Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1855 Page 5
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minutes afUr boob. Tko Waahidfcton was ast ia aght. * Mim.NT ?Too of ths crow of tko brig Itaeka, at Sa vannah, bound to Both, rofuood to obey orders of ths pilot while leaving the dock nt Savannah, 22d laat, vUn the pilot felled one of them, who hi! atraek at him. The man thee seized a hatchet, aad hie com panion tone other weapon, when, to enve hie life, the pUet, Mr. Walia so Smith, jatnpod late the rirer. The two matinee re were nr roe Led and pat in jail. Qok-k Trip.?Br g Golden Ago, Curtie, muter, of Hall lex, N. 8., sailed from New York on Saturday, 26th of M?y. at 8 P. M | arrived at Matanzai, Cuba, on Monday, 34 last., sailed from thence on Thursday, 13th Inet., and anchored at Quarantine on Friday, at 6 P. M., being absent from New York only twenty-seven days; de tained torenty-four hours by fog off Sandy Hook. furs or m Schoo.vxb Chaluengk ?The ship Chllo, (of Boston), Capt. Doshon, arrived yesterday tram Po nang. bad on board Captain Man bob, hie mate and three sea seen of the schooner Challenge, which capsized 13th last on her pasaage from Boetoo to Jeremie. They es caped la the boat, and ware picked np on the 23d, In lat. 86, Ion. 70 30. The following ie Captain Manson'e state ment of the disaster -? The ecfcr Challenge, of Plymouth, (Mass.) master, sailed irom Boston on the 9th Inst, with a cargo of lumber and provisions, bound to Jeremie (8fc Domtn go), and on the 18th instant, lat. 37, Ion. 08, la a aqual from N. W. wee capsized. She subsequently righted full of water. Capt. M., mate and orew remained on the wreck foi ten days without water, but succeeded in petting some provisions from tbe cabin. On the 23d inet., lat. 36, Ion. 70 30, aaw a ship, when wo took one boat tnd suereeded in boarding her. The sjiip proved to bo the Chilo, Capt. Deihon, from I'enang for New York. We were kindly received on board. Capt. M. left his steward on the wreck in a dying state. Names ef these saved Mr. C. Manson, (master); G. Y. Sal vester, mate; I'eter Fllnn, E. Manson, and Robt. Jones, eeamtn. Naval Intelligence. Assistant Surgeon A. M. Lynch has bien ordered on daty on board tbo U. S. receiving ship North Carolina, Brooklyn Navy Yard. C. S steamer John Hancock, Commander Roger*, was at Komiseng, one of the Loo Choo Islanls, April 28. She was at anchor, surveying the islands U. 8. frigate Macedonian, Corominder M'Cluney, was signalized April 11, off Breaker Point. Tnd M. is bound from Hong Kong to Shanghao and the Bonin Islands. Court Colondeur?Thin Day. Citric Statsb District Ooi rt?Noh. 68, 59, 61 to 68, Tbe Great Wonder!?Everybody who has pissed down Brostway the psst week or two (and who baa not?) has paused to note the improvements going en at the coiner of Fulton street. " Bless me ! what alterations I" come have exclaimed. " Really I" ano ther baa ejaculate 1, "what tsste, what elegance I" A third l as pronounced the picture one of inffuite satis faction, because amid all the beauty contemplated there was a pervading sense of tbe useful and the business like?a charming union of tne neceesary and the luxu rious. Why, tht curions axranagnneat of the swning woik alone (the machinery was manufactured by Mr. De Bow, at B. F. Miller's, 26 West Broadway,) occasioned a w< r\c of interrogations, and was always followed by a universe of surprise and acmira'ion. Bat who could it he that was Qtt-ng up inch a fairy palace of trade? Who could he be with ho much choice art.atlc taste anl such a geueioue spirit of enterprise? Who could he be with business patronage enough to justify such an out lay ? Be was s hatter?that was manifest. Every thing bespeke that fact. But our city is full of hatters, more ?r less successful In their way. The snrpasaingly great One all admitted to be KNOX. Bat Knox had already established himself at 633 Broadway, and 128 iulton street. Could he need another store, and one on so grand a scale as this ? Then the secret came out. It was Knox. He had le/sed the comer when tbe bull ling was put up. He oad now given up his narrow limits in Fulton street, end together with his siors up Broadway, intended to display the elegance of his manufacture, thn fsc.lities of his business, and the ease with which he eculd handsomely hat all New York inthLinew and recherche depositary of faehitn. Try Espenscheld's Hats.-?His Summer styles ere truly elegant, and their cheapness is a mar vel. His stock is of the choicest that can be produced, and the beauty, ease end elegance of tbe fabric beyond Briticism. EaPENCUElD, 118 Nassau street. lhe "Young America" Style of Straw Hat* ?.A Island & Co. are now prepared to furnish the nat ters wi'.b the above fashionable style of straw hat, of onr own manufacture; every hat will have the name printed in gold letters on the Up paper. We hive also a eomplete assortment of all other styles of men's, boys' IM children's straw bats, by the case or dozen. A. LEL&ND & CO.. 171 l'earl street Shaker Huts?Also, a Splendid Stock ot 7111 Unery straw goods and mantillas, at WM S. IRVINE'S, 112 Canal street. Brooklyn Fhotograpna, Co moo- Daguerreo types and r.agutrreotypea colored equal to miniatures.? Institute ol Photography, 249 Fulton street, next coor to Locket'a trimming storo, Brooklyn. Interior Views ot the Parts Crystal Palace. ko , &c ?Just received from Paris beautiful photogra phic views of the interior of tee palace, which, with one thousand other interesting pictures, may be seen in ealler es. l'ictores tsken daily, and toJda at wholesale or RtaU. MEADE BROTHERS, free galleries ef art, 233 Broadway, four dcora above Astor House. Obi Do You Remember tiie Picture Factory, corner of Rrade street and Broadway, where the brst 2a. daguerreotypes were offered ? That's the place now for the best eheap pictures in America. Photographs $1, *c. Row Music.?" Triumphal Polka."?Oscar Oomete.nt, 2b cent*.?The theme original and oletiing, the arrangement brilliant, hat not difficult. ' swinging Polks"?Thomas Baksr; illustrated with a beautiful colored vignette title, 3b csnts. ' Gersldine Scbottisjh" ?Baker, 26 cvnts. Three excellent productions for piano practice. HORACE WATERS, Publisher, 333 Broadway. Pianos?Horace Waters, 333 Broadway, has the tola sgency for the sale of T. Gilbtrt k Co.'i , Hill k Cum*ton's, Woojwara k Brown's, and Jacob Chicker lag's Boston pianos; aud bis is the only bouse where cao be obtained the celebrated modern improved Horace Wa ters' pianos, with overstriwgs. Prices lees than can be bad etaewhtie, axd which defy competition Pianos to rtat, and rent allowed on purchase. Pianos for sale on monthly payment*. Zephyr Casalmere Suits, $10?These Really beautilul suits are manufactured from a new descrip tion of woolltn goods, of rich, delicate shades. About one hundred of them are sold daily at EVANS' clothing warehouse, e6 and 63 Fulton street. Zephyr Merino, Lisle Thread, Cotton and silk under garments, for summer wear, in great varie ty, at MCLAUGHLIN'S shirt factory and men's furnUh store, 202 Greenwich street, corner of Chambers. Shirts made to ordtr. Black Silks.?alack Silks, of a Superior make, warranted to wear well, will be opened this morning, and will be sold at great bargains. Also, out ease or rich plaid sliaa, 20 im.h-is wide, at 6s. per yard. E. B. LEADBEATkR k CJ., 347 Broadway, corner of Leonard street. Mourning Goods ? We are now Selling Rich dresa silks, grenadines, bareges, bombazines,, tlsauia, delaines, ginghams, Canton crapee, and every other article necessary for these wearing mourning, at a rsdnetion ot 26 per ceut. We will open this day 1 case tins printed lawns, warranted fast colors, at6d per yard. E. H. LEADBEATEK k CO, 347 droaiway. Rot Printed I? Royal English velvet carpets, lis. a 12s. ptr yard. English tapestry Brussels do., 8s., vs. and IDs. per yd. Ingrains, 4s., 6s. snd 6s. per yard. BIRAM AN"PERSON'S, 90 Bowery, Sign of great Amerioan Eagle. 1 he Age of Humbug,?It is Hard to Believe anything lnthissge of professions; but if any of our leaders csn trust their own eyes and the judgment of the best critics of the age, they will at onae be cunrinoed that CAN fRELL'S gaiters era the moat beautiful things ?I the kind toat ever were beheld. ladles going to the oountTy s Centre 11 a call, at 336 Bowery, and order a suppftmhediately. Stager's Sewing Machines.?It Is a Foot known to thousands that one of the great clothing homes in Nsw Vork Is making extensive aalew of sum mer eoete and vests, made In e style of perfect exoellenoe never approached before. These costs end vests are aaade throughout, except button holes, by dinger's sew ing machines. It Is not strange that the Arm referred lo should hsvs a rush of butlneaa and obtain better prices than any of their competitor*. They have taken the right means, by employing exclusively dinger's ma ahtaea. These machine* hove just been greatly im proved, so as to run without noise and vtth very little exertion ol the operator. All other machines are liable to anlta for isfrisgementa of valid patent*. Singer's only can be bought with aafsty. I. 11. SINGER k 00., 823 Broadway. Dressmaking.?Ladles Sojourning at our faahionable bote a, who wish to secure the latest Pari sian style, will please observe that the nehwet cresses are finished in ten hours, by Mrs. FARNJWORTH, 827 Broadway, opposite Broadway Thaatrt. Setun.det a' BrestIng Cases, Fancy Cutlery, toilet articlei.fce., No. 7 Astor Houae snd 387 Broadway. The subscribers call tbe attention of the public to their collection of the above articles, which. In point of varie ty, la not equalled la tbe city. They have been selected with striet regard to quality, ami lo all case* are war ranted. A. k J. SAUNDERS, Nations, Princes, Presidents, With best of eMmlsts too, Gave medals and oertiflcatea, To prove tbe assertion true: That Lyon's Magnetic Powder Is (he only infallible Invention fcr destroying cockroaches, bedbugs, and all Insects. E. LYONS' signature oa genuine arti stes. Depot 424 Broadway, and No. 6 Booth Eighth street, Philadelphia. Whiskers that time's snow is sprinkling Can be darkened in a twinkling? By a Single Application of Crlstadoro's Ex* ?el/nor hair dye, which contains no caaatie, does not stain the akin, la inodorous, and imparts a matchless Mack or brown. Manufactuted and applied at No. 0 Arte* Hvaee. Dr. L. I. Wright's Scrofulous Antidote ? Cars for scrofula.?This invaluable preparation for all impurities of Ut Mood sod general ijrntm, has aoquired a reputation unequalled. ft i? the only medicine erer dlacorersd which wfU ef fectually cure consumption bronchitis, and all forma of scrofula, and baa effected the moat remarkable ousa Usnj r'fprr'ibleao" wo'l known c titen* bear textimOMfl to ita effl.-aey, and bare furnish* d certifl-.atea of ita Ml gic power. Of all diseases to which the human frame V1 subject, scrofula, in its numerous and various forme, it 1 the mart common and fatal. * The ecrofoioua antidote may be relioc on aa a aafe and affectiva remedy for all inch disease*. Persons aOiisted, or desirous of satisfying themselves as to the wondsrtul effect of this medicine, will be fur nished with a treaties on tubercular diseases, to which are appended numerous cart Scatsi attesting its power. Dr. L B. Wright may also ne consulted without cnarga, between tha tours of 12 M. and 2 P 11. at hi* office, 400 Broadway. Fold, wholesale and retail, at 409 Hroad way, and st the principal drug stores throughout the United States. Dr. L. B. W sight's Uquld Cathartic Car* for bilUousces*.?lbt? is ono of the moat agTOaahlo and effeetive cathartics; it is pleasant to the taste, produoaa neither griping nor nausea, ia a superior alterative, sets directly upon ths glandular ay stem, and removes Mllious nesa ilk# a charm. Unlike other cathartic*, it dose not leave any ill effects after being taken. The Liquid Ca tbartio is decidedly the greatest blesaing of the age No family should ho without it. Warranted purely vege table. Fold wholesale and retail, at 409 Broadway, and at the principal drug stores throughout the United States. The Cause of Fever and Ague U Malaria.? Take the unfailing antidote called Rhodes' Fever and Ague Cure, each bottle of which bears the certificates of the celebrated chimist, Dr. J. R. Chilton For sale by C. B. Ring, C. V. Clickener & Co , and dealers generally. J. A. RHODE*, Providence, R. I. Sure Death?Aator House, New York, Aug. 11, 1848 Messrs. Parson a A Co.?Gentlemen?We have used your Insect Fx terminator with Rreat success, and cheerfully recommend it to the publlo aa the beat pre paration for cockroaches we have ever need Yours, very truly, Coleman A Stetson. C. V. CLICKEXER A CO., No. 81 Barclay street, agents. It Is an Universal Observation that the beautUullest heads of hair are to be found amoog tha Indiana. They pr, serve it by the use of a liquid vegefa ble compound. The same la for sale at LOVEt'S Wabpene office, 702 Broadway. If You want Luxuriant Whiskers or Mens ticbea, my onguent will produce llrtm in six weeks. It won't atain or injur* the skin; $1 a bottle; large bottles containing eight, $6. Font to any part of the country. R. Q. URaHaM, 685 Broadway. Tsui, Pimples, Freckles, Eruptions, Erysl< pelaa, and Ml akin deformities, cured by GOURAUD'3 wonderful Italian medicated soap. Poudre subtile up roota hair from any part of the body. Loltv foreheads on man or woman, and sweet, smooth upper lips onthelat ter are desideratum*. Rouge, lily wbite, hair dye, and restorative at the old depot, 67 Walter street, near Broadway; Mrs. Hays, Brooalyn. Anson's Daguerreotypes.? .arge Sine ftor 50 cents, colored and in a nice oasc. twice the site others take for 60 cents, and equal in quality and site to those made elsewhere ror 42. ANSON, 589 Broedway, opposite Metro politan hotel. Photographs, Cameo-Daguerreotypea, Ste reoscopes and daguerreotypes oolomd like miniatures. No. 749 Fulton street, Brooklyn. CHA8 H. WaLLIaMSO'N, Artist and Proprietor, WlUiameon Institute. OiBce of the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad Company. Richmond, June 7,1855.?The President tnd directors of this eompany have declared a dividend of two and a half per oent on the capital stook, payable on and after the 80th day of June, 1855. at this office. J NO. WILLIAMS, Treasurer. Defiance Salamander dafts.?Robert M. Pat RICK, it the sole manufacturer in the United States of the above celebrated safe*, and patent powder-proof defiance looks and cross bars. Depot 192 Pearl street, one door below Maiden lane. Just Opened, llui's Urancn Hair Dyeing, cutting, curling and shampooing parlors, nt No. 1 Barelay street, ti ted ?p in n neat, comfortable and praotieal style. Shaving at this or the old stand, No. 15 Nassau street, six oents. Hollow ay's Ointment.?Salt Rheum, Scor butic eruptioni, and rcrotula, and iu all rheumatie oaiee, ibis reliable ointment should be ussd ns a sovereign remedy, even when all othtr means have been tried iu vain. Mold at the manufactories, 8u Maiden lane. New York, and 241 Stiand, 1 ondor, and by nil druggists, at 25 oents, G2>? cents, nnd $1 per pet Trusses, Shoulder Bracts, Ladles' Belts and supporters, instruments for bow legs, olnb feet, nnl nil de formities of the body, on hand ami made to order, by Dr. CLOVER, nt the Surgeon's Bandage institute, Nr. 4 Ann street. Married. On Sunday, June 24, in the Church of Nativity, by the Bev. Father MoClnnkey, Misti Margaret N. Morgan to Mr. P. l> Ssxton, ail oi this oity. Boston papers please copy. In Calvary Churoli, on luesday, June 16, by Bev. Mr. Tovell, CahLVTON T. Sawin, of buffalo, to Mies Harriet McKomb, of this city. In tie Catholic Apof tollc Church, Sixteenth street, by the Rev David M. Factler, Gkohok, son ol the late John Newhy, M D., to As.v 1> Rayhon, second daughter of the late Vv Ray ton, both of England. Un Tuesday evening, June 20, by the Rev. E Hatdeld, at the residence ol Thomas Ilu.ser, Esq , Mr. Jaws A. Savage late oi San Francisco, to Miss Emma Louisa Kin ziv, of Brooklyn. On Thursday. January 26, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Dr. I.ili e. John Thomas Hut chinson, Esq., of the Commercial b*nlt, to Ltdia Anns, third oaughter of the Rev. Rout. Mciean, A il., ol St. John's Presbyterian Church, Macquarie street, Hibart town, formtrly of Netrry, Ireland. Belfast and Newry papers p.ease copy. At Auderboo, B.C., by the Rev. J. Scott Murray. Sa muel Maverick Van Wyok, of Pendleton, ! C, ti Mar garet C. Bkoylhs, daughter of Dr. 0. R. liraylek, of the former p'ace. Died. On Sunday, June 24, Catharine M. Ouvklt. wife of Mstbew Olwel), aged 43 years, 9 mouths and 0 days. The friends ana relatives ot the family are respectfully injited to attend the funeral, from her lata rea dtnce, No. 11 St. Luke's place, Leroy street, at half past nine o'clock this morning. Funeral services at St. Joseph'* Church. Sixth avenue. Her remains erill be interreu in Eleventh Etivet Cemetery. On Monday, June 26, James Pattbon, aged 36 years. His friends and acquaintances are resp.c'.ful^Snvited to attend the funeral, tbis afternoon, at tfK> o'clock, from bis late residence, No. 16 Hubert street. On Monday evening, June 26, Margaret, youngest child of Owen and Ellen Keenen, aged 1 year, 6 months aud 12 days Ihe friends and acquaintances of the family, and those of her uncles, James Keliy and brothers, are invited to attend the funeral, from her father's residence, No. 70 Sheriff street, corcer of Riviogton street, this afternoon, at two o'clock. Her remains will be interred in Calvaiy Cemetery. On Monday, June 26, Mart Ann, wife of Martin H. Otters. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the lunaral, this afternoon, at one o'clock, from iter late residence, No. 202 Stanton street, corner of Ridge street. Suodenly, on Tuesday morning, June 26, William B Smith, in the 38th year of hia age. The friends of the family are invited to attend the fu nerel, iromhls late residenae, No. 60S Washington street, this afternoon, at four o'clock, without farther notice. On Tuesday, June 20, Rachel Ann, daughter of John and Charlotte M. Cisco Ehlers, aged 2 years, 7 months and 12 oays. The relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend.the funeral, from her late residence, No. bl Mott street, this morning, at ten o'clock On Tuesday, June 20, David P. Foster Dcbyee, aged 11 months and 3 days, son of tbe late Francis Duryee. The relatives of tbe faurly are invitsl to atteid the tuntral, tbis aiternoon, at bait past two o'clock, from No. 203 South street. On Tuesday, June 26, Louisa C , wife of Robert Bills btrrow. Ihe friends of the family are invited to at ten 1 the fu neral, tomorrow afternoon, at three o'clock, from her late residence, No. 274 Madison street. On Tuesday, June 20, of consumption, David Smow, aged 38 years, 1(1 months and 4 days. The relatives and frienda of the ramily art respsctfmlly invited to attend tbe funeral, this afternoon, at four o'clock, from his late reaidenoe, No. 180 Weai Twenty sixth street Danbury, Ct, papers please copy. Suddenly, in Brooklyn, on Tuesday, June 20, of diaea*e cf tie heart, Samuel I.oring, youngest son ol Philip P. and Maty Adam*, aged 19 years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, this afternoon, at four o'clock, from his late residence, No. SI8 Pacific street, Brooklyn. On Tuesday, June 20, of scarlet fever, William Abbott, youngest ion of Wm. H and Margaret A. Bun dick, and giandron of Jams* M. Oakley, aged 3 years and II months. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the reaidenoe of his grandfather, No. 74 South Second street, Williamsburg, this afters eon, at two o'cloek. At Frceport, L I, on 8nwday morning, June 17, Mrs Joanna Nald, aged 64 years, 3 months and 15 days. We loved her, yea, no tongne ean tell How mueh we loved her and how well. God loved her, too, and he thought boot To take her home to be at rest At Chatham, N. J , on Tuesday morning, June 26th, Edward Prick, formerly of this oity, in the 74lh year of hia age. The friends and relatives of tho family are requested to attend the funeral, from hia late residence, to morrow morning, at tloven o'cloek. Tbe eight o'clock A. M. train, from loot of Cortlandt street, will oonvey persons to Chatham depot, where carriages will be in waiting. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAY. EXPRESSES Brooklyn and new york express.-horse, wagon and basinets route for sale; an asttbMrhed crncern; the owner having soother business cannot at tend to It. Inquire at 42 Vesey ntrest pier, West Wash ington market. glTUDLET'S MEW YORK AND BROOKLYN BAGGAGE ) express ?Hits is tbe only express from Brooklyn for the exclusive conveyance of baggage, rhia expiess has made extensive arrangemvnts for obecklwg banrawe at tbe bouse for New Haven, Hudson river, Erie andPbll adelph't Rni>osu)a; also steamboats. Offlces No. 4 Hands st, Brooklyn s.wd 37 Canal it., corner 2i'th at. and 4th artbue, New York. uhvob duimoR. mWKNTY FIRST WARD LIQUOR DEALERS' AS90OA I tion ? AroaM mad attend jour meettaga.?The Fourth of July la uour at hand.?Reeolved, Taut aU and every person engaged in tki liquor trade, roaidiog ia the tentj first ward, are particularly requested to attend > meet lug of tbo Liquor Doalors' Association of tho I ated ward, which will be held at 372 Fourih avenue, near twentyseventh street, on Wedneedav evening, June 27, at eight o'clock, whoa and where they will receiTO In formation moat important to their interests. O. Biehop, Secretary. J. T. COX, President. IMPORTED LIQUORS IN BOND?WINES, BRANDIES, glas, Ac.?For sals, from under Custom House lock, ia the original packages, with certificates of importa tion, in halves, quartern and elghtlwpipea, lor sale by L H. SIMPSON ? SONS, 19 Beaver at. An excellent quality or claret wine at |2 pax dotea, (bottles rsturmedi; various grades of elaret, wUea brasdiae, ?in, tehwsppn London and Dublin porter, and Beotob alee, for sale at UMDERHILL A HAT TERSON'S, 130 Broome street, on the eoraer of Crosby it. ?R8?itA^' AO e e N WILL FIND A NOTE AT THE HERALD office. T> B., FROM RIPLEY, WISHES TO KNOW THE l>. direction of B. G. Address Broadway, City Post Office. BLATE OF 18 P. STREET, WILL SEE AN OLD . friend, by addressing X. X., Herald office, stating present residence. IF THE LADY WHO CALLED TWICE AT 74 SMITH street, Brooklyn, and lettber address as Mrs. Willis, will please call again any day tbls week, between twelve and one o'clock, ebe can ste the person abe wished to see, or by tending her address would confer a favor. L. 3. INFORMATION WANTED?RESPECTING S C. McOOY, who entered on board an American merchantman at Htog Kcng in 1848, having previously served in the Roy alist and Samsrang, British men-of-war. Any one who can give information respecting the above mentioned S. C. McCoy, is requested to communicate with Rev. Charles Hutchinson, West Dean Vioartga, Chichester, England. INFORMATION WANTED?OF JOHN FLYNN, OF Liverpool, who Jelt that city about 3X years ago II He would call on Mr Of orgs Tjresll,40 Roosevelt street, be will bear of something to his advantage; he must ask for James Donagh. J WAS IT YOU THAT PASSED ME LAST SaTUR , day alternoon in B. street Y If so, I can bs seen any day liom 4 too P. M. L. J. TLBJ. RED HOUSE, HARLEM.?THIS FASHIONABLE RE sort is now complete in all its appointments and the ? alec stables attached are constantly filled with the finest and fastest borses to be found. Persons in want of horses can always be supplied st tbs Rail House. The trotting track it in splendid order, and trotting matches occur every fine aft) moon. Tbo Beoond sveuue ears pats the door every fire minutes. TO TH1 LOVERS AND BREEDERS OF FINE STOCK. ?The celebrated thomugbred stallion Wild Irishman will stand tor ?. limited number of mares the ensuing sea son, at tbe Red tlmse stable*, at $50 tbe season. All mo reys to be paid before serving the mare. All aooidenta at tbe risk of tbe owners WTLLIaM A BROWN, Proprietor. LECTURER Lecture ox the church property question.? The second lecture on tbe Anti-American Spirit and Tendency of Episcopal Methodism will be giveo in Knickerbcckcr Hull, corner of Eighth avenue and Twen ty third street, on Wednesday evening, June 27, at 8 o'clcck, by John Qutncy Adams. Suijest?"Epis copal Methodism anti American in the peo ple from toe control of their puliLo funds and public buildings." Tbe speech of Hon J. O Putnam, in tbe New York Senate, will be reviewed, and its app lec tion to Episcopal Methodism clearly shown. Admission 25 cents The third lecture on Thursday, 28th inst. POLITICAL Grand mass meeting of the national de mocracy. The National Democratic Republican electors of tbe city of New York are invited to attend n meeting of the democracy of this city, to be held at tbe Metropolitan Theatre, Broadway, on Wednesday, 27th it st, at 7>i o'clock P M., for the purpose of taking into coniiceiation the condlt on and prospects of the Nation al Demtcratic party, and to review tbe oppressive and unjust legislation of the whig party ot this Stats, at the recent testion ot tbs Legislature. The following gentle men bare been invited to address tbe meeting:? Hon. Jesse D. Bright, Hon. Pirrre Souls, Hon R. M. T. Hunter, Hon Howell Cobb, Hon. Henry A. Wise, Hon. A. P Willard, Hon. George M. Dalits, Hoc. Fred. P. Stanton, Hen. Edruunl Burke, H n. J R. Thompson, Hon. William H Witt*, Hon. Hiram Walbrldgc, General fc. V. K Wright, Hon. Mike Walsh, Hen. Daniel S. Dickinson, Charles W. Carrigan, Esq., Hod. George W. Clinton, Hon. John Vandsrbilt, Hon. Elijah Ford, lion Ssmuel Boardsley, Bon. David L Seymour, Hon. I. H Hutebios, Hon. Lyman Tremain, Hon. JohnC. Mather, General Orville Clarke, General Aaron Ward, General Elijah Ward, General Rtndall, Hen. Alexander C. Morton, Hon. Jacob A. Westervslt, Hid. George A. Sealing, Hon Thomas J Barr, Herman B. Cutting, Esq , Samuel Mover, E?q., James T. Brady, Esq , Horace F. Clarke, Esq., Charles O'Connr, Esq., Hon. Daniel K. Si Ales, Hi n. Greens C. Bronson, Hon. Francis & Cutting, Bon. D. B Tavlor, Hon. R. J. DiUoa, Hon Thornss P St. John, Michael Dobsny, Esq , Hon In. B. Aitssn, Oolonsl SamuelFcwlar, and Hon. Stephen A. Itouglss, others. Bt ore er ef tbs following Committee of Arrangements, apjoin'ed by tbe National Democratic Republican Gene ral Committee of this city:? Hard*. Wards. 1?N. Dimond, 12? Bartlett Smith, 2?Jobn J Tait, 13?Charles M Smith, 2?A. J McCarty, 14?F. K. Suydain, 4?Henry M. Downes, 15?George C. Genet, f? John Y. Savage Jr., If?Samuel Radcllffe, f?Ttcmas J. Barr', 17?John M. Seaman, 7?A. T. Gallagher, 18?William Blake, T?J. B. Haekiu, 1??JamesC. Rutherford, 9-G. A. i onover, 20?l'eter B. Sweeney, 10?J. M. Mart-b, 21?Timothy Daly, 11?E. W. Glover, 22-Patrlck Mastereon. JOHN B. HASKIN, Chairman. AxTnoirr T. Galiacuhr, \a..? Giorg* C. GkSkT, |Secretaries. TUB third ANNIVERSARY of the YOUNG MEN'S DEMOCRATIC UNION CLUB, Will he eel, l,r?ted on J one 30, 1865, a*, the METROPOLITAN 1 UKATRE. The bslcosy, boxes and dress oitele will be reserved for la dies, and gentlemen accompanying them. Cards of admis sion can be obtained at Ring's drug store, Broadway and John street; H. B. Dodworth's, 4113 Broadway, or of the following committee of arrangements S WALLACE CONE, C. L. TAN ZAVDT. L. F. HARRISON. LOST AND FOUND. Dog lost.?on Thursday morning, 2ist inst , a pointer dog, brown and mMtlert alt oyer, brown head; had on a leather collar, with iron ring in it; he is etibjtetlo fits. A suitable reward wul be pall for hid return to 660 Washington a tree t, corner of King. Lost, on Saturday evening, in the netohbor hood of the Metropolitan Hotel, a large diamond clue Ur pin, set close with one large stone In the centre and twenty-two or twenty-three smaller stones set anual. Tie fin-er will be liberally rewarded, and no questiont aektd, aa it ie a family relic, by leaving the earns with C. Edinburgh, 30 Clinton place, or 230 Water street. LOST-JUNE 20TH INSTANT, IN PASSING ALONG Broadway, from Day to Veacy street, a petition of Morris C. Birch ana bis creditors, for his discharge un der the 2?3d act. The finder will confer a great favor by leaving the same at Otis k Ogden's, 36 .Murray street, and will be liberally rewarded. MORRIS BURGH. LOST?ABOUT 2 O'CLOCK, P. M., ON THE 2fiTH lust., between the Corn Exchange Bank anl No 36 Wall etreet. four hundred dollars in bank bills, hundreds and fifties. The finder will be 11 berallx re warded by returning it to BENNETT, GRIGGS A LA THROP, No. 36 Wall street. IOAT?YE8TLRDAY MORNING, IN BROADWAY, BE j tween Spring street and the Bowing Green, a lacy's pla-n gold breast pin. The finder will be re weidcd by bringing it to No. 70 Snllivan street. LOST?A BLACK TRAVELLING BAG, CONTAINING clothes, fisblrg tackle, and a Rudal, Pose k Carte's patent silver flute (of little nee to any one bat the owner;; wastekrn (probably by mistake,) from the 3:20 P. M. train from New York to New Haven en Saturday lkit. Ten dollars reward will be paid to the person who ehell retnrn it to the owner, at No. 46 Bond street. Puichaaers of musical instruments ere solicited to give notice as above, if the flute should be offered for sale. Lost or stolen-fhom a letter, mailed at Cincinnati, May 26.18(6, ona note signed by me. oated Cincinnati, May 0, 1856, at six months, for $266 70. to onr order, payable at 44 Broadway, New Yoik. All persons are cautioned from baying or negotiating the above note. L. R08ENFIELD, Cmeionati, Ohio. RKWAJRDfiC C r A R'-ward -lost, last evening, a smalt, DOU black and tan terrier dog; answers to the came of Ttlney, weighing 1% pounds. Had on a small itiel chain collar. It being a present, the finder will please retnrn it to 281 Broadway, under the Irving House. AQA REWARD.?LOST, on THE 26TH IN3T.. IN

?O V/ passing from Acaai A Co.'s express, through Proadwsy to Liberty street and Maiden lane, a $100 bul, end five on the Royalston Rank, of Boston. The finder, by leaving the earns at P. Corsens' book store, corner or Ann and Nassau eta., will reoelve the above reward. HUI A REWARD?LOST, ON THURSDAY LAST, A MpAU Single stone diamond pin. As the earns can not be rewbeed, the finder will reoelve the rewarJ and thanks of the owner by leavug Itat 120 Amity street. ?5 REWARD.?LOST ON FRIDAY EVENING, THE _ 22d lnel, at the Broadway theatre, or in its neighborhood, a gold lorgnette, with spring, attached to a hair chain. By at ill liberty street, up stairs, the finder wid receive the above reward. rfti F REWARD ? LOOT, ON SATURDAY, 2SD INSTANT, UpO a small white and tan spaniel dog, beautifully marked, good tail, leatnered legs, and a spot on hie fore head. Any person leaving him at Thorburn's seed etore, It John etreet, will receive the bbore reward. WANTS. ???? A an U ATI ON WANTED?A3 CHaMbiL,.rn '' waltereas, by A respectable Protestant joung Jrn?.UK Uieu refer to the family with whoaa she ia Mf angeg ed, at No. 78 lib AT*. Adoption.?any lady or gen tinman wishing to adopt a handsome AAd intarestlag chl d, (boy) nlna Booths old, (dry Bora*,) wU plaaaa addrsss W. 6 , At box ? Harold office, when all information will be Agiri., fourteen years old, wants A SITU A tlOBto mind cbUdian, ia joat, industrious and honest; will make beraelf useful. Call at 138 Jdth at., between 7th and 8th avenues. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN. WHO WILL BE J\ direng iged the and of this week, wishes to obtain a aituaticn as cbambermaid end waitress, or aa eh am her Bald and to do seme fine washing; is a good plain sew er, Call at her present employer e, 44 Irving place. A GOOD GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, TO DO HOUSE work for a email family, or aa chambermaid and to assist in teething and ironiog. Has goo J reference from her present employer. Apply at 169 12th at., near 2d arenas. A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA tion, as first rate cook, waeher and ironer, in a private family; good city reference: has been two years in ner last place. Pteaee call at 34212th at. A RE^PECTABI-E YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OB j\. tain a situation In a private family, to do general housework; is a good plain cook and baser, and first rat# washer and ironer. Beet of city and ooantry reference. Call fui two day# at 80 Lalght it. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RKSPBCIABLE young woman, aa nurse and senmetreas; has no objection to go to the country for the sum ner Haa the teet of city reference from her lnaf place, where ehe has lived tbrea yeara. Please call at 2S4 Esat 14th St., third floor, frost room, for two dsys. AN AMERICAN LADY, WHO HAS HAD A GENTEEL print# boarding home for the last 26 yasrs, wish es a situation aa housekeeper in a hotel; ie thoroughly competent to take charge Apply personally ar address a note to D. W., 47 Bond street. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN W13HE3 A situation aa chambermaid and plain sewer, or to do general housework in a email family. Beit of city reference. Please call for two daye at 208 Jay street, Brooklyn. A SITU AT IJN WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young women, to do chumbtrwcrk, and is a good plain sewer, or would take cere of children Can be seen for two daya at 407 Fourth et., between lat and 2d avenuar. Wages no object but n comfortable home. No objection to the country. a RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A J\ situation as seamstress or chambermaid. Good re ference given. Please call at 30 LaigUt at., for two days. A WELL EDUCATED YOUNG LADY DESIRES TO place beraelf as governess, In an American fam ly; she ia fully competent to teach muaio, French, and the various branches of English. Address E. W. H., Herald office. A PEXPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WI8HES A situation, as chambermaid and waiter, In a pri vate family: ana haa good recommendations from her last place, where she lived three years and a half. PJease call at No. 129 Waverly place, third floor. Can be seen for two days, if not engaged. ARESPECTABIJC WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, A3 flrst rate ccos in a private family ; understands bread and biscnita ; is a good pastry cook ; understands all kinds of game, and is willing to aiaiat In washing. Best city reference. Can be seen for two days at 112 Eant 29th at., between 2ndand3rd aves. 3rd floor, frontroom. AYtiUNG WOMAN OF GOOD HABITS WISHES a situation as chambermaid, or take care or a linen tuom, or a tunc a bakery; can writes good hand and keep accounts Apply at 76 Warren street, 2d floor, for two days. Can he well recommended. A LADY WHO INTENT'S TO BOaRO. WISHES TO find a good situation for a girl who has lived with her the past year; she would do light cbambirwork and plain a>wing. or would take car* of one or two children who are able to walk. No objection to go with a family to the country lor the aoctmer. Apply at 214 Bleecker street, where reference will be given AhEBPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A situation at couk, washer ant ironer, who can giv* the best of city reference: has l.ved eighteen months in her last place. Can be seen for two days; lnjuire in the grocery store, 71 Mo:t at. AS SEAMSTRESS ?SITUATION WANTED, BY A rospvctftble Dish young womau. with good city jehrence; ehe understands her business iu all tts bisncbes; no objection 10 go in the country, or to do light chamber work, if required. Apply at 27 Wuverley place, for two days. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO do chamorrwi-rk aud waiting, or to take care of children and do plain sewing in a respectable private fa mily ; is a good washer sod ironer, and willing to make bertelf generally useful. Good city reference. Call at 1?:6 avenue B, letwstn 10th and 11th ?ts., for two days, if not crgaged. t SMART YOUNG GIRL WAN IS A SITUATION TO j\_ Co cbamberwork and waitlog, or to take care of cnrdrtB, Good city reference Call lor two days a'. 4i3 4th at, between 1st and 2d a rentes. A YOUNG AMERICAN WOMAN WISHra A SffUA tion as chambermaid or laundress; the best of city left re nee given. Apply at 19 6th avenue. A MIDDLE-AGED PROTESTANT WOMAN, AND EX perienced curse for children to bring up by hand, wishes a situation; isagHd seamstress; can cut and make children's clothing; the best of city reference given. Apply at No. 7 Union Court, University place. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE married woman, as wet nurse, in a gentleman's lamiiy; she is a Protestant, and can give gool city reference, l'lease call at 36 King street, rear bu'Jdlog. A YOUNG EbGI.lSH LADY, A WIDOW, WISHES A J\_ situation as houeekeepe- in a rotel or privatt fami iy, either city or country Salary not so much an ob ject as a good bone. Address A. A W., Herald office. Avery excellent woman, with a fresh Iresttcf milk, withes a situation as wet nurse, best of city references given. Call at COO Grtmd st. AYO'.NG FRENCH GIRL DESIRE3 TO OBTAIN A situation as chambermaid, or taking care of chil dren; can give good reference, l'lcasa call or address 33 Boose valt st. a I OPTION.?THE FRIENDS OF AN INTELLIGENT A and Interesting orpban, of English parentage, de sire to procure her adoption by a Protestant lady Am ple reference given. Address A. II., b?x 3,994 Post Office. A SITUATION WANTF.D-BY A YOUNG GERMAN l?dy, as team stress; is a first rate dressmaker; understands ail kinds of needlework, and would maa* beri'lf useful in a respeotable family. Address H. G, Herald office. A SMART GERMAN GIRL WANTED IMMEDIATELY, to cook, wash and iron; also, a Protestant nurse ? no seamstress for the country. App'y at 195 7th ave nue, near 284 at , for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do the general housework of a private family; is a very good plain cook and an exrel lent washer and ironer Best city reference frnm her last place. Call at 446 4th St., between 1st and 2d ave nues, second floor, back room, for two daya. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 81fU atlon as first rate oook, washer and ireoer; the very best of city reference. Call at No. 181 12th at., eorstr of Unlvereity place. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, aa seamstress and chambermaid, or to make her eel' generally useful. Can be sesn at ntr present place, 128 Henry street. A situation wanted?by a smart, active girl, as chambermaid and waiter, or to do the generalhonrework of a small family. Is an excellent wacher and ironer, and bread baker. Can be seen at ber present employer's, No. 202 Eaet 10th street, where ehe will remain until the flrst of July. A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED woman, as cook, who understands her bualneaa perfectly well. Good city reference given Enquire at 110" East 16th street, near First avenue, top floor. A RESPECTABLE PRO t EST AN f YOUNG WOMAN, wlsbea a situation with a family going to Europe or California; would attend on a lady or children; can give tbe beat of reference from her present employer. Can be aeen for two day* at 199 Wait 39th st. A YOUNG WOMAN, WHO IS A PROTESTANT, WI8H ea a altnation aa ehambermaid and seamstress, or aa nnree and seamstress, where the children are not very young. Good city refi rence. Can he iten for two deya at No. 1 1st it. AN INGUSH GIRL, A PROTESTANT, WANTS TO obtain a situation aa chambermaid or to do house work in a small family. No objection to travel. Ap ply at 424 Broome at. Can be seen far two daya. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA J\ tlon aa aeamstrcsa and chambermaid. or to assist in the care of children; she understands enamberwork perfectly; can sew neatly; would have no objection to tbe country ror the summer months Has the best of city refereno*. Cell at or addresa No. 7 Jersey st. Can be seen for two days. A RESPECTABLE PRO I EST A NT GIRL, WANTS A situation te do general bon ework tor a small fa mily; is a flrst rat* washer and Ironer, and a good plain cook; good refersnoea. Can be asm for two days at 110 Roosevslt st., aeeond floor, front room. AN AMERICAN WIDOW WISHES A SITUATION AS housekeeper in a reapectable family where there o other mistress. Best of reference. Call at 132 Suffolk sU, for two days. a GENTLEMAN, thirty years of age, of UN jfV tiling boeiaees energy, danntlesi business courage, and good addresa, ia open to an engage men t ae travellsr, collector, bookkeeper, or ia any genteel capacity, In an established bona*, where well directed effort can bs made conducive to the interests of those by whom he may be engaged. Address Omega, Herald office WAjm. iouVG MAN or UEai'"^BL1 APriARANCE, wishM a situation b< ? "if, J!* ^ J?-* 178 bit f ould Ilk* to 8? U>?f- ball or address ? ' * W (til lit ftTIBU*. AGENTB WANTED-^ r , shsets ?t? w*i'*1? i. These are the aafest inl chef^ .1 nukUcatioali thftt fta ageat e*n nU. Three splendid, colored sheets, alse 28 by 82 lftehei. jait reedy. L?t|trr of lequiry answerea by reture mail. Addreai A. H. ex (F.LYN, 80 Fnltoa afreet, N. T. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, AS a ft let man or aeleoter fa a crockery or chiaft store baa bad eight yeara experience; no objection to the conn try. Addreia P. B., Herald office. Bell boys wanted?two or three expe rlenced boya may ftpply at the Pierre peat Home, oklyn. Ifuat have good recommendations. BOY WANTED IN a BOOKBINDKRY?One 18 yeari of age, capable of heavy work; none other need apply at 60 Ferry at., third atory. Coachman wanted? englishman or source man. Call at 100 Front at., from 9 to 11 in the morning. Must ecme wall recommended as to capability aa groom, and be bandy around the houae; a single man preferred. RY GOODS SALESMAN WANrED-AT M. MAR FIX'S. ?46 8th avenue. None but those accustomed to e retail trade la thia city need apply. Female cook wanted?one who th iroughly underatanda cooking in all ita branchea; to such an one the blgbeat wages will be paid by a gentleman re aiding in the country, about 100 mileg from Nav York. The very beat of teitiinoniala will be required of capaci ty and character. Addreia H. S. T., Broad nay Post Office. Farmer and gardener?wanted, in the country, near the c;ty, a single Protestant man, to work on the farm or in the garden. Must be honest, sober and Industrious, and well recommenael. Apply this day from 10 to 11, and from 1 to 2 o'clock, at 81 Maiden lane. FARM LABORERS, MECHANICS. AND FEMALE Do mestics may be engaged at the American and Fo reign Emigrant Protectee and Employ men; Society, 27 Greenwich street. Proepectuses aent on application. HOUSEKEEPER.-A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH Wo man ia desirous of obtaining a situation as house keeper in a small private family; has had many years' experience in first rata families Best city references. Apply at 368 6th avanue, between 22d and 23d ata. MRS. GREEN'S AGENCY FOR DOMESTICS, NO. 70 White st., east side.?Mrs. Green returns her grateful acknowledgments for the encouragement re ceived, end respectfully solicits the orders of those want irg domestics of tbe first class. Womtn wanted to fill the best of places in tbe country. Rates to all, 50 cents. T)LAIN COOK AND WASHER.?A GENTLEMAN I leaving the city, wishes to procures eituation aa above for a person now in his family, and whom he can bigbly recommend; no objection to tbe country. Call at 1C4 Fast 19th at. FRIER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG man, 19 yeare of age, who is willing fo make him self gedi rally useful to his employer. Please address J. S., Herald cfflce. Salesman wanted?in a wholesale toy and fancy goods establishment, a steady, smart and sclive salesman, (a German, of middle age, preferred ) Only such, who understand the bunin-ia and can c >me well recommended, need apply Salary libera'. Address box 4,029 Post Office, with name and reference. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO O teetant young woman, as seamstress. Can be seen for two da; a at her present situation, 262 6th avenue. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO ) teatant girl, as nurse and seanibtresa, or aa chim b.rmsid and seamatms, in a private family. Would have no objection to go in country, or travel with a lady Bas good city reference. Please call this day, at 166 West Twenty-fifth street, In the r?-ar. SITUATION WANTED?AS COACHMAN, BY A STEADY man, an Englishman, who thoroughly understands b>s bua'nesa in all its branches Address, lor two days, W. N., Herald office. QITUATI0X8 WANTED?AS A FIRST CLASS LAUN IO dress, or es chambermaid and fine laundress, in a private family, in tbe city or country, by a very expe rienced girl, with good city reference; and as a good cook and to wash and iron, by a tidy, active young wc man. CaH at 139 PA it 29th st. SITUATION WANTED?BY A TIDY GIRL, WHO 13 A good cook, washer ana lroner, sod who understands baking. Can he seen at bar present employer's, 138 Congress at., fifth bouse west of Clinton St., South Brooklyn. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women, ote as cook; understands all kinds of nssst cooking; no objection to assist in washing and ironing; the other to do chamber work and sewing, or to assist in taking eare of children; has worked at dress making for two years; no objection to the country. Call at 260 Mott it , second floor. Situations are procured for two good plain cooke, washers and ironsra, three laundreices, two chambermaids, one seamstress, two nurass five girls in the conntry, and a number of girls tor general house work In the city, at the office 261 Bowery. r FAMILIES OorN'G ABROAD, OR TRAVELLING.? a respeotable young Englishwoman wishes aa en gagement with a family, as child's nurse and seam stress, or to attend on an invalid lady Can be seen for twodtys at her present employer'!, 13 Pike street, near East Broadway. ' TO WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS.?A YOUNG MAN WHO can give the best of references as to character and ability, wishes to obtain a situation in a wholesale drug store, wlitre be can learn the business A lise addressed to B. AM., 410 Broadway, will receive immediate atten tion. TO A PHOTOGRAPH ARTIST, WITH A SMALL CAPI tsl, a rare chance is offered for luslness, in a city of a population ol over 60,000, where there are no pho tographs on paper taken. For further in'ormation in quire of A. BRl'EN. 214 Fulton street. The adveriiskr, just arrived from England, where he has bad a long and most intimate connec tion with the straw bonnets and manufactured far tiadee, oilers bis eervices to wholesale houses. He c*n with out egotism aseeit that his knowledge and expe rience of these department cannot be oxoelled. Ad drees A. B , 61 Canal street. TO TEA DEALERS AND GROCERS ?AN ENERGETIC man, of thorough business habits, Is desirous of making an engagement as out door clerk; can command a cem-esticn of fr< m $U0 to ,$200 weekly. Address E. C. H , box 18b Herald office. To captains.?wanted, by a young man. a tituation, as waiter, to any part of the world. Speaks English,French and German. Address F. T., box 2,806 Poet Office. UNE FILLE PROTEST ANTE, DESIRE BE PLACER pour firs Ce ehambre ou bonus d'enfsnts; elle pent 'oocer de bcnues recommandation. On pent la Tolr ehtz Mr. DevoUte. No 384 2d avenue. WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, TO COOK, wash and iron; also a girl, todo light housework, snd take car* cf children. City reference required. Ap ply at 28 West 37th at. WANTFL?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A todo the housework of a private family; is a good washer, irontr, and plain cook, and can bake excellent bread. Has good reference. Please call at No. )6 Sullivan St., first floor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as cook in a public house or hotel; has had several years' experience in that capacity, and can produce good references as to cherecter and capability. Wculd have no objection going to the country. Apply at No. 172 Elizabeth at., flrat floor, front room. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A WOMAN, AS LAU.V dreei, or cbamberwork and fine washing; unler stands Frtnch Hut ng, Ac. He* suited som* of the best of piivate families in this city No objection to go a short distance in tbs country The best ot city referenoe can be given from ber last employer. Please oail at 248 Mctt at , between Prince and Houston sts. SANTED?A MIDDLE: AGED WOMAN, WHO HAS ?cme rxpeilente ss a sick nurse, to attend an el lady. Apply at 11 Wsveriey place. AM ED-A SHUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A Protestant young woeaao. Can do all kinds of sewing. No objection to tone light chamberwork, if rtquliod. Please call at 132 ifith street, between 7th and 8tLavinuee. for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE gill, aa cook, washer, and ironer, or to do gene ral housework In a small private family. Good re ference from her lest place. Please call at 299 Mott street, second fl?< r, back room. WANTFD?AT 175 SPRING Sf , TWO OR THREE first rate dressmakers. Alio one good meotilla maker. MAI?. H. KERR. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young man as groom or ooachaaan; he ia a Proles lant end can produce undeniable reference from hie last place; has ro objection to the country; ia willtnr to make himself gsce.-ally useful, e* would travel with a gentleman. Call at 147 Christie at, for two days. WANTED?A NEAT, TIDY, PROTESTANT GIRL TO take care of an infant ; one accustomed to and foed of children; also must bo a good plain sewer; the last of reference required. Apply at 130 West 21st at., between 11 end 8 o'clock. w: r A NT ED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION To ... do ple'n cooking, good washer so l inner, in a private family. Gcod city referenoe given from her lest pleee, it required. Can be eoen for tbree days, at Warren street, No. *0, first floor, between Ulcks street end Colombia street. Brooklyn. ffv anted?by a respectable: woman, a Eiru ff atlon as cook ia a respectable family; understands ber bnsiness in nil its branch s. Good city references given. Has no objection to go to the country, or to a genteel board in g home. Please call at 81 4?n avenue, bet wet a 10th and lltta sts : or address, by note, M. G , 70>t $d avenue, between 11th nnd 12th nti, w waitw. _ TO L1VTB8 AND OfHARi?WANT*D. CWTOIO k) ? NIM IfllllW wha wriUi MW lllltT o(U<UI tima. PIMM addraM C. a a., W* 8,343 P??t occa. . rr&ADl'Cl'ION -QCEUQI'BS PEKSONNKS, DAVIS OU I mwubii, eaptklM ill triduln courwaait at Mr* rectement lit FTancala en Anillli pourront etM cher 11M d'u travail agri-able et Fitti-ralie, en a'alrtsaant a 1.0. N., St. Nicholas Hotel, ckambre 60, tool 1M jWI de 3 he urea a I. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAW *??ti a situation, a* plain cook and waahar and iroeer, In a private family, haa no objection to the ceua try; or would do chamber work and take oaro of chiloraa. Caa ho aoea for three daya at No. 4 Carlisle it WANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY, WISHING TO GO to thliiornie, a altuation to attend on a lady or children on tha passage. haa bean accustomed to at toad in a millinery or fancy store; satisfactory reference given. Addreaa EM.II., Herald office. 'OMAN WANTED-A MIDDLE AGED TIDY WOMAN wanted, to take charge of a gentlemaa'O apart ments, waehirg, Ac ; ahe unit And bereelf. Addreaa G., Broadway Poet office. WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENGLISH WOMAN, A fituatioo an attendant to a lady; haa baon ac euetomad to tha care of children; or aa chambermaid and eoamatreai. Can bo eeen at It3 3rd avenue, botwooa 13th and 14th atreota. WANTED?BY A TIDY YOUNG WOMAN, A 81TUA ticntodo the chamberwork and plain sewing, and ia willing to aeaiat In the lino woahing and lronlar, uf a private family. Can come woB recommended, l'leaao apply for two daya, at 72 WatU at., noar Green wich. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, aa a good plain cook, or would go oo laundiaia in ajuivste family. Good reference given. Apply at 122 Weft 19th atieet, between 6th and 7th BTcnuei, for two daya. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN Glfy., A situation aa plain cook: la a rood waihar and ironer. Can give the beat refer*nee. Call at 191 Frank lin xtreet. WASTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do the housework ot a small private family. Haa the beat citr reference. Please call at 257 'th avenue, betweeu 26th and 27th streets. W'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, to do cbsmberwoik, fine washing and ironing, in a email family. Relerenoe given. Cell at 104 16th it., between 7th and 8th avenues, for three W'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, ae chambermaid end waiter, or to do general housework for a small private family. Good referen:ei. Apply at 34 Pacific St., between Smith and Boerum eta., Brookly n, fw two day a. IA7ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, Y V from London, as housekeeper or nuraa and seam stiees, in a respectable family; the belt of rofereaco given. Apply from 10 to 4 o'clock at 96 East 16th at., for three daya. WAN1ED-A SITUATION, BY A NEAT, TIDY GIRL as seamstress: haa no objection to do light cham berwork, in connection with sjsring. Can be seen at her list place, 76 Woodbull at , between Hicks and Hanry sts., South Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation aa nune and seamstress Can be well recommended by her various employers. Please call at 71 West 26th at., for two daya. Wr ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as cook, Understiuida baking; haa lived ia both English and French iamHioe. Good city rofarance. Apply at 89 West lllb st, between rah and 6tb avenues, for two daya. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as cook, and to assist with the washing and ireo Ing. Good oitr reference from her last place, for aix years. Apply at 101 smith St., Brooklyn, for two daya. fir ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A GERMAN MAV, Vf as dark ia a dry goods houea. Can apeak French and English. Understands the business thoroughly in all ite branches. Good recommendations given. Addreaa L. L., Herald office, which will b? attended to TITAN1 ED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TY as chambermaid and waiter, and can do plain sewing Good reference from her last place, tar fonr years. Apply at 101 ?rnlth st., Brooklyn, for two days. WANT ED-A SI1UAT10N, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do tbe general bouaework of a email private family; no objection to do chamberwork. Can be seen for three days at 311 8th st, second floor, front room. \tj ANTED?A Mill'ATIOS, BY A HIGHLY REMPECTA Yf hie French woman; ahe ie an excellent esanaetrees, and (ccu.-tomrd to the care of.cbildren; apeake English, and would have no objection to travel. Apply at 180 Clinton it., front rocm. up one pair itairi. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS NUKSE AND SEAM etreee, or to do chamberwork for a email family. On he seen for one week at her present employer's, 418 Pacific at., near Nevlua Ft., Brooklyn. Good references given. WANTFD-A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID OR t etmetre re, by a reapectable Protestant English 3oung woman; she fully under.tands dressmaking, cut ting and fitting. Can be acen at Mrs. Dodd'e, 220 cherry at. WANTED?A VOMAN, AS COOK, AND TO WASH and Iron and do gentral housework, In a amah finally Good recommendations required. Apply at 228 4th St., bed ween tie Lonra of 10 and 12>. o'clock, Wednesday. A Protestant preferred. WANTED-A YOUNG LADY WISHES A SITUATION in a private family, as seamstress; can cat and flt ladies' and children's dresses: can come well recona mended; la also a good shirt maker. Call for two dayn st 108 East 26th st WANTED-BY A GIRL 15 YEARS OLD, A 8ITUA tion to do chamberwork and waiting, or take eare cf children, of wbicb the is very fond; or in a small family sLe wculd be found tflicb-nt for general house work ; her capacity fur exceeds her years. She will an swer calls two days irom berpreeent employer's, 47 Lex ington avenue. WASHING DONE IN THE NEATEST MINNER.? Ladies, gentlemtn, aud private families can bo accommodated by applying to Mrs P. Brady, 40 Trinity place. Beet of city reference, if required, from nome of the beat families in this city. Call Irom 6 in tbe morn jtg until 7 in tbe evening. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do chamberwork and washing; has no objection to go in the oountry; gool city refer ence given. Call at 425 2d avenue, between 32d and 33d streets. TX'ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESECTABLE Yf young woman. ta Indies' maid, or seamstreg^and drceemaker; or chilaren's nurse, to go to California; no expectation of wages while going, tbe beat of city refer ence. Can be seen by applying at the house ef her parents, 119 Columbia at , betwetn Harrison and Degraw sts., South Brooklyn, for two days. WANTEL'-A SITUATION, * BY A RESPECTABLE woman, In a private family, as an experienced cook; understands all kinds of cooking; ia a drat rate washer and lroner. The be t of city reference from her last place Please apply at 162 7th avenue, between 21st and 22d its., top floor, front room, for two daya. |T7 ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU YV ation as cook in a private family; would have no etjectkn to asaiat in the washing and Ironing. Can be seen at her present place, 02 West 22d st., for two day*. WANTED?BY AN U> INCUMBERED, MIDDLE-AGED American Catholic lady, a i it nation aa house keeper, either for e priest or pious Catholic family. Sa tisfactory reference given, as to character and capacity, by addressing Mrs. W., Herald office, for two days. WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION TO BO chamber work, end to attend children and aew, or aa first rate wei'er. Good city referenoe given. Please call at 16 West 26th at. ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION aa waiter in a private family, one who thoroughly understands the business, and can produce unquee t.onable eity reference irom romeof tbe moat reapectable families. Please inqulra at 616 Broadway, Mtween Houston and Blieeker ats , opposite St. Thomas' ehurcb, rear house, for two day*. ANTED IMMEDIATELY?TWO YOUNG GIRLS, TO learn tbe vest makiag. None but good sewers used apply, as thsy will be taught on the beet work. Apply at lib Wqat 33d at, near 7th avenue. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO mao, a situation aa cook end to asalst ia tfas wash ing anc iromng. Good eity reference givea. Can be seen for two daya at 243 avenue B, between 14tb and ltth eta. WANTED-BY A SCOTCH GIRL, A PROTECTANT e situation aa nnrse; can take care of aa infant from Ita birth; no ebjsetion tc tbe country or to travel. Good city reference given. None but respectable fami lies need apply, at 240 West 34tn ?t. ITT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, VV a situation, as waiter and chambermaid, ia a pri vate family. Please ivplf at ber present place, 137 Mac dougal at., third door below 4th et ; referenoe gteen. WANTTD-A SITUATION, BY A VERY RESPECTA ble Trotestant young weman, to do genaral housework; bas no objection to tbe oountry. Good eity reft recce Apply at 226 4th items. ANTFP?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A 8ITUATION aa cEamtermaid,, washer end irener; ia a very unit seamstress, has eo cbj-ction to do general hoas work in a snail family. Call at 315 South 3d at, of 12th at., Williamsburg, for two days. W J ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, YV in a small family rstlding ta the flnt rate washer and tiorer, and would ml bouaewotk erwalHrg; is a good referriccs given. Address Y. Z , ( flics. lor Balance of W w