Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1855 Page 3
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mU at 94 Ghmm raaia tii Am, bstng kold a II Spirits war* at 46c Paovinom.? Park? About 800 a 909 bbla. war* aild, Inolndtag eld atu at 910 71, tail old <1 >. at *17 75 a 917 87, aad Mir prime at VIS 60 Beef? 4alaa of 400 bbU , at previous rates, tba demand *ai (Ml, aad price* firm. Cut maa'a war* Ira, salei of 3o0 a 100 paokagas wm made, Including monl wri, at 7 Ho. a 7.V<J., and ham* at B^o. a 10a. Bacoa continued ? aoarea aad aominal. Lard? Sale* or 300 obi*, at 10 \ j. al0)?*. Draeesd hoga wara a?H ng at 7b. a 7Xi. Rial Eht.itf. ? Houm and lot MB Fourth ???o?, tit 78, 911,800; 6 lata corner of First ?>em aad Fifty fl th atraet, 96,800; 1 da. oa Twenty-ninth at oat, near Ele venth avenue, 26x98, 81.925; 1 do., adjo mag, ai?, 91,910; X da., do . 26x98, 93 7C0; 2 da., d), 25xJ6, 98,440; 4 da., da , 36x98. 97,01 0. Rjoi waa dull. Small aalaa war* mi de at 6 >f o. a 6^e. Salt.? A cargo laagua aold at p. t Sncas ? I eaaaa al nutmegs vara aold at 95a., aad 5 da. da. at 97Jfo ; aad 40 bat* p-ppar at llo. Stoar ?Tba market was steady. and tol -rably active. The aalaa embraced about I,'* 0 a I 300 bad*. Ouia nut coTada, at 6^c. a , including 100 nhda. prime, at 8^0.; aad 100 da. Texas, at private ter<ns. Tallow raagad from llj*c to ?7c for city. Whihkkt waa firm, with sale* of 700 bbU. State at 38c. a 38*e ummmmn renbwisd w. i m. TEKAKTS* Rfcil.lbrKlv 71 O BR0ADWAV? OVER WfcLLE it's S VLOJN, FUR I J.O nlsbed rooms to let. rf* BONI) STItEIT - i'AKl' UK TUB AHttVB PRE 'JU miiea will be rented to a email i;entoel tuinil., on reasonable terms; cr the r"'tna will be let ?o gautlewn, turaithed or ubtnri iah< d. withut luard. sii.jle or iu s lit*. The reoms ara all plnaranMy ai'ustcil, mid to the riiht p.tMy, a permanent residenec will be offered. ANT PERSON WISHING To H'RB THE Tdlrtli Jt\. floor, cenalsUng of two rnoui. aud -we beurooras, of tlie bandar me three star* br oh ?i<- .i?o. No. I M nroo plage Williamsburg, fire mintite<' walk fr..?r IVek s ip ferry, otn do so by applying oa tb? premieee, or addro?.iu,( W 11. it.. Herald offloo. Rent very moderate to ? gaod teuaut A FARTMENTS TO LET? IN A TWO STORY AND x\. attlo home, at 17 Harrison street. lauuire ou me pre mis at. A FURNISHED HOUSE Vil LET ? THE HAtl.'IRS are --lo, aatly fan i-li t wi ?. t .|. -try velvet carpets, large m:rrors Ac, and the home o?n<ati.s all oonve:iioat furniture tor a geateal family to teop house. Tbe loo.iii.tik <sthe a oat dertrble In Brooklyn erni very iaiderato. Inquire of or addrese Doot U., OH ilroadway. A ? FURNISHED FRONT 1MOU AND RECRii, WITII pantries attached, ? n the >euoud llior, to lot, with beard, to a grrtlemati and wife, or t > aias>? nenflem *n, vitli partial beard, in a private tauuly, where ?i <it'ur boar lera ire taken. Residence 19 Sixth a root near tbe Bowery. Pleaao call for tw> daja. A LARGE FRONT ROOM? SPl.aVDIDLY FUR> 131! BO, with one or twa bedroom- attaehe.l, to let in a private bouae, with all tba mederu tmpr?rainoata. Apply at Ud Prince street, a few ioors weat of Hr ad way A RARE CHANCE? TO LET, AND FURNlfUEB A for Bale, a eenteel two atory and attio b>ick lioutu; rant aitramcly law; fnrtituro rery oh??o. An < person wifhinK a bargain will do well to call aad examine For particulars apply at 05 Thompton street, bot*e -u Broome and Sprinr. Broadway- moderate kr>t.s.-to i.kt, tur large aad well lighted hmUtu* (J16 'lroaJ.r^y. j jat above tba Metropolitan Hotel; first vary auitikblo f e a geateel taUorine or mi'linaiy eBt^b'.ishinon:; upper atertei wel oalonlated for dag'ierrean ruoina. Ao.; iinacmjat c?u ba altered to anlt any bualness. rn? Hour^, caot ia) .'eet deep, wiU be let aeparataly. Ap >lf to JaMES I'tlCl, 200 Hudsin street. Beautiful cousiry reside vce tolet-nkw oattaKe house, with all the modern improvements, pins aaatly sitaated at Bay Ridge, oa the shore road, near Fart Hamilton, l'hs hooae is large and o<iruu>odioua, with One garden attached and privilege of ..tablet makloj altogether a very desirable country retreat M ill be runted low to a gaod tenant. Apply oa the premiaus, to JOllV I. BENNETT. GOUNTRT SEAT TO LR T? AT RAVBNSvrOOD, L I., with about three acres of land, umstl r in ^ur inn i;aod oathauaes, fruit, slirubber>, ahsde tress, Ao., in ?bua4tnoe. The hense is larg* and wo 1 adapted for a genteel private re eidenoe. For particulars apply to Dr. 4anford. near tlie premise*, or to D. W. Isgertoll, 16 Vail street, seooad floor, fcaok office. C10TTAGK TO LBT AT FORT LEE WITH A FINE ) view of the Hudson river, and 1 aores ot liud, ?rap?s, cherrlee, eprJea, plumb* and po rn ou tie p'fioe. Parlor, kitohoa, diainx roum and etgtit bedrooms, ciiteru and well. Will be rented, tutnlsl'ed or nnlurnislitid. Apply to tilV. LIYIMQ3TON, 85 Nassau atreet. GOTTACES AT REDUCED REVTS.? TWO P?IETTY oottageson Forty ninth ?tre-t, eoutl aide, Just west of Third avenue; each contains nine tunmi; Cioton water, .to ; neat garden la front, and lar^e yard in rear. Apply to JAMKs PKICE, tb Hudson street. COTTAR P. TO LET ON STaTEN ISLAND? ABOUT midway between CliHon a1 d Stfcpletnn landings, a vory dufiraole two atoty, basement and attic oountry cottage, nine rooms, kitchen, Ac., Ac. ; ti*? lots, stab'es, ahale and frnit treea, situated corner ot Harrison and Quinn atrcete, fornorly occupied by Mr. Hale, uf the Journal of Com merce, and within thre* minutes' walk of cither ferry. Pos t?h?ion immediately. Inquire of Dr, LEA, or of U. U. SMITH, Btaplotoa. ' COTTAGE TO LET? IN TIERUEN POINT, N. J.? coat ainii:~ nine room, ccllir well, and an acre of land near the river and a fine view of New UrUhtun, New York bay, Ao. Inquire of ViCTUR SEAM AN 21 Hamilton strent. New York, ttom 7 to 9 P. M. 0HEMICAL FACTORY T O RENT? SITUATED AT Chester, on the river Delaware, about 15 mile* from Philadelphia. The freight to the latter plaoe being very trifling, and having daily communication by paoket, steam boat and railroad. Tbe taot <r* ts particularly calculated for the manufacture of blohromate ot potash, but may, with very aluht expense, be adapted to a grsit variety ?t etiemlea, preparations. There is an engine of IS horse Sower in the building and a large mill suitable for grinding ruga, platter, Ac. Vessels of lar<e class can float at the whatf adjsintng the factory. For farther partloul trs *?ply to MAULK A DIXON. 103 South Front street, Philadelphia Empire hall m broadway, to let or lease. ?It U cne of the belt exhibition rooms in the city. EIRST FLOOR TO LET-TO GENTLEMEN, FIR offices er lodging!, at. 110 Fourth avenue, fourth house ow Twelfth street; a very pleasant and ouurenient looa. tion. PURNIsllED HOUSE TO LET. OR PART OP THE honee, for ait raon'hf.? The sltnetion la In the b?st part of Brooklyn, and within a few minutes' walk of Wall atreet tiny; hours is well furalehed, and haagaa, rtn<* water, Ac.; open at the back wtth small rarden. Address J. L I. , bos S 005, N Y. l'ost Office Carda may be had at Phillips' hat store, SI Atlantic St., near Hioks street, Brooklyn. FUBMSHEB HOUSE TO LET-A NEWLY FURNISH ed three story hrnie, with modern improvements, irovld be let for a koardlng ho'iae. if desired, situated treat ot Broadway, below Broome street. Inquire of Messrs. HAMPTON A DRUMMOND, grocers, 85 Canal street. Handsome furnished apartments in great Jenee street to let, to single gentlemen, consisting of parlor and bedroom, with olosstr, gat, bath Ao., in the first olaas house Mo. 5 Great Jones atreet, three doors from Broadway. House to let in hobokbn,-a first class three story and basement house, wi+h water onve dem ons and gas in It: at a veiy low reat to secure a good tenant. Apply at 113 William strtst. Lite oak hall, sixth street, near avbnue 0. ? This upaoioas buildiag is now n-arly completed, suitable for lodges, oommit .ees, balls, drills, Ac , Ao. The fleers will ba let on reasonable terms. Apply to JOHN FETEKK 1 N, 218 Seventh street. LAROE OFFICE TO LET? ON SECOND FLOOR, Trinity building, or desk room La o?oes. Apply at otflee IS Tilnlty building. FABTIAI.LY FURNISHED TfR^E STORY AND basement heme to let, to a genteel family, with whom a single gentleman cenld take br akfaat ar.d toa in Twenty ?eoond street, near Eighth avenue. Inqtlro of J. UKrilC RIDGE, 2 29 Broadway, corner of Barclay street, ofllce 15. Rooms to let? furnished or unfurnisbed, at No 128 Macdougal street, near Washington squ.ire; tbe care of the Sixth avenue an I Amity aad llleeoker sir. ot, ?tskgeslpaaa near the house every 5 minutes. Apply as abovs. STEAM POWER, WITH QOOD AIRY ROOMS, TO LET on reasonable trims. In the North American ateaua Works, Terayth street. Apply at the ofllee. 64 Forsyth *t TO LET-THREE BROWN STONE FRONT ENGLISH basement ho ises. with alt the modern Impreremeata, In Twenty firet street, betwoee Fifth and Sixth avenn>a. Ap ylyto ALEXANDER WECEBbCKEt 31 Liberty st. mo LET? Of MYET1.E AYESDE, CORNER OF YATES J. avsnne, twelte new hnnsM, jnet finished, with (pUing doors, tea room, a;d jrfatsa eominanding one of the floeal views la Br lOilyn. Rent only $lii' a pteee, for one year. Al'Pir ** A 0. FRANSlOLE, at the offiee of Tfeorasson A Bryna. nv % Wall street, Nsw ?erk. TO LET? POSSESSION OiVEN IMMED/ATRLY? THE rear part of the eeoond story, the front part o< the third otery, and all of the fo irth st rt of Si Beekman street. Also, the fr?nt roon ol the Btth st ?rr of 31. and 3.1 Ueskuaa street. Eaoh apartment 1s suitable for aeyklndof meoha niial bnstuess. Also basement of 24 Beekman street. In <aire ot JAMES CONNER A SONS, 2U Beekman street. Y ?'EW, Harlem ? LET-A beautiful COTFAOE, neari. Fifth avenue, eorner of 131st street, IF to Mr, James, next door; or te WM. BLAKE, lit Pearl street. TOLBT-AT SO I BOND STREET.? TBE FRONT AND hack par'ere; will answer a? iosdag reeuis, or business purposes; a good leeatl .n for a teshionabte milliner. lu i-Ure on the trtmlsee, or at ftW Broadway, corner ot (onrth it. /TO LET-TOB FIRST PLOOR AND BASEMENT OF 15 A Thames stttet. Ills saitable for tailors, bakers and other* It wenid to altered to suit the ooeaaane t. D. SHEPUEUD, No. ^ Wall street. mo LET -THE UPPER PART OF A HOUSE, BEAUTI A fully sitiated at Wi st Hobokeo, containing three rooms and kitonen on tbe same floor: may have th' me of a steb'e fcr one s* t?o bsrsee Reat|l20. Apply te Mrs. LILLE MAUD, West Heboken vlUage. N. b. -Stages trea the hoaso to Hobokea oity every half hour. rpO LBT-A LARGE ROOM I? THB WAYERLRY A House, eorner of Broadway and Fourth street, suitable fnrMoieti purposes. Uqnire at tins <? tBo? of the Watrerler Hons*, er of iTs 3TALtKwECIIT, MS Nassau street. fTH) LET-VERY DESIRABLE AI'ARTMBNTS. CON X sis ting of fonr rooms and pantries on tbe seeend fltoref house 28 Fittb street. Inquire on th? premises. fpO LET? TB REE ROOMS IV TH? HOUSE ??> DI X vision street. Jnnetion of Qre?d streot, to a gentlemx* and wile, ar widow lady and danght-r; ao ohitdr a la toe house. Inquire a* above ia tbe store. rLET? A LARGE WOBK8HOP, WITH GAS AND Crotaa water laid en; suflkelent room f'r 20 hands rent fISOa year Inquire ef WM. CHANDLERS A SON, IIS Mulberry street, in the rear. TO LET-A OBOCERY AND LIQUOR STORK? A GOOD plaoe tor business, aad poesossnn glvoa iamediatrly, Etly stocked aadoleeed; avenue A und T<realy-irst atreet. inlre of p. JONES. 314 EastaUth street. T<? LET-PART Of A HOUSE AT 2?S ROIIERMER hora street, Breeklyr, te a SMtl tamlly Rent mo q "***?? r?q?ire on the premises. TO J-ET-TOE I. A ROE SALOf'Y 4VD""R"0V1 AT 175 Blewkir at . for a billiard m1o>b, op pnblio WIH be ttted up In See ?t vie. Kent low B.B KINSHllieB, ?9?tk arenti*. TMUfWr MG1IWH. r[ Utj?v* VIUI All JIDMfririTiuujBI*. ' F**ttjr, ??* brick home, quiet u l retired; rew??17?por*Mom Alee, an elegant house ail hall medera ia.prav?ment*. Rent KilM per annum. Alt* betuMfil -nits ?Um0Bw'Bli^-Hi p0r 'D4alr* ?t 4M Grand .N*W ,TOI,l| NO. 379 *BI,EB(.'K SK ?i T \ basiaee*; on of I'm best If.A'i. IL!?*1?'' '?*' aiwl apartinanti oan M ? ado to g* with th* store K?a t ROe ?. 8. RINSHIMER, 319 4th aveaue. rro LIT- A MCI UNFURNISHED PARLOS ROOM, J aa flrat floor, ia aseuteei location, with bath, At. in a P?!??to respeotaMe tamlljr. wh?r? chore are ao boar ler* or cbildrrn, either with or witheat beard. 610 lioattua at root, near Broaiway. TO LIT? ON THE SECOND FIDOS, TO A R^SPEC tabl* tenant, two sitting and two hadroems, located ia a beautiful pert of the city For partiou'ars apply oa the preroioo". No. % Eighteenth street, between Broadway aad Fourth avenue TO LBT? TUB DWELLING PABT OF HOUSE CUR VER T?<nty-einhth street and Fourth avenue, la fine order, twalv* rooms, wi h r*?, bath, Ao ?? tt low. Arplr to ? B KINSH1MER, S19 Fourth avenue. TO LBT? A CKNTEKI, THREE S TORY AMD 1A3RMRNT brick house, in a pleasant neighborhood at pro,e>it un dersong repairs; will be in porfaot ordoi bv trio l?t of Juao, with sen paper, paint, can, chandeliers, and loos'UntM a!. I ridge it root, near Gtand. Apply to J 3ILVA, 109 Forsyth street. rro LKT-A FURNISHED TWO STORV aNH ATflO I brick house u? th# vicinity of Fourth street, ?tst. aad nrs* Broadway. The first party waat to be well ??otiroi: will rive posstsslun ia the begianlac of Jut* neat. Apply at 2L3 Broadway. TO I.ET-ON A FIRST 8TORY, TWO LARGKKSO r"OBiK with parlors. wi'h *11 modern improvements, with b"trd or without board, a'so, a mam tor a gentleman. Ap ply at No 3<> Chuch ttro.t, b-t??ea baroUy and Cvlle.;o p'aec, will known. L boNADI. TO I.RT? A VERY SUPERIOR >-EW a*D UKN teel hovte situated in the ho, Ithf and biawil'H villv* ol Oyster Bay, L. 1. 'the house will loattla ?b >ut It. ro'>m* ai d v ill be fitted up ia th* best style for a gentlcnaa'* ccuntrt r?fi ienoe; It iswith'na start distance of l->at"io<, hosting an 1 fl-iung and will be ready ftr ncuupanoy os the 1st July. Kent tn< dam to For further particulars olaase si.ply to ilt. AN DfcEW EA DIE, 117 Fultou strset, N. Y.. up stairs. f|\0 1BT- A FIRST CLASS HOU3K, PARTLY FOR J nishtd; a par*' of the rent taken in board, wi'h tUa nri vilagt of taking a few other geeta*! boarders Is beautifully liestud. llsths, gas, hot and oold water ia all the rooias. Iiouuo corner Uenry street aad First plaoe, death Brook lyn. TO LEI? A 8MALL II'tUdK IN WILLIAM3BURO, near tho 'frry, to let ia Mew Vork. a Kjittil hsuse, lit West liroaiwa ; upper part of house i.'W frankiia a'r^-ot; 6ret floor of houtc 36 Ueekman stroat. tor a nt'iri Aiiuly t? 8. Q SMITH, 15 M,tt streot. TO I.ET-AT NO. Ol HUBERT STIKET, NRtR ST. John's talk, two parlors and bedroom an tho stoond floor, and ire.- 1 baeemont, or a roam ia tha attio, to a small family, at a low teat. TO IKT-A SMALL RESftCTABLR FAMILY AN ft B accoutinrdstsd wl'h part ol an elegantly finished three story Inns*, tfcrta m'nu'e.' wa k from l>o? alio lorry ^il linmabor^. It 1, turnitbed with gas and has other modern improvements; would be et at a reasonaale re at to aia?peo. table familt but > o othar aeod aps<y. Addr>ss 21 oltrer ctr<et, N. Y , or >a 14 South Fourth street, Williamsbur* TO I.KT-A BEAUTIFUL TnREK STORY BR'CK I bssemeut honea, IVt Sentk Tlurd street, Brooklyn, (Williamsburg.) tnree ?i? utes' wait from all the ferriei; lisloony In ftoat a> d a besnt4ful plana with araps viae in rear, liqulra of Dr. IlkINK, .ai Broom* street. mo LET? THE I'PPiR PART A*JD BASRMKVT OF J. house 2i.7 At'sa io street, near S iith, Brooklyn. Kent Itm Apply on th* pr*mis*s. TO 1 ET, FURNISHED? TUB HOUSB 4A HkiltCBR street. Ibe gas has been lately pnt in the bonne, aid tha furtlture is nuarly new; or would be sold, together with the leasa. Inquire at 2tX) Iludaoa street. TO LET. IN JERSEY CITT-TEN MINUTES' WALK from tha ferry, immediate poaaession, ? cottara honsa in elogant order; water, gas, Ao ; flna o>urtyard in front Kent only KJUO. I'teseut oocnpaat is anont laavion the olty tnd will d.spose of hi* furniture or p->rti?n oT nmo. Fioo opportunity for parties oommenoing houdotieepin|(. Apply to K. B. KINhHlMER, 319 Fouth avenue, from S to 1. , or 3 to 7 o'clock. TO LET IN BROOKLYN? ON HICKS STREET, FROM three to five minutes' walk fr?m Ful on ferry, a suit of rooms, without taard, in a bountiful location. ?r wonld giva Ircakraat if dssirod. Addross Campbell, bjs liitf 1'ost of fice, New York. fTIO LIT AT FORDHAM-A COTTAGE AND HARDEN, JL with all kinds of fruits, and stab.e; paetunpe for a cow i* required. Also largo stone hou^s, part or who'e of it, with gurdeu; the rent will be taken in board if agreeable. Inquire at 7U Franklin street, or oa tho promises at tha drpot. TO BENT? AT 1 UR008 NECK, IN VIEW OF EAST chetter Bay, a neat oottage coataitin^ ten rooms, with cirriaxe liout* stable, Ae., and about live acres of laud, with shade and fruit treej; will be furnithoi if desired. Asiily to A. E'INDLAY 11 Spring street, N. Y. ri o B F. NT? TH B THREE STORY DWELLING ntlUUi X 82 West Twenty hrst street. 1 hi bouieisth ea roo^B de p, has all tha modern improvements? gas, bnthrooia, water oloset, furaaoe aad dumb waiter, and U beinK paint ed and tut in complete order throughout. Rtnt tl.lkVI Apply W MORTON k GRIN NELL. 26 aad 'JX Broad streot. TO LKASI ? k COUNTRY SEAT, AT PELHAM, WRST cbester county, oontaiaing about /VI aorei of land, bstu tilully iltusted oa the Sound. Apply to ADAMS A LUCKEV, 76 Nassau street. 1WE SXCOND AND THIRD FLOORS OF A NEW . three story house, with aU the modern improvement*, in a desirable neighborhood, 17 West Forty first street, be tween Broadway and Sixth avenue, will b* rented low to a small family. TO MILLINERS. AC.. AC.? THE FOUR LOFTS IN THE ?tore No. Mft Broadway, adjoining tbn i'rescott Hoate, are to let. The first floor would make a splendid show rcom for a large millinery establishment. The three upper stories are well constructed for profitable subletting. WORKSHOPS TO LXT.-THREB LOFTS CONVENI ant to Broadway, suitable f?r any mtna'acturlng purport*; lit* 12 feet deep by 25 foe'.. Arniy on the pre mise*, corner Prino* aad C rainy its., before 10 o'olook. MUSICAL. A MUSICIAN. HAVING SOME SPARK TIKI UN, A occupied, wiehea fa Ut? a few pupil. to tench tbe.vio lis, flu'e, clarionet, or oornet; alao munio in RCneral. Tenni moderate. for further pafticulare, pteaee apply, by nolo or otharwiia, at hi* reaiUenoe. US f? t 1 weuty-ninth *tre?t. A BEAUTIFUL PIANOFORTE AT A GREAT SACRI fioe.? For f?l?, a eplcudid n?? icveu oettvo pitnoforte. rorewood Gothic c?a?, diagonal acaln, made and warranted by ono of the beet flit? miiiri Tho owner i? CJinpolled to dupoee of it, aid will aell it tor $100 le?e than coat price if applied for immediately at 12 Wooatar It. uUEaT premium pianofortes, manufacturer F by 87*l> WAY SONS, t>s Walker itreat, >?it droad way, N. Y.? TLe.e pianoa received the Am pronuan*, it 04/ tn petition with Hanoi mad* by the woet o*l?b.ated man* f. otorera of Boatoa, New York, PUiladelpKia, and BalM more. Erery piano warranted. frioei moderate. New MU8ic.-'-Hir.nT over WRaNG," sing and ohorui by the Hutcblafona and nunc -iy thorn at thMr concert* with arcat aucceta; 25 ct?. "Swinging I'olka'" by 1 bomai Baker, composer of the oalebrated Sparkling Polk*; M eta. Titlepage embotliahed with a beauti'ul vignette re ? renting a foreet tiring. HORACE WaTjeR.S, Publiaher, Brvadway. FIANOFORTKS.-JOHN P. WAKE A CO., MAMUFAO tnrera, bare removtd their pianoforte warehoaee froa 58 Bareiey street, to tie new and epacioui building, 141 Caial etreet, betweeaiUiideon and Variok atreat*. Pianoforte* at wbolftale prioea, for ea.h, or eatiafactofj paper A groat inducement to ^urchaaera aow offered. SINGING.? LESSONS GIVEN IN THE ART OF SING i- g, to profeaaional and amateur pupil", through the dii dn m of <be Italiaa or Eniliili langu&ce*. 1-y a profeaanr from th* inuaical col loge in Rome, who ii< alio an t-minra'. ^ singer. Application by letter to G. G, Po?t Office, way. ItO? SALE-TWO FINE ROSEWOOD MKLODgONS, 4>^ octave auitable for ohuroboa or common ua?a. Ap pi) at 352 1 hlrd avenue, between Twenty aevonlh find Twen ty eighth atreeta, lecond fleer, front room. Will ho eold chrnp for cash TVTANTEIV-A FIRST RATE ALTO SINGER, TOR A YV quartette ia a I'roteeiant church la the upper ptrt of thiactty. Nona qe.d apply nalen they can real manic at light, and at* fully qualified tu am tain the pari. Addrcei liuiio Herald office, gl* Ing nam*, reiUenee and reference*. PROPOSALS. OFFICE or COMMISSIONERS OF EMIGRATION, New Y"rk, May 17, IM.? Sealed propoiali for *u,v pliei of Wbito Aih Sehaylkill Opal, of the beat quality, tor the iaatltntion* under tba oliarge of the Commieeioaeri ot 1 Emigration, aa follow*:? For tba Krai, rant, Re'ace and Hoipitali, Ward'i, l.MO tona egg liie, and ISO tone i.u t aite. to be delivered at the doek of the CommiaeiAner* at Wird'a Ialaad; aid for the Marina Hoapital, Staten I aland, UP tont en* ilte and 150 tone aat tlie, to be delivered at tha dock af tie limine Hoapital, will be received by them at thftlr office, M Anthony atreet natil the 23d Initaat. Ihe above anppliei to be furniihed la eueh manner, and upon inch time*, ai the Commiiaioneri may require and direct. Ihc C'omaiiiaioaora reaerva to thomaelve* the right to rejaot any prjpoanl* which they may deom not for the late real of the C'onimiraioa. SCALED PROPOSALS WILL BR RECBIVRD BY THE Governor! ol the Aluahonae, at their offioe. Rotunda, 1'ark, until 1 o'clock P. M. af the 2i.t day of May aeat, for fim>ihing and delivering on BlaokwolPi Iilaad, imnta rlately. the tollowlag deioribad white piae lnuber Tha Gavernora reaetve to themielvae the right ot rq)oettng aay and all <Bmf not dtemeiby then advaatagaaoa ta tha do KrUiMp? Iftf.WO feat beat l.a* boarda, 14 and 14 teat long, U and TCincLea wide; AO.UOI) feet beet baa boarda, 50,000 fee* \ lack beat hoi baarde; 25.000 feet aaleot boa boarda; C> <i00 piece boardi; lo.lltmfeet 1V? ineh good plank: 10 000 teat 2 ineh good plank; 40.000 feat 1M Inch clear plaak; 5,000 tee* Ik olear plank; 10.U00 feet 2 Ineh alear plaak; 5 000 treaaad 1 W laak plaak; S.U00 draiaad boarda; i W0 lfi lack aprace plank; J. 000 1 Inoh npruca plaak; 2,000 9 il laak hemlock Joiit; 2,000 wall itripa. MRI?OE?BCILDMRS.? PROPOSALS WILL BE recaivad at tha olBaa of tha lubaeribera, Mo. 3 Naana it . N. York, until tha nth day of May laat.. for the mate rial* far, an* tba aaaitrwotioa af a bridge ot one ap\n, 251 feat betwier abntmanU, 17 feat wide, aal It feet hi k la the elaar. a??r th* r***aie River, at Pateraoa, Now Jeney, to bear ike ? a?t of TO to 90 baa* whea flalahad. and ?? be aom pUtad o? or bafora tha Btk day or Jaly next. The propoiali mart b* aotompaalad ky tha plaai, onaatlty oi timber aad >??- BAUER k MOULrOM. _ M ATRmOW I A ll A ??NTI?A^. TH/??T?AM OF AUB, PASS A A b?y food lof hie*, with a liberal lano?*, deairai to form ar. ariaalntarec with aa agraatakle yenag lady, aoMetala* N aotr of paraan aad %ce<>mollihmenti. with a viaw of mattimnny. All oaitnuaioattaa* will b* ttaated wltk gaod faith, and atr'ct eonfldeaaa. I'lea** addran Uaarl O a arte Broadway Po?t office. H A TOUNO MA?? OF OOOB FAMILY AND AODRS** J\ in pr>aaeialoa af ft g?od baeinaia la daarana of forming tba irqna ln>anoe ef an aima le yeuag lady rth the int.ia* I flea of aterrlaa*) *ha murt have ngoa 1 a Inratiao and noanoae , leanty of p?r*on All aoiatkuairaHim* atrlally coaildtatlal. 1 Addreaa J, tf. B , Isi l.TS PiH OffiM. raucui> $1000.000 AA.wWSAAAA/yyvwv ~"/vwvwwy? ?UAM (Mr TU riUUIlA AM VX UUV.UUU TMMMN Esllntd WB|M|.-r? null will be hmItWI t?r It* (Ml ?? a ay part *f Hi iU?i Mm *f bonis Tk?| M UM Ut Jail, UH Ml mtbto le beam. la Mi ?tj ?? Ni? fwk, ]M Jut lKW. ? Uh liMHl ow>?u tttteM, Mtkl rtte efl ;? iw< Cui)B.|?rtU? uiulli itttiltukirAMrlM, ?? Ut ef JM?rj and July *2 nsk int. at 4 m hall tuk ?aont ooavertlele into the .took of lb* oompuf at the o? Uu of tbe holder. The** bond* art lataod >>4r Ml authority of the stockholders, tor Ula tarpess of flauklaa and equipping tbo road, and they ara Mo a rod by a ? mm] morttwe on ???? road. ?itt all tie real aetata, fixtures tmt tqnlf marts iraacbitas, apf urteaaaate and priflMH hm talma? thereto. The first aad prior Mttoip is tor >1. MMW of wbtob (1(100.000 was taken by the Slate of Virginia, m (he ftllewini Tare adraatAteoas torn* : ? Six per ooaila teresl, aad the priaeipal to he liquidated by payrasate a ana Ally of one per eent for thirty -taar year*. eemmeneiag ea th Ut of Jaty. IM Tat remalaina KUU.U0* were sold at pM rho oapital of the company U KMM" 000, three -fifths el wtu m U held by the State of Ylrglaia, aad the whole aaoan tnai la is fS776,lUi. Tae length of tha roa<L from the oily* Lyncnbara to the Teaneesee Ilea ts milee, at whleh Lf are entirely finished and in operatic a. The remaining slaty nine milt* re lulre only fcSft.dO# to template them, aad tea ?vntha labor U only aeoettary to put Ihe entire wad tat* fall operation There has baea expends 1 oa tbo road ahoat |6 .WKOOU ib eoastr lotion, retliag stool and expense*, a can JonM# tbe amount of both m<<rtge??i. which to?elh>r do not axoeed t 1S,'?i0 per tnlte of read, tie road terras a link la Mm shaiu of roads wtioh ara to beeome prehab y the most imps* ?ant rants in the Union, giving aa almost straight line ftoa the Northern aad K altera oi'iee to those oa the Gulf a1 Me nice and the Mississippi, shortening the dietanoe saot* than tw? hundred miles; and there it but one maro link U he finished te afford a eon'tnuaos railroad traaeaorWWoT trcm tbe oitr of Vt a.hiuiten ta Munseouiety, Alabama. Bm independent of tbt travel taat will oetae ten as a part t : paiy?** Sooth aid Nsrth line, tbe Virginia and Tenn*ata> Ranr< a? )>ae a oertatn loeal bonnets ol us ewa, whleb li olearl> tsoertained by tbe earnings ef last ye? with onl.i Msbty flee miles opou, (fl<U,t)V 79.) as betnr satfloieat oft* ?elf to support the ruad It pantos almoet It* wbele leurtl through a region abounding with a variety at minerals et tt>? nut ralnatle natnre. snob as load, ooal, iroa, topper. tall and gypsum all ?f wbiob eiist i a great abin'-enoe. whist have been hitherto neglected, bat which are fkse butir dove topeo no* tbat they eaa be conveyed to market In 'hurt the pro>peote of tha roed are most flattering; ana tor tared as it lias teen b> tha State, aad supported icaeraiiy by tat people of Vlninta wt*h w lhr?a a oa?h capital aar?al<y imN in ii U believed no security has been recently efferod ot s better character. Tbe Company have agreed to tot apse jn? pot cent annually oa the amount of tlielr bonds 'rot* the eaninge of the r id at a finking fund to meet tbo par ment of them at maturity: and the atookholdors baea adopt ed an a linn of poltey, to aeolaae no d:vldend oxcoetiiig fro* a easn ?ornlua, alter tha interest aad aiaklag fa ad har< V>en oro tided tor. Tt? ?n-nis on whieb the tale *11 be are '& per oe*? doe a, .aa the balanoe in payments ef 10 p? oont. urer; ?.hirtv days till all |i?id. If tbe ehole amount Is said a^ ince, mterret te i st J i ly to >e allowed The rlaht ef rejaut >ne aH or any par*' ef the bids it returned. If deemed for in I internet o the Cotuaanr ta de to. The boadj will k> todpud In bark, to be doilvered when tho whole awteuat K paid Fnll jilottaation will be ffiren on all suhjeots ooa atctrd with tbe financial affairs c f the Compana, whitt atuld be dented by parties withiac I) offtr for the bo/.Av tod doonmeiitt aud refereucos o&taioed by applying W Adrian II. Uuller. Ksq , No. i9 Wall stroet. Maw rorfe, k whom oflere mitt be seat, sealed, and marked* Tender fe* 'UUroad Bonds," en or before tbe 2itk day of May tuii. JOHN R'.ltlN foUANIEU, PrMldont Virginia aad Ten- eaaee Krilroad Ca The Beard ef Directors art : HENRY DAVIS THOMAS U PR??TO*. GKORCE SI UART, WM. T. ANDKHSUM. WILLIAM A. READ, And C. F. M. OARNETT la Chief En*lna?t. I will rocelre sealod prepotals for the tbure loin, a bHi will rcmaia with me anoyoned till thtee e'eleek P. M. ?# Thrjedaj tbe 24th day nf Mae next, to be tbea opeae4 lx the creeenee of the Protideat, or tome other authorise* aceat of the oampany. ADRIAN EL MULLEV. 38 \TaU itreaV. Wow Terk. ?th April. 1868. $7A|| (inn -MONET TO LOAN ON DlAMuKUfc I UU.UUU . wa'cbea, Jewelry , dry fwli, terara, *?., orboutht tor sash: oitr ttooha, aotee, mortctuat and Hill ef eicktaie aetceMated Bnsiaeas eoafldential aad prompt bt Ttl< M rSOC? A CO., brokers and ootaiaistion taerobaati 102 Mattaa street, o or net ef Aaa room Hi. 3. tecoad 9o i (j>r en nnn to loan-or bought por oash iffUtJU.UUU diamond* watoBet jowelry, and trtry de etription ol Taluable property, by JOS. K. ISAAC, btsoaMat oflice, 11 Chainbert street. Traasau'ions stri )Uy ooafidential Offioe I. our* trom 8 A. M. till 0 P. M. N. B.? Highest prtoe tor gold and tilrer. jitc persons wieaiNO to neootiat* iflt/tl.UUl;. loans, or sell tar raluable pertoaal rtro p rty, oousistlar of diamoads, watcaot, jswalry, tegart, 4e., eaa be accoDimodated on reasonable Itrmt, oy applyiag te . FOR it I; H 11 A JOHNSON, No. 1(77 Naasaa street, eatrai<ot 'No. AlAnn etrett, roomi 4 and 5. N. B ?Real estate sale*, loans and enmmissions generally atteadrd to with prompt Bust aad ditiiatoh. All basis ess strict', y coaideatiaL 471! ? MONEY TO LEND. ON BOND AND f I tJil/Ut '. niortttze. In soma to suit applicants, on hrat data productive reai estate, in thit-eityor Brooklyn. Apply to &. S. 1IBUAD, U Wall street, tecoad story, front (HMO nnn? T0 BK advanced ON DIAMOND^ jlpiv.vUW watobos, Jeeclri, and other mirohaadlso, in tma l amoart* or otherwise. Parties attendod te at theix own rcrideacea by appointment. All business striotlyioa OOeit'al. Apply to J. LYONS A CO.. 598 Houston Kraet, between Mercer and Ureen. 0>/l n nnn -MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED, ON ^p^lV/.UUU. diamonds, watohes, je?e ry, segars, stooks, and til kinds of mtrohandite, by JOSEl'll LYUN A Co , No IS William street, room No. 10. Parties wsited on at their rosidences. N. B.? All traaaaetloat ooalldcntiaL ? 99 Knn WANTED? FOR TWO OR MORE YEARS, .UvU on unencumbered teal estate, worth dou Ha the tmonnt Apply to WAEEMAN A LAT'l'INCJ, 59 Fulton itrcet. 4>1 C nnn WANTED-FOR A TERM OF THREE tJTltJ.UUvl year*, at teren per oont, tin first oUts unim proved Brooklyn property, worth over doablo tht amount. Aoorcst P. L., Herald omoe. <3tl n nnn-PlR9T MORTGAGE 7 PER CENT BONDS ?PJ.l/ .UUU will l?? exchanged for furniture suitable to lurnlth a flret class retideaee. adilroat box l..%i, l'ost OlAoo, or S. S., ISt Pearl ttrevt, third floor. $Q nnn ? A gentleman wishes this f O.UUVi amount on a house and !ot, worth donbl* tha amount, aid free of Ucamkrant*. Address M. C. A.. He raid ellloe. finn WANTED-FOR FlYB YEARS, ON FIRST ipT.'/ul/ elatf city proper".;; > deeirable inveetment n to aecurity and puuotoalily of lntor**t. No brokerage poid. Addrcaa A. B . llcrtld office. ?t) AAA TO LOAN UPON IMrROVKD CITY PRO OiVvu p?rty, for t term of yeari. The property n.u*t be worth doable the sum loaned. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 20.5 Hndaoa ttreet. (t 'On WANTED-FOR ONE TEAR. OH PERSONAL tpUUV property worth foar tlmee the amount Tea per cent pet annum will be paid beaidoa a liberal bono*. Addreia A T. Miller, Heiald effioe. fcOAA ?ANT ONE HATING THE ABOVE AMOUNT ?PZUU, in caah oaa h?arof a (peculation bjr which fr<n $ z to $25 a day can be made; eierr *atlifacti*a firen only to tuch a* have tba cash, and are willing to (peculate. Nona other naed anawer. Addret* Mosey, Herald office. A NT AMOUNT OF MONET TO ADVANC* AT ALL A tinioa to merohanta. manufacturer* and other), or will buy at eight for ca*h, at higheat j ricea, (took*, note*, mer chaedise, diamradi, jewelry, real eatate or oollitaral seen ril ?? of all doeeriptieae' at the old reaponalble PaoiBo agenoy and private loan office, orer the Paoifio Baak, oeraer of Broadway and Grand ttreet. CASH ADVANCED IN ANT AMOUNT, OR PURCOAB ed at tight, diamond*. waiehee, rlah Jewelry, merohaa diee, and Talrable pereonal property generally. R. W 90 D, 69 Fulton etreet, eeooad Sear, front room. Cram I A. M. t* 6 P. M. CUMBERLAND COAL AND IRON COMPANY - (Mftl.U**. Loan.? Firat Mortgage Coupon Bond* ? five bnadred thoumud dollar*, hr*t mortgage bonda of the Cum Borland Ctal and Ircn Company, are now oflered for eale, in puma of one hundred dollara caon, paiaMe on the flrit day ?* Janaa rj , 180i, wiih internet at tha rate of tlx peroent per an ?am, payable toini-anaaally in tho oit* of New York. Tbeac bonds are reoured by a flrtt mortgage to William D. Thotnpaen at d Edward W. Dunham, in truat, on the landi oftbe oompany, eitaate in Alleghany county, Martian*, being about 12,000 aeree, and embrseing about 8,000 acre* of tbe greet fourteen feet T*ln oi'ooal, and on the company'* railroad, connecting their mlnea with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, with the Cheaapeak* and Ohio Canal, and With the town of Cumberland. To provide for tbe payment ef tbeae bondi at and bofor* maturity, the oompany hare agreed to appropriate and pa) li to the bladi ol trmteea flftr tbooaand dollar* annually, at a linking fund, in default of the payment of whioh, or of the aetni annual interoit, for tlxty day a'ter due, the prin cipal ahall beoome due, and the trnateoa be authoriaqd to enter upon and cell tbe nafti landa and road, and pay the bond*. Sealed propctalt, addr?as*d to tha Pretldeat of the Com pany. will be r?cetT?d at the office of Dunham A Co , l;i tlilllim atieet, New York, until Saturday, the 19th day et May next, at ? o'cleok P. M , when they will be opened and the award* mad*. Ten per oent will be required to ba paid on Botiflcxtion to the partiea of tbe aoecpt&nn* of their bid*, forty par eent on the flrat day of Joae, and fifty per ???nt on the fifteenth day of June, with liberty to pay lee whole at any earlier day. The oompany will reai rre the rl/ht to reieot tha whole or any portion of tha bid*. A. MEBAFPEY, Preaidant, far further particular* apply to DUNHAM A CO., 13 William atreet, New Yoik. M~ONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED^ By PECARES, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, aio tionaera, N Liberty meet, ena door from Nataan, on atooka. Taerela real eatate, furniture, pietat**, merehaudiaa, .to,, left with u* for aale. Monet to loan-persons requiring tem porary advance* an real eatate, diamond*, place, watohea, jewelry, nUacfortec, dry good a, hertee, carriage*, and e??yy daaoriptlia of pereaaal property, promptly ae oommodated by the Empire Loan and Ageaey Oompany, MS Broadway, oppoaite the Broadway theatre. Kemevad frem 121. C. WILLS, agent. \fORTB~CAROLlNA SUTTeR CENT 7/?fd TTWCW XI ? Treaaury Department, N. C., A aril li flit.- Sealed notal* will be reeelred at thia offiee n?MI If o'oleaa ., ef the 2lat May nest, for the parobaa* af tbe follow tag bend*, to be laaued by the State of North Carolina, la Cum* of $1 000 aaoh, to wR : fOG.OUO fa tog thirty year*, e bearing interact aad data 1mm the lit January. IftM. Aleo, ?K., ?0 ranting thirty yean, beariag interact and date from tha tlrat. April, I Alao, SfitUMo rnaaiag tea year*, aad beaatog taterect aad date from the flrat January, IMS. All of them are axoaap* from taaatiaa by lav. They will all ha?e eon pen* attached for tha iaterect. a* Mi per eeat per an nam, payabl* *emi-aanaaU* ; aad both the principal aad lateraat win be payabl* at th* Bank ef the Republic, N*w York, unlet* where the uuruha**r prefer* to bat* thrm paid at th* Treacury of tbe Stat*. Parti** bidding, will aleace addrece their letter*. *ader**d " rro^oeala^fpr North Car*Uaa Stock*," to th* aad*rMga*d, "bid* win 'ba opened at 10 ?Mo*k, A.M., th* Sl*t Mu n*xt. la the p****nce oi th* Oorarnor, flooratary, aad Cemp t roller *f State, aad th* iTeoldant ef the Bank of tba StaM Th* underaigned r**errec the right *f a***ptlag aaahbid* la who!* or ia part, a* he may dae** moat adraa?Wta to tbe Stat* Huoe***ful bidder* will be raqalrad aa aeea aa lafttrmad m tbe *?e*ptaace of tb*ir bid*, to dap* ait (a back the amoaat, with th* aoorued In tore at tr am the date of th* hand, te the oredit af th* Treaaum of th* Stat*. Thia d*p*eit may h* mad* la th* Bank ef tha Republic, at N*w Tork: th* Banb ?f tbe Stat* ot North Carolina, or th* Baak *f Oap* Fear. ^Doc'.melti ahowtng tba taMWoe* of the fltata aad tha amount *f 1?* Indebtfdnae* mar be had at thia *??*,?( *? appUeaMon t, Mem?. Bwwa A D* *?*?? Public Trearam af North Cereliaa. r?AILITAT ACCEPTANCRS AND BUSIHRSS PAPER K fcr aal?, tj JOUN B. MURRAT. U Wall .tree*, ever Baak of North America. Uaah lata* nana baak, rafl tray, aad fir* inicraae* ?toeV* boadt and note*. Adeann** a pen fiour, train, It**, arortaioaa. aad other marehandka and rn eet^ela at tea and la pert TO GEOCERS -WOS TO tl 000 TO LFJII), BY A YOUNG men ?bo withe* a altaatloa at ol*rk In a cheap o%*h *ter?, either in New Yutk. Itreoklya, or adiaceat oitlat II a a had rapcrlenee In the bu><iae?a mr ten or fifteen year*, aad understand* an pert*, aa 1 I* a Arit < <*** *aM*man A4dx*M Thomaa, U*t*U ?? . a ruwy, KOOKY IIAH MINIM* CO* PA NT. NO. Ml MVS chuti' Eiobaue, Nrw fork eit/, April H 106ft ? '? a rrnolutLn ?' H* Hoard or Dlreoter* puitl ?i ? bhIiu held (>b ttw Wtb dty of March lee'. dm tee is hereby airen that 'be r?U<?iu( ??r*.itto?M? if ??wck hr tbt* nerer-)- IITCI that 'be roUoiui ?er.tBo?te? ?r ?noc* tt ion eeieps^y, ap<m H biro sar or all of ?ae following iMtHHili rvmain uupa'il lit. 6 percent duo HStb MarrV I85d, Jeer aea? daa lie* February, 1864 2 par oettt in ITih Oetetor. IHM; aad 2 par eeat i?, l.vh Waroh. ItM^ will b? aol-I at pwV lie aneti'ia, in tba Uerehaste' Baobaage, >? tW? oily, ?t 12% o'clock r. M., ob Friday, the 18th dvy af K%f nasi, fat ooa payment of aoj and ail of snoh assessments remaining ua paid ?berea, namely Old r took p?r$HW-Noe, All 36, 32. 34 to tZ M to 5! K to 70. 71 to 76, 87. ?, 92. 94 ta W, l(H UK. KW Ho, 114, I tS ML 134 LSI. 141, 147. 164, 175, 178, Wl to 196. 187, lifelW 194, am to .w, 3ia, aid to 410. m 410 457. 4 n m. ?*u 444. 448, 44V, 154. 15ft 491 496. *38. Mrt, .V>0 588, 5:W, 102 ?o sm 801, AIM 'o tin, 838, 647, M, CJW, |Sl etS. 067. i?7t to 6M 8M to titfU CBS to 7?2 7(W, 71W7II. 718. 7?, 730 704. 79:1. 7ST. 8?i, 814. 828, ?43, WC H>* H>4, MLfcl. !>1J. ??i? 9.18 to !?f, &? to 978, 9??, **1.004, UW1 ita. i.m iBi, I I A |>1W I U7. Ims' 1JW. 1,165, '.1W. 1.188. M7?, 1 17S '* I,I7?. 1. 182 l.ttt I, 37. " 1,173 f,*7? 1 Mi;, I 1*0, I,?r. i.Oii#, i n/3 1 i'*t 10 I 7l?, l.flT, l,7ir, I 717 1,732 to 1,734, I 74? te I W4 3 004 to 3.013 S 064. 3, 1*5. 3,074. 3,' J6. 3,079 all l.'Xl ?hiro?. for n <? pay roent ol all tho aboee named aassesmenta, a niuntinj lu it per cent. ? ?Id stock. par *10f ? No?. 90, 874, 1,338 ia all 7 shar"e, for bod pay Bioat of the eeooad, third aaa fourth named of tha al'OTo ?Minaaiurii?e. amauatin* to 7 per rout Old tterk, par $l?0 ? No. l.'.'i\ 'i *!> irej, for bob pafn>?nt af the tfcird Bod foorth named of th? above akeeaaiueat*. amounting to 4 per cent, M.w etook, pat #9 ? Not 8rt. 83. W to 19?, 127. 138 to 139 148, 16ft. IBM 82, 17" to 171. 178 179 181, 1<W 197 9*>,?0, 21 f, 21K 233, 36, 2.19, '.MR 213 21ft, *83 to 2Ki, 270, '^6. 297. 291 1W to 338 Ml, 361 to SftS, CtM, 7'W, 7W7, 7ML 718. 74tf, 773 to 7VI, 778, 1, fft8. 1,179, I l)-i. 1.2-19 1 250. 1.2A7, 1,283, I..U2. 1 2M. l.SSP, 1.35H, 1 411, 1,440, 1 , Iftft? in ?H, 11 5*1 ?h?-e?- f?f oon pHjrmt iit o| the second, third and fourth Baued of the ab>ra a??< "?niei't?, amountlr ft to 7 ler o-int. ^l?w ttock, rar K^No? 1,6?). 1,5?4, 1 681, 1,801, 1 (MS, 1,604, l,w., l.?lt?. 1.6*1. 1.68/1, 1894 1 805, 1.711. 1,72*, 1,711. 1,726, t 731. I 744. I,7l8, 1.767 1,788, 1,770. 1.T7S. 1.791. I 7 W 1,806, 1 M7. I, SiBI, 1.W2, 1.81.(1, 1870, 1,873? n all. 10, J<9 (hareu ? for boii pvTmont of the thir ' and fourth named of the above axenemort *, amouttin to 4 oercant. New (took, par t5? No*. 2 06!, 2 0M, 2.072. S 08?, 2.14-f, 2.152, 2,173, 2.182, 2.187 to -/.1HS, 2.1?fi, S.IOls^.'W 2,2*0. 2,?32 *,264, 2,2^4. 2 216, ?,288, 2,"'0, 2 274, 2,271, 2,281 n all. 10,101 rharnf? tor noa inymtmof tbe la?tL.a<aai ef h? above a??epfni"iit < via.: 2 per oenfc lly crdtr o' the llua'd. U. UKKNAM, Sooretsry. EfAI'lTAI.IJlTa.? TUK rux ANO \VI8t<fN3l.\ IM provemaot Cummuj i lfer ta copitaVnta for ia"><to>?r.l resiftiBiBg halt of their ,> o r o?nt lioada, (*2M,iNK) ) p?f Bide Ke*>r jarj 1, 1K??3, in'eru?t senit ???.uuatly it the 3aaV of Nor'b Amerlon, city of New York Th<g? haods are eo cured l>>- a II ret u. i , n.<. iipoe I an dr. worth, at a '? - y tioa, more thap donble tbv omoant; aleo npun the Imprnve meot I'telf, tore, her wi*b its Brnceoda. water pernor, &e ImioI>w at ibe elite* ef the oempaay .14 trail ?tre?t IU4tSICS, UilltttHOKS, dev. AC.EM'l EM A > HAVING A OoMPlKI K ? A HR1 AH R eatablialrtnoat, ia doeimsi of exchaaxiac thi Inr atock or othor ftvailahle rnatt'T, and (rlTurs for Hale an elo pu t | air of horeeH, Ilit nmU hi|(b. haja, ta?t, and kind iaall liaiseea.(with n beautiful bow earrla^e anil haraoaa to laatoli. Apply for the owner to lioattie, 78 Nacau atreet. CABRIAflES- FOR SAI.K-AK ASluR THE \'T Or ooaohea and reokawayi wa^one and bret phaatona; Blue ?co aeoond hand open quarter aoach, newly done up, aai in fitatrate order. Ooe light ocaaibua, built f?r a prirato rob tlooian, tnltablo for a hotel or boarding *ebo?l M. 1 U?Mi'Jl>rf A CO., 'Hi Ifoeiter atrait. CAREIAGHS FOR SAI.K, IN ACCORDANCE WITH tho tin e*. - A gvnotal ai><-ortttii>Bt of ooaohei, caloohea, lart lt<, barurchiM, iTiii-to-.?, two a?d t hr -.) es-t rockawaya light and neat i. tjle, aud two ??at oarry all Al o, a Int at aroi>Bil band oa*'iairet, olc, two and three aeat. I K VI AUAM8, ootnerof 125111 r'.iect and Thiid avenue, iiarlem. (lAfcaiAGKS FOR 9AI.B--AN ASSOR1MKVT OF J ooachcs and rocka?aya, atitai and bret p . . t >n-. ul .o, one lecoBii hand open quarter coach, now atyle, d jiio tip and la flrat rate order, And a rariaty oi tr >i 'ii? ouxtisa. with and wittout top, light; will be ?'.ld yery low, at 13 and 44 Meroor atroet. Dogs for sai.e.-a rlacr and tan iialian preyhonnd and Seotoh terrien ef the yery he><t quality. Apply at IS Great Jonoe atreet, hotwoea the Uowery anil BlNlflf. For sai-e? a magmficknt grey gki.ding. six teiu liigb, of lino atyle aud action. Can tro; ia 2'40, anrc. Can l>u aeeo at uUR^liAM'S, Rlot>mlni(dile roau. lleianoe in e&cell<ml health, aound anil kind in all harneae, without fanlt, teron year* ol(L and a uiore d?? rahto hone eaaaei be fonr.d iu tbe woi Id. , Ff?R SALE? A l'AIR OF WI1.L tf ATCUEO BAV carriage home*, about 15 hnuda high, aix and aeroa ye ir? old. Apply at is? front street. Fob sat.?.? a pair of ponies, fourtken ban la high, witli lulu wagon. harneaa, As ; or will bo so.'d aejarutoly. 1 Ley ran go hatter than threo mi nil tee te KHtliit en any r??d. for |ini'>ioulars asureaa boa :iiJ I'oat Offico. The oar not id about leaving for Europe which is tie cause of Ml ! lug For sala.? a gray mark, funds high; oan trot in 3:10 to a SMlb wufctn, mid can go U miloa 1?r hour; bve y?av? ol<l. and warranted aound, and kind, rice f-iiHi. To bo aeiu at Arcad? stables, Eighth strict, near Sixth avenue. Fob bAi.e? an elegant road mare, in; bands high, six- year* old, warranted aound a oil kind In hw ntu>, and a fa?t trottar Sola cheap for waat of use. Caa be seen i t IMi Monroe atreet, corner of Montgomery, in the lumber 3 *ta. IIMiR SALE- AN AltOAI.LAli COLT. SIX YEARS OLD 1 this Ma?, warranted aunt, d kind, and atyliah, unit is a !a*t traveller either undor the eediilu or sn haruoia Kaiaed by tha present o wnrr. Alae, n shifting top wagon an ! har ness. Sold far want ol ?jo. Apply at the stable ft* 21 liewery. Fob sale? a pair of superior carriage horses, lti hands hlrb, pony bnllt. tU yeari old, s Hind, kind In "-ingle or double harness, as J stylish; price fVM. Alto, a sit seat rockaway with harneis, and a ooup#n> with harness, both made h? wood A Tamllnaoa. To l>e sean at the stab e 1G3 and ICS Twelllb street, near University place. Fob sale-a bay horse, seven years old, firs*' rate siei-per, with the best disposition to "oome feat," also a wagon, of Nr. Wm. lord A Son's make, and a new French living saddle and biidla. Appli at i. QL'AttY'S stable (now kept by Massr*. Swift A v'eriailyea), No. 18 Am i y street. Fob sale? a bay hands man. five years old, aa excellent saddle botae and alio a hand some driver, sound and liiat Will be sold cheap. Inquire at M. CAMPBELL'S ataules, ooracr Claik ani Columbia atreeta, Brooklyn. fOB SALE -THE TBLEBBATED PACING TEAM, known as Cinderella and laidora.? Are entirely tree trem ffcalt, perfectly sound, very ppiitted and of grest en durance T^ey are without doubt, the fastest t< m In the world, aad have made the fastest time aver made upon tha traok. Also two line road wsgona, a set of doublo and single hsrness almost acw, together with juperior blankets, hooas, Ae. Addrtas lex 3,343 Post OSioe. fOB SALE? A 1'AIB OF GBAY CARBIAGE HORSES, 1' ? haxdehigb. of soperior style and actios, wiiod, luad and young; ?lll be sold fepnrately or toiether at a rea rumble price; apply at the stable, A o. 201 Fourth street, near Sixth arcane. E. BICE. Fob sale-a light box wagon, new, and bnilt in the latest style. To be seea at iwj Lafayette plaoe. Apply at ?8 Water street. J/OR SALE ? HORSE. WAGON AND HARNESS 1 Horse dark bay, Tory nsudaome, > o-in/ aonad and kind; trots well to wagoc, ana eatlers boantifally uader the sad tile. Wagon shifting ton, oily made; harness new. Will be sold separately or together II together, for the lor snm ef F.'.'iO. Inquire at KLuKEb'S Empire Stables, Tweaty-eighth street, bitm-es Fifth and Madison avenues. 17H>R SAI.E-A FAST TROTTING HORSE, FULL | -P Uood a organ ? Time, oae mile in two minutes aid fifty seconds, blight bay, 16'^ handi hich, and very beautilnf. Can bo joen until sold, at the Hypnoni* st*ble?, ft'* Wa its street; alto a full blood and well broke Irish setter, all white. FOR SALE-A HAN DSOMI BAY MARE. WARRANTED aound and kind in all harness, or snitahla for a gentle- I uian or lady under saddle; also two liand-oma lirbt wsgona, new, with tops Can b? aeen at J. C. BUYLE'a, 18 Canal attest. For sale cheap? two horses, tbree coaches, two aetiof double harnera. The sale will commence at 12 o'oloek, at 132 Dunne street. (1QA1S AND K1D.S OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, AND X a large billy goat, for sale I mm ire or JtiUN Ill/R LEY, Forty lirat atreet, between Third aad Lexington avus. Houses wanted.-any person havino a pair of sound aud gentle hones, wishing tbam well kept sad moderately driven la t'.e country, drring the reasr n. may bear of a good chance, by addreeaiag W. R. T., Ni. 8 Dey straet. Horse h antfd.-any person iiavimc. a bay or brown hotsa, that ia gentle and kind, and oan war rant him sound, and esn trot his mile maid* of '3; Li, may hear of a purchater by addreaaing box Post OAee. Horse fob sale ?a very handsome sorrel horae, teven years old. fifteen hards, of good speed and temper, and perfectly quirt ia single cr double harna??, is ulro a very good saddla boria. May be seea at Mr. Mediae's l.ivery Stable, ocrner I'ierofont and Fnltoa its., Irooklya. Harness fob sale -a set of single uarn p.53, nearly new, and will be sold obeap. Apply to MILLr Si ABLXS, 02 and M M est Nineteenth street. OMNIBUS? ONE OF JOHN STEPHENSON'S TlXST elaas twelve passenger omnibuses, cost J.V?, aad been ?io4 tea month ?-. tot sale for $250, on reasonable term*. Alao, four aew ahifting top wagons, of first class. Apply at 221 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. SADDLE HORDE, SIX YEARS OLD, PERFECTLY aound, aad ktnd la single and double haraess; haa boon need by a lady ; akoit cantor and aasy trot, 14 baads huh, krlsbt bay. long tailed; told oheap for want of aae. Caa bo aeen at SI Crosby atreet. TO PHYSICIANS.? A V1RY OOOD SECOND DOC tor*a gig for sale; it la ia excellent order, ridoi and runs easv, and will be sold very law, as the owner hn< no further uae tor It. Inqalre ef or address Dootor B , at Mrs. Rubhia soi.'s MH Broadway. HOUSES, ROOMS, AO., WASTED. 1AMOND WAHTBD-TO WEIGH FROM 1 TO 2'i i urate. Any reraon having a stone of tha abtve weight m, ay hear of a cash oeatomsr by applylaj to H. CUAPlN 179 Broadway, upstairs. OUSB WANTED? A FAMILY OF THftEl PERSONS wonld rent a small cottage hoasa, If pleasaatly located In ?rooblya, and oeald bo had at a moderate rent; or wonld take part of a largo h?use If ooenplo^ by a pleaaant Amort can faaaily, Addroes P. T., Herald ettoe, giving fall parti cu -re. Rooms wanted? in tbe lower part of the city; east aide preferred, lor a a mall fa -ally, about three room", with ooavealeacea, by the 1st of Jaae. Rant not to exceed 911 a month. Addreaa P.. Herald < lOVce. STEAM ENaf NE WANTED.-A GOOD SECOND II AN 0 engine, capacity 4 to 6 rua af atone. Inquire of JUNES A I'EROCrfON , Ne. I South stroot. BK uLIAHDt, Billiard t a,? w b op r br em hale a fine atooh of at reduood nrtoea aad aa raaeoaable terms. Bayers ? III do wall to call aad eiaaalae. before pur ehaalag. Two good seoond haad tab*oa f?r aala, la pereot order. GRIFFITH A HOKIK W Aaa atreet. Billiard table for ral?.-a <orvtlrm am at, net teavlag for Fnrop<x offers a rood aecoadhand Ave by ton table, trench esj'e (brae In use bet a aKart time,) hanag all the modern Impravemoata and erorf thing ?atn 1 pifta. ITtU b# toll I^w. Apply at 41 Aa* atgoit. iwna. 35ft onn -* SW-BwOID BA ROAfH <? TUB BTWUt vO.V.'yl'. loole and fijituree of m U*hl7 profltab V. ??" t?l iU ???loef?e mutiutiiniii bxiuMt. cgo*'i *?; ? ?"*< Tul^r ?' artlolea, can be tau^, with tuhfr ?er cfcaadlae IS# Wt, by applying te ^OJIAI A dTBBAT, ?S ft?? flAft ? **?* ?ali. on* or Tin mas* 8 rogr <PU^)UV| I rorn etuce Ironi lioueea on tbeavtheM* ''*.1 ,WM' MN*>i !????? Eljbtb ixon Mil B*ob4 W*J i ?*?7 are flUed up wirh nil the utedrro end within two niinuCVC ?nik of tbe Piixbth aveena Ml lerme iuj. Inquire ok Ihe premiaee, o' ________ * Y OWPERPOMC. <1*1 AHft 0,"lT ros SLOOPS, or 71) TOWS <pff ?t/ vv/ ??ch, m Kocd wit b a HuataMb Mctmil t luat I* bow payw (t ovctjlte huadrei dollara r?r mouths Ttww my. 1>I MuTT^ \gf Broadway. rov?? 6 tad 7. Ai\(\ P1R VtAU PRitl'lT OV A I? VK\Ri' ' 5M .aUU l***, with ranewal. o. pro.erty brt.?"anU ewr?ct. A oarefni man in better tiiaai tan donile tUia, Tbo Iraw told low, an the hold.* bai not Km* t.> collect not*. The heuaen trout ou ?tri<o-.?. laoutreui A II POUCH. 14 lladtoa rtroot, coiner of Road*. ' ? FO* a ?a*o stubs, looatsd VUUl/. oa Broaowar, llted np In ire elegant nunir and aow doing a Haw and luoruaaiiu bu.muea. firat r?ie ohance for as>y emart vouag mia willing to ee?a;e iu tbii butiLOu Apply at 289 Bread e ay rm.ra IU. Ohi'tiGK W. SIMEK3. | Abfautiiui. country kemdrnui fob salt oa Ryo Neck. n!'u?t"d oa the Beaton twrepike road, ?e?r tho wator, half a nllo from Mamaruuook Station. ua tbo how Y?rk aud New Heron tfailivad Tb? qiounda art basdnomol* laid out, and eintain a liuo lawn, gaMee and all Mi duo) orumnxnfal shrubbery; fruit, flow'ra, Ao. The house li well ubaded by a grove of format rrea. ini contain.) ten room* Apply tn T (?, mi i- ? tl J'.e I) SI UoU etreet A rare CRABCE? onb of Tim hk*t vrrs depot" and periodical boot, ttorea iu the oity will bo ?ol<l f( t ball ito ralup Cho>|< rent. Mont be ioM neit ??ok, al the owner iiho other htikiaoui cannot a'.tead to both, la quira at 321 ?i>Hng ttioct, u?ar coring ttreot Market. CIOAI. YARD LKAHh rnK SAI.K? Y&KU AUb UN" J dor cover, in cotupleto urdor, l.avinr beea loir etitb I?hc<1, and a lame run of owHttn; ia on ono or th? ii ot-t tiualnee' avtauea on the west a' do ot tbe oity. AddrOM Y. K. 6UI Uud'ou etroot foot i lUou. DRUU 8TOWX FOR 8AI.R AT A BARGAIN, VO* one half it* value, prloe ^ I V ) , thu ttoro i< well eat ?h liahed. with a good ruu of ouatem, aud ia a Rood al'ua'ioa to bake mosey. Mono bin a oaah uuntiuior need apply. B. W. ltl M a i: .) , 3?f Itroadway. A DSUG "I' UK li 'ft SAI.B-JsOtT DOINU A 0<?o? il bi'iiee'i, wbinh ohu oa<i y be doubled. Said ia aona^ il'ienee of tho health of the prop-ieier Apulr at 'ho oomer of I aaiiltua aveuuo and VY>'uduuU etroot, .leutli Urookl/u. 1j1l,EG&MT <!OD?TRr RKSIDENCfi COR SAl.B !i With th? turnltaro, cima^o, Ao , and 30 icrea ol land, I Pi nilaa rem the New UrnnavtoK depot, N J., on the of tho Rar.tan, and eouioiandluK i uia^niticent vie*. 'I ho feoube ia in tho tio- bio ?tylu lately built with too he .4 n<atvriale, and tilled in with brick. A photograph of t ie piece oi?u bo eeen at tho otlloo of i'. It'ilE 4 V H.I. If. Ui El c--?, ? plAoe Ii^ARMV? SEVKRAI. IlK^lXAMl.K FARMS, \TITit.V m e and a hall huate rida ry railroad fre:n tiilioity, | Uoated in OAe ?f tke ttueat vaileyii iu Men- Jenny. Appiy o M. CUUtK, Nj. 7 Near e(net. j (juvi ?Kvr iM.NFoiiia ? icaaik., ui srtMObasL ' I 4 iBcIt treverta epiadieo, 3 iuohoa Mirt. I'nco iJ 74; I epoolc, bO bpindlce. f iuoli travoree, epindlea I % iuo<o. apart. liioe>2 llKl^M-UKl-T ii itltANAl, machinery agouti and broko<>, 170 Chatham utreet. For sai.k-an eiuiit uorsk i>owk? emginb. with bciiir ntl eomi/leto and In rood runnln/ order, apply at the llrooklyn t'llut tllata M'orki, a ear South ferry, iltbokiTB, whom the OBnlue oeu be eoea. IjiOR SALK? A FREWCn RESTAURANT, SITIIAi Ki> J? in tho bttt buktnosa loculity down town, fitted up tu the u cet oltnaet et?le, it ia dulng au exooi'ont oam buimru, and patronii'd l>y tho W-t olsiie of huaiuesi men tu iuice at tL o oUioo of St. Louia llutei, 101 C.hautbere itroel. lit OB SA l.l? Til E LOT, CORNER OF VAN BRUNT I and I'roaiilont ' > ? ? f j. Brooklyn, No 3! with 'ho io? rrovemente aud tna*oriala upon it. Term* aooetniuodaUiiR. nqnireol Che*. T. Lower*/, K?q , 57 Fult'.i atreet, trk. Uouiard. 4'l Frreidot.t at., Brooklyn. Ft'R SALE-A CHANCE RAREI.Y OFFSRF.P-A TEA an* otlTee atore, aitnatei in south Brooklyn, now d <ie( a iiood buaineae. Kit MM aed partioul%ra. Inquire oa the promixe, 476 Atlantis etroot. Satiafaotory reaeoaa Kivon tor Mlltug. f>OK FA i.K - A VILLA, SITUATED ON THE BAVKS of Hie Hudson rivor, about forly flvo minutes' ride by ! rnilroad from the Ctt/ UwU, New York, wuh a beautiful view of the river ?nd eununading country. The heike* is new, of (lie Ural olass and replete with every oenvcBiaeoe L'roton water ttreughont, baths, wau r olosote, atatieaary liiu.Ua, dumb waiters ?%? pipos, ranco, fvrnaca, &o. Itsao cesMbllity If cara and stages tender* it very desirable. Tor m? naajr Apply to PHILIP R. W1LK1AS, auutiouoer. No. 2 Broad street , corner of Will, EMJR SAI E-I EASE, STOCK ANll FIXTURES OP ONE I ot the belt bakeries) ia the city, now doing a good hu sines* Keecon for Bellini out will be explained, inquire at 1.1 King atroot, aear Uacd ju^aL FOB SALE-FIVE THOUSAND CPKDS PRIME PINE wood, on the shoro, ready for deliver/. Thl* wood in oa the ?wt rn branch o* the Curntomaa river, aa%r Merry Sinn , which makes ia frcm the Kappabeuuook rivjr Tbe isttnce from the moatb of the lest narnee river to the wood yar<' ia about twe ity miles. Voiselscan be loaded in from two to (our days, anordtug ta their ?i?? The harbov u ?i i d, and ample depth of water. Addreae Chow ting k trow*, 1 anoKBler, V H., Va IflOR SAl.E? A ST/ AM GRISTMILL. SITUATED IN 1 the village of Malison, oa the Morria and Rasex Rail r< ail; <ho e n I0 ni1 ia bow, and of t venty ti vo home power; the building ttiee atoiiaa high, with paaemont, and auitab.e for any mann'scti ring bttsinee*. Acy person wishing to pui r!.i>e such property, will do well te oall soon, as we are de tirmioid te roll. J. C LKIIMANN, ft M. F. bl'llINUKK. Maaiso*, N. J FOB 8 A LI ? A CARPENTER SHOP IN TUE MOST ecitrti part of the city, doing a good buameaa, wttk lease, beucbos, lumber, and everything oxcott tools. The rtaw.n for soiling, the pre r riot or ia going West. For farther i articular? inquire oa the premise*. No. 3 Hudson street. Pc*Mia0<0B on immediately. POR SAl.E, THE I. EASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES ?f a flrat elaaa rim'lv grocery etore. Thia la a corner ataad, A Ne. I, now doing a splendid business, Bad is an questionably tke bea* chance ever offered. Apply at iM I. roadway, roomNo. 19. GEORGE W. SIMERS. POB SAl.E? a SURGICAL AND DENTAL INSTRU aent as* truss manufactory. In complete order together with Irate of store newly fit tea up for the business. To a ri sponsible party It will be sold en advantageous terms. For particulars, inquire at 91 William afreet. LEWIS LANG ft CO. fOR SAI E? A PLEASURE YACHT, FOUR TEARS old and fsat smliac; dimeaaioBS, 27 mot keel. 11 feet team, rpcr feet hold. Inquire of Cant Keel aid, sea , Yaa Dust a street, TempklacvQIe, States I eland. FOR SAI E-A BARGAIN IN ITniCA, ON SOUTH Hill railroad track, 4>s aeres, 2 hoosea, barn; geouvl egcelleat for raising fruit, Use bail ding aitoa, supnlied with rpring water, looation not to be anrp^aaed. only a quarter e a mile from the village, on thia aaoonnt it may be divided in leta; prcefWO, V40 down, in two years tho rest, iinme d.ate possession; apply 1b Ithica to Mr. Iborapsoa, Cl aton house, or te the owner, 94 Fourth avanne, New York. {''OR SALE? A LARGE SHOW LAMP, SI* FEET Ugh, wftb tk frame; cost or ginally $ dO| priee #V>. Ia quire at No. I Sallivaa street, two doors from Canal. II*0RSA1.E-28Q ACRES I I.I.INOIS LANDS, CENTRAL | 1 ly located, flae and hi a\ ily Umbered; these are amoag , the meat desirable landa in the State; prlos only f7 ir> tier , acre. Also, a splendid ratio/ najoon on liroadwav, S< 0)> Also, live lots and th.-ee houv.r.a* I'ort Richmond, Sasly j located; price ol bouses from $l,0<J0 to $2,SOO Apply at-IJ ; Broaiiway, room 13. i R SALE-A FIRST RATE COKPEE AND CAKE saloen, in a good location, doing agood busiaesa. Ilea aon for aellinir, the owner ia going to Califiraia. Apply at the corner nf Twenty -seventh afreet and Fourth avenue, Duncan's bakery. SIMON (I3CAK. IjM)R SAI E? DESIRABLE PROPERTY FOR PRIVATE ?' or pub'ie building purpeaes; has spaoe fir freat aad r<ar Improvemeata. Will pay a large ren' al, aad from its vslua ble locatioa nnoa Atlantic street, Brooklyn, offers a chine* fsr profitable ioveitment selilom to be met with. Apply to AMIiONY J. BI EUCKER, 7 Broad street, N. Y. For sale-a botanic meeicine store, in Brooklyn; location ia beautiful, well s*.ocksd, roenntly btted up, doing a good busiaesa. For further particulars, address box 11*1 Herald oAce. nCR SALE IMMEDIATBLY? THIS IS ONB OP THE r cbBBees ? A hsnilaome y finishod house, with gas fixtures aad ohaadellera. on Qicka street, Bronklya, ia a gsnteel neighborhood; price *5,000. Alao a three atory aad baae ment henae on Twenty-third street, New York, near Fifth avenue, with all the improvements; prioe only SIU.IXW. Ad oly to C. O. THOMPHUN, 81 Nassau atrnot, room 7. FOR SALE AT SOUTHPORT, CT.-A HOUSE WITH half an aere of ground. The houee is 24 bv 30 feet, with H leant*. Oa the lower floor a hall, parlor, kitehea, sink- i room, bedroom, and two large pastries, aril tour chamti"ra in rood repair. Freit tries, a good well, anil garden. Foe. teselou given immediately. Refur to Wakamaa, Dimon k Co. New York, or te Dr. Sherwood, near th? nremisos. POR SALE AT A SACRIFICE ? A CONVENIINT TWO atory house and six lots, with fruit of various kinds on tke corner of Washingtoa aad Monroe streets, Eaia Brook Ivn. convenient te ears and stagei. ApTdy to Tkom?s k M?rtet, 'My, Pine street, New York, or to C. Coleman, oa the premiaee. B10R SAl.E ATA SACRIFICE ?THE LEASE AND fatniture ef a moihrnio'a boarding house; lneatioa goad; tas beea kept by the present proprietor Or the last live years. Thereat is the loweet in tbeelty; the family will remaia and board, If agreeable. Apply for two days oa the premises, No. M James street, feur doers from Chatham sqnare. j IfOR HALE OB EXCHANGE? A WELL BUILT HOUSR. 1 eoatainiag fourteen rooms, with barn and other out houses and tea acres af flae lawn; said propertv is altnatnd within ore mile of Tet tea's Landing, oa States Island, with ! fine bathiag Ashing, ke.. and will be sold at a great aaeri j flee, en applicBtieato ANDREW EADIE, 117 FulteB street, tip staira. I rB SALE OR TO LET? FOUR BEAUTIFUL MODBKB three ston houses, with fear fall late to each, em bracing b greeohouse and fruit, beautifally situated, aear IM < Bast Hver, at Bell Gate, oa Eighty ninth street? fare six eeate bv Seee?4 avenue railroad. A plea seas ham* eaa be second at a bargain It application be made BOOB te a. BICBARDSON, 212 Fifth avenue. Alao, ta tat. situate o? I posita the above hoosea, the elegaat maasicB (rormoriy the resMenee of Mr. Prime), with twenty eight lots of groaad, I handsomely sliadad with eld f erect trees Beat moderate^ Apply as ahevr | I,K)R SALE OR TO LET, AT BATH, L. I.-A COTTAGE 1 eoBtaioiag five rooms, kitohea aad oellar; ioe hoase tilled, sttbls, Ac , with oae quarter acre of laad 1b l ure of MORRISON. HABEA k CO . 16 Dey street. IjlOB PHYSICIANS OB DRUGGISTS -?l 1UM -A NEW 1 medio si laveatieB, (medleinBle). already ia operatloa, without any eonennenoa, shall be said; or w*ate4, a geae ral agent with the abeve amount. It aaa be made a preflt ot SIO.UX) a year. Address Dr. Brunon, 17 Stxalca street. / t ENTtEI, FURNISHED COTTAGE FOR SA.LB OR U to let? Situated about tea miles freat the city, on the Long Ii-lhad Railroad. Tho house Is nee, with elevea rooms aad wall faraish<4; the grenade are aeatly laid out, with garden planted with all hindt of vegetables m<-ie?a. strawMrtiae, 4w. Ptice $6 <*?. with fnrultnri, or wUhcut, M. Is. ?U F.I.DON, 88 Vassal street HIiTtl. AT WILMINGTON, N. O.. FOB SALR THIJ iiroiesrty situated oa north side ot Market street, well hjibwa as tho ( arolina IIot?L will he sold et public %e Saturday. U Jneo prox.Jf a?t previoe^' JT. u i arivetc eela. Ter?s eacf. "Far rartiealart app?T W / C. ft B. B. WOOD, K M"jRA? I _ ? ROR RALR. HOSC KITE? FROM CltO TO 800 EBB1 HOSB PIP*, ooppa* riT?UJ, e early new tul iu *0*4 ?4111?. ? ill fce -old ? himn A p p! j iu th* litKsnt M MmI ?'rwl, taJer tfc* clothing lUm oppoatte lk? C hatha* Baak. IBATBEB, riMHfill AMI J HOB STOEB FOB SALS. J ?t? r Ml(, Ik* ?'ost, Aituro and l??4 ifu *14 *itab leaked leather. iadii-g and ahoe atari), |H> 4*ia< * tl?l 1-a.taw A pply at 182 t.raa J ?tr*tl PLBASI'Rf BOAT POK BAI.B? SOU >0\EK RIGOR* abont toa loss In eotaplei* or<lor, aud well foae4 ift ?isTf wtnl Will I* ?o!4 very choap. Apply t< A f Jonea, No. 116 Brotdvir. mo DB* SftODR VFK?IIA*?S-F'>R J A LB. AtOOt j| $J*,l/W< worth ol <I'? la dry with new and Ha rleta fi?mi*? and euautera Ai?o, ioa<e o( e'er* aad kMMk wo > earn to ma Una May . ??m * by 2i) LoeatUa ad a? t,i> In the city el N aw York Thia U aa *i?*Uaa6 ?i> porta) uity 'or am energeUo b*f>tt. Arm lo a>t? m laky Bn.laa** aelabliihed .e?ea yea r?. v.iB*ra m?.?j f?r k? *)%, i if not diipor** of The atook n?w a?e<.rted will he t? \Mied off. and Ike let ox l**e*4 t? * *??<! dry ???? ?? ??? Apply ta ? ?*? MOitk'.a. 10J SUah aveaua. TV GAS COMrASriBS ANI> CONTRACTU *?.-??? 4*le, a ,ii' holder, 3f fart duoitiUr by W 'Ml ill with ? cut .ron link c?u'alcin> to* tame; al?o, tkra* ttWka of di t lima 'juri*nrs, y feet g ,?r he- hy s r?at, witk iatet aafe ovllott n>N g Irrbe* oianiater; tha hydraulic taala aad valvea mil complete The above can b* at tk* MaaAat Un til* Work", &*v*ate?Bth(t-eev elation. . TUKOcWNECK i'R'iPKlTV" ?OR SALB, CONSIST!** oi a cOBiiic it .u? iwcliiu* Lotiia and ? 'livable oeteaiiA nga a Leu' aio.> *ori>a *riai;j, ? i?-h a ?iri*ty of 'mil traa% fcr.1, ( R 40 , muated near -,n( villas* of W. ..luheater, oaaa yi:iir.Wjysy,."it %'r4 ^ *"h Ap*' ** TO BUTCIUHLS A >?0 POB* PKALBR1 ? FOR SAUL a li ra- e'niy l.rlok houae, ?...h eter* ualarnaatk *af ani( fc<-hoa?* s'.lwliji boiit.aiii i lid uhole i? an io* aallk% c-B ' ali'iD' o*e vhouaand Uim ?( n?, ih? (.f-.m it aa akary Btitlj ilze of b.?H e i2 le*t frvat ' y Ho iaot d<*<>p uluilad *a ? I e JuBc tloa of Dtvuiou a?d llkrri<?n mm i Kro.ktr* llda property i* a g?"(l ohAnca for lb< abxra !>??>??? T*rau e*?y 1 nqoira of SA U I'kli All till, -i V* > ol ?t N T. Wi BI. K I.Y b SH Ml'A i'BK FOR SALB-NOW IB ITS f? ircot d volnioo aar m*r? ban pa?!!n rx poa <a? It i* d?rot?d to Iba in*oro?t> of th* Aiurriom aarly, aad oaa ear'ly Iw nulg lo ol'ar ti t > dillaiapor wook Uoa?at fat ?ailing and f art<rulkr? a aJe know , by a Idri-nin* Vf??\. in^t?B, llira'd utlloa Tbu oO ri an axodlleat oppartaalty tu nJiouta a luoraWT* bu>iu*M hr a umall iuvtctmcat. TIIH TVltP. Kb* Hixrutr, hablbh.? ram wao iih* a a u>a mm wrt it a<i* wuifltU u *11 it* ??> cinw, aaB ikl <U?u Uailaa attaeOaa are a*a*'aatly Gtlad witk th* taMk mo fa*t?as k?rm to <>* .'on a 4 faru*n* i* nti ti k mmm iaa <. ?ira ka auppllad aA tba Ra4 iiout* Tha 'ratkktf tifcoa I* la opiMdll ?rd* r. aad ,re ' tin, atvukw mmi *mq l-i* ?r.?tBM* Tha timi Arxaa* i?k mm *Ua dw irty tra olIc ?ta* 1> AI.TIMOBE RACBH? IIEKKINQ RUN COUB8R -TUB J ) r?ce? over tb? ab >?? o*ur<>* will c*mmenot a* Fa*'4ay> tl.e SUtb d?i of Kay, 1N&J, and o-mime Uvodayi. ITir*i <)?> ? Tuwdai? A 8wo-|)?take dor lour year# old; AtOJ *a tcaiioe, ball forfeit, two niu* b at?. to nam* ail oia<* tha !i tk (Itfy of Aprl> Tb* prtpriutor 'a ivdd ft'Jt jMr**ll*4 Dire* or tuor* xtart. Sa ne day ? A eweepitak* 'or lb<-** ?tar eld colli aad H>li'*; tiOU eatranoa, kalf forfait} ail* I e\t?. Ttianw and ol*>e tbu 'JHh day ?f April S***aB ua ? - V" !<diic*day? i'r?p>i*<or'* purta $50.1; ' br<i? nail* I 1 l.ird day -"'huraday? Clu ?> purao. 1 1 i IN?; four taila Fourth d*y ? Erida ? Proprietor'* pur**, (Ml; tw* ail* bra>*. Eilth day ? Sa? urdiy? A aroepi oko for tbro* y*ar *lu roll* and tiilt**; $ JWI eotranoe hall forfait; nil* h*ata| i iio proprietnc 'o and prorided tlirei ur aa ere dark 1 n i.auie aad olo<? Iks 'JUth ilny of April. Th* above alakaa hive i? rlored with tho lulUwiaf; entrlea:- E?r*l d*y? J. W H CM'bora dmbm h. I., 'our y ara ui i, i'hilo, b/ Ma* riner. d?m Caa*anarat; S Calvin (Jroon ?t ?eioK n? four yean aid. k? Sbaiuraok, 4joi Kate Ring; 3 V7m. Fial4a namea b. f., ttur jaira old by Epailum, ilam lleta, by Levia>' tb* d. i>aran day? I J Tally aud A Cheatham naaaa alw f , ? It i-ee yeara eld, Tailyho, i'.aa? Uct>y MThile; 1 J EL I'otmar name* cb f,tir>? yrara old. blttla Sa<;3 Caat? John ll?-loler name- Ur, Calioll'a b. o , hy Zlir,at?, daaa by i'rlam; 4 Calvin Ureea atiati b r. , three yea a old, by He v< reign, dam Aun Cbaa*. lifth day ? 1, Capt. J"h- D*l*k*c ramn* Mr.[lloU*niala' b c., throe ytari old, bv Uawkia^ I'riam; I. John I) I'ondor name* oh f I.itile ?a'; V Jaana* I ally and A Cheatham name b. o . tlira* ysara old, by fallr bo, dani Oratln; Calvin Oresn n?mc<< b. khr< * <?ftri*UL by S?tvtr?igu, oant Ann Cbaa*. Th* tnilowini 4i*tingni?h?4 h rtei will run ol the two, tliro<- a"d lour rnilo daya: ? IFilA Iri<bm. lit'le Elea, BllaoOliateioatt. Jia Karl on, Solan*, ('ddt'lia Reed, Unr eyad Joe. tlorcnoe, RcuVo, l.awaoa, Oaa Dite, Gray two lioraoa beluajing to Mr. Cowin af lla timot?w (nnuoa not kao>a ) wiib a proapent *f aereral other it. CALVIN GRKBN. I'roprielor. ( IBNTR fcVII.i * COII RSB, L. I.? TMilTI N O.-M?* J day, Maj 21at, at .1 o'olock P. U . match S-'.Ood, two mUa beat*, in fcarnea*. Ucor^e fpi -er iitmea b, k. Laalerai M? Weodrulf name* l>r. e. L'outreviile JOB., CONK UN, Prop-laW. UNION COWRSR. L 1 ? TROP11NQ. ON HON DAT. May 21, at .1 o'elaok. 1*. M., a matoh lor IWO, m l* naata, in Laracaa. W. Whelan naiuca b k Jerry; II. Va?4 ruff samea h. g. ? . cHA W AW UirB, I'r*i>riat*ra. C1ENTRBTILLB COURSE, t I TROTTI N 0. ? EI.OBA ) Temple againat time? twenty mile* to wa:on wil'iia aa hour ? look out tor Ini* aroal uatob. Twenty foar k*an if>tire will be given t>*for* it take* plaoe JoKL CuNKLIN, Prapriak**. RKWAIIUS. ffll'inn REWARD.? THE STORE Ol ( Till UNDlt 5p?)UU aipnod *M broken into on Monday iii?ht lut, 14th iu?-.*ut, and couiIk ot % large ?aluo aiolen thorefrem, 01 IM following detarlpttoa ? about 100 |>ieooa beuiiet atlki. peatb do 6"i?, glace Ml kto? de Naplea, 16 to 17 iuohea wide, ul lb nil i|nalitle?, from tt-e commonest ui> te the wr; l>ull In oolora, principally pink, blue, vhlte, ilrn, timiltlt, lilac, (r?en. avender, eteel color aud bleak, 36 piaoea boaar I net aatin. *f aimilar width, cnli.ra aud fuUHN ae the ailk^ | ? piecce ?3 Inch mareeliiae, lining ailka, m colore dark Mk% | browu and purple, IL doten genta blaok eltk flguree orav*?^ III iocbri i |?ut. uiort?l pttt?rn< li each <n??; 43 pleeM I black velvet ribbci a, IKj and IS 1 >ebta wide. Tan thieves i entered tke etoro through the aoattle an the root, aUalaiag hnh thereto thr-jugh the uaoocupied itor?, aoathwaai lar t\er ut Cban.bera and Church etrcote, nterniag with Uw I (tucxla the line ?ij. tMI n ward will bo given for tba rttan j eftte foode. ar a proportional auio ?or any part, aa i ae* i information from thoee who may have noticed an/ eueaieioaa I pereona arannd tha premieee, on that night, ar from dealer* to whom auch good* ma; ba ?ff?r?d far lalo, in nay Irrecular ?> y. will he liberally re wardad, if effectual la leadiag te bha recovery of tba good*. 8AMUKL H TERRY A CO , Si W arran (treat. (J-CA (llfARB. ? LOST OB STOLEN? A QOL? PA. ?T? )U tact 1 1 rar watoh. baring oraameated cold fcea aaB tb? nana F. J. Mulford eagraved an ita baak. Tha abaa* ror ard will ba paid far tha reeevery af tba wateh, aad Mb qiieetioni aakad JOHN E. RUSdELL, ? CUE l^llk 4<)ft REWARD. ? LOST, ON TUUESDAY, HAT WK ?T?ZiU wbila croeaiug in ferry boat Maakattan (rani Braak Ivn to Now York, or in Fulton utroet, i?o<r York, betwaea ?V illiam atraat and tha fcrrr, a nioaaio bracelet oaatalBteg fir* <iaka, qnita large. Tha finder will receive thoabawa reward on leaving it at 9X) Cham Sera atraat by Tan Bn A Watreua. Iba bracelet in particularly valued ai thai of a fiitnd. dbin REWARD? TBIS REWARD WILL BE PAI* 3p.Il/ tor the recovery of (even ( romlaa >ry aote^f MB each, drawn by Henry Helden to the order of the (ubeerlaer (and not endoraedi datad Nov, 1, 1864, at 7 8, 9, II, 11, U and 13 mot tba. All peraone ara cautioned acaiaat n eg (ela ting tha lama. Apply ta JOHN St Y, -1 IT all alraat, ba ea rnest, ar 170 Watt Two ity eecond atieat. dj/T REWARD ? LOST. ABOUT TWO WEEKS 9INCE <i ' ' a rarr amall rough terrier alat, with lane eara aaA tail. Tba tinder will rooeira tha aba t o reward ?y leavbfc her at 87 aranna C d-r; reward-lost, on Saturday, uib inst, apt I a black nad tan f-rriar doj, eara cropped and aaiaaw to tte name of Frita. Any paraon ratu.-nint; tha iaae t*B S/T n EH ARD.? STRAYED rRJM A DEorE OF CA1W f) tie, in New York or lirooklya, a larre red aMlt Mt4 ox, marked "il" on rilbt rnmp aiith Ireah tar, weinbiagtM to 1.(00 pounda. A, ply at the i>oa^ lilaal Meat Market, M and 2.17 Atlantio (trie', Brocklya. ? . : d>0 REWAHD.-STEAYED OR STOLEN FROM CO Watt Iwat* ie?on*b atreet, on May IS, a peodle d??, attached to bli acek a red ribbea. with I amall allver balla. Wb ?rtr will remrn it, or girt iafe tion wbaro it c?a be found, will rooatre the abere reward and iPtny thanka from theewaer. <|j*^ REWARD ? I>OST ON WEDNBSDAT, A SMALL black and tan Enrliah terrier, anawrra to tha nam* af Unrenee, trinfe tail, eara cut badly aad oloaa to the benA. Vt koemr retnraa her to 11/7 l'rince etreet, will reeeire tha above reward. J>*3 REWARD? LOST ON TH LBS DAY AFTRRNOBIf, Pel the 17* b inat., a Scotch teari<r aiut, had oa whea loan a collar tnark'd C. Francla. firoauwav; whoever will retarw the aamo to O. Wm. Bird, 27 Beaver atreet, will receive tha above reward. AHTHOMM. V. ASTROLOGY-MRS FREWSFER FROM M OR* A* Jonea atreet, hat removed to 7* Vadiaoa atreet, aeaa door to t'atharine (treat, aad (till ooatiaaee her buelaaaa aa aatial. Friee SI. ASTROIX)GY.-DR. C. W. ROHACK, FROM SWEDBW. late of Philadelphia, Naw York aal lto>tea. olfara his a< rvicca to tha citii*na of New York and ita vlainlty. Bate al.le to foretell paat, preaent and futare eveate. Be tea t>oen ioeault? d by all the crowned heada of Rnrepa, aad on-. | i?ye a higher reputation aa aa aetroWger thaa any eae BOW living. ?Btlvltiai calculated. Ladiaa, S3; gaBtlaiaea, M. I*ttere. paatpald, will receive immediate atteaMea. Far . I artlctilara bmi aatrolo^ical almanaca. Caa l>? pro 0 weed ab thoctace, 171 Sycamore atreet, Cincinnati, Ohio, by appBa*' < tloa by letter. Madame mobrow.-tiiis highly gifted la la a aeveath daughter, and hae a natural gift ta be tbe aventi ef life, ovea the very tanugbta. She la tha wonderful Aatrolo^aet lathe world. He charge if aet fled. 74 Br ix me ctteet, near Caanen. Oeatlemea ae sitted. RRBOVALM. DE. S. M. ELLIOTT HAS REMOVED HIE OfFlOBTB No. 1 Clin on plaee, tearth door weet af Bread war. where he will eoattaue the praetioe of opbtkalBle aa? cino and anrvery until hi a departure tar Europe. Mademoiselle lccie lefeyee, sucobssob *? Madame >lerlne Lefavre, baa the hosor to laferea tba ladlea that h?r dreeamakiag eatabliahmeat haa been 1 ed from V Walker etreet to S? Fourth atreet, a far deeaa weat of Ilroadway. J^ICHARD EDSTEED, ATTORNEY AND OOP* ntx and BLY, Attoralaa HVTorat law.Vaa^naaved hie ofBee to XS7 aar of Parkplaee. over tba Broadway Paak. r^ome and i, ea tha aaeead ftory. ? 1CBA kD BPSME^MO* BLY, Attoratee aad Ceaaeellore at Law. M Breadway, ner ef place. New York gPOBTINO I VOR SALB-A DOC. BjS&jS&j** 5a?Dpe*MB waif r half ball, invalaableaa a watch 'leg. waat 1 Tv. Liu otr loot, until furtaer notice. ai ht caata per toei. 9PofroR0i riLBSTOB A 0?. Mi ockINR BIED FOR SAl.E-A QREAT OH AIT "?B IE BO* olTerrd ta pr -nra ? bne nlfd. Thia bar t ia throe I ,t>ri o'<l k?d ia aot to be aic(>ita4 hy any U the olty. A# 1 f iy at t7?> Foatth etraet. tytiNTlR OR SETTER D?0 W ANTED? AVE *>BBf4* I haviag a ??" arokea Pointer ir Setter D->g far ealoaa a mo<l?rat? price, frr cnah, war add-eaa W A, PoateBoe. litd a ?tat ng ail parionlare, *ni wb>rt he tha ae let*. A ji be iaaMiu'.t'j ?u?&*?d ta.

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