Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1855 Page 5
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til green fields; OnMwieh strevl was then a roftd ?)??( Ik* tarn of the Nerth rtrer. (SevaPft! old mejw of the titj wtie h*t? mtioduced, ebowiog each to he the ?M?.) C.-oton Cotton, grocer, corner of Washiog'on street ?M Ustleiy place?Acquaints! with these streets: carte, vniltDi fee. constant!* occupy th-?n; tbo?e that st in J kle >**bi to cro?te the gre^P-st tacuumraucs, in the fete p?i t of the day it in difficult 11 get ?oog, o *.ng to enrtu lo-ang ami unioeilu it ftnnahi.tractions oo the tUe> walk; the (ante oiUicultits are to ba fount in other ?tri et? in this city. I il vard Boyie, city surveyor?Was appointed by ^tr^st CV-ttSPie'icner Furey chief engineer on tte Ninth trenue Bailtrad en Mnr?.b J*l, 1*5?; actusl ?ork ccmmep-sd t o'clock I'. M. oo that day ?y brewing up the ?treet in Ninth avenue at Fiity-first street; generftllv allowed but too blocks openet at a time, aud finished np the work aa they wsnt on; the work waa completed at the rate of a block and a half a day until down to Tim leer th street; wee chief eogmcer oo the Seconl and Tlkrd Avenue railroads; appcimed by the Street Com as.seioner a boat the same time; never was engineer on any other road in thlseoumry; was assistant a short tinee on tbo Dublin and Gul vay Ktilroad in Ireland be fore coming here; been in this country about seven years; on April 3 two blocks or this road'had been coa atrneted, and the avenue paved twenty feet ia depth; knows the time he was verbally appointed, from a regis ter he keep# of such things at lus oMce; w not inform odhofore he cftmo of the points he was to be examined upon; there is no entry in his book of any further pro gress of the work: on Tuesday, April. 4, thinks the mils wars laid for the firuttso blocks; cinsot recollect tow much material was than lying upon the ground. The Court adjourned before the examination of thin witness was concluded. Supreme Coutt. Before Hon. Judge Morris. CONSULAR AND JUDICIAL POWERS. Jews 12.?In the matter of Frederick Kcssler.?The prisoner in this case was arrested on the 19th instant, ky the United States Marshal, on the requlslon of Ferdi nand Karck, Consul at New York for the city of Ham torg. The following is a copy of the letter of the Cbnsul'? S- Sir?Under the convention for the mutnal extension of Ju risdiction ef the Consul), between the United States of en baek te Bern burg for trial. I have the honor to be your Obedient servant FERDINAND KARCK Consul to Hamburg. Te Ann. T. Hillyih, Eiq , United States Marshal. the Marshal proceeded to arrest Keasler, whom he ?anted to be oonfined in the city prison, and a writ of habeas corpus was taken out, on whieh the prisoner was toonaht before Judge Morris. It is alleged by the Con sul that Kesaler was engaged in a mutiny on board the Hamburg bark kliza By bike, and that he had also de serted her. The Consul consequently claims, tbat, by vixtno ef a treaty between the United States and H*n neatic Republics of Bremen, Hamburg and Lubee, rail Bed June 6, 186b, he ie empowered te have the prisoner sorested and returned to Hamburg Tor trial. Article I. of the treaty, the part 6n whieh he relies for these pow ers, is as follows :? The etninls, vice consult, commercial agents and vice com mercial agents of each of the high contracting parties shall have the right, as such, to tit so judges and arbitrators, In such differences as may arise between the masters and crews ef tl e vessels belonging to the natitr whose interests are oemmitted to their charge, without, the interference of the toeal authorities, unless the oonduct of the crews of the master should distnrh the order or tranquillity of the coun try or the said consuls, Ac , should require their aislitatioe In executing or supporting their own deoiaione. But this species of judgment or arbitration shall not deprive the eoatending parties of the right they here to resort, or their Iftturn, to the judicial authority or their own oonntry. Counsel for the prisoner contended that thli article of the treaty referred only to civil actions, such as seamen'* wages end the like, and not to criminal matter*. The treaty did not coutemplate giving to the consular ?gents of either country any such power* of extradition u were cleimed by the Consul of Hamburg in this case. He also denied that the marshal was a ''local authority" I* the meaning of the treaty, and oontended that the arrest and imprisonment of Keasler should have been ordered by some judicial and not exesntlvs officer. Mr. John Anthua, who appeared on behalf of the Con mi, opposed this construction of the treaty, and ob served that if this trea'y should fail to cover the case, the general treaty previously made with Htmburg, In whieu tbat city was distinctly placed on the footing of the most favored nations, would justify tbe course pur sued by the Consul. Ho also contended that proceed ing* ef this nature must necessarily be summary, for unless Mm prisoner can be at once arretted and oon veyed home for trial, lie may escape, aid the end* of justice be defeated. The length of time that would ne cessarily elapse before the formalities, whieh, it was urged, were lndlepeneable, could be gono through with, would render the treaty utterly nugatory in this respect. Cennael foe prisoner, in reply, observed that the phrsee "moat favored nations" had ;eTerence to ques tions of revenue only, and not to criminal matters, and ?noted tbe case of Dr. Holmes, mentioned in Peters' Sep , a fugitive from justice, who had escaped from Canada into Vermont, anl who waa sought to be re claimed on the gronnt that Great Britain had been placed on the footing of tbe most favored of nations in a treaty with the United States. it was decided by the Court in that case, that, In the absence of any extradition treaty, the phrase "most favored of nations" in ft general treaty referred only to question* of revenue Juige Morris, without giving any dwelt ion, adjourned the case until Saturday morn ing, at 10 o'clock. Supreme Court?In Chamber** Before Don. Judge Uonia. THE CHEMICAL BANK FORGERY CASK. June 22? The People vs. Job. Bishop, alias Finlay Lyman Cole and Andrew Kissane?Application was made by Mr. Bmteed to remove the trial of defendants from the tesaiona to the Court of Ojer and Terminer. Judge Morris granted the order to remove the trial to the Court *f Oyer and Terminer. Superior Court. Before Hon. Judge Boaworth. DAMAGES AGAINST AN OMNIBUS COMPANY. June 22.?Stephen Griswold vs. Jerome Finch awl others.?This was an notion brought by Dr. Oris wold age nat the proprietors of the Knickerbocker stages, for tojury done the plaintiff by one of the defendant's omni buies running through his gig and fracturing his leg. The case was tried twice before, and the juries were an able to agree. On the present occasion, however, the jury gave a verdict for plaintiff for $1,000. United States District Attorney's Office. CHANGE OF BRINGING AN AFRICAN INTO BONDAGE. June 22.?The United States vs. Jermoine Hermes.?The defendant in this case was arrested on a charge of having violated the law of 1818, by bringing into this port an African boy in September, 1*54, with intent to nuke hisa a sieve. The ceiendsnt, it is alleged, took the hoy to Wilmington, North Carolina, and there offered him for rule. Held to answer in the sum of $20,000. The examination will take plaoe on Friday next. I Will Fireworks Explode* TO THE EDITOR OF THE HERALD, in the publication of the synopsis of tvidsnce before he Fire Marshal, of the Ore at No. 10 Maiden lane, a portion of my affidavit (important io me) was omitted, following is the portion referred to:? 1 doubt very much if the spontaneous combustion al idad to took place in the colored wheels manufactured by me; my reason for thinking so is that I nave manu factured tor twenty-eight years past, and no occurrence of the kind took place in my factory, or to my knowledge ?elsewhere, where my fireworks have been stored exolu sively; I recollect, about two yeais ago. an explosion of fireworks took piece on the premises or Joseph 8. Pu'dy, No 84 Maiden lane; Idoo'tthiak his fireworks were exclusively from me; I know he had some works of other ?ankers; Mr. Purdy at that time told me that it was one of my wheels (colored),Ian exhibition piece, that first toek fire; if it was one of my wheels. 1 think it had hesn Improperly placed under the skylight, so that the rays of the sun through the glass caused the combus tion; since that fire Mr. Purdy has purchased several exhibition pieces of meAbut has not taken a general naeortment ior his store; a low days ago Mr. Purdy wrote to me for some works on commission, but I old not kt him have any; 1 hive no special agent in this eity; I don't let dealers have works on sale or return. JOHN W. HADFIELD. Jersey City Intelligence. Burhikg Fiax Crackers ?Fatal Accident?As a teamster, named Michael Flvnn, of Brooklyn, was driv ing through Grove street, Jefwy City, at about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, with a load of brewer's grains, his hnesnr were frightened by the burning of firs crackers \ fe. . ran nwny. Flynn fell off, end the *eased over him injuring him so severely that he J iffiUfuahoor alterwarde. The ffrue ?*ollcy in Trade.-In this Age *?? cr>**kv bo bonfri cbb Vo ?#% to the onward course of She expert^Baaufaetur *?d baMnese man, who make* in doetry.eud-monomy,bUrifletlandeoaneellore. Iasuohgood -company , A A? EN 6CH aiDthe popular haeter, of 118 Nae ?austrvei, hM lor some yeaMWn travelling quietly, bat ?wlrily and nwely. along ibV'-vi to aele tartly: ior hie whoieeale tgsAe, whloh ie imn.?oaA*teuda throughout the whole Anion. Hie enmmer bat o nu drat Rooky Moua tain ekvery b?av?c, f?r the city ?ratfipTll be fownk to poe ssne the hlsbete riatme to the admirW?**_seutlemeS of refined taale; and -those who may favor t? wffb their ^ H dere can^ve tW meaeure and mxv rcMpn gsttiaM ? beautitoi and well Ated bat. aad sue auty to their? epective faalhrei. Price fear dollar*, aad 1 etssktedH spective faelhre*. Price fear dollar*, aad\a4stttted to ba ? iiparlor in all XVpact* to the five #l?r Otar of Broadway. BIcollo Drab Beat were are mi tlxe Rge thl? summer; hie assorted uucmer bats, of all kinds,laanot be ?,sailed by any other etsre iu this oity; eeraew Broad ??j and Csaal street. Iff Tow Want n Really Ugh* ?"?? Benatla>( summer hat, give DAVID a eall. ?? oUl Broadway, eeooa door from Duano itreet, wbere all taate* may be lulled Pelt hate, panama* and atraw* of every variety. Knox on the Urad!?Though a Seeming ??*, nothing ie rewiy more agredhle. Tho KNOX ere by all odda the moat agrseajny lu-ht, haodaomo and graoeful of any in the oity; and the variety of oapital summer hats?atraw*, beaver*. caatimerst, Panama*, Ao.? I* almost esdleae, Bieck hate and cape,of the newest stylet. 2 not wanting; while elegant oanet, trnvelUng bags, and or inmmer etceteras, caa bo had at the earn# placet, No. Broadway, and No. 213 Broadway, corner ot Fulton it. W? tho Hotters in the City and Country. A-**1"* * Co., 171 Pearl etreet, beg leave to tall th* at. WWUcn of the toad* to several new etylee of men'e straw ?efe J?,tvflnUbw|, among whisk arethe "Ysung Amartens" <*4*?.IfRf ?tfiaa bats, both of nnoommon beauty as wsU ?m*arabiUty, tegitber wiib set uteal large variety ef aia'i, *?*"* 'Nweketa all of our own maMfneture, Anion's Oaguctrcotypft-Urgc Mme tor 50 t?t>. colored ao'i In a r ice o???, t?io? the lit* others Ilk* fer SO cfVt? *u<i equal in quality and ill* to thou* made tl>c?hirc r r$i ANSON, 589 Broadway, opposite Metro poUtan UoUl. PnoiOKTnpM, C?nuo?Dai(|nrrrMtypti, Sic veom pee and ua<ue:r* ?> pes colored like miaiatnr*? No. :*49 Fulton *tre?t Brooklyn. CllAS. U. WILLIAMSON, Ar ut sad 1 roprittor, Willlaiuun Institute. ICO Vtnri llrnet the llo^uerrrotypc* Taken lor UA cento by tLe New York l ie in re Gumn*uy will ho worth $110 tack, no euriositie* ot I\S6 Yellow ol uom pcatertiy is waitins for jour puetographs unit daguerreo types, kt 2b9 Broadway. Co in i> Factory, 387 Htooihvoy.-Lkdlci are rcrpec'fnllj inrited to eikinine a lar.'o vkriety of tortoioo sbill drees combs, of the newest styles nt -lie subscribers' iter*. A. A J. SAO UNAS. Portable Diewinn Cases.?TIrene articles, io coEilncire to tbe oomfcrt ktd corvooionoe of trkrellerr and other*, can be e er at tbe subscribers' In great variety. A. A J. SAUNDERS, No. 7 Asior Bouse, and 387 Broadway. Secondhand Rosewood .F'.ollait Piano, Gil bert'* make. price $125, for ss'e at WIS; one boudoir piano, price WUi for $190; on* Cbiokcriug, inahoraiiy oaso, $130; oao rosewood piaao, nearly new, 11 OS, at ill droadway. Horace waters. Hew Marie by Tsaoiuas Baker?America, eavatiaa. 3Dc.; tbe Orphan, ballad, 26c.; tbe Swinging Polka, beautifully illustrated with colored vignette title, 35c.; tbe celebrated Sparkling I'olka, btteenth edition, S5o. HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. Planorl, Tire Italian Republican. ? The United State# Magazine for July (now ready) ooatains a ?pirited portrait ot thlr untortunaie individual, who wan lately guillotined in Fran se, tor attempting to moot Louis Napoleon; alto a rketcb of tbe life of Pianori, by Uagheltno Gijaui, of tbi* city. I'ubliaued by J. 11. EMERSON A CO., No. 1 Spruce rtreet. Maiden Lane Fire.?New York, Jane 18,1855 ?Herrr*. Bteuns A Marvin?dents: The tire thtt entirely dettroyed tbe building No. 10 Maiden lane, on tbe mvraing ot tbe 16th inst., n part of wbieh war occupied by ui, severely tested one of your Rich A Co.'* Salamander Safes, Wilder'* patent, No. 2191, purshased in Febroary, I860. It remained among the ruin* for forty-eight hour*, and, on bsiag opened tbi* morning, all tbe book* and paper* were found to be perfectly legible. Yours, Ac.. Dumkii* A Roubims, No. 10 Maiden lane. Theio aafes, iconred by the celebrated " La Belle" look, are manufactured and (old by STEARNSAhARVIN.No lie Water street, Tbe only makers of safes combining hioh A Co. and Wilder** patents. Alio for sale by FAIRBANKS A CO., No. 189 Broadway. The Wotld'i ?' Medical Congress," located at 612 Broadway, is compoted of native and foreign physi cians representing every avsteut ot praotice pursued in the world. Invalid* who wish to consult the oombined medi cal (bill of both continents, may oonsalt this distinguished bedy of physiciau* any fay between tbe honrsof9A. M. and 3 P. 11. Dr. Root or bis Assistant, may b? consulted at all honrs of tbe day aud evening. II. K. ROOT, M. D., Superintendent. Green Turtle Soap, Frenh To-day, and off moit exquisite quality. P. M. BATARD, State street, Battery. Families and parties supplied to order with soups. Rtmi' Clothing Warehouse, Now. 66 and 08 Fulton street, is tbe only plaee where zephyr cassimere ?ait* are sold at $10. Cheok Marseille* suits, $8 60. Junta Little A Co., Merchant Tailor* 412 Broadway, near Canal street, where you will bad tbe most fashionable and best made garment* in the city. Goods made to older at the shortest notice, and ia a supertor man ner. Warm Weather Garments.?Alfred Monroe A Co., No. 441 Broadway, invite eitisens and strangers to examine their summer eoats, vests, pantaloon* and furnish ing goods. We are inclined to believe that, after an exami nation, they will purchase. No deviation lrom marked prices. Oak Hall, 84 and 80 Folton street, Hani How become the favorite resort for tbe oitixens of the great me tropolis for oiotbing. Whole salts oan be obtained thero lor $2 So to $8. Check vesta of every variety very cheap. Rogers A Co.'a Clothing Warehoni*?The summer ttook is completed. It is the largest and most fssblonable inNew York. Go and Judge for yourselves ot it* variety, out and finish. Tbe lowest prico appear* on every article, aud ia fifteen per cent nader 'be average trade Remember tbe locahty, eorner of Folton and Nassau streets, opposite tbe Herald office. Mourning Goods I Mounting Goods.?Rich bareges, grenadines, tissues, printed mnslins, de bage, and all other kinds ot mourning goods, selling at great bargain*. E. H, LEADBEATER A CO.. 317 Broadway, Bareges I Bareges.?A. Hew Lot off Rich bareges will be opened this morning, which we will sell at Is. Gd. per yard: also, a new lot of cheap silks. B. H. LEAD BEATER A CO., 317 Broadway. Travelling Dress Good*.?'Three Cases of fine French de bage will be offered this morning, at the low price* of Is. fid., worth 3g.: also, real India seereuokens, a sew and beautiful article for travelling dresses. E. H. LEaDBEATER A CO., 347 Broadway. Zephyr Merino, Lisle Thread, Cotton and silk under garments in great variety, at MCLAUGHLIN'S ?birt faetory and men's furnishing store, 292 Gresnwieh street, corner of Chambers. Shirts, collars, and hosiery, wholesale and retail. Shirts made to measure. Zephyr Caulmere Suite, $10.?These Really beautiful suits at* manufactured from a new description of fine woollen goods, of rieh delicate shados. About 100 of them are told dally at EVAN8' clothing warehouse, 06 and 68 Fulton etreet. Ton Cannot Imagine why your Shirts don't fit, eh ? Atk any man of fathioa and he will tell you. It ii not beoauie you got them of this man, or that man, or the other man, bnt simply beoause you did not get thorn of GREEN, No 1 Astor House. Fogg tun di Wochers Premium Excelsior shirts; U. Herlcer A Son's family hosiery: Courvisieli's kid gloves, unrivalled for artistic out, fit, finish, elasticity, soft ness durability and obcapness. 162 Canal street, oomer Sullivan. Boots and Shoes.?Executor's Sale to Close an estate.?A rare lot of calf and patent leather boots, and different ttyles of patent leather shoee, will be sold much below cost, for the month of Juno only, at 73 Nassau street Lace Curtains, Window Shades, dec.?Buy ers lave a great advantage in dealing with large establish ments, tor the more extensive the business tbo smaller tbe per centege lleuoe, In buying laee our'ains, cornices and window ihades, of first oiass importing and manufacturing concern! like that et KELTY A FERGUSON, 291 Broedway, the purchaser practiies a,wise economy as well as enjoys the opportunity ot selecting lrom an extensive stock. Good Chance?Carpets at Cost, Prior to Re moval.?In oontequence of removal to our new store, on the 1st of Joly, we are closing out our stock of carpeting*, oil sloths, Ao. DOUGHTY A BBO., 231 Broadway, three doors above tbe Altor llouse. Carpctlngs surd Oilcloths, 20 per Cent less than usual prices.-PRTERBON A HUMPHREY, 379 Broadway, eoraor of White street, will sell during this week at the above rates. Call aad see. Groat bargains may bo expected. Rot Printed!? Royal English velvet cxrpete, lis. a lie. per yard. Xiglish tapestry Brussels oar jets, 8*., 9*. nnd 10s. per yard. English ingrain carpets, is , 9*. and 6i. per yard. i HIRAJK ANDERSON, 99 Bowerv, Sign of great Amerioau Eagle, Doll Show?This Show of the Season, at ROGEKa'S fancy store, No. 419 Broadway, will oontinue through the week, embracing every variety of dolls, from tbe site of one half an inch to full grown babies, drossed and undressed, black and wbite, crying and laughiug?suoh a display as will afford all tbe little girls in Now York an op portunity to make a isleotion. Also, every variety of Toys and Games lor tbe amusement and instruction of onildron. For sale at prices that Rogers, by his own importations, oau only afford to sell them. Mo. 449 Broadway. Pavilion, New Brighton ?The Proprietor respectfully arnouncea that his establishment is now fully opened for the reception of boarder*. Forties wishing to Kcure rooms can make application on the jTomlses. or at 826 Broadway, New York. F. BLANCAKD, Proprietor. ?10 Only?Splendid Building hots and Farms. ?$10 only for two building lots, 25bylOOfeet; or a larm from 2 to 10 acres. 7uu building lots in the villago of Rose vale, near lake Ronkonkoma, and 60 farms will soon bo divi ded smcttg 400 subscribers. fill payable in instilments, se cures two building lots or a farm. This opportunity will olose lu a tow days. Apply immediately to UHAS. WOOD, 206 Broadway, where maps can bo had free. Teas.?The Best Assortment off Fine Teas will be found at the Canton Tea Company's newly ereotod and elegant store, 126 Chatham street, between Pearl and Roosevelt streets. The eldest tea establishment in the city. W* assure our readers they eau do better here than else where, either at wholesale or retail. Liquor Law and Wolfe's Schnapps.?Drug gists ean sell Wolfe's Schiedam aromatic schnapps, under the new liquor law, without license qjDOLPHO Wolfe, 18,29 and 22 Beaver street. To Travellers, and Cltlxenn.?Persons Tra velling should supply themselves with Wolfe's soheldam aromatic isLnapps, as a preventive of oholera, diarhma and dysentery, often oauted by obange of water. The eohnepp* has been adopted in practioe by tbo pbysiolans of New Or leans and St. Louis in oases of oholora, a* the most reliable alcoholic stimulant now in nse. I'ut np in quart and pint bottles. For sal* by all tbe respeotable druggists in tbo city. UDOLPHO WOLFE, 18 Ileever etreet, New York, ani 26 South Frost street, Philadelphia. Hss he the Pinch to do It 1?The most Popn ltr annivtrsary In the world?the oelebratien ef the declara tion of freedom?"all men born free and equal," will be here anon, and with it the first limit by prohibition to tbo an cient and time honored custom of drinking the nation's toast, esto pernetue. which is to be enforced tnat day by Governor Ulark, at the point of the bayonet. In view of this coming otitis in a land of liberty, everybody is asking the main question. "Baa Governor Clark the pluck to do it?" Jherathtr think he is some in that way, far, like a prudent ?o idler, be commenced cautiously by preparing hts troops for the struggle, not by giving them "cakes and ale/' bnt by furn.'ehlng for each regiment an ample stook of MOFFaTT'S life pi Ue*and phoenix bitters, from tbo offloo, 330 Broadway, Now 1 ?lk. ToudiV Subtile I'proots Hair from Slip part of bo body '? Nothing looks so well as a commanding fore h?a- aild an *?oth upper lip on women. GOUKAUD'a Hal Ian i?dieat*</<*?*P cures tan, tetter, pimples, freckles, erup "ona.brownni W, Ao. Rougo lily white, hair dye and resto th? oi d depot, 67 Walker street, nosr Broadway. Christ.doro s Excelsior Hair Dye has be. y? (taps, artic throughout the United States. No druggist or pe-fumor afford to bo without it, for no other and a!Kr%t#,i.*Hh thsiWms oertalnty and safety. The blacks Md TO at &d6UA.\ er Houie^,<lU#n M B#W Rvwsr.?Ts prevent the Into In br^ekVi" ?'on '?>* system, it is necessary yaUm MMa,?ilrr.^*l>?' 3S2 P'otsct the *U8MM W ?Mi*lJ, RtMl Tfelt-Aa Old Han Made Tmuik Ikt 118, by getting una ?f the kit manufactured wTgs or toupees troui tti*> celebrated Duitaetoi; of MKDUUR8f A CO,, 27 Vtdtii lata. Hoc* and front braids, bead*, aula, Ao. Copy tho address. hair 1>>?, tViRt w?l liiapaea BatchcAorn'e celebrated aetery for these art'eles it 138 Broadway. Nine private moni for tba application of bit unrivalled linlr dye, wholesale tad maiL Bawsro of imitation*. Tba largapv secortniem of and tcupecs in tba world. The 0|>enliag uf the Industrial ElUlbltloa baa not cioo ed in Parian grenicr sensation than tho late luiprcieiiu'ut us wigs ai d toui>e*r, be Ci.lKKUUljH. Tho tig illness, t.atari and transparent sun division make them tba ptr'tCM.n af hair work. VFiz wearers, oall at'he fac tory , 2W Broadway ; outrauca third door in ?ultia street. Just Opened, Hill's Branch Hair Oyelng, cutting, ouriing aad shampooing rooma, at No. 1 Barclay atro't, fl ted ?p Id a neat oomfortnbla and prnotloa'. atyls. bhaving at this or tbo old stand, No. 45 Nassau strsot, sin coats. Trusses, Shoulder Bracts, Ladles' Belts suid supporters, instruments for bow legs, club foot, and all do Homilies ot the tody, on hnnd and made to order, by Dr. tttASV BR, at tho burgeon's Bandage Institute, No. 4 Ann ?treat. Durno's Catarsh SnufTcorca Nervous Ilc&d scba in hvo minutes.?For thirty one oeuts in stamps, a handsome cample box of tbis arcmatio is seat paid, through tbe Fost Office, always fresh from the maker. jLDUKNO. Albany, N. T. Dr. B. 8. Pitch, Author or the " Six Lec tins an Consumption," office 714 Broadway, open daily, (Sunday aisapted.) from 9 to 5a'clook. treats consumption, astrma, diseases of tbe heart, and all ebrsnio dOoassi of Baits and females. Cunsultation fraa. At Stw Yorit, In the Dead of Night, 1 be citiieu is dread alright, K. coined the furious charge Ot hungry hosts of bugs and floes; The I'latosoree rat anil m> uso joiu'd those, With roschos black aud Urge. But tboy were al! killed by LYON'S magnetic Fowder and Pills. Tbo infallible deati.dosliog article has B, Lyon's sig nature on label. Depot 424 Jiroed way. NoUoway's Ointment.?Salt Rheum, Bcof butio truptinni, and icrotula, aad In all rheumatic oaass, this reliable ointuioat should be used as a sovereign remedy, oven wben all other u.oans hare been triad in vain, bold at tbo manufactories, Ml Maiden lane. New York, aud 244 Btrand, London, and by all druggists, at 23 cents, ti2X oaats, and >1 par pot. Hollow ay's Ointment and PIlia,?The whole civilized world have, as with ana voice, endorsed in favor rf tbeso wonderful modioiaas, as being tba only sura renudy lor any old wound, ulcer, sore teg or sore breast, oven wbsa all other means have been tried in vain. Sold at the manufactories. 80 Maiden lane and 241 Strand, London, and by all druggists, at 25 cents, ttf>? oeuts and ?1 per bos ar pot, The Great Inhaling Remedy tor Asthma, consumption, aud nil diseases of the throat and lungs?Dr. Cnrtis's iijeceua. Thousands have been restored to health tbe past year by tks Hygeena. Principal office, 313 Broad way, and sold by C. H. Ming, IDS Broadway. Price only $3 a package. Dr. CURTIS will be at the office daily, from 1U to 3 o'clock, where he may be consulted free of oharge. No Flctlan.?An Appeal to the Candid.?T>r. L. B. WRIGHT'S Sorofulous Antidote is tbo only medicine ever discovered that may be belied on for the o?ro of oon sumptkn aud all other scrofulous diseases. It has per forated more wonderful cures than all othar medioiues of fered to the pubiio. This medioine, to tho attliotod, may be balled as good news. Unlike other medicines, it will not de ceive your moat saagaine expectations. Also, Dr. L. B. Wrisbt's Li'tuid Cathartic, or Family Physio-a compute revolution lu medioine. Tbis physio is destined to do away with all other purgatives now in use. It is per'eotly plearaut to the taste. Children, s well as adnlts, take ft with pleasure It operates thoroughly, but gently?produces neither nausea nor i nir -is the cheapest physio in nso, and is truly and lioneetiy tba best bilious and alterative phytic known. It is a perfect regulator of the stamaoh and bowels, aad will not leave thebowela costive. As a worm medioine it is unequalled. No family thould be without it. Sold wholesale and retail at 4U9 Broadway, and at tho prin cipal drug sUres throughout the United states. The Gieateat Dtacoveiy ot the Age?A. warranted remedy.?Dr. Tobias's Venetian Liniment is a certain cure for croup, colda, coughs, rheumatism, aoro throat, headaohe, toothache, mumps, cuts, old sores, *?? From Mr. John Warren, importer of noodles, fishing tackle, *"Haviag^uimL tor several years, Dr. Tobias's VensUan Llni mcnt in my lamiW and recommended it to my frisads, with out ita ever failing to cure the many complslut. 'or wluoh it v,_? tned it aflorda uie pleasure to testify to the aamo. as I feel ataored it wiU acoomplish aU thai Dr. ToM?J 6ta.te? in hia psmph'et. i John WAaRRN. New Sort. January 4. UMk^ ^ ,0 ^ I have need Dr. Tobias's Venetian Liniment fur three years and have found it n certain remedy for ohronio rhaa mntism, dyeoutery, coughs, vomiting. and Paiai kinds and roeommend it as an invaluable article. X am never'* ithout it, nor do I intend to bo, if it Is to bo pur chased j0sepk Mchou, No. 10 Essex atreet. From Mrs. W. K. Cornijh. Mr. Tubim?Sir: One of my children was severely attacked with ereun and f used your Venetian l iniment, which gave I immediate relief, and 1 really think It was the means of saving my ohild'elife. Under no consideration wonldlbe without, u bottle in iny liouBe. I also consider It a most car tain remedy lor icalds and brnltea, havini thoroughly tested it for the seme. Saaau WBKiih. Price and So'cstttA Depot 00 Cortiandt street. 8old by all druggists. Scroluin, HheuinntUm, &c.?Hyatt'* 14ft balsam is as certain to cure tbe most painful forms of these diseases as water is to unench thirst; also, old oloers, fever I sores, erysipelas, the worst cases of impurity of the I blood, liver and kidneys, general debUity, tjyapepsia, inm pient consnmption, piles, to., do. Principal depot, fki Grand street; <3 cents per bottlo. Resident* In Ague District* May All Knrare thtlr health the coming season, by using the new "'anti dote to mxls'ia," oalied " Rhodes' Fever and Ague Cure It prevents or removoa all traces of disease. l)r. Chilton s certificate accompanies eaoh bottle. For sale by C. H. Ring, C. V. Cllokencr^Co.>anddRe>loe?^n.rnlly.dw>| R ^ Married. On Thursday, June 111, by the Rsv. Dr Price, of St Stephen's Church, Mr. Sthukn 8. Doty to Maman, youngest daughter of Mr. Thomne C. Kings well, all ot lhCtoClluesday evening, Jane 10, at the Presbyterian Church, Forty-second street, by the Rev. Mr. K*nkin, Mr. Samuel 8. Haldkn to Miss Sarah L. Rait, both of On Thursday, June 21, at the Bedding Mission M. E. Chorch, by Rev. John Crawford, Samuel W. Macrrkll to St'SASKA Wa, daughter of the let* Dr. Thomas S. Barrett, aU0?n Thursday, June 21, at 8t. Thomae' Church, by tbe Rev E. Neville, T. Franklin Bassford to Maroarkt a , daughter of the late E. B. Clayton, Esq., of this city. Onlhursday, June 14, by Rev. L. Covelt, Deacon Tho mas T. Hxndjucn to Mise Ass a 8. Qukrkau, both of this " On Thursday, June SI, at St. John'e Church, by Rsv. J. H. Hobait, Michael J. Duffy, Esq , son of Hugh Duffy, Esq , of Dublin, to Maria Isahella, eldest daughter of Ftrdinand Keou, Esq., of New Brook, county Leitrim, ^A^North Stonington, Ct , on Wednesday, June 20, by the ltev. Henry Ward ileecher, Jacob B. Murray ,oI New York, to Martha Hull, only daughter of Russel Wheeler, Esq , of the former'place. ^ Died. On Friday, June 22, Mrs. Martha Lee, in the 60th T<The Wenda^of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to morrow afternoon, at two o clock, from her late residence, No. 26 Grove street. On Thursday, June 21. alter a long and painful Ulneee, E. Ja.nk, wife of Mr. J. C- Hopper, in the U7tn year of her #6The relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, ftom her late residence, East Ninety second street, seventh door west of Third avenue, tule afternoon, at two o'clock, without further invitation. Her remains will oe taken to Greenwood. Boston, Providence, Cincinnati, Texas, and Rio Janei ro, 8. A., papers please copy. On Friday, June 22, Scorr Hicks, In the 63d year of hia *^His relatives and friends, and those of hia son, Cbarlea L. Hicks, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to morrow morning, at half past eight o'clock, from his late residence, in Forty-second atreet, third door from Second avenue. _ . ,, On Friday, Juno 22, Mr#. Fhkklove Cornet, aged 65 J<Tbe relatives and friends of the family, and those of her brother, John B. Frink, are respectfully invited to atttnd the funeral, to morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, from ber late residence, No. 199 West Eighteenth street. On Thursday, June 21, Tuomajs Siandlt, a native of Dubl'n, Ireland. . _ His trienoB and relatives, and the officers and mem bers of Oriental Lodge No. 68,1 O. O. F., ate respectful ly invited to attend the funeral, from No, 172 West Thirty-second street, near Eighth avenue, thi* afternoon, at one o'clock. _ . . On Saturday, Jane 16, Sarah Sanderson, aged 74 years, widow of the late Godfrey B. Sanderaon, of bog land. St. John, N. B., papers please oopy. On brio ay, June 22, Kmelink V. Plant, eldest daughter of James and Hannah Plant, aged 14 years, 3 mouths "rbe relatives and friends of the family, and the mem bers of the Seventh Company of National Guarde, are reepectfully Invited to attend the funeral, to morrow nf. teinooo, at one o'clock, without further invitation, from the residence of her parents. No. 113 Hudson atreet. l. On Friday, June 22, Hugh Ratchford. .... His friends and acquaintanoee are respectfully Invite! to attend the funeral, from his late residence, No. 160 Twenty-lourth street, at two o'clock this afternoon. On Friday, June 22, Ellen, youngest daughter of Hugh and Eliia Ann Mooney, aged 2 years, 2 month* ?nd 23 dB?te relatives and friend* of the family are respectfully Invited toattend tbe funeral, without further invitation, from tbe residence of her father, No. 462 Eighth avenue, oorntr of Thirty-fourth etreet, this afternooa, at one o'clock On Friday morning, June 22, J a me Oscar, youngest sen of Geo. W. and Elizabeth Brush, aged 3 year*, 9 months 37 dajs. Tbe friends and acquaintance* of the family are lnylted to atttnd the funeral, thie afternoon, at four o'clock, from his parents' resilience, No. 120 Prince street, Brook lyn. His remains will be taken to Greenwood. Since 'Ms thy will that we should part From the sweet treasure of our heart, We humbly do thl* child resign To be, O ! Lord, forever thine. On Friday, June 22, Mr*. Mary P. Travm, wife of Cor nelius Traiie, eged 29 jear*. The friends and acquaintances of the family, and the members of Montauk Chapter No. 60, O. U. A., are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at half past two o'clock, from her late residence, No. 66 Luqueer street, South Brooklyn. At bii residence, Penataqult, L. L, on Thursday, June 21 Joewn RLVPENsrRon, in the 09th year of his age. His remains will be interred at SeUnket tomorrow. On Saturday, June 1H, at the St. Joseph Hospital, Phi ladelphla, Joan Cahiia, gilder, aged 24 yssrs. His remains were Interred on Tuesday morning, at 9 o'clock. Thin is for the lafvination of his fiieade. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAY. ?m.M at auction. AUCTION NOTICE ?EDWARD SCllESOlT^WILL irll at aftcth n on Saturday, Jan.2t, ?i 101$ o'clock, at the salesroom 10 Wsll street?Jewelry -Large and pe r< mptcry i*le if a tine invoice of diamonds, watehts, and Jem lry?Coniiiting in part of brilliant ctu.tar aud .iaglo stone pini, ring# aud tar-inn, ladiaa' watrb*., euaiuetlcd and set Witt di.munds; also, others, viz.:?independent so ci ndi, d. utle timekeepers, 15 day patsnt and uotaoh?d lo ver#, Ac , by the heat maker, (n Europe, all iu heavy IK carat gold cases; .old units ?f brae-lata, pin aud ear ru n brooches, biea.'pic; (old, atone and mosaic aleovo button., atud , aeal ring. ; gold vest. fob and fu.rd chain., pencil | cue. earrings, leokets, Ao. Also. 90 elegant English patent lever #ad ethir aatchea, belonging to an assigned eetate. Auction notice.?m. doughty, auctioneer. will .ell thia day, at iff Centre street, at 1UX o'olock

the furniture of a family, con.isttug of bureaua. waahetands, aofa. mahogany chair., bedateada aud bedding, looking glass - ea, carpeta, oUolutha, mahogany bookoase, .of. bed, paint ings, uiautel clock, ornamenta, crockery, ehlua and glats warc; nl.o, n large lot of nee mahogany and maple onairf. French bedateada, roektra, do., to pay advance.. A UCTION NOTICE.?TBOS. HELL, AUCTIONEER.? J\. Bv HEI.L A BUSH.?Thia day, at MIX o'clock, at 12 North w illiam atrcet, new and .uoend hand turnlture ot all kiada, viz.,? Dressing and plain bureau., French and other bcd.teada, aofa., innrtde top and other tablea, ahow oaaea, amir matttetaes, carpeta, painting*, engravings, clock*, cut lery, gla.awaro, crockery, office chairs, Ac. Alao, an in voice ot superior sogers?Operas, Sumiraini*, ?1 Peeeador, La. Delias Arta, and other brands; two London gum, throe liuerittoe, drv goods, fancy arliclee, Ao. Alao, to pay ad ?anc or.tiye demijohn* brandy. A UCTION NOTICE.?W. A. CARTER WILL SELL, AT -OL KUfGrecnwloh urect, this day (Saturday!, at 10 o'olook, au iuvoioc ot glass piokte jart, euperdne Hour, dried apple.., railing, (oar. currants, rice, segari, olive oil, teas, .agar, Ac , with tiuil zeady made ooatf, roundabout* and pant*, for account ot concerned. AUCTION NOTICE.?JOSEPH L. SMITH, AUCTION JtX. eer, will *ell at TO Franklin street, thia Saturday, at lu>i A. M , a large assortment of elegant and costly house hold furniture, on account of Mr. Ellison and others, con listing in part of oao rosewood snit, iu satin brooade, one black walnut do , iu pluab; ono 7 octave piano, city made; roiewood bureaus, weshatandi, center, side and sofa tables, with marble top*; what|nots, sofas, rooking, easy and aofa chair?; three enamallcd auite, mahogany table*, hat stand*, largo oval and pier glasses clocks, oil paintings, oarpots, oilcloth,'crockery silver and lass ware, heat hair mat treaaea, and every article to be found in a drat olae. house. A deposit required; he uie to let. A UCTION NOTICE.?J. HOC'ART, AUCTIONEER, A by S. Dogtrt?This day, at 10X o'clock, at the auotion rooms, corner Frankfort and William streets, near the Cily 11*11, mortgage (tie ol household furniture and mahogany tcte-u tetes. aulas, mahogany and rosewood chairs, bureaus, extension dining tables, walnut tables, mahogany and wal nut rockers, looking glasses, Brussels, three ply and ingrain carpets; India matting, hat stands chronometer clocks, oil paintings, hall lamps, lot crockery, kitchen utentils, windlass Udstead., maho.auy French Bedsteads, mattresses and beds; alto, a lot of grocery fixtures, Ac., Ao. Monday, at 10X o'clock, a large assortment of dry goods and fancy goods. BY U. II. LEEDS A CO.?SATUERA Y, UNE 23, AT < K'X o'clock, at the sales room. 19 Nassau street, house bold furniture, consisting of rosew 1 and mahogany sofas, arm and parlor chairs, rosewood auu mahogany marble top centre and tide tables, otegercs, Brussels and Ingrain ear pels, rugs, oilcloth, and window curtaius and cornices; toilet sets, sln> aware, mantel cloek., chandelier., Ao.; mahogany aud blaek walnut bedsteads, hair aud straw mattresses; also, feather bolsters aud pillows, stair carpets, aud brass stair reds. Alao, to pay advance!, withou, reserve, sovon carved marble mantels; three splendid punos and three melodcons. BA. CHILTON, AUCTIONEER.?ONE-HALF OF THE s'eatn tow beat Thomas Salmon at auction.?COLE A OUIl-TON will sell at auction, on Wednesday, Jane 27, 1*55, at 12o'clock, at the Merchants' Exohange, uuder direction of J. S. Underbill, the one-halt, owned by Robert MoCor mick, of the steam towboat Thomas Salmon, as the now lies at the foot of Jackson street, Mast river. For terms and particulars apply to the auctioneers, 45 Nassau street. Chancery sale.-extensivk sale of valua ble property in the city of I'aterson, N. J , belonging to the estate of the late Dr. W. Magee, dsocased, at auction. By order of 11. A. WILLIAMS, Esq., Master in Chancery, the undermentioned valuable real estate will be sold by auotion, ou Wednesday next, the27th inst., and toilowiug days, com mencing at one o'clock each day, on the respootive premises: 1. One lot. containing about 10 30-10J acres, to be sold In paresis of me 4-100 acres, adjoining lands ot Albert Van liouttu, Edo Van Winkle and others, and within a short diatanee of the market. 2. One lot, .even aores and 24-100, adjoining land* ot II 0. Garrison and ethers. 3. One lot of hie acrwsand 82-100. formerly owned by Aaron A. Van tlou tcn. 4. A corner lot, 26 feet on Mill street, 100 feet on Oli ver, and 25 in renr. 6 A lot adjoining the above on tho north, being 25 feet front and rear, by luO. ti. A house aud lot (No. 89) on the north sido of Congress strest, 25 feet front and renr by 1(10. 7. A number of lots on Mansion street, in tear of Broadway and Main street, with the im movements thereon. 8. Two houses and one lot, being No*. 74 and 70' on .Parke street; lot 27 feet <> Inches front and rear by-to feet deep. 9. A homo and lot (No. 70) in Broadway; lot 25 by 100. 10. An extensive stone building, No. (18 Broad way, long and well known aa tho store and residence of the late Doctor 11.gee; the lot is 25 by 100, and the premises are replete with every convenienee. 11. Two splendid stone building., being No*. 95 and 07, on tbe east side of Main street, each lot 20 by 100, and generally ad mitted to he the Vest business looation in thu oity. Terms will be mad* known at the rata for a more full description of the property re ferenco may be mado to the advirtiiemeut of the Master in I'-hauosry, Inserted in the I'aterson Guardian; to William Brundred, Esq., 170 Chatham street, New York; to C. 8 Van Wagoner, Esq , or RUB'T. C'llISWELL, Auctioneer' DS. 110UGII, AUCTIONEER?ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF ? valuable-works of art, costly statuary, furniture,wines, Ac. P. S. HOUGH will toll by auction, this Jay Saturday, at o'clock, at 79 IVarren street, consisting of tome ot the most elegant work* of arc, costly paintings and engravings, superb marble statuary, by the most celebrated artiste; bronzes, costly furniture, Ao , which will take plaoe this season. The sale will commeuco with the furniture, conslit of superb Aubusaon and velvot oarpets, richly carved rose wood purler suites, covered, crimson and maroon eilk broca tell, crimsoa do.; large arm ohalrs, in crimson and gold silk brooatell; elegant rosewood booksasc, lauoy chairs in Gobelin tapestry; rosewood etegere, plate glass and satin wood lined, large double mantel and pier glasses, rosewood pianoforte, made by Chickering, seven ootare; very superb pinto cover, richly embroidered in gold; real Sevres clock and candelabra); large costly Sevres vases, riohly painted; ormolu brackets, with flgurei; glass chandeliers and brackets, bronze do.; antique carved oiiairs, anthino mantel ornaments and vases, embroideied ehairs, Ac., cabintta, suite of par' lor furniture in gold, oovered with white striped satin; din iug'roomfurniture in rosewood, extension tnble and heavy bullet book eases, Ae.; oomplele dialog sets, in white and gold china; red and white do,; breakfast and tea sets do.; glassware, Ao. Also, sterling English plate, tea servicos, ?alvers, oactors, Ao. Bedroom furnituro?Ceasiiting or Brussels oarpets, pier glasses, conches and ehairs, eottage painted do., rosewood bedsteads, dressing bureaus, mahoga ny do., wardrobes and blaok walnut do., antique Japanese vases, couch and ohairs, oovered in silk.and worsted; beds, mattresses, Ao , rosewood amour a glaoe, Aubusson carpet, ingrain dc., marble table, Florentine top; side do. and other articles. Geo. cook, auctioneer -peremptory sale of a large, elegant and well assorted stock of farmture, at No. 804 Broadway, at 10^ o'clock tbie day, embracing parlor, chamber, library, dining room and oottago furni ture, in great variety; extension dining tablos, sofas, chairs, rockers, oil paintings, mirrors, china and glassware, table cutlery, Ac. ?1 ROGERV 3ABE.?JOHN W. SOMERINDYKE, AUC r tioucsr, corner of Franklin and Centre streets, will seJl on Monday, June 25, at 10 o'olook, at No. 57 Rase street, near I'earl, the conteuts of a grocery store, consisting ot teas, octrees, white and brown sugars, soap, eaudles, starch, oils, crockery, Ac.; liquors and segaro, counters, shelving, glass cases, gas fixtures, and leaso ot store; oil box, cost 110. Also, at 12 o'clock, horse, wagon and harness. Henry h. i.keds, auctioneer-by u. h. I.cids A Co.- On Saturday, Jnue23, |\V, at 12 o'clook, in front ot store 19 Nassau street, a bay horse, 16% hands high, 8 years old, kind in single and double harness, and nniier saddle. A l.rown pony li hands high, perfectly sound and kind in tingle and double harness; told for want of use. Also, a sorrel borse, IS hands high; perfectly sound and kind; a beantitul saddle horse, and stylish driver, 7% years old; the owner taring no tnrthcr use for him. JOHN L. VANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL this day, at 12 o'clock, in front of salesroom, No. 12 Maiden late, a large variety of fancy goods, fire crackers, toys, work boxes, Ac., Ao.,damaged by chelate firo at No. 10 Maiden lano. JM0RIARTY. AUCT., WILL SELL, THIS DAY, AT 10 ? o'olook, at 173 Chatham square, a general assortment ot fnrnitmo and other goods, trom tamilies leaving the oity: also, from mauufucturerx, a good assortment. The sale wul be peremptoiy, without reserve. Mortgage sale of flagging stone ac. Will be sold at auction, to tho highest bidder, this day, Saturday, duns 13, at the yard known as Blue Stone Yard, Twenty fifth strcot, between Tenth and Eleventh avo nues, at 10 o'elock A. M., a large lot of bluo stone, and ?tone of various dcscr ptior.s for Hugging, Ao., now on said yard. By oidor of the mortgagee. STEELE A OWEN, Att'ys for mortgagee. PI. KELLY, AUCTIONEER.?$flO.OUO WORTH OF . dry goods, the stock ef McConvlli A Murphy, will be sold at anution. on the premises, 31 Catherin?, on Monday, the lhth instant, and following days, nutil all are disposed of?commencing eaoh day at 9 o'olook A. M. Ik AWN BROKER'S SALE OF WATCHES AND JEW elry, on Monday, tho 25th inst.?McCaFFREY A \t ALTERS will sell on Monday next, at eorner of Cathe rine aid Henry streets, a large lot of gold and silver watoher, jewelry, faacy goods, Ao., Ao. By order of L. A 8 HUFFMAN. CLpY MADE CLOTHINO AND PIECE GOODS.-A. ?. CRISTA LA it. auotloneer. 23 Bowery, will sell, on P>y, Juno 25, at lU>a o'clock.cloths, caxsimeres and vest ings, alpacca and linen trockaud saok ooats, eloth, cassioere, linen and satinet pants, of various patterns; Marseilles, cloth and iMi vests; Freneh and English broadcloths, cax oimores doeskins; black and fancy satinets, silk, satin and Marseilles vvotings, Ao. TUNIS MORRKLL, AUCTIONEER.-TniS MORNING, at 10)? o'olook, withqut reserve, to the highest bidder, a largo and magnificent aoeortment of rioh French Jewelry, consistlsg ot breast tins, ear drop* and riags, both in gold and jet, in lots to soit pedlars; also, a large assortment of toys, Ao., Ao., at 81 Nassau street. Tunis morrell, acctioneer.-this <satur day) morning, at 11),'i o'olook, without any regard to weather, at 81 Nassau street, a largs stock of furniture of all kinds, f?r entire tarnishing; also, excellent secondhand pianofortes, mattresses, oil paintings, (Jewelry, without any reserve,) Havana severs of various brands (tbs demands for money are so graat that sales ara peremptory, most entirely), refrigerators, extension dining tables, rosewood parlor suits, book cases and wardrobes. Goods are so arranged that each artiole, although intended tor various sales, does not con Diet. Demijohns of white brandy will be sold first. N. B. ?Ladies will find their oomtort attended to. HOPlBg, ROOMS, AC^ WABTE1D. <fcl n nnn -wanted, a farm situated with ijplU.GUu, in one hundred miles ot New York city with Improvements, from 50 to 100 acres, at a prion trom SO,000 to $10,000. State all the particulars, with the lowest cash price. Address O. M., Herald office, lor three days. Loft or workshop wanted.-a floor or part of a floor wanted, as a place for females to sew in. Looaiton preferred in the vietaity of Sixth, Seventh, or Eighth nvenuee, and between Fourteenth and Twenty fifth streets. Address J. M? Hernld office. * WANTED?A SMALL HOUSE OR COTTAQI, FUR niched or unlnrni'bsd. in tbe upper part of the city Address P., Dclmouioo's Hotel. _ WANTED?A ROOM, SUITABLE FOR A PtfYSl clan's office, between Fourteenth nnit Tvmte fifth si reet< end Fourth and fclxth avenues. Address y q, 11?WE?? I UotoL wants. A young girl wishes a situation, as plain ?00k. !? agood washer and ironer. No objection to da i tbe ?ork of a .mall faini ?. City reierwnce. Call at 36 Wool 13th it. No objection to tb* country. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED MAN, AC quainted, besides tho Emlub, with the French, Ger man and Dutch lan.uages. ami writing ? talr hand, wishes to obtain n situation; tbo t it of city referenoe* may be bad fin m Lie la.t emgloytn aadrota C. LL, ilortU office A YOUNG WIDOW LAOY OF EDUCATION AND RE spectabill j. withee a >1100 ion; uudarataadi the dutiaa I of bouatkeeoing. and would nuJerake tke uiauageuiaot I eta lar.o establishment, or companion to a lady. Ad | dresi kr*. Roberts, boa ICS Ucrald uflio'C. ANY AMERICAN GENTLEMAN AND LADY, WISH in a to adopt a healthy wale child, two yeart old, to briar up a? their own. may b.quire at 272 Twenty liatb itrett, from now until the lit o( July, basement door. A PROTESTANT SEAMSTRESS? ONE WHO UNDER ?tand? all kindi ot family sewing. and can come wall recommended, may apply at 1 Uiifflug'i, Clinton avenue, between Myrtle ana Do Kalb avenues, Brooklyn, beiero 1. o'clock A.M. A RESPECT ABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A situation at wet nuito In a respectable family; confined with her cbild. Can be teen fur tbrue dtj* at 2? W. 12th et AN INTELLIGENT YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA tion to travel with a family; ie a neat, plain sewer, alio, capable of taking care ofchildrcu; no objection ae to wbat part, Enrope preferred; ie a good icbolar. Call for two days, Saturday and Monday, at No. 13 Eait 11th et., second poor, upstairs. A MIDDLE AG ED WELSH WOMAN WANTS A SITU atlon a> cook; hae no objection to do the houeework of a small family; ibe ii a first rate washer and lroner; has rood city reference. Can be ami Saturday and Monday at 23b Sbth it., between 9th and rWL avennee. A TRENCIl COOK WANTS A SITUATION IN A summer bonee or hotel in the elty; he is competent to teke entire charge of a kitchen, and can rive unexceptiona ble city re'erences. Apply at i?9 Leonard at. HOME.-A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN PROTEST A ant young girl, who ie willing and oompotent to do -jplain i .home by applyinr at 192 South Firet street, near Grove, Jeriey Clt the wcrk of a small plain family, Iplain iewing, light wash ... | |o ing and ironing Ac., will tind a borne and moderate wages 'I ?PI ' ' ' Jlty. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY OF THE FIRST RESPE3TA billty, and without incumbrance, with pleasing address, wishes a situation in some respectable fancy store, millinery establishment or ioe cream saloon; wages not so much of an objeot at first. Can give good city references. Address lor two days, Clara, Herald office, staling where and when the patties can be seen. A YOUNG LADY DESIRES A SITUATION AS CON ptnion to a lady about visiting Europe. The highest references ae to character and eapaolty can be given. Please call or address Hi Charlton st. A DRUG CLERK WANTED-WHO 18 CONVERSANT with the rttail business. Apply to Jsmes W. Smith, corner ot Court st. and Montagoe place, Brooklyn. A YOUNG MAN OT GOOD EDUCATION AND BU3I oeis habits is desirous ot obtaining fan en -agemeat in some mercantile house in this city, as book keeper; writer a neat and rapid band, and is an accurate accountant; would be willing tu engage as taltsman in some dry goods Jobbing house, having a tborcngb knowledge of the business; can re fer to gentlemen well known in the city, ae to capability, Ac. Address Amos, for three days, Union square Post tsfflce. Agents wanted-to visit the principal places in the Unite! States and tbe Canadas, to eell a new map of North Ameiica, United States and Cuba, show ing the rontss asuLdistamos to the principal places, citent nnd population W tbe United States, British, Russian and Central America and Mexico; portraits of Washington, Jef ferecn, Jackson. Lntayette, Webster, Clay and Calhoun. Price 23 coats, a. H. JOCELYN, M Fulton st., upstairs. A SMART YOUNG FELLOW WANTED-WHO HAS woracd in a job printing office, and who is capable of setting manuscript. Apply to Marquand Moore A Co., Sun Bmldlnge. CtOOK AND WAITRESS.?A FAMILY LEAVING THE J city, desire to hud a place tor their oook (oolorsd), who hat been in the family many rears. Also, for an Amerioan young woman, exceedingly active and obliging; wages mode rate. Apply at 101 Fifth avenue, near 13th St. CLERK WANTED,?A YOUNG MAN, FROM FOUR teen to sixteen years ot age, at a olerk in ajoweller's office; one that ocmes well reeomuiended, who can write a fair hand and would be willing to make himself generally useful, con obtain a good situation and would be tnro of advancement according to Berit. Address Bog 73'i Post Office. CHRISTIAN HOME FOR FEMALR SERVANTS? Thirty eighth street, between Fourth and Lexingtou avennet; gove netiet, housekeepers, also servants In evory capacity, supplied from this institution. Madison avenue stages and Third avenue cart puss within a few steps of tho doer. Two Frcnoh women at the institution. Experienced servants-thoroughly compe tent to disobarge their duties in the varions domettia departments, especially cooks, waiters and nnrioa, with re liable rckrei.cea direct from former employers, may be en gaged for city and country, at tbe Brooklyn Femulo Em ployment offico, 10 Hilary St., fifth door from Fulton. Girls accustomed to do ur medicines and perfumery neatly may find employment by applying to Comstock A Brother, No. 2 St. Peter's place, rear of Astor House, one door from Barclay street. SITUATION WANTED.- A FAMILY ABOUT RflMO vlug to the oaqntry ere desirous of procuring a sltaa tiun in brook lyn, as chambermaid or cook, for a moat excel lentbkj, noer in their employ. Apply at 27 Schermerhorm ?t , Mtcklyn, preTious to 27tb inst. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GERMAN WO man, as chambermaid and seamstress. Can he seen at her pre ten t place, -14 Willow St., Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED?BY A VERY RESPECTABLE, well recommended young women, as plain cook, washer and irontr. cr to do general housework;; has no ohjsotion to go in the country, Cen he seen for two deya at 261 Bowery. TO Y'OUNO LADIES?WANTED, THREE 1NTELLI gent young ladles to ebtaln subiorlbers (or the New York Weekly Critio. A oommission will bo allowed that will enable a young lady of Indus try and taot to earn from $6 to W par week. Apply at the offloe, 17 Spruoe street, up stairs, atSo'clook P. M , not before. WANTED-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A lady who fully understands every kind of huo sewing, catting, and fittiug children's dresses; has no objeotion to the country. Apply at 41 Charltsu street, rootn7. w ANTED-A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID, waiter, or nurso and seamstress, by a young woman, having execUent recommendations from her last place, No objection to the country. Apply at 371 Hut 12th at. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS ATTENDANT TO A lady, by a respectable female; understands house keeping fine washing and altering dresses; or would take charge ot ouc or two children. Would ro a short distance in the country. Unexceptionable refepenoe of font years, with letters from Episcopal clergymen. Call at 103 Amos st. ,?_? 1 WANTED-BY A VERY RESPECTABLE GIRL, A situation as seamsttass, in a private faintly. Can be seen for two days, lrom 11 A. M. till it. M., at Fred. Theis's, 316 Grand st., rear. WANT1D-A SITUATION AS SALESWOMAN IN some respectable business, by a lady of education and respectability. Addie** llrs. Stanley, box 133Herald office. TirANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TV as took; thoroughly understands her buiiness In ail its; is willing to ssiiut in washing and ironing; would cook in a bearding bouse. Good city reference. Can be seen tor two days at ICS East 21th it., between lit and 2d avenues. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV young girl, to do ohemterwork, general housework, plein sewing, or to take care of children; would make her self generally uecfnl. No objection to the oountry. Best of reference from ber last place, wnere she has lived tor four years and throe months. Apply at 217 West 18tb it. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL (Protestant.) as chambermaid and child's nurse; Is Willing and capable, and can furnish first rate refereecj?. No objection to the country. Call at No. 3 Degraw plaoe, Depraw st., Brooklyn. TVANTED? TWO YOUNG GIRLS, TO 1EAKN TIIE TT vest making. Taken for a short time. Please oall at Gr> Green it. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman as chambermaid audWaiter, or waitsr and assist in washing and ironlog. Good reference given from her last employer, where she cen be son until suited-Ill W. 36th street, between 7th avenue aud Broaaway. TIT-ANTED?A GOOD VIST MAKER, TO WORK BV TV the week: one accnetomod to all kinds of work. Ap ply, alter If o'clock, at 230 West 24lh St., bail ment doer. WANTED-BY A MIDDLE AGED WIDOW LADY, well connected, of a kind and obliging disposition, an engagement, as companion and housekeeper to a lad/ or would bring no a young motherless family; an English Pro testant. Address, tor two weeks, Mrs. Young, Union square Post Offieo. WANTED-A GOOD DRESSMAKER, WHO UNDER stands outtiag end fitting, to go a short distance in the oeuntry, to whom good wage* and steady employment will be given. Apply Immediately to Mrs. Caldwell, 66 Uni versity place. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, (a Protestant;) she is capable of doing up stair* worn, or would 4o the work of a small family. Uood oity refer ences from her last place for threo years. Apply at 17 West Baltic street, Brooklyn, for two days.j ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESP1CTABLE -young woman, as chambermaid or laundress. Can be seen or ene week at ber present sitnation, 14 West 18th st. WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH PROTESTANT WOMAN, a situstion as housekeeper, chambermaid and seam stress, or to take charge of an infant. Applv at the resi dence of ber present employer, 76 East 36th street for two deys. WANTED-A MIDDLE AGED AMERICAN OR ENG lieh women, to assist in tending a store. Referenc e required. Inquire in the bakery eorner ot Cumberland and I.aray ette avenues, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN', Whose baby Is only four months old, aud whose hus band Is away, a situation as Wot nurse, in a respectablo family. Good city reference. Please apply to M. N., room 13, 1 South Oth St., WUliamiburgb, or box 206 Herald offioe. WANTED-AN AMERICAN, RNOLISU OR FRINCII won an to take the charge of two boys, and attend to their wardrobe. None need apply bnt thosa who hava keen accustomed to the oar* of chusren. Reference will be re quired (rem the last plaoe. Apply at M Ynriok itreet, be twesn 1U and 2 o'clock. WANTED-BY A GERMAN GIRL, A SITUATION TO do general honstwork, In a small American family; ?he would prefer living in the oity. Pleas* call at 2,5 Lewis St.,"Tor two days. WANTED-BY A DECENT, RESPECTABLE MAR riod woman, two male and one female ohild to board they will have a good, claan bema. and be well taken cue of; has no family but hertelf and husband. Apply Tor two days at 53 East Broadway, first floor, baok room. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL OR WOMAN, (none othsr nesd apply,) not nnler 20years of age. to do the general honsswork of a small tacitly, consisting of a gentleman and his wife, without children. Apply to *r? Wolden, 18 Pike street. lp fETANTFD?Til 18 DAY, IN A SMALL PRIVATB ? v fevi.iiv, a German, Welch or Kngll h Protestant girl, who P' rfeefly understands eooVin*. wasbiur an! Ironing. Those only who can * ring the best ot city rgfefOMTf ATtd gpply at \U Wfit -3d lb., b?f*ce U ? ilvih. w won. RESPECTABLE TITANTED-A SITUATION, BY A I ?' girl. u .ok nudtrs'aods her bonnes* parfcalij, bulimy, pastry, Ae. Ho ot-joetioa to general housework. jr to go ui the coun'ry wild e private family. Apply itUB l'roipvet street, Brooklye, fortwo dsys. w ""ANTED?A OUOI) PROTESTANT GIRL, TO COOK a sell end iron, at oil bib avsauu, corner of JOtu it. ANTED?BY AN AMERICAN GIRL. SEVENTEEN i car. ef tgf. a ritustioc *s chain rrurtid or nurse; none hnt private families need u.plj. Inquire for three days *6 No J 2d arts ue, in the milk a tore. B.itiilajtury reference* Risen WANTED-A YOL'N G G1RI. NOT OVER 16 YEARS OF are, to (o in tl.? sieu ivy cf New York, te assist In A store asd some light hocseaork. Gocd wags* will be paid a, cording to the axe ml capaity. Address, with name Hd realdeaee, M E M., Poet i.lhce. Yl"ANTED?IN A SHIPPING OFFICE. A SMART, IN ST tellmnt lad; one wb> can coae well recommended for bonosty and industry. Apply at ?7 West street, ooraor o( Albany, up atairs, from 10 to 12 o'clook. WANTED IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLT-A capable teacher, lor priva o lessons in grammar and arithmetic. Address Handoook, Broadway Post UlAec, "TIT"ANTED?A COACHMAN, WflO IS A FIRST RATH ST driver and groom, and is an hnneet, sober and ladas trionsman; au Engli-hmau ef middle age and single, prefer red. Inquire at 4Z Chatham st. Y1T ANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, OF GOOD ADDRE8S ST n situation in some warehouse or manulaoluring eon eern, where alter getting aoine knowledge of tbo buuneaa, he would be admitted aa partner, with a capital ol front I1 Set to $2,1 oo. Address, atatlng nature of bailees*, Ae.. box 128 llerald office. "n,"ANTED-AN INTELLIGENT MAN, OF GOOD L t0 oaneaea ai d tell a newly mnnnfnctnreA article, now being introduced. Must come well reoosuMnd* ed. Cell at 44 Maiden lane, back oflloe, eeiond story. WANTED?TO GO TO ILLINOIS, A SINGLE MAN. aeonstomed to all kinds of farm work ; he mast be A Protestant. English. Scotch or German preferred. Apple at, the Pest Offloo, Astoria. L. 1. * WANTED?AN AMERICAN VOUNQ MAN, FROM Id to 18 years of age, to attend in a billiard room from 9 o'clook In the morning till 12 in tbo evening; he mast reside in lirookljn, end bring sood recommendations from his last employer. None bat Americans need apply. Call At 70 Water etreeV WANTED-AN AMERICAN YOUNG MAN, TO TAKM charge of a gas liitnro, china, glaee and crockery eterw at Yonkcre; malt preduoe good reference, and be aoqnaiated with the business. Apply to W. H. SlUiman, Broadway aid 28th etrcet. WANTED?IN A DRV GOODS STORE, A GOOD salesman, who oan speak German; also a smart boy, who is quick at tlgnroo and writes s good hand; one who ban acted as cashier preferred; age from 14 to 16. Apply to-dn* from 7 to 1(1, and on Monday, at 172 West 28th it. WANTED-BY AN ENERGETIC YOUNG MAN, EM ployuient, other partial or permanent, as bsokksepsr. clerk, rr salseman A modeiats salary only required. Ad dress J. B., boa 150, Herald office. WANTED?IN A BOOK STORE, A BOY ABOUT I. years ot ags. 'the best of re.erenoee required. On6 living in tbs esnirnl parts ol the oity preferred. L. II* EMBR1E, Ui Bowery. WANTED?AT 341 BROADWAY, (BASEMENT) clerks, laltsmen, school teachore. coaehmea, barkooy en. porters, men on eteumera and railroads, boys for trades and saloons, girlies cooks, chambermaids and for general housework, t hargea moderate. N. B--Three eottoa weav ers to go to Conneetiout. THOS. SPiNK, Agsnt. OKA FIIIRT FINISH STITCHERS AND BUTTON AoU bole workers wanted at Green's shirt manufactory. No. 189 Fnlton street. None but tbe very neatest ol itUen ers and best of sewers i eoo apply; to those oonatnnt em ployment and tho highest prices paid. OQ7 BROADWAY, CORNER READS STREET.? ZO I At MORRIS ft COUMEttrS oan always bo had A choioe of English, Soetch, German & Irish help, lor hotel* and private families; also, waiters, porter*, workmen, gar deneis, farmers and mechanics, at this or the branch offioo, 102 Greenwich ttre et. FEASOBftls. TYR. JAMES II. SALISBURY LEFT THIS CITY IN A XJ sudden manner, with Mr. David, in March last. Any in formation regarding them will be thankfully reooired by Harvey Groot, 210 Eighth avenue. Suppoied to hav* genu to Virginia. IF TBE GENTLEMAN WHO CALLED AT 100 VARICK itrcet yesterday about a rsir ol spectacles, will send bin address, cr eall again, he will greatly oblige, as tbs person did not understand him. MR. JAMES BROAS, LATE OF TBIS CITY. EN raged as assistant in oortaln auction establishments, will oblige a friend by oommnmcatlng his present address to Cherlei Acttletou, Esq , 61 Wall street. RELl'iilOCS NOnCESi " NOTICK.-ON SUNDAY NEXT, AT 7)4 O'CLOCK P.M. by Divine permission, a sermon will bo preaohed by Margaret Bishvp, ahsat the ingathering of Israel, soooad coming of Christ Jesns on Earth, at 1118 First street. Boat* frte, Also to prove the Uoiy Scripture*. Some publica tions tu ay le obtained Till ItE WILL BE PREACHING AT THE CHAPEIs ol the Methodist Episcopal church on Seventh avenue, near Fourteenth stre.t, on Sunday morning, tbo 24th last., at 10>4 o'clock, by tho Iter Joseph L'roas, L) D , of Oharlos ton, b. C.; and in the eveniog at 73i o'clook, by thofM tor, Rev. Allen Steele. The trustees will meet In thelec ture room cn Tneedav, tbe 26th Inst., at 3 o'clock F. M , for tbo purpose oi letting tb* pews. lm fumr. Red house, h arlkm.?tqis fashionable re sort ia bo* complete in All its appointments. a Ad tbA lAlei (tablet attached Art constantly tilled with the Boost And fastest horses to be found. Persons in <ut of horaoA cab always bo supplied At lb? Rod llooie. The trotting track It" lu splendid order, ?nd trotting matches occur every fine afUrnOon, The second avenue care pais the door every ttve mlnuteo. /-(ENTRBVILLE COURSE, L. I.-TROTITNG-TCIS \J day, Juno 2t>, at 3X o'olook P. If. Hatch SI,000; aU? beats, in harness. D. r lifer names br. m. Saratoga Bolls. H. Woodruff names r. m. Lady Franklin. This match will come off on the above day, wit boat regard to wenther. Joel CONKLLN, Proprietor. UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING.?MONDAY, Juno 25, At 3j4 o'olook.?Match fir $600 mile heats, In harness. Mr. W. I'eakooy camel sr. g. Morgan; Ur. H. Wood:off names ?. g. Tormct to SHaW A WHITE, Proprietor. TO THE LOVERS AND BREEDERS OF FINE STOCK. ?The celebrated thornugbred stallion Wild Irishman will stand lor n limited number of maree the ensuing sea lon, at tbo Red Hjuss stables, at $60 the season. All ms* neys to be paid before serving the mare. All aosldsnts At the risk of the owner ? WILLIAM A BROWN, Proprietor. THE LltiVOR.<iVB8T10!f. AN EXCELLENT QUALITY OF CLARET WINE AT $2 per doien. (bottles returned); various grades ot elaret, wines, brandies, sin, rohnspps. Lond >n and Dublin porter, and Scotch ales, for sals at UN DERU1LL A MAT TER!: ON '6, 430 Broome street, on tho ooraor of Crosby st. CLARET Wi;;SS.?A LARGE QUANTITY FOR SALE t; ,?? trade or families, twenty per cent below any other ho use. Alas, porter, browo stout, brandies, wins*, rin, Ac . wsrranted pure and selected lrom the boot grades; worthy the attention of dealers, physicians or families. Ap ply at Pitrson's, 18 Bleeoker street, near tht Ho wary. REWARDS. <J>vj REWARD.- A SPANISH OB MALTESE SOB UP*J goat, jet black, very long hair, was stolen early on Friday uiorning, the 8th instant, from John Ehlers, at W?a hawkea, N. J. She wae seen t'ue same morning being tsken Ly a Uornisn towards Bull's Ferry, and was there trtea on hoard tho steamboat for E aw York. Ua landing at Spring street, beta eon 8 and 9 o'clock A. M , the ismsGirnsn warn neo tskins her on shore nnd was traced t. Sixteenth St., where he offered her for sale. It apnea's that the same man was ia Brooklyn, and other parts ol Long Island, and ha may havs sold or aacbaoged tho goat there. Iba above re ward of $3 will be paid to any one who will deliver said goat to JAMES FERGUSON, (ear of 400 Washington street, none Canal street. LQ8T ASD FOUm Found?a portemonnaie, in a bleicree street stage, containing some money. The owner can bavo it by oalling at Ihes. W. Biggins' law offloa, 13 and Iff Trinity bailding, Lost.?a note made by david rait, for $&$$, drawn to his own order. due November 30, 1864. Any person having possession ot the same, is requested to return It to Lovorson Brothers, 16 William street, and tha pnbtlo are hereby warned against negotiating it, tha said not# hav ing boon cancelled. Lost-a bank book in account with tbb Manhattan Savings'Bank, No. 7 ('88. Tho Under will he suitably rewarded by leaving it with J. B. Nones, Esq., No. IK Warren strest. LOST-FRIDAY AFTERNOON. IlftviLLIAM STREET, near John street, by n hard working man, $64 in bMk hills, mostly $6, nnd 41 eeiiU in change, A liberal reward ia offered for its recovery, by leaving It at No. 12(1 William street, op stairs. Lost-in GOING from eighteenth . through Twenty tl ird to London ttrraoe, a gold form of a serpent holding n heart shaped lookot, a daguerreotype The finder will bo rewarded, aad yssstra tho grateful thanks of the owner, by calling or s will las ? note to 120 East Eighteenth street, near Tblra nvaame. Lost-four promissory notrs, idrawn by Henry Wilson to his own order, and endorsed by t'?. payable in throe, six, nine and twelve months from date of ? aid notes. All persons are forbid nagotiaMag tMem aa I ay meat has beta stopped. Tbo tad or will be liberally re warded by leaving thorn with Mr. fl'Doawol m Third svonao. BH.I.UEUB. Billiard tablis.-we oVferfoh sale a finb ?took of oak, mahogany and rosewood mbhss, with one newly Invented euihiona. Cloths, bslls, ones, and euu leathers, at tho lowest sash pries i. One good secondhand table tor sals. GRIFFITH A DBCIBB. 90 Aaa street. RKMOV AM I^EVKiVAtT^mViTiTs A AVERS HAVI REMOVED IV lrom 491 x"bang<? pias*?? Brawny, opposite Dsy nTMlTURE. ^^T^XbD^OTTAOE FURNITURE-NEAT, P1BT h. frsuits, as lew a* $26, st the manofsetory and WUM rooms '.14 Broadway, ajar BIsdster street, bssidw STtgy Jtjlcof slegaat and fashionable saamelled suits. Paris, faris.-tui undersigned would bk ?peetfnlly Invite those persona vlsitlag Paris thie sum m?r to enU sad examine his extenshro and elesaitt stoek ol fkiBitnro, in vionx ba4t, aatiqae, marqneterio, bull, bals do Itse and other faaey wowds, too numerous to name. Par lies Intending to bay furniture will And It ta their advan tage by tailing and lodging tor tbsmsolvw previous te pur obaslng e'is where. Particular attention paid to aoeitan am) shipping ?f g odsend furniture FREDERICK ROUT, No. t?> Boulevard bean Marchess. P. S.?All orders left st kUMWi, A,Ecu,472 Broadway, New Vetb,iuaflu ally MNlM