Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1855 Page 2
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UllETBlffflin 1SKKWB9 1TOI Oil. . ?T AUCTION. A L?-I.>.T y- _ . NICoi.AYt ixcrr ON MV^STOcka Uv Vi ' "irSf?nUr "'??-AlSart If Nieo A, d*?' Af'ri> at 1JJ< o'slook, at the Moi SA immi T ' ' aoco ua I ot vb?in it id ay cuuo- ru ? .* * Cle"Uni1 Ut Sill toil ? S-'J'.?" boBuTSntU? tti Cotuin, ' fUiiroid id ' bo'A'kV* f? N?rth'?rSS1' rrS'o Railroad bund.-. TTT. liuu) V- ft*) I >??. /."* ai 6 P*' ??"* bonds 1,1*10 Sioao ifhin 8UU 6 P*r bond* 1 Vw *?# c*Bt , OBd' 1?>" L /?!n tfl ? i * ?Ut* ? P*r cenl boudi 1 0U0 bonds aBd Mtubarg Railroad lit mort<a<e ?e,4*?re' 1-arkawanna and W' ant urn Raiiroai'ut MnriVft? 7 p*r o*"* bond' ?I.OlM ? .?,.??. ??? Ml"?*?^PP< Rai'tfoad 2d u!ort(?a*e7 n?r ?* <tu ? boni. 77* n 5,,j ' a x ?n<J w '??on?ia Improvement Company l*t mort P* 0Bnt bonds ? ? AmUJit *bi"h *ud st- Loul* Railroad tootida, due m Jf10* ??<l .father Bank ,!? M 84. Nicholas Bmnk jt ^3igfta^ar?aii^"""-""" ? 300 W?id *nd Co. of V C "" 5 Te^tf^.^?^To.nt tH* - ? ? ' ? ? ?' ?' ? ?' " *?r? 2 o^c lock te - moVrow ihU day' an<1 the b?'?uu? 1,8 ALhfnRJh^d I?J('<?,tAY- ADCTIONIER.-IIANOSOWE ?7i .- Vtrrfif 'nrn}ln">.-ALBER'r U. N1COLAV will maad street a fcP" ' *' 10 ?'0,?ck A M ? ?>? n*m a Handsome ucrtmont or household i in P?'t 01 mahogany -of.., tote a tetes and baditl.3. ! ' n?"?/prta, handsome mahogany Krenoh 5t? ? .i Inreaiis, marble top waib?Unda, o?sy ohairn th'ih??? ."i nf" ?sio'tmo"' of kitobon lumitnre, with Vbicq th? Mle will commence. Terms c&sh in hitniifiKiu *L?"??inonecrde,A,lllt.'o'JUirea I1^? *" P'" " ""'"in*" to ?ae nmtionetr. All %uoj? mutt be removed on day ol ?alt? AOCTlUN NOT KM ? EI.EUANT IIODSEIIOM) K1TR nitn'o at auction. EUWaKIJ SCUKNCk ?ill ??ll ?? 5^' U?wi"mVillSi" if!'?,- at V* o ??oek."n th^U ^ 1 . ?? J eTt*J, V l?o?, all the uplendid furnitiir# don. *?>???0 In the above buu.a, oonaiatiuK of UrasaeU, three dI? ??ram Ac. oarpetn; salts of parlor inrnlture unnni?tnw ?i %*'< , alor chairs? dlvan. oUom w' ooj^r^ '. i1?' , ' ,D 1,P0C?'<,1^?. hair cloth, Ac. ; luplm lid rarewood 7 ?ot*ve piano, and I <jo mahogany (i ootavo tiiano Mitsof bedr?<om lurniture. with baddlu mattrain.. ?i%teh; alio Kev;ral elecant oil painua'tfl eiNrivinn '/in ? SSanrfisfeSS^ ? tsra txz *are, china, An.; oilcloths, matting .kc ? also tha ?ThUh of ki'oh'"' forn'tnre, uteusUs Ac with whleh tbe "ale will eorntnenoa Sale positive. ' A DA'T1(?N NOTICE. -EDW A RD SCUE.VOK Will J^s ta'ole" uurii>au<' '^Mda, Ac. portmonnios card m&1522?* """'w '"I'lyi ot'uw fuoj A UCTION _ NOTICE. ? I.ARGK SALE OF FIVE iir ^3^ a Ki??? tovoiM of nrim^F^ne (w?rr??yd ??nulne> and a larm C?.'." "f rthf:T,?.ate brlnl!|?' T"? wlli bf onl of t5e i:ss's-Es street Arrtvltl hli iale8 *ooiim, 16 Wall 5^prS>;?^ 'S ' A'ofmttle* FoxLHMnI ?.RdEROFTHE assioneks lortmmt Af j ' **c#' ^wK^tner with a geaeral as Siita?.ti^**E>?U;;pp,r-lttLoln,t ^ ? ?"' ?!?. f" ?? the day of salt ' tb" *oud* ,an,t "? removed .A. 'pVw'o'forte.^Ac'^ s a' J(U EI^OSG^i )V) " leek r*i' Sh. tT?'ur*d?y . > April Jrt, ,t "5? ?f ao(i efcal? .. d tnTaft"?, oompri?in? ii part Sat.. "*'rV 7 '1 o'^mans, marble top cen'.rS tahW .h?;.b!fr?*m ?nii. k"chen furalturo^ carp't!' Kwaseaih. Sal* po'7tlTe'. C>ulQg<l<>a 011 mornim of ?ale.' -A||iiitBre^ roMw^ad^aifo^o^'e^^'^Ja 4 j|f'^i?,103G('>0c'> Jie^d n?.^7:i'.ar0' 0,mrri,)n' iB P"? ?t OTie snperior taMes oil D^Btinir. * , . nd othor oarpets ; mtrble top fTTl? tTl J i' . "fhiUnds, hair mattref.e. ?/{?r the sale. furni,u? must be removed Iminediauiy tar nn ore * o?>na, glassware, bedroom and kitchen .A UrII?)|?piS?AJ'? Of HOUSEHOLD FURVITtTRB _ ?ixni, bedrotm and kl tchen farnlture!* 40'; d""n8 A^on I>0r^ay'?LIrCU2fSaAt^UKL, ?kSaOOD WILL SELL, w.D.r^v?nfci? Mosarl & K'1 ^Ve? " ot for tea tk. ???? At. ?? balance of Pap 8 pfano Si re^?es\?d. ?f th# Udi"' ?rtU?? ?d ?oano?,,nr. ANTHONY J. ItLEECKER, AUCTIONEER ?THKEK story brick house and lot on West Fifteenth street Aathony J. Bloecker will tell at auction, en Thursday, April M, 1M6, at 12 o'clock, at tbe Merchants' Exct.angi. N Y , M? following desirable real estate, vtz: ? On Fifteenth street. Tbe ihrt e story briek house and lot on the southerly >idc of Piftotnth street, between the Seventh and Eighth avonne* ?ad known ai No. 144. commencing .1.'2 If ft III Inches W"st of 16? Seventi arcane; the bonne if 24 feet 9 incbcii front, bv 46 faet in depth; lot S6 feet 6 inohea deep. The hon?c U w?il built and flniahed with all the modern improvement*. Title wqneationable. and W.Mk) of tbe purchase money may re nan on bond and niort*ato. For map# an I full particular*, apply to the auctioneer, So. 7 Bread atroct. ACCTWN NOTICE ? THOS. BELL, AUCTIONEER.? lljr BELL A Bt'lll ? We raqueat the particular at toatiea of bookaellera, alationora and merchants to out sale, by order of assignee, of the entire valuable stock or a wholesale atationer and blank book manuraotorer, to be aoM without reserve, in the waretooms, 177 Pearl street, ?*?? Cedar, to eoramenee this day, at 10U o'clock, and will ho eon tinned daily till all is (old. It win be deeervlng]the ?etiee oi tbe trade, Ac. I'atal >gnea real r. A PCT10N NOTICE.? THOS BELL, AUCTIONEER.? J\. By BELL A Bl'SII, thia day, at II o'clook, will be ?eld all t he furniture contained in tbe bouaoNo. y Datavia otreet. Bear Kooievelt? food bedi. bedding and numerous housekeeping artlole*, two fnll bred Engliah dog*, Ao. A 0CTION NOTICE.? TII08. BELL, AUCTIONIER.? A By BELL A BUSH, on Saturday, at I] o'clock, the leatoolfurnituro of a family, in the neat opttato house. He. 1 Davie* place, corner of Broadway and Thirty aixth ?tveet. Sal a a for next week wlU bo duly announces. Our ??"woo, 12 North Willian atreot, are roady for the rooeptiou ? f furniture, Ac. ; and a oareful man to attond to the aamn. ABCTION NOTICE.? J. BOO ART, AUCTfOVEER. ?a. By 8. liOQART. thia day, at 10K o'clock, at tbe auc tion rooma, corner Frankfort aad William stici-tt, a lar^e Mrioty a?lo of dry goods, clothing, fancy good*. mlllitery '*'nea, drnaa ailks, calioo. mualln, I alpaca, <hnp silk fringe*, neck ties, furniture prints, fancy <lr*ss "oh**, ribbons, ladiea' bonnets, ladies hoao and Mlf bese, trim mint a, coats, paataloona aad Tests, cassi ?ere#, handkeroblera. shawls, spool cotton, and thr-ad ?t i i V.'"!!"?; a lot of good crookcry and glassware, in ?nail tote for family uae. Auction saleat carll a ddbtea s livert ?table, on Moaday, April 3Utb, at 12 o'olook, M., the ? Ure (took ofthc Livery atablo, oocapicd by Carll A bur nt Bo. 4 Water itrect. opposite Fulton ferry, oonaiaMaz of M wagon*, 8 of wbioh are new, 3 eeachea, 4 r.iekawaya, aad 98 heriec, wtth barae**, rohot.Ao. Sale posit ire, proiaisea Beiag sold to othor partieo. CARLL A QURYEA. Brook %n, April 28, 1888. Auction sales -ilias comb, auctioneer Ofllco, 224 Grand street. Attends peratnally to aaie ? of ftiriiture at private residences Alto raal estate, stocks, boada, Ac., at the M?rchant*' Exchange. Aoo^nnts of sales voadt red the day alter the sale, and all bulla*** attended to with j>r> mpiucM aad fldclity. Private laloa also at A MoCAFKRAy, AUCTIONIER-FPRNITUKB. CAR . P***! ?>rror?, Ar . ? 14 cC affray Welter* will soil, this dav, at lOU o'eloek, ea2t/> Grand ^B<t. neat door to Lore A Tsy orS, all the Wrniturf ?d in the above aoese, oeaaisting ef it abonaay hnreant^^'ai. chair*, bed "*f, ?.*!?* erohea. mirror*, marble ?oj- cQH>s, leather beds aad Leddlag; "dalar.e lot ol taMe lfiE!T balance handle halve* and r. rk?, oilcloth; llrnssds. ingrain and three ply 'arpots; chamber ard kneheu farrl nro; also, a *up?rtor vookiaK itovi aad liiiim. Salt without rtnrit, rain vt #>'U0 feUUCS AT AUOTMli ABJCl^ID 5ALE.-WU. B. JON19, AUCTION Mr ? By virtu* uf a w?mnl it. me I by Har??y !Urt. k?q., k>ul??r of Ttiei Cot the oitv ?> New Turk. I will e i roar tor >-?>?. this dav. at auc.Un, it 1 P. VI , at lli end 117 Wea: Ninetee- th street ote atearn engine, boiler anil uaia belt. WW. ri. JUNE*, Constable ?ud County tffloer. AUCTION S U,E? WILL BE SOLD AT AUCTION, ON >'ri<iajr, S7t>< at lt>2>* Ninth avenue, the <txk, o usiating of thrvnd. needlea, pins, tapes, collars, needltwork, eml roideriea, J# velry, perfumerv, but'oaa, stationery, droasing cim t. At-., and tlx groin ivory com lia. bale to commence at 1(1 o'clock. Am cristalar, auctioneer, no. a bowery, . r*?pectfally inform* hla trienda and tba pu>lis that ha ui enlaried hit aalea room forty fact, ud ia saw ready to receive consignments of dry gooda, hardware, watches, Iaaeli7, diamonds and furniture, on whiob ha will maka liberal advanoea; and also solliits ant doar sales of fnrui ture from families breaking up housekeeping, or partial ra nting troin business and wishing their stook aold. BY C. A. UfATERBURY, AUCTIONEER.? ON THUR3 day, Aurii 26, ithia week,) we make our ragular impor tera weekly aalea of Havana and German segars, w:h?m, brandies, cordials, Ao. This tale inoludea SO oaiksot the celebrated Huir A Sons, Y tuns. cm, and Falkirk'a alas, re ceived per recent arrivals. City dealers and Western mer chants are invited to attend. Every article ia warranted a* rvprereutfd on the catalogue. The sale corainei.ooe at 10>j o'clock, at our store 38 Broad street, lor cash on deiivory, and is peremptory. BT OAKLEY A WRIGHT? THURSDAY, APRII. art, AT 10 o'clock A. M , at IH3 fulton street, Brsoklyn, a large, varied and extensive tuaortmeut of rioh china, glass, earthiu and crockery ware, elegant china tea and dinner sals, iron stone ehiaa do., a large assortment of rioh vases, outclass and flint ware, earthenware, eastcrs, ohiua toilet sots, stone china do., earthen do., china card baskets, Ao , the whole ootnprising a complete aid general assortment, to be aold in lota to iiil*. purchasers. Sale positive aud without reserve, and wiil be worthy the attention of the publio. BA. CHILTON, AUCTIONEER.? OENTBEL HOUSE . hold rurniture at No. 417 tiroome street, near Crosby street. On Tburtday, April 26, Cole A Chilton will aell at aocMon. commencing at 10)< o'clook, on Thursday. April 2d, all the furniture in the bou?e No. 417 Broome atreet, oon niatinr or mahogany and other ebairs, sofas, tables, bureaus, Ac. ; Bruss-ls and ingrain oarpets. stair carpets, oilcloths, curtail*, shades, titer glasses, bedatoads, washstaods, in -it tresies. bods ana bedding, china and g'asaware. Also a va riety of kitchen tnrt'ilure, wth whiob the sale will com mence. Catalogues at thu auctioneers otftoe, It) Nassau st. BA. CHILTON. AUCTION AER ? EXECUTORS SALE . of handsome turniture, pianoforte and paintings, be longing to the estate of Abner Benedict deooased ? COI.K A ChlLTUN will sell at auction, at l(i>i o'olock on Friday, Arril27tb, at (58 West Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth ave nue, all the household furniture, oil painting*, Ac., contain ed 'n the above three story dwelling, comprising a general assortment of mahogany and rosewood parlor sofas, chairs, tables plate looking gliastss, Brussels and in (rain carpets, flr or oilelotbs, Ac. ; superior pianofortos, bookcase*, fine oil paintings, vasea, manttl ornaments, curtains and shales; dining room furniture and glassware, bedsteads, hair mat tresses, marble top washstands, dressin< bureaus, tables, lounges, chairs ana other bedroom furniture, together with ti e usual variety of kitchen ana basement articles, with which tho sale will couiinenee Catalogues can be bud at tbe offlce of the anctlone' rs, 18 Nassau street. BA. CHILTON, AUCTIONEER.-HOU3EHOI.D FUR . nituro at auction.? To t-.e told a'. auction, by i'01,B A l HILTON, on Friday, April 27, at in1., o'olook, at 249 Teuth street , near Firtt avenue, superior furniture aud work* of art, among which aro a number of ohoiee pieces of tubatan tial anil elegant fnrniture, not of modern fashion, and eon listing in part of rosewood sideboards and centre tables, with mar le tops; sofa*, chandeliers, damask window enrtains, plated and out pl%SB epergne, splendid silt olook, Diana drtwn by reindeers: white and gilt ohina, large oil painting, i lie Woodman; statue, II c bo ; carved mahogany bedstead, with drawers ond canopy top; velvet and chintz curtains, kuresns, Joilclotb*, wardrobe, oleander trees, potosponum and other plants, kitchen ware, Ac. Note? To persons fond of antiquities, this sale will afford a hn? opportunity. Bushwick cross roads.? auction sale, on Friday, April 27. at 10 o'clock, the stock and t>ols of a wheelwright and blacksmith shop; also new and leuond baud wagons, oue feed najoo, one pedlar's do., two market do., two light do., two family carriages. Wll. CONSELEAY, Auctioneer. CR. MILLER A CO., AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL ? at auction, on Friday, April 27, at I0>? o'olock, at house No. 1 State street, oorner of Whitehall, am extensive assortment of household furniture, consisting of carpets, chamber furniture, bureaus, t isles, wardrobes, bedsteads, mattresses, chairs, washstands, crockery, stoves, Ao. OHARLES R. KILLER A CO , AUCTIONEERS.? EX ecutoi'* sale of the farm and country seat of the late eminent soolptor, Thom. now the property of the A<sar es tate, oocMsting of aaventy five acres, with superior im provements In consequence ot the terms of salo of 13th of April not having been complied with by purchasers, this valuable proptrty will be *old at public auction, at Mer chants' Exchange, on Thursday, May S, tor aeoount of whom it may concern. For term* and full particulars ap ply at office of the Auctioneers 1U3 Broad w ay. By order. LYPIA A33UK, Executrix. CARI'KTINGS AND HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT auction. PHILIP R. WII.K.INS will sell at auotion, on Thursday, April 2tith, 1S15, at 10 o'elock. at No s. 'J and 10 College place, all 'he carpets contained In the above bouses, conbibtiug ot Bruasela, three-ply and ingrain; also .to as sortment ot household furniture, consisting, in part, of mv huyany sofas, marble top centre tables, extension tables, lodsteads, beds, bedding, mattrvases, washstands, toilet crocktry, A c. PS. HOUGH, AUCTIONEER. ? SHERIFF'S SALE.T , ? Excellent household tnrniture, rioh velvet ca? pets, large mirrors, oil painting*. silverware. Ac ?This day, (Thurtaay,) at 10k o'clock, tbe InrLiture inthelarge three story house No. 79 Warren street, consisting cf on* oustly ptano.orte in rosewood, seven octave, very costly and nesriy new; elegant carved rosewood parlor suites, in tatin brocade; mahogany sofa*, cushioned chairs, rockers, losewooi centre, side and card tables, book raok, music and corner stands, elegant tapestry carpet*, nearly new; large aairrrr*, rich broeatelle and lace curtains, sott ly oil pamtiigs; ex tent ion tea and dining tables; bed room furt iture, at the best kind, vii. rosewood aud ma hogany bedstead*, bureaus and waehstands, made in tho beat manner; also, maple and other bwdsteads, oane seat ohairs, two elegant pa nted bedroom suites, bedding, sheets, pil lows, blankets, feather beds, hair mattreuei, common wask itands and oroekcry, bedroom carpets, lounges, china vases, slegant ehina tea sets, best out glassware, outlery, rioh sil fer rate, salvers; caster*, with heavy out bottles; cake basket*, ?poena, fork*, rioh plated tea acrvioe, Ao. The sale "ill commence with the kitchen furniture, wbioh embrace* a large and desirable assortment of everything neoeaiarr for konsekeeping. Person about going to housekeeping will io well to attend, s* everything will be sold contained in the house and without the leait reservation whatever. A cash deposit required from all purchaser*. DS. HOUtin, AUCTIONEER? AUCTION NOTICE,? ? To-iuorrow. Friday, April 27, at 10?? A. H., at the pri vate residence, 48 High itreet, Broiklyn, between Wash in. ten and Adams streets, the entire contents of the splen did sandstone bouse, embracing a large variety and assort ment of most superb retewotd and mahoganv furniture, ro cnood pianoforte, seven octave, a beautiful nnd tiue toned instrument; rosewood suites, in French br icade; vel v?t carpet* Axmin??er rug*, fancy sewing and reception chairs, massive carved rosowood centre and tide tables, srm chairs, quartette*, work table*, fine oil paintings ana engraving*, rich lace and brocatel ourtain*, elegant mantel clocks and decorated vase* and bisque figures, tins ehande liers, large pier and oval glaaaea, Euriinh oilcloths, velvet ?tuir carpet and plated rod*, chamber furniture of rose *'"d and mahogany, French bedstead*, curled horsehair mattresses French palliasses, Ac., Ac.; ingrain and Brus sels carpets, clecant chamber suites, enamelled and gilt china dinner nnd tea set*, silver plated ware and cut glass, together with tbe kitchen furniture The furniture of the house wa* all made to order for the owner, and is of the best quality, and to be told without reserve. Catalogue* on morning of sale. AM EI. i MACFARI.AN, AUCTIONEER? WAI - DRON A CO., auttion sales and commission rooms at 840 Bowery, between Third and Fourth atreeta, will hold re gnlar sale.-t at their rootna cvory week, and special sale* when required. Goods Fold on commission. Also will give thsir personal attention to auction sale* at tbe residence* of families breaking up hou> ekeeping. Also real estate and stools sold at the lierobants' Exchange. Daniel t. macfarlan, auctioneer -a vari ety of household furniture at auction ? W ALDIUN A CO. will sell at 165 Tenth street, between Tnlrd and Fourth avenues, on Tbursd ay, April 16, at 1<JX o'clock a general assortment of household furniture, eonsisting ol on* pianoforte, one large extension table, earpets, table*, chair*, bureau, ga* fixture*, olleloth, bedstead*, Ac,, Ac. Daniel t. macfarlan, auctioneer. -ex ten sl\ e assortment of h osehold furniture at anstioe, en tirely new.? WALDRON A CO will sell at their rooms, iiy Boat ry, on Friday, 27th inst., at luK o'olock, a general as sortiucnt of household furniture, entirely new. consisting of bureaus, tables, etegeres; chairs, hair seat and oane bottom; wa-bft inds, marble top, Ao. ; bed .teads, offioe chairs, chil dren's chain, clocks, minora, large and amall, rocking chairs, toilet glasses. Ac., Ao. N. B.- A large stock ol good* on band, selling off at co*t. Persons wishing to pur chase cheap furniture will do well to call and examine. Waldron A Co will hold special sales at their rooms when required. Good* sold on commission. Waldron A Co. will aire their f*rsoniil attention to auction salei at Die resi dence of families breaking up housekeeping. DD. NASH, AUCTIONEER? STORE 310 BROAD ? way? To whom it may concern -Sale of hotel ba**a*e, on Tuesday, May 1, 1M.V>, at 10 o'clock A. M.. at 310 Broad way, a quantity of hotel baggare, from the North Amcrioan Hotel. Any person or persons having claims on the fame will call on the auct'nuerr and settle their billa on or beforo May I, or the aame will be sold to pay expenses. II'UGENE B. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER-BY FRANK 1 I IN A NICHOLS. ? Administrator's sale of tho fnrui tnre of the late C. 1. S. Kane, deeeased. ? TMs (Thursiay) m< rning, at 10U o'elock, at house No 33 East Twenty eighth street, between Madison and Fourth avenue*, comprising one spteudid rosewood 7 octave piano forte, made by R. A W. Nunns; two suits rosewood parmr lurnituro, marble top centre and pier tables, sifts, chairs, bedsteals, mattresses, palliase. Brussels and ingrain carpets, being a variety of excellent fnrniture but very lit%le used and well worthy ot attention. Sale positive. Catalofues on morning of sale. Eugene n. franklin, auction eer? by frank lln A Nichols.? IlonsehoU furniture, on Friday, April 27 at Mt~ Houston atreet, corner of Laurens, consisting of one superior rosewood seven octar* pianoforte, ingrain car Jets, oilcloth*, mahogany *efas, lounges, chairs, extension aHes, bedsteads, bureaus, and washstands. hair mattresses, pallassee, blanket*, sheets, counterpane*, oil paiutings, pier glasses, beautltul Isce window curtains and blinds, base ment and kitchen furniture, Ac. Cath deposit required from all purchaser*. TUOENI B. FBANKLTn. AUCTIONEER? BY FRANK [J LIN A NICHOLS- Will sell th? entire stoek o' Wm. F. UtMsenger. 327 Bowery, on Saturday, April 2N, at lO^o'eliek, c' n*l*tir.g of elegant long and short breed oanarie*, and mocking birds, throahe*, Ac ; elegant Japan and other faasy canes, breedin* and mocking bird oftge*. Ao.; seeds, foun tains. Ao. This opportnnity of obtaining an elegaat soag bird and cage, ia seldom met with. Also an aseortmont or earthenware. Sale po* itlve and without reserve. ED. * EELY ' AUCTIONEER, WILL SILL ON T2URS . day, at 10 o'clock A M.. at 54! Broadway, fnrniiura of the seo?nd floor, ernsistlag of etreets, tables, ohtirs, one eideboard, oil oiotb, painting*, Ae. Sal a peremptory. COLTON, AUCTIONEER.? LARGE SALE OF GOOD household furniture In Chambers street.? F. COLTON rill sell tMs day, (Thursdsy,) A>ril 28, at IOW o'clock, at incumber* linct, the entire contents of tne large four st<.ry house; it will embrace in part mahogany and rosewool flirt iture, in all Its varieties; among this assortment may 1* found mahogany French bedsteads mahogany parlor \od othir chair", carved do., Vol'alro and easv do , mirblo tip dressing and other bureaus, oval and plain mirrors, oil paintings, tbree ply and ingrain carpets, oilcloths, dining and tea table* f ather beds and hair mattresses, itands andereokery, together with all the furniture o' about twen U bedroom* Salo will be peremptory, and catalogues, giv ne a mere full description, may be had at the home early la tne morning nepostts required from atrangera. On Frl knni. * % 0 clock, all the gsnt -er furniture in bouse No East Twcntv fourh stre-t. between Fourth E F. lornlng. Depnntta required ftom strangers. On Frl ? ?7'wUL 4 o clock all the gsnt -el furniture in . ... 5 T",n,T Tourh street, between Fourth aquare More full particular* and tomorrow. Alio at 2 o'elock same dav all the g, nteel fnrnitnre In house No. 179 Mad Hon street opposite Stntg.r's Institute On Saturdsy. April 2s, at lJL ?II tie fnrniture at 103 Green .triiv ik,? hpri"',< 2 o'clook same day, all th* ? nteel ^nrnitnrs in house No QJ Cumberland street, Brookljn. Full particniars asd eata logue* to-morrow. SAI.?-AT 10 WEST THIRTY FIRST STREET' "bK. lW?'n Broa4way *nd fffth avenue, Friday, An?t| a? 9ANVCL OeoOOB, AuctJiSU: ' lAldlil A* AlC'riOR. EORGK COOt, AUCTION EE A.- BY STOVE* * vJ i OuK.? Extensive ?wto of new and second hand furni ture, carpus, chi?*, eU" ud diver plated war?, Ao Fridav and Saturday, to-morrow and next day, at ?'cloak, at *alet ro ni3W Brtad way, corner of Uuaue stroot, consisting of el< gaut roaewood suiva in Prenab brocatell* and bri cud. *%tm, do. do. mahogany. in ha'r cloth aad plush; richly carved etegere*. French McretaireK, book case* ctnt re, (id* and ?ora tables, gilt frame Kreoeh plat*, pie* nd mantel glaues, fine oil palntiuga, a part of whloh are very beantlfnl pictures; elegant decorated cbiaa vases, clocks, riob china tea Kit, toilet do., ebina, glass and sil verware, extension dinlay tables, mahogaav, walnut and oak sideboards, oak dining room chair* in r?pp, *ofa?, lounget, tete a tetes, spiiu* teat chairs, arm do,*a*ydo. Chamber furniture ? Beautiful enameled cottace ?*U, with and without marble top*: rosewood, oak, ?\liut and ma hogany bedsteads in a variety of styles, marble top dress ing bur?aua, waahstanda, oimmodi* hair mattresses, bed* and bedding; alto, the entire furniture of a family rslin Siitlieg housekeeping and removed for convetienoo ef *ale. e whole will b* sold without re**rv*. Artiolea purub***d can remain until a 'ter tbe lit of May Are* of oharge; every facility afforded purchaser* for boxing and (hipping. Cata logue* i n tbe morning of (ale. George g lewis, auctioneer.? contents and fixture* of liquor (tore No. H2 Madison street, on Saturday, April 28, at 11 o'olock, ootuiting or ohairs. table, letteea, counter*, oilcloth#, caster*, croekery ware, oyu'rr ttand, and a great variety of other artiole* too numerou* to mention. Sale poitllve. Turin* eaah, bankable money . GO. HORTON, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS ? day, at 11 o'clock, at 13 Sixth avenue, the largest as sortment of aecond band furniture offered tula aeason. vii. : to fa. bureaus, fables, chair, bed?t?ads, bedding, handsome oval mirrors, oil paintings, with a fine assortment of kitchen furniture. A good cbance for housekeeper* and dealor*. Grocery and liquor stock at auction.? m. W KAY, auctioneer, will *eli this day, Aoril 25, at 10 o'clock, at the store 364 Third avenue, corner of Twenty ?econd street, tbe rntlro (took of lamily grooeries, Ao , of J. Hunter, retiring from business, comprising ia part teas, coffees, sugars, spines, pickles, liquors and levari, with an extensive assortment. of goods usually found in a first class grocery ; also a superior horse and wagon, one light wagon, set* of harness, five 200 gallon itand eaaks, Males, sugar mills, .to. The above i* worthy the attention of private fa milies, dealers and boardinghonse ketpers. Sale positive. Deposit* required. N. B.? Tbe liquors arc of a superior quality. Groceries, liquors, clarrt avd madeira win** - Friday, 27th April, at 10^ o'olock, at A7 l)ey street, corner of Creenwich? Walnuts, sugars, teas, cjifaas, imokiug and nhtwing tobacco, segari, chataoagne, brandy, rum. gin, whiskey, hardware, saws chisels, cooper's tools, liorse eollart, whips, boes shovels, washboards. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer, 67 Dey street. Henry h. lkeds a co., AUCTioNCRR8.-Hnus*. bold furniture sale*.? Henry 11. Leeds \ Co. will give their personal attention (a* they have done for many years past) to the sale* of household furniture, at the iesldouce: of families breaking up housekeeping or removing The? will also have reg-ilar sales at their auction rooms. No IS Nassau slrcot, between Piuo and Cedar, tor the oonvenieuee of these who may desire this medium of "sale. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer.-by h. h. leeos A Co.? Thuiaday, April 241 at 10>? c'olook, at 7tt West rj we nty -third street. ? Httisebold furuitura? t'on.ia'ing of tapestrv. Brussels and ingrain carpet*; ^naho/any and black walnut sofas, cliairs. tables, mirrors, etegeres, dining tables, cbina and glassware, window curtains, Ao.; also, rosewood seven octave pian ?. made by one of the best makers, piano stool, (rosewood suite in satin broeatel, solas, arm and parlor chairs, mahogany and blaek waluut bod steads, bureau* , dressing bureaus, wasbttands, tables, chairs, looking glasses, mattresses, bolsters and pillows, blannett, comforters, Ac. Also, a lot of kitchen furniture. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer-by h. h. leeds A Co , Thnrsd*y. April 20, at 10>^ o'cleek, at 71 Elisa beth street. Household furniture: consisting of velvet otr p?t*, mahogany *ofaa, marble top centre tails*, ebairs, solas, oil paintings, elegant mirrors, window shade*, tables, Suertettes, Ac. Also, on* elegant nsewood piano, of very ne tone and finish, bat stands, oil cloths, Brussels stair carpets, mahogany bedsteads, bureaus, washitands, shairs. tables, window curtains, Ao. Alto, the kitchen furniture. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer-by h. h. leeds A CO., Thursday, April 26, at 11 o'clock, ai our store ia Nassau street, valuable wince, brandies. Ao.. to close the (toek of a dealor? 12ft case* St Julion claret, 21 baskets Rulnart champagne, 5 caskets Washington do., 5 muscat, 3 dosen old Tenerlffe, 2 brown sherry, 6 aoxen port, 20 gallons Madeira in cask*, 40 do brandy, palo, X. Gregoino A Co '* brand. 90 gallons do. lliillour brand; Also Madeira; county of J'alhetiue, south side pure Juioe sherry; Harmony, Dun Cordon, 1'emartin A Amontillado; port, old Kuis, London Dock and Queens; brandy, old 1940 1820, 1H06, llennessy, Otard A Pinet; Monongabela whiskey, eighteen years old, Jamaica rum, several year* in London Dock; elaret, Hock and Sauteroe wines; fi.OU) genuine Havana segars, prime quality, all of wbioh are warranted pure and of genuine im portation. HINRY H. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER -BY H. II. LEED3 A CO., Thursday, April 26, at 10X o'olock, at the Ne* Haven House. 414 Broadway, near Canal street, hotel f'irni tnre? the entire furniture of said bote! (there being about ninety furnished rooms and parlors), consisting of BrussoW carpets, mirrors, parlor suits in rosewood, covered plush d<>. in hair olotb, arm and sewing chairs, parlor and dining room do., oil cloths mahogany bureaus, dressing g'asses, ward robes, wasbsttnds, blaokwalnot, mahogany and maple bed steads, oil cloths, about 100 tin* mattresses, straw d about filty fino leather beds, pillows and bolsters, sheets, blauketa, (tone glassware, and otner furniture usually in a hotel, in cluding kitchen ware. N. B.? The greater and best portion of this furniture will be soil thi* day. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer.? *y ii. h. leeds A Co.? Friday, April 27. Uandioine household furni ture? At 10 o'clock, at No. 113 Crosby street, opposite NiVlo's Theatre, consi?ting of Brussels carpets, roaewood Parlor furniture, covered In plush; mahogany furuiture, in hair cloth; mahogany bookcase and secretary, piano torto, window cuitiins, bedrooms in mahogany, bedding, mat tresses, oilcloths, chandeliers, hat rack, china, glass, Ac., with other genteel furniture. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer.? by h. u. leeds A Co.- Friday, April 27. st I' a o'clock, at the* room. No. 19 Nassau street. Sb-riff tale. R*mov?dtor con vecleneeof tale? consisting of superb pierglass**, riob velvet carpets, snits ot parlor fnrniture, ia brocatelle and plush; mahogany lurmture, In hair cloth; dining and centre tables, arm cha<rs, Brussels carpets. Ingrain do. Bedrooms.? Ma hopasy and blackwalnnt furnitur*, dressing bureaus, sldo tables mattresses, bedding, china, glass aud kiteheu rurni ture, silver and silver plated ware, Ai., to be sold without reserve by order of Joseph Cornell, deputy shoriff. An ele gant assortment ot bromes, parian good*, gilt deoor.ited gliss goblets, bisque figures, l*di*s' monohor boxes, framed engravings, oil paintings, porcelain wire, ormolu caskets, and other fancy goods, nil thestr.ok of an importer deolininr; but-ines*. A sorrel mare, about IS'-i hands high, eight years old, and a very beautiful and stylish driver; is fait under the saddle aid a fine family horse; kiad in *in;l? or double harness; cost the owner a abort time sinoe &MM. Sold in of her owner being unfortunate in business. Also a pair oAklino stylish grey horses. 6 and 7 years old, sound and kind, gentle In all harness. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer.? by h. h. leeds A CO., Wednesday, Thursdav and Friday, May 2, 3 aad 4, at the Brevoort House, at 10>{ o'olock, corner of Fifth avenue ard Eighth street, all the aplendid furnitnr* contain ed in said bouae, comprising an elegant and o implete assort ment of valuable cabinet fnrniture, of the most costly de scription , vix.:? Velvet carpets, splendid mirrors o' every kind, parlor and bedroom suits in roaewood, black walnut and mahogany ; silk and laco ourtalns. extension and other table*, beds, mattresses and bedfling, oostly cbina and glase wsre, wines, Ac., Ao. The above will be sold without re urve, and will be found one of the most elegantly furnished maots in the city. Catalogues r?*dy two days before the Henry b. herts, jr , aitctioneer.-splendiis household furnitbae. pianofor<*, borao, carriage, bar ?*?*, Ac ?(ib Thursday, April 26th, at 10 o'clock, at 363 East Brnfdwav, the entire furniture in said house, eompris ing in part a? follows? F rant. parlor cn suite, elegant roae wootl soiU, 2 tete a :*te?, 6 parlor ohalra and 2 arm chairs, oovered in iimi abd pold sstiu broeatelle, oarved rosewood etagere, with plate ?Un oarved roiewood marble top oaatre toble. large French plate pier gla**, witb gilt and marble top pier table, lace window curt aim and eornioM, *p**odt<l bronze, ormolu and black mantel olook, by Mlrroy fills, of Paiia, Dresden china vases, oil paintlnga, velvet tapestry carpet*, Ac. Back parlor ? Elegant rose ? cod mite of sola tete a Vete, 2 arm and 4 parUr shalre, coverel in purple ami gold aatin broeatelle, roiewood 0 octave pianoforte, by Cbtckerlng, Boston, nearly new, oarved rosewood marble top centre table, do. etegere, in plate glass, bronsa and or mold mantel clock and ornaments, extension dining taile, ehina dinner and tea servto-, solid silver and silvar plated ware, 1'icneh plat* pier glass, lace curtains and oormcoa, velvet tapeatry carpet, china, glass, Ac. Bedroom*? Enam clled cottage lurnlture, sn suit*, mahogany bnreaas, ward robes, bedsteads, washstaads, looking gits***, Urmsels aud ingrain carpets, toilet sots, towel raoks, bair mattresses, tVath-r beds, bolsters and pillows, and the usual assortment of kitchen furniture, with which the sale will commence. Also, at l'H o'clook, in front of said house, a One gray horse, 16 hands high, 7 years old, warranted perfectly sonnd ana kind in every respect, and very fast; also, a capital rocku way and harness, comprising one of tne best outfits for a family. The above inrultnre was manufactured within a year, by Hutching', of BroaJway, and is very little thi vorie for us*. Catalogues at sale. Term* caab. A d e posit required from every purchaser. Henry t. lefds, auctioneer, win- sell on Tils day, April 2<>, a large assortment of genteel house hold furniture, at 10*< o'clock, at No. II Wooster street, near Canal itree;, embracing the entire elevant and eostiv fnrui'ure of the above hour*, consisting of pianoforte, oil paintings, gilt frame minora, rosewood parlor furniture, centre, -idc and sofa tables, elegant lace curtains and oor nieis French shad*a and natures, roiewood etegero, rose wood and mahogany bedsteads, do. bureaus and washatand 4, with marble tops, superior bur mittreseos. palliasses. he Is; bedding, tapeatry and ingrain carpets, dining room fornl ture, extension dining tables, sofas, sprint seat chairs, arm do , rockers, silver plated ware of a superior quality, vU. : table casters, cake baskets, spoons, forks, ladle*, A*,; table entlery ef a superior quality, rich etinaand glaaswar*, Ao. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE.? A. M. CRISTALAR, auctioneer, will s*ll on Friaay, 27th Inst., at 10 o'clocs. at No. 46 Madison street, all the furnitnre c mtaieed in sai.l house, consistlnc o< Brussels and i grain carpets, sofas, lureaua, bedsteadl, mahogany chairs, tabl**, lookin; and pier glasses, Ac., Ac. Also it 12,'i o'clock, same day, at 4W Houston street, household furniture as ahov*. TOIIN FISHBLATT, AUCTIONEER-SALES ROOM 71 e) Barclay street. ? J. Flshblatt will *ell at aua'ion oa Thursday, 26th last., at 10J< o'clook, at 217 Duau* street, corner of West, th* contents of a large boarding bouse, con taining a lot of household furniture, consisting of slot of iron and wooden bedsteads, straw, leather and hair mat tresses, bed covers, can* and wood bottom chairs, lookin* glasses, tables, wasbstands, glass ware, stesm table, with pipe* onmplet*. tin and copper boiltrs, signs, tea and *o(f*? urns, wash tub*, kitchen and pastry tables, larg* furnaoet, stove*, knives and forks, cups and sauoers, tes and coffee boiler*, lot of led pip*, pnmps, cooking articles, Ac. JOHN FISHBLATT, Au?tion*sr, 71 Barclay slmt. TAMES COLE, AUCTIONEER ? CHOICE OLD WINES f) and brandies at anction. ? James Ool* A Son will *ell on FatuHay, April 28. at 12 o'clock, at th* Moateguo 11*11, Court ?treet opposite th* City Hall Brooklyn, the entlro stock of David 11. Haines, Esq., comprising gin, old port and shsrry, London week and other brandlts, gits, whiskey, Ao. The llqnors will be sold in lots of three and five gallons, and warranted pure. Catalogue* can be had at the ofios of the auctioneers, 43 Fulton streot, Brooklyn, or at Montagu* ST. II JOSEPH HEOEMAN, AUCTIONEER ? FRIDAY, April 27. at 9 o'c'oek A. M., precisely, at 126 Columbia, between Tlerrtpoat and Clark street* household furnl'ure, fa? fixtures, Ao , Ao. Same day, aMhalf past 11 o'clock A.M., at 3ft lillary, rear Washington s'reot, parlor, chamber and kitchen furniture, gas fixtures, Ac.. Ac. Same day, at halt nast .1 o'clock V. M., at 41 Atlantic street, plain parlor, chain rer and kitchen furniture. JFOLHEMUE AUCTIONEER, WILL A ELI. AT lolf ? o'clook, *t 188 Thirty firth street, two doors from Ei'htn avenue, a large lot of household furniture, consisting in part of bureaus, bedsteads, chairs, carpets, mirrors, Ao. T MORI ARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL 8EI.L. THIS (I ? day, at 10 ?'clock, at 173 Chatham square, a tarts as sortment of furniture, from families removing; also, various other goods. Bale positive. The *al* will coaameaoe on the i iroet. T E. VAN AVTWKRP, AUCTIOTE*.? IMPORTANT i e> ? sal* nf hardware ~J E. YAN ANTWERP will sell on 1 imrsday, April 26. at 10 o'elo?k, at 216 Pearl atreet Ky the |ac!. aye and In lot*. .ISO casks and essoe hardware, heavy tools, cutlery, Ac., at ninety days credit. For par 'I'tllfl ?(' advertisement In Journal of Commerco and estaioruos. which are now readv. Also for caib. by th* raekasc, elgVtffa oases toys <>n l fSBcy tAfdwarc, an lAiek* old (rod*. BALES AT AC'OTIOI** JL. VAN PERWATRR, AUCTIONEER.? WILL 6ELL ? on lbursday. ?t It) >4 ('cloak. ?t tt>? ?1n i'">m, No. ?2 M aides lane, standard roses, Ae , from the n< rsery of 0. Boll, florist, corner of Broadway aad Fluletli street, high standards perpetual bloomer; haif standard Jo. ; .\fo?s par petual bloom lay; roses on their o?n root, climbing end running roses, Queen of prairie, olnun-, wistori*. virglilu rose with a variety ot other knits, all warranted true to name, selected wi'n groat care, without regard to eoil, by 1) Boll, perronally. JL. VAN DE WATER, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL ? this day. April 26. Splendid honseholed forni tire, at 10^4 o'clock, at 16 Franklin Terrace, Uoboken. N. J. Consisting in part ol Brusseii tapestry, parlor chairs and ingrain esrpetiag, rich carved settee, sofa. lizl Voltaire and parlor chairs, mahogany centre and side tables, rioh carved rosewood lecretaire and bookcase, damaek and lace window etintint, two real bronse ormolu and marble clock* with candelabra* and conpea to mateh, subject, Swiss catb, Ae.; mirrorr, pianoforte b j C bickering, rosewood music rack, embotted cloth pianofore covers, table do, very handiome bedroom farnltore, rosewood and mahogany cart ed bedsteads, bureaus, washatanda to match, oentre tablet, mat tret sea. palliasses, Ae , wardrobei, roeewood armoire a flace, ingrain oarpets, shade* enrtains, Ac* Dining room nrnitnre-two man 01 any etegeres, mahogaev extension ta bles, dining room chairs, Ac. Also, oil elotlfe, Parisian fixtures, 4c., Ao. All or the above was Imported by Mr. r., with ihe exception or two pieces, expressly for his own nae. JL. VANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ? en Friday, April 27? Elegant household furnl tare, at 10 % o'clock, at No. 772 Broadway, oorner of Ninth street. Front parlor? Elegant oarved parlor rose wood suits, made by I'onsott, covered in p'.uah, consisting cf tete-a tote, arm ebair, sewing>chalr and six parlor ohatrs; elegant black marble and bronse thirty-day olocks; superb real bronse figures, by Fratln A Mean; rosewood French plate secretaire, rosewood marble top centre table; Parisian mantnl vases; velvet tapestry carpet; gilt frame pier glass; large French plate mantel ([lasses; lace window curtain*. Back parlor? Splendid rosewood pianoforte. 1% octave, made by Plrsson, from the Crystal Palace, London; lace window enrtains and fixtures or great merit; six-light gas

chandelier, with glebe. Dining room? Mahogany extension dining table; secretary bookcase, dining chair ', Brussels carpets, etegere, Ao. Bedroom tnrniture ? Mahogany bedsteads; marble to? dressing bureaus; do. centre tables; mahogany sofas: bronse and ormolu docks; rioh china vases; oolognes; mantle orna ments; brome sandlestioks and candelabra*; mahogany and rosewood wardrobes; rosewood bedsteads; rosewood mnrble top bureaus, wa'tutard! to mateh; night stands; rosewood armor a glace: tide table, marble top shaving stand; tkree oil painting*, in rich gilt frames: Brussels tapestry carpets, laee window curtains; toilet sets; rosewood sofa, in brooa telle. tk cbairs to match, mat- res sea, pa^^sses, Ao.: to gether with a large assortment of baseinenv and kitchon furniture, with whioh the sale will commence. The whole or the above furniture was made t? order by Roux, Boudln. and Hutching*. Catalogues are now ready, and oau be had byappljlng at the hou*? or salesroom, 12 Maiden laie. JOHN L. VANDEWATER. AUCTIONEER. -R. T. TUR NER will sell on Friday. April 27, at 10% o'clock, at stiest, a splendid variety of 'ruit trees, consisting of apples, peers, qnincea cherries, currant s, gooseberries, raspberries; also, flower plants, doublegrose ot SJiaroD, Chinese flowering shrub, Chinese urstaua, pnrple liUc, American arbor vitas, mohiea rose, elreerous seragoes, balsam or silver fir, Weymouth pine, Ac., Ac. JOUN W. SOMERINDVKE, AUCTIONEER ?TO CLO<E a ooncern, on this day, April 20, at 77 Greene street, at 2 o'clock, five ice wagons, one iron safe, office desk, ehuirf, harness, iy nets, soales, teed cutters, and ice tools, A;. JOHN W. SOMERINDVKE, AUCTIONEER -SPLEV did honseliold furiilture, at auction, on this day, at the auction room, 110 Centre street, corner of Franklin, a> 10.S o'clock, one rosewood secretary aad bookcase eombinod, two large mantel mirrors (.Freuoh plate), ono plsr mirror with marble and braokets, two large velvet carpets, Brut sels carpets, mahogany seoretarv and bookcases, mahogany wardrobes, mahogany cottage bedsteads, large oiloloths, rush and cane seat ohaira, bureaus; also by virtue of a chat tel mortgage, a lot of gas fixtures, cornioes, wardrobes, Ao.: also one iron or brass turner's lathe; alto assignee's sale of piano maker's stook, lumber, plates, Ao., benches, ;ron turn ing lathe and a lot of iron and steel. TOHN W. SOMERINDVKE, AUCTIONEER. -MORT 0 gace tale of splendid saloon furniture, formerly known as SheDy's, at the corner of Broad wav and Anthony itreet, basement of Moffat's building, on Friday, April 27, at 10>? o'clock, all the splendid arrangement* of the above saloon, bar, oyiter box, side boxes with velvet seats, mirrors, chan daliers, paintings, framed prints, silver and plated ware, cut glass ware, all the casters, spoons, knives, forks, fancy bottles, table linen, kitchen arrangements, oopper coking utensils, boilers, private room furniture, mirrors, oarpets, oilcloths, gas fixtures, ehina dinner and tea seta, glass ware; also bedsteads, beds and bedding, comprising the whole con cern; also the liquors and segars, and other stook. LASGE SALE OF WELL AS80RTRD STOCK Of ready made clothing.? A. M. CRISTALAR, Auc tioneer, will sell Friday. 27th instant, at 10X o'clock A. U., at 136 Nassau street, oorner^of Beeokman, all the goods eon tained In said *tor<; comprising In pari of frock, sack, dress and ever coats, Marseilles, silk, satin velvet and Valencia vests: eassimere, cloth and satinst pants; and various other articles in the lino. The above goods are made up express ly for the city trade, for the prosent and following season. The trade arc most respectfully solicited to attend thin sale; the fioods wih be told without reserve as the owner is leav tng the business. JOHN W. POM ERIN DYKE, AUCTIONEER.? PUBLIC rale of a large stock of groceries, lease of premises, Ao , on Saturday, April 28, 1836, at the corner of Grand and Clin ton it reels, at 10 o'clock. The stock consists of the usual variety of a first olaas store ? Stuart's crushed and brown sugars, green and black teat, the usual email wares, soaps; wax, sperm and other candles; smoked meats, oils, flonr, Ac.; alto, an excellent assortment of fixtures, the lease of tbo premise t. Term* at sale. This it one of the bett stands in the city. T ARGE MORTOAGE SALE OF FURNITURE.? ON L f ridav, April 27, 1865. at 10 o'clock A. M., at tho corner ot Rightb avenue and Nineteenth street, she con tents of a store, consisting of bureaus, sofas, tablee, chairs, stands, Ac, A. BUTTERF I ELD, Auctioneer. N. S. bELAU, Attorney for Mortgagee. MH. BOWVER, AUCTIONEER? SALESROOM 15 . Greenwich avenue, near Sixth? Will sell, on Tburs day, the 2fth intt , at half pact 10 o'olock. at Nc. 3 Ureon wioh avenue, the (took et a elothing store; also, the furnl ture eontaincd in the above house, one handsome dinner set of ehina, oonsisting of ono hundred pieces. T>RCARES, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, Jl REAL ESTATE AND GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, No. 61 Liberty street, one door from Nassau, will give their personal attention to sales of real estate, stoeks, ves sels, end mortiajes, at public and private sale, and to the sale a* auction of cargoes, household furniture, paiatiage, stale err, wcrks el art, Jewelry, Ac., aad to eat door sales generally. Money liberally advanced on real estate, stock*, vessels, furniture, Ae.. left en sale with us. Loans negotiated. PITER PARKS, AUCTIONEER.? DESIRA8LE HOUSE bold furniture ? On Thursday, 26th inst., il 10>fj o'clook, i>t >o. 193 Mereer itrec .. nsar Bleeoker, the entire contents of a boarding hoaie, the proprietor giving up hoasekoep ing, comprising carpets, crockery, dinner and tea sets, a Uriie assortment of bed 4 lag, As. Tbii sale U well worthy the attention of dealers and housekeepers. Terms oaah; a depo sitrtqntred. Catalogues at (ale. PETER PARKS, AUCTIONEER ?WOODEN AND bssket ware. On Friday, April 27, at 10 o'clock, at the well known store Ne. 249 Bowery, near Stanton street, a most exteisive stock of housekeeping utensils, comprising meat safes, tubs, work stands, benches, baskets, Ac., coin prising a variety of seasonable good* for housekeeping, well worthy the attention of the trade and families. Sale per emptory for eaih. PLANTS AT AUCTION? W S. McILLVAIN WILL sell this day at 10)f o'clock at the seed store, 7 John street, a splendid assortment ef perpetual, moathly, climb hie and moss roses, (in and oat of pots) hone. suckles, jessa mines. grape Tines, carnations, pinks, verbenas, aanlias gladiolus, tuberoses, Ac., Ac., direct from the garden oa morning ef sale, from Peter Henderson, Jersey City. Cat alogues^ PR. W1LKIN8. AUCTIONEER? HANDSOME HOUSE ? hold furniture at auction. Philip K. Wilklus will s -11, at auction, on Friday, April 37, ISM, at 10 o'clock, at Vo. 2 ? Jefferson street, mahogany and black walnut tnrniture, (most of which was made to order,) consisting in pari of ma aogany and Mack walnut sofas, enaiis, centre and pier ta ble*, marble tops, card table*, quartette do., pier glasses, embroiderod lace curtains, guitar, musioal box, t'reneii bed steads, bair matt rer sec, dressing bureaus, work tables, mar ble top washstands, wardrobe, beds and bedding, Uru-eo s and ingrain earpets, oilcloths, Ae., together with an a*s>rt mstit of kitchen furniture, with which the sale will eom mince. PAWNBROKER'S SALE OF TOOLS THIS DAY. Lewis A Mortimer. corncr Chatham and Oliver streets, * ill sell, this day, a large lot of house and ship carpenter's, joiners' and cabinet makers tools; also several tool clients, with tools complete; also double and tingle barrel guns, t>me murkets, pistols, musical instruments, fancy boxe*. iron pots, tailors irons, and different hardwares. PE-"v. FRIDENBERG, 496 Hudson street, and 299 East Broaln-y. RC. KEMP, AUCTIONEER.- ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF ? furniture, at the salesrooms, No. 9 Bedford street near Houston. R. C Kemp will sell at auction as above, this d?y. Thursday, at 10 o'clock, a very large assoitment of ca binet furniture, by order et the aspigneeof Win. Gallife, via., carved rosewood parlor furniture, en suite, covered in bro catelle and velvet plush, rosewood and mahogany library and secretary bookcases, eeitre and favcy tables, ward robes rosewood ohamber furniture, en suite, oak bedstead, bureans and washstands, commodes, mahogany bedstead, bureaus and washstands, tete a tetes, and other sofa* began v spring seat i arlor chairs, cosy ana rooting cL ..-<, carved etegeres, and every variety ef furniture, wbich i< particularly worthy et notice. Catalogues on the morning ef sale. RC. KEMP. AUCTIONEER.? FIRST CLAS?* CABI net furni ure, by order of the assignee, at the ware rooms 321 Broad wai ? R C. Kemp will sell at auction, on Friday, by order of the assignee, at the warero:>ms, 321 liroadway, next above the City Hospita', the entire stock ot one ef our flrrt class city cabinet makers, removed to this wareroom for convenience of sale, and consisting of a very beautirul assortment ef superior rosewoo J, mahogany, oak and walnnt parlor, dining room and ohamber tnrniinre, to which the particular attention of our friends and purchasers I fierslly is invited, vis: elegant suits ef earved rosewood parlor furniture, covcred In rieh two and three colored satin damask and broeatel, also in haircloth, and some unflnlshod in mnslin, ready to be covered: sofas, tete a tetes, tewing chairs, medallion back parlor etiairs, richly carved rosewood centre and pier tables, fancy table, armonre with mirror drors, richly carved rosewood and oak etegeree and side bosrdt, library ami secretary bookcases parlor score tar lot, cabinets, wardrobes, extension dining tables, oak dining rum furniture en suite, richly painted and enamelled chamber fur nlture, beautifully earved roscweod and mahoganjr bed steads, bureaus and washstands, hair mattresses, hall stands and chairs, mahogany sofas aad chairs in variety, and other articles, all of which are well worthy the notice of hnnse keepers. Goods purchased to go out of the city, can be p sok ed for shipping at a reasonable charge. Catalogues on the morning of sale. Russell w. westcott, auctioneer.? oente el household furniture, rosewood pier table, Ac.? On Fri day, April J7 ? at Uk o'clock, at 217 Weet Twenty fourh rtreet, every artielc will be sold to the hi?hc.<t bidder, and mn-t be removed the same day from tho proud.', s, consisting of rosewood pianoforte, carpets, ell cloths, sofas, rockers, srrlig seat ebairs, marble top tables, splendid girandoles bnieans, mirrors, dining and breakfast table*, painting, Frerch bedsteads, ma* tresses, bedding, china Ae., with ba?e meat furniture, with which the sale will common oe; no post penement. Also, en Saturday, April 28, handsome house hold furniture. RD. GOODWIN, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL AT ? public auction on Frtlny, April 27, at I0W o'eloek A. v . at No <>M 8t. Mark's place, all the liousifceld furnitere, e< nMfting of Brnssels and Ingrain carpets, oil cloth, sofas, chairs, bnreans, bedsteads, neddiags, hair and straw mat treses, looking glasses, tables, stands, window cnrtatni, shades, |faso, stove*, a beautiful mahogany wsrdrev* Rndovne. maker; a vary large sldeheaid suitable for hotel nrt. s'ss fixtures, Ac. toge her with other articles necessary fcr hens-keeping. Catalogues en the moraine of the sale. Sale positive. A cash deposit required from all pnrehacers. SPECIAL AUCTION NOTICE? TO A9SIONEE9 OF sll llnds o? property. The undersigned gives special at tsntlon to assignees salec, fer ca?h. either at Ms storo or> elsewhere, on rcaionahlc terms. Th* attention of every one who have stocks ef goods, ot all kinds, cr accounts to close, is requested. Ful' pertienlsrs. If hy note, or personally, will be promptly given, on spplioatlon to 0. A, WATfR JT'T, mctfcmw. ?tc|f N?, it) iSron i'jc?t. IAUI at ACOTIOH. Tomb murrill, auctionehk? English vei. vet earysta, furniture, piano. Ao. ? This raoralag, at ldX o'olook, at 81 Nrnti street, rosewood parlor ??It, <-o Ttrcd with ciimsoa brocatekle; rosewood pianofortes, mad* I. > Van Winkle of this city ; 40 cottage bed*te*ds, velvet and Brussels carpeting bjr the piece, oak, mahog*ny anJ black waliut extension fining tables, oral mirror*, oil Sals lings, bair mattre****, gothlo and Grecian b?dataad?, resaing bureau* and wa?h atandaJ marble to pa. to match; ?uit of enamelled furniture, tell a teles, easy chairs, rock era, Ac . inlar.e variety; gold and plated jewelry (large stock from B. W. itore,) fa-icy gooda, Ac In all a large ?took adapted to the season and sold to pay advaaois As lane addition* will be added, if weather admits, full de scription ia impossible. Purchasers will be aerred with packets at moderate ohargaa. WILllAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER.? RECEIVERS' sale of elegant <?abiuot furaiture.? William Irving A Co. will aell at auction. this day. ( Thursday.) Apnl ?6, at lOyi o'clock, A M., at the waretooms or Josepn Diion, MM Broadway? Receivers' sale of elegant cabinet furniture, eontiating of elegant oarved rosewood, black wal nut, oak atd mahogany parlor furniture, roaewood, black walnut, oak ar.d maoogany dining room furniture, roaewood and blaok walnut library lurniturt; rosewood, blaok walnut and mffccfMiy bedroom furniture. Sold by order of 0. J. Sebmidt and Lorin Ingoldiou, reoeivera. Parlor furniture ? Hurt elaborate carved centre and pier table*?of rosewood, oak, blaok walnut, Ac.; with statuary marble, Egyptian and j*low of Stenaa tops; card, aota, and tete-a tcte tables, of the moat beautiful designs; ladies' escretoires and secreta ries, lined with satin wood; enooijneures of roaewood and black walnut, richly carved music ehairi and Jardeniere', papier mache tab ea and chalra, of the beat EngUsh make; etegerea of every description, with heavy plate glass doors and backa, with marble and roaewood tops; luporb suites of rosewood parlor furniture en suite, of exquisite carving of every atyle; antique Elizabethan, Louis IV.. and the latest I'aridan styles, covered in various colored silk and satin brocatelle. moaquettc, satia brocade, velvet and other beau tiful covers. Also, a large number of suite* In mualin, fanvy tables and cabineta. Dining room furniture? En suite, ele gant carved oak extern-ion dining tables, with every variety of exquiaito earvlng; buflct eldeboarda, antique Elizabethan and modern carving side tables.! etegeres, lounges, arm chairs, and chairs to matoh; complete nit carved roaewood, black walnut and mahogany d nlng room furniture, compris ing extension dining taMea, side tables, lounges, arm chairs, chairs, buffets and sideboarda. Library furniture ?Oak bookcMei, of every aize, style and pattern, beautifully carved in antique, Elli arethan and modern carving; beauti ful oak library and writing tables, arm ohairs in morocco, library steps in oak, Ae. , rosewood bookcases and writing table*, library ebairs in rosewood, blaok walnut bookcases, library tablet aad reclining chair*, mahogany bookoase*, table*, ebaii* and loungt* Bedroom furniture? Beautifully carved rosewood bedroom furniture en mite, carved bed steads, dressing bureau*, waahstand cabinet*, very elegant wardrobe*, armor a glace, Psyehe glaaaea, Ac., in blaok wal nut. Also, complete suit* mahogany bedroom furniture; alto, suits of oarved and blaok walnut, comprising lounge*, iota*, lounging chair), and ohairs in nivalin. Elegant rose wood, black walnut aad mahogany bookcase*, secretaries, Italian boudoir and bedroom chair*, oak, rosewood, blaok waluut und mahogany bat stand*, hall tables and chair*, suits of enamelled cottage furniture. Parties withing to pur chase really good furniture at a low prioe, will do well to attend tbc ?ale, a* evory article will positively be *old. By order of C J. Schmidt aad Lorlu Ingoldton, receiver*. "Y17ILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER.? HOUSEHOLD TV furniture ?WILLIAM IRVING A CO. will *ell at auction on Thursday, April 26, at 10X o'clock, at 88 Kast Twenty -seventh street, all the furniture eontalned in the above house, consisting of Brussels and ingrain carpets, suits of malioi any parlor furniture in hair cloth, sofas, chairs, arm chairs ana ottomans, mahogany marble top cen tre and nier tabl**, gilt tratne pier glaases, mahogany work table and secretary, mahogany French bedsteads, mahogany marble top dressing bureau* and waahitands, hair mal treat**, feather bods, bolsters aad pillow*, mahogany dining and tea table*, china dinner ana tea set*, crockery and glassware, silver plated ware, kitchcn funiture, Ao. 'ILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER.? ADMINI9TRA tor'a sale.? Cboioe old wine*, line oil painting*, Ao. M illiam Irving A Co. will *rll, at auction, to-day, Thursday, Apr 1 26, at 10>i o'clook. at 754 Broadway Wines, Ac.? .orueaox ? St. Jullen, Chateau Margaux 1SI1, Leovllle, Laflttc, La Rose, Ilant Brlen, Mouton 1814, Peobo de Lengueville 1742, St. Estepbe, Ao. Vfcite wluea? Haut Sauteini, Eau do Chateau de Sauterne* Iwl, St. Pery Leo, Ae. Bergnndy? Chauitertin, Volnay, Hermitage, Cote, R? tee, St. George. Ac., Portuguese Hermitage, Collarr*. Cbampagnet? Mumm'i Cabinet, Benniuger A Co.. Muuim'i Verzeoay, Lanson per* A flls, Uax Sutaino, Ileidahk, Long worth'* Catawba, Mn mm'* Imperial. Rhenlah? Marcobron ner. Nonesleler and Duboi* and Marny Rude*he<mer 1842 Stelnberger, from his Highness the Duke ol Nassau'* Cabi net. Radelras? Victoria, Phelps' three voyages to India, Symington 1830 and 1830, Jas. A. Gordon 1798, to. Sherrie* ? Doit A Co., Eckecopar A Co , Romans Cabinet Agrcdla 182(5, Cutrte 1836, DonFedos Domeoque Imperial, De aa*(i, Ae. Ports? Pait.'enlar Port 18S0, white Port, Rag* A Son*. Cordials? Curaooa, Abiynthe, Cherry, Blaokberry, and Rasperberry Brandies. Brandie*? Utard, Dupuy A Co., Maret A Co.. 1808, Viene Cognac, Imperial Brandy, Ploot, Castillou, 1820, Alaop* East India lonio Ale, Gulaela* Stoat, Reader A Howard'* Ale. Also, bar counters and fixture*, mirror*, lofa* in mo* quette, reading and card table, silver plated salver* and urns, elegant Engllab plated beer pump, cut glaiaware, oyrter counters and fixture*; also, Herring's inn salon; also, a fine assortment of copper kitchen furniture; alto, a line as sortment llavan* segara. WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER.? ELEGANT household furnituro. ? WILLIAM IRVING A CO. will aell at auction, on Friday, April 27. at 10)? o'clock, at 84 Wot Twentieth atreet, elegant household furniture, made to order by Me**r* Rom A Meek*; fine line engravings, su perb books, Ae. Parlors ? Elegant tapestry, Brussels oar pets, >-uperb French p'ato oval mirror*, elegant tuit oar>ed rosewood parlor furniture covered in blue and (liver brooa telle, elepant carved roeowofd picola piano, elegant brooa tello and lace window curtain* to match furnituro; luperb marbie inlaid table, elegant gilt frame oil paintings and line engraving*, superb oarvod rocewood folio stand, with a folio of Sfd fine line engravings, by WUkle and others; bronzo and marble clock* aad candelabra*, dreuiag eases, elegant china, Parian and Bohemian glass mantle ornament*. Drawing room? Bruisel* carpets, superb ctrved rosewood extension dining table, with rosewood marble top side ta bles for the leaves, rosewood sefa aad chairs in green leather, French china dinner, tea and breakfact **tt, complete set ent and engraved glasa wine decanter*, winee, ohampagae ;'bleta clarets Ac ; fine English cutlery. Bedroom rurnl ure? Bruaacl* caipeti, mirror*, lupern carved rosewood suit of bedruom furniture, consisting of French bedstead*. Wl ?1 dressing bureaus, dressing table*, waahstand*, cabinets amour a glace, suits of carved black walnut aad mahogany Sedroom lurnituro. batr mattresses, fealber bods, bolsWr* and pillow*, oil oloth, Brussels stair carpets, silver plated rods, rosewood wash* and*, Ao., together with a large and complete assortment ol kitchen furniture. Tl/M. IRVING AUCTIONEER.? HOTEL FURNITURE. Vt WIILIAM IRVING A CO. will sell a'< auction, on Friday an 1 Haturday, Apr 1 27th and 28th. at 10U o'olook, at the Atlantic Hotel. 5and 7 Broadway, hotel furnituro ? All the furniture con.aint d iu the above home, consisting ol Brussels and ingrain carpets, mahogany sofas and obaim ia bair cleth, aim chair*, rocker* and mahogany marble top centre, pier and cof* tablet; card tables, window curtain*, mirrors, paintings, Ac.; ISO mahogany. French, black wal nut, cottage and maple bedatead*, mahogany, marble top black walnut do. waahitand* eo acts; mahogany marble top and mahogany top bnreaus to matob; 100 heavy double and sinfle bair mattresses; 80 husk mattresses: 40 feather bed*; 180 set* feather bobters and pillow*; straw palliasse*; a large aud complete aiiertment ot counterpane*, blankets, quilt*, (beets, pillcw rase -j, Ac., for 180 bedstead*: Cbina vases and clocks, oandelabras, ISO mahogany and tilt frame mirrors. 400 maple and black walnut cane (eat chair*, ma hogany and black walnut extension dining table*, arm cbtlrs. China dinner and tea lets, glai* ware, silver plated ware, britannia ware, Ac.; bar counteri, mirror*, deoanters, sofa*, chair*, tablet, engraving*, desks bier pumps, brandies, whiskey, Madeiras, port and sbtrrie*, leg ars, Ao. Alan a large and complete assortment of copper kitchen furniture. WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER? HANDSOME household furniture ? WILLIAM IRVING A CO . will sell at anetion on Friday, April 27th, at 10 o'clook, at 1K8 Seeoid avenue, near T*eitth atreet, all tne furnituro contain* d in the above houte, conditio* ot elegant tapeatry Brussels carpet*, elrgant auit of carved roaewood parlor furnitrre, covered in crimaon, eolored *atln damask, con tiating of sofa, arm chairs, sewing ohairs and parlor chairs, tosuwood. reception ebairs, rosowoed marble top side ana cemre tables, French plate pier glaa***, oil paintings, mantel (lock* aad ornamenU, heavv laco window curtains, ele aut eatved rosewood 7 octavo pianoforte*, *uit mahogany parlor furniture, in hair cloth, mabocany book case and *ecre*-ary, mahogany ext ension dining table; rosewood 6)4 octave pi tno lorte. obina dinner and tea sets, cutlery, entglasiwKre, silver plated w*re,Brussel*and three ply oarpet*, mahogany French ecditead*, hair mattress**, feather beds, bolster* aud pil lows, bedding, mahogany marble top drwrtng bureau*, lounge*, mahogany marble top washstand*. cbina toilet let*, dressing tables, Brussels stair carpets, oil cloths, silver plated stair rod*, mahogany hat stands and hall chair*, to gether with a large and ccmplete a**ortmont of kitcbaa fur nitsre. 8. MELLOR, AUCTIONEER.? BY HOUGHTON A ? MEM. OR, this day. n"hnr?day,j at IP o'clock preoise ly, peremptory aale of magnificent household furniture, at tbelarg* double house 973 and 978 Broadway, between Twenty fifth and Twenty fixth atreet*. opposite Madison park, (consisting ot tb* furniture In lixteen parlors,) cham ber furniture of fifty room', tnrnished with rosewood and brocatelle; 2,000 yds. of royal Wilton and tapestry carpet*; 20solid rosewood parlor suite* of furniture, covered in ooatly brocade. I roe* telle and satin*; 3 seven octave roaewood pianofortes; magnificent French plate mantel and pier mir ror*, in the richest frame*. *om* of which oost 8800 each; 100 pure 8outb Amerloan horse hair raattrewes, bed*, pil low*, Ac ; 80 choice oil p&intia **, etegeres, carved resowiod srmonri, tblek French plate aoor*, <i*croitoire<, beaufats, solid rosewood library and dining room furniture, oak and mshogaiy extension dluingtables, 16 feet long: secretory, bookcases, music cabinet*, writing table*, thirty carved Voltaire and ea*y chair*, rockers, apiiag seat parlor chair*, divan*, ottoman*, corner eteger**, quartette*; pier, card and side table*, dean*, Ac.; 30 gilt frkuie, French plated pbrand mantel mirror*; all the ceitly gas chandelier*, fixtures throughout the house; Hch and costly brocatelle and real lace window cnrtalus. and richly painted shade* in (even ty five room* and parlors; candelabra*, aide ornaments, rich vases, mantel vaaes, statuary, Ae., together with ai. endles* variety or c pper cooking utensil*, cboioe basement and kitchen furniture, knivea, heavv *ilv*r platad ware, in good order: Englith efleloth, Ac. We invite the trade, hotel proprietor*, and those abont refurnishing, to thl* elesant sale? the largest of the aeeion. The furniture haa been in us* only *ix months, and coit over twenty live thousand dollar*. Furniture and mlrrora were furnished by our first elaa* Broadway maker*, and i* such a* can b? relied upon. The sale will be absolute. Terms cash, city funds. Cata legues will be issued on morning of *al*. A caih deposit will be raquirtd from all purchaser*, in order to ensure a prompt delivery. WS. ME1 LO*. AUCTION!**.? BY* BOCOHTON A . MKlLOK. Friday, April J7th, at 11>X o'olojk. magn|. ficent hauaehold furniture at 10^4 o'clock, at I hi large double hi of?, 42 Beaoh atrect oorner of llnda.n and oppotite 8t. Joha'i park crUiaa) oil paintinga by Raphael, Daboit. La grange and other oalclirated arliata; auperior tone raaewood pianoforte, made by Hern, a A Fiahar, of New York; one mag aifloently carved roaewood npholaered baok parlor anlt of fornttsre, covered in eoiitly broeatel, Til.: two tabloe. ?!* parlor ohaira, large aofa, two arm ehaim, ona lady'a gothle, aaving obaira. i-nparior ooatre tablea to raatoh thiak French plate oval mirrora, eat iiUaa ehandelier. Engliah, Brueaela, three ply and In rain earpeta, Rnglinh oiloloth thronih toe bonae; extentioa dlilng tablea, chair*, Ao.; Pea window cnrtaiai, bedroom eoatalni auita of mahogany and roaewod clamber inrMtur*, Tii. : bedatead, bnreana, waahatanda,Ao., with n arble tope. tilt frame mirrora, fancy gothie elocka, rioh mart le vaaea. choice Sagllah engr?*in?a, corner etoga rea. Ae.; Jonngea, thick hair mattraaaaa, pdlianxea, bedding, Aa ; wardrobe*, light and muaio atandk, pier tablet, roekera. eaay and fancy ohaira, Ac., together with a larj? variety or pond kitchen and baaement fnrnitore, w th which the aala will aommenea. We lavita houaekaepera and othera 10 thia aala, an the whole ia in excellent order, baring been in nae only one year. Catalegnea iaanad morning of aale A oaah deposit will be required from all purohtaera, and moat ba runortd on the day af rale. WM WITT1RS. AC C'TION I KK. WILL SELL TlltS 4ny, a* 1(1 o'clock, at 213 Faiton itroat, all the parlor, chamfer i, nd kltcbon furniture ia the a) ore henae, Conaiat irg of aofaa, chain, tablea. bedatcada, bedding, carpcta, ?tovaa, ?:hlaa, gla^a, and plated ware. WN WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL 8BLL, ON Friday, at 10 o'clock, at 52 Ninth avenna, tha p irlor, chancer and kHchea fnrnitare of a family breaking np totuekefring? aofea. r.halra. tablea, bur?ana, orj>et?, oil el*th, bedatead, bidding, atovei, cbina, glaaa and plated ware, C. A 1.1 CRTI'S, AUCTIONEER.- SHERIFF'S S A 1 F, ? <in Tburaday, April 2<l, at II o'clock, at No. 19 Court ?tree*, llr'oVlyn, two roaewond p*ano fnrloa, one mahornny do., one ric'fi oard, platfd war*. Aa. Alao Broaiala and ia grain oan>eta, houa*-hold fornitnrc. J Fnrno. Deputy. E. LOTT, Sheriff. C A! nCRTUJ. AUCTIONEER - SHERIFF'S ! SaTc . on Thnriday, April M, %t 2 o'clock at tha corner of Clrrcro nt and Fulton avrpaea, Broakfyn, 4 carriage 1 two boric top wagon, three light top baggy wagona, one lirht ?et of doable hemee*, thr"** aata af ataxia ao., two aaJdlea and ^ridlea. Alao all th? ata^lf fnrnitore /, Ft jar*, Deputy. % bOTT, Sheriff. ?*W? AT iucrios. * WS BBLLOR. AUCTIONEER ? fly HOUOHTON k. . Mellor -Saturday, at low o'olock, at salesroom, 1U Ntsiau i treat, mortgage eale of elegant household furniture, being the foniture of ft first clmi house, removed for ooa* venlence of tale, ami will be told positively by nrdtrofthw consistinv of rojral Wilton, Brussels aad three ply carpets, spleudm tone 7 octave pianoforte, suit* ot rose wood parlor furniture, oovered In costly ailka tod brocatelle. riob etegeroa, caoiaets, carved roacwood bedroom furniture, en suite, richly ear red wardrobes, mirror door a, superb oat extension dining table, U feet lot*, with polished leave** osrvtd oak chair* to match, covered in gr**a pluth, one mag nificent otiy or revolving otnlr. covered in morrocso, cost IK), corner eteteres, i firing teat parlor chain, rocking >n{ easy chairs, fancy tables, light stand, mahogany and Uethla bedsteads, cottar* chaira, reception da., oorered in broea* telle, 4c., pure Sonth American home hair MWmn. pal. liasses, Ao., choioe bedding, quilts, t bests. table linen, knirca, forka, 4c., feather h*ds, bolsters and pillow*. Alao, all tba window curtains abadea Ao , with the usual variety ofklteben and baaemant furniture. We invite the trail? and othera, and can rest ensured that erery lot will be toll positively without r-aerve. Catalogue* issued an moraine ol sale. Toe tale will ooiomenoe on the aaeond floor, with second hand furniture. First floor will be arranged wittj oostly ttiite af furaiture, parlor, chamber, drawiagrtqm li brary and diniagroom furniture, "of the latest style* ana do* signs. WC. ALBDRTtS, ACCTIONFKR ? SHERIFF'S SAI.K . on Friday, April 27. at 11 o'clock. at N?. 186 Peart street, Brooklyn, ono steam angina and boiler, in soed work* ing order. B. LOM\ Sheriff. J. 1'itici, Deputy. coapottaT&on soticrb. DEPARTMENT OF F1NANCB. ? COMPTROLLER' 9 Office, New York, Mereh 17, 1806.? Sale of i'trry Leasee at Poblio Auotion.? In pursuance of the 7th section of a? "act further to ametd the chartei af the City of Now York,1' passed April 1?, 1843, the Comptroller will aall at r'ublic auction, on Tburaday, the 20tn day of April next, ab 2 o'clock M.,at the City Ball, a ferry leasa liom the slip at the foot of Whitehall street. East mar, to Stataa island ; fgr ten years from tba flrat of May. 1806. The rale will embrace only the terry slip between pier No." 1 last river, now occupied by the united States, and tha Sier west ot pier No. 1, built for the purpose of a ferry to taieu Island, Including tue latter pier, except such portion* of the surface of the pier on tbe west aide thoreof as may h? required for the accommodation of a boat bouse and landing place for ainall boats from Governor's laland, and from pub lie vessels of the Doited States and of foreign governments, according to a plan now under consideration in the Common Council; it being distinctly nnderstool in at this ferry grant is to confer no priYilege to oooupy any portiom of the wateC on the west side of said pier, but the tame it reserved to b? rented, or used tempore ily by the Corporation of tbe City of New York until the same is otherwise disposed of by th* Common Counoil, In altering the line ef the battery wall, es tablishing a seoond ferry slip, or until interfered with by th* operations of the conirtetor in completing tht wall of thu Battery enlargement. It is also to he understood that the ferry grant is not to ia ter'ero with pier No 1 by landing ou it, but that the United States government is to have the solo use of that pier ac cording to the terms of their lease, and at the tame hat been occupied by them. The least to contain oovenants for the urual ferry fran chise from the foot of Whitehall itreet to tho Quarantine dock on Statcn lelaud, or snoh other convenient place an mjn be selected by the lessee, to be approved by the Mayor or Common Council. Alto, that thelesieo will provide sal'^ and comfortable stebin ferry boats, adapted to tbe naviga tion betaeen tbe oity and It-land, and to bo approved by tbe Cominipfcloneri ol the Sinking Fund; that suitable, con venient, and comfortable ferry h-mses shall bo erected au(f. maintained, during tho term ot the lease, at tbe several ferry landings for the shelter and accommodation of pas sengers; that the docks and slips occupied by the l**su? shall be kept in good repair and secure ooudition for the protection ot parsengers and property with such othec covenants as may bt required by any act of the Common Council, piovidec the tame is passed in time to hav*n*tie? given at tbe auction sale. Also, eovenants on tbe part of the lessee that he will eon duct and manage tbe said ferry agreeable te tuch rules, re gulations, ordinances or by-law*, as now are, or may hereaf ter, from time *o time, be made er passed by th* Common Council or the State Legislature. The grant of this ferry it not to Interfere with the right of tho Corporation to grant other ferriet to and from State* Island or to and from any other place. Seouiity tor the faitbtul pertormanoe of all the covenant* will be required, to be approved by th* Mayor and Comp troller. Ten per cent of the annual rent, and th* f**a of the auc tioneer. to be paio on the day of sale, and the reaidue of rent in quarter yearly tayment*. At the same time and plaee separate bid* will be received for the temporary use of the slip and dook or pior on the weet tide of the ferry pier Tbe use of this privileg* will b* rent ed to tho highest bidder, from month to month, snbjeot to> the conditions uud reservations set forth in the preceding part of this advertisement. nlHt LEASE VROU flARCI-AY STBEET TO HOBOBBlt The ferry established frem the loot of BaroWy street in the city or New York, across th* North river to lleboken, in tie State of New Jersey, and commonly called the Hoboken ferry .will be s.ld at public auction at the sam* tlmo and plao* as beftre stated, under tbe direution of the Comptroller. This tale will embrace onW the ferry tranchiM, a* no por tion of the property at tbe root of Barolay street belongs to the city: and on the Jcn-ey side the present lessee*, John C., Edward L., and Ed it In A. Stevens, are the exclusive owners. The conditions of the present lease will be *mbodi*d in th* new I-ease, on* of which u. that tbe lessee take* it subject to whatever maybe the right of the heirs er legsl representa tives of Wm.RhineUnder, deceased, to the bulkhead at the toot of Barolay str**t. or any part thereof, er to th* wharf age or profits to accrue therefrom. The terms of the present lease will be followed, aad in the general provisions are similar to the foregoing, in relation tw the Stater Island ferry. HELL GATE FBBBT, AT THE MOT Or BI6H TV -SIXTH STB BIT At tbe same time and place, tbe ferry lease from the foot of Eighty-tixth street. Eatt river, to Astoria, will botold for ten years from tbe first of May, 1867, in obedieac* to th* requirements ot the following resolution. Tit.:? Res lived, That the Comptroller be, and he it hereby, di rected to advertise the leas* of tho 11*11 Gat* ferry, running from Eighty sixth street to Attoria, tor ten year*, tor aalu at public auction, by a notioe in th* Corporation papers foe ton days*; and to lease the earn* to th* highest udder who will give adequate sconrity; and that tne Corporation ooua tel prenare a leise to said highost bidder, in pursuance of the provisions ef the te\euth section of th* a*t farther t* t trend the charter of tbe city of New Yerk, patted April 12th, lfOS. Approved by the Mayor, Dee. 28, 1893. The Corporation owns the land and the piers and slips o% both sides A map ol the premises hat been prepared, which mat be examined at the office of the Comptroller. The new leasee, in tbe cases of all the ferries, by the seventh acctien of the charter of 1863. is " required to pure has*, at a fair appraised valuation, the boat*, bnilding* and other property of the former l*ue*t, actually necessary for tho puipnsei of such ferry." A. C. PLAOO, Comptroller. ? The tharter require! thirty dayt. EXTRA. PAT. Bounty lands. -all persons bntitlbd to land warrant! under the lata hi of Congreoi, oaa haia the huh properly collected. on application to WM. A. HAWS, 173 Cukl ?trill. Letter* from the eoaatar ly aniwtrod. Bounty land -all soldiers, tbamstbrs an* tailor*, er the widow* of thoie who aorred on IU of athcre in any war ilnce 1775, m entitled to MX) aorei of bounty land, and ean obtain the lame ot the agent, P. T. BETTS, 66 Wall itroot, baaewent. No ohaue until the war rant ii oolleotod. BOUNTY LAND AND XXTKA PAY.-LB HURAY ? CO., deal*** in land warrant*, aro prepared to oolloot all olaimi for boonty land, under aot of Congnai of 18M. All who bate lerved on b?ard the United Stoto* itiipo{Yaa dalla, FiVdoala and Savannah, oan pro ear* their ulri pay upon application to a*, No. 9 Wall itroot, corner of Now. Navy bounty land officb.-all united Sta?ei laiiori and otliiri, who lor over fonrtoon dayi, duiing tbe lato Mexican war, lerred in any United Statoa navy or revenue veiae) in the Oulf nf Mexico, or in the Paoifia ocean, on eoaiti of California and Mextov; alio, all Uaito* State* navy niton) on ooian, harbor*, or the label, in lart ?*r agalnat Enrland for moio than foafteeo daya, or la any war linco 1790; alio, tbe widawa of all the abovo named, are now each entitled to land warranto for 100 aerei, and cm obtain the hup? free of charge till proeured? ea application to EDWARD B1SSBLL, Agent and (lata) Pnrnr U. S. N., 67 Wall itreit. Navy sailobs' bxtra pay officb.? all u. s. ?ail "rs, Ac., who, between 1846 and 1863, (erred la ?nw U. f. veiiel in tbe Paciflo, on coaeti of California and Mail co, are entitled to extra pay, whioh ii promptly paid thim by tbe underlined. "Bxtra pay" or balances or wagee oom li g to wldowi or belri of deeeaied U. S. lailora. oolleotod and raid, and all kind* of claimi againat United Statu reco vered by EDWARD RISbELL, Agent and (lato) Porter V. S. Nary, 67 Wall itreet. S0DDIF.R3, SAILORS. TEAM 5TBR3. WHO HAVE aerved in any war of the United State ? liice 1790, or their widowi or minor ohildren. ? You are entitled to ono hundred and lixtv acrei of land. On application to niyoa ?an get it promptly. Charge* moderate. No eharroa natil w arrant! obtained. Warrant! looated oa ohoieo laadi by a member of tbe firm ? e?t. BARKER A OSTRANDBR, 107 Broadway. Reference*? Hon Jamei Harper, ox Mayor; Dwlgbt U. Olmatend, E?q , 18 William ttreoi; Hon. Jamoo Brooks, editor N. Y. Expim; Col. H. Fuller, idltot Breniag Mirror,, aft A CHOICE selection op shrrrt. fort, ma dcira, claret, ohanpagne and other winee, brandie*. Scotch end lriah wbiakey, J amnio* rum, eohaapp*, Holland Md London cordial gin, Scotch alea, London and Dublin frter, d< meetio ale and porter, for family in, for lale, at M. H. UN DERU ILL'S, 4S> Broome atr*ot. E~ bsem'Xb ?>p oils por l m u o rs -en e mica ls for th* daguerreotype, photographic, elee'rotypo, k*. The molt rracrantell, apple, or elder brand/, oil Jartoaella rear. The bait oil eognae, white, green and yellow. Keren*** gin. St. Crota ram, Jamatoa ram, Sooteh and Monongahela whlekey, reach brandy, olla ahaynth anaia, clove*, pimento, jnnlrer, aarraway, and hitt*r almond*, acetio and nltroae ether, elaret, and port win* and mac eat flavor; cyanide patalaanm plumbago, bin* vitriol, iodine, iodide, ammonium, enlpbate Iron, strogallio aoid, atrontia, taryta, Vienna lime, aebentoe. Kiamuth, Prune h ehaik. jila lira, eadnlam maniaae**. For tale, k? Dr. L. HUTCH W ANUER, 141 Mald.n lane. v" TJ AVAN A siOARB.? A BOUT 80,060 OP TUB CHOICEST XI hranda, imported by the late Robert Sinclair. Eea . and aoie to roretei pact, praeent and future eveata. He ha* boea eoaeulted bv all the *? owned hrada of Karop*, and eaioya ft higher reputation aa an aatrnlocer than any oao now living. Nativitlre calculated. I adloa S3, gentlemen Si Lottere, poet paid, will receive immediate attention. For MrtieuUrw aee Aatrclogical Almaaaoa. Can be procured at the eOc*, 171 Syeamore atreet, Ciaoinnati, Ohio, by applleatioa by letter BOOT TO LEAVE THE CIT T? II AL)Alli ?0**0iy. Thle highly glft*d lady will poiitivaly leaae for Europ* la a few da>a; to all that with to ooarolt her moat eall moa, or they will not get the ebaaoa. She will tell ail th* event* Of life, and even the v*m ihoughta, to the groat astoafehmoa* of all her viaiter*. 79 brtome afreet, near Caaaoa. OentU men not admitted. N. B . ? N o obarce if aot aatlafled. STKOLOOT? DR IWLSON- CAN BE CONSULTED, on medical and aetrolo,rlcal ln?eatlgatiena, atvO Broome atrrct, nntil the let of Hay. on the flrit Soor, having been ? bient in of rlehnea*. CLAIRVOYANT EXAMINATIONS BY MRS. HATES, the beet medical and ( urineee clairvoyant we have i?? Amerlra Every peraon trnnbledwith di**aae - *-'.ne?? &HTROLOOT. WATCHES, JKWELRT, deC.