Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1855 Page 6
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onrasKnim bikvb imi bat. won. TEYAMTBD-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE TV yawag wemaa. M goed plain cook , hu u ohjeotiea. te mM ta w^ahlag and Ironing hit ef olty reieceaoe can be *wm. CaB at &3 WmI 2Mk at., third fl<?,r. WANTED? A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE fwHtut young girl, aa ohambermaid or to do general bo network ia a (Mil private family; would have no objee tiam Upi ibort diatanoe in the oountry Alee a actuation kf ? Prete.tent young girl, >? oatldren'a lnru and to do Upfet ekanberwork or plain .owing Floaao oUl aw 300 71k avow no, between ?k and 3Utk eta. Can bo mm for two TIT AMI ED? SITUATIONS, BT TWO BE8PBCTABLI TY yeunggirla, one to eook, wank and Iron, or da be nee weck: the other a. chambermaid aad waiter, or anrao; aa ebjeeiiea to go la the country. Hare the boot al eity re fmece from tleir I ait plaee. Call at 77 Hoary at., fanrtk Iter, room No. 19. Cnn be aeea for two day*. TITANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A KBSPBCTABLI TT woman, aa eook. Goed retaronoa girea. Apply at No. 8 ?tfc aroaiu. Can be ?eea for tw? day. WAN TIB? BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a aituatioa to go la the oenatry far the loasic; under ?tauad* all kind* < I houaework, ohamberwork aad lanndry atTj^aruToV'" Tli* b**t ?'oil* *??****<>? given. PlaaeeoaU WANTED? A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND IRONER, willing to go la the oountry a abort diitaaoo during tfca ?aaaa?t. Apply at 228 4th at. XXT ANTED ? A NEAT AND T1DT GIRL, TO DO CHAM TV bwenrork and take care of ohtlduraa. Hunt be a Pre teetsat. Wngea |6 per month. Apply at 19 Sober merkorn at.. Braokljn TIT ANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT y*wng girl, to do ebamberwork ar houaework. Caa jive Aa beevof elty refereneoa. Baa aa objeetlea to aa a ah fart AUtaaoe in the oountry Pleaae call at llli Waet 17th 6th and 7th axnoaa. fXT ANTED? A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, RY A TT young woman; aha ua Ant rate dreaamaker, caa out e*d ft boyi' aad girle' clothee, it a good akin maker, aad a neat fewer; baa worked tor the Moat teahioaahle ladie* la ifiai. Beat eity lefereneoe eaa he gieea. Pleaae oaU at 'M'kttnMi at., corner of beuaten, aeoend floor, front roe*, Ike twa day*. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA TT tion ta do ohamberwork nnd take eara of ehildrea Caod oil# refafenoee. No objection ta go in the oountry. Caw bk aaaa for twa day a, at 37 Reawiok it, WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a actuation aa aeamatreef : oaa oat aad make ohil drea'f dreeaee; haa no objeatioa to help to da ohamberwork tr attend on ehildren. Call at 34 Trinity plaee, in the rear, rot twa #aya ?yyANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE , , . .oteitant young woman, to do ohamberwork and Waiyng. or ohamberwork aad to mind oMldrea. Coed ri.ea. South ] taoea, Apply at 10U Columbia at., one door tram Oar " *1 Brooklyn. WAfJED-A SITUATION, BY A GIRL, TO DO ?Ij? .?h*"',>*rl?ork ??<? aaeiat in waabing and ironing or W AJtiyfr? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL ?Id Uk# "**" of ?h"4''?n and to do TLT ANTED- A SITUATION, BY A KESPBSTABLE 0111 " 192 Mou ?* ? W^2.^?r2ITFATI?NS- BY TWO ENGLISH GIRLS. ??<*. waeh anil iroa; the other to do ykambarwork and nailing, er to aaeiat in j ? I>??t.o( city referencee given. Inquire at 117 Aim at 1Mt Grand, Iront latemeut, for two daya. 1 WANTEB-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTARI k I 'famfi / " ?uo^ or *? general boueeworc in a :S2dUwn'n: ?r "Mber and ir.ner Ha? piTi pUMe "Ten ?non?ha from her laat it. a., i. call at soo 7th awanae. between LKtb aad 30th U tW# d""- ?bj?tioa Ug'euThe JtT^d 8th" f#r tW? d',,M 1W "th'trert. bo-.Jeen TtTANTED-A SITUATION, BV A YOUNG WOMAN A rll h?, ?.?*?%*? oliaujberuiaid and nurao. or wo^i do^.4 ? aauaework. Good xefuieiioe Apply at 4ti Vnltjn Brooklyn. Can be ee?n for two daya. *"itJa at., T*TANTED-A SITUATION, BY A BESPKCTtRl~R TV I roteataot youn* woman, to do ohamberwork and J,-""* ?* Wneralhou.cwork, nod no objeo ioo to go a ,i,rt te'A' s?. " ? ;;; WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRlT A SITUA tioo aa chambermaid and teainatre a, or weuld take h^i ' "?i?o?ll.nt eit, reference cill at M Bu^U r ?t , between Smith and Hoyt ata., Brooklyn, in tho X^ANTED-BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE MIDDLE 1 " . Amenean woman, % ?itu*tioQ &? houiAkAArmp *n a prteate, Inyu.r, in the .tore MfcZT ft! Ao objection to the oountry. *# TirA5TBD-BY A YOUNG GIRL, SIXTEEN 71119 , J. be* latJl'e* i'in u J "n r* T"'"1;" to rake charge of Jl ' Ibtded. Can ba aeon for two daya at 3S3 W ANTED? A SITUATION, BV A YOUNG WOMAN y wl10 perfectly nnier?tand? her buaiaeaa, to cook wa b ?yDa. App,i " 130 York ,t - B'^klyn; o'an C, LZ(ot WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG ENGLISH weman, to trartl with a lady, or ta ohamhermaid in lauHiii pco?.""0 * ,"a,,,r? AdJ"" *? ???* W^^KD-THRiK OR TOUR APPRENTICES TO ?t t#"ri' oPPod" *?? Warren ax.. ?rookJya. None hut neat newer), need apply. a*,ii'can a situation. ?? Ou^niborwcpk and waiting, or to tak? oarn ot' *l'l> elty reference. Apply at 300 ^kJotm NoUU.n "JAmity, Brookl/iV floor! "OT AN TED- A SITUATIOW, BY A RESPRCTA HIP rlmil d# housework m a pf.taU 5??' ? P^n cooking. Good eity rerereaoe (iron ir re quirea, Caa be aeon tor two day, at iitt Prince at? "W7 ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A ReTpE JTABI F. *y. I.""* 8*rl. to do general houaewerk ia a private fa iill anlf ^ **111 * beher and irouar; nodcr.tanda plain oook J* f,' ,?L,n*. m,*k? b?"*" geneiaily uaelul. Good re tonmo*. Call for two daya at No. 7 Chryatiaat., ia the rear. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPBCTABI K young igirl. a. ohamberm'a.d o. waiter, or to ,lo??n .yt' bomoworh in a amnll family. Good refer enue. Cafl at her prcaent employer'a, No 154 Atlantic It., Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A MOST HIGHLY reeomminded Ktrl, with tbrre yeara city refari-uoe at ?"d ??'*"; can take enarge of the .Urer uwd. and parlor, baa no objeolion to a roapoetable boarding M Ca^r at ll7E?;,"de'.tn U* C*Utttff " r'lluir'"1 WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPKCTAIUC >ouag woman, aa cook, waeher aad ironar. Gor>d Weecker at A',pl' m ?U'?beth at., off the coiner of YyANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE WO J ? *? general boufeaork; i. a gawd plaia cook, if ???*? Cao cr me well recommended from her laat place. Apply at Its H eat 224 ? t . In the b&aenu-nt be tataa tbe hour, of 10 A. M. aod 2 P. M , for tkie* daya. WANTK-BY A RESPECTABLE GIBI-T A SITUA tloa to cook, waah and iron, or to do general liouae work; or aa chambermaid ana waiter; ean aire two yean' reference from her laat plaoe. Call at luSMuttat., in tbe rear buildiag. WAATID? BY AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN, ASMT ation to take care of a tick or aged lady; tho heat care ao? at Untie ?< paid, and ia a ytod plain sewer. Please In inquire at 92 Weat iMi'.h at. Good cliy refer* aoe; no obieetioa U. tha cauatry; wagea no ohjeot. \lrANTED? BY A RRSPECTABLE YOUNO OJRL, A T? aituation to do cookiag or to aaai.t in the wa.hiogand Ironing In a email private family. Cood riference if ie 'mired. Apply at a? Menry at., frjm 9 till 4 oVlock. for teo daya. ' WANTED-A PMART, TIDY PR.1TESTANT OnTlT. for geaeral honnework; .he muet be a aoort rlaia cook aad a liret rate wa*'>cr and iroaer; muat be neat about li,* work, and willing to try te p.raaa her employer. Sucb, with goo<l reference, can apply at 130 Lexiagton aTtnue, altar'' a'cleck ia the morning. WAMED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, from Scotland, a ??%uatioa an nurjc; ia a <ood plait! *^w#r; would be willing to a?*i#t ia ebamo?r?ork. OMd r^'araneaoaa b? iit?d. !la< no objaoti'jn to travaj. rieaa# call at 184 28?k ai? botwttn lit aaa 2d areuuee. I 1ITANT1B-BT A RESPECTABLE PROTE?T\\T TT woman, a baby to wet nurte at berowa reaidenoa, ?ho baa Inat bee baby i?e wiek old. Nero need apply but re afectaMe familiea. Good refereaee giren by tho doctor wha attended her. Ajply at 1? f.aat loth at , between let i and 2d aeeauoa, third floor, froat room. ?UAANTED-A situation, by A RlAPKCTABLE yy yoaag woman, a. plain cook and houtekeeper, and t> the werk of a ?mall fanily; anderatand. the care of a Good ref?ranee il required. Inqaira for two daya a-. J. Clarke at . near Spring, tep floor, front roam. WAN! ED? A SITUATION, BY A TOUNO WOMAN' *nd ck?ml)ermald, or aa waiter. Oeod refor rncee Apply at ?fl l.t avenue, between Liui and 19th ata Caa ba eeen for two daya. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, af uaeirepiinnabln character, to do the reneral honae w >r? a' ?mri>aie family; ta *ait at table, or to do ehamher work; the beet of reference. Apnly at 241 39th at., one door trom the coraar ?i 9th areaue, lor three day*. WVT,!^-?7 A "SPICTARI.E YOUNO HRALTIIY EaglUb widow * oman, with a fraah breaet of milk a ?a by to wet aerea, at her own raaideaoe; tbe beat of city re fexnee. Call at 461 Greenwioh at., aeoead floor, fnat room , ler one weak. ' WkKTBD? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTARLR weman. ta da general houeework, er aa cbambermtid; r?d fity re lore nee. Call at her praaaat (ItaaUoa, Zin Week Nth at., b. tween Stk aad 9th areaaaa. \yANTED-A SITUATIOW, BT A RESPECTA BLR , 1 ?,r|i " oo?>, waaher aad Iroaer. la a .mall r?LV?Jk ?i 0,1 y Call at 86 l/Hh ft., be tweeadth and 7th aveauee. W?.7.Uri SITUATION, BT A B1SPECTABLI eUr...?^5 ?????". aa ehatnbirraUd aad aaamatreaa, ar aa " rTa'e d2fe atVil-'r.1/* f/'Jm h" lMt P""*- Caa ba aeaa r tee a.,, at ,( , ,t , Mr Do(rQD ? Br^klya ?SNPK TAnLR YOUNO WOMAN. ..J ** ?h*m term aid aa* aeanatreaa, er auraa ard aeamatraaa; wonld te wllilag to make noeful; CiT-t >f jx V ,L1' tb* *' u" ????'. (iMffop nnraet. t,an m bt?i ?t w \o-th Waap. ?a v-.^aclted, wharr ?fa. ?aa Ueed lw?lrrme?Ut " * ' WAlTIt | WANTED? A SITUATION AS SALESM AN, AT A P Al* Hl?r>, eitbtr la A wholesale dry goods or pmtjr bo ' sine**. Ooi I oome wall recommende*. aad with experioaoe and a thorough knowledge of the waat* ?f Virdata, North ft?d Soath tatoltaa. Aairo** J R. J., Wllmiagtoa. N. C. WANTED? IN A HAtWiRI STORE A YOUNG man U to 18 yours of age. Apply ftt 117 Hth avoaue, comer of lGth tt. WANTED? A GROOM. A PERSON WHO HAS EX poneoce in taking oare ef aad raisiog hari?i may fla* ?t??dy employment U Havana for two j ear* by addressing, with references box 4,029 Pott OO00, pott paid. No?e naad ?pp~y. except they caa product the beet o! rejoin mend a tie 11*. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN. WITH A CAPITAL OP IttJO, to engage in aa oetaMiahed, genteel oftth business. To aa American of tha right etamp this ii ft deniable opper tuaity. Addreat, with real name, Eaterprite, Herald aBoe TIT ANTED ? A SITUATION, AS CARVER OR BAKER. T? im M eating houee or hotel, or la a store. Caa speak the Oerman, French and Enrllah languages Address P. S. N . 130 Greenwich at., ia tha rear. Ooed refsroaoos. \\T ANTED? A COACHMAN, TO 00 A FEW MILES I! into tha country ; oae who understands hit business, Ud ia wi?iag to make himself generally useful, Ofta apply ?t 91 aad 98 Chamber! st. WANTED? A 8ITUATION, AS PORTER, OR WATCH man, or any eitoalioa adapted to A mftB ot robust constitution, ?nd of ft willing dlspoeltioc. Apply to Mr. B eft tile, 76 N assau et. TXT ANTED ? SEVERAL 8TEADT TOUNG MEN, TO TT travel on the raUreftda to Boetea, AJbaar, A*.; matt be (mart, aoUve, aad good jadgea of moBey. The moat ua doubted reference required for general good ooadaet, hones'y and sobriety. To aaoh good ?net will bo giraa. Apply thi? day. between the hour* ol 12 ftad I, at SOS Broad way, coratr ot Franklin at , third ioor, Croat room. TI7 ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE AND INRUS TT trious single Scotchman, a situatioa aa gardener ar oeacbman, or both, if requited. Oaa who baa had long ea perienco, aad o?n give the moat sfttlsfaotory refereaoe*. Caa tt a?a at Wallacs's Hotel, 1C9 Daaaa at. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAIC IN A private family; ao objeotton to oity or oonnOy. The beat of oity refereaoe. Apply toe two daya at Wilaoa A Brut. ? table, corner Croaby aad Bleeoker ate. WAKTID-A TOUNO MAN TO ATTRND A SHOOT Tf ing gaUery; oae who uadaratanda tha basinoss pre ferred. He mnat oome well reoommeaded for steadlaoso, so briety, Industry and general good oondnot. Apply, after 1* o'clock, to Aleiaader Lawreaoo, St. Charles restauraat, 3 47 Broadway, oorner of Leonard at. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS SALESMAN, IN A whoieaale or retail oletbiug warehouse; hu boa a eight yeare Ja the business; boat of raieroace given. Addrea* J. B 3 , Chatham square Tort Offloo. WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN, 17 YEARS OF AOS. to bind himself to learn a trade, fta oarpoater, pi u at bee, Biaohinlit. or bookbinder. Caa be aeea at U5 Croaby at. |Vr ANTED? EMPLOYMENT, BY A YOUNG MAN. TT who ha* had long experience ia thla oity aa book keeper aad clerk. Caa prodnco unquestionable re fere noes fta to honesty, eobriety and capability. Also, a promising boy wishes to Icara no me respectable trad*. I'leaae adilraa* X. Y.. Herald tffioo I WANTED? A LOY, IN AN OFFICE-A SMART, AC tire, intelligent lad. about 13 year* ot age. Parent* will addrea* X. Y., Herald office, before S o'olook thia day. , %V ANTED- A BOY, VROM IS TO 19 YEARS OF AGE TT 1 no who haa been a painter about two years? no ae bat , a competent band seed apply at 109 John at. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN 12 OR 18 YEARS OF age; one that reside* with hi* parent*, muat oeme wall recommended, Ao. Apply at atora 270 Greomwioh at., be tween Warren and Murray st*. X\T ANTEp? TWENTY AGENTS TO SELL THE LIFE TT of jdayor Wood, just published. Almoat everybody la talking about Mayor VVood; MO a m- utb eaiily made la sell ing tbie and four other bow and very popular b->ok*. CaM or address Amerioaa Family Publiofttioa EatabUahmaat, ltd Naaeau at., room 9, up ataira. WANTED-AT THE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY NO. 3(1 Broadway, latemeat, sokoal teaobera, olerka, aalee mea, conduotorsj baggagemea. boy* foe trade*, porter* for stores tnd hotel*, coachmen and gardener* M<h t veart' experience ia the agency lor help glvee me peou'iar advan tage*. Chargei moderate. THUS. Sl'INK, Ageat. TV ANTED? AT THE GREAT REPUBLIC DI VING TT aaloon, 25 girla, of Amtrloan birth; none but tlioae who feel fully oompetent to act aa waitors need apply. Call at 13fi iulton street, from 7 to 12 A. M . and 3 to? r M. CHARLES 3WIFT. (if* BARROW STREET, IN THE BASEMENT NEAR ? " > Bleeoker ? Wanted, a lituatien, by ft respeotablo girl; ia a good waaher and lroier, or to do tenoral house work; no objection to the country; good referenoe irom her la*t place, oau be aeen fer two day*. OkiT BROADWAY, CORNER 'OF BEADE STREET. ?31 At SIUKRIS A C'OHN KRT'a, cat alwfty. beuaia great choice of Engliah, Scotch, Iriah and Germfta help, for hot?l?, boardioghouaea and (trivate familiea; ftlao. wauera, ixrtera, coaolnien, eftrdoaeri, ffti mora, mechaaiea and la borers, at this or at tlie branoh offlce, 102 Greenwich at. THUS TRADES. A GOOD WATCHMAKIR, WILLING TO GO INTO tie oountry, can hear of a good and p?rm?nent situation by calling, for two days, on Snukat, Davia A 1'etter, No. 170 Lroadway. An experienced WATCHMAKER wants a SITU fttien No objection to go ia the country. Apply by letter to box 1,!M(3 t ost office. DAOUERREOTYPIST WANTED ? Tu 00 TO A COUN try village sixty miles irom this city On* who euder stands taking likenesses on paper will be preferved. None need apply unles* a first rate operator. Boat ef refereneea required. Address T. C., Herald affice. IfNGlNEtR WANTED-A STEADY MAN, WITH !i good references, to attend a small statioaary engine, ami to do other work; such only need apply tr letter, sta tute where employed aad what wages expeoted, to A. r. R. Herald office. I^NCRAVKR WANTED-A LANDSCAPE OR ARCHI J iootural engraver, one aocustomed to etobiag oa steel may have constant employmeat and good wages Also, a draftsman wanted. Address a note to Engrftver, Broadway Post Office. (GARDENER WANTS A SITUATION? PERFECTLY J understand* his business, and the eare aad saaaags ment ef boraes; is a oareful driver; ia strlotly sober aad boneet Has the best of city and country referenoe fer both situations. Please address J. B., box 154 Herald office, for two day*. (GARDENER WANTED? AN UNMARRIED MAN, WHO J thoroughly understands his bosiaess and who is oapft ral le of taking rharee of a horse and cow. one having seme know ledge of greeahous* plants preferred. Apply at "S3 Nas sau st. rpo STONE AND SEAL ENQRAVERS ?WANTED, X aa assistaat stone seal engrftver; to one possessing ftbil ity, ftad who can give undoubted leferences as to ohftraoter, a iery liberal salary will be given. Apply to A. W. Francis, stone seal engraver, Ao , 341 Broadway, up stairs, between i> A. M. *nd f> P. M. SATINET COLOR "MIXER WANTED.? TO ONE WHO uaderstftnds extrftcting in ftll its branches, the highest permanent wages pftid. Apply to JAMES BliRK, Jr , No. 2 liarday street, Astor House, or coraac Thirty -eoveath street aad Broadway. fO LITHOGRAPHERS.? A SITUATION WANTED, IN New York or Philadelphia, by a lithographic draught ? man; is ft good general workmen. Address Litho, Herald of fioe, this week. ll'ANTF.D? A (iOOD DAOUERRIAN ARTIST. WHO TT ia thoroughly acquainted with the business. No othur need apply. Good wages and steady employment given. Inquire at Geldaticker A Co.'* window ihail* fac tory, No. 293 Bowery, rear building. TVANTKD? A PORK BUTCHEK, THAT UNDER v T stani'* the business thoroughly. Apply to Win. Wright, 101 Fulton street, Brooklyn. ttTAKTEI-IN A TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, A TT person competent to take charge of the booka, do the eolleetirr, ar.d make himseli generally useful; oae with a knowledge ol the art of cutting preferred. Address, in the handwritinr cf the applicant, stating compensation re quired, B. H. J., Herald ufllee. TV* AN TED? A GOOD BARBER, MUST BE STEADY TT uod ccm[cteut; to such a ono geod *?<es and perin a nert emploj ment gnaran'.eed. Apply at 344 Broume street, mar Bowery. 1'eter Curren. INSTRUCTION. Mf) ? BOOKCEEP^G. WBITINcT^OMMERcTaL O I ' ' ? arithmetic, Ao. ? The throe essential branobo* of busine** men are taught with eainoat success at Paine's,223 (*rand street, corner Bowery; rooms open day and evening. Brooklyn rooms, io6 Fulton street; terms, bookkeeping, & for a >ull unlimited course; writing, Si* for twelve l?<?ou?, all found. A LADY, RECENTLY ARRIVRD FROM I'ARIS, pupil of Gareift I'astft, and Crnvelli, wishes to give lee sons either in Itftlian ?in, ;in*. or the French and Spanish laggnajee; speftks Ka,*lish. and brings th? most nn'-xoep tionftbit refttences Apply at her rtsidenes, 2.1 Fourth avenue, corner cf Twentieth street, or to MDRT1MF.R LIVINGSTON, 63 Broftdwfty. ACARD.-1HE Sl'BSCRIBKR WILL RECEIVE NEW . pupil* daily for class or private instruction ia psa manthir, bookkcepint, Ao. OL1VKR Ii. GOLDSMITn 3C2 Broadway . BOOKKEEFINO, WAJTIVG, ARITHMETIC, Ao - Mr. DOLHEAR, UV ilroadway, corner ef Houston street, qualifies gentlemen for the counting house la a prao tical manner. The bead teaoher is a practical ftceountaat who haa kept the booka of exteatlTo hemes in this oity. Pci vate lessons without extra charge French class.-a Parisian lady will in struct young ladies in tiie Freuoh language, by s quiok and easy method. Term* SSanuar'er, three lesson* a week. Flivftte lessens $8. Apply ftt 209 Tdlrd ftveaue. ROWES WRITING AND BOOKKIEPING ACADI my, 413 Broftdway.? Ladio* aad geatlemen taught a fine fttguiar, or a bold mercantile system ot penmanship, in twiilve lessons, Frencb, Germans asd Italians t:?ught thi English langnag* ia class. Lessons in dotation by an eg perieneed teacher. Reserved huurs for ladies from 3 to ft P. M. Terms in advsnce. OIETCHIKG IN PINCII. OR PAINTING IN Oil., C? directly from nature ? laeirnctioas given at JO minatee' dlstftace from T wen ty seventh street, from MA M to .1 or 4 I'. M. Price SI. B. H. Coo A F. P. Shell, No. 1 New York University. IITRITINO, ARITHMETIC, BOOKKEKP1NG, GRAM TT mftr, Ac? fr. CHAMBERLAIN gives instraotion. day and evening, at i.^'S Broadway, on the same terms he did at 147 (Jreene street. SPORTING. F'OH ?ALF.-A SETTER DOG, WELL BKOKI AND A nie r> triet'r. Alto, a setter slnt, nine months old. They will be sold cheap. Inquire in the etore 12* Church strste. Mocking rirds for salr.-two splendid mocking birds, two years old; will mock o*t, dog, pig, ben and rooster, and will siag night and dftr. Any person wishlav a Ine bird, may apply in rraaklle Market, Old Slip TWO GREAT MATCBES OF BALL, KSfW EACH, TO bo played this afternoon, ftt I o'clock, at the Bowery RrnkH <Wt. ?l Bowery. W. u IWIpV. Preprioeor TO SPORTSMEN.-ONE DOUBLE OUN AN? DOG FOR fer sale , alee a lot of fa BO' rabbits aad tserW dags will be sold cheap. App'y a* Gothls HaU, No. I UetUo alloy, A daw streot, Brooklyn. IUM AT iWWOi. A UCTIOM (IOtT^T? ^Y~1DW ARB SCHfcNOK-<?N A Tkurtday, May 31. at 1UM o'oleok, at .to. Iti Wall ?tr cot. high sradt old wian. brandies, 4o.. bsliaring te mm importer who will oleic bit entire tteok without raiervt. FnU parUoilars tha da/ before aalt. AUCTION NOTICE. ? J SO E. VAN ANTWERP WILL aril. C a Tuesday. 39th, orookery. ,las< and oklaa. at 10 eVloek. at tbettere. from the ahelve* aad by the pack age, 71' oratee wbiU granite vara, Bteorted; 7 da. mulberry; (id* light blua do ; S eatkt Kookiaghaut epittoout; 1 do. watnr keg*; I da. dipped aad e igtd vara. Alto, 7U packagei, ei? arising a Ml ataortmeut of ,la>e wara. Abo. au invoice of lOu aeeorted oUoka, kuiai and forks, tpeoaa. Ao. Cat* lo?ue* new ready. Auction notice.? h. wilson, auctions b*. will aall, thlt day. (Tuesday ) at 10 X o'tlook at fi traokUa street. a spieadld aeeortmoat af furniture, consist ing of toNnnd parlor aad bedroom suit*. two magaikoent siuta In aatla brooade. twospleadid roseeeod bodreom ? uti>, tbr*e painted cottage tuiu, mahogany aad black walnut bed.teedt, to fas, bureau., rooking obairt, Ae ; .o no rioMy oar Ted reception and parlor chain: aboat BOu yards of Urm tils aad ingrain carpets, ia exoalleut order; oiioloths, oil ?ntinga tome einelteat soenas by *eme of the fir ?t artUti; catelle and laaa curtains, Hon parlor ?haile*. Oxoeileat clocks, ohina >um, tea, diaiag aad extension tables rata wood oentra, tide aad card tablet. oruoker>, gi?s< ware, cootly china taa aad dinner take, aliver plat-d oatter ?, oaxe baakete, speoni, forks, taa *ervlei, talvtra, all heavy plated, very outl*ry, Ae.; beet hair mattreuea, pillows, hlaak*ti, atelr oarpete, hat ataad*. large oval aat ptar glasses with heart French plates; ae excellent aisor'.mtnt of ki-obea fornitore, one cooking atOT*. ia aooa order. Alte, at i2 o'clock, a aapatlar roeewoed pianoforte, otty made, aad lully warranted. k UCTION NOTIOE.-CRO IRERY, QI.MJ AMD CHI A na ? J S H. BARTLkTT, auotioneer, will aetl on Wed n> tday, Hay 90, at M) o'olook, at 231 Pearl tt , in lota t? suit purohaeeri, W. U. blut'prlnted, pal a ted aad Rook'm ware: ohina, eUvertdated ware, glassware, Ao. Also, tha stock or a retailor. Catalogue! new read/. Sale peremptory. AUCTION NOTICE.? WILL B1 SOLD AT PUBLIC JBl auotloa, on Wednesday, May 30, 1865, at II e'cook, at the Irvin* Kooias, 4U1 Broadway, nine superior billiard t? bles (Basstord's make). Iron rauae, to<e'htr wiK the balla, ouia, and eTer/thio? connected with tha tablet. 8 tteei, gaa flit urea, Ao. AUo. the rifle and piltol gallery, with rlflet, pikftolt, targeti. A? , Ao. Thit ?a'e It made la oonte qwaca af the ownec confining his basiuett to on* floor The aale wilt be peremptory for oath N. B ? Tha two upper floor* t? let. Inquire >n tha premltes, ecof WM. WITTARS, auctioneer, 187 Caiial atreeL k UCTION NOTICS.? 1DWARO SCBBNCK WILL A will aell at hi* saint rooma, 16 Wall atreet, thit day, May 29tb, at 10K o'clock, a very larga aaiortmeat of fanoy fan t, ocmbr, euspeoders. silk purses ; Jet good', task as brooobet, bracelets A* : blaok walnut and mahogany detka: plated Teat chains and quantity of paintings ; desks aaa small article* to* numerous t? ?numerate Sale without metre. A UCTION NOCTCK.-THOS. BELL, AUCT? BV BELL A A BUSH. ? This diay, 10V, lo'olucti, ia tha laletroomt, 12 North H illiam atreet, will be sold a ttaa lnrt ct of well atkortad dry goods, geut's lurnlthiag artiolee, table liaea, napkin*, Ac ; honiery , glotee, beautiful lace curtaias, ladiei' dreteea, lib ant, Ae. Alia, the btlanoa stock or a wa*-eh aud ?lock maker, Jewelry. Ae. furniture aale ea Wednesday. A UCTION NOTICE.? WILL BE SOLD, AT PUBLIC A vendue, on Tuesday, the 29th inst. at 10 o'clock pre oitely. the contents et the ehnt tower, foet of Fitty-third atreet. East river, contesting of aU machinery, horset, carta, sbot, lead, and varioua other artielea, toe numerous te moa tion. The abort sale U pottgoned until June 11. A UCTION NOTICE ?J BOO ART, AUCTIONEER. - A By S. BOOAKT? Wednesday, at 1UX o'olook, at the northwebt earner ot Jar and Orttnwieh ac-eete, genteel heusehold farnPUirt. All the furniture oentainad in the larga awaiting house, splendid pianoforte, Ac., oonslsting in part of mahegany eotas, marble tap eentre tables otrred and sweep back; mahogaay o hairs, rockers, Brussels, three ply aad ingrain oarpett; viloloth, ladia matting, ball lamp, bat Ataud. extension diaiag table, oard tables, mahogaay tea tables, aeoretarr bookcase, books, mahogany wardrobes, mahogany oarrod French bedattada, oottage bedsteat*. hair mattrtatea, feather beds atd bedaiag, mahogany eaolatad wathttands, orookery, china aad glassware, plat-d ware, damatk window ourtaiaa, window ah?dat, mantel ornamenti, mantel and fancy clocks, one rery superior t>^ octave piano forte, oaateeondcaad upright piano, dressing and plain ba> reaus, bedroom aad kitchen furaltttrt. N. B.? Sale peremp tory A UCTION NOTICE -LARGE SALE OF TABLE AND A poaket cutlery, toolt, Ac.? J. k. VA# ANTWKtti* w<ll toil, on Thuraday, May 31. at 10 o'e ock, at 32li Pearl atreet. to clote a conoern, a complete assortment of table anil p oket cutlery, tools, speotacles, olooks work boxat, Ao. AUo, the fixturee and least of tba itore 'Itrma, oath us da lirer r. in banksbla money. Ci . B. ? Dtpodtt will be required fruw strauaeri. Cataloguel oa the moraiag of aale. AUCTION NOTICE. ? OFFICE DESKS AND FURKI ture ?J. BOUAKT, auotioneer. ? By. & UiiQAR f, this day. at lOk o'clock, attbeauetion rooms, oorner o( Frank fort and William streett, mortgage sale: 1'i makogany and bltck walnut office aad counting house ae?*s, one iron tafe; aho, a tmall lot of hiutehcld turnlture; lot of orookery, aud alao a tmaU lot of dry goods, fanoy goods, effljo olooks, Ao. | Auction notice.? a. m. ckistalar, auc tii neer, 23 Bowery, will sell, an Wednesday, 30th, at U>M o'clock, a large and handsome amortmnnt of silic cresat-a and silk mantillas, theatrioal auits, large lot of silk and ??tia remnants, and rarious other article* By order of A. Goodman, licenced pawnbroker, 31 Ctntre street. Anthony j. bi.iecker, auctioneer -stage*, sleighs, Ao.? Aft'lUOAIT J bi.KKCKBIt will tell at auction eu iriday, June 1, at 1 e'clook, 1'. M , at the ooruar of Third areuu* and Sixty-first atiaet, a large nnmoer ot stages, statu bodies, aloighs, tlouh bodies, haraess, scrap iroa, Ao., Ac., the same to be sold tinder the dir wuion ot th? Presidoat ol the Third Aronue Railroad Company Terint; oath an day of sale, in ourrent money. I'aruculars aad catalogues oan be had on the day ol aale ? A large and valuable assortment of XV books aud stationery will be sold t>y Messrs 'AKI.BV A WhltiUT, at their taltsroom . MS Fulton street, tirook lyn, Tuttday ereuing, May 39 1S66. at o'olook Tho a* lortment oomprisns works in ererr dtpartmsat of the arti. soiencea aad literature, with all the new, popular, and standard works ot the day. Alee, a general aasartuient at staple and fancy ttationery. Auction sale of a line of stages-known as the Bowery and Twenty-third street line, cufaist mg of 70 horset, 16 stages, feed wagea hay outter, haMte>a, ioeooes, Ao , will be told oa Saturday, Junt 2 at 12 o'olook, withou i reserve, at the stables corner of Thirty fifth ttrett ana Tenth aveaa*. A SSIGNEE'S SALE OT CLOTHING, AC.? JUHM W. A SOMEBINDTEE, auotioneer, oorner of Centre aad Iranklin streets, will tell en Friday, June 1, at 10 o'olook, at 644 Grand street, the atoek ia mid stern, consisting ot oeata, paataleeaa, veate, ahlrts. drawer#, to. MARX SELIGMAN, Assigate. BY F. COLTON, AUCTIONEER.? MORTGAGE SALE ot household furniture, cottage and enamelled do., hit# deiea chairs, oarpett, otlelothi, one mahogany pla notorte, made by Chickeriag, Ao. F. Celtoa will tell thia day. (1'uesday,) May 39, at 10>? o'olook. at the auetiea nwint, o9 Beekman street, aeooad atory, a very larga aaiort meat of parlor, bedroom aad baaeme it furniture, of every daatriiuoa, comprltlng in part lateral tultt of oottag* aad hedruotn furniture, La gilt and enamelled, with and with aut marble top*; rosewood parlor furaitura. blaok walnut tod oak dining, and extension tables, marble top d retting burvaut, marble top centre, card aad tofa tablet; mahogany French bedtteada, mahogaay parlar obairt. satretariet aad bookcaaea; blaok walaut aad mahogaay spring stat ehalrs, oarpets and oilolotha, washttands, Frenoh plate and oval mkrert, iaca curtaias and eoraioes, Ac.; also, fifty dozen curled maple, eak aad blaok waluut chairs; also, large aad small Bottoa rockers, Ac. The whole to be sold by virtue of a mortgage. Catal agues early on Tuetday moraiag. Also, one manotaay piaaotorta. made by Chickeiing and In good order; alao several Frenoh plate and oral mlrr jrs, oil patnt iuft. Ao. Sale peremptory. N. B. ? Ilou-eln First place, Urooklyn, to let tor the balance of the year, at a very low ptioe, te a family who will take a small family to board for the rent. Br A. M, CRISTAI.AR, AUCTIONEER. -TO BE SULt), at public auction, on Thursday, the 3ltt lut-.., at 10 A. M . til tLe furnitnre and flxtursa contained in the Club Houae Lt6 Boxery, bt tweon Stanton and Houtton streett. Any pertou wishing to purchaae at private tain, may Uarn full particulars by applylag to A. M. Cristalar, auctioneer, 2!! Boaery. h. oelavan, auctioneer ?chattel J mortgage sale.? la purtutnee of a cbtttel mortgage, dated Maj 111, lbS4, 1 will sell, at pablio auctioa, at Not 921 and 921 Broadway, corner of Iwenty tint street, in the City ot New York, to mrrrow, Wednesday, on the 30' h dty of May, 18K, commencing at 10 o'clock A. M , tne property oo\crt'd by taid mortgage, conaitting ?i h?ut-bold lurnlture, being the furniture of the St. .Is mot Hotel, of this city. CHaBLKS H. DE1.AYAN, A uctionoer and Attorney for Mortgagee. 1'ated New York. May 23, 1(V56 Ibe property consists in part of one elegant rosewood pianoforte, la-go and tplen>lid oral and square piergli?s?s iu costly frames, r'.sowosd and marble top caatro tables, mar ble top burcaut, set t of rosewood and mab iganv parlor tur bitnrt, oontitilng of tete a tetei, arm aud parior h.iirt, His splendid six seated settcei, covered with red pluih, suitable tir liotelt, almost new; rosewocd, mahogany and maple chairs; dining and tea tables, side table and office dial, marble top asd plain wath standi, dressing tables, mahogany and other styles of bedsteada, lounges, rooking and arm ohairi, ladies' towing chair*, msttressct aad palli assts, counterpanes, comfortables, woollen blankets, sheets, holsters, pillow s and cases; tapes* y; Ilrnsseit, iog-ain, Uoor and stair carpets; oilcloths and rugs, window snades and curtains, oue Herring's iron sa'e, but little used; one Cbineso gong, dopant framed pictures, kniret and forks, table casters, table and teaspoons, toiltt sets, stair r<d<, crocktrr and glassware, stores, gilt cornices, one lar<* baiter, together with n variety of kitchea lurniturn. Cata logues are now ready, and can be had at tha office of the auctioneer. Nos, 119 and 121 Nassau street, marble build iscs.late Bible Houte, and near the Nassau Bank, and al?o, on tne morning of the sale, at Nos. 'J22 and !>/-! Itroaiwav, corner Twenty first street. Deposits will be r "(aire I from all purchatert. aad sale positive, ruin ir shiat Ttrint otsh, bankable money, and no deductions mtdo upon goods alter the delivery of the tame. S. HOUGH, AUCTIONBI'.R.? MORTGAGE SALE ? J This day. (Tuesday,) at |0)< A. M., I shall ?.tp is* (or ?ale, the spleadid contents of the four story and basement houte ia Warren street, near Greenwich, eml.raolng rieh rosewood turniturt, la variously colored coverings; o^rvel roeewoed etegere; do bookcase; do Freach sicrtttry; tltgaut eseretoire do; ecetly centre ta.ilet, plate front rosewood ar mctri, and mahogan) sofas cliairt, rock -rs. carr d extension tables, Inlaid tables, 1'orisand papier mtciiiedo; superb royal rtlvet carput, Iliuss -It and ln?raln do; sup-rb rosewood pltnoforte; fine oil paintings, pitr and ?r*l mir rort; elegant lave and ntntlln *ur'alus, sl-adet. e<, Mr. ; tvltadld deoerationt, China rates, Parian nitride statuary, Ac ; illver icrricts, salvirt, fork*, spoons, oaitart Ao.; China dinner and tea sets, tumblers, win* decanters, liqn t caaes, Cardial Mtt. rosewood bnits'eadt. bursa n with mtr ble top*, <e wathitandi. telletiet>, balr mattros?ot, sofa tnd side tablet, Ac., forming one of the largest and most do tlrtble tales of tht season, aud all of which will be positi vely sold . DD. NASH, AUCTIONEER? STORF. 310 BROAD ? way ?Sheriff's sale of Imparted regettblos, fish, Ad , in tin eate*, on Tuesday, May 29, l."JK, at 10 o'olook. A. U., at 310 Broadway, consisting of enchorial, artiehnket. greea pea*, birdt, mtata, itrdinea, ttnfiiti, Ae., all ia tin taat*. IjlXECUTOR'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE.? WI LL EE ?J sold oa Thnrsday. the 31st day of May instant at tke late of John Heaney, dtceistd, at th* Fort L*e mansion hense. en the *ert Lee and Haektasack turnnik*, at 12 o'afark M. , about tea acres of gecd and valuable ldad. with n goad barn oa th* Mae, it being part of the estate of said John Heaney. deoaated. Terms liberal Alto, a 1st of braok mealew, lyiag near said tarapike, eontaiamg about twe and eae half aoree Steamboat Flora w01 leave foet of Spring street, at It A. M., for Fort Lee. D. CAEOMN, Execatot I? E. AARON. AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL. THIS lis day, at the salesroom. No C7 Nassau *ts**t, at I W" o'clock, a splendid assortment af flne geld watches, rinh 'liamoadt aad jewelry. Per sobs wishing good wktohe* will da wsll te attend *al*. wittoat rteerre, fcr eath. GBOCEEIES, TREES. LEAD PENCILS, BASKETA 1 kit day, at MK a'olook, at ?7 D?y *tr?et, ceraer tf tisesawick. oeata, aeek ties teat salt, prtaet, onrreatt, srocer't wagon, liqnert, oltfat, madsfra. okaapagat, okooe late, a aooaroai reraiaeelll, *alad eil. thetae. tegat, to teeea, aoale*, w light*, bakaanet ; aUa. .*? dot Uhlaete sprint treeJ W. A CAkTER, AkoUeateC. BALES AT AUCTION. G"~ BORGE COOK. AUCTIONEER ? BT 8 TOT KB ft loo*. on thla 4a/ a??b Inst , it l?)f o'olook, it ibtlt ?tin tvoau, M trwt(M. mix ot VuiiiliNt uutu ?ive toortinfi. t < f uo ? and rasbtooeb'.e furaitura, eoBetatiag 6 rotewood. mahogany, walaut Bad oak driwin<r>oia- pit or, library . diniag room and ahanixc furniture; l?rp?H mir rere, oil paln'tug* and hou ekee Jng article* of every da acriptioa. Also, by order of the mortxarf**, the furniture of B Until;, itDCTid from (llaamiagdaia tar ouavoaionoe of sa'e, witiiiiBior tn mptrlot Brussels Bad ingrala oarpsts, ltruesels a' air an Bad r'ds, ous <m uiais mabu<? ly leto a tale*, do. da parlor (chalre. easy do., r-ekora, aiarbia top tabl?* lace ourtains damask do., bad o<ir<aia? wit J rtn /a Bad te**>ls, I roach plate mttrors, very anp<* or *aam?l*l oottage fnrnl'ur?, o?ltifi ltd other bedsteal*, bad*, ??ed dleg, boiesus, washstands, toilet (eta, beat hair mattresses, erochcry, gib** Bad Chlaa ware, kite hi a furaitura, A*. LjBNRT H. LI IDS, AUCTIONEER? BT H. H LESD3 U ft Co.,? Tuesdae. 'JVtu. Bad WtOieMif, May SJth at lijf o'clock, at our atora, ho. IV Naaeau itreat? Beautiful ?ale or masble *tatuary, vaaoa. fto Alio, etataary fr?u> the Crystal Palace, with ether artictee, to be (old without re eerva, consisting of b ?uparl bust of Lord I'almoratoa. ex hibited at the t'rystsl rilace; alao, beautiful l'lor*a<.in* table tope, superb trunks. iBBde by l.ampisl, fto , liti, a large collection of benatliul statuary, repreaentmg Veen la the IlBth, Mary Masdalca, spring, Oupid aud .neat, roar ltaliau poeta, oaa larva pair tatee, 9 feet high, elegantly carvee, Sirtiroan, M*di 1. Florentine am Koinau v&.es card receiver, with wreatha of grape ?f aarieaa Mies, alanaeter statuari, with glass shade*, representing the Uraots, aad other desirable pieces Alao, oblna bronrsa, plated vw, oloota aad other valuable artiolea not before exhibited. Caa be icon on tbe day of sale. Henry ii. hbrth, jr., auctioneer-on riris- < day May 2?. at 11 o'olook at tbe atore Me. S>? Piae street, pawi. t roktr*' sale of watobes, jewelry, silverware, fto. By order of B Levy ft Co , 6111 Huaaoa street, HEN RY B. HERTS. JR., A UCTION EER. ? OH WK9 neaday, May Si1, 1NV>, at 10^ o'elook. at atore No fine etree'? Continuation eale of ohoioe wine a liquire, tela, preserved frails, obooo ate, anchovies, aad Havana sogers, by order of aisiseiee ? Comistlng ot Frenob oh >oolate Oolong bd'1 gunpowder tea, brandy peaohos, aaouevies, eardinee, t>tard and Sal^nette brandies; old Jamaica ran) grape lea' and Schiedam gin; South aide, Madeira. Londoa duck. Port. Tarawa, Anneaette, Ab-ynthe. Meresohine, Mulr ft Son'* Edlnburg a'e, in caaka of auk* dotes eaoh. So gers? (i|Hra% Figaros, Lios Aminos. Csmttai, Regalias, Ltndrei, Salvador**, Ac., and several other ohoioe brands. JOHN L. VAMiEWaTER, AUCTIONEER, WILL sell this day. (Tuesday,) Wednesday Bad Tbureday, May ia, 30 and 31. at li>)4 o'clcok < aoh day, at the ware roome, t>23 Brtadwar, a large, attractive and peremptory sale of firat olaas cabinet furniture II rosewood, mabogaay, walnut and oak, embracing the largest and moat reontrouo atvlea and dealgrs; also, a line of I'ariaian olooks Bad real broaie fl.uiee, being the entire stock ot Moasrs. Rooboiocte ft Skar ren. Sale peremptory, in ooi MqMMa of a HmIwm of paituersblp. Ibo turnlture eompriting this sale, wi'h the exception of the Parisian stvok, was mana'aotarsd by Meears. R. ft S , under their own direotion aad eopervliiea, expressly for their private onatom, aad is as well finished aa tlioufb made to order, every pieoe ot whiohu fully war ranted. lbs well known reputation ot tba manuCaokiireri as to style, design aad fini.h, is believed to be a full guaraa tee to all who deeire to pvroh'se. Tbe goods maybsex amines esveral daya ba'ore toe aale with.oa'alo^u^ Aa (a spectlon is reapecttull/ requtated. Every lot will be aold to the kirhest bidder. Tera.a? Under xU), oashO, over, tim*. For particulars, see oataloguas. JOBN W. SCMERINDYKE, AUC110NEER. CORMER Centre and Fraai 11a street, will sell oa this day. Hay at 10 % o'elook. at 119 t enoord, star Bridge street, BronkljB, household furstture, ftn., aenaistiag of dtaho^aay tablea, chairs, bureaus, oouoh oouoh bedstsad, fancy iron table, clook velvtt tapestry and three ply oaraeta laee eurtains and cornices wasteland*, bedsteads and bedding, cook lug swvta, all tbe kitchen furniture and orookary. Also a lot of bushel bask> ts, fto JMOklARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SEI.L THIS a day, at 10 o'clock, at 173 Chatham squtro, a l?r<e as.-orinient of furnlttue from families leaving tie city Tha as'OTtmentl* various aad large Tha sale will be without reserve. MB. BUTLER. AUCTIONEER.? PUBLIC ADMIVIS a trator's sale of flaxen and Hemp Sail Oaot fto.? H ill to sold at aa'otien, on Wednesday, Uay 90, at half past 1U o'olook, at tbe store ro?m KiH Pearl street, rooend floor, batwieu Broadwav and Enu street, 131 bolts flaxen aad tiemp sail duck, of various treadtba and of a superiir qaa ity, aad a quantity of sail twine, fte , tieleagiaj to the eatate ot Fredtrlok E. Arnesen, decenaed. Terms ot saia, oaeh. By order of rKTER B SW?EN7, Public Administrator. Mortgage pale op furniture, ao? j.?hs w. i^omeiindyke, auotljre . r. cornor of Cautrs and Praak lit street., will ?? il on Wednesday, May 30, at I0X o'cloet, at S02 Gret-nwioh atreet, betw<en t aual ana sunn., all tne stock oi a furniture dealer comprising mabojiny ao'a.i, bureaus, tables, cbalra, wasbstanaa, oarpota, oilslotaa, fte.; marble top centre aid aide tables; Barbie op washatauda, dttsaioK bureaus, cane seat ohaira, rnoki-ra, Aa , fto JtJUN W. &()M Kltl.v DYKE, Attorney tor Mort.^a^ea. PEBEMl'TORY SALE OF OIL PAINTINGS.-!. L. VAM't W aTC-k f ill sell this das '1'ueaday, Uay U, at 10>^ o'cLoh. at ihu ralesiouto 12 Maidoo lans, a largo va riety of oil paintings, the property of a ^eiulnnaa goiug t? fcmepe, among which n a> le found laadioapoa, marine views, fruit pieces, porUuitr, ftc . all iu tioh ^i't frames, *y tbe most celebrated mooern ai.d ancient, ar iats. Tm abovo sale affords a fine t>pf< rtuni'.y to these in want, as every let is to be sold without reserve to eloae consignment. PAWM5KOKFR S SALE ? W. N. LEWIS WILL SELL tbls day. ac ri-A Bowery, (up stair a.) by order of W. .? h. Simpson, a quantity of Unredeemed pledges, coasia inj of men'i- and worn -n's wearin. apparel, suitablo I r tbe auaeon Aleo will be sold, tor aco. nut of whaM i' lasroonoera the bilanos of stock of store No 1^1 Nassau s'roet. Salotoooiu inenoe at balf past 10 A. M. Men's olotbln? at I o'olook. RW. l.ATll AM, AICIIJHEKK-J Tll??MPS.?.V'S stock luotien tB'ea va Woduesday May 3J, at the i.erohant'a Exchange, at l?>i o'olook,? %i, U00 Virit'uta state ti'a, coopon bonas, interest eemi annually in tbia oity, *4 0,0 North t. atolina G'f, do do; tltl.000 'fennosseeb's, <o do.. * 1,000 Tennessee li's, sterling bond, interest lit Mondays ia May and November, at the M^rchanta' A?nk in thla city? due 1N?; l*m do f>'a, ooupon iissuo<i to Ea-t 1'eanesdoe and Geurgia Railroad Company ?, interest 20th Hay aad No vember at Merobaats' bank ia this oity? due IWI; Si,iKW Coupon h's, bonds ot Sacramento oity (now the seat af ge vernment of California), tntsiest January and J ulv, at tli* ofilce ot Messrs liunoan i>brrivan ft Co. in this oity ? lu* iN.'i; ES.tOU Lake Erie, W:i' a h aud Sc. louts Kallroad Ch. 7's, 1st mortgage contertibie bonds interest 1st Felirat ry and 1st August in New k ork? due lififi? (1 liOOeaoti; Sj.hOO Great Western Railroad Company (Illinois! 7's, rao-'g?;e and oonvertible bonds, interest Ke ruary and Aa^ast, at Farmers' Loan and Trust Cotupaay In this oity? dua IM $1,1X10 eaoh. AT purrba*ee must be paid for, ea or before one o'clock ot the day after tha sale IV'b'ii purchases are made lor acoount of parties out ef the ci'y ten per cent will be required on tbedar ot sale, and six d?>s' gr?ce givea (adding interest) on the balaace. Tbe arerued interest will go to the purchaser (the same as at the board of brokers.) except when otherwise states. J. THOMPSON, No 2 Wall atrecet. TO MERCHANT TAILORS AND CLOTUIER3.-WTI. TOPPING ft CO., will sell en Friday, Juue I. at their auction room 3* Broad street, a large aad destranle aesort ment of summer cltthlo~, eoaeiatn.g at blaek aal oolored drap d'eto, merino, alpacoa aad Uuoen's oloth troek and aack coata; also, caehmere caahmeret, white aud oolored duck and linen business ovate; aaarsuoker and tsrta-ra' satiu; alao, a large aiaortment of drap d'eta, merino aad linen drill fanta; also, a large variety of white buff and ?e lored Marseilles vests, all ol a hioh will bo sold with >at re serve, by a party declining business. The above are of this etaeoo'e make and manufacture, and offer iniuoemanta to tbe trade, tbe eame being all deeira'ile Bad fashionable aty lee adapted for the present wear. Tunis mcrrell, auctioneer.? tbis morving. IOJs o'elook, at 81 Naseau atreet, En;llab Trivet end Bruaaela carpet (elegant pa teiai and good qtaUty). A i, furniture In lar<e variety of customer mik < ; Freuoh plate pier glssres and oval mirrors; also oil paletuus Ir >ia good artist*, well framed ; also hair mattnsaos; al*? doable bar relied gun, ce <t $30, sola for what it will bring, made by Svms of Broadway ; also raddlet ; a jn UM> le.s of jew <lry ; also 110 refrigeratore of all sues, nose better; eountiag bouae desks, aiugle bedateada. lamps, cloece, Bri'a.inia ware, fto. Articles all warranted aa represented, aa* 'ree after brat bid, (wh ob most be equal t>> advan?ee aaado.) Furniture ronsiata of r. atwood, ma ngaty blank w.lnat, and oak. fcr all parts of dwellings Ev-ry feo>lity i-.r pa:k lug. Additiona will be received ia time ot uaeful, ftc T BOYLE. AUCT10NKER-WILL SELL OS THIS s day, iflth inst. , at WJi o'olook. at fit) avenue K, all tbe etotkof a tecotid hand dealer declining busine.e iu o >aee nuence ot ill health. Ttie stock le largo and well w rtby ef tbe attention ot tbe trade. Itcooeiets of sofas, mahogany onalrs. marble top lablee, card takloe, drstemg bureaae, wardrobes, bookca-ei, rarpets, oilolotha, hat" mattress tt, boWtsrs and pillows, besides bedateiJe, wasbelaerle, a id a general assortment of good second ha d furni ure. Also, tbe lease of the home, which bss four yevrs to run Tnrm < n ads rn tbe morning of the day of tale A oa-h Hueosit will be required Irom all pnrciia?era Tne above aals will /O ia ooLtisuation until all the atook ia disposed ot. nr S MEl.LOR. AUCTIONEER -BY UOUUHTON ft TT a MEl.LuR ? Mnrtgagee'a tale ? t>a tnis day May~J,at 10>i o'elook, in the two spaoions salesroom-, 113 Natsau st., ?le,ant honsebold cabinet furniture, reaewood aevea octave pianoforte, made by Hallet, Davia ft Co., Hoatoa sold by order ot mortgagee; rich slx-lii<ht ga> ebaudelior*., oost $73 each, teatly new. Furniture conaisis of a large and nob assortment of euperior oustom made furuitu~e, saoh at is rerely offered at auotl>n, vis: sovetal carved nieawo"4 ward robes, with mirror doors; suits of ri-lsaoud in brnoatel. plush and haircloth; rosewood marble top etegeree. lined with satinwocd; rloh een're, (tier and aide taMee; aide eta reres, carved oak aud walnut bea.ifats; solid oak aad ma hosany extentioa dlnisj tables, eost $7.'> eieh; oie solid olaboratsly carved rosewood extension dtaing taV>le, |ij feet long, oost $3U>? will be sold to pav advances; suits o oham t^r fuiniltire. in roes* o.?d, mahogany, wa'uut and oak, to match; aevoral enamelled cottage suits, riohly oruani 'Sted; rockers, easy and spring sfat parlor divans, ottomans. libra ry and secretary bookcases, in rosewood, mahozany and walnut; together with an endlera variety of medium clais furniture, too numerous to raontion. Also, an entire la voics of rloh china vases, mantel ornaments clocks, silver wars, fto.; together with a lot of s'eoad hand i-'rai .ure, with which tbe aale will eommsno*. Well wortiv the a 'ten tion ot the trade, country merchants, and othsrs. Good* can be paoked for sl ipping an tbe premises. X\T ?. NELI.OR AUCTIONEER, llY IIOUGIITON k It , MEt I. OR.? Aaetgues's sale on this day, at t^ie spa clons salas room 113 Naseau street, tbe balanoe of neb gilt irHn.a I rencb [ late pier, mantel andjovnl mirror*, a >t eallad lor at onr ea'ea oa IriJaj and Saturday, together with fifty rtoice til paintlnua, by modern ard European masters; mir revs consist of about twenty tMek Kr-r.oh plat* mirr -re. ia the most faahionabl* frames a'l of wbieh bare k>-?a made te order, expteesly for Broadway eale* We iavito to* trad*, eotinfrv merchai t* and others; and they oao rest assursd tl>at tb* sale will le absolute Gooda oat he peeked 'or shipping on the promises, at a reasonable charge, by expe rienced ptoker*. WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER ? BOU'EIIOLD TV fnrnltnre ? * It.l.fAM IKVING ft CO *i I sell at aurtion on W?dne?day, Mav 30. at 10J< o'ol <ek. at emre No. 8 I'lii* street, thirty liru- sets carpets, three ply and la grain carptts, French plate pier glaisas, with ('aha and btackits; gas fixtures, brocatei an! Iaiewtnd*w cariaina; suite ear* ed roaewood parlor farnlture, ia red pi*in; roe* wood and mahogany furnitur-, In haireieth aad brioatal; rox wood and mahogany marble top c*ntr* aad tide tablea, broaie clocke aad on, amenta, mahogany F'reooh bedateait, drraslng tureana waahs'anda, toilet aeta, hair matiroaaea, feather beda, boletera and plllowv; mahogany b'tokoasoa, nal ogany escritoire, patr.t*d and enamelled wardrobe*, aaa begarv do mahogany eitenaien dlti'g tables, am cha rs. French ct.lna told gilt dinner, tea and breakfast Ml, aoent IfO plrees; china decorated tea seta, of various patta?aa; roeewood cottage pian' forte, i^pener tone and flaish; maple aad *'*ek walnot bedsteads, cottage ohaira, Ao. Alao, aa assortment of kitchen fnralmro WM DUMONT, AUCTIONEER- UN ITEO BTATB1 ship<agtor. W M. I>U?oNT will eell at auettaa, by order of toe Navy A goat, en Friday, June 1, at lle'dtet, ad the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, tbe U. 8 able Lexington aa ?he new lie* at the Navy Yard. Brooklyn; e?l toaa, built of Ure oak and bard ptne, ooapor raateaed aad heavily eoppvr ed; BOW ready for taapeetiea. The lareatevy eaa be ob taiaed at the oBoe of the aaetleaeer, Ne. 4 Wall etreet. COAL. COAL? MT OBJBCT IB QUICK *ALBS AtTO SM.lLL profile, (or eaah. I aa IS* deliveHas beat redaeh stev* a deraatfAM per Ua, wall eoreaaad from ander h -d< W eight worraaSod, ar forfait oeal FaealHoa patMee aa quarti'ie* rf ??* tea* and upward aaa have It at It M. f'ETRB CLINTON. ?7? Oraeawtoh etrwM, 116 Daaae etroct gpd earner of Tiraatf afUatoot aad Ntatftaveaae. d>9n fiftll -'Ol Bill, A SPLENDID COUNTRY VmU^vUV/i '??> on the lJuds o. firtr miles fr B Nt? Jerk; sixty eight acres of good land, and ? larj a miaiivo bouoe with a niliiiiml TWf ot river aad Inland *een* J. Ton minutes' walk from station. fur tall particulars in quire ef 1. CRUUKK, 334 Uoadwaj, room Wo. S. (LQftft -FOB SALE-TEA AND COFFER STORK. AN if V v/l/? txoellcut location on a loading itmi. R-ut vary law , botiuos* ejoIuHvel? for ouh aud npidl; lunmaiL arc aim a of the many inducement* to purchaser*. A pair at SMI Broadway, room 10, GSOKCE W. SlMERd. d>r;n(i -shoe stork for salb-this is a VUUl/t rare opportunity for any per*on doslr >u? or eu> tei mi into tho boot and aboo business 1 bu atook ia all new, and will I r told very low fot oaah. ti the present pro?rtoter la engaged ia another business. For further particular* in quire at 192 Grand atreet. ?1 CA-A FIRST BATE IN VESTMENT. ? A BAND ipluU tcmely located building lot at West Mouu. Ver loo. 1U) foot aqua** aaa 80 minuter' rile from th* City Hail, torglfio or AO b> 100 loot, for $80. Title indisputable. Ad dn<< Opportuaity, Herald office. ?"| Cft ONLY FOB ONB OF THE BEST LITTLE CON ST JLt/V" fectionerie*, on on* of the beet avtuue*; thu ia cludts atook. fixture*. Ao. and ia aold far thu remarkably law aum on account of ill health, aad the owner hariag ano ther atort. Apply at 289 Uroadway room 10. llEOHGg W. SIMER3. CHANCB.? FOR SALE, THE STOCK, FIXTURES ami good will ot an old established lumaer yard ia the city ot Brooklyn, now doing a good buainoss. To * person with capital, a ohai ee ia here offered of eamlm in ? aafe and profitable buaineaa eeldom mat with. The locatloi A I profit) of the given lor aellin^ oat. AdJroaa bos 71 Brooklyn i'oat office. aia of tbe heat in the oily. Satletaotory resworn will be " Idre A Attention, gabdbnbbs and others.? the tubecriber will toll lot* of five aores eaoh or oflur^er ana, well adapted to gardening parpieea. at Waverler, Uii leland Kai'rool. gbout Any miles from Nov York. Trade or oaah. WIllIaM PRTTBT. Ml Eighth avenue, be tween Thirty eighth and Thirty ninth atreet*. COAI. YARD ? LEASE AND FIXTUBB9 FOR SALE, ooTeiint three lote con (rally looatad, and having a good run of cnatom; rent low. Apply *t 149 West Nine teenth atreet, between Seventh and Eighth aveaue*. A FIRST CLASS DAGUBBBBOTYPE AND PHOTO graph eatabliahment Icr sale, ono of the oldest stands oat Broadway. Foe further partlonlars, inquire of DE GUI NUN A 8TEV&R. 303 Broadway, corner Duaaa. A MAGNIFICENT AND BXCLUSIVB MANUFACTU ring buaineaa, affording a olear profit ot 300 per ceut, will be sold very low; with tae stoek, properties. As .com plete, ae the proprietor has other ir^as in the fire aad can u/.t attend to it. Apply t? THOMAS A STREET, 3l>? Pine street. AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY TO ENGAGE in business.? ? or sale, a window shade aad paper hang in. store; an old established atatd, and doing a good bu*t. leas, id a good loo* ion, where trade ia yearly tnoreasing. ~"k " ? - - oiBca. good bust. . ? _* yearir ' ? tar particulars address L. P., Herald CIORKEB LOT? SIXTH AYBNUB AND FIFTY-FOURTH J street; also, a let on Seventh avenue, both ready for improvement, will be sold law and together or separate; mortgage for all purchase money, it required. Q. B. STAY ENS. 102 F niton street. flHEAP LOTS-FOB INVESTMENT OR BUILDING? \J splendidly located at Cambridge, en the Camden aad Amboy Railroad, oppotite Philadelphia. They are elevated, level and dry; in also, 20 by 100 to 180 feet, and only $36 eaoh. Title unquestionable. For particulars address or ap ply to D. M. MITCHESoN. 71 South street, Philadelphia. DRY GOODS STOCK FOR SALE, WITH A TW? year's } ease of store. ? The stook is mostly new, and Willi* sold at a bargaiu. Store has two large show win dows. and the be it location on Third avenue. Apply at 231 Third avenue. DBUO STOBE FOB SAI.B. FOB CASH ONLY.? A good ohauoe tor a pbyaiolan desiring a practice. A good drag clerk wanted. Apply at 99 Cherry street. DBUO STOBE FOR SALE? A DESIRABLE STORE, well atosked and finely fitted up A rare ohanoo for el'her a drorgiat or physioiaa. Inquire ot E. B. DUitKEK A CO., IS! Pearl street. DBUO STORE AND PRACTICE FOB SALE -A STOBE and stock ef drugs, with bottles, drawers, aad allne oerraries, and an exoeaent praotioe oonueoted with it, for sale, oB aocount of tbe death ol tbe owner. The praotioe ai><i store busine** oan be greatly inoreascd by a competent l>eraon Terms easy. Location the very best. Apply to J. c. IIAGAKTY, No. IX Catherite street, New York, or en the comer of Myrtle aveaue and Steuben street, Brooklyn Elegant country residence fob salb, with tbe furniture, turiigr. Ae , and twenty acres of land, roe and a halt milsa trom the New Brunswick depot, N. J., on the baufcs of tbe Raritan. and commanding a raaculfieeat view 1 bo house Is in the Gothlo stylo, lately bniit with the best materials, and filled in with brick. A photograph of the plaee can bo wen at the office ot F. D'HEBYILLY, No. 18 Exohaagt plaee. ffOB SALE-VEBY CHEAP ON VERY EASY F term*, a small house and lot ia Brooklyn, easy of ae ee?s ftom New York, sitnat* on a oitr railroad; situation pleasant and healthy. G. B. STEVENS, 141 Fulton street, New York. fOB SALE? TUB BEST 8TAND FOR A GROCERY, as It has been used tor these twenty years. Rent oheae. stock light; a corner. Satisfactory reasons given for selling out. Apply at 129 Seventeenth sire it. fOB SALB-A FABM OF ISO ACBBS, AT SOUTH AM boy, N. J., one and a half milos from railroad wharf, well stosked with every variety ef fruit lm tull bearing; two large peaoh crobards; 2 acres of strawberries; all the sum mer crops in the ground, via.:? oats. corn, potatoes, garden vetMablee. Ac . do.; house and out buildings commodious and in good order. Also, 900 aores ef heavy timber land, near Freieriokaburg, V a. Apply to CHAUNUBY BAR NARD. 98 Broadway. FOR SALB-THE STOCK. FIXTUBKS OF A MILK depot; borae, wagon and round of 200 quarts per day; ?old separate or together. Inquire at 328 Eighth aveaue. L'OK SALE-A HORSE POWER, WITH SAW, BENCH, 1 and pullie*, aad mortioe machine, and one of Fay'* ?ticking and planing maohinca; a let of cabinet maker*' teaches, and one tenon maohlne, gees by foot. The whole will be sold low. Inquire at 12 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. Fob sale? a botanic medicinb storb. at a low figure. It it beautifully located, well stooked aad doing a good business. Satisfactory reasons will be given for selling None but easb customers need apply. For tur ner particulars address J as. Vanhakls, U8 Fourth street, Williamsburg. rjR SALB-A FARM OF 102 ACBES IN WBSTcnES ter county, one mile and a half south-west from the vil lage ef Bedford, where aa extensive female aeaalnary I* *ooa to be opened: the term i* eeoupied by the owner, in fine oen ditim, good building*, do ; about four mile* trom Newcas tle station on tbe Hsrlem Railroad Also at Peekskill, a superior buildinr site, about three aores; an extensive view of tbe Hudson river, aad three minutes walk from the rail road statwa. Apply to B. H. BROWER, 71 Wall street, from 1 to 3 P. M. T7H)R SALE-DESK ROOM AND A SPLENDID BUSI JT nese, to a gentleman ot good qualifications, ohsap. Also ti.e whole or aa interest iu a paper manufactory doing first class businees. Apply to HARBISON A CO., 345 Broaa ? ay, room 22. rR SALE? THRBB HOUSES AND STORKS, THREE story brick; one for ht2.UOO; two at 13,000 e*cl>, iu a good business location in Brooklya; one lar^e house aad eu re on a corner, a fiae property, $4,600; terms easy and ti tle good. B. A. BUNCE. 212 Broadway, corner of Fulton street, room X FOB "ALE? a window shade store and manu tacturing establishment, located down town, thebu rttete i? well established nod oan fce largely increased. To an enterprising man with some capital this 1* an exoollent ohauoe. Apply at 289 Broadway, room 10. GEORGE W. SIMERS. For pale-a neat two story and attic cot tage house, situated in Washington avdlne, C*ntral k' rrUania, near th* depot. The house i* well finished, with i.srb e mantlte, grate*, dumb waiter, speaking tube, bath and green rooms, and the ground well laid out with ?hrulbery and fruit trees, with wire tenoe in front Hrty foot, ? <tb altera hedge. 8ise of lot 6*)xlA0. Also, a lot in rear, same ?it?, flouting oh Railroad avenue. Will b? sold togit tlier or *opa<a'e tor abeut two thirds of the original oost. Apply <0 HM. WEKD, 88 Uowery. or ISAAC AMERMAN, Jr., t4 Hall street. For sale, at yonkkrs-a beautiful Italian villa, pleaaantly located upon the bank of the Uudsaa river. The bouse oontalns ten room* neatly furaished, and te in perfect order; the ground* are laid out a* a garden, and trnamented with choice fruit tree*, shrubbery, Ae. l'her* is a good stable and out building* upon the promise* It would be sold either with or without the furniture To a reu'leman transacting business in this oity, and deuring a country leiioence, tbe above present* a good oppcrtnaiu, %* it is only one hour's rid* by nilroad. For terms, applr to Dr. CHILTON, V3 Prinoe street, N. Y.; or T. CAllII,L,oer of I'rospeot and Grinaell (treet* Tonker*. For sale at a sacbificb-an intebest i.v an Old established buainea* in a good looation, where there ?a no competition and good *ale* A voung man with from $1(0 to KH) ready ca*h would find this a very eligible enter prise ? 20 to 26 per oent profit. Applv immediately to C. 0. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau street, room 7. FlORhA'k CHEAP FOB CASH? A HORiBSHOBlYG ?bop, now doing a good busines*, at 72 East Thirteenth streit, between Third and Fourth avenues with fixture! complete. For sale ob to let, at astoria-a good two sttry hou*e, with *lgbt lot* of ground, at convenient walk trom tbe landing. Apply at 34 Pine itreet, aecoad floor, froat office. 1,7b 8ALE OB TO LET-AN ELEGANT MANSION, with 2b lets of ground, shaded with line old toreat trees, ai'nated oa avenue A, near Eishty-alnth atreet, having a ct arnjirg view et tbe East river with faoilitlea far boating, Aalitns. aad sea-bathing. Alio, *p?e*ii* th* abov*. two beautiful modera throe itory homes, jn*t flaithod ; Croton wat?r tatt'daoed, with bathe, water cloaots, wash tray*, do Baeh bouae a** tour full lot* of ground attached, eta bracia.- part o< a ereen bouse, with fruit aad shrubbery. Aptly to 8 BICli ARDSON, 211 Fif>h arenne, or C HA UNCBY BAB.NABP. 9W Broadway. FTRM8I1ED COTTAGE FOR SALB OR TO LET rOB ? be s?a,OL? situated No. 19 John (troet Newport, R. I.; is In pcrfoet rtpsir, and la every way desirable. For per'ieular* apply as above, e* to RKID d UU3H1NG, book b nders, 116 'ultea street, N. 1. Term* easy. A' EWSPAPEB AGENCY BUSINB8S FOB SALE-IN Ul* oity, new doing a first rate bnsineea, with a large ran tfcn*tom, and paying well. The above is an old estat lleted bouse In this city, aad require* bat a saall capital. If it was net tor ill health, the Mcprieter would aot *oU; and a* he muat leave Now York this (ummer. a bargain may br aipeeted. Call or addreec JAS. W. BUTCHER, 21 and 23 Ana street. PROPERTY IN NEW YOBK TO EXCHANGE FOB property ia Weotehester eouaty, or near Newark, New Jersey. A first class four atory house and lot to ex change for a small farm. Apply at 478 Fourth street, after 3 o'clock. PAWNBROKER'S OFFICE FOR SALB OR TO LET.? Being an old atand, aay amount of businees can he dona A long lease et tbe premises at a lew rent. Th* ?tock can be taken if it salts the purchaser. Satisfactory reasoa given for selling. A rood chance for a man with a small capital Addrea*, with real name, and where te be ?sen, T. B. C , Herald ofiec. RARB CHANCE.? THE STOCK. FIXTUBKS AN? lease for two year* ef a tailor's store, ia fiae ardor aiid doing a good trade, te which the nnrehater would be introduced, ft r talc cheap tar rash. Satisfactory reasons tcr *cl ling Inquire at IC8 Third aveaue. QTIAMBOAT FOB SALB.? TIB STBAMBB C. VAN Q derMit, hariag boealafely employed en the route bo te eea Wllmingt >a. M. C . aad Charieaton, S C . la conaeo f lea wt' b the railroad, will arrive hero la a tew day*. She Is 171 feet leog feet beasa, I* eepporec aad copper faatea ed. and la umiirte order for Immediate u?e; her Inventory ic very lull a?4 complete, and t* well adapted Cor earrriag jwwpni. Apply U i. k. BICKiNSON, No. S SeuU Wil rOK RiUk r MANUFACTURERS AN D OTHERS ?FOB SALS A* ? iron ? aerifies, a patent ngut recently greeted tar a most useful invention Thie is a eoaaea seldom off*ra4 Tae tuaohioe is meetly oone rue ted of cast iron, and a tr*tl pee fit ean ho rvalued oa it. tor farther particulars inquire of WARKLN LVUN, Mt 8 Cbiistopher ttrs A. TO WiSTEBN AND SOUTHER* MEN. -FOR SALS, a buii .tss thai mar h* oeiumtBced and euooeset'ully oarrisd on sitber South or West, which will yield frsm 93 It'll to 9U.0M) net, yaily. hatisfaotory evidaaoe gtvea. Addiers L, box ltM flroeieay P. u. TO HUTCHER8.-FOR SALS, A HUTCH KR SHOT WITH lease ( f groutd. one liur?o wagons, aad otbsr apserwtu* for oarrtingoa tbe tu tines , situated la a villus eoar New York. The custom is first elate. It oaa be shoes that* butcher can make money. Trie* 96M. Address M. P , Herald office. TO bUILDERS AND OIHEBS ? FOR 3A1.H, OR WOILB be exciarged for improved city property. sams desua ble lo's, for Immediate improvements, situated oa Ssoaad avenue and on 8l?ty fifth street. Apply at the drug si see, oorner ot Broadway and Fourteenth street. BOTBLS AND SVanBB KBrKKATsT A COMPLETE SUMMER HtiME ON Til E ' HUDSBN Kivur Railroad, near New Hamburg, Dutchess eouoty, * it b roams id single and double suits. Soesory magikfioeatl water sott; fruit of all kinds abundant, and ersry msa*s of romlort. Apply for circulars at drosdway. A persensl interview on Thursday, llay 31. at U o'clock DESIRABLE SUMMER RETREAT. -THE "B0CM.BY llouse," loodted at Stamford, Ot , will ha opeaed the 1st of Jane, for ths reoeption of guests who ?i?h to withdraw to the country during the sultry months of summer. It wilt be under ths management of Mr. Staplaa, late of the Prea eott House, N. Y. For gentleman wbo.e business requires their dsity attention la the oity. Stamfors possets** many advantages ore* other towns on tbe line of the New Hevea Railroad, as all tbe trains leavi-g new York atop at this place. The Buckley House is situated at tbe eoraer of Hilary aad Atlantio streets, about fifty reds south of the btamtoN depot, end commands a ploturesquo view of bong Ulead Sound and its numerous bays. To those who are ia pursuit of health aad pastime, the fooatlon affords srsry facility for fishing and bathing, while ths drives in the neighborhood are unsurpassed for variety and beauty. Churches of vari ous denominations ate within a abort di?tanoe only from the hotel A[ ply on tbe premises or to U. G. Ely, Slit Brsad ? sy, under the at. Mobiles Hotel. HCLDBEDGE'S TEMPERANCE HOTEL, 7*7 AND TM Broadway, oorner of CMutea plaoe. Family suits aad ?ingle apartments, handsomely furmtsbed and aeetly kept, can now be obtained, with or without beard, at the redueed rent of from S3 to 916 per week. EW YORK BAY P BIT ATM FAMILY HOT Two and a half miles flrom Jersey City fiery, ia now fee summer^ en Bergen Point plank road. Bathing, I lug and Ishist Stages leave the (eery every boar. Amh to Capt. LIB, proprietor, Peat Offioe, Jersey City, *c afl the house. DBS FILLBS, STJ or, begs U laforinJ . that the/ will taJ at bis well situated hotel, during the months or Mar aad June, the best aeoommodatloas, fnolading plain brcakfaatJ dinner, good bed*, servants aad lights, at from IK to ll banes a day. Richmond hill hotel, staten island. wilcI open for the season oa the 9th of June The view frets! tbe house is one of the finest in tha country, embraoiag ih J wide expanse of ths sea between Lone Island, Staten IslaadJ and New Jersey. Particulars at S. W. Benedict's sterol No. 6 Hall street. New York. J. P. EBLLETT, Proprietor. ST. OEOBOE HOTEL.? THE ST. GEOBOB HOTEL! No. 884 Bioadwav, near Union square, is bow ready fed permanent aad transient boarders Location uasurpasssm in tbe oity or New Yetk. Dinner at U o olook. Trsasisal beard 92 per day. S. CHAM BERLIN, Proprietor. UMMER RETREAT -RE OPENING OF THB VADaI wanaeh House, Stoaingtou, Ct. The old patroas of thii T>A BIS? HOTEL DE LYON, 12 BUE DE r Thomas.? Mr UERIMbE, proprietor, the visitor! to tbe Universal Exhlbi'loa, thi s house, and those who may\e seeking a seaside residsnos la first class hotel, are informed that the hoaso will agaia bt open for visiters oa the lUth June. Every facility will bt afforded for bathing, fishing, saillar Ae. For partiontaci address at Staniaictoa. 1- G. BRIG OB. WASHINGTON'S HEAD QUABTEBS? AT TAPPAN (one mile from Plermont,) will open for the season ot Monday, June 18, 1865. Boarders oan leave Chamber street pier, daily, at 11 A. K. aad 4 P. M., by steamer Anew aad I. P. Smith. 8. S. YEBBOYOC. WAVEBLBY HOUSE, COBNEB OF BB0ADWA1 and Fourth street ?Handsomely furnished aparil meats oan be bad ia this seleot hotel, with or without board| at moderate prices. Seme eligible rooms for families. (J. H. SUKLLHT. York family hotel, nbw bbidgb stbeit Ludgate Hill, London ?Tbe above hoaso is eeatraiij situated, has an exoellent ooffee room, tea or twelve prtrat sitting rooms, between forty and fifty light airy bedrooms, i good smokiag room; wasm, eold and sbowsr baths alwayi r< ady. A night porter in attondanee. A flud charge for ser vasts. Tbe New York Herald is filed. THOMAS QffAB TEKMAINt (also proprietor of tbe Crowa and Soeptre, ant Ship taverns, Greenwich) tenders his grateful thanks to hi American iriends for tbe favors he has so long enjoyed ai their hands, and solicits their continued patronage aad re eotnmendatioa. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICHS. <fc^l>nnTO *IO.?W.- WANTED, A PARTY WITI ipy.uUU the above amount of oash, (as neodeO take a proportional Interest la a busins?s of great valae aad gcaerai interest in this country and Baropi ; four firths s4 tbe money may rtmaln In the business, for working capital] Address Business, Heiaid offioe. ?fcl ^ HAH -PARTNER WANTED. WITH THIS iplu.UUV/. amount ot capital, ia an extensive, wol| atablisned sad very lucrative buslaess, offiria^ great is duoemsnts ta a man ef business qualitloatioat to make peedy and large fortune; also, partner waated, with SI,**! in a splendid patent look Invention. Apply at the Unite 4 States Ageaoy, 213 Broadway, roem 13. $1 nnn -WANTED, a PARTNER, IN A LUCBaI ?1iUUU. tire business, who can iavest from ll.NO ll 91,6UU. Ths business is first elass. None but g>od ba'iaeel men . ol CLersy and rcspeotabllity, need apuly. Aildresl D. W. S? Herald office^ ^ (JjCAn PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE ONE THIB^ 5>UUU. share in a first olass real estate aad auotiea ba aess in Pias St. Address T. J. O. Berald office. TO $6f'Ql ? WANTED, A PABTNEB WITI 1 "u the above amouat, to oagage in a busiaass whisL ? ill pay a handsome per oent. None but a man williag tfl attend to bis business need apply. Address Industry! Herald office, for three days, stating where and whea aa ia| terview oaa be had. fe*J?n ?A PABTNEB WANTBD IN A CASH MANufl VOuU. factoring business, that pavs a handsome prefiv M 400 per oent oa the amount ot sales, and sold far oasH oaly, and Is aa article used by every business man ia thlB and other cities. Apply to C. B. Hu WES A CO.. 84 Nat sau street. 4>9?A -A PARTTER WANTED IN A CASH MaNI, ipOul/. faeturlng buainess that pays a haadsems profiL ot 400 p. r cent on tbe amount or tales, and is done striotlfl for cash, it used by business roe a exclusively. Caa be axT tended throughout the United States. Apply at tha maaa| faotory, 90 Fulton itrsei, fourth floor, room No. 7. (COCil -WANTED, A PARTNBR TO TAKE FVL< tf'Z.tJU. charge of an eating and drinking house 10 Ssntfl street, on the Bast river aide The houte is mv owa; bat P cannot be there; eo I will give a man who will take ohargeL receive tbe money, pay tha help, and da the marketiag. fl rull share la stock and fixtures, and hair the profits, rsfl 9290. He can bring his wife; we will give her 98 a meata tl see over things. Atiply at tbe bar, 25tf South street, or Ofl Division. You oaa live thore twenty five years if yea lik^ A PARTNER WANTED. ? A FINE CHANCB FOR ON J w so ie oompetent to attend to a simple offioe busiaas^ aad oan write a good haad, having bat a raw huadred dalH lars oapital to engage in a oishly honorable and prsfitablT burtnees, already established. Reterenoes given aad r?f quired. Address Business, box 116 Herald Offioe, with reB name. A PARTNER WANTED? BY A HEALTHY. STOV^ young maa, tie poeeessor of a few huadred dellara and or btuiaess babita, or wruld aooept or a situatisa >i>L some firm, upon good security for the deposit, aad fair M muneration for his time. The best rl reference from htfl last place. Address Coafideaot, box 168 Herald affioe, fsB two days. N01ICE.-TIIE COPARTNERSHIP HERBTOFBE^ existing between the undersigned, under tha firm a| lay lor, Marks, A Co., has been dissolved by mutual ceatead HENRY J. TAYLOB, A. B MARKS, _ New York, May 2<i,I18M. O. U. TODD. ? Notioe Is herebr given that the undersigned have formafl a copartnership under the name aad firm of Taylor, Markr A load, for the transaction or tha silkgnoda busiaass, at III Chambers street. HENRY J. TAYLOR, HENRY MARES, New York, May 26, 136ft. CH AS H. Tu?D. PARTNER WANTED? EITHER SILENT OR ACTIYI with a caah oapital of 910,1 (JO, to Join a party bow si gaged in a large milling establishment near the Bast tlvet. in this city , principally ia tha horsa food lius. For partiou lars apply to? JOHN M LEI1CH, ? Spruce at. Ream 2. PARTNER WANTED. ? A TAILOB, ESTABLISHED N Broadway for the laat six years, and doing sa avsrafl bnsiaessor about SU.'M) per aaaum, desires to find a gieJ ta loras partaer, with Crom two to four thausaad dollar! caah. Aodress B. C. ?., box 161, Herald offiee PARTNER WANTED? WITH A CAPITAL OF 91. or 91,500, in a manufacturing busineet paying large p (Its, and good salee; the advertiser aot hav'ag snffioieat pital te supply ths damaad. Address R. C. Joass Hti offiee. pARTNJtR I^NTED-W lJH^lOO TO 9200, IN A BIJSI X ness whleh will pay from 92.0OU to 93.0IIU per year Tl huriness raa be oxteaded throughout tha Uaited State Apply at tbe United States Agency, 212 Broadway, ream r PARTNER WANTED, OB BUSINESS i'OR 9ALB.. The advertiser has aa exoellent down town loeatioa a a lead Bg thoroughfare, and is desirias (as he bat reoeatl extended his premises J to eonncct himseir with a respects hie snd responsible person, well asquaintet with the oree* W f.? bis premises srs mere tb rc^uiraa for Lin own ) and tber* being mueh deetand lor: Ta a person u 1 h a capital ot from 9740 to 91 OUi in cash, fine opening Is offered. For fnrtbsr particulars, address G B W , llsrald ofiies. N. B.? Neae bat priaoipals aad aa? oustrmcrs need answer this. witn toe prohibitory law. A small brewery. witH > capital required. Address nuiuuli. Herald efflieH same aad location, and where te be seea. ? r BREWERS OR OTHERS.? WANTED, A RBJPONUl] ble partv to join tbe advertiser to manufacture a at article ae a substitute for malt liquor, aad whisb wiB a*, aterfove with tbe prebibitory law. A small brewery, wit ?edsralar ? - witb real 1 TUB UNDERSIGNED, COPARTNERS OF TH^ grocery 17V Division street, oornsr of Jeffsreoa street New York, aotifi tbe putlic hereby that we dls?elveo? (artnership by mutual consent, from the SHh of May, 1HJJ an.l that John M. t ornath keeps on the nemo business plae^ oa hit own baids and nee omit. <m nu owa name an 1 accoaat. jnaf( ^ C()RXATH HE1NR1CII tUCBI.IE TO PBACTICAL PBINTBBS.-THB ADVERTISE*? established in a first rst? loeatioa la tbli oity la tb puhlishiag buslaess, Is la want of a part"' who is a praei cal printer, and who has 93,100 toastabllth a saaall fth eflls. To tuob a oaa a good business will be warraated. Addrei 8. L., Herald offioe. ANTBD-A PARTNER IN THE REAL E8T4TE BuJ siness, alieadt established Address Y. A., llsrald fine, with teal aame, as ae others wUl be aaswered, fsfl three day*. p tlr ANTED? A PARTNBR, WITH 93, OHO TO 96,mW~ci1 VY pital, la the pa'at aad color maanfacturiag b?tlaessl would like to connect tbe manufactory, now noianlete, wit J sr me wbolesals house already established. Na ib hut tbesd aequainted with the business seed apply, Address A. Herald offloe. Wanted? a partner in titr domestic /(wj bins hardware trala, wl'h a cash capital of frC<| 96.(100 te 910,900 , te Jala a nersea wh> ra term ef prnceall i-artaerahip basaxpirad. Address, with real ntoin. A. ITsU I Herald office, statlag where an Interview eta bt had. aafiul will be aU?id*4 to OoOdMMlaE#. M|

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