Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1855 Page 6
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ISTOTniHKlTTS BBlfEWBD EYEttT DAT. MHiwip nam. ram tkom. wiinri. WANTKD? A 81 1 UATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yoeax woman, M waiter; 1? willlnr to assist ia otiam fcsrwerk it raqalrM Beat of refe-enon. Apply for t?o di;i at 118 W?t 27th at., toimei 7ihand 8tu avenaes. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A NICK, TIDY GIRL, as ohamhermkid, or to do general housework: is a (Irak rat* waahar ltd lroner and good pi no cook. Good city re fsreaoe. will b? mo tor inree uays at Jb3 lit avenae, In tki Mn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A MOiT RESPECTA Me Seatoh woman, at mine, id a tint olasa family; she baa bad mnoh experience ia that capaot'y, in both countries; aaa M highly recommended by fsuiilles aha has U?ed with ia New Yetk. Apuly ?r a4d*-ss to K. Q., HI W a?t aOth ?*., noar 7th avenus, for three day*. WAMWD-BY A BiSrEOTABLE PROTESTANT yauBK woman, a sltua'iou a< oook, washer and Irouar. Apply at lS2 West 13th st ; e?n be se< a t'ir two days, it not engued; goad city roterenoo, it' required; ao objection io tlio eaaatrfr UTANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tr yoong woman. as cUani'xjriB .id and waiter hienoob ieotioa ea assist at wasong, irouln<. and plain sewing; no objection to go a short distance In tne country; good oity re rerenee frem her lait place, where she 'lved llvo yaars; can be soen lor two days at 143 K? t 'nt atroot, first floor, baok room, between 2d and 3d avenues. WANTED? BY A GIRL, A SIRL'ATIGN TO DO haesewark in a small family, or as seamstress and +? Ukko osre of children; is cupahln to do ohambcrwork auJ waitleg Alao, by a 1'rotes'aut woman, t > take the whole charge of oooldng and atsUt with the washing and ironing; or wool! take oharge of a amily where tbe-e was no mother. Please call at or addres> is* Clinton at., near Division. Can b? "can two days. WANTED? A SITUATION BY AS AMERICAN Wo man aooustom"d to the ohar ? oi uu imaut, and will iag to make herself generally nsefnl and sew. City refer oaoo givou. Can bo tfon ou lug the day through tuls week, at 192 Broadway, second floor. Kesiueuco n1 Court street, Brooklyn WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A WIOOW LADY, who eau refer to some ol the best families In theoit) ; is perfectly capable of *?.kiMg the get eral ihar:e ol about*. Salary no object, only it home for liorself and ohilil, ei^lit yearsot ag*. *tr particular" app j at 304 tl.h avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION, It Y A YOU ST O WOMAN, to do gontral housework for a small family. Good city referenco. Apply at No. 447 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. Mo obj lotion to the country. ? ANTED? A SITUATION, oY A YOU NO RESPEC rable woman, a l'rote taat, to do up stairs work, or as cbambensuaid end wal'er; go<>d city reference. Apply at AS Perry afreet, for two d.iys X\l ANTED? A S1TUA I ION, BY A RESPECTABLE YT j ouru; wtman, as ?esmntrcss and <ire-sui:ikur; oan cut and at ladies' and children's i!resse?,|entl all kinds of neat sew mi, good city rot> re u*e. tao he seen for two days at No So West 13th ttreet, between .Mb and tith ayenuei. ainmi WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as ^oud cook, washer and ironar; can do chamberwark; be<i ol citj referenoe. Apply at 181 12th ?treat, Unireraity placc WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to d? plain oooking, washing, ironing, and general housswork; good reference. Inquire of the pretent ?mployer Mr?. Evans, corner of iloyt aud Pacific streets, Brtoklyn. for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A WELL EDUCATED German girl, at teamstress and uur-ie; i< able to give instiuctlon to children in the German language. Call at 44 Kuat at , in the rear, room No. 3 WANTED? A SI: U At ION AS CHAMBERMAID AND to assist in washing, or would take a place a? plain oook Apply at her preaent place, IV East 11th it., rtwi aha ba* lived several ytars. IIT, ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, l" as lauudress in a private family; has no objection to $o in Ibo oouutry; good city reference given. Can do aeen at .^1K EllKabeth at , between Iluuston and Blceoker, rear, lirst floor. Si*. S. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A SMART SCOTCH girl, in a small private 'amily, to do general house work; can gtv* the best city reference from where she lived tkre* and a half years. Call at second bouse from Pacific, ia Court street. Brooklyn. WANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRLS, situations; one as cook, and has no o'ojeotion to assist in wanliing; 'ho other as obauibcruiaid and to do fine wash ing, or as ohamb?rmaid and wuiter; b*st city reference given for bith for their capability and good conduct. They sos id prefer to be enga^rtl together. Can be seen for two 4ay* at 116 3d avenue, between l&th and 10th sti., in the rear first floor, back room. WANTED- BY A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, A SITU * abion ai nurse and scaiustTesi; is tully competent to taka oh?*r,a of a baby from its birth; has no objection to do ? Hght ohaatberwork; (ia? the boat of city reference. Please call at 3Gf>Sth artnuo, far two days, WANTED? A WOMAN, COMPETENT TO DO THE baking of a ladies hoarding school In the State ot Haas ; a cook for a hovel in Conn. Places obtained for ulerks, saleamon, porters, barkeepers, coachmen, tren on atoasaars aed railroads, boys to learn trades. Charges moderato. Apply at 341 Broadway, basement. TAOS. SPINK, Agent. WA It TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Proteatwt joung girl, as dressmaker and seamstress oan out and (it ladies' and children s dresses in the neatsst saanuar. and can give the boot of city Mfc?Jw her last Mace wnere she flreo wir y?a n. Call 'or aaoressj at us 9th M , third floor, for two daya WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as wet nurse; good reference. Can be Men kit two day* at Bersenst., next house to the4thave aaa, Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youa m wonai, as seamstress In a resj>ectuble family; c*a cot and fit ladies' and ehildrea's clothing, and under stands all kinds of family sewing; would wish to go with a family travelling to Enrope; has good oity reference. Can he NU at 19 East llth St., near 3d avenue. WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL. ACED SIXTEEN years, a situation to take eare of eblldrcn and do plain ?owing in a respectable family; good reference. C'sn be ?sen at 132 Varick St., in the store. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, in Brookl; n, one as waiter and chambermaid, and the atb?r as coak, wsehcr and Iroser. Can be seau for two days at tii xr last employer's, 79 Columbia St., Brooklyn. One ban bean aver seven years in her last place, the other eleven months TE7 AN TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE l" Protestant wumai , as cook, washer and ironer, or to do thj work at a small private family; g^od refereuco. Can he aeen for two days at 304 Fulton St., Brooklyn, in the confec tionary store. WANTED? A SITUATION. BV A RESPECTABLE young girl, as cbamOcru aid and waiter , or to do honte work in a i- in all family; oity referenoe given. Apply at I ?t 37th at., betweea 7th and Sth ays., for two diys. ?fir ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, YT a Mtoefcn ns cook, anderstands pastry and baking, alje liow to make soups; will assist in washing and ironing. Can ooase well reoommended from the family with whom she has lived, and as they lutend breaking up botisekeepln,';, sbo can be se??n at 2H East 2Uth St., for Iwo days. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION ! UK Uunilrm or to do charoberwork and nno wasbin;. I The beat ot reference given. Can be ?<*n for two dayi at 36 i Warren St. WANTBD-BV A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PRO- ' tostaat joung D,*n. n situation ?? groom and coach ?aa. Can produce the mo*t ?atl?tact<)ry character an to capabiity I'leare call or address <? ?!., Jeha B. Ryer'e eadJl^ry, 612 Broeaway, earner of Botistnn ?t. XXI ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RKSI'ECT.VBI.E " yoncs woman, in a pilvate fami'.y. it a (nod plain eook, and a good washer and ironer. tiood city relcreuce can bo given from ber lest place I'least call at- 30 U ik st., la the rcw, roam 14, for two dnyi. XAT ANTED A SITUATION. BY A MOST RESECTABLE vv l*ro*oitant girl. a? chambcrin-i i ann waiter; it a *ood cook, sad t* willing to assist In washint; no oMectiou to the country Can be seen two day a. Th> hest of city reference troaj licr taat plaoes ? one where she lived three ye ir<, and tbj athfr two f oar*. Call at 31 Greenwich avenue, in the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A M'>?T RESPECT aMo Pret? stant girl, as dresstunker and seamstrcni; thiritichir understands cntt'nr and tittiiir ladies* and chit drea's dreesos, no objection to a??ist in cb?m!>erwurk, or to *? te tie eocntry. Beet of city reference from her l??t piaoa Call at 34 Green nick avenue. in the rear. Can lie neen too day*. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT GIRL m rliamb- rmaid, and to attend to children; or ai rbanbenaaid and to do plain rewiag in a private faulty. No otjeotioo te the country. Good references. Apply at 73 Charlton at. TXTAITIR WANTED ? FRRNl'H OR 1N<;LI.*H, UAV vT ln< rood r'womuieudetieim. may aprly at 47 Wall it ?eo?nd Boar, front. TI' AN TED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITI'A TV tieu a* cbarabenuaid or laundr?*i; would like t<- go t? Newport with a family ; the best of city reference given. Applr at 113 lHth st., eortier 7th av , third Boor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young cirl, as obamhermai t and laundress; the best of <ity rjfecaBoe given. Apply at 37'J Bait 12tb st., botween l>t tvenaa aad avjaue A. TJtfANTRD-BY A RIPPECTABM YOUNG GIRL, A u atnation as waiter or aa waiter and chaml ermaid: the V>?t of oi ty reference from ber las', piaoe. Call for two daye at tT9 lit avenue, firat floor, front r>om. W~~ ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE i young woman, to do general hrn?>work, or would do the op etaim work or take cire cf children or do plain lew. lag; woaU have ne objection to go a short di?t?nce ia the roantry, aood city reti rente givm. Call at 377 West 2*tb ? t., s-ioond fleor, trout room, for two dsya. WANTED- a SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE eruea Protectant girl, as ehamb .-rmaid aud to take ear* af obildrea; good refeieaoe given. Can be seen t?r two day* at 3# <th ?t. WANTED? A SITUATION. FOR A OOOD, HONES I ana reepeotable girl; able to ds i;eaeral hca*ework, or shaaborHaii, for inference, applyat Itll Wooster it. WANTRD? A RESPECTABLE GIRL. TO DO GENE ral lioaaavork, aad take ear* of children. Call at us ' I >aMi et . e? on <f floor. AITANTID? A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH AND IRON, j Tf Neaenead apply without good oitjr references. A, ply a? Friday, btiweea 3 aad 8 o'clock, at Na, I Colaiahi ? Col WANTRD? -AN AMERICAN, KNOLISH. OR SCOTCH wMiaa, te prepare fruit for pie*, far a bakery. Apply i at 400 Oraad at. WANTED? BY TWO YOUNG WOMKN, SITUATIONS; aaa a* waiter and ohamiermaid, and the other a* '?nadraaai fcaet of city references from their la*t place, \ 'i era t hey Hvad four year*. Can be rcaa at 105 Im*t II th ? , far twa days. WANIED? RT A YC UNO PROTESTANT OIRL, A f.ltnAU^D tk,u. in ii?u..ifofk, of td okAtiDMriuiiii and waiter ia a private family; hai city reference from her l.etptaoa, where ah* lived 14 mentbt. Can be *est at '>3 \ ?>/ *t , tJUrd i '9t tack, till ?uite4. WJ intelligent, CARETUL woman. A hT^dwtJdith. caw of 1? *n?, ??d ?*? I ^ .7,5, ?."??, *'??? ? ??"? ^r^IT SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE ^1TANT?I oook, wa.her and ironer in a ?mall V ti f.Jtlj ha. be.t of oity reference for the la*t eight P^*1" rTaaVcall at 146 Lewii.t., basement, for two day., titaNTED? A SITUATION, BY A BKSPECT ABLE \\ gill, to do general housework In a emMl family; good city reference given. Can be teen for two day. at 4 0 Cathe rine at. , from 9 o'clock till 4. _ Wanted-by a respectable young woman, a rituation ai chambermaid and waiter, or oliamb r maid and pUin ??? " ?bam; and ?na wa.l herj Ibe heat of city reference given from her la?t plaoe . for tVo "ay. at 241 Elisabeth et. np .tair., first floor. TirAVTlD BY A RESPECTABLE p" KO TESTA NT W Ri'l, a situation a? obtimuermaid and ?uamitr*. ^ ^ c'laml ermaid aud fin. wl" ^ ? ' rj "d,? nur(. or waiting jnaidf Goad *l*y r*f*remc?? CallVwo day. at ? Cbar-ton st. W ANTED?A SITUATION BY A^ RESPECTABLE fcrenMfnm Serlalt {dace Call at b3 Wet 18th at., be tween tith andTth avenue.. . ? ?? ? iirsPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ifl ANTi^BY A gBuer,i n?u?<"wiitk In a private .a VT a sltuationto do. ,roner, and has no objoo mily ; u agood oook, in tll8 0?UI1tr?. G?od oltl re n rnnie. 'c?U at l? Pnane at., comer of liud-on, two day.. Wr*v~iFD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO WAMtD and Irontr. Ibe be.t olro ^?.^'ri^cSut 1OT AtlUlc at.. Brooklyn, in .tore, TI'?M'FI)-BY A RESPECTABLE Yt>UNO WOMAN, W ' a situation a> wot nur.e; ha. got a full broaU o. -Milk; h;;tIV in .i? weeks old. No objection to *0 to the ounntrj. City 'cferenc*, if rl,uirod. Call at 03 M mtgoinery ,twt._ Wanted? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT ^E^oraan.a .itnation at plain cook, wanber and icon, r,' or to do general housework. U??? .ot rafoM,n88 ?*a begneu. Apply at No. 7 Desjrossc. .treet for two day?. TirANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE W voungglrl to cook, wash ord iron or U do ohanber w ork ma Afpeotable private family Can be ? at her u"Vuce,S ath .t , &twecn the tour, of 2 and 4, uuiil ongagtd. ? ?ItTaNIEP-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN. and Bth avenuee. ________ II 'ANTED BY A VERY RESPECTABLE YOUNG \\ a iltuation at nurse and aeamjitraw: ?al?r ?tind. all kinds of fan.llr Hewing, and can cut and lit lalms dresses Can ?ive best of city reference aa to oliaraotor and c?"adty. Plca.e call at 343 Ea.t 12th at., second floor, back root. -rar ANTED? TWO GOOD DRESS MAKERS NONE BUT W quick and neat hand, need apply at 72 Gth avenue, up Itair*. ? ? -war ANTin A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE W yonng woman to do general h?n?owoi-k or o^aiuber worn Cicod ei?y reference given. Apply at. 91 Henry st , for three day.- ? ? ?nr ANTED ?A FAMILY GIVING UP HOUSEKEEPING W ?an highly recommend three youn^ wom.u. who have Apply at IV 9.h.t? near Broadway. WAN'l ED BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGE!) i ai- nation a. nurxe and plain .oamstr>>s<; bjecticn to light charaberwork. Bo?t uf c^y " from Wr la.t Place. where_.he lived .even year.. Call at M 27th ?t., between 0th and 1 th avenne.. W- 7vTiri>_A RESPECTABLE FRENCH LADY, who speak. German, want, a situation In a .mall ta miW, to take* re of children and .ew. Be.t of reference. lnmnre at 117 8t. Mark', place. ANTED-AN AMERICAN GIRL, TO DO HOUSE work for a family. Mu.t undwUnd wa.hlng, ironing and plain cooking. J Robin?on. 8 W att. st. room, betwaan the bth and "th avenues. Wanted? an English girl, as cook, one nlio can bring satisfactory rocommendatlons. Apply , eftef 11 A. M., at 13 Pike st. WaKTED A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID, AND a.,iBt in ths washing, or chambarmald and nurse, or . .IwTr br a Protestant woman, wlih th. be.t of oity reierence from her la?t place, where p' ply at 45 West IWIi st., between ftth and bth avenues. anted-by a young woman, a situation as cook She undcratand. the Amerloan and Spanlih cooking" deMerti and baking. I. a first rate washer and ironrr Perfectly understands her bu.incM. Ha. noWee *h"I!!r. '(r_ Haa tne best of oity reference. Call at 3TO 1st avenue, petween llith and 19th ?ta.. for two day*. TIT ANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION W to travel with a family, or to wait upon a lady or children or as seamstreaa; is a good washor and >*"""? ,or ehamlwrniaid and waiter. Cell at her prejent employer., ' Bow ery up stairs, (dressmaker) where .he can be hi,hly ^'commended. Califimia preferred. 1. wiluns to pay haft her own pa?.age. TITANTSD BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA W uen M "eimltrer. and lady , maid; perfectly under stands hair dresbing, dres.making and fine .ewlng, and doing no ladies' flneriee; would aleo in housekeeping. No ofltotion to the oountry or travelling. Be.t of oity refe rinoe aiven. Can be Men for two day., ll not engaged, at 09 Greene .treet, room 14, between Spring and Brsome. -nr^Hian -a ailDafiov to no cuauBaRWORlC and waiting Be.t oity reference from her last place, where she has lived two year.. Apply at 177 Greene St., for two dayr nr ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOM AN. \\ a, laundi e-s or chambermaid in a private family. B..t of r? frrsnee from h.r last place. CaU at 36 Whitehall .treet, third floor, back room. WAN 7 ED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a .itnatioa to do gei eral booieirork; can wash and iron Has no objections to do ohamberwork. or _t? go a sh irt S?" in Uiecountry. Innuire at 381 Greenwich .t., cor n^r of North Moore, second floor, for two day. TITAN TED? A FIRST RATE MILLINER, AND A V\ yonng lady a. .ale. woman. Apply at Ihe millinory and pattern .toro. No. 3 Catherine .treet. "117 ANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE \\ ixlrl a. seam.tre... She can do all kind, or gewing and dressmaking. Sho can cut and make children R dresM.ia the mott tasteful manner; or would go a. chambermaid, anl do the and ?a.hing and ironing. She nnderatand her hnsl rts. in all i'-. branche.. Best reference. Call at 299 West 17th ft. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WO Y> man. a situation as cook, or washer and Irjnsr; ?r as launcry maid. Bo?t city retercnee. Can he seen at 0 Bank st,, two days only. IITANTFD BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A V\ rituation to do chamberwork and waiting In a small family, or an chlldrea". nurse. Good city ref***3^ Call at ^23 l.itt 19th st , first floor, back rcom, fir two days. TV AN TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE W voun? woman, as chambermaid and waiter. Goodre let. nee. Call at 157 Mott ?t., In the rear, room No. ?. 117 ANTED? BY A GERMAN LADY, A HOME IN A V\ nriva'o family where .he may devote a part of her time to the instruction of young cMldren in the Gorman lan.;uaxo ard music, as na e<iulvalent lor her board. Addres. Box 3,C80. Post Office. TITAN TED? BY A 8TEADY. RESPRCTABLE PRO " teatai.t womaa, a ailuation aa icamatreea. Wonld lo willing to nphiat in light ehamberwofk. I< an excellent *:nm*tre**; can tako hold of and do all kind* of Family s? tr ine in the neatoat manner; nnderatanda making tine ahirt*. 1 children,* clothes. and lus gcod reference fur charaot^r ana i ('.'inability. Call at 186 4th at., nenr tith arena*. crrnstd and aeamatreaa, or *eam*tr<ra :iud niTFf. I'm liceeniwo day* by oalling at her pretent .?ituttt ion, 2C2 Ucnry it., wh<re ahe baa Uv?d noarly two jiara. TV/ AM TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE M girl, to do the cooking, wa*hing and iruting ofasruail frivate family. Good city reference Irjin her last place, t all at 17* Monro* at., third floor. WANTEP-A YOUNU G1RI. TO no THE HOUSE IT vork of a family of two percoa*. None but a l'r>tcjt ant need apply at lw Green* at YUAN* ID- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT woman, a* bahj'a nur?e, in a reapectable family; ia competent to take charge of an infant from it? birth, and cm do very neat aewiug. Good city reference giron. Apply at 88 avenue C, in the atore. VITAN1ED-BY A COMPETENT PERSON, FAMILY TT reaing at hor place of resideiise. Rtfcreaas irmn a lady whom ahe ha* lived with for the last five yi-ara aula bair. Apply at 327 12tb at , near id avenne, tirat floor, baok rottn. TV" AST! D? A IRENCH WEI NUR5E. WITH A FRESH TT brcaat of nullt Apply iirratdlaUly at No. 18 Eaat tilth (trtet, between Univeriity place and 5th avaaue. WANTED? A SITUA1ION. BY A KESPECTABI,E vT womun. aa wet nnrae. Good eity refer*no*. Can be ?een for two day i at No. V> Eisex etreot, room No. SO. Tl/ ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE vT young woman, aa nur?e, chambermaid, or waiter; baa no otjee'iona to going ont of town: refera to th? place ahe la now, whrre abe has been four year*. Apply bttwoea 9 A. M. ana 5 P. M.. at ICS West li>th at. T VANTF.D? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL, A M aitnation to do general honaowork iu a amall private family , or to take tare of children and do plain aerini. Can be at on for two duya at 43 Whitehall at., entrance in Wator. TITAN TED? BY A FRENCH WOMAN AND IIER TT Jaugh'.w, aituatioaa a* eock, In New York .or Cali l >rnia Addrea* at Mr. J**ta, 91 Franklin Itreet. TI'ANTEI -A TO DO THE GENERAL HOUSE ' Vf werk of a amall private family. Rot'ercnoef required. Aptly at 133 l'' *rl at , Brooklyn. TIT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT tt jlrl, a titnatnn to d* general honaowork or chare b*r work, in a email private family; line no objoetion to a at ort distance in the conntry. Beat city reference. Can b* r?en for t?o In; a, at "2 Uamoraley at. TITANTED? A SALESMAN IN A DRY GOODS STORE, tt IG milea from New York, en* who underatands hia 1 in'.n?aa, and fan gWe good referoneea. Mn*t b* Irtah, and a Cetbolla. Addie** Dry Ocoda, Herald offioo, torS day*. IIESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA HOWARD. BUCKINGHAM A BARRON. WAITS. WANTID-A SALESMAN IN TUB FURN 1TUKE ?tor?, UO Chatham it. ; * ho has beea la the earn ? business before preltmd. Tl/ANIKD-A COACHMAN. WHO UN DKTlsT \ VDS TT bu business. Nob* nood apply who bM not the best ot referents Apply at SI Chambers it. WANTID-A MAN WnO UNDritSTAN DS THE CARE end management of bor?e*, with good reoommondUient from I it lest plate; no ebjeotlon te a oolortd men Applr ?t 00 Variok pit ce, Sullivan *t . between Bleeoker aad Uou>ton. TTTANTED? AT MANNING'S OFFICE, Mt BOWERV, TT for the beet ot situations in olty Bed country, oierki, porter., wBitere. uroom*. ooaohaea, gardeaer*, femora. vt Cnt. drivers, boy* tor trades and saloons; alto coots, ohaui ..?aialds, nurses, seamstresses, lauadressee, and general bouse servants. Employer* promptly suited at thia etHoe WANTED? A RESPECTABt 8 I, ID ABOUT FITTERS' years old. wbo t oarda with bin parents, to learn the drug buaiaewi Applyat 260 7th avenue. WANTED-BY A BOY SEVRNTKKN YEARS OF AO I, to tiind himaelf te aomo respectable trade, inoh as machinist, marl I* Bad (tone rutting, Ac. Citr refersnoe, if required. Apply tor oie weok, In the store, 119 ICth at. WANTKD? A BOY, TO ACT AS COPYIST: A OOOD writer required. Apply at 11 1% West 19th st. WANTED? A SITUATION. IX A I.IGHT MECHANl cat basinets, for a rosptoteble- youth, sixteen year* of age; best of reference can le given. Any persou dosirous of taking him a* aa indoor apprentice, (as bis parents are leav ing the city on tbe lit of May.) will please addro.s Jam?*, box 2.431 l'ost OAoe, which will be strictly attended to. Wanted? a smart, active lad who resides with his parents, to attend a grooery and liquor store: oue who 6*j some knowledge of tbe business pre ferrcd. Salary $20 eer month. Address, with namo, ajo and reference, i'.l! IV, box 3,377 l'ost Office. QtA(\(\ -TBI W MLOYEB OK AN EXI?ERIF..?CED ?jp1 l/V. shawl balcsuian, on Iiroadway or Canal ?tr 'ot, car have $401), on good security, at neven per o?nt; must he willing to pay $20 per wook; would not onjoot to go to Cali fornia. Address 0. M B., 234 West Nineteenth street. TO $60 Willi. BE GIVEN FOK A SITUATION by the advirtmr, a<ed 34; speaks English French atid Cerrran, of industries and business h\bita, writes a pooo I- and, and is willing t'. nitt biiaself geiurallr a/uful to oBi aoiij whore such qualifii-atieni ar? required. Ad dress 1* H. C , box '-V2 H?ral* ofile*. THE TRADES, <teC. BURNISHERS WANTED? APPLY TO J G, 23 ELM strort. Alto, a small Htor? in Broadway, a -ont $1,000 runt, and suitable tor a jewelers business. Address si ab< ve. DAGUERREOTYPES.? WANTED, A PERSON OF aotive industrious htblti, to take ohar.o of e da juorrean room. Must b* a good operator, and non* otber need apply. On* wbo Vsnld take an iatcrest preferred. Address Camera, Herald effloe. CI ARDEKER ?ANT PERSON WANTING A SINGLE J young man, wlih many years experionce aad relereaoa of nearly five vcars from last employer, perhaps rai;ht come to terms with a suitable perton by addressing a line to Gardener, Herald offico, for two dayi, which will msot with prompt at'entlon. / 1 ARDENER WANTED.? AN EXPERIENCED GAR VT tiener to go in tho country, *nd who n willing also to work on a farm. Address M. Gibiia, 49 Wall st . Imu rance buildings. SITUATION WANTED-FOR A CARVER ON IVORV and wood, or modeller especially for objects of arts. Inquire of Ph Umbaoh, 88? Broadway, whore samples o tn he seen. fllBTE HOUSK PAINTERS: NO OTHERS BI7T OOOD workmen. Apply to Geo Vt Ilajer, corner of 3d avenue and 23d st. Also, two young mon who wish te finish their bueinesR, can have a go?d chanoe. Trunk hands wanted.-sik trunk hands wanted immediately; alio, one trunk box maker. In quire between 9 and 10 A. M . only. Rnllman A Co., 177 Broadway. WANTED-A CARPENTXR AND A PAINTER, TO work in the country. Inquire at 167 William St., se coid floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION AS GARDENER; A MAN wbo understands gardening in all iti branches, or would take oharg) of a farm. Address Vine, Herald office, for two day*. fTirANTED? FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHIC BUSINESS. TT an artivo and intellige ot youtu man who has had some experience in the daguerrcan art. Apply to Gurney A Frede ricks. Si9 Broadway HOUSES, ROOMS, &C., W V1VTKP. <?1 fl nftfl T0 ?<>.?? WORTH OF REAL E IT ATE tT>i U.V/V/U wanted? Store property, dwelling hossesor bnildirg lots, in the central part of the city, not above Fourteenth atreot Parties having su"h property to di. pose of, will find a cash customer by applying to S. R- JACOBS. 21 Wall street, basemeat. $50 00(1 to lean, or to purchase Kiortfrages oa improved olty property. None but principals need apply. Apartments wanted-by a gentleman and his wife, in a genteel neighborhood, oa the east side of the town; with improvement* preferred. Address, stating particulars, R M , No. 14ti East Twenty first street. Apartments wanted -a middle aged i.ady wishes to rent for the ensuing year an unfurnished sit ting room, bedroom and oloset, in a private family ot re rpeetability. Situation must be pleasant, and within the lx>ui.dary *f Eighteenth and Ninth atreeti, Broadway and Sixth avcrne. Keforenoei oxohanged Adiiess S. D. R., Berald oOice. A SMALL TAP* WANTED FOR CASH, LOCATED od I.onr Inland, near Jamaica, or ia any good location within 20 miles of Brooklyn, near the railroad; also. farms on Long Iiland wanted ia exchange for impoved froporty in K tw York ot B*?ofcVTn. Apply to THOMAS A STREET, 34.^ Pint street. C10UNTRY 8EAT WANTED-WORTH FROM $6,000 TO J $,0,(K0, on the Hudson, letween New York and Sing Sing, in exchange for a first rliss house on Brooklyn Ueigbts; nleo. several small farms in New Jorsey. near Newark, wanted. Owner* only need apply. Apply to. THOMAS I STREET, Pine street. ?nn'RMSHED HOUSE WAN7ED.? ANY FAMILY 00 r in? abroad for one year or more, and having a hand somely furnished house which they had rather rent to a gen tleman and wife, at a moderate rate, than ehnt np th?iam\ may heir of an opportunity by addressing Albion, Herald office The beet or care will i e taken of both house and fur niture. Rent not te exceed $1,200 per annum. FURNISBED COTTAGE ON STATES' ISLAND WANT td? From 15th May to 13th September, at a eonveuieat dirtanoe from cne of the ferries. Addreu, stating terms and full partieulars, box 5,108 Post Office. FURNISHED ROOMS WANTED-A SUIT OF WELL furnished and convenient rooms for two gentlemen, In a n tired and quiet neighborhood, without board. Address Comfort, Broadway Post Office, statiog terms and looality. Furnished rooms wanted-by a gentleman, wife and seivant, one or two robots and basement; lo cation not above Canal street, y est of Broadway. Those wishing f spretal'Ie and permanent tenants can address (or threo days W W., Ilerald office, stating terms, which must bo moderate. REAL ESTATE ?WANTED TO PURCHASE, FIFFKES thousand dollars' y orth oftreal estate, in exohange fer a good manufacturing stook. KENNEDY A SHERMAN, No. 6 Wall street. Rooms wanted? suiTAhLE for a small fami ly for housekeeping, two or three rooms would be suf ficient if right) ylocated Mutt be in tb? viclaitv between Chambers and Canal streets, west side ot Broadway. Ad dress 0. W H., box 3,780 Post Office. WANTED-PARTOF A HOUSE. (FIRST OR SECOND sttry, with '.aiemi'nt, t'roton wuter, gae, Ao ,) in tho ui per fart of the city, wost sloe, for a email family. Rent not to exfeed $3U0. Address Home, Ilerald offioe. ?TOTANTED ? IN A QUIET NEKJUIIORHOOD, IN THE TT upper part of the city, the occasional ass of a tnreish e J epurtir.i nt Patment In advance. No reference Ad dress A. N., Broadway Post Office. XXT ANTF.D ? A SHALL FURNISHED ROOM, WITHOUT M I card the nelghborhcod ot East Broadway preferred Address bcx 2 304 Post office, stating lorms and location. "IV ANTED? IN THE VICINITY OF ASTORIA. CAR TT mansville. New Rochelle or any other healthy retreat, part of a sjiall comfortable cottage during the snmmer months: rentes unfurnished, and rent moderate. Address W. E , 11!' l'ultoa street. WANTIDTO PURCHASE? A HOUSE AND LOT IN the Eleventh or Seventeenth ward or vioinity, in a pood i.eiglilorhocd. Those wii-hisg to sail, address A. (ioddnrd, East river Post Office, aveouo D. WANTED TO PURCHASE FOR CASII-A FINE RE TT tail grocery store, in some good location well ostab llshcd Price not exceeding from $2. WW to $/.000, lor stock on l and will be no objection Address, with real signature, K. I. M., box KM betali office, ?n.l it will be met with prompt attention. nLLURM Ann street, no. h? an entrance ho pulton. ? BA*SFORD'S old rooms? 10 tables for playing, of metal and : late; a large stook with bis only patent eusliions, and other late inproyements; cloths, balls, ones, eue points, Ac., at reduced prices. Factory G3 and 66 Centre street. Billiard tables for sale, at reduced prices. ?A superisr article of rosewosd aad mabogaay, or oak, various rises, with marble or slate and wood beds, with our patent elastic ousblons; also, trimmings of everjr description. N. B ? Two second hand tables, cheap tor cash. GRIFFITH A DECKER, 90 Ann street. SII VER MEDAL AWARDED TO LEONARD A BIN Jan.ln at the World's Fair 1854, for the beet bliiiart table, with speolal approbation for workmanship. Tin jury sonsldered oar ovshions alone entitled to the above award We have a splendtd stook of billiard tables, sloths, halla cuss, leathers, Ao , ti. oheap, for sale. LEONARD A BMN JAMlN, highest premium makers, SIR Broadway. N. B.~ Tw? seooad haad tables, shsap, (or sals. HOTOLI. / 10I.L1NS HOTEL, FOOT OF CANAL STREET.? WILL \ ' be let, three large parlors, with bedrooms and several ssnall rooms, un reasonable terms, for summer months The hotel fronts the river, aad the looatioa it unequal for iami lies; full view of the bay aad harbor. TAI.I.MAN A MAPES, Proprietor . Hotel Brighton bouloonecsur mer), trance ?To families going to Europe. A gentleman, lately from Europe, caa safety reeommend the Dotal Brighto# as not eoly the best la tho place bat as oae at the h?st in Europe. Situated at a convenient distance from tho rail road aad being In the middle of a large garden, this be<sl possesses all the comforts desirable fsr wealthy families New TORE BAT HOTEL, MILES PROM JERSEY City ferry, ea the B->rgea Point plank road, will b? spened for the summer oa the 1st of May. It stands oaths beaoh, with s floe view of the Narrows; escstlent bathing, boating sad Ashing. Tbs stages leave every hoar from th< flsrry at Jersey City. Per partieulars apply, by post, te CAPT IFKS, Proprietor, Jersey City, or at tk? bouse. PAVILION. NEW BRIGHTON? THIS ESTABLISH most will be opened ea Monday, tho .".'Mb mst , for the reception of boarder*. P. PI, AN CARD, Proprietor. rrnE LONDON COFFEE HOUSE, LPDOATE HILL. I Uu?on.- EDWARD ELI.IS, hitherto of the Star and t>arter, R^hmnad Hilt, begs to notify that the I.on loa Coifs* no"s>< tiss Teer re ?tit I y undergone astensive aHaratims and imi-rovemtxsU, aai an eutits sousganitjitiws Tie *?? etous cnCee room u readnred private aid esia'urta 1*. and a large im?ki*t room aad wtitiag r?em hay* oeea added. 868. jPlBBUW AMP MWMWh BROADWAY, UNION SQUARE ? IIANOSOME I suite of room' to lot, with or without board, or pri vate taHe if requir.-d- Rath room*, gas, Ac., or ??? *f kitchen for famliie i on tho European plan. ?o moving it *?/? n co broadway.-furnishud or pwrpRNiati 70t> ed room* to let, to gentlemen or Umlli*?. Break f*?t t?rved, i> required. ()no HENRY STREET, BROOKLYN- ? ^ FKON'T 328 euit of room., on th* .econd ????.*? l*'- *''h b.ard, in a Br?t elsaa bou?e, to * gentleman an* hi* Wlfo, -t AH HUDSON STREET, OFPOSIT1I ST JOHN'S I park? Furnished rooms to lei, ytth board, to wnj j Ktntlemen, or gentlemen lid their witii. House Mfiy ftirniiibel, with all the inod?*n im proven ooii. No movm*. Book porlor to lot, tarnished or unfurnished. -|Tr MNTH STrTktT-SUITRS OF nANDSOMELY 1_40 fnrmuluxl room* to lot, on teeond anil third floor*,

to families, with prlvati UbU, or *insl* gentle i mn with par ti*l board. Houao flr*t cliu and oonveuiontly located be tween Broadway and Fourth avonue. m NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR EAST OF BROAD wat.furuishod rooms, lu salt* or aotfarately. Alto, book parlor and extension room on the first floor, to lot to gentlemen, with breakfast, if required. Alto, furniahod rooms at !* o ; 6 Collet o place. -I oo WEST TWENTY- SECOND STREET.? TO LET. Lot) to a tingle gentleman, in a -mall prWate family,* handsomely furbished front room, with or without bioakfait. reference required. TOO WEfcT TWENTY THIRD STREET.? DESt It ABLE I ij/j suites oi rooms can be obtained in a new first olata hfcOE* on teoond and third ttorio*. furniibed or uniurauljed. 1 ho location i* delightful. Uitorenoe* exchanged. T yn MAI)miNAVENUF..-TWO DESIRABLE SUITS 1 ?)U of room* now vacait on the aeoond floor, furnished or unfuinishod; *lnKle ro .in* for gentlemen, ln ?flr.t oU.M boarding house. Th**e who wl*h to remain In th* city will And it a delightful summer residence. Wall itroet *ta:oa |a*s the door ? T~/V7 PRINCE, COKNER GREEN STREET.-IIAND 1U I somcly turniflbc-d room* to lei, with mil or partial board, to e-nrle gentlemen. Nob* bat flr*t elan need apply. no AVENI K C ?BOARDING? A FEW SING1 E GSV yy llcm?n wishing to mako arrangement* f*r tbi oominj year and to find a cointcrtable quiet home, would do well to call immediately al?o a very baailsome apartment tor a gentleman and his \tife. Terms moderate. ni PRINCE STREET, WEST OF AND NEAR RBOAD yi way-Iiaudsomely furnlihed and pleasantly looated room* and guitesof room*, with board. Hou?e fir?t ola*?. containing all the modern Improvements. Pltatant garden ui rear. OT EAST TWENTY THIRD STREET WILL BK VA Ol oaut on the 2Htb of April, a turnUbed parlor and bed room on first floor (a private table given, If requirel); the lo Oit'ou is vory fine, there 1* a largo fruit garden belougtng te the hon?e. Apply at above. Wt\ WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET? BOAR DING. 4 U? Furnished room* on teoond and third flo?r, m anr<t clasp honso, with|l??tb. gas, Ac., In a private family, with full or partial board. Rctennoe exchanged, r7n FRANKLlN STREET. FIRST HOUSI WEST OF |U Broadway.? Tire parlor* on the flrat floot to let, acparate or together; a good location for a phy?ioi?n; alio, five or pi* single sud double rooms, lor lodftlu^s, nearly fur ntahed; oeaulbi-M* ktrictly obierred. ?JO HUDSON STREET.? BOARD? A GENTLEMAN OZ a ut. hi* family can And a plea*ant *uit of rooma, with pantrie*. on etoond floer, together or separate; also, two or three single gontlemen. Term* moderate. No mcvini; at May. n[\ AND 62 VARICK STREET, ST JOHN'S PARK. t)U tandaomely tnrni?hed room* on the ?eoond l"1* third lloors, with pii?ato batln, Ae., attaohed. to cither in suit* or separately; flr*? cla?? aecommodatlona, gas, batM, Ac. Inquire ai aboTe. re WEST TWENTY-THIRD 8TREET. ? A FEW SE 00 loot families and geutlemen ean be aeoommoiatei with suits or single rooms, with full or partial hoard, in that eligible brown *tone building, wbloh ii newly f"rninbe4and containing all the modern lmprorement*, and U oligiily lo oatod, between Broadway and Sixth areuue. WALKER STREET, FlYE DOORS WEST OF 04" Broadway. ? Three or four gentlemen can be a<;com moduted with comfortable furniahed room*, with or without board; hot, cold and shower bath* in the hon*e References exchanged. A O WEST WASHINGTON PLACE.? A HANDSORELY 4 D furnlihed front room on aeoond *t?ry, al*o other rojms lor *inple pen lUmen. with or without partial board. The home contain* the modern improrement*. la handsomely and newly lurnUhed. Reference* eiohanged. A r GROYE STREET. NEAR BLEECRER? DELIOHT 4 0 ful room* on first and eeeead floor* to let, fnrnithod or nnfnmiahed, with board; hou?* ftrit elau, oanUinlug 1m pro vt meats; location most desirable, and aoceifiblt to oars and atage line*. N o children taken. A A UNIVERSITY PLACE-nAS PLEASANT 9UR 44 mrr room*, replete with e rerr coa?enlence, fnrnl*h. ed or unlnrnliheiJ, lor a family of adult*, or for (Ingle gen tlemen. Dinner at ti o'clock. Board nerer failing to pleaae. Reference* exclnnjed. OK RUTGERS STREET.? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, DO or two or threo aiugle gentlemen, can obtain oammo dluiia room*, with board. The hon.e , ? finished in the be> t manner, and mpplled with bath, gay Ac. QQ ST. MARK'S PLACE. EIGHTH STREET- AVERY OO elepint *nlt of rurnlthed room*, with two eplendid parlors to lot, separate, to a few aingle gentlemen, or to gotbor to a family, w(th % hltohan. If re^ulr^ ^AUo, a liabld to let, snmoiont tor *>? -? ?< -? ?^,'T -y?T OCT GREENE STREET. ? GENTLKREN AND THEIR ZD wire*, or liogle gentlemen, can be aooommoda ted with hanisomeiy furni?h*d room*, aad full or partial board. Also, a handsome back parljr to let. furnished or unfurnished. Relerenoe* exohanged. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO ONE or two gentlemen, two nicely furnished room*, on the teoond floor. Tetms *8 to ?10 per week. Apply at M Uoratio btrcot, near Eighth avenue. N ENGLISH FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE A gentleman anc bl* wife, or ?ome youmg gentlemen, with board, in one of the pleasantest location* in Brooklyn, a abort diatanco from the South and Wall atreet ferries. Au early application will *ecure choice ot room*. Apply at 13 Congress ?treet, three door* below Henry . PRIVATE YAMILY RESIDING IN A PLEASANT and detirable part of the city, oan nocommodate one or twe * nsle gontlemen with a comfortable furnished room, with or without paatial board, convenient to leveral line* of ?t*g< s. Address box 1,213 1'ott Office. AGE^TLEMAN AND WIFE AND TWO OR THREE single gentlemen can be accommodated witu bosrd in a houee with all the modern improvement*, and wharo thev can enjoy the social cemfurt* of a homo. Dinner at six o'clock, it preferred . Apply at 67 Hnd*on *tre?t, between Mxth and Eighth avenue rafl car*. Relerenoe* exchangod. A GENTLEMAN WISHES PARTIAL BOARD IN A private f?mily. where hut few boarder* sre taken, with in tea minute*' walk of Montague ferry, Brooklyn. Is wil ling to pay a fair trice for good acoommodatlon*. Addret* Frank, Herald offlco, with location and terms in full. bUIT OF ROOMS. SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED, with bedroom* and closet* attached, to let to single gentlemen, in a private house, with all the modern improve menu. A phj rician will find this a rar* chance. Apply at Mi I'rinee itrcct, a few doora weat ot Broadway. A GENTLEMAN WISHES FOR BOARD FOR HlMj ?elf tnd wife, for one year from May lat, in a sm ill genteel family; i* from Masaaehiuett*. and would prefer a Some with a family from the eame place. Terms mutt be moderate; an c-arl? breakfast required, or would tako rart of a good ton*e, if an arrangement oonld be made wbloh would promiio permanenoy ; mu?t be in good locality, and a*ce?*ible by cars or stase* to tho lowjr part of th* city Address Josiah Watain, llerald ofllc*. A PLAIN. TRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET A FCR n it hod bedroom, vith or without board No otuer loardt-r*. Rcfereuoe given and required. Addr*** 112 Weat Thirty second street. A WIDOW I.ADY WOULD LET TO A GEVTI.EVW and lady, (with board for the lady,) two parlors on first floor of a luodtrn home; no other bonrders or occupants. Addroaa K. II , Broadway Post Oflloo. A FEW GENTLEMEN OH A GENTEEL FAMILY CAN be accommodated in a private familv, browa (tone bouse, with all the modern tm? rovemcnta, in a delightful looation; ?a?y of aoocss to bm iness parts of the city. Tor particulars apply at the Abingdon book (tore, 23 Eighth avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE A GF.N tloman and bis wif" and two or three gentlemen, with detirable rooms and board, at 101 Wost Sixteenth street; home haa baths, gas, Ao. A DESIRABLE SUIT OF ROOMS FOR FAMILIES; also rooma lor single gentlemen, ciin be obtained by ap plying at 12 Nrilson place [one door below lighth atreet, op posite Dr. Frentina' ohnrob. References exohtnged. A LADY WITn FOUR CHILDREN, FROM FIVE TO tight yoara of aze, is t'esirous to get beard in a private b^nrding bouse either on Sutcn Island or Long Island, not very tar from the citv, on reaaonnhle term*. Address, with all the particulars, Mrs. E. M , Union square l'oat Office, un til Tneiday n?xt. A~gen tlemaS"and wife can obtain one on two riee unfurnished room?, with beard, with a stnill family at 1A5 Clinton strtet? a pleasant location. Role renoca given and required. AnANTSOME FRONT PARLOR? ON THE FIRST floor, unfurnished Kill be vacant fr.<m the 1st of May, with or without partial board; also one or two other room*, in the vicinity or Union envare and liroadway ; aU? and oar route within a quarter of a block. Apply at 23? Twelfth ? troet, near Fourth avenue. A FRONT PARLOR, FURNISHED, WILL BE LET to a gentleman without board. The location is a ra tirrd ore, bnt convenient to aeveral stage routes, and the Eighth Avenno Railroad Rest moderate Address M. E. T litre M ofllcr Aback parlor, furnished, suitable for t?c gentleman, to lot, with or without partial board, in a private family, at i'l W hl'e atre?t, one door from Kim. A1F.W SELECT BOARDERS MAY OBTAIN ROOMS, furnished rr unfurt Ishad, with or without board, la a private family, ir a new brown stone honse. with all the modern i in pre omenta; alao, a splendid oflloe for a physician or surveyor. References exchanged. Apply at 141 East THrte<nth atreet, between Set ond and Third avanuas. AFKW SINOI r. UF.NTLl.UEN, OR A GENTLEMAN and his wifs, ran te ac?r mmodated with bvard. rail or partial, and snit of rooms, at 1 13 W ?st Twenty second stroet, the botire boing newly painted and furnished throughout. Reference exchanged. Also an office saitabla for a physirlaa. Manor atti, if required. Board -to let, with partial board, to single rantleman, una or two large rooms, with small one* a tjoiaing, neatly furnished, la a private fsmilr. The Iimiso ia furnished with gas and hath. Rireronee exohaaged Apply at 4d Ea*t Eighteenth street, between Broadway aad Fourth avenne. OAKD-A SMALL FAMILY, WITH MORR ROOM than (bay want, la a One heuee ia the p'easantest p ?rt ot East Broadvay will take to; board a gentleman and M? and two tlngla gentlemen. Best or aoromtaad itlons. Krf/r. roe aivon and required. A lino addressed to Walter, Herald office, will meet with prompt attantlon. BOARD.-SEVF.RAL ROOM!, HANDSOMELY FUR iV-?ed ??????'? for slrsl.i .(?? Momen nr ?"i?'l*rn?n s-d tl*tr wn?a, wiii !?? I??, ? !>?* s?oa b .sr'i, a n.n c:as* bonds, 57 Mfclh sttwvt, near ?UU at aa*. ?OUUMHI AID uwoua. BO ABB? 213 EAST HBO AD WAY, PLEASANT THIRD ?tor? front roon, with large pantry, to let, with board, t o egeitlemen and wife. or singlo ge&tlemen. Board-suits or rooms for families; al?o ?iogl* ro uiti for (tentlemeu in a flr?t class hou*e, rapist* with all tba modern improvements where Krenoh aad s??? ish is spoken ; din nor at 6 o'elook: references exchanged; no removal on the 1st ot Ma/. Apply at 191 Tenth street, ea*t ot and near Broadway. BOARD-GENTLEMEN WITH THEIR WIVES MAT be aeoommedated aftar lat of Mar, with unfurnished rooms snd boar I, in a pleasant locality in Brsoklya, on a city railroad route Single gentlemen may bare furnished rooms and board. Inqnlre till Monday, th* 30th inst , at M Adclpbi street; after, at the northwest coraer of Myrtle aud Clermont avenues. Board? a buit of rooms on tub second door, handsomely furnished, to let to a gentleman and wile; a'so rooms suitable l.or tingle gentlemen, in a private lsmily la Twenty-third street; flooatlen uuexoeptianable; a<ro a front basement to let. suitable for a plysioian. Call at No. 146 West Twenty second street, near seventh aveuie. BOARE? TO LET TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, A FUR nishe* parUr and bodroora; also, ene lar*o and twe mall rooms. Oentlemea desiring pleasant rootni aad alt tbe comforts of home will do well to call at 2i West Twanty teoend street. Board.? a gentleman and nia wife, or otw gentlemen, can obtain pleasmt rooms with board In quire at 82 Forsyth street, near Grand. Board ? a suite of rooms, with large pav trles attached, on second floor; also pleasant rienHfir tingle gentlemen, in a first class house, having aU modern mprovements, eouvenieut to stagos and cars. Apply at 49 Grecnwioh avenue. BOARD.-A FEW 8KI.ECT BOARDERS WILl 8E accommodated In a piivate famil* : modern houso; beautiful looation, 200 West Thirty second street, betwxou Elf lit b and Ninth avenues. A good eoolal homo, use of piano Ac. Term* moderate. A fine parlor for a ma-rlel counle. Board? with pleasant rooms, i kd or unfurnished, for a gentleman and wife or single *i>n tl?nian, in a small private family without children. Apply previous to ltt ot Day, by nnte, to I.awrenoe, Horaltl o.ilco; afterwards personally, at C9.East Thirty first streot, njar Lexington avenue. Board.? a suit of unfurnished rooms, con t ai nil. p large iiantrke, ga* <ku., mar be bad, with board, in a private family, wheie the comforts of home may be enjoyed: also, a furnished room tor one or two gentlemen. Apply at No. 8 Warren place, Charles street. BOAK^.? DESIRABLE SUITS OF ROOMS TOR FAMI lius, now vacant, to let. with board; alto, ploaunt rooms tor single Rent lemon, In a flrat class bonse, noar riftii ave nue, aud convenient to th* Sixth avenue cars and atagei. Apply at iJS Wrst Twenty second street. BOARIl-AT 100 EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, SECOND doorea-t from Stnyvesant Park and Livingston place, in a private family, fer a gentleman aad wife, or two or three single geutiemen The rooms have large eloset* at tached, containing hot and colt water. No moviag in May, Helen nous exchanged. BOARD-A LADY OCCUPYING A NEAT MODERN house, above Uramercy park, and living quite retired, wtuld let a parlor and dormitory, with bath, gas, Ac., te a lady and gentleman, with full board for the laaV and break fast for tbo gentleman, if desired. Address X. L. C., Broad way I'ost Office. Board.? a widow i.ady having a Hr>usK re plete with all the modorx Improvements, will let to a gentleman nnd wife, a back parlor, on thu flrit or seoind fleors, with board. Apply .K 7 Twelfth street, near Secjnd avenue. Board-in an English fakii.t, where the comforts of a home are studied, for gentlemen and their wivep and single gentlemen, on reasonable terms. Apply at 108 Isonard street, a few do?rs east of Broadway. Tran sient and day hoarders also to:ommcdated. Board.? pleasant rooms, handsomely fur sished, parlors and bedroom* oommunloatinii for fatal li?s and singlo gentlemen. Apply at 649 and 661 Broadway Board ? with pleasant rooms, suitable for a family or singlo gentlemen, may be had at IS Beaoh at. BOaRD-AT 26 NINTH STREET.? FINE FURNISHED rooms, large and small, in suite* and single, with board, may be had as above. Flrit class house, with modern Im provements. and newly furnishod throughout. Board? a private family would let, to a gentleman and his wife, a front room and bedroom, on second floor. The bonse has all tbe modern improve xents. Tbe best of reference given and required. Apply at 71 Mao doogal street, between Bleccker and Houston. B?fl?or, tuh?0o?'wUhor^ALAN7 R00MS. SECOND ZMt IXUXteJSXr f"m B""d?y-" oSv&i! Board in clinton place.? a suit of rioms on th* second and third floors, furnished or unfurnish ed, for a gentleman and his wife, tr for single gentleman, at 97 Clinton plaoc. Board in west eleventh street, near Broadway. ? Front room on leoond floor, to let, with board. House has all the modern improvements. Inquire at 18 West Eleventh street, between Broadway and Unlver ?ity place. Board for children in the country-loca tton. Smithtown, Long Island, near the railroad; tho plac* l i healthy, and convenient to school and ohurjh; terms moderate: unexceptionable references giveu and required. Inquire of E. A. BUNCE. or C. B. rOME ROY, 212 Broad way, room 3. Board down town, at ts per week.? perma ncnt bonr itrs, without lodging. oan be aoeoramodated at the above pnoe; alao, a few boardera, with lodging, can be accommodated at the Farmer*' Hotel, 247 Waihingtonst. Boa mi or tottk.- vbrv ltOOH9, IN ?-uit? or separata, oan be obtained g* ^Fourth avenue, where the comforta of a home mar P?*?1tperi inced. The House ii modern, well aituated, and teimi moderate. Re ferencea exchanged. ?RROOELYN.? FOR A FEW GENTLEMEN OF RE AD enectahlllty, floe rooma in a rait or aeparate, with par tial board, by a amall family in a first claaa haute, with bath. Ac., a short dlatanoe from South and Wall atreet ferries; at moderate terma. Reference! exchange L Apply at 242 Henry atreet. Brooklyn heights-three minutes from Wall atreet ferry.? Suite of rooma fori (ingle gentlemen and families, can be obtained in the elegant house 62 Re ma an atreet, Brooklyn, which will be readr for oooupancy priir to the lat of May. Gas, bathi, Ac. Reference* e* changed. Apply as above. Board in Brooklyn.? 102 clinton street. A few single gentlemen, and gentlemen and tholr wlvef, ran be accommodated with full or partial board, in a very Clearant part of the city, where the comforts of a home oan e received, by applying at 102 Clinton atreet. Board in Brooklyn.? a handsome front room and bedroom, furnished or unfurnished, to let, with board, to a gentleman and wife; also, a room for a sin sle gentleman. Location very deairable. Apply at No. IS2 Dnffitld atrcot, near Fnlton avenue. Board in Brooklyn.? a lady haying a houae pleasantly 'coated, with all the modern imorovo ments, would let a suit of rooma, famished or unfurniihed, to a gentleman and his wife, or two single gentlemen, with loaid. References exchanged. Dinner at 6 o'elook. Apply at 62 Willoughby itreet. Board in Brooklyn.? two single gentle m n ean find furnished looms in a private family, with partial boaid, three minutea' walk from South and Wall atreet ferries, and no moving in May. Apply at 41 Joralemon atreet. References exchanged. Board in Brooklyn, near fulton ferry. ? A gentleman and his wire, or two single gentlemen, can be accommodated with n spacious front room on the second floor, fnrnisted and lighted with gas, with board, In a gentoel family. Yery pleasantly located. Apply at 30 Sauds street. BU OA RD IN BROOKLYN. -TWO OR THREE SINGLE gentlemen, or a lady and gentlemen, oan be anoommo ilatea with two pleasant rooma ea second story, in a private family, a few minutes' walk from Fultou ferry, by applying at 1 12 Bands street. Befcreiioes exchanged. Board in Brooklyn? one or two single sen tlemnn can bo accommodated with pleasant rooms and nartiil hoard, if required, in a private family, in one of tie finest locations in the city. References required. In quire at 117 Schermerborn street, near Smith, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.? handsome rooms, on the second and first floor, suitable for families or single gentlemen, in a first olasa house, beautiful situation and vithin fivu minutes walk of the Fulton ferry. Miiy be had immediately, at 170 Washington stteet. Board in Brooklyn? a few gentlemen can bo hcoommofated witn partial board and pleasant rooma In a private family, on application at 193 Bridge .tract. Kent of relsronce required. Board on brcoklyn iiEiarrrs.-A gentleman and wife, and two aingla gentlemon oan obtain boar! at No. ti Willow street; also a tentleman to give instructions cn the piano in part payment; convenient to Wall street and Fulton forties; view of tho bay unsurpassed; reierenoes exchanged. Board in brooklyn.-a gentleman and his wl'o, or two single gentlemen, can obtain board, [if ap plied Tor before first Mar ) in a pleasant part of Brooklyn, convenient to South and Wall atreet ferries. Reference required. Inquire at 47 Congress street, first bouse west of Iltnry. Board in south Brooklyn.? a gentleman and his wife can be accommodated with board; also, two tingle gentlemen, in a tamily where there are but few boarders. Call at 160 Court street, near Baltic, Brooklyn. Board in south brooklyn.-pleasant rooms with bedrooms and pantries attaohed, for gentlemen abd their wives or single gentlemen, can he had at No. 6 Tompkins place, eight miautos' wall from the South ftrry. Reference* exchanged. HOARD ON BROOKLYN HEIGnTS.-ROOMS FOR FA Lf milio* or single gentlemen, with fall or partial hoard, at UG Columbia stteet, near Clark. The hoase is delight fully situated, commanding a splendid viow of the bay and hsrbor, and within three minutes' walk of Wall street and lultna ferries. Kefarenies exchanged. Board in horokkn.? a few gentlemen can he nocoiomodated with good board and neatly fur nished r 'nms. Apply in Hudson street Uobokea, third housa above !>eoona street. Referenoes exchanged. Board i* the country-one or two yoij\g men would be taken to board in a private family, where there are no other hoarders. Reautiful honso, splendid lo cation, oac hours' ride by railroad or steamboat. Address W., box 1M> Herald office, _ OARD WANTED ? IN A SMALL FAMILY, WHERE there are but few or no other boarders, fer a gentleman anil hie wire; Brooklyn, near Fulton or Wall atreet ferries, Cfetred. Po one nted apply ualess they state terms. Ad H ss fhrrepoot, Herald ofllce B ABOARD WANTED? BY A YOUNG LADY, IN A strictly private family. References given. TerasliAO per week. Address M. E W , two days, at Herald ?Aoe. i ' BOATtD WANTED IN nROOK LTN? BY A GENTLE man, in a amall genteel private family, fine looation, few minutea' walk from the forties; terms moderate. Ad 1 dae?? M., bo? Ml Poet Ofllce. BC AI1D WANTED? FOR \ BOY AND GIRL IN THE country, with schooling lor both. The distanoe net any P object with a good met with a good moral family, where thfre ar? good schools. Reference* required. Apply at one* to C. G. 1 HOMPROM, 81 Nassau street, room N*. 7. B^BOARMNG. -GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVBSCAW I h? well and r>1?e>.aat'y anommodatet with board, In a I a?i? reSiMoe, ana beet vv?? ..???? *' ?'???* *i Lj **???>'?' f ?? M Mint *{??%. ADD lOUOIRfl BOARriNC-t? COURT STREET. CORNEROF 8CIIER aierhurn Br?cllj? huu? ?, or unit mm, ?i>k M< looma ?aJ pantries attached, with full ur pirbtl Ittri T1 ? location ia drai'fcble. beirg within l?a minute i' walk ?( eitli) r of tbo Isrrle*. Reference exchanged. BOARDING -FAMILIES UREAKIN'U UP HOUSE keeping, or cbanaiag, cir flnil furaiaholor ujfurul .W?l room*, at moderate prioce, where there are but fair bonder/, at 41 Rut lifleenth atrcat, in the iiamodlata aeighbeiheM of Union square. Boarding. -an fi.egant suite or rooms on aecond floor, uifaruished. to let, with or without board; alto uinirle rooms and front roim :n se-oad Bath and gas in the bojae. Apply at No. 47 Bond (treat But few boardara ara taken. Boaedino ?a parlor on the fieit pi.o ?r, ?bo one er two rooms on the tV ird if desired. will ha let, with board, in a bourn with modern Improvement*, pleaaaat ly located- 40 feonnd a*enue I'leate ap;.ly at IV Wart Twenty-faith atreat Terms nill not oxcoed eiO. BOARDINC.-ONB OR TWO GENTLEMEN At* tbeir wive* oan be accommodated with at ra'.aut roaaaa and board, by a widow lady whoa* family is private. Tha boure bM ftll th? modern improvem&i tr. and is pleMiitlf located 2J? Twelfth atreet. between Thirs and Fourth ave aoaa. Reference* exchanged BOARDING-AT MURRAY II ILL, 875 SIXTH AVI no*; a ?unimer location, pleaeant like the oouatry, and m?ro convenient. Term* to anit. l!\ra puss -very tkraa minutes. Genteol and Christian families rill do well to oatt ai above. Boarding^a gentleman ani? his wife can be socommodated with a wall furnished room, witlk <? hi*' rf and gas. hct and cold water, with a small ros|e*taale family whose deaire it will bi> to moke ttelr guesta oomfort able and at home. Apply at 21 Woat Twenty eooond Street, near Fifth avenue. BOA KPING.-A 'GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, AND A few bii.Rle gout'emeu, can be aooomuoUaUJ with nlea aent roor ? m d boar' al 373 Grand stroet. Apply tiU lat of May at SO Essex street. Boarding.? to let, with board, to a gmn tleuiun and wife, a pleasant fn.nt room and pantry on the aecond floor. Al>?, arounlo of single itcuilomaa oan be accommodated at tha private hoarding Uoute, No. IK Watt* Hzeet Term* moderate. Boarding- a front kuit of room*, with LA ROM pantries; also, rooms for single (ontleiuen in a flrst class private bardicg bon?e; location pleasant, eool and atrv; conveuiontto ear* and stage* going to all par'.* of Urn oity. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon square watt alia, iM*a4 door from Bank streak. Boards g agency, no * astou place ? B"arding houses and private familioi anppliel with respectable hoardera Persons wishing to procure bo.rd di rectuJ to rie irable houses frea of expt<nr?. A number of so perior boarding places low on onr book. DEHARKST A BASSET. Boarding in Brooklyn? a large room, at 47 Sands street, suitable for two geutlemon. Refer ences exobnngod. Boarding in south Brooklyn. -two single Kcntloman can have a fro at and baok parlor, with breakfast, on very moderate terms. Apply at 276 Atlantis street. Boarding in hie coon try.? a few families or tingle p<r??Bs, enn be accommodated ulth good board, at moderate priocs, in a pleasant location, bnt two minutes' walk from the depot. For particulars, apnlv to Mr*. Cr*?*, at Rahway, N. J. Reference? Davidson, ('rum A UonaeU, 186 1 niton a'rect, N. Y. ; U P. A E. Williams, 1J2 Front street, N. Y.; J. A A Woodruff. Rahway, N J. C COUNTRY BOARD? MAY BE HAD, FROM MIDDLE 1 of May, at a pleasant re?ideneo, seven inllos from Brooklyn, near a depot oi the Long Island Railroad. Large bonse a*ry rooms, and fine lawn with shade trees. Apply at ?l East Twenty third street. Aocommodatiens for horses. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED, NEAR THE CITY? A private house preferred, by a small family. Address M. E , Herald office. (10UN1RY BOARD FOR CHILDREN.? A I ADY HAT J ing taken a houae a short distauoe in the oountry, and scar the r?a shore, wonld take under her eapocial car* a li mited number of children during the summer. Any person having childion they would like to place undorkind parental care, on vety liberal terms, may address Farm House, He rald office. Desirable rooms, with board, mat be had for gentlemen and their wives, or sinsle gentlamen; bouse pleasantly situated, faoing Hoboken ferry, in the vi cinity of St. Luke's churoh. Term* reasonable. Ne re moval in May. Inquire at G76 Greenwioh street. Furnished apartments and board wantbb. by a lady, in the upper put of the oity. Apply to A. 11., Herald office. IjiUKNISHED ROOMS TO LET? WITH OR WITHOUT I1 hoard? front parlor, with bedrooms attached. Apply at the liftb Ward Hotel, corner of franklin street aal West Broadway. FUR1* ISIIED ROOMS? SUITABLE FOR FAMILIES OR ringle gentlemen, can be had (if applied for soon) at IV Henry street. House new, rooms light and airy. Captains ot vtsaels, and those having business d. wn town, will And till* a quiet and eomfortable home for thu summer. Furnished rooms-to gentle mi:n, in a small family- The houae ia first olass, in a desirable loon tion. Breakfast, if required, lerms moderate. Apply At M West Eleventh itreet, between Ath and Gth avenues. Furnished rooms to let.-a neatly for niabed parlor and bedroom, to let, with or without board, in a small bouie kept by a renpeotable widow lady, where no other bo irdors are taken. Apply at 102 Wait Twenty tilth atreet, between Sixth and Sevsuth avenue*. Furnished room wanted? with partial board, in a respectable private family, by a gentleman wbo tha comfort* of a home in preference to dliplay n furniture, Ac.; location in the vioinii) of Broadway, met aHvt Ilouaton itreet. Address, statin* terms, looatiea, room, Ac., C. W B., Broadway Post Office. Fubnished front parlor and bedroom to let, (with breakfast if required,) on the seoond floor ef a qniet house, ceoupied by a Trench private fasaily, to a re, epcotable single pentleman. The htuse has been entirely re r sired. Fornlti re new and elegant. Rent $18 % month, nquire at .K> Walker street, west ot Broadway. Families changing tiieir residence, or those wishing to obtain board, will be furnished with Sleasant apartments by applying at4l East Fifteenth street > the immediate vioinity of Union square. Gentlemen can be accommodated with furnished rooma, with break'ast and tea if required, with dm of bathroom, Ac. References exohaaged. FImn apply at HO White street, near Broadway. Handsomely furnished rooms, with board. BIMIMWU the modern improvements, ia a plea tsnt part of the city, convenient to both cari and stagaa. Apply at ?;3 West Twenty flrsl street, corner ei Sixth ave. Handsome furnished apartments to lit? in Oieat Jones street, oonsuting of a parlor ant bed room, with closets, gas and bath, suitable for one or t re single gentlemen, without board, in the first clan home No. 8 Great .lones street, third door from Broadway. JERSEY CITY? PRIVATE BOARDING.? A FAMILY having hired a honee in South Seooad street, and having aore roc in than thtj wish to oeonpy, wonld let to two gaa Memen and thtlr wives, or a fow single gentlemen, rooms, wl'h board. To permanent re"01", loir prion. Loonlity Eleasant and desirable. For particulars addrese Mr*. S. I., Herald offle*. I ODCINGS ? GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN WELL i fnrnished single bedded rooms for SI 60 to E2 60 par week, or is. to 'it. rer night, at the Fade Hotel, ooraer of Fratkfort and William streets. There are numerous refee tcriea adjacent at whioh they can obtain meals. MRS. MOORE, 17 i WEST TWENTY FIRST STREET, is now prepared to negotiate with thote wishing hoxrd he ensnlag season, having large, fine niry parlors, and bed rooms attached, if doslred, on aroord and tLird flonri. Gas, batn, Ac , complete. I. oration unsurpassed, near Eighth No moving ia May. Neatly furnished rooms on first an* second floor* for one or two gentlemen, with or with out breaklaat and tea, in a small plain family, where there aia no boarders. Terms moderate. Apply at ?70 Eighth avenne, near Twenty fourth street. NO. 10 UNION SQUARE. ? FURNISflED ROOMS FOR families or single gentlemen, with full or partial board. 0 NE OR tWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN Bl Ac commodated with partial board and fnrnished noma ia a [a irate family, by applying at 23U West Twenty iStoead street, between Kighth and Ninth avenues. No removal aa the 1st of May. Terms reasonable. PARTIAL BOARD WANTED? IN BROOKLYN, BY two German gentlemen,' in a private Ariericaa family, where there are no other boarder*. Terms moderate. Ad dr'.'ss FA, box 878 N.Y, Post Office. PAFI.OR AND BEtROOM, FURVISBED, TO LET-TO one or two contemea, in a modern built h?uj?, with gas aid bath. Tho house is ocenpicd by a sratll private family, w ithout children or boarders. Apply nt Na. 63 M est Twenty fourth street. Referrnca re (uirad. PLEASANT ROOMS WITH BOARD, CAN BE OB taited, by Applying at^CB.Niath street, aesr First avenue. Rooms, with board, for gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen. ? Honso pleasantly situ ated facing Ilob->k< n ferry, and in the vicinity of .'it. Luke's chvroh. Those desiring a comfortable hoao ? ill do w*U te call at 07 S Greenwich street. Term- reasonable. STATIN IM.AND.? SEVERAL GENTLEMEN CAN BE accommodated with partial board, ia a genteel private lamily, ia Tompkinsville, three minutes' walk troas tht landing. Address M. 8. E . Herald ofllce. TWO HANDSOME FRONT ROOMS, tS IIOtTSl NO. 5 ";,T?7 *tilt*ble for gentlemen and their wive*, ?"?y had, with heard, by applying on the premUos. Also a basement n? re. Mme Meyers will have oomploied her re n.oval into the honse by Saturday next. TWO OR TnREE SOOLE OF.NTLF.MKN CAN OK AC eommodated with ueatlr furnished roviu* *ud partial board, at K Newark street, Hohoken. TWO OR FOUR MNGI.E GENTLEMEN CAN BE WELL accommodated with bice fnrni.hrd rooms, and partial board, In a small private family ; bonre first class. Ga< and bath . Locatloa oeatral and weat of Broadway. Thasn wishia* the comforts ol a home, may address IL W. bealM Herald office. TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN. ? A PRIVATE FAMILY, Without child; en, would let to one or thr?e single gen Hemes, two elegant parlors, with exolnsirt use of bath aa t lie same floor, furnished or onfurnishsd; or a parlor and bedroom, with or without partial board: the Ikium ia plea santly located at 194 Fourth i treat opposite Washiagteei iqun. TO LET? WITH BOARD. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, IW Ninth street, betweea Fifth and Sixth avenues, oue or two snits of rooms, separate! r orto? ether, to those wilUag to ray A good prico, on? #plond1d lilt fuflUnM m i ilf i# they may chose' private table or aot. Reter< aeei exchaaj ?d. Address M 8., Union square Post nfflo>. WANTED? AT ROCEAWAY, NEAR THE BEAClLIlf a small family .by ??.??.!>' >x?ardter a lady, eW ind tin re* Address Mra Hall, tXt Oraene etr at, New Yark, itatiag terms. llTANTEn-BOARD IN A STRICTLY PRIVATE TV family, without other boarders, for a gentleman aadl rife, without children, looatlea between Eighth and Trea f third atreeta. and east of Broad war. Familial deslraaa rednoiag their eipensaa will Aad this an exoelleat epaor nnity by addroeslng Mecobaat, Herald oAee, stating tuB ' (articular* A!?TED.-A LADY DESIRE4 A SMALL BUT l>lea?ant mom, with break last and tea In a retpeata .?* jr.. at,, i<> ??t i osrdi.a *? Ut , ?riw# aat U oxoeej M ?t week. Addtoas hu*a, iletaid ods<)*. w