Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1855 Page 3
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rnvnsims kikitd itrt iit. FOR HALE. [50 I SALE, THAT THRU "?*r l.lWU brown lt?a< boo.. Mil lot. Mo. 4? W t* Twin ? "i itrHt, new Fifth Iveaae. $4,300 eau remain oa _ Alio, for >8,000, ? . fk utt tbroo itory brisk homo aad 1** No. 00 Wool euty-aoventh Ureet. aad $5,800 on mortgage. Alio, (to ?r.?x>, ? _ bit elan three atory brick houoo Mo. ISO lilt 'way, and 18,000 on mortaage. Aloo, for $6,300, .me Md lot 44 Orchard atreet . . ilea, for ui,()00, bonio and lot 142 Reade otroot. Lie, for S1S,{|00, home, liable and tot 32 foot by 96, No. i Hammond otroot; $7,900 on mortgage. Aim, *o exchange a good (term, or for vacant lota, tbroo flrat elm four B brown atone bouaea and loti la th? neighborhood of avonae. Alio, for Bale, fall vacant Uti on Woit Seventeenth otroot, botwoon aad Sixth avenuea. AUo, for $7,000, In Brooklyn, Boat three itory brown atone houio aad lot No. 403 P? c otroot; hat Hirj convenience, and 96.U00 on mortgace. Alio, for V.OOO a oat throo itery brick house and lotoa I>oaa itroot; hai batbo, Ao., aad *4,0U) oa mortgage. For car is to ox ibo iboTi property, apply to 8. X. BROAD, 13 Wall rtreot. in nnn hardware and douse furnishing I I ,UUu. Itoro for lilt ?The itook, flxtnrea, good will , dleaae of an old eaiabliabed hardware and bouae far l*hing itoro in one ot tbo beet builneoo parti of the olty. ' I U a rare obatfoo for a good inveatmeat. Batiafaotory i for quitting the bu.-inea* will bo givea. Addreu 8. YOUNG, box 3,064, J?oit O?oo. IQ fifm -FOR SALE, THE STOCK, FIXTURES, *O.UUU. loaie and good will of an oitabliihod hard hero and houee-furoiahing itore, ia a tint rate buiinoai lo tion. Addreii Hardware, ll<r&ld office. ii nnn cheap. f l.Uuu. For aale cheap, a throe itory brick house in ?ahwiok. *2,D0O. Alio, a two itory cottage, with two loti, in Clarei>oo lo, Loagliland, halt au Iicur'a rido from Now York; houao w? 91,000. Tertna vorj eaay. , Together with a number of hooaea and loti la Now York, >oklyn and Wllllamaburg. Apply to PECARBS, BEKN8 FEIN A PHILLIPS. 61 Liberty atroet. ONLY.? FOR SALE, THE FIXTURES AND _ _ furniture of a well eatabliabed boardiog hoaae, atod at tnaaouth-eaat corner ot Forty ninth atreet, Eiahth venue, direony oppoaito the Eighth avenue depot, one of Vioboat in the oity, now having near twenty good and per manent boardora. and can accommodate thir y. Ill health pe oanae of lelling. For parilculari inquire aa above, or at p Univeraity place STORIA. ? 'A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, WITII FROM three to aixteen aoroa of land, oitnato about ouo mile ja A atona, adjoining the land ot George Kowenhovtu, on |ia Hell Gate Ntok road; high rolling land, with ahade and it treea; largo now heme and out bulldlngi. For particu I, apply to JOSIAH X. WHITNEY, oorner of Grand ot, aad the Creaoont, or at hii offloe, near Hell Gate f . Aitoria, L. I. GREAT BARGAIN? ONLY *1.000 DOWN? THE three atory brown itono baeetnent home. 25 by 52, lot t"1, . Beebo'i range, copper boiler, bath, gai throughout, ?loric tnrnaco, coneervatory, library with bookcaaea, garden ncked with cboiceat fruita, flowera and ihmbbery. Apply premiaea at No. 12 Tompkina place, Brooklyn. HOUSE AND SIX LOTS FOR SALK? IN THE VIL lago of South Amboy, on the ourner ?f Broadway and Lgnatne atreot, a good stand for a grocery and liquor atore; I il witbln five minntoa' walk of the railroad dopot. where |to bcata leave daily for New York; then aie two churohea nd a lohool homo on the lame block; or it wouM antwer r a country ioat or a private family; it la the handiomeat cation in the Tillage of South Amboy. Inquire for parti ilari oa the premiaea of L. GOOD. GOOD CHANCE? FOR SALE, AN ICE CREAM lb. laloon aad toy atore. in a good neighborhood, aix year a atabliahod. For particular! apply at 301 Third avaane. VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE ? OVttlt 100 ACRES, ^ well watered; dwelling and outbuitiinge in good order, . aplendid orchard and a great variety of other fruita. aitua ion healthy, one mile ana a half from railroad depot. The I'ira il In a good atate of enltivatloa, about twentjr acreain rood; will be iold on eaiy toima and early poiaeaaion given, kpply to E. V. Rogera, Eaq., Rahway, N. J. JOII.ERS FOR SALE-ONE MONTGOMERY BOILER, L> ot eight borae power, with itoam cheat, gunge conka, Ac., omplete; one eight hone cylinder flue boiler, (12 inch flue,) ith iteam oheit, front grate bara, Ae., only been need twee r-onthi; one eighteen Horn One cylinder boiler, (two ttuea, pi Inch,) with front, bara, guage oocki itoam cheat, ana rupee complete, only been uaed tour mouth*. Apply to P. A a'. Caaridy. 101 Plymoath ftreet, near Jay atroet, Brooklyn, br to H. Waite, 25 and 27 N>rth Firat itreet, Brooklyn, Eaat Jlatrict, late Williamiburg. (AKERY FOR SALE? nERE ISA RARE CHANCE ll) The old and well oatabliahed atand. now baking from aixty to eighty barrcla per week, with ewelling hinie at kaebwd on one ot the leading avrnnei, below Tebth atre.-t, Krply immediately to C. G. THOMI'dON, 81 Naaaan atreot, com No. 7. IAN AI. STREET PROPERTY FOR SALE-HOUSE aad lot No. 123. l'rloe $16,000. A map can be aeon on khe building. Half the amount can remain on mortgage. 1 owner reeidea in the home. PONFECTIONERY AND ICE CHIC AM SALOON -FOE ?ale, Itock, fixture! and all ueueaiary apparatua for yiag oa aa ice oream aalooa. The location u excullent, nd the eitabliihment ii doing well. Letie two year a to run. Kill be iold low for eaah. Apply to RICHARD L. PURDY A CO., 11* and 121 Naaaaa it. ONFECTIONERY AND ICE CREAM SALOON FOR U aala, with all the atoch, fixture*. and apparetua ai'cee btrjr for the bwHaeea, on one of tbe beat looation* in the oity. Baquirr at Bowery. Lf KIL .NTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE UR TO LET-AT ?U We?tport, Conn., either aeparately or together, a two fetory houae and cottagc, with loarteen acre* of laud, two ?hoar* from New Yrk, on the New York and New Uavea ?Railroad and within ten minutee' walk ot the railroad eta Kloa, eitneted la a remarkably healthy aad pleaeanl plaee. or farther particulare inquire ol J. ALLEN, 217 Bower/. B"\RUG STORE for sale, at a sacrifice. -the J (tore it neatly fitted up, ia a good neighborhood far a hyaiciaa or drnggiet; ie well worth >500, bat mnat be eold aring the week; the higbeat offer takee it. Term* cash B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. Drug store for sale, -the beautifully lo eated atore corner of Broadway and Foarteenth atreet, (Unioa Piece Hotel,) together with the leaee, will be told low for ca?h or approved aecurity Full iaformation with regard ta the ciroametancee, baaiaeaa pr apeota, Ae., may be obtaiaed from the proprietor on the preoaleae. gBSIRABLI COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE. AT Stamford Conn.? The double two etory aad attic frame aeon Henry atreet, at preaent occupied by Lieutoaaat Iger*. It contalna twelve square rooma. exclusive of kit ckea, large etore ruome, and nuineroae eloaeta; built in mod ern etyle, and flniaked in tha beet manner, filled in with trick: par.ore are beautifully Anlihed, dooole cornice, with aentra plccea, white merbla mantele. eliding door a, French window*, ornamental iron veranda la irint inclo.eil pieixa In raar, good range, oamentod cellar, two large eiaterna. aud well of exoelleat water near tbe door, good garden, abuu dance uf fruit, abate, ornamental trcei and abrubtier/, amuuda liandaomely laid out, aad all In complete repau; flte minute*' walk lion the depot, aud ahoit the nm dm Uaoe flrotu the atoamhoat landing Prioe *>,1)00. A large portion can reioutn at eii per cent. Alao, a beautiful and oonvooietii culture on the aame atrial, adjoining the summer reaitlence of the Rev Dr. Neville; o<ntaiaa tBirteen rooma. five on the Brat floor; haudeome grouada, good garden, qritb young fruit treea and abrnbkery. Immediate D>aieaaion given. I'rice H.STO; 12 VJO can remain at aix per cant Alao, a ver) deairehle cottage on Willow at reel; contalna twelve wood rooma fluiabed iu good atyle, marble mantela. rmge Ventilator', good gardiu, two acrea of Ian I Imoiediat pja aeaaion. Inquire ol A. KNOWLTON, 37 and W Murray ytrect, N. Y , where correct lithographic view* ol tbe pro forty caa be aeon. EE I) STORE FOR SALE-ONE OF THE BEST F rtandr in the city, too doing a fair kuaineai and bat log twenty aev en atalla connected with it, rent oheep. Ea quire at /l Jackaon etreet. For sale- two parlor pier glasses, m yards velvet carpet, two parlor chandelier!, two riaewoud warble top lablee? all new. Call at U3 Murray atreet. FORSALE-A LOT OF STREET MANURE.? APPLY ta PETER PALMER I3> Third etreet. _ FOR SALE? CHESNUT GROVE COTTAGE, CLIF ton. Haten Inland, containing eleven rooma. finiahed for a gentleman'a rendenee; good coach h?uaa and one and ^ ? quarter acna of land well laid out. Alae, a h >uaeat-? lat. Acplr to C. BARTI.ETT, Maul* ton, S. I., or leave letter Wta Collector. New Yotk aide. EOR SALE? $660 ? A RARE CIIANCE.-A B?OK aad atatlnnery atore, iituat?d la Falloa atraet, Brook i, doing a g'n.d caah baaiaeaa. alao, a large aewapjptr bnai Brae Will be enld cheap aa the proprietor haa entered in lb* wholesale hu-ineaa ia >ew York. Apply at the atore No. 6t JFulton etreet, Broohlya. For sale? a carpenter s shop, fixtures, ac., incladcd, lot 25 .'ul78 feat, ia a good location, now doia< ? good baaineae. For particulare inquire of George Green, ?II Third avenue, nr of Lueh A Moon, coraaraf Tweaty third ?treat aad Fourth avenue. tcdera F?" *ECAk?SV BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, e 61 I iberty atreet. Bear NVeau. Twe three etory flr?t ciaea brick bouaee.with all the bo ? Improvement s, ia Slatv Bret atreet. _ . fie fowr etory Brat elaaa Eniliah baeement houee. Weet Twatty fifth e reet. near Rigbth avenue, having all the ?e4e*a Im pro vomer ta. . The fear atory aad baeaweat brown atone front hone* 1)03 Xuhth aveaue aear I?rtf second atreet. The three etory brlek Ueuae eonn of Cllatoa aad Riving ?*ob atraeta Two fowr atory brick henae'e. Seventh avenue, aear Tweaty Rfth atreet. ? Tbe faar etory brick hoaee l!H Eaet Twelfth etreet. The gore lot. forty reet fruut, with tbe improveraeate thereon, waet aide of Eighth avenue, near Fortr elath atreet Twa lete ?? nth aide er Forty fifth >tr*et, 100 feet eaet of Teath aveane. Six lateia Herlaa, 129th ataeet, aear Elath aveaue. The three atory and baeement brick hoaae, laiahed ia head ?owe rtyla corner af Lee aveane tad Reae etreet, llrooklya. Teaetber wltb a number of houeea aae lot* la New York, Brooklyn aid Williamehnrg ? All af tha above property will be ?*!?? cheap aad aa aa ey term* ID* S A LB-CM TWENTY FOURTH STREET. NEAR North lUver, foarteen veeaat lot*, vary ellgiele fir lee I, found) lea. Ac Ap| ly to Th'ir ^r Billey. m Well at. TjtOR SALE-ON EASY TERMS, A SMALL BRII'K .1? bone* In a food nel/hborl "od. bnllt by the owner for ?wa aae with all modern impr-v- menta; piaia rarden m fr .at Apply ta A KENNEDY. I-V Eaat Thlrtj flltl. etreet. ?ear Third aveaae IWR RAIE-AN ELEOANT PHOTON AND n\i aaae. the aame waa mad* by Lawrence A Ca , and her aeee by Glba?a; baa been hat little need. Will be ae'd ?e;>* rata ar tag- *her. Apjly at Jarv.a'latBblee eoraerof Broad Way ant fttb atreet XpOR SAIE? <iR EZl HANGE F'iR CITY OR NEAR X: by vlllaaaatere, or other prop rtr. or f?r eteeka, go? de ?? Jtarahaadlee efaay kiad. a area of l? aeree wltnia two half milee af depot, at Wever'ay Tinge a*aatr. New * ."**1 ?? the New York and Erie R?ilro*d, oae of tb - ruiet ahrtvleg viiiagea aad leet marte'a for farm produce ia the ??(J Fer further partieulan, arplj to J A MAVYII.IE 111 triad ?t*wat. N T F'* SALE-TiI K F. E LI/TA I'N THIRTY THIIlil mn JMHWU ?tr?-t Mir Mitk i?mr. no If .m , T*' nH aixth ilp?#*., n ? . n T*>nr ???r? Ahd r,%* H',ry *- r 'k hni** on now I *Uv?, r* nt#d for fl.iHW. prie? %fi m t Jet of May, l te^eixed Term* eaay laqatr* la tk* *t*r* FOB SA1.E-A PASSAGE TICUT PER STEAMER Baltic, to Mil the lStb tut. Apply at Mo. M Bread ?treet, np italr*. fUKSALK? A NEW ST I AM TABLE, ALSO A COrrBE b'ilsr, together with a cornp *te oookiag apparatus, adapti d for tho use of Hub. The above article* sro made of tLe heaviest of material*, aud with decided improvements. Per?ons latendlag to establiah ao eating house art offered an opportunity of buy in* their cooking implement* at amo> t half iu actual co*t. Iaqulre of UE.SK? SMITH, Mo. 1A)), Baxter street Fob sale-on account 01 departure, some fine mahogany BBd roae wood furniture, riculy r rimed engraving and oil palatini, poroelaia aad pariaa ram and ?tatuas, hooka aad bookeaiM, lace aad other oartaiai, rilver plated and eilver war*, cheap for oaah. Apply at 1U7 Bro voort plaea, from U A. M. tul 4 P. M., far three day*. Fob sai.b-a la rub safe, editable for a jeweller or watch Importer, IFUder'e Pateet Rleb'i iBijroveanent. Can bo mob at 43 Jay etreet, prieo ?!&>, oert PM. li<OB 8A LB? THREE STOBT AND BASEMENT HOUiB, r Weet Washington place, $6,800: four story En?liah haaemoBt, W eat Tweaty lfth etreet, W.SUU; four atory Bag liah basement. Eaat Twenty tilth street, $14,000; three itory and baeement hoaae, West Thirty aixth street, $7,000; fonr etory aad baeemeat hoaM, Baet Fifteenth street, $I4,<M?; four seres oa this ialaad. with the water front, on easy terms. Apply to BOOMB * BUNNELL, 373 Broadway. jlOR f ALE? A MBAT AND VEflETABI.B MARKET, _f neatly fitted Bp with marble Italia, and in aa excellent neighborhood, w ith a food aet of customers. The rent all F takes oat the ahop. A fiae opportunity for auy oae who wishes to enrage is the business. Apply on the corner of Henry and Rutgers streets. Fob salb-tiib fixture*, likewise three j ear.' leaae ot a billiard sulooa, located on Broadway. lteia;r engaged in other basiaess is tho object In selling. Will ?ll low. or will eiehenge for a hoaee and lot. Apply to C. M. HARTNICK, SIM Broadway, room 1. FOB iALB? IN FULTON STREET. OPPOSITE WASH ington Market, and ketweea Weat and Washington etreets, a valuable Ore story aud basemeat brtek ho jm; one of the best looatioBS in t ulton street; lot 20 by ahont 00. Terms of payment favorable. Apply to A. M. I. VON, No. Bit Merchant's Exchange, central entrauoe, on Wall atrest, hr?t floor. IjVJR HALE CHEAP? A BAY MARE. IS HANDS JT high, fi>e years old, sound and kind, a good lam. ly or road horse, will make a fast one whon trained: can be seen at Club stable in Dowuiug, near Ulceekor street. Apply at Washington Market V MAKE WEN A SALTERS, No. 8 West stroat side. Fob ?ale cheap ? four bkown stone front hoaMs, situated sonth side of 3Hth strut, near tho 4th avenue; are built ia the moat substantial manner and baad sotnely Aaiahed with all the niodera improvements: lot !M:'Jx 20 feet Iront. Will be sold cheap or exchanged for unim proved lots well located. Apply on the premises of K. Kit tjlOB SALE I.0W? A HOUSE AND TWO At.' RES OF J? land, na wliieh there Is fruit trees ol various klads, a good vegetable gardea, atrewberrlei, gooseberries, Ac., situ ated one hour from the city by railroad. A tair stand tor a tihyaiolaa For further particulars. Inquire of E. PRATT, ?l Fulton etreet, np s'.airs. FOR SAI.B AND TO LIT, ONE. SPLENDID COUNTER; also, one large stained glass lamp, suitable for any pub lic house; together with a number of beautiful furnished rooms, to let, with or without hoard. Apply to E. L. TUCK EK. 1.13. 135 aud 137 Fourth street, Williamsburg, belwoou South first and Second streets. For sale or to let-a two story attic high tasemont brick house, No. 196 Church street, in good order, with modern improvements. Alio to let, stores, homes au<l parts of bouses. Inquire of ROSS A EKVINO, Real Estate aad Hens* Agents, No. id Eighth tveune. Fob sale ob to lit-tuk two story and attic brick hoase, 113 llatumoud street, lot 32x98, houae 32x 46 deep. On rear ot lot Is a two story building, aultablo for a stable, with an alleyway eight feet wide. The liojse has every modern Improvemeat. Inquire at No. 1* Perry street. FOB SALE OR TO LET? A NEW MODEL ENOLISII basement bouse, oa the north side of Thirty flrst street, bet seen Second and Third avenues, fitted op in the best manner, with the modern improvement*. Inquire on the premises, of P. V. BEEP. J10R SAI.E OR TO LET? AT BULL'S FERRY, A COT tage with eight rooms, beside* basement and kltchea separate from hoase, with rauge and every oonvenlenoe; bsrn aad outhouses eapabla of stable room for eight horses. The property rompriaea an acre, immediately on the Bull * ferry read, quarter of a mile from the steamboat leading, to which boat* ply from the foot of Spring atreet at least *ix times a day Also, for sale tke celebrated site opposite th* Abbey Hotel, New York, called thi Island It comprise* nearly five acrea, of whiob two are upland, altuated oa the Hudsoa tlver, having a frontage aad seawall of some 330 feet In width, and capable of being made a shipyard with very little expen**. This property 1* but *ix miles from Barclay street, and I* th* most baiutiful bnlldiag lite within many miles. Oa the niece aro apple, cherry and S'-?r trees, with bouse and hothouse. Terms easy and mo etat*. Apply to B. 8. IIART, 4 Hanover atreet. New York. JIOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? FOR A PAYINO Busi ness, in or near New York, two brtek houses, three storle* and basement, altnated In a thriving part of Jersey City, within eight minutes' walk of the terry. They are worth $7 mm, of which $4,000 can remain on bona and mort gage Title indisputable. Shonld anythiag be olTered of more value thaa these buildings, tie advertiser has another ImuM In lloboken. which might be included. Address JAS. BROAOMEADbW, 77 Maiden Ian*. B'OR SAI E OR EXCHANGE ? IN NEW ROCHELI.E, A baadeome country aeat, Bear the Neptune lloueo; a two etory and baeement bouae, with t> *.- noroe of land, hand simely laid nut, fruits, plants and lloini, load oolboneee, beit or water, and commanding a eplemlid view of the river. It is In ever; rti|i?l a delightful spot. Apply to R. O. GOODWIN, Clinton Hall, Elftlith itrect, Bear Broadway. For sai x or exchange-good property kok investment ? Three lot* on Eiahtr tilth str et, running through to Eighty seventh atreit. Slal 02 leet, l- Flrat avenue and avanne A; also, oa 104th street northerly slds, five lota. 2Ssl(Nf fed, and 276 feat eaat of Eighth avenue. Ap ply to 11. W. RICHARDS, ?"! Broadway FOR SAI.E OR EXCHANGE-TWO THREE STORY Irirk availing*, nearly bow. In Williamsburg, 432 Grand ?tract. on the northarlr aide, il'ty feet from Ewea; lot 23x100 feat, front bonae. with atore 2%x40 feet; rear boaae twclre ri/omi; good property for inrrrtmeot Apply to B. W. RICHARDS. 3 ifr Broadway. /I REAT II A KO A IN? $1,4.*), TERMS EAKY-FOURTEE V I I tore* inrden land, r?w houaa. Bve rooma, aellar ami garret. 2P<i young apple tteea, oae mile from railroad depot, twenty aeveu mllea frnin Brooklyn, I,. I Inquire of Mr. JOHN Mil K> PoatOfflee, Vorkvilla, N. Y. CI ROCFRY STORE.? FDR SAI.E, 1 HIS DAY TUB OLD I aid well eatabliahed store well looated on the corner of oue of the beat atraeta iu the Eighth ward, now doing a rood butltiesa Apply immediately to C. G. THOMPSON, Ml Nat aau atreet, ro?in No. 7. HOUSE FOR SALE? LESS THAN COST-HANDSOME three stories, basement, counter, cellar, good neigh I borhocd, hlrh atoop. halentilea. and all the mndero Im Sro< emeiita. IV Forty flrat itr et, between Broadway and ixth avenue, with gas flxtnrea and all compute Inquire on the preu.iaoa, after 1U a'elook, or any time in the evening. IMPORTANT IO SF.A CAPTAINS AN!) < >T?IK*H._ For aala cheap, a Chllds' raol. W ill b? told for t J??. Ad dreaa 11, C. S , Herald office, for three daya. JIVERV BUSINESS FOR SALE? TOT REST CHANCE J ever offered to liverymen. ? The stock, Isese, and rood will of the work of one of the la<t hotela in toe L'alted Statta. The atabla baa room for one hundred boraei. The M .tan 'I in tbe city. Tba atabla baa more convenience* thar any other stable la New York. Satlsfaetiry raaanna given for selling. Pat further partlenlara nddrest, with rial aatne, O II . II, reM nfltce. Eaatera, weatera, aortbera and at Bittern papers pleaae copy Must be sold, to close a joint account, the three etory and high baaemeat trowo atone bouae on Heat Twenty tilth atreat, naar Sixth arena*, la a row of lime rlaaa hoaaea; (nod front and rear, with every eonve nlence; bouae 22 by W teet. lot half the block, equata rooma ia third atory, coaater cellar, two hatha, water cloaeta, hot and cold water, waah tray, verandah, gaa throughout the honee. faehiotahle parlir and extenaiun rooma, ran re and furnare, -i .? k ing tnbae, Ac Renta for $1,10". Apply at 147 Iront atreet from I to 3 o'clock. OCEAN HOUSE, AT CAPE OTNI.OPKN -THIS IS oae of the teat hotela ia tbe State of Delaware, ?nd ia pi- aiantly aad eligibly loeaUd In every respect aa any a no a tbe Atlantic eoaat, and will be eold at a great bargain. Title perfect. ApflytoM. C. A L. E. RIGGS, 10 Wall atrnet. Sew York, or JOS. H. COLLINS. No .3 South Water atreat, Philadelphia, Ft. STfHE FIXTl'RES FOR SAI.E-AT 12# EIGHTH aveaae. for a atore IS or 60 feat deep. The ehelvini and foargrod walnut top eoantera, Ac., In complete order, to be aold at a aacribee. on ur before the lat of May. Apply at tba above number, to W ALTER AITKIN, 19 Eighth QPI.ENDID PARM OP 100 AC'REl-IN BERGEN D roanty, New Jeraey.near the Erie Railroad; superior Improvameiita. Price W.iaxi, or alxty aerea and bulldiaga, orchard, Ac . for $4,f*V Apply to C. R MILLER A CO., auotaeneerf, IHft Broadway. QEWINO MACHINE FOR SAI E, CHEAP? ONE OF O Wheeler A Wilson a, nmrly aaw, ia goed order. Apply toA W NICHOLSON, 107 Front street. SODA WA1ER ESTABLISHMENT POR SALE AT A fair valaation. baviag been many raara eetabliahad, with everythiag aereaaary for maaafactarfag aad earrylag oa tke buaiaeaa extenaivaly. wagnae, borne Aa. aad aa* la aae cetefnl operation, doiaa a baalneae of ahoat tSI.OUO yearly . Apply to fl W. RICHARDS, Jff Broadway. TO PHYSICIANS AND DRUGGISTS.? A PHVMCIAN, owniar a firat elaaa drag atore. with tkraa years laaae, aill eell it. in conaeatioa with a larxa practlee, tar half its valne. Is oi.liged t? go abroad for his health. A rare chance for a yoaag physielaa. laanireol L. S. THOMAS, No. tt Naaeao street f?V> PRINTER!* -W'U WILL BI T A SMALL PRINT X lag off ee worth $H<I. ia oae of the best location" la the aity now d?lng a weekly paper; also, aaw material for ate reot t r>iag A Brat rate ctiaree for a voang uaa with a (sail capital. Addraaa Printer, Herald oflUe. T> OAS FITTERS.? TO SELU A SET Of TOOLS, r*l . pant' goage, set of steeks aad diss, two viesa, forge toags. lathe ar.d tools Also, waat'd a Jab at gas lilting by Waeral workman. OnatrrBreferred Address P POWELL, bird aveaae, tor aaa week. TO BUSIS ESS MEN ? POR SAI.E. THE STOCK AND Sxtnrea of a general honea furaiehiag aad toy atore. atg ) acre eatal Hated, la rae of the best buslaesa laeatleaa la th? eitv. with a leare of premlaea fat a term of years. Ad dress /, box 1777 Poet '??ea _ TO DAGI'RRRE AN ARTISTS AND OTHER* ?FOR sale, the lea>e, apparatus atoik ae l tnrniioree'a (rst rate f allery. In tbe beat aitaatinn in Brooklyn, now doing a F rentable bueineas Terms mads koowa l.y a|.plyiai at S4A niton atreet. Itro- klyn Any one <leairaas af pnrehasiat, and aat understanding the art. II will be tanrht them fK? PERSONS DECLINING HOUSEKEEPI VTl ?AN A InWrett la a valaahle Invention far aala. la exehaag* T<r g'.od heaeeheid fnrnitnre Addreaa Pnrnitare. for tkrae ?. V."i. r* alalia* where latatview caa be had aad i? fiittnri it?n. IeKOAl. KOTK'KN, 1 W SAI E MANUPAl'TI'ltERS.? THE I J nndertigned givaa a. t.ce that a patent wai I. m?4 ! W?r?h J7 1W???, fr-f III* alum ttllfif f^r amrpn n?*4 by i Hotoae A 8 tiler. N?. ??, w ^ ljj"3 Oat all ftiiore iaf ineemenla there >f will be Hrldiy rr'ee e led This not tee become, aeeeaearr. aa eowa of the arta eipel aafe makera ia New 1 ork (an t ..tie In aeeaienlar' ar< bik'i rxoeid ta lave a>ed It, ?r aa imita'.iea at it einee the 1 ( rytal Palace teet ial-.M O If. II A M V'lN Ft Jr. a* I Itfili far U' t?fs A Ba'ler, N a. 18 Wall H(?t HOMMI, CARKIAQKI, dfcC. A BAR* CHAN CI.? FOR SALS, A BLACK MARK, H>? h.nda high, aiyiit ??? kaaiuai. )?' teetly sound, of mil luilgrtnoi: cast tret in 2 .4A, Prtoe $600. Al?o, a licit roaoh. to hold tour Miiou, made by one of tbo b*(t clay maker*; used only twelve tlau: cott o?ir $400; price $324 Addrtoa Ulatk Hawk, box 104 Iftrtld oflkoe. AGINTLEMAN, HAVING A OOOD STABLE,- DE ' sires to make aa arrangement ter tbo tree of a pair of , boraoi, carriage and driver, ^ the country, from Mar to October, where tbo road* are?aod and iba eorrlce required j U the driving a amatl family tt|buut aftera mae: a ruck- , away carriage preferred. Addraal box 1.4S8, Poet otttce. IflOR SALE? A FAIK Of THOROUGH RRBD FRENCH ! 1 Caaaolana. beautiful and let blaok? Commodore Htoek- i ton and Black Warrior; au tret together luaida three i Bloater; been ia Now York on a month, and bate beat all , tingle and doable teame they bar a mat on the road. Inquire , ?f CHARLES STARLING, ESQ , IS# Creebr atreet. or Mr. I Billinga, Metropolitan Dotal. For sale-a horse eight years old, war ranted eound and gentla. Would u>ale a good wagon hirae. Enquire at lilt Chamber* atreet, or 2 4 Weat at met. M. KEEI.EE. For sale-a very handsome Shetland pony. War on aad Harnoaa ; the wagon and harneae wore made oxpreaaly for thejpoay by one of the beat maker*. The pony i( >ix year a old, klnu aad gentle la haroera or undur the ?addle. A *plendid get ap. Apply at 302 Soooad, in Boot aad Shoo atore. FOR 9 ALE ? A BEAUT1FUI? SORRIL MARK SF. YEN year* old, 14>t banda high, warranted aound kind and gentle in harnoaa aad under the aaddle; it ia with few ex oeptiona, the liaudaomeet inaro oa the road; alao, a eblftiog top wagon,-in good order, with harneaa, Ac., will be aold to ?other cheap, to a peraon who will treat bar well Apply at DICKEL'S riding aohool, or at 44 Broad atreet, ap ataira. f ull SALE-A DARK IRON GRAF HORSE, SEVEN yeara old, alxteon hernia high, a rood traveller. and fine appearance; drivea free; would make a good horse for an eipreia wagon or a carriage Prico $140. In 'iiire at Mr. OKAY'S grocery eturc, Ninth avenue, between Thirty fourth and Thirty fifth atroeta. For sale? a thorough bred fkench cana i illan atud horae, warranted kind, aad euitable for any l buainese. ? Will work ia doable or eiugle harneae. Cnn pace ' Inelde of three minute* and trot in four. Will be add at a aacrifloe, aa the owner haa no uae for him. Can be aoen dally at 3HH Tenth street until diapered of. For i- ale-horses, carriages and harness. I A gentleman aboat leaving the city would diapoan of hi* horaer. carriage* and harnoaa, all In goo I orlor. Tho horaea are au excellent pair of sraya. lirl^ hacda uiih, good travellere, and would bo rerv de.irablo to a family wlm aro In want or horae* on whloh they can place relianca. Ap .If, i r < in 8 A. M. to 13, at 324 Fourth atreet, near Mercer atreet. For salk-an elegant pair of black car rlagc boraea, very at< liah and aoand ; also, a uew coupe, with ham***. Ac. Any gentleman wUhing euoli an oataDlisbment will And thia a favorable onp.irtuoity, aa it ia only wild for want of aao. Apply from V to II A M and I 4 to 6 P.M., at the.itable, oorner Broadway and Crjat Jooaa ?treet. | For sale-a light wagon, in good running order. Will be aold at a fair price, aa the owner ha< ! no further uae for it. Apply at 3IW, seventh avonae, for two . day a. For sale-a pair of large ray carriage horaea. of aupeiior quantise; alio, a family carriage, ' nearly new, made by Wood, Tomlinaon A Co.; alao, a ant or double harn<M. To be aeon at 3he|bin'a (tablea, 4S Weat ' Twenty. third *trtet, near Sixth avunue. FORSALE- ONE SEVEN YEAR OLD MARE, SIXTEEN banda high, aound and kind in any liarneaa; can trot in aidt of throe mlautea. Alao, one lie hi ahtftiag top wagon; one eulkey and aleigh. together with harneaa blankets, robea, I ?addle, bridle, Ac Will be aold cheap, aa the owner haa no n>? tor them. Inquire of T. K. CROCKER, 10 Fulton | MaHet. | For sai.e-a very handsome and stylish pair of h? j horaea, I4W banda high, flag talla, six and ?< ran yeara old, good traveller*, a. and aad kind. To bo aold | at auction on Friday, at 11 o'clock, at No lVNaaiau atreet. To be aoen before sale at GV Wooater atreet I 'OR SALE-ONE TOP WAGON. NEARLY NEW, euitable for a doator; coat $22.1; will hn (old for loweat i price $124 Apply at CONK LIN A HUUG'S livery (table, oorner of Fourth avenue and Twenty-filth atreet. For sale? a first rate feed waoon, for one horae or two, cheap; nuat be aold thia week; alao a large ice box, initable for a butcher. Apply at the bakery, corner of Atlantic and Power* atreeta, Brooklyn. For sale-a light, shifting top buogy wagon. In flrat rata ordor and bat little worn; alao a no ; top box wagon, nearly new and very handeome. The aliove i are the property of a gentleman going to Europe, and will [ be aold low. Inquire at the atablo No. 402 Atlantic atreet, Brooklyn. For sale.-a caleshi, built by lawrevci, in the beat minirr, and in complete order. Apply at the atablo 72 Eighth at ret, near Filth avenue. For sale? a horse and waoon, suitable for a grocorand expreae baeineea; horae aix yatra old, 14^ banda htah; ii a hay color, warranted aound. inquire at No. 231 Tenth avenue, corner of Twenty f.fth atreet Alao the leaae of a building aultable for {a factory, havinr ttvo years to run. for aale cueap. Inquire aa above. | POR SALE-A HORSE AND CART, AND THE WORK of three good paying atore*. If applied for iinmodittoly It eaa be bought at a bargain. Apply to S R. FORSHAY, No VI arcane ('. between thlioura of 7 aad V A. 11 . or Ml { 1 bird avenue, ft oa a to ? V M. TpOR SALE? ONE SINGLE HORSE, JUST FROM J/ tbe oountry. Can be >rea at tho etablet of Reed A Trueidell, corner of Mercer and Hloecker atreet*, for oae day, from b till 12 o'clock. I'rioe $224. I^OR SALE-A I'Alk OF BAY MAKES JUST FROM the country Can be aeon at Ri ed A Trneedolla ata blea, corner of Mercer aud Bleecker atreeta No 17'1, be tweea the louie of - aad 12, (or one day. Price t ?? For SALE-A TWO SEAT ROCK AWAY CARRIAGE, with pole and abafta; alao, a light wa/on with dounla and aingle baineaa. Sold to eettle an eatate. To be aeen at No 4 kivlngton atreet, aear the Bowery. For sai f.-on reasonable teru.s, a splendid assortment of u?w and aecond band coaches, light wa gona, doctors glga and two seated wa^ona. Alao, ap iirof poniea; ran trot a mile In three mlnatea; warranted aound. Apply at Ml A !*2 Eaat Eleventh atreet, near Second avenue. E"OR SAI.E-A DOCTOR'S I1IG AND HARNESS, ALL F in ij'iod order. Apply at the St. NRkilaa atabiei, J7 and At Mercer atreet. For sale? forty larue size broke BIT LBS, ago from five to aeran yenra. at the atabl? ol Aaguatua Ivan*. Eaat New Y?rk, near William Wiieelan'a hotel. Inquire foi Mr IVANS, for one week Stag' ? leave evory half hour from i'eek slip, Brooklyn aide. POR SALE, CHEAP-A CRAV HORSE, 141, HANDS high, loond, and kind in all harneaa. Alao. a dark aorrel maro; can trot a mile in 3'4, 14 banda high, aound, aud kind la all harii'ta Both can be aeen hy calling a* No. Butler *trret, between Smith and Court atreeta, Brooklyn. Horse for sale ?a very beautiful bay horse, all yeara old, good aire, aplondid carrier*, f?*t traveller, lately from Vermont, will be (old. aa the owner ia about tolcaid the city May Sa aeen at Metro jolitan atablea, I'rince street. nORSF. FOR SALE-A VERY FINE GRAY HORSE, i * arly 17 banda high, a good traveller, gentle and kind, ?even yeara r,|d, aad warmnted perfectly aound; weald make a rplendld bi rae for a brougham or rockaway. Apply to K. Hit I, atable vm Fourth atreet. Horse for sAi.t-A iiandsobe bay mare ! aeven veara old. warranted a nod and kind In nil bar n< aa Anv lady wanting ? aafe gentle riding borve, cannot easily find his match. Apply at 131 Foraytn street, In the office. IADY'S SADDLE IIORHC WANTED -TIIE ADVER J tiaer owi.a a laat racking horao. whi 'I. be will exchange for a lady * aaddle horae. Tiie bore*- offerad ia exohangel* a very faat and valuable one aouad and kind ia every par tirular. A w agon aaltable for the country, that will eeat fix pereona. will alao he taken in part I'rice ol bora*$l,lll) Addr?ia box 2t'<4, Poat office. PONIES? FOR SALE. SHETLAND AND SCOTCH ponies, euitable for < bildreu to ride or drive in harneee, eno pair ot beautiful ma'ehed pouiea, warranted kind In harneaa, and laet. Can be aeen at 3D Elisabeth atreet. * CEO J HALL. Tim ?tee colt for jai.i -wii.i, be s teabi old In Mar aoxt. 16 haad< kiah. til baantlfall* pr.por tioard la * frn atyliah drlrcr, atopa a<iaara ami light and can tr?t a Bllo in miautaa which (ait may bo m-irli In profl li; priiM tiahiu. la ? arlootly ? 1 ia4 kia>l la ! rrrrj T'ff+ei. WonM maka a aplaadld rua^^tefpmlly , koraa l.ooaat erlno Iftui Can ha a<an at^WRla of I tha (taan aawBill. faot of forty fifth atraat. VERMONT UORftES -FIFTEEN HOUSE*. OF Till I baat M raan atork, an? ng thoa adaaral faat oaaa, aal two aia'rk Mama, laat from Eaatora Vermont. Alao eight 1 lipht waaoaa, by the lut oity aakere Will ba aold low, n c?aaa<|a?Bee of tka Ira wklck d?a'rn*a4 oar aatabluhmaat Apply at >1 aad B bnraa atra't. Brooklya. WAGON FOB B A I.E-9t'tTABLE FOB THE FEED TT kuaiataa. Ac. Alao, a light trottinr wa/on, with bar aeaa. Will ba aoid aheap 1 n<|?itra at tha atabla, J.I Firat I g*riat. HOTCLI. Hotel bbiohton, Boulogne <scr mrri, fra mo ? Ta fkailiaa goiag to Earopa. A aoaUaotaa lata!; ?raa law. Ma eat air raMsaaal tha "Hotel Bnghtoa/ u sat aafrtba baat la tka plaaa, bat aa iaa of tha boat la Earopa. IlitaaVed at a aaaraniamt diataaaa from tho rail r ad. aad balai ta tka aalddla af a largo gardes. thla hate' |iaaa?ail all tka eomforve daalrahie for wealthy faailiaa HOTBL FOI.KSTONB, IN PABIS, no. ? BOB DE Caatollaao Thla kotol, ritaeud Bear tko lladolalao, tha Boalornrda tbo Tallortaa aad tka Cbaaapa Blya?ea. U epaciall) fra.|oeoled by Eagllah traeellera, aad aow kept by aa Aiqenaaa lad*, with bow and alogaat raraltaro, food arraaram^ata aad rlaaahaaaa. Tha attoadaaca la t-rtntmvi by EnfcHek ?r<aaU. aad aothlag la eparad to reader tko ho lal oaa of tha Boat o/aa'ortabU la 1'aria. Bodrooma aad a | art meat a, braakfaata aad diaaara, at modarat- toyaa. I HE SMITHSONIAN HOT HE AA EtLAROED, IS aow opaa, coraai ol Broadway aad Hoaetoa (treat. oa i aaBa block with tka Metrorwlitea llotal aad Mblo a Tbo koaao I# aondu'tod aa tk" Buropoaa plaa of lodging rooaa. raartag in prtca froa caota a day ifor in-ido aia ?la rwaBai to ft! par <>;. aeeordir.g to alaa, looation Ai Tha BOW raalauiant ta laeat'd oa tka Irat floor oa llr?ad way, abart, or la tko private rmaa, meale will ba furmabed at tka I a>at prlaa tka Barbat afferto aad la aaperior ?tyla, tha goaata taylag oaly for what tb-y order. Travel l?ra will Had at tha lailheoalaa a*coaa?datioae of aupe , rtor order for raapocfabillty, erdar. aeateaae, aitaoti .a. I tinfort aad aaoaoBy. SIDNEY KOPMAN. Atrntoi/OOT. JNrt T TO I. BATE THB CITF-MA PA *E MORROW. Thla highly gtftad lad* will poaltiaaly laa*a far Earopa isaftwdaya. IW all thai wtak to aoaaalt hor maat "all ?mb, arthay will aot gat tka chaaea Ska will tall all tka , areata of life aad er?a tko ear* ikoaghta, to th? rreal aato aiahBiant of all k?* rlaitata, T< (IrooBa itwi aoar Canaoa ' fiaatlaaaa aa> admlttod. N. B ? Narbarga, If a'.t aa'iaaad itBOIOOV -ilR? FI.Et RY~ FRoM ?Agj UL |? ca'aWatad la aaptalniar tha planata by tHo an of tko { 1 old aatrolagcra, by hooka and artaaea, flitaa laforaatioa of ? II r?latloa? of algkt al KB Rroaaa a?r?at (II AIBTfilAM EXTRA lBDIN ART I1AYF4 J la wlthnat a?i?ptior tha at woadarfal madi'-al and , I bartaaaa elair*oyaa? aa?r ?:?!?? I ?ki< coia'ry- Thaao who , doabt, ta?a h?C to aa? alt har ta W aawv|aa?d I 'art dia i aaaa<l para n 'lion'd aoaaalt bar; aad diakaliaaara alaa 0?<a l? *prla? Hraat aaar tha B.wary l-r IIAVBA, I EiortricUa \IAI'A*r A I WIN, FKOM PAHI*. TEMiP'** HER

i'l aatnaaa, to tka ladfaa aad r>a<iaaan in t>braao!oay, j bj ho*ka aad ??iaaaa Sha aa? I* ?',n?ait?.| aka-at Ixa i Biarrlaga, baala?at A' .and will ut! tl>a aaa* ?f llta ladfat ' g?-a?l?a.>a tl.ay will aa.-ry, alao tba aanoa of k?r amtara ? ai'iiaaA ">? f*it> apaaa la Bag' ah I r-oak aa I ' j'*aoa? 1 liMiif*, ft.1) Bo wary, t ????? ri<a\ ta I iiMbd **.r??t?. 1 BOARDnfO AID LWKHM. Q?7|VbRU*UW AY-FURNISHED ROOMS TO I.KT, O I U liftndiouie luruiabed room* with attend anuo, eary iBg in price from 97 to $f> par week. The IionM to neat, no ?ovluK ftt M?y ; lr<akla*t if desired. At H7? Broadway ffitfU BROADWAY. UNION SQUARE. ? A II ANDSoMK OUO famished suit of lour room uu Br?t floor, bath r on, u?? and on I ho Europeaa p'an, or private table if preferred. HMdMimi rooms for (??Uimi, with or without bmrl Mo botIbc la May. 7K9 BROADWAY.? A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED I OJj suite of roc m? will be vacated >? a few daya, in the above Brit class l.euae, which eon to eagaged for tbo earning season, by t > , or aiacl* I- 1 Q BROADWAY -TWO SUITS OF WILL FUR utO ai*h*d hunt roan* ; nloo roar moms, with ono room for (initio gentlemen may be bad, with full board, Uous* has all nodora lmprov- meat*. QOQ HINRY STREET, BROOKLYN -A FROST OwO eait of room*. on th? aecond floor, to lot, together or **parate, in a tlrst olaaa house. to a gentleman anil hia wi'e; alao, accommodation* fur ainclo k-entlenien . location desirable, and eoavtraioBi to the South farrica. Apply aa BbOTO. QfjQ TWKI.H1I STREET, SECOND DOOR FRttM SI Ovw aond avenue ? Roouia on aoouaii floor fiiroiahcl or unfurnished In a 1 rival* family, partial hoard for a geutlo nan. or family or a*ult*. Pleaaent lociatioa, Bear ata^ei and car*. I'uexceptiouablo references Kiven and ro.julrod. Balh and gas on the floor. 1 | HUDSON STREET, FRONTING ST. JOHN'S JL J ?/ ?i|oarc. Hi'umi on ?econd floor, in auitc, or aoparat-, containing *as, bath, ke. Relerencre e changed MC NINTH STRKBI WILL UK VACATED IN A FEW ? ' da) a Suites of liandioinrly furniahed rooun on ?econd and third floor* Will ho let to families with private table, or simile renilemi-n with pnrtial hoard for summer Apt ly at liS Ninth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. * Q"| HENRY STREET? A LARGE AND PI.EISaNT Oi front room, 1 11 tl.atcooad floor, to lot, with hoard to a i:rn<lrman and wife Tho ropm has a good pant rv attached, ana bedroom it lequiiad. Aoonptaof siugle geutli-iaea can alao l>* aocomuiodxted. 71 \ FRANK I.I N STREET. FIRST HOUSE WE IT OF I 0 Broadway.-? Taro parlor* ?u the tlrat floor to lot, separate or together; a good location for a phyaloian; al ??, fnf or >is ainnlc and double rooma. tor lodfin.f*, noatly fur ntatied; Cleanliness strictly observed. WHITE STREET, FOUR DOORS WEST OF I1ROAD oU way. ? A Va-eui. nt, titled up for a phyaUUn's 1 tOoe, may l>c bad for the aame CI any other kind of luiaiiiete; like wine two p?rlor?, three umall ronma on the ground floor, to In altogether ? r separate; alio several furnished roouia, iiu mediately, ii required. rn WEST TWENTY Tlllltn STREET? A FEW SK t J a lert families and gentlemen can be aoeouuioitat 'l with suite# or single room*, with full or partial board, i a that aligihle brown atone building, whieh la new and new ly furniahed, containing all the modern improvement* hoiiBi e?n now he aecurcd by the la*t we*k in April, by p< rmanent boardcra for the aeaaon. PA WAI.KKU tTKEF.T, FIVE DOORS WKST OF ?Jt Rroadcay ? A larne front room, on the aaeond H?ir, to let, turnlel.ed.wilh or without bo.ird? an admirahi* room for four fieBtlemen. Alao tingle and double rooina to let, fur tii-l.ed with or without boird, auitabl* for *in(le gentlemen and gentlemen and their wlrea All the rooma are newly furiiicticd. Ilot, cold, and ahower hath* in the houaa. AO WEST WASHINGTON PI, ACE ?CHOICE ROOUS to let, either ?ln*ly or in eultn, hand*oinclr and newty furniahed, with or without partial board Famillae and ein |le tceiuleuten will do well to eaamtne the accommodation* nlfered ; bouae contain* the moderu Improrctocnt*. Refer enee* exchanged. 4fT0ROVK STREET. NEAR BI.EECKER. -DELIGHT t ) ful room* on Brat and seoond flour* to l it, furniahed ec unfurnished, with board;* Drat rlaee, nontaluluf im proveBienta; luca'ion moat deeirahle, and aceeaeiblc to oar* and atage line*, hn children taken. QQ AND Id HOWARD STREET? FURNISHED ROOMS OO with or without breakfaat and tea. alao, a (oit or parlor*, on tlrat floor, unfurnished Inquire at 40 Howard atieit, flrnt doir from the corner of llroalway, eaat aide. K< feronre* required. Ol BOND STREET.? A FEW SINGLE IIOOBS TO LET, ell with partial board One room ia well calculated for two gentlemen If deairad Keferenc* exchange.]. 9 L? AMITY PLACE -HANDSOMRI.Y FURNISHED parlor* ob the flrat floor, and two ..r three hudrootna, to let to geotlcmcn, with or without partial board All the m .di m oonreuienci-a. |(t UHIOH SQUARE -A IIANDSOMR PARI.OR AM) J If bedroom t? let, on the aecoad floor, with full or par tial board. Alto, two *in(lc room*. 3 ASHLAND PLATE, PIRRY STREET-ROOMS, IN pulte* or daily, fortamilie* or alajln K?ntleinen, majr he obtained, with board, in a new tlrat e'aaa bcuee, for thi aea ?on No moriajr en th* l*t of May App'yaaabore R* ferencc* exchaaged Accea* by Sixth arena* ear* aod Amity ?treat ttage*. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SfNGLR gentli mea, rin obtain a auitc of rooma. tarlor an t be 1 room, furniahed or unfurBiihed on lh* Mcond floor, in a prl rate family, with full or partial board The houae ha< thi niodi-tB tmproveaxata, at.d la In a good loeation. Referen cea exchang.'d Plaaae call at |it? Perry atreet A PRIVATE FAMILY, WITHOUT ?MIIL1>REN, woald let, to one or two eiu*l? gentlemen, or a ten *wau ami tit* wttc, two elxant ranor*. or a parlor aim bedroom, with or without partial board. The boon haa ail ti e modern improvement*, and la plcaaantly located, at til Fourth atreet, oppoiila Washington *.(aar*. A BEAUTIFUL SUITE OF ROOMS FOR A GENTLE man and lady. Alao a flee room tor two eingle xentle Bra. all in aecond atorr, with large pantriea attached; may be had permanently with lull board ia a email fatnlly at VI F.aat Thirteenth atreet. Houee haa all modern improve. 1 mi nta. Do not moire tlrat of May. Referenda exchanged ACENTI EUAN ANDWIFF. OR A FEW SINOLE GE V tlemen can be aeeommndated with board and plea>ant rooms, aa No S Derraw place, South Brooklyn, within bee I minutes' walk of Ilamtltoa ferry A SMALL PRIVATE FAMII.V WILL LIFT*!! I.AR'IE . aicaly furaithad room a, aa Mcond floor, a ith kratkhat ?lid ten tor i nn ' r i ?o rtntjeinon Apply at 31 Tenth *traat, lot Fifth ?tMt A I. AH V HESIREH TO OBTAIN A SMALL UNFL'K J\ nialied room, with board. in a rntpectabla prirato family or botrdla* homo. Ttiii Bint bo nn>dar*t?; If en tion aooth of fourth atroet and we<t of tha Bowary. Rtftr mmi >icbat|t4. Addroaa S. W . Broadway I'oat ofll.-a a iartments, consisting or two larae par J\ loya, oommuuiaatiux; al*o a pitrate labia it daairtd, at 2!i H'a*Mn*ton J'laoa. A WIDOW LADT, WITH OWB ClttO. WHO J\ n?ai h'T'itn bouta, tip toan, aill.hare it all in par Itet ?rdtr I * the lat of M?r. withea to board two .'enll-m?u an. I tbati ?J\?, for company. T" tho.e who would be aw* bla, trat > laat acc. inihodatioa*. with all the romforta uf I bona, will ha tlaen, at ? rary moderat* rat*. Btai ot ra frmiraa (iv< u aad r?<|uira<l. A |>| dy at i.f> llamtMi alre-t. i Aym mm storv front room, fin i board, nnturalabad, fur a jr llamas and wtla; alao, a ; jinale room. ftrnlthtd, no aacond floor, in a baauuful and eoaaralaat loea'ion rrirate family. hath and ?*? Apply at C7 I erry ttraat, bataoan Hlaeokar and Poarth AVOr.NO GENTLEMAN, INTENDINO TO SPENII tha rammer in Naw Vork, aoald lika to obtain a baud finely furalabad room, with partial barl. In a Aouaa M t*lnln( tha mo.lara iiuprotemaata 1 ha family nail b? pri ?at*. and of thr hial.eal retpaotnMllty hia ol>Ja?t la to aacura the pleaauret ot a nam', and ha ratal da tha toolaty of yoang ladia* aa aa indiapanaabla military, 'or tha aooaa ?eaamma datlnnt a liberal prlr* will K p*> I. and trie beat of laTaraaoa *tr?n. Addraaa A I.. A . boa 2.<CV> I'oat ofBea. a uintikman and ladv. c an nr. wei.l ac ' J\ c.niinojatad With a parlor and b~4ruotn. on tha ta >nd | floor; full board tor tha lady ??air, partial for tha r?nil?man. in a ret. teel private family Tbr hoa*a la l>* iatlfally lora t-d, naar III teller atreet, baa all tha in .data impr ft menu IHtaaa aJdrtaa C D., Ilarald idee A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. t'A N UE ACCOUNT ' rta ed with a front room, with or althoat bedroom on { theaaroat floor, with board la a pri a ate family. Applr at n Harrow ttriwl, *e*r ll i la. n llflai. AT NO 91 rR|?( E STREET WEST HE AND NEAR llroadway. bandtomaly fnrolanod and daatrakly laaat*d r< oa*, and anile* of rooina with boards haute ft rat ? lata family amall and aalart; bath. (a*. Ac HOARD -SEVERAL ROOMS, IAN MOMMY FIR 1 nith'd, tuitabla for aingla pentlameu or*. all men .n I their wlaea. will la lot , wit r. food hoard, la a tint ? la.a houa?, 37 Math atraat, near Fifth avasae. Board.-to i,?t. to a oentlem am and his wlfa. or to ttatla (aatlarnaa. two or thraa haadaomaly fnrniahod roomt. with partial board for tha aaatlaman. tha b' uM la tlataat, and r ??Mm all tha aodaralmpra*am?ata Raferancat airhaaaad Apply at SM Eaat TwuiAh atra-t, third block Or la Broadway Board ? a hand^omk front room, with badtrom attarbod, with tha boat aa commodationa, at I 11 n Eaat loart*??ith atraat. Ilatiaa baa all tha madam iia pr< vi fiiar.t a Kaferenoea aiehaura.1 Board-a gf.ntj.kman and nm wiie, ai.*o two f.r thraa ala^fl aaatlamea. may obtain r >oma at 7? Wait Twtaty third itroat. Loaatioa loar doora from Stith aaaaaa. Raf?raa*?a ?icbaajtad Hoard-to i et, a handsomei.t fcrnhhed fri st room, larta and airy, oa tha aaaoad floor, to a raa tleman aad hit ?ifa ot tvo tinal- (aatlam- a. Term a Mr ?eek III, alao, a fraat room aad aad roam attached, oa fl.a third flaor ta a taatlamaa aad bia wifa, or tail amtla (aatla man Terait par waak IV faa ban aa la r#iat- with all tha W.dera improaamaata. l.oaation plaaaaat aad baaithy No moylaa ? ? tba hrat of Mat Tha bait of rafaranea (Iraa. Ap ply at i:Troy atraa*. aaar Twalth ttraat. Bta?aa aad ran I aaa . a. h eoraar. BOARD-213 EA<T RROAtlW A ? A I.AROE AMI | | laaaaat parlor, with pantry, faraiahad or aafarBlahad, to lat to a raatlamaa aad wtfb, or tiagla (eatlaaaa B HOARD- fa RI.0KA AND BEDROflMfl ATTA' IIEt) | tar familiaa, w th l^>ard alao pleaaaat roama far aia(la gaatlamta at ? Waat Twatty aaaaad atraat. BHOARD-A WIDOW LADT, RRMDtWO AI/IKI >M a ratirad loeatioa, wha for yaart baa leaaa anati aod ta tha ra.|?ir> meat* of tha aiek, wonld aaaommodata a lady wife board aarttag aad akiilfal att-adaaea araataaa la aad dartaf auaflaamoat Addraa* A Frtaad, Chatham ? taara |'o?t (.He* eara af A "wart* Br ARD -A front FARI.OB and HEDRofiMON THE B *a?o*d floor (altable t r a *eatlemaa aad hi* wi'a Tha rooma *r* proalaod with warm aad aatd wata* Alaa. a*?a ral arra parlort raa I* had a* wall a* roomt tor atada |aa ti- mta. Apply K H Dad? (law. TlnARD-AR 1U KIUIITH ATREET, OPPOSITE MER J) aaallla IJbrary A ahoita it a-.oma, wKh baarl. may ! ? ? ) ?; at I '.a ha aaa. by apply in* a< llli h-.t ? ?, a ? "||f*ARD Iff WEST EI.EVENTH STREET NEtR J> Hr-adway? Raamt aa *a??ad Aad third flow* ta lat, wit b I^ar4 alaa t baa. meat v. aaa baaall tha m?4ara Im tteaemaat* Apply at W Wa*t klaaoaih atraat alaa daan fcam liiMny, 1 TiOARD IN A PRIFATR FAMI t.T-WI tW SCITR OF 1 ? r tat 'T a amall *e ateal family, la aa alaraat brawa MM - a ee ia Tatrtaaati. tbrwai, batwaaa tuaoad aad Taird a v a* a *a Ala*, iamaaat l? rati, la tha aaaaa baaaa *ait *bl* A r pht ?i laa * or tarraya* t Mkaa jafaraaaacaa* baa?ad. la^i ira at W H4 Intlti) I BLhoaRIi f?>WW TfiWR -oR??TI-??RN AMD THEIR aiaet aad alalia rao'laataa aaa aMat-. food aad Vary (Ml r'lMi aftrtudaan by pt I a? aa (a i larr* ahlt* baaaa appaii* <t? Ha ? Iia* Oraaa Traa . tiaat ardor* takaa. I TI' ARII POVN TOWN -ri EA?ANT ?' R*I?H?T| 1 1) f at, al<b?ran'?at I ail aa'aai. fat a-a* a raa < I' aaa may b* aMaisai y a ? I at ' hamWrt Hr*at h fm?aat at 'b* Ut *t May. R-'?taaeat ra-?-' i#*d BOA It DING ADD lADQINO. BOABD.-I'KEaSAN r ROOM*, W ITU BOARD, CAM UuliUiiid hy it No >1 Lafayette place HOARD M.AR ?T JOHN'S PaKK- HKDKOoM AND parlor, h m laouielji fnraiabed, alte othur rouiaa, to lit to tukt.- ycntleuien, will i arilal Inert, is ? Hr?t cla.a 18 Varwh atre?t lietb aud An J prinla*j ?' l'ara Ktlmncj neltuitd. T>OARD ON BROOKLYN nr. Ill I1TS ? DB91BABI.B JI apartaienta lor femillee or mill aentloiu.a, with full or partial l.oerd. in a Uuat cuiuiiiendtug a fall filff nf the bay ? a .itaatiou uti.iirp.M-d for beauty. aa I within three mn. uiea' walk of Wfll .tract and I altoa forriec. inquire at lit. Columbia ititet BOA hi > IN BROOKLYN.? A rif 0INY1.EMBM. OB gentlemen and tbelr wt ve?. ?an b? accommodated arh pi-aaant r'oBW, la a very d.aireul. n?lj|likorhu id, con re nlrat to tlia fwrioa, by applyiun at t-t: ran#.' atraot BOARD IN BBOOBLYM.-A t'BW (JKN I'l.F.M KN CAN bo actoaiinor ated with plaaaaat and partial board, In a private family, wlif.ia ti ? . minute.' walk of the (loath tad Wall atreet ferrica. latulr. at IU0 Clmtoa atiret, Ilioohlyn . Boa id in bbookltm? -fob tub sbasom, with a printo family. A parlor aad bedroom ran 1.0 bad together ? raeparately. wllh fall or partial board. lUlor osoa aiahaagad. Apply a* 99 Cliatoa atreet. Board in bbooki.yn.- i-arties locating i>kk inanentlj for the coming roaaoa, will find a i?n plian ant l?r*a roow. andori* ?mall oaa. at 47 Itanda atreet A'ae, on l>t May. a larae, oonTaaioat room on aeoead floor. Bo faience exchanged ?OAKIi IN BROOKLYN? AT NO. 103 1*1 NIC A I'l'l.l (treet.aear Kultm. A aoioad atory froat room and bcilruom toJUt reparatuly or together, furnlahad or uafur nlahec; a very do>tra?l* location, soar Wall alroat aad t'ol toi ftrrioa. Trrma moderate. Alao, a vary d.-airabla bate men! room, (ultablo for a pByalrlaa. Befeience aiah- nod Board in iirooklyn ? a ubnilbban and with or two ein.le gentlemen, can obtain board io a nlcaaant |<ait of Brooklyn, convenient to South and Wei! atreot larrica. Reference reqnirtd Inquire at 17 t'ongroaa atreot, fir. I l.ouax wrat of Henry Board in Brooklyn.? a i.ady, iiavino a hou.e plraaantly locatud, witb all Ilia inoilern Improve ii tutu, would let a ?uit of rooina, lurnieh<-d or utiluralehed, to a gentleman and hia wife, oi t wo >in?lr gem li-man. Willi board, ltafirencua exchanged Apply at lit Wtllombby at Board in jkbskv city -ujrsishrd or cnfub niabed rooiua, witli board for lamllina or alntfla gentle men Locality ' rv rie/irable for the autniuer. Terma rea ?onnljc. Adrtre.a tin. t. 11 , ll r> Id office. Nouwrlng <n the l?t of Ma/ Biard in jkrsky city- a rtmninraD fAnoi ai 4 ringla room, to lot, to gem Iromn, with lull or par tial hi ard, in a bouae furnl.hed with all the mo* em improve inrut i: tornia uiodrrali' A ldr?l? UoarJ , Mriald i III . < Board in BlLUAMSiiuBa. ? a' i.ahy ami pt* nilf man, nn<i two or ihr?? ?!??!? unntl- un>n. cm t>? ?otoniuio.lmtctl ? Uh pari or lull board. In a taiu'ly, with all the comfort* of % home. Kataftncoa ??;^?l. No. m li South I iftb tlreot.two uitnutaa' walk fron tti? f?rria?. Board in sot'TH drookkvn. ? 1'LEasant rit uw, with Ix dro' triB and pantri<*B attach *4, with toard for Kontlaumn an?l their or ?iai(la gout U man, cau be had at No t? Toiopklm plara R?far<mca? exchanged BOAHll IN AN F.I.K(;ANT llOl'Sf., IN r?NK OF THE mi Bt dfliulit ful locatioa* In .South llr vn, inajr ba oh ti?iii? d hy n* I t parti** withittft iuperlor a -?-<>uiiu<>dationi in atoiiM r*)ilrt? vtth ?vtry tuodcra conv?al?uca Tke poti tu n !?? inic very dtMirable , and naar to c?r? and f*rri?? Apply at Carroll i la< ? a>v?*nth hou?aaa?t from Coart ?tr??t, or ?ddr?aa C. I*. I*., Ilcrald ulftcr, K?!< rrnQc exchanc*!. Board wanted -for a oknti.emas and wT?e, in t vented priratc family, a 1?w mina*.na' walk from iba City Hall. Addreaa W li. J 12 llow?r/. Board wa.ntko ~a young gbntlkman wihiie') to ?bKaju> A furnivhad room, with partial board, ia a r? abtctalle Amcricuu private family, in the neighborhood Eaht Uroadway. Aadrt'taU., b-. a l,.'V'i7 I'uit oiAre, atating term*. Board wanted- roR a iiiddi f. aged i.ady, in a private > ; an unfurniahnd room, with eenveuleoe* f< r a atove in winter. T?f me betw< in $J and $.1 Location between Fourth and fcinhth avenoea, and Twenlirtk and Cautl atrocti Addresa C. D. E , Herald ofl\ e, for three <laya. Board wamed.-good furnihiikd apart menta, with board, for a lady, child and mine, in a email rrsnrct ablt* family. T? rui* mu.t he moderate Ad dr? aa J C . lit raid office. Board wanted? by a gentleman for iiim aelf, wife and daujehttr If# tear*, two room*; location bttwe?B Houston aad Twentieth *ir*et? Keiereno* civea and required Addrr** J. E F. 0 . box 1^1 llerald oflfce. B(iARI) WANTED? FOR A OENTI.EMAN AND W IFE, (partial 1 or gentleman,) where they can Had a plain, < umfi.rtal la h' tre, in a ?mall femii) . where no ot .er boardera are takan. .Sa 11 "factory refereaoa will be giveo and re<|uir?d Addreaa ( Union, U* raid o(H? e Board wanted i.n drouiclyn in a private family, a here thera are no other boarlera pre'eered. and where ti e com'ovle of a h<?m? ma v be enl<i?ed, for a founc gentleman ai d wife, fron* about the 1at of Mav, hoard or the reatl*-man from now until then; dkataaee not to be over flftr?n mltiotea' ealk fr -m Fultoa ferry Addreae I) R , box I Po*t Office, New York atatlng location, terui*. Ae BOAKli^O? A 1*1 F.AI.ANT F tT It N I H II E I) ROOM, ON th?- rfee? i?d floor, mitlHl lor a tlltltAtl aad hta wife. al?" accommodation* for two or thr'*e atnele gentlamea Apply at 112 Madl*< n signet, fl rat block lro|p Catharine Boarding. -a front SUIT Of Boomi To lbt, or separate, In a tlrat cla?a private hoar Mat htuee up town. Io- elity wry daelrahle lor the aumnnr, roomeairv and plcaaant, po?*ea>?a ev?*ry facility of a"?-ae to all parte ol the elty. Referancea exchaagej. Apply at 'm Weat Fourteenth atreat. BOARDING.-A FRONT AND HACK R >o\f nS TIIE ?ocond atory, with pantries attached. In a modern h'-u e, with latha, xaa, Ac , to let, to a g?n*leman und ei'? or two eingle gentlemen. l.oeaUon I hi Weat Hixteeulh etreet, between .Sixth aad Seventh even nee BOAKIiINO? AT BO. 4 TIM. ART STRKfcT, BROOK Ijn Mrt Srnlt hatla? raaU'l tlill bout*, pnrfvtaa lo arromnx dat'- ft faa ('Utlanan villi fall ur paitlftl board. 1 lift location it cnaaulajl Cot Full n an I Wall ttr-at farrlta Boar din n-norrii oe vti.ew an ? ail lady ???! two ? i a* 1 >? ran l>a xcnmnn daiad with I'laaaant r .oBia ?n't taard, in ? avail |ri??i? fa mlly, Ian ninatrt walk from Houtli farr* , liimi niilarata Apfff at ir> |l' urlftt Ilrirl aear Coftrt, .Hoiitli llr ohljn BOARIMM; - I I RAXAST ROOM.*, MIDI BOARD, CM l? abtaiB'4 at U Matli (treat, batwaan llft'i in<l Mllb IIMIll. ? ioarixm; -a OlXtUUI AMD win. on IfO J) ?inrl<- > n' lm,. pi raa outaia cmnfurlAMi raoat, with litrd, la ? |iala pi|*aU lawtl) with-nii ohildraa. Inrraoaa ilrrlriBK a ncftt. <i?ia< NM ??"> I* tmt'd M r*at ti r ma A|'| lj at I IV Nlitaaath air aat Mltoi Saoain.l ftftd Tl.ird tffHiH BOAR MM; -A ri? REM'Rt TABI.B BOARDERS ran la arri'inr"'4ftt*4 at *?l hitlh a*aaua *" boiiar Iron Koartm alii fttr**l ll'.aaa ruaiaiaa all 'b?iB. itrra laifrovtBoala N aiutiBx a tbt lit <f Hair li!nn-r tw?. r m ______ BOAHDISG -A IM'ITR OP ROOK". II RSI Ml ID tlR antiirnlabad, oa th* a*r< ad floor, alib all ib< midara aantaBiaiicaa. M ft iftatlamaa an4 hit wif*. ?r far alaxU ?aa Man**. al H I 1 in I <. b ('lac* HOARDING- AT 120 AMI 19 CHAM IIER1 ITRMf llaa Iftfi* |il?a*ant haul* furnltba-d riomt fir ibibI It i, ?lth **?!? rnavrmaai* aUaabail, Blft i, |>i < aaanl rionat for atari* ??nt i?Bi"n , al'h fullhi.arl; to ma t<. a<- ? nolo dat? ? party i f foi r gaallMiiaa flay b*ar4'rt a**>iaao daW4 aim. H'lariaia iv-ioin-d Board in hoi. hi ?r?oki.yn two or tiirer barlart raa h* ftc uRian lata I with pic aft a I r mi bating ra*. Ib aa ** raaabla fairul > aliara ft llni''4 uaaUr ar? lakan, ami win ra ??? rjr lt"ati a la al."?n aitolh'ir WBllfl H <iata haallbili IwM, wlthta l??t miaitaa vftik <if llftimli' ii firry, aa4 Us of Null. farr) Aiplyat III I'raalclaul atrtat HllAKMNU IN HROOKLrW ? FLBABANT Rh ? lib i.oard, Ur familial an 1 . mala cai,tla aaaa tnajr ba bad >a a tint rlaa* baaaa maaamaal la S'lotb a a I ? all atraat famaa Apfd/ at iw Haaf| a Waal BOARlJlNU IN IIROOKI.TN-A UEKTI.ENAN AMI ttifa. ur t*o itall' raaa, ? an aVNl* aa aat fr al r am. al<b | aatrl'a 'in tl a aac?a4 #.,or vf a In i U-alai baftM IB tt aal in/ton a'raal llll I nlli.n (art; f t W PI w?k. H- at af rafaraaaaa (latB bb4 raqa.ra4 A I4r?aa Ha a*B. 11 a ra 4 offrc B'iAHMNO IN WII.MAM4HIRO - A MlRRIRD oiBfla ?r two alBrl* rmtlaoia a aaa ha v aiaalalal, '>B Bin l? fftU lartna, a lib naall/ farnub'4 wlr?.ma a a? b> ard. In a r*a|.a<ita' la (wivbU fa jr al Inraa j.?ra .?a oaljr. a ii 4 a 1 ulbrf b?ar4ar( lahaa ? t?Blb IiiMk Krai tfcraa nlasui *>lb frnia r?. k all;, aa-1 IMtialia ?*? aa? lar M*a R'fil'Btaa aaebBB|?4 A|'|jf aalba ^l alaH || ROOK I.TN ?A OR.HTI.EHAN AND M ir? AMI I) <aa all rla (aatUniBft ?a? h .?r1 and 'aa'*ia bU rai.n.a la a ?arj V ' a?a a a I UcatUa An If at 11] liaf 1*14 air?at aaar laltoa ?>aaaa BMOUrv.-i riN? i'ari.or with um l?atrj aad Wraaa, oa aaa>.a4 laaf auk fall ar IV i ? al haar<l for a Ia4f aa4 iniiaaia vlthaat ahn lr??, a* taaBaila laftllaMB.lB ? fral r|a?a kaaia aaar *-'Blk aa4 ? all atra*t Urrtaa Trrtna aiilartti Bad aa ia?ala|ka Ma; A|>lr al 142 Haarj ilraal /lOCNTRT BOARD WANTBD-BT A I.ADT t ROB 1 J ftiibt t? tftaaa aatlaa fr ? tha aitr la a faally ahara lhara i> tu 'IIhi Uaila'i ITafarrad flaaaa a4 Iraai aiat lac i arm a aa4 |?rtia?ia?a far aBa vaak, ta L Uriagataa, Mar aid ? ff.'-a ClOUMRT BOARD BAT HB BAD AT A H.RA?AVT / r?*i4?B?? lataa ?i)-a fr<.? Br<ikifa Th? feaaaa 1* larra aa4 a ij aith kaa lava aa4 aba4a iraaa aaaiaaMal -t |i ?IH Vj cara af ataraa a 4-rin la |la< ? In fa aa llaa r "f fofl ar ^an.aa ara a|.t,lr al 74 Raat T*?alf Iblr I alraal A' ?? n, rt.'. 4?la- aa alaa far banaa /mintbt boabd waited i or a ?<?.? i i r arii r \J Vllhia fan* B.'lM ?a.4 .f aaay *?a?aa ta lb* ?Hr A4 Ifa c , hoi 1 19 I'aal a#aa F'RBNCB BOABD IN BROORLTN If'lliR THREB raailan ?I. 'aa ha a"??a"4a#a4 ?nh anal f f arftafthad ratal la ? talat fraaah faally aa ??l?4raa la tha kaaaa ? l.a*a th.ra ara hat a '*? h? alien lahaa AmIi at Ita Sr-?.l ?? at V. Willi. ahlyal a ? ? ha IfaBt > 'fHl l ?aaklfa. at hai I Itl H t I rt o?-a F'PBMIIIBfl B'M?BA-r<? l Ef, IN BoCT* I1RM)K| Ita It al l*a faaalaaaa. vl'h af ?i*,a?? >r>at fa ?4 aa4 laa T?>a la aaa a' lha ta-d aat alia aaBBatinaa la fl> ? lha rata* air*, aad utti 'a* alahad la il a Mat alyta ika aitaatia* ta la<h? aad MftjkA aal* a fa* r-4a fr a th? raata a? tha rlraaava*4 aara a?4 vtihiB I'l ?IBB<?a a a. h af Maaall' a faff* Oa.%4 ra fi*awari|a'nl IM illat A44iaa* If N at tfc* Ifaral4 ta -? fa* (aWaila* i t RM?f1tfi R'??m W ITH BOARIi K>R alRULt , aatla .aa ' |*a<l**aaa aad th ir aia? A?a*> at li W aa' T?a*?f ?*** -traat laiaaraf htttk a *aaaa r Ka* lag B'ra r? ib iaaa r. aifa i aa aid lat a ail I) at II B ta " B'ra kalraaaa tad aaa af liiataa laaaa?l| Iftaa IM '?* laltaH UWt *tB?U * aat|a?l-> la|alf. ft| ?l Waaa Mttaaalk ftraal t*a ..*? if m ? ilk i*aa ?a F-; I BBIIH EB R4M.BI -?0 t B1. A hi.lTB </? NRATI.T laia ahal r?"?t *i?l fdtiiar* n i#'aa aaitall far ? f it iaaa Mi ai4 wta<t ar *a?i4 it lat ta a fall, *' rir'laata. ? 'a- at b ?*4 Tbt h aa*-aa aad , a a rbaa *ilt't| Btanataaal |?ial ba?a *UI I aftaa >1 'r*a*i O M llafi!|a*ia, af BrailHf fa < <*' FHR.BHlirD ?<-<-?* IN *1 IT t - OR 'Bi-ARATri V aaa ha ataaaaad a* ft ???ad >a a ?r*a alaa a kaaa hf atalfiai it U Eaal I rtaaail ttiaat a a a* aa lr* a? flaaa aal nlt t ? Ut<k |f I'tUt l|ttr< B aiana al at thaaH 2 wARDta* AMMuoounro. __ FIT1INIStlEI> ROOM AND BEDROOM, FRONT. IT IT II partial hoard if re ,uir*d, U 1*1 Ou bath Ac. F?r term* which are ?er> do*. u> |U,r* at 91 Eart Twai; aigktk el reel. rar I.eataKton areau*. ?r Juw .*??*>*? boarders roR the riR*T or X May. ?o !)?? la %pit\ying At my uAo*. Uutftor* ?r* now AW>ini ?n *v?*t nuinbora, far both cilr ??4 i" (1*1 *nd 't ?*? deiiiablaj. oBo* Olatoa Ball. Eifrblli itrwl, lifir Druadwi; ONE OR THO GERMAN GENTLEMEN r A* FIND a panted, homt, with bMii ft! vt ami atrert. ??? blook *B.t of Uroadoay K'fireac** NIC OR TWO SMALL FAMILIES CAN BE A'*COM W?u4>M with On* numi and beard, at 7 I r.aal Tmli. id at rail Iti > boa.* contain. til ti.? ia|l??. BHll Bad lap *a*anUy located. batw.ea ImrlL ml Ul Ogtna ar*au*a PAH MAI. HOARD IN BROOKLYN -A I'BIVATB laaiily . a> uh a lar<a and sninuidioae bona*. ?.rjr pisa mii. tli .1 tuatnl, and trn.r fnllno terry, waald lab* a few young pealleirer to hraakfaat aad laa, wilU linaor as Ana nil. K'l.riim. rarkanaed AdJraea Hutnar, I'ml Otto*. N.a Turk 1JI r AbANT ROOMS, Willi KIIAUD CAN HE OB latnad In a new and w*IJ lucat.d lieu** ta Itrook fa, within ft?? minute. of the Sooth ferry Taria. oa adar ai? A h*. addr**a-d t#i p |i., throu?k Iht Brooklya I'Mt OBc* will ia.*t altk attantloa 1? H I VATK IK A Hill MO -SEVERAL VERY PLEASANT roona. la auit or eoparaWly. *ith** laruiahed or aafar'd. ?.a h* had with board. ? n?o>aa>J. lorna*. la* i rltai. family, r..Utu at No xi Fourth ar.aua, i-.ppaalia t alvary I hur> h i II,. ?,?>? i. ha-l> located, aadbaaaB ti e modern im|>rof .ireata. Refer-ac*. *<? hanged Rooms to ikt fukni-iimi or u n ru rmsiika, I at Na ft Bond aiieet, a l.a doora liuia llr .4?ai la quit* at .??! Broadaai KOOBS TO UHf-m?nniOI L'NM KNt ,!H|. t? alBgl* obI) , without board lb. b*a*s baa all tie modera Improve m-nt. Appl> at MJ Koarlla aireot, Mwna tb. llo?er> ao I I. place Rooms TO I.ET Him IIOAJiD-lN A I'm V ATM lo.rding hoiix, to r?ntl.ii.?n and wte*a or mb - ? I. i(.ntlrinea la the Motility of Ak.'a c hiireh, leoaii >a 3*alral,W tarma reuaonabla. Apply at 0?t tiraaawisk ttrmi Rooms witii iioarh sinci.r orntlimrn, ob in II. man ami tlieir wlrra, aUhlnn la 'a)?y tb. eaaa far'aol bom*, can rr bandaonx ly aoaoiaiacdalad la a Aral claa. mudern hviao, by apit)ini at ISA Eulitooutb atrcil. In tb>' Immrdlat. vlrlulty of tan railroad. itUITit Or ?noMR c nnplata.l ta f'lU tern I h atreal near l"B .i|iiar. Sua. aea'l anatrar aa.apk lb ?? alio ran appr.riai* a dial ?ta a liuuaa la .vary ratpoei Ad dr?a? "Ataalai," II. raid oSaa. KOO|I, WITH H?AKI -A I'I.EAMANT FRONT BOOM ami I edroom on third flour allli An. pantHaaaod t a > will bo let to a perma'" nt tenant ? n i.a.oaaMa leraia, villa board 1 hey are 111118110 lor a |*atl.m*a an<l a if., or thro* ReaUttaea App'y at Na 13 lt.a> b atra.l, St Jaka'a I'"' 11 11Wt? <?K Till! RE ORNTLRMEN I'EHIKI N(i III K cuaifnrta uf a b uia, In a pl- a>a*t lo.atiaa, mai oblaia Ibeni. loK<tli?r aith a.rtial t? ard. la I'ailt* atra.t ailkia I* * rd 17 miiiii*f a arala i>f ^<iiith and Wall a lea. I lorriaa. by addreaaiag Tb< niai. Brooklyn I'uat Ofltia. Kifrroaaa. . 1 ?b.n|.d Two or ronK MMii.r. or.sTi mr.N tan hr weli. aeeomuiadaiad aiih nlra lurntahed room, aad partial board, la a nry rvipeatabl. print, family, Th. hou< baa all I be 11 intern linproaement' la beantllully loaalad a f.e Mo'ba ofHr<?d*ay. lllvitiker atreal. Addra*. t>. ??., Ilrrald ifflca. fOlET-IN A NEW UoliRKN MO0SB. A SIIIT Of ri ? ai>, with or anhout board, ar iba wbola apart lata, wit h all nee iu>|ro>. mania I'leaae Inquire a> No in In. Nin.teenlb itleat, tao da> ra ftotn fee ad TO I.KT- Kl'HN ICIIKH ROOMS, AT 17 RENWIi K ?tieat. front and bark parlara, oa Ar.t Soar, aad a larre roi ni on aaroad Raar; alao. bedr'">Bta for alalia (aatla m> a, triih or witbaal board TWO SIMTH or UANI<<<OMELV ri ksihiiko room* arenoa la I.I al No I t, real Joaea atra.t . aura* a# llnadaray. ?e 1 1 1 be let together m in . u?ie roonia II daatraA. A | rlaata table ran be tnrnleb*' UN I I'RMSIIEIt BOOM I, WITII IIOAUIl -TWO .IB eaud .tnry parlor., alth be lro< tu ami | . u t rlaa atlaak ac, ai d auppllad ollb raa. mat b. obtala* I alth a .taaM prleate lamily, by applying a( \th (irt.narlrk .treat opf alte Vandaia alrcat. 11/ ANTKU -??'H 'I II It EE Till' NO OENTI.BNBM, A VT aall of furnlahi d f ' ma con.tailaj of 1 irlur aa l twa be irooB.., oa one Hi ?r, altb or altboal braabfaat A IdraM L M llarald .Scr, TirANTRC BV A TOI'NO CIENTI.EMAN, or K V i'BL Tr loot lanlly. a room, wltb board, la a reapeelalila prt Tate faa.ily beta. en 111. erkor aad l oortraath atreala. W ill aalt till Ika lal if May. If il..iral Addra.a, ataltaa teimf ableb miiat li? Biu lerat*. W T S, boa X.IM PaM (HRc *. Rooms wrni hoard- BLBOam 1 In a n.w brown aiou. hiiaia, Jual MlMKLLAILtll'K. J NEW ri.AC'E? RECUER' HE, COMMERCIAL NEWS roeai aad rlinp liouaa '/int'anal itriai RafraahoaaaAa of all klnda maala aerrad up al aay hour, (aalt.aa.a Aflr alabel wltb al< aa bed. by tb* i.i?bt, *Hk .1 naatk. J 1 < l ill Naot of fiarl. UllBar. aad a*ea< Hll\ CANAL STREET, NEAR f A KICK -W. A ? i<)?> VAN NOTR'S (rati aad faadar, kltaboa ? ?o'liaaar raa?. and .lav. waraKoaa. W. bar. a larga AR a >!??>,.? ar tb. la'aat pattam. af aaBtal (raloa raar?a Aad aloroa, far aal. aa r?aa<>t>*bl? lartna Urate, aad naidad an I repaired raaiea lined bra a. Ia?ader. and Jaeail^W farnaoa* ballt, atovw lined, baker. ...aa balll aad ra paired A NEW INVENII11N Tilt l'ATE*> T Kl.lf.VI Al l.B. J\ for a beele nf erer ? d.a, rt( tioa, la a?w oa ealalbilt.a aa 1,3 ?eio j '? ll< t*4 an J tka ri.kt ta oAorad lar aala Tb* ri M WlMVMH OMMi HMl dlairlct af aoaaly. will ba dla bread *1 aa may be *(r?*d apna natwoaa iba parttea E II. ti URtS, Pat*a taa. Bkaitih 1. OAt rtSWKES n?R kale cbbap t*o ell ligl.1 *ad oaa toar llitbt of aana* patlera aad Snleh. a ill I* mid t< r ? aa ball their eaet . h*e? baaa la a*a boi a llttl* tlma, real *. dl >| liablaad Iwt braakata ki?b Ir arearbt, Imlod'd Tb' oi||inal rail af tb* ab?l* waa Sl*?. will la eula far KA. Addre-* boa S .Mi I'aal OfSaa. BLI<INE<I<' MEN or MIR I f K - I TRA HE AM f A Iroiiit* ibeir IbiWRHi ltradl*y A Oa., IM Wn iaa .1 reel toroer of Ana for all ik< ir pi< tare aal kaalaaaa Inmn at d >al them elraper and belter tbaa at aay ebb or 1 iaa la M?a V ark, af llM ttty af Utbaal ||RI aiiRsOl EVERT V Eft? RlfTloN Af 111* MRU J) factory, V(7 I'aarl etr., t, I raaa la *'|*ar* All arui *? Id *1 the I weal faal ry prlra. I ai at I reebaa af .epar quality aaaa'anlly aa haa?. M.ebln'> aaada ta *r?? JOIIN E lloffBL / iiNNK" 7 1 1 IT HI>KK ? II A II RK' El V El* THIS t 'lay. Hiiateea t oaoeatkal rleer .bad. fraia J I otla. a* hi- u.teaid. to read al aat oaa buatrot tk->oaaad toibia (m rket tkla rra-oa All l< ?? ra af d Ikad .aa ne *apalial la loir eiil er for ibe retail trade or for iBItiaa, ky aalliaa or. liKNJAMIN ? Mr.-r. No I t'oltoa Markal << II EA I' lloOTB AMI al|OE?. f'OR N RR LAN Ale J atreet aad llr . ?a? Ika irorrlet>r aela? oal ad b> >la*M. will aalf k in ' re alia k a> r-01. aad ladiM' baola, ?koee ard (altera, al :St lo M par root bal'W *>aal ar eoa It j. laioaee aai* rblldrea'a boo'e ekoe. .ad ra?tar* af a. rv hattoa alii ka e?IA at >??? tlaaa ea.l, il<a, a larga M of a- 1 a i a rk r*ry I a "a?. a dollar oa yoar baata. aad 1 l*"" I ' aprn alb. b?d batten. Eraorb lea, a bad.toada aal aaa? treeaea ? f ae-ry da. r|pl|> a. aili t< m re ..a t laa ?r?t a' May fr m <J aad rd t aatra "treat la SKI Bread aa y abar- tbaf bo pa ta aaa tbatr pa Ira a ? IJIANCT CCTIeMV.? TUB SHB? BIBBR ? AMUBT I rmbI eta b 1 aa e . all lb. B.aaat **ylaa f ap. rtioa. p*? aa4 Cakelbnleee ' ro *a tie man 'for*' ra of J .aaph R , Ir.ra A a Toilet rallery Ar A A I Ibll* Na / Arlw ilea** and S*7 hroai'.aaf ('AS SITTING AMI nXtVBM- ^T'lRE" l>WBL I . ln?e faatari*. aad poblle bal 4ia?e pea rapt I a Httad af aith (Be pipe, aad katar-e >bia| i> ti.aa an; etkar baaea A ?pL ndid .aiartaa.ot af aba a dollar, laalaat. bra'laM, Ae , of tb. Iaia.1 da.ifaa, *t tb. abaleaaie aad r*tali aaa baiure Ii.iae'a 1 rr f JAWRdtf MofPCT, IIP and Ul I'rlaee elraet 14 bio. k aaet af lira a I aay UAMMAM. '<R T t R b l*i|| HATii IT I I'kol'OIBn to eeaeblieti la tbla cily a regular Tark tab balb, la ? oaaelia* wub tba Tarklak mi, aaa la . (^raliaa. aad a'.irb baa baeaaae a |"|a!ar alaae ?f ree. ft The oadar airoad will aara?e la 1 rla? <" aaiiae aaaalpalatara aad lb* r*i*l?ite faraiiora *ad lUlaaaeala freae Teraaj Tka aaaaaaa ra-|ai.lta 1., eetabllab tba balk 'ailb ?eaeiae.b*a* MM B? alll ba Sai" "1 la ?i aria of SB elAo far Iba eraetl- a ' 1 * tollable L aa. paid lol*. Ae 0 t/St AN V AN larblab II .h bfi Braa4 ?ay , II A b III B MA WT B(>b TO fll'l LliRR* ANIi oTHBM Jrl Tie .aba.i, -r b*. * lew a *T| o*at Baaabala waieb ba a III Mil al ball pnaa for ? aeb Appty al Ik* Maa* Marbla Warb*. IB Raeea .iraet NfEW TORE Ai.RI' I I Tl RAI WABEIIOL'iE ANB STolf E aeaapy |B( lbr>a ar). e? re. . tba aabaariba* Bbae iba I arc eel abaapaa* aad at' at ai?plela oaeartaaaal af ?tftaaOa ral *ad b r'laaltoral impiaaaaBta, bald Md ? ?? aaada ib Iba L'ajtad Mata* I'enatiB fasaa a 11 1. re.aetm- al beabd oa eaab baa Bad bad daaapaaea 1* aaaka it oady b%aaaiar , aaparpba.pbaba ad lliadb baa. deal wolnlli Ae B L AI.IE*. No* I* aad 111 Wabar Bbaaa* NfOBTH AMBBJf.AN I AND AQBBC T BSTABUXB ad la Ml? paad daada aad albaf dtaaMla ra'ardad l aad* redeaaal Iraa laa aalaa, oaaaaieaabaa al ti'laa. aed etbea a?ea*y ba*i.*aa la Bay af tba Waabara Sdadaa I ? earraaU -.lAalaod aad l*?abad tbraaab IMa aid oaaaay C k H'lEI fonaary M My an Bl Braal aif, aaiaef af Baralay atraat N'OW IS VOL'B TIB* TO CLBAB Cr TODB LOTTO a arret* aad aaliara al all *id rab iab a aeb a. *14 aewapapwr. paaap'l.ta old artusf pa par eld blaak baaB*. aid *' boa I b'.ab* aad aid papar el aay a rl or aay ab*a, fa* wbaabyaa ea* fei tb* ra* b at E lat .Hwt, baaea*. t bataaea Lr<.advay aad N aaa a a etraai J LHaCXCBT STOCEWBLL Rsri ATINO - MoTElJI AMirS BTBABMOATB abb pel eat a f.aa.laa. .aa bar. aaary daaenpi aa af aid waa* rep'a'el Bad vaaraatad b'a r rada . a a bare daiaaa* taaasi* hmmwI fetlt aad ***** af a aaa peBed ?HI. gold a* K eer a> a tort Mtaaa by U. MaabBMaa nab. 0**#Mf Ml Ba?*?/ Kf/SSS. MOABS. A?? rBCIT TBABS -9 MABU. 3* A liana 1 104 l.iaal wvald raapwoafail y la'aaai lb biawi aad Ike paUla la yaaee a, -ba. ba a. fee *a>a a aptaadlA *al'**btaa af .taalard .ad leer* r-aadoel n?b a eao pe eaa . ajflb* aaw eat a artallae ad bard; bie-eaabg aad aeea r aa. alao *>a I naaaaa I dear' paar u a baaataa at*?a laa IkaoaBid aABadaa 1 l.a riwd p?a? *a? Birae I traaa all ba?'B? baaa a> ewel ta Berap* ?????? ?*rp bar eaaa aad wfbwat ra, aa I ba aee? l^aeea aaa ff a t ,fWe- *aa>eara ?' baa I a a -ea a a I ?aad rail f* t^ ? -ad ta eat aad ?a*a. 11 a ?r aeiaeia.a. ea lb. aaly aay o' ae .a. AT l?e.ia i<a*a* aa a ' .a'. . I *e W ' ' kj 9 M AB4 * p Vol I Tl till I I I I"* H p ? Ifca J I an IbllW* BA ??%! ???? * ? 4 a ? ?M4 rH 4 ?f ? ?%? m\? JUS II, i Br v * A A 1 * A . r?' a.l rr^adaaf _ rt III Nl* ft'RE Mlt I ?"!!? rATBNTBD J or* *?? '?# O Vft ath A (ff?M fw UN a.#B ?f SMkf ?????? OA. to 0 ?.|wi fftatfdtU rot ??" ?Vdn*u p # hi if ? 9 N * Hr.?4??9 rt ,m ? **?**! '