Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1855 Page 5
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Tm on m Br*ni.-TW Oom? ? mt tkt (um tm W I tar tk* ?? * H.'l, jart aartk wf tb* rt'hrwl trash, t a( tba ninM Vwk (Ihi ltd Tbare'ay. ?Wj? ? Mutui IW linti It lt? aowertv. tlwsMli * '.I Mm \?* mmtrn iisssol llf. Wn#ht Ml ?? Mud 68 Yulton it.... . , W?r?a tUth Mali at *8 i| i'l ' '?* ?' Im (utt>uk|a fin i at lee* than tialf 4 **** '?* ?' boaetiial r-?Mt ?""?sr is. ~rr -2y*"Ui 2ir~r; ? ??? ?' wwws-S 3i JSP? Try those t3 73 itoou. ??-7: ; , ? t. $7. hfcot, Md PwW| Ftct.? To Ike ?f a prettily shaped foot, a becomio* *e>ier la a |r?al d??i deratum, while, to a lady whose Met are not >e fr ?uj, mm ul fitting alio* ic especially disagreeable Eitb?r will be pleased with CANtKKlI.'S nkiuri and abi>w?, heodWM M* akill always tlnda m remedy MWM dlMca'ty attend** ? up?n making an elegant at lira for the (act. Viae oddroos la 356 Bowery. ?-?P*t wsrehonseTSl BroadwTr a* . ? f f *U cllJ,h'. eatirely bcw^I^ *f mlm aad mail, vary low. *?'Jaew pattcras. at whal*. L*t tnli k? your Gnltlu for Cupetoi. English velvet carpet i, 10s., I la. per yard " tupeatry " 7a., da.. Da. " *' '? thre* ply " 7*., So. " " ? " inarai.i " .ta., 4a., 4*. 64., 4a. " oiloloths da., ?a. American " ?'?d , Sa , ?a. " Cold window abadea, SS, $4. SC. Tabla oo??re, 11a. to Ma. At HIRAM ANDERSON'S, Mo. M Bowery. CHreat BargaiM la French Oklaa-Two Haa ffrod white ebina dinner aota, containing eaoaab ptoooo to bio twelve persona, at $33. worth $4A; SOU white ekina die aer aota, eontainiij enough piccee to dine eighteen poreoaa, at $37, worth M?; 21)0 white china tea aota, at $4 M, worth VT 10; ?ilt hand aad riehly decorated aetta. ia the aaao pre portk,n. W. J. *. MAI t.B Y A CO., Marble Store. SSI aad MS Broadway. - , k J.B. Pto*^ " ^doa aad aU htads sswr ? Imported Frcnch Oaa flxtuM-Tke aaoet extensive assortment ever offered la thia con a try Alao, a Croat variety ol mechaaioal lamps. carcela or modera"ire; very desirable for country homaea Rapoeeod oil always oa huad, (imported directly.) H. DARl?uN ? I LLE. 445 Broad way. Benlig'i Patent Champion Fire and Bar ?lar-proof rafea, with HaH'a pat eat Mwdor proof locks. Beth received prite medala at tbo World's Oreat I'air ia London, 1861, and Crystal Palace, Now York, 1MS-64. D? uet, Green block 13S, 137 and 13# Water afreet, corner ol Pine ?tract, Nc* York. SILAS G. HERRING, Patoat**. Oaa Fixture*, Gas Fixtures.? We ofTcr an aaiortment of ehandellera, that namoer over three hundred different patterns, of the raroot aad most beantifal de?i*s?. Buyers ot aa havo the benefit or a variety twlca aa lar<? aa that of any other establishment in New York, (turn which to make their select' ons. Our prioee arc a enu? per ceatage lower tban can bo found elsewhere. W. J. F. DAI LEY A CC., marble stores, 631 aad 633 Broadway. lira SmlUaaonlan ilouae, aa Enlarged, Is bow open, corner ot Broadway aad Hoattoa street, oa the same Mock with the Betropolitaa Motel aad Nible e. The honse if conducted o> the European plan of lodgtag aooms, ranginp in prioo from 30 cent* a day (for inaide eta ?le rooms), aad upwards; many olerfble at $6 aad $tt week, aocordiiR to site, location, Ac rbe aew roetauraat ia located oa the first floor, on Broadway, whore, or ia the roosas, meals will be furnished at tho lowest prioo the market affords, and In superior style, the cuesu tayi ic ealy for what th?y order, travellers and citizens wlli I ua atthe Smithsonian accommodations of superior order tor respectability, order, neatneea, attention, eimfort aad economy. SIDNEY KOFMAN. ISajwrilT tm* trtwfct. -????? ** " Mower* M?*r M l<4 <1 ?? M. flU?, Maaai < Al trWwe Jr , Nathaa>?4 Orr, ?. ?. Vaa ????Ma. n-eff t %alt|, lowte I'oahaai >r4 t*.ka ?- ?.r<ac*o:i, vara e lor tod sMtmaol tfe? a?w uif. lairto Svaroe Biaraaer C?. a* ? Kwe. li. SI, S*, 9S, at, da, ii m tL tusa. Cwi-ar~?pes?al -Roa. K, a. *. W, ?. as. IM. IM tvraiei Caw aw? ftaeaM, Maa 71 1. If 7k. tscs. ??. MM to ISI* tevsv or Oaaaes Pt ? aa - l art Nl -<M tlw CmMK Maa. M. Sc. 41' 4. t. 16 Par M - too. ? Mka m. Iwraasaa (ai av-kM ML m, 73. 47*. MS, MA. SR. MS, aw, nr. m, t>, 1*7, ?m .4ml ?? t, m m. ?,mi aik aid to m~m, 433, cm, an 13. >ju, m to mi. M u id* . IU Md UaM, HaMir, ?Sae flaw* Me flaaaiwa. So, $13 Broadway, rcreer a* I joaoward twvat, oalla awe bu alM?a, the ?overatfa po?|d?. tw W I. fo?h?n. kau a?M wHa aeowaiaff aasaeii a .4 approval whaaaose thop ?o. ?Cms Maa KaerhH aarh Bepsatrd Kaocki at Uw door ?t aopalanty < bat eoaipo*l*ie? baa alato?t kaoek ed aader. RNOX has ka?ce?d iato a eoekad hat tk?oo who irteo to rival hi* bau. whtck aow ? and peorloeo aad alua*. Mr Kaei'e lattat mode a to ho eaca at 1SS Pmltoa atreot, MdftS3 Broadway Jaat rtttivM, prr atraaar, tkne tana Oan tlesnra a Pane bate. UBN1N, SI4 Broadway, oppo*it? St. Paai's abarek It la ao? Tar Hate madr by Haffcrty *i LK1SK, nnd eold at the ?<nal low patoes, are prrciaoly the article > entlemea want. Call aad ataaiao for y?ur?olfee at 87 Chatham atraot, aad corner of Chatham aad Pearl. ? Superior I.arjr Slxrd iMfttcmotyivi In Co? lore lur only 30 ceuia, boaatifully eaea-r<. an I warranted ?*ual to tbo beet prodoetione o' the arc, a> r. I, I. I.N US gallrry, corner of BUeckor aad Care ? streets. Pbotanrapkk; Pot traits, large Mse, pUlu or colored, well eaecntcd oa the cheap eyetem. Uacuerroo typoe 2Sc. aad Me. ; atereoecope pletnroe, $1; by Holaoa' United States patent double aetiag eaaeraa, which are for ?alo at tha Depot of Art, &9 Broadway. Albert H. N loo Lay will bold bis Refalar soaat weeklv auction sale of etock* and bond* thia day at ISS ? 'clock, at tbo Merchants' Exchaa.-e: for fkrthor aartlealare aoo kia advertisement in another eolaaa. Catalofaoo caa to cktain?d at tbo ofllco, No. d Broad etroet. STbtnaswi Grwat sargalM- tmm Lamest As* aartment of ooleeraud piece ia tho Ua|ted Statoe. T. (Ml hart aad Co. 'a premium Wo '.ran ptaa<e, Moraee Watero' ao dora laprovco pianos, aad thooo of a lar*o aaaber ef etfce* anakere, eemprisia* the largeet aad maet ieeirablo y?- tx neat ia the Union; will be eold at a prioo which defy conno tation. for eaeh or satisfactory paper. Peoeuao a the elty fcavdag orders for ptaaaa will tad it to their ad vantage to aaB oa HURACR WATERS, IM Broadway ?elodeoas.-. %. &BH. W. Baaitb'a Mala* deans, toned the equal tempera moat, ta which woe roeia'ly awarded tbo first proaima atthe Nattoaal Pair, H aekia* ton, D. C , can bo foaad only at M Broadway. A Bk**M Maaoant mad* for eaah. Ti.e tra* sopplaed oa the moot liberal terms. HORACB VATEU i or krawe ?Oa, mm?, Ac. Ilalr Dye?Wig* and l'oupees. ? Batcbelor*s celebrated ettablUhtneot for tlio.e article*. If 233 Broadwar. Nine private rooms expr***Iy tor the application of kia fa book uitr, dye. Sold, wnoleaale ?nd retail, the taiga. t >? Kortraent of wige, toupeea and ornamental hair in the United State*. (Tlrehngh's Wigs and IVmpeee, with his aewly invented skin di'iaion, are the greatest of modern In ventions. In fitting perpetual, in ahape uncaangeaM*, la arrangement natural, in price moderate. 162% i ultca itreet, *?t of Broadway. Ten Dollar Wigs and Toupess. ffht cele brated manufactory for wig*, tonpoes. braidf of lou hair, back aad front braidi, ctirla. Ac., I* titnated at 27 Maiden lane, earner cf Nawaa itreet. Beware of Broadway priaa*. MBDUURST A HEARD. Neuralgia off the Head, face, Reck, and ralvie aad nervous deafnera, an<i deafneea from aay cauee, radically oared. Dr. CAtSTI<B, 24? Fourth ?tr**t, Washing ten aqaare, eetabllahed twenty four year* in thi* practice. Salt i>henm, Krnptlon', Freckles, Plmpleaj and all delermitiea of the human oatiole, It U wal known, aieonrod by OOURAUD'4 Italian medicated ?oap. pouura subtile uproot* hair from any part ol the body. Rout*. Illy white, hair dya and rottorative a', the old depot. fl7 WaikaTltraevfirsl more from Broadway; Callender, MB Hoath Third etreet. Philadelphia; 12U Washington sweet. Boston, Ae. Belltway's Pills ? A marvelous medicine for tba fair ae*. Where it's poaaihle to have an assemblage vf ladies, uimilar to a sany ebow,) a premium of tea thou aaad dollar* would be given could aay bu ehowa a* healthy, haaeiome, freeh or lively a? tboao wku bare ttkea thane l>tlla Sold ae the manufactories, MO Maiden lane, New Vera, and 2<4?lrand, London, and by all drn>,gt?ts, at 2S cents, iii>, reat?, aad $1 per box. jwlrn ?j r?on*and "Mower*? For heaaOfy M the complexion and eradicating all tan, pimple* ant (jwekle* trom tie face. FETRIDUB A CO., Bostva; C. II. lUPU, 110 Broadway, agent*. Rats don't die In their holes, but come out aad die, by uiing'UST/ R'S effectnal rak, eoekroach, Ae., exterminator w hole.ale aad retail depot, 38B BroaJaay, Kew York. Net ilaagerou* to tue human r%mily. ? Card .--To Invalids Visiting or Residing in New Terk ? A ftrong deiira to **ve the Invelid t om tue ?aaree wbiih impnttnre and (jnaekery *pre*d, Itidnoe* the nrrirrmpned to g'V* tin* putiic invitat'On ?o all invalid* vi siting tbi* oHy tor inediiial advice, or *.ho?e roiling lierc, ta ?all upon bias. at hi* office. 714 Brcsoway. lie will be pleaeea ta give tbem perfectly and reliaMa <ineup,*l and advice; aad m all ca*e* where he cannot a(f"?d relict. he will )ff*e inch infcrmatlon ** will enable tba invalid, rani <ent er *traoger, to avoid impor.ltion, a?td lind the medical and eorgical aid required V*r tba lollowui* ? iieaie* he ?>ay be eonittil'fd from 9 o'clock A M. to 4 o'clock P. M , ?very day la the week, Sunday* excepted ? Co??ompti?ti, end all tiieaie* ol the 'uni?s Aid tbroatj palpi atlon, ana all ether form* of heart d'vease; 'Iter complaint, dv pep"1*! and all etber disease* of itomuch and bowel*, pile*. t* ; yrolapeni, ur.d all fortoi of female complaint*. Irfe^nlafit ?a ?ad weakti*i*?c; ecrmale. aad All *ki? die *a??a. raraoa* at a distance are iavitaii to coninl*. Inm by ?altir. givme Inm a full itatement of tho caw. i*r mpt an r?e?*-Tltkc w?t-,e^ Alt raft **! en4 AJ*I Cl.tLiliUiil S-at.a .float a dares* t. 8. PI TCI, A. M , M D , 711 isadway, !?? Sag*. IIiUmi rmn'a UnitnIM Bdku Bp Mf?? eter U a rraat aailkilator of tkeae peate. Said, It ? ktltMlt 1(4 Ntul, c CnUi'i vermin ud iaaeet depot, >? M Non* geaaiae ualeos eigned by IIEN RV R. t OtTAR. 0*nn of iioiM will Find Dr. Toblu' I ??????? i* p'.nt bottle, it fitly cot?, ?? potior to anything flee l?r earing folic. twelllnge, galla, braiaee, lump*, Re. *?14 by ail tbf itorakeepera and dingziat*. Depot GO Curt ?Ml \(? Vork. Preofi of I la I'atnuwm. b'rom the laottls vflto IhIji I'ocrier, Fab. ft. 1866. V. ore I arse Sales uf Har ?Hhi?l)r. Jaba Ball I ( a told ud (hipped, yesterday, eoe . t r . i tad seventy-tee doien of this vafnaMeand Hralar medieiae. to 8* l.oala. ou tqe ateamer David Tatam, aad ere haadted *ad thirty one doirn to New Orleans on ? ?e >tei mer l>avll White. We are informed 'hey have or 4? i a > a kr a*?erel huadred doieu. whloh rhey expect to ehip tMe week. Ti e large and incrt-a-in* demand lor Or. J?k? Haifa aaedteiaoe la the beat evidence or their anterior ?MRltPB pr?i?rt' and ixpolarity. Dr. JOHN Ilul.l.'d ? - ? v is No. 2 .,!.?? y tiuiluin/, Cortlandt srreet, mii* r of Br>a4eajf IbnteR, Oa Mcxlay evenlnr, April l.?, bj Rev. W. C. Smitb, Mr K< i ii T J. Nkaley, Jr., to M>a Sarah Axtoinkiti: -a.Tu, daughter of Wtlu*tn L. Smith, Ihq., alio; thi Hii'Tltnv and California paper* pleaae copy* . Ou nee day evening, April 17, by the Rev James MU ?<t, tt b*i rrai'ltsfe. No. Ill Ka<t Seventeenth afreet, b????ea Fret awl eoond avenue*. Mr. Thomab G. Par ivn ?, of I a?t Hadd in, Cobb , to Miaa Martha Janb ? . k i im i'. of thla city. Ob Ae^ae?dey, April 14, at tlu Charcb of the Annun ciation. by tbe Rev. S. Beabury, D. D., sauuel P. Bell to Mta* Ltdu hka?cb*| all ol ibia city. Ob laerday morning, April IT, at high mw at St. Abb'( Oiotch, Kightn street. by the* Rev. Dr. Forbee, Mr. Lawkiac* J. 0 Conmor to Mids Lbocadio F. O'Calla ?ba*, both of tbia eity. On Monday alter noon, April 10. at St Bridget's Church, Avenue B, by tbe Rev. Tfcomaa Martin, O rt. D., pastor, Mr. Wiumb Hannah to Mien Mart Jank I'xthink, both of tkia city, and formerly of Ltmeriok, lrel&nd. Limerick paper* tl?a>? copy. Oa Tueeday, Apnl 17, by i be Rev. Mr. CanQeld, Rich ah Arm id, ol tbia city, (o Pacumr, diughtar of Noel J. Becar, Eaq. , of Biooklyn. Wed. Ob W?Kti,fad*y, April 18, Catbarinr, wife of Jamea lelly, ??<]. lb* fnvnda of the family, an.) thoae of her aon in-law, Jamea F u rey , ?eq , are requeated to attend tbe funeral, Horn her late residence, No. '2-1 Went Thirty- fourtn atreet, to morrow morning, at eleven o'clock, without further invitation. Oa Wed nee-lay, April 18, Joh> Rt.CAimjt, of the frank lin Pqaare Hotel, Ma. 328 earl itraot Hia frunJa an i Aci|uai?tane?e ate respectfully invited to attend hia funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at two o 'clerk. Ob Wfdae?dar, April 1% after a -hort illaeaa, Mra. Si-ban relict of Qapi. John Troutman, formerly of Muahv ok, I.. I., aged 7*4 year*. Tbf elet vea aaa Irenus are respectfully invited to at nu tbe fane rat. oa Saturday altfroom, at three o'clock, . rt>m h*r late reexlOBee, No. 4'25 ><>urth atreet. without lirther iavtt?t>oB Tne remaiaa wiU be depoaited In tbe taHlte vaelt >i ? rpreaa li^ IN Cemetery. ?u j April ||l r.. a?ed 2 year* an 1 16 daya, yowBgaet 10a of Chavlaa K. aad Aim C. Wariag. tie tar roaaty paper* plaaee copy. | n !?. ?? et.B.n* ipril I ?? W todhavea. L. I, at the r-ai i?Boe of Mr W iillaaa V. a Howard, of eoaget tea el tbe luBf*. Mr* CAtaaMNB buami Bitthr, widow of Mb Hljthe, a aa'ive of L*aea?ter, Pa. H? r trteada ea! e^il<?r?n are re^uee'i-d to eall im ?oMaMif. feaaay ivaaia paper* tlaaie ro?i Ob Taeecay Apru 17, New Ourp, !*tatoa laiaad, Sa an* ? s wMeef ?a*?#ce I' kkMtt, ate4 II yaM. Ike 'ma*a of tao taaaUy are lavttod to a lt? ad the fu aerai tfc* altetauoa, at too o'clock, Imb the Moraviaa Ckaaeh, ? e? Dorp, ? ?-hoot fartuar m tat oa. Ob Tuoe^ay ?orc tug, Apr 1 IT, of drjpey of the cheat. MaRaRtak la. J* Raeoa NH Jeraet City, Hunt hautiii af>4 .a yeaeo. I aientbe and 21 day.. The ritaade of taa tmm It aao r lap i itfaUy In T iked to oakead the toaetal. frees m Mattkew'a Ckatah. Jersey UM, Ums altar nuor at taa e'ein ik. Hod teaif , a* lka?Wa*4, Ot . oa Roo iay, April Id. of lockjaw, Wttuaa B WivBoa, aaa of Am?. B Wtador, ia , a tbe 4lat yea t ef lua ago. rhllaHI|hlk lag ail pleaaa copy. Wf? ? I ? KVI R^ 111. PIRMIAL IKroKBAIION WABTKDOr RIJZA CORT-WQRN 1 laat beard ft-ai aaaea l*eane Mill Aajr lafanaatlea ef tee will ke thaakfBMp (eeatvad by fiar Meter, laaak ftolUvaa, K. ? rath ploee INruRMAriuM a AN TR Ik? or JAII4 RIRLLT A t'eaatf Cavaa. fatiak ef Draaelaeo. Irelaad. wke ar rieed yeeterdaj Ink iait by dblf Jaeeb A. a?et.rv?it. Aay lalaiaati a ef hia oil! betliaakfall) reeeived by ku ?later. Margaaat RkaUy. HUtiTM ateeet V|M? RI.WRL1. WILL rtWI> 8RVRRAL LRTTRRS AVl ia the taiea e?aare Poet (Mtee ^ ""T * I RTTM TO 31 tB?a^,e^,^i^r*,,i>^##r,*,? * LRTTRR AT TMK V|R O. LAt.KKt.RKM WWO I RrT MIR MOCIR, 51 iVl Liapeaaad aareet. ' ? i rear j la, ia re^??eeed keglve in I' raaltaa ef bla aberaoboate te A. Paabe, per addreae A. f. Viadlen, Rea., Me? Terk, M Meat atreet elee kd* aMeete ar. 1. I . ? j the itfeh laet , ti pay eapeaaae H. I ? ? . i TI RMK TliR flMMM BALLAD i Ma?er, Bill ted it te kte iatereet be too. ke Poiladel. pbia f mediately. W|. D dOMRn. I? Worth la lead atreet, rtuUdelpMa. UCItlRM Lrt us livr it> br vacruL-MacaANicf IMdTI tate Lw taree fa* UBA - kraatua C Raaedtei, Rea , lata I'foeldaat ef tbe Board Of Ldeaatiaa. will leetare before the laatitate thti. Tbara<lay aveen . r?aiaaeaeia? at 8 e'elock All frttade el pepalar edaeattaa ar* lavited te attend Ad I ?a itaaee free te all. By erder. t HARI RI M BlLATis, t boinaaa ?f Leetare Oeaiatttee. A L'TtHjR AI'MB Or V ABMI NGToN. JBI > KIMO* , A llaiuiitca A 4mm, Rlcbar4 Baal., I albaaa. Jacbaoa, (.1*1, (WIMla f ?b*t*r. ?*< fa* ?h M Uwal4 ahap, Ml Rr?aJ*if *? bar "14 *a?ra?iafa, ta, anr?la, MIM, 4< bb4 Mil t*a aaaaa ??rj la*, to tnrio book# tWI ?B4 l>? M. H A Ml. El O* M< TURKS. i Mk hrra im tbla pi<i .ra. 1*4 M tlua. lw? ilnpli ??Tt? af ami B>4in Art foa, a fli iab Blrti tkia inaaiy brow Each play of '*alar?. ?mj tkaujcfet ttaaif. 1 h? >?? )lk? flBahla# af U> ralla/ ayr. Tar lip* wblab alaiaat ***? I* part aa4 i^wk, 1* |l*? lb* ? orl4 B??ur?Bi ?? ?f < b*ir 1Kb 1 bit ?u <?< by Ho ot lmI Pan ? ha* laUa*a B?r? ?? *bs *lbar B VI ar*J aa/ aiMawaA tbiai Mou IB paaitloB, *afta IB *>| r*>*t >B ? ith a llkrr ptM, a f c?mI??u. a?r Mak A bu< Aborliaa all Thia *aa 4*ft< by ? No roau?r ? b? Hat b*?? y at> t;? ft aid >e? fro* tbla fBtr I'M ?rapl. ' *r* barb To nit apa abat arat"&?4 4x1b* Ma kafa i)m Vbb rHatl 4* Ibaa > laiaaea. far Bl > arai* Tk* activa *BlU uBib ib* ju<t?aaat , BB4 *bat J?4faa*a W?ald a-oy fiw ?Vw t* tLu Th? fiarat a|?< m;<aa af I'h Ar- >??? I An>*rica ar? tb?a* Biada at BimiT * UaJlrry. N? MS ?ij A .pl?i<:>4 at* aaaa tbIB dajr 0 ID BOOR* AN U BMfiNAriWH* HOI'liMT AT TBB emrhrl'l ?b?p. Ma. Iff Ruwiiliaii. tan'rt'Aaa. 4 a ??rr rboiM ralloat, a of Baa *14 *a4 I baaa *a baa _ _ ^ Bic4?tB rB?ranap?, ??r*va, priaia, a*ia?raph l?t'*r*. Ar far ml*, at aatraaaalji la* irtBBB. Ji'lll . 1 >1. Iff N pttaa*. POUTKAl. Dm or* itic reitiiu<a* gbkbral <?mbit tar? A >p-> ial larrliM al tl.t* ? ??.111.. *1.1 ?? (>? 4 bi raanut Hill. ia Tli*r?4ar ? Air i? - ?? ,i half part ?ovra t/cla*R rnttnal a ata ?.r unit r" *a?a. 4 BOBBBT BBLwV, Clattaa* Jamb* L. Batnaft, i , ,\L> B rl> Cl?H(LU>l, I rint niAiirt, m:. AOARDEMR W INT* a PITl aTIon? < AN (Ml At aiB?'? BIBB or ?.?rn?4 aaaa. I* ariaa'aWk a b all parta of bawaaoa ta 'bal I'B* Cu ?<? II* M *f -*?*"? ?aco, bp a44r*aata# Va. r. M. H, Ba^ , B Baa* Maaalaap. ar P. i. i'., tb la aioa. GABDWIR-A?r rWHKlM tAltUW A BIB?UB yBaa? at. r? r?to> <?.. mrtrnfm mjtt l.raarbta, alia ran rafrr la >aM ?? i ? ? aa4 *4>><?a IBMnA city, bb4 boaa **11 oia- iBtn4 w UltiatM. br *aa4taa a aot* B44r****4 la Rariaaar. MoraM -Bat, ?Bl ba aa i?4 a by U.b a4a?Hta?r far lkr?a iapa ?*a* Apr ! M rMf B< HIM 7 *!?-'<- * rtMT RATI C?>B? (attar i? a?* *p? a ft a* win mil a a Ar?< rat* aa tabliabvrat. S<*4 rat*raa??a A*4ra? t f . ??*al4 af Aea, atatla* *l-*a aa4 afcara aa lat>n>K aap ?< ba* T) DA?il'BBBIt?TVI I?TB -WAfcrBB A IMI MH ratar, *nk |IM. t? Ma aa aa?*i faar-aa M a ?bMarr an tba ? rr a ta*< II ar> opfc'ara la aB* m j Ms aa ><4 ?a?. tla aatii* rkarr* af tbr aatal>l)abaa?at B*N*aa*aa wll ta ra I'll r.- -i II M rapat II <t \>ply al Mj I wia aaaaaa. WAN1BD-A IMWID WAfl HMABBB w?K ??<. I ?a ft |?r*t*a4a ffatnar ?ll MM ?- ba, Ba4 WBHni ta aaab* biBiaolf ?a*?ra?Iy aoatal ab?at a raaart ?a*a iry ?tor*, aa; apply laaaBaMy ta Vb B fH IT AUaa tie atraat, kraaklya. B- laraaaa i WAa rmmn u. jA.NTr.D-A OOOB W1I BEL * B IG NT - M<\ B BI T ro. <1 a-rkaiaB i?-4 art j C MIA IB AND tor A IfT.BT B BIRf BV ? U ) rail at bia ?ara?aaa>*. 177 l*?la >Ma*V aaar b>a faoaarf. I* riftb itraat. at Llaabaiaaala pr>aaa, Oi t>a4aa. aM ?Mf. ? alaat aa4 raa**a?4 abaiw. Uta a tataa aa4 a*fa? mm clatb, B'ntb, :araaab ?r traaa alia, l#r 4ra*ta< M4M. par l*ra, iiuiac mat aad bttla. EMAMBI.I.ED 8CIT!". AT RCbl BO rtl' IVA? H AlHEa B A BfA I '4, ?14 a*>?aan??a4 aarr?caa. M4 Uroadaa>. appo>it* tu* 11 Ntabvlaa 11. 'al (alta* *f faraa tara aith kair a*iu<?. atra* Aa, aa4 pHlaai aa4 b 'roai f 10 ,-*r ?*it. Fv?mit-rvuiiTiRL-ifi 4iara*r apf prlr* ral4 far ?aro*4 k<>4 baaaak*!* *B'a.i ra. aa* p*?a. rurx.'trt*" , aan icil taWtaMBtA, a'laar ?!va 'A ? alclirr. I?**lry . 4* at M*. Bl ' ?? ??? ;. atfoot. bf ?< CA*7WAT A WkhttJm. t-NBNlTl.'RB riiR ?ALB, rBAMKI 0f A IBflor rtrBitara, po.ra r4, la *oiapl.t* ^r4at. al?? ??* ur*nooil t?bl?i a< d ta* Ha u a laat 4 a?-4 > a.*a? l4atla( i)ai?M, (it* or Plata J4?72 Afftp -t |?* m.r. Thirty f.rat atr*Bt. " C^O? ^Al R- A T jilJTB) KABTTHfR .T ?BC??ND- .DUr, T brtaooa ' "tiBttoa bb4 I bird %v*t..ia?. n* laraifirt a a xiiiill ?*l?ct aohool; aUo maa p|a<* uoaooboU far iM >?a, vbicb aitl ?r told lioap, a* tba uwatr io at., it laar-a. w rlt\. HH05BBS?>i7d Tu km m'u b? ro* bauT? a Vr Ci u Ur IIU l#TZ, 95 i bbbi atraat. H: tvvpB4 EivnanAlk IW?U 94 U19+JM lUHi IFKOIAL lOTKU. Anniversary.? the muAL exhibitin or the St. Mattbew'* Aoad^ty, Walker street, will be j I 11 the Broadway Tabernacle this ovening; inrciKi to eoinmcnco at 7 o'clock. Admission tiekote 25 eeaU, to ke kail at the door. The prooeede of the evening Kill b? appro printed (or the benefit of poor orphan*. Children'* ticket* naif price. I American institute.? an adjourned infor- 1 mal mealing of the member* ot tbil luititute will be held tbU evening, the 19tb inst., at half past seven o'clock, at the roomx, No. 351 Broadway, for the purpose of noml ! noting trustees, manager* of the Fair aod (.landing commit tee*. l.EVI LIVINGSTON, Chairman. John W. Chambers, Secrt tary. (1lA "TROLLER'S OFFICE, CITY OF ST. LOUIS, J March. 28, ISf ?Great cloeing sale of the Third *ub diviaiou ot the eity common*, St. Louis, Mlieouii? 1.701 building lota at auction? By order of the Mayor aad Coancil of the city of St. Louis, MUsouri, on Wednesday, May 2, i-.V% we will sell at puolio auction the entire number of loti lathe city commons, belonging to the city, remaining unsold. Thi* proporty comprise* the subdivision* of city comoou bloeke No*. *5, 26, 17, 2d, iS a*<i 16. These blooks have been subdivided Into unailer lots of twenty flee feet front each, by a depth of one hundred and twoutfivo feet, eaobiot fronting on a broad and beautiful avouuo. The ground Is most beautifully situated iwinddiately back of tlm present citv limits, on a high and cemmandiur point, afford ing a magnificent view of the entire city of St. Loui?, the Mississippi Kirer on the east, and the beautiful undulatln; prairie or the west. Broad and splendid avenues have . eor laiu off and opened wiihin the past, year thruu.'h Che gros'd*, and many of them are already macadamized; lnrro traots have been reserved and retained by tbo nity for parks, which are beautifully located, some of which are al-eady in akigh state of improvement. Terms of sale? One-sixth .'ash; the balance in eqeal pay ments, at ono, two, throe, fcur and Ave years. with Interest a; the rate ot' six per cent per annum, seenred by deeds of trust ob the property. H. OVER2TOLZ, Comptroller. J or further rsrtionlars apply to KENT A OBEaR, Auctioners, Office No. 71 Chosnut street, St. Louis. Legal and general reporting.? Messrs BAYES, HINCKS, CAREY A CO. have opened "Aloes. 10 aud 17 Franklin Buildings, 199 Broadway, for short hand reporting. Their position and experience as Ooajreisiona!, legal and newspaper reporters, warrant them in promising the utmost accuracy and expedition in fulfilling orders. NEW JERSEY FRANKL1NITE COMPANY, TRANSFER office, > o. 24 William street, New York, April 10, IS55, ?A meeting of this company will be held at on? o'clock on Tuesday, the 1st day of May next, at tbe American lintel, J*r?ey City, tor tbe election of directors and tbe transaction of other business. The poll will be opened at 2 o'clock, and olosed at 3 P. M. JAMES L. CURTJS, I're.lduut. OU. A.? TUB MEMBERS OF FRANKLIN CHAPTER ? No. 9, and the order in general, are roopoutfn'.ly invi ted to attend a meeting, at the chapter rooms, corner of Grand and Ludlow streets, on Friday evening, 20tb The occasion will be one of interest to all present. By order of committee, WM. H. V AS At, ST, WM. W. LYON, B. HICKMAN. OFFICE OF THE NEW YORK GAS LIGHT COMPANY, April 9, 1855. ? The President and Directors have this day declared a dividend of five per cent in the capital stock of this oompany for the six months ending 1st February last, payable to the stoekolders on and after Tuesday, 1st May next. The transfer book will be closed from the 25th inst. to that date. By order. C. L. EYERITT, Secretary. TO THE EDITOR OF THE NEW YORK IIERALD.? SIR ?Tine appeared in your paper ot the 14th an affidavit ?t policeman vcrtnilyea, presenting a violation of the ordi relative to " Weights and Measures." The pith of the Statement is, that at my store, No. 190 Bowery, he purchased three pounds crffee, wblob. on be<ng reweigbed, was found to be short one half pound, by which he sustained a loss ot six cents, and was by me defrauded to that extent. I respect fully request an insertion of this letter, in response to that allegation. Twelve years ago 1 commenced business in this elty, my sole capital being an unsnllied character, and a reputation In whioh my friends placed ample eontidenee. From that hour to this I have most strenuously endeavored to sustaia tbe same proud position in their esteem; and I can fearlessly assert that, during that lengthened period, no thisg has over ooourrod to weaken my olaims to it. In pos session of a very large and increasing business, I have been aeoessarily enforced to employ many assistants? well aware, however, that much of tbe probability of suooess is depend oat npoa their probity and courtesy, I have always exer cised strict personal supervision over their acts. My in structions have invariably been to do upnght and impartial jostie* to every person; and thus much reason have l to be lieve My in jo notions have been unswervingly attended to in every department. During twelve years no eomplalnt has ever been disseminated against my establishment until the present p?riod. i believo that inquiry ? which 1 challenge will sustain my assertion, that in the oharacteristica of at tention to patrons, quality of goods, and justness of deal ing, my store bear* a reputation ssoond to nono in the city. Hew long I eonld fcavo retained public confidence, if I had lad recourse to tba wholosale system of fraud charged, is a aoootien which 1 submit to tbe Judgment of others. In re ference to tbe case in point : The ebarge of fraud I most so lemnly and positively deny. Assuming tbe most lenient hy pothesis in delerenos to tba complainant, and admitting, in tbo hurry of business, the possibility of one of my young men having used a half pound Instead of a one ?onad weight, I would ask, bow would it benefit hi* (atonal T What possible gain eould result to him from wtlfnlly withholding from a customer what bo was n entitled to. aod which it is my imperative order pease' Would it be to tbe interest of an employer to acbuol hia own agents in dcceit? when that very Instruction, which would take cento (Mm customers, would infallialy take dollars from himself? The man who would so advise, to the chor? c tor of knave must append that of fool. I am aeltkrr If I suspected a man ot being dishonest I would aet treju*?e him? 1 would give him a hearing, and after ward come to a conclusion based upon his dctenae. What did poltuman V or mil) ear He purchased a package of coffee ; carried it to the Eleventh ward; re weighed it; proceeded to tbe City Ball; lodged a complaint, and had it blatonod in th> pap* r* within a few hours. If he labored thus iudelati sabiy in order to attain the prefix ''energetio," he has jer taialy entitled himself to the honor; and a pin-hole In a parka** might enable him to eompas* it. Had he desired to combine *ft< tency, as an ofBoer, with Justioe to myself, why abstain from giving opportunity for eaplanation prior to lodgm,- Me complaint* Why rejcct a course which would have been m consonance with strictest duty in submitting the package a* uatrokoa and nndU'urbod after its re wi<i al' Why prevent the elucidation of any error that ?nulit have be< a eommitted, while tbo clrcumstanoe was i.i ?> pollerl n In ronclusson, sir, the clerk who served Mr. Vrrmilyca expresses himself positively as to bis eor itrioess Ail my employees are willing to testify under i-oiemnlty ot oath to my strict injunctions o honesty to all; and thero are others, not now In mv establishment, but who i.. . n that, if necessary, will furnish similar proof. As I feel deeply this stigma upon my character, I would repel it indignantly aad trust those papers having inserted the complaint wul alen publish this refutation. If such ex parte representations were permitted to pass naehallensed, reputation would be a mere shuttlecock in the hands of the designing; hot, contradicted, the publio will not tell to inter and judge for themselves between us. To si *h tribunal I unhesitatingly submit my case Respect tolly, JOHN HALSTEAD, IMP Bowery. VERMONT COPPER MINING COMPANY.-A SPE eial meeting of th* stockholder* of this com pauy will te held on Friday, April 20, at 12 o'clock M , at No. IS Broadway . Every s'ockholder is requested to be preaent. EDWARD M. JOHNSON, Treasurer. THE TURF. BED BOUSE, IIAKIEM- THIS FASHIONABLE RE mt ta now complete in all in appointment J, and the mum ?tal lea atta< bed are conatantly tilled with the llneit aa? laataat bora?> to be fouad. I'eriani in want of hone* i an aneajra be aopplied at the Red Uooae. The trotting tiacb la la >|'lcndi<l crdor, and trotting matches ooour every ba? alteration. Tbe Second Avenue oara pas* tbe door every It* miaulee. UWIoR roURHE, L. I.? TROTTING AND PACING.? OnFiidey. April 20, at 9 o'clock P.M., a match for Ul',iMt?'iii.iu|i<ai they pleair. H. Woodruff b. ?>. Roe ei WaahiiRtoB; Charles Yoouk names br. u Damn . _ Paoer. MIA W t WHITE, Proprietor. NIOKCOUBEI. L. t TROTTING ? ON THURSDAY, A|<nl 1Mb, at 3 o'clock, P. Jf., a pane of $50, mil* beau, l>vat_d in |j, ta hafnoae. H. Woodruff enters wh. Jf. f, John Uraat f iiaiua, D. Pilar enter a ar. r M. D. Greene ; Wm. H. da II eatara r. r. May Fly; ihoa. Bowdon enters b. *. Jim ; loba Oraat oat.ra b. ?. AaRoltae. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. nfTRKTlON. BOARDING SCHOOL FOB CHILDREN. ? TUB Iimh WUXIAM8 will remeve their l.oardinrfsohool Mlai l> tbat baaailful mmnnn on Fifth avenue, be twvea Sontk aad Ntatb street*. Brooklyn, known aa tha HMIn reaidrr.oe of aa Bayer Talmano. Ttrra* of tuition, . i. .1 , board aad waabiajc. >40 p?r quarter, of eleven woaha. payable la advnaee. lauelra at the school, 107 Pro* Hit t Brooklyn. V It - 4 acre* of land tor *ale at Bat way, ?ow Jerooy. -terb!< mmm 5S HMJf.? gold?*i*h' ? f<). Autva; al I'aamaaablp aad U'Wkkeepiag, :ioa Broad ?M. 1 1 dm ? ill, at II o tlo<k A. M , daily, ex hotarde)*. (? W A. M., ? d .'I, t 7 aad ? a alooi F M . dailv. esrvptiag Satnrdaye. Term* rvda *d u A for tea. er fl<> for twenty Ave leesoaa in rlaata* atatM aovy CnvaU iaatrartlen ?IS for ten, and $^9 let leail ??? a- lack papal la ae titled to a separate pa>?t?r ? k?> | ia?? Twma rod need tbia week. Red mad rr?? to Mi ? por qaarter of three mocha. FEBim YOtmO LADY. RECENTLY ARRIVED A it ? t arn o.tb bar family, aad livia: at the oorucr of Mttil plow aad CUatea Brooklyn, la drairiua (I ? iw?e of Ir a? l. fer rbildrvn. Ma-ia leaaon* also. A tae H_ , . _ _ i ha im< kir ta aa eai r paptl of the treat Aubroiee Thomas, oTfiib. Ya? a wwiwt. Beet af whieeiii ttvea. H MIMI tuBMOAb imriTUTB-THC NExl ?ww> a# lw laMiMta vlll eeoamaae* tha drat of Ma* [a* * r-a'af* apply ?? ? Eavna, Eaq , IM Watef street 1. Y , ea? toe piftnalaae addaeaa JiBII CBltlEtHA.tE, Prta.ipa! t, IMA a* egflnain a t% B ? |>MA?i'l*? P, Ft * BOTV AT 8YABFORD, MM B. Miejkali, hladial. Tha aaMR MMl aa. IM ? Mi ?r? ? ?<aii m j artwilara may M ?? ? pin - ? I a?Mr* . 7t Bewny, ar by a ddroaa hi 0B~L BB ?BAaiBTAL* < I AMI- A l., UNUI.I'U. ?'I ttoavb aad d^aaiaiia*- taeraiM aahual, llauaaa aad B aahaai ? a Mvre*??, Nahvkaa % J. A arst alaaa taati * ? . ..r, H r '.lik aod a?m( >rt aad a !%!l tawd ml isnliMtMi -l aa aWi<M pf. .aaauaal rapnta t*aa. ? naaM? at tha sa?aMaaioa Elf BMABBINa ?< B h i. FOB *OY4, MjKlNf ftattlika ett) tba avmu <?ra ?l ih'a la aeitata WiM eniiva** at |!.< #!. iaat. Iba iaboci-1 *>r re e*i-?e >at? .>ie raa>ii; twelve p?|<ue wh arv mmediatoly aao?v ate af ivvl?i?a Bo**I lalien. ia wanailaa with ? ? -eia i.f?MK :?'!? r-f?n. I F< r partaralara addlr ?o aa a* ' vr Ma i a* <-?aault*?a' I* i< rata^aa atroal. tboth AfwaWyn, w 'b* W 'aat If IO RW"? I'. Principal 3Ti5*it<t. FtaB ?H?M I. A Bl Ba. t ? OA A <? I IV SI V O ^ 'ft P w - ? i *a yi'iu , Prtwipai iMcamr anaaaaa >lll Tavadap. May I. Tarw.> (|fl# a t< ar a >a?aa a t? i' Ba??a. Baa ?'?-i?rth atraet, jf. Y,. Ii - maa aaaaN, Baa . b Parrv awaat, h V. ?MMpTd^r i tif iw in 1 t oduMrtoa aa . >M> r?-. aaa, ai .iiatnuaat*, ? una ? tab- ?aa *r too aooa< lad.- a, a< t aorr M, iaV< bar laadarab ?l r? b' " i.ld -urr oaa* t ,*m oith Mm ??iforVa aad lafaaaoov kt k a>o? a * m*ata? life She ?IMM a (????( a a*- H ti-iawov 'r?ai New T?rk. fet(n> t#r i or mSSSL .ii" lit R, v?ro ?r an *?i. v t oaatv aa* .ait attoal ? oa Mad ??a aad Toartb avaauo ffll MKI |Bbm?N I lim-'AOtUAl 1 ro^o wd fcr ?o?i?o*v at M alaa tbe daaaiav -a a t. tboroofbiy i?araorf ly Ml-r'f'a# to tha aa oi-hBid, MviraMi ha< >va leaaj iaan pa* h? bla ">*pHooav aad ai. a i? > ? mod* o' tOa< ?'( E ft I 1 ENlv W, MM Br- aaway. aaat Ik? tav vttaat iiAflltt CAMlh. P- imAYIM CABBB-FABdt a ?l.\0 CAB DR. TB?f t id aad wen aoo* aoA ??t ail Iba w I' ?t ??? ? ?aeaa of wlaataaiaNaaaaa hp SAM MART B OM " ale ao tba ?ad* a?d e'wt laaioa at t e> rtora, >*,. new ptrtUFATioii. CAtAtOOCE or TMl nVWintl 111 mNM cals pabliabtd 1b th? I'aittd AtaWe, *howim- tae to va

?ad coeaiv la wbirfc the mw m t>aM?a?*4, Wow ?fbeo l?*tied, tboir political ebBr*<'.?r. aad #fr<-ola?1o?. OMMMM 1} Baa J. C 0. twMil, lata ?f it* Coaea* tMbeo I'M t ? Mr. BRADY, 1a ?b* ???* .f 4. Uvia??t*?. Uit4 tear. Broa!?a>. Priee (3. F'ORSALF? A KiPTOr THE " MEW TO** HEKV If for lie > tar 18M, beaud ta t talaad. a44r??* C M. ft, Herald office Till So*B Or MW KNOLAND HAVE SCATTERED ta tfc? reiaittit | irumf Iho lit tea, Ml ?k?m>r tha; are, ?h*y will m>? target Um imm> of U?i? m ?n; la tbe ? al lv> a of the itreat ri'tn, aa4 la Ike rttU tmltoi country *hlch we tall IL< Vul, tb?y wtfl N?? ta IM farm boo*' , wt?h ita 'all w?U ??<wp. tha litiU r?l s?V"t hoBM, with tha item, birth m^ltrtl B4*trr; %ad to UM ?oIbibb old muting b?! ?e, with iva uimmU >a> ?! 1'antaa SaMaths W teeter Wool J racall t bote a mm ? ? I h .?? will find BB UBtailiBg pleaiare la the ? barman ?k <??<??>?* ?r Naw Enrlau' life WltWtrt e>. ta ha fuaad la "The M ?/ Flower, by Mra H. tttocbrr 9to?a Tbw talaBia own'aia* r. fund of description, of baator and path**, that va?Mla awro it* bt artjr recopti?a. craa if it taaaa 'r ?< a aa aal'.awi writer, lb out luluat, IJurn, *ltb a baauti:*l rua-tta, a ad a BBHy 'u.raved atoel p'Mralt of ?b? a tb >? F r ?l- ti all bfaok-tllcrt. I'r>ee SI 2S I'll I I.I. IP.?, .V Cl> , publisher*, IS Winter strttt, li xtoa . J < I'KK ft f New York. TO UNDERWRITERS, BANKERS AMt W EIOH \ ?TX - , .1 oat i" liabed, aew ' r ? ?, ti.a Uattad St .in laMHW I Gazette and Ma.aiiueof U**lul ktmwltdae. No I tor ?*y Prbli*bed monthly ..?# ? Plaa 'r ???*. C'?a 1? bad af taa , principal 1 oektellors. IPKUtt KaIHION*. 1 nn -EH' AND KI.KdAXl' STRING MO N N E TH mar -LU V/reaived by tb? Aala,from onr branch bnaaa MnNyl Hue Ki?hali?a, i arefnlly etlacte I by oar ? . i ? ? 1MB MB baa directed our bouru lor the laat fitter a years. Tbia iBaall invoice comprise* the la?e>t atyl> a of rm'iioitertd ear ?a an much admired in Tarn, and which we contidrutly flatter ourselves that every oaa wbo ta<a?ctt onr itatlt aait bo convinced tbat wa mutt have rivals bnt bo compeMtl?a; aar price* at the ?ame tliuo art Uuiiud. Aa early oall wilt ba found advantageoua at MADAME S. HARKld A 8')N'8, 171 Broadway. Leghorn bonnets at half the uioai. pkii k. and iU^millinery in ureat rariaty. ajually lo?, to whi- ti 1 particularly invito tha attention of tba lailliaof Sew York and Tictaity, and alao annntry irillinnra anpphrd at lowaa; trade price* VI. BROWN, US Broadway. MISS KOY WILL OTEN HER SDMMKR HATS AND French millinery on Tbnraday and I'ridajr, IMh aa ? XUtb inctant, at her room* 821 Breaaway, >atraace on '1'wolttb street. N. B.? She invite* ppeoial attention to her *ebot aliortmtnt of French hat*. Madame devos, 447 broadway, will open this day a new atook tf tle^-aut Freaoh bonnet*; alao. a lir;? aeaortinent of ttraw bonnet*, trimmed iu new *ud olegant atyle. The favorable pntronigo wbieb meet* Mine. De*o* thi* *ea?cn enables her to aell at rea*onaMe prion*. A FURTHER SHIPMENT.? RICH QU1PUKE LACE Jr. L mantilla*. GEO. BRODIE ha* ju*t reoeived from i-ari*, per Kteamahip Union, two oasea ot tbe itb<>v? good*, in Talmar, mantlet, Ac., Ac., ot magnitlcent quality, ou abow, Tbnradav, April 2ti, and following day*, at 91 Caual itnie*,, and 63 Liaptnard itreet. DRY GOODS ? AC. enn barege robes OF THE LATEST PARIS UUls atylee, received per nteiim^'r Washington, will bo of. It red thi* morning. CBSDELL, PE1KSON A LAKE, 471 Broadway. C/1A PIECES OF FOULARD SILKS, YARD WIDE, UUv/ will be offered tbia morning at fta. per yard. UBSDELL, PEIRaON A LAKE, 471 Broadway. "I A CASES OF PRINTED FRENCH JACONETS WILL J.U bt oflrred this morning at 1*. 6d. per yard, worth it. twl. UBSDELL, PEIKSqN A LAKE, 471 Broadway. BULTIN'S SIX DOLLAR MANTILLAS-MOST CHARM ? ine noveltiea? manufactured of the very riehoet tniTeta (ilk, and unlvenally pronounced alike inperior in riohae**, newueaaand moderation ia price, to any t king ever offered. l.adie* call and *e?. 361 Broadway. BULPIN'S SPRING MANTILLAS ARE NOW READY for eity retail trade, and comprlae a matobles* o illeo tionof Tanaian noveltit*, from a beautiful black allk man tilla, at *uc dollar*, to the moat eoatly garment* mannfao turod. 361 Broadway. BEEKMAN A CO., 66 CANAL STREET, CORNER OF Mtreer, will open on Monday, April 16, 10,000 yard* ?plendid atriped ail* a only 6*. per yard, well worth SI. The*? ?ilk* being at lead 2ft per cent undor actual value,ladie* will find it tqthtir advantage to oall early, there being Its* than 1, 00? drill pattern* in tbe lot, and a great ruali i* antiei Sated aa aoon a* their great reduction become* generally nown. French calico robes, circassienne spyles, received per steamer Waibington; 9U0 rube*, entirely new. UBSDELL. I'EIUSON A LAKE, 471 Broadway. PRINTED ORGANDIE ROUES ? RECEIVED PER steamer Washington, a beautiful asiortrannt of the la test Pahs deaigns. UBSDELL, PEIRSON A LAKE, 471 Broadway. OVRN1NG GOODS.? BARGAINS? C. F. BARTHO LOMEW w ill open, this morning, 100 pieces plaid and stripe ebina French gingham), at la. per yard, regular <!?. goods; to dr. de laine, at la.; l.<Odo. jaooneta, at la. ; black and white silks, trom 4a to 5s. per yard, worth 6a. and 7?.j 100 mourning rtella shawl*, at 92 each. BARTHOLOMEW'S new mourning ttoie, 651 Broadway. Rich summer dresses? received per steam er Washington, a new assortment of Gronadine and crap* de Paris robes. Also, SUO foulard dreseei, all different designs. UBSDEI.L, PEIRSON & LAKE, 471 Broadway. rno DRY GOODS MERCHANTS AND OTHEKS.? A DE X airable stock ot silka, laee* and embroideries will be fold at a large diacouat from the coat of importation; either the entire nock or in loto to suit purchaser*. _ A. ulLBERT, 707 Broadway. THE GREAT SALE of ladies' regular made white cotton hose, at 1*. 6d. and 'it. per pair; and met.'* unbleached cotton nooks, |at la, per pair? 10a. per doiea; will bo continued this week. RICHARD GREEN, 130 Canal atreet, between Thompson and Lauren*. N. B.? I.adica will Had at thi* oatabllthment tbe l*r{c*t, most varied and carelully aeleoted stock of cbildron'a hosie ry in tbe city. M ? DilNUlHO ACADEMIES. Dancing academies.-m'lle Caroline lien's dancing academy, 21 Howard itre?t, ii nuw open (or the instruction of ladies and gentleman in the most Tank ionablo danees of tbo day. School for practice every oven lug. Grand dancing Mirtti every Saturday night, l/iita 8U 11 o'clock. Monsieur o. mirasole. professor of dan cing, intorma hie friends that hii beantitul eatublijli ment, 438 Broome atreet, will open dally, from 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Monr. II. take* tbU opportunity to state that, hav ins sub-leased the hall No. 14 Bond atreet, and paid nix month* rent In advance, by the failure of hia landlord, and by no fanlt of hi*, he baa been ejected from the uremiaoa at a lor a to Dana. M. ot aevaral hundred dollar*. Hons. H. it proud to aay that he baa never failed to pay in full ever? debt and engagement, and bopea to reoelve from hia patrona a oentlnu ance of their former favora. REWARDS. (MA A REWARD.? STOLEN FROM THE PREMISES JJpXlJU of tho anhpcribera , on the night of the 10th-17th luit.. 82 pieces ot white ChiM pongeo ailka. $100 reward will be paid for the recovery of tbo aame. CARY A CO., 90 Pine atreet. fl?CA REWARD.? STRAYED OR 9TOI.EN, ON SATUR JpwU day moriing last, trom corner of Sooonl avenue and Twelfth atreet. a brown horac, with covered bu?gy attached. Said horse i* IS}* handa high, sevon year* old, and natural tail. Any one returning the above to Messrs. Underbill .% Fleet's atable, No. 16 Fourth avenue, will receive the abovo reward. ? <J?OA REWARD.? LOST? A LADY'S GOLD WATCH 3p^V/ and ohain, watch pin and locket attached, the locket marked with the initials J. I. B. The above reward will be paid upon receipt of the articles at 29 Weat Eigh teenth atreet. ? dt>1 A REWARD.? LOST, IN GOING FROM FOOT OF ipiU Broome ttreut to Lewla, up to Delancey, to the cor ner of KMge and Stanton atreeta, a ailver patent lever watch, gold lob chain attached. By returning the aame to Martin Cetera, corner of Ridge and Stanton streetr, the finder will receive the above reward. (IjK REWARD.? LOST, ON THE 16TH, A LARGE %> fj white pointer dog. He haa liver oolorad spot s on hi* eara, and one white eye. Any one returning stid dv^ to A. harrows, ?2 Keade street, shall receive the above reward, and no questions asked. REWARD.? LOST, ABOUT TWO MONTHS BACK, a liver oolor pointer dog, vMth owner'a name and ad dicts on the collar, (H. Baker, 129 Franklin street.) The above reward will be paid on hia return to the above address. LOST Aim TOUWP. Escaped on the itrru inst. from 124 st. mark's place. 11 mocking bird, a present from a deocasod relative to a child, doubly prised on that aeoount. A suitable re ward paid for its return to the above number, and the thanks of the owner. THoMAS PLUNK KTT. J/OUND-A POCKETBOOK, CONTAINING A SMALL JP amount of money. The owner can obtain it by calling at 190 Tbiid avenue, ooraer oi Eighteenth street. Lost.? w. parsel lost his book, no. 2,150. on tbo Mechanics' and Traders' Savings Institution. Who ever will return said book to Mr. James P. Haight, Secre tary of said Institution, will be liberal.y rewarded, * W. PARSEL. I OS 1 -YESTERDAY MORNING, IN GOINO FROM A tbe corner of Foiayth and Oroome streets, throuch the ttowtry, Chatham and Chamber* atreeta, a piece of oriraaon velvet, embroiderod with gold, and inarkod out for sllppors. lbs finder will eonfor a great favor, and be suitably reward ed, ly returning it to DUNIGAN A BROTHER, 191 Ful tr.n street. Lost? april i?, a green shirt stud.? the tinder will receive *."> on returning it to 20t> Fourth ave i.?e, ctrner of Twenty -Srst street. IOST? MONDAY EVENING, 10TH INST., IN GOING j irom New York tu Williamsburg, a gold ring, " A. liuck " engraved on tbe outiide. The tinder will be liberally rewarded oy leaving it at 184 Watur atreet, New York. ]<?ST-APRIL 18, If 95, FOUR CERTIFICATES OF J stock of tbe Peoria and Oqtmwka Railroad Company, of Mi lachi ten certificates of $2,000 do.; twenty-two of f 1, DM do.? total. f42,(**'? standing in the namo of Cruder, <? ? 'f k Co., which can be of no The finder will be liberal]* rewarded by leaving the same at the offleoof GILBERT A SECOR, 118 Broadway. f OUT? AT THE DRAMATIC FUND BENEFIT BALL, lj Tuesday evening, April 10, a hair bracelet, with gold ? ia-p braided bair in claap. The tindor will pleaac address Lraoelet, Urald office. or return it to its owner, JU- wleh street, and obtain a liberal reward. LOST? 1ESTEROAY MORNING, IN COMING UP EAST Hrosdway to Grand street, a pair of gold speotacles. With alius boas. I ba tinder will be liberatlv rewarded by leaving them at S. Smith's -ariiet atari, corner of Grand and mtlet itreets. PICKED IIP AT SEA? OFF BARN ECAT SHOAL8, ON rriuy, the 13th. by the Sew York pilot boat Mary and l atbemr, a lot of sails, rising ..n.i block*, beior^ins to a eehoener annk. For further information apply to JOHN W. AVr.*Y,N9 Water street. STOLEN? ONE FINE, PLAIN CASE, GOLD LEVER ? atrt>, been in use one vear, one gold lever watch, heavy ctiaeed ?a?e, white dial ana steel, hands, attached to a long oit scld ehaia. with square and cnmpa?t on slide; one ">|il lei ire watch, With spring oMo, No. 3,730 or 3,741. Jeweller* ? erf ifht'r are warred ? lint fnrchasing the above ?*? t ?aat artWIee A liberal reward will be paid l)| telersfr t .?? leading l* tbe rMCvir-v ot tbe*. Apply t* VAtT. TtirilCIL K!|U& Wu4 PoU* rauKitu <U'<W? AAA -?OXir TO L* ' A N ON DIAMONDS, V* HAM Ft TV, wateUa, Jew t'.ry, Hnn pianoforte*, Mfkw4u>, u4 |wfi?r ii property |?mll]r. (or bou,,ht for > Reamee* rvntdential, and *x*cnted promptly, at 78 i?mt, tr?t iMt, l>t<k atcl. FLO llNlE A CO. ? rrn i\,u\ -mo^et to loan on djamonb* ?? '?iU.lWIU . nitkM, jewelry, dn geode, ?c*n, A* *' H?<" 'w iuV ti>f Unek?, not**, mortgage* and ?4lt* ?* ? *??>?*,. x oi tt'i hi> n*?* emBden'ta; ??< by T?li?Ml*S'>l? 4 ?*n brwfcm tail eotnmietioa MB N 1M1 corner Abb, roo? 2, Mnl Cm*. CJII nnn W*NT1D on bond and mortgage ^TH/.vJVV tr?? cU>* Brooklyn property, ia nai ? ? ? at, ir "i 12 " " to fc i<*i. Al"> tor **'?*, a 'urge nomber at a.>ee*e ia Lr . klpa t ? t> * moat favrable term* Farm, keildu I I., 41- for rait or evehan^ed CoWI.EY A HI'ltlL. No. ? nataUtua evenwe, Hr.> klyn C'-l Ann ON FIRST I I. ASS PROPERTY, I, t) UvlF ta the moot valuable part of lbs city of |:r??k>ya, at ?'? p I ooat, *etni an .rally, od tho eondiioc thai tka iuter-it will invariably bo paiJ on or betiro the day i' ta ?.'??, .Hi' r?if? *evea per cant. Tbe title and ?ecurity ? r^anti i>i.> No brokerage allowud. Addreaa I'umtu ality. Un.M ? C. "illl * ANTED. -Til* MIAN ik HVK HUNDRED VUVU dollar* for twelve inuutiia, at one percent a month. Aay p?t?on 1 a?iag tU? ameun* can hear ol a good opportn mi ul ii. - Hu nt, where they will bo amply secured in a aivrt ,o of three ? mra tba amount. Addre** a note for two daya, w?<re an la'acview oaa b# had, to U R. , Herald offioe Bi?om:n bank ?iimv bought? rn? highest prKo la geiu, paid far nil kindafof bruken bask tillla. jjBMMMf" fuati* bought at th< ' ivul rat ? I'r.ift* for u.1* ?a E' *la< d. Ireland and Scotland. Ku'ekorbocker ^?<11 . Ilai.k ,.rk, h. .?Kt by JAMES M. TATLOR, lt? i bat > aia *i reel. ?? raer hwoi . / 'ASH ADVANCED IX ANY AMOUNT, OR PUR \J ika>*d at *isht; DtainnaJa, Watch**, Rich Jewelry, and valuable p-reoaal iroperty (om rally k. WtK>D, 89 Pultoa atraek, *??? nd floor. fr-ut i 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. CAAfU A1>VAN< EH UN THE MOST LIBERAL TERMS J < n watek-a, plat*, dl. inmd*, dry good*, furaiture, pta hotcrtea, ?r my o'h. r pre party, at the ola ??.tabli<tird und twiihean: ial t(.< 3i't llr *>l?av. ?urn?r Duane atreot, ?u ?<>?.! f|. or room No. 9 The ?trtcte?t may be re lied mat. l.adtee waited epsa a: their residence*. T^MI'lPR LOAN A.NO AOBMCT OrflC*. NO 333 lj Ri.>ad?ay, < ipuaite the Mr ad way tneatru (removed iroai .1.1/ < a>h ad > feed nal <-?tato, diamond*. ?utciiet, Jewelry, plaaolorte*. horera oarriage?, and every other do aerlptiua of pereoaal property, upon liberal term*. RAOftKr LIRXRaLLT ADTANCID. m. By l'ECAKE*, 3EKNSTEIV ?riliLXIPS, ALOtiMt oert, Ne. Si Ubrny atr* et, on* d>or from >aeean, rc rtoekf ?e??l?. real eeta'e terailare, f.rturee. uerrhandiee, A?., ' r ' t wltk aa fur aula. TIl'tT FOND OF NINETY THOUSAND DOLLARS to loan vl? ? fjrt?o mouthh, t "U.OUO for threv montha, and $^ii,u<k> f<r ffur m>iutli>., upon ban a or railway eh area, city vr State bond*, ?r Ubi'mI Sta*ee govt -nuiei.t. acearitiea. JlillN H. Ml UI.AY.4i Wall ?:reet, over tiauk of North America. fTO CAPITALISTS? TRE FOX AND WISCONSIN X I Biiri??Bir?t Company oiler to eapitaliata I'cr tureek ment the remaining half'of their 8 rer ceat bond*, <S2AO,'<0f.<? payable Fetroarv 1 IH73, tnt< rer. ?emi ananally, ?t tht Bank ?f North America, olty ot New Yor*. Theae noadi aru (eeiired oy a nr.i mortgage upon land* worth, at % low valuation, more than dauMe the a>nonnt, alac upi n the in: provement ittelt, together with lt< orooted*. -il'xt powrt. it*. Inqwlre at the oAoe of the Company, W Wall atree*. FIMT OK KICK NOT1CKN. POST OFFICE NOTICE.? I'HE MAILS FOR ECXOPE per U S. ateani'-r BAI.T1C win olu?e at thi* office nu Weuntaday, the 16th day ot April, at IUU i.'elook * ?. Isaac v. fkh ler, p. m. M18CELLAAEOIS. ' !(<;. CANAL STREET, NEAR 1fAftICA.-W. A 1 lOO VAN NOTE'S <rati ana tender, kitehfcc ruft lumur renjt* and atove warer?om?. We have a luge at ?ortment of the lateet patterna of mantel (Tatet, ran-ek ai I atovea, frr vale on rea*on*rble tertni. Grate* and racier el and repaired, range* lined, bra** tonnder*' and Jewel<?T ?nmaoe* built, ttovee lined, baker*' even* bnilt acd tv paired. A NEW INVENTION.- THE PATENT. SLEEVE AXLI^ J\_ for wheel* ot uvery dotcription, i* now on tiihiriiiou a> LoveJoy'* Hotel, and tne right t* offered tot erne. Tbe rwai for the whole Union, State, dlitriot or eonuty, will be die poaed ef aa may be agreed apon between tho partic*. E. H. GREEN Patentee. ARCHITECTURAL ORNAMENTS, IN PI ASTER, FOR the Interior flniah of building*. ANDREW J. GARVEY, bz 'i bird avenue, three door* above Tenth atreet. Centre piece* in rreat variety; cornice and panel onrlohmen*.*; truMea, bracket*, pendant*, bo**ea, oapital* of colninn*. Country order* carvlully packed and forwarded. THE riET ..UUTS'S,." ?? ? a5SJ5r?S52 ?.Tss ? "SKa!U,%s "i; Gold leaf and dentists' gold foil-first quality, lowert ca*h price*. Warranted cold loaf, $t> per package; gold foil, S?l per ouace. (EataMiannd 1 S3'i ) J. L. WAUGH, 112 Fr:iuklin street. Gas fitting and fixtures.-stores, dwel llnga, fact. rie? and pnblic buildinza promptly fitted up with uas pipe* and lixture*, cbeaper than any other houei-. A ?plesdid a?*orttnent of rh&ndeliers, pendeiit*, braoketv, fte., of the latent delizns, at the wholesale and retail ga* tlxtiire manutactory of JAMES G. MOFFEi, 110 and I'll I' ince Itreet, 3d block w>>et of Broadway. Housekeepers look out for bargains? ov account of the widening of Walker atreet, tbe *ub ?criber oSer* hi* wliola atock of lamp*, pirnndalea, veies, tea aet*. tea trava, plated ware, caatora, crockcry, china and glar* ware, at co*t prieo*. Pleaae eall at C. A BALDWIN'S, t3 Bowery, en* door above Walker atreet. NEW YORK AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE AND SEED STuItE, occupy iog three largo atorea ; tbe aubaenber fhaa the I?rg eat, obeepot, and moat^nmplete amortment of kgricultural and horticultural impUment*. Held ?nd garden aeeda, in the United Statea. Peruvian gtano? with government brand on each bag? and not dampened to make it weigh heavier ; *oprrpho*ptiat*. of lime, bone doit, poudrette, Ac. R L ALLEN. No*. 189and 101 Weter itreet. MEXICAN GUANO.? THE UNDERSIGNED OFFER thi* anrerior fertiliser at $:D for 37 per oetit. for li percent, and for 42 per cent hone phosphate of lime, a* per ctrtifica*e ot the Maryland State Inapeeter, deliv< re<l in Baltimore. The tnaao I* aecnrely paoked In tight barrel*, niarkea by the Inspector A and B, accordini to the pho* phatea, and ia (old by the ton of 2,240 lh*. The Maryland Statu ChemUt recommend* 31)0 lb*., or equal to 125 It*. pho? phate of lime pir acre mixed with 100 lb*, l'ornviun nuano, or It can be need alone, a* there la no danger of burning the crop. Thi* cuano ia imported and for **!? by THOMPSON A OUDESLUYS, f?7 South Gay (treat, Baltimore. PORTABLE LEMONADE? W. ROI.LAND ft CO S Portable Lemonade, a e nvenient article for the imme diate production of lemonade In the iiigheiiatate of perfeo tion. It l* invaluable for famili**, traveller*, person* going ?ea voyage*, at parties, excur?i?n?, in hotel*, railroaa *ti tion*, and other pl*oe* of publio reaort. The portable leinon ado poiaeape* the dellcato and univeraali^. a linired flavor of the lemon, in a connentrated and convunie'nt form On* tea apoonful of tbe portable lemonade powdtr, and tho *ame of powdered white *ugar, 1* anfiicient lor a tumbler ot lemon, ade. T.te genuine ha* the iignatnro of tli* *oie inauufae turer, by whom nil ord>.r*from *torck?eper* will receive prompt attention. Wholesale price $2 AO per dozen. W. ROLI.AND ft CO., 1ft Walnut atreet, i'hlladelphia. STATIONERY, PRINTING, AC ? BLANK. BOOKS, STA tlonerv, paper, punting, Ac , at low prioe*. Joo pnntlng, lithography an* engraving executed in every atylc; blank book* made to order, envelope* (tamped, Ai A lar;? atock of itationery, acoount bnoka, conying preiae*, Ac. order* ?olicited by RICH A LOUTREL, itatloner*, bl William at. SHOW CAVES -HOFFMAN A FETESII, SHOWCASE warerooma, 67 bowery, between Walker and Bayard ?tr*et*. Caae* made in *verv *tylo, ailver pitted, bra**, roae aid latin wood, mahogany, Ac. N. B.? Old on?es U ken in exchange. Order* promptly executed. THE NEW YORK KINDLING WOOD COMPANY, 138 bank itreet, between Washington and Hull street*, otter to the pnblic, by mean* ot their iplitting machine, kindling wood, aawed and split by (team power, *ra -heap or cbcaper than they pay tor tbelr wood in the unual way, beodea being in a *hape that will go farther and much more convenient. Beat Viiginln pine or hard wood, per load, 19 boxe* ) delivered, $3 SO; ditto per box. 44c.; hickory per load, $4 25; per box, JS6c. All order* by po?t pre paid) promptly attended to. WEDDINO CARDS.? AN ASSORTMENT OF EVER oell'i elegantly engraved wedding card*, envelope*, Ac., can be had on application, or *enl by po*t to ear pert oftho country. Eatasiiihed 1840. JAMES EVEKDELL, 302 Broadway, oorner of Duane itreet. WITH Till SPRING EACH INSECT FE9T Leatea. far pre J iU winter neil. Now'* the thue, en yet thoy ha?t In *ammer'* iun, to n>? the flax. LI UN '8 fla?k of courae *? mean It will aweep your dwelling clean <lf roach and bed bog, ant udtit; And b is pill a your boma will free 1 rem rati, mioe ? ooafonnded vermin I Sure aa tlave'i die by Grand Turk'* Annan. Depot for Ljob'b magnetic powder and pill* for the <ja.? k and *afe extermination of ln*ect* and vermin, 421 Brrad way, and No. 6 Seutu Eighth (tract Philadelphia. Nona ? rnnine withont the tour national medal* and rignMan of { X. Lyoa, on eaeh flaik or box. HOTKL*. COl.MNR' HOTEL, FOOT C AN' A I< STREET, S. Y., WIU | let, with board, three large tront purlin, with bedrcea | attached, end al*o aevtral rait* on moat raaaonable taraa; . for puiamer month* the location i? unequalled; the hoaaa I face* the river on two ?idea. TAILMAN A If APES. Froprielara. DBI.AVAN HOU9*. NO. 8 UNION I'LACE, BK I twean Fourteenth and Fliteenth atreete, ran accom modate a number of tingle gentlemen with handiomaly 1 furnuhed apartment*, with or without aeala. None need I apply but tho*? who ean bring nnqa??tionaMe reter aoe. i HOTI1, BRIGHTON, SOULOOXB (81) R If BR), FRANC) I ? Ta 'amiliea going to Earorv A Antlrmaa lately I from Horope, eaa aaltly recommend the " bote) Rnghtoa/ I ?a aot en'y the beat ia the plaaa. bat aa oaa ef the beat U 1 Car* pa. Situated at a oonveaictt diataaaa (torn tfce ml- , road, and being ia the aiddla rf a large tardea, kbit bet* : ;o*t.*?aea all tbe com fori* dee'raMe for wealthy fasiliea. HflLDRBDGE'9 nOTIl., 7W ANP 7M BROADWAY, eoB'luoted on the Bnropean plan.? Rcepactabla part.** j ?an now obtain, for the icaion, two anit* of handeomely fni nial.'d apartment* at redaced rente; alio aeaeral plaaaaul angle r om* to let, frcm tS to IN' per week, well adapted , foryo*?ll aen. tffCOVB'S l)ti y OTBL.-QIOROB SCARFF RB jVl .p. ?tfolly litlema hi* friend-, and patron* that ha ba* re-lr*t?d the hotel and bridge, and aa the fishing eeaaon i* , nine he la prepared to furai?h boate and ev-ryhtn* ?f - 1 ?rt aud cmufort at reaaonable rate* aad abort netiea. I'KW V<>r,K HA Vli' rK', Ml'kX FRo? JRKSET City ferry, on tha liergeu Pi.ii.t plank road, will "* ? poind for the *ainw>*r on 'be lit of May. It ttande on the biacb, with a (lae view of 'he Narrow*; excellent bath uj, tioatmg and ftablng. The e'.age* leave* very biur Iron. t*ie ferty at Jer*ey City. For ptrt anlar* apply, by prat, te CAP T I.F.RS, proprietor, Jertey City, er at tha beu*a. OCEAN Ht'CSR, SHREWSBURY, N. TUIS LARoi, aew and nammodion* h<lel. fur cubed tkr>ag<OJt, i* Off' r?d to an'' 'l.e frrni?-ro for ??1?5 e* ? ? ?d?r?t?ad* fc?ep<ny *f*b a bene*. with *f "1# I'll ti e *w*ar %i partrer, ?d favorati* tars*. H E RilU. i* L-rycaard lUHl A I ADY WISHES TO FROC0RE A 8ITUATI01I FOR a Dur-?, who hw lived with her tttrly ?m r?trt. >?< who deairta to goto England, ah? would b? moat **leakle?? taking ??? of a lady or of young children daring the veyafa. Apriy at 13 laat iMh atreet A LADY wishes A SITUATION" AS KOUSBKBRPUt JY or companion to a lady. No objection to travel. tea ??!>? u k French and Ko^l tait Uai b, en aii rear, aa hoaf*. keeper whore he now i?, and will refer natll tha lot of Ray to tha peatleaian, who leavea f?r Euro pa at that Ume A ?od homo preferred to bi?h wage*. Addreaa X. T. X. Herald office. A young widow lady or refinement and A education bavirg been thrown on her own raaooroaa doairaa employment that will enable her W e luoate an --'r child, would take charge of a family ot children who have loit their mother, < r aa matron in >ome publlo inititatiok, or, poiaeealag a ready pen, would writ~ light article*? pruaa or poetry? for paper or rcagaiino. Reference given. Addreaa Mra. Margaret Chamberlio, Philadelphia Foot OOiee. AWEI L EDUCATED TOUNG GEHMAN LADY WISH o? to gat a aituatioD k? governeaa to ainall children, la alao a tlrat rale dreumaker Beat <4 toatimoniala. Adiireea l>,'a Foriytb at A WIDOW LADY WHO HAS NO CHILDREN, W1SH oa u child to hoard, irom oc? to :unr jroara of are. la Muuire at 21 Amoa at . in the atore. AYOUNfl WOMAN- IS Dt-IKOUS OF A SITUA Uon a* cook; can jet eood < ity rrferunoe. A 4d re*' Mra. McCalliitera, 02 ConcoVa^at , Air >oklyn. ARE81BCTABLI MAHRIkli WOUAN, TWENTY TWO yeara old, nauta a tit uailon aa wot onrae, or the care of a?babyat her own reaidenc No. 7 Frauklin It. Loot bar tiri. t baby ? hen two oa> ? old tiood roitrenoe given. A l'ASTRY COOK'S 81TL ATloN V? ANTED ? I1AS A pcrtcct knowledre of hoi hutinota iu all ita braaohea. x>c at of reference. Call or addre,a Ml Canal at., corner of Hudaon, third floor, trout room tor two daya. * RESPECTABLE fSCVfl IV'jMAN WANTS A 81 ruA UX tion aa chambermaid and to do tine aewiar, or would to aa ohild'i nur??. I ity rcfirnaee* Call or audrt ?? a uot? to C. R., 35 Weat 13th at Alow German protestant woman wimiks a ?it nation aa chunoermaM, a he tiaderatandi wa-duu^ hue mualiai and Freueh fluting. Beat reference from her latl place can he given Call at I ij Division itroet, ay ataira. heen for two auyi A PROTESTANT YOUNG Wt?U V WISHtA TO OB tain aaituatioi. ua ladx'c maid ami Mametreai, or an aeamatrciia ai,d to do treuoh fluting and make up l.tdiea' uiualiji*. Canbercen utherlait place, eaat corner ol Ititii itWW and 3th avenue, for two da?i a; n?!w No. M. A RESPECTABLE T t l*AG W'. MAN WISHES TO obtain a aituation aa InunJrr.-r: good city retorenae given. Can be eeen for two daja at LV> Grand atroet. A COLORED GIRL WANTS A Pl.ACB TO DO WAIT ing or chamberwork, or plain Dewing. Pleaac inquire at 150 Laurena atroet, in the rear A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE young wumun, aa li.undrraa 1 an giv.i the belt o ty re irrencee. Can t>? noon lor two daya ... 211 7tli uvonue, oor ner of W. 24th atreet. a VOU>G LADY WISHES 'lo ,'HTAIN A SITUATION /V aa teacher ot the pianoforte W ould have no oh)cctioa to leave the city. U?at referoute^ given. Addreaa Miaa L , llerald olBco. ARESI'EC TAULK YOUNG WOMAN WANTS ASITL'A tion to do chamhtrx^ork. wasliln.: and irrnin?. City nference given. A|>ply at'.MIlthit , i.rtwecn lat anciJd avi. ARESl'El TAIiLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A MTU atlon aa tlrat rate oook. waaher an4 iron er. luquire at ltil Unlviraity place, c?rt>rr of 12th at. A SITUATION WANTED I1V A >JOOD COOK, IN A private family, l>y a woman of ', >od experience; under atnndii oooking in all ita branchea; h aa reference to orfrtlfy aame. Can be aeen| till enraged, at 36 vVeat 13th atrert, be twecnSth and tith avenuea. lirt i fli'or. It .nt room A SITUATION WANTED? IN A GENTLEMAN'S FA mil* aa ladv'amaid er <:o wait ' a yonDt; ladiea; aliti wt a baautitul bair druaaer, umlen-t ? driKamaking thoroughly and the doing np ot Hue thin^-H i>ro|M<rly; can prodnun the beat of roferenoe. Pleaae call at tier meaent place, l.V> i.c* inifton avenue, cf rner of Slat atreer. for two daya. A YOUNG LADY WANTS A SITUATION IN A fancy gooda atore, or work at droramakiug oremhr<>iilnry; i? an excellent (ewer. Pltaac addreaa M. A J., Herald offioe' A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A aitnation to mind children and do plain sewing; ha* no objection to ro to the curutry Can ho aoen for two daya, at 2U9J? Wooitcr at. AEESPVCTABLE KARRI E!> WOMAN, WITH A Ireab brraat of milk, having lort her own habjr, wiahea to take care of oie in itr own tfju^e. Good rofcreauea can be given. Ca? he aeen for *.wo daya, at 3S Kliaabetb ?t., fourth floor front, room 10. A SITUATION WANT ED? BY A RESPECTABLE woman, aa cook, in a private tauilly. Beat of city rclerence. Can be teen tor two dayx, ut No. 5 2d it. AS COOK-BY AN EXPERIENCED YuUNG WOMAN, wbo thoroughly undents nila her buaiueaa; wiahee to ea gaae in a private leuiilt ; no ohjertioi, to aaaiat in waabiag; or to go a short diataticv in the country. Good e'tjr refor ence. Can be at en for tw o <1 i.y? at 34 Otli avenae, one d >er from 4th at. ? An amebican girl, ic yeaks of age, wants a aituation to take care of % child iu Brooklyn Apply kt 2H Boorum at., Brooklyn, for (,1.* daya. AHEHl'ECTABLE young girl wants a SI ruA tion to do chamber* nrk and aewinir, or bouaew-irk ia a mall private family. Beat of reference, beini; eix yoari la her laat place. Call at 112 10th at , tip floor, nook room, be ween lit and 2d avenuer. ARtSPECTABl.E PERSON or ACTIVE BUSINESS ha> iti, baa a thorough knowlcd re of hoolrl<?af?a? ae,l ?.uaiueia m ?-? eral la In .want nf - ? tnntton: has been ae cuatomcd to travel; lie arilved trom L;i<latiu a lew daye ago. Addreaa ? ., Herald Ollice. 7 APItOTESTANT YOU NO WOMaN WANTS A SITU aiion aa chamherinai:! ano vai cr iu a private family , haa no ohjoclion to go to the country. < iood refereuoo. Call at Its Cti, it., between aTeuuea It ind C, fourth floor, froat room. A SITUATION WAMBt B^ A RESPECTABLE younj; >jrl, to take ctre of children and do plain aew ing, or to do cbamberw ork and ?? <v: lived two yeari in laat place. Plciae call at US 11th it between lit and *1 avennea. Good city reference. N AMERICAN I. A IH HIOH'.Y RESPECTABLE and fully compt'tci.t. ? iahtM> to yet a eituati >n utj hauie Ke*|>er, in some *entk'maii'( farnllj . I'leu-o uddreea Lo atv tie Mil*, Broad* ay Po?t office, fur three daya. ARESPECTABLE I'EHSo.V W1IO PERFECTLY IJN di rrtabda her bnttail* decree a aituatinn an ch'inher itaid and laaailicti; it an txcvllint Hncr uu of ttno and b% t-ie?' lioon; no oljet tl(.n to the oourtry. Mont reapcctnble relerenoe. 1 all lor mo day* at 2UI W. 24 th it. ARKSl'ECTABIE YOr.VC WOMAN WISHES TO l?B tr.iu a titration in a priva > tBimly in dre??uiaker and attend young ladies; uo oLjvction to travel with a faintly during tlic auranur. Beit cttl rotVrcnce. Can lid aeon for two daya .if SJ Hh avenue, betweeu Mil and 9th eta. ARKSPECTABLF. YOUNG yCOTCU 01 RL, (C uoon maimers and aieady htbtta, wiihea ? bituutioa a* -ood neinetieae and chambermaid. or an hum or waiter; ia will Inn lo aaalit in waaliing and ironing. llent City roi'erm?o?. No objection to iro a short riiatanc in the conntry. tpply at 16-1 Wait 3Utb atreet, between 7tb and 8th t>?nuei. 4 SITUATION WANTED? BY A MOST RESPECTABLE Jx jounx yirl, M ycura of ay, to take o.ra of ohtldren nod to aarht in louaewt rk or cu itilo-rwork; no objentione to go to the eenntry lleat cit<- references. Can bo Hen Cat two daya. at 1^ Mutt at., in t I>e rear. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA tion aa chambermaid and winter ?r to take oars ot ohil dren; no objtotlon to no a abort in tb? jountry. (.ood reference. Can tie torn tor two daya at 3&> Kth at., between avmueaB and C. ARESPEl TABLE GIRL W ANTS A SITUATION AS aeametrraa; would bate no ^bjet tiona to aeaiat in oham - letwork. Ilaa lived two year* in h?f laat place. 'Jan g> od city refereuoe. Plee?e rail at lltf) Weal 17th at. 4 RESPECTABLE 101780 GIRL WISHES 4 SITUA A tion aa nook, waahcri. nrt iron' 1; la an encelluat baker ti bread; baa no objection to vo ? -liurt in the country. Hue the beat city reference. Can he aecn tor two dnye at lis 7th avenue, between 1 ti, and 19th (ta. A SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNG GIRL AS auree and atametreat < r chamlermaid and aeamatroaa; eaa cot and fit children'! dreaaea er do any >oit ol N*i>(. Vt 111 be wall recommended In m her laat place where nhe he? Herd the iMt two vear?. for further en>iuiriea oa I at, or addreaa ti H eat auth at., eorner ot ttth aveuue, for two daya. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUA tion to do general houaeworlr. Beat of elty reference eaa be f Iven. Can be teen lor t?u daya at 43 Henry at., third fleer, (Vent room, ,>o. II. A YOUNG ENGLISH LATY IS DEXTROUS OK OB tainiac actuation ?? aiiraery covernoacrcompvuloa to an invalid lady. Addreaa M. M , I'nl A NEAT AND TIDV GIRI Willi HKJT RATE RE eammeadattea. want* a >:t?atinn to do either cooMnr, ? aabia*, .roniar, ebaiiibere ..rk or homework. ahe >4 fury kind to childrea. not afraii te a rk Call kt .10 lotli >t., fir one day. A V EXPERIENCED hEAMSTRESS WAMTS A SITU" JY atloa ia a frlvat. family She la a neat pUin M?r, i.?? a food know le 're of dr*at nakiaz, and bai na ohieetloa' to aaaiat ia the care ef cblldreii, .ml rnaka til r dreaaea Clly re'eretee nivea. Call er addroa, f .r two d..??, at 2JU :th aveana, eae deer from the c>ru?r af i'-t. ?... ih.rd tla?r iron room. AYOUNU WOMAN WAHTt A SITCATI' ? AH II \ M bermaid, o* te do tea wnahinr aad ir ja.D{ in ? r r vkte lamllt er ai laundreaa; nadaratauda mtLiu - np aU ki .ia of moaliea and Trench fletlac C?a b? xea at l.e/ pre mat situation aatil eata?ed at a In m< plaea. Avoung woman wants a siti atiov ^7 ?eamatroa. eaa cat aad ? ladiee aad enildren'adraeaee: i* a f od plaia eewer. aad la v .lliac te a?<i?t in hamter work er the cart ofehildrea Bert ?\ eltj refwenoa. Caa fa '?en at ft W at IWh at . until tatted. 4 STEAHY Woman WISHES A SITUATION AS A /% rrol..e>d e.K.k ; aad>retaade coubiaf ?? all it? . aaekee, ia a private faaiilv. II. rt . It) retareaee. t aa Iw e?a tor two daya at t7S Canuia^ atreet, t?e deort a bo re h-dford atreet. 4 SCOTCU GIRI. WANTS A SITUATION Afl CHAM J\ bermald, or te da iwatai boaeeworfe. Ska m a aaad Vlaia rook, waabat aad iroaar and baa ao eb|?etteato (o a ? h?rt d'atanee la tbe eoaatry t aabeaeea for twe d?ye at No. 7 Deabroaaa* (treat, rear _________ _____ Arispki tamp voim; am w ants a situa tion ia a rea( eatable family aa aorae aad aeimatWM. she ia aa Amerieaa. aad baa ae ebjeciion to travel Oaod ctj referen -ee fan be eeea I r twe daya at H7 lat avaaae, tblrd Itoer, I ae.k room. TIT AN 1 RD ? HT A IIESPf< TABLE YOU*U WOMAN, >> a ? H.aikn aa <han bero.aid aad waiMr, or waalA do tint waal >a* aad .realar. Me object ma ta tbe eoaartry Maat ?lt> tel. n are riven. Call IWr twe eaya at U Amity plaaa. ' a i'* >TE>rANT OIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AN I ft rn k aad laoadrcM, or cba-nlermaid aad Main with tt,? bildren T? be aeen at ** M )?r *? at The beet ef ? t a H tirvi, w A W9."A? w,,l,?oo*? CITY kiukkn k, vuii a a altoa'loa aa meat or pa. try c .ok la aoma hotel iw T!HI fk? 0' ratal da rra.Th, K^leK and Ameri*?n ? nok'n*. peattlea, < rrarna ai d Jel'iee. aad tan bea.aaiar ,et . ae M Kiltaaeibat , * ;:t I *'i *? > f> *>? r -04 r I \>i XlLULib of T" m^li 41 Sixth Fm?t,