Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1855 Page 2
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cow or OYW AKD rmxi*** Befora Hon. Judf? K. P. Oowles. Atkii 10-llt the .dttingof the Court this mora' ^ Judge GowIm proceed to rtnder his declaion ^ ^ mourn to quaan th. 'nJ ctment foind again* ^ Morrissey, Una and Hyier. He ?? ? ?*<? 'a V of the de fendants, Uyfcr, Lino, Uu"i'+*/ *? .fxt, to qaaah the indie tiaent and remand the part {of a ureiimi Bary examination, oothegroiiad t?e Corouer'e jury had returned their m i impllc itlng them as socossoriaa to "?? murder ^ fluuam ijpole, they were ?rre?ted by warrant lsse ^ ^ the Coroher. Th*t they thereupon demanded, ^a| ^rre refute 4 by him, an ??b inataen by witnesses ^ ^ cabled either for or against then, the Ceronsa tiding that, under the statute. he had bo pawer to do ' than to take th? personal stai intents orexamlnatio>rr the defendant* without oath. It will not be mhmi' j oow to discuss the question whether the tlqfoner ffM right or otherwise in hia construction of the Aw.ldrther than to say, tuat, upon an examination of the rtafnte I have arrived at the uma conclusion with Mr. Jnatiee Morria, when that question arose before him, and without stopping to assign my reasons shall hold far all the purpo-ee of thin motion thai the Corroner erred In denying the defendants the examination they de manded. The question then aiiaea, hare the defendants, kf reason 01 such refusal, a claim upon the Court for its interposition as now moved for by them.' It was not ?on tended on the argument that there ha* been any irre gularity in tbe finding of this indictment? for it cannot be denied that the Grand Jury have lull power to mike inquiry and present, by Indictment, all persona chargtfl with crime, and that too, whether such person! are or are no t under arrest and examination before any of tbe magistrates of the county. Rut it is contended that where a party la arretted before inlictaeut, there la a manliest impropriety and undue haste on tbe part of the Grand Jury in entertain ing a complaint and proceeding to Indict until the preliminary examination shall luve bean brought to a close, and that while the statute l> ai not inhibited the Grand Jnry from acting upon th it class of casta, yet that a quasi right is possena^ l by the aocuied to have surh examination fully closed before being pre sented by the Grand Jury. 1 will not deny that In many eases, if the Grand Jury are apprised of the fasts that tbe party is under arrant and tint the commuting mi B" irate la proceeding with a full exam'oation into tne ts and circumstances attending th-; alleged olTence, aad particularly in that class of ciaea, the proiecution of which are initiated up >n the complaint of an indivi dual and to assume a character in some degree persoml to tbe prosecutor, thai it wo-ild be vary wise and judi ?<ous in the Grand Jury to ddfer action until the magis Uate lias made return of all the testimony taken before him. Tc... will always enable both the Grand Jury and the public prosicutor, by an inspection of the return, to jndge of its character and form some opinion as to tbe probability of guilt or inno34n:e and tbe propriety of further prosecution. Stsh a discretion, if it exists on the part of '.'at (irvi l Jury, would applj to all cases where the oiigintl om plaint ia made to a justice of the peace, and to all other cases when a return ot the proceelogs and examination* bad ate not made or tlie witnesses recognised to app?ur and testify before the Gran! Jary until the final close of tbe investigation It-tore the committing in tglstrate. Bat an examination ot the statute will show that in this rase the Grand Jury possessed no such discretion. lhat they could not, had thay been apprised of the fast that these parties were under arrest anl before the Coroner for examination, defer their own action, but were bound, if the tenliatouy warranted, to indict. By 2 Revised Statutes, 7*2. article 1st, in regard to Coroner's inquests, it will be seen tbut upon notice receive! by the Coroner that any person has been slain, it is the Coroner's du'y forthwith to summon a jury to appear before bim anl ?sake inquisition c.oncerulog such death. By section 6 it is provMlel that the jury, after inspection of the body, an 1 after bearing the testimony, shall deliver to the Coroner 'their inquisition in writing, in which they are to certify tbe causa, manner and circumstances of the death, "aid who were guilty thereof, either as principal or acces sory, and la wliat manner " 8e?. 6. Provides that If "the jury find thtt any m ir del, manslaughter kr assault h.u been committed, the Coroner shall bind over the wttnessis to appear and testify at the next criminal court at which an indict ment for such ollnnre can *>e found th it shall be hel l in tbe county;" and the hist claure ol the same s.'ction faitlier prov idea that if "the party charged with any each offence 1-e not in castady, the Coroner shall have power to lssne process for hit apprehension ia the same anaaser as a Jn'tiot of the PetL-e." Thns it will be seen that, by express mandate of the statute, the moment tne Coroner's Jury found and sub scribed their verdict, tbo whole master, <vi .li alt the wit nesses, was s'nt to tbe Grand Jury ? sent to them to aet upon at ence, and with no discret'on to delay their proceed inp upon the ehirge wse'.h?r ths accuse 1 ware or were tot in custody, of w nether they were or were as*, nnder examination before the Corsner, as provide<l tn c-ctioc 7. The ca'.e Is tlierelore entirely unlike that other e?ass to which T have heretofore allule I wlifb tlio Ktnrna are not made nor the witnesses biund orer to appear and testify until the pvl'minary examination Is a)e?e1', aud it would be, in mv judgment, just at much it derrlictinn oi" duty in theVlriod Jury to refuie to a-:t after tin '"?rf>ner'a inqui ition had besn re'.urnel, as it v.H tc glviasimi ar rafusal after the return of the pivn usry nation hv the committing magistrate <a thtt class of cava If 1 am right in the view I have taken of the mandatory character of the atitute, wh^h ea< trolled the acticn of the .Irani Jury in thtt case, tbtreiaof coarse no ground on which t ttis motion c m be granted. That the mdlctm 'nt ia r 'gnlar is conce ltd. and the Court cannot be held t j po?soss a discretion to aet aalde an indictment us prematurely found In a case where the Grand Jury have none to refuse flniing it. The motion to quash most th?r-fore be denied. Connrel for the priioners then desired to make a mo tl?n tc admit them to t?ail; but as thsrs was a mur ler trial en, the HisWct Attorney name I Thurj?lay for the argument provided do otltr criminal ease occupied the Court. TTTK TRINITY PL AC* HOMICIDE. Tb? trial of Terence Htnvll, alio* Hammond, charged Kith th? murder of his nit*, Kiixa, on 1st J in nary, ?n then resumed, soil after the examination of several wi t mmm. tli* ! t . t Attorney read the examination of the prisoner at tbe Coroner's lnqu*st ? puMiehel in Taej da* '* IIkralh. Ibis closed tbe ea?e for the proseeuti in. Mr Clinton opened the ease for the prisoner, urii>( that It w*i impossible for liim to attempt to deny that the deceased m-t hir death at the hand* of th* prisoner; Wt che questio** for the jury would be hi* accounta bility. am! whether the crime woe m irter or mm ?laughter. He then went on to state that the prisoner at one time received an injury in tbe heal from % cmk, which no affected him that when he wan under thg in ti ueace of liquor he wholly uueoni-loua of h i asU. James I.yu-.h, examined for the prisoner, dsro*Bl ? that he knew Nirence Hnmill for four jeirs; knew liis wife; I worked for tbe tame employer at Hamill; aiw Him'll last New Year'*, bemeeu nine and ten o'clock la the morning; I >?? ium in hie oirn Mate, ae I was comng from church: I bad a glass or beer In hie house with him; 1 lent nut for a >|uart of teer myself; be went oat to get shaved before licit; I aiUrnirdn met him, In ?bjut ten minute*, at the corner of Rector anl Green wich street*; he drank again there, with nous oth'ir men that wire with him ; 1 snppose it was brtnlr he drank; this was about 10 o'clock, or so; we hid two Prints more at the corner of Bee tor and tVaihlntfton etreete; it was fcrtcdy pan-h he drank; walkel Ua-.k agmn tr tbe corner of Hector anl lire?n?ich itrectt, ar.d had another drink thsr* in tb<Mlflv4 mlnutci aft^r; I have often seen him under the iDtturn-.e of liquor; be would hunt me for my life when he wou'd be uuder tu ? influence cf hqnor, a.n1 I would have to run oat of his way; we werenu gnjd terms; we nevir had any quarrel tfa'. wo '.Id he of any harm: he was very passiaaate in liquor; be was wild, and would run and jump. C'roS'i examined by the District Attorney ? Ha l no par'teular bu tines# with hfm wb?n 1 ea'lel; h'? wit> an 1 Jane were there, there was nithiag Mil there about bis wife >>e ng oat thi n!{ht b?fori; hi- wife and he and I drank of tto beer; I had no angry word* with h>in; lie had rome angry w >-ds with n.e about 11 o'clock; tlie late.t hour I saw him fiat day was nbo t a quarter pt?l 12 o'ctaife; was before <? Inner when 1 say U? would be wJd Iron drink, i mean eraty. To a juror? The pKaoner never spoke of thoie or say *ets wben he got sober. WUhim Watson, polio ofli.?er of tbe Fir?t wirJ for nine years an4 nine mocfis, deposed ? That he ko'i-fi Ramill for about eight years; kuesr bis wi'e for th? same time, they llvwfl in tlie rear of the building No 32 Trinity place for si ren years; 1 Ivei in the nect house; X bare seen llamiU under the iafluenee of tlqu >r; somi times he would be peaceable, and ton. t ass I'kea craxy man: I (aw nim io very craar one night tbot h? wns naked and fighting the fence in th* yard; it was m >01 Hght, about 2 o'clock at night; It was tbe noise that awoke me: he was fighting at the fence as If It was a ?inn, h* nit It hard enouuh to cut his knueklei; that was about four year* ago; be would challenge to llgnt these he was best acquainted with; he w?nM jum.i like n craiy scan; I checked bin* onoe or twiae wien sober, end he toM me very little nfllsote.1 htm ; that h* we* in th a t?lieeln the old Country and had got his Bead fractured; I have sees a good deal of drunkenness in the Kirst war.l , and never saw a mm en bad a? llam'll whoa drank, ex ?ept one man ta the 0W1 Country, an I he would fignt a *?w when drunk, (laughter;) Haaaill I* very peaoetbl* when aoter I never heard a laud wori fro a him; b* W?* ?very kind wh*n eober, and a'.way* give the while of hit earning* to hi* wife. Other witnesses were examine 1 la fnvorof tho prl?oa*r. Jane Haaaill. a little girl, aged fourteen yesr<, daagti br of th* pnaooer, being Interrogated jy tie court as to the nature of an oath, an I answering *\t:sfictorily, woo tbeo iwnrn imposed that *|i* re :olieets her fat ler 1 bad an soeMent oecur to his be* I about eight yeir< ago ?beta he came h;m?, after the accident, a couple of ran ?em* with him. li* sat with his face to the fm?1, an i calked for Klua, { the dr.-eased,) ray mother; s^e wen ?nt aad brought him In . his forehead wt* ail bl>edinf ; I Mild not tell b'<w long It wo* before he got nrer tM haul; I recollect tbe itav before my m Uier's death; I ?M n Honday "aw my fathef drink li??r * ul eom brandy on that day; on Monday I did not *ee In n driu . anything intb*hou*e; aSout 12 o'elocx, M a lay, h #ent out my brother or s.*t?r for a quart of l>?r, and h ? nd mother drank it; my ***ter *nd 1 w*wt out after that, about 4 or ft o'?loek, and took a walk tt'ln it at Wry, aad Mat to Mrt. l./n- b s after that; we !aft nj fatbar un tbe bou*e; he wa* sitting on t'us .?hmr a little ? ?iilng, and I Uiougnt a little drunk, anl my mitW too; it was near dark: Pat Ma lone brought word to Ly^sh's that my mother wa* dnad, and I cams hi tin to *?t; I ?went to Mr*. I/Mb'l to ta?e a walk ; no one proposed to nae to go- neither my father nor my mother proposed to ?so to go to I.ynch's; there wo* no ifu*rr*l bttw >en mjr ?aths r and mother be 'ore I went out; thee* wa* toer an I brandy in th* hnaa* that day; after tha beer was dratk J aaw my mother drink moo brandy oat of a flat butt!*. B. i?k. ia whose employ the yrisonnr had b*?n J*r three or foar year*, gar* him a gool aharactor for unlet, kind, ohlicinf anl very fndustrioa*; be ha? been always spoken well of by merchant* and their ***** ""d carmen with whoa h* *am# In contaat wh*n >*?va?*lng my business. . ? Watrlot Attorney ? \f. hnsinea* r*n aired A *aro end I always femd him very son*. Ah?. R Htnutennnrg an?i AOo'phaa Hmltb bl*0 g*T* ** prieonor a gowi ch*r? >r Th* ?" " W- r" ^ "" the Jr -am HiJm ?d N eaOod, u4 It ?i*tl to bit sy, Mid that fa* It* three ho aw that Ham ill aad y (rife were la his (vitaHi'i) rosea, they ad not ?aar 4j|?t at the time the/ were talklag pi? aantly. To the District Attorney? Whep he Mked her for the money he said, "Give me mj money. Kliaa, I went to p*y the rest as yon are not doing it:" the give him $8, and he asked her where wu the reei of it: she Mid ahe ?pent it for groceries; it wh then he fare her the slap in the face To the Court? He did not appear angry ; the atep wm not hard enough to hart her; it did not leave ny red mark ; they went bono together pleasantly. The t??tlmony having concluded, the eoart took a re cess for three quarters of an hear. At the reassembling of the court the ease wu sum med up to the jury, who, being charged by the Judge, at eight o'clock last evening, returned a verdict of Man slaughter la the second degree. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. K O II I Y iTaK EQ v. TVksdat, April 10? 8 P. X. The depression in quotation! nothed at the see and board yesterday continued at the first board this morn ing. The tendency was downward from the opining to the clore. Illinois Oentral bonds fell off ptr cent; Cantcn Company, \ ; Cumberland \ ; New Tork Oentral Railroad, X; Erie Railroad, X; Rea ling Railroad, % ; Hudson River Railroad, *{; Cleveland and Toledo Rail road, Cleveland and Toledo dividend bonds advanced X P*T ce ut. Cumberland has been settling down for some days pa?t, and has nearly reached the point from whieh it started some months since. We have not beard much lately about the dividenl and presume it baa been abtndcned. Frie Railroad s61d nearly to the extent of four thousand shares, and was pretty well maintained. Norwich and Worcester has been creeping up slowly for some days past, but not much ttock has been bought out. It closed to-day at 30. It Is considered by some of our shrew 1 capitalists a good purchaae at that price. Reading Railroad im proved at the cloie on the open'ng prlco, and it la be jond all doubt the firmest and beat railroad stook on the l;st. A very strong party of capitalists in this city, Boa ton and Philadelphia, have for some time paat been purchasing, not lor temporary speculation, but for per msnent Investment. Some of them did not came in until prices had a vanced nearly to the preiont point*, but tlioy have become ao well satisfied of the produc tiveness of the company, that they were not dtterred by the rapid riBe of the past few weeks. Tho ceal b isiness this year is likely to be larger and more profitable than ever before. Western railroad stocks do not Improve much. There ia net much demand In this market for sny of tiem. bands have been much neglected lately, and prices appear to have reached their maxi. mum. There is no demand for any of the different claeaes of Krie bonus. After the adjournment of the bo*1*)!, the fallowing *.i!es of stocks and ton la were nude at auction, by Simeon Draper ? 92, PCO Cleveland ti Pltt?burg UK 1st mart 7 7 } 3 3,000 Northern Indiana KR. 1863 8'J>? 16, <)00 Ohio and Mississippi RR. 2d mart 30 067 Bun Mutual Ins Oo. Scrip, 1862 47 22, S60 do. do. d>. 1861 64 2,230 Mercantile Mutual Ins. Co. Scrip, 185'2....27a30 606 do. do. d>. .... 20 1,010 do. do. 1853 ....20421 700 do. do. do. .... 20 40 iihareaFiTtmen'H insurance Co 1)8 10 <0. Home Insurance Oo 95 30 do. St. Nicholas Bank 94 10 do. 8tonington Railroad 62 iiOO do. Readme Railroad 80 100 do. Keystone Flro.Ins. Co. Philadelphia.... 0 500 do. Bowdea Copper Mining Oo 6c. 370 do. MeDuUock Copper te Geld Co 4')c. '200 do. Gold Hill Mining Co 30c. 600 do. Lind'ay Cold Mining Co 2c. J. Thcmpson's regular Hale of bonds and stocks will take place at the Merchants' Exchange to-morrow, at half-past 12 o'clock. H's catalogue includes about one hurdred and (l'ty thousand dollar* of State stocks, New Orleana city sixes, and aoms first claai Western railroad bond*. The transaction! at tlie Assistant Treasurer's of!i:e t j d?y, were as follows: ? Paid on Treasury account 997,670 9ft Received do 88,672 01 Balance do 3,270.0->7 88 laid for As*ay office 3.2)3 29 Paid on disbursing checks... 97,381 74 The old Mechanics' Bank building in Wall street, <4 about being demolish <d. It has been abandoned by its old oecupanta, and the work of demolition has already commenced The Mechanic* Bank has removed to the apartments lately occup'.el by the Bank ol the Com non it pi I h in the Merchants' Exchange. Messrs. W. At J. O'Brien, tha wall known stock and 'money brikers, who have to long occupied the biseme&t of the Mechanics' Bank, have removed ta No. 20 Wall straet, to tha rooms formerly occupied by Wads worth & Sheldon. It .is ths intention of the banking company to erect a sp'.emVd and commodious structuia, on tha kite of the e!d build itg. It probably will not be computed for eighteen month*. We understand that tha quotation of the Gardiner Gold Mining stock cold at Nicolay's last suction sale was considerably below the market value of the same. It is ?ot believed tbat shares have changed hands lately at anything below a dollar, and most of the transactions have been at over double this figure. It did not hap pen tbat any oca was present at tha auction who knaw anything of the company; hence the low price fetched. We are informed that a dollar Is freely otter ad for the stock by partiec Interested without sellers; and so long as nearly fifty men are profitably and constantly em ployed at the mine, parties in intereit will nit be likaly to submit to a further depreciation. Tha annexed statement exhibits the quantity and value of certain articles exported from this port during iLe week ending Fiiiar, April 6, 1855, distinguishing the destination and extent of shipments to each place: ? CouMMit (if tux Port or New York? Wkkicly Extorts. LIVKRPOOL. Pkfft. Yalu*. J'kgt. fY>tton,balee.4,440 9163,445 Yel. metal cks 106 Hour, bbls... 21 231 Bladders bbls 17 Corn bash 108,319 107,6% Unseed cake. 66 Beef, tcs 236 t ,045 Clocks, boxes. 94 Pork, bbls. .1,600 32,768 Wool, balsa.. 80 80,262 Kv-in, bala .7,702 8,.'i5H Herbs, fcc, bxs 2 80 Tobacco, lbs.. 8, 0A0 1,375 Hirneas, box 1 1/90 Pointings ... 1 6,956 Biota, cites.. 8 240 Hard ware. ... 6 1,460 lV-y go >1* . . . 2 j 800 250 Total .9476,084 LO.\IK>!f. 910,000 Staves r.,000 9I'X) 2,759 Total '. 918,1)0 oiJkSfkiW. Cotton, bales. 402 929,2!?7 Roaia, bbls.. 996 Corn, bu?h.9,0S0 9,000 Carriages .... 1 ritef, tcs.... 2S4 7,030 P?g. goalees 1 Pork. bbls... 100 1,330 Oars 4C0 1,910 Chrome ore. . 100 16,0t0 Woolwire, cs 6 750 Rice, tes 66 485 Rags, biles.. 16 1,261 Staves 3,620 3,763 fotal..' 977, 80.J Riinrao. Cotton, biles. 446 917,163 Ess. oils, ca.. 2 Tob'cco, lbs. 10,160 975 Roots, bales. 7 Kurt, es 1 300 Sti p"K*. bbls 641 Rosin, bbls.. 290 498 Sa'petre bgs. 1,812 I. B. 245 6,444 W'bone,ib*.l6,9HA 5.866 Oars 300 3,010 3,739 Total 960, 2tM HAVR*. Cotton, bale* 3,126 9134,400 L'qaor, bbls. 420 Iteef. bbls. ... 6 100 Span 6 I 'oik 204 0,531 I'laak, p-a . . 159 Ham*, lb*. . .8,800 400 Hoard*, <t. . .1,735 B'c'n.lbsl,059,90) lard 87,917 Per Steele, cks 6 Cop. ore, bbls 98 l?gwoo<l,toaa 77 8w. oil, gals 2,473 Mah'gn'yloga 26 KuatU; ? Turp'ne.bbl*. 50 Bread 13 Hops, bales. 20'2 lUisln. bbls. .1,543 Bacon, lbs. 23,220 Urd 16.1,327 Tobacco 6,460 trap, bis..,. 60 Hair, bales.. 76 Lojwood,tons 140 Boney, to*.. 132 Gioger, bag*. 6J7 Ex.logw'd.bxs 600 Fat* $6,831 8 29 SCI 6,417 15,801 13,418 100 1,850 63 153 848 3i4 9,701 91,800 4ri0 203 40 J 1,414 321 1 r,78 810 *21 Baron .... 106,1 CI I-ard 11,691 Copper. . 1 .684 , 724 Molaases, bbls 130 I B. goo 4 Guts, keg*,. 8 I'aintings. ca. 1 rongurs, bbla 6 IVarlash 30 Yasea, kc., es 6 (lat lilac '1 Jew'ler's ash- > . , es, bbls.... /?* Potaeh 70 0,328 1,300 83,611 1 ,238 too 360 360 1,440 830 136 100 6,730 Maple, lags,. Segtrs, es.. . Plates Instrument* Carriage .... Ha'swax.lba.7,0<n Taba'co bilr? 321 Maehinerr, ?s 7 Hry goads ... 1 Cedar, logs,. 438 Prorl'as plrgs 3 Oars 1,974 Cotton, be.. Pork, libli.. . 168 Bsroo. Iba .1,200 Books, ca.... 8 I*rngs 4 Es*. ell* 1 Baisla*, bxa . 110 Root*, ek* ... 9 Wire, cs 1 ! ' 1 ?( ? 1 Ivory wara... 1 'HI painting,, 1 Hides, ba.,,. 303 9,396 Total <247, 174 ?Blanc*. 262 $10,203 Salas. ba.... 18 6,273 101 360 n? 319 Segars, c*... . 3 llrusHes .... 1 I'otaaWs, bla. 2'H I.'gwO'id, tons 143 Hosia, bbla.. 1,9)6 Tobacco, a*.. 66) Honey 193 Tubas. Iba .41,929 Mahog'y, logs 91 Oder 43 1,006 140 267 36* 200 31,475 TKRRatOJU. t'Uvee .....102,00# CA Pit. ......43,100 PORTO XI 00. 91.669 Candle*, boxes 160 106 Rica, tierces . 61 213 Piano, e* 2 21S Hoop., No 116,979 116 Shooks hhds 1,64* 91.411 147 I..) 8.9?) 8 2S6 3,017 19 .182 .1,7 Ji a, ?;? 664 4 'JO Com m'l. bbl. 160 Rit:*r, lbe. .. P16 I.nJ 3,004 Park, bbl.,.. 15 Tsllow, Iba... 968 Vheea# 964 Total 114 Total ,...$84,476 99.509 $1,031 $195 2.H86 5O0 8,39# 4,319 914,019 UKU Cottoa, ba. .. JM 914,376 Logwood, Was 250 $6,760 Total 922,125 Brnmn Noam iw can Coivorai. Floor, bbl . .8,68a $38,100 Baleratuft, kga SI Kyo, do. bbl. 700 T?' ^ ^ Corn Meal. .. 570 Beel bbl lift Pork, bbl.... 496 Baooo, lbs. .1.600 Chotae, ltM..$,629 I-ard, lba... 27, 086 Bread, bgn. .. 882 Yarn. bales . . 106 Tat, bbla . . . . 100 Leather, aideal201 Honin, bbl. .. 319 Fish, bbl.... 18 Tea, catwi. . . 78 Corn, baih. .. 082 Do. meal, bbU 232 Floor 877 Ryemeil.... Ill Beef 117 Pork 244 Butter, lba. .6,918 Cheese 0,088 Lard 7,488 Gtlmeal, ca. . . 170 Biead, boxea. 400 Matcbea, ca.. 126 Tobac-.o.hkdH. 20 Total 5,117 Rub, pan. 128 Apploa, bbl.. 10 87# feed, bbl"" 16 2,702 Pepper, bag*. 40 4,810 Osndlea, bxa. 210 2,698 Rice, tieroaa. 13 288 Bp. tarp., bbl 3 4,268 Ha'dware, bx, 14 827 Sterna 2,100 66 1,488 TQtel 976,830 BRITBH *181 WD? 278 1,084 898 4,937 2,347 2,347 936 84 1,132 383 61 67 1,116 ?987 Paaa, bagH... 264 1,466 Candlea. bxa. 368 3,890 Syrup, bbla.. 3 407 Sugar 6 Yellow motel. 4 Cordage, coll* 62 Drugs, bones. 2 Hay, balsa... 140 Rioo, baga.. .. 31 iloap, boxea . . 18 Oxen 30 8haep 30 1,233 8,418 747 780 887 1,867 1,712 1,249 2,849 $27,818 TOVLOlt. Pork, bbla $8,121 $118,810 CUBA. Flour, bbla.. 2, 000 $22,0(0, boxea . . . 3 Cprnmeal, bla.' 26 H"?'. lba... 8,479 ^^.'ba ...1,136 Can Ulaa, bxa.. 204 *h oil, gala. 1,080 Beans, bbla..' 60 bbla... 28 Cider, bbla.... 10 Bats, boxea.. . 2 Dock, bales.. . g Fiab, boxea... 710 Bark, lba 24 Jtfina, caaea... 7 Booka, eisen.. 2 ?"???> pack 'a. 41 Hardware, oa.. 1 J*aper, cams. . . 1 Dry goods, ca.. 2 Domestica, ca.340 Ala, bbla 26 Tar, bbla 20 Pilch, bbla.... 20 fp. torp , bbla. 4 Oakum, balea.. 20 110 468 126 1,686 776 471 191 . 77 087 277 224 Traoa. pap.r. 4,600 Oil, hhds 8 Cod fish, lba . 7, 638 Potato* a, bbla. 26 Revolvers, pra, 2 Rice, tierces , , 6 Onions, bbla.. 18 Boota, eaaaa.. 1 Silverware, on. *1 Indigo, eaaaa. . 2 Claeaware, ca. 4 292 Chemicals, ca.. 1 316 Stationery, ca. 1 Tea, chests. . .. 3 Bait, auks.... 200 Hay, bales ... 60 Cement, lbs. ..100 Hoops 76,020 Hogsheads. . 1,674 Shoo ka &hdsl 2, 488 Oars 1,000 Lumber, ft. 68, 668 Other arti.>l <?a. ? 302 636 93 30 1,466 18,264 200 60 66 76 78 $90 1.360 120 228 86 100 200 00 6f> 693 230 230 173 412 107 290 100 190 3,267 3,274 16,120 953 1,132 812 Total $78,781 UATTl. $6,024 Pepper, bags. . 26 Flour, bbla... 610 Pork, bbla.... 130 Lard, lbs.... 7, 906 Paints, kega. ..100 Bbbls .... 60 x, boxes.. 60 cco, bales. 43 ah, lba. 40,899 Soap, boxea... 300 Kiph, bbla 286 1,866 867 178 680 769 490 1,407 365 879 Tin olatea, bxa. 10 Grindstones. . .200 Lead, rolls..., 1 01', gallons.. .895 Hoopa, bdla... 42 Domentlca, ca. . 12 Shlnglea. . ..76,000 Boards, ft.. 10, 802 Total $15,583 Flour, bbl. . . 166 Be-f, bbl.... 6 Butter, lb*... 373 Lard. lbs... 3,840 Brand j, bbl*. 4 Bread, bblfl, . 00 Sosp, bis.... 2(0 Codflah, lbp..2.600 Candle i, bza. 66 NEW GRANADA. $1,737 Powder, kgs. 100 $300 113 8ugar, bxa... 8 99 02 leather, en. . 3 659 GOO Domfletlca,bla b> 222 87 Shoos, bxi .. 2 82 311 Furniture, es. 8 69 260 Drug*, c?.. .. 16 247 112 Boarde, ft.. 14,077 381 244 Otaer article*. ? 326 Total $6,718 Flour, bbla. .1,150 Beef, bbli . . . 231 l'oik, bbl*. . . 166 Com, bua.... 100 1-ard, lbs 660 Cheese, lba .6,250 lard oil, gal.. 176 Candles, bxa. 376 Feed, bua.... 600 Brsad, bbla. . :ilO Potatoea, bbl* 200 Total nROMH UriAWA. $107>52 Matches, ca. . 140 $1,400 4,6.r)0 Tar, bbla ... 42 115 1.928 Pitch, bbl?. . . 60 136 102 Tobacco, tea. 10 1,981 80 Sp. turp'ne "6 90 630 Caniajea... . 10 2,450 140 Hay, bales... 100 261 1,275 H'dwar*, bxa 6 100 335 tiegara, ca.... 1 138 2,615 StavM 1,000 70 0C0 $30,063 Flour, bhta... 136 Butter, lba... 216 Furnltcue. ca. 63 Clothing 1 ?ew.mach.,bx 1 I ruga, cases. 50 Potatoea, bin. 40 Br'd&cr.,ca. 105 f>omertice,ba. 22 Powder, kfgs. 182 Paper, reams. 140 ToUl vxMtzrw.i. $1,611 Kooe, coila. . . 20 62 Stationery, bx 1 162 Linaeed ail, bl 3 310 Ha/, balk... 25 126 Press 1 660 Tobacoo, lba.. 607 90 Pepper, baga. 10 133 Pim*nto 5 l,17t Bricka 1,000 476 Other article* ? 64 .$6,470 Flour, bbla.. 2, 718 Tea, chests., 200 Domestics, ba. 203 lard, lba... 18, 099 Rosin, bbl*. . . 400 Matting, ioUh 60 Pepper, baga. 50 Bazer Ht'pa,c* 1 Total BRAZIL $20,256 Clocks, boxen. 3 3,078 Paper, reatax 1,000 19,006 Candiea, bxa. 30 2,012 Furnitnre.... 42 660 Agr. lmpl., ca. 1 579 Tea 3 475 Meat* 2 170 Flour, bbla... 108 Hama, lba.. .8,083 Batter 280 Vin?gar, bbla. 12 H'dware, pits. 47 P. Data, bxa. 3 Coal, tons.. .. 273 Lead l,4f>0 Stovea, pka.. 013 Tobacco... '..6, 362 Carpot'Dg, ro. 13 Liquors, obla. 66 F1 Jur, bbla . . . 782 Rye 65 CorBmeal"... 25 Beef 43 Butter, lba.. 2,088 Urd 1 988 Soap, bxa 173 Plmeoto, bga. 10 fondles, bxa.. 67 Sugar 10 Bread bbla... 177 Total cm* a. $1,208 Tar 80 034 Clothing, bxa. 2 118 Sugar 88 60 l'aint, eke..., 8 1,500 OU, bbla 2 208 Soap, bxa.... 220 1,638 Preaerrox pk. 93 11,350 Tea 11 9,176 H'dware. cka. 28 Other articl'a. ? 381 1,000 1,200 hutch w .$67,641 $260 470 1.190 400 80 300 1,176 126 4 200 660 Total $37,703 mtm, $7,526 Wh. oil, gala. 247 444 Domsatlca, bs. 4 11S Leather, ro.. 8 306 Llquora, ca... 41 400 Peaa, bbla.... 22 216 Tobacco, lba. 1,306 324 Rice, bbla 19 111 Hat*, caaea.. 2 240 Dry goods..., 1 208 Other art.... ? 736 $174 188 201 1,021 56 265 215 170 200 619 $14,451 n.l.visn WMT I-ND1BP. $1,447 Corn msal, b a 60 00 Sugar, bx.... 10 005 Candlee 310 274 Bread, bbls.. 00 45 Potato?* 40 000 Iliuga, ca.... 16 243 Shook a 200 Flour, bblx.. 150 Beef 10

pork 75 lard, lbs... .2,431 Cheeae 376 Tobacco, bx . 100 Brandy, ca... 10 ToUl 91,6a MCArfTOLATIOX. lJverpool $176,084 Havre $267,174 London 13,150 Bremen 84,475 Glasgow 77,8i>3 Tarragona 6,690 Hamburg 60,2 J9 Cadiz.,., 3,031 K'ninore 22,120 Toulon 112,810 Br. N. A. Colonies. 75,680 Br. Welt ladies. . . 27,818 Porto Rico 14,016 Cab* 78.781 Hsytl 16,684 Nev Granada 5 718 Br . Guiana 30,053 Venezuela 6,470 Brazil 67,541 China 37,7)3 Dutch Wtat Indiea. 14,441 D in s*i West In line 7 625 Valne ot mdse. exported during the week.. .61,416 624 Value of apecie exported duiiug the week . . . 1,2? I,0A9 Total exports $2,710,405 Thla la quite a large aggregate, considerably above the averag*. Breadatufls nnd provlrtons form a gool portion of the total value of shl?mints. Cotton la go'.nj forward freely, and the advl:os just received front Europe will give additional impetus to export* of this I ataplo. Tte coal trade has opened actively for the aeaaon, and the receipta during th* year, both of nnlhracite and hi- 1 tnminons, are Uktly to largely exceed those o! last year.] Ihe Minrrn' Journal, of PottsviLo, gives the annexed ac count of th* trad* of that region ? Th* bnitness on th* Schuylkill Navigation promises well 111* shipment* last weak were 25,667 tons, mik ing for th* season 76,697 tons against 79,790 Mat to tie seme time last year. Shipment* of coal fro as th* Le high, hithsrto delayed by th* pretractad col l weather, and by the ico, which has not yet entirely disappeared from the upper portion of the Navigation, began on Monday last from Mauch Chunk. By Monday nex*, the movement will probably hav* extended t* most or th* other ahlpp'ng point*, and during the aiming week buiinoa* In that region may be *xp*:ted to becomi ?dive. The great bulk of th* probable proiu-Uon of coal for the sea-on, we are informed, has been sol 1 at fair and remunerating prlc*s. What llttls remains la the mule. Is low held at advanood rater. The retailers at Pnila delpliia hav* generally secured tbstr supply for the season, but they hav* not vet published their prL-e*. Prt;*e, by the cargo, oa board vesssls at Bristol, we un derstand, are, for lump, egg and "'ove $1 87 X per tin ; f-r broken $4 76 per ton of 2,240 lbs. Of the firtt named sire*, very little can be had at any price, and not much of the latter. The Miner' $ Journal of Cumberland aays: ? Ovr the George's Creek Coal and Iran Cjinpar v's rail road were shipped for the reek eodieg Wa--n 31 at, 4 2t>7 17 turns, and for the year oommenMng January 1, 1666, 36,094.03, more than was oonveyed by trie whole eoel region for the same time last year. Th* Cumberland Coal and Iron Company ship pel for 4'ie same period 2,120.11 tons for the wees, an 1 14,928 0t tuna for th* year commencing same time, of which 834.10 tons went by raU-o>d, and 1.286.01 tins by canal. Over the Cumberland aad P?na*ylvania rail-oad there was shipped to market 8.399 tone, of which 1,142 tona waat by railroad, aid by canal 1.867 ton*. The coal transportation so far five* the biUef that a goo I bist ner* will bo done this season. The raport* greatly ex oood the torn* period last pear; bat we must recollect that last year was the groat minor's strike, and which Bt almost a stop to operations. (Hill, w* are glad to see i brisk b?*iaa*a a** doing la the aaal region, and hop* Uaat th* demand aad preference for thla Jas'.Iy fa vored eaal map continue. U ha* roewtly bison found a good *u betitute for wood la Bring tba.oagiao* on aur railrnml*. aad ws hop* that th* railraad cosapaaio* nif iaqnlre lata th* matter, aad, from a trae senM of eoo noasy, be jadaood to adopt th* one *f thl* coal. Th* Hsmpahlr* Coal aad Iroa Coaipany sf Virginia and Maryland la. thus spoken of la th* Baltimoro A saerioaa : ? Ws lad in th* Cumtovlaad (Md.) THcpmnA aa awsuat of this now *oal sntorpriaa, aad sre oaa add to it our own 'satlssoay h ts tte anp*rio? character of th* ooal pro dueod from the miaeo. Aaeonanmer* of eoal Inthifine ratiM of itMB forth* in or oor ootabliahaont, W* ?'e of onw intonated In procuring too rmj boot article tbo market atforda, and we Bad none ??peri >r to the Hampshire cool. It make* a beautiful fire, la free from ?late, mi; of Ignition, leaven bat little reaiduum, and make* an intenio bent. The agoata for this city are Hruri. Dobbin It Warfleld, whose eitenaive ooal- wharf at I-ceuBt Point enable* tbem to deliver the ooal on ?hi F board with th* utmoit facility, and with the leaat expenae. Stock Exchange. Tuesday, April 10, 1566. 100 *ho Brio BR.. *10 51X do HX do *30 61* $1000 Ohio 6 ? m.. 108 1000 City 5'l '70... 100 3000 Cal T* '70.... 93 6000 Kxle Con bo '71 MX 8000 do bflO 84>i 30Q0N la lata O Lino 88 2(00 Paoa b*2d lea. 100 e(OOUlCRBb*..b3 77 10000 do b00 77 16C0 do e 7?\ w p 70 30C0Tr Ht&Al litmbo 00 2000 lad Bank b?... 84 800 Cle&Toldiv be 73)4 2000 do b?0 74 % 26 abiDol k. H Cnl Co 120 20 Oeoan Bank 76 10 Bk>orth Am*.. 103 20 Metropolitan Bk. 1P8),' 6 Market Bank.... 107 (*0 N J Zinc Co *H 100 Canton Co 27 lto do c 20 Ji 60 Nlc Tran Co. . . *3 10 60 do i3 16',' lfO do btw 16 J* 170 PennCoal Co.... 100 100 Cumb CI Co. . . b3 ao-4 i 300 400 do 460 do b30 100 do *16 61 260 do. b30 blJi 108 <lo blO 61^ 260 do 166 61 X 160 do. blO 51)4 260 do *30 61 U 100 do. *30 61 K 100 do b3 61 S 260 Harlem BB 30* 200 do b30 30X 50 Nor & Wor B.bS0 38>,' 26 do 38X 10 do 38X 60 do 30 1626 Beading RR *3 8&tf 600 1000 600 60Q, 600 460 lu 200 do, do do alO 4o....bao do ....*80 do, do. 86 \i MX MX 8<V 81* do ... . b30 8fl>; do. do.. do.. do.. do.. do . do.. do.. do.. do.. do 400 N Y Tea RR.. 1600 Erie BR *3 30 b3 30 29* 2*X 29)4 29)4 28 2fl? 20* 80W 29X . ?3X . 61X SECOND BOARD. 80 sba Mesh Bank.. 119 100 ehu Erie RR 61J< 100 200 200 160 2C0 100 226 200 200 100 400 b30 . b3 ?3 ?30 to* 69 Hud KRB..b?0 60 do b3 160 da ....*16 (0 do .... blO 50 do ...,b90 60 do ...,sl5 30 Mich Den BR. . 60 Mich Booth RR 60 Pan BR .... btm 100)4 100 do ....b60 101 10 Nor lad BR..., 97 10 do 90 ? 6 Sixth At RR... 00 260 Clo & Tel RR b3 74 40X 4?* 40 Si 40* 40* 3974 82* 200 Nlc Tran Co. ..a3 18,' '( 260 Canton Co 27 100 do *30 -27 26 do c 27* 100 Cnmb Coal Oo. . . 29 X 9 do e3 :i0 4C0 do >16 29 y, 200 do 29^ 1C0 do b>0 30 100 do s30 29* to N Y Cen RR 93* J00 Erie RR . ...;bl0 61 X 200 do 61 X 60 do b30 61J< 200 do "3 54 100 do *30 62 300 Harlem RR..b JO 31 100 do 30* 26 Mich So RR 93* 66 do 98 200 Reading RR 8d 100 do biO 80)4 60 do all 89 60 Panama RR..b30 100 37 <>ale &Ohic R4. . 9014 49 Clove ft Tol RR. . UK 26 do 74 13 Hndion R RS. . . 40 CITY TRADE REPORT. TuIhday, April 10?9 P M. Ashes ?The market wn quiet at $6 for pati. Bkkadsttvfb ?Flour. ? The market was firm, with a fair amount of sales. The transactions embraced about 7,010 a 8,000 bblg., included In which were common to good State bran (in at $0 50 a <9 76, which exhibit*] an advance of 12Kc. per bb). ; common to rood Western at $0 87 a $10 31 X, and at $9 75 a $10 for Ohio, and $11 50 a $13 for extra Genesoe. In the above were included 900 a 1,000 bbls. Canadian at $10 25 a $11 26 for common to extra. And about 1,600 of tbe above were Southern brands, at $10 a $10 60 for "ommon to choice brands, and $10 56.V a $11 63 for fancy and extra; and a lot of 400 a 600 bbls. Baltimore sold at $10. Rye flour.?ialen of 200 bbls. were made at $6 60 a $7 02>?. Meal ? About 100 bbls New Jersey were sold at $4 02: Bran 1y wine wan held at $5. Wheat.?' The high prleee demanded by holder* checked saies, and we have only to no'.lct 800 busliele good Southern white, taken for miil'ng, at $2 65. Corn -Ibe sal's reached about 20,000 bushels, at $10 04 K for mixed Senthern. Western mixed In store wa< hel<t at $1 10; the stosk was said to be about 60,000 bushols. The sales alio included Southern white and ysilow, a? $1 07 >? a $1 08 Bye was scarce and firm; a small lot of Jersey was sold at $1 45 About 350 bushels of barley were koM (four rowe<l) at $1 25. 1! irley malt was at about $146. Oats were at 62c. a 89c. ferJerseyi.n l Southern, and 70o. a 77c. for dute and Western, with moderate sslef. Coftkr ? TM market was rather qo'et; about 500 bag* Rio scld chiefly at 11c. The la?t sales of Java wore at llfcc. Cotton.? Owing to itsbu'ng packet day for the Boston steamer, the market was less animate), and tn<- sale* were confined lor the day to about 1,000 bales, the mar ket closing firm. Fruobtr.? Kates were ina-itive, without material change in quotations. Cotton, to Liverpool, was at 6<82d. a a H-d.. and about 100 tierces bte? were engaged at 3s. To 1/ondon, 100 tons logwood were taken at 17-. fid. To Glasgow, a lot of cedar loss were taken at 20s , ?ad 70 tierse* beef at 2s. 6d. To Hamburg, 000 bales of i oropmatd cotton were engaged at Xc . and 600 bbli. esiu at p t Tbere was no change to notije m ratei for Have or fox California. Fnuet.? Saks of 200 boxes bun:h raisins were male nt 12 46. Hay.? The stock wa* light, and the prices de manded by holders eh"Cke-J sale*. About 300 bain were sold at 9^c. a 100c.; by retail, it was selling at llic, a 126c. per 100 lbs. ? W1 bin a few days past, the sal'* r ached about 4u0toni? of Scotch pig, at |>rc?s varying from 128 a ti',1 Ixad.? The mirket was quiet, an I prcei unaltered. Molasheo. ? The market was steady, and a boat :M> bbls. New Orleans were told, part at 27s., and ab?ut 100 do Cnba at 22c. a 24c. Naval Stokks.? The market was quiet. Smi'l sal?s of spirits were reported at 42e., and some 300 barrel* rosin at about 162 X per 810 lbs. delivered. Provciokb.? Pork.? The market was rathw easier. The sales embraced 800 a 900 bbls , InJud'ng old mess at $15 37, and new do. at 917 60: arid $16 for new prime. Western prime me<s was held at $15 60, an1 clear do. $18 26. Beef was firmer. The Hales embrtcel about 350 barrels at $9 60 a $12 for country mess, and $0 6'2 a $8 for da. prime, .and $14 76 a $1) 37 for re packed western, land $10 a $10 50 for extra do. Bssf nams continue scarce and firm. A lit of 60 barrels Kentucky were *ol<l at $19; prime Chicago wai held st $21. About CfiO hlids shoulders and hams were scl 1 at 7c. for shoulder* and 9c. a "J V\ for hams. Ihe sale in cluded 150|ti?rc'S of shoulders to arrive. Lard ? About 300 a 400 bbls were *cld at 9 fie. a 0?,e Chme and butter were unchanged. Rkal Ehtatc.? House and lot No. 114 Norfolk stren, 22 i 88, $4, 7C0; 2 lots on Tirenty-taird street, between Ninth and ren h avenues, each 2,900, 24 x 99, |1 8?0; 1 lot on Fortv-flrst street, between Ninth and Tea to avenues, 26 x ?!), $1,660; 3 lots corner of Fourth avenue and Twenty-third s'r> et, sold together, 26 x 99, $19,000; 2 lo's adjoining on Fourth avenue do , 20 x 100, $10,ft'0; 2 lots corner Fcurth avenue and Twenty- fourth street do , 20 X 15, $11 400; 1 lot on Thirty- first street, near Third avenue, '20 x 99, $1 996 . 2 lo's on Thirl avenue, near Fourty-eecocd street, with buildings, e?li together, $4,o00: leasehold property No. 91 lladison street, 26 x 100, $5,1126; house and lot Ne. .*>'28 in Seoni avenue, 16 x 100, $6,125; bouse and loi No. 100 on Foity firth street, 18 x 100, $4,276: 4 lots on Fifty -third stieet, near Fifth avenue, each $1,150, 26 x 100, $4 400; 1 lot on 108th Street, near Knsbrldge road, 25 x 100, $290; 1 lot ?n 106th street, near Ninth arenas, 26 x 100, $-2i0, 2 houses and lots on Melrose street. In M<lro?e. 48 x'100, $2,550; 1 lot adjjiniog, 54 a 100, $260; bouse atd lot in Hott Haven, 100 x 200, $4 930; Prope.-ty in Brootlja ? 6 ie'.s on Nineteenth strsei, near Fouith avenue, ?ach 25*.lf 0, each $400, $2,760; 1 lot adjointnr, $460; 6 lo on Koscics'.o s reet, between l.e els and Yates avenues, each $256, 25xlu0. $2,29.i; 1 do corner Kos:iosko street a-jd Lewis avenue. 25xlo>, $830 , 6 Co adjolaleg on Lewis avenue, $29\ 25xtC0. $1,476: 1 do. en He Ka'b avenue, between I-ewls aud Yates avenues, 26x100, $3f,5; 1 Jo ad jolting. do., $165 2do. do , each 350 do., $7o0; 2 do. ia rear of a'io?e on Pulaski street, 290 do., $580; 1 do. adjo e'ng. do., $3*6; 1 i'o do., do., $355: 2 do. de., $'U0, do., $700, 1 do do , $iC0: 1 do. do., $5S0, 1 do., do , $370 ; 2 do do , $250, do., 4500. Biik' - The market continued firm and buoyant, un'.u tbe influence of late Intalltgence from the Moutli. The sales embraced 200 caek a, within the ratge ?f previous rates. Skkd ?Clean clover ranged fro* 10i. s 11c.. with moderate sales. Hough llax was at $L 90. and reaped timothy was at $4. St oak ? Hie mirket was without cbingeo' moment. Sales of 4.'0hhd>. Port; Kic? were male on te*?< not s'ated; 150 Co New Orlesns. part at 5c a I '4c., and about 100 hhde. Cuba witbm the previous ran^s cf price*. Taixow ? Th' mirket wss quiet an4 n< m n?1. Tkac. ? lhe sals held th' j- day drew a *00 1 compaiy, the blddlrg wss animated, and about all in the cata logue were dispo'ed c! at foil previo'as prices for all toe latter quel ties, at tit months eredlt Hfun? 16 half cbeite at 46,';^.; 16 <0 , S7 U <V>,35>,; :i9do., 35; 10 do., 27 X- Vonng Hyson? 23? ha:f cneitsa* 43j.; 142 do, 39; 7"2 do., 38; b.l do.. 37',; 20 do.. 37 13$*o.,36?; 48 do , 36; '26 00. ???< . 69 da., 15; 46 do , ?4W, '26 d-.,, 117 do., 88; 102 do , 32^- 60 do . 32; TO Jo., 81 8? do , 31; 90 do , 30; 20 do , 20><; 4W do., 29; 69 do., 28; 60 do. 27^; 22 do., 27; 100 do., 26i<, 80 do.. 26; 16 do , 25 ?f; *3 do , 35, 21 do.. 81 v,'; 4* do , 24; > 28 do., 23; 132 do., 22'i: 67 de , 2'2 6 rases do , 44: 37 do , 48U ; 60 do., 41 H : 162 bor?s dn% "*9 Un;?) ?der ? 7 half cheats at 51 ?,c. ' '20 do .44; 38 do ,42: 81 d.x, 31; 76 do iJ)^;42 do 16*; a<> ''o 35^; 20 do 8V 14 do 3IW; 76 do 34 ; 64 do Ifi S , 26 do 33: 32 do 32 ; 60 do <2, 19 do 31 X; 122 do 31; 78 do 30; 66 do t>*.'.l half chests at 61c. ; 7 do 50; 17 do 49 ^ 24 fin 48 ; 22 do 47 7 do 44)<:15 do .18>$; 6'2do??^: 16 do 34'J; il do 34; 60 do 33 W ; 26 doS2H;15 do 90; 66 do ^2 95 di 31 '24 <\Q ?l;7do?M.37do?$'l8do2?%; 81 do 28 , 26d>27?. Hyson Twsnkay? 6 half cbests at 33ke. ; 4" do 30 ; 50 do :i0; 84 de V6X; 66 do 24*; M do 24. 28 do 23: 20 do 2*fc;23 do 20: Ji do 1*H;14 do 17: 197 do 17; 1?3 do 16. H> fon Skin? 10 chests at 20)gc. ; SI d? 1$; ST do 16U; 1$ do 12)4; 30doR?j'; It balf cheat" do 19',; 40doi4w. Oolong? M half chesfsa* 49>^<! :; 200 do iW'J. Seuciong? 20 chests at 24? , 234 do 'a8; 100 liilf do 24 s; 76 do 24; 825 do 23,'<. Tobaooo.? Th? market fer tobac-o rsma'as inrbangil. The demand it good, bnt transaction* o* nflosd, for want of stock, and prices, in conseqnenee, stiff. of 13') Ihdf. Rentuaky and Maysvll s. at 7 a 13s ; 241 ba Ws Havana, at 28c. a 30c ; 149 hale* Caba, p t. ? 80 cans wed leaf, 6\:. a 14c : 41 do. Florila, 2vc. a 46c.; 81 hsge Ila-sna s;rap?. p. t. wnMwv.. -About 100 bbls. prison were sold , at 34 Xc 1 drudge was nominal, at 85c. Korrlarn Market*. Gcatawa, P. R., Marsh 19 ? Fre gbts dull; last cVar ters for N? ? I ora, TSj. fer sugar, $3 26 for m>Uss?s. Americsn provisions ! ?comlng *car-e, and market im proving. kvsry deecript.on of lumber and cooperage stocjr very abundant, tsi *alee dTaeult evso at low rate*. Lasa sales of W. P. lumber, $26; P. P , $27 ; aboska with heu'*. $1$; hoope, $4$ a $4$. Sugars. $3 12? ft $3 MS, aa per qnautF; malanee, ISe. ; eoffeo, $$ 7$ a $10. wmrmam mikwid etwt iit. ^ DWraccnos. A young lady desires a situation as gov ?met* to young obildren, haviog had Mm* yeare' ex perience; oan Uwb Irueb; can do (Tory kind of lowing; or II companion to a lady. An intarvlew mar bo bad for tbr?? daya, ntin CUatoa place, Eighth atraat. H. L. AN ENGLISH LADY WISHES TO MEET WITH AN EN gagement aa gorerneia or companion to a lady, in a Jcwiih, German or Frenoh family raaidla* in the city of New Yor* ?r ita lmmcdiata vicinity. A Jewlah family wonld ' , p-ef erred. Unexceptionable references given and r-^-i Addrt ia A M., 201 Fourth itreet, near Sixth aT?ane it?,;_ ' reqnlrementa and all particular!. _ A YOUNG GERM A* lADY, WHO HAS RESIDED laveral year; lB fnglaad, and who la aoouatomed to tea?h Germi^, francb, English, muiie, and the rudiment! *> wianea to m??t with an luttemnt aa a roaidant gffftrneii or a companion to a lady. Satisfactory reference! To b* exchanged. Addreaa A. U., oar* of Maeira B. Wciter man A C?., 280 Broadway. ATOUNO FRENCH GENTLEMAN, SPEAKING enough English, wanta a aitnation aa Franeb (teacher, bookkeeper, barkeeper, itorekeeper, or othar honorable em ployment. Haa good reference!. Pleaae addroaiT. P. D., Htrald ogee. A CARD? THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE NEW pnpili daily tbiiweek, trr olaia or private initruetlon in the art of panuanablp. Carda and circular! may be had at the academy, 962 Broadway, corner of Franhlin itreet. Oliver b. goldsm ith. A RESIDENT GOVERNESS WANTED-ONE WHO IS capable of inatmctlng in the Kngliah, French, and Ita 1 aa language!, and iaa good muiiclan. A Frenoh Proteit aut. preferred. Apply at No. 9 Albion plaoe, 422 Fourth itreet, before 12 or after 3 o'cloch. Bookkeeping? the subscriber will receive new pupila daily thia week, at the reduced ehar<e of (12 BO for a thorough oourae of inatrnctinn. Private or clai* inatruoiion in peumanibip. Carda and circular! maj be ba l at the Academy, 362 Broadway. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. Boarding school for boys, at stamford, Coud., Z. 11. Nlaholi, Principal. The aummcr term commenoei May lat. Circular! containing particular! may be had at Haynor'a Bookftore, 7t) Bowery, or by addreaiinx the Principal. "DELL PORT CLASSICAL INSTITUTE -THE NEXT X) term of thii luititute will commence the tirJt of May. For circular! apply to W. Kevan, Eiq., 116 Water itruet, N. Y., and for particular* addresi JAMES CRU1KSHANK, PrlneipaL Bellport, L, I., April 2, 1858. English and classical boarding school for boya, at Goiben, Litchfield county, Conn., J. Q Rloe and U. M. llart, prinoipala. The annmer term of thi! icbonl will commance on May 2H. Cironlara may he ob tained of E H. Wilcox, at the U. 8. School A?enoy, 293 Broadway, where any of tha principala may be aoen on tbo 10th, Uth, 12th, 13th and 14th of April, from 2 till 4 1>. M.. or be will call on any who will leave their card at the laid a (Bee Education, -parents desirous of an ki.igi ble and comfortabl* homo for their children, with th> advantage! ot a luperior English, etc., education, will pleas-) addreia to Miaa HARRIET W. BIUNOLL, Canbrid{op'>rt, Masa. Term! H6U Jper annum only. Room tor five to six pupili; glrli preferred. Referenda! of fir .<t chariotcr uivou en application. Morning governess.- a you.vo lady of reapectalilllty deairei an engagement aa morning gevenieiiin a family where the children are under tbo a<o of 12. Sho profeeiea to tcacb tha tinal branchci of a aonn 1 Engliah education. AJdreaa H. T., Uni'jn iquare Poit Office. THE FRENCH AND GERMAN LANGUAGES, AS RE quired for business and conversation, aa alao tho clis nes, can la thoroughly learned by applying to the under lined, favorably known for many yean paat for hli compe tency and excellent mode of teaching. E. TEI.LER1NG, 433 Broadway, near Broome itree'.. WANIED ? A SITUATION TO TEACH TWO OR three children a part of tha day, in English, drawing and the rudiment! of French and maiic, for whioli board would be conaidercd an equivalent. Addreaa Mil! W., 121 Clinton place, Eighth etroet. mSCEIXAHBOVS. 165 A CANAL STREET, NEAR V A RICK -W. A X VAN NOTE'S grati and fender, kitchen rani,! maimer range and itova wareroomi. We h ?ve a lar^e aa aortment of the lataat pattarna of mantal grate*, ranges aa.' itovai, fcr aale on reaaonable term!. Urate a and rmngn e* aud repaired, range! lined, braia loundra' and j furnaces built, atovte lined, bakers' ovana built and r* paired. NEW INVENTION.- THE PATBNT.SLEBVB AX LB, for wheel! of every doaoriiition. la now on exhibition it' Lnvrlnj'a Hotel, and the right ii offered lor aale. Tho ri hi for tne whole Union, State, district or county, will be dia posed ot ai may bo agroed upon batwoon the partiea. E. H. GREEN, Paten Uq. Black diamonds -special notice. -havinu purchaaid lrom the aseiguee of T. L. Magagn <a the ate rvotvpc platea and the volume! already pri-iWa and boui.1 of tha humorous work, cutitlad "Black Diamond*,'' by I'ro feaior JnliuaCiuaar Haanibal, (of the New Vork I'lcuynae,) the lubacriber ii now prepared to aupply all orlura for tho rame Iroiu tlui dato Sample copv mailed, poit paid, upon the recelot of one dollar. Address A. RANNCY, PubLsbvr, 196 Uroadway. F D SHRUNK A CO., MANUFACTURER* OF PATENT spiiug bed bottoms, French i*ou badet-iadii, an ! mat treise# of every description, will remove on the tlr?t of May Iruin 03 and Centre atreot tu 3U Broadway, nhuro they Lop* to ice their pot runt. 01' It GOOD SECOND HAND SHOW CASES, A P.\IR of Flail (uors with flodow tun iu storo Irunt. Alio, an upria i t rl*aa ca>e for Bale cheap. Apply at 97 Fultou atrset, Brooklyn, or to HOFFMAN A FE ASCII, ibowcwt manufacturers, 67 Bowery. (1 AS FITTING AND FIXTURES ?STORE", DtVEl. J lings, factories, oni< pnblie bui dm^a promptly tit ted up with gae pipes and tixtures cheaper tban aoy other htu<e A splendid assortment ot*, pendant*, brackets, Ac., of tt* latest designs, at tho wholesale and rctiil gas nature manufactory ot JAMES O. MOFFET, 119 and 121 Piiuco street, 3d block meat of Broadway. HOUSEKEEPING HARDWARE AND CUTLERY. - The subscriber* are already in receipt of their import* I ? |.? fur the spring trad*, and offer on advantageous term* a Jar;* ni-i rtu.i nt ot Mirer plated war*, well adapted for city an I country trade. German siver goods, from fee it mxuntac'ories, new styles, and low nrU*d. Bronx* ro O u n , English and Frtneh, on eopper, lino and Iron. Japanned ware? English, French and American, in iiraat variety. Tea trays, Ao. Cat' iron nail fnrmtnr* ? varied aas>rtmcnt Piaiiihed tin war*? coffee urn*, cheling dishes, Ac. 1 ible mats ? oil clo'h, willow, palm l*af, Ao. Relrig?rat.'rii? nprigbt and boa shape. Table cutlery? from approved rnakefi, and ia e idlest ra in ty. Catalogues may h* had at the store, ?r will ho tent, on application, by mail. WINDI.E A CO., Ail Maiden lane. IMPORTANT TO MERCHANTS ABOUT VISITING l'orle? JL'I.KS FAY, commission merchant, .'it Ruo J'llautuville. 1 cgs to inform hil trienda and other merohante of the I'nitcd Statei .ibout visiting I'arit, '.hat be has made vcrv exttnsiv* aminj*m*nta to give all jouilble facilities ana the beat desirable information concerning the ensuing great Exhibition; and dealer* in rich lurni-.ure will And it vary advantageous to viait hi* *statllshm*nt. JACOB A. TAN HORN'S COMPOUND VEGETABLE Mjrup.? Hailnft been thoroughly tea'.od, it hat now bu cuuic a frneral standard family medicine throughout Uie com. try, fi r the compl*t* core of cnngha, aathrnv dyapep aia. aalt rheum, co?tivenn?, dyaentorr, rheumviam, bll liuua complaints, and all dU*a<e* arising from aa impire state of the blood. For particular*, aee small bills, fob* tail at the principal offioe, UXI Barclay street, New York, and uf the druggists snd storekeepers generally. Full des ert) tlcis accompanying each bottle, l'rice If per bottle. C. n. RING, 192 Urcadway, corner of John street, New York. NEURALGIC AFFECTIONS OF TllE HEAU, FACE aud neck, and norvous noural;lc duafnesi rured. In a Very short apacc of tim*. Dr. A. V. l ast's, hsi devoted twenty jrews jrietice and study to ntr.'otia disorder*. A . r* practio C. t'ASTI F., M D , MS Pourth street, IViahlsgton square. VTORTli AMERICAN LAND AQIXCT, RSTABLISB 1 V ?d in 1417.? Taxes paid, d**dt and other docuimntt recorded Lends redeemed from taa sales, examination oi Jiilee, ?td other n*?B*y buMicss, in any of the We*t?ri St.- tej. I and warrants obtained and looted, through th!t old agency. I'. 8. IIOES, formerly M. Myers, 229 Broadway corner ctl!ar< lay streot. Bll'LAl INC. -MOTELS, 8IUF8, bTEAMk -ATS AX] i rrlva'c families can bare e ,ery 4**cript'oa o. aid war rei'at. d and ?arran!ed- Stair rods, plaint er?' Cxtural ;?* sets, sj ions and loiki, and every kind *t irila! flau-( with ^o'.d'oT sliver, at short notice >y the MaaLatta* C KI any, 2 hi Bowecy. ROUS, ROSES, AND FRUIT TRIER. -6. MA TIC, O Astoria, l.ou?t laltnd, would resf^eifuUp wforn, ok fritndt and the public is general, that he has for ta)< t ?p audit sollecticn of standard and dwarf sia- dard ra:** tomprisinit all tte atwest varlatiei of ha-dj . ever b!ooin>.; and mose rueos; also, tv* thousand 4?*tf year 'r*es li Learn,.- state; two 'housaid standard tn ported pear arf apr.roi trees, ali having b*?a nlsoted in M'irope with v?iy lest csie, and wi'Uout regard to eoat I.a.lles ??.< ?entl*men, amatenrs of tine floeers and good fruit, art in vited to -all tad make their selec'icns, as early plantir> ii th* only way of snms. All (lull warraniei in ol? ? Orders will k* ibankfuny ieo*iv*d, and promptly attended to, hf O. MAHC. HEVOI UIION I RETOI.CTIOM I To th* insaet world confusion t Be 'I bvp*. roaahes, ants and fl*as, Moths and in***ts n*oo treea ? All arc hilled? snd Brief th* tajk? Wi h E. LYON S powder Bash, While hke pills, dr*pp*d*n*? ortvie*, May ? hole swarms uf rat i and mice. Prlnclp*! dapot fer l.yon'a matnatic p?iri)?r and piUa for tbe qnlrk and inevitable destructioa of ln*?*t* and vermin, 4;'t llroalway. ohow rlt** -m.hmTot A~hn.Torn??^ manufai 0 tory and w*r*ro?ms, 18 Norto wlliiam >tr??t, near Ctiat ham, New York, and at 77 W*st Third str**t, i tacensti Oblo. A large aerortmcat constantly on hand. Old Sbo* eases taken in txchsac*. Order* pr?miitly cieojfd. Safe'i yTusb^forTo nTm n iTciTa ro e?~wot 1 1 IN *et ai d dry blaaiinr. of ?oo*<:lfr*rHOt kin Is, 1 1 aait the vsricua mark- ts. A call from d*a1cr?atd consumer* re 2iiS>tcil to examia* and t>>st the tarn*, by th* macufaitnrcr, LE.N.N I'UTM AN, at 170 OrJera tilled wlta I ro- ptnecs; terms llhernl. rj'Hr NEW TORR GREAhR WoRRft? PATRNTEIi - 1 are makia* a valuabl* great*, for the ua*s of *,ap makers, rup* walk*, laune! lug efp., railroads, 'tunlbnees, carriages, wagons, ac d *art wheels. ku? sal* by R. F. JE>KIN?, a*'-nt, 24 HroadwV- room R Acoats. wanted. TRRES, TRESS. TREKS? SKI.BCTRD EXI'RESSLr f> r city planting; varieties that are fr?? of la *ct', a .id that are ornemcatal; nones, both st mdards anil dwar of all tlia b*?t sorta. A general aseortuient of ornamental ahrnbt ery, vines and flower *sr l*n plants, 'or sale at moJ > rale pri?c?, by C. DORAN, oorner of Fifth aveu i' and Thirty fire a ?tr*et. PUYUIO CARD*. P LATINO CARM.-FARO Pf.ATINO CARDS. TIRT old and well seaeeaed, with all th* various other nual it is. *f l!t*n and eott?a sards, mad* by SAM IIART k OO f' t sal* to th* trade and dluh hons*s at tr.*ir stor* No Rar*Iar atr**t opposite th* iator IIoum PHOPOSALlT A PAWEL9 -SEALED PROPOSALS ^rLe.r'.u.k?rT,'a"4 bJ Rallroa4 Comnaay until th* frit day of May a*xt, far th* nsa of th* advar pnnal * In their ssra, from tA* (rat day of Jaly **x?. I rep*?ali i most stat* the ^rioe to to paid V tttttln y*J?*. and th* ?*??rlty offered for th* <kithf?U parfonnano* of lb* eoatract; to to ?ddr**J*d to th* Secretary, at th* ?> Trtnlty Balldlag. ?9 tot, the landings N V s**y street and M Barclay Nmi. F? Liy?RPO<)L.-Ot,TE D STATES MA'^, imV. ?tip BALTIC. Joil. CoBitotlL eon- - ' ^* ^-7^ out. Mil. f,t S!!?t.ftSth ltnJ^9*tK7> 4*Zi 18, ?t lt*'*lo*k M. 221!? i^ffh Vniaiiiua " ?'???. For fr*l?ht or ?V"e?ii?rl,^pJljT M.-mm*daUoae fur *T*?aa** Pu???rl *? -A*D E.COLLINS, H Wall rtro*?. P??>M? (MiuUd to bo on board At UU o'olook A. M. The ??r.?-A?h?p Pacifio will auoceed tho 11*1 tic, ud aol M*y Ship pert pleaae take aotic* tbAt tho iU)i *f this 'J^O tAABOt Party AAy good* OOUtfObAAd Of WAR TBI BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL BAIL STEAMSHIPS. rlOH >1* VOBB TO untfon. CbUf cabin 4W Seoond cabin 79 rAOM BUITOM TO UflllOOL. Chief OAbla paaaage. 1M Beeoad eabin ptiun M Tho ahlpe from Bootoa oall at Halifax. ARABIA, CApt. Judkiai. ABERICA, Cap*. Laafc FEKS1A, CApt. Ryrie, EURO PA, CApt. ghaaaon, ABIA Capt. R. a. Lolt, CANADA, CaDt. Stoaa. A|RICA, Cast. Barrtioa, NIAGARA, Cap*. LedUk. Th*** v*g**Ja carry a clear whit* light At mart hoad, (WW o? ota board bow, rod oa port bow. .. ? AfclA, Lott, loavo lioitoa. Wednesday, April 11 ABERICA, Labi. " Bootoa, WodaCday, April 3? Af RICA, Harrison, " Bootoa, Wodaooday, Ray J ASIA, Lou ?> Bootoa. Wodaooday, May 39 bertha not aeenred nntil paid for. Ad experienced Burgeon oa board. Tho ownoro of these ohlpo will aot bo accountable for gold, ailver, bullion, ipocio, Jewelry, preaioua otoaao or mrtala, bbIoo* billa of lading are ilgaed tkarotor, aad tbo valw* thereof therein oxproiaod. lor flight or panage , Bow11Qwm. There will ho bo iteamihip* of thlo Uae from New YeoR BBtU fartUor cotloo. THE LIVERPOOL AND PBILADBLPHIA 3TBABBUV Company intend calling their favorite rt**m*ktf C1TT Of RAN CHESTER Rltttoa*, Capt. WyU*. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (aew,) 8,438 tea*, Capt. . CITT or WASHINGTON, do. 1,700 toao, Capt. H. MM. Saloon 190, MO, aad (AS, aocording to etate room. A limited anmber of third elan paoooagoro will bo taRn from Philadelphia aad Liverpool, aad found la prcvtiUaa. fr?a Philadelphia ISO I Prom Liverpool Id) Partial wiahtag to bring or', their Meade oaa obtata'oertd Icate* of pauage and dralte on Liverpool, la ram* of El rtrirling and upward*. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, AaeaV 17 Walua* atre?t, Philadelphia. aad No. 7, Broadway, Not York. Steamships between iiavrb and nrw tobjr direct.? The steamship ALPS will aail from Havre direct tor New York, (wltheot calling at aay port la Rnalaad,) Saturdav, Ztth of November. Tho rate* of freight aad paa aage in <r?t and aecond oabina will b* very moderate. The sailing of the lucoueding steamer* will bo (hortly aa nounocd. The rat* of ininranoo In France I* leae by *hlpa from Havre direct tor New York than Ib ihip* oalUag at aa Enaliah port. Apply in Havre aad Pari*, 17 Boulevarda do* Italicna. to Donald Unrrle, or in New York t* E. CUNABR, No. d Bowling Grcea. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN.? THE UNITBD States mail steamer W ASHINUTON, E. Caveady. *om niandcr, will aail for Bremen, touohlng at Southampton tj land tb* malla and passengers for England aad Tt aao*, *aa Saturday, Apiil 21, at U o'olook B., trom pier 97 North River Price ot paiaacc: ? In the llrat oabio, main aaloon I19U In the Drat cabin, lower aaloon 11E In aecond oahln R An experienced Burgeon ia attached to oaeh ateamer. An lettcra mnat naaa through the i'oat offloo. Bpooio delivered Ib Havre and London. For paxaag* or freight, apply to C. II. SAND, Agent, 11 South William rtrttt. The ateamex Hermann will auooeed th* Washington, aw ?ail May 19. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.? THE H. 8. mull atcamiblp ST. LOUIS, J. A. Wotton, commander, will leave lor Havre, touohing at Southampton to land the maila and paaaengera, on Saturday, May 6th. at U o'olook, from pier No. 37 North river, foot of Boaoh atr*et. Price ol piiaaaje, flrat cabin, $130; aecond cabin, $70. Luggage act wanted during th* voyage, ihoold be *bnt on board tho day before aallina, marked ,rbelow." No freight will be taken after Thuraday, Mty 3d. Kor frel -hi or paaaago apply to MORI IMKR LIVINGSTON, Ageat, S3 Broadway. THE VANDERBILT EUROPEAN LINE Or STEAM ?hip> ?The Drat claaa steamship NORTH STAR, RAW ton* * amack, master. will leave N*w York, from pi*r No. 30, foet ol Chamber! atreet, at boob, pre*b*ly, AprB 2 Valor Havre, dlieet. Firat claaa paaaago, ?110; aeoond, tOO. The N nrth Star will be followed by tko b*w at*amahlp Ariel, is Bay. Th* owoer of tb*a* vea*ela will sot b* ac conntaLle for gold, ailvei, bullion, apecio, jewelry, preoloua atonra, or metala, unlv> billa of ladlag at* iigB*d therefor, and the value thereof tbereiB *xpro**od. Specie aad roc da taken at uanal rataa. No freight reoeived aftir aoon ef the day before lailing. No berth aeoured until paid for. Let ters prepaid, li'Ji cer.ta per half ouno*, will be ree*dv*d at the office up to 11 A. M. of the day ot aaiHng. and will be carried in alrong India rubber bagi, under look; aad on ar rival at Havre, will he imitedlately deposited in Port Offloe there. run uatbi or aaiLine. i bon aiv toKi. raoac hatbb. North Star April 21. North Star May ?. Ariel May 19. Ariel Jnue 11. Noith ttar June 10. NorthHtar July Id. Kor freight or raaiige, apply to D. TORRANCE, 38 South William atreet. New York. SUUNER, MONTANT i DRAPER, 2C Rue N. D. do* Vlctoirea, Parll. ALBERT N. CHRYSTIE, 37 Quai Caaimir Delavlgue, Havre. N. II.? On aad after Bay 1, D. Torrano*'* ofl*? wll be at No. 6 Bowling Green. Reduction or fares to suit the timrs.~ I New York and California Steamihip Liae, via Nicara gua? The Acceaaory Tramit Company, of Nlearagna proprie tor*.?^ Through lu advance of the mail; 700 mil** ahorter thnn any other route, avoiding the deadly Panama fewer and two ailcaof dangcroua boating In Panama bay. Tbacploa did ylonblc engine steamaliip STAR OF THE WEST, O,u0B tour turthen,) Captain Turner, will leave pier No. R North river, at 3 o'olook P. M., precisely, lor ruata Arena*, on Thuraday, April 12, 1M6, connecting with th* rteamahip I'nole Sam oi.UCU toua.l over the Nlearacwa Traaadt route, having lut twelve mllea of land tranaportation by flrit claa* cariiag**. Sevaral naw aad awlft lroa ataamboata kav*.lat? ly been nut on rlv*r aad lake, whioh ahorUa ( b* Una *n th* tranait from ocean to ocean. The** itearaeri ar* aaanrpaaa ed in tkelr ventillation and accommodallon*. For informa tion or paaeage at the reduced ratei, apply only to CHaS. tl'?RGAN, Agent, No. 2 Bowling Green. L*tter bacmad* up at tho office. N. B. ? Commencing *b th* 30th or May, tf>? daia ol leaiisg New York will b* chaag*d to th*Mhaa* 20th of each ruoutn. Australia monks line, carrying tha United Statea maili? The celebrated eilpper ihij. INiAS STfcEB, Thoe. Cnnniafham, maater, to now ?? her verih. fUi 8 but river, loadiag tor Melbomraa. Thia chip la rulug oat on her eeoond voyago la thia Una, haviag witMi 'aat [?* in*?- In eight/ nine dayi. Bu exoelient aocommoda t;c?i for Irit and eeoond elate jiaiunim. Karl; arrttoa ticn for freight or pauag* hmmiut. m ih* wOl aodfita); rail about aiddle of April. The Oman Stead will ha in* eecded by tha magnlticeat clipper (hip Nightingale, lit Jane, maoon her leennd voyage, baring made her laet ia tbeaape* ?elunt.d time ef eeventy-eix dare For freight or paeoaga tpplj on board, or to R. W. CAMERON, No. 6 Bowling n Bin! 116 A *11 street. UCI1ED STATES MAIL LINK FOR CALIFORNIA' via Aapinwall and 1'anaina.? Callforniane are informed tliat the Panama railmad ia completed, aad the tiauit of tl.o lotlimua will he undo l>y railroad from oooaa to ooean. No more civile travel 1 No river Lotting.? >On Friday, April V), at two o'clock I' M., from tiler at foot of W'arrea itreet, Jtorth river, will be despatched the float etaamihip ILLINOIS, rapt ? in , t ? conneot at Faaaoa with the new and mperior iteamihlp John L. Stephen a. A aparo boat alwayl kept at Panama to prevent dateatioo, la oa*o of icrident. No freight roeoired after 1 o'clock <m tha eailing 'rP'y " thC C0mSM>^'RAYkONb ITN1TED 8TATE8 VAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANT FOR J Havana and Now Orlcam.? On Tneaday, April 17, at S I'M, from pier foot of Warren (tree*, North river, by the tie* and legaut itoainihip GRANADA, Capt . Pae ?a,-c ron be <icnred at tlie compant *? olBoe. Freight to New Orlenn*. 30 eenti per cnbic foot. Shipper! will he lupplied with Mank Mile of lading of the form efgaed by th^oompany, i n ? ppftcation at t)ielr<iOlee NO other ferae algaed, aad no billa ef ladiag will ha algaed after the hour of aalliac. For freiibt or paaaagc, apply at the office of the company, No. 177 We?t itreet, comer ol Warren. M. O. ROBERTS. Dispatch line for ban francisco-ocaran ta<d to rail oa or before the day adverttead.?The mag i lllecnt A 1 firat clan clipper ?hip RulJl/v HOOD. Biaree. matter, ia aow receiving cargo at pier No, 7, Bui river, aad will poiitivelj rail for Pin Francixco on or before Tueidar, "HliiDit Shinptr* willpleaee aend their Treuht nroaptly on board, and oowtlete their engarementi by Tu?ilav next, 17th in>t., at which time the ehip la expeetod to tlnlea I * i tar SUTTON A CO., 84 Wal 1 etroct. VJEW YORK AND NEW ORLEANS S TE AMSUIP COM i.\ pany. ? l or Now Orlcana, 'topping at Htvaana, ear ryitg the I'uited Stotei mail. TLe iteamihlp CAHAWllA, K. W. JliUffldt, eoinmander, will eommenee raoeivin^ freight < n Saturday. A|Wll 21, and aalt fdr tha abeve port* ? n Wed* Old ay, April 2&, at 12 o'clock, from pier at foot of Leach Itreet, North river. Freight lor the interi ir aad lor Hi bile, coimgned to our afcontu In New Orieane, "Jamea tonuoly A Co ," will be furaarded free of MBMlMiOM. rantaieit fcr Uavana muit procure pauporta before leav ing port. Hill* of indlng niuat he lent in for aigaing the evinii.g prcviom to the i?hlp eailin*. For fraieht or paeiage arply to LIVINGSTON, CROCIIERON A CO , Agenta, 31 Br< ail v- ay. N. 11.? The Hlack Warrior, J. I>. "ullook, eora mantier, will anccetd the Cabawba aad Mil Wednaeday, iluy Vth. _ _ Eh.r*avannaF aND^FLOKIDA.-ONITED STATESl Mall Llaa.?Tbc sew an J ele.ant -leauahip Al. ABA M A, I t. H Srbeack. will leave New York forSawaaaahoa April II. from tier Re. 4 North river, at 4 o'clock P. M. by la of | lading iltned oa board. For frelg! t applv on board; or for paaaage, to SAMO RL L MITCllLL. IS Broadway. Far rlfrloa, tbroagh ticket* from New Torh to Jaefcaeanlle |?1 ; tc Filatkl. (33 The Knoxvillo. Capt. C. D. Ludlew, will raeeaed aad leave oa Satnrtlay, A pril Id. % 1POK CDARLWTON AND rr.oRIOA.? 8BMI VBULT ' Vnlted ^ tat ea Mail I ine.? The aew aa< that goina ?teaater JAME8 ADOEK, 8. C. Tamer t'ommaader, will l>ave pier No. 4 North river, oa Saturday, April 14, at* 0 e ock, P. M . preei?' ly. For Imlgbt apply oa heard, wbera all Mile of lading will l e eigqed, anf for peeaaco at th? 1 thee of 8POFFOHI>. TILEHTON A CO., 3D Ilroadwav 1 1 row h tleketa to Horida aa rollowt:? To JaekMnvllla. IHI ?o l llatka, 133 TU Marioa will ?aeceed, aad leave ea I Wedteiday, tha 18<h. FOR CUARI E8TON. P. C ? TDE ftf dkwhbei. steaV ?kip QUAKER CITY, J. H. Ilodrdea, Commaade I will leave l'hlladelpbi* f?r < 'harleetoo, ea Mo?4ay, 16th April, at 10 A M. tabla p*<?age, twenty dollar*; mirage. , ?l|.bt Lollart. For freight or II IIH a?il? u , MARTIN 5?< North Wharvea, ebiMei'bti VO* NORFOLK, PElEMSBlf'no AND RICHMOND - , | T The lulled ,-t.tca mall eteamehlp ROANOKE, Thorn. ?, commander. Will leave pier No. IS North river, e Hedaexiay, AprU II, M4?eleek P.M., will arrive a* No^ 1 !! i if l,*,t and it J'ttffiburn ?aJ Rknwni j tb? fuilovfrc morning Frnra Norfolli ptiMiuora for tNw , PV'e**" by Tail read direr', with throath llekete frnm 1 Weldca to Wllatojtoaw Chariaetoa, Ae. TtMage aad fhrw U Porlolk, Sj; 1.1 Peterihtirr and Richmond f|0; aieeea e P*!'*- Through t.eketi to I ynehtiur^, SI 4. Apply to , I it i?i a m a Pleasants, n> si Btoadway. n.b.-no Irrigbt taken to Ricbsioad. SPORT! NO, AC. DOC I OR s ALE? A VEUY FINE AND LARGE MEW fr nnilland dog, for a moderate price, aa the proprietor I' f"int in the ecnatrv. Can be aeen for two daya. Apply at 217 liowery, room 10. Uf'ORIINn.? ANY PERSON' WMIIINO TO D1SP0?E O of a well broken pelntor, or letter dog may hear of a inrclaetr, by addreen'nr J. R P., box 1. 331 Pjti OUi-e, ?tatiagage, color, price, Ac. * TO SPORTSMEN.? FOB. SALE. NINE f^CLl, BREI> fetter pwppMe, of inperior breeding and haaatlfnlly marked. They are well wertdy the atteatl in of iportimin orotltre fond of well. bred faaey doge. May he aeon at Jl Bhippeaville itreet, tfobokea, N. J., a abort dtataaoe from the Oobokea Bidiag SeboaL TRA VEU.BRI' GUIDE. NH1W JERSEY RAILBOAD.-FOB PHILADELPHIA ? aad the Booth aad Weet, via Jareev City nil ,n4 eapreee Uaee - Leave New York at 8 aad 10 A. M , aad 4 aad ? r, M. Fare tl 7* la 4, aad S3 la 8 aad 10 A. M. aad e T. M.; II lead elaaa, tt 28 in 10 aad IS M at M itoaaiaa at all way itatiaaa. Thvoagh Meted* "'?* ?-t "laiiaaall aa I IB* W*?i. aad hr laltlmoro, Wavhiagtoa, Norfolk A*., ear* tkroarb haggag* ohMked to W M&gCS ia 8 aid II I M, aadlr. M