Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1855 Page 2
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twnTBHBm 1BBW1I TOT MI. liUM JlT AWTIOlf. TtaiRTIL NiroLAV. A0CTIOXIKR.-8TOCIS AND A bunds at auction. ? Hegolar aula.? ALBERT U. NICO LA V will Mil this day, April 19, at 12){ o'elook, at the Mer chant*' Exchange. fur aooonnt of whom it tnay concern: ? t*l-eas Ci*y? pereeit Bonds each ?1,0U0 A(JMI PeaasTlvania Stat? 8 par cent Bond! 1,000 N.UO0 Ohio 3 .ate t> per cent Band* l,(k 0 U?| Indiana State A per cent Boada I,!KH) H.fllll Michigan State ? per cent Honda I,0(K> 3,1100 Northern Ind.ana Railroad (Ooahen Branch) Ut rtortsage 7 per cent Honda 1,000 4?0 Caaandaigaa ard Corning (now known M the Ca aandsigua and Elmira) Railroad, 2d mortgage 7 per ?eat Income Bonda. 1,1)00 XfflO Fax and W isoonrin Improvement Scrip Certifi cate* of date November 30, 1H62 J00 7,000 Brevkenbridge Cannel Coal Company, incorpo rated by the State of Kentucky MK) shares Reading Railroad 10) St* Erie and Northeast Railroad 5i) 40 Erie Railroad 100 25 Seeond Aven&e Railroad I'M 76 Third Avenno Railroad 100 177 Cvlumbus and Xeaia Railroad 60 70 Cumberland Coal Company 1<?) MM Merchants' Evohan<e llank 50 JtlO Cairo tity Proptrty 100 Ml Bank of the Commonwealth 100 28 Chatham Bank 25 2 Bank of North America 100 W Merchants' Insurance Company 00 40 facile Bank 80 40 North River Fir* Imurance Company 25 20 Stavvesant Fire Insurance Company 25 5 Park Fire Insurance Company 100 M Arctic Fire Insurance Company 50 M Lorillanl Fire Insurance Company 25 M Broadway Fire Insurance Company 25 20 Hamilton Fire Insurance Company 15 17ft I tabella Copper Company 10 )4M Washington Slate Company 5 28 New York Balaneo Dock Company. .. 300 1 00 Potomac Copper Compaay 10 itt Gold Quarts Machine Company 5 <M W ard Mining Company 25 Terms of sale? Ten per cent thin day, and the balanoe be fart two o'cloek to morrow. ALBERT H.NICOLAY No. 4 Broad street. Auction notice.-by edward schenck. , Thursday, April 19, at o'elook, at 16 Wall street. ? Great sale of really fine old wines, brandies, Ao. , belonging to one of our oldest importing houses, now closing up their Vosrnesa, yls., 397 cases otard L.D. eo^nac, 1837; Beunessy, i cognac, 1841 ; (oognao vir^a, 1 *27, private ?Sock'J south side madeira, 1S39; Duff Gordon, bardiuny and Ttteria sherries; 43 baskets ohampagn, Hunt A Co., and For xleter>a ports; tokay, 1M2; muscat and wedding wines; L. D. brandies in demijohns and octavo s, and quarter casks, all of whiah are of the finest quality, and can be relied upon Tor Medical or family use. Also, 13 casks Scotch ale, pints; 3 flask' do., qnarts; 4g casks East India pile ale, pints; 'J cask* Bnblin stout pints, warranted genuine, in original casks with ?arise seal. Also, a large lot gonuiue Havana and German aegars. Sale without reserve. AUCTItfN NOTICE, ? EDWARD SCIIENCK WILL fell, at auction, on Saturday, April 21, at 10>i A. M , at I4S Pearl street, third floor, the entire stock of a French im porter docliniEg business, consisting in part of magnificent iron se and marble docks, of every description; mechanical lamps, in great variety; china vases, of all sites; large va riety of lass, Just landed; tooth, hair and nail brushts; oom os, por turnery, soaps. Sea. ; inkstands, mirrors, clock ?hades, Ac.; variety of articles, in original packages, just Ma ported. Sale positive, without roserro. AUCTION NOTICE.?' THOS. BELL, AUCTIONEER.? A By BELL A BtSlI, this day, at 10}? o'elook, first ?tie, at No. 12 North William street, will be sold 23 boauti ful show cases, made to order tor the Crystal Palaco, suit able for tancy stores, jewellery, Ac., in fine order; at 11 o'clock, the good furnituro of a gontleman going to Califor aia, a handsome aisortmeut, must bo paid miiuo day, pio. tares, china, sofas, bureaus, card tables, clocks, jewel lary, Ac. A UCTION NOTICE.? THOS. BELL, AUCTIONEER ? -?A By BELL A BUSH.? Sale at 27 Centre street, on Saturday, 1U>, o'clock, furniture, dry goods, Ac. ; Monday, W'Ji o'clock, ut 33B Hudson streot, the furniture and all the arrangements of the old establishment, well known as the Weavers' Arms, premises to let on favoratle terms; Tues day. 10* o'eloek, elegant lurniture, at 313 Henry street; Wednesday, extensive sale, ooiner of Twenty-ninth street ?ad Seventh uveuue. Auction notice.-thos. bell, auctioneer.? By BELL A BCSH. ? We are direoted to sell by the aasdgnse, the entire valuable stock ot stationery, blank books sad every article in the Une of a large establishment. Tho aale will take place at the warerooms, 177 I'earl street, near Cedar, on Thuisday the 26th, and Friday the 27th inst., at o'clock each day. Catalogues can be had ou Saturday morning. Sale positive. Anthony j. bleecker, auctioneer, will stll at the Merchants' Exchange, Thursday, the 19th testant. that valuable bouse and lot. cornerofNinth avenue and 31st street, lot 24, by 100 feet deep; bouse 44 feet deep, with an offset for ball door, leaving store all square. Cretoa to top of house, fourteen lights of gas in store, hall, and second story. Basement suitable for an oyster saloon, and stabling for two horses. Apply on the premises, as tho heu>e will be open this moraing for inspection. A UCTION NOTICE.? WM. B. JONES, AUCTIONEER, .A. ? Stcre No. 115 Canal street. ? By virtue of a chattel aaertgage I will sell on this day, April ID, li>55, at 10 A.M., at the corner of Market and Madison streets, 4 standing ?asks and contents, 3 pipes brandy, 3 hhds. rum, 3 pipes ?to, H pipes wine, and alt the fixtures, measures, decanters, ramblers, Ac. v. S MILLS, Attorney for Mortgagee, office Marine Court. Auction notice ? French tinned iron ware, Ac ? JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP will sell, on Thurs day, April 19, at 11 o'clock, at his auction room, 216 I'earl aireet, by the puekage, 12 cases French basting spoons, po Mahod skillets, saucepans, trypans, skimmers, table spoons, ??Bcs pots, wash basins, strainers, dishes, soup ladles, ?allenders, coffee roasters, punoh pitchers, preserve kettles, die. The above were slightly damaged on the voyage, and are sola tor account of whom it may ooucern. A UCTION NOTICE.? PLANTS, TREES, HOTHOUSES, u\ sashes, gardening implements, Ac. ? SAM 1*. OSGOOD, anctioneer, store 06 Nassau street,' will sell this morning, Thursday, at UlK o'elook, at the establishment of Tho in w Dan lap. florist. Eighth avenue and liGth street, his entire atoek of choice green and hot house plants, fancy and fruit trees, Ae. At 13 o'clock noon, precisely, the not houses, apparatus, Buohos. sardeuing imnl?,""",? Ac. T*?? - ?UCTION SALE.? SEGA RS OF THE CHOICEST brands. ? SAM I EL OSGOOD, auctioneer, CO Nassau atreet, will sell, on Saturday, April 21, at HH, o'clock, at lie. 1 Altar place, about HO, Ol)t> segars, of the bext imported kaands. Also, a lot of porcelain and meerschaum pipes, gas chandeliers, oountcrs, glass cases, Ac. This stock is the Baest segars in this market, and will be sold in lots to snit parebasors. Terms cash. " A UCION NOTICE.? J. BOCAKT, AUCTIONEER ? J\ By S. BOGART ?Friday, at 10|j o'clock, at the auc tion rooms, corner of Frankfoit and Williams streets, mort gegc sale of household furniture, sofas, couches, bedsteads, ?arrets, tables, clocks, chairs, lookingglasses, engravings, plated ware, crockery and glassware. Also, one dentist's ?hair, lot or fancy giods, lot of segais, liquors, Ac., \e. H. B. ? Outdoor sales promptly attended to; goods stored and insured; advaneet made when required. At private sale, ?ae liqoor wagon. Auction notice -adjourned sale ? by vir tae of an exeention, I will sell, this day, at the vesti hole ot tbe City Ilall, at 12 M., all the light, title and inter oot, ef John Buxton, Jr., that he had on the 19th day of March, lt-60, or any time thereafter to the hotel, 145 and 147 Pal ton street, N. Y. ; consisting ot furniture, lease, Ac. WM. B. JONES, Constable. A UCTION Si LE. ? WILL BE SOLD AT PUBLIC AUC JtV tion, on Saturday, April 21st, at 11 o'clock. A. M. The ataek and fixtures of the >ew York Hippona Stubles, Nos. (A and l>7 Watts street, Vonsisting of good road horses, fast travellers and in good condition. Also, coaches, iiaronehcs. roekaways, double reated and light wagons, with and with ?nt tops. Also, coach light double and single harnesses .Also, saddles and bridles, fixtures, Ac. Apply to No, 27>'> hpring street. A DMINIKTRATOR'S SALE.?' TO BE SOLD AT PUB J\ lie auction on April 21, 1KS6, ?t 2 o'clock 1*. If., in Wea Mttoin, Hudi-on county, N. J , two ana ? half miles from 4h? HoSoken f>tTy, S U) 100 acre* of land, in * g*od state r.f ?wltivatlon fur particulars inquiro of WM. KOSMAN, ?etr the premises. Jl SSIGNKF.'S PALE OF CLOTHS, AC. ? SAMUEL OS L GO?<l*. auctioneer, will nil at bit *alosrooms, No. 66 uftn street, tomorrow, April 3D, at lUJj A. M.. a > mall Mnek of cloths, cae>iiueres, doeskins. Ac.; marble tOpooun ters, wir* figure* and iraiacs, glanj cased, Ao. By order of the assignee. AllcCAFFRAY, AUCTION EF.R ? TO HOUSRKEEP ? in, hotel keepers, Ac ? McCAFFRaY A WALTERS Will tell, this day, at the auction room, 2' i Catherine atreot, otina gilt and plain tea gets, ornamunt'>d, tarnished an 1 plain dinner stts, plated cruet stands, china va?es, cut and tlain sla?s decantir* and tumblers, table cutlcv, thirty unr and eight day clocks; alto, an olesant silver plated tea m t. bale without reserve. Art union paintings at auction -this Morning, at 11 o'clook, at the book salesroom, 311 Broadway, a tine collection of oil painting! by Araeri'm ?rMstg, embracing lanascnjpes, w.tter i-eenery, moonli ihtu, winter piecea, the finest fruit piece in the united States, Jtc all elegantly framed. JNO. LEVISoN, Anotloneer. BT C. A. WATERBI RY, AUCTIONEER.? THIS DAV. Thursday, April IS. by catalogue at oar (tore, Mo. 38 Bread street. 1,.VK),U00 choice Havana and German sew. ?omirising operas, loodrea and regalias in variety, ot the k*at rrands imported. Every lot is warranted as r?pre?ont ?d en tbe catalogue. and will be sold without reservation ior ?ash, to delivery. Tbe sale commences at 10}{ o'clock. OR. KILLER A CO., AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL A ? fine three story bouse, nearly new. with store on first *?.r, at Morchants' Exchange, on Wednesday. April ?">, at 11 o'clock The above is situated on Ilcrgen hill, S.J.. about 2BU feat trom the Court Honse. Building 2.'>x-'J ft , bo?uti tally ieoated in an improving neighborhood, ene mile from J*g*oy city ferry. Stage- pass everv ten minates. Apply at the (Ate of the Auctioneers, lis Broadway, corner of Dey street. OR. MILLER A CO WILL SELL ON WEDNESDAY ? April 26, at Merchants' Exchange, a double house and thirteen lot*, at East New Y?rk, ?a Brooklvn and Ja maica plank road and Vanrtelen and Division avenues. Also, leit in Moirot Brook !jm. Fo? foil particulars Apply at Auctioneer!' office, 19fi Broadaay, N.Y. Dl. noucil, AUCTION EER.-AUCTION NOTICE . Large tale.? Excellent household furniture, rich vel vet carpett. large mirrors. otl paintings, eilverware. kt ? Ikis aay .at 10>-k o'clock .tbe tnraiture in tbe large three story kaat* No. hi Warrea street, consisting of one costly pitno forte, in rutewcod, aeven octave, very coitty and near ly new; elegant carved rosewood parlor tuitos, in ??tin brocade; mahogany solas, cushioned chairs, rockers. aoMwood centre, side and card tables. book raek, mmic and corner stands, elegaat tapeetrr c*rpet?, noarly new; large airrers, 24 by tt; rich brocat#lle and lace cor'aioa, costly oil namtiiga; extension tea and dining tables: bed toon fnrxitnre, of tbe bast kind. vis. rcsawood and raa hogany bedsteads, bureaux and waehstands, made in the beat ?tanner; alto maple and other bedstaads, caae seat chain, two elegant painted l ed room suites, bedding, sheets, pll lawi. blankets, feather bods, hair mattresses, common wasb ?taads and crockery, bedroom carpets, lounges, ohina rates, alrgant china tea sets, best cut glassware, outlery, rich silver ware, salvers; casters, with bsavy cat bottles, cake baskets, aporni, forks, rich plated tea sen Ice, Ac. The sale wjll ?Awimmee with tha kitchen fnrniture, which embraces a tswve and desirable assortment of everything necessarv for housekeeping. Perots about going to housekeeping will do well to attend, as everything will be sold oontalned in the *?use and without the least reservation whatever. A cash deposit rtqulred Irom all pnrohasorg. IRUGENER. FRANKLIN. AUCTIONEER -BY FIIANK Ji "N **1CH(?L.-Thi, (Thursday) morning. %t !<?>? ?'clock, at ,9 Neatau ttreet. between Fniton and John ?traets, Eugene K. Franklin will sell at auction, aa above, ? variety ef rich and beautiful household furniture, conaist iag of rosewood pari err I nr nit are en suit*, roaewood and ma ?egany wardrobes, library and secretary bookcases, sofas. t??* a- t*t?(, chairs, bedsteads, bureaus, wasbstands. modes, Ac ; two ?eautifni English velvet carpeto. Br oom STiMa.' mMt.Z'ap "y Bfy?u too numerous -o mention. aVVh* ?u Tu 0,.?ihw view, at oar stora, 79 N assau street a main, i?Jl Mite, from the Crvstal Palace, cost *ad this sal* a dwirable opp?,rtnnltv. ?iso,'at ii!l fct gold IW9 TgfjlM ivHwotd piawfort,, "? cl<wk wlu BA Ul JIT mCTWIi. BH HTPI.OW, AUCTIOV*??-^HANI>80MK HOUSS ? -hold turuiture at auction. by order of "u'cutm ? U LB DLOW will Mil at auction oa Thursday April 10, 1855, at 10k o'clock, at No. 103 Snl'ivan street, the .ntire mrniture contained in ?sid house, consistin* in put of me lu raDT sofas, chairs, r1" centra table#, pianos. pier glassea, wardrobea, bureaus, bedsteads, beds and bedding, mirrora, Brussels and ingrain carpet*. oilcloths, together witbagood assortment of kitohcu furniture, with which tbo sale will mmmtooe. TJI COLTON.aUCI ION EER.-RICH HOUSEHOLD FCR r . nimic, pier glasses, tapestry carpets, oil paintings. lace curtains. Ac ? t. Colton will tell, tbla day, Thursday, April 18, at 11 o'clock, at the corner of Twenty eighth atreet and Fourth avenne, known aa the old Cooper Houae, the entire furniture. It a il! compriae in part aoita of riob rosewood furniture in brocatelle, marble top rosewood oentro and card tablea, tete a tete, mahogany French bedateada with spring mattresses, lace window ourtaias and eornioea, lame l-rench plate and oval mirrors, Arminater three ply and ingrain carpet*, oil oloths, feather be da aud hair laattruasea; several very line ornamental oil paintings by Quido and Raphael, very rich engraving', rosewood and mahogany Vol taire and arm oh aire, extension dinner and tea tables, mar ble top etejeres, marble top dreaaing bureaus, washstands. rich china and mantel ornaments, bronie figures, ehina ana glass ware, kitchen fumiturs, basement do., to. Catalogues, giving description ot the goods, may be bad at the house ou he morning of sale, and also at the auction room, no. 59 Beekman street. N. B.? Remember the hour, 11, S o'oiook. Deposits required from all strangers. No postponement. F COLTON. AUCTIONEER ? GENTEEL HOUSE ? bold furniture, Ac.. Ao.? F. Colton will sell, this day (Thursday, April 19 ) at 10 o'oiook, at No. 28 Seoona ave nue, between Secoad aud Third atroetr, the entire furniture of the honac. It will compriae in part sofas, mahogany cbairs, dreaaing and plain bureaua, throe ply and Ingrain carpets, oil cloths, luatber beds, hair mattresses, Frenoh ai d other bedsteads, mirrors, dining tables, hut stands, basement a'.d kitchen furniture, together with ehina and glass ware, Ac., Ao. Ku member the hour, 10 o'elook A. M. IUATBU8I1, LONG ISLAND.? RARE OPPORTUNITY lor pleasing and profitable investment. Suburban re sidence and building sitea, on PUttiuth avenue and Cortel }on und ClarkH<in streets. Will bo sold at auction, by AMES COi t & SON. in tbo Merihinta' Exchange, at 12 o'clock, oa the 24th Inst., that valuable property, lathe picturesque village of Flatbuab, throe mile* from the fer ries, on the Flatbush avenne to Coney Iriand, and jnst oat aide the Brooklyn city limits, oonaiating oi a snieudid man sion, containing aixteen rooms, bath room, water oloaota, Ac., Ac., with offioe buildinga, complete auu in good order, and shout six acres of land or ninety-six city lota, tastofnl y laid out in lawn, garden and pleasure ^rouuds, and with walks. bowers, statuirv, fountain, conservatory aud shade and fruit trees in great variety. Also, titty- six hand some building sites, containing over six oity lots, or about half an acre each, all fronting en graded avenues. For sa lubrity and beauty of aeenery, local and general, this pro perty cannot be surpassed. To a retired gentleman, of re fined ta?te and an admirer of tha beautiful in nature and art, it is replete with all that could be desired by the most fastidious, 'i'o a man doing buaiuoss in the city, it afford* at ence a country and town residence, only three miles distant, and on an aveuue on which there is a oity railroad about to bo constructed, and which will be lighted with gai within a short distanoe of the premises. Thero aro several churches and first class academies in the vicinity, and a line ot stages now runs fromjtlie Fulton ferny past tho property every few micutes. Time and distance from tho Exchange, about the same as Fortieth street, New Vork. To be appreciated, this property must be seen aud examined. Title good, and terms liberal. For maps and farther iafor watiin, apply to JaMES COLE A SON, 43 Fulton street. Brooklyn, or to LOTT, MURPHY A VANDERBILT, 3 Front street, Brooklyn. (GEORGE COOK, AUCTIONEER. -BV STOVER A J COOK? Elegant Household Furniture, Pianofortes, Ao. This day, at lo>{ o'clcck, at tbo residence of H. Pincua, Esq.. 41 Greenwich avenue ? Consisting in part of superior rosewood seven octave pianoforte, made by Messrs. Barmore, in perfect order; rich laoe curtains and cornices, Frenoh shades, two suits of rosewood parlor furniture, in French brooatelle, elegantly caved rosewood sofas and contre ta bles. a beautiful rosewood etegere, Frenoh secretaire, musio cabinet, piano stool , oil paintihgs, a port of which are of great merit; rich gilt frame mirrors, Frenoh clook, elegant dci orated vases, mantel ornaments, royal Wilton carpets, stair do., ingrain carpets, hall oilcloths, walnut hall stand, do. do. chairs. Dining room furniture ? Custom made oak extension table, oak sideboard, Bit of oak dining room chairs, in green repp; gold band dinner set, 172 pieoes; heavy cut glass ware, tine table eutlery, tea room mahogany extension table, do. sideboard, do. ebafrs. Freneh china tea and ooffne sets, silver plated tea and coffee servioe, of elegant work manship; silver spoons, forks, ladles, table casters, cake baskets, a beautiful set of Paris glass ware. Chamber furni ture ? Rosewood and mahogany bedsteads of a superior qua lity, marble top lmreaas and washstands, riob cnina toilet seta, gilt frame minors, hair mattresses, beds and bedding, lounges, arm chairs, sofas, spring seat obairs, kitchen arti cles, Ao. Catalogues on the morning ol' sale. George cook, auctioneer.-labge and pe remp'.ory sale of new aad elegant furniture, Ao., atSu4 Broadway. ? At 10>? o'clock, to-morrow, Stover A Cook will sell, as above, to the highest bidder, the entire stock in their extensive warerooms, consisting in part of rosewood parlor suites, in brocade satin, brooatelle, plush and hair cloth; mahogany do., in plush and hairofoth; enamelled and painted chamber suites; rosewood, mahogany and black walnut bedsteads, bureans, washstands and chairs, of vari ous styles; rosewood etegeros, library bookcases, secretaries, escrutoires, wardrobes, Ao.; also, sofas, chairs, rockers, withstands, clocks, mirrors, oil paintings, plated silverware, table eutlery, extension dining tables, and auoh other arti cles as uro usually fouud in a first class salos' room. Cata logues on morniug of sale. GC?. H0RTON, AUCTIONEER-WILL GIVE HIS . personal attention to the sale oi household furniture, at the residence of families breaking up housekeeping or re moving. Will also have regular sales at his large aaotion rooms, No. 13 Sixth avenue. Furniture stored. pHOCEBlES, HABDWAWJ yj ^iL'h teas rosl s, sugars, pe pper, ? tob.cco, Kf *&? unterns, Auctioneer. Henry h. leeds a co., auctioneebs.-house hold furniture sales.? Henry H. Leeds A Co. will give their personal attention (as they have done for many years past) to the sales of household furniture, at the residences of families breaking up housekeeping or removing. They I will also have regular sales at their auction rooms. No. 19 Nassau street, between Pine and Cedar, for the oonvanieaee of those *ho may desire this medium of sale. i ii. Auonuni.tiii.-i>! H. H. LEEDS il A CO.? Thursday, April 19, at 11 o'clock, at the resi dence of llatbew Thutc, deceased, by order of the executors. In Eighty seventh street, between Third and Fourth ave nues, houseliould furniture, consisting of ingrain carpo'.ji, mahogany sofas, arm and parlor obairs, tables, mirrors, card tables, tindow curtains, ebony sewing chair, bronied giran doles, rugs, dressing bureaua. marble top washstand, do. maple cane scat chairs, mantel clocks and ornaments, oil paintings, lithographs, pier glasses, oilcloths, mahogany wash tables, black walnut tablea and chairs, lookin^glaSMS, britanria casters, china and glassware, with an assortment of kitchcn furniture, with which the cile will commenoe. Henry h. leeds, auctione sr.? by h. h. LEEDS A CO.? Thursday, April 19, at 36 Bank itiect, at 1(^2 o'clock, household lurnituro, conaist ing of handsome ItrusreU parlor and stair carpets, elegant rosewood suites, inlaid, covcrod in figured crimson plush; sofas, divans, lociables, conversation chairs, am and parlor chairs, rosewood suites, in bine plush; rose wood carved marble top centre and side tables, one rosewood seven octave piano, made by Mo Donald Srothers; piano ?tools, gas chaudeli'rt, brackets, Ac., fine oilcloth*, oil paint ings, frame engravings, crimson window curtains, cornices, Ac.; lace window enrtains, with blue broadcloth drapery; mantel clocks, girandoles, vases, mahogany hat stands, hall ehairs, parlor door mats, hall gas chandeliers, mahogany and black walnut bedateada, dreaaing bureaus and wash stands, marblo tops; mattresses, bolsters and pillows, in grain carpets, rosewood back chairs, mahogany ward nines, mahogany tables chairs, seta of mahogany dining tables, china, glass and silverware. Also, an assortment of kitchen furnitnre. with which the salo will commence. HENRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.? BY H. H. LEEDS A CO., on Thursday and Friday, April 19 and JO, at 1 J)? o'clock each day, at their salesroom 19 Nassan street? Lar^u and important sale of goods, to be gold without reserve to close a consignment; also, 1">0 ?nperior violins and guitars, with Tilton's celebrated improvement, sold to close a eo partnnrsbip. Tbis invoice comprise* a large assortment of Frrocb (roods recently imported; vaui, very costly in gilt and silver decorations, Ac.; ornamented oareel and otaer lamps, richly decorated with standards; bronze and ormolu clocks, capon, albums, writing desks, Ac.; escritoires of dit ftrent patterns, variegated ribbons, perfumeries. toilet and otticr soaps, pommndes, acids, essences, medallion pictures, desks, sackets and other Roods; also, the balance of toys and fancy goods from the last week's sale, to clone eonsUu Also, uu Thursday, at 12 o'clock, two cluster ilia mood lings and one do. pin, without reserve, for acoount of the executors. H1SKY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER BY U. H I. BEDS A I rid ay. April a), at 10>? o. clock, at 140 Second avenue, rich and elegant household furniture, paintings, statuary and marble vases, l'arlors. ? Ver? rich imperial velvet carpets, snporb carved rosewood suits in blue and maroon ?ntin brocatel, rich oar-ed rosewood suits in purple nlnsh. elegant carved rosewood marble top ceutre taMes, very i ich papier mache pearl inlaid quartettes, rosewood do., elegant carved rosewood etejerc, very finely finished; l'i gilt frame mirrors, superbard very heavy ?-c?iored hrjcaul window curtains, lined and it t*rlined;rich lace window o ir tains, splendid rosewood pianoiorto, seven octavo, a very lino instrument, made by W orconter. Statuary ?nd marblo works. ? Several superb pieces statuary, with pedestals; very rich and elaboratelv esrvt.d alabaster and Italian marblo vases of Urge size. fniniijkKS. ? Very valuable and rioh paint ings, both original ami copies of the most celebrated masters ? Rolens, Mtirillo, He La Kesa and others. I>lnlnc room.? Bn ssels < arret, mahogany dining tables, breakfast etareres, ir ahogan)- sofas in h.iir cloth, window curtains, buffetn. china, g'ass and silver plated ware, elegant and highly carved black walnut hall chair<, bat stands, oak book cases; one rosewood seven octave pianoforte, made by llarmoro Bedrooms.? Suit of mahorany In Mue and white hroeatel, mahogany and black walnut sofas, arm and parlor chairs In hair cfotli, wil ton and Itrnasela carpets, carved mahogany, black walnut and oak dressing bureaus, wash stands, marble top, mahoga ny and black walnut tatlcs and chairs, wardrobes, book eases, mirrors, rich enamelled bedroom suits, splendid carved black walnut extra site bedsteads, mattresses, bolsters and pillows, palliaeses, rich dressing bureaus, Ae., to match tho furniture; clocks, window shades, colored matting, rich oil cloths, thread ar.d gran door mats, divans, Ac.; gilt coral glass, crib, Ac.; mahogany high post bedstead. wiih eiiiopr; sideboards, Ac The movt of the above furniture t>as been made to order, and is of t he best make and finish Tho mat tresses, Ac., are of the best quality. The parlor furniture is ot the best make, stvle and material. The sale will com ment* with the I itrhen furniture. Henry n. leeds, auctioneer.? by h. h. leeds A CO., Friday, April 21), elegant household furniture, at the residence of Dr. Totter. 2S? Clinton place, at V)U o'clock, consisting of Wilton carpets; Brussels and ingrain do.; elegantly carved rosewood etagcrc; rosewood suits carved and covered in silk brm atel; do. centre and side tables; pier glasses richly framed, with slabs and brackets; soyen octave grand action piano cased in rosewood, be in the instrument used cy Jenny l.ind, and unennalled in this city for beauty and [tone; ]broos<el curtains, lace nndor cur tains. cornices to match; mahogany bedroom furniture, cun slsting of bedsteads, bureaus, washstands, Ac., by our best Broadway makers; mattresses, feather beds, toilet tables, gas chandelier, mal>o"any sofaa and chairs, marble orna ments., and n large assortment of first class furni ture in basement ard bedrooms; also, the kitchen furniture, with which the sale will commence HENRt II LEEDS, AI'CTIONEIR ? BY H. B. LEEDS A CO.. Friday. April 70. at 12 o'olnek, at the salesroom. Ill Nassau street, snpurh mari le mantels ? nine superb statu ary marble mantels ot the newest and most ex<|Uiit* work manship. Si'.e without reserve. Henry n. lkeds. auctioneer.? dy ii. ii. LEEDS A C<?.? Monday. April 2.'!, elegant house hold furniture ? at half past 10 o'clock, at No 69 Tenth street, between Fifth sntl Sixth avenies, consisting of rose wood suite* in crimson and maroon hrocatel; do. in three colored <e.; b?*t tapestry carpets and stair do; splendid rosewood marble top centre tables, Iwantiiul marMe tep bu reau side table, rosewood and mali< jr.n) quartettes, splen did mirrors, extra size; inarbie and uilt bases fur do., sup*rh oil paintings and cnrravlngs, rich real t ropes, ormluo chandeliers of beautiful patterns, brackets oo., ebina and glassware. silver plated do., superior oil cloth, mahogany hall and hat stands, hall chair*, splendid carved rosewood marble top tables, dining tables, chairs, quartette rosewood, mahoranv and black walnut bedroom furniture, mad* f.o order: bedsteads, marble top dresslne bureaus; marble top washstands, mattresses, bolsters and pillows of <he best make, wardrobes, secretary and bookcases, window our talns. lece oo., rich gilt cornices, and one st lendld eos? weod 7 octave piano, made by O. A 11 Marmora, of esq?islt<> tone and very highly finished Also an assortmont of kitcb?n lumi'iire. with which the salt rill eomfcenta. ?oil? at APcnoar. ^ HENRY H. I EED3, AUCTIONEER ? BT H. II. LEEDS A Co. ? Fri lay, April 31, at 10)4 o'elook, at No. 30 East Thlr'ieth ttreet. near Fourth avenue, household furniture, consisting of tapiMtry, ingratu ud V oi.utUn carpets, nat tine, mahogany sofas, a?ra and parlor <:nair?, marble lop ceutro and sofa tables, dining taoles, chair* la hair dotb, lnehoaaiiy work tablet, rockers, velvet rvoKiri, quartet, to*, chandeliers, oilcloths, broaae hat stands, mahogany wash stands book rack and table, window curtain# and cornices, Ao , with a lot of kitchen fnrniture. Also, one fine rose wood pianoforte, of excellent tone and Smth. HW1L80N, AtCTIONEER.? AUCTION NOTICE.? ? l.artie sals ? Kxoellent household fnrniture, rich vel vet carpets, large mirrors, oil paintings, silverware. Ao.? H. Wilson, auctioneer, will aell thU day, Thursday, at 10H o'clock, the fnrniture In the lar go threo story house No. 75 Hudson street, consisting of ono ooetly pianoforte. In rosewood, made by T. Gilbert A Co., vary ooitly and nearly new; elegant carved rosewood parlor suit*, in satin brocade, mahogany sofas, cushioned chairs, rookers, rose wood centre, side and oatd tables, book raok, music and corner stand*, elegant tapestry carpets, nearly new; largo mirrors, 24 by 44; rich brooatell* and laoe oartain*. costly oil paintings; extension tea and dining tables; bedroom fur niture of the best kind, viz.: ? rosewood and mahogany bed Meads, bureaus and wasbstands, made in the beet manner; also, manlo and other bedstej ds, cane seat o hairs, twoele ?ant painted bedroom suites, bedding, sheets, nillows, lankets, feather beds, hair in attresses, oominon wasbstands and crockery, bedioom carpets lounges, china vases, ele gant china tea sets, best cut gla<sware, cutlery, rich stiver ware, salvers, easters. with heavy eut bottles, eake baskets, spoons, forks, rioh plated tea service, Ac. The sale will commence with the kitchen furniture. Everything will be sold contained in the house, aid without the l?a*t reserva tion whatever. A cash deposit required from all purchaaors. Henry t. i.eeds, auctioneer, -assigneis' sale of manufactured furs, ooonters, show-ease safe, cutting -boards, Ac., on Friday, April iOth, at 44)4 Maiden lane, at 11 o'clock. The above goods are worthy the atten tion of the trade and private buyer*, full particular* here after. Henry t. leeds, auctioneer? assignees' sale of manufactured furs, oonsistins ol Hudson's liny sable, talma's, viotorines, cults, stone martin, chinchilla, ermine, fitch, mink, French sable, Swedish martin, robes, gloves, collars, counters, showcase, glass fixture*. Hate, chairs, wadding, Ao.,lon Friday, April 20th, at 44k Maiden lane, at 11 o'clook. The above good* are worthy f he atten tion of the trade and private bayer*. Term* cash. By order of the assighce. Hardware auction notice, -jno. e. van ANTWERP will sell ou Thursday, April 10, at 10 o'clook, at 216 Pearl atreet, 260 packages and lots, forming an excellent assortment of Birmingham, Sheffield aud Ame rican hardware, Ac.; also one cask line table outlery, suita ble for retailing, just landed; 200doaen English and Ameri can filet, 0 to 15 inches; 16 kegs and 4 bags English horse nails; 9 casks cut nails; wood screws, shovels, spades, Ao.; alto one case pocket ontlery, 8 oases axe handles, Ao.; also IV ease* shoes, assorted; 24 dosen woollen hose; also an in voice of old shelf goods, with which the sale will oommencc. Household furniture at auction.? j. l. VAMtLWATKK will sdl on Friday, April 20, at 10 jijj o'clock, at 2K6 i'earl street, Brooklyn, household furniture, consisting of a mahogany suit in hairoloth, tete a-tete, sola, arm chairs and parlor chairs, mahogany marble-top centre, pier and sola tames, bronze and ormolu clocks, mantle or naments, vases, candelabra*, Ac., Brussels tapestry carpets, rosewood pianoforte, etegere, extension table, dinner, toa and dessert sets, glass ware, plated ware, paintin<s, Ao. Bedroom furniture? -iirusstls ana ingrain carpets, mahogany and rosewood bedsteads, bureaus, washitanJs. mattresses, palliasses, window shades, toilet sets, ohair*, paintings, Ac., together with a general assortment of basement and kitchen furniture, with which tho sale will commence, JOnN L. vandewater, auctioneer.? e. t. tur ner will sell, this day, at 10)4 o'clock, at the aalos room 29 Nassau street, a large and vory fine assortment of fruit trets; consisting of anple, pear, plum, cherry, quince, currant, raspberry, silver nr. arbor vitas, Weymouth pine; also, ornamental trees, shrubbery, rose* and box for edging. The above are all in good order, and have been taken up ex pressly for this sale. JOllN L. VANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER.? STAND ard roses, Ac.? E. T. TURNER will sell on Friday, April 20, at 10)4 o'olock, at the sales room 29 Nassau street, a splendid collection of standard and dwarf standard roses, moss, perpetual and running roses; also, a fine assortment of dwarf apples, peaches, petus, aprioots, Ac. ; also, some very fine camelias, and grape vines in prime order. The above have been grown and imported by Mr. G. Marc, Asto ria, L. I., and arc warranted genuine. JL. VANDEWATER. AUCTIONEER.? ON FRIDAV, ? at 10*4 o'clock, at salesroom, 12 Maiden lane, fruit trees, consisting of a large assortment of the best fruit trees adapted to the oountry, all in bearing condition, consisting chiefly of dwarf and standard pear, apple and oherry troci, from the nursery of Chas. Moore, Ninety-eighth street, Third avenue. JAMFS COLE, AUCTIONEER.? JAMES COLE A SON wiil at auction on Thursday, April 19 at 10)4 o'olook, at the residence of C. W. Bonck, Esq., at Flatbush,L . I., on tie plank road, near Clove road, handsome rosewood, maho gany and enamelled furniture, large pier glasses, rich oar rets, beds, bedding, china and glassware, Ac., Ac. Also, orse, carriage, Ac. Termseash, bankable money. Cata logues to be had at the offices of the auctioneers, 43 Fulton street, Brooklyn, and 18 Nassau street, N. York. The Flat bueh stage* leave the Fnlton ferry every few minutes. JAMES COLE, AUCTIONEER.? ELEGANT ROSEWOOD and~mahogany furniture.? James Cole A Son will soil, ou Friday, April 20, at 10 o'clock, at No. 246 Hick* street, near State. Brooklyn, the entire furniture contained there in, consisting in part of rosewood and mahogany sofas, cha;r.?, arm do., ctegerea, book cases, desks, oentie and din ing tables, bedsteads, dressing bureau*, wasbstands, tapes try. Brussels and ingrain carpets, matting, hair mattresses, leather beds, bedding, mirrors, Ac.; ohina, glass, Ac. Also, an assortment of kitchen furnit ure. Catalogue* at the office of the auctioneers, 43 Fnlton street, Brooklyn. JOHN W. SOM ERIN DYKE, AUCTIONEER. ? t) Sheriffs sale.? By virtue of several executions.? Stock of a fancy dry goods store. ? On Friday, April 20, at 10)4 o'clock, at No. 354 Bowery, a large stock of fancy goods, embroideries, laces, edgings, inserting*, hosiery, veils, rib bons, collars, under sleeves, cambric handkerchiefs, gloves, ?ilks, Ac., comprising a complete assortment of ladies' fur nishing good*. F. GILMORE, Deputy Sheriff. JOHN W. SOMERINDYKE, AUCTIONEER. ? As signee's sale of book accounts, Ao. ? On Thursday, ttato day, at the auction room, 110 Centre street corner of Frank - iiu street, at 'J o'cWV hook aooonnts remaining un settled oi T ick, Clancy A Co., coal dealers, of thlsoity, by order of EDWAlt G. ASAY, assignee. JOHN W. SOMERINDYKE, AUCTIONEER.? MORT gaco sale of maohinery, lathe*, tool*, Ao.. on this day, April 19, at No. 122 Liberty street, at 10 o'clook, vertical lathes, with pulleys and hangers; thrilling machine*, with frames; cutting or dabbing machines, turning lathes, rifle machines, nnt boring machines, donble head 8-foot lathe screw making maohine, cone making do., band lathes and trip hammers, wrenches, iron boxes, blaokimith's tools, screw plates, hammers, fan vice*, anvils, bellow*, Ao. JOSEPH IIEGEM AN, AUCTIONEER.? FRIDAY, APRIL 20, at 8 o'clock A.M., precisely, at 196 Atlantic street, near Court, Brooklyn, a large and general assortment of household furniture, in good order; mahogany and inlaid wnlnut parlor and chamber fnrniture, carpets, oilcloths, feather beds, mattresses, bedcing. Ac., with the usual as sortment of kitchen and dining room furniture. Same day, at 1 o'clock P.M., at No. ? Cumberland street, fourth house nor'h of Fnlton avenue, a general assortment of parlor, chamber and kitchen furniture. Immediately after the above, at abont 4 o'clock 1* M., at No. ? Vanderbilt avenue, between Fulton and Lafayette, the fnrniture of a oottage, a small but ncnt assortment, as good as new. Same day, at the Central sale*' rooms, at 10 o'olock A.M., a general as sortment of household furniture: ono rosewood grand action sovtn octave piano, made by Chickering, Ao., Ac.; sewing machine, in good order. Catalogues at the sales' rooms. J MORI ARTY, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL, THIS . day, at 10 o'clook, at 173 Chatham square, a large as sortment of every description of furnitnro, from boarding houses and private families. The sale will commenoe on the street. JPOLHEMUB. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS ? Jay, at 4tiS Eighth avenue, bet mi Thirty- fourth an I 'Jhirty filth streets, a large assortment of household furui tnre, "consisting of sofas, bureau*, lounges, bedsteads, olocks, classes, tables, Brussels and ingrain carpets, stoves, chain, Ac. Aire, school desk* and benches- Alto, fifty window saihcs. Sale to comtnenoe at 11 o'clook, A. M. JOHN LEVISON, AUCTIONEER. -HOUSEHOLD FUR niture, horses and carriages, private libraries, paintings, and all other good?, sold on reasonable terms by the Bub icriber, whose facilities and extensive acquaintance in the cit)- render it a matter of course that hut sales will bo well attended. Caili advances made. JNO. LEVISON, 341 Broadway. LM. HOFFMAN, AUCTIONEER.? GREAT SALE OF ? fine old wines, brandies, Ac., Ac., Ao. THOMAS UCil'K i CO. will offer for sale at anction, their entire stock of wines, brandies and liquor* of every description, including somo very fine old brandies, ram, gin, Ae. Rare old Madeiras, ?h< rries and port ; alio, champagne, claret, hook and other wines; French and German liquors; London porter, Scotch ale. Ac., on Saturday next, 21st April, at the storo of L. M. HOFFMAN A CO., No. 11 1 Pearl street, at which place catalogues will be ready on Friday The whole to be delivered from tho store of THOMAS noPF. A CO., or to any part of the city or neighboring district#, through which their wagons pass, free of charge. MARK WBAY, AUCTIONEER.? CABINET MAKER S ctock at auction, on Thursday, April 19, at 10}? o'olook, at the store corner of liroome and Meroer streets.? M. Wray will sell as above the entire stock of J. Sommer, one of the most celebrated manufacturers of elogan t (urniture in tho city, coir, prisieg rosewood parlor suits in muslin, side, oen tre, rder and fancy tables, with marble tops; sucretaries and bockcafOi. solas, lounges, wardrobes, rosewood, mahogany and walnut bedstead?, rich Gothlo hail chairs, hat stands, mthoenny and walnut bureaus, waihftands, Ac., the whole of which must rositively be sold.

Mark wray. auctioneer? cabinet maker's stock at auction.? This day, April 19th, at 10>? o'clock, at the store, corner of Broome and Mercer streets. M. Wrav will soil as above, the entire stook of J. Sommer; comprising an extensive assortment of elegant parlor, chamber and dki ing room furniture, in rosewood, mahogany and walnut. Catalogue* now ready. Sale positive. Mb. butler, auctioneer-public adminis . trator's sale ? On Thursday, April lit, at 10 o'clock, at .VlAnn street, icsond flotr, the effects of Carl Edward Hop pe, Nicholas l>. Sherman, and other intestates, consisting of 1(10 swirds, dirks, pistols, tabto cutlery, poeket, shoe and i uteher knivos, razors, scissors, saws, hammars and scrnws. Also, a quantity of port mnnnaies, furniture, bedding, cloth ing. trunks, chests, Ao, By order of Peter B. Sweeny, Pub lic Administrator. PECARES, BEBN8TEIN A PHILLIPS, REAL ESTATE AND GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, No. f?l Liberty street, on* door trom Nassau, will give tbe-r personal attention tc sales of real estate, stocks, ves sels, and tnor'.pacee, at public and p.ivate sale, and to the sale irf auction of cariruei., household furniture, paintings, statnary, wcrkf ot art, Jewelry, Ac., and to out door (ale* generally. Money liberally advanced on real estate, stooks, vessels, furniture. Ao , left on sale with u*. Loans negotiated. PHILIP K. W1I-KINS, AUCTIONEER -PHILIP R. W ilkins will sell at auction on Thursday, April 10th at lOo'olock, at '?<H West Nineteenth street, ail the furni ture contained in slid house, consist ins In part of mahoga. nj n> d rosewood parlor furniture, richly embroidered looo curtains, matopany Krcnch bedsteads, bureaus, dressing bureaus, tapestry, Brussels and initruln carpets, oilcloths, Ac. Also, a seven octave rosowood pianolort*. mado l>y l.iuhtu A Neaton; is in perfect order, and a superior ia?tm ment. Catalogues cau be had at the office of the auctioneer, No. 2 liroad street. PLANTS AT AUCTION? W. S. MolLLVAIN WILL sell this t'ay at 10H o'clock, at the seed store, 7 J-ihn s'roet, a splendid assortmont of pcri'atoal, monthly, climb ing slid moss roses, (in and out of pots) honee suckles, jexsa mines. . ra pe vims, carnatious, niuks, verbenas, uatlias. gladloiut, tuberoses, Ac, *e., direct Iroin the xarden on morning of ?Oie, frwin Peter Henderson, Jersey City. Cat alogues, "11 '11,1.1 A MSB l?nO AUCTION NO'lIOB. ? J.1SEPII W. W II A v EN, Auctioneer, will sell <<n Thursday, April Itf. at H'K o >lo> k, all the furniture in house No, 6 South Eighth strict. N. B ~Two tete-a-tetes. pluih seat roeker, ditto racy chair maho-ony bookcase, muhoaany eonch, rosewood nnd blaok walont chairs, apl-ndld montel olook, eoft ?1"JA; 1 arret", oil elothe, crookerv and rlaas ware, and a variety of othor furniture. On? aplendid fancy op -n ear natrc, cos* suitsMe for a small fainllv; ladies' and gen tlemen's raddles, bridles, Ac. Sate fOiitW*. 0AU8 AT AWnOl. RC KIMP, AUCTIONEER. -FIRST CLASS CABI net f- rnuura, by eHir at the uukdn, t is wura ronni, 321 i'roadway.? R. C. KEMP will Mil at auotion, to. morrow, by order of ths *>?irn*?, at tho warerooma S-'l Broad way, next above tho City Hospital, tbo entire stock of oue of our Unit class oity cabinet makers, removed to thi* ware room for convenience of Mle; and consist* of a very boauti ful aaiortniant of *nperior rosewood. mahogany, oak and walnut parlor, dining room, and oh amber fnrniture, to which the particular attention of oir friend* andrurehaaer* gener ally u invited. Tit: elegant suites of carved rosewood parlor furniture, covered in rich two and three oolored aatia damask and broeatello; also in haircloth, and suae unfinished in mus Hb, ready to be covered; sofas, tete atetes, sowing chairs, me dallion back purler chain, richly carved rosewood centre and pier table*, faaey table, armour* with mirror doors, richly carved rosewood and oak etegere* and side boards, library and seeretarv bookoases, parlor secretaries, eabineta, ward robes, extension dining tables, oak dining room furniture en unite, richly painted and enamelled chamber furniture, beautifully carved rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, bu reaus and wish i tan ds, hair mattresses, hall standi and r hairs, mahogany sofas and obairs in variety, and other ar ticles. all of which are well worthy the notice of housekeep ers. Good* purohaaed to go out of the oity oan be packed for shipping at a reasonable charge, or can remain on storage until the frit of May. Catalogues on the morning of (ale STl-ENDID HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE.? JOHN L. V AN DEW ATE R will sell, on this d%y. April 19, at iu).j o'clock, at 7U Seventh street, tbo luruituro iu said house consisting of? front parlor? Rloh carved rosewood suit, covered in satin brocade; sofa, tete-a-tete, two arm and four parlor chairs, oil paintings, large size gilt frame yier glass, with marble slab and brackets; rosewood oorner ete gere, handsomely carved; fancy chair*, carved marble top rotewood centre and sofa table*, rich china vases, oande'.tv bras 30-day mantel olocks, elegant satin damask curtains, lined and interlined with lace do., Brussels tapestry car pets. Back parlor ? One earvod rosewood suit, covered in tai in brocatellc; rosewood carved centre table, pier gla^s, paintings, mantel ornament*, clocks, Brussels tafpsiry oar Sets, Ac. Dining room? Large gilt Crime mirrors, 30 ?ard? irun.-els tapeitrr carpet, oak extension table, oak chairs, one rich china dinner net, do. tea set, paintings, oaketegero, silver plated ware, cut glass ware, Ac., A o- Bedroo a furni ture? Rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, bureaus, marble tep wa-h- tundu, wardrobes, cbairs, paiu^ugs, cottago suits. Brussels carpet*, oval gilt frame mirrdrs, clocks, mantel ornament*, oandelabras, brome candleaMnks, Ac., Ac., to gether with an assortment of basement furniture. Ail the above furniture was manufactured to order by Stoney, Roux A Hutching*. STANDARD ROSES AT AUCTION.? JOHN L. VAN DEWATER will sell, on Thursday, April 19, at 10% o'clock, at salesroom, 12 Maiden lane, a lar^e assortment of standard and halt standard roses, perpetual bloomers, mof><?*, climbing and running rose*, peonie* of tho finest va rieties adapted to our climate, and all warranted trne to name. Selected with grea*. care, without regard to oost, by D. Bell, florist, corner of Broa lway and Fiftieth ftreet. SHERIFF'S SALE.? W C. ALBURTUS, AUCTIONEER, will aeD on 1'riday, April 3), at 10% o'clook, at 1!) Coirt street, Brooklyn, a hir*e asaortment of ribbon*, velvet trim ming*, laces, tilka, fringea, and embroiderie*. sale nosi tive. E. LOTT, Sheriff. J. PiFBciE, Deputy. TO MILLINERS AND STOREKEEPERS. ? OUT-DOOR standing show cases at auotiou. ? A large lot of splendid new style, for exhibiting goods outside, will bo sold on Thursday, April 19 at 10)4 o'clock, by BELL A BUSH, 12 North William street. The last call.-w. w. shirlev, auctioneer, will sell, to cln*e the concern, a handsome assort inert of small stained and out glaas hall lanterns, and the rem nants of conaignee's goods, of china, glfs aud earthen war ?, at the store oi Thomas F. Field, 107 Fulton street, on Fri day , April 20, at 10% o'olock. Tunis morrei.l, auctioneer.? this morning, at 10% o'cloek, at No. SI Nassau street, a stook ol' fur niture from large manufacture! , removed for convenience of exhibition, ?e., consisting of a large stock and variety, made exclusively for private sale; also, a number of pieces of velvet tapestry carpeting; also, superior rosewood piano fortes, and second-hand piano; suite oi marble top enamelled furniture; superior mahogany and oak extension tables, oil paintings and oval mirrors, (silt frame); suite of rosewood Sarlor furniture, carved, in brooatel, rosowood and ma ogany wardrobes and bookoases; 500 artioles of gold and f ilated jewelry ; china, cut and pressed glass, fancy goods, ounces and lounge bedsteads, sofas, tete a tetes, easy ohairs and rockers. Every facility to purchasers in boxing, Ac. N. B.? Sale* attended to at private dwellings, Ac. ; charges moderate ? settled same day. The same sales at store. VALUABLE PROPERTY AT YONKER3.-A TWO story house and two lot*, will be sold at anctlon on Thursday, April 26th, at 10 A. M., on the premises, Fictory street. Lot* each 25 by 160 feet, and a grapery lixty teet long. These premise* are complete, aand great bargain may be anticipated, as tboy are to be sold. Terms one-third cash, balance in one or t?o years. JOHN HAMPSON. WILLIAM 1RVINO, AUCTIONEER ? HOUSEHOLD furniture.? WILLIAM IRVING A CO., will lull at auction, on Thursday, April 19, at 10% o'olook, at 34 Morton street, Brussels ana ingrain carpets, mite biaok walnut parlor furniture, covered iu hair cloth; tete- a- tete*, sofas, arm and parlor cbairs, el''. ant ormoln girandoles, mahogany Egyptian marble tcp centre table, divans, mahogany book case and secretary, mahogany dining tables, orockery and glass ware, silver plated ware, mahogany tea tables, ma hogany French bedstead*, black walnut Bedsteads, dressing bureaus, washstnnds, hair mattresses, feather beds, holsters and pillows, toilet sets, dressing tables, oil cloths, hM stands, pier tables, rookers, Ac., together with an assort mert of kitohen fvrniture. WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER ? HANDSOME household furniture. ? WILLIAM IRVING A CO. will sell at auction, on Thursday. April 19, &!? 10% o'clock, at 8d Twelfth street, handsome household furniture, all made to order l>y C. A. Uaudoine, consisting of tapestry Brussels carpets, suites of elegant carved mahogany parlor furnituro, covert d in hair cloth: sofas, parlor obairs, arm and sowing chair*, Egyptian marble top oentre tables, Ac.; sofa tables. Chinese taolcs. ormolu chandeliers aud eandclabras, fine oil paintings and engraving* in rich gilt frames, Genoese chairs, mahogony sewing tables, quartette do., mahogany dining tabic*, china gilt and decorated dinner and tea set*, silver ware, cnt glass ware, carved rosewood (i% octave pianoforte, suite* of elegant oarved mahogany bedroom furniture, French bedsteads, marble top dressing bureaus and waalistands, in grain carpets, toilet sets, hair matti esses, feather beds, bolsters and pillows, oottage bedsteads, cano seat arm chairs, couches, maple bedsteads, Brussels stair carpot, oil cloth hat stands, hall chairs, Ac. Alio, a goneral assortment o kitchen furniture. TX/1LLIAM IRVmn XUCTIONE1CR.?HAND30MB ?Y household furniture, horse, wagon, Ao. - William Ir ving A Co. will sell at auction, on Friday, April. 20. at 10% o'clock, at 667 Greenwich street, Brussels carpets, suit* ot' carved mahogany parlor fnrnlf ure in hair cloth, consisting ot sofas, parlor chairs, arm chairs, Ac., mahogany marble top ccntre tables, mahogany card tables, quartette tables, elegant French plate pier glasses, mahogany work tables, girandoles, riob china and Bohemian glass vases, mantel or nament*, Ac.; elegant oarved roiewoed pianoforte, made by Gilbert A Co., of Boston; elogant lilver plated ware, maho gany French bedsteads; dressing bureaus, with marble topi; wasbstands to match; china toilet set*, hair mattrenea, feather beda. bolsters and pillows, bedding, Ac.; gilt frame mirrors, black walnut bedsteads, mahogany rockers, iron bedsteads, oil olotbs, hat stand*, cooking and parlor (toves, mahogany dining and tea table*, gilt ebina dinner and tea *ct(. cnt glaaawarc, silver plated ware, Ac., together with a (general assortment of kitchen furniture. Also, at 12 o'clock, in front of house 6C7 Greenwich street, horse, wagon, Ao. ? A bay mare, 12 hand* high, warranted sound and kind; cin tret in 3:16. Alio, ihifting top wagon, nearly new, city made. Also, act of heavy silver mounted single harness. Can be seen at the stables in Amo* street, one door from Bud*on. WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER ? ELEGANT Household Furniture, Statuary, Ac.? WILLIAM IR VING A CO. will aril at auction, on Friday. April 20, at 10J? o'clock, at H Xait Twonty-aixtb street? Parlur Furni ture ? Elegant tapeatry Brussels oarpeta, auita of oarved rose wood parlor t'nrniture, covered in maroon colored brooatel, consisting of aofaa, tete a totea, arm chain, parlor chain, carved rosewood reception chairs, elegant oarved rosewood etegtres, with plate glass liaoks, superb French plate pier and mantel mirrors with statuary marble slabs; ormolu and kronie pises ohandelien and brackets, carved rosewood seven octave pianoforte, piano stool and maaie rack, elegant carved rosewood pier and centre tables, with statuary mar ble tope, brocze and marble clocks and mantel ornaments, etep ere ornaments. Statuary ?Superb marble figure of shep herdess, beautiful marble group, hoy and dove; elegant enrved marhle figure, Flora, and other marble ornaments, groups and figures. Bedrooms? Brussels ciirpetg, oval mir rors, suits carved mahogany bedroom furniture, mahogany French bedsteads, marble top dressing bureaus, marble top washstands, cabinets, mahogany wardrobes, hair mattresses, featcer beds, bolsters and pillows, china toilet sots, Brussels stair carpets, silver plated stair rods, mahogany ex teasion dining tables, mahogany sofas and chairs in hair cloth; di vans, oval mirrors, mahciany bookoases, china, crockery and glass ware, sliver plated ware, Ac., oilolotbs, together with a general assortment cf kitohon furniture. WS. MELLOR, AUCTIONEER-BY HOUGHTON A ? 1IELL6R, this day, (Tlmnday,) at lo)? o'clock, at the salesroom 113 Nassau street. Large sale of superior made tir^t class caoimt furniture, superior toned seven oc tave rosewood pianoforte*, made by New York makers, French plate pier and oval mirrors, in richly ornamented frames; cabinet fnrnitnre will consist in part of several rcsewocd parlor snites of furniture, covered in teo an. I three colored French satin brocatellc: also, suites in p'n-h and hair cletb, carved rosewood marhle top centre, pier - id side tables; several superior made extension dining tables 14 foet long, with box and leaves; rich bookcases and score tare*, lined with satin wood; several French mantel oluoks, esrl inlaid American clocks, carved rosewood bedstoads, nreaus and washstands to match; enamelled oh:vmt>or ifur ? it ure en suite, complete, with marble tops and iaudscape painted, mahogany, gothio and Frenob bedsteads, bureaus and washstands, carved hall and reoeption chairs, carvod hall stands in great variety, easy, voltair and spring seat parlor chairs, aano seat cottago do., carved oak sideboards, drawing roam and library chairs in oak, together with an endless variety of articles in the cabluet fnrnitnre line; ft 'so twenty hair matt resses and palliases. Also at 12 o'c, > k, several tine toned pianoforte* fully warranted. The sal.' will commence on the second floor, with a large lot of housj bold furniture from a family breaking up housekeeping, worthy the attention ol the trade. WALTER GREENOUOH, AUCTIONEER? FRENOII window glass at auction.? W. GREENOUUH X CO. will sell this day, Thursday, at 11 o'clock, within the store 100 Wall street, without regard to weather, French window glass? One thousand boxes French window glass, assorted tiies and qualities; alse eighteen barrels Glauber salts. WMM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL, THIS day, at 10 o'clock, at 149 Mercer strest, all the genteel household furniture in the above house? ono suit of elegant rosewood parlor, chamber and kitchen furniture, ia brocade, curtains tapestry, thrte ply and other carpets, oilcloths, pier and other classes, mahogany bedsteads, hair mattresses, bolsters and pillows, dressing bureaus and washstands, tol let ware, Ac., together with the furniture of 14 rooms. WM. WITTERS, AUCTION EER-WlLl, SELL, ON Friday, at 2 o'clock P. M., a' 187 Canal street, a largo and general assortment of gee teel household furniture? eo fas, chairs, tables, pier and oval mirrors, paintlngf, ele.-ant caipets, oilcloths, dressing bnnaus iind washstands, toilet ware, French btdsteads, hair and other mattresses, bedding, china, plass and plated ware, stoves, kitchen lurnituie, .to.; also a spring cart, suitable for furniture, Ac. WC. ALBURTUS, AUCTIONEER ? AUCTION NO ? tice. ? Brooklyn. ? Household lurnitnro. ? A. C. HUM Bt'RT will sell, tbis morning, a< IpK o'ctoek, at No, 13 Pop lar street, near Cclnmbia, ail the furniture containod in tho bouse (fourteen rooms.; tapestry, Brussels, three ply an I ingrain carpets and oilcloths, good mahogany and walnut parlor and chamber furniture, French plate pier glasses and mirrors, food fnrnitnre and bedding, hair rnvtr'ssns, Ao., oi nine chambers, gas chandeliers, oak extension t.ible, kitchen furniture aud utensils. Catalogues at the sale. XtT C. ALBCRTTO, AUCTIONEER.? SHERIFF'S SALE vT ? of pianoforte, sideboards, with marble tops, silver plated wu*e. Also, a general assortment of household fur, Brussels and ingrain carpcts, Ac., on Thursday, April 19th, at 10k o'clock, at No. 19 Court atnet, Brooklyn. E. LOTT, sheets. J. PIERCE, Deputy. PKftTlgTRY. N 0 WOMAN CAN BB UOLY W HO HAS FINE TIErH (J J Kossean.) The beet, cheapest and most boauti tul teeth ere made and insert.d by Dft. NAPOLEON IKF, TKRRE, who challenges anv contemporary to make a Set of thirty- two teeth .una! to those he wear. /himself, the snpe riority of which afl must admit, for the sum of Teeth' furnished bv tho undersigned have obtained a marked preference over all others, and his late Improvements are considered the belt In use. A full set on gold plate, can be mm'ie without pfrinrs or clasp*, for $46, nnd can b? inserted without nxtw?i?* tbe old root?. No 485 Broadway, odr ?er of llowaid itreet, formerly of *00 flraui ?tr**t. nor ?I now** NAPOLEON PRETERRE. eopiRTraRtmp wotichb ?1 Kfin T0 W"0 ? A PARTNER WANTED, BY A ipl.tjvv/ prion who hM some money, snd who tno romrhly understand* the pork and beef bnsluess. $1,500 a HJUM will be sufficient to ao a good tiade, whinh will realine a largo profit. Address P., box IM, Herald office, for three da;?. CM flflft ~A pARTNER WANTED IN THE LIVERY ip4,v''\". business, doing aa extensive trade, itltun tod in tbe cen'ral part of the city, stooked with horses, c?*:hes, wonoua, aleigbs and everything of tlio v?ry best, aad the larger part bow; thii ia on* of the oldest Unary s tables ia New York; room for tlfty horses, and well patronued with livery lurtes. This ia a ehaaoe seldom offered ia the above buaineaa to a roan that cau eonmand tho above amount: or the whole will be lold together. A partner preferred. Ad drees, with real name and business, aino other will be an iwwsd, lor on* week, Livery, Herald offioe. AAA -THE ADVERTISER. HAVING BEEN IN ?1.UUU. the retail lamp, crookery and gfaa trade, ft r himself, for the laat seven years, i? desirous W chaining, and entering the wholesale er manufacturing business of some kind. Can furnish the above capital, and the very beat of references as to eharaoter, Ao. Address, for a few days only, B. A. C., Herald office. ?PARTNER WANTED WITH THIS AMOUNT ipOUU. e?sh, to purchase half interest of splendid boarding house, with torty boarders now in the house, situ ated near Uirard House, corner of Chambers street and West ltroadway. Also for sale, brass foundry, Prince street. Hid bitsiaeea.making money; $200. Apply at United States Agency, 212 Broadway, room 13 -WANTED. A BUSINESS MAN OF GOOD tpOUvf* address, with this sum, to take an cqnal interest in a new exhibition about being brought before the public. It eeds only to be explained to satiafy that it offer* neat in ducements. For particulars apply to N. CLAGtiET, lo Wall street, third floor. dtonft -PARTNER WANTED, IN A LIGHT MANU tpOul/. factoring business, paying large profits, without competition, done for caah ouly, and may be extended through the IJuited Slates aud Canada*. One with the above amount may easily make $1,000 per annum. Apply to C. B. HOWES A CO., 34 Naaaau street. PARTNER WANTRD. ? TWO HOTELS. ONE IN THE eity, establish ed seven years ainoe, aad kept by tbe present proprietor up to thi* time; the other is m Jerser, within a short drive of the eity and built less than a year since, surrounded by a grove and the most delightful sceae ry which oau bo imagined. The house is splendid in exteri or, and is very commodious. Tho owner and proprietor it unsble to attend to both as is necessary, and therefore wishes a gentleman to join him. One who oan give good re ference as to good disposition, Ac., and command $7,000 or $?,1*00, will be acoepted as a full psrtnerin both establish ments. Apply at 314 Greunwioh street. PARTNER WANTED? WITH A CAPITAL OF $1,000 to SS.OOO. Any gentleman, well qualified, wishing to engage in a mercantile business, well established, and pay ing 1 arise profita, nay hear of something to their advantage by oalUng at I. McMAUON'S office, up stairs, 17t> Chat ham street. PARTNER WANTED? ONE OF OUR BEST CAR penten is desirous of joining a carpenter or builder who is in tbe above business; or, aa he is" a draughtsman, wonld associate with an architect of equal means ani oapa pacity. Address Builder, box 166 Herald office. PARTNER IN THE GROCERY BUSINESS WANTED, which has been long established, and is now doing a large cash trado. with first class customers. The chance cannot be equalled. None need apply unless having $1,000, and of unexceptionable eharaoter. Apply to M. Lyon, 162 F.rst avenue, or S. Lyon, 190 Fulton street. NOTICE.?' THE CO-PARTNERSHIP OF THE SUB scribcrs, under the firm of LEEDS A POTTER, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The bnsiuess of tho late firm will be closed by A. Leeds, who is alone authorised to sign in liquidation, and will contiune tho business at the same place, 430 Sixth avenue. New York, April 19, 1855. AMOS LEEDS, WILLIAM W. POTTER. THE CO-PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING between the subscribers, under the firm of C. D. Jones A Co., for tbe transaction of the general furnace, range and stove business, expired on the 1st of Jannary, 1855. but will be continued until May 1st, 1856. CYRUS D. JONES. New York, April 16, 1856. EBENEZER WHEELER. THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING BE tween the subscribers, under the firm of GEORGE F. COOLEDGE A BROTHER, was this day dissolved by mu tual oonsent. Either of the undersigned will attend to tho settlement of tho affairs of thellate firm, and sign its name in liquidation. GEuRGE F. COoLEDGE, New York, Apr. 18, 1855. WILLIaM P. COOLRDGK.' N. B. ? Address either of tho late firm at 323 Pearl street, New York, aa heretofore. tOttPURnTlOJI NOTICES. Department of finance. ? comptroller's Office, New York, March 27, 1855.? Sale of Ferry Leases at Public Auction.? In pursuance of the 7th section of an " act further to amend the chartei of the City of New York," passed April 12, 1853, the Comptroller will sell at {uiblio auction, on Thursday, the 2#tn day of April next, at 2 o'clock M., nt the City Hall, a ferry lease from the slip at the loot of Whitehall street, East river, to Staten Island; fqr ten years from the first of May, 1865. The sale will embrace only the lerry slip between pier No. 1 East liver, now ocenpicd by the United States, and the Sier west ot pier No. I, built for tho purpose of a ferry to taten Island, Including the latter pier, except suoh portions of tbe surface of the pier on tho west side thereof as may lie required for the accommodation of a boat house and landing place for small boats from Governor's Ialand, and from pub lic vessels of tbe United States and of foreign uovomments, according to a plan now under consideration in the Common Council; it being distinctly understood that this ferry grant is to confer no privilege to occupy any portion of the wutor on the west tide of said pier, but the same is reserved to bo rented, or used temporarily by tbe Corporation of tho City of New York until the same is otherwise disposed of by the Common Council, in altering tbe lino of the battery wall, es tablishing a second ferry alio, or until interfered with by the operations of tbe coniraotor in completing tho wall of tho Battory enlargement. It is also to be understood that the ferry grant is not to in terfere with pier No. 1 by landing on it, but that the United Slates government ia to have the solo use of that pier ac cording to tbe terms of their lease, and as the same has been occupied by t ham. The lcaae to contain ?o??uants for the usual ferry fran rbUfl from ti>? rout of Whitehall stro.t to tho Quarantine di ck on Stuten Island, or such othor convenient plaoe as may ho selected by tbe lessee, to be approved by tne Mayor or Common Council. Alto, that the lost eo will provide sate and comfortable eteam ferry boats, adapted to tho naviga tion between tbe oity and Island, und to be approved hy tbe Commissioners ol the Sinking Fund; that suitable, con venient, and comfortable ferry bouses shall bo erected and maintained, during tho term ol tho lease, at tbe several ferry landings for the shelter and accommodation of pas sengers; that the docks and slips occupied by the lessee shall bo kept in good repair and secure condition for the protection of passengers and property: with suoh othor covenants as may be required by any act of the Common Council, ptovideil the same is passed in time to have notloe given at the auction aale. Also, covenants on tho part of the lessee that he will con duct and manage the said ferry agreeable to suoh rules, re gulations, ordinances or by-laws, as now are. or may hereaf ter, from time to time, be made or passod by the Common Counoil or the State Legislature. The grant of this ferry is not to interfere with the right of the Corporition to grant other ferries to and from S taten Island, or to and from any other plaoe. Security for tbe faithful performance of all the covenants will be required, to be approved by the Mayor and Comp troller. Ten per cent of the annual rent, and the fees of the auc tioneer. to be paid on the day of salo, and the residue of rent in quarter yearly payments. At the same time and place, separate bids will be received for the temporary nse of tbe slip and dook or pier on the west side of the ferry pier. The ate of this privilege will be rent ed to the highest bidder, from month to month, subject to tho conditions und reservations set forth in tho preceding part of this advertisement. rtnr.t lease rnoM barci.ay street to hobokrr The ferry established from the toot of Barclay street in the city of New York, across the North river to Hoboken, ia tbe State of Now Jersey, and oommonly called tbe Hobnkon ferry, will be s .ld at public auction at the same timo and place as bei>ro statod, under the direction of the Comptroller. This salo will embrace only tbe ferry franchise, aa no por tion of the property at the toot of Barolay street belongs to tbe oity: and on the Jersey side the present lessees, Johu C., Edward L., tuid Edwin A. Stevens, are the exclusive owners. The conditions of the present lcaae will be embodied in the new lease, one of which ia. that the leaaee takes it sutajeot to whatever may be the right of tho heirs rr legal representa tives of Wm. Khinelsnder, deceased, to the bulkhead at tbe toot of Barolsv street, or any part therool, or to the wharf age or prohts to accrue therefrom. Tbe terms ot tbe present lease will be followed, and in the general provisions are similar to the foregoing, in relation to tbe States Island terry. H H I. (, AT K I I: K It Y . AT THE FOOT Or EIGHTY-SIXTH STREET At tbe same time and plaoe, tbe ferry lease trorn tho foot of Eighty-six-h street, Last river, to Astoria, willoes"ld for ten .years from tbe first of May, 1857, in obedience to the requirements of the following resolution, vu.: ? Kesjlved, That the Comptroller be, and ho is hereby. di rt c ted to ailvirtise the lease of tbe llell Gate ferrv, running from Eightj sixth stroot to Astoria, lor tan years, for salo at public auction, by a notice in tho Corporation pnneri for ten du>s*; and to lease tbe same to the highest bidder who will give adequate security; and that tbe Corporation coun ?el prepare a lease to said highest bidder, in pursuance of the provisions of the se\ enth section of tbe aet further to smand the charter of tbe oity of New York, pasted April 12th, lrtil Approved by the Mayor, Deo. 28, 1853. 'Ibe Corporation owns tho land and the piers and slips on both sides A map of tbe premises has been prepared, which mi be examined at the office of tho Comptroller. T1 c new lessee, in the cases of all the terries, by the seventh seetlen of the charter of 1853. is " required to purchase, at a fair appraised valuation, tbe boats, buildings and otner property of the former lessees, actually necessary tor tho putposes ot such ferry." A. C. FLAUG, Comptroller. ? Tbe charter requires thirty days. CLOTMHO, AC. c ("1AST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED.? J Lad lea or gentlemen hiring any of the aame to dlapcite ef, can obtain a lair and caah price by lending for tb? anb eeriber, at hia realdenoe, or through the poit. N. B.? l-adiel attended by Mrs C. M. S. COHEN, 66 Kim atreet. CAST or? CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. M ? Ladieior gentlemen having aay of the nam* to diipoae of, can obtain a fair and caah priee by tending for the tub aoriber at hii residence, or through the poit, 13 Elm itrew?, for L. M. DUSSELDOftf. H. B.? Lndiee attended by Mra. Dnsseldorf. <1AST~IIFF CLOTHING ANI? FURNITURE WANTED ? yj l.adiea and gentlemen can obtain the highest price* for the above article!, b? lending through p->it or otherwise. Mra. SAN1ER, 446 Broadway, npataira. Gentlemen attond ed by Mr. S. 1 AST OFF CLOTHING? A LARGE QUANTITY wanted The Ugliest prioe liberally given and caeh rail in current money. For gentlemen'* ?ni-eiilueoi cloth ing of a good quality the loll ralne can be obtained. Apply to JAMES MO RON EY, 11 Baxter street, off Chatham. Or der. through po.t pnnotu.Uy jiORON'F.Y. CLOTHING AND FURNITURE ? I.Al)lF>8 OR QEV til mm having any to di?t>oae of can receive a rulr euh t rice by ?endlei. to the atoree 12 Lanrena (treot, near CanaL or A2 Weat Uroadway, or by letter through the psat l.adiet attended by lln. Cohen. S. COHEN. YHBOUTHB' AND CHILDREN'S CLOTH INO.? JOSEPH I. CLOSE, BAILEY k CO , No 8 Park p!aee, opportc the Cit- Halt, hare now en hand the beat aieorted ?i rln* and aanner it<oh and etvlee to be fonnd in the Unite* S?at??. and anl table for nil a?ee, from three to twenty year* ?Id. at wbeleeale and for cmatlv reduced priee*. OlUlJltTI ANU nl'IUSTS. OCULIST AND All R 1ST.? ARTIFICIAL ITE*.? flTST received, the largest collection of eyei ever Imported, resembling the ratnral eye in color and expression, and will mote exactly alike. Can be itacrted witb'?it the ilightcit operation. JAMES POWELL, M D. Ocnliat and Anriat. <W3 Uroadway. UaUORI, AC. A CHOICE SELECTION OP SHERRY. PORT, HA deira, claret, champagne and other wines, hrandie*. Scotch ana lrlah whiskey, Jamaica mm, lehnapp* Holland and London cordial gin, Seotoh alea, IfOndnn and Dnblin porter, dome* tic ale and porter, for family u?e, fer aale, at WM. H. UNDERBILL'S, 490 Broome (tree*. r R LIVIBPOOlk ? UNITED STATES MAIL STEAM' ahip PACIFIC E. Nye, oomminder ? ThU ateauuhip will depart with the United States mail* for Europe, po.f tively on Wednesday, Miy 3, at 12 o'clock, M, from h?C berth, at the foot of Canal atrret. For freight or paeaage, bavin* unequat'ed a?iu?moi!aion for eleganne aoj com? fort, apply to EUWaPi K. CuLLIND, M Wall itmta Pa.son.icri an reqaeateit to be on board at KM, o'clock, A.M. The steamship ATLANTIC will lucceed the Paoific and aail May lit. shpippera pleuaa t??e i otioe that tha ahipa of thla line cannot carry any good* contraband of war. TUX BRITISH AND NORTH AMEBICAM BOTAfc MAIL STEAMSHIPS. VIOH TOII TO UTtttOOb Chief cabin paaaage I1H Second cabin paaaa*e 71 , . run aoaroa to uvaaroou Chief cabin peerage IM Second cabin passage X f*oni Moeton call at Halifax. A K ABI A , Capt. Jndkina. ARABIA, Capt Jndkina. AMERICA, Capt. Lang. PERSIA, Capt. Ryrio, El/ROPA, Capt. Shannoa, ASIA, Capt. *B. Q. Lot*, CANADA, Capt. Stone, AFRICA, Capt. Harrleon, NIAGARA, Capt. Leitoh. Theac tpmc'? carry a olear white light at meet 'hiirfdaV. May 3d. For freiirht or paaaage apply to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Agent, 63 Broadway. ASIA* ? ?irt ^ ? AMERICA,' Lang. Boit^ wZ^Z?*7, f P*? 2 AFRICA, liaxruon. ?' n.' ApnJ M ASIA, Lott. * .. Wodaeeday, May I Berth, not Mowed until paid for We<U"d?J' ? Aii experienced surgeon on beard.' ?ii owners of these shios will not be aeoenninhla tnm ? u inleM jeW4,p- Vcio"?ton? or^jt tot fi eight or paaaage apply tc 8onJiorthllHvi: wi" '?"? Yo?k from pfe'r An2? EW -WW Ariel* in' Mav StV. *>?<?*'.'<'? t'hiniW '.teaiahl? coHtmMa ??.??? ?o*aor ?f thoao vessels will not be ao eonn table tor gold, silver, bullion, speoie. iewelrv ?"'< ,K?" Specie and gooda taken at uauai rates p w,av?i,;rf?' th# day b#'?" ?**** there I*ir??u 'm?0lli?te,7 deoofited in the Post Officio wardi. keB, ,i0* W**' 0ne dollar aid u? - rutED DATJKS or SAILING. _ _ FROM If CW YORK t'ljnu UiVB n ?? ?? star ?>?* * SUr N orthStar". '. '. Au^il 111 North star., & ZC't *13. North 5t'?;;:;.No"?l!S L,? November 3. Ariel..... NovamW id For* fri teht'oV'^'iea'e^app'v tlU" Cr0" th# oce?tt d? Vic Am?rKeT *N- CHRYSTI1' =7 Caiimir DcUyign., 6 Bo^lIg?Cr"n.fcrUr M>y h P Torr"""''? o??? will be No. fTIIE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP AtY ""^AfTcbKhTKi?? lhtv ,fSTOnt? '^""hipa CITV iip ii.i i iT. u. K Ali?ton?, Capt. Wylie. CITY of wVi Wl v ^ : int.w' > I538 ton?, Capt. ? ? , o " AcHlN GTON. do. 2.700 tons rank w i fl;inL a EfcS0, Ww "Wording to at;u room.' t0b' _ A limited nutnber of 'bird ola^s raBsonifAPii win ka |.l._ a terl*ng and u'p int rd? d iVpl' !?8A York*l.?t F??S SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN? THE UNITED Sta tea mail aUamer WASHINGTON ? c?.?n,i. JL fand uffl j0r Bre,DtDi tonobing at Southampton to s*^n.rf ^ Lf ol P*,penK?? for England and Franoe on Priec tf paMagi:!!' *' 12c oIooi M-.from pier 37 North riiw. In the first cabin, main aaloon ?!?, In the tint cabin, lower aaloon itX Iniceond calin V X"J An experienced ?urgc?n is attached to? each' ataamar ? ' AU letter, mn.t pa,, tbrour', the i'o.t Offlco Speeie deUye^d in Havre and London. Forpa8taireo- freight, apply to Tha u 8AND, Agent, 11 Sonth William etreet. ?aU May l? Uerro?nn **" aucoeed the Waahington, and F0R SOUTUAMPTON AND HAVRE. THE U S ^ c,tbUl' l,3?i cabi^ j's LiggaVe not " I way. '-JVERrOOL. ? TO SAIL ON SATURDAY APRTT. R"?5ST~? J5f engine rteamahip NORTHERN LIGHT VflSi ti?. vf!? rijrer, at Ko^U^k" P^M./'^u^' ^P^I! S North m&ka^IVad2!; SMJ '?h*.m/ea le,U,e" < ommenclnK on the^JUth 3 mS2" 20th oVcach month. N#W T?rk WtU b* ohan*#(1 *? ??>? 5th anj "w.y?dkeptr?t day Fo, ^ freigh' the?JSh2 W ??t atreet^ * ^ at th* oo^an^', Iat1:AriTtC^,IN' ^?fR 8AW FRANCI3CO? OITABa HT teed to *ail on or before the dar ad?Brti??d _ tk? am? are &vm"0v- L?%f?vsj s'? ."'dvi.iJ.v'?;i?JS i No.b Bowliiig Creep and 116 W al\ atrcet ? NILV.?R?A?D ',E1,r ori'eAN8 STEaMSUIP COM v!r wS&'assrsS P0Ma^M?.NN^,H AISI> FLORIDA.? UNITED STATES ?Th . i l,i"?,7;llie "cwand elegant steamship AUGUSTA A?i,i !,r,,nfW'" U,^0" Voric tor SaT.nnah. on Saturdal* H?ili nf ii'jfr 'i1 J v' forth river, at toor o'clock P.M. Milla of lading tinned on bnard. For freight apply on board "J0' to SAMUEL L. MITCIIIl.L, Ts Broadily vnf? Mi r l?S?U tTr,m ;Scw v?rk to Jaokaon F%fSMfeKp^l5SK^jK^Si "k"",N * ???"?? IPSS PETERSBURG AND RICHMOND Tbe Lnited Statea mail ateamahip JAMESTOWV I rarrifh. euw ander, will leave pier 13 North river n? Saturday. April 21, at <o clock P. M.; will arrive at NeVfelk the next afternoon a-d Prter?burg and Biahaond thafal lowing aaorniM trvm Norfolk. ??e?g"? "^the Lnts preeted by railroad eiroct, with through tioketa from W.l Joa to Wilmington. Chaneatoo, Ac. P?w and T? 1 ACCOUNT ic-rmo will li?i n?i i Hniohifon. from Pa ROC Til A Ion S, No ^BTow?h'; "? H L. owner.. ' Bowling Green, Agenta to tha KXPKK?9 AUICIVCIRH. Express notice ? pacific express company, 114 Bruadway. ? Our nut regular etprena for California leases on >ridu?, April 20, per United State* mail *teamaliip IIHnoi", In charre of a aperiul intiri $er. Freight and ?* pleas roatt>r tnkcn at the loweat ratea. Small paroele re ceived until 1 o'clock P M. WM. H. HALL, Agent. OUR NEXT E X^fRE-S S^To HA N FRANCISCO WILL he forwarded on Friday, Anrll 'JO, at t o'elook P. M,, per ateamer Illinois, via Panama, in charge of epecial m.<??cna;er, to destination. W. U. DINSMOKI, E. S. SANrOID, S. M. SUOKMAKER, Proprietor* of Adama A Co.'i California Freight and Package Exprami. ASTROLOOT. About to leave the city? madamb morrow. Thin highly nifted lad) will positively I ?ara for Earop? in a faw day ?; ao ail tbat wi?h to comult her mnit call nod, or they ?til nut. get the chance. She will tell all the oventa ol life, and even iba rery thonnhta, to the great astoniahmenk ofall her vitftrra. 79 Broome ??raet, near Cannon. Gentle men not. admitted. N. B ? No charge if not aatleiied. M" A DA MB ALWIN. 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