Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 20, 1855, Page 14

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 20, 1855 Page 14
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IDTISTW;SETTS BETEWED EHIBT BIT. A IbJJU AT AGOTTON lbkkt h. TuooLay, auction un-foimri ^ sale.?Torkvillo low.? Albert 11. ??'ioo'iv trttl Mil oa J an* XI, U U o'okek. at the change. Mood avyaoe, oortsr u? dtgh-y fiftc at rati, tha aaluaVU lot ait?Bod tha aurthaaot ooraar of Second MW(1 and Btihtj filth street 2* tool a Lao hot boat had raw, fcy KW teat tn d?ptti. ul>? tha loo n^hinicg *ae a acre, ?a ttaoond treauo, it Not tromt had roar, h> 1W foot doty. The hboro lota aro sinaleJ In tho oaatra of YorkvlU* fer pwly bHooaiur to tba Leoonat ?"*<??: had ao lota hay* haao m Id thU tohtoa that odor creator iudeoomenta for tho Iartdattl of capital or improvement, aw tho teaoad Are one Rat.road r?t by thio property tad tha tola i* to bo made without ?serve to tho highaet bidder 5U percent oaa remain on baad had mortsar* tor tbroa year*. hi 7 par seat, if 4 oat rod The title if dnqaaot.o?Mo, nod the lo'a wilt bo aotd free from all iaenmbr*. ca. for 'nrther port oalara ap " - to ALBERT H. NICOLaY, Anotloaeor. No. 11 Broad A: ?UCTION SALE Of VALUABLE REhL ESTATE. Wo dot ire to oall ottot tiou to the ottraotiya nlo to bo pado thl* day b? aLBERI' H NiC>?LaY a union ear, at 12 o.olook. at tha Aero bo its' Exchanr.e, eouiiotiac of the eery oaperb brown stone English basemen* house, aad lot Ma. 280 Weet Twenty woond street, built la tha eery bait Shlo moaner a tba months M >, and o n'aine all tha ao improvements. Also, two relate o lots oa tho North eerr or of Seooad srsine aad hUhtv firth (treat, la tha eeatra of YorhvUl* AWo, ferty be.utifu hniidiar lots, situated ia tho Eighth sod Ninth Wsrdt la tho eity of Brooklya, aad ia a nomh?>o?bp< d where many improvement* are ia oaatampla'ion. Tht property Is wall knowa, at it U apartiorof tha Pa?la os'a's. Terms of all tha property Vtry liberal had titles ouqn snoaeMe , and as all the pro perty ia to bo sold witbo t reserve wo advise ell parties who aro aoeiro? of pnrohtslaih *i her for hi investment at im provement, to attend th? sal*. For fnli particulars aad li tbeg?phis map*, ao refer to tho Aaotionoor, No. 11 Broad t treat. 7 C. TDTTl.E. AUCTIONEER, OFFICE M BROAD J\., way?Ceatasl hoasohold turaitura. Ao A. C Tattle will Mil At anotdon, an Friday, at I0j{ o'oiook, at ll?J{ Grand atraet, near D?tdway, agenoral as??r;mea?ef house hold firntturo. ornslsiia* of mahogany parlor, dlalag aad bedroom fnrnltnra. eroaher , china, glass and plated warts, hods, bedding, kitchen ntanslie Ao Ttrms cash, and a do petit roqniied Irom eaoh purchaser A UCTION SALE OP HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, A shampagnas. severs Ao ?JOHN L VANi/lfATlL Will aall an iWoduesday) this day, Jane Mth. at li>S O'oiook. at tbaaalasraom, 12 Uatdou .ana. all tha fnrnltnra oeatAined ia tha a lore aaleasonm, rooently damagod by the lata fire, to ha sold peremptory on aoeuunt of whom it mar naaoara; among whUh pat be fmndrosewanil auitaa covered ia breoatel, Axminster, (truss* a and Ingrain oarpeta; black walant, mahogany and reseeood aoaratary hookoasai; mahagasy and rosewood marble top oeu-re tablao; oak oxtcnoioa dining tables, hat raoka. mantel ornam-usts, rosawood and mahogany marble top dressing bureaus; do waehetands; teiletoew; do bedsteads; hair aad straw mot trtos**, palliateee; eoamellod cottage omt: luge her with a line of Lite hen u tent i la. Also a spleidid line of Frenoh, branse. omnia and mar bio eiocka ruatUag from 7 to 31 days' movement, warranted Also, a fine lint of champagnes, brandy fruits, Frenoh mustard, o'arots. sardines, sogers of various brands. Also, to close consignment, a Urge line of oil paiatiagi, among wh-oh may bo tound some very fine mode; are now on enhibicien, with catalogues, and affords a las opportunity to thote la want at every lot it to bo told peremptory. TbCTIOM NOTXCB -CROCKER T, GLASS AND A ohina?J. S H BaRI LETT, An itioneer, will (oil oa Wedaetdn*, Jnne2u, at 10 c'eloek at 261 Fear I street, ia lota to tail purchasers, w. g. bine printed, painted, o. o. and Rockingham were also, a largo assortment of out and preued glassware, poroelaia Ac. Catalogue* aaw ready. Goads WtU packed for shipping. AUCTION NOTICE?TORDHAll LOTS-IN CON3E A qnancs ot the storm yesterday, tha sale will taha plaoa this day. oa the ground, at 3% o'oiook P. U , If tba weethar is fine; If not, the flrot fair day foil -wing, without lnrtha netiae. ? it E WELL, 81 Nassau street. Auction notice-h doughty, auctioneer, will soil this day, at l<-)? o'aluek. at 27 Centre street, a gene?land large assortment at farniture?rosewood, maho gany, black walant at d maple?ooaiiating of bureaus, book ahsat, wardrobes, sofas, tete-a tates, chair*, rookero, tablet, waahataads and bedstead-, together with orookary and glaao ware, minora, paintings, eblnn ware ailoleth, oarpeta, Ao. Also, ana mahogany pianoforte, to pay ad?neat. At. ?CTION NOTICE.?J OfEi'H L. btllTH, AUCTION ear. will tell: to man aw, 21st, at 10>4 o'clock A. M , at aaklln atraet, near Broadway, a largo assortmeat of parlor, bodrsom and kitottaa farniture, In excellent order, removed tram Fonrteanth street far couvemenot of oala: also tha remainder of faini'ure not called for irem the dth iast. The sale will be positive, without limit. A UCTION NOTICE- Wlf. B. JONES, AUCTIONEER. JX. ?By virtue of an axeoution, I will asM, this day, at 10Ld a'eiook A. M, at store I4S Canal stre*'., a lot of grooe rise, ooaalstiag of teas, sugar, sogars, hatter, oheeae. soap, lard, brooms, bras hoe a ?trigs? tor, Ac.; likewise a gro car's wagon aa<i a spring cart WM. B. JONES, Constabla_ AUCTION NOTICE.?J. BOO ART, AUCTIONEER.? By S. BOGaRT Tbnrsday, at I0LA o cloak, at tha auo tion rooms, moitgaga sale? housefild turaitaro, eonsic.iag ef a ganeral assortment at pvsari bvdroom and kitohen fur nl'.ara. o?ckery. Ao WILLI A^ .TUOMPUON, Attorney for Mortagee. AUCTION NOTICE -THOd. BELL, AUCTIONEER A" By BELLA bllSU, this day, lU)du'aiock. lu ear saleo ?cm, 12 North William at? t, will be sotd.i i oontinnstlon, the fainable stook of ohoioe dry goods and gent's furnishing articles clothing hosiery, shawls, mantillat, cloths, caisi meret. vesting* fanev artioloe Jewelry, Ao : a so. two hun dred bokfi superior Havana swan, one ehest oarpenter's or cabinetmakers toola Thartday extensive tale ef furoi tare. ' ' Br WILLIAM DUMONT.-CONDEMNED STORES, BT order ot the Navy Agent.?WM. llUMuNT will sell at auotioa en Wednesday, Jane 20 at 12 o'e/oek, at the Navy Tilt, B?oklyn, beef. PTk. flour bread, rice, turar, hatter, beano, dried apples. As., ?o.; bin* cloth pea. round aad monkey Jackets, do. troweerv, over aad undershirts, draw e?, inaUreeoea. flannel blankets, duok and liaoa trowseri, hydraulie press, junk boata.obips, Ao., Ao. EA. CHILTON, AUCTIONEER.-ONE-&ALF Of THE . steam tow boat Thomas Salmon at anotion.?COLE A CHII.TON will tell at auction, on Wednesday, J une 27, 1415, At 12 o'oiook, at the Moreban a' Exohange, under direotioa Of J. 8. Underbill, tbs one halt, owned oy Robert MeCir aaiek. of tha steam towboat Thomas Salmon, a; sho new Uot At tbo foot of Jackroa street. East river For terms aad partlealart sppiy to the ano'ioneero, 46 Nattaa street. DD NASH, AUCTIONEER ?STORE NO. 310 ? Brood voy ?Sheriff's sal* of silk plush.?This day. Wedaeoday, Jans 20. at 10 A. M., at tb* store, ooasiotiag of a largo qaaatity of oilk plnth for vetting*, Ac. DD NASH, AUCTION? ER.?STORE, NO. 310 s Broadway ?Sal* of hnnvobolf furni'.nro, this day, Wedaoeday. Jane 20, at 10 A M , at tho (tore, consisting ot Befit, oonobet, bnreano, ecntre, dining and ether tablet; mahogany and can* oh airs waohstaadi, beokoases, bed ateadt, at?w and bair matlrsseea. looking glasset, paiat iagi, eng?viagt. clocks, orookery and giaas war*. Iron aal tin warn, qailtt, blankets, kitchen fnrnitnro, Ao DP. NASH, AUCTt .NEER?STORE NO. 310 ? Broadway?A large and ektoaoivo sale of honieholl furaituro, on Thursday, June 21, at No. 98 Leonard atraet, at It A. M.. counting of sofa* pier giaitee. caepeti. beds ani bodding, bureaus, tae)e!<. ehaiis, siasi ware, oastero, kitchen furniture, Ao., with whioh tho sale will enmmoneo DO. NASH. AUCTIUNEE R?STORE 310 BROAD ? way.?Assignee's sale of marble mantels, en Thart day, Jane 21, et 12 M., at the (to? consisting of beaatitul statuary, broeatel. Sicilian and other mantel*, Ao. BE AAEON, AUCTIONEER?WILL BELL THIS t day. at 10% o'oloek, kt tb? sates mob, No 07 Nassau ?tree*, a splendid assortment cf fine gold wetohas, rloh din mends and Jewellery, being .he balance of goodi unsold be longing te the a ill (nee. Sale pontire aad without reeerre. BENET B LEEDS, AUCTION KIR? BY H H. LEEDS A CO - Tuteday, l!Ht add Wednesday, k?t;h, at 10% o'oloek, at the ealee room, 19 Nassau street?(Poeitirely the last sale.)?Beau til ul tale of marble * tatnary, 'ma, Ac.; aleo, statuary from the Cryaal I'alaoe, with other artioles, to be eold without reeerve, ocnaietiug of a superb hoot of Lord 1'ali* en ton. exhibited at the Cryital I'alaoe; alto, heantifal Florentine table tope, super' tranke, made hp Lampiai Ac.; a'*e, a ltr*e collection of beautiful etntuary, representing Venue at the Sath, Mary Magdalen, Sprint, Cupid and Heat. four Italian poeta, one large pair or vases nine feet high, elegantly oeived; Etruscan. Mediol, Floron tine, and Reman vases, card receiver with wreathe of napes, ef variant elite; alacaiter a tat nary with glees shades, ra preeenting the Craeee, and ether desirable piecea; aleo, ohina, ironies plated ware, clookt, ead other valnehle ertiolee aet before exhibited, o?n be eeea on tho day of eale HENKY H LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.-BYH. H LEEDS A CO ?On It ednetday, Jane 20, at 12 o'clock, lu front Of etere 19 Reason itreet, a splendid Frenoh onupeo, made to order ia Paris a '?* monbba since, of the latest aiyte, by oaa ad the beat maker*, Head with the flneet maroon moroc 00 Alio, a aet of doable harooai te mateh, made by Trainor; hamee metal mounted Alee, two splendid c >ach lampa. A aklfrtag Up and rreen box wagon, weighs about 21M lbs., hut little naed, and made to order by one of the be it maker* In thia eity. A pnir of lont tall bay borate, about \5% hands high, believed te be sound, and kind In nil hnrnnie. Bold only for wnnt of nee. Henry b. bkrts, jun., auctioneer.-on Thursday, Jane 21, nt lC)fo'elook, at anlearoom No. &% 1'lne etreet? Lata* and peremptory sale of prime Havana tegare. the entire etook et an 1-r porter declining the bnei nets, eomprieing all the moct eheiee brands, and to be add tmhent reaervt, tor oash. Partionlara ia ontalogne on tha morniag of aala. FJ. KELLY, AUCTIONBER.-BSO.eOO WORTH OF . dry gooda, tha ftoek ef MoCouvUJ A Mt rphy, will be sold et suction, on the premise#, 31 Catherine street, en Monday, the 13th Ina'nat, and following days until nil are diapeeed of?commencing eeoh day at 9 o'clock A M. -PAWNBROIIR'S BALE?THIS DAY, AT JOHN MOR 1 tUoer'a. Chatham street, n choice assortment of ladles' wearing apparel, worthy the attention ef deelera, vlx ; silk dreaees, cashmere, brocks end erepev hawlt, capea. Tiaettea, paraeola, As. i'ETBK FRIORNBERO, Licensed Fawn broker, 4 M Hudson street and|299 Bast Broadway. ? RADY MADE CLuTHINO AND PIECE GOODS ? A. ' M. CRISTaLAR, Auctioneer, 23 llowery, will sell on nraday, June 21, nt I0K o'oloek, cloth, cneaimere, a!paces and Ueemfreok aad lack ooata, eeasimere. cloth aad linea as tin at pants of virions styles and patterns; MarneUlev, eUthead satin vesta; French sad English broadcloth*, oaa daaaklaa, black and faaoy satinet*, ailk, satin and Mnreelpaa vostUgt, As., As, ?- -- WILL SELL ON THURSDAY, ***'. " 11H e'elook, at tha Merahants' Ex iga; at auction fitVj.oou aevea per cent first no irtgage *'* ***** the 0*1 ewar), Lacka rata aai Waal dy* IWS lat?r?payable April la? ??.?her 1st la New 1 ?rk, 91,000 and 2?M) Phei* l.onda ere pert eTBl.SOQ.000 laruwJ to complete the Eaetera divieioa orphe reed, w Lis h will-be opened earl, la tbssTwegan'nma forihetraneltefcoalfrom th. iey.miag ?4 dantriote to New York An edsqas'o ilnkiac fead ia pro vided for the lMaldaelea of tile loaa ahonld the privilege Of eeBverslem lale ateok eat be availed of. Further parti enlare oaa ha had at tha oBra of the oompaay, tv Wall etreat, or at S. Draper's, 46 PtnosMoot. T?r 8. MBLLOB, AUCTION EBB - BY HOCOHTON YY .A Heller?Thnrsdey Jnoe21 at. lOKVeleek. at IIS Naeeae etreet, peremptory sale ofeoetly cabinet furniture, an peri ot toned r isewoed piaaefattes and house famishing nrtioloo, enrpet*, Ao.; furniture will Inelndo aa'vrti rote weed parlor anite, covered la ooetly plash, breoetel, hreotde satin, la great variety ; maAowaay parlor fnndtnre ee u U covered ia ha?r cloth aad flgnr-d rope.; solid r oae weed etegeree; rioly oor*?d rosewood esd mahogany marble top oeatre, pier end tide table*; roaewotd, aahegtay ead wflltt chamber foraitnra te sets, wi h ead wttheat(marble tope; several straw, hies and mat enamelled outage eham her (aide; rich beokoaet'. wale a* library aad as are'are do., ef th# laWat aad meat feebler able styles; Iodine' ooblast, writing tablea, beasiets ia rah and ealae* rmarhle taps ) eultable far Using and rasdtag rcvms rich wardrobes, ia goaawead aad mahogany: aevrrni af bba latest patent nnd e'yts srtoeeica dining tables, 14 feet I eg, rosewood, ma Wamw, walnut, oak aad blroh. all warraated; with a ra rtstar ef mad I via eleae fe'nlnr*, ?ete a ?*te# aad ptala eetae, yorfiewa, eatay aad r.ethle ehalra, career ataad*, eida aad I* new tables, elecks. Ireneh plots mirrors, ahlna worn, do. Al.e. at UCetneh, eaveral aaperler rose wood ptanafbrtea. C f* ?er \t ra-bcl tor rVpfHr on tho nri.aui'ci, Cntn- , o? tht Aarung of (ate, nad worthy the attention ef tha MMtti riAXJRS AT AUCTION. TON 18 MORRILL, AUCTION EEC -grECULATOBS will attend this dai It Uli* o'clock. ?t At Nmii s treat. To HUilM WMh an iuvoioa of UlTMl Mftrt. ta Milt, wbtah will oaeapy a >1 uartor of aa hoar; tboo ? .took of tar nituio, plain kind, bat good sofas, Ao , tl., whiok ??? ka converted lata cm b> IX o'clock kia day. Altar wblab a van aitraotiTO stock from rarau part too, consisting of riak aud plain furuitura of All klaia, roaawaad parlor suits, oo Toaotl la aatim broaaUl, tulle, Ac.: mahogany parlor ul chamber furniture; oak da ; extension dining tab lot para hair mattraaaea, English velvat oarpoUags, la tba roll, eU pal a tiara, aimn, oad.a a ad taa arat, aoiall vara, robes, dressing baieaooaad washstands, with aad without warble tops; lounges tad badotaada a'.taehod. rtlruarafore of aix fiteoi a good aeo >nd band piaaaforta a ill ba sold at llo'olesk prrciwlf. N. B ? Caatlaman and ladlaa eaa attaad with p'aaaura. No dlaoatltfaotioa allowed, moaoy refunded if aot suited, by apply iac baioro ownari oall trot. tUgnlar ?alao have teen stopped for tho season; oaly special sate* during tha whoa gscat bargain* oaa ba given to a ooasids rabla ontant. i/illiajct. boto. auction bee, orricE no rt N arran street.?Mortgage oala of household furniture, kitchen crockery, two ranoot. table, tin aad iron Vara, oop do., Ao. UNIT BISHOP, attoraoy for mortgage#. MO SIC Ala. ATTENTION PIANO P0BCHASER81?BALL'S PA ?CL tout ccloatial or double ootava pianofortes, Ely A Mao gar manufacturers. The** improved pianos art rapidly tak ail moeh superior in power aad awaotnoao of toao. 2d, tha' otand la taao wall, V" ?*"" * tboy era oold at law aad owaatuaao of toao: 2d. tboy mado with iroa traaioo; aad 3d ^^H^^^^^^^Mwprlcos aad recommended by all our Bratpiaalato. whooo oortifloetoa wo baro of tbolr superiority ELYA MONO EE. Mo. 319 Broadway. St. Niaholaa Bated Boston pianos?hobacb waters, no. sss Broadway, bao tbo aola ngeaoy of T. Gilbert A Co.'* Pi aaoa. with aad wlibent tb* JCollnn, Jaoob Cbiokering, Hal lott A Bumotoa'o, aad Woodward A Browa'i Pianos, all af wbiob hat* tha lroa trggae. and will otaad aar oilmat*.? Tboy *r* tb* boot Boo tab makes. and will b* sold at fastngy prise*, wbolooal* aad retail, with a Uboral diMonot for oash. Plaaea to rent and rent allowed oa parehao*. Piaaoo for oal* oa moatkly pay moat i Flute teacher wanted-to qite three lbs oona a week to two young moa. Th* lotions to b* given la th* evening. Addreao Maolo, Herald offios. Great sacrifice ?a host beautiful toned roaewood piaao, oevon ootav* aad now, lolly warranto*, msde by a vary superior maker, will b* aald at a great aaori mide by a very saparior maker, wiu be aold at a great sacri fice, and a seoond hand piaao taken la oxahaag*. Plea** apply at 103 Wait Broadway. HALL'S CELESTIAL PIANOS-BENNETT A CO., 900 Broadway, are now oopplied with a largo atook of these beautiful instruments, no person ohould by any inaano par ?baae, whatoror intoreoted pnrtloa may toy to th* ooatrary, till they have flret aeon tboo* Improved piano*. MBLODEON3.?S. D. k H. W SMITH'S U1LODEONS, tuned tb* eqnal temperament to wbiob was rwaiOy awarded tbo first premium at th* National Fair. Welling ton, D. C-, enn bo found only at No. 833 Broadway. A 11 Se raldieoonnt mad* for oaak. Tb* trade auppliodon the mo it liberal term*. HORACE WATERS. NO HUMBUG.?A TERT SUPERIOR ROSEWOAB pianoforte, 7 octavo, lien frame, perfect in all roopooto, nnd warranted; been need only thro* month*; makor'i Sue#. 3311); tor sal* for 3220, with (tool. Caa b* sooa at No. I Vaaey street, aaar tb* Aotor House, from Se'olook till 3, on Tuesday and Wednesday. ONLT ONE MORE OF THOSE TWO SPLENDID pianotortoo? tho other oa* disposed of? wetth ea* thousand doUars; will bo sold at a groat saorifloo. To b* seen at V. P. E. CartU' warorooms, No. 147 Broadway. H. Sohmale k Co.'a make. SCHUBIRTH A CO.. MUSIC DBPOT, 033 BROADWAY, N T.; publishing boas* founded thirty years ago. In Hamburg and Loipol*. Wa roqaest tha pnbU* to lujuit our stock af oaa million works, th* largose la tba States; our own 25.0U0 publications rank highest la laropa, and enable# no to soli good musio at low rat**. Our piaaoo, grand, upright, square, combine riobnoi* of toao, ofogauoo ... - i?arawlf ' with ohoapaeso?are without oompatitlon. ECOND HAND PIANOS AT A'OREAT SACRIFICE for oa?h, a* tboy nut bo removed this weak; thro* rose *ood a_nd__ten mahogany at priooa of 323, 330, 343, 330, 304, 374,384, too, and $100, and one mtlodsoa, prio* $W, for 333! all warranted in per foot order, at 402 Sixth aveaut, near Twenty-fourth street. K. GONZALEZ. HOUBK8, ROOMS, dtoC? WA0ITU). A PARTMENTS WANTED-FOR A SMALL FAMILT; il not loss than thro* rooms, with proper ooavonionees, la ?ems respectable neighborhood; rent about $12 a msath. Address H. V., Herald office, with partloolars. Greenwood-the advertiser wishes to purchase a plot in Greenwood cemetery, with a rault already built. Address C. C. C., Herald offioe. TENESON'S ANNUNCIATOR.?WANTED TO PUR tf chase one ot Jenkson's annunolators fitted for about 1U0 bells. Any persons having one to soil, nnd in good order, "* " i addr ? will please address the subscriber, at the Herald office, ai to terms and where It oan he seen. SING SING. Mother and daughter only wish a fur Disked house, and wish to pay the rent la board, with permlssloa to tak* other boardero. 121 Chamber st. WANTBD-A BUILDING FOR MANUFACTURING purposes, with steam power attached, with plasty of water, in tb* shy. Any porooa having such to rent will hoar of a tenant by addressing box 3,332 Post Offios WANTED?THREE OR FOUR UNFURNISHED rooms, in n private houso. for a small family of two persona, tat a respeetablo neighborhood; if bath la tho honse, preferred; state prio* and location. Addresa J. E , Herald effloe. WAN TED-BY A MAN AND WIFE, WITHOUT IN. cumbranoe, a bouse to oaro forth* summsr month,; can b* highly reoemmended by the gentleman t.lih whom ho s at present employed. Call at 124 East 20th St., near 3d 1 door, fta avenue, second loor, front room, tor two days. W< 'ANTED TO RENT-A SMALL HOUSE, OR PART of a house, furnished, and nil modern improvements, tit nation between Canal aad Fortieth streets, west of Broadway. Address J. B., box 931 Post Offlo*. MUaLnrKRY, dfV. A TTENTION ? ATTENTION.? THE CELEBRATED A milliner. Madam* Do Vol, who la well known lo th* New York ladisa for her groat taste in furnishing honnot-, caps, and halrdresilog, call* particular attention to th* iatort style* of Parisian millinery goods, whioh sb* has re eeived per last tteamsr. Please call at 481 Broadway. Onot purchased, will at aU times give satisfaction. MAI80N DE VOS, remember, 481 Broadway. HXCUHMOfS. Excursion to the fishing banca-the ?tumor G01,1)EN GATR, Capt. Aoderion. formatf captain ot the itoimor Laura Knapp, will Bake a trip ororj day in tha weak, Snudaya excepted, leaving Ataoe ? treat at 7 o'aloak, Spring ? treat at TK. Peek alip at 1, Broome ? treat at 8>?, and pieri,N. R., at 0 o'oleok. A ootlUoa band wil ba on board. Excursions ?to bx lit, two bars, icc cream aid oyatera, ee par ate or together, on board a ataemuoat and barge. Apply thla day at 23 Morria (treat, batwean 9 and 12 oolock. lltOR FISHINO BANKS.?THB SKA STCAMXR MSB J CURT, Captain Richard Tataa, will leave for aha Safe lag haaki every day, touching at Fart Hamilton aaou way. from the tallowing plaeaa, vie?Jeckeaa ? treat t o'oloak A. H.; Delanaey (treat, 6? A. II.; Catherine Market. 7 A.M.; I'aak alip, 7M A- M., Spring (treat, Nerth riuar t A. M.; rier No/4, North river, 8>? A. M. Ftahing taekU and lalt fnrnithed on board. P^ CONEyTsLAND AND FORT HAMILTON ?THE ataamar Norwalk leavea New York ?a follow*:?Fior foot of Amoa rtreat at 9\ A M., aud 12*4 and 3>e P. M.; pier fcot ol Spring (treat, !>>? A. M.. 12X *nd1'. M.; pier No 3 North river, at 10 A M., 1 and 4P M.; leaving Coney laland, laat trip, at 6% P. M. Fare to Coney laland and back to New York, 2b con to. No half price tor children. ijMRST~GRAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION OF TUX ' acnton will come off on the 30th of June, 13S5 The aplendid ataamar TEMPEST, with the barge Irene, Captain 8older. will leave Sonth eecond (treat, williamabnrg. at 7 o'clock P.M.; at Bridge (treat, Brooklyn, >4 pan 7 o'olook; Fulton terry, Brooklyn, at >i to 8 o'clock; Peok (lip, New York, at 8 o'oloek, and pier t North rivet at >? pa?t 8, for Hndaon river. Tiakett SO cento. ? fii* CUARTBR FOB RXCURSIONS-AN ELE(1ANT A first olau atoamer. aplendidly fnralohed with aM mi veaieneaa for pleaanre partiet. Apply at the otloe of aLiSX. M.C.SMITH. No. S3 Weat (treat, between Nerth Meore and Beach aueeti. ________ Bounty land officx, so wall btrxit, bask meat.? Soldlera, aatlora and teamatera in any war Maee lWfl, er their willowa, can obtain their land warranto o' the Mont^ F. T. IBXTTS, M Wall (treat. Me charge antil eel T AND WARRANTS BOUGHT. SOLD, AND LOCATED. JU ?alio elaime for bennty land* primptly proeecoted by WILLIAM X. HAWS. Exchange and Specie UlBce, No. 179 Cenal itreet, (nnder the People'e Bank). Letter* and or deri from the oonntey promptly anawered. AVT BOUNTY LAND AND "EXTRA PAY" OFFlOM ?Bounty tanda and "axtrn pay" for 0. 8. Navy teller: Ae Ale all wara atnae 1790?their widow a and halre? prompt -Bennty landa yd "extra pay" for U. S. Navy aailerr y ottalaad and paid. Balameea duo wtdowa and betra of doeeaaed U S enitoo and other* eellaeted.aad all klnda of alalaaa agalbat the Cat ted State* recovered by nndartined; and the widewi or heir* of thee* who periebed with united State* chip "Alba *" W """" " ?&???? Agent and flat*) Pmraw V. R Navy. 87 Wall itreet. TRAYRLLBHff GUIDE. C'HEAP FARB TO ALBANY?PASSAGE 23 CENTS, ) bortba, 20 cinte: a'ate reoma SO oent*.?The fa.t iteea er HERO will leave Robinaoa itreet pier every Toerday, Tbniaday and Sunday at 8 P. It., arriviag at 4 P. M. TTIOR KIFF0?T AND FORT HAMILTON.?THE NEW r end (kit edtiambnat RBYPORT Tea roe New Trk, Met * Murray itreet, daily, Soeda/i excepted, atte'eloik P- M rate rung leaveg K*ff pert at 7X o'eloak A. U. Fare 0 oeate Faraona deelrotfi or r Write | ana of Ae moat health* and bept bet blag plane* in tie vicinity of New Teak ean led- it of Kaypotti and btutoeae men ean be Is New Vi?k Now half pact ( A. E. uW 4 P ? Ij'OR SHREWSMUhY, LONG BRANCH, do-THB JP i<earner JAMBS ClIIHST rPHER will leave the fHi of Jay itreet J nee 19. 20 end 21, at 7 o'oloek A. M.: on 124 a' HA. 9 ; and on 23d at 1 P M ; returning will leave Sbrewabnry at 12 M. Star** te all part* *f the oonn ry. Bioui/ARDAT EOAfFoI AblANT, LANDING C, Yonkera, Witt Point, NewbnvRh. Poughk'-epiie. Gate klU, Hn'deon. Theateame* METROPOLIS Cap! J Polbe mna, will com nonce her regular trip" to Albany oa Wedeee day, June 20tb, 1MSA, leaving New York tr?m pier *ooi ol Jey itreet every Mondev, Wedneadey, end Fridty; re?trn lug wtll lmve Albene every Tneeday, Thnridev ahd Satur day Fovforthev particular* inquire at 292 Wait afreet? veer Jey itreet. CORPORATION NO TICKS, pORPORATION NOTICE.?DEPARTMENT OF RE V pain ?? d Supplin June 18, 1HM.-Sale of Covporatloi ,S* publie auction, on Sa'urday June S), 1W6, at 10 o'clock A M . to tke higneit bi ider el tb* materiata and preprety of the New Cllv Hal'., locate) I e*.1?' "?rietlBg of broke, flagiing. and b atone. Said property w!1 be eold In dlffereat loti. TV term* of aale wfll be eeih, to he paid tetbe eaoMeneer a1 *noe ae the aal* la conolueed. The purchaaer will be obliretet *e Nk*t* HN"*1. ?f. bla pn.ohaae fir?m the eremieei wltblv flva day* from the dev of ial* All the r-aionaiMiH] for the delivery of the pr .perty will ho berna by the pur ohaaa* ? arH In rftMthi nnrrihk mv .knHU .a.U.t a T " CimMliaUaar ef Repair* and SeypUtg. imv aoou>, mx q Ann ton ucmur ?uui uhh. dull. O.VWV tape m4 (nk, from I ty Mn|j ta oaa 4tliw M >u4, iMinUMM'MUiMi imU m< lUMltni. *?M (a u; Ieagtba" A. T. dTEtFABT 4 CO.. Brwdot;. tklBMO luil IIMtl innwsir *MO BLBOaJIT SUMMER BONMBW. lUUlut ty tLo itlulli front war btuiii bi?% W rue Richelieu, haria. Ikli tardea ((airltri tl? itjlH i> luei or M. so maul " ' ?altar cartel atock nut U terra ara ao good* la lAu oily tUt eaa compere with can. At tha aameTima oar price* ara deai-ledly nwdorata. aa early call will be :oon* advantageou*. at MA UAMJC R. BARKIS A BON. ?l Broadway. 1> ROOK'S BILK COTTON?FOB MAN* AN* MA U cbiaa rawia*. enperler ta any thread ta tbe rar'C arooadoaaUO, NJU aad CUD yard epoul*? wtu-.*, black aad aU eolurn, from Na 8 ta Na SOU. Any auutber, eilM tn4 'acvth for nit at h UBRLBK A WIUSON'B ? Owl 114 ma olnze depot. StS Broad rap. BILPIN'h MAM ll.l.AS. boiling of at a rail notion of from 40 to M par oent from original plicae. 1 be Fuii Mantilla En.portam, 3(1 Broadway, ttiujt abont to be entirely rtaotttlnl end oaaeldernbly tdt'i* I, cover lug ofcra torn plated a .pace afaearty aeren tlieaeaud iti'inre toot, with a rre?U..e of '?1 taot oc Broadway. 40 ?a Franklin Mi cat, and a dapta af It/C teat, fvrali| beyond oemiiariaon the larratt eetahliehment at it* tied la thi? or any o'.n tr e- no try; and ad a partial ?nd tamporary eloeing of the pre mieee will b? rendered naceatary. tbe enD criotc bae defer Biiaad ta cahjeot hi* antira etook of nprlng and rammer au tillar. erapo and oar hot ere ebewle, Ao., to euoh nnenermtue reduotioa in prioe ae muet effect iteaoupleto oleacaaoo pro vioue to tbe loth af July. 11a dacmg tnrtber remment onneaaeeary, aad will merely enum-rete a few wf tbe leading aiticlae prceented for public approval. Oat the mind rory axeeUont black allk maatillat, the rlohoit aiik aad af tha ityla for wkioh hie (tors ha* bean ee much eaUbratad thia *aaaaa?former prion* Id and 97, now reduced ta fear da tiara *i?ht htiadted blaok eilk mantillae, ' Cramoa*"-former prioe# f9 and 310, bow radaoad to ill'. Four huadrad and fifty moire antique mantillai, with Uoe ruffle#? formerly 31B. now *ix and a balf*. Bix buadrad aery elegant rtllc meotillae, with *ia;U and doable laee rafflee, tbe meat roekarche *tyl?* ? formerly 31 aad $14, bow eight foliar*. And a mnltltudtnnu* array of riohtr rood*, la real sul pnrolaoe, molra antiqu* and lao* and ether fabrlee, many af which only Jaat imparted from Pari*-all at a iltnilar re duction. Aleo, a large variety of oa?hmer? Cantea crane and etella ?hawle, equally cheap. blO. BOLPlN, Stil Broadway. The *ala at redwood prioMcommeaot* an Thursday, 2iet ?f Juno. /~1BA J'E, If ABETS, AND T AUSTIN.?THE BEST V-l quality at the a bare aaw aad daelrabla article* ia blaok for iiaan wear, bare je*t beea reeaived at WEED'S family mourning etorc, 419 Broadway, four doer* below St. Btiohela* llotai. F RANCH ORGANDIE AJACONET MUSLINS, rKOM WTOTlOy. Broadway, Ch??k?r? ??**"*? oicoota. BUooktr itrwt. j lor hU bow !???? otyle*. M Canal '?"'. K*W1rCDLARRDt.8J?^iT th. Atlnntia, !W0 uuMo firrini ur_?. I PARIS PRINTED JOVLARDS. Stylo* quit* M*. . T STEWART A CO.. ' Omtvif. Cluwkwi ui *??*? atreot*. "tUMMSR FRRMCH WOYE CORSETS,?MRS. ' S ??.. icli Jioalued k> tk* Atlautlo tiro Ititi of bar oela KT.VW .?'2W^???pt "" a??'*, I OEI.LINO OFF ?SILKS, BAMOEA OiyB^Ul^ I ? t" T7. SS^SSp a5fiEnEKa*?irs3s door* from iiroa?w?y. rrms IS TO INFORM 1111 AESUCAS LADIES IH4T T M Jk?* BUBIT GRRAED. fro- Pnrla ha.oponnd at ?.t^?VoSnir\k~^afl't7oi o.? ?2lMi *? ortti Si.mV doctor*. Thl. infnnmnUna t? giron by* owm to Madame Gerard to bo kbit to oonooal the daforiai J of bor ftlrt. __ aonuA Aj?o Hvm.tajtut r?i*aai?. ~ sss^ 2? O'OUO^ 6ral?f?l tot the ja ^'aSLMAW * ETRTSOW. BvvKsniRE SODA SPRING HOTIIi?THIS NEW AND ERIcHiRl sui' raKnitid ioobk the moaiUlni of tK^BerV^l^ Urio ^ilM oiling* of Groat i!'? L tr n lio-? ) 1? oow ore* for tho roeoptUn of pom* ?rSS.?.? Kroat Rarriortob, on tba arrlrnl of tho oar*, for tho aooom modatioB of t'Soao B V.U.d.V.iU Vt. .^mboatT.ffi^l. %?mo. ^?aBoch larrer number of '^k! ^t ooarioteU r ted to call aod *xnmla* the room*. BoaU loar* woo 01 Whitehall * treat. __ T^nrElir HOUSE, STAMFORD, C0WN.-TH13 DR EsTSsTLfssisr r?v.y,r, rswti atoamtr* and Now k "VlZmAN A MAPBS. Proprietor*. OTElTuoRRISANIA-T H18 COM MODI 0 US HOU 3 B it new op*B fur tho rrocption of boarder. and traaoioot Beetle. Merchant. aod other, who* bul.M. require. them bitn**aadih?d* oom. ll.tano. only tea mil* Hor**kept on lirtri. ? ?a /oNMOUTH HOUSR. AT UNION CU T, NEAR A?V M port, New Jrreey, i* bow op*o for 'jiff Th* boat aocmmodatioB. can be |d?*B; flnbing, riding. Will ie* Ao of the boat ob * ho .horeilnrfn airy room*, ntoelj rnrni.hed* Angle and koyport leore Jxf' ?'*ttr' ??.,r?et dailr 8YD> ** * SMITH. Proprietor, Tk-RW TORE BAT BOTRL, 2* MILES rROM JERSEY ^ -It- (err* on Bergnn point, plank road The moat bttiotiifttffuinBW iwldino* it th# 8Ut?. Fiihlug, ?!**? jJiBoei# and .upper* at an hour'*4notLe. Hrtraw onrriage* to and from tho honoo to oit> Now open for for mat oof and tranjioat gneita. Apj?iy at tbo hone*. ?- to Capt. I.EEHE, Po.t (rttoo, Jorooy City. ?d'k-hmondIbTll HOTBL, STATEN ISLAND, IS op en if romaSi brBrl 'ra Particular, at 8. W. Bouoiiot . ?tow, No. fi itmt. N. i. p n ALLETT, Proprietor uOCEAN AT SEA "IB'N?4J"7iTT..W'^x.a ^ ? l llfl tfroof , Neo Tcrk J***1* w A M ,3*Jd, fclA lb* hotel, loao# South forty .dail/at pan* *. ^ aad?A6?p'?M Ttt"Tni** JOHbl OEO BAIN?klDOE. n iiuna STREET HOUSE AND FAMILY HOTElT? S Por.on. ? la blag a qulot and *P?a?*J^^^***^000'^ loartn* U^l o. ^ a^a> ?? '??/?'? ^lop^uMTal*".. tb. YTiRK FAMIl.T HOTEL, NEW BRIDGE 'J*'*.?,; I* Hl l LoBdoa. -Tba abo?a Bouao if eemtrally TPK MAINE 'aleo rroprleto' of tbo Crown and BeopOra, and i h?4 handn.aBd aollolt* tbalraoBtiBoad patronage l*4ro enmmondatloB. FIRPflTPRB. WOKS "dmimdeses -the largest and bbst ,??rtn. tV offloo fniattero in tho oltr, oon.i.t'B; of jWrSVSla.V?2JK, a.d Mtti.1:dr VmlL t.kiEE nhRiri eod lioite. et all fneet* at RNiwo rOeo fweltiia tMirorwHB? ?? . and yi Ann treat. vnakbllbd cdttaoi ryRNiWBHjmr r*? Pi ty aulto bo low a# E*. * ^rf.r.M.1 TT?y MW Eroadwao, "*?? flaooto? * p.lo *f oiogBBt and 'a^toaabla . P'aeib pasis-thc n n de r si UN t d won ld he .roetfell) Inri'o the* p?t*OB? rUitln* Parla thl. nnm tner ?n coll aid aaamlaa bl. a.'QBOlre andjOaotBt .tooa ^ tnialmro. N rlou. bola aot qua, marqnaioflo bnb^ b.l. do roae and efhir fanor wc .da, toa n,k" *"*, .p*' (|i, iBUiidtnc >(> bnf farrltnr* wll' 1*^ II to their ee ao ?a, a bt aoUlo# Bed lnd*4?f foo tbomaaleta prcuiano !? p ?' c^lVrV'-.'er. j Pw'fonla* ^tJ^LV^E ^".uV. and ?blpplw. of* rd.B"? f??^t?ro F RE DERI K R>?D^ Wc Og pcnt?**?l Woon Morobal*. P S.?AM oriloe. I?? ? bl#V?o*?tr,a A Eota,dfd Mctadway, Now York, puaonaaGr i t?tended to *jcvs FUHUoirnm. A CARD.?TUX ATTENTION OT THE UNDERSIGNED having tcou oalied to a bout Just published, ??titled, " t-one-t'ci uoiuert," which ovulates injurious dtUBtaU reiptotiug tbo lew lira ot KagsJehall, rioriu A ft., to the effiei that Ux> weia in lb* habit ?f tBin?*lng ansa their nam ore u# customers oy sailing rile uitaufao.urei liquor* e?r pure genuine ?rtietee. 1 deem it hat jIftt'cs I# myself. As uall eslbe friend- oiHb* let* bra, to d-ay those ehvrgo# in the met) emphatic meaner, N j artiols ef llqnor wei ever sold by BrssglebAil, Fiona k Ho, which we- not go* uuine nud preci-ely at rofirsecuoed. I ui asars that eouie oailiar thauimlve* *'respectable dialers " are in tba habit oi n.siuiac urn..; spurious an iulae. but aa {.reel to b? hhta to declare that to (Ira ef wbiah I been ever i>e*n a msuibor ha* Wn guilt? ol ewah pr actios ffholwr I ?hell aeak la gal redress1 again M n. he perpetrators of t tit oat rare, lathe pteeaui untailstaotorr state of the lave, lead i?g*ai ?a cirum-leoir- Mer.nwtl'.u. 1 bestou to intka thi* onbilo denial of the el.a-g'-# It ?. BtQULiHtLL, Late Haggle ball. Fieri* k Co.. 317 Broadway, New York. BE SURE TO ASK FOR DUNIC AN'S EDITION. runt xdition sxhaustiu Scooiid idillua no* read/. IISOOKBIAN A, OH THI COMTBOri H*V S> TV CK.-1 SENATOR HHOOKS A!fD AHOiiaieHor lit GIII - AUlSiKU OlTuI THK OMl/ACII FBO PXHTV BILL, With an lATRODVCrrON HT Tilt' HOST UFY. Anciimsuop or ItKW mi. This adition elon* rontains the Arotabihcp's review of the blll. aitb a'l the It iter* la whioh the Senator endeavored to make ,ood hit assort on that the Archbishop possessed pro perty to the amount of SA.fWI.UXI IH TUB- OITV or NSW YORK AbONI, the only que.tin* iu dl-pute. I Tt>l lime, halt bound, 38 eouls; ( loth. Moents. EDWARD DUMGAN A BROTHER. 151 Kultea it. FVEBX.O," PKRIODICO GRATId PARA LOS JCi Cubauoa, *?? entregare a lot quo to pidaa. per V. A..uoro K, 41 Leonard street lh? number of tko Spanish newspaper Kl Pueblo will bo Bold at 5 ooutt a oeoy,

by V. Aguvro a , editor, 41 Leonard itrwil. Harper a brothers. PkAHI. STK I.ft T, FllAXKI.tN BO L ABI. PC Hh I sit 'l\na WfcBh.: UK WUIBIILAV. BILLIARO'S SPEECHES. Spceahet and Addresses. By Henry W. llilliard. 8 re., miislta. 8175. The greater portion of thie volume eoasistc ef epoeehe* do ivcratf in tbe United State* House of Ropre llvered in tbe United State* House of RepreseutAtiree, ef which the author was a member during a most orltioal and eventful period. They are detoted t* tli* discussion of the most important questions trhioh have ever agitated tb* oountry?prominent among whioh nro the sub-Treasure Mshen.the Mexienn wm, the peace whioh oonoludod this war, tba form ?! government to be adopted for the newly so quired territory, and the political anpeots of tha uaattien of slavery These ere discussed in tb* light of priuoiplee of universal application ratbsr titan on mere temporary and "Ir. Illiilard takes throughout high Soulh party gpoundA Hi _ em views; but however widely many readart may differ from hiia iu sentiment and priuelple, no one oan fail to re oognlae tha disnitted and ocurteous mauanr in whioh the dit eunlva if conducted, and the profkwness and aptness of the hifttorieal allusion* with whioh tbe author'* view is eluci dated and enforced. The addresses of a literary character whioh are appended skew that, in entering the stormy arena * ' Ufa, Mr of political life, Mr Hlll-rd ha* not neglected the pursuite of the accomplished sohoUr and thoughtrai philosopher. OM THl'BSDAY, CONSTANCE HERHBRT. A novel. By Ceraldnt t. Jswsbury, author ef "Mama A novel. By cernldti* K. Jswsbury, author of "Mama D itherm."Hoe," "The Adopted Child," Ao. 8 to., paper, 37>i oent*. "Lonstanoe Herbert" is deeply intereetlng?full ef pewor and earnestnee* ? Examiner. "Consteuo# Ueroert" W, In oar judgment, tha most sua cotsful ol Miss Jswsbury's performances.?Morning Post. "Constance Herbert1' is a norm in Ite beauty and Its lotty purpose?a romance in its variety and taacluatloa. The tale, aa a tale, te deeply interesting; fall of quiet pathos, and a calm and beau tit ol morality It will be read with rare pleasure, ana remembered with healthfal interest.?Atho ntum. ill. ON rs ID AY, MOUNTAINS AND MOLEHILLS; Or. Reeolleotioae of a ilarot Journal. By Frank Karryat. With numerous Illustrations by tbt Author 12mo., mus lin, 81 25. Luis as it iein California, with all its difficulties and dan core, as well a* its advantages and attrnotioas, and with nil the varieties of the human oharaeter whioh It has developed, is describes U those pages Urn lively and grapbio narrative. ?John Bull. What is very refreshing ia Mr. Marryet Is, that ho does not prefer himself to the places that ha vlelte. He does not ap pear to have succeeded in bis inain California projeote, but no traoa of that fact is tu ho feuud in his California deeorip t one Ha movoi along light of heart and light of hand, sketching what be sees and fot-le with ehrewdnesi nud good humer. Like bis father** " Jacet Fattiful." he take* it easy. Henec, aa honest, hea'thr glow of good nature breathes from bis page*; and or tbla quality the natural eg preseion is a kindred style, sagaoieue and genial. A plea sant book is tbo result; ana though Mr. Marryet appears to lavs advantage than bo possibly would had the devouring element spared his journal, yet- even in ite asbos lives more &r* than belong* to mnay a puhlioatloa making much more yretvt elou ?London Athaneum. It Is a meet fasoinatiog book, and, oaoe taken up, will not lightly he laid down again. One ft els, on turning its pages, as it he had started for a Journey through n pleasant ooun try on a light broesy day, with an agreeable oompaaisn, whose lively rattle and unoeasing flow of spirits prevents even a momentary sensation ot weariness. We knew not whrtc an squally good aeeount of California is to bo ob *"'* ~ where m ' * ------ - tslned, or where more Information respecting the resources and capabilities ?f tha country, tba aspect or tha gold-fioldp, the yield of the mines and the oharaotor of tbo miners is to bo obtained wit bin an equally narrow oomyass . Sir Mar ryat's descriptions bare Che advantage of being drawn from tie life, and tbe/ are deeoribod to tko life.?Morning Chro nicle. TBE UNITED 8TATKS RAILWAY SECURITY A8SO elation, for tko purpose ot ascertaining tko basis and actual value of all kinds of stooka, houds, aud securities, issued by or en behalf of ovary railroad in tke oountry. It has teen organised with a eapital ol two hundred tkoaaand dollars. Tns tfflocofthe company is at No. 10 Wall street. Now York, whore any communication* and deouments may be addressed to GEuRUE H. ELLXRY, Fresident New York, June 18,18r5. DENTISTBY. George f. schaffer, dentist, 2m hudson street, near Uroono? Established. 1841.?Mr. S. has lor tba past fourteen years been eagagod in furnishing to oeutists in Now York and lit vicinity nrtlSolnl tooth, at ?boat one half lose than 1* usually charged to their patients, end is new furnishing the same stylo of work (whioh for beauty, quality utility or cannot be surpassed) to the pub lio upon the same term* ae heretofore charged to dentist*. Persons in want ot artlfloiel tooth are rospootfully solicited to gall, before making engagement* (elsewhere. II* will be nu'st nappy to explain hi* system to all who may favor him with a oell. A corresponding reduotloa upon all other ope ration* oonnooted with the profession. Terms invariably sash. mgCHLLASKOUft CANAL STREET.- If. A H. YAM NOTES HAW ?largo axoortmoat of tho Ifttoot ftlttru of manttt Jratea, r*D|ft( aad ateve* for tftlo, o? reasonable torn*. ? ooMoro and braftt founder!' font** built ftad repaired, ?ratei and range* Mt and reaaired. MEXICAN PLATE GLASS COMPANY-FACTORY, W ilh?m*burg, Long laland?Are now proparod to ex ecute orderi for rough plate glaea, ouitablo tor floora, sky light*, eault and deok llohta Prompt attention will begirea to all order* left at tbeir office, 442 Broad ear, or witb tbelr agent, J K. PLATT, 79 Murray (treat. Buckwheat for sied-with a large assort meat of garden and field ooede, (arm implement!, boat quality gaano, bone duet, <to , for sale be R. L. ALLEN, l?land 191 Water ttreet. 165 A I OVERS OF AQUATIC SPORTS.?AT INOERSOLL'S, IJ 250 South etreet, can a vail be found ploaaure boata of tr.e fineat build and model of any in the oeuntry. Sail boata, -rem 14 to 26 feet la length. eaa bo fitted out com plete in 74 boura' notice. Remember, 200 boata always on .end at 260 South atreet. PHRENOLOGY AND TI1E FOURTH OF JULY.-THE pbreaoloaioal oabinUn of FOWLER A WELLS, 3'd broad* ay. Now York; 142 Waabiagtoa itreet, Boston; and 1131 Arch atreet. Philadelphia, will remain open and free to tiilteri dally. Including the 4th of July. Charta and writ ton deterip loui of obaracter g-.ven wheu deair. d. PAINTS I PAINTS I l-FOR BUILDINGS, FENCES, X roof., At., at l)f eenta a pound; white lead, 7 oanta dp.; riuo, Scant*; Prable'a boiled ell at 75 oenta a gallon; oil for tend a, root*, Ao . 50 oanta a gallon. VarnLhao of ovary da ecriptien, at US Maiden lcae, JOHN H.JSMITH, Agent. Fill Lie NOTICE.-TEAS, COFFEES AND SOG A*^ 014 Grtenwieh atreet, ooruet ef spring.?W itliam Lyaek ?f:>e the attention of hia eld euatooaera aud 'he puiiw be hie above new ??tablUbmeat, which ha baa now opened with a vary largo eteea of teat, ooffooe and auger*, and in the fre*?it dlatrefaed time* he u determined to aall retail at ako'eaala pvtaaa. Largeeoaaamarc, hot?l kaapara and par ties from tie country would effect aa iouaeaaa aavlag by ?acpceiiug hia praaaat atoek belay* purohaetng afae vhava, aoaalating af the finaet graaa and blank tana in every varta ly and aaiaatad trom tame of the ehoieact tana af thfi year's 'u.t-ov-.elioa N. B?The trade cupelled on the mat ad. vaatageou* term*. Gcoda dclivrnd te railroad?, at earn boata, aloopa and ferrl-a free of (barge. WILLIAM LYNCH; 514 Greenwloh (treat, earner at Sptlng. SHOW CASES.?SCHMIDT A BROTHERS, MANUFAO ? ary aud wereroome, No. 6 North William (treat, near Frankfurt Now York, and at 77 Wadt Third atreet, Cinotn ratl. Olio. A large aaaortiaanl aMXtantly on hand. Old ahow caaae taken in exchange. Ordara promptly axveutad. rpo MAN LTAt'URBRS, IMPORTERS. At ?H4YIN0 A X good bucinraa location, and aa extenaive aeqialataaoe wltkbi.iera generally, w# would undertake to (all for any r tabliehed eoni - ro, act ropraeaatod in thia city. Liberal advance* if required. Apply to K. T. WILD A CO , 117 John itreet. rrpUSSES, SHOULDER BRACES, *0.-4 COMPLETE I aafortment at truaeao of **ery kind, ehonldor brae** tl.a mtit improved (lyes, imported o'aatie cocking*, ladle* bi-ita made a-tav the moat approved pattaraa, aad hutrn mania for 'ka relief aad earn of deformitiM af every kin 1 cot a tea tiy on head end made to order, br Da OLOVBR at the Surgeon*' uacdaga Iaftitutn, No. 4 Ana (treat, aader the American Met-tun. ll'ANTED.?I WH.I. SEND, ON RECEIPT OF TWEN TY ty five rente and one potter* a tamp te prepay retara letter, a recaipt for mauafaotariag a <uparlor article whiok ia in great demand, aad by whiah aa oatdrprUing, lateiU xeat prrioa can reailxe f.'0 pet weak. Addraee Prof. E. D. BATtSLL, Chatham square Poat Office N. Y. EXPREMEI PACIFIC EXPRESS COMPANY FOB CALIFORNIA Off.oe 124 Broadway?Oar aaat regular ex pre tea! far Oft llfornia, Oregoa. .-aadwteh lalaade. aad the Sen thorn eoaaO et .he Pacta*, leave en W.deeaday the 20th inetaat. per ataemera HllaolMvIa Panama, aad N*t?hira Light. vlt Meeragua ia oh Ml* oi tp*ot?l maaaaagere. Freight aad aaobege* taken at Toweet rat**. Our faeitHlae hw eonvoy tug expteae matter te Iho tatwtor tewua of Califbrala are nnriu peered, eg *a run our owe atpraaoee, and have agendo ?< aL it* important miring a* d trading place*. Ne oaaaeoWoa wi'h Adm.r A Co., or With nay former or rreeeat partner of that hru**. WM. B. HALL. Agent. ?'ILLS, FA BOO A OA'S EXPRESS TO CALIFOR ala, Oregon, A*., leave* oi V*d nee*ay Jaae It by Panama route , at 2 P. H , and by nioaragna route ?t 3 f. k. Freight te go through by eonuaetlng ateamrr from r enama, weighing 17 lbt. aud mere te eebio, te ?gk*a my. cent* per lb. Preigtt whiob 'he tl,iop?r permit* V> * . latf nut until next strainer hem Pee una ,-aroe weight te toot) 30 cavil! per lb. 0<-od?ara akin ad In heac by our Ex preae AH letter* mux* be inrlmadtn P*a* ilfloe t*n cant ? temp envelopee, aid ten eeata (a ??imp* put en *am< for OWrv addition*1 United Statea mall llHnolx, via Panama steamer N"rtH*rn Llrh\ via Nlearitna. OH,a? S3 Broadway, D N. BaR^EY, Prealdont SHILBS GOODS. FFirEOFTII* CHIFF or P'rl.I K JUNE 18. 181 ? An ownerir wanted at th Third Dl-trlot PaHoe Conrt, (?r#vx itre-,) for a gold h* leg watch ?nnpo?*d to hare . fttuUh. 9KQJIU1 w m * rski.L, Chiet or PoUoo. 0 752 M>AKi4li? """"'?WillM BROADWAY.-TO LET, HANDSOMELY FOR nished room*. to families or single gsntlomea Fri TU> tabic only. The bono is first cUii. ?ud coetsla* ell Dm modem improvements. qon n>TB strebt.-a labt having taken aOU * buuac de-drabiy siinstsd la Tenth street, pr .Tided With all the modem impvsvetneabe, is desirous ol unit *,n gle (idI iiu or a emsll family to beard. where tbay oaa bave the oumforu cf a hum*. N* objootioe t* ohildrea. lermi very reasonable. ' BLEECKER 3TRRET, OPPOSITE DRPAO ROW. _?The nbovs first elase bona*, realst* with improve. aitiiw, I* a.* ready for the reoeptiun or boarder* Pamlllea desiring delightful apartment* eepnrately or la (Bite, will 157 ?ad euperior aooommodrntiou* ilw line reeai, with beard, larBU " at tt Greta etraet. nearBleeeker. | AC NINTH STREET-BOA RHINO?A SUITE OP DE J TO ?ireble.rooms te let to a family, with privateitable. if preferred, (mjpeond floir; alto, oaa f*r*e attic room, ia:tt ale lor a ^SEmriitWuian aitb fall ar partial board. Heata Ar*t els*4SIK^lJ located, batweea Broadway aad Fourth ateuaa. lOft MAOISM AVENUE-STRANGERS ARKIVING lOv iu the eh during the ensuing aaaaoa will Aad riaaeaot room*, (cither magi* or la Baits,) in a tire-, elaea out#, having all ilia modern eorvouitnoss, by aaplyiaa at above. Wail (treat itages paaa tba door, aad other uoat an la oloee proximity. 1 ft r WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, APARTMENTS 1 uu in soft* or single may be eataiaed by a few aaipoe familiea or baabalora, who are wiiliag be pay liberal (or the beet ef aec?mmodatioa. QQ AMITT STREET.-TWO PLEASANT ROOMS TO I/O let with tall or partial hoard; tba bonae i* pleasantly eituatod, aad hae hot. cold and shownr bathe Persons la attoatod, aad I want of oomfortable quarters can bo auitod by applying a> tba abora mentioned address. r 7 WEST TWBNTY-THIRB STREET.?A FEW SE O I lact familiea aud gentlemen oan bt aooomwodato* with am** or ?tnglo room*, with fnli or partial board, la that eligible brown atone building, whieh la delightfully located lor cummer raaidaaoe a* it la aituated in one of tea lined aat at roe'* of the city, between Broadway and the Sixth avenue. * CO EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN IRVING v/\J place and fourth avenue. Furniahad room* an aaoond and third floor Alio, room* fur single gentlemen, with full or partinl board. ID LI HOY PLACE?TO LET, HANDSOHELT FUR iO niehad room*, to gentlemen and their wive*, or (ingle gentleman, with or without beard; first class location. Best of reference given. Avery fine suite of roohs; also, a single room, having every ooaveaimse, may be had, with or without board, at 1,076 Broadway. A LADY CAN ARCOHMODAT1 ONE OR TWO GEN tlemea aad ladie* with board, la a quiet looatioa, near Broadway, and where there are no other boarder*. Board for the India* only, If r'qnlred. Address Reynard, Broad way Post eflloe, for tw# day*. N ELEGANT SUITE OF ROOHS, ON SRCOND flocr, to l*t with board to a genteel family, in the Anely located bonae, 62 Enat Sixteenth etraet, near Irving plao* - ' ? - " " moder ' ned Union square. The house oontaina all the modern im provement*, and is quiet and private. Referenoes given and required. A WIDOW LADY WOULD LIKE TO LET. TO A man and wife, a furnished room, wi- h board for the lad; only; no other board ere; term* reasonable. Apply at 63d Broome street, weet lid* of Broadway. APARTMENTS-AT 26 WASHINGTON PLACE, Be tween Broadway aad tha Park. A private table will be given. It desired. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAYING MORE ROOM THAN required, would let a few furnished room* with full or partial aoard. Tha hoas* Is pleasantly loeatad; ha* gas, 146 West Twentj-seflund street, be tath, Ao. Apply at , tween Sixth am? Seventh avenues. References exebanged. ^ GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, WITHOUT CHIL u. dren, want two unfurnished reomi, with board for the lady, in a private family. Address X. x. Z-, 197 Broadway, at Phalon'e, from 11 te 2 o'olook. GOOD FURNISHED PARLOR AND PANTRIES, on the second floor, with full or partinl board for a gentleman nnd win, or two eingle gentlemen. House has all * Dim " ? the modern improvement*. Dinner at 6 o'oleok. Referenoes required. A WALL FURNISHED SUIT OF PARLORS TO LET, to one or two gentlemen, with brsakfejt if required, la a private house, containing modern Improvements, and d^ sirnbly located near Union park. Family very small?no children. Apply at 21 Irving place. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR l'WO OR THREE single gentlemen, oan be aooommodatod with neatly furnished rooms on the second floor, with board, at 62 Sands ?treot, Brooklyn, in a private family. The hooeeieplea ?ed In a ' santly situated In a respeotable neighborhood, only a few minutes walk from Fulton ferry. Term* moderate. Ga* in the house. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE il gentlemen , oan be accommodated with boerd, at 190 Weet Eleventh etreet; the house is new nnd eontaiae all the modem improvements; price reasonable. Unexceptionable reierenoe required and given. AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED PARLOR, WITH room adjoining, fitted np fur two or three gentlemen, on the first floor, at b? Prinoe street, very near the Metro politan hotel; gas and bash*. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN A NEAT -OL cottago house, with all the modem improvements, In the upper part of the oity, would Ilk* to take a lady and gentleman to board, or an Invalid lady or gentleman. Ai dless C, W. Herald office. OOARD.?A HANDSOME SUITE OF ROOMS TO LIT, JD furnished or unfurnished, with full o or partial board, la a first class bone*, with all the modern improvements; nlsa, n single room, ana n basement, suitable firs physician's of fice. Terms moderrte. Apply at 76 West Twenty-third etreet Refereaoe* exchanged. Board-a gentleman and his wife can be accommodated with a neatly farniihedroem,eeoond sto ry front, containing tb* oonvenienoss of hot and cold water, bath room, Ac., with a highly respeotable family, who will endeavor to make their gnests oomfortable aad at bom*. Apply at 21 Weet Twenty-eeoond etreet. BOARD.-TO LET. WITH BOARD, AT 80 GRBENH street, a lsrge front and back room separate or togeth er, famished or unfurnished; marble maatele, gae, hot and oold water, and within a minute's walk of Broadway. Board.?a lady having a labor house, is doelrous of accommodating one or two families, or two or three single gentlemen, with board. Alio, a baok parlor and bedroom, lnrnlibad or nnturnuhed; bath amdgai la tba houie. Apply at No. 9 St. George's plaoo, Bait Thirteenth ?troat, botwooa Flrit and Secondavenues. TJOARD?AT 25 NINTH STREET. TINE FURNISHED X> roomi, Urge and mall, la voltes or slhgls, with or without board, may be had ai abort. Fine, cool beuss for sommsr, aowly fnmnhed. Ao. Board-large unfurnished front room. second floor, with good board, to let to a gentleman and wife. Alio, one on third floor; water and gas. Enquire at 216 10th itreet. Board.?a gentleman and wife, or two sin rle gentlemen, can obtain a pleasant room oa the se ot-nd floor, alio baok parlor oa the first floor, with or without board, at 224 Greene street oa reason alio term*, (las and bath in the house. References required. Board ?a gentleman and wife can be ac coaimodated with full or partial board, and furnished front and adjoining bedroom on the second flour, with gas. bath. Ac., and every oomfort. In a small family, without children and no other boarders. Apply at 90 Franklin street, litwcen Broadway and Churoh street. Board-a front and back room, on the second floor, to let, with board; house newly furnished, and has bath and gas in. The family being small, desire to take a few boarders, te make It more pleasant. Theoomiorts ot a Lome may be eapeoted. Beet of reference given. In quire ut 191 East Broadway. Board in Brooklyn.?a parlor and bedroom ou tbe second floor to let, with full or partial board, to gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen: also, a room oa the fourth floor suitable f?r two single gentlemen; house new, with all the modern improvements, at 40 Concord street, Brooklyn. Board in BRroKLTN.?a gentleman and his wife, and one or two tingle gentlemen, can be accommo dated In a private family with pleasant rooms, having closets and gas at 90 President street, within three minute* walk of Hamilton ferry. Terms very moderate and ovary attention insured to make a comfortable home. Board in brooklyn.-onb or two single gentlemen can be accommodated with handsomely fur nished rooms, and partial hoard, la a private family, living within three minutes' walk of either South ?r Wail street ferriea; every accommodation will be found in the house. Address D. 0 , box 1,006 Post Offioo. Board in brooklyn.-a gentleman and his wife, also a few single gentlemen can be aooomuodated with good board and single rooms, at 2S4 Fulton street, near Clinton street. Terms reasonable. Board in bbogkltn?near the wall street and South ferries, within a view mlnntee' walk of either. Single gen-.lumen oan obtain partial b-.nrd, with pleasant rooms, (one sufficiently large If required, far two friends.) with olosefs. Ao., la aa equally centos', and agrte able vicinity, on very moderate terms, by applying at 91 ttateat. OABD IN BROOKLYN.?FAMILIES, OR SINGLE gentlemen, can obtain rooms, or suites of rooms, with traasteat or permanent board, in n pleasantly situated bouse, having all the modern improvements and home o>m fotta. Alio, a large front basement suitable for a physi cian or dentist. Apply at 26tf Washington street, Brook lyn. Term* moderate. Board in Brooklyn.- a private family will lot n desirable suite of rooms to a geatlamsa and wife, or single set tie men. Location delightful, m the vicinity of T'r. Bceeher't church. House eoatain* sue, and te within five minutes' walk of Fulton ferry. Address Ellis, UsraN office. Board on Brooklyn UBfoiiTS-pamilibs or single gentlemen enn obtain pleasant rooms, with board, by applviag at 110 Columbia St., three minute*'walk frem Fullea ev Wail street terries. fUterences exchtagud Board in Williamsburg -one or two sin ? ie gentlemen ean have pleasant rooms, with partial beard, In n small private family. Apply at 140 South Ninth streut. CARD IJ? IIOBOKKb'.?TWO OR THREE GENTLE men enn be aoormmodated with pleasant rooms and par tial beard, by spr lying at No. 9 Franklin terrace, Matisoa st., a few minutes walk from the ferry, rba house has gas, baths. As. Board at staten island wanted-for a gentleman and his three eons Two good slsed bedr -oms and a sitting room will be required, with breakfast and tea, and dinnsr rn Sundays. Ths cel. hbovbood nf Clifton will be prefer ted Address, listing terms aad all particulate. O. T. U>, Herald offics Boar* wanted-by a french gentleman in u private fami y, where com fori and agreeable society ean be enjoyed, and where the dinner hour is 6 o'elnok First cIbm references will be given. Address X. X., Herald ofloe, stating full particulars and terms. Board wanted-fgb two gentlembn and la dies (beard for ladles only), with a widow lady, and where there are no other boarders; terms not to oxcoed Sfi a wseb. Address J M., Hsrald ifflos. * Board wanted-for a lady, four small children and, ia a respectable family, near the city; nrioe net to exceed SI5 per week; best nf reference given, If required Addr?sa 6. G. N., Herald offioo. OARD WANTED- WHERE THERE ARK NO OTHER b orders for a gentlemen, lady and child; board tor the lady end child ot ly. ard net to en reed ?H per week; I era t lot below Twelfth moot. Addgus* &, r. MnU MM* B B B BOAJtUHHO A*? LOOUUK?, BOARD WANTED.?BOARDFOR A LADY VP TOW#, near TUirtittb str-*t. Sixtn or Eighth truu tallroaSs, in a p-ivate tamlly prr (erred. or ?li?n there on oals ? few boarder* Beard paid in advance. 'lli? -''"-ritn Ac (nono other noticed,) If. W., bos 110 BwiH Am. lUftrtuM iiobui'l. BOARD WANTED BY A GENTLEMAN, wipe and child, is a private family, There than on bo othoc boarder* Would be willing to furnish their ewa room* Ad dress J. K., Harold ottcs. Boarding -a gentleman and his wife, oi o single gentleman, oou ba oeeamioodotod with aoord. wt?h to roll hod parlor odd bedroom, io 0 1'reoob faatkw. The boat* hoi all *bo mod era improvements. oad is si* natal within o fow atop* or several (ton oad oar rentes Appbr at 66 Foot Twenty-second (treat,\oar Taurtb even ma. Boarding-furnished rooms foe a lady and gentleman; board for the lad/ (air, la a private boose up towa, vlth modern improvement#. Fire dlffenmt liaat ol stagee, oad Sixth avenue cars,; ass tha block every ?t? minute*. Addroaa note to A, Ualoa square Paat OMec Boarding.?furnished apartments to rent, to gentlemen oad thair wtvoe; alaa, rooiaa lor tingle gentlemen, with or without hoard Gat ia all tha raamai hot and eold hatha tree. Apply to Mra. MloUUUr,M Hoaatoa itreat. ' Boarding?a few gentlemen can be accom modatad with rooms and boe-d, wtiara thay aaa snjsy tha emlorts of a home Aoply at U1 Bowery. Boarding at middietown point-at is pee weak ia advance; Rood comfortable roema, imaprirato family fnquire of Mr*. Sound, 627 Hoaatoa street, or ta JOHNSON 11RUWAK. Migdletown Point. Bear in mind that voir can oet suitable boarding aocommodatioaa ia thta olty, Brooklyn, aad in tha eanatry. by applying at our efflce, and 'hat all us oessary Information la airaa gratia. And further, that ban ia a good opportunity for proeuring boarders. DREAREST A BAaSET. 4 Aator plan. CiOUNTRT BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED, IN A PHI / rata family had pleasant location, on tha Now Fork and New Haven railroad, about twa honra from tha City Hall. Good fishing aad batting. Flftaon minutes' walk from Long I (land Sound Terms SO par weak; children. S3. Apply to Mr* SMITH, IS! Forey th streot. Desirable country board-a few families mon can obtain goad board and daainbla reams, bp applying at tha Park tfonse, Orange, Naw Jersey. Six trains running par ?ay from Naw York. 17IUENISBKD ROOMS WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD.? V A handsome parlor aad bodnom, for a tantiemes, or aa errangemaot can bo mado by whioa a family or a party oi goatlomca can be accommodated with oat Soar of apart* montf, having splendid accommodations, at 870 Broadway. PLANISHED ROOM TO LET?TO A GENTLE WAN, without board, in a private family, in Twaaty.eighth streot, near Fonrth avenue, with bath, gas. Aa. Looatian unsurpassed. Address H. H. It, box 1,839 Post Offloa. No boarders in the house. Furnished rooms to let, to single gentle men, by a small private family. Tna rooms of goad neatly tarnished. Rent very moderate. Inqeire at 227 Eighth avenae, ia tha sagar stare. IN NINTH STREET. NEAR FIFTH AVENUE. CAN bo proonrod one or two very oomfortabla rooms ia the first aad ssooad storise, without board, fsr single gsatlemoa only. Baths, Ao., in the house. Unexceptionable relbraaes regnlied. Address box 3,320, Post Office. NO. 379 FOURTH STREET-ELEGANTLY FUMNIIH ed apartments on the seoond and third floor* te lot to gentleman abd families, with or without board; also rooms on ths third and fonrth floors for single gsntlsmsa, at a mo derate rate, with the bast acoommodatloas. STATEN ISLAND.?TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN, orayoang married etuple, can be aooommsdated with hoard and rnraishod room*, In a private family, residing at Stapleton, a abort dlstaass from the landing: also, part of a cottage ta let. Addrese S. M. A Co., Herald offloa. TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, IN A PRIVATE FAMILT, with or without board, two large rooms, aad a single room elegantly furnished. Ths houss and furnitara naw. Location unsurpassed Apply at I1?X Ninth street, five doors west of Broadway. fO THOSE WHO WISH TO ECONOMISE. AN ELE gnnt suite of rooms, in one of tha mast fashionable loca tions in the city, for '6 dollars a weak, untarnished, or par tially, if required This affords aa opportunity to have aa splendid home for a small amount. Address O. P , ffaisn square Post Offioo. WANTED?A PLEASANT SMALL ROOM FDR A CEN tleman and lady, board for ths lady oaly, in a small family, with few or no boarders. Address, stating terms, Ao., C. M. W., Herald offleo. aORSKS, UA1UUAUB?, dNh a T THE BAZAAR?WILL BE SOLD. ON WIDHE3 Ol day, at 12 o'oloek, at anotlon, 20 horses; also, aew aad seoond hand rockaways, tamily earriages, ten and as top wagons, light grooers' do., and an assortment of harness. JOHN g. OATF1ELD, Proprietor. A SPRING CART FOR SALE-WARRANTED IN good order, bnilt for Washington Market, with side boards, also suitables for furniture. Apply at IS Elm street, for three day a A GENTLEMAN, HAVING LIFT FOR EUROPE, IS desirous of selling a superior pair of bay horses. 16 hands high, kind at.d fast; suitable for any one desiring a good stylish pair of horses. They oan be seen and tried npon ap plication to Mr. BEATTIE, 76 Nassau street. A SECOND HAND DOCTOR'8 GIG FOR SALE-IT IS il in excellent order, ridee and rnne very easy, and will ba 'Old at a vary low price, as the owner bus ao farther use for it. Address Doctor B , Herald effloe BAT HORSE FOR SALE?SEVEN TEARS OLD, FIF teen hands high, vary stylish drivsr, seahd aud Und. Can trot a mile in 2.S0. May bo soon at J Quarry's stable, 22 Amity street. CARRIAGES FOR SALE. A VARIETY OF 8ECDND hand light wagons, rookawaya lot four or ?ix person, a coach, Ao., Ao., at prioos to suit the times, at 89 Eldritge street, between Broome and Grand. FAST TROTTING HORSE FOR SALE-FOR WANT ?f use; foil blooded Morgan; time, me mile in two mi nutes and fifty seconds; warranted in every respeet. can be seen until sold at West's Hippona stables, 66 and 67 Watts ?troet, comer of CanaL Fob salx-a black marx, six tears ol?, iw hands hln h, sound and kind, very stylish driver, and m good ? flgnro an eta be prodnoed. She if of the celebrated Black Hawk family, aad would by proper training be very fa?t. Caa now, untrained, trot a mile la three minutes. Ad dree# 8. B. BABCOCK, Webster. Raw. fOR SALX-A LAROR GRAY HOR8R, LONG TAIL, ?even year# old. of very fine etyie and notion, aad eaa trot ia 3.40 Be if soned aad kind in every reepeet, aad mar be teen at J. JEWELL'S ?table#, 26C and S6B Mott itreet. A more detirable bone caaaot be fonad ia the oouatry. For salx-a yiry handsome young gray mare, kind in harnei# aad a beautiful f addle heree. vr tale at a bargain. Inquire at Blmpton'f furniture atere, f'J Bowery, or Underhlli't ftable, Rivingtoa atre#t, near the Bowery. OR SALB-A BAY HORSE. RAISED IN VERMONT. fU ytare old; 1A)? hand# high; pony built, flae ityle aad F . . ? rood tpeed; perfectly toaad aad kind every way; fuibable for a family or eapreta; told for want of uee. Inquire at elub atable, Pacific street, near Court, rear of ooal yard, Brooklyn. IrOR SALE-A BLACK HAWK COLT. SIX TEARS 1 old, liiteen hand# high, warranted sound. Mad in Mag's and deuble harnei# and if a eery good saddle horee; oan trot a mile in three miautee. Apply at Ne. 3 Oceeawioh freet. F-OR SALX-A TINS CARRIAGE HORSE ; IS A DARK eorrel, about fifteen handt and a half high, about tea jear# old, auitabl# for family nee or a phytioian Apply at ftable, 23 Earl Twelfth street, near University place. FOR SALI-A BEAUTIFUL DARK IRON GRAY PO ny, full flowing mane and tail; geatle. sound, and aa elegant saddle horee. Bay be aeen tor a few days at E. M. Baooa'efeed store. 29 Seoond avenue. V-lOR SALX-A FULL BLOODED DUN MARE, SEVEN U year* old, 10 bands high, black lege, mane and tail; tra vel! fast and St for anj'klad of business, and not surpassed in beauty by any other horee; If sound and kind. Will be eoid cheap. I'rict $225. Enquire at 2t>2 West 31it ftreet, ef Michael Borne. R SALE- A HANDSOME LIGHT ROAD WAOON, _ nearly new and in complete order Will be aold far a Utile over half it# coat. Apply at THOMPSON'S Stables, Thirteenth etreet, near Third avenue. K'OR SALI-A GRAY MARX, 16 HANDS HIGH. SE r ven jeers old, kind in all harness, an excellent eeddle mare, and touad. Inquire of T. Kyker, Ne. 10 Broekl;n market, James etreet, Brooklyn. Aloo a eorrel heree. F?. For salb-a light running wagon, niarly new, built to order, euHable for a doctor or pleasure wagon- Also, a tret rate light trotting wagon; has never been nsed; mil' able for one or two borate, with shafts aad pels complete Sold on aeeouat of the owaor going t# Eu rope. To bo scar at ilr ALEER'S livery stables East Thir tieth street, between Fifth aad Madison avenuse. For sale-a vert fine bay horse, abdal lab Maasiager stock, 16 haada high, six years old, ner fectly round, kind aad gentle; good style and ipeed Sold fet went of ueo. Alto, a shilling top wagon aad haraeee. Apply at 77 Division itreet. FOR SALE-A SQUARE BOX WAOON, FASHIONA bly made, aad been very little need, from one of the best makers; will be eeld with or without pole Cee be seen at George Mnrray't stable, 33 East Nineteenth etreet. FOR 3ABX?a pair of obntli black family horses, warrested touad; will be sold eheap, the ewaer loving left for Europe. Inquire at >6 South William street, ft uad floor. r)R SALX-A THOROUGH BRED MARE, FOURTEEN jeere old. perfectly sound; bee trotted in 2:40 and kiown te turfmen, wagon aad baraeee if wanted. Any per sea wanting a breeder, cr e prompt driver, weald do well to addreee A B. Cm Herald omoe Fob sale?at 73 readr street, one black mare, ia bands high, kind and sound, d-'ib.e and 1 ingle berneae. and good to saddle. Caa go a mile la 'tree minutes. Fries 3130. Foe sale?a few Shetland and welch po nies. sound aad la good eoadltloa. Apply at 43 Ex change place. ITOR.SALX-A SPLENDID BAT HORSE, FIYE YEARS r eld, wsrreuted per'eotly found and kind; would sgit a doctor; or for a family hone cannot he beat. Inquire at 95 "est Thirty second street, between Sixth and Seventh avennee. Morgan iiorsis.-a magnificent bay coly, Ave years eld; oaa trot 2:30; perfectly kiad aad sound, alio a splendid family 1 ores, large and etylieh; very strong and powerful; five veer a eld; Just from Vermont; tor eaie low. Apply at 21 Boerum street, Brooklyn PAIR OF CANADIAN PONIBS FOR SALB-16 HANDS high, dirk bey, 8 aad 7 years old, warranted aoaad, Kitle end kind (a htreses, beautiful aadd'O horses, per tly safe for children, together with open re eta* ay wagon, double harness, blanket, halters do , Jnet le fFetnlme coun try. f an be seen at Mr McCAFFRY'8 stable, Pultea ave nue, near Adelpbi street. Brcklyn OND HAND CARRIAGBS FOR SALE-OWE ?kaway will seat els person-! one da. four; out eoaeh ?new. two top bug ties; all In goodorder, aad will be ?w. {.all at LINT'S eairlage fact .ry. Third aveaae, rorty-eerentb ?t. ______ NT ED?A LTGHT SECOND HtND SINGLE hsrne-a, with breast cellar. Any petape havlag ew?b I bwt m'tls used, taat thev wisb ta dispose e( ohooe m, may MdreeeR. P, 4L, CeiAeC^ ^