Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1855, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1855 Page 8
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wmwum imwm imi nr. VMM ran rati wAiri i. TjrAXTIB-iTi RETPBCTA ULE GIRL. A 8ITUA TV tioa m plain eeok, wuh? aad irvntr; objection 10 tb? bonae work of a (mall family, or to go a abort dtataac e in the Boat c( otty referenjoe. Add re m K. F., 117 , TlM IM it., between 2d tad 3d avenuea, la th? grocery ' tie* a. ?^*^oa to ? f.riA"d' h" ''U?i?? ln LAd ' W'ANljEp-rfY A MOST RESPECTABLE YOi/NU uuridiviiau, who ha* juat lost her owa baby, a child to *?! iu|i. wkl would receive particalar attantioa aad hate a comfortable liana. Bcfaren.<?t exchanged. Call At 226 (ith at., between avewa C and 0, Iroat roan, eocoud floor, tor oaa weak. TIT ANTplV-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TT ta cook, walk aad iroa. and do waiting: uo objaotioa to tia eoumry. Good referenc*. Call at 14* Varick at , for two da/a. WiKTIO-A SITUATION, Br A YOUNG GIRL, TO DO TT plain ooaking; ia an excellent waabar aad irouar. No abfectiona to da the houeework ol a amall family. Boat of oity reference. Can ba teen until auitad, At 76 Spring at., in the dry gooda a tor*. TT-?>t*d-bt a BE3P1CTABLB GIRL, ? S1TUA TT ticn aa chambermaid .r waiter. Uaa no objaotioa ta ge a abort diatanoe in tbe cjnntry. Haa the beat of oity reference Plaaaa ta eall at lo37th avenue batwean SOth and 21at ata. SsHSSW; WASTED? A SITUATION, BY TWO RESPECTABLE yonng woman; ana aa ehambermUd and lanadreaa, and tbe o* her aa oook, and to aaaiat in the waahing and iron tag. Good reference. An'y at No. 3i 6th avenue. Can be aeen fir twe day a. 3mm? < TXTANTRD-BYA RESPECTABLE GIRL A SITUATION l TT aa aeamalreaa. Can tit and cat dreaeea, aad do plain aewibg. Btat of city reference given. No abjeotion to go to the oeuatry Pleaae call at & avenue B., betwaaa lth aad ? 5th afreets, Sd floor "fI7" ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, aa nurae aod aeamatreae, or to take care af children and do ehamberwork aad waiting, in a pri vate family ; beat et eit? reference given. Can be aeaa for two daya at the residence ci her laat employer, 139 Wait 11th et. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT girl, aa chambermaid aad plain aewar. or to aaaiat in waahiag and general honeework. ia a amall family. Good < oity reference. Pleaae call at -'11 12th at., between lat ave nue and avanne A, aecend floor, front room, for two daya. la wflh?s tfgo ia the oeuatry. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youag girl, to do chamberwork and aaaiat in the waah ing aad iioviag, or to take care of children. Baa good re ferenee. PleAtecall at S9 East 25th at., rear building, for three dija,.lf not engaged. fXTANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TT a Proleatant, to eoek, waah and iron. Good city re ferenee. Apply at 1-18 17th at., between 7th aad 8th aveunea. Caa be seen tor two daya. WANTED- A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTAN'l WO man aa first rate cook; makea exoellent paatrr, all kikda of jeUlca. preaervea and denjrta; understands oooking in all ite brahebea, and ia t'u'.ly >iualifled to take the manage meat of hoaaehold affair a. The beat of eity reference, do otuection to the country. Can he aeen for two daya at 103 W eat 28th at , three doori from 7 th avenue. WANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUA tivn aa nurae and plaia aeamatreaa, or chambermaid and aeamatreaa; haa no objection to aaaiat in waahiag and ironiag or to do up ladies' ninslms. Good re'ereaoe oaa be given. Pleaae apply at l!-l Cut 12th at, Can be aeen Or two days, if not engaged. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protectant woman, to oook, waah and iron ia a amall tamily. No objeotion t<< go a ahort distance ia the country. Reference if required- Apply at 137 Elizabeth at., near the crner of Broome, in tbe tear, in the basement. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa chambermaid and waiter; ia willing to aaaiat in the waabiug and ironing. Can give aix years' rclerence, and her employer can be aeen and will give an excellent character. Apply ttr two days at 130 Court, betweea Wyckoff and Warren >ta.. South Brooklyn Wi Wanted-a situation, bt a respectable young Klrl. at chambermaid and waiter, or to do light work: it willing to mate herseit useful where ihe would beve a pood home. Can oome well recommended from her lent place. Pleaee oall it No. 7 Cuion conrt, between 12th ?t. and Univenity place, for two days, if not engaged. TVAN'iEU-BY A RESPECTAB1.E SCOTCH Y3UNG it ? crtnau , a situation ai aurie and leamitreia, or to do chamberwork; ii a good watbtr tod ironer; 10 objeetioa to the conbtry . Can be ie?b at JSC W. 16th ?t., in the rear, till engaged. WANTED? A SITUATION AS NURSE OR SEAM ?treea, by an American woman, whole reeommonda tiom for ebnraoter and ability ate unexceptionable. Apply at SSI Bowery. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protectant woman, a* a professed eoek, first rate ?waeher and ironer; no objection to go to the oountry ; otn be teen fer two dtys at 79 J niton avenne, Brooklyn. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A 8ITUA tion an chambermaid and waiter, or te take oare of children, hat the bett of city reference* from her la?t place. Can be eeen for ? wo day*, at llu East 29th it., in the itore, between 3d and 3d avert. TirANTlD? A TAILORES5, TO WORK ON COATS; A TT boy omfer initrnctiont, and a young man to work by the wco*. Apply at 34 Attorney it., rear, for one week. WANTEC-A NEAT SEAMSTRESS, TO DO FINE tewint None but those fully competent ne*d apply. Inquire of Mri. A. Hall, 211 Hudson tt , corner of Canal. TENANTED ? IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY Of TWO TT periont. a north of Ireland, Scotch or Engliih Protei tant girl, troea 16 to !M, te assist in the general homework, \> tcl ing, and Ironing. Mntt he a neat lower, retpectful and w tiling to observe therulee of the houte. One who has not lived oat before preferred. Apply before II A. M. at 196 West Slit it., near 8th avenue, lor one week. WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a eituation at nurse and teamitreu, in a retpeotable family. She hae good olty reference from her lait place, where ehe bae lived eight yeari. No objeetioai to the ooun try tor the rammer. Can be teen for two dayi, at 32 5 6th avenue, in the store. TANIED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ? . a situation, who hat been two years in her lait place, and left in consequence of the family going to Europe. Beit of city reference given. She i? a i good plain cook, wather, at d ironer, and good baker. Can be teen for two days, at 1738th avenue. two doors below 19th tt. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A MOST EXPERI eneed young girl, at lanadrets and chambermaid; can do up gentlemen's linen and ladies' finery in the first style. Bai bo objection to go a few milet in the country. Has the >,eit of city reference. Will take SO a month. Call it 217 Eait 23d et. , for two days. TIT" ANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE TT y oi' i g girli; ene to eook, with and iron, or to do bouse work, the other as chambermaid, waiter or nurse; they have the beet of eity reference; are willing to go a short dis tance la the oountry. Please call at 77 Henry itreet, room 2U. Wanted? by a respectable girl, a situa tion to do chamberworh and waiting, or at none and plain sewer; would he willinc|to make herself generally use ful; hat no objection to go in the country. Cam be teen till suited at her present place, 221 Weit 14th it., near 9th av. WAN 7 ED- A YOUNG, HEALTHY WOMAN, AS WET nurse, to nurse an intact it ber home. Good reference leqairea. Address S. 8. S. , Herald office. . BY A RESPECTABLE . wisher and ironsr, oroham ? objection to the country; is a first rate hand at milk and f Can be seen tor two days at SOt Houston St., west side iron the Bowery. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonag woman, utieemttrets, tad take ctre of children, !? some respectable ftmily. J'lease call at No. 112 Paoific st., mearfDoerum, Brooklyn, in the fancy store, for two days Wo objeetioa to tra?el. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU ation on board of a steamer, is stewardess; has had several years' experience en the water, or would be willing to travel with a lady, as nun*; best of city reference given. Ploaae call at fi6 Fourth st. ?wrANTMO? A SITU ATION, AS FARMER, BY A YOUNG TT reepeetable Scotchman, wonld take entire charge of a firm; bast of refsreaee given. Please addren, for two dayi, P. C., Herald office. * ' WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yavmg woman, to de geatral housework; no objection t? go a abort dlitanoe la the country; good reference. Caa be mm for two days at M Perry st. , corner of 4th st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE renag girl, at chambermaid or waitar; It willing to do general homework; mo objeetioa te go to the oountry tor the summer; has good city refereaee from her ia?t place; oall for twe days at 48 Forsyth st., im tbe rear, first floor. WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION AS TT iiiim Irlss in a private family, or as child's anrie aad ac t as If sis. Caa be wall recommended. Call at 174 West ?ftth street; Caa be seea nati) enraged "1T7ANTBD? A|8ITCATI0N, BY A NICE, TIDY, RE TT *|>?e?ftble girl, is chambermaid and leamitreet, or name aad aoamartito. Can be seen at ifi Rose itreet. room Ne. UL Essibt very bet olty reference. WANTED? A BITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS ?aaasatreM and to take tbe care of ohildrea, or would travail with a | lady. UnexcepUonab'e reference! given as to ehdtaeter aad oompeteaev. Apply for two dayi at 104 1st a ream a, between 6th ind 7th streeU. flT AN TED ? SITUATIONS. BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN; TT eaa aa nurse and lady's maid, t? go te California; is an sxeellenf ssamstrete, and uadsritaads all kiads of fami ly wwiUi tbe ether understand* all kinds o.' housework, Beth ace wMJiag to pay pan of their expeatee aad are wil fhTte lire with the fbasll* after golag over. Call at their P repeat employer's, He. 7 0th street, near 6th aveans. -fTTANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT #ri, a sitnatioa as chambermaid aad to de Ins wash iaa; bat sreehjeetien te do general housework In a small private ftNMW. Geod elty referee.. call at 407 ftb aroma, bet wsea 40th aad 41it streets, third ?oor, ia tbe roar. TETANTED-A SITUATION, TT girl, at good plain eook. ws beraatd; is a good baker; no objr llf ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE W renag woman, who ia aa excellent seamstress aad 4??aJmeAe waitlag ea ladle.; eh# has ?? .<? *? lirht < hamberwonk log tbe iuiafae{. Apply IM #th fUMMtrtlNI irurn VI T 4.> TBO ? 11 V A ?B*l*?CTABi.E HEALTHY VTO TT mil. * riM?u?a M mt urM ItuH *nply at hot ptesnit eaip.oyeca, 1? Henry at , Brooklyn , WA-NTED-A S11UATICN, BT ? TOD NG ENGLISH woman. ?s cook, wasber and kroner: me 9bi*cttoak to u j *i'u?tion that m?y be oalled tM A, ply at 162 Hudson between 34tfc and JJtb ?Ta>TED-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN TV a utaatiea M cook, wuierul ironer. understaads baking, would do c?aeral homework in a ptlft.t family. M obtetioa to the country . b*st }f city refereaee oau b? ?*e*. Pi??m en:i mt 308V, Wooiwr it , la the rear.ltkird tloor for tw?dey?, ir actiagased. U'AMID- A SITUATION'. BT A RESPECTABLE TT protectant till. mt plain uook, fuhn mmd I'ouc. in m small tamil r. Hmi mo objection to go a short dutaace ia tba oountry. Good refereaoe. Cam b* hib fir ?w? dan. at 41010U it, fttit roaim. 2d floor. lnttHi amw C. Bad D. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A STEADT TOCNG TT womaa, with beet city rcferoaet. aa oook, I* a ^u?d washer amd iroaa*. Aa ejection to the ooaatry. Apply 1IM Elizabeth ?t, front baaomoat . WANTED? A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE youui girl. a* nurse amd anaitnu, or <* da chamber worV . line washing, amd ironing Mo objietlonto the ooua tiy. Tba boet afeity rofeteacoe from her Jest place. Pleaae to oall at l? 8th ?t , 8t. Ma?k'i pi., third fleer, back room. WASHING WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE WIDOW, for two or throe familiee, or eU or elf at single xeatlo men, or would be willlnc to go tut to waeh by the day. Cam produce belt of reference*. Apply at 330 Bait 12th it., irit Boot, rear room. WAN TED- A MIDDLE AGED 7K0TESTANT WOMAN ai nurse and good eeametresa Apply bet wee a IZ and 5 o'clock at No. 135 Cllaton it.. Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE woman, to do houowerk for a email tamil/; ii a irst rate waehor and irooer and U very toad of childrea. Good reference Apply at 76 34th it., corner of the Uh avenue, for two dayi. No objretioa to the ooontry. TXT ANTED? A PERMANENT SITUATION IN A BE TT ipoctable family, ai leamitraM. Can sake lad lee1 or children'! plain dresses. Cam do ehamborwork. Haa been tour yea re in a family. 1'leaie call at my employer'!, 101 Eait 15th it., betweea 2d and 3d aveuuee, for two days. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE, NEAT TOUNG, girl, a lit mat Ion aa chambermaid aad to do plain cow ing Can be highly recommended from her lait place, wbere ahe can be teem for three dayi. Pleaae call at m Eaet 29th at., 4th avenue WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNG GIRL, a! eituation ai ohambermald and eeamitreie; haiageod! knowledge of dressmaking, and ii a first rate plain lower. Can he well reoommendedby the family ihe hai aewed for. Apply at 102 Weit 11th it., between lit and 2d aveuuei, for two dayi. TITAN TED ? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT young woman, a litnation ai chambermaid and seam Ureal. Please call at 224 Weit 16th it., between 8th aad 9th avenue*. TITAN TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT girl, to cook, waeh aad iron, or to do homework for a email family. Has no objection to go a short distance (n the oountry. Can be leea for two dayi at 149 Wait 27th it., room No. 15. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ai eook, washer aad Ireaer; hai no ob jection to do general homework. Good eity references. No objection to go in the oountry. Call for two dayi at No. S Ilester street, front basement. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK, WASHER AND ironer. Can give two years' refereaee from htr last plaoe. 1'lease call at 115 Weet 24th it , between 6th aad 7th aveauei, third floor, front room, for two dayi. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN. A situation to do ohamberwork and plain sewing, or to take oare ot children. Befereneei given. Please call at 1P5, coruet lit avenne and Eait 14th it., third floor, back room. WANTED-BY A GIRL. WHO CAN COME WELL RE commended, a situation as plain cook, waiher aad Itoaer, or to do the work of a small family. She can be eeen for three days at her present plaoe, 46U Greenwich it., in the rear, baok room. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do homework. Apply at 270 Hleki st , Erookljn, for two dayi. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABIE young girl, to do general homework in a imall private family, or chamberwork and plain tewing; has good city re ference. Can be leen for two dayi, at No. 4 State it. ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to cook, waih aad iron, or do general homework ana makeherielf generally nieful. Call for two days at 42 Madison it. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT GER man girl, as scamitreii in a private family; can be seen for two dayi at 304 Eighth it., in the store; good re commendation given. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AGED woman, ai cook; one who underitands her business; good references. Apply at 37 Mott St., la the rear building. Can be seen for two days. WASHING AND IRONING DONE, IN THE BEST of order, for ladies and gentlemen. Inquire at No. 3 Franklin st., up itairs, on the second floor, baok room. TI/ANTED-BY A SMART CAPABLE GIRL, A SITU Tl ation as chambermaid aad waitereu. Apply at her present employer's, 64 W. 20th it. WANTED? BY A YOUNG 8COTCn WOMAN, A SIT uatioa tojdo general homework; ibe ia a good claim cook' wether and iroaer; caa give good re(ereace from her lait place. Can be seen at 18b Hester street, in the rear, first floor, tor two days. fITAMED? A SITUATION, BY A VERY RESPECT II able young girl, at general hoaiawork, or aiohamber inaid; good reference from her lait place. Plenecall at 119 Washington it., neat door to Post offloe, Jersey City, for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion as chambermaid ind waitreis, or to take oare of childrea; good city refereaee from her last place, where she haa lived tor two lyeari. Apply at 77 Charlei st., between BJeeoker and 4th ita. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS NURSE OR CHAM t.ermaid, by a girl who has lived eight years at 57 Clin ton plaoe, where ihe can be seen. Ii honeit, faithful and laduitriom. fXTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A GIRL, 15 TEAKS TT ol age, to take care of obildren, or to Mailt at other work in general. None but respectable families need apply. Good reference given. Please call at 101 W. 26tU St.. near 7th avenue, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID, AND te make hereelf generally useful. Good city retoreuee. Please call at U5 Christy st., in the rear, for two days. WANTED? A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, in a itmily of six; one used to children preferred; none but Protestants need apply at 196 Adams st., Brooklyn. WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion us cook; no objection to do general housework. Good reterence it required. Call at 21 Talman it., near Bridge, Brooklyn, tor two days. Til ANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN. TT a situatUn as cook, and to assist in the washing and itoninz. City reference given. Call at 192 East 19th St., be tween 1st ana 2d an., fourth floor, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABI.E youog girl, to do the cooking, washing, and ironing, or the general housework of a small family. Has no objec tion to go the country. Please call at 41, Amity itreet, in the basement. Can be seen for two dayi. Has oity reference. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation, as good ceok, and is a first rate washer and ironer; h is the best of city reterence from her last place; can be seen for two days. Please call at No, 395 2d avenue, between 22d and 23d its., third floor, baok room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, to do the cookinz, waibing and ironing, and housework in general; is capable ef baking bread and pastry ; the belt ot city references can be given from her last place Please call at No. 197 8th avenue; inquire In the butcbcr's store. Can be seen for two days. WANTED-BT A TOUNG WOMAN, FAMILY SEW ing, at her own residence; can give the best of city reference as to character and capability. Please call at 120 2Cth st., second floor, front room. Can be seen for two days TIT ANTED- 1. T A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. THE T? washing of a small iamily, or o a few single persons Tbeir orders ?U1 be punctually attended to, in any fart ot the city, by applying at 173 Wooster St., flrit floor, in the rear. TX7ANT1D? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE TT Protectant young girl, as chambermaid and waiter, or to mind children and do plain sewing; no objection to the country. Inquire at 145 7th avenue, up stairi, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, ai nurae and lesmatresi. Best of city re ference given. Apply at 52 Sheriff it., for fine day. -WTANTED? SITUATIONS, BT A MAN AND WIFE; TT the man ai coachman, and to make himself generally usefnl; the womu as chambermaid and laundress, or cook snd to assist in the washing; oountry preferred: have the best ef city reference; can be seen tor two days. Please call at 120 East 20th St., second flo?r, front room. None but a respectable family need apply. wIFE, without chi, fert nee, H bog ?rtt?*re' TirANTED-A SITUATION, FOR AN ACTIVE MAN, TT as outdoor clerk or light porter, by his present em ployers, who have ne further n??d of bis servlcei. They can recifmmeud him in every way. Address box 2,61U Post Offioe. w J 4NTED? BY A YOUNG ENGLISHMAN. (MAKRIED) TT a situation as light porter; Is honest, industrious, and willing to work; writes a geoe hand, and can proure <eud r rrencee. Address A. Judd, Post Offlce, Williamsburg, or te A. Jadd, Herald oflco. WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN OF EXPERIENCE in the glass trade, a situation as assistant in a china tad (last, oi plated ware store- wonld travel for orders. Reference if required. Address F. Haytoa, cerner of Madi son and Rutgers sts., tor E. Lyons. WANTED-BY A MIDDLE AGED MAN, AN EVG lishman. a situation ai coachman; has lived fifteen ysars in his last place in this city. Can bring the best ef city reference. Apply at 92 West 17tb st. WHITE GOODS BUYER. -J. R. JAFFRAY A SONS want s man thoroughly competent to take eharge of tbeir white geoda department. He must be well acquainted with the maiketeof Manchester, Olasgow, and Belfast, aad also with tbs trade here. Apply by letter only, stating real nsme aad what oxporieace the applicant has had. WANTED-A CAPABLE PERSON. WORTH Mm. TO take ckargs of the office ia a small first class hotel, with lu one bour'i distance of the city. A fair salary and un doubted security wUI be given for the sum advaaeed. Apply to P. Teranee, Bay State Hotel, Fnlton st , near Broadway. UTANTED-BT A COLORED MAN, A 8 ITU All ON TO TT ?ravel with a gwt'eman er a ?*atl?aan an4 lady. Good retard eetgav eft. Cm be wet tut twe days a: Z;i MvU ik.ewt Slmkdt w 1MID-1 FEW ViltlU, AT 10 AND 13 FULTO.V Apciy mk'7 tft tlw BorniM | to w. T. Batqheior * Co . 4? n< 51 "".Tat. ta TO 8ELL . ... . J ????. oir **?? Rooa N? V. ? Am it on NMeubli flT ANTED ? A PRW ACTIVE YOUNG MEN, f ? tamo very pcpuitr *ad iugftlr Utere?ti*g w? ?ul*r? wiU ftrLiihid and bnki ?up?U?d on W "11/ ANTED ? BT A BBSPMCTaBI.R YOUNG MAM, TV a plaoe aa teooad coak ct improver ia a good hotel. or etaanwhiB: ku bnn four ;ttn is it* business. Please in ?juir-j i. 120 Fulton K Tt'ANTED-A HAN, TO BNGAGE IN A NEW A?D Tf very Ineretive buatMM, at w til oh he can make $1U0 p*rmjB>a AoApHalet ab>nt $60 reqnired. Cell for Perry, ?t Patten's Hotel, Greenwich li , corner at Warrea. r ANTED -BY AN AMERICAN YOUNG MAN. A Si tuation In ? heCal'a* borke-per, clerk, or tight watob nan. Cna fwvjU)r the bf|t of city NhmtM rleaee ad crow B. 9., T Maldec 1? e, far thro* day*, np *mht*. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN TO ATTEND A LIQUOR *tore Must be oi airiotly ttapiiiU habits, a ad bring aaiinbtel Mtereaca BERNARD BE1LLT, M6 Fltat www. r ANT1IV-A \';UNO MAN TO ATTEND A GROCERY atorr; in# that understands lb* business, oan influence mb? trad*, and can (peak tbe Gormaa language. mar apply at JXt lit avenue, earner oi 10th (tint, Mut come wall re commended. ?, I . r ANTED? AN kON&ST, SMART AND ACTIVE BOY. that ia willing t* make hlmselt generally use'ul; nan* neod applj unless well rcc ommeaded. Apply at '08 Water it WANTED? A BOT TO LBARN THE COACH PAINT ;a ? business; ene who oan board with hi* parent*. Ap piy to M. Thompson A Co., 27 Wooster ai. WANTED? IN AN OFFICE, A BOY, WHO WRITES a good band and OB2 give good city reference aa to boneet; acd integrity. Apply to B. H. Leadboater A Co., 947 Brcadway. WANTED? AN AMERICAN BOY, IN A LAWYER'S office; one who writ** a plain and eipedltiou* hand. None others neod apply to J. A Sherman, 197 Green wiok it. (Jjcn ? 1 M n.I. AT ONCE PAY 950 TO ANY ONE WHO tJPUV/., will put tha me' ns into mj hands whereby I can obtain cou-lc ? ni'jnt , where activity and labor is required. City reference given Add ret 1 A. McGregor, Herald oflice, stating where an interview may b* had. Wi WJ alio waiteri. porter*, coachmen, gardenera, farmer*, ineeha nic?, Had labor*rt, at this or the head office, IIS Greenwioh street. ?BY CMIOM. M. KIHA AAA WORTH OF DRY GOODS. <plUU.UUU MORE IMMENSE bargains. Ga; at attraction and induos:?iint A orowdea (tor* all the while At tbeVOWEBY SAYINGS' STORE, Na. 130 BuWERY Qnrnig the laat ten days there ba* boon a tremendous ekoitement Waicb ariio* from th* fact that at this ooncern all tha Mod* have oeea marked dowa to *uch low orioes that ?very ctfstosaer i* surprised, and givn evidenee of thai fact and vent to tbelr wonder by buying? Hnnancr plaid silk* 2s. 6d. worth Si. Snmmer plain (ilk* 3*. (id. worths*. Black lnsired allk* St. wortb 9*. Kugliah (ffo* di *oi* 3*, wortbBi. Ireaob lawn* I10, worth 2*. Summer tlaanel* la. worth 2a. Linen napkin* 1 Toilet qnilt* I Toilet cover* f At half pile*. Tablecloth* | Towel* and towelling J Crape (bawl* $5 50 worth S10. Domattic good* at lea* than factory pr.oes. Gentlemen'* and bcyt' euitmrr wear ot every kind and quality, from Co. t? 50a., tbe beat variety evtr offered in thi* market. Some ot the enormou* bargain* are getting acaroe, but thoie who oall very *ooa may be enabled to partake. r. W. A W. F. GllLEr, No. 186 Bowery. A 1CRTHEK REDUCTION IN THE TRICES OF A summer dress good* will be made *n Monday, J une U. A. T STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reads streets. Brussels laces.-just received, brussrls point set*, for $9, which are a decided bargain; also, collar* and tleeves in a new make of lace, very beavufui, fcr $22; tbis artiole is particularly worthy of attention, and wi>l be (reel/ shoT n to those who take an ntereit in such thing*. Embroidered batque*. handkerohien, collars, A*., la the latest design*. MILLER A GRANT, 371 Broadway. BROOK'S SILK COTTON-FOR HAND AND MA chite sewing, taperier to any thr*ad in tha world, wound on 200, 300 and SOU yard spool*? white, black and all color*, from No. 8 to No 200. Any number, color and length for eale at WHEELER A WILSON'S aewing ma chine depot, 343 Broadway. BAREGES, SILKS, LAWNS. Le Boutillieb Brotuem, CO Cawal sr. Have (till a large assortment ot the above and other dres* good*, the price* being exceedingly low, in order to olear out stock before extending the (tore through to Howard st Barege robes and organdies.? rbceived per steamer North Star two cases of barege robes; alto, two case* of organdie rebel and organdies by the yard, newde. ?ign*. UiJSDELL, PEIKSON A LAKE, No. 471 Broad way - BANDS! BANDS! BANDS t-A LARGE STOCK OF French embroideries, Swiss oambrlc, aad mull, double bands, from 5s. upwards. Also ? complete assortment of Swiss, jaoooct, mull cambrio, and linen edgingS and inser tion*, very cheap just received. PETER ROBERT8 A CO., 375 Broadway. Dress caps -mrs. shaw, 465 broadway. third door above Grand street, haa now on hand u> nl dozen ot dress and soft cap*, w hioh she will dispose o( at one hall bar uaual prioes. Alio, a larg* assortment of apring and rammer bonnet*, at unusmally low prioee. Embroidered travelling drrsses.-ubsdell, PEIRSON A LAKE are offering the balance of thi* (took at $276 per drew; also the balance of Foulard ailks at a gn-at reduotioa ia prioe; also two oaies ot barege do lainea at Is. per yard. No. 471 Broadway. Embroidered collars, and cuffs to match, (for travelling j i'aria embroidered oapes at $6 usual price, SIS; embroidered handke re kiefs, ladle*' silk glov**,all color* ; black laoe ihawl*, plain blaok Brussels net*, and a new lot of VaUnoiennes lenas from 1*. per yard, lustra otived. PETKR ROBERTS A Co., 375 Broadway. From auction-great bargains in French embroideries? 120 French muilln sets, at 912 GO each, worth $22; 1,(00 cambric and Swiss collar*, the average price* will be 4*.. 6a, 8*., 10*.. 12*., and 14i., each. MAD DEN A STEWART, 6-13 Broadway, second door abort Bletoker. French wove corsets and embroideries.? On Monday, tje 11th imt., wo will open two eaaei of onr celebrated Frenoh wore oorsets (in all sixes); also, up wards of two thouiand handsome embroidered oollari and sleeves, at from 4 (billing! to 20 ?hilling*. GAYNOR'S. 46 Third avenue, n?ar Tenth (treet. Five cases or summer silks, received bt the Washington, will be opened on Monday, Jane 11. The style* are new, and the prioe* very low. AIm, one cage of *uperb flounced *ilk robe*, the laat of the *eaaon. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chamber* and Read* street*. JUST RECEIVED ? 10-4 AND 12 4 SILESIA FLANNELS for summer blanket*. Also, two ease* French pluah blanket*. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chamber* and Read* (treet*. Lord a tatlor having lately added to their stock THE LATEST HEW PATTERN* OF VELVET AND BRUSSELS CARPETINQS, are prepared to offer to parchaaer* GREATER INDUCEMENT* THAN ETER. Ingrain*, three ply and oiloloth* in the usual varltty. GRAND BTREET. CORNER OF CHRYSTlR. LADIES' PARASOLS.? THE RRTIRE STOCK OF ladies' and children's parasol* will be cold at greatly re duced price*, to dear out the ball nee of the *took. GENIN'S Baiaar, 313 Broadway. LADIES' SILK AND CRAPE HATS, S3: LADIES' tu*oan hat*. S3 to $5 ; black and colored lawn hat*, from 10 to 12 (hilling*, at C. BELL A CO. * millinery and pattern (tore. No 3, Catharine (treet. B.v<iue patterns cnt in the latest style. PRINTED CASHMERE SHAWLS. --TWO HUNDRED received per steamer North Star, new atyl*(. UBSDXLL, PE1RSON A LAKE, ?1 Broadway. SHAWLS. AC.. AC.? FRENCH CASHMERE AND grenadine (bawl( and (carls of new and beautiful de signs suitable tor the present season. Also, black fillet net shawls, and a inporior quality of black barce and de laine sbawls, all selected in Paris since the 10th of Ray A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reade street*. STRAW BONNETS STRAW RUCAE, STRAW FLOWERS, LEGHORN FLATS, AC. Tbe subscribers now offer their entire stock of straw good*, French fioners, Ac.Jte cash purchasers, nt afcreat reduction from original prices. The cash system enablos tliem, notwithstanding the late ness of the seaeoa, to offer a* complete an assortment of good* as at an earlier data. Cash purchasers will Hnd it to their interest to oall at No*. 64 and tt> John street, corner of William. HOMERA KETCH DM. SMALL STOCK OF DRY GOODS FOR SALE, WITH the good will, where a large lusiiess hit a been done. Rent, including house rent, fMO par annum; affording a first ra'e chance tor aayperson wishing to go;into the ratal! trad*. Addreas W. B. B., Herald office. TO TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS.-LARGE PLAID Marselllea. by the piece or yard, may be had at Oa* Hal), 34 and 80 Fulton street. ' FINK ARTS. Messrs. hope a yates, news depot, 22 beer man street, invite Live Oak George, hi* Know nothings and all tlie derooerat*, to purchase at their (tors the famoua caricature of tbe blockade of the ateamer United States, in the East River, New York, by Marcv's squadron. This cari cature, very witty and spirited, where the Colonel Kinney, President Pierce, Attorney General Cushing, Secretary Mar cy, the Niosragna man Marcoleta, Captain Graham, Consul titans, Mr. White, President of tbe Nicaragua Transit Comrany, and tbe terrible squadrons are caricatured, as an interesting novelty of tbe day. Price only, i* cent*. Any numUr of cooio* will be forwarded without delay to any part of the Union, by (eudluthe amount in postage stamps. I' lease read the New York Herald, of the 9th tast., in tbe article beaded " The Kinney Expedition." THE " LOST' VELASQUEZ-CHARLES THE FIRST - This celebrated historical pietura, tbe most valuable snd moat important painting in tbe United States, is still on exhibition at the Stuyvesant Institute, 6*19 Broadway. Admission 25 cents. 1855. ?XPHBSS AGEIVCIKS. . -a. H. WINES A CO.'S CALIFORNIA AND I. Oregon Biprets.? Office No. 2 BowliS Green, foe* of Broadway, New York. Ssfereacsa? Ckarlei Mor gan, Em., Raw York; William Hall A Sen, do.: C. K. Gar rison, Esq.. San Francisco. We are prepared to forward merenaadlse and treasure, make collection*, purchase ox change, and attend to all busine** entrusted to u* with despatch, and on tha moot reasonable terms. Experieaoed and comoeteot messenger* wiU aecimpenv eaoh express, leaving New York on theSth aad 2Mb, and San Fraaoiseo ?a the l?t aad ldth of eaoh month. DOWN1E A CO.'! EX PRESS.? THOSE HAVING poods to sead to Brooklyn. R. D., lata Williams burg, v ill tad it to their interest to give this express * tri*T. Offices at 301 Pear! atreet, 1# Washington street, corn-* Certiaodt. War*a, good* and orders attended to mm ? in/. WUlUMtwc oaoa, W 3ot*aU ?tmw nnn OHO ->ocir to loan oir ma Ja.V/VU.UUU . jmbAi. wtebw. jwnkj, try too 4m, MM". Ae ? ee boackt Mr Mk: ntt e?w>ka. notes, aiecV Mm U4 hUU of ulhkM negotiate! Bmihi aealde*. ,Ual ud crotupt, by THOMPSON * CO , brakart aid com mHN"Q? metohant., 102 Vwm alroot. oormaar at Ana. MM* Boor Do 2. eeeotu tonn nnn -money to loan ON DIAMONDS. V^Uv.uUU. witc hie. jewelry gala and silver pitta, pianos, ill ?U kinds of hotMohl furniture. Basieeii con fidential 111 nfe, Apply at 36 tfeekmin street, tkird floor. Boa) eitate bought (?A Mid ob mbiqimmi. , L. BALCH, iwkir. <*1 CC A/\A ? PMBSONS WISHING TO NBGOTIATB fluu.UuU. leui, or i?U ur valeibtepersonitaro

potty, eauitllu of dUwUi, witohei. Jorolr), him, Ao., oun to uxJoamoAitod ob reasonable tors* by ipp'tiag to FORBUS* A JOHNSON 107 Miteia itre?V eatrW. 30 Am ouoot. room* 4 lud 0. &1AA Ann ?MONEY TO LBND ON BOND AND ^PxlAJ UUU. merticige, U nu to ouit applicants. on yood uoauotlve roil ootito la this city or Brooklyn. Apply to 9. 8. BROAD, No. 13 Will (treot, HMillMry, trout room. (in AAA ADVANCED ON DIAMONDS. WATCH 9 tU.vUU at. jewelry, piintin<s piiiofertea, dry ?di, led every description if merchandise, tor bought cub.) Business strictly confidential, Apply to J. LYON A CO., MH Houston Knot, between Morocr end OrMBi. Q>OPi AAA WAMTED-IN BUMS Or *3,000 AND JpttO.vUU A3, WW, on proAaotlTC property, in But srwuin, one tone in a i nut hob too firry JN eighberhood improving. Good Property worth more tain doable tfie amount wanted. A. BAIN ETA CSC, 181 Fulton itreet, Brooklyn. (() AAA TO SA.OOA.-A TOUNO MAN CAN HAVE ipAi.UuU security ind i liberil iiliry to idvinot the ?bove imount. Duiiti light ind bulnw resoeotible. Would tike ii pirtnor, if a?reee?ii, on trilL Address, ip pointing interview, Copartnership, Uerild olAeo, or DbIob square Post Office. CASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT. OB PVBCHAS ?Ait light, diimondi, witches, rich jewelry, meechin dtie, ind valuable personal property generally. B. WOOD, 69 Fulton itriot, moobA floor, iron! room, frm 8 A. M. to 6P.M. T Liberal cash advances on household fur nitnre, pianos, watches. jewelry, nautical instru ment*. fire or mj, meohmioi' tools, dry goodi, Ao., ind per iobiI property of every doioription, or the hlghoit caih P'ico paid tor thoume, by MeCAPI'BAY A WALTER, 26 Catherine itreet. VTONBY TO LOAN.? PBBBONB BBQUIBINO TIM JM. poriry advances on roil eitate, diamond*, Plata, Witohea, jewelry, pianoforte*, dry goodi, harm, carriages, and every description a t paraoni 1 property, promptly ae oommoditod by the hmpire Loin ibA Ageaey Company, 333 BroiAwiy, opposite the Broad way theatre. 0. WILLI, Agent. VT OTICE.? THE JULY IN TAR AST. ON THE CIVIL JA Pnndi Bonds, of toe State of California will be paid by JOHN COOK, Jr., it hli offloe, SI Broadway, onjprooeD tatiou of the eouponi, on ind after the 30th J une. I860. POTOSI LEAD COMPANY.? A MEETINO Of THE stockholders of this oompiiy will be held it the office of H O atebbist, Eaq . 41 William street, on Tneidiy, the 19lk int., it 2o'ciock P. M. The etyeot of the meeting ii for thi purpoie of presenting to the itookholderi a st atu - mast of the affairi ot the company, and fbr the transaction ot suoh other btninuH ai may bi deemed neoouary. H. Q. Stebbini, Jsmes W. Blitohford, Simeon Lelind, Truiteei. 10 CAPITALISTS.? THE rOX AND WISCONSIN IM provimeut Company offer to oipltaliiti for inveotment the remaining half of tbeir Ii pereent bond* (>361,009), pay iblo February 1, 1863, interest ieml annuity, it the Bank of North America, city ol New York. Tkeie bondi ire ie. oared by I flnt mortgige upon lindi worth, it i low vilaa tlon, more thin Amble the unoant; ilio, upon the improve meat itielf, together with iti prooeedi, water power, Ae lnqQire at the office of the oompaay. 14 Wall itreet. WANTED, $100 ?A LADV WISHES THE LOAN OF TV tbe above amount, for the use of which board, in a flrat ola'n house, *lth two leuon* oer week id French, will be given, nu til ta'.nrned; lecuri'y it' required, liocation up town, near Broidwiy. Addresi Heater Ibotaoi, Post Office. COPAETSBB8H1P NOTXCBS. flliin Ann -PARTNER WANTED, TO TAKE ONE tpIv.uUU, hall ot the real eatate of about livo aorei of highly improved land, and extcniiva buildings of ill kind*, and ? manufacturing conoern which has been estab lished about five yeara. l ight healthy bnaineaa, and in tbe country, about one hour from the city of New York Ha must be a gentloaan of high itinding in loclot). Addr**i M. J . Herald office, ititlng ? hen ind where in interview may be bid. <J?Q nnn -PARTNER wanted to TAKE ONE iTO.UUU. hill intereit in I conoern llready oaiiblished. 'ibil is I money mtklig buiiteaa, ind no rent to pay. Thia imount is neoei eary to enlarge tbe conoern, which la in the country, in I healthy looation. Addrott* J. C., Uerild office, ? tating when ind where in interview may be nad. <?? nnn wanted-to INCREASE a prime BU iPU.vUU eiLOia, well established; real edtato in thia city will be niven ?? security Monoy shall earn lawtully fifteen per cent, or the tervioei of a ?0?d buiineaa man would alto be lecepted, with the money to take intereat, or other wise. Ad dren A. B. .lohmon, Herald offioe, stating name and place for an interview. di^nn -WANTED, A GOOD BALE 9M AN, TO JOIN 4>UUU* tbe advertiser in ib old eitibtiihed manufac turing business. Any minthit ii in wist of I cash piying business will find this woi thy of his attention ? a chance that leidom preseBti itielf. Addrcii, with confidence, O. N. A., Herald office. N1 *KnA ?A PABTKER WANTED. IN A CASH 111 i|puUU. nufaotorj business, that pays a large profit of 401) per cent on ti e amouat of sales, ana is dona suriotiy for oath, and i( need by business man altogether, and oan be extended through the United States with a small capital. Apply this mornins at the manulaotory, Ne. 90 Falton it., fourtn floor, room 7. -WANTED, A PARTNER WITH THIS <J)l/UU. amount, in a ftrst clai* real eitate and auction business. Addrao Jaokson, Herald office. OTICE.? THE COPARTNERSHIP FIRM OF PICKEN k Melchers has been and is dissolved, as of the 2lst day of April last, by dscree of the Superior Court, made the 9th day of Jnne Inst.; and by sueh decree I. the under signed, am declared entitled and authorized to w nd up the artairs and administer the assets of the said late ceDartuer ship. New York, Jnne 11, 1880. L. J. MELCHKK3. NOTICE -THE GENTLEMAN THAT ANoWERED an advertisement tor a partner in the Herald, signed 9. It., * ill please leave his address when and where the subscriber can hate an interview. Address Cutter, lleralj offioe. TO CAPITALISTS.? THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING IN vested a lite preoorving float, whlsh was patented Feb. 2(), 1866, and has been inspected by competent mariners and pronounced superior to anything ever invented for the pur pose for which it is designed, solicits the attention ef capi talists to inspect the M ne; tha object being to take a part net, having from $2,000 to $3,000, te purchase an Interest in the above. In point of capacity , buoyancy and superiority over life beats or any other known strueturo for the same purpose, its merit will be admitted when the medel is in spected, at hii rooms, at the Dey Street House. G?0. BLANCHARD. The advertiser, having a reasonable amount of eapital, would like to join some one who is already established and thoroughly understands the rag and old paper, or old and scrap iron business. The most satisfactory reference will be required and given. Address J. A., Broadway Pest Offioe, stating when and where an interview oan be bad. Agents need not answer. WANTED-A PARTNER, IN THE DOMESTIC HARD ware trade, with a cash capital trom $8,0^0 to $10,000, by a person whose partnership has expired. The best refer ence given and required. The advertiser has an extensive Southern and Western trade. Address A Brown, Herald office, confldentially, with real same. HO U 8 Kg, ROOMS, AC., WAHTBP. A GENTLEMAN WANTS A FURNISHED PARLOR and bedroom, without board, in a house in the vicinity of Broadway, where there are no other boarders. Address, stating terms, Loons, Herald offioe. Farm wanted-a small farm or 20 acres or upward, situated near the Hudson river, south of Pough keepsie, in exchange for improved property in New York. Address A. k 8. Buseell, No. 7 and 9 Hammersley st. ROW BOAT.- WANTED TO BUT, A SMALL (SECOND hand) boat, with oars, As. 1'rios not more than ten dollars. Address Andrew, Herald office. TO MACHINISTS.? WANTED, AN ICB CREAM FRKEZ ing machine, either for one or two freeters. It must be made on the most approved principles, and warran '.ed to give satlsfhotion. Address Confectioner, Herald office. TIT ANTBD? TO BUT, FOR CASH, AN BNTIRE STOCK Vf of goods. Said stook may oonsist of either one of those mentioned, say staple or fanov dry goods (clothing, eloths and cassimeres). My object of baying is to buy a bargain. No person need apply unless he wants to comply with it. The stoek may amount to from $13,000 to $10,0(0. Address D. H. M., Herald office. BIlJJAEDii BILLIARDS.-WE HAVR~ A SPLENDID STOCK OF tables, with marble, alato or wooden beds; also, Ml liard balls, ones, fifteen balls pool, billiard eloths, in fast, every arti?lo in the trade, tea per eent cheaper than aav other establishment in the United States. LEONARD A BENJAMIN, highest premium makers, 3S2 Broadway. WE OFFER FOR SALE A SUPERIOR STOCK OF bUllardltables, with our celebrated plastic cushions. Being the original inventors of these cushions, they cannot be bought elsewhere. Buyers will do well to oall and ex amine two seoond band tables for sale. GRIFFITH k DECKER, 90 Ann street. EXCU H.8IO $ 8. IP XCURSIONS- ? THB FAVORITE IRON~ BAROE Hi IRENE, with two commodious decks, 1M by 30 feet, is now being put In good order for excursions, and caa be char tered by dajr, week or season. Apply to Capt. SNYDER, on board, Adams streot, Brooklyn. Excursions to the fishing banks. -the sea steamer OOLDEN GATE, Captain Anderson, (formerly captain of the Laura Kaapc.xwill.eoutlnue her regular trps to the Banks every dev. (Sunday* excepted.) Ieavia< Amos street at7 o'olock A a.; Spring street at 7'*; Peck slip at 8; Broome street at 8>f; and Pier No. S North river, at 9 o'elook. Fishing tackle, bait and refr< shmcat furnished on board. A fine cotillon band accompanies the boat. EXCURSIONS.? THE SAFE AND COMMODIOUS steamer MASSACHUSETTS. Capt. E. R. Hawks, bein< In oomplete order, oan now be chartered fer excursions having a large Haacin,; room, with everything necessary to comfort or pleainre. A rare inducement is offered to the labile. Apply to L. H. OROVEB, lo3 Broadway, up stairs. FOR FISHING BANKS.-THE SEA STSAMER MER CURY, Captain Richard Yates, will leave lor the fish ing banks evsrv day, touching at Fort Hamilton each way, from the tollowing places, vi?:? Jaoksoa street, < o'clock A. M.; Delancey streot, ??A. M. ; Catharine Market, "A.M.; Peck slip, 7.U A M.; Spring street, North river. ? A. M.; Tier No. 4, North river, 8>ti A. M. Fishing taekle and talt furnished on board. 366 259 204 157 ?OA*?M8 |JIP LOOOCTfl. 1 n?9 BROADWAF.-BOABD, FOB ONE OR TWO for a naitiBM ud hi* ?i a, b* bad by imIjIii M 1.0M Mini Thirt j flrat tad Thirty doom atrvata. Ite fa* oaa U saw, ul ostt toiaa >11 tha WgtgB tmprava? ato. 7CO BROADWAY HANDSOMELY F DBMS HBO I UA suita of room* to 1*1 Ok flrat ul MatUloaci, with or vitkoit board , In the abort bat elae* boua. ffCO BBOADWAY, one DOOB B*W)B biuhth I OO atreat.? A gentleman nd irifo or *iugl* gautl* aeu can obtau deairaMe rooma, with or without board. Private table. Belcreneea t whanged. QQQ BROOME STREET -THE HANOBOMELY FUR 000 niihedrront room to lot, with or withoat board, to two geuMemen, or a aentleman and wi?*. The houia hta all tha modern improvements. Between Broadway and Bowary. qna foubtu street? elegantly furnished OIO apartment* to let, with or without board, to gentle men a?d toeir wiroa, or to (ingle gentlemen, with every as oomnuxlatlon aa to aoeafort, Aa. Modem improvements. 1 iench and Spaaiah spoken . Reiereaoee exohaagod. CRAND STREET- FURNISHED OB ONFOR niah*d rooms, with or without lull or partial board. Houae newiy painted throughout Rale ranees axohaaged. GBBENB STREET? l'LB A3 ANT BOOH TO LBT, with boaid, in a houao with all thamodara improve mente; the loaatloa U delightful, being near tha pack, throo door* from Eighth atreot SECOND AYBNUE, ONB DOOB BELOW TIIIR tcenth atreet. ? A email private family, without children or boarder*, will rent a fow handsomely furaiihad room* to gentlemen only. The bouao ha* all tba modern convenience*, and U moot deairably located. Baferanooa exchanged. 1 QO OR AND, COBNEB OF SIXTH STREET, WIL XOU liamabnrg.? ' Thia new aad elegant bouao ia aow ready for the reooptloa at familioa and aiagte gentlemen re uuiring farniahed or unfurnished apaitmeata ; excellent board and haadaome rooma oaa be eeourtd oa very adranta geoua terma by thoae applying immediately; complete with every modern convenience, ana contiguous*) all the ftrrtea, 7 BLEECKEB STBEBT, OPPOSITE DBPAU BOW. J ?The above flrat claaa houao, raateto with improve me at a, U aow ready for tho rooaptioa of boardara. Familioa desiring delightful apartmeata aaparataly or ia auita will find euperior aooommodationa alao flan rooma, with board, at IS Qrove atroat, soar Bleoohor. 1AK NINTH 8TBF.ET. ? A SUIT OF HANDSOMELY ItU furniahed apartmeata to lot oa aeoaad fl or, to a family, with private table, if preferred ; alao oaa large attio room, suitable for a a ingle gentleman, with full or partial board. Houae flrat elaaa. ploaaantly taoated batwaaa Broad way aad Fourth avenue. 1 AC WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, APABTMBNTB J. 1/1/ ia auita or alagle may be obtained by a few aolaot famillea or baohelora, who are willing to pay liberal for the beat of accemmodatioa. Q1 BAST aSTH STBEET? ROOMS, SING LB OR EN t/X auita, with or withoat board. Location very deaira ble, being a tew doora from Lulaftoa avenue. Q| PBINOE STREET. WBST OF AND NE&R 0 L Broadway. ? PI oat ant and well furaiahod accommoda tion*, with board, for gentlemen aad their wivee, or aiule gentlemen. Houao flrat olaaa, bath aad g?a; looatloa very deairable. HO GREENE STBBBT.? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED 1 U rooma lor gentlemen and their ladle*; alao, one uafur nlahed pariar to let, to one or two gentlemen, or otherwise. Full board for tha ladiea, and breakfast aent to the rooma lor gentlemen when toquired. Gaa aad hatha ia tha house. aa AMITY STBEBT.? CITIZENS AND STRANGEBS UU visiting the North will find elegantly furniahed par lora, together with pleasant, airy aingle room*, whioh will be let with or without partial board; permanent preferred. Location good, and i* near all the prinoipal hotel*. The hou*e baa water, gas aad bath, hot and cold. A Q MURRAY STREET.? BOABD FOR GENTLEMEN ^rt/ and their wives and aiayle gentleman, with handsoma ly furnished rooms. Also furniahed room to let, withoat board. Also to let, to a small family, the basameat, front I arlor and bedroom in 43 Hurray street. Eaoh houae na* all the modern improvement*. AO WEST WASHINGTON PLACE.? HANDSOMELY Tu fnrniabed room* to let to families or aingle gentle men, with or without partial board. Partle* in qnaat of rooms, either permanently or transiently, will do wall to apply. House oantain* the modera improvement*. Rjfer ences exchanged. A A WHITE STREET.? FURNISHEB ROOMS TO LET, 7? . t with or without board, in a first class house. Also, a baaement to let, to a doctor, with or withoat board. A good chance for Southern families during the *ammer month*. A O DEGRAW STREET, CORNER OF COURT, ^t<U Brookly n. Boarding? A few single gentlemen can be accommodated with good room*, with breakfaat and tea, and dinner on Sunday*, at $4 par week, Alao, a gentlemaa and wife oan be accommodated with a large and airr room, with am&ll room adjoining, either furniahed or nnfurnUhed, at a reasonable price. Car* pa** the door. f)a AND 28 UNION SQUARE.? A SUIT OF ROOMS ON XjU the first floor, suitable for thoie wlahing the beat ac commodation*; alao a front room may ba had oy Immediate application, at 28 Union aquare. The houae i* beautifully finished, has every convenience and is unsurpassed for plea aant aad eonvenieat location. U GREAT JONES STREET-SUITS OF PARLORS and bedrooms, all handaomely furniahed, with all the conveniences of a modern built home, to lot to gentlemaa, without board. A line large baaement, auitabla for a phy*i eian, alio to let, furnished. 4 ABINGDON SQUARE, WEST SIDE.? VERY CON vanient apartments for familiaa or single gentleman, with board. A fine airy looation for tho eammer, being situated near tha Hadaoa; posaama every faoility of aoaaaa to all parta of tha city. A Apartments ? large and airy, with full or partial board, wi be obtained at 96 Clinton place. Soot hsrneri who wish to spend a few week* in the oity will find thin a doeirablo location. PRIVATE FAMILY OCCDPT1NO A FIRST CLASS boose, having more room than required, offer to let two cr three pleasant chamber*, with partial board, if de tired. Alio, a deiirable office, with an aijoining room, ? ait able for a surveyor or physician. Address 194 Second ave nue, near Twelfth itreet. AT 8*6 BROADWAY, TWO DOORS ABOVE UNION square, large furnished rooms to let, single or in suits, in a private family, with gas, bot and oold water. In quire Of P. COLE. A FRENCH FAMILY HAS AN ELEOANT FURNISH, ed room to Ibt, without board, to a single gentleman with the privilege of Freneh conversation. Unexceptionable ieferenee required. Apply at No. 4 treat Jones street, se cond door from Broadway, after So'olook P.M A LADY CAN HAVE A VERY PLBA8ANT FURNISHED room, with or without board, in a small iamily, at 56 Watts street, two doors from the corner of Canal and Hud son streets. Terms moderate. A FEW SELECT BOARDERS MAY OBTAIN ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, with a private family, in a new brown (tone house, containing all the modern improvements. Apply at 144 East Thirteenth street, between Second and Third avenues. References ex changed. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING MORE ROOM TnAN ri quired, would let a few furnished rooms, with or without board. The house is pteasantly loeated, has bath, gas. Ac. Apply at 146 West Twenty- second street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. References exchanged. A RARE CHANCE -A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, occupying a pleasantly located houee in Brooklyn, would be willing to let, with board, to a couple of gentlemen, or a tentleman and wife, a suit of handiomely furnished ohatn ers. with all the reoent improvements. Address R. L. F., box 124 Herald office. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, with small room attaohed, on second floor; will be let with or without board. The house is replete with modern improvements, and desirably located. Terms moderate. Aprly at 121 Crosby street, opposite Nlblo's. A WIDOW LADY, LIVING WEST OF BROADWAY, can aocommodate one or two gentlemen and ladies with board.; full board for the ladies and partial board for the gentlemen, if required. Address Bancroit, Broadway Post OfBce, for three days. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, AND A FEW SINGLE gentlemen, can be accommodated with board at 123 Hudson stieet. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE GEN tlemen, can be accommocated with beard, in a private family, on moderate terms. For particulars apply at 21 Carmine street; or inquire of Carroll, 34 Liberty street. A YOUNG LADY WISHES BOARD, IN A SMALL FA mily, or with a widow lady preferred. Address, stat ing terms, which must be moderate, A. D. B., Broadway Post Office. A FURNISHED ATTIC ROOM TO LET, IN A PRI vate family, without board, to a single gentleman. In quire at 86 Elm street, one door trcm White. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN BE ACCOM modated with board at 190 West Elsventh street ; the house is new and c ontains all the modern improvements. * Price reasonable. Unexceptionable reference required and men. Avery pleasant suit of rooms on the second floor, with all the modern improvements, for a gentleman and wife, or for single gentlemen; also, a single room for a gentleman, with breakfast and tea, and dinner ea Sunday, at97;Clinton place. A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM IN THE THIRD ? tory to let, with board, to a single gentleman, or would be let, unfurnished, to a gentleman and wife on reasonable termi, at 2t? Ninth street. A LADY OF HIGH STANDING IN THE CITY, OC oupying a first olass bouse, wishee to let to gentlemen several handsomely famished rooms, with tne luxury of a private French table, it required? a very quiet home for a toreigner wishing te live ia good style. House situated at Clinton place, near Washington square and Fifth aveaas. Add rose a note to J. M., box t33 Post Office. A WIDOW LADY HAVING MORE ROOM THAN SHE A requires lor her own family, which oonsista of herself nd servant, would let n furnished room to a lady and ren te man, permanent or transient, without board. Address Martha, Broadway Tost Office. ______ A WIDOW, WHO OWNS HER HOUSE, WHICH IS NEW and handsomely furniih. ?! . would like te board a small family , or a gentleman and hi* wife; no ether boarders will be taken; te those who would be igreeaWs, all the omforts of a home will be gtven; terms ?. derate: best ot references riven and required. Apply at 21- ^ est Thirtieth street, be tween Eighth and Ninth avcaue>. All persons who are tikfo of advertising in the public papere tor boarder, will flnd that it is a* I say. If they cannot be suited through my office, their chance is but small: my arrangement* rrs perfect and com moalcetieas with all farts very extent i - I call the attc tica of all to my register, as the beet -> M,e world. I Ad' and gentlemen wishing beard are pollt- r iireoted, either letter or otherwise, (flee nf charge). t>n i? 908 Broad' next deer above Grace cLnrch R. D. OOODWIN, lake .i CUatoa F B~OARD.-A GENTLEMAN AND WtH . i>R TW xle gentlemen, can obtain a pleasant r">a or coad Boor, also bsek parlor oa the nrst flo?r, ? >?h o? board, at 224 Greene itreet. oa reasonable terms. I>sth in the beuie. References required. OARD.-A SMALL, QUIET FAMILY, HA v I VG MORk > ruom than tbey want, will take te board a gontlenrnu and hit wife, and a single ventleman; neighborhood good, house newly fnrnisbed; gas, hath, Ac. Please inquire at 191 East Broadway. Best of reference given. B~OA RD.-SKTK RAL FINE PARLORS, WITH BED rooms attached, handsomely furnished, are now vacant at No. 1(1 Wareriev Place, one Mock from Broadway. Tran sient persons and travellers will And the best of tcqogmida. (Upi. Alts, oat or tiro single r>omi. B IM AIM iwiaria. Board.-!, fx* tojjng gintlimin cax a* e.ocommr> dated nith partial beard, la ? pin la t Mft <1 Brooklyn, within ten minutee* walker all theffcrttet E?mm pkaaaat aad airy. Apply at 134 Bridge ilntt. "QOARD.? A HANDSOME SUITS Or ROOKS TO LIT. D turaiahed or uafuroi?hed. with fall or partial beard, ia a Bnt elate houae, with all lha modern improvement!; aba. a aUgle roam, and a baeement, euitable f ?r a phyeiciaa'e of tea. Apply at 76 We it Twenty third itreet. Reteroaoee exohanyed B?fw\D.T.^.CS"A?/*D WIr*- ANDO.VE OB o^Hn /1 "''njood hoard and ?9?2m,??daUil iaaad ' " "m "<>?'.) ?WW?t ?lllwthTrir*' Omok Board.? an v gentleman willing to hilp a lady with tba loan of #100, can bave the im of a neatly fnreiehed parlor, without oharge. until repaid, and the high* eet rerercneee dien, If reqaired; location up town, near Broadway. Aadreie Sllonoe. Union eqnare Poet Othoo. BHOAKD CAN BB PROCURED FOR TWO OR THREE ? little g^rli, la Brooklyn, with a email private flatly, ev?ry attention given; aleo a good opportunity to learn M ?ie. Tome moderate. Addreee HQ., Herat 1 otfioe, eta ting whore an lntorrlew may bo had. B HOARD IN TWENTY-THIRD STREET. -A 1A? ? eomeljr turaiahed enlt of rooma, te let, #ith fall or ?k tial board. Aleo, a rfnglt room. in a In* elaej heme, wtlft all the modern improvemeala. Alee, a >ma??t, nltaMo fer a pbyaioiaa'i offioo. Apply at 71 Wee* Twenty okM etroot Roferenooe exchanged. B HOARD IN BROOKi.TN.-A FINK LARGE ROOM ON ? eoeond floor; aleo room on third floor, to let. with board. Family email, and oemforit ot a home can b? had. Apply at 219 Adami itieet, near Johneen; leeatioa li coa venient for either Wall or Fnlton ferriee. Board in brooklvn - gentlemen can obtain neatly fnrniebed rooma. with or without partial board. A gentleman Md wife can aleo obtain pleataat acoommoda tlcna. Tba apartment! an delightful, aad overs at ten tie a will bo ?ivoa to mate a comfortable and detirable heme. The houie ie within five minutes walk ot fnlton ferry. Ap ply at No. 4 Sandt etrtet. Board in Brooklyn, in a private family. Two haadaome roomt, unfurniahed, on aecoad floor, with pantriee aad gat; would emit a family of thno or four per ?one- Can have their wathing done in the houae. Two aea tleroan can aleo be aooommodated. Apply at G7 Natsaa etioet, 6r addreee T. If, box OS Pott Office. Board in bbooklyn.-onb largx pleasant room, euitable for a gentleman and lady, for ait hod or not, with hoard; alto two tmaller rooma. euitable tor aingfe gentlemen Termijmoderate. The houae it genteelly leeated, aad if 'urnithed with cat throughout. Apply at *1 Saada ttreet, five minutot' walk from Fulton ferry, Brooklyn Board in south brookltn.-a ladt abb gentleman, and two or three einjtle gentlemen, can be accommodated with hoard and pleatant ronmt, in a private family; houte new and airy, ana within thno minutot' walk of Hamilton ferry; every aiteatioa paid to the ooaaforte of those raiding with them; gat in the hooee. Inquire at 91 Pieiident t'reet. Boabd in jersey city. -a family or a party of gentleman oan obtain board in a pleattntly leeated private nouee. A fine opportunity for a Southern >amily or parties deairing to live ntirod. Termi In advanoe. or aatii faotory reference. Addreaa, prepaid, one week, deli t arte, Jeraey City Poet Offiee. Board in the country-a family having a large plaee on the banka of the Hndton river at Nyaok, ?everal acrea in gronadt, plenty of fruit aad milk, will ao - commodate one or two largo tamlliei. For fall dirootioai oellatNo. 614 Broadway, or Union aqua re Poet. ?rt&oe,er Mr. Mteveni, at tho Nyaok landing. Board wanted? in zastbroadwatorhrnry itreet, by a man and wife; room with pantry preferred. Addroet, tor two dayt, E. H. K., Herald o&ce, itaung prioe, location of room, and time of mealt. Term* not to exceed $60 per month. Refereaoot exchanged. Boarding.? pleasant rooms for gentlemen and their wivea, or tingle gentlemen, with beard. Pleaee apply at 177 Canal itreet, next door to the Poople't Boarding? 375 second avenue.? a few hand tome parlort. with bedroomt adjoining, to let to fhmi litt or tingle gentlemen, on reasonable termt. Gm. bath, Ao. Alto, elngle toomi. L. BLAKE LOCK. Boarding.- choice of rooms on the seconb, third, and fourth floor*, in a flrit elate houae oaa be aecurtd. A fine opportunity it thua offered to a party of gentlemen wbo desire large and airy rooms, oombined with a good table. Dinner at fix P.M. Eotennoet exchanged. Apply at S3 wett 2?d itreet. HOARDING.? 74 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET. X) A large front parlor and bedroom, with foil or partial board may be obtained permanently, or for a ehort period, if deairtd. Aleo, one or two roomt tor tingle gentlemen. Location four doort from the Sixth avenue. Boarding in west fourteenth street?a lady, having a lew roomt to dlipoee of, would be happy to accommodate a few gentlemen and their aivet, and alee a few eingle gentlemen, in the flnt clatt home No. 64 Woet Fourteenth etreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenuet. South erner! oan be aooommodated. Boarders wanted-in a healthy and agree able location, on a farm. A few tamiliet may be ac commodated w:th good beard. The boute ia well ehaded and oommodioue. Buuneii gentlemen deelroue of epending thoir leiaure time with their familiet will find it a pleatant heme through the lummer. One mile and a half from Hart'a Cer nera Depot, Harlem Railroad, twenty five milet from the city. Address advertlter, A. O , Mortal vHle Pott Office, Weitoheiter county, N. Y. BR00KI.YN.-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. A FURNISH ed iront room, with or without adjoiaiag bedroom en aeoond floor. Alto, a tingle bedroom, with fall or partial board, at moderate toime. Houte new, with bath, gae Ao.; situation delight lul and near South and WaU ttreet lurries. Apply at 242 lie try itreet. Brooklyn heights.? to rent? the seconb floor, S roomi, tervant'i bedroom, and nee of kitohen, at 36 Willow etreet, oorner of Cranberry, within three minutee walk of Wall itreet or Fulton lerriei. Rent 917 per month, in advance, to a small family, without ohildnn. Refmnooe eaohaaged. COUNTRY BOARD.? A I.ADY, HAVING A SPACIOUS and delightful tea** at Shrewsbury, N*w Jen* y, would take a few boarder* for th* dimmer; fine bithing aad Orbing, iruit, to ; also, good atabbling. No objeotian to children. Term* Moderate. Addr*** E. B. , Herald allot . COUNTRY BOARD. ? ONI OR TWO CHILDREN CAN be accommodated with board, la a print* 'unity, where they will receive maternal car*. Terme reanuabU. Ad dreei A. M., Yorkville Poet Offlee. COUNTRY BOARD -TWO OR THREE PERSONS CAN be accommodated in a private family, where they may enjoy all the comfort* of home; location delightful, en a farm convenient to the city. Addr*** F. W., Herald office. Furnished rooms.? two suites op rooms, neatly tnrniihed, to let for (ingle gentlemen, ooaveni ent to th* saw Union Club Bouie. Apply at 2 04 Feirik avenue. Flbmshed rooms,? families in want or I arc* airy room*, with or without board, met and ae eomnicdatloa at 19 Bond (treat. The houao hat Ml the mo dern convenience*. BreakfMt at any hoar. Dinner at ax. Fl RNISHED ROOMS TO LET- WITH BOARD POR gentlemen and th?ir wivee; alio, room for (ingl* gentle men; boat* in good repair, with all the modern Impcov* menti. Apply at 427 Broome (treet. Furnished bedrooms to let cheap.? pour nloely lurnithed bedroom* to let to (ingle gentlemen. They are furnUbed well, (nd will be let low. Pl*a*o Mil at 97 Franklin (treet, over the grocery atore. Furnished room to let.-a private family, having more room than they re an ire would let te one one or two (Ingle gentlemen a neatly forniihed front room. Reference* given and required. Apply at No. 8 Croeby *?., between 4 and 0 o'clock P. M. 0. 60 EAST FIFTEENTH STREET.? DESIRABLE __ roome, with tnl) or partial board, between third and Fourth avenue*, convenient to the car* or (tat* rout*. TO. 379 FOURTH STREET.? APARTMENTS, EI.E gantly furniebed, on th* second floor, to let, with or N N . without board, to a resectable gentleman, or to a gentleman and hl( wife ; al(o room? on the third aad fourth floor*. PARTIAL BOARD DOWN TOWN? TWO OR THREE gentlemen oan be accommodated with firat-olM* fnr ainhed roome, breakfait and tea, la the private hofu*, No. 20 North Moore *tr**t. Referenoe required. PARTIAL BOARD IN BROOELYN.? A SMALL FAMI ly without children, living in the mo?t re*pectabt( part of Adam* atreet, will let two bedroom* t* (ingle gentlemen; reference* neceeaery. Inquire of Mr FALKE NO 1,117 Fulton (traet. New York. Location fire minute* walk from Fultoa ferry. PRIVATE BOARDING.? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE or a few iliul* gentlemen can obtain pleaiant furniihed room*, with full or partial board, oa the *econd floor, which it at pr**ent vacant, by calling at lt? Greene (treet. *econd door from Prince. Ga*, bath, Ao. exceptionable refe- , reace required. -? Rooms, with board.-o' gentlemen may be aooommr GLE Chamber* atreet. Reference* r' ** TWO GENTLEMEN AND ? gentlemen can be acoonr ?ate family, at 17 Ranwiak ?treet; term* moderate. TO PLEASANT ROO ni(bed, with full or *? and thalr wive* or ainglf Three single r dated with beard >MMO vate family, where t' pri No. 6 1 ir*t atraet, t' T TH Ci HEAP FAR" > berth*. 20 , 2S CENTS (ttamir HtR' it*.? Th* (kit day, Thnr(da ji*r ovary Tnee ?Tag by 4 A. M. O ST.? THE NEW / i Now York, foot of ' ?, at 4 e'aloak P.M., A. M. Pare 2 eent* j* moat healthy aad New York oh flad it | ba ia Maw Yark from i <MOUTH. RE* BANK, a Point.? The ateamtr EA at daily, (except Saturday .eturniag, leavaa Port Moa 4 P.M. RINGS? THRO VGH TICKETS a half only from Richmond ta ?t SlSlnga ? Pertnn* wl*hlag to 4 can, by taking th* *t*am*al?* rom Now York, oa Wodiuaitny ar .meat at Richmond with th* oar* of ailroad to Staunton, thaao* by (tag* rlher information anplr to .AM k PLEASANTS ,38 Broadway. AVTROLOOT. AND PHRENOLOGY,? THE CKLI Flenry, from Paria, whoa* relation* hava conanltedby Napoleon (, give* information /life, at 263 Broom* (treat, At^ MORROW ? THIS HIGHLY GIFTED LABY tbeJien., *ath daughter, and ha* a natural gift te e?U all woJ*v*nt* of 1 if*, even the v*ry thought* 9 he to th* mart . OodRdarfal Attr*log((t lntho world. No aharg* H nee *<?.(*-/ Broem* *tr**t, anar Caan**. fttidiaw art a4-f Ins BRUCE, THE SEVCNTH DAUGHTER, CAV cnnault?d oa all av?at* of life, at her o<flc* ?t Caat h'eenfh atreet, np *tair*. for a (hort tin* 9?ntl. II ? 6. L?4l?30 ??**?: gtatltiaoji fl. * *