Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6802. MORNING EDITION? WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 1855. ? K'UCE TWO CENTS. TEMPERANCE TRIUMPHANT AND GROG STOPPED, j BUrififtttM Meeting at the Tabernacle. t|niw ?f Hcwre, Cayler, Culver, Waktlcy, lie. IBB BOffQTEr MAN ON THE PLATFORM, JKh Ac., die. There w a grand tempeiaace demomtration last ?vtning ia Ik* Uraadway Taberaaeie. Th? frien.l* of a Prohibitory Li^aor bill mat to congratulate each other oa the late pa?>?\?e of inch a bill by the LegUlatnn of thla State. Tie mice t lag waa cal ed by the New York Timfaaia Itlienni The caliiUclf wounded of triumph. It ntntlaiarf tech pithy and ?plrtt*Urriog a*ntencen as tbaae " T?f lanca Triumphant,'' " Mtiue Law Vic torian* ia lb* Empire fctite;" ' Friend* of Freedcm, Humanity, aad Temperanoe, come and let aa rejoice ia tbia glorioua victory," Icc , Aio., Ac. The call waa t*i y largely Desponded to? the fair lex being, henrtr, aa atual, ia a large majority. T&e ladle* afcouIA feewuw bow thay give the light of their eaaamaanee to luch reatrlctire principle* an4 movement*. Tbu fanatic* who have morel betreu un<l - earth (? *top uea'* grog may iome of theee day* turn round ta Skaluviaaa, aad leoiunce matrimony a* a car**. Thay are incanable of appreciating the. excel lent watiawt which run* through that toe old German song : ? " Avi wlieu my maiden kU? s me. I U (nicy I the Sulten ??*, And wilen my eoerrjr plats I lope I'D fnccy that 1 em tb* {'opt. And ao, the matdena should not diseourage too mush the indulgence of their awetthearta in the cherry glaaa, lent, becoming loo cold blooded, they might grow c? re let* about U? kiss e*. Tbe meotioc wan called to Older by the Domination of Mr . Jo? ph H? p? a, u President. The CHantnsjr said he wait one of the Vice Preaidenta of the illiiK*, and in the abarnce of the Pree! dAt at Albany, it wae his duty to tike the chair; ho, be wwver, thanked the meeting for the unanimity with which it responded to hie nomination. They had not to congratulate each other on the triumph of priaoipl* and right; not to glost ovor bloodshed and victory in taltK but to rejoioe over a victory, the con eequano? ot wUch will restore lout hatband* to wired, Ion children to parent*, and lo*t parant* to children. (Applau? .) T*?y had met to rejoice that in the Empire mat* a Lrg'aLalurr was found bold enough to enaot a Prohibitory liquor law. (Applau? ) It la the Ma'ne liw la mar* than sue *en*e, inasmuch at it will fend to rector* fallen nun to hia position in societv, which la the wain ftattkn lor man to occupy They had mat to fbjoiee at tta pa?ago of the law. end at tta signature br out noble Govtxnar, Myron H Clerk. (Applauie ) I?t them oat, heaeever, triumph unreasonably over a fallen fee, bat pemue a course of dignified forbearance. 31* rejoiced that for one*, too, tbey bad a Mayor who would execute tlart Saw. (Applause.) The Chvr ?g+'u ? return** thaaka tor the unanimity with which hi* no mination had been reed rod, and he introduce J to the m? tieg th* Kft. Mr. Cujler, who oifered up prayer. film** tf tbe Vice Presidents aad Secretaries of the meeting wnrfc Ibon mad and approved The? iliin, ?largyta*n present, and tbe officers of te n> penance aanoelatlona war* invited to take ?at* *n th* piatTarm. A few persons availed them? Iv f s of th* invitation. Rev. Mr. Cciuffl again came forward an4 addreea^d thjk nmnttog? friend* aad fellow victor*, such a meetiag ?s Hld> meas* anmething. Tbi* ia but th* first ol the Mfiett ef ?tta** which th* friends ot t?mper*nc? design to hold ia via* *f the great responsibility devolving on th?? . Wh*? l?e opened this morning, that live temp* r, tta New York Tribune, which comes to his cannot n mm iwi ???> ??" amwrn-ww protection ever the doors of vice . Carlyle aayn "It ia wonderful hoi will stand a nobody shakes it." ayata? had atoad, but now it h?i I loor a* liagaJarty ? tbe milkman, aad with as little mil of alaetai about it. h* saw bis name announced is ?one ?f th* ia? bare, and pleasantly responded tq it. H*re th* *U gpertle? an? not the young on*? known about town aa tbe Bouquet Man, came on the platform with tbrwe haanMcin* bouquete, whi;b he place<l on tlia - table ia fint at' the speaker. The movemoat wan ac -bnowlelged by I? ghter aad applau? f.-ora th* audi*u3e. Mr. Grrum ?>eattnu*d ? Ob, what aa array of plea saat things, aad what a comparison with th* pie isant thought* which have come Into th* heart of many sorrowing wife' W* aacept it aad rejoice at it as th en bla? at tta budding of hope, after the disappoint meat wo experienced last year. Almost like Laaarua mmdug forth from th* tomb, our hope', which wvro (hen i dashed, are now revive!, aad a W? ? (applause)? ami to have been roaurreetioni? d Car us Wo hail*d tbl* law at th* laoraiag Mar, ttx barbiager of tb* sun of paice aai light about to rim upon us. (Applause). Had they not a right to te ttaafcftil to- nigh tr Had tbey not aright to lejoioe at th* leboaaph of the principle which *praag to lininthat pine tree fctate, wlio.~e early settler* seemed to hav* bad? I tesUnctive fore: nought of It* influence, when it adep? il aw its motto th* littl* word "dirlgo," (I direct.) She dee* direct. She 1* ia tb* van guard, th* flag ship ef tta fleet. (Applau**). All danger is now past; aad if tta temperance men had not been trembling with anxietv tor tta last three weeks, th*ir joy would not have baa ? great, tbey bad watched over that hope, had bathed it with tears, aad had trembled over it with anxiety. He hailed this law as th* tr?t tri umph of truth to to* great commonwealth of |th* Union. It ia a prateetHa law? protection to wealth, protection to love, pratortlaa to peao, p'otectioi to mother's hearts, protection t* th* liberties of th* republic. The Main* law a? j, perhaps, prove a partial failure, but it cannot be ? tad as the old licence system whl?h wrote protection ever tb* doors of vice and imtnoislity. Aa how long a rottiu piat ' And ao that rotten fallen for *r*r. (Ap plau?.) Tta speaker went on to congratulate women oa tb* viefoty tbeyftad achieved, in having this law enactnd. Some (eraoas say* that though the law la good In theory, it cannot baaaaanted. He had conHtenca enough, ho v ev*r, III ths laasins* people to holier* it would be *n foroed. It baa been enforce 1 el?where, aad wht* mm has done be *en da again. Uy the time Bv* hundred rum ? Uer* are driven out ol ttielr bualne? , some of them will be tale themselves to other business, and hun ? dred* move eifl ta off to Nebraska. If any continue to ?all liquor ttay ?oat do It in a eland? tin* manner, b-ir rowiag ia ant af tta way places When it cornea to iliat point it looks aesao thiag like progress. It la a Ion* way ' m tb* right dlnetlon. He supposed there would be, in that BUSH, a largo quantity sold; but if (ou built a da? aerot* a river, It coull not * made ? tight but that some waters would escape. It tl a M?i teg to the Hquer dealer* to gat out of the traffic, and M inn Me? lag to u* to get them out of it ? for it 1* a eatia to tho? who are engaged ia it. I M us, thersf? a, have Itar'ght kind or magistrates to enf>rc? I this aad *va>7 atiior law. If you want a good Mayor, '' take eare to ? aba him out ot the right sort of wood. (Laughter and snplau? .) Oct the right sort of offl.sers ? a a? a wba has in him a back boo*? a man wh'> fears God aad asm f? rs man? who understands that th* great eeosaawauty of interanta Is above man and above party- Ttnt la th* first thing. Then, when vou got tta rigbt kind of man, see that he la pro perly supported, and if people la tbe capital cannot see that New Torfc has got tbe best sort of Mayor, and go aad rwvil* to* character, rally to hi* support, and fling baa* aoeh dastardly siaadar. (Applanss ) Nest, bavaTaitti. Ileiieve in tr.e groat principle of the law. W* hive |*t a sound rh'p under ua, and the truth <iod "above ae. ? the pilot wh? will guide na in tsia way of beasflesnra. We want that spirit of faith. W* want tta *pMt which promi>'*<l twenty or thirty Spaniards to fsliew i'narro. He drew a line with his aword ia tta sand of Peru, and said to bis foiltwers, "Ton wba arito ea? to bcnir aod gold, return to Bpaia : let aa attar* follow me.'' Fifteen or twenty jumped ov? tta line, aad tbe rest followed. He had faith la bis swntd, faitli ia hi? felf, faith ia bis followers. We have ?us* than that. We hav* th* w? ponrj of beavea to aeypart ns, aad there ia no fear of failure. The saeakev tan* read a note of rot grata la tic n from Noel iiow, wba? be termed the Columbus ef the move meat. Matttnaa said, he continued, by a mouie in ibs- wall v-ea, "We'll repeal the law/' Repssl it ! 1 take ap tta gnnn tlet. Oa bebulf of the te npertn:e men of tta Stoto, I ? y w* tsk* it up, ant *ak ths p*o pi* shall tta law ataad a* it *t?nds m Milne, in Uses* obn?tt*, to Bbade btoad, ke.r Or ahali we faU bel^ro tbe slm? a ? bialatioa wbljb is brought la by dmui enne? y lepniitt I would aa leave repeal fie eno pbine. ( Applansa.) The? reeoljtioas do not go back ? -ward. We bnwfivea this world some good things. We hare taught tb* vU world how to driv* au oeean palace, end how to sand -eassgee by I glnnlng. We are t*??h ng then new Uw principle of proUoitlon. The *<i e cOl Uv? aad biadx hi* gray lock* who Initiated thia . lOVVUM at by p?aolilng his six sermons against intern lerarce. Ail leaner to old I.ysiMi Berber. (AppUuro ) Havisg bona twin bore, it shall act die hero. Th* great Fattar of Walrr* was nevar hollo **<] for It* tomb? tbe AlUghsnies rn? oever piled tnr ita monument? the Valla of Niagars arfli tever tound its requiem? nor the nter ajengled baaner ever act as Ita paU (f?ud ap lha ^on. JntaMCt'Uih, ot Ring'a oo., was oast intro eloeed to aad eddfiSsa) tb* andienca. lis roriewM br.rfly lb* peat aaU of th* temperanr. people? lie did not f?*l easy, he ?id, erAU (be newa ctm ? down by tbe nis gnpt that th* Ml had bad appended to It tb* words appiorea Mvrea H. Clark." Ihie waa now a time for Joy aad tilo?ph The bMl could net be repealed all dventa for two ye-tr* la th* nisautime they would pile mp strong? torrae. Ibeir strongtU lay In the fan tint Stair Mteasy was e poiroa and deatrurtien to the hunaa .race. 7b<* peisao thev bad be?n under legiala dive banr. Tbe -peeltr went oa to demonstrate tbe ahem teaJ napMI at wbiakey and rum. Tbi wnai ?ae? y whiebiaM* year had eeot 41,000 to ths alms, ?taa? , aad Myboa to tb* prlaoaa ef tbi* etty? aa *<iemy ? nleh *aet a* ftrrm throe to four aiilicna a yeir. You i *et he?, ta said, tb? >i .w You Hkk*ii> apeak ? ***Jt aa a patarn. Ob. na but it wHI apeak of it ae It I today, in aenneetiae aitb tbe U>? of grain H-it I dtat ia nat e? saewag feataro Oav* la, th? a!e?hol is 1 1-?leok >e?*? bawe 'ha law, and we most eatorie , 1 The p*?..v* %rt ??.?( -*? ?1<t ao I J for the aecund, the oflaader nuitfflli into tba peniten tiary lor three moat h* (1 Mgbter atd appiauae.) Mow, though our rxctUfot frtenda of tha Altar Md Irving might thick nothing ol pa/Kg tba tna, they will pa me, vcu may depend, Won they will aubjeet thaaaaelrM to the despicable penalty oi spending their evening* In prikon. One of the beat feature* in tba Maine lair U, after all, the aaarch and aeizuie claute That wo mu ?t look ?ftcr. Kiery aherift, deputy ?heri IT ai.d police offi cer, la bonne to attend to the execution ot thia law; and fii if you if a violation of It, you may juat waik up to n and n>y : There, now;" do your doty." If they Co not do their duty ibey will And that they will ioae tfceir place* ; and tbat consideration will hare it* effect I found thia moraiag, (he *aidj the Nkw Vokk H>h.?li> uttering iobi Imrubriona notea about the lost which tbia law would lalliat. It giroi. the statistics o tba quantity of grain eonaumed hy tho distiller* anl brewtra of tba State, anl the mouii.rul t?oe or ttin paper is, that we aball not bare theae U,000,000 g*Uoa< of whiakfy manufacture), and that we ahaU bar 80, COO le*a broken faces and heads. the speaker pro ended to read, amid great Uughter. the following para graph from the editorial tolumua of the Hkhai.k ; ? Tbia law, if uiforcad, will 1 0 the making of J or ley Tliou aandii of our wtiienit, especially on Sunday, will repair t> llobvkin, Wci'hawkcn. Bertea lleiiclits. Shrewsbury. and all along aliore, to enjoy their latter bier and other interdicted refrrehuieats And ae it Will be dangerous to be found drunk her<\ these Jiraer excur>ioui>t? w ill in inauy taui remain over there till Monday, thus liailding >>p tb > butel, oyster, and all other braucbea of business In Jersey, to the taUnt ol millions of dollar* in tb" coarse of a single smc met. Coney I -land will lutome a wast*; 'he Governor, l>a? ? ad ISfgage, will have to pa*k over to Jersey. A Vokk ? "Three ck"ri for the Naw Vokk Hxrai.o " AisoTHkK Voica? Three biases for it. (Cheer* anl biarea ) The apeairer went on to comment, with vary questiona ble propriety tnd ctl'c cy spun the withdrawal of houre* of prostitution from tb* city, and waa actually listenidto without l? in,? biaaed. H- denied that thia law wai golrg to Inflict a loa* ou the co aim unity. R<ial estate would actually incroaae In value in thl* city. Let Jeiiey City takeover tlieae drunkard*, and keep them. (Laughter ) Iherowa* little (lunger of repeal. None ol the State* tbat hav* enacted thia law have gone back ward. Five ot tba New England State* had a' pans id it, and New Hampahre bad actually atumbleil ibto It tlie o1h? r day. He v?< proud !n belonging to the great Empire Stat*, which, though alow, hail com* up to the n,ark. Their duty was clear ? the road nu open. They bad got to enforce the law, not in a spirit of vio dictlveneiN. but in a apirit of resolution They had got a Mayor in New York who would execute the law :i* reiolutelv. Lit them therefore take courage, thank Ood, and pertevi re. The >ecr*taiy th?n read the follow leg resolutions:? Resolved Tbat we reverently and devoutly offer up oar thank* to the Giver of all good for the great blessing he liai conferred npon sccitty and nulferinn humanity, is givin* u> a prohildti. ly liquor law, aad so directing the hearts or our lepirlators as to enact n law whioh every lover of relltloa and friend of law and order baa long prayed for and Ion* desired. '?if"- Muijfthu' 'WX'S '* "? "? A??i'm two to oiip, trove* ooncl '.iv ir thlt u - ?. JB"rlJr 1'rno majority of the imnli ,.f thi. u. . d*?anded hy a oft repeated declaration 01 in enimi.. m *.! r",ut" tbe tnajoritjf o f " t hs>np?o pit ?' * and* * thal? 1 1 '? " * '?'"?'"?'"w State, a,. ..out fir?Vla? "'.'J ?.( ?Unin.< rin* liuht vLich Sr.# ??..-* ? i? ***? flUn* d??n of ot m. rnl depredation in the ??'??? i u"? V'" eloudi tbe trllll?ncjf?nJm*<r"ittjd?n?ih^ M"ilJ" h" I to fb-ddlug It.'llri ??r? warmth lb* ,"on',?r *"?. ?:>J i. ..ow rave over ll.f Empire Ntate ??eting It. refulgent ?? m bled* "icrH/y* p[e d k o o r ? e iVt ? * ? < ^nr'*' mlere, who ebew a deteramThoB 1? ??a*ittratr? and l?, to to.lain t "?m- ",d th.i (h^ ? ne.? *nil ?????<? the defended at all l ai.rde and to th? ? ??>PI??rtc.l and power and ability 0 thc utmo,t '"realty ol our Rseojvrd, XLat tl.oe ni?inl, of thn I i.t rx/iteitt S 1 & Sg|s?z#?:f?l^g Sr """??? ?"???"" aws 552 ?? hereby pledge nml v?? to u i P".".''1 ,nd ,h? mean, m oSr .!?'.?>* ?" bouorebl, hi. . mci.l proclamation "i tha r? &! ,k,.!,il1 '??<"> ? ara.o* all >t.,a!?i? or tbe law UW hV^llY??J!tf Jff?l ?>?Dp.tbiz?d with th. entUu.laem of th! iwUaf ,U s?ms wstf^-aS&S l 7- ULt\* Uw h*3 ?ot been roted laet ??, ? tn?25 vote. reminded hm o' that t.xt ln\h. new rlT.u??i? ?ajsjsx^rsixgir*"* ?" ,h"-" >?" ?? -sr? \r ife g-ssr tf . more did they want to-olsbt 1 -Sorc^i MaI *n!?\ "V1 ***' h,J th* ""were ? ^ywcrss'iti^sr [?c' r*'#"5? "Pre*'1 f(,w? o?er them. It *?? 7t th2 "i"' of.tb*? 't*' ?>? wh? tlMoftteiaimr tnini. Wen ul UU m (SenaaUon ) Well, te would hUte that the p^yilcUn toli nVm th.t rook had eald before he ei?,l, tbe io?Vthlo, h. r^ratt! I IPS "You butt7 m?e*h Jftorwarta. woo eald to hltn, ott?r dar bTLJ. . h ??'/ much the th^ murder, nnd robberl^'^'^ratod o"ut,0f?thf,?(""ll?f I ?odntkfoCu?h?iUe?m,a.t k0' Vi U B?'t"n 10 ,et ,n"r1*1' mm rfjL1 ... ,? i?"? mutik# the ceremony wae oalr lialf WMii ?Vc?m1 ? rX" 1"dJ?n,ntl> "*'?> thi cler tbr^Sl, " ? , 'f"0"! h ?kow you mu.t put her q ?l?. X^b/o".;! SSd ^P-^'t^ UMd to put bir ^2 gw.2fr '2% si? ' '?riwr (Uie x*S; Ww In lew York. J Kim n Pwel fruKjrr ? Ttatorday morol^ .h??i. w?. . . . .r. ,.?k. /.,ZT;,2 !: he. 1-1. f?wl * treat, wbtch, with a wll ,"'*r *tor*. OB tbe eaat ail*, wae entiial. deetroyed; Iom eetlmatod at about fMo on which ih 1 ?a? do iaanraoee. Tb? Or* extended Lh"* atr??t, a ftam* buUdiof oceu Died b* Mr h u UtgW tier ea'ooo aad t'o^d itV.ho? th."^ t P.. t 05 the -10. of the buil.iitijr wa* buraed V^ "J*. .'on. by eutMrr tl.roa/h <be I1c<>^'t^' \"Z* 'D? '? ??r,d by Mr. ^oab W^rr.l.ndd.m^d i^t ? i? InatM m tl. I.ltl L.,n. (i fit tSJ r??w Kit.MTit A%w, fc_B.t#et? 1 aad 2o elo.l, yW. terday rn? ruing a fir. wae di>ro??r.J in aback baw ?n?Bt of So 17H Kijhtli avenue, oecupiwi by Mr- I.ynn mhoUtp, a irillinrry ntoMlahamt op T he Are Z!n? ?? "?????*? lot of ol.) r.?e, to lb* biek bwN Jt??. m? a*5" ,<K>B pnt 0,,t w,lh * hw ?? w?t> 1 time ago. No mtDa" ?"B1? "ttU Tin a Ho.-rn f^trrr -Vererday afternoon u,_?n ow"^'1 * h# ?'eV*fc' * ,r"*M dtoe*^ '? th. buildiat I . ?CC",,iH b7 * A.pinw.1, N0 m "J* ?' the .Ulc h?d been UhmX 0?artftf ke ?^t *Uow.<l in tie buiUiine nor ?r iu {****? 00 ?MoVmj Ja th. attle, ?? it I. hgtui by ? Ik!fleht*,'rf/ .lio! u'*1 * ro f wae oa Ore vban ??? Ti *'u'hi' Th* In 1<J. of tbe tiDft>i>hed by,be7^.pt{ tZZf ?? tow en th. build log will Uot " ^ ,b# lb# h?lf of the reef wae fet<ni,^ J!* ^. ?bo?i . one J* hJ ??t?r Th? ba'Mlay We ?',* TD,f * *l11 ewaetS JL'i $Jr' ?W. "J wa. iaeure.J for Kr,uOn.~a tb, i<~v ??tjraad Uaa, W..biwfB ??! E^w Ue'!Uicwi:a.U ' M* tottr m?re,.awMe? WlU ptoUWr IM4** ... r " ' T, a, onr.Ht-l . T,eTr",^f ^ Police Intelligence, 1BR LATh 13,000 HCBBfcHY IN I>D AN1 ST1IBT? A.R KKT OV ANOTUER OP THM PAUIiia ALLKUSD TO . Bl IU PLICA.1*10 '* TBM MUT-TUK PI MBit and CAniu. On the -.'ad nit. P* published (>B Mm* t of a aucoees fill robbery perpetrsv*! upon ? German merchant, doing bumohin Willism sti?*t, by two picetltutes, in a nolo" rlousdtnin Duant street, by whicb the unfortunate dupe loat tbe round 11110 of $8 0<>0 Home days after the diacoTfry of tt* robbery, tiro women, named Catherine Smith, a fas "Little Slippers," and Moll Hodges, wer? air?sU<l by ofliccr Webb, of the Lower I'ollce Oeurt, on cUtige ot the arceny. lbey wsie taken before Justice Oetoine, and roa.mitte<'. to yruou The stolen monoy was not recovered at the time, and Very Uttls trace of it could be obtained: but it waa thought by title officer ti nt Mull Hodge*' 'over had got tne proceeds of tbe haul, and tied from tbe city with tbe aame. Oieat difficulty waa encountered in getiing reliable ibfonnatiou a* to tin exact whereabout* of Moll's lover, but at lev nth the !a;t was discovered by tiergeaut Smith, ot Uit Hrkt DiHrlct Police Court, who, luckily, gut pot sessit nof a letttr from th:a individual, directed to some of hia frit-Lda here in tbfa city. This piece of information, of couiae, helped to uirbrel the mystery that seemed at first to surround tbe case Tbe lettir waa dated from oce of the Western states, where tht writer, In a flash pbrvte, stated that be had obtata td a raise of sis thoua tni pounds irom t> man in New Vork.and was about to buy a firm and settle him/elf down <m the remainder of bis days. Strongly suspccting th*A?e Western gentlemtu was tbe receiver of tbe stolsnjtouO, Jus'.iee Osborne issued a warrant for bis a|MMksion, and placed tbe sen ? in tbe banda of H-rgaflWuith and olBcar Webb, of tLe Filth waid police, for execution. Accordingly, these officers started West about a week ago, with the via w ot capturing tbe eupposetd accomplice. I'roeeeiing to Detroit they made diligtui inquiries alter tbe fugitive, but cculd not get any satisfactory information a? lo bit whereabouts. leaving Detroit, tbe officers starte J for Chicago, wMtfeer they were of opinion tbe accuse! had gone. But obtaining no informat on of thair man here, they went to Jackson, Michigan, acd from tbence btck to Detrut, again, whsre enquiry was made of tbe po t mauler, when luckily a sl ght clue was obtained to tin residence ol tie accusal ? who ft see 3* rece re.l a tele graph'c dtspach from a person answering the description of ine person they were in search of. asking him if there was a letter iu tfc# post office for him. The deepitch was sent fiom a place called ''Cold Water,'' about lttO miles from Detroit. An answer in the afllrmstive, ac cording to h<srgesntltaiilh'e directions, was immediately sent back to Cold Water. For tins tewn the officeis start ed, and on making some inquiries at the pogt office, felt convinced that they were in the right trsil A trap waa there laid . a letter, directed to tbe individual, was I laced in tbe Poet office, directed by the officer, who patiently awaited his approach. The officers had not k'tg to wait, as the person they were iu search of came in a few hours afterwards, and mad.* the inquiry at the post office if there were any letters for him. Kecelving tbe one directed by imith, he openei, and was about to read It, when l'Oth olH<ere stepped up and informed him that he waa their pri toner. On acaaetln{ tbe ac (used tbe officer* Idtniifltd him as William Howard, alias 'fhomas Howard, alias Dick Turpin, formerly the proprietor of an alleged policy office in West Broatway. On eearchiog the person 'and baggage of Howr.l. $<>30 in gold coin waa recovered, also a beautl'nl gold watcli and chain. Howard tUK1 been living quite fast amoig the quiet people of Cold Water, liaelfg a few dais previous to his arre xt purchased a valuable team or horses, with which he cut a great daab and went * mile inside of three mini to* lh wis conveyed to New York In charge of tkeoffi:er?, where be arrived yesterday afternoon. Howard was taken to lb* Mayor's office, where he was committed to the Tombs (01 examination, by Justice Osborne. It has been ascer tained that the money stolen from thelierman mTC'iant 1 waa in $60 and 1100 bills ou the Merchants' Rank, and j was converted into rolil at some bioker's office in this city. Tbe broker who changed the mooey is requested > to sppear at the I'olioe Court and give what information be can of the matter. PraUe is due to Sergeant Smith ?nd officer Webb for tbe successful manner in which the arreat was effected, particularly as they had little or no Information as to his exact whereabouts, nntil they ar restee him at Cold Water. CHABOB or ATTKMrTBI) ABORTION. A few d*y* a go a ccmpUint ww bjade before Juatica Bogart. at til* l<ower 1'olice Court, againtt four poraona, named Tlicmaa Cud irth and liia wife, of Bleecker atrect, Mra. Whiley, a eeamatreaa in their employ, anl a Mri K 1) Colei, for an attempt to prcduce abortion upoa the penon of Anna Neaaon, now redding at 1711 Vacick atrtet. The affidavit wa? drawn up, it U allege], bjr a lawjer named Cole, the buaband of Mia Cole, on* of the defendant*, ,who baa not for many year* lived on ami cable teima with hla wife. aid In the preeent caae haa become the couaial for the ctmplaloant atta int ble own wife and throe of her frianda, people of highly reaper table character, and living in good atyle in Hleecker ttrect. The megiatrate iaauad a warrant for the arreat of the accmed, who war* brought Into Court yeaterday, by ifficer Bennit of the reaerre c jrpa. Tb* following la the complaint againut the accuaed. ? Shi It of ftVie York and County of Ntw York, ae ? Anna Nean n, of eald rlty, and of No. IIS Variek atreat, being mttf awira, aaya thai ia the MM of ilaplember, A. D IhM, ana weat to aervioe ia the liouae ul Tliouaa Cad blrlh ln B eecker itreat, betwaea Charlei and ferry: that alertly thereafter? tbat 1?, within a law weeki? while An poaent wai ia her room abed, the aald Th?maa Cadtiirth came dowa Italia to aad iato the room ef thla deponent, and lotie wlahed to have illicit laiercooree with deponeat, which drpoaeat declined: tbat laid Cubhtrth leilaled. aad threat ened, unleae aha woald comply, with tivione*, tbat ?aid Cndtirtb then, agaiu?t her will, wftn phyaieal loree did ha. a Illicit connection with depcaent, aad than and there did eedace deponent; that deponent ia now la tha family way by I be paid Thtmaa Cadhirth. aad n? other; that at the tune of the nrit ctanrollon aforraaid aad after deponent became ra. itnlt, or in 1 1 !??? family way, deponent ialormed t bo aa d ? udhirth of Ibe 'eel; aaid Cudtdr'b told deponeat tbat he would take car* of depoaeat; and depoaeut further aaja tbat when the fact became known that the waa pregnant, ?aid Thomae Cadhirth and hla wife, one Mra. Wiley, ami Mra. B. I> Cole, did endeavor, by vari"ue meaaa, deei-ei and thieata, compel deponent to take mediciaaa iaorderto piocuir aa abortiua on the peraon of tbia deponeat, and did Jointly aad at virion* timet adviae, Bad in aoma iaataBcee compel, thla deponent to take the oil uf taaaey internally, ? ?:.ii,>t the win, wleh aad requeet of depoaeal; tnat "r mtdleloea haviaic failed to procure tne lane, dapoaent war, hy aaid Cadhirth, aaat away to Philadelphia, for the parpoae of haviBK the abortion procured; that depvaeat waa Mat aleo by the , aaid Thoinaa Cudhirth, with Mra. Wiley, a aervaat now la aaid Cudhirth'a honae, to Madame Beatell In the ett jr of New York, for the purpoae of having an abortion procured, on the ptraot of thla deponeat. Dapoaent further aaya that all and every meani were need by tha above named roar Leraoaa ? Tl.omaa Cudbtrtb, Mra. Cwdhirth, Mra. Whiley and lea B. I). Colt? to bee* aa abortiua procured on tha p*rt< n of tbia depoieat; that aba pre} a the aid of the people ia her behalf, Ac , and that tha II eoavlaeed that it wae their intention to have the abortion produced, or, hy the medl cinea administered, lo eauae (he death of deponent fiwora to and before me thla aiath day ef April. 1H-W Gioim A. il< ar, Commiatioaer of li.-ede. ANNANBASON X (her mark). Be awurn before me thia uintb day of April, A. Bo cast, I'ollce Juatice. The magistrate held tb* aecu*H to bail in tb* aara of 92,0b0 each, to anaw*r. Mall waa immediately pro cored. Mr. 1'eUr T. How, of No. 11 Chriatopher atreet, being their security. The acetiard atat* that tb* whole matter ia a conspiracy on tb* part of tb* comp'alnant'a lawyer, ton tort money. ciiabob or ronoKiir. I.yman Cobb and J. T. Haliet were arreeted laat even leg, on a warrant iaaued by Joatic* Oeborn of the May ore office, charged with having forged the certification to a check for $28, drawn oa the Mechanic*' Hank. Tb* accuaed were taken into cuetody by officer Keefa, of th* Chief* office, wbo conveyed them to tb* Third ward atation bouae, and tbar* bad tb*m locked up tor exami nation, to come off befor* Juatic* Oe borne tbia morning. Tlie Fire Department- Hem I- Annual IlteUn^ Tb* aeml annual meeting of tb* Fir* Department of our elty waa held laat night in tha lactar* room of tb* Htuy tenant Inatitut*. Tbi* waa an escltiag seating, inasmuch a* four Fire Wardena w*r* to ba elected, and th*re wer* lereral ticketa ia the Bald. The ele*tione*r Isg men at an early bour riowded the entry way t<> the , iiaiitut.on, and all loud in crying th* merit* of their r* apectlv* candidate*. It la worthy of comment, how. | ever, tbat aa election of ao much iatereat aad txcite ment waa coaductad ao orderly. Tb* meeticg waa ealled to order at 1% o'clock, Mr. John J. Tim'aU, the Vie* I'fwident of the dapartment m tb* cbalr. AfUr reading of the minute*, aeveral it porta wtr* banded in and read, rrcm the annual r*port of tli* Beard of Fir* Warden* we eatract the following atatntic* >? Whole number of complaiata made to Heard of violation of flr* law* from May, 1U0, ta April. 1H.6 a,?ai Number of buildixga from which vtolatioaa have been removed onimg th* *amc time 1 *14 Number of vlolatiot* not attended te 3S3 Number of htildioga esamtaed by Wardena aad . louid to ba^omplaiaed of najuatlr 334 Quantity of gbnpowder aeiatd bt Wardena from May, 18(0, to April, 186*, waa 1,116 kega and 40 baiea, cettalalnx 3S,0Zft lb*. Number of buHdinga reported to Chief by Wardena ? *tam*ged boikiiK* 212 Tha <aa* ol C<ni>c|lmaa, John Clancy, waa tb*nacaU*d 1 up. Mr. Clancy la cbarg*<l with uaiog improper iao ? bl|* in the Bonrd ef Covmc.lman. Alter eoa-e dabate It. whieh Mr. Clancy took pail, a comaittaa waa ap (oli.ted to eiamlu into, ami report upon their chary* ?. The aieetJiig then, at a late bcur. proceeded to ballot lor >'ir* Watdcna with tb* following reault ? I [.< n the firat bellct no chelca waa amda, there being tiahtaen e*ndic?t*a voted lor 1 poo ti e terond ballot Mr. Lewi* 0. Meek* waa the only cane I' at* elected, be havlog raee.ved lOT.vot** tlx 1 m< i* than tbi amulet uec*a*aiy for a cbetoe. W ben w*T,rft tie B.<etli g at a 'toeiter aaat mldnlgUt, the meet i.g waa uocee-lu/ to Ba third ballot for U>e *k?t.onot tb* iemalaia( Baidtaa. OBctol. to rite (t?TO* or mi m* rona h?kai.t>. Pi* ? II e licelieacy tb? fr?/rvnv?T of Unney lalaad h*a blurted toe to fon*rad!ct tba >*m*rk* which *p peered in jtnr paper tbia day whereia voa *ay ttat b* la abent to remove telfcbeAto, bag au : basaeie I b^r ?o atat* 'bat it ia ail tb* letem of h ? Kiceli. acv to for | taae hie flemie.l be* to r main ^utei )y and ?ett h,? 8a* pert* abeirlti, Vadetr**, bock*. B.rguadiea. ciareta, cbitr ;**ne? biai. U*?, r' ji |ln, fcc br-t be tblakj that tie 117* ia wSea th* Kaow Neth.r (a ea all w eat effectually pa*. '<r?n ail tboaa ?ttp ' liana ami I wt ma; iave aaintg t* eaa<.gb ef U.- trua Bollaad aad | R*f?e*M bt *4 to aa?a t'l* {??*,? ffy 'rte* b'e F?f? ' -'O^v ?|T" Ml*t -We The OOrr. 1 the liuumuN nurkK^ a?aiw ani> thk- oommim ?1UNBIW or ^HIUKAriUN. It appear* that ? large numb*,' pt Um> HtnliaUoi who I ftirirrd in thin city by tba D?? ucta/a ?r? tn ft *tate of I dfstltutilU lhe OuBDllnlolril O / rnlpttiM blfl been applied to by Mm* of term, bi* the/ ha?o ab*i> relu*a4 to rrariar tbtm any uiMmm, although tbey fcave lecalved firs thouaunu dollar* Ifom th?*?r:i nUal'cnanl tot* appropriated to th* r<-?tof of aurh u may *ie lu w?at. It will t* rrniitni>er?i M>nt thty ?* en red ibr Mayor bt fore thtae uulortunuta mi wore per mitua to lend, Chftt tbarw wer* only threa of than wtw weie noable '< provide for thrmrelTea, ?nd icr* their W(?4 ih*y would aot If chargeable to Mm city. J bin h< water, i* only In aeeordaaca with their con ljct in filnLar i ?fa- btior*. We hope the Mayor r'l In >k Into Huh matter, aud have a thorough <uventigat'i>n of It. TU# (ommieaionera require asotoar overhauling, aueo aa that they bare already received at hia htmla lha following le.tar apeak* for iteelf . ? N> w Ton*. April I'k I To Hit Ill u>r, I'rRNjtnno \Toon, Mayor of New Vnrk: ? The un<!?r?tf t.ed, one ef the refnx?*a breaxht to tula city I on I card the Pardinlan frigate Ilea lieaey., takea the llktrty oi lutemiitir y?ur lluavr that, for thela<t two wteka I been lei* deatitete, ami the Comiaiaaionere of Emigration have refaned to pay my baurd or aford m ? any pecuniary a?iatan?e the umleralfaid la alao tielple** of tba tight b.. nd for want ofaiedleal remediei. llavma U" aequaiattnue or tyieada in thia city, and tha Camtniaiioaara of Ea>l(ratn>ii of K?? York bavin* reerited Ave thoueend dollar a from Ike ."arillaiaa Oonaul. I ben troua yea, to obtain fur in*, aotu* order for lie'p. Y?nr aarvnut. BATItol.OMKW MaZZOLINA, No 9 Gold *tr**t. TBE MEW CKOTON WATKt HIHHVOIK. Tba following latter waa roceiva.l by Mayor Wo.>l from Mr. Via fchalek, I'raaiilaat of tha CroUin Aqnaduet Iiepartmrnt, tn anawar lo ft eommunica'lon mhlreaaod to that gtnUaniao, relative to tho near raaerroir:? Niew Turk, April 3, l^VV Hon. Fhimmhi Wood, Mayor? I>? ar ^ir? Having rcoi<mmendod in 1KM, And again in 1M*<, the subject of * new reservoir to the consideration of the I'linimon C't iincil, in the belief tUAl it would in a tow

yearn become indispensible for the safety And protection of our popuUtion in their supply of w?ter, and similar reooui mentations having since been frequently mode 1 ?y in y sue ceKMcra in office, I proceed to Answer your inquiries with tho ireAUft pleasure aii?1 alacrity, in the bopo that an evhibl Hon et some farts may enable you to ur/e the Commission trs who have been appointed to tahi Hie ' md? to a Ml id M tcry And final report to the Supreme Court. In 1 7U3, Joseph Brown, of Wevtohostcr. proposed that 9n>,i*JU gallons of water should t?o brought from thn li r ? ? \ river, deeming that a liberal anoply for every twenty four btnrs. The population ot tho city was then ab<>ut flit**). Mr Brow n's supply w??u!d have been lers thau six gallons for each inhabit Ant, including streets, Ac. Long subsequent to that period the usual cA'culation was seven gallons lr*r each p? rm>n The t'rotoa auu?duet row furuiohes not less tbsn thirty mllli >ns of irallona evory tweuty four hours, which, sujpposing tlio population to be is at tha rate l BH || tbnn forty six gallons to cash Individual, including for streets, shipping, factories, Jto. But the department Itconvinood, from repeated eiMmates that <* the daily supply ef thirty millions, not mors than thirteen millions need to be actually consumed in all tho purpo?es and business for which permits ate grunted, And thAt About teventeuu millions Are waited every twenty four tours. '1 his most wanton And tiomOBI WMH, it nuy i.e possible to diminish by severe measures, but do human |H?vrer can iiobdue it to such a degree as to r? nd< r the city enfe in cAse of an acrtdent, without incr?A<lng the supply of Aiiad oitionul resrrtolr. A detailed statement of other reason* which e^ist would equally convince the most ordl^ry judgment, that prudeno t requires tbe construction of tho new reservoir without tur tbor delay. A few pArtlculAre of reeent occurrence will be suf cieut. The Hood off wnter inthe C'roton rtver m April lAst will be remembered. Tho reports concerning it, caused in the city the graatest alarm an i the stoppage of Its most important concerns for a short time, and it the dam ob the river bat not been aa solid as both natnre And art could make it, there is every reason to belitvo that it must havo been borne down bv the flood. It is believed that there Is no work in the country better constructed than the Crcton Aquadnot. Bnt it necessarily runs for a considerable part of thirty five miles along t ie -ides off I ills and over low iaUrmodlate grounds. rendering Its stability less certain than if It ran ovrr solid roek or level grounds, particularly it* extreme cold weather, from the action of tho frost. Ob the morning of the I9vh of March. o( this year, a leak tu diicmitid In tbe aqueduct. pnoeediug from a Aon re 3UI leet In eiteat, la which tbe blade of aknifacould la inserted. I' pan the d'scotrsry of the leak by the super. n tendent t n tbat part of the aqueduct, tbi moat prompt I measure* were adopted, and to enable 'h- en< tu re I I air tht damage, the water was shut of at the dam forty no lira Is not tnis fact sufficient* Would i-omiuent upon ? bat Bight liar* occurred bad the damage been greater ha of an) avail t In f?l.rua?y laat tba snage fall in tta dlstributiag raxr voir ulna In t In three ??ye, becau>e tba w iter bad be.;n aat lo run da; ami night all over the city, to prevent its freealug in iba aim and lauds. What discretion l? to anticipate fcrever all evante, and to ?tier Ita way sueceeslully against opposition m l appsthy tbe mast unaccountable? Tbia department having frequent ly discharged Its whule dutjr on tb! a subject, mult lw>elt tu biabtr poser? In anticipation of tha Increase of tbe population and bnaineaa of the city, without rsferenee to niota Inperativa oonslderntions. tba tun* baa arrived f?u anothei reterv Ir abould be constructed If tie water wnsshut oil at tbe dam. the present supoly, with the pteMnt waate, would laat lor live or ela d?ya, without any waste whatever, It might furalah the aotual conauBiptloa fur not emending fourteen or Altera dayr. Alluding to republican Rome and to a period under tba Kmperors, with her three millions and more or inhabitant!, belorc Biiagovernment bad reduced bar aombaia and de stroyed her powsr. Mr. Browne aaya "that aha waa furnish ed w li h wnter Iroin tbe principal aqueducts at the rate of three hundred millions ul gallona daily." Another sum maey Lltcs tba iialloiia In wiaa measure diecharged In twenty four onrs fri m nine aqueduct*. at 376, KM TV. I gire tbe estract in the autbor'a compendious form, fur tbe purpose ol avoid In* prolixity by a resort tu historical deteila; It contains tbe elements ol tbe only aystein of pol ivy which it will aver be safe, convenient and advantasaoai for the people of New York to adopt, for Iba purpose of proourlnn aad securing aa ample supply of water. TIm hundred millions of gnlTms fur tbrea millions of persons, is one hundred gallona for each tnaa, woman and child, and for all oth' r purposes. I leave it to yonr aenmen, my courageous frl<-nd, to make tbe con trast with our own reatrlctsd uaa of tbe purifying elemeat, r< men. herlng that we arn obliged to fine our te'low cltiieis, and cat o> thair water, tojonipel them to use It moderate ly and honeitly, forfaar that, deficient as are our reservoir*, some disaster may tad as without water sufticunt to save tbe lives of the people until it can be repaired. Having coBpresaed into tbe smvllttt possible ooiupnas what I deemed neees*ary la say In anawar to your Arat question, I further reply (bat tble department has paid the salsrlee of tba commissioners fur obtaialng tho lands, and of their two clerks, itlli day lor each, and nisi their eipeaees, amounting ia all, to the 1Mb of January laet. to tbe sum of SA.7MW <? Tt a payment! are made by virtue of tbe tenth aection of tbe 10'- of the legislature, paased JuaeS), IhM, aad from an appropriation ma by the i;*in non Council Inr those and other aervleee, and espenses to he incurred before and apen the ontnmaucement of the work Tbe payment to these toamissionsra formal one of the lt<mi which made up the estimate of the depart (rent that tAU.UKJ would be required for tble year's eiprn illtiiras on that secouat, on the >app- sltloii that the re fe rt of the coinml>slon'rs would he delivered to the Su prtme Court without delay, aad that this Hoard upoa Its connrmai u.n by tba court, would be enabled to proceed In tha instruction of the reservoir, alter reasonable time for adequate preparation Tha eemmlsilonere commeaeed their sittings on the St h day or May. 1*64, aud charge from that date. Tbe last quarter's btllatpres-uted by them are stated to he correct over their signatures, in tba aams torn as wtre tbe two whtsb were paid before I entered anew upon the duty of President of this Itspartmcr. It may be pis sible that, by law, the bill) of the ?emmlMloners ought to tave been sworn to, hut I have sot found nay provision to that effect la the a?t of the l.egitlnture. ar In tuf ordi nance n f the Common Council to which my attention hat l*ea directed, ffith much regard , yonre, Ac., M. VAN JciiAKK. I'ftsidcnt amkt or a trrroftiD arMLiR. A young men aemi <1 Gtorge iCdding, of Nit J?n?f i waa arreate^ yeetarday on a charge of attemptia* to commit a burglary oo tha Howard Motel It appear* that Kdclng put up at the hotel on M irnla* trento/, and about midnight wai beard opening tha door* ol ?averal of tke boarder* an<l entering their roomi Home of the eni(ilo|i? heard bin, and one of the taeiale* picked up a bunch of akfleUm kej i under bm wtm4< iw, which It ia loppoeed he threw out to aei/ld da-teeMon. After a bria f utateisent of tbaee particular* by the pro prletor of tha Lotel to .luetic* Oeboro, tha accueed waa committed far tximiaat on. loot imi p. Mr* Hijatefh Fiahar of a0utbport Oina., appeared at the Mayor'* oflea yeetarda y and e'aUd that abe had, a hi la i bopping in (iraed a treat, near X Mary'* church, on ib( vktti of Mar?h laat loat bar daughter, a chili about two yeara and a half old. Hhe w?? dreaaad In a je'iow an<t black eel eo frock, white penta'ettea, marie* c krad qu'lled bood, lined pink ribbon a red and black plaid tack, lined wtth bine muilin and new Ma -k laced ? hi" ? liar mother r?que*ta that aay iaferaatioa of her i aujthter ? whereabout* will be left at tha real daaoa of Mr. Jacob Marka, No. 38 11 tt ?treat.. THK LIQl'OH DKAI.BUI 1(1 A I*. Hnca tha daeielca of Juillce Oaborne hae bean made in the l <|Uor caeee a large aumber tf partlee cotnpU.ned of Laee appeared at tha Mayor'a ofllca and paid their fine* He preaume tha r*?t will yield obedienre to tha law end do Ukawlee. Caraair*! Office. almosd cam or homcium? m-vial or thi bo?t ? Till COROHBK MOT ?OmikD. Yaatarday morn ng .alormalioB wae rroat aed at the (>? inner e office, that a (Jermen named George Wearer, who aae ?troek oa the head with a paring itoee, la Hie >:ia Ttnth ward, fey two dsaakea mea, about <wo week* ago. bad died I roan tha . r. ? received, aa>) had beea feanad en Waid'e lalacd, without the uas*l notice af the feet being made at the Coroner a ofllca. The commuaicatiua rietn bale* will atplaln the whole matter ? Ki ? viKrx Cifltl llurai' t To imb C?>Boe i a ? *i*- 4?i. Iitdaj nfakt of Mar' k Vtk laat, aVral eleven t rle?k r. ? , ' Aeeral %ke larr". ef "?'* 4ke'rtet, u mtil twe yeaae men tea eieleelly ? aeu'ttai a fiat U?f ?uee t? Klaeeath iti>H, by thr-?ir.? ? etoa*, wl.lek *ir??k tke ea tke leak f-art c.f tk* h?a- . be ekkagln bla iktll. The prlaoeera vara kr?> (kl te Oile ?A'-? u | aatll BKtalay, abea tbe> ?fa Mat t'i the Tblru lutfi' t |ill ? eeari Tr c Gern aa we* alae troerbt t? tbiatk ml tlr. Meheta waa Hoi for. wh? 4re?e?i k.a waaa4 aa * ? 1 1 ?a b? w?M, alter (Mat be eaa eaat?re4 kern* Vi Baaeeib aareel. aa 4 trim tbeaee le the teapttel ?,? Were a lua*4. e ken ke die4 leal Friday. (tffiaa l.eka "*l a wile <a te tke eat? ?ew ike itaai tfcr?wa kr J<>ka Meldy Tke etkar prt' t'r a aatee la A ?4r- ? M* AeaMjr. Tkey war* ketk *r *k ? i e eie< r4aTl; al Ibe time It.a Wiii n I'a aame waa Oee ae4 ke *oika4 at 2W gleeealk a*.fa?i la a kekery J * a *| a flail* l.airra H'k A'et< I laHaa. el Ml El?> ?e(k I -Ir at aae wlla'waa ar>4 ala . b ilorifraiaaa eel yiak -la ,( * I < || wU. itnal Va raaelaad laknaatioa tltka 4 elk of It ' Irjttrait maa tkla taeniae. I AlTtltNk. lev. i'lHN < *aHt'/V f^aateaaa' if.e ma l't will be th./roa|lily larea'lratet by Ul Oiaroer fireet ca.ura ilkoalil ha atte'taed te eo:ae ? ir'.Ua fte aU/elog Ui body to few boned Mbeat ! aaual f?t>acatlaa bwtag maata at tha CutntAt $ < f re That tke line aae 4 mat hit death freto rtatvo a ; tifM-kad by eoaae party or i?rtiaa la i-i. arta'a Vet tie aatfcaaitla* ca Wart e le'aad permit*! the feaa. ial of tie d?*waaad wltnout eeea latlo auag la tke C?wi? Ui< aneh a raae had aader tea* ekaaraa'l'ia. T aa ea.a ? baa Id fee property leaked le- a, aed iwM klaae.- fee 'C?t ef'Akttiaeeetae raaeteeely per** taed the k .rvai of I tea ??ea.eaed |.ie i lea a te ?? la^'.e t balef fe*ad ?paa >* KKW YORK LBQULATCKB. April Ut, It( bull N'aMl to ?nnr Is tki uwadaMtt b*iIk I to tLe Lunatic Aajlan h"0'. |1tIu| tu? appointment of , C< Baila1 iuDOTK U> tba flOH.'llW Mr fcrtirai reported f*\rai on the bill autborl/lag beaka to aet ?? egente la the t. ut ?lo>k. Mr. W. Cl< IK railed up the bll.'*"'l?orUlnif Illegitimate j children to Inhent Irotu thai* fat^*'?i wbicti, alter tie - 1 bate, wae rrltmd to ? ?eieot ootau vlttaa. Mr. Iikkwkmi reported a bill to tlic par tain* of ttii' old ? toe II of tit llitka Rail row" rf'oinjino/. Mi Cn??r titmM ? report inxu "? mIM ConemH ? ; ???, oa i lie bJM allowing ittffitiaeate .^Uraa w mbert O1.111 thtir latbara, mm repared tba bill <'oiupIete. l"b? I'reidenl ?ald j.o Select Committee haal .V*W naavd jet. Mr. CBOMr raid that tbo bUt bad baan maedel I* hi in, ? tii tbat ba aa ppaaoA he tba Neie.n Committee. Iba revolt ?? aot received. Mr. I'm vm reported complete Mr. Whltuoy'i bl? to prretnt pnuprt* aoil criminal* from being l>r<mgbt Into Mm Mat* In n foretRa oouatriea. Mr. Hovhuim lepottnl a MM aoenJiuf the IXtokl/a O naolidatlon act. Mr. Ilt rrmNK moved Ka r?l?r?c? to tbo Ojruri.<?ta ? ol tbo H'uole. 1 Oat. The bill waa ordeia.l to a third readlug. Mr. Monrok reported tba llailm; Coininiaaionera Mil. | Mr. ?ll.iif nti ?t Mr. FlKl V iatroi'ueed a bill to allow tba < aoal CnuOila I Monri* to lat out lb* canal re pair* by contract. R?(< ntd to the Canal Committer, a ad rewr.-d b* tiara forthwith. ^ Clark ln|i) on tb? UM? Atrtilta r**oluti propoMBUiKR ioqutrlM to 1 natty shurch Coipuratieo concerning it* lunda, charter reermrers, n n m r -4 otlw "blnT"' CbUrCf"" lo wbo'', hphP " ?i 4 taUn ?* *',,k,4o?kl bill. w.l Button n/ Ih^T' ??? !"<*'*? repotted, to i wait tha ?L e Assembly upon th? biH respecting tb. i I S: ProJ'?M -l-'tiou being * nation made by Mr. Bishop to strike out euacliitg clause . Hll.lJt BXTOETKO. Mr. WILM**?, miking appropriations for the support of government lor the lineal , . Hawey relative to AtUtallo aveaua, Schuyler ?r* 'i^0 * H'ookljn oitjr. -TtoU-.l rvn.<>ianr. b"*m?t?.'?n4tit Mt 0~"ohd"ln? Br#ok lh* b,U ?ha comwltU? , * . 11 tea-report of committee agreod to ?nu lull ordered to a third readlag Mr. Mijjeob, to extend tha tlm? to- *.>mplete tin Muflalo nod New York city railroad. Mk. Bhoobh, to utnrad tha act for tho unre effectual p.ev.ntlc n of fire. in New York city tMri fading N.?VwUU, ' ^''p0rt, to P"'V*nt '""I*1 TOlin* 1" ioa!'nckaU KK' ^ r*Ution to ,u?lln* fori in J rail AFTBKNOON HKBHIOW. lem hi' rWiUC" tU* P"r T"U" ?f th# IUr' TlieUeneral Appropriation bill waa than taken up. TJe appropriate lor the l?a?f 0llrab |?llt;t|on In New Yoik waa rai-?-d to $'2& 000. TU bill araa rapottad to tha t-eoate, when tlon bill0" m" 10 iU,k* ?Ut tU* Uo??iUI Apprnprit th^U^EX?- * h"1 '? MUPPW" lta" Mr. then asked consent to bring np tbe n-wro Hullraua reaolutloaa, but objection waa made. Mr ttebarteon'a rasolutioux on I ho subiect or slavery waia adopted. ' Aaacmbljr. Tlw. . . Al.BA.fT, April 9. 1R5V The ( ounilsslocers to examine Um neouuiarv all. us Ksrr *?" ? ..x. wnrsr. r!r Co"Plroller aatl.factoT> 11,41 ? l>kt .um will ba raieed t, ,-ouiplete tha raa.rfj' * 1"n* <-'abata tba propoaitioa Waa j "^TbeBtipply Rill waa piaeed in committee. Thaiiuea i Hon on BBMeiDK to tl.c rapur' waa Uld on tha table Mr. O Kmt (aUoducel a Mil ti rep?al tba rrohlbito ry Llrjuor I aw. i ,***' latrcdurada bill to amend th? I'rohlbitorr l iouor liw, ' lh? Booea adjouraed at 4 o'clock A. M. till II o'<-l>?k. . .... Ai.haxy, April 10, 1H&A A bill waa re|?rted oomplaU to II ? tba aal irr o| the Adjutant <i?nrral. i jr" Wyf* l,ro?Kbt in a bill to nil an; Tacan-y In the Yrr?** ' 0lu't ol l'l?aa of tha city of s?w A Comoilltae of Confarrnca waa appointed on tba bill to appoint comnjlaalonem to loeata the second Huta I.u aatln Aajlum. .J-iSt1 or'l'r 00 U"' 1,111 ?>"tlnulnf tba nlll tax Mr. BiiToarowi moTcd to ataaad, bjr niakinx the tax a mill and a .|uer>er, and antfcnrlHnr a loan on the ainB in* fund; which waa agreed to, and the bill waa reporte! to tba bouta. AFTERNOON S1H8ION. 1 be Supply b:U waa taken up, and the llohart hrtt ? oil... appropriation of ?3, 000 atiuck out and thea re. itovia. The compensation lo tba I'riaon ( onimiajJouara ?a a iwiucad to |1?W H0 to aach C .minl.aion-r An appmpilatlon of $#,000 to tba |>arkar InaUt iU Brook Ijn, waa loat. ' Tba report wa. agreed to and the bUl ordered to a third raa lmg, when tha llouae took a raceaa. *T?XIJ?o HBXHiov. BULK IMAirti. Helatire to tha Hecond Atenue llailroad, Naw York <511 If Relating to the It* department of tha IUmilt/;a I ni reTBity. tii> Haoxnwxr hmikox) Mr ?tkv k?. made a report tm* the Itroadway Hallway b,U It praaenta a dataifod report of tha Intro duct on of the bill, and declare* all tba proceeding leg u lar Th.- Comnitttee expre.. tbe opin on that there ha? bean notbini; fraudulent or improper in tba iatro duction. reception or pa.aaga of tha bill. Tha report without i word of rt>iitirk. (II "''lock P. M.? Both bouaae still in aeaaioa. J Wo I.I<|Uor After the Monday |? Ma-_ fnportaai to 1. 1,, nor Keliera. * I From tba Albaay Argus, April 10.) . of th* ?*w problbilory law la<!uee< on to bellare that a wrong Impreaalon baa gone abnia l la rtlatli a to tba time when the retailing of Infxleatina I li luora must ceaw. We preeome that It ia lulie mere I ly uad?intoo<l that taaern keepera. gro wn uadoib.r daaler. may .el! till the fourth oi J ,ly Thle l? not a.,. Tbe ?ell ng of Uoaor in 'taantitien laaa tban tire gallon eicopt foi ? ' mech.ul- al, rbamtoai or medicinal purpo.e.' and wloa for aacrBawnUl naa." will ba Illegal afwr tba flrat Monday of Mny. We will explain the groual> no which w? hat* arrlred at thin conrluaton. u1,^.?0r',r"*BlUw' 0B^*P*ndantly of Uia proh'bitlon P?ll) Honor cannot legally be noi l Id jaanUtux lea- tban fixe gallona wilbout a license? ei'b?r a Urarp li?:e?.? v< nell on tba pram. nee, or a gwar's lioan<a to eel) amsil measure, to ke carried away By the Wm, of the new law, it la provided that "paction treaty Bfth shall tskaeflact Immediately" A pert of eactioa twenty fifth reads as follows ? "Nollsenae to aell excei.t aa btraln provided, aball btraafter be granted ' It thrrafore follows that tba uaual Ue?n *es authorised \j pr.or Is ww and wblrb exnlre on tbe 1st Mooda/ < f May, cannot ba renewed, and that tbe old laws prohibit lag lb'- lale of llquora In >|uantittea leaa thaa five gali> a. Without UrtD*, wiii U opttr nti f ? cnhj?et th# MlWr to tteir |^#n? It it? of rio? n<i 1ropriiM>nm?Dt. But, by tba new isw. tU second ee< tlon is to la. a affec on .ba 1st day .* iUr, sn. that .-ct ?a autborl,ee tbe selling of ll?(uor oa oartsin p?-ullar coadltioas Aor eoter, "of good moral character, ' who i. not Um kewnar a UTera, gjooary, or any pU -e of puWIc. eaterta^. 2*tfc U^se ?L J!i "* fl'"? "boD f anl taklag an oath that ba dcea aot uaa launl-e'lng liouora aa a bevaraae," and wlU not vioUte tba law/" all) |?'?b|. catlag llouor aad alcohol, for matban.cai, cbami'al or M<Haal po rpoee. aad wlie for eacrameaUi a<? " . "fr* 'luan'lties, m?y he m?)e, aa .bove ubder the sac on d ??rttan, from the l-t of May Ilia result la, that M',uor in quaatitlaa lee. th va t>e gallona rana< t ba aaM as a beverage after the Ant ^a? of Mar. The peosltlaa again. t It until July I, w II ba tboae of tbe old law, aad not of tka aaw? tbat w a f' rfalture of |';t for aach aale. aad tha lUbftlti to ba i'a dlctsd for a miedemee i.or, psaUbable be e flo- not ei caadiag 911!. 0, or laprlaoBBteLt M>tax<-ea4iBg tis r. .et>u tf both " ' Co and after Jely ?, the paealtlaa of tbe new I * will attaeb, aad tba sesreb aad aelrure dauee wli* ,m? la l forca. I. atil July 4 ll.ere ia ao law agaia-t keapiag Ib^aor am | aale, except that tba twenty A. Ui M?ti>is of Ibis new act, which declares it "a public Buiesace''U already la ope ration. Vthat tha ethct of th s will I* between Mar 1 I and Jaly 4. aad wbatbar It will give asy rltiren tbe right to abate the nul an e, we will atl now aaLartake to diecuae We >tah;<,iB tbe twenty Sftb ?ert.?B ? "ec J' Jtn h??? to aell liquor ei'-ept a* herala pro , aided, shall her.alter be giaelod Al! II iuor sept la ?lo ] !eti>a of any provleioa or ? roviamna of tola act, ebaJI ho i dacaned, Bad i? hereby daclarsd. to be a path aaUaace ? anal lolle tor h'.l. Bit** Of ffihl a?T*BI IBHBt. ?T T MB CAM Al. BOAkll I r.w f*voMi a?i> raomrrtstxirimnii ok the [ *gw io?* BiraTE caxaiA.To t ?ir gn o* tii* ortxim or * Atittatiow m | v, . no<pi4M, m ? Oa raited be- batter, tallow bser, elder ac.d * '' Vlaeger par I f?0 pouads i?r . 0<0 i if ?alte'tpork baca* lard fxrd ?4I, gr.aee a*<l rbe.?e B?r l,?? powMeiwf m.le q , $ I '/? ael'e.; tab aad tab la trrtoe p*t 1 OUl pomade per ?Oa..., Oil <r? bran sad sblp stuffs ar t ?|| sees I, par I ,lt0 [Oar de per aalie 0 2 '< taow, giitaiu. "*ia, in. I Oa salt mar ofaai red In lb e -Ute per I 'HA j pauMa per asile.., ~ 0 , , ' *'? larsBgn ? alt sad VaryVe ?e? | . ? ? ? "? f?p*^xa, tbe prod eat ni IBle W.U, Bar I, CIO pauaais par psUs a | ? Ou <erwso gy peaaa. p^ 1 oa pe-.ade p, , ar te ! ? 3 ? W'B ??? pi f iWi, fti'i?MN paptesasisver p pea por i .0>?ir atfa r* ... ...??> " r, <*?rlli, miuai*. ate ul .mm lUcoypk . ***?-?? * 1 9 On leached aehee brtek. 2?^" J? fl^r^SS; tor* of llaw, and .?>**? . *r "*nur*' P*' ?.??? ponmla ?r mil*. ' " ' * ? '?" " ? ? ? ? " ? ? * * On pot at>d i??tl a?hk?, ?l?o. . ?xl bleaching powdo.1, htlp. ,~5~1 ^ copparae, *1x1 manga* ??e, per. ?oou P?"?d? P?r Milt On mirrral ti*L sbarcoal itJ ma ?n, p 1 w?. _ . pouai'* par rail# > *< ' , On (tore*, iron oar wha*U and Mr ask>.^ bK plan ? f i r ataaaa i nginee, plough eaeftag* , i* all other Iron ea*t>nga, 'leapt m*chJn*? ? tb? pari* thereof, par 1,000 p->und? par mlT* . 0 < e On nad pig l?ad, going toward ? the !??? ??t-r, and copper nr<>, per 1,000 pound* ^ ^ On ?tota pipe and fotaftum for *t*r*?, not eaaa* iroa, per 1,W? poaadi par mfta * * rraa, rairuv , am**, Mtt. On furt aid the >klna of animal* pn.'ariag fura, par 1,000 pou *4' par mil*. ...... .7. 777 1 * * d**r, buffalo ml blmm* ?Uua. I 000 poand* per mile 0 ? 0?*k*ep .km*, per I.iXni poiiniu p*rwd *'. ,, o On gr*tn hide* of deana?uc m imaU of ti? i.mted Mtati*, per 1 ,04 II faun<!a p?r ml *? OS* On Import ad raw lite a* of <loiu>*tt<' aad i.tb*r an. mala, per 1,000 pound* per mil* 0 I " rtaimri mi, am On boaiebohl furniture, accompanied y ml actually belonging to fwmlli** emigrating per pound* par mil* V 8 0 ?n carta, wagi n*. aiaigbr, ploughs, and in* than Im' tool" aaeanaarr Tar tba owner'* in<liridaal aae, wbea accompanied by Mi* owner aaif-at lag lor tba purpoaa of eriWrn-ot, par f, 000 pound* par -Vila . . 0 il i| HtlMK, *H?T* am. On tile for roHtng, a^i'l *ton*ware per 1,90? pound* per tail* 0ft On flit proof camcnt and 4rain t la per 1,HOO pouada per milt 9 19 On unwrought alone and ?lata. par 1 ,0?X> pound* per mil* 0 r ? On *11 klott* wTiMgbt or pnrt'j wrought, pee 1,1/00 pound* per nil If 0 ' X' 0 li mmcm. ?i? v rrr. On timber, a-|U*rtd and roua I par 100 cubic fact per uille. If carried In Ijemli ? t? <M tin tli>< name, If eauied In iaf!?, per 100 cubic ? tet per mil* b > 01 Oa the *auie, if rteared alter ttia lal ol June, and arrirlnc at tide water bafiwo the lfitb u( August, Incluatra, per lOOouSH! faet Mr a. la. 0 I' ? l^a lun.lier carried la bnala. wlua wetgliad, par 1.000 pound* |>*r alia, rta. - On white pin^ wbit? wimhI, baaa wooil and oedar t) I ? Oa oaJi. hlckury, baacli) ayoamaia^ Mack walaut ami bnttamut 0 1 > Oa apiuca, tuaple, a*h, slim ftr, tainraak and jew 0 1 V On clirrry 0 1 it On lieinlouk 0 C>* 'fc On hoarca, plank acaatilng am', atwel t uibar, rati urc 1 to Inch maaiore, *11 kla<li< of re<l coda r, < e?l?r po>ta, aallnaMng that a aawil, after da dua'iLv for opaulna*, will rontala one thou aaiid frrt. *n<l all aiding, lath, and othar *aw ed atufl lea* than one int-b thtek, ourrlait >a boat*, (earept auoh aa I* xumaerated In rate* nuaiber U'i and 41,) per l,0oo faet per mile, win n wit welghwl II I > On Itmlock, per I,04>ti faat par mike, wfctn not weighail 0 3 0 On *uo. 0 and 7, If transported In ratte, per 1,1X0 (rat par tal e '1 'i 1 On taw dual, par ll>00 pound* pei mile 0 0 b On niafcogany, (except reduce! ta Inch nM*sure, |^r l,00n fitt per mil* 1 1.1 On tawed lath, of la** than tea faet ia length. ? pllt lath, lump pi lea, bandapike*. io wlag oar*, hi or in hand!**, ?p?ika*, buba. trre sail*, fettle*, l*>*t kaea* plan* atocka, pleki t for fenoe*. and stufl maaufactur*<l or partly maaafarturid for to>*?, *kalr* or btilataa'l*, hop po ea, bruab bamtle*. bruab back*, look 1 ii K ilaaa bark*, gun >t*ek<, plow baama, plow liaudla*, *ta??a aad heiMllag Oreaaad or purUjr dreaaei), per 1,000 pan ad a par mile..., 0 i ? On ataita and baadleg, ar.itn*ae<t, empty btr tela and ataka, tad >hlp knea*, Uanaportad 1 * boat*, per l,0< 0 puuee*, par inile 0 Ii O o^tb- name, If tiaacpei tell la rail* per 1,< 'JO po?a<U, par aaile 0 0 Ik On tblnglaa, carried la Want*, p?r 1,000 poua la, per mile. 0 1 lb On the a* me, If cuavyad la ralta, par M., par mil* ... 0 4 ? On split po.ta, (n?t aaceading 10 fret in li-aglh ) *mi tail* for fane**, mot *in**<1l*K 1< fa*t la leoKtb, ) par H., per mile, carrtrd In boat*.... 3 0 0 On tb* aauta, If coaiajeat In ralta, per IL. per mil* ? 0. ? On w far fuel, (ascent aucb aa may be ua*4 In tba manufacture of salt, nblrb ahaJ b* as empi fium toll,; and tan baib, par laid per mile <k ? ? On tbt ?ame, If trtaaporte<l in raft* pel cord par mile t <k ? "a **wtd -?ufl fur ?W?? bliad*. tot *xre*d log one fourth of ?n in< h In Utickni**, aid niuduw a*ihe< and blla<l*. p'r l.owi poundH per mil* 0 % I *iiMCVUrra*L raofn ??no--", *?' On d< meatic illatlllel aplrit* goiag toward* tld* w*trr, fier 1,'xo poun<l* per mil*. 0 8* 'In wool, per 1 ,000 j>ound* jwr mile 0 ? t? <fa cottoa. par 1,I)"0 p<iunda par mlla 0 10 Oa live cattle, abeep, hoga, bi ro* botla an I boata, par 1,0 0 pounda par mile ..(II 9 On hor*ee (*xrap'. tbo** ueed eicluajaaly for Uiwtag l <>*t a or otb*r tut*), y#t 1.000 pouar* per mile 0 I ? On lioraea used esdaalraly for lowiag boat* a# other float*, ?a*mpt from toll On rag* ai.d jniik, j?r l.ciOo pound* net mil* . 0 10 On nianllla, i>er l.liOO poua 1* pet mfle 0 4 0 On hamp ami tobaaen, g<H*g toward* tide aaUr, per 1,m 0 poncd* par mile . u 1 9 On tobarcn, going from tide water, per 1,'IQO poum'a per mile . 0 4% On ar'aaad broom coin, per 1,0(0 pc .i. '.a par mil* 0 f ? On piaaaed b*y *nd praaaad straw, per 1,(KI0 p?Hir<ii per mil* 0 I ? f'n coin, cora mial and oat> par 1 ,0?0 pound* par mil*.,,,,. 0 10 ('a wheat. Hoar, barley, rye, pea* and be*n* par 1,004 pound* per mil* 0 I 9 Oa #<.ur ?Uitmg *b'l going from ti<U water, per 1,VA ton ad* per m iTt 0 10 Oa ptiteioaa, applaa, oaioaa, tnraip*, all ether etcnlent roct*, and let, par l,00t) pounds per mile ...... V. 0 1 ? Oa a'l other egrteelturel produqUoa* of tb* I nlted M'ate*. not particularly *peria*d per l,tC0 potad* per mil* 0 4 ? ara< m 'I'll*. Oa *an??r1?t. |?? l,M?i p?n. a<U p?r milt 0 ? V | < m rufar, dk>Ww*? iNtHM, irt? la U<i bvaatiaa I *B-1 ab*. la, ?ta*l, awl r*4?, l?o?, sail* >pibia I?ih aboaa, rrtrirrj aa I fla*a ?(?a, Via, roala. tar, |>l'-b tarj-*ataaa, nil, it'uwi raaia uU?, <>?taa?, ntiaaaral ?atar, njatara *o<1 elam, <ye?iw,i???l all ?Um Bi?rtl *d4Ji* aot aasiaaaraiai, l,Wi|??al? | p*r nail* it 4 ? Ob railroad Iron an I rai !?<*?! abaira, par I WK> I |<o.k)? tar tnita 91k "a 1hr*>Ml>f. 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