Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YOKE HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6780 * .MORNING EDITION? TUKSDAY, MARCH 20, 1355. riUCE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. SPRIWi FASHIONS, A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF VEI.VB1 MANTILLAS and talma* miy l>" Ruiiiil at MACKENZIE'S Mantilla .Emporium, 17 Canal strict (Urandreta Duildingl, uu Thur. day, <EM inn!. For hie newest or rr.yfta tai.mas.oo and .xamiuo MACKENZIE'S 8prinJW<?.Jp. at 47 Canal ?tr?'?t, Brandrctli BtiiMing, tu b? optacd Tnuraday, ?2<1 in. taut. J GILBERT 1 REM II IMPORTER. WILL OPEN , his now spring tiut J, caps, and coiffures on Thursday, 2?d instant; alto, a nuw n ~?o r tmont of Paris stauipvd out l>rol4vrics receiied l>y the la.t steamer. J (ill.BEHT. Xil", Broadway. Ladies dress caps-s. cuamrkrs, successor to llradlirook, 297 lira Iway , ban received a liaudsotu? ?and full assort nn'rit of Indies', missus' and boys' iirraunts, ladles' oai.s and Jiui.d dress.*, <l? cliambre a c all of wbiib v 1 1 1 be opened on Tuesday, I40th lust. Mk \ui.iiam BIMUONB Willi OF EN PARIS ?priuft millinery nt her show rooms. Vil Uroadway, on Hiuiaoav. 21'd Mnrch. Alio a full assortment of straw good., wholesale and retail Mrs. w. kai. linos has now on hand a large and aalefriaiii assortment of knnnet* arid millinery, of lier own manufacture, together with several cases of t ranch tiounetn. juat received, unl of elo^ant aupearance, which *he will open for show on Thursday next, March at her showroom*. 67 t, 'anal street \IRP. DAVIDSON, 131 CANAI. STREET, CORNER J*l knight, will open i'aris spring millinery on Thursday, March "VfADAJME DEN OS' FRENCH MILLINERY EST An wl?l lishmcnt willopui on the --M of this month, at 117 tiroadwai . whore she has removed. In ooiisci(uence of the late tire Madnmo lie Vos tak'-s occaslon'to express heritra titude for the liberal patronu e alio has experienced, nod as "jures the ladies that promptness and strict attendance to all order* will lie her main niir. She begs to acquaint the ladies llat alie is able to open with a variety of the most splendid articles, which she fina piirp. sely imported from Paris. Michael de vos. 417 Broadway, <ri;e de i.a I'aix, I'arlfi? Importer of French bonnets, caps, Ao.? M. De V tMpMtfnlly MJI01MN that )he has removed from to 417 Broadway. He has reoolved per last steamers (Baltic and Pacific) a Hplondid stock of Parisian bonnets, i?p?, flowers, Ac., Ac,, to which be calls particular attcn tinn. \f0URNING MILLINERY? C. F. BARTHOLOMEW Jvl will u|H>n on Thursday, March J2, Paris mourning mil linnry, oi.uiprisiuit the most extensive ami beautiful assort stent oyer exhibited. C. F BARTHOLOMEW. now Mouru in 11 Store, 5.11 Broadway, between the St. Nicholas aud Me tPopolitxn II. ' MA. CI. UN E Will OPEN A HANDSOME ASSORT . nunt rf iprlng millinery on Thuasday, March 22d, ?t 86 ('a an) street. Madame hillijr wm.i, open her parie mm. liuery on Thursday, March ?2d, ut 8 88 Broadway, oor jier ot Amity street. Apartm. nt? suitable for a dresjmaker, architect, Jr., to Irt . apply as above. MH STL'ART, NO. r.2 BOWERY, WILL OPEN ON ? Thursday. March It, a 11-w and elegant assortment of ?pring and sumnnr millinery. A new aud elegant assort went of mourning goods. Mrs. hart. ;tdi biioadwav, will open pahis millinery ou Thursday, March 23d; also, latest style* of dress patterns. Spring millinery, on Thursday. 29d of March. XJEW SPRING MANTILLAS .ll GEO BKODIE, No. 51 Canal street, and No. 03 Liape ?uard stre-t, New York, now eahibitin* to WHOLESALE MERCHANTS bianey stock of French and home made spring and summer Diantillaa consisting of a lar#e and very select assortment of novelties in silk lace and applique goods, to which ho to invite the attention of Cash am) Short Tim* Bvylrm from every soction of the eonntry. OPENING or PARIS BONEETS AT OENINS BA 7: as r? lien in ha* the pleasure of uimonneiiiK to the ladiea of New \ ork that ho will open a fresh imonrtattan of Indies and > hildren'r. hntn a*id honnots, direct from Paris, on Thursday, March 22, 1^. liENIVS Uaiaar. No. 513 iiroad>? a) . 1> A HIS MU LINERV -WM BUOWN, (LATE DU.VS more A Brown.) 443 Broadway, will open heantiful sprin/ millinery, Leghorn bonn?ts, and I e^born front j, with silk crowns, for mioses, on Thursday, March tl. "1)ARIS MILLINER V.? MADAME FERRER O, NO. * A Great Jones atre?t. va ill open spring mill.nery on Tuurs .iny, thf 2Sd of Mar* h. PARIS MILLINERY .?HDD BARNKT. NO. 537 Hroa 'm?), will open apnn^ millinery on Thnritlay, tho X.'d of March. "T>aR1S MILLINERY ?MADAME AUPOIX BK'iS Tf? X inform the ladios that sh * will open Paris spring mil Jin*?ry of her own importation, on Thursday, 22d instant, a So. $ U nlk'-r street, and respectfully ?olicits a ? all. FAKIS MILLINERY.- MRS. CARTBR BIQS RESPECT fully to inform t er num-roii* patrons and ladies visit this city, that on Thursday, .'id init., will >?e ready fo .ii i lection a splendid ;as^ortin nt ol Paris silk, point lac ?nd ntrav rnillinery, and oarnestly solicits an lmpartia' -wiv^isriMiu. as the sty le??, for olegMMI mhI shlipMN, wil win par** favorably with aiy other oatahlishment In New York. Carter's Paris millinery and lace m^nu jetory, W Lr??a?l*?ay. opposite the Metropolitan Hotel. An exp^ii Sliced saleswoman * anted, accustomed to Broadway trade SPRING AND WMMKR MANTILLAS - The ?.i'hacri her will open, on Till R>I?AY, MARCH V, If-t city retail trade, his importations and luauofacturo* lor the pres> nt n^son. embracing a lar^e and very de^.rahlc as vortmeut ot PARISIAN MANTILLAS. r^>? eived l?v recent arrivals, a< also a rich and beantifnl ra ti? ty of his own manufacture, hving; copies froio the latest French d^si^na. The ? riher, in tendering his th*tik* for -t)i? varr liberal rutronaze he la.i always reeeivod. would r?s f pe< t fully remind his n> meroua custom* r< that nothing but ^vrehandisa of the highest excellence will, ai heretofore, bo eff red for their approval at hi< estaldishtu 'i?f lie would .at. the *ani? time ot^eiv , that a ana rapidly inerea^ m?r trade new enables him to regulate hit lystom ??f profits on so economies*! a scale ad to pretant to the ladi ;s of this m>-tr< polls articles of th^ vreatoat intrinsic value and trie biniie-.t stvla of fashion, at oxtremoly moderate price*. The varirtieiot material eonaprisj ? WI.ACK AM) COLORI.U MOJltl AMTIQt K, TAWK TV , POULT OF ard fvirj other tashionaole fabric. The ?tyles at present mostly in demar.d are.the '.IfOfA I |t A A a T??H | A. ASI' ASIA, LA VISIIA, !>' CM? 9i !??-: KCII a i, ntLOiss;, rrc.. iif, Public inspection is most raspaottully invited. In addi *ti?.n to tue ?bo\et will be opened, at th?- same tune, a large verv maanittctut varUtv i scrin^ and s irnin r shawls. GEO. Btri.PlN. Paris Mantilla Emporium, ?Vil Iftroauwav SPRING FASHIONS.? BY THE PACIFIC, A SPJ.EN did stwck of Parisian embroidered mantilla*, t'llmn* and ? alalia . t-iaether with nn ulless variety of real Guipure -and ( haul ;fl) lace mantillas and talma-, w re r -oeiaad. an I ^?ill I e echihited on lhr.rsday. the ?Jd in*t., by H* B. M \<* Jk KN 7.1 F., 47 Canal street Mtrandreth Buildm?) OI'RING FASHIONS.? MRS. J n. GOHSdN, FORMER \y Mine 4 Daley, will oi?*n her spring millinery on Thursdav Maroh 22, at 373 Broadway, between Franklin Ai d Whft"' streets. ' Thom; desirous or itrcixasing t 'olored and Mack silk mantillas tor late sprin f and snmui?r wear wll hnd a jaod a??? rtm nt at MACKENZIE'S Mantilla En.imrinm 4< Canal street Hrandieth Il nl lin ? , t?ycallin< a Thursday 2Jd m-? ?1TEI VFT MANTII I.A- TRIMMED Willi M ?I !IE. AN \ ti.iu# ana Pouet de > ie eilk. are to he ?? ?n arnonff the Tew stock of sprint goods at MA( KEN/.IE^ Mantilla Em T^rinrn, IT Canal utreet (Brandreth Buildln ' ? to be opened oa ihura?lay, -<M in*l \\' B MA< KEN /IF. Vt'ILL OPEN ON THURSDAY, vf 2?.i >a?t a splendid a-^ rtment of spring mantillas, < ' the Style and latent fashion, at his Mantilla Empo rum, t; ( ?nal str??l (lirandreth l.uildinf). l\r ATFIttD 5*11 K M ^ N'TII. LAS, OF THE SIM Vf pattsiau s t v . ? , I t r ''-iv d, and to *e ?>r?en. MACKIV'/.If- S Mar. i ill a Emp<?rinm, 47 Canal a Praodreth Buildinr, TV.rs4ay ? *!d ia?taa* I T P7.RSON %I? I'iiiim *1 \ > IKLV l* ITI'ON TBBni r '??:? ?> '>1 Ik* ciffnf n4. it, *s4 "III ft\w. maki * r??4?itn* ' IMnRMATMN WAMIP.-ir VILLI! II . WHO I ll**4 !? ?r ??r ? ?* >??r? ?*??? ?ltk Mr Ri**r?. ? ?r'>**r. ? ? r??r *i *?? it r i t r. I M.Mk ?*??? ? ill <?*.! , or 1*.** >.? U4n? ? kfi k* ?) !?* ?( Ik* Mill ator" ? <.ri>*r *< T?*llj ?r?l Hr I ?r 4 fcuhlk Ivnn. It will k< |||? _____ mill AHT?. [)( BLI( M?'IM IN < o\?i?:u|>EMT <M THE l*.ir J . ? i> ? * 1 ? ( n < ?' I ? r? I ? ??J !.? Ti .nra, i .?? it ?' il? at YIH llri'?n II' h #tU k* r?atiM?4 niil f irik^r nr rm > !<*? in i iia %ce coirs to rnt < mmt T ? n i- ? ili t ? ? ' ? r "1 ?irf'if II ?. I?*m?i t.i ai.1 mi >> I lit* Rlirk "** iM Ik* ? rioi*i ?? ?? img 1 I.* j . ? * . tt ?i III* alt I **r-*? *)??' ?l ti.i Um'n in rrn |? ? tli*Ht?*k kiUI ? *f ln'? r*???, rtfiii ? if ik* l?i??'r* R?i. ? ?<?!?'< ?f Turk** l'?4 R*?lia I'rinn % Hut>|tn> A *u* ?' lb ?hot. Ji, f si |t. h? jr. I ' ?*??? ?>> IM ,ki*???4 I? ? ? 1???4 fli n I' T?.? till i'ImLIi il> 4 I '?? ?k*4 A I! JIM II. V.N ?> I' ll..n ?it-?l Any '4i'?? I'ln. Ik? V ..?? ? 'I 1*1(1 1 1.| r* As-feti t uli>n?| fill' PI. At I % f ? ( I HIM. pl.AVfNC (. AEW I AR<I PI AVINO l-ARIH V CKf I *14 lal **t I l**~?*t * .Ik *11 Ik* nn . ? tk-r , tal '.lis* ?? l.?*i 114 (*???* *?r4i 111. r " A M II IRI A C*> p*f ill* I" ik* tra4* *<4 tin* k".i**a U tk* r < or* So I >i?r?l*r ? ?*' i|-| *a ? ? Ai'?r !!?<?#? AiTIIALOUI. aimvi HoRi-'iir wii r t.irt i ami < private 1 -? M 111 - ' i ll? k*f r ? i. ?. ?? **? B ) am .ik'cr ik"u fk ik* ???*? ? ???* ??!! .*i kit wkM i. I* io |iwli?yk; 1 ' * > ???!??? 4 Ik - f * will k* la'f* r . ISi nt ?tr** am (.'???*? ?* iiniuia an OMRkl. MHfAUAMl AiniN IR>? I'ARIf TIN III R.i HKR Ml i?r it In Ik* ai,.n>4 m'lwi Itwn iali|T, ky k'^>k? *?4 *c.*?f*. > !- .,fca?)i?. al?.?l )*?? a*r r ij* k **'**** 4 a* ? will i*U tk* iim ?f k* la-lr r .?*t >aaa 'k*/ vili M*rr >'?? ik* * k*r <t*i?*r. Ma4ia>* A ' a im i irfi * tul <k In* k a*4 < raa H-' ii x-a i" H?? *ry i'ii I >f i' ? i i M M E> UAI'I* TlIM Hi' a E*TL?Hi.i M ' tin il \* ant hi ?>. il* *i, Ik* i?tikr_i!?4 . i ?i ? lit ? < ? im ( ?.*l Hi - i i'? . ??? ? i ? " .... * ? ?? ? ? , i "'?) n r- !?? n< IMPORTANT FROM MKXICO. 1 MYSTERIOUS FLIGHT OF SANTA ANNA. liie Reports of the Defeat of Moreno and Alvarez Doubtful. Hi> Se ri-ne llielinm Probably Slippiuz Hut of the Country, Si c., Ac , Ac. fFroin the Xe? Delta, March 12. | Tlie att atrnbip Orizaba, Thoma.a Forbw, connuililtr, arnv*. .yesterday morning Ironi Vnn I'rui, wbich city tin* left od the Mil Inat. * The political horixon la cloudy, ami bode* atormy 11111(4. ."ant* Anna to >* hi* departure auildeuly from the capital, on Die morning of the 28tb ult , with all the trtopa lie couKl aafely remove from the oity. The atory in tin- Mr v/caii pupera ia that he haa Ron* to the butli of the oouth to recruit hia health: but tbia statement is out credited, and it 1* generally bel.eved that hu ban de patted for the ?ara. T *0 teverr bucU of an earthquake were experience! m the city cf Mexico, on the night of the 2Sth ult., which created great conateruatlon imuai; the people. (itucral $anta Anna bad arrived at Igualii, >n the <1<* pa'tment of Oueirero, a city which in in the vary heart of the Alvar> i country, where he, on the Heron 1 day after bin arrival, bail a ti*ht with a atmng party of tbe injur genta, under Col. Moreno, who recently deaertel to Al van/, with hia whole force of Mexican aollieta. M?ren<> ?#? totally routed in the Ugh! . bin men were lied, and be l.nun-lf taken priioner. lie wan Immediately tried by couit martial fur treason, aid rente need to he a'jol, an l ? re thin the unfortuLata Colonel In pcrhapa in the land of f-pint*. Tbe I'reaMtnt al?o met tbe main body ot the army of Alvarrx, n ar Chilpan/inTO. and after a deape rate battle, ruling which the field wan atrewn with the killed aud wounded, force tl inaurgeula to retire. It ia aaiil tliatFanl* Anna liaa eo completely routed t'.ie re volut!oni?'i tbat be will imm-diattl* return home, an I from all account* lie ia even now In tn? capital IMPORTANT MtXUAS UCITXM. Mkxhii, M iMjh 1HA.V The |tolit ira I element* in conflict in thin dial racia l Mexico aeem to be extending to tbe pbyaical Within the bat thirty day* there haa been* ?ucoe-?lo? of earth quakea throughout the whole 'republic, and on the night of the S8ib February, the capital w*a viaited by ifo ?e vere ehocka? the tirat at about uine o'clock, t?e wcond between ten and eleven They were both of llie durition cf from ten to lifteen aeconda The whol' aurfaceof tbe esrlh waa in a tremor, and rocked to and fro Uke a vfaael on the troubled watera. Habitation, were aSau doned and the public pla/ta crowded with an alarmei pi pulatim, kn*e[irj and mu: terin^ their prayera to their protecting aa nta and vlrg u Whether th?*e are warn inga from above, ol the vengeance in ator* fur Utla mo dern Sodom and C'ltroriah, for the diatraet o'ia and aV> nvnatlona which have dlailnfuiaSed ite hiatory, remain* to be seen. At preaent within itf gartlaa there ia wem icgly a dead calm politically The ootae of the . lari in rod the bugle, tbe martial mua'c, whi- h K I daily through tbe itreeta, have all given way to the aoletnn altnte of a aeeiuintily i!eaer>-?l city. The -ub iue I Indian wi'h hia overburthened doner quietly pureuiur th? even tenor of hi a way, remind' ua tbat we are in th" city ot the A/'eca. IliaSerc ne lli,;linei? thelieneral Preaulent left t lie city early on tbe morn. ng of the'itth. with a trnng gu?r i, for ihe aouth. lie hn 1 b*en preceded by all tbe effluent ticopa wbich coul-. be aalely drawn tr im the garrion and palace of the city, leaving, it ia eatnnatad 12.000 or 16, 0<K) men lor ita protection Witiiout decree.'. which usually pre.el* ibe important inovententa of the i II u at t ion a p <i - mage who Ih> ira rule in tbe do.aie I realm, concealment in hia own tho ighta b i ? ?t la m i | tu n rumor and apeculati"n t> penetrate bia .Ualgn 1 lie / 'niivTAa/. a ??mi othcial paper once edited and atill C'ytitiollxi by tl e I'remicr <a-.a that the in ii pontlon t4 hia liighneaa haa f rctd him t.i ae?k the relief ol tin- Herr i Callente. '1 be gen al warmth of a Southern tri pi al un n ay give circulation io hia rnm?what panly >e 1 I m'i?, arid rvauirnate th* pirit of hi- "innnifeato " on tlie ditli cultiea which aiirroundei hia imperi"! |>oiitioa ibe OJIiial ? which it ia acknowledge.) a peat, a from auth >rt ty "ex cathedra" ? -aya tbat tbe lieneral I'reaiden' i-eei-- recreation fn in hie puMic Ubora a<mth. tbat lie n>ay be neartr the theatre of ineurgeiit afgr> aamaa, a id takea wiih him hia Secretary of W'ar th*' h? imy i>er -onally aupeivipe the meaauree to aireat artbelli ia il reai'y at an end.'' 1 lit- ?tme journal Int. mate* that he may |Ti?fr ? aouth a* far ?? Iguala to louuire into th<- d*te?t of one of hia favorite Rtrueral* by the gueiillaaol Alnm. I;u?l.i i?, in itt Dumt- , my-tl'-al ;? ,i T otniu'i'K. It ie the <?? t jr of the "lltMUomntm." Htsr* many ^M-culate thu if lit* twrene Highm-at i? permitted by tli- feudal chit t ut It i*rre. ro to renin that famed *"*tof ibe orat lee, that lie will r* tflirui "the plan of Iguala,' and ban# on it the re -"la hlixhmmt of the Ketpire ia bin person If an, we i*/ aoon witneaa the triumphal march ?f tbr army ot tha "Ttiee (?uarunttc*" Into tho oapilai. with th'' -e.-ond I ? u r I > i in Don Ti ny I op? x tb? Hr-t, at it* li ? ? a i f m pen r. Thia will he making another t*ral?tio?. In Mexico aloae Inn that ' making of revolution*" Iwemin a common phra/w and you Iwtr nro, in Mromt n |>ar I* ore. *peakinirnf theae political change* i* tliag.od piopleof the 1 uit'd State* would diacourae on an ? le - tion niij cbiogt* f admin Miration* ll?n<? a- -inu iona b.ti tailed by all ti ? power*, almoin * and military, with wbii-li be la inve*t"d by the aocl ? ? ?nation of four bundled tliouaand imcuft iui-1 to tar*, to put down a revolution ? ri.-h haa diatnr ( the ir- nu utility of the pal tea lor tbe laa*. twelve m> nth the blight Me* of putting down tlti a , iatra ting i revolution by giving up another, ha* euddenly rooir OTt r tlie pro'idc min i 01 him who would I" Km per ?r aid who ha* bad (roel ?:in ? I lor him lh\t, "1 m laraar, be would prefer falling under the a ?i?*lo 'a dagger than abrink from the high r*-*ptiiKib.n*-ie'i ?| preserving hr ?a'lonnlltv of Mnieo,' Hi* luanifrato, a rate daetmeot of rhetorical Mourirhee, haa p'ono in ed to tha wof 1 1 what lie understand* by nationality ? a central, infa li b!e got eminent, not to 5e impeached in Hi faculties, "to decree anil to enforce " and antagoniatical to thn-e federatiosa which In llemioo, have songregated toce'her highway rntder* plunderer*, and a*<a??tp ?, to alii in and dikiurb the init rnnl tranquility and order in 'bi> (ifted Itad of the ( aetilian am'. which haa *o 'cegen crated and barbari/>d" tli* Vandaliao Itepn lil.e of tlie North. Be congratulate* Meiieottiat, ia hu far reach icg aaxMlty and nut i in; effort*, he I. a- aurcede<l in oi^anirinK and disciplining i n army ol 45 0? vaterana, which, but for the tree-on of Alvarez, wjull bare no ? n unbend Git iKf., ?nd with winch be will not only m ike aa example of rcblUon at born-, but will arret', drive bii' k. aid e*tin;ni"h *be a^ref-iv* ' ?otitic *j,irit of the Aftiglo American* 'lb* aa'oeiat oi Mixi- 1 hold* a military levee on every Sabbath, a d it I* ami*!n< '?i obeerre bow he Infu-ea hi* spirit in'o th ? iroiir j , le?i * win m be ia pie| ar for the gallant deeda which have ? ao in mortaliired bit name. On a recent occasion, aod 1 whin inspired by the theme which im^irta nut in i ? p ration to hla wmd4kI apirit he exclaimed ? "iiOok it my army, end yournelrei, it* leader* f*ee the work Of a great ao'dler? tiot only to overawe and rh??ti?e in aoli di e at home, but to reprove it from abroad. We mukt meaanre our aw >rd? anain with that Yankee race ? and il we to. Snnta Anna will tal.e due vengeiace for (lie p'l.nder and the wrnnn wbk h nave l?r?u mllicte I on ( hi* country, io tbe bout of Her tribulation* Ibere 1* no fatde n thia narrative Tlie cooversaMon iagrapbi: 1 ?f many he bt> indulge 1 in on the nmi auhject, and in | the >11111 temper He j-erm t* no opportunity to e*cap* ] to betiav hia inmity to tbe I Intel .state* ind !i?r in*ti tutioni. and to oxpore bia deaffnt oi iolunair the *ain? I apirlt. a? nat orial, in M"ii'<i. Ihia aimy which ba-i te en r*arel for tbe*? purpo e?, ; ka? liowerer, a higher obm atlou flr** to jer/oi m, in tht | |iOr*<>natlon Of the array of the Tnree tluaranteea, and a i triumphal march into the ra| ital in tbe fulfilment ' of tbe end and object ot San'a Anna a ^oibition for i the imparlal putpie, ever in<>- He return frim enle ] H * a vance and progre a thu* far, to the /oal of | hi* .ealre*, will fully justify th-- *pe. ulaiion that be i* on tbr path 'o conaumma1 :nn if he rea h< * Iguala, and tblre a-c inpluhe* another revolution .Viui eerron'. A lother pertr, v iew n a ? i.!er>-ut a?[i?ci tbe e'td len d? paituia of 1 1 fa "--rene High'.e*- fr .m ibe etpiial, leaving hia l*itmier and M.n.'ter of -ta e the reaponaibilitie of bi* tr.ternn.ent. The} cnMblerb'i jo irney aiu'h, for t! e beneftt of h;? heal'b a m?r? felnv Tba' afier *pen i lot' and r?' rul ing a few da?? >n the (bac^enda where lie l> to be ie>?pi!abl*'i n'eria.ned, he wili b ? found lo ibhog lihaKeinird wt> i th- I o ,nd* on the ?-.ei.t, t-inc bring up 'a Vef i t'rur in time lor 'he Kngliah ateainer. which .??re* on iba 6th pioaimo for Havana. In cmlirviat ou of ! hia i<i d 'ngly t<| ally will *|(oilatioa, it U aai l .?ad wiih ?ome truth, that twenty *fi wagon load* of valna e?, f.-om tli- pal tje l ave taken tba'. direction, an i tha' Madame Pauta Anaa i- prepaie-1 V> folio e ia a tew d??*. lb- Met >a!aman a haa left tl>a city, and ha* ?r.gagtd, it it aaii, tie paeaage on board tbe i-.ngh'h ? ran. | ark. \ . an., i lie rumt r*of[iho cliy rep<jr' ' hai h ia to le oine I by lli? Impe^al whteti feottle family, ad 'o vcecrupanr ln?m on a v i ai* to t?e (rjaal I'aU-e ? t aibit "o n I'ari* Aa Kwau Ion the backer allnCed to an i wh i h i* t'.ar. d largely w tli tbt ofli tat* hi(h and low, .o the plun'.et win 'ted oa the nevn million* r-ce ved from 'b* I'sited fta'.ea ?nd ? a* ia well kn >wu *><? agent r not erif oat> r of the "let* traiie op*ne I hv (tit* :Wena ft., hteae batween Cuba *nd ITacatan there aeeaa to he a< uie t?aua|i> lity in th* above coPi>-<:tiire?. a* a Tllfl . ulty (?? or uried ? n 'h* landing f the fir*'. car ;o of et alaved Indian* in Havana, ?b.. h may require hi* pre aeara to ree<ii,c:le A* to thia ? ;t of tyr.inni:al inb'a meiilte. ? jintlied by tlie'iw* of war,' whi'hen?!*ve jrn oe * there can lie no doubt The ttrat iigreem' nl ma ? by 'he V n ettrof Kelatioaa, involving a piymetit f t a i '* I dP a Mr Jirreof i* on record In '.hat V |ti r i '<*erte* to the government the r gh'. to ma cirner enga.euejt* witb .ndivi lua>* who may be . . _ i ? -.o f? or aad rod', umb 'h i ' iraAc in hi man i\ i< mu't al th# ornr nal "in'ftrter, Kaeaa'lMi m ' ?:i r? .li 1 w.iich never fan* wh?n plunler K In ?'gl.t ' oil U V 1 theae e^ia.pri,?, ?f rjan,nK ? i a '? ? ; w led at* 'of tlie Ouben mtrlret lor w re ? a .'h.dity !? tVe rwmonatranae t? tho k Mil*; i f R ? e ? 1 v rea.d. at rtr.tub Uie.' er a Met -t> Ti ia trtn aet ott p?' ' ? poatt ee 'r i lie o'* repeate I at-ieVein UM> t'*t n > om* owned and Odltei, in i ?HU aB^er the coatioi of Mr BeaiUa oa Afri:an ?fave. ?? 'e* rt ?i ir ? 1 th fc iter" of a faiat'ctl avr. I It it Ifc' ett'?e * *"?? alroojivtl.* Mtheatirf./ tt tbe f*0 aa-1 pe-B'ia 1 <hetor>al *tv ? of tbe Minister ?.* "e* II. H" ? t re. ererv or atiol 'o etp?4? t> e ba.berU taet)aMeaa<t Labile aa-i potaey tf tne Anjkt <? ia an ' ? ? > , e reten'^r h* %'i.le k n ??* ?? ? eo* ''-at ai hi of the lbHtaJ -rat-* *? \.n ? a* 4' - .ui are not - wt.l'r?4 t* a-ta r>' toa i Ut.t*. " and that, couuMJiiently, that cartcu. iU , jl I P._'r~ ' given them art such to vomit forth he craeltie* of l: or,- in tjie dtote*. Acotlier whisper au^ng *h." ?P?<;uUt? on i Santa Anna ? early n,orn dl*^!**/"? <f'?" "?? gfW. f? that be ittiie* and leave* tM federal district iinp o Ucted, to tempt the libernlit b^re to rise anil **P9' ,ll# Premier and Cabinet from tuf government thoy hawi been left iu charge 01. when lie vlll nul.e a federal revo lutioo. return to the city, i*cogni*t tka iodur kifucv of tl it* liberal* aunitiMt t nuiultGr*, wao ?re justly responsible ror *11 ibt1 mmdaed* anil u8ur|>at:nn* ol hid administrations *" Diet* tor. ? t*otf "HI* t erene Higlme?*'' ? call aCoiMPe**, *nJ re store the federntinn through and in hi* per.'pn ?* "<o?ne^ ral l*reeideut. " Thii looks- much mure *e?*jble, anl what lie was advised to co before ami even a ler A.ra re* cane out with tii.-i 'mnreaalve prouunciameuto on Uii uiiuipstii int. Ki-nolveil, however, on absolutism a"?d H* cirpire, he nia't- open w^rnn Oierrero? retired diecom filled, but not admonl lied eulliciently on bin polltJc*! abomination*. On the contrary, he recominsnced a co Her til tyrauny and oppteeslon* ? Invoke*! the power ? the rliurch sad ol the Spaniard* ? all to sublue and no govern bii country, urtil he ha* ho lo.?t the coufldttnjt of even tlie Santa Annaist*, once liound to him by the stionge t tint, that he will not again be trusted as th" head ol t uch a levolutlon. Having partlcipaUsi in al most every revolution ? having combined with individn al* ard partie* only to betray? having been lmp> lie 1 for ward by the predominating instinct* of his character of vainglory end the moat ile'j*?ing indulgence* for self tpgrandi/cment - * fern tif ambition, without it* noble ness ? a mn ti of nofwhjtv, v.tihout a solitary trait of greatnee*? and bully in hU threatening*, with the re n rvatiou to tetreat when the bolder front ha* failed to overawe ? distrusted by all but the bayonet* he pay*, he can, among all the speculation* about, only peril bimatdf for the empire with the certainty that there i* no retreat, slort of losing hi* head a* * traitor. The revolution isuuward, and although alow, certain to it* ultimate consummation. Vkiia Cltrx, March H, 1S5S. Satisfied at I am that it 1* no ufe talking, it i.t still d flit ult to rt-r i*t the temptation of Haying unto vou ? few thing* jet un?ai'l, perhap*, in prose or dof getel , The fact i*, we have had the devil to pay, and no pitch hot, i a siitle to he understood only by your nautical friend*,) hut ?hat i* to btcomeof it all, i/uim "you will duly learn that hi* Most ,-erene High might' ? ue> * hat tlipeil from the capital, "for the benefit of hi* \ health What he ia really npto I* anothrr decided case ot quirn tabe i I 1 hat II 8 H i* going once more to hi* re II racy, i* indicated by the fact that twenty aU wagon load* of 1 plunder lelt Ui? RAylUl one day in anticipation Sild , | wagon* left by the gate of the Moat Holy \ trgln of , ' Guadalupe, but takirg a slight detour they brought up | ? wh? re . iiuien *atx i \ . t ai'f sis. b?ni-.,.iiiient*, Ate., continue. What tha i powets that le are to t'o tor subject when tli-y flmll ? !,<? ve tent nil the tlUafTec'.ed out of the couutry. <]uun ,?)* > Mexico would be t deiopuUted territoi j then. Dr. I w j it 1 1 In i th- premier) lias come it pretty etroog I. telj on the ? nlpg?r ?juntlon " ? superinduce I by an aijvertlfement front the t'nited StateaCoMul attbis place, to the elTn t that /eullemen of the Africau race were not ct>u?li!ered (by him at len*t) a* citizen* of the I nited I M 'tm The gl*t of Dr. flonill.t'a irgument appear^ Ui b? to ptove that he consider* the African ra -e to l>e fully | IS good s hi* own pirticular breed. Jth birn ! Wo would not dispute the point with lum lie would oer taiuly US In the rgnm-nt and as tt> the tact. And in truth, though we do not deem a nigger to be ** good | a- a white man? t ven a gr- a?#r? we have aeverthol?*s a great rt spert for tho.e who do (l'r. ItonilU'a Included), and it* for the re?t ijuirn 'at* ? lalkirg ot tti- niguer theme, perhap* it it worthy ol ri-tneik ? black Kotsia ha lately turned up at Mlta itl n - the .??tin; f'ou ul o: the I 'nited State* at that I lace being in hot ilUput* >1U> the Ovvernor (tinneral Monturday; ?* t? whether a nigg r i* a nigger or n it. Judging from the (iovtrnor's nam" and re. suiting Irum the o- erlferostty of the -ubi*i:t,ton? would inler?a jxit'e ( lion that thi* is one of those mttter* of which It liu lt?n id ' the aiore jou stir it the mtre It will *tinU." But </nur raU ? . . A. thou ;b the Kngllfh -ttaraer left a couple of day* tan we Pave not yet fouo l o it who eneaped on her. h. n.? -ar that Kscandon tb? man who advauo?d tb* n.oney on the ?3, 000, COO, miauled with her Moat .-<ereae lliyhn* *? utd. r his piou* care? but 711KB 'at* .' t irtain it howevtr, that l"ck?tt, the CoMulofthe I tlud State- of the North, sloped on *aid EngUah stesuii r A* the p, r??n :* 11 u ' e> 1 tti 1* suppttscil by some ?o he ?U?htly I nctured w th fllibust rlsm, it i* thought he design* atoppliurat llavsna (Khar* are rttaly to ,?.?I li,. take* theUabtd for t harleaton 101 poitsnt despatch, s from ?.ld len ie?p?. ti ig the pur *la>e of f'lty thouaan ? Yif*ntanstte eittr-ns of the t.ined republic of ?'t'.o.l *nd lUe^rtv,' at elliu ll a head, te supply the ,.la.-e or ct min ill nigifers in the rife I of .--.nth i .rnlio i The je-raonal friend* of the l uimlaayhe s gone ..bout hi* own husu?e*a. Your cor I re-i iiO'trat sail, i/itin file W.. lave 1,'ad aomi- most delightful ?arthijuake* o Itte tin tb- mght ol the '.'"th Mbru .ry th- enterU n no nt in that line ? a* (?*iti<ely charming. The per 1 Ini mam e was divided inl" three icts two of why h were j t.nue hut the thin! was highly ?nlculat?>4 t> trui^ -lown the nn?' large and i-nthu?i-.*tie gallery, not to uienif'n the stirring up of a highly discriminating bit What these said eaitb (.iake* portend I cannot pre ten I to, njeeture. Cert. In Ills .,14 Orlaaba mmt fee lather rt 'tire Pi- 1* Taction ' *n thes? part' waiU ' "f tie '1 n Slaitm llmly visible 1 1 l|? east of a fine day) in i:.'l The ,Ur mount 1111 (?ri/aba ha. a' I' t he, ?1! t, < .1 . the dnjr* of Oirter. \V hen sh. does look ?u, or -4uall. By the way Home say tlie I '? nsul of t? f I toted .-tate* vamos- I on this arc) ant . butenwn n'' , . , . ., ||.,w,?er th- plain fact ha* turned ,,jt tob'tuat he went u?l?r a lucky inapirntion ( o say* Hr IV'n'IU ? . If r ' f to th? n?t, n 1 *b< t. thirty uoles oe?r Chltpan s.nao and el <-re 1. ter.1 Moreno 1 .Utlon-d Wonder Wiethe lid d. He killed tfca' tr? '-r lien Moreno ttu ?<???. r treafyi* 'O q<n r" t our humble >r rest' nt'ent dop t bel eve ? isordol it t'm ? ia'ance o. tbli ty nulee le Kk. gnat to kill a into even by a -h it fioji a Kentucky ritl . . Hal to revert to IU b?rene H g^oe** <"?*'? ' ( the I I utek I* ?>,<?( t' f mis Ing in the . ?plt .l iiui whti.i diil he go !?<? 'eedy an ?.r;s ?_.t,.e,n;-.'it.i Very we'.l Vint ?ai k ? w> -to there' ub. that* ? y 1, I* in lie 'II join Alvarez? and, com nt !>*?* to M-vi 10, will , pset an 1 tura out I is -wa inmisiry paasin/ a few of them thioua h * eour. I n,earm*. Y01 won ler that en, I. a thing could pos ,My ha op n but you most know that th- se are r. <t|i ft' JM'jKO? Mexi an atlatra? an 1 considered perftctly ley 1' mate A* to the re?t 7ut"' We hn 7ever. ar* a--u ?' that hi1 Most reren* H,i;h ne re nrne*! afelv to tin capital, i"t Bn.tingt ir rto'iltj verv a?te.abl?-proSablv "? Uot-ifw ?*? ><*' ? 1 an, afraid will ?nd hi* piereut mnrler* hutter yet ?f -r a !lttl? ?h,le. Ihe etrrea* Ir'irth'i capi'tl ju?t in brings n, p ? t Ciller new. and ** le.p , t to op tbe c. y within a few day*. 1 shall write yon by nest m.n fr .? bead quarters. HtW YORK LICOIIUTV1K. IfflftUi , , M?e'n 19, I '?i J. *|W VOKK UVbli* UNM, 11V Mr. M m r?p?rt*-<l m tU* ronl tion ot la K>oB> awl S'w Yuri., aitl *11 w*r? r?pof!a<l I to k* ?oun>) r ?'-rpt tli? loiiiarmktr Mr Rich ??!>!? |ir??*nt?l lb* inlnoiity ra|>rt v!v?t? %o tin' bill tor tba r?ll?f of tb? rlaimaaU i/i.n.t ihi- a*' " of lb* Htat* I'fiMin, at IUI" w*r* ri iti. M tu *rn n I th# ana la art ' > n?- n 1 tba ? bait - r of lb* llrooklyn ItaurtlM <? !nr <u? rub-f of th<- depositor* m tb< Kolrkti >?a ,*r lUak Hill* wnte paa " I to *m*i<l "i? ll*n?r?! lu ?o ? 'a* , to prrvrnt prir* 0(bt? ainou* fan* touM* ? TMr H.lal tumour Vr. Hit< H< <>' K lai'l oo tit* labia a r*Wultoa .. ? ? final *>l)o ram' a' nf tb* l*<i?lat >ir? aa Ik- II th ' A | r > I ait t a ava?TW> To ? tl?a'i tba tint* for Ifca rouipl*tkM >f tH? an<I .Na* Yoik Lit r ltail(??<t Stindrt t'liatoa i*il?on bill. To aulberi/* banking ???? tat > na In ail at ac*at ? certain ptirfmn Ralalirc ti ataaltBf ??l f?r? n( railroad ti< ???' am* fit'-'ti' r> con lat" tb* *t?- a a r? 1 I- ?1 of tba sor .? * Pail'o*! Couipaa/ anil t<i m-nrp>r*a th? tlinrof A b'll ?u itro-iuc*) t'l aman I tba On u? a- ?? ' I h* Duml?r of s?ar*baU to t?? sppoiu'?<l Tki b> ?*? talari up la rommitt** a art Ial?ata4 ki'i1 th* t > f th* ?[xeial aroOT on tb* < bur< L toaur* to. AaarmMy Al"??r M?r h 1 ? I* . Mr J I w *?*?'>> far* tto't ? of a a I! Vi ab.l . t . ffln* ot loniint?ni.ti?r ot .-tr<- la an<t UaiM m ?*? York Mr 1- ?n? Intro-lti * I a t?IH to *tt.*n I tba ar t t > ? ? l.'lt < on it* of Civil aal < r mi u?l Jafta4ie*>oa t ?look ItB Mr I,jmr"itT <iff?r?<l * t'.'in 'lit' th? llan i i ? m'tt*' i * port th* toll Making tb# IUn? a a' ?!? lira. 1 at4 oa th? tabb PrrMMial lalrlllRrnrr. Mr. Jc?b t u tot, tba Yaak*? eoui*.l uo ? It < allfom a on tba ?t*aa^bip >?, t ? ,?j ll> f.* o a profataional tour. fx Pra*i4tat Joba T^iar i*atp*fl i ? . l*?r ? btf' ii tb* Anittlfiii ln-Mot? is Bat ta>> a tbf ? ?ln(. IMITtlA I f in < i f rnta, i ? >a J ? . n ' . .t ? n. t N i r*

l.i. * ? II tir'"* ? ?o 1 I. ?*-1 --Ml II ?w? * * '? ? ak^**? ' " M ?i. t ?? |i>? tu" "ft ? A Hi' * w H i ? >a a*A ? t?, ( OoiS W II 0*^r.. I> f't I ?!?*' V H Btrrv . < \ i ' t jt l.a? r-t ? J / oil >r < ?? II II I -.#* A t - r. B*''H i -f .tfttu.'1 *, J Hr li h . 'II B ? h-aaay. i? I ii ? I> Wfc ?- h ? M'at C'n> 1 !? K :,i ? l< r II*. t ? M I K W*n*?k W tu tt?na*k*r * M*r?*r t? t. . I l.i 'tit "'6 (i t I ri'l?-y J M ' .it J il M I tj? * * |j n i i t II ' I ra .m II l!>|| til il !?> ? Vallari 1 Tayna. R II l'at*?<? I W It >. i ? |> ? i ? .1 l.r*. -i I A urt '**? i P< J ' Iki J Kt? ? . iMttili tti4 2*4 I* lb* ?' -{?*<? It H S ?? lirl-1 1 1 in I II ?? ?*? I < I* |,mha? J II ?t..l II I Ik Mr II I *Ma4 I W f * ar?l **4 tu It i II 1 -t ? : i ' ? i If r ? \ I a ? ? . J ikai in a i t faa). Mr. ? J H ?? I M ? v ?*, *.!? Dirk I' W ?*?*? t? Knowti.1 W T Buik-t. I I '??U' A J lir ?? n I !??<*??? ' K ..???I, I M r a . . I In ; a ? i' M*rr at ?!)?., M ? I II 4 If A V M il' ' ? i H. . I, I, t a I >? I ?*????. i ! ?-? W? i K t< > li %?? -II' t r> f I |jt; ? ?, U?A\ ARRIVAL Of IHE NORTHERN UGh'T Extraordinary Quick Passage. TEX DAM LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. GREAT FINANCIAL EXCITEMENT. FAlLl'iti: OF PMC, BUOl k CO. CloHiuc of AdaittK &. Co., and Hells, Fargo S. Co. PAN IC IN THE INTERIOR. FALLING OFF IN THE SHIPMENT OF SPECIE. . The Kern River Mines. MARRIAGES, BIRTHS AND DEATHS. THE MARKETS, 4r, Ac., ?r. Tlix nto* m<?h 1 1> Northern l.ight, Capt. TiuUepaugh, arrived from Ssn Juan ye*terday morning, bringing date* from San Krancitco to the 2fith of February. Tblf I* the shortest pas*age ever made b?twe?n San FrancUco and New York. the lime oocupiel being but . one hour over twenty day*. The news was brought down on the Pacific side by t::e ; ?Icimn Unci# Sam, which wan detained from the 24th, her regular Jay of Hailing, to th? 21th. The following in the ipecialikt of the Northern light ? | A. Rich, New York 120,000 Charles Morgan 12,104 Rom, Falconer At Co lo|021 W. Hellgmin Ai Co 10,000 Chamber* At lleiser H,74f> ; Order LM i J. \V. Hull! van 1 no Well*, Fargo k Co Ii,07l Raker At Morrfl, Huston t?,.r>00 Flint, Pen body 4 (\> . Itoaton 1 f.00 Newbouiie A^patz, Philadelphia 10, MO Total (02 Ii22 | Med, on bmril the Northern light, March 1ft, of con sumption, Charles (>. Winner, of I'ontiftc, Michigan, aged 10 year*. The Northern l.ight brought two hundred and aixty two pa**engeia, and $92, .122 on Iroight. We are Indebted to Well*, l argo h Co., to the San Krancian new* depot of J. W. Sullivan, and the ei press of J. Hum's \ Co., for file* of California paper*. In Central America. Chainorro *tlll aucceeda. He ha* | taken ail tbe town* occupied 1> v tba revolution ta, ?( ceptng l*on. The war would probably ao >u clo*e. Tbe revolutionary leader* were 'juarralling .nuong thtmeelve*, and tb'ir man wer* deserting rapidly At San Juan, the people were anxiously looking for Col. Kinney and bis party. 1 he Northern I.ight left In the harbor of San Juan, Mar<-h 11, H. M. II. steamer Dev.<?tatl"n. The I' P atearuer Fulton. Capt Mitchell, left for J a mail a on the 17th inat. AM well on board. On the lit h, th?* Senatorial Convention ad mrned, <??<? die, by a vote of 63 to 44. Tho?e voting in th* nil nurity were principally the frien 1* of I'r flwin and the inaiority c< mpii*e<l whig* and various factions of the democracy 1 he anniversary of 'lie birthlay of Washington wa? iilrbratel in ran Kr?n taco by a g-neral turn out of ? the FI-* Pepartni? nt an<l by appropriate per?m ?iie* In the Matmpiditan theatre. The native California** hav held several meeting, in San 1 r*n"isco, for the purpose ol taking atep* to end grate to oners Tbe Manjiosa Mold Mining Company, a I/indon con cern. has breu *?ld by tli? sberlfl. In 'be ca-a of Rodman H.rkua, indicted tor tb? mtir <*er of Fredanck Oilman, tbe jury rendered a verdist uf guilty of manslaughter. THE MONETARY EXCITEMENT. Th? Klial I lay of tJur Panic In Nnti l''raii< la< ?. <m 'be Kih of February. tin steam hip 'tr>-gi>o orriv ?4 at ten Kranclaco, bfiuiisn laUdtlganro of the failure of tb* !tt Uiuis bouse ol I 'age, IU' 'in \ Co The ,S?n liinrlini llemUl >*T? ? The n?w? .praul wi.h oatnnlahinj rapidity in (?*?? quarter of the ctty, <D>l?n n.Mnen-e crow I nun <atbor??l m final of the 1> ink, *?> li iodirlilual slruffgling to ti bial at the counter. naif life and death dsf>ea'l?it up.n the loas > r K?'n of ? BHMlOflt's timo. Me ?. Ilalght At < bamtxT' ?")<lre>s<*l tie crowd, ?t?*in? t'lat there aare sult.' n o: fnni. in bank to te.|?em *T?ry dollar of their !?? |>*- r If lb* a ?*amblage mol. id only ma otala or lot . ?c l moke r<? in for the egreia of tkim who ha>l with lraao their deposit , aaor.r I'tmml w/jtii'l he it i fltd A Urn1' force, liea '*1 by \l?r?.ial Mrfooxi" ?ere promptly oo the ami ?u< lad to ? tme do grse in enforriog tha ' . !?? *-r v?iO" <? of or ler I'.r aom" time the premnre uftbocrood ws- ?'i greut . Urn p?r?on? a'ti r receiving their mi'iey wot*obli<"l to in ?'?? t tieir i^i?i by walking upoa tb- hoods and ahonl leri of th lae lo t> ?- rear Cli ilia atroet. the scene w?n a en moro ??vi'ing. 1'orsnna were lutsatly arriving, t.reatMaaa witb b* at* and clamorous for luSmlttanie at 'ho doom guaid'd by tlio polic ? The rhimiir liiaida prod are I the mpreaaion M the mind* o some that t hare ?< danger of suapenaion and tbi? ' inpreaalon was tok'-n advantage i f by parties nutsido. who in "im> lUataneOO obtain *d reitlhcaUi fiom piilc I'.ri'k'* bolder* at anormou> dle< ottnta OM MI'Miitl thai b? pro'it- for "DO hour had amouote 1 to tl.MM) A numt* r of dlaorderiy per >on>- were arrestm! by the polr a A man pre-entel f"r payment a flctiiiooa eherl but, notwlth tandni tha (tirroundinf ejeit' ment, It WW iiiime tmtely |eia<tod by tha clerk to whom t' *>i pn-eente.!. Toward a?ri th? eicltemeot ?ubai-'ad, an 1 matter* ?<?iui?d a dileront aspect, a* maldon. e oeeamsroet >n?d by the ippearmee of immenae piWa of roin fn m * sour * whi b a?eiiied eiboaottoa*. K tenia of ^ijilny Ihr 4 l<l? -Hun nn tin llank lli|( IIiiiiv ?? h allux -a, iV . (fi'iin tha Cm t-'ronriaro Haratd K'b .'t | TlefwiUni'Ul Cft li in tint c ty ye?t*r lay by the ituniai "iiioot that some of the prim < ban. a had u?|/ODd>Ml poyoi* at. ?x<-ee1< anvtlun/v the klod ?nr bofoio ?ltM?aed Mcat^u'* <treet km noodod all ?lay with atiion< fate, and lli< general Inquiry waa Imw murh liare rou lo?t The publlr mind li i? for the loat few days been m a slot* of f???ri?li iteni'n1. 1 he sriuf.r iireiuent i d ?'atiit la* lost that th>- It, I." i < f.rsnr h of tha bona* of Page, ha oo t * 1 0 h?d *? .?(i*o ?SI OS unoipoctod oa It was sud.'ea, and had tbo offset of ? * geo* rsl ?istruat 'o our bank <rir bo Ibo g>?etal rii'h on that bo i'" waa >u es le I by s T u ft run on 'be fnllowirg do>a wli li oreat islly s mipella l it to eiooo As aoi.n aa ' e fort W aro* V nnwo a qaiOt roa was n a ie on ^dolns k Co on Thursday, Inring wblrh 9340 <W>, oa It 0pf?0M fr .in a lUl'Wni pol. I bo4 ?l-e*tore, wsre draea fr' in 'ha eaull^ whii' tbo ?|'?ita HMsiisd tn oaly llo.OiS' A|.pret>>-o>liDir a 'lotauoa'a of Vm poaic, and eatorUlol .g loabto os to tbs'ir ability to breo*t tbeiturm the dooro of tbo boak ng hoi. o ??re r I * ! . rater sy, and tl ? foliee rig ?ri ?onkrsrueat poat# I la a ronsjOi I .as pla. 'Ii?<:b?d "e l.aate of tbo e wbo ba t bun a>! mm all pe-te of the eity la ordag tha* tb?> m /bt bo tho Brat to draw tbotr ' >|? alt* vbeu lie baoh w a ? opMe I. Has. IN II . a* Aiita* * I . > liAX I h Si' O, I ?'< i , l"^S ) To TNI f*t 01 K ? In '<su> , eo. ? of r'rr usu'aare* en rtttte tMao'l HI I latHJl, oe ore '.imi^llatl li go la'o i tatu.o for 'te r,ai: pro'?" t 'ia of oil onr dep-. t?ra t a'ateiaisa* ? nl be made (,<1 as ajosi a- bl Has og reeolrodoa tb a r?.u-.- Mr A A Obaa ?s ari-oMrod re-eieer, ood gavo '?o. ? f?r tbo 'oitlif'il : i ? ?,? of tb* truat r?p-' * at m n '.(?? Sun 'd '.w 0.1111 .r. of 4o!'ovo I; aurat?s ?er-K.laarl < Joaoo | i f". ni? 1 Cava, oa ! f r llnomoo letter ia too 'ay b'4|0' bti *er? or*ofoaae I o tbe l-uftk Issl'li' Court by A<Um- A f o , u k ?" <-f toe faBowiag iaof ! |aei<fo* f? i tbo fo.toalog *? a< I retu 1ra?y. Jr., t. Adams A < o $:.3M John l oi|n,?? ? same,. ... * '??' A <1 K .aidaoa ? ssOae li. <*> i If n il> a ? * aaoaa. *,<M* I II Road r tam* . ........... CM v*? II Hi. . ? *??? I.' HO V ?, N.,y es ? ass * I" "? r 1 t?aiUoer ? asuaa '? 01*1 T> tal ? lot o# . ' i 'ik* , . '..afeae* MA tsjri AitarliBMO s ?*?? >ar i e-J ?a( ? ?' ? oe Twelfth1. >?t ' f.'OOtt JS ? i ay S'. t'.S * Ol' <lf tt>< ' ..Hi ? ??' as'aae pe' a?.- aac !?f tao f< SOOing .n? - 1. so M f'ws 'er a a A sm. 4 1 . b t I Ckarls* ?.ailo?b?'?* aanae 1 J, II la -h, A ?? aa mo s o. lots *w*?at of dtorbs^oU t? -? for t) ? I ' ? e * ?i# fy* V ra b' ag it ? I Uso ha o t; V'. . o S ? o ? > ? V'. , ? r a V 0 I {a> t<? the arm HU' O ?>! ".be as'abi -atmo** Vat av-'ai i{ 'keflnto " le ?'r' -aas" 'o ofla/o* i t a fu ? -i| ? * I fa' | *'"1 - ? .SI H ? aaa a , 4 .o- * < . i tl a a e-a^sOl, )?) of A 5. a . ? e ' I a '?-? s .a r a of ao -?t. ? ? a# j-a i*r . t , s 1 atSI t IbiA tf ' ,-0"? *? I, frienda, and the public ml urw, a brief etateaient of the cau*e? tbmi hire led tv fho calaroity. The event of to -limy U equally et variance with th?ir ffel'nga and pecuniary interest#, Imt wae ceugmt by a I dut} to their depoaltora paramount to all other con 1,'lfrttioiii. The like mUfortuue that haa overtaken ">ne of W* mo*t prominent bank* in (hastate. had mi far ?>"? atro;K* WBodwct m to have <>cca*iooed a "run" on I yeetert'a>"- *hich drew from our vault* over #200.000, while tkf fliWiitl did cot reach #10,000 ? and thia oil a ' holiday, when bttfllaee* wa* apparent)/ forgotten in the j fentivitie* of the ortcaeioo. Our ability to euatain a continued run wa* by no mean* an imj/O-aibility, hut with the etperieurw #f th<* j ja?>t ?pfk her ra ufl. e<> Ionic a* ro in f*#r a doubt re malned, it became clearly onrdnty to treat allahk*. and oot to rrpay the forboaraMe of fHende and cre?ilW?ra ; throng bout the wiiae* by eihauatinrf our available IttWBl for tb# WdlUN be? ?! MM nr*ent < !.? fin ? | He ide*, in the regular touree of on* our r?ia had Ik eL exch an|e 4 for du*+, in antiopat on of abip mrnt t?y to morrow a Mean, r It weFT known that th? ?1? into! for gold for ahipmert ha# for many inontha fmr ?t reeded the m tapply of du?' fr<>tn the miaen , t*? m?? thia deficiency coin ha<? bwr withdrawn from the < i- < ulation of the country at about the rate of one 11 IT'.i ? ?n dollar* per mouth ? tearing 1 irerely aufflnent fort - mo?t or Unary wanta of buai nfM?, and pri'dui <n/ ai. nparulMil md Increasing pre#*ure Iheee factu, tOi|Oth< r with the ee'reme panic produced by Pare, Itacou \ Co a *u |rf u?n.n, compel u , for the piotnction of all, to cleae our door* It la our .nteutiou immediately to Nuhmit our atfalr* to a committee of known and tr?*t worthy citirene, whoot* report, *e are confident will dmitniatrate the proprirt) of our Gour*e and t&e ability of Adam* \ Co. to diftchaige their obligation* Meahwhile we auk of our friend* to continue the oonfl deuce wo have *o long enjoyed, aaauring the public 1 that we ahull employ the eanie honeatv of |itirpoa* and 1 or.4.** y in action in relieving all who uiev ?uatatn 1 embarra^hiuent by our atmpenainn that w* i? .wv?- ever ' exhibited in our tma* action* in California. I C WOOI** rar**. bacon * 00. We refieivad la>t nia'ht the following car<! from Piiffe Ilncon Al Co., which w?- publish with pleasure ? Han Kium iwm?, F?b. 2.1, IH'.S We had boj?ed to be a Me thin loornln* to ma^e nuch ? ? tatement to the public ua would be entirely aatiafa?'t?.?r/ hut the g*tat derangement of our bu*dne?ii prevents it We will make it nttliM earUa^t noaaihlo m ;?n?*ut In relation to tSe rejiort that our vault at Jatoi*aiown wa ? broken <#pen, wo be# leave to nay that wo liavn never had any o flirt? or vault at that pla? a PAfiE, BACON A Co S^me attachmentM were alao placed on thi* e*tabhnh mi-nt.?eKt?r?tay. Tl*e b<?okM are locked up >u th? vault, th?? k?y of which la in the pop ten ion ??f the receiver Mr "WellM , and aa t he Sheriff wan pre?ent, it would not l>e prudent to open it until the at* Ai-hinenta, which onjy a:?ount to n few thousand dollar#, are i>ai 1 oit Tne at tachvn* nt* weia i?auad out of the Twelfth IHatrict C ouit, and wne !r r the following am ouitM N iloHand ?. I?. C)uur. Iwrw et al 7M4 Jam* < urant ?. 1?. 0. Page ot al ?'? H5<) '15 C. Iiofllin v. ?ame. 4 > T. J. I. Smiley v Mama b,H07 51 Total amount <?f attachments .#l?;TJl TM It will alao ha earn from the card pub!i?h*^t above, that the rumor that th* how ?? of !'??? Ila<*un 1 'o. af Jameatowii wan hiokfn onen, wua entlielv witlmut fouo dation a# no branch of the houae vn? t?ver eetabliah* ' at that place. WKf.l.H , FAHOO 4M) CO. On the doora of tho banking houae of Wall ?, Ktrvo Ai Co appeared ye?l?*rday inorninic tlie follow. caid - IIa.NKI.M) HofTHK OK W?| IX, Karoo Co I Raj* Fhanci id, K??t> InVi. j To or it f>KF0Mrr0Ra. ? We have deemed it prudent, f*?r the protection of your intere<ip, an wall a? our own, to cloee our doora to day. We nhall mil.# flu eh a vtatement of our attain* *n l abtind?ut abilrtr to pav an mm tru?t will ?>.tMy all WrllXS, KAH00 & CXI Notwithaf. Hiding that the doora of th<? 'ol iklbhiniat weie elo'ed, and the r mlnou ? word 4 Hu*n*nd*d' ntare l the crowd who Orat in the mornin< runh- i there to have their certificate* eaih*d, tb?* ability of the eNfabliahmeot to moet all the demand* ujtou It, doHar for dcllar, wo never throughout the day for a moment doubted I rom the in<|iiirieM w?? have ma?!e. we fe#l -ati?H^d of ttie entire aolv?*ncy of the houie. an<> there *onl t have |.?wn no n* ceaaity at all eren for a temporary au?penMior> if ram could bf? proeurat for th? iiam aUiwet a?av in ita vault* The depoaitora could uot paid In t?af? f <>r they could n'?f be cut up ta m?e? the want* of all Wella, Fa/go A' Co. will open f?tf?in probably on Vfotiday, when a utateuif nt of the oonuitton of the entnii mliment wdl ha Huhmitted to tb?* public, which w? a r" a*aure4 *.111 b? entirely natiniact -ry. THIS M1NKKA* K*l HANOI: RfllfK. 1 hia )?ank ? aa opened ye*fet la y , ai uauaj, bn* fin ling thfmaelven unaole to weather the itoroi lo con ^nenc# of tha d fticulty of itf i' g coin, t% # v were ot,|??'e?t in a pi hoit time to *n?|*>nd l>e| o?ltorn In tt> 1 hank rcceira a *rrall amount of in*ere*t 'm the u** of their money, and te'ore rn? -ney can be with' r?wn It ta ueer*?arv that the pre pretora should receive i*ii? notice *!ef re pav meuf* w# re no- pen led. the ?tepoeJt<ir? w-re a**ore<| that the r?al cafute and ffold dqat he|<! by the bin* would be Miiffi'-ieut to m?e t oetn?ll*t?. and all that wa* re |?ilr t w* timo to turn the aaaeta inti* cmo. We truat it may prove .0. ROMIflON A ro.V MA VUMIB Risg. 1 1. ?* inati tntion auopao'ltM it iu wnrlf hlur yoat#rlar Mix! that ofwnt rmi?"! jrr*at eonat#rn*t'ou amaug t ho ? who It a<I d#poa?9#?l tliflr f tj ti'f ? thor# Tli* ?to?r? vtrt l*?#t nil ?lay with an antion* crow ! wnt ng 1 r ^oni* thing to turn up by whih 9)?#t nt jlit irrivo a* % full knowltdfo of tl rir artual r vo<li"on an<t pro*p*<**~. h i' th# i'w r ib itmtiiif*! r:h*tiiiatffly what .? tmI no'Mn/ o*il<t h# .iprfttu n#-'. H i* dop 'Mil tor * b* long prlu ipalty to tho |>wrfr "f rlfltona, who ha4 *a.H up th* lr |? ttl# tatnlrr* an-l th'-in tb*ro t*r nfi bvp 1 1 UXAR Tt'lkXrK A CJt. A If ii >d?'o'i ruili ?iu on tb ? Nttbli?hMt )#?t#r?'*v hut tbo ('tK'!* ww thrown np#n ?n t cot ti fi ? *t?? 9 lint w*? pr**#l?t*<! * promptly A9>out oi # .'cl< r k th M\Un?ht l??n- '*#fAl? ! ? 't# nut, an-1 hoforo tl* t.m# '??? ctoaiog tho hank ?rritf4 not a ? ingf* ?*#pr#*U "r ?onM h# toon Thla baa rM?'tn *af#ly thr?ugh the nlorm K. DAVIMWtH A < O. Y r? ?r, an Oftrlv hour lv* i*.t* f th*a **tab ibro*nt tprt l?n*t with fru* '? of (>|*<HlU*n Imt ??lnth??boYt I ear*- ?1? lUr fof (*OlUr ???'t nut an-! bofnrw th* hour ' fi r flMiof pr# waa #rtiroly r#otof# t Tbo ** it# rr.*nt wa* cmit<1 #?n tlrwly by th# ?mill ?2#poottnr* Th?* bualr ft* tranra<fo<1 by thi* boua# i* prir. ? p.? f ? f a far*i*n ? bai at tor muuri. a at urn-. a civ urn. A run wi? alo matt* on tb)a ##tal iliahmwnt hut t !?#? * utn (hi! ' Hbr wi mttlnUla^ an 4 ftfrvboh w?*o hi I clam ? n th# oatftbl abm*nt w?ra aattaftort Th# ora tb* ra?#lr## rra?ly to m^K ail ?l#inao'ta up*-o th#tn PAIKAA, COO* a i;o. Th ? an 9 ho only pr?rnlt.*n* banking boas* in th* city wbirb 9h# ?rotnoo'looB a tor En of y#*t*t?lay h i not at ail afT#**t H hll# rmw?t* bo*#* h? tfocra of all tho o t bo r banking bona#*, #*? ry thin/ wa* #j?H h#r* ant tho oHHtmry bti to# * of th" ountm< r*"4i> trao* a<rt#"J in lb# tiatiftJ way TAM.irTA Wfl.hK. Tl?r?* wa* no run ' n tljja h?n?i?g ho? ?? )?"t?ilay In b# far y par* of tho <*ay a f?-w #j ??tl or* f r?Maio?l tbo?rd#rtineatM b??*. ail ?'?tnan?l? w?-r# j,r"m| Uy u.?t an<! #t?ry1liing w#nt on a? i * i f*U< h a g? noral upheaving of tha wa- i?oror befon ?itoaaa#<t in thia cHt aa ?* 'lOOOtiOB **ty rnu' b w>?#9h?*f 'ho gf^a' fir** by wbifb ^?n Krao ciafo taa bo*n mora than on*# Lai4 9?? iuid" I bo ron*i?4#t#4 a whi# yt* a ' a oalaraily aa 9bo a??-pona4/iO 'ftLohoak? yoo9or?Uy rWi a h# n?> iOaf t tt at rnurh of it it owing to th* i#oj#I# W i? m *It* ? V* ? M not i*# nor ran wa #^ wl#*t?r .o'a w#r? for *?> IfMli rtl ? fault Th# from N'?w Y"i? by 'ha l?rra Sava^a n flat f n tw IS** Ma n 1 w*im laci^otly fafimbk I p?? th# arr *1 of 9h? < alt'orfjia ?l#af? *r. Hf Hacw* wo? potmi'loH If j th# l'o>!B)i*tfr ?#r#?i?| l # r#< # i# all tba lot *r an?l ibfo!'?a !r |.*t<-h??l by ?? o boo^a l.or#, ao i br thia m*a?a h# won W i? Ofton4#4 to pfai#' *ba IrwMalrawn agatsit th* |?il! <lui#t by \h? a*o amir Mtttor* w*ra a iw'.r# fivoriMo t? |*< tbaa ?oo ^ haao b*ot? afpa? lo?t, and tb#f* waa ao r#a?oo f' f a r >m rn thao'h* b*nk? Vary f?w I- # nb a In tho w?^t4 row l#ar op a^ain a ? M 'an pa a ?- of fh a oa 4ur# not tj#ra .m thajr may n ?t ?l* mat#Sy t* ab'a *o wit all iVwa^a ?pfi) tb*m, !*?' b* ?-au#? bar raaa -' la a w ??at folo tli*ir a ?t a*aii ?bio, a n?f ?9*' lo*a ?n'ai^ 1 by an ak> up aaMipan ?? oat baa* 9hoa?*aft "f pr* pita' ng tMf iBa^fa?'.? to r?a* a *f a g?*n#ra; pab ) a a tlwwya ? ro ?-a*o ??ow* *# 'ha* *t?ry m?n pi*a? h#o toiliiiMi to h ? ootg^brf wbl * h* 'ju.atly ?# 'itafi *>> ?? ara L<moa f an I 'Ml rni#tro?t |a rr#o*#4 It ani?* a?# to #ff|.4?*; 'h al ?bo Horn* ha* liawa ?'*ar *nl tbo' *? ^?? ?*>w r#alli* tho wvr*' Th# fotur* t?*a w tb j:*?S*** If w* *t#r? %%r aolraa to al'ar th* #* i*#w??n*, a a! pa *?*?' y await tb* r*awlt atl w?fl )*' 9- r gb* if ?? a *o mp* bo aoa4o ? pr?aa .? b'? f a during tb ? ftnao a, f** u*l a *? lair t ? f tfco buaio* ?? w?*o f ' b# 7 w li ' II w * h* anlia ant ti* |t? ?i#g tf*4w of *lia rl'y w|*| rwrWitO Ifc4"? r* a wbw 9? |f ao?.y i*ooor a# a o r- ? *?r la ??*? ,!.?*'? f *b* H?'i al I' rn oh b ha %ai ??f ? *b* it#an?ar w 11 o * a* I till If wt*y Nrttlafti, l*? oolulinn*. Hlati ra#nli, I ililblta, < ar?l*. I.W** l#? ' ? 'llntfa, <V W. or IHI i ?Jlt'ITtMM? or fi'.R, a 4' ?M? a tU i*rtiptimr nKKRic ?ia aho Murt*i?T? lowijrtioN or t?f? nor ** it* iia ?iti<^ *?r gtWWW* |r p*if uai" a? Jftn a # a ?rg* a ' f th# r f ? -# r? of 9b* M#?a oa a ftm a ???n > #"? a*. 9i?*?r ?#w btaaiag bov. ?m wwr wf fTot a-o ? H?tt#ry *.rw** * a* Jo r! h ; N no of , tH* I' tb af lobruir r t* ,%*%? <w*o ' ^w?*4*rati#*w ? pi -i|i a in mm W b* o??*?*#i't**?' r n Is# half of tbo ti-. *?# Tho *?t *?i* t-**m wa* m * H I iic.ifi. t . I ' a o ? a of f h4#*#t"?rw 9*o | oo * ,t % , A H. ? r b a "ft ? Irm * Htl er??4. tbff or*. % ? Ififtlloi O tbo r9|<* r 1'h* >iOfO j'affe# Wa* ibow pp * 1 Mralarr #Ho??Apia at tlaO ;?ni?o?' of ? e a ? ? * J H * rwt tilt Ij | ^fi**ooi*Mt in #i i ??? * a - tb* ?'?*' *>g ffo u H '? aoWtaa*# 'ft%* tf?* ?? 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W- , ami wf l*aJ?T* tWI.c.^Wof tbi-n % ' ^ ?ui jood. W# aluc 1>tHtv#? our t.lUa rr-'* ?bl" ?? b" moatl/ |rad w# think $A0 (,<iu All j, I. Mart fr * 1 c,'T"r ?U ioataa that in* j occur hy Ultra. 1? wt nit* **ad anUra control ?>i on i b*nkn mil taab account n?*a "? '? ,al* the fcanda of th? raoalrtr. at havtoot -?a ? tbla to iuakw it tatirtly accurate. I>ut ?? I tli?*tt it si yj* w*l,i or r*? t. Tbt cat prvfMa of tin lent* on t.-*. "t,i ln-* ? %4 by our f aofc a , wtrt I tori 0 10,* 1 "ur niwnt ?*. inn. id, wt aijow tbt ?uit baton'!'"'* 'u# "7 u4 i't|i<ai?t>ra, but it \h ?fefop*r to r? n*ri thaM our l*l''*|t ft< count' la actually about $200,000 mcra \ Win thara Atti ??. IbadrtfU 01 tioi mmmmt 'ay. J?? KJ* ? amount*) to nlniit t the.!, whiih l?a*a alw vj*'\ ?*raUjf??rw b**. a mid? up prior t* tht aatll ar of it* a oca* <1 lag attumtr, ,>ut which, dunogth ' ?? el t ?tar.- 1 Y *ht |?a*t f* w data \tt wrr?* uritb*# 'o In, bnt -A ar* Ikffllrvtd t?> !?? h v a tin * ii<* at onca V* ? 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