Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1855 Page 3
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AWlimSKMEXT^ KEEEWBD ET8RT PAT. MKW PI BM( \TIO.V8. JUST Pl'BJ IdHKD?N'O, 1 OP THE; NEW YORK Family Herald, ? domestic nugti oe of usacul infor mation Md amusement, toe beat aoU ool/ family piper ? ?America. Price only two cents PuMiahiag office 28 Ana street. Agents and others supplied. KEAI'Y NIXT WEEK ? HERBERT, on thr raiot or Ttic srm, A tale of the Cr.mea. By the au hor of "Cavendish.'* 212 pp Illustrated A tale founded on circumsVinees of actual occurrence and fail to ovrsflowiog of a very high order, equal, if ?ot superior to anything Capt. Marryatt ever wrote _ Blackwood's Magazine. An excellent novel ? Kdinhurg Reviser. Dtto hook is one of tae most entertaining tbat has Men issued from the jwsi for years London Athe nicani. Copies mated on recsipt of 50 cents, postpaid. ? BRAliY, Publisher 12 Ann street. WILL BE KEADY ON TUE 1ST OF JULY?"T11E OLD Pnrm Hi use," by > irolina n Uatisr Lain* illns iEt*?4 "iii tn# ky v?? Iruen from Ueiil/os by Wkito; 460 pages. It mo , extra muslin gilt 01 25 Tae above wark i. a W.atllai domestic storr, or deep iateraet! Tbaaead and evil cbaraotcd-the oharnun* vices of tamm. j ***? tollies of a fashionable oity lift, and all tha va ried tcpice brought upon the sasue of tba story, described in the happiest A copy erill be seat to any part of tbs Union, free, on reeeipt of the price. CFiAl 11 DAVIS publisher 3? South foirtii dtreet. PhUadelphia.' DRY GOODS, &l'. TS&MEtfSWS Splendid striped glaee silks at da. M worth 10s Begone chameleon silks, 3s. Sd ?? ft. llsgaiflcent Kg^Rto gro. de sola, 2s. Od.l.. ?? 6s! Od. ?sM Drapery at Is........ ..!!" <i 2?! An szcslisnt asHcrtidml of linens and other materials tor bow'wear. D01UB3T1C GOODS, retailed at wholesale prices, a. no o V, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, RuOta, table cloths, Unnns, diapers, napkins, ho., at very law prions. CRAl'E SHAWLS, , ? , , . WO, worth $20. And lots of ether bargains, at the bowkry savings stork, 120 Bnmr^. k W. F. GIU.KY. 1 AH ?KW AND ELEGANT summer BONNETS.? Ivv Just received by the Atlantic, from oar branch }*"**?> i ,? IVC ? ' '?d*- TllI< invoice comprises the latest sty les in faaoT crape, black lace, and embroidered ltM* so maeh admired at present in Paris. We confidently flattsr ourselves tbat every lady who in spects eur present stock will be convinced that for taste and beauty ot design, there are no goods to this city that with ours. At the same time, our prices are decidedly moderate. An early call will be found advan tageous, at Madame B. HARRIS A SON, 671 Broadway. A NOTHER LOT OF FLOUNCED MUSLIN DRESSES .4, i""-0*. Th? 'Mt 6*ee of brllliaate, choice goods, reduced to -s. 100 crape shawls, heavy embroi d.ry on fourcorne,., reduced to |7 76, at the Commer clal House, 147 Spring street. LIP.SE rr, Proprietor. AN IMMENSE STOCK OF ENGLISH, FRENCH AND American printed lawns, new goeds and last colors, bartgB ?-'?Uine? and canities at i?r?? r-; f'tl,.d? W on* Is.; plain and figured chambray, hosiery, glove t, parasols "Y1 housekeeping goods, of every description, at astonishing lew prices, at the Com denial House, 147 Spring strict. J H I.IPSE1T, Proprietor. BULPIN S ilAVtll.LAS. MANTILLAS SKLLDTO Off, KROX 40 to 50 per cent b?low regular prices. The eatite stock must positively be cleared out BEFORE THE 15X11 OF JULY, in coiser;u?nce of kxtknsivk altkrations, store cause a partial aud temporary closing of the ^Beautiful black silk mantillas at $4 and $0 each, and IWHRK GOODS PROFORTIOXATKLT LOW GEORGE BULPiN, Paris Mantilla Emporium, 301 Broadway. I CONFESS SAID CROMWELL, TO ftffi FIRST VAtt". Itsment, In the Painted Cnaraber, "I confess 1 never expected to see such a day as this." And io LANDO.V ??F? t?, ??Ttr, c*P?ote<i to see a day when he could sell ali woo! ingrain carpets for 3s. 0d. por yard, an 1 yet ha Is doicg it every day at his new establishment, 394 Hud son street, nesr Clarkson. IMPORTANT TO THE LADIRS.-TUSOAN AND LAWN hats, a so a splendid stock of m llinery and straw 5^8c?tb?l ,??U * .?? !? ml,t,n"T and pattern store, & cra? $3 f" "t*eet- Uwa baU>10?' i "Ik | JRECEIVED FROM AUCIION?50 DOZEN GEN tlemon's diiviog gloves, which will be sold ik 3s per per pair; worth 61. UEMN'S Bazaar, 513 3roadway. HXINI'JIY SELLING OFF.-M133K3 TPLLY BEG to inform tbeir Irionds and patrons that they are now selling off a handsome assortment of crape and straw bonnets, at icduced prices. 489 Broadway. -VroriCE -EMBROIDERED MUSLIN 1 AND BAND3 TO XI match, just received, with a large assortment of hands separate, very low. Also, collars and cuffs, and collars and sleeves, in new patterns. The Brussels at *9 bein? S0,<J? *? would caU the attention of ladies to those at $11 and $13 50 MILLER A GRANT, 371 Broadway. OH, BOILED BLACK SILKS, WARRANTED NOT TO cut l?. 6d. and fls. per yard; caehmore and Stella enawls, English caahmeretts, linen drillings and summer goo js, for neD'fl tad bo?i' wear, reduced to Terj low puces, at the Commercial Hoaw, 147 Spriog itreft, J? H. LIPsKrr. I'roprietor. SUMJIiH FR1NCH WOVE CORSETS.?MR?. GAYNOR has jaet received by the AUsntic, two case# of her celebrated French wove corsets, manufactured at Lyons expressly for Ler, of a very light comtUlo, and beauti- J fully adapted for summer wear, only weighing from ' fonr to hve ounces each corset. Her prices are only ! half usually charged, while 'or eass and elegance in i fitting, her French wove corsets are confessedly unsur passed. GAYNOR, Importer, 45 Third avenue, noar lentil itieit. % WHITE RIBBONS ?THIS DAY RECEIVING A (jl'AN Utjr of iow priced white ribbons. For sale cheap ! icr cash. A Do an assertment of green ribbons, suitable 1 totheeeascn. J. H. HOMER, 51 John street, corner of William. BROOK'S 8ILK COTTON-FOR HAND AND MA- j *?Peri?r to any ?hr?ad in the world. wsts'Rrtv isvrfcasufniis'jS From ai/ction-i20 frincii embroidered ! '?to, at tl? Nleaebj 2.UOO cambrlo aud awi*s collars; ilio ! ?!??,*?* .P11"' 6r< Is-. 6s., Ills., 12* auil lis. each; 2,100 8wiss and eamhtio bauds, at all urioas from 2i to til Blt^k?t*?tTK"'AR'J''04a b^?dV.?t;o5or. Xto j Mantillas : mantillas; Kkovcriox in vrk'rs. M. BELL, Wishing to taks see,jot of stock, bas'madi a Ubcrat^rwdVtc. 1 Monia thtPriNf of his maatilisa. His styies thli soa-on i toing superior to ?nv other to be iound in the city, have m.jt ! with such a ,arid, ale a. to prevent an aosumulaiiom " .??** stock Or hand consisting of real gulp ire and olianMlla i luce, with e good avaortmorit ot hia own ro&nuf&ettire; elso ?.^tfii^. ; ?e,cct. Stock of llaok iuoiro antique and silk I ?at- ! V tn,?""'d f111' real laco and all tho most deei 1 ??i 01 tnmmln?. wil1 ?>s told at muoh lost tbaa tus ufumi ret or. j *i"!! mantiUae have all boon made undor his own Imme *,r;<1 _'r?m hU w#n known faoilltioi In pro ouring t?a latest Paritian novelties, ht nan offer a really elegant style, at bit reduced prices, as cboap as i!?* " ih* tradfl are soiling their old stook, and lolM iu n^otlun that ladiee mar^ta tbattbe reduo Uon la ptlaee ie real, not Imaginary. F FIREWORKS, HRRWORKS, nRRfORU) KIKKWORKS.?XTarge ^. asiottment of beat quality fireworks selling at a ?acrifico, to close np the business. If you want bargains call immed at< ly at 62 Jobs street, np etsirs. HOVMKI, ROOMS, d*'., 1VAVTKD. OOM WAMF'V-WAs'rFD. BY A I.ADY.A PABLOB and bid rcom or one large room, well furnished, tout board location near Broadway, not abort Fourth, nor below final atreei. Address k , Herald of floe. ctwkkment WAvri.n-roTt A small family of X. tliree persons, within ten mtnn?."'., bulton ferry, i"reference would be gtren w * * owning the liou-e or baring a permanent lease, rw! factory reference will bo given and required. Address ? Walter, Brooklyn Post Oftice, with particulate. ANTED It) RENT?FOB TWO YEAR9, WITH THE privilege of purchasing at the expiration of said time, a place la the rielnity of Brooklyn or New York; eaid place to contain eight to ten acres of good land, with dwellitg and aeoesssry outhouse. 11' terms are favorable, would occupy eitbnr this fall, or not later than Match 1,1650. Rent not to ezoeed $240 to $300 per an num. Address Economy, Herald okijc. WANTED?FROM FIVE TO TEN ACRK-i OF GOOD land, with a cottage or otherwite, within half a mile of Long Island found, on Rye Nook, or between -Glen Core and White Stone. Any party liartng such a place to dispose of may addreos, with desci he-, bos 1W8 Herald otfloe. WANTED?FROM THE F1RYT OF AUGUST NEXT until near May, with the privilege of a leaao for a term of years, or of purchasing, a house, in a gool lo cation, free from all nuUanoes, suitable for a select French boarding high school: rent from $1,000 to*$l,300 per anna in, In the vicinity of Washington, Union, Madi son or Orsnierry parks. Address, with full particulars, KL1K CHABL1I Jt, '.M West 32d st WANTED?TH1' WHOLE OF A SMALT,, OR A PART of a furnished bonse, suitable for a family of throe grown persons Kent not to sioeod $2$ per month. Ad arses P. C., Herald otBes. WANTKD-1WO ROOM*, WITH PRIVILEGE OF kitchen, for a gentleman and his wife, In a small ?Pflvnte family; location in Brooklyn, ooatignoas to Wall ?**^nTlJHa(?TWe, Address Spring, Osggid oft* 711 BOAR DEW AND LODOMO. ill NltCMDWAY.?Ft/KNLSHKD PAH I.OH AM) JA A "Moping aprrtm?ats to ruit, a '?? doori from Um N?w York Hotel. Eur nit or* ?*; oath .ad gaa In the bou re. N* boarder* or ehhdren ta the home. Kefatencea enohaxged. 1QA H>D?ON Biwucr?vray plka<unt sk -1 eJU/road .tory room* to let, with board; alto a front room, a ithout futnituie. One .ingle ladr can be aecom moc ated. RiIhik? required. KJ1 grand stkuef, between ksm and centrk ' *? ? n?*t boor*. a plcaannt second story front >oom, furnished or ublurnishea. with lull or par tiai beard; alto rooa* fortki?or four dingle gentium so. 1 A 7 Hudson street fronting on sr. JOHN'S A *? | park ?Furnahed room* to let, with board, to ?ingle gentiemrn, or g'Ltlenii-n and tbelr w.vts; also, a bandacme furniabed back parlor to 1st; houie hu all the mcdarn i nprorements. and newly fort uhed. A few day boarders can oe accommodated. 1 A "LIT OF HANDSOMELY A*iv rnrntehed rooms to let, on weond Boor, to a fa mily, with private table, if preferred; aire, one Urge attic room, instable for a single gentleman, with full or Krtlal board Boose Brat clan, coavewcatly located, tween Broadway and Fourth avenua. t Qf| AVENUE.?STRANGERS ARRIVING Atly *o ?nw dty during the enduing twiioi will ?!5k "PL? "?"Tr ?Udc<' piaaaant^room., I "*** or m * aiu-) ? first clans house, having eu the modern conveniences, by epph ing as above Wall atieet stages paaa the deol. FPJ S **?T9' mST. MARK'S PLACE ?THE HALF OF A FOUR i atory house to let, with privileges of front and nee* parlcr, and front basement, bath and gaa. 1 WAVERLET PLACE, THIP.D DOOR WEsT OF ,A,W ^4!*rlfy P140*. 4 tow desirable rooms caa be h?<l. with beard, by gentlemen and the r wires, or single gentlemen; location ii ona of tha most delightful in the city; termi moderate; inferences exchanged. 01 PRINCE STREET, WEST OF AND NEAR BROAD t/JL war. A faw single gentlemen can obtain pies sent, moderate nrioed rooms, with full or partial board. Alio, permanent or transient boarders taken. Location rery desirable and pleaaant. Bath and gas. ft ft POCWH AVENUE, A PLEASANT LOCATION.? QO Rooms to let, furnished or untnrnDihed, with full or partial board, to single gentlemen. 8T. MARK'S PLACE.?THE ADVERTISER HAS JtJ zooms, furnished or unfurnished, to let ta gen tlemen and tbelr wires, or single gentlemen witl?r enttem* ^ orpartW b?4rd? 4t "?e ?boro desirable to TA TTF8* PWENTYSIXTH STREET.?SINGLE GEN I U tleman or gentlemen and their wires, can be handsomely acoommodated with fuU or partial board, in a firet class bones, with all tha modern improvements, within a rery few bnildinge of the Sixth avenue care, running every Are minutes, 7 9 PRANRUN STREET, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF i T ?Suites, (breakfast served if required) V? d0vbi* room4: on th* fir8t 4nd seeend floors, neatly furnished?a good location for a physician?to let for a short penod If required. Cleanliness strictly ob ?erred. Inquire as above. J K CC AND 6T WIST TWENtT-THIRD STREET?A FEW ,f4ml11*? end gentlemea caa be acsommo 21rooml to ihMt eligible brown stone building. This Is one of the most delightful tor.a zoeidonco,as it Is one of tne broadest streets in the city, and oannot be surpassed for conye nience to stages and cars, and le every way desirable. 2 BOND STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.?A FEW PLEA, .yt .rooms to let, with permanent or transient I w>?rd. Strangers visiting the city will And this a most j desirable opportunity. 4 FINE ROOM ON THE EI RSI FLOOR, FOR ONE or two American or German gentlemen, with or out board, in a email gent-el house R-ferences "Z'Zf'LSh?""" w -??* A-I-ADY CAN HAVE a FURNISHED ROOM, Wil'3 or without board, in a small family, a', 65 Watts I etreet, two doors from the oorner of Canal and Hudson. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR A FEW SIN i^F-fm st'eet'm8n' ** ?ca?n?tuodaU'l with board st A FEW 8I UCT BOARDERS MAY CBTaIN ROO\K fumished or unfuraishod, with or without beard with a private family, in a new brown stone house, con taming all the modem improvements. Apply at 141 I'-net Thirteenth street, between Secoad and Third ave nues. lioftronees sxcaauged. A FURNISHED ROOM, ON 1HE FIRST FIDOR, TO let, to one or two gentlemen, with or without pan al board, with three toams with pantry, from ft to go per month; the house is new, with modern improve ments; no one but the lady of the house, at *9 Sunnuit minutes' walk from Hamilton ferry, Brooklyn. A LADY, FROM THE COUNTRY WISHES A ROOM, uU i*ardi Jn * Mtoet family, or in a houee where there are bat few hoarders. The situation must A ?rT?,,a terms moderate. Address, etating term% A. W. P., Broadway Poet Office. A8M4I.L PRIVATE FAMO.Y, RESfDING IV A NEAT cottage house inthebpper partof the eity, con tainlng all the modern improvements, would lUe to take a lad j aad gentleman to board, or an inralid lady or gentleman. Please address for three days C. M. # Herald office 4L4DYOR GENTLEMAN HAVING A PIANO, AND willing to instruct a lady In the use of thestme be furnished with board and a good tome iik com pensation, at a private boarding hause in the lower p ;rt of the city, rieaae addrese fTW., Herald oflice. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM THAN they require, would accommodate a few sing'o gentlemen, or gentlemea and their wives, with board, either full or partial. The bouse contain* all the mo fern improve meets, such as gas, bath, Ac. References exchanged. Inquire at 123 Weat Twenty second street, be .ween sixth and Seventh avenues. A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOlts, TO LET, PARTIALLY r*l. fnl?',b?di witb rise of kitchen, in a private i.o .7' be bouse contains gas, baths, Ac. Apply at 118 Waverley place. A SPLENDID FURNISHFD PARLOR, WITH OTE OR more bee'room. attached, to let, In a private houee. with all the modern improvements; also, a single r^om with gas in it. Apply at 90 l'rince etreet, a few doots west of Broadway. A8PLENDID SllT OF UNFURNTSITED PARLORS ON the first floor, alM> the third floor to let, in a pri vat? house with all th? modern improvements; ctire and stages are pasriug the door; the use of the basemeat will be given if required. Apply on the premises, at 28 Eighth avenue. ' A PLAIN FURNISHED ROOM IN A HOUSE WITH XX. garden attached is desired by a gentleman ana wife; must be situaied 'in Williamsbfvrg, SUUn Island or tome place of like charaoter. Address M. L. C He rald oflice. Board?a front rodmans ridrimim on the second floor, and back room on tho third floor, to let, with boetd; Louse newly furnished, and has bath and gas in. The family being small, desire to take a few boarders, to make it more pleasant. The comforts of a home may to expected. Beet of reference given. In quire at 191 East liroadwsy. T>HARD?ON THE HIGHLANDS OF PUTNAM COVS X> ty, opposite West Point, at every pleasant farm house, l or particulars apply at 1,028 Broadway. BOARD? FOB A MAN AND INS WIFE, WITH A plea-ant room, furnished or unfurnished, as mij bfde sired. Also, board for two or three gentlemen, nt 168 Spring street. The neighborheod i- respectable and quiet. Board?near .-t. john s park, in a family who hare more room than require!.?second story room, with pantry and wardrobes, and other rooms, comfortably furnished tor a gentleman and wife without children, or for gentlemen. Bath and gas, key to the Park. References exchanged. Apply at 18 Va tlck street. "POARP.?A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OK SINGLE J_> gentlemen, can obtain board, with a pleasant room. To permanent parties, termi reesoneble. Inquire at 82 Eoriyth, near Grand street. 1YOARD DOWN TOWN.?TWO OR THREE GKN TLE JD men can lie acoommodated with board at 1T2 Bnane street, near Hudson, opposite the Donne street Park. Board, down town?gentlemen and thiir wires can obtain geod board, aad very comforU. ble apartments; also pleasant single rooms, for gentie meii; by applying at No. 8 Broadway, the Urge white house opposite Bowling Often. TransUnt boarders taken. bOARD LV A PRIVATE FAMILY.?A LARGE PI,FA J-w furnished reom, with smell room adjoining, will be let togr^."* or "?P*r?tely to a gentleman and wife or alagle gentleznaZ.' nouse contains the modern lmproTemente; convenient tn wT" ,nd . *M; I*ll<zire at No. 190 Weat Twenty seventh str*? > 4 !ew door* from Eighth annus. Board in Brooklyn?two <>r three gentle men can be accommelated with well fnralihed room*. Urge and airy, In en* of the finest locations In Brooalyn, by applying at 86 <Raton street, between th* J1 1 ctzeet aad Atlantic ferries. Alao one hall bedroom to let. S)ABDIN BROOKI.YN.?TWO OR THREE GENTLE men eaa be accommodeted with board fn a re#pec private family. Hons* pleasantly situated on the Height*, wtthlnjlvs mlant*sf welk of l ulton and Wall street ferries. First class raferencea. Terms moderate. Addzoss A. B., box 3,088 Pest Ode*. Board in Brooklyn.?gentlemen and their wives, and a few single gentlemen, can be eccom f\ Z 7 _ AJ1U jriralla D w voj. and a fsw .Ugle gentlemen, can be .room modated with good beard ami pleaaant rooms, by apply Ing at 68 State street, oorner ef Garden. ' 07 PWJ Board in hobokfn ?two or three gentlemen can ha aeoommodated with pleaaant rooms aid d, br applying nt No. 8 Franklin terrace, rt, a (? w mine tea' walk from the ferry. The m, he the, Ac., Ac. 1 gOARD ON PfAtKN' DiLi.ND' MAY BE HAD 1 FOR the seaeoe, for two or three families, In e pleasant a, aad ash water be thing convenient. I er par ties ? , cfP'7 8t IT l8W'?f stmt. BOARDING AND LODGING. B llcon Board in i.rooki.i n ?a va unuy for a okn tl?iD?r mi la> 7 or Ivo aewtftnaea i? ? first eia-w 1-ow.e, a shirt Tcai ths 80 ith ?nd W.U ?>-et feiries, wtere they will meet wtUi ths com'wca tad fit t?t(ioai of a brine. Trtai moderate. t(e'?r?no? re qoircc. Ahdrtes 43 Cjacrt-us street, thrie door* briar Hiiiy. Board in hob<>ken.?a sngis gentleman can bo ?c-omn.oisti-l with A handsome fnrnntied rr-ciu. in a pi .vats fan. ly, with treakf&rt, to* *od fin n*-r on Sun'aye, ic a ttret cIwh Uous* Mir Oie ferry. Ttrai $D per >k?. Adurvs* 1*. tL, H-rald office Boarding.?to let on uodcsitf terms be causa unexpectedly vacated, a hxolrocae sscoad ?tor; frost roim, furciabe-'- or untarnished. with board Lccatieo 27 borth Monro, ta>ng near dt Joba'o Pare, sad wry desirable Ma summer r<*i.Unce ; aloo two Hi a gin trd roc no. Bath in the house. Boarding.?an elegant suite of rooms, in a first class hause, wilt bo vacated no the first day of July, in Fourteenth etwet, near Union tqnara. Ap p'y to KEYS k HOaGLANB, No. 3 Bvi.rett tlouoo HOARDING, 74 WEST TWENTY TH:RI> STREET.? Suits of rccnu, with board, on second and third floors suitable for gentlemen and thuir wlraa, raty bs obtained. permanently or fer n sfcort period If deoired. I oroticn fenr doors rain tha Sixth avenue, nod parties laily desirable for the summer months Board wanted in the vicinity of union squme ?Board in n private family. fronc*'parler, and two bcV rooms, with bathing room attached. Ad dress No. 4 Wall street, toons No. 0, stating terms sad location. Board wanted?by a lu>y, i a a private family, where she ran have the comforts of a noma. Address L. K , Herald office. Board wanted?by a young gentleman, sonth of Twentieth street, in n private fami'j; wculd pre'er a house with no other boarders. The family most be select and genteel Address, with lo la tino and number of persons in the family, Ripton, Herald office. Board waxtid?a young gentleman wishes to procure a pleasant suit of furnished rooms, with fnll or partial board, in a small family where no other boarders are taken. The location must be pleas ant and abova Fourth street. A liberal price will be given for genteel apartments, in a desirable family. Address, giving particulars, Alpha, Herald office, for two days. Brooklyn.?good board, pleasant rooms, desirable location, and oomfortable home, within five miautea' walk of Fulton or Wall street ferries Ap ply at t& Henry street, Brooklyn. COUNTRY ACCOMMODATIONS?WANTED, BOARD. Ac., during July and August certain, probably through September, for a family of six young children, eldest not exceeding twelve years of age, accompanied with their nntse. Terms must be moderate, and the situation within an accessible distance of this city. A farm hcuse, near the North river or. on Statea Island, in the vicinity cf the outer bay, preferred. Address peat paid, R. ?., box 4,712 Post Office. COUNTRY BOARD MAY BE OBTAINED NEAR Wil liams Bridge, half so hours' rde from Twenty-sixth street, by Harlem Railroad - cars runnlag hourly Home well spaded, airy and spacicua, and only eight minutes' walk from the depot. Fresh fruits and vegetables- sta ble snd carriage house Apply to the Misses BRIGGS, on tfce premises. References - I<eonard Scott, 64 Gold street; T. M. Partridge, 44 C'jrtlandt afreet. COUNTRY BOARD WANT1D?FOR TWO YOUNG ladles, 16 and 18 years of age, within ten miles of the city, in a plain, quiet family, where the comforts of a heme may be found, and where there are no oth-r bosiders A location ntar the water preferred. Terms moderate. Address Parent, Biondway Pom Office. COIN IKY BOARD WANTED?WITHIN 60 TO 100 miles, in or Msr roms Pastern village, near depot, fcr the equal of lour to five person1, in July, August, and posnlbiy September. A roomy farmer's bouse end farmu's 1 are preferred. Locution must be healthy, grounds plresnnt snd shady; would like it near salt water. Address, with particulars, terms, Ac., Andrew Case Bo* en, l'cst Office, New York. COUNTRY BOARD.?A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING <n '.he Hudton river, can a few bcaners. Plenty of fruit and shade Good references required. Addre?s Piivate Board, Union Square Post Office. jtURNlBHKD ROOMS TO PET?ONE OR TWO ROOMS I neatly famished In a small private family, suit ails lor gentlemen, ihn house couU'ns all the modem im pica fluents; In a deniable locat on; partial bjanl if re quited. Apply at 91 West 11th at, between Fifth and Mitb avenues! ITtURMSHKD ROOMS TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT ' board. Two rooms on the second floor, conven u nt for a gf ntleman and lady, or a party of single gen tlemen- aho a back parlor to let, in a private family where there ate no other boarders. (All at 110 Franklin attei-t. HOBOken ? a suit or rooms, w ith i.aror pan tiies, on the second floor, con be liwl, with pir tinl board. None bat parties of tbe highest respecta bility need apply. No. 16 Hudson tsrrace. "VJ 0. 78, LAWREN0: STREET. BROOKLYN.?T(TO jL v elng'e gtntlenion, or a gentleman and lad/, can bo pleasantly accommodated with partial board in a private family, where there is good aociity, an i no j boarders. Terms moderate Apply a- above. ONE OR TWO LATHE? WILL Bl', TAKEN TO BOARD | by a lad/, where all the comfort* of a home will ; be found. Call at 886 Seventh avenue, on the hrat floor, over the store. PARTIAL HOARD IN BROOKLYN.?FIVE MINUTES' walk from Fbltom ferry, in the beat part of Adams street Two gentlemen can be a-cooimodated with capi tal bedrooms, with breakfaat. Apply to lfr. FsuUener, book publisher, 117 Fatten street, ip stair*. ]_)R1VATE rAUTlAL BOARD?AN ENGLISH FAMILY . occupying a handsome hojse, with modern Im provements, in olo of tbe best localities of South Brooklyn, has a vacancy house' within 15 minutes' walk of Hamilton ferry; cars from it and Fulton ferry pus References exchanged. Address A. L , bo* 3,094, Post Office, New York. rro LET, WITH BOARD?A furnished PAR I.OR AND J becrocm, with pantries, suitable for a gcntlcmin and lady; hoard for tbe lady only; the family is very f-mall; to boarcere; itoation desirable; bath and gas in the house; price $20 per week. Address, giving name aed residence, Mrs. A. King, Broadway Post Office. I\W0 SINGLE Gi ATLi'MI.N CAN HAVE GOOD BOARD, in a private family, with handsome furnishei rooms, in the conn try, one r.onr's ride by Harlem Rail read. Apply At 52 John street, room No. IS. Refer ences exchanged. A WILL FURNISHED SUIT OF ROOMo TO LET. to cp? or two geutlemen, with breaaiait it required, in a pnvato house, containing mcdera improvements, and de sirably loeatrd i.ear Cai' n park. Family very small?no children. App'y at 31 Irving place. 1 lOARKINO.-FCRNISHED APARTMRNT9 TO RENT, I ' to gentlemen and their wives; alio, rooms for stasia gentlemen, with or withont board. Gas In all the room*; net and ooid bathv true. Apply to Mrs. MEDHUB3f, 511 Douttea street. MUSICAL. A tent eeleetlal or doable oetnve pianoforte*, Ely A Man improved piano* are rapidly tak HAMc-OMK AND CTIIAP.?A SEVEN OCTAVE piano, with iron frame, of superlor tone and toncb, mane of tbe very best material; can bsaeen at 112 Macdougal street, rear bntldiog, second floor. "Vf 0 Hl'MBUG.-A VERY SUi'ERIOR ROSEWOOD 1'IA toforte, 7 octave, irea frmne, perfect in all res pects, end i.arranted; Ix-on need only three months; ma ker's price $310; (or sale for $210. be seen at 84 \>:ey street, near the Aetor House, from 9 o'clock till 8. on Thursday. PUNO TO LET?AN EXCELLENT ONE, SEVEN octaves, can be bed on application to L. Y. DEv CUMBES. 766 Broadway. Attention piano purchasers i-halcs pa- i tent eeleetlal or fotlh " ?" ger mannfaetnrers. Tbeee I tbe plaee of the or dinar. , maob superior in power and sweetness of tone; 2d. tb^r &g the place of the ordinary piameforlts ; 1st, beeant* tbey tee maob sapeder la power and aweatneas of tons: 2d. tbey staad in tana well, being mad* with iron frames; and 3d, tbey are sold at low prfees, aad recommended by all oar hrrf pianists, whose certidoates w* have ef their superiority ELYAMUNOKE. Me. 619 Broadway. 8A Nicholas Hotel PIANOS?THE LAEOEST ASSORTMENT OF PIANOS ib the United Mates; price* lest tbaa caa be found else where. Sole for T. Gilbert A Co.'s pianos, wttb or wlthoat the molten; ballot! A Cnmstoa's, Woodward A Brown's, aad Jaoob Chiekeriu's Bostoa piaaos; aad the ealy bone* where mav be had the Horace Weteri' aelebrated mo dern improved pianos, with over (triage aad improved ai tion. Baoh piano guaranteed to give oatlr* satiiiaction, or rnrehaeo money refunded. Piano* to roat, aad rent allowed en pnrohae*. Plane* tor aal* oa monthly payments 8*oond band pianos taken la exchange for new ones. Seoondhtad pianos for ule at good bargain a Sole areaey for S D. A H. W. Smith's meledeoa*. tuned the equal temperament. HORACE WATERS, 3? Broadway. CLOTHING, *t\ CAM 01T CLOIH1NG OF EVERY DESCRIPTION wanted?The highest price given, and eaah paid in currant money. Gentlemen wishing to dlapoea of cloth iflF <n * quality, for a liberal cash eqnlvalent, are requested to 3?1 on or address JAMES MOKONEY, 11 Baxter street (1*fr Orange atreet.) CLOTTTING ?LADIES OR GENTLEMEN, HAVING any to dispose of, can receive a fair eaah price by sending te the atoiea 12 Lanrena street, near Canal, or 62 West Broadway, or letter by peat. 8. COHEN. l adles attended by Mm. Cohan. Clothing.?i,adh> or gentlemen haying any of tbe same to dispose of, can obtain a fair eaah price, by sending for the snbeeriber, at hie reatdsno* or through the post 13 Kim atreet. 1.1. PUSSEI.DORF. ladies attended by Mrs. Dueeeldorf. imillNG?I.AD1W OK GENTLEMEN HAVING ANY of the same to ? lis pose of, cka obtain a fair easb price, by sending for tbe snbeeriber, at his reeldenee, or I through the post, (56 Kim, or 101 Chatham alroot M. s5* vUHKN. I adloa attended by Mrs Cohen. IX/TH1NW AT AUCTION PRICES.?FINK SILK alpeoca ceate, $8, worth $1$; lino black eloth frooka, cost W, at $4; ? eeham oeaU, 75 cent* eaeh; drab do ate pants at one half the coat. ITS Nassau street, l .EVIL'S anetloa store. Oeedo rooolvad on wnmieeioa, at 12$ Nassau otcoot. HALES AT AVrnOW. A lOtttTB WIUULAY, AUCIlUSKHlt. ?P|iVl(P fORY

A ? awcutor's nMU aneWwt o4 (>UMc(>. a.BSKT H. NlcuLAY will mU, oa Saturday, Jui* 3"ih, at IS ('deck at tt? Brood et?e?t ttwr-*aa<ntag pnt'icn v* iw ento I pa'nHegs belocg- og ?o the aollw, ioa of be UteT, A. Esq . .noiud'Og ramy to* oU rpecim o? ?rta> the *i.fcc.U o Poutalc, Baamar^r. T-o U.?, V?n 01* Bex el, Cfcr'o tUrravi, Zad*rll<t. V?u 0*ei, Jo*. r*<3, WtKiiax. Murilto. Dotaiauihtro, Leo-a, UroCrro, and utuc uaatrr* cf celebrity, maoy of emeu *>e ,*m* t.r<l worts; trie MUbUm of cnouo?*euir, ta* wbcte 19 bo f old t clrae tto e*t*f4 Also, o fixe (Ou-cico d' no'-ru pair tinga oat engravings, u >w reedy lor oikiaii ati cu. Cata^n** to to baa at the salesroom. AU'-tign notice?watches diamonds and jew<t?y ? FLY.'aRD SCHEN't.h. will #;li lui* da/, Jura 2a, at L'.i iklearoome, 16 Wall a rest, a apieaail roh'ctioe cf diamonds watches ana jewelry, coa*<etiog ol ? ^ti*v carat sole hurting rcrcn?a?l.r? bj French Pcolet, Beetle/, Btfl; patent detects* If vera byjehn mo Kfakeit, 1>? let tr.J lad tea' Ota enamel die uicrl watcher, vary fin* aiogle atone cn 1 eicater cl-acsoai rirgs. yirs studs, araceletv, fin* mosaic etuis, ele?ve bvHauj.tpio* eairn.s ant bmrsutt. (ice onyx tamng*, piss, aleoTS butters, fine gala locket ptos, tarring*, bracelets, rirg*. ve?t and guard chains, keys, e tua, fksve buttons, Ac., Ac.; positively without r**?rv?. Trims ca?b. oitj fuada. All goous must pjsi'.ire'T be cleared on the ca/ of tale. ALBERT H. MOOIAY, AUCTIONEER.?ALBKRT H. NIColAY will sell this day, June 28th, at 15)* o'euck, at the Merchants' Exchange, for account of whom tt may concern:? $6,000 MJwaukle and Wattrtowa Ra'lrcad 8 percent BotsCr eacb $1 000 $a 000 CUvtland, I'aineeriUe ao<l Ashtabula Kailroai Hoc 1 H 00> $6,000 Trrte Haute axd Alton Railroad 2d mortgage 8 per cent Honda ?1,00C $C,CO0 Flushing Railroad 1st mortgage 7 per cent Bono i 7 $1 COO $2,100 lockaeiLaa and Weotarn Railroad 7 per cent Bond* $L.COO Bfi.tCO Ink* Erie, Wabash and St. Louis KR. 1st mort gage 7 pur pent CooverUbla Bonda $1,000 $4,CCO Chicago and MUolaiippt Railroad 10 ptr cert In come Bond*. $75,000 Virginia State 6 par cent Bond* $1,COO $n,0>.? New York and Erie Railroad Bond*....$1,000 $1,1(0 Hudaon River Railroad lot mortgage 7 per cent Bond*. 40 abarea Chicago ard Mississippi Railroad.oaeb $100 20 lhird Aveuua Railroad 100 4C Chatham Bank 26 20 Atlantic Rank 100 120 Hamilton life Insurance Co., hypothecated .. 15 21 Lenox Eire Insurance Company 25 8 bow York and Virginia Steamship Co 100 3(0 Hampeblro Coal and Iron Ca ICO 4 Cincinnati and Little Rock Slate Co 50 CCO Eiauds' Metallic Lrfo Boat Corporation, hypo thecated SO 150 Marble and stone t arring Company, of New York, hypotheticited 10 25C Newton copper Face Typo Co., for .Now York, bypotheticated 10 20C American Coal Co.. of Alleghany county, Md.. 25 05 ApalacLlcola Land Co., 5(0 acre# each. 24 Union India Rabber Co , of Now York 100 Terme of Bale.?Ten per cent this day. and the balance before 2 o'clock to morrow. Tne accrued lnteiest on aU the box da will be charged to the purchaser. Next regu lar sale on Monday, July 2d, A I Br JIT H. NICOLAY, AUCnONEER.-PRERF.MPrO. J\ ry rale of genteel household furniture at auction.? AlJiiKT H. NICOLAY will sell on Saturday, June dot n, at Km* o'clock, at his sales room a No 11 Broad street, houaeoold furniture, comlatmg in part of rosewood an 1 mabogary suites, in brocatel and haircloth, elegant rosewood 7 octave pianofcrte, made by the colet rated Cbickecing; gilt frame pier glass 84 by 58, coat $250, tint quality French plate rose wood Voltaire chair, richly eu:rc.ideied; mahogany sola*, do. arm chairs, in hair olo'b; bureau, waahatanda. eeatre and side table*, parlor and ofiic* chairs, velvet and Brussels tape-try carpi ts, black walnut and mahogaay cilice desks, silver plated wnre. clocks, refrigerator*. Ac Also, a lot of utensila, with which the *al* will commence. The whole to be poiitivcly sold to pay advances and to mate room for other aalee. A UCTION NOTICK?BURSK, WAGON AND HAR r\ nesa.? EDWARD Ht'llKNCK will sell on Saturday, June HO, at 12 o'clock, in front of hie store, 16 Wa*l street, a fine cheatnut horse, light wagon and harness, but Il1t!e used. a SSIGNEK'B BALE?TIIE 810CK OK GR0>:RIK3 A ?"?! Duvors, nd tte fixtures of the store, 144 We>t ?fShty-second street,will be sold on the premises at puv lie suction, oa Fiidsy. the 28th lay of June inst., at 10 o'clock A k, Dsted June 23, 1S.??. By order of o ciocs a *'? MIClla ELPURCEL1?, Assignee. Auction notice.?m- doughty, auctioneer.? This cay. at 10* o'clock, at the salesroom 27 ten tre st-eet a large and g'ueral variety of parlor, cham ber and kitchen 'urniture; aleo, one trunk of cluttung, on aoconat ot *t om it may concern. a UCT10N NOTICE ?THOS. HELL, AtfUl IONEER.?BY A/ BILL & B?H.?this day, at 11 * o cloak, in the SlcH room 12 Ncitb William street in con Inuttfoo the Hsleot tuiniture, dry goods, clotbin<, fancy anUss, icwehr segars, rlBm. clock rnskus' utoct-, Ac Frtdv. Lour rales rooms. will be Onslly closed the super.j ?reck ot imported aloes, brsndies, Holland gin, eld rum, | Scotch and Irish whiskey, cla-et, Ac., pi Inc. natty from the London took, in demijohns and tottlaa. No otaer?sr ticie admitted. The former pnrchamrs can be referred to. rarticnlsre oa morning of eale. By order of tne agent of a gentleman now In Europe. AUCTION NOTICE.?J. BOG ART. AUCTIONEER.?B\ s BOO ART. > rid ay, at 11 o'closk, Jj? lorij seventh atreet, m-ar Third avenue.?Sheriff s sale.-Lot of ?t?el ingots, ateel scraps, cr.oibls., to Thosi Afl Ca>hs, Deputy Sheriff. Auction notice?w. a. carter, auctioneer, will sell, ?t No 80 Greenwich street, this Thursday, at 10 o clock, 140 bbls. bakers' dour; 100 boxes raisins: 20 co. salad o.l, sngars, teas, Ac. Also, a parlor suiit of splendid rosewood I urniture; 300 pairs linen pantalooxs, 130 Hue round jackets. By JOSEPH HEGEMAN, AUCT10NEER.?FRIDAY, June 29, at 2 o'clock P. M , at lbl Lawrence street, between Willoughby street nnd Fulton avenue, Brook lyn, a general assortment of plain parlor, chamber sal kitchen furniture. P SCOTT, AUCTIONEER-AUCTION NOTICE TO crscketv cealsrs, drugcUU, perfumers, plumbers ?ectrotvpfets ?\\ ill be sold.'by W W. Shirley, on Thurtday, 2^th June, at 10 o'clock, at tha Amsrloau Pottery in Jersev City, ulltha etock on hand, ids. . white, yellow^ and Roi'l.ingbam ware of all kinds, wh.te and colored covered jars and paste boxes, plug hasins closet c ms Ac . Ac. Sals peremptory (a* the company are closing ther burinec). on a credit of four and six months for sums over $100. __ r K HaVEV, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THI3 H,. jay at 10* o1 clock, at the salesrooms, b7 Nassau iuicet. a splendid aarcrtmmt of fine gold and silver watches, rich diamonds and jewelry. Genieman in want of good watches will do well to attend. *ale with out re nerve, for cash. ________ V^UtiiNI. B. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER ?BY FRANK p, L'N P. Nit llOLd.?Mortgage sale of a large Ohio ..#rk brown br rse, seven years old, works m all bern^l, weight 1,400 lbs.; alio, a light buggy wagon "d ??*''[ stiver plated harness, to morrow, Irilay, at : street, between Fulton and John atieeta, at o cijci* EUGENE B. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONFER.-BY FRANK l.lN A NICBOI,S ?To marrow, (Friday) at .0* o'c ock, at 79 Nassau street, between Fnltun nnd John, an immense stock of cabinot and household furn.tiu^s compzlMng six magnificent suits of carted rase wool par'cr lnrntture, and the following articles, ia great variety vts:?Centre, pier and fancy tables; wardrobes, bcoUcases, bureaus, weshsiands, bedsteads, dinirg tables, oil paintings m rrors, sofas, may rocking, rarl'-r ?nd dinirg room chairs, with a large assortment of other articles, too numerous to irentirn- slso a large invoice of silvcrplated ware, hate peremptory snd without reserve, to pay adTanoev. iLery facility for packing, shipping snd storage. Cata log ues now reaoy. Firework.-, liquors, firecrackers, bru-he-i, drugs.?irii'ay, June 29, at 10'i o clOck, at 6T Lev street, corner ot Greenwich, teas, coffee, raisins, fizs currarts, champugns, claret, segars, <A)haoeo, indigo, starch, hams, codfish, soap, k?lve?' ?1?^ '; .elisors, flits, scales, clocks, coats, verts,^ patterns, cag?imcf. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer* /-> RURGE cook, AUCTIONEER ?ELEGANT FURNI Gr tore, oil paintings gilt frame mirrors, chin* and ?Ererware Ac.?On Friday, (to-morrow,) at 1U>4 o'clock, at sales rcoms 304 Broadway, ?^*r_ofh street a splendid asMjrtment of rosewood, mahogany, oakand walnut parlor, dining room snd chamber fnrnl ture, and housekeep ng articlee of every description. I NRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER?BY H H. LEEDS A CO.?Thursday, June 28, at 11 o clock, at the room. 19 Nassau street, last tale previous to the u. - t 1' _rinfl A?d wiffi&ttd Imported Hatada a*d 1'ilncip* segare? the balance of the etoek of one of the flr-t houf eslnthe city. The wines are all of a high s^ssr?? kstSiis StSSS-S-S dtmijobns, claret,'hock and "Hw^T^'and K unrivalled for purity and ^^^ithA?)^"1^0^ 1^5?mT^W; P5?00? carsdores. u wUh ether brakda, aU 14,500 pianvav , eeldom offered at auogion. 52P?"???sr w " amlned on the morning of aal?, with catalogues^ bios order, with polo and shaft. =i , E.NRY T. LiELB, AUCIIONEE^-V B. wOOl1 KY H i ff) will sell, to worrow, (Iriday.) at H>h JGLk .tttolaksroii 8# Bookman street, by cats ? . lu. ?nUrs ooeieuts of their two saleerooms, ceu togue, ihcontLrecw. enm kottl#h<>u farelture. For Jo7rida,'.Wre^nUyimre8ha?U, and C5e trade partlcgiariy. ?? tdtiW* SAf KH AT AFCHOSi Henry n mars jr AtiCm?NirFR ?on thpr^ day, Jucv 28 b. 18' 6 it lex o'clock, it stare No. L 't 1 in# street, clwie fui'a bqunre, uni Havana eegar*, Oct t't t'C( cf Seiguatta p>k o'niM braadf, 400 Case# claret, 1 lfl Gor'.oa sad Anov ttiledo sherrhe Schiedam (trap# leal ltd Hub btuf) ru. s?g?a, tigaroe, traiucoa. U I* iok operai l, Cenetel Taylor, Mississippi Volu.-teer#, U gWrit, j r uoipe. and ??v?rw oihcr hriua I-1 t J I. VANnrt7ATER. AtKMTOKEKB ?THIS GA.Y ? ( ay.) Ju> 28 at lux o'clcCk, It las '.ales room, 12M.i*it> I. ns- axti xrivsaleof * at* aut liqnora, lore go tad *cr -?tlc fruit, p:e*rves, olive oil, aarreai<a, acbtv.ea. pn-.Jat. tsi tc. tVilh out Won , i li/ge varist* o tee above if t'cira, o' gool qcs'.ty rn?: it pi ret otc.r ecu t og la pari of cln<n r'ftue. pert miCHrt, durst anl aiiury <r net, Preach randy, gin uil, n.ruiale, Iron's -notch il?, annul re1 genuine: llsiclsy A IVt.^a' Iain fan purser, d>. do ; fire rsiee FYvocb laian lio he'f box # prions sird'asa; quarter bomve to ; sc. etiiri, pu-ki-e. oltisoU. Ugs nut 11..4 ii, preserved iiu'ta, li?riy pescbts, plums, quiitea. we . mr,.?terd :u jsrs, IUtioh an<1 other se tiara; yocrg bason gunpoed.i ami other tans, iu arsrioil ?tre raJoy i.oitr, nr.d many o.tir nittclea. These goo'a a:r all eminently worthv the attention ?f ilsalers and Itmil as. as thty wiii bo found in ths brat order sad of prince quality. JOHN REDDING, AUCTIQNEE R, WILL SELL AT Pl'R tic auction, Uit boutta end lot in foe, known is No. 126 West Thirty -filth street, situated on the south aide o' said street, about 120 feet west of Sovwnth avenus; the front house is s frame building, three stories high the rear house ts s brlcs bulldog, two story ant bass meet. Sale peremptory, to take place on the pi-emue* this day (Thursday), June 28, at 12 o'clock M. JMORIARTY, AUCTIONEER. Wild. NELL THIS , day, at 10 o'clock, at 17b Cnathaey square a largo asaortmsut of furniture, from families guiog to the country; also, a nice assortment of fancy ant dry goods, together with various other article#. T be sale wHI con merce on the street. N. B.?Mcriarty will tall, at 117 ayenne B between Seventh and Eighth streets, on Fri day, 29th inat. the contents of a confectionery store; the usual assortment. Also tha furniture, fcc. PAWNBROKER'S SALE OF CIXJTTING THIS DAY M'CaFFIIAY A WALTERS will sell. to-day, at 10 o'clock, at the comer of Catherine end Henry streets, a Isrge lot of mas's and women'* clothing, eboee, urn breves, Ac. P. 9.?Men's clothing anl remnants of olctha at 1 o'clock. By order of I.. A S. HOFFMAN". EUHBKLL W. WE8TCOPT, AUC HONKER.?M1GNI ficent and ocstly household furniture, elegant roao wood pianoforte, gas chandeliers, velvet carpets, As , at the residence No. 152 West Twenty-firet street, near Seventh averue.?R. W. Weetoott will sail the entire costly furniture of tbe above first elaaa house, to.mor row. Friday, June 29,at 10 X o'clock, allot which ts of the beet description, and is to be peremptorily sold, cata logues of which can bo obtained on the morning of sale, when the whole can be examlMl. Parlors?Elegant rosewood seven octave pianoforte, coat $400, with satin covered stool; English velvet carpets, two msgalQoent , chandeliers, vleyani pier and oral minora, cost $200 each; ststurry marble top centre tables, one solid rose wood parlrr suit in Frenoh brocade, two so as, two arm obelm. and four parlor chairs with slip covers, one euit solid roeewood in three column tapostry, with slip covers; superb rosewood stagers, Klizabethlaa style, ore rosewood flUe-on-fe, with aat<n wood liniaga; Gothic reception chairs embroidered In tapestry; brocade and lace curtains, easily and elegant mantel vases, painted in 1'rarce EUr.aNttfcisc clock, Ac , with a cbotoe and valuable collection of oil paintings, worthy of epto al attention. Dining room furniture Klegiut oak exten sion table, ext. morula top sideboard, oak dining arm chairs, variety of rich silver ware, i'arUUn china, crys tal cut gla i. wars, balance handle cuAlsry. AuNuison car pets, Ac. Chamber furniture?Superb carved rose wool tedateada, do. mahogany, with pine curled hair mattrci sea and palliapes, <l>irant rosewood rnd mahogany mar ble top bureaus, lull marble top waahstands, otrved rosewood and mehncauy tate-ate'e? solas, arm chairs, rosewood amour de glace, losewoed and imported spring neat chairs, Whton carpets, secretary bootcaae, china end porcelain toil? t sets, oral end square mirrors, one superior sofa betlsfetd, French engravings, gold brold ered sl-adts, Ac , with a large variety of basement and kitchen furniture, iron ware, refr gsrator. tubs, Crotnn hose, English olic'otb, stair carpets, ball stands, Ac. The rale will be positive, without regard to weather, and a deposit required of every purchaser. Tunis mokrelt, auctioneer.?special auc tion sale, this morning at 10^ o'clock, at 61 Nassau street, of rich and plain furniture; ylai.o fortes, paint iegs, niirroia, st gais, Ac, Ac?Tina is decidedly xho t roe to purchase at low prices, ell kind i of rich and Slain furniture lor parlors, cu&mcers, ar.c diu<cg rooms, c Also gtnt'em' n's cravats, Udiee' retiaahs, nut - tresses, cloret and lid re.'rgeratora, oil paintings, anl mirrcis. nnis, rcEi-wcod psrlor suite, cotcr.d satin hrocatel, lxrgt- invoice of Havana scgnrs, with whicn the eels will corrmt noe N.B ? Punctually is requisite, as promptness sod rapidity will be the order of tuo day. WM. DUMONT, Ai.i I10NEER-CONDEMNED CTAITH log ?By order of tue Navy Agent, \Vm Uumvnt will sell st auc'ioia, on Friday. June 29, at 12 o'clock, at William Irving A ( o.'s sales room. No. 2 l'ine strset, 507 tdue pea clo h jackets, dlO do. monkey do., 1,152 round do , cloth irovstra, bios flannel over and uudershircs ai o dtewvra, flannels, blankets, shoes, Ac Terms cash. The good.' must by removed immediately after the sale' CI HEAP FAKiC FOR ALBANY.?PA83AGE, 25 CENTi; ) berths. 25 cents; state rooms, 60 cents Tbo steamer HEltO, Captain Ifancox, leave* North side, Ro binson street pier, every Tuesday, Tharaday and Sunday, at 6 P. M., arriving by ?' A. M. FOR SHREW8BTRY, LONG BRANCH, AC ?TnK steamer JAMES CHRISTOPHER will leave the foot or Jay street, on Tue-day, June 26. at ll>g o'clock, on Wednesday, 27th, at 12 noon; on Thursday, 28th, at 0 A. M.; on Friday, 20th, at 7 A. M , and on Saturday, 3Cth, at 8), o'clock P. M.; returning to the city each day at an early hour in the e?rning XJfi ULtAM IRVTNre, AFCrlONEKR.?RECEIVER'S V? sale of qutlti, blankets, Ao?WILLIAM IRVING A CO. will sell at auction, en Friday, Juue2'.i, at 11 o'clock, at tbe sales looms, No 8 Pine street, receiver'* sale, to tbe trade, hotel keepers, and others, about 400 bed quilts, counterparea, comfortables, Ac : 160 pair floe ail wool blankets, work boxes, writing de lta, dress leg cares, Ac , of rosewood and mahogany; 9C0 men's and boys' straw bats, to be sold in lota to euit the trade and others, without reserve. Also, a number of fine rifles, fowling pieces, pistols, Ae. WILLIAMSBURG AUCTION PAI.E OF HOUSEHJLD furniture, pianoforte, carpets, Ac.?On Friday, June 29, at 2 o'closk P. M., at No. 102 South Sixth st., coniisting of a general assortment of parlor and cham ber furniture, tapestry, Brussels carpet, ingrain anl stair do ; excellent oil cloths, mirrors, gilt frame oil paintings, girandoles, lace curtains and cornices, silver flatcd castor, glass ard china, window shades, Iron edstead, Parisian centre table, marble top do, kitchen furniture, Ac.; also, superior 7 octave piano in rich rose- j wood case. Deposits required. JOHN CAMPBELL, Auctioneer. traveiIehs' guide. For conky island and fort Hamilton?thk steamer Nor walk mares New York as follow*:? 1'ier foot of Amoi meet at 9>,? A. M , and 13'? aud 3'4' P. M.; pier foot of r-prmg street, 9 k, A. M.; 12 *f and 3K P. M ; pier No 3 North riwr' at 10 A. M., l?u<l 4 P. M ; leaving Coney Islind, laat trip, at 6)? P. M Fare to Co ney Island end fort tlnmilvon and back to New York, 'ia cent*. No half pilve for children. 10 DAYION, CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE.? Spring and r-ummer sTin.og"?fn', Tia New York and I>rie Railroad, lluucon lUrer Railroad, Peoples' line steamers, New York Central Railroad, Lake Shore Rail road, Cleveland and foieco Railroad to Clyde, by Mad River and Late I tie, and Cincinnati, Hamilton and 1'eyton railroads. Quickest and moit diroo; route! Through from New Yora to Cincinnati two hours in ad vance of any other route. Connections certain. and ample time lor meals. three daily trains, i'aseenger* leaving New York on evening steamers of People's Line, or C A. M. train of Hudsm River Railroad, orli A. M. train of New York ana l'-tie Railroad, connect at Buffalo and Dunkirk aa follows:?Arrive at Buffalo 9P. If.. Dun kirk 1C.10 P.M.; Cleveland 6 30 A.M., Grafton 7.06 A M , Clyde 8.68 A. If., tteliefontaine 11.48 A. If, Dayton 1 I*. II., Hamilton 2 P. H , Cincinnati 3 P. M. Passengers leavisg New York on evening boat of People's Line or 6 A. M. train of Hudson River Kallrotd, or 0 A. M. train of New York and &le Railroad, arrive la Cincinnati two hours in advance of Columbus route, f-eoond train Leaves Cleveland, 'rom west side of river, 9 A. M., on arrival of steamers Crescent City and yucca of the West, from Buffalo, arrive at %r.dualy 11.36 A. If , Dayton OP. M. Cincinnati 8.20 P. M. Passengers leaving New York an 5 P If. trams of Hu laon Ihrer Ke lroed, or New York and Krie Railroad, arrive at Buffalo 10 jo A. M , Dunkirk 11.69 A. M.. Cleveland 6 20 P. M., (Ira(too 0 45 P kM., Clyde 8 60 P. M., Day too ( F A. f., ClaciansU 7 A.M. I'as sogers leaving New York on ev. mng trains of Hudson Rlyer Railroad or Nsw York sad Krie Rail road, by this route arrive In ? loeiaaaU thirty four mi nute* in acvance of Columbus rout*. Be sure to call for tickets via Clyde and Dayton. (la raised paaaeogera, en route for Cincinnati, via Clyde and Dayton, take the cars of tbe Cleveland and tolodo Railroad, and are cau tioned to bewara of the misrepresentations of rnnaere in tbe Cleveland depot, that the train for Cincinnati does not leave until 7 30 A. M. Two h tun are gained by taking 6 1( A. M. train, via Clyde and I*awton. Baggage checked ftom New York to Buffalo or Dunkirk, and from Buffalo or Dunkirk to Cincinnati. Through tickets, and all ia. formation can be obtained on board Paople'a Line steem era, or at the ticket offices of New York and Krie Rail road, NewYotk Central Railroad, aad Hudson River Rail road, or at office of Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad. 169 Broadway. T. C. MITCHI.1.L, General Agent, 169 Broadway, New York cHy. O. B. BROWN, General Eastern Ageat. Fob new haten.-dat linb-from pick sup. lest river ? Fare ??* dollar?The steamer TRAVEL 1,1 R, Captain John Bovas, wiH commence ruaaing to New Bavins on Saturday. June as, aad leave every Taeeiay, Thursday and Saturday moraine at , R odosk. Returning, have New llavsn every Monday, wrdnssday and Friday moradaa, st 10 a'cloek. ^ORKIYPOBT AND FORT O AMli.TON.-THI NEW P and fast ctsamboat KKYPORT IcJfes New Ynfk, to?t t Murray gtreet. dally, Saadaye excepted, at 4 o'clock, r. f.,returoiiig leaves Kevpsrt at o'clock A. M. Fare ? tats. Peraeas desirous af vlaiUag one of tb? ??'! ,ad beet batbidg plaeoa ia the vlcuritv of Mew JWJK1 lad It at Rrjpcrt; aad bueiaesa men aan be ia New tm 19X A. >. until < P. M. JtOR THBTHOIMA SrEINOS-TnitOffOH TtCAETS j lor IN'.?One day and a half euly ???? J* fhlie Sntpbut aad 8west ffP?i"*^riV??tha fimeuilM l^i^rifteneete "onset at Blekmaad with the tan of atgrdtf altera**.. M Btenaton, ttioe ky state uuiikdut Far foritur 'taMrmstfea ap Kfrtw Satarda] altera***' lbs V ire lata Ceatral tad railroad. MM ? rWAICTAL. $7.500.000.^BJTC~,?f.2L In Urge or smsl amounts, tm 4iiano?i v?iekM, j?ni ry, acparei, tad all description* of ppr?oaai property, ar purchaser! tar caab. Tb# * .notewt eowfidenoo andpuaeto a"'y will fce observed. Address 394 Broad war, Mar W alitor street. ffil/'A/l |UlA ? MJ.VKY TO LOAN?Off DI4 fnJUvVtUVI uoada, watches, jewelry, an gers, p.aoefcrtee, merchandise, and personal property g-teraily for tought tor e*ar>.) Business ooafldeoliM and ttf-aM promptly at 18 Naaaau street. lint floaty back office. FLORENCE A CO , Brokers, 7? N< <ic?.iik nnn -monbtid manju mt ?xJ LM r.\flj\Ja snomls, watchea, dry go.-de, ?rgar?, Ac., or bought for cash, a tonka, arte*, mortaagia, Ae., or?oH?w. Business eonddaatiai and pr< mpt. By THoMI'fO V k CO , hrocers and cranliMi mrrrhsntf, 102 Naaaau (treat, c or nor of Ann, won Nat 2, second tlaar. to/IAAAA ADVANCED ON DIAMONBJL witches, jewelry, pfaaofortaa. dry p< oda and erery d?*oriptioo of merchandise. _ atrictly rocQdtntial. Apply to I LYON A 00, 698 Hour ton it., betrw* Mercar am Graan ate Business hours from 9 o'clock A. M. till dn'alndfc P M. fflj 4ft AAA -money advanced on ma ?IviUvUs menda, watches, jewelry, Mjiw, and all kinds of merchaad ae and ssenntiee, hr lOttPI LYON A (X)., 16 William (treat, room Na. 10. Partwa waiird on at thsir residence, N. B.?Bnatna? con&aanUal. <Bl1C AAA WANTED ON BOND AND NDiOiUUU gags?On valuable produetlra ww prrty la tba rewer part of tha city, for the tarn of Ion irais. Apply to P. D. LOLTK.-, Counsellor at L*?, ? Naiaan atreat. (fit 1A AAA wanted?on ovkb five uhb ffllU.UUU Of (ronadin the upper ptrteC to* city, with pot Ida# of inauranca on tha Imprara?ita to tha amount of loon for n torn of yonra; or werLd ynhr o bnimaoa man with that amoant at n liberal a alary, to accept an offie* In a company now ready to be mganleeto Tha arrangement la important, and wa hope none wUl IW rj nnleaa they can furnish the amount Addiooa A. B. Co . Bond Street House, for three days, or call from ? to TP M, 4C Q AAA TO LOAN?FOR A rERM or YBAUL ?0?VVU on real eatata in this city, In (mate of ? 600. 93,000, or 02,600. A; ply to ALLEN, HULL to gTOCKER, 10 Wall street. ffiPAA WANlED?ON BOND AND MORTQA0M MPtJVf\J on a two story brick houce and lot, weeto 92,600, renting for 9925. situated in riietglnit IW Grove, Jersey City. Apply to W. A. AVERT; 77 wMto ttraat, New York. CASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT, OR PUB0MAS ed at eight?diamonds, watchea, jewelry, piano fortes, merchant-las, and valuable personal p mow to generally, by the New York, Brooklyn and WUMaaesbeaw Loan Association, 61 Fulton street, aooend Boor, kni room. CASH LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON WATCHES, JKto airy, furniture, pianofortes. dry goods, liquors, ar any description of property, at 41 Loward street, aauto east corner of Broadway, tha oldest and most roayoMlkto office in tha city. Tha strictest confidence may be relied upon. MiiLOUOHLTN k O'NIHLK. Dry dock savings bank, #19 fourth strcm; near Avenue C.?Open on Monday*, WadaasdafU and Saturdays, from 6 to 7 P. M Interest at six psr cent par annum on anm* of one thousand dollar* and under. Deposit* made on or before Monday, July 9, wdi receive Interest from July 1. By order, ANDREW MILLS, President. Jaxss L. St swart, Secretary. Dividend.?Atlantic bank, Brooklyn, jqinb 27,1666. A dividend of ten per cast, oat of tire surplus prodtsof this bunk, has been declared payable on anda ter the 2d day or July next. The transfer books will be closed until the day of payment. By er dtr of the Board of Directors. WM. C. RUSHMQRK, Cashier. D1MDLND NOTICE?OFFICE PANAMA RAILROAD Conipaiy. New York, June 27, 1866.?The Beard of Directors of this Company have thia day deolnrod a dividend of six per cent on the capital stock of the oem pany, out of the turnings of the road for the ear rend six months, payable on and after the 10th day of Jnto n?xt. The transfer books will be oloscd after 8 o'clock this day, unti? the 10th day of July nest, inclusive. Tbeinterrsl on tbe bonds of this company falling dan ?n the 1st of July, will be paid at the office of the oom pacy, 78 Broadway, upon presentation of the coupons, on and after the 2d inst. Ry order of the Board of Di rectors. FRANCIS 8PIK3, Secretary. Money loaned?on good sKCtmrnts, in sums to aait bpplicanta. Apply to JOHN HOOPK A AX'AMS, specie nod exchange brokers, 401 Brood way, opposite Pacific Bonk Money loaned on bond and mortgage ?a line addressed to S. E. LENT, 022 Broadway, vtt reeve immediate attention. Honey advanced for bhort periods om real relate, diamonds, watches, jewelry, plats; pianofortes, dry goods, horses, carnages, and every is scrip'ion or property, by the responsible Empire Ledn and Agency Company. C. WILIS, Agent, 883 Broadway, opposite tbo Broadway tbaatm. TO CA1TTA1.IS-TB ? A MAN OF CAPITAL AND BN tcrprise can bear o( a lavorabe opportunity to la crease bis means, by applying at the Herald otfloe. co nnn nnn -money to loan, oe bough* CO.Ul/u.UUU. fhr cash?diamonds, watch##, Jswstary, se.are, aad every dsesriptioa or valusbi* property, by JOE. E. ISAAC, basement oflfie, 11 Chamfe'ss?2?ft?mJ a.m! to 6 P. M. The highest price paid for old gold, sMrer, aad California gold. All transections prompt and eeafldenMaL 5H1 fin 000 T0 L?AN ?* diamonds, watcher, flUU.VUU jewelry, sogers, Ae , or bengbt lor eaekr real estate, bond! aad mortgagee, notes, steeks n-rrlisted business stristly eonfldontitl. CBSISAMAN, BRA1STED A CO., 35 John street. q?l r; PC nnn -P*"ONS WISHING TO NNQOTtAlM vIUOivV/O. loans, or sell any valaable.psrsonalfc* perty, sonsistiagof diamond*, watehea. Jewelry, eegaae, Asa. can be accommodated on rteeeaebl* terms by applying to FORBUSB A Jon.nSON 107 Nassaa street, snlnmee 5 Ana street, rooms 4 aad 6. fYASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT, OK PURCKAR " sx '?at 8 A. 1L be Aaa street, reemt 4 and 5. CASH ADVANCED IN ? a?w n ua r ed at tight, diamonds, watches, rich jewelry, dise, and valuable personal property generally. 69 Fulton street, aeeaad floor, front room, tr IP. M. Dividend-Manhattan savings insutu tion, 5M Broadway, corner of Bleeeker street.?TbP tinsteee of this institution have declared a semi aaawafl dividend, at the rat* ot six per oeat per annum on all samn (entitled thereto* of 9600 and under, aad Ave per eent aa aoms over that amount, parable on and after the third Mem day in July neat. All dividends not oalled for will draw int< rest the same as principal. All mosey* in this iaetUe tion will c< mmeue* to draw intereet oa the firtt day of J alp nest By order of the Board. Jane 23, 1856. A. A. ALVORD, Seorttary. FIRE BONDS ISSUED BY TUK CITY OF SAN TEAM eltco, dated Deoember I, 185t, bearing intereet tan par ?ent per annum.?The nnderttgaed will pay ta* eeapsne "No. 2," do* July 1,1868, of the above named bead*, ear Not. la #2 each91,9*8 C3 a 87 each ME Hi a li'i \ taeb l.dM U6 a 000 eaoh M> WILLIAM UuGK A CO.. fi WaU street TRYING 3AV1NG3 INSTITUTION, NO. 96 WAL? I stieet, one door from Greenwloh.- Open dally (torn II A. N. talP. M. aad rrom (tsIP.l Intereet at the raba bfl (i per oeut on tumt from f I to S900. WALTER W. CONCKLIN, PresUeab. rawftsu Vio# VavDaaau,T L. Bvxros, secretary. ILLINOIS AGENCY AMERICAN EXCHANOB BANK. ?Notice i* hereby given that tbe January aad Jwly. 1086, instalments of interest upon the eteuks of the Slab* m Illinois will be paid at tba agency of tb* 8taM an aad altar Monday, tbe second day of inly next. The Instalments (ab tbe rate of 913 per 91,MM en' h> will be applied apea tba fal lowiag coupons from Illinois aad Michigan Canal Beads:? Coupon |ot January, 184*, from old 91 0U0, ?308 aad ?tdd Bonds; coupon sf Juhr, IMA, from ?125 Sterling Bands; coupon of July, 1819, and January, lA'AI, (ram Boadaef UMF. JOHN MOOITt, Trsasarec af Illinois. OFFICE OF THE THIRD AVENUE RAILROADCOH pany.?The Interest oa the bonds of Ibis Compear, dam 1st of July, will be paid at tha Broadway Baal AMORT EDWARDS, INHTRVCTION. CARS.?THK SUBSCRIBER WILL KRCDYE pupil# daily, thin weak, far instruction la ion, penmanship, Ac., by class or private lantn..,., OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH, 3d2 Bgandway. A H. WHETHER, TEACHER OF B9UIH9 AND A. Bookkeeping. No. 885 Broadway, ooraer a< Thlr With stieet. Ladies' data from 4 to 5 o'eiook. Ma thematics taught by Mr. T'ond. XjWENCH AND GKRMAN LANGUAGES.?IJOOOXB JL d'Anglais.?The undersigned, private teacher, aaa tin ties to receive now pupils for InstrnoMon in tbo a bare languages during the summer tana, as als# ta ash translations, at 483 Broadway, near Broome street. K TKLLERIMh IE THIRD AN MI VEE3 ART YOUNG MEN'S DEMOCRATIC UNION CLUE, Will be celebrated oa June39, 1808, at tba METROPOLITAN THfATtk Tba beleeny, beaee aad dree* clrel* will ba insttsl 1st la dies, aad gsntlemea aasompaayiag them. Card* of admda aonsaa be obtained at Riag'e drag store, Broadway aad John street; H. B. Dodwortb'e, ttrl Bread trap, eg Of tba HCn,...?........... co^ MuWr PLAmiU CAHD8, I CABLB?LINEN PL A YINO OAMJ8, TMK