Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1855 Page 6
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IfTXITISEMElVW RMKWKD KTDT BAT. ?OMmun rum run man. WANTS. WANTRD-A BABY TO WET NORSK, BY A R? HNttUr nwrwd ioiiu, who hu Wat wfttln the last few days. Cell et 276 Molbs-*/ ?? WANTED?A 8IT CATION, AS CMUDIEN'S MUR3K sad pleia nnr, or ?j?-iott?rmeU ul *AlUc, ia a prirtt# family. Onn b? eaen et h?r last plnos, 111 Sutler ?t , Brooklyn, fortwo dnysj WANTED?BT A YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION AS itum* ?* * with chamber work; a) iihjsstl? to the oouatry Beet of city refer en oe. Cell at 909 Fact 19th st.,'htrd fisor. back room. WANTED?A SEAMSTRESS, ONE THOROUGHLY competent, end who underetende heir dressing: ooee others need apply et 31 Washington square, first house from Wa verlay piece WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A 8ITUA tton ee nunc end ohambermald; no objection to the oouatry. Cell et 101 Peer! at., front belement, for two deye, from 12 to 4 o'clock WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, ee ehembcrmeid end welter, or would do geaerol boueework; good cKy reference. Apply et 50 Columbia ?t., Brooklyn, between State end Jorebmnu eta., for teo deya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girt, ea oeok; ta e first rata wether end lrener end e good bektr of breed; good city reference. Cen be eeen for two dnyi et 200 Eeat 13th et. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO men, e situation ea cook, weeber eml itoaer; the beat of otty reference given; no objection to go Into the country. Apply At 22>4 Cetberine at., for two deya. Understand! ell hinda of bskiog. WANTED?A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, A PRO testent, who la e good pleia cook, washer anl lrener, who la willing to <10 her duty, may apply et 39 West 24th at, from 0 to 11 A. M. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK, OR TO DO general housework in e private family, by a re electable girl with good sity reference. Cen be eeen for two days et 233 East 19th street. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESECTABLE young women, to do iHein cooking, washing anl ironing, or would do the general homework of e small private family; good city reference. Cell et 36 Green wioh avenue, in the rear, for two days. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Proteatant young woman, as chambermaid end welter, or to take cere of children; good city reference ftven from her last place. Caa be eeen for t wo days at 28 W. 1st at., near 7th avenue. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation ea 000k; Is e good weeber anl iroaer; or would do general housework; hao no objection to go e short distance in the country. Can be ae?u for two deya et 111 West 29th at, between 6th end 7th ava. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young women, to take care of children; caa make herself generally useful; good c.ty reference. Call at 91 Suffolk at., first basement. \JTJ ANTED?A FEW APPRENTICES TO LEARN DRESS YY making; et 277 Grand street. None but geod ewer* need apply. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS NURSE, BY A RE epeotable -woman, who understands the earn of ?mail children end la a good plain seamstress. Bes the beat city reference from her last place. No ebjectien to go te the country for the summer. Please call at 146 6th eveoue, between loth ana 11th streets, in the fancy a'ora. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS WET NURSE, BY A respectable women; can give the best of city re ference. Cell et 214 1st avecne, near 13th st. Cen bs seen for two days. fir ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH PERSON, TT a situation as nurse; sua perfectly understands the management of children; has always lived In thai capacity; would cot object to light chamber work". Cia be well recomm.nded. Apply et, or address A. B., 270 8th avenue, near 24tb at. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A STEADY YOUNG woman, as nurse and araina'ress; caa cut and fit for children; or as cbambtrma-d and setm<tress. the boot of city refereece can be given from bar last em pleyer. Call at 139 West 11th at., for two days, U not engaged WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to do general housework in a small private family, or as chambermaid and plain serer, or to take ea e of children; the best of city reference given. Cal at96 Atlantic St., South Brooklyn, front room, first Boor. WANTED?BY A YOUNG PERSON. A SITUATION as seamstress or to bs a travelling companion to a lady. By calling at 28 Greenwich at, an Interview can bo had between 9 A. M and 2 P. M. WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRI-, A SITUATION TO trivel with a family; hao no objection ts'a situs, tion la the country for the summer months, to go to Europe. Five years reference from her last place. Call at 197 West l#th st., oornsr 8th avenue. w Hf ANTED?BY ? RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. YT a situation u cook ui to assist ia washing ana ironing, or to do general housework of * smtU private finilf. Good city reference given from her last place. Cm bo Men for two day* at No. 196 Mulberry street, up ?tain, room No. 3. WANTED?A SITU AflON, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, in a email family, to do general house work. No objection to the country. Has good city reference. Ap ply for two days at Ob Christopher at, la the rear. |*7 ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT English young woman, to travel with a family or lady; would go to California with a family as nurse er housekeeper; would engage In anything not menial. Best of rt Terence can be given. Address for the week C. D., 16 Waverley place, or 101 Franklin St. f[7 ANTED?BY A NEAT, RESPECT ABLE PROTESTANT V t*rl, a situation as ehambermaid, and to tako earo of children, or aa waiter, and to do plain sewing. Can be aeen at 126 12th at, between 6th and 6th aves. Ne objection to the oountry. 'ANTED?A SITUATION, AS COOK, BY A YOUNG wonu, who perfeotly understands her business. Hps no objection to assist In the washing and Ironing, or go a short distance in the country. Can be well re commended from her last plaeo. Apply at No. 9 Wash ington place, for three days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL, A situation aa chambermaid, or to take charge of children Inquire at 15 Rlvingtoa at., between 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRI., A SITUATION to do general housework, or as laundress. Has no Objection to go in the country. Please call at 360 7th avenue, for two days. TfTTANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TV young ladies. altuaTons; one to cook, wash and iron; the other to do general housework, or to takectrs of children. Have no objection to go a short distance in the oountry. Please call at 617 Broome at. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT GER men young woman, as cook, washer and ironer; she ia willing to do general housework. Apply at 149 Houaton at. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Seetch girl, to do chamberwork and plain sew ing, and ia a good embroiderer. Cao be seen for two days. Can give good city reference, If req aired. 1'isase call at 251 Third street, top floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as c?ok. Has no, objection to do the housework of a small private family. Good city referenoe can bo given l'ieaae to call at 119 12th a treat, between 6th and 6th avenues. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls, (slaters,) one aa cook, waaher aad ironer; the other as chamber maid and waiter. Can be seen in their preaesst situation, 64 State street, Brooklyn, for tiro days. _____ Wanted?a situation, by a respectable woman, ss cook, washer and ironer In a smell family. Owed city or coon try reference If required. In quire fnr two days ia the rear of 89 Madlsoe st. f*7KT WUR3E?A YOUNG. HEALTHY WOMAN TV who ha* lost her first child, a few day* since, and baa a good breast of milk, wishes to take a child to nurse at her own house, immediately. Reference can be given to a respectable physician. Apply to Mrs. Cul leo, 76 Tenth st, Williamsburg. WANTED?IN A GROCERY STORE, ESTABLISHED eighteen years by tha.present occupant, a youog i with a capital of 81,000 to invest in tbe business; '*t be smart and honest Salary 8860 per year. * of reference required. Address Theodore Van Broadway. -A SITUATION, IN A MERCANTILE *?y a well educated German, who is able different language* and understands "' * himself generally useful. Ad LV A HOTEL, AS P0R. a respectable man, of 'ndsrstands different 's L, L., Harold ' YOUNO ct fancy ?emselves ?wo young ought up to . store In the ?-?day, the 28th Ooj at., between > COACHMAN, BY i ? who perfaoUy .undsr As city well; ao ebjee . travel with a family, ii ?rally useful. Cm give th. t y *? ? ?!? M a venae V~~^AN, OF TEMPERATE I 'BITAWWl\_t?ir a v/? ~ *** i V/r luirAnAlA I W hlV7tT~r A Jfc a porter, In m clothing or ?t*y Lock). J*?- ?? M*y respectable business where hie I '? .(I b?j be required U not afraid to work or Make1 nflnself generally useful Can give good city reference from hi* last employer. A note addressed P. C. T.. box 130 Herald office, will be attended to. TTTANTED?A SITUATION, AS OROOvt AND COACH ft mas, by a single Protestant man, who thoroughly understands his business; he has a thorough knowledge of the city, and can giro satisfactory reference as to character and capacity - would take a situation n eity or country. Pleas* call at, or addreas T. 1L H , 258 12th St., between 3d and 4th evenana. WANTED?BY THE ADVERTISER, WHO HAS HAD extensive experienoe la wholesale and retail groce ry and fruit warehouses, both In Sootland and England, a situation, either in a warehouse or counting room, for both of whioh departments he is thoroughly competent. City referenoe. Ad tress W. B L., II Canal st. WANTED?A SITUATION, TO TAKE CARE OF horses; is a gool careful driver, also s good plain gardener: has no objection to go any where; Oood refe rence can bo glean. A note addressed to J. W. C., box 101 Herald office, will meet with prompt attent on. WANTED-SITUATIONS, BY A HAN AND HIS wife, just arrived frcm Europe: the man aa groom and coachman; he understands the care cf horses well, can work in a garden and make himself generally useful; the wife as lady's maid aad housemaid; understands dressmaking in all i s branches,or wooll take oharge of the nursery. Satisfactory references can be given. No objection to town or oountry. Address T. B., box 188 Herald office. *1? ANTED?A MAN, TO WORK ON A FARM. ONE FT who understands farming in every rsipoct can have a gcod situation by applying at the grocery store, 07 Efsnklin street, corner o( Church. GEO. TERRY. VfTANTED? A PHYSICIAN OF LITERARY ATTAIN W ments, to take charge or assist in the publication ol a new medical work; a permanent situation is offered to one fully qualified. Address Mecicus, box 120 Herald office. WANTED 1MMED1 ATF.LY?AX ACTIVE MAN, WITH 9"6, to invest with a painter in ths wire window shade business, now in operation. Address K K. K , box 170 Herald office. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION AS sorter in a wholesale store; can read and write; is willing to make himself useful; would drive a horse and osrt; bas no objection to go in tie country. Can be seen until suited at 03 SnUivan St., corner of Spring. TTTANTED?BY AN ENERGETIC YOUNG MAN, EM vy ployment, either partial or permanent, as book keeper, clerk, or salesman. A moderate salary only re quired. Address J. B , box 160 Herald office. WANTED?AN ENCfLISH OR SCOTCHMAN, fOTAKE care of horsee, and make himBslf useful about a garden, at Jamaica, L. I. Apply at 60Fulton St., Brook lyn, th is morning. |TTANTED?A YOUNG MAN, AS PARTNER IN ONE V? ol tbe beet daguerrean galleries in Brooklyn, now doing a good business. Any young man having from $76 to $100 cash will find this a rare clianse Inquire at the Twenty five Cent Picture Gallery, 101 Fulton street, Brooklyn. TIrANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A vf steady man, who perfectty'ui deratands his busi ness in every respect, and can be highly recommended by bis employer, who is leaving for Europe; has no ob jection to go in the country, nor no incumbrance what ever. Please address W. B.. coachman, 00 West 16th ?t., for four days, rear building, first floor. ANTED?FOR A BOY SIX YEARS OLD, BOARD TT in the country, near New York, at a mcd.rat* price. A respectable family might adopt him. Ha is an inteil'gent and healthy child. Address C. B. F. I., box 145 Herald office, any day this week. Wr ANTED? IN A BROKER'S OFFICE, A BOY thoroughly acquainted with the city, who write* a good band. Apply, St..ting wages required and how last occupied, by note addressed to H. B. R., Herald office. fTT-ANTET?FIVE AGENTS, TO TRAVEL IN A BU3I v v neia tbat will pay from $8 to $& per day. None but smart active men need apply. For further paiticu lsrs irquire of W. Jennings & Co., 230 Broadway, rooms 41 and 42. WANTKD?AT NO. 60 SIXTH AVENUE, ONE GOOD meat and pastry ccok for an up town restaurant; four good plain cooks, who can bake bread, Ac ; also, chambermaids, waiters, general workers, for city and country. Employers can be suited at thia office with the best of help. $700 ~W-ANTKD' A CLERK, COMPETENT TO take charge of a butter etcre. Salary $^00 per year. Applicants must enclose $1, (to pay for time and expenses in looking alter references). Address P. & Co , Broadway Post Office. ()D7 BROADWAY, CORNER OF READE-AT MOR iiU I rts & Cohnert's, can be had English, Scotch, German, and Irish help, for hotels and private families: also waiters, porters,.coachmen,1'gardeners, farmers, and mechanics, at this or the branch office, 102 Greaawioh street. T11E TRADES. ptOACHMARER, MACHINIST, WHEELWRIGHT, TC7R ner or honso carpenter.?Wanted * situation at either of the above trades, or any other respectable one. Can be seen for three days at 120 Morgan street. Jersay City. Bernard Hamilton. TO MERCHANT TAIT/IRS.?WANTED, BT A MIDDLE aged man, a sit nation as custom entter; wanes not to much an object as steady employment. Address Tailor, Herald office. rro CLOTHIERS, AC.?WANTED, BY A MIDDLE AGED X steady active man, a situation as cutter. Address C. J , corner of 43d st. and 9th avenue. TO BAKERS.?WANTED, A GOOD MAN, WHO UN derstends the besery end ceke business, to super intend the work of e concern in Brooklyn; recommenda tions for sobriety and ooninot generally required; good wages given. Inquire at No. 1 Vandewater at. EXCURSIONS. 4TH OF JULY EXCURSION.?THE STEAMER CITY OF HARTFORD cae be chartered for the above purpose, by applying to SiXTON A SEABURY, 112 iouth street, New fork. FOR THE FISHING BANKS.?THE COMMODIOUS sea steamer SUN, Capt. Wheeler, will make excur sions to the Fishing Banks on Thuisday, Friday and Sun day, leaving Amos street at 7 o'clock; Spring street, 7Jtf; Peck slip at 8' Broome strtet, ; and pier No. 3, North liver, at 9 o'clock. Grand pic-nic excursion. ? the Sunday School attached to the Fourth Unlversalist (Rev. Dr. lhapln's,) Sooieiy, will go on their annual excursion th s fay, Wednesday, 27th. to West Point. The steamer Massachusetts kas been chartered with Dodworto's fall band. The steamer will 'eave Broome at , East river, at 7 o'clock; Spring street, North river, 8 o'clock; Twenty at eond st, North river, Tickets 50 cents saoh?may be had at the Collamore House, Peterson A Humphrey, 379 Broadway, and of the Sexton cf the Church. Excursion to the fisuino banks.?ths steamer GOLDEN GAT*, Capt. Anderson, formerly captain ot the eUamer Lanra Knapp, will make a ttip every day in tbe week, Sundays excepted, leaving Amos street at 7 o'clook, Spring street at 7>i< rook slip at 3. Brooms street .... ? ?* - "? ? ? ath>4, and pier a, N. R., at 0 o'clock. A ootiUon Land will bs on bonrd. v/tOK FISHING BANKS.?TBI SEA STEAMER NKR T CllRY, Captain Richard Yates, will leave for the Ush lug banks every day, touching at Fort llam.lton saoh way, from the following places, vis:?Jackson street c o'clock A. K ; Dslaneoy street, 6K A. M ; Catharine Market. 7 A. M.; i'eok slip, 7>i A M.; Spring street, North river. ( A. M.: Tier No. 1, North nvor, 3J4 A. M. Fibbing tackle and talt fnrnia'od on hoard. T O CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS?THE ELEGANT and commodious new fitat class steamer THOMAS 3 HAIOHT, with or without barges. Apply on board, foot of ~ ? ? M (T || North Moore street, or or ALEX. M. C. SMITH, 232 West street, between North Moore and Beach streets. MUSICAL. A VERY SUPERIOR 8EVEN OCTAVE R03EW00D J\_ pianoforte for sale; has donbls round corners; been used very little; coet $400; will be sold tur $200 csah; can be seen at No. 0 Royslin terrace, Eighty second street, between Third and Fourth avenues, Yorkville. NO HUMBUG.?A VERY SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD HA noforte, 7 octave, Iron frame, perfect in all res pects, and warranted; been used only three months; ma ker's prtoe $810; for sale for $210. Can be seen at 34 Veaey street, near tbe Astor House, from 9 o'clock till 8, on Tuesday and Wednesoay. PI/NO TO LET?AN EXCELLENT ONE, SEVEN octaves, can he had on application to L. Y. DKa CuMBES, 7bt Broadway. TO PENT, FOR $3 50 A MONTH?A NF.W SEVEN octave extra fli.e tomd piato, as the owner ii going in the country. Apply, berore 11 o'clock today, at 262 West Twenty ee.onr street, ova: the drug store. As I tm going to tiavsl tbtongh Upper Canada, I shall be pica red to attend to business of sny Kind lor parties. Good reference. Apply an above. Attention piano pircuaserai-hall's pa tent celestial or double octave pianoforte#, Ely A Man gar manufacturer#. Thorn- improved plan-a ara rapidly tak ing ? he piace of tba ordinary pianofortia : lot, beoanoe they are mnoh tnporlor In power and twretneaa cf tune: 2d, they ?land la tone well, being made with iron frames: ao.l 3d Ihey ara eold at low pnoaa, and recommended by all eur f retpianle te, where oortiflcetoe wo haro of their superiority ELY A HUNGER, No. 519 Broadway, St. Ntohoiaa Hotel PIANO*.?TIH LAROEST ASSORTMENHOF PIANOS in the Putted Stater, prices loaa than cam be found else where. Sole amncy for T. Gilbert A Co 'e planna, with or without thoarolian; Ballotl A Cumston's, Woodward A Brown'a, and Jacob Chickrrlng'a Beaton piaaoc; and tbo only bona# where may be had the Horeoe Water#' #-ietrat*d mo dern Improved piasoa, with over atrlngsand improved at turn. Bach piaao rneraatcod to giro oatlre leilifaotlor, or pnrchaao money refunded Plan.-a to .ent, and rant allowud on pureha?e, rianra lor aala on monthly payment# Second hand plane# taken In exchange for new oase. Secondhand ltanoa for tale at good bargains 8?lc agency tor B D. A H W. Smith'# mclodcoea. tuned 'ho a iual temparameat. HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. QCHtlBERTH A CO MUSIC DRPfff, 599 BROAD VAT, Cf m. T.; pnl.Mililng konaa founded tklray ytare ago, ia Hamburg wi Lai p. la We regnaat the pnktfa to laanoot oar atook of ovta mtlUoa works, the largess la tba Called ss^.fflf.'nrTi.rrirrr.r.fiK * ?? HOR8KI, CARRIAGES, AC. it THE BAEAAR, 810ROSBT STREET, WILL BE A Mid, on WtteMiif, ?l IS o'clock, tnatr horses; ?V> new siid second hul carriages of aU descriptions, tetkk and single harness, saddles, bridles, ka. JOHN H. GAtTlKLD, Proprietor. GENTIJCMAN, HAVING LEFT FUR EUROPE, U (.'etiroui of mUIm a superior pair of bar horses, 10 hanus hgb, kind nod fast, aaitabU for aaj ona desir ing a good stylish pair of horasa. They caa be aeoa and tried upon application to Mr. BKATIK, 76 Nassau at. A PAIR or BATE, STYLISH AND FAST BLACK horse* for aala; also, a britsks, suitable for four persona, nearly now; the Lore** are 6 and 7 years old, aad superb drtrwa. Far particolare apply, from 1 to 3 P. M-. at 146 Chambers strvet. or at tho reaidenee of Jo alab Pajton, near the and or tha South Bargen atago rente, Nov Jerseyi two rati** from tha ferry. Also, an unbroken AbdaBah colt, four yean old, aad faat. flAKBIAGES FOR SALE.?A NUMBER OF SECOND V hand light wagons, with and without topi; 6 rock aaaya, for four aad tlx peraoai; a caaoh, ftc , te, at 60 Mdiidge atreet, between Broome aad Oraad. Fist horse ?a bat colt, five years old, of great style aad beauty can trot in 3:60; a magnifl oentMorgan horae, fire year* aid, atroag aad apeedy; aho, a splendid pair of largo coach horae*, all juat from Vermont, at a rery low prioe. Apply at 31 Bocrum street Brooklyn. FOR RALE.?WAGONS AMD horses, about fifty wagons, new, and alno second hand, comprising all tha latest styles, aad manufacture* la a superior manner. Also, 26 horses, aattabla for any business. Also, business aad grocers' wagons, harness, Me , will be sold cheap, at No. 8 aad 19 Nerlns at, corner Fulton annuo, Brooalyn. FOR SALE?A PAIR OF BLACK MATCH HOR El, 6 and 7 years old, free from trick and yioe; stylish aad go well together. Can be seen at the stable, 08 Mer oer street. ' F)R HALE?AT WOOD & CONKUN'S LIVERY stables, 84 Second avenue, corner of Fifth street, a ?ery fins bay horse, together with a gig, nearly new, and barneFs. WiU be sold cheap, aa tha owner has no further uae for the same. FOR f ALE?a PAIR ?f bay twin mares, very closely matched, six years old, sound and kind. Apply at Place's livery stables, 26 Cherry street, where aho will be found a good atoca of horses aad carriages to let en the most reasonable terms. ]70R SAI.K?A fcORREL HORSE, 6 YEARS OLD, GOT ; by imported Trustee, out of a Morgan mare, 16 bands higb, and a very stylish driver; is perfectly sound and kind in every respect; would make a splendid match orNu seahorse; bids fair to be very fast, aad for symmetry of form snd style of aotlon is not surpas ed by any horse in New York. Can be seen by applying to the fore man of ths Sixth avsnue railroad stables, o >rner of Sixth * avenue and Forty-third street. For sale-a ught leather top wagon, in superior order?price $70. A Morgan horse, fsatacd gentli? $200. Also, a harness cheap. Apply at No. 167 South street. For sale-a superb carriage h.?rse, ia* bands high, bright bay, stylish and free driver. Will be sold low to an immediate purchaser. Inquire at GEO MURRAY'S stable, No. 83 East Thirteenth street. ITiOR SALE?A SHIFTING TOP BUGGY WAGON * will be sold cheap, as the owner has no use for it. Can te seen by applying at ?90 Houston street. For sale, sorrel horse.?a good tr avellkr, gentle and kind, with harness and wagon, whioa can be used with one or two seats, covered?altogether making a genteel turnout for a family. Has been kept txpretsly for that use the last year. Can be Men at Gter'a stable, corner of Grand and Mercer streets. JaMFS ACKERMaN, 101 Nassau atreet, up stairs. For sale?a young blood bay horse, seven years old, sixteen hands high, sound and kind In all harness. Would be a valuable horse for a doctor or a family. WiU stand without tying, and is perfectly gentle. It quire at 128 Leroy street. IIOR SALE.?A YOUNG BAY HORSE, RAISED IN Ducfcess county, sixteen han^s high; he possesses great natural speed; he is half brother to the trotting nitre tola. Can be seen at 43 Vssay st. FCB SALE, CHEAP?A FAST TROTTING HORSE, sixteen hands high; seund and kind; can be seen at Oakley's livery stable, corner of Livingston and Boerum streets, Brookly n. FR SALE CHEAP?A NEW FOUR SEAT ROCKA way, suitable for one or two horses. Inquire at 870 Broadway. SECON D HAND CARRIAGES?CONSIS TING Of COAOH ea, rookaways, baggies, Ac., for sale cheap at MOTI ft CO. *8 carriage emporium, 660, Broadway. Also, a large assortment of new of every description. SECOND HAND CARRIAGES FOR SALE,?ONE FOUR seat rockaway, two top buggies, two without tops, one coach, all in good order, at LlCNT'S carriage factory, Third avenue, near Forty-seventh atreet. SUMMER CARRIAGE FOR SALE ?A 8EXWD HAND ?ix aeat Bret, m perfect order, will be aold low; alao, a superb saddle horae. Apply at FLYNN'8 stables, No. 18 West Thirteenth street. HOUSES, ROOMS, &C., WANTED, AAA ?WANTED, TO PURCHASE, FOR _ .UUU, cub, from time to four thousand dollars worth of teilor'e goods. Any parties wishing to realize on such goods at a rery low rate, will be called upon by addressing through the Post Office, C. C. Colan. All communications confidential. A WIDOW LADY WISHES TO HIRE A FURNISHED ?Sl bouse, where part of the rent will be taken in beard, with the pririlege of taking a few single gentle men. Please address immediately M. I. C., Htrail office. gTABLING Wanted?FOR A PAIR OF HORSES, rocks way and light wagon.?A private brick, well ventilated stable, where horsee are kept above ground preferred, near the Pierrepont House, Brooklyn. Ad Cress box 1,069 New York Post Office. ECNEMENT WANTED?FOR A SMALL FAMILY OF three persons, within ten minutes' walk of the c tuvon ferry. Preference would he given to a family owning the house or having a permanent lease. Satis factory reference will be given and required. Address Walter, Brooklyn Post Office, with particulars. SO PERFUMERY MANUFACTURERS.?WANTED TO purchase, at a low price, the stock of a perfumer, ties, labels, essences, Ac. Any person desiring to dispose of such, will find a cash customer]by address ing Perfumer, Herald office. WANTED TO RENT?FOR TWO YEARS, WITH THE privilege of purchasing at the Aplration of said time, a place In the vicinity of Brooklyn or New York; said plaoe to contain eight to ten acres of good land, with dwelling and necessary outhouse. If terms are favorable, would occupy either this fall, or not later than Mmoh 1.1866. Rent not to exceed 9240 to 9800 per an num. Address Economy, Herald offise. WANTED?UNI1L THE FIRST OF MAY NEXT with the pri vilege of a tease for a term of years, at a yeaily rent not to exceed 9660, a house in a good location, free from all nuisances, suitable for a small family; situation welt of Fourth avenue, between Eighth and Ihirty-fourth streets. Address by letter, stating terms, looation, Ac., T. H. Lane, 76 Bsaver st. WANTED-FR0M FIVE TO TEN ACRES OF GOOD land, with a cottage or otherwise, within half a mile of Long island round, on Rye Neck, or between G>en Cove and White Stone. Any party having such a place to dispose of m?y ad drill, with description, terms, Ac., box 198 Herald office, WANTFJ)?TO PURCHASE, A SMALL, NICELY FIN ished two or three story house (to cost from 93,600 to 96,COO, 92.000 to be paid, the balance to re main for 'hree ysars), not above Thirtieth street, In New York, or within tilteen minutes walk of the Fulton or Eouth feriles, in Brooklyn. Address J. MEAD, Her ald Office, for three days, stating location and descrip tion of property. WANT I'D?illE WHOLE OF A SMALL, OR A PART of a furnished bouse, suitable for a family of three grown persons. Rent not to exoeed 929 per month. Ad dress D. C., Herald office. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE. CHEAP FARE FOR ALBANY.?PASSAGE, 26 CENTS; berths, 26 cents; state rooms, 60 oeote. The steamer HERO, Captain Hanoox, leaves North side, Ro binson street pier, every Tueeday, Thursday and Sunday, at 6 P. M., arriving by 4 A. M. FOR SHREWSBURY, LONG BRANCH, AC.?THE steamer JAMES CHRISTOPHER will leave the foot of Jay street, on Tuesday, June 26. at 11)4 o'clock, on Wednesday, 27th, at 12 noon; on Thursday, 28th, at 6 A. M.; on Friday, 29tb, at 7 A.M., and on Saturday, 8fth, at 8)4 o'clock P. M ; returning to the city each day at an early hour In the evening IitOR CONEY ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON ?THE steamer Norwalk leaves New York as follow*:? Pier foot of Am Of street at 0)4 A. M., and 12)4 and 3 K P. M.; pier foot of Spring street, 9)4 A. M.: 12)4 end 8)4 P. M.; pier No 8 North river' at 10 A. M., 1 and 4 P. M ; leaving Coney Island, last trip, at 0)4 P. M Fare to Co ney Inland snd fort Hamilton and back to New York, 26 cents. No half prioe for children. KEOULAR DAY BOAT FOR ALBANY, LANDING At Yonkers, West Point, Newbnrg, I'aughkeepsie, CeUkili and Hudson.?The steamer METROPOLITAN, Captain J. 1'olbemus, will commence her regular trips from New York to Albany on Wednesday, Juue 20, leaving Jay street pier, second pier above Chamber* street, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock A. M., returning will leave Albany every Tues day, Thursday end Saturday. For further particulars it quire at 202 West strvet, near Jay. F OR NEW HAVEN.-DAT LINE?f ROM PICK SLIP. Rett rtver ?Fare one dollar ?The steamer TRAVEL F?! ?)R EAT PORT AND FORT HAMILTON.?THR N1W Poland fas* .tesmbnat ElrPORT leave* New Terk, tost of Murray street, daily, Boeder* esospted, at 4 o'olook, P. U., retarnfag leavee Kevpsrt st 7J4 e'eloek A. M. Fare 26 oente. Perse as desire tie ef vMUag ens ef the meet healthy at d beet betkid? plaeee la the vtefaity ef New Terk fin KBW WBUCATfOM. r LUSTRA TED LONDON NEWS.? PERMANENT EN largemant cf the Illustrate! London Han to tsro vM? akntt, containing imtf-ili columns. U oooee quouoe of tk? n?nl m Ilia newspaper sdemp la Eng land, the prv prifctorn of the IHutnM London Nana t< Dousea that tie aia or that pa par will ho dntM, and will consist in future of two wo*fla ahaata. or alooty-oU columns every wail. As tbo removal of the ataaap will prevent tba paper pasting through tbo English Poet office, additional charges wiB hare to bo paid by the im porter* aad the trade la ooaaequene* of thia, the nn demigaei agents for tba niaatratad London Nowa tor the United Mates, have to giro notice that frese the Brat of July the aubacriptlon price of the paper la America, in ducing all antra supplements, large engravings, he., will be twelve dollar* per annum, or am dollar* per hair year. WILLMER h ROGERS, Foreign aeeapeper office, 42 Nassau afreet, oorner of liberty atimet. SOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS AND THE PUBLIC.?THE Illustrated Lot don Nawe, enlarged to two fall la ?In consequence of the repeal or the oompulaory newepaper stamp la England, tba proprietors of thl> pa par have determined upon ita enlargement, whereby the coat to eubccrlbera in distant countries will be iaereaaad in proportion to tbo facilttira open for their transmis sion. In the United States, therefore, we beg reepeet fully to Inform oar subscriber*, that yearly subscription will bo, on end after the 1st July, P12, in ad vans*. A new volume will commence on that date, volume the 27th. Subscriptions received aad tbo paper regularly delivered in too city, or mailed to any address in tba Unitod St*tee, by ARTHUR WILLMER, Agent. On Saturday mornlng,, june 30. The new novel upon Fashionable Religion. WHICH: THE RIGHT OR THE I EFT ; Of, Tint CHURCH OF CWUBT AHD TDK CHURCH OF SOCIETY. Will be ready on Saturday, June 80. BookeoUtrs and o Mi era who have mid* arrangementa for oatly, are requested to call upon the pub lishers thia (Weieetday) morning. GARRETT h CO., Publish era, 18 Arn street. WILL BE RXADY ON THE 1ST OF JULY?"THE OLD term Hsuse." by Caroline H Butler Laing illns trated with flue engravings by Van Ingen from aotirns by Wilts; 430 pages, 12 me, extra muslin gilt- SI 23. The shove work i( a beeutltul domettio itorr, of deep interest. The good and evil charaoteri? the charming views of ot>un* try life- the follies of a fashionable oity Urn, and nil the va ried tr pies brought upon tht scene of the story, described in the hsppiest manner. A copy will be sent to any part of the Union, free, on receipt of the price. CHA3, 11. DAYIS, publisher 39 South Fourth street, Philadelphia. DRYGOOD8, &C. ft A 0 BROADWAY- EMBROIDERIES FROM AUCTION vJrxO at about half prioe. 160 ladies'elegantly am broidered mourning robos, $7 60 each; 60 dos. ladles' new style pocket handkerchiefs at SI 62 each. The above goods are entirely new in this market. MADDEN & STEWART, 643 Broadway, second door above Bleeeker street. A NOTHER LOT OF FRENCH JACONET AND ORGAN J\_ die muslins, from auction, at Is. Od. par yard ; also 6 cases Portsmouth lawns, new patterns and fast oolori, at Is. per yard. A. T. STEWART & 00., Broadway, Chambers & Reade sts. BCLPIN'S MANTILLAS. MANTILLAS BULLING OFF, FROH 40 to 60 per cent below regular prices. The entire stock must positively be cleared out BEFORE THE 15TH OF JULY, in ccnsequence of IOC TENSIVE ALTERATIONS, which will cause a partial and temporary closing of ths store. Beautiful black silk mantillas at $4 and 16 each, and all the RICHER GOODS PROPORTIONATELY LOW. GEORGE BULPiN, Paris Mantilla Emporium, 361 Broadway. Embroideries surprisingly cheap.?collars In Swiss and jaconet muslin at all prices. Hand kerchiefs at 8s., worth 20s. Sleeves and bands of various kinds. Laces at very low prices. Black lace mitts cheeper than ever. Hosiery and gloves?a large assort ment. LE BOUTILUKR BROTHERS, No 60 Cansl street, four doors from Broadway. I CONFESS, SAID CROMWELL, TO HiS FIRST PAR Lament, in the Painted Chamber, "I confess I never expected to see such a day as this." And so LANDON rays he never expected to see a day when he could sell ail wool Ingrain carpets for 8a 6d. per yard, and yet he is doing it every day at his new establishment, 394 Hud son street, near Clarkson. IMPORTANT TO THE LADIES.-TUSCAN AND LAWN hats; also a splendid stock of millinery and straw foods, at C. Bell & Co, 's millinery and pattern store, Jo. 3 Catherine street. Lawn hats, 10s. and 12s.: silk $3, crape $3 60. TLTOnCE? EMBROIDERED MU3LIN4 AND BANDS TO jLi match, just received, with a large assortment of bands separate, very low. Also, collars aad cutis, and collars and sleeves, In new patterns. The Brussels point set* at $9 being sold, we would call the attention of ladies to those at $11 and $13 60. MILLER & GRANT, 371 Broadway. BROOK'S BILK COTTON-FOB HAND AND MA chine sewing, superior to any throadlu oho world, wound on 300, 300 aad BOO yard opoola? whito, black and all oolora, from Mo. 8 to Mo. 200. Any number, oolor and length for sale at WHEELER 4 WILSON'S sewing ma chine depot, 313 Broadway. DRESS CAPS ?MRS. A. T. J A VIS, FORMERLY OP R. H. Newman'e, 765 Broadway, bw uw open a handsome assortment of ladlsi' dress and soft oapt, head dresses, do ; alio, a variety of desirable styles at mourning collars and sleeves, ehsmisettes, oapes, do., at 113 Bleee aer street, third bloek nest of Broadway. From auction-i?. french embroidered sets, at 312 so eaoh; 2.000 eambric and Swiss oollars; the average prices are 4s., 6s., 6s., 8s., 10s., 12s and 14s. each; 3.(00 Swiss and oambrio bands, at all prices, trom 2s. to 3d. MADDEN d STEWART,643 Broadway, two doors above Bleecher street. Mamtillae i mantillas i HINDUCTION IN PRICKS. M. BELL, No. 88 Canal street, Wishing to take aooonnt of stock, has made a liberal reduc tion in the crises of his mantillas. His styles this season being superior to any other to be tound In the city, have met with snob a rapid sale as to prevent an acenmnlation. The stock on hand consisting of .real gulp ore and ehantlUa lace, with a good assortment ot his own manufacture; also, a smallSbut select stook of black moire 'antique and silk mantillas, trimmed with real lace and all the most desi rable styles of trimming, will bs sold at mnoh less than the usual rates. These mantillas have all been made under his own imme diate inspection, and from his well known faoliities in pro curing the latest Parisian novelties, he oaa offer a really new and elegant style, at his reduced prioea, as cheap as other btuses in the trade are selling their old stook, and solicits an inspection, that ladies may see that the reduc tion in prices is real, not imaginary. BILLIARIM. WE OrFKR FOR SALE A FINE STOCK OF MAHOOA ny, oak and rosewood billiard tables, with our newly invented cushions, balls, cues, olotha and French cue leathers, at the lowest cash price GRIFFITH A DECKER, billiard table maters, 00 Ann street. HnSCELl.Al?EOrS. 7AAA POUNDS FINE OLD ENGLISH AND PINE ?UUU apple cheese,for eale by WARD ti GILBERT, 207 Washington street. BRYAN'S CARBONATED KALI?FOR PR0D0CING A del'cloui summer beversge, commands a vary large sale wherever introduced. In bottles, price 26 cents. For tale, wholesale, at 139 Mtiden I-ane, np atairs. Agents wanted In all the principal cities and towns. H. J EGLESiON. N' Ladies, attention i ? m. d. Cameron will forward, to any adcress, for the sum of 91 and a letter ntamp, enoiosed in a prepaid letter, instructions, which will enable you to make with ease, and at an im mense Saving to yourselves, the following valuabls and indispensable toilet articles:?His eau de bouquette, fcr scenting handkerchiefs and gloves; his la belle white, for beautifying and improving the complexion: his dea tr.fice, fpr clean, lag the teeth and sweetening the breath; his unrivalled capathorion, for restoring the hair and preventing baldnsss; bis improved essence of Tyre, which will instantly dye red or gray hair a beautiful black; and bis invaluable oosmabouata, for removing freoklss and pimples from the skin. All these articles are known to the trade to be of unfailing efficacy. They can be re lied on with entire confidence, as the* never disaopoint. M. D. Cameron was for six years pafeoaizei by the late ioval family of France. an<| will guawnntey that bin re Hid Inf.'iructions shail give use rughest satisfac V'on, stabling the purchaser to make for, from 9e. te 16c., articles which would cost from 4?. to 10s. in the ebopa. Address MAURICE L. CAMERON, Post Office, NY. EVER DESPAIR.?NEURALGIA AND RHEUMATISM _, can be tiTc dually cured by the Annlhilator, dis covered by Dr. CBARLhS, 486 Broadway, where it is for sale. It is the only remedy known to cure these affito tiona, of which pamphlets (gratis) will be sent by mall and best of reference given. I\0 THE LADIhfi ?MISi SHKPPARD INFORMS THE of New York and vicinity that aha is still to be found at 09 West Nineteenth street, near Sixth avenue, where she gives universal satisfaction in caaea where the hair is thin, falling off or becoming gray, and were the t erne riles can bs had. 1f?C CANAL STREET -W. It. H. VAN NOTES HAVE lift) a large assortment of the latest patterns of mantel grates, kitchen ranges, summer ranges and stoves for sale, on reasonable terms. Jewellers and brass founders' furnaces built andrspairsd. Grates aad ranges set and repaired. American platr glass com pant-factory, Wllllamebnss, Long Ulead? Are Sow prepared tees eente orders for rough p'ete gless, suitable t?r floors, sky lights, vault and deck ft hts Promnt attention will bo riven to all orders left at tbeir office, 441 Broedeey, er with their a,.rat. J R PLAIT, 79 Murray street. ' Lovers or aquatic sports -at ingersoll'S. 260 Sootb street, oaa a trays be fennd pleasure boate ef the finest lulld and model of any ia the eeantry. flail boate, 'rom 14 te 26 feet in length, can be fitted ent com plete in T? hewes' notice. Remember, 200 boats always on band at 260 South street. ROBBERS' ALARMI?TO HOUSEKEEPER*, STORE keepers, office proprietors, Ao.?Eaoh and every per' eon may secure a decided safety within their dwell loss or tleee of bn ilneso. at i trifling expense, by eddrooling Bar# fy. R. B . box 472 Herald Offiao. ERUSSRS, SHOULDER BBAOMS, to -A COMPLETE aaeertmont of tmeses of ovjej kind, shenldsr ksaoeoaf i moot Improved stylo#. Imperiod elastic steokings. ladle* .cite made after the mist apprevU patterns, and instrn aenta for ?b* rolief and owiw of deformities of every Uad ?astaatly on hand aad mad* is order, by Dr OLOTIR, a tha SngsiM.' Bandage lasMUto, Iff, ( Am ilfwt uador ?04BODQ AND LOD3INQ. ? 7Qt) BBOADW AY?ELEGANTLY FURNISHED | OA room*, in suits, tor torn I tlx or stogie j*? tk utii; bow<3 M public Uik, or atrve-i in mm. The location ef this honaa la naawpaaaad.^M Brsadway, (ro [i tin( Vinrte; pUce. BIWADWAY?FTJRNTSHED PARLOR AND three sleeping aprrtmenta to rant, a tow doori M Naw York Haiti Kurnitiura naw; both and ?aa in tha mhn. No boat data or children la the house. References eschargod. 1 i 7 HUDSON STREET. FRONTING ON ST. JOHN'S 14 | park.? Furnished rooaaa to lot, with board, to tingle gentle man, or gentlemen and their Wives; alto, a handsome furniabod back parlor to let; houaa haa all the modern improvements, aad newt/ furs is bed. A tow da/ beardera aan bo acoomaaodatod. IIP NINTH STREET.?A SUIT OP HANDSOMELY 14t) furnished room to let, oa atooad floor, to a fa mily, with private table, if preferred; aioo, one largo attic room, aaltable tor a single gentleman, with full or partial board. Bonao firat class, conveniently located, between Broadway aad Fourth avenue. 1 Q A MADISON AVENUE.?STRANGERS ARRIVING lOv in this etty daring Mm ensuing season will find a delightful summer reside pes, with pleasant rooms, (either single or m salts,) in a first class house, having all the modern convenience#, by applying as above. Wall street stages pass the door. 1 A PC WAVERLET PLACE. THIRD DOOR WEST OF lUO Washington park.?A tow desirabls rooms can be bad, with board, by gentlamen and their wlvea or sto le gentlemen. Location la one of the most dei ghtful the city. Terms moderate. References exchanged. Qt PRINCE STREET, WEST OF AND NEAR BROAD t/JL way.?A handsomely furniabod parlor bedroom, on second floor, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or aingle gentlemen. House con talcs baths and gaa. Lo cation pleasant. Fine garden in tha rear. fr n LISPENARD STREET, NEAR BROADWAY?A tj U large and handsomely furnished room on the first floor to let to one or two gentlemen, without board. Terms moderate. P f\ EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN IRVING OU place and Fourth avenue. Desirable board may be obtained on second and third floors. Suits of rooms for Southerners, who will find this a healthy location. AUo convenient to stagea and railroad cars. Q6) NINTH STREET. ?SOUTHERNER3 WITH THEIR OA families, can be handsomely accommodated with well furnished rooms, delightfully situated, for the sum mer season, la a new house with all the modern im provements. Apply as above. G)f> RTV1NGTON STREET, ONE BL03K FROM THE A O Bowery.?Two or three young men eea be accom modated with good board and pleasant room, on the se cond floor, at 93 and $3 60 per week; also, a gentleman and bis wife; no sign on the door. 2 BOND STREET, NEAR BROADWAY?A FEW PLEA sent rooms to let, with permanent or transient board. Strangers visiting the city will And this a most desirable opportunity. A FINE ROOM ON THE FIRST FLOOR, FOR ONE cr two American or German gentlemen, with or out board, in a small gent-el house. References exchanged. Please call at 97 Grand street, one block west of Broadwsy. A LADY DESIRES TO LET TO A GENTLEMAN, WITH out boaid, a furnished parlor, with or without a tec room. For particulars, address Emily, Broadway Post Office. A FEW SELECT BOARDERS MAY OBTAIN ROOMS, J\. furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, with a private family, la a new brown Btone house, con taining ail the modern improvements. Referencss ex changed. Apply at 144 East Thirteenth street, between Seeond and Third avenues. A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET?WITH OR witbeut board, together or separate, in a first class house, with every convenience of spacious closets, gas, bath, Ac. Apply at 31 Clinton placs. Eighth street. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN MAY OBTAIN A LARGE and handsomely furnished bask parlor, with the use of front parlor. In a strictly private family, where no other boarders wilt be taken. Board tor the lady only; local ion near St. Nioholas Hotel. Address Mrs. Leroy* Broadway Post office. A LADY CAN HAVE A FCRNI3HED ROOM, WITH or without board, in at mall family, at 65 Watts street, two doors from the corner of Canal and Hudson. GENTLEMAN AND HI3 WIFE, OR A FEW SIN gle gentlemen, can be accommodated with board at 33 Elm street. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMO dated in a private family with a handsomely fur nished room on the first floor, with full board for tha lady. Gaa and baths In tba house, and only a few boarders taken. Terms will be moderate. Or a libersl arrangement will be made with any person trilling to advance 91C0. Adores* A. B., Herald office, for two days. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?TO A SINGLE GEN. tleman, without board. Inquire at 86 Elm street, one door from White. A FAMILY WISHING TO ECONOMISE FOK THE summer, or a Southern family, eaa have a rait of room a, furnished Jor unfurnished. supplying their own table or not, in a private house In Ninth at, between 6th and 6th avennea; the house elegant. Reference ex changed. Address Immediately M. W, Union square Poet Office >OAKD ?A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM ON THE second floor, and beck room on the third floor, to let, with board; honae newly furnished, and has bath and gas in. The family being small, desire to take a few boarders, to make it more pleasant. The comforts of a home may be expected. Best of referenee given. In quire at 191 East Broadway. Board ?a very large furnished room, al so a single room, to let, with board, tar's privrte bouse, suitable for a gentleman and his wife, or a party of young gentlemen. Bath and gas in the house. Ap ply at No. 8 Beach street, two doors from St. John's park. ? Board-on the highlands of putnam coun ty, opposite West Point, at a very pleasant farm house. For particulars apply at 1,028 Broadway. TJOARD.?A GENTLEMAN AND Hid WIFE, OR TWO JD single gentlemen, can obtain a pleasant room on the recond floor, also bank parlor on the first floor, with or without board, at 224 Greene street, on reasona ble terms. Gas and bath in the house. References re quired. Board, down town?gentlemen and th?ir wives can obtain good board, and very comforta ble ?partmeats; also pleasant single rooms, for gentle men, by applying at No. 8 Broadway, the large white house opposite Bowling Green. Transient boarders taken. Board in a private family.-a large plea sent furnished room, with small room adjoining, will be let together or separately to a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. House contains the modern improvements; convenient to ears and stages. Inquire at No 109 West Twenty sevonth street, a few doors from Eighth avtnue. Board in Brooklyn.?gentlemen and their wives, and a few single gentlemen, can be accom modated with good board and pleasant rooms, by apply ing at 68 State street, corner of Gerden. Board in Brooklyn - a few single gentle men, or gentlemen and their wlvea, can be accom modated with ti ancient or permanent board, with fur nished or unfurnished rooms on second or other floor; sleo one or two young ladies. House new, with all the iinprov* meats of the age. Beet of references given and required. Call or address A. 8 , 46 CcncOrd street, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.?a gentleman and mi wife or two single gentlemen, can be accommodated with a pleasant room and bedroom, by applying at 72 State street, corner of Henry, between South and Mon tague ferriee. References required. Board in Brooklyn, near the south and Wall street retriee.? Single gentlemen, desirous of obtaining partial board on very moderate terms, in e genteel neighborhood, can b? accommodated with -'l0K. rC'ms, ctoseis, &o , at dl State street. Board in brooklyn.-two or three gentle men can be accommodated with well furnished rooms, large and airy, in one of the finest locations in Brooslyn, by applying at 80 Clinton street, between the Wail street and AUantio ferriee. Also one had bedroom to tot Board in brooki.yn.?two or three gentle men can be accommodated with board in e respec table private family. House pleasantly situated on the Heights, within five minutes* walk or Fulton and Wall street ferriee. First class references. Terms moderate. Address A. B., box 3,068 Post Office. BOAFD IN BROOKLYN, IN THE VICINITY OF DR. Bsecber'a church.?A family, or single gsntWmen. can obtain desirable rooms, with roll or partial board. House contains gee, end la delightfully located, Ave minutes' walk from Fatten ferry. Apply at 77 Cran berry street. Beferenoes exchanged. BOARD IN THE COUNTRY.?FOUR OR FIVE YOUNG men, or two gentlemen and their wives, oan be eo oommodeted with board in e farm house, one hoar's ride by cere from New York every Ave minutes of the day, where there is good sailing, .bathing and flehing. Reference will be n quired. Apply, by letter, t? box 1,061 Poet 0?oe. BOARDING?ONE OR TWO GEN TUCKET CAN BE accommodated with pleasant rooms and partial beard in n private family. Apply at 64 Amity st. Boarding.?to let on moderate terms, be cause unexpectedly vacated, n handsome second story front roam, furnished or unfinished, with beard. Location 27 North Moose, being near St. John's Perk, end very desirable see summer residence ; also two sin gle bed rooms. Beth in the house. Boarding in west fourteenth straet.?a geatlemar end his wife sen be aooommodated with n front room end bedroom on second floor privets table, If desired; or the whale of second floor (with gas, private bath room, he.) will be let. with board, te a family; alee, two or three single gentlemen can he ac commodated. Apply nt Ne. 64 Wast Fourteenth street, between Fifth end Sixth avenues, pqfersaoe* ox nOARPI.VG AM) U>DQX SOAHWKO.-A PRIVATE FAMILY ^ E ro?"'"iU ff> "? IMtiMMO, or MWIloato ?_ M^kUo? and tea?Ne. 18 ?J Woe* lk,n Umica (quart, between Broads avewua, CQCTTotentij locatsd for etiiiui JJOARD WANTED?FOR A GENTLE if As J wilt, la wm plain family; m?ot ante] ? oiaa la a mechanic. hrma muit bs J J)OARD WANTED?BE A YOUNG U i v pririU?f?mllr. aha oaa hart 1 ? boatB. For a pl?a#ant room and good 1 nu "W b? oald. AddrJ ?., Herald otto*. 1 B?ABD WANTED IN THE COUNTRY, JOTil.*' locality moat be qui Board wanted in the yicixii? square -Board in a pUrate family. I ana two bedroom*, with bathing room dro? Na. i Wall (traet, room No. ? Board w anted in hcboken-by a la a r? a pee table private family. Bj required. Addraaa X. Z., Herald office. Board at staten island wasted-^ ?^B,V?.^d,Uur*e ,0M- ,B tb* Ficmltr 1 or vaaderbilt a Lnodicg. A Bitting room ai bedrooms will be required, with breakfaet dinner on f unrisys. Addreaa, stating particular#, C. W. H , HeraM oSce. Brooklyn.?good board, pleas.* deal/able location, anl comfortabie n ore minutes' walk of Fulton or Wall atraet I P'y at t6 Henry atreat. Brooklyn. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?ONLY u mtr'a homo, for three or four grol ??? the water preferred. From $3 to 1 Address AMERICA, Herald offioe for oaa i looation, sc. Country board.?a few boarders ? ccmmodated, la a private family in Fo] we depot, known aa the Powell Place, 12 mi tin if. . Pje2Ly of ,h*(l# **???. ?M two minutea' walk from tho depot laquir^ Furnished apartments.?a genu hie wife, or two or tbr*e single renth vft^Tn^ Wlth ,u?i?b?d apartme.U N - y?rr desirable location In a and Greenwood line! Ann> .t?"iPr T ; Breakfsat furnished I App y at 221 Court street. South Brooklyn, f FURN18HFD BOOMS TO LET.? FOUl furnished rooms to let, Tory reasonable 8e-.^n*n' or * Party of gentlemen wita in???<eel family, hTbhajnl but a short distance weat of Broadway, ApJ B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Handsomely fl-rnished room3 toe second and third floors, in sal or single gentlemen, at Nl ftreet, between Broadway and Fourth a TTOBOKEN ?A SUIT OR ROOMS, WITH Ll 'n?? .* aecond floor, cam be had,I tlal board. None but partiea of the higheif hlhty need apply. No. 16 Huescn terrace, XT EAT FURNISHED BOOMS TO LE T?T1 ?? ??? *a<? their wires, and a few sinals I at No. 1 West Broadway place, north of Can J AT0 78, LAWRENCE STREET, BRDOnH d ni?7Jl?. A'otNmen, or a gentleman a?l be pleasantly accommodated with partial! Private family, where there Is good aocisJ boarders. Terms moderate Apply as abovtf ATO- 879 FOURTH STREET TWO FAMB tiench and one Amerisan, keeping im lurnlabed house, with ail the moder^lofl offer to let, with or without board, to respect^ men or f.miliaa, tbe wbol. eecond flo^^l third floor; also, rooma for single gentlemen. | ONE OR TWO OENfLEMEN CAN BE AC001 with pleasant rooms aid partial board, "?"^t between I hat and Second avenues. Partial board in Brooklyn -five i aW ? *rom 'e"7? in the best pari ?weat Two gentlemen can be a commodated tal bedrooms, with breakfast. Apply to Mr. ' book publisher, 117 Fnlten street, jp atairsw INLAND-BOARD?IN A PRIVATE without children;gentlemen or gentlemsi wives can be asootrmodawd with handsom* rc manding a view of the bay, and .eight minutes' a ferry. Apply to Mr. JAMEs'aSAW? ?Q cL 31WO FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BED R* taehed, to let to single gentlemen, in ? nnsn family in Brooklyn, Ave minutes' i Pnr. RrAalrfaot a*>A A., if j. . . South ferrw. 'Bro.ktost Vnd tm If drnSd 312 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. Terms moderateI T? LET-TO A GENTLEMAN AND HIS Wll WANTED?A FURNISHED ROOM AND BCA a single gentleman, in a quiet family. ' tre market. Address W. L., Herald office. \ 1 err BLEECEEE STREET. OPPOSITE DEP iu I ?The above first elass house, resists wilb. meats, Is now ready for the reeeptlon of desiring delightful apartments, separately or U ' fltd superior aoeommodjMioni alee fine rooms, w at 46 Grove street, near Bleeoker. A RESPECTABLE COUPLE CAR SBCUBI O. for a Tear la one of the most beentUal 1 Btaten Island, withoat paying any money rent, a boarding fonr persons, who are at present the la plaee is Tarnished In the most eomplete manner, i woald have to be foand exespt a comfortable tabic per attendance. The best of reference required. GV" ? m ' ~ ~ letter, pest paid, Mr. J. 0. Thomas, Stapletor See, Btaten Island. Bams and address of appllo^ COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES mQ0 SI,000 TO $2.000 ?PARTNER 0 _ wanted ?I will give security ant! aZiary to a young man loaning me either of tbl also, a man with $3,000 can have half of a tfne that will pay 26 per cent. Apply Immediate Broadway, room 3. "vtotice is hereby giyen that the nership heretofore existing between C. strong and Tboa. W. Higgiae, la the name of.C.J strong k Co., it this day dissolved, the Interest Armstrong having been bought out by said . Notice is also given that the business will her coadueted in the name of Thoo. W. Higgins k ? TTVA4 w New Ycrh, June 25,1856. C. W. ARM3TRC PARTNER WANTED?A MAN CAPAPiE \ plaining a panorama; a salary or an inters no capital required. Apply immedia'ely at 8' way, room 11. PARTNER WANTED?IN A SPLENDID TRis> panorama; business can be extended thn United States and Canada; no mercantile basic compare with it. Expensss vary light, prod} witbont tail. Address Portage, Herald office# dlately. 10 PRINTERS ?A PARTNER WANTED, IN paper and job printing office, long establish udeiable "" ~ ml" considerable village in Connecticut. Only 6to required. The whole may be bed if prefsrred.l chance it affords. Address Newspaper, Herp'J o' WANTED?A PARTNER, WITH A CA9H . of twenty or thirty thousand dollars, ia bufinevs already established, which will pay profit. Address Industry, Herald office, statin en interview can be had, when all necessary tion will be given. / WANUS-TWO GENTLEMEN OF ACUTE HI heb ta, with $500 eaeb, to join with a ge inaspl-ndid exhibition, Intended to beexhiM for a short time and afterwards in London an Apply thia day to HARRISON * CO., 886 Broads Wanted?a partner in an old fstabI bnsiness, with a capital of $8,COO to $8,000;# not so mnch an object as an enterprising man. < ?mesa being large, a man acquainted wtth book I preferred. Address L. O., H'rald office, static, sad where to he seen. EXTRA PAY. 500 LAND WARRANTS WANTK2 can and Florida war*, and the war of 1Mb M| lillacia, Mivoun and Arkaneaa patents, loo . long lines sold for taxes; also, patents located hs..o Illirois, Wisaonsia and Iowa, for whioh the high irire wilt ha given. Apply to G. O 81IUFELD1 Nissan atraat, two doors from Wall, first floor. Bounty landoffice, m wall stI mint.?Soldiers, sailors, and teamsters ia] 1776, or their widowe, oan obtain their laid w agent. P. T, BEITS, 66 Wall ttraet, No oha looted, BOUKTT LAND OFFICE.-ALL SOLDIERS,8SA wagoamasters and teamsters, or the wilowe of t. those who served fourteen days on ssa or shore, la i ?Inoe 1775, are entitled to lf<6 acres of bounty land, wbe reoeivtd 40 or 80 acre* oan ottsio tbe balan chares nntil tbe warrant 14 oolieoted. Apply to tk< G O. SHCl'LLDT, No. 2 Nsssan street. two dx> Wall. ^ LAND WARRANTS BOUGnt, SOLD AND LO< ? also claims for bounty lands promptly prisect WILLIAM K. HiWS, Eiohinf.e and spetio office, 171 street, under the Pteple'a bank. Letters and order the country promptly answered. AND WAPBANT8.-WAWTBD BY TAILOR J THXRS, Baakere, T6 Wall street. N1 AVY BOUWTT LAND AND "EXTRA PAT" 01 _. ? Bounty lands and "extra pay" for If 8 Navy Ao., In all ware since 1780? their widens sad haxs?r iy obtained and naid. Balanoe doe widows and hairs of deceased U. 8.1 snd others ealleoted, and all ktsd? of-laime eraisst t ted Statae reel Tied by undersigned, snd the widows , af thn?e who perished with United State- eMp "All will ha prastted by calling r? EDW AiiMsRlHSR Agera and (Intel Pnreer U. $. Navy, ft WaU dPOHTtiia, SjtOR BALE-THREE HANDSOME PiilNfk'R bw,L flw***? WOflklyR, la Um U^aar stftfft.

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