Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1855 Page 5
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Ib a hair tab under a forge. There m so other damage 4m*; the Urn have an into ranee of 9800 is the Hano ni )r auranoe Co. DniiLr Dibi"en8ary Report tor April, 1HN5. ? #ho ? ???bar of patieats under treatment, l,o44; i.e * patienta, 1,780; attended at their reaMeueea, 313; do. at the Dia peniary, (elaatified a* follows,) 1,467. Di?e<tses of the heart, lung* &nd tbroat, 'Jut*; of the bead and abdomen, Severs &c., -26 ; of the eye and ear, 88 ol the akin, 92; ef nnun AS; of chilir*n, 10b; surgical department, lt>8; minor surgery, 244 ; vaccination, 2ut? 'Intel maiee, 7*3. Females, 1.027. B?rn ia the Unit. <1 8i?t-s, 717: k> Ireland. 9'Jfl; in othfr countries, 07. Seut to the hos pital. 8; died, 21; remaining under treatment, 64; pres criptions dispensed during the month, 3,241. Jersey City News. A New Village on BKROE.V Poi.vr.? An association of flesmans has purchased the farm of Mr. Cadmus, fire ?silts sooth of Jersey City, on Bergen Point, just below tlie Morris tarsi. it oontains 160 aerea and extends fcom New York bay to Newark bay. It was purchased for 8160,000. It will be laid oat in lot* for a Tillage, which will at once be commenced. Fikxmk.n 's Elkction? Official Vot*. ? The following ia Mm official vote for Chief and Assistant Engineers of the Jersey City Fire Department, cast at the election on Tuesday last: ? Samuel A. French received '101 votes, and was elected without opposition . Aaniatante ? First ward, James R Gautier. 116; John D. Nolan, S8; K. H. He Cleary, 62, and.). W. Strober, 61. Second ward? James Wallace, 161; James McLaughlin, *Jb; Chas B. Sleignt, fcl. Third wanl ? Win. Chi I vera, 283. Fourth ward ? Was. Roosevelt, 168; H P. Robertson, 83; ueorge W. Dempsey, 66. The candidate in each w .rd who received the highest number ot votes is elected. The Courts? Hudson County Cutcrrr . Court and Court or Otkh and Terminer. ? The Grand Jury is en gaged in hearing complaints against the unlicensed liquor ?ellers, and yeaterday constables were about Jersey City with large packages of subpoenas, rtquiilu< the alteud ssrn of liquor crtnkers and others as witnesses before the Grand Jury. In his charge to tne jury, Judge Haines alluded to the indiscriminate uie of intoxicating drinki as a cause of crime, and urged the necessity of stopping the traffic in ardent spirits. The Circuit waa engaged yesterday with civil caxeB of no public intetest. 1. W. Shudder. Esq., Attorney, has given not ce of a cer torari directed to the Judge of the late charter election In the First ward of Jersey City, commanding them to bnog up the nepers connected with the (taction, in order to have the fsgality of rejecting the ballots on whlsh pound master was spelkd pond master, decided. Win. 11. JellUfe ap peared as counsel for the Ward Judge*, iifldavlts in this case will be taken on Saturday, and it is possible the argument will be brought on as early as Monday next. The Grand Jury. ? lbs Grand Inquest of the present term of the Hudson county Court ot Over and terminer, ia eomposed of. the following named citizen* of the eennty :? Erastus Randall, foreman; Wm. A. Townsend, Isaac J. Vanderbeck, Henry A. Greene, John Boyce, Wludert Van Horn, Cornelius C. Van Riper, Wm. Gal braith, Joseph Danielson, Wm. A. Boyd, James 1. Hat field, John L. Vandewater, Wm. R Jtnewsy, Ural Corey, James H. Button, Henry M. Traphagen, Kut'u* Story, Nicholas Prior, John G. Gordon, Jasper Wandall. BenJ. 8. Taylor, James H. Wilson, Nathaniel N. Hatfield, and Hansen Carrigan. WllllsmaliDrg Intelligence. Latino a Corner S tone. ? The ceremony of laying the earner stone of the German Evangelical- Mission Church, earner of Leonard and Stagg streets, (Eastern District,) took place yesterday afternoon, in the preacnce of quite a large audience. The pastor, Rev. John Neander, read the constitution or the chuich, and Rev. Jobn G. Guil den preached a sermon in the German lauguage. The atone was then laid, after which an addresH was delivered ay Rev Mr Finlay, and the service* closed by prayer and benediction by Rev. Mr. Bohle. The ediSoe will be bnilt of brick, forty feet front, snd sixty feet deep, and will cost about $4,000. Bobbery. ? The jewelry store of Charles Armsbruster, 181 Kwen street, (Eastern District,) was entered on Wed nesday afternoon, during the absence of the proprietor, and robbed of two gold watches rained at 9260. Robbing Ber Employer. ?Yesterday, Mrs. Haight, cor ner of Fourth and Grand streets, made a complaint he fere Captain Guischard, of the Fifth district police, against her servant girl, Margiret Connor, charging her with stealing various articles of wearing apparel, A warrant was issued for her arrest. Fluid Laut Explosion ?About 10 o'clock on Wednes day evepmfj, a fluid lamp exploded in the buildings known as Battle Row, in North Firet street, near Tenth, ?ocupied by a large number ol families. The damage waa trifling. Th> Balance Dock.? The enormous floa ilng balance dock, which was recently built in this city by Mr. Webb, ia at present located at Greenpoint. The first Teasel ? the English steam* hip Teviot, of London ? was raised upon this ock on Wednesday afternoon, ior i '-coppering and repairs. A New Fire Company. ? A new fire company has re cently been organized at Greenpoint, (the Seventeenth ward,) under tie title of "Valley Forge Fire Engine Company No. 11, of the Eastern District;" Frederick Parsons foreman, and W. Doan assistant foreman. The company brought home their engine on Wednesday af ternoon. Laying a Corner Store.? The corner stone of the Ger nan Evangelical Mission church, corner of Leonard and Stagg streets (Eastern district), was laid Thursday after noon, at two o'clock. Pubuc School No. 19.? The inauguration of Mr. Va lentine as principal of Public School No. 10 (late No. 4) teok place Wednesday forenoon. Professor Bo wen, late of the State Normal School, and a number of other gen tlemen interested in public schools, were present. The New Ferry. ? The South Tenth street ferry has not yet gone into op>ration. The company have not yet procured any boats. Coroners' Inquests. TBI LATE FATAL ACCIDftNT AT TBI EVERETT HOUSB. Coroner Wilbelm held an inquest yesterday upon the body of the late Rev. Charles Ilalsey, of ChrUt's church, who came to his death by falling out of the fourth story window of the new addition to the Ev. rett House, now constructing at the corner of Seventeenth street and Fourth avenue. The evidence went to show tbat the affair was purely accidental, whereupon tbe jury ren dered a veroict of "death from tbe etfe-.t* of Injuries received by aec falling out of the fourth story window of the Everett Houie, on the 2d May, 185b." Deeeaeed was forty- five years of age. and was born in New Jersey. Coroter OTonnell held an inquest upon tbe body of an unknown man, aged about sixty-one years, who was killed on Wednesday night bv being knocked <lown and ran over by an ash cart, In Fifteenth street, near ttixth avenue. Tbe deceased was about five feet nix inches In height, had gray hair and whiskers all round his f*ce; wore black pacta kods and old vest, white ootton shirt, ?otton neckerchief, old gray coat, and brogans. De ceased bad a small wood axe in his posses ilon at the time of tbe accident. Tbe cart wan driven by a man named Kelly, who, as it appeared on the inquest, did all ia his power to prevent the misfortune. A ver.lict of accidental death was rendered, thus acquitting Kelly of mil censure in the matter. Shooting Affair Betvret u Fire Companies. TO TBS EDITOR OF TBI H Kit A I D. la your issue of this morning an article appears under the above head, to the effect tbat a person oy the name of W ilmot was wounded by a pistol shot during a fight between Hore Company No 13 a ad Engine Company No. 44. this, t-ir, is wrong, as no difficulty has occurred between tbr said companies. Upon inquiry. I learn that a difficulty has ex'sted between tbe said Wilmot and a person by the uame of Corleton for tome time past, and ?n tbe tftth ult , as is stuted, the parties me;, when a fight ensued; but no persons belonging to No. 44 were engaged in the affair, as 1 have been informed by parties who were present. It is hard, Mr. Editor, that members of tbe Fire Department are tnus brought before tbe pub lic throngh.the press, to account for every difficulty which may occur in tbe vicinity of their location. If ft can be proved tbat members of No. 44 were engaged in this affair, it is boped that they may be dealt with ac cordingly, as it is not my objeirt in publishing this card to "bi?ld them from justice. By giving this an inser tion in your valuable journal you will .onfer a ft tor on jeurhumMe servant. JNO. GORMAN, Hat 3, 1855. Secretary Engine Co. No. 44. Court Calendar? This Day. United Statu Diitbjct Court ? Nos. 8, 17, 20, 22, 25 uao. l'?mB States Circuit Cocht. ? Judge Nelson will take ap the equity calendar. EipensebeM*! Spring and Rammer Style of bats tor 18M. ? These unrivalled bats are ia greater demand tbaa ever. Tbrir superior quality and marvellous ch ap neas Is the secret of this urgent demand. N. K3PEN SClitlD, 118 Nassau street. Brtbe A Co., 106 Broadway, have Just re* eeived a larse assortment of Paris made beaver, telt, soft hats, eitra floe and light. Tl.eir assortmsat of fashionable bats and eaps for gantlomens' spring and summer wear ia complete, and comprises every variety. Try one of David's spring style off gentle men's hats. They are beautifnl in style and finish, lixht and ee*y to tbe h-^ad. Biamiae them and judse fer yourself, at his salesroom, 301 Broadway, second door frem Duane st. Archbishop Hughe*, Senator Brooks, Lieu tenant Govtreor Raymond and John Rebinson; whatever aiay be the difticnlties between these gentlemen, thiv are all united on one subject, viz., that RAFFRRTY A I.EA3K make the most dittinpvr bate of the season Call aad see it jr.Q sgree with them, at the stores 57 Chatham, and comer of Chatham and I'earl streets. Mistaken.? You make a strange mistake, reader, if when you want a hsnd'otne and fashionable hit, you do not call upon onr friend K>OX, of 12ft Fulton street aad 533 Broadwar. Bis fabrics have a certain style and el'gaace shout them, that you will look afr in vain anywhire else. Ti j him on. Anson's Daguerreotypes? Large size for >fty een's colored, and in a nice esse, twice the sire ever taken for fifty oents. and rqnai is uuality aad sise to any tbat are made # New here for tJ. A.NSU.Vd, M Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Ciieat Maslr and Pianoforte Warehouse.? My A Hunter having taken insnensiou of their spacious war* rooms, 6l!i Broadway iSt NicLtlas Hotel), are now offering the mist ?*f?n?lve and dedrable assortment of planus and asetodeons to ne found in the city, including the eels 'rated triple stringed do:mle octave piano, made by ourselves; r?. A. w. l,add A Co. s superior diaeonal premium pianos, anil Messrs Cathart and NseJham's meljdeons.atl o waleh w# will sell at priee* tbat defy com petition. lit A ?DKOSY, Vii) jBgiutwajr. N, B.-Flaacs to 1st, >?w Sly !?? of IUI Hate.? Tim Kelt Hat, of various forms, qualities and textures, may be aaid to have 'e^eme a itaudard article ot costume in this eouatry. It* I peculiar sdai t< dneas to bulinea* sad travailing purpo-ea,and tbe pietnreaqueneis of it* appearance, h??- reud-red It popular witb both old and young. Id order to snpply tbo growing demand lor variety in styles. color, Snish and I mountings, in tbia department of the hatting business the undersigned ii continually Introducing new models and thai cat* ring for tbo independent tasto whion ha? sprung up ia relation to aapless hate. They are produced In hia factory of every gradation of flexibility, from the "soft bit," whiah may be rolled up and put in the pocket like a pair o* gloves, to tbe itiffer and oiore elaetio felt beaver "oylind?rs," that may be termed the droea specimens of this claae of ohapnan. . Min present stock comprise about twenty different stylts for gentlemen, youths and boys, and nearly aa maay aliadae of color from jst black to light drab ana ere*<n white felt bate lor shooting, fishing and riding, for the <>ffioe, for travelling, for tbe boy at achool, and the merchant in hit warehouse, all of the mot', appropriate and onveuient shapes for their aeveral purpose-, are for aale, wholesale and retail, by GBMN, I'll Broadway. oppoiite St. Paul'i Cburob. NoUcr.-The Kurnlture adTerllied by n? for tale at the Brevoort Uonu. to take placo 2d, .id, 4th nod Mb in?t., ban been withdrawn by Mea*ra. A. T. St-wart A Co., U?ey having aold the aauiu to sir. Clarke, of the How ard House. The aale will, therefore, not take place. HENRY n. LEBDS. 111 Nassau street. Tbe Great Piano ana Manic Establishment ef nORACE WaTEBS, No. 333 Sroadway.? The largest as sortment of p<a'.os, melodems and music merchandise of all kinds in tea TJnited States; over one hundred pianos and meloileens of every *ariety of style from the plainest tiniab tor aohool or clnb rooms ao those of the moat elegant and ehaate workmanship, from tbe different, ?? constantly on exhWtlou in th? eitensive wareroom* or thii house. Among them are T. Gilbert A Co.'a celebrated pre mium pianos with iron frames and circular soalea, with or without the aioliaa. II?raoe Wa'res' modern improved ri anoi, having in the Improvement of over strings, and In im proved action a length ot acale and Dower of tone eqnal to tbe grand pianos, witb the sweetness of tbe famed luoliaa nnited to tr? beanty and durability of tho a^nare manoa. S. 1). ,v II W. Smith h melodejn* tuned, the equal temper ment to whiuh was reoently awarded the first premium at tbe National Fair, beld at Washington, l>. C Bach instru nent guarautetd and sold%t price# which defy does prtition. New pianos to rent. The 25 Cent Daguerreotypes at the Old Pic ture factory keep no unceaaing excitement among the people. Tbe daily ruih inereaaea. and '-he portrait* are as tonishingly cheap and beautifully oorrtct. i'hotjg'aptu. for $1 to (5, take admirably. Uo to the Depot of Art, lit) Broadway. Ntw Music.? "Major Wood," long rnmpn* od and dedicated to tbe Mayor, by the Ilutohlnaon Family, and anng by them at th?ir concert! with enthusiattiu ap plause: prioe 2Ao. Chorus ? "Then here's for eaoh and all a amil ? We never shall be gayer, Nor sing a merrier song than while Fernando Wood ii Mayor." Also the moat popular piece* of the day, at the reduced rate* HORACE WATERS, Publisher, 333 Br->adway. New Mtulc.-"Saiii," a sung, ward* and ma si c by J. B. iiacon, title page embellished with a highly ar tistic ideal of "Unole Sam's Youngest," by tho celebrated artists, Messrs. Sarony A Co ; prioe 39o. Also, the most popular pieces of tbe day, at the red iced rates. llURAL'E WATERS, Publisher, 333 Broadway. Removed.? O. J. 'Wood d ( Co , Proprietors of Prot. Wood's celebrated bair restorative, have removed tlieir depot Irom 699 to 316 Broadway, nearly opposite tho City Hospital, where they will be happy to aee all their uld customers and the public generally. A Card? The Subscriber will Receive Pu pils daily for instruction in penmanship and bookkeeping, in elaan or separate parlors. Cards ana eircalars may b? had st the rooms, 362 Broadway, corner of Prauklln streot. OLIVER Ba GOLDSMITH. Morning Goods! morning Goods I? In ad dition to our large stock, we will open this morning 300 blsck cashmere shawls 100 super Grenadine do., one oa-io rich brocade bareges, one case French printed lawns at la. yard, one care flne do bvrge. I*. 6d ; ladies' beat kid gloves. St.; and all r.thcr goods equally ehtap. E U. LEADBEAIER A CO., 347 Broadway corner Leonard street. Kmbrolderles at a Great Sacrifice.? We will open this morning an immense stock of rich embroidered under hankerobiefa and nnder sleeves, oollara, worked hands pocket baidkerchiets, Ac., which we will sell a', one halt their cost to manufacture. Also: 300 pairs of lich lace curtains from fii to (80 per pair. The above ara tbe cheapest good* ever offered iu this city. E. U. l.EAl) UEA'iER A CO., 347 Broadway, corner of Leonard street. Shawls from Auction.? Just Received, the following lot of shawls, which we will offer at a discount ?f 90 per cent from tbe cost of importation C ashmcre long shawls, all colors.; Cashmere square, do.; printed Thibet, do.; wool, long and square, do , for travelling. 1,000 em broidered ard plain Canton crape do., of superior quality . I. H. LEaDBaTER A CO., 347 Broadway, corner of Leonard street, Oak Hall Spring Clothing.? We are Selling our summer sssortment of spring overcoats, dress and frock business coats, fancy pants and vosts, of the latest styles, at fall twenty five per cent below tne market price. HE GRooT A SON'S Oak Hall, 84 and 86 Fulton street. A Novelty? Complete Spring Salts ?10.? These mits arc made irom a new style ot woollen goods, called tepbjr cassln>ere of superior finish ana most deliaate shades, at E. EVANS' Clothing Warehouse, 66 and 08 Fulton street. We have now on hand some choice pattern* of fancy linen and muslin sblrtings which we will mako up to meatnre at very mOoerate prices; shirts of all kinds on band. TUOS. McLAUGHLIN, 292 Greenwich a'.reet, corner of Chambers. Frank Leslie's Gazette of Fashion ready for May ? "This is tho best and most reliable publication for fasnions in the United States, as that is its chief objeot. Each number oontains a large and beautifully oolorod fash ion plate, and almost innumerable small ones, describing aU the new fashions." ? Litchfield Republican, Conn. 95 SO and ?6 for Patent Leather Boots, ready made and made to order, by J. BUNT. 4a0 Broadway, fine dress boot* S3 79. Shoes, gaiters, Ao., equally low. J. BUNT, 430 Broadway. Killer** Ladles' French Shoe Store, ilo. 134 Canal street ?Tne fashionable world is well acquainted with the superior lightness and elegance of French boots and sboe*. Mr. Miller is famous among the "ton" for hi* in imitable gaiters, buikin*, slippers, Ac. Tiey set off a lady's pretty foot to perfeoticn. His terms are reasonable, and ladies of taste will do well to inspect his beautiful stock. Troy waa Subdued ihrugh tbe Instrument ality of Helen ? In the same way many an old baoh Ha* surrendered to a pretty foot Any lady who wear* CAN TBELl.'S gaiters, from 336 Bowery, will realize that they ate great contributor* to beauty, and altogether indispen sable. Let this be your Guide? Xtglish velvet carpet*, 10s., 11*., I2f. per yard. tapestry " 7s., St.. 9s. '? " three-ply" 7s., 8s. " " Ingrain " 3s., 4a., 4s. 6d., 9s. " " oil cloths. 6*., 7*. " American " 2s. 6d., 3a., 4s. " Gold shades, $3, $4, S6 Table covers. 12s. to 21s., at HIRAM ANDERSON'S, 99 Bowery. 310 Bowery ?Great Rush for Carpets at the new Carpet Emporium, 210 Bowery. J. HYATT is offering some rare bargains in carpeting and oilcloths, and royal velvet*, and taieatry, and three ply carpeting, power loom ingrain carpeting, 2s., 2s. (id., 3s., 4s., 9s., and 6s.; oilcloths, 2s. 6d., 3s., 4s., 9a., 6?. Alao, hearth rugs, door mat*, table and piano covers, mattings, window shades, Ao., Ao. Singer's Sewing Machines.? rhese are the ?nly sewing machines before tbe publio eapable of doing every variety of wore in perfect style. Tbe fact oan be steady demonstrated that all other sawing machines aro for general aewing, when compared with Singer'a, not worth taking as a gift. For family use, manufacturers' use, plan tation use, or any use whatever, Singer's Sewing Machine* are proved to be superior, and the great improvements juat added, place them far ahead of ail oompetition. Singer's Sewing liachise* only are freo from all elaitn fer infringe ment of patent*. I. M. SINGER A CO., 323 Broadway. Window Shades st Wholesale, for Cash, by WOODFORD A WEMl'LE, 98 Catherine street, manufac turers of window shades and table oil oovers, which they offer at prices to suit ths tknes. Mftanc* ?wianuuitler Kobert B|. PATRICK ia the tola manufacturer is tn? United States of Ht> above celebrated safoi, and F. C. Goffln'n impenetrable taiance looks and or on bar*. Depot No. 193 Pearl itrttt, n? doer below Maiden lane. Great Bnrgnlna In French Cblna-400 Whr? ebina dinner setts, containing enough pieces to dine twelve persons. a> $33; worth $-i.Y iK"' white obina dinner nuts, containing enough pieces to dine eighteen perilous, at ; worth |U). J(JO white china tea aets, at $4 30; worth til SO. Gilt hand and riehly deoora'ed ion in the name proportion. W. J *. DA1LKY A CU., Marble Stores, Nes. (31 and 033 Broadway. Ketchum'a Mowing AnclUnea, (lay Prruri, boree hoee, cultivators, ploughs, reapers, horae powers and three!. 'ira. combined threahera and wianoweri, and other agricultural machines, for (ale bv P D. OaTES, IS Broadway. HU1, Inimitable Cutter of Hair and Whir kera, at No. 45 Nassau street. Particular attention paid to dressing, curling and sbampoinic the hair. Infallible onsuent to grow the hair, and instantaneoaa dye for a beautiful blaek or brow n Crlatadoro'a Kieelalor Hair Dye has be come a staple article throughout the United States. No drostiat or perfumer can afford to he without it, for no other dye operatee with the tame eertaiuty and safe.y. The blacks and browns it prodnoes dety detection as artlftoial. Made, sold and privately applied at No. 6 Astor House. Dr. Rom1* celebrated Saraaparllla Blood purifying comrouud, gives color, bloom, and vigor to the pale, emaciated aud weak. It purifies the blood, thus clraming th ) akin of all eruptions and pimples. At a spring ami summer medicine, it has no equal.; small bottles, W cents. R. H. HAkTSCOANE, l(i2 Falton street, opposite St. Paul's Church. Hair Dye, Wigs and Toupee*? Batchelor's telebrated factor? for these articles is 233 Broadway. J* lae rooms for the application of bU fiani hair dye. Sold wholesale and retail. The largest assortment of wi*? and toapoes ia the United Stales. Without a Trial, It la Impossible to Con ceive the inestimable T*r u> of Dr. GiH'RAUD'S medicated s an; It 1s to the tod* what sanotiflcation is to the soul? pnrliying it from all dross. At its touch, tan, pimple*, freckles, aunbura. Ac , vanish lastanter, leaving white a* parlan marble. Poudre subMle uproots hair from any part of the bodj Rouge, lily whito, hair rentorative and dye, at the old depot, Walker atri-ot, first atore from Broad, way; Callendcr, (? South Third street, Philadelph a. Ia that a Bottle tnat I aee before met Yea? My on^-uent will ' force" the whiskers or moustaches to iir-.w In six weeks, and will not atain or injure tlie skin*, fl a boi tie sen* to an* part of the country. R. l> GRAlIAV, .585 Broadway, Zeiber, 44 South 1 bird street, Philadelphia. Ilollnwiy'a Ointment.? Salt Rheum, Stor fcntfc Eruption and aerntula. Nearly half the human race can bear witness to the efficacy ef this wonderful onsuent in the cure of thea<< dlaeaae* They never fail, however lod standing ordeaperate the eaae may he. Sold at the manu factories, Maiden lane, New fork, and 244 S'raud, l.oti dor, and by all druiuists, at23cents, ( J2J, ceata, nd ft per pot. To Iferroua SnfTrrera? A Retired Clergy nan, restored to health in a few days, alter many yeare great aervoul sufferings, ia aaxlous to make known the ?leans of core. Will send (free) the prescripts nsed. Dixee*. JUT M. D agnail, 57 Falton street, Brookija. Unabashed tba braten ?h*?t?, Still are eel-line eount?r(eits. Rrmrmhtr that tbc only polaonleaa Md l?n article for the destruction ef bed bugs, roaches. Ac , U LTOM'S Klcuctti Powder. lUminbtt h?t the wraiper ha* the impression of fear notional medals u4 Lyon's ai| aature. KttneniMr the eentral depot Is II 424 BroaJway. Read about Hata ? New York, Jaljr'43, I8V.4.? I have osed alt* oet everything which ba? bten offered for the fTitrrmiuntinn of rats, cockroaches and ant*, nt until [ triad Parson" A Oo.'s vermin and inooet ?*' uriui uator, i did sot feel Justified in recommending either ?it'iem. I therefore nhtertully state that I'arsone A Co '* ett-ruiiaa tor bn* ? fTectually destroyed all tba eookra:teh?* in my bote). (and ban nearly, and 1 believe will oompletaly.'iiastroy all the rate therein. It is valuable to hetel keeper-. K. FRENCH. Proprietor of French's Hotel. C. V. CLICK EN I. R & CO., AKents, Ml Barclay Jlreot. The Baron, Or. Spolaaeo, M. D., 8., dL, from London, ot European fame. ?Thin greet and *o?d So aaritan. it i> now ireuerally conceded, ia daily pertortnlaf more ^rua< and astounding core* than aU tba faoulty 91, Niobo^ar Bo'el. i#t Spring itrut flamed, On Tuesday evening, M*y 1, by lb# Rev James Millett, at bid residence, No 171 East Seventeenth street, be twten Firat and Second avenues, Mr. Jixiica W. Uhkws tik. of Worcester. Mass., to Mis* Lidia Jans Bvrmiam, ot tblh city. On Wednesday, May 2, by the Rev. Dr Anthon, CiiahlmG Htrmi* to Hk.vkiktta, daughter of the late lhomas 8 McCarty, all of thin city. In Btooklyn, oj Wednesday, May '2, at tlie houaeof the bride'* fattier, by the Kev Mr. Sarles, Mine Klkanor A. Floor to Mr. Wigeufv N. Crank, of Newark, N. J. In Brooklyn, on Wetaeslay, May 2, by Rev. L 8. Weed, John W. Bask ink. formerly of Newburg, to Midi Emily A. Ham mond, of Brooklyn. New Orleana and Bridgeport piper* pl?ase copy. On ihursaay, April 2?, at St. Luke's Chircb, Bedford, L. 1, by the Rev. J. W. Oilier, Mr Jams Patmck to Miss Eliza Cvsmmgham, youngest daughter of Or. Chas. A. Van Zendt. ali of Urooklyn At l'ottenvtlie. ttate.n Island, on Wednesday, May 2, by the Kev O. B Ju'ld, Ciiarlkh H Oilbrkt, of tbis city, to Mise Margaret H. Hour, adopted daughter of Samuel W. CronJr, l*q. of the former place. Died, On Wednesday, May 2, the Rev. Cuarlbj H. Halskt, rector of Cbrial Church m the city, In the 4tith year of bis age. The friend* of the family, and the members of the Sarub, are respectfully invited to attend h>4 funeral, at hriit Church, to-morrow morning, at ten o'clook. The clergy, with the relative*, are specially invited to meet at h h late residence. No. 9 East Eighteenth street. After the religious services at the church the rem tins will he taken in charge by the family and conveyed to Jamaica, L. I , for interment On Thursday morning. May 3, after a short illness, John L Colkgbovm, a?e<i 58 years, 8 months and 9 day*. The relative* au<l triende of the family, tboee of hi* sons, Edward and Henry, tbe member* of Orand Division 8. ol T.. Onion Div sion No. 2, S. of T , the member* of toe Lafgbt street Baptist Church, and the members of Gulick hose Cumpan.t No 11, are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at one o'clock, from his Ute residence, No. 697 Washington street, with out iurtber invitation. On Thursday, M?y 3, of pneumonia, Emii.t, third daughter of Philip J. Passmore, in the 16th year of her age. Tbe frl?nds of the family are invited to attend tbe fu neral, to morrow morniug, at nine o'clock, from tbe re sidence of her father. No. 519 Grand street. On Thursday morning, May 3, A.nho.n Sanfori), son of George and Eliza Brown, aged 6 years, 8 months and 9 days. The friends and acquaintances of the family are re spectfully invited to attend tbe funeral from the resi dence of bis parents, No. 81 Clintoa street, tomorrow afternoon, at two o'clock On Tuesday, May 1, John S. Sutton, of Brooklyn. Bis remains were interred in the Cematery of the Ever greens. At Calcutta, on Thursday, December 14, 1854, Alkxan icr Stkwart, of this city, attached to tbe ship Golden Racer, in the 35tb ><*ar of his age. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. tfKClAL KOl'lCKS. I HAVE THIS D.\Y SOLD ALL MV RIGHT, TITLE and interest in th i press room Wos. 22 and U Frankfort street. The busine?r will be carried on ae formerly by Tay lor A Hoyt. CIIAS. W. MORSE. New York May 1, 1856. New tore and harlem railroad company. ? The annual meeting ol tbe stockholders of this com pany, for the election of thirteen directors, will be held at the office of the company, No. 1 Centre street, on Tuesday. May IS, 1855. Poll will commenco at 11 o'clock noon, and close at 't o'clock P M. The transfer books will be closed on Tuesday, May lo, 1865, at So'olock P. M , and open Wednes lay, May 16, 1865, at 10 o'cloek A. M. W. H. EMERSON, Secretary. NOTICE.-TIIE KINGS COUNTY LIQUOR DEALERS' Association will meet at Toynbee's Hotel, Montague place, mar Court street., Brooklyn, on Friday alternoon, at 2 o'clock, when every nu mber is requested to be present, for the transaction of important business and enrollment af members. 1 BuM AS TOYN BEE, President. ALFRED ROUE, Vice President. P. Ci.*witsow, Secretary. OFFICE Of THE ACCESSORY TRANSIT COM pany, New York, April 20, 1866.? Notice is hereby gi ven to tbe atockho'.ders in this company, that au election for a Presideut and tit directors will be held at tbe office of the Company, No. 5 Bowling Green, from 12 o'oloeit noon, nntil 2 o'clock P. M., on Monday, the 7th day of May next. Tbe transier books of tbe eompany will be closed on Mon day, tbe 30th inst., and remain elosed until Monday, the 7th of May, both days inclusive. By srder, ISAAC C. LEA, Secretary. OFFICE OF THE PHQ5MX GOLD MINING COMPANY, of North Carolina, New Vork, May 1, 1K6.V? At an election for directors 3f this oompony, the tollowing ticket was unanimously elected John Stagg, E. Burokle, A. tla milton, L. Delmonico, Henry Longeneuker, Saml. R. Warner and J. Jacohson At a subsequent meeting of the board, John Stage was elected President, E. Burokle, Vioe l'rosi dent, and J. Jacoison, Secretary and Trsasurer. J. JACOBSON, Secretary. ST. DAVID'S HALL.? NOTICE? ALL PERSONS having property, such as trunks, olothea or baggage, of any description, are requested to call and .pay expense1, Srove property, and remove the same, on or before the 1st une, lb55, alter which they will be sold to pay expenjee. J AS. JONES, Proprietor, 212 walker street. SPECIAL NOTICE.? A MAMMOTH BASS, CAUGHT by James Cotiue, off Colaey Inland Bay, weighing eighty pounds.will be served up this day at the Rainbosr Hotel, 31 and 33 Beekman street. Green peas, aap.".ra*us, lamb, Ao. THE El.EVENTHIANNI VERSARV.OF THE NEVV VOKK Ladita' Homo Miaaionary Ssoiety will be held la tho Broadway Tabernacle, on Friday evening next, a', ha'i put ?oven o'clock. Addresses may be expeoted from tho Kef, Bishop Simp foil, the Rev, T. F. Raudolph Mercierand tho Rev. J. U. Finlcv, (or Ka wi wa a, late chief of thu Wyan dot tribe). The Five Total* Mission School will take p*rt ii the exercises. The public are respectfully invited to attend. 1 BE ANNIVERSARY O* THE FIVE POINTS nOUSE ot Industry.? Rev. L. M. Pease, Superintendent, will he held on Wednesday, the 9tb inst., in the Tabernacle, at S o'clock P M. Addressee by Kev, Dr. Tyng, Rev. T. i.. Cujler, Rev. Dr. Osgood, and Rev. Br. Cleveland, of North an. pton, Mass. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.? WHEREaS, ON the 2><th of AptU last I executed a paper, purporting to te an agreement appointing a person an ageut, with puw.-r to sell and convey rights to manufacture and sail, under certain letters patent for improvements on Are re/ulatirn, obtained >>y me August 1 1st. 1847; and whereas the exeoutioa of said paper was arcngfully obtained, and said paper dje* not contain the agreement as originally made with ?aid per son: Mow, this Is to warn all persons tr.m purchaiing an der raid authority, or from usinc or manufacturing sail im proved fire regulator witbont further authority from me. TIMOTHY CLARK, of South Norwalk, Connecticut. THE COMMITTEE APPOINTED AT A MEETING OF the stockholders of the Ilarlem Railroad Company, in August last, to nominate direotors in said coniDany, at the election, on the 15th of May next, recommend the following ticket:? Nicholas Dean, of New York, Albert J. Akin, of Pawlinge, John 11. Dyk>rs, do. L'cas'r (inderulll. Tuckahoe, llm.t:. Wetmore, do. Albert Smith, Aetv Rocoelle, Henry R Dunham. do. Edwin tlrosby, Croton Falls, Horace Brook*, do. Saml. T. Tabor, D'r Plains, >rancis W. EJm'nds, do. Nath'l I'. Bailj, ForJham, Philip Deter, of Morrtsaaia. New York, April 2t?. 1866. WILLIAM V. BRADY, ") EDWARD G. FAILE, I ABIJAI1 MORGAN, >Comm'tt?e. THOMAS TAli'jR, I FLOYD SMITH, J THE LIQUOR INTEREST ? THE TRADES Winn ing their advertisements to appear in the .National S' iii dard of Saturday ne<t, must deliver them befor* twelve o'clock at noon this dty,at the office, 11 Sprnee street. WAKEFIELD INDUSTRIAL HOME ASSOCIATION. No. 3 ? Ihe members are hereby notified to attend the next regular meeting, on Friday evening, |Mav 4th. as business of importance will be brought forward for their Consideration. N. B ?Deeds are now ready to be delivered to such members as have paid up in full. J. A. llANDSCIIUCH, Secretary. THE TCKF. " R*D HOUSE, HARLEM. -THIS FASHIONABLE RE sort is aow complete in all its appointment., and the sales stable* attached are constantly filled with the finest and fastest borsee to be fouad. Persons in want of horses eaa always be supplied at the Red House. The trotting track is In splendid order, and trotting matches oocnr every fine afternoon. The Second Aveaae cars pass the door every five minute*. UNION COURSE, L. I.?' TROTTING? OH MONDAY. May 7th, at 3 o'elcek P. M , a match fortt.'M), mile heat*, best 8 in 5 nagonand driver to wbish .KM pounds. W. Peabody names b." m. flora Temple ; W. Wlo-lan names gr. m. Somas. The proprietors take rleaenre in announcing this the first great trot of the seasoa. A rnatoh between tbe above named horses has been an event Ions expected in tretuap elreles, and among tbe lovers of xood hor'?s gene rally. Sontag is a mare well known nn tbe turf to those who seldom miss a trotting rac*. but to tbe public who ad mir* good qualities in a horse, a few remarks may not do unnecessary. She hae trotted several matches, but oaly on one occasion hes sbe been called on to show spee 1 enough to contend against tbe acknowledged mistras* of the turf, Flora Temple? i e vert h?l ess her spirited owner, a'tera re markably good race ebe mal<|with Frank Forr<ster last Sail, thinks she is ? lit competitor for any korse in the ooun'.ry, backed as h* Is in Ms opinkn by a host of gentlemen whose Judgment on trottink matter* is act to be questioned The nags are in excellent condition, the track in first rate order, so thaf the proprie'ors feel warraatcd in assuring tho public that a fast and well contested rac* will be witnessed. >. II ?This nrntoh will fositively come off If a fair day. Cars will leave the South *?rry Brooklyn, tor tke course at twenty minutes aler 1 o'olnrk I'M, and return when the rare it over. Far* to to and return M cuts. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietor*. ifdio ? w ? , v - Mgevixin OF ftt YNDF.RS GM^AD'ER-! r; Grenadier. W}U?J? uAV a*U ComroWteo" / ?vti?UMU ** !iw ***> thii e wU MlNE^thiOfinM. K ?1LL1AUI. Hotel or boarding-house keepers ? can meet with a spl?ndi< hastaUlle tal le, w?ll suited for publlo use, by applying at 66 Henry jtreet, Brooklyn. A great bargai*. Fi.?? lie. WANTS. TODNa ?"?A* AN AMERICAN LADT-A WIDOW. IS DI8IROUS TO meet with <t party who will he willing to adopt an in teresting female infant, eisbteen month* aid; IM mother bting IB delicate health would be Killing to raiign all claitu to the child I" Nctn i* a I. mi.- nod protection. A Jdre** 8. A. 8 , tried w?y Fo*? Office, for one week. JRISI F.''TABI.E GERMAN WOMAN, WHOSE HUS ban.i in(uuw ?f.?D t on a whaling voyar* ,and wh ? bw a boy three and a I all > ears old, wi>hea a ntuatiou, in a email reapeetab.e lamily; ab-i* a good cook, washer and ironar. Good treatment in nw re ot an object than wage*. Inquire at. 19t? East 14th at., fourth floor, front room. A MAN AND I11S WIFE WANT SITUATIONS? THEY oan apeak French aud English ? tbe man aa table waiter, and hi* wife a* cook. No objection to go in the country. Neaport preferred hood city reference*. Addieaa J. T., 1''9 ha.- 1 IM h it , lor three day*. A SINGLE COLORED MAN WISHES TO OBTAIN A lituation an coachman in a private lamily; be haa lived la bia laat place for two yean, and thoroughly understand* tbe care and management of hnraea, and i* a oireful driver, lie cm five the beat of reference aa to capaMlity and oha racter. i'leaae npply for three day* at Low den' ? harues* ?tore, 79 Bleecker street A YOUNG LADY WISHES TO FIND EMPLOYMENT a* laleswnman, in a firat claaa embroidery or ranoy itore. Addrea* box 153 Herald office. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO GO out by tbe day a* droimuker: uns erstanda en'.tingand fitting, and ean five the be?t ot re fere II oe from ladiei the baa worked for Apply at Xt7 2d avenue. ARF.8PECTAB1.E WOMAN WANTS A SUUATION a* cook, who unuentand* all kind* of baking aad cook in:; can get good city reference from her laat place JMeaie call at 134 H eit l.'i'h *t. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE yeuns luaa. a Protectant, a* waiter in a private family; be perfectly undemtanr a hi* bunineits, and can be well re commended trom hia latt place; hi* character will bear the i tricieit investiyation; be understands the care and manage ment of lampH, plate and furniture, and tbe care and man agement of wine* Ac. Please call or address D. URITONK3, corner of Amity and Greene *ti.[for ono week, if not engaged. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A situation a* aeamitrea*. l'lcase call at No 118 tfast it'th it., corner of 3d ??., fur two day*. A YOUNG PARISIAN LADY WISIIE9 TO FIND A family ?oln; to Frame She 1* willing to take care of a lady or cbililreu during the. travelling in oompenaati >n f< r her pauage. Tbe best of city reference* will bo given. Addrer* Madame Poutel, 8h3 Broadway. A RESPECTABLE PROTE9TANT GIRL WISHES A ?itnation a* chambermaid and waiter, in a respectable lamily. Can be teen for one day,,at 205 7th *t. A FIRST RATE COOK, WASHER AND IRON EB AND a good baker, wants a lituation. Apply at 2S0 We*? I7tb st. Can be teen t*o day*. Good roforouce sirou. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AUF.D PROTESTANT woman want* a situation in a *raall private family, to ilo general housework ir a* child'* nur*e; i* u good wither aid lroner and plain conk; no objection to tho country. Beat city reference. Call at 109 Mulberry it., in tbe base ment, for two day* ? A RESECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A situation a* chambermaid and waiter, or to take oaro ot obildien and do plain aewing. Ha* uo objeotion to travel with a lady. Han tbo beet of city re*erenee. Cati be teen for two day* at 174 Jay at., Brooklyn. A LADY, ACCUSTOMED TO TEACHING THE USUAL .A. branoue* ot an Englieb education, with French, wiahea lor a ntuatiou a* visiting or resident governess, would hare nooijectiou to go a abort distance in the oountry. Addrei* A. C , Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* aeamatrem and to take care ot grow in* cUlcnn, or a* companion to an old lady Can furnish the beat of relerenue. t an be aeon for two day* a'. No. 133 Amity it. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A ation aa cbamiermaid and waiter; ia fully qualified for auah, and can produce 'he heat ot oity referenoo. Call for two day* at 38 Bro >me it. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Welch girl, a* chambermaid or to do geuer >l homo work. Apply to Mrs Davie*, No. 1<10 Cherry *t. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG PROTBST/aNT IV OMAN wi*he? a lituation a* a professed cook; understand* baking and paitry, all kind* of soup*, and all k;ndn of des serts. Best of city reference given. J.u<|uirc at 108 Went 19th it., between 6tb and 7th avenne*. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WaNTS A SIT nation ai waiter in a private faint IX. Best of cit.y r? lerenee* from her laat place I'leaie call for two d'ij?, at 327 lait loth i .. between avenne* A and B, top flior. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG W >MAN wants a (itnation to do general touaeirork. Oan be teen fit two dty* at SI Wootter (t. A YOUNG FRENCH PERSON DESIRRS A PLACE IN .?X a gentleman's family, to do plain sewing and tak* tiro care of children to be instructed in the Frcnch language. Mo*t respectable reference. Apply Immediately at 17t> H illiam it., in the itsre, for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GERMAN WOMAN Wa'.NTS a situation to take the entire charge of ehi'dron from live year* old upwarcs. in a private family, aud t?:ich the Uerman language Speaks Englith fluently; is willing to do plain tewing aud make |her*elf useful : or would ko aa eomranlon Best of city reference can be given. I'leaso val; for 3 day* at 28 7th avenne, betweei 12th and 13th *'* A PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO i\. take oaro of children, or do oil amber work a?<l plain lewing. 1* Wiil'ng to make heraelf useful. G >od re'ereno"! ran be given. Can be leenfor 2 days at No di City Hall Plate, 2nd floor, trout room. A PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION? One who underatandg cooking, tiakiog and it a good wa*ber and ironer. Good city reference. Call at 103 1st nvenue, near 11th *t., np itairf, tep front room. A SITUATION WANTED. BY A PROTESTANT *OU*G wtman, a* cham^ermaiii and leainstrcsr; has no oh ti< n to > o in the country. Apply for two day* at 11 Atb st. , in tbe rear. BE? l >XT AB1 .E^G I R L WISHES A SITUATION To do housework in a private family : is willing to msMe herself generally uiefm; irood oity reference. May le reeu at 11 Deabrones st. Will go for moderate wages. A GENTLEMAN. 31) YEARS OF AGE, OF UNTIRINC. bnsinci* energy, dauntless huiiness courage and ?nod address, i* open to an engagement as collector,' traveller, bookkeeper, or in any ceateel capacity, wherein well di rected e'nrt may be made condaoive to the interosti of thoie by whom he is tmploied. Address Alpha, lletald office. A young man lately from Canada? desires a situation a> waiter aad toottnan, orto drive and take care of horiea; understand* vegetable and flower farienlng; bas had experience in all these m the ola country and iu Montreal. Canada None but a private family need apply at the office of tbe st George's Hotel. 834 tiroadivay, for J h I. . Uood reference given. Call for two days. AW1KE WOftKER, ACCUSTOMED TO GARDEV work, and a stout boy who has been mmo time at the trade wanted. Apply to J. Fo>man,33)k Carmine *tre-t. A GERMAN DRAUGHTSMAN WISHES EMI'LOV m<nt in an architectural office. Addr>:?i J. K., box d.till Po*t Office. Agents wantbd-siveral active business men wanted immediately, to whom a liberal commission will be allowed. ApclytoA.J Hale k Co., I!).r> liroadw r J A 8 WAITER AND BUTLER? A YOUNG MA>', WHO understands hit bnalucaa in all ita branchee, want-a a ai aitnation. No objection to town or country, or to travel; ia a Protestant. Direct to O. t*. Union aqntre Po? f'flloe. A SOBER PNOL18UMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS evacbn.un; perfectly underatanda the care of horena aod drivitg. Mas good rilerence from hit last place. Hat no chJection to the country. Can be seen at 123 (ireunwljli a#nue, fourth floor, front room, until engaged. A PHOTOGRAPHIC OPERATOR WANTED, IN A firft olnta calli-t y A anocesaful manlpal ktor can have the bent (alary paid and stealy employment. Address Pho tograph, Hernia office. AN ENGLISH LAD, 21 YEARS OF AOE, WAN Ts A situation aa porter or to drive aborae and wagon; ean tead and write plainly. Addreaa Kli Mooring, SUflSSth at y Am B'>Y WANTS TO I.EARN THE CARPENTERS' trade, 17 yeara of aire Apply at 33 Kobinajn at. AT MORRIS A ? Oil VERT'S, 287 BROADWAY, CORNER Reade o*n alwaya be found the greateat choice of Eng lish, Scotch, Irish, and German aervanta, for hnt-le, Inard inghjnaea and private families: alao portera, waltera. coach ni**n, gardeners, farmera, mechanics, and laborers, in this or onr branch office, 202 Greenwich street. 4 T WESLEY'S UP TOWN SELECT FEMALE OF A flee, 193 7th s senne, between 23d and 24th its., wsnt.d nunicdialely, three Protoatant plain cooka washers and ironers, tor the country; alao reapeotable girls lor cliatnl>et wurk, waiting, nursing, aewing and general hou'ewirk. tiend reference riqnistte. Highest wagca paid to experienced girls. BY A GERMAN OIRL OF GOOD FAMILY? A SITUA tion wanted aa acamatrcaa and to do li^ht up it>. irs work; abe has no objection to take care of a child, and undertake iti instruction in the German language. Inquire at 00 l'itt at., in the rear, up stairs. CALIFORNIA? A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU attun to go to California, or to travel anywhere with a ladv or family; ihe can diaeharge the duties ol a house. AddtessMary Dancee, Broadway i'ott Office, ttatiag all particulars. (' H A W ltKK W A 1 0 AND WAITER. -A RESPECTABLE J joung won. in wants a situation aa ehamtermnid and waiter, in a small private family. Mi age a not ao inn -h of an object Ma good home. May be teen for two daya, at her present employera, 137 Henry at. I EDUCATION.- A YOUNG LADY WISHEl A SITUA J tion as assistant teacher in a private Enrliah achiol. I all or addreaa Smith, <00 Eighth avenue, or 143 Reade a*. FOUR SALESWOMEN WANTED? TO GO TO VI R ginia to attend in a lace and millinery store, Engl inn er Scotch preferred; reference aa to enjiencnce from any bnaineea house ia Great Britain or Ireland will be r-o?lve/. Two young men alao wanted. Address B. If., Box 41 1 Pott Office, Norfolk, Virginia. Farm laborers, mechanics and female do meatics may b? enKaged at tbe office of the A morion and Foreign Protective and Employment Society, 27 Ort-n Wloh atreet. 1'rospectuses sent on application. /governess wanted? in a small famiiv a \T few milee from tbe cita* where the Comforts r.nd tri vi 1. gee ot a home will !se a sufficient compentatioa. Address, with particulars, box 1,439 Post Office. LAW.-A YOUNO MAN 17 YEARS OF AGE, DESIRE* a Si' nation i? a law office, with a view to study law. uaa bad ten months experience and accustomed to draw up deeds. bonde aed mortgagea-Ac ; beat of city reference gi tea Addreaa M. E, llerala office * VIOTHER AND DA VASTER? BOTH PROTECTANTS, ! 1*1 want sitns'ions; the mother aa cok; the 4a .gh'er *s | nurse and to d> a?"?ing (or children, or will do chamber w.rk and sewing; it capable of cutting and flttlBL- ladies' I and children's dtesaes. rj'.od tet? imon ale when called fbf, Inquire at 104 Wett 19th atreet, seeoui floor, in the re?r. Milliners i milliners i i-wantid, three e*p?r?eoced >-ande, to go to ?he beautiful city of New Haven, Conn. Neneaeed notice lint those thoroughly ac qusintcd with tr. mining ladles' ttraw bonnets. Warta from *4 to 17 per week the vear roind Ad ireaa ly letter, for three dayr IDWjiHV AlALiEY oi .h?t I it., Ntw Haves. ri ii .win i. 0C>))iui WAiTW. VI KsE-A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUA 1 x Duo u ior?r. ia captblf of taking tbe entire oharge of an mliBt, wbicb capici-y ahs ban tilled for icntil ?w>; has bo objection to no m the country. Satisfactory referanr* giv.-n iium b?i | nmi< pint, af om ji w liiiiratnidnyi, at No. 1/ Km itth st , (ttupttMli m. auJ liroadway, SB ITL'ATION H'ANTID-BV A RESPECTABLE and experienced *irl, to do ehainberwurk. flue washing and IroK-Lir, or a* child's uurw. She raa b# bifhly recommended by h<r Itti-ut employer, with whom the ha* 'ten one year, as d at w hoae r?4dence she can be seen f?r two days, at HI South filth st , Brook 1) n, late Vt illiamiburg. OITUATIOM WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PRO C teatant jouur woman, tt good cooi and laundress in a private family. Good eity reference. Call for two day* at 470 4th at., near 2a a*., second floor, front r>om. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESECTABLE YOUNG Win. an, to do general homework in a small family, or obamterwork and plain sewing Good oily refr*noe from btr lait place, where khe livea four years. CsP. at ?S Wiuto ?t., for two dayi. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WO ?nun, aa coot; U a good hnker and pantry cook; no ob jection to go a thort distance in thv country witb a private family only. Beat city relerenc*. Call at ?? Prtuee at. , for two dsyt. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIR niau girl, aa chambermaid in % private family She oiiden tat da washing and Ironing well. Please ca.l at No. 4U lat av? luc, room 14. _ SITUATIONS ARE WANTED IN CITY AND COUN try, l?r a laige nuinior of experimced I elf, highly re ci mint i.oed by former employer*, vi?. :? cook*, narset, wai Ink, launureises. and thorough rervan'.s, at MANNING'S a?ei<ey, 10 Tillary street, near fulton, Brooklyn, establish ed the lust seven years under thv most distinguished pa Iri.nsiie. THE ADVERTISER WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid or waiter; she ia a trustworthy girl, well recommended. i'loase oall a4 2b S 3d at. rot two days. Till EE OR FOUR GIRLS WANTED-Tti OPERATE on singer's tewing machines. Inquire at 79 Poplar at., Biooklyn. rfo~p r i vate~"families, intending TO SPEND J ihf. summer in tbe country ? A widow lady who can turrish uuexceptiona le reference, offers her services to take chargo ot a bouie for the nse of a room; or would take a aituatlor immediately aa housekeeper. Address, for two days, 9. 11. U . Herald office. TWO NEAT, RESPECTABLE GIRLS, WITH GOOD experience, wlah situation* in respectable private fami lies; one is a br*t rate oook, washer, and ironer, tbe other *s chambermaid and waiter, and assist in tbe wasliingand ironing. Will ee found very satisfactory. Heat city reie Can be seen two Jays at 228 Sullivan at., near A uiity it. ri>0 KILIJNERE.? WANTED, TWO FIRST HAND J. milliner*; al*o, a tiimmer Apply at tiOil Broadway, up stair*. ^rO D KUGGISTS.? A GRADUATE OF PHILADELPHI A X Col lege ol Pharmacy, having eight years' experience in one of the most prominent *Ure* in Philadelphia, is dcal*?u* ot obtaining a situation in a Srst class retail or some whole rale house; ha* a thorough knowledge of the manufacture ol all pharmaceutical preparation. Testimonial* as U> cha rscter, rapacity, Ac., unexceptionable. Please addres* Phtrmac utist, Herald office. KHE* .? WANTED, A PERSON THOROUGHLY uinted with tho round, or one to join ns partner; ?iso a girl ta take cbargte ot a depot, who know* the cur rency. Address W , box 1,21X1 Post Office, tor ono week. fl o THE ?HIRT AND FURNISHING BUSINESS. -AN 1 experienced shirt cutter is open for an engagement; I" competent to take lull nhar;e of the shirt department, or w.,ald iro as assittant cutter oi salesman innomc large house, where he would have a permanent situation. Can furnish satislaciory reference. Addrcts Joseph Mortimer, 'i 1 Madi ?on street, this week. TO ARTISTS-WaNIEI), an artist who is ac ci.stonied to finishing ptiotoareph*. To a good mau, the feei-t price will be paid. Address Photo, tlerald office, slating where to Le seen. T O DAGl'ERREOTY P IsTS ? WANTED, A YOUNG MAN who understa.idi Blushing and c 'loring daguerreotype* in the best style, cine that i? quick and uudei stands it per fectly, may apply at ANSON'S. 5,- 'J Broadway. YE' ANTED? A SITUATION, AS A FIRST RATS COOK; If is a firs' rale b? kcr; b*? the bust of city inference; ha* no obit etion *o asxist In tb? wa-hm^ and ifuing Apply at I.'.!' East 14th H,tr two days. TV" AS TED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A -ITUATION TT to co<>k, wash and Ton ina prhate raur:... Oooii re ference* given. Call at lfcl Washington st , llo' oken. EI? ANTED? BY A YoUNO WOMAN, 4 SITUAIHN I? to do gcn?ral housework, chamherwork, or w-.itsr ai.d laundress Can give the ?e?t of references (.'all i.t 149 i'4th St.. between 1st and 2d avenues, for two da\*. WAN1>1'-A SITUATION, BY A KEHl'KC TABLE yonng woman, as a good pltin cook, waiher and Irener; understand* hakmir. flood reference. Can be open loi two days, at 42 West 1 '1th st., between .'ah and ij'.U a vs. "IIT ANTED TWO SALESWOMEN. wf|o UNDER V* stand the milliner, on-imss, ol exterience. -ipply immeoiateiy at Gay's millinery establlthineut, J5I Green wieb it. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN, Yv a fit i.ation us waiter In a private family; tin lorstunds lerlnifinesa perfectly; can glee the best city ref. rence tri m l er 'ast place and her 1 one*, since sbulivnd in tin* country. Call at 19 JoraUman <itroet, Urojklyp, where sfcecsn be seen till eauft|.ed. TITANTEP? BY A RES PEt'TABl.E WOMAN, WHO TT ttorcughly understands her business, washing by tbi month < r ao7.en; has the best of referencn. Apply to Mm. perry, '>3 Sjventh aveaue, eeri er ot 1!M h st. 1X7 ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN ? T T a situation as cbamhtrmsid and to takepirt o the sasl ing at d ironing. Has best of cUv refer nee. Please call at U* 21th ft., between Uth and 7th avenue*, second flocr, fron:room. TV'ANT1D? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TT us cook watber and Ironer, or chambermaid. t>o id r<fer. ?ce from her last placs, where ahe lived fjnr years. Oil at 129 Clinton st. TVTAN1ED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL OF TT seventeen years, a* child's nurse and oliambe -maid; is a mat plain sewer; will waah and iron for toe nursery. No objection to a lady that boards in this city or Brooklyn. Wil, take irom U to V per month. Ooo I city reie-enoo. Call at 217 East 23d St., In tbesturo. ttT AN TED? A PROTESTANT GIRL, COMPETENT TO TT take care of ohildreu and do light oliemharwork, in a Mnall private family. Apply from 9 to 3 o'clock, tor two days, at No. 2 U West 32d st, ?7ante?- nY a STEADY, RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TT a situation ?* a good plain oook, and i* willing to make hcrselt in every way a* usefal a* possible, is a good washer and ironer. Good reference from her last situation in this eity. She wi-het to engage in a small private family. Apply st X2t> Sulli'an St., room id, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION AS GOOD PLAIN COOK, washer and ironer, or would d" tbe gen-'ral home wolk ot a small tainily can give good eity reference. Call tor two days at 1H Roosevelt st., first floor. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG GIRL, A situation a* nurse or seamstress; no objection to travel. Good reference tr >m her last place. Can be seen ur two days at 4- rrankfort at., rear. Addre** A. D. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE I'rotoitant girl, as chamber naid and snarnstrets, or a* waiter; best of city reference from her la't place, where ihe has lived two years. Can be ?een at ^82 Uth at., near lat kvenue. T1' ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MARRIED TT wouai, whtte ba'y i* dead, as wet nurse; child was fix mouths old. Can five good referenco Irom her doo'or. Can be seen lor two days at 23 Madison, between Kooievelt and James st*. VV ANTEO ? BY TWO R ESI'ECTABLE PROTESTAN'T TT youn^ women, situations, one an chambermaid and waiter, ur to artist in washing ani ironinir; the oth?r ai r.irf and to do plain aewin*. can i>e well recomnicr.ded by tl>?ir last employers. Call for two days at fit* Mutt it., rear, first floor. "117 ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE il Protratant irirl, as firat rate cook; understands conk im in all its branches, *11 kinds of pastries, soups ami )c<lie?; no oi.jec' ion to ansist witb washing end ironiug if required. Ex !?lient city roferuaca. Apply at lt>2 7th av., between 2Ut and ?!d >t*., third floor WANTED-A YOUNG WOMAN. TO DO GENERAL housework in a email family; she must b? a sood plain rook, and an excellent washer and ironer, and with tho very beat recommendation from her last place. Apply at 2atf Broadway, between lUend 3 o'clock. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN KNOLIS!! WO man, a? nnrae and seamstress. Uood oity reference. Apply at IPS 2Mb St., between Hth and 9th avenues. WAITED? IN 4 PRIVATE FAMILY, A GERMAN girl who sp-ska English, as nur^e and seematreas. llioaewull reoomint nded, and no others, need apply at I.'W l'nion it.. South Brooklyn. VJLr ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT yonnK weman, as cook, wa?her and ironer; no objec tion to housework in a small family Good city retereuoo. Can b' seen fur two days at 35 Monroe st., front basement. Wanted? by a rkspectablk young woman, a situation as laundress. Good city reference from her last plaoe. l.'an be toon Frldiy and Saturday a 74 Jay tt. WANTED-A 3ITUATI0N, HY A RESPECTABLE youn^ woman, a* chambermaid and to assist in waah ln?r ana ironinpr, or as children's nurae and to do plain sew ing. Can d? seen for two days at 1 Hudson ut., third fioor. 11' ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESI'F.'.'TABI.E TT I'rote-t ant young woman, to take care ol a baby, and do pla.b sewing. Please call for two days at UW East 11th at., in the reer. WJ ANTED ? 4 SITUATION, BY AN RXPERIBSCID TT jaunt woman, as chambermaid, and to a?eist ia the tire ?at bin* ani ironin*; or as aura* and s?am?tress. lias the hast of eita reference. l'l?a?e call ?t tX Woat 2ltb at , between S'.h and Mb aaannei, lor thr-0 days. I li/ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO WOMAN ! TT t . eo>'k. w.?h and iron Good referen ;e given. Would i pref-r a an, all private family. Apply at 31A Madison at., recoad fioor, ba-e room. f 11/ ANTED- BY A PROTESTANT ENGLISH GIRL, A [ TT aitnati a aa chambermaid and walt*r, or wmild he wilnni " do cereral bonaewors for a email private family; I vndefa* kn la plain cookina, and is a (rood washer and ironer. (. cd -Ity reforeaoe. call at itW Grove at., Jersey City. TITAN TED? A NICE. TIDY GERMAN GIRL, |OR II traeral hoiiaework In an Amer'can family. Must speak plain *n?lish Apply at all West 19th at. U'AN7F,D-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE >n. i>n ? men, aa rhamUrmald end waiter; na objec tion to aasist in th?- line wa?hing and ironing. Best city rw f.rr,fe fnm list place Call at No. V Union court. Uaiver ? Itv place, hatwern llth and 1 Ah (ts., for two days. nT %N TEf ?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNia WOMAN TT aswetrur<e. Uood re^ renee. Has a fresh breaat of milk. Apply a'. IBM 17th at , third fleor, treat toom, till en ?a*ed. \\T ANTED BY TWO RESPiCTABLE YOUNO WO TT men, ?ltoa< ions, ona a* firat fate waaht-r and iroucr. the other to do ehamberwork and waitlnc. Here thi be?t of city rclertnces from their laU flnees. Have no objection 'o ?i arlio't. dta'ance in the country. Can be teeu tor two 4 a) a a*. II Desbroseta at. TV'A'JTED? A SITUATION. BY TWO KBSPfCTABLl TT I'r'itestant t iris, one to io tho oooklnx, and la a lirat rate wa>her md ironer, and c amlo-mei'i; tha ether ? lie rr ? trmi id and waitress, has go e iJecMon to take earc of ? biidrcn, ami do plain sawiBR Cab bo teen at 10.1 tt est '/Hh >l i lor two dayi. w WaITI. "Il.rANTED ? A WOU AS, -TO COOK, WASH AND TV iron, and t.afet id *eaeral houaework; aiao, a xirl, to do light cbambarwurk ai-d ee*ing None bnt thoae baring ?o<d cit> inference need apply, thia day and Moaday, trom 5 U 11. at ? a> at. Vtftn-i GOOD C- OK, WASHER andiduner, TT for one in >nth. App>y at 83 Irving plaaa. TI/ANTED-UY A RESPkC TaBLE TOUNO GIRL, a Tv situation at cQaiai eroiaio tad aeamitreaa, or aa chil dren's at. a scat >tre.?; uuder?tandi making boys' ul cLildren'a clothing; u.. obj?nt ion to tue country or to travai ling with a lady Can pr duo* the beat ol olty refereaeo. Plra?e call at 77 We t lpth it , between >jth and 7th ayeauaa. Can be ???!? for two day p if nut engaged WANTED-A SlTt'Alli.v DV A RE3PECTABLB you uk woman, a* Uu. dreai nr to do oliatnbarworkia a i mall genteel family Can br well recommended, and ia fully competent for tier maiueia. Apply at 413 Fourth it., 8r??' floor, back room. ANTED? ?r A BE I'E' TABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation an cL .u.h^riniad or eaamitreei; baa no objection to d" Ilia cooking o* a mall lainlly. Good city re ference given if required. i an he seen for two days it not employed, at 131 Kant 2tf?h at., between 24 and 3d avonuoe. T17ANTE1-A YOUNG AMERICAN OIRL, FROM M fourteen to eixteeu > ear? old, to go to aea aa chain ber maid and waiter, to attend o the captain's wife. Apply At Patterson. i ami bell A ''andage'a shipping oftce, 117 South at., let ween the h. ur? ot 9 a. d 1 - A M WAMED-BY A J# i KT, TIDY GIRL. A SITUA tion to do genera; l.vusowork: ii a good washer and ironer ind a good ; lain c ok Cood oity reference. Apply a'. H'- ll>tb at., beti. et u 7' h tnd Mil i^eucra. WANTED? A SlTlAlh N, HT A RISPEJTABI.B yoeUK woman, to do general housework, or chtaber work. Good reference. Appt> it, 3lst at., between 2d and 3d >?!., seooud ooor I ruiu -el ?v . third tloor. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young wonino to do general hi rework aud cook, ?aati and iron in A private lam .|y Goed city reference. I'leaa* call for two day? a; tM Henry at , oyer the milk store. No oljeetion to go in tne oountry. WAN1EE? A SITUATION. BY A RKSPE TABLE young woman, an ot>?>, washer And ironer No utjec Gwd oi?y reference. Can be leea lor two duyi at 66 tlott at , ibira floor. WANTED IMMEDIATE' 1 -A GOOD CHAMBERMAID and waiter. Good city references required. Apply at 35 W oat SfiMi at WANTICD-A situation, by a young woman, to do general b ueework in a amaU family; hai no ob jection to any other kind of a ituation. Good reference*. Apply at S3 -d at., up s Lairs. WANTED-BY a You fl GIRL, A SITUATION A3 shamberniaid aud wailrei.? in a private family ; or aa waitress in a reipei gnfe boarding house: the country pre ferred. Pleai o call at 2jjy Columbia at , corner of Hamiftoa avenue, under tb. print -tori'. I'ont basement. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPICTaBUS young woman, aa Br?t ri?' j cook, waaher and ironer. Good city refereuce gl?>n. t all tnr two day* at 123 Uoerum ft., lecond dour from Her. en, liruklyn. XXJ ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A TOUNO WOMAN, TT ia chauil-ermaiu Good my reference. Apply at 132 Leonard at., aecon 1 lb or. irnm ro m, for two daya. 1*/ ANTED? TO GO UU1 TO WORK BY TUE DAY, TT Week ?.r month, aa pUm - #er and druKimakcr , ia neat at cl iloronV clothinii nnd ui..t rttanda outtiug buy t pmti. Call atxt3 Weit ltitli at. WANTAD-A M"UATIi/V, II Y A YoUNG GIRL, FIF teni yoara of , u? cLuiubrraaid and waiter, or to aa>itt in the care of chiUro .. Wanea not no much nu oijoot aa a good home. H. toloity >vferenco. Apply at Jli) Oth avubue, lor two dayr. \IrAN1ED-nY \ 8C0ICU PtRSON, A SITUATION TT aa ieaDttTee?; (he u mer-tan la dreaamaking and vm broidery H< -t of oi'y rvferniicu frulu her laat employer. Can be teen f t M??. Bj<ri' 3& DAM , Brooklyn. TIT AM ED? BY A HE' E' 'TABLE PROTESTANT TT yot>il|r (|rl, a Kitnati' to do ubamnerwork an 1 wai'ing, or aa eu'ie and i lain a?*e ; no ithj^ciona to travel, Goja ?ity te'i rcneea giveu. Apply at uj Dean at , Brooklyn. TVMMtD-A RESPKC ABLE GERMAN I'ROTBST TT Mlt girl, to AO |ei>tt hou- e work in a prirato family; one who nTi.lcrt.tun*,- warl.ini; and ironing tiinronghly, and to mako herself utelul Apply at 130 Weat 13d it., near 7th avenuo WANTED? f;Y A BESI'hi TAIJI.E YOUNG W..M1N, a*itiia*in|i to do ohainotrworli, or aaohildren nurae. Apply at 130 H Oft i_j al. , tetaueu 7ih and 8tu aevnuea. TVTANTEH-A SITUATION, AS WET N1!R-?E. liY A TT rcapict.Jne wiio? : ii - n I eaitliy tireatt of muh. Ap llj be: wein 11 A. M. aud 1' M. it 10 Waahington [Uee. TV' A M El? A l?r^oT^^'IA^T CIBL, TO GO A SHORT TT diftnnre in tbc country, '<? d? the general houaiwork of a private launly Call al 133 M adiaon at. TXTaNIRD-A SITUaTlOM. BY A RESPECTABLE TT >oung widow lady, aa ?et num. Can bo will reoom mendt d aa to tealth. t an I ti aoen at 401 Grand it. WJ ANTED? BY A LADY IN BOSTON, AN A' GOM TT pitched lady to take charg? of three youn* children; an En^'Mi lndy and a ( r.u: 'h w tnai preferred. Apply be i wien y aud II! o'clock on I ri?' and Saturday moruinc of thiawtek, a? the Hccond botiati oeiow Oth avenue, ie Welt Mtb et , louth side. ANTED-A MTUaTI'.N, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by u retpeoiarle .voiif ?? an. to cook, warn and iron; belt of oity reference ?ie?? Call for two daya t,c> Otu avennc, tij. rtaita, irout room, one ooor from 21it at WANTfcD-BV A RE" PEC I A FILE HEALTHY WlooW woniau with * 'r> ?b hroktt el milk, a baby to <eet nnr-e a' her own re. .fence; will b? a good kind wotfrer. Can be it en till ani'Sd u*. I ( r-o. ?ich at , iroond Ifo r, front ri tm. w V\J ANTED- liY A LE- i'EC. ABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TT u lituat'.on a> :ook waain-r a':d ironer; beat o' "ityre ?erencta irtveti. Can b? ?eeu 'ot two daya at &t Mm .etry ?t. w/anied-a MTUATI .N BY A RE^PKcTauLB TT )on<^wotctu aa el amherraaid or child dui' iinrae and Hi t mi* re;- ; v ou!il I a?i. n > j*y"C io to ;o ? ihort diatauce In the cnur ry. Can be it . u for a few djya.wt 71 TiHary it., Uroulilyn TIT ANTED? A COMPEIBVI* WOMAN, AS TRIMMER TT in a lace and embroidery atore Apply at 7ik. Broad way. . . ? rr-ANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN A SITUATION TT ai chambeimaid and waiter, or lai.ndreae ? an pro duce good "it\ reference irom her la<t place. Call at fl 33d It., bel ween Mb and Otli for two ilayi WJ ANTED? BY A RFSITX TABLB YOUMU lilltL, A TT lituatlon u* chani' erinaid and waiter, or to da the housework of a ?mall tauniy; ha- nc objection to go in tbo country for the aumtnor. lian the heat oity reference from w here al.e hai live I the laat four years. I'leaie call at 1J? 24th it., corner of 7^b avei. ue, thir l floor, back room. WANTED? A ? ITU A'? ION AS B ET N'CR^E, BY A leapectuble marriod woman, wboie baby ii 'our month! old; can out and mako ohlldro"! Ur^iaei. ia ot thii chnr : i ot England; no objection t tlm country; uono hut a re. pacta ble family need apfly, at 1U9 Mott at., rear, lor three 1 tyi. w ANTED? A RESPECT \ Bl.E MIDDLE-AGED WO man tAmerloan>, to taae c iar<eof a rick frntfeman. The beat ol city retorencu rwiuireu. Apply, for thin day on ly, betweeu 9 ai.d 11 A. M.. at U/4 Eaut Broadway. WANTED? A HIIUAT.oN BY A GERM A V (JIRL, wio apeak* good Eu. liah; understands dfea-. making and all kinds of aewirr; no o^jeotiia to do line ?a-.lnug. Adiirtsi K R. W ., 1! r .! i fllce. TITANTED-A SITUATION AS COACHM AC, BV A TT linile Proteatai.t in*o, w I -aperienceil in driving ami the care ot bor?e* Uae im ? hjection to to ?n o* r.. .otry. Can cornea -11 recommended Frua tun laat place Addte<? box ltM) tK raid oSioe. ANTED-BY A YOU.%0 MAN. NOW HOLDING A goo- 1 lituation. but .nahe* io chai go It for . ne mor? deairabla, a aiiuati"n aa pl<-rk or steward of some good hotel or iteamboat. Keteri to bia printout employer. A idren Hotel Clerk, Broadwi' Poit office. w WANTED? A SITUATION. fcY A PROTESTANT AND 1-iiiKle tutu ae coachman, who perf?c:ly undi'm'-andt the Inst tiff** in til it* br* nclio* ran pro luce tiie reft of city reltren ?? trim hit ia?- employer. Ua* no obje Mom to tlio country. Addict* F. T , llerald office, for two days. WANT1D-BY A YOU KG WAN, A SITUATION AH waiter or groom, la & I'r aud b\a tin- beat of city releience. A l?*w linet Iddraiiwl to C. M., at We.ler'a, 71.1 Broadway, ? here |p 11..* ?"r' with hit preaent employ er, will mo?;t with prompt attention. WANTED? A SITl'AliON AS WATCHMAN, BY AN American; dm iitd nlt?jt>n experience in a fir?t cla?? hotel Uo jd ait) references ?; 1 v ? n . Addrcrt Oflici Southern Direotory, room, No. 2, AppLtun'f Buildinr, 34'i Broadway, fETAN TE D ? A C ROOM AND COACHMAN, WHO TT mint be acquainted ? ith the training of boraca. He suit under- tiind Li* b::Mnr?* thoroughly , and com: well recommended. Apply at WW Cherry at. WANTED? AN ACCOMPLISHED TUTOR, TO TAB E chiirao of 8 or 10 children, at a ,>leaunt country vil?a*o within l.ity i ilea of Ne* v rk 'lo one arlu can pire natii factory ten'imoninU a? t<> character and oapabiUty, a fund ocmpeii?i.tinn will bi> givon (? e wjo can taaeb muaio w.uld te J n'ftrrc i. Adire?a h it **>7 Poat Office. TV'ANTED? A SITUATION, MY A YOUNG MAN, TO TT take care of a hnrae and work in a trardan, and make l.imaelt generally oattul, in a i-riv?<? 'aiuily. No objection to go in the conntry fall at c.'i Hot' at , for on* week. WANTKr-BY A rt*r I'fcO T AllLE YOUNO MAN 'Engliab,', ofactix a >her hr*??i??, a aituatiaa at Ixnb )ort?r or lnencncr, u-illeeior or IHdor, in a wholeaala or retail ? ' r?; w eld take*e if offloee, or I* willing tu work in any capacity whtre Ue au make himself ua?tul. 11 a* tir?t late rrcvc.uenda.iuna. l'leate addreta S S. E? 173 lludron it. flT A N TE D ? Til 1 1 DAY. M STOUT TOUNO MEN, TO it to 'n a wtalln* Yojajo. A-t'anre to the amount of S7*> paid to each man F.atia pay to earpouteri and cooprra. I.tutlh of mjaid twenty month. Apply at W Weak ?t., corner of Albany, up itairi. TIT" t NTETt? BY A hlNGI.E MiN. A SITI'ATION TT an gardener; nnderatande th? raiting of Ml ?ind? at tetetablee and flowar<; alao unfltr?tande the car'- of borrta; would act In the capacity oi coaebman If reared. Good refercnoe. Addreja I). A .IS John et., m the eeedtt-ir*. TIT ANTED ? A MAN 10 TEND A I.UBBBR TARO; TT on?? that la honeat and amjnaiated with li-mree ran apply at the lumber yard c?nti of 16th it. and 7th atenne, ftom J to !l A M. ot ft to 7 I' M. "11/ ANTED-A Yt.W FIKsT RATE B AITERS. ACCU8 TT towed to ebeokr at tne Merchant* Dintof *>????. ctrnffol John uad Billlatu b?? moot. ^ f r P ly^ thi a mornitiir, before 10 f "clock No t but tfc??? WW Willing to make themnelv ? (entratly o?*Ci:l need apply. TL' AM EI>? A B?Y, TO W'oKK IN AN OYiTER S.t ?f loen ; < ne who can open jyttera. Call at 13 arena* I>, letwetn 2 and 3 o olock. Tl*" ANTE D?T WO BOYS FOE WAITERS': THOSE TT aenentMdlac tho bu-Ii ?? can call at the Globe <lin inp aaloon, r? and ? ultou Marktt, of A. 8. WIOHTBAN. ?\I/ ANTED? AN OFEICM BOT. ONE WHO ~cTs TT write * (Vr hand, aad can come well raeommi'ade.l Apply at;il Broadway, rear office, flr.t tioor, frota W ti li I TIT ANTED? AN AMERICAN BOY, TO TEN? A TE*. 1 TT ?'>Te;ono who it acenat >m- 1 to the buainat* pre I frrr< d an 1 ean c^me we 1 rnoonma del forhon*?% aid ra tability. Nona it her n*ed apply, at ?>.' 7th attnat, iroin ?tn 10 a. *. For Balance of Waatiioe Sixth Pace.

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