Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 12, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 12, 1855 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL* Fbbat, May 11_? p. M. The market is (till dall Mid languid, ud operations are limited in conaequeace. Monty continues euf. 4> compared with yesterday, New York Central receded ?early X; irio,' Harlem, MlghigMi Central, *. Beading improved an eighth. The business done in heada wai small, and at the last futotlou. The main topic of con venation ia the xesult o( the NewHaven Railroad Company 'a election, and their report: The former, which took place at New Have* yesterday, resetted in the ra election of the old board, by an average majority of 2,000 votes. The result of the ballot waa as follow B old luii), - vrw ncicrr. H. Dyar, N. Y 9,219 W. A. Booth. S. Y. ..7.452 D. Kimberly, N. H.. ,16,ii8 W. BUckstoae, N. Y..7.49H Geo. A. Miller, N. Y. Mli 8. Willetti. N., Y ... .7,H84 J. A. Bnlkley, N. Y.. 9,900 W.W.Boardmaa.N H .7,088 M. Bobinson, Phila . 9,410 D.P. Jndaon. Stratf'd 7.4AS P. T. Homer, Boston. 9,724 R-Curti* Wallia*rord .7,440 W.T. Lyon, Greeaw'h 9,528 W.P.Barrall, Bridgp't. 7,400 N. A. Bacon, N. H...16,?81 J. W. Leeds, ttamf'd 8,9M It thus appears that a majority of the stockholder* ia cne of the oldest aad most reepectahle rathaad compa nies in the North see no wrong la provocating a Man bo" came ha was aiMple enough to give hia Money for their otock? sneh stook being by the act of their officer spu rious and void. It ia not to be disguised that the cir ce* stance will go a long way towards shaking psblic confidence in the honor of the financial community of Bow York. Mr. Noyea' subtleties are a eMail Matter in coMpariaoa with the credit of this State and th's city; and if, by relying on them, the shareholders of the New Haven eom paay succeed ia defrauding their associates of what is obviously theirs, the triumph wiD be fe disastrous one. To speak in fitting terms of the conduct of the holders of the nine thousand shares on which the old Board was re-elected, We caenet trust ourselves ; It was disgraceful to them as merchants, and must be injuri* ens to them as men. After this no one will be surjrised to learn from the report that the dividend paid by the company in April, 1663, had not been earned. The report Stated there would then remain In hand a surplus of 920,000.' In stead of this there was an actual deficit of $109,498, which the Norwalk disaster increased to nearly $300,000. This ia the way such financiers at the managers of the New Have a Railroad bolster np their stock in the mar ket. After all, a Schuyler now and then is fto such nui eancf; without one, we should never become acquainted with half our fellow citizens. i * A petition is in circulation to the Legislature of Con necticut. praying that the directors may be authorized to' compromise the matter of the spurious stock. The transactions at the office of the U. S. Sub- Treasury were, this day:? ? Arid on Treasury recount $73,523 66 Received on Traasurj aooount 112,203 73 Balance on Treasury account ? 2,330,117 27 yaitl on disbursing checks 24,889 28 A meeting of the bondholders, shareholders, and cre ditors of tie Buffalo ?nd New York City Railroad is to ! be held on Wednesday next at the office of J. G. King & Bens, to not on the proposition of A. D. 1'atehin tor a set tlement of their difficulties. The earnings of the Michigan Central Railroad for April were: ? I April, 1K56 $235,481 79, April, 1854 145,150 07 . r. Orri sixty-two per cent increaie $90,328 72 It is pleasant to find one mining company which hits neiih?r proved ft swindle nor a failure, when either term or both could be applied to so many. The Gardiner Gold Mining Company of Virginia have published their first annual report. It says:? In prcsentivg thin, the first aanual report, the Presi dent would ccugratuUt- tbe compacy on the uninter rupt*d.prosi>cut uia of their operations through a period of almost unexampled monetary pressure, ?ud w::en a great BUBabfr of promising and partially successful mines bare boei> compelled to a a spend 'Working from financial difficulties, h rem the commencement ot opera tiotn, over a year ego, tke wockon the tompiny's prjper ij At the mino has been regularly and steadily prosecuted; the a umber of hands employed has beeD from forty to sixty- five. ? After renewing tb* mining operations, it concludes , ?gensibiy, thus ? Altogether. ther? in every reason to be satisfied with 1A? progress made iirmg the thirteen months which ]}ave elapsed since ground was first broken on th? property, some sevwsty thousand dollars have oesn oxpended in lalior, machinery, buildings, tools, Ate., ?i ejaaive of the coat of. seal estate, a sum which will bear a. very small proportion to the returns, should they ap proximate at all to the estimates tbat have b?en iMued ?n th? quantities of ore already raised, and the results obtained from the most oareful and repeated Analytical experiments. It ia deemed superfluous to remind the ?tockboldera tint money is not to be made in mining without a large- expenditure, unremitting labor, skill ?ad patience. It is believed that few of the successful nunes o( the world have presented so favorable i pros peot as does the Gardiner Ovid Mine, at tlie asm* peroil .? adnaacemeat, and after the same outlay of money. now seems to bf nssded bnt a furt'.er outlay? Mrtande.1 over a few months? 1? bring the enterprise to ? ?acOSBBfttl issue, and to crown the tibor* of t&0 ce>a ftmf with an ample repaid. Nkw York, May 1, 1855. CHAHLEgjP^y, Pr??id?at > Jhe annexed itatenns* ejWW** tbe quantity and value ?f goods entered at this port' for consump tion, for warehouse, and ai?o the withdrawals from 'waK'bouso, dnrir- the week ending and including Tinirs May 10, 1865?:- 1 . % Movkmksts ot Fo*n<w Dbt Goods.' Hutrreti for Consumption: ? *aRC?ACTI'RK-S OF SILK. MAStr'ACTORF* OR WOOL. ? I'kgi. Valu>. J'kjs. ' $77,749 'Woollens 75 38,401 Cloths 9 H/.43 Wanteds.... 40 2, i'ju Lou .Si worst. 14S J, 7 90 Blankets...'., 21 Silks.. 76 ' Ribbons 6S l*een.. - if Phishtw 2 Vetveti Cravats Shawls Silk AwoTsted Silk X- co: job. Sew.og^ Bdltii RawJ La stings 3 Delaines 4 Plush - Mohair cloth. 25 UrJs.&bdngs. 3 Covers 1 Carpeting.. .. 59 Palut (34,087 4^80 ?,LtJ2 32,754 2.381 1,176 522 *79 7,000 86ft 520 17,523 masuFACirwn of Afjor Cottons .... ;24 $01,422 Total 39u $110,499 MAJifFAtTlTRTB Of Ft AX L'.nens 28. > $7o,9'.)S MtVlil'.M lAcoa 6 1,322 HtndkercU.'s. 7 4,88H Thread 15 4,542 Emb mnslln. 2 Braids 26 Ginghams ... 1 Velvets 10 Handkerchfs. 1 Hose ........ 33 Leers 1 Netting 3 Spool 13 Bindings .... " t f>48 ' 1 ? ? C,Ki4 Total...... 208 $50,742 ;.T? m..(;hLtAjisor?. 2,218 Straw goods. 15 $2,386 124 l>ea. g\ova.. '0 a,496 r.,99K Kmwai'ierie--. 48 37,824 390 Suspenders . . 1 I 357 5f8 Fktu'skfln. 5 7S-* i,091 Collar &salT?. 19 6,414 956 Clothing 31 c,584 Total 420 $76,602 Total 1-4 $32,825 ?tWithdrmvn from Warthmttc. HAKHFACTCBIW OF WOOI MA y UFA C 11' MS OF TOTTO*. "Woollens ..., Worst* ?s. .. Cotton & io. Shawls ..... Blankets.... Carpeting . , . Total... .'. lfAfttVjtCFtTRW OT SILK 52 $18,816 Cottcos 5 973 Ginghams*. m 18 4,426 Velv?t? 3 l,9."i8 Muslin* 0 1,067 Laces 25 5,b91 Kmb. mas... ? . Gloves 109 $33,169 Ho? Spool Silks..., .... Bib bene laces...... Shawls". Silk k Wore*. 84k k oottoo. MiW ...? . Sewings Raw Gloves Braids k 27 14 4 h 4S 2 3"> 1 1 $5,474 f)74 1,^ 3, Ml 47 'J Total...!.. 101 $8ft,l8J MAwrvAtToar of flax L'.nens 91 Do. k eot'n 9 Thre id 5 $2-1,323 1.4S7 82 1 4,670 Tote' 10-' $7!,->34 1,330 ? *Mcm LAnnons. S103 Straw goods. 75 $1' ,816 1,0" I Lea. gloves... I ? 14t liattmg . ... . 1 1,011 lot*).. 140 %2\ ,034 Total Entered for Cornump/.uM. 84 $10, 092 MirrTAnriuw o? woot. Wooiton*.... * ?2.V28 Ciotk*. ft > 2.350 Cott. kwori-V 8 8,7% Skawl 5 1,477 Total ~27 l'i,8H4 WAm'FACTURi^ <>r coiro*. Cotton 104 *1-2,144 *\*vvACtr**a or ml*. 811k il ii*r!?Ar*i'iui* ->r pla*. Kia* 14 ?2,509 WOC*LLA!tr'M:? Clothing 6 il.lW Fe?th*. At fla. 1 22 J . . TUcamtclatiom. J'kgt. Manufacture# of wool 380 " cotton 420 ?? Nlik 300 u tlax . . . . . i 2ft8 )li?ceUaneou?. . 124 Tlin 'Hfta) ? W lhArCLvm from Warthtnw. Mmuv 'nrwi of wool J" ? cotton 101 .ilk MO 105 -JfiaeelUaeont 84 ToUl JUatifkntar.M of MiMoUaaooo*... Tatal Tho dry foo4? trade jxeWoui rate*, with lUn,w? Wt^, MUvt, at about rtirelj Ui^i r,e^pU, aol i ft dec reaving stock, especially of deekahto fabrics, where of thkre la scarcely enough etoring to maet the nail of buyers, while thaw diaMke to havs anything to do with any other description of goods, a* it is not vary proSt- j able to sink money in artfbtaa which oouaumers do not need, beoftnse such would be meat likely to be toft on the shelvee of whoever might be ao unfortunate ?a to toy in supplies thsreef. b> thf abaence of ftay regular in quiry for unpopular goods, these ftre being oloaad out through the annMna mnmi, without mwlaglj much f gard to pflcea, ad m>j stj eklingabouj than would be aura toaireatsulea. Hwt^lthalamMag ttU action, tha aasaaa ia not considered aft to reault rary unsatisfactorily, aa the trade, in (Altar ria?ecta, haa been prudently man aged, ftadita ooneequeaeee arw Ukaly to give satisfaction to all rationally aangulna operators . * * Brown ahaaWag and ahirting are in fair supply, and hetof rather sparingly inquired for, are net very firm. Than to leaa Animation In bleached goods, daninu, drills and duck, but these are generally stiffly bald. Ginghams, towns and nankins ars moving mare freely, ?ad are steadier in price*. No improvement of interest haa occurred ia osnaburgs or printing cloths. Prists are irregular ia demand and value, but not more so than wo have previously had occasion to nettoe. Stripes and ticks rule dull sad heavy. Woollen good fare a little brisker,' but have not im proved ia value. Tha rise in the cost of the raw mate rial has not affected the market for manufactured arti cles; these having been more freely offered than needed, despite tha restriction of production. It is possible that goods will be dearer next season from those influ ences; but we have not muck to do with possibilities, and always endeavor to sivold speculation in what are designed simply as notioee of actual transactions. Blankets are unaltered. Fancy easslmeres are in mode rate request, and rule pretty firm. Cloths, doesklna and flannels are quiet and languid. There is rather more Inquiry for jeans and lindseya, but these are unchanged in price. Mouslin de lainea sell, in lota as wanted, at previous full rates for derirable styles. Satinets are more flreely dealt in, but at heavy prices. Tweeds are dull and drooping, with a fair amount offering. Foreign productions are essentially unchanged ia de mand and valoe, so that the necessity for extended re marks on the current movements is very slight, and in consequence we omit all such. It is only requisite to ?ay that all desirable fabrics are freely taken, though not in very large quantities by any single purchaser, and prices thereof are sustained pretty well. The im ports of spring goods are diminishing, and importers are clearing off what old supplies they still retain, in every way tbat it is possible far them to do so consistently with their own safety and success. Many littls lossea are sustained, but the aggregate is not serious, and no alarming fears are entertained that the spring's business will prove te have been the worst in point of profit, though it may turn out to bave been amoag tha light est in regard to the magnitude of transactions. The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, On the 9th irist., were For the redemption of Btock..,..., 91,121 5*> For paying Treasury defct^. 4,747 80 For the customs 27,055 99 For the War Pep rtment. . i . ?. 119,600 13 Far repaying in the War .Department. . .v ; 33,470 13 Far the Interior Department....,* 35,949 80 Stock Excuang*. ? , Fkidat, May 11, 1865. $1C00 lnd. State 5'b. 83 >4 S? 8".T?!::;8 g? }88rs::%i s? gv.v.v... 5g fSSW.'"" " Scb. Aii-sT ft4 10(9Harlra ltto be 88% 100 Erie RR 1000 <10 a3 S8K 450 do i* 48,. 1000 Erie 9?J? 100 do c -? ?&Mfci5 8p V & do.V.Vieb M& 20?Har!em RR..b60 28% 3ft00n R. 3d 72'? 206 K?dl?g {,5 8d% ?<??'?? w- ?? u: x8* % S::::::8Jte lOOON. Y. C.'r. be. 87% ??? aS""'e80 8*>* m?_ do......... 87 >4 19? 4? ,a0 ?"?? 10000 11LC.R. ba..b60 74 Y 500 do *30 86% 1500 do 74% 100 do ilO 10000 do 74 % 400 do.....,;.. 88% f?00 do *30 74 K 200 Hud Riyei- RR.a3 39V 1COO N. Y Con. V* 102'; 50 do *60 39<2 2COOT H.ftA.2dm.b* 78% 100 do o 39% 14 rt>e i ulton bank 137 100 do ...i.bBO 'M\ b Rank, New York. 120)$ 100 Pmn) RR . . WO 97 26 Corn Ex. Bank.. 100 50 do b30 98% 10 Ccumonw'th Bk. 96 11 Clev, C ft Cin RR 10l' 40 do 54 5 Gal ft Chi RR... 91 ?'?0 Nic. Trans. Co. . 10% 128 Clef ft Tol RR... 79 360 Cnm. CI. Co..b60 27% ? SECOND BOARD. $1000 N.Y6%'? '01. 10G 150 aha Erie RR..s3 48 % 1000 Erie bits of '76 S0% 60 do ?30 4H14 10000 111 C. RR. b{la. 74% IOO do >10 48% JOOON.Y. C. RR. bs 87% 300 Harlem RR,.b50 2J 18 aha Corn. Ex. Bk. 100 100;i> 28% 200 Cumb, CX Co. s3 27% 157 Reading Railroad 86 % SON. y. C. ^R..e30 91% 400 do.......e3 86% IOO do..,, ..830 . 91 '4. 300 do *30 86J,' 50 do...,,,|tf:> 01 ti 200 do *3 8i% 100 do...?..auO .91% 9 Mich. Can. RR.. 87 :?0 Erie RR. *3 46% 100 <!o.....-.?t?0 87 150 UO..-....W9 49 .. CINCINNATI STOCK SALES. Xforted by I. O. Vavit, week <ndiHy May 8. Bellifontaine ft Indiana Railroad Stock 42 Cincinnati,' Ham-lton & I>ajton Rsilroad Stock... 74% Oeieland, (Vlnrabna ft Cincinnati Railroad Stock. 10( Columbu* ft Xeria Rft'lroad Stock.. 95 Cincinnati, Wilmington ft Zane?ville Railroad Stock 37 % Cincinnati ft Chicago Railroad ttock 10 Central Obio Ratlroai Stock 44 Covington ft Lexington Railroad Stock 26 a 28 Dajton ft Western Railroad Stock 18 a 20 Eaton ft iiamilnon BailreaU Stoek....l 26 Eort AVayne ft Southern Railroad Stock 12 Ureenville ft Miami Railroad Stock 6 a 8% HilNboro and Cincinnati Railroad Stock 18 a 20 Indiana Central Railroad Stock. I ; . . . 44 ln^.acapoi.a ft Circiouatl Raiiroai Stock 66 India d& poll* ft fWllfontaiae Railroad Stock 50 Ljttle Miami Railroad Stock.' 100 Mad River ft i ike Brie Railroad Stock . . . . 83% Marietta ft Cincinnati Railroad Stock 26 hew Albany h ?alom RailroaJ Stock 15 a 20 ObiO u MiH*ie*ipp< Railroad Stock 26 i'eru ft lnoianapoti* Railroad Stock 35 IndiaEapolix k Cincinnati 2d Mortgage Bonds 76 Ohio ft Mlaaieaipni do 60 Cincinnati, Hamilton ft Dayton do 80 " " '? dividend scrip 80% Covington ft Lexington 10 per cent Income Bond*. 74 Farmers' Bank of Kentnckj Stock 103 Northern do 108 % (11V rKAOE REPORT. Friday, May 11?6 P, M. Annra.? 50 bble. were sold without change in price*. ' ' IJKRAUhTiFFH,? Flour ? The muket for common an! me J rum graces w*h ? little better iiuppUed, and price* were Rome easier, while fkncy and extra brands ?r?re unchanged. The sales footed up about 7,000 a 8,000 bbls., Included in which were commoi to choice straight State at 910 60 a 910 62; Michigan, Ohio and Indiana a'. 110 00 a 910 76, Canadian, 2,600 bold., at 910 50 a 911 ?5. Rye flour and meal were iinchanirsd. Wheat was quiet. -00 butfcela Canadian sold at about 92 60. Corn ?The market continued Arm, with pales of about 21,000 bushels, includ'ng mixed and white at 91 17. and South ern yellow at 91 IS. A small lot of **>00 bushels Jersey rouaJ yellow was bought to fill an Immediate ot Jer at 91 -0. which was about the market price Kye was icarc* and nominal. Oats urn qurot and unaltered. Onm.v. ? Two cargoes St. Pomsngo were sold at a frac tion above 9'^c. ; 4<i0 m?1s .lava at 14c ; anl part' at a tr.fl* under that figure; 300 bags Maracaibo at 10'Je. ; ar.d 50 do. prime at l'.'c. Orrox ? The sales reached about 3,000 a 4,000 bales, part in transitu, at full prices. Fit air. htis were limettvs. About 100 hales of cotton wer?eagag*d for Liverpool at 3-16d. for compressed; 4,(100 * fi.OOO bushels corn at S.^e., and l;00n bbls. rosin at l?-3d. To Havre, cotton was at Xc. Te California, rates varied from 30c. a 35c. per foot. Fm it? About 400 boxes 11 K. raiains were gold at 92 4<>, 400 halves do. at 91 20, and 300 quarter* do. nt "Oe., snd 10 easea citroos sold at '20c. H?t.? 400 a 500 bales wrt-e reported at 91 12. Horn.? 200 hnles were sold at 15e. a ITe. I.Kan ? The market was active and firn. Since onr Inst report the sties of Oalena have reach M 6,500 pigs, chiefly at r,ifc. cash: 60 tons Spanish sold at 6!jc. and 26 do soft English at 6'ifl.**e ?About 390 bbls New Orleans were sold at 29c. >00 hbd*. Porto Rico ?t 32c. ; 200 1'etac at p. t! f50 Cuba muscovado at 28fl. flayed Cuba ranged from l!*-,?. a 2Cc. 1 1 " Stored. ? Spirits were at about 45c and rosin was he'd at 91 00. . > . Pr<>'. liioxs. ? Pork? The market, was firmer; the sales included asout 1,500 a 1.700 barrell*. including old mesa at 910 68 to 916 76. and 917 68 a 917 7 > for new do , and 914 37 a 914 60 for near prime. Included in the sale-.- were 500 tfbls. deliverable in all May, (??w mess,) at 917 37. Beef waa steady, wlt'a sales of about 1100 bbls. at 910 a 912 60 tor prime and mess. ?pjoulders l and liaaa were in (nod demind, with sales of 400 pkga. ' * 7>?c for the former, and 9J<c. a 10j, for the latter. B*on was very firm, at 9c. for j^ood. I<*i*d waa In good dem-,^ w;tb a lies of SOOa 900 bbls , at 9^c. a 10J,'c. Het^and cbecse were dull, and unchin/ed in prices. "" * ~ thont 160 casks were sold at 6V<s. a d',e. Jucmajj caaes nutmegs were sold at 97 SrciAR.-jjj, market was Arm, and at about \ic. a J^c. higher TK ?a\e1 footed up about 2,600 a 3,000 hhds., "IncUifllng 300 iftda. Texas, at ??c. The Remainder <ion " I 1?** ???Wtdo. at 4Vc. for compoo, and .> *4c. ? ?<? ; hhdt. Potto Rico, included in the 4w at 2*1 Md *mhX1 ** <* New OrtoftM to Vrt *2 a An0 500 b0Mt were soW *' rang* of prises, and ch'efly with to... continued nmei. and little ?t no deu. ^ foreign Is Hlv?rtl?ad for the 11th '"^.Vn 150 000 lbs. of California and *mer>aa wiw.ta w?0 ? V , 000 OramuT.?mtM cf 200 hbl*. were made at 3V?** Family BKmrfewttag. SET ILL PBICBS Or TXRM THO BCO* If WASHDWTOW A glane* at the market pricea of meat, jiNliWWw, would leadone to believe that we have lately had a la mina la the lead, or that aoma distemper had ewept off the neat bulk or the cattle. Prioe* are now aetnaUy double 'and treble what they were a few yeare back. Think of cattle at wkoleeala at fifteen dollar* a hundred, and meat from MTenteen to twenty cent* a ponnd at retail t Floor and beef, if they remain at prfeeent pricea, ma?t hereafter be interdicted articles af diet for the peer, yerar In New York has meat baen so dear, ?? that my individual, the old eat' Inhabitant, could teetify, were he to tarn up. , Poultry and game are very Marce? har&ly any la to be seen In market. Long Island Wild fowl ought soon to be hi. Flah la plenty, aAd tolerably -cheap. The shad In mar ket la excellent, and can ha had at reasonable rates. Spring vegetable* an pouring in fast, though the pricea arc high. The lata rain storm will do taem a vast deal of good, and a few warm daya now would fill the market. , Fruit la of course scarce. Among apples, greenings have disappeared, and Spitaenburga are almost gone. Butter is coming down in price, and It la high time It did. Eggs are dear for this time of the yean? only nine being given for a shilling. Annexed la a correct*! state ment of the current pricea In market yenterday nun, Beef Htrloin, roast, per lb 18 * 21 Bib, roast, prima ? ? 1| Rib. chuck . . .**16 ? aT.ToU. steaks..... ? ? 21 I'pOkrhouse steaks 20 ? 25 n?m? steaks ..? a 10 FUtaa and aarela, corned ... .12 a 13 Knttan. per lb ? U a 018 per carcase 44 *12 ? U ta?)> ? - a ?2i vST... ..... " - ? o i? Veal, fore quarters... " ? ? 0 10 ? Hindquarters... " ? a 0 14 Teal?totaT_... ? 0 20 a 0 26 Fork? Freeh, per lb .. 0 ? a ? U Bams, smoked, per H> 0 12 a 0 111 Shoulders 44 " 0 0? a 0 10 Sides, 44 " 0 ? a 0 12)tf Sides, pickled, " ? a 0 10 Jowls, 44 ? a 0 00 Smoked beef, 44 ? ? 0 12 Sauwgea, " ? '? 0 10 Bolocna do. 44 ? a 0 2* TrS. " 0 07 a 0 08 LaS,' 44 - a 0 12 retTLTBY AND OHO. Turkeys, per lb 18 a 0 20 Geese. " 0 13 a 16 Dncks, tame, per pair . ISO a 2 00 Ducks, black, 4 . . . . , - ? H2? Ducks, redhead, " 1 "j* * ? ChlCkens, per pair 1 00 a 1 60 Fowls, 44 100 a 126 Guinea do. ? , ......' 75 a 0 87* Robin*, per doz 1 00 a ? Wild ducks, per pair , . ? ? 1 00 Grouse, per pair T..,* ? ?? Knglftn Snipe, ner nalr 02)<a 0 75 Tamq squab, per dozen ? a o i6 FISH. Shad, each V. 0 18 a 25 Basa, per lb ? * 10 Habbat " 0 I a 0 10 Smelts, ;..... 0 08 a - Codfish. " 0? a 0 04 Pickerel. " 012 a ? Sunfish, " 0 08 a ? u. ? 08 a 0 10 Perch ? a 0 08 Flounder*'4 t'.- Jf* * ? Salt mackerel, perlo .:?? 0 1* a ? Salt shad, ?? 0 12* a ? Smoked haHbut ? 0 10 a ? Smk'd mackerel " 0 12 ft ? Sounds and tongues, per lb 0 08 a ? Smeked shad, " 0 12 a ? So need salmon, per can 2 00 a ? Smoked salmon, per lb 0 18 a ? Dry codfish, " 0 04 a ? SHELLFISH. Oysters? Prlnees' bay, per 100 0 62% I 0 71 FlriciBia 44 0 82* a 100 Clams, Shrewsbury, per 100 0 60 a 1 00 Little Meek, " 100 a 300 Lobsters, per lb ? ? 0 08 frabe,perdoz - a 025 VEGETABLES. Potatoes, per half-peck ? *0 29 Mereer do. p*r bkl.... ..... ? ? 4 60 June do. " ? ? * 00 Bermuda, p?r bbl..; ? * ' 50 half peck . ? a 0 60 Tttrnipit ? white, per half- peck ........ 0 26 a ? Russia, " ? * 18 Do per bbl 1 00 a ? Onions, red, per hali-peck 0 37 % a ?? white " 0 60 a ? Cabbages? new, eacb 0 18 a 0 26 red, " 0 11 a 0 2* Savoy cabbage 0 08 a ? Beat*, per ba-ket 1 00 a ? per bunch 0 08, ft CarToU. " A ? ? A J2>< Celery, . " 0 ?> ? ? Salad, each 0 06 ft ?0 Oyster plant, per bunch ????????;!: * Parsnips, per bbl. 2 50 ? ? " ten for ....0 12 n CM Green pea*> half peck .-. 0 M a 62X Lima beans- 44 0 60 ? ? Water cre*ses, basket 0 60 ft 76 Sfiuech,half p*ck ? ? 0 Garlick, per bunch "*" * S Sweet potatoes, half peck r*- a 0 37^ Badlshea, per bunch ' ? ? ? Artichokes, half peck ? ? 0 37>i Tomatoes, Bermuda, haV peek ? ? ? ? Rhubarb roots, each ^ Asparagus, per bunch '.. "~^na 0 30 Leeks, " 0 12 a ? Shilot*, " 0 09 a ? FRUIT. Applea? SpHienbergen, per bbl, 7 00 ? ? Do. perhalf-peck *?? ft 0 40 Rox russets , per bM 4 60 a ? Do. per half-peck. 0 30 a ? Cranberries, per bbl , 18 00 a ? BTTTEB, CHEXEB, ETC. Butter? fltate, per lb :.... 0 28 a 0 30 .. . Orange, 44 ft 0 31 Cheese? per lb 0 10 ? 0 12J< English, per lb 0 16 ft 1* Pineapple, each 0 16 a ? Sap***?. " "" lg||, lline.., ....... ee. see ? 12)^ ? "" ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. MUSICAL. 4 YOUNG LADY WILL GIVE LESSON'S ON THE il pianoforte at the residents Of pnpils, or at her own real denoa. 114 Wa*t Thirty sixth Itreet, near Broadway. Term* moderate, -I ? . 1 ? ? ? A TTENTION? PIANOFORTE PURCHASERS- LOOK A at oar reduced price* for oath.? 6*4 octave. plain, at J14S; 6k octave, plain, $160; 43^ octave, plain, SI 76; 7 oe tare, plain, $200; <>'4 octave, ejtra finiib, $l.VS; 6>? octave, titra flniih, $175; 6*i octave, extra finish, $2u0; 7 octave, antra flniih, ?2NHo ?300. McDONALD BROS., Manufaatn rare, 2V2 Bowery. 'f OR .SALE-A 1'IANOFORTE, 63* OCTAVE, AT IT Second itreet. Tho proprietor waut* to leave the city F B^OR SALE CUEAP-A SPLENDID ROSEWOOD 6\ octave i<ianu, made by one of the belt city maker*, but little uted: fully warranted. Cat be teen irom !? A. M. to 3 P. M , at 190 Rim frwt. FIRST PREMIUM PIANOFORTES, MANUF ACTL'KJtt bt 9T BIN WAY SONS, 86 Wslkar *t?aet, afar Bread way, N. V.? Theae piano* received (fee irat rremlnm*, n competition with piano* made by tke mott aelebrntad matva fmtnren of Botton, New York, Philadelphia, and Battt mora. Every piano warranted. Priee* moderate. N EW MUSIC-1 MAYOR WOOD" SONG,' COMPOSES and dedicated to the Mayor hy the UaUUn^on Fauii ly. and eniic hy them at their' coacert* with eatbut'altic applauie; 2 It ceuti. Alio, the moit popular pfecei of She di y at the reduced rata*. HORACE W ATBRS, PubliiUer, 3BS Broadway. . i , , . , XTEWM0SIC.-"8AM," \ SONG; WORDS AND MU3IO 1\ by J. B. Bacon; title faro embellished with a highly art iitio ideal of "Uncle Sau'a Touaicit." Price 35 cunt*. Alio, the nmat popular pieae* of th< day at the raduaed ratei. HORACE WATERS, Poblnlier, 3 M Broadway. PIANOFORTES.? JOHN P. WAKE A CO., MANCFAO turcrt. have removed that? pianoforte warehouse from tt> Barclay itreet, to the sea and ipioiom building, 10 Canal *tre*t, between liudun tad Varick strtot*. Pianvlortei at wholesale pnc??, for eaab, or ?atiafaetori paper. A creat inducement to purchaser* now offered. P WANDS WANTED? IN EXCHANGE FOR RBAL estate in New York city, tree and cle?r of allcncam branees, and located near ritual, (tenet. with a i.oat u<*e'l. in*o? the premise*; price only It onu. Her* I* a chance *el' dotn ta htlnaira Apply Immediately tol'. <J. THOMPSON, M Muiiai atreai. mm No. 7. PIANO WANTED? A FINE T4NED SECOND HAND r??e#nod piano. Andres*, pistac;* paid, box3,789 Pott otftqe, ?tatiu? lowest prioe, Ac., ant address. I>lANOVOR SALE.-A NEW aNt? ELEGANT PIANO for aale very low, at 346 Broadway, office No. 6. SECOND HA??D PIANOS.? SEVEN SECOND HAND piano* wil)-b? *otd verv low, if celled far immediately, at 447 Lraadway. Al>?, fifteen newniajoe to let, at low pricel. N. P. B. CCRTISS, 4d7 Broadway. THE BANJO TAdHT, AND NO MISTAKE. TN ?i?bt leaaona Terras*:. Apply to FlANK SPEED, lit Greenwich (treat. I.eison* alio on thegaitM. THE GREAT PIANO AND MUSIC ESTABLISHMENT ?f MOKACE WATBBS. 33S Broadway.-Tka lergeat a* ?ortment of pianos, ueledeon* ana muaia marabaadiae of all kinds In the United State*; over one hundred plaabi and aaaledeenaef every ?a?*cywf?yle frotn the plaUeat finlak tor school or elab room* an those of the most ejegant aad ahaate workmanship, from the. different man n factorial, lonstantlv on exhibition In the extensive wareroami of tht* hone. Among tbem are T. Gilbert 1 Co.'? calibrated pre mlam piano* with trei frame* and oirenlar icalea, with <* ivilhowt the ?oliM*. Horaae Watrei? mo<rtrn Improved pi anos, havlay in tha Improvement of aver stvfnft, and la im aroved action a lrnrth o ' acale aiul rawer of tana eqnal to the franl eianc*, with tha iwestne*i of tha famed asetian anlted to tbe beanty *n^ di rab'lity of tkr aquare tuanoa. B. D. A Fl. W. 'mltb'a malndaeas tne. > toa *.|?a! teuiper ?aat to which wa* recently awM ? t,i? i>*t pie^lsna* tb* National Fair, held at Waehtnt* . f Mx?h 1n*trn meat gnaranteea aad *old at p*t. -fv aamp'tltlca. Raw tiaaci ta tent, fW U1B. *1 QC OAH -HIiL ESTATE AT CINCINNATI l^sra&jMfcfiSsr WHS s? ?E oiaaati, ud direotlj ia the rearef the city. costxiuiM about oo? tyiwl *mt[ forty ww. m? WHWyW 1? free frosa *a Xfi^&ESTbie un? 'appij to ifXsa ??&>!&? MMl street. (fcft nnn ?FURNISHED COUNTRY SEAT FOB fO.UVU> nH. A kMtWll Ml kMN, pB ?Mw rooms, slagftntly rurmished with Bibomj foraitor*, Bnu nIi oar?ftM,A0.; *?d o*e ui ? quarter Mr* of lftnd is ft Wsb etate if taunxmii, wHh oerriage kodse, ?ow oat buildiuft. ?rt inrj way d*siratj? foe i (utuau'i resi dence, sitiated itHt tea |BM ftM W eiAy, afar Jamaioa. Will IxmUm reasonable ttw for $5,8M; *if sot eold, ^i^'Sa??sfes.rp"'* $6.000r.^HLray;-1?S,'fi ?22? a AN. No. I ??teofoWM Bft*k, oimi IfiNMi mU Broadway. i9 9nft-S,A<n rAR,, AT dutuhv.l I. ^pZi.JjUxf. Shoro front; largo, aMaou and ooetly building*. Tbo above is ofto of th* SftOit estates on the island. AIM, ? model fftni, with good house. b..ra, fruit. Ac.; $1,0)0. Term* oily. E. A. Bl'NCE, ZU Broadway, corner of Fulton street, room No. 3. (?Qnn WILL BUT a NEAT TWO STOBY BRICK ipOUU bouse in Sooth street, on tbo Eftot rirer lido, above tho Battery. Bfti boon ftn eating ftftd drinking bouse U years, no taxes or asstssments to pay, only the rjound rent forever; rent $250. A olear title given. All tbo eftUnz, Croton water and ga* fixture*, with building, tor $800, *400 oash; or I will take a honaa ana lot in Brooklyn or in tho coun try in exchange, and ray caah. Apply at tho bar, 269 South ?tro<t, or 91 Division atroet. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SEAT FOB BALE, DB lightfnllv litafttad, in tho town of Kyat Westenester connty N. v., on the (horo of Long Iaiaaid Sonnd, one qnarter of ft mile from Now Hftven Railroad ?tatlon. T?rma eftay. Price $6 500. Apply to JOHN LOYD, oorner Nassau ana Pine atreeti, or S. LYON, 190 Fulton atroet. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE on Byo Neck, ait uftted on the Boston tnrnpika road, near the water, half a utile from Matnaroneok Station, on the New York and New Haven Rftilroad. Tho grunnds are handsomely laid out, ana ooutain ft fine lawn, gardon, and ftll kiida of ornamental shrubbery; fruit, flowers, Ac, The bouao ia well shaded by ft grove of foreat trees, ana contains ten room*. Apply to T. 8. SHEPHERD, 31 Oold atreet. A GREAT BUSINESS CHANCE.? FOR SALE, THB atock, le?ae ftnd good will of a hat and cap establish ment. of 21 years 'standing, situated on the most fashion able and buainesa street in the city, ?nd now doing ft fiour iahing business. Stock light ftnd well aeleoted, and one -of the moat reaionablo rents in tbo city. A first rate chance to make money. Addresa Hats, Herald office. A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENCE BUSINESS. ?For sale, stock, fixtures and thrse years' lease of hnilding on the west side of the city, in a gooa business lo cality, and buainesa of eight years' standing. For particu lars, addresa Trade, Herald office. COUNTRY HOUSE AND QARDBN FOR SALE? IN has to bee tor, Weatohester oountf, seventeen miles from the eity, and one mile from the New Haven Railroad depot. The house is 26 by SO feet, with painted walls, double parlor, sliding doors, registers and heater; also, oantage house and stable; all in good repftir. The gftrdon 1* 200 by 400 feet, nefttly laid out, andMocked with a great variety of choioe fruits and flower&vraragus in abundance, Ac , and well abaded. Price $6fw0<>. Terms easy. More land can be had if wanted. Inquire of R. CRAIGHEAD, No. 53 Vesey street, or of A. H. DUNCOBBE, on the premises. COUNTRY PLACE FOR SALE-4 LARGE AND SUB stantially built house and tour acres of land, under a high state ot cultivation, lnr?e and convenient out buildings, ice bouse, filled pond, runniug stream of fine pure water ana frnit, larce old thadu trees; the placets well calouluted for a per ton retiring to the country, being oasr of access, only nine milos fron th ecity, on the Hftrlem rftilroad, within one mile of tbe depot, ohnrcbes, butobers ftnd bakers, conve nient; situated on elevated ground, very healthy; it would be exchanged lor productive property iu New York. Address box 2098 Post Office. . . COTTAGE ON THE NORTH RIVER FOR SALE -ONE hundred and flfts yards from the depot ?t Irviifrton, beautiful garden attached, with ohoieo lluit. trees and shrubbery; size 50 by 200 feet. House contains 10 room*, and ooirmands ft magnificent view ot the river, Ac. Plaoe very healthy. Price $3,000. Apply ftt YanJiew's Land Of fice, 1,110 Broadway. COAL YARD FOR SALE.? LEASE, HORSE, CARTS, ' ' ftnd all fixtures complete of a w>U established CJal yard, in one of the best looitiona in the oity, will be sold at a very lew price. Any person desiring to en^aire in the business will find this one of the best opportunities over offered. Ap ply or address W. TATE, corner Twenty-fourth street ftod Eighth ftvenne. Drug store forsale-in sixth avenue, with Imh, well (tocked, handsomely fitted up, and doiag a lane prescription buiioaM; will be fold at a sacrifice lor oash. Inquire of JOSHUA BARNES, 1/178 Broadway, corner ot Thirtieth street. Drug store for sale-one of the best lo oated retail itorei la the elty, well Hooked aud band Miuiely fitted up, titnated in a crowded acd fashionable street; will be sold nt a sacrifice. The proprietor bein; en raged in other business, cannot attend to it. For further iu formation, apply to GEO. LEA , Franklin Museum, No. .r>3 Bowery, In the alter noon or evening. j TkRUG STORE FOR SALS? AN OLD ESTABLISHED U oorner stand, in a densely populated neighborhood, with a food stock, and a lease tor three years a: a low rent; at prosent doing a fair business, which could be much in creased if In the hands of a physlolan. Address J. McKMop, Esq., 26 Nassau street. Elegant country residence for sale? with the furniture, carriage, Ac , and twenty aeree of land, one and a half mile from the New Brunswick Depot, New Jersey, on the banks of the Raritan, and commanding a magnificent view. The honse is in the gothlc style, lately built with the best material 14 and filled in wish brick. Apho tograph of the place ean bo seen at the offioo of F. D'HER VlLLY, 18 Exonange place. , t , PARK FOB SALE-ON LONG ISLAND, / SITUATE thirty miles from New York, four miles from railroad, , and fit e miles from steamtoat landing, on a goodspublic road, containing 3411 acres ot land, mostly in good timber, 6 a'cee clear, with vegetables, and port broke up. A bouse contain ing two room* and cellar, with kitchen attached;- a ktiMe, cistern, Ao. Inquire of MEVElt A KJRCilNEB, 211'fiird avenue, corner of Nineteenth street. JjUFTH AVENUE FROFERTT FOR SALE ? FOUR JD first claaa brown stone front hensos, situated between Thirty filth aud Thirty-sixth streets, four stories high, with all the modern improvements. A large portion of the pur chase money may remain on mortgage. Apply to MC1I O UAfrCOODWW? A CO., 2$ Maiden la no. CHCfJcERY FOR SALE.? HAS BEEN EST A f bWfied for the last ten years, with a good run Of first elan custom. Will be disposed of with the bouse and leust of the lot, if required. For farther partioolars, inquire on the premises, 174 Third avenue, corner of Seventeenth st. TT1QR SALE? THE YOlt*^V^~UVERY STABLE, J* Aoaiisting of horses, oamages and lirfhf*teuis; it Is well established and now doing a good business. l?"?Ul be sold on rea onah.e terms, as the owner has other hu sin e s ? V), %}' v tend to. Apply to T. MURPHY, Eighty sixth street, ?e tween Third and Fourth avenues. . , , 1 For sale-the business and stock of a soda water, porter, ale and cider bottling manufaotory. con silting of all the necessary avparatns, horses, wagons, har ness, Ac., for carrying on the business, which has been ee tablished for four years, and is now doing a good buiiuoss. Apply to MAYUER A CO., 197 Water street. IflOR SALE-FRONT AND REAR HOUSES AN D LOT 1 No. f2 Forsyth street. Apply at 15t? Eldridge street. For sale? the stock, lease and fixtures or a paint shop, with a good established trade. Smtisfao tory reasons given for selling out. None but cash customers need apply. Address box 140, Herald office. LM>R BALE-THAT VERT DESIRABLE PROPERY 6n J? the southwest corner of Eighth avenue and Forty -aocond street, 26xlUO, with an Lkit on Forty second street; a four story brick building in Eighth avenue, and a two a?id three story frame luiilding on Forty-second street. Aonly to ' FECaRE BERNSTEIN A PJILl.U'J, ?1 Liberty >t. For sale-a doctors establishment, cok plete, consisting of horse, harness and gu, and will be sold separately or together; the gig has been used bat little, and nas just oeen put in perlect repair; the horse is young, perieotly gentle, and valuable either for th? road or city use. 1 buy can Do teen at the ? table of 11AKRISUN A FLEET, in Uamilton street, just below Market, and will be sold cheap for cask. FOR SALE-T11E FIVE YEARS' LEASE, FROM 1ST May last, of the Brooklyn basanr, livery, hack and sale stables, 31, S3, 36 ana .'57 Libert* street, by private sale; also, 1 two coaches, two rockawav*, light wagons, plelghs, su.key, rets of dunble and single harness saddles, bridles, bells, robes, whips, Ae.; water cart, 'Stable and elBi* fixture*;, also, eight burses, two are match teams. If thenbovoaro not sold privately before 12 o'clock, M., on Tuesday, loth May. they will he put up at auction, in lots. The lease can be bought soparate, or at auotion, from the stock. Apply to 8 r c'ARHiA EDWARDS, LI forty street. For sale? an ice cream saloon on rye Beach, about one mile from Rye station, New Yore aad N. H. railroad; a good chanoe for any person wisiimfc to en gat u in the business; Rye Beaeh being a placo of great resort during the warm season. The house is 5u feet by 15, and ntarlv new; ground rent S15 per year; ptico $700. Rea sen for Selling the owntr is going H'est. For further pasti- ' culars inquire on the premises. For sale-one of the best chances to be found? a handsome three story brick honse, with sub cellar. baa<'eomely finished, and located on Hicks street, in a genteel neighborhood, at the small prioe of %."> trio, w'th gas fixtures Included; i>art of the purchaee can remain on mortgage. Apply at once to C. G. THOMPSON, 81 Nasean street, room 7. For sale-a boot and shoe store, a ? *<od chance for cue entering Into the business. This store is neatly fitted up, in a very desirable location aad now doiag a good busier**, wb an can be largely increased. Apply immediately at 26T< seventh avenue. No agents need apply. . ? . ? For sale? at a great sacrifice, if sold immediately, a beautiful two story house and three lots, with ttuit trees, shrubbery, Ac., located in th4 tacst desirable part of Harlem; also property to tor improved farms in lnditua?r Illinois. Applj to THOMAS A MltEET, 34S Flae street. For sale-a good milk round, inquire at S D lllagham's. Fllty second atreet, between, Second and Thild avenues. To be soli without reserve, as the owner oth?r business to attend to. For sale-eightf.en acres of rich lani> in Ocean wile Richmond county, noar Cedar Grove, and within a sliori. ride of Vanderbilt's Landing, Staten Man 1. Thcro is a rood, commodious, old fashioned bouse on the grounds, with *srn, out-houses, Ac ; fruit trees, good gar den, aad is in a 1 respects a desirable place for those wishing a country residence wubin eonvenient distance of tl.e uitv. Also, a pioce of unimproved property, contiguous to the abovs, in two rarcels ? one ot sixteen acres, eligibly situated for a ooun'ry villa or a garden farm; tha other containing four and a half seres, beaotifully located for building sit is. Terms ea?y. Apply at '.w Nassau street. to t. W. STRONG, or on the premises, el HENRY B. COLES. For sale-on. hackensack plank road. three aid a half nile* from Moboieaa far ry. M. J-, a house knowj ai the New It rbam Hotel, aad foil* seres of land, vhieh esnnot be ?\< ellid as a proftaklabuiiaess Mstlon. ApiJy ot premi ? v to Mrs. MABAli MaDoNOUGll, or to WM. I ?AKi;?. 1 1 , 10 W all street, fUw York. FOR SALE ? PARTITItTNINOT FOR Wo OFgIC?<*, (Gothic style and paiatsd Oak,) osie 10 <r 7 feei i aad 7 teetti Inches hisb; and the other l<? >+7 f*t\, (tad1 4i feet ti ireh-s high. Tne whole 1b perfeet order; d"?t over >11*), and will be sold f?r if applied for immediately. Airly at 110 Chamber* street I "CHm SALE CHEAP FOR CASB-A FOUR $TORY | r fireproof house and lot, situated le Seventh aventac, 218. i Croton weteralMhrougb tbe boose. A good rharr. r-? ? ? v??tm?Bt. No ikcnntlranvt. It* SAUC. E ?ok SAM? OR EXCHANGE FOR IMPROVED CITT I property. eleven lots. tight am KitMikk s?ees> u4 |tbre? on twf <a w?th ??mt. twr mwn 8; aa advance ta oash Of S&OOO or $8,000 wM be made is an exchange if de sifed. Apply to STKRUJtO * MATU, No. 7 Nuna street. TOOR SALE, ? >3,000 FOR A flUT CLAM FAMILY J, end doing (00* easfc hastaess, 1l teak, or a partner wlU bo tahen.oajayuat of the proprietor going south. Apply ?oa a* 171 Graad Hwrt. F^HB 3ALB-A VALLBLB CotfNTBY BBHIDEMCE, ^^Hpsrfeetly healthy, situated at Tarry tewaTVeetehester oeanty. ahent ? ml loo Iwa thi# atty, on the Hudson river railroad. aboat oao mile north from the railroad 4opot, coa ?toting of about N mm of valuable laad frontier oa tbo Hudson rfrver. Also, om tbo Albany poit road, a good oottage, ll? alitha aitaa lmprovsmsnts, reek aa rtuo, bath, wash basins, batter pantry, with hot and cold water throughout, lee hense Rlledwith ioe, milk houoo, and a beau tiful pead ot sputac water, never known to fell, a good ban and carriage house, and other out honaet, all new, command - tag a good view of tbo Hudson rtrer. Tbe improvements are newaadgood. Tbo above. or aay part thereof, will be told cheap fbr cash. Apply to J. S. miL 104 West Twenty, seventh Itreet, or to A H. LUDLOW, Ne. 11 WaU street. |? OR SALE ? A NEATLY FITTED UP HEAT AND r vegetable market, In aa exoollent neighborhood, now doing* good bnrintoi Bent all taken eat of thop, and willbe Mid for Iom than hair it it worth, to aay one who wishes to engage la the buineii. Apply oa the premises, oeraef of Henry aad Rutgers atreota. FHOB 8ALB OB TO LET- THE TO BEE STORT AND high batemeat brlok heaie 99 West Twenty seveuta street; ha* aU the Modern improvement*, Crotcn gss.Ao.; it in perfeot order; will be rented lew to a good tenant, ot ?old oa ?aty terms. SAHL. BODY, 63 WaU it., basement. j IT OB SALE? AT AN EXTREMELY LOW PRICE, A A manniactnring establishment, replete with every oon- | venience machinery and tools, all in perftot order. The I businees connection ia extensive, and other inducements to I sake it advaategeous. Any property tbat is marketable I will ba taken ia exonaage.. Address Box 3,847, New York. I Post Offioo. I BH'OR BALE-A VERY PLEASANTLY SITUATED, NEW, ? double house, two stories and basements, in East Bridge. I port, near the city oi Bridgeport, Conn., abont five minutes' I walk from the depot; baa sixteen room*, elosete and p^n- I tries, aad ovecy improvement detirablo to aooommtdate two I private famiiiei, or if rented in tenement*. ?4I1 accommo- I date fonr families. Price 93 010; terms, SI, 300 oi>U, balance I may remain on bond and mortgage. Is in a favorable lo- I callty. For particulars, apply, in person or by letter, tg I GEORGE HOORE, on the premises. I FHOK SALE.-THE lease AND FURNITURE OF A I first class boarding liouso, very plearantly situated, I only three doors trom broad wg^, below White street Price I $1,000, cash. Satisfactory regions niven for selling. The I home is well filled with paying boarders. Address B. L. I WOOD. Herald office. I F OB SALE CHEAP? IN ONE HUNDRED AND THIR _ ty second street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, a lot ta by 100; inquire ot THOMAS DIXON, Hi Uiiruiiue itreet. New York. For salb cheap? a sball fast steamboat, ef 80 to luO horse power, with an excellent condensing engine and very economical at regard* consumption of fuel. Apply to J. POWERS, 432 Tenth street. For Sale on easy terhs? those four desira ble three story and basement brick hoaxes, having all the modern improvements, autl finished in a superior style, on tbe south side of Fifteenth street, botweeu Sixth and Seventh avenues. Apply to PBCARB, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, 81* Liberty st. For sale, at a bargain? two of those con venient two story and basement brick bonnes with all tbe modern improvements, oa the north side of Fifty-third street, near Second avenue; price only A2.800! terms easy. Apply to PEC ARES, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, 31 Liter-, ty street, YpOR SALE AT A BARGAIN? TWO HANDSOME, J* .three story brick houses, on Twenty, sixth, street, in a very nice neighborhood; the house* are 24 teet front, have all modern improvements and are well boilt. Alio! two ua Twenty-eighth street, near Fourth avcn\i4. ' * T f J; . ??. B. KINSMlMER, 31?Fburth arenas FOB SALB, OR EECH AN GE-A COUNTRY SEAt' AT Throgsneok, tor an eligible dweHina-ittii*# Vork. Ap ply to JOHN WENDELL, 83 Sputh itreet. _ FOR SALB OR EXCHANGE, BY DUNCAN A ELLS f WOhTH, 14 Pine street, Commonwealth Land Ex change Office, (basement,) Mo. 8. ? Farm in Newbury, N. Y.; Patersvn, N J.; Omveg-t, N. Y.; Monroe. Pa.; liexville, L. 1.; Bushvill, L. I.; Rockland, N. Y ; Westahast-.r, N. Y.S Genesseo. Illinois. 3,000 acres in Virgina, 15 000 tjrus ia New Hampshire, 4,000 acres in Pennsylvania 20,000 acres in 'iex&s, some neur tbe Trinity Church property; ti-' Hatlem lots; an i&nmnerablo quantity of houses in New York and Brooklyn, stocks and bonds, Ac., Ac. Wanted? a nent farm ot n'.out 100 acres, for a oash customer. A neat bou.<o in trade for stock* aud Londst tbe Rtscks pat in at market price. A register koit, free of oharge. DUNCAN A ELLSWORTH, Auotinneers, No 5 Ccmmonwealth Iiuild:axJ. For saie orexchange-a country seat and tour aercs, with a variety ol fruit, fine larRo house, 72 bv S3, and otbor outbuildings. Property in exebango want <4, between Sixteenth and Thirtieth street*, ani First and Sixth avenues, suitable for a private family. Apply to A. J. JSEKRIaN A CO., 37 Chambers streqj. ' FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-FOB cloths, cassi meres, vesting and trimmings, two uowly timshel thiee fturj brown free stone front houses, vary |jlor.n?utly located at Sontk Brooklyn. Value $1hkk) each, mortgaged for$4,S00. Addreas Box 2,3G3, Post Uffioc. For sale or to let? the first class bbown atone dwelling houae, 213 West Tnirty-iourth street also first olats brown stone dwelling house, 220 West Thirty a*cond itreet. Both these bouses are new, built in elegant style sud wiili all tbe modern improvements. Terms of payment will be made veiy easy to purchasers. Inquire of W. K. IRA VERS, at Edward H. Muter A Co. 's, 63 WaU itreet. ft)B SALE OR TO LBT? FOUR BEAUTIFUL MODERN three ?tory bosses, with four fall lota to eaulp. em racing a greennoose aad fruit, beautifully sltnated, near.the Bast river, at Hell Gate, on Eighty ninth street -fare six oent* by Second asronue railroad. A pleasant home can ba secart-d at a bargain, it application be made soon to S. RICHARDSON, 212 Fifth avenue. Also, tp hit, situate on posite the abbve hortsdk the elegaftt mansion (ror-aerly iths residence of Mr Prime), with twenty-eight lots of ground, handsomely shaded with old forest trees. Rent moderate, Apply a* above. tpOB SAVE, TO LET, OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY 1 property? A Urge, new, ttirou glory hotufe, huilt Or a hotel, with two aeroa ft laud, situated in .the village of Blooming View, Staten Island. town of Wnstileld, quarter of ? mile from tt.? Reformed P. B cbnroti, m<I? two utiles tr.m Romville, wh?re two HtoamboatH ply daily, at onanbiliin? mb way, andfuiy an* hour and a half from the < i y, Tya premise* are within three quarters of a mile ot PriaoesbaV, a moat detightlol place for lathing and dablng. 'I ho Jbatlaiug is 86 Ij TO. Basement, or first story, has Ato rooma, with' hall through ?ea-r*. and washroom attached Second story has two sets of p&rloM en each side hall, and four closet*; do< rs, tl-rou*hi>u?. varnished. Third story has seven rodms, closet and hall, ajU hard finished. Fourth story ha* elevou rnume, all convunie^t ana well aired, with a lar^e garret ' aVbve. Cellar under the whole house, with a m'>st exoellont veil t>f water lu the kitchen. Would accommodate twi} ltrge piivate families. This property is remarkably wail situated, and ii>moat admirabW calculated for a seminary. boarding house, or hoarding school, it being so easy of aoco4S to ' the , city, so short a distance, and trifling ex pause Apply to X F. Bailey, 232 Broome ?troet, N. Y.; ISAAC It JESSUi', Kossrllle, S. I.; C. FOX A CO., 178 South street, N. Y. Glass works.-for sale on easY terms, the fixtures, tools, Ac. of the glass factory situntod in Brooklyn, between John and Mar hall streets, near Bridge street Terry, togutber with the lease of factory and dwelling*. Also, a fine lot of pot shells. Apply at No. 8 Piatt street, New York. Good chance to mare a fortune.? for sale. ese ot tuc oldest and best undertaker's establishments in this city. Apply at 544 Pearl streat. This is a sure in vestment. Notice -will be sold at public sale, at tb? public pound, corner of Forty-second stroer and Se venth avenue, on Mrnday, May 11, at 12 o'clock, four hogs, one gnat and one heifer. By order of the Pound Master. Newspaper, book anb stationery stoke for rale ?This concern has been citabliihed over six years, and is re ally tho best stand in the city, now doing a gjod steady btitiners; rayin/ nverJl,0U0 annially clear of all tx pecrcr. In addition to the ahova, there conld be added se isr? and fruit, whiob will bo Tory profit- le, t he location ixiug rear one cf the large railroad, dopotsi in tho oentral P^rt of the oltv. Any person wishing to commence ia lusi been with a Dinall cnpltal should secure .this change. a* tho investment is perleqtly safe. The ront aluo is exceei ilaily moderate. Stoif and flltores oomnle*" ' For par'lau!*rs, Ac , inquire corner of Bowery and Broomo street, 'In tfio bU-. ? liard saloon, t'roid 1U until 2 o'clook. ? . ? t ' " ? ' i lit' . Property for sale, in the city of -eLiza betbtows, .N. J. A plot of ?romd< cant^ni^,; l>s acres, situated in the heart of the above 'ii'tntol tirty. uflft- ' railed in location,, epitgaous to ohurchei, schools, it., 11 mile> from New h ork, ana hourly communicator therpn'itb.. On tho ptcn/res art a hou?o, Larn, garden,' trnit and 'iAl mental trees, Ac. Would be jost the plaoo to' divide ruto th-?o or tour lit tiding lnta. 't ill >,e so:d on roassnable terms. Apply to SAMUEL EDDY, No. tKi Wall strtet, ba*?tnent. , ' QCI100L FOB SAl.E.-A PRIMARY SELECT, SCHOOL, O located in tho Tidbit/ of Sixteenth s reoi and EiThth avenue on very tavortblo term# ; an excellent opportunity lor a >oung lady A idress Emily, Union square Post Office. I OAFE FOR SALE-SMALL SIZE, BEST MA.NUFAC O tnre, every way perftot, and will be told cheap. Apply at 36 Trinity Building. TO DRY GOODS MERCHANTS.? rOR SALE, ABOUT JlK.lHX) worth ol saleable dry goods, with now and com plete fixtures and concurs. Also, lease of store and house, two years to run this May; store bO by 20 feet Location at good as any in the eitv ot New York. This i* an exoell&nt opportunity for an energetic business firm to make tdoney. Business established seven years. Offers rnootved fbr tea days. If not disposed of. The itock now assorted will be re tailed off. and the premises let or leaded to a good dry good* firm. Apply to H. B. MORRIS, 102 Sixth avenue. Til o'pEDl.ERS.-FOB. SALE, A FIRST RATE TWO htrse wagon, with leather buggy top made to order, in, grofestyie at" v ne*, wl'h well arranged drawers dnd dl visions, suitable for a cutlery or variety buifn ss. Also; a set of double barnasa. To le seen at W I'M AN A LaIIIIj'S stables, 72 Keado street. Price low. Inquire at t!? Jolm street, second floor. riiu MANUFACTURERS ? FOR SALE OR TO LfcT-A 1 new taotnry proporty, was built tor a harlwara aud saw manufactory, with hardening furnace, blacksmith and arrind tng shop attached, situated in Kansiagton, Philadelphia. The main t>ri?k building, stories high, 40 h> 1(K> leet, very ?nbstaatlally huOt, and two story building. 27 >4 by 1OU taat, are both sttp^li^d with steam power by a t>0 hotso beam t tesnj en tine, of superior strength and fitlsh. Also, (our out hnildings. with culvert In Iront for waate water, An. Lot TW) by l?i faet: TMs property would make a complete eot t?n or woollan faotorv, store foundry, or stoam mill of any kind. Situatad very convenient tor fuel, heavy freights, bands, A*. Wonld be said at about half iu real value, or wry law, for aix years, For term*. 4r , a<l J rots Iiatvoy Teri7, 87 North Seoond streat, Philadelphia. , TO PBftlOlA VS.? A DRUG STORE. DESIRABLY aiT uatiid, and n Atlv fitled, m?>t he told at Qnoa. 4 *ar i.alp. Apyly to t. II A IE, medlcaT lah^nw, (V NaswM st. To DKUOqi^TS AND APOTHIC ARIES^-A Lit ROE and hatldsnma itoro for sale, well Ideated, and averaging $12- tt> $lfr par itay. Full particulars aad tctina ofen he ob tained by calling on F. HAM, medical laballer. 8? Nas sad stre?t. ^ jtt; Vtriu. BE SOLD AT A SACRIf ICE, AND OW 1?A|IT vf terms, thaso two three starv vaty daatraUa hrtek buildings, in 8i*ty first streat, near tho First avauua. ?*<>'?? Ing a heautifal view of tho East river, finished in best with is a. baths, ranvas h??t*?? *? ? t?s oa v. t?i / J ~ , n*wamo f.vshiohs. AC*M <? MiBltdlDlKKD STRAW AND 1 .**???*. r? *?v*4 by tbe Atlantic, will be opened] wv IBtIIi Wf BQi&ifOui (HibiIb ftttd BtVfeBtttrf tc ? ' MADAM E. SON'S, 871 Broadway. M ^i V DUMB !U*lNa? MRS. A 1 4 . will open her new ?how room for fashionable ml end dressmaking on Monday, May 13. at 138 CaoalL Thesu period ty of her style, VM elegaaoe ud riclfl *?* bo,?**?. comWaed with the aoatneee of her wo J th eexcellentqnalitv ot the material, fgnkq, the al bestowed e* her fashionable dressmaking, wll no del cure her a Urge patronage from the ladies TUAV FASHIONS " " ?M- Mf MANTILLAS. MOLYNEUX BILL, Invites the attention ef the ladiee to Me Iiumkm - . . . , LAC* MANTILLAs/1 OBipanTchaaMUa 1 plique, ia mDl aad tiIiM. Also, a iiry lam aafl assortment of Pari* aad Bru*s*h laia offis ?U^n oTthi^o S*-5?WU. rJ 58 Oaaal* STRAW BONNETS.? A SELECT ABBORTME? the finest aad most approved style* of ladies bonnet), manufactured by the {ormer employ*, of Bennett, i* now offered tor aale by the anbee>U>a*a. article! will h? found to folly equal 'hone aept at Ml nett's old establish sent, which were considered no the beat but the cheapest ia the market. Bonnet* < aad altered. riTTS A CO., 76'J Broadway, corner oi street. DRY GOODS, AC. B HANDS, BANDS, HANDS ?A LAR JELOTO.F tfrtl embroidered. juit rtceived irom Motion; alio Swf eambiio tiouoclms, liuon cambrin e,i*ing? and- in* intant'a rokei and waists, at PETER HUBERTS A< Broadway. ? ? LACK OIVPUBE AND. CHAlf TILLY l| shawls, scarfs, points, mantilla, veils and ecilL real Valenciennes laeea from la. per yard; Heuiton.l Uinpure, Maltese. Ea.;lish, and other lacus, at PET?| BERTS A CO., 376 Broadway. ^ EMBROIDERIES.? JUST REVIVED PER , several cuei of new French embroideries, viz, d settes and. sleeves, insets; collarets aad collars, in ol and muslin; also lionitoa, point de appligue, Valeuel Maltese and Giupure capes, scans, mantillas, oheml aad sleeves, in sets, oollars coiffeures, and other no/ at PETER HUBERTS A CO.. 375 Broadway. 1 Embroideries and laces, -just receivI complete assortment of embroideries in new desigl all qualities; alio Valenolenuoa, Brussels, guipure, lffl point, and other rich laoel, black thread mantillas, r veils, Ao. The pricei are much below previous scasoniL MILLER A G RANT, 371 Broadl TTIXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS IN BLACR , Hi from auction.? A rich silk dtess for 16, worth L yard! heavy wide black silk rich lustro, 5s. lid. , 'worfl 750 yards black sllks.very heavy, Ge.. worth 10a a ya? yards superfine black silks, very wide, 7?.. worth 1L Iards Biiohoff'i superior make do.. 8? worth Uii. ; 529 iitohoff's extra rich lustre and heavy, 36 inchei widel iOs., worth $2. Ladlci will find on inaction that! silks are 50 per cent cheaper than any. ever before offerer from auction, linen sheetings, table lineus, pillow case 1 bleached shirtings and aheetinzs. embossed and tsmhl periei. GEO. C. BUR DEM k CI 191 Grand street, corner of MulhJ F BENCH WOVE CORSETS.? IN ORDER TO tbo increasing demand for our uuiebrattd FrenciJ oorscts, ai well as to insure a pe^i^m ht. we have en| our stole, and attached to it a nrivate room for tbe ax J use ot ladiei who may wish to be btred. Mrs. GAYrt* announcing tbii deilrable acquisition to iter ovritt ! avails herself of tbe opportunity to tfndjir h er best 4l to the ladies of New York and viciuity, also t? thoseL residing in various pacts </f the cuurr* ifho have so lill patronized her, M well if s recommended their lady li and Legs to appriie ttiom that the i?*o importations sF ju?f received enables her to submit for their uupeotio largest and' most varied selection of Frenoh wove c ever offered at retail ia the United Stater Uer pricei tinue the tame, (only half usually cbar<ed,) while fol apd elegance in flttiu^ her Fmne/i wooe corsets arJ fesstdly, hnturpa'ised.' No." li Third avenue, near lei| P J ORDER TO SUPPLY THE PRRSSINO DEI for hensekeeplng goods, at this ?eaan>n ot the year, DILL, PEIR8UN A LAKE hate made large additid their immooie stock of thii olan ot good*, aad will oil sale this week? L 5.000 pieces linen iheeting, of every width and quality,! 10,000 do. ootton do. do. M. 10,000 do. lines and ootton eloth for pillow caiei, do. a il?,iiW) Marseilles qnilti A oounterpanm every sixe ? qua 10,000 rain Wbitinc, Batb and other b.atiketi, do. 15, 000 piecee Irish linen of every manufaoture imror the united States. Soou toilet oovors. >.000 damask table cloths, every use and quality. 6.000 doien damask napkins am doylies. ? ' 10,000 do do. diaper and buekahuok vowels. AIM. A beautiful assortment ot table aud plaao covers ot test designs. Alio, a large stock oi uiuslin and laoe om Housekeeper# and families comidehoins housekeopiiB ttnd this stock of gooda the oheapeet and moet > desva thi* city. 471 Broad*" JACK MUSLIN CURMlN* FROM AMOTION. J Muslin curtnins for ?1 Oh worth| uslln curtains tor $2 00 ? Muslin eurtains for 4 00 Muslin curtains for 6 (X) I<aee curtains tor. . 4 00 Lac* cwrtains for. . 6 00 Lace curtains for.. 10 00....... Lace eurtains for . . 15 00.. ... . . Laoe eurtains for. . 20 00 .1 _ A eomplete asiortment ol oornlooi and ourtaln tnuia at rtdneed Prio^LTy 4 rER(J DH(|N No ^ THE TRADBi " A TURNER WANTEO.? ONE WU?~ CAN MAKEl telf generally usoful, and is a good workman, oal itady employment by pp^ily^g to ?<. C. Denalow, Fra House, 'Yonkers. ' A young mau preferred. ? . 1 BOYS' CUTTER.? A SITUATION WANTED, Bl exveriujieed cutter of boys' clothing, in some respel establishment where hie services n?n l>o a pp recta ted. r give tbe beat oity references. Address S. M., Herald I lor two days. GARl'ENTERS WANTED.? TWO. tiTl THR1E hou'e carpenters wanted ni<mediat<ly. Apply shop 13 llaiumeraley streot. None tut good workmed apply. John Wheeler. Jr. SniPJ01NE?S' CARD. ? MR EIUTOB-3IE-I I ticed in 1 our paper of the Sth, u .netting purport! be the United Shipjoinsrir Svoietv, t.? c >i.jtnk the r-iiL ?i J cue M. ilolkcs, matter joiner, from 'he Navv Yard| tiufctha alleged cause to ke that lit bail re .used to e ~ foreigner* in nta departments Ttiit in out ?u( aad If th (on who wrote . the card was a regular shiRjotnor, ha ' have known 'hat there ii no luehiociat, as the United! joiner*1 Society; and if the m?e?in>r had oeen a legal J the shipjoincr* of tkia city, why Uia mn the officers W ill side# at that meeting sign their nainen- to .th? prooeefl Mr. Eilitf r, this goes to prove that there is no auoh (f fuprckentiuR the ?nipjoi*6r? of this city.* There ia bo ?the Sbipjoiner*' benevolent lartlt y and the Shipjo Union. when Mr. >iolkes Unit recurved bia<appoint .tbeohipjoinw* <>t Now >or* MHldmi tbemaelve* wr by the appointment of a man who had neitbor *?ri worked at the businesa, and sent a committee of two Secretary ot the Navy, with a memorial alined by thi cipal master joinei* and workmen ot New fork, prayil hi* removal. But it appeara by the card of the 6th infl that t he qualifioation* lor that position are political mechanical. Mr. Polko* has bad employed, np to thf of hi* removal, houtto carpenters and abeeota ker* in thd era' department, while men * no have served their til the thipjoinera' buunes* have h:id to idle for the w| work, The shipjoiners of New York can never endif man to take charge of them in their '?mineaa unleta I practical man at the business It appear* that the wr the oard did not take aa much trouble when be era the booka of the yard to find out if Mr* t unk wao mod caily employed under a whip aao democratic adtainittrT if he bad taken ball the trouble. he would have loan nimeof Mr Koike* on tbe l-.'oArer-.' book, where he *? ployed lor ye" r*. Otic of the re-olntions of the 8th itf o*Ii* upon the Secretary' of tie Navy to invcsliga| matter. 1 bono bo will, and begin with the remova look at tbe hundred* *i boneet i>xm?* attached wbicL he rtcoived at hiaofflooia Washington Iroaa the of the committee appointed by th*?li4ojoiaers ot New Now, Mr. Editor, I would aak it th, ?? it not pride eno our countrymen to hav.? thoee proud sieotrmns of our architecture, which visit the inhabitable nlobe, and a mlrea by tbe wandering Inhabitant* for their beautyr-i ntt thofo ipocimvns go from th? ha d? of workmei have iriven the opening iir.rllcct of hair youth to p them in the art they lutvc selooted, and ?ptnt yearn t complish t But, sir, they ar? supplanted by men wl not at luniured wiU th- rst principles that govet buiinetts, hut have wormed the?u#lva? 'ito the buain . supiliant tool*, aa may be aappnierf t'10 writer of th ofthe Mb instant inuat be. Au'i, nr. I would a?k tfc you if the offlrer* of the ao called muetiag of the ahi ?T? oV S ew. \'ork w?ro a'hauiod to let their nam Known." lrtbsy wero regular ablpjoiner*, thoy woul | but, as nmst b / aoppoaeu, tbi> were n t capable of i .? lating the interiot of that b dy of men, who stoop 'tiling mean, nut are ?I way* op* n tu an honorableex .tlpifof fh.cir doing*. ' Your*, reaped*, tally ^ TO CQ<IJ'P^iTOpS.-W/AJ?TED,it6REK steady! , competent' fk*nd?,,to whom ,cpp?wut, emi>li>yn?| lull VjU be veu.i ANo, tlire? active boya.-hol ,N yp ni cu?tpi i to |et type. Aprfj to tyon A Hillyl ATCDSIAK^R ^AN^ED-fOR TUE CITY. aJ of Akerly, Broadway. ? " WIG KAKER3 'iV ANTEP? TWO THREE . rate band* ?t>>entila?inf aork trill find <o| employment at ClireMixh'*, 207 Brtjdway. TT ANTED '-A CObO CUTTER MIT A RET All. Cl| IT ing bosiae**: atcady employment, and good b?it of ref?renci.a required. Apply1 at ^'20 Canal (t. 1\7ANTEI)-M4N ON MISSES A*ND CSILod ?T. turn (hoc*, a' It.-; 32d at., in tpo rpar. None ba| workmen need apply. PROPOSALS! \ inch b<**t boa boards; 2S.0W) feat select boa ,(X?| riece hi ards. Io,ih?<> leet 1', inch good ?la#h:l( ^ inch good piank, lO.tXX) feet Ij, inoh clear P.'". , plank; 10.W?) fwt J inch clear plank; tb nlaak; i<?:0 dreseod boards: ?;?? Ifi ; 5,100 t la'b sprueO plank; {,0003*4 CJf.AI.ED,rROrC?SAI.H WILL U RE^KI VEO ?| ?j Governor* of the Almabo)i*<>, at tni-lr nfflce, Ror Vkrk, >;n-ll l o'olorlf P * of tin- a?t ^iy of May nt* turutshing and delivering on ' BlaokweH'a Island, ' lately, the ?oDow??- ? described white pine Inmborl Osvrraora rctetve to thrmaelvoa the right ot rjectiDl >,ad all t ilers not tlecmed by th?*> advaatageoui to tl artneat ? IH^W0 feet best bo* boards, 14 and lb teetl \t and ltiiacboewide; SO 000 footboot bo* 10M . good ptank, 10.000 feat 1H inoh olear Pjaakf iuet l>i clear plank; < rrtsed 1 * i lrt b spruce plank; litmlock Joi*t; 2,OHO wall itrtpo. TO BRIDGE BUU.T'fcl^ .? EKpfOiAIS , W|lj teoelved at. the of. . Ib? g.' Ail it.. N. York, natll tho W I <-y<lt Mj for the P rials for, and th. eenstru. ? iot, of ? b?g. ' leot lietwen abutment ? I, f. et MM . audio rtet ni h I clear, over tbe Ha4*alr River, at. fater#?. New J*r m thelflt'n day ot J i'lv "v<*i The pro! grasses c ... i^agiaf fjqwmi, *o ? HTI.KTT'9 TOBACCO PI^ANIATIOW, n Broadway, oppo?it? Metropolitan IJtsl, agent ii and dealer in *uperior Havaaa Mgart, tholesalo and I I.A KIT TTI*'* FROM W TEI DOZ1N, BO"l returned/ Fine family alt "and porter 9 sbillin J daiea bottloa rOt?n??d. Sentoli al?. brandlOO, Win* ?tm| J?JUiaaboth. " ' ' 1 1 ?? Blt?ak?r i

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