Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6803. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION? THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. iwnnsMrom kehkwkb stmt bat. HEW PtlSLlCATlOM. JULLISN'B NEW COMPOSITION.- - ~ - THE RUTH HALL 8CHOTTISCUE, dedicated to FANNY >ERN. With a flu* lithograph. !? Dweiu, Now York, and All th? music sellers. Bestoa ; B. H. Wade. Oliver Dit*?n, 0 I'. K*ed aud N.Rlobardeon. PUUUrt!*; Loo * Walker and J. *. Gomld. From the Masloal Review. This it one of Julliea's oLara. terlstio compositions? lively, Mll*aat, spaikliag, aad prettily arranged. The title pace 10 v laatef'il, and has a most snperb lithograph of one of ?meet ladle# of the ' " " '?h fera leaves, aad 1 'aomeet ladles of the preseat tine. gracefully sur I hearing tho autograph of Faf EYELAT10NS ! HE MAD HEIRESS, tian or A atkp mothrb, 'lag work which will appear la the ORE DISPATCH -ii n. i?5&. <?<>?? or THE DABK MTSTK '.NAT1C ill I.1H9. ?iy of the mad houses of ^Honl purposes, yet as of the United States ?, ->?rposee. Bat when we i- proi'esaej phi . lentli* no bettfr than their i<- *hia the wella of some o> hose minds ??nd intelUc hysioiana who ooaslsaea rt free from the milt a. - who conspired to depii. -ht revel in wealth that thurcss of "Tho Mad t. people a history of one o. too successfully carried - opinion to an ?vll that calls Haw far she has acooinplii TMtder must judge. The story m purposes of this work, la called E true In every particular, and the rea. cognised in Iba city of New York, and . New England, in spite of the attempt to tunnte Identity. Read it, you that have u to the tonJ'T mercies of a st?p mother, and yon leave your property ? tee that it cannot be rnpt and destroy your oflsprins when yon have t render np the Anal account of yuur steward'! Price four cents a eopy. For >alo by all new* I lloatien ottoe No. 33 Deck man street. LECTURES. LRT US I.IVE TO BE USEFUL -MECHANICS' INa.? tate lecture* for 1836, J. W. Taylor, E?ij., will leoturs before the institute this Thursday evening, cummonclng at 8 o'clock Subject "Geolosy,'' its importance in aneoono xnloal anil Miloeophlcai point of view. Admittance free to nil. By order, CHARLES H. DELAVAN, Chairman of Lecture Committee. ^ a -pOMANISH ? MR. BARLEY'S SECONIV LECTURE IV cornea oil Friday evening, April IS, in the Broadway Tabernacle. Snbjeot, "the evil intlusnces of Romanism on the human u>ind, trom facts of daily observation 'and ex perience. Tickets, at tbe door, 25 cent*. To oommenoe a quarter to 8. DRY GOODS. AO. F OUI.ARD SILKS? AT (6 THE DRESS; ANOTHER 1st will to offered this morning. UB8DELL, PEIRSUN A LAKE. 471 Broadway. Hosiery and embroideries.? the subacri ban would invite the attention ?( those parties purchas lag hosiery, to a large lot, Just received from ?action, it an asaall) low -pricea; also embroideries In great variety of 8eotch. French aid Swiaa. REM3EN I POWERS. 304 and 20tt<8ntth avenue, one door below fourteenth street. REDUCTION.? Standard price* in earpetinga. elveta. 10a.f 12a. , IS*., 14a. and upwards. Tapeetriea, 7?-, 8e., ??.. 10*. lag rain*, lie. aadSe. 6d., formerly 8*. TkreePly (, 8*., formerly 10*, and He. The** are oar tine price*; we only ask an laspeottoa ef th? above to *?U*fy (oepttce that they are the cheapest in tha olty. LORD ATA YlsOR. Grand street, coraer of Chriatto LAVCLLA CI.OTH9.HKOUI.ARD SILKS. -JAMES >?KAN< E, 70S Broadway, will open on Thnraday, April IX Mother lot of Lavelia clot hi, (an entirely aew material for ladkea' travelling dreseea I Alao a large aaaortmeat of priatodtfoulard' silk*, veTy cheap. 7U3 Broadway. Last week or the bargains from the late ?re ov*i> Burdett'a dry gooda iter*. The following good*, slightly damaged by water- MO yarda rich blaok ailka, only 6*. a yard, worth 8*.; S00 doien lia*a towel*, C*. adoaen; 10QP yard* eaowdrop and figured table linen, two jar Ja wide, only 6a., worth 10*.; SOOceahmrra shawl*, lb*, a pl*ee. worth 94; 1UU piece* diaper*, 12 yard iJiecel, Ue. a pieoe: 10U0 yard* Maa?abeetinr2Wyards wide, 3*. a yard; 1200 linen napkin*, 8*. a doten; 2000 fringed doyies, t>s. a doien; 10U) yard* do lain*, I*. a yard, forth 2*.; skirtings. shootings, llaeaa, eouaterpanee, laee aad tambour draperies, Ao.. Au. GEO. C. BURDlcTT A CO.. 11*1 Grand at., corner Mulberry. STELLA SHAWLS? OPENED FOB THIS WEEK, a hundred more beautiful apring eolored Stella at 9< SO, 97 SO, 910 and *12 each; thepreltloet aad i abawl* in the city. U|U. BULPIN, Sol Broadway. SPECIAL NOTICE? MRS. OAYNOR HAS JUST RE eeived a large importation ot her celebrated French were eeraet*, an liable tor the present aad oomlag aeaioa. Her price* ere aame a* uaaal. No. 46 Third aveaue, near Tenth atreet N B ? Alao, children's and mi*a*a' corset* STOCKING*? STOCKINGS ? Jnat recelvod from auction.? 6,000 pair* ladles' white eotton hose, regular made deable heel* and toes, 1* Hd. per pair. 3.S40 do do extra twill, anitable fur anmmer wear, la. fid. per pair. 4,000 de da very (ulterior, fnll faahloned, it. 1,000 do do *atd*l lace, 1*. p? pair. 1 200 dn da flae, la, (Id. and 2?. per pair. 7 SCO ( aira men * unbleached cotton socks, 1*. per pair, 10s. per deie?. 1,000 pair* children'! faaey, white, unbleached, plain aad openeorktd cotton hose ana looka of th* celebrated manufacture of G. H<-ckcr A Sona, from 1* per pair. RICH'D. GREEN, 130 Caaal street, betweea Tnompson and Laarens. The great sale of calicoes, yard wide, warren tea fast color*, at 12J? rsats per yard, will be continued this week. t'BSDELL. PEIRSQN A LAEE. 471 Broadway. mSA YELLING ROBES.? UBSDELL. PEIRSON A LAKE 1 will offer fer sale, this morning, SU0 embroidered rjhes; al?*SOO striped do., at U the robe. No. 471 Broadway. IWBOTIU CTICMf. A CARD- 1UK SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE NEW pupil* daily this week, f< r cla*s or private instruction In the art ef peaautaahip. Card* and circulars may be had at the academy, 3 A Broadway, corner of Fraaklia atreet. . OLIVER U. GOLDSMITH. "DOOR KEEPING? THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE i J> aew pwplla dally thta week, at the rednced ehar.e of ?13 SO for a t borough course of inatrnetlon. Private or cla*? laitraetion in penmanship Card* and eireulars aaj be had ?t Ike Academy, 363 Broadway. OUTER B. GOLDSMITH. BHLLPORT CLASSICAL INSTITUTE -THE NEXT term of tfci* fastitute will commeaee the 6r?t of Hay. For eirealar* apply to W. Km an, E* | , 114 Water atreet, ' N. Y., and for partlealar* address JAMES CRUIKSHANK, PriaeipeL Bel I port, L. I.. April 2. ISM. English and classical boarding school for boy*. at Ooahea, Litchfuld county. Conn., J Q Rice aad H. ? Hart, priacipala. The summer t rin of this school will commence on May 2d. Circulars mar be oh taiaed off H. Wilcox, at the U. R. School Aieaey. 383 Broadway, where any or the principals may be **?n un the 1Mb. 11th. 12th, 13th aad 14th ef April, from 1 till 4 I'. M.. or be will call on aay who will leave thslr ear J at the said SCHOOI FOR YOUNG LA 111 E8, CEDAR 01. EN, SINO Slag. N. Y.? MISS FOSTKR, Principal. The summer ooedoa will commear* Tneadar, Mty I. Terms $1S0 a year. References? D P. Bacoa, IK 331 Foorth street, N. Y ; Thorn ss Small. Esq . No. 5 ^Bv atreet, N. Y. THE FRENCH AND GERMAN LANGUAGES. A8 RE qulr> d for bust nee* aad eonvoraatioa, a a alio the cla* ?to*, can le thoroughly learned by applyiax to the uader signed, favorably kaown for maav rears past for his camp* teaey and excellent mode of teachfag. E. Ttl I.ERINO, W Broadway, aear Broome street. WANTLD-A TRENCH LADY, TO TEACH THE rrvoch langnare. paintiag, aad drawing, aad aiaiat in the musical department of a yoang lady's oetabliehBwet. about 30 mil** hvm this city. Apply to Wm. II. Kir igens. 189 Willm m st net LOOT ANP.yOt'MP. ACHCI ON THE MECHANICS' BANK, DRAWN by UilUn A Bro. forfltl. payable to Jamea Egbert, dated aad loot Mareh 31. >2 will be oven for Its return t> the pttetleg oHco 374 Pearl ?trevt. Paymeat sUpped UtOUND? ON THE 23D OF FEBRUARY LAST, ON THR X Second avaaue, between Tenth aad Eleventh (tr ots, a I email ana of moaer, which the owaor eaa have, by applyiag at 100 Raat Eleventh street, in the feed store; alee a feed wagon tor ^lo. TOOUKD-IN liberty strret, a PORTEMONNAIE. J: containing gold aad sIlTer oola, whlth will be retnraed to the owner, by applying to A M. BASSETT, 107 Liberty at. T 09T-ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON. IS GOINO FROM Xi the head of Wavtrloy place to the Ureveort II ies?. a Mawt leather poo hot booh, eontilniai. In bill* aifd ebeeke, ?'"t ?OJ" A literal reward *111 I.* paid the fader, tf lea M the odlce of the Brevoert Honso. LOiT-AT T1IE DRAMATIC FUND BALL, A DIA mead rlag. with et?M sv>*ee The fader will be liberal ly rewarded by lee via* It at 22 Spruoe atreet, flnniey Mer ??rj oic?, T O8T-0NWEDNR8DAT, UTH I ?J the 8t NleholM Hotel aad the Umea hace Hotel, a i diamond riaj. with three steaee. The fader will reeelr* li<> i by leavisx the rlagjttthe vfllee of the Ualea Place Hotel. LOST-ON SATttDAY THE 7TH INSTANT, A SMALL black aad tea terrier dog, ears sad tail etopped: hadoa a *bala coller elth ' Mallett. Aster Houil eagravtd upon it. A liberal reward eill be paid on M( tUsra to the oAee of the Aator Houee. i S.WfER W ANTED ? I OR A ROW BOAT LRPT AT 1 ' CunarJ dock. Jersey City, will be delivered oa pra*f j property aad payment of sapeam. Apply to the wWf | ?W?WMg. *c- I K SPORTSMEN .?FOR BALE, NINE PULL BRED B" tSTCTvS i SSC' the ftobeke* Siding ?ch-.ol DKNTHTH1H XT" WOMAN CAN n?cLT WHO lASPINr TEETH, jn a. J mewiea.i Th?h*ot ckoepoot eld most b-a* tifn I teeth ere aad* and Inserted by Df. HAP*LE<'N PRE TKRR1I fbe? MM be maertod witAont ex* nhe ?14 ??HI. dr. JjiMW.*"!*1! wgrani?mt?. arena ramon. BULPIN'S SIX DOLLAR MANTII.LAS-MOST charm - lag aovaltle*? manufactured of the Tory ri*h**t taffeta ?ilk, and uaiweraally proaoaaced alike superior in riehuaaa, newnoaaand modaratloa la price, to anything ever olered. Ladk* ?M Md Ma. all Iwidtiy. BULPIN'S BPRING MANTILLAS are NOW READY for oitr retail trade, and comprise a mutchUaa olleo tionof Parisian neveltia*, from a beautiful black *ilk man tilla, at aix dollar*, to th* B0?t coatly garments mauufae tared. 301 Broadway. IMPORTANT TO TH* I.AD1RS.? Till MISSES JOEL, Kit* AW Broadway, have removed to 693. They will ..pea ? hi* day, Thursday, April 13th, their apnug feahiuna, in I'arlf head dreeae* of tlie very latent aoveltiea imported, in the iu wetland meet reoh*rcb? styles. 093 Broadway, between Amity and 1 ourtli street*. New fren'Cii mantillas i>er steamer asia. The last mode* for the aoaaon. The 1*1 mt and iait noveltiua in ?ilk mantilla*. Mantelet* 1'oolk de Sol* tt (Impure. Mantelet* Ponlk do bole et Veionr Mantelet* Paalk de Sole, with fringe*, ruffle*, and other new designs. Mantelet* Moire Antiaue. Mantelet* Moire Antique et Ouinure. Mantelet* Moire Antique et Valour. Mantelet* Moire Antique, with fringe*, ruffle* and other new t rimming!, from tbe meat celebrated Uouaee in l'ari*, will be akown by J. BECK A CO., commencing Mtnday. tb* tfth instant ; togetberwith an imm.uae variety of their own well-known ana highly appreciated manufacture, adapted ?o the molt cultivated and refined taite, at extremely 'derate price*, la additionrto tb* above, J. Beck A Co. - received iieveral eaaea of ?E ItMRROIDEKKD MUSLIN AND CUANTILLY Lace mantillas, .tlrely new daaigna. Alao, real Guipure laoo mantillaa, mantelet " La rantaale," in great a?*ortinent, auit - the more advanced season. J. BECK A CO. 786 and JXU Broadway. ??VNS i(li and w, S'SSttS srsisss Grand street. STRAW GOODS, FRENCH FLOWERS, Ac. MO esse* lich atraw bonnet*. 20 case* auptr Eogliah Duaatabl* bonnet*. 10caae*aup*r Una Hah alit atraw bonaeta. SO case* rich lace bonnets. 10 cases Leghorn Hat*. 10 carton* atraw Ruche; and ?00 boxes French flowera, of tb* lateet importation, are offered at reduced pricea for caab. by 1IOMEK A KETC1IAM, No*. 04 .and W> John street, corner of William, New York. 1<H IC MILITARY. A MEETING OF THE VETERAN CORl'S OF 141/ will be held at headquarter*, earner Eliiabeth and Grand atrteta, oa Friday evening, 13th Inst., at 7S o'olook, ia reference to bounty land. By order, H. RAYMOND, Colonel. FVRNITVRK. Furniture for sale.? ? oentleman re noting to tb* country having more bedroom furniture tb*n be require*, would wlab to diapoae of a part of it very low. It ia in fery good ord*r. Apply at 41 Lexington avenue. FURNITURE AND CAST OFF CLOTHING WANTED. ?MRS. UYNK he^e to inform the inhahltanta of New York that ab* will purehaa* good*. Ac., aa ahove, at tb* bipbeat price*. A uote to SI Lconord atreet will reoeive at tention, or will eall at their residence. ir repaired. Handsome rosewood chamber furniture for tale.? A gentleman about leaving tb* city, will aeli bia chamber furniture, eterere. articlea to cook by fluid, at a veiy low price; bare been in uae but two montha. Apply at 32 Lexingtcn avenue, near Twenty fourth at., from 3 to 3 P. M, Household furniture and carpeting wanted, ia eicliaaae for board, to tbe amount ot i.*>i to tflOO? a flne auit of room* *nd board, with gas, bath*, hot aad cold, water closets, atationary waah ronma, with marble waah baaina, and every eoaveni**. *, would h* given in ex change for furniture and carpeting, witb a private Camily of tbe high eat reepectability, about to remove oa Hlaecker ?tieet, oa the flrat of May. Addreaa Blaker, Herald oltoi Rosewood chamber furniture for sale. -a gentleman, about leaving the elty, would diapo** of hia handaom* furniture, etegero, artiolea to cook by alsohol, An., at a very low price; ha*?een in uae but two month*. Apply at 32 Lexington avenue, from 3 to 3 P. M. ROJAS A CO., MANUFACTURERS 01' KASfllON AULK and mvrrj kin J of furniture, having enlarged their promisee, art now prepared to offer a lar^e and extensive as rtfrtnieat at moderate price*, wholesale and retail. Ware r?ms if! Broadway, corner of Broome street. DECLINING MAIiOUANY ARM CHAIR, COVERED IV with haircloth, two foot stops attached in front, the back made to let down, with hoadreat vn hinges, suitable for a dentist, barber, or office, for sale cheap, by B. BRUMS WrrK, wli figure meter, t?i Centre alr-et. S furniture or housr wo. us second a ve a, near Twelfth etreet, eoasisting of the naoeeeary for housekeeping. will be sold at a very low prioe ta early applicant*. The boo** li to Ut. TOT TRAPFfl, AC. -MANUFACTURING JEWELLERS, CHAIN ?J>1 .UuU . makers ? A situation wanted, at a fair salary, by a party wba oan command a loan of the above amount, on good collateral (renrlfy. The advertiser can keep looks, aell uoods, or take charge of* shop. Address E. B. K , o<nh dentlally, Herald "Bee. C1 ARltENIR AND COACHMAN.? A MAN AND HIS C wife, I'rotaeantr, wants situation*. He understands railing veaetahles and farming In all ita branches. the care ?t horse*, and drlra a carriage. Ilia wife leaa excellent laandrees. and ?aa do obamberwark and anrs*. Dost city reference. ri?me call at UN) East I'Jth (tract, between 10 ind 3 o'clock, for two daye. TO MERCHANT TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS ?WANT ?d, by a aoVer, industrious young man who is capable of making aay garment enttably, and ia alao a goo4 bnsholmaa, a aitaatlca in a clothing (tore. Haa ao objection to the ciantry. The bast reference given. Addreas Taylor, Her ald office, for a week. r BAKERS.? A MAI" UNDERSTAN DING TUE IIA kery busiuer* la all ita breaches, aad the purchasing of flour may addresa, for oa* woak, W , hot 1 ?*?) I'ost Office; mention reference of honesty, capability aad aobriaty; If married state family , alee reaneaeretloa re iwwad. WANTED? TWO PRACTICAL SCALI MAKERS. TO good workmen, the highi-.t warm will he paid far farther iaformatioa apply to Wll. II. ACKEN, til Maldaa lane. TIT ANTED? A YIR!<T RATE WATCH R A K KR TO OO TT West. Inquire of 1'LATT A TIRO., 30 Maiden lane. WANT HP- A GOUI) OAS FITTER, ONE WHO CM dtretands his business; aoae bat a gatd practical man need apply to John G. Wilson, 30 Centre at. RIPRKRI ACiKNCIE*. ~ A DAMS A CO.'S CALIFORNIA EXPRESS? OH' ICE J V No .Ml Broadway. Oar aeit oxprees to San Faatuiaoo will be forwarded fa Thursday, April Itth, per steamer STAR OP THE WEST, ?ia, ia charge ef sp.cial mesreager to deetiaatien. W. B. DIN8MOKK, E. 8 SAN FORD, S.M. 8U0RMAKKR. Proprietor* of Adams A Co. s Caltforaia Freight and Package F.xpras*. HAWES A CO, NEW YORK AND SAN FRAN _ cisco Extrese.? Oar cast California express will be torwalded by the Mearagaa steamer STAR OF THE WEST, on Tbarsday. April 12th. ta charge of through aosseager Packages. parrxla, and letters received at the ultee, n Broadway Pachaa** mart h* d*Uver*4 at the office before 10 a'?la*k an aalllag day J. HAWR3 k CO. t. W. Canaiaarow, Agaat, ffl Broadway. N. B ? We call attention of efciwin ta the special fae'llty of a steam ferry boat, or lighter, belonging te nsat Panama, by which we avoid the risk and May of tranehippin* by lanaebec. PACIFIC EXPRESS COMPANY. 124 BROADWAY ? Oar first regnlat extrese, via Nieaiagaa to San I'raa claeo, will be despatched oa lharaday, April 12, INM, per steamer -'Star of the Wert," Ca?t Taraer, la ebarga of a special mtsaenrr. Freight, paakage* aad expreaa matter generally, for all parts of California, Sooth America. Saad wirb Islands, Oregon aad ( hiaa recivedat the lawan rates. Our compaay Is eompoeed of the lata employ ee'of Adams A Co. la Saa Francis** aad Califerala generally, aad oar fa'ill tie* for transacting baciae** tkroeshout Mat Stata aad Oregon are nacqaallad WM. II. HAM,, Agaat. aoTitwo, f. A LARGE QUANTITY OF CAST OIF CLOTHING wae-ted ? Geatl'tnen l.arlng left off weariag apparel he dUposeofin larps or small f|aaatiti**, shall reeeiva the very highest price for them by apalylag te or addreas Lag THOMAS D. CON ROY. 491 P*arl street, between City IU11 place aad Csatre Mreet J. SA8T OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED ? Ladle* or ??ntlcmea having aay of the same ta dispose caa obtata a fair aad cash price by carding for Um sub aeribcr, at hi* reeideaee, or through the post N. B ?Ladle* atteaded by Mr*. C. M. 8. COHEN. M Elm street. /1AST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. V -Ladles or gaatlaaea havlag aay ef the same to diapoee af. caa obta a a fair aad eaah priee by aeadiag for U>* sab aeriber at hi* r?*idmM*. or throagh the pest, U Rim street, for L. M. DUSSELDORF. N. B-Ladiee at beaded by Mrs. Bnieldsff. f 1LOTMINO ? LADIES OR OINTLRMEN HAYING V aay la * is pot* of eta leceire a fair price, ia eaah. by Nadlai te the store 12 Lanr*it* street, hw Canal, erM W?e? Bread way. by letter throagh the Pe*t office l.adi** altaadcwt by Mw. Cebsa. S. COHEN. art off ciormmo? ri,?uo worth wantrd. Geatlesan ba.i?? .*.d K|er?a..?. Moikiag ?? SHAST O TT CLOTHING? R2, 000 WORl ? (Jentlesa** bating good *npa*4taoaa ??s e%*aln the fell vafae hv applying ts Jam** ImaerM at kit eld eetabitehed atand Me 110*aa?e a'.rttt aow callH the Cite Hall, have as* ea hand the beet VBSUXK aad (emaar *b**k aad atyU* U be t*md ia k*a uL.Tl Rtatas aal *aHa?* ti all a^a, frem dCii twaatr isttp L e> *?>?.**??? Mi fH tfnM* pet eta. MW TOM UCOUUTVM. . f Auujnr, April 10, mi. ? ttuSTkmwa. To authorise the iUmui of Atlantic "treat, and to confirm the agreement befif*?n tha Common Council of Brooklyn and the Long Inland Hatband Coapuy. To ?mend the charter of the Gold H'U Mining Company. April 11, 184?. Mr La?mmi reported the Braokljn Civil and Criminal Court law. Mr. La??i.xu alito reported favorably on ths bill to re peal the act prohibiting corporationa from pleading tha plea of uaury. llie New York and Brooklyn lee Company bill waa laid on tha table. 1 lie bill to iacreasa the capital of the Manhattan Uaa Light Company waa reported complete, and ordered to a thud reading. Mi. Ci-auk moved to take npthe Negro Suffrage reso lution*, but the Penate leluned to do ao. Mr. l?u> moved to take up the bill giving the oanal if pair* contract tt Meaent. Cook and Me Alpine, bat Mr. hpencerobjected. Mr. Wmitnky pie^enttd a memorial from Henry Storms, asking aa investigation. 1111.1.* fAHMKO Amending the nolire Uw in Brooklyn. For the lotmatlon of an Agricultural and llirttcultu ral Society. Tt regulate tha landing of alien p%aeengeni, and to prevent tha importation ol paupars and criminals. l*a?red by a vote ol ayea 17. nays 6. N avs.? Metsru. Ilsrr, Crosby, Dickinson, W. Clark, Dor rsnos, Yost. To organise a Consumption Hospital in New York. The bill to prevent the manufacture of eaws in tlie fctat? prison'\*as rejected. IXKCI TtVa NKMHiiH. Ihe Senate then went into executive session. HII.IJ* I'AIWH] To smend tba Brooklyn and Williamsburg Connolida act. [A motion to recommit, with ioatructiom to ?*-- enacting clsu?e was lost, 2 to 19.] Bill Tha commissioners, was appointed by tne Uoverior, the Comptroller, and one to be elected by tne Passed, 18 to 10. A FTKKNOON IKH8IOM. Tba bii] to require the Canal Commlaaionars to con tract with Messrs Cook and McA pine, waa debated at length in ccmmlttee, and unt 1 tha evening receas. ? VBNIKO HBftSlOM. The debate on the Canal Contract bill was resumed. The wording of one of the section* waa changed so as to "author tie'1 instead of "requiring" the Canal Com missioners to contract with Messrs. Cook k McAlplne. Mr. Bichabdh moved that contracts be made with the lowest bltder. Lo?t. 8 to 7. Mr Ycht moved to reduce the appropriation to sis hundred and fifty tbouaand dollara. Agreed to. Mr. Brook* moved to reduce It to tis hundred thou sand dollar*. Carried, by a vote of 13 to 4. Mr. Pitwam proposed that atter the enlargement, tha sum should be live hundred thousand dollars. Ix>at. Mr. Bxookm moved to amend by striking out the namee af the contractors and inserting, giving the coutraet to the lowest bidder, sot to exceed sis hundred thouaand dollars. Agreed to. The security waa then fixed at five hundred theuaaml dollars, when the bill was reported to the Senate and laid on tha table The Broadway Railroad bill waa received from the | House, and, on motion of Mr. Srx.vcxii, it waa referred ; to the Bailway Committee without vota. It waa U.en moved that the financial billa be taken up, and after some debate Mr. Munroa'a mill tax bJI was ' taken up. He moved to substitute the llous* bill, i which piovidaa for a tarn of n mill and a quarter Some debate ensued upon this, when the mill and a quarter 1 tax bill waa reported to the Senate. Mr. PitKixao* moved aa a aubttitute hia corporation < tax bill. Lost? ayea 4, nays '-'3. Ihe mill and a quarter tax biU of the House, as a sub- ! siitute for Mr Monroe'* bill, was than agreed to by a tote of 18 to 1C, and tha bill waa paaaed by a vote of 17 to 10. > im ax o'Clock ?The Senate la atill in saaeion. Aaaenably. Ai.ha.ny, April II, 18M. Nothing farther of importance transplr*d in last night'* pioceedlnga except the explanation from Mr. Coieaiaa In regard to the eharge of fraud relative to the Bcatdea; Railroad bill. He was aatiafled he had done the read Injustice. BILLS KKTUBTKD, NO. F. W. I'iliin reported favorably on the Mil for the better protectiou of aecoad clan* passengers arriving at New Vert. Ordered to a third reading. The Committee of Nine then made a reiiort on several bUU. Mr. Mrsnx v moved to except from the report the hill to iacorporate the South Hay Steam Nurigation Com pany. Mr. 8. B. Cou moved to except from the report the bill eoaflimiDg the act* of the Sehuyler County Com mlratonei*. After a long debate, the report of the Committee of Nine wan disagreed to. Mr. Willi icportod the bill to amend the Liquor law. 1 be Brooklyn Canal Drainage bill wax reported coar plete. The bill to aatborlxe the agent of the Sing Blag prlaoa to let, for a turn ol yean, the labor of the coavlota, waa i cported complete by a majority of the (elect oons mittee. Mr. Onku. eaid he objected te the report, on the ground of the length of the contracts. ullh rxwan. To Iacorporate the Baptist Histories! Society of New Yoik. Several private claim Mile al?o passed. To sm?nd certain fentiona of the Code of Procedure. To Incorporate the Hapttat Biatorical Socle 'y of the city of Mvw York. To provide for the due apportionment and aaeeasmcat cf taiee, and for tt e aaie of real eetate to pay th* name. Id relation to railroads held un'ler leaeea. Appropriating money a for the canal debt, the enlarge ment. ko. Tor the prevention of fraud ia th* revenue* of the ca nel* of thia State. Author!* ng a State tax of a mill and a quarter. Mr. Ann rx moved to rerouualt the bill to strike oat tbe word* "one quarter mill." Mr. Gi-rxaoir fkvorvi the motion. Be deemed a mill tax euilcient. Mr. liLAT< Hro*D aeaured the Houeethat the entire tax proposed eat absolutely neceeaary. The motion prevailed ? 03 to 48. Recta* to 4 o'clock. APTIIKMOOM HHWION. mux rA,an>, xtc. To incorporate tbe Vaeaau W?t?r Company. To amen-l tbe charter of th* King* County Mataai In xuraace Company . Mr. Butch rot n moved to recommit the Supply bill wr h Instruction* to etrlh* out all itema except tboee re- i ?iuirv! for tbe support of the government; for the com lenestion of the officer* of the f?gi*leture, aa provided , by law; fcr the payment of the chaplain*, mexrengera and employee of the capitol and for tbe fbtdldinga ac tually owned by (he BUM. 1 be rulee were au*p? ded and tbe bill referred. The bill to take evidence cn the claima of the Roches ter miller* for compensation for lamagea came up on 1 II* third reading, and on motion of Mr. Bi.xTrnroan, | who tcok it to account tbe preeeat eondi'.loa of the trea aury, waa laid on tbe table. . It la anderetood that the bach track will be takea on 1 both tbe above blllx, If the M*aae will agree to ralae the , State tax to a mill and a quarter. BTtXIXi ffKMlOH. ?iuji rxsaati. Relative to tbe collect!** of taxee on lande of oon re ?Went* and for tbe aale of aaeh landa. To regnlato the dlstribalkaa of the aaeete of lasolveat Satloga Baaka. To aaable the achool la th* five Point*, New York, to participate la th* -choal fwatd. Relative to the filing of transcripts of judgments from the Marine and District Co arte of New York

The Senate'a laaolutieae relative to alaeory and ee erat eocietlea, were read and laid upon the table Ad Jeniaed. Balldlag Associations. [From the Albsay Jouical, April 10 ) A reeolutlon wsa paaaed by the Axeembly, a few day* since, directing tbe appointment of a committee to in quire n'o tbe affaire and maaagemeat of certa'n baili 'i . aa '.cixt.c na la aad about the city of Mew York, xad to repcrt to tbe next legislature. Meaara Jlmrrnreoa ^toyveeaat and Dixon were appointed the eotnmJ'tee. Will lleeaat ko Uraated la Albany 1 Tlef Vnasriaf of last evening apeeas thua, authori tatively, oa tbla aubject ?"Applications were mad* ta Majcr Psrmela* ca Monday, by several dealers for a re newal of licensee, but ae the Mayor desired to examine th* law, he deferred his deciaMa until this mwmag, whea h* iafexmed th* apalieaata that h* eeul t aut re new thslr Ureases aatil the expire! ion of those they *ow held, the kit Tueeday la May. When asked whether he we* Id then grant renew**, ha replied that be sosld not aa yet decide, that h* wiah*d tbo-e engaged ia the bullae** to pispere a statement of th* asowat ?f their aanual leee ptx, aad that ha we*ld aabaait the whole Ihlag to tbe Commoa Council, whea the matter woai-'. b* ? ettUd aa to the right to gnat Ueeae** uader th* city ahartar. Thaa the whole ??b)eet la la a vary uaeettt*^. elate, hut we uadeaataad it la the tatoattoa af th* "qu n roes *f set urers amd dealer* la tafca Immediate ?tej.a te c?ate?t the law Afhaay Alto*. Afru II. Cinei op Cuniiii, Oaio? TV? ***. m o t CWveiaad, whiah baa receaUy hae* W.m. gtve* the lauawwaa aa U,T*a. Br the **ae*4 wf Oetoke 1W1, the 'po?">Mo* WW 41, IU, gal* lni?*a meatu*. J.IM Ircond Utter ?fGeorg* Sandcraa !? Um Pin* eraey, mi Hur)r and Calm. New Tou, April 10, ISM. Dmocsav? Am*iica bM Mt belure the world two great principle* by on* Mt. ia the law of aaturalixatlon aha proclaim* Hi Mice the right of *eekiag a country at choice, and the right of expatriation which 1a Inherent to it. Maditoa in 1 ->1 - ?nt to war with OrMt Britain to matatoia tha right of Brltiah aubjacta to expatriate theidttvre . Marry in ISM acta with the whole power of tbatmral government to raatraln American eitixeni ia tba ?feclae of aueh right). Kapioaage ia tha order of the day ; and that, for tha benefit of tha virtu iua laabel la and tfca bumaaa Concha. Marcy'a appetite laaxcited at the fruita, of beiag himaelf the grand informer. Thar* U eomethisg that amacka of eayenM in hunting to tha death a popular movement Marahala and diatrlct at tome) a of tba federal goreroment are ruaalag hither and thither, led on by Concha'* aplee; converaatiooa and conduct are noted ; and If any of thia nation of cttixea aoldieia aboukl be auapected of daiinf to eaek tortus < and faaae ia other land*, with a revolver la poek*t, they Xe In danger of being arreated and fapnaoned; and, ould theee bravo and antarprlaing emlgiante eacape the vigilaaoe of the civil police, our gallant navy officer* are required to degrade thenaelvea to kUnappsra, and eelae covtrolan cltlaemi upon the republican oc?*n. Marcy may glorify himaelf wpou the goldeaop aioaa he baa won ft< m nhaolute gov<rnm?nt* upon hia auoaeeaful Inauguration In America of the Kurop*an paaapoit and tpj ayatem. A wlae and brave man would ahudder at the thought or thu? trampling on American individual right*. The rlieriahed pilvilegeof privacy la now U'jwhero ?a(e from gOTemmentul xpiea Jeauit order reign*. Meauwhi'e, the brarta of the *>?gnanimoii* Cuban pa trlot lamillea in our mi'lat, wtaohuve been cruelly driven f rc in their lovely bomea becauae, under the Intlueoee of our neighborhood, *uocei>?ful example and intimate in tercrmmunlcatlon, they a*pired to independence anl a republic, are wrung with protracted angulab at the fatal new* which now redden* the mail* from Cuba, aai at tlie blocdy cloud whicb hanga impending over all they moat love, arif irg, a* they know, from tha vacillatfona of Marry 'k exterior policy, and hla interior aacret co opera ?????nugh Peiry at Madrid, and with Concha at Ilia note from a dMIugui-hed Southern to the red re a* that ahould be de| >l*h aiithorilie* for the defiant out rpetrated on our fltg, our commerce. (JF.U. X . OASDSM. ie youth of New Orleana, wrung almoat the butchrry ehicb the aaoe blood ?bo now rule* over Cuba had mada ot le hind, went to tha office of the Span et from him the laat memento* of the iroei, who had *> gallantly met their fate ai th? At*.. , and upon being trifled witn by the intuit ing official, tore down the royal eacutcbem from the top of nil door, and threw on the pavement a few thouaani ?egaia fiomahopikeptby Spaniard*, Spain'* pride and re Mnlment could not be aatiailad with thetoidarof In dtmnltle* for tie property deatrovod. The caonona of the republic bad to boom aubiuiaaiv* repartition for the inault ofleied to lar colon, aod one hundred gun* were Ottd for the ateamer I'i/iaro aa *be aarendad the Mlaal* aippl, btlnging back ia triumph tha olfendtd Coniul to bill miat. What ihall we exact from Spain for the tenfold wrong* which ?he ba? lately perpetrated upon u*'" ^vOSBS^arjffrjis H"lf?- v"I f"i?' ?* A?"?. I r??.i. Vork. *?roh ?t, |?fl { I Th. f?n-_i '*?"** Al* o?i>*??, no. }. W? *",*V?rd"?1 ??/ ?>'? ?>? ''?dirlakm uriintt II ? >i,.iii ?i ?P?WN?n ako?>. to rc? a w.\^ ". tl.e Mixoari rlr.r lo th* H ut ?*'??* ronioi luring from ^n,I!,7?v^^?/X"rr,:ru.H'mum 8. umb" <*?? ? ?uci, m "I'V"1 h"iu i#d ^ E i^?Jr 0 ? ..T&J'tilJ2?.kCo-"w" " ?' lh* <u Artmwy, ,?w I nfaiitrr J"' ??? ??*r Brevet brtgad" r U.n.ral U?o? ?t"t UM " U COB "?%^l?rV?Uh!|0.Mi" Wll? "nm?<ll? b. t&?ci353B?^az*fc ;^;:,v.'v7..::,',rs'.;:; ttrws&srjj v.v, 1?; - ?? ?? ? fpsigisa ?A1 'wpnrttfc ieanzA uw;? r^vr.?.- ,h- p"~ ssssfjn * It .^;.":,r poriMoV.X.r?T?,ai!,.I*S"'^f ? ?Uc* th" ?b. "f ,b" ??*???. vSSSSsS^^"^ ?*k,w,r*p*rt u *? ?*'*? ?, ? 0. C. llMMirtiTiii, 8101;* ?jcmuiTiuK J ?T. Ut ia, *o,, A^ril 3, IMS*. I f t?. ? . OHltKMt MO. I. ' fvi- in^'J0 0?.r.l Ordrr. No. j, eamnt sili^ss t .?,? ?L\V* *?? ' '""* ,h* '??"??? t?r? of tb. iSpM ? ??il Mlir* oi-tr.i.o., I kllUn 4th Artillrry. A ?saI3rJiC^,5:S=^,Si^^^ IV. C>BiiB(ii( olttri of tk? ir*o?< ?ut* * _??? ??.4l.?.l) "?*? ?h. ,-...? of tk". ".V.u,:V' b,T* " h"4' ?? ??" ril.fc .T iL ilT I ? ^ f # /*%r ? ?? tli? n?l4 V. !? ?!? w ?f ?h? ?r4?o?? 4aU?t fn_. baav?i.?. o r i bi >ad proBotiii tMr tfleimcf So d ^ t i?ka^!Sf aw?sja?tiiwHjur4SsSff W kaMt MiJy ?Utj*?u4 t? th? 1?m? t L t.o?? ik? B?it imn. ?,?, ,.j ^'^.r.v Il.t Kr,/ (. , ( iaa.,4,,, Um 1&i*MiU* ' w v l,,imlliK. ... I "<k wwm poai^Bt or <h. Ho. l, ? rr Ifr.m/ ? 1 u "" M'' I tlx OtMl 4**if I kMff wkLi Wrj^ >on ?,? aaM IB, MmmI I)m r.V ??JTr an ' *?"*'Ur '?f'-nnt tMiiok tlM ? rn-1 |? "?? r>r T/Of <>f ??(?? church *ba ?b-< J w> ? pnaimiMatir. "*'w ? .irrt.KX.',' ryjarr" ?? Mfl' wHi in, t?. tko'a^f* ?< JSJLJIIJ"* *r ik* ??UM i-uu. o>??. ?r 1 ** *? Ok-*"*"" I ?j?u ??>.! I t??5v *f ?"??? Mil# | I*. -, .; ,. ' u* kt??R? fn>? ^ ^ ^,7' ,J '? | r 'm L'* "r 1 i vu**vw ?"?htl.,.4, I* ik? ' K?A' i'V ??" /->k? Km j.. Iliraai J I t ? ' lir i '?*?#. Col " I law; M 4 Ifliai i fttfii I ',I'VH,|".< V-,?' A"'* . g^biM : ? "XirrkB. lulmt T,r%* ???*? mm it ?? ik? f?r Iwtiitk i>k>i>uaik.i ? i-w. ? - . T n.ak?a, T ? M H?U. k?T j t? ??}? U??. U4y ai>4 !?? t'timf., ,? il H- .mm Z rf\ . i: H'Nr ial TI *n-?.t| Uor>a<o(| i^lkV . ' '."l ' ifk HI**! t>r L.iitlu aA ri,..Vr. I" L',,W*?- ? h ' ?**??"? ??? la/, ? u . "f bt ioM Sm? ^lUSiH?iS v! ImlMM I SA IMfial'UK On i" ?_ . T * V?l I BOARD OF COUNCIL. MEN. drmiL U.? The Board met it ? o'clock, purrmat to adjonramaot, 0. D. Couom, Eaq., l're*id*a>, to tha chair. Th* minute* of the Uat um'Ji < war* read aad ?HI OTli Varkni* petition- and resolution* ?er? predated ami referred to appropriate commit U*a. the ?aoiuwar aaii.aoaii, Councilman Matter prawn tad a preunbl* a* t to?l|. tloa, moving thai (ha resolution purporting to (It* to Jacob Sharp and others tb* authority and aoaaaat or tbe Common Co* net I to lay a double railway track <>a Brtfl way and Btoowiafdal* road, together with *l!< authority, 0.Dreut , power a ad prtoOegwa, ba rarokad, raacialad, r* cated aad repealed. Tha resolution, on a airUion wae laid on tha tabta. TIU UWIt'UJICT i? tui school MUfrKm ro* MM. To Til a lloaaaaaLft th? Common Cornell., do. The Ileer4 of MaeaMea reapoctfiillv repr .eeU that In Nevamhrr laet an application waj inad* to your bonorablo body, la due legal (oral, forea approprlatUe of fliM.iKFl !?i la meet the Menu; Mi the <?a< apportion -d to bm! Ike ne eiwery aad legel*?p?n*ea ?( public educative lath' <n man rchoals ol the efty for the year endlnj; December .Hat, lf.'l, and that in aaid application formiM * i>riai ?t I mt at, waa fully aft forth aiid certified Ik" aaaaaaf ?u?ti do* ftcteney, and that the aami wa* nuevotdahle, *? i r 1 la tilth eectwn of the aet of the I . -Mtela* >. r?, retain to tlx common aoheola of the nity of New York , and, therefore, in puraaaece el the prevtaiena of the aitld .action, it wea r? qulrite for the Common Council to ralae by loan, in anticlpa lion of the annual taa. inch autn er aiiai aa were neeeaaary tu meet auch deficiency. It'll the Common Council for the year . 'I ? ??!.. i from tb" want or time, at -t ? aoutx other reeeon of which Uie Board or Kdui allon hta never lieen np prlaed, did not taake tha appropriation it w*i euthorlied end dir< i'ted hy the atalute referred to end uuu ML in <oB>e.iueace or which the Hoard or Edu cati< n remained eithout the nieana ol paying the Juat llaMlitlea causing the deflvlea<r rereered to wltii out eiirro'ii'hinK upen the amount netlinated and allowed hy the Sui>erria?r< lor the eapnaae of Cuinmon 9'hoota .or tneyrar MM, end It hee therefore been compelled toad tame eud pay the He. out or the aehoel apinoji Mr the present year In oonae^uiune of tlila aad uiilcea tunr boa 1.ral.le hody will now appropriate the amount deficient for IK'il, amounting te Illln,u9l !*?, the It >ard or Muoatlon must nec.eaarily te prevented from taking lurther notion In say rear, however Important. lor tbe taereaee or improvement of the nie.ine for the public accommodation of alia Common School education for MM, inasmuch aa the tialanoe of the I amount appropriated aad ritaed by the Supervisor* lor Hie preaent year will scarcely aiifltoe te pay the current at jwiiia ennaauueut on keeping tha preeeat ?? hoola la op ire tio?. Many m altera ol Importance uioel. therefor", remala with out Attention, unloas the Common i'ouneil will now appro pliate for tbe deficiency o t lit'*, and whleh would tuvotv* aericaacoii ? i|uancea to thetanaeor public ndueattoa. Th? coniiuiialeitlon *??** on to enumerate the varloua Heme uses which It will leeama ueceaeary to make, aud cone I udea hy urging attention to the application (or the da ficleney, and aeke from the Commoa Coua ll the adoptioa of au appropriate reeolution directing the Comptroller to de |>o*it the amount to Ibe credit of tho Hoar I witl tlio Cham berlain of the city, aa tha aaaie may ha r-<|elrvd. Tbe torn uiunicatlon waa referred to the Klaaace Committee. THK UIMM* OanMfi Iba llcanl than reai.trad Kaelf InUi Cominittea of tha Whole, (t'ouDcllmau Vermilya in th* cliair,) aad took Bp the rapoit uf the Commlttaa on I'ubhe llaalth, ap pralalng the property uaad In the removal of daad am male, offal, ke , aa by tba following r*a<datloo emSollwl In tbe aal<i report ? Heaolved, That the Comptroller he. aad ho hereby i a antbnrlied aad directed tu draw hia warrant In favor of wil I liam II. Ite> aolde, lot the earn ol forty all tlionaaed eevea 1 nnilred and r>rty live dollara and fifty one centa, i M ,) the >ime to l>e In fell for all the llema or pro pert) need by aald Rej nolda tor the removal of dead ant uiala, iiflal if , enumeral d in the aroond aertloa of the ap B falial made l>y Jamee Horner. Charlee G. tTaterlvury and eor^e lirinKa. The ccnimlttfe aeccpta-: the report, an 1 adopt -d tho reaolut oo oa a vol* of 29 to '21. rutniHiTi'Ui AiivKavteiMii. Ibe CommitU* of tba Whole then took up tb* report of tba Kineoca Committee on Curpjratloo adrertUlni;, racowimeodiag tha adnpllou of tb* follnwiog raaolu lion ? Reeolvod, That tba Comptroller b* directed t-.a lver ttae for piopoaala for adrertlamg for tba department!, th* Common I ohmII. and tba onicial ra porta o' tba pro ceadlaga of tba *ame, for tba torn of one year, Ha Av* dally aawepapar*. HeeoUtd. That th* following rul** ahall ba oba*rvo>l - AVraf.? lttddera lo offer th* wliil* amount for on.' year. { Strowl ?Tlia award lo ba mad* to th* lowaet Id Ider, tatlog lacoaalderation th* circulation In tbe eity Third.- The Comptroller to rep>rt the btda, ind hi* ? ward to th* Common Council for roatlrmatlon Ouuncllmaa I'lui Knur moved to atrike out flva'la tba reeolutloa, aad laaart "threw" In I *u tueraol, waich mot oo whi loet Ilia rejort of th* Klaaace Commlttv* waa th** adopted j In Ccmmltt** cl tb* Wk*l*. The Hoard adjonrnad. COM MISSION KIH OP EMIORATION Thi t'ommlaalonera of Kmlgration mot yeater lay af term on. The only bualaee* of Importance that rain* before tb* Beard waa in relation to too coitiptalnt mlar ed co tba Mayor'- book by oaa of tba Sardinian nau prra. (otnmlaaionet Prnitr read lit* complaint aa publiahxl In tha, and ilaitd that the enoplaloul bad b**n boarded by tba I'omralaaioeera eiaea he had been landed, and tbkt when ba dralrad to to 'ortpaln I bar M far compiled wltli bla r?.| n? at ax to pay bla paaaag* Ha tbao cbangad bla mind and wanted to *o to KajUnd lu tbia th?y were alio willing to g ratify him, whan t.iey vara aatoolahad to boar tliat ba had been at tha May or 'a office complaining . t'otumiaaiooar Kddidt waa of opinion that the beet j thing (bat could be done waa to aend tbla rhap to War4'? 1 aland and compel him to work. Over a thonaanl d?l lata bad already been apent by tba Hoar I In taking r liar fa of tba i&rdlnian paupara, nod aa manyaa van able ?hould ba rat to work. In tbla proposition tha Hoard eoncurrtd Aftar tba traaaaction of aoma other unimportant l.uai MM tha Roard adjoarntd. COMMITTER ON FKIUUBH Tba Committee on Farrlea of the Board of OounailtoMi goat yaatarday afternoon m tba Coaaeil chaabar of tba Board, throe being prraa>nt~- Councilman Carry. Maann and Kerrigan lha petition of tba ottiirn* of New York aad Brooklyn, calling the attention of tba Common Council to tha peoa rioM aud unaccoaaoda ting meaner la which tba ferry foot of Uorarneur alrwt and lb* foot of Bridge at rear, Brooklyn, la conducted, waa trat considered. Tl?a pati t loner ? aaked tbattka company be ooinp-iled to run ten boata during the day, and one boat qntll at laaat twelve o'clock at night The matter waa formerly brwugbt be fore the Hoard of Alderman, who reported favorable to tba petitionary. Mr. Halth, on behalf of tbe ferry coapany, aiaUd tb?y were ileal roue of aceoamotiaUiic tba cltiarna aa far aa lay in tbalr pow?r Tboy are now ioaing by tbia ferry ? 40 p?r day. Mr. faith eoaaeatad to tM propoeiUona ojf the cltlrena. when Mr Carry, Chairman of tba Coaait- I taa, ia diamlaa!p? tbe matter. aald that tba committee abouU repot t in faror of tba company running two i-oala per day tad daring the evening, eieeptiag rtaadara, <M mui>nciOK at A or 8 o'clock A M and continue running ' till 7 o'clock I'. M , whew one bbat a hoe id ba haula-l o IT, end tba othrr cootinua to run till II o'claib at alfkl Ifee cjmmlttaa tbra adjauroad COMMIT fKK ON PUBLIC HKAI.TH. Tbe Ce mail Ira on i'ubllc Maaltb met yaater lajr after noon, la tba ctaaber of tba Hoard of Councilman, there ' bomg praaeat tha Chairaian of tba committee fh Ban nay. < ounrl!meo faith aad r'le??n rtefora tba comaittoe appeared TW K liewalag. CKr Imyadar. Wbo coaplalaed of tb* coadiUaa of tbe ? bulkbaad at tba foot of Tweaty third treat North * rlr.r. Ha aaid tba bulkbaad had been aa tended arnna { dlatarco oat iato tba atraaa, aad Iba raalaala were ? mptled Into tha allp at tba foot of tha doob, where it ? are a ma'aria thai waa daogeroaa to tbe whoia elty lie waatrd tba aower to ba earrlad oat to tba end it tba bulkhead, that Itaeoatanta -. ?ht be emptied into tba river and earrtarf off with the tide, and he wanted tbe > foot of tba doafc at tba wharf to be 6 lied la No otl.*r liaportaat baaiaaaa waa brought bafote tba ? ommlttae THR frill* DEPARTMJCSf. Mrima or tmb committm op tub w?w or aj. WW. A a> atlag ol '.hi a Committee of tba Hoard ?l Aiter man waa held laat night at tba Uly Mall, to baa* "tm \ plaWta w I tbia tha *1>a f epertmeu Proaaat AUaraoa Howard aad Baard, %ad f hiaf kagiaeor Haae Ctb^alM Naa 'l aad ' *?r* a?wt|Aairaad a?a aat | far r .analog <m tba atdawaik Neither aaaa ma* actod | Tbe neat raae waa tbe - "aptWt tefiAa <>.mpaoy Ito. VI C^a.oet llaak aad i*4*e- ' -ma pee; Ma. I 'barg tag the latter w.tb mn?i ?r ala tiaa foraaav Hi ear a '.an Uo agbtoca, Jamaa aad N^bataaJ Hauat eera iw.ra iap?a tb.a raaa, ali od whom '.aitilai b> colli 'Ma, and llaat aawd ka atr?k a rmmbar of ?u 1 wilia pal' ag tie rofe, ?wIm to which ewafanlaa tba riiirHiKa?at tb*(ku|tid fa M, ?Mcxt lartim oMMMMi The aaii eoaaataiat waa naad* by Mr laglaa U Kpaay Na. 11. MilHt tba foreman amd raanlar) d (bat ( aa|uy Mr. Held aompiama tbat tbe (?*? maa ' a I lei a aiaalil aad toaaaa?ted bn ?MM to tb* Mtrtmaru of tba arnipaay, aad < . wpiaiaed aga>art tba Haaratar r far aat ra tm a. a g la ma?Swra wbo bad bean alaftad. aad kaea laatba cwrtihcMa mo a ay for aii aaaw'ba Ha aaid Mr J ? laaaa aaa ata*tM by tba aaapaai >>a pan ?? ta the Iterator j 'or hU aarit boata ba ;?a*1 la flat* bet I did aat aaa Mm p?,y tba amay ba tatd aat ba dwt. aad tba ret refery Mftaawkedgad M ta aw Tba We '.rotary taat' Vd ba W'jdarad tba maaay ta tba LVaaf, or to !<ia lerk. bla atca, wit bla three dart aftar racwirtag it. aad t\ wa- rafuatd oa a "am at af (M a*w law wberb Had t?*? lata efbrt Ha t baa boat the aaa ay by tba I dt ,*<taaa af Mr Wiaaaa, wba naal>aw< .t aac??-*ry 'm ' i a la boalMtad eg a. a Tba aaaa waa Uaa dia?a-aa ^ H??a < ompaay ? -> M rotapialae-; aaa- aat Hoa% flam nao? No It, for rawataaiMa tbam Mr H T-,?tar ?oa awara ? '? aa a a.abar ? ??.*??? war* < /a? ba a ?ra ib t'aa Tlftb diatrad, w are gaa< <j?a .vfri car get haad mda. wkaa tr?<* '^ruad eal of rmt' a atrwa* ?a aa *de by a*ae ?1 aMa 9*a>d atggg*, ?? *??**?? f toward* a*. an<l ran mto ua. Wa J. Mmlth, ? fe?tl0?d ai abort . ? h-u atout la run lata ua, I lata ??m to kaay off. and they nid, 4J0 ta h? II " thay raa into oa to toaa aa (ma paaaieg them. Cher lea t. Pat tan aad Geo II. Needhaui were ??orn oa tha part of No . 4T. Ttoy aald tbay vara rarlag with No. St, aad rta 1st* 41 by accident did not *aa No. Stt UD upoa thorn Tha daatalaa of Ur Hawed waa reeeriad The aaat eaaa called aaa that of II' Ma t'ompaar No. ' 17, who vara complained at at the laat meetrwg of tha Hoard, by No. 47, lor a aaa alt a coo tha Itttb of Hirab I aat. Nn 17 waa prdere?* to prodaaa tha roll book, which | waa produced aad a war a ta It waa ttoa decided to auapand all tha arabfra who vara oat, aad ?1?aa ?aged ia tha aaaaaH, for m tana af four moatba Mr. Vc Nutty waa aoapaadad lor its maatto | lb* neat caea waa eoraplalat aad eouatar oomphala aaesg the member* of Kaglaa Caaapaav Na 4T, char* I irg ??rh other with neglect af doty. Havaral member wara ?wwn, all of whoa agreed la taatttyiag to a frea u*?l?ct of duty. Tha daclaloa waa nyrnl The Committee tbea adjournal till Beet Wadaaaday ?TCBlDir af 6>4 o clock. I Poltrr T n limil I ahhkht of ah Ait?o*t> rrotriw* mo* cmbnaww COt'NTV, OK 4 CBAItfW'W BMUITi Yeeterday a youth ?bea*. a? year* of ?fa. aa?a4 loring II. Rockwall, an alleged fugitive (rum t'b.uaaca . cuoty, wa? arraated by ..fflret-Sampena, af tba reaerra* i coi pa, aided by Hharlff Wllooa, of th?t aoualy. Booh - wall. >t ia alleged, ia connected wlHt a n-dorloua gang af burglar. and tlilerae that hare torm?.atha pi.t lof.atod that town. Bla a??oelat?a hare all baea capture!, aad It oaly ramalard for *l?erlff WUcw to an aat Koch wall ta complete tba entire dlacmtltura of u'* b**> . I ancaLod I rum Chenango and came oo to Now Y ork wuil bar ? ba aaa pur?ur>d by the Whatilf, who, aided by '.Boar I t-ampeoa auccaeded, yaaurdar, after a lili?ent eearcb, I III oapturloK tba fogltlre A letter, dlreara*! to tha a? waa placed In ha I'oal ???(?? by thai, """c*"' and adrartlied la tba uew.pep.ia. A watch we. kept a? tha wtn.'ow. f tha letter to?, for tUa ?>??" ?rr'7?l of Kockirti. Ofllw Hainpao?, wmU om him lookout, yeetaiday. aucceaded at lae? T- taT, tha fal/ow. aa ha r.iaa up to tha wiadow ln.|Ulral for tha erfeertlaed leter Tha 7?"1* man at flrat raal.Ud tha ofllr.r'. attaapta to Uka hlia into cuatody, but Bnrtlof that tha p<ni?.a,>? too many for l.lm, ha want oa afothat Uok. " la allagad. tilrd to briba tba ottl. lal by oBanag hl? #?? gold w.tch.'. ami about t* la ?a-aay If ha. woal l pai .It him to aacapa. Ofboar bamp?a. l i.t liataa to lb" powerful arginuaoU of Ho??hwall, but coat trad bim to tha Cblafa o?caf??r ?m rrhlnf thi? p^iicn ?f tb? Mco?*d, a ? dlrhknlla, $lwi la nwoaj, aad 4W- #** ?"J1' ulr?.idy apokan of war? louod la bla !??*? ? pcurad .|Ulta a .laaparata jouth, aad daclarad hla < >***? lion not to b* tahan allra to^banaor /, "??? * '? V"!*?: It will piora otharwiaa, aa ha waa takaa to that awn a hand-culla and wall guardad by Hharllf W llooi It la .1 rh.rj br tba Hhaiin that tod I hi. ?aug J -aoha Into tb? horn, of hla father and rubbad him u# lha g >14 W.t' liaa found In hla po.a.?aloa. UIIAHUK OP RHUI BTKAttNOv Hamilton Waddla waa airwat?? by ofllrar Iformaa, of tha KlghUanth ward p.dlcw ahargwd, oa tb- of John Dravar, of Madlaoo market, Newark. (N. J.,) with hatlag, la company with Jamaa Haifa, .tolaa a n ar? raluad at ?7U, from hla premlaea at Newark The I" oaaa, It, la a ?*ry complleatad oae It la aI1**** , n tha part ol tba defence, that tba wife of Waddla aotl the hoiee Hi a young maa la tha empl4* of bar huabaad, I, . whicij ?!??? ?M U? r?c?lvi moatulj ln?tU??nU paj bmI? Utaraof "bat tbla jouag man . tba^ 1 ? had no proper ?Uea to take Ofcfa of tbaammal. aaatit oat to Newark, there to ba Ukea ?'? bJ j^J5225i Hut tha father, It nmm, oould not (lad It aaa?ea???i? to krap tba mare either, aa ba aold It la ? fw 4af? ^ tar lie got pweaaaloa, ta tha complalaaat la tbia caaa^ Mr. 1> rarer, aad either <argot to ratun. U tha ri!? to \iii ion, of iU4 nol frtl eatarmlne.1 by tbam to Uka the L/l lldeh IM? laat bojar, and bilng t* or.r to Naw Yetk wWeh t?ay ertoidlaaly did, aaa for tbla aat Waddle haa twaa ar rw?ia?l on a charge of gtaad lareaay. Jualiee Hrao held tl.a accuMd to bail to aaawar the rharge prafarr^ ?galnat tliam. A NOVBI. WAV TO COI.LI0T A l>??f. < MA ear Hum, of lha Bar.oad HUlrtet I'oUca at ( rated two n^n. named Mermaaa ?iol?amlth aad Abra bam lawia chargail on tha campUlat af John Kdwarda. of Twraty a.ghthatrretand ftrat armaa, with bariaf oa Hie 10th lael , taaan from hla poeeaaalon aad aa re ?? MiUii'U of io4ifo fAlurtl at %Sli H. TW , allege, that lb. awuwl, aloa? with aaa ^F^Twl ' eon ? air ad together to get blm to bring to their pia?e aa I hualnaae, ll^llghlh ar.noe tba abora pert;, .r.d on the .uppoeltMH. that thay wara i atrnu* | to bur tha Indigo for ca.h. u. coaray.d the propaityW No 417 Eighth BT?ntie, wfiara M.e arcuaed PJJ* ! p?k??lo? of tft? rrnln^mg to 11 up or P*7 l? eafb for it. to<l Mkf luf iliAl Ufc? *?wj>U?naiil owt4 ' a amall ''ett, and ibat they had Ukea tha oppertaalty ?r "retinr him off ? aod ' galtlag aouara' with him. Juatlra lifer nan be|? the a.?nead ta. ball to aaawar ta the charge on a a (IB op Mtcsivito wolbw <iooi*. A women ranwl Harriet Illgglaaoa k^aplag a juah .tore at No M Waet Hr?adway, waa arreelad by Ollaer 1 Kaurh af the fifth ward police, charged oa the eorn^ plaint of Heary laaamaa with Jbarlag raaelead a lata* old keya rained at etotoa from hia P"-"" I eooag tblarea who coafaaead baring aold Um i prapmy fo Harriet, lie acr u?l wm held lo hail In the earn t:tOO U> aaawar by Jualiee Hr-anaa, of the aeaeaa w trlct I'olloa Coart raamroTioa or a maaal owa<. mea Whlttleaay, a colora.1 womaa, waa arreeCM yaa. Ufdar by ofBrer lattaraoa, of tha !/???, I' Caa*. r barged oa the complaiat ol Mary A a Be MlUer wtth kae log .tabbed the lattar la tba faaa with a dlik haife, eat , har naaal argaa In two and re.ed.r1.* tor a lu Si- 72i?i h^T." ^r "-lu.l .l-'a lb. t-o.-t. -W-M re a ii I la d a tb. latUr r?<-el?lBg lha abore [yurim Kllen to. .urca-VKl la aradlag tto ??ll-e ?f (be ocoarraace until ye?tir !ay . eb?a .a. wae oar toi?? llogart U-aa^l b^ up la the Tomb, far " cHA*ar or rA*ai?o woBTiii.?a? kowbt. Kerg'ant MaaaB^d e.d oltow Webb, of tto I-?war P? llre Court a i reeled a Jew clothkr, keepiag a ?"*?' I hand ..labliahaaeat la "-aaga .treat aamad Im4m* A.roa. rhM,^ oa Ito ca^UlaU a ^ro I fcudd.r, with bar lag paa.ed twewarttoa^. maa, | .mcuotlagtolk 7to I II|IbU IB? IJJJ (Kb bM ilMllCMd fvitoUlf Wll tf? MSa t-a Woaaa toak ^ '? ? v. that tb. jew refowm ta gire lum aaeo aw gaa'l b.a dollar blU a baa ra-iaaaW4 U to ?a by tha ?aaa alaioant Jaatloe la?art commltlad tto w M a lalnattoa oa tb. - barge prefWrra.1 agaiaal hlia. tklJOlO BJIBtolUHlWr Daalel ' art oil a yaaa? maa la tto ^ bi other, Jaaaae J. tJarraU, lb, oar -laalar of No tU Mal l.rt 7 atreet, aaa arraatad yaatarday by omwt HaTuaa. Ua Faarteeath ward obargad ^ tka a<7W.p('k??4 ! of hie -Wer hrottor with harlag awibankad al tla>ea ? wall eunwi '4 raaaay while la h? ?"Pk'r, Uader It la alleged that Haale! toe, from ?? J* ' T* abatrarta.1 moaaya frata tto drawer ^ agr rageia to oe.r U?, aad ku ,7. aee. T7-e aaeaead waa krooBj^ , ? ?. .1?^ W.lah, at the toti Na?ke? Peltoe Heart, wha -^mmlKad him for eaamlaattoa OHiUK or <MU*n ukwt M> lUrrU waa iitnM ;wt?4iy kj oa*?r Koaa, ?f Um l btotrtat potto* Mart, *arg?4 w'tk hartag i .(ami a poakat koa* (row OutM MimI, of Wo. II VivltMltr itnrt, it) hi ? I ibit k* *M Ia<l*aa4 la >trlak af lateim Uh IHwn kj Jka Ikti kt IMv?1 Mm t* (? ???r to Uka Ni?? Yard, ?ka.a K* ??rta4, ia i UMr* ?W hi* l*T 'w Ui? BMlk at M?r?t. ????Ill to I ? That (atttaf gtmtaiMlf feoak, tha |?MM> al/ly tart* tt? aa*tw; from nA^W'Mt a |p"W aa I ? . f?f* ?r?i ta -1 tW mm to his n* >?> 1h? hum aa* Um|1iI bafaaa JmUw flr*an?? at 1><? Wfcmm ktrtM pOtea Mlt, ?ta WHtol Mai loi ?utoknlwa IB m? rr>rm? >? tub la paw >mi>( if *? iMt i> j aa aettoU if P*ara4. "TkMi< ?? 'UkayM *jaeti?a. ?? fkut IM ??au Utl I tui towu m<u4 (?.?<?? H?a?ia M< II 1m|W> ? Mia* Iikl <(>?<K III C'lt DUIfaiillt i>4i4?M(totM tm ?!? "f k*h raap- takU ik?aa?k??, in at ta ?? 4 m/I* <a llmtnxrM' w< iU^imim Ma* ?*a? tk? ? wu toiiKf ??? a Mat irttt ?? mh u m ** Ml ?( aktak I km W?> total lilMta?4 ?4 ?toi? l't| ??<> I ?i<ito<*l??<4 th ito t? Mil ?4hilk ? ?? >i?im ?l ?a4"< "ui ?? ta?j >?? ??'? ?? M'ta ?| t?? U. .? MWinW ai Wi tf ?.!? i*a< ?r tkrv* l.Ato (attMSaoatitu ?< Aftaap tomi?ta;t Ian. ??, ?k?| f-aia>. mi f" m>? ???# oifcrtaaata *k?ai ??? ? u ?iaa? "?? "* "r ??. ?kaa> ICk . i? m 4?n>?a, kf kia ? a4 ????< a; luitto Ukm w4 ?alp ?a ke r*?#?ei toy >i ?i|li kaltmir fat ?k? r?w" '"I-?. ?Iialaa I aill > y Ito *mCh ??! ta i?He4 ' *w; J**4 T? .;m? C*4U>T f< ? uaMM ia t*a4 af ? ifi "m i 4i??? w ik? '??*** J* K|** *? (tii?IMilUi I ? kt?tair law i*i?r *??r" WMltota, Tba Cm* *<?Ha*? ?? ?*<???????. ? i , mn la aaW.aa Ik* ta* taaiaal, kf a? ku?4ra-t *?! tfaaaa ,?\tM ?.t at ?*> taJ??ts aaat ".lj ilrrkra ia N J , faiaJtV. la ttoa >hnw %, ia? aat?a 4?a?"?"? U?k?l, ?>?!, tfca HMf <a ?f Ika 4x>M ' TV > ttaiMMirfil ta lu*i> [ j? ??M>?t4fi 'm?kl?, KKWhi at, Ika ? AB*T> ?? ? kakat n-"ata4 k; ? ,i ?i or*?r Tka rota via m; tataU, uat ka f to ???*. am. tar. Koiwii 0?m%.1to fi id < mi %m tMm?j It w?fr, ?4 !(toV? '*? K^aUaa* Otwi. a< lM>i *' ia Vaa l*tota W likm kM jjipurfa taa ?"??????? v.?ibw?l ?# fm? i^i at "? ** *?'* * (U?M