Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1855 Page 7
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mm vm bit. ?Q/iO Oftft *TOR*H OFJUAL ESTATE? CONSIST ?' *?*?, housee ui lot*, in the oiVv i! i?--ork f*4 "? Ubtnlln exchanged by J. SB II, ren. eetate i?imt and public ueiauiut, office 191 >.n*can ttTeet, entrance from City HU1 mm. 1 A Ann -TOE salx- A drug store, located #jt?Vyv . OB one of the leading itiiim up Um. The eleoh i* fresh, w?ll umUi, ud iq good order. The bx V if?? are slegant Seldom baa a Here bees offered for sale "Jtt H May inducements. Apply at 2H0 Broadway. room >0. GEORGE W. SIM ERA. nnn -?0R SALE- A BAKERY, INCLUDING vl.UUU. all the nocoeoery fiitnree, Ao , horse and wag en. alee loag leaee of promisee at a low real, located on a neat theroughfare. established seven years, and aow doing a bneiaes* of 40 barrel* par week. Apply at 299 Broadway. rum It. GEORGE W. TIMERS. BUY A SMALL WELL BUILT COTTAGE fwOU and corner lot on Thirteenth street and Seventh avenue, Broobljn, beaatifully located, fifteen minntes from tbo ferries iGretawoed can): good garden planted, shade and fruit trees, it, Inquire of Mr. Day, on the pre mine. Toms i vo?y easy. k GRAND CHANCE.? ONE or THE FINEST STANDS Jk already established, for Um sal* of books, newspapers Md stationery, will be sold reasoaable and cheap, la Brook lyn, en aoeoant of siokaeM. Tor particulars inquire of DEXTER k BKOTUBE, 14 and 16 Ann street. few thousand dollars for a pure ha so. The matter may bo in t eest^tated bjr calling at room 4, No. 9 Spruoe street, between A HANDSOME BEER COUNTER AND APPARATUS 1 JBl to tale cheap: in good order and all complete; cist I *2*0 ? will he sold for $60. Apply at LAW k BOYD'S, 68 , East Broadway, near Market street. An excellent opportunity to engage in bnsineas.? For sale, a windowshad* and paperhaagtag ? tore; an old established stand, and doing a good business; in a good location, wher* trade i* yearly Increasing. For particular* aedtees L. P. , Herald omc?. A SPLENDID BUSINESS FOE SALE OR EXCHANGE ?A rare and extensive business, without competition, and affording immense profits: will ho sold at a bargain, with the stock, tools, Ac , eonplcte, as ths proprietor can not attend to it. Apply W THOMAS A STREET, 34}j Pine street. Bakery.-for salr cheap, a BAKERY NOW doing an excellent busine**. Rent low. Good bakehouse and cellar room. Satisfactory reason for leaving. Apply ?or two days at N?. 109 9th *v. CONFECTIONARY FOR SALR ? WITH STOCK, Fix tures and tools, now doing a first rate bnstnees; also a ?d horse and peddling wagon. Will bo (old separate or ether, to rait tho purchaser. Apply at 220 Hudson street^ TiRCG STORE YERY CHRAP, AND ON EASY U term*, doing * food business, which nay he increased, situated en one of tho best avenues in the city; a good loca tion for a physitlan; reason for selling ? other business. Ad drees E. B. C., personally, or by letter, 80 Fourth. Elegant country seat foe sale, beauti folly located npen tho hank* of tho Hudson river, la l*tne Tillage ot Stuyvssant, Columbia county, N. Y , and commands a fine view of th* river and snrroonding country. Tho honso is now and with every convenience; about two aoroe ot good ground with it, will be sold cheap or exchanged for eity proprtv. For further particulars inquire of tbo snbeerfher, at 75 and 77 Ileveath street, near Second are nnoflN. Y. GEO. 2. BABTHOLF. ITIUGANT COUNIEY RESIDENCE FOR SALE, WITH 1 It tho farniture, carriage. Ae , and twenty acres of land, eae aad a halt sail** trom the Now Branswiok depot, N. J., en tho baa It of tho Karitaa, and commanding a macaifloeat view. The honso Is ia tho Gothic style, lately built wHh tbo last materials, and filled la with brick. A photograph of tto i place ean be Men at th? office of F. D'HERYJLLY, No. Ml Eaohaago place. Farm ior salb.-a beautiful cou>Ay seat aad (aim for sale, sovoateon miles from N?"0* ork, and *?* mile from the Passaic Falls, aoar Pateruti fro* Jereey, hto on the weet hank ef tho Passaic, aV_ jet front ?? the river. For further information, a?nnttl anvrCprie tw. GARRET 1. BLAB YELT, an tho mon, truly, ^ BALE? M CASES NO. 34 G*?tinu? to utijAST JLfiStti'applyto *' ,miuku 'T-'dfor* tho Amariei^ for Philadelphia, Jane 12, ? J-raB }T<Uform in Committee? The Deb A V^Xoi'rJonal Sentiment t in the Ascend^ 1>?R SALE? THE r eenfsetlenCI Eighth evsnue, ?he rmtit P'oprleAr,, rff ,j: ie?s offer* b**^ -*ao"' ?*? ' ?B w telegraphic despatch of yestsrday, I coma ?dr error as to the vote on the platform in the 001^ ?tee, which I now rectify. The facts are these:-, neasvie adopted wae proposed by New York, aa a etitute to a plan proposed by New Jersey, and, as m atitute, was adopted by ayes 17, nays 14; and o? final vote in the committee, was adopted by ay^ nays 13. The course pursued In the committee, if I am rl ' informed? aad of that fact th?re is bat little doubt* withstanding the great difficulty of obtaining partict since the institution of the committee to ferret ou| leaky members? was to call in alphabetical erder i State, and to record its ultimatum upon the moment issue* before it. The several States responded, o? least tbat portion of them who had specific and dls| tire dogmas for the Manifold ills of the nation; ai tbat renponte, gave the most palpable indications a ?views by which tiey were severally Influenced, l'ht jority presented national, the minority sectional the go bet wt ens a sort of fish chowder schedule ciplee and paradoxes. ioe The report was submitted yesterday afternoo(,0jjj -are already advised, and ellchsd a most exotilerald np to the hour of adjournment, at 6 P. tL members in a body, and by special Ineb* . Till the old Colonial Hall. During the a%"\ ujTtowai 'led cn by Governor Gardner, _ .tiens sz?. 'tip more r>iX)CATED BII.L1 ARD JS eaiooas in the sity ; will ee sold at a great saoriioe, aa Me proprietor is engaged in other bnsm?ss. for furtner particulars, inquire ex WILLIAM W1 ITERS, 187 Canal FOR SALE-AN OLD ESTABLISHED FILE COT iiss aad grinding shop, together with f<e goodwill, tcel* aad fixtures. Apply at 07 aad 09 Forsyth street. For sale-the stock and fixtures of an eld established grocery store. Will b e sold at a sacri fice, in eonsequeace of the o?ner leaving for the VVest. There is ae other grocery en the block. Call at|78 Eighth aveaue, fer two dajt. For sale- a fine farm, containing ss acre?, adjoining the beautiful village of Hackensack, N. J., well adapted for early gardening purposes, or ciuld be di vided into village lots. Aptly to G. W ILSUN, 222 Prospeot place, Jersey city. For sale-on Wednesday, june is, at pord ham, Weetchester ooun'y. N. V., at nine o clock In the u>eraing. four lots and frame house, with a good wed of wa ter in the house Can be bad fur calf cost by applying to JOHN T. N. CURRIER, at pier 13, East river, on board the bark Almira en Tuesdaij 12th, or on the 13th, at Forlham. The sere leave the City Hall at 7 A. H. All the money can remain but $275 Fob pale, at hoboken.-three .story brick building, with tearoom, occupied as a grocery and dwelliag. A desirable opportunity for investment; will be sold eheap. if applied for immediately, at 27 Barclay straet. tresa 1 to SJi P. M., or eoraer of Washington and Second streets, Heboaen. JUHS M. BOAHD. For sale immediately-a handsome three story brieh bouse in Brooklyn, near the South ferry, with modern improvements, fries, $6 000, and must be sold Ibis week: SM (W can remain on mortgage. Apply So C. G. THOMPSON. f*l Nassau street, room No. 7. For sale, at a great sacrifice-a select stock of fancy good*, consisting of embroideries, laiee. irnrmings, Ae., together ? it h two splendid steel moaaMiil glass ease* sut-doer shew cases, two counters and awning, the property ef a ledy retired from busiaess; cost in all about 1700; will be sold lor Inquire at 29 Twenty, seventh street, between fourth and Madison avenue*. I^OR PA Lr OR TO LET-AN ELEGANT MANSION, JT with 28 lets of ground, shaded with tine old fsrest tress, situated en avenue a near Eighty ninth street, having a charming view ef ?hs East River, with facilities ror.boatiug, nehiSK aad bathing. A'so opposite the above two bcaueitil tnodere three story house, Jest f nished; Croton water Intro duced with baths, water elosete, wash trays, Ac. Each has four full lots of ground attaehed, embracing part oS a groen bouse, vith fruit aad shrubbery. Apply to S. DfCHAKDSoN, >12 Fifth avenne, or CHAUMCEY BARNARD, 98 Bread way. TJIOR SATE AT HOBOKEN? BAVMER'S HOTEL, COR F neT ef Hndsoa and third streets, eontaiain? twenty four r?et*s, with aocommodatir.a* for bcarder*, barreum, kitchen and twe banement*, twill room, billiard saloon, teopin ?*Jevs, garden. Ae., iaelnding three lots of ground. Inquire en the premises. 1POR SALE OR TO LET-THE LEASE AND IMPROVE ?r ments of rtaht tots of gronnd. at ths ton', of Wast For tieth meet. Apply *e VAN BRUNT J. WA 1*0 US, 200 Chambers street. FOH SAl.E on TO RENT? A SPLENDID COUNTitY lesidenct, on long Islaml, six roles from Brooklyn, by Win? Island Railroad, situated within cos minute's walk irom Cypetts statiea ; house SJi.V; tiaicony all round; a 4no garden effonr acres, uoder fine cultivation; a fine well, Ac ; ? line staliie, cow and hen houses, Ae. Apply to I. 1'. El) OERTOK, 140 Tear! street. ' OR SALE OR EXCHANGE? FOR A HoUSE AND 1st n New Yirk or l!r. ok'.yn, 200 tons of Mexican gnaao vT ths first quality, as the analysis of Dr. Chilton will show. Apply immediately to C. G. THOMPSON, t*l Nassau stree*., room No. 7. Grocery store. with stock, f'ixturis and IT isaee, for sale, in a good lecati ia, dome a good hustnsss; is a rare chance for a man of eeterpriee. *old ia Ouaee iuonce ol ivoii leaving for Snrone, his native home, laqti'rs at 3M ?e vilth avtnne, or 2* W^t Thirty eiath street, be ? , ,en 12 aid 2 o clock U . or alUr ^ lu the a'ternoon, where sli intormaliofc can be had respecting the stm*. CT0RE FIXTl'RES -SHELVING, BEAUTIFUL SIDE O and counter shew osses, counters, high aad low desks I safe, plsvo glas*. psrtition, cer^isg press. Ac., to be sold l<heaf . before Saturdiy, st .'18 Psarl street, up stairs. V VMVMim AND a" POTH lot RfEr^YA L V A B LI aad beantienl drug More for 9120.0 The si'uatioa is *? rese aad ehe store b?s t.eea ertahltsheo gut saocessfslly trlti on for many years. Satisfactory reaseas girsa tor Htng. Bona fide purchasers c*n receive all r^ntr t* i0. satieo by calling sn F. II AI t, wnUr ou glass, HO Nas streee. PHTsfciANS 11D DRUGGISTS -DRUG STORK for sale, situated m en* of khs principal avesnes In ' Brooklyn, suitable for.a yooag phvslelan or npotheea Hese?n for sellisg, death of the proprietor. r*rmt easy, ft to ditrceed of sbl* week. Apr'y on the premises, *or |f (ten ben street and Myrtls av*cee. ?oCTMAro icma mnuufi. T> ELMON T^ AJoT^NIW BRIGHTON, STATES X) IalnM.? Tbia ia the moil conveniently utuated boaae ?a tbe (aland, being directly oaposite the landiag; u4 it mi aeee?aaedat? a auoh larger aaatbar of |Md till haca<n for*, aa addition to the premlaei having bMa ?!<! Seme ??J deeirable rooms an offered to famlitaa tad riagle gen tlamaa, ? ho would da wall to aall aad (aa the hooee. There i? alio a law aad comfortable itabla, wbara boraaa will ha wall taken eara of. Tba baata leave tba (oat of W bltaball atreet. ?? C. COFFIN. fiUIN GROVE MANSION, KETPORT? SITUATED vJ oa tba Lock port raad. aboat ten mi an tee' walk tna tba iteamboat lnndlng.-FRBDERlC S. ARMSTRONG baa opened thii aaw aad oomaaodioaa building for tba taaapWoa of aawaar baardara, wfcara all tba a on fart a of a borne will be i aiared. Tanaa moderate Bvery facility ia offered for bath ing, boating, ft eh id g, gunning aad all other ipeeiaa of oonntry enjoyment. Tbe steamboat Eeyport leavee New York from the foot af Murray atraat. every afeeraeoa ( Sunday ? a* eepted) at d o'clock; and learea As 7 port ever v morning at Th, o'olock. For particulars apply to Mra. WINNE, 149 Franklin itreet, or ea tbe preaalaea. MOUNT PAVILION ON STATIN ISLAND, AT QUAR aatiae leading, la new a pea for tbe reception of ri al tera. A few room a to tab la tba boaaa, aad the eottage ad jolaing, to geatlemen Aad their wisaa. or single centlemea. Apply ea the premiaoe, to J. P. BENJAMIN. Proprietor. Monmouth house, at union ciit, near key part. New Jeraey, ia now open lor dty baardara, where tbe beat accommodation! aaa be given; fishing, riding, bath lag, Ao , ot the beet aa tbe ah ore; large airy rooma, nioely fnrniabed. Stesunen Angle aad Keyport leave foot or Mur ray atreet daily. SYDNEY T SMITH, Proprietor. V*1* TOEE BAY HOTEL, 2? MILES FROM JERSEY ll City terry, oa Bergen point, plank road The moat benntlfnl aummer residence ia tbe State. Fiahing, bathing, beatia*. Dinner! and eappera at an honr'etnotioe Private arriagee to aad from the heaaa to eity. Now open for per maneat aad traniiaat guaeta. Apply at the honae, or to 'apt. LI ESE, 1'oat Office, Jeraey City. New rcchelle pavilion.? families and sin fie peranaa can aaw laenra pleaaaat aoaommodatloua far tbe aummer, on reaaonable terma; location delightful; urll akaded lawn and tine garden; only one boar diitance frvm tbe oity ; acoeu by New Haven eara aeveral times per day: good itafeling. 1'oraona are miueated to oall at the Pavilion, or to PETERSON A HUMPHREY, 379 Broad ROCKAWAY SEA BATHING ?IDE PAVILION HO tel will be re opened on tbe 20th of Jane. Thli estab llahmant ii greatly enlarged, and oompriioi roomi ia luitea for familiea, tingle rooma, and a number of eottagea on the tronada furniabad, with or without board at the hotel. Sta ling, eaaeb houiai, and laloom for exerolee and amusement. Rooma eaa be leleoted at tbe hotel, or plane teen, at No. 47 Cliff atreet. New York. Carl, iu ecnneetion with atanei to Ibe hotel, leave South forty daily at 9 and It) A. M. ,3:45. 4:15, 6 and 7 o'elook; returning at 7 :l0, 7:55, 8:45 A. M., and '2:10 aad 5:66 P. M. JOHN OHO. BAIN BRIDGE. THE COLLINS HOTEL, FOOT OF CAN-AL STREET, will let, with board, parlora, and euitea or rooma, fronting tbe North river, oa reaaonable term*. For fami lial, tba laeatian 1* a deiirable one. Alio tingle rooms. TaLiLMaN A MATES, Proprietor!. SUMMER RBTREAT.? THE MEDHURST FARM, AT Centreport. Long I aland, ia now open for the reception 01 gentlemen and t&millea of respectability. Thil beautiful ana healthy place ia three boare from the olty, aad ia iltua tad on the bay, near tbe aonnd. Haa excellent boating, bath ing, and flihing. Ae. Tbe accommodation eannot be <mr J eased. For further particulars apply to ANDREW EADIE, r., Eaq , 117 Fulton atreet, up atairi. York family hotel, new bridge street, Ludgatc Hill, London.? The above honae ii centrally litaated, hai an excellent coffee room, ton or twelve prtvata ?itting rooma, between forty and tifty light airy bedroomi, a good amokiag room; warm, oold and ihower hatha alwaya ready. A night pcrter ia attendance. A fixed charge for aer vanta. Ihe New York Herald ia filed. THOMAS QUAR TERMA1NE (alao proprietor of the Crown and Soeptre, and Ship taverna. Greenwfoh) tendera bia grateful t ha oka to bit American friendi for the favora he hai 10 long enjoyed at their bandi, and folloita their oontinned patronage and re commendatlon. INSTRCOnOI. <?1 fi ? BOOEKEEPING, TIME UNLIMITED; WRI ting, 92; arithmetic, Ac., taught daily, from 7 A. M. till lOP.ll., at PAINE'S Academies, TO Grand Itreet, eorner of Bowery, and 156 Fulton 1 treet, Brooklyn. Vliiteri m the city can take a courae of writing in throe day a. Mr. Palno ia tba beat teacher In thii city.? Lowell Reformer. A LADY EXPERIENCED IN TEACHING, WISHES aa engagement aa governeia In a private family; can taaah the Engliih brancbea, French and muaio, in whioh iha la proficient; ia an Epl^opatian, and can furniih unexcep tionable refeienoea. Country preferred. Addreai Teacher 3t7 10th at. A GENTLEMAN OF HIGHEST EDUCATION, LATE ly arrived in thia country, wiihea to give private lei aoaa is muiie, modern languagaa and to find an engagement aa tutor in acme ttrtt claia family here or la the country. The high pcaition he formerly occupied, enable! him to fill auch a place to the antiafaeUon of any party do airing to have their eb'toren initrncted on the neweit pi in aad method, how to move in aeoompliihed eooiety. B?<t eity reference given. Addreu E. M.. box 40 Herald oBoa. A GRADUATE OF CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND, AT il preient engaged in Philadelphia aa teacher of tbe Greek, Latin and Engliih languagea Ac., wiahea to re move to New York, or ita neighborhood, and would be happy to enter into preifeottve engagements with acboola or pri vate lamiliei t?r the autumnal aeaaon. He ii thoroughly competent to ilniah bia pupila in each of the brancbea he proieuci, and to prepare young men for college; and eau fnr *leh the molt latlifaotory reference!. Addreia C. C. C., ltid Cbeatuut itreat, Ptuladelnhia. AN ACCOMPLISHED LATIN SCHOLAR, WHO ipeaki Latin fluently, and bai great experience a' a ttasher, will give hia aervkce to aohoola or private femuita on very moderate termi. Addreia Cieero Herald office. BOOKKEEPING. WRITING, ARITHMETIC. ? MR. DOLBEAR, M?9 Broadway, hai aoverai vaoaat deaka, aad ofTera great indnoeinenta to pupila who eater thii week, for a partial or lull eommeroial courae of instruction, ilia atudenti become elegant writera, and praotioal bookkeupera, and therefore command lucrative aitnationa. Bookkeeping, penmansaip, Ac., are taught in a inferior aad expedition! manner, by FOSTER A DIXON, 340 Broadway, where gentleman and youth! are qualified to dtieharge tbe dutlea of the counting honae with promptneaa, facility aad deipatoh. PI MOST ESSENTIAL ACQUIREMENTS OF THE age.? Writing, bookkeeping and aritnmetie, eaoh par teetly taught la twelve leiiona, by 11. C. ROWE, 443 Broad way. Termi reduced, thia and the ensuing week only. Re ?erred honra for ladiei, from 2 to 5 P. M. Private iaatrac tiena at tbe realdeneeof pupila, M niual. Visiting oardi, Ae., written to order. THE FRENCH LANGUAGE PRACTICALLY TAUGHT by an experienced Tarlatan teacher Kelerenoe ? Clark A Fanning, Mount Waehington Collegiate Institute, Wash ington square. For 1 art her particular!, addreai J. L. E., Herald oflloe. OtllCAL. 9 PIANOFORTES, (TWO UPRIGHT,) TO LET AT $2, S3, $4 and S5 a month, or for sale at (40, $75, SUM), H25, 9175 and $350. M. DUMaDAY, tenoher of muaio, 225 Grand itreet. A YOUNG LADY OF SOME EXPERIENCE IN teaching, wiahea to give leaaoni on the piano and in singing, alao. in the t reach and German languacea. Young ladiea attended at their reiidencc. Apply from 11 to 2 o'clock, at lu9 Canal it. ATTENTION PIANO PURCHASERS l-HALL'S Pa tent celestial or double octave pianofortei, Ely k M ? ger manufacturer!. Theee Improved pianoi are rapidly im tng tue place of tho ordinary piaaofortta : lit, became they arc much euperioria power and iweetneii of tone: 2d, the/ itand in tune well, being made with iron tramei ; and 3d. they are mid at low prioea, aed recommended by all our first, pianists, wboie certificates we have of their aupariority LLY A MUNGER. No. 519 Broadway, St. Nicholas Hotel A LARGE STOCK OF NEW AND SECOND HAND pianos, of a'l claaaea ana by virions makiri, for aala and hire, at J. A D. WALKER'S, No. 6 Aitor place aad Eighth atreet. A SEVEN OCTAVE CARVED ROSKWOQD PIANO iorte and itool for Bale. Haa been uied but a short time ; will be aold at a bargain, aa tbe owner it about leaving town. Can be aeen at 49 Cliff itreet. Boudoir pianos, made by gilbert, of Bos ton, second hand, for iaie at lower prioei than ever be fore offered la this market. 1'ianoi to rent, and rent amount allowed on purcLaac. HORACE WATJlRS, 333 Broadway. C1HEAP, CHEAP.? A $325 SEVEN OCTAVE ROSE J wood piano for aale for $226, made to order two months aince by celebreted city niakeri, and fully warranted, of icperirr lone aad finish; perfect everyway. The owaer ii Suing to Paris. It can he aeen at 113 Chamber! atreet, from till 4 o'elcck, on Taeaday. HAl.L'H CELESTIAL PIANOS? BENNETT Jk CO., 800 Broadway, ?r? now supplied with a large etook of the** beautiful metrumente, uo person should by ?ny means pur el aee, *ti?ieTnr interested parties may it; to the eontrary, till they Ut?e flr?t im these improved piano*. MELODEON9.-8. D. 1 H W. SMITH'S MELODEONS, tuned the equal temperament, to which was recently aw arded the first premium at the National Fair, Washing ti n. D. C., can be frand only at Mo. 3X1 UroadwaV. A H?>? ral duccoiit nad* for eaeh. HuKACE WATERS. ?VTU8IC.-A YOUNG GERMAN GENTLEMAN, WHO 1*1 has liven piano and violin lessons in ttua city and Brookly u for a numler of years, with the greatest success, wiahen to take a law more pupils. Terma reaeonnblo. A line sddressed to K. L , Herald nffloe, will meet with prompt attention. PIANOFORTE ? FOR SALE, AN ELEGANT BOUDOIR pianoforte, eoat $360. and has only been uaed about three months. Will be aold for $175, If applied lor Itnm? di atily, atthe Loan OBioo of L. BALC11, mo. 3>J Beekman street. TWO SPIERDID PIANOFORTES, WORTH A TIIOU ?and dollar* each, for sale at a great sacrifice, beet oitv make. To be seen at H. SCBMALE A CO. '8, IS and 17 Mercer street, or at N. P. B. CURTIS' wararooma, 447 Bread way. TO PIANO TEACHERS. ? A YOUNG MAN (FRENCH) wishes to take ? lesson every evening. Terma mnst b? moderate. Addr*** Pianist, Herald offlea. TO MUSIC TEACHERS. ? COOK A BRO., 313 BROAD way, La'? advsntagee poaaeased ay few other Arms for making aefcticas of muslo. The large it discount to the pr?l?asior, trd the greateat accomm- dations, will be found at their e-tai 'Ishment. Music selected by us may be returned it not nsed. WORLD'S FAIR PRIZE PIANO!? A SPLENDID piaao, worth 91,500. "ill be sold at a (treat aaorifloe, if anUed (or immediate!*. It can be aeeg at the wararooto* oi N B. f. Curtlss, +47 Broadway, ?bore also may bo seen a eplendid assortment of George Hewi'a Piano*. 447 Broal way. M A TH.IMOWI At. ATRIMOMAL? A OENTLEMAN. THIRTY TEARS of age, of dime alio habits, good busmen* qualt tustmcs, and poereawng a lane Income derived from a legi timate busineaa, and of liberal views as to disbursements, Ac., wiahes to mak* the acquaintance of a lady ol an alien tii a ate and amiable disposition, of prepossessing appear, Ao . with a view to matrimony. All oommunlca>tons tri a'e I confidf ntially and honorably, and if reuuoated to ? nrned. Answers eofleited from all parte of th* Union, par ttculerly trom the South. Address George f, Freeborn. New York Peat Offlea. MATR1MONY.-AN AMERICAN OENTLEMAN, 37 year* of age. ol wealth and respectability, wiahes ta make tie aeqnalntaaee of some lady ot a kind disposition, and of a snlteM- age, with a view to matrimony. Address A D. P.. Broadway Post uttce. A IRIMONIA1..-A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, TWENTY sis yeere of *#?, with refined manners, soil moring in gi od aeeie* y, and who Is able to provide Ha wife a oomforta Mahoma, wiahes to make the acqalntaace of a yonng l*dy with ? view to icarr'ng*. Apply to Mndam* Harr*. STO Bowery. A PAIR or SPLENDID BLACK cabriagb bobses, kind, rati* mad good drlrsra, will bo ?M cheat ? ?oehanged for a work horie. AJ?o, a Jenny Lind carriage. *ilk Up U M dowa, >Mrl; Hi. The whole will be sold iluipoinikuitd, m the iwMkH ao farther in far them. Mi; bo mi It 78 aad 77 Alovoath itnwt, im Se wilmm. GBO. Z. lilTHOLf. /"lABRlAGES FOR SUMMER USB IN THB COUNTRY. \J ?Some two mad tbm Mil rockaways, to number wKk aa assortment of eoiehti, wagons, bulla cm or light market wagont, on* Meoad baad oMokti, one uMaiki top brct, Mcond haad two Mat roekaway, At., Ao., M. THOMPSON A CO, :? aad t Wooitor itroet. For salb-a fine sobrbll marb, is bands high, ooaad and (oatlo; ii a stylisk driver, and caa trot >a tkroo alntw. Caa be mm at aU koaii at the stable, 108 Twelfth itr? t. Alto wagon aad harnesa. Fob saib-a stylish pair op bay coach hertM, 16 kaada kick; Mid far waat of iuo tot thorn ; to be *eea at 14 Eatt Sixteenth itreot. Alio, two carriage*. If aot Mid at private ?alo boforo Thursday next, tko/ will then be told by Henry H. LEEDS, at 11 o'clock, in front of kil (tore, 19 Nation itxoet. FOB SALE.- A TXBY SUPERIOR AND SHALL Yonag Shetland Pony, with wagon, made by ( Lawrenee k Colli*,) harness, saddle, .to. A complete miniature estab lUhmeat for a young gentleman. Apply at Stable No. 5, 16th i tree t, between 8 and 10 o'clock, A. M., and 5 aad 6, P. M. LiOB FAIE-A SADDLE i'ON V.-INyCIRE AT 90 l1 Wett Fifteenth street, stables. Fob salb-a very handsome and stylish black mare, 15)4 baads higb, 7 yean old. perfectly aouud and kiad. Can tut ia 3:10 to wagoa on roan, ii an oxoellont lady '? laddie bone. Prico $!40 Caa bo seen at the Arcade Staslci, 6th ftre*t, near 6th arcane. FOR SAI.E- A SPLENDID PAIR OP MATCHED Pa cine boifei; can go together la three ininntoe; are sound m ever) respect, and perfectly gentle; caa be drove any way, ae curate or together Sold a* the owner leaves for California. Can be Men at Clearer A Mason's liable, 57 Mercer itreot. IpOR SALE-A BAY HORSE, 16# nANDS HIGH, 1 kind ia tingle and deuklo barneu, a (tyliah driver, and warranted sound; alio, a beautiful bar saddle horM, will trot or canter, perlectly genteel, oound and kiad. Apply at 1S5 Grand siieot. Fob sale-a splendid bay mare, kind in single or double harneie; juit from the eonntry, and warranted sound. Alio, two light wagon-. Inn aire of P. B. McAVUY, til! Prinee itreot, cormr of Mariou. For sale? a splbndid paib or bat matched carriage horses; caa go together in fonr minutes; arc lonnd in every rotpeel, aad perfectly goatle; are five yean old. itaud 16 handi high, can be drove any way, Mparate or together. Can bo toen at 19 Oroat Jo not itreot. Fob salb-a bay horse, raised in Vermont, six years old; \6)? baadi high; pony bailt, Sao style and good speed; perfectly toaad aad kinaovery way; initable for a family or opreti; lold for waat of use. Inquire at club itablo, Paoiflc itrect, near Court, rear of coal yard. Brooklyn. Fob sale? a vbry h&ndsomb bay horse, is hands high, five year* old this spring, warranted per fectly found and kiad ia harneat; woold make a splendid family horio. Sold for waat of nie. Inquire at Slo Witt Thirty second itreet, between Sixth and Seventh avenuei. Fob sale.? two trotting buggies, warrant ed in every respect, and made by oae of the belt makeri in the States ; alio, a fall blooded Irish letter, perfectly broke. Can all bo aeen at West'* stables, the Old Hippoaa, t A Watts street. For salb yeby chbap? a bloodeb mare, fif teen hands and one lack high, obeatnut serrel, and can trot in three minutes. To he seen at the private stable, 54 W est Fifteenth itrMt, between the hour* ef7 and 10 o'clock, until Wednctday, Juno 13, if aot Mid before. For sale cheap-a foub and six seat rock away carriage and boggy, suitable for city or country; alio a cow and an excellent Englith watch dog Can be teen at stablx 159 Monxeo street; or for particulars address box 3. 104 Post Office. New yobk tattersall's, sixtb avenue, cor ner of Thirty ninth street.? This day, nt 12 o'oloek, auc tion sale of hories, wagons, harness, io ; new aad seoond band light wagons, with ana without tops; new and seoond hand single and donble harness; 20 horses, by oatatocae; also 3 fine road horses, just from the eonntry: together with a great variety of property offered at Tatteriall's weekly sales. GEO. CLEMONS, Auctioneer. Hksby Palm kr , Salesman. PONEY FOR SALB-A SMALL. BRIGHT BAY MUS tang poney, perlectly sonni and well made. Inquire at 65 Cliff street, no stairs. ALONZO CHILD. RGCKAWAY.-A TWO SEAT ROCKAWAY FOB SALE, initable for one or two horses, but little use?; would ?ult the conufry or city. Will bo told cheap, as the owner has no nse for it. Can bo seen at 437 Fourth street, near Second avenue, at the Empire Stables. SECOND HAND CABBIAGES FOB SALB? THBEB baggies, one with shifting top; one roekaway, with seat fcr fonr portent; one roekaway, seat* lor sii porions; all aity bnilt snd in good order. Inquire at LENT'S oarriago fac tory, Third avenne, near Forty Mventh itreet. WANTED-A VERMONT BORGAN HORSE, SUIT able Ur a family oarriago; about tlxtcen or sixteen and a half band* high, pony bnilt, youag, kind and sound; of fine ttyle and good tpood; a bay or black preferrel, with out any wtite feet. Address A. B., box 1.118 Baltimore, Md , with a description of the horse and the price. BIRCBLLA5EOVR. <Sil nnn WORTH OF LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, CHIMA qPJL.UvrU vares and tea Mts, waiters, ca-tort, glass, crockery and Britannia ware, all ia good order; also, Fancy articles, to bo aold at great bargains, for a few dayt, on ac count cf havinf to vacate the store, at C. A. BALDWIN'S, 6A Bowery, corner of Walker street. BHUSIIBS or BVBBY DESCRIPTION AT THE BRUSH factor*, 337 Pearl strcst, Franklin sonare. All artiolM Mid at tho lowest factory prieos. Paial oruihes of superior anility eomtantly oa hand. Baehiae bonahet saade to or der. JOHN K. HOPPEL. Evading the liquor law.? a tavbbn keep er In New Haven was complained agaiatt, a few days ago, tor Mlling Blake's Bitteri. Tho publican itond trial and boat the authoritiea, having proved that tbil compound contained nothing of an intoxicating nature, but was, ia faot an antidote to drunkenneit 1 BOWLER'S IBI'BOVED MODEL.? LADIE3 WISHING .' an easy methoi of fitting dresses, will find it greatly to their advantage to call the preieat week at 41 Twenty eighth itreot, where they can be instructed ia the above art on reasonable terms. HARBISON'S AMBROSIAL SOAP-ITS COLOR A beautiful purple, it* perfume a bouquet, pleastog to the million, to let the Billion have it. Call for it at whole sale at W. B. Lyon A Co. 'a, 4 Dey itreet; at retail at K. O'RulU >, 10U Avenue D. Aik alio for llarriion's extract for the handkerchief, essence bouquet. If you are an Ame rican, it. v ill mure than pleaee, it will delight you, lierauee Haniion made it in hii great American perfumery labora tory. T WOULD BKQ LEAVE TO CALL THE ATTENTION 1 e( drnggiat*. coniectioners, and the trade in general, te the tact that I have b<> agent for the (ale of my good* in tliii eity at prsient. l>oaler* rill therefore pleaee tend their ?rdere direct to me, * hlch I will til at the ucual price*, and forward with despatch. A. J. CH AC VEAU, wholesale osn feotioner and maantsoturer jujube paste, gum drop*, A*. 243 Market itreet. Philadelphia. NEW TATENT SPECTACLES, FOR STRENGTHEN ingTition, and tor seeing both near and distant ohjeots with one pair only, accurately adjasted to tka eye.? Mann tsetuted by Proteuor FRANKS, Patentee, Leoturor un the linmsn Eye. Optician to the New York Eye Hospital aud New Tork Eye Infirmary. Office No. 2 Park row, ooposite the Astor House. Basin*** haurs from 9 A. M. to 6 P. If . PAIBTt PAINT!! FOR BUILDINGS, FENCES, roofs Ao. , at 1>? cents a pound: white lead, 7 cents d?.; tine, 8 cents do.; Preble's boiled oil, 75 cents a gallon; tan ner's oil, 26 cents do.; machinery oil, 60 cent*. do , at 113 Maiden lane. JOHN H. SMITH, Agent. BEDDING'S RUSSIA SALVE-A BOSTON REMEDY, o< thirty years' Handing ? A surs and speedy cure tor I'liros, bolls, oorns, felons, piles, chillblains and sores af all kinds. Ree?r.-miend?d by physicians. 25 cents a box. Sold by all drugging. Agent*? Bay d A Paul, U, V. Clickner A Co.. C. H. riur, corner of John street. New York; John Gil bert A Co , Win. B Xeiher, Ph ladolphia REDDING A CO., Proprietors. Boston. SHOW OASES ?HOFFMAN A FERISH, SHOW CASE wareroums. 57 Bowery, between Walker and Bayard street*. ( nae* made in every style, silver plated, i>r*s?, roa? and satin wood, mahogany, Ae. N. B ?Old eases taken In exchange. Orders promptly exaeuced. SHOW CASES. ? SCHMIDT A BROTHERS, MANUFAC trry and wsrerooms. No. 5 North William street, near t hatham. New York, and at 77 West Third street, Clnuin tati. (1)10. A large assortment constantly on hand Old ?bow caies taken in exchange. Orders promptly executod. CJLATE ROOFING ? DAYID BROWN, lfiS CANAL O street, respectfully inform* the pnlillc that he It prepar ed to execute orders in the above line, on the most rea?ou*t>le turns. Hoofs and chimney heads repaired in the most *ub *tai?tial manmr, on the abort est notice. SODA WATER8.? SUPERIOR CARBONATED Ml N Fi rs! waters, of extra H ivor and eflervescing properties, vix.:? Sarsaparilla, lem >n, vanilla, banana, ginger, port ? ine, clove, Ac., prepared from the expressed Jaloes of rine fruits, together with pare nlei, ciders, por-cr*. lagerliler, Ac., supplied in any quantity, at twelve hours' notice, by OSTRaNPER, 4tS East Broadway, to oommusion drivers, dealers, exenrsions, pleasure partios, and oousumers ? bncrally. tree of carlagc, at almost oost pilcesj anil warranted A Jo. 1, vli.:? Soda and mineral water*, oT any d<scrt('ion, at twenty cents per doren, ales, porters, cllers, lager tier, Ao , at twenty eight cent* per doien. W A. L; OSTRaNPER. Practical Manafacurcr, 4? East Broad war. UNITED STATES PASSPORTS INDISPENSABLE TO *11 per?or? aboti' going t > foreign coonfrles, procired as below. ?nr"P< an Pare*' Kxprese ? I'areels forwarded to all of Enrore wi'niu House bu>ioe?s >1 every kind attended to CBARLRS BULT, Cut om Uouie broker, 19 Wall st , np st-n'r*. SHIPPING. FOR CHARLESTON A*D FLORIDA ? SEMI WEEKLY United Mst'f Mail Mil',? The new, gpleudld and taa going uteamer NaSiiVII.LE, M. Berrv commander, will leave pinr No. 4, N . H , on faturdav, June Id. at I o'olo k P V. ireelsely For freight, apply oa board, wliere a I bills o< lading will be timed, ana for pa?*age. at tue uffloe of SPOFFoRD, TILE8T0N A CO., ?J Broad w*'. Thnugn tickets to Florida as follow*:? To JacksonviUs M; to Ft. 'atka. S38 He Southerner will auoeced aad leave on Wed nesday, Jnne L'OR NORFOLE, PETERSBURG AND RICHMOND, I1 The United States mall steamship ROANOKE, T. I pk Inner. commander . will 'eave pier No 13 North river, ea feodretilav, IS*", at 4 o'clock P. V.. will arrive M Norfolk the next afternoon, and at Petersburg and Rioh oond tbefollowiag morniag. Fr?m Norfolk, paaseagars lor theS'-uth proceea by railroad direct, with throngh ticket* from W elden to Wilmington, Charleston, Ae Pa mage and far* to Norfolk, Ig; 'o Petersburg and Richmond, (10; steer rge. bait priee. Tbrongh ticket* to Lvoehbatg, SI4. Apply t* UJDUM A PLEASANTS. No. SI Broadway. N. B.-N* t eight taken for Rlchmoad. PIOR PETER? BURG AND Nf^RFOLK ?THE STEAM .ship ROANOKE, Captain Skinner, is now loading at Pie* 13, N. R , for P*teribuTg and Norfolk, and will leave en Wfjnetday afternoon at 4 e'eloek. LUDLAM A PLKA SAN IS, 32 Broadway. AbERTD PER STRAMER PACIFIC, Til SAIL 13TH can be bad for a lady in ene of the best stater ->oms Ad cre*?, stating where an Interview <as b? htd, bo* Jl?, P?it Office. r*' E? LlTMrWb-C. fc i B. NT*, Cimw<I C. State* mails for Jut 13, at 13 o eleek M itwt. For Mnbi ?r mod at ions tor tlMUH ?OLLIN0, W Wall itn ntNri it l<i*< Jl IL . fMU?, u4 Mil Jaae 27 SblppaM ?i0 tflMI *ake notice that the skip* of tkia Mb* cuMt tarry ar ?"trv ku4 of war. All lett?rt matt |M tkroank ihe Tort OSes; ll| tttiri will be ntarul I BR1TKH~AKD NORTH AM* EI CAN ROYAL Sieamskipe. rBOB II* tobi to uvaarooi. Chief caNn puii(t $13$ Seeoad cab.u 76 .. . - . HOII ?OirOM TO UflkMOb Chief cabin raisage $110 leeend eabin paeeage M The ship* from Bostoa call al Halifax. ARABIA, Capt. Judkias, AVBBICA. Cap*. Laag, PERSIA, Cast. Ryrla. SCROTA, Caji. tbuua, ABlA, Capl 1. a. Loll, CANADA, Capt. Stone, AFRICA, Capt. Hanteoa NIAGARA, Capt. LMteh. neu TMHla oarry a e.ear white ligkt at maathead; grcea as starboard bow; r?d on part bow. America, Lang, leavee Boston Wednesday, J ate ? Africa, Harrison, " Benen Wsdaeiiiaj, Jaao 3D Asia, Lou, " Boatoa .Wedneeday? Jaly d America, Lang, " Bostsn Wednesday, J sly IB Berths not secured cntil paid for. Aa experienced surgeon oa board. The owners of theaa ihips will not be aeecnatab'.e far add, eUvcr, bnllioa. specie, Jewelry, preclons p tones ?r metals, aalaia kill* of lading are stgaed tkaro'or, w.d the valae thereof therein expressed. Tor freight or pat sage apflv to _ * i CUNAKD. Ho. 4 Bowilag Crews. There will bo na *taamiliij>a of thia Una from New Yur an Ul lartkrr notice. TBI VANDBRBILT EUB0P5AN UNE OF 3TEAM chipc.? The drat elaaa new iteamship ARIEL, 2,300 ton*. Letevre maater, will leave Maw York from pier 30 North river, foot of Cham bore stree'., at nam precisely, an Satnrda), Jane 30, for Bavre direct. I >rat class passage $110 Seocnd class passage U) The Ariel will ha followed by the North Star, July 31. Ihe owner of these vessels will aot be accountable far gold, silver, bnllion. specie, jewelry precious stones, or me

t? ?, unlets bill* of ladiag arc eigned inert fur, aad the value tberof therein expressed. ftpcoio and good* taken at smal ratoa. No freight received after noon of tko day before tailing. No berth secured until paid for. Lotterc prepaid lb?4o per >4 oa will bo received at tbo oSce up toll A. M. of tho day of Miliar, and will be car ritd in stroag India rabbar bags under look, and on arrival at Havre will bo immediately do posited ia the Post uffloe there. I'arecli taken, each prepaid, one dollar and upward*, rtxeo date* or sai una. rBOM N|W YORK. ?0? HAVEE. Ariel June 30 North Star June 30 North Star July 21 Ariel Jaly 21 Ariel Aug 11 North Star Aug. 11 North Star Se^t. 1 Ariel. Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 22 North Star ^ept. -- North Star Oct 13 Ariel Oot 13 Ariel Nov, 3 >orth Star Nav. 3 Ariel Nov. 24 Theao iteamahir* are elaoeod A I at the insurance offic ii, and specie and goods will bo insored la them at at low ro'en of premium aa in any other cteamab pe that crew the iceaa. For nteieht or paiMge, appiy to D. TORRANCE. No 5 Bowling Greoa, Now York. SUMNER, MuNTANT A DRAPER, 20 Rao N. D. do* VI* tolro. J'arii. CURVST1E, 3CHL0ESSBANN A CO., 27 Qoal Cvnaair liclavignc.Uavre. OR LITEEPOOIr? TBE PACKET SHIP ALBERT GALLATIN, will tail Tueiday, Juao 12 Seoon 1 aabla and ateeraga paaiengor* will bo found ia a liberal supply of eooked provision* by the shir. Fare, aecond cairn, flS: steerage, $16. The packet ship CUNBTIIUTION, will sail Jaac 21. Tor pas* axe in either ef tho above shipa apply to THUS. C. ROCHE, 83 Sooth .trxt, fOR LIVERPOOL.? ST. QEORGB'S LINE.- THE CE J lebrattd clipper ship DREADNOUGHT, Captain Samuel*, 2 600 tona. will sail 30 1* Me. This Splendid ship ha* aeeemmodationa for all oiaa*o* V passengers, not equal led by any chip oat of tho port. Apply oa board, pier 8 North River; or to DEMA KEST A JONBS. 40 Soutlr street, corner of Old slip. fclOR LIVEUPOOL-Tfll: DOUl BLE ESOINE STBAB M} (hip STAR OF THE SuUT H, Jams* Marks. Comman der, will leave pier 16, Eaat river, feet of Wall street, on Wednesday, June 30, at 3 o'clock P M. Pint class pa* aeo, $100 ; second clai* panage, $60. The owner* of this ship will not bo aeeonntablo tor gold, silver, bnllion, or other valaablec, uuless bills cf lading are aiicncd therefor. VTOTICE ? PACKET 13th JUNE.? FIRST PACKET FOR JJl Liverpool. The cplondid new and fast sailing elippar - I. TAPSCOTT, Captain J. B. Bo." " Wednesday, 13th Juao. precisely a Early application to aecire berth* ihonld bo made on board, F ?his WM. TAPSCOTT, Captain J. B. Bell, will positively til on Wednesday, 13th Juno, precisely at twelve o'dloek. larly application to sec* re berth* ihould bo made on beard, ner 38 East river, foct of Market street, or to TaPSCuTT A CO., 86 South street. FOR LONDON-SAILS TO-DAY ? THE PACKETSHIP LIVERPOOL Room for a few more second cabin and ttcersge patseugers. For passage apply to THOMAS C. RUCliE, tj& SoatB street . THE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP Company intend gailiag their favorite noamahir*? CITT OF MANCHESTER. 2,136 ton*, Capt. WyLe. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (new,) 2.6U tea*, Capt CITY OF WASHINGTON, d*. .2,700 tent, Capt. R, Lcitek. Saloon $60, $66 aad $66, aeoordiag to state room. A limited anmber of third elaaa pMiengei* will If take* Parti os wishing to brlng^nt^their frlsndJj can oblatajm 4rom Philadelphia and Liverpool, aad Hand to rroviikar From Philadelphia $30 1 From Liverpool .JUI ~ 1 Msadi? * _ . verpeel, sterling and npwarda. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, aacak, 17 Walnnt street, Philadelphia, and Ko. 7 Broadway, New York. <iflcates of paacage aad draft* on Liverpool, ia nai of ?J FOR HAVRE DIRECT JUNK 23, THE STEAMER ((CAKEK CITY, Captain J H. Hodgdon? The iart sailing ?'earner Quaker City, 1.8U0 uu bnrthea, with au engine Biit denk, will leave here for Havre direct on the 23d of Jane. IbU steamer hat proved hreealf, caherieveral naseapet between Charleston aud Philadelthia, one of the tartest and staunchest vsstel* afloat Her areeomtnodfittoa* tor pastengers are of the molt mperior description. Passage Id the after cabin $130 '? " forward do 100 For passage apply to MORTIMER LIVl.NOSTUN, 53 Broadway. N.B.? Mo freight taken except specie. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AMD HAVRE-THE UN1TRD States mall steamer I'NION. Carta a K. Aiams, com itander, will leave for Havre, touohiag at Southampton to laad th* mails aud passenger*, on Saturday. Jane 30, at 13 o'clock, (Tom pier No. 37 North river, foe*- of Beach street. Price ot pattags, first cabin, $130; second eabia, $75. Lug page aot wanted during the voyage should be eent cn board the day before tailing, marked "below." No freight will be tekea after Thursday, June 2tf For freighter passage ap ply to MORTIMER LIVINGS TUN. 53 Broadway. N. B.? All letters must pats through the Post uffio. Bremen, via Southampton.- the united States Bail steamship WASHINGTON, E. Caveady, compandor, will sail for Bremen, touching at Southampton to land the mails aad passeagei* for England and France oa Saturday, June 10, at 13 o'clock M., from pier 37 North river. . Price of passage from New T?rk to Southampton si Bremen:? In first cabin, mala saloon. flM In first cabin, lower saloon 110 In second cabin 9$ An experienced surgcea is attached to each steamer. Spe cie delivered la Havra or Loadoa. All letters mutt pas* through the Post ufflce. for pasture or freight apply to C. H. SAND, Age at, 11 South William street. The steamer Hermann will succeed the Washington, aad sail July 14. E EDUCTION OP FARES TO SUIT THE TIMES. - New York aad California tteamrhip line. via Nicaragua Aeceasuy Transit Company, of .Nicln-gna. jroi net^ra tbrough In advance of the mail? 700 miles shorter than uy other route, avoiding the deadly Panama fever, and two miles of dan# trout boating in Panama Bay. The frteadid d'.nble engine steamship NORTHERN LIGHT. 2 5U>tcas burden, Capt. Tinklepaugh, will leave pier No. 3 North river, at 3 o'clock P. M. precisely, tor Paata Arenas, ca Wcdues day, June 30, 1-55. connecting with the steamship Cortes, 2,01*3 tons burden, over the Nicaragua Transit route, having bat twelve mile* of land traasp?rtation by first slat* car risges For information or pastage at the rcdueed sates at ply cat.) t? CHARLES MORGAN, Agent, No. 3 Bowling Green. Letter bags mad* up at the ottcc. No anftaaped letters received. Reduced prices:? ioo lbs. baggage free - font hours from ocean to ocean, by i'anama Railroad. ? N* exposure to deadly miasnas, ana dangerous naviga tion lu open river and lake boats.? Through tor California via Panama Railroad.? The United States Mail Steamship tympany will despatch for Aspinwall, on Wednet Jay, June 20. at 8 o'clock P. M., precisely, from pier foot of if arret street, North river, the a*w and splendid steamship ILLINOIS, (2. fit*) ton* barthtn,) J P. McKinstry, U. S. N., commander. Passengers and mails will be forwarded bv Panama railroad, an<l connect at Panama with the JTeciUo Mail Steamship Company's magnificent steamship Joha L. Stephens, (2, fiW) ton* burthen,) R. H Pearson. com oiander, which will be in readioess, and leave imrMdtar.eiy for San Francisco. The public are informed that the P. M. S. S. Co. always have one or more extra steamer* lying at Panama, rcsdy for sea. to avoid any possitle detentitn ot passengers or mailt. F?r passage apply t? I. W. KaY ? UNO, at the only office of the companies. 177 West street, oorntr et Warren, New York, fronting the North r.ver. C1LIPPER SHIPGALATEA. FOR 8AN FRANCISCO, IS ) aov rapidly leading at pier 10 East river, and will Boutiv c.y sail on or betore Saturday, l*ith June, inst. hippers will plea** have all their traight ca fcardby Saturday, 9tii, an j hand in their bills of lading, for sigL* ture, to SUTTuN A CO., 58 South street, torceref Wall. FOR SAN FRANCISCO.? THE A X NEW STEAMER ASTORIA, of WW tuns burthen, will he dispatcher on the 21si June. Fcr Ireight and passive apply to the unit livnec, or the captain on board, pier No. fC N .rth r.ver. This steamer oflurs fine accommodations f 'ta limited nurt b-r of lattengers Pertons availing of this ot poriuaiiy will avoid the dangers of sickness on th* Istlimu*. WILLIAM LCBACH A SC11EPELER, 30 Beaver St. Despatch line for ban francisc^.? the ma< niticent A I clipper ship GULDEN WEST is now lead ing at pier No V, East river, and will positively sail fcr $.iu Irsncircn in ur before Saturday Junr id. Shipper* wtU pieaee have all their freight oa b.ard Saturday, 23d ins?., ard hand in thflr bills ot lading fcr signature The Gnld'n U est is one ot the sharpest clippers ever built in the United States, aad prstent* the groaie.t 'aduoemeuts toshifcert. al'Tl'oN A Co., 58 South ttreot., cor. of Wal^ sT MAIL STeTupHIPCOM PANY.-FOR HAVANA ? and New Orleans.? Oa Monday, June If, at 2 P.M.. tiom pier foot of Wa-ren stmt. Smrth river, the well lii owr and favorite steamship CRESCENT CITY, Captain Join KcOowan. Having teen thorturbly overoaalsd -.nd put in first els rs ccndition will ie<ume ber place in the Hnn ?nd ?ai) as above. Panaage can bi> ?>oure t a*, tlio ocm; a-.y . ? flue. Mcijiht to New Orleans. 3" teats per en io foot SLIprcrs will oe tcpplisd with blank bills of lading ?f tho trrm? enpplied by the company, on application *t their n fice. > o other torrrs signed, and ao bill* o' ladiag will be ??n?d a'ter the hour ?f ssilinr. For tre.ght tr pas?i.^>\ spplv at the ofliae oi the company. 177 West >rt-r of Warren. M. u_R'tBtir?. FOR PORTLAND? 8TE A MS HIP CALEDOJIIA, CAPf Scndder will leave nter 13, North river, ot Tue*day Jure 12, at 4 P. M. I relsli . taken fur Montreal. Qnel ej aud for all Eastern ports. Apply to J.'iHN RILtY. corner af W *?hinston and Atbany streets. Freight recu ,*d daily at said pier. P~ OiCpaVANNAN ? FARE- REDUCED ? TnE CN1TED Stat 'S Mail Steamship KEYSTONE STATE, Cap*. R. lltrdie, wll> leave I'hilade phia for Savant ah on Wedoes On j June Kith, at 10 o'clock A. M. Fsre$*i, stnrag?S8. The Keystone State will leave as aVvc Wodue<dtr, Jcne 27tb. Agents In New York, "CRAN it?N A 1ALLU AN, IV Old Mip where states rooms may be securtd j^OR SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA -UN ITE^ STATES mail line.? The new and elegant steamship Fl. tRIOA, Capt. M. S Woodhull. will leave New York fur Savannah, on Wodneettay. Jane 13, fr-in nter No. 4 Norta riv?r, at tear o'clock T. M. Bills ot lading signed ou board. Tor fMteht st ply pii losrd, or for pareace io SA UUEL MITCIIECL, Is liroadway. For Florida, through tickets *ro?? New Turk te Jacksonville, $31; Pilatks. $33. Tbc Auiusta.Th?a Ltou. will sncreed, and ltava on > riday, June 10. b'OR THAR LESTON AND FL?rTda -SCilf We"ck" r ly Waited State* wail lisc. The new and ta?* -going ?tesmer MARION, W. F??ter eommandcr. will **?e rl*? yo 4, Ntrth RWer. on Wcdneeilay, J?ue 13 at 4 o'dloth P.M.. prwetsely For freight, ?pplv on toigd, whe?e al Mile of la?llng will be ligaed aad Itr passage at tlie ?IAe? of trofferd Tileeton A C*., J9 llroedway. Tbraseh ><*ket? to Fl<"-ids, as follow":? To Jarksonvill* $3': to **ila*ha $33. Th1- Nashville will sucoecd aad leav* oa Satordsy, Jul? Mi, AMvnmam. By iblo t OiSBaii.-Tiii ?r cwanciifK(T^ I #<on?w? at V; Ot?tin M twu n 7%, ma Uto nse* ?t 8 ?'aJ<xk poeWy. * mi AMD HAAEISONENGIJSH OPMftA COMPART. tiiNi or orui tiiiT mtw. . . THIS 'TUESDAY' IV IX INC, JUNX u, Aabcr'* fra diayolo. Vita LniM Pyae , Mr. W. UuitiM Mi?* Pyne, Mr. Horuca*tle, _ Mr. Br Mr Holman. mSn?W I~I>*ta<Ui', DADGHT*R ?* TH* U6I Thariday-LalV* KOI] KM I AN GIRL. Friday? A* t>? re CROWk DIAMONDS. Itlirtn-WtUiN'i HA1ITAMA. !? "???"?, A ??? Uraud I'pera, by Balf*. _ . . ???eiAL NOTICE. IKltN.. IliMlA Privet* Sum 15 ?rebMtra SmIi " "X, Bos oRm *pea telly, (no 8 A. M. to 4 P M Orche.tra SaaU and frrtvato *" ?? ?"?? GRO. christy a woods minstrels, cj ||01? way, kt?T! Grant rtrMt. 0P1N RVRRT ETRNINO ???????. ta.Mfr ?hdiu with th* WANDERING MINSTREL. Dftw op?a, t\-, numh, 8 ?'?Jock. T*u?..rr..z All bosinee* sraa?sted by I. Woo*. Barnum's american museum.-one week jion, From M today, June 11, to Iatw4af. J one 16. wd praltively the lest week of the grand National Baby Show. All tbo prise babies will be exhibited on tkil occasion, suita bly distinguished by badge*, including especially tbo pro mium kit j of tbo oatiro show, said to be the fieeet looking child in the United States; a* well an the twin*, triplet* and fat children, among whom wore diitrlkuted the SI, 000 ia pre miums Tho children will he all ringed oa high platform*, whore they oan ho distinctly leen aad not handled, every day, from 11 A M. to 3 P. M., most ot them remaining to be seen, besides, from 7 to 9 o'clock ia the evening. Perform ances in the lecture room, vii , at 3 in the alternoon, aad alio at 8 o'clock in the evening. The living Ostriches, tho licit g Onrang Outaag. Maine Giantess eight <*ct high; Dwarf Lady. t? eatj -seven Inches high; Mammoth Girl, the Twin Sisters, 32 tears eld; Fejee Mermaid, Ac., are here. Ad mlttanee, 25 cents; eUldreu nnder ten, 12 }? cents. J OHM R. SMITH S GRAND TOUR OT IUROPB AND SIBGE Of SEBASTOPOL, At Ciiiisi Asiikilt Rooms, .'>38 Broadway, showing ON K HVICDAKD VIEWS, forty teet wide, of tho arinoipal ClTlEk AND OBJBCTS OF INTEREST IN EUROPE. Every evening, at 8 o'clock: aad every Saturday alter aoen, at 3 The mnsic by Mr. Alwya Field, ot London. Admission ijb cents FRANKLIN MUEBUM. NO. 93 BOWBBT, NBARL1 opposite the Boweiy Theatre. Porformaaeee every af ternoon, at 3, and every evening, at 8. N. B ? Straagn will observe that the Fraaklia Museum is the only place in the United States where the Model Artists ?r? exhibited, with other trtginal entertainments. Remember, fa kf Bowery. LTMPIC CIRCUS, 4 6 BOWERY.? II. FRANCONI A Bnraeil Runaells, Proprietors. NEW ATTRACTIONS FOR THE WEEK. Encasement of the Ci^i*n Clown, W. F. WaLLXTT, first appearance ia two jeers. Also, first appearance of the celebrated German Gymnast, franklin Martino. t'ran ceni with his splendid horsss, Bayard and Johnrtoa; Leva tor Lee and his Juvenile Artists; Hop o' By-thumb Steve, or tho Clowa in Miniature; and many ether novelties, which will be eaumeiated ia the hills. Boxes, 26e.; Re served Seats, 90c.; Children, half-price; Pit, 12}?c. VTEW YOBK STADT THEATRE, jL^I 37 and 39 Mew cry. Tuesday. June 12, first pexformaacecl the celebrated SIEUB1?T FAMILY, and the peat Fren.-h Ballet Company. WONDERFUL GYMNASTIC EXERCISES, PANTO MIMES aad DIVERTI SEMEN rs. Prices ef Admission ?Private Boxes, 01; First Tier, 50 cents; Parquet, 2S cents; Gallery, 12)f cents. Doors cpen at 7; to commence at 8 oToloch. NEW YORK DRAMATIC SOCIETY.-THE NEXT RE gular perfermance will take place at the Brooklyn Mu seum, on Tuesday evening June 19. Positively no gentle men admitted unless acoompanied by ladies. The tickets now in use will not he good after this per form i-ace The complimentary benefit to T. B. Johnston will take place at the Metropolitan Theatre on Thursday evening, the 21st inst. J. NORTH, Secretary. 0 H AVE YOL SEEN BARNUM'S BABY SHOW* THEN GO SEE PERHAM'S BURLESQUE. It's the most iaashabie "take off" ever brought oat, aad ATTRACTS IMMENSE AUDIENCES. ( CRYSTAL PALACE ONCE MORE.? THE GRAND V display of the vtork* of geaius and of art yet on exhi bition at the Crystal Palace, must positively be returned to Europe ia a few dsys. Another week, and ourcittien* oan never again feast their eyes on the same galleries of statuan ana paintings, beside* various articles of mc "haalcal skill, aad an interesting selection from the mine ral world. We Invite every person to take a final farewell look at the New York Crystal Palace. SAMUEL BRLVOORT, Acting Ssptrlntendent. Great "hit. LEA'S NIGGER BABY SHOW. at the Franklin Museum. No. 43 Bowery, eclipse* Barium'* Baby Show entirely. ONE HUNDRED FAT NIGGER BABIES will be 'id every night, in presence o: the audience. Remem ber 58 Bewery. VT OTICE.? THE MEMBERS OF THE ORCHESTRA EN il gaiej for Madame lsidora Clara's third and last con cert, arc herewith notified to attend rehearsal this morning, at 10 o'clock, at the Metropolitan '1'hcatre. F. P. HELMSMULLER, Musical Agent. A CURB FOR BARD TIMES. Fi.bham'S Great Gi?t Disraiavviow Positively takes nlace tn 6th ef July. REMEMBER TICKETS ARM ONLT $1 EACH, AND admit four person* to Pkkmam'* Ethiopian Oi-era, 663 Broadwav. Amongst the gifts to ke du til bated i* a Splendid farm, worth S16,flM 1 loan of each 6,000 1 loan ot *a*h 2,000 1 loan of each 1,000 2 loan* of cash, SM0 each '. 1,000 10 loans *1? sash, $100 each 1,004 The 2:40 trotting mare Lilly Dale I,fl0? (ORcsewoed plant* d&M 6C 'Jold watch**, ??., Ae. Scad all order* for tickets to JOSIAH FERHAM, A dAm* Hoase, Boston. Fourth and last webk of perham's laughable burlesque babt show. Every one admits that, in seem* it. th> 7 get full 26 CENTS WORTH OF AMUSEMENT. Performaaees every evening, and Wednesday aad Satur day AttCTtoons, at 3 precedes by NRORO MINSTRELSY. DANCING, ETC. Tichct*, 23 cents. Gift tickets admit four persons each. REMEMBRR, 663 BROADWAY, rPHORNES BENEFIT AT THE 1 BOW ERY THEATRE. to morrow, when on* of the pTeateit bill* tw preecnted will be Secure j?nr *eet* in timt ST. CHARLES THIATRR NEW ORLEANS.? 9T. LodU Theatre, St. Lcnie.? B. Di Bit, uum m Ma nager of the above theatre*, will bo in Now York imme diately after Jnlj 4, for tho pnrpoee of making engagement* with ?tw*. A?. CHARLES f. PARSLOE, Agent. S Y. For bale or to let? the national theatre, in the eiiy Viibaiki. H i? one < i the lnnreet in the eonntry, i* the on*; out in the city, nud hit* nlway* rfii Kid rente. It tront* oc Pennsylvania arena*, tetwien irtoenth ud Fourteenth itreet*. The .ot front ? on the ?treot eighty eight feci, min.n^ tuck that width en* hun dred net, when it widen* te one hundred and four I (tot, and coatinne* that widtt the farther dfcence c f fifty nine feet, making a total depth o i one bnndred and fifty- nine feet. Ci'ier the theatre ii a large ealoon, whieh hae rented for $<Uper week. To an enterpixiog man. who nnderetand* the b-aiineo. the property can readily te n.ade to pay for itielf ia a few year*. The term* of payment will be made convenient to apnrehaaer. Or the property will be leaied for one or more year* to a initacle party Application* may keaidrewei *oW. H WINDER. Philadelphia PLAYING- CAUPB. ~ P LATINO CARDS -LINEN PLATING CARES, VEST eld and well *ea*ened, with all the ether varies* qaal itle* of linen and eotten eard*, made by SAM HART A tH>. Ter laleto tho tradeand clnb heme* at Xhmt itwt, No. 1 Barclay *trett. erpoM* the Alter Doin. EXTRA PAT. Bounty land otfice, b? wall street, base meat.? Soldier*, tailor* and teametere ia any war nne? 1?75, er their widow*, can obtain theit land warrant* o' the leetetf ' T ?>?778, W Wall atrnt. No charge until oel VTAVY BOUNTY LAND AND "EXTRA PAY" OPTIC*. JLv ? Bonnty land* and "extra pay '' for 0. B. Nary i til or* Ac.^in all wan ilnee 1710? thai* widow* and ceirt ? prompt y obtained and paid. Balance* dee widow* and belr* cf deeeefed 5J. 8. Milan aad?ther* collected, aad all kind* of elaima againat the Utl t?.d State* recovered ay anderaigncd; and the widow* or heir* of tho** who periehed with United State* ahip ' Alba ay, ' Will bo proflttcd by calling on EDWARD BTSSELL. Agent aad (late) Pnreer U. S. Navy. C Wall (tree*. XIDICAL. The GREATEST MEDICAL DISCOVERT OT TBI ag* ?MR. KENNEDY, oi Rnbnr>, ha* discovered ia en* et onr common paetare ?ood* a remedy that cure* every kind of knmcr, from the acsrt accrfnla down te a common pimple. lie ha* tried It in over 1,100 caeca, at/, never ftoied. except je two ceeee? both tnunder hum: r. He hu n"w in hi* p?? ?colon 0T*rtW0 hnadred certificate of.t* vj'-nt, ail within twenty mile* of Botes. 1 wo bottle* are warranted to care a tsrttag irre moxth. One te three Votrie* will c ire the wcr*tkix.d of ; imrle* ea tho face. Two te tbr*e bottle* will enre Hh, *;*tea of Hil*. Two bottle* are warren* e v? fore tie went cacher in thg moo h or it Broach. Three to five botUee ere ?"urrwnHO t> etre ibe wcret caee of erytipeiae. >ae tc two bottle* arc warrr n'-?fi * : t arc ail burner in the eye*. Two bottle# arc warranted to sure running ot the f jei aad 1? t !).?? amnn? the hair. roar to tin bottle* are ^errunttd'.* tircoom;t aad rna aing alecre Ono bottle will w* **aiy ero? tron ;i the*k<s. Tk j to three bottle* i.:? w arret, ted r-e taie the wortt caoe efriagwsrm Two to three be* tie* are warranted *.e euro toe tent do* porato oaee of rhenuiatiftt. :hre< te foar bettlee art warranUd '.i >vrt tie ealt ?Ito ?* eight ,cttl?* wul ( un thewrret 'Mf --lorMnla. A -enef i i* vlwaje ?xparieBced from tie fl:*t tottlk, *ad a perfect core .* warranted when tLo ?>)o?i jtw. ty n talti.. Header, IfeJdleStTert 'Siooeaad "'^ttlip cftti* ia the vcii. ty of Il-'eton I know the effect* cf H !n every ca?e. <?> tore a* water (I'ln^mth fir', ?o enre *nlthi*e<in homor. 1 never to'i a hoi- la n' it ^nt 'b*-. ee!l enciher, af ?er a trial it alwtyeepeak* fcr , eelf. T inn aretwothfaf* a' owt t?>e lirrb '.bat app?i.r tome en: . rtaing? -fir't the*. It irowe in ear paetnrM, in r a me ..lace* quite jletitifn., and yet It* val- e ba* aover been known naail I J;*ctreT*d itii eec ad, that it ?hinld on'o all ciod* f btmpr Is or der ?< live eome idea of the e-idden rj- and great poralaritf ?.f tb? d.eejvery, I will atate. tbat !a Arrt: 1W3, I podd ed it, ann told * :??? >!? bottU* pr day. In Apn.. lk#?, I onig over a thousand aot'le* p?r day ol it. No thanga of Aiet ev?r iec?e?ary , eat the b?*t yon tan get, and anongh of it. Dire. 'iong ft r o*c? A '?]".*, tne tall!* ei ntnftj per da# chil dren over jeare, d?**ert *ptotfnl ; ch ldran flee te eight year*, tea epeontn^. ia no direouon* tan be kpeb eaVle*# al'. cenrtnatione, *?ko ouflleient to operate rathe tcwel* twite a day. Mt Kcasedv <>oo feraoaal attend aneo in bad c|*et ?1 (crornla Maaafactnred 1>j Donall Kennedy Nc. Tffl ?arTea *tr?et. Rox^cry.Maee rr<ea$l. Wheleiaie igtet* !?ow Yerk? Cbae. n. Ritf. Ne. 1? Bicadwgy; (r ?. Ciirkemer, Ne. SI Bareiay rtreet: A. B. A D. Saute, No 141 Twltoa rtreet; Marefe A Northrop, 1M O;eonw>ch etreet ; Shafllle A Bree, A wt . i7tl * ultam etreet, Bdyd ? Pan', , hembere etreet : T. C. Telia A C?., Ill Franklie etreet; M K win, RoVVln* A Co,, Maidea lane, fartiaad Bemell A Kleeev. ? ?-ren etMMt: WmM. J.aet A Co., Ma'tai iate vrt rt.fc-.'td by alj mnnctak * trxu'tt AJCvrawBirra. A CADEMY 07 M I' SIC. A ITALIAN OPERA. POITIVKLV Lur W'-lk 01 TMC SlilOV. BIXKriT or 81UN0R BADIALI. fint trpumci of Mil*. ZOB ho Mom. WIETHOP at this esta'j iahmant. WEDNESDAY. JVSU IS, when will top rfiraaed, tor the Ia*t iiuuNi* York, l*t> liii ? chef d'autre of WILLIAM TELL. Sigaern S1EFFANONE, BERTCCt A MARETZEK. Bit ?oh B0LC10NI, BADIALI, BOCCO ud COLETTI la the prlxiptl role*. Muitcnl Director and Coedac'cr Mm MintMk Act A ? re* Tyrolean|ly M Is. /.o- aad Bona. Wiethet C rand Pa * Militair* by the entire Corpo da Ballot. rrieee of Admission ? Parquet, {Parquet Circle aid Fint Tier. II; Secured Scat*, 91 ?? Second Circle, 30 ooati; Am pbitbiitft, 26 N>tc. Doorf tpen at 7>?; opera commence* ?t 8 o'clock. OWEBY THEATRE -I. P. WALBROM. PROPRIXTtR and Manager; Robert Jo >h Stan tau*. FtImi of adniacioai? Boxoa, V> niu; Pit. IBs ooaUi OtJlerr. MX M>U; Pnveto Boxee. ?6.? Tueecey eveatao. iui tf. THE FIELD OF FUR2Y FOOTSTEPS. Sir Arthur MateMove. Mr. R. Jokaiton KASiMtUO. Guiaeppe A niello Mr. OriAths BURTON'S, CHAMBERS S TRtKT. -DRESS CIRCLE aad Parquet, SO centa; i ..mily cirolc, 35 coat*; Orches tra Chairs, SI; Private Bexe*. SS ?ach. Door* epos at 7V, W>n at ; V o'clock. Tuesday cTtn:ur, Jaao 12. THE SF.CRBT. FIRST NIGHT. KATHARINE AND PETRUCHIO. Fetiuchic Br. E. *.ddy I Katharine.. .Mr*. I. C. Froit PLEASANT NEIGUBORS. BUCKLEY'S SERENADERii. fi? BKOADWAT. ? MON day evening, Jose U. aad every evening daring tfco week, a grand new burlMque on the onera of LUCIA HI LAMMERMOOR, IN WlllTL FACfcS Wgarto a. Swaioe Bulkier L??y .......... Mia* Rfanaer Preceding tko opera. NEGRO MINSTRELSY, CROW OUT SHANGHAI, original Joke*, Wlttloiama, Ae toBBeaeoo at 8 o'clock ticket* SI! -jobU. METROPOLITAN TUEATKE-BROADWAY. OPPO DM Boad atreet.? The public ia r*?p**tlull> iafomed tiiBt 18IDOKA CLARK, TMC AMERICAN PRIMA DONNA, Kill give bar third and laat (IRANI) CONCERT, in thie eity, ea TUESDAY evening, J a no 12 aaaiatod by the following artUW ? BIUNOR ARNOLM, Tenor, BIGNOR BERN aRDI Baritone, SIGN OR UASPARONI, Baiio. MR. HEaEI API' V, the celebrated Vieliniet, aad a FULL ORCHESTRA. Director Mr. Carl Bergaa? PROGRAMME-PART I. I. Grand Overture. "La liana Laora" Raaiii Z Romania, " A Taato Amore," from tko opera, Favorite Deain.< 3. Scene et Cavatinn, 'Eruaai! Krnanit Invola ni"? Iraui. Ter 4. Violin Solo. " La Ma Celine'' Hanm* 6. Bngliib Ballad. "Ike Dream" Mai' ti. Liberty Dnot, "Suona la Tromba''? J I'urltaai. ..Belli . 7. Air, "Mariana do Tu* Ojna," with variation* Saldoi . K Overture, " Zanetta" Anbor B. Scena ot Aria. " Anch io DuoUluto," from the opera. Nabncodouosor Terdi 10. Violin Solo " La Meianculie" Pramr U. Aria for Baritone, trom the opera, Eruani Verdi 12. La Serena ta, (the Sercnadri Sebakerth 13. Quartette, trom the opera, Lucia di Lam mar - moor Doniaetti Priee* of admiMion:? Parquet aad Pariraet Cirole, fl; Faaiily Circloa, M cent*. Private Boxei, accommodating ail persona, 1 10 aad $6. Seat* aecured at the box office without extra oharge. Door* open at 7; ooneert to commeaoo at H o'clock. Fthera will be in attendance. Academy of mosic.-the committee or ma naircment have the honor to inform the public that they have aet apart Thnreday, 14th mat,,, for the ftrit apptar aace in t hi* oountry of MISS ELIZA HENRLIR, OF BOSTON, who vai auddealy compelled by a family aBictioa to aban don her engagement aa prima oonna at La ScaU, Milan, aad rtturn totbia country. Miaa Heniler will appear ia Doni totti'i admired opora of LINDA DE CHAMOUNIX, in whleh (he obtained a itgnal aueceaa daring the put win ter at Milaa. The C'ommrttoo or Management are gratified at thi* opportunity of affording encouragement to an in stance of Americas talent which require* only the warmth ?f public lavor to ripen into higher excellence. Metropolitan theatre.? mr. backetx* re (pectfully acknowledgea the receipt of variou* eompli meetary communication* and entreatio* for hi* repetition, before withdrawal, of hi* two favorite and original Ameri can character), RIP VAN WINKLE, ARD COL. NIMROD WILL FIRE, (the KentuckUn of 181&,) which were received on tlietr revival on 8atarday with ex traordtrary demonstration a <,r eatiafaction by aa over crowded andienoe, and would intimate that he will have the honor of complying with public request on THURSDAY EVKNlMi N EXT, 14TH INST , that being the only oeoaaion w'.en it will be eoavenicat to reopen the theatre ior tush purpose. Other entertainment* will be added and announced hire after. Private Bosef, Oroheitra Chair*, neat* ia the Baleoay aad Dreia Circle may now be *ecnred at the Box offiea. MISS MARTINEAU.? ALL MODERN TRAVELLERS ia Egypt unite in teattl) ing to the great value and im portance oi Dr. ABBOTT'S oelebrated muaeum, near OB ex. nibition at the Stnyveaant Inatitute, 'k'9 Broadway. The collection anmbera up war la of a thousand genuine objects of antiquity , including tbe necklace and earring* of Menea, Brat Pharaoh of Egypt, 2,750 yeara before C'hrilt; tbe helmet of Sbkehak, who invaded Jeruaalem 971 yeara before Christ; the massive gold signet ring ot Cheopa, who built the great pyramid; three large mnmmieaof the Saored Bull (Apia), upward* ot 3.000 year* old, the only specimen* over exhibit ed; and teveral fine human mummie*. The aceompii*hed Mif* Martineau, ia her tboughtfal book of Raitera travel, taya that the loa* of the ring or Cheopa would be "a nation al leu." ltiian ebieot of irreat intereat to all viaitor* to thi* muieum, now the daily reiort of atrangeri aad resi dent*, and the moat attractive and instructive exhibitiea in the eity. Open day and evening Admiaaion, 26 cent*. Remember, that this is the last wcrk or PERHAM 3 BAUY SHOW, If yen with to eajoy tblt evening, and a hearty laugh, go to * 663 BROADW^r. Bowery theatrb.? Wednesday, jcne ia Secure your ??*>? lor to morrow. THOKME 8 BENEFIT. Seven pieces. Grand mammoth entertaiamsat. TO DBAMATIO AUTHOR?.? THB UNDE R8I0M MB ?ropos** to the dramatic authors la the United State*, tv invil e their exertions in behalf tt the drama, to a sompo titioa for the following:- for the be*t fare*, in whieh aa Irish male and Yankee female oharaete; (hall be the leading features? One hnndred an 4 a ft* dollar*. For the beat drama, in three aeti, with aa Irish male aad Yankee female eharae ter? Three hnndred dollars. Fer the beet comedy, In three or five uti. in which an Irifh mat* aad Yankee ftmale eha raeter (hall be the molt prominent ? Fire hundred dollar*. Theer sums will be paid te the leooeeefal author* reapeetire Ij. The decisions will b? made bya competent, disinterest id committee of At* gent'emen The lateit term fer th* re ception of the plays, which are to be seat to the subscriber. 102 Bkst Nineteenth street, or the Broadway Theatre, l? the tret day *f Atnii next The subscriber deems nim self called upon by the recent wholesale piracy of his prt cate wanurcript*, te make the above proposals, in the hep* that hereafter he may be able te protect author* and artists. In seme measure, from the naprinoifled use of indivtdaal property. hARNET WH.LIa.MS. Comedian. MKDICAI.. A PHYSICIAN OF THE FIRST RESPECTABILITY ' and standi ng in the city, has taken a private resideaee an town, for the treatment of Invalids. To any one who de nres retirement, qaietude, competent ntursinc, with all the appliances ef comfort, tbla establishment is nnequalltd la the city. Address Physician, bos 777 foii Office. DR. SWAN APPRISES BIS FRIENDS, AND THOSB who with to consnlt him, that he Is daily at his office, Ne. 1 Chatham square, in partnership with Dr. Lake, where bis celebrated remedies are prepared for both sexei. Reeent cases cured in a tew days. Dr. L.'s ellxer and elec:oary, price tl per bot tie or box. DR. PERRY, 87 FRANK Lift STREET, NEAR TAT lor'* laloen, may be consulted confidentially in cer tain disease*, with certaiaty ot *i>cce*e. Dr Perry is th* agent for Daval't French remedy, for female irregularities. PriceK. _ DOCTOR J. PFBIFFER, HYDROPATHIC AND BO tanica'. doctor, offloe 1!17 Bait Seventeenth stre*t, cores ibeumatism, and disease of long stand ing, and all amine from an impute state of tbe blood. Also, his ointmeat Tor burn* and eoa'ds. Offiee kours from 7 to 9 o'clock, a M. and from 1 to ? e'clook, P.M eveniar, from f U 9. DHR COBBETT, 19 DUANB STREET, MAT BB BOM. ? suited with confidence on certain dliiaass; 24 years I) eas speciality ef the profession, enables him to raaraats* permaaeni enr*s. Hi* treatment is the same a* M naas Used by the peat Rioerd of Paris. M. B.-Dr C. i?|L| as memksr of the W. Y. Paifefslty. may be ssea at to'Jtl DHU COOPER. Id DUANB STREBT, SO fcOBO KNOW* I to the eltitease of New l'or? as th* most ceooeccial rractiiicnsr this country eaa boait of, eoatlaaM te b* tt united at bis old sffioe. relieving the eaferteaate, and giving consolation te many aa aching heart, jf, M.?Dtt C. gnarantees a sure in all eaeee undertaken. DHK. JOHNSON, 18 DUANB STREBtThAS PERFORM ed mere cure* than any ether medical nu la New York. Dr. J.'i treatment is safe and expedite*; hi* medt eine* ean be taken without feat of deteetioa. Charge* mo derate. aad jfc* meaev refunded U satlslaetloa DHR. HUNTER'S RBD DROP CURBS WUUf TUB ? tl'atmeat ef other phyitoians and all otfafc (OMadlss tall. It I* your ?nlr reliance fo) ? thorough Cure \a Certain diiease*. No. 3 I>( virion street, th* only MawMrie troll known tor tbe many extraordinary cure* tt has ltftmni i t without diet or hlndraaee from bueiaeea. when all ether r?. aed>* ? nly drive the diaeane la ths blood? tl fin T-.ia ?ervre* tbe patieat from secondary attacks, and ialhe ?? if remedy *n earth that doe* It. Yoj will Aad thJ* eat > ? tor eip rienoe, if yon trust te aay ether medMn*. ' . *m cnred 'houcande of eaeee that aevar would hay* W*? ?> without It. Dr. Hunter restore* people to he*Mktei'>. ?he have teea almost rained by mercury aad *auetl** v? ?)?? hum bags D*. WARD S UNFORTUNATE'S FRIEND, $1. WiTIV abcok.-Jmt what the** waat wh? have am'. M'xl diteasce. namely, a euro at onee, andao delav aad bt-., Kaee Cnat. it euro in tbe world bj Dr. War*'* " Vni?r na*.e'e{Fnrnd." Affltotrd take notice? ne etha* r*ni"l>?* ran eore yon radically. SMgkt iai?* eared la a mm hoar*, re l;m? elre doee it. No 80 Caaal street, aa* Soer ?*?? of Broad* *y. Is tbe place to get this rapid aad thorough remedy? to* here else la New York A ear* warranted ky I?r. tt ard Patients carton* fer relief may r*ly en a rapid enrs by bis treatment, without tuning th* syrtea. Altera tion oi diet or ceeeetiuu from busiaeee aot required. 1BPORTANT TO FEMALES -DB. DUBOIS' OFFICB Agenoy for tbe exelusiva treatment of alt disease* aei eent tof*malee,No ?6 Islington aveane,a?ar Weet Tweetv ?eventh street and Fearth aveaua. Remedlee for femele ofran?fm*a".* from Si to Advise grattv Coasnltatieas avd letters ooaAdea'.lal. Mall letter* eeataialag M served with advice aad medleine by return post Relief guarantee* la all cat**. Patient* from a distance provided with eligible trurd, nnrviag and attendance. e MLARBONT, PARIS AND TENDON PHYSICIAN . aad turteoa, anther of th* Medioal Adviser aa* Mar riage Gn'd*, S43 pages, 73 engravltts, (mdiled by him, **al*d elosely, to aay addres* for SI.) I* *oaiulted at 43 Read* etreet, coratr of Broadway, from 11 A. M. till 2, aid (I* tt 1' V . "nedey* excepted. Thoe* at a distaae* treated by mail and exrreii. We eoaeur with other paper* la reeem Wendlbg Dr. L. aad hl? treat! ?e.?THs patch. Courier de Btats Cat*. Day Book. Btssts 7.*ltnng, National Demoerat. A*. SUB*" CUBE ? DM WAKES' UNFOBTUNATB I Friead aew ?d'ased before every other r*madj. Th* ealy eertaaa tare known. Do aot b* deeeived. It I* th* ??i' r*medv that trill aot dliappolat. Quite origiaal wttbo-* meieur* *e tniaeral p*i**a*. No e?e *v*? tried the B*fcr- . tate ? f rVeed but evpreased hi* adalnti*! ef f M **"4 ? ?Ml' v i eaeaat ae *alat*rv. Veer are eared Hr epadaae * ' Of** Cava! *t. . *a* d?*r east *1 Bread way.