Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1855 Page 6
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wwmmn isKRVDimi mi. oowrnroeD raoii run rioa. WAirra. NURSE WANTED? A RESPECTABLE PERSON. ettuMtiBt toilknd in a confinement, and willing to perform nil domestic duties for herself aad laJy. Now other ntad apply to Mr*. Roe* i72 rteat 14th Ureal, near 8th ?? nne, beiore 12 o'clock Monday. PROFESSED COOK AMD LAUNDRESS WANTBD. A family, residing on tba Hudsoe, three he ura' distant tnm the city bv railroad, wiah to obtain a competent coo*; aha anat be perfectly familiar ?ith all the branches of net profeaaioa, and require no iustruotion. Also, a lnandreas, ?bin, industrious. ami uoat in her person. None but Pro testant* need applv, witi -aUjraetory testimonials, at 115 William atreet, to J. Laaaiafcjpa?"c? 10 and .1 o'clock. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG ACCOM PLISH ed Gorman lady, a* teacher .f manic, either In a semina ry or a privat* family; no objection to gfl in the couatrr. Boat of references oan be exchanged at W- W*at 1 weuty aecoad atreet, or through the Poat Offloe, boa J. 187 ? Situations wanted? for experienced ser. vast*. Prote*tants and Catholios. Families in Brook lyn and ricmity are reapectfully reminded that the 'argeet aad moat resneotable selection in the oity can always be found at HENDERSON'S intelligence offleo, No. 6 Court St., Brooklyn; established over six years', and patronized by the moat respectable inhabitants of the oity. Situations wanted? by two young woven; oae as cook, washer and ironer; the other ai chamber maid and waiter. Good city reference. Can be seen for two day*, at No. 19 We*t 45th at. Situation wanted? by a respectable young w'rnan, to do ehamberwork and aasiat in the watblng and ironing or waiting, who ia a good washer and ironer. Can cone well recommended. Can be seen for two day*, at No. 81 28th at., between 6th and 7th av*. SITUATION WANTED? BY AN ENGLISH GIRL, AS waiter or chambermaid. Good city refer ? nee from her last plaee. Can be seen for two day*. at No. 02 Gieenwieh at., near the Batery. Saleswoman wanted-in a millinery ksta bliahment; a oompetent person. Alao, one or two mil liners. Apply to Wm. Br.'wn, 4 IS Broadway. Situation wanted? by a young m'ouan, as plain cook, washer and Ironer; beat of reference givon. Can be seen at 150 W 17th St., front basement. SITUATION WANTED? 11Y AN EXPERIENCED COOK who fully understands paitry, 4c. Good ri forence | iven. Apply at IS Columbia street, Brooklyn, between Harrison aad Degraw. SITUATION WANTED? RY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG English woman as first rate 000k. Best city refereno given. Can be sean for two day* at 25 Princo atreet. SITUATION WANTED-AS CHAMBERMAID AND waiter, by a competent girl. Apply at 283 5th avenue. SITUATION WAN'TED-BY AN INDUSTRIOUS, TIDY yonng woman, to do genoral homework, or chamber work and waiting; is a good plain 000k and first rate washer Mid ironer and plain sewer; very fond of ohldron, and can give the beat of city referonoe. No objection to the country. Please call at No. 1}? Hi'ington st , for two days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid, or as coon, washer and Ironer in a private finally. Can be seen at her present employer's, 170 West 14th ?t., near 8th av. Situations wanted in tub city and country, at the Brooklyn Employment Office, 5s Atlantic street, for a large selection of experienced Protestant and Catholic servant*, of different nations, and of every domestic capa city, highly recommended by lormor employer* for charac ter aad capability. Situations wanted-by two very experi enced girl*, with the highe*t city reerouces for integ rity and capability? one as thorough 000k and laundress, the other a* chambermaid and laundress, or nurse; i* fully com Detent to take entire ehargc of an infant. Apply at No. 10 Tillary street, Brooklyn. Salesmen wanted.-thre'e experienced salesmen, for lace* aad embroidorios. The best of refe renoe required; also a boy. Apply at 705 Bioadway, between b and 9 ? olocK. SEVEN LANGUAGES SPOKEN BY A YOUNG MAN, lately arrived from Europe ? namely, Engliih, Italian, German, Spanish, Creek, Portuguese and Arabic; oan make himself understood in the French language; ha* had some experience at bar tending and waiting on table, or can make himself nseftil at most anything; wishes to have a situation. Can be seen any time this week at 17l>>? Cherry itreet, two door* from llarkot. TO MERCHANTS AND BUSINESS MEN.? A RE speotable. trust worthy, well educated yonng man, late ly arrived in this city from England, wishes to obtain a situ ation in ian office or mercantile firm, where he would make himself generally useful. A not* addressed Utilis, Herald offiee, will moet with prompt attention. WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION TO do general housework, plain cooking, washing, Ac. Can be aeon at her present employer'*, 59 Hoyt street, cor ner of Dean, South Brooklyn, to whom she refers. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO n.M, a (itnation ae wet nurse. Apply at 100 Smith at., or to Drs. Otto Rotton A Rice, oorner of Court and Amity at*., Brooklyn. WAN TED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* chambermaid or waiter; will assist in waahing and ironing. Can be seen lor two days at 72 West 21 at at., corner 0th avenue. WANTED-A' SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as cook; i* willing to assist in the ooarse part ot tie washing, and is a first rate baker. Best of city reference. Apply at 192 7th avenue, between 23d and 24ih street*, sec ond floor, back room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT yonng woman, as chambermaid or waiter in a private amil) . Good city reference niven. Apply at 194 7th ave nue, corner of 23d atreet, fourth floor, front room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation as seamstress and chambermaid, or to Me to children; understands shirt making and all kind* of fine sewing. Beit of city references from her last plaee, where she has lived for the last three years in the above ca pacity Can be seen at 40 West 13th street, between 6ih and 6th avenues, in the rear. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A CHILD to nur.'o in her own house; she has lost her baby, two day* eld. Call at 208 West 28th itreet, between 9th and 10th avennes. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, a* p:ofessed cook and baker; understands all kinds ot pastry and deicrtf having lived for the la*t fourteen year* in large familie* in that capacity. Can be seen at 285 Bleecker street, near Barrow, until suitod. No objection to tbe country. Good city r-ferenoe given. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A KESPECTABI.E Scotch woman, as plain cook or at general housework; is a good washer and ironer: good city reference. Apply at No. 182 40th et., between 8th and 9th avenues, tourtb floor, back room. N. B.? Can be seen for two days. WANTED-A GOOD FAMILY COOK, WHO UNDER standiher business, and can attend to a small dairy, to go to a healthy place in the country. The best of refer ence will be required. Apply at 26 Brevoort Plaoe, 10th *t. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant woman, a* cook; has no objection to make herselt otherwi.-e useful; good city and country reforence Riven Can be seen from 9 A. M. till OP. M., for three days, at 223 7th avenue, corner 25th st. WANTED? A PROTESTANT WOMAN, AS SCAM treta and dre si maker. Apply at N 0. 82 6th avenue, cernor o f I Ith et. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa child'* nurse and sewer; can also embroider. Pleas* inquire for Ellen, at her present em ployer's, Cii Hammond street. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION at cbambcrmaid. She is willing to assist with the within* and honing, or aa laandress in a private family. Can piodnee the best of city reference from where she hat lived Please oall at 228 Wooiter street, near Amity, front basement Can be teen for two days, it not engaged. TXTANTED-BY a respectabi-e woman, a situa Jl tion at cook, or to do general homework in a private family. City reference given. Call at 253 West 32d street, first floor WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protectant woman, at cook, watber and ironer. Good reference given. Call at 37 katex xlraet, for two dayt. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS nurie; bat alwayt been accaatomvd to children; hai no objecticn to do light chnmberwork. She has lived a long time in her laat situation, lias good city reference!. Please call for two dayt at 221 lit avenue, between 13th and 14th etreeta. third floor, front room. WANTED-BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, SITUATIONS; one to took and attist In wathing and ironing; under stands baking and pastry in every ttyle? the other at cham bermaid and launorese, nndentandt Anting and making up flneriet in the neateit manner, llave good city reference*. Nona but private familie* need apply. No objection to the eouTtry. Pleaae call at 331 12th atreet, between lat and 2d avenuei. Can be teen for two daya. T*rANTED-BY a YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION v v as oeok in a private family: ehe thoroughly under ?tanda her busineis in all ita branches? pattriet, tonpt, vege table!, Ac. Hai no objection to aiiiat in waahing, if re quired. Pleaae eall at 44 Amot street, for two aayt. "UTANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT vl girl a situation in a small private family, to do gene ral homework, or to cook, wath andiron. No objeotlon to make heraelf generally uaefnl. Can give good reference. Can be teea for two daya, if not engaged, at 3A* 13th itreet, third floor WANTED.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN wiahea a aituation to dn general bonaework, or cham berwork. in a private family; hat no objection to go a short distance ia the country. Good reference given. Apply at 13B Atlantic itreat, over Stanton't ttore, Brooklyn, tecond floor, room No. 9. Can be aeen for two daya. WANTED? IlY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO GIRL. A situation to do chamberwork or general housework in a small family. Apply to her present employer, at No. 10 Oth avenue, tor two dayt. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A RESPECT able girl, (Oermaa preferred.) to do general house work Inquire at No. 10 6th aveane. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE jeuag wemaa, to do general homework or take care of ohildren Beit of reference. Inquire at her preient place, 84 Weit .T2d itreet, betwien 6th and 7th avenuei, where ihe hat lived two years and a half WANTED? A CHILD TO WET KUR9E AT HER OWN residence, by a reipec table man-lid woman, having floil her child tlx weeke old. Apply at Nc. 8 Columbia it., flret floor, rear. Beet of refereneei. ? ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl with good city reference, a lit nation at good cook. Caa bt teea for two dayt at 178 Welt 16th itreet, front bate meat . ? WANTED-A SITUAflOS, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ai chambermaid and waiter, or to do plaia sewing, in a reipectabie family. Good reference, if required. Can be teea for two dayt. at 191 Bast _t)th itreet, between lat and 2d avenuee, two doort from the tchoolhonae Wanted, bt a young and healthy woman. a widow, with a freah breatt of milk, a titnation aa wet none ; it willing to do plain tewing. if required. Can be teea ftr two dav? If not engaged, at No. IflCt 36th itreet, be tween 6th and <th avenuei. third floor, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE t onng y oman, at chambermaid and plain tewer, or to take charge of children in a reapertable private family, Ctci I t- r tunntt, app<: w v?w ?v. trt I WAIT!. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH LADY, a titoataon u housekeeper or to wait upua an invalid lady, ?' companion, or to take charge of ohildren, a* nursery govern*!*. Address P. E., Herald oBca. TJTANTED ? A FRENCH NURSE-ON* WHO IS AC TT customed to the care of children, and can do plain *ew la*. City reference requirwd. Apply at the New York Ho tel room 43. WANTED-A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, Oft ?onto benevolent individual, to provide for and adn cat* a very interesting littlejirl. eight years of age. She it intelligent, good looking, ana of gcod family. The meat (satisfactory rtfi-reucet and explanations will be given. Ad dre?t D. K. A., Broadway Post Office. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SIT174 lion to do general houaework iii a private family; is a food washer and ironer. No objection to go to the country, las good oity reference. Cfcn be seen, for two days, at 308 3d av?ftue, between 21th and 23th streets. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as nurse and plain sewer, or to do cham berwork. No objection to go to the country. Good city re ference. Can be seen, for two days, at SUM Third avenut, between Twenty fourth and Twenty filth streets. IITANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A TV a situation to do cooking, washing and Ironing; has the best ot city leference from her last place. Can be aeon, for two daya. at 153 West 2Mb streot, first floor, front room. WANT?D? A PROTESTANT WOMAN TO COOK, wash and iron. Best city reference* required. Apply at 97 Weat Fourteenth street, from 10 till 2 o'clock. WANTED? A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRES8, OR nurse to an elderly lady or children. Satisfactory reference given. Apply at 502 Pearl street, first floor, baok room. No. 6. WANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, at cook, wa?h*r or ironer. Under itandt all kindt of baking. Hat no objection to go a short distanoe into the country, or to do general housework m a >mall family. Please call at 194 Lndlow street, corner of tsonitoa. Good refcrencei. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN about leaving her preient place, at cook, waahor and ironer. Apply at 319 Eait Twelfth ttreet. Excellent refe rence given. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MOST EXPERlEN ccd young girl, with tbroo yoart' oity reference, at chambermaid and waitrest ? is competent to take the entire charge? in a respootable private family. Will go in tho country for tha summer, if required. Will take SO in thit city. Call at 323 First avenue, first floor, backroom. WANTED? BY A SCOTCH GIRL. A SITUATION AS dressmaker and seamstress; understand* all kinds of needlework. Can be seen at her present employer's, 160 Pearl street, two dours from Natsau, East Brooklyn. | WANTED-A SITUATION, AS WET NURSE, BY A respectable married Proteitant woman, 23 yearn of age. who lott her first baby two weeki ago. ilaa no objec tion to go in the country. Inquire at 183 West 33th ttreet, between Hth and 9th avenuet. TIT ANTED ? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TT in a small private family to do general housework; it a good plain oook, washer and ironer. The bait of oity refer ence. Call nt 304 3d ft., tetween avenues D and C. Inquire on the teoond floor, baok room, for tiro days Xlf A N TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV Protestant young woman, to cook, wash and iron, or do chamberwork and washing. No objection to go a short dis tance in the countrv. Good cltv reference given. Ple&q* call for two days, at g# West 11th street, between 5th and (ith avenues, rear. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU ation as cook and to atsitt in the washing and iron ing; it a good baker of bread, bliouit and pastry. Unexcep tionable retercnce given as to oharaotar and capability, No objection to go a short distanoe In the country. Please call at No. 4 Great Jones street, near Broadway, for two dayt. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation to do genoral housework. Inquire at 452 Grand ttreet, Williamsburg, being her last employer's. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant young woman, as ohambermaid and plain sewer; it willing to do light chamberwork and waiting. No cbjeotion to oity er country or to travel with a lady. Beit of city reference if required. Pleaso call at 31)0 Weit 17th street, betweed 9th and 10th avenuet, for two dayt. WANTED-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A young penon compctont to cut and fit ladies' or chil dren'! dresses; wonld have no objection to take ohargo ot a growing child. Satisfactory city referenoe given. Apply at 33 St. Mark'i plaoe, between th? houri of ltT and 2. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GERMAN girl, who ipeaks English perfectly, a situation to do the general hontework of a small private family; wonld be willing to do chamberwork and tewing; hat good city refer ence. l'leate call at 39 Yetey street, tor two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ai plain cook, washer and ironer, or will take a laundress's placo, and hat no objeotlon to go a ihort dittance in the country; can )>? seen for two dayt. Ap ply at No. 72 Wett 24th ttreet, oornor of 6th avenne. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED woman, a situation at wet nurse; beat of oity refer ence given. Can be leen until engaged, at 230 9th ttreet. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, at plain cook, washer and ironer, in a small family, with flritrate city roference; would have no objection to go ft ihort distance in the country. Please call at, or address, 255 Elizabeth street, In the fancy store. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as nurse, or nurte and seamstress ;can take the entire charge of an intt nt;|best of city reference given from her latt place, where (be lived 9 years. Call at lli I7th it., be tween 6th and 7th avi. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid or to take care of children; good oity re ference. Apply at 122 Butler it.. Brooklyn. No objection to the country. Can bo teen 2 day*. TVTANTED ? A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS TT nursoand seamstress and chamber maid and waiting; sood city reference given. Apply at 35 W. 13th it., between 5th and 6th avs. Can be seen 2 days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, to do chamberwork and waiting, or at seamstress; understands all kindi of needlework and em broidering. .Good reference. Apply at 355 12th it., corner lit av. Can be leen 2 dayi. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU ation nt a professed cook in a private faintly; under stands her business in all its brunches. Hat the best city referenoet. Can be te?n for two dayt at 66 Fourth avtnue, between Ninth and Tenth itreeti. ANTED? A SITUATION AS FIRST RATE COOK* it a good baker and pattry cook. Hat no objection to go in a hotel. Best of city references can be given. Apply for thrte dayi at H5 Hamersley street. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as laundress; can do Frtnch fluting perfectly well. Good city referencti given. Apply at 355 Twelfth street, near the First avennc. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as oook, waiher and ironer. Beit oity re lcrencei giren. Apply at 275 Seventh avenue, tecond floor, baok room, near Twenty-eighth street. Can be teen for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESECTABLE young gill, to do the cooking, washing and ironing of a private family. Ha* the best oity reference from her last place. Please call at 178 Monroe atreet, .op atairt, third floor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, AeSITUA tion to do oooking, and ia willing to asaiat in washing and ironing: haa the beBt of oity reference from her last place. Call at 09 Marion atreet. WANTED? A LADY TO SUPERINTEND THE DRESS making department. Apply at the New York Mourn ing Store, 477 Broadway. M. MYERS. WANTED-BY A BEAI-THY WOMAN, WITH A FRESH broaat of milk, a aituation aa wet nurse; oan give the beat of rriereuee. Call at Dr. Wbittecer'i ofHce, corner of Ilndxonand Bleeoker streets, from 8 to 10, and 5 to 8. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A STEADY YOUNG man, aa groom and coachman; haa the beat of city and country reference, Pleaae call at 75 Bowery, in the ?tore. WANTED? A SITUATION AS CHILDREN'S NURSE, by a competent person, who, by long experience, on derstanda taking the entire care of children or infanta, to bring up by hand, and ia a good seamstress. Has the beat oi city reference. Apply at 293 6th avenue, near 19th atreet. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aaflrat rate waaher and ironer, and chambermaid, or aa waiter and chambermaid; she perfectly underatanda her bpaineaa and if willing to make herself useful. Can give beat of city reference. Haa no objection to the country. Please inquire at No. 10 Union Court, for two daya. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTE3TAN* girl, a eituation ai nurae and seamatresi, or nurae and chambermaid; haa no objection to the country. The best of city referencea given. Can be aeen for two daya: at 80 Weat Nineteenth atreet, In the baaemont. Addreaa J. B. ANTED-A SITUATION, B$ A RESPECTABLE woman, aa cook; ahe ia a good waaher and ironer, and a good baker. Good reference. Apply at No. 317 First are nne, corner of liHh atreet. Can be aeen for two daya. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aitnatlonaa aeamatreaa; underatanda cutting ani tit ting all kinda of chiidreu'a clothing. Has the beat of city references. Pleaae call al 33 Morria atreet, Jeraey City, lat floor, baek room. To be aeen for two daya, if not engaged. TITAN TED? A SEAMSTRESS AND TAILORKSS, ONE TT accuatomed to cnt and make boys' clothes, in a private family, a short distance in the couutry. Apply, before 12 o'clock, at 2H1 Green atreet. TTTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN ? T to do honaework and to do up ataira work, and to take care of children. Good eity reference given. Apply at 12 Clarkaon itreet. Can be aeen tor two dayi. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A aituation In a small family; oan All the capacity of chambermaid and waitreaa, or chambermaid and seamstress, l'lense to apply at 197 7th a*., between 23d and 24th atreet a. No objection* to the country. WANTED? SITUATIONS, 1?Y TWO PROTESTANT v V young women ? one aa aeamatreaa; ia an exoullent drcaa maker and plain aewer, and can cut ami make ohililren'a dresaee: the ether aa eook; thoroughly underatanda her iinil rese. Permanent aitnationa reautrod. Apply at.VYV 2d av., between 22d and 23d ate. third floor. City reference. TITAN TED? A SITUATION. BY A VERY RESPECT TT able girl, aa cook: understands French, English, and American eooking In all its branchea; haa the best of oity reference Pleaae call at 0 Union Court, University Place, between 11th and 12th at*. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND waiter, or to do general honaework for a small private family. Good reference given. Can be seen for two daya at 140 Lauren* at., between Prinee and Houston, aecond door, In the rear, WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITU A tion to cook, wash and iron, or to do ehamberwork ana waiting; she nnderstaadi all kinda of honaework, and haa many yeara experience, having lived with the beet fami liesin New York; underatanda marketing, and la a nurse and Jl*>?s**er. the beet of reference; ia honeat, sober, in diiatrlotte, and of ? cheerful disposition. Addreaa or call at the grocery, 127 2Wh at., corner 2d at., from 10 till i o clock, dniing thia week. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A VOUNQ WOMAN a? first rate seaaaatreas; raa cut and fit children*'' (lr*'?es. would assist vith light rhamberwork. or wonld at tend gruv n up children Una lived ia her last sitnation np warda of three i tars Can be *een for two days l'loaae (Ail M ? ? Jrti? C > 11 it., >4 tb. rear. WARTS. TtTM. NTED-A SITUATION, BT A BBSPECTABLi TT wtmu, u vat nnr??. with a fresh brent ef mile. Hu mo abjeotioa to the oountry . Apply at 186 Forsyth at. , raar fXTANTSD-A SITUATION, BT A RBSPBCTABLB TV ProUdtaBl rirl, aa oook, WMhar tad ironer, oaa maka eood bread aad busoult; a small private family. The but of city reference can ba given. Can ba aaan for two days, at 1M Elisabeth at . between Prlaoe and Spring. WANTED? TI1E WASHING OF A FAMILY OB GEV tlemae, by a person who uaderHands doing np ihirta and lino linaa. Apply at 471 4th st., rear building, aeoond floor, between Ut and 2d avenue*, in tha bakery. T^ANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE W young gill, aa chambermaid aad to assist in waahing Badironng or a* laundress. Caa ba aeen lor two dara at 24 Washington square. Haa tha bait of city referenda. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as goad plain cook, good waahar auM IrooBr, or at genera) housework, or as obambermaid, or aa children's maid. Ia a goad aewer; has lately come from Londoa. Wa ges moderate. Pleateeall at 1.59 28th ut , near 2d araaua. Can be aeaa tor two daya. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tioa to do the general housework of a small private family; la a good plain cook and washer and kroner. Can give good city reference. Plenae apply at 10 9\? Green at. WANTED? A GIRL, FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Good recommendations required. Apply at No. 112 Green at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa seamstress; would take ohsrge of a child. Has no objection to go to the country. Can be aeen Cor two days, from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. at No. 128, corner of Atlantic and Henry streets, second floor, front room, No. 11, over Scran ton'a, Brooklyn' WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion aa chambermaid and waiter, or nurse aad seam stress; no objection to go to Brooklyn; best oity referenoo. Can be seen, for two days, at No. So Greenwich St., third floor, front room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT German, speaking the English language, a situation In a respectable American fatally as seamstress; she perfectly understands dressmaking in all its branches, cutting and fitting children's druses, also fine sewing, all kinda of fine needlework, Ac. Best of oity referenoo givon. Call at 18 Nassau street, fourth floor. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant English girl, as plain oook. washer and ironer in a piivate tamily, or laundress. Good city refe rence from her last place, Can be seen for two days at mo, 42 Whitehall street. WANTED-A SITUATION AS NIGHT WATCHMAM in some large wholesale store down town, by a ro^poct able American man. The best of relerence given as to honesty, industry, and capability. Address box ISO Herald office. "fX7" ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vv woman, as cook and to assist in washing and ironing. Good city reierence. Apply or address to 417 (ith avenue, third floor. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as seamstress orohambermaid: understands cut ting and fitting children's elothes and underulothes. Wages not bo muoh an object as a good home. Applv at 82 North Moore st., first fleor, back room, for two days. WANTED?' TWELVE AMERICAN YOUNG LADIES, of the first respectability, at the first class restaurant and dining salooa, (Great Republio) 113 Fultoa street, run ning through to Ann. Also, one experienced lady, to take ehaipte at the cashlor's desk, and one for pie and eolfee counter. N. B.? None but those fully competent need apoly. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation aa nurse, chambermaid, or seamstress in a private family; has no objections to go In the country; best of city referenda can be given. Can be seen for two days at 141 13th street, between 7th aad 8th avenues. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework; is a first rate washer and ironer; or would da plain sewing and take care of a baby. Call at 12 Amity plaee for t wo days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonng girl, as waiter, orohambermaid and fine washer and ironer: understands her business. Best oity refereace. Call at 12 Amity plaoe for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RBSPECTABLB young woman, as seamstress,; bo objection to take care ofohildren; understands cuttingand making dresses for them. Good oity reference. |Can be seen for two days at the California bakery, 426 6th avenue, near 2Gth st. WANTED-A COLORED MAN AND HIS WIFt; THE man mast be a thorough groom, aad understand the care of horaes. The latter to cook aad wash for two gentle men. City references required. Apply, after S P. at IS Washington square. WANTED? A SOBER, INDUSTRIOUS MAN. WHO understands farming and gardening, to take charge of a small plaoe near Taunton, Mass. If he has a wile, with out children, who undtrstands washing and ironing, it will suit as well. Best ot' references required. Apply to E. H. Arnold, 84 Beaver street. WANTED-A CLERK.? MUST WRITE AN EXCEL lent and expeditious hand, and thoroughly understand aocounts. Scotch or English preferred. Good testimonials required. _ Apply at llOLLOWAY'S, 80 Maiden lane. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MAN, BETWEEN fifty and sixty years of age, employment for eight hours a day, having been employed for somo years in the old ooun try at the playing card and pasteboard manufacture; has no objection to any other employment where ho can make him self useful. Address E. S., 74 Essex street, near Grand, room 22. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A SCOTCHMAN AND his wife; the man as a vegetable gardener, or to work on a farm, and the wife as dairy maid. Can be soeu for two days at 488 Cth aveaue, rear; would prefer the country. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION AS enachman for a private familv. Inquire for two days at Mr. E. Fisher's store, corner of Wooster and Bleecker streets. The best of reference given. No objections to the country, WANTED.- SEVERAL MEN WHO WRITE VERY plainly, to canvas for the City Directory. Address, in the handwriting of the applicant, with references. Direc tory, 61 Ann street. Applioations in peraon will not be attended to. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, IN A private family, by a respectable Protestant single man. Has the best city referee ie from his last employor. Address N. W., Herald office, or Union square Post Offloe. WANTED-A SMART ACTIVE YOUNG MAN A3 OUT door salesman, to solioit orders, deliver goods, Ac.; an American preferred. Address, stating age, reference, Ac., A. B., Herald office, for three days. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN, WHO THOROUGHLY understands the grocery business; one who has been brought np to it la the old oountry, aad can bring good oity referoncc, preferred. Apply at 354 Grand st. TENANTED? AT SPINK'S AGENCY FOR HELP, 341 T f Broadway, (tmsement,) can always he obtained, por ter*, barkeeper*, English. Sootoh, and German servant!, me chanics, weavers, farm laborers, Ac. N. B.? Clerks occa sionally succeed to first rate lituation*, by registering. Fee, SI each applicant. WANTED? AN ACTIVE, INDUSTRIOUS BOY. TO make himself generally u*eful in the grooary tiuiineis. Apply to P. H. Beid, Post Office, East Mew York. Long Island. WANTED? A STRONG, ACTIVE BOY, TO WORK IN a drug store. Apply to ANDERSON A MACLAV, 28 and 30 Fulton street. THE TRADFg, AC. GARDENER WANTED? A SINGLE MAN, WHO THO roughly understand* hii business. Mast be striotlv temperate, honest, industrious, willing and obliging. Ad dress H. C., box No. 110 Herald office. mo PRINTERS - WANTED, FROM TWELVE TO FIF JL teen Printers, to work on a newspaper. Preference will be given to men of good character and steady habits. Apply to James Conner A sons, Beekman street. WANTED-A SHIRT CUTTER.? NONE BUT THOSE who understand the business need apply. JOHN DAVIS A SON, Warren street. WANTED- TWO PRACTICAL SCALE MAKERS. TO good workmen, the highest wages will ue paid. For further information apply to WM. H. ACKEN,tfl Maiden lane. "II/ ANTED- A SITUATION AS WHEELER IN AN Tr extensive carriage mtnufaotory ; light work preferred. Reference given Address G. T. II., 347 Broome street. ANTED IMMEDIATELY? AT THE FURNITURE ?tore No. 8 Prospeot street, Brooklyn, a jobbing cabinet maker, who understands varnishing, Ac.; a German preferred. Constant employment to a good workman. Ap ply to day. HOTKLSl c OLLINS' HOTEL, FOOT CANAL STREET, N. Y., WILL let, with board, three large tront parlors, with bedroom attached, and also several salts on most reasonable terms; for rammer month* the looatioa is aneqaallei; the home face* the river on two sides. TALLMAN A MAPES, Proprietor*. Hotel Brighton, Boulogne <sur mer>, francs ?To families going to Earone. A gentleman lately from Europe, eaa safely reoommend the "Hotel Brighton," as not only the beat In the plaoe, but a* on* of the beet la Enrepe. Situated at a eonvenient distanoe from the rail road, and being In the middle of a large gardea, this hotel tGiiiiiii all the oomforte deeirable for wealthy families. EW TORK BAY 1 HOTEL, MILES FRoiFjER3EY City ferry, on the Bergen Point plank road, will be opened for the summer on the 1st of May. It *taad* oa the beach, with a line view of the Narrows; excellent bathing, boating and Ashing. The stages leave every hour from the ferry nt Jersey City. For particulars apply to CAPT. LEES, Proprietor, Jersey City, or at the bona*. tCEAN HOUSE, SHREWSBURY N. J -THIS LARUE~ ' new and commodions hotel, furnished throughout, is offered to let. and the furniture for sale; or, a person who understands Keeping inch a house, with could join the owner as partner, on favorable terms. H. E. KIELL, 62 Llspenard streit. Tore family hotel, new bridge striet, Ludgate Hill, London.? The above house I* eentraliy (itaated. ha* an exoellent coffee room, ten or twelve private sitting ro?ms, between forty and flfty light airr bedrooms, a good smoking room; warm, eold and shower baths alway* ready. A night porter In attendance. A fixed charge for ser vant*. The New Yotk Herald Is filed. THOMAS QUAR TERMAINE (also proprietor of the Crown and Sceptre, and Ship tavern*. Greenwich,) tender his grateful thanks to "hi* American friends, for the fttvors he has so long enjoyed at their hand*, and lolieit* their continued patronage and re commendation. RRMOV oc DR. VAN DOREN HAS REMOVED HIS OFFICE rooms to hi* residence. 63 West Twenty-fifth street one bloek we*t of Broadway, and a tew doers west of Sixth avenue. JOSEPH LEE, MERCHANT TAILOR ? HAS REMOVES from 113 Broadway te Oilsey'* baUding*. 199 Broadway REMOVAL.-F. A T. DAVIS BEG LEAVE TO INFORM their patre s and friend* that they have removed then furr.itnre establishment from 63 Ana street, to KM Spring street, under the St Nicholas Hotel, and that they have greatly added to their ttook of enperh parlor, diting room and rh amber fbrnitnrt They late this opportunity to in vite the pnblio to give tt?B ft C*ll. ?Ll all* U tbaai t heil rattoai tn part fat?r?, rauiciiii. <1 AAA BONDS or^ THE VIRGINIA AND fl.UUU.UUU T?umm Railroad Company.? Pro posals will be mcoived for tho whole or any put of (ho above isene of bonda. They aro dated lat July, 1651, and Ktble to buarer. la tho oil; ot Nov York, on the 30th June, with interest oooponi attached, at tho rate of 6 per oent per annum, payable mini annually at the Bank of Ameriok on the 1st of Janunry aad July ot eaoh year, aid one half their amount convertible into tbe (took of the company at thf tion of the holder. Thete bond* are luued under fall authority ot the atookholders, .or the pnrpoae of finishing and equipping tho road, aad they aro oeonrod by a second mortgage on the road, with all the real oitate, fixtures aad equlpmx-ts. franchisee, appurtonanoea aad privileges apper taining thereto. The first and prier mortgage ia for $1,5U0,UUU, of wbloh $l.ttiU,0U0 was taken by tho State of Virginia, on the following very advantageous terma Six per cent In teroat, and the principal to lie liquidated by payment* anna ally of one per oent for thirty -tear years, commencing on tho 1st cf July. 1863. The remaining $M0,0U0 were sold at par. The capital of the company ia $3,UX).tOO, three-fifths of whioh ia held 4>v tbe State of Virginia- and the whole amouatpaid in ia $2,976, 10U. The length .of the road, from the olty of l.ynoliburg to tho Tennessee line, is $04 miles, of whioh 135 are entirely finished aad ia operation. The remaining sixty nine miles require only $235,000 to oomplete them, and tea months labor is only necessary to put the entire road into full operation. Thorn ha* beoa expeuded on tho road about Sfl.WXI,UUO ia cor.struetlon. rolling sioek aad expenses, a sum double the amonat of both mortgages, which together do not exceed SIS, WO per mile of road. The road lorms a link in the chau. of roads wMoh are to become probably the most impor tant route in tbe Uaion, giving an almost straight line from the Northern and Eastera cities to those on the Colt' of Mexico aad tho Mississippi, shortening tbe distanoo more than twe hundred miles; aad there is hut oa* more link to be finished to afford a continuous railroad transportation trom the city of Washington to Montgomery, Alabama. But independent of tho travel that will eome to it as a part of i bo great South and Ncrth lino, the Virginia aad Tennessee Railroad lias a certain local business of its owa, whioh U clearly ascertained by the earnings of last year, with only eighty five miles open, ($163,029 79, > as being sufficient of it self to support the road. It passes almost its whole length

through a region abounding with a variety of miaerals of the most valuable nature, suoh as lead, ooal, iron, oopper, salt and gypsum, all of whioh exist ia great abundtnoe. whioh have been hitherto neglected, but whioh are fast being deve loped now that they can be oonveyed to market. In short, the prospects of the road are most flattoring; and fostered as it bas been by tbe State, and supported generally by tne people of Virginia, with so largo a cash capital aotually paid in, it is believed no security bas been reoently offered of a better character. The Company have agreed to set apart one per ccnt. annually on the amount of their bonds from the earnings of the r-iad, as a linking fund to meet the pay ment of them at maturity: and the stockholder* have adopt td at a line of policy, to deolare no dividend excepting from a casn surplus, alter the interest and sinking fund have boen provided tor. The terms on which the sale will be made are 25 per cent, down, and the balauce in payments of 10 per oent. every thirty days till all paid. If the whole amount is paid at once, interest to 1st July to tie allowed. The right or reject ing all or any part of the bids i* reserved, n deemed for the interest* oi the Company to do so. The bond* will be lodged in bank, to be delivered when the whole amount it paid. Full information will be glv>n on all subjects oon nected with the financial affair* of the Company, whioh could be derived by parties wishing ti offer for the bonds, and documents and referenoe* obtained by applying to Adrian n. Muller. Esq , No. S8 Wall street, New York, to whom offers must be sent, sealed, and marked "Tender for Railroad Bonds," on or befoie the 24th day of May next. JOHN ROBIN MoDANIEL, President Virginia and Tenneisee Railroad Co. The Board of Director* are : HENRV DAVIS, THOMAS L. PRESTON, GEORGE STUART, WM. T. ANDERSON, WILLIAM A. READ, And C. F. M. GARNETT. 1* Chief Engineer. I will recolvo sealed proposals for the above loan, which will remain with me unoponed till three o'olook P. M. of Thursday the 24th day ot May next, to be then opened in the'precenoe of the President, or aome other authorised agent of the oompany. ADRIAN H. MULLER, 38 Wall street. New York, 6th April, 1856. <j?7 en AAH new york and hahlem rail ?JP I yU.VvV ? road, second mortgage 7 per cent bonds, part of an issue of one million. This mortgage cover* a large amount of real eitate la thi* olty, as well as many paroels on the line of tbe road, net included ia the flrw mortgage; the branch road to Port Morris, oa the East River, with wharf and ground belonging thereto, and all the rolling stock and furniture ot the road. Tbe bonds are inued with Interest eoupon* attached, pay able on the first days of February and August in each year, and the principal reimbursable on the first day of August, 1W4. Tbe mortgage 1* made to the Farmer*' Loaa and Trust Company, of this city, as trustee for the bondholders, aad recorded ia all the counties through whioh the road passes. This issue, added to the llrit, will make the mortgage la cumbranceupon the road four million dollar*? lei* than fifty per cent upon It* ooat up to thi* time. The proceeds of the bonds now offered, will be used? flrskto oxtinguiah the floating debt of the Ccmpany; and. secAd, to complete the double track to White Plains, ana erect aome few itatloa houses required an the line of the road, all of whioh, it is ex pected may [be done |so a* to oloie " oonitruotion ac count " at the end of the year. Tbe socurity upan whioh these bond* are baaed i* believed to be in all respeots ample, quite as reliable as that of tbe first mortgage. The earnings of the road are oonstantly In creasing, and its business, present and prospective, never so satisfactory as now. Proposals for all or any of these bond* may be addr?**ed to William B. Draper, Treasurer, Harlem Railroad Com pany, New York, endorsed " Proposal* for 2d Mortgage Bond*," until the fifteenth day of May next, when they will be opened, aad (hould state whether the offer be made ia cash on receiving the bond*, or in in stalmentslof twenty -five per cent, payable respectively on the 15th of May. 15th of June, 15th of July, aad 16th of August. The right of re jecting all or any part of the bids is reserved, if deemed for the interest of the Company *o to do. By order of the Board of Director*. NICHOLAS DEAN, President. Wm B. Draper, Treasurer. Note.? Thi* road terminate* ia the eentre of the oity of Near York, i* on* hundred and thirty mile* long, con necting the city with Albany, and all the trade of the great West, together with a portion of that of the North. The annual gross earnings 6f the road aow exoeed one million ot dollars. New York. April 3d. 1MB. ?CCA Ann ?MONEY TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS VUUv?UUv/ ? watohea, Jewelry, dry good*, *egar*, Aa.. or bought for ea*h; city (took*, note*, bond*, mortgage* and bill* of exohange negotiated. Business confidential and prompt by THOMPSON A CO., brokers aad oommisMoa merchants, 101 Nassau street, comer Ana, room 2, seeead Boor. WANTED-ANY ONE HAVING THIS amount to invest in a well established busi ness. where fifty per cent on the money can be made yearly, can oall on tho undersigned, when particulars will be given, both as to the veracity and respectability of this application. Only a small amount required at once. Best of references given and required. Inquire of BARKER A OSTRANDER, 157 Broadway. TO LOAN-ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, for three years, on first class improved city property only. Apply to K. M. WEED, 171 Front street. $10,000 $5,000 y| AAA TO *5,000 WANTED-ON 40 LOTS, AT <p x.UvJu Harlem, for 3 to 7 years ? Eighth and Ninth avenue. Loans on all kind of securities and business paper negotiated; houses and lot*, country and inburban villa pro perty purchased and sold. Lots, with building loans, in New York proximity. DAVIS A TOTTEN, Brokers. 195 Broadway, room No. 7, third story. 2 Hi ?A PAWN TICKETS WANTED, FOR WHICH .UUU fair prices will be paid, on gold and silver watehes, diamonds, Jewelry, ready made clothiag silk dress patterns, and all other kinds of property. Apply at 226 Grand street, in Mr. Pyke's office, rear room, second floor, from 10 to 4. C1ASH ADVANCfcD IN ANY AMOUNT, OR PUR J ebased at sight; Diamonds, Watehes, Rioh Jewelry, aad valuable personal property generally. R. WOOD, 69 Fulton street * Second floor, front room ; 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. Gold to any amount liberally advanced (or toughtat sight) on stooks, bonds, diamonds, jewel ry, merchandise and property of all descriptions. Mer chants. manufacturers and the public generally, can always be accommodated at the old and responsible Pacific Agency aad Loan Office, 114 Grand street, ovor the Paeiflc Bank. IRVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION, Np. 96 WARREN street, one door from Greenwich ? Open daily from 10 A. lb to 1 P.M., and 4 to 7 P.M. Interest at the rate of six pec cent allowed on all mm* from $1 to $500. The fund* of thi* iastitutlea are aeaurely invested in bonds and aortgagesia tbe city of New York, worth dooUe the amoant loaned, an in bona* in this oitf . CALEB S. WOODHULL, President. M." D.' Tab'fm.tJ Vioe Pr#,l<Unti Vakdir?ilt L. Buxtow, Seoratary. Money liberally advanced. Bv PECARES, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, AucM?? eers, No. 61 Liberty atreet, one door from Naasau, on itooki v easels, real e*tate, furniture, picture*, merchandise, A*,, left with as for sale. TO CAPITALISTS -THE FOX AND WISCONSW Improvement Company offer to capitalists for Invest nanaoi in or in Amenoa, city or New York. These boats are secured by a first mortgage upon lands worth, at a low valuation, more than double tbe amouut, also upoa the tsa provement itselt, together with Its proceeds, water powec, AO. Inquire at the office of the Company, 14 Wall stro?*. LOST AND FOUND. C ACTION .?LOST Oil STOLEN FROM OCR CLERK. od his way to tb? b?nk, the following oheck? ana drafti. The public and broken are hereby cautioned not to negotiate them; payment in ever?* ease wai Mopped during bank hour* yeeterday:? C- M. Fry A Od , to order of ourielves, oh Meoh. Bk. . $590 00 F. J. Banei, do. do. Cituene' Bank 2,000 00 Ohio Lite A Trmt Co., do. Bank of Commerce 100 00 A. L. Stlmson, to tearer, Metropolitan Bank 8 62 H. C. Goodwin, to order of ourselves, Chemical Bk. 80 81 Amory A Burtus, to bearer, Market Bank...... 2)0 00 Hunting A Van Noitrand, to our order, Market Bank 701) 00 Our own oheek on the Maohaniei' Bank 77V 72 Bank of B. N. A. on Bell A Ranafan, with our en dowment and others 240 00 Farmers' Bank of Hudson on Mechanics' Bank with eur endorsement and others 800 00 HANNA A liEEBE. 2S? Pearl street. April 14, 1816. LOST-APRIL 14, SCI'POSED IN THE VICINITY OF Seventeenth <treet and Seventh avenne, a shipping re ceipt bonk. The Under will be suitably rewarded by leaving it with WHITLOCE, NICHOLS A CO., 84 Front street. Lost ? no reward -a btcd, a clcster of se veral dismondi set in gold. The finder will receive the above rewaid on leaving it at Ne. 46 Bond street. LOST-ON SATCBDAY I.AST. IN BROADWAY, BE tween Bleurker ? treat and Park plaee, a steel ring, with tight or nine keys and a common watch key. The finder will please leave them, or say where they can be hail, at No. 6 Park place. STOLEN - FROM THE STABLE OF THE OREY Hound Hotel, OX) Sixth avenue, a bay mare pony, with lotg tail, about thirteen bands high; lost betwoen einht and nine o'clock on Saturday night. A liberal reward will be paid for her delivery. C. E. IIARROP. STOLEN.? SCPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN STOLEN from the subscriber's store some time In March, a ease containing about forty six pounds of blaok sewing silk; ?aid silk is put up in papers of half pounds; on the bottom of the case :i marked E. ft. A.. New York. A reward will be paid fer the reoovery of the property. E. H. ARNOLD, No. 34 Beaver street. jtfHPBJESS AGKIVCTRS. Adams a co.'S California express? office No. AO Broadway. Our Best express to San Francisco will be forwarded on Tbureday, April 12th, per steamer STAR OF THE WEST, via Nicaragua, in charge of special messenger to destination. If. B. DINS MOKE, E. 8 8ANFORD, , ,, ^ ? 8. M. SHOEMAKER, Proprietor! of Adams A Co.'* California Freight and Package E?pr*?s. OCR NEXT EXPRESS TO SAN FRANCISCO WILL be forwarded on Friday. April 20, at 2 o'clock P. M.. per ?te?m<r Illinois, via Panama, in charge of special m?isenger to destination. W II. DIN.SMOKI, ' E S. SAN FOR II, s. m shoemaker. Proprietor* of Adami A Co.'i California Freight and Package E> prt3>. OTout ?oroaii. All persons havino claims* against theo dore L. Msgaguos, Esq., will present theui duly veii fled to the subscriber at his offloe. No. 97 Maiden laaa, <Mestr?. Shecban & Son.) and ail person* indebted to Mf. M?f agnoi are requested to pay the eame to the subscriber a* the tame place. G?Q. L. SHAW. Assignee. A SSOCIATION OF EXEMPT FIREMEN ? THE QU Alt J\ terly meeting will be held at the bouaa of Engine Com pany No. 4, in Mercer street, between Amity and Fourth streets, Tuesday evening, April 17, at 8 o'elook. Y. W. WHEELER. R. 3. American institute-mechanics' club.? a meeting will be held at the roomi of t*e Inatituta, Na. ail It roadway, this evening, at 7>$ o'oloek, Subjeut - "la the principle of the Minie or expanding bullet oapable of af lordini either greater range er greater acouraoy than U ob tained by breach loading gans HENKY MEIGS. Seo'y. ClOUFTROLLER'S OFFICE, CITY OP ST. LOUU, ) Marob. 26, io66 ? Great closing sale of the Third sob diTiiion of the oity commons, St. b<>ui*, Mlsssuii? l.TOt beautiful building loUfat auction? By order of the Mayo* and Council of the city of St. Louis, Missouri, on Wednesday, May 1, 1866, ire will sell at public auction the entire unmbec of lots la the eity commons, belonging to tha city, remaining unsold. This property comprises the subdivisions of oity commons blooks Nos. j5, 26, 37, 2H, 46 and 46. These blooks hare been subdivided into sma'ler lots of twenty-five feet iroiit each, by a depth of one hundred and twent-five feet each lot fronting on a broad and beautiful aveuue. Tha ground Is moat beautifully situated immddiately back of the present oity limits, on a high and commanding point, afford ing a magnificent view of the entire city of St. Loula, tha Mississippi Rirerou the east, and the beautiful undulating prairie on the west, ttroafi and splendid avenues have bean laid off and opened iri'hin the past year through the gron'da, and many of tbem are already macadamised; large tracts have been reserved aud retained by the city for parks, which are beautifully lcoated, some of which are already in a high state of improvement Terms of sale? One-sixth oash; the balanoe in equal pay ments, at one, two, three, four and Ave years, with interest a* the rate of six per cent pec annum.seoured by desds of trust on the property. H. OVERSTOLZ, Comptroller. Foe farther particulars apply to KENT 4 OBEAR, Anotioners, Office No. 71 Chesnut streot, St. Louis. C DBA. ?HAVING JUST RETURNED FROM CUBA, and being a true Americnn, 1 feel it my duty to speak in behalf of oar wronged and imprisoned countryman, Felix ? tbe noble Felix!? confined in a miserable fort, at the mouth ot the harbor of Havana, calmly waiting his dread ful sentenoe. On visiting his filthy cell I was surprised to find him cheerful, !"?' ? snw>H ?d to find him innocent. Cheerfulness ne\ er plsys npon the oh )ek of him who has a guilty conscience, u i uoe? suUuut or fear rest upon the brow of the Innocent. A man is inaoceat in the eyas of ha inanity until he has been proved gni'ty; Felix has aot beea proved guilty, and is condemned without proofs. Will the government see his sentence carried into execution and not inter (ere? Will the country under which ha has sought pro tection forsake him? or is fifo of so little importance that the innocent mutt suffer as well at tbe guilty? Fellow-clti xens, I think it Is time that we shoald learn to proteot oar fellow men en the island ot Cuba. It is time thai we should resent the Injuries and insults that Concha hat heaped upon our nation. Mutt our Consul at Ilavana be supported ia his protests against unjast trials; oris Concha to defy oar nation to proteot our representative!? Lovers of Justioe, how long will you witness with folded arms and slumbering eyes your brethren treated like dogs? How long will you witness cruelty and aot jtretoh forth an arm to save? Is liberty dead? Has the blood of patriotism that your ances tors instilled in your veins, dried tup? If not, then roase, Americans, from your slumber? hearken to the cries that come up to you from the grave, and from the dnngeon of the innocent, and chastise the tyrant that has lain the straggling patriots low. Yonrs, truly, PROTECTION. CHI PSI FRATERNITY.? THE GRADUATES OF THE A. Z. (Columbia College) ohapter, are requested to at tcad a spcclal meeting at the Waver ley House, oornerof Broadway and Fonrth streets, at 7>f o'elook, thii evening. Legal and general reporting.? Messrs. HAYES, H1NCKS. CAREY A CO. have opened offlefs. 16 and 17 Franklin Buildings, 196 Broadway, for short hand reporting. Their position and experienoe as Congressional, legal and newspaper reporters, warrant them la promising tbe atmoat accuraoy and expedition la fulfilling orders. Masonic notice.-thf members in general of the fraternity of F. A. M. , are respeotfully requested to meet at the Masonic Tempie, corner of Broome and Crosby streets, this (Monday) evening. April 16, at 8 o'elook, to take into consideration measures for the speedy liberation of our beloved brother Dr. Charles A. Peck, who, by Spanish despotism, now lies incarcerated in a jail, at Havana, Cuba. DR. CHARLES D. BROWN. W. M. of New York Lodge, No. 330. Notice. -the public is hereby notified not to trust the crew of the brig Wave Spirit, on account of owners, captain or vessel; the said crew having deserted ia the stream on tbe 13th Instant. JOHN A. FITCH, Captala. PETERSVILLE HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION.? A SPM oial meeting wUI be held on Monday evening, April 16, to bear the report of committee and make arrangements for distribution of the lands of the association. F. A. POTTER, President. THE MARINERS' SAVINGS BANK? CORNER OF Third avenue and Ninth street, pays six per cent inter est on snms of $600 and aader, and ftve per cent oa tarns over ?S00 Open daily from 9 A. M. to S P. M., and WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS, from 6 to 8. ostiohs: Hoa. JACOB A. WESTER VELT, (l?te Mayor of the oity President. Philip W. Ersi aad Isaac T. Smith, Vioe Presidents. W. H. Ellswobth, Secretary. M. B.? This Savings Bank is ia ao way connected with any other banking institution ia this oity, is regularly chartered aoourding to law by the Legislature of this State, aad has its faads tsonrely Invested, maialy oa bond and mortgage, on property worth doable the amnaat loaned. Tub liquor dealers' society will meet at the Westchester House, Moaday evening, April 16th. bight hundred members are expected to be present. A spe cial meeting will be held every evening during the week to initiate members. All connected with the trade are invited to join. JOHN N. HAYWARD, President. D. T. Paice, Seo'y. TO THE BUSINESS PUBLIC !? FOR THE INSERTION of your cards in the South street line of staid apply immediately to ROBERT I'EEL QUIN, 61 Chambors street. N. B.? The cards muit all be handed in before tha 1st of May. TAMMANY SOCIETY, OR COLUMBIAN OBDER.? Brothers, a special meeting of the institution will bo held in tbe Council chamber of the Great Wigwam, on Mon day evening, April 16, at half an hour after the setting of the sun, tor the election of officers for the ensuing year. General and punctual attendance is requested. By order EM1JAH F. PUKDY, Grand Sachem, Stefher C. Dvkyia, Secretary. Manbattaa, Season of Blossoms, 4th Moon, Tear of Dis covery 363, of Independence "9th, and of the Institution the 66th. The amboy clay company-being now tho roughly established, and having already shipped seve ral cargoes ot their superior potter' ti clay, are now ready to fill all orders they may be favored with. Their property is situated on Cheesequakes creek, near South Ambey, New Jersey, and their arrangements for shipping clay are suoh that a vessel can be loaded In tbe spaoe of a few hours, as they keep a large deposlte of clay in the Immediate vloin ltv ot their dock, from wblch the tame has only to be dump ed in by means of wheelbarrows. The price of their clay Is $2 per ton, or $1 per load, for first quality; and half that price for refused elay. Orders may be addressed to the undersigned, who will also forward samples or give any fur ther information required, on application at his place of business, 86% Chatham street, corner of Tryon row, New York. OTTO ERNiT, Sec, and Treat. A. C. Co VERMONT COPPER MINING COMPANY.-A SPE cial meeting of the stockholders of this company will be held on Friday, April 20, at 12 o'clock M., at No. 19 Broadway . Every stockholder is requested to be present. EDWARD M. JOHNSON. Treasurer. HOPSKg, ROOMS, dcC., WANTED. ?1H nnn ?DOUSE wanted.? wanted to pur iJJIU.UuU. chase, a genteel house in a good location in New York, worth fr?m $8,000 to $12,0(10, for which a good lot on Brooklyn Height! wonld be takes in part payment. M. L. SHELDON, 85 Nassau street. a?C nnn -COUNTRY SEAT WANTED.- WANTED ipu.UUU . to exchange, from one to five choice lota near Court street, Brooklyn, tor a gente'l oonntry seat, on the water, near New York, worth from $l,00t> to $0,000. M. L. SHELDON, 8S Nassau street. House wanted.-a small house, with the modern improvements, in the upper part of the city, west of Fourth avenue; rent not to exceed >900. Addreu L. B , Herald office, PART OF A HOUSE WANTED? IN BROOKLYN, within 10 or 20 minutes walk of Fulton ferry, consisting or front and back parlor, kitohen, and two bed rooms, by a small family. Address (stating terms, which must be mod erate,) Martin, box 150, Herald office. References ex changed. POST OFFICE BOX WANTED-AT THE LOWER OF flce. Address, giving number of box and price, C. J. N., bux VS. K2; orflrst fllf^-^TED, THE FIRST r? ?MirifW'W '? ?"e Sixteenth warV#" >" HeV.,?^. Agrees, .tattag'tES ^ TO ENGINEERS AND SURVEYORS-WANTED, A GOOD secondhand 14 inch dumpy level; also,* good transit. Ad dress, stating terms, where the instruments may be seen, Ac., (postpaid, ) Engineer, box 3,146 F? st Office. Tenant wanted-for third floor or brick house, in Grand street, bew?en Broadway and Bowery, consisting of four rooms and bedroom, in the attic. Rent moderate to a good tenant. Can be seen at any hour. Apply on the premises. B. DKLAPIERRE, 198 Grand street. WANTED? A FARM OF SO, 100 OR MORE ACRES, with gosd buildings, in exchange for city property located in 124th street, fronting Mount Morris square, be tween Fourth and Fifth avenues. Inquire of M. G. LAME, corner of Fourth avenue and Tenth street. WANTED-FOR A SINGLE GENTLEMAN ENGAGED in business, a parlor and bedroom, furnished or unfur nished, in a quiet respectable house, either in New York, Brooklyn, nr Jerkcy City, situated within a reasonable dls tsnre of bis place of business, whioh ii down town. The honee must have the conveniences of bath, closets, Ac, What is wanted is oemfort, and to be removed nrom the diiagreea bleness incident to a purely boarding house existence. Would like metis In the hoaee; dinner at sis o'clock, and in his own room in case the family dis td at a different hour. Would prefer catering for himself, simply having toe attend ance necessnry to earry out his own arrange meate. As the advertiser has neither time nor inclination to look after snitable places, he begs that parties replying will he good enough to state location, the total aooommodation they have to offer, whether the rooms ire furnished or unfurnish ed. tbe arrangements they can make with regard to meals, and the terms. No others can be notioed. Address S. O. K. box 1217 1'ost office. WANTED-BY A LADY, THE LOWER PiRT OF^ honee, between Twenty fifth and f ranklin streets. Rent $SU) to $250, payable in advance; no questions askel, ve?y quiet, Ac. Address Delia Mlddleton, Broadway Pott Office. WANTED-A ROOM AND~ BEDR00M7"t;NrURNISH ed, with kitchen. In some respect :i hie locality, at * mo derate rent, for a widow lady, child and servant. Please reply, stating locality and term*, to M. L. 0., Herald office. Keferencea exchanged. PROPOSALS. mo ARCHITECTS.? THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF JL the city of Brooklyn will pay the sum of two hundred dollars lor the plans, specifications and working plans that may be adopted by the Board for a school honee. The build ing to be capable of seating 1.009 scholars oomfortably; the flrrt story to be used for library. funMe*, coal bins and plav ground, the second floor fcr the primary department, and the third floor for the male and female department. It Is desirable that the class rooms be so oonstrncted that by openlnK the doors the entire floor, with the exoeptlon of the closets, can be need as one room lhe Board reserves the right to reject any or all plans that may be presented. Mze of lot, lU' by 200 teet. Plans may ke left at the office of the > assau Insurance Company until the 24th Inst. Brooklyn, April 10 1N?. THOMAS 8ULLIYAN, Ch?Umaa of School Aouso CommlltP FOK LIJlBPOOU-UhitiD STATjSi MAIL * ?hit) BALTIO. Jot. J. Comatook. oouimaade steamship will depart ?ith the Unit a* SUtea in Europe i-ositlvbly on Wednaadey. April 18, at rio'e from net berth, at the foot of Cut! atreet. For fre, pu>H>, having unequaUeA accommodations toe ? cohort, .PPl|D^ARDtc0LLiN8 Mwrti PaMengors are reuuosted to be on board at o'c M. The steamship Pacific wili suoceed the Baltic, May 2. Shippers please take notion that the ahipe ? line cannot carry any good* oontrabaad of war. rriHE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED X Mail Steamers- ? The (hipa oompoaing thU Una i following}--- ?? i ATI.ANTIC. Capt. Wert. BALTIC, Capt. Cam*. PACIFIC, Capt. Nye. ADRIATIC, Capt. - Theae ships have been built by contract, expressly > eminent service. Every care baa been takea in tbP (traction, aa alae in their engines, to tuin airuoir apeed, and their accommodations for psiiKugers art uC led for eleganee and oomfort. Prioe of passage fr.? York to Liverpool, in flrat elaaa eabim, *130; in see<t *76, exolusiva use of extra aiie ataterooma, $325: frw erpool to New York 30 and 20 gulueaa. An experiene jeon attached to each chip. Ne berth scoured ?*?w raorosco dates or sailiw*. ? nn* ?i* viiuk. rioa umroci Wednesday, March 21.... 1856 Saturday* March Wednesday, April 4... .WSJ 8aturday?Maroh 17. . J ednssday, April 18 1865 Saturday, Maroh 31.. Wednesday, May 3.. ..1635 Saturday, April U..? Wednesday, May 16. . . 1885 Saturday. April S. , Wednesday, May 90.... 1856 Saturday, May s. . . For freight or passage apply to EDW'I) K. COLLINS, No. 56 Well street, New T^ BROWN. SHI I' LEY A CO , Liverpool. P STEPHEN KENN&RD A CO ,27 Austin Frairs, Lf B. a. WAINWHIGHTACO., Paria. . GEORGE H. DRAPER, Havre. . The owners of these ships wiU not be accountable fu (liver, bullion, specie, jewelry, preeious stonas or i* nnleas bills of lading are signed therefor, aad the" thereof therein expressed. I Shippers please take notice that the ships ef tki( Hi not carry any good* contraband of war. ?, The vanderbilt european line or si skips ?The first class steamship NORTH tSTAif tons H smack, master. will leave New York, from p? 90, foct ot Chamber* street, at noon, precisely, r 21. for Havre, diieot. First class passago, $110; ? $tM. The N urth Star will be followed by the now ste? Ariel, In May. The owner of these vessels will net oouutable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, n, ?tone*, or metals, unless bills of lading are signal t), and the valoe thereof therein expressed. Specie u<* taken at usual rates. No freight reoelved after noon , day before sailing. No berth seoured until paid for* ters prepaid, 12U cents per half oance, will be ree*<. the office up to li A. M. of tha day ot sailing, and v carried in strong India rubber bagL under look; and rival at Havre, will be Immediately deposited in PeaP then. rixBD dat tea or sailing. ? mow HEW TORS. rlOM HAVIS. f North Star April 21. North Star M( Ariel May 19. Ariel Jiw North Star Jnna 16. North Star J* Theae steamships are classed A 1 at tha inraranoe ? and apeoie and goods will be inaured in them at P rates of premium as in any other steamships that ore* ocean. For freight or passage, apply to D. TORRANCE, 21 William street, New YoiJl SUMNER, MONT ANTS DRAPER, 36 Rue N. 1 Vlotolres. Paris. ALBERT N. CHRYSTIE, 37 Quai Oasimit Dei* Havre. V N. II ?On and after May 1, D. Torrance's office v. at No. 5 Bowling Graen. > FORHVERPOOL? BLACK BALL LIN EOF PACI ?The faat sailing ship COLUM BIA, Gapt. Hutch, will positively sail on Monday, April 16. For terms of , second cabin and steerage passage apply to JACOB . SON, 108 South street. _ 1 rnHE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAK ~ - ? * vorite steamship * tons, Capt. W ji I tons, Capt. ? 1 tons, Capt. R. U Saloon 190, (66, and $65, according to state room. A limited number of third elass passengers will ba* from Philadelphia aad Liverpool, and found in provisl. From Philadelphia $30 J From Liverpool Parties wishing to bring ont their friends oan obtain* float** of passage and draita on Liverpool, in rams ateriing and upward a. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, a 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia, aad No. T. Broadwaf} York. r OR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN.? THE ON* A Company intend aailing their favorite steamship CITY OF MANCHESTER 2,125 ton*, Capt. wjil CITY OF BALTIMORE, (new,) 2.538 ton*, Capt. ? CITY OF WASHINGTON, do. 2,700 F nencea surgeon u attached to eaoh steamoM it Dass through the Post Office. Speele deii id London. Tor passago or might, apply U C. H. SAND, Agent, II South WilliamaW mandtr, laaitb* _ __ . . Saturday, April H, at 13 o'oloek M., from pier S7 North 1 Price ot passage:? In the first cabin, main saloon } In the fir*t cabin, lower saloon ' In (ooond cabin i An experienced surgeon Is attaahed to eaoh steamou letter* must ] "? " ' "" ~ ? In Havre and C. , T,h* Hermann will "suooeed the Washlngtcn *all May 19. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.? THE I mail iteamihip ST. LOUIS, J. A. Wotton, comoa will leave for Havro, touching at Southampton to Un mails and passengers, on Saturday, May Sth, at 12 ?Y from pier Mo. 87 North river, foot of Beaoh street. T r? passage, first cabin, $130; seo<md cabin, $75. Lugaaa wanted during tha voyage, sho4d be lent on board the before sailing, marked "below." No freight wiU be s after Thursday, May 3d. For freight or paasage apply MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Agent, Aj BroUn REDUCTION OF FARES TO SUIT THE TIMES.-J York and CaUfornia ateamahip line, via Niean Accessory Transit Company, of Nloaragua, Propriei Through in advance of the mail? 700 miles shorter thai other route, avoiding the deadly Panama fevor and two of dangerous boating in Panama Bay. The splendid doT engine steamship NORTHERN LIGHT, 2.00J tons bu Captain Tlnklepaugh, will leave from l'ier No. 3 > river, at three o'oloolc P. M., precisely, for Punta Ar on Friday, April 27, 1855, connecting with the suae SIERRA NEVADA, 2.000 ton* burden, over the Niiaif Transit route, having but twelve miles of land transp' tion by first class carriages. Several new and swift steamboats have lately been put on tha river aad which shorten the time on the tranait from ocean too These steamers are unsurpassed in their ventilation tn oommodations. For information or passage, at tha rt<l rates, apply only to CHARLES MoRGAN, Agent, I Bowling Graen. Letter bags made up at the office. Ft stamped letters received. Commencing on the 20th of the davs of leaving N ew Tork wiU be ehangad to tha M 20th of eaoh month. ) | [ TTUITED STATES MAIL LINE TOR CAL1FORJ U via Aspinwall and Panama.? Californlans are ialoi that the Panama railroad la completed, and the trail the Isthmus will be made by railroad from ocean to o< No more mule travel t No river boating.? On Friday. < 20, at two o'oloek P.M., from pier at foot of Warren^ North river, will be despatehed the fleet st?c.V ILLINOIS, Captain , to oonnect at Panama 4tfc new and superior steamship John L. Stephens. A spire always kept at Panama to prevent detention, lnca . accident. No freight reoelved after 1 o'clock on th(*a day. For paisage apply at the company's office, Pfo West street. J. W. RAYMtN Dispatch line for san rRANcisco-auiR teed to sail on or before the day advertised.? Tie i nifleent A 1 first class clipper ship ROBIM HOOD. Boi master, is now receiving oargo at pier No. 7, East riwr, will positively sail for San Franoisoo on or before Ties 24th inst. Shioper* will please (and their freight pnm on board, and complete their engagements by Tuesday i 17th inst., at whioh time the ship is expeotad to finisi 1 SUTTON k CO., 84 Wall stWK Australia pioneer line, carrying \ United States mail*.? The oelelrated olippe* OCEAN STEED, Tho*. Cunningham, master, is now at berth, pier 8 East river, loading for Melbourne. This ih going out on her second voyage in this line, having mde last passage in eighty-nine days. Has excellent aoeim datiuns for first and second class paasengers. Early aipl tion for freight or passage neoessary, as she will posti sail about middle of ApriL The Ocean Steed will, to ceeded by the magnificent dipper ship Nightingale, ls'tji also on her second voyage, having made her last in toe preeedented time of seventy six days. For freight or ptsi apply on board, or to R W. CAMERON, No. 6 Bnr Graen, and 116 Wall atrcet. v i UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY! U??u( and New Orlean*.? On Tuesday, April 1* i P.M. .from pier foot of Warren street, North rivor, by th and elegant steamship G KAN AD A, Capt. 8. P. Griffin 1 ?age eon be secured at the company'! office. Freight ti I Orleans, SO cent* per onbie foot. Shipper* will be imp with blank hill* of lading of the form signed by thejeonp* on application at their office. No other form* tinned, mi bill* of lading will be ligned after the hoar of sailing freight or pauage, apply at th* offloe of the compear. 177 West street, corner or Warren. M. O. ROBEIT, I \TEW YORK AND NEW ORLEANS 8 rEAMSHIPC* XI pany.? For New Orleani, (topping at Htrannt, i ying the United State* mail. The steamship CAHAVI K W. Shnfeldt, commander, will commence recii' freight on Saturday, April 21, and *ail for the above p< on Wednesday, April 1A, at IS o'olook, from pier at t>ol Beach itreet, North rivtr. Freight for the interior ad Mobile, contigned to onr agent* in New Orleans, "Jai Connoly A Co.," will be forwarded free of oomniHie Passenger* for Havana must procure passports beim le log port. Bill* of lading mast be cent in for lignite evening previous to the ship lalling. For freight or pas* apply to LIVINGSTOfi, CROCHERON A CO., Ageits Broadway. N. B.? The Blaok Warrior, J. D. Bollock, or mander, will suaeaad th* Cahawba and lail Wednied ( May 9th. ' For savannah? farb rediiced.-the umt State* mail steamehlp KEYSTONE STATE. Captain Hardie, will leave Philadelphia for Savannah on Wedmed April 18th, at 10 o'cloek A. M. Fare &?; steerage, $H 1 Keystone State will leave as above Wednesday, Mil Agent* in N*w York, SCRANTON k TALLMAN, 9 < *lip, where itateroom* may be ? scored. For savannah and Florida? united stit Mail Line. ? ft* new and elegaat steamship FLOIIl M. 8. Woodhull, will leave New York for Savannih Wednesday, April 18, from pier Ifo. 4, North river, rf ti o'clock P.M. Bill* of lading ligned on board. For fell ?ppiy on board, or for passage, to SAMUEL L. MITClli la Broadway. For Florida, throng* ticket* from NenTa to Jaekaonvill*. 931; to I'ilatka, $33. The Augusta Pa Tho*. Lyon, will succeed, and leave on Saturday, ApriEl. . T?OR CHARLESTON, 8. C.? THE SIDEWHEEL SIR* r chip QUAKER CITY, J. U. Hodgdon, Oomnad will leave Philadelphia fsr Charleston, nn Monday 1( April, at 10 A. M. Cabin passage, twenty dollar*: steca eight dollar*. For freight or pa**ag*. apply to HBR)A MA BTIN, 37K North WbarVM. Phiiiddphla FOB CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA-SBMI-WEIK) i U. S. Mail Line.? Th* new and fa*t going stetm' , MARION, W. Foster. Commander, wUl leave pier lo^l North river, on Wedneadav, April 18. at 4 o cleok f. 11} precisely. For freight, apply on board, where all bll* . laoing will be plgned, and for pa**age, at th* offloe of 9*0 FORD, TILKSTON A CO., SO Broadway. Through t?k. to Florida, a* follow*:? To Jacksonville, $81. To Piltl *38. The SOUTHERNER Will *ucceed, leaving oa attt j day, April flat. ' II OR- NO RFOLK, PETERSBURG AND RICTDMM The United Stats* mall steamship ROANOKE, Tlnro Skinner, commander, will pier No. IS North rlT.\i, Wednesday. April 18* ftl 4 o clotk I ? will ilJ*' folk the next aftemooa, and at Poteriinrg and Rlcnno the followlag morning. From Norfolk pa?*enKer* f<r t Sonth prooeod f ? ? ~ Weldan to **"' hilfwle*. through tieket* to Lyaehbnrg, $14. Apiiy LUDtAM A PLEASANTS, Na. 35 Broadway. N. freight taken to Richmond. ^ A LI FORK I A TICKET FOR 8AI.E.-F0R SaLV through ticket in the (teamer Illinois, that ia to *41 the atth of April, In the aeoond cabin, by way of 1'atain The cause of sale 1* a sudden fit of iickne**. It wil H *o much bel' w ooet. For Information apply at 82 West Iwe tieth street. MBWOTSTRY# ? ~ \ S'TecFaL "NOTICE.? THE ADVEKTISER wfd^'li superior artificial dentistry for parties wishing t? p. therefor In carpet*, ftirrilnre. gas flttini cr plumMn?. fa i! piled for soon. A note addressed to "Nart cal Dentst I M'trcpUitan P. O , statin? wh?re an Interview caa beha ' will te respectfully atttad{d to, *tt4 ?r?iUH}u? ibvffftiri tcfenace, At J