Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 20, 1855, Page 15

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 20, 1855 Page 15
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ramm iimnrm mil mi. S)f)/\ ?AjSPLBNDID MANUFACTURING B1W .UUU. M> hi ?Uk-J'nm HO Aaiil wlimt-ed. Um half iMral tuthfo mm ul Imtoel kxlMM miH M Mil, for 94.000, to u; Mfoiau |ho will MNiAMii4?M)lt?A A?lj to THOMAS ' STREET, MX rtno stroc t. MUI TV SB.OOO-POB BALE, OB PARTNER .UUU torn ti the lihery static business, 'with r *r ikt itex laxitt. To ? Ml that it not afraid to Feah this la a ohcaeeseldom oCacod, M tbo stablas trt(took, with ovonthtag of tho best and plenty of liter/ borsec, " doing t large bnsixaaa. Ad dree* Chaao*, Uern .t offloo. r nn - r?B BALI, A HOUSE AND LOT FOB JUVi tbo aheve nn. The hoaaa it i nent throe end basement, lust finished. nnd portly ooeupied; * with eliding door* eornioot. centre flower*, atone lororer too- i fcllf m.V ''EkioSk^'Li'i 'anon nnd Bo/f1 OHO -'O* "ALB. OB EXCHANGE FOB REAL ^A.ZUU. HUU. > Me hell Istocee* iu ? maunfuetar Eghneineee in thi* city, which pays e good proflt, nnd the utaeee increasing daily. For particulars adnreot D. D., einld oMee, for one week. A praetieal jeweller preferred -A LOZENGE FACTORY, WITH ALL THE ? material, full iaetraettona, and a good oireloe' , nill bo sal* lor tbo aboee ana, tho proprietor (a tfidew) being enable to attend to tho beainaoa. Apply at 1 Wont Thirty fllth atreot, accr Sixth arenne. ? A HABOAiS. ?FOR SALE. THE FAST SAILING I.A. ataeabont Edwin Porrest, eoaploto in every reeoeot fo immediate nan. Apply to JOHN DULLEST, 368 Weot oat, or to A. B. HILLS. 92 Weot etreot. A WBLL ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING BUS! JL nesa, of apeonliarly prog table nature, will bo diepoood of. Price 910,000 Teraa made eonrenient. Persia* hav tng anpltnl will pleaao addrtae R. K A.. Herald olfloo. A BABE OHANCB. ?A HaIR DRESSING SALOON for ealA- Tbo looation unampnaoed in New York, being oonaeetod with one of the principal hotel* down town, and baown aa eae of tbo moot profitable in tbo oity. Tho leaae, bxturea, Aa., will bo told tor 91,000. C. B. HOWES A CO., 84 Nnaann atroot. A DRUG STORE. IN A FIRST RATE LOCATION, worth $1,0 0, tor agla cr trade, for eay Slapoaable good* er war**. The owner ia goto* Weat immediately. Long leaae, cheap root. C. ?. HOWES, 84_NMannjtroot. Boabdino house for 8ALE-AT a bargain. with all tho turnitoro, and good atoady boarder*?all aaeeheniee. The anly rraaon for eelling ia, the owner ia going to Europe. Inquire at 142 Chatham atreot. Cincinnati real estate.-for SaLb, one bandied end fcrty aeree of land, adjoining tbo atty of Amain note, anitnbla for atty lota oreonntry Mtoa. Will bo ?old altogether, at n great bargain. M. L. SHELDON, 88 Bacoao atreet. Drug store fob sale-doing a good busi aaaa. Satlafnatory raaeona given. Apply at 2U6 Sav cnth avenue, aerner Toauty fonrtb ?t. TtRUG STORE FOR SALE.?AN OLD ESTABLISHED, II flra alaaa retail drug atara. with laaaa, beautifully situ attd an the grant thoroughfare af the elty, now doing a fair buaiaeeg, and auaeaptibia of great enlargement, ia ellarad 'or rale, en neeewit ef the health ef the proprietor. Pert lee who ean een'rol 94.U00 or ttJUUO eaeb capital, will And thia a bargain. Addraaa Apethaeary, hex 2,674 Poat Office. BART CGUWIBT RESIDENCE POR BALE, WITH ia furniture, carriage. Aa , and twenty aerea of land, ana nnd n halt mllee tram the New Brnnawlok depot, N. J., nn Mb tanta af tba Raritea and aommandlng a mnndflemA m Tba bona* 1* in tba Gothic atyla. lately buQt with S heoFmaterala. and tiled in with brriet. A photograph ef Snptaee ean be eeen at the efflec of F. D'HEBTILLT, No. MMnoAange ptooa. . XjlARH AT MORRI8TOWN, N. J.-FOR SALE. A VALU f able farm af eighty aero a, lying aboat one mile from the depot at Rorriatewa, H. J. Land rolling, wall wooded, nnd n aerer falling ap?ing of axoellant water. Far par ionlara apply to HOHBE MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street. liiOK SALE?THE STOCK, FIXTURES, Aa.. OP A f confectionery and lee ereem anlaon, altnatad at No. 27 Eighth nvaaea, doing n good baainaaa; will be aold rory lew, the paeacnt proprietor wiahlng to foitro tho oity. No baai neeb eflera hotter iadneemont* than tbla. For particular* nnH an the proaelaac. WM>RBALE?THREE VERT DESIRABLE LOTS, 16*100, JD fo Hiobary itraat, near Noitrnad ayanna. Brooklyn, anly on* mimate'a walk tromlBadford(nyanna; will be sold at a ?a miaa Ajply Hunadlntaly, at 80 BanTec atreot, up at aire, liiOE BALE-A GROCERY STORE. WBLL LOCATED. J jathlietcry raaaona giran far soiling. Addraaa W. &., TjlOR BALE?A WBLL ESTABLISHED MAN UP AC J; taring bnaiaaaa, nadar n vaCaable pntant, already fa yutably iatroduood,-and promiaiag n Inorativa and perma nent inreatment. For particular* apply to HERMANN E. LOBW IG.36 Wall at. EitOE SALE-A COTTAGE RESIDENCE, STABLE. J; aanah bonaa nnd onthoaaoa, tegatber with 11 lota or arenad, bandaamaly laid out with tree* and ahrnbbary, nnd eaaiaaad with picket fenaa and gateway, in Eighty-eighth atreet, between tba BlocminrdaA road and Eleventh eve inc. The abey* property la located en the flneat apot on tbla ialnnd, eaey oi aeeeaa, nnd tna atraet ia open from the Moomtngdalo read to the Eleventh nrenne Possession im mediately. Apply to M. WILSuN, eorner of Cortlandt atreet and Broadway, la the Uileey Building. Fob bale-one highly finished steam en tine, eaten horte power; been in use only two montha. Apply at 114 and 116 Cenaon street. _ FVE BALE?TUB FURNITURE OF A PRIYATE booee, which ia meetly nee, and the house to let; the leentten i* one ef the most desirable in the upper part of the city; the price oi Abe furniture will amount to nbont SLOW, let full particulars apply to C. B. HOW K5 A CO., 84Nne ?enstiooL For sale-eight lots of ground, with a bnndsom* dwelling house, Ac., situate on the Siith are noe, between UMh and 126th itrsets. Wonid be sold Tory sbaap. Inquire of J. DEN HAH. 8th aronuh, oernsr 16th at. ?jiOR BALE-A MILLINERY, WITH A SMALL STOCK J ana nataraa, aitnated at 176 Sixth arenas, betweon Twelfth and Th rteenth sta ; a goad looation for a faaoy adera also Call at the chore No. For salk-onb secondhand right horse engine, one cylinder boiler, and ana sin horoa engine, now, cheap. Apply a*. 429 Tenth atreet. FIR BALK -FOUR FOUR story BRICK HOUSES, with atorea. an Seventh avenue, between Twenty-ninth nnd Thirtieth atreota, en the meat Severable forma. Apply to R W. BARNARD, 290 Seventh atraet, before 9 A. M., at from < to 8 P. M. _ fl*R tALB-THB STOCK AND FIXTURES, TOGETHER wMb the lease, af a restaurant. No. 76 Malice lane. It doing a buaiaeee of twenty-eight thousand dollars a year; an excellent sheas* far a parson wishing to ttgfo.e la that business. Far farther particulars tail at 76 Maiden lane. T7ICR SALE?A PROFITABLE BUSINESS, IN FULL M operation, and doing a large each trade, the profit* of which are a Seat 940 per week, which ean bo satisfactorily sheen; tbmie nn excellent opportunity for any person hav ing a small amount oi aaeb. Apply to THOMAS A STREET, 34X Pine street. FAR BALE?THE LEASE, FIXTURES AND FUKNt ture of the well established restaurant in Brotdwty, Mrnir if 1'ark pltce (formerly Kloreuoe'D It will be sold rtuneUi terms, fey applying to QEOftGE C. BYRNE, 43 llutlssi street. ?IM 9AL1 A FIN A FARM, CONTAIN INU S3 ACRES. J* adjoining the beautiful village ?! Hackenrack, N. J., well msspied for early gardening pnrpoees, or could fee di vided! ate village lota. Apply to u. WIL&uM, 221 Prospect piece, Jessey sity, or Barker A Ostrander, 137 Broadway. I OR 8AIJI CHBAP-IF APPLIED FOR IMMSDI ately, a modern bnilt bense la West Thirteenth street; excellent 1.nation; the owner going to Europe; terms easy. Alto lor tale, a farm la Westchester oounty, JtS miles trom theeity; alto a eonntry resideaee in CarmaitivilU. Apply te A It. JACOBS, El wall ttreet, basement. KIM BALI CHEAP-TBE OLD ESVAULI3QBD CAR r dago and blaoktmith shop, now doing allrstrate buei nene. A rare efeanoe for two yonng men to ttart in tbe fenelnest For fnxthor par.ieulara inquire on the premises, seratr Of North First and First streets, Williamsburg. ER BALE CHEAP?THREE WELL UOTbT AND wm medio as three story end basement bo usee, with mar lantale and fcratee, gas natures, to. to.; situated ea J. st 1 set. three minutes' walk from Tenth etr?ee ferry, East Eieokiya, formerly tlreeopoint. Terms made easy. Apply teS. 8. Free, en the premises. UAR SALE OE EXCHANGE?A TWO STORY FRAME S settage nenss aad three lets of ground, lituatod oa the sontk sinnof Fifty thirl Street, between Fourth and Fifth avenues; the honso ii 33 tsot deep, with tea room attaohad en rear, and 30 feet 3 inehae front, bulk la tbe beet manner, ?died in with brick, doors all dsafenej. ina?bl - mtnteis and alTthe modern nnpfovementi; line a splendid eonrt yard and tlaiia in front. For further particulars apply on the pre miaea, or of FOUNTAIN A SMITH, builders, 33 East Twsn ty-seventh street. rk SALE, OE EXCHANGE FOR CIT7 PROPERTY? A farm af oyer 20U acres, on Lour lstaad; good land. In ?aad oultivation; now hones and goto out huiidtige; woll wmtered; 36 milec tram -he eity, and within 2\ miles of tile saMseadstation. inquire, before U M., of ANDEitBON A ?AZ.BBN, 100 Vetey street. TfEB BALE OE EXCHANOB?A LAROE NUMBER OF W lots, handsomely situated, suitable for immediate building, aear Us depot at Harlem. D. BHEPBEBD, Mo. 7 Walt street. rR BALE OE EXCUANUE FOE NEW YORE OR Brooklyn property?tar pet warp mnanfaotnry, with splendid water power, near the eity of Mow York, rltu fnU set of machinery, capable of tor nine off 1,AM lbs. weekly. W. J. BHUNDKJtL), Machinery Agency' 17# Chat nam O. Fee bale, to close a concern?one o> the best luysstmsBta U the market?n valuable pises 0. seal setata, floating on At i an tie street, Brooklyn?n urns destined to a very high standard of valne. This property is adapted for public or pttrata nee, is unrestricted, and offers a sire security (or money, r or private tale by ANTHONY /. GLKECKEE, 7 Bread St., N. Y. KIVEBY ST A Be E FOE SALE.?THE LEASE or A) groned, building, stock, Ae., of a livery stable, loeated feg the vicinity of Madison square, aad now doing a very ?as bmsiaass; one of tho best siaads in the eiey. Terms ve yy moderate. E. B KIN 3B1MBR, 3IU Fourth avonwo CEWINO MACHINES FOR BALE?AT NO. 13d CHaT ID ham (treat, at the reduced fprise 01 fSli. Meohiaeo re paired aad improved; ate ef Blagot'gmaeblaas tor sale. The bcbbceibee will sell iu his locust timber, melodise eovoral thonsaad loenet poets; alee, a very large quantity of heavy timber, St for ships or doers; else, between one aad two Uewaand eovds of Irewoud, in stonlur. besidee oak aad ebestnat, soma ot tho hoit biokory. A we reel at Lloyds' Manor, Huntington Post Oflloe, U I * _ __ HENRY LLOYD. M O BB81M98 MEN.?THE ADVERTISER, WHO IS J. tie inventor ef e new preeeoo lot manafnotnriag a greet staple article 1st eemmeroe. has for sals tba right for this eity aad county. Also the State of New Jerrey. It will be proven I efere aey money ie reqni ed, that With a capital ol ftLMO, >30 to $40 per day eaa he made. Reference will be given le these already engaged in the basinets. Nana bat these who eaa give eetl.factory retareoeer aa te fair dealing wUl ha treated with, aad none bat those who deetrs to en gage In hnslBOM, aad aro willing to wort a little, need ans mpe thla advertlsemaat. address JBnoheatn, ffereld .(See, 'or three day* with real name, aa aa ethers will fee aa toi Valuable coal propeett fur sale-?,wo acres of bituminous eoal land, situate la Mo lean eoaa ty, Fsnasylvaala aear lint el Now York and Erie Railroad terms envy Aptly bo RoiiT. TRoaPSuN, J a , War rem aad Orooawiofe streets, Raw York. AWORE FOR SALE. CHHAF-IN COMMQUENCH _ if the owner Wl> g ml; a goad lk*M. AfW ?? *? promisee, 3W Seventh eveoee. "trALUABLE riOMlTTIOl TM V lill Of II<hM TO?Of Of fotur huadrtd Itfll ?' lftftd, WW timbered with pine, eprooe, >?>??![.. omd "Af* Vftlnftbls ling heurte. ft Wft, 80 ?J "7^ goad outboueee, all aew. ?anal, in (tabids eeenty. Price AMOR. Pari My.WftMi oa sortfAfO, ?? will ?sebum* ftr ***' ther periliiW* 9*U il 4ft Fromft ftnl* ?'??L Yon kerb property fob bale for N?w Torh oltj property. 17 allat Offt York oa the Unditi ftiYff RulroAd; bouM Wifbif t? avenuV^tthJ. Ave minutes' walk of tha depot, eon tailing 13 roosae, attie and 2%?!?Jnttoftnd crooAd. well I Aid oa4 witb fnuft tr?*f, TtfeiMiti m# flowSi'weter in tb. wash house, 4i?ingroom,am4 bath room a p at aIta InqAire Aft MOW BRA \ 6 dry goods sftofA* AO* ?Mr??t ? rBNAHTir KiMiSTBh. <? rj rvY, -fob UNts or BRICK HOUSE i* ijh { UU. Tailftb ? trait, mm* Sixth avenue. delightful location, triii la front, yard lull offlowei* runge bath ream, (ft' la twelve room'. furrttureaeemplete tor benee keeping, nearly all now. SI 800. Apjdr toHBTKR A H. JACaSON, life Broadway, betweea 11 ead 1* A. M No Inn anion fnraltaro in parohaood. A furnished room to LBT?AT MO. 23 CITY BaU plans. Riat, SO por month. References exchanged, a HANDSOME SUIT 01* ROOMS TO LET-PARTIAL A 1? fartlehed, with nee of ^tahMt. ift ? jjljfij: tbe house oontAiaal gss, bAtbs? Ac. Apply Aft lib w Aforiey piaoe. - A SPLENDID FURNISHED PARLOR?ON TnE FIRST floor, withono or two bodroome attached, to lot, ia a prirati boaia witb all the modem ?ingle room well furnished. Apply ?t 90 Frinoo street, a row doors wnt of Broadway. BAKERY.?TO LET, A BAKERY, 00 BY 18 FEET, with a larre new oven and boiler, and all other requi ?itn complete, ia oaoallont working or^Alu1l!*Ah5LW8U%b ?tore, sitting ro,m and two bedrooms, at 3Z2, lata 344, Sitttn ??XtatwftM and D. ^RP'y trDnO-BE ILL Y. 89 White itreet, or Mr. Tbomftd ragftfl 431 BMiftbatb etreet. COUNTRY EE9IDENCB TO LET?UN *H* YiJ'Hw.S? * ni?,Tilii J), miles from the Portebeeter depot, Wes| niiroSSlSVflToatbe New Ha?en Railroad, IK bo are rromtbe o'tr The . place oonei.te of houee. ontbuUdlngi ^d rtiM awn of land. Wonid let eeoaraU or together. Adcrees J. L. MOHBEB, Portohestor. FUBNISHKD APARTMENTS.?A SITTING ROOM AND bedroom, fnrnlihed, to let. at moderate rent, tor the eummer; location quiet, airy ani aear the Ualoa Club Hones. AddraM M.. bo* 1,788 Post OSw. Furnished apartments toilet-consisting sf front and bank parlors, (with uSs if piaao.) basement, bath room and ttiee bedrooms, looking u to null and orook ery complete; wonld be rented law to a good the flrit of liar. Inquire far oaa week at 112 Sullivan itreet. Reforenoei reqalrad. Furnished apartments to L*T?OI*..Fl??T floor of a kouee in Varlok itreet, oorner Franaiin, witb piano in the parlor. Apply at No. 8 Varioh etreet. Furnished house to let.?a three story and basement house, with modern Improvement., newly furnished one yoar sinee, suitable tor seuld be let for a bearding hones; eHnatedS*?jA aay. below Broome itreet. Apply te Ml. D1BBLEE, Na. 849 Breadyy. - Furnished house in Brooklyn to let?the bailment, ground floor nmd ntt.e, In a pieaiant reipeotn bie locality, aear South ferry. Addreee James, Herald otfioe. Furnished house to let?foe the summer month! and until the flret of October; flrtt olaee home, fonubed eompleU. near Union eqnara and fl'?8arenne; ? ill bo lot eery low to a enitable family. Addraea, with name and reeUenoe, bo* 903 Poet Ottos. _ House to let-yearly rent ?boo, with gas, chandeliers, mirrors, laundrs, spsaklag tnbes, Ao Lo satloi eery pleasant, near onaof tna priaaipal avannaa. wast sf Braaf way. A portion of furniture, earpeta. As., In nma order, will ba told at n >"$ftlCIIARDS, 307 Broadway. House to let-iw west twenty seventh street, ia psrfeet urdar, with Oroton water. Apoly to WAblllNG^ON HURRAY, attorney at law, No. 76 Nasaan ?tr> et. Partly furnished house at Clifton, eta ten island to let*Withln ton mtantoa' walkofVandsr bilk's landing. The grounds urn wsli nrrajassd and ieaoti fnlL shaded. Terma moderate InqtdM^R. S-HOWM. residing on the premises, sr of Mr CHE8EEH FLOWalt, 71 Broadway, up stairs ,fH) LET-POSSESSION 01 YEN "'?SP'ATSLT-Bm 1 rear part of tho second etory, the front part of thlgd story, and all af the fsnrth itory ef ^ Siika -.. street: alio, tha front room of the flfkh gtwg af 31 and 3d B' tkman strait Each apartment isi suitable for any kind of meohnnlsnl knrt^: lO^Wsjnaat at M jtraet. Inquire of JAJ4E8 CONNER A HONS, S Beenmn street. ?. TO LET?TWO BEOWN 8TOHB FRONT ENGLISH basement houeee, with all the modern lmprosemente. i* Twenty-first strrrt, between Fifth nnd Sltth arennen. Ap Jo ALEX aN-DRB WeCKBEcKER, SI. Liberty street. TO LET?APARTMENTS IN HOUSE 88 WEST FOR tilth street, between d road way and aixth arenne, con sisting of a parlor, two bedroom* and a kiUben. all liostinjr* thsj ars finisbsd In a superior manner, with mar. blsmnnttli, gnn, Crotoa water, aad alt "od*? m.nts Rant moderate, inquire oa tho protnlsos. TO LET?IN BRoOELTN. A THREE STORY AND basement dwelling hones, ld2 Conrt tUeat, mt*t koU? ?timer of Amity, within flt* minutes' walk fkim the South _ The Oresnwood and Fulton ferry Haa of railroad os?. ra^U* Ui P^s-Ues s-ery firs mlautaa. Tho boas* Is In sood orlsr, and will be 1st reaooaeblo to a goad tenant. PotssotioB giren immediately. Inquire an tha premises. Tn l it-RE* T ONLY 1380?A VERY NICE SMALL three story honto, in n good Vocation, in tho ricinity ol MtdlssnVqcars; ties a large fin. dwelling part. U rooms, bath cas Ao , rent 1475. alio sereral large noneei. Apply bath, gas, ?o , ? KINSH1MER, 319 Fourth avenue. nvi LET? IN JERSEY CITY. TWO THERE STORY Tbt ickbouaM ""sting ot eight reams nnd bsnsmsnts. ?nitnbta lor twa fomlllai. If required. The location le la the hmituJt nSSl of the elty, in Sooth Second etreet, near Eru'T. J^water in thV yard. F.r PonienUr. Inquire at E. COLE'S effloe, Jerioy arenne and Sonth Fonrtn st. rno LET-ON BERGEN HEIGHTS, ONE MILE AND A T belt from tho J ore. y City urry, soren new t ho rlow of tho bay nnd elty of Mew York, Brooklyn, Bla ten Island, Ac., from this point is unrisailed. Good watw, and a pnra atmoephere. omnlkusee lea?e tho ferry ersry few mlr uus Apply ot the offloe of U. DaUy Tolegragk, A Mcntgomery stroet, Jersey City. ______ mo I ET?FURNISHED ROOMS POR GaNTLEMRN, T also room and bedroom for a gentlemen and s ite, with or ? ithont h.ard, in a ploasantpsjt ofths city and conra nient to all business. Apply at 656 Hudson street. TO LET-THE SECOND FLOOR, OYER THE STORE of Nil Br?ed?uy, oontaining fonr JooiM, water u gether with a lar.o room on tr.o floor on th? irremiMCf. ft? ? ?BUkll faaiij, $260 P*1" J ?nr. fouMMon gtvoa i?m*dUUljr. Api?lj ?? ft&? P<??!??? mo~L?T?TO A SINGLE C 1 and sitting room, without boar*l_ Apply at 71 Na stroot, three doers from Pearl, Brooklyn^ TO LET.-A NEW THREE STOEY AND BASEMENT house, with modern Improvements, will be tentsd low to n small genteel family, nnd thairent UJon in board Address tmmldiataly H I.. ko? 101, Herald aflflas r> LET, IN TWENTY SECOND 8TRKET-A NEW bro a u stone honsa, No. 169, bet'asa Seventh aad Eighth ensues. Bent A660 only. Furniture lor snla very eheap. Can be seen at nay time. To let-two FUKNisaio parlors, without board, ob A rat floor, to the genteel private houae So Grand etreet, two block* waat o Broadway; to a gentlemen aid wiie or tingle gentlemen, tbla li a moat daalrablo op portunity tor tho realixatlon of an elegant, rotirod and wall kept aatabliabniant; Rant $?0 a month. rpo L1T-THB THBBB STORY STONE FRONT HOUSE, X 6b Waat Twenty aii tb (treat, with modern improra ?r ante, would be let at the rata of $70U a year; alao, the four (tory, modern built henee, 214 wait Thirty-fifth atreot, would be let at the rate of $100 a year. Apply to J. DSN BAM, Eighth aeenoe, eorner at BUt*oath atreot. TO LBT?TO A SMALL, RESPECTABLE FAMILY, part af houae Mo. 10 Wooeter (treat, a few door* I. ono Canal. Rent moderate. Referaaee* required. Apply Ob the pramlMO, TO LBT?AT HARLBM, IN A VBRY HANDSOME AND bealthy locality in the Sixth arena*, aetweaa 134th and L 6th atreet*, a neat new houae, (uitable for one or two g*n teal ainlliea Apply to Dr. O'REILLY, 83 Whit* (treat, or Mr. Wat ton, hou*e and land agut, fourth areaua, 134 tk atreet. ? TO LBT-A MBW THBBB BTOBY AND BASBMBNT home, up town, with mo darn improvement*; wul bo rented low to a (mail genteel family, nod the rent taken ta board. Addreea immediately 11. S., boa No. 1V1 Herald otboe. TO LBT?A FIRST CLASS F0RN1SUBD HOUSE, ON Bawt sixteenth etreet, near union aqunre. The houae La* all the modern improvement*. Will be let fur aix meat ha or a longer term, Inquire of B. A. WATAINBOM, Mo 7 N aeaau atreet. ? TO LBT?FRONT AND BACK PARLORS ON SB00ND floor, bodrovm and book baeemeat. Pe.aoa.ioai imtne atatnly. Cell for tbioe day* at No. 1 Horatio ititat^ TO LBT?A COMVBMtBNTPABT OF THE GENTEEL houae 36 Twelitb atreet, betweea Sixth and Sevan'h ' aveaeea, to a imall family ot grown peraoaa. Tho hoa*o he, and bath raom. It will bo rented on**p. Fur purlieu iara apply on the premiae*. f| 0 LBT?A VBRY ELIGIBLY SITUATED HOUSE, IN A bout b bruokly u It 1* eenvealeat of aooeae by tho dii frrtbt terrlea, and baa ail the modern improvement*, Tea lurulture oi to* houae all new. and af the beet qaelity, wii. alau be aold tvr a very low ,prion. Addree* L. M., box R6HJ Peel Ofllee, N. Y. ?1H> LET- THE FOUR STORY (THRE1 PARLOR DRRP X dwelling noma, Mo. 176 Baat SoreateoetB atreot, naa Stoyraaant park, wltb gaa, bath, heater* ead water eloieta rem atSl.tuu per year Inquire W. C. ABRAHAM, No. 16i Weoeler, corner of Uoua'.oa etreet. rLBT, AND FOR SALE.?SEVERALOOOD HOUSES to let; alao half ut a hooae to l*t, la a good noigbtor hood, ?it; |w end Crotoa water, floreral houae* and hit* feretioaad exooang*. Apply at the Broadway Land lyfhae 1,110 brtadway. S. w CAONK. mo LBT, CHBAP-APARTMBMT9 to small fami X "*?, la good boot**, Crotoa water en eeoti floor?No. b. ?""V** ??""th avenue; No. S Hiaotta lanr, lob and 171 Eaat 1 hirty aaaend atreot; alao, otur* ?:0 seventh BWjly ?? th# premleea. or of A. W. BARNARD, 238 Keveu'n atieet, berore ? A. M. or Area 6 to 8 P. M. fTHB CITY OF WILLtAHSflURO TO LET? THE 1 kooao Mo. 101 South F ret itreet Psaaaialon riven iu mediately. lnqtnr* of JAMBS MURI'lIV, Fulton Dun work*. 8oCerleara etreet. ? rro DAOt ERRBOTYP131S, ARTIST'S, AC.-To LBT L ar leant, tea aeoond and third atutiee ef the oammo-dl ouebulMit* en tbv aomheaal eorner ?f canal and Hadeon itreeta: ta* eanital north and waat light, and la la a vary pel-lie therougb'aro aid ttage and ear reete: reat m -derate Apply to JAMBS PitlCB, AW Haeoea etroet. r PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, WHOLC ?ale grt.evre. provision or food dealer*.?To let, aa aid tatabllahed earner ator*. four alerter, ta* ?altar*, ampie luite. lb* peeiUoa ulll eotumand Um entire trad* af L?aa lilaud. Apply Immediately to JOHN BRAlMBRD, Wall ?tfbet fenj, Brooklyn. ST In.,. CiUtink f2.n _ BM if in* viiM ki? * ? - * ,f *M. 1MB Na. X, HMli |M< FUBBUSd A JuUMUN M7 Ra Abb hr?4, nrnt u4 i. SK38^f^EAifc/Sl_ $75 000 ~Tk^1IT.J'U' u"* ?* HOU PERSONS y iu.uuy, whom mi?..i ??- ?? ???? > !. f M4 willtag (? Iifwl it in B otoek am JV. * "t proflt af #75 (WO within acl ' aoatki, of UW 00U wMhintWOBty Bntu N.,?. bat u.tb^rXMiMU?! apply OaBfl^rth'oTK. *f J ?**??? rtiUwNlTM bm4 ?PPJJ vw fWrtft or ill ??! fruit st to tetk* wrliar at ?if li /" fiBBHitbUaat will ba with real ?trietly eoaftdeaUal, aad triahlv answered AdJrtM n r.n' radoJftlUislphia Pott oaTa P " Address Ai Do $68 000 Ind^8IVV P,R CB,,T> ON tuu ?v/V/Vf tKsni aai ruortfMg* ta bfrortt or Moil mm improved reel estate, ia Mm cfty ar Brw klya, |b Kaa ta raft applicants; nl.o, $69 DUO ta iaaaa* la the purchaec of SS^iTii **** '? *? coyK-JE- ? iEuEU,' $40,000 goed., Bad every deeertptioa af meeraaadiao tar kooaBt hoTh^-'^At ?M?u.ri?r7 Giaaaa. Hoaatoa itrnt, hatwaaa fiaraar aad $10 000 ON *I*STCLASS PROPERTY i .7 y '? ?ttj of Na? York; auit ba worth a; least doobla rhe emu wanted. May rem?m from 3 la A ilhnty firMt*0 ,,CAWI? B?0?t?iN A PUILLIP3, 91 $10 000 -WAJyTKD. TO DI8POSB OF A MOST, k Vi# AW af $10,000 ob naimprovad pro party ia York *' ppl> M 480 Cherry .treat, Jaw $5 000 T? " iS0 W4.NTID OnT lOAN FOB iPnVtiy 7# #* M Ja?r?, ta beeecantd by bead aad ? tD ***' ra'ita worth Ave times the ante ant learned. n oonmiition Mid if tiuiitd toou. AudIv t? SAhDFoRD, bl'ltlKkB A PORTEB^fli Lihart/.tjaat. 500 IN C^8H "anted, and an active iT. . Vl bu "lift wl'h tLa adyartiaar, who will* * M???ht ia a lumbar maauraotaring iaainaa. in thU City, under airanm.tanaaa > hat will aa.ara $1,000 par 7 ?' .f'MI Nfivti || m ia?trri?ir by tAdrm?? In# Lamb+r, Herald office, stating Inn Mid place. $500 WA^T*D-nloM Of* TO TUBES MONTHS, ' .,a' rata eaawrity; a libaral b.aus will ba glvea Addrets, with gtraa name, has lit Herald aBaa. RRJ?A?loan office?cash advances AJ made ia larca or email amaanta, an diamoade watches jewelry, apparel, and all daaoriptloS. of persona?^pJiSy tor cash. The etrietaat ?d pUn^ tuality will ti obMrvtd Orderi Mr fMt itundtd u aa d"" Mro^ay.naaryalgrKraatr **? A"' C^Sdnt ANT AMODNT. OB PDBCHAA i .treat, eaaond floor, Print roam. Cram 9 A. M. ta eonfldential. McLOUOHLIN A O'NEILL. E^?5ANa,C COLLECTION OrriCB, north HMVT?iiu0nnr flr?i4wA? bad Caaal atraot. GEORGE . a . Uneanent moaay, af evaiS daaariptiaa. die aonnted at tha lowest market (Wall street) rata*. CoUaa siid Canada!' * prineipal eitiaa ia tha United state. EMIGRANT INDUSTRIAL SAVINGS BANK -DIVI ? I ,Df po.ttore are iBformed that a rami aa ?um.l'fi/.ht' V J r*t* 2f "ll T** MBt P*r Main oa alt ram. of $9(0 and under, and fire par aant par annum on all rama ar.r $A0U, whial. abnll haTb bM. /Tm.'SS *% taS tLraa montt. on tha let day of July next will ba paid to denomtor. an and niter Honda', July lg. IataraM ??! i 'tv, ratltd to tha credit of dapoaiiers aa prin The bauk le opened for buHmm drnfiTfrom " A M. , o ? ? kBd fram 9 to 7 P. M., at 91 Chamber, (treat, aaat if Broadway. JobEPH STUART. Praiidaat Joh? Marring, Cemptroller. ' IRVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION, NO. M WARRHN i ??!??*. oa. door frem UraaawMbX irtaa daUy a wm. M. D. Van P.i,r, j Vlc* Pioddemta. ^ TiifDHBiLT L. Buitow, Mtntirj. Tj ?. CASH ADVANCES ON HOUSEHOLD TUB ?J nltura, ptaaoa, watabaa, jewelry, aaaTieal inatru BiaBta, flraanaa, meahanla.' tool., dry caoda A... aad bar aoaal property el arary daaariptton, ar the blahaat ew!b KSbeJtoa^aA'^"*' k* **CAEFBAT A WALTER, 38 pany. C. ?IL oiant on real ? raaBoaelbla Empire Laaa aad Com ILLS. Ageat. Twaaty foar bean eetiea .uffl aatbta. Bayarai hoataa aad lota for .ale. OFFICE OF THE THIRD AVENUE BAILBOAD OOM paay.-Tba lataraat aa tha bead* of thi. Company, dma we af Jnly, will ba paid at the Broadway Bank. ANOBT EDWARDS, Trea.nrer. TBf. ,DDB JCLV I, ON THE CITY OF A Stockton, (CalJ ton nor eaat band* will ha paid at anr office, ob Md iiUr Bfttcruy Jn?t 30. ob proMiUtloi of the ecupono. WALLS, FARGu A CO., CC1 Broadway. r CAPITALISTS.-THE FOX AND WISOONSIN 1M proiam.ilt Company ogor ta aapitaUota for laiaatmont rtmrtma, halfyf tbalr 9 par aant bead. ($3flt,?XD, pay ?kla Fokruary 1, IHfS iatereat wmi aonnallr, at u. mm of North Amariaa, ?Hy af Naw Vark. That. head. *?? ,'"t "lortaanaapan land, worth, at a lew T^ha Hon, more thaa double the .mount; alee, a ran the ImwBre meat i?.eir together with it. proei^T wntar^wSr faire it ibe oflii of tht loapiof, 14 Wsll stroei. TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE?THE SUB ??Tl,h?l[ La. Slue,MX) to luan, in yarion. ram., aot .xeead "'* on flr.t .la*, improved property la tha eity af Ntw York, or upm good farm, within flfty ml lea. v n dNTrfONf J BLESCKKK, No. 7 Uroad ttraot. eontr?ct7 M ,f <eecripilan raid by yrlraU OOPUtTH MUimP WOTOCMI. (tllWWtn -WANTED, IN A MANUFACTURING vlUiUUUi bikliMt, well HUbU'bd and doing a good boeioees. to purchase cbo Iniereit of a retiring partner. To ao enterprising man tbie is a goad opportunity, and opt of rere ocourTeaea. Aditroao A. C. K , Herald efliee, stating where an interview may bo bad, wbleh will meet prompt attention. JgC nnn T0 *'?.??? partner wanted, inthr Jv.UUU lumier and wood baeiaeie, now oatablifhed, 'lo an active bueineta man tbia ia a rare ehanoo far invest meat. Addreaa Virginia, Box 40, Be raid offleo. jhijlWl ?A PARTNER WANTED, TO JOIN IN A qpOUUe eaab botineu, eatabllabed tor tho laot eight yeare. The retiring partner baring baaineaa requiring mo?t ct bia time ont of the city ,1a tba teaaon of disposing af bin iataiaat. Apply to _ C. B. H0WE3 A CO., 64 Nassau atroot. (bQAI | TO 11,000.?WANTED, THIS DAT, A SMART JZvU man who will take an lntoreat ia one of tba old eat and boat eetabliahed dining ealeeaa in the city, I muat be eut ef town nil the time, and am iadnoed to (ire tbia abaneo whera ?10.000 a year can be made. a. McMAHON. 170 Chatham atnot -wanted, a man with this amount, to take an eqnal interert in a aewand Important $200 travelling enterpriae, at which >4,000 a year eaa be made by indaatry. Nana ?wt an eiterpriiune pervon need apply, ne ft la no bona, aa will be abown by applying to E. MoMAHON, indaatry. Nana la no hoex, at wl 17b Chatham a trait ?1 ff/|-PARTNBR WANTID TO JOIN TBI ADVER flt)U tiarr to buy out a basiaee*, now la auocoaafot ope ra tie a and paying ?a? a month; it io a aaab bnsinara, with r>at rieh; no time to loto. Apply to CAMPBELL k DAY. I IS Chambers ft. Alaa, partner wanted ln|aa old established real eatato and brokornga office, doing n large knainoaf. A partner wantid?with a capital of S2,k*. to engaga ia n plena out aad proft table kiiaiaaaa now ea ?abliakad To an Hike antorpriiiag portoa, tho nborali n rare ebanoe, aa the bueinee* wiu yield tea thoaoaad dolUri a year proft t, properly patbed with eaab. Addron ilea. Gordon, Herald office. Dissolution or partnership.?1thr co part nana hip heretofore axiaUan nnder tba Arm name of Dun ean A RUawerth, ia iineolred by matnai ooaaent^^ The bnatnaaa of tho Ira will bo oerriod an aa oaual hy Jamaa T Duaeaa, wbo baa remarod to 71 Naaoan atroot, a rue* ?f Joba, aaaond lot, W^HANTRD-A PARTNER, WPPH A CASH CAPITAL af from H.0UU to S3.UU0, In a mannfaetmring basiaeeol known for n number of years; pay* a good lntoreat. Boat of retoranooa given and required. Apply to Id ward Blnmeam | tbai titlew. atroot. FIRKWOHKS. Chan ton fire crackers.?no. i, oold chop ? 40 peeks. For aale la loto to anit purchasers, by JAMBS ROBINSON, 74 Hanvar atroot. ul] REWORKS?THR URDUS!ON KD 0FFBR8 POR P aale. an tba maab rooeoaelU torme, a large mtaa clnto oMortnnl ot tba mant hrUllamtAroworka arar oMfe m tbia maikot. Ry wy brtioia aoll wttl be warranted 3B telleered. free of aortnto. AU blade of exhibition ptoaot or -COAL FROM so CUTS TO SI ORUPIk $0 25. Una ? ba hod at m2t yards ia thte Wty. Mr .Tvn.eaitrioa for very boat rod aab. atovo or egg atooooai, wnorod mVdelivotod from vard, UtftIB far tan; U ooata tSTt. r. and fbmiiito laying ia fttoefc Try a ton ba la,lag to wtot? ???^V.CURD OURTOR, 2ft0 Urot aronao, tenor Fl'toonth strewt. CtOft L.?CUM RRRLAND COAL, OF IIJCUIOR OT7AL1 / to. WIN bo told by tba onbooribor from rooooLIfor two onyo only, aft IS 70 per ton. Weight won anted 1<W0 lbs. *' JACOB W. OORRWRlL. R. C. "... ISe*?leek H., ItaWMil the mi*M MHmMlnil uiuwiiD k Collins, MM4 IU AUUlM, ul Ml JUT II <>kl H?M III! the (kips af ihleM Moll MtlntMl It r?t Mm; mj Mkni will M fTHEATRIi AC NOTICE.?MA NA0BS8 WlBniNO TO 1 i(mv oagAgomeaie, fer Ah* wuiii MUM, with G. C. I Ckll M H< hie ihw, the llllMAUfl ?f lrleh ul TlllM ?twHUri, ihiold diMtM 0B0 C CHaRLBS, No. 12 Jay itmt, N T. THU BRITISH AITB NORTH ANN SI CAN EOTAL H M.ll gMaiklM rmoM new soma to uiuiwl CMC mM> |wa|i BB

InwI eaMa paetagO 75 . . ruoM aoer-ow to L1VKBP90L. Chief table HiMfi SIM liiiil 14th nn?i? Uu 65 I ? < 1".*?N fc?t? mD M ffifliiii, . J ARaBIA, capt. Jodkia*, AMCSIOA CapA Lamm, | PERSIA, Opt Syria. BUS OF A, Cap*. ShauSa, I Iaaia, Opt. b 0. heU, Canada, Opt. stoae, ? Af Kl A. Oept H emtio t NIAGARA, Opt uH?k ? I Theeo roseola tarry a ami wtuta |g at wellhead; HIM I a* atarboard haw; red ea part haw. I Aaartat, Laag. iter** Baataa Wedneeday. Jua I Afxlea, Uerrieen, " Baataa Wadaaaday, Jaaa SO Aria, Lett. - Baataa Wedaweday, Jgly 4 Amarlaa, Lab*. " Baataa Wadaaaday, iuy ? Martha aot aaaarad aaUl paid Mr. Aa wperteaeed aarcaaa an board. Tbeawaer*eftbeee(bipe will not baaeeonatable far gold, IMlvorr tolHoa epeaie. jawalry, praataua atoaaa at atetaiA aalaaa hllla af ladiag ara atgaed thara'or, and tha raid 'hereof Hi|*ln aapreeeeA Bar haSVt or paeMge a pair to ft CUNARD, No. I Bowling firaaa. Thtra a ill be aa ateaaahlpa af Uia liaa from New Tar utU farther metheR THBX VANDBRIBKt BUBQPBAN UNI OF STBatM ? ah)pa. The frtt olaaa now iteamahtp ARIEL,TjOC rtlhlpill artM.tlll laara Now Turk try in pier 30 berth nrer. foot af Cham oar* (treat, at aaaa praalaaly, aa totardaj, Jane 30, lor Harra firwet. Virat alata SIB) Ihaewaar af thaaa raaaala will aat ha aeoenntahle far raid, ? liter, hellion apaaia, Jewelry preeloa* atoaaa, er ma Ufa, aalaaa Mlii af ladiag ara aigaad therefor, aad tha ralnt tharof thirala axnroaeed. flpeata aad gaada takaa at anal rata*. ?? freight raaairad aftar aooa of tha day hafara tailing. Na.h>rtb aaaarad aatll paid for. Lattara prapald 18J4* par X ai. will ha raaairad at tha afiaa wp toll A. M. ai tha day of Miliar, aad will ha ear ritdta atroar ladla rabbar bag* oadar loot, aad an arriral at Hnr> will ha Immediately daoomtad la tha Peat iHAee thara Paraala tahaa, aaab prepaid, aaa dollar aad upward*. fixed oath or uiuta raoti raw tohi. i-bum hat a a. Altai Jaaa 90 North Star Jaaa 30 North Star July 21 Ariel p..Inly 31 IA rial A or 11 North Star Aug. 11 North btar Sept. 1 Arlal Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. St North Star Sapt.X, INorth Star Oat. 19 Ariel Oat 13 Ariel Nor, 3 North Star Ntr. 3 Ariel New. 34 Thaaa ataamahlpa ara eltaeed A I at tha iaearaaeo offloea, I aad apaaia aad jaoda will ha iaaarad ia them at a* law rata* ai praaUam aa & any athar that oroaa tha add?. Far fraAht or pataaga, apply to ILTOHRANCE, No 5 Bowling firaaa, New Tork. SllMN Kit, MuNTANT A DRAPER, 25 Boa N. D. daa Via tote a, ) aria IcHKYBTIM, 8CHLOS8SMANN A CO., 27 Quel Caiaotir Driuigae, Havre. aSpM TO LIVBBPOOL?-TM NBW AND POWMB hCTTal doable angina ataamahip STAR OF THB SOUTH. Ijamea Bar km, eommanday, will tail far tha abort port at 1 le'eJeah P. M., an Wadaaaday, JnaaHU. Thi< ataaotar bar unequalled aaaemmodaiioa for cabin, aagpad aabia aad third lalara paeaaagen, baler thoroughly ventilated throughout. To partite abort to rlatt tha Old World, tha Star af tha ISontb offer* aanaaal faailitiaa, combining atraagth wita U, aad low rataa of paaaaga. Tha prieea being trad at I^Hforirat aakia, fit far aaaoad eahln, aad Em far third lain** parMarara. To aeon re bertha, early appMaatioa ahanld ho mada aa hoard, at pier 19 Boat rirar, foot af Wall ? treed, arte BOCUB, BBO. A COFFEY, M Santh (treat, New Tork. 11/OB LIVKKPOOL -SWALLOW TAIL LIN*-THB r ragalarpaakat of 21 it J una.-Tha a ale brat ad trite law packet ahip CONSTITUTION, 2,000 ten*. J. Biittoa. aom Imaadar, will poritlraly tail aa a bora. Tha aoeommodetioaJ far aahta, aaaoad aabia aad ataaraga pamaarari ara narar Ipatted Fare?Saooad aabia. $18; ataaraga. 818, had found la a Uharmi rapply af aaokad prorjalaaa by tha ahip. For aaaaara apply aa baard pUr A) Beat rirar, or to tha agent, ItBOS. C. BOCHB. 88 8onth ?treat. L'OR LIVARFOOL.-PACBBT OF 20th J UNC.?TUB II magaifiaeat aaw elippar abip John Bright, 2.000 taaa burthen, Copt. Cutting, wul poaitiraly tall on Wadnard ty, Jaaa SO. Bar aaaommodationa far eaein, aaaoad oahia and ataaraga pawnagera ara aaaarpawad. To (tears harltu early appliettlan ahonld be made on beard, at pier 86 Beat rirar, or to WILLIAMS A 0U10N, 40 Fallon Knit. to'OR LIVBRFOOL ? ST. CBORGE'S LINK.?THB VN T rirallad elippar ahip DRBADNOUGHT, Bamaala, mar tar. will poaitiraly tail at Thnraday, 2lat Jnaa. Tha aaaom modatioaa in ehbla. aaaoad aabia, aad ataaraga of thia apian did ship aaaaot be aaeallad. Partita prueeedlag to Baropa ahanld not fall to examine bar before engaging alaawbara. Apply on board, pi?r 8, North rirar, ar to | DKMARE3T ? JONX8. 40 Santh atraat, aoraar 01* all p. WCR LIVKBl'OOL?I'ACKKT SHIP CON8TrTUfION. | Apply to TiluS. C ROCHB, 83 South atraat, | HBlDBLACK STAR LINE OP PACKETS FOR L1V1R I pool ?Tha ipleadid now olippar ahip J'JHN BBUIHT, leapt. Cutting, will poiiciraly tall on Friday, Jnaa 2zT And baa excellent accommodation* lor a law mora cabin, eoaand eahia aad itwrnga paraangara. Apply an board at pier 30 | Kaat rirar, ar to WILLIAMS A OinuN, 41) Fulton (treat. | rfMM tirHHWIL Attn fHll.AnBI.PHtk bvirvxrAsftt S!" o' VWS^bstXi&SiiOAo. Saloon WO, and $60, naoording to (tale room. A limited anmbar of third alaw Bj?M will ha takaa J kom rMWMriiaMiii?MMlBBBtaHliBHB From Partita viablngt?^H^^|^^l^|^^^^^H^^^^I iMeataa of paaaaga and drafte aa Lkrarpool, ia gama oi jj I itariiag and apwarde Apply to SAM URL SMITH, Agent, I n Walnut (treat. Philadelphia, and No. 7 Brondwn^NAA I | Tork. I SOUTHAMPTON AND UATRK?THB UNITED I ^Bltatao mail it earner UNION. Captain B Adam*, turn I Idander, willleare fer Harra, tooehiag at Southampton to I land the maili and pane anger*, on Saturday, June 30, at U I o'eloak, from ptarNa. 37 North rirer, foot of Baoahatraot. I Priea at paaaaga, IIret aabia. $180; oeeepd oahia, $75. Log- I 11 age aat wanted during tha voyage ahonld ho eemt on board I the day before a ailing, marked "Sal aw." No freight will be I takaa after Thnraday, Jaaa 28. For freight or paaaaga ar I ply to MORTIMAR LIVINGSTONES Broadway/ I | N.B.?All letter* maat paw thraagk tha PoatOAo. | RHBUUCTlOM of I ARBS TO SUIT THB TIMER I HNaw Tork aad CaBfarnia atawnahiu lina. ria NlearagM I |A*aowary Traaait Company, of Nlearagaa. proprtdtoro' I ihroagh in adraaao of the mail?710 mileo eh or tar than any I other ronta. ATOidiag tha daodly P aaa ma farad, aad m I milaa af daogarena boot tag in Panama Bar. Taa aidaadid I doable angina riaamxbip NORTHERN LIGHT. BNO taM I harden, Ca;-t. Tlrklepaugh, will laara piarNo. 3 North rir<w, I (pood $lMlf FOR LIVERPOOL?I'ACKKT SHIP CON8TITUP Fro end cabin and (toorage paeoengeri will plaato I board by 12 o'elook oa tha 21ot J ana. Room for a few i 0 riageo. For information ornaaeago at I Pb out} to CHARLB8 MORGAN. Ai Orotn. Letter bag* made ap at tha a! aaa at tha red coed rata# ap * ' gal, No. 3 Bowling ? Baa. Stamped LoS ten takoa far 6% aanti oath. BDUCXD PRICK8I?lOtTLBS. BAGOAGE FitKBll^ Four hoori from ocean to ocean, by Panama Railroad. ?Bo exposure to deadly miaemaa, and dangoroa* aariga iiou in open rirer aad lako boat*.?Through for California ?la Panama Railroad.?'The UaltSd State* Mail Staamxbip Company will doapatoh for Arpinwall, on Wbdnooday, Jon* 20 at 2 o'olock F. M., preoiwty. from pier foot of Warren (treat, North rirar, the new aad ipleadid riaamthip ILLINOIS, (2,500 torn burthen,) J P. MoKlarir?, V. 8 N., ?ammaadar. Pawengara aad mal'a will ha forwarded by Panama railroad, aad aonnaot at Panama with tha Vaelfte Mail Stean ehtp Company'* magniBcan' ataamahip John L. Stephen*, (2,M>tano burthen J R. H. Pahraen, Baq., aom mander, wbioh will be In readme**, and laara tantnedia'eil/ far Saa Franeiioo. Tha pnblie ara iarormad that tha 1' M. S. 3 Co alway*bar#ont or mora extra rtaamara l>bog at Panama toady far tea, to amid My poaalhle detention ot pawangere ar matlr. For pa mage apply M L W. RAY MOND, a> tha only afiaa of tba ecmpanie*. 177 Watt atraat, aoratr ai Warren, Now Tork, fronting the North rirar. a BAN FRANCISCO --THE A 1 'NEW BTEAMBB _ ASTORIA, of MX) tnu? bortbm. will bo dlopatohod <m the 21st June. For freight wad wieago apply to tho under i.xnte, or tli* captain on board, pin No. & North cirer. ThU otoamrr offer* lino aooomraodationa for a limited nam Ur of nanronrerr Paroont availing of tbtr opportunity will avoid tli* daagori or tiekne re on tbaliMimua. WILL UN LOBACH A BCBEFELSB. 30 Beaver ft. DB8PATCU LINE FOB SAN FRANCISCO ?THE MAO alSoont A 1 o tipper rblp GOLDEN WEST it now lowl iox at plor No.#, Bait river, and will poaltivaly tall for Baa branched on or before Saturday. Juno SU. Shippers will nloaro hart all tbolr freight ?n btard Saturday ZM Intt., and hand in ibtlr billi of lading for ?igaat.tre. The Odlden Watt it one ot the sharp tet clippers Or or built la tho United flute*. and preronttth't greatest tndmoomenta to ibipuorr. ^ SUTTON A CO 7m South ttroot, oor of Wall. AUbTRA1IAN INDEPENDENT MUTUAL LINE ? The magniSoeat A 1, elipper ibip METROPOLIS. 1.000 tent, T B. Jar. Commander, will tneoetd the Cryttul Pa lace and haveimmediate detpateh for Melbourne. The to tommodallont for pataoagort in tbit fine ahip art of the Tory beat, both in Srat and teoond eaMne. Alto, a limited toa herd t ear age pattontero wll I bo eak'-n at tho low rato ot Sri), fonnd.'witb proTitioa* by tho thlp. Baying a portion of her cargo already ergaged.puaMngert nan depend on qninh derpateh For frelfbt or paesage^at low ra'oo apply na beard, at plor 17 fait liror, ?r to WAILLES A LORD, 108 Wall itroot, and AEKELL A ELLIOT, ltd Poarl ttroot. AISTRALIA ?PASSBNOBRS PEE SHIP CRYSTAL A Pataro will plaaeo baro their baggage on board oa batnrdav neat, the 23d iaot., at tbo thin wtfl tall oa thelBth without fail. A too bertha rot for eala. Apply ou board, at plor IS Saet rtror, or to AEKELL A ELLIOT, ltd Pearl ttroot, MAILLEE A LORD, IDS Wall tt. AUlYKALIA.?Fli N aAR "LINE?CARET (NO THE Catted State# sail ?The ee'ebmted A 1 elipper thlp NT Oil TING ALE, Captain Motbor, for Melbourne. wiU ho despatched oa bor eeooud royaga about tho lot July, hue tog made boo laot ia tho uanoooodoatod I into of 76 day a ?ao oxoolloat aoo--mmodatioat for Moao%Mro and frelgBi. Ap ply at tho eSoo of R. W. CAB IRON, No. aBowlCagGroou oadJM Wall otreoi. Steamship "cahawba. united states mail. ( apt. R. W. Shufoldt. direct for Mow Ortoau, will touch at Havana oa rot arm lite. aad will lail oa Monday, Joae 2ftth. at ucpa. For frrigat or postage apply to IJV/MOSTON. CROCHRRON A 91 Broadway. In soatoq canoe ef ax It tint quarantine rogultftloao at 3?w Orioaet. tho nboru thlp will net tooth at Eavaaaaa tho oat ward trip FOR NEW ORLEANS. DIRECT -THE V. s." MAIL Stoomthlp CAMAWBA, Captain R W Shnfoidt, wUi ooaatiM reoolrlag iroight on Thursday, Jane Slit, and tail tn Monday, Jor.e 2Mb. at IS e'oleek, from pier foot of Re hfaeon street N E, WnekJag at Havana ou bar return. For JjfjVoJ*'('R^Vg RON A CO., .11 Broadway. N. R.?In ooatoqueaco of existing qnaraotlne regoUtTouo at Now Orison*, tho Cahawba will not ttop at Havana going out. A cadrmy or mvsic. A mUAA OPBKA. Bolhni'a mil Uhk oporn of ^ NORMA will ha given, for tho laat Urn*. <m THURSDAY BYKNING, J CNR 21, ? T THE LAGRANGE OPERA TXOUFK. Principal relee a u prated by MME. ANNA DR LA GRANGE. BIONOK RAFARLLR RI RATI, ul _... _ SIONOR HORRLU, on kMintan from loo ton. MhAooJ Lirootor ul Conduotra Sig. AfdiU Tb# public er* raaoectr* ly ia'ormed Ult tlo oagafomoat af th*o* celebrated ertiate will not egtoad beyond the flrat ?L* W^.aHy .7hJE?%g U?,d *? ?ukU' Seat* tec ?? ? A} Jta representation* may W scoured at S'itsWii: c?ir,??^u?rr~"-,\v:::- Mtras. theatre, 78 oeata. Dooro opon at 7A?; tho Opora oommonoao tt 8 o'olook. UNO LEaJL King Loaf Mr. Johnston __ _J GIOROR^RA RN WILL. BVRTON'S, CHAM BR RS 8TRR1T.?DRRSS GIRCLE and Parquet, AO Mill; Family Circle, 88 ooato; Orehee tra Chair*, SI; Private Butt, 88 tatb. Boras opoa at 7% boo In at 8 o'olook.?Wednoodav evening. Juno 80. Benefit 't Mr. George Holland. ALL THAT OL1TTBRS IS NOT QOLD. NiPFRD IN THE BCD. WIDOW'S VICTIM. Joromlah Clip Mr. Chanfrau fJUCKLEY'S 9R RAN A DERS. 888 BROADWAY. -MON D day evening, Juno 1H, and ovory evtaiag this week, and lan wook of the season, 1TH10P1AN ENTERTAIN MINTS of a onporior ordtr, and " fan without rolgurhy.' And tho boouliful burloaqu* oa tho opora of bonNambula. Amlna, (the klaok Somnambnliot) Mill Blaanor Oumko, (pledged to Amlna) 8. S. Bookloy Loop Joe, Un lab with Saaaanab) R. B. Buokloy Dan Taokor W. FereWal Bommaaoao at 8 o'olook. Ticket* M ooato. N. B ?Tbio eompaay will aloie, for a abort totioa. oa Saturday cecumg neat, June 83, for tho purpoto of ex tend re preparationi la their kail, ta produaa new Burloaqu* Operao an 1 ka ro opaning. Dua notioo will ho (leva. 18IDORA CLARK, TNI AM1RICAN PRIMA DONNA, at tht reqnett of a commit toe of ladiea and gentlemen, will ?log, THIS RYIhI.Ni>, Juno 20, in YoNKRRS, at the GETTY HOUSE. Pall particular* in programme!. Franklin museum, no. as bowery, nearly appaeita tha Bawery Thantro. Parformaneaa aeery af tornooa, at 3, and areiy araniag, at 8. N. B.?8trangora will akaarra that tha Fraaklia Maaanm la tha only plan in tha Raited State# whoxo tho Model Artioto are orhlbttod. with other original oatortalamonta. Romombor, No. So Bowery OLYMPIC CIRCUS, 18 BOWERY.?H. FRANCONI A 1. Ruanella, Proprietor*. Now attraction for tho wook. Engagement of tha Fonud* Kquoatriaa, M'LLK MARIR, J From tho Clrqno Olympic, Paris) i af tha Shakiparaan Clown, W. P. WaDett. Mono. Fraaeoni with hi* aplandid boraea, Bayard aad John iter; Lnrator Lao and hi* talented children; B. Runnella aad T. Norllla in their pleading acta; together with many othar aoreltiao which will ba enumerated in tho bill*. But*, 35 ooato; Roaerrod Soata, 60 oontt; ohtldron, half Vie*; Pit, 13X ooato. Afternoon porformaaot*:?Monday, Wodnoaday aad Saturday. Brooklyn musxum -Monday .evening, junk 26.? Benefit of A. Morgan, tho Manager, upon whioh oeoaaioa tho tollowlag ladiea and goatlomon hare, in tho klndoot manner, volunteered their lerrieea, and will ap peor:?Mr. F. S. Chnnfran, Jam** Soy moor, Mr. Goo. C. Charloo, Mr. France, Mr B. Yates, Mr. Tyrrell, Mr. 8. E. Brown, Mro. Wontworth, Mia* Adelaide Price, Mia* Ida Yernoa, Mia* Gordon, Mia* Kate Hunter, and many etheri whaaa aamaa will apjwakr in tha bill* of the day. WIDOWS VICTIM?Clip, Mr Fs. Chan'rau; Jane, Mitt Ida Vernon. Song?' Darling Old Stink.*' Mr J. Soy moor. Fayorito Dane*. MW. A. Trie*. LIMIRIJK BOY-Paddy Miloa, Mr. G. C. Charloo. Clog Dane*, by Mr. B. Yatoa. CHARLES II.?CapLCopp, Mr. Franoe: Mary Cnpp, Miaa Ida Vernon. MACBETH TRAVEST1K?By tho member* of tho Brougham Aaaaoiatian. Extra cabd.-burton s theatre. This Etehiho, (WedhesdavP June 20, ? HOLLAND'S BENEFIT, and lhit night at h'a engagement ALL TBATGL1TTER8 18 NOT GOLD, by Mean*. Eddy, Da Waldroa, Bland. Holland, and Mei damoa Froot, Boymour. Henry. Ac.. Ao. KING'S GARDENER. OaleehArd, Mr. HoilaadiMadame Galoohard, Mr*. Hough. WIDOW S VICTIM in whioh Miaa Albert! no and Mr. Chanfrau will diaplay their wondortnl imitation*. THE ORIGINAL CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS.?A CARD to tho patron* of Ethiopian mlnotrelay through mt tho United Statoi ?The uadarmgnad beta leave to imform the public that ho ha* ao connection (at proaont) with any eom paay slvlng aoaoorta under tha ahova title, (whlab in every instance la aa aaaumption). Himaalf and tha principal nem bara ot hi* "original troapa" are In thia eity, and have not raaumod their perform an coa ainoo thoir return from Cali fornia, of whioh proper aotie* will b* given. The publlo'a grntoful .errant, E. P. CHRISTY, Tho only poraon of tb* nam# of Cbriaty at any period on gaged aa a performer In roprooentatiou of Ethiopian charac ter. BURTON'S TBKATRK.?RXTRA-?MRS. I. C. FROST ba* tho honor toaanonnce that bor #rat benefit in hor native eity will tnk* pteoa on Thuraday evening, Juno 31. Several artist* of aoknow!edged ability have volunteered tbtir acrvioc*. Boat* may bo ooenred at tho office. WM. F. WALLETT, THE CLOWN, WILL TAKE HIS FAREWELL BENEFIT, On Fbidat Evening, June 22, AT FRANCONl'S NEW CIRCUS, BOWERY, Four down* ta the oirolc. Mono. Franooni, Rockwall, Mile Mario, Sir. Napoli, Rung All a, M. Lo Clair, Wallett. All the Company, Reynold*, Andahaat of vo lunteer). Soa bills. A CURE FOR HARD T1MRS. PaiHAt a Gbcat Gift DiarBiarrios Positively takaa pine* on 6th of Juiy. REMEMBER TICKETS ARK ONLY 81 RACE, AND admit four persona ta PsARAia'a Rthiovian upeba, (63 Bboaswat. Amongat tha gift* to ho diatributed la a Splendid term, worth 816,811 floaaofoaah fi.oofl 1 loan ot oaah 2,0U0 1 loan of oaah Lot* 2 loaaa af eaab, 1600 oaoh ROM 18 loan* of oaah, 8100 oaeh 1,001 Ti e 2AO trotting mart Lilly Dado L6M HI Roaewood piano* AMI TO Gold watchoe, Ao., A*. Bead all order# for tlokota to JOS1AH FRRHAM, Adama Hon**, Barton. p ERHAM'S ETHIOPIAN TROUPS, 863 BROADWAY. _ The burleiqne Baby Show Triamphaat, Hi will, by geieral reqneet, bo produced KVkRY bVrN1.NO THIS WEEK, ui ob Wedaoedamand Saturday altera oone, with bow fta tarcein WROHO MI.NSTRRl.9Y, ETC., Ticket*, 36 eoato. Sift tiokoto odmit i??r porooao each. CTQARLX8 STRUT THEATRE, BALTIMORE, FOR J r*at.?Tbl* beautiful oud fashionable Uieetre, Ot the corner of Baltimore ud Chariot itreett It offered for rent, by tho weok. month, yctr. or longer, on reaoo.iablo tormi. During tho paat two aoatoat it hat boon wall attended by toe boot portion of oar eltiiene; and not withstanding the general depression of thoatrioalt all ever the oooatry, the boeieeaa hat boon profitable to aa extent whleh warranto the aitertien that, with a good com pany and attractive ptrtorncaaete, it mot proveYnoratire to the manater hereafter. It U in good repair, wad hat lately been mueh improved la vent ilation, rendering it one of the meet comfortable and airy tbeatroe la - the city. A trifling entlay wonld place it in inch a condition aa to rank second to no eetnblUkment in the country aa regard! beauty, atatneaa and eligibility of location. For tcrme, addreae WM. W. MoCLELLAN, Baltlmoi*. bid. fPHRATRE, WILMINGTON, DXLAWARE ?LADIES 1 and gentlemen, of acknowledged talent, wlahieg ea ttagemeute for a .nmner eeaeon or tight weeke, will make mir.edlate application to H. A. LANGDON, Stage Manager, Wilmington, 1 el. AMATEURS CAPABLE OF PERFORMING ON ANY orrbcetral instrument, and wishing to join a mneieal eociety, wbnae object* are tbeir own improvement nud pic ture, can bear of an ipportunity by addresrlng Urplieon, Poet Offiee. MEDICAL. P R. WARD'S WNFORfUNATR'B FRIBND, ?1, WITR a book.?J net what tkoae want who have eonoraeted ditcaeee, aamely, a euro at once, and no delay and * Wt" pence. Greaeeet enre in the world by Dr. Wart i " Uafier tnoAte'efFnead." Aiflteted take u-ue*?no other remedial enn enre yea radionlij. Slight eniee eared in n flew how* aotbiag sir* doerlt. No. flu Ceaal street, eae door ?aat of Broadway, ia tba place te get thil rapid and ttaoantth remedy?hew bore alae ia New York. A euro warr an teddy Dr. Ward Patient* aaxieuo for relief may aaly ea a nSt ante by bit treatmeat, witheat taxing the ayetaaa. Altera tion et diet er eeoeetiea trim baaiaeoa net repaired. Dbbm. powrrs'Tadie^ o?L?i i ton fc Xna pe | rtodle pille, a cafe and never faHin/c remedy for female irregularities. Prepared according to the erigiaal Dreeerip lioa. aed oeld hr Dm WARD, Carnal ? treat, near Broadway. Letter* answered. IMPORTANT TO FEMaLES.-DR. DVBOH' 0FF1?R JL Ageeeey for the exelnaiv# Ireatmaai ef Wll die# 'net dcat te feaeales, N*. M Lexiagtea arcade, near Weot Twowt*. eeveath atreet and Fewrtb arena*. Remedlaa for faaxale AeraatuaeaU (rem fit* I*. Atvbe wtde. Coawaltetteiu A letter* eealdeatiai. MRU letter* aeataiadag fiSaorvad With adffla* and medietas by rttgrn peat. MeMlf parutHt in all oooeo. Fatieata from a dieteaee providod with ottyM* boats, oar*lag aad attoadaao*. p. ?., flSadays excepted. Thee* at a SUtaaeo treat id fp fala. >w JkeMlttii gojtaag. Mafloaol Dim? aSTMr _ act ba So O. A CSTRALIA-?SHIP CRYSTAL PALACE, TO SAIL ArfSEtSfesS rsteviisspjeisi t* from Now Tart oeavMe, c. 9. Lwd lew, will raeeeed.'ead leave ea Be tarday' Jaw*'za| ????iidRS FLORIDA.?BMW JTI aaS leave ok SatarSay, /%** 19. unmeircin. ikTiBixxe maum -nu ur oo?MB* N Bmnmu ?* >i o*"*?" *? fe wrs# "srjajoK mum ? WlSIMDiT RTERIBO, so*.d opwu. * tkm ?VttoBTM 0? ST. KAIXt ,iir?r.iUMCT.M^ ... L**t*R*?a. ?!????Cy?rmi ????? SggS Mariano, a r>|< to th* Kin*.. ?????? U/Nl 4* ? ooroT, ? rr*o*b "a'**' J "a k,ku?") (At <?* ??a *rt*i?ally *?**&* SjmriM Catania Coraar* ?!?*? to t?*i?A aim'' 'oMN PS ANJP Conductor Mt. 0- *? iW iTieiii hoticr. ~ji rrdtMiuM JI frihutrt 8*^*4' ?.' 'i"". i'i* 'A' df ilf iuiAii loi office opoa daily. h*m 8 A. M. t* d F. ??. ?*r ?**???A ?nkMht *??>? i?4 "''Tjti B?i?? "jlJ I TUB DAUGHTER Of ST. KARA Will k* ptrformr J ____ KVBRT WIGHT TUI8 If EEC. Broadway theatre. _ . M FRIDAY EVENING, JlM 22. COM rl.lH CRT AH V ICKIFIT TO SIGN..EA VIBITh VBRTIPRACM, Prima Soma Contralto of tbo um Hat aha Had AlMWJ *? Ma?W Opera Troop*. ATTRACHVB PERFORMANCES. Two 14*4 .f ??VSBfo AND J0ILI1TTA, Aad icaond eat ?'|jpcREZIA BORGIA. AJ?D A ORAirDOOWCBAT. . . Th? fallowing amlnoot artlat# bar* kindly HlulMIM tbalr ?arTioni.ard Mill ABT?A*:- . . Simon a Fkrbari, prtwa MH4, <ll?r ?Mt APPAATAH4C i* ''F4r*.i BicitoK BoL.oiom, Biokoe Badiali* Bh-SOR CvtvRI. _ S"??OR OODRTTI, SlGWOR Rocco, Th* l.ittU Phenomenon, A C&t&iXtT1:. "'OU0?an<,t^. Signer L a Mar.4 Know *f a4??.!??, u.ual aecarad, without extra charge, At the box o?oo n ?M IM4 too, ?w? day* V?for*,A ,, "? <xttisew i?p."iSr ^'*?L';,,,., L.|.f ver third ??d 1m! appaefeeoa la Ntw Twl prATitEi to ktr dipirtort from tht iJaitod dtatat. on whith fitfcfioft AndTky' pArticolArdtiir.. SherldA. Enowla*' papaler#? ?? Hut W f!5!i Mr*. Abbott Sappiriod to both >144*4 bj \I,iL^i/*n2%CIffT2w Rot fall nrlitoltn aea kill a ?f tbo day. Boa aooa row orm, aod Kekata nDoto ka bad at th* otto* *1 tk# Band ay Dl*pateb,21 Baakmaa *tre*t. raiciaor adhimioh. rfto ta Prciccaiam Ba**4 f*i aU paraoai, *1 end $8, A?e?rdiRg to laoality. oh* Da liar ?rchMtra Ob air*, 7S^JaaU HalaoDT Saat*, aaab Drai* Clxol* and S!?!., Family Olral* aad Pppar .84*4*..?.????.ynvLV*7 .i'rs.tu'.f KTsa^iriB- ri *'?S5f5?T Geo christt a wood's minstrros, tw broa? ^ ..... Tor thla *4*k, Etblopiaa Mia.tra *y. DanalM. ?*?' Ml .Udin. wHh th. BLUNDERS;CR, FORTY WIWR8. Daor* a pan, ?Hi aontmaaaa, 8 a olo?k . ? T All Vniinaa* t>an*aoiad ky EL Waiod E IIROADWAT THEATRE. ? lB(K?n?ta for a limttad t ?rtod_wtth tboMi talaatad ? California, JUKE ?. nban an amn.lnn and aUmttWe entartalnmant will ka Of* farad. For fnll partloulara ?<?o bill* Bax Book open on Satardny, Jnna 12, whon HRtd MKf bo aaonrad Ihioo day* In ad?aaoa. ?... Tboaaladloo andnantlomen taaagad for nro raqnoitad to m*et In th* sraan roam, on En day, J an* 21, at 12 M. ? Metropolitan thratrr. FAREWCLL TESTlMOltlAId THE NEW YORE ORAHATIO SOOIETT, TO III ?HAS B JUUNSTOX. (Lata of Burtoa'*.) Thcrsoav triaixii, JvkrU, , , . tb* intartalnment* wUl oommanoa witb Bolwai * oalobratod camady of Mr. F. R. OtnwAT f'alyn He. John Brangbaw Wont Mr t. B. Aakaatan D^^mMth4'' w.' h. 5^Sf? BJKiSafc..v.v.v::-. itVMJB Sir John m, j0hn ?atom Sharp....... Mri. p. b. Conway Clara nM. j. BiaaxkM Lady _ nit* Annta Lao RSS^ TM PRisi D?wf 0> THE SOCIETT. Written by Janaa B Pbklip* *aq. T? Hr'IrOBBRT JOHNSTON A3 THR MANIAC. mn. ^ p v^ALLBTTp A. M.? I will da* hla ?''al intar^nmao^anolant Hnl|tWC ,H. ?. B.8nEq?U,. . .b^.A. ^MR"^ Mr. Mydaz lT'Ua Zaiaka aid La Patita Carlta in Pa* La C*mi* Clog Mtdl*y Daaoo by Proraaaor ?. *a?o? ?T<,#.?fll?d#w%II(TH. CABmaN. v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.::v.v:.^. A^F^Bufo JokaV nkxwr.'.V..... ^ufTjUt H'" .,, V.V.'.V.'.'.'.'.'.'..Mr*. Sylrootar M\** Qooago 2tUI Ml** Thompoon P*r*p*tto and Droii* cirel* 2/ I"jSKTb*ok#i,iiA from # A. ii. ta' 4 P. M.'' ??' ^ WAUWa'clook; parf.rmanoM wlU ...and At *B^-Tb* aim mitt** meat r*?p**tfnlly fa'ara .tba* tbaak* to the ladle* A'd gentleman who bnr* w lantaarad for tbo nboro ta.tlmoniAl, J*' Itfiu being ?* gr?at it waa lmpo*?tol? ta ax all tbamaeiTA* oi an UT^#,*N*w*,Tork Dramatlo Sociatj' r*Sj"'-?k,lr ,lB,m thank, for tkatng J. NORTH, Soerotary. T. S. Nimi, P. N. Y. V. S. F. J. A. Boole, Treaanror. ___ JriTTM a SMITH'S GRAND TO Oil OF R1JR0PM OI1N aNR BIRGR OF SE8ASTOPOL, At Cninata A?eHj*ai.* Kooma ?3B Broabwat, akoving OKA MUHRRan TIBWI, crftRS^AND OBJeSm'S? 1NTRRRST IN EOMOPB. R?iy awla*, at 8 a aloak; and M?W?riwm? iki, at 3. Tfco mndo by Mr. Alwyi Flald, ol lj0n ^J'Mm4 Admltrioa M?r*r* Goo. U?rri*"B, W. Brooa.Ao. Olaaa, unitaoa, uom etrtina Sol.-*, Ao jfor a rich er.ulnri ?iamn.'ngaad tmteitainment. 8*0 programm*. TUketa, a> **n??, tlokrt*, >1. - PERIIAM'S BABY SHOW OUTLIVES DARNOM 8, and call* forth tramandoaa ,mr SsIIoLTS OF LAUGHTIR AND APPLAUSE ?very *?onlng, at W3 Broadway. , MEDICAL. A PHYSICIAN OT THE KIRAT RESPECTABILITY A and etandi ag la the eity, hu takea b pr irate rttlliiM up tvwB, for tbo traalment or ieralida. To aey oae wbo de rlrea retirement, qnietnde, oompeteat n are lag, with all the appliancea of oomfort, thia aatabliohaaat la nneqoallod la the eity. Addraaa I'hjeieiaa, tax 777 Poet fXBoo. A BRANCH AND DEPOTOPDS. SHURERGER'S LIN aeaa 'abora'ory and dieponiary. 430 Broadway, la opoa ad at 110) Fraoklla atreat. two (1 .ore from Wert "roadway. All ehroBle i r aeato dUaaaea, each aa meronrtal or eerofala Ua. bo tbey ot lone deeding or reooat, ao thoy aeon at alatad or inherited..era ireetod oa br Shaborger'a ?rao aatt mar oorlal prinrlpice (lorreil Afl.OWJ or'he aae of woroaiy?) Boa l'r Shoberaer'a oarda and eireotare; eee opliione ot tho St*"- At thia branch oflleo particular attoatiea la paid to loeaaot of tbe abofo-meatioaod oaturo by ?*. Kraaier aad aaaletaata, aader the aaporritloa of Dr la. L. TlhlilnagM pvR- II SERAU'I Of PICA ro* THE U tfotweiit of pilot aad dlaoaoea of tho hai ral.SflJToarth atreet. don opal Broadway. Moo U, I. < aad 8 P. H. Care warraatod at troataoab ao > rood whaa art ee Mated. fear art aa Modal, i lA.aH taataa la&htertdaa* ral, sAJToarth atreet, aad 8 H. ?ar.aod. Hoaay rota read after. ia'oim'te.t terete onro.l in), ring the amoral heath La uoo aaainat ro' are a'laetabj ?a COBBETT. 19 DDANE STARR*NAtM tailed with aanddaaao oa oeatala dhaoaaaat M eae apoelality of tho profaooloa or abloo bim to ? pormaaoat oaroo Hla iroatmeat la tho taatt aa I Hood by tho greet Rlecid, of farfa N. R ?Dr. C.'l ae member ef the N. T Gaireteity, amp be eeeaatI D Dr. cqopj to tho 01 aaltod at hla oldBBJi^B la> ooaaolatloa to maayBB ?aaraatooa a aero la all eaooe 14 DOANH 8TRRRT, BO LONG KNOWN >a of Now Toth eo tho poet awoooawfal ?aatry aaa boaat at. eeatSaeefcbeeea ?jaa|>rrt** " imvr. nab pwtrofH athaa mediae! aeaai m Nay la pad* aad eapediMem>: kiemedl ??HBBMittaar of deteeOm ?h^gneea Idorato, aad tho aoaoy rofaadod tr oaatomoBta ?twpwt. JmvR JOHNSON 18 DUANH tTRRvr, hab^H ?' ad mora porta tkaa ?irk. br. J. a troatiaaat can \t tebea witho.t tevr uf detoetl^n Bbamee aahaadea tl adtrtt far female trregalerUleo pi CORD'S PRACT1CB.?W OTICR^OT HRMOTAle? aa^?>*S!iaaes5 SK JS. aad eoat to thea Rooaat odpoo i Cnargoa (tvaa maitlt.HBH dor* aad improved hay time coaeaM tho RM&Sgt | firtTlto hhd C b HAMMOND. M D ,1 Aathot tf ModlehMafermetlea far tho Hllloi Nt. IK Broadway, oppoarto 94. KB* D , MUMOA