Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1855 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ^OIIT 1ABKB*. Tvmdat. Jone 26?6 P. M. The excitement in Well street is on the increase again. The balla ere again In the ascendancy, eai we may look for another inflation. At the fleet board, to-day, IlUnoU Central b <nd> advanced 4 per cent; do. Freelaad, 4; Cumberland, 4; New York Central Bailroad, 4; Harlem, 4; Reeling Railroad* 4; Brie, I; Michigan Central Railroad, 4; Cleveland and Pittsburg, S; Galena and Ctr'cago, 14; Cleve land and Toledo, 14; Chicago and Rock Island, 1. California 7'a declined 4 percent; Ni-aragaa Transit, 4- There wee more activity in State stocks to-day than we have noticed for some time. Indiana 5's and Missouri 6'e sold largely. Railroad bonds have again become active. The rapidl y with whloh the Illinois Central Bailroad Company is dispoeing of its lands, is attracting purchasers for the bonds, and the ealee to-day were quite large. There la nothing of importance doing in bo ids of other com panies. We notioe a sale of Virginia and Tennessee Railroad second mortgage binds at 73 per cent, the flret public sale of the new i-aue. Railroad stocks of all classes were in demand to-day, at bat ter prices. Ezie was particularly active, aid im proved from the opening. Upwards of sir thousand eharea were sold at the first board. It closed very firm at the advance. The result of the nrgstlations which have for some days been going on bat ween the Brie and Central, relative to through passen gers?both first class and emigrant?will soon be an nounced, and we believe it will be satisfactory to all parties. These companies mast either work toge ther upon fair and equitable terms, or they must g> in for the most desperate competitions, in which both would he eerions sufferers. The E1 ie C jmpany have made the fairest propositions to the Central Com pany; and if all the difficulties are uot amicably ad justed, it will be the fault of the latter 0 mpany. A fe w days will decide all the questions at issue. We have no doubt large purchases of Erie were made to-day in anticipation of a favorable se .tlement. Reading was a little more buoyant to-day. The report that tie July dividend wonld be four per cant, is pret'y generally believed; and, although much di.'appoint ment is expressed, the hope of larger returns in January affords some consolation to permanent holders. Cleveland and Toledo Railroad sold to an unusual extent to day, and we notice a good mny speculative transactions. It strikes us that this stock is not high at current rates, and we do not see what basis the bears have for their operations. All the roads diverging from Chicago are doing well, and their stocks are steadily working up. Chicago and Rock Island should command prices full as high as Galena aud Chicago, but none Of them are worth more than par. After the adjournment of the board, the follow ing sales of bonds and stocks were made at auction by Simeon Draper:? ?11,COO N. Y. & Harlem R.R , 1st mort., int. added.90tf 1.C00 N. 1. and Er e R R., 2.1 " " 97 100 shares Commercial Bins 100 Adrian H. Mailer will offhr at his regu ar wsekly sale of stocks to morrow, at 124 o'clock, at tin Mer chants' Ex hange, a variety of railroad and bank securities, by order of Thompson Price, adminis trator. At the se end b ard a very buoyant feeling pre vailed, and less disposition was exhibited to sell. Canton Ccmpany advanced J per cent; Nicaragua, 4; Cumberland, j; New York Central RiUroad, 4; Erie Railroad, 4; Hailem, Reading Railroad, 4; Panama, 4. At the cloee, holders were firm at oar quotations. Tbe sales at the Mining Stock Board to day ware aa follows: ? 1,040 shares Conrad Hill pref 14}? 1,000 " ? 15 ICO Ship Timber 52 100 ? 54 SCO Gardener Gold $1 90 SCO ? ?1 95 2C0 " $1 92>? SOO ?? b2 30 200 Aberdeen 26 200 ?? b28 80 Mr. J. Thompson will sell, on Thursday, the 23 ;h Inst, at the Merchants' Exohange, at half-pas twelve o'clock, a large lot of Indiana State stocks, by order of the Auditor, for aocount of several suspended banks of ihet State. The annexed statement exhibits the gross in-, come of tbe Harlem Railroad Company in each of tke first five months of the past three years:? Kkw York and Harlem Railroad. 1853. 1854. 1855. January $73,792 $77,795 $92,806 February 08,683 63,467 73,890 March 78,063 76,971 86,102 April 72,826 72,760 77,876 May 83,391 82,150 86,288 Total* $376,634 $372,183 $416,026 Then hM been an Increase every month this yeir compared with last, while In each of the drat five months of 1864 there was a (ailing off compared with 1863, ezoept In January. The aggregate in* crease this year has been 142,893, equal to about eleven per cent. The trinsaotlona at the Assistant Treasurer's office to-day, were ss follows:? Paid on treasury account.. $36,316 43 Received do. 252,833 30 Balance do 1,457,813 76 Paid for assay office 115,928 68 Paid on disbursing checks 38,162 65 The payments include $12,600 California drafts, and the receipts inolude $100,000 from the West The warrants entered at the Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the 223 Inst, were ai fol lows:? Per the Treasury Department $12,534 49 For the Inferior Department 9,241 00 For the customs 169,988 32 War warants received and entered 135,534 21 War repay warranta received and entered.... 2,347 31 Drawn en account of the nary 202 68 For repaying on account of the navy 207 17 Covering into Treaaury from misc. sources... 2,853 76 The steamship Atlantic, from tbis port for Liver pool tc-merrow, Wednesday, will carry out between seven and eight tundred thousand dollars in specie. There was not a very active inquiry for foreign ex change for remittance by the paoket, and the sup ply of bills in the market was so great that rates receded a little. Bills on London, first olasa, were ecld at 91 a 10 premium. On Paris 6f. 15 a 5f. 12i, i The Hartford Fire Insurance Company has made a dividend of 14 per cent; the Phenix Fire Insurance Company, Hartford, has also made a dividend of 10 f>er cent, and called in an instalment of 10 per cent* The Mercantile Bank of Hartford has declared a dividend of 6 per cent The United States Hotel Company, of Boston, has declared a semi-annual dividend of 2 per cent The Boston and Lowell Railroad declared a dividend of 3 per oent The enrnal meeting of the stockholders of the Taunton Branch Railroad Company waa held at the offloe of the Treasurer, in Boston, on the 26th Inst From the annual report, read at the meeting, it ap pears that the income for the year ending May 31, 1865, was $90,539 38. Expenses, (which inolude every kind of expenditure on the road,) $65,321 48. Net earnings, $35,217 92. This read is entirely oat of debt, and has for the past twelve yean declared an annudl dividend of 8 per cent A semi annual dividend of 4 per cent, payable Jily 2, has been lately declared. The meeting made choice of the following dl:ectors:?W. A. Orxsker, F. Homer, N. H. Emmons, S. Frotblugham, W. Btnrgls. At a subsequent meeting of the directors, W. A. Crocker was chosen President; A. E. Savage, Snperln. tendent, and E. Pickering, Treasurer and Clerk. The Treasurer of Ban Franclic: thus oompntta the debt of that city:? Ten per cent bonds issued under set passel 1st Msy, 1811... $1,609,000 Deduct Sinkibg Fnnd invested by Commissioners 126,069?$1,582,041 Seven per rent School bonds, Issued 1854,.. 60,000 Ton ptr oent ftr# bonds, tssusi 1865....,,.. 200,000 Mortgage on City IJell 9' ,900 Outstanding tbrve per cent scrip (oity) esti mated .... 50,000 Present floating indebtedness, to be funded in accordance with sot passed May 4,1866, 1,600,000 Total indebtedness up to Jnly 1, 1855... $8,310,941 The interest to be paid asnoally ca the city debt U aa foilowe:? Om bonds of May, 1MI, 1* m coot $160,900 School, 7 for cent 4,300 Fire, 10 por cent 90,000 Mortgage OB Uty Hall, 2% for owl'. por ?ton to 7,500 Thrso por coot ocrip, In tort st payable with tho prmeipa I?bonds to bo issned, ur $1,CCO,100, otOptr cont 60,000 Totol $278,000 The teccipto for the yew ore thua esUmstod: ? At so* sod Tolas of Uxoblo property, os por proornt aeeeesmeot list $62,000,000 The present city tax is 2 15-100 upon ooch $1(0, ot which rote would bo produced from taxes $l,118,C00. It cannot be ex Cted tfcot this full smount will bo col led ; we msy suppose, howeror, th ot the smount collected will be about... $5o0,000 Licenses will be nbout $30,000 oaeh quarter 120, CCO Fines from Recorder's Court, with receipts fx. m Superior Court, will average $1,004 per month 12,000 Wharf renta, about 14,000 846,000 Tbe Boston Ocurier givea the following review of tbe shipping Interest tf that city, which will apply to that or aoy other city on the seaboard Navigation is at this time unusually depressed, fram a variety of circumstances; oue, the unusual prtoe of all provisions, and the consequent price of labor, wages, he ? averaging >14 and $26 for see men, and $30 to $32 for oooha, against in former years, wbea business was ss low fur vessels, <10 per month for men and 11 and $15 for cooks?a great many vesaols having loft end aro leaving New Orleans for Havana and our Northern cities in bal'ast, as well as some for deal ports in the pro vinces of Ctnadi, at scarcely living business. Still other large ships are hauled up there, and quits a number oi captains have come North and left them. Quite a number of these ships are of the largest claea. tiling down from English or American porta in ballait, and returning, must leave a respectable lots for those conctmed. Clipper ships are doing much better, and while, sajwe predicted, tbe latter ships would be almost useless in dull times, it shows that they are very re spectably employed, and bid fair to continue eo. Their business is not so depressed as the domestic bueinen of this country, for which tho moat of the greater class of vessels ate employed. Smaller navlgut on feels the change, and the earnings are very small, the coasting trado being literally nothing. The ooal trade, we fear, will be at aa tmall rates as at any former time. As re gards the value or property, quite a number of luge vessels are on the market constantly without purchas ers or remunerative offers. Good ships, having made but one voyage, of leu than six months, can be pur chased for $45 to $17 par ton, where last year, we paid the same prioe for hull and bowsprit, which people eon vcrssnt with commerce will see is a marked difference. We bear that offtre aro even made below these ligures. A correspondent senda as tire following oommu nievtion in relation to tbe through freighting busi ness cf tbe New York Central Railroai Company:? Can the stockholders of the New York Csntral Rail road be aware or the responsibility that they are made to asaume by the present action of the'r secretary, in receipting for the safe transportation of freight over other ralTroade than their owe, and guaranteeing the delivery of the time in a specified time at points in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, ftc? This is no doubt the first time that any railroad company haa undertaken to be come sponsor for tbe management, to each an extent, of other roads. I enclose a handbill, signed, 1 presume, by the authorized agents of tbe Central Railroad, and con taining the objectionable features which I have referred to, viz : offering as a corporation to do acts which are no doubt foreign to the purposes of their charter, and certainly cot contemplated by tho stockholders. Stock Exchange, 1UK3UAT, Jaue 26, 1855. 1CXK0 In State 5'e b3 84% 100 she Har Kll..b50 29fi 6000 do....be0 86 200 do b39 29 16010 do 85 1C0 do s30 29 liiOOU Missouri 6's s3 97% 100 do s3 29 IfOCO do 07% 50 Nor ft Wor 4u% 80000 do.-.-bfO 98 10 Ston ngtou RR.. 60 40c 0 Cell for 7'e '70 90% 100 Reading Kit .b00 92% *000 Virginia 6's... 1CU% 60 do blO 91% fOOC Har let m'gbe 9l)% 400 do b3 92% 1000 do 93 100 do 92% fOO Erie boa of '75 91% 1C0 do blO 02% 1010 U Riv 2d mt bs 92 300 do c 92% 1G(0 H HivCd rng be 7 6 600 do bGO 93 85CO lil Cen RR bds 83% 2300 Erie ItR ... s 10 62% 56C0 do 84 600 do s3 52% IOOiO co....b60 81% 609 do c 5i% 8000 IUC RR Fr bde 82 100 do b3 62% 16000 do....bGO 82% 60 do bGO 62% tOCO do c 82% 50 dx bDD 52% 4C0C T Hit A 1st m b 92 800 do o 62% 2000 T U & A 2d m b 87 1C00 do bOO 62% 3000 NY CRRtb bd 87 109 do bSO 62% 50CO YftTRR2d tub 73 100 do blO 62% ?7 ehs City Bank... 118 300 to bGO 63 40 American Ex Bk 116 42 do. 52% 17 National Bank.. 128 200 do bGO 62% 26 Nica'a Transit Co 16% 20 do 52% 200 do bOO 17 100 do....-.sU0 52% 6 Hanover Bank .. 101 30 do c 52% 6 Sboe&I ealhBank 1C5 100 ao btw 52% 10 Corn Ex Bank... 104% 500 do blO 52% 27 US Trust Co.... Ill 60 do b3 62% CCO Cat ton Co 27% 10 Hudson R RB... 42 ICO do SCO 27% 42 Mich Cen RR.... 102 700 do b?0 28 50 Clev ft Pitts RH. 67 SCO do 28 25Gal&Cbig RR.. 109 800 do b60 28% 37 do Iu9% ICO Cum Coal Co.. s3 31% 60 do 820 110 760 do s3 31 79 do 110 SCO do b60 81% 400 Clavft Tol RR n60 95 610 do *30 31 360 do 95 ?C0 do blO 31% 200 do bGO 95% 2C0 do SCO 81 00 do b3 04% 700 Gard'r Gold Mine 1% 360 do 64% S5GN Y C4nRR..b30 101% 100 do b3 94% 120 do 161% 2C0 do 660 94% 60 do b30 101% 60 do *30 64% ltO do blO 101% 47 Chic &R I RR... 88 60 do 101 4 11S A N Ind RR. 109% 1C0 do *34 101 60 Panama RB 103% 300 HarlemRR....s3 2S% SECOND BOARD. $6000 Ind State 6's.. 86 100 she NY C RR?6m 100 86000 111 CnRRbbBO 84% 100 Erie Railroad... 62% 4CCO do 84 100 do b30 63 6000 111 CRRKrlbd* 82% 350 do ?3 62% 600 N Y Cen 7'?... 102% 100 do..,...b30 52% ECOOErCvb '71'b30 86 100 do bGO 63 6CC0 do 85% 100 do blO 62% 400 ehs Canton Co s3 28% 200 Harlem RR.. bGO 29% 1C0 do b30 28% 200 Reading RR...I3 93 100 do b60 28% 200 do 93% 150 do b30 28% 50 Panama RR..SC0 104 100 Nlca Tran Co bGO 17 20 do 104 100 do b30 17 400 Die Central RR.. 96% 60 Cumber Coal Co. 31% 600 do blm 97% 2C0 do bGO 31% 1C0 Clev ft Toledo RR 96 60 do blO 31% 310 do e3 94% 40 N Y Central RR 101% 20 Chi ft R 1* RR b3 98 Cotton Trade. Liverpool Classification. Orleant _ ,, UplaniU. Florilrr. Mobile. &? tez,i$. OrJinarj fo good 10 a 10% 10 A 10% 10 a 10% 10 a 10% T anUJU.. 111A ?l\7 1(1 j j*^ ?<?y ??'? . .* Good middling.. l?k? 12% Middling fair.... 12%ai:i Fair to good fair 13 a 13% Low middling... ll%all% ll%all% 11%%12 ll%a 12 Middling, av. list ?11%? ?11%? -HW- ?12W? _ even lot ?11%? ?12 ? ?12%? ?12%? Bvmr or tub market, rro. At the data of oar laat respect* per Paclflo, on 13th inst, our market closed steady, with indications of a pause in the excitement which had characterized the operations of the preceding month, owing to telegraphic advices of continued and heavy rains at the Southwest. The large advance at Liverpool, brought by the Atlantis on that morning, barely raised prices % cent, and was lost the next dsy by the pressing dssire of partiss to rea lize on large speculative purchases which they had to receive. The sales for that week, up to the arrival of the St. Louis on the following Wednesday, were 12,000 bales, which includes shipments of speculation cotton In de fault of sales here at maturity of contract. Ordinarily, the advices brought by the St. Louis to Hh in?t, of an advance of %d., would have steadied our market, but ths idea of heavier receipts disturbed sellers: and as buyers for speculaticn did not corns forward, and an opinion prevailed that the Asia would not ooaflrm the quotatiens, whieh later In the day proved correct, the market set in for a gradual decline. Ths letters by the Asia were received on Friday morning, but did not exer cise any influence on prices, as our market continued to be controlled by local cause*. The sales and shipments since were confined to speculation cotton, and have ave raged about 1,600 bale# daily. Our quotations are re duced Vc. on ordinary, %c. to %c. on middlings, and %o. on high grades, in the fortnight, oloulng firmer. The rains which occurred a fortnight since have not had the effect anticipated. The rivers at Mobile have again rapidly fallen, after discharging about 28,COO bales In the fortnight, mostly from the Warrior river, and leaving fully 180.000 bales in the country, which is now very doubtful of being brought to market this season. In January last we were advised of 80,000 bales cotton waiting navigation at Aberdeen, Miss., on the Tomblg bee river. There is now no stock of oonseqaenoa there, it having been hauled, at the current rate of 812 per bale, to Memphis for shipment. Such operations place the early Interior buyers on a par with tho present high market rates at the sea ports. Some eotten is reaching New Orleans from Red river, bat not above Alexandria. On the 18th Inst, the Arkansas river had risen four feet at Little Rook, which is one hundred miles below tho cotton section, and hopes were entertained that some flatboats would get out. The Washita and other streams will all be benefitted by these general rains, bnt as re gards navigation, it is too late beyond a single trip for light draft boats. A largo amount of tho present crop is unavailable, and we moot wait for tho autumn. Tho crop figure will be under 2.760,000. The growing crop it colng well, the recent rains being of great benefit to it. T. J. STEWART Si CO. CUT TRADE REPORT. Tcxrdat, Jane 28?8 P. M. Asms.?Sales of 100 bblo. Canadian pots, were made atp.t. Bfuummrm.?Flour?The market for common gradet was dull, and 12%e. per bbl. lower; while fancy and extra brands wore unchanged. The sales footsd up about 8,000 a 0,000 bblo., including common to ohoioe State, at 88 26 to 80. About 2,000 bbls. were sold de liverable fa July, at 88 80, and a contract for 600 do. wm settled at abont 88 26. Canadian flour?1,000 a 1,200 bbls , told chiefly at 810 a 810 37 for eommon, to 810 76 for fancy and extra, wtth small outside lots of do. at 810 87 a 811 Southern heavy; abont 1,000 bblo. cold at 810 26 a 810 76 for common to good brands, and 810 87 a 811 76 for faaey and extra. Rye flour?Abont 176 bblo. auporflno were sold at 88 60 a 88 18. Corn meal -About 200 bbls. were told at 84 87 a 00. Wheat?Tho market wa? inactive; 700 busfeU wbtts MUohigaa won Mid it II M * n M Own *^7' "J the mIm in tin tnnnto w?k 90,000 a 100,000 bushvU Western mixed. -. . ,?f, T' lot*, aold eerty in the merolng it 101X ?:; ? '? prtao* skippteg order. The market then K U ?f' ,*?J the gnat bulk enld it We ? 101c , with eocoe p. *,j . Inferior it We. Western yellow wee report*. ^ ? ?nudl lota at 102c, Rye wee dull, and lower; T09 ooah ele ware ?*ld at 91 16. State and Wee tern oat* wv *? ?* 02e a Mc Covtxx?About 600 a 000 bare Rio were aald at 9X4. .* lie., end 160 do. Laaneyra at lO^c. Cotton.?Tba market waa steaoy, with ealea In late amounting to 1,000 a 1,600 bale*. Middling upi an da wee* at about 11 J?c. FnaiOHiu.?To Liverpool, about 30 000 a 40,000 baahel* of corn were engaged at 8)fd. a 4Xd., la bige and bulk, and 300 a 300 balae of oonpresael and uncompressed, were engaged at 8-16d a 7 32d. Rate* to Londoa and te Tontloeot w the Continent were inactive and nominal. To Ha vie, rate* were nominal at *{c. for bona and oottoa; 94 and 97 lor aabea and riee; 10c. for corn: 2>?c. per gallon for liquid*; 93 for copper; and 76c. for provision*. To Cali fornia, rate* war* at 30c. 'a 36c. per foot maaanremeat. Fsctt.? About 200 be xe* M R raUin* aolJ at 91 40; ?00 basket* and bona* aweet oil, quart* and piaU, aald at 93 (0 and 94 60. Hat.? For shipment, iraall a ale* were making at 100c. a lc-6c., ami to tha city trad* nt 112e. I.IUS. ? Small talc* of Galena were made at 6^a, (Vitbin a faw daja paat una 1,300 pig* of do. war* aold at tba aania figure. Mouaoa-The market waa without change, and aale* unimportant. Naval Stonkb exhibited no obange of moment, while tian*actioo* were limited. Provisiukh.?Pork wa* firm, with dfe adranc* in new prime. T1 a aale* were again made on a free *ctle and footed up about 2,000 a 2,200 bbis., induct ig new mate at 919 60, with email lot* sold at 919 87 a 919; and Tree transaction* in new prime, at 910 11; eloiing at 910 26 a 910 37. 600 bb<e. new meea eold at 00 d?yn, buyer'* option, at 920. Bee f wee firm, with iiiei of 300e 100 b V*. at 99 02X a 910, fur country prime, and at 910 76 a 912 76 for do, meet; Chicago repacked,wasat910 and at 917 for extra do.; prime meea waa firm. Btcon waa better: 100 boxes clear short middles were eold at lov^c. Cut meatx were firm: sales 300 a 400 packages at 1%c. a 8c. lor shoulder* and at 9&c. a lO^c for ham*. Lard was doing better, with sales of about 000 bbis. at lO^e. a lC^c.; the latter figure for prime. Butter was at 16c. a 19c. for Ohio, and at ISc. a 22o. for State. Cheese was dull at 6c. a lCc. Rics ?7he transactions in East India, nottoed yester day, Included an invoice of 641 bagr. in bond, for export; and also an Invoice or two, to arrive, all at p. t. The market for Carolina was eteady, with moderate tranaan tiora, at 6>?c. to 6f(e., for the whole range. The etock in first band* wee said to be reduced. Suoakb?7h? tales embraced about 600 hhds. Cube muscovado at 6Xc. a 6,i^c , and 2i.O do. Porto Rico at bJie. a fiXc. Tobacco ?The demand for tobarco is moderate; prices without change, lhe sales amounted to 83 hhds. Ken tueky at 6)(t. a 12j<c ; 311 bales Havana 22c. a 28o ; 140 cases seeuleaf at 7Xc. a 10 >,0. Whiskey ?About 2CO a 300 bbis were sold, Ohio and Prison, at 36c., with small lots reported at 38%c. ADVEDT1SEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. 8A1.ES AT AUCTION. A LBIRT H. NICOLA Y, AUCTIONEER.?PEREMPTORY J\_ executor's sale of ancient oil paintings. ALBERT II. NICOLAY will sell, on Saturday, June 30th, at 11 o'clock,at the bales room No. 11 Broad street,tha remaining portion of ancient o 1 paintings belonging to the eoileotlou of the late T. A. Cumiuina, Esq.. including many fine old rpecimms from the schools oi Poursin, Bamberger, Ton ievs, Van Ols, Bemel, Carlo MairaVJL ZuotrlUi, Van Gani. Lanered, Wemrisx, Murillo. Dominiohino, Lueao, G rue's do, and ether masters of celebrity, many of which are gems, and worthy the attention of connuja^auraf tha whole to ba positively sold t close the est*t*T Also, a fits collection of moiern paintings and engravings, now ready lor examination. Catalogue* to be had at the salesroom. Auction notice? j. booart, AUcnoNEmt.?by 8. BOGART, tbls day, Jute 27, at 10)4 o'olook, at the anclion rooms corner of Franklin ana William streets; mortgage sale?one rosewuol b-dstead, oaa jstntec bedsteoc, one mihrgnoy card table, rosewood marble tap wibhsiand, quartette tables, marble tcp een tie do., eugrsgingB, oil paintings, curved mahogauy bed steads, tete-a tote sofas, mahogany spring seat cbairs, Co rose wool, mahogary and black walnut rockers, Bins-els and ingrain carpets, India matt;og, 20 black walnut and maoogany bureaus, polished black walnut tables, patent bedsteads, hair mattresses, looking glass rr, lounges, table cutlery; Urge assortment of crooke tj and glaes ware, kitchen fnrnitiue and utensils, Ac , Ac. a UCTION NOTICE.?CROCKSRY, GLASS AND CHi J\. n*.?J. S. H. BARTLEl'T, auctioneer, will soli on Wednesday, June 27th, at 10 o'olook, at 281 Pearl itrcet, In lots to suit purchesers, a complete assortment bent quality brown prin'od and wlrte granite wares; also, painted, pr nted and Rockingham ware, Freuuh china Tabes, a large assortment of cut and pressed glass ware, Ac. Goods well pacled for shipping, at moderate charges. A SSIGNSE'S SAI.E?THE STOCK OF GROCERIES ?x and liquors, and tbe fixture* of the store, 144 West Thirty-second street,will be sold on the premises at pub lic suction, on Friday, the 29th day of June inst., at 10 o'clock A. M. Dated June 23,1366. By order of MIC U a EL PURCELL, Assignee. ^BBE A ROBINSON, NOS. 38 WALL AND 29J BROAD way, real estate auctioneers, will give sbeir per sonal attention to the pnrebat* and sale by private con tract of every description of real estate; negotiating loans on bond and mortgage; (jf ware houses, dwellings and country seats; real estate w i >d upon favorable terms; farms for sale and exchange. A UCTION NOTICE-TH08. BELL, AUCTIONEER.? J\ By BEIL A BUSH ?This day, at 10^ o'clock, at our saltsrooma, 12 North William street, will be sold a fine lot of 1 ui nit are from a hotel, chairs, tables, bu irens, a first rate lot of gaa fittings, Ac. At 11 o'clock, a choice asiortment of dry goods, hosiery, lace goods, curtains,mantillas, clothing, caesimeres, seven glass show cases, and counters; the bedanoa a consignment of su perior began, clocks, watches, jewelry, five rifles, gnss, Ac. Auction notice.?j. ibogart, auctioneer?by 8. BOGaRT.? This day, at 10)j o'clock, at the auc tion rooma, cornat of Frankfort and William atraets, by virtue of an execution, two targe oil paintings, a lot of segars, eight decanters and eon tents, demijohns, bottler and contents, two dogs, Ac. Also, boxes soap, segars, wine, Ac. MICHAEL DOOLY, Constable. "P| D. NASH, AUCTIONEER, 8TORE 310 BROAD JL/. way.?Sheriff's sale of fancy articles, Ac , on Wednesday, Jnne 27, at 10 o'clock, at the store, consist ing of tccordeons, slates, slate and lead pencils, drams, steel pens, marbles, gstnes of all descriptions, toys of every variety, dolls of all sizes, baskets, ministers china rets, Cologne water, blacking, tamborinea, flutes, flfo*zbasket waggons, Ac., Ac., Ae. D SCOTT, AUCTIONEER.?AUCTION NOTICE, TO ? crockery dealers, druggists, perfumer*, plumber* and electrotjpints.?Will be sold, by W W. bkirley, on Tbcriday, 26th June, at 10 o'clock, at the American Pottery in Jersey City, all the atock on band, viz.: white, yellow and Rockivgbam ware of all kind*, white and colored covered jars and paate boxes, plug basins, closet pans, Ac , Ac. Sal* peremptory (as the company are closing their busineia), on a credit of four and six month* for auma over 4100. DAJIAGKI) GOODS AT AUCTION?J. L. VANDE WaTER, auctioneer?This day, Wednesday June 27, at 12 o'clock, M., in front of salesrooms, 12 Maiden lene, the balance stock of damaged fancy goods from the flie at 10 Maiden lane, consisting of various article* of fancy chinaware, china tea sets and to)a, figure*, Ac , work box**, school slat**, a large quantity of onina and stone marbles, Ac., the balance stock of the Arm. Eugene b. franklin, auctioneer.?by irank L1N & NICHOLS, this day, (Wedneeday,) at 10>? o'clock, at 79 Naaaan street, between Fulton and John streets, am immense atock of cabinet and household fur niture,'comprising six magnificent suits of carrad rose wood parlor furniture, and the following articles in great variety, vis:?Centre, pier and fancy tables, ward robes, bookcases, bureaus, wsshstsnds, bedsteads, ex tension dining tables, oi< paintings and mirror*, sofas, tete nicies, easy, rocking, parlor and dining room chairs, with a large assortment of other articles too numerous to mention; also a large invoice of silver plated ware. Bale peremptory, and without reserve, to pay advances. Every facility for packing, shipping and storage. Cats lognes now ready. ER SALE BY AUCTION.?THE WELL KNOWN house and 10 aeres of land on Squan beach, of the obn Max sen, deceased, will be sold on the Sd of Jnly next, nt 12 o'clock, M. Particular* on day of sale. B. NRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER?BY H H. LEEDS A CO?Thursday, Jnna 28, at 11 o'clock, at th* room, 19 Nassau street, last sale previous to the 4th of July of wine* and warranted Imported Havana aad Principe aegan? the balanee of the stock of on* of the first homes la th* city. lh* wine* are all of a high order, and warranted in every respect pure and genu ine, in quantities to suit puroh**era, consisting of 900 basket* champagne; ml Boris port in bottles, front the house of I'iss A Co , of Oporto; Oloroso sherry in bot tle#, from th* hens* of Oonxsle* A Dubose, of Xersa; Pemartin sherry, pure Juice amontillado, Gould A Co. and Newton A Co.; old south side Madeira la casks aad demijohns, claret, heck and santerne of first rats quali ty: choice old eognae brandy, of Otard, "Henaesy, and oiher favorite brands, of vintage from 180ft to 1820; celebrated old Jamaice rum, several year* in the London dock* previous to being Imported, and not surpassed by any la this country; super 81 van, Holland, Bohetdam gin, nmlvallsd for purity and delicacy, with other choice wines, Ac. Bold to close np shipment. Also 111,200 very superior imported Havana aad Principe sogers, from one of tne first importing houas* in this city, consisting 0!9 ,000 canoes, 4,B00 sultanos, 8,000 plantation, 12,600 el delstio. 12,600 snltaaos la 110 4; 60,000 carsdores, 14,600 plantation, with ether brande, all warranted genuine, end inch as are seldom offered nt auction. They ere sold to close consignment*. Only eon he ex amined on the morning of sate, with catalogues. F.NRY T. IXED8, AUCTIONEER.?BY N. B. WOOLLKY A CO.?Will sell this day, (Wednesday,) at 10X o'clock, at the salesroom, 8ft Beekman street, corner of William, a large assortment of household fur niture, consisting of two superior rosewood pianoforte#, one organ, suitable for a church or clnb room, and a large amount of household furniture; sofas. In hair cloth; parlor, dining room and chamber furniture; rose wood, centre aad pier tables, do. bureaus, with marble tope; mahogany washeteada, do. French bode tends, bureaus, curd tables, bookcases, writing desks, oval aad gilt frame mirrors, oil palatines, curled hair mattresses and palliasses, enamelled furniture. Ac. Also, a quantity of fancy goods, olocks. silver plated ware, glassware, refrigerators, Iron aaia, Ac,, to pay advance#. Sold * About mom. SAL.KB AT AC^TIO*. " 0. HORiO.N, AUanJNKtca, WILL SELL Mil # day, at llo'cleek. at U Sixth avrnut, faru ture, AIm, t?? spring carta ud kwMM. Tl INBT H. LERDft, AUCTIONEER?BY a II. H Lwdi A Oa-WntBHdi;, Jau it, at U o'clxk, (a frost of tbo store. No. 19 Nat tau atrest, bio vu ho rat. II u handa hi|h, eignt years oil, warrent-n sound and |l(i tn all harness and under saddle. A iplatN bay Richmond mare, 19 baada high, nine yenra oil, sounl and kind ia all barntea, an<l good aaddls borne, tUo ougbly broken and warranted without a fault?a ftrat a family horao. Aloo, a light trotting wagon. noatl/ ?\, (ad In pert act order- haa beau uaed but vsry little, aw a set ofailver mounted baruais, has beau utel but fctta.?- tad an Engllah aaidla, bridle, kc. The w?L torn ??* *n oetabliahmeot of a geutlnnaa about whole lorn. ^ kBg ^ ^ (old without reserve A bUrtTmMW fc <?? ??. ? *>"<*? bigk, oan tiot In 3: 30 S2iK5 tiv-v In*.?'?!'' f*w ??"*> wh^L fo^n. an eatabliahmeut of a geutl Uarlna tbe "Sty, and to be eold without nare i /un old, 14 haade high, wa die or' barv*? Also,_al-fbt carriaf. way. Alao a aeeov'd band extension toy bereuoh*. rvRV R OTCSTft. JB . ArCnON'FEB.?0>f TH0RS ^daj, ?u^S at 10? o'clocdr, at Mere No bK lino afreet, choice wines, llquoee, andHavaaa ?????> eoesUting of Feignettepale olnrt brandy, 400eases claret. Dud Gordon and A moo oil ado Bherrteo, Fehiedasa loaf and olub houae gin; aegars, figuwe, trabuc^. la Not ma occraa, la chuw?>t?. General Taylor, Missiaeippt Vol us leers, la gloria,, and ssrsrul other brnmu. Sale poattire. - TARES H. MrtULLEK.AUOTlONKSR.-BT DUNS J COun k McUlLLKN, Wednesday, June tl, b2 John street, an extensive atoek of fireworks, eoou?L ing of a general asaortment. all of which will be sold m parcels w.thout reserve. For parttcuhure apply to ttte auctioneers, room No. 9, Trinity building. 111 Broadwty, JOHN R. OAKLEY. AUCTIONEER.?BY OAKLEYk WRIGHT, office 343 Fulton street, Hrooklyu ? As sense's sale of a large and extensive aaeortmeutof fan cy, staple and domest'c dry goods, on Tuesday, June 28, at 10 o'clock A M.atN# 169 AVautia atrost, Brooalyo will be continued thla day and from day to day, until all ia sold ? consisting of crape, broshe and other shawls, mantillas, Spacal,4, ber?' bombaxin.s g.nghami, pr uts ratine, silk velvets, tab? do . Swiss, boot, Nain sook, jaconet, cambric, plaid and striped muslins, tarle t?n? Ctapeo, laces,rlbbooa, gimps, fr nges, gazoos, tie tela button*, beltioga, ollars gloves, lasa veils, bareges, 1 nen carnbr o har dkerchiefs, emhroidsries, muslins, Imto ebfetinas, shirtings and tn.utiogs, napkins, doylies, ' < raebta, bird's eye linens, towellings, table do., drepery muslins, lace curtains, table cotrere,cambric*, paper do., skirts, flannels, ko , sc.; largo French plata mirrors, counters, Ac , bo. By order of ' ' N. LAKE, Esq., Assignee MORTGAGEE'S SALE OF HORSES ? FRANKUN & NICHOLS will etll la front of their etorea, 79 Na3 ssU street, this Cay, (Wednesday.) at 12 M.. ** J horses, eight rears old. an! bolwved to be perfectly sound, taken frotu a Lang Island farm. By order of tie Mortgagee. 0RTGA0F. SAt.K OF HOU3EHOTJ) KURNI CURE ? A 61 CKIdTALAR, Anctionser, will eelt, on this day. 27tb itst , at 10o'c'ooa. at 23 stairs remered lor conrenl?nce of sale, a large assort ment of fuinitais, consisting or French plate oral mir rors pitr (Usees, rosewood sad mahogany parlor chair ?, sofra tela-e tstea, divans, wardrobes, bursau*, rrsncu nil <>gat"y bw'.steada, a good ssnortmert of oil paint ugt, ore innboserr octave piano, 200 y ards Brussels c?r pet, beds and bedding, &o. By order of mortgagee. PAWNBROKER'S SALK TflB DAY ?WM. N. LEWIS fc tUN will sail at 151 Bowery, up stairs, a large assortment of gold sud silver watched# rings do. olns. rtrgs, pins, gold chains, anl a variety of Uaof gocda bale to commt nee at half pa it 10 o clock. By order cfWm. S inpson k Co , 181 Bo aery, corner or De ancey street BU83F.LL W. WKHTOOTT, AUCTIONBER.?HOUSE sale of handsome furniture, pianoforte, carpets, kc., tb.i> day. (\Ys3u,..3ay), at 10)4 o'clock, Waning the entire contents o! house 71 E gh'.h avsnue, which is to be iold without reserve, presenting to houset^epcM and dealers an ooporiuuitj to purohase a large vanety o. parlor, chamber end dlniogroom furnt'ur?. at their^o sa prices, cataloguesof woich can be obta oel at tbe house, ?nd the whole examined on the im rniogor sale?coaswt ?, g of superior rosewood pianoforte, EugUsn tcpestry, W ilton and iograin carpets, on sateen rooms, solul roes wcodsnlt parlor furniture, rosewood mirrtr front e^e acre p er and cval mirrors, loscwooi marble top centre and pier tables, arm and Gothic chairs, rich niawl vahts, French clock*, oil palnhngs, rosewood and maho s&dj Gotbio bedateada, auprrb hair mittie?aes, feithsr beds, marble top rosewood and mahogany bureaus. msr bl? ton wast stands, sofas, one elegant sofa bedst'Si, spring seat snd French chairs, rockers, tete a-tetea, &c , with a l?rgc variety of bedroom and basement furniture, twelve foot extension table, china, silver ware, 4tc. No pot tpont mi nt. ? -raEffiFLl. W. WF.STCOTT, AUCHONKER.?MAGNI best fcscripiion, and Is to be peremptorily sold, cata logues of wfcich can be obUlned on the mornlng of sate, jTp_ the whole o?n he examine 1. I arlors?Elegant rote wood seven oetave pianoforte, coat 9400, with satin w^d atoov Kngllah velvet carpets two magnlBc.nt .tuiiiiini Vleasnt pier and oval mirrors, cost 9Z0) each , statuary marble top centre table*, one solld ros^ wooa parlor suit in French brocade, two so as, two arm chatns and four parlor chairs with slip corsra, one autt solid iosawood fn three oolnmn eoveN; vuptrb rosewood 0t#gere, ^ ' a U st_ ^ ? f*A wri4h Uliiill U'fWlfl lilliBM I GOttllO Uoe curUlns. cobUj ina elegant maovi t?w, ? in France illzatethlan clock, &c , with a ohofce and valuable collection of oil painUnga, worthy of ipsoal attention. Pining room furniture?Elegant oak exten sion table, oak marble top sideboard, oak d.n ng^a chairs variety of rich silver wara, Parisian china, crya tal cut glass ware, balance handle cutlery, Aubuaaonicar pets ko. Chamber furniture?Superb carved roaewool Ws'tasSa do. mahogany, with pin# curled hair mattrea ?ea and palliapea tlegant roes wood and mahogany mar ki^ ?nn hnrcana full marble top waehstanda, carved rosewood and makogany tete-a tetea. sofas, arm chairs, rosewood amour de glace, roeewood1 and impo'^ epri?? ssw?sr ? SKjaSarS The sale will be positive, without regard to weather, anl a deposit required of every purchaser. SOHEWOOD PARLOR FURNITURE?WILL BE HOLD ?t taction, this day, commencing at 10% o'clook, L Nassau street; tl.o, extension dining tables, of su petior quality, with a large stock of other excellent fur niture, mattresses, pianofortes, Ac ; oil paintings and mirrors, TUNIS MOKKKLL, Auctioneer. QtEGARS?WILL BE SOLD AT AUCTION, THIS O morning, at 10)< o'olock, at 81 Nassau street, in lots to suit wholesale or retail buyers, flee different kinds, all imported Havaaas; at same time, flee demi johns of braney, for whatever it brings, warranted as sample. TUNIS MORRKLL, Auctioneer. f7 KLVET AND BRUSSELS CARPETING?WILL BE V sold this day, at 10% o'clock, at 81 Nassau street from English factory, of superior quality; elegant de signs. Any number of yards. At same time, furniture, ou paintings, mirrors, Ac , in large variety; also, rose wood and mahogany pianofortes. TUNIS MORRELL, Auctioneer. BA. CHILTON, AUCTIONEER.?ONE-UALT OF THE . steam tow boat Thomas Salmon at auction.?COLE A CHILTON will sell atauotion, on Wednesday, Jane27, lfW, at iSo'cleek, at the Merchants' Exchange, under direction of J. S. Underbill, the one-ball, owned by Kobort MeCor mlck, of the steam towboat Thomas Salmon, at sho now list at the foot of Jacktoa street, Bast river for terms and paHienlars apply to the auctioneers. 46 Nassao street. CHANCERY SALE.?EXTENSIVE SALE OF VALUA ble property ia the city of Patstson, N. J , belonging to tbt estate of the la'.e Dr. W. Mages, deceased, at aoetien. By order of H. A. WILLIAMS, Esq., Master In Chaneery. the undermentioned valuable real estate will be sold by anttlou, on Wednesday next, the27th inst., and following days, com mencing at one o'eiook eaoh day, on the respective promises: 1. One lot, containing about 10 36-100 acres, to bo sold in naroels of cne 4-100 acre*, adjoining lands of Albert Van Ilouten, Edo Van Winkle and others, and within a abort distance of the market. 2. One lot, aevon aoros and 24 100, adjoining land* ot H G. Garrison and ethers. 3. One lot of five a eves and 82-100, formsrly owned by Aaron A. Vaa Hon ten. 4. A corner lot, 26 feet on MU1 street, 100 feet on Oli ver, and 26 in rear. A A let adjoining the above en the north, being 26 feet front and rear, by lOO. 8. A boose and lot (No. 80) on the north aide of Congress street, 26 fset front and rear by ion. 7. A number of lots on Mansion street, in tear of Broadway and Main street, with the Ita piovements thereon. 8. Two bonnes and oae let, being No# 74 and 76 on Parke street; let 27 feet 6 inches front and rear by 40 feet deep. 9. A honse and lot (No. 70) in Broadwav; lot 26 by 100. 10. An extenalve stone building. No. (18 Breed way, long and well known as the etore and residenoe of tbo late Doctor Magee; the lot la 26 by 100, and tha premises are replete with every eoavenlenee. 11. Two splendid atone buildings, being Has. !<6 aad 97, an ths sast aide sf Main street, eaoh let 20 by 100. and generally admitted to bo the beat business location la the oity. Terms will be made known at the salo. For a mere full description of the property re ference may be made to the advertiiemeat of the Master ia Chanoery, Inserted In the Pateraen Guardian; to William Rmndred, Esq., 176 Chatham street, New "York; to C. 8 Tan Wegener, lea., or ROE'T. CU13WELL, Auctioneer ? ANTHOLOGY. CARD?MADAM PREWSTER RETURNS THANKS TO her friends aad patrons, aad begs to say that, after the thouaands, both ia this city aad Philadelphia, who bave,consulted bar with entire satisfaction,fsbe (eels con fident that In the questions of astrology, love and law matters, and book*, or oraelts, as relied on constantly by Napoleon, rhe has no equal. She will tell the name of the futnre husband, and also the nttue of her visiter. Resif ence 70 Madleon street, one door from Catherine. IT ADAME MORROW .?THIS HIGHLY GIFTED LADY JxJ 1* a seventh daughter, and was bora with a gift to tell past and future events. She Is the most wonder ful aatrologfet fn the world; she will even tell their very thoughts. N. B.?No charge If uot satisfied. Gentle men not admitted. 78 Broome street, near Caansn. "Vf ADAME ALW1N, RENOWNED PHRENOLOGIST, lYJL from Paris, can be consulted about love, marriage, business. Ac., and will toll the name of the lady or gen tleman they will marry; also the names of hsr visiters. Residence 809 Bowery, between First and Second streets. HF.3TAURANTM. ~ KOTICK?THE UNDERSIGNED TAKE PLEASURE IN dnformlr^ their friends and the nubile that they win open t)>lr new eating house at 82 Nassau street, Bi the TVtanda of the building formerly occupied by ? Tovu?end,) this day, June 27. SAVAGE k RUNpSLL, TKIiKTS' REOISTBR. A PABTMYNTS OF FIVE ROOM* THHKK F1RK A ChcM, t*o with BirMt Mu<kb. Oreten ftUr en 1 Willi pipe ia raw, on tha 'bird flior, also, prinlip ia froat basement u> mh ia, and rault. ia the house 1S3 Amity street Inquire of Mr# T. Reymead, at 91 Amos a.reek VFOAKLdNQ HOUdK 10 LET?NEAR BRiADWAY, SI below Cuil etre?t?ooateiaing about fourteen reoaM aad from treaty-a re to thirty g*od boardera who will remain. Veariy rent 9600 Faraitare aad every* thing complete, price 9600 with immediate possession. Apply thia day, to B. W RICHARD* SOT Breadway. Broadway stork to lkt-no sot, corner o? Duaae etreet. Apply at EVERDELL'3, on the pre mi e?. CtOAI. YARD TO LET ?THE COAL YARD IN WASH ) tngton atreet, near Canal etreet. App'y at 5/Fourth avenue, front room, eecond itory, corner of Ninth atreet Irom 7 to 9 morning and evening, or at 17 Wall, from 11 1 to 3 P. M., front office, eecond Hjot. j FURNISHED APARTMENTS NEAR THE FERRY ?A ' parlor and bedroom attache 1, with or without . beard; a good kitchen alee, if required, bath ro>u? aed gas; hOTue ia pleasantly altuated. For parttculare la quire of Mr. VAN BOSKKKCK, comer of Pint aad \ Washington ilwrU, Hoboken FLRNIaHhO COUNTRY RKtlDENCE TO LET FOR ' the luaaer? I'ro Hill farm, oppoeite Fort Schuyler, at the head of Utile Nook bay, with Urge 1 garden, ice end bathing bouses, Ac Communication > several time* n day by Flushing Railroad and it we Hoc. B. U. CUTTfcR. Little Neci, l/>ng uTand. Furnished rooms to let at rcdwcku rates ? A room, bedroom and kitchen, to a am all family. Apply at 12S West Twenty fourth atreet. Also. part of a tirst cine home, f urnleh'd or net, to euit. The fami ly bring email, the applicant can make arrangements to euit biraerlf. Apply ni above. HOBOKEN.-PART OK A HOUSE 10 LET, CON eiatiog of 4 to C roome, in a line location. Apply at tfao premiers, 127 Hudson street, Hobekei, or 177 Wil liam street, New York. W. FRIKDLANBER. KOOMS AND BOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY ?THE cn'lre aroond floor, consisting of beautiful, airy I roome, alao rooms on brat and third floors, with bath, I geah, kn , maybe obtained by a gem eel family, at 52 East Sixteenth etreet, near Irving piece and Union park. References exchanged. STORK TO LET?THE LA RISK STORE 23* THIRD avenue.?This la *n excellent location for any kind of business. Also, the floor^>vnr tbe store, consisting cf four large pleasant looms, to let together or separata. Posieaeion immediately. Apply to JOHN KOlEY, 167 Broadway. OTABIJ? TO LET.?STABLE IN REAR OF 419 ijr Broadway, la Crosby itrcet, four stalls anl go j 1 rcom (or eirr age harness aad feed, otf iron tbe street, with tbe entries, use of alley leading to siable. R-nt 9*26 per month. Poseeestoa gtvea immediately Apply to S. 1 ELAND & CO., Metropolitan Hotel. T 10 LET.?AT CLIFTON, 31 ATEN 131.AND, A NEATLY furnished and comforUbte house, (or th? furniture will be told at a moderate prtco,) pievunily 'situated on Simon eon's avenue, a few minute*' walk south of VandTbilt'a 'ending. It la built with a good airy base ment, an all conveniences within the houne, and ia new rcaoy e0r Immediate occupation T* see the mises, aiply to T. BATTKLLE, Tewosind avenue, or 163 Front atreet, New York rj 0 1JT?A FOUR STORY HOUSE, ON PRINCE X street, in fine order, gas, bath, Ac. Ileal 9i00. Al io a tbree sioiy bse-meat house on Fnurtn avenue, in el. gi nt order; bath, gr.s, Rent 9660. Also, a email rouse, at ?3i0. E. B. KJNSHIMER, 319 Fourth arena*. TO LET-A I.ARC.E ROOK AND ATTIC BEDROOM, 113 West EliUeotb etreet; epkitr-iems of three, rooml, iscli, on fl tit fl'or, war; rent tfi.S'I ?'*<>, aoirtments. 163 West Eighteen'!* etreet, rear Douce, rsni 94>?; to cone but fiusU respectable faiuil es. Apply at 103 Thompson street, rpo IJiT?THE STORE NO. 40 READK STREET, 1 fl ty feet cast cf Proadway, oppoaits SUwari'c. Kent $'jtO. Apply at tiEUUEL'S, 30*2 Broadway. 10 LET?THE HOU-E NO. 86 DUANK STREET, first hou e east of Protlway; two rooms on tii* first floor, for 9180 per year; tvo rooms ou .be second flocr, lor bllH per year; two rooms on the thirdfloor for 912& per year These rooms will bv rented for say light manufacturing business. Apply at OEMMEE'S, No. 30'2 Broadway. ri',0 LET?1 FINE TWO STORY HOUSE ON HOBOKEN X Heights, fifteen minutes' walk fa ia the ferry, tbree lo's or groood, well fenced, onuimaading a splen did view ot New York bay. Real 912 per month. Ad dress Hoboken, Herald office. TO IET ?THE SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE 133 AMITY street, consisting of five rooms, w'.th Cro'on wet r. K?nt92i0. Porvesaion linmsaiately. Part of tha furni ture for eale, cheap. Apply in the atom, '236 Hudson at. TO LET?AT 145 TWENTY SECOND STREET, BE tween Seventh and Eighth avenues, a new elegant brown btone bouse?rent flcLO only; furniture for sain vi"y cheap. Can be seen at any time. TO LET-STORE 316 PEARL STREET NEAR Peck slip, with a email and well selected atook of clothing and fixtures for sale. Rent only 9275, with a base ot three yeare; the stand Is good for the bua.neua. For particular* apply on the premier a. TO LET-UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS, CONSISTING of four or Ave roome, with all modern improvements; to be rented to n respectable family. Call at ?0 Am ty street. TO LET?ATA MODERATE RENT, WITH IMMEDIATE possession, either the lower or upper part of a large four atory bouse, very pleasantly situated, near St. John's perk, in Varick street; also on Broadway, abort Chambera atreet, a Urge room. 25 by 75 feet. H. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. TO LET-OFFICES IN CHAMBERS STREET, NEAR | tbe City Hall. Are Urge handsome roo as, aad second to no office in tbe rtrcet with respect to their aceptation to a professional business Inquire at 12 Clismbere street. Also a Urge baiement with a good entrance. TO LET-ELEGANT APARTMENTS, AT 300 MOTT street, between Housten and Bleecker, near 8road wey and the Bowery, with or without lurn.tnre, and, U desired, breakfast. 110 LET?TO A RESECTABLE FAMILY, FURNISHED . or unfurnished, the spacious and convenient four istory bouse 114 W??erley plane, with (as, bath, chan deliers, be. Inquire of E A rrWATER, el Msedoofal street, or oa the premises for three days. r LET?THE SMALL NEAT HOUSE 256 TENTH street, with gas, bath and Oroton water. To a good tenant it will be let cheap. Apply to JAB. KELLY, 97 Seventh street, near First avenue. TO IJT?THE SMALL THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE Nr. 6 Garden row, Eleventh street, near Sixth avenue; bouse in complete order, and at sseall rent; possession given Immediately. Inquire of D. W.FEIN ION, 167 Broadway, up atairr. 1.0 LET-TO A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, A LARGE parlor, sleeping room and basement; rent 9175 per arnum; cue room more, If required. Apply on tbe pre mises, 16 Wooeter street, near Canal. References re quired. TO LET?A LARGE 8T0RE, ?50 EIGHTH AVENUE, between twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth streets, well calculated for a hardware (tore, as there Is none in tLe vioinity, or for the furniture or leather business, or any thirg elsn that requires room; it is also a first rate stand f.,r a vegetable, fleh and meat market. Rent 925 per month. TO LET?THE UPPER PART OF THE HOUSE NO. 61 Canal street, suitable for any kind of business purposes; also, a handsome suit of parlors, on the drat flcor of house 272 Sixth avenue, thr?e doors from f-eventeerth street, which will be let furnished or un furnished. 10 LET?TBE LOWER PART AND TWO OR THREE rooms in the third story of the commodious dwell ing house, 181 Seventh avenue, near Twenty third street. Has all the modern Improvements. To a small select family the rant will be very low. The advertiser occupies tbe balance of tbe house tor his own family. TO LET?TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, THE upper part of house No. 121 Seooud street, near First ateaue, with the necessary arrangements, such as gas all thrtngh the house, hot and cold water, with privib ge of bathing tuba and all other necessary acoom modatioas. Apply an the premises. TO LET-THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, NO. ICS Leonard street, a few doors east of Broadway. Ibta bouse is very conveniently located, contains thir teen rcoma, with sufficient olvsat room, and is suitable either for a private family or boarding house. For terms, be., apply to 3. OUNOVKK, 298 Broadway. rl IJCT?THE LOWER PART OF nOUSK 98 ALLEN ?tuet, to one or two small families. rtAO LEASE?FOR A TERM OF YRAR8, THE FINE L store and dwelling, No, 715 Eighth avenue, weat aide, between Forty ninth end Fiftieth streets; the ebove store is suitable for almoot aoy kind of respectable business. Inquire of SMITH at WOODELL, No. 444 Eighth avenue, or No. 626 Sixth avenue. rO IKT OR FOR BALE?7,500 SQUARE FEET ON THE ground floor, equal to throe fall lots, for any busi ness requiring muoh room, at Nos 63 and 65 Centre street, near Pearl, suitable for hard wool and seasoned lumber, large iron or brass foundry steam engine, for letting out power to shops. r BUTCHERS.?10 LET OR IJtAMt, THE MEAT market on the corner of Twenty-eighth sireetend Second avenue, with the privilege of buying the stock and flxturos belonging to the same, is now doing a good ptofltable business. TO DRUGGISTS.-TO I RARE. THE FINE STORK ano basement, west aide of Sixth avenue, between Forty-eixth tad Forty seventh street?; would maken gapttal stand to commence tbe drug business, as there is wo other stove of the kind in tl># neighborhood Terms will bo mads wry easy end liberal to the right kind of tenant. Apply to JOHN MUKTHA, 6t* Sixth avonuo. rO LIT?TWO TH1ER STORY BROW* STOVE Ikeat Basils!' baMmeat heuaee, with ail tht aaedtrn iaeprevemsBM. la Twenty 6mt ?tr??^ bMwm riHh aad Sixth avsnnes Apply to ALEXANDER W1CUBCKEE, 9i>UbwW etftet. fro GENTEEL FAMILIES 8TDDTLNO ^ 1 let IB WmiMMbnfg. tt~ -7?T?tt*^ water. gas chandellere, ohwrrtmn "'fg JVr ? 15 mtentee fro* Grand etreet R"J*F. l?t1|JR1-lr | nun; alee, a buJdtag itlUbto fBr i^l-* wmm. qnire at 458 Grand ?trent, fritUamehnMf. UNFURNLSEKD BOOMS TO MT?ArBTS I*?A1 street, near Franelm ud back ftrltrt, with olosete, *c- ??? Apply M ?DO?*. Basement to iit-EHti'abiltoia-J?^saj ber., fcfcioneble boat 01 lenah maker#, bat .tore 138 Chaataat streey / I'tUNTK V RESIDENCE T0,,L,rT~;t?. of Giecville. 8H mlU*',0i'twa eho??*r ????.??*??!L,CTga'>^' wSum ?sx ?< a* .*SL JTAOtHAA, TorvabwUr. 71 Broad ? Sara?s.? ?r'il?HS33 ?ud 33 x^?ka>.? street l,ok.*?^?J^5fSnHH jE?7fcoftEJuTiOM A? ?"?? street. ' Ne**au Itioot. , -Wwa?A1 i mOCAEPET, CABINET. MTJPH^TERB^AC^ 1 lolet or tbabnuea ?A Bew*7. t* "?* for tba .boto bualaess, lbs tir.t Mi j liUrl front wUeh ee?bs entirely op..e*fwdiS?lA* A "be e#stern car train* P?? the i*ewl?ee, which JWW location de.irehj\ '0Tw?iho?bw" .tM teGBO. w. DEAN, 108 Thorn pee ??*. ~ a P k r IALXOTICK H ? i a PA1H AND FESTIVAL.?THE LAM? Of 1 A Panl'a church, MorrieanU, Will hold _ itZlivalat Hall, Mt-rrWA. ?? WW? and Ibundi), Ut. 2Jth and 2?th Jua^ 18S*'_,_.?J!T ce.dc of whica art to bo devoted to the oooipiatiowj the I'aieonage, cow In tbe oource of erection. w?; the weather prove unfavorable on the aboref .al'eM, the fair wtU take place on Friday and SatneEng ensuing Dod.orth'e Band U en?a~d f? ^**,,'',1 The iiarlria care leave the City HaU. ?. Y , for MeefWr i a at B.SO, A M.; 2.15. 8:80. 4:5.45. ?? ^ ? p M. Returning to New Torfc at 1.28, 8.62, ii?* 1:03,7:28,9.13. /"lOVGRFSI OF NATION'S ?THE ADVERTISERS AEI C S?1 to treat, on behalf of th. b--tatu^wlU abipowaere, soipmseter* other., for t^daUrjeylr thwoi'v, irom Ml parti o! the hab^bleglobe, portion of the f^t^oBlog'^ngreec^a^ofc wWrt congreee Isto constat of on.per.on of eachmxjmEmmj her native costume) of every tribe, >*?>**'** a(tfr eA"er^ thf Ablation. 70 Wall etreet, baeem.n>o*J c^ss lit;-ant. , ? rd of the people's rtghia, and to ??eef I Uuui. Ci iinil olliceholdera of the wara them thai men can be elected wlthOttB fn iriaary nomination. Let as show ,re n o of integrity and ability in tolMHjl ho s*k for no primary nominations, but tor] upportof the elertors, and the nawavering ?? trttone ot the EaceUtor Uud^ QRr)VR 0F THE clPB.^ 1 ?ass? ivr-i''3 day o! Jnlv, 1865. at 4 o'clbok P. M , fw tt e'ectlog oilicers to rttrT# SeoreUrp. _ f ? PbiUdfrlpbim, June a7. ThTOIICK?THE MEMBERS OF HENRY CEAY LODO N No 10, A P. A , are r.quecUd to -Jf^ttW ^\^.^^U.rrTkt^rU??MES^lU>MlE,W. M. TBAWBERRY FttllVAU-^ aOD^EJOOj , .treet M. ?. Church and SabSeh<?. wUIJJ , ">HE COMMITTEE ON R?AD?? nitv^i I Aldermen, wiU meet at No. 8 City Hall, ?? * j day, Jure 28, 1865. at 2 o'clomlt, P. M. All |WMME*|| terected in the graie of Eighty-sUth etwrt are iWfMl fnlly invito t, be prwent^ DRf^|rder . ANSON HERRICK, V Com mitten. C. H. TUCKER, ) TO PLCMBEKt*.?THE1AEMBHW OF THE Ofll etreet end Sixth avenue, on?*t Jamib DowovAir, Segretsiy. - mHI UNITED STATES EAILWAT gRSURlTT ASM1 I elation for the .urpoee et aseertalnlag the basis an* actnalValne of all kia/s of steeto, b-d-, aod w?ritimi fcined by er ea behall of evsrr rallread j* *h. eonabtrl uiKhru'"? ;|KiSTffSi.W?T. MM? New Terh, June 18,186A INSTRtCTIOIT. CARD.?THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE ITER pupils daily, this vNk, for Instruction la aloam tton, pecmiulup, 4c., by olass or private iastraottoa OLIVER B. GOUD8MITH, MS Broadway. I ,'IIIMII AND GERMAN LANGUAGES.?LEOOMI d Anglais.?The undersigned, private teacher, oem f m -H to re:elre new pupils for instruction la tho tWa languages during the Rummer torn, m alao to audi translat.ons, at 483 Broadway, near Broome street. E. TELLEROTO. S! iFANIML?A GENTLEMAN WHO WISHES TO 01 prove ia the Spanish language, la desirous to h> admitted aa a boarder la a Spanish family, residing ia hew York. Apply to O. N , tit. Nloholaa Hotel, room 44,; "PHOTOGRAPHY. ? THE COLLODION PROCME 1 taught in all Its braachae by a geatlemaa from Europe. Apply by letter, to A. Z., care of Mr. Koyaar, 428 Bioadway. R OWL'S WRITING AHD BOOKKEEPING AOADEMT. 443 Broadway, neat Grand street.?lad lee gentlemen, (It matters not as to age or deSetsaay,) taught a perfeot system of penauuuhlp la twelve lie rods. Reserved hours for ladies from 2 to 3 aed S to 4 P. M. Instructions at tha resicenoi Wedding and visiting cards, 4o. wrl red need this and the ensuing week. P. M. Instructions at tha realcanoe of pnpils. as nsael Wedding and cards, Ac. written to order. BOOKKEEFING?C. c. MARSH'S COUNTINa ROOMS, for tbe praotlee ef bookkeeping, writing. As., 348 Tlnad war. Appleton BaUdlag. Open daily, flrom 8 A. M., tot p!?. CaH for olreulara. Marsh's eo; " * * ^ soaplete work* oa book keeping, la Spaalsh and Eaglish, priated ta eelota, sale as a here. XtOOEERRPINO. PENMANSHIP, do., ARRTAUflla* X) la a taperler aad espedltloBS a DIXON, 346 Broadway, where pet qualified to discharge the duties ef I promptness, feeiMty aad desvateh. WHAS TED?AS GOVERNESS FOR TWO TOUNQ LA I I diss, a lady who will he wllllag te reside ia a par RSetly healthy part ef the stty ef oSateetea, ramasac and winter. She mart be capable ef tooeMig asatio aad - isik las well as tbe higher branches ef aa Ragllsk sdasatten. Of agretable address, maaasm aad appearaaee. aadaeteeei Itolrty years of age. The meet aaeaeeptleaabl# refimass as to eharaeier wlIlHBH SOS, iharaeter and oapaetty, will be required, ae the alan I be UboToL For farther partleelart address A. B., has , Charleston. Booth Caroline, an Ml the 10th ef Jnly asak FURldTVRE. JpURNITCRE.?THE ENTIRE CONTENTS Of A FIERI tIMI ana i at prirate i , dress W. H., box IBS, Herald oil K?l A MILLED COTTAGE rBRMlTPEf?EBAT. ? ty suite as.lew a. ??? weewj room. f>34 Roadway, ,m BUmrtwflft.toato^g* rose sad "ether faaey weed*," tee numerous to aom?.**Pm ties intending te bey furniture wfQ tod It te their odea-. ts-s by oallieg end judging ler themselves previous te pet I chasing elsewhere. PertTenlac nttebHen petd te peekte. M shipping ef goods and fnrnUere. FRB01BICC EOV *4 SB Boulevard Been Marehais. P. S.?All erdntn Mm brother's, A. Be as, 478 Broadway, New Berk, pnaetsalhl ended \ end No hie SPIXUTUAJLIIBL. Clairvoyance i difkasi i mkdicisb ? ? i HAT ra, of thla city, poseresns superior Clears tad h'allng powers. She Is aekaowladged by pwef ef that aalrnea to be the best aeedleal clairvoyant, weak boss, should consult Mrs. Havne can beer from thvir long aboaatXlsadg h_, SfoSjK'iwSr* ?* to t^Tos^

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