Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 26, 1855 Page 3
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FINANCIAL an? commercial. HOIET liBKIt. Monday, June 35 6 P. M. The itosk market opened buoyant thia mining, With considerable activity In some of the leafing se curities. At the lint board, Lllnola Centra) Bonda advanced 4 per cent; ffew York Cantral Railroad, i; Michigan Central Railroad, I; Oevalaod and Pittsburg Railroad, 5; Galena and Chioago Railroad, S; Reading Railroad, 4; Panama Railroad, 14; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, 1&. Western rail goad etocka appear to be moving upwards again. Part of the deollne realised at the clcae of last week |n already been recovered, but they are high enoagh grow, and would not be over sate as investment* at Current prices. Cleveland and Pittsburg railroad ntock Mioots about like ehnt on a ahivel. A. riss Or fhll of five per oent a day aipsars to be nothing. Theee fluctuations do not attrac*. operators, and the party engaged in the move meat appears to have it all to hlmseit Erie was particularly active t>day, but prices fel ' off a fraction fr?m the opening. There were free tellers on time. An active speculative mo reman1 would bo felt by this stock *? quick as any other on the list as It has a wide margin for improvement We understand that some of the oldeet holders o the etook have lately been purchasing, believing that , the opportunity of getting it at current rates wil sot be long enjoyed. The New York Centra), which Is selling at a premium, is really worth bat very little more than the Erie. Toe fact that the Central Is paying e'ght per cent dividends, and the Erie nothing, is no argument in favor of the former. The Erie can pay eight per cent dividend per annum fust as eaey as the Central can. The excess In tie receipts of the Central over toe Erie is more thai an aflbet in the operating expenses ot the latter. That the wide difference existing in the mar kit value of the stooks of these companies still con tinue much longer, we doubt. After toe adjournment of the board, the following * sales of bonds and stocks were made at auction by A. H. Nioolny;? *5,000 Pittsburg City ?'s int. added 80 6,000 1^ Eric, Wabash A St. Louis K , 1 m., do .80aS0?g 4,000 Mllwaukle and tester to wo K. R , do. do.. 85 3,000 Chicago and MliAiislppi R. R , 2d do , do . "O^ 2.000 Fort Wayne & fouth'n R. Real Estate, do..70a"2 7,000 Hreckenridge Coal Co. Certificate $1,430 7.0W " ?' 1,400 20 shares Ohio R. R Vfi 170 " New York and Eiie R. R 62.W 2,400 ? Gold Hill Mining C?.... 1JWM 100 " Hampshire Coal and Iron Co...... 12 10 " Knickerbocker Ioe Co 10'.' Blmeon Draper's regular Bemi-weekly sale of bonds and stocks will tske place tc-morrow (Tuesdoy), at half-past twelve o'clock, at the Men^pnU' Ex change. At the sesond board the market was somewhat ) depressed, nearly all stocks closing heavy at lower prices. Cumberland detained 4 P" i New York Central Railroad, i; Harlem, 4; Erie Railroad, f; Reading Railroad, 4; Hudson Rail i road, i- Galena and Chicago Railroad advanced ? per cent, Erie and Cumberland were quite active. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's office to-day, were as follows:? Paid on Treasury Account $227,69100 Received do. do 160,821 Si Balance do. do 1,240,801 88 Paid for Assay office 1,019 48 Paid on Disbursing Checks 60,866 03 The payments include $94,600 on California drafts, gad the receipts inolude $50,000 from Dubuqne. The steamship George Law, at this port from Asplnwall, brings $1,062,387 in gold, on freight, and the California malls to the 1st of Jane. The steamship J. L. Stephens, at Panama from San Francisco, brought down nearly $1,400,000 in geld. We learn that the McCullock Copper Mining Com pany is now in n position to proeeoute its operations actively end extensively. Its finances are now e* > tablished upon a solid basis. Without the necessity of an assessment, the directors have raised by the sale of bonds sufficient to pay all debts. Mr. Pal mer, the superintendent, is making arrangements for an immediate developemeut of the mine. All ot Oar mines are rich enough in ore. It is experience in mining that the managers are no muoh in want Of. That is only acquired gradually, and frequently , at some expense. e> The sales of lands of the Illinois Central Railroad Company this month, up to the 23d mat, were four hundred sad seventeen thousand dollars ($417,000), 1 averaging $106,000 per week. This will make $523, 000 for the montn. The Metropolitan Rank has declared a semi-annu al dividend of fonr per cent; the Atlantic Bank, ? Brooklyn, ten per cent out of the surplus fund. Tha cash net earnings of the Philadslphla and Beading Railroad Company fer the first six montis Ot the present fiscal year, amounted to $977,086 60, against $686,449 27 tor the corresponding period last year, showing sn increase this year of $390, ' C37 28. Thia is equal to an increase of sixty-seven per oent. The finances of the oompany at the ' close of the six months will stand about aa fal lows:? Philadelphia and Reading Railroad. Total vet earnings in cash from liec. 1,1864, to Jons 1, 1865. $977,CBS ?0 Six months Interest on bondsd debt.$287,600 Payment to sinking fund, six mo.. 6O,0i>0 Interest on floating debt, Ac., esti mated 60,000 887,600 00 Aclusl rash net earnings applicable to Jut/ dividend ; ?58>,88fl 80 This ia c qui to a oaaa dividend or n >re than ? Btven per cent for the six month* ending June I, 1865. It will be aeeu by toe annua, rep ?rts of the Seeding Railroad Company that only about oue p third of the grow raoeipta of the year have been realized in the first six mint ha, the great bu k of the company't business coming into the last six months. Last year the grew* inc. me of the c:m ' pany was divided as IoIIjwb:? Receipts of Beading Railroad six months end ing May 80, 1864 $1,338,013 Secfipta of Reading Railroad six months end lng November 80, 1864 3,443,027 Total gross income ia fiscal /ear $J,781,640 This year similar results will of oourse le jeabzed. The net Income last year was divided in x manner somewhat similar:? Xotal net earnings of Reading Railroad for * fiacal j ear ending Nov 80,1864 $2,010,433 21 Amount received during the elx months ending Ma/ 80, 1864 $686,440 27 Amennt received during the six months ending Nor 30, 1864 1,423,088 04?$2,010,438 21 The net income this year i. likely to b* muoh great tr than the returns thus far received would justify as in estimating. It appears, then, only twenty slght par cent of the total cet earnings tor the year - hading Nov. 30,1864, were received during toe first Bix months. Upon the same data, the $977,086 50 received during the first six months of the present ^fiscal year is but twenty-eight per oent of the to tal for the year. At this rats, the aggregate net income af the-Jfeading Railroad Camp my frim Nov. 30, 1854v7 to Nov. 30, 1855, will v Amount to $3 489.600, a sum within three hundred thousand dollars of the total net income of the pre > Vit us year. A careful examination of our figures will | show the correctness of the conclusions. A result so extraordinary may not be realized to the fattest extent, bat that It will approximate very closely to it, we have not the slightest doubt. It Is well known that the largtst and most productive portion of the coal oar vying business is during the latter *? part of the summer, and during the fall. It has al ways been so heretofore, and we have no reason to donbt it will ontinue to be eo. It la reported in Ahe street that the Jnly dividend of the Reeling .Company wttl be only four per cent. Aa high as aevvn bas been expected, and five considered sure. Fonr Is believed to be the figure fixed upon, accord ing to street reports. In view of the large net earnings for the first elx months, end the immense prospective net Income dvtng the last six months, vk do not see how the mvuagemsot can justify in net giving their stockholders e largsr por V their net earnings. We must wait the offl ^noiDcemeatbefovemakingfarteei"om>nrnts. Snnsxed statement exhlpite the daily oooflj tion of the Wwding itpvtiMMatftlM bank* af this dty during the week preceding Saiarday neomiag, the 23d Of J use, 1866:? New York Citt Banes. Loan* Specie Oirc'n DepoiiU. Now York ?8,432 782 696,367 287,704 2,8*4,186 Manhattan Co..4,246 110 62a,W2 946,77* 2,Ml,61# Merchants' ....3,702,890 1,O0S,?08 204,406 4 031.267 Mookuloi' 4,069,000 891,095 409,486 3,644,44* I n an 2,616,483 364,706 184, 66S 2,461,083 America 4,767 428 1,376,606 103,647 6,101,621 l'btnlx 2,336,430 662,304 69,600 2,382,796 City 1,762,748 198,673 66,861 1,291,126 North River.... 1,088,410 61,951 1/0,094 727,716 Trade* men'*.... 1,628,220 157,241 266,316 803,487 Ful'on 1,491 386 201,786 128,666 1,346,897 Chemical 1,434,037 280,794 271.088 1,'290,619 Merchant*' Ex..2,444,322 144,947 132.469 1,626,601 National 1,489,941 192,216 173.776 870,340 Butchera' h Dr?.1,578,206 101,089 47.792 1,118,746 Mech'ca' * Tra 726,978 69,162 106.187 6*0,141 Ureenwieh 631,614 33 237 ? 456,333 Leather 1,863,204 223,221 206,224 1,461,436 Seventh Ward.. 1,178,363 110.712 182,471 627,196 State 3,811,300 853.116 496,016 2,834,826 American Ex.. .6,496,316 779,391 284,193 6,932,911 Aaaociation 1.130,068 118,606 188,741 697,116 Commerce 7,938,248 1,483,^72 2,166 6.699.814 Bowery 1,014,669 81.027 170,192 815,807 Broadway 1,397,560 139,216 2?8,7t8 1,203,472 O.-ean.... 1,221,208 103,267 103,260 726,007 Mercantile 2,109.719 18? 921 80,721 1,401,433 J'actftc 892.760 61 719 114,796 611,668 Republic 8,314 914 620,644 93,085 3,668,996 Chatham 668 367 3B,0i6 98,637 897,731 People'* 900,090 60.298 122 458 008,583 North Amarica. 1,624,121 211 020 85.9-6 1.322,'lb Hanover 1,319,699 107.606 114,961 710,493 Irving 497,375 68,018 98,874 423.667 Metropolitan ...3,689.725 846 029 lu6,886 4,417,896 Citizen*' 747,922 47,243 140,544 0.4,820 Grocer*' 647,409 130,149 89,362 589,386 Naeaau 972,086 168,10? 1:5,263 809,059 Feat River 638,802 61,681 94,860 293,459 Market 1,168,368 167 840 113,407 976.06i> Ht. Nieholaa..,. 690.138 37,966 91,246 402,143 Shoe & Leather . 986,439 6",303 103,Hoi 667,668 Com Exchange..1.680,722 169,811 87,276 1,764.278 Continental.... 2.880,746 274.640 77 097 1,9*3.310 Commohwealth .1,082,730 164,473 77.482 979.966 jOritnul 676,762 58,094 Marine 820,962 66,484 Atlantic 616,440 86,624 Island C.ty 398.094 48,778 N. Y Dry Dock. 404 711 21,"37 N. Y. Exchange. 228,681 10 040 Bull'a Bead 236,241 14,848 ToU: 894,029,426 14,706,029 7,335,663 79,113,136 Cut a ring Hoctsi Transactions. Exchangea for week ending Jane 18 8106,644,374 ?? ?? " 26 110,707,041 Balance! for week ending June 18 5'<?>9,071 ?< ?? " 25.... ... 6,700,892 The above eggregatee compared wlii theee .'of previous weeks, pieeent the annexe 1 statement:? Mxw Yoke Oity hane*. Loam Specie Cvrcut'n. DeporUt. Dec. 00 '64..861,063,037 12,070,147 7,076,030 62.828.020 lan 6,'66.. 82,244,706 13,696,963 7,049,98a 64,982,168 Jan 13,'66.. 88,970,081 16,488,526 0,680 401 07,803,398 Jan. 20,'66.. 86,447,998 16,372.127 6,681.866 49,047,618 Jan 21 ,'68.. 86,664.667 16,601,260 0,oS9,823 TO.138.416 f ab 8,'66.. 88,146,697 17,489,196 7,(00,766 72 923,317 Feb. 10,'66.. 69,802,1(7 17.124,394 6,909,111 73,794,842 Feb. 17,'66.. 00,860,081 17,839,086 0 941.600 76,193,636 Feb 24, '66.. 91,690,604 16,870,876 0,963,662 74,644,721 Mar. 8*66.. 92,880.126 16,681,271 7,106,710 76,058,844 Mar. 10,'66.. 92,381,780 18,870,669 7,181 690 70,269,489 Mar. 17,'66.. 92,447,846 16.938,932 7,001,018 76,624,227 Mar. 24,'66.. 98 060,778 16,602,729 7,462.281 79,289,928 Mar 81.'66.. 93,084,041 16,018.106 7,837,033 75,000.186 April 7,'55.. 94,499,304 14,9'*,004 7,771,534 77,813,908 Ap). 14,'65.. 94,140,899 14,890,979 7,523 628 77,282,242 Api. 21,'65.. 98,682,898 14.366,041 7,610,124 76.744,921 Apt. 28,'66.. 92,606.961 14,282,424 7,610,986 76,219,961 May 6,'66.. 03,098,248 14,326,060 8,087 609 78,214,149 May 12,'66.. 91,042,498 14,686,024 7,804,9.7 75.860.592 May 19,'56.. 01,676,600 16,226,068 7,638,630 77,361,218 Mat 26,'56.. 91,160,618 16,314,682 7,489,68? 76,746,740 Jane 2,'66.. 91.197,668 16,807,674 7,660,609 76,343,286 June 9,'65.. 92,109,097 16,006,165 7,502,568 77,128,789 Jun 17,'55.. 93,100,886 14,978,668 7,452.141 77.849,464 Jun 28,'56.. 94,029,425 14,705,729 7,385,663 79,113,136 The lest returns, compared with those of the pre* vtons week, snow in? Leaseand dieconute, an increaee of agoo ?40 Lepoeita, u increase of , %?!' *Ji Circulation, a decrease of..."" Specie, a decrease of 27^9^9 Tbe changes in discounts and deposits have Dsen of some importance. The amount of deposits re potted in the above statement is greater than ever before known in the banks of this city. This shows the inactivity of capital. The Ike of discounts has for some weeks been steadily expanding, and we have no doubt will continue. We have a few weeks of hot weather to pass through before the fall busi ness commences, after which there will be, without ocubt, a more active demand for mouey. The de crease in specie on hand is a matter of no conse !* cf the received from La.uorn ^k? two ateamets jast in have $1,700 ? 000 on freight. The Sub-Treasury paid a draft to-day of $94,600, received by the Nicaragua steam er, and tbe probability la that the mail steamer hat ? large amount of drafts. We estimate that the gold on freight and ihe government drafts will amount to at least two millions of dollars. In the two steamers there were about twelve hundred pa* ?engeri, who have large amounts in their pockets and baggage. The remittance is considerably larger than we have had before for months. Our semi weekly receipts hereafter will be from two to two and a half millions of dollars. We have received from Mr. Lyman, the obliging manager of the Clearing Houre, the annexed list of the banks of this city, with the amount of capital of each company. During the past year several backs have collapsed. No new ones have been formed to take their place, and there is no want or banking capital. We have banks enough for al legitimate purposes. The Clearing House has win nowed aU the wheat from the chaff, aad left us s.und, solid institutions, equal to those of any otaer city in the Union. Nkw York Omr Banks?Junk, 1866. Date of Hrtt Va.c <f CI NV.'v^Z C*<*r'fr- ?Auociation. GxpitaU. 17W 'IZTo }f{? = ?w?ow SS tSs - WtoO v'y/.' 1812 1861 1,000,000 hortb River 1891 1842 666 OK) ???*??'?? 1826 _ !824 1844 600 0-0 S*'?,ca' 1824 1844 300,0*0 JJl Cork 1826 ? 20 > OOu &S2XF Jo28 1849 1,2S6!oOO National 1829 _ 7h0 oiw Butchers' & lncvera'... 1830 1852 Son mm Necraniee' k Trader.'.. 1830 _ Greenwich* lh30 _ 20() Leather Manufacturers'. 18.82 600'00 {Seventh Ward 1833 SflOOon Of the State of New York 1836 2 ooo'ooo American Exchange.... _ 1838 fCffi Neoliaaie.' Bank's Axa'n ? 1838 632 000 ? 1839 6,000,000 ? 1847 356,860 O^Ti "" 1849 bOO.OOC WW W^Repub,m;:;:::;; - }?? Z 1861 mS H?a.~ Amenc* - 1851 1.000.000 S"?;er - l?-u 1,000.009 u!"8- - 1861 800,000 Nmm li ? 1861 2,000,000 ?**Y*rk Kwhangn.... - 1861 130,000 mSST?-f'Y ~ "81 400000 SSL' B*nk ? 1861 800,000 Faat W?; ~ 1862 500,000 Si** ~ 1862 413.060 flt KaehJdM - #5S,000 ? 1852 600 000 rTJfcif - 1842 600 000 (?n?L^.i?8* ~ 1842 014,000 i" ~~ I863 1,600,000 Oftbe Commonwealth/. ? 1863 750 000 ESS-- - 1863 SOOIOOO Atl*n?U* 1843 600,000 ? 1848 360 000 z 18tf ?f bMk-' Mwuat of ??FM? ?quarter* expired. Now nedev the aot of 1888. rCcmiBtnceil butloeea In 1803. Stock Exchange. ?emrn . Mordat, June 26, 1866. ?EE? son 8 ? '68 119)4 600 ah* Oar Gold M. i V aJvX 5 6'S...?0? 97 316 N Y Can RK.... 101 w ,rrj!x do ?0? 07* 100 do boo 101 w 4000 So""*?6 97* 100 d0 MO 100# '2,75 01 360 do b30 10I)J 12600louia vi'.'.'.it 94* itolOl* KluS if.-,' g >s? ? ???}* .KSSfSSVIi S3 $! * 'E .gjiSh 'S it a St.""--! HS 1000 a* Bd" Ki* 860 "re 62S d? 83* 160 do bt 52 V 84 I,<0 ?80 52? 14 M ?vLi 7J' I4?* 150 do 60 52* StMNV^C 82 400 260C N Y C RR Bd* 92)4 160 do rSO 52W Jab 4 8m E* ?*Bk 1,6 10O dl !.S6 ?2k 10 H>rover Baek.. ft0)4 )00 do a30 Slu lpter?K,aaak... 104^ t0 do .. ." 2k f Vngyoaw'itn Bk J09 400 da beo |f ? 0 S fru?t Co.... in fifO do US' IM(kstMU).. l.<0 24* *4) do a3 ?2* 200 do 28 46" do bid 62* 100 do.... ?M) V7* MO do 61 62* 100 do .. 27* ItHOQirito RR..bdA 29* HO Nic Tr*? 0?.. .?H 17 2c0 do .. b60 20* 1(0 do... bio 17* 60 do e 2d 17 loO d? ... 040 29 31* 2? 0 Rood'o* RR..03 92V 81* 3CQ do *3 92* ?1* 10 IIudMo R1UL. . 42* 31 * 100 M ti * Nor la Rtt 104 DIS &?> Puuit Rh..a3 104 81* fX> do I) 10** ? IS 60CUT k Tot KK.?3 92 31* 10 do 92* 81* 20 do 92 V SI* 100 do .... b3 9J 31* 200 do .. .630 92 81* 80 Chlo ft R Ii RR .3 9? V ttOBtnONlOo.... 12* 100 do b3 97 aoom WCOVlrriolo 6'*.. ? "?* 40 ?Iib CIt % Pbg RR 66 1000 N V Cob T'a .. 102 ? 100 Harlom Railroad 26* 21W0 111 C?nKK b? 8 63* fO do bSO 28* 10000 do 90 83* 100 do b60 28* 1000 111 ProoBOa.. hi* 100 Ejie RR ....blO 6 * 4000 111 C K F ha wp 7ft* 100 do 62* 17 aba (ootia'tol Hk 110 860 do .. ... 52* 100 Canton Co.. .at? 27* 60 do b3 62* ICC do bed 26 ICO da ... .610 62* 400 Cum Cl Co ..bSO 31 IOC do s60 62 300 do 660 31 300 do a3 62* 226 do .V* 4'0 Roaitar RR.... 02* 200 do a 10 30* 6 Had R RR 42 ICO do ?2-" 30* 10 Ual k <%ic RK.. 104* 60 Nie Trim Co alio 16* 34 do 106* ICO N' Y (VP RR ,.ro 141* 26 Cltr h Tolodo RR 93 10 do 100* 210 dO . 126 Com Coal Co ..c 1-6 do , 100 do 1(0 do .. ...?30 ico do 100 do . 100 do .. 1<? do . . 10 do .. 110 do .. ...b30 100 do , 200 do.. .. W LirY 1 HiDK UK POUT. of mo bbu. T<2? il?2trte ?m "J ltK) d0- ?* p t pe*ru Jl?.tT^7,Fl0.U'-Th' ??'?* *M dull and un ?ettied tipeeialiy (or common brnn.ia, wbioh war* "carrely .ab-abi* at Saturday'* quotation*. Thn trana ?f?,l>V ,or th* d?7 ambrnred about ?,00o a 7,00 j bbla including common to good Stat* brand* at $i 37 a ?*? "?/"*$8 trrs fro- ,he tii wtVor a no* an w ?*' comra,n u Rood, at $8 87X a $W 60. Extra Geneaee varied from $11 a $12 6o! Cau?"lan, (1,300 bbla.,) ranged from Id 87 a $10 60 Southern^ (800 bbla. j sold at $10 26 a $10 87 for eoiu """ ,*aa *10 87 ? ??* for fane/ ftol ftii ?/. u . J"cy tae*tr? ''oorgetoon sold at $11 a Wh/at-JI?|f^? kbl? "floa *9t* ""le >< ?5. Wbaat?3,000 buaoftlt I purr L.ka aold at o t r.?? ,* >" oB 1c. X.Te. a, bu*?j ?ormlx.d ^ halm.amounted to about 66,0J),. a 70.000 buahala Rye IOc a*66c. *" n??'n4j- 0ttl wtn in ?<*><? demand, at | COFFEl.^FaIm Of 100 btlTS of LtifQTftPft rnaaa m. j 4 nc.^nd .bout M^oT^t iOToJT m*d< at tiTTOb ?Th? inerk?t wan qutat, and daalera were **'*'*? (?T foreign new*. the galea embraoed about 80u a 1 000 bale*, without change in quotation*. I kfcjGHTn ?Kate* were about the aame, wane tar\tr* FuJT. vK#r L rm-pool cotton w.n at b? k w I ' ?b"?* 61 ? ????. in bag. and bu Jt. We beard of no eugagements of moment to Lin n? ?wi J*rg0 ?' palul ,u 'ngaged for Havre at ?J'i ? ftJt vw" ch?rt*?<1 out to Kortau Prince, to load with lumber, at $?, and to raturn with logwood n,UllnK new for CaUforn.a. may.??>l*a or 600 ?al?e were made at $1 a $1 00 IdoLftiSM".?loo bhd*. Neuvita* were *old at die Hun* ?There wxi leu animation m the market the of'rftnuction?!* Wer" -Bl#r' With " fair ????* iJtftTHtK waa unchanged in price*, while galea, a* usual at thin acavon ot the year, were reduced iAjAL ware dull at 40 Ke. a 41c naked, and rosin at $1 87 a $1 90 agked. Trovisiokb.?Pork.?The market waa enaier, aod the 1*600 1*1*1 (5.tRMat*di 1t**n*?otiona compriaod about rVtiii if including cbieUy new meaa, nt $10 $16 87ft^R . ?; VJl? S7abl9; Md ??" prima at f..4 Included in the eaiea were 1,000 bbla., part 60 day* (aeUer'a option.) at $;0. and part 30 day* if "J? km*1? ,>m $ly 76 *??"' WM ***> w"h or 8W) bbla at o.d pncia Cut mtata?8?lee 200 bbla . iceluding fthouidere, nt 7*c. a 8c., and bama at 9?c. a lu^c. bacon wfr* at uucUAogtHi orioaa. Lard was firmer, with aalea ot 300 a 400 bbla. at lOitfc. a 101,'c Hict ? l ha market, though eomparutivf r quiet, i* arm. About 176 euka fold to-day at 6%c a ?Xo. dome large tranaftction. in Kaat IodU were reported, bat no particular* had tranapireu ' SvoftW) ?The aaiaa embraced about 6C0 a 600 hhdi Cuba muacovado, at 6*ic. a 8t<c., and ?Vc, Iallow wm quint at 12c. for citj rendered. 86^'i'^oLTS? bmt/SLffi W<W at 37^? * SvpTBEMENTS REMwEDJyJrY~uT hPRCiAL noiAunn. 4 ''*! ?'Ul.Y KXCLR-.ION.?TUB STEAMER CITY Ot HA-KTFOR/i can be chartered for the above A WW ARD FEariVAU?THE LaDIKS OF 8T XI Panl'a church, eorriaania, w.ll hold a fair and 4t .Mci'rnw'* Hail, Morriaania, on Wednesday n?.d1hur?daj , the 27th and 28th June, 1866; tne pro ceeda of wblch art to be devoted to the complat ou of the laraonhge, now in the cour.e of erection. Should the weather orove unfavorable on the aoovementioaed a?ja. the fair will take place on Friday and Saturday ensuing Dodworlh'* Baud (a engaged lor the occ**?oo I lhe ?arl*"? c?? leave the City Hall, N. Y , for Morriea ?in nt ?.b0, A M. , 2:16, 3:,0, 4:20, 6, ft'16. "To,", j 7:03,'7 M STa"* *at ' 3;W' ^:'8 6:13 GETTY3 LODGE, NO 11, 1, O O F.?BROTHERS yon are earnestly rvqueateo to attend oar next re gular meeting, on Tueaiay evening, June 26, ai baeiaee* ot grntt importanM will be brought before the Lodge A punctual Attendance ia doaired By order vt v, o . F- W SYBiaRIBlilS, N. Q. Roiit. D. Dace, Sec'ry STRAWBERRY FKSIIVAI rHE SOl/rH SE'JOVD atleet M E. Church and Sabbath School will h"id a etrawbeiry featival, oo Wedneaiay evening June 27, at the Oceon. F.fth atreet, nee? South Founh! Brrokljn, (WUliamahorg). Tic vet. 60 cent, each, iu! c.udmg rtfreahmenta. J. H. YANDEWATER EX?1ilfi.l1?K fT C?Y8TAL~PALACfil JULY 2. I<r''he brnntat of the Aiath Aveau. Kagsed Suhool 'ilua eebool, wLloh hav beau for the iaat year under the charge ol Mif-a Mar> Ana Dow, will Lava an exhibition of it* eendTlton and progrraa, in the Cryatal Palaje, on Mondav thi-2d ot Ju.y next, in tua aftacnooa. Tba achool wul eatar ?^*e* *tnW?.?'ol^okJ ?nd '* >lx< "4 during that time there will be exhibition* by the .cholera, undo, and addrva.e* Major Wood, of New York; Mayor Hall of i Brooklyn; Rev. Henry Ward Marcher Rev. I u Chanin. John ? ve bite, Receiver nf the Palace, end other*, will tete I f?'t in toe proceeding*. Judge Kdmond* will road the re iN>cto the fehcol, ana Mr uerard wiil give an aeoonut of wl f?n<0" "i"9'1 he v lei ted with lli.hop Wem?right. The receipt* of the day, after paying tba ex (en.e*, will be devoted Ui the anprort of the aohaol for tbo <narilng year D d.evb'i Band have kindly proffered their Mltice* ca the ocoaalon, and wiil perforin at iatervale tiVpfil 'f?,?' 1 h" r?ti?ua ar'iolea yet remaining ia the Palaoe, includiox mo.t of the atatnary and tin paint, '''i wiU ji open to tba exan iaation ol tba vni'ar* auriax th. day The ondrr.ignad taking an intere.t ia it, ,,h?eV and deairon* of ateing *uniUr anea e*ia ,1-ahad :hrouahout ?1i ? Vtemity. aolieii for tin* exhibition tka a tentlan of the humane and tbeir chartiab e aid. T>*k*t? 23 cent. WT?ih".rft " JT 01 i*lf Pri?* fiokata to be the pnnoipal hotel*, book and mu.ic Jol^B. Whl!a j'^r' w??**ftW v0*"^* Coop ir, it ? n ? ? 'dnoaai, Jibn fntlAAi, H if Day, ?aml' Brevoort. Geo. H Jonae. ?XOVHUOfi EXCllRblON^Tui ? ? ?'1 can he charteiou on *uo aoove porpcae, by applying to StXTDN A SEA BURY 112 houtb atreet, New tor.. ' I'lSHiNii BANKS EX 11"RilONd. ?THh SEA STEAMER Laura Hnapp, Gapt. Andereon, will maae daiiy trip*, (Sunday* excepted) commencing Tueaday June ktth. lei.ving King aueet at 7\ o'cloca; Spring .tieei, at ? ,S ? clock, I eck alip at 8 o'cloyk; Broim atreet, Eaet riyvr, at 8^ o'clock, and l'ter No. 3, North River, at 9 o mock, ' I FAMILY EXCURSION TO WEST POINT, ON THUR3 COTn?nodioni ateamboat MAS onCHUSk.ITb and a eel- brated band, have Heeu en/anal for the occasion Will leave pier No. A Norh river? at 8 o deck A M. ni:* will be undoubtedly the moat p ea aant trip of the aeaaoa. Ticket* 60 cent*. GiRAND PIC-NIC fXCURSIO.N ? THE SUNDAY I tcjioo. attached to th* Fourih Unlyeraaliat (Ray. Dr. Chapin a,) Society, wtll go on thtir annual axeuraion on Wecneaday. 27th inat, to Weat Point. The ateamer MaaaachuaatU baa been chartned with Dodwortn'a full band. Tba ateamer will 'eave Broome at, Eaat river at 7 o clock; Spr ng a treat, Norto river, 6 o'clock; Twenty a-eood at., North river, b\. Tcketa60cent*aaoh?may S?n 25 "* U,# CoUam?r* Houae, Peteraon k Humphxay. Alb Broadway, and of the Sexton af the Chnrch. FlhHIltG BANK8.- TBI 81A HTCaMEE MAR i? k l"'1 Captain Ridhard V at**, will leave for the ?*h ing baaka every day touehiag at for' Hamiltoa aack war from th* (alio * tag plana*. vu;-Ja*k*on 7 A?M Ap"k' iunU?M A?li-VS A" M. ; UtvXvL . n 'ill . pM.; Ijrieg atreet, .North river a and l^t ** A" * rUh'"' T? CHAHTRR rCR RXCDR8ION8?THB ILBOANT ?nd cooiBifHiioai n?w firit oUm> it?%?*<? THO^IAA it I w?tb 01 bargeaT App'y^n J^d fom It I "ojiwiwet, *v Of AL.LX. M C. SMITH, ill Wait | atteet. between North Meora and Reaah iMfyT [ DKiATlSTHY. [ rryjE larlest, b?nt and cheapest dental~es ,JL lItjJbJf,,hn*Ilt In the United State*, by Dr. NATO LION PRETERKK. Hi a new and moat beautifal a ad teeth are uoeurpe**nd for beauty and dura bility. Teeth can be Inaerted without extracting the old root*. 43b (Roadway, formerly 460 Grand atreat. ?Ai*Raa at ADCfioa. " AlCTION NOTICE.?EDWaRD HCHRNCK WILL SELL ,tbl" 4*7, June 2? at low o'clock, at the aalee rccm 16 Wall atreet, great aai* of jewelry, watcbea and diamobde, conalaticg in pari of elegant diamond nina and earr rgo, breaatpina, cDgant cluater and aiagie atone Hug* atd pin*, 4c.; India*' watch**, enaaellad and art on both aide with diamond*: aUo, othera, vn : ledapen (l.nt aeconda, double tlmekaapera, 16 day, Engliah pa tent and detached layer* &c., ail in heavy 18 carat geld eaaft, gold jewe'ry, eon* etlng of anite* of hraoaieta. And earnnga, hroochea, braaatpfne, aval ring*, gold ?tern* a.eeve button* do. atnda, goll panoil caaes, lock eta, 4c. Sale pout live. A UfTION NOTICE.?TH'IH. BK1X. AUCTIONEER -BY Za BKlftl. 4 BUSH will evil on Wedneadny, at 10K c clock, in U.a aai** room* IV Sor b Wllilam *tr*et, near t hatham a hne of dry geoda. clothing and ?*?cy good* al*e. five anperiet ahow caaaa, cutlery, th* ?' M ?*4 Mora ot eiocki, watruea, jawtl Tfi p'Abed ware, 4 a. ' ItLM At iwnwk A LRkRT H NIOOLAY, AUCUUNKKd. I'ERKKProRY A esscutov's sale o* MolM' o4 p*iottog?. AlBKRT H. MCOLAY will sell, M Saturdsj, June 30th, it U ?'dick,itttiikiwMa No. 11 Ui?m itmt tki nMtilif porMD of UC MIo I paintings btioarii '? the eellecuon ?r ibe 1st* T. A. Cuminien, Esq., including atmaj Sao old ?peclm'?s fr *m the scfce Js ft. Pouselu, Hiolow, Tea lets, Vm OU. Be to'I. Csr1# Muri'U, ZussriUt, Vu Gaol, ltsml WrBfim, durifle Domio'ohino, Lueae, Godiim, sad other misters of oelebrity, mm; of wnich sro penie, sod worthy toe etteuuoa of oo?noteooore, tao whole 10 ho paste velv 10U t clone the oats to. Also, s fine of mo tern palotiogs sad engravings, now ready for examination. CatalOgnei to ho had at the 00lea room. A LhkhT H. NKOLAY, AUCTIONEER ?VALUABLE A horse* at aueUoa ? ALBKKT H NIOOLiY will sail, this day, at 12 o'oloelt. in front of his salesrosm, No. 11 Broad str-et, a splandtd Mash horse, alx yaars old, kind and fsntls either in single or double hornets; is a very fine eaddls boras, either trot or canter; a fast traveller; weciented in oeory respset; a written guar enter will be given to the purchaser Also a handsome

bsy mare, IB heads high, it year* old; caa trot In 3)^ m notes, and pace in 2 60, la a stylish diirer, and will go la single or dunhie haraeea, or un<ter the saddle; war ranted perfectly sound in erery respect; the property of a privets gentleman, sols only on accounto. the owner going out of town. AMcCAFFRAY, AUCTIONEER -PAWNBROKER'S , eale, this day, of a choice assortment of men's and women's wearing apparel McCAEFKAY A WALTERS, No. 2b Catherine street, will sell, by order of P. Friden burgh. 4?ti Butison street and 209 East Broadway, at 10i{ o'clock, a large quantity of the above, which will b* weil worthy tb* attention of the trade, the eame be ing one year and mora in pledge. AIC110N NOVICE?0LM1NU OP 8ALE FOR THE see?ow? Cookery, glass and coins J NO. E. VAN ANTWERP will sell oa Tuesday, 2flth June, at 10 e'-ilock, at 210 Pearl street 60 crates white giunite, light blue, cc dipt, edged and painted ware; 1 caek china, in eete; 3 crstee Rock lug bam spittoons, and 100 pack agaa glass ware; the whole forming a good assortment; also, 100 faney eight day docks. Hardware cu.laj-y and fancy goods.? A<so, to close ineoiees, 1*0 p so a ages sad lots, knives and forks, a poo us, flies, osrwra, locks, hiages, bnl.a, braose, sawn, plated goods, gold pens, oloth and hair brushes, Ac., Ac.; also. 7O0 psii long barrel pistols 26 oases eat tacks, 2 cases axe handles. Catalogues day previous. Pais absolute, terms cash. Auction notice - by wm w. Shirley, whole sale dealer's stock of ail kinds crooksry and glats waie, Tuesday, June 26. at 10 o'clock, at 01 Murray ktreet A stock worthy tna notice ot dealers and grocers. Sale en time for satisfactory paper. AUCTION NOTICE.?GEORGE COOK, AUCTIONEER? Salesrooms bo* Broadway, eorner of L)uuse street regular auction sales of furniture, ilrench plate mirrors, sd paintings, china and silver ware, Ac., Ac , every Ineaday and Fridey, at 10>f o'clock. Thii morning one vtry eupeiior ttrs proof anfe. At private sale a large stack of new and fashionable furniture, and housekeep ing articles of every description, at wholesale and re tail. Auction notice.?cbockuby, olass and chi um.?J h. H. RAKTLETT, auctioneer, will sell on Wednesday, Juu? .Tth, at 10 o'clock, at 281 Pearl street, in lots to suit purchasers, a complete assortment best quality brown printed and white granite waies; also, pa<nt?d, punted and Rockingham ware, French china vases, a large assortment ot cut and pressed glass ware, Ac. Goods well packed for shipping, at moderate charges. Auction notice? j boo art, 'auctioneer.?by S. BOG ART, Wednesday, June i7, at 10>t o'clock, at the auction loom* corner of Franklin and William streets: mortgage aale?ene rosewood b-dstead, one painted bedstead, one mahogany card table, rosewood marble tap wsBhstanti, qnarteite tables, marble tip oen tre do., engtaginge, oil paintings, carred mahogany bed steads, tete-a tele ?of?s, mahogany spring seat cnalrs, do. rosewood, mahogany and black walnut rookers, Bineiel* and ingrain carpets, India matting, 20 black walnut and mauogany bureaus, poll*bed black walnut tablta, patent bedsteads, hair mattresses, looking glass *t, lounges, table eutlery; large'assortment of crocke ry and glass ware, kitchen farnltuie and utensils, Ao.,Ac. Auction notice ?thob. bell, auctioneer?by BELl. & Bl'8H?This day, at 10)$ o'clock, la our sales rooms 12 North William street, will be eold the en tire g*nt?*l furniture of a fam'.ly, comprising all the va rieties in the housekeeping line, kitchen utensils, cook ing and parlor stores, china and glass ware, carpets, chairs, tablet, bureaus. French and other bedsteads, beds, mattresies, washstaads, sofas, pictures, Ac. ASSIGNEE'S SALE?THE STOCK OF GROCERIES and liquors, and tee fixtures of the store, 144 West unity-second street, will be sold ua the premises at pui lic uuct'oo, on Friday, the 29th lay of June inst., at 10 e'clock A. M. Bated June 23, 1306. By order of IHCHaKI PURCELL, Assignee. BY ALBERT H NI'X)LAY, AUCTIONEER.?ABSO lute aale of fine wines, brandies, cardials, teas, fruits, segars, Ac.. As. Albert 11. Nicolay will sell on Tuesday, June 2bth, at 11 o'clock, at the salesroom, No 11 Broad etreet, a choice lot of wines, brandies, se gars, Ac., he-, consisting in part of pure cognac, fine old l.onoon dock iloet, CastlUou, old champsgbe. Martel A io'i and Barrett A Co'a brandies, pure port juice, pais and brown sherry, Monteno ana Vasoouoellea nu diers, bock, (now In tx nd,) olaieta, champagnes and Catawba wines, swan and clotrer leaf gins, maraschino, Curraooa, annisette and absynths cordials, together with s< gars of cboloe selected brands, among whioh are Londit-e* mortego, Figaro and operas of seven different brands, together with a choioe invoice of teas, preserved I fruits, Ac., tho whole to be positively soli to dose s consignment. I DB. NASH, AUCTIONEER, STOKE 310 BROAD a way.?SDertift sale of fancy articles, Ac., on Wednesday, June 27, at 10 o'clock, at tho storo, consist ing of -rcorJeoos, slates, siato ana lead pencils, drums, ?teel pens, marbles. gemes of all descriptions, toys of every vsiiety, dolls of all sizes, baskets, miniature china sets Cologne wafer, blacking, tamborines, flutes, fl,est basket waggons, Ac , Ac., Ac. DSCOIT, AUCTIONEER -AUCTION NOTICE, TO a crockery desl?re, druggists, perfumers, plumbers and siectrotypists.?Will be sold, by W W. shirley, on lhi.rsda>, 28th June, at 10 o'clock, at the Am-ricsu Pottery in Jersey City, all the stuck on hand, vis.: white, yellow and Rockingham ware of all kinds, white sua colored covered jars and paste boxes, plug basins, closet pens, Ac . Ac Sate peremptory (as the company ere clo ng their business), on a credit of four and six months for sums over*llHJ Eugene u. franklin, auctioneer?by frank 1JN A NICHOLS, tomorrow, (Wednesday,) at lu>, o'clock, at 79 Nassau street, between Fulton and Juhn streets, an 1mm'use stock of cabinet and house hold furniture, comprising six magnificent suites of carved row wood parlor furniture, and the following ar ticle* in great variety, vis.Centre, pier and faney tables; I waidrobes, book cases, bureaus, washstsnds, brdsteaoa, extens'on dining tables, oil paintings sail minors, sofas, teta a-t*tea aasy, roskiug, parlor and dining room chairs, with a large assortment of other articles toe numerous to mention; also a large invoice of silver plated ware Sato peremptory, and without re us: ve, to pay advances. Every facility for packing, shipping or storage. Catalogues on morning of sale. I.>KECLTOR'8 SALE IN JAMAICA VILLAGE. OF J hoo.-es, lots, and plots of grouad?WUI be sold on the 2bth day of June, ( Thursday,) at the hotel of Wil liam Iwrlaud, at 2 o'clock P. X., One cottage and plot of ground, over lots feet equare, good garuen, and well stock*. with fruit. Also, nine lots on p'aak road, near the toll gate; also, tea lata oa Union ILtll street, alar, two lets on Rocs sway turnpike road; also, one cottage end four lots ou Van wick s venae These properties are ali well located, and will be sold to the highest bidder. For particulars inquire af H. I, JOHNiON, Jamaica, or at kt'b Bioadway, room 6, New York. Jit IRE CRACKERS, CLARET CO lUPAG.Vff, BEG ARB, 1 gio'erles ?This day, at 12 o'clock, at No. 67 IUy street, corner Greenwich, teas, chocolate, cotfee, cocoa, rslsus, currant*. figs, soap, knives, pieloto, scissors, b es, scale*, clocks, liqnors, segars. tobacco, iadlgo. coat*, veets, pants, starch, codfish, 9o00 segars I'o.d- | tive - ale W. A CARTER, Auctioneer. IM'R SALE BY AUCTION?THE WEI J, KNOWN Louse and 10 acres of laud on Squaa beach of the tote John Msihd, deceased, will be sold oa the 3d ot' July next, at 12 o'clock, 11. Particulars on day of sale. HU4RY B. HERTS, JR., AUCTION ERR.?ON TUE4 day, at lux o'clock, at store No A)$ Plus street, household furniture, coastotiog of gsaboganr solas in bsir cloth, chairs, rockers, suits of cottage furniture, rosewood ana mahogany tablee, top, centre and side ta bles; oil paintings, sngravings, looking glasses, oilcloth, carpets, Ac. Rale positive. Henry h. lemh, auctioneer? bv h. h. I LEI'S A CO.?Oa Wednesday Jane 27, at the bouse No. 18 LJ*p*card street, at 10)$ o'clock, mortgage sale of handsoms household furaitare, consisting of rosewood parlor furniture covered in sst<n delaine, rose wood marble top centre table, tapestry Brussels carpets, ingrain do., mahogany an 1 rosewood bedsteads, do. chairs and washstanda, knives and forks, bedding, blan kets and linen, oilcloth, and a va iet/jof other furniture. P.y order of mortgagee. Henry t. i reus, auctioneer ?genteel house hold furniture, ro*ewood piano forte, lace cur tains, &c., at auction, this day, (Tuesday.) Jus* 28, at 10)$ o'clock, at 699 Houston street, near Mroadwsy ? H1NRY T. LEU* will sell as above all the furni tnre, Ae. In said house, without any reserve, consisting in part of one splendid rosewood piano forte, rich too* curtsms oval end other mirrors, Brussels and three ply perlar bedroom and rtafr carpets, oilcloths, one rum runs of rosewood parlor fnrniture; also a large assort ment of bedroom furniture also dining room an J kitchen urrlture wilt which tbe sale will * commens* Cata logue now ready. Sals without reserve rain or shine. J it MIR H. McKILLEN, AUCTIONEER?BY DU.N9 COMB A MCMILLAN. Wednesday. June 27,1?6?, at 62 John street, an extensive stock of fireworks, oonnst. ing of a general assortment, all of which will bn sold in parcels, wtthotrt reserve. For particulars sppW to the auctioneer*, rcom No. 9, Trinity building, 111 Broadway, J MORI ARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS . day, at 10 o'clock, at 173 Chatham sqnara, the fur i i'sre alverttsed yeeterday, postponed in consequence of the storm; also, I rem (am.l'ss going tn the country; a new aseortment o' far nit are and bureans, and other geods. Bale positive. KIlFRirF'S SALE ?W C ALBERTUtl, AUCTTONR3CR, _ wl 1 e*U. on Monday, Jnns 25, at 10 o'clock, ai Nn. IP Court street R-ooklyn Urge French plate mir r? rs, mahogany cbalre so'as, bedsteads, bareaus, wash stands msttieese*. csrpets, Ac, Alu. Brrtog, Deputy 8harlff. E. I/JTT, Sheriff. AT APW1W. | JOHN KUtHULAIT, AUCTlONthR^ 68 #11X1 AM strwt. oonw of Odu?kuetior'i ilk of real estate la PruoAlyo.?A turn Mor; kwaaMt brisk hcmee the pre party clear, also, a beautiful bseamsnt emtbr o?l?r frame koui, bu>H far the owner, alio, a vacant lot next ta the Graham House; ilx lot* of land Is Jamais*, 1.0Bg Island, one cottage and plot Of grwual over 200 lost square, pood garden, lie.; aleb. a number of lota oo Plank road, near tbo toll gat*; alio, a Ana thro* story brick bna?e in Wait f%irty-fitth (treat, N?r York, with all the modern im proven ant*. If not sold at privet* *ale before ta* Ar*t of august, wtU be aold at the Merchant*' Exchange, without ramrea. For par Usulars, apply to JUHN Fl^HBLATT, auotieoear, No. 68 Will am atiaat N. B ?Real aetata bought and noli; pcO.tOO to loan on real enta?e. ?c ; 87,010 to lean on pergonal property, diamond*, jewelry, Ik. T AHGE BALE OF DIAMOND JEWELRY, GOLD AND Xj Hwi watchaa *c._l L. VANDEWATlCR, auc tioneer. -Ifcia day, Tueeday, 26th June, at 10tf e'olosk. et the salesroom, No 12 Maiden Una. jewe ry, etook of diamond*, gold jewelry, golo and silver watchaa, to bo ?old, without reserve to aloae the balance of a stock of : a Philadelphia importer and jobber, aming whioh are an aeeortment of single etone and cluster dlamoad rlagt, 1 hroocbea, itad*. ear dropo, 10O fine lb carat gold case ' watches, among which era ladles' enamelled watches, hunting. Independent seconds, doable time keepers, Bag- | lish patent luers, all mads by the moat celebrated ma ker*, and which afford* a Que opportunity to tboae who are in want of a good watch; floe 18 carat gold suite, in oases: breastpin*, earrings, and broonlett; 18-caret gold fiuara and fob chain*, seel and floger ring*, spec tool*-, octet*, pencil*. * leave button*, stud*, Ac , the whale forming the ricneei assortment- of good* offered at auc tion Alii season. Every lot to be sold peremptorily. Mortgage sale of household furniture.? A M. CRISTALAR, Auctioneer, will aoU, on Wed nesday, 27th in?t., at 10>, o'clock, at 28 Bowery, up ?tabs, tessoTHi lot convenience of solo, n large amort ment of farnitnze, cca*.sting of French plate oral mir rors, pier glasses, rosewood and mahogany parlor ohairs, sofas, tete-a-h-tes, divans, wardrobes, bureaus, French mahogany bedsteads, n good assortment of oil pointings, oee mahogany 6)? octave piano, 200 yards Brussels oar pet, beds and bedding, By order of mortgagee. PAWNBROKER'S SALE?A. M. CRISTALAR, Auc tioneer, 2d Bowery, will sell, this day, at 10% o'clock, men's and women's wearing npporel, consisting of coats, pants, sad vast remnants of cloth, cassimeres, ?ilk and satins, silt drosses, mantillas, capes and crspe shawls, delaine dresses, tools, guns, pistols, ho. By order of A. J. Jackson, tb Reade street; also an inroioe of summer clothing. "pUSHELL W. WESTOOTT, AUCnONEER.?HOUSE IV sale of handsome furniture, pianoforte, carpets, sc., tomorrow (Wednesday), at 10)4 o'clock, embracing tba entire contents of house 71 Eighth avenue, whioh Is to bo sold without reserve, presentiog to housekeepers and dealers an opportunity to purchase a largo variety of parlor, chamber and diniog room furniture, at their own prices, catalogues ot which can b# obla ned at the house, sad the whole examined on the morning of sale?coasist irg of superior rosewood pianoforte, English tapestry, Wilton and ingrain carpets, on sixteen rooms, solid rose wood suit parlor furniture, rosewood mirror front ete grre per and (.vol mirrors rosewood mar bis top oeatre and pier tables, arm and Oothic chairs,' rich mantel vases, French clocks, oil paintings, rosewood and maho gany Gutbic becsteads, sup?rb hair mattresses, feather beds, msrble top rosewood and mahogany bureaus, mar ble top wsebaUnds, sofas, one elegant sofa bedatiad, spring seat and French chairs, rockers, tete a-totes, ho , with a large variety of bedroom and basemuat furniture; twelve foot extension table, china, silver ware, he. No postponement. RW. LATHAM, AUCn JNKER SPECIAL BALE.? ? By order of Hon. H. E. Talbott. Auditor of the State of Indians, for account of Indiana suspended banks. J. THOMPSON'S stick auction sales. Oa Thursday, June 28, at the Merchants' Exchange, at 12% o'clock, For account of the Bank of Attica, Indiana:? 821,000 Indiana State 2% per cent stock. 8,000 " " 0 per cent etock. Atlantic Bank,. Jack son:? 6,000 Indiana State 2>; per eent stock. Orange Bank, Poseyville-? 1,000 State of Indiana 6 par cunt stock. Bank of Albany, Now Aloany:? 7,000 Indiana 8tate 6 per cent stock. State Stock Bank at Peru:? 26,3C0 Indiana State 6 per oent stock. Bank or Bridgeport:? 2,000 Indiana State & per cent stock. Bank of America. Morocoa:? 6,600 Indiana State 6 per oent stock. Public Sh.ok Bonk, Newport:? 7,000 Indiana State h per oent atook. Elk art County Bank:? 40.0(0 Indiana State 2% percent ttock. 6,000 Louisiana State 6 per cent Bonds, Int. from 1st June, 1866. 2,(00 Louisiana Stat# 6 per cent Bonds, int. from 1st April, 18*6. 600 Virginia State 6 per cent Bonds, int. from lit April, 1866. Tracers' Bank, Nashville:? 16,(00 Indians Slate 6 per cent stock. Per Indtvilual Order:? 7,CC0 Great Western R R. Go flllleo's) 7 per eent mortgage and convertible bonds. Lnt Feb. and Aug. in N. Y.; due 1866. 10,000 Memphis City (Tenneseoe) 6 per cent Bonds. In teroat Jan. and July in N. Y.; cue 1884. All purchases mult he pa d for on or before 1 o'clock of the day alter the eale. When purcliaeM are made for account of parties nut of the city, 10 per oent will be re quired on the day of ialo, and six days' grace given (ad dles interest) on the balance. 7ne accrued I interest will ga to the purchaser (the | some as at the Board of Brokers), except tbo Indiana State stocks, which are sold Interest off. Office No. 2 Wall street JOHN THOMPSON. W' at 113 KEADT MADE CLOTHING AT AUCTION PRICE3, TO clone a convigcmmt at private sale. Sllic alpaoca coats, 98; black cloth frock do., 94; gingham do., 7Sc. each, at LEVI'S auction room, 132 Nassau street. Tunis morrell, auctioneer.?this morning at 10% o'clock, at 81 Nase&n street, various stocks of merchandise. The nrgont want of cash gives buyers their own way (almost). Commence with 10,000 im ported eegars, 8 different kinds; then refrigerators, with doors and lids, of six sizes (superior quality); then fur niture, mattresses, oil paintings, mirrors, piano fortes, Ac., Ac. Jo give description (mire space than can be afforded), sullies to say that all required in furnishing first or second class dwellings. Every attention given to packing and delivering to any part of the city or beyond, where conveyed by cart, at the risk of the store, and at moderate charge. N. B.?Persons having snj otsotiptioa of merchandise will do as well to have It sold at tills auction room as elsewhere. Cash paid the same day, and required. 8. MKLLOR, AUCTIONEER?BY HOUGH TON k MKLLOR?This day, Jane 26, at 10J$ o'close, at 113 Nassau street?Special sale of eostly cabinet fur niture, being the entire manufactured stock of a first class manufacturer, who retires from the business We invi'e oar numerous friends and ths public to view the stock previous to the sale, and they can rest assured tne sale will be absolute, without reserve. Country mer chants can have articles packed tor shipping on the pre mises. Stock will consist in part of solid oak library tnrnltnre en snite, covered in green plush; ditto beeu feta, extension dining tables to match, oak Jining room chairs in plnsb and cane seats, Elizabethan style book cases; seven solid rosewood parlor suite of furniture, in costly bneatel. plush, hair cloth and figured reps, finished in the mosv fashionable style; one black enamel led chamber fiui'.e, With landscape paintings valued at 986fi; several blue, straw, pink and white do.: rich so fas ttte-a tetee arm and parlor chairs, rich tables, hall stands, Ac., together with a variety of medium class furniture, altogether forming one of the richest sales of the season, and now on exhibition. A ho, at 12 o'clock, Re vend fine toned roeewoo 1 piano:gBUg, to pay advaouee. Also?One clarionet and two flutes; one fine gold hunt leg watch. Catakguea bow ready. EiriLLIAii HIVING, AUCTIONEER.?CHOICE OLD fl wines, brandies, Hsvaoa eegars, Ac. WILLIAM IRVING A CO. will sell at anotion, on Tuesday, Jane 26, at 11 o'clock, at the teles rooms, H fine street, ths ba Innce of the stock of sn Importer declining business, consisting In part of March A Benson's Madeira, 1836; East India Snroial Madeira. Murdoch, Yulle A Woodrop s Madeira, Old Wanderer Madeira, Blackburn Madeira, b*nnett A Co's East India Madeira, P Savoy's oil pale sherry, Amontillado aherrv. Crowley Nay res' golden sher ry, Casoste ACopdepan; Duff. Gordon A Co's old pale stock London prize and Imperial port; Beadsman's port; eld fruit port, Otard orandy, 1803, 1840 and U14; Hea nesy brandy, very choice, pale and dark; choice Nazerac brandy, fine old Holland gin, peach braaiy, Jamaica rum, brandy, St. Jullen and 9t. Eetepbe claret, La Fa vorite chcmpegae, cardinal, star, cillery, mosseux, pints and quarts, 200 canisters sardines, teas, Ae. Also, abont 80.000 eho<oe Havana segars, la eonfranxa, opera, el zulepaa, Concha, regalia, la fonteoa, la Aurora, la Norma. WAGONS, BARN ESS, SEGARS, CHAMPAGNE.?THIS day, at 12 o'clock, at No. 67 Dey street, ooraer Greenwich, one set double coach harness, one set single heroes*, one pedlsr's wagon, one grocery wcgoo, 8000 segars, 10 baskets champagne Sale positive to close ac count. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer. Bi. CHILTON, AUCTION MR.?ONE-HAL* Of Till . r eam tow boat Thomas Salmon at aaetiea.?COLE A CUI1.TON will sell at enetioa, on Wednesday, Jaas 27, I860, at llo'clock, at ths Merefcae'-s' Exchange, oader direction of J 8. Underhill, tho one self, owned by Robert MeUsr mick, of tho (team towboat Thomas Salmoa, as the bow Uoi nt tbo f>ot of Jackson street. East river For terms and psfiiroUrs apply to the asotionoors 46 Naesan street. Cb AN CERT 3AI.E.?EXTENSIVE SALE OF VALUA Me property m the oily of l'atertoo, N. J , belonging t" tbo eetate of the late Dr. W. Mngee, deceased. at auction, by order of H.A. WILLIAMS, Esq , Master la Chanter; the unoormenttinod valunole real estate will bo said by audita, on B odmsday neit, ths 2,'th last., and to'lowing days, ion SDenoias at one o'clook eaeb day, on the respective premises: 1 One lot. containing about lb .To iiW acres to bo sold la camels of one M'O acres, edjotnieg le-.ds ol Albert Tab HpiiUn, Edo Ven Winkle ani others, and within a short distanee of tht market. 2 One lot, seven eeres and U luo. adjoining lands of 11 O. Garrison and ethers. 3. One lee of five scire and *J 1(*J. formerly owned by Aaroa A. Vaa Hon tea. 4. A ooraer lot, 26 feet oa Mill street, 10U fost on ?li ver, snd 26 In roar 6 A lot adjoiaias tbo abevs oa tho aoftii, betas 26 foot front and rear, by 100 6. A house and lot (No. R9) oa the north eide ol Congress s'.rest. Ml feet float and rear by 100. 7. A nnmbor of lite oa Manatee street, in fear of Broadway asd Mala street, with the tm ptoremrnge thoreea. 8. Two houses and ore lot, being Hoc. 71 sad 7o oa Parke street; lot 27 foe; 6 inohes front and roar by 10 feet deep. 9. A hoase and lot (No. 70) la Broadway; lot 3ft by 101) 10. An extoaeirc stone building, No 68 Eroed way, long and well known as the etore and reeideooe of tbe late Dootvr Megee; tbo lot to 26 by US), an* the premisss am replete with ever* eonsoalenoe. 11. Two eplonlid stoat bmlolagt, being Nos i>6 and 07, on the east si-* of Mela street oorh lot 20 by 1(S), aid generally a*mi'tsl to ?o the beet basinets location in the oily. Term* will bo mado known at tho -as for a full doserii lion of ths property re ference n.a; br n.tdt to the adv r*l roi .et ol the Raster m C.hsnc-ry,<od In ?be Petersen (Inerdlno: to William Bruadred. l?q , 176 Chatham afreet. Now lork; to C 8 Van Wagoner W, oc ROB T. CHUW ELL Anetioueer. $7,500,000 SJBraj^S aM deecrtjition of poraonal property, or porchaaai for two. Th* itiiotNt oontidoace aa J punotuality o? bo oUtrvad. Addrta* Uu Olloa, 804 Brawl way, aaar Walkor itrnt. Inquire la too atooe ?fi* k/l (iAa ?MONEY TO I .OAS OR Mi iDOUU.UUUi aaoodi, watch*#, jovoiry, try good*, oafan, Ac., ar bought far e*ah; atacka, aiioo, mortgagee, Aa^ nsgoUxteJ. Iiuna*M conddettial uf prompt. By THOMI'sON A 00 , bratoro uf cam* merchant*. 10*2 Naaoau atieet, corner of Ana. wan Ma. 2, oocond floor. <& A A AAA advanced on dumonms. HPrrV/.v Uv' wotcboo, jewelry, piauafarton try good* and arory o??ciiptlan of morchauet**. If i ilami atrictly confidential. Apply to I. LYON i OO , 608 Hon*ton otboteeon Mercer aai Urooa ota. Biuinooa boar* from 0 o'clock A. M. UU 4 o'clock P. M. ?1 A A Aft TO $30,000 WAV TKD?WITH A ?lU.UUU firot rata bnataooa man, la a M mercial bullae** m a foreign country, under anopfoao and influence, wblcb will be found on ia to* ligation la bo of the hgbeot Importance. Partieulara ooannaf oated only at an intorrlew, wblcb may bo obtatnoA bf addraooing Oommaroa, box 3,088 Poet uffioo. CiQ AAA TO good businmi iDO*UUU chance?For *ala, the etaok, Ixtnaaa auo good will of aa old eatabliehed lumber yard, now doing a largo buaineaa. location flrot rata. Apply ba THOMAS A SfKKKr, 3t)f Pino etroat jttl 7 KA ft W^TIU) IMMEDIATELY, ON UU1. w I e<L>U\J eet*te, for aix or twelve montkj, and lor which a hamlaooe bonua will be Lpaii. ilfcom Money, Herald offioo. dlf-t A AAWANrSD- 0N PROPERTY SrrUATEDDf KpU*vVU Potter* villa, Now York, connoting of a ooie leather tannery, 272 by 68 foot, capaele of luti^ 40,000 aide* of leather p?r annum; tannery and flxtmao Inourad for $11,400. Alio, ten dwelling hnnaea, iaenrad for about $3,010: also, eighty acre* of land. The pro perly ia worth $20,000, and U free from incumbrance; money wanted for tTrae or ttve year*, at 7 par cent, pay able temi annually in the eit? of Naw Yetk. Aaplr ta LUCIEN B. CHASE, No. 7 New atraet, Naw York. ?? AAA WANTED?AT EIGHT PER OH NT. NPt/ivUl/ for a term of yeara, oa well aeciual first daaa improved real aetata ia the city af Cincinnati Ohio. Apply to E. WHITEHEAD. 20 Neman * treat. ?Q C AA CASH WANTED?IN A LP*. MI SI AIM lDOtt)UU manufacturing buameta n??r ttua cMy, un' er circumstance* that will iniure $?,()?).; p?r year. Part icular* will be given at aa interview, by .1 1 rowing C. C. & Co., Herald offioo, atatlag time and p' <ca ta bn aaaa. ?Q C AA T0 PN? AT ^VbS PER CkN't, OR lI)O*0' 'U bond and mortgage, on a haute and lot, altuated ia thia city, in a good lo jet tea. and net above Fortieth atraet. Addroaa, giving ail particular*, C. J. H , Herald offise. <WQ AAA $6,000 $10,000. $16,?0, AND$2$JN$ HpOtl'UU wanted, on a loan for tare* to five yeora, aoeured by bond and mortgage on real attain worth five time* the amount required. A bandaame eomminion paid if obtained aoon AJdreaa boi 8,2$$ Poat Office. ?C AA WANTED?AND $60 GIVEN F0?. THEU? iJIOUU of It for three month*, and aevan p-r neada on a chattel mortgage of hor*ea ana coachet, w jrih m any time $6,000. The money ia wanted thia morning. Adore**, with real name, etatiog where an Interview can be had, Money, Herald office. Broadway loan office?cash advanohs made in large or small ameunta, on dUmaoHl watchee, jewelry ami every deacriptiou of pereonal pro perty, or purchieodffor cpab. Tne atrictaot oanldenaa and punctuality will be obeerred. Order* per poet at tended to. Addree* 304 Broadway, near Walker atreni. ASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT, OR PUROHAg ed at eight?dtamaada, watchet, jewelry, piano forte#, merchant loe, anil valuable pereonal property generally, by the New York, Brooklyn and WUliamabnog Loan Aaaoclatloa, 61 Fulton (treat, oeaand Hear, Croak room. Dry dock savings bank, cio fourth street, near Avenue C ? Open on Monday*, Wodnaidag# and Saturday*, from 6 to 7 P. M Interest at ota per cent per annum on *umi of one thouaaad dollar* ami under. Dapoaita made on or before Monday, July 0, wM receive intercut from July 1. By order. ANDREW MILLS, ProoidaaL ? Jains L. SrxwxET, Secretary. Money advanced for short periods #r reel aatate, diamond*, watche*, jewelry, plate, pianoforte*. dry good*, her***, carnage*, anl every da ?cripUoa of property, by tb* reaponaible Empire Ldfin and Agency Company. C. WILLS, Agent, 333 Biondway, opposite the Broadway tneatre. Notice to ice consumers ok new york and Brooklyn ? Subecilptiena for eleck of th# I'eople'a Ice Company, Incorporated June 12, 1MD, under the m( to emend th? general law patted by the liitUfliletere - cepital_stock $276,000, divided into eheree of $10 each? will bo received at the Howard Hotel, corner of Breed wy and Maiden lane, and National Hotel, No. 7 Oortiandt ?ticet, until July 10. The object of thle company ie to erect a large ioe houee, with bargee, wagene, Ac , to ley up a supply of ice, bnng it to market, and die tribute the tame among the consumers, from year to year; which can be done at nearly one half the preeeat exor bitant price*, and leave the etookholdere a haniieneo profit for the inveetment?and to unite, ae far ae ye* eible the entire ioe eenenmlng intereet in one oem yearn by piecing the ohnroo of etook at $10 each, te enable tl families. hotel*, bate hare, greeeriee, e* well ae all who employ their own wagons and purehaee their ennpto ef ioe from the ice denote, t? become e hare holder* Im the* company. Nearly 800,000 tone of ice are aneually aoM in thie market, at pneea averaging more than the arti cle of coal?ana laet winter the moot favorable te pro procure ice for many years poet?and price* thie saoa mer nearly double those of laet summer. If thle omm pany should not be eneonregtd, what will the cenenmere be obliged to pay for the next aummer by the preeemt monopoly? EOCKY BAR MINING COMPANY, NO. 13 WILLIAM street, New York city, Jane 12. 186$. Pursuant to a resolution of the Beard of Directors, passed at a meeting h?ld on the 28th day of March last, notice to hereby given, that the fellowlng certificates of etook im tbi* company, held or eappeeed to be held in California and fcngland, upon which nny or all of the foilswtmg assessments remain unpaid, viz :?6 per cent due 1Mb March, 1863: 3 per cent due 21st February, 1864: 2 per cent due 17th October, 1864; and 2 per cent due 1Mb Msrch, 1866, will be sold nt public auction, in the Mer chants' Exchange, in this city, nt 12)6 o'clock, P. M., en Thursday, the 12th day of July next, for aea pay ment of nny and nil such assessments remaining nnpald thereon, namely? Old stock, par 8100?Nos. 165 to 168, 634, 838, 68T to 641,643 to 646,1,601,1,006 to 2,003, in all, 1,742)6 ahemm, for nor-payment of all the abovenamed assess mem ie amounting to 12 per cent. New stock, par 86. Not. 1,181, 1.182, 1,252, 1,2*8,. 1,282, 1,802, 1,363. 1,375, 6,023, 8,107, 8,121, 6,126: in all, 4,C10 shares, for non payment of tfito eecona, thirl, and fourth named of the above assess ments, amounting to 7 p*r cent. New stock, par $5. Noe 5,007, 6,610, 6,016, 5,0t?, 6,018, 6,106. 5,109, 5,120, 5.124; in all, 1,878 shares, for non-payment of the third and iearth nested of too above aceeeemente, amounting to 4 per oent. New stock, par $5. Noe. 2,271, 2,285, 6,081, 6,8M. 6,012,6,018, 6,014, 6,116, 6,117, 6,126, 5,127; ia nM, 1.470 shorts, for non payment of the last named of too above assessments, via,, 2 per cent. By order of the Board. M. BRENAN, Beeretarp. ??? nnn nnn -money to loam, or bovo1 90<UUU<IJUU< for oa?h ?diamonds, watch**, jewel, st.t. i, end *very dexeripUon oi valuable property, by JU E. ISAAC, bOMmset office, 11 Chamber* street, from ? A. I 5! to 6 P. M. Th* his best price paid fereld said, edrer. Sad California gold. All traametloe* prompt sad seafldenOml. flfMl TO loan ON OfAMONOS, WAT0HM8, 910U.UUU Jewelry, sogers, Ae , #r beagbt lor each, real eetate, bond* and mortgages, aetee, steeks eegetiated. Busiae** strictly eoafldeatial. CHEEIaMAN, BKAI8TED A CO., 36 Jeha street. pi ASU ADVANCED IN AMY AMOUNT. OB PU BOM A/a V rill eight, diamonds, wetebes, rieh jewelry, msyshsn dise, and vaTneble personal property generally. JL V80E 69 Fulton street, eeeead floor, front room, Warn IA E M ? P_M. Dividend -Manhattan savinos insi-it#* tioa, 644 Broadway, corner of Bieeeker street ?'The tree tee# of- tbis institution have declared a semi annual dividend, at the rate el six per oeat per oueom en ell seme (entitled thereto; of 8S00 sad neaer, and Ave per oent em same ever that amoant, payable en oad after the third Mem dey la Jaly neat. Ail dividsndx net sailed far will draw interest lbs came ae principal. All moneys la tbis iesMta tlon will comment* to draw Interest en tb* first dap of J alp * Van# & l8Z! th* B?"V A. ALVOED. Smrnto^. FIBE BONDS ISSUED BY THE CITT OP SAN FRAN tiree, dated December 1, UM, bearing Intereet ten per ?est per sanest.?The undersigned will pny the eenfome ??No. Y' Jol7 1.1888. *f the ebeve named bends, sag? ?s #5.3 1J6 a 3U8 *d WILLIAM HOOB k CO.. 40 Wall 1RTINU SAVINGS INSTITUTION, NO. 96 WABKKN 1 etieet. ens deer from Greenwich.- Open dally Warn id A. S. te 1 P. M. end from 4 te 7 f. M. I per seat ea same l Intereet at the rate e< WalIiK tfcONCEMN, President. I V%i, IVlee ? VannKteiLT L Bra-row, Secretary. luTfioIS AOINCV AMERICAN d I ?Notlee i* hereby given that th# Jan"**7 . * fa Ififi, ieatataseatsef intereet open Uw W.!i\?lai Jf? lltn.i* wUl be pat* at the age toy ef?beStaumeee niter lend ay, tbeeecond day ef/aly ??'? J!' JV Le rate of Sift per tl.oSh cash! CS? !?<??Vf<ie IW. Irotn tl!A Sterling Beads; leede; reopen M/t'/i jJSiarr. ism. from See icef iSdf. I**8*% nf'nly. Jjj.n moo Kit Treoanrer of Illinois. hi oarriegea, ani every dnwiXa W^ LJa5 bv%?" responsible Empire Lean end tgeaey <fcm EE? (f N'ILLsT A teed. Twenty fear hear, aetlee srt r"[? rMl eetate. Several henem and UU for eaU. L ?' ? '*'Vao>TiSlwiV'"e^^H IOSE HILL SAVINOS BANE. NO 181 THIEB AVE I an*, one door above Twenty tret street, open fledjf im 10 te 2, aid en Wednesday and fiedtfiep evmiega im 6 ie 8 o'eloek. letereet et th* rat* of8 per sent *? ni of 8800 aed under. DepeeMs made tbis meats wn ew letereet from Jniv 1st _ . _, - - < WILLtAH H PLATTB, jturn R ttiiis, Viet President. Q loovuoneow, Secretory *