Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1855 Page 7
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ADTERTISEMEIVTS RENEWED ETERT DAT. 1 r> a nnn -vacant lots foe sale and ex ilUU UUU. otiui.fe ? W6 lota ?uih .???, Brook ha, between Fif'i and Seoosd it.uq.., thro, lot* om 128th ?Uretl. between Filth aad Sixth; ill lot* oa Six'.-, aveaae, between Id lit sua I32d streste; too lot* on Sixth lion, between 134th and 135th street#; thro* lot* oa Sixth aroou*, brwoen 13bth aad 13l*t otraot. M. L. SHELDON, ffi Num street. BCAnn-MK SALE OR EXCHANGE ? THREE SO.vlUU. three storr brown ftoao house, and lota, with atltke modern improvement*, in a genteel neighbor bo?d,Ne<. 378. 374 and 170 I'aeite .treet, Brooklyn, for good fJiptov.d property In tb* eHr of Now York From SLOW to Sfi.MO will bo iai. la ea?* or exchange if required Inquire of C. AWEKF ACH. 84 John ttroet, N. T., fr .m II to 1 o'clook, or at 137 Rlrtagten street, N, V. from 4 to 8 o'clock. ? ^ nun -AUPLENDIE MAN U FACTO RING BUSl ijlT.UUu. aeesfror *?!*.?Freflt* 300 per seat', ao eotnpe Mttoa; demaad unlimited. Uae half interest in. this rare aad pentaei busfnea* will bo sold, for SLOW, to any bn*inos* man fho will *ni)ariatond and carry it oa. Apply to THOMAS _ 8?*T> W Fla* *tt*ot. aq rnn ?foe sale, a house and lot foe q)0 UVV. the above sum. The henao is a neat thre story aad basement briek. just Saiahod aad partly oooapiod finished wish sliding door., **raiee,eoatr* flowers aad Ouoae stoop, and iron railing; will rent lor ever four hundred dol lar*. ?lt ante in a well imp'ovod partot South Brooklyn, two bloats oast of Court street railroad, in Warren street, near Hoyt Terms oa* half cash. Apply to JOHN MULLED?, roosr, sornsr of Hoyt aad Warren stroets, Brooklyn. nnn -THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES tJJG.UUv ? of a hardware store, In on* of the best bnsi assc locations in tb* city, will ho sold low for oath. Ad dross Hardware, Bet aid ofSee. SO fifA -FOR SALE. IN BROOKLTN, A NEAT w^.Uuv. two story and bpsomant honsa, 25 by 3d, illsd is; lot 25by 104 lest 0 laches; flftssn minutes'walk frew the .'srry. Nice garden, Ae. Terms easy. Apply to 0. W BROWN. 261 l'carl ..tract, N. T.; or at 83 Myrtle arenas, Brooklyn. Sf'Hn WILL BI T A SMALL WELL BUILT COTTAGE iJJUUl/ and eorusr lot on Thirteenth street nnd Seventh arenue,Brooklyn; n beantifnl, healthy loeaiion,twenty min. at** from'erries (Greenwood ears ) Terms easy iaqaar'.sr A psrmsnts, er n liberal discount for all ensh. Rare ohaooe for a small family. R. P. DAT. BOfifl -FOR SALE A FRUIT.CIGAR AND SODA WA V^vU, tar store all fixed np and doing a good bnsinssi in the best part of Fnlton street, Brooklyn; also, to let, a peed be*emeat i n same street Apply at the House agency, and a Book and f> ews depot, lfihjj Fnlton street, Brooklyn. Oft TEARS ESTABLISHED, RESTAURANT, SITUA GU ltd in Liberty street four douta above Baltimore street. Baltimore, will be sold for $15,000. the proprietor do ?tmtag bnsiness. the house Is large and was bnUt express ly by tb* prceat owner lor the business. Has every oonte Bieaee, and Is *ae of the best stand* in the city. For particulars address EDWARD BaYLE No. 7 North Liberty street, Baltimore. A VALUABLE FARM ON STATBN ISLAND FOR tale?er exchanged tsr sity property, or in its rioinity. esntalaine twenty five aad three qnarier aires; sne aad a half miles from Port Richmond ferry, and la front of the farms of widow Ty.en aad Mr. Mereereaox. This pro perty is eligibly sit anted for building sites nnd farming, he lag la th* immediate vicinity of eharehes, schools, and the New York markets. Apply to A. DXNI30N, No. 43 John street, ap stairs. OBNFECTIONERT AND DINING SALOON FOR SALE ?At a rearonable pries nnd aatislastory terms; It Is ele gaall> fitted np, doing a good business aad is Iseated in a part of the ci'y possessing great advantages. If not be ore disposed of at private sale, It will be aold in grots, together with good will of lease, at public auction, en Thursday, Jan* 28, at 12 o'clock M , en premises 1,104 Broadway. CLIFTON, STaTEN ISLAND, NEAR THE NARROWS. ?Building lots on high ground, with pnre water, fine views, nnd perfect sewerage. The most attractive position lor residences on the Island. W. W. TAN WAGENEN, 16 Feat's buildings, Hanover street, ?RUG STORE FOR SALE.?A BARE CHANCE FOR a physician or druggist. For a physioiaa it offers su perior advantages, bating considerable praotlee. and a good offiee connected, is laoated in a good neighborhood, doing a fine retail bntiaess. Inquire lor particulars at 90 Seoond avenue, near Second street. Drug store for sale cheap.-the proprie tar. a physician, wishing o give np the drag business, weald dispute of hi* store nt a very lew prioe. Apply at 1,100 Broadway, near Thirty-teeond street. Dining saloon for sai.e.-to any one wish ing to engage in the business, the furniture, erookery, fixtures, Ao.. of the Shawmut Eating House, ooroar of Breadwav and Canal ??root; will be sold at a great bargain. Apply at 17 Lndlow pleoo, Houston street, near MaedongaL YILRGANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE, RUTH Bt fibu furniture, *arring?, Ae , nnd twentv acres *f land, ?a* aad a halt milaa irom th* New Brnaswlek depot, N. J., aw the hanks of tb* Rarttaa, and commanding a maxnlfleeaf W* The house Is in the Gcthle style, lately bnllt with Mm M materials, aad filled la with briek. A photograph of Mm plnee can be neon at th* oHiee et F. D'liERVILLI, No. 03 Exchange place. FARM Af"M"oRRISTOWN, N. J.-FOR SALE, A VALU ahle term of eights acres, lying aboat oae mile from the depot at Morriatcwa, N. J. Land rolling, well wooded, nod a never failing spiing of excellent water. For paritoular. apply to HUMMR MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street. Farms for sale.?about70 acres will be sold in oae iaim, or 96 and 40 acres in two terms, with goad tws story heu.e and buildings, oa* hoar from th* eity by cars to ana frsm the city eight times dally, nnd hotse within tw* minutes ol the depot. The location is very ptaamat and healthy, and well adapted for building sites: frnit in abundance; good water and wood. Tul. gosd ana terms eaiy. Apply to WM. B BakNas. on the premises, Vmeu Town, New Jersey, or Joseph W. Alien, 10 Mer ?bants' Exchange, Rail street, New York. * Tr>OR SALE?TUE STOCK, FIXTURES, Ae.. OF A P confectionery nod lee cream saloon, aitaated at No. 2 Eighth avowee, doipg a good bnslnsss; will ba sold very low, th* (reseat proprietor -sighing to leave the eity. No basi aasradtrw better inducement* than this. For particulars eaJfi *w the premises. BR BALE?THE HARRIS HOTEL.?IT WILL ACCOM medate about 150 persona The present proprietor ha* Sept it for the la.t seven years, and hat lately suilt a splen did summer hotel at Newark Bay Gruva, where he wishss to derate his whole attention Apply at tb* Harris hotel, ?at*nwieh street. -ra#R SALE-THREE VERY DESIRABLE LOTS, J6xl00, la Hickory street, near Nostraad arenas, Brooklyn, only minute's walk tromiUadfordlsrsaas; will h* sold at a ta i- Ajply Immediately. at 80 Bearsr street, ap afiairs. ay F*i _ ml*-tbs sr"*?'?, ??"?? ejiovov; 7r*..Vl?jK;v.,VL?mi. TTtRR SALE?A DINING SALOON, KNOWN AS THE J* Manhattan Dining Saloon, sitnnted on tho eornor of Centre and Dusne streets, being one ot the best loentlens la thai SJV $1,00, being in complete working order. Apply en the pre aire aad Dnanaotreeu, being one of tae best locations in i eity for that bnsiness This is a goad opportunity for y cue wishing to get into that business. Fir* roars' lease > be bad. Rent $719 per annum Prioe ol ftgtnres. Fl f?R BALE?A WELL ESTABLISHED MANUFAC toting business, under a valuable patent, already fa veiebiy tntrodneeiL and promising a lucrative and permn iuveatment. For particular! apply to HERMANN I. WIO, 36 Wall ?t. Fr sale-the lease of nine fears, wirn geod wiM, stock and fixture), of two biases, suitable fera betel, boarding house and lager bior saloon (two bll Uaai tables attached), In the best thoroughfare of Brooklyn, deiig a good bueiueee Satisfactory reasons givon for sell tog. Apply to Mr. Sohwarzs, 41 Fulton street. Brooklyn; Sielelt A Co , 648 Fearl street, New York; or to T. H. Halre, 18k Washington street, Hobokcn, N, J. VSR SALE?THE FIXTURES, TOOLS, SAWS. STEAM JT itigine, and lea>e of a wood; turner,s shop, in a good lo ewtisn. laqnire st 3UC West Eighteenth street. T7>#R SALE?AT A BARGAIN, THE SOUTHWEST J? corner of Eighth avenue and Forty second street; also, brown stone front hoose, one brick, ana one frame house, en the west side ef Eigbtb avenue: also, house and lot West Thire* ninth street, and one de. West Fortieth street. Will be nid obeap if applied for roon, to S. R. JACOBS, 21 Wall street, basement. Far sale?a good bakery, where the busi. nee* ie tret rate; reason ior toiling out, the peoprle iet la about leaving the city; a horse and wagon for entside enstosners, with a good route, already established. For far ther information inquire at US Ninth avenge. FOR SALE-A WntlLRR A WILSON WHITE SEW tag machine, very cheap. Reason for telling, on aeeonat ef leaving the city. Nob. l( 9 and 111 Canal street. For sai.e-tue stock and fixtures or a gro eery store. Will be told at a great sasiiSee, at the ewaer is going West. 1 here is no grooery store in the same bleek but it. Call at 78 Eighth avenne, this day and Men day. CR SALE IN BROOKLYN-A NEAT TWO STORY hams bouse, with Sve lots of gaouad ana earring u >, situated on the corner of Quinsy street and N octroi. J avenne, will be sold cheap. Apply en the pretties. Also rwo lots on Gate* avenne, rear of the above. For bam, cHEAr tor cash-a gas genera ting apparatus, with gasometer; wdll contain abont six knndred foot of sat; all oniuplete. Appiy to JOSEPH HAR PER, 314 West Twenty-eigbt street. fN SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY? M A form of over JOOacres, on Long Island; good land, ia gdgd cultivation; now honoo tad good out buildings; well ? Moved; 36 miles from the elty, and wltbin 2K miles ef the ???oa^ttstioa; Ini|uirn, before 12 M? of ANDERSON A flO * Right (LBEN, MO Yesoy street. R SALE OR EXCHANGB-POR A SHALL FARM ia the eoantry, nrar the elty. A house and let on _hth avenue. Apply to JOHN W. MILLER, 442 Eighth avenue, near Thirty-fourth street. 1 TjlBR SALE OR TO LET-IN SOUTH FIFTH STREET, ^ J in the Fourth ward of Jersey City, two handsome, well ^annkshed cottages, Nee. 309 and 371, containing nine rooms arid eight pantries each, with Passaic water and all the necessary conveniences. Terms moderate. For far ther particular* iaqnlre of DAVID SVOTT, real estate agent, No 7o Montgomery street, or James McLaughlin builder, corner of York and Henderson streets, Jersey City TpOR SALS OR TO LET-A GOOD TWO STORY AND X a half kouse end three lots, 25 by 100 feet, alto, a stable and ferriage house on the above properly, situated on Hal oey street, between Reed and Patenin avenues, Brooklyn. For particular* apply at f-6 Hudson avenue. /GROCERY STORE FOR SALE-ONE OF THE VERY I. U best stands in tbo oity Will be told for oaeh, as tho owner has othsr bntiness oa hand and sannot attend to it. A cash oustomer can hear ot a geod epportnaity by applying at 103 East Thirtieth street. __ HCUSRS FOR SALE IN BROOKLYN, CHEAP.-A fine bense in Nevini street, In complete order; a house and stcre in Pacific street and a email cottage ia Willoorh nF rtreet. Ten per cent la cash enly required to hay either of these houses. Apply to THOMAS ADAMS A CO , 71 Wall street. TtOMWM PROPKRTT FOR SALE VEEY CI1EAP. A-a. 4tl lots ia Weit Ilohoken, on easy terms. Apply to r. e. Houghton, no. 7 Janaooy oonrt. wsjiet. "TABLE FOR 8ALB.-RHK ERASE OF Baag ?vy'rttMBte.awsh vssr WILL ALL HIS LOCUST v Lnil r.. . I""" thousaid locust poets; also, a HENRY LLOYD. FOR 8AL>. VJlWiNO k AC U IN IS FOR 8ALR?FOR >S0, AT 198 O Chatham street Machines repaired aad Improved. One of 8'ager's msohiaes far aala. A girl wanted .to operate a sewiagm aehine. 'LOOP FOR SALS?ISO TONS, WITHOUT MAST, well adapted for dirtying coal, lumbar, or eau ha anvil y converted into an iaa barge. Apply immediately, at 171 Henry (treat. Will ba aald cheap far oaah. SAIL BOAT FOR BALB-20 FEET LONG, 7 FRIT wide, oarriee Jib aad maiaeall; oaile. Ae , la good order. She ie a first rata modal tad vary fait taller. Prion $140. Caa ba aeca by add reeling box 3,333, Poit Oflioe. :AIL BOaT ZRPHTR FOR SALE?SLOOP RIGGED, 2fi feet long, nearly aaw, in eompleta order, and ittsd put in the bait manner. Can ba lean at Penny bridge, aid oftoe. Brooklyn, Far price, Ae. addreia Zephyr, Haral TO OROCIR8.?A FIRST CLASS QROCBRT AMD frnlt ? tore far inla aheap, having done a baiineai from $1,100 ta $1,000 per month. Or a reipeetable yaaagmaa, w?th goad reference*, having $700, ai partner. 71 Rait Breidway. TO DRUGGISTS.?FOR SALR, A GOOD 8TORR, DOING a drit rate baaiaeei and thoroughly iteehed. Apply at 22$ BigbtA aveaae. Telegraph poles -2,000 chestntt telegraph polai fcr ihle. Addrau C. A. BREMNBR, Hoooken, Bergen eoanty, N. J. auRSEB, UAMttlAWES, dRh Alight leather top wagon for sale with or without pel* in perteet order. Inquire for twa dayi at REED A TRUESDELL'3 stasias, 70 and 76 Mercer afreet, balaw Bleaeker. A GENTLEMAN HATING LEFT FOR EUROPE, IS deeiroui of telling a luperior pair of bay horiee, lixteen bandi high, kind and fait; mailable far any ana deiiring a high, I good atyflih pair of horiei Thev eau be lean on application te Mr. liEATl EE, 76 Naiiau itreet. Blood horse?to sportsmen.?for sale, the famoui Marian horte Gray Harry; eau go in 2:30 under tbe (addle, aad 3:39 ia barren; ii parfeotly eonad and kind. Will ba laid much under hii value. Addrau oox 3,062 Poet Offlee. CARRIAGES FOR SALE?A VARIETY OF SECOND band light wagonl aad reekawayi tar faur and tlx per ?oni, ceaehu, Ae., at variaui prleea, atSOEkdridge (treat, beta em Braoma aad Grand. Ij!OB SALE?A SQUARE BOX WAGON, TASHIONA JP bly made, and been very little need, from one af the belt makeri; will be eold with or without pale. Caa ba Man at George Murray'! liable, 33 Bait Thirteenth itreet. POR SALE?HORSE, WAGON AND HARNESS; WILL ba iald (Operate, cheap, if applied tor la two dayi, aa the owner baa no ma for them; a beautiful Iady'a laddie; horee kind and gentle In nil harneii. Alio, a top wagon. Apply at the Eait New York Home. J. P. BAPKE, Eait New fork. JjiOR SALE-A FINE BAY HORSE, 13 HANDS HIGH. . lonnd aad kind, broka to all kindi of baraaii: atandi wi-bont tying. Alio nilplendid grocery wig en. will be ?eld together or ?*parate. Apply nt 446 Water itreet, between Plk# and Rntgsrs nlip. FOR SALE-TWO HORSES; ONE GRAY. 17, AND ONE hay, 16>a bandi high. Both eouad and kind. Will itand without tyug; luttable for a doctor, grocer, or prirate family. Alio one groeor'e wagon, nearly new, and one tignt wagon. Sold on noeount of the liquor law, ai I lhall have no uae for them after the 4th of July. Apjpl^nt .49 Ve?ey ?treat. XuHN BOYD. For bale-a bay morgan horse, six years old, 19J4 hnndi high, fine figure and ityle, and good ?peed; perfeetly sound nnd kind; sold for want of un. Ap ply at private stable, Paoihc itreet, near Court street, rear of coal yard, Brooklyn. For sale-a boston chaise, nearly new, made by the best of makeri: will ba sold low, aa the owner has aa further use for it. Apply to J. RUSSELL, 62 Gouveraeur street. For sale-a sorrel mare, nine years old, perfectly gentle, goes in double and single harness, and good to saddle; alia a black mare, five year* old; sola fir want of use. Apply at 247 Tenth avenue, feed etoro. For sale-to military men and others? Three splendid Mexiean (addles, two gantleman'a and n lady's. The gantleman'a saddle* are of the haadsomait de scription aad intended for military displays, having ooc. over $1,100. To be sold cheap. Apply 'to THOMAS BISHOP, 22 Court itreet, near City HaU, Br BI&BOP, 22 Court street, near City HaU, Brooklyn, whara they oan be seen. JpOR SALE-A HORSE, WAGON. AND HARNESS? Browa horse, isven years old, 16X hands high. Good bugey wagon and harness; prioe for the whole only S179. Alto, two buggies, with tops, end a light gig- Also, Roekaway wagon, tor one or twa horsei, (a f . ? . _j first rat* order. Apply at THOMPSON'S Stable, 110 EastThlrtaeatk (treat. POR SALE CHEAP?IY APPLIED FOR IMMEDIATE ly, a vary Una bay horse, tlx years eld, sixteen hand* high, long tail; is n good traveller, and psrfeatly gaatla in all harness. Would suit n doctor, carman er ax press, and far a family horte eanuot he beat. Can be scan after 10 A.M. at th* Club stable, Twenty-seventh (tract, between Broad way and Sixth avsnue. For sale cheap-a iirst class doctor s gig. four whsslsd, built by tbe aalabrn'ad makers Ford A Son, Elisabsth street. It has bean but little used, and has lust boon re painted, varnished aad put iu eompleta order. Pilce $130, cost $290. Approved paper taken lu part af pay ment, H desired Apply nt P. G. HUSAY, ooaoh trimmer, No 1112 East Fourteenth street. TTOBBE FOR SALE?FOR SALE, A SPLENDID XA gray Demblet union haree. els years old. 16 hands high, warranted sound and kind; san trot laSmlautos. A light shifting top wagon, belt city made, nnd harness, nearly new. Apply at ths Clnb (table, aornsr of Stats and Bosrum streets, Brsoklyn. Morgan horses.-a magnificent bay colt, five years aid; sen trot 2:90; perfectly kind and soaad. Aiuo a splendid family kerea, large nnd stylish; vary strung and powerful; five years old; Just from Vermont; far aiR* low. Apply at 21 Boernm (treat, Brooklyn. F THAVKLI.KHS'tHTOB. FOR NEW haven.?day line?from pick slip. btt met -Firt one dollar.?Tbe iteamer TRAVEL LER, Gaptain John Bowna, will eommeneo runningto Now Having on Saturday, June 23, and leave every Tneeday, Thuriaay and Saturday morning at 7!? o'olook. Returning, leave New Haven every Monday, Wedneiday and Friday morninn, at 10 o'clock. For keyport and fort Hamilton.?the niw and faet i team beat KEYPORT leave* Neir Terk, foot of Murray street, dally, Sunday* excepted, at 4 o'elook, P. M., returning leave* Kevpert at 7)4 o'clock A. M. Far* 25 eeat*. Peraen* deeirou* of viciting on* of tbe moat healthy and beat bathldg place* in the vicinity of New Yeak will and it at Key port; and bminesi men can be In Mew York from 9K A. M. until 4 P. M. OR TBI VIRGINIA SPRINGS?THROUGH TICKETS _ lor *20.?One day and a half only frem Richmond te Whit* Sulphur and Sweat Spring*.?Pereona wnhl*g t* vialt the Virginia Spring* can, by taking the ?taa.nihle* Jemeitown er Reanoke, flrem New York, on W*dn**day or Saturday afternoon*, eonneet at Riehmond with,th* ear* of the Virginia Central Railroad to Staunton, thonee bv *tage and railroa to the epriag*. For further information ap ply t* d, LUDLAM a PLEASANTS, 31 Broadway. REOCUAR DAY BOAT FOR ALBANY, LANDING AT Yonktra, Weet Point, New burg, Poughke*y*t*. i i kill and Hudion.?The iteamer METROPOLITAN, Ca, n J. Polhemnn, will oonnenoe her regular trip* frem i? ew Yerkto Albany on Wedneiday, June 30, leaving Jayitredt pier, every Monday, Wedneiday and Friday, at 7 o'elook, A. M. Returning, will leave Albany every Tntcday, Thurs day and Saturday. For further particular* inquire at 202 Wttt *breet. near Jay *treet. SUNDAY TRIP TO NRWBUBO, WEST POINT AND Cold Spring, lauding at Yonkera, Halting*, Dobbt' Fer ry, Tarrytowu, Bin* Sing. Haver*t*aw and Ceiieu'e Deek, toweling at Amo* (treat each way.?The favorite iteamer THOS. *. I1ULSF, will leave foot of Jay itreet every Sun day morning, at 7>i o'elook, for tht above plaoei. Return ing leave Newt nig at i P. M. ______ ton LAND WARRANTS WANTEE ?OF THE MEXI UUU can and Florida wan, and the war of 1812, and also,, Micoun and Arkaneat paterta, loented in 1312, long einoe eold lor taxoi: alio, patent* located eiuoe 1847. in Illlnoie, Wuccneiu and Iowa, tor which the highest caih price will he given. Apply to G 0 SHUFRLDT, No. 2 Natiau etreet, two door* from Wall, flrit door. Bounty land office, 56 wall stp.ekt, baje meat.?Soldier*, rn.lcn. end teamster* in any war nnec 1775, or their widow*, ean obtain their land warrouta of the i ?ent. F, T, BETTS, 50 Wall itreet, No charge netil col leetod, OUNTY LAND OIFICR?ALL SOLDIERS, SAILORS, 1 wagonmaitere and teamiteri, or tbe wiioweot thoee ot then who served fourteen day* on lea or (bore, in any war ?iaee 1776, are entitled to 160 acre* of bounty land. Tboto who received 40 or 80 a^ree can obtain the balance. N* charge unUU th* warrant <? collected. Apply to the agent, G 6. SHtlFELDT, No. 2 Naseao itreet, two door* from Wall. I AND WARRANTS BOUGHT, SOLD. AND LOCATRD J ?alio claim* for bounty land* promptly p.oieentei by WILLIAM B. HAWS, Bxobcnge and ipeeio one*, 173Calal itreet, under th* Padplo'i Bank. Letter* and order* from the eennit y promptly anawired. Land warrants-wanted by taylor bro thers, Banker*, 76 Wall itreet. B VTAYY BOUafTT LAND AND "RXTRA PAY' OFriCR. AS ?Bounty land* and "axtra pay" f*r U. S. Navy lel' n Ac., in nil war* line* 1790? their widow * and heir*?prou., > ly obtained and paid. Bnlanee due widow* and h*ir* of deeeated U. S. lailor* and other* collected, and all kind* of claim* againlt the Uni ted State* recovered by and*rdgn*d;aad th* widow* er h*iv* of tboae who periihed with United State* ihip "Alba-y," will be piettted by calling on EDWARD BISSELL, Agent and date) Purier V. S. Navy, f7 Wail itret*. ASTROLOGY. ASTROLOGY AND PHRENOLOGY.?THE CELT bratod Era Flamy, from Parke, Who** relatiee he* been eonttanily eonialted by Nepolecn 1., give* Inform* tion on nil event* of lite, at 2n3 Broom* (treot. CLAIRYOYANCB, DISEASE, MEDICINE. ? MRS. Uay??, of tLI* eity, potsetie* fu cerior clear leeing She ean tell tbe cause, locality and name of aoy fu ditease, and preecribe for the rime; And absent I. ad ice, rMpecitng the Intnic you mutt coatult It*. Oflioe lTli Grand (tract. CARD.-MADAMI PREWSTKR RETURNS THANKS to her friend* and patron*, and beg* to *?y that after the tbcninnd*, both in thUctty and Philadelphia, who have eoniulted her with eatlr* eatiefaction, ?he fuel* confident that in th* qnottion of aitrology, love and law matter*, *ni look* or oracle*, a* relied on constantly by Nepoleon, *h* ha* no equal, oh# will tell the nam* of the future ' un hand. and alio the name of her vUiter. Residence 76 M vdi ton meet, on* door from Cetharlne. \f ADAME MPREOW.?THIS HIGHLY GIFTED LADY Xvl 1* n eevenlb deughter. and we* bora with a gift te 1*11 p**t and fotureevent*. She u. witbunt exception, the meet wonderful a*trologi?t in th* world; eh* wHI even tell their very thonght*. N. B ? No charge if net latiifled. Gentle men not admitted. 76 Broom* (treot, near Cannon. VTADAME ABWlN, RENOWNED PHRENOLOGIST, jv'l from 1'nrl*, la to be eontnlted about love, marriage, bu.inete, A*.. end will t*U the nam* *f th* lady or gentle nen they will marry; al?o the name* of her vUiter*. Real dene* 609 Bowery, between Firtt and Seeond rtreet*. Madame duval, formerly the gipsy girl. just Mtuned from Europe. She wHI vlelt any en* that withe* to eeaiult her on the peat, nreient er future *v int* Br eaeleata/ea* dollar, addroned to'Madame Duval, Poit OBee, yrtU be iaaetutely attended t*. ?9 UAH AAA money to loav, on diamonds, f>Z.UUU.UUU vtuhu, jawelry, In good*, Hfir., Ac . or koutt for otah; atooli. BOM*, botHmoo ino tlated. Bumomi acaflfaatial Bad prompt- By THOMP SON A CO.. broker* Bad oommiaaiaa merchant*, 102 Nimu a treat, ooraor of Ana, room No. 2, gccond floor. <tl AA AAA to to*" 0N diamonds, watch*8, viUU.UUU Jnrolfj. Mftri, Ae , or bought for eaah; real eil?U, bond* Bad mortgagee, bo tea, Btook* negotiated. Buaiaeaa atrictly eoaldeatUl CBRBtlMAN, BRA19T1D A CO., 3ft John at root. Due AAA ?PBBSONS WISHINQ TO NBOOTIATB tPlUO.UvU, kikaa, or Mil Bay valaatle.pereonal pro perty, Hidafliaaf dlamood*, watehea, Jewelry, Htua, Ao., oaa be aeeemmedated on rOBaouBbl* tena* by applying to FORBUSd A JOHNSON 1U7 Neman attack, oUraaoo 20 Abb rtroot, room* 1 Bad 5. ?1AA AAA -money to lend on bond and fiUViwUU, mertf age, ia turn* to *altapplioaat*. for a term of year*, at aeven par oont latoroot, ob good proJae tlro real oatate ia thi* otty or Brooklyn. Apoty to S. 3. BBOAD, 13 Wall atreet, toooad atory, front room a HdA AAA ADVANCED on DIAMONDS. WATCH V tu.W/U on, jowolry, painting*, pianofortes, dry goodo, aad every dooerlptioa of merohaadist, (or boaght for eaak.) Bmalbeo* otnotly ooaBdeatial, Apply to J. LYON A CO., 106 Boattoa atroot, botweoa Maroor and Greene. dM A AAA -MONEY LIBERALLY ADYANCBD ON VtU.UUU. diamond*. watehea, jewelry, aetara, stock*, and all kind* of merchandise, by JOSEPH LYON A CO., 11 William atreet. room 10. Partiea waited on at their read donee*. N. B..?AE transaction* eontdeatial. TWO mor. A AAA M.000, 15,000. 23,000, 22,500, AND 9J.14.UUU# suma of 21,000, to loan on bead and gage, on improved city property. Apply to S. S. RIKER,160 Naaaau atreet. (DCnn ?WANTED, PIYE HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR glt/UU, air or twelve montba. Good aaourity will be given tor doable the amount, aad liberal bouu* paid. Ad dreie H. P. P . Herald office. (tjOpn -BOARDING -FOR THE LOAN OP THIS "a amouat, one or mora ainglo gentlemen oaa be ** oommt dated with pleasant apartmeato aad partial board, ia a private family, at very redueed ratea, whar* there are ao otber boarder*. Convenient to Slath aveaae oar* and two 11bo* of atagea. Addreao Retirement, Broadway Poat oHoe. Advances in cash made upon ships or 1,000 toaa aad upward*, at aaa or la port, aad upon aokoonara iiag from tbla port. Ala*. upon naur, grain and merohan diae generally, and upon all bank aad railway seonrltiea. JOHN B. MURRAY, A Wall atreet, over Bank of North America. A BRIAN INSURANCE COMPANY, MICHIGAN.?THF, A note* 01 thla bank boaght by B. NATHAN, 140 Green wioh atreet. CASH ADYANCBD IN ANY AMOUNT. OB PURCHAB ed at sight. diamond*, watehea, rich jewelry, mevehaa diae, aad valnabl* personal property generally. R. WOOD, 69 Falton atreet, eeoond floor, front room, front 8 A. M. t* IP. M. CASH LIBERALLY ADYANCBD-ON WATCHES, Jowalry.'.dry good*, piaaofortoa, furaituro. or any otbor property, at 41 Howard atreot. oorner of Broadway, (re moved from 304 Broadway). Thia being the oldeat aaa moat reepoaaible office ia the eity. AU tranaaotiona are etriotly eonfldeatiaL McLOUGULIN A O'NEILL. DIVIDEND-MANHATTAN SAVINGS INSTITU lion, 644 Broadway, comer of Bleeeker atreet.?Tbe tiuataee of thi* institution have declared a aemi annual dividend, at the rat* oi air per oent per annum on all anma (entitled thereto) of 2600 and nnaer, and five per cent on auma over that amount, payable on and aftor the third Mon day in July next. All dividend* not called for will draw interact thoanme aa principal. AU monayi in thla iaatitu tion will eommenee to draw intereat on tho flrat day of July next By ordor of tho Board. June 23, 1856. A. A. ALVOBfl, Secretary. TTURE BONDS ISSUED BY THE CITY OF SAN YEAN J> eiaeo, dated December 1,1S54, bearing intereat tea pvr cent per annum.?The uaderelgned will pay the eoapoua "No. %" duo July 1,1865, of tho abovo named bond*, any? No*, ft 62 each$1,000 63 a 87 each 500 88 a 126 aaoh 1,000 126 a 3U0 each 800 WILLIAM HOPE A CO., 40 WaU atreat. Foreign gold and silver coin.-the high eitprieaa paid for foreign gold aad ailver ooin, at the specie aad exchange offlee of JOHN HOOPE A ADAMS, 462 Broadway, oppeaito Paoiflo Bank. I EYING SAYINGS INSTITUTION. NO. 06 WARREN ?tract, obo door^rom Greepwioh.? Open daily from 10 A. M. to 1 P. M., and from 4 to 7 P. M. Intereat at tho rato of 6 per oont on anma from $1 to 2560. _ WALTER WTCONCKLIN, President. Ib.V?pB, jVio* ????*?? Vahdx*bilt L. Buxton, Seoretary. ILLINOIS AGENCY AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK. 1 ?Notice ie hereby niton that the January end July.' 1806. instalments of Intereit upon the etooke of ihe Stete of IIMboIs will be peid et the agency of the Stete oe end efter Monday, the eeoond day of July nest. The instalments (et the rete of $16 per $1,<4> eeeh) will bo epplied upon thei fol lowing ooupont from Illinois end Michigan Cenel Bond*:? Con. Bon coupon John MOORE, Treeeurer of lllinoii. 'JNEY A1>V A-NG*.D.rtJ?Bllvn4rieiuoa un rutau estate. diemonde, wetchoe, jewelry, plate, pianofortes, good*, norses, carriages, end every description of pro y by the responsible Empire Loen end Agency Com UMKIW0RK8-NKW TORE LABORATOl J? itreot.?Fire eraeksri, Canton rocket, i joit etieki. end a complete assortment of Ar ON XT ADVANCED TOR SHORT PERIODS ON RRhL dry l | pony by the rospeasl _ pan v. C. WILLS, Agent. Twenty-four hour* notion suffi cient on reel eetete. Several boueoe end lot* for tele. Office or thx third avbnux raibroad com peny.?The internet on the bond* of thie Company, doe let of July, will be peid et the II road way Bank. AMORT XOWARDS, Treawtw. ROM HILL SAVINOS BANK, NO. 261 THIRD AVE nue, one door above Twenty.first street, open dally from 10 to 2, ead on Wodneedey and Saturday evening*, from 6 te 8 o'clock. Internet et tAo rete of 6 per oent on ?urn* of $600 ead under. Depoiit* made thi* month will drew intereit from July lit. WILLIAM H. PLATTE, Preiident. J aw ei R., Viet Preffident. H. Loornomow, Secretary. Thx intxrxst dux jult i, oitjex citt op Steokton, (CalJ ten per eent hondrtjmlbc paid et our office, on ead alter Saturday Juno SO. en ffbientetion of the couponi. WALLS, 1AROO A ?Q? 82 Broadway. TTNCURRXNT MONEY DISCOUNTED AT THOMP U ion'. Bank Not* Lilt quotation*, at the ipeci* end ex ehence offioe of JOHN HOOPS A ADAMS, tof Broadway, oppoiite 1'acUlo Beak. FUELE WORKS. EDGE? FIRST PREMIUM COLORRD AND XRIL LIANT FIREWORKS. Many new end erUinel designs, appropriate to the oomin enniyeriery, never before offered to the public. The luboeribem ere now prepared to famish diepleyi fee eitioe, teen* or villages, to any extent, and have on hand a complete variety of sale work, ef very inporior quality, which they offer at the lowest market price*. Order* will moot with prompt attention. ? Addieee JOS G. A ISAAC XDOI Jr., United State* Laboratory, J or my City, or BUNCAN A BOBBINS. 63 Maiden loan, N. Y., Our only authoriatd agouti for tbo oily of Now York. Fireworks?the undersigned offers for ?ale, on tke molt renaonoblo tormi, a large and com plete assortment of the moit brilliant firework* ever offered in this market. Every artiele aold will be warranted and delivered, free of cartage. AH kladi of exhibition piece* and colored work* in quantities to mit parebaeer*. JOHN E. ROSS. 210 Wathlagton atreet. Firework detot, im Chatham street, (up stairs:. A great variety of fireworki, cheap, at the eld ettnbli shed wholeeal* (tore, 132 Chatham sUest, formerly Gaeener A Young'*. W. H. FKBY. Firework depot, sa division street, whbrx sen he feand all the rnrieni kind*, mad* by the beet maaataoturora, and warranted I* be of the first quality, nt the lewaet eaih priees. Country dealer* ouppHed, and or der* punctually attended An. TWOS. I. JONES. 38 DlvlAoa etroet. ' TORK LABORATORY, 196 FRONT , deubl* header*, j??> - r Ire work*, war ranted ef the firet quality. Ceuntry merehanti and dueler* in gcn.ral, alec eotnmlitee# for city and country displays, l gl'IHCTUAJ.YSM. o^iRirU ALISIL?SMITH, WRITING AND SFKAKING O medium.?The tame* and locality of dlieaeo* made known, aad advice given eorreotly, or no oharga. Definite aceonnts given of abient friend*. Bullae** dooumenti satis factorily adjnited at 566 Broadway, corner ef Prlnee itreot. Bear* 9 to 11 A. M.; 1 to 3, and 7 to 10 P. M. Ptlvate otoeles apply previeui. SOPAltTWfMP WOOTCMS. AO CI\(\ -PARTNIR WANTED-IN A PLEASANT, jA.UvU. rsspretablo builnosi, which li new paying over fi'-.Otr), act profit per aaaum, aad eaa he more than doubled by the aeetitaae* ef a enltable partner. A full si plaaation. given) open an Interview,'References exchanged. Address, with real name, 0. L. L., Herald offloe. C:1 AHft TO $6,000, TO INVEST AS ACTIVE PART ipl.vUU nor, or purwhasor, of a rapootabl* bneine.t, that will yield n Mr remuaeratlon. Best of refereooee given and required. Addre?s M. R C., Herald offio*, stating the nature ef lb* bustnr s*. and where tt be teen, which will he eon.tdered ettietIT confidential. 41 Ann ?WANTED, A PARTNER IN A FIRST Ifl.UUU. elate grocery iter*. It it the belt It cat ion la this city; all firit ela*i euttomirs, well established, and doing a large business. The advertiser has more than he ran do alene. A good ma a, with $1,000 to $1,600, eaa have half an(interest in tha whole ooaoora. A previous know ledge of the hoeinoee ant really necessary. Pisa** call <ra Mr. RICHMOND, at itoro 36* Fourth annuo. -A PARTNER" IS WANTED TO TAKE A q)v/v/m. half interest la a manufacturing buaiuoes, that baa beta established thiol years, with a good ran of eastern. Now Is the time for a good Apply at VI Green wleh street, basement. <l>q rn -TO A MAN WHO WANTS BUSINESS AND qpO'Jv/. make money.?A partner wanted, in a oesk manufacturing holiness, which meet* with randy sals* a last as mannfaetnrad; sold to the wholesale trad* and bail nee* men, aad pays 600 per eent an sale*. Apply to C. B. HOWES A CO.. 8* Naesaa itroet. <jTo/1A OR $400.?A PARTNER WANTED, IN A $AFR, JPAUU profitable, established rash holiness, without competition to Interfere. The business will pay $1,600 a year to each. Also, a partner wanted, to purchase on* half of a travelllagbusiaeeq. that will pay $JM a mouth. Apply to C. D. HOWES A CO.. 6* Nassau street. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE -TEE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between Luoien B. Chase aad Mr. J. A. roller, in the real eatat* business, i* dissolved. No. 7Sew street. June4,1865. TO CHEMISTS ABD DRUOOISTB.-PARTNER WANT ed ? A fins ohauoe for a young man with n few hundred dollars. Aay person who understands the re'.ail business, and tic general routine of a first class establishment, aad who Is willing to devote the wholo of his attention to the business, can have tb* full ooatrol of o fine nod luerativo store, by addrteeing Druggist, Herald office, statiag where an Interview can be had. TO LAWYERS.?A LAWYER, DOING A FAST IN sreaslag business, weald like a partner, acquainted with tb* city practice. Mid A small eapitn). aad who onn influence tueiaese. Address Lawyer, Herald sffle*. WANTED?A PARTNER, IN A NIW ENGLAND rum distillery Seta* a regular betimes. An active bueiaoes man weald bo preferred, with a moderate capital. Address Distillery, boa ISO Herald *?**, with real aama and plntt tt in teg view, a* ao other wiU be noticed. $600 FMOB LIVERPOOL-C. S MAIL STEAMSHIP A TLA If> ? TIC. Jm. W***, OwuiM.-This seoamahlp will de part Kiln tb* Cnited SIMM Mil* for Euraoe ooaiUvely oa Wednesday, June 27. at 12 o'clock M., fcua her bartb at the foot ef Caaal ilmi For freight ?r nana* no ?quailed a?MaaodiU?ij for NMaaot Mid waftrt, apply * LIMS, M Wall itn ? ?M at M MWl Mil c _ _ tak? notice tkat the ahipa of lib llaa eaaaot aarry aajr to EDWARD K. COLLINS, 66 w all alroo*. Passaaaw* aro raqramed to bo oa boasd at Mtji A. M. Tho BALTIC witl succeed tho AtlaaLo, aad tall July 11. Snippers will plaaoo sooutraband of war. All letton must paa* through tbo ott OAoo; any other* will bo mwwl NEW TORS AND UT1RPOOL UNITED STATU Mall fleams**.?ft* ship* *o**p**ta( this Mm aro th* good Foot TH3 f*l)*wiBg:? ATLANTIC, fapt. Wort. BALTIC, Carl. 0*m*W*k. PACIFIC. Oapt. Nye. ADRIATIC, Cap*. These ship* have booa toft by ooalraat, ixpoosoty for g*T ernm**t s err loo. Beery oar* ha* Nooa 1st** la th?ir ooa sOruolioa, as also ia tbei* aasla**, t* oasar* stroagth aad ?pood, aadtbatr a***mm?latloa* for ?a*sia*srs aro awo aaalled for olasaao* aad *omfort. Pries of pas mm tram Now York to Liverpool, la first olaso oakla, 3130; la sssoad do., f76; oxslauTO ate of extra otoo stateroom. 3326, from Liverpool to New York, 30 and M> guinea*. Aa *xpor>*a*od surgeon atta?h*d to oa?h ship. No berth sooarod antil p*M raorossD pats* or stiu**. rm*w si* tosi. from uruaroor. Wednesday May If, 1866 Satarday May 10, 1M Wednesday May 80, 1866 Satarday Jun* X 1866 Wodaooday Jan* IS, 1866 Satarday Job* 16, 1863 Wednesday June 27, 1866 Satarday Jnao 30, 1866 Wodaooday Jaly 11, 1866 SelurdnyT. Jaly 14, $66 Wedneednjr.....July 26, 1866 Satarday Jaly 21, 1866 For freight or passe*i apply to ID WD K. COLLIN S, No. 66 Wall street, Now York. BROWN. SHIPLEY It CO , Liverpool/^ STEPHEN K.RNNARD A CO., 27 Austin Friars, London. B. G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., FaMs. GEORGE H. DRAPER, Harris. The owner* of tbooo skip* aiM not bo aoeonntable tor gold. Hirer, bullion, spooio, Jewelry, preetoao stones or metal a, a aloe# bills of lading aro slgnod thorofor, and tbo rala* thereof therein expressed. Shippers please take no ties that tho ships *f this 11a* aan mot earry any good* ooatrabaad ot war. THE VANDSRB1LT BDBOFEAN LINE OF STEAM ship*.?Tbo Brat olas* maw steamship ARIEL. 2,306 tons, L*f*rr* master. wtU loar* New York feroia pier 30 North riser, foot of ChamleH street, at seta preoltely, oa Batorday, Jane SO, for Harre direct. Ilratalaaa pass*** flio Beo< nd fUii dmiam ************************aaV****a 60 The Ariel wtll be "followed by the North Star, iuiy 3L The owner of the** reeoel* will not b* aooonaUhl* for sold, ailvar,bulliemepeeia, Jewelry preeioas stones, o? me tal*, oale*t tuis #f lading are signed therefor, aad the ralias therof therein expreseed. Bpsol* and goods taken at a anal rates. No freight reoeirad after nooa of th* day b*for* salHax. No berth secured aatU paid for. Letter* prepaid 18V*. per % oa. will he reoeired at the ofte* np tell A. M. ol the day of sailing, aad will he car ried in strong India robber bags aader look, aad on arrlyal at Hayr* will be immediately deposited la the Poet Offtee that*. Paresis taken, eaoh prepaid, on* dollar aad ay wards. FIXED DATS* or SAILIKO. mow naw tobk. mow havrb. Ariel Jan* SO North Star Jnao 36 North Star Jaly 21 Ariel ?..July21 Ariel Aug 11 North Star Aug. 11 North Star Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 22 North Star Sept. 22 North Star Oot. IS A rial Dot. 13 Ariel Not, S North Star Not. S Ariel Not. 34 Those steamship* aro elwoed A I at the iasoraao* offioea, and spooio and good* will bo iaaarod la thorn at as low rates of premium a* la any other steamsb.p# that oross the ocean. For freight or pa tea**, apply to _ D. TORRANCE. No 6 Bowling OtNt, Now York. SUMNER, MONTANT A DRAPER 26 Rao N. D. do* VI* toir*. Pari*. CHRYBTIE, SCHLOESSMANN A CO., 27 Qua! Onismfar Delay lgae, II ay re. For Liverpool.?sails on Saturday, juneso, at 12 o'elock, the w*ll known packet ship ASHBURTON. For socoad cabin or steerage passage apply on board, pier No. 19 East rlrar, or to TH08. C. ROCHE, 88 South it. FOR LIVERPOOL.?NOTICE?PASSENGERS PER clipper ship DREADNOUGHT, will pieces be onboard steambemt, at pier 4 North Rirer, this morning, ataiue o'elook. DEMARB8T A JONES, 40 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL-EMPIRE LINE?THE CELEBRA* ted elippor ship CITY OF NEW YORK. J. G. Moss, master, will positively sail oa Wodaosdey, June 27. Her aooommodatioas for eabla, second eabia aad steerage pas cenger* are unsurpassed; Apply on board, pior 6 North River, or to DEHAREST A JONES, 40 South street, pernor of Old slip. rpHB LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP J. Company Intend aaillag thHr favorite stoamshjss CITY OF MANCHESTER. 2(126 Una, Cap! WyUa. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (new,) 2,688 Was, Oapt. ??, CITY OF WASHINGTON, da..2,700 ton*. Oapt. R, Ltikak Saloon 360, $66 aad 166, according to state room. A limited number of third alaeo patssngmt will ho taksn from Philadelphia aad Liverpool, and fa and In proTiston*. From Philadelphia 330 I From Iivorpool $M Partloa wiahing to bring out their Iriondm oan obtain oer iUoato* of paaaage and draft* on Liverpool, in sum* of ?! sterling and upwards. Apply W SAMUEL SMITH, agent, 17 Walnut sty oat, Philadelphia, and MoTTBroad wnyTNew York. IK10R SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE?THE UNITED ?! BtitwmiilitiMur UNION. Cwttlo R. Adam*, ton mender, will leave for Havre, touohing at Southampton to Umd the milli and pMMum. *n Saturday, Jiu 30, tl 12 o'clock, from pier No. 37 North river, foot of Beaoh street. Prioo ot putift, first oabin. $160; tecood eobia, $76. Lug gage not wonted during the voyage ehoold be lent on beard the d*y-before tolling, mnrhed "below." No freight will be | token nfter Thursday, Jane 28. For freight orp usage ta plyto MORTIMER LIVINGSfON,63Bro^dwoyTfl N. B.?All letter* nin*t pni* through the Port Offio. ? Reduction of fares to suit the times.? New York nod California eteenuhlp line, Tie Nleara gao Aeeesaory Tronelt Company, ot Nloaragu*. proprietor* ?through in odvonee of the moll?700 mile* snorter than ony other route, avoiding the deadly Panama fever, and two mile* of dongerou* booting in Panama Bur. The inleaiid double engine steamahip STAR OF THE VvKST,a,5G0 ton* burden, Copt. Turner, will leave pier No. S North river, at $ o'eloek P. H. precisely, for Punta Arena*, on Thursday, July 9th, 18M. eonneetisg with the steamship Uncle Sam, 2,000 ton* burden, over the Nicaragua Transit rente, having bnt twelve mile* of land transportation by flrrt oiass oar tinges. For information or pas sago at the reduced rate* ap ply only to CHARLES MOROAN, Agent, No, 2 Bowling Green. Letter bag* made up at the offiot. Stamped letter* taken for ti>j oents eath. REIUCED PRICES.?100 LBS. BAOGAOE FREEt Four hour* from ee*an te oeean by Pannma Railroad. No exposure to tropical sua and rain*. No walking in the mad nround shonla and rapids. No river fover and ague. Through fsr California via Panama Railroad. Tb* United Stats* Mail Steamship Company will despatih for Atplm wall on Tharsday, July 6, at2 o'oloek P. If., precisely, from pier foot ot Warren street, N. R., the n*w and splendid ?KamiMp GRORGR LAW, RfiOOtoa* barthen. Paaeeagers t-nd moil* wiU he forwarded by Panama Railroad, and oon faoet it Panamn with tb* Pneffie Mail Steamship Company'* rosgmficent tttnmihip Golden Gat*. 2,600 tons burthen, A v. B. Leroy, oommander, whieh will be in readinee* and leave Immediately for Sim Fraaeisoo. The pualio are in formed that the P. M. S. B. Co. alwayehave on* or mereex tra si tamers lying nt Panama, randy lor sen, to avoid nay possible detention of pueengort or mall*. For passage ap. ply to I. W. RAYMOND, at tb* only oBoe of the Compa ny's, 177 West street, oorner Warren. N. Y. TYKSPATCH line for ban francisoo.?the MAO jJ nifieent A 1 clipper (Up GOLDEN WEST U now load ing at pier No. 9, East river, and will poeltively sail for San Francisco on or before Satnrday, Juno 38. Shipper* will please have nil their freight en henrd Saturday, 23d inrt., nad hand in their bills of lading fer signature. The Oolden Wert ie ene of the sharpest clippers ev?r built In th* United State*, and present*to* greatest indeeemont* to shippers. BUTTON A CO.. 68 Booth etreot, oor. of WaiL Australian indrprndrnt mutual line Tbe magnificent A I. clipper ship METROPOLIS, 1,000 tons, T. H. Joy, Commander, will sncoeed tho Crystal Pn lec* and have immediate despatch for Melbonrne. The so mmodaiion* for pa***nger* in this fin* ship or* of the vary b**t, both in first and second cabins. Alio, a limited nam beret steerage passengers will be taken at the low rate ot $80, foundSrlth provision* by the ship. Having n portion of tor cargo already engaged, paasenger* can depend on qulok despatch. For freight or pontage, at low rates, apply on board- *t Pier 17 Fast liver, or To MAILLBR ft LORD, 108 Wall etreot, and ABKELL ft EhLIOT, 146 Pearl strcst. Australia ?passrngbrs per ship crystal Pnlnee will plea-e have thair baggage en board on Saturday next, th* 23d inrt., as th* ehip will sail on tho 26th without fall. A few bertha joi for sate. Apply en board, at pier 13 East river, or to ARKELL A ELLIOT, 146 Pearl street, MAULER ft LORD, 108 Wall *t. Australia.?ship crystal falacr. to sail next Monday. Three second sabla ticket* for sale at a sacrifice. 'he holders being unable t* go owing to the death of a relntire. Apply to th* agent, Mr. Earrv. on board, at pier 13 East river. RDWARP MITCHELL. AUbTRALIA.?PIONEER LIN 1.?CARRYING TUB United Statot mail.?The celebrated A 1 slipper ship NiOnTlNCALR, Captain Mether, for Melbourne. wUl bo despatched on her second voyngn about the nt July, hav ing made her last In the unprecedented time *f 76days. Has excellent accommodations for passenger* and freight. Ap ply at the office of R. W. CAMERON, No. 6 Bowling Green and 116 Wall sirtet. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAM&1IIP COMPANY.? For Havana and New Orleans.- On Monday, Jnly 2, at 2 P. M., from pier foot of Warren street. N. R, tho will known and favorite steamship EMPIRE CITY. Captain Henry Windle, having been thoroughly overhauled ana pat In first elast condition, will resume her plaee in the line and sail as above. Paeioge can be scoured at the Company's office. Freight to Now Orleans, 30 oents per onbio foot. Shippers will bo supplied with blank biUi of lading of the form signed ny th* Company, on applloation at theiroffioe. No other forms signed, and no bills of lading will be signed after the hour of sailing. For freight or passage apply at the office of the Company, 177 Wort stroet, oorner of War ren. M. O. ROBERTS. FOR new ORLEANS, DIRECT.?THE U. & MAIL Steamship CAHAWtift, Captain R W Shmfeldt, will com mm re receiving freight on Thursday, Jane filet, and sell on Monday, Jane ftth. at 12 o'clock, from pier foet *f Ro binson street, N. R., touching at Havana en her ret era. rW*^lVol^VkR^HERON ft. CO., 31 Broadway. N. B.?In consequence of existing quarantine regulations at New Orldhns, the Cahawba wfll not stop at Havana going out. OR SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA-UNIT1D STATES ' isell line.?The new and elegant steamship KNUY . RLE, Cant. C. D. Ludlow, wlB leave New York for Sa raarah, on Seturday, June 23. from pior No. 4 Nefth rirer, at 4 o'elcok P. M. Hills sf lading signed on beard. Far freight apply on board, or for postage to SAMUEL L. MIT CIlTi.L, lS Broad* ay. For Florida, through tickett fi n New York to Jacksonville, Ml; Pilatka, 233. Tho Florida, M. 8. Woodhull, will tuootod, and leave on Wednesday, Jure If. f VP IfOR SAVANNAH-FARE RKDUCED-T1JK U2ITXD 1 States mail steamship STATE OP GRPRGI A, Capt. J. J. Garvin, will leave Philadelphia for Savannah on Wednesday, June 27, nt 10 e'elook A. M Par#, $$0; steer age, $h The State of Georgia rjll leave as abo?s Wednes day, July 11. Agants in New York, SCRANTON A TALL MAN, VI Old slip, where state rooms may bo secured. F OB CHARLESTON AND FLGRIDA-SXMI WEEKLY _ United States moil lino.?The asw and fart going steamer JAMES ADOER, S. C. Turner, ooaunandtr. will leav* pier No. 4, Northrlrer, on Satnrday, June 23d, at 4 o'clock P. M. precisely. Fer freight, apply en board, where all bills of lading will bo signed; and for passage, at tho office *( SPOF/ORD, YILEStON A CO, 23 ISfoadway. Through tlekei* to florid* as follow*:?To Jacksonville, $3); to Plhatka, $3S. Tk* R ashviu* will succeed, and loave on Satnrday, Jane 80. ?COB NORFOLK', PETERSBURG AND RICHMOND ? J? Th* United States mail steamship JAMESTOWN, L. Farrith, oemmaader, will leav* pior No. 13 Forth river, eu Saturday. June 23, et 4 e'eleek P. M.; will nnrlvt at Norfolk tb* next eftetneoa, end at Petersburg and Rlohmoni th* fellewlng morning. From Norfolk naesebkere for the South proceed by railroad direct, with thneush tickets from Wol dent* WlYmtnstcn, Chnrleeten, A*. Passage and far* to Norfolk $8. to Petersburg and Richmond. did. steertgv half r? /^nilsiss*s?vsi taken for Fttorsbnrg. _ __ FASSAOR8 BY TBI ATLANTIC TO lUROn.-TWD passages to Liverpool by hi steamshin Atlantic, of tho 27th inat., may b* had on easy term*, by M^pilsaMoa to th* boekkeepee of the Aeter Hons*, a* the pagttee wke held them ee?rt geent sdon. AJHCt)KNM?T9. IhrlWApS^eAKBBN?TIill OF COM MB* C JIMBM *:? fil Doors opoa at ?; Overwore to dumh il 7JK; ?w TM^WSl^AMD PS?R*,180N ENGLISH OPEEA to*F*?v Satvbdav, Jl'HB w. GREAT SUCC1SB OF BALFE'S SPBCTACLl OPERA, THE DAUGHTER OF 8T. MARK, Catarina Cornaro nies* to An4r<a Miss I^mlto Pyne Adolph 4* Courev, a f reach Knlsbt .......Mr. W- Harriton If I** ?.... .ilr. Dolman | Moooorrigo.,?? Mr. HififMlIf Andrea Cornaro. 4 Patrician of Venice ?..Mr. Borrnei Now bturj, Costumes, Accessories, Bannsrs, Arma, PULL*'ORCHESTRA. INCREASED CUORCS AN! GRAND BALLET. Conductor Mr. G. P. Brlatow soecial koticb. Tickets 80 ton is Private Boxed 15 Ore boat ro taaU ? II Iai office tfw dailv, from ? A. M. to 4 P. M., for aeearlag Orohestra Boats and Frtvats Boaea only. Broadway tueatrk.-b. a. Marshall, sole Lessee?Pours open at 7*; comm.ace at 8*. Mondav evening, Jane 24, will be perioral id jsonuay """JTaUDIEI^ O'KAFf ERTY. raudaOD O'Rafferty Ml Barney Williama lliim!; . . Mr Whiting I Countees Mr. Frane Flor?nai .Mr. Grvsyeaor | Marraretta Mra Naglo IV8 THE CU9TOM<>r THE COUNTYY lleliaaa Mra. Bai aey Williams Buii; ' *u* Prics barney, the baron ? Barney O'Toole Mr. Barney Wi liama Blumentbal. .Mr Groarenor I Lady Mfa Sayaaour Karl Mr. MorTia I Edith Mra. Nagld OWEKT THEATRE-L P. WALDHON, PBOPKIBTOR aadtUaaaer; Robert Jonas. Stare lUaww. jums of adxnlsston^Soxes, 14 oanta; Pi*, 12* Mitaj tal)?*. 1SX eanto: Private Bore*. *5 -Saturday areolae, Jane 23. ERNEST MAI.TRAVERS THE TWO BUZZARDS, BRIAN BOKOIUMB. Brian Borolhmo. ? Mf- Joto?*on Academy ot music. 1 B1GNOR ROSSETTI mm til miik? hi# first ftprearfcBO* in America, on TCKSDaY KVEN1NU, JUNE 28, on whiok oeoaaion, and for the oaly Umo, Donuatti a creed opera, BEL1SARIO, will bo produced wPh tho following oiainent artlatd: ? SIQNORA MANZINI, SJGN'ORA SIEDkjflOCRO. SIGNOR TAFFANKLLI, 81GNOK1 ARNOLD! and CANDI OUCKLEY'S 8SRKNADER8. 63# BROADWAY.-MON _D day aroainf, Jane IS, and arory evening tlili weak, and last ""^hi'op'TaN KNTKRTAINMENTS of a superior ordir, and " fuo without vulgarity." And the beautiful ^[^^VbUlA1*'* Amine, (tho blaok Somnambulist) . .Mies Elegnor Gumbo, (pledged to Amlna) O. S. Buckley Leiy Joe, (In lub wRh Susannah) R. B. Busklsy Ban Tneker Potalral Gommonoeo at 8 o'olook. Tioketo 14 cento. N. B?This eompany will oloeo, for a abort oeaeom. on Saturday evening next, June 23, for the purpoae of eitonaivo preparations in their hall, to produce new Burlesque Oporao en I ho ro opening. Dne notico will be given. ("1 RAND GERMAN MUSICAL FESTIVAL.?SIXTH AH 7 nlreraary of the United Vocal Societies of tho Northern, Eaotern and Southern States, to toko place in New York the 24th June, 1855, at the Metropolitan Theatre, Broadway, Conductor C. Bergmann > Leader w#u PROGRAMME?Part I. 1. Overtnre from the opera "Cola Rienal".Riohard Wagner By the Grand Orchestra. 2. " Im Walda" Chorna and Solo Jul. OttJ By the united Vocal Sooietioa. 3. "Wanderlled" cborua ? ???.????*? "? Broker By the United Societies of Baltimore. 4. Grand Chorna and Teriotto, '.rom tho opera ?'William Tell" Rossini By all tho Societies and full Orohestra. Part II. ?''MMCh ? ?th< ? .T". ? ? ? ? Richard Wagner By the Orai d Orcheitra. 2. Cborne of the l'rieete, from the opera the Magic jiite" , e .ttoxert By all'the Societies and full Orchestra. 3. The " Worlu'a Prayer" Chorus.......... ...... ZosUaer By the United Sooietiea of Philadelphia. 4. " Th? Warrior's Song before the Battle".........Kueken By the United Societies of New York. 0. " Kriegereeene" Chorus ? ? v" ? ? ? c> Yl,sl,or By all the Sooietiea and full Orchestra. Prices of admission:?Parquet Clrole, (reaerfed aeats). $160: Parquet, 81; First Circle. 50 cents; Seoond Clrolo, 25 oanta. Seats may be secured at the box offieo. Metropoli tan Theatre, from 8 till 11 A. M.. and from 4 111 7 o clock P M. Doors open at 7; to commenoe at 8 o clook. The Grand Orohestra is to ooneiat of one hundred or the most eminent artists of this city. Newark theatri.-the spring season closes on the 4 th of July; the summer season commence# July 5. Ladies and gentlemen *i?hing en^cmenta w01 address, Immediately, W. M. *03T*K* To secure answers, a itamp must he eacloied. KRHAM'S BABY SHOW OUTLIVES BARNUM S, and caHs forth tremendous | SHOUTS OF LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE OTery evening, at 8C3 Broadway. TO DRAMATIR AUTHORS?THE1 YANKRR SONG. En titled " Bobbin Around"?words and muslo by W^J. Florenos, wlU ha published in a few song written by tho undersigned expressly far his wife and has been suag by hat with great eolat in the yrineiwd riGes of the United States: and tho snbseriber daems hxmsolf sal.od upon by the reconi wholesale piraer of his prirato mano soripts, to give publioity to the above, in tho vnln hope that | heieafter he may bo able to protect authors and' 1^ [ ??m. moasnro from th. un^pUd^.s ^f In^v'du^prs TO AMATEUR THEATRICALS.?A PROFESSIONAL lady, about to open a theatre for a summer season, wishes to obtain a pat tne* in management?lady or gentle man?who is willing to > ring a sum equal to ber risks lato thVtisasury, and tike, ns an equivalent, instruction for th; stage and tho opportunity of praetioe in a _well r?Kiulmt?A establishment. Address for four days, Blaaohe, Post Oflot WATCHES, JBWHMY^JtO. R"^DCCED FRICE8.- WATCHES. JEWELRY, BIA .hTnndereigned* for*th?last sightean Tdars a woU knew* dealer and lmpertdr, cffeia for said nil goods in Us line, at lowor prises far the earns quality, lhan any ethor heuee ki NiwYork, FhUadslpkia, or any other city, and will sand by maU or ??**??? waTCHMS, JEWELRY, Ao.. to aU parto of tho United States, free of ehargo. AU roods warranted as reprssontsd. Orders hy mall, postpaid, faltn fnUy attended to. WATCHES. ftS^w^E^snuin. warranted!i!' ?.? 'w &fe=!i= gs a Eight uaii aa'enamel ?to LOd LadUa' dhunond" ?to 300 Idawia Vltohllioo IMP W l? Gefd hunting levers, tnil jewelled, 18 oarat 40 Geld open faced levera, fuUi Jewelled. 18 carat... 2 Silver opea laeed levers, lull Jewelled 18 8U? UJUM jewelry: p^tTl,gi i aou 24 0 1tv^>alats " V. 00 to 80 0? Odd loeksis, one. two, and fonr glasses S 0? to ? ? SaijJfe:::::::?jgSSS qold Psneils. ???????? ? SI t2 MM Gfd Posts and 1'sstsUs SWto J60C Gold Crosses 2 00 to 12 (i? Ckaaed Gold Rings 1 g to #00 Plaia Osld Rings..... ? *? 3 Jewelry of every Diamond Single Stone Tine fW 00 to ?l,80O M Diamond Cluster Pins SO 00 to 40U 00 gKXSUSS As , As . Ao. silv4r ware. M Silver Teaspoons F?* ?5 0# to SO ?? HUTet Dessert Spoons P<?* ?*t 12 00 to to 10 Silver Table Spoons P?* ??* M J? J? '{? Silver Table Forks I1*'" USlitSS BCver Desses* Forks ??!*?**? '3 J'f ? ?fiver Wedding-Cake Rafves, rU Kai*ss, FiU Mij". Fickle Forks, los Cream Knives, Fratt Knives, Butter Knives. Cblldrsn'a Sods, via.: Kalfa, Fork and Spoon, Silver ^ijaleheo.^'cUoki'and' Jewelry repair^d at less than the nana! priooa. Watohos and Jswdry^aben^ln exehaa^e. Boat Broadway. Mow York. ? JMCDICAXm E. WARD'S JTN POBTXJNATE'B FRIEND, ?1, a book.?Juet what thoee want who bare ? mnate'a|Friend , nfmdly, a cure ot o?oe, and no delay nod UreateA euro Be ti?h world by Dr. WardU (friend." ASHetod/lnke netloe-no otM SKIT, hie treatment, without taxllg the eyetera. Altera Wet or oooontlon from bueltoec not required. TO THE PROFESSION AND THE PUBLIC.-PIRST Weakly Bn lie tin of drug itore*. at which nay be found "Joyco'c faeteleec Solution of Copaiba:"? Met ire. Hegemaa, Clark A Mr. Cough, 14 fludeon ct. Co., Broadway. Dr. Mareb, aw Variok ot. Mr. John Meakin, 497 do. Mr. CorUl. 54 4th it. _ Mr. JohmMilhan, 183 do. Mr. II. P. O'Rioly, 124 Leo Mr. C. Crumble, comer 14th nard ot. _ ?t. and Broadway. Mr. J. ScoAeld, 224 Canal ot. Mr. A. Kennedy, corner 12th Mr. R. Dillon. 421 Pearl ot. ot. and Broadway. Mr. J. C. Smith, 71 Oak ot. Mr. J. H. Laugblia. 290 lot Mr. E. Tbeale, comer Mon aTenne. roc aud Rower ate. Dr. Powell, corner S3d ot. Mr. Darling, 4o4 Atlantic ot? and 2d arcane. Brooklyn. Mr. A. 0. Dunn, corner 33d Mr II. Dickineen, 122 do do. ct. ana 3d avenue Mr. II. Douglae, corner Pearl Mr. Wlloon, corner 27th ot. and Fnltoa ar., Brooklyn. ar.d 3d arenne. Mr. E. Thcele, Undent nr., Mr. O- II. White, No. 260 3d Brooklyn. ? , . arcane. Mr E. M. Orlmke, oormt Mr. H. E. Coudray, C08 6th Bridre and Myrtle arenne, arenne. Brooklyn. Mr. W Milee, corner 22d ot. Mr. J. Bellingham, comer and arenne Gold and Proopoet etc., Mr. bbirle. corner 23d ot. nnd Brooklyn. 6th avenue. Mr. J, E. Brown, Montgo Mr. A. M. Coi.kiin, ooraer mery el., Jereey City. 34th et. and Ott avenue. MrR Bllbaro, Newrak ar., Nr. C. W. Smkh. No. 260 7th Jereey City. avenue. Mr. D. W. Gardiner, do. do. Mr J. Combe, Jr., 238 7th Dr. Mllnor. 170 Orand ct., triune. WUUnmebnrg. Meeere. Leirhten A Iremen- Meeere Uringctea A Co , 144 err, ocrocr Mth et. and 8th Grand et., WmPbarr. arcane. Mro. Van liiakle A Son, 168 Dr. MeAllioter, No. 696 8th 4th ot., Wma'bure. avenue. _ Mr*. Pendleton, Sooth et., Mr. L.A. IToadly, 918th are. Wllliamebnrg. Mr J. Erekine. 272 8th are. Mr. Klpp. YorkrUle. MrMre. l.lttle A Trajer, 200 Meeere. Neetell. ScribnerA 9th arcane. Co., 114 Chambere et. Mr. Eeter. 96 Hndeon et. Wholeeale by BWpben Pent A Co., 149 Chambereelreel; A. B. A D. Snnde' ?, eornor Fnlton and W illiam etc.; Sehh-f relln Brof A Co., corner Beekn an A William etreete; Wheeler A Ilarl, 22 Bookman etreet; Ferterhaeh A Wtlk?r rei, 13 and 16 Hndeon eirfet; C. v. Cliekener A Co.. 81 Barclay etreet. IIannftetured and told by JOYCE A CO.. 114 Chambere etreec and 21 Hndeon etreet. iraxwpiNo. ~ FOR RICHMOND AND WObVoLK-THE STEAM ibip J A BESTOW*, Cantata Parrteh, ie now lending at pier 13 North river, tor Richmond and MerMk, and wiU wore OB Saturday after moon at 4 o'elook. LVDUkM * PLEAS AN T| 13 ? rend way. AMureapcitCT. Academy of Mf sic. ~ ITALIA* OPERA. LAST WEEK Of THE LA GRANGE TROUPE. Mtiert tenet d'tturre. DON J CAN, Will l? girei on MONDAY, JUNE 2A, IMS, with the following unexampled ceo*:? Zertlna Madame Abu do 1a Gran** DbbuAbbb Madame Rbm DotIKR (Her tiriA appearatee for two voire.) Dobbb Elvira Madame IxtariaAde ftSSli (Her flret appearance ia thit country.) Dob Ottovie ? Signer Rafaaile Mini Dob Jobs Signer Mor Dob redyo, tb? Comiuaudant Signer Om Leper alio Signer I Mitetto Signer Gil (HI* flrit app aranoe in Oi?ra ) M'Ue Sot) , at ale ted bj Mobi ('arena, will danM .A MlAA*C Ib the fire* ?o<. Mb ileal Director and Ctnduoter Sig. Ardati New Sooner?, by Sign? Alias# Soata (or obo or the toor rente*1 utAti n? may be seeared ?? the Academy, at Hall A Sob'* at Yea Nordeo A King's, u4 at Jollio'i muiie More _ . . Priooi of AdmiaiioD ? Pare, act, Parquet Circle ud firei Circle, $1: Secured, SI 30; family Circle, CO oeat?; A??hl>. theatre, 28 cent*. Door* open at 7^; the Opera oemmencee at 6 e'eleek. BURTON'S. CHAMBERS STREET.?DRESS CIROLH and ParqvetrAu oents; family Circle, X6 eeata; Orehee tra Chain, $1; Private Boxes, $5 each. IK,era open At 7Xl beaia atS o'clock.? Saturdav evening, Jane 33. __. __ __ Benefit of Mill Albertine CRICKET on the URARTU I IRISH LION. Dot...... , . Mi,? A'ber'iue Tim Moor* Mr. EddfC DUES YOUR MO 111 Kit ENOW YOU ARE OUtf TUE YOPNG ACTRESS. WAILACK'S THEATRE, BROADWAY, NEAR Broome etreet GERMAN OPRRA. The Mzt performance will take place on TUESDAY. JUNE *5. No extra charge for teonred aeata. Partiealara ia tnttllS advertilfmont*. rriO. CURISTY A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, CI BROAD* U way, above Grand itreet OPEN EVERT EY1NINA for thl* week, Ethiopian Mlnitre *y. Danoing, A*., AM ?India* wtab the BLACK. BLUNDERS; OK FORTY WINKS. Deer* opea, t>X; eommenee, 8 e'oloeh. Ticket* IB eeata All heiinee* trenaacted by H. Wood ISIDORE CLARK, TMB AMERICAN PRIMA DONNA, by reqneet, will repeat bar GRAND CONCERT, at the GETTY LYCEUM, YONKERS, on SatardAf. Jen*S3, F?RAN KLIN MUSEUM, NO. 43 BOWERY, NIAMLY ? eppeiite the Bowery Theatre I'erformaaee* every af teraooa, at 3, and every evening, at a. M will Obeerve that the Franklin llaeeam i? the _ ike United State* wkert the Model Art lata ere with ?ther original entertainment*. Rtmnmber, Me. M Bow?ry. OLYMPIC CIRCUS, 43 BOWERY.?H. PRANOONI B. Runnella, Proprietor*. New attraction for the week. Engage mint of the feu Eqneatrian, M'LLE MARIE. (from the Cirque Olympic, Pari*.) Sec*ad week of the ShakapePean Clown, W, f. Wallets. Hon*. Francoei with hi* ipltndic bone*. Bayard ud John *ter; Lav a tor Lee and hi* talented children; B. Roaaefl* and T. Neville In their pleeaing aota; together with maajf ether noveltiee which will be enumerated in the MU*. Borne*, 23 eenta; Reierved Seat*, 3d cat*; ehlldrea, half pviee; Pit, 12X cent*. Afternoon performanett:?Meadaj Wednesday and Saturday. Black pianist.-mastir Augustus luea, t; Ethiopian Tbalberg, Only sixteen yean of age, wh extraordinary performance! have exeited the aaatkatlea and aatonithmeat ot the profeaeieu who have wita**eed Aie private rehearial*. will giv* hi* fir It Grand Caaeert. At the Tabernacle, on Wednesday evening, June 27, ?ommanelacM 8 o'eloek. Master Lnca will be aieleted during the Cwaeert by hie brother*, and th* celebrated voealiet, Mi*e Allen. During the evening he will perform Lilit'e Ceaoeito, bp Hertz, end Wallace'* Polka de Coaoert Tieket*, 25 cent*: Reaerved Seats so cent*. Tickets to b* had at the principal Mnsic itfres throughout th* cfly. JnnM R. SMITH'S GRAND TOW OF BUBOrB OHN *-A5,o siIGB or RHBASTOrOL, At C.i.? Assi-anr Booms, 530 Bboadwat. Showing Olt? BUSDSID VISWf, "iSSrSrsTr ?H ?3&~ Au missies ??"?"' V.V ? entertainment i. ?? _ B w gleNN TDK DUTCH COMEDIAN.? Ilertld otnee, New York. ____??? ? rrnK FOB HABD T1HU. A "sham . Gs SAT G.rr D'StsisotMS Positively tahee plaee oi^th of J?JJ. iwm REMEMBER TICKETS ARB ONLY SI BAOT. AN? K sdmtt fourperoeno ?e Pisham's Ethiopian Otaaa, 603 Baoaswat. Amosgst tns gilts to be districted is s Spleadid farm, worth 1 loss of 1 loss ot ossh - 1 loss of ossh. a losss of essb, MOO eaoh 10 lout of ossh, $100 sseh .. The 3:40 trotting mors Lillj Bale lORdoewood pianos 60 Gold wstebos, Ae? so. Sosd sll ordsrs for tioksts to . . gHH Kosten. JOSIAB PBKHAM. A4??s BOtie, Bottom 3 ?!f. * IKioS. .fflr?S?wSi oseb. ___ Mocking birds for bale.?tifb splendid modus* birds, Jost arrived from Savannah. Iwsto birds ftr mocking, nro not to bo ozcellbd by Any is the eity. Thoy'will bo sold low, as tbo owner is About to retnm. Ap ply In Frsnklia Mnrkot. iSDlCAL. DR. CoVbETT, 19 DUANB STREET, RAJ ?* ???? suited with oonfldonoo on oeitaln ^tieases, 24 jtnzs In ane speciality of the profession enables him to ?ormnssnt eares. ai.PiroAtmont u tko snmo At <WT tUed hT the sreat Rico* d, of Parii N. B?Dr. ?. Itt as member ofthsN. Y. University, any bs ssoAAtkSSI t-\m rOOPlR. 14 DUANB 8TRBBT, 80 LONG RNOWIF D VtC sltu.n. of N.w York as prAOtltisnsr this sountry enn boss* , VlV??y. iiiy suited At kit old offlee, rsUevlng the sefortuasts, Ing eoneolAtion to many au uhiAg heArt. N. R. D*. ?? guarantees a core in all eatee nadettahea. I\R. JOHNSON. 16 DUANB STREET. j* b9/*"0?^r ) ed more eures tbsu My ?that {? "?* ..k nr J's trsAtment is ttfit sad szysdHmne, niemeai v.v.\.r uVt^-ui^d^?^7^r*n^yg?oM.' <Uiesssn Dr Ferry is the uutifsr Durel's Ir.neb remedy for fbmnls irreguUritiss- Krioo ?L ? nrKTIt't RBD BROP CUBBB WBBB Wl| ^vestment of otber phydetnae and all otkew wmaBtu ..Hlsyeur only relisnoe fo'? diUsiss. No. S Division street, the only blsotmrwsowoq known for the many Jl^Vh.^Si^tkor re Kir .'.ti srlum^: sirjs romeuy ? lml u> say other tsadisiaA. It us i? wiihont It. Dr. Buntsr restores "SisuJnfc IhS hnvsbse* almost mined ky moronr# and sawUm 1 w humbugs. TAOCTOR J. PFI1FFBR, 1) tauieal doeUr, o?co 317 Bait Ssvsntunu nous, srjwkLjks; from 6 to 9. , ?\| VOWBR9' LADIES' OOLBEN TONIC A.MB PB 0 riodfe pills, a ssfo end never fs^lmg romody Pm fcmAlo ipmaiileritieH. iritpared aoeordiag to the origliw tisn sr.d sold ky Dr. WARD, CaaaI stmt, boac BrOAdwsy. Letters snewered^ ____________ Dw RAIPH AUTHOR OF THE " PRACTICAL rriTAtc TrVstl.o,'' Ac , ottce 643 BouiRob street, boat Wooster espeelAlly for tbo euro of sorore aa4 losg stAs4i g oasoo. tlouro of oonsultAtlOA from 9 to 13 A M. u4 6 to 5 p. M. Sutdsy oioeptod. important to females.-ML bmoIS'erFM* 1 Asonoy for the eiolusiTO troASment of All asoUNHB" dontTfoiAlm, Wo MLoais.^ atoaU seventh stroot ttd .foArtb <>SA?o. Rtg^MNwramyi %r,^roo.^^ ?"4. nstslAs end AtUndAioo. -D1R90NS AFFLICTED WpHDIBEABB^EN? Wj"0 I in want ot A speedy ts4 radios! sue. MA?*MU?sa to use ?r. La Latrf IojmIIsss u*lor^J'?Myer rlgnt UUh m'dlolM?whioh has msdoJ^ousAAs of ?M*. "Tout tbo aid Of inl^ons health. For eals At 13 end 18 UudssA strss , Reide, lfctoruAtionAl 1'hsrmAey. Piloo W 9m I njjgg tloued. for tV I^T'ti.At tbsy eon ^J.i^f UMr SAm. inlsyrihsr*^'sdA?Wd to ItwIU T.y-'.?j7grT?-yj.-.rg. sfe'jg^ ? 'sryoe quite moders*^ sb?(? ?, MMumottea. nts modersto, sa? 1 nuet of eon?Amptfc?? RrS *? JiSiJfJdiieeeee!? baeed fattrely ??dheiae ffrotnla. aajT iiIJJ eilkl)u0# 0f mtdle^ " iron 8 to 3. end (bom ?,%9'hamMOND. M TO^Ut**^*, ?^aJS^L'SEEZ. k? ^ 4*? O^'raTUo^. one door mot of BfoMut

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