Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1855 Page 1
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THjF new WHOLE NO. 6765. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION? MONDAY, MARCH 5, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON. 3frtt?TMting Debate in the Senate on the I Admission of Oregon. OF THE APPROPRIATION BILL8. | ?k fAHing ^ctnc? of the Session. A D1GNH-4ED AND DECOROUS WINDING UP. Dissolution of the Thirty-Third Congress. of Public Acts, Private Blll? and He* solves Pawed, Ami., dee., Sic. nUBTT-THIRD COIVOHUfiHS. tUCOKD 8KH8IOF. tens!*. OOKTIMUATION OK SATURDAV'B BEMION. Wasujmiton, March 4, 1855. hill making further provision for the aatlnfactlon - .{ V r(nnia land warrants waa taken up, Mr. s-ud^kt, (deno.) of Mtcb., a lew mirlutes after 11 "Mock, made a point of order against the bill, lie i It wea the fourth of March. Ill* '{ticatiou wan discussed by Mean*. Staart and '>ts Ili* Chairma* (interposing)? We can ait here until o'clock, noon of the fourth. r fome furthtr dUcuasiou'it was ascertained that ideation ma before the Senate; whereupon Mr. Mason, (tlein.) of Va , moved to lake up the Vlr 1?l? (.and Warrant bilL Rejected nays 20, yean 19. A i jOitr sharp discussion ensued on the extra com. jf t,-??!on resolution for Senate page* and laborers on p. ? ' <: ground*. 'Ihe resolution passed. Half past Two, A. M. St vivruin in the Senste. Amotion for a Ijournmcnt 1>? n i quorum voting. A recess proposed, laughed S. uite embarrassed by unfinished business in the e. there will, probably, be nothing in the bsnato tui ' i v e in thQ morcing. QlMRTKR l'A*T Thktk, A. M. f./xtve just gone iuto executive session with nothing ' ii ii uti important report before them. ' . <? i.'imI and idpli mutlc bill was ordered to be en Aii- LocatAS, (dem) of 111., from the Committee on JVu tocica, reported a bill authorizing tho people of ?*. i? ?..? Territory to form a State conMitu'.iou and apply ?..r fcdtnWslon at the next session. * tV It.MxiKK, (whig) of N. C., objected for want of tii' I*. i.r JPoivitjts urged tte passage. The delay had oc ? :?nt <? i at the request of Mr. Bell Good faith and puo U.- i?Ui?st demanded the admission. . /. Joiaa ? I go lor admitting Oregon. They've a 4- ji't to<*>me without slaves; you are, however, de *(!??> ii# tli* balance if power. When you reject a State ?- i ro? nes with slaves, that will bo revolution. Then I Ii ii ,iit f>T them. Ii < Jiwx, (whig) of Tenn.. from the Committee on ??ii v . nts. explained the bill. Air. itdiWN, (whig) ot Mim. ? I shall oppose this bill, it. l??,J a promise of so nu re generul legislation, lie it iiirl to lay upon the table. J/.?t ? Nay, 20; yeas. 1H. J r. tlfioww ? We don't know whether she has tho i"?j<.i ite population. ,'ir Dotoi-AS? Sho has 76,000, an I will soon have l< . ' 1.0. y.i riitoWN renewed his opposition, and a general op - |? -i I wan maiie ly Southern Sena tors. i.r '.Vilso.v, (Know Nothing) of Mass. ? It Is Sunday. i i i?<iy to transact any business nocessa'y to carry vj? uoveromont. I don't tmnk this is sur.h, I think ii be better left open for another yoir. Ishall vi ' i ?. lay the bill on the table. ?r d WiW), (freesoiJ)of N. V. ? Will the houor.ibh ? -.Jti. r from Massachusetts permit mo to suggest. A c? ?> i?U) tray come In by invitation, like that which is ?4 i.y this hill-, that is the old way all .^tat.-s were ad. i i' vfore Michigan, and is considered by some the < -.'j i gbt way. California was not invited, and, lit i h 1 > i o, cniji" iu with a btate constitution. This irre ? * > constituted the great dilUculty in the way ol ad - m.g California. Oregon will apply next winter if no a-, ui ' i?d now. II invitation be not given now, obje-j *ill be made, on the ground of irregularity, wUe ?>" ? ? ?> roiue. According to legislative reckoning, an ?."? eeord, this, 10 o'cw clr, Suuday morning, is no y, March 4, but Saturday, Marcii 3. If you voti t.. ? >ni the table because it is Saturduy, therojord wil ... iv i.-t ymi, and hereafter you will have difficulty In ? * , . nin<; Out it you call this Sunday, the adnvsMou . f ? i<* fctate on the Taeiflc is an act so b<*neflcent a !?? ti'y it* being done even in so aacrod a day. Vi I iic<i!.*s ? 1 had ii. tended to prt^a tho bill as lon^ m- in. ? , t on came merely from the South, but sinca tin ??.; * 'iou comes (turning to Mr Wilson) from the ex ir. Jf.-r.-th, as well us (turning to Sir Brown) from ?V <\'rem? is mscifest that we cannot piss <)>? and I abandon the effort. I move to lay tho bill on 1 i 'abie. "< ) ? and nays were called for, and the following < ?- -tn- i < le: ? > i Mnacrs. All?n, Bad<?r, Baysrd, It'll, H.'n Inmln, 1 ' n, t lay, Dawson, 'Dodne (Wit ), Doanlai. y. '.in., i | uitk, (Ityer, JiitinfOi, Jour< T?nn ), Malli.ry, s i>. }!<?tao, I'aaree, Ku?k. Sohattlan, Sbiul lJ, Slidsli, 1'| iu <Ky.), ThompsoiiJiN J.), Toneey, Weil'. ? 27. * >>?. ?Messrs. Bsrnard. I'liane, (Vum-iiden, Foot, Oil Il'in.rtcm, Seasril, Stuart, Suiuaor, Vt'ade, VVolUr. li -a bit!, v/hich was tbus laid on the table, was at i'i to a bill for a private pension, as an amendmeat tlr- |.;1o, r-m .-entte then went irjto Exe'-utive session . ? i ing the preceding o?bate the Civil an l Oiplomatii; A j I r .nation bill raff e into the Senate with 1 4S amend ? -n*s lro-n the llou-e. The Senate agreed to 104 of , md, the House leceJing from the remaining 44, t' > til .va* paasod. 1 i- bills signed by officers of the respective house* ?. i" i ii?-u received, detaining the Senate till half pa-it .?.?v. r\ o'clock. Then came a message from tho I'reaident ?ei i fc< had no further business to lay befora either tun e. and then the Senate, after receiving from and e n< ing to the nouse the customary retolution*. at 11:VJ A >i adjourned. House of RrprtitnlMlTil. WasHOTOToa, Marsh 4, 1356. 1 1 > Ileum then agreed to the Senate's amendment to ? 1. .il ind Diplomatic Appropriation bill, nttikiog out t! ' lanS bill therefrom, by a vott> of 79 ag&inst e<J, and Tit * Vundml and fire other amendments having boen .%? i ?' on, the committee, at 1 45 A. M , ro e. ( >ie House. then concurred en mati * in nearly all the hi. ? .daent* reported from the committee, reserving . tal, however, fpr separate rote*. I \m senate's anxndment, appropriating ?2'>0,000 for ' tiiiicg the Washington aqueduct, wan concurred in. ?f| tfot striking out the Tariff bill from the Civil and I ? , '< rustic bill, was agreed to. The latter by a vote of >? ; Mlldt 80. ? >'r OBaimunt, (whig) of Pa., then offered the follow li ?< luUon ? i ? ?rived, That the thanks of the House are eminently end ere hereby presented to the Hon I.ynn Boyd, li i '.)? able, impartial, and dignified manner in which t- i ? !? discharged the duties of rfpeaLer during the pre j. i ? ? ongress. Mr < KiKPtjiR then said It hail been his fortune to ?rv? ?Uh Mr Boyd for sis su;o**.iive missions, and bore v ?> .n.ooy to that gentleman's personal merits and efli /?tf. 'j ss Hp?aker. lie. lii .-.T, (whig) of I*., said, from a feiUng of self ii |c< t and eense of public duty, he would be compelled against the resolution. in. VVaixkt, (wbtg) of Mass , said Mr. Boyd may have ??ir?u, tut it bad been his fortune to discharge thedu ti~- i>i '!?? chair in as fair, able and impartial manner, as wrvtj alls to the lot uf aay man. Mr. Opkix, (dem. / of Va., reinarke<l ? At the close of 0 * lot Congress lie voted against thanks to Mr. Boyd, hut lie was now constrained to say be had changed bis v 1 and vould cheerfully vote for the refutation. Mr.' Km*, (whig) of N, C. ? I '?i here with strong prtjudMM egainut Mr. Boyd, differing from him in poll V' ? but th> se prejudices have yielded to sentiments of pr u'rt,il respect. lie willingly bore testimony to Mr. ???)??'? purity of motives laCMMM of character. Mr. WUuiUBiii, (dem.) of N. V . brieliy paid a vol ?n vi; tr.aiito to the high character of Mr. Boy!. ? t evolution was then almost unan mously adopted, it ?si then rasolved that all bill < on the private ?a'- i >;ar at the end of the session, be referred to the ' iwtit<i( C aims. I I Mi use then concurred in the .Senate's amen lraenti m tl ? bill r^uislog the prepayment of postage in all ? . . and prepay ue?t la posLago stamp,, after neat jsi.u. t v. ? t, Wjtfmonm, (whig) of Mass., from the Committee ??j < svWfM, reported a bill for preventing the intro <u tion of foreign paupers, criminals, insane and blind I- - ? <e < Into the United Mat's Me. I v. iCTWJxtK, (dem.) af Ky., examined the hill, an i ii<wia.i"ed it as aoti t'puilican. It is one of tb" of that spirit which is now sweeping like a bur li< >.e over the land. He denounced the Know Nothings, .n.4 nil killing to abide the trne when taere will !>_? a r it ion iu public sentiment Emigrants mast corns ' it'i. r sritb a pais like negroes goiag from one planta 1 1 i. to another. k r. t awMKTJ., (free soil) of Ohio, knew nothing about ?li iu-w organisation He asked Mr. Breebnaridgw ?? .tier b" had not understood tkat t ie gentleman a'. i reported this bill was swept down by this bar rel i er ? r i.?*swi ob? I have so nnderalood. y- o~niini, ? Then why rharge the bill wlthbsin; tsii ?/tuee.1 nnder a Know Nothing spirit t jr. i';<a''K?*?li>o?? I understood Mr. Wentworth was tr i?a'?l for Congrwss by that organ nation, but thought ?? i i be tile that the gentleman introduced the bill !o io< ea "xtinguisher on Know Nothlngitm. He would -.r trust the neat Congrees, which it Is sail will b? in il af Know Nothitire, than have the bill thrown on Vi', patched op to comprom ?e the subject. .... ._ . . . t coming hither to The bill requires n.rjlumui be+v et an olllous Uia. obtain a certificate or f mss. It rati! tinctleabetwesn tha rich andthv peOft thij bilI w Mr. V JIP.TWORTH, of Ma.u , d?oied ths.i j fu(, murB rpruog upon the Hisuae. If had .be>n p*is*<? Co.,,mittee than two month*, aad duly r:>wsldi>r<?l by fHw ' jt W4B on Comme/oe and the Judiciary Uomm<tfe?. ?t|?ntlc diawn in accordance with the demands of the ? ? , States, which only askrd that Euzvpe ahull' W"?. them own wirthleo* population at hone, avid ?o* poutf ? into thil country for u? to maintain. Mr. I' a \ ih movod to lay tho hill 09 tbe table. >o quorum veted, hut one aftrnrardti ?pr*i?red', w W* the hill watt tabled by a vote of 07 egaic^t Mi ^ 'I lie proceedings throughout were ron'MictecJ" ill an el derly manner. No insults were given or U.ihtn too.' I lace, a* have occurred heretofore on #ho winding up of Ghuhm. Ail the report* from the Committees cf Confereaee on tbe diiuigieeing votes betw?ea the two house* concern itig amendments to various bUlt, were adopted. Resolutions were then passed giving extra pay to *uu diy jettons employed In and about the Capitol. Fome other unimportant business wan then traM ac'ed, thedetail* of whlsh are not worth coinmuuicatlcg. It is now half pant 8 A. M., and there is no quorum preient A second call of the House wa? mole, when i1. waa suggested that the Sergeant at Anm be Rent out to hunt up number* and compel their attendance Mr. I'iuit, (ile in.) of Conn., wanted to k now whither | it would l>o in order to direct the servant to bring in breakfast? Mr W>T.?H, (rtem ) of JT. Y., asked If whiskey punch"* c? uld not be introduced. 1 o\id laughter. Crle* of "Good," "good," "we'll put tl.e question," &C. A Voir*? N-nd a biscuit to Pratt. Mr PhVtt? I am hungry. Many Voicktt (In succession)? " So am I," "??ami." The Sergeant-at Arms was then despatched in dearth of msmlitrs. Meanwhile the member* amused them selves with a kind of conversational debate) during which many witty and laughable allusion* wero made. All present, though they wero half asleep, seemed to bo in hifth gcod humor. At 1? o'clock tbe Se?geant-at-Arm* appeared and re ported his succri* in hunting up stray members. II" said the excuses made by ?onio of them waa that they ha1! retired to refresh themselves. At twenty minute* past nine all further proceeding* In the call of tbe House wre dispensed with, when tho House adopted the report of the Committee of Conference in the Navy Appropriation bill. It makes a clean appropriation for the existing ocean rnnil service. Nothing it said ationt giving notice to the Collins company for a termination of the present arrange ments. It leave* wl'.h the governm-nt the light to give it. Tbe report of tbe Committee of Conference on the Civil and Diplomatic on bill was then adopted. The House then pas-ed th? Senate bill increasing the rompensntlon of the Heglitere and Keceiver* under tha I I nd Giaduation act of laat year. Othtr bills were then passed unler a lunpcnslon of rules, and during the taking of the yea* aud nay*, tho clerk railed Mr. Ilenton's name, when that gentleman Appeared at the door of the main ai?le and |>roteate<l ? ith violent gesticulation* ngninst hit name beiug calisd. I!e eaid be \\us an ex member, and that the session to- | day was a libel on the Sabbath rome confusion followed this episode, whsn the Speak er pro Inn. (Mr. Orr), told tbe gentleman he was out of order. Mr. Bkstos? I am not a member. The SfKAKKK ? Ihen, if the gentleman 1* not a member the doorkeeper will put him out. I nud laughter followi d with exclamation* of "l'retty grcd"?-" That's the talk." Ti e galleries arc densely crowded. A ocmmlttee -was now appointed, to act with a simi lar one from tbe Senate, to wait on the l'r>-*ldt?it and inform him that the Thirty third Congress have closed their labors, and are ready to adjourn, if h?? ha* no com munication to make. It was now half past 11 A. M. Mr. Las?, (dem :) of Oregon, ro-e end sail, a* he van about to pa1 1 with gentlemen her1, he could not separate without apo'ogiring for his condu.-t in the heat of de tm te, sometime sitic?, toward* Mr. Farley, to whom ho cherished the klnde*t feeling*. Mr., (dem ) of Sle., reciprocated tho feeling expressed, and was perfectly sstisfie.1 Mr. Joins, (dem ) of Tenn. , tlien reported that the j<vnt eommlttee had discharged tiieir duty, and learned from the President be had nofurther communication to make. Nr. Okr, (dem.; of ? C., moved, at ten m'nutes to 12, that tbe House a.ljourn Agreed '.o. Amidst the greatest silence the Weaker then ro*e, and returned hi* tnanks for the high honor conferred on him by the resolution complimentary to him of last night. He Mid, in conclusion? I am no?r about to cv rhnnge the toil* and care* of official station for the more quiet and peaceful pursuits ot private life, bearing with me the con?eionst?ss that in my ofll-ial conduct 1 have at len t a in*'d well. Thete teitimnnials, In conne .tion with the idt repeated expression! of unfaltering conil deuce and esteem on the part of my fellow citizens at h< mo, will be for ever cherished by me as aiming tho moat gratifying recollections of my past life. In "jls conmeiion it is a pleaslngtusk to tear testimony to the neral courtesy and personal kindness which lias pre vailed one toward* another throughout this hall. If, | *|'ringing from the exoiting causes to which we have ; bien subjected, ebullitions of unfriendly feeling htvo j arisen, they have, I trust passed away, an 1 will b ? ro I memb< red ho mor". Cotdi.iiJy shoring the pleaeuro thla ) mud allord you all, and with feeling* of unmixed per sonal kindness toward* each of you, I hid you adieu, j This house stands adjourned without day. loud Applause followed tbe delivery of this address. ; Members cordially shook hands at j<artlnf, and good 1 humor every where prevailed. I. Iiit of Acta and Resolution* Pnseed at the gtrond Nemlon of the Thirty .third Congress. PUBLIC ACTS. An act for the better protection of life and property fiom vesatU shipwrecked on the coasts of the United Statu. Approved Deiember 14, 1864. An act to relinquish to the State of Wisconsin the lands lescrved for salt spring* therein. Approved De c? mbcr IS, 1854. An act to provide for the extinguishment of the title of the Chippewa Indiana to the land* owned and cla'm?d by them in the Territory of Minnesota, anl State of Wis ccnsin, and for their domestication and civilisation. Ap proved December 19, 1864. Au act allowing the further time of two year* to tho'e holding en trie* in th J Virginia military district in Ohl?, which wtre made prior to the lat of January, 1 962, to have the use surveyed and patented. Approved De cember 19, 1864. An aot to authorize the ls?ue of pitents to lan la in any Hate or Territory in eerta n c*?ea. Approved De cember 22, 1HM. An act to aupprta* the circulation of small not*" (is a currency in *.b" District of Columbia. Approved De csmber 27, 1854. An act vetting tb? title of the United States to Mrtaln lands in the city of t oclunuti. Approved December 29, It; 64. An act to piovide tor th* con'. m/ssl expense of t'i? Territory ol Nebraska. Approved December 30, ISM. An act to smen'l *'? act entitled " an act to establish an auxiliary watch for the protection of public and pri tu!e property in the city of Waehingtoe. ' ' Approved January 3, lMjfi. An act for the liquidation of the penitentiary Indebted ness. Approved January 3, 1*56. An act giv ng the assviit of Coogr??s to the evasion by the state of Masaachussitte to the htate ef New York, of the District of boston Four Hornera. Approved January 3, Ifiift. An nut to conl nue in force for a limited t rue. the pro v'aiona of the act of Congress of 3d Msrb, 1*51, and the fecund aectivn of ita aupplrment of 18th January, 1964, m> a* to enable the Board of land Commiaeioaer* in Cali fornia to cloi-e the r adjudicature of private titlea in that .state, and for other purpoaee. Approved January 10, 1866. An act making appropriation* for the construction of certain military roads in the Territories of Nebraska and Washington Approved February rt, 1956. An act to divide the .state of nhio into two judicial districts, and to provide for holding the District and Uir cuit Courts of the United .states thsrem. Approved Feb rnary 10, 1*66. An act changing the appropriation for the eiertion of a building in the city of M\lw*ukie, for a custom house, poet offi>e and the United iitatea Courts. Approved Feb ruary 10, 1866. An act to secure the rights of citizenship to children of citizens of the United Mates bora out of the limits thereof. Approved February 10. 186.'>, An art to divide the Hate of IllinoiM into two ju licial district*. Approved February U, HH, An act to relund to the officers of lb" cuatoms an l others, of the diatr.ct of l'aa?ama<|uoddy , eerta<u .u untjf. Approved February 13, 1866. A u act to amend "au act making approprtat one for the improvement of certain harbors and river"," approv j ?d Aug-ist 30, 1*62. Approved February 13, 1955. An act to continue temporarily the offices of itegiater ! and Receiver at VIncennee. Ingiaua. Approval February 13, 1865. An act authorizing the construction of a linn of tele graph from the MJsdssippi river to the 1'aeiHc ocean. Approved February 17, 1865. ! An act to regulate the aalariea of the District Judgea of the United States. Approved February 17, 1965. Ac act for the erection of a military poet at or n"ar < Pembina river, in the Territory of Minnesota, and for ' otter purnoaes. Approved February 17, 1866. { An act for the construction of a military road io Ore gon Territory. Approved February 17, 1866. An art to provice for the accomodation of the eourts 1 of the l'nlte.1 Statea for the district of Maryland, tend I for a post office at Maltimore city, Maryland. Approved February 17, l*.Vi. An act to mtabliah an additional land district in the lenltory of ?>regon. Approved lefcruary 17, 1866. An act making uppropnatioaa for improving eertaia tt iVtary roads in the lenltory of Minneaota. Approved February 17. 1866. An a<-t mating an appropriation for a territorial roal ' In the Territory of Nebraska. Approred frvbruary 1 J. 1^56. An act U> provide for holoiag an additional term of the ; ' rcuit Court of the Called ? lates for the district of M * scuit. and lor holding sped >1 tetana of the District ?nd ( lr> utt Courts of the United states for the Northern Dis trict of Ohio. Approved February 21, 1866. An act to establish the office ef Burveyer O.oeral of Utah, and to grant land f?r aefcuol and university pur I poet a. Apjrovel I (bfuaty 21, IWi An act concerning tha apprehension an) de>f?erv nf StaU of W.con.ln.fct Ap^Wru^y ???, ^ th" i?? act to provi a for holdimr tin, iiniui V. tha UtfimUk Irf r?, th? r"-r,nent of "u"h cradltwa of iSJ^w - 5K' ssnsii-^ i .a: c'.',vs.x i" ??"??'' ?' "* ?"'? ?*>?? | An aetfc.- the payment of Invalid ?od ath?r pernio u? ! ^ in?i i r ?if"r *h# J'Ar erM>ntf the :10th of W-Tho ttI* ? Appsiwrad February ; An net making-appropriation* for military defences "K JHM * 11,111 1 ,n iouwianrt. Approved Kebruury ' An act confirming- the cnml selection* to the .State of oliio. A|r].roveo klurrh if, l&ftj. An r.?t extending 'n ?ertiwn twti the provision of the ikct, I'Dti i i^?l "An act to eitcBi pro?omptiou ri^ht* to t ertaiu land* therein mentioned.'' ADiircrel Mirrh 9 1853. Approved March 'J, lHS.'i. ' /nart t "amend au act 1.. a land district in toe State of klbrida, to be oalle<f the dlatrlct of Tfcmmt Approved Maroh 2, IP56. * 1 An act to nettle oerlain aceouctti between the United litft ' ktata of Aliy>ama. Approved Mar *fc An net to ftdahlish a Cirauit Court in uudfn-the "?ate < I California. Approved March 2, 1855. An a< t to ect?fcii>h the collection districts of Capo Mvr petua and l'ort Orford, in the Territory of Oregon .mil to lix the ealaiiee of the Colleetora of tho Custom* tlieve m. Approved Marsh 1H56. ' An act to prevent mistrial* in the District and Circ tit ronrtaof the United State*, in certain caae*. Approved March 2, 1865. An act authorizing the pun-bane or cooHtruction ?l foi r additional levonue <utter*. Approved Marah J, An act to provide a more efficient discipline in tho navy. Approved Mnrcb 2. 1*55. An act msliirg appropriation for tho transportation, or the I nited State* malls, by ocean ataamera and other- | Wire, during tho lineal yearn ending tho 30th of June, lfc. f> bD'l both of 186ti. >\ March 2, 1H65. ' Au act to tmernl the act approved 2'lth Augunt, 1862, I entitled '4 An act fo leduce uml delinc the' boundaries ol , the military reserve at Kt. Feter'a river, in tho Territory ' of Mlnceiwda," and for other purpoaen. Approved March S, 1?56. rl I An act changing the tianen of holding Hut United States , Courts in TenuesMO. Ap|irove<l March 2, 1855. An act authorizing the corporate authorities of (ieorge town 10 impose additional taxes, and for other purpoaen A( proved March 2. 1X65. An a?t lo amend " an act to carry iBto al!ect a tienty between the United Slate* and (ireat Britain," aigued no i tlio 5th of June, 1KS4, and approved Auguat 6. 1?.j4, An- I proved March SI. IStft. ' r | An act in addition to certain acta granting bounty hiiula to certain officer* and aoldiera who havn Ix-en en gaged in the military airviceof the I'nited State*. An act making appropriation DM the current and con Urgent ciptnnea of the Indian Department, and for ful filling treaty ftipulatlona with varioua Indian triboa, I lor the year ending the .!Oth ot June, 1858. An act to change the houndariea of tiie lan l dia'.ricti ' in the ^tate ol Iowa and for other purpoata. An act to regulate the carriage of paiaentferH in (team ?hip* and other veanela. An act to ettabliab certain pout roa^a. An act ta provide accommodations for tha Unite 1 , Statea Courta in the city of Ja<-kaont Miaeikitlppi, An act allowing the furU.rr lima of two jroara to thoao I holding landa by entriei In tte Virginia Military DU- I tricta in Ohio, which were made prior to the Ut Janu ary, 1862, to have the name surveyed and pa'ented. An art milking appropriation" for the aupportoftha nulitaiy academy for the year ending tha aoth of Junu, An act to amend an act, approved the 4th of Augu't, 1^64, entitled ' an act to graduate and reduce tho price of the public lai da to actual aettlera and cultivator*. " I An act for carrying into etrect tha convention upon tie j-ub/ct of claims between tho I'nited State* and J re* t Britain, ol Kebtuury, 1853 An act extending the provision* of the act of August 4, 18i 4, entitled "An a<-t to grant the right of ?*y to al 1 rail Aii?l [dar.k roa?l<i a n't mHradam<7? ?1 turnpikfd |>aNM mg throeuh 1 he public Unds be longing to the Unit -1 ."tatea to the public land* in the lenities." An a. t to e.tablUh In ti e State of Mis-iarippl ; Thtt. tsnoogx. in the State of Tenneaaee; and Hlckmnn, in the Mate of Kentucky, porta of i!el'T?-ry. An act making 'appropriations for deepening the cban eel over th<* St. flair I- lats. end for deepening ihechanu*-! over tee (lata of the St. Mary's river, in the State of Michigan Aa act to appropriate money to remove tha n'lstrui titna in the Savannah river, below the city of Savannah, in the State of (itorgla. An act iritMng appropriation* for forll Ications an 1 other woiks of defence, an l for repair* of barrack* an ] ?|uaiters f< r the yeur ending th* .'KJth ofJune, 18 >?1. Ao act for the relief of pnr'-haM-r* an<l locater* of swamp and overliowed landa An act to r<mo<'el the diplomatic and consular ?y? terns of the United Htite*. An art making appropriations for tha support of the army fir the jeer mding the 3d of June, 185ij. An ict to provide for the erection of public buildings in tte Territory of Kansa*. An act lo provide for the erection of public building* In the Territory of Nebraskv An act to organ-re an Institution for the in*-in? of the army and navy, and tf the id-itrlct of Columbia, in laid Matrict. An act to improve the law* of the district of Colum bla. ?n-< to codify the *ame. An *ct making appropiiatlona for tho < lv!l an-1 frlpl-i matic exronsf * of liovernnxnt for the jear ending tha 3oth of June, ISifl, an I other purpose*. An act mak ng appropriation* for th? naval service far the year < nd ng the .%th of June. An act making appropriations for the service of the J'ost f J Dice I>p* rtmmt during the Hrcal ?ear .-nling the th ol June, '56. An act for the construction of certain military roa<ls In th* Terrtory of Kama*. An art further to ametd the act entitled "an act t? reduce and modify the rat.-a of po?t*ge? in the United States, and for purpore* " rUBLIO KBHOLDTIONh Resolution to moilify or change the original of the Custom House at New l >i lean*. Appioved December, 1^64. Ri-iolution for the appoiotinrnt of I'.egeot* in the ."'mithsbiilan Institution Approved December 27 I*'>4, Ke?.,iutU,n providing for the engraving, lithographing, ?nd publishing of drawing*, maps, clurta, or other |*per* forCongr.s* Approval January 1U 11,5. solution relative to the construct on of the Uw* for | tl e al,< ? ance of additional crimpcnsation to the clerk* | in the Censu* Bureau. Approved l-ebruarr 1855 _ Resolution resjectitg the Areti.- Rxpaditioo command ed by l atted Assistant Surgeon fc. K. Kano. Approved rebruary II, 1835. K> solution authoring the I rMident ot the United State* to f onfer the tith' of lieutenant-general by 1 revet, lor eirin< nt fervlc-s Approved February 16.1855 Ke^olulion accepting the sword af (Tmeral Andre v Jackron. and returning the thanks of Congr??* to the Umily oi the late tianeral Kobert Armstrong. Ant,roie<I February 28, 1845. l>fol itlon in relalioa to tha New Orleana Cuatoni Hoiire. Approved starch 2, 1855. l^Kefoliit'on esplsnatory of an act piaaed Augu*t 4tb, Reaclutlon making appropriation for tha purchase of Urtltorial | Ri solution making appropriation for the payment of these entitled to the benefit* of the resolution of the House of Hepresentatlve* of the United Stataa, passe>l March ??l, 1856, voting eitra compenaation to nafe< folder*, and other*. Res olul.f n esp'aoatory of the act giving compausation to Jut'ge* Hoodbiidge and Chlpman. t'KI VATK III 1.1.8. Anactfrrtha relief of Jacob Mcl>elLan. Approve*! December 14, 1IM. An *ct for th* relief of Joaeph M. Slgler, ef Putnam county, Indiana. Approvd Decemt*r 14, ln64. An*ct for tha relief of Fnoeb S. Moore. Annrotad 1 ectmbsr 15, 1 '14 An act for the relief of Thoma* Kll *. Ai trovsd De-" rembar 11#, |8t4 An act lor the rellal of James rt. (Iraham and Waller B. >mnall Approi*! I?cemb<r21, Is54. An act allowing ration* to Hrtgadier 'ieneral John K Wool Approved De ember 21. 1854. An act to change tb- name of the American built hrif Con.o to that of Jebouee, an-1 to grant her a new real* ter. Approved December Tl, 1864. An act to author se the Secretary of tha Treaaury to lasue a rsgister ta tLa sebooaer Sarah. Approved Jte cember 22, 1^64 An act aupplemental ta an act therein mentioned. Ap proved Decembsr 22. 1814. An act f> r the r*li?f of Jame* Butler Ar orovd He cember 27, 1864. An act for tha relief of Mary Kutherfoed, w.dow ;t fatuuel Rutherlord. Appioved l>ecemt>er 1 7, la.?4. An act authoriting the WaahngCn lias I. if bt Com p?ny ta i?crea*e the capital stock of *aid company Ap pr'.ved Jan i. ary 3, ] -55. An act for the rehar of Herman Chittenden Apnroval January 3, lSf.v An act to incorporala tl* Mutual Fire Inaarance ( nm pany of the ln*lriet of Columbia. Akoroved Jeuusrr 10, 185 ft. ' ? An act for tb* b*ae(t ef < harles J. I'or- her, acting purser of tha sk?p of- war l aimouth. Approiel'jasiua ry 12, 1*55. An act lor the relief of tbebelritn l reprea?aUtive< of Uriah I re?lt?, daeeaaad. Approved January 1 1, 18', 5. An act for the relief ef Thomas Uutler Approved Janu ry 12, 1156 An act for th* rellaf of Mr* Ann W. Angus Approved Janaary 12, 1866. ? An act lor tha rai af of tha ra|ire<entatiee* of T noma a D. Andsraoa, lata ( onaul of tha I a.tsd States at Tripoli. Approved Jtnaai j 12, 1845. An act fw tte rellaf of tha Wgal representative* ef Jama* hrw a, of Arkaasaa, and otbara. Approval Janu ary 12, 1866. Au act for the rtli'f of Franco!* Coa<ia Approved Jinaar; 12. 1166. Aa act for tha relief of William Iiaer Approved J ana aiy 12, 18(4. An act for th* rvlef of C. P ')r?a*ai. v. taoroved Jai uar; 12, I A'a a<-t fe*.*'" rt'i?fof the legal r*-pr?ieatat>ve? of Col. Job i. Stone. A?P">vad January 18, 18M. A u a?t fit >&? I'WuifjrlBj Mono. I), ilorfta, for ca'.tle de?troj? j by tlie IW?<M in IW.' Approved January 1?, 1865. I An act for the* r?' ?f Iba 4ilmini?tr*lor of Thouu* W.fb?|t. Appro, 'Pd Jauuui r I?, IfiOfi. An act J"r the .relief or lurid 0. n'eart. Approve I i January "4, 18iS. I An tct to r<itbort2<f " e i??ue of it register to the bark , i r. '.0(111 tlx of -luaUii Approved Jauuery UA, 1 #r>&. Ad uct lor tUt relief , ??! the cbilure u ami htir? o' UajOT I Cent-nil Ban n I)* Kr11>. Appro* e?l Jiamr/ '2i, lK.Vr>, * ?? in I or : lie roller of Hylveotar Humphrey and tb? I 5 elr* of Ab-xtiilrr llui ojihrey, dec??-ed Approved ' I Janrnry 26, 1M(>6. An let to i?uthor*ie the 8 "cretury or the Trea?ury to iiti.t> a renter to the ban." Murtba. Approved /inti ary 2!', An art lor tha relief of WW 'eta H&nVinn Approved January 81, J'-ftft. An act 'or tha relle.*"?f .lamee Wright Jr., of tlieSUt.' cfTenuoe'ce Approt? d .lanuarj T ( 1855 An act ler the relL-f of Jo>- *ph Webb. Approve 1 January !>I, ltti. Au ni t Ii-t the relief of Fredaai -k Vinceut, irinnuii trator of J . tie* Lp Cait, mrvlvor ??* Le Coxo and Mallet. Appitvi'd Jasuary III, 1816. An act to authorize th> heene .if at negater to the bark Coloniat, I v the name of tbe "l.ily. " Approved Jacaury 81, 1866. Au net fur ;Se relief of TM.maK Mjirnivn Taylor, Ap proved K< himiry ti, lH/> 6. An act to la'vrpnrRte thv-St JoeephJ? Male Orpfcmw Atylum, in 1h* Diatri't of Cotauibiit. iptroml IV i twuary 1, 1866. An art toolu,o*e tin- ntimi ?? M tlie A met 'can bnllt veie j ?ebt ' J. li. lloliav" and "Franklin Pierce. ' Approved February 7, 1?56. An act for th.v relief of tlia beira of Jaiepb tlerard. I Approved Feliruiwy 10, 1856. Aa net for the lelief of the udminUtratcv at Oliver . lite, deceaeed. Apprnvid I'eb.nary 10, 1855. A* act for the ni li f of Daniel Mow, of Kaamc, county of Chittencen, la the State of '1'enneeaee. Approved ' Febraaty 10, 1 SM. Au act for the rvlief of John t!teenr. Approved Febru- I ary lu, 186... An act for t! ? i relief of Samuel A. It'ddcn nail Com- ! pany. Approved February 10. 185f. An aoi for the reliof of Ceoege Buah, of Thanton county, Wa.thit'KSocv Territory. Approved February lo, I 1866. An net con firming * land claim to KH j?h White, of the ' Teriitory of Wimb u^ton. Approved Febtuary 10, 1856. I Att act for the reliei of KJ. M-Laee. Approved Feb- ! ruaij 10, li65. An act for the rolief of Catherine I). Arnold. Approved Fehrnery 0, 1866. Au act for th? relief of th? Wiet Feliciana lUMroad, 1 and tbo Georgia Italtruad Hanking Company. Approved { February 10, 186f An art for the relief of the heir* at hiw of WilKbaa Van Wart, deceaaed. Approved February 10. 18)6. An act to Incjenee the p'unUa of I'atilc). C. Milea. . Approved February 10, 1866. An act for the relief of IW>n II. .luau Do mercy, a Spanlell mbjeek. Approved February 13, 1855. An act to change the name of tlie "chooser "Plan* tugeiiet'' to that of " A. <; llrovm,'' and for other pur ^oie*. Approved February 13, 186.). An act for the relief of Gilbert C. Kujaell. Approved February 13, 18*6. An act for the relief of Samuel MoKni^ht, of tha State if Kentucky. Approved February ID, 1866. An act fcr the relief of William Wallace, of tlve State ef Indiana. Approved February 13. lb.i.'i. An act for lb" rilief of the widow and children of Ktra Cbapuian, daceaei'd. Approved February 13, 18J5, An act for the relief of Lieutenant lieorgo II I'-iige, of the tlDlted State* army. Approved February 13, 1815. An act to prorlde a peimion for Obver llrown, of CI etuuug County, hew York. Approved Feb. 13, I860. An act to provide a pi nnloa lor Kdinund Mitchell, of Cartoll County, in tho State of Kentucky. Approved February 13, 1*56. An act for tbo relief of Jehn II. iii'-k h, of Indian*. Approvid Felruaiy 13, lk'.'i&. Au art for the lellef of John I'r.iwn, of Nee lUmp abire. Ap| rovi .1 February 13. 1835. An act lor the relief ol Abraham Autman. Approved Februa"y 13, 1868. An act fur the reti"f of the beir* of l^rkin Sin th Approved February 18, 1156. An act ^rantinrf bounty land to Corceliua Colfey. A j> |rov*d Ft biuaty 13, 1865. An art for tLn relict' of Ueanor llonple.of thaprovia'e ' of t 'anada. Approved February 13, 1865. An act for the relief of John Colo. Approve ! Fabrtiary 13, 181 6. An act for the relief of George I.yncU. Approved Fe bruary 13, If56. An net fcr tha relief of Gior|i Klliott. Appr.ivod Fe bruary 1.1. lh6^ An ait for the ullef of Uncoln IUtee. Approved Ve bi uary 13, 1 An n I for the lelief of William Gove. Approved !*?? tn.aiy 1 ?*, 1IM. Au ui t ft i th'- lelief of William I'arker. Approved Fe bi uary 18, 18t 5. An ui t .i r the relief of I'ollyCurver, widow and e*ee i tiix of * atL?n Carver, dtcra. ed. Appio\eJ February 13, 1815. Au act for the relief of Sydney P. Pool, of the State of | .Vuiiii'. Approved Ffbruary 13, 18..6. An act for the relief of Uerrge J. llallaton. Approved lei ruary 13, 1866. Au not for the relief of the lei(,?l repr*>entative? of Jclm l'utii.iiD. Approved February 13, 186.V An ait for the rellel of WilliAtn t'aae. Approved Fe brury 13, 186.'., An act lor the ndlef of Zacbariah l*?r?a'?, of Ohi'?. Approvci February 17, 1855. Au act lor the relief of Medfotd Coffey, of the St ito of i ltnte*a?e. Approve.) Februa iv 17, 11)(. An act fcr tbo relief of William I I*i{*r1y. Approved February 17, 1856. An act for th? relief of llenry H.Marah. Approved February ill, 1865. An act f< r tie relief of Hebecea Won widow and crutrix of the laat will and fatament of Timothy Winn, deo-aied, late puraer in the navy of the I niled Matei. Approved lebruary 21. I "Oft . An a. t authorizing tne iaeue ?f a r*gfat*r to th? Ito? aian built ehlp Ainu. Approved February 'Jl, 18,'?5. An act to incieane the penaion of Anttionv Walter 1'ayard, of I'ellefoule In tbe.-tate of IVcnuylvania. Ap , piovld February .4, 1856. \t> act for the rel.efof Mre. Helen Mnckay, adminlatrt . tru of Ijeut. (ol. Ai iiea* Mackay, late a deputy <|uar termeater In the I'nited State* army. Approved Febru ary *8, 1^56. An art urantini; tountr land to Suaan Palmer. Ap prevtd F? bruary '28, 1866. An e. t for the rehef of I.ot Havle. Approve.1 February S8, 1866 An act for the relief of the h?lr? ef Pri<a Iter (ieneral fli. bard It. Maeoo Approved March 'J, 1856. An act (or the relitl of Cbarlee W. t'arroU Approved March V, 1866. An a< t for the relief of the helrv and legal repren nfa tlvee of Jorepb Savage d'-ceaiied. Approved Mach 2, 1 "46. An act for the rel'ef of John R Boeee, a<(*nt In ctar^e of the pro(ierty of the Cnile'l Stite* at Ml hlgan < ity, in the State '.f Indiana, and of Uaac S, Smith, of the -ity of Kulfaio, New York. Approved March 'J, 1" ?'/ An act for th? relief of Daniel dearie k I'ompaoy, for extra -ervlce rendered the I 'oat Offl'e I .partnient of the I nit' d Mate* Approved March 1866. An a-t for the relief of Captain William <) Howieeon. A||rove<J March 2, 1*66, An act for the relief ef Anna E. < ook Approva l March 2, lk66. An act for the relief WlllUm 0. I reaU ri Approved M?rrh 2. 1*66. An act for tha rel ef of the legal representative* of W.llie ui A ? hrietlan. Approved March 18 <6 An ?ct lor the benefit of Philip B. Kiee, decea-'-d. Ap proved Mareb ]>?S5. An act for the relief of the children ao l rraad eblldr. ri . f '?.Jai.i* Morrif. Approved March J, Ii65 An act for the relief of i barlea H Pointer. Approve<l Mar h 2. 1866. A o act for the relief of Ado* Kaapp Approved M^r h J, 1 866. An act for the relief of Peter Amey ' colored man;. Ap proved M*ich 'J, 1866. An aet for the lelief of K?ory S. Sanford Approved y..r h 2. ne6. An act for tha relief ot ParmelU Slav in, lat- the w 'e of John Itlue, dereac-d. Approved Mar h 2, 18. J. An act t' t tha re lef #f ">*o. W Torren t Approved March 2, 1866. An act for the relief of Mr*. J. Joeephio* M n?Uaa. Approved March 2, 1*66. Hill for the relief ef Naecy W?atherford An ?et for the relief of Ma. lalena V*n widow .( Corneliua P. Van Nee* de"-a*el An art for the relief of tbe widow of W, "1? I cea?ed. An act for '.) e relief of Jamei H'.latla, An act for the relief ef the le^ai r*pre?eotv ie* < Williin A ( hrietlan. An aet for the rel ef of Paul H llllgeay of Ohio An act for the rel ef of FraakUa '>.??? An a 1 1 of the relief of Perdiaan I Clark An act for the rel ef of Ibuaiaa S J. J>Hlaaea, of tbe Territory of N?w M??!'o. An ? t for th relief of the belie of Tbc*aa Par 4e ceaerd. An ait fer the relief ef Ttiao H I *aie An act for tbe relief of tbe be r* of lJeat Andrew Holey. Ari a t 'nr 'be rt lief ef Jep'ha 1 llem.rr'r An aet for tbeiehefef Stephen I 'ilf, of Nee Yorb An i*t fer the relief ef Thomee Km ?j, Attn ?? 0 P.'eher !?er>, and Jamee MelaogM n An art iranting a |-m i..a to Jim-. Mafjvrm ? A a act vi c?at>aue tbe peaaloa ot K ran m 1 Rt/"> t Ae act for tbe relief ef Jeeie free t> of Ftn.-ire* Maeeachaevtta, Aa art for the relief of L R f yon, and I eaa B H? ?? afd. of the -lute ef New York Aa i' t for the relief of Mra I rer.e u HeemV An act to aaeod aa act entitled an art f r t ? f ' ef | ef ?eoig? M Itentley, of the State of Indiaca Aa ait for tie rel ef of Aodrew II Pattereen Aa aet gvaa tag a pea? oe to Joieph MeConti. ? i-srVAn Raaoktti08e. p> *<>lut^n for the reiief of tbe ebiMree of <ep'.ae Tboau ? I ort? r, ft ceaaed. Appr* v*d l?"(nberH, I**4. HeeoUtk a for the a ttiement ef the cla n ef Inn Jntu Jeeoa \ kg I, of Kew Meaiee, Appr >v?4 I "jae-ber i /, lUaelaf oe fer the rebef of l>rateaeat J C ' erter 4 Fetruery 18, IIU. ttce ei| ai at/ i / of the act "ia>*??tei to J 'fee two r'.<* /? and '.Vtmao A p;ro' eJ feVet.e rvl7.'-fi A^proMi! Ktiotaticn in furor ?>f WiUiiui MoospM. A|>|ir>.'Tc<t feliruaiy 24, IflAft. I Kcnolbtifa for the irtkf of Jiebfcc* I flu ton. Approved Fftouaiy 'j*, 1 8f>P. Keialut'oo for the relief vf <"at I M l!*. I He?r?Iu ti ? a for the flout adjustment of the act omit or John P. roloirKOif. !( i ipNn?torjr nf an act entitled no ?"'t f >r ! tie rrllef of Abigail Wallord. l'< ai lutibA for the relief of John Hu, .in. Herolutioo lo pay what ta ihi Ji.iae* ? '?J*'' ?" arfmlniatrafor. H< aolufion for the relief nf .Tam?a ff ughe*. Kemuillon for the relief of .l?e! ibttry Dyer. Feiulutlon for the rol.ef of (lenrrfo V MeCerren. Mnrrh Trrm at tkr I.a>r Cmtrl*. Th?- buiintmuf the March terai coinen quitch upon U j rf ),rl>ruarjr, which on>y tf rmtonted on Mafurda; . The. '' I j ft rt main, on the T?r?<ia calendar*, uinwy itnpjrten cam, mi l <>a*i of nn sl rfht Intereat will, ere th(a month Uicf&fttta, be added to the lint ? we nimg thr> imO eoiti | mcnetd by tb? proprietor of the Jlt.ttu .0 ei cperu .tianajjer Fry, for at prom a lib< i u? ever appear*' 'I in tlmH print wf?'?h in aa proverbial hrr ita rflcUloemftai of character ml It N ftr It* baneful lntnn lh? li-lienteil >!e. ?b of Jud/fe boa b fl ? ?w cancy ot? the Ixucli of the Htifreine Court, and rumor epeaka of Hr. KifVlaUt, and otb'r whli( lawjera, ne bin Kiicco-nor. (iotcrnor l"l?rl. bun in hia, a-- yet, \rlirf term of effree, the patcnuiRe o ( two judgmhlp* at h!a | diapoaal? tb* one ulliidnt to ttn<l lh? vacancy ernitet in j th<> Marine (Surt by th? ^aignntiuu ?t Judge I'hilllpi, 'JO which he baa appointed 5%. I. i We percelvw ?hat an e!U :t it beini( iwade in tbe t,e?;lahi- ] tile ti> abidbh the Murine C-Mirt, but on what preWI, | we cannot eon ??Ire. Ibat r huual L a prored ?ice?l la*lj uaeful arwt eaay of acc< n? to litigant*, In caaea not j tafidrinR moro th.n |.'>00. !t kAJ taken from the Supe rior Court and >it?aion Plea* avany ?iiii*U cauwa that heretofore clo^Ra.1 tk? calend jti uf tlif ** courta, and impeded the proj -eae of mtrcaitiU and other auitu uf fiieat importance. To ke sure, a.nw petty m?r<:h:inta may lad the eummary pr?<?aa of th? Marina ( tart, which compel! them to j ay tbe poor creditor witbent long ? )*? lay, lnn>n>i!i.ient, and they rare be uain? 'oteby mil i enaea for it* abrotfj Jon Or the unparftd contempt in which Ike l ieutenant (J?-vernor ard hl? copartner* atamt n.ay litu oiiginattd th? movement Who ar? tw wire pulleraf Vie lourt of (ica.^ral Heaaiona >111 lie oienedtliia n crniur by Hecorder i'naith. Tbe caaea winch will pro baliiy >.? triad thia tern ar? nuaercua, and in i>w <l? K"'i> iapeitant. Among tbira arc tlmae of Kiaaano, chargcd with forgery d-vthe (?henil< 1 Itank , of V*<>iirk in, fur fiul t /xlemcut ott the Ocaau I! iuV to Ilia eitwnt of ! of H'dmea, f it ?h? mauaUi'^htcf of til" |v Jir? u.a:i (?outlay, and of othera ehui;?'l with kMpinK fara>Uni( houaaa and el Iuk 1'ittrrjr ^dlvlca Tito llat of p;>oii caxaa i i not anuaually licai^. l'v?IJt>U-tK OK PKWUXKM H)R MAK'll TVIIM Itr tlhasut! mp-toHH drivnd Urceny "i'? 8olii it;a<( emigrant pa> Ilurglary "il i eng< r* without l.ceore 'i j rofflj U Krrbbery 1 I I hordtrly bouae ti Aoon 1 I Vurder B Kmbfldiawt I 1 Kelanloua aneault and bat 4 Abaodotuuaut I Total ?3 j Tlir Com mou Council. Tba < iljr I ?UjfM commence tljoir March ?.a?ii. B if,, ""7' bUt "* *f noll,'?* ..j**! ,| ! * "<M?"liaL actleu oo th. plan*' I ?p?clflat.oin for tba u? I.* court building,. Iliooklyn. CILyr !yrMI, U'"H ny uvu Tw" mwov <*??? Ami .1 AM) ONI R*I>LV nr*M| t(. ? HI. ?tr,e,. , wWch run* fr ?? UtU? .t,a.. and rat* aria to the N.r, V.H w.H , afout , .vio^S srrrrh ? Jm.* ?aJ tl?. .L.truct on of v,,, hum,? b?, wh ) '? ?umc?J ?mH the M irr.^a. ' tbt upp*r port loo <rf tba hou*. ;c? - ^ two ut ,h ,. ,o., . Jh JmZ 1 ;, D .*n? " "? bt,,ly ,U"1 f'fov-ry in coB.licrwd bop?le??. j/r. 3borf. f?m j, eon,!.**! ,* wif. and .Is cLuU'ri n. Tb. lLr? ,u?t, 1- .)??*,?, occupied . ,oo? i? tfca ?, f)l * r ahUdrtn occupied . .p... (u !ho ,oiry ?t? ?o< " if, ,D1| th.,?,^nt. ??.! on* child or opMfn-o IJ- lower room.. Mr. tfcort ... b/ Ulo If.'iV" lt *?< oo? hU 1 ltm?. "ut ,,, ! ??>*??? I, -a ih- ?? P-rpo.tono, tl.? building ?loJI/ ?.r^ ?3 m.^.-shHsS ? ; axri, SKWJas^suttss^ up h fi'l *)rnvfr' <f fn a <,( ? >f?, ? v u P boin,d .1 out ib.Vr. l ?d Ld/ n ? i ,h" " ??'/ ' t?.. n j..d, f ?Tn ?;r, | ?*??? thrjr orrupl?d w. . ?l ?.i , f ?. #?'l i w.? lo .n l Iit-.^, imp',?>?i|i|?. K, t 'n,,r w* " b tb? ? ii(i n. . ?(,t to work 1h? nr- w ? In th. th.',,., .btno Xb'tni -I'pt, bBt how, will p,ob*lj|jr ; i s *ld-.t o; w?. e. nr?r-'l to tl,? - fi.ii.Hjr * I ? t of M, John, *ol Mr. \|M Ur.r r>.* ?.! n. ,?ui ?oi'N'l t, in.u,.nr, "J ,J> *w> M.*.? n?? or TH* JW.IIT, I 1W Coi KIW _r>i#r? " ?? tbUd./' Ut'r.'^r'.Vtw^V ' I*'", *;f, - ? -.1 U ,:nf .rx,",\n. niUl.wul ' '?*' '""{"r Wl.l; ,, ?l)l).iD?b'i,j ?i#?t!oa rioUra lot),- <'ir ?ll tod i , nolo. I. buotH. will U ? , ?J?*' fl/r Uir'.r fo, I, ?i rL.I-'i', ' fl"t Un u" ; VtJ. u7 . 7n? f?*.* . i *,< rii Bumli) -In it. n*ik 1 "if.h ..... , f Him Ih.,. ... ? ;. p tL 0 y,y vtUr two iirti a tb. rity, .? I 'U*j wo'.l | t,.,. . hk. jj, !u,i?? th? p..? wis f f.?,J | rj?, , fc., Ui. tlM.1/ .Il.f tftwrtiof 0W, ktroUm ? ? a. p<* r n !(.'??.?,)? .1. ?.rf l ,,?ro<j. ?r. In., ? r? in (,??t ?>nt of '|/>tbi,.( .ad " ? u, \ ' r"'?" ^ ? * u* ? ^1^1 .at f.ithfuil/ apili.d. ^.aowl F'noii.l lnl*lll(.h,r( W II. A.plnwail Iwrii to day la tk. rr# .w far tt. >* I'.aaioa t/? U? (rwt w^k wh ' i. . u. tifi r p ?trd miTif. >,V, w . ' J** l,'u|- " U ''? ?? ?? U?? T v. ill . ^ t r? ;<?. . >. Wf * ? ??? a. i -I U l> i tia.ui). * ?. , ' L ' ' " -.ivfc. .. ?/, t J.. ? i m ' ' a. 4 T'li'i. . ? K >1)1 II |/ i J u U '.II. !?*, OT.r.,1. U I.UI..IW4I, i? .? , ? ?'*?? ?,'? < tli^ra.a ..? i.t?, ?? U< I i|l flM I ... j * | ? ? i . j i,. m,(,J , ,, V J *' I'll '' * 4 ?U. nX."-~**L l?l ).ri<i.> >!???? J (..Hi!, T . ? ?vl^ }? ,rl ?? i ??????' ii m ii .i. , ? , ' * Jr \ i tin J- in ? W.II. i a i ' dj.? < ?m r *11*1?. v? ,J ? | iiUhi a* I lli.? (t.ij4m jt 1^.. || , ' "" * f V I'aia aa4 ua n ? . j m I,,. . i. .. i '^?..a?4 lanhn .aIw"A5^ 4" > '? lf'? > r\ R?H in ?V|tt it, . t It. k ... . ? i*-*.,. h, VLij r :,,. iv'u j*?m C(tn i,nii ( .. " M. I "i7;?" ' ?'*?. . Wm, a ? * " ,WL', r '/*r ^ " j iZLZy;", M i l'v " ? " ? - ;r.r ..T.Lr: ; ? H *a*r* ' ?iaw / a ?m NATIONAL POLITICS. , Ckorjc Law and Wm. B. So ward la the Yield. I.illn ?* <?? ?r((f Uw, of New York, lu the ?>' Ptmijrlvwiit, mi tin' Frranit C rials* Nrw Yoke, V?b. '11, MBt. Onrri.KMK!*: ? I have rc^ivfl iK' letUfl" whlofi jou did im th* honor to addreaa nt on the J I in?t. h'r nn my 1 early manhood I 'tare been prfmlpa'ly engaged ' in the oitsrprlMH wuf avocation* of private life, | thcte enterpriteH, howtver, In tiio opinion of m*ny, I having a very Important hearing upon the int?r i eata an J proRrcaof t'ltrt great eoruit.*/. During | that period of time I have paid no mwo at I t cnlion to, nor taken no fur'.hir InteroU Ic, | ti * aftaira of th.> repuUfa thau w'lat a goad ' eit or a lover of hU country tuke* by ??uUi?g t|iil etly hia rote lutu the btlbt box. I wav therefore ?tart '*<? In * oonalderabl# degrae from my i|<iiet mode of life by the reception of u wry Important letter du. I id at Ilarriiburg, signed by t^ie Hpeakar of the llouee i Kepre?entatlve? of ths*tat?of I'enmiyl taiila, at Vf nil Senator* a>id membera of the I i#g1?lat.i *?. propounding In julr ?? of a leading paliilcal <1 uuncter In refrren e to the procent lUte of ' pub lie aftil *a, and the future action of the American penile. Th. < honor and the <? impllment combined of having ? ?'J?lved a letter fr> n* nnuh a hlgS iimvter, a?k.l IK for my humble opinion In the pre ?ent crlile ol our land, are quite mfflctent to .rMtfj my an 'bltion if It terminate) with the ceiitiwy act of n wking thla reply. Willi the*- lm preaelona on my . ulnd I almost henltute ti renture upon the publle j ath to wh'ch jour letter Invitee rue vith ao much' migoanlmlty, oooll ienoe up i got i feeling. %We hare arrived fin very imp nt nt ctitia In the hkUry of thin itepu bll<\ 1'artiei, prlt>cljlea and men? utaUamen and politician*, all Hcetr^ to be In a rapid atats if decoi opeeltlin, trantltliu nud rt coiatr jetlon. Indeeo , the aame ae^ct of coafu lion a ?><! diacord In i be public aflMra and publlo paitlin which altllct tl da country, 'eem? t> be a lomanD Htorder or epl. lerolc over tin whol j earth. Kurope la lab mug In t he name oondltlan. What ti li ? 'i? '? thi cloae of . >n?i grea'. cyi-te of revolu tion Mid the beginning < >f Mother in the wotid'a OtvUlaaUkD. Kv?-n A?ia, ttiu uiyatertoua vintry, wnh whl h atcKin In link, ng u?, ti tided with ooa? fuaion, .var, d>H<.rd<r and revolution!. Il?;>ptly, hewevur, for ttila countw, < x mq p >?v <?ed of to> rnu b n'lg'./n. intelligence Mil (v>n?aoxi aenae to cut f ii< ti other'* thioau, In u.-riar to letiie difl -r*st-?a in rellgloei 'Ufitkin* or poJUoa. Ity our lirreldea we lorm our ojdni n of wiiai Ja ?eoeeau-y to i<e done, lettle uptu common pnnaja'*, orgBaiae lata* Sarti<?, aud go quietly to the UmVoi be, anl there rtermlno, l>ke practical men aiiloirtilMd being*, tvery knotty iio*?tion of Uie daw. KniiH tkn Mi >t gnn of thr ftev< |-xir>n down t j the pre .?nt dtf, the people <4 tto Lr.Ued Htale* hare paeeed thiougli thf? tern* of poMlWel eilat *uoo,all allied to each other "A renern* "hare :t*r, but dilU'i lDf< in i-rrw ti .nl rr*uiU. Tlie gmt rero.u t'xnnry period tnded wit i Ihe c?ut>t a.'i?*ril of Um Union, '.bo foi million of the a In 17W7, m <1 ibe <!l^mA<d retirement W Vi'aithbigtua from iflhe with ill thr honor that trie Anierl ?u jinopte could confer upon him - ttoir Kraif-nUn tr.4 n'ltrtioa. Th? M?'?ui peilod of oar political hut< ry, begin tilng wl'b tie eelabUahinent of tto rat-ublijac. party, under the iamiIIi:* ol Jrflerwon *ti 1 Mad'**n, nl*'t great Mill laiding HUtnMiien <f ttoir a(-;e en.l-*i with tto iK ?e of Mr. Monro*'* ndm'(V.ateall<>a During that ut, Kie?'. i|ii?*tion* of f*eigu ruid Ja IM nllr, policy W?!ie Battled, I he third prrttrl b*KM Willi llio UHlIn of OeneruB Jukeotl, aild r|..?nl *hh I wti'ernoiit ol a.*ny Import ml | Hilton! lMii?N during I li *4 in nUtm'10-..Tbe cjateelaof 1>m dtBOCitU' Mil whin partlw now cloali % '.a tto dflgeeora' y a?1 ? o-ifuaioa ol t'J per tin* , < realm tha ne***jly for mm* new parti growing out of 11m hiate or tba tlrri'*, la order to renc rate and nfrnth the country ami trie aj?e. TIi? ill <tlnxuiet>ai .oeo of raoh at tto ?e thr** perinea huv<- paved away, buk i lie reooliecUona of their aertime to the >oantry kll.l ?*mt I he moil resat.l of our great . itat** ir.eri - f'alliouo, <"%j and YVetoter, Willi eacae of ttoir ( o emporarir? bare left n* rich legajla* la trlnclplee. from whl <-ii new departure* may l a taken l.y thoae who hava Intaliigrn a eoough to .Irink at lite pn par fountain. lint although ue.aily all tba laanaa of faeam party cooteata bare b an eeu.ed or dla<! arw, yet. eveir m* ' a.i Ua new Is* una and freeh difllrulUae foe ptttiee and *tete?roeri to dla> i u, enc ranler in] v large. Imrinp tne !aat few >eor< th? ortgloai rlrtaw at.d purity ol t..e two urt at poLMicai p?iU?a whidi ha\? cottandtd for the mtalar/, hara unri/ (W patlrd; Ujlh have d?K?nera'ed an t <lljara.*d Um natl' n lu u>any iinptiiaril pai II' ultra. Tijia oomipt ?tate of Uilti^a bad been ixrdl '?>l by aoma of nut moatennireiK utateernan. Th* period ha? now arrlratf whru, frniu the exigency of Uie tiniai and guided by lb* lighU of Ua roniiltution. tbepe<>p> of th'<? ouua try are preparing for a rh?iig? and a ra orgaaittUow 1 1 iteriifat lleMttiol republic an goremniMiL. Thla wlah and detertn'naiion on the part of Um Auieiieari |>e< i>le baa lit" !o?ed lUalf In Um ranaot eltrtlona in different p->rU<ae *jt W e r mairj in m manner a'?t to im mlminiler?loorl, at North, noutte, f/aal at.d Wart. 7h> *e rrrjlta are the btgluHnH cf Um derelojmnenU of a iuu)y i^li .i.aJ aptrtt, ciuie and au .malooaat firaf, but dtwtinad unite* the guldaore of i.omrnoa aenae to rale* it* i>mi try froB U?>?e miraa of coirup'.ion lata wh^eii it haa f*;?n by the rni?manair< rnenl of |>olltl':al ?< *<len>. (>ne of tha m- it dangeroaa <la wMr-h kae grrwn out <f tha deaenera-y of the old par tea ie that of *? ti-nal agitation. Hact)'?a> agiUDon la the great danger Utal mana< <? U>? Am?tl<an r*j<?-?i i . It la the weak p int >A Um I nio*. The m< red tie of marritge rannot eab tiit la nrivala Ufa without c?n ft dan a la tha riitua cr the narUee aaitad, n?ither ea thiw I uloa eiiat r tie and ma>lgna?* ?ertienal agitation which hare i>? ?n for ad up* aw In theaa la'.V r day* I / iiaaJl *?? tlooa of polluctmm who *mk Into ln*4rm> anre I <efor? U?e great hie lori'alnimr* of our ? OttBtry. Ha<t|/<aal a? tatlew la not onlt cnr weakaet point at huime Uil K InvMaa tha Interference of <nr enarnie* abriad. Tie caligeo'* aad iri'Dl iea'y with wltirh Um public ?nJr* of thie coaotry, b-Ui f /re^a and do n eat.' , bare been condn tad br tk we la p>war( whether tfrrri'.' ratlc or whig, for the leal lew year*. hat"Bitrartediheett*ntl"n of *1! MoalMa man, aM creatrd la tha ain<la of tha paopla tha niiaaeutt of a radi< al ief'>rm. Our eyatam of litdireci taiaUon, e mmooly ai:?d a lar.3 on liap'Mta. ha? toaa eetei* ;.?be?i and fraKad for the purp^iae aimply of np^lf trig the annual want* of tba got am? at, and fir giving tBdliectbrota^koo U) our aarufa^turea. Tkta ? } ?W in of taxalloa haa proved Ui be of eu< h a a*, ture n practl'e u to ortaui daaicrrooa eurpluaraa of B.!llioaa tf g ril ar.d rflver In the T reaanry, thereby f*ra&flcg the currency, ihroaing ea change* lalo <onf?tii/n, and liringlng i<aab luptcy and rain up m eterr braa> b of irarf Ma*. Tte p'.lttivian* ani ?Ut*>?iaen (If Ufery may deMire the aame> of tha two old partiaw hara been k? tmw% engafe'l in (r^enxw 9f paraanal iriian 1 aaiaenl to arranga this lot portent Bran lal ^uaatl in on art* h principle* %mjm< tild "totily aXMwar the waata of tto govern meat aad tto Internet* of the > *inlry. It m tin* theref re. la tarn a abort or. t <m Ltoea pTyinle of (?iky, aad Vo coelrire aoiiab'e ieglaiatMa, uA fcr the pnrpoaa of ep>/U* f <r taaroaelrea <tr de I entonto, bal ror U.e baoeflt aad a>!raataga of tha ?hoi* ooaatry. Thla tyeiata ?a^ulrealwoe.Mata ra oortructioo up t ? the h)gto*t pna ip ?a of p? i.tUn aad iw ansae, In ordrr V> ? ? ore U? 'wjntrr fr? t** , fr??i^at cnTtiUl<?e ail period# m tjankru|>>. 4 ' cy which haTO <. cwrr*d -ter eg Um leaf three or fow s adtii'n jrtratl?.?? tHir traaeuy and flaacKial efrta* m rt'ialM* eia.filnatkei and amer.d/r.etjt In ell I detail* aad la the *aaelil work ng of lie n^Maa j. 1 o*r ia*d?>?*?te hae a^o "eneiiaay In error ? ftlg thrown Ma a ?tai# ef 'onf i#ton by prlrate aad ? m. ?vnal Klx ** ? ?? (f"? pommmkm <A Um n por doa of W at r. We Istor Ufere left .a by mt aa4M? a, * Nit on.y hi t^e tnlwaal po^ya f IhafrMraJ y ieir k rkt ri /i re tto r? ? t' >' band ef ?We% rrrn n<? ,?ave t tto e?-e. W.l oor foreign poll a or it 'an to ea:d that we toft any.) dT.w><i? |n an raiMtt dunt, ito Mtartttoi of tto high rat ibUliwt in order to r* tsmt it froa the elate / d??ra Jaiinn into which tt haa (a.i*a. (Be tr>U w, the 'r?mt a oik of ? '?? p*rt>? aad m / gierrsKDi, lea fait the '.e'.ev rV/oa lafloen'e of w,. ^ fal>n iaU dl*/r>tet aa4 wanta tafalr, raooratto^'* i??< ioiua. Ihm ">-c?*.ry wu "w1? r^jlr ?|wM by ' ' t-oa flow tha <>ld W?/i!d- Tj* r?. XuUmm aad ? ?e^'^ea^ pet?tc<tir/&a of the. Hilaets* f??t t 'iror* th^ f' e*? 'eu.<re fjvs? bi^ tu th? '4 Woe 14

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