Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. -'A ; \ .4#". " * t < m ' W f '? ? { s '*? WHOLE NO. 6786. SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 25, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. DEATH W THE OZAR ALEXANDER, A. D. 1825. From Hchnitidar'a Feeret Hlatory of the Court and Be left St. Pei . ker. He might also be occupied with thought* of hie own fcpprotcbing end. He rni^ht desire to dedicate anil re sign to Ood the life which bad bten ao lately menaced with the assassin's dagger, and which he felt was slowly passing from him by the insidious agency of disease. ??????? At the chateau of Sarskol-selo, situated on the read to Moscow, the reparation from tie imperial family, and from a mother truly venerated by all Her sona, was not lms depressing After a ihort and painful Interview, he luickly continued hla course. Ho had with him a numerous suite. His principal travelling companions were the Prince Volkonaki, one of the iriend* of his youth, and bin aide de camp general, the Baron Oie bitsch, a distinguished military man, who had been made over to him by the Kiog of 1'russla, to whom he had formerly served in the double capacity of aide-de camp general, and head of the army; to these was added bit physician, Sir James Wylie, who had been about his person for tairtv yearn, and who held the head nediril department In the army of Russia. The journey was prosperous, and, notwithstanding some stoppages, it was accomplished in twelve days. The travellers passed over 15? verats a day ? a speed which prove ? Alexander's familiarity with this fatigues of locomotion. In fact, he wan of a good constitution, and robust, and heeded present cares and precautions only on account of repeated attacks of oryaipelta. But a malady of spirit preyed upon the traveller; the thoughts of death never quitted him, a comet that was y?en in the night strengthened these forbolings. "Have vou keen the comet?" he inquired one evening of hi* faithful coachman. " Ye?, sire.*' "But do you know that it presagee misfortune? Yet let the will of God be done." ? ? ? ^ ? ? e In order to gain Joursoutl, seat of the Count Woron 2ow, tbe Kmperor travelled thirty-five verstt on horse back, whilst hia servants received orders to wait for him, ?with the carnages aud baggage, at the Tillage of Baidar, where he was to rejoin them id a few days. The fatigue of those days, together with tbe diet on which he fed, (be ate much of the delicious fruit of the country, which was everywhere offered to him.) prodaced a disorder of the stomach, which kid the feunlation of a more serious malady. ? * * ? * ? e At the cloto of their interview, and as if bv mere ac cident, the Kinperor remarked to Sir James Wylie, that Ins stomach was disordered, and that he had enjoyed little reet for several nights; "But," he added, smilingly, "notwithstanding that, I have no need of you, nor of Cour Latin medication; I sluJ be able to treat myself ; nodes which, my trust it inUod, and my good constitu tion." 1'1? faglish physician had perfect license with Alexander; lie bad b?en about his person for many years, and had reoently been the means of Having him from an amputation of the leg, when hit brother phy Mcians, fear ng that tbe erysipelas would result In gan Ene, were disponed to resort to that extreme measure. James had opposed them strongly, declaring that he would answer with his own head for tbe life of the monnrch. But. notwithstanding his master's strong at tachment to him, tbe man of medicine could seldom make himself heard when ha advised remedies or pre servatives; now he vainly repretented the wisdom, nay, the nereasity, of counteracting an Incipient illness by immediate treatment. "I have no confidence in your potions, my life is in the 'lauds i/f God; nothing can ataud against his will. Speak to me no more of treatment,' '.cried Alexander, in reply to the oatreatles which wer* made to hini. The ind>position did not decrease. The late habitual spirits of the traveller vanished he slept much m *iia carriage, and recovering his contcioufness, remained for hours togethti sunk in ab> traction, which to judge from his countenance, must have been of a painful character. * ? ? * e * ? It win veil that they were near home, for in the town of Maripol. wb.ere a Greek colon; found employment. in rearing silkworm*, Alexander felt that shivering which is an early *y mptom of intermittent fever. He communism ed the iaet 10 Kir James Wylie : but the speed with which he travelled did not allow the adept ion of auffisient measures. On the 17th of November, the day which bad be?n all nlong determined for hin return, he ' found himseif again ia Taganrrg i'rince Volkonski, to whose care he u*d committed hi* wife, came to meet him. When he in quir>-d after hi* health, Alexander replied, " Well onougb, nave that I hare caught a touch of tae fevr of the Crimes and, decpite ita much boasted climate, I an happy to bs re choaen Taganrog for the abode of th? ftnpreM " thv ltincd, who had panned hi' boyhood with th> I Rnwetor, end wee on terms of umillarity with him 1 conjureit him to take care of hit precious hea th, an 1 k'lnot to treat it with the careless indifference which Ua 1 been bis custom at twenty years of eg*. Alexander scarcely li*tene?l: he waaeafer to reach tin Kwprea*'* acmrtmente, where be paa>ed the reiutinde lof that evening. He dineii with her the lollowing luy. af |ter which he transacted state humness with hi* minuter*, bet iu tile evening the fever returned, and he sent to re joeet her to repair tihira, and pass some hours with him; ihe quitted Ms room at ten at night, not without muiti anxiety, for bis illness assume! a determined churacter It was "declared to be an intermittent fever, accompanied ,by disturbance of the digestive organs and of the biliou 'iiecretiom Despite his fatalism, and his dislike t I the application and remedies of medical skill, he was a (length persuaded to yield himself to the conosei of his wivifers. That even ng, in writing to bis mother to ippri/e her of kis return from the Crimea, lie in Foriiied her that be was not well, but adde<i that his indisposition was not of an alarming character. The lext day, the 18th, he himself gave tne word of orier. 'aganrog; as Ionia XVIII., on the eve of his death, had ;lven the two words St. Denis and Glvet For Alexan der, as fur the French king, thi- was the last time he performed ttat duty. Dunog un l?th November (a gloomy day in his recol lection, for it Waa the anniversary of the terri9ii inun Ration ot tlie preceding yea- 1 . his malaly game 1 itrength. It would have been a w ise and proper step to lave seut for nome skilfat practitioner frotu the Crimea, ccu^tomeil to ileal with the di8e:t*c under which be was laboring, but the idea w?? not presented in time to be tcleo upon. The first phjsioar ol t he Kmperor durst not ipea* to him authoritatively perhaps he committed 1 one error in punuing a treatment which too much im ?ed his strength. Various criticisms have been is.-ed upon his treatment; but what are the conjec tures of human science before tbe impenetrable mys teries of a i>atb seizure? Without entertaining an.v iprehenaion of hi* danger, the Bmperor yet permitted ia Piince Volkoniki to write to tbe Empress mother, to Inform her ot tbe state of her son. Two days later, he illowed General Diebitach to write rtke same tidings to the Grand imae Constintine, who was in i'oltod. On the '-.'let a favorable change tiok place, but its iromiie su deceitful. Till that time tbe monarch lad been eide to riae; now excessive weakness confined to a Uivao, placed in hi* cabinet, which became ila l>ed of <.?-et b. A large < ntrance hail separated the ipartmentof ti.e Kmprem from that of her husband, ?tie waa scarcely ever away from hi* side; placed near lie co'ieh, she tended him wt'h tiiose thousand small, [nit oelirate and tender attention*, which womio i.nows low to larinii when her In-art is d?eply interested, 'bich she otten beatow* in ctisrity on the stranger, and bleb w 11 ever make the honor of her *ex. Witness ?f the danger which menaoed him, she thought no more >f her own health. What was to her life illumined though it was w.lh a lata ray of happiness, compared rith that which she desired to as ve f She watched con My at bia pillow; never left him. and only on the fgent eoix lstion of those abont her, seized his loments ot aim or sleep to take, still at hU si.!- a ittle of that renoee which nature demanded. She ap eaied, under the requirement* of the occasion, to have 'scovered former health and strength. Hec anxiety tunulatec arr courage, winch never abandoned her till leelnae of th* scene her condnet won the warmest I'.nnrotiou of the afflicted and dUmayed group -bout tbe (air. Vr ni the i-d to the 24th, the paroxysms of fever aine<i*tri?ig:u. The patient often *wo?'ie<t bathed in 'rspiraticn. h- would remain long silent and apparent UU( <>0 cso u*. eeoeeee* 1 it could not any longer be doubted that his disease [?astypl i ., which akiliful physicians have often mis frr a biliou*, inflammatory, or unintermittlng L'Ver V V n retreated toeubmit to the meoeeres pre Irihel, h- exhibited stubbornness and impatience, [hlch wi ?? sometimes expressed upon thiee aronns n, and wmcl. deprived the Fuglish physician of bis Ilf poereioiioa be despaired of the life of his patient, id nb* 11 skated the fact to i'rince Volkonski, who, irsoa<!ert tfcst religion was now mote effietciou* thau ? human ai.< of tbe phyatcians, and conquering bis to f<<lir.^e, ventured to utter wort* to fiizabeth, in hieh he avowad his belief that the time was come when |jn;et - cugbtlofnMI his dntie* a* a Christian. The Ippre*". a . most overwhelmeu with grief, sumraoued all Sr flriaiii is, and declared herself ready to second ths rpon to Ihe I'rince she repaired to the be Isi ie. m shWi sho Md oa ly for a momeat witu irawn, and iog Aletamln '* hsnu. gently iatimate<l her wishes. 1 I 1 ti n <1 very ill1' be asked, in reply to the l.m ts. MNo, m i husband, but yon have refuse i all r remeoiee. at lea*t, Mien, try thi*." ?' Wii kiy, 1- r refined, and aummoned Sir Jam?s Wylie. ! bev have -js.ken to me of the holy oornmunion," aiJ, ' iu what conoitira am I resily - Am I tnen ? my eei! "Ye*, <ire," tlie faithful servant re . i. wb J-i eoh-i choked his uite- iace, *'ynnr imperial 1 e-'y ha< re ectcd my prescriptions; I now spean not |a physi"- -i*a. but as an t.oneet man. it is my dnty as inma< t-> teli you that you have no time to loee." hnipoor **iaed Wylie * hand*, sad held them long tj pre. e l between hi* own He was tin n :n so a eta e of fever that It was judged proper I* 'inlay ?akii r ' the ? acrameot till the next lay ut earl, in the mortingof the 77th he bersine *0 h ii-; < that it waa nece?<ary to advise the Emprea* ^<r . '? * hi- conieaeor without ^ delay. At si< o'cioe* thp' st 1'oilotoff entered the cabinet of the rim .< at ..f tbe croee n his hand*. Alexander, bin se.f with difficulty, eai.l to the Fmpeeee, "I WW- to be alone." j ai. ' ti.n ia*Untiy withdrew; anl FJirabet'o *d a a-oine3'. to give free v?nt to her tears, which, 1 1 of I rr hoshand, she bad resi rained with ?it altjr The detail* of "hat coa'eeucn have || jMHeed flH t|l #f Ikt fltlll who re-wived :t, bnt >1.' :: e.-.< n-.-ortii.'. c Tlstaacs at'endng ln? th have traasp! d Tl.s n vere jn de?f-?~t the t. as: r t, be eeat--' > .id to ieal wHh iito as he would U ths- 1 mrVnr' < ! r.i* s-i' --s Tin -.??'t-.'w e as rt, an-- hefoi. t?. bv e miin'i! ilettaiter X?d tfcat the t?.;r*aa t to *. ssnsaed, and ? I waa before ber that be received <ba holy elements Then the confessor joined bla supplications to bar'*, that the Emperor would uie the mean* prescribed by hia phyai ciana, and especially that he would submit to the ap f>l cation of leechns, which were recommended. Ha no onger resisted. and from that time obeyed erery di rection. Turning to Elizabeth, he said ? "I never felt greater inward peaoe; I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ' Thepbyalcian of the state- major established at Ta ganrog waa now in consultation with Sir James Wylie and Doctor Stroftregen. Erysipelas again appeared ; this symptom alarmed Alexander, and he observeo, "I shall die like my sister." He referred doubtless to the Grand Duchess Catherine, Queen of Wirtemburg, who died in 1810. She had been married to the l'rince of Oldenburg; and, at the time of the oonference of Erfurt might hate become Empress of the French, but for the ener getic resistance of her motbei, who was ieni dazzled than her fon by the brilliancy ot Napoleon. Tlifc invakM passed the 2Nth in a state of lethargy, ap parently without consciousness although continually seiteC with nervous convulsions. When he recovered a little from these paroxysm*, his pulse was at 126. He continued in this state till the morning of the following day. About eight o'clock a slight change for the better took place. External application* had recalled him from hia lethargy. He opened his eye*, and seeing the Empress at hil bedside, he took ber banda, kined them, and pressed them against his liMrt lift utliitflil th*? l'pinpH V'nlknnaki with ? mlln reproach, for he had never permitted his friend Vol kooiki to uae towards him the eustoraary tokens of reverence. He had got from the Prince' a premise that, whatever might happen, ha would not quit the Empress till he had aeen ner safely in the bosom of the imperial family. Sir James Wylie now annoanoed to ber that there wai still hope; Oiled with jov, which ?be was afraid to encourage, she seized the Orst mo ment when he slept, to communieate to the Empress mother the happy tidinga. The dispatch written by General 1) ebltsch, must, she knew, have caused the deepest alarm and grief to Maria Foedorovna; anl each letter bad to traverse a distance of four hundred and Bfty leagues before it could be plaoed in her hands. Alas! the revival of hope was of no long continuance. Gut the tidings which reached St. Petersburg on the morning of the 8th December were spread instantane ously through the city, and caused joy is the entire population, which, a very short time later, was to he plunged into deeper grief than that anticipation had already shadowed forth. The night brought an tnerease of some of the worst symptoms of the malady. The Invalid wis violently convulsed; but towards noon of the following day he was again for a time relieved. His proitration of strength, however, waa more und mora alarming ; and at length agonizing pain supervened. In the nigbt of tlie ?'10th, In tills aftecting state of things, Prince Volkouskl felt it bia duty to make an effort to ramove the Empriss from his aide, having obtained a mansion in the town for her uie She would not hear of reparation. "I am periuaded," she said to the Prince, "that you know how to coirmiserate my allliction. You do not believe that the allurement of a crown waa what attached me to my husband! 1 trnplor* you, then, not to remove me from his side in bis last moments." He (ore bore to urge the point Kemndiei were now ineffectual. Tb>> vital functions bad stopped. On the morning of the 1st ot December, the patient opened his eye s, and, though the power of speech was gone, be recognized all who stood around his bed. It may be conceived with what feelings I'rinee Vol konski und General Diebitsch, those fiitoful servants and attached friandi of Alexander, watched his death bed. The loss was irreparable to them, find its con sequences to the empire were not easily to be calculated. Thin, however, was not their only subject of distress. Diebltscu was now in possession of a cine to the plot which had so long been weaving. Alexander was past the r'fuh of the assaaiin'i ?'agger, but he was not the only victim indicated by the revelations made to Diebitsch It was necw-'iiry to act? to a'lt wth vigor, decision and promptitude. HI- master not bein; in a situatiwii to give orders, Diebitsch did not hesitate, on hi own personal responsibility, to take such measures as the urgency of the case required. He was aw* ting the r ellxcts, and he foresaw that the death, now hourly expected, migh be the signal for a general outbreak By an almost imperceptible sign, the Kmperor bade bis wife draw near. He once more tenderlv prtased her hand, as if to bid her an eternal adieu. Then, relapsing into a lethargy, in a few moments he breathed his last eigh This happened at ten minutes oeforu eleven o'clock in the scorning. A Letter Iron Nr. Soule. ( Fr hii the National Intelligence Ma.-cU U I N>w York, Mrau'r;jiiJt Hotia, lurch Si n<6l. ! MK'xr". iSditnr*:? My uttvuUon hu juet bean caited to a republication which appeared iu your uumbtr of the lSthjiontant of an article frcm the Xew York Timet of the 17th, alluding to a certain aubreptitiou* rorrespoudence, held, it would *eem, t>etween II T. Perry Km. my Secretary of legation at Madrid, a n<! tb* Department of Htnte at Waihlsxton, aol tnclosiu# letter* which had pafleed between that gentleman ami mfielf aub*e'|uent to my departnre from ^pain in Augiut la"t. Had not the article of the Tim'* gone beyond th?t paper I should hare avoided noticing it* content < <>at wb?n the grave IntelLigencrr he itaten not to tranater it to it* columns. 1 may well aumnder what aeruple* I ka<l against ltiru*tiu? myaelf on the attention of the public, and be permittKd to I a word of an >wir The article of the Tintrt intimate* that ray reserve aud diacretion tince my return to Washing -on could oolv be induce<! by the apprehension that Hie iboie oor*e*pon dence *houH be sent to the public; an l you. air*, not only seem to endorse that Intimatioo, but atrive to make it more Hignilicant by the remark that the tt>rv narrated in it "i? of ton mncli iuiere-t to be withheld from your reader*, for, although it be calculated to mystify, more light may nun be thrown on the subject." I bad imagined that your keen eight, Mea-ri. Editor*, rould heidly be obicured by the mists of auch a narra tive, a* I hare *omn rea*<>o to know that very early, aud long before the date of the publication in the Tiiti't, you bad obtained acnes* to the very piper* alluded to in it. You ought from their peru al to hare acquired the con victi'n that I could in no manner object to tteir helng expoeed to the public ga?e You certainly might, at any , time, have obtained my flat for giviog them eutire to your reader*. If it be true that. In my Secretary of legation, in the very man I had taien to my bosom, though he belonged not to my political creed. 1 had a *py and i traitor, it will never hurt m* to let the woiid know how he carried on the infamou* trade. Plraae, *ir*. insert thi* letter in your next number, and believe me your very bnmble and obe .ient servant. PI I RBESOIXK. Since Mr. Seuh ha* thought proper to admit the exiktence of the eorreepondeaca allu'ed to by the article of the New V> rk Timet, copied into the Intellij/enctr, we might forego anv observation* on the latter which he has done us ti e h'>n'?r to a I dre*< to ua ; but It may not be improper for u* to make one or two remarks upon it. Vint, we d d not "obtain acce** " to tn? corteepon lenoe referred to. A copy of it was voluntarily but confidentially placed in oar band* for peraaal in February, (not, how ever, by Ifr .Perry, with win m we have had no corres pondeoce. direct or indirect,) and we reipected that rou hdi-nce by abstaining from any reference to the letters until we found the *tatement in the Kew York journal. Secondly, in copying the Timet' article w* excluded those persona) pa*aage< which we supposed Mr Boule could take juet exceptions t?. Thirdly, a* the correa pondenee was not in our po*-e?sion, it would have been n* idle a* it would have t>e?n impertinent and tinprece dented, to aak Mr. Poole'* flat for ita publ cntlon nor had we any motive for *o novel a *tep, a* we ha 1 no tea sco to doubt tbat the eorreepondenca would, n due time be sent to Congre*? with the other paper* on the aubject of our i-paniab relation*. Tlie Htilke and Eieilrmrnl at Nanrheiter, Kew Hampshire. [From the Mao> heater Amencan, March Ifc ) Another day ha* pa**ed, and the excitement ha in > creased still more, in the morning there was a proce* | *inn, aa on the day* before. At ten o'clock the gat&er | iog opened in the City Hall. We were present b'it a ?m HI portion of the forenoon aud snow but few of the ' speaker*. While we were preeent fee Rev Mr. Tillotnon j came forward and made a nand ome speech. It wa* candid and frank, and In -entiment ioch aa few could I object to. He left the aaaembly in excellent humor | The excitement duiing the furtnoon *?emed to be t met ing Fewer people appeared upan the *tre?U, and the ?*- embly in tne hall w?* emnller. Bot m t h# afternoon it arose again to fever liea At one o'clock Elm street wa* lined from U>" City Hotel to the City Hall with opera tivee arranging tbemaelve* in a proce aion. The Ore companies par* lad the atreeta with inn*ic. The band, which ha ' been on lety aince Monday, appeared again, and forming a piocaaeion, they marcb"<l ay am thrcugh several of the street*. They wer? perfectly quiet and orderly, not a '.i*tur'>* nee oc curring as far a* we know. H'e have not near I of a *'n - gle <-ase of intoxication during the day. They ma-cttei to theGty Hall, where addresses w -re again guntn'O"!. Onthewtiole, this ea- decidedly the moat igniiicant de monstration of the week It i* no uentudi?gui?e the fact that almoet without except on tbe *entimen* ia one #ay. The hunru** ef the city U aimoat entirely at a at and Trader* on Elm (treet are doinf e"-nparetivly nV.hisg The mills al*o are in a worae cond.tion tbao yeste-lav Tbe number on the .^'ark and Anwakeag ha* diminiahed. while tbe Mmrhi-ter haa *hut s-jja.-elowu. dtill we e<>e no diepoaition to accommodate matter*, Inrther than Uiedav | n vlou*. llaey of the operative* are 'earing, and tho'e who go "uBf ri e in many in*tanoee the oldest ban la n< a*k once more, ahali thia state ?>( thing* ? on tinr.e - We bear, from what we , >>'ge to be /o>k1 au Uxrltf ba- the c mpio ee are williog t> waive the qnc-tfon d breakfast, stiU re'aioing the twe ve hour* We <"o nf.t know wbatu< r the atriaera will cooaent to re turn on thnt ground, but pm ime not v?? i.earalo that tbe com^arie* are willing to rontei.t to a red jction of time wl'h a rorre?jvr ndlng re*Ti :tmn of wage* But we bave no mean* of judging ? he tber the oper.tive* ?U1 consent to return on ?:iat r.-oand It ap^ars I. ,w?ver, that the whole thin? will re* jit in *Tbx>n nil tne ipe-ative* leaving tbe.r pi > **, to )>e aupnUli it -onie n > inite t?r i'd by n< w one*. Tli ? ia a tniag to be :na<-.;4 regret ted t>y every c'tl/.er of Manche*ter. I'e* pie nut of the <rfty enn t, ? a bu*. 1 t* e . : ? of t^e eTcitsment. !f they -*n iai^ ne troaeki'.a of t**"?'* tf"?we Hi of smpl"; n-.erit, the street# .^ntiSM&f flBe ' with ex-iU-1 rro'ipe, aeetlngt ilmret :^>at.i. .aUy In ee? 'on, and a'w? ?:'Sjinen -ti*p*-*;e-l t *'f fi ncn? fden of t^ sta'e nt' th qf*. An<l '.as i* ej t the wov?t. We ee? no j?jt apect o r aa m. s*~ai, >'?t- .o In 'be pieaent )n an f etutem nt, ?e . * net com Brl*od?hi t'Tto' ti- 'B;tiry U, ths ,-j ^ 'lava ?ree n s a moeti'-ear' eaaaua it ha*ias.4 ,u ?tw> i? p'.-ment, a::?rt r* 'o n.^uiano R(II|Imi Intelligence* ?EMMONS. Hot. I.yman Heethar, U. I)., of Boston, Hm., will ds* liver the twentv-tlrnt dmcoorse (and the lartof this wit tar's aerl. s) before the Young People'* Association of Calvary Baptist Church, Twenty third ? treat, new Hltfc avenue, thin evening, at half paat seven o'clock. R?v Henry A. Boardman, D.D , of Philadelphia, will deliver the twenty-fourth discourse before tht? Young Mai's Association of tue Sooth Dutch Church, Fifth avenue, corner of Twenty-first street, thin eveniag, ut seven and n half o'clock. Rev. John I'ewitt, of MiUatone, N. J.. will deliver the fifteenth discour-e before'tite Young People'* Association of the Reformed Hutch Church in Twenty-tint street, tUc evening. The seventeenth of the annual cenrse of sermoaa be fore the New York Young Men'* Christian AssocUtiou will ha preached by the Rev. J. B. Cenait, D.D., of Ellta bethtown, N. J., thin evening, in the Carmine street Presbyteiian Church. Today, ut three ami seven o'clock, P.M., fey Divine permio-ion, a sermon will be preached by John or Mar garvt Bihh?p about the Ingathering of Israel, at No. 108 First street. Rev. Wm M. McJlmsey will officiate today U Piatt'* Hall, 1,108 Broadway, at ten and a halt o'clock, A.M., and thiee and seven rtnd a half P. M. Kev Willism A. Miller, or Albany, will preaoh to-day in the Reformed Dutch Church corner of liroome and Greene streets, at ten sod a half, A. M , And throe, P. M. INVITATIONS. Rev. Dr. John P. Clenveland, of Northampton, Mats., has received a call from the Appleton Street Church ana Society in i/owell, to become their pastor. Rev. Massena Goodrich, of Portsmouth. N. If., has ac cepted a call to become paster of the Universalist Church in Waltham, Mats. Rev. Walter Clarke H I)., of Hartford , has declined a call to the Beneficent Church in Providence. Rev. T. 0. Colton, of Ware, Maw, lias been called to M be son. , IF STA LLATIONH. Pev. Mr Hogarth was installed on Friday evening, the 16th iust., as pastor of the Kirst Pieabvterian Church, Brooklyn, late 1*. Cox'? The Rer. Mr. freeman, pastor of the Prince Street Church, and the Moderator of the Presbytery of Brooklyn, presided. The Rev. Dr. Spear preached the sermon. tli? R?v. Dr. McLmrn delivered the charge to the pastor : and the Rev. Dr. SUtrrs te the people. Tlu* ne*ly installed pastor entered upon his labors last Sabbath day. Rev. Kufut* King, late oi Ameabury Mills. Ins been installed a< pastor of the Presbvterian Charch in Jsmeftown, Cluintau'iue couay, N. Y Mr. Archibald McDougall, a licentiate of the Presby tery of Ithaca, and a graduate of Auburn Theological Seminary, was ordained to the wor* of the gospel minirtiy, nod imlalled pastor or the Congregational Church in Sherburne, by the Presbytery of Chenango, ou the second Wednesday of Fsbruary last. NT W CUCROllK!). A new Episcopal church bus been eiitabliahed in Oo lunibia, S. C. It la'called the Chuich of the Mediator, and was Qrst opened ou the 11th ?. t The beautiful new Catholic chapel of the Immsnaliit* Conception wax opened fer Divine service on last Moo day, (east of St. Joseph, at. Mount St. Vincent. A new Presbyterian church was dedicated at Mecha nlcvllle Saratoga county, on the 15th. ?ortuou by the Rev. Dr. Ileman. A ue* Presbyterian church waa organized on the 11th inst in Nauvoo, Illinois, ronilsting of nice mem bers. Nine or ten others are expected , to join them soon. K8CBLIANEOVR. The Br--' Baptist preaching in New York waa in 1036, by one William Wickerrtim, an itinerant minister who was flu e I ?loo (or preaching without license. The first church was formed in 1760. R?v. L.I. Hainline, late hishop of tbeMethodiat Church, baa donated 92t,OQO towards the establishment of a university at Red Wing, Minnesota, to hear his nsme. The P?v. Samuel Starr, for many years pantor of ?H. Michael's , Kpixopal church, of Trenton, New Jersey, has determined to leave his charge, and emigrate. to the West. Kev. J. P Brown, poster of the I'niveraiillat Society u Taunton, Man , ha* re*Igne<l hi* otto* u? aocoiuilul far hie ?rsaor ;vw and bis witk. A ccrre.pocdant or the Boaton Jnnmal *ay? ?I tea that the i sport of lii*h>p Ive*' poverty lia* reach wl your city, ana beta published in one or mora of your paper*' The history of Blnliop Ive* if a peculiar one He married a daughter ?f the late Bishop Hobart, and all that con cetn* that great man U held in pecallar venuration by tbe churcbe* in the middle and aouthern Btate*. Biahop Ivea probably owe* hi* elevation to the Bilhoprio o North Carolina to hi* family connection* lie ii not a string-minded man, bat one of grant amiability. He ?m t*peei?Uy ?tirrt"l by tbe ??Oxford Tract* " A new ltfe eremod to te infuaed into the KatabUslied t hnrch ?.y the Tracterian*. A regard lor the (tooraiid delicate, tin- nick and neg'.e:t*d <'l***e?, followed the*e paper*. A want no long felt among many, to makf religion a more practical thing, wm apparently realized. Or. I. wai affected. But he wa* greatly mo ed I>t hi* personal Irltnd, Kev. John Murray J'orbe*, now . Catholic clergy man <n New York, then an Kplncopal clergyman by pio fee>ir>n, though not one in reality. Or. For be* wai rec'.or of a r**peetxble church called ft t.uke'*, situated in Hudton *treet. It wi< not a fashionable church. Hi* tendency toward* Komi had been long apparent. He had In hi* church a *ort of con feiaiooal, to which peraona wf re invited, not in name, but thos>- who wiahed a peri converaati >n with him on religion. To thi* place l)l*hop Ire oft<-n went before h:a Inclination* to I'opery were manifest to the publio. H? vi'ite.l Kome ami btcamu a member of tbe Kom?n church. 111* wife re*iated for a long tune all the influence* I rough t to ben upon her. Among other mean* u*ed to win c nwirt* to the Papal cburth it an eattbliahnwnt or letrtat, to whi 'h peraon* are inrlted who hare my in clination toward* ibi* faith, or whom the faithful (eW it ! to be their especial duty to win over. To thia retreat Mr*. Ive* w:>* invited. It witan elegnnt abode. Deli- i clrna uiu*ic awoke h?r In the nioriiiig. Klegtnt and fra grant /arfeoa Uy open before her for recreation. Refined and elegant ladiea entertained her with their aoclety. The moat 'Micate and tender attention* were boatoired upon her Not one word wa* said about the Catholic faith It wa?, however, daily net before her in varioua wjya, in 'he moat attractive forma that could be devised. All that wa> repulsive wa- carefully excluded. 1 hua ahe lived while her huaband w.i* preparing to rnake hia iuhm:saion to the R>, man church, to yield up hi* Epiacopal ataff, and allow it to be Uun/ l?e*lde the altar of Home Mra Ivea waa a woman of warm and affectionate ?rm pntliie*. Hie wa* devotedly attached to her huaband, and at length yielded to the influence* of the bour. and bowed with tier huaband at the earn* altar They came back to New York ? lliahop Ive* published bia book? It fall atiilborn from the preaa. H ia allowed on all hanl* to be a feeble re i*?u* of ftie old argument* for the claim* of the Komi*h church Thia hook prove* tbal little caa be expected 'mm hi< sen. Hi* marriage for bid* hia entering the *acred calling He haa a pott of literary connection with aa Inatitn tfon Dear New York. But be baa eatnrj ne.tber poai tion nor fame by hia change But no one hera credit* the atory of hia povarty. Ilia new friends would out allow it It would be a abame to them. The connec tion* of hia wife are very wealthy, and would cheerfully aupnort them both, if ntcesaary It I* itipponei that IT lv?a i* not exactly in hia right mind lie may im ?aine he ia a great nianer, and chat mr penance ta n* ceeaary he may wear pocr and old clothe*. and ippe*r deatitnte and foraaken Bat tiiat ne ia In want, or ha* no *upport, or that he muat be. no one believta, .it leant tlioae ao aay who have the beat ineana of Lno? ing The No-th Carolina Standard af the 17th ioet. aaya ? Ibe following ia an extract from a letter of Or. Ivea, re ceived in thi* place which we publish in refutation of tbe atory going the round* of the preaa, represent ng him a? n daatitute circnm* It wat not lntend? l I y him ?' a denial of auch lepart. but merely giving tn a friend the aewa ot hia eituatloo. wheh he knc? wouM I be welcome. ? ' We ar* now pt*a<antlv situated bare on the North river, tn tha auaimer hauae of Arcbh.ahop Hnrhe Mr employment i* that of Prufeeaof of ltn?tor:r awl Pulpit hioju'-oca .n the Iheclfir.eal Seminary at for.- ham ami aa lecturer in 'wo neighboring cosvent* wh le oar mtf port ia ample ' I . I. Natakal't Ofllrt. TUA CBIMIAK KLUniVT ? A fOftUM' U.TTSJ! A I

IIOAJt Oh m'donai.o. MaKfn ?4.? f'p to the cloelng of the Mar?l>al a o/ ' 00 arreat u ad been made reapectlng the foreign eaii>l d ent Mr. MeI>onaM ca'lad at the MaraUal a o fice, and preaenting a let'er of ? hi ii tt.e fcllowiax i* a ropy ?atd la had been eent from the Mayer ? o Bee to tl .? Mar?ha for aa elncidation ? Cirv ov v a ? Toaa. Mtr t. Jl. IV.. A' ?< a M : f)oe ? i.i. |au . tf * uitaiburi >ia? I mm reqarated le leti.rnj yon ttia- InatraetioM tr* < lelt ?itb tk? 4-1 ar'a>?t,' .f poll, t with ekleti ' u ed, to ii a? their 1lll?enae In anpi roatu I!. -il|.im?i ? iffle fnw ar* ??tner??4 * Vh ia 'bta rl'y. >a l to tela ?n-fcutlwr ?arafnl i ' gniaaix a of tb? < oalai't af ??. ? ir*"lf aa I ^t h ?- c a 'Iroen whaae aam - lav* been bashed ?? ki< weratilp the Marav, *hl? a. rm:.. To" artll ratiav* i.?erae!c lr* aajr anrleaeact appearan * f ??' aa*a k) e*IHn? -# , .%?, ?f -be May r durin I U.>/ v tr tag at. .til ati ldaf alien hi* ' ..?ialoi . aa i-oaJrm-tf by th? Dlftriet Atfrn ?) ?fcl be gtvea yon. I aa, air, by t tamaod, ynnr DtetMIt aervaat A 1 IIII.I.l i K I %. M ?b? mpw.. npti >i. wa ? Te Aga-5* M-I'm. , f r.- .i H 'ihaiaahar/. at flalai n . ? Kit* N ? Yark Mr lhoaip>on. Pepaty Marahal on ?? ? t>{ tl e ?? 'e? prcBouored it a forgery, but oa ' ?g it, per tl ed 1 hat it wa* a tint i*nj??ri??t Coart? <>rniial Terra :>*t fMMM. Ma t .i "i4 - h >V. t af. act- a', jta flaeaa. K' * triai gr?uie?1. I <at* l> tk. 'a eteat < rn )-*c<.r aga uat 11 eatea Ka.?er. J.lgr ?nl.'lln .ol. ?itb f o-.t a A frad CeeewHl a<a ar <aaoal fe ga'.t Pla nt * a <*?.'* to be t> .' eat or 'he eata>. ?? be aett ?! lew .A 1 . mu.-s i *<a.Bat t-aiaael ( IK?*e^ Mew Ui?l (tt;M. f?eU to aw >4 a evaaa Cnlon *f the Jtwlth CongrtfilliHu-toaMwr Benevolent InaUtaUon. There have beta a great man/ effort* made in this city to unite tbe rar:mn> Hebrew congregation* aod * >ci*tiea in one orgjnaat.-ca fer beneroien* and ? octal purpoaea> but M far tba increment hai been ineffectual, local jealousies aod part Ma a feeling baring prerented them from coming together in aaivy. This waa much regret, ted b y the influential and wealthy IaraelitM in our midst, ?a in other countries their denomination In very perfectly organised. In ICngland, there ia a bo?rd o deputies to watch oyer tbe Interest* of the Hebrew com mcuity, while Krioce haa it* central and local coa-tia toriea, poaaes-ing great power and iniluence. In tbU country alone, thete ha? bees -trite nad misunderstand Ing unong those who claim to be Uol'a chosen people. On laut Wednesday evening, for the Gr.<t time in tht country, a meeting of the rupre*eatatire? of the rarloua Hebrew congreg ition? met to organize a benevolent in stitution to be couiuion to all Jew* but having more a. postal reference to furni.-biug meani to po>r or unfor tunate Hebrews to celebrate the forthcoming Pa-sore in a becoming manner. The meeting wa? held at tbe ra* of Her. I)r. Itapliall, la Macdougat dreet. H. I. Joeeph. Eau acting an cbairuvm, .tad He v. 8. M. I taaca an Secretary. The telluwing gentlemen were prtient ? Mr. S. f. Jotepb. Keprcaenling Shearith Israel. iter. J. J. I yon- " do do Rtr. Dr. KapLall, ?? H'nai Jeaburun Mr. f*. Sam ton . <? do do Mr. 7: Aerofteiu, ?' do do Her a. M. Uaiics, ? Sbaray TetUla Mr John. 1 Ilart, ? do do 11 Philip Lari, >< B'nai Israel " Joeepb Very ?? .Siiaray AadeeW " Kill* Joseph. " llikur Uboiun ?' 8 1'iaaer, ?? do do " leaac P?y*er, " Beth Abraham " ??Frank, '? Saaxali 8hamoyim " Ignatz Stern, " Haarelh Cbaaed '? Fedwrliu, " hbaray Uocknnn ?' Harria Arooaon 1 Nealnbeth NaleahSoc. ?' Robert I.yon, Koitor of the Atmonmn Alter transacting it'ime preliminary buaineae the fol low!** named peraona were upp .luted a committee to distribute aid to tbe poor. ? Ibe Iter. J. J. I.yona, Chairman. Weaara. H. Aroneon, Z. Uerastein, Joseph l<evy, aud Philip lovi. From the debale that occurred at the meeimg, it ap (earathat there la aulfcting ami destitution among the Jewi in thia city. It waa atated that were all the appliiaata for charity supplied, ten thnuaaii'l pounds of bread par week would be uned, aud that the moat preg nant want bat- be*n felt, arising from the hard times, and the consequent depression of buaioeaa, which of courae, falls hearieat ou tbe small pedlar* and retailera of roerebandl ?e. It waa anticipated that the committee would bit obliged *n gi\e away orer 7,000 pounds of matzotb (what - that) to the poor Hebrewa Ihe committer will meet today to commence diatri butlng ordera for relief ; they wl.l lie in aesaion during the whole of the miming, at the trustee ro-un of the 8juago?ue. ? *) Henry atreet, where tbe member* of the c immittee will t>e most happy to receire private doua tiona in aid of their pralaewortby enterprise. Maaa In lloboken. TIIKCONTIUT I'OK THK CITY OB ART Kit ? SPEKCIf KB IX KAVOK OK 1 NCOKPOK ATION , KTC., KTC. Tie property bnldera of lloboken who are ia favor of incorporating Ilobo'.en into A city, aaeerabled last ?v?o log in their Town Hell to (uataio the charter (or the election on Thursday next. About two hundred people were gathered together, .jaiU enthuaUatic in fivor u( making Hobokena city. Oa nation, Sir. Wa'.kley wax ca'.l?d to tin iu 1 Mr. Demareat wua elected aeoretar Tbe CHaiKMAH krietiy (luted tl?. oh ?ct* Uie meat ing, when Mr. T. W wn< railed .upon, and (aid? The main oppoaitioa to tb. arter ia moatlr aga>nxt the men who maj be calh ^upon to vtmlaiater thr lawa under tbla now form of government. He thought an In depend* at ptiple ahould hare no (uch feara u thia 1 while the euifrage wax in their band*. To guard igaiuat tlie in# j t frawa VV? alkw ?**? }w?k??H arm ytlur ina glx.r?(e?, that they might effectually oppoee thia InAui. Kr?n .f there waa no aueh place a* New Verk, then- ia iwon (or thin charter, for we ahould hare It for our civil rnie. Now, one Argument Againat thia chartrr la, it will increase our taxon. Now, I do not fear tbia. A< taxea iocrtaxe our property will iucreaxe. and an t.|ul talent will be returned to it in civil rule. Our unemployed labor will b? brought into n?e by thia new form of gorernment. We want to axtubllah our achooW make our lampa xhine brighter and our w.iter purer, and to do all tbia our flrat atep la toward- a 1 1 wil form of gor ernmect. The. nly evil 1 apprehend front an incorporate form of internment ia an ladilTcr-iice <n tbe part of ita electora in shooting tlieir otticerx. Bit I aui willing to rl k thia. Now, Jeraey City wanta to mairy u?, but do you want Hohohen to be (wallowed up? (Crie- of "No," " do.") Jeraey City may be tAewtiale, but we will not ke (wallowed up by her." I trunt in beaten we ahail bate 'hi* charter, and tha be^t officer* to alnnn.ater it. (I.oad applauae. ) Mr bh??!f ? 1 heaitate to addrera yon after the elo quant r>'inarka of the gentleman who baa juit left the ataod. I think tbia charter will he paaae 1 on Thqraday ne\l If tbe rote of lioftoken lx brought out Our legis lator* hare been treaeberoua, and the Senator from thlt dixtnet introduced a bill with the evident intention of defeating it: bat we will et;cr?ed in apite of them If we are true to ou~?elvea. The opponenta t*kn unfair mei?rree to defeat tbla bill, but I am confident it will be carried by an Immenae majority if we are only true our aaltea and come out aad vote on Thursday next. (Ixiud applause.) Mr. J a mix Hai.ikui waa aait called upon and aaid ? I t.n that many of my feliow cititena hare fallen into an error in regard to tbia charter Thin ia, that pro ptrty bejo?d Seventh xtreet lx to lie exemyted but tbla laa loixtake. Thia property ia only exempted Irotn fire and water tinea. I have been to Trenton to *e? tlie heuator from tliia diatrict, and he ban not aeted fairly with ua aoout It. lie aaaured me tbe charter we wanted would be paeai-d. At varioua tune, be aaxured ua it ould lie pKiaed. and when the time cornea up to vote upon tbla charter, our repreaentative Mr Hramball Cute in an amendment which we object to. Mr. itram all aub?ei|uently aaid he waa crry for thia ametd merit and it xbould be xtn:ok out in tbe Huaee, and tie would concur. It wax after* ar.!a struck out, and tb-n Mr Ilramhall, in the Senate refu?ed to concur with the Houie. I think our representative deceived u in tbix affair, and abotild be dealt with accordingly. < l/m<) applauae. ) Jon* Vaw lineman, K?q , roae and ?aid ? 1 hare a *reat intereat in lloboken. for. to u>-ethe larm of an old gen tleman who livea baca here In Hergeu "J got my born and bringisg up here " (langhter and applauae ) Now. It la (eared our taxea will be inrrwaoed by thia charter Thia la not e<>. Head it, gentle men, and if you can convince me our taiea are to be incraaaed by it I will go againtt it aa wellaaynu. Oive ua our charter an ! let >IS lake our atan^l with the other cltiea of the earth. We are aooo to lie a populoua city equal to our ala'er or the other Aide of the city ( Applauae) Many who now lire will aee tbla Now, our reprexentatire are trying to join u? to Jeraey ? "ity, and thia ia the aacret of their tio?tillty to ua. We mutt atano by ouraalraa. or nobo-.'y will xtan I by <i?. tflre ua tl ia property an I proper rirll pro taction, and wa will grow richer men, without V ai n/ thia extra tatation, aa aone fear. Oar taiee rnu?i be locreaaed -ome, but to no great extent We have ?treet< to make, pare aad clean and they n<i't lie i>aid for but you will reoelva the benefit of all thia Now, another cry la "What ate you going to do with tbla great Dumber of extra ofllcera' ' Now. lei me tell you, when we become a rity, our office re wil) not be ao an men ti? aa now, and our eoet for government will be acta illy lea. than now. I go for '.hia eharVr bee a aee it will te-pelil lloboken and I think more of Hobokeo tb m of any other ipot oo earth Then yon who want Hob?i??n benefl'ted ome op In one aoli'l phalaoi and go in for the charter, our advancement our pfogreta anrt our righla iKn'hu iaatic appiauae. ) Mr. Mrow** ? Thia charter, gentlemen, -peaka for it ?elf aad wnnta no aopport from n>e I can not imag ne Low any one cao ra^<e ti.eir roicwa againat it. I arr. n .< .? ? IN mil wan' t to proepwr I tin; lloboken to take a ataod and wben 1 p it my name npon ! tbe bre (of a betel, I doo t want tbe awper to leep | one ete nf?D me hee.. uae | ootne from lltSnkvi i taD|(i*er (n't applauxe. i We won t be irami>l? i on by ' our repre-eniai vee I feel hurt aad trvwple .n br ' our r*jte?< t.tative by hi emu'uet aid we ought ah'iw h in we w II le t (ubinit to ?u h conduct .? . i. Mr. <!'??> U>> D addra-aad the meeting adveeat'i,.' tbe 'barter n the aarne manner a- |kl Wf^km 1 P' ? ce<led him Aftav ? ;i? or two other peecba- of like tr pnr of the above, V * n>eetlng a !joura*|. Ti|i I.a-t or TMr Map- tern otrra 8o< ialivt-. fell ? III "tl 'eia t UK ? Tne aomewbat faaaoea ea'ate of "l^otik la'm .? o>d Hot ?rr, wbl- b <t one t m- eaa the hee fiiartarx of experiment aJ eotialiate who aeei trehen^eil n ).e ?neml<er? of t'.e r to- ?ty ma t a ? ?tit mea who bad b*ea fiftad by nature with all aen-e liutctnn n and who a'tcnpt*! V# form .a m-ti liititn !a tl e *?ry heart e< New Kog'aa-t whiea waa a w?r ? tb lha whole prinripie of fam lr raep>>a? b> itiee ru|(Crt ard ti?a of relatk. ah p ba pa e>t Sy c. a i t oo ealt o'.l a private nu: The pculoaop era aa I uUAdthrOpiata wl>o were e > weak tneupcx- . t ?t li(H'i of Irarxh aoeial am touil Hour. ah > New I ? i ^al? ibo*i?h tkey were cooipw^d la par'. ?? "ua mei. i n* g' d ? ea ba abo were aU a kllie tra4H e thr u; jier e'ory avt wbe ware eoDnaet*! w tb tfce ta ft a and ?ra?tr? ?a ef a ' \rge j>crti? a o' lie -ajaw i''< ? ?a i a ! ' 'S' Ml rta ' itli aci (uata. a tbe'r ?t??' t? Uo i to. tie re -r* en aobl c?l to the eitr ?r J'.?i kuiy aa (la. A? t .e dlala uvk ia ? of itt ewiij' i'' i ir. < owa heuae* tiite-.-y ??fi ?/ aa aa-^cat.'* ealx*' imtst for tbei/ m tiii." er Ian r e ni(<(fai)N as ; ye.' < ay ' >?? -tpaoe ? > ? Hrv*fc >????, ?ftl ilt Iv. m-wx ef fta? *o4. awl Ititi *i'.e?ffc> ing t Ml aa aria, ilrnl III <V> fr.r t) a aitree Tta ai'a'a eoa* <he v f ?>' tt<ih.*7 I.., KK - ?erltt. '. VW, 0 .1 W Poller Infringe iwe. IK1IIWO Vf or AN ALI.KOKD OAMBLIH0 ITOWM. Yeaterday afternoon, aergeanti I<*S?rU Md VaB Gieaon, of the iewm corps, uiiitM by ? ?<|uad of po licemen under their command, made a ileeoent up-m i* alleged gambling bnuaa kept at Wo. 97 Ce tar atreet, and arrentnl the alleged proprietor, Th >ma-> Thayer, and four men aa witneaaaa againat him. The officer* <>o entering the premtnei, nay .that the faro bank wan Id full oper ation, aurroundeit br many Individual*. The greatest oo iftialon prevailed upon the auddan entrance of th<( police, n nd many tut it? attempt* were male at eacape; one of the party wan caught running dewn at iira with the ami game keeping boxea in hi* poaaeaeioo. All partita were brought before Juatice Oaborne, at the lower Police Court, when- an examinat'on waa gone through with. Ilcaarn. Jaekaon, Ulorar, Kf pita and Kee.l mmto aftiilavita againat Thayer, charging him with keep Ing a gambling e?tabhhnnoii at the above place Thayer waa held to nail in the eirni of (1.000 to anawer the charge preferred againat him, while the other ptrtiee, who gave evulenoe againat him, were boua 1 over to ap Car aa witreaaea when called upon The examination oat down for to morrow morning at 10 o'clock CIIAKOK OF KIONAIMMNO. Jeaephin* Furreet, allaa Johanna Connolly , waa yea terday arrested by aergeant Manalleld. of the lower Polioe Caurt, charged on tha complaint of Patrick Bre tan. with having kidnapped hi* two children, Robert and Marnaret. The complainant atatea that he let*, hia children in charge of Mr. Herrtgan. of Jamaica (I. 1), and that the primmer came to the place while he wt* abaent, and took hia children away with her to New York, without either hia knowledge or comet ; au t fur ther, that the accuned had no right or prtvllnge to carry oil the infanta. The officer arrestee the priaoaer *t Maria Adam*'*, in l?onarl atreet, and after dihgeut j aenrcb found the children in an out of the way place in Kifty-llrat atreet. .loaeplnue waa brought before Juatioe ConuoHy, at the lower Police Court, wh# locked her up (or e lamination. The accuaed denle* the charge, an t aaya that the children went with her willingly and that <he did not intend to keep them cancelled from their parent. A M.FOKO HIGHWAY ROBBERY . On Krlday night, a- .lame- German of N'o. 82 Centre atre-'t, waa paaalng along Anthony atreet, in the naigb horbood of the live l'ointa, be waa attacked by feur men. who knocked bin) down and robbed him of a port" mennaie containing three dollar* in paper money and allver. lie obaerved two of the party eecaplng into an old houae m l'ark atreet (formerly known aa Cro a atreet), and cloaely obaerving the place proeeaded to the fcdxtu ward atatlon bouae, aud there gave info* mation of the robbery. Herge.iat I'ollard immediately proceeded along with the complainant to the houae Je aignated. Here tbev found two men, named Itennia Ool linn and Caerire Smith who were recognised by Oorman aa two et the paity who thereupon had attacked him a few minutee prerioualy. They were taken Into custody of the officer. and upon earch'ng them the porteinonnale aUegidtehave been taken from the ??mn plain ant waa found in their poaeeaaion C?llloa and ^ralth were fully committed for trial hy Justice Connolly on charge of robbery In the firat degree. CIIAKOK Ol PklUVI'.Y. Yeatnrdsr officer >weruej, of the l^wer Polioe f ourt, arretted oue John Weinhold, of 4ft Oak street, on a charge of |>erjury. It waa alleged by the complainant, Henry Maylnnd, tfcat the pri .oner, on the 3d Inat, mad* an affidavit against him for keeping a diaorderly bono* that in thia complaict the acouaad callad hi* place illl Oak atreet) a reaort for disorderly character* and frequented by drunkarda awl proetitutee. Mr Mnjrland now, it ap pe ra. make a cnmplaint agmnat We.nhold for periury, u afll'la v it to that ellect haa lieeo entered on file. Mr May laud declare* the atnlementa made by the priao nor on t third iuataut to be wickedly, mallotoualy and wilfully fal?e and untrue in every particular Ibe priao in- win brought before Juatice Connolly, at the Lower I'oU Court, who hald him to anawer the charge I The hanwli Hall Tnm?iljr. HtriOMI COURT? IN CIIAM11FIIS. March '2A. ? In th' mutter <>f M u rine y, Hyle, ?!?</ /.inn ? Tbe prikoner* rbarga-d a* UMlwitei to tbe murlar of Poole, were again hroi.gin up on biabra* corpui. Mr Ilevella, oo behalf of tlie aecuaeJ, aahl be *?? ready to arjua U<a n?*fii?aia M *4 kfc* ?? a<l power to raniaad them to the Coroner, <*?am?nlin{ him to prone**) ta asaartae tfce priamer* witneaea. The (Hatr<ct Attorney aifff tha' waa a ijueatlon to ari*e <>ii inandnmuit atxi not on habeaa corp'ja that hl< hon^r the .lu<!?e waa reatrained to inert ly r?m\n ting to the eurtody wht-n-e ttey came without dire-uona, If h* remanded at all. Thejurfgi- waa about to engaged at <atan?ral Term, aoil wonM ailJouiD Ibe matter over to Monday The I iatrlrt Attorney aa>d 'hat indictment i for mar der bad hern foand sffainit all the prl- nen by !h? (.rand Jury, am) be a*a*d t lu- (,.nirt f> order thrm to cloae cuitudr. The Court thought they were in r*;y *afa keeping witb the Chief of I'otlre, an I lie would let them remain there until Monday I nllnl Mtalee Dtatrlrt Court. ftefore Moo Judge II ill M AlCH 24 ? Government Clatm -In the Moitrr n) Mrmrnr and iMkeri, ? Mr. Joaeph Blunt tn>red to op>-n tie default for 16,000 uken in thla caae agalnat Clonal Jam** Monroe, formerly Commioaary for r'ubaiatau e to tlie t'nlted Mlatea ar my, and ulau for further time The iuatrlct Attorney opposed the motion 1 ba < ?urt miu! that un>'er th? cirrumatkiKeR of I'm caae i tlrtady reported) the 'frndant* nh'iuld l>e allow* 1 Uj come in ami prenent proof* to the Clerk of the Court. a* ref*rae, within thirty day*. A atuy of j.n>. *a* ling* would h* printed for f' rty daya, and if the evidence pr***ated U> the referee a prima facie i-aae that cre.l.t* which ah'iuM bare been allowed an t were not ;tUuw?<1, then a new trial would ba granted. *B*TrMit to tiib -tatk fbibon. Goiman, comtrted of pa 'ing counterfeit money we* enteneed to eighteen montba iaipriaonmenl ?f tilnf ting, and to pay a flee of Or Mr. .loarh:rti"?en thought (hat they wi.old not take priaooer* to tbe State I'rlaoo for * ie*? period than two year" The Court? That rule refer* nly to tbe .^tate Court* (oiourr'a ln<|ur?t. Pfjtm fir Pn*w>;x(. ? Coroner <> I'onrw 1! held an in rjueat upon tba body of an unknown man. who waa found drowned In tbe water at th* font of the I loan* Mraet pier. The lereaaed it app?ara, ha-i bean iri the water about two month' The Uily wa< mu b iK'im roaad. and waa clothe I iu '.lack frock coat reat and bine elotb orireoa', heaty bod*. tea cotton ahlrta with linn. ho?'>ni? From tba medical testimony of I?r 0 Hnnion, who mad* au laminatou of tbe body It appear* ? .it the de "a- ?! it I yar? o( age had brown hair, amall whiakera, wanted a front tooth in tb* upper jaw, a trua> for barota iu the left aula, and waa about fl*? feet n na mr.hea in h-dght. \ ar diet drath by drowning. Hinca writing the aboae, th? l?ody of the <W?aa?d baa b??n raeoyniaed aa Ch*rl?? Iwnny a dror?r lately h?in* at No ferenth aarnue. I>rr?iaed'< wife call"! at tba torooer'a i fdce and 1'teiitifle 1 the fxxjy ttlantatel tba* the deeeaae<! bad a large amount or mnoey ,n hi> potaai^ion wh-n Last beard of and a* noo? waa f?oa t on the body, it la auppoard that Ite m?t with foul play. PeaiBiial lntelll|geiiee. IWIVIM. Fr^wi C. fvraia. < a A?jia"..i ii <ha ?taaia?^ii n 1 aw- II 1 * >4) ami lady J * " tt a?4 lady R H?rr C Amith, C M ( roahy II W ?|.ia ]< H .i?a? ? al J c gr* moat, Mr* H ? I r ?i? t ? ll.raa roildraa aa t ?-????! ? a| ? W II II <,op. r I. J Mr ,<.k' Mr Tbltauit el laaietiia' I K J I. o". b . lh'.'ll rl*. E M liaaa II io??w. .r? Hr> M rr i aad??rtant B A rtbvtta *?'?!!? I ar I 1 t Eabr*? Ho r ? tt? aad "mi , Mr* Rankin C K*ta**H t linn i ' ? Ki ?..? I, H iMIaaaUr. o N Harlaak .?! Ia4> r f i>ak t< i J If K'atia* I liaw'i Ala* Ra| r??' t* Kaa> * II I naairfi t. Kirt>al> M ? ??k J Thanp* a, I K *rr* !? litta K h Piatt l'< Mrl ar.' II ll?4ma. J Id' r a ? A I'aykia M M CmIuI Mra H?ad aad lv rl,iM> I M r ran. J R Ir?a?ln'.n lady aad ? kill Oil- ft Ural V Mir J Km va M R .?'nibai 1 J lutaai i M. ? aa kii> rWN'rtrlaif lliif lUHt a In H I, I't J M A'lUr I. l!r">i?h J * * ' k? and ? I F. Winl'flki ttraioialMa W M^ai.l a <A> Id. *? Ad dpi. I Malkl * latpar \ It', ill. ?! II M I. ? T R-a A I. I'Wla |'(ap>!ad I I aaaidi Mia. II II M?k?. f ll Italy ari If .? <h?al?rar I* rvw. I'art ta l'na?. la tr.? fa T 'i?.?>- h J L I. a IMlPARTI lit*. Fur It ai??a aad 1 ? U.a aar ta? * ll ilaaiaablp II ? r nana- Mr Faa Rl?l.- W 1 k?r Halt-aair- V m I'ra.awrk J II Rxt'rliri llllaaai l II ll (->??<. J a hia ?? lad; a .d >k.. a I ia; ( wadrwaet '.. I ? "i Mra lira ??r t hi! d aa I ?eri ?at Mra Zefciaia aad klH I * *?ad Mr (Wpa.arw. It Ma;>rh'laa A a ? * *" pp I HrlaiM M> I ?>.r' a > i lad) ? H aad rt .a' M ? Fr edlaia, lady aad ?? ? i r . ?,?-??? ? aldwall IMUft^l fc Ra^alkai. J> .* laa/ l a'ii i. ,?>Ua W ? ?kalta- Tl ?? llirtK I f'ai fr >? M H - a aad lad; ?? A,.r".d lad; aa I a'lll *?.Mi -aa; AFt. gr p'.kaa IA.1W H lla?aa. ar.1 ti.r?a aMlif R l|.,aa- Jt ( Jaakiaa J >.?<?? I<, <-,i-d Mr# M aaa> ?r< II *.,e l?r ( aatta aid lad;. Miaa Tt r Mr 'a ? IU aa 1 ia i; J II Vard'M '? Mail' I Fiaa t a I I ? adar, I U??a Uu?.-r J ta.. .. J b Maeaer T I "ark J I W-t lag katu < M l i :'Mil raa J i.a'li.a ? Maraa ?a I .If r v ^ kr fr. I f ??a?df I. Ahal aad lady C I ra ll!,a ifMilif tef H ???a Mia a M A k;ai* k M a. ? I' " nllk ?ra It a M??a ?-..k N la ITaadMi M * la ift II ; la Ill.Vrt,. < l, ,<l aaiT|la . t, Jtm a M> Kit Ma ? kar'ea k lla i J A At*. J Sard t ar<r ti-Ml* CI C Calli?f M u.a ?, i, r lt.'t-. i I (? 'f..|?r M ?e ?t raadar J I Mewra I. FN" IT l(< t lull liii.'t fiaaial ll F-niip. iHaa.laeta HH i i Rea > ? i a leatif. II Mall RA MaO.ia Ja*.a l?> e lad; a. I Waal. Mr> J a II s .t. a J ka O. tea fc VI a i;'. ?; ? I I a. y II I ?|U ll I. ' la?la * I M ^taaa Adaa II ja Tker W F -ir ,? !?>? kiaHji M,.a K Mi.,-.., 'adr, aal '? .d AM la J ?fa4 ( f I ? ar N A i* d r W ? k- a4>? Ma i- a a??? at I II r*< It J Had aa Ma. I a' a I, 'a- A' t aad T ' i ? 1 o. i ie * arkaa n r ?,*:?; ? ? aet -a..-, ' ala t It I F. dd a a i >? M*. >aaa I to*> a Ti M ft Bra-; ? T aaaa 1 ? nil I .a A llarlw ? ? THkw.tari Tb * (. *>y aad hi Mra lla- ? - aad '?! k Idraa ' ? Wkfj ? i ?aa . R Mya r ~ ? er<' 0* 'r "? '? * ? ' k . " II ; ki ?. a M ae Jaaaa M'ea w-a ri ?a ?a.?a. M ? la Aa I Mr Bait a - ? a aaa ae? ad* ?i-a IFlal.tat. Ka.|?da ftaeaaa, t*a\'>l 1 a- aa. 'aaati a a*k?. !'? ifl t* n Jak. ' ak-a Vnla'a n IJ a*. I1 Ma* k r I M '('a" '??' ga inW ? r' . 1 -I? I* .at R*|| ?B* I ARRIVAL OF THE ?KOR?E LAff? THRfE OAYS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. Three Hundred Thousand Dollar* ia Gold Bust Received TDE PIMXCIAL PA.UC 1.1 tALimiU. WrllH, Fareu A. (o. Ke?niuf4. idai? a co. i? tic contT ?r imolvsii?v. COMMENCEMENT OF THE WET SEASON. HEW8 FROM THE MINKS. MARRIAGHS, BIRTHS AND DEATHS THE MARKETS, Ac., *o.. Ac. Hi* rtnniblp (iMrp l<?, li*ul?iiul O. V To s, V S. N., mniinian ln( , Uft Aapiuwall at l'i o'rlack a* lb* uuiriiiOf of Uw> 1 <1tt> mat., m?1 arrirM at Juar?ntia<t at 101, a'alock mnrnlnf. HIitt brlnga Urn California mail* of th? lit Kirok, ?J.17,H00 In trvaauro oa fr*i(bl, aal 'iU AtinaiwI ia lb? ? THBAhl'HK Ltn or TIK liOOHd* VUW. Pn i.l Ik Co II'W.MI Metropolitan llouk 7#, MO A. Kleh A Ilrothara 'it, 000 Weill, largo \ &0.M0 Ordtr tt.'MO lllngharo A Knytiolda IU.r>M A.tawbCo 1<V>M ltoai, I'alroDtr It <?? 4.901 Win. T. I'olrnian * Co 5, HO .lolin I'htlan, Jr 7,Mt Kllnt, I'eaboilT K Co. 8,700 Itakrr A MmfH I, (MO II llarrta A Co Wm Sal M'o 8,100 rt>aralHT? A ll<'l*?r it, MO fal?r Najlor .. J (!. W y m * n A Co 1,*W HambniKorr Rtothi-ra 3,V? H?r>rjr Mttyfoiag 'i H0 U H' ?re?Uicl U.OOO Kill* fc Nawall ?,?** ToUl TSa (iwrp U? amountofail a tmrrrr *?'* fioaa Um noithvaat en ttio Tii. 1h? at**tr?liip (iuMi-n Cat*, Allan M ?<???, Wat , roDiniamlrr, laft .-'an I'raaciaro at 10 .VU I' M , on JM lat, an<l mail* tba run to I'anama In ularon 'lay. a/1 4 lour ho'ira, running tiaia being tba purLaal lima arm ina'ta l>jr an/ xtvaaiar on tb? I'afllltr Thf following la tba ap?>ci? liatof ttia a'a.unihlp (><tilaa Cata, whi<-h )?lt an Kranclaco on tb? lit iaat*at ? Itrrifl i-atkar ft CbutcU ........ . tlO1) 0#O H. I>a?M>?f? 00,OW Luiaa, Tur??r A tV> 70,000 Walla, targ* A Co M.OOO 8. Hich k tt.OOO Hiogbam k llaj ualiji 10, M# I'lmt, laabodj A Co 10,700 W T rolmiiMii T.744 J. K M I 'bo .an *,W?4 I?. I. K/?? k Co ?????? llainburgar A Hro? S.MO J Na(iuiu 1 lo 3,100 Oiatlaa II Stryburg. .. 1,<W0 Halm A Ki. a ... * ??0 S. W. Koaanaluca Other alUtpMa *,31* Total .MM .W? Tha in ill gtaa aaar Nmnra, wttli ilataa to lb* Mb vf Kabruary from Naw Vogk, ba>l not .rriaad at sm V r u* flaro vbrn tha (lobiao Oat" latt, although tha latta* aWamar w?? d'ta'val until 4 o'clock I' M on tha 1* In ?. in at pr ft at Iain of l%p airtral of thn f'onnra. Wa ar* lnitabU4 to tha t allfotni* nt|MMN nf W?fc_ Fanfo A Co. unit I lla<aaa A <Vi f'i r fll?a of 'allforvta pap?r?. lb* out war. I panaaogarn by tha (raorgv lav vara laal aal at Aapinvall ou lb* inornlnr of the IHh ant laf% Panama, on tb? ImMm Aga, on tlia 'aula 'lay Tha lot jf lookaU for rain liad a< ma at la?t, as I tb* ? .()?( tha agneultnrlata will (am thoaaaola thay bava hiindrala by tha bank failaraa It iMNi ralna.l utaarllly for naarly forty uglit lioura, aal ;alg in* from tb' aeeounta alraa.W raoaWal ?a ara la4 ta l??*lia*a it baa MttrD'ta<1 all through California On tha l'.th, tba Sanatoria! ? ooavntkm ?4j?iirial rtnr <1 ?>, by a tote of (.1 to 44. Tkiio i?tii| la tk* minority vara principally tha fnania <?f f>r <?vta, and tha majority comprtaad whig a ami vanataa far. Unix of tka JaMtfM'. It a poaa b> an<t a?an pra lahla that baf>ra tb# eloaa of tha aaaaloa, ( <oarav lino wi'l again aaaambla, although tha woaparla if an ?Ja. tlon 'luring tba praaant ?aaaioa ar? "it raualj ramo \r. Iba na*? from Karn rlrar >? of *it aictlog i Itaraattr Tb* areovnl* fr< m tba nawly diaaovarvl digging* '"Va ?ant tba ailnara aa doing ratnarka' l? wail, ioih' taf araraglng tlO to t'JQ par ilay Tba Ua a?a for aa I*? dro ? tba naara -t point of <ilMrmbaikaU?u for lit* aiaaa ? fo down rrovlad with p??a?ng?r? ''a tba morning of tba Mth tba Ht Cba-a Hot?i u4 Mi lima a ? Ifotal, In Han kran^iaco, vata laatroya4 by firv? U.a< about l&O WO In Saaaila ?lit??a bau aa? vara burna l on tha 1 0th , ami la itoaton tvaat / l*a bai.ara vara 4*aWoya4 b? Bra on tba 'J I at. n?a Indian Iroublaa appaar to ba la-'?a- ng >? a? tan vhlta nao anl aV.ut aaraat j la ). ana '?? . i >? kM Iba or<ilnanr? aatbAruin( tha f a rnt af of tba *t? r <tabt ol ."an >'ra?'iar<. II vai/yKi, at ? p?r aaat par annam -baa p^a*a<l tb? Common Council aal nm laforatba itlatur*. Tba A>n?r1rao tbaatra, n frsariam ?ai bf tlt? fliantf for 130, i?0, a mn uurl, Ul?? |i irg aal toaV Tha aanlraraarf of U <a blitMay of ??i agVia ?aa ralatratad In Kan t'unrlfi by a (anaral traou* of tha >>r? riaparUnant, au t by appropria'a '?r?m o.a? la tba MatropoMaa thaatra TTia natlra < allfora.ana bar# b? \ aararaJ ?ar <afa la ran Franrlac- for tba pu/poaa of 'aa.t.( ? ?p la *aa> grata to Conora Tba Maripoaa i.oi < U alnr <?im|?r jr a I no-Ion Mi ?r?, baa baan ol4 by tba Hbarlll la lha naaa of li<>-la>an llark ia, o1l''*l 'ir tk< ?*jr 4ar of ? ra<lari?k OMmaa, la Hari Kr? or ???<?, tba jury '?a tar?ii ? ftHUtO* fa l'T of n analangl ??> . 'ia 'ha IVth lahrua ry, tba arbo</aar Wlatlt ?a? ap ?!>??! off fatal .ma ttmm, ???! tlirxa of bar era* vara itfOVMd, Tt.a Mint i> a ?ar ng lha tamarxl for "?l? >a f?Dy aa !><MMlb*a About ?'/'> <?*! a -lay vaa ' iraa^ o?t a*4 Xb? hi aa|> fur tba nuati an .aota to II iW ''/> Fr' m 'ba H? ath P??iBf va hxra tba ?o!l?v a# ^ >lai Val|r.rai") f?k UalUo, rab Vu'lo Ka^ fivayaijatt, Har?b X Tba aav ia ant ,?? porta at THE PIRA.triAL I RIKfK \\ (ALIFIMII. Ilir >an Kranrlvaf arr>apai,<rai?. faa fitliia?,Cii War > I ' ' ?? ' Tkt lHMa?MI Moaatary ?at*?ra >a>in!a? a aiwfa f??n-a ? aipa^H. Walla, I iffo A Cv. taaum^l pvysxat I ab ?' an' aal all v?i?ali K?<t ?f Iba braacl.'i o* ?? a lKr,aa M aot M A'tama * Oa. aaaa* 4a? far aaaM of Iaaa4raat act rap*. tat Ba' Um !? '-4.7IT, >nK ?l,lU.Vt4, t bough tba.r fa. ara a gaaaraUy a>/*a lar*4 a rary W ova, >a<t arbtovaa a? tfcatr .alabtad .aaa vitl ?aarrvly rovvtar. . taa a'? "? lb> Mtr ta MM ^Im< i tltti ka?U Un w ?? oa tb*' atp.vaa piopa-rtf Ultia aa f?t kvava ??-i*t a'air* vf ? gbt IU KtViflk'* pr |-a?'v r?f ? ?*?"> Ufa ST?,c an tl <ii ar iMk't IVrawaU banaara, Itata ap|.V4 aa Ua ba>i?Ataf tba aa-.; ??ot act, v??b to tba aat?alab?''V' of Ct*^ t/*r< aa aaabarraaa ma at a.a to U bat UmprtUf % ry tr a ? f'tiriiaftrb't th.a 4ai I ' ?pvra , .1 it ? a?j rg a# rj ta '? a ?t1 < a.?? . -a 'a ra . r j jar al < t? . aHaat frvaa :*ara* ' ???. alt Tb? gaaaial >a ?a "i{ ? r1a?t r rl? a * a ?.a b frtrall ot f*a*a, *taa?a b Oa M aaalrat a <? la naarta taa ?i f < *? I ?" -a, -taa 'rvaa Maaa a fataau a I. r<a,ai( jr at'?l ?? : whpaj it Ai'cj,, nr*. v ? A a I t'j'ur'i ? ?t ? ! t >? . *aa' faa u a ?' ?' a ????, t *?? *?par a.-a ? - 'a ? aaaa la t ? a fa! ? <? ?f tba *? ??. baaa jag b aa?r ? aa ?>.# ?av> am aaaa* tf taa fa . ?f?a< faga A *<aaa ?i 0, ? Ha* ii w i n 1 1 ?.<? a?t ra^, Nf?i ?