Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 24, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 24, 1855 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HON K Y MARKET. Fkidat, March 23-6 P. M. "Ow Itoek market wu wonderfully suitained to day, considering the intense anxiety existing rela tire to the arrival of the steamship Atlantic, Busi ness is very much unsettled, and very little disposi tion if exhibited to operate in stocks, either for an Improvement or deoline. The tendency, however, amidst the suspense, was upwards, and in some of the leading fancies a moderate advance was realized, ?t the first board New York Central bonds went Bp 4 per oent; Cumberland Coal, 4; Erie Bailriad, i; Hudson River Railroad, 1; Michigan Central Railroad, 4; Michigan Southern Railroad, 4. Cleve land and Toledo declined 1 j per cent; Missouri 6's, 4. Nicaragua Transit was very firm, with more activity ; Reading Railroad remains witbont change; it bu been fiimly established at about its present points. It will not go at any time more than a fraction or ss below current rates, the margin for variations being upwards. Railroad bonds are again becoming active. lUico'a and Eties were in better demand this morning. Erie Railr ad stock moves up and down, in a small way, with great lfecillty. There is a party of operators in the street talking about CO per cent before the 1st of Jaljr, upon the strength of a scrip dividend in Ootober, to the extent of the sinking fund. The dividend at that time and to that extent is not at all im possible, bat we are in considerable doubt about the sixty per cent in market value by the 1st of July. Speculation may put the stock at that point, but it can have no permanency. State stocks were freely Offered to-day, and in tbe face of the large supply in the market prices were well sustained. Missouri and "Virginia 6's have been dai y offered in large lots for several weeks, and there appears to be no end to the supply. Many of tbe pur . bases are for foreign account, and the bonds are gradually going oat of the country for permanent investment. Illi nois Internal Improvement stock of 1847 has been In demand within the past day or two, and prices rule well np. After the adjournment of the board, the following sales of bonds and stocks were Bade at auction by Bimeon Draper 97,000 N. T. Central R. R. 7's Int. added. 101* 2,000 Cleveland and Toledo R. R. Incomes . . . . do. 78 ?? 6,000 Covington and Lexington R. Incomes... do. 76 10 shares St. Nicholas Fire Insurance Co 40 90 do. Granite Fire Insurance Co 88 60 do. Florenoe and Keyport Co 4 100 da. Parker Vein Coal Co 14 100 do. Hudson River Railroad Co 42 ?t the second board the market was not active or buoyant. Cumberland Coal fell off 4 per cent; Harlem, 4; Beading Railroad, 4; New York Central 7'i, 4. Galena and Chicago Railroad advaaoed ? per cent; ,New York Central Railroad, 4; Hudson River Railroad, j. The oon tinned absence of the steamer is gradually depressing the market, and re ducing transactions. Messrs. W. & J. O'Brien, No. 33 Wall street, are the agents for redeeming the notes of the Bank of Lake Mahopac of Putnam county, N. Y., in plaoe of the Bank of North America. Messrs. O'Brien guarantee these bills so long as they act as agents, which is Independent of the security in the hands of the Bank Department. It is therefore a aafe currency for the people to carry in their pockets, and to use in their domestic expenditures. The sixteen savings banks in New York city had on the 1st day of January last On deposit $28 311,719 16 Invested In bonds and mortgages 13,005,605 17 Invested In stocks 11,224,905 (X) Invested In real estate 085,934 25 Cash on hand 1,903,993 48 Interest received for the year 1,297.160 00 Interest paid for the year 1,198,288 90 hid to depositors 14,607,932 00 Received from depositors 13,102,731 00 Acoouate open 122,007 00 Total amount deposited in Kings county and New York 28,598,726 41 Amount of securities held 28.698,726 41 The transactions at tbe Assistant Treasurer's of floe to-day, were as follows Paid on Treasury account ? SO, 311 7 Received do. do HS.lHl 49 Balance do. do $4,462,2118 46 Paid for As*ay office 8,823 4 Paid for disbursing checks 29,196 2 The Hartford and New Haven Railroad Company have declared a semi-annual dividend of $5 per ?hare. Foreign exchange has been only in moderate de mand for remittance by the steamer from this port to-mon ow? Saturday. We have no change to make in quotations. The Hermann will not take out a large amount of specie. Tfie warrants entered at the Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the 21it inst, were:? For tbe redemption of stoek $18,218 03 For paying Treasury debts 4,f>26 00 For the customs 114,178 00 For oovering into the Treasury from miscel laneous sources 75 60 For core ring into the Treasury from cus toms 337 60 For the War Department 17,051 80 For repaying in the War Department 1,959 91 For the Interior Department 13,540 90 For entering on the Treasurv booka an ap propria' ion for tbe Interior Department.. 934,569 30 The Exprus Mttttnetr of this city, an organ of the different express companies, give* tbe following information respecting the partnership of Adama A Co. of California, and Adama' Expresa Company of tbe Atlantic State*:? About a year ago, (a* advertised in the commercial journal'', at the time, ) the term of co?aitn*r*hip between Me?ara. Alrin Adama, Wm. H. Dinamore, and Daniel Hale Haakell, which bad exiited nine* the y?ar 1848, under the atria of * Adam hCo.'i Kxprea*, ' having terminated according to (pacification In toe artiste* of agreement, the California bankina and exchange buii neaa waa relinquished by tha old partner* here, to Meair*. D. H. Haakell and I. C. Wood*? Adam* & Co., of New Tort, and tha Atlantic State*, retaining only what I* known in the *trict?st aenae, aa the ? Kxpreta buaine**,' via., tbe transportation and dellrerr of freight, valuable parcel*, gold duet, bullion, and coin. To retain the atyle, or name, under which the bu*lnea* in Calltornia. *o ably managed by them, bad been built np, Me**r* Haakell and Wood* indaoed Mr. Alrin Adarai to become"* apeciai partner with a liability of $25,(JOO , only? Heaara. H. k w. themnelve* being wealthy, and iaveating an ample capital In the concern. Since that time, tbe original firm in the Atlantic State* (founded year* prior to the acquisition of ''-all nla) haa become a joint *tock property, numbering many Brtnera, and known and largely advertised a* ? Adama _pre?? Company ' with tha exception of Mr. A 'la ma, the director* and atockboldera of, the Adam* Kxprea* Company, (Inclading among the liat, Meaan. Pin'more, Sand fori, and Shoe maker), hare no intereit whatever in the California ! firm of Adama k Co., although acting to come extent a* ; agents for them. The draft* of A. k Co., by the Northern light, were not honored at (igbt, and we cannot tell when they will 'je paid, but we belie re tbem to be good; for It I* our firm coo ric* Ion that Adama k Co., of California, will, within the next thirty day*, pay dollar for dollar. We hare ?eery confidence In the firmae**, energy, honor and financial ability of Mr. Woei*. tte resident partner in Han Franciaeo, and in thia betfef we are con Armed by a ccnvenation had with Mr D. H. Haakell, for aome month* paat reaident in thla city. A telegraphic despatch from Cincinnati state* that Judge Prior, of Kentucky, haa decided that the i maker* of the notes given for stock in the Ken i tacky Trast Company Bank, of Corioglon, were not I liable fir the payment of these notes unless it can be shown that they combined to defraud the public Thia decision reduces the assets of the bank nearly $700,000. The Boston, Cone 3rd and Montreal Railroad Com pany are in the market for proposals to tbe balance of their mortgsge bonds, amounting to $170,000 This lot completes tbe entire i*sne cf 1*60.000, co vered by mortgage on a road 93 miles in length, folly equipped, and costing $2,700,000. Tbe net earnings of tbe Montreal road are about $150,000 per annum, and tbe Interest req aired for the mort gage is bat $61 ,000. Tbe proceeds of these bonds will be applied to the pajment of tbe floating dtb?. of the read, so that no new debt Is contemplated In thla loan, and the company will stacd ia a stronger financial position after disposal of tbe boods. Kales of the 7 per cent bonds bare been made recently at 90, and the fi per oenta at The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and , ?aloe cf foreign dry goods entered at this pert for consumption, for ware loose, and aim tbs witt drawala f rem waiehouie, daring the week sn ling aad including Thursday. Marrh 22, ? Movxran ik Fouoon Dry Ooom. Bntrred f?r Consumption. XM. MAHTFAOTUBM or WOOL. KA.tCFACITTItSS or uru -g Value. PkQt. Col*. Woollens 84 $47,471 Silis 219 $192,2*1 Cloths 100 44,773 Ribbons 83 61,26ft Wonted* .... 28 10,801 Satin# 2 2,103 40,724 Cravat* ft 2,311 684 Pluahee 12 18,212 731 I.ace? 20 9,497 2,fH8 Crapes 3 782 482 Pungees IT 1,717 :i,084 Shawls 27 16,102 a, 004 bilkfcworsteds 29 26, MM f?0a Silk U cotton. 2 1,007 1,823 Silk At linen . , 2 1/.35 Ves'ing* 1 422 Total 437 $166,778 Hum 4 1.609 MA>i'FACTt'EK> or flax. Glove* 2 3,184 Unen* 240 962,347 Hrrta & big*. 9 4.IS17 Do. & cotton. 42 6,990 Raw 9 6,892 Iaee? 12 6,901 i Cottoa and do 170 Cassimeres. .. 3 Merino* 8 Hiawis 3 Blanket# 4 Bose 8 iAHtings 19 Brds. & bdg*. 2 Carpeting ... 7 lUmUer'chfi 9 Thread 19 4,178 4,449 Total 446 $343,471 MAMOFACTCRIS or OTTTON. Total 322 $83,868 Cottons 421 $S7,199 MIWKLLAKKOLH. Straw goods.. 70 Millinery 1 Feath.Aiilow'S 13 Imbrcideries. 110 L. gloves .... 17 Clothing 20 Mata 3 Gingham* . . .. 3 4*7 $13,413 Valve's 5 3,210 1,359 Fmb. muslin. 32 14, *18 2,882 Handkerchief* 10 2,114 U8/.15 Gloves 6 1,082 20.915 Ilote 133 20,099 8,362 376 Total 610 $128, 9?0 Wonted*.... 24 Cotton & do.. 81 Shawls 14 PUnket# 20 Carpeting.... 16 Total 8,788 Ribbons., 3 12,538 Satios 3 3, '02 Shawls $3 4,296 Cravat 2 4,8't I'onge** 118 ? ? ? Silk A linen.. 1 179 $46,098 Hewinga 1 Raw 42 M A NT' FACTr KKR OF COTTON. Cotton* Gingbama. . Velvet*. . . . Muslins.... Emb. do... I .aces Iloae Gloves ? Spool....... 2,978 919 1,028 4,728 711 Total 2,069 Withdrawal s. Manufactures of wool 179 ?' cotton 406 " silk 248 " flax 195 Miscellaneous 496 Total 1,723 Warehoused. Manufactures of wool 35 " cotton 41 ?? e ilk 802 " flax 16 Miicellaneoiu 67 Total 254 $146,912 Withdrawals from Warehouse. MANUFACTCUM OF WOOL. If AXOFAOTltKIS OF SILK. Woollens 26 $10,050 Silka 26 $14,170 3,220 1,401 28.196 1,112 13,485 877 794 6,934 318 $70,800 Tot^l 218 $70,189 17 2,786 MA!fCFACTl.'RWI OF FLAX. 629 Liuen* 163 $37,436 Do. k cotton. 32 6,147 Total 196 $42,582 MI8C?UJi!(K>CH. Spring food*. 121 $26,792 1,960 I x'lUh glove* . . 1 980 Matting 374 2,292 Total 406 $86,420 Total 496 $29,064 Entered for Warehousing. MANCFAITVRKH OF WOOL. MAM LFACTV.'RJM OF BILK. Wooliena 10 $3,306 Silk* 16 $H,022 Cloth# 16 7,344 Ribbon* 1 407 Blankets 10 1,147 Plushes 1 463 ? - ? ? Lacea 3 1,133 Total 36 $11,796 Do. & worsted 4 2,771 l'ong?M 762 87,417 MANTFACTURIB OF COTTON. Raw 16 2,127 Cotton 27 $4,360 Emb. muslin. 14 6,632 Total 802 "$64,030 ? ? MISCKLLANBOCS. Total 41 $10,992 Straw good*.. 16 $2,693 Embroideries. 2 MASrFAfTUKM OF FLAX. ? linen* 15 $2,693 Total 17 ItaCAFrnJLAfioH. Entered for Consumption. J'a< kayes. Manufacture# of wool 437 " cotton 610 ?? silk 440 " flax 322 Miscellaneous 264 $809,006 $45,093 86,429 70,189 42 582 29,064 $273,362 $11,796 10,902 64,6.'10 2,89;i 6,136 Total 910 $86,247 The dry goobs trade lias manifested no great change* line* our last. The demand has been a* fair a# was calculated upon by the most experienced dealers, and though rather more good* have come to hand the fluctu ations in price# are very alight. The market is not over stocked, bat it affords a good assortment and buyer* find no great difficulty in securing suitable selections, excepting in the caae of some vary choice fabric#, the snpply of which is Inadequate, and for which higher ratf * are anticipated. Brown and bleached sheeting* and shirting* are in pretty good demand at steady rates. Cotton flannels denim* and drill# are eaientially unaltered. Duck is in rather active request at former prises. No important alteration is diaoernable in the market for gingbama, lswns, or nankins. Oram burg* are quiet and languid Printing cloth* are rarer and firmer, but not briaker Dealrable styles of prints are saleable and firm. Slripe< and ticks are dull and heavy. There i* not much more movement in woollen good*. Blankets sre unchanged. Casmmerns are rather brl*ker, but favor buyers. Cloth* are Inactive and depressed Flannels, jean* and lindaey* are selling slowly at former quntati 'Q*. Mnuslin de laines aro in better demand, but command rather week price*. Satinets and tweed# are quiet, tbonrh otberwir e unaltered. Foreign productions have been mor<j extensively dealt in ? the private 'and public 'sales of tlie past week' or thereabout*, being amongst the heaviest of this *eason. The supply, however, ha* equalled the wants of pur chaser*, and the effect of the increased animation on price* ia imperceptible. The imports tbis week are slightly in excess of tbose of last, but fall considerably under the aggregate amount, for the mdm week of 1861. A greater decrease in this regard would not be injurious, as the requirements of consumers do not approximate any way closely to what thev were twelve months ago, bnt, all tbings considered, the business I* b?in< very senaibly conducted, and the prospects are decidedly in favor of a satisfactory result. This is as much a* can be looked for, the present quarter, which is the first of the leaction from extreme depression to, we may hope, an opposite condition. $2000 K York 5?, '56 10O 10* 0 Ilia In 1m at '47 94 4(00 fiOfO <5o 83 3S0<> 111* Tot Htock. . M 'i 200 &.SOO lodHtFiTef (3 86 MO 170OO Miarouri U'l.. 94 U 100 6000 do b30 ftp; 50 Stock Exchange. Friday, March 23, IMS. 100 ah at'anton Co.n 1H 100 do b60 28^ do Vibi 200 do 140 NY On RK 27 % 93 03 V 6000 do do blO #3 '4 do *H0 93 do bOO 113 V do .... b30 S?4V 600 Eri* RR -3 4*', 100 6000 du aOO #4 12000 Virginia ta l.'?(>00 do . 1000 do. loOO l/onniana fl'i. . 91 h 100 11000 do... . . b30 98 V 9f.'J 9?V 100 60 60 01 U 86'? do *80 48',' do b?0 48',; ,.bl? 4S>, ...b'W 48 ?( ,.,.b7 48 V do. do. do. do . ? 10000 Erie Bda'70b3? 87 V SO Harlum RR..b30 31 3<K0 do 87 .'SCO do ?.'! ?.Z% 3000 H R 3d M lid b3 78 V 200 1000 I 'an He lat la.. 104 100 6(8 0 I110nKKISat>30 i2V 200 do blO :? ao b7 32*; do b3 88 V 8000 do 82 V 150 Reading RH..? iO 84 f 10(00 dt biiO H2V 100 do *3 81^ 00 3000 do o 8j?, 4(00 NYOn KK B*3 #2 % 400 .*'(00 (*0 Vl\ 100 WOO do 93 84 11U) N Yolk On 7 'a Ml V 100 do. do b80 84;: do b30 84 100 liudaim K KK.. 41 V (0 aha B K Yotk 117 200 do. .....WW 42 >4 do a3 42 10 III On RR.,.. MV :wo do a>.0 4 2 24 I) ft II Can Co 124 1 60 do e 4 i'< A Mi-h On RK. 10 Mcr K* link. . . 100 12 llanovi-r Hank M ^ 10 Metropo Rank 10? 6 Cootin Hank . . )04'i 10 Ohio I, ft TO 8<l 200 NleTran Co b3 17 80' 6 MIciiHoutb'nRK HI* 10 Mich Ho Onatre. 85 86 S la Oonatrac .. 86 V fl (1, C and ('In UK. l'*'f 26 fialrna ft (1> ICR. ?6 2T0 do MO 17 100 ItlCan S20 KK ato 9*V 900 do a.'t 1"H 28SC1?t ft TolKR.. 78 100 do <16 1?V 100 do bl6 78 300 do a3 1?V 80 do 77 V 100 do a3 1S?/ ISO do 77 V 6o do blO 77, v VJChlcftR I RR.. 90'? 34 do 91 do a3 16V do a3 16 V ISO 80o Com Coal r#?3 34 ', 100 do bnw 34', 1(0 do bl6 34't 100 do a30 34 RCriNI) BOXED. $COOO Virginia 8a . . OWJg 300 fcrll RR 1?(0 LouMaoa 6'a. . 92 1000 Hud R .'MM Ha 77 1010 ?ri* Con [la 82 91 6(o0 111 On RR KB 71 6010 do. . . . bEO. 72V 200 K000 111 On RR Hd? *2 V 100 pa N York C?n7'a 101 10 ?h? Han Hank 98 JflOO Nle Tran O... 18 V 1(0 1 "0 Cum ( o?l Coa> 34 1O0 do 34 1(0 30 do 3S'4 100 do.... b30 34 85 N\?>rk On KR HU 100 60 to b?0 93* " 48 v 48 X HK 83 V 83^ 83 a 84 83 !( NW 60 Hud K RR 42K 60 * 100 do bw 40 ft Chi KR. .. 2(J0 HkiI'Di KK .... 200 Reading RR. .. do . . , ,b3 . do aS.. do bVO.. do ?30. . 4a. 100 ro ?to 42V do b00 34V 100 Miah^outhRR.. 91V **? S do 92 30 Ora ft Tol KR . 78 do.... aftO.. 77V tO do 77V Coo i.i!? in ?rom Haijbi a.tb tit'orinoM. Rctortod by I. O. UarU. M?8'H 20, 1865. B*iWfoat*in<- and Indiana Ranroad atoek 42V Cmrisnati Hamilton an4 I'aylvn Rail ?U?-k 73 Cktaland. Ootumbaa and Uncinnatl lUilro^l atock.103 V ( ' lumbaa and Xanla Railrfwd a'ork 92 Cincinnati, VUam(tcn ft Zanaarlll* RR atock.,33 a S3V Clnrinnati and ( lairaco Railroad atoek 12 a 13 ( ?nl ral Ohio Ralli oad atwk 67 Covington and latlngton Railroad atoek 30 l>a;7cn and W^atarn Railroad rtock. 26 Faton and Hamilton Railroad atork 26 Koit Wat na aad Rcatbarn Railroad (tark 12 Orarvrill* and Miami !Wilroa<t atoek. U a 14 HlUaboro and Clneianati Railroad atoek 20 a 26 Indiana Oitral HaMroad aloek 46 It. ? anarolla aad ( larianatl Rallraad atoek 44 a 40 1, ttla Miam! Kallroad ?'osk 94 a 97 Mad R!var aad lake Vna Raibmad utaek. 36 a 34 MarWta and I Incinaati Railroad stack ...... .20 a 22 V Naw ilbar.raad Halaa Kaiiroad Hock 'JO n%ia aad M.??*a?if>( Railraad ?t?k Tt a 28 la-lkarapa a aad (Wianati Railroad 7 mr raat diT.daaJ koadt ,,,, MV ClnctaaatL Wilmington and ZaneevlUe Railroad M ?ort|i^ 7 par cant bonds 70 a 73 W Ok to and Mississippi Railroad 2d mortgage ^ f " erst bond* 69 a 99 1 Covington and Lexiagton Railroad 10 per oast In com* bonds 75 CITT TRADE REPORT. Friday, March 23? # P. K. ? , "50 bbla. of both kiada war* ma da at | A?atn.?8ml ? k ^-^ -ITn-TW m*rk#' WM ! tive, without material change lb ^ ' U *e?' braced about 6,0M a 8,000 bbls., W ?#?m0a i good straight brand* of btate at 99 81 a K 'J s'tera | brands were unchanged; extra Btate wai at 24 a 76; Pouthera Ohio extra sold at 910 12 a 110 50; txiS* Genesee ranged from 911 60 to 912 60. Southern brands were in better demand, and about 2,000 bbla were told at 99 a 90 76 for infeiior and good* common brands, at 99 81 a 910 60 a 911 for fancy to double extra brands, and 6(0 bbls. Iluxall were hU lor export on private terms, supposed to be at about 911 Si a 911 37. Canadian iu gcod request, wrth suits of ab>ut 1 bola. at 99 2f> a 910 02 tur c< -muioo to fane/ brands Kye flour was unchanged. Meal ? About 300 bbls Jersey were sold at 94 2b. Wheat ? There was a good inquiry, with rathi r more lining. The sale* embraoed 2,600 bush, white Southern at $- il5; :;,OUO .to common on private terms. Other nulei wore reported, making ao aggregate of about 7.000 bushels, at a whole range of price* report id at 92 30 a 92 35, ana small lots or prime quality *t 92 40. Corn wan firmer, with reduced supplies. Mains of 13,000 buxhels Southern white and Jersey yellow w?re made at 91 for the lormer, and Ov>c for the latter. Rre ? Hie sales embraced abo t 6,000 bushels I'ennsylvinia, and 4,000 do. New Jersey, delivetel, at 91 30. Barley ? bales of about 600 bushels were made at old prions. Coma.? The market continued firm, without further advance. The sales included about 1,600 bags, chietly at 10^e. a ll)?o. ; and 260 bags Itio, at U3?c. a 12c Cutton ?The absence of the Atlantic's news checsed transactions. The sal** embraced about 1.000 bales, the market closing st steady prices. Fuaiiirm.? Kates were Inactive and engagements light. To Liverpool about 000 a 800 bale* of cotton, ohlelly com pressed, were taken at 3-lfid. , including a small lot, to fill op, at 5 32d. ; and 6,000 buahela of corn, in bulk, at 3 Wd. Other articles were nominal. To Ix>odon 1,000 bbla. roain were engaged at 2s 3d., per 300 ibc; 1.009 bbls. oil, at 20s., and 20 do. balaam at about 4s . There was ao alteration to notice in raten to Havre. To Ham burg 200 boxeH raisins, 60 lbx. to the box, were engaged at 26*.; and 200 do. do., to Bremen, at 22s. 6d. To Cali fornia rates were at 30c. a 36c. per foot measurement. Fairr. ? The market waa quiet, without change In prices for rsisins. Hay. ? Sales of about 600 bales were made at about 86 oenta. Irok.? Scotch pig ranged from about 930 a 936 per ton, according to the sixe of the lots. Mnuuwm. ? l'rime qualitiea ware firm. The tales em braoed about 600 a 800 bbla Now Orleaai, inferior to fair quality, at 23 a 2Ac., and 27c. for prim*, with one small lot ot extra quality at 28c., and 100 hhda prime Trinidad sold at 27c. Naval Htoiuch.? Sales af 200 bbls. common rosin were made at 166c., and a small lot of 100 bbi*.,;aptriU tur pentine at 46c. in a retail way. Olia without marked change. ft. Provision*. ? Pork waa held firmer for old mess. The aales in lots embraoed only about 400 a 600 bbls.. in lots. Including old mess, at'914 37 X, and new do., 910. At the close 914 37 a 914 60 was asked for the former; new prime brought 914 26; city prime mesa was at 916, and western at 916. B*ef.? Sales of about 200 bbla country were made at about 99 a $11 60 for mess^ snd at 96 69 a 97 60 for prime. Beef hams and Chicago repacked mass were firm, and nominal at former rates. Cut meats j were steady, with sales of 176 packages, including shout- | dera, at 6)?c. a 7c., and hams at 8>?c. a 9c. Kale* ot 1,000 boxe? were made, including 1H9 boxes in Ualti more, short rib in, st 7 \c.. , and remainder here, at 8c. for short and long, and 8%c. a 8J<e. l.ard. ? The sales e a- , braced about 200 bbls., at 9>fc. ? 9Jic. ButUr was eatier, and rhee?e was at 11c. a 12%c RkalKxtatk ? 2 lots on I<exingtoo avenuo. near Fifty ninth street, each 26x100 ? 9976 each 91960, 2 late on Fifty -ninth street, near Seventh avenue, each 25x100? 9780 each 91660. Rica ? Hie market was again animated, and the sales embraced about 750 wks, including about :>00 foi ex port, at 4%o. a 6>|C., showing an advance of >40 to !?c. The stock in market is only about one third as large as it was at this period of last year. Sm.ak ? The sak-s included 250 bdds Cuba muscovado at 4 t.,'o. a 6X8. , and 600 a 600 do. New Orleans, at ' a&H?. Tallow wa? quiet at 12 cents. Tobacco? I'rloe* continue to be firm, though transec- ! tions have been ratber limited. Tbe sale* embraced 64 i lidd*. Kentucky and Msysville, 8*. a 11c.; 01 bis. Hsvsna 22c. a 37*c. ; 46 bis. Cuba, p. t.; 60 ceroona Carmen for export, p. t.; 60 cases seed leaf fJt?- * 10c.; : 31 cases Florida 13)Jc. a 20c. ; 14 bags Havauv scraps, p. t. Wiiixkky ? The sales amounted to ablut 150 bis pr.son at 31 X cents. Retail Prices ot Farm Produce In Wsshlng ton Market. Meat 1* scarce nnd dear. Mutton has advanced. Lamb ha* not made its appearance in th* market though gresn pea* have. Th* latter are plenty and tolerably 1 cheap. Poultry and game are scarce and dear, with the exception of groose (prairie hen*) and blackbird*, which j are cheap and plenty. Venlaon has well nigh disappear- | ed. Fish are plenty and keept at about the same rate* as when last reported. The winter stock of vegetable* are nearly run out and quite light. Spring vegetables ; are beginning to make their appearance? Urns beans, : green peas, Ac. Egg* ate cheajier. The following list has been carefully corrected: ? MKATS. Beef? PJrloln, roast, per lb 14 a 16 Rib, roast, prime 16 a 18 , Rib, chuck 12 a 14 ! Slrlola steaks 18 a It ' Porterhouse steaks.... ? a 18 Hump steaks 13 a 16 Plates and navels, rorned 10 a 11 Mutton per lb 0 OH a 0 15 per carcase " 0 10 a 0 11 Lamb " ? a 0 14 Veal ?' ? a 0 1? Veal, fore quarters. . . " 0 10 a 0 12 Hindquarters... '< 0 13 a 0 16 Veal cutlets ? 0 20 a 0 25 Pork ? Freah, per lb 0 10 a 0 11 Hams, smoked, per lb 0 12 a 0 19 Shoulder* " ?' 0 09 a 0 10 Sides, " " 0 10 a 0 11 Hides, pickled, " ? a 0 10 Jowls, " ? a 009 Smoked beef, " ? a 0 12 Pauwges, " ? a o 10 Bologna do. " ? a 0 26 Tripe, " 0 07 a 0 08 Lard, " ? a 0 12 POCI.TRT AND 0 AMI. Turkey*, per !b ? *0 19 Ueene, " 0 12 a ? I'uckh, tume, p er pair 1 7R a i i?) Duck*, black, ? ? a 1 12 * Dncki, ndh't^, " .12' a ? Duck*. canTaiMbaek, p?r pair 1 M a 1 75 Chicken*, per pair 1 00 a 1 &<> Fowl*, '? 1 00 a 1 25 (!ainr> do. " ? a 0 *''( Partridge*. per pair ? a 1 X Quil, p?r diiva I Wi a 1 76 Robin*, per do* 0 76 a ? Rabbit*, per pair 0 60 a 0 02 , Wild ?luck?, p?r pair 0 02 a 0 75 ? irouM", par pair ? a 0 75 Veniaon, *ad<llr, per lb 0 12 a 0 15 " iteaka, " 0 16 a 0 IS rum Shad, each }**??. per lb Halibut " Hmi'ltn, Ularkfinb, " ?V*HUb, " lick'rel, " Hunflub, " ?U, " I'ereh " KViuo'leri " Salt mackerel, per Halt >bad, ? Smoked hallbot 11 l-mk M mackerrl '? Pound* and b/nguM, per lb. .. Pmeked *lad, M .... P'/need (almon, per raa Smoked ?almon, per lb Dry eod&ak, " tTTF.M.riXH. Or*ter*? Prlnc**' bar, per 100 0 02* a 0 7k Virginia " 0 02* a 1 00 nasi*. Shrewsbury, por 100 0 50 a ? 7# little Nock, " 100 a 1 00 Ijobater*. per lb ? a 0 00 Crab*, per dot 0 19 a 0 2ft VKOKTAM.B4. Potato**, per half peek Mercer do per bbl June do- " Turnip* ? whit*, p*r ball-peck RvuU, " Da. por bbl Onion*, red, por half peek wbit* " Cabbafen? new each., red, " Paeoy cabbaf* Fleet* , perbuncb Carrot*, " Celery, " Halad, each Oy*ter plant. p?r bunch.. Paranlpi, per bU * un for Ore en pea*, per quart 1 1 ma bean* " mrrr. Applaa? Fpilieeberfee per bbl 3 40 a I II flo. per fcalf peck 0 :tO a 0 17 X Oreeainfi per bbl. 150 a ? Do. per half pack 0 SO a ? Box rune?ta , per bbl 3 04 a ? Do. per naif pock 0 25 a ? Oaaberrtoa, por bbl 1(00 a ? WTTBB, CUSBftl, arc. Batter? Mate, p*r lb ? a ? M , Oran?o, ?? 0 S4 a 0 54 l*i?warn * ? m a 6 11 CW**? g*r U> 0 10 a ? U KMgUsh, por lb Oil a 11 lta**pplo, ea?h 0 li a ? Hap*a?<i ?? ? JO a ? Ifcr, (or ? u* a - 0 IS 0 12 0 ? 0 15 0 OH 10 0 00 0 12 0 12* 0 10 0 12 o <m 0 12 2 m o 10 0 04 0 75 12 0 13 14 o io 0 00 0 12 0 10 0 11 8 6 U 3 00 0 *0 0 2i n *o o vt% 0 17 H 0 12 0 II 0 00 0 0? 0 <ift 0 14 0 04 0 12 1 75 0 12 0 12 1, 0 12* 0 24 4 00 3 M 0 Id 0 24 0 30 0 II IBfEBTISfiMENTR RENEWED ETEET DAT. ?FKOtAB. MmCVI, All most having claims against tub late proprietor ol tea P(v?ouM tw?M, "111 pleaae preeeut the aamo to Captain Thomas" ?urAai.'. at k'< o?oe 87 South it. CHARTER OR NO CHAHTEk' roR HOBOKKN ? trie mis of the lioboken cfca.i? w 11 ?u*<>t 111 moot lag OB Sa.urUy cveaiajc -'nil ii .te.t at it o'clock, at tlio Towa Hall, Poisons doing' business iu tii'? cU> of N"* Vofk* aie requested to take notice the elect!* " 00 Jh' ?h?"?r taken lilacs between the houra cf 12 M l"1' ' ? " > "n d?y "f "arch. |S?. TW 0Ll!>," c""lev*r> Di*ht ?' 8 ?'L,uok' ?l th* T#" u ' CINCINNATI AN It LI TTI.K ROCK SI. ATE COa,l*A' ?/, incorporated la laftj Capital t i?,M0 ituauii or umr.uTOBt. c H. .OT'M- w . ,0"" or m??? Pr<tr*t r ftf m J . W ardor, Jno. A Wardee, fin See., Col, W. II H. Taylor, W II. 11 Taylor, N. Uend. O fcuitaM, k?M I Bjpofcj, W vr Coats, Cincinnati, Jno 0 kv*?i llrvuki, '? Koh't B(iehanan, J I). Vnn l'.r>;cn, " Agt. At fin,, lienry jockey, H?niry Cross, " Hnpt. of UuUD, A F. Dior, 11 Hookoy, " Cnal.ier, llarvc> Seymour, 11 Se> ni.ur, I,. Rock, Ark., Gen. Agt. A Troa., G.G. Joueg A F. ilye r, " Dralts of Cnini ..ny, dra*??> bT II. Seymour, ('ashlar, will be paid at tiiiir otlice, Nr. 1 J'in? si root, Now York, where tlic Company's Arkansas i??u?i *111 also l>? redeemed at two per cant discount GEO. G. JUNKS, Treasurer. Hudson river improvement.? owners or steam dredging uiac'im s ma/ hearol employment for csuavatin, snd romnvin , earth from tlia oars or the lludsnu lliver aloif 1.1 d bvlow Albany, on application to the under alnutd, at VI Nn. ih ?tri'?t, Now York Klriru OKI. A F I fc I.I). MaJ of Engineera. VTOTK K ? (>NK CAME UF MERCHANDISE. MARKED 1? (f! in n diamond) Me 1<>. havtnj bi an loft last year In tront ol )lr. Salomon K ni.uatamui storas, n2,uroatl*ay, and takau 10 charge ?>> his porter, will bo sold by auction to pay charg.o. if not claimed within iwn weeks from this day, the owner's attention having been called to said case by previous adver tisements, March 2.1, 1KM. OFFICE PANAMA RAILROAD COMPANY, NE if Vork, March IV. IWfi.? The annual election for tlilrteoa directors of ti e above company will bo held at the oMce, No 78 Broadway, on Monday, the aoccnd day of April neit. The polls will open at 12 and close at 2 o'clock I* U. The transfer books will be closod on tlm '/nth of Maroh to the 2d of April, inclusive. HENRY SMITH, Booretary pro Um. OFFICE OF THE cniCAOO AND ROCK ISLAND Railroad Company, Corn Eichange Bank BuiMlnx, 13 William street ?.New York, March lS,ltU5 ? Tbl* Company hailBg declared a illvldend of four per cent nn the capital stuck, payable 01 Mocday, the avcind of April n*il, the trannler books will be rinsed on Satuday, the sevantix'nth in atant, at .1 I'. M., until the aocnnd of April. The dividend Will to paid at the oDce of the Coin pan v A. C. FlilGO, Treasurer. TJF.TKRSVII.I L HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION ? A SPE X clal mvoting will b? held corner of llroadway and Uraud ? treot, on Monday evening, March 19, at seven o'clock All members are rcquasttii to attend; tbose in arrears arn noti Hod that t.ielr ? it tiauription n ar" not forlell ed, and it i? de sired that such members will ooreo xirward aud state the amount they contribute, lor the purpose of hastening the dis trlbutioa of the land at aa early a day as possible F. A POTTER, I'reeidnnt. SPKCIAL NOTICE -THE JOCRNETMEN SOtTBB painters of New York are re<(uo*ted to attond a man meeting of the trade, to bo held on Monday evening. March SB, at 7>j! o'clock, in Convention Hall, YVooiter street, between Mlaeckar and Houston streets, as business of import aneo will be laid before the meeting By order. EDWARD DALY, Prfsldnnt. Eiaat el Maanon, Secretary. qw LOT OWNERS AT WF.AVERTOWN, NEAR WEST X Hobokrn.? 'I he owners of lots ol Weavortuwn, N J., are hereby notillod tfcat the statute section tith take, effect on the 1st ol Aprll.fnr all those who havn not paid the last twu iastaln.onts On the .'list Mamti, at 8 o'clock P. M at tl,a Hotel Constant, 218 William i?t*eet, a meeting will be held, fbr payment of instalment^ tfc which the shareholders are iaviied. The anmvkksary mkhtinh ok the demilt Dioponsary, will be held in the largr hall ol the Oispen sary. eorner of Ssaoart avenue and Twmty third street, on Hoiida> evening, March 2ti al half past seven o'oluck. Ad dresees will be made by the Rev. Wm Adam*. D D., Frank lia 'I uthill, M. IX. Jauios W. Uerard, Es<i., and the 1'reai dent. (Jen. I . E Mather. Ladles and *> at lemen are invited 1 to attend. C. C. HAVAUK, Chairman of Committee ot Arrangements. fL'NIS 11 SMITH CEASES TO ACT AH COLLECTOR ! foi the Camdan A Auiboy Railroad and Tranaportation , Compnnv from this date A. DKCKEK, A<enL New lurk, March ?1, 1*45. IH8TRUCT10H. A NY PERSON OF HICH LITER All Y ATTAIN . J V mcata, as principal, with suoh teatimonlala as would give a character, standing and reputation, and who could colon, ami a considerable amount ot patrnna/e to a seminary styled the llugueaot Seminary, In tlii village of Blooming view, Ptatea Island, and wlio would cflieiale as pa.tnr of : the (.bun h ot the llugm-nots, la said village, in ooaneiitloa with other competent teaehvrs, may aidreaa Charch Hugae nots, Bloomlnprlew, Statea Island. I? KENT. II AND SPAN I Mil LAN(!t'A(?ES ? PROFESSttR ? oKIIll LI. A, ,'panlsh lawyer and member of t!ie I'rei oh and 8|.at.isb Academies, 144 Franklin str*-?t, will give le. sons by a new philosophical and practical system, without books, at reasonable terms. I^RKNCH LANOI' AO K? MONSIEUR AND MADAMK. A Duboa are soing to torin new claesea of convi-rssttunal instrnction for thoso wishing to acquire a true kno? led i- of the French laagnane. Morning and alternoou slassos for ladlia; evening classes lor gentu-men. Private lessons DP BOB, Mo. I Clinton placo, K.i*bth street. French teachinq.? a oentleman or the highest respect 'iblllty, iraduate of the college St. flnri e, ot Parts, will teunh to ttiose wishing to learn the Treiivb lancua.e perfect:^, and he wamnts those who are willing to nudy a perfect knowledge in two or thtee '|uarter< Terms (?'ill per inarter lor single per>ons. and If two in the family, ?'-it jier ifuarter The beet of rofereaoe given lai|ulre at 11 Ttiird strret. or'JU Chambers street. WR1TINU AND BOOKKF.EI'INO? A II WHKELF.R, long and (avorably known. Broadway, aoni't ?l Mur ray itreet, Las reutoved to new aud eligible rooms, "vli Broadway, rorner ot Thirteenth street. A ft. r thirty years of eiperien ? ?, Mr Wheeler refers with pleaiure to former Cplla. now fllliag some of the highest positions et tru.t th in legislative and mej-canlila bu.laesa With enlarged accommodatione and facilities a rare opportunity I. given to acquire rapid baaiaeea wrltlag, a thorough knowladgo of IxMikkeeplng, and an aitended course of mathematici Hp* cial provlaton for the accommodatioa of ladlee. Ornamnn tal penmanelilp eaecntod to order WHITING. BOOKKEEPING. AC.? FOSTER. DIXON A CO el'e less.. ns in writing, arithmetic aad bookke. p Ing, at .?'? Ilroadway, wiiere geatiemea are 'inaliAed for mer cantile situation* In aa expeditious and superior manner I he Saw Y'.rk .kohool of Vt riling and aacount. is admitted t" te tl.e best orranited institution of the kind In the United Statea Its trachera have bad long and varied e?p?rlence ia thair respective departments; the coarse of instruction is practioal, thorough aad complete, the terms moderate, the Lours of attendance, a A. M to V P. M , and every facility li afforded for the attainment of elerance in peamsnehlp, enertness In arithmetic, and skill in bnokk-eping. Aa ei tensive acquaintance among men of business enables tie to ren ter <???? nltal aid to strangers, in aacuring eligible aitua tlaae; and merchants may at all tlaaa nt tain Dr.t claaa aa sistanta by applying at our oihea. From the l.oadon Time., Oct 17, I'M" The manner ia which merchants accounts are taught ia the generality of arhoolala tedious, defective and tiusatia factory. The pupil is disguated. because the ayetems adopted are so ,0 rpleied ? Ith difficulties that the reason 1. fettered, and all attempts at deduMions from the preiniaei are lutile. and ao much Is t ' r lost Now. Me Foater louche, b .- kkee;, ing. not by drilling the learn, r iute a calealatlag machine. I nt by enabling hlmtnreaaun upon and comprehend what be is doing orab' tii to do. The science is laid down with I I traces and | er?| icuity ; the rales are plain, rmaj relun aive aud nnernag. nnd tha whole is illustrate] by eiamplos, ao that any perioa may ho able to naravel any set of ar rouats. however complica'ed or to keep hia own or hll em ploy ci s hooka in a satisfactory manner. ?I'lICAL. AHCrORDEON ' BANJO ' AHJOBDBON ' BANJO ? The acr ordeon and bar.Jo taught by a new. eesy aad inproved method, In aig lesson. TertiMi f>, in ad.ance I'apil. taufl.t at my rooms or their reiilanre, a at all made ! good flayers Pro . J I. JA( OHS IIS broadway. upstairs ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? "a I yl/OI.I AN PIANOS? A I ARf.T ASSORT V EM OF jTj these beautiful lustinmenls. made by 1 Gilbart A Co., owners of the wollan, are for eale only at 211 Broadway, by > 11 f'lt At E W ATEKS, aola agent To anit some purchasers, I D' athly paymenta taken. I'ianoa to reat j ,ttiR ?AI F A SECOND HAND I'lASO. AT 71 W L T ** rty fourth street one door weet -.f Siith avenue F NEW MISIC - "'TIS OCR Cnil.D IN HEAVEN. ' A beautiful, aBeetiag and alpressive song, by tbop<ipular ootnposer J R Woodbury, who Infused in this new s .eg a like cbaraoter to hia other popular prodnctioaa a rents, " Onr Bn>s," a patriotic song, 01 the "Young America" school, words by C It Stuart music bv Thomas llaker, sung by Cbrlaty A Wood's Minstrels, with great sue rees H coats? colored vignette of "Onr Beys' on t.tle to. a. " pparkling ivika . ' ky 1 homas Bakar. ia harlag aa immeaaa sale The otshth edition Is now oat. I". cants HORACE WATERS. Publisher. 3At Broadway. lANOroHTES. IMMENSE SACRIFICE '- -ONE M splendid piano, boon need but a f*w u n'1 ., t >t H'i. w ill I e sold tor tut 1. one worth tl'K for I7A; cue for fvi M' lodeoia ditto Onr whole stock to he .ilap. eed of by tha Irs I of May. Call and aoe IIKIfTOW A MORSE t? Broadway C-F.I I'M IIA.N D PIANOS-VERY Low I KK E " o-.E O at t4<' II III fl?, ?1V. |l?, ?I7' ?!??? may be found at tha music at d piaao atore af UOKACE WAIKR9, 1JJ Broadway Three rosewood pianofortes, **r>F. in the heat manner, with tha metallic frame aad other m dere Impravameata, for sale, oa raasoaabla terns Apply at 2LI Wooater street. Old ptaaoe takea ia aaehaago P KXTKA PAT. Bovxtr i 4 n d now l? a? ri'_T" am. rvinti 1 Statoa aillora ?ol4l?r? anrt btltari la ?uj ??r ala?? IT" l>lr> it? |f irf'tlj ftiifl |.u< k ??M ??4 ?olu, ?*o?or??; Ian4> nlf? p?f ? W?w? ' ?siting *? w"4??a a?4 btlra of 4**??m4 ??!< '? | i?4 ??ll?<r?#4, an 4 all kfa4a nt '???? ataiaat ?ka . l*4 ttatra r*roi?f?4 k* Kl>* AMI) MI?*KIL Af?at a?4 I lii< furiw I " >a?f , 07 Wall aif?.t BOCftTT I.AXD.-SOtDIE?* SAII.OIM kr , ASf> \ ?t? vlt'-w r.f tk?M dtr>u<4 in Mf ??r ?!?-? I**' kr I lha !??? aM *f ' "?tf" art *atltl?4 I") I'fM ?f I?n4 aa4 . >? . t*a<* tb> *1 tl.a *14 ?*<akll*k*4 H'l'r Mfk?? ha ?"*?* Etl4???? tt MftiM ?f ??>->?? thai fca?? r??-t??4 i ?ft aa II* CA I.TIN W ?*ITH. !?'???) u X fluckl BOCNTT !A.M> AND HUMID* ( I AIM- UMftftR ih? u?? u?i i ?f <>??? ??? i ?/?!)* m- ?? ?.W4 ky (ir.oH(;t W.?oC*a!?, aatvra'r at I., lit., Ill tt tlraat. M*m> Wall ?4 i'laa *1r?*ta BOC^rr LAhD ?SOLDI I Ml flAII.'iMI NAMfM" ?rtlAort. KiMlati Aa "* Utit ?i l~?. a* Hit aatl 4 r?? t>ial4 t|pl> at oa.t at U? l?-.??l, I ?? 1 %??. JlL irHowitml riTI I N A l>l* I V Lamp, ?aim?m? anu t.l Mhart ?" a-r? 4 |? %mf -.1 U- ?HI %. tlk-if ?l4?*a ?T ?!<??? tltl4r?l? '?? .tola tkatr ??rr?- la kj at I I r ai lllfct a!4 ????' ?a>*? ft-, ff (tM ?n M(m( ? (| ?<. Hart? a #. DC llliV.M AtlirHi far I tii?4 htui i I. uaa ]AM> WAMMANTt -At.L PMMV.S ? JUTITf go TO d (-??!/ Iaa4, ?Mwll.?iilavla< (Itafnaa '? Un ?k. Mtaa at jparly ea ?l-.fATl.oM H Ml MRU. taaka?a,?w,|/ atra.i r^t D?ITR? IT ATM ?(>CI*TT LAUD OfHCM ZZtX M44tm ?? aulm, at <ka >l4an >.f U* tu wt.i Mm ae M*V la aaf ?< Mi* ?a?a mm* tm aiaathiM ka W ia?? af ? WMlf Im4 f?aaa?lM r??ll4 aarta mm afciala tka Uliata N* <>??? ?kaa??w a?ij ?OiBDUQ ABO LODOMO. 99Q CRKTXTIE STHKUT .?A rAUII.Y, I'ESHA 1/ BJaRll; and eontrally lorntad. can accominidata * pentl.mau and wife, or ? fow .inula K.atl. man, with board lid aictly faraiahad r?u?>, no ri-aaouafcla UrB< No bill on tha hoaao Calla atlaadad during ?il ??k Mr HUDSON STREET, FRONTINO HT JOHN'S ? ? I'am ? a lar<a fruit room oa aaooad lour, and roomi for alagla ?antlrmaa; hoaaa haa all tha modara imprtru mint. RtrrrtuM ti?kaai?i 1/11 S1KTII STREET, THIRD DOOK EAST OP 1 11 Broadway, rvvma, la ault. or a? para' . Alao, back parlor and >jt?B>lia room on tha Urit fl >?r, t? let to Kootlrniaa, wiiii breakfast . U r?|und. 41w, far Dial oil room* at Ne. 6 ( ollana plaro. 2r. OSKENE STUKKT ? A UENTI.EMAN AND WIKK. i) ur twi> aiaals Kanllamaa, can >? aooiannidatad with I a 'try liand'Oina ro. in. on %lt aoroud or third floor, faraiah I ml or unfnrnnboil, and full nr partial board No wiring iu May Kffcri nn a riebanjtad. ~ WKST TWENTY SEVENTH STHKK.T ~A NEW lie "t cluaa boardln* bouaa, no moviiiK tiral of Mar; anlt* mi ?altaUa for faatlataa*, with fall or partial b.url; 1 ' for flant loimia and thalr a iro. : location bno door * r?? 'way, eourenient to , ara and ?ta?o?. TTntr riv ' ,,AS KEI'T A KlltST CLAWS UOIJSK. r , - 'til a Krtiiirmau who liaa a lar<* liouan ? i.h?. ,1 ? itl> th? occupant. or a nartv in at hf would Tint. ptraon t" faka oharxa of a huutc, ofKratlaBO', r. ,?frir/a r ...p.Ur, by addraaainr a Bote A sm li't a iioat I r furiit.licd parlor a*4 ba ''"a hoi" * TWaa'ad' dnirlai th? fraadom and comfort. ? * drei? a. O E., hroadwa) I'oit (((It. ? A PERSON A!.ni!TTAK!VG A rrW* Bv 11 .T,IE jLY upper part of th? city, wiaheato m*e? wits ft ' who with his family would take room*, lor which % * 1 will U nn c*?i u i veleut or nuarly for the r?i?l . " * t.ereon the hil reference wilt Wo ftlvua AddreeeC* Ui,ort? ll? rule office. u BOARD? WITH CONVENIENT APARTMENTS KOk families or aingle gentlemen, in a Umt alas* private , boarding bous? up town 1 ? ? ) ? ? v l - . r a ? i for the eutn mer, posses* ?s every facility of aceaaa to ail parts of the city References oxchancnd. Appl? at No 4 AIiukJ ?u ?4uare, wa?t side, vacond door from iiank atra^t. BOAUlv- A GENTLEM AN AND HIS H i KK CAN And a plfa^ant i>uit?ot rooms, on the ?<*< on4 ll ?or, with pantries, ty eallinir atfi'J Hudson street, n*ar Chaml??r?,oppo site Jay No BtotinK at Hay. ^ I BOARD? PCKNIS1IED HOOMSTO I.KT, WITH IIOAHD, either for n frenticman and ** ?fc, or singl'i ^iintl*<m?*o. Apply at Zf Clinton place Board ?a <;kntkeman and wiek, or two or three aingla gentleman, ran obtain rooms, with b>?ar<I. at 224 Green street, near Fourth; also, a fcha?etntfnt to let, auitahle for an ofAo*; all of which can to bad ou reaaonablu terms. Referencoa required. Board in a rehpkctabli ekkncu iakily wanted hy an American iceutltunan, m4io <lo?s not speak the French language. Tha upp?r part of tha eify preferred. Addreaali .tex No. Board in a private fawilv-a a enti.em a n ami hia wife, or two or throe aiugla irantleman, can ha acn nimo dated with hoard; th? house is r>lea?autlv situated, commanding a fine viow; tha rooms are large and airy, with front and hack parlor*, and halcony in fr<<nt Apply at No. 3 Third aveuue, ono door front the corner ol Seventh street OARI> IN II ROOK I, YN. ?TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN can And furniahod rooms In a private family, with par tlaJ board, three minutea walk from South ar Wall atreet ferries, and no moving in May, at 41 Joralemon atreet. Re te*?*nces eathanged. Board in Brooklyn.?1 two or tiirke sinole gentlemen can lie accommodated with good board in a very pUanant location, only five minute's walk from Eulton ferry, whore there are hut f*\? boarders taken, and ne tau vtug in May Apply at 4ft llifh street, near V\ anhington Board ik Brooklyn- a gentleman and wife, ir two or three single geiitl?*m? a can obtain r ?o?t?h with ga*< and > oard in a private family, at I'residnnt ??r t, within Ave minutes walk of Hamilton ferry, and i n of South Jerry. H'lAllu IN BMOKLTN -WANTEU HV A OENTI.E '"an, a pleaearie roen, with partial hoard, hetwoen South and Wall ftrent f? rrios. A private famll> preferred. Ad dre. s T M , box IVJ I'ost Offloe. Board in iiobokkn wanted-for two gev tleinen, from the Ut ol May, with a private family, ha v ing a pleMeai.t country I. um, a sh <rt di?fann?* from the ferry. Apply, giving address, to A. (J., boa New York J'ost Ofllee Board wantbp-by a restectaislb young lady at a rate not eireoding three dollara par week Hefarent'cs nchanged. Address G. H? raid offti e Board wanted ?a gentleman, wife and two children, aged e|#<ren and four years, with a girl; location denired fr? iu Elghtronth to Twenty fourth siraot, neer Pev enth Eighth, Ninth or Tenth ave?u* s, in a nrivale family; the best of refareneo given; will pay liberal. Ad dretk bo i V/2 lleral l ?.Ace BOARD wanted? BY a gentleman AND Ills wife, and child, sisht years old, would re<|uir? a second storv front room and bedr ?om, situated batween Third end Slsth avenue# and F *urtee?th and Twenty third ! str? ?ts. Address A , hoi MM p. ?t Olttce B B' Board wanted? by a yoi no gentleman, in a private French family, where an opportunity ma) be had < f acquiring the lansusge. Addren*, stating i?*caiioa and terms, l\ C , bo* I, >4 |*? ?t Offtee Board wanted-in a qi iet family lttown for a young widow lady Addreaa E. U , lira ad way Poet fiffl. e. Board wanted? by two gentlemen and la diea. and ene cli'ld. with full board for tha ladies only, with a widow lady where th? ra are ne ofb*r botrdare, n??r Br? n?l way and not abov* Union a<|nare Two romis a ?m municating will be required Address X Y X , llerald ofA e. IOARDING FIVE HINGI.R f;ENTLEMEN CAN HE mmodated with good board, in a ver> desirahle l > cation uptown, at fer w ek, ly addressing Hamilton, Herald i rare. Dinner at 6 P. M Boarding- wanted, ?r a gentleman, a ir?.nt r?om on second floor, without board Location b* tw#en Amity and Twentieth atr-M* A ldr ?? imm<idiat?ly, stating price, with or without furniture, llenr), llerald of flee Boarding -a ruit of twoor three fi kmsii ed rooms, with all the modern coavenien' es, on the s# cond floor, for a gentli man aad hia wife, or f ?r aiagla gentle men, at ifj Clintr n place Boarding -three yoi nq gentlemen < an re accommodated with food board and r .mforta' la rooms at 1' street Partita working d 'wntown will And this place convenient. Boarding in east rroadway -two single gentlemen r an le a'comrno<*ated with board, and very ple&eant r< oma, weli fnrniahed, in a private family, ??n r?a aonable terms N? m'-vitg 1 >,1 Ma* Refereneea re leired. Please address H II. ? hilda, Herald ofAe# (101NTR1 BOARD WANTED- \ WIDOW LADY J wishes an unfurnished ro< m, In a good private fa milt ia the roui.trj not to e?< end ?? |*er w ?? k . situation on llud# a river preferred Reference eivco and re^uirsd Add r**? J (. Hi rsi i Hit ? (COUNTRY HOARD WANTED? FROM MR^T OF M \\ , J a farm hone-- preferred, easy ? f aei ?*s t < the city, for a gentleman and his wife Address b' l >17 Post 1 >th French, fi'ANfrsn. and american roardi.^q house. 4.1 \S '% Y< r Apartments te let fumi*he4 or unfurMah'd. with or without b^iard, or board without lodsmg, for fainltiea or aingl" gentlemen Dine at iiorft o'clock Excellent table. Terms moderate. fWl-L board with a vfrv fine room ma y re a c*Btlimis an! wif or ategte gentlemen, In a small family, at No VI Ea*t Thirteenth street; house has all the n. dern improvements. F|l| HMMII1) BEDROOM HANTED-oN THE MH?f 1 of May, by a gentleman t r? a modem hoes* n tb*" East side of the f*frn If anited, he will r main f rmaeeet ly T?rm m??t be rn derate No boevd require i I'r ?*t? fa mil > tab inr no < ther b' ar 4' re pr- fsrr d 0?i?t llness mdisf ? i<?able Address ?ith location and Urm? Mr hog, 2,M''/ Pest Office, prepaid. N B ? W oald prefer the Second or 1 bird avenu??. t^T'RNISRED ROOMS TO LET? FROM THE 1-T MAY, F at ha liroadeay "LM'RMMirn To I IT TITO OK TIIRIE OEN I ?!???* rtn *41 lafti>).r< rv.tai II > ?>r; 'iiiri l./'ltlrm, ii<1 reitiMkrat lo liu?. ?.*?? J< ? * town 4 1 1/ >< .No. 2U M hi'? tir*?l L'Rf .Ni II BOARH IN BROOKLYN TWO OR TIIMER JT g'Btlrni'ri ran W ? ;!*? *lf*l/ rvr*.i*k?4 r< ? n.? *i -I >. ?r4 II ? (>??->. *l?l'r wu-f ? ftw V?*r4?ri *r? iik?* Aiflj ?< " I4ill??*kkjf irt/- ? ? t>? llorklfltB IIWl I] I 1 ? ? ' ? ? IODGtXQ KM M" X A M I I V ri.Af* VRATL1 J fnntib'4 <*llh ?r wilk'.ii 4 PRIVATE HOARI'IRU fiETERAI. EERr PM444NT I f- rut in ??>(? 4 Hf?rtMr *llk*r firiih'4 -t ?? Kini'M' 'Ml* ht4, with ii I i-rl*i?* fiailli r*?i 4I?# *1 V) F ?r<!. trim ?pb*iit* Cti'iri ?k*rtk, Ik* k''>H ii ImI; Iwt ?4 iU ?>?? til Ik* ta-1-r? ii>ir '*u.?e>tf ? ?? ? i r 1 I'l '4 IJRM'A E IK'AEOINS \ - HA I II HI VA Tt f AHII.V I.ntir titn ffc' m tkl* * ?: I* ,Mau ? ??I4 l-? out i t in frcnl re roi ? r. m> .*4 ?*?*. ?*ll f*r*i?l.?4 ft. l|r.(> f nll??n "I'.l |?KI?I k?.irl I* * ?irj ll<t llllf liUlUI t><- il kwim H??*i ft* Hf >r I'llHf" fi*. 14 , In l< ? ????????<?? *i i ??i.4 Ay I'tfliBI VillMlXrMl, M |(|! ft ?? |100M? -ONKORTWO Nl< El V E' MNKIIED HO .?4 l\ *lll. ? ' 1 ?M *> N II < U*|I??* '.*? Mil k> A?>?t'.??j? ktMfim iMirmfti. ? ? bmI ?!??? k*?*' r*t **?*4 li rill Homo TO I.ET? TO KINOIE OINTI.RaEN, IV A |Ti?H fwill) , ??!>*? ?(????? k*l?4 * I*# >h4Mi *?1*11; '?r?t*k*4 r-um im *??>!? >?"?? i* * ?M ili? E ?1 ?k ?.**>? * Ik *>. ik? ?v4?'i I ?t >*?*<??' .tt. ill- ? ml nf ?!*??? ?i IM I'/* far | trti i in pk|M?ili Atviy it lli ? Sulkiifw' Cl HMEE HOARt?-TIIE l.AROR AND tOHH'iOIO'JB I i kin* il 1474 H??l >mk ?'?**. ' ?nn****iil* *1111 t* ' i?**4 f*' !?? r?**?*iii ,1 i*Htili*i l*i ?<>?* mi ii.* Irrt if A fill Cir? >H| lt> > ?>?* i,t%?? I* ii 4 m ?> IV* nil, >?lf ikr** inr?*ri *f m Ihi i r I- If I I ? r ' I* "TIM - ? K- '.?#.?? y ?*'", 4 M l iftoii *ntiv ?? m IW r**ai ?*? )?*?. ru*.uri ''r'li i? l liillif'>Mk I* l til Mtn ii l n4 , *1' k !(?<??????? * f ' Vi I# *4 rr?o ?,?wti r*R> -'in e or two ?eatm rrr I i >k'4 t mt i * |ri?*i* fn |U 1*1. ?f ( k.wi In k >? Ik* lk???* AjT'f ?? 7t1 II .iwi \1T A N TE I I H A run ATI rA Ml I T IN TflE f? i*i/l I ,r? 4 *f Tk.fii A'lk *<r**< ail hn'k * ? li >ifirii)>.<4 f ??. ?Hk ifik'ii- **4 <.4 IMr <??? Kill V< ? 4<i*M Kl.|?. ?44r*>i ifr* J H (, l>iku ?**??? C?n irtkn, Tkirl / f*?rtk iif**' \L' A N TE !>? A IARI.OR AND BEI<R//'.V rt?*?*|fftf? " Ml |4??* 1??U itr*il I t * rit ?*?* ?t?* ill ? HI4. II. m ;twi *14, vltk Wir4 f r <k* i*4r Ml < i* I pr'ilt* Fll.i / irii ihUikmI I i i t?l A44n*? A ' Infill r?rt ??<? il ANTEII A LADT AND KRITI.EKAS Wl?llE? To " If ii ulanliM !?*?? r?'? i* ' muni, ??<! k?.?H f?*!k* Ii 4, MkJj, I* i ?U< li?.?f ?>-?* Ik*?? f ii Hkn k*ir'm t ??!.?; Imi *f Rr**4?ir kw*?* itl *f*4l? iiihIi A44r**? Ai?? ? ' Ullii . ,.-*? ?*< Oflla* TkSI 1*1 I* ft ?"? \|7ANTIt>-* ?llk-.. ' OR?TI E*AI? I* MPII .? 4 ?? if '.Mi.1.1# * r??4 wiO fir'. * Uir4 ?f In M'Mimr H lll|M'IM <??<; ll??IMllftll|W I* IV* !*??? t*rl *4 !*? 41; I A44r*M f*? Ikm 4*?. I. E I tti IK* r*\ vftil rw ftTV4 r?4 Wiuap *? ?OAKDUO AID UNWIMk ??l a ? ? ^ ^vaa M? ?? aaa a? ? ? ? Tl'ANT?l>? BY Tiro YOtTNO GENTLEMEN. A IMAM. TT parlor and bedroom, or ? |?a4 Bliad badroom. wNA partial l..nrd, in lha onuntrt , in a prtrtU family, Hira bouee praferrad), >h?n few or bo board era ?M tektn. wit baa one hour of t h r Ctljr 11*11, ud noar t Hi railroad a* ftrry boat Ad.lreaa, poet paid, italin* (arm*, wliiob naA U 111! <l>r>U, ?nd >11 ntrtltnltn, C. , ba? l,Uf I'oat (>?? Would hu?a no ohlartion lo mora lamtdUMf, and would b? poraar.eal during the auataar moalkf. W PBHHONAL. 0 01 MAN MAf'l'E. LANDED IN NEW YORK, APIIL 12 IMA, wnata information of hi* alitor, Honor Coaaolly. ur "I bar a law Iluner Maraa, |( aha U dnad or alira. Kaqtadra Bl No. Sm I harry it rot VMroilATiON wanted or edwabd MaHBBBT. ' Brooklyn, L. I ., o* lliollth ol Juno,l?C Addr?ra Mra X llonry. 7B Motlitraol, Now York. WaMw papara plena ?opy. N.'ft,1D A*,0E W ANTED? /(F OTTO RRYBANtt. from jliirlln. 1'roaua alio, IB UU, worked in Iba m 4 rtraaa. I ?Mb* and licmollro liaparttnent (.iTU hkaMaMr Bad ttira Railroad Company, by llardt A to , 31 Ur.aJ atraat Vet York INFORMATION W ANTED? OF I ATII A Rl N R TRACT 1 I) I or brother, llaulal Tr??y Any inli>rm*tlaa of fear will lelhanklully rceelrad at JOHN WATSON'S, 15 Wub i i' * ? ? ? ?? atraat. Naw York. SARAII ANN WILL rTNIJ A LETTER AT THE l*OST Uflloa. Mill ba at tha Muaauia Saturday alVarnuoa. POLITIC Ala. tub ar ilrawB I ?!"*?* CITY, MAHCII IW. -run IN ? r .lrd ward m. rtl.,*. I.aa .atresias In the Mar. ar ..r**ew Bclioallieina, euppoeiof that aom* eieitament would ha rilard ainuna the tint rr ill ..I , ?a rapairod to tba apat fa^ I rer arnd to ha <. nteadrd 1b. Wa f?uud lha room SIM alth Damncrallo Whl*a, Know N?thin*?, liar la Bad SoOa. The lol!<rwli* la lha ticket filially irlentaol Ly tba 'aaaa ni. ' I jni; of i.oOllclaoi -For Ald.-rmen, William A I'aroli, and John II I^BRh for Juatlen of tha I'aaoa: Jaaaia I'lau, jr , Thouin* p. Jtfrdin ud John II KllJot, runinUwl?a?t J*"1*" CoaaiftbU, MUm Mo('*rtjr .'nl Tl.ohia. D'l.aey, .Surrayora of lll?hwaya: rlioaon Vrm ht>.o rri, run k C rrlftau and Edward'ouBdkaepar, ?. hill- AuH.sCR IIIER. (H l)UIT* AND Ail 1U HTM. C1AHII-DR. WIIBF.I.KH. OCULIST, ?# IIKOAIiWAr, ) davotea hla att^nlnu to diaaaaaa of Ibaaya, and bf Wa mild mo. la and traatmaat, abroaia inflawmatloa of tlia aaa llda or aor? eyra. havavsr l?B? ataiidlai, ru b? aOaotaaOy rurad, lilma, pprrba, Ac , r?mov?d wnboiil ??r?lsal a para tloa Ofkea hoori, II to 4 I* M Artiflrul ayaa luaartad. HKHOVAI.. JOSEI'II I. RE. MRRt'II AN T TAII.OR ? II AH REMOTE* Ironi Ill ad ? ay to (iila^j ? hulldln/a. It ;j llroadway. RW ( AM RRON ? A CTR A l.l A I'lllNEEK I.INB? ? ha* r' Uiotad from IIOHall atrrot to No. S Cr?aa, foot uf Hr< ad?ay. PltAYinUCAUM. P1.AVINQ CARUH-rABO fl.AYINU CABHA-YBBV old aad aall aa aaa a ad, with all tba rarloaa nthar tiaal Itlaa of llnaa aad aotton aarda. mada by RAM HAKT A OA For aala to tha trada and alub honaaa at lhair itora. Ma. i Baralay liraat. opaoatu tha Aftar ilnaaa. TBATBLUEBT OCIDB. N EW JERREY RAII.KOAI).? rOK I'UII.ADBLPHA and tha Hoath and, ti> Jaraay City mail aa< axpraai llBaa l.?a?? Naa Vorb at H and 10 A M aa< ? and h I'. M Kara, (Z7.Mn 4. and At la H and In A. W ail r, I' M.i aaeoad nlaaa, li 2ft la Id. aad I J M at *2. atapf*M at all war >tatl?Ba. Throu?b tinlata aaid '? r 111 and the Waat, and for Italtluiora, Waahinitoa, Norfolk, Aa~ aad throtiyh l ?ii*<a oha> bad to Waabluatoa la ft aad ? A. M aad A I' M PKOiMMAIaB. PIlOI'onAIS WII.I. HE It E< K I V k It KROM CONTRAO tora, f"r tha eradlBK and inaaonry of aaiaral miiaa mt railroad wirk ai?y nf ira>i> It a III be let la i|ti*at|iiaa 4a auit hlddara. Apply lo JOK. HENRY N AMI, Id llaakmaa atreat, Clinton n tir4. I.KIJAI. BOTICKN. A DM I K1STBATO R 'M NOTIt'K -NOTICE 18 IIEREHT J\ Klrrn, that all thoaa iad<btal to tba lata Mokart L. Mai..* are r?.|ue.t. I io to all a inimodlata paymaat to Iba auha. rtl.. ra, at thrir offiro, m I'rlna* itrnt. Utaaaa lAa hoora of Iroui a to IU A M. . aad t 4o H I' U , an J ail tbaaa hatmit claimi are r. |?eit< d ta praaaat ibam with Iba aaaaa aary rourkin, a* ahora. Tl K,[?T lAd?,B,.lr.4?. Naw York, March 2J, IMA. CORPORATION notickb. (JAI K or CORPORATION I'ROI'ERTY ? WILL Mi I? lull at public au. tloa, oh Haturdar, 7tb April, a* M u'.l.^li A M . to Iba huhoat bidder, all lha matartai a*M pr i^rty of tba r ulna of Iba lata Naa City llall, laaataA la tl.* l ark. << nil. Una if > ri. ka, I aiimr aad hulldlajM hai l property will la > Id In d.H r-ut Iota Tba tw ?ala will ha > aah, to he paid io tba a*. ti..a>ar aa aooa aa 44a aala la iBBtl'idad Tl a purehaaar will ba ol.llratad to ra ?uoia tba |>rora< da ol hla |>urehaa? from Ike prwmiaaa witbaa flie daya tr tn the day ol aala. All raepomibUlly far tba d?ll"ry of iha property will ba txiraa by lha parakaiar, aa4 It. raie the pur' barer ah< aid ne, |a. t to raniova aaid taaia riala or pro|?.rty wltltln tha Hie dart, ai ruacitiad it ahalt ba t onilderad I' r fait ad to lha c rporallan, aad ?tU ba aaid ova* again for tba h< sent of tba < tlr IIAKf IIOLOMEW R I'HRHY, CommUaloaar of Rapalraaad Muppilaa. 'turn v.i.i.AHKovm. ' r CANAL ?TREET, NEAR YAHICK -W 4 ? ? I VAN M'TI'll rratt and fandar, hliabaa riaaB 16 w aou.mer raara and itaaa wararoomi Wa hara a larja aa a rttnaat of Iba lataat pattarwi of maatal rralaa. raa^aa aal atotaa, f'r aale a raaa?Bahla tern.a. Ciralai aad raaaaaaaA and repaired, ranaea lir.rd I ra*a looadara' aad lawallaaa^ laroacaa hallt. atom linad. hakari viaaa built aad ra pilrad (IIOTON BCOS AMI COCEBOACBBA EIIE< TI.ALLV J r lea red . It oo air tao B|plleatlaa* of t'uatar I aa4ar tuinatar w l.olaaale and ratal! depot, .V* ktvaieai. aaaa ffenalaa aaleaa algaad ky HEN Ml' R C"MTAB. / tl'TI.EKY, RAXOR.1. lltKORK, iT.NIt. . WIIOUA V./ aala and r-tail ?IIRATII A HIMI'IKiN. U4 Hroadway. (halt Hr .aAwar thaatrai, raapaatfally aall lha atlaa4taa m fo?ll -roa?d Waatarn Mter- l aate and ' there la their laaaM at'xk of y < k it and tahla rullary, bnliaa aaleaari. rai Aa.. wbiak thay are bow aalliaa at about eoat, for aaak I." k' >M I.OMtON AMI I'ARIH r Tha ardera roll la. For l.yon'i tamed powdar Abroad baa no twin la aaa day 'twill fraa y?a From roaabaa l.aai, aala. Hi daablat 14 llahlfy H f t lato their l.a nta I.YoN'b ma<*atia (owdar !? aot only tha aara aaaa ? ad Aa atroylnjc d. maallr Inaarta, bat tl ' ? aly aafa tneaaa. aa M roatalna n" pa.iaa.n I. yon a Mwdar ?ad p U* f-r laaaata. tak* and u. ' a, ara aaid, wbalaiale aad retail, at U4 lit <adway. /'HATE- -TIIE fi EN CINE f IIABTXR OAKfiKATB W II tt.a Ian an lmaat proa akla af aay aaar fated to tha pal lit. tl.a Urr- of t ham to a aaore I ?, iBakai la iaalafi lha) ai' aa awaal aa the laaballa. perfartly hardy. Bad fraaa Iwotatlree week a . ar Iter fawiplea of iba rrapa aaa tea aei^ alaa tha raota aad alaea far eaia. a*Ni 7 J oha aleaat AM . rlara (roap4ly atuadad U bf JnllN ll. JAMEl*. Ma 7 J aba >lf*4l. HR< Rl R ? I ANINA I'HEI'ARKII P. I I'RtMU FOB f?a.i'l.< ft 4.>.rftt* ftnft tf.4 l*? *11 **a - i.a ft*4 oftft ' r tlx In , it ???*??. Hal. ftl, u4 ? !'/?? j r*|at?> ..?>.* n>f l u iu uMi, Lima, it,, ffiiii'tivn .,f tk. l.ftlftl* olid aa*;.|. at4 baillt W il lluMi l(.t?il*4 l.| ?"?!? kiDtfillf, .1.1 -hoi. ..I. >, HE) KRK A UK'< I fi Kll Cf.Ua Hilto. >nt I'htrry unit. I A*l" A *? D < IIAM H IRR? Mir. MhVtlttll MJ ?hI< m|iiiMl| 4lr?*i pabUt iti.?ti..? i., ',u iwi? ?4 .I'ltll im itainl >.t liii|4, |lii?4tlHia4 itw aln ft. I?ll?f (ftalilr > f i ??. i l inrnai Rail ??l *W >k*4. ? ?.. 1 - al* ??4 r.?. I ? ma *? In M lll?R ,'IH'utlitrMt, ILlH <MI ?f llalao N'BVBB DfSPAIR ? JUtfHAI-OIA, R1IRI MATIftlf, 4' . ?af*4 l| l?? Ilk .|.r ftarvlj 4IIIH ?r ?! r??.a4j Ik. Aft*lt,ila><.f A ? Ik U?Ua.llklt 'ft* to >Ma>a*4 |fllll, vt fH.|(4?4 If hwI. I ' m4ii Ofti* 4*. 1 inul ?Ml J>RI>r II HR1 ?. WH K. I R"M i-ari I 44 r-|?TRB atr?-t, I'aarl fc.a |..|| Aii.IuiI MM atkar. I art, A> . a44?l? IKllftla tiltn N?a?lll<i ir.f?f?Ua*. < ??4 if -ana *(4 r?iar?t.<-.? I* |.ii. aa a*ar./>r Ua ataa 0. R I lit*- ft ? ?art |r. Ua* i? IkU ait; |>R'jjr'?<?H II HRI ?RWICK, rrK?m I'AMU ffil I RVara ??l?r a. 4 r*?4*li?r. t* l.a'r* i'ihi ? **? ""a V?l All kl*4a ?f t(sraa Iw aacaiH aaU Mlloftft. ak'.? aiUva 111 altiw n iJ -I III. , ft J?rf Ift li.11 <11; IH t'RKTt I'RR rot; will ii?ii rii OIL. IV (?' (ft! I * liiilaaK I 4 rtlalati fr .aft Ik* ".???f; faraiakal auk ?ft'rrtilftt Ift k- I. aft Ma. Ill MftUaa I ft ?? >a* r?tk j'lUM II. ??ITII^' |?A|ST I "ill KHiri.ATINO aOTRIH ?MI Tt. ITIAMOtTI AMB I Mlatla Itaillaa 'ft* k??. tfM| 4Mart^Ma? at all vara f*v!ftl?4 ftft 4 awrta<'4 >i*ir r?4a, |!aaMt' (alaraL i^*ai ial (till lal aiatt Ila4 af a<t?l HaM ? ill. *W4 ?? a. ??? ftt aUr kftU'ft, k J iw? lu'.uut ria*a l.ia|?t; ?.T IHa.rj HH'ki* R'?r? A<?t) m?;iT tree> o marc, or H Aftt-ri* Uaf I>itn4. a*al4 ra?|.?."*li? la'^aa Ma fn?a4? ft?4 II. )*VM '*- IMattl. Ikai kt kaa I* tfti. a aalla tkaal ataata?4 ft*4 laa' aia.4*r 4 r*an, taat?ul*|ili ika MVtal tMkftlkaa *4 k*r4| i*a n^aMi ftft4 aaaa r aaa ala* tia itt.uft '?K' /-?? ? atftl*. la* <k**a*a4 aia><a>4 . ? K "a4 1*4 a 1 1 . I ta**a all l.ft>ia| km ia]a<l<4 ik lataH ??k lift or* ?..l itaa ia4 ail ?? fi?? 4 ' - at I ?4t.a ft* 4 U. Ma, ftftk*t**ra *1 ft' . f .ft! t**4 ?ra I ft. a I* ?tl?4 la .all ft*4 Bftkft II a4r '? aftalf Maataaj U III ??; a | ft' ? . ?ftrr??t*l t'ta.a* ? all) to (AAftilallf r***?"4. ?a4 r?^??i'> *"'? M la. kf q >**<? Sri r Rtm mo < ort ?? a i ir t rat* * rti- i.? i kftk a* f **4t mg -r fttartf/ia* In ai?ar ?*4 4* lirivaa naf^Mi i >*r I* I'fH* IR t*a aataW?aa IH ?-.??. I illm' ftft 4 H ?i?*f fft. a ?-? *at ftt ??>?* ?*? a- ' ?i?- .'?? a- 1 ? ? <1 ft44i< ftft I a?__. T*a. ftl r?4.. .4 t? .'a li an lk<l|4t Ikftft *iftf. fit IkaH) ???? i,'?ft4atf?.? t;no* rA?R* n'??mAK * rR rmii, rm>w ?? I . ft rat ?? ai a #7 H*a?ry. U4*ft*a a?r aa 4 la* ilrMta ' taaa a ??? ift a?*?; ftt; I. * t.*4 ? -ftft. ?aa4 MAia *???> MiMM Aa li k VI4 l^larft H ftl'.f ftl***t*4 **;m4 rrwiTMl i RUC J r?I K?zftiii 4| > ma a tra I ?"??.????. .a 4. ?,rt.t?i,* R^r,* fta?. ftf tka Hka .?t .... la tk? ra*?t#? *4 IM lavaa* t *aiua (*..?? It***. ,ita ki?a a tall. rp^urini Mrirm. a rktiico rinm.r I aft. ?. a**r*4 ?? kaa^'k K. a l*a Rata, ?rv.r .?f f*' IW'HI (| ?<kff ?? U K||. |a,la |Aa to- IM vf ?|ft ? |M , It* pru, %~4 m f% ? U. RAtMwUfcftt ImUfi rriiR Aj.riRTi?BR bar imvrhti. a ORsrvi. J^^ftaaRft.'fttiaf an a* I pi aani 1 1 a. ?>ait fw aa* aT,tl . . 1 ** aiftk*a Ift aaal an t ? (a*i .a?aa rilft '*C ?l"k If * t* r. ml* Vaaaafti At ?'?? raa: ftftftfta J V A . It-rft. i >?-.

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