Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1855 Page 3
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MIUNUUR am DW MT. mm. balm. qn 9 nnn -M ACRBS rich land, WORTH SIM vi^'Vv/U. Loag lalaad, 46 milea from Nw Fork, (ah ore front;, large coatly baildiaca, Um erohardi, brook, springe. *o AIM, MO aore fktm.Df bUm from New Tork, ?Mr QM chore; comfortable houee, Mir bare, cow ho?ee Ac., good trait and locust timber in abuadaaue. Price $,WW0. B. A. BUNCK, 212 ?roaiway1room 3^ ?Q AAA OR $7, 000. -FOR SALE, AT TOURERS, Vw.Ul/U two beautiful oountry reeidencea, with the Motor* imprtvementa, ju?t finiahed. in the b?<t etyle, on War hurt on avonae, nonr Lamartine afefte; one aore of land attached, fgoed view of the Hudson Apply to JAMES YOtlMAM^ eaj the premieee, or Mr. PEaRCE, tinder the A r AAA TO $8,000.? FOR SALE, A MANUFAC tpt?."V/v taring baiineu, in which the present pro. niotor hM nude nn independent fortune, and Km been ?? tabuehed upwards of forty yarn. Threo or fire lots nnd boildinci adjoiaieg can be had witn the above. The bun noaa will par $6 000 yearly. Apply to C. B. HOWES A CO., 84 Naaaaa itreei. <tA onn ~A OREAT chance. -for SALE, ON ?P r.^iUU, eaay terma, three farms Bear railroad dspot?, and within twenty -Ave miles of Now York:? one of ninety aores, large houae, barn and 3,000 peach troei, for $1. 200; one of fifteen acres, new houae, for 11,100; one of sixteen aorea, new houM. b%rn, 76 peach treea. Ac., for 91,900. Alao, 200 other farm* in every aection of the country, for aale by A^ SERGEANT, IA Waft street. nnn ?'OR sale, an elegantlt fur <Pt.UuU. niahed American, 0 or man and French res taurant, wine, lager beer, billiard and club room; leaa<> of furniture of the moat coatly Kind, and the looation linear pnaaed in the city. Fart of tb< purohaae money may ro main, properly secured. Apply to C. B. HO WES A CO.. 84 Naaaau atreet. ?1 AAA -FOR SALE CHEAP. ?l.vuv. For aale oheap, a three atory brick kouao in Bash wis k, S3, fiOO. Alao, a two atory cottage, with two lota. In Clarenoc ville, Loag Island, hall an hoor'a tide from Now Fork; houae new? 41,000. Terma very eaay. Together with a number of houaea aad lota in New Tork, Brooklyn and Williamsburg. Apply to PECARE8, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, 01 Liberty atroet. <61 AAA ? FOR SALE, THE ONE HALF INTEREST JI.UUU, in a well established aad flourlahin* real eatate business, of several yeara standing, and in oae ot the boat locatlona in the city. Satisfactory reaaona given for telling. Apply to C. S. BROV8QN, Esq., 293 Broadway. <J>QCfk ?FOR SALE, THAT VALUABLE STAND <P?/uU. eorner Madison and James streets, now oaou ?ied M a candy aad variety atore, well fitted up, gaa in, andaome aoda water stand, Ac. A aure fortune. The owner leaving for Europe. Apply on the ?CHEAP PROPERTY FOR CASH.? FARM OF . seven acrea. stocked with fruit, good Uouae and ban, near the city, on North river; $270 can remain. Alao, a threo atory houae in Brooklyn, renting for $270; price $1,600, of wlneh $1,300 can remain. Alao, afonra:ory brick houae ia Thirty-fifth atroet, for $4,250. Inquire of O. V. DAYTON, 102 Fulton atreet, Railway A Co.'a office. fQCn WILL BUT A WELL BRED TOUNO MARE, 4>^t/Ult handa high, perfectly sound and kind ia alt har neea, aultable for road or family aae. Apply at Club stable. Downing, near Bleecker atreet., or stall No. 8 Waihin/ton Market, West atreet aide. MAKE WEN A S ALTERS. <J?OKA ?FOR SALE, HALF INTEREST IN A FINE, (P^Uv, genteel old eatabllahed oaah business, netting over every expense $2,500 yearly. Alao, 847 acre* of splendid rick landa in Herkimer connty, it per acre. Alao to let, two beautiful cottage housoa, with plenty garden grouuda and shrubbery; rente $176 and $225. Apply at the United States Agency, 312 Broadway, room No. 13. A RARE CHANCE.? A HOUSE AND STORE, OF twelve yeara' atanding in the hoaiery and fancy busl neae, with a lease of five yeara to ran from let of May next. Rent $7U> yearly, with a atook of about $6,000. Alao, the furniture of the houae for aale. Terma moderate. For par ticulars inquire at 380 Bowery, near Fourth avenue. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE, on the Hudson river, in the Immediate vicinity of the depot, about 22 mile a from Mew York: houae has ten rooms, and fine garden attached, beautifully looated. and command ing a magnitioent view. Prioe $4,000. Apply at FAN LlEW'S land office, 1,110 Broadway. A CONFECTIONERY. IiE CREAM SALOON, AND bakery , in one of the leading business thoroughfares, will he aold thia day at a sacrifice; the manutacturing uten sils all complete, and the location unsurpassed in New York. The place will pay $1,000 the coming season, for selling lag cream. C. B. HoWES A CO , 84 Nassau street. A CHANCE FOR A SASH MAKER, WITH TOOLS Jt\ and beuehes. and everything complete. will be sold on the mort reasonable terma; if not sold, the lower part of the shop will be to let; rent very low. Call Immediately at 86 Perry atreet. D A DINING SALOON FOR SALE. SITUATED AT A one of the best business railroad depot* anl s irr> ed with extensive manufacturing establishments, where thousands ot persons are employed, and this is their head quarters for eating and refreshment. $500 to $700 will pur chase it. Apply to C. B. HOWES A CO., 84 Nassau St., or 62 White. A GOOD CHANCE FOR A MAN OF SMALL CA pita.' ? The stock and good run of custom of a seoond band furniture doner, repairing will pay the rent if attend ed to. Apply at the oorntr of J aines and York streets, op posite the market, Brooklyn. A RARE CHANCE FOR AN ENERGETIC MAN, WITH a moderate capital ? a dry goods store, with a millinery and show room attached, doing a good business: custom live years established, and two years of an unexpired lease; the interest, stock and fixtures, will be sold moderately for oasb; good reason* for selling will be given on application. Apply at UO Fultcn avenue, Brooklyn. CLIFTON, gSTATEN I SL AN D.? LOTS FOR SALE, ON high ground, with pure water and perfect sewrerige, the most desirable on the island. Apply to W. W. VAN WAU ENEN, Clifton; M. O'Connor, 46 Heads street, or J. H. Seigert, Vauderlult House, Vanderbilt landing. CONFECTIONARY, BAKERY AND 4CK CREAM SA loon for sale, in an excellent situation, and now doing a paying business; s'ool, fixtures and saloon furniture, all In good order. For further particulars apply at 346 8th avenue. (CONFECTIONARY AND ICE CREAM SALOON.? THE J proprietor being compelled to leave for Europe, will sell ont at a sacrifice for oasn. Established Ave years; locatioa 27 Eighth avenue. Satisfactory information given. Drugstore for sale in chicaqo-tue sub scriber offers a very eligible retail drug store for sals, in a good location, under one of the principal hotels in the city, having already been In operation nearly four yoars. HENRY RITCHIE. RUG STORE FOR SALE? IN ONE OF THE BEST business avennes. It is elegantly fitted up, thoroughly stocked, and doing a good paying business. The most satis factory reason* given for selling. Price S3 ,000. Address A. B. C., Union square Post Office. Drug store for sale.? a small drug store, neatly fitted up, with a fair practice attached, in a fa vorable location, in Brooklyn, will be sold oheap for cash; ill health of the proprietor Is the reason for selling out. Apply to F. MORRIS, 87 Gold street. Brooklyn. Drug store for sale, neatly fitted up and doing a good business, located, in the npper part of the city: rent low. and having a lease ot six years, a good chanoe for any one desirous of entering the drug business. Addreu M. JULIEN, this office. No agents need apply. Drug store.? tue stock and fixtures of a drng store for sals, nearly new, for 92V), one third of it* value. Inquire in the drng store, corner of Ninth avenue and Thirty-tilth street. Drug store for sale, at a sacrifice? verf prominently situated, in a nood neighborhood, on one of the avennes, west of Broadway, doing a good business? an excellent stand tor either a physician or a druggist. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. DAC.UERRF.AN SALOON FOR SALE IMMEDIATELY. ? This is a rare chance? an old and well established piaoe, in one of the best thoroughfares in New York, now doing a first rate business; the only reason for selling, the owner having another place and cannot attend to it. Apply to C. Q. THuMl'SON, 81 Nnsean street, room 7. DAGUERREAN ROOMS FORSALE-IN ONE OF THE most buiinee* parts of the city, having large side and skylights an* doing a good trade; reasons tor selling made known upon application. Address ' Dagnerrtan,'' (post paid) Herald offioe, for three days. For sale, by 1'ECARIS, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, SI Liberty street, near Naeeau, Two three story first class briok houses, with all the modem improvements, in Sixty-first street. The four story first class English baaement houie. West Twenty-firth street, near Eighth avenue, having all the modern improvement*. The four itory and baaement brown (tone front houa*603 Eighth avenue near Forty-second street. f he three story brick house corner of Clinton aad Rivlng ton atreete. Two four etory brick houte*, Seventh avenue, near Twenty. dfth itreet. The four etory briok house 491 Eait Twelfth itreet. The gore lot, forty feet front, with the improvements thereon, west side of Eighth avenue, near Forty-sixth street. Two lots south side ot Forty-fifth street, 100 feet east of Tenth avenue. Six lots in Harlem. 129th street, near Sixth avenue. The three story and basement briok home, tinished in hand ? ?ease style, corner of Lee avenue and Rese street, Brooklyn. Together wit* a number of houses aad lote in New York, Brooklyn and Williamsburg. All of the above property wlM be sold cheap, and en easy terme. For sale? on twenty fourth street, near North Riv?r, fourteen vacant lote, very eligible for fac tories, feundrlee, Ac. Apply to Thurbor Bailey, 8S Wall st. For sale? a large safe, suitable for a jeweller or watch importer, Wilder's l'srtsit Rich's Improvement. Can be seen at 43 Jay street, price $450, cost NH. FHOR SALE-THE BAR AND FIXTURES. WITH three years' lease, of the well known Temple Saloan, JS Meroer etreet; will bo said cheap for eaah. Inquire on the premises. For sale-an oakum factory, nearly new. situated in Bristol, Rkodo Island. It Is furnished with the latest and most improved machinery, capable of S^tlf ^Vieuiu/*' <V' A4lr*M ,onN MORRIS, For sale-one full lot. with buildings therren, situated en the south side of Thirty- fourth street, between the Seventh aad Eighth avenues; also two lots on the east side of Fifth avenue, between Eighty-third and Eighty fourth streets. Arply to J. HIQOINS, i.W Thirty fourth stroet, between the Seventh nnd Eighth ave nues. FiR PAI.E-A meat and yegetable market, ^Moatly fitted up with marble stalls, aad ia aa excellent neighborhood, with a good sat of customers. The rent nil taken ont the shop. A fine opportunity for aay one who wishes to engage in the businese. Apply on the corner of Henry nnd Rntgere street*. FOR SAT.E-A DINING SALOOS; IT IS FITTED UP in a very neat and hand*ome style, with everything com plete; the preaent owner must leave for the country on the tint of May, and will sell cheap. Apply at 62 White etreet. F|jj OR SALE-AT PORT RICHMOND, SFATEN ISLAND, a verr tise double house fronting on the water, together with barn, stable, Ac., and about an aere of land attached, one minute'* walk from th* f*rry, and directly oppodt* to Bergen Point, house 78*40 feet with aufflolent apace of ground on either fide, (front) to build other honaea. Price 111, out; cash. $t,i>00; balance on mortgage, i or further par titulars address ? . . CHAS. M. MARTIN, bo* 1,180, Post Offlee, N*w_ }ork. XT' OR SALipTWO- OEM RA Ill.lf HOUSES, AT MODE V rat* fvr*c??, on nonth sidt of Twenty -ftfch rtrwi. Not. 9* and htf, ?<?*oitd block went of flroelwajr, harmf all the modern oooTeatoncea, with balooniee end court I Uonnee 1* ?. b; v I fit * bnlftbe bl -ok. T^rtai t t> eftey. Apply to JOtfa ?. KELSO, ffUUim mm ?im. F~w;,L.^i,a.?55?5-^{a"as" a" ,?s: r2,Xi^s.r,-!.zss:vz7z-?i?:& ?0B SALE? AT CHATHAM FOUR CORN MS, Co lumbia county, i food fira of forty four aad a half acres, variety of oaotoo trait and good win w'th twelve rooms. AUo, a term aad carriaco house two karaa Ao. ; all in good or dor; near the depot of the Harlem railroad, aad convenient ?<> schools aad eharehes. Inqoiro of J 9UTH KRLAN L), 54 Wall itroot, or N. W. Stovou on J ho premises. TOOK SALB-A SHALL I ROM COPPBft PLATE X1 printing press. Can bo oooa oornor Broadway and Walker otrott, in hasomsnt. Prieo >20 Fob sals? a chbst or cabpkntbb'S tools, in quire at 344 Sixth avenue, In the milk depot. Fob sale? at a sacrifice or si,ooo, a hand oomo now aad woll ballt hoase tn Astoria, coateiatng tbo modern iapnnnaati. It to built on ? lar/e tot, ha viae too hundred foot front on Aoademy street, and one hundred feet on Jamaica a venae. The hoaie io Una* up in the boat manner, with marble mas tola, kitohen range, Me., aad ii la every respect a doeirabio looatiou for a gentle-nan'* real donee, Wag within twelve minntea' wnlk ot tho ferry. It will bo (old lor *4,750, on application to Mr. ANDREW BAD IB, 117 Fnlton atroet. rB 8ALB ? A LOT OP OLD IBON, BAILWAT SUAFT ing, pallia*, haagora, bolting, lumber, oarpoDtera' work bonebei, vice benches, steam garei, water and gas meters, *o. Apply, botwoaa 9 and 13 A. H., at Mo. 215 Center at. rR SALB.-A OBNTLBMAN'S RESIDENCE IK WIS conein, thirty mile* wo?t of Milwaakio (whioh contain* So.OOU inhabitant*), and within two mile* of a line of railroad ts tho tamo olty, and two mile* from tho post town of Dela field. It was built three years ago. of *t<>ne, in the beat manner, under tho inperviaiin of the owner, who haa been it* only ooenpant, It I* a beautiful apeoimon of Elita bcthan cottage architecture, with ateep roof, diamond paned window* Ac., an ornamented piaxsa on three aide*, and every family convenience. The lower floor contains a parlor, <?ninu; room, study, chamber, droiaia^ room, bath, kitchen, wash bon*e, Ac. The accesa to all the office* being ond-r cover, and a pomp of excellent water on the kitohen Biatxa; above are nine good chambers. There are alao a sta le, ice home and vegetable garden, with 30 acres, chiefly woodland. The situation 1* one of singular natural beauty, being a polntlof land between the N&sho'.ah and Nemthbin lakes, forty foot above their level; a lawn in front descend* on all *id*i in undulating form to tne edge ot the lake*. Tho entrance 1* a beautiful drive on the brow of a wooded hill, tho lake raanlng at the foot. Possessing the essential* of wood, water, and lino icenory, it offer* every facility for the exercise of rural taite. The lakes abound in fine fish, and the neighbourhood in game, venison, prairie hens, duclcs. peasants and partridges. The olimate l* dry, healthy, and perfectly free Irom autumnal fevers. A buauttfui Episcopal church. tho Bishop's residence, and the Nashotah Theologi cal seminary are within two miles of tho house. Price 98.000, term* easy. Apply to the Rev. WM. MAKKOK, Burlington, New Jersey. FOR SALE-A NEAT COTTAGE HOUSE AND LOT; likewise two ihopa suitable for a smith or oarmaa, situated between Atlantio avenue and Flatbush old road. The lot is 25 by 110 feet, 8 inohea; front* on both itreeta; likewise ehoiee fruit and shrubbery; terms easy. Inquire on the premises. Stages passing every five minute* to and from the South ferry, Brooklyn. FOR SALE? TO CLOSE a PARTNERSHIP, ONE HALF interest of a long o*tabli*hed Job printing offtoo; has been in operation sinoe 1830. To a praetioal printer, with a small capital, who oould occupy tho plaee of the person who goes out, a very favorable opportanity ia presented. For terms and fnrther particulars apply on Oie premises, to P. HILLER A SON, northwest oorner of Trinity place and Thames streot. FOR SALE? THE HOUSE AND LOT, 180 WEST Twenty-tilth streot, near Eighth avenne, finished in first class style, with first story brown stone, otrcular door and windows. Part can remain on mortgage. Inquire at 174, of T- R. HARDMAN; also, part of a first class house to lot. For sale? a suitable place for a tavern stand, grocery or dwelling honae. at Now Durham, in New Jersey, thrte miles aad a half trom Hoboken. on tho Hackensack plank road. Inquire of B. b. EARL, New Durham Hotel. For sale? the stock and fixtures of a grocery store, possessing one of the best stands in thu city, and now in fnll operation. It is well worth the atten tion of men in that kind of business; or a partner, having a capital of $2,b00, would be taken. Apply to ANSON WRIGHT, 4*3 Grand street, oorner of Attorney. FOR S^LE IMMEDIATELY? AN INTEREST IN A cash paying business, long and well established, and only reqnhing $000 in cash. Also, a first class bakery, with stock and lease. Alao, two first olaas drug stores in Brook lyn. Also, a neat cottage on Fiity-seuond street. Price $1,000 cash. Apply to C. O. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau street, room No. 7. FOR SALE IN THE CITY OF BROOKLYN.? WILL be sold at a saorifloo, one of the two two-story, attio, basement and sub oeliar cottages, situated in Kent avenue, near Wtiloughby street; tbe best location in the uity. The honse is elaborately finished, very convenient, and built iu the best manner. Inquire on the premises. For sale, at fort lee-a new cottage house containing live rooms, foor pantries and collar, bard finished walla, and grate in parlor. Lot, tYM by 150 feet duup. Good well of water at tbe door. Prieo f 1.750, For farther particulars, inquire ot SAMUEL Wit ITEM AN, on the pre mises, or of UEO. ARVELT, at the grocery (tore. FOR SALE IN THE CITY OF HOBOKEN? "BAUMER'S Hotel," corner of Hudson and Jtiird stroote. The hotel contains 24 room*; ball-room, bar-loom, biiliard-room, 3 basements, kitchen; garden, and ten pin alley attic hod, be ing one of tbe best locations in the city, embracing a magnifi cent view of the North river and ci jy of New York. Also 8 lots of ground for sale. Inqniro at Beamer's Hotel. FOR SALE, IN ASTORIA? A WELL BUILT HOUSE, with marble mantels, kitchen rang*, and othrra mo dern improvements, with eight lots, haying two hundred fret front on Academy street, and one hundred feet on Ja maica avenue The Louse is built of tbe best materials. The wbole will be sold at a sacrifice- Part of th? money oan remain on bend and mortgage. For particulars, apply to Mr. ANDREW EAU1E, 117 Fulton street. Now York. For sale, at astoria and jersey city? a good two story and attic house, tiled in with brick, 2Bx 33 fe< t with eight lots of ground, at Astoria, situated on Jamaica avenue, near AoMemy street, at present occupied by Mr. Filby; also, at Jersey City, a good two story house, as above, 2**40 teet, with two stcry tea room, loi 25x120 feet, and has three feet alley way. Apply at 2U Pearl street, second floor, back office. For sale at stapleton, s. island, known as the Boyd place, a new and beautiful 2 story residence 6 minutes' walk from Stapleton ferry landing. Will be finished by tbe 25th of this month in modern style, with 7 rooms and pood kitchen and cellar, finished with sliding doors and marble mantels, all well finished. House 30 feet by 20, lot 131 ten by 23. It commands a beautiful view of the hay and na'rows of New York. For further particulars inquire on the premises or to 40 Thompson St., New York. For sale cukap-for cash only, stock, good will of a second hand furniture store, with one year's lease from the first of May next Kent cbuap. Inquire in the store 2S? Seventh avenue, near Twenty -Aftn street. For sale cheap? near morristown new Jtrsey, a house containing six rooms, with good cellar. Adjoining is a small shop suitable for a tailor or shoemaker, together with D4 acre of good land, abounding in fruit, cherries, plums, pears, Ac., Ac. For a small family wanting a pleasant and healthy plase in the country (being entirely free frem fever and ague) a more desirable spot cannot be found. For particulars inquire at No. 3 Crosby street, New York, or 47 Hiddagh street, Brooklyn. Price yiflO For sale cheap-a tobacco cutting ma chine; can bo used by hand or power. Inquire oi B. P. FAIRCHILD, corner 01 Forty second street and Ninth avenue. For sale cheap? a fruit and ice cream saloon, and couleetloncry store. 345 Bieeeker street ?car Claries. Inquire of Mrs. JACK SO* , at the above number. For sale or exchange-for a small farm or other property, a splendid country residence, thirty minutes from the city by the Harlem Railroad. Ap;ily to JOHN McYAY, on the premises, first house above Bath gate place, on Washington avenne, central Morrisania. For sale or exchange-good property for investment? Three lots on Eighty-sixth street, running through to Eighty seventh street. 25x202 feet, between First avenne and avenue A; also, on l(Mth street, northerly side, five lots, 25x10V feet, and 275 feet east of Eighth avenue. Ap ply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. For sale or exchange? two three story brick dwellings, nearly new, in Williamsburg, 432 Grand street, on tbe northerly side, fifty feet from Ewcn; lot 25x100 feet, front house, with store 25x40 feet ; rear house twelve rooms; good property for investment. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. For sale or to let? a good three story house, lilted in with briok; hard finish thruiighont; ten rooms; marble mantelpieces; two good basements. The lot 62 teet front, 169 deep. Tha furniture If required. Situated onHoboken avenue, second house from Palisade avenue. For sale, or to let.-the international Hall, No. 51 Division street, near the Bowery, extend ing to C4 East Broadway. Tha Hall is newly fitted up lor theatrical and public purposes, with an adjoining bar room: will be sold or let cheap. Apply to J. G. 1IE1N, 51 Division street. FOR SAl.E OR TO LET? A BEAUTIFUL NEW BRICK bouse, ?4xl4. situate on Clermont avenue, Brooklyn, third house south from Lafayetta; three rooms deep, built f' r tbe owner in the best manner and reolete with every con venience; heated throughout with range. Will be sold low, as the family are leaving tbe city, or rented to a good ten ant. Also, a first class briok house, 15 Smith street, near Fnlton, and seven minutes walk from the ferries; gas, bath, rangs, contains thirteon rooms and cellar. Apply to FOSTER ? LOI'kiR, 4 Sands street. FOR SAl.E OR TO LET-SEYERAL large stores and offices, in the new Concert Hall Building in Stam ford, Conn., well finished, and calculated for ft milliner, harness maker, tailor, or any other bnstness. Also, a cot tage, near the same. Apply to SANDS SEEI,Y, Stamford Conn., or THEODORE MOULTON, 252 Cherry street, N. Y For sale or to let-a two story house, containing twelva rooms, situated in .New Durham, N. J., 3}? miles from Uoboken on the Haekensack plank road. Will ba sold cheap if applied for immeliately. Inquire of DEMAREST A JORALEMON, 100 Barclay street, N, Y., or of Eglert Post, oa tbe premises. For sale, or to l?t-at fordham, west chaster county, on the Harlem railroad, a neat two story fettle and basement dwelling house, with about one third 6T an acre of ground attached. The house is new, built in the modern sivU with marble mantles Ac., and the situation is unsurpassed for health, prospect, and fine neigh bourhood. For full particulars apply to JOHN CROM WELL, FORDHAM. M&BBmmi ftlll lot cki^'21"' ? "operine ?" 8 ""?'"?passed 51 front 1 1 Tb>rtf It rst I POR SALE, OR TO LEASE, FOR A TERM OF I years? the valuable stable property on Twenty-fourth street, north side, between Lexlneton and Third avenues, 22 fe?t front, running through to Twenty fifth street, mak nr ocelot on 1 wenty fourth street and one on Twenty tifth ; j*** 14 leaeaa ? oasy t w, Apply to E. B. KIN SIMMER, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7 P.M. Fc4 SALE-A LARGE NEWFOUjrDLAWD BOO, THB largest and bost in the city; ha Is one of the best watch I d?" 1>' r<,''nd; he is lit for a i tore or the country. Also two of the handsomest black and tan terrier do.'s in the world. They are of the smallest sise and the bost hroed p,ip* Tb?f he seen at No. 12!' Eleventh street, in tbe rear, first floor. (TREAT BARGAIN.? FOR SALE? THI~LEA8I~A\D T furniture of a hotel and dtnln* saloon In 1'iuton street near lir.iad a ay Inquire of * . rt . BREWSTER, ??! ftC* stmt. PU85 WOEX3-FOR SaLE, THE FIXTl U *?-. ?< the *Um factory *it?.ated in Br* betwoea John nod Marshall iimti, mm Julm G fixtoees, imWH ??"* ??????? DMT mUM (HIJ, together with the lease or faotory aad dwlll^i Apply * No. 8 I'liM street, Now YoA, il FIXTURES FOR SALE CHEAP.? A PA MILT _ , about te move ob tbo 1st of May wuh to dispose of tboir (U Hiturv. Tbey bin boon purchased with jedgs msat. and hav* been In UH bat one year. Apply Mt ill Seooad street, ?m Flrot mow, whore thoy ?tyhww. Houses for sale.? at the union square real latate OS oo. No. 3 Everett Hoqm, sorHi o< Foarth avenu* lid Seventeenth itr?ot, ilufou story brown ateao MM, la Thirty scrond (troot, >otr fifth itubi, 117,000; do., $16,000; do., tU.OOO) do., Uno houses, *16,001), all be tween Madlsen avenue bm Broadway. A Boat English bace ment kosao ia Thirty-Arc* atreat, near Leaiagtea aronao, $6,600. Two One homo* ia CUaUa plaoa, $16,000 aad t$ MO. Sevoaal elegant house* la St uyvoaaat aquare, aaiarpacBed ia excellence of lanh and boanty ot location by atyuluia the marhat, from S1M0U to 9M,000 Two flao fear story brown itoae houses oa Lexington aveane, $14,000 aad $13 000. Also, upward* ot oar buadrod other houses ia various parti ot the city, at com $3,000 to $40 00?. Call aad examine oar 1U*- KEYES A HuAQL iND. House for sale, on oxford street, brook lyn, between Lafayette aad l>o Kalb avenue*, near Fulton ? A first elajta ikree *tor\ brick hoa*e, with high basement and counter cellar, oontainlag all the modara ia provemeats : ahleld fronts, 12 inoh wall), tfi marble maa icls. double cornice and oeatroa; lot 11 6 by 100; yard flag god; boaao two year* old, newly painted, aad ia the moat com tlete repair ia ovary respect Possession on the 20th instant, he owner having removed Wert, this property will be sold a bargain, and on the mort favorable term*, aay Itl per cent down, 10 per cent each in two and roar months; the balance oan remain for a term of year*. Address Owner, box MS Now York Port Ofico. House in the country for sale, exchange. ot to l?t? ia a baautifal and healthy village; four hour* from the oity by Harlem railroad; alio a store, for ?ale low; rent for house, $160; lurnished, $200. Apply to D. R. UOULD, 30 John itroet, np stalra. OUSES AND DBUO STORE TO LET? SMALL OEN tool houses, with ologaat marhlo mantels, ehaadelion, and with every modern Improvement, la Thirty -sixth street, between Broadway and Sixth avenne. Apply to WM. A. BRADSHAW, M John street. Reat lew to good teaaats. House and lot for sale at a bargain, in Chelsea aqaare, 313 Wert 1 wonty-seooud street, tho new and mewl era built four stery English basemeat house, brown stone tront. aad has all ths modern improvement*, built by day's worV, finished la the best mauner. IIousu 16. 8 by ?5 feet, lot 16.8 by 98.9. Inquire on tho premises. Prioe >8.000. Hotel property for sale.? a hotel, entire ly new, with about five aore* of ground, situated on tho Highlands of Neviiink. about one hundred yards from the landing, oommandiag a moat beautiful view of the sea, th* Raritan, New York Bay, Long'Islaod, Ac., all vessel* pass ing ia and out of the harbor in tull view. The houae is 9U feet front, with wing oontain* 70 room*, dining room to ac commodate one hnndrod persons, and every ooavenieaae for a hotel of this desoiiption. There are alao on the grounds two oottagoa, eich containing ten room*. Ther* is a detach ed building, 28 by 73, containing kitohen, bakeroom, laundry room, Ao. This place ha* the advantage of both river and ?ea bathing aad proximity to New York. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, Pino street, No. 3 Metropolitan Bank Building. ARDWARK STORE FOR 8ALE? AN OLD AND well established storo, now doing a good butluess, with H H H M leaae, stock and fixtures, at a grout sacrifice. Apply im mediately, to C. O. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau at., room No. 7. ARDWARK AND TOOL STORE FOR SALE ON Broadway ? The stook of one of the oldest tool stores in the city, together with the leaae of atore and dwelling house. The basiuesa haa been saooessfully earriod on for thelast thirty yesra. The connection is very extensivo.and the business profitable. For farther particular* inquire at 280 Pearl street. IMPORTANT TO BUTCHERS.? AN OLD ESTABLISH ed meat maiket, situated on the beat part of Eighth ave nue, for *ale cheap. Apply at 197 Eighth avenue. UST BE SOLD, ON ACCOUNT OF ILL HEALTH? Thread, needle and fanoy store, 372 Bleeeker street. Notice to companies? for sale cheap.? one dozen black bear cap*, suitable for offloera. Apply at 49 John street, up stairs. PHOLLEY, OFFICE 133 AMITY STREET, HAS FOR ? sale a coal yard, nicely fitted np with all the necessary fixtures aad a first rate location for the retail basinet; will sell right. Alao to aell, for trade for Harlem lots, a nice brown atone tront house, with all tho modern fixtures. PROPERTY IN NEW YORIt TO EXCHANGE FOR property in Newtown, Bergen, West Hoboken, or Brook lyn. A first olas* four story house and lot, to exchange for a small farifi, or a large two story cottage. Posse**ion be bad immediately. Apply at 476 Fourth street. EARE CHANCE-AN ENTIRELY NEW INVENTION for sale low. It will give the manufacturer a monopoly ononoof the most uaefui and money making inventions of tho age. Por information address Oeorge W. La Daw or Wm. Powell, Jersey City. Eare OPPORTUNITY to commence business.? For *ale, atock, fixtures, and tbrea years' lo&so of a building on the went side of the city, in a good business lo cality. and business of elicit yearn standing. For particu lars address Trade, llerald office. SODA WATER ESTABLISHMENT FOR SAM AT A fair valuation, having been many years astablished, with everything necessary for manufacturing aad carrying on the business extensively, wagons, horses, Ao., and now In suo cetsful operation, doing a bu?inoss of about $31), 000 yearly. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. STATKN ISLAND.? FOR SALE OR TO RENT, WITH immediate possession, a oottage and stabling, with every coiivenienoe for a family on York avenue, Clifton, a few minutes' walk from tbu landing. Apply to 3, COHEN, 174 Water street. r> CARRIAGE MAKERS.? FOR SALE? THE TOOLS, fixtures, Ao., of a blacksmith, paint and wo id shop, with a two years' lease for shop from the first of May noxt. In quire of W. REMSEN, on the premises, No. 5 Dougbty street. Brooklyn. TO DRUGGISTS AND APOTHECARIES.? A VALUA ble store for ?ale. handsomely fitted snd well stocked with drugs, chemicals, and perfumery, situated in one of the best thoroughfares in New York. Average takings, 312 a S16 per day. Apply at once to F. HALE, 80 Na.-ssn st. TO TAVERN KEEPERS.? FUR SALE OR TO LET, OR leaio for a long term, within three miios of the city of Hoboken, N. J., and fronting a turnpike road, whereon is great pleasure and other travelling. The situation for a respectable tavern is unsurpassed. Frontage on the turn J like road 110 feet, with a depth fronting a county road of CO feet to MO feet. Apply to J. POPE, No. ltf Newark itreet, Hoboken, before 9 A. M., or after 6 o'clock P. M. TO PIANOFORTE MAKERS AND OTHER*.? FOR ?ale, the business, stack, li?ii?h.'d aad uuhnuhed, benches, scales, lathes, tools anil every artiolo necessary to carry on the above business, which has been established six year*, and is now for sale in conseqcenoe of the death of the proprietor. Or a partner would bo taken. A person with a lew hundred dollars will find this an unusual opport inity. Apply to Mrs. SCOTT, C8I Houston street, corner of Thomp son street. TO TAILORS.? FOR SALE, ONE OF GROVER A Baker's mako sewing machines, as good as new. Will be sold cheap, if applied for soon, at 91 Smith street, near Warren, Brooklyn. ' TO EXCHANGE FOR IMPROVED OR UNIMPROVED propeityia Wisconsin, two three story and basement brick bouses on Lexington avenue, New York; likewise, a handsomo tenement property in Brooklyn, consisting of fjur houses which will always pay a good interest. Apply 10 DR. JOnNSON, 1C Duane street. TO PRINTERS.? FOR SALE CUEAP, A SINGLE cylinder press, lloe a manufacture: site of bert 31 by AO feet, in good running OTder. Apply to J. P. WlLLlAMb, f/9 Ann street, iu the rear. New York, TO GROCERS, OR PERSONS ABOUT TO START IN that business.? To be sold, the remnant of a stock of I ood articles, with scales, measnre*. Ae., at a reduction, nquire in back office, 177 William street. WILLIAMSBURG FROPERTY FOR SALE. ? FIV E lots southwest corner of South Third and Tenth streets. Apply to T. GARNAR, 32 Spruce itreet. Y~ ONKEBS.? FOR SALE OR TO LET, TWCMjRTHREE beautiful resideuees, near the depot. E. W. CAN DEE, 8 Wall street. HOl'SKS, BOOMS, &C., WANTED. HOUSE WANTED-A '.A ROE FOUR Sl'ORY HOUSE, containing at least seven or eight bedroom*, in good order and in a goo 1 location, with all the medern conveni ence* for a private family. Rent not to exceed $1,000 or f l.SOO. Address, with location, description, .md rent, M. D., box 790, Post office. House wanted.-a widow lady is desirous of obtaining a modern built house, location between 4th and 18th st*., and 3d and Cch avenues; would not object boarding the ownes or occupants of the bouse. References exchanged. Address A. B., llerald office. LOWERPART 07 A HOUSE WANTED IN WILLIAM3 burg? By a gentltman aud hii wife, one child aud ser vient. A parlor, sitting room, kitchen and two ledrooms re quired; must be not more than three or four minutes' walk from Peck slip ferry. Address (postpaid; L. A. , box 401, He rald office, stating terms, loeation, Ac. POST OFFICE BOX WANTED-AT THE LOWER OF fiee. Address, giving number of box and price, C. J. N., box !'?" PART OF A HOUSE WAN1ED ? BY A FAMILY, CON sisting ot two ladies; location preferred between Fourth and Twenty third streets, aad must be west ot Fourth ave nue. Rent not to exceed SIM per annum. First class re ference given. Addtese box 154 Herald office. TO ENGINEERS AND SURVEYORS-WANTED, A GOOD

secondhand 14 inch dampy level; alao,a good transit. Ad dress, stating terms, where the instruments majr be seen, Ac., ^postpaid ,; Engineer, box 3,145 P?*t Office. WANTED? A FARM OF SO, 100 OR MORE ACRES, with good building*, in exebaage for city property located in 124th street, fronting Mount Morris square, be tween Fourth and Fifth avenues. Inquire of M. Q. LANE, comer of Fourth avenue and Tenth street. WANTED-FORA SINGLE OENTLEMAN ENGAGED in business, a parlor and bedroom, furnished or unfur nished, in a quiet respectable house, either in New Vorx, Brooklyn, or Jersey City, situated within a reasonable dis tance of bit place or business, which is down town. The honse must have the conveniences of bath, closets, Ac, What i* wanted is comfort, and to be removed irom the ditagreea bleness incident to a purely boarding bouse existence. Would Ilk* meals lnths noose, dinner at sis e'nloek. and in his own room in case the family dised at a different hour. Wou!d prefer catering for himself, simply having tne attend snce neeessary to carry out his own arrangeneats. As the advertiser ha* neither time nor inclination to look aft. r suitable places, he begs that parties replyiag will he good enough to state location, the total accommodation they have to offer, whether tbe rooms are furnished or uafnrnish ed, the arrangements thev can make with rogard to meals, I and tbe terms. No others can be noticed. Address S. O. K. box 1217 Post office. TT ANTED IMMEDIATELY? A NEAT LITTLE HOUSE TT in Brooklyn, In a respectable nei'hnorhood, not too far from tbe ferTie*. Kent about f2fM) per annum. Address P. Jones, Herald office. Wanted to purchase? a sail boat, from twelve to twenty feet long, in good order. Addn-x, stating terns and where it may be seen, 8 B., box 4tJM Post Ugefc WANTED lO 111 KB? A SMAI I. < 'ON V F.N I ENT Hoi: In ?ome respectable neighjorhood west of Broadway, by a gentleman and his wl'e, without children. The b?st rare will be taken of the honse. Unexceptionable reference given. Addrsss J. K. M.. box 1,1*01 Post office, stating loca tion, Ac. WANTED TO RENT, IN A DESIRABLE LOCATION, a nr at three story house, containing all th? modern 1 Improvement*, between Tenth and Thirty ffth street*; rxnt ?otto exceed JUKI Address, ststlng loeation, term, le* rripthn of house, Ac , K. f,, box 942 i'?it o?ee. BOtROCKD AID LODOiaO. ftftft BROAD* AT, (UNION BQUA tl>? H4.NDSORE 000 finW*4 bo??e to let, er iiita of room*, together Of separate .with or without board. Private table. Bath room, get. fa 71 n broadwat-to trr, a front suit op I 1U handeunely funiiM r?NM saoond story, also, MTirtl tingle room*, for gentlemen, with or without board. Apply m abova. OtPl TWELFTH STREET, SECOND BLOCK PROM winK BrtUwu.-A natliBii ui wife, or liaili ni tlemen, Ml bo pleasantly aoeommodatod with ferabhod roomi ud]l oerd, on tbo Ant bad eeoond floor*, Iroat or back, oobtaiolBK hat aad oold water; the hen** if haadaomalv fur aUhod, aad ooatain* all the modora improvements. Term* wtywiwtaMt. 1 >70 HUDSON STREET, NEAR ST. JOHN'S PARK? ljU CniliM or unfarni*hed room to lot, wtU board to famiheo or eiagle gentlemen1 houao with Mod era improve ?to. Reforeaeoe exchanged. I A n NINTH STREET WILL BE TACATBD IN A lit) few day*.? Suit* of handsomely furnished roomi, eaeecond end third fleora, woald bt let to families with private table or single genUemea with partiat board. Hoata lr?t elaae aad pleaeaetly looated betweea Broadway aad Poarth avenue. I AK HUDSON STREET, PRONTINO ST. JOHN'S ITU square. Roomi oa Mooad floor, ia mite, or te pare to, containing (U, bath, A*. Relerencei exchanged. m NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR BAST OP BROAD way.fnrnuhod roomi, ia enits or separately. Alto, beok parlor end extension room on the flrtt floor, to let to gentlemen, with breakfast, if required. Also, furaiihed roomi at >o; t College place. 1AK waverley place, third door west op AV/tJ Washington Park.? A ?ult of fonr deeirable room on second floor, ail communicating, oaa be had, with board by a family or tingle gentlemen; aleo, a pleaiant froat baso meat will bo let to a phyiloian. llouie first ala<s; terms moderate. H(\ FRANKLIN STRBET, FIRST HOU8E WEST OP 4 V Broadway.? Two parlori oa the first floor to let, ?operate or together; a good looatioa for a phyiieian; else, flve or six single aad doable roomi, tor lodging*, neatly fur nished; cleanliness itriotly observed. ZA WALKER STREET? FIVE DOOR9 WEST OF t/T broad* ey ? A large front room to let, furoiibed, oa the second floor, with or without board;falso, a lew tingle ?ad double rooms, suitable for single gentlemen and gentle men and their wivei, furnlihed all new. Hot, cold and ?bower bath* in the house. References exohaugod. AfZ GROVE STRBBT, NEAR BLEECKBR? DELIGHT TU fal room* on first aad seooad floor* to let, furnished or aafnrnbhod, with board; house flrst class, oonUining im provement*; location most desirable, and accessible to oar* aud stage line*. Mo ohlldrea taken. OQ HOWARD STREET, ONE DCOR FROM RROAD Oi 7 way.? A handsomely furniihed parlor and hadroom to let to a gentleman aad lady, with board for the lad/; also, a bedroom for a single gentleman, with breakfast if desired. Apply a* above. C7 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET? A FEW SE 'J I lect families, and gentlemen, can be accommodated with rait* or single room*, with fall or partial board, in that eligible brown etone buildlnr, which is newly furnished, and containing all the modern improvements, being one of the tii ott deiirablo locations for summer residence, as it I* on one of tbo widest streets in the city, and 1* located between Broadway and Sixth avenue, which is very desirable tcr per manent boarder*. Alio, a very delightful offloe for a physi cian. HO AMITY l'LACB.? A SUIT OP ELEGANTLY PUR jjyj nisbed pernors on the first floor to let, with or with out partial board; also rooms on the second and third floors, handsomely furnished, suitable for parlors and bedroome. The family <s small and quiet, and i* not to remove. All the modern convenience*. Every attention paid te oomfort aad neatness. IQ CARROLL PLACE, BLEKCKER STREET.? PER JLO sons wishing to make arrangement* tor the summer, will find a fine suit or rooms, on the second floor. Also, some single rooms for geutlemen, at IS Carroll place; gas, bath, Ac., in the house. References required. UNIONISQUARB? FURNISHED ROOMS, IN SUITS or singly, with toll or partial board. 10 A PARTMENTS, CONSISTING OP TWO LARGE PAR A lors, eommnmcating; alto a private table if desired, at 25 Washington l'laoe. A WIDOW LADY, OP QUIET HABITS, DESIRES A J\. small room, with board, in a down town looatioa; she will furnish it, if desired; references given, if required. Ad dret* Widow Lady, Broadway Pest uffioo. A LADY OCCUPYING AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED J\. house in a viry desirable locution, would let to a gen tleman willing to advauce her $200, a suite of rooms with or without board; any gentleman wishing to socare an elegant and oomfortable home, where there are no boarders, will address, with real name, Granviil. Herald ofllou. Unexcep tionable references given and required. ? m otiieIT FOUR DOORS WE3T OF claw, lamily ?II ?nd ?>l?et. BatM. ga?. ?o__ American or ? Vn-iuh and French; non?j but i ^?e^boX. "'oiitioa very demable IfM * 71 Lexington avenue. \ i.adv. i*mj mentican h?\e tbem cheap, h naino end addre.., A FARLOB, WITH BKDROOM ^"^nEDJTU^ A ?l?^ed ur unfnrDUw,*d;.r?? VV tho.6 Who wi.h to be j0, ? g?a> J.n.. street ^,hSnnlddmV:^.t pUd" T. H0,er-, box *H Po.t Ottc. ?tating term*. 5- ?? "?? u'"11 gtferencee renuired. ? a '^"uvrafi?. ;?rr.ts".a5si torn-.i, at 101 West Sixteenth itrft. Bath', %*?? *_. ASSSSSsi mating term*. ? ApbivaTF FAMILY OCCUPYING A FIRST CLASS Fk* L ^2nt?in!n? all the modern Improvements, and wmmaMmt* A N CNFCRNI91IED ROOM AW? BOARD WAN TED. A by ? jentlem&u A wlfOn ' lotion In th? Eighth or ^">l<:,:.r"Vrt0a::^rrEWT bro.dw.y Po.t Ottoe. awmmm i ?riT OF FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? All? ? initown "f ^oTl ?*> ?f si"ih avo,,u? A S i in ft nrivato boarding hou?e, with delightful lo cation . " p to w n* yA"rc.b. Mr.. I M. W>.. Hernid ottce. . Oi/.r pari OR AND ROOM ADJOIN- WO, RLE A f.ntW furnUbed!^ for two gentlemen at ?i Prince .troet, near the Metropolitan Hotel. Qua and bath.. -no apt) ?SEVERAL ROOMB, HANDSOMELY FDR g^fora-.y. honte, 37 Ninth atreot, near Filth arenue. BnaRnZ-TOLET TO A GENTLBMAN AND HIS wtf? or to elntle' gentlemen, two or three handwmely Reference* exehanged. Arply u third Block from Broadway. | S-gSri'SS ; \tn. No moTlng at May. | n*nn -ROOMS SUITABLE FOR GENTLEMEN AND | ?eommidru7wUhUrr0d!Uharplp!(< Da\ne it wet .two door, we.t of forme moderate. BOARD ?A SUITE OF UNFURNISHED ROOMS WITH board may be had In a pritnte family where the com Sr^iSS tioaRD -A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN BE AC B eommodated with rlea?*n? room. and tajrt iii pri vate lamil* at h2 We.t Sixteenth ?treet. Also, lb roe t n t'emen can fc? accommodated with roomt ?nd P?*ti?l in a print, family at 21 Vandam etroot. nni?n_ *jo 7 COLLEGE PLACE.? THE 1IOUSE. BriBvS" no" place, .citable for an oflloe- _ ? B'oThD^T us EIGHTH STREET, OPPOSITE THE t.iTnille Library. Several Mcaeant and well fur ?i.h,r,^. -ltb b<>a7d. miy be tad Po.??io? before let May. if reqnlred. Apply at 113 Citato* plaee. T?fi?tn? IN AN ENGLISH FAMILY. WHERE THE r^si&FKr?" w?S7.S^j- - ?'?: ?:<:.cS,sssi'.iiEK ferenco. eithann*d. Bft??y? nrwly and handsomely ruRNisn OARD. N ?? oltlier ?ta*!y or In .nite, in the mod.rn ^womitolet rttl^er ?o?^ with or with.-t bntlt honee, ? ?? wa mn* 'lM), R0ferono*e? et SbT^id AUO forSl'hed room, to let. withent board. In bon<e 7h Mnrray etrect. B?A.n_n?NTrRMEN AND THEIR WIVES, OR OARD.? GENT . ^OM(1 an(j p|?a?ant ?iMle .*??*U?*n1l,n faJni.hed. AppW immedi.tely, or c?SI ? 'thelwMk. at 1-i Mercer .treet, one door abnra Blrfok" B"naRT> WANTED-rOB A MARKIED I.ADV, WITH OARD w ai> ? r?*r- ??miiv where there are lint fiw pAr. rww Pf? N.?rden K*oi?noe *> .. . , Utftd- Adored V I . Bt?adw?y i w- t-ia.y B Board ? ruEMiSHBD ftooua to bint, suitable tor families or siaglo gentlemen, with fall or partial beard Moa>oviagoa lot MM- Apply at a Umotopl.o. mt*- ."h^oA^ ?U*J* ???? <* (.nil. S. ? ynt 1 ? r h&? *? ~4 ""T or boons Board may be had in a private family. Apply at IA w.rrru place, (Charles itrwtj aoar the tU|? rolU. | BOARD IN TWENTIETH 8TRERT-TWO DOORS from Broadway. Suit, of richly lurniilied rooma, either > with or without partial board, oau be obtained by applying at 18 East Twentieth rtreot. * BOABD IN BROOKLYN.? ONE or TWO ORNTLE BOB < aa bo accommodated with partial board in a .mall family without children. Tbo locatioa U about two mil. ? from Fulton ferry. on a oity railroad Ua*. and a ?.ry deeiralle re.idence for tbo summer. Addroo. Horn., Ilorald oftoo. _ Board in Brooklyn.? a gentleman and his wife, also two aiagle gentUmeu, can obtain pleasant room, and good board, at US Washington atreet, Brooklyn, wltbm five minutes' walk of FnlUn lorry. Eeforonaes gireu and roqaired. Board in Brooklyn, near ruLTo.v kekrv ? Two or throe niajrlo goatlomen oaa bo aeooBmodatod with a tpacioua front room oa the Moond floor, lighted with gas. and partial board. In a genteel family, very pleasantly located on a railroad lino. Apply at 30 Saadi itroot. Board in Brooklyn.? pleasant rooms, con veaient to Wall at root and South ferrie., for sin* 1. .cntlemm or gentlemeu with tl<oir wives, oan bo obtained at No 34 Gartlon it roe t, Moond house trom Stato .treat, within five minute, of t< rriea. Beleroaoe* exchanged. Board in Brooklyn.? two single gentlemen can have board, with comfortably forni.hed room., in a desirable loca.ion. Apply at 1&! DuBkold .trout, uear Fulton avenue. BOABB in BROOKLYN.? two OR THREE SINOLB gentlemen can bo ncoommodHted with partial board, in a private family where few boarders are taken, in a pleasant lo lation, two minute, walk from Fulton forrj. Apply at 44 Hieks .tree l. Board in jukooklyn.? a. gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, can prooure board In a pleasant part o! Brooklyn, convenient to South and Wall street forrie.. References required. Inquire at 47 Congreas ?treet, first hou.e weit of Henry. Board in brooklyn.-a small amekican fa ujily will take throe or four gentlemen to breakfast Mid tea, and dinner on Sunday, single or double room., plain, neatly lurni.hed. (without board if deairod;) hoaM i< plea santly Md conveniently situated, about ton iniau'.os' walk from Fulton. Wall and Ca'berine ferries. Apply at 33 Hila ry . near Washington atreeti. Board in Brooklyn.? handsomely furnish- j ed loom., or room, unfurnished, with board, for faini- I lies or single gontlemen. Location delightful, betweon Pal- ? ton and Montague lerriea. Apply at ??3 Fulton atre.t, oppo- J lite Clinton. Board in brooklyn.-rooms suitable for 'amiliea or .lag]* gentlemen, can bo had alter lat May at iltti Waablngtoo .trect. The hou.e has all the modern im Drovements. For term, apply |at IM Adama atre.t. Also, to rent, a fine front taaomenl, auitable tor a dootor or den tlat. Board in south Brooklyn? one ortwogen tlemen oan be accommodated with large and well fur nished roema, In a very deairable location. Apply at ttt Clinton . treet. Board in staten island.? a tew single gen tlemen oan bo accommodated with board and plea.ant airy rooms, in an elegantly fnrniahed houao, aituat.d on the New York arena., near to G. Christ's, Esq., Clifton, Staten Island. The house ia on high ground and bas a fine view of the Uay and city of New York. There is also a atable and carriage house attached to the premise*. Inquire at the above place, or at 104 Fourth avenue. Board on staten island-three minutes' walk from the first landing; single gentlemen can be se oommoriaied with pleaannt rooms, with brnakfaat ano tea, in a strictly private family; prioe from $20 to $23 per month. For particulars, inquire of Mr*. Kniger, at Tompkinavilla. Board in williamsburo-one of the best houses and best locations in the oity, only two minutes' walk from two ferries; a gentleman and lady, or a fow ain gle eentlemon, can obtain good rooms, by applying at 19 South Ninth street, corner Of Second street. Board in the country? a lady, who has a spacious house, in n very healthy village in the coun try, would tako a few boarders for the season. Price 93 6D to $4 UU. Reference? D. R. GOULD. 3 ti John street, up stairs. Board wanted-for a lady and gentle ms.n, full beard for lady only, id a small private family where there are uo other boarders Widow Udv prefeired. Addrai* ?. U. ?., Broadway Fust Office, statin* location and term*. Board wanted? a young man desires to find in a respectable family living not higher up town than Canal Mreet, partial board (breakfast and tea) for S3 per wees ; where but few boarders only, will be preferred. Please address Frenchman, Post Office. Board wanted? by a young gentleman, in lirooklyp, between Pierre pont and Congress Address (prepaid) box 3.4H2 Post Offlee. Board wakted-by a gentleman and w<fe. (very plain people,) positively where there are no other boarders, in a small family. If in New York, not above Tenth i treet ; if In Brooklyn, nou? Fulton nr Wall street ferrler. Satisfactory reference will be given, if tultai. Na our need apply without describing accommodations and ttatlsR exaot location and term*. Address 11. W. H , bo* 100 Herald office. Board wanted-by a gentleman and wife, between Smith and Powers streets, in or within two blocks of Atlantic street, Brooklyn. Address box 1,499 Poet Office, New Fork, stating terms and particulars for a well furnished room. Board wanted? for a gentleman and lady (board for the lady only), la a retired location, and positively where ttere are no other boarders. Addre?s im mediately Economy and Quietness, Broadway Post Offioe. Board wanted-by a gentleman and lady, in the oountri , within an hour's rid* of the city, lor the summer, in a healt hy looation. Ret?ren?es exchanged. Ad dress Van, Herald office. Board wanted.? a gentleman and wife wish to obtain permanent board in a respectable family, | where tbeie are but few boarders ? a pleasant seoond story ioom. Moderate terms, nod near Broadway, between Canal Mreet and City Hall. ? Reference given and required. Ad dress A. B., Herald offioe, stating terms, location, As. Board wanted-in a private family or re xpectaole loardlng house, for a gentleman, wife, and two daughters (srown); would furbish their own room*; se conrt story preferred: location central, midway, uptown. Address lltnry, Herald offioe. Board wanted? by a respectable younci lsd?, who works at light sewing, in a private family, where there are no other boarders. She will be a plea?ant and desirable companion for any lady. Pleaso adorers k. (",, Herald office, stating location ana terms, which must be moderate. Reference given. Board wanted? in a trench catholic fami ly, i.y a vounir man (a mechanic), who do"S not speak the French language, near 11 road way and Canal street. Ad dreu A. B. D , Broadway P--st Office Board wanted, with an unfurnished room, |.y a gentleman and wife; location must be weit of Broadway; references exchanged. Addross A. V. T., box 1,W?7, Post Office. Board wanted on states island? by a sin jIo gentleman; must have pleasant room, good soci< ty, and le near the East side landing'. Address box 1,745 l ost, BOARDING.-FURNISHED APARTMENTS CAN BE obtained Tor two small or tne large family, at il East I fifteenth street, near Union square. Gas, bath, Ac. Boarding. -handsomely furnished rooms, in suits or otherwise, with every convenience attached, to let, with bo*T<l, to small families; also, single rooms. First class accommodations. Gas. bath, Ac. Inquire at iX) ?Bd ('2 Varick street, St. John's park. Boardinc-a FRONT SUIT or rooms, with large pantries: also, rooms for single gentlemen in a first class private boarding bouse; location pleasant, cool and atfy ; convenient to oars and stagos going to all parts of the city. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon square, west side, iccond door from Bank street. BOARDING.-ROOMS WITH BOARD, AT t!3 FRANK. iin street, three doors lrom Broadway. No moving in May. Gas, Ae. BOARDING? BY THE DAY OR WEEK, AT NO. 19 ] Henry street, between Oliver and Catherine streets ; ' house new, rooms airy. Gentlemen visiting the city, ur those having bu.iiness down town, will find this a quiet, pleasant and comfortable home. Boarding, at <m warren street.-pi.easant. | airy rooms to let to gentlemen, with full or partial board; also two ladies can be accommodated with board; also day boarders accommodated with ooard. Prices mo derate. Boarding in Brooklyn.? r arties locating for the season will find a very pleasant larire room, juit able for two gentlemen, at 47 Sand street. Also on first of May, a large room on second floor. References exchanged. BROOELYN HEIGnTS-TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BB accommodated with a pleasant room on second floor, with partial board, la a private family residing on Brooklyn Heights, onlv four square* lrom Wall st. and South ferries. Apply at 61 Joralemon St., first house above Hick*. BROORLTN HEIGHTS, THREE MINUTES' WALK tram Wall street ferry.? Suites of rooms for and single gentlemen can be obtained in the elegant double bonse <>2 kemscn street. Tne premi es are undergoing thorough repair, will be ready for occupancy prior t<. the 1st of May. and will be conducted in a manner calculated to se cure the comfort aad approval of the inmates. Gas, hath, Ac. References exchanged. Apply as alove. CIOUNTRY BOARD WANTED? TOE TWO FAMILIES, J comprising in all four grown persons, six ohildren (a?es 3 to 14 years), aad two servants; a farm, or priva'e house, where no other boarders wonld be taken, preferred, location must be within one or two hours of the city h? steamboat oi rniload. Address, with teference and particu lars post paid, H., box 2,M*S Post Office. COIN'TRY BOARD. ? PERSONS DESIROUS or OB Uininir healthy anmmer or wlater hoard, oa high aroand, with a fall tiew of the river, a tpaciotu gitrden, fruit aad *e*etal>lee, freah eow'a milk, etahlca eud carriata bouae, can apply ia fiftieth itraet, Pint a??t?. FURNISHED ROOMS ? TO LET, I If SOOTH BROOM lj a. to on# or two raatlemea, with or without break faat aad t?*. The bona* t? caa of the ftneet aad moe lommodione ia Brooklyn: the room* airy, aad aewly far aiebed ia the heat atyle; the ait nation ia lefty aad healthy only a few rode from the route ot the Ureeawoot oare aad within Are miaatee' walk of Hamilton ferry. Qoed re f*renoe repaired and Hire a. Addreaa H M , at the Herald office, for partienlari. FURNISHED ROOH5-A PARLOR AND TWO BED rooma elegantly furaiehed, ia a hoaee baviar all thn mo dern impr???nn ate, ?nd occupied h? a reapectaMe family, ara offered to let to two ain?le loatl'in-n The location ia in the vicinity of Union a<juare Inquire ai 2S? 1 walfth ttraat. -||U KMSIltO BOOHS. -<^K OR TRTO (JRNTI,I!MK V r <l*i>irti>c nicely f>mi?he<1 room*, in a qn*?t lionaa w lor* the** ar* no hoarder*; oaa he aoooiam??tat<><i ?>? api>lyia/ a* M Twenty ?i?lh atr*et, Ivotw^'a Math *mi Scteiktii areas#! Br awfaat :a? b< 4a I i: VURNISHED ROOM* TO LRT-UI A PS(T4? r famil y, at SM Broadway. with |M,lattU *1 llMti Ac Rgfereaoo gran aad ragalred VURNISHED ROOMS.-* RESPECTABLE FAMILF X having mon nom tlu required, would tot ? sit Mag room, thr? bade wow. aad in of kitohaa, u a mall f*i*My. ?rtwo or three young gentlemen. Apply at 04 Weet mk toentb rtmt, two door* from Sixth trtau FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? A PRIVATE FAMILY bavin* mure room thau they require, would liM ta la* the aeoond floor, comfort abl y furniabed, aad with aM IIm mod era improve menu. to Mvoral aiagl* gaaUeaaea. Break - At?t it deairrd. Ploaao cell at liu wart Tmlf lourtb atreet. bet ?eei Seventh aad Eighth avenaee. Furnish kd rooms-to let, to gentlemebi aoat and airy ; ia a quiet (and pleaaaat leoatiaa. M Chamber* at root, near Greenwich. Furnished or umfurnished rooms to let; to a genteel family, ia the Ar*t ciaa* boue* U Raat tha taooth etreet, aoar Irving piac*. Tb* beet reference (ilia aad required No moving ta M*y. I FRENCH KOARD IN SOUTH BROOKLTN.? TO I.Ht. !, with partial board, together or **parat?lj, a larg* ma aad a laill oaa, wall furuUhod, with gaa, ia a pav^te French family, roaidiag In minute* walk from tho MM ferry. Addreaa I). P. M-, Her* Id offiw. IN COI.LEQC PLACE. -SEVERAL ; UNFURNISHED room* to l*t, with hoard, trom lit a f Ma/. Addreaa College Place. Dora'.d Office. Madame meyers will remove, on the firm* of May, from No. 2 Loroy plac*, to No. ?, ?p*?k where, in conaequenoe of the greater numbar of afMtBM% ?b* ba* etill uu*Dgag*d room* far g*ntl*m*a aad wivee, earn ????l room* for *iagl* geutlemea Breakfast fraol ( a'ataak to 10; dinner at 6 Al*o, aa ottce c**r*nl*at for a daeter. I'leaae inquire o( Mu*. Mayer*, No. 2 Loroy plaoa, tMl lrt ? May. NO. 77 ST. MARKS PLACE -TO LET, WITH BOAR% ault* of apartment*, furnlthcd or uafuraiMud; Ml bare gat oarpet*. French and >pauiah apokaa ia lha htrr A private table of tb* boat kind, if required 1 TJRIVATE BOARD ? A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE, OB r two aiagj* gentlemen can obtain pleaaaat room? wtha pnntrie* attached, furniabad or unfurnished, ia a mod am | houae, with batna, gaa, Ac. ; loeatioa at 116 Wa*t SiaHaalh Ktroot, batwoeu Sixth aad jsoveath avenue* PRIVATE BOARDING.? SEVERAL VERY PLRASAM* room*, in ault. or aeparataly, either furaiahod ur an fur mahed, can bo had with board, aa raaaonabla terra*, iaa r rival* family, redding at Na. J*) Fourth avoaue, (opportha alvary Church.) Tha Douse If finely located, eadhaadM tb* modara improvement*. Reference* exohaagod. PRIVATE BOARDING IN RROOELYN? BOARB maj ba obtained in a email private family, with uutar niabed room*, coaalating of two room* aad bedroom* aa aa cond floor, ligbtod with gaa; would let them together er ea Krata. or will rurniah the bedrooma for gontleraea; alee, a ok parlor on flrat floor. Tha houea ia newly aad hand aomely paltered nnd painted throughout, and ia a very plea aaat location. Two minutea' walk trom two railroad*. FaM or partial board, a* may auit the applicant*. Apply at IM Vanderbtlt avenae, between Myrtle aad Park avenue* KOOMS TO LET? FURNISHED OR UNFURMISKOk to aingle gentlemen oaly, without hoard. Tha haaaa baa all the modern Improvement*. Apply at M7 Fourth ? treat, between the Bowery aad Lafayette plaoo. Rooms with board-elegant suits of room ia a aew brown itoae home, lu*t completed la F*ei teenth atreet, Bear Union square. Soae need aaawar euat those wbo eaa appreciate a Brat ola n house ia every rw|eA. Ad dree* " C'haaning," Herald oOoe. Rooms to let? in a private familt, two or three turniahed roomi, with or without board Tha liuuie ia elegant and new. and nontain* all the modern im frovemente. Apply at 47 Weft Toirteenth ? raat, betweea ifth and Sixth avenue*. Referenoei exobangad. R '^?rdllVhoo,8,7 !y, A P*'*ATB ssr avaftsa1-2 'wV-u.'isaaw Rooms for gentlemen ?gentlemen can find a nicely furniihed room, with or without bodroom at tached, in a private family, at 1H Tenth etreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. The bouse hue the modern improvemaata. n nd breakfaat will ba Mrvod In tha r?om It required. Na moving in May. Rooms, handsomely purvished, near the Union Club, No. 4 Filth avenue, may ba obtaiaed oa | Ta enty tint atreot, with or without partial board, in a pn ! vale tarnily ; houae containing all tbe modern i improvement*, and moat eligibly eituated. Refer*' cee.unexceptioaable. Addreaa, tor tbtea day*, box 2,474 I'oat Offioe. States island.? a small private familt. reaiding near Port Riohmond ferry, would let two bad rooms and u*e of parlor, with or without board, er waalff board ohlldrca, who ahould receive a mother'a oare, aad, it required, an excellent EnglUb eduoation. Terms modarata. Pkase addreaa lira. W. U. Bailey, Port Richmoad, S. I. TO GENTLEMEN.? ONE OR TWO NEATLT FUR niahed room* in a private family to let without board. bathroom in tbe heuee; location aeairabla. Apply atTM HoUktou street. T1IE OWNER OF A HOUSE WHICH IS LARGER than required, can accommodate two gentlemen, er a lady and gentleman, with board, weft of Broadway, aad about live minutes' walk trom tho Metropolitan Uetel. It rt quire* to be aein to be appreoiated. Tho higheat relareaaaa required and reciprocated. AdcreiB Oakland*, ReralA cffice. Th o gentlemen and their wives or four single gentlemen can be acoomuiodated with good board i in a private lamily, at 61 Fourth rtroet, between Hammond ? and Bank itr<cti. on tbe second floor. Grate and oloeete ia I each roum. Stager pans the door Eighth aveuue ear* with* in two bloeki. Apply lor one week. TO LET? A FURNISHED PARLOR, TO ONE OK two single senta, at moderate ront; breakfaat given. If I required. Apply at No. 164 Mulberry street, ooal offioe. WANTED? Til REE BEDROOMS AND ONE SITTING room, with fall or partial board, for a lady aad twa ; gentlemen, in a btriotly private boarding houae; loeatioa be ! tween 14th and 17th streets, and Union square and 3d BTsaae. \ Addreas Southern, Herald offioe. I must b, moderate, ii. A. J" BroSdJi"1** tor""' "OMl WANT ED? A WELL FURNISHED ROOM, WITS breakfast and tea, or full board, If dinner at aia 1 o'elocl, by a young French |(entleman. A private family, , with only few boarder*, preitrred. Address, itatiag Una*. bo* 1,2 Si), Post Offlce ; WAN TED-BY A GENTLEMAN, IN A REbPECTA ble neighborhood a oomfortably furnished room, with partial board. Referenoe* exchanged. Addreaa, statin* > terma, whioh must be moderate, W. M A., Herald e&ee. WANTED-BY A FRENCH OENTLEMAN, WITH bis wife and brother, two furninhed bedrooms, with lull beard, between Fourth and Twelfth streets, aad Fourth and Sixth avenues. A private family preftrred. Terma, Irum $12 to 919 per week. I'lcase address H. L., Herald eAea WANTED? IN AN AMERICAN PRIVATE FAMILY Tr for two geutleuien as permanent residenu, a parlor 1 and bedrooms nicely furnished; all modern improvements re - ' quired. Location not above Tenth street. Address R. F., i box 1,880 Post office, stating terms. HOTEL*. COLLINS' HOTEL, FOOTCANALSTltEET, N. Y., VTIKL let, with board, throe large front parlor*, with bedreooa at tadud, and alio several loita on moat reasonable tarmi; for dimmer months the location ii unequalled; the hoot* face* tlie river on two eidea. TALLMAN i. M A PIS, Proprietor*. EAGLE HOTEL LODOING3.- GENTLEMEN WILL DO well to remtmlitr that they can obtain clean aad con* , fortuble mom foi 2a. per night, or Ha. and 13*. per iraek, at the hotel corner of William and Frankfort itraata. GUTTER'S HOTEL. ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN, and Joining Saloon, lit Fulton itreet. New York.?' Thia } tstnliTiihmcnt U admirably conducted, aad is vary conveai ently located for those entitled in business puranit* in the , lower part of the city; while country meichante, visiting New York, will find ita continuity to railroad depota, steam 1 oat landing*, and all the important public office*, to aflbrd : advantages of no oidlnary character. The worthy propria { tor I* well and favorably known in thi* community, ana foe . hi* zeal, industry and enterpriie, merit* aliboral patronage*. 1 Hi* obiirges are extremely moderate, when home rant aad tne exorbitant price or prorliion* at the preieat tint an I taken into ccnaideration. HOLDREDGE'S HOTEL, 7S7 AND 7S0 BROADWAY, conducted on tha ftiropean plan.? Raapaotabla parties ' can now obtain, for the aeaaon, two auit* of bandaomaly far , nub. d apartment* at reduced rant*; al*a aeveral pleaaaat I >in;!e room* to let, from S3 ta 910 per wa?k, wall adapted fcryoingmen. Hotel Brighton, Boulogne (sur mer;, francs ? Ta familiea going to larope. A gontleman lately ! from Europe, earn lately recommend tba "Hotel Brighton, n ' a* not only tha beat in tha plaoo, bat a* one of tha bast la Europe. Situated at a convenient diitaooe from tba rail read, aad being in tha middle of a large tardea, thi* ktM Voaxuw all tba comfort* doelrablo for wealthy famlllaa Hotel folestonf, in paris, no. ?rui decas tellaae.? ' Thi* hotel, situated near the Madeleine, tba boulevard*, the Tuiltrlc* ?nd the Champ* ElysAos, i* spe cially frequented by Engliab traveller*, aad now kept by aa American lady, with new and elegant furnitare, good ar ranaemont*, and ' leanlin***. The attendanoa i* performed by English servant*. aad nothing I* (pared to randar tba hotel one of the mo*t comfortable in Pari*. Badroaata aad apartment*, breakfait aad dinner, at moderate term*. McCOMB'S dam hotel- qrorgr scarff re tpe it fully in l'< rnia bil friend* and patron* tbat ha baa relsaeed the hotel and bridge, aad aa tha tthiag aaaaoa ta come be i* prepared to farniah boat* aad everything far 'port and comfort at reasonable rate* and abort notice New yorr bay hotkl, miles from jersey City ferry, on tba Bergen Point plank road, will bs opened for the summer on the 1st of May. It ttaada aa th* beach, with a fine view of tba Narrows; excclleat batbia. . boating aad fishing. The states leave vvery honr Irom tba ferrv at Jersey City. For particnlara apply ta CAPT. LF.ES, Proprietor, Jersey CWy. or at tba bonea. 2CEAN HOUSE, SHREWSBURY N. J.-THIS LARGB. new and cnmmodion* hotel, furalshad throughout, u red to let. and the furniture for sale, or, a person who understand* keeping *eob a hoase, with tA.000, coal d Join tba owner as partner, on favorable term*. H. E. KIEL!., fc2 Lifpenard *tr??t. \\f A VERIFY HOUSE, CORNER FOURTH STREET " and Broadway. I* bow prepared to accommodate taaai lie* or tingle gert'emen with handaomely faral?h*d apart meats, with or without meals. Thoee Joiriag maal* will ba furnished from Shelley's eaparh rt ntatir int, on the eppoaita corner. C'HAS. R. SHELLKY, Superintaadeat. reward*. aI a/\ Rf^VARH ?LOST, A DIAMOND PIN. THS $100 the abo*. reward b, lo*Ti?t it M llnronco'l Hotel, <00 Broadway. <?> r rv rTvaRD ? STRAYS D OR STOI.KN, ON SATUR $, )0 ,l.7moTT..'? lMt, iron. ?on>ar of tsooond Twilfth "re?t ? ?""?? h""' wl,b '?*<*?* kjW ?*??*??: Said hnrw ia MX hand* hlch. >??? oW, and Mtoral ".'I A." on. Mtnrnint; ft. .hor. to torn r.ferhill * Floot ? (tablo. No. 10 fourth ?*????. will roeoiro tko a bora Htiri. ioc HtWARD.-l.08T, ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON. ?P j?t) 18th lout , on tko line of tho Scond aTmur railroad, .Void jwton' leror wati-h. attaohtd to which imi blark >i<k foB ribbon and fold oral Tb? flnd?r wiU r*oeiT? tbo oborc reward by louring K at HB Market Hip. ?in RRWARO.-l.OOT. IN VAtDBN I, AN1. M? ^11/ Friday ovrainK, April 13, a black ba?, iwainnm i lothra Tho flader will obtain tha above reward by rotor* isjt Ibo tain* to J. R THORN R, I6ri Broadway. ??j'JK A W A R JK-STUA1 IT) FROM M ? I V IN TH AY ? ? mm, a ? in all rod do* Ion* rare as J tail, anaomro to fibe iio'oo of l?itr?r Any porovti remf"Uif: ?aid <o?. will r* i-itj i u ?'j?( itmrJ. JAI|l3 C9(I|IIU>T<