Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1855 Page 2
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j at (kt Mink * >foDewt?g la aa wart of the reeaele which Bav* bt?a beached fnm the jarde errand *? oity daring the part aix months, aa vol) aa of thaw re mafcteg aa the stocks. SMpbuiWlrg oaati: a a la a very depressed aUCe, rtft Pat ttttk hope of a barter 1M1 af things tar asms time. 11a vessel* beached alaoa Juaary nuatbes tweaty ttaree, and aixtcan remain on the stocks. Tba latter vS ba g*eatly deeraaaad la a abort ttm?, aa eevarU awe tear)y ready fcr lease Mag, aid we bear of no aewoentreets. Of those bonohed seven we-e of e rthaaeesd tone and orer, ard of thaao untaiehei taar are ever a thousand, aad the balaaoe ranging few aaraateea teas to eight hundred. TBS WaflTBBTXLT SBITTAKD. Lmunekti, Mm. It ffieamahlp Arago, of 3,00* tona; in tba Imh trade. March 34^-Tbe pilot boat Edwin Forreat, of 100 tana, for Now York pilots. here alas launched ainea January, tba aabaoaor Jack Btmaby, of 300 tone. On the Stocks. A three deck ship of 3,000 ton*, tar Copt. Tyson. Aa la 300 feet long, 39 feel beam, and 39 deep. # Roosxvblt A Joyce. Launched. Maroh 19.- Ship Titan, of 3,000 tona, now on a oeyageto Europe. On the 8locks. A three maatrd ashooser, of 600 tone, tar A. A. Maw A Bree. for the Chine trade. 8 >o la 133 feet tang on the ketl, 32 feet beam, and 18 leap. Cept. lletahor, late of the clipper ahip O ientel, will eeauaead her. She will be lenncbed la August. W. H. Wkbb. Launched. Mm. A- Skip New Orleeas, 1,000 teas, for Btaa tra A Thompson; ia the New Orleans trade. Feb. 17.?Brig Alamo, 600 tona, for Wakemas, Dtmoa A Go; in the Texts trade. March 3 ? Ship Neptone, 3,000 tona, for Chas. H MaiihiD A Co.'a Live-pool line. April 3(L?Propeller Astoria, of (00 tons, for B ML Senders, of Sen Prencisoo, end intended for California. On the Stocks. A (tetmer oi (00 toes, of the same tonnage as Re Astoria, and for the same party. Hsrdiaen-. atone are, 170 feet long, 28 wide and 13 deep. Two brigs for Messrs. Wek-mia, Dim in AC)., tar the Texas trade. One is 600 tone, 132J feet long, M wide end 14 dsep; the other ia (00 tone, 130 f?et tang, 38 wide and 13J deep. Smith A Dimon. On tht Stocks. \ The steamship p?eviou?ly noticed fcr the Havre Mm, ee e consort to the Arago. She is 2,000 tone berth* n. A. C. Bell. Launched? Jea. 3?Ship Swi'ncrlard, of 1,500 tons, one of Lea# A West's Havre packets. Abo, the schooners John Boston, of 450 tona, for SesantoD A Tollman, and the Miria, of 200 tone, for Mr. H. K. Cornirg. V On the Stocks. A schooner of 160 tons, for Messrs. Bsranten A Tillman. Mr. J. Simonbon. Launched. Much 3 Steamship Ariel, of 2,000 tons, one of the Vaaferbllt Havre steamers. Mr. Bimosson has cksed his business at the foot ?f Mghtesnth street, and is noir building at Green point, where he has a fine yard. Bee "Greenpoint Tads." Mb. Mu (foot of Nineteenth street, E. R.) On the Stocks. A yacht of abont 30 tons, for parties unknown. Mb. Letts (foot of Twelfth street, E. R.) On the Stocks. A yacht of 17 tons, for Mr. Leary, nearly ready Ms launching. Geo. A James R. Steers. These bniFers have jnst commenced framing the steasuhtp for the Collins line to replace the Arctic. Me will be mneh larger than any of her consorts Mar leegth on deck wilt bs abont 345 feetbreadth gff beam, 49 fee* 10 inches, and 32 feet deep, and she nril register abont 4,600 tons, or 6,500 carpenter's masssiisinnt Messrs. Stillm&n A Alien, of the No Mliji Works, are the builders of tha machinery. GREENPOINT YARD3. Wm. Collyer. Launched. , April 28.?Schooner Edwin Collyer, of abont 100 lams, for Messrs Nason A Co. Eokfobd Webb. , Launched. April 11.?Three masted sshooner Eskford Webb, At 494 tons. She is now on a voyage to the Medi terrasean, being, we nnderstand, the first Teasel of lar rig which has gone to Europe. On the Stacks. The schooner W. M. Burroughs, named after one ?f the owners. She is a duplicate of the Eckfo d Webb. Hathaway A Blomfibld. Launched. to April?A ligther of 70 tons, for Mr. Thomp son. On the Stocks. A lighter, of abont 80 tons, for sale. Mr. Luston. * launched. Jane 18r?The schooner Hanry Waloott, of abont ?0 teas, for Messrs. Haymes A Go. On the Stocks. The hark of 800 tons, for Messrs. Fnsch A Munch a, pssTiensly noticed. Mr. J. Bimonso*. On the Stocks. Tha large steamship Cornelius Yanderbilt, for the TsadsrbUt line of Havre steamers. She will be 1,100 tens burthen. Her frame is all up. Her en gtoes will be two oscillators, from the Allaire Work* E. F. Williams. Latmehod. In Jaanary?The schooner Fanny Carrie, of 373 tens, for Carrie A Hax til, of Richmond, Ya. Mareh 25.?Bark Rioot, of 390 tons, for a Spanish 10. i a pilot boat fur Mobile, of 80 tons. On the Stocks. A bark of 600 tons, also for Messrs. Carrie A Mazall. B. B. Whitlock (late Bnbden A Whhxock). On the 8tocks. A steamboat of 600 tons, to ran between Hyannis sad Nantucket, and owned by 8 tar bo :k, Field and She is 195 feet long, 29 beam, and 10 deep, is diagonally iron braced, and is otherwise iglj built, to make s good sea boat. Her ma chinery wVU oonslst of a single beam engine, of 40 i, 11 feet stroke, now building at tha Morgan Law***oi A Fottlkis Launched. North Point, of 300 tons, for Messrs A Lowden. WILLI AM3BURO. Mb. Thomar dTAcK. Launched. Jan. 16.?Ship Ell wood Walter, of 1,250 tons, for J> B. Bardy and others. HOBOKES YARDS. L C. Smith A Bos. Law ashed. ??wh 21?A schooner of 430 tons, for Mr. J. H. OndwaU, of North Carolina. Catbs A Allison. launched. A three masted schooner of 460 tons, tor Johnson, *"3 and others. RECAPITULATION. Sailing Jbtal j. i .... Vessels. Tonnaa'. /**? '? MH 3 30 IT,470 " J It IS,871 ? 61 36,460,thB glrtathe ? . toinVf* during tin S*d six ?M?1 ir,sri"irv?H???? ??*? ??<*??? i men ceasentof July:? saCiao ! SifMtrt- Vat*U. Jbwaa#* L?0f?h?d from J*"-*11 *? M M 34,?7 1IM ilwVtiii' 18 93 6M74 Ob tha ?t*ek? July 3,1SM " _ _ 44 ?3 ^owiig that the toansga 411 ?tx month! of 1864 exceaded by 17,878 that of 1866, ud 1 hot the usoomptoted wort Jm*? W66 la tesa by 32,603 tana than that of 1884. Mw IJ1S-?? ?< ww*-**?*: .even art building In the city yard*, and tha balance at Oman Point. M o?M Bmn-OOeUl ?*phM??' to TUB BWTOB OF TBI HBW lOBK HBaalH. Ponr Or?ICB DnrA*TMO?T, I ArroimiiaMT Orrion. Jano, 26, 1???*' Bib?Tha ln? loaad copica of hASan will ?P^ why Mr. J. B. Ltadaey h? faded to retain too Boitc, cant to hlo at Lebanon. T??H Tto attention of the Department cm narer os led to tie subject; but, happening to aaa tha ejmpleint in your paper, an explanation waa immedistoty ?. U would perhaps ha better if partiaa egg ie?d would m*k? their eompleinta direct to toe ment. lam,reapecttully, Ac., flOBArioKi>a. 1?UbUon, June20,1855, H Kn?e. Fnn Absistant P. M Gbnbbao - Tsass.isas?s^s^^^ss Ua earn?baring a copy now oo Sr,"'. rr the a?me direction. I examined M ? valla davb rewapaper book, and could not dad toe name i , p 11?? v charred, or on the nook at a I, The former Po* muter furtoer informs =?<*??*? <WiiT?i?d said vap'-r to Prof. N. L. Ij d ley, ha K? tons it muat t are to n seat to him, andi *r. N l!weley believing that It m*ht tort been som<< fiirnd vending tt to hun, reouved 2 ?!' 1 find aaid N. L. Lndsiey ohargtd with a Hbraud j .u, ?V|. txviUCd pavd oil ih^ mo?? ? atates tbat aa?d paoeia la'd loms tt?M to toe oftos, editors not writing toe iirusme Vi^^aToor rt i imWleT, EvcvthVng now shall to dooe cor i^foaafM sf I am ?oncerced. I bar? been in office but a tocrttkn^. auri wm ltoviug under lardifficulties about the oaper. tlM ??ap? w noi{ lining vaguely and w,li todelive^i to ??r. J. 3. Ltidsey ii steed of N. I* binds.' y, _ T J. "WiLKiNfON, Postm-wtor, I/jbtuao, Tldjb. N B ?1 hare to douot that N. L. Ltodsey *td pay for the paaer w^eu ha auali have bees a - quainttd with tha facta. [COPY.] Lkbanon, Conn., June 20.1855. 8tf^?T3?ss?Tsyr iyvv YOHK HlfHALD, Unioh Stated Alt ft atf* ?Jj ? Ltndeej h'id never received his paper M?J?*J I< commenced coming to the '? J>r was in effioa, to t,to addteas of J. B. LladsUW, ani, knowing no such raw in the cmr.ty, aad toe pap^r liine in the office utic tiled for uutu tto Urn4 tx p ied by law, I only had to a t ?wording t? whh it and T spoke to P>ote?-or N. Lud-Jroy h re. and arked hi<n if 1?? btd uubioribed for it. Hi s od ffi? not, but iuaamucn aa we boil had -ntdi much enquiry for J. B. Lindsty, and oould^ fln1 no suoi man, Profeaaor Ltndelay agroei to tak) t^ pscer tnr, believing tnal it was for biabntoe, i h Lmdblev (u plainly directed oiittie p^pe.)> wboilvea in Nmhville, ?nd toongit perhapjlt waa roiuent to this t,? ,e. Yon will, tbererore, observe that the lau?t i? io toe direction, as we 1 as n<j NI . Lin<?a r CilliLg frit. Proteaaor N. L*n tsay iJ a high Untd gent emao and ?choUr,aad has h?d ho bent fit of the p?ps~, a^d has paid tae poe a^e, aid for him I pmm^e Mr. I. B Liatoey U w ^ the tube, riyii n monty ou eight. Hoping ttiie wi t ? eatLfSwy to thl Eiitoroftoc Hmbaud aid ycuifctlf, I Mn^Sc ^ (Joll4Day, late Pjatmwtor. r From the Boston H?raM J ASOTHIB 1HBTXS0S OK KOST OKKICB M58M1SAOS. MKKT. . . for a cOBeiCrrahle amount, to M?s?tb. 1. ,, Vwe New SwVate NO douht hun Office astern ?o loorely arranged admit iof_?tm? one case ol th<a liini. u de.errm* of the l,StK above from the Nuw Yokk Hsrald of June 23d, ard beg leave to eay to toa-P'tot, .hi. the letter referred to was not f jIW"^clr? ?yJl)S. mailed, for toe very gocd reaaou reglected to say his postage; bence toe j^r was rent to toe dead letter cflice, and there opeaaa ano emrred to Mr. Hooter. Thus, it appears that M%. H. o? er was at fault in the matter. aBd not the 4e partment. It is mighty easy forindiv.duas, aolue orroseven, to find fault aod mlsrepreseat the r ut ffiTW particularly la tt<i ntr matterb to aaiuse widBi, wid aoa? aw m time to co tois than tboss disinterestod^ prtnots who have either been removed fromi or Jfailed too* i fflce irom th"se tbey de -ry. fney w-ll ms?s a bear-by'he opereHon, and, perutpa, get mjre ; than they bargained fir. Commissioners of Emigration. The Board met at 4 P. M. Present? Cummiseloner# Vsrrianck (In the cbair), Purdy, Catrigan, Kelly, Ken nedy, Cummirg*, Morgan and Onrrigue. Afr?r the minutes were red, the nomination of Dr. Stephen .Smith, as assistant physiciau at SUten Wan 1, which wu* mad* at last meeiiog, w*s cunllrmsd unani mously. Some conversation ensued as to the propriety of the Boaid attending the convention af .Superintendents o" State Pror, which is v> meet at Uttca August 14, when it waa decided to pay no attention to it, as it was be lieved to be of no account. Jt appears the bills of ths various counties Against the commUsloa auuuot to $42,387 33. A Utter was read from Mrs. James, matron on Ward's I-land. in reference to a resolution passe) at last im-et-ng of the Board, asaiag what was loos with the money received from wet nurses &c. She made an explanation, which waa deemed satisfactory by the Com miss loners. Commissioner ITrdt snnonnced that Gov, Clark woukl soon ne in the city, and h id signified his Intention of viaiueg the institution nailer charge of the Conim ssioa ers. Adjourned. WtllLT Bl'MMaUT. No. emigrants arrived to Jun* 20 37 330 " ?' since to June :7 9,(56 Total 60,6V) To same date, 1654 182,667 ISaS. 13.34 No. inmates in institutions?W. Island.. 'J,413 2,473 " " -M. Hospital. 161 260 Total 2,574 2,742 Balanoa in bank Jan. 1, 1875 $41,192 40 Receipts to June 20 9179,631 68 '? since to 37th, for commu tation of ailaa passenger* 13,336 00 192,967 68 Total $244,1 DO 14 Disbursameiita to June 20 9285,113 87 Sundry expenses paid Jua* 27.... 8,659 61 293,673 38 Over draft an Mechanic*' Risk 939,413 24 Dnaeoantiea 42,247 33 Total indebtedu*ss $81,860 67 Mayor'* Ofllce. TBI OFFICIAL CORRUPTION CASE The case of Mr. Ray, charged with exalting money from bis employes, was given a further investigation yeater day morning at 9>{ o'clock. No mora testim ony wis taken, but Mr. Baateed, the coins*! far Mr. Rsy, mid* sn able defence for his client. The Mayor ha* not as jet given bis ? edeion in the matter, but will probioly do so in ths course of two or three day*. ABRKHT OF PICirOOKBTS. A doten or mor-i yanng scampi were brought befere Justice Osborne yesterday morning, having b?en ar rsetad as piekpoekcta at Kim Park, during the German festivities. The greater part of them were discharged in consequence or there being no direct evidence of their attempting to pick any oaa'e pockets Four of the le gsriUmain rogues who were caogfet in tae very act of saeaalttng a female ant inserting their liaeds into her poaketa, by Ofloer Kiorn?r. of the CaUf'a oflce, were de tained, and committed to the Tombe to await examine Hon. ? LI0IN8I RRVOKID. A Stage driver wa* deprived of hie license yesterday morning by Mr. burets, the Fleet Marshal, for hsv ing ran into n car and injuring severely oae of the horses. The complement state* that the driver wa* run ning h's horses at a fnrion* rata. This wdl probably ?? a warning to many ether parties who are in the hab't of acting in the Maes manner. ?l? and Kfttntom PwMi I At iWit 6 i'cUX jmuHij atniai ytoMtog 1H1MI tluatl tba neighborhood ? i a dwelling iltutt in Oer mest, three doses from Myrtle imu, Broodyn, v&er* i|?i tto neighoers to to* spat, An Gastia, u ng- * tody eeenpy tag to* knw, wh foand ia a .Vmtlog eondlten, tad beside k? a epeetael* etch as Is rarefy witneeeet Cpm a laaagaaa the took plnue reel.aed tb* tody a# a beautiful female, apparently stout twvn ty- ra ysara of ago, and ia tor arm*, with kit kaad ra pe a lag upon bar toaooa, was tba tody of Horatio -V. Gaston, too aon af tba lady above allude! to, botb buried la tba daap slumber af death. B aai la theua lay a pbla), aaarly empt.eC, tba eaaaD piece cf Mailer waioh usually severs rash volatile poiisaa still adhering to tba car*, tba countenance of tba feast)* was sa pkae.d aad aersaa, a* life-Hie aid amJtng, that it seemed im paaalblo Ufa eeuJd hava q alt tad bar fraasa, aai tba; of tba yau( man, although )*aa tranquil, ludie.-.tod nothing of a Jeath by violent means. Tba botU* was at ?aea takaa to a ekiMal abamiat, aad ba uaheaiUU&glj pronoaaead It to contain prastla acid, so that death mast bar# followed tba mesa a almost iostaa aaeeudy. fita what w* oould learn amasg tboea latlmatale acquainted w>tb Horatio N. Gueto, the docsa*ed, we present the To-lowing facta:? Tba decease! la 22 yoare a.' age, tba sua af Mr. 7. P. Gueiin, a man af soma wealth, rasliiag at tba aoaaa of tba tragody He wsat soma yaare ago, aad settled nix self ia busiaees at Maacafcae, le. E a mother, however, via reluctant to allow bun to retlde at and a diataacs from bar, and repeatedly importuned blm torrtura. Ibis to at last consented to do, and bo rataraed hose, liars ba remained several weeks. .Aboat ten -days sines bs started off to eloee cp bia business, aad his return was daily loosed for. The fir cumataaeee which wa hare jest details! are Ibo.e ua d*T wbicb be diet met h's parent's sight on bia re tan. Upon the p*r*oa of the female, whom nobody could identity or leeogutse, were found a dugaerrwotf pa of the deeea-ed young men. t gold stud with the initials 8. O. K., a pawnbroker's ticket horn th? pawu sioa of A. T. Jaekton. No. 68 Reads street, for a dUm-md rng. (amount 94,) dated Jen* 30, Va. 1,18-1, ia the name or barab Williams. Upoa tboyonng man was frond a serUflnte of his be-sg a MesUr Masun aai meaner of toe Blues Htwt Lodge of Fre* Ms-orb at M-ucttiae. Ia., a peasil Ci??, atrei key, and 17 eants in money ; also, a statement of bia haD-.l tits, amcnn'.isg to soma f 1,800. The follow.og letter aoppjeed to be written by the de ceased, was round upon ber p#r?oa tens.. Jnno It, 1816. Deab Herbh?I hare bees ver r tiok ur *ho it.t b tve writ ten y. n irjuiedU-elj upon niy arrival i N ?w Yirk. 1 ras t* en down su and lenly, no) bave been ?9 unwell slaer, that 1 w?* not able tj ea si till now. 1 eh-mld have cime oat to mc yon to-day, but reel toe vesk; ao I must wait with patirnee till jour reiuro, when I ?b*d ba ao Tory hippy to ne >-->u 'bat 1 eba'l be qolte well. H >f .04 you are ae wall and happy a a 1 can wish you, I am, you re -1 ever, f ttaL I havq erele?ct a fl! kill ou tbe Mochsn'.ec' Bank of S . ark, New Jersey. The fo.loamg su writtea evidently in a hurry, oa % slip of ptper, is loail pcocd ? Ur Duis Sarah?I ail yor. fart veil for ILeiatt i'me R. ueniver, you are m, ovi dear Sarah r.itil deetlj ?*or b?pa y.<u 'fink ino fooiieb, but m? lovo f ryoukatwno boonJs, and rather then bo an eye-witnete to yoor life, 1 rrnfer Jeatb, henna yen will Uva l-:ae and d'.e nappy. 1 amycurs forever, XCNRV WiLLlaUS Anoth*r not# waa written in paaeil. oa a pieoe of or dictry wntmg paper. On the au?;d* wie tbe 1'oUow ing ? Mv Dcar Sinah?He-nember tbe thlrt. 1 told ycc it wen d be - ne las-; it is n>t to muob. k'rem t car can. 0E.VRY WILLIAMS. Miss tarah tVilliams? from your own Jear Hb.N.-tY. Tbe Coroner was called, and a preliminary ia v estige tien held, but no teet.imeny n? taaen, save tra: of tbe lather, who dopced ae follows :? My name is rcomao B. Gustin; deceased is my vo; bit name Is Horatio V. G'ustln; 1 do not know of uis aseo e atiog with any femaiea; he wa* in business in M-ieca tins. 1*., for several years; has been abseat about a week ; bavs aotseen hini since t Ida mil tuiami-nlng. We trust tbe Coroner aad tbe jary will do tbe es :-ent of tb?ir duty in tbit matter, aad pursue their inquiries until 1 ob? taugihlo result it reached It is evident there is a deep tale of wrong aad iejary wbicb tbe truth would develop#, and tbe insinuation'ihat tbe leinale was a nymph uu pa.'* is a mis; cruel am beart'.eis acmes con, btsod n oon no evisting evidence whatever. H-r aypH.traoce ie uot that cf a diseo.ute women?ibe evidences of rrdnetmnC m berdrsss, Ac., go to clfprove tbe suppo?!tlon. Tee f?m !y are -lountless alllict'd; hut it ia strange ta*t a son should Hah hi? d?e tiny ao -to?e?y with a feaaia, aid tbs i a ueditfo fam'Je be entire y unapprised of any connection of tusk a) havuig existed. ADDiriONAJi PARriCJI iRi A pout mortem examina'Jon was mad* npen the be 5y cf the deceased lady who, was conveyed to iae dead bouse farly in tbe mcrning. A aimilir examination WAi. upon the bo5y of the deceased young man, at tbe residence 0' bis parents, and in bevb caves the re suit wis tbattheyhad come to their death by mean* of pruiflc acid. The post mortem was by ' croner Hiniord and I)r. Boyd Tbe circumstances of tbe tragedy spvaad rapidly, an-" arge erowca gathered about the dead bouic to view the deceased it male. A watch xaker, ia Navy street, idenrifled ber a* Miss Sarah Ellen Watts, cf seventeenth afreet, b t.veeu ii-,-h:h aaJ vinth areauu New York. He stated that be repure I a ricg fer her about a year since, aDd be knew her well by sight. A Udy ct the neire of Wilson was of ths op'non t ist the n?meof tbe decessed was Sarah Mitt, of ftoluxc.* etrcet, New Ycrk, but eiibeequeet icqu riei ky Captain Call, of the Fourth dlatrict police, shewed that she meet have betn mistaken. A gen'.lcman rtatel tbatbesav tbe two deceased promenading Myrtle avenue, abeat I'J o'clock the night pieqious, and others ?*U that they liao (requently seen tbeca together. It ie ales stated that tbe ccuple were engaged to bs minted. 001 that tbe opposition of the young man's friends im polled the lovers to adopt tbe extreme measures tboy resorted to. In fact, there is no end to the rumors, an 1 it :s tot prebaolo thit tk*re a muth truth in any of tbem The parents p?rsUt that taey nev-ar vaw tls de ceaetd It-male until they witnessed ber e'iffened corpse yeturday morniug. Tbe p?<pl*ef tbe neighborhood, and espceially the ladies, appear greatly incensed In oonee ;aence of the summary msnnvr in which tbe remains of the youig woman were conveyed to the dead hiuse A m-etieg was in consequence convened a* the stare of Messrs. Walli*. Mr J < Schumacher was called to the chair, when it was stated that tbe chi:rmaa had ordered a costiy ccflin for the body, and that through (he liberality of ex Mayo,- Strvker a lot had aeea donated for her re - Jose in the Ometery of trie Evergreens. Mr. A. 8 sne alio voluet*?re-l a supply of carr.ages, aad the lacy of < apt. West, H8 Vanierbltt avseu*, off'red tie us* of lier house for tse occasion. Tali was rialevel unnecessary, however, by the prtvioas offer f-m Rev Mr. Welter A subveriptioa amountisg to $166 wsi then riised to defray incidental expense*, and the fa n*rai will Use place to-day at 4 o'clock, at .V:. <fcalie?'* Kpisccpai i hurob, in Vanoerbilt avenue Tbe iVirc-ner'e investigation will be held this afteruoou, end all the mysterious circumstances will probably be brought to light. TUB DEJKASKD Y0CN9 MAN. The nnfoitunate male suicide was of a very we.k anl delicate constitution from an early age. He va* troubled with n cough, wasting of flesb. and occasional (pitting *f blood, for seme years past; and k.s pnremte. with a view of toseflttAg his health, coin*:,dad with him in the preprloty of taaing a journey to another portion of the Union. With this view hs went souse .wo years Mate to Museatine, Indiana, where he settled and parsae-d his toads, whi ch waa that of n totter. H?re he joined ths Raptiet Church cemxnon cu w?s admitted a memb-w, and remained a consistent and de voted one, much respected by all hie acquamtaacas. lie returned from Indian* a boot two weeks eoice, and nearly two weeks ago went en a v elt to an aunt, who resides aboat ihr- e miles from FJiiabe .atown V J. Ae his health had not impr-jred, his methar ecill 10, hear of h-.s go ng back to tbe West. Fri.m the day o' bit visit to New Jereey, he had not been reen by his parents until Are o'clock yeateriey moraiug, when tbe unfortunate motcer found tbe two deal bo dies on the wood?n settee whi ch stands on the hack stoop ot her bouse in Brooklyn. It le supposed that Abe nuforia antos reacbe', there during the nigs', and found all tbe doors locked, anl then committed the fatal ast. TU.'i DPCKaBJD lady $Tae about five fe?t Hre inches m height, and of a rather thick set. and heavy looking make. She had a fail face, dark hair, and fair skin. She waa ratA** good looking, but would not be caller pretty. However, the general nppecranoe of tbe lady is that of a person of much reepeciability. Mm waa creased in a black aOk drees, with five fl jaasos In it; a black silk manttl a, with las* trimmings; black ?ilk open work mitt; brown pruneliagaiters, slat* color ed stockings, and a floe straw laced he, wita Mis ool-rr *d trimmings Around her neck was a gel 1 tha-n, having attached to It a gold stud, eagrared with tne in.Uale "8. u. K " la ber band ah* had an ivory fan. The bodies present tne natural appearanee consequent one'eath by prutslc ac'd. There (s no rigidity cf m-itcls; no d Inert ion of rentaro, but a calm and almost pleasing expression of repose. Poor girl!? fen-a til Ittm tibi > The earth of Potter's Field will rett opoa you as lightly as though Itid by the side of bra with wnorn you want dewa into the cokd waters of doath. Ratsuen they will not perm't; and the pauper's grave ia the receptee!* destined for yonr ra in nine. Ttiratrre and Bkhlbtttoae. Acadkmt of M'sic?The iMt app??r?a?e of the Ta Graage Opera treupe f* aaaonecel for to-morrow ct?b laf, when Morirt'e grand opera of "Dob Join" will be p'ejed for tba laet time the elorhg night, no d jnbt, will ba honored by tba evieicil people of thla oity in largentbibar*. Mad. l.e Orange, Mad Devriee, Mai. b'?i/?nburg ant Pignort Mirate, Moreltl, iluparoti and Revere, in the prlno pi1 parte. Niuixsh Garden ?The EoglUh Opera Company, who bare delighted the freqwentere of thia aid, ??le;C and favorite reeort, aaaoaace Balfa'a grand ape stasia opera the "Denghter of Ml Mark," again far thie erenleg. Thia op*ra, which bu been produced la great ?pleador. ?nch aa Niblo i? accuetomed to do, will likely be plated every night tbie week lAt Mine Pyae appear inaao. tber new featare and aha will draw leaaaecee and tea ne a. BnoanwAY Thiatrr.?Tbe dramatic aeieetiena for thle evening are eaah u cannot fall to pleaae the edaa rare ef Mr and Mra. WiBiame The drat piece la the lrsab dranm of 'Shandy Magnire," Mr. WuHami aa Hhandy, wltt tbs^sw^of^Mjr iMrt'a la Old bnlaaid?" ttn dtttta tf ? Ob* OaU' will iatmdmen Mn. WOUnms m Caroline Mwrtoa and Habitable, ? Tukw girl ia wh?ch skuMVr will ?'?g en1 dance, ul tie amu iwiU wtU close wltt "Barney tt? Bursa," Mr. WUlUmsaa U*rosi? Boww* THwrmm.?Tha ? pee toe la Irtnt, csllad "The Inobantod Temple," which am b?n produced with beautiful scenery, liUMMMd eg-tin for this tfMhg, M* Johnston u Gelaet'o, th* KgypUaa si***, fw amo**n.en<s (dBMiw witt tt? bwaitful sketch eallsi A "Moratag Call," Mr* Ch-lhsgteee by Mra Bnss pbreye Htr IHward Ardent by Mr. fitxgoraM. The es terUiamonfa wiB conclude with the laughable faraa of ''Mr. awi Mra Whlto." Brraroa's Taunt?Tha laat sight bat t?o of tho PMt local r'raaaof "No* York u It la," is which Mr. Chsnfrau ia to apoear ia hia treat character of Moaa, John Wiaaaa aa Job, Osssgs Holland aa J*rry Twill, Mm la* aa Bhaa, and Miaa Nalaoa aa Jauay, ia an alWrtia* i Bounced for this ?mtag. Mr. E. Eddy, a Sao act jr and araat favor'**. appe*r? la tha Fraaeh drama, th* "Rag Pieker of Paris/' as Jean. avii'sd ia tha other cbarao tars by artists of great dramatic oalebrity. WiixacR'n Thxatxs?Tha Canaan apara company will appear on Saturday SToning next In "MaaanieUo." Miss Ca?el>ne Lehmsn as Etvlrs, Mrs loader- a* FsoaV la, Mr. Qclat a* Masaalello. Mr. Vlaha as Piatro, Mr. MalWr as Bcrslla; tha other charaetara by members of tta company. Wooas1 Mnwrnrm ?"Dark IHoda, or Crimson Crlm**,', also negro delineations ia singing, daaetag and iastro aaa>al performances. Panaja's Meistrbls ? Ths teslmooial to A. K. Gilbert mims off, when tha faTca of "Perfoctioo," a variaty of melodies and instrumental pisses, will cons pe-hs the amusements. Tha JapaalTrcaty. A PROCLAMATION BY THE PRESIDENT OF THI UNfTBD btatm or aurbica. Thereac. A treaty of psaae and amity between the raited Ptatss of aaeiiea and tha Umpire of Jtpan was eas eluded ami signed bet*aea their "lanipofceutiarise at Kanagawa on the thirty first day of March, in the Year of our Lord on* thoo?*ad eight hundred and ifty-rour, wbieb treaty is. word fer word, as folio ws:? rba Unitsd States of America and tha empire of Japan, desiring to extahJinh firm, lasting and sincere friendship hetwe.n the two nations, have raaoirad to fix, in a man ner e'esr and positive, by means of a treaty or general ccsYontionof pea** and am.ty, the rules wh'oh shall ia fa _re h? mnloally observed <n tha Intercourse of their respscti*a countries: for whiib moat desirable abject the President of the I1 cited State# ha* conferred full powers on hie commissioner, Matthew Calbraith Parry. *pa*Ul anib-maCor of tha Coital States to Japan, and the august sovereign of Jxpan has girsn similar full powers to his eomm'ssiooera, EUya-hi, Dai/eka-ao sami, Ida Pnasa of Tsus-Simx, Izawa.Prace of IC.mi sekl, and Cdeno, member of the Hoard of Revenue; and tha said commissioners, after ba\ ing exchanged tbe.r said full powers, and duly considered the premises, hare agreed to the following articles:? ARTICL* I. There shall be a perfect, permanent and universal p*sce, >nd a sincere and c>riial amity between the United States of /.merles an the one pert and the Em pire of Japan on tne other part, art between their peo ple re.psctively, without exception of persons or places. AHIcu n The port of Slmods, in the principality of lJ.-.u, and the port of nakodad->, in the prlurpali'y of Ms-.smai, are granted by tbs Japanese as ports for the rec-ptioo of American ship*, where they can be supplied win wood, -rater, provUxms and coal, and other articles ?heir necessities may require, as far as the Japanse* have term. The time fcr opening the first named port is immediately en signing this treaty; the lest named Kti it t> be opened immediately after the same day in ? en*nfng Japinese year. [Note.?A tariff of prices shell ps givn by the Japanese ofii.'srs of the things ?*bi:b they can furnish, payment fer which shall be made in gold and silver coin.) AEnout nr. Whenever ships of the United States are thrown or wrecked on the coast of Japan, tbe Japanese vessels wi'l mist these, and carry thai.- crews to 5 moia, or Htlto dad*, and h.nd tbem over to their countrymen appoint ed tors-eve tbem; whatever articles tin ship wracked men may have preserved shall likewise be rsstjfed. and tbe expenses incurred in tbe rsscue and support of Americans and Japanese who may thus be thrown upsn the shores of either nat cn are not to b* refunded. AHTK'LE IV. Those shipwrssked jwrnons anJ other c!ti/?ns of the United St*t*a a'i ?11 he free xe .n other countries, a?d not ?abject to Miulnemaat, but ?hall be amexabie to ja?t law*. iRTICLK v. fblpwrasked wen and ether eit /ens of the United State*, temporarily living at Simvoaant nikoiite, s >*11 aotbe Etibje.'t to auch r?atri?Voa#Thfl confinement w toe Dutch tad Chinese are at Nagasaki, bat shall be free at Simeda to go where they please wltnin the l.mlts of seven Jkpin?s< miles (or ri) from a small Island in the harbor of Slcoota, marked on the aecompanyieg chart hereto spper.ded; and shall in like manner be free to gi where they please at Hakodate, within limits to be de fined after the visit of the United States squadron to that plaoe. ART1CLX VI. If there he any other sort of goods wanted, or ens business which shall require to bo arranged, there s-hall be careful dtliVration between the parties in order to settle each matters. iRTlCI.K vn It is agreed that ships of the United States resorting to tbe ports opts to them shall be permit .?? I to exchange gold and silver cola and articles of goods for other arti oles of goods under such regulations as ahvUbvteaa porarily established by the Japanese government for that purpose. It Is atipilated, however, that the ships of the Uui'e'l States sbaH be permitted to earry away whatever articles they are an willing to ezchaags. xriu'ls vm Wood, water, provisions, coal and goo Is required shall only be procured tbro jgh the agency of Japanese officers appointed for that purpose, anl in si other mannir. artiolk nr. It is agreed that if at any future day the government of Japan shall grant to aay other nation or nation i privileges and advantages which are not herein granted to the United States and the citizens thereof, these same privileges and advantages snail be granted like wise to the United Slates and to the citizens thereof, without any consultation or deity. ARTKUJ? X Ships of the United States shall he permitted to resort to no other ports in Japan but Simola aad KsVodade, unless in distress or forceu by stress of weather. ARTICl* XI There shsll bo appointed by tho government o'the Un<ted States consuls or agents to reside in SI mods, it sny time after kh? expiration of eighteen meatus from the date of the signing of this treaty; provided that either of the two goresnments deem such arrangement neeesinry. ARTICIt xn. The pressnt convention hiving been concluded and duly signed ?h?ll be Sbl.gatory and faithfully observed by the United States of America ?nd Jaoan. and by the cttUenc and subjoin of each respective Power; in 1 it le 10 se ratified and approved by 110 President of tha United states, by and with the advice and oensent of the Senate thereof, aad by the august sovereign of Jaoin, and the ratification* shall beexchiaged within eighteen month s from tho date of the signature thereof, or soon er if practicable. In faith whereof, we. tbe respective plenipotentiaries of tfce United states of America end the empire of Ja p*n, aforesaid, have signed and sealed these presents. Lone at Kansgaw.i this tbiUy-flrst day of March, in the year ot our 1<ord Jems Christ one thousand e ght hundred and fi-'ty-four. and of Nayei, the seven'.* year, third month, and third diy. V. C. PERRY. And. wkRivas, the sa^d treaty has bs?n duly ratified on both p?-te, and the respective rat! deal lose of the same were exchanged at dimoia on tbe 2lst of Eebra sry last, by Commander H. A. Adams, of tho United S'atvi Nary, and Ho Tsocelna, NoVami, IsavaMimasaU, Kokamt, Tsococki So err eg a, Notiml, Ido Tows?i, K ilt a h>n ItsUo, with rasneeke far Interpreter, on the part of their respect've govermentg. Now, therof/ro, be It known that I, Franklin Pierce. Prrs dent of the United States of Araerisa, have caused the laid treaty to he mado public, to the end that tbe sane, snd *Terj cliuse and art'ete thereof, may be ob served and fulfilled with good faith by the United States anl the c tiz ns thereof. In wVnees whersof 1 bare hereunto -et my hand and caused the eeal of tho United fitatea to b* affixed. Eone at tbe city of Washingten. this tweu'y-eeooud day af June, In tbe year of onr Lord oao thoa [i.a.] aand e'ght hundred and fifty five, and of the inde-'udence of tho Unite 1 Statoe the seveoty Bioth FRANKLIN P1SRCK. By the Pr?aidsnt, W. L. Marct, Secretary of State. 'tNANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ?09BI M&1K1T. ' Wednesday, Jnoe 27?6 P.M. QncUtlona for stocks coatlaue to mom up grada iij. There appears to be no speculation ef onse [tienoe, except in certain fancy secorltiee. Brie laiiroad bee been in very act Its demand daring the wst few days. Ite maket valne has been steadily .pprecistixg, and the stock has charged hands to a rery largo amount. For some days New Y?k Cen xal has been quiet, and prices have slightly satHidcd. Phe tw> slocks are certai sly much nearer each other n market value than they were a weak or two fnce. The two companies are still at lesae on ihargfie for passengers, and It will be a very diflkalt natter to properly adjust all the polo's satisfso orily; nevertheless, we believe it will be dans. Vim pot Ri on would seriously Injure each company. Neither of them is making too much money at resent, and if prioea are farther redaeed, tie public it large will gain, but the poor stockholders wilt tave to pay the piper. The Erie can stand ompe Ition better thin the Central. Not being e dividend leying stock, it conld use np its entire net incline s extra expenses, and com. el the C intra] to do the aae, leaving tbe Central's dividends to be paid, if A all, by another issne of boaaa. It is the height f folly for two railroad companies like the. Brie ad Central to baat open warfare-to be eating etch ther ep? when a fair aad jnvt scale ef price* coeli e agreed upon that would p*y well tor the services endered. Reading is steadily advancing, in he face of a four per cent cash dividend in Jsly. t was generally anticipated that the reported it laratkms of nob e smell rate would direst the wrM value e? the stock, but )l mum ta UnM a eoatmry ?*?$? The ldghast iota rsst that the Wew York 0?M preiemdo to dealers, ta fear pereeut, ?id its aleak ia ahove par. The Reading, with ita ptacpaota for the last ttw m rathe of the precent fl?. eel year, and a dividend the fir* six eqial to that at the Central, la Barely ei maoh worth per or e premium. Her tea waa pretty active today. One lot of e thousand shares aotd at 30, beysr $0 deya, which ia an improvement. All tha Western rail road ate k waa better to-day. Quotations current el the first board, compared with these ending at tha close yesterday, *ow an advance in Miaaaari ti's of 4 per cent; In diana 6'a 4; Illinois Central Bonds, i; New York Central 7*1, 4; Brnnawiek Land Com pany, Raw Yark Central Railroad, Erie Rail road, Readlrg Railroad, J; Miaktgan Central Railroad, 14; Michigan Southern Railroad, 4; Pa Railroad, 1; Illinois Central Railroad, 4; Cleveland aid Pittabnrg, 2. Canton Company foil off 4 per cent. Quite an active bnstneas was trais acted in Btate securities at improving prlcas. Railroad bonds of a variety of classes ware sold at the first board at an advanee. Illinois Centrals are the fhverfcea. After tha adjournment ef the board, tha following eaks af bonds and stocks were made at auction by A. H. Mailer $200 N. Y. Ontrnl R B- !'? WtX 400 do do eortificnte 8'? 8#V 100 do do Wo ...1 10V 20 eh errs Menbetten Company 131 90 do Tradesmen's Bonk, (foil stock) ....121*131 SO do do sa which $20 per share has been paid 131 26 do N attoaal Bank ...131 26 do Nsw York Central Railroad 101 .'i 20 So Chatham Jack 01 30 do Lnfarge Fire Insumnoe Co 73*74 Albert H. Nicolay's regular semi-weekly auction sale of stocks ard boada will take place to morrow Thundsy, at 12j, o'ckck, at the Merchants' Ex. change. An unsanal variety of first class securities will he cHired, and among them will be found $75,000 Vi'ginia Btate bondn Mr. J. Tbrmpscn's regular weekly auction sale will take place to-morrow, at half past 12 o'doak, at tie Merchants' Exchange. His catalogue in clndea a large amount of Indiana and other State recks, to be sold by order ef the Auditor,on account cf the Indiana suspended banks. At the second board prices were not sustained. The amount of badness transacted waa Bmalland nincipslly for cash. Cumberland fell off i percent; E>ie Railroad, 4; Reusing Railroad, $; Illinois den. tral Railroad, i; Michigan Central Railroad, A The steamship Atlantic, from this port for Liver pool, today, carried out $797,768 89 in specie. There was a good supply of stsrling bills on the marked at the close, and there was a disposition to recede a fraction in sales. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's 1 offije ta-dsy, were at follows: ? Paid on Treasury eeeount 11 Received do do 233,848 90 t R lance do do o? Paid fcr Asray office m I Pftidon diibmrataf clwckn % 32 587 0< Tl e pay ments include * 77,000 on C ellfornia drafts and the receipts include $100,000 frem the West. For some days past tnere has beei considerable speculation among oertain cliques of financiers rela ? t?ve to the probable effect of tte high premium paid and demanded for New Yark State stocks, upon tha banking internal of this Btate. It la well kno^n that hot for the demand likely to exist for the stock just issued by the State, to displace the old canal revenue ceitificates, for the purpose of banking, no thing like the premium paid would have been rea lized by the State Treasury. It was in anticipation of such a demand that oertain parties, through their broker, put In high bids and secured ths loan. It was certainly a fortunate coincidence that their bids fir the whole loan were juetexictly at rates reqniied to secure it. Had the bidi pat in by other parties been before them, the j er cent and fraa tinea! per cent could not have been more nicely acjosted. This of course must be attributed to su ite, lor fiaaueial akin and foresight, and their socosrs ? no more than the possession of such ttot and tslent deserve. The parties who obtained thsse loans bold a large amount of securities which ober parties engaged in banking require to fill the vacuum created by the withdrawal of about three millions of canal revenue certificates. We have here both the seller and tke bujer, and it now becomes neceisvy to adjust prices so as not to inter, rapt ths present banking operations of the Btate. It is not, however, imperatively necessary thai the pre* sent volume of paper currency ihonld be continued Holders of the sew loan cannot compel bankers to take certificates at any price they may fix, for there ia an alternative, and the probability is that the al ternative will be adopted. Bankers holding canal revetne certificates will doubtless return to the Banking Department currency to the proper amount, withdraw their srcurrtiea apd present them for pay ment at the State treasury. It certainly would be wiser to do that than to pay twenty per cent pre mium on a State bond, to use as a basis for eircu latisg note*. The community at large certainly cannot object to a curtailment of the paper curren cy, and we consider it a blessing that the financiers coatroll r>g the new lonn are likely to force upon . bankers a contraction, by withholding the required re entities, which otherwise might not have been realized. Banking in thii Btate, at such a cost, must be a losing business. Free banking Inws in other Slates hold out greater Inducements, and the probability ii that banking capital will be transferred from New York to Indiana or IlliiiOis, and a currency be provided in those States fur circulation in tbie rection, to the partial exclu sion of our local issues. It would he much betr terif tbese extravagant rates for public securities should force capital out of banking into other busi new pun nits, so that tte paper currency of the country could be reduced to proper limits. State stocks metely form n basis for circulation; they do not furnish actual capital for legitimate banking. They are used for no other purpose than to flood the country with paper promises to pay, whi^h :ttive ta depreciate the currency, inflate prices be yond a proper limit, and send all our gold to Eu rope to pay for artitles of luxury, most of which we would be much better off without. It would be ad vantageous to the public to have such State stocks as the lawe require for the basis of bank circula tion, selling as high se one hundred per cent pre mium, so en to put it entirely out of the pow er of banking financiers to make the issuing of paper notes profitable. If the holders of the new State bonds only adhere to the price de manded, we shell without doubt have an important reduction in our paper currency, but we have feare ae to their ability to hold. Tue bids were doubUew entirely on speculation, and if they cannot wait the movements of the banking interest, lower prioee must be submitted to. This would be unfortunate, for such shrewd and liberal financiers should be re warded. If they have paid the State a high pre mium- higher than was paid before?it is no mere than r.ght that tha bankers requiring su h a seenri ty ihonld take it off their bands. When ths Legia latuie of the State restricted the close of ' to be received for banking knew tkat it would tend to the advance of state itreks, and materially ail tha treesury in the nego tiation of new loans. The warranto entered at the Treseury Depart ment, Washington, on tha 25th last., were ae fol lows:? .? ? Far the Treasury Department $1,794 00 wL.^onlnuTrVwlved end entered 81,M6 88 W?r re??y warrants rsselved end entered.... 8,000 M Fcr tte Interior Department 3,M2 10 The semi-annual coupon of the City of Col ambus (fla ) bonds, due lit prx., will be paid at the Com mercial Exchange Bank, in this city. tlfOOO TT 8e'? '68<S lto 60 ehe NYC RR.M0 101M *? ftv.'.'u.s W 100 da .7.7; .?? ?3X MOO b? State ??.. to* ?J ?*'piO W* 3000 Tense C'? #0.. WU 60 do eiu w* 100B Lealalana 6*s. 94* 100 do.... MO Itk Jf2 ?? ?2 Z;:::Xm tig K00 do......... 00 160 do a3 69* 5o?o do ** ioo do..:.:; o 5* 14600 IB Cvn RR Ma 84* 100 do .....M0 63V 18000 do U6 84* 100 do.... a30 63W 6000 do 84* 11 do.. I T! 63* 2000 N Io lit bOL 96* 1(0 do *00 63* 3000 ICRHPr b wp 79 130 do 63V 6060 111 rraaland bd 82V 160 do M0 63V 600 NY Cra TV.. 102* 500 Gerd Old MineM 2 3000 do 102* 100 Harlem RR M 29* 1000 T BAA1 2d m b 87 10U0 do M0 30 80(9 Her lot m M 98 300 do 29* 10000 Er bd of ll b3 91* 475 Hooding RR 93* 19000 do M 91* 300 do M0 98* 8000 do b30 92 200 do M0 98* 2000 Hd BIt 3d m 9 77 200 do...;.M9 88* 2000 (? 77* 1C0 do M 93* 10000 P>n Mo 1st las 104 * 26b do ..... j3 08* 1000 Pan Ms 8d iM 1<4* 600 do M9 98* 8O09L?W??l,6M 86 896 Mleh 0?BS.... 198 16 abiM 6 H C Oo 182 150 do M0 198* 6 Shoe & Lset'r Bk 104 80 do . . . T!7 108* 26 Nlcara Tien Oo. 10* 60 M S A N Ind RR. 190* 160 do 17 60 do 108 V 10 do 18* 60 do biO 109 V 180 do e 16* 60 Puuu RR 106 100 do ...,b30 17 6 do ' 106V 100 Qui ton Co.. M0 28* 100 do M0 104 100 do *00 28 100 111 Cm RR 08* 39 do 28 8 Ciev C k Ola RR. 107* 100 do bSO 28 10 Clev M Pitta RR. 69 260 Can Cool Co. blO 81* 60 do bl5 69 160 do 81* 20Gold ChlcftR.. 110 260 do 31* 100 do b30 110 100 do.....M0 31* 318 ClOT M fol RR... 96* 300 do b30 31* It do 95* 100 do bOO 31* 100 do bOO 96 200 Bruns C lud Co 6 160 do 99 V HON Y On RR..... 101* 2C6 do 91 100 do M0 102 60 Chic A III RR.640 98* 60 do blO 101* 23 R >mo Water RR. 73 ?BOOMS BOUD. 85000 Cellf'r 7'?'70 91 200 ab* N-Y Cen RR 101* 6?0 do 90* 200 Erie BR M0 63* 16000 lad State 5's.. 86* 500 do 63 8000 Tinn 6'a 90... 99 100 do 6J* 26000 Er bd of'76 b30 92 10 do 63)1 3000 do 91* 100 M SoAV la RRb30 110* 60C0 111 C RR bd bOO 84 * 60 Panama RR b60. 106 600 do 84* 60 do. e? 106 2600 do 84* 400 Harlem RR.. M0 30 10(0 Pan tidi 2d in 105 200 do 29* 1000 H Riv 2d a id 92 10 Ilta-ling RR 93* 10QCO NIilttnGL 96 * 00 do. 93 60 the Cum COo M0 81* 10 Hud River RR.. 42* 160 do 31 25 IU Central RR... 96 60 N Y Central RR. 101* 20 Ciev, C A 3ta.... 107* 260 do b60 102 25 Mich Central RR 103 cirY rn\uK rbpokt. H kdnkshay, Jane 27?8 P. M. A)-him.?Small ealea were made without change in price*. ButAPHiitHL?Floor?The market wae heavy for com mon gradee, though without material change in prioei. The a alee reached aooul 7,000 to 8,000 b*l?? Including common to gooa choice Bute at $8 26 a 88 75 a 89 Westein at 88 60a 88 76; for mixed branda; $8 87 a $9 25 for fane; and extra; Canadian (1,200 bus.), Mid at $9 87 a 810 75; for good to cho'.ce branda. Soataein was dull with light aalia at $10 a 810 75 for mixed to choice brands, and 810 87 a 111 76 for fane; and extra. Wheat wai nominal; small aales were made, including 600 burhels prime white Michigan, at $2 62*. Corn? The market was active, with sales of 70,(00 to 80,000 bushels W. stern mixed, at 97 a 93c., with some lots reported as high as 100c. (in prime shipping order.) The market closed at the inside figure*. Rye was dull at 158 a 166c. Cats ware inactive at 02 a 66e. for State and Western. Coffkk.? about 100 bags Savanilla ware ?eld at 10*c. a l('*c., and 40O to 600 do. liio at 10c a 10*e. 60 bags brown government Java sold at 16?*c., and 100 stained St. Commgo at b*c. Cotton.?About 800 a 1,000 bales were sold, without ebsnga in quotations. Kni MiiiT.. continued dulL To Liverpool, some 8,000 a 10.000 bushels of corn wars engaged, at 4d., in balk. *? Other considerable lots were engnged at p t. At the close, bfgher rates were demanded, and 300 e 400 bales of cotton were engaged at 3-16d. for compressed, and small lots of unoompressed at 7- 32(1. Tbsrs was nothing of moment doing for London or the continent. Rates to California were unchanged. Provisions ?1 hi market was firm, with sales of 800 a 900 bbls., including new mesa, at 819 44 a 819 60, and at $16 37 a $16 60 for new prime. Old mess was at $19 26 Beef continued firm, with sales of 350 bbls without (bangs in prices. Cut meats con tinned in rood demand, with sales ef 400 a 600 pact ages at 7* a is. for shoul ders, and at 9* a 10* for hams. Lard was in good demand, wl-b aa'es of about 600 a 600 bbls. at 10*c a 11c. The letter figure was for prime quality. Hew York Cottle Market. Wkd.vehday, Jane 27, 186ft. At Alierton's Washington Drove Yard, the reeeipt of > berf cattle has not been so large as last week, and the demand has bee d,rat her more active, though without change in prices. The supplies cams chiefly frees Illi nois and Ohio , and were ooly in fair condition. The de mand to day was good, and it was thought the cattle would be all sold. The supply during the week has been ,i34, and to-day 1,620. rtioes ranged from $8 to f 11 a verage about 010 per 100 lbs. There baa not been much ? all for cows and calves, and only seven have been sold, et from $60 to Ill'O, the latter for extra. Veal calves bate met with a pretty ready market, and 621 hate been told, at fiom 4c. to 6c. per In , live weight. Sheep and y lambs are steady, with sales of about 717, at $2 60 a $4. according to quality. Swine are without ehange, ana dull Tne following table snows from what part of the country and by what conveyance the suppliee came:? Hudton River Railroad 314 _ Do. do. Boats 281 Erie Railroad 031 Harlem Railroad 8 Illinois 488 Ohio 483 Kentucky 140 Indiana 214 J Wisconsin 100 Texas 136 Other Stock. Harlem Railroad?Cows and Calves 7 A Do. ?Veal calves 621 Do. ? Sheep and lambs ... 717 Erie Railroad?Swine 120 Hudson River boats?Swine 436 l'ricts. Beef cattle, extra quality, per 100 lbs.. .$11 00 a Do. good quality 9 60 a $10 00 * Do. common 8 80 a 0 00 Do. inferior 8 00 a Cows and calves, extra 75 00 a 100 Do. good 60 (0 a 65 00 Do. common 30 00 a 46 00 Veals 4 a 6 , Do. extra 7 a ? Steep and Iambs 2 60 a 0 00 Do. extra 9 00 a ? ? Swine, gross 6J?a ? ? At Browning's the supply of beeves this week is most ly from Ohio, and tbey have been rather brisk at $8 60 a $10 per 1(0 lbs., tbe market closing firmly?ell sold. ? In cows atd calves there is no improvement. First class cows, g nog from 12 to 2l quarts of milk par day, sold at from fit to $40. Vsal calves have declined He. to >^c. perlo. Ibe warm w-atber having au unfavorable effect upon their value, tbey bare sola rather slowly at an average of ebout 6c. fcr good quality. There were about 1,600 sheep and lambs in the yard this morning, " mostly from Ohio end New Jersey?some few from this State. The msrket wea ruther more lively, bat without any improvement in prices. Borne poor qualities were sold to go in the country as store sheep. Tbe receipts ^ for tie week have bsen 221 beeves, 2ft cows aad calves, H 93 vtsls. end 4,661 sbsep and lambs. About 1,260 sbesp and lambs wera sold by Jones & McCarty at an average or ebout $3 76 per bead. The following is a memoran of sales by Ssmusl IfcOrsw ft Son, at tiro vstag's :? 20 lames $83 2o 38 sheen $167 (XT 31 oo 137 00 47 do 218 25 34 do 142 ro 138 do 898 06 13 do 63 00 222 do 687 50 26 do 88 50 112 do 288 00 147 do 610 00 86 do 870 00 29 Co 115 00 1*1 do 431 81 37 sheep 186 76 89 do 286 5(1 201 Co 609 OO 96 do 358 50 20 do 7160 16 do ;. 32 50 266 80 899 75 Total sheep and lambs 1,762 816,283 16 Aversge par bead $2 69 At Chamberlain's there has been a more plentiful sum . y*. = ^ iff ply of beeves than last week, and rather mere activif. in tbemaiket. There is no obange to note In prices ?8 lo $11 beiog tbe range Cows end ealvee have sold at ra'ter lower prices than at tbe close of tbe market last week; $76 to $60 brng all that eauld be obtained for them This week's supply of shsep end lambs con sists mostly of middling and ordinary qualities, and have cot averaged more than $3 60 a 81 per head, OoW or two lots of extra sheep from Kentucky and Ohio, sold for shipping at $6 60 eaen. The sales were:? 268 bee.' rattle $8 00 a $11 00 66 cows sad calves 2$ 00 a 60 00 114 veal calves (Hve weight) 4 a 6 ots. 6714 sbrep and lambe $2 a 6 60 At O'Biiea'fl, the market to-day was rather dull, bui " " "swards ' " tbe cattle were all sold; towards tbe cloee these was rather more flrmaeee and full prices wore realised. Cows end calves are steady, without change to prices, be sales for tbe week have been:? gg 82 Reeves $9 00 e $11 OO 12 Cows and calves 2ft $0 a 40 OO 44 Vsalr (livs weight) 4 a 6X c*. The sales of sheep ecd lambs by Food k Fegle, at Chamberlain's Bull'sHsad, for tho week tadtog June 27f were se follows:? JVo. the p. Tolas. Average per toad. 62.... $307 60 $8 7$ 67 164 37 2 71 34 167 75 4 94 194 10$ 26 3 36F 182 448 69 2 40 67 189 00 2 96 1C0 Stock sheep 160 00 1 60 199 4#9 00 2 6$ 70......... 226 00 3 21 176 598 87 8 41 76 318 76 4 fe 218 639 00 3 00 47 236 00 ? CO 100 425 00 4 2$ 96 Lamb' 813 13 8 36 27 do 69 00 2 18 1,708 $5,291 12 Average price per let $3 The market is well supplied and ptlces have declined from 4s. to 8s. per heed trom tbe previous week. MCAPITPliATIOK. (hws emd Veal Sheep em* Beeree. Oalvet. Calm. Allertcn'a 8,14$ 7 Browsing' '221 S? 93 fg* Cbtmb?rlaln't 268 85 114 ^khaJB O'Brien' "2 44 Total ....3,781 208 778 11,'

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