Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1855 Page 2
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? the boose of Pag*. Baoon tc Co., notwithstanding tha temporary luipauHiD of tlx* howse ol ftp * Bacon, ?f St. Louis. ... . _ , __ _ _ Ur J. P. Flint was called to the chair. Mesne. J. I. rolMis. J. Friedtonder, Willtam Arrington, John Middle ton, 6. W P. HumU, Mid WlllUiu J. l'ardve were ap point*! Vice Presidents . and Mm?<. H. M. Hale and C. V Q Me were appointed Secretaries. The Chair briefly stated the object of the meeting He ?kid be understood that Mr. lUight (of Page, Bacon it Co..) was in the adjoining room, nnd appointed Messrs. T J. L. Smiley, R. E. Doyle and A. B. Forbes, to request ami to address the meeting. In the absence or this committee, a committee of Ave was appointed to draft resolutions, consisting of F. W. Hasendray, J Fiiediander, E. Casserly, J. P. Haven and V. B. Polhemus. Mr. fi/ioHT appeared and made a statement of the af faira of the house of Page, Baooa 4 Co., which ex li tiled a balance of $1,0(0 COO over an 1 above all their labilities. Mr. Blssell read an extract from a private letter from Hew York, allowing that bad faith in certain agents in New York was the cause of the stoppage of the St. Louis The committee appointed to draft resolutions reported the following Whereas. The State of California, during a season of gene ral dentession and trial, unexampled id this generation of men. and aggravated to her by the diminution of the usual yieft of h?r mlses from tlie lack ef seasonable rains, has not ?Blv sustained her oredit at home and abroad, bnt has sup ?crtsd the whole Union through the crisis with a fidelity aad pewr at reaouroes which challenge the respect, as they tuve axeaedrd the expectations, of tho world ; and, whereas, this result, so honorable and advantageous to California, is malty due to the energy, liberality and puhlic spirit, vbieb in an eminent degree have characteriied the several ?aosllent and raliable banking houses in this Stats, in their transactions with the community ; and, whereas, reports Shia morning received from the Atlantic States, ace calcu lated, unlets properly underatood. to create an unnecosaary excitement prejudicial to onr entire people , therefore, be it Resolved, Aa the sentiment of Lhis m eting. of the mer santlls, mechanical and Miaiuess classes generally. t That in our judgment the worst of tbe recnt pressure haa passed away in California, and that a itreatly improved state of affaire is already at hand, in whieh all the business will be re-established upon a sound basit, and the real proa ferity oi the country will be confirmed on iti true founds (tea. 2. That in onr judgment the banking houses of this city and Statu are this dsy sound and solvent to a decree unar proached in the United States or Europe, and abundantly ?hie to meet the demand upon theiu. and they merit tbe ooafidenco urd support of every man identified with Califor nia, or interested in her prosperity 3. That thefnture will show, aa tbe past has shown, tri smphantly that as Californiana ?e must and can rely upon each other, and ourselves alone, for support and auccesa in every crisis cf business; and having already weathered the teigbt of the storm, we perceive no reason for the psrtisl exoltcment amon,; some of onr fellow citizens, which can kave no good result, and which we are convinced is without sev irood foundation. 4. That as a mark of our own sincerity in these resolu tions, and onr complete confidence in tbe banking h?a* ?>? of tke eity and State, we pledge ouraelve* to each other and to them to continue our deposits, accounts and transactions with them as heretofore in every particular, and to give them nnder all circumstances a cordial and united co* operation and support. fl. (Additional Thnt we deeply sympathize with Mesirs. Page, Baocn t Co., in the temporary suspension of tho St. Louis house, and from the knowledge ol the probity and vir tue of the resident primers in Sau Vrancisco, place entire coil tldence in the statement made by Mr. Baight, of their ability to meet their California liabiUMen, and we advise holders ef their certificates of deposit throughout the State, not to be misled hv false reports originated by speculators for pri vate advantage A resolution was also adapted that the pro-eeding* of Dub meeting, signed by the officers, be published in the papers of San Francisco, with the request that thev be ?spied by the interior, Atlantic an] European papers. Oa motion, the meeting adjourned. J. H. FLINT, Chairman. J. t Folmm, J. Fried lander, Wm. Arrngton, John Middieton. G. W. P. Bisaell, W. J. Pardee, Vice Presi dents. H. M. Hale, C. L. Case, Secretaries. The following resolution waH adopted at the meeting of bankers, merchants and others, at the Merchants' Ex afeaagv, on Saturday: ? fUsolved, That a committee of twenty-five be appointed So convey to Messrs Page, B aeon A Co., a copy of tne pro ceedings of this meeting, and to express the undiminished confidence of tliii community in their integrity, and to request a continuance of tbelr Banking Mouses in Cali fornia. ?OMMCNICATION FROM MISSES. TAOK, B ICON ? CO. In accordance with the above resolution, tbe commit tee having called on Messrs. I'agefe Bacon, report the fclk'Wing as the result of their interview: ? Usnkino Iloi sEOt Pace, Bacon A Co.. > Febraary 17 th, 1KS5. i We shall continue our business as usual in California. The timporary suspension of tbe St. Louis house in no way affects us W e shall be prepared, as heretofore, to afford ?ur usual fncilitiea to customers PAGE, BACON A CO. We, tbe undersigned committee, appo nted by the meeting at the Exchange, feel the utmost gratification m publishing the above card of Messrs. Page. Baton & Co. , and we take occasion further to say, that from ex hibits made to us, we are that the house of Page, Bacon k Co. is entirely able to meet all its engage ments at any time. E. M. Rale, of.Hussey Bond & Hale; F W. Mascn ?*ay, of Miconiiray fc Co. ; A. A. Ritchie, of Ritchie, Os Bid & Co. ; B. F. Lowe, of Lowe, Ebbetts fc Co. ; G. W. sell, of Alsop 4 Co:; E 0. Flint, of Flint, Teahody & Co. W. J. Pardee, of Welis, Fargo k to. ; C. L. Case, of (Ws. Heiser fc Co.; A. B. Forbes, of P. M S. S. Co.; I. C Words, of Adams & Co.; J. L. Folsom, B. Oavidsin. Tbedure I'ayne, T. Freidlander, R. Chenery, I.. M:Iane, It. IUlliOay, W. Arrington, H. B. Triiett, A. A. Selover. T. Argenti, D. P. Tallant, E. Ca-seily, Tohn Parrot' T. O. Larkin J. P. Haven. II1ECI1ANTS COMING TO THS RELIEF OF TACK, BA CON A CO. oj?-> ? 15,00, Feb. 26, 1865. vf* tie ui.dersigned, merchant of San l'ranciaoo, hereby agree to receive certificates of ilepi-it of Page. Baron ft To. a* par, in payment of merchandise; ? Arrington ft Co., Mo~e* Kilh ft Co.. Picket ft Mount, J. H Pir.ner, Eugene, Kelly ft Co , Henry Julian, Dew, McRaer ft Co., Uad A Horner. Bard I'lummer, Henry Hugg ft Co., 1 'anon ft McCree W. Ailec ft Co., Sawytr, 5<ltnonI&., Tacit i Aft fie?. Pletz ft Co., A. E. McCreery, *. McKee ft Co. , Hay nee ft Liwtoo, Earle ft Co., Wood worth ft Co , Win T. Coleman ft Co , A. L. Edwards ft Co.. Buneey, Bond ft Hale. Haircdd, Rindell ft Co , Htory, Bedlngton ft Co , DeLong, McN'eil ft Co. . B. C. ft T. I,. Horn, Lowe, Ebbeta ft Co., W. W. Backu*, BecV ft El&aa. REBVHPT10N OF FAOE, BACON & CO. Ei tract of letter of Page, Bacon ft Co. to Da* id Head Jey, of this city, dated Feb. 26. 1865 ? We are happy to inform you that we hare to day made perfect arrangement- to again resume, and ahall do io 1b three or four day, when we hope to regain all we K&y have lost. We have been so overcome the la?t week with the great excitement. that we are unable by thin steamer to Bay more, but the Golden f^ate sail- in three day* from Iki*, and wc shal! write you more fully by her. But ene thing jou may asture our New York friends? that we hate ample fundi, and that our firm wih again go ?d at usual. . POSITION OF JTDflE CHAMBERS Jlamore to the effect tha. Judge Chambers, of Page. , Macon ft Co. , had withdrawn from that house, ?ee on to hare obtained general circulation. It give* us pleasure to draw public attention to the statement made by that gentleman at the meeting held yesterday. Judge Chambers -aid ? All n>T private fortune i* in the hands of Page, Bteon A Co. 1 have not. nor do I intend to draw one dollar un til every obligation of that bou-e is fully discharge I ?we too much to California and Califoruians to allow m? mw to faliify the statement I male on Saturday hint, that every creditor of the hou*n should he fully paid and ati-fitd- at least as fur as my ubili'y woul 1 permit. THE HIIXRII'F BROUGHT I P FOR CONTEMPT. ?n the suspension ot Page, Bacon ft Co., a receiver, ?u appo nt.'d, Into who?> hand* all the property be longing to the firm was delivered. Attachments were kieo ia?ue<l against the Crm at the snii of various par tie* and were placed in the hands of the Sheriff, who preceded to attach th? property belonging to the estab aahment Mr. David Chambers midc an appli:at:on for aa order again*t the Sheriff, on the affidavit of J. H. Wells, the iuly appointed rece'ver, who avers that one Harvty Lake, a Deputy Sheriff of the county of San Francisco, acting under the color of authority of writ* cf attachment against th? property of said l'a<e, Rucnj ft Co., had, against the will of said affiant intruded into ?aid banking house, since the affiint took possession as fcforeatid, and refused to leave the same, aud is now threatening. anl, aa this affiant believes, will, if he can, ??lie some portion of the goola and cha'tels. money, or ?ther property no? .n the poaMMioa of ttlla ail) an*. aa receiver as aforesa.d, under authority of this Cmrt, un der said wr.t? of attachment, and thereby deprive th s affiant ef the custody and possession thereof, that the presence of (aid 1-aWr in sad banking house for the parpoae of aeuing and attach og said pro. perty prevents this affiant from oondacting anil discharging the duties of his office ; that aa.i'. Lake professes to be waiting and seeking for an ?ppertunity to enter the vault of said umklcg house, in wBich are kept the money, evidences of de"it, go.d dust, of aa.d I'age, Raton ft Co., in order to sei/e and at tach the same that this affiant has offered to ?lio v the aaid Lake the certified copy of the order of thj Hon. Cdnrt appointing this affiant reef iver as sfnreia: I, but aaid lake refuses to regard the sams. that said writs of are directed to th' Sheriff, and this tfli iut ie informed and believes that said Uke is acting un !?r I ftp direction of William 11. Oorham. who ia Sheriff or said county. JOSEPH R WKl.r.9. On reading and filing the complaint, an order was !?? ?med te the Sheriff to show cause why h? ahoald not be Bootahed for contempt, for disobevlng the orler of the Oaurt appointing the receiver. The Judge remarked, that as a gewral proposition, the interfering with the receiver would amount to more than a technical con tempt. A bearing was to have been had on the 2f>th ult. oa he rale aga.nst the 4her>tT. for contompt in attempting ? aerve attachtnen's on tlue house. The attachment* vrer* iasued out of the Twelfth TVs. triet Court, and were for the following amounts ? N. Heliaad vs. P. Chamber* et ah, > i,7?4 Jams* tiran* vs D D. Page ftal., f3,M065:C Iloffl n ra. aame, ?3,H82 41 T. J. I. Smiley va same, $^,S0? 47. total amount of at tacLmaate. I18..124 78. ADAMS ANO COMPANY. TO TltKin CKlDITORf. f < tr.meatr which heve been made on the closing of ?Tirbo.i?e to require that before BY* seating t<? our red. tors the iropo-itloii wlu-li i* boloir 1 sheuld bc qoa.Bt the iiubfr at our friend* are alreadv aeqaaint ?d, the r?-t. w)i demonstrate that the revl tauees i.f our "??vnslon were not cf our own miking. The stoppage o' a well known and p pular house . mittortune at 1 tiuMuia' ..o niojgh. ? -huthavngto Vear rtspr.nsltihly for sft. r. .t?. 0f otln r?. Had 'iur narpose" an ! effi,rt ' set ?? on^el as the? slionld have Wen. in .|uart-rs where |,%(. % ri<b. , , |t :hrt ?alam ty which has just ?\ertaiien the commuaity weald aever iuve haj.r. ue^! Sce'i are t*"* eelas'ens <?' > Vr) ?? ?, f .j. ?tk?r ? -h ? i - . ? tbM e' ? ? ?pmtMn, u4 ?t l?Mt S general Idea of ea eh other*' re ?ourcM and position, no system of banks conducted upon any large ana liberal principle*, can withstand a general criaia. bat null fall together, in common confusion and disaster, such a* we have just witnessed. Ilka tint banking house in the country cannot alwaye foresee a run. It* own poaition ant ability to go through a crista It caa ascertain, and ought not to withold from those who hare an interest and a right to know. months a leading banking houne in tnis city has been quietly strengthening itself and sustaining its parent house elsewhere at the expense of every other banking bonse here, and especially of ours. The house of tdams A Co. hold to day thousands of dollars in bllla receivable from our merchants for indispensable accommodations wherewith to meet their loans suddenly called in, and for which the hard cash has left our vaults . Could we have known upon the arrival of the Nicara gua steamer, Feb. 4. of the protest of the pap?>r of Page & Bacon, of St. I.ouis, in Wall street, Jan. 12, the day of the depaitnre of the Nicaragua a learner on the other aide, or that there wax reason to apprehend nucha mishap. the other banking houses, and Adams & Co am?ng them, could have prepared themselves fir the worst F.ven after the run on Page, Bacon & Co., of this city, Satunlay, Feb. 17. bud it been possible, by any amount of diligence, to ascertain the true position of that house, Adams & Co. could even then have prepared for the worst. Unfortu nately, It was not pos-ible. Either from ignorance of its own condition, or for seme other reason best understood by itself, that nou?e not only tilled the public and it- friends with unfoauded ideas of its strength and resources, but imposed upin the anxious scrutiny even of the other banting house*. To repeated inquiries, to entreat:*' the most urgent, our hous<- received always the assurance of the perfect ability of Page. Bacon & Co to meet any run. There fore it wan that we did cot concentrate our resources here from all parts of tho State, as we wouM have done had the truth been revealed, or even hinted to us. On the contrary, we sent away cur best re sources. having forwarder into the interior on Slnudty, Tuesday and Wednesday of last weak, more tlianAloOOOO in coin for the purchase of gold dust alone for the weet ly shipment, while we allowed another larire aeiojnt of cem to be invested in bullion on the way for th* -sime i shipment. More than this we freely expended the coin which was our life blood, in our efforts to susUin that bouse, in redeeming their certificates throughout the State, and in every other way. Such was our condition when. on Wednesday night, at a late hour, our hou-e was astounded by the sen that Page, Eicon k Co. were unable to go on, and would not again open their door-. It was an event which not only fal ifled the repeated and solemn assurances given by that house, but which found us destitute of the preparations which, hut for those arsurances, we should most certainly hive made. It was an event, too, which was aggravated in the highest degree by the tone and temper of the extra ordinary circular which announced it to the public. February 2-, was a day of general celebration, and 1 hoped, with the large amount of gold dust in our vaults, we could meet the crisis then evidently impending. Bui between 1 and 4 P M., of that day, I found a run had quietly set in, which took from us, in about two hours, over $1100, Coo in coin, and wo saw that unless our supply of coin could be replenished, we must to protect the rigbts of all our creditors, in the city and throughout the mines, close our door*. Immediately, an 1 all that night, we made every effort which men coald, every where in town, to procure coin. Gold dust w> hud; I had my own private property and the property of our friends which, with unparalleled generosity, t.hey hid placed at ourelsponal. We offered a million and a quar ter of dollars in tlie best securities in the world to raise one- fifth of the sum in coin. Evenr elTort and every sa crifice were in ?ain; it could not be done. The rest U known. These are facts which it is painful for me to present to the public. Hitherto I have withheld them out of regird to tbe feelings ot otters, for whom I had al kij? enter tained high consideration. Hut the evident disposition, in a few quarters, to misrepresent or misunderstand the merits of the cuse, lias forced me to a disclosure which I could not longer hare withheld without projudice to our bonse. These being the facts of our suspension. I desire to make tho creditors of the house throughout the Staie the following proposition: ? That within tnirty diys from this date the reo?iver 'hall pay them twenty five per cent, in cash, upon ull our claims. That the creditors shall receive the bi'anco of their claims from the receiver as fast al he can declare the dividends, and for this purpose he shall be allowed to ad minister tho assets, notes, real estate, ke , of the house, and realize them as promptly as possible, without hin ', and to the best advantage tor the creditors; and for tbe greater security of tl<e creditors that bis pro lent bonds, which are for one million of dollars, shall be increased it deemed necessary. That Adums k Co. alt all be ulliwed to resume their business as heretofore, with such ai l as they can obtain from their friends and customers; and ia th's connection I am deeply gratified to state that the whole body of our clerki, with a devotion to the house which they have dene so much to build up, for whi-h no word) can than1! them, have volunteered, each aid all, their servije-i for an entire year, without hire or rewaro beyond a bare akbsUtcnce. As it is desirable that we should obtain as promp'ly as possible tbe sense ot our creditors upon tins proposi tion, which I am confident is for their b?st interests, and will secure the early paym?nt of their clainu in full, we earnestly request them to notify us at our bund ing house, in San Fransisco, of their a .sent thereto 1 n?-ed not say how acceptable that assent wtU be, nor 'bat we shall endeavor to requite i^jwith the same energy and fidelity, of which we hope riie public ha? had Jome proof in its former deillng* with our house. I. C. WOD3. I I CARD. | I beg to assure the public that Adiims k Co. have sur rendered to the Receiver appointed by the court, every dollar of their.", in moDey and property, ami that any wjrd to the co6tn<ry ia utterly untrue. My entire pri ?ate property I have aurrendered to the creditors of Adam* fcCo , subject to judgment* In favor of clerka of tie concern, whose labor and lldelity have built it up, and whose earning* remain unpaid. I take leave to ex press again to our creditors in thin city and throughout the mine*, our determination tbat overy dollar of my mennH shall be applied to pay them equally, w ; ho lit fTciV?PBC9 *? ?ny. A1' efforts to obtain eu:h preferenie mm: nesesttriij be resisted to protect the rights of all, and I am advised by eiuneei 0?nnot succeed. 9i.?< Fhanci?oo, Feb. 23, 1855. ?? C. WOODS. receiver's notice. The undersigned, having been appointed by the TTon oiable the Pmtrict Court of the Fourth Judicial District, Feteiver of all the property and effect! of Adam* & Co , hereby requests all person. iudebted to said firm to make prompt payment to uim for the more .speedy liquid ition of its aflaira. Being the only person authori/.e 1 to col lect such debt*, no payment to any other perscn will be | legal or valid. Al.FRED A. COHEN, Receiver. Oft Foht Point, Sax Francisco, { February 20?2:45 P. M } J as. Gordo.n Bkxsktt, Em}: ? Adams k Co. have made arrangements with their creditors the last half fcour to pay twenty-five cents on the dollar in cash, and take the assignees' paper for the ba:ance. They will be going in two weeks. J. HAWES & CO. ROB!>SOX * CO. On Saturday Robinson k Co posted the following no tice on their door: ? TO DEPOSITORS. We deetnfil it the be?t and most prudent course for oursehe* acd our depositors to e!oa* the doors of oar baukitg lioute yes'.cr-'ay mcrning. Our assets, although ' not immediately available, are large, vnd sufficient in our opinion, it judiclou^y managed, to pay all liabilities. We will shortly make a further statement of our allaira I and future intentions. R0B1.VSJN A: CO. San Francisco. Feb. 21, 1955. WEI.LS FARGO k 00. On application to Heul.eo Washburn, Henry M. Na gl?.e wa? .'.ppolnted receiver in this house. They have I published the following: ? "Wells, t arg.i k t.'e, have completed a balance of their a?oounts tnis c?v, and find to the credit of their house, above every liability, (. SHU. KM 23, and only ask of tbair friends a few days to convert some of their assets to re l sume piym?n?. WKI.Ui, FAR iO Ac CO. Saturday, 10 P. M. The mtoney it t!ie hon?e issued the following: ? TO THE PUBLIC. As there -eetn* to be so-jse misapprehension as to the | tenor of the bill of complaint filed aga'nst Mr Pardee, i of the above house, on which an injunction Issued, and , receiver was appointed, it is due to you th it it should j at once be removed. The suspension of this house, to I my mind, was the result of a mere pinic, aud nothing more, but alter It had occurred, it was due to toe put> lie that ita ar.-eta should be at on :e pitted in such a , shape that all the ere liters would in any possible eon i llngeccy, re ceive tLeir entire debt, ahare an I share i alike. I nder our statutes and dec * >ni, n) other cjurse was left th?n to app'y to the court for an injunction and ( receiver an 1 was ne;es*?ry to state, as a grounl in ] the I. ill tint the V.3ii??wn for a momsnt unvhle to , meet'ts debt* In crln: thit is. that thero was a tempv , rary inKOlveiwy. Ilut fjr this, these court a'tachraeo'*, | and useless litigation, might have exhausted in un necessary coata much of those me ins thit belong to the 1 creditors. A* counsel for the house who drafted the , bill, and obtained the injunction and receiver. 1 c.n as sure the people of California that th s si*p*a?lon it ! merely i temporary on?. that no man nee 1 loss i dollar I by it, and that the resumption of the house, aid a con tinuatioaof its hither'o prosperous business may bo considered a* morally certain. OHO. C BiTK^, Attorney, kc , firm of Bites, l^te k 1/awrence Sundsy. Feb. o, 1855. Tlie Ktrltrment In tlic Interior. SACRAMENTO. The .vocram'Ti'ii SfaViitwin of the 26th F?b. sty- ? Ye* terday there was little eicitement in this place cmJtrn : ing the financial crl Is whl -h ha? igltateo the ?'Ut* By far the larger amount of depo-ita with banter* In j this city, were held by the houa*a of Adim* k Co, Page ?* en Co. and Hesd k Co : an! the prlncipil topic of yesterday appeared to be the solTea:yof the e ' re peetive 1 -lOueee. A'e h-ard of many tmn?ac'.lons, in a small wsy, upon the paper of -"mo of the?e btnk*, but no ! r.e ones? the I rg? creditors preferring, us a ?Man fi M to take the chance* of getting m It ? 'ro u the principal*, to a sacrifice and a less am 'uat from , third p it e S> far as Messrs. Welle, Fargo Ac Co. ar? concerns 1, nt appr?li*n>.on appears to base been eufcrtal,i?'l bv t'i*lr creditor'. In fact, since they announeed on Friday that they ha l ampended, we learn that they ht?e paid all cla m* presented against them Of Messrs Page. Hacon k Co. the op'nion previ'li (? no* tbe recep'ion of the news by th* sierra Vera la) ; that all deniiiQ'l* tgainst 'hem will b." pall. W* have r heard of oo aaerifti e on their p".p?r. We have heard of sales ol tte t aper of R*a>l Ac Co., tor 'mill amounts, at i 2r per cent di>- . int. We can give no corre -t 0( nton | as to this t o?>- but have h?ard strong expressions as to ita en* re abtl ty to pay otT alt claims mi ?st It. Ibe otiier bouaea in th dty? Meears. B F. Fl\stlng< k Co.. D O. M 1 ? a i . au I the ?'s.ram -n'o " ty 15 inn, I (John M Kt?o?i*s> ? ha.! no run upon them on Satur Jay, anJ we bei.eve '.bey bare the full eoafldeoje of o ir com ' mualty. THK RaNK F.Xi TPtMgNT IJ? KTOdtTOW. 1>" H'f u*>li ytn F>' " giv*- an a- ' at o' the First It wia announoed by telegraph that Adiai h Co. bad iusp?nded, and iulj in tae for'noaa and all through the day, large crowds war* uMmblad around their Banking house (n thii city. Attachment after at tachment in levied on theii properly. The riheriff was on the aleit, and u fait aa the stage* arrived from the interior, ho wan ready to attach any treasure that might belong to fhe bouse Their vault! were cloned and an ollicei stationed there. All sorts or rumors were atloat as to their solvency or insolvency, and great speculation* advanced as to the prospect of reeovermg anything. In deed, there was a great deal of alarm and excitement. Io the meantime another telegraphic despatch announced that Wells, Fargo & Co. hta suxpendea. This seemed to be the finishing strok* for the d*y attq iUfy on* Was on tb? qu\ vtve- Urge depesliors M well as small ones. It is almost impossible to describe the feeltng among our business men Their confident* in the banking housns of this State remained unimpaired until this last intelli gence. Now there was ni calculation where the fail urea would end. Soon aga'n the telegraph annottn-^ed tbat every banking bouse in San Francisco had suspenl ed. This capped the climax ? excitement ran higher and higher, until the first lsw of nature, self preservation, seemed to be the ruling passion of every one. All classes of our citizens, merchants ax well as laboring men and mechanics, made a run for their deposit-. Wells, Fargo & Co paid every claim that was presented to themln that city. I he Stat( Tribune of Feb. 25, says, th?t about ten o'clock on Thursday morning the bank ng house of 1'age, i'aron & Co. closed in Sacramento lu the course of an hour the suspension was known all over town, and hun dreds who bad m> ney deposited with them could be seen hurrying down to Ibe bank? to takealoik. if nothing more, at the spot where their little all bad been plaited for safe keep Dg. During the day a c-.ns dertble crowd, many of them recently from the mines, were congregated on tbe corner of Front and J street*, in front of the bank, bot all verj quiet and orderly? no loud expression of feel ing or disappointment was manifested, and all seemed to be impressed with the idea that they would get their de posits before long. We beard of many individual esses of losses, varying firm one to fifteen tboussn 1 dollars. On* man, an ex Aldeiman of this city, sold out a large stock of go .els a few days since, and deposited the proceeds? $15, 000 ? with tk s firm. Another person, who enme down from tbe mines on Wednesday night last, deposited t'< 00d early yesterday morning, or within an hour of their closing up All of tbe real estate owned by the firm and individual members of it was attached immediately upon news of tbe suspension being published. The effects htve all been transft rred to tbe hand* of a receiver, who will await the order of the court in San Krancmco, whore the injunction was issued compelling Page, flucon ft Co. to refrain from paying out any money until further or dered. IM. ACER VI L I.E. Adams ft Co. suspended all banking business on tbe i!3d Feb. The excitement is gradually gaining ground us tbe report spreads Crowds have been collected around the dill'erent banking houses during tbe evening discus ing the chances of getting their depos'ts. It is thought tbe deposits In this bouse will not fall ftr short of COO. Saturday and Sunday we expect the excite ment to reach its climax, as by that time it will be gene rally known throughout tbis vicinity. Wells, Fargo & Co , up to the present time, have paid all certificates of deposit that have been presented. Ihe business men in town have cot expressed any doubts as to the solvency of this house, an 1 have not withdrawn their deposits. GKASS VALLEY. The commeucement of the suspension of Adams & Co. created un unprecedented excitement in town. When tlie "fti:e was closed, Mr. Tilley was placed in .charge as receiver. As tbe ill-tid.ngs spread, squads of miuera Uocked In from the adjacent diggings. The exoitement, fontered b? injudicions persons, waxed greater towards evening, and threats were made by tlio more illiterate portion of the community that a mob would be raised and tbe building attacked, but the determined stand taken by the (rii nds of the house prevented the threats Irom be'ng carried into eiiect. The oflice of Wells, Fargo & Co continued op?n and the bnlk of their deposits paid out. Attachments were taken out against A'iams k Co. to a small amount, and the oflice placed in charge. Tue oflice.- were closed at 8 o'clock by themselves, and a crowd of men still surrounded the house. ArBJRM. Al-nriur, Feb. J3? 10 P. M. Here has been a lively time to-day, in financial cir cles. Early this morning Adams & Co. stopped payment, sod nn armed crowd immediately assembled and com pelled tnen to re-open their safe. At 10 A. M the con cern was c'osed out. Wells, Fargo & Co. have stood a heavy rnn, and are (till paying. They nay they can pay all depositors at s'sht, having been prepared for the rush for sereral days pint. NEVADA. NbvadA, Fo'-. 23, 1856. The news of the suspension of Adams & Co. was re ceived by telegraph about 10 o'cl.ict this morning, and an immediate rush was made tor the oflice in tbis place. Special deposits called tor wore frealy handed out, but no mon?y or special deposits were paid. Almost immediately a run commenced on Wells, Fargo & Co., who honored all dralti till 2 o'clock P. M., when the doors were closed. II unlet Davis, banker, failed to meet deminds upon him. Roth tbe latter banking houses will probably re sume in a oay or two. JAMESTOWN. Considerable excitement exiats here in consequence of tbe ruspendon of l'age. Bacon & Co. Ibe vault was broken open by the people, but no money found. COLO Ml. Columa, Feb. 23?11 P. U. The banking hour* of Adams & Co . was closed at an early hour this morning. As hood ?h the fact was known, there wan -om > little excitement among depositor.). Quite a number called on them for their treasure, but were obliged to leaTe without it, and await tbe result. Wells, Fargo k Co have had a verjr heavy tun on them, but up to tbe hour of closing for the day, all de positors have been promptly paid ?n demand. We are informed by a gentleman n from Georgetown, tbat there wf?" sojp? excitement at that place among de positor- with the two houses. MARY8VILLR. The Maryn-ilU JJeratd says; ? Onr citizens were not a li&tle astaum'.ed by tbe sudden and unexpected s'tspen hiou of Adams k Co., which was closely followed by that of Welle, Fargo fc Co. A crowd, mado up of depositors and excitement *eekeis, wan speedily in attendance; but tbe i-afea were locked, and payment* respectfully but Grasly refused. (ieorge W. Pluuie k Co. also closed. I b J banking house of Mark Rruraizim & Co. bad a run, but remain* d firm anil paid tteir cbecKS promptly, and kept open an hour beyond tlie usual business tfoie of closing, to give those pishing to draw their deposits an oppor tunity of doing so. EXCITE1IE">T ON THK ARRIVAL OP THE 8TEAMKR. On the arrival of the Sierra Nevada oa the v!2d, the wharves were crowded with person i anxious to learn something in relation to the affairs of Page, IU-on k Co. at the East. One of the passengers informed the erowd that all the drafts sent on by the stearoT which arrived at New York previous to the sailiog of the last Califor nia steamer, had been honored. The announcement elicited tbree hearty cheers. A QUESTION FOR THE LAWYER?. On tbe '.JUt ot February, a number of freight bills, due one of the clippers discharging in tbe harbor, were paid in checks on l'a?e, Ilacon k Co. Thete chf.ks were not presented at tbe bmkin^ house on which they were drawn, but were either paid into other houses, fir ex change, or were held over by the recipient The houte of I'sge, lJacon k Co. having closed yepterday, they werere'urnod to the drawers, bat the latter claim, as we understand, that they are uot responsible, as the firm on which the checks were drawn, bad not suspend ed at the time they were given The question arises, who will be tbe pareies entitled to the checks, the reci pient of them, or the drawers ! We further learn that the vessel alluded to refused to deliver any more goods to the parties, until tin checks were cancelled, and in consequence censed unloading. Kern River Mine*. Tbe Southern Califnrnian says ?We are constantly receiving the -aost fl ittering accounts from this loiall ty, uot only confirming our previous published ac counts. but informing us of newly discovered diggings of lntCaeed ricbnes?. The large numbers of people who Lave flocked to these mines have scattered themselves over ttat Mettoa of country, and are prospecting the numerous gulches and ravines throughout the different ranges of mounta.ns, developing at every step diggings tbat pay from ten to fifty ceuts a pin The richest lo calities found tbus fur are h'gh up in the mountain gulcbes, where the snow at present makes it very diffi cult to work. Al'hough we still speak of "Kern River mines'' as ap plying to the mining region, but compiratively few per sons are cow as blah up; toe country south and east has been discovered to Be fsr richer. We have seen a letter from T. Hereford. Esq , to H. n Wilson, <lited at the mines on the 12th itis'.ant, in whleh he n?y* tbat tne miner* arc insking from ten to twenty cents a pan parttei having claims up in the gul'bes are 'oing inucli better. The stair"- dmer t rougbtio from the Kern river oae dollar and twenty six cent" worth of gold which he suw washed out of five pass of lirt. A correspondent of the Southern Culiftmian. who write from twenty two mile- from Allen's store, says: ; 'We are working in a gui'li discovered by Rrad h.iw, and quite nnknown to the balance of the gold seekers. Thirty dollars per day fsnothing extra ' 1 he same p.. ner *?*)>?: "We have al?0 seen a letter from Mr I Tan. to the etfect tbat all who worked were doing well 3nin? beautiful specimens of gold have been brought in from there, not only the dust, but nug gets. worth $fi, It, and tl.'iearh " At a place railed Rich Oulrh, 1100 a day per man wa< taken out at first, and the claim is yet o iyin* at fie rate of an ounce a day. This. )t appears. I. the richest spot tnat has yet b'en diseov<re.t, whether the mountain gulches will afford other diggings of this clasi, remains to be determine.!. The Sao Soaqitu Rr\ nUiran is nhe recipient of far tber news from Kern river. Tne repoitof tterichne* of the digwing* as published in that p?p?r. is ? fieoraVe one. Miners are reported to be making 111 per day, and eqen ??'?<) i? eaid to have been washed out with the ?torn " Tlie distance from DtndtAi, via Fort Miller and Woodvilie. is placed at miles. The San Kraneisco AH* I'ata fomian of the 2*th alt, aays ? This Is an era ot excitt nienta, and there appe?r? but little chance of our being witiout a surfsit of the article for some time to come at least. The steamer America, which left yerterdsy, carried away some 600 anxious min< r? ?letsrminei on trying their lunk in the sew plscers laUlv become so notorious on account of their richness and lying iu the vicinity of Kern riter. Hes?? that quite a number o' sa' ling vessels, anvtons no doubt to reap a harvest after the long dearth be tween this city and fasramenti ia the sailing Use. have been put up for the new !>>cal.ty. A party ot gentlemen of this city Intend start :ntt to morrow for the new m nes on Kara river by a rmte n ft generally known. Thny propose to embark wl h muls t?sm- from Contra Co-ta taMogthe roail by Uvermore's i I'ass, thence to tne San Joaiu'O river, following the

course (if that stream into Mariposa c?.un*y theme ky ! sn excellent wagen road V tbe point of destinaii n. I lbe senlisman who hea?*s the pirty .*y* that h? h\s travelled over the rou'e ^esifi.n-olin tb? yi ai I'-l' ?n I I frnr l thervad JW. ib>W* * |?>as for ?\e wh ' Fire in Stockton. A destructive Bra broke out in Stockton on the 21*t February, ou El liormxU itreet. near the corner of Levee street, in * clothing store. The Ore spread with aston ish ng quickness from house to houee, destroying pro perty from the corner of Levee street to the brick build ing* en the same block on the corner of El Dorado and Main atreet*. On I-evee *treet it destroyed half the block to Centre dree*. The following is a Hat of tho-e wboiuatained lows* ? Jack Keeler, saloon, $ 1,200; Jenny Iind Restaurant, <1,000; Oakley's Saloon, f.'OO 8 Sam uel, clothing etore, >2,000; Dent h Van'ine, building*, >2,600, Gulatein, clothing ('toM >1 000; Ja-ob*, oloth'ng J1 oi e, $900, Fried clothing store, >2,500; Stunn, i'quot sliofi. $8M; Pioneer Houae, >4.500; 8. SUrbock, dagaerreotw.e saloon, >100; Mr. Wood, j*welry, >1,600; B. 8. Elkeles, clothing "tore, $3,500; Pari* * Bro'hor, clothing ptore. $5.0<>0; H. A Betiiiner, clothing ntore. >3,000; tailor shop >300, Mr. Poo;'* -*1oob, 11,200; bar b?r shop, >1 W0; Luka Martin. $5,000; J k C Line, jeweller*, >'',0f0 , Stoneall. buL'dtng*. >1.000; J, K Sha ter and other*, bnlldlng*, >1,500; Morrell, bul'dinga, >1.200; C. O. Sheldon, hat store, >1,500; Starbuck k Morse building, >800; John Evan', $800 ? Total, >50,500. Other parties not here reported had good* damigod by wnit Fire In San Pranrluot The 'op* by the destruction of the St. Charles Hotel and Hillaaan'n Tem;er*nca Houae, on February 18, in estimated at about >117,000, a* follow*: ? The St. Chtrle*, owned by Harper and other*, $15,000; HUlman's houne, owned by the penman'* Bethel 'ocietv. $10,000; furni ture and fixture* of hotel, owned by Mr. Hillman (nearly new), $10,000; four store* ou Washington *tre*t, por tion* of tbe 8t, Charles, occupied severally by Kimball h Kn<gbt, Gilbert k Co , Call AiCo., produce dealer*, and Tease & Co., tlour uier-.hanta, aggregate value ?f stock consumed, >1,000. The report that the St. Charlea had been sold by the Sheriff i* erroneous. The Hrn originated n the second story, southern psrt of tho building, and was undoubtedly the work of an incendiary, a* that portion was unoccupied. Mr Harper lost a considerable Mun of money, and nobs to the amount of one thousund, together with the wearing apparel which he had en trusted to the care of some one in the Rtreet, while he returned to nave some valuable papers. ? SanJ'rancitco Herald. Mlwcllaneons. Ran KR-antihco Mint. ? The I'nited States Mint in Sau Francisco has coined and paid to depositor* during the last six day* $386 000. wl leh is at the rate of nearly >60,000 a day. The Huperintendent, in view of the great pressure in financial circles, ha* put th1? assaying de partment on extra work, and depositor* have been paid in from twenty four to forty eight hour* after their gold dust was deposited. Mint bar* have been promptly ca*hr4 on presentation. The coinage for the month of February will nearly reach $1,260,000. Rkmojunonn in nm Common Council. ? On Saturday evening, at a meeting of the Hoard of A*sistant Alder men, the member for the Second ward, Mr. Henry llaifht (of Page, Bacon k Co.) tendered, by iotter, hi* resignation a* President of the Board. This wan ac cepted, and Mr. Ma>nard, Asxistant Alderman for tke Fifth ward, was elected to fill the vacmcy. A vote of thanks to the late president, for his conduct in the chair, was unanimously passed. Mr. John Perry. Jr., Assist nnt Alderman for the Sixth ward, tendered his resigna tion, by letter, as a member of the Board. This was ac cepted, and a new election ordered to take place on the 17th March text. The judges and clerks of the ward lust elected are to superintend the new election of Assist ant Alderman Extraordinary. ? For some time previous to the advent of tbe Pampero, last week, there had been but few arrivals of clipper ships at this pert. Beyond a lumber brig or bark from Oregon, and a few coasters from down the coast or Tomalez, together with the regu lar Honolulu schooner and paekets, our pilots had nothing to report. But the Pampero proved the bead of a long li*t. Immediately following came the Sweep stakes, the Southern Cross, and the Bald Eagle, on suc cessive days. Tlif Hussar and the Phantom followed in quick succex ion, and yeaterlay, mirabk dictu, then came to hand twelve vessels from foreign ports. We bad, of Dutch ships, the Biesboscb, from Cardiff, and the Ida, (Hamburg,) from Newcastle. Of Frenchmen, there were tbe Nouvel Alfred, the Paquette des Mers da Sud, and the Washington, from Borteaux. Added to t'ae*e, there was a British bark, the Euphrates, from London; the Haidee, from Hong Kong; and the Juliet, from Bos ton. At sundown four more had anchored outside the bar, making a grand total of a doatn for tbe diy. The old paying, " Misfortunes never come singly, '' will apply in full force betw??n our hankers and our ships? it will prove strange If we are lost beyond redemption. ? San f'rancitco AUa California , M0. 26. Marrlsgti, Birth anil Deaths. MARRIED. On Saturday, Feb. 17, at Trfnity Church, by Rev. Mr. Wyatt, Hon. Delos Luke and Miss Myr* it CUr*o. In San Francisco, Feb. 18, hy Kev. Mr Dalton, William Boyle to Miss I-abel'a l aw. both of Koston. In San Francisco, Feb. 18, by the Kev Mr. Cutler, E. F. Child, of tan Francisco, to Sarah K. Wllbour, daughter of tbe late B. P. Wllhour, of Providence, It. I. At Napa Valley, Feb. 14, Mr. Elisha Nichols, of Sin Francisco, to Mits Sarah ji. WoodruiT, formerly of New York. Near Stockton, Feb. 8, by Rot. W. W. Stevenson, Mr. Obadiah Powell to I.evina Barrett. In Yamhill couity, O. T., Dec. 21, Mr. Jame* M. Bird to Miss Mary Ann Byrd. At Sbaw's Flat, Feb. 8, by E. Wellington, Mr. William G. Troclove to Miss Sarah Davis. At Napa Valley, Feb. 14, Mr James Crane to Miss Mary Ann Smith. In Campo Seco, Feb 11, P. T. Swinney, of Winchester, Ky., to Mips Anna Holland. At the Fourteen Mile House, Upper Stockton road, Feb. 15, Mr. William Anderson to Ml*s Kllen Dillon. In Sacramento, Ftb. 15, Hon. Thomas Well*, repre sentative from Butte, to Mis* Sasan Lord. At Gilrcy, Santa Clara county, Feb. 11, Milton S. Hol? clow to Mips Mary A. Zuck. In Columbia, Feb. 8, by Rev. John Henry 3redt, Joseph Davis, Esq., ot Montezuma, to Miss Parmolia Leonard, of Sonosa. BIRTHS. In San Francisco, Dtc. 10th, tbe lady of John Delavan, of a ion. At Dry Creek, Slissta county, Feb. 9th, the lady of Mr. Wm. E Manley, of a daughter. In Sacramento, the lady of H. H. Holton, Esq., of a fine boy. At ( oloma, Feb. 6th, the wife of A. A. Van Guelder, of a pob. At Jackson, Feb. 19th, the lady of Mr. Marcus Abr&m*. of a son. DIED. In Fan Francisco, of consumption, Mr. Cha-. E. Yose, late of Cistlne. Me . aged 30 years. In San Francisco, I.awrence Murphy, n^ed 39 r?ars. In Fast Tualatin, Oregon, at his residence. Feb. 9th, Dr. F.lam Younir, aged till year* In San Francisco, Marietta Stillman. infant daughter of James N. and Mary Claughley, aged 4 month*. At Witchipeck, Kalmath county. Dec. 24th, J. Duncan, aged 4 year*, a native of Kentucky At Placerville, Feb. 12th. William H. Scudder, aged 24 years, of lafayette, lnd. Near Marypville, Feb. 12th, Mr. Virgil I'ratt, aged 47 years, from Marlon county, Mo. At Hnnolnla, S I , of dysentery, on the 254 of Jan. last, Mr. George Inland, aged 20 years, late of Monte rey, a native of Hamilton county, Ohio. Market*. Sam Frascbco, Feb. 24, 1805. There Iirh b> i n little of Importance done to-i Uy, a?iie from a fair jobbing trade. Conniguec- of |do4l receded ilnrin^ the la t lime days, are storing, knowing the ufetanness of attempting to nell in tlic prcaent coalition of affairs. Fijh-r ? We hear of nothing butjobbiogsale*. eomprii iof? 90 bbl*. (iallego and H.ixall at 915 a 915 50; 50 easei Su (Volk Co. Mill* at 915; 200 qr >-kx. Nap* Mi i la at 910 50: 150 do. do. Magnolia Mill* at 911 ("or* Mk.u, ? 100 qr. ck?. California sold at 910. (iR.oy. ? 115 Jta Parley sold at 2c; 200 do. do. at 91 00; ?5 do wbrat, fair milling, at 2,'^c 45 do. do. C*l. ered, at ;i'4c; 100 do. Cal. oits, at ;tc; 75 do. do .'at 3c; 50 do. do , at 2J|C; 3/00 iba. buckwheat, at 3>ie. I'otatoib ? Tbe market ia very dull, with email Hals* at I ',c; a negotiation in pending at tins clo e for a large parrel. Prikd Friits.? 500 box** and l,fO# qr. do. raiidna, ex Foutbern Cross, ^old on private ferine Tobacco ?125 caeee Neptune, ex. Phantom, ?old at 36c; 5(S do. Gamecock, at 45c, ex earn* ship. I rt (loons ?!i ca-e* Merrimack piinte aold at 12 1 ^ c . FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONEY MURKKT. 11 on DAT, March 19 ? 6 P. M. Qoite an excittm'nt was created in Wall street thin morr lrir by the arrival of the steamship North ern Light, of the Nicaragua line, with advices, in about twenty dijs from San Francisco, announcing .the suspension of about ha.f a dozen banking houses of that > ity. The ex< itemed did not take any par ticular shape, and had no unfavorable influence upo? the stock nrarket. The news brought by this anival vv anticipated, and tbe efl'eit was therefore of a very temporary character. When the auspen lien of Page & Bacon of 8t. Lou?, occu*red last January, it was well known that the receipt of the intelligence in California would produce a panic cmo g depositors in tbe banking house of Page, Bacon & Co., and all tbe other banking houses of Kan Franciico. The result has been no more than expected. The panic which seized upon all dawns was very intense, but such measures had been taken ts were best calculated to allay all apprehen sion, acd the probability was at the manmt the steamer left, that a few days would suffice to teslore confidence and bo?iresH to Its usual channel 4. At tbe first board tadar, the brokers were therocghly posted in regard to the Californian advices, acd operations were made with a foil knowledge of the rc eipt of specie, and the nature of public and private accounts? notwith standing which, it will be st-en prices advanced. P?nnsjlvania Coal Company went up 2 per cent, New Yoik Cential R?ilroad U Cumberland Coal 4. Panama Railrcai 2, Krie Railroad R*a1lag * lUiliosd It Hudsn Railroad |, Galena and Chicago Railroad lfc, North Carolina 6's i, Illinois Central B. r.d 14, Erie Bonds (1875) 4, New York Central 7's <. In^itna 5's fell off pv cent Can "n C?mpsry 4> Nicaragua Trin?tt |, Jkf'ch' Cyu'.bc; d Ri??4 I t'tevelani, C u cinnati and Columbus Railroad |. After the fljgt Board there was considerable activity, at high prices. Eii? Railroad appears to bare taken quite a start in priws, without much doing in shires. There are tumors of a stock dividend by this com' pany regularly, after this season, 1<J the extent of the aecumulatioDs in the sinking fund. This ia?o more than just and proper. We hold that the di rectors bare no right to reduce indebtedness with ont g viug stockholders its equivalent in stock. The Erie Company will be obliged to oome to this, and the stockholders should at once i>uist flfAh 11. U the stating fund liquidates four hundred and fifty thousand dollars of debt durifig the present year, thit amount should go to the stockholders in scrip. In this way debt will be displaced by stock, and ultimately the stock will hold a more important po* sltion in the sale. After the adjournment of the board, the following rales cf bonds and stocks were made at auction by A. H. Nicolay. The bonds were sold to-day, with cut the addition of Interest, a system adopted from 'his time by this house:? $1 000 N?w Orleans City 6's, 1892 90\; 16,000 Flufbin* K. R., first mortgage 70 4,000 Williamsport and Elmira B. It., do 70 5,000 Cleveland nod Pittsburg B. B. incomes. . .. 62\ 250 shares Kris Railroad 48 200 do Cumberland Coal Company 3D 20 do Inland City Bank 79 10 do St Nicholas Bank 90^ 26 do Marine Rank lOOalOO,^ 20 do Oriental Rank 98 10 do Central Rank 60 20 do Greenwich Fire Insurance Company 139 30 do St. Nicholas Fire Insnrance Company. . . 32 % 375 do Isatalla Copper Company 85c Simeon Draper's regular semi- weekly sale o' bonds and stocks will take place at auction to-raor sow (Tuesday), at half past twelve o'clock, at the Merchants Exchange. At the sccond board the market was very buoyant, with considerable activity. Illinois Central bonds advanced 24 per cent; Canton Co., 1; Pennsylvania Coal Co., i; Cumberland Coal, &; Erie Railroad, 1; Harlem, j; Heading Rsdlro&d, j; Hudson Riilroad, 1. State stocks were comparatively quiet this after, noon, but prices were sustained. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's of fice to-day were as follows: ? Paid on Treasury account $102,625 00 PecfWed " 04,126 38 Balance '? 4,130,531 25 Paid for Assay Office 3,729 22 Paid for disbursing checks 61,389 71 We are requested to state that Wells, Fargo A Co.'s Express Company promptly met all claima upon them to-day, and will continue to upon pre sentation. This is a stock company or association, with a capital of $500,000, and a very substantial, wealthy class of stockholders. There is no doubt but that the next steamer from San Francisco will bring accconts of the resumption of the agency at that point, and a re-establishment of the re ?( alar business. This concern received a small remittanoe by the Northern Light, which is pretty good evi dence that the house in San Francisco has shus life-blood Itft. The amount of public debt redeemed at tho Trea sury Department, Washington, for the week ending the 17th inst., was only $21,550. The annexed statement exhibits the average con dition of the lending departments ot the banks of this city during tho week preceding Saturday morn ing, the 17. h of March, 1855 Nkw York City Banks. Lou tu. Specie. Circul'n. Depotit.s. New York ."3,172, 694 973,204 Manhattan 4,277,816 863,452 Merchants' 3,706,676 1,127,774 Mechanics' 3,867,383 901,270 I'nion 2,889,989 521,496 1,060 532 2,127,640 2,396,182 624 892 248,072 169,386 97,361 264,672 489.743 312,164 147,289 America Phenix . , City 1,647,454 North River.... 1,042, 869 Tradesmens' . ... 1 ,307,567 Fulton 1.461,626 Chemical 1,271,769 Merchants' Ex .2,650,888 National 1.687,923 Butchers' 1,277,117 98,179 Mech * Traders'. 689,084 63,692 Greenwich 686,479 47,364 Leather Man's.. 1,746, 764 210,796 Seventh Ward... 1,106, 144 186,129 Stat* 3,516,323 835,121 Am. Exchange.. 6, 410, 933 1,039,815 Association 1,151,615 121,224 < ommercc 8,229,630 1,216,714 Bowery 911,174 160,616 Broadway 1,283,427 167,881 Ocean 1,245,120 1 64,896 Mercantile 2,248.042 284,813 Pacific 798,789 48,182 Republic 8,0(4,571 598,40.1 Chatham 533,920 48,6 ?:! Peoples' 826,992 79,446 North American.!. 571, 787 178,226 Hanover 1,241,344 79.500 IrTing 512,575 63,637 Metropolitan .... 4,830 899 959,807 Citizens' 672,854 70,866 Grocers' 630 981 63,247 Nassau 914,024 107,385 East Ri?er 618,(20 73,029 Market 1,089,830 149,474 St. Nicholas 676, 3?5 54,?il7 Hhoe k Leather. 819,738 44,640 Corn Exchange. .1,406.240 87,012 Continental 2.784,422 332,876 Commonwealth. .1,079, 316 149.853 Oriental 483, 9J9 36,782 84.167 Marine 681,846 99,939 89,351 Atlantic 477.404 63,769 88,591 Island City 343.542 34,538 89.741 PryDotk 404,008 26,452 67,227 N. Y. Exchange. 198,820 10,572 91,244 Bull's Head 205,353 20,931 92,081 257,061 2.913,412 361,175 3,257.887 185,650 3,740,061 336,303 3,610,832 162,467 2,814,633 1115.089 5 054.275 103,664 2,392.9-JO 69,827 1,267,811 173 664 896,019 189,067 724,851 123,586 1,291,320 264,397 1,2. J.S28 127.280 2,043,964 141.571 921,855 35.231 774,273 98,745 626,721 177,731 391,511 188,964 1.820,186 146,009 737,009 600,218 2,822,059 245. 16S 5,730,8:34 176.456 855,306 2,270 5,567,565 173,844 771,608 204,389 1,091,520 84,843 667,054 89,348 1,674,131 104,944 481,907 69,409 3,156,04 83,964 277,530 108,710 588,111 77,810 1,317,250 90,112 646.327 02,604 420,696 102.444 6,334,963 149,150 499,596 82,054 118, 956 86,413 107,733 77,969 10H,:ili 100,63f 511,379 802,198 25*, 788 832, 22t 425,071 416,165 1,126 .596 94,532 1,916.961 91,870 891,015 300,673 504,605 224,608 147,840 106.926 117.795 103,652 Total $92,447,346 16, #33,1132 7,061,018 76,(124,237 Cuurino HorcK Tranhaitiojis. t'lchargrs for week ending March 12 1100,207. 610 Do. do. do. 19 101, 016,732 Balance* do. do. 12 5,532,760 I(o. do. do. 19..*.... 6,409,520 The above aggregates, compared irith those for previous weeks, present tie annexed statement Iiankb or Nvw York. Loam. Sf>ecie. Circul'n. Deposits. Dtc. 30, '54. .$81,663,637 12,076,147 7,075,830 62,828,020 Jan. 6, '66.. 82,244,706 13, 599,9*3 7,019,982 64,982,153 Jan 18, '56. . 83,976,081 16,488,626 6,686.461 67. 303, .198 Jan. 20, '66. . 86,447,998 16.372,127 6.031,355 60,647 .618 Jan. 27, '6?.. 86,654,667 16,697,260 6,?9,823 70,136.618 ?b. 3, '66.. 88,146,697 17,439,196 7,(00,766 72 923,317 ?b. 10, 56.. 89, f 62,177 17,124,394 6,969,111 73,794,342 F?b. 17, 66.. 90,854,031 17,339,085 6 941,606 75,19?,636 Keb. 24, '66. . 91, f 90,604 16 370,875 6,963,562 74,544,721 Mar. 3, '56.. 92 386.125 16,631,271 7.106,710 75,958,344 Mar. 10. 66.. 92,331,789 16,870,669 7,131.998 76.259,480 Mar. 17. 66.. 92,447.345 16.933,932 7,061,018 76,524,227 Tbere h*s not been much change during the pis'. w<fk. Tie line of discounts shows an ia:ra?se of $115,666; the spe le on baid an increase of 103, K3, and deposits $264,738. The circulation has b?ea reduced 170,980. Tiese variations are of nt on fe^nence, but they serve to show a strength and uniformity in the banking movement of this city, almost nnpreccdetted In its history. The tempo taiy cessation of remittances from California , grow ing cut of ? panic in financial circles of that section, has now co terrers for us. Oar banks are so strongly fortified with gold that no change is mule ! in their operations to guard against any excite ment or demand from mercantile suspension*. It will be a temporary relief to car banking Institu tions to keep back supplies for a time, and if it would act as ? slight check upon the ex mud jn of credit going en it weald be a blessing, install of an injnry. The gold is accumulating in viiifornia, i and it mn t ultimately rtach this g eit tlaa>i:l?l centre. It may tw del iyed for several week*, until the people of San Francisco have coo'ed down and <aken a more sober view of thing*, and arrival at , the con> iusion that they have b?en more fri^hte^ed tban hurt. It may take weeks to do th s; but we ! ock for better accounts by the next sttamer, and by every succeeding steam ?r, until all vestiges of the pani: disappear. It is not at all extraordinary that so muy braking houses should suspend in California upon the receipt of intelligence from the Atlantic Statse such as that taken out by the steamer of the 19th January last. Very few banking houses in this .wintry, m mi'.ter where they are situated, could meet all their en gagements, if presented at once, and the movement in Pan Francisco should not be looked upon as an ordiiary matter, but one in which the mlads of men are not permitted to ast understsodlngly. The steamer from this side, which followed that of 'he !9th cf January, carried out favcrable advices, and the eff- et could not have been o'herwise than the >ame. We are uow In the midst of the worst of this Ca 1'ornie exc!*creent. It is not connected with an< cf our commercial operations. It ha* nothing ! to do with bn?lr.cp* on tbs Atlantic sl'pe of the I t.o -ticnu, tit .in. un '.f BKa.y jjvo ??<! In tbe ?aepeneion ia owned by hundred* of miners otbera who have gradually accumulated frt| earringH. Hard aa it may be, therefore, for t| who are immediately Interested aa depoalton,[ affair doea not dirt e fly afiact individual credit commercial circlea. On thia a* count it ia ao 1| felt, and cieatea ao little excitement Here. Stock Exchange. Nkw Yoki, Marcti 19, 1?S $10000 Ind S6's..a3 89 v fO Kruna City L Oo 1 2COO Virginia A'*.. tOV 687 lb* NY C?n R bS 4000 do b3 97 MO do.. .. i30 4000 N Carvlifla *'1 60 do e fOtO Miaanuri 6'a . 96V 1?> io b90 f,C00 Loolalana fl'a. 03 V 200 Harlean RR {.000 Jo 93 V 300 do (00 do 93.V 260 do b25 fOOOCal 7'a '70. . 90V 6 Panama RR. .... 1 10000 KneC Bda 71 83 V 286 do 1 20( 0 Erie Bda '76.. 88, V 160 Erie RR l?$0 do F8>; 1?0 do WOO HndR3dMBda 02V 350 do 10000 BudR3dMRb3 78 160 do a30 iOCO do.,..b60 78 V 160 do s30 2000 N Ind Bda. . . 98 100 do alO 4000 Pan Pd 1st i* 1C6V S60 do 70d0 Pan Bd 2d ia. 107 150 do b?0 21600 111 On R Ma. 82 It 0 Heading RR 3000 do 82 V 200 do 2000 do 82 V 10 do 6200 NY Cen 7'#.. 1C2 200 do a60 MC0 CbiARlRIIblO 94 300 do 4000 do 93'; 200 do.. ..alO 10 aba Bk of Am.. . 115 100 d<> 5 Bk State NY.... 106V 900 d< 20 Pk of North Am. 101 100 do a'JO 6 Corn Ex Vank .. . 99 A0O do 11 Continental Hk.. 105 600 do bCO 12 St Nicboiaa Ilk.. tO 200 do blO' 176 Canton Co., . .?;! 27\ 100 Hud R It RR.btw 160 do t-30 nS 295 do ftO do.. 27J? 13 do 760 do ?30 27 V 60 do b?0 800 do b30 28 100 dn b30 60 Nic Tran Co .blO 11 16 do 1(0 dc b30 16 f.5 Mich South n RR 100 do b3 71 Cleve.C&Cin K. l4 100 do 1? 1 50 111 Cent RR CO Pa Coal Co 107 100 do lf.0 Cumb Coal 36 36 (ialena ,V Cbl RR 6(0 do s3 35 100 do 60 do bOO 35^ 100 Clero k Tol R. bfiO (60 do b30 36 V 270 do 100 do s60 36 60 do SECOJTD BOARD. $1000 lnd S 5'a. . .a3 80 V 100 aba NY C RK.a30 5000 do.; 8(1 100 Erie RR 1610 Louisiana 6'a. 93V 300 do 10C0 Yirgini 6'a.... ^7 100 do b30 ICOO do 97 V ^?0 do btfO 100C0 do 07 200 do 51.00 Erie Rda '76 .. . 88V 1?? do alO 5000 do 88 V 200 Harlem RR . . btSO lOOCO do 88 H 500 do 0000 111 Cen RR Bda 84 li 0 Reading RR 6C0 do... ..twk 84 100 do b3? BC<0 Ind Bk Bda. .. 88 400 do s30 200 ehs Canton Co. . . 28 <4 100 do b30 100 00 ... . b60. 28V 390 do ?3 60 do 28?i 50 Hud R RR 85 I'm Coat Co 107 V -?26 do 400 Cumb C Co. . -sCO 36 V 100 do b30 600 do a3 35 '4 10 Panama RR ] 600 do b30 36 V 10C Clev & Tol R.alO 200 do b.10 35;, 100 do *3 100 NY Cen RR 95 100 do 110 do a3 94 H 60 111 Central RR. . . 100 do b'iO 94 Ji 20 Clev & Pitts RR. CITr TRADIG KKPOHT. Mondit, March 19 ? 0 P. Mj AfiiKe.? The sale* embraced about 50 a 60 bbla. b< aorta, at SO 25. Bbkadbti fm>. ? Hour? Ordinary and common kr*i were dull, while the bett?r gradea were unchanged. I aalea unbraced about 5,000 a 0,000 bbla., included which were iuperior to common and good straight St in mcderat* lite, at #8 75 h 19 87; Western at 99 3 $9 75. Canadian waa in good demand, witn aalea incli ed above, of about 1,600 at 99 26 a 99 37 for coma to fair quality, and at 910 60 a 910 76 for extra. Soul ern waa in good demand, with aalea included in theakx -aggregate, of about 2.300 bbla., chiefly of the bet gradea, a' 99 a 99 75 for common to favorite, and 99 a 911 for fancy an) eitra branda. Rye flour waa aelli in lota at 96 25 a 97 60, the latter figure for ext Meat ? falea of 260 bbla. New Jeraey were mide at 94 a 94 25. Brandy wine wn held at 94 62V' Wheat ? Abo 600 buaheia fa<r whit* "outhern wire aold at 92 34 92 37; prime white Geie-ee being confined cuiefly t dingle houae, waa held at 92 76. Corn ? The market w rather easier, with Hale* of about 28,000 a 30,000 bu1 ela, at 96 V- a 97c. fur Jersey and Southern yello 96 Vc. for Southern white, And 97c. for email lota roe. yellow Kyr ? The aalea embraced 2,000 buaheia New Jers< delivered, at 91 30. Cofto ?The market waa firm, with light sale*, CO of 200 baga Ri-> at 10 Vc.; 400 mata Java 13V c. a 14 Vc ; and t.00 bagi St Domingo at 9140. Cotto.v ? Tbe aulea embraced about 4,400 to 4,5 balea. The market closed 6rm, and at nboat V:- "l0 h advance aince the receipt of the Africu'a newa. Khiu<ihth.? Itagagetnen'a were Ugh', and without aa t trial change in ratea The reported dea'b of the Ca appeared to check ahipmenta of flour an! proviaioi To Liverpool 1,700 buaheia of corn waa eogiged, in ahl] baga, at 4Vd , and 300 bale* cctton, compreaaed a uneompreaaed, at 5-32d. a 316d. ; 26 hhda. tobacco 25a. Baron wan ut 16s.; while flour waa nominal. I.ondon 60 boiea tobacco were engaged at 2a. 6d. Maraaillea, cut meata were taken at Vc. H.ivre, eo per at 93 per ton, and rum at 2 Vc- Far gallon. Ib? waa no cnange in ratea for California, which rang from -l6c. to 40c. per foot measurement. Pbomhions.? Pork? The aalea embraced ab' at 1. it bbla ?old meea at 914 26 a 914 31, and new meaa, 9 87 a 91C; thin meaa at 915 75; new prime at 914 37, ai Western prime meaa at 916, and city do. at 916. Beef The :<aleK embraced about ^60 bbla., at 99 a 911 60 t country men; 96 50 11 97 50 for prime, and 914 a $16 f Ch'ciigo repacked. Pale* of IAjO bbla. beef hama wa made at 918 a 920 for Chicago repacked. Cut mea were ateady; 150 puckngea hama were aold at 8Vc. a 9 and abouldera at 6 Vc- 11 7c Salea of 400 boiee aho mlddlea were made, Cumberland at 8c., and 400 do. B< timore (rib In) at 7Vc- Lard ? Salea of 200 a 30? bbl were made at 9Vc. I'rime waa held at 10c Butter Ohio sella at 15c it 20c., and State at 23c. a 80c. CbM waa firm at 12Vc. Riri. ? Tbe market ha a been again quite active to-da Thia article baa again advanced in Churleatin and Buval nab, in consequence (if the receipta being much light than uaoal up to thia period. The aalea to-day reachi about 80C caaka, at 4V?- a '.c , allowing an advance '?c. 1'iime was held at tbe cloae at 6Vc. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED ETERY DAY COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. HOO -,,ARTNEIt WANTED ^active o apecial) in comiuiaeion importing bualnei Mr one who ha* great knowledge nn J advantarea nere an I Europe; buamvae jielda nearly MO per cant profit; alao. pat ner wanted with in a aplcadid buaineaa in kanaaa T< ritory, where a apecdy fortune can be made. Apply at t! United - tat. ? Agent j . - I- liroadway, room 18. <?1 ? nnn "R ?20,000.-A gentleman woul, JPIO.UUU like to inveat from ?l5,mw to ?20,00t) in raft ami profitable baeineae, already eatabliehed; apecial i active partner would make ?? difference to the advert lee Reply to thia, r.ive .idJreaa and nature of linaineaa. and U probable return for the auionnt invested, and the percen age may be calculated on. All conimiinleatioai conlidentii Addre-a D. M D., where I tan call on you. a>o aaa ?PARTNER wanted.-this capita iTO.UUU. if deafred of a party who may tr.'? an aotl' or ?ilent Intireet in in Invention for the manufacture oi a article of general consumption, winch will afford KM per cei l rofit. For pjrticulari apply at the United Statca Aguacj >0. -12 Broadway, ro'.rn 13. tf<9 AAA* ? ANT ENTERPRISING YOL'Nrj M A I " . with thia aniouiit, can have an e.|iial interei in a colli e an I apice and roaating and packing eatabiiabmeul the advert!** r haa carried .u the hnaineaa for the laat thr< ycara. at a prom of two thouiaad dollara pur year, and eg he increaaed to thrice the anmunt with a Rood hnaineaa ma to take charge of the out doer department. For ref?ren< inquire at .Not. 7 and 1) 1 root atrect. Call, or addreae, at 4 J.ewl* atreet. SI 5f|f\ ?WANTED. A PARTNER IN A WEI. l.t)uU. eatabltahed manufacturing baaineee. T" ?p ha* plenty <>f good paying work. A r-raoa with II.U" unrferatanilinr keeping bt.oka, will find tnia a rare chain Inr inveatui ut and bnainena. Addrea*. with real name, rv fere let and atate where as interview may he bad, M. 1. D Ileraid oBce. n-AA ?AN ACTIVE IIUSINESS MAN, HITI tbi.i amount, will he taken af partaer la tol acco manufactory now in full oji?ratloB. The p?*l proprietor ia engaged in other bmfneae. A pereQB unde at andiug the trade preferred. Addreia Fact ry, lleral office. - D- issoT.ution of coPARTrERanTp -tue J partner-hip heretofore e?i?tlag lietween the underau ed, ia thi* day df?eolved by mutual coneeut. The unaettli baaiaeu of the firm will be iett led l.y John J lUeeher.wl ia autboriud to alga tbe name of the firm in liquidation, ,lt? UN J. li EE' HER, l>RA El. II I ? KM, >'ew York. March IS, M No I?1 Market alip. PARTNER VAXtn-M A fMMUli STRA goode li'iuee Noae but Ami ricaai aeed apply, at Murray ftreea. TBKCOPARTNERSII IP of J. ABRAHAM* HRuTH E ? a thia day diaaoWod ky mutual ronaent. Jl ltAII ARHAHAM. Dated Feb. M. IW MUMP ABRAHAM. Tbe bii'ineaa will b? hereafter continued under tbe firm J A'rabam THE Tl'HC. X>KD HOCFK H.RASl'KK GK'JlTNDS, IIARLEM.i JV WII.LIA.M A. BROWNK reap-etfiilly anaouaoM I bif frlenila and the public generally that to haa no completed hie eitenalvc Imprtivcment* at thia rolebrati place of retort. I?r|t additione have boon mwle to b etahleg, which now afford accommodation* to all tb<* who may avail themealvee of their convenieneea. Boa of tbe moat celebrated racing and trotting aaga arc no In training on bia ground*, among other* of hie own a Wild IriRbman, IJttla Klea. Fjlen lUteman, and Flo Temple, vbicb ".nn b? ae?n dally by parione 4i?poMd ?ielt tb? prenuxea. The training trark and crick, grounila a -? now In fine < rAcr. and ara nnaq i tiled I any other* In tba country. Tlie hoate bae ladergoi axtenalve repaire. eud large addition! have b*>n ma<l making tbe wtw.le oae of tha tnoat perfe t aaubiia menfe in the world. LWICOBI, AC. A PARTY IIAV1N0 SMAII, QUANTITIES '<t OL i\ bran Iv, Irtih whlik' ? . an I Id Port wine, an. ted f> r p Wete nee, wonld dl?|>?ae if lh*:? or "icban<? for drr'geet j elothea. or fornHnre Tbia ia -io dealer a adverti?e-aea?. ai I ear h artiele ia warranted. Kefcreaaee giv-n. Ad lr aa IV i U inc. Herald fHfirc. 8C? THI Wll'FKKT ? IIK QKUVTHM C\MF3? _ br'^r#. Bioortiin ew wUiakvy, ia d?Bij boa, crLBB' h?f<na feg ?* e r UtT ] k D9WUN0, se aottk itfNi