Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1855 Page 3
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of Utica, New Tort, nM the Tmnin'i report, from *hfch w? take the folio ring ? [Total warty* flaring the put year |7,M8 0S " ?P""? " " ?? 4,856 97 liluw la treasury 93,176 11 Thaabove report waa adopted, altar which the Rev. Jon Bttkr, ofmuylTMi*, vu oilM upon, and de !!*??*? ahert and impressive prayar; alter whom, Bar. A. L. Foot aacended the pulpit and delivered the annual Thi? production waa delivered in about an hoar's time, and waa marked by violent denunciations of the slaveholders and the alave influence, which the lectarer said had already wail nigh paralysed the right arm of American liberty. After the delivery of tba above addreea, a copy of it waa requeeted for publication; after whieh the meeting adjourned. THE AMERICAN BAPTIST HOME MI33ION SOCIETY. The twenty third anniversary of this aociety wai held In the Pierrepont street Baptist Church, Brooklyn, yet -terday. There waa a very numerous attendance. At tea o'clock la the moralaf, 0. Wk. Co loath, Esq., of New York, calltd the meet ing to order, ia hia capacity of Vice 1'reiident, and Rev. Br. Hill acted aa Secretary. A letter waa read from Hon. Iaaac Davis, L. L. D., Preaident of the aociety, apologising for his absence from the aaaiveraary, resigning hia office and declining a re elect iea. Joha P. Crosier, Esq, one of the Vice Presidents, wrote, regretting his inability toattend th? anniversary Rev. Thomas Arssitage, of New York, excised him sal by letter ia nearly similar terma Brethren then ohaanted the hymn beginning with "Great God, the nations ot the earth:" after which prayer waa given. by Rev. W. Harrison, of laaton, Pa. It waa moved that Samuel Colgate, Esq be appointed Secretary pro tempore during the abaeace of Mr. Artai tage. Paaaed unanimously. The Cbaouian addreaaed the body, stating that the Secretary would In his report detail the progress of the body during tBa year. All the inventioaa of the age dwindled down to insignificance in comparison with a knowledge of Gospel truth. The truth waa opposed even la America; but avea though troubles reigned within or without, no member of the bady should think of giving and Rev. Daxrl Eddy, Chairman of the House of Representative* of Massachusetts, hero took the chair fey InvitaUoa of Mr. Colgate, and all clerical and other brethren were invited, as usual, to take part in the pro oeodiaga. Rev. Mr. Mason, of Mass , was appointed as aa as aistaat to the Recording Secretary. Coaunltteea oa credentials and nomination of Officers were appointed, and members were invited to exhibit acy credential papers they had, anl any oash sent in for the body. Mr. Bellamy, of Mass., moved that the society go in to nominatioa of offloers at half past eleven o'clock A M. It waa resolved tbat the society hold three daily ses sions during ita period of meeting. Chas. G. Martin, Esq , of Mew York, Treasurer, then lead hia report for the past year, from which the follow li^T abatements appeared: ? To casb paid missionaries for salaries $37,534 73 Paid agents salaries, traveling expenses, postage, Ac. 7,3% 72 Paid stationery, postage, and incidental expenses. . 201 35 . Paid salaries, secretaries and olerka ? JH.OlM 41 leas amount of interest Irom contingent fund 92 91? 4,001 50 Paid for paper and printing vot Home Mission Re oord, and expenses on the same 2,145 07 Paid for paper and printing annual reports, certi ficates, blanks, Ao 77 2 77 Paid taxes on land donated to the society SGI Paid diaoount on nncurrent tnnds and counterfeit money reeeived en account, donations, Ac 93 80 Paid on account of churoh edifice fund 4,572 13 fald interest on contingent donations to 49 Paid for educational purposes 3.) 37 Paid for axpenaes of anniversary 21 71 Paid for diploma plate 30) 00 Paid for ront of rooms in Broome street and Nai sau street 2 00 Paid tor sxpenses of moving, and for furniture and fitting up rooms in Nassau street 419 77 Paid for putting in order the rooms in Broome st. . 105 fit! Paid Insurance 7 57 Paid interest on temporary lean to April 1 47 SB Return funds paid by mistake 51 44 Loaned on bond ana mortgage on house and lot in Brooklyn, legacy of Uarrat N. Bleeker C,<>? 00 To balanee lto 4S Total 1MM. Wl.SliSS By bilftitco from lAtt year. . OAA W1 iSSEZtfJifui (?oaH?buUd"lMt y?m. * '9$ U 00 d,7id8l>d?rtoeiTod on sundry T-1*"P*Mry , i?Te*tmea?S 7 82-40 IM \?.Vu?^W8d. ?" b0,1,,i ?"<> aortgigee, * 1)0 do??r Investment by direction Mhe r 180 44 AS^re0C,TM i0T I'1"* to Bome~MUtion ? 44 Amjm. twetiredfor chur'oh edifice fundi ' ' i<m ?, 1'S3? 53 * T or " " 108 30 R?e??VT-?d.Jor edB??"?n?l parpo? - 4,fj S ? ,? ?stat? of Qarrat N nu?kAv. ?^UC?nldWtU"dW- F" V? ^?AenB,'|e.V.r: of, ??n??ibntioiii,' *c received 6,<XW 00 ToUl M?rohsi, by b.wio.:::::::::: ?CMptedm0rt<i' "econJed and PM8?d tii*t the report b i sty, " x-tsrT? SoSfibKuXSr* *ff4lr" ni forei*n miisloas, '^tSsSSSSST9 8<CreUr7> altera J^B<2JUideratl0n 0f th* wan indefinitely fcuel* IS>T,nmL(fe*^0,,t^I^S?i^,^lon, 1*80?n>?nded 8a. ?arft Hecording ^ Secretary, Samuel Cx/lAte, of W ?fflws Mme u ?U^Tea?' Othor and member* proceeded to billot* wheu The entire' flit J^?20 ft the ,oUo"!n? ?uKaToS,:K S^aff.TSlSf Si JST" 4; ?on,WnUnASLDMmr'tUrned tIunk? for ??? >?onor iiaSTfS"^ were 10 * uten in <*??* *7 toS?L?;rittenT,C4teJ the cht,r- "d *-?v & ???pr jurssrgg w,rfiBa;' ?ra. .J0sI^ljr r*,a'?d to enter the new roomi, and had resolved to organise at * IneettM A *l?T whlch parpoee the/ would hold a rsAt qrf.'.i ts?, *&:??<>> ? tlane4 If coom*loo> MM to them would he?l ? ""tore the unity which they had needlessly I Tiolated. It wu re commenc ed that tbe floofetv *? * body consider the eubjoct, and say what was best Jar thi E^'floaiat^ t?vhoW their fr*ternal relatione with the ss^ir?Vo't ra&r "ib ^ moved that the paper be refer ?SmTe' ??ort onD " w" "writd. Warren, Swajne, Stlmson, Parker and Slur dock were appointed as such eommlttee by the ohalr. Reid me? 2 *** *'ter prayer by R?v. Mr. ? 1PTSBNOON 883910 V. The society met again at three o'clock, when tbe M5th o haunted and prayer made by the Rev. Mr. Aldrich, of Massachusetts. Bev. Mr. Hill announced that but little remained to "? either this erenlng or to morrow. Daring the ?TMiBCtome addresses wouM be made, and when the election of raanageri wu OTer, and the committee on the dooument relative to the aew rooms had been reported, i # ?",!!*? ""toe basinets of tbe anniversary would be la reality over. This waa altogether owing to tbe pleas fag harmony which prevailed during the morning. l-The Recording Secretary read extracts from the annual report, wh eh showed that daring the year onh two deaths of miasioaarlee were reported, rli. : Hotchklni of WiMonaia, aad Benson of New fork; four directors died, and thirty ierea joined; the whole number of director* now wae ojer tbree theusud; legacy dona tiona amounted to $8,000; a contingent faa<Tof f 2ft, 000 was advised to be created; the progrees for creatine a fund for building churchee wae nrfiaUefactory; voiun v- ,CT Purp?* to the amount of ?4,4<? h*4 been received, aad the necessity for addition tj't had lacreseed, more especially oa account of la bilities assumed In Madison, (Wis.,) aad other The aggregate receipU for the year were large? th? usual, as shown by the report of the treasurer The liabilities for aew churches would require aa appro priation of $3,000 per quarter during the next rear J?? . * Albnqaerqae. Mexloo, la building the flrst ehurch. There was a deflcieaoy of cash, aad a Urge balance against the society. Heaoe the hearts of the directors ached duriag the year. This weuld be over $?,000, if all their liabilities were de manded irompUy. Monthly faads of about $4,000 were required, as the bottom of the treasury was ia view during the whole of the past twelve moetha. The ex ertioas of the sod sty can only be limited by the re sources of the body. Rev. rr. Msoooif moved that as much of tbe report as bad been read should be reoeived. The paper wa? adopted in extnuo. Ninety eight life members, niaety six life direetors, aad Ave delegatee ware reporw as being received duriag the meeting. M'. Lwooli* of Mass . presented a paper forward ?T ,J, R*Ti ^ 8 to we, of Boston, from several Bap 1. J* *ad arouad that city, exprsssin* their eoinlons ?n.~*,^*troversy oa rtovs. The mf mo rial was refer i?. committee aow in seseioa. t of the seoif ty were votsd to the ewamtt ?* *** WenrepoUt Baptist ohuroh, for the ?oconuo. dation ilirh* to soma bora, with aa Biuk ocvrlMf, dur 1m ttrif ae?io? ? Mr W i r* parted from the committee on the Km uu street mwiimUm, reoonsmmdmg lint a commit tee he appointed to parehaae property ?a which to erect a building or to parehaae a buUdlag, with eAeee, ob a convenient lite an possible. that aolr $38,000 he expended for the purpose, when the fund* be oellested, 111 that the ooamittoe ee appointed report at the next anniversary. Thie action to canee no drain en the trea sury of the society. The spare offices to be rented, and the Executive Committee te be Ins trusted to 03c up 7 the remainder as soon a* possible. A debt not exooeding one half of the whole ooet to be on the premises. Doctor Hul stated that subecriptloas te 99,000 had already been obtained for this puraoee, and the money would bo give* under certain oondiUoas. Mr. Warren's repoit was unanimously a-eepted, and the resolutions of the subscribers of the $4,000 taken up for consideration. Mr. Cutting proposed an amendment to the mode of procuring rcoma recommended by the committee of Mr. Warren. After some remarks from Dr. Downiso. of Philadel phia. he moved that the entire report, with the amend ments, te recommitted to the same committee, with the addition of two member*. Dr. Hn.L deprecated a continuance of division, or ri valry or dissension on this aubject, and advocated a re moval from Nassau street and the securing of the $20. 9C0 building. A house could he had In Uoad street, a. Y., for that anm. Several member* doubted if a credltabl* building could be aoeured in a central poition of the city of Nov York for $S0, 000, and ware a little personal in their comment* on Dr. Hill'* preference of Bond street. After considerable diasuaeioa it wa* resolved to refer all the p?pera, five in number, consisting of the fir*t report, resolution* of the $6,000 subscribers, and Mr. Cutting'*, to a aew committee of five. It wa* *o re ferred, and the society adjouraed. KVKNINO SX8SION. The society met at half past seven o'clock, P. M., when the secretary road the remainder of hi* annual report. The committee oa room location* made a aitia factory report, and several eloquent addresses were deli vered. The society meeting wa* adjourned, alter prayer, at a late hour, a* many member* leave thla morning to at tend a conference la Chicago. Daring the aitoraoaa recess taken by the society, a very elecant and plentiful dinner waa supplied to aaem b*r* in the basement of the ohurch. All the reporters were invited te be present, which the member* of the profession unanimously voted to be a most Christian act, aad well worthy of the saactity of Aanlveraary week. AMERICAN' HOME MISSIONARY SOCIErr. The twenty-ninth anniversary of this sosiety was held last evening at the Broadway Tabernacle. Tha Vice President, Hon. Benjamin F. Butter, presided, and the (xercieee were opened with prayer by Rev. Dr. Pattoa after which the Treasnrer's report waa read by Jasper Corning, Esq., from whiah it appears ^ Y' there bM since become dun 1179 7** o?i to??l of liabilities *100,106 08. ' :?k?^ 40 there is a balance in the trenury of $16 ^ si Vi? t ?o ? e*of the 'y ear! "?4iT#d ln Wme,i ^ ,e*?ol? near the The report of the Executive Committee was read hv loVingls an a*istractf? ?n# ?' th# ,ecr?Uriefl- The f Z ?K?f s anniversary, been removed by death Dr Woods ?&? nn? ni il?P??i?^ pas been added to the number of dAAaiiBAii f?i i/. wit^Mnf'JilfC^^rp^e^ MrHeda?it#1fty V " 0B th? fr.iUta reiert. Ln'OMo. ' *?.' pyuria I?.? ffi'V* ? WoW *?' d4tB of tb# lM* M" S t at e/ an d * Torrit or ies*' ^^follo^s!? I n^Maine* w'Tew I.laBn^*doSeett?t,#?; "eV ""H^-Tew fesefn I; Ohio, lblTl^dian.; Srffun'oiV m-mHiuii iPVES' ?AW Kaasw0,^; oHv^^ 2* j?V* supplies of single congregations; 328 have minis ,rrH?i^t7?,?r thrM congregations e?cC and 178 ha?e .* tended their labors over still wider fields. ^ The agfregate of min uteri al labor porformed, it 815 EasS" ?ax-','? aftuam wra ihe contributions to benevolent objects rsnorted h* firo iff n ? amount to $27,fli2 67. ' p rled 609 *.i "e addition* to the chorchos, as nearly as can be issnr connection with some ot which there haveen 50 60 and' 7d hopeful conveniens. The number of hopeful ooBvmi..? reported by 866 missionaries, is 2,454. aversions, txZt/ Bkx enrobes have been organised, in connection with the labors of the missionaries, diring tVe year and fTrtJ P""* fron\a iUtV>f ?M??<Unee to tUt of MlfW 5?*?; j ^onses hones* of worship have bean oom ri- . f ' t*l,rfcJr eWt repairod or improved; and fifty-two oth ?rears n process of erection. Xlxhtr nine th# ohnrches, are reported as in different i tageeef preparation for the gospel ministry. A resolution directing the publication of the foregoing report wae adopted after which loregomg HV~ck "f Buffalo, addressed the mat ing. Ihe Gospel, ho said, waa the only meam by which the wot Id could be redeemed from the error of iti wa vh JuLmWf rec?8n.1?!'J,8 thia futh, was engaged in the nn * J?' *nd th# prinoiplea it pro claimed. He (enounced those who wore endeavoring to subvert those principles by substituting a falae system of religion and philosophy, and mentioned the names of Theodore Parker and Rot. Dr. Newman, as the extreme advocates of this system. He alsodeaounoed the church of Rcme as the mother of abominations, and expressed tbc hep* that the day would soon come when her influ !"SVnd ber Pptrer would be gone forever. He conclu ded by presenting the following resolution: R solved, That the Gospel of Christ is alone adapted and th?hiiheWel&o&a?*hlshe,t "d 10 Ihe congregation tong the hymn :? O Zion, tune thy voice And raise thy hands on high; ' Tell all tho earth thy joys. Aft. ?. . L 4nd b?ast salvation nigh: After Which the moetiag was addienel by Kev. W. J. hi Vib,?J<Ji' Brooklyn. Ele commenced by saying that evar^M *?*?16 tae society for it reminded him of everything that a man held dear to him on earth? his l??2 ? ki?dr^? ,b,? friends, his country. rJJJ. .n,^? should love his home? the home ? aDia? *n that he could do te elevate the mcral as well as the political and material condition of this country We have a land that we should be proud ? V * ?e0PIe- *">* should not rest content until we hadput down infidelity and the superstitions of Rome This tte society devoud Itself to, and It should be well sustained by afi who had the true inteiests of the ooun refoluMon^ Rer- G?stleman read the following Z,h?1? 1? ?,nd Ia the claims of our home, the 'iFlM^n "v Soci^V e'Ulm, ?f th0 Am,rlc" A*? Whtn Mr. Bndington eonslnded the hymn. "Oar Country's Voice is Pleading" waa snng by the meeting. This was followed by an addtesa from i rof. C. B. Had <ook, D.I) , of Hanover, N. H., late U. 8. Minister to Portugal. He presented the following resolution:? Resolved. That we owe it to the Old World to sustain and Jlf" *?testant religion in the New. Tho speaker commenced by contrasting the relative position of America, in a religious, social and politioal point of view. One was the perfect Illustration of civil and religions freedom; the other, the embodiment of absolutism and roligious despotism, which wa? equalled only by that of Rome. Russia, at present, over shadowed Europe with her colossal power, and it behoved us to take some action to stay her onwird course. This could only be accomplished by the effect of onr example, which would eventually be the moans of redeeming Eu rope not only from the tyranny and oppression of its present rulers, bat from the fntnre thraldem of the Caar. what (said he), under these circumstances, la the action that wo should adopt I To take arms with France and England; to watch the encroachments of the Caar. All this may seem very well to some people, bnt It is very little a people that, in tho enthusiasm of patriotism, horned down their capital, these and tho Oaaruo tho Inon who, if driven to it by tho fortunes of war, will again make their sacrifices by Ore. Out first great mission aa a nation is to sot an example of freedom and happineae; of that freedom end happiness ir)tieh the Goepel alone can creat*. In Portugal, ho continued, and even ia Spain, throughout the Peninsula, cultivated and liberal men manliest an acquaintance with tho spirit and operations of our institutions, equally surprising and gratifying. The governments of the continent are little aware of the extent to which free thought pervadee the masses; and the day is not distant wnan la some portions of South ern Europe all that will be waited will be the light of dor example, and a few tone men raised by Provfloaoe for the crises to kindle the fire which the blood of patriots will not he able to extinguish ? a firs which will clear the political atmosphereof ths lovelftet land oa which the sua looks Ia the war now going oa It is the iatontion of Provi dence that this country should take th* lead of the hosts of truth and freedom. Let as all be baptised with th* beptism of the spirit; let as put on the aim or of Sod. I am only sorry wo have not a bettor emblem for onr country than the eagle, the rapacious bird of heaven would we had left hid* to old R*m* and Russia. Let Ihe emblem on our standard ever be "L*ve for man " The speaker concluded by expreeslng th* hope that the United States wCuld be the first in th* work of extondiag th* gcspel, and thus spreading th* blessings of true llbeny over th* earth. Ttie bsnedlotion wu pron*una*d aad th* meeting ad journed. 8EMI-AKNU1L MEETING OP THE AMERICAN BIBLE UNION. Odcaoo, May 9, im. The Amtrlcaa Bible Union ccmssenced their seaii-aa null meeting this moralsf , Dr. Oeae, of New York, pr* siding. An 1 um number of dslagatas wwoyao The Oonrention henutM wil Ml tt the Metropoli ?'V ??lagatee talk aerionsly of organising a mi 0*m MiMiM Seelety, and next Mood*/ a MituUsi will bs bald for that purpoae. _ the 'list ingui shed persons preaont were Una H*" Ato*. Campbel, Dr. Skeparf, Prefeaaor Baa tor, Mr. Hah a ad Dr. Armitage. ANNIVERSARIES TO BE HELD. Thmdit. Mat It. AmH?u Bible Seciety, TaberaaoU, 10 A. M. ^ New York CoWaUatlaa dociety, Lafayette pUoa, 7H A mar > can Temperance Unien, Tabernacle, 7 H P. M. American HeUew Christian Aaaociat aa, Norfolk 8 treat Methodist cbarcta 7? P. M. Nav Yort Prison Aj? otaUon, Dr. Cheever'a church, 7H V. M. Aaserlcen AnU aUrery Seciety, (Old Bcheel, GtrrUen Section. )? Bi i rfneea and general discussion. Freewill Bapttii church, Sullivan atraet. American Congregational Union ? Anniversary, (con tinued)? Church at the Pilgrims, Brooklyn. New York Institution far the Blind, la the Broadway Tabernacle, at 4 P. M. Fridat, Mat 11. Nav York City Anti-Slavery Society, 7H P. M. American Anti Slavery Society? Anniveraary, (com tinned )? Freewill Baptist Church, Sullivan street. American Board or Oammiaaionera for Foreign Mis alone ? Anai Ternary. 10 A. M. . Broadway Tabernacle. Tohdat, Mat 1ft. Twenty -aeoond aaniTeraary of the New Yerk Magdalen Society will be held at the Asylum, Eighty eighth atreet, between Fourth and Fifth aveaaee. FINANCIAL AN* COMMERCIAL* ? OUT lilllf, Wedkbdat, May 0?6 P. M. The sever* rain storm of to day added, lacreaeed dul neaa to Inanoiai matters in Wall atreet. and hat a light buaineaa waa done. The aalee at the Stock Board were quite limited, and without any marked change la pricee Illinois Central Raiiroatjfconda advanced Hi and atock H I Erie declined Hi Cumberland Coal, Hi Virginia O'a. HI Reading, Hi New York Central, H. Harlem lm proved H Sterling billa were held at 109H to 110 )?, bnt there waa little inquiry for then. Mr. Nlcholaa Dean declines a re-election to the prail dency of the Harlem Railroad, unleaa the present Vioe President, Mr. Henry 3. Blatehford, is alao re chosok. RJTh* payments at the Clearing House this morning amounted to $17,038,376 86. The balance in the Sub-Traainry this morning was $2,153,515 09 Customs reeoipta yesterday 45,188 65 Treasnry do. do 146,705 31 Treasury payments 223,061 61 Paid by Assay Office 4,600 23 Paid on disbursing checks 11,820 85 Mr. Albert H. Nicolay'a regular aemi- weekly auction of stocks and bonds will take place to morrow, (Thursday,) at 12H o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. The catalogue will embrace a large variety of flrst class se curities. Adrian H. Muller will hold a special sale of stocks to morrow, (Thursday,) at 12H o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, by order of Geo. Chesterman, executor of James Chesterman, deceased. Some good reouritles will be offered. The money article writer of the London Timet says:? This (April 27) has been an exceedingly dull and anxious day in the city, since, owing to the fact of no intelligence from Sebastopol baring transpired, although the goTtrnment are known to possess the means of direct communication, a vaiiety of adrarse rumors hare been circulated with considerable effect. Consols were first quoted at the closing prices of lait evening? namely, 80 to H ? from which they declined until there were sellers at t8V, the unfavorable reports of the speculators, which included tbe loss of a llne-of- battle ship and tho abandonment of the bombardment of Sebastopol, bsing aided by a statement that Lord Panmure intends to re sign his post as War Minister. A sudden rise in the corn market, in consequence of tbe continue! absenee of rain and the diminished expectations of peace, likewise operated badly. The gloomy tendency, however, was partially a> rested by better prices from Paris, oonsequent upon tbe journey or the Emperor to tbe Crimea having been postponed or abandoned, and a belief in some quarters that Austria will yet act openly; and the last transactions were at 88H to % for botn money and ac count. French prices subsequently reoeired, howerer, fhowed a reaction. Omnium ranged between H *nd K Sremium, and the closing quotation was H t0 Hi the if proportionate heaviness in this instance being atiribu table to a sale of ?600,000 yesterday and to-day by the Commercial Bank of Bcctland. to whom that amount waa apportioned by tli* contractors. Tbe closing accounts from Paris this evening were lass favorable than those receired at an earlier hour, a reac tion of a quarter per cent having taken place from the advance of yesterday The Vienna quotations, however, show some tendency to recovery. Ihe continental letters describe no particnlar altera tion in tbe appearance of the exchanges, except that at Hamburg they hare besoms less favorable, owing to a rise of H per cent in the rata of dinoount, which la now 2H per cent, some heavy payments having been required for coin. Stock Exchange. W kdxxhd at , May 9, 1855. 129 shs NY Con KR.o 92 H 230 do b'l 92H 1050 Erie RR s3 43H 400 do 48H 1C0 do b60 48H 300 do bOO 49 400 do s30 48H 100 do......sl5 48H 60 do i?5 48 H 100 do s30 48 H 260 Harlem BR .... s3 29 H 300 do 20H 60 New Jersey RR.. 124 100 Reading RR... s3 86H 1050 do si 85 H 400 do M0 8?H 200 do 3 85'i 200 do b30 86 100 Hud Riv RR...S3 40 60 Panama RR 93?? 150 111 Cen RR . . . . s3 95* 160 do 95 26 Gal and Chi RR.. 91H 100 CIst and Tol RR. 78.H 100 do 78H 60 do bOO 78 H 60 do b30 78 H 20 Chi and Rk I RR. 8) BOARD. 100 shs Erie RR ...c 49 25 Panama RR. .elO 91H 76 do slO 95 200 Reading RR. . s90 86 400 do 8?H 1C0 do 86 200 do blO 8tiH 60 Mich So &N I Con 9 &H $6000 Ind St 6's..s3 83H 6(00 Missouri 6's. . 92H 2000 Virginia 6's.s3 97 H 1000 Tenn6's ,'00.. 93H 1000 N Orleans C 6's 86 1000 Erie Bs '83.sl0 92 3000 Erie Bs ' 76.. b3 86H lOCOO do c 86H CCOON IalstMGoa 87 H 3C000 do c 87H 6000 do b3 87 H 5000 Dl Can RR . . b3 74 % 6600 do b3 74H 2600 do 74H 6600 do s3 74H 9000 Ind Bk Bds... 83 H 250 Clev&Tol Div B 76 17 shs American Bk 109 12 Del ft Hud Canal 126 30 Canton Co 20 100 do s30 2f>H 40Penn Coal Co.... 106 200 Cum Coal Co.. .c 27 H 260 do b3 27 H 60 do s30 27 H 200 qo b60 28 100 do s3 S7H 100 do b3 27 H *0N Y Cen RR.b90 92H KBC0H9 100 shs Erie RR..*3 4?H 1C0 do bU 48H 100 do 48H 160 do b?0 48% 10 do 48 H 60 do .s3 48 H 160 do s3 48% 100 do b30 49 50 do si 5 48H cuy trade: report. ^ Wxdnksdat, May 9?6 P. M. Brxadsttfto ? Floor ? The itock of State braudt con tinued to be light, and common brands were about 12>?e. per bbl. hlgh?r. The sale* footed up about 7,000 a 8,000 bbla., including common to good and choice State at $10 25 a $10 60 ; Ohio, Michigan and Indiana at $10 26 a $10 60, and $10 76 a $11 76 for fancy and extra do; Canadian, (1,600 a 2.000 bbls.) chiefly at $10 62Jf a a $10 76, and extra do. at $11 a $11 60. Southern wan fijm, with rake of 1,600 bbls. at $10 81 to $11 for fair to good choice bran**, and $11 a $12 60 fer extra do. Ex tra Geneaee waa $13. 1,000 bbli. State cold to arrive in July, at $9. Wheat ? Sales of about 600 a 600 bushels white Southern at $2 66 a $2 60. Corn waa firmer. Sales 16,000 a 20,000 buahels lacludlng 3,000 New Or leans mixed, at $1 IS; 4,600 white, to arrive, at $1 16 a $1 1SX; 2,800 Western mixed afloat at $1 15)?, and 6,000 white Southern at $1 16. Yellow waa held at $1 17>i, and about 80,000 bushels Weatern mixed were aoM to arrive in July, at $1. Bye? 600 bush* Is were sold at $1 76. Oats? 6,000 bushela Pennsylvania were sold at 68c. a 70. State and Western were quoted at 80?. a 86c. Com*.? ?ales 600 bags St. Domingo, at p. t. ; 160 Ma racaibo, at lOKc. ; 160 Bio, at 10Kc. ; 100 mats Java, at 14c., and 60 do. do., at 13^0. Cottoh. ? The sales embraced 4,000 a 5,000 bales, mar ket closing Arm, We, quote middling uplands at ; do. Floriilaa, 10&c.; do. Mobiles, at lO^o., and <H. Mew Orleans and Texas, at 10)fc. Fjj>h. ? Dry cod were in good demand, at $3 75 a $3 87 for Graad Bank, and $4 a $4 25 (or George's. Mackerel were in light sloes, and the high rates demanded by holders checked transactions. Pickled herring and cod were selling at $3 2$ a $4 26; box herring at 30c. a 31c. for Mo. 1, and 87 ke. and 40c. for scalsd. FaxxiHTa. ? To Liverpool 6.000, bushela of corn were en gaged In bags at 3d. ; 200 bales compressed and unoom pi eased cotton, at 6 32d. a 3 16d_ and 70 do. Bee Island, at 9-32d. , and 100 boxes becoJJ it p. t. To Havre 600 a 600 bale* of eotton were engaged at ke. To Antwerp 100 bble. provisions were engaged at 3s., and 60 hhds. tobacco, at 80s. To California rates were 30c. a 860. The Highflyer waa nearly filled, and took some mea surement good a at 40c. A vessel was taken up to load in Cuba for Oowee with sugar, at ?3 6s. and 6 per oent pr image. Fsrrr? 200 boxes raisins, layers, were sold at $2 15, and 900 M. B.'s, at $2 46. Moiamhi was better. 200 hhds. elajed Cuba warn sold at 2Ae. Oil.? Unseed was firm, with some sale* as high as 90c., wttt lots to arrive at 88c. 800 baskets aw net oU (quarts) sold at $$ 60. l'aovwioxs ?Park waa firmer, espedally for new, with rales of about 800 a 0C0 bbla., including old meea at $18 02, and new do. at $17 03 60 bbla. thin mess Weatorn brought $1$ 71. and 100 bbls. now mess, deliverable In thirty days, aoM at $17 26. Beef was firm, wlifc salea at altiut 8C0 bbla. country meaa at $10 a $12 50., do prima at $8 60 a $9 60. 86 bbla. Chleage repoeked ahoaktoa af Id at 7\o., and 10$ hhds. shoulders mad hams ware alio Held, at 7Ke. for the former, and ?Xe. for th* lat ter. Lard waa Irm and higher; 300 hMa. soM at 10 Wo, aKXe. '? prime. Bacon la ttg ht supply, and held quit* firm. Ricx? Sale* t>f 100 tierces at CWe a ?Xo. Sew) ?Clover remained dull at lOo. a lCXc., while limothy ranged at $4. Bioaw ?Owing to the aieady ram storm, none wen landing, and Ue sales were unimportant, while prices wtro steady. Tmxow.? Within a day er two, 80,000 Iba, city rem ! rfered h*te be?n sold at UK* Inr TitkCitiU Hatktt WgDNKHlUT, May 0, 19M. TIM .totv"1 L" checked operation* in the fifdj to d*/, ^ transactions within doon irt sufficient to ciK r #lr ?***?* lrj offered. l'ric?? havs fnrtkcr advanced, k.'* *r* ?ow ? point higher than ever known in this nv.',r^tt before. 1 Se ru(e of the market last *Mk PU down ?* from $13 to til, to-day It is full on* dollar l^<h?r- say from 914 to $15. The truth if, In the word* ot' ?' dealers, "th# ovmci, pretty much, are getting ,*?/ Pr'o? the/ ehooae to ilk." Pritf* B eef Mttle, extra Quality, p t* HO 11m.. 90 a 16 00 Do. goo-1 quality..., 1? 00 a 12 00 Oowa, extra CO vP a 70 80 Do. good 45 0# * 65 00 Do. ordinary 30 00 ? 35 00 Veals, good gr.m. x?d 04 a 01 Do. extra _ a P8 Sheep, extra 6 00 a 0* 00 l-a?b? 4 00 a 06 00 Swine, 5>ia 08 The supplies in the yard* this afternoen were dome thing abort ol 1,200 heal. Various r--a*oas are atuigned for the kxcititant pnoe*. Some of tUe owners say It i* ?witg to th* dfurat-s ol hay in the cuuutry, conssquent on the failure o! tbe grass last nea^on. which makes cattle raiaing at priwiit unusually expensive; aome to the stoppage of uiisy distilleries, in anticipation uf the Maine liquor law, thereby cutting off the supplies from the stills, and necessarily the u.->e of mure ?xpeu?ive material lor ieed. oth?is that speculation anl combina tion have much to do, purposely, in ke?plog back the supplied, and creating an artificial eoarcity here ia orler to run up prices. Tbtr# i* ?orae trutn, probably, in these several allegation*. Taken together they afford aome explanation ol the extravagant ratea which just now govern tbe market on the eeaboarU. The fellewlni tahta sliowa from what pirt of th* coun try and by what conveyances the supplies came: ? By the Hu 'hou River Railroad 365 By the Hudson rl?er boat* 456 By th* Erie Railroad 300 By the Harlem RailtoaJ io From lllinoia, on car* 185 From Ohio, on car*^ 34? From New York State, oa car* 538 From lawn 7# Offer Stcck, By tke Krie Railroad? Swine 1,688 " Hudson R-ver IU troad? Swine 1,300 " Hailem Railroad? Cowa and calves 20 " " ?Veal calve* 3<J0 " ?Sheep a ad Urn b* 500 11 Hudiroo River boeti? Swine 1,300 '' , '' ?Sheep 160

Cow? and calve* are a shado better. Veal meet* a ready sale foe tbe better qualities, bwiae plenty and cheaper, AT BKOWMNO'S. 100 beeve* . . $11 00 a $12 60 44 cow* and calvts, first quality 60 00 a 75 00 do. rlo. good 30 00 a 46 00 66 Teal calves (livo weight) 4a 7 2664 ahetp and lambs? ?Wp 6 0<)a 6 20 ? lambs 4 00 a 6 00 The market for all descriptions of cattle, hare, was lively. Sheep were plentier, at pricei, in the main, allowing a further improve meat on last weok's quota tion*. Ihe qualities were far from first rate; many were poor and alim. Extra* are worth cents, equal to 16 cents per pound, dressed (On hand to day, about 300.) Tbe following ia a mcuor inium of sale* by James Met 'aily, at Browning'*, for the week ending May 9, 1856: 40 abetp at 00 33 do. *nd lambs at 162 76 100 do. at 537 tfl 103 do. at 50 152 do. at 715 75 20 do. at 157 00 10 do. at 49 00 74 do. at 490 25 89 ,<Jo. at 600 75 82 do. at 653 00 26 do. at 327 00 4 do. at 31 19 46 do. at 450 00 777 sheep at $4,858*66 Average price per aliet-p, $6 26. Markoi continued good. The following ia a memorandum of sales by Samuel McGraw 4 Son, at Brerni*g's, for the week ending May 6 69 sheep at $310 60 189 do at 1,015 35 277 do. at 353 75 2 do. at 17 00 1 do. at 10 00 1 do. at 8 60 62 do. at 248 00 11 do. at 46 50 2 do._ at 11 00 691 sheep at ' $J,030 50 20 do at 15c per lb Mr McGraw al*o sold 20 beef cattle from 11 >jo. to 14o. per lb. AT CIIAMUKRLAIN'S. The mnrket at Chamberlain's ia reported very stiff. Beeve* were quite as high as at the up town yards. Sheep aie tcarce and dearer. Veal, also, is a fraction firmer. 211 beef cattle $10 00 a $13 00 e3 cows and calves 30 00 a 60 00 40 veal calvea, (live weight) 6a 7 2121 sheep and lambs a 3 CO a 7 00 We annex a memorandum of sheep sold by Mr. Sam'l Smith 160 sheep at $C 00 96 do. at yj 104 do. at 4 83 1# do. at 3 00 AT O'BKIBN'S. C. Ilealy sold a lot of 32 cows and calves, from this Slate, principally all to one purchaser, at $62 eacb. The market generally is Terr firm. The following is a sum mary of tbe week's business-. 213 beeves..'. $9 00a$ll 60 104 eew* and calves 25 00 a 60 00 80 veals, (llv* weight) 6 a fljtf KKCAPITCT. ATION . Omm and Veal Shvp and Ben'et, Calves. Culves. Lambs. Alleiton's ..1,160 20 300 600 Browning's 1V0 44 60 2,654 Chamberlain's 211 63 40 2,121 O'Brien's 213 104 60 ? Total 1,764 231 406 6,276 To the Public. lfr. Henry Dwight, Jr., in the Evening Toat of M ay A, at tempt* to justify the plea of uiary which ho wti up to avoid tie bay meet i?f hie promissory notos, to the amount of $1A>. OHO, by a studied ptrsonal attack upon mo. Reluctant at I am to engage in a personal oontroveriy, for which I have tettber time ner taato, I deem It dne to truth to meet Mr Dwi;ht'a column of Motion with a pit in statement of fast*. t he inott of these facti are within the knowledge of others as vull as myself, and from them tbe publio oan form an es timate of the merits of tha defence of nsnry now interposed and of tbe animua of tba party who thus seeks to avoid the favmcirt of honest obligations. So far as the ek&rie??f usury and fraud whleh are sat np ty Mr. Ifwlgtt, relate to me, they are, in their yener*! cope and meaning, and in their apeclficttione-ln tie a?rr??ate and in detail? ntttcrly unfounded. Thero has sot only not been any 1-ca 1 or technloal nsury or fraud such as oonld ron stitute nnaer any circumstance i, a legal or technical de fence;! bot there haa not been any attempt, nnder a iy eoler, device or pretence whatever, to obtain uanriins intereat, or to make with Mr. Dwight a close, hur. h or unfair bargain. On the contrary, ba waa dealt with ia a spirit <>f extreme liberality, and the anm of $300,000 wai advanced to him by a company open wbieb he had no claim, at a timo when it * a? laid that that advance wonld enable him to complete and make valuable a road in which hit whole fortune was lnrcited, bat which was then, in its unfinished state, nearly valnelerf. In the fall of lcSS, lfr. DwUht then being the contractor for the ecnatriiction of the Chicago and Miseiasippi road, became embarrassed, and unabla to por'orm his engage ment*. The engineer reported that $800,000 wonld be re quired to complete the work according to his contraot Mr. Dnlght set on feot a negotiation to obtain that amount from his creditors and parties interested in the completion of the road. Am one tbe#? creditors and parties were Messrs. Brown, Brothera A Co., ot this city; three or more hanks in New Hat on, tha Pbenix Bank or llartford, Mr. ilenry Ilotcbkiaa, of New Ilaven, and aevcral other indlviduala, waa represented, bad agreed to advanoo SAIIO.OOO, vpen condition that the remaining WUU,UU0 should be pro vided by other j. art lea. An application waa accordingly made, through Mr Charlea Oonld, to several of the direot ora of tbe Northern Indiana Railroad Company, myself in cluded, to procure from that company aid to Mr. Dwight to the required extent; and it waa proposed, as an inducement to making the advance, that in addition to the benefit whleh our lln? wonld derive from the completion of the Chicago and Mississippi road, the control ot its management for two years ahoula be aeinred to onr oempany, by allowing it to elect, daring that tine, a majority of tbe director*? thna enabling i\gto proteot onr investment, and the general iote rastacf oar company. No action waa had by the Northern Indian* Company on thia sntject sntil the 15th December, 18S8, when Messrs. Bliss, 8t ryker and myself ware appoiated a ceomlttee, with authority to mako ruch contract In thia matter aa we might deem conducivo to the intereata of tho Northern Indiana Company. All tbat preceded thia had been informal? osi oat interviews with individual members of the board? no one np to tbat time having authority to aet for onr com pany, tha qneation having boon simply whether onr oompan* would entertain tha proportion at all. What followed were the lormal negotiation, aad oontraot made by .authority Of tbe board. Thia eemmittae did aat enUr npon tha negotiation aatH the 2#th of Decern bar. For several daya pnvloua to that date I had beeaia Washington, in attendance npon a s<*it then pending, and aboufrto ba argued la the Called Statea Court, in which the Northern Indiana Company waa a party. 1 returned to Now fork, where I met Mr. Bliss by appoint ment en ibe morning of tha Alth, for the express purpose of taking up thia negotiation. We apent mostjof the day aad tvening with Mr. Dwight, at a hotel on Oramerey Park, his ccnasel and brother being present portions of the ttmoi Mr. Gould was no* present at tUa negotiation at all, ho being tonfincd by siskaoaa to hia houae, whore Mr. Bliaa and my tell called npon htm. After discussing with Mr. Dwight va rious proportions and counter-propositions without remit, Mr. Bliss aad myself lert hi* late in the evening, having first. "ubiaMted to him a proposition, to whieb Ua answer waa to bo given the next mooning. The nextjmorning we re ceived bis answer in writing deoMalng oar proposition. Thli terminated my oenaeetiun with the negotiation, and I 1st* tte inaae even tag for Washington. Before I left, howev*. at the laataaoe of Mr. Idmnnd Dwlght, who sailed at Ike office for that purpose, It waa agree* that tha negotla'Jaat thotld be resaaaed. and aa it was impossible tor mo ta re main. tbat It should be pursued by Mr. Bliaaaloao, la ?hoaa aa'jon I tromiaod to acqnieaee. After I loft lb. BUaa renewed tho negotiation, aad finally agreed uptn a oontraot, differing In roveaal essentia parti' culars from any which we bad Jointly urged, aad which contract waa executed by hlmaelf aad Mr. Stryker. ou the 80th December. Thia contract haa never vol received my elgaature. It was at oace acted -pon by beta o-.t:a;t lag pertler? $30,000 In money advanced on acoMnt of It by tbe Nortbera Indiana Conpaay; kb? Chloaao and M'-ssis slant Board reorgaaiaed: Messrs. Mlisa Govid and uvself appointed direotors in that eoaapany, and Mr. Bliaa Presl dent of it, all before my return to tbe city. It thna appears that thia "contraot," which Mr. Dwight ohargta that | "made," aad*"exccnted cadet real" M<t "forced him to make,'' and which 1 1 retased to perform," In whioh eontmct be aays that tbe uanrj waa perpetrated, and b<y which be snva that I "bad stipulate! that rayaett, Mr. OonU aad Mr. Bill* should be ele?fed directors of the eorapany. and kept la office for two jroara, to give bin (me) a majority in and control of tie tx?ard"? this coatu^ t, 1 any, waa not ne<e tlatod, and baa never beoa exoonlod by we at all, but waa negotiated aad eieouted by other rarti*e, wbsa I waa hun deeds of cailoc distant, aad whea I had aa mor* control over tho contract, |t( stipulations aad ?oa4?ti?na, than the aaa fctbe Ttfc a?orr UK the mltMl vm Mf ri i *4 by tfcaBeard of UtrwUn el the hwikwa lituu Compear, eudTfti-r that Mr UUii ud amir, ti commit ??<" tkt formal subscription of tM nv to lb* Iota -A J ? wbwb.lhe contrast of 3Jth liecember raquired t j ?e made. This is all that I hadte da with tbe makmx of the Contract ia q?e*t4ea. JH*!* '""Mot ato|>. Ilr. Dwixbt's principal charge, op>n *"?*" lbs ethers depend, baring teiied, the raa( ?????? sartl* fall with It. But 1 dtny tb? son tract as snaie by Uuvi Blue k atrjkur bad a single element of n?ury about it It wu an afrienin t to loan f 1.V) (nA) on specified securities, aid to liUJV """"ditionally, Mf.OJtfof at wok, at W cent* oa the ?oll?r. t',ury cannot he inferred tram tbo mere act of ?/?* *DJ 'I*-*'*4 of I 'ro part* obeap it cannot lecomtnit i* a Lv eocidnt or mistake, bui ii ia tbo tutontioa !.?i . V ,on,e form ifrituf to take, mora than iaxal V" 'be loan of money fto aueb intention can be c?Jt^a?t M??? liliw * striker in the making of this P?Kht "J* *? *?? "foroed" to tell hit tttek at ot,? the market value of the s'.ocn rtnaiug from t?] to 77." U? may tare Uen "forced" to take Tst eooauto nobody would pay him more, but not in any other way or for tujr othtr reaacD. Ue told the ttock of hu own fr ie will auJ cboce. for too blrftaatt pri.=. b e o,?U obum f"rV w!o S?3i K! ? ? u ?? if tU" " ?? ? -u>arkat value" of hi to (7 for it r M by did he not tell in Wall street at the *' tliu* realise from bit threo millions of Stock the eemperetivtly ?mall nn ot monty whiob ha bor ? rowed fieri the Northern Indiana Company " 1 he stock has nevor had a "market value" in the fair aid ' crdinary acceptation of the teriu. Fer tho tiu'.a of tlui at sertioa, I appeal to Uc cntiro Hoard of Hrokori, and to tho 1 record oi their daily traniaotioiis a*, the Stock fexohaue during the laat eighteen month* I do not toeau to dent that it bad an intrinsic value, au.t that there may have been : occationtl sales of taall amounts of it. Dut it had net cny fixed, well known, readily ascertainable and leeiisable frioc, tueli at it intended by the term "markot value," or ttuh at would hare enabled him to obtain .Vj cmitt on tho dollar for ISUO.OOO of it if It had then beau offered at public auction. To prove hit assertion as to the "market value" on the Sbtli lJeoeiuber, IMS, he pioducea an affidavit that more than four month* after that late? in May. 1864? 10? thare* of tlio ktoek were told at I 1 answer this by ttatinn an aualo (out t?o'. thit witliin the neit lew moutbt it sold in this oiiy, at Mr. Draper'* publio tales, at S? and 40 per oeut. But these illustrations both relate to an improper time. Tbe fair question is, what wat the stock worth and what would it **11 for on the Se'th Dto tnUr, If.'iJ, aud immediato ly thereafter. Let n* sea wbat were the fact*. Ibe only reason why tbe Northern Indians Company pre ferred to make ? portion of tbi* advance In the form of a purohase of (took, initead of Baking It all npon a loan at fifteen month* credit, wa* that it wa* hoped the stock ooald all be ditpceed of atnonK the friends of the oompany at oott, and tbu* prevent tbe treutaotion from belaj too peat a burden upon the Unaueet of the oompany. The oompany Immediately offerud it for lala, and told all that could be ditpoted of at ooet. giving, whore detired, a oredit of four and six months. Some or the directors and steokholler* of the Northern lndiaut Company took a portioa, but mytelf not a share, as I did not deem it an object at the prioe. Mr. Biles, then President of tbe Cbioago aad Mississippi Com pany. purehssed tome; ab J Mr. Could, then a direeter, and now i'resident of that oompany, asreed to takd $3U,nt>0ot the stock upon the same terms, from which bargain ho was af terwards released at hit own request, tn? public decide whether a?y c iiector of tbe Chicago and Mitsistlppi road would decline to take its stook at SO, when the '? market value" of it was from b 2 to 77 Arply another tost. What did tho stock cost Mr Dwightf By l>i* contract for constructor, be was to receive tQ.OOO.UOO, I payable one-bait in mortgage bonds, aud one half in (took of the company, for Imildiug a tingle tcaok railroad, with ne cessary engine and station houses, from Springfield to Joliet ? 148 miles? equal to 141,540 per mile for a railroad across the llllnol* prairie*? not lenced nor ba!la*tod, a?d without equipment, while the Miohigan Southern and Northern In diana road, foliy completed and equipped, will uot oost ever >27.000 to $?8,U0t] per tune. 1 state tho faot without commeut. Estimating tht bonds a* ? prior security at their fair value, railroad men can determine far tnsintolvos whe ther SO per cent wat ? high or a low | rico for tuo stock. It It untieeoftarv to dwell upon tbit subject. The charje of usury it an afterthought, only di<coverod, and first heard of when it was atcertalned that tie paper ?a* tho property ofbonatid* ho! den. aud that no othor defence oould avail to defeat itt collection. Uad it been necessary to set up bi gamy instead of usury, the laots In tho case would have tended as strongly to maintain the one defence as the tther. 1 have reither time nor inclination to do more tt an refer briefly to the other oharges contained in Mr. liwi^ht's o?rJ. lie alleges that 1 extorted nearly $3? 0J0 on a rale ot 2 700 tons of iron, then being atToludo, and which I stipulated to deliver at Chicago, on or before the 1st of Anrtl; and l'wil fully tnd designedly kept it back" until late in June; in short, that 1 made contracts only to violate them. All this is simply absurd. The iron whicb Mr. D. says I forced him to take at ?n ex orbitant prioe, was tbo property ot the Northern Indiana Kailrokd Company, and wat vituntariiy purohased by the Chios go and Mississippi Company of tto Northern Indiaua Ksilroud Company, at its procise cost to the latter company. TLo sale was made not bv me alone, but by the then i'reii dent ot tbe cempanr, Mr J or vis, and myself Jointly, un der authority of a vote of the Exeoutive Committee, of which Mr. Bliss, th n 1'resideut ot tbe Chicago and Mississ ippi Company, was n member, which vote authoriied u? t? sell tbo iron? prohibiting as trom soiling at less than nost? <o apply on the subscription tor $300,000. It wat tntlroly at tbe option of the Cbioago aud Mississippi Company to take the iron, or to let it alono and claim the mnney. But it was their manifest interest to take it? tor the reason that It was desired to complete the road at tho earliist practicable day, and It was Impossible to transport tbeir rails fr>m New York by railroad to Chi cago in midwinter, without a loss of time and an additional expense of transportation which forbid tho un dertaking. In short, it wot ohcaper for that company to take this iron which was already at Toledo, at tbe price named, than it would bare bean to have tent th?lr own irom New York by railroad, as we 'hen ondorstool. and aj I still believe. The transaction was for tbe mutual accommoda tion, and to the entire aatisfactien of both companies ? fully understood, freely talked over, and cheerfully audited to by, both boards or directors, without distent or objection from any quarter, and the idea that it was k compulsory ttle, n-ade witb a view to obtain nn exorbitant price and as a color for ntury, hat never unt.l now been hinted at during the tixtten months that have elapsed since the transacti>n took place, and is the sheerest pretext that smsihle men ever attempted to | aim olT upon an intelligent pnhlie. Tbe contract ter its transportation to Chicago was made under a srccial vote of tbe authorising it by Mr. Jorvi* and not by mo. and it was transported at a price barely auf flcient to pay expenses, at a deduction of nearly a dollar a ion frim the then established rates, and at a price a dollar and a half per ton leas than the pretent rates; and yet Mr. 1). alleges in hit bill of complaint that the charge tor transpor tation wat too high, and ?aa designed as a color for ninryl Neither in this case nor in any other, since my connection with tbe road, have I undertaken ta make contracts for transportation or atipulated as to timo ot delivery; aad the obsree that this iron wat ''wilfully and designedly kept back1' by me, or, so far as I know or believe, by any one connected with our compaiy, is in it* length aud breadth, in letter and in spirit, en entire fabrication. No contract wa* evrr made by me, and Mr. Jervis denio* that any was ever made by him, to deliver the iron at Chicago by tho 1st April, or any othtr stipulated hire. I One dtnificant fact in worthy of *peoinl attention. If the u*ury charged to hate been covered under the pure liaae of atoek? ortho extortion alleged to bare been practised in the tale of iron, had any foundation in fact, it inuft have lun well known to Mr. Bliu, then President of the Chica go and Miaaiafippl Crmr>ai> y. And vet In hi< affidavit, an nexed to Mr. D.'? bill of con.pIatnt, he utturiy omit* (am I mistaken ia believing that upon application he refaae if) to substantiate either charge. Mr. Iilits is too high-minded a man to have as accommodating memory. Ot* charge remain* to be noticed ? that I refuted to carry out the contract of th? 90th December, until Mr. Dwlght should return to the Chicago and MiiiaiMippi Company tfiCO.OOO ot bond* of thit company for cancellation This I admit and justify. That company then had losal authority to tune hond* to the extant of $3,GoO "00, and no more. Bond* had however been leaned, and were then ontstaod lag, to the oxteit of $4,000,000, which illegal itsue of $.V)0, (ifcO Mr. 1). bad contracted to make right by returning that ? mount of bond* to the Chicago and MU*i**lp?i Company for cancellation. 1 hat company held no scourity for the performance of thia contract. Iwm not willing to atand before the public a? a director in that company, knowing of this over iatue aid yet concealing it; and I foliated upon the bond* balrg returned to the oompany; and until that ?hon'd be done 1 refniod to pay S^fO.lUO of tha money of the Northern Indiana Company to a corporation which wa* ? trotting Mr 1). without security to the exteut of $500,000. My course and tha reason* for it were known to and approv ed bv the dircctora Of the Northern Indiana Company, and I sutmtt thein without fear to the judgment of the putlio. lu tl.ia matter I acted from no disposition to injure Mr. I?., but from au l.onest deaire to perform a duty which the clr cumitanee* derolved upon ma. la providing the fund of iw>0,0Po before spoken of, it had been agrted that the Chisago and Miaaiatippl Company ehould eudoisc and guarantee the pa' ment of Mr. D.'a p*por to i hat amount. It had been accordingly dona t j the ex ton; offtW.OOU. the company holding no teeurl'.y except ita stock ! belonging to Mr. !>., which be hud pledged with his note* aa collateral at 00 emts on the dollar. I'rior, tlureforo, to tho return of the S0t0,l CO of bond a above spoken of, the Company bad dirtct and contingent c.aims upon Mr D., or were liable for Mm to the extent of $1,150,000, he holding at the timo nearly $S0U) W 0 ot the atoek. V?der tlieto oircumetancaa, in concurrence with other Directors of the N. U. Company. 1 ilectned it proper that an effort should I e made to amend the charttr of the Chicago and Mississippi Company to ua to Hake the ttoclc of any stockholder liable to the'eompnny for an; debt he might owe it. Sueh a provision is common in coiporate charters, and I can see no good objection to it, and an effort was made to engraft it upon the ohartor of tHo Chi cago and UUiiesippi Company. It. however, gave groat of feice to Mr. l>. and his friend*, and wu? net persevered in alter the i.ixi.ux ofbondt bad been returned. The $800. tOU fund was, l y tha terms oi Its subscription, expressly devoted to the finishing of the read, * ith astipula tion that it ahculd be " applied to that purpotc, aud ier no other purpose whatever.' " Thia fnnd wa* place! by the sub scriber* in tho hand* oi the Director* of the Chic inn and Mississippi Company as Tru?tees, for the specific purpose of completing the road. The subscribers had no concern with the antecedent dshts of the company or of Mr. D. Soon alter I 1 ecamc a director, a olaim waa mad* upon tho eom pary for mtai $( O.HOO to $?*0,000 for money whloh had been borrowed in St. Leul* upon tbo paper of Mr. D. in September or October provion*, and at that time applied to the payment of duties upon hron then taken to lay dawn upon the read. This I considered the individual debt af Mr. D. aa contractor foi building the road, and tbat it sbonld b? paid by bint. If the company war* liable aa draw trs or enaoratr* upon the peptr, there was no rcaaon why It sbocld bo paid from thia fund, which wa* provided for a very different purpo**. I therefore (tronuously objected to thepatmcnt. I afterwards learned that it had bean paid from the fund* of the oompany, and am told that by oae cflleer it waa aharred on the b?ek* to Mr. D., and that by ano'lffcr oflotr th* ohargo waa eountermaadea. I felt that such a u?e of trust fnnd* waa in violation of the agreement, upon the faith of whiuh the money had been advanced; an* I uniiormly objected tc it, and complained of it accordingly. lb* controlling Inducement to the Northern Indiana Com pany for making tha ad ranee of $800. 0(H) wa* that it WM agreed that for tw? yeara they *bouM have ^majority of tne director* of th* Chicago and Mi?*U*tppi Company. W jthout thia stipulation th* advaac* would not have Veen made. Nr. DwighJ agreed ia hi* written contract of the SOth December, "for the purpoae of securing to theNortheta la diaaa Cemjanj thepowe* tc elect ft majority of the dlrec tci*"if the Chicago and MUaiuippi Company, to givcaa It re ve sable prexy to vote on ao muoh of hi* *took la th* atad aa, together with the $800.0(0 pure hated by th* Ncrtherr. Indiana Company, would coutitatc ft malcrlty of tke entire stock; 1 which prsxy," hi* contract ?tip* late*, "ah all during tw* y*ari b* kapt good for ft ma jority of tha ctcek." H* executed th* proxy and delivered it, beeauro we refused tc pay the mowcy until it waa done; bat within forty ? re dara after tka la*t pay <jtat waa made on account of the IW,(w, for the axpraac surpca* ?f defeating the effect of hi* ownpowerof attor ney and proxy, he transferred to other parti** all of kic . $S,060,0N ot atoek. vxo?pt seventy ihare*. and with proxiaa 1 obtained from th*** parti**, hi* attorney appeared at tha next *lcctloB, refn*ed to rccegaiu th* prior proxy giren ua der contract with the Northern Indiana Ccmpaay, refwed to eM?t a* directors, Metar*. Jervit. Strykev, and \TIUi?m Jaivl* of Middl*town, Connecticut, who wet* designated by the Northern Indiana Compaay a* their chelcc for direc tor*. and *l*ct*d in their *Uad a hketile hanrd? Mr. Dwight being on* of th* nnmber. la common with other member* *f our board, I obaractcriacd thi* conduct aa I thought it deserved. Beyond thi* 1 am a*t oonaciou* at haviftg tpoc*n or aet*d ia hoctiitty t* th* Chicago and Miasiatippt ?of$. Mr. llwlgbt flatter* himnclf wh*n h* (uppot** that to mudk Of mi time and thought* hav* he on devoted tc "breaking dowa" th* Chicago Bad Mia*i*aippi Company, a* ha aver* is hi* compUiat. . I nave had butiast* of my ova oa hand cf more cons*<|U?B?* to m*i and if ho "pcrteveret ' pretty iilig*ntly ia (Ottiag up dtMnceaof uaury, a ad kaca* oa haad a l*rg* *upply of printtd a(Bd*vlt* and bilUofeom plaint ilk* the** h* ha* **rv*d la the*e caiec, ready to pro it at araiott parti** who attempt to collect the dobto wkiok he or bit compaay ma* owe, I think ho will be able, wUbaut Biy htlp, ia ''break" it "dowa" ia thi public eitlmattaafait enough fir all n*e***arv purpdlea I hay* thaa g'v*n, without pawWa, aad I think without prejudice, ft plaia statement ef fact* connected with the trantictlta* eat of wMeh Mr Dwlght'* charge* arose, aad which be ha* *h***a to drag before tha public. I have itu dioudy avoided intfVioeinf offenrtvely la tkl* (tatameat the iame* of otktr Individuals, beoaua^ noa* bat Mr. D. hare a* ? et Taluato^rad to attack me la the pubil* journal* V?foand*d a??aufU la private circles or ia judicial proceed inra enn safely be Hit to take eare of to*m**lv*? Whea t*?pe^b.; y pmttMd la U* pubUo^rw*, ?m ? ka?v> "f I (Mm. I Ml |ln 14m Mk itUaUM at they m?r MM> TU ailiriii Iwti which I bin it>Ud trt mwt #f thtaa tuaieptible of proof, by written ionaMti Mi records id ?unwni wfteeeaee. The wry eoatfMU lifWtlwHk* rooorda of proceediago of the Bad Exaeative CM mittee? the'clear recollection ot the President and attar wrmlero of the Board, and ef other vffleera and ocrccu o?a Bccted with the Northern Indiana Company, will ooBcluaively the correetneaa of this statement. And hero I prepoee te i.oft Ike ma'tar ?|eh the pnblie until Me Jadl vial tribunals? the appropriate tor urn ehall decide the trove ray. 1 did not ovmrnenoe this nr*>tapu warfare villi Mr 1),, and I do not intend to eontiane it. Should ha ftc ?ue it, the public will judK? ol bio future eitays by toe ptit Hit published stateuieal is evidence either of the groasee* mloappi obtusion or of a degree ol pereonal feeling la wMafc I do not at all participate. Although he atatee that I atipulatrd'' th.t 1 obould be elected a Director of the Chi cago and U it ai*al| pi Company, the truth io-aad it wai per fectly well knoan at the time to the Northern Indian* Board- luit I preferred not to b? a director, deiiring mm other p< rton to be named ia iny place, and only oeaeeataA to aet hecauio tuck teemed to ho the preforenoe of o?r friend*, Hiu count ? bieh. tt a director, I deemed it mf duty to pursue, and which 1 have above alluded to, hrrn^M me, in guarding the interests of the company into apparaat conflict with hli private intercoto audit io to tin* cirewaa ? tonoetliat I attribute tba hoetil'tv of which bio card fnr nlehea such ample eridenoe. EDWIN C. LITCHFIELD. New York, May K, 1*66 AliFEBTISEMENTS RENEWED ETKEY DAlJ NKW PtrBLlCATiONS. SECOND EDI1ION FOR MAY.? DINSMORE'S RtlL way Cutdc ready ibis day a* 12 o'clock, with important cbaugi o. May 7. Send your ordori to Dlatmore A Co.. No. ? ^prucu at net. 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