Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 27, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 27, 1855 Page 3
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ADTEftTISEKElfTS BEKEWKD ETERY DAY. WP SALM. 000 ~p01i ?A,,.'S' 0NB 0R TWO LARdE TENE meot building* in the Seventh ward: enoh boat* ? by 81 feet deep, lota eaoh 23 by 70 deep; Ufly ptr tw?t of rurchiK money can remain on bond iud mort yoar?. For further particnlard inquire Of WILLI AM 'I I10M AS, 37 Chamber* atrei't. tt70KAA ?FARM SOU AC RES, 40 WOODLAND. AD ?IP ? .Wvv. Joining the South ahore of Long Inland; head* large; barn, eow and carriage liougea, land levul aad produc tive; Sue flaMnj, fowling, Ac., In front of the pMB*rty: the above lie* between two villages; tornn cany. E. A. BUNCE, 312 Broadway, corner Fulton, room 3. <S/1 -*"OR SALE, NEAR BROADWAY, I.V ^PTr.UUU. the vicinity of tho New llaven railroad dc fot, the furniture entire of an ixteneive ttrat class hoardiun onee, 40 rooui, full of hoarders: looatlon uaaurpa***d for a publio houko For full partii ulari', apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 90' Broadway. A fin OffLY FOR A BRICK HOUSE, W1TII 12 V l/Aoma and *11 the modern improvemcnta, is Thirty tblrilfncet; alio a superior built houae in the up Par part of Greenwich itreet, with the improvement!, 97.280. Apply at 375 Ninth arena*. HALLOCK * BILLING*. Q>Q AND (4,900 FOR ONB OR TWO THREE ?TO.JvU itory brick atoroe and dwelling, aitnated on Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, but a few bloc'** froic th<> City IlalL TiHe [>orfeot. Term* cany. liK MOTT, 17 Sprucu et ?Q n/tn -I.OT FOR SALK, IN BROOKLYN, FLVE JjpO.Uv'U. uiinut**' walk iroin tto Fulton, Wall and Main etreet Icrriea, in a moat duairablo ucighborhcod, aud on tho hii;heat ground in the oity. Term* acuoiuaodatiu;. Addreaa N. U , Herald office. $2 500 ON,'T- F?R "THAT -NEW TflREE STORY frame houae and lot, 23 by 100 feet, aitaatod on r nay-ninth atreet, near Broadway, fronting t ie irres . Central park. Title perfect. DE MOTT, 17 Spruce atreet. tf>0 QfMl WILL BUY A THREE STORY HOUSE <](A.Ov/U and full lot in thia city, bnndanniely forni*ln-d and in good condition. A bargain if applied for immediately. Apply to C. B. HOW ES A CO.,o7 N*?a*u street, room ti. ?J?1 onn -FOR SALE? A PLANING MILL, WITH (team powor, together with the necmaar* macliinory. Ao., in good ruuniiiK ordur, to carry ou tho bual a***; it i* new, In (uoooaat'ul op-ration; it ha* a long U<a>c at a nominal rent. Apply to R1CUAKD L. i'URDY X CO., No*. 119 and 121 Kaaaau atreet, room No. 8. Gil nnn TO 923,000.? A NEW INVENTION, JUST yliUUU patented, for tale; fcti Water atreet. no competition. Apply ut fORA ?FOR SALE, LEASE, STOCK AND FIX WCX/V/a ture* of the beat grocery and provision atoro in ?hi* city, 18 year* catabliihed, nearly rent tree. Call imm* dlat*ly. W. R. HARRISON, 83o Broadway. ctr.nn -A manufac turing business for sale which pay* a largo profit. Sale exclusively for cash. Apply botweon 11 and 1 o'clook.toJ. D WEST, 13.1 Pearl atroet, third floor, back room $300 will buy a house and barn, with one aero of gronnd, well atonked with fruit treea, in a pl*a*ant village, twelve mile* from Cataklll, Greone county, N. V. Apply to J. A. BURNS1DE, 112 Fulton at. ?J?1 C A -FOR SALE, AN OYSTER, COrFEE AND *jP.Ll'U? cake aaloon,ln the beat part of the Eighth avenue, handaomoly fitted up, worth 9i**i; the present owner hae other buaine** to attend to. Apply in the ealoon, 2fki Eighth avenue, near Twenty fifth atreet. 1 OQTH STRUT ? LOTS FOR SALE.-SIX LOTS IN 1Z|<7 One Hundred and Twenty-ninth itreet, near Sixth avaaa*. The atreet i* paved and llguted. and th* above lot* are beautifully located for improvement. Apply to l'E CARES, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, 61 Liberty street, Bear Na***u. ?FOR SALE, A LIGHT, PLEASANT BUSI no?3, that pay* 190 to 200 per cent profit; toola, $50, .. apparatus, Ac., with every aeceaeary instruction, for only iCO Thia will be found a good ehanee. Apply at No. 5 Catheria* itreet, near Divialoe, room 12, np itair*. A CTH STREET.? LOTS FOR SALE -TWO LOTS IN TO Forty -fifth atreet, 100 feet eaat of Tenth avenue; tercra Buy. Apply to PKCARKS, BKRNSTE1N A PHILLIPS, 91 liberty atreet. near Na*?u. 7TH AVENUE- HOUSES FOR SALE.? THE FOUR ?tory lirick hou*M No. 21ti and No. 222 Seventh aveune. good Inveitment; will bo aold cheap, and on eujr term* Alio, the four atory doable tenement brick hon*e, No. 4W Xaat Twelfth itreei. Apply to PECARES, BE l(N. STEIN A PHILLIPS. 91 Liberty rtroet, near Na*?au. A CHANCE FOR A POOR MAV.-ONLY THREE Of A thoae beautifally located lot* la the Ninth ward of Brooklyn left; three minute* walk 'from the Fulton avonne railroad. Will be aold in monthly Inttalment* of ton dot lar*. if applied for befora Mareb I. neat. Aprdy tn I'E CARES, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, 91 Liberty atreet, near Naaaaa. AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE ON BERGEN HEIGHTS for *ale ? within one inlla from Jiaraey City or Iloboken fairiea ? The houae ia larpe and' %ammo<lioua, containing 18 room*; ia flnUhed in iplondid atylo, with all modern tin Movement*. The location and proapcot rannot boaupaiied. The ready area** to Naw York uaken thia property deaira- | ble. The above ia tituatud on Paltande avenue, near the i Hobokaa turnpike. The above wixill be aold on rea*o.ia I ble term*, with two adjoining lot*, it deaired. For particu I lar* inquire of DAVID SCOTT, at hi* Real Eatate Ex change, 79 Moutgomory atroet, Jortcv City, third block from tke ferry. Alio, threr two atory ana baaemcnt brick tfoit >ea ' In Jertey City, newly built, with nine room* each; will lie I aold rbeap to kettle np a concern, l'rica 92.2U0; 91,200 can remain on bond and mortgage. Inquire a* above. A FARM TOR SALK? SITUATED ABOUT 3^ MILES U\. north of Stamford, or about thirty minutea' drive from the Nrw Ye>vk and ^ew llaven railroad depot, con taining 100 aorea of land under a high *tat* of cultivation, with a good apple orchard, and other frnlta. A new two ?tory attic hoa*e, bail* lnat fall, and hai never been occu pied, with all th* modtrn improvement* ; rang*, bath, hot aad cold water, Ac. l'laxa all round the houae; barn* and out building*, with ground luld out la bandrcme *tyle. Thia property will be aoll low ana on en?y t*rm*. mod or the money can rraaln on bond and mortgage at 5 per cent, or would be exchanged for city property, Thl* I* on* of tbe Bio*t detlrable rlaoea In theStataof Counectloat, (ituated oa the Newfleld road, bich ground, with a commanding view of Long laland sound and aarrounding country, and in one ut th* beat neighborhood*. For farther purticalere, in quire of CHARLES FOX, 178 South atroet. N. B.? A leai quantity of land would be aold, if deaircd, -with the hon*c. Avery desirable countiIv place for sale, Bear Port Monmouth, New Joraey, one qoarutof a mile from tne i village of Riceville, aod oue mile from Monnt * do?k, coB*i*ting of a *ap*rior Will built cottage, of *evea nobs; th* OBtbuildiag* are all naw, and built of th* beat material*. Th* farm contain* 21 aerea, divided in arable, meadow aad woodlaad, guarantied pcrfoelly healthy, with ob* or th* moat exteaflv* view* of tho oc*an. nUhland* aad BBrrouBding couatry. Th* whole will be (old lor 91 900; one balf oa boad aad mortgage, at aix per :ent. Apply to AN DRkW RADIE, 117 I niton *tr.*t, New Vorl^ A HARDWARE STOCK, LEASE AND FIXTURES FOR *ale, located on a firat rate atreet iu thia city; will be ?old for cash, or will be exchanged Correal eatate in tlua ?Hty, or a farm in the country. Addrea* Hardware, Herald rffic*. Tor two week*. At uarlem.? for sale or to let, on i.yid street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*, a neat two and half story frame home, filled ia with briek, nine room*, cellar, Ac., and an fnll lota of xronnd. Apply to H. H. RICE, Bnparlor Court. 18 City Hall. A FARM OF M ACRES FOR SALE-TEN nOCRS rid* from New York. Price 9I,2ftO. Apply inuntdi atoly to Dougl***, New Haven Uon.e, Broadway. AOOOD CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY.? FOR SALE, the stock aBd, fixture* and Uaae of aalooaa ot th* N* tioaal theatre, lnqnire, betitvcn 8 aad 10 P. M., ofG. A. JtSSEL, at tbs theatre. A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENCE BUSINESS j ?lor tali, atock, Sxturaa, i?d three jimn' twu ol balldlng on tb< w*it aid* of the city, in a good bunoeaa i locality, and baainti* of right jean' ?landing. For pit ticulara addrew Mnaiaeaa, lltrald office. CBNTRAI. PARK.? LOTS CHEAP SOUTH side OF I Ifty i.ioth itraot, near Broadway; alao for tale or to let bout* and lot M Swktt atreet, and buoao and eigbt lot J cor jur of Nottrand aud DvKalb atrcniiea, Brooklyn. I'. M. CI' Kit Y, IflB Eroalway, room No. 8. (1ENTRAI. J'ARK LOTS FOR 3A I E ? FIVE ON SOUTH ) aid* of Fifty linth atreot, and throain naroa Fifty alghth atreet, oominendng .??) f.'ot weat of Fifth ae*nn?; each lot iSnPiofeei ? a moat *xc*lU<nt chance fnra profitable iaeeatmant Apply to E. C. CUAKLr..*, 158 IVirl etroet (1ITY LOTS, VERY LOW, FOR CASH? SITUATED ON J ViDatj- niMlth atrcrt. opp .ait* Central park; na? or two will Li wild at a aacriflc*; linpro?"Ui*ali alio am*, tin? >Touad fr<" irom rock. Ala-. Brooklyn lota, |pM t < HO each. Apply to T MANbON, .**"> Broadway; or VO Thirty - ?ocond ttc.ct, near Eighth avenue. DIUO fTORE FOR SALE? NEATLY FITTED CP' with leaae, atock and fistcr-a la on* of tbe b"at loci tlona ia Brtffc l\ n. In a ircnta^l n?*icht orhood. Ap|ly itaru* <1 lately tv THOMPSON a SI KL- I", ti Numu Itraot, r >?u >?.7. 1 DRUG STORE FOR 8ALE-TIJF. KTOCK AND FIX tara* of an (xcrlliatly located drng atora for aal* obctp if applied for ioim.-dlaul/. Addreii liutlutM, IK raid ?#c?, Drug store roR salb.-.'old in coaSequs'nci of tba death of th? proprietor Apply at >o Jil 3a taath arcane, near Thirty fourth ?tre*t. EESIHABI.F PROPERTY FOR SALB OR RENT. IV Jetaey City and viciaitr.? Two of thoaa handaoaa w? itonc front hr.naoa, Juat (lni-bed oppoalt* Yaa V >r ' a aqnara, racial* with *T*ry oontcotenea, aach aa hatha, wat*r*lo#ft> furnace', gaa, *?.; alao, a beaatlfol gotbia oot tag* at Sharwood, Hereon (lill, with on* acre of grount at taob*d. Inquire at the of the Jeraay City Uu Light Company, corner Qraad aad Otwaaa itreeti. East tBNKfc$ftll.-4*> Cash will sbci'rf. a farm of 10) aerei of tba best land, In a eattlad la*a tioa, at par aero; th? balance ia four yeari, at aia per e*nt iat*r<at Farmer" aad moohaalee, with imill ahowM i.ot loa* thla opporlnnity of tacoriog a permaorat home ia a milt deluhtfol Apply at ZU Broadway, room N o. 10. Farms ? *everal desirable small farms, aaitaola for pereona with limited tncana, oa imrj ilatarma, in New Jeraay, wlthia two honra' rida of N" York by tailroad Apply to M EOOLF, Wo. 7 N?? atrit. Farm for sale on state* island-fiye j no a half mil** froaa Vaadarlilt'l landing, and ftrontiat >*w York Ray, contaiaing twraty thr*? acre*, pirtly uteadaw . new hooea, l>ara. A"., on th* pr?mi(*< Tarma eaay. F??r fill the r partienlara apply ta Mr. (iRMISTON, WU Thirty ?fth atr ?' Muthweat roraar ?t f m,i - POR SALE? THE TWO DESIRABLE BCILDINQ lota oa th* aorth *id* of Forty nlath a*ca?t, b*tw- u Miath aad Seranth araaati. eaatmenmag S30 w**t of Sixth araatia. eaah lot baiag ia *ia* U fa*' front aa4 raar by 1<*> Mh 4 iaeb** ia d*pth. Th* ahav* lota ara oa aaooth an I U?*l ground, aad th* ?tr?*t ia opaa from Hear to rie*r, with Crotoa water, awrbad. gntt*e*d, aaw*r<d, Ao. for mapi and furtbar partie?lara apply to AKTHOMY /. BLEEriER, No. 7 Broad atr*at. TTtOR SALk? 1H TWBlffT.riFTH STRBB f," BBTW EE N r Mad ia** aad Esarth aeeaaa, ? aaw brawn atona hoaa*, >* R foor at> n*a, 1H f**t 4 iaeb** by 60 f**t. lMt tw f**t, Railt la modara ityl* Ptto* laaa thaa aaat. Iaqair* on th* y?*ml**a. _ 1>OR BAI.E?FOt'R THliE STORY AND BABBMEVT 1 brow a atoa* froat hoaa**, oa th* aorth aid* of Fifty a* eoad ateaat. b*tw^*a Eighth avaaa* aad Br ladway, ttted ap ia tba b**t and moat a*aT*ai*at manner, withia two minata* walk af tba F.lahth aeeaaa care. Will haiold ?a aaat t*rma. laqalrao* tbe prtmiiaa, of J. A. UNDERDONE, throagh th* day. For sale-two first class biown stove front hoaa*e. altaatad oa th* loath aid* af Thirty Ifth atraat, b*tw*aa I *artb aad I^aiagtoa aeeaaa* Tkay ar* aa*k B WxW l**t? (at half tb* U**k; throe (Una* high, with baaaaaiat aad aadar aallar, aad haee all tba arodorn im ?aaraawat*. Tba loeatiaa ia Ma*a 1 to a*aa la tka aity For wbtf aarticniara, apfly aa th* amaiaa^. ta Hl.l'ATUICR * ficPBtiSO.V laUdare POK BAlaK. For salb-thb stock asjd fixtures or a fibst oUm livsry stable; room tar a hor*aa, is in tlx Liana dlate vicinity of all the priaciaal hotels ttd steamboat lui ? uga Any pari on desirous of eommenoing the Unrr busi ness. will find thla as opportunity aeldom to be met with. For further particulars apply to BRADLEY A CO., ooroar of Fourth avenue and Eighteenth street. FOB sale.? a mw drug store, in a good busi ues* location in Williamsbnig, I,. I., with the whole stock, tixturci and leaaa, for sale ou favorable terms. Pos session can be Riven immediately. Apply for particulars to ilY BILL A MAYEK, 110 i'eart atreet, New York. For bale? thk best bathing saloon and barter ahop in the Senenteouth ward; a splendid ohanoe for a man with a amall capital. The only reason for selling ia that the preaent proprietor ia about leaving for Europe. Applj to 0. a. GEORUE, 2H1 Uouaton atroet. I ?'OK SAl.E? THE WELL KNOWN COFFEE AND oyster saloou. No. I Atlantic atreet, Brooklyn, ttrat door abnvo Long Island Railroad depot, near the Kerry Stage llae, in front ot the door. For particular* apply aa above. L^OR SALE-AN (frbTER AND DINING SALOON. 1 neatly fitted up with pritate rooms, ana doing a rood buslnen, will b? *o!a cheap, on acoommodating term* Ap |!y to HEMtY MACMALLl, restaurant of ll&rria'a Hotel, Jlti Greenwich street. Agent* will please not apply. IltOB SALE-VERY CHEAP, THAT fOUB bTORY . lrowu alone house and lot No. 40 Wcat Seventeenth atreet. bitwren Filth and Sixth avenues; lot 2ft by hair the Mock house 26 by 67, and contain* every couvenieneu, will l.e vol <1 for #ib,000, and #!>,0UU on mortgiuo. Apply to S. S. IJKOAD, No. 13 Wall atreot. fiU?K SALE, AT A LOW PBIOE-A THREE STOUT marble front bouiio. oc the aoutherly eiJe of Thirty filth r'trett, I etwoen the fifth and Sixth avenue*, In thii city; alto, n three atory atone front home, on Lexington avenue, rear Fortieth atreet. Apply to EDWARD D. JAMES, 2 ft Naesau, corner ol Cedar atreet. S10R SALE ? AN OLD ESTABLISHED FF.EI) BUSI IM fur aale; establlahad*. A good opportu i.n j j everything oot.iplete. Apply at 173 Bowery B10R 8ALE-A beautiful residence, in the village of llaokensack, N. J., oonsliting or a thro* ?tory modern built house, kitchen nearly new, and contain ing thirteen room*, and a barn aud carriage house The lot la 7ft feet front and rear, and 200 feet deop, and i) ?uppliad with a thrilty grapevine and fruit tr-os or variona kind*. The location !? about tha oo&tre of the village, and eom raanda a beautiful view of the surrounding eou, try. For particular* Inquire of THOMAS TERHUNE, No. 37 Seosnd atreet. N. V , or ot W. 11 UERRY, adjoining the premlsoa. If not aold by the lirat of Hay, the above will b? to let. FOR SALE -A LICENSED PORTER nOlTSE, WITH bagatella board and fixture* complete: alao stabling attaebod fur aeveral horaee, aitnatod in tho Fourteenth wnrd, and In the principal thoroughfare betwoea Broadway and the Bowery. For further particular* mqoiro ou tho prembes, 1M Walker ctreet. FUR SALE.-A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL LIQUOR ?tore, tngather with aevea yeara' l?a*? of the wholo premiaea. aitnatod on ona of tha bait corners up tows; would make a aplendid groeery and food store, a* there ia atabling attached tor several horaaa; would trade for a farm, aither improved or unimproved For particulars inquire at 154 Walker atreet; or of JOHN EDWARDS, corner of Centra and Leonard atraata. Fm OR SALE VERY CHEAP, AND A FIRST RATE In vestment. itore property 73 Nassau street, lot ill by 74; rants for 113,000. and will ha aold for #2ti,ft00 aad $li, ?W on mortgage. Also, that three atory brick house and lot 142 Read* street. Apply to S. S. BROAD, 13 Wall street. FUR SALE VERY CHEAP, THAT FOUR STORY brown stona house and lot No. 34 West Thirty <ieond street, near Fifth avenue, lot 'JOX by DM, house 20>. by HO. and contains every convenienae,; price $111,600, ana *4,0011 can remain on mortgage. Apply to 8. S. BROAD, No. 13 W all street. ' For sale for 912, aoo ? that very nbatturee story brown stono house and lot No. 20d Wast Twenty third atreet, and H. 000 on mortgage. Alao, forts, 500, that three story brown stone honsa and lot No. 19 Wast Twenty fourth atreet, $1,500 on mortgage. .Apply to S. S. BROAD, 13 Willi street. ' FOR SALE FDR $a,000-THAT THREE story brick home and lot No. 00 West Twenty aovonth street, and $?'< '<.*) on mortgage. Also, for$ft,600, (hat three itorj oriok houae 14 Orchard street. Also, for $8,600 that three story brick house No. ISO East Broadway. Apply to S. 8. BROAD, l.'i Wall street. Ip OR SALE, FOR #10,000? THAT FOUR STORY MAR- j lletront house, and lot Wtst Thirty. urth atreet, near lilth avenue, and $6,fl00 can remain on mortgage. Also, for $12 000, a four story brown atone house, near Fourth avenue, on Thirtieth atreot. Apply to S. 3. BROAD. 13 Wail ctreet. I^OR SALE, FOR 86 000? A VERY N EAT TURK E 8TDRY ' briek hoaso and lot, on Dean street, Brooklyn, near .Ncvin*. containing bath, gas Ac. and $3,000 on mortgage, i Also for I.'i.'iOO, that ibrae story brick house, '??i Dean ' atreet. Apply to 8. S. BROAD, 13 Wall ?troot. For sale, for $7500, and may remain ' on bond and mort,;ag?, tha new four atory and basement I Louie, No. 2M Seventh avenne, wltbitore fitted up with gas ! and Croton wator complete ; ranted for near V!**) per annum. I A a ood Investment Inquire in the store No. 231 Seventh avtnua, near Twenty lixtli atreet. For sale a bargain-the fine block of j gronnd, with mansion honaa and other improvement*, on Seventh nod Eighth avaauea, and ItVtltnnd l.Vlth st^acta, all I in good order, and will be sold cheap, at tha owner desuesto ! leave the city. Apply at H'ARO'3 Real Estate offlce, ad- i Joining tha railroad depot, tiarlem. 1|tOR SAI.B OR TO LET? THE FOUR STORY ENGLISH lux mint brown stone Iront houae, l?J VVaat Thirty tartth alreet, between Seventh and Eighth avenues house 17 hy 66 feet, lot lull depth; contains all tha modern iinprov* mint*. Will be sold at a ureat bargain if ppplied tor at an ei.rly t? rind. 'Jan be seen from 7 A M. to 4 I . M Apply to J \f. BKACU A CO., Pine street, N<>. 2 Metropolitan Bank building. r>OR SALE OR TO IET, IN HOBOKKN? A TWO F story briek and baataeut house, 21 levt 5 inches by Ifi feat, corner of Cardeu and Nawark atraava, dallgiitfull* situated, with stable attached. To ba aaen between 10 and j 4 o'clock. For particulars, apply to Mr. WliSLEF, Wash ia/ton Street, third door below Fifth street, oppoaite I) Id 1 Fellow*' Hall, Hoboken. after C P. M or at 23 South Wil liam strett^NewYork, during the d*y. 1V<n SALE OH EXCHANGE? TWO NICE HOUSES AT Melrose, Wcatcbeiter county, lot I.VUI00, houses two years (.Id. alao, fonr full lots on Fifty third ttreet, hetw-en Fourth snd Fifth nvennes The above will be traded for im proved property in thl? city on favorable terint. E. B. KINSIIIMER, 313 Fourth avenue, S to 7 P. M. ft|)R SALE CR F. veil A NOR? A VALUABLE MILL ! jproperl\. located ia the town of $ob , Allegau county, N. Y., consisting of a double aasr-iniil, pla.iing mill, pail fac- I tory, nest box factory and au;ar sbooka, projiellsid by two powerful engines, new and in good rnnnlng order. The mill 1 is located n the New York and Erie road, and Joining tha j depot. For further particular*, apply to R. U. PIERCE, corner ot Pine and Broadway. For saif, or exchange tor real estate- ' I have three vacant lots. low price; a small, low pHce 1 bouse and let, together with two orthrec mortgages, amount 1 alout $ft i?>. well and amply seenred. abich I w ill exchange i for real ' State E. B klNSUIULE, 31V 1 ourth avenue, i before 10 and after) P. M. For sale, or exchange for city property-a ! valuable (arm at Hyde Park, near Poughke*p*tc, eou I talning one hundred ana twenty eight aero*, with dwt lling I house* aid vuthoosea. Inquire ol D. II. CLRTI8, 24 Wil liam street, or II. S. ROOF.RS.AI9 Broadway. i For SALE IN BROOKLYN, CHE AP? THAT NEAT three at' ry brown atone bou??, ?n I lot I'M Pacific atreat, bvt* (< n liuu'l ami Nerini I'rtu S7.W1", and H.:n? on mort contalna hub, r*?, Ac. Lot 14 l.y HO; honao 22 by ft. AlHj to !>. H. UROAP, 13 M ali *tr?at. For pale in Williamsburg? two ok those W W modern ><nlll tbre* ?t?rj attlo bri< k houeo*, boaili fully moated ou Sooth Fourth atreat, oppofito the Firat rwlftnliB rhnrcb, between Math >n I S.r nth ?trente, about Ave minute*' walk from eitb?r of tb- four r-rriee For forther particular* ia<|Oir* of A. A i( KEMP. No. 82 South Fourth ktMt. IfOR SALE CHEAP. IN HOBOKEN-A FIRST ( LASS 1 ' three ?tory and MMmtat brick dwelling Loom, oeirly and mmenirntl) bnllt. wltH all the moderm rnproreineiita, ia an ereelleat location, 'ejitht mlnntea walk from tb* ferry i T-rrr. aaaay. In<inlr* at I9n Wa*hlfi/tOB (treat, llobok'n | Hardware.? roR sai.e. in hrooelvn. tub ato?k of a hardware (tore. Tb* hueinea* baa bMn ear ned on aocc?arfullv tea year* by the pr*?*nt .wgar> A Ira** of Do* yeara of tbe prettiiae*, at a ?*r y moderate real, i will be ar*nt*d lo tb* pnrchaaer. Apply oa tb* prcini***, ' 21." Pacific atfet I Hoise tor SAI.E-NO. hi ROSE street, near 1 I rankfirt atrial, the three atory ti l baiement dwl linr, with abop iu rear, and \ery farurati'.* le*>* of tl.* lot , j t? i '> ? /I t >e*ra to run; an**c*l!?at altntlioa f->ra manu I f?< tnrlnr jeweler, prnt'tntth, or the like fj (??? may remain i oa mcrtxag*. Apply to f.i>WAHl):> A MAN, No. 01 IVall ?tr?et. HOC?* ANT) LOT FOR SALE-ON 1IIE NORTIIBA^T corner of Svratoenth atreat and joond iieaat, ap- I po: ite Stoyveeanl *'|aare, and the inanaior of Gov f lab, > four aloriea and baaement, I ro? ? atone flr-tcla i, In avr/ I?ar'iruler complete. with all the modern I mprovementa, ; h I and cold water; Lot air and xaa throughout. The avm hofK 1* one of th* m'lt plenant location1, *sd c imoiaBd* ere of the heat tiewa cf ai.y In tb* city. Ala*, th* ittfj | anJ I aiiBivat l>ro*a -tone bouae, on the Rj-t aide of S?- "ad | ? tontie, directly la r*r fl the ab'i?e, witba'l tbe modern iirfro?em?nt*. In iulr* (a tbo coru?i b'juae, fr?m J A M 1 to ? P. M. HOUSE AND LOT NO MA, SIXTH STREET, roR ?*ie, rrtoUt. Lot 23 by !<7, brn k hsu<e, thr^c atony, 23 hj 12; kitchen on the r?ar; three atoilea, Croton watei ffn a a* a floor; raiif*. hot wat>r ??d hub. The fcn?e wa? ball l?T tha pra-fut crcu| ai t, in th* luoit anbataatial aanacr, ar.d !? wall ralct-.Uud for a family on ea*h floor. I'rtf. ft'' ><?), on* half niortiare If aot aold ly th* flr?t of April will be rented for t4M> with the t,riiril*j(* of a?hlattla( for two or tbr** email faun, tea. For lurtbtr r *rti j;?n *a (tUr* on the | remiaoe HOt MR FOR SALE. LESS TUAN C05T? DAN DSOME, three *t<>rl*e, haactneat, r iant> r cellar, *uod nelih .r hood, bl(b atcioe. lalconle*, and all the uodtra iuiI r- * - mrnta. No. 19 I'f.rty tr?t atr?et. betweea Briadway aad Slith avaae. with ra* futarxa and all coaaplet-. la ioir* ( n the prruiaea aftet IU o'cloch , or any tim* la the ?Tcnia*. Hodges for sale at a harden ? tiie fouk three at'.rjr aad bmnnt. maetic front hrtok boaa*i. I altaattd at the aannarflaa a**al* aa? Roaa atraet raad a ijuininf i, Br -ekltn? ten ialaat*>' walk froa, Peak alip ft ry The MoT* hlJfaea ba?* marble mantel*, orate**, uader | collar*. Ac aad tw* third* of tb* pnreba** money may r* Biata *n mortcac* Arply to I'KCARES, BERNSTEIN A 1 I'll II. I. IPS, H l.ik*rty (traot. a*ar Naaaaa. I Hoiei. for ?ale on the ErnornAN plaw, neatly tttad op, with t*a yeatra )***?. forBltnr* aaw *|t*a<?d dowa tow>. Bear th*,City Ball aad park, with a*tia to eiaht haadrad dollar* worth aT aaw allrer war* 1a the MB' Apply Immediately to THOMPSON A STREET, Ho. 81 Naaeao atroet, room 1. Hotel and restaurant for sale -a cbn trally aituated hotel and reaUaraat. *r* aad |e?M for aale. the hot*l cbb lodre forty r?r?eaa, and th* reatauraat din** daily about *a* huadrvd p?re?aa ?,f th* first cIbm. Far parttcaUr* iBialr* af M. FtJl'X, No II Her lay alnat. . Machine shop and ibon furditurb and rallia* factory. eomprl*ta| tleam enrlae lathea, t naahaa. drill*, two doabl* for***, with Maet, aad all th* tonla aad Imgtoaatat* la *oaa*l*i* worklaj ord*r. Th* akoe* will b* *nld at aboat aaa half tba coat, oa faeor*bla torma of payaieat. Th* fa*t*ry 1* large, aad an* of th* moat da (Irable 1a tba glty for *oBT*?t*aa* aad li?h?. If repaired, a I aaa* weald ha ttrn at a lew rant For farther iBrarma Ur-B. apply ta OARDNIR A BROTHERS uaa atara, *ar aer of Or aad aad Nadlaaa atr**t* SAFE TOR SALE < HIA P? NEW. AND IN FRBFE<T erdar? Wilder'* pataat ?r?pr*af. Tnaa tJK Apply to C. FLINT, M William atraat. aaar Riaarer To Moooiata, *c-tbr lease of a vtore adtaatad sp tawa with tatara* *?mfta*?, la , t* H *,; I 1*1 (Mfc. Arply at 1)1 Kadi TtrelnV at(?ti. rMtlUUfc , rmoBrooirrB and apothicambs -a X bit a tore. bu^MiuIr llUd, u( v?U rtoiM with draga, aba mi calf w< Mffwarjf, attuM la oae af th* M Ootai|Ukraa ia Nu Tort S>li>futor> nawu dm Ike Hlllii. Apply ta T. BALI, mtdioai labtltr, 80 Naaaaa a?. mo DRUOOISTS AND PBYSICIANS. ? A DESIRABLE X ?tor* far aiJa, n*atly feraiabed and aanplaU ia aien roapect. Air art opportunity for a y ouux phyaiolan. Apply at oaaa to 1'. HALE, medical labeller, HO Naaaaa atreet. TO BITCBERS AND OT1IKRS ? FOR SALE-THE ttock and flxturee of a rood meat, park, flali aad v tgt table market la the city af Brooklyn; tba buildiag haa got two lance balli aujtable for maatinir or oonoert room a, and bneemeut aultable for any kiad of buaineaa: ttu< U a good chance for a man to no into ijood baaineea, for it ia in a good neighborhood For particular* inquire of 1*. C. VAN VOORlilS, Myrtle anuni, corner of Adelphi atraat, Brook lyn. TOCAPITALISTS AND OTHERS -fUH SALE, OR XX ohang* far oily ur Brooklyn property, itook* or boud*. I eighty acre* laud ia the incorporate limit* of the city of I Quincy, Adama oounty. Illinola Also, other landa to 01 i change. Apply to A JRIIMI ARt R OlMtW MMl 1m MASONS and BVtUBM.-fOI sale cheap, . tlio beat of building and bottom atunra, delivered at 1 building*. or ia the quarry, corner of Sooond aienuo and I Forty alath atraat JAMKS B. BRADY. TO GAs FITTERS? FOR SALE. TWO PI' MI'S AND ' Kuaaoa, forge , Ac . Inquire at 90 Merlon utraet, bate [ went; al. a lurniehad bedroom to let, at SO Spring atreet rriu HOUSE 124 EAST TBI IM'KF.NTII STRUT WILL J. bo told or let to a peraou ?ah? will buy the furniture and good*. Inquire on the premier*. T1IE SEASON IS COMINa WHEN WE LOOK OPT FOR clean and comfortable dwelling*. I'oraoaa having good* of auv kind to aall will find a bnyer by calling or aending to J. C. MY hi:. . CT Ureenwicb avenue, between Baak and Troy. I. AND FOR SALE? ABOUT 130 ACRES, TO futber witb about II aoroa of improved land, altuatod *marlhe loan of Waileville. Allegany ooutity, N. V.. and witlur 30 rod* of th<- Erie railroad, ronn.iting of wbita oak, cbcatnut and hickory. The whole ia well adapted for wheat nnd graat. and ia beautifully altuatod na a gradual ?' . ' with a line view of tne village and thn (leneate rivr for tome four mile*. For full particolara, apply to ROSH'EM. O. PIERCE, l*ine atrial, corner of Uroadway, under the Metiopolltan Dank. RtVO STEAM BOILERS FOR SAI.E, VERV LOW ?21 A feet lung, foot diameter, return fluea, and built af the beat material. Kor partlonlara inquire of C. WHITE, oa board ateamei l'hoa. Hunt, loot of Roblnaon atreet. "17 ALL'ABl.E MINERAL LANDS FOR SALE.? TBE V under*tgned, owning a larxe bodv of mineral laada in Mlaaonrl, and km. wing the impolioy of attempting la work miner tingle banded, woald dltpote ofaa interval in them oa favorable terma to partiea who would Joia him ia workiag them. The landa are aitaatad in the hurt of the mining d la titat of Miuoori, aad it la the opinion of every inltlllguut peraon who ha* examined tbam that there are large dtpoaita of lead ore oa the property. With the imperfect ayatom of mining ia Mlaaonrl they yielded aboat eerenteon thouaard doliara wortb of or* within two year*. For further partiou larn call on the undcraigned at tne Irvine Ilouae, New York, witbin aeven daya, or thereafter addreaaF. J. SMITH, Old Mince, Washington oounty, Miaaourl. WILI.IAMSIIL'RG I'ROPERTY.-IOR SALE. AT A rednoed prior, one or two neat oottage honooe, oonaiat ing of eight rouma. nine pantriaa, lofl aad oellar, fl l*d in with brlrk, furniabed with alldlng doora; marble mantela, gratoa, ceatrea, Ac. I'rioe of each honee and lot, W.HOO; ir rold iui mediately. (1,300 eaah, balance on mortgage la qi.lre or TBOH M DOYLE, Fifth atreet, between North Filth aad North SUth. VUAVOIAIm $600,000. atocka, notea, Londa and mortgage!, bllla of e<o negotiated. Bvaineaa eoafldeatial and prom pal i at M2 Kaaaau atreet. room No. 2, aoeond floor. Tl ?MONEY TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, . watohoi, jewelry, aogara, pianofortea, merrbandlae and prraonal property generally, or bought for carh. Bnaineaa confidential and axecated promptly, at No. Ji Naaaaa atreet, flrat floor, baok oBoe FLORENCE A CO. nnn -HONEY TO LOAN, ON DIAMONDS iptWl/ .UuU ? watabaa aad Jewelry, dry gooda, aag^ra and other per tonal property, or booght lor oaah. Qood oity ? * "" * eiahange Ao., 41 r eaeeuted, TUOMl'SOB A CO., Broker* and Comwiaaion Marohauta. (j-c nnn to ?i.i,ooo.-h anted-a loan for a'U.l/l/U three or flva jeara; aaeured by a mortgage given to aecure u part of the purehaaa money tor r>>al eat ate, worth lour time* the amount reqoirad. rolicy of inauranee aaaigned, and a handaome commiaaion rlvon. Inquire of C. M. UAKTN1CK. ?'3 Jlroadway. room I nnn -A MORTGAGE FOR JfST this sum. iT^uUui oa property in thla city or Brooklyn, will be i>tiichaaed at a rmall diaeount Apply for one <lay to It G. FIERCE, 1'iae itreet. corner Broaaaay, under Metropolitan Bauk. Broken bank bills bought -the higuest pri ? pajd. In gold, lor broken bank money. Other un current funda, for-ixn gold and ailver, bought and *old. Sight draft* on bnglaad, Ireland and Ssotland for aale by JAMES M. 1 AYl.OK, IK'j Chatham aquare. oorner Jauioa atreet N. h ? Knickerbocker Savlnga' Bank booka bonxhl. CI ASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT. OR Fl'R ) ohaaed at i-lgbi, diammida, watchea, nob Jewelry, and valuable peraonal property generally. It WOOD C>l'ulton (treet, aecond floor, front ruom. from 9 A. M to i I*. M. Money to loan.? persons requiring trmi'o. rary advaneea on real eatate, diamoada, watehee, jewel. 3, furniture, pianofortea, cpirita, Ac , ia bond, borae*, ear igee, or ether personal property accommodated on liberal term*, promptnsaa ai.d confidonee ia all caaea, at the Empire Loan and Agency Offlc:, 321 Broadway. MONKY LIDERAI.I.Y ADVANCED. Ily TECAKEs, BERNSTEIN k PHILLIPS. Anetioa eera, No. Al Liberty atroet, one door from Naaaau, on atocka. veeaela, real estate farniture. picturea. mcrrliandue, Ac., left with aa for aale. North Carolina six fer cent state btoces ? Trcaaury Departmeut, Raleirb, N. C , Marali II leAS. ? Sealed tropoaala will be recti led at tbia offlee nnU lOo'olock A. ? . of the Wth of April next, for tl.o purohaet of one million doliara In bond*, runaing thirty yeara. Tne** I bolide are laauad ky the Mate of North Carolina lor ?h? eoaatmetien of the North Carolina Railroad, and in add! lion t? the faith ot the State, all the alock bold by th* State In raid road, and the dividend* ariaing from ?eiu atoek, are i Sledged for thilr redemption. Tney will bear date the rat day of April, 1W>, and will have oupona aMacb >d fog the ialereat at an |er cent per annum, payable the trei dare of April and Octooer In each year Loth ialorcat and principal will bi payable at the Bank et t the Republic, In ibe city of New lork, un! a* where lui Bin baaer prefer* to have them payable at t!ia Troteury ei orth Carolina. They will bo iaaned In auma of nae thouaand dollar* each. Thee* bond* ate by expreee eaaolment. exempted from >ai atioa tor aay j urp **, Partio* Ud 'lin/ will pleaae ar.drea* tbolr letter*, aadorael "Propoaali for North Carolina atocka,'' to Ilia underatgaod atEakigb.N.C Tney will al*o atate at what potat, and it I what Bind of fnnda they propoaa to pay. The bida will be opened at III o^lock A M nf th* It'.k i April next in tho pretence of the Qovernor, the Secretary and Comptroller of State, aad of O. W. Mordacai, Preaidaat of tht Bank of tht State of North Carolina. The andcr'lgntd reeorve* the ri^ht of nc 'eptia/ inch bida In w hoi* or la p*rt, at may b* deemed mo*tadvantag*ooa U the State Sueonful bidden will be re raqalred, ai a>oa a* laformet of the a?eetrt?u'e of their I Ida, to dtpoait In bank the am?at of llitlr bida. with the accrued ialereat Irom the (rat day of April, lsSA, to th* ctedit of the Treaanrer of the Slate *1 North Carolina Thla drpoait may be made ia th* B*aV ol tbo Republic, N*w York, th* Bank of th* Stat* of North Carolina, orthe Bank nf Cape Faar. Ralalrh Doe ii taenia ah wing the extent ol the reeoarce* rf th* Stat* and th* amount of her indebtedneta may be bad al CiU ofTinc, or on applictlloalo Meaart. BROWN A DE ItUSSETT. I alty of New York. D. W. COURTS, Pa jlir Trtaaarer of North Carolina. RNSTINU, AC. a \ cv rir.roNs? ? the stock or Tiir.?r bikks, ? i>i l took >b* flrat praBlna at the Iwt national pool try ah w, It for ale cheap la L>t< In auit A | f-ly at O W ?rr?n itrftl, Bn?kl)i ocfor? !nj A M or alt or I1, I'. M IjlOR SAI.F.-A HPI.KNDID KNGI.I8II IVI'OKrrii I ? ??tter dor well broke. and fetchee hit renie will b* told cheap, ?? the owaer la ? :a? It Eur j e < ?a be Men at the erioud ?table from l'i l\)i ??enu?, ia Waabientoa all* j IMTOB ftALP/? A l HOICE I.OT Or ?OWI..?, CONIISTING ofliint Il. lton Grew. Golden llamhar/he, l>?rki:ir*. M.d Bantama. twenty three la all Cap ha aeaa at the e?coB'l bo'ifoalote the C'atbolir church, K?nt avea ?. ht t?e<-n M illonf hhy at. and I>*Kilb av*nne, P.aet Brooklyn IJI"' RTING. ? KINO ( IIARI ES AND BI.F.NIIEIM ?N pDaiilel pnpa iraraBK'ib f><-* toiindlan'l puna. So.teh and Kngliab terri'ra, Knu'iah ftreyh' ond?. and a rariety of other cholee treed a 8tn"k doaa of the ptireet Ll??d l'iea?* Mfl tli? audita*. IWvi Water etrtat, corner ol lult.n up I Itafre. cuyrii?o, ac. Ji ARi r. QUANTITY OP Ct^T Ol P Cf/ITHI VO a-atrd -tlentlemea I etinr irft .,(T we aria 4 apparel t > dU| ear of, in larp* > r email Iota, ahall re-elr* t ?err hl?h rtti.riref rtli'inby applying to or addreolna 7 II^MA," I), tort Hut', lil Pearl ere?t. beiwe'U City 11 all place aid Ceatr* e?r'-?. SIAJtT or CI OT (UNO AND rUKMTmi WA VTED 1 F ldi i r-r | ntliain Laving any of th* aan,* to depot* tin ot.aaln a fair ai.d ? aab prir* by aend ay for thj tab a rilar at kJarcaUaaaa, at tbroacb tit F?et "(He*. M. S. COUfc.N. 66 Elm itreat. N n ? l.ell?t atteaded h> Mr* C 1A*T OFP C I.OTHINO AND FI7BNITCRR WANTBD l.adi-a ar Kenllemra baric* aay of the <aa? to dlapaaa of. ran ol tain a fair and raah pric*. ty eeadinr f r tb* aab aeilter, at bia rtaidtare, or ttr<aib thi I'oat Off"*. I M bUIIHRf.DOBP, U Elm eir?*t N I) ? Ijtdlea attaudod by Bre. D. (1A8T OPP CI.OTfll NO ? 92,000 WORTH WANTED ? J Ueatlemta bettor good I'lj-erflo.ue el' thi*? ?o dUpoae afeaa oMaln th* fall talae l^r apj laying to J ana* M?r *??*y C' at hi* 'Id eetakllil ed ataad. No. 11 Oraaea a'raat. iai* rail ad Ba>t?r (tiaal ; ord'ra throif h poet ( aantaaMy atu>n I td. J AMIS MciRoNir, II Baiter atraai CIZ/nilfin-LADIRI OR OENTI.RMRN IIATIKa ary >a diepoaa af ran malfa a fair pnaa la eaab, by aeadlaj U tbaator* lll.anraaa atraat, a?ar Caaal, ar Si W?at Br?a4way, fr laltar tbroafk lb* Puat ?H*a I.adiaa att?ad*d by Nra Cobra. I. (Milk* VGITB*' AND mil r>RE.?f ? CinTIIfWO.-JOSIf'R I B. < I.OflE. MAI1.EV A CO , No ? Park plae*, ?rp'.alK tba CM* Hall, have now oa ban I the h*at aiaortal ai^ae and aaaaiar etock aud atj'.ea to b* faaad la tb?0alt?4 hlataa, aad raitable for all araa, frr-aa three ia Iwaaty yaara old, at wb?l**ala aad foe treat I y rod> e?d prioa* U4VOM, M. AH CBOICB SBLBCTTOB OF BBARDIBa, RCPBBIOB olar*t aad ntber wiaea, raaar, taoub aad Irah whl* ktyi, l oad' a aad Dot lla p'rl?r Kaotek aloe daaoeiie ale aad iwtet for faaallr aaa; ayrvpe aad ??rdiala. for aale, by WB. U L'NDERllILI tin Breva.e ?kra?4 teraei C'roaby. cmrH wnisERr-TH* cahkron O l.rdra iroaaUia dew whlabey, ia toallobaa. k?ca or paaehooae, fcr aale by LBTUBB1DOE k bOWLlMO, W roaib elreet. Vl7T.VH AC. -CAM. AT W Bl.tff*PR STRBET, *T eu ?.|?ek froai the Bowary ? Pleraaa e braadtaa. wiaae wbteker, reaa, gla, ala, porter, Ae. , are oaadalkeraUd, aad aro tail la ^aaatitiae te aalt all, aad at ? aod<-ra?* aoale of

fltf. Hew /bbbst eaii.roau -por pbiuadblpma aad tbe laalt aad Waat, fll Jereey C ity mail a*d o?| roae llaoe ? Loaoe New V orb at I aad M A ? .aall aad t r M. Para. Mr* la I. aad II la I aad 10 A fa aad ? P aeaaad aUaa, K B la It. aad It B at RL atepytM at all way atotioaa Tbro??k tlehaaa ao'd for t 'aoMaal aad lb? treat aad Aw Muaera Ptebi>|taa. Nor'oik. Aa . aad tbiaub Uwaca ebotbl U WiAUf^a ta t Ml || 4- B. mTr. B7 TB1VAN1?R BROIirU. AM FINB BASEMENT, *> DT 35; BOOBS AND OF ICMMMMid, third end fourth frwn at tl>* new build, lu*a. #6 uid M Fulton *trtat, to l*t Apply to E. EVANS ?? tli* pMW ?. a N office Td i et? suitable for a physician, il in > It* houaela Ninth *trMt, betwuam I if\h and Siath Room* in the houaa, If raquitod. Apply at M Matb ilttit, from 5 to 6 I' M CIANAI. AM) HUDSON STREETS? To LET OR I Icaac, the promiu nt aouthoaat of Cnntl and tlnd *on *tr?*t*; trout*.'*) feet on both *trr*ta, and ha* a a* parat* and ? t <-oI entrance to dwelling part ; vr nil J tnako a capital atand tor a clothing, hardware, furnture or aaddlery ?tor* Alao tli* ttore aud dwelling adloiuing, It*? ('anal ?treet Apply to JA SJ ES IK UK, 12<a. Iludaon ?tr**t ("lOL'NTIlY BESILENCE TO LEASE FOR A TERM OF J y*are. ? Tii* very di'airabl* country aoat of th* lata Jnoob Lorillar#, L -nutifiilly ?Hunt*'! at Ford bam, about Ova lunula*' walk Iroin th* d*n t Thore ar* tl.irioeir acre* of ground tilth cultivation, w'th tin* garden mil go id aupply of frrit Hi* bouaa >( rnuiinodiuue. m period order, and feplotv with every convenience, ineliidlug bath*, Ar. I CO bouaa filled. Stablsa, Ac., Ac Apply t? A. I'. MAN, No 04 H ail afreet. ClCt'N'lKY RESII.RRCE TO I.ET-AT NKW ROC1IF.LLE. J doligbtl :IIy dueled between tb* vt;ia^.i an 1 itcauiboat lunding. and v iibin tw< Ive loinutea' w ? Ik ot the jepot , bona* oontline ton rcoini, p.-irlora liav* limrblo nianlula, gratM, Ac ; food garden, all ban abundant* of fruit aa 1 ehrubliery, a'id ? every v ?y deelrabl' for* reupcctahlc family. I'nr partic ular* apply toll I lEI.ION, oppoall* tbo depot, at N'*w Hocholle, or at Sl'i Poarl atreet, New Tvtk /10UN1RV ST. AT. I!I.1m)M IN(! l"> A I.K -Hi I.F.T, |*|Ot\| " J lat April, on the tank* of tb* Iludfon rivnr, oX mil** from tha t it) llall Inrallbtd lor a private family, aud hita Mr* aeri e of garden and orehard, Sua occupied by Mr Mr Culluttfcb; situated at '-tid of lan* oppoeite n*te of Elm Park llotel. Apply to R I. SCll 1 Kf 1 EI.I .V .so IS E*jt Tw*u ty aeco n (I atreet. COAL VAUT 10 I.ET? Til F OLD ESTABLISHED coal yarn in Waabingtou. n ar Spring *tr*et, and a few door* abovo Clinton mm ket I'm ? ????i.ion lat ol April. Ap ply to J. I. t'OI) DIN G TO N , 17 Wall itrccl, aec< nl story, front ollioe, Irom^i! to ?! I*. M. COAL YARD TO LEASE FOR TEN' YEARS-FIVE OK H six lota on llroedway noutb'e.t corner ol 1'blrti uintb ?treet, on favorable terme Apply t?> ItOsWf.l.l O. 1'IERCK, Pine atract, coruer ol llro.idway. uudur tb* Ma'ropolitan Hank. JJIACTOItY TO I.ET, I FASf, OR FOR SAI-F, WITH JT ttaam noacr? Th* tour *tory brirk building in th* utr of 172 Foray tli atreet; alao th* dwelling bonm lu front of tha ?an*. For particular*, apply to JOHN B. itVKERi-.BS Wall atroat or 11 W.ahin*ton place Farm to i ka>k, o? from jj to nacrbs, in tb* vleiuity of tb* oit jr and wall adapted for uiar'.nt or dairy purpoaci. Apply to 1 M TUOltUl'RN A CO., 1.1 John *tfe?t. "BURST CLASS HOUSE TO LET-IN ELEVENTH J? atract The l ur *t*i t broa u atouo hou??, No. UE>at Eleventh atreet, l>et?*en Second and Third avrnuoi; the lot l* 'JVfj h) 100 leet deep; the houee la 25^ by ft feet do* p? built in ISM with all thn modern Imnroveirenta, and ii v rv bandaomely fanubed The lintia* and lot ar* offered for aale, or will l>* let to a *ood tmant. The altnttion of tblJ honta U b?autlfnl, hein* torr near St. Mark'a Church, rttirod, unlet, and ooaaanian* of ace*aa, App'y un tb* prenilaea, or at RAYSoR'S book itora 7t> llowery. FDRNIHilF.D IKH'SE TO I.ET ? A HANDSOME dwelling liotiae elegantly and coinnletely fnrni<hed, fitted with all the mo.leru ininroTemanta, k??. water, Ha turea, Ao It la in a failiiotiable and conraniont aowbl.or hood. Addreta M Ullil.lN, IV Wall atrcut, or bo< (M l'o<t OEM. N FURNISIlEIt IHll>E TO I.KT.? THE THREE STORY brown Mot* frui.t hauae, from lit Mny to lat Noyainher u*?t, with all tbe modern improTemonta, neatly furulahad, near to Madiaon a<iuar? and Filtb aytnne. Addieaa U W . bcx 3.C0S, Port t.fflc*. F rax If BID tlOIISE TO LET? 1 HE FIRST CLASS brown alone front houae M We.t S?? euteeiitli atre*i, h? tweia Filth and Mxtb arennea; liaa all the tni.dern improve m*u?a, and Tcry commodluna. Poi>g?i u cnu bo had uuuie diatel) . Can be acan at R.I hour> Will b? lat only to a private family of tb* bigbeat r*ip?< tal.ility Uoardina boaae k> epem nee 1 ni t aj ply. I!i<iutre ol J, L. COLU1, ofBc* ot 8. Smith, .'<?) Wall atreet Houses to let.? the two modern built four attry bou?e?. 111 and 11.1 Eaat Thirty third itieet be tweca Lesin?ton and Third avvnite* Hath, ran. a, Ac Alao, part of a coMauo in Thirty f nrth alreot, ketweeu ?? uo ave nue*. Apply at 109 Ei at Thirty tbird atreet. HOUSE TO I FT ? A FIRST CLASS EVfll isn II A > R menl how**, in perfaet order, and baviun every inol eru com *nl*i cv. b*atitifnlly loca'ed In Went Twentiuth Itriot, N o WJ, uppoait* toe Theological Seanitiarv. Ai>uly toC. O TLRItll f,. No. 21>I, ue?t door House in Stanford to let -a spacious and eouvenient dwelling in Stainforil. t'oniieotiout, earner of South and Willow atreet*, with * able and irarden, *prtn? and rain vaierin tlx boot*, which 1j hnatod by rarnicoand and regi>ter Di'tanc* from New Vork tfiiriy'UX milji by railroad. Apply to K. IIEI.KNAI'. 61 \tullatr**t. IOTS TO I.ET ? THE TWO LOTS, BTOS. 7 AND 9 >0 J t oken treat, i-iaty loot froi ?/, t ppoail* tlie llmlaon River Railroad freight ai.d paaaengar elation and el'.ae to the Colllni ateaufhlp dot k and llolo.ken ferry. Apply to JAMES 1'Klt'B, gl"1 lludaon iitr l*t MOIIHISAMA.-TO LET, A NEAT TWO STORY AND basement hotii< llnel.t finished, with one gere of ground; ?table on Uie prenu>ea H ot tttl) Ajiply to II. W llnr net, !<l C'b*mb*r? atreet, tip atair>,er to II It Unmet Frank lln a*i nne, tetwi *u 1 ifth and Mit b itr'-eta, Morriaanla. TO I Cl.INTON PI. AC C, I IK ST PBJTAtS IOCSB < from lln adway.? Io let, in a t r-ncn family, an a. irt u.etvt oath'- second Ro>r. with pantftee; the ti--ue* bat :il II.* modtrn impruvomenK Apply ou th- pretuiad to II . u glrar liu' o?, pruleaeorof tbe 1 ri-neb language QI'T OF Town.? TO LET-PARTLY FURNISHED. A epiendid m?i/? ton, with alablea, oiithoua?a anj ground*, at Eighty aixtb atraei on tb* l auk ? of th* II u l? ?? ; lacal i in nn*?rpaea*d for boaltli ai.d baauty, anllablo for a boardin ? bou*e. geutiuarj, or hot*l Ala*, a cottaa* on Eighty f.urtb ?tract laqalr* cn lb* pr*nii*ea. er of tV F. LEE. *0 l.tobang* place OFFICES TO LET.-SOME VI RY DESIEADLK SUITS of ofl' *?, amtaM* far bankera' and in-uran.-o or. -? alio uma I aaemant und upte-r eflirea amtaMe for brokir^ and lawjera Will le ranted In* to good tenant* 1h ?e olfti et are aiiuated in tbe new l.utld'Bg in ll< aver atreet, be laeen William and llanoTar atraeta, an I ar* a|.?antly hnlgbod and Att*l np with C'roton water -ai. marM man t*l*. aud every oth'-r conv*nlenc* Apply to AI.IKEDF k EV P, (I Heaver atreet FFICES TO LET -FOUR FINE Of'FI 3KS TO I.ET, at No. 7 Ilroad etre*t. Inquire en tb* pr-mid* of OEO. L PRIDE. _ PART 01 A HOUSE, MIDDLE FLOOR TO LET FROM tb* lit of May, conaialingof front and back room, with dark b' droom aatl cl' <*t? b*t?een and hall bedroom, with I livileg* <r kit*b*n, bathroom, iai bnrnari. t'roion water, umlrr collar and yard. Apply at l]U Sect rid atreet, n -n r I'lret avenue, from I to Aa'elocg STF.AM POWER -ROOMS WELL LIOHTED, WITH ateady at*am i.ew.r. to l*t Inquire at Jonti Ke. n-dy'a *t*am niarbl* work*, tirnar ot Trlrty aftb atr -t and llr^ad way. CTEAM POWER IN ANN STREET - ROOMS WITH 0 at*am bowrr to let . alao (tor** 01. -VI a I. J Ann *tr*et. Inqnlraat 19 Ann utreet rl I F.T-A I.AROF. ROOM SUITABLE ?o(l SF.KVH E< on Sunday, w*U lighted and TentilaUJ. lo.-ura ?t Vi Broadway fo I.ET- NO r- at A I DEN LANE -THE TIRST FLOOR, aud alao the r?-ond atory friut roou., will ).* I?i MM rat* or together Tbe pr*alae< are both wel! adapted to tbe wattb jteelry. or fancy i;ooda ba'ineaa laiiulr* of SBH II, )7il NO A co . No 2 Mald?n lane rrio m > TO a MALL genteei. FAULT, THE 1 eenond *tory tf bona* .No * Hartrl *tr**t, eoat lining fr< nt knd baak pari r?, lea r?m and tedgaoui. For lurtb*r partiailarv apply to J llLOl K, IM I nileii atr* -t 0 mo I.F.T-TIIF. TWO LOFTS, KOS 7 AMi" HOBOKRM J. ?tr*et mi feet fr'-i.l. op|< eite the llo'Iaoi Ifiver Ka I read fratgbt and | *? enaer ?t?tion, and cloa* to tb* C 'lliai gteiuigl.ip dock and U'bok'n terry ApPlr ' 1 JAMES PRICE .VI Bliwi atr at 1H) LET? THE FOUR ST- KV HOUSE, NO. IM Print* *?r**t, e btalaing auteen r'.omi, If nop witu ia>. Lath. At , r-'??tly paint* I and papernd tbriu.'hout Ala", a e untry Ii HM M 1 garden at Sevanty fourth *tr?*t and leatli aveno* Alaoaeott.t* bona* o.i Ti.i" v *1/ m'i atr ?t, ne*r Madlrun *v*nue A;l) to L Ii hlN.-III H?.K, 37V I ' tirth artnu*. 7 I'. M ri"|fcT-IN BROADWAY, MOM 01 THE TANK I nael*. ' fflmi ?t <1 wrkrk p* nn urnll if I fl. r I A j to I'ARTRIHOK A IlKI ITA ' W> iir.a Jaa/_ TO I ET? THE STORE 94J. (HATHA* STREET, I R'>? tballratof liar. aaltaM* l>,r a M(*r a'<ra or at haaxa ?ffr? lri|tiir? la lb* I oUI rpo I.RT TBI. r PJ'KR PART Of A NE IT two ?T.)RT I hou#a ii Vtp ;im atr*at. n ?r M if. ?r fruit *?< la k parlor ??<! tbr?a l>?4r? u>a lot f"t?(i?t parti'dara Ii |Uir< at IU V?n klllMl T,bi tain It u III to Wind from 2 to.'. rpo LBT-IN A NEW UOUtl. 191 Will Ivt lSTItril J ?iixt.liiiMr mini with |aotr.a< Crultn nt" ??<.*? . i t , a ??'.?II geatcal 'ami I; of avt la rr lhaa Ikra p*ra,aa rpo u.T uau or tiie cr.*TBBI Ttr<? *r ir r 1 taa*aaat aad nil' Urn* hMH tilhir t ?tr-t I ? (Ball ,?nt?tl family, <?avrataat to UfM hint af ran ?> I ?It ? r at*kl I km of Kara*; II ra.iaiata ? I 2 par, or* >a ? ?al ftaaf. 2 I cdfoeaa ia atln, l.i?tii?l. la l pritlla ?? af i >th rooii Ik* lowff part sill l>* aar up>*4 t* a 'aiallj af i?? , R*nl.f??, t?,k?aa?a fr m 2 la t a'clack. flaa?? till M .Hr-.a T (' mill r. Na. 124 D*laa< j ItnH ft, i ir-rAiT or a oe.?teki, roues. ib biwb t?-alb atrmt, iiilMilharxl', i?ulitt>i| af frwal ba*?is< at, aailara ?l Brat laaf, atl I a p?r* to i?4 "? tM*4 f! or. lor?tli?r wttk ?a? i'tarna a?. I Hirll>i< af i-ai.'i. A* ; rrat, IJVp Ki.aalf. <-f A M BWl ET, 2M Waal ?<i.i-a?*l> , rtraat altar 4 a aloak. I* W rp<l I ET- A BOCK R AMI RTOIti: THR ISA I. AND I 1 hatar** far >aU . p'-??*a?i'<a caa l ? fitaa iwiat-llat*:/ Apf4/ at 119 HatL araaaa I '|-Ofrr rORffl" MR ANWl'W THE rf.i OS Ii <TOK V I J ol II* bra* a al"?' ban** Wa Z.V' Ulatfe araa'.a aatr I T??atb WIMli Mr??t. lb* k-.a?* It na?. *u?-l ay ?>ia fa*. 1 11 lii aaUrrlaaata aaa>pt*l*; tk?r? ara tw, ra-.aa aa4 l,%r Initial. iad I|H ?>( iliaati lul 4ra??ti KmmhI.i tw I lit of April In .alr* of th? , ?n?r at W, ' ia < ?'-ai? Tottr-nivrrtt mmot aoon iiokiau Hia?t, to a raail faa,l> vltkunt ?? .?? akllw**, aaa I taiaa talk, ru Ac. Eat paniralara la^ul/a at Wo 42 Etrat j unaa, inatll'tlwli P M _____________ ' rlXT-fVCCOITMnoX ITATM IILAKD f'*<E ! caar Ika laili ?. fr??ti?t Ika <ral?r ia tk* a?t4 lk?n, 1 tl.a titk* r ?? Ik* pial fal (I'M inrtiit ol a alia Iraaa Ik* Iaa4ia? Ia<4?>rt ?( D OSC&SV MC !?fi< a'raat far aaa ?a?fe. PTrrftM*-nn *iw brown from mow* rocm ?Mf Ear I tab kaaaaMat b*aaa Na ll> Rut Y>4rVaaalk | Mf"l r.aar Tktrl aiaaaa, vttk all Ika m< 4?r? l?frara laaata, aaA la a wi aUaaaat aa4|kkark -<.4 I'ltaaaH a la aaa-tiataip t! fo> A??lr fa TVlill.f Q ERA^' MI , A (.<' faaaeal a?*a?a, wa^airaa* nx> IRT-TJIR IToRR AVt> DWBLL1K0 OB TIB 1 atrUaaat aaraa* a' Evartk araaaa aa? Hlaa?a?alk iu?a< . a raa4 laaattaa hf a Ant aiaaa ?rnarr Mara Alaa, Ika Mart a4>a?aiaf, aa aaaalJaat laaaUaa far alaaa* aaf afet-a i aataaaa AU>. taa a?tta?a aa Wi*?4aia4b itrwt aA)ata>aa tk* aV?r? | if aaa faa^ira < a tka praaiaaa fraa I la It A M ar a4 2 2 SBCHBOBB, M Caaa) not aftar I f II. PI in-TBi crr?R tart oe aoutr wo m Bf**a? fmt aaar Varlf k aaai??H tMrtaaa l*>ai, auk aataritaaati aa a*?k Aaar a, I ikaa raara Aa It.taMi noivm. mo I. IT- AT . t ro* ?*? "? A tkn< IHII, ft ? A"T".T *f* bou?. ?'??? thr*? aarrf of l.od "tu-nl.Ury ui Aprit ? or pJl ????'? *? OK JAN > OKI), nair tlx | r, SMl W* **"?? TO I.KT? HTKAM FOW%. H J**? **1.1. I.IQHTKI. room*. np?r Hroil^sr, I? ( ? Canal ?tr*?t, fruutiBg ?lto on ?lm ?V . , " *} >?r)r low ratM Appl/ to Mr Ot'fcA ? ?W W?U.c lift. " f|W) LET? 2 SMALL THREE STORY ?J*1?? UOURK8, J on Moroer street, between Spring 1 fine* et? *?!? Possesion at once can he had of on* ; nloo, 1 ?J1*" brten hou'*, on Twenty si nth street? rent $400; f l ouf.m Prince *trw?*t, rent 9900 Apply to E. ,w HWdlil MER, .H19 P< urth 3 to 7. mil LET-ON Til* HACKBNSAl'K PLANK* J s i * luilot from liobofcon a *i?r> desirable conn try W?* dmee. with two lom oi land Good ruth-use#, and vnrv^F of liuiU. Ac. Also, t ? lot a cottage house, with lift/ acres of l?nd Mt*fc?4 p**e the door aeveral times a daft* Possession itnmediaudr Kor particulars *pf*l) lo ED WARD DI'RAMMk 17 l>ey atreet , or ?n the prewuee, el CHARLES Dl'RANDO flio LET? THE HOUSE AM) SToRE NO 49* SE X vanth i* % fatie. Alco the t It res story au4 basement Mok . it: ? ? I cheap to ft vood tenant Apply at j> W *st I ort> ur?t ?tr ?ot, lor T. r. HIYBR. fO I IT? THE IICOKD STORY Of TBI MOMRN two stor> h<>u:o .Ml Hudson ?tiwt-t?o parlor*, uo Led roc lit*, patitri**. la*cuent with pautrios, vault kih mil i r ? to a .mail li.tully of grown per* n ' Itom $$*s? 1'osseaaion in April Uef- r-'iit i .? vnrhkii, ?d. Apply a? above, or of 1? KIHK \V- H'nt itrnt, TO LET-HoC*F V. ST, MARK'S I'LACF, PITTED with ga* and Croton nl.r; in rood ord r Also, h<fus'S and store 1> rir?t avenue. Appl) t< W A S ULi * SO TO > vi VtttAV attorney r\l Uv , , ? t I'O I FT? THE MOI>KHK t'OUfl SToUV 1IOUSKS N(iM. ( '? m.d < 7 Cir^^nwioh nuuii* ; aUo a ?tor? on tUu ooro r of Perry fctrct l; rntrai < ? ? ?. ?? utrvot and aveiin rh?<hotn>?? run c "nu ret, and ?uo timai d?>*in?*M? (or nn oxt< nutvc I war t in? h ? i ~ Afplyto K lii '? MI.K 2^ Itr> \ iv-uv mo lit Tii a r rtiui ipacko k itorb i ? i X l?a ? ni? nt and U?bt cellar. Wl nr? adway, c rmr .jI Iju:* nn 1 1 rt-? t )?< itift 25 fret nidal } HMJ tn dvptl.. Can l? l*t ?luglo or totf?tlirr. AUo, tU itoru 170 (Jroanwieh struot. Appl} t" E ItroOUF.R ^?Uiroidwi). TO 1 XT? Til I; IIOt'SE AN '> TORE : ANN STREET, i.'-nr N ? ?' bm CO ft ' P t B| mUI i in ?an k\iitabl? f??r any \ UfinukK, or ti t ?tore, ta-orn at and nub cellar would to let ??parati-ly Apply to ^AXif.5 KKaSK, 172 I'oarl atreot TO LET ?Til*; KTOKENO. 420 IIKOADWA Y, THE TWO lion h k No, 41 ar.d '.H i'aual *trr? t, a room f??t on )ir< adwa>, and the houso No. I'i) Chamber* vtruot. Appl> it W4 I'Uu.i rattr -t. T?? LIT? IK THIRTY BfOHTU ITRR8Tt K1ARTIIR > avenue, a plain throe I'torv fram?- h' u??, withanooU nta Me, having ?ta)l<? and lol't f'?r four h'ir?? ('roton WM?r. Ar,;rent ff75. Aj'pl) to 1'eUr Ceotaut, N 407 Ihlri avenue. TO LET? A GKMEKI. 111REK STORY AND IIASE meat brick house, in a v?-ry d eirable location, El Irl I "? ?tr* et, m ar Ciritnd. I ,r particular^, tu juirr of J V ?i!\b. ll 9 I urayib ?tr? it TO I.ET? ' TWO LARGE PARLORS. WITH A I'RIVATK i ntram e to them, luitalle for hu^ine?a euch a* a dent int. ?Ulhttfjr. tailor, or akj ? ? f ?? ? light HiImm ii tamitabla tvtiant o fieri and wai.t * nth? r apnrtm nt? arran^tMneat# cau be made Appl> at III?mm k?-r etre^t. f|lO LET? IN SECOND AVEKL'B. TO A SMALL FA inilv, th? third t!?*or of a genteel three *t .?r> h uiv Aj? at -ill Second avenue mo LET? SPLENDID (?FIIOE^. VFR\ CIIKAI*. TWO X minutes' a alk from '.he ( 'il y II ? ll , the a?< ond nn4 thirl ftoors of 7H B< ekinan street Can bn oceupi d immediately , miuuten a alk from '.he < mot 7HBiekman itreet No runt charged till after let of May. lujuir ou the pre mo LIT? THI' DROWN TONE HOME 70 WfcKT JL Twenty alxth ftreet, vi?h medorn iiuprovoim nt?, t liether n it h tb- furuitir-; r?nt $l,2(W A!???, it I. a in at tin a place 'l^onty ninth ein '-t betw??ea Kulnh and Niath nee litiep: r? lit fHiO; alio, 'li'A Woit Twenty third airoet; rent aleo, 1^? Forty third etreet: rent ale ? 172 \\ ?.?< TLitt) eighth atreei , a three ? t ry brick h??u?e near Ki^hth mt.uo, Hi Ii ga?, 1 n t li. ran??, A?' ; rent also, a small I ri< k bOlM 1 - M ' I ? * nli a i. tl? utr-'t.r Bl alM, I rieJi honio 171 M est \ outennth stre? t; rent $Ps); alio, IV't West Thirt) Wrat street; rent fVS); ai?o, *ovurtl atoroe and dwelJIays. J. f'^NHAM, 1 1. hth avenue, corner of >it t??nt U atroet rpo I.KT- 'E V KK A 1 GIMTfkL TIIRBL ITOar RRICK I mantii 'rent houios, ou fie s< utherly aids of JSaekett ? treet, between C ol .in Us and Van brunt ?tr<Nit?, city of lirookly-e They contain twen rooms each, ri?, A? ; ar?- In pood order, ? me nf theai never havina been occuf?4ed. I'o# setelon can be Lad Imviediately. l hyy*?ll be rented at n very low tent to sood tenunts: .ire only about thr? ? minutes v?afk from lis r ill ton av?nus Krry Apply to EDWARD D JAMES, No It' Niwati at re?*t, corner t.cdar at reel V V TO I FT? 7ft E GEKTEK: FOI'K STORY DA.sEWEN'T dwelling No ZYJ Tent h rtr? ot, north side, near .See >nd avnu* Contains h>>m ? flfuen rooms, and has every mo derti itnpr iveinent and convenience Also, the neat thr?* st< ry and baeem* nt dwellln,* No. Hudson street?ten reom, t roton wator on each floor. Also, u.e adjoielur deelln fi Nn 2*??, (eieept office eontaiaa eight ro?*0ta. Ap ply to J A M K.S PRICE, liudsoti itrnet K? t ? Wi 'I ha Myrtle avenas railroad runs with ui una bl< < U ot t lie premises, r*ntieriug thi loe*ii y < on vi . toot to those doins buatne?s in the clt} A;>i ly.t^ U iih, > V.i ^11 East lin adway, between 10 and 3 o clock lO LET, COUNT IO RES I DEN t'l. A1 I I A I IH'SII, I. ?The lir^e 0 .able house. wHI flnished. barn, 1 t'other nith ar. sere of ground, on the plank mad, near the Reii.tmed Dat< h t hureh. .Schools, e?"r?s. p <at jr in tie centre ol the p; stint villa #e ol I latbu'ii, UirM a id a half milts fr'-B? 1 niton f> rry Mrookl?n Omni u*s? pas* thr,?o?r Ap|l> to i'AK I A V A W RK.IIT, M'A Pulton atreet, lirookiyn, < r to I', S CRook K. La | , I lat bosh rpn LET? Til L LAUt.F AIR), AM) Vt EI.L LIGHT! D i I an mei.t, 'J' I y < ? fe^t, in the niRrh e row XM'virt street, llro. klyn, aearly opposite the ( lty IJall; first rate l?M3?tion for an oyster ?r dining ealoon. Apply te OAltl ET A Vt KK.IIJ, Si'l I niton street, lirookljra IV J I ET? THE RASEMENT No 76 WILLIAM HTRKKT, very suitable fur a trunk store or any ..tin- r teepee table hnsiaeaa? the mannfectormg of goeds oa the premie** and stJlu * of h(|nors e?eept?d. Will be put in very r*,od < rder tn en acceptable tenaat Apply to 1 II A I M E.H.sf N tiE R A HEN > DH EM, No. ?. Cedar atreet I^O LET-PART OF A NEW FIRST C I.A Aft TWO aToRY house, (four, hve, r ?i? ro ms ) on treiagtoa svenua. lis;. Rldfe, two rniaotes walk frorn the terminus of t he Third Avenue Railroad, Drooklyn, and three milen fr- m Hamilton ferry. Location ftne; \ i?w < f the urer R nt to suit a g e-4 tsnsnt. Apply to T II COLSTON, tea store. No IX1, At Isntic street, Brook!) n f|Vi PET? THE CI* PER PART <0 HOUSE 4** HCDSOttf X ?t eet, rovsiatint of tno f'Srl'r.. with two hedrooais aad Path roorn inneisi). kitchen heloe and one garret room, gas warm ad cold water In tnir*- at ft Pr nt etrtet. TO LET? PART OF A lloi'?R |.% LCD LOW f|.%C*I' with all modern iaiproeeritaats. to a family without ?klMrtf I r farthef artlei'lara apply to ? L FRIEND 41 > ai sen atteet mt LET-FRONT PARI I El PR ^ |9n 1 V. as* meat Apf 1? a I 'ft* Ronery ET- AT K/ftDIIAVf A COT1AGF A Ml GARDEN th plenty of frw it anion- r two acresof Ian' and in . If rt quiru.l AI aiirt'' it ?? mau*i .;i dir*?'.if at tLed?*po( inonire at 7U PranlUa street, *>r oa the praajase at P orilham, t*ne ho-.r ? t ie fr m the 4. ity II all rpo LET? A VERY I IM II'd'T WITH A I l. TlIF J modern irnprovetaeats: ran be had for -ne sr t w ?? yssr? will te r? nat l I ? to a goo* tenant Appl> ai 2^* i leia^s tea Itr't*. Brooth n lalton a^ one e?rs witl.ia <0>sr is of the Uc/use. tfinteei nsighoerh^^d. 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RAKE-IN TUB VILLAGE Or l ONKMUt mo i t fnuii, with i ntll k??H oi it. W H ba l-t r I cap if applied for luimadiatala Apidf to T LAW HI. NCR, IS ltaaktnan atroat, No 8 Clinton oourV TO I ET OR LBAH?-f?? AND WUO-TWO PRF.rf* ? cut n?? houaca, ? allcd i lirom Vlllaa, II jmiimL alit-lt* 1 1 f'rotno wattr haooni ami Third >'W* (itijui Mmi dar Hid III/ lit Apply on ft lUIW, iwiv ul lii&l ?tt?t aad Third avaaua, or at lUruun'i H?mm fjiu LIT IIK I K AM E - A I, AMI STORK ON NORM 1 n I omn ill l.ruadeay tad (anal itri?t, ?It ani-l for rlutl.m. battini. or ? n jr t uimMt that n<|VM ' |?u tilioit y . Imjutr* i>t ll?S llroadway. rpo I ur on LEASE Till TWO DWELLING IIOUHH 1 ^'i? lit ? >.!??), ulil. |.,D< piano ri'om, ??? 'l?Kuumo*rf? roi.m, wllo ahon roam lii juireon the I'muWi 1 ' ? >* ' t ? s t \ k n hirer m- twi# *? < rt i Ua(n h'.unat with )>?> ? -nanta; t ha I'luahiaa owl f"' win "1 ? I I'.ih ln<|uiis at iyil ultoa atrial, llro?k|M. Rent, fiUl per tnutitn TO leBT IN llRoOKLVN-A UNK THREE *Tll?W brlelt btnae. ht?b bnaemnt with *11 llii p<?l<nt> |r fiii...?l , aad ailuatod .1:1 I'n 'idi-nt ?trt?>t fat miaataw wall tt?m Hamilton fvrtf IS 'tit In ? t.i a ,..,d tnatnt Wll *Krli?blto till* I <>??? for J.r ?{? rty In At lantic atraat AMI* t t h'1.1 l'n.\ m ?. tl, H I . ,lr..l, > Y rpo 1.11 on rim bAi.E? HOL'ar. and lot ?? dkhuaw I atrial I 1 rukljra, a f'w ui 11. ulna from Hamilton fWrrf, Int- 1) 1 it lii |irtir<rt vrdcr. Alan, hoaae and lot 294 Thirty ?1 1 1 ml ?lrn>t in tha ritjr of Now Vork, built for a Ut ui'iit lioaac Al.o (or aala. hstiM and lot *7 I'icaiiiaM aim,!, Ilt .ukltu. u l twi laid nearly < pr<>alla A,nl/ la Uo TT A Ml lihA V.>a at SiMUitiMt. mouT roHimvi montii?- several band* I ?utiix lit'iwu atonn Iiuh>m, 'IrRBiitljr lurntahad throafli 1, lit, at lama frc m II *'?> to $i.*UO Alan, a nitaiW of nafW tiiahad bauaca in rood looatlona, at r?ute Irotn 1--VI ta II UOT Ar|l>tol. II K I KHIIIMKR. .11!' luarth ac-uua, iron 1 V? 7 I' M rpo URt <;tilHT8 ok ORti r.H.*? 'to i r.T in wit I lltiiKl till an ?' ant ator?, fl(ht) (Ifa f. at A ??aJ Uiilif ill 11 1 atinvii tradoa ana In duaa. Iai)tilr*?l DR U'HB'ITK, l''U (iraad atrct rpiJKBBlTt.RV IIHICK HWILIIMIH. RKAR, IW. I No , urtb atrcrt . uoar ???ititli loolli: and en Saat! loiith ttrai I, 1. cat tba r??ik alif fcrtjf, M 1 1 1 la.itw ktirf, la ? I 'm'a^' '''' halj(b hof baud lu juira at B. Urrr.u i-ARTor iiuusk immkk itrkktto ibit to a a IK all raaurrtaliln tamilt without cbildraa; tlfia t'ri.ijii Mj tlaatti, I a mi attic l>?.f r?? ?/ Ta with flra|it*?a, lara# hack l<ai ujimiit an I [antri'< and lar?a yard, fmir door* fra* l aat lir'i > I* at . can ha aaau (runi li tu I u'cl ?'i I' H. Aa |'l y to A. U rt 1.1. lit IN. 40 South alroat TTrl'EK I'AIIT OI A HOI K Ttt I KT -A I.ABOB 1' frtiUi and hark 1MB with tia.itrr, with two of lima I'lcaaaut attle rtntM A diairalTa lm atlau f ir a dantlat ar doctor. Location. Oraad atr??it, ona I. |.,. k irom Hroadwa#, mat ilda Mcnl m.di rata A arnall lainllf atll hi.d thbt A 1 r ?a 1 . > ? 1 1 ? r t u 1. 1 1 ? . M It *UI M M humllbal at uafar tilahwl Adilraaat: it , Umadaa; I'oat Offlaa. ?IVHHBK, H4M>HB, At., Vb AITD. Amai uiRke HioKY Httunr. wnu tuk mouebh I ImtiroTaniant ? wanted 1 7 a auiall laniilr Haat aot W aacaad Addraaa, atatlujt loaatkau aad cat. t) B . Ili-rald ofBfi ALAHV. I I'LL V CoHI'KTRNT AMI WITHOUT IN rumhraitcc, would Ilka to inaka au arranfaiuaal witb aotaa |irraoa l.atla* a hi.uac. all or paitlf (ur-mh- I (iota* tun prtlarrad. I m ho would ha ? II II a w to hoard far tba r< at. t r a part of it ; wuuld atp. ? t to taka a law otliar hoartlara. 111. t of rafW'ii. - alven Addraa* lira II , llaraid da* AFlRNiailKD IIOI -i: WAITED BV A I ?Or, l/f Ilia nalnl.l (irh'.i d of 1 anal atrial Sha will par tka r<Lt In advance, aad Kite tic l.aat of rafar-iica aa la aaa* and dill.aBia An/ una haaiai tha aaio 1, oaa addraaa L I., Chat ham a<|uarc I'. .at OfBca. for tbrac ttjt AS AKIRH AS I.ADV. WIIO IIAH RETT A EfBBB 1 . a# a h .ill t a. i.ah.aia maat with a i art > Imi% 1114 a baaaa t" 't. full) or partial jr f'ini?'?d loiation not l.lihar mm than Twabtiatli atra t lt?it of rily ralavanoa |lraa 41 dttaa. fi r I ht?a .la/a, L t . llaraid otiiaa Vt'K.NI^IIkll COTTAO E WANTED? A N If 'ELY r UK I nlal.i d ootta<< . In a h'althy altuati m, a'.t lua ihaa H aid 1. it a. nr. thaa 3> Ai latlra liiu tbla ally, raal paal ?in 1 thl) laadtanaa Adlraaab poat pai 1 . 1 Win K Dalloa, Vork I'aat oUira, itatini aitualioa, tarraa. An IjTKMhllKD liOll.tL HAM I. II? 11 V A rAMII.r ri naUliiir of two |?ri,?i I'ha honaa aad furailurc wtB ha well taken 1 are of IC ? at not to ??. ? *1 f*?u par aaaaa. I m at 1 ' a an) a h* ra I. at aa*i Vtlacckar an I Thirtieth atraabt. Au'lnaa A 1 hotnf aor. . L'aioa a'|tar? l*oat Itffkoa I >A HI OI A MOD1.KN M0II.1 HOI I.. WK1T MM I of tha ill'* aante.l I a a i? ui 1. 11. r n and w 1 f ' ?iaat a ' nta to oaaaiai of aacoad Muor and haaaiaeal 11a Hi ad a | |.l) A ide- Vt II l* . Unald oBiaa Hours wanted- i?v a ladv and iiehti-erai*. and loar l for tha lad/ ? t.l/, ? hare tbar* are a > atbar liardara; I I.c a till a h<taaaa I a ?i a.inaia aad Twaati aitiA 1 1 t. aultahla eernn Riodationa will ana ira a (oat pant Addraaa Will aaia h.-i JAti I'nat OBi' a \k' ANTBD I'. A UO'ili MICATIflN AN E MILIUM Tl I a a. in. nt l.'.aae. Haat aot to an el Addraaa 1 a 1.711 Horil ' ' A NTED ? A HOOfl IN A RRSPW . AIII.R NBIOH - I I orb d, I.I' ? raurtb alra t and a -at ?f Ilri<adaaf . Iimiatbara all iha uode'n latproaaiaoaia aoataia ta* a* el aan mama and tha rant not ta aiaaad (GM par daaom. A 1 iraaa J V h , Ima t, V t I'oat tifbit \\ \ \ ANTED 11 V A 1 AMI1.T 01 Til HEE ADULTI, ONC * ' child a i< 1 an 111'iit, I art of a dwallti c haaae, a| or a* 1 1 ? alola it jr ' f ? John 'a parki raal not to ? icaad MM * t* ar Reap, italic | rnitilaaa ara re I'lirad. ai.l tha adaartaava Will l.a fiand n?lat aad pae. taal tenanta Tha l-aat nlat ? ma ran he firra A4dr*aa hoi 3.7Wt I'aat "fkca II' AN II fl-liy A URAII. fJE N TEE I. r A MILE OB fl IferM |WM MHM part of a liauaa aaaditiaa at Ihraa or f'.nf r"imi, with ' aaaaiani I'laaaa addraaa, (lauag tertna and ladllMI, la II K . ho* I. Ml I'oat OMaa. "ii' anted -a lit it ir ih a f 1 i-r ? taim.e nriob If harkood, helow loortaaath at re* I nt lariliw Ikaa 1 >,r t!.i>a l.!o? bl Iron I! ral > ? ' e u. all tba madam linpr' trtneall Meat aol ta alaaai i.'OU Addraaa llai AftR I'o.l I rnaa. U" ANTED? A II R.MbllED IIOUBR. IN IIHOOELrit. I h; 1 fa mi!/ af eight eraaa up per ana Tba baaaa aiml ta ii a plaaaat aituatioa I'oaaaaalaa laaillaltlf Addraaa (poat laid 111 Matn mnae. Wanted the l' pie r i'art or a modern II hmlt 1 onaa, not abava Nioih atraat aai laalaw i.'aaal (tmat Mint not ta aieaad kW Addraaa tpaat paidi Rk I I. t I It'll.*-, 12 Uaarj'a flaca, l.aal Thutaantn atraat. ll'ANTED- IT A SMALL AMKRI' AN I AMILE OT TT : at paraaal, tba half of aa Rnrliab ba?a?aat baaaa, Ii rnlabcd or anfuraiabed. or thalaaar part or a faar alafy Loaaa alin thara ara no e??n iblldraa hot L?<bar u# tl an 1 h itleth .treat aad hetaaan I'.'irlh aad Slatb a?a nit' ? I of each a h iaa a ta<>d raat will ha paid Addraaa, a ? h 1 a in a aad raald i'a, la W W , L'li.n a|?an ftat Oil rBP TO RI NT? IN RRtNlEI Th 'iR HOdAin, -- all hoaaa ar part af a Uaaa rial a .aat IQf', w t< ataaad ?. ?l lT>aaa aldr.aa, with pnoa' iaaal^a aad daaarlpttaa af praaaiaaa. I /ami Rtau, bai SU rial la ,N<W |?rk. t -4 blab -r ap I ha n Ta aallath atraat nna I taat liraakl)a. a boaae aad lat. (witb at'ara pva hrud rata a>.< lat at a raaaoaa la pitaa foftaab Ad draa* ' I aaall " llaraid aAia. \l' ANTED TO rORl'HAar t ll*?T 1,1 * Id HlflH tl lo'.plot. Iwaate d h i wa-a liraalwa/ aad Milk aaa 1 ? i t a! 01 1 aai ti?tk ttiaet. ltd w rth fraai III '? ia a -. ?. Applr iaa ra.dlat.l, t.. 1 M II I II II A CO . Na I |'iaa atraat . Metrapalitaa kaak haiidla#. UfAMID IS HRiiOkl.r \ - A RM ALL ? '<TTA<?? bl I.e. taal t.a ail. at*> froia ettkai of t ha 'arrtaa. flanifr mil?. t? ?JE1 Addraaa atatlar tar aad I aaa ? Of, HI WKHtllir ROTH KM. $9 HfKt *' " WANTED, A fAHTNEH 1 i V?? ?""" ' faa4 I ??!???? ia ? |um ftj ?. t , ? ??*> ,?i ?H |ii?. | t a .i.aai u! ? ?<aara*iaa4 All * l-?? II '? atr-4 ? Ik* rvrkl klr>4 af ? ma a, ? ka >uu < 4 ar,ik? A44r*aa M Mf, kai IM llaf a!4 >it*a 4 'Xlfl WAIJIft A 1'AIT.UI Wll'l I A* rOI C?<v"i r, ?i i ? . i h if i itiian i? la m< *???* ? ?4 'M?l III ??!??' la llnilM A ? ? ,??! UMUM *UI Li n m aaaa ) an ?? ill Br r?M A Mf* Kk<>AbWA) '.II - ? ? III II.DIXO fLATt IM I'' lli?4l?if, ?irtk I l*.V Jtiift toiMfMilallf Ian 're III I ? k. la i|> fr -?<i ? ?4 II a I k* Kf (In |W| lii???i >?im?w m ? Ma (<n?< a m?i*4 >i ?(k kaaa fun aa : ??,< I . |>hm ll.m ?'.?? At lu irr llki I i? il ? I a tiaaa fi<,r? ika a ?. 4*'* I. i ? aaataiaak, Mr Aa I' i ' r Bill la kit ^laMlakaaaal), aa* Mr. U*' "< llufc?? aa 4 t.ifc <k- r ???nuu irim u I ?? a ' I Ha oa. ' ? ?f ibalr fa?.*? J ???ai.k l-at A ( * h? ?'!?? ?? ?'? If Jtl**t af(r!aalk< r MmIi IM / Lata ?l ?? ? < . ?, r'l a. iliia aa talirai/ aa? a?4 I. a a I iiii'aoi af W>a4n IM, Hi ? ??? 'mr ???* ???? ? III Milam aa? Marx.J-i iMt i|i, la vkiak lk*t in- aii>ti>?> TUMM-VTKW-ftl! APiRmaMli' iiltlTf I / hf< IMUu I M><aa I' ? 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