Newspaper of The New York Herald, 25 Mart 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 25 Mart 1855 Page 6
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Notices or Haw Publications. Danger a the Dabs: A Tali or Intusub and Pwbwcraft: By Isaac Kblso? A. Ranney.? The title of this story sufficiently expiates its object. Babidly sectarian, without the merit of literary ia genuity to palliate its extravagances of bigotry, it will fhll harmless upon the class of minds whioh it is intended to excite. Its purpose is so palpable And its execution so clumsy that the bane oarries its antidote with it. It is a pity that the interference of the Romish clergy in temporal matters should afford gronud for the exercise of the bad taste and polemical bitterness which give birth to publica tions of this sort. The fact that they find favor with any portion of onr reading public proves, if it proves anything at all, that it requires bat a small basis cf fact to balld alarmist theories upon. The History or the Hen Fkveb: A Humorous Record: By Geo. P. Burn ham? French & Co., Bjs ton ? This is an effective satire on a harmless sort of manis. The author seems to have been bitten himnlf by it, and writes nil the more pungently from the conecioucnefs cf the absurdities and extra vagan^es into which fowl fanciers are betrayed We would recommend him to try his pen on the baby fever, which is now rapidly getting to a crisfo. A work on this subject would appeal tD a wider clais of sympathies, and might prevent people from committing a great many rash acts. The Hibtory ok Connecticut: By G. Holliste*. Dnrrie k Peck, New Haven.? Tie first volume o' this interesting work has ju*t been forwarded to ns by the publishers; and, judgiog from a hasty ex amination of its contents, it appears to be one of the most valuable contributions to our stock of histori cal memorials that have for many years emanated from the American press. It is from materials such ss these that the history of this great common wealth will be compiled by future historians; and we therefore witness with gratification the suooes nive accumulation of records whioh will p res ant the story of our progress in a faithful and instructive light. The volume is illustrated with engraved portraits of some of the most distinguished of the Connecticut worthies, and is highly creditable to the taste and enterprise of the New Haven press. COBAS DE E8PANAS, OR GoiNQ TO MADRID VIA Barcelona.? The charming papers which, under this title, imparted bo much pleasure to the readers of Putnam's Magazine, have been published by Red field in a collected form, and will, we have no doubt, attain a wide cir culation. Few wt iters possess the talent of invest ing old subjects with a fresh interest, or of detect' ing at a glance the humorous features of new ones, in so high a degree as the author of these amusing literary trifles. Harpers' Statistical Gazetteer of the World : ByJ. Calvin Smith ? In comprehensiveness of plan, conscientiousness of detail, and compactness of form, no gazetteer that has as yet been published can be at all compared with this valuable publica tion. It has the advantage of combining, with a careful collation from all the best existing authori ties, the resnlts of the last cencusses of the different countries, which, from the improved form in which they were taken, furnish a vast amount of car. rect statistical data not accessible to earlier com pilers. It contains a larger amount of valuable Information for the low prioe at whioh it is sold, than any work of a similar charaoter that we have met with. The Law of Fixtures, by Amos & Ferrard : Becond edition.? Banks, Gould & Co., New York. ? This it an old and a very well considered book, re published from the original English edition, with notes by Mr. Hogan. Whether it is improved by introducing into it the achievements of the Revolu tion. or ca'culationa as to the valus of the Union itself, is a matter of taste. The American Law Register? Philadelphia. The March number ot this periodical contains a good opinion of Bel don, J., in the Court of Appeals of the State of New York, in the case of Burwell vs. Jackson, as to what constitutes " a good and sufficient deed of conveyance." Also the case of Davidson vs. Graham, in tbe Supreme Ccnrt of the Sta'e of Ohio, on the liabilities of common car riers; together with the case cf Yendo vs. Wheel er, when Judge Wheeler decided that in Texas, as well as in the State of New York, where land is sold for taxes it is necessary that every pre requisite in tbe statute should be strictly complied with; otherwise the purchaser under the tax sale will take no title. The reader will also find in it a collection of legal principles and articles on the lia bilities of lodging house keepers. Upon the whole, the present is what may be called a good number. In the announcements of new books, we per ceive one under the exciting title of " Startling Developements, or the Mjsteries and Miseries of San Francisco," published by Garrett & Co., of Ann street. Mr. Lomas is, we understand, preparing a history of Louis Napoleon's career whilst resident In this country, whioh, from the in terest which attaches to everything connected with that remarkable man, will be read with extreme curiosity. Mr. Ix>mas had so many personal oppor tunities of acquainting himself with the conduct and opinions of the French Emperor while here, that be cannot fail to justify the expectations that are formed of his Vook. Mrs. Stowe's new book, " The Majflower,'' will not be ready before the 7th of next month. The publishers are PhlUlpps, Samp, son & Co., of B:aton. Amongst the piles of new music which we conti nue to leceive, we find a very pretty ballad, conn poaed by Madame Julie Pettlgrew, to words by Korner. Dodworth's new series of "Gems From the Ball Room" comprise a number of charming no velties by Appy, Harvey Dodvorth, Miss Sarah Howaid, and otners. Tlir Mortality on Board the V. 8. Ship Co lombia, at Norfolk. t". S. Ship Colchwji, Norfolk, March 22, 1856. Ori% iTi and Progrtu of the IH$ra*e? .\amt4 of the De ceased Men. Ai rainy of the friend* of the ofllcera and crew of thia ?hip may be anxiou* to hear a true account of the *ick oea co hoard, I will endeavour in aa few worda a* poa aihle tc gire it. We have loat,.up to thi* time, nine men, nnd have now twenty ram and one > Ulcer tn the bnapital with the dl* ease. The flrat man died at Et. Thomax, (W. I.,) on the 2flth February, and the la?t one on the 20th inatant. Aa aoon a* the di#eaee wan aacertnined to be the black vomit, the ?hip wn* got underweigh, and after cruialng (unnece* ?arily) three daya off th* inland, ber head *?? turned for the north, but with lingular want of decialon waa kept under eaoy -ail ana iteered for no particular port, untl'. a few day* before our arrival at tbia place. The object in coming north, waa to get Into cold weather aa ?^eedilj a? poaalble, .ind thereby check the progre** of The kliipia undoubtedly Infected with the diaaaae, and the health of the crew much enervated by upendinatwo aummera in the moat unhealthy port ion a of the Weet | Indian atatlon . all in keeping with the uaaal policy of i the department, which ha* reanlted In the loaa of one stoop aad the livea of many good men from the fatal econrge of the tropica. The following ia the lint of men who died oa board ? Feb* . 26, William Bntler, ordinary aeaman. '? 29. .John Smith, marina; llenry Drown, do. March 2. John Dnnheney. marine 11 14. Daniel CoIMa*. ahip'a corporal. " 1A, Aufuxtaa B. lathrop, ordinary neaman. ?' 1A, Thorn a* Dor an, do. " 19. Peth Parker, lan ''am an. " 20 Name not yet known, marine. ' V ,ey other* that have been attaeked with the dUeaae ? axe sow ronvaleacent. It woald be the height of folly 1 to eeod thi* -hip to eea again thla ?ummer, and with thiii crew OORWWONDKNT. | Newa from T ample?. By 'he arrival of the achooner Mary Caroline. Capt. Wocloogli&m, from Tampieo. or "aanta Anna de Tamau llpaa," a* It U'how propueed It ahould be called, we have InU fi'.aa of paper* to the 7th iaat. lb* ''omrrr?} 4e Santa <U lamautipat pub'Uhe* a cir cular from the Director tJeneral of Impoata, eipiaining that V'ae Supreme (levernment ha* decided that aualln* of ?U claeaea aad colon, if of not more than one yard ia ? id'. V pri.rtled that they be worked or embroidere?l ia part, a>e liable In aa import duty of ten cent* a yard, under the tariff ef th* drat of Jane. 1I5J. The Wttr ?r>vern merit of th* Department, Oea. Vega, waa ??Viaj ? toor through the northern pert of it. A itCtt* W pubhahe* order* there convicted of a rep* t-'tien of the pflfcace* of carryiag prohibited waapoaa or lollictiac allcbt wounci. to be aanUaced to **rve ia the traxf for aet le?* than three year- aor mora than Ave; ? ad la tafWnee* for thl* pnrpoee, to work on the yriM *r ihe *eapita* luc a kiMiiar ponoa .New 4 key***, Jtarvft W. Tht?li1f?l and Miulfl On Monday evening there will be no operatic perform ance by the Italian company at the Academy of Manic, as it haa barn secured bj the I ight Unard. to be used for their grand plain and fancy dress ball. Accordingly, the second reprencntation of "Maria di Rohaa" is postponed until Wednesday evening nsxt, when it wiltlb* performed, with Slgnora Stetfenone, Sigoora VeetTali and Signon Had iali and Bolcioni in the leading roiet. At Nibln's Garden Yon Weber'* beautiful romantic opera, entitled "Der FreUchut*," which, though announced, wai not *ung lad n>gbt, will be rendered on Tuesday evening by the talented corps of Cerman artists. At all the other places of amusement excellent pro gramme! are provided for their patrona, Mr. Kdwin Forrest, the American tragedian aided by Mr Conway, Mme. Poniai, and other member* of the dock company, will givo ilia impersonation of "OthellV again to morrow evening at the Broadway Theatre. Mr. Davidge and Mils J (iougenhelm are also to apptar in the spirited farca of the "Good for Nothing " At tl>? Bowery Theatro, Mr. E. Kddy, who haa just re turned from a starring tour in some of the neighboring State*, haviDg together with Mr. R Johnston, b?en en gaged for a limited perioi, will make his first appear ance to-moriow evening in the character tif ?? Hamlet." An entirely new drama, in three acta, called tho "Ava lanche,'' which has teen a very long time in prepara tion, will likewise be played lor the first time. The new comedian, Mr. Harry Hall, will make hU third appearance in America to morrow evening, at Burton's Theatre, aa Dennis Brulgruddery, in Colman'a capital and int? resting comedy of "John Bull" Mr. Burton himself wiil appear in two of hii great parts, namely, as Job Thornberry. in the above mentioned piece, and as Jim Bag* in tlie " Wandering Minstrel," with his lamentable and gTiel-tnsplring p ong of " Villi klisnndhis Dinah." Mr. John lister, the indefatigable and judicious ma nager of Wallack's Theatre, announces the production of Colly Cibber's celebrated comedy of "She Would ?nd She Would Not," with new costumes, tctnery, 4c. The cast embraces the names of Mesdames Hoey, Stephens, Brougham, Conover, and Metara. Blake, Letter, Brough am, und Dyott. The late successful farce of "My Sister Kate" will also be enacted. At the Museum, two pieces, "Truth," and the "Se cret.1' will be played in the afternoon and Iavell's beau tiful play of "Love's Sacrifice" in the evening. There ia a change of performances at nil the Ethiopian opera houeos for next week The burlesque of "Black Blunders" will be given at Wood's. Buckleys' popular company will bring out a new opera, a burlesque on Donizetti's "L Eliaire d'Amore," in addition to a splen did programme of African melodies and comicalities. At I'erhtm's a new muaical farca cabled "Aunt Dinah's Cabin" will be performed, with the Chinese acrobats and the Black Swan. Kkmaiks ov Sontac. ? The Londen Mtuical World gives a letter add re sed by Count Kossi (husband of the late Madame Sontag) to a friend at i'ari*, i which he deeply laments his bereavement, and addt;: ? "I am waiting for the arrival at Hamburg of her dear mortal remains, in order to go there and meet them. I aball then accompany them to their last resting place, in the Convent of Maria Jhal, near Dresden, where her sister is a nun, and where, in consequence, the holy frayers of those who lovei her moat will not be wanting. am having a small chapel built there, with two tombs, and, after sati fyiDg thin wish of my heart, I will return to my family." At the Italian theatre at Madrid, a few weeks ago, wbile two of the principal cantatricea, Mesdames Graz zinapa and Nanthier-IHaice, were sinking a duo in the se cond act of "oapho," the veil of the latter caught fire at one of tho foot lighta, and in an instant she was sur rounded with flamen. At this moment the two were clarped in each other' : arms; and Madame Graz zinaga instead of taking to flight pressed the other still closer to her, in the hope of extinguishing the confla gration. But in the attempt her cwn dress caught fire. The perion:i behind the scenes rushed to the assistance of the two ladies, and the curtain wa.> lowered amidst the profound emotion of the audienco. Presently the *tat<e manager appeared, and announced that neither lady had sustained any serious injury. The Turf. GBOKOIA HACKS. Coli'Mbus? Third Dat, March 8.? Club purse $i()0, two mile fceats. W. t. Cheatham entered s. h. Highlander, bj Glencoe, dam Castanette, by Monarch, 6 years m 8 1 1 Thou. ( ? . Mere entered Maid of Orleans, by Be tbune, out of Alice Carneal. 5 years old 1 2 S B. Kasley entered ch. e. lookout, by Chieftain, dam by Shamrock, 3 Tears old 244 J?hn Campbell entered ch. filly, by Wagner, dam by TYanby, 3 years old 4 4 4 Time, 3:51?3 :41? 3-44.* . Pint Heat. ? The hones started, Maid of Orleans In the lead as usual, followed by Lookout, Highlander, and the Wagner fllly. As they passed the half mile fla?, Lookout passed Highlander, and cloeely pressed the Maid round the track, followed by Highlander and the Wagner fllly; the Maid, however, keeping the lead, and winning the heat. Second Heat. ? After an intermission of twenty minutes, all the horses came up to the scratch again" the Maid leading two lengths, closely followed by Lookout, the Wagner fllly ana Highlander. These respective positions were kept rnuud the first mile, and until they reached the quarter ntrctch on the eecon I, when the rider of Highlander applied the spur and whip vigorously, passed Lookout, locked the Maid, and patted out two length* ahead, winning tlie heat. J hird Heat.? At the tap of the drum the Maid again got the lead, followed closely by Highlander, lookout, and the Wagner fllly. Highlander passed the Maid on the second quarter of the second round; the Wagner fllly following closely on bis heels. ForRTH Dat, March 9. ? Purse 9450, three mile heats. Theie were three entries for this day? two of which having been withdrawn, Col. Campbell's Mary Taylor appeared, and there beintr no competitors, galloped around the track and took the purse. Quite a spirited and interesting race subsequently eame off, between T. 0. Goldsby's Rough and Ready and Col. B Easly's Migo? mile heats, best two in three ? for a club purse of $100, which was won by the former in two straight heats. Time, 1 :49? 1 -51 . Columiiith ? Fiith Day, March 10 Joskey Club purte $750 ? entrance ?40? four mile heats. John Campbell's b. m. Marv Taylor, 6 years old, by Sovereign, dam Clara Howard, by Barefoot. . 1 1 T. O. Mere's ch. c. Henry, 3 years old, by imported Glencoe, ont of Muiadora. by Medos 2 2 A. Cheatham's b. b. Griff idmondson, 4 years old, by Chlkle Haroll, dam Mary Kili/.abeth 3 dis Time, 7:44? 7 46. Firtt Ural. ? The inside track was won by Mary Tay lor, but at the first dash Henry gained it, toUowod close ly by Mary laylor? Griff Edmondson some distance in the rear. In this position, the first mile was msde in two minutes. On the second quarter, Mary Taylor locked Henry and passed him at the half mile flag. She kept her lead tonnd the second mile, which was run in 1:61, passing out two lengths ahead ? Griff Edmondson still in the rear. This relative position was kept round the third mile, which was made in 1 53. On the fourth mile, Griff Edmondson whipped up and made a desperate struggle for the race, but failed. The mare and colt kept their relative position? the mare winning by two lengths, making tbe fourth mile in two minutes, and the heat In 7 44. Griff Edmondson came in lame, but bis backers were still willing to bet on him. even against the field. Hitherto he had been the favorite, andliad been pitted against the field, at four to one. Seamd Heal ? Henry again got the start and guined the inner truck, and was closely pushed for the first quarter by Griff Kcmondson. It soon became evident, however, that Griff was not himself, as he fell back nfter locking Ilenry. and was panned by Mary Tayler, who locked Henry at the half mile flag, but immediately fell back, and kept close on the h*els of the horse, passing round the first mile in 1:65. The second and third miles were made without change Of position, in 1:64 and 1:54. At the clo-e of the first quarter of the fourth mile Mary Taylor passed Henry, and kept the lead until the lust quarter wan reached, when Henry made a desperate effort to lead her by taking the inner truck, which was prevented by the rider of Mary T ?ylor reining his horse clo?e to tbe inner ruiling. thereby breaking his gait. "Hie fourth mile was made in 2:02, and the heat in 7:46, Griff Edmondson was distanced, and came In very lame in his fore foot . Skoond Race.? Proprietor's purse $100 ? $25 entrance added ? two mile heats, free for all horres that have not won a raee. Maj. Easley entered Sligo. by Chieftain, dam by Nasronib. 4 years old 1 1 T. Wood folk entered b. c. by Steel, dam Vixen, by Bertrand. 3 years old 2dr. Time. 3:55?3:40. BADTOMn Cor MB, March 17 ? Sweepstakes for three year olds, Rile heats, $250 entrance, $100 forfeit. Cspt. Minor's ch. c. Vandyke, full brother to verifier 1 Col. John Campbell's ch. f. by imported Glencoe. dam by Cub 2 Mr. 8. Hunter's ch. f. by Margrave, d im by Man gel, by Wild Bill pd. ft Time. 1:5a- 1:62. TEBMOMT RACtf? ON THE ICB. A trotting match between two two year old colts, one a Morgan and the other a Black Hawk, came off on the ice at llurlington. VI, on Wednesday, 22d inst Tlie Black Hawk won the race, taking the two last heats. The race was mile heats. Tlie time msde wa- good for such youngsters. The following i? a summary ? Mr. Myrick named Black Hawk colt 2 11 Mr. McN'assar named Morgan colt 1 2 2 Time. 3 2'J? 3:15 ? last beat not taken. RACER OS THE ICB. Co stx>?r), (N. H.) March 15.? A match took place on I rug l'ond. on time, between Mr. Richmond Smith's horse Fennaeuok, and Mr. Downs', of the American House, (John (?ass's) Ligbtfoot. the blnnt posted was $100, with any sum that could be named at issue, eutalde, be cause there wae only one traek. Tbe match came off on time. Pen uacook made tbe mile in 2 4S, and IJghtfoot in 2 49. Itoth are good ones, and time may have been in default in tbe difference ? fiotton Daily Mail. PACINO AHD TROTTINO AT SPtiyOPOHT? T1IKKB DATE RACBS OK THI ICB. First Dat.? Purse, $25, open for green boreee? Ave entnet^ ? Ktrit heat, all bead and head when they reach ed the half mile pole? all broke together and run to the w,rf started. aU of which were ds eided dead brats, and the purse fell to the club. ~ best three In Ave, in harness. 1 12 3 1 t II r ( Swamp Uob'.n 3 3 112 J. Ilooglini) * b m. Jia?, ......,..,,,,,,.2 2 2 3 d i ?a 41? i:#4-l-'2 36. ~ Wi^Tfy "."'H th* r*c* bT four feet, owing K. C. Bulges' br s. L 8t. 1 1 wrence 222 Time ? S JA? 117? a io. ?Ay on 1, (X. r.) Herald, March i?. t.OCIRI AM ftACBB* For the benefit ef our frwmds at a distance we bsve wMtfelsgtoeay m rwlatwa te Uie pooepeet of saner ra?4*| here, vfeM* ire lev* uf?a u MWtuaftaf U4m4L The Ant greet event will take place about the lit of April. Ibe ruo?u<l Lexington ia matched for $30,000 to tun four mtleaas fMt a* any bona baa ever accom C!i*h?d thin 'listener; sad tbi.i, too, with 7 20 staring ia owner fulHq the face. Ike rl|?ln awttol will commence on Man lay, 0th April, ana eentlnne throughout the week Thero are, however, some fin* stakes to be run for tbe Utter part of the week prevtooi. The feature of tbe msetin* will be reserved for Saturday, 14th April, wnen the cham pions, 1-eeomte and Lexington, will break lance* nt four mile bent* That thU conteet will certainly come oB we can promise with as much certainty an any event which haw not already traaipired, and our friend* up country may rent assured that we are not reckoning without our hott. Tbe latent account* from theae horn** givx ai?u ranee of the health, vigor, and well doing of both. The exciting scene* of lait spring are ouce mure to os enacted, and we look forward with particular anxiety to the great event, knowing that we shall be called upon to record the belt race ever run in the world ? Neto Orleani Picayune, March 11. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. bout market. Saturday, March 24 -6 P.M. Tbe stock market remains without mater 111 al teration. At tbe opening, this morning, consider able disappointment wts manifesto i at the pro longed abience of the Atlantic, and very little dis position was exhibited to operate. Prices were, under the circumstances, very well sustained. Illi nois Internal Improvement stoek advanced 1 per cent ; New York Central 7's, i ; Michigan Central Railroad, j; Inoiana Construction, i ; Cleveland, Columbus snd Cincinnati, ?. Delaware and Hudson fell ofl' i per cent ; Galena and Chicago, 1. Mis souii ti's, amounting to $100,000, were sold this moratog, principa'ly c n time, buyer's option. Vir ginia 6's were active. Railroad bonds were not in much demand. Eiie, Reading and Cumberland ?weie the favorites to-day at the board. They opened and closed firm at our quotations. At tbe second board the market was steady, bat the transactions were not large. Cumberland de' c'incd i per cent ; Hudson River Railroad, &. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's of. flee to day, were as follows:? Paid on Treasury account Received do. 149.684 60 B.S do 4,861,533 09 Paid for A may office account 1,?? 34 Paid on distributing cheeki 131,271 1? Total balance to credit of A?say offlce-and disbursing account* $9,177, 957 bo Oi tho receipts to-day $67,500 was in California drafts, and $60,000 in coin lrom Buffalo. The Bank of the Commonwealth has declared a semi annual dividend oi three and one-half per cent. Tbe steamship George Law, at this port from Aspinwall, brings three days later intelligence from California. Tbe news is full as favorable as could have been anticipated, after the lapse of such a short time. Tbe firm of Wells, Fargo & Co. had resumed, and it was expected that in a few days Page, Baoon & Co. would follow suit. Adams A Co. bad gone into the insolvents' court, and would wind up. We give in another part of this day's paper, statements showing tbe assets and liabilities of the different suspended bouses. The rains had com menced, and the excitement growing out of that long looked for event, would, without doubt, absorb all others, and turn the current of the public mind into more favorable cbannels. When the steamer left the rain had been coming down two days. An immense qianttty of dirt had been prepared for washing, as soon as the rain commence!, and it was the impression in the mining districts that the yield would be enormous as soon as the proper facilities were provided by nature. Tbe anthracite coal tonnage the past week has been quite active. There was brought down over the Heading Railroad, for the week ending on Thurs day, 41,679 tons, making for the season 417,898 tons, against 361,663 tons to tbe Bame time last year. By the Schnylklll Navigation Company for the week, there were shipped 18,861 tons, making for the season 28,938 tons, against 33,646 tons to the same time last year. Tne Boston Telegraph of the 23d lnst. says:? There i* a very fair demand for the solid itockit, but tbe tendency 1m gradually leaning towards tbe low priced securities, which afford ample margins for a large im provement tbe moment a speculative spirit shall pervade the market. Among thefe,land stock* are the most popu lar. is they have a reliable valne which eannot fade oat, a ail the price* or them generally are now much below the current value a year since, an! notjlargely advanced above the lowest points of depresiion. Cary Improve ment Company (Chelsea) ha* advanced to 8 bid, and the shares are very scarce. This compiny will undoubtedly make a land dividend of $3 per ibare, which will have an intluence to advance the stock still farther. The an nual meeting is to be held in this city April 3. Tbe At lantic W ha rr Co. bare already declared a land dividend of t'2 per share, payable May 21, to holders of itock May 15, and also a stock dividend of fi per cent, (2$ cent* per share), payable lit of April, both of which are included in the present market value, 31; per (hare. The Edge worth Company have sold tbe old tube workj, located on their property, to a new company, who contemplate ea tahliihios a factoiy, probably to make linen, which will employ 300 to 400 operative*, and cause a large demand for houses and building lot*. Several other factories are also located at Fdge worth, one of which for tbe manu facture of rubbers will extend their work* shortly The Waverly Company are trying for an act of Incorporation, which it i* hoped the Legislature will grant, ai'there ia no good reason why they should not. Block Eirhuiire. S*n kdat, Mmreh 24, 1966. $3,000111 Im lit of '47 94 % 100 *lisCumbCl..ii60 33X ? -- 100 ? -- 6,000 la State 6*. . . H.'i 16,000 Va 3 96,% 475 13,000 do b7 MX 100 30,000 Mo ?'? b3 94 >4 " 20,000 do 94% 20,000 do b30 94% 20,000 94% 10,000 do b30 94 % 1,000 Har let mt bd 94 2 000 Erie bd?of '83 93? I 3,000 do 94* 100 16,000 Erie b of '75. *3 87%' 6 6,000 do b7 87 X - ,<><?? Hud R 3d mt b 77 1 2,000 Hud Convbac 77% aoo 9,000 111 CenRK b b3 82% 1C0 26,600 do 82 % 1(0 do.,....ntt0 33,% do 33% do b7 83% 100 do bOO 34 94% 421 N Y Ceo RR 93% 60 Clev ft Tole RR.c 77 % 20 lial k Chi RR . . . 96 30 do 94 300 Erie RR a3 4*',' 180 do s3 48 '4 do b7 48 % do 48 do bbO 48% do b7 48 X do nflO 48 do blO 48 X do b60 48 X 8,000 n C RR F'ld b* 73X 150 Reading KR. b30 83X 60 160 300 10,000 do.... b30 74 2,600 NY Cent 7'?.. 101 X *00 600 do 101 4C0 20.600 City 6 '? '76 .. 97 b 1-bn Hk of Amer. . 115 10 S. & leather Bk. 101X 45 Del k 11 Can Co.. 123 X 30 Coot ?al Ins Co. . . 100 6 Park Inn Co 85 50 Ctry Imp't Co. . . 8 26 NIc Tran Co..b30 17 175 do 16% 10 Penn Coal Co. ,b3 100 600 Cumb Coal Civ . . 33 % R3% do *3 do *3 83 X do b30 83 X K)0 do *3 83X 250 Had Hirer R.b?0 43 100 do b30 42X 100 do ' 10 Mich On RR... 20 do 24 Mich South RR 55 Panama RR. ... 16 .V Indiana Coo.. 1 00 111 Cent RR... *3 97X 19 Clev, C k Cio RR 107 42>, HO V 81 92 103 8ft BKCONI) BOARD. $6000 la SUte 6'*.. . 84% f>0 Rru 1000 do MX 10<? N Y Cen RR..W 93 60O0 trie Cob B*'62 91 50 Erie RR alO 48% 10000 hriebd of '76 *3 H7% 4600 N York Cen"'* 101 26 *h* Contloeo'lBk 104X 200 Nio Tr Co . . . bftO 17 100 fdo *10 16% 1(0 do 167,' lOO do 16% 60 Penoa Coal Co b3 105% 200 Cum Coal Co.b60 33% 200 do 33>,' 50 do 38 X lOO do b3 33% ICO do *00 MX 100 do a3 48 ICO do b3 48% 20O do a3 48% 16 Mich Cen RR ... 81 lONorth'n la RR.. 92 30 Ind Construction 88 7 Mich Soth'n RR. 92% 50 111 Cen RR ?3 97% 20 Cler, C k ?n RB 107 6 Hudnon Riv RR. 42 100 Reading BR.. b?0 84 250 do 930 83% CITY TR4DE REPORT. Sattrday. Marth 24? 0 P. M. Ahhw n?re -niiet, without change in price*. Iliunrnw ? Hour? There continued to be n fair de mand for the loeal and eastern trade. The mien em braced 1 000 ? 7000 bb.-<., including common to good straight brand* at $8 87 a $1' 25, $9 31 a 99 76 for com mon to good Wfitern. Included in the transaction* there were about 2000 bli for export, Canadian brand* were moderately active, with xalen of about 2000 bble. at $9 25 a $10 60 for common to extra brand*. The aale* of houthern were to the exteot^of about 1500 bble at $0 12 a $9 76 for common to good brand*. and $9 87 a $10 87 for fancy to extra. Rye flour eold to the extent of 700 bble. at $6 26 a $6 50 for fine, and $7 50 for inper fine. Corn meal w u a *hade firmer, with aale* of 160 bbl*. .tereey, at $4 25, Wheat? The market wax c|ulet white (tenetee wan held at $2 70; Southern do. at $2 25 , a $2 38. Rye wa* held at $1 30 a $1 ?6 for Jereer and North River. Corn opened firm and active. The aale* fooled up about 80,000 a A6.000 buaheU at 98c. a 0?%c. for Southern white, end 99a. a $1 for Jeraey yellow, and 1 10.000 huahela Weetero mixed from (tore, were eold on private terms, auppoxed to be at about $1. Oat< were unchanged Co?rxr - The market wax rather quiet, but pricen were Arm Sale* of 100 bag* at 11 %e.; 200 do on private I term*, and 60 half bale* Mocha at 14>,e a 16c. Cottoji.? The market continued 6rra. though the ab- 1 aence cl the Atlantic'* new* bed the eBect of checking ?ale*, which * mounted to 1,000 hale* FenoirfH ? Kcgagment* were mo*>lr at a atand. owinr to the detention of the ateamer. To Liverpool, 6,000 buahel* eoeo were engaged at 3%d , io ahip'i bag*, and *irall lota of eotton at 5-3'M a 3-lftd. , compreeod and uncwtnpreeeed. To I on lo*. 26 bale* hair were taken at | 20*. TO Bremen, 40 bale* mttoti were engaged at %e ; 80 bble b< ney at 3%ft., and 1, '200 keg* raUin* at 22*. fid To Hamburg, 1,000 ibe. bone at %e. per lb ; 1,000 I be. menufartured tobacco at 27*. 64. per tea. and 7,000 ration* boner at Te per gallon Rate* to Ilavr* w?r* | bsctianeee. with ? ttjyMM Te Uaii/etma, | they vaiied fio? $0c. ft 3*c per feet MKinowt Kaiir ? About 1,000 boxes bunch ntietns w*r* mU on private term*. Other fruit* were unchanged. Hay ? Sato* of 400 a 600 b*l*a wore reported at about 84 cent*. Iron ?Salt* of 400 Ion* Sootch pig ware mad* at 927 50 a *48; on small lots price* varied from '29c. a 32c. Limk.? Come on wa* ?t $1, and lurnt at tl 12>i . MoLAtwim.? 'I he sales included 22hhd*. clave 1 Cuba at 22c , and about 5(0 bbU. New Orleani at 24c , 20c. to 27 ctnte. Naval Stoker were quiet and price* without change of moment. Oils. ? There wai no change to notlz* of moment In

price*, and sale* were moderate. i'ROViiuojiM ? l'ork ? The market vai without anima tion, while prices were hteady. The sales embracwl 4u0 a MX) bbU. at 914 31 a 914 37 for old mefs; $16 for thin menu, tlh for new men*, aud 914 25 for new prime. Beef wm tn fair ieque?t, with sales of 300 bbU , at $9 a 911 SO for country. Cutmeate were steady, at ??,. a 9c for hams, nod H}{c a 7c. for shoulder*. Lard ? l'he ?alee included o00 bbl*., at ftj^c a 9J?c , and 000 kejs at lC>ic. h 11c. Cheeae and butter were unchanged. Rica ? The market baa been very active during the week, and prices have improved about a %c. per lb, To t'ap the article w*s again active, and the sales reached 700 caak>- at iyto. a5},'c., part of which wa* cn Southern account Ti>e market cloaed firm, with an improving tendency in price*. Sriem.? 8alea ofTCft hag- pimenta were made at 13t?3.; 58 bag-; pepper at 11J??* a ll%c., and 100 caak* nut megs at 91. St oak. ? The market was steady, with a fair amount af Hale*. About M0 hbda. Cuba were aoid at 4>?c. a 5;,c ; and 3( 0 a 400 co. New Orleans at 4?, c a 5)?c. WiiutKEY.? The aalea included about 300 bbla. State prison at 31>^c. a 31c Wool? Fates are leported tnla week of 150,000 lb*, fleece and pulled woola at about last week's rates, fully up to cur quotations. In foreign there hit* been more inquiry, and we notice sulett of 150 bales unwaahed Mestizo at 13c to 14c., t-ix months, and 75 balea Buenos Ayres washed about 13c., on time. There haa been a fair in quiry for moat kinds, and the market U a shade better. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. DlMAHClAk a irinri nfifl -money to loan on diamond?, ?JP?JUU.V vU. watch*.1* and jewelry, dry good?, samara aud other pcr*onal property ; or bought tor cash. Good city stocks,* aud morttagoi, bill* of exchange, Ao., negotiated. Business confidential and promptly executed, at 102 Nassau itreet, room No. 2, second floor. THOMPSON A CO., Brokers and Commission Merchant*. AAA TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, iJPi-uU.Ul/l/ jewels or other valuables, in any requir ed auma for ahurt periods, at the City Loan Office, 73 Nassau street, rear building, sseond floor, room No. 2. Office pri vate and interviews confidential. (I >f)C non ? MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON ?^W.uuU. diamond*, watehes, jewelry, merchan dise, gun*, pistol*, Ac., er bought for caab. Business confi dential and sale. Apply at the Loan Office, 237 Grand ?treet, corner of Bowery, aecond floor N. B WOOLLEY nnn 94,000, 92,SOO, 91,. WO, 91,000 TO LOAN ON ?]p I iUUU, bond and mertgage, on improved city pro perty. Also one sum of #20,000, Ac.; 913.000 on stores in lower part of the city. Apply to S. S. HIKER, ISO Nassau (treet. BROKEN BANK BILLS BOUUMT.? THE HIGHEST price paid, in gold, tor brokeu bank money. Other un current fnnds, foreign gold and silver, bought aud sold. Sight drafts on Eugland, Ireland and Scotland for sale by JAMES M. TAYLOR, lti9 Chatham square, corner James street. .V B.? Knickerbocker Savings' Bank hooka bought. C1A9H LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON HOUSEHOLD J fnrniture, piano forte*, watehe*, diamond*, ailver ware, fire arms, naatioal instrument*, orperioual property of any description, left to be sold at auction, or the highest cast price pai* for tbe above at the auction store 2ti Catherine at. McCAFFBAY A WALTERS. CASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT, OR PUR cbaaed at sight, diamonds, watohe*, rioh jewelry, and valuable personal property generally. R. WOOD, 69 Fulton stroct, second floor, front room, trom 9 A. M to 4 1'. M. Money to loan.? persons requiring tempo rary advances on real estate, diamonds, watchea, jewel ry, furniture, pinnofortea, spirits, Ac., in bond, horses, car riage*, or other personal property, accommodated on liberal terms, promptness and confidence in all ca*e?, at the Empire Loan and Agency Offioe, 321 Broadway. North Carolina six per cent state stocks. ?Treasury Department, Raleigh, N. C., March 11 MS.? Sealed sropoaala will be received at this office until 10 o'clock A. M of tho 14th of April next, for the purehaa* of ore million dollara in bond*, runniug thirty years. Tness bond* are i**ued by the State of North Carolina for the construction of the North Carolina Railroad; and in addi tion to the faith ot the State, all the stock held by the State in said road, and tbe dividends arising from said stock, are Sledged tor their redemption. They will bear date the rat day of April, 18S6, and will have ooupone attached for the Interest at aix ler cent per annum, payable tbe first davsof April and Octoner in each year. Both interest and principal will be payable at the Bank ot the Republic, in tha city of New York, unless where the purchaser prefers to have them payable at the Treasury ?< North Carolina. They will be iisued in sum* of one thousand dollar* each. Thsee bonds ate by expreis'enaetment, exempted from tax ation tor any pnrpoae. Parties bidcing will pleaae addre** their letters, endorsed, "Proposal* for North Carolina stocks," to the undersigned, at Raleigh, N. C. Tney will alao atate at wkat point, and la what aind of fund* they propoae to pay. Tbe bide will be opened at 10 o'clock A. M., of the 14th April next in the presence of tbe Governor, tbe Secretary and Comptroller of Slate, and of?G. W. Mordecai, Preaidea* of the Bank of the State of North Carolina. The underaigned reserves tbe right of aeeepting each bids, In whols or in part, as may be deemed moat advantageous te tho State. Sueeeisfnl bidden will be re required, aa soon aa (atprmed of the acceptance of their bid*, to depotit in bank ttfeflMnat of their bid*, with tbe accrued intereet from the Ur4M* ot April, IMS, to the eiedit of the Treasurer of the Stale oi Nurtli Carolina. This deposit may be made ia the Bank of the Republic, New York, the Bank of tbe Stat* ot North Carolina, or the Bank of Cape Fear, Raleigh. Documents show ing the extent oi the resources of the Stat* and tbe amount of her indebtedness may be had at thi* office, or on application tu Messrs. BROWN A DE ROSSETT, eityof New York. D. W. COURTS, Pnblie Treasurer of North Carolina. DRY GOODS, AC. 2 CASES OK PRINTED FRENCH LINEN CAMBRICS, fur summer dresses, at 3s. and 3s. 6d. per yard, will t>e opened on Monday morning, March 2ii. UBSDELL, PEIRSON A LAKE, 471 Broadway. Another i.ot of the cheap irish linens, at 2s. bd. per yard, will be opened for sale on Monday morning, Msroh 20tn; also five caaea of superfine linen sheot iug, very cheap. UBSDELL, PEIRSON A LAKE, 471 Broadway. At retail? broadcloths, cassimeres, vest ings, and every material suitable far men's and buys' wtar, in lengths to mit purchasers, at very low prices. A. T. STEWART A CO.. Broadway, Chambers anil Reads streets. Moire antique trimmings.-having on hand a large line or black, white and colored, land alto a largo assortment of game and tuarabo and many other new and choice atyles or the season, the country and city trade will please < all snd exsmine. A. L. THORN E A CO. NOTICE.-A LOT OF EMBROIDERIES FROM Auc tion. will be offered on Monday, tho 26th inst. Hand some collars, under handkerchiefs and sleeves; also, a very cheap lot of Swiss und jaconet bands. GAYNOR'S, No 45 Third arenuc, near Tenth street. N. B.? Best kid glove* cheap. Received per i.ate steamers-a beautiful assortment of rich Cashiuere Stella shawls. UBSDEI.L. PEIRSON A LAKE. 471 Broadway. STRAW GOODS, FRENCH FLOWERS, AC.-AN IM' menie stock is offered, among which? 4S0 eases rich strsw bonnet*. 20 do. English split do. 20 do. do. Dunstable do. 100 do. lace do. Of the latest ityle. Also, t large stock of French flower", ribbons, Ac., of the latest importation, which will be sold at greatly rcduced price* for cash, 1 y HOMER A KETCH I'M, Nos. C4 und 00 John street, corner William. V Y. SUMMER FLOUNCED DRESSES. -A SUPERB ASSORT ment, Just received per steamers "l'acifio" and 'Africa,'' in Grenadine. Mouieline de Sole, ' Barege, organdy. Popllnette, Ac.. Ac., Ac. A. T. STEWART A CO., Ilroadway, Chamber* and Reade street*. THE LATE FIRE ON THE EIGHTH AVENUE Ladies, tbe best bargain* are last being selected; a few days more will clear all out; w? wuuld advise all who wish to secure first rate bargains in silks, ahawls, delaines, poplins and dres* goods of all kinds. mar>aille* quilt*, counterpane*, linens, and domestic goods of every descrip tion, hosiery, embroderies, Ac., to call at once, as the pre sent opportunity will soon be past. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will positively be the laat days of sale. CRoMIE A CRAWFORD, 4.M) Eighth avenue, corner of Thirty-fourth atreet. UBSDELL, PEIRSON A LAKE WILL OFFEK TOR sale en Monday morning. Msrch 26th, SOI) dresses more ol the cheap foulard silks, st 90 tho dreir. 471 llruadwsy. WET GOODS.? AN IMMENSE SALE OF WET GOODS will take place to morrow, (Monday,) at the snbscri ber'l, consisting of linen goods of every desirable make, also i prints, cotton shirting and sheeting*; also, s lot of black silk. I'er particulars see advertisement* In to morrow's Uersld, Time* and Tribune. ANDREW G. COLBY, 3 7 Third av?. tee, bctwien Ninth sa l Tenth ttrettj, [ MUSICAL. ACCpRDEON ! BA^JO' ACCOBDEON ! BANJO.? 7fc* *eeordeon atfl btnjo taught by a new, eiay and in j.ror. d l??lhod, in aix leaaona. Terme frt, in adtauea. Pupila tan?'h< Pi my rooroa or their r>-aldenr-. and all made good S'l a> ? r*. J. L. JACOBS, 413 Broadway, np ataira. A FIRST CLASS SOPRANO SINGER-A YOUNG lady deeirea a att-iatl-n in a 'luartett.- choir. For parti cular! InqulreofHorac' WMan, 3M Broadway. Banjo ? banjo ? banjo : t !-the banjo tauort by a new, eaay and improved methoj, in nil loaaona. 'itrtnafi in advance. I.maona given every evening. 1'npila It my method learn ?ith tba gruateat facility. Banjoeof all kind! for tale, rrofeenor S. II JACORS, 407 Broadway. Banjo: banjo m-two or the best banjos in New York on enbihitlon next Wodneeday evening, March 2S and all good banjo player* and leachora 1 aball be pleaaed to liavr nil. Itarjo taught in ill leaaona; term* f> in adian<?. Profeeeor U. P. JACOIlS, Chatham at. ?BJEW Mt'MC? " 'TIS OUR CHILD IN HEAVEN," A Xl lieautilnl, affecting and eipreeaive ana*, by the popular compoaer. J. B H'oodbory. who baa infueed In tale new anna a like character to hla other popular production!. IS rente; " Onr lloya," ? patriotie eoag, ?< tbe "Yoob* America" acbeol, word" by C. D. Stuart, innate by Thoiaaa linker ?nng by Cbrtaty A Won d'a Minatrela, with great etto oh, 3> ceat?? colored vlgnatte of " Otir Boya" on titla rage. " Sparkling I'elka." ny Thowiae Baker, ia having an usBeaaa aale. Tbe eigbtb edition ia now ont 2lcente. HORACK w ATP.RS, Poblieher all Broadway. osrnyo hand pianos? vert low prices.? one at >?l. SIIO. $120. IIS, ?I'A, ?17*. Sim. may ba found at tbe mtiMc at d piano etore of HORACE WATERS, 339 Broadway. KROR SINGER ?WANTED, A SITUATION AS TIE n' r alnger, l? ? qaartelte choir ta Mm city, Epiacopal e> ur? b preferred. Addraee Tenor, Herald o?ce. IT I'RICIIT GRAND PI AM?> -GRKAT IUR?; AINS - J 'Two bcanOfal wprlebt grand piaroe. ??.!> b> Trader et < t.vigton, k;.. felt aa eeaeagauieai, will b* raid witk?di re tag J m Ml. HwEACE H Al'EM, 334 0Cvft4*?> TK If AST'S RRGUrRR. ICQ GREENWICH VtbEET. NEAR DKY-TO LET. lOu on* loft on ft rat, ?a4 on* on third floor, in brown front build in*; also, store No. 10 Greenwich *treet. A ?ountry hou.e la Now Brighton, on Vrrk avenue, Stateo Maud Inquire on tbo premises, or at 10 Greenwich street, ?ear tho Battery. j. j. UK VI, V ABASEMENT (il kick TO LIT? IN WALL STREET, tsititlo for in insurance company. Apply to K. D. MOORk A CO., U Wall itreet. A FINE BASEMENT, DO BY SB; ROOMS AND OF _?\. Acoi oa aocond, third and fourth floori of the now build, logs. U) and ?M Fulton itreet, to let. Apply to E. EVANS on the premie i. Basement to let-suitable for a phtmcian, in (,reat Jone? atreot, near Broadway; alao rooms in tlio houae if necessary. Apply at No. 8 University placo, from 6 to 7 o'clock 1*. M. BROADWAY lloW 1.1 NO AI.LEYS TO LET.? TWO apaeioux r?ouia. each 100 by 80 feet. in the marble build ing, f.av Broadway, (near Houston street,) for billiards and bowling to let; witli a rear entrance Irom Mercer atreet, if desired. pOTTAGE TO AT W^l NDSO R JV, Rent T* ?2 w"u ,trMl COTTAGES TO LET ? SEVERAL PRETTY COTTAGES, suitable for small and genteel familiea ? two on Forty ninth atreet, noar Third avenu*; two on 103d atreot and Third avenue. In good order, and very eaay of acoens. Kent quite moderate. Apply to JAMBS PRICE, 200 Hud aon atreet. C COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LEASE FOR A TERM OF 1 year*.? The very desirable country aeat of th# lato Jacob Loriliard, beautifully situated at rordhatn, about Are minute*' walk from t lie depot. There are thirteen acres of ground under nigh cultivation, with fine gardon and a good supply of fruit. The house la oommodioua, in perfect order, and replete with every eonvenienee, including baths, Ac. Ice houae tilled. Stables, Ac., Ac. Apply ti A. P. MAN, No. 64 Wall street. FACTORY TO LET, LEASE, OR FOR SALE, WITH ttenm power ? The four atory briok building in the rear of 172 Forsyth atreet; alao the dwelling iiousein front nf the aaiae. For particular*, apply to JOHN II. DYKEKS, 02 Wall atreet, or 11 Washington place. Factory to let-7b by 25 feet, with a dwell ing in Iront and a cartway, oa Seyente nth atreot, be tween Tenth and Eleventh avenuei, fitted for a ioap fao tory, but anitable for other purpoiea. Apply to C. J. IIOLT, 134 Jane atrcot^m ar North river. Houses to lf.t-by toe wall street ferry in Brooklyn, and within Ave minutei of the foot of Wall atreet, New York. Fonr of thoee new briok houses cor ner of Montague and Fnrman atroeta, containing nlno roomi, with abundance of closet* and pantries, well calculated for tmali and neat familiea. Alao the briok (tore on tho oorner. Inquire of JOHN H. l'RENTICE, 166 Water itreet, N. Y. Houses to let.-a small house on twenty sixth itreet, near Fourth avenue, $400; a nice dwelling houae, part on Fourth avenue, near Twenty levonth atreet, with gaa, bath, Ao., $800: a three atory houae on Twenty, ?ixth street, at $701); several bouaoa at $780, $W0 and $900. Alao, a number of furnished houici. X. B. KINSHIMER, 319 Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 P. M. TTOU8E TO LET-A N EAT TWO-STORY AND BASE XJL mfnt brick houae, containing eight rooma, with cellar, Urge yard, arbor, Ac., 268 Dean itreet, near Power* atreet, Brooklyn. Rent $2*0. Inquire of E. ANEKBACH, HI John atreet, N. Y., from 11 to 12; or W Rivington atroet, N. Y-, from 4 to 8?'clook, House to let-an eligible house in har lein, oppoiite Mount Morria square, on 125th itreet, with range, hot and cold water, and bath room, within two mi nutes walk of the llarlcm Railroad depot. Alio, a house, pleasantly aituated, foot of 121st atreet, on the bank or the Harlem river. Apply to WM. L. HALL, 188 Chatham square, or of WATSON, Land Agent, Harlem. House to let, wiTn or withobt furniture, to a private family, ?n Cumberland itreot, near At lantio .avenue, Brooklyn; the house oontaina eight roomi, with large yard, atable, carriage houie, Ao., complete. Ap ply to L. WIN F.I! IT RG II, jeweller, 61 Nassau street, N. V., or at the houae before 8 o'clock A. M. House in Brooklyn to let.? a single gen. tletnan wiahes to rent a modern bouse in Clinton street, South Brooklyn, to a respectable private ftmily , with whom he could board lor part of the rent. Apply between 9 and 10 A. M. and 8 to ti o'olock P. M., to CHARLES MEINECKE, 114 Front atroet. House in stamford to let.? a spacious and convenient dwelling in Stamford, Connecticut, oornor of South and Willow atreets, with stable and garden, spring and rain water in the home, which ia heated by furnace ana and register. Distance from Now York thirty-six mile* by railroad. Apply to E. BELKNAP, 62 Wall itreet. OFFICES TO LET.-FOUR FINE OFFICES TO LET, at No. 7 Broad street. Inquire on the prcmiios of GEO. L. PRIDE. OFFICES TO LET-TWO FRONT ROOMS, COMMUNI cating, in third story of Chatham Bank Building, ti7 Chatham streot, cornor Dunne, Rent $300. Apply to the caahier in the Bank. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET.? THE UPPER PART OF a modern built houie, in Second street, near First ave nue, to let to a genteel family. Rout $400. Poiieiiion on the lit of May next. Addreis Box 396 Post Offloe. PART OF A MODERN DUILT THREE STORY HOUSE to let, with ga.<, bath* and range, leoond and third stories, with kitchen and cellar room, will be rented separate or to 8 other, at a moderate rant. Respectable persona can apply roni 9 to 11, or 2 to t) o'clock, at 120 l.eroy street. STORE AND BASEMENT, NO. 26 BEEKMAN 8TREET. To let or lease, the above desirable store and basement, with mb ccllar and Are proof vaults. Very luitable for th* wholesnle paper or hardware business, Ao. Poaieuion lit of May. Also, three upper loft*. light and commodioui. Pos sesion immediately. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson itreet. STF.AM POWER.? ROOMS WELL LIGHTED, WITH steady iteam rower, to lat. Inquire at John Kennedy'! ?team marble worki, corner ot TMrty tilth itreet and Broad way. TO LET-CORNER OF SIXTEENTH STREET AND avenue A. leeond, third and fourth floori, three roomi each, on favorable terms, to desirable tenant!. Apply in tha basement, from 10 to 11 o'clock. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, THE MODERN STYLE brick dwelliag houae, 24 Cottage row, Columbia itreet, between Sackett aad Union, eontalning ton roomi and oellar, Ac. Kent $328. For further particular! apply at 83 Jorale non itreet, Brooklyn, in the morning before 10 o'clock, or evening after 6 o'clock. JACOB BADGER. TO LET? A STORE, 273 GREENWICH STREET, THIRD door above Murray, ono of tho belt loeations west side of city for hosiery or gentlemen's furnishing business. For termiand rent Inquire of JOHN JAMISON, 272 Pearl streot, or, after ti o'clock 1*. M., at 117 Fourth street. TO LET? ONE THREE-STORY BROWN STONE FRONT bo use, finished in modern style, with gas, hath and water Axturei, 378 PaciAc street, Souih Brooklyn, Afth house from the corner of Bond itreet, in a handiome row of similar honses. Rent $100, Apply to JAMEs COCKER A CO., W John itieet. TO LET? A LARGE ROOM, SUITABLE FOR SERVICES on Sunday, well lighted and ventilated. Inquire at 80ti Broadway. TO LET? A WORKSHOP, IN NEW BUILDING 3>? Spring atreet, near Clinton market; liie 20x52 feet; good light, hotel wheel, water, Ac, Inquire on the premiiei. TO LET? AT FORDHAM, A COTTAGE AND GARDEN, with abundance of fruit; stable. Also a large atone mansion, fourteen rooms, Anisbed in modern style, partly furnished if required. Inquire at 70 Franklin streot, or on the premises, of Mrs. BASSFORD, at the depot. TO LET-THE SEPOND STORY, CONSISTING OF two handsome, lofty rooms and two bedrooms, with one or two attic roomi, with tlreplacei, part of vault and oellar. No. 110 Em>ex street, to a genteel family. Inquire at 127 Rivington itreet, from 4 to 8 o clook. fO LET? THE LOWER PART OF HOUSE 186 MADI son street, consisting of front basemont, front and back parlor, on Arat floor, and two attio hodrooma, to a small re specteMe family. References given and required. Inquire on the premises, from 3 to .'> I'. M.. or of M. BYNES, V> and 87 Fulton Market. Kent $300 per aunum. TO LET? NO. 9 HUBERT STREET. NEAR ST. JOHN'S park. The very neat two itory and attic home No. 9 llulert atreet, with vas and Croton water, will be let low to a good tenant. GEO. O. SICKLES, 111 Nassau street. TO I.IT? AT RAVENSWOOD, L. I., FOR ONE OR three years, a very desirablo oottage houae, with ab"Ut thrte aer*> of land. Good outbouiei, fruit, shrubbery, Ac. Posaeiiion 1st April. For particulars apply to DR. SAN FORD, near the premise!. Rent til JO dollar*. TO LET? TWO SPLENDID OFFICES, ON BROAD way, above Chamber* itreet, with a large room, 25 by 75 in rear, will be let low to a good tenaat. For particular* nanire of B. W RICHARDS. 807 Broadway fO I.KT-TO A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY, A front and bark parlor, baiement and bedroom, with the nse of bath room, situated at KM Fortieth street, between Lexington and Third avenuea. For partieulara, apply to JAMKS CLARK E, TJ Ferry itreet, or 118 Bait Thirty seventh street, near Third avenue. fO LET-NO 28 MAIDEN LANE.? THE FIRST FLOOR, and alao the second story front room; will be let sepa rate or together. The premise! are both well adapted to the watch, jewelry, or fancy goods business. Inqnire of SMITH, YOUNG A CO.. No. 2 Maiden lane. TO LET-TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, THE aecond atory of faovie No. 8 Barird ?tr<'et, containing fr?Ht nn4 ka?k iiMlm, tea room and bedroom. For furthar tartldkiltri apply to J. BLOCK, IH Fnlion itr??t. TO LET? BASEMENT OF HOUSE fi.V> BROOMF. Itrott. near Varlek, luitaMe for a man and hi' wife, with cot cbUar*>. Rfo* WW par month, payable ia uleance TO I.KT-HOUdftmriTH OR WITHO0T rrRSITlRE. In varinOi location*. Alao parti uf betfeaa, lot ?. farm*. Ac. If yon want to hira, M> buy or MtP, apply to R. D. UOODW1N, Clinton Hall. K)?Mb ?tro ?t, bear Broadway. You will b? almoat an re of met ??*. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR Or HOUSE NO. 144 lhomp?..ii atreet, between llon?f<?* and Prlne*. conilxt in* ot Iron! arid back room, with natsa** au? *l?p?la between, hall bedroom, back baaement, with ranee, hot and cold w|. tar. Th? Xouaa ia furniahed witb t an flutnrae, water cloM), bath, tanlt, 4 . Application to l>? made at 164 Taoropaon itrect, to W. E. COOK TO LET? THE TWO l/tFTP, NOS 7 AW> !> ItOBOKEV ptrwt, (t*? feet front,) opfxoito the Undaon Rl?ar Rail road freight and paatenger *tation. and eln?a to the Collin* ?t.afnalur dock ?nd Hohoken rerrj. Applr to JAMES I'KtCK. 5k? Hodaon ?tr?et r) LET-THE HOUSE AND ?T0KE CORNER Of Waahlnaton and Hammond afreata; kilo the hrtek building on ihy rnratr of Twenty atgbfh afreet and Flrnt areniia 3 hy io, fonr atorlr* high. wall alaited lor a ma ntifa<tnr1n? haaineaa, well lighted on three aidea. Apply to PETER I.VNCU, <1 Vaaey afreet. rlET-BT C. C. l'INCKNET, NO. 7 NASSAU *fr*et? 912 Br?a ' ?a y, thrt* atortaa andtaaemeat. with I'ath. e??, Ar Rant *40. 128 Eldridgt afreet. lower par*. Rent fan. Corner fnfTolk and ftaatoa, ttora and dtralliag. RaatflWO. To I.ET? TO A SMALI. OENTEEI, I ANII.T. WITHOUT rhtldian, part of a honae la Tbompaon alreet, near ll. natun, with ???. water and furnae*? a aire baaeaant, parlor and bedroom on aeoood floor, and one room la attle; r-ni $3*). None btit aaat ti?n?eke>.pere need apply, by nate, with reference, to Henry ttntd. at the etora nrrtheaat ear ner of Houaton and Tbeaipeoa atreata. for t Hraa da/* An iwera will h* promptly retnraa-l. f|H> I.ET- THE HOUSES AND STORM NOS. 140 A WO J 142 Canal 'tree*, and Ihrw# at-*) dwelling boa** h*. 4 Sli i to->ni*re?? *rrm IW nf atlet ?th Ce??*n water, kaO,ftc. tnHfHW. 3Jmu,l#? TKHABT8' HKOUrrEB. rUMU N 1CW llltoHN STONK FKOWT FOU? story English biummt buuito, No. 119 lul TtUrtooBib ?treat, new Third iivduh. with all the modern improve mente, rind in a very ptuasant neighborhood. Possession im mediately. Rent $1,(X?. Apply to TRUJILLO, FRAN OBI A CO., general amenta, 106 VV?II street. TO LET? TIYE BOUSES ON THIRTY SIXTH STREBT. between Eighth and Ninth avenue*, vory feandsnmelr fitted up tor two or three email gentoel ?amilie*; the frcaU are painted white marble; this ?* a rare opportunity far ?mail genteel lamiliee to live neatly: No. 'a 21>>. jm rn en 224. Inquire in 21fi. ' ** TO LET-TBK STORK AND DWELLING ON TBI 1 northeaat corner of Fourth avenue and Nineteenth street: a good location for a first cleea groosry atore. AIM, the * tor* adjoining. an excellent location for el moat an choice business. Alio, tbe oottagu on Nin-toeuih a treat adjoininc the above premisoa. Inquire rn the premieea. ?rom 0 to ft A. M , or of J. J. DKUMMOND, 96 Caul street, after 0 P. M rro LET? A TIIHEE STORY MODERN BUILT BOUSE. X high basements, No. 21!) M eat Thirty seventh street, two doors from the Ninth avenue. Rent $4UC. Possession 1 1 veu the middle of April, luquire na above until let. TO LET? TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, PART OF a houae one block below Canal atroet, constating of second floor, bssaiuout. and one room in the garret. Rant t?Z>. It quire at No. 2C4 Washington ttr< "t. fO LIT? TO A SMALL FAM1 LY, WITBOUT CIIIL dron, the upper part of a house, partly furnished, and pleasantly located, in the Eighth ward; rent, including gas and Croton water. $Vi0. or unfurniahed $200. Apply to P. W . A , 28 and 3D l'ulton street. TO LET-CELLAR, ? ITU OFFICE, ON FIRST F.'.OOR, corner ot 7ti Iront street. Appl} on premiaes. TO LET? TIIE THREE STORY BOUSE 238 SPRING street, with kitchen range, hath, (both hot and cold wa ter); rent Alao, tne third story of houie 234 Sprint:, corner ot Clark street, rout $1 flu; alao, the two atorr and attio house 244 Ktvington atrcet, rent $4'*>; also, the three story and attic bouae No 9 All. Ion place, (Fourth struct.) with all j the moilorn improvements, rent $1,200; also, four lofts No. S , North William atrcet, next to Frankfort, suitable for work ; shops or manufacturing purposes; also the lofts 96 Fulton, corner of William street, being KM feet by 30, containing' eighteen w indows; alao, the upper lofts No. M Old Slip; also. ; five lots on Corlcars and Water streets, suitable for a ooal or marble yard. Apply between 10 and 12 o'clock, to S. U. 1IUTCHINCS. 30 John struct. Thirty fifth street, or 2H!I Broadway, room No. 11. TO RENT? THE FIRST FLOOR OF 119 ItEEKMA.* strett. suitable for store or office!. Rent S7M. Anelt to ROSWELL U. PiERCE. l'inu street, corner Broadway TO LET OR LEASE-A LARGE STORE ON NORTII , oaat comer of Broadway and Canal street, ad tnirabl) , situated for clothing, batting, or any business that require) [ publicity, luquire at 418>4 Broadway. TO LET OR LEASE-THE STORE 10 PINE, CORNER I of Nassau street, formerly occupioHa* a restaurant I Apply toE. KETELLAS, ?2 William street. TO LIT OR I.EASE-TIIE TWO FOUR STORY ANl ' basement houses AA5 and ftA 7 Houston street, on thi northwest oorner of Crosby street, only 130 feet east o Broadway ; contain over thirty rooms, and have all the mo dorn conveniences; now and for the last tbroe years oecu pied as a first elass boarding house. Also the (tons 616 MX and 61K Broadway. Apply to JAMES PRICK. W Hudson street. TO LET OR LEASE? TIIE TWO DWELLING BOUSE: SAC Broadway; one long piano room, one daguerreotype room, with show room. luquiro on the premises. TO LET OR LEASK-FROM 1ST MAY, TBETBREE: three-story English basement brick houses, 108, II i and 112 West Forty fifth struct, between Sixth and Saventl i avenues; have the tnoderu improvements. Apply to KDW^ C. RAY, 80 Wall street. j TO LET OR LEASE? Ti/iO AND $3nO-TWO PRETT1 cottage houses, railed Clarence Villas, 11 rooms each stable, shade trees, Croton wat?r. Second and Third aveau ears pass them day and night. Apply on promises, oorne of 103d street and Third avenue, or at Barnum's Museum. TO LET OR LEASE. 118 FOURTB STREET, CORNK11 of Amos. ? This house is very desirable for a physician - private reaidonoe, or business purposes; has tour rooms o each floor, and built in the most substantial manner. Appl to JOHN S. KELSO, 62 William street. O LET IN BROOKLYN-A FINE TIIBEE STOR" . brick house, high basement, with all the modern in irovcment", and situated nt.'IO President street, five minute walk from Bamilton ferry. Rent low to a good tenant. Wll exchange this house for property in Atlantio street. Appl to E. FOUCERA, 30 North William atroat, N. Y. fO LET AT HARLEM? SEVERAL NEAT COTTAOES ' with gardens, at from $125 to $fl00 per annum; alsa large building, oontainins forty rooms, with modern in provemcnta. Apply at WARD'S Real Estate office, adjoit tag the railroad depot, Harlem. Several homes ana lots a ?o for sale. TO LET. AT CLIFTON, STATEN ISLAND? A IIOUS and five acres of ground, together with (tables, io> hnnae, and otoer outbuildings necessary for a gentleman residence. The bonce is one of the most doalrabie an tfc i- land, commanding an extensive view ot the sea, an being finished in the most complete manner, wil range, cold and hot water, filters, Ao. The grounds fti attractively laid ont; a good kitchen, garden, grapes, an other fruits. To a respectable party, the preiniaos will I leased for a term of years. Inquire on the premises, end ? < omnibus route, Clifton, Staten Island, or at 13 Raads stree New York. The upper part of a two story brick hous . 17 Bathune street; two large rooms, with marbls msu tals, and two bedrooms on ane floor, basement: kitcbaas an uae of collar. Rent. $200, payahl? nuartcriy in advaae | None but a small family, without children, naad apply. TG DRUGGISTS OR OROCERS.? A NEW ELEGAN store to let in Williamsburg, M feet deep; a large b' siness of the above trades cau be done. Inquire of Dr. LI RE1TE, 482 Grand street, Williamsburg. TO DAGUERREOTYl'ISTS AND DENTISTS? T I lease, for a term of years, the third and fourth Stori of house 419 Broadway, eoener of Canal street. The four* | floor will be fitted up as a daguerrean room, with skyligh Ac. The third floor is suitable for a dentist. Will bo fitt, up to suit the lessee, if applied for immediately. Ths buii ing is to be ramodellled. Apply to P. ARCHDEACON, JR., 54 Canal street. UPPER PART OF A BOUSE TO LET. -A LARO | front and back room with paatry, with two or thr Sleasant attic rooms. A desirable locatisn for a dentist octor. Location, Grand street, one block from Broadwa east side. Rent moderate. A smalt family will find this , desirable opportnnitv, as It will be let furnished or unfi nished. Address C. W., Broadway Post Otfiou. UPPER PART OF HOUSE IS PIKE STREET TO LI to a small respcctablo family without children; thr rooms and closets, large attle bedroom with fireplaae, lar back basement and pantries, and large yard, four doors fro East Broadway; can be seen from 12 to 4 o'clock P. M. A ply to A. W. WEI. DON, 40 South street. UNION RACE COURSE ? TO LET, THE FINE NE three story building known as the United State* Hot< situated on the Brooklyn and Jamaica plank road, direct opposite the Cypress Bills Cemetery, and between the hot* of lliram Woodruff and John I. SLOdiker. To a good tena the rent will be moderate. Apply on the premises, or to R. C. McCORMICK. 302 Madison street HOUBICB, ROOMB, OeC., WAJfTMP. A WIDOW LADY, WITH A SMALL FAMILY I grown persons, having furniture safllcieat to furnish moderate sited house, would like to meet with a party w ling to let such a house and take tho rent ont in board. A dress Mrs. Sarah Kuts, 61 West Thirteenth street. Furnished rooms wanted? one or two fu nisbed rooms, for a man and his wite, where they wou do their own work; mnst lie down town, and terms low. dress box 3,824 Post Office. Room wanted? by two young men, of quii habits, a room, furtiahed double, located betwe Iranklin and Walker atrneta. Will be permanont, if suite Address L. W. B., Post Oflite, box No. 2..V9, stating locati and terms. STEAM ENGINE WANTED-ABOUT TEN B<>R< power, in perfectly good workln* order. Address \ M., box 2,204 Post Office, stating lowest cash price. TV- AN TED- A HOUbE IN A RESPECTABLE NEIG Tv borhood, below Fourth street, and west of Broa.lws It must have all the modern improvements, contain ten eleven rooms, and the rent not to exceed $M0 per k'snu Addres. J. W. S., box 4, AM, Post Office. WANTED TO RENT-IN BROOK I. VS OR BOBOKE a small house, or part of a house ? rent abont $X or in New York, tot higher up than Twentieth siraet ? r not to exeeed Si'ai. Please addreas, with prion, locati and description of premises, Louis Stagg, boa 232 Pc office. WANTED TO BUY-ON ATLANTIC OR FULT< . street. Brooklyn, a house and lot, (with store p ferrcd) or a vacant lot, at a reasonable price for cash. A dress "Lowell," Herald office. IB 8TRU CTIOM ? 0>O rn-LAST WEEK -NEW PUPILS RECEIYf ? ^.t)U daily this week for writing lesson*, at the 1. clisrge of $2 '?? Bookkeeping reduced thiaweekoaly fr fV.'> to $12 .'si, for a thorough course of iastrn< tion. Cards a circulars may be bid at the rooms, 3>-2 Broadway. OLIVER II. GOLDSMITB ANY PERSON OF HIGB LITERARY ATTAI ments. as principal, with such testimonials as woo give a character, standing and reputation, aad who eou rom it aad a considerable amoaat of patronage to a semiaa styled the Huguenot Seminary , in the village < I Bloomu view, Staten Island, and who would tfflciate as pastor the Church ot the Huguenots, in said village, ia eoanaetl with other competent teachers, mayaidress Church Bug' n6i., Blwplniricw. Staten Island. BOOKKEEPING. ARITHMETIC ? M Do], DEAR. (09 BroaJ^4>, ?Tf*#r Houatoa strwet, w receive new | upils every day sad et.ainr thia wk Tin peatlemen may sei nr? rrivste seats thl'dty or evening wit net extra charge, sad become elegant writers and practu bookkeepers before May I. Terma moderate French i anguage ?monsieur and iada> Dtiboi aro join* to lorm u?w elaaaoa of conTrfoatloc inatnactio* for toooo wiabim to acquire a trn* kauwlo<t?o tko I" roach Iihiu'. Nurmna ?ol ?l?orn.>o? eiiui t It Jut. oraniop ?l*??ca for m-ntlamcn. I'rirato laaa-a* Df BOS No. 1 CUbIob placo, Ki*htb atraot INfTRI CTION. ? A FRENCH GtNTTXVAff, WI i h*< low bonra di?cniBiod. Wltaoo to taiproT* teaching French. Addrrn A. L . Herald olBee. VrOLKI WOOD*. OlFICEnrTHf < Mir OF i'OMlX MARCH 23 W, own era ?ro waatod at thlo ofSre, for Mm followia* pt j r>?r?r, oappoaed to bare boon folea ? Oao black trunk ool iainin~ waring irjorol fnar klMk froft r< ?tj two do! block cloth pan'*. two pair drab ? pot KM paata onobla ?alia ?oot, on* oraa?o mlorod *oet; ooo raooot oolorad trw coat?l?tn* elothoo. ?<>" Ac , oao gold t ?rt chain ? (rook <HBt>iBiBi, two otiter wBtchoo two ok olotfh robae. ooo black ol.k mantilla ,,M jtoatV browB f MHoriBo one jiald wcollra abawl. one H dotaotwl lo? watch, t'.*i?fi?oJ?r oao (nl? Toot chain attacks) owaatlo natch. ToMmi maker oaa drab '-??Ikiaarotta lao* two no ko, jack..., thro, li.btcolor-1 ,b? P*f P*1' p!atd eaaaimerr pan t * aiatp-aa? pt?e Toloot tnaaiBia, #?? pairladi" (allan, oar pair ladlaru *l4f? wiM* iff* *'aaa, Mitooa piooA Hrak allh'hBaSr or MMI.? HrhmL,, (fLtl. >1 ' ill. aaot CUM