>r thie bill her Iron will have a proto* l. on of thirty ft we per r*nt Mr. Coorart (interrupting)- How do jrou make that out Mr WilJOK ( r **utn n# ) - The duty wilf be tweoty flee par < eot and the coat of ifaportatmu O earl/ Uftoen rnorw I atp|?oec t bin biM will b? defeated and |fo over to th-< ne*t Congrra* Mr < lnterraptinj[ i ? llnve you ion ro*l? <?eacr ?n the ii^it thin in the pr?*?eat Ifou ? of lU|?r? Mr Wiutok I don t know why I iWuM not hare mm mur k mu'I I certainly have mort political aympatb/ With the or it lioime Mr Uaowa? I am k'*'! to fi A t that Maaaachneett* Lao Inkr n tbe rl#ht fround noon the auhjert of fiee Uade I hope by ami bye tbe will l?e rijfht on eJatary al*o Mr Jomk" aakod Mr Hadgttr to withdraw hi* amend ment to allow tbr "*eowte to come to a dirwct vole -m Mr lit) too '? proj oaitinn to atrike out everything to re tatloa to the tarlif from Ibe bill M Hai??k withdrew hi- ememlment Mr. Hniimit ? I want to ere the bill Ire# of IITtimot lOAt t*-r Tbe propnauion for a revision of the torltt u * gw** I one, Imt out of place in tbia bill I am, for one, witling to take ttu? rapon nihility of atriMnjr it out of thJa bill, but would tote for it at another I line a* nu iude|Mtt<lAoi propoaitu n. Mr Willi" (dem ? of N. II ? It AatonUhee mo tbwt gentlemen art* ao iaucA invoivwd in tnchaiCA itiea renatora hAve said that tliey are in favor of the me* dure If it nefr ik 'le|ien.:f?At of tba appropriation bill Ibe tolhAic millioL* me a?aitltt{ wili. antiaty our ra durtion of the tariff Wahave told them Al tha buat lr?i<? that a?- were in favor of low tarlllii Kow wr hav nn op|tort unity, for which w? have u precedent by Ibe ricrnl, to carry out our prnmi****. 1 e.?nt to l/rinf doww the revenue to prevent it* betn{ roller ted from tbe pe? tile and #?}tlAOdrrtd away upon tlM* m4?eraide (4?llina line of wti ainera, am! other extravagant projects. Mr C'lavt??n Mr Wei la ^e??m * to think thai tiobody doul'ta tlfe propriety of tba tariff re^iuttion, and thai the objection* aim mere matters of fo nt 1 1? ?, how aver, ia not 00. The proposition m a blow at ibe ^r?*at Hgrit ullural and luanufa* tuHnif inter. ni? of the ocuotry I nder the raripioaity tr?*Aly of laat year y*>u have In jure 1 t Um afriraitiiral iot? r? ?t a<? that to da> a 4fWAl agrlrultural AH#eiiil>laxe here tell iim that I* th? y rao have no protection, tliAre thail be no protection 1 Jierw are .;00.0(Mi farmer 11 enOttfb of them to pot down All your ravrrbanto and vtaAofarturern I have only to ?ay. bo WAr ? of the day vrfien vou meet th*<e man in battle at ray. Mr l*iea d? r??, I find that tha groundwork of my adhwuion to the tariff appeava t4? be falling uA<tot me hot in future 1 ohall ?t *n l the re nreaentAtiVA of larmerv ?nd their )titeif>?tn paraii'ouut to ativtbiA4( el tf will loduot ru" to battle a? t arm atly a? *-v? r lor toa d(? tr aa of p<otactk>u. Mr. UltUk I am not ret|?on* ibl*? 'or thi? debatw. VVhao gentleman talk of a^r icultur *1 Interaatt, 1 want to 1 now wfcftt agricultural mterevt tb??y mean ! repre nent a part < f the agricultural int?r??t f liave a ma Ntltuan* v of rl? e and c otton K''ower? VS ? do ? t aak anything from government 'lh?? doctrine of pr**te< tioa will, wltbili ten year*, ta |*erfeotly lrtailiaoiue Juat a'ter ttie war proteotWm mai have beon r*e#?le?i hot cu# nouiufai tore* one** e^taHlUhatl, tbo lie -eMify there for <<?%*? 1. So a proie;t?on ia but fca*'nj on** li?t-r??t f 1 ' the support of another Thar# U aoma a^rKulturAl iuteta#t in this country beaida# that af lieiaaare Mr ( utto> ( inter rupUujf t Iheva la afao h mo e .inri ctaHorai lr* t?-r*-?*t la the country haiida* Hooth f.'arutlAA Mi iU.ton pointed oil aertb?n? of c mntry and nanae4 htalea, lea* in^ the New Kiultin) Htatal on* which were gr?at producer a and ake-f whether tbay ahoul 1 l?AVa protaction Mr. t d#Ai of Va 1 liare taken n ? port in tkiA dahaU* but tha ? atof from l??iawarr thi? morning aungetted. that uv v t y?a r th<* raw p??ty m i|lit inr??t|??# 1 rat* tba r?p??i of tha k ufitiva hlav?* a> I nt? tit# appro prlatir n 1 III.* l>ota the $fen tlernan rn?*au to aay thai in Any nay or ru?un I aspr*A*t<i '*r lntifriAtetl aoy to alr*? tor *urh a rufaaure Mr. bear I the threat, and marked the ,mr ter from whonre It ? ama AfUraard*. lu ? 1 lI anato-A, I uo ai.t i<i ihatth" HanaWr frooi I eiawar^ waa under flood t*# be thf exponent of the new P*rty, I ho beve be would be n^hl upon vorb ouoati'roa aa tba to pal of 1 '* I'ugftttre K)o*e AOt Nek*?aka ?r otbar lawa, riade to cany '<ut tb?* r #n?tittitlmi. Itui w^?eo ba tat%A or tbe pAlaOL* 1 cbaii o* btinf retorried to our lipa, U** in' h nt ? bat f ? ore apprvipriatlon bill* would cATty o> not low a Bi^iuiei to nt, which the n?w party would or ijiiirbl p?*e in tbia way. fi the irentlcniau from l>elo war e la not f ba e\ pvnent of tti* w panyt l#t b 01 any ao here VirRinla, m? honor* i ^*U?, ia iw . /wiof a jfrow** of irraiAi*, but ?he i.-e- ? no pr.?u- '? n Horn waot?, how or a reduction of the reaenoe, In a manner wbiob ? bail b?* i?oat ii urMiOA to the tmericAA pwpia, If U*a time ?i a 1J r* r r?e when the Houm- ?IiaII aver croft a rep* al of th?~ F?ifttive Hlave 1# w or a reatitatioo or tine Miaaourl cottipr* muaet I tr .at, f? r th? honor and d anity of tbe South, tl at the form in ebich either of t>iow?* meetnrea toay l?e canud will not be taken into r.?uaote rat ? n and I a?L tb* uatur from flelaware whether bat would W>fc at tbe form *> tbe thin# or the mAnnar iA wtil' i? it mi H f K t he '"t.f Mr <1 *ir * } it,* ant to reply to the h^nnt^r from 01th < art Mna but tba .^oat-.r from Mrftnia nae ia pn?e4 upon n.? a doable doty I am an ht?B?'*U rnemhor f tbe A merit n party, r*ot tla n|-?r???t of t-*e Know Noll in *a Ibe A ?. nn party Ia an ' pen |arty, with an tnloihgtbl* platlorrn, organtied and wa? aunoaaafAl n my H^'e Mr Mi ? Jba n i 'f lljair ral naa an I iiatb? l> < 1 oil I .? ?><? ' i 11/ about *ii b awl n*pa ? n't oatka lb" A tn' 1 an j. *(rt jr Iftoffl lb* ataola o'rtioii n( ai. : alii (< uuli'' Cot(t> * *11 a ho ibtll '( ara t? - ? Mr K: ik l?n ofT'it' Mill tba faatiaaua 'r-?aa Italaaara tall aa if I . i? ia an; 4tMri<U party oataMa of I rlawara Mi ' tJkifi* V>< ??', >ir 1 ?' uf*rtaa4*l aitb ? riaat Mr M< l?li "I (tnlUmu If a, ax- I (Ul ti aaa alaw,<r tb? |-aitjr abxblba ? Mlur b> B lalaaar- U tba Jtiwi ia f ar'. y la a?#l 1,. ? >1 [mtnimi 1 it It * g ' "inn.' ul nl M.'lilfan' Mr 1 ijii ? ><M K ?? Hon till <Nl vltb'ia tba r.aat faurtran i.u,? abathar tba Am?r,nu part* l> oiiKM* lit lalaaara . f>. Mr Mvot ) ? An! j<#? vlll 1 b<I, ?*rj ? .i rtfi tli'Ui'r tba ra *f any of I ?? ia T*t laU of ? inlM. 1< 70 ao.i.ra j??, ? n i aacli of 70 1. ??'. lb* (bflMMltUMt la ti.a ?tbar llaaaa ?boii ) umiii b*ra ll.a' lb* ' iiWra ba <t aa Iral, tba ft**' V-l r of lb# aia f 1 allarba-i U> lb* ' m u ?r>? tbaj voiill -m* ?.?'? IU' banf JBB all, or alaa tlap ? )'<? Ml* Ilia I ? !mii? It ??? M* bal' |?>t lb r M id Mr. Itflbra I ???M 'or an ? ,-o? aB'l ?<??-! tba JHI llrl uji (< : *ara, 3' ??aa Mr |x?<?!.aa, 1?m ) of 111 -I tu lot a r?lu",.ori of tba tart IT '<? a ? aij ? ra^-n i? alae lar I 1 an a fraa ira4? ML but I a>ai.rot r o.a fur ?a<b a taaaaaara a* 1'ila. 1 aai,' tea brio* " rnatbW.f aboat lb* t . i< I aa wiliiaj 1 * lu a ?l ? Uri" if n lb? (. a',(..?a of tka' --f laf#, (??nlf "bt b .t I ia4'r<U?'l tbat lli?r? ?r* frail nlr?. 1 < na lb* 1 1 .a | M?| Dill Ur.1 I mm at r? 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