Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1855 Page 5
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Main: 1 Cerdier. CaH'nmia; Br Roadal, Mew Yo-k; Mrt ? M 8*lil??ii, MUa Mary U?rt * *"?' HacHomaa and la4?, Mr Md In BUI On.II t-J, WiUum R Mania, I EoFer tewdi i Ranwiek >nd famale Ml* us Mew Yerk; Ml a?d In Ik Jacob*. four ohiidiea end two ?-rv.?u, Mrs 8 M Jsoobe Ml*e J*ooh?, boenus avree; Mr end Mra Q?t A Belt New drleeea; W Ho'cblu-rn Mbtle; L O C Wood, New oileeee; A M M'lt, I uainard l)r redd, Mr nd Mri ti Bllmakrr, Sew York; H F Fitoh. A H Fitoh end aarvaat, Ceeite'icnl; Uao P Sunk, Mew V.nk; stout Miekleheu, England, Joel Thoua- en I lady, Wrn U Well, D Melnnei, Mr MeGlnnit, Uy Thumea, T M >rann end trUnd, New York; Jaa Met elder, (Hterleator; M<m Dunaldoa, Mle* 1'?yd, Uol ilea Mehim. Jtellimore; Freoeia i -rd, new York; Wil Mem Orieraon, Scotland; J F Alfonso, F M Ketob t.w. Mr wad Mrt Land a, New Yora; sir Alien MoNab eno three Mtaeea MoNab, J T Miami k John M 1, Dr T 1 Una oemb, Jobo L Hiker, Jr., B Seiiigman, R I. Crook aoi lady, J II Tack, Arthnr Pewo'l. Mr ?ed Mra Ambler Mr Voouar>, Mr 8p?iyg. Mr Idontant, Thoa P-arsall, New Y?rk;G?>fT Breyk end lady, Bta'on; A Cekrine, J C CercerlnL Pent me; Ban M Itetea, Wilmington; P Garde, Magenta Diarto. J Eakenla nod den a tier, Span; D P Jcoktoa Natoaoa: G W Tryou, S J Cbeeey, R NUon, P ?>raa, sew York: R 9 Weed Ceeede; Geo Wilkee, ??? Yerk; J F dkeoe, Soot lend; P Rod'Unea R 8 Lattro, New York; Joa Randall Hdled*. Philadelphia; Mre Byron, wl'e of b>r Majesty's Conaql to 8t Domingo; E Btniard, New York; Pedro 'lero da, beater of dapa'ebe* to 8oein; Mr Unrein, Dr Jea S Rerlbner end ion. Savannah; P u Uriald, New York; J W Meaner, Philadelphia; D ?' Trimble, New York; H Torieea, Havana; Wm s Kaudall. Phi aleiphia; W U llliott. New Yerk: F A Gireol, New Orleena; Mre C Felet, Italy; Mr Olbeea, Virginia; Hereon Boednreat, Nttohea; P Amb, K Sullivan. New York; Johnson Mootg->m?rr. L'nUiaua; BAP Uegnene, Mexieo; Mra Jnlie A Clifford, Buffalo; J Lie ton, New Orleans; W B Palmer, A C Palmar, Washing tea; C Stem, 81 Louis; 1) B SMla tad lady, Philadelphia; Mr end lira John Young. 0 Qei'lerdoa Sea Frenoiao,); Mr aad Mra TtoffRvam eod ehild, Wen 0 Wa??oa, Kiohester; Baeeh Bnrhas. Liverpool; Mta* M Straohan. Dnblla; A Walker, Philadelphia; Riehar 1 Rasaell, ftamuel Smith, New Yerk; Jeba Robert hero, Ceaede; Mr end Mra 9 Orr end aepbew, New York; John Petteraon. Sootlend; Peter Con aletkein. Brooklyn: VYm Lmuer, Germany; M Peeton, Perto Cehel'o; A Hardin. P M F^lon, Mobile; Ulaa Ann Cameron, Michigan: fhaa Thonpp. Illlnola; H Borer J, Now Yerk; A Ymnob. Sir Wra Dun Hr Braokatt. Ch?? Alt ehair, O W Orange, R WeUeoe H B tteoker, Caned*; John Pipe,Geo Niahoieen, Mra HtrrUon eod two ohildren John Chalerott New York; Edward WlJHama, Chti Praeier, Prussia; John Powell, Cel; Mre M Conway, Mlaa Aldlno Mekar, F W Heymen, Jeoob Bay rot a. bod wig Benin. D MeCrecer. Mr* M ?eell eno elder, John Ire, C P Lt Fre net, J B Leftns end ehtld, Wm Bdwerdi. John WUliemi, I'klyorly I'eter Diokson-totel, 236 Yer Norfr'k, to la (Wemihip Roanoke?T Brown J M Bigg We, O Herriann, t L Neuwinter, W Sendaraon, WPilem Weed, J W Mallory, Q b Crow. IVm Stuart, lady end ohlld j Be rem, J L Willi, T Gill. C L Good ?in laeeo Budaon, K W Akwood,Mi? Seudford, Dr Ma,o, R SQkrnett, Benjamin Bete, BII Bertikorae?17 la the iteerage. Cowrt Calendar?Thle Day. Until) Statu District Court ?No*. OH. 5 ?, 81 to 68. Suram Court?Specie] Urm.?Noe 121, 8,123. 126, IS, 136, 2, 142, 149, 68, 89,181, 161 te 172, 176, 117, 178, Beme** Bummer Heta.-Firal on the KAst, M^ht, tnperb, original end eminently becoming, utende the6*nln dree* hat of the aeeaon-a megnidceat drab hearer of ezqnisito proportion*, faultlea* in itylo, per Srot in oil it* detail*, end ee e npscunea of workmanship aad finish} worthy of a pi tee in amy exposition of tho aeefnl end ornamental arts at homo or abroad. Espe ?ial atti ntion lg directed to thle febrie, becaaee itj pro genia an anomaly la the branch of manufacture to which It belong a, rii-a oomb nation of two material*, both lwanlifnl in thoir separata coodi'iooa but which ha* gracaially united form the bean ideal of a cleisic and aristocratic dress hat. The SOFT HAT DITARTKXTr embrace* not only the ordinary style* of tho day, bnt upward of twenty now onee designed and manufactured for the present reason, and comprising each a variety of shapes, shades, qualities, sir** and prices, that no bead or teste cam possibly be unauited Business men, sport tag men, travallm. fashionable men, and in short, all ?en, wiD find lathe immense assortment j art tho article they desire. Tho STRAW HAT DKPARTMRRT Is replete with fabrics from all part* of tho world. Her* will be found hats from Panams, Leghorn, In la, China, England, Franca, 4c., aa well as an ex enure assort ment of home manufactured articles. The CHILDRR.N'8 FANCY HAT DKPAHTMHRT baa just been replenished with a fnli summer stock, im. parted and home manufactured, and parents are iavitod to examine the new styles of the seat on, which are more graoeful and becoming to juvenile face* than any that nava preceded them. The OBNTIJMIKN'B AMD BOYS* CAP DEPARTMENT la f until bed with eve-y variety of travelling, sporting and faney esps, boys' drese and school cspi, &c. GEN IN, No. 214 Broadway, opposite Sc. Paul's church The "You? Lelaad k i,IK Anei Im" Stylo off Utruw Hat. ?X Lelaid ? Co are now prvpared to furninh the naV two wi.h ths above fasbu nabie sty's of straw hat, of Mu in manufacture; every hat will have the name nrlated In gold letter* on the tip paper. We have also a complete assortment of all otner atylea of men'*, boya una ehUdren'e straw hats, br the case or doxen. A LELAND fc CO., 171 Pearl street Fourth of July.?itmcilesui Independence la new near at band, and as there must be many who wi 1 went a new hat before that time, we wouli remind all aneh that the place to get a bean'lfnl and elegant hat ^ any description Is mt the well known establishment ?t RAFTERI i * 1SASK, No. 67 Chatham, and corner Chatham and Pearl streets. Knox hu Removed his Fulton street Store from 128 to 212 Fulton street, corner of Broadway, which he has fitted up In magnificent stylo, and filled it with the most elegtnt collection of hats and caps, for man. bovs and children, that we have for a long Urns ?sea. Bis summer styles ere unsurpassed, and meet the asnroval of every person of taste. As you enter or pars, also look at thi new stjfc ot awning which he has put up. It works on a now principle, and is a credit to fcc originator. KNOX'S other stoie Is 583 Broadway. Brooklyn Photogiaphi, CamwDsgusrreo Ij.flg and daguerreotypes colored equal to minlaturee. Institute ol Photography, 249 Fulton street, ne* door to Locket's trimming store, Brooklyn. Dofluerreano, Drum up your Warrior*? Photographers, to aim-?the 2s. Daguerreotype Club is thwe years established, without competition, shame for veur generosity to the pe- pie! Brash up your buff stackr ?nd toU>e fight The original 2s. picture factory has cleared $10,000 while you have been Idle, sleeping open yoor arms. Go to work honorably. Ease 0*6'* the slave. Photographs $1. Depot of progressive art, 289 Broadway. nrsanoe?Horace Waters, 333 Broadway, has tf\m |q]| pgenej for the tale ol T. Ollbirt & * Cnmstoa's, Wood warn A Brown's, and Jacob cNcker tng'a Boston pianos; and his is the only house where can he obtained the ceiebr?t?d modern improved Borneo We tewe' pianos, with overstriegs. Pric*s less than can be had ebewhsie, and which dety oompetitaon. I lanos to sent, and rent allowed on purchase. Pianos for sale on monthly peyuenta. Bow Music.-" Triumphal Polka."?Oscar Comet&nt, B0 c*nt#.?The theme original and els.slug, the arrangement brilliant, but not difficult, r* /Jfl Mka"?Thomas Baker; Illustrated with a toauufal eolorea vignette title, 36 cents * 'Geraidlns gchottlsch ?Baker, 36 cents. Three excellent productions .or piano 1? ECaC' I Illustrated London 81 ewe.-Permanent Kn knement of the lilustratsd Loudon News to two whole sheets, contalalog ninety-six columns. In conso que nee 'Of the repeal of the newspaper stamp In hog land, thw prcprlttors of tlis Illustrated Ixmdon News an aeunoe that toe atu ol that paper will be doubled. aud will emrsUt in futnie of two whole sheets, or irine.y-sU columns every week. As the removal of the stamp will arevsnt the paper passing through tho English Post office additional charges will have to be paid by tte im ?Mtc'ra and the trade In consequence of this, the un Saraiwned agents tor the Illustrated tondon Now* for the United States, have to give notice that fMmtbefttst o July the subecrlptlon price ot the paper in America, in ?luolng all extra supplements, largs engravings, he., will he twelve dollars per annum, or six dollars per half year: WILLMER & ROGERS, Foreign newspaper office, 42 Nassau street, corner of Liberty street. Albert H. Nlcolny'e Regular Semi- Weekly ?nt^ mk of stock.-d bonds will Uk. plaos.thl. day, at 12k o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. For further ?articular* see advertisement in another column. Ca trioguss can he obtained at tlis office, 11 Broad street. Zephyr Csusalmere Sulfa, ?10.?Those Really beautiful smts are manulactured from a new descrip tion of woollen goods, of rich, delicate shades. About one hundred of them are eold daily at EVANcS' clothing warehouse, C6 and 68 Fnlton street. j Hid and bo Instructed.?June *ults, ($3. Check ssari el lies salts, *8 60; repbyr rmWmeresuttB$lU; brown linen coats, $1; mareelllsn vests, $1; duox coats, ?8 60, at EVANS' clothing warehouse, 06 end 68 lul toa street. So to Oak Hall I Oak Hall IJ-Thcy have made a still " greater reduction" in prices on their new clothing for men and beys. DE GROOT k !*ON, oSRlklmdMFnltea street, and 47 and 49 Gold ?treat. Zephyr and Gaum Under Shirts and drawars. lust the artacla for gentlemen's warn this hot wsathcr- also, summer cravats, stocks, ties, gloves, In., at AGATE'S gentlemen's furnishing store, 268 Broadway. Zeuhyr Merino, Lisle Thread, Cotton and .iik under sarmsnts, for summer wear, in groat va riety at McLtCOHMN'S shirt fketory and meu'sfur alaKng store, 292 Greenwich street, oo-insr of Cham bers. Shirts mads to order. The Wat to Keep Cool?If Ton wUl Call on AiJTtED MUNROE k 00., No 441 Broadway, they wiU ?ri!ibit an extensive assortment of men's, beys' and Stiffs elegantly made up. Alao a large aadwell selected stock of famishing goods, suitable tor the season. gm-? 8Ilka?Black MUM, of a srstid, ji? ra 847 Broadway, oorner ot Leonard street. Moumlnat Goods?We are now Selling Rlek dssm silks, grenedlnso, bareges, bombaiinss, alpaooas, ???, "sinlnse, ginghams, Canton erapss, anl everv artinia necessary for these wearing mourning, at fSmJSum of26p? Zat We wifl opeotbte day 1 erne - ?luted lawne, wfnranted fast colors, at M per yard. *"* K_ H LFADBEATER k 00, $47 Aroadway. Kannw Frrti's $1G0 the Column Story, In the New York Ledger, takes well; so do the elegant Si?sh reyal yslv.t medaUlon, Upe.ta7 .nd Brni,.U carpets, which are sold rmnarkabU tow, at HIRAM AN ? DBMON'8 great earpet establishment, f>9 Bowery. Look * at them. To Grocers and lwM1shv-*fc* " go sell my Schiedam aromatic schnapps, under the new liquor law. without llcenae ACLOUaU) R 0LFE, tele unyutor, $2 Beaver Street. In Brooklyn.?Fmhlo liable and Dealrmble IxlnmiDM Irrm asati?n, at JOSEPH UH'Klff, SON k CO *8 . 25 J 1 ulton strvet, a earl/ opposite Ciiutea, inaau lieltreia and unpoiters of twij description of map 1 ri?g? ?, hatioas and tn seels, note* antique, gaazo fringes, ribbons, &c. ?agert Htwlng nacbinr* ?It la a Fact | known to thunasnes that om of tba greet oloihlng I bcu'e?ioN?w York ie miking ex'tnsiv# sales of sum ! mar ecata and rants, marie in a style of perfect aolleooo j reftt approstdie*] before These oo.ts ant] reaU are ; nalt throughout, except butteu bolee, bp Anger's sew tc| mtcb'D'H It la not at rang* that tbe firm re'erred to should have a ruah of business aod obtain battnr arises tban an; of th?tr eonipatitoi a. They hive taken bo right meana, by employ'ug exclusively Singer's ma shtnea. These maoalaea bare juat been greatiy >m proved, ao aa to roe without note# and with eery 'ittJe >xertloo or the operator. All o-ber machine are Uablo to anita far Ixri gameata of valid patents. Singer's wly can be bought with safety. I. K & 00 , 323 Broadway. Poi table Dressing Case* ot an Bntlrcly (few anu rompaet form, furnished with art'cWs, the size of wbich do art detract from their oaetnlneaa, and pecu liarly adapted to tba wants of traveilera. A. k J. MAUNDERS, No. 7 Aator bouse and 387 Broadway. To Grocer a and Others.?Corn Farina?% recently in* tor uod article of great demand, aid o(Tiring an unprecedented 'ndueemcnt to pines purchasing to refalL Preps red and aold by BENSEL A HOLKA UN, Waahington Mills, 2i6 Centre rreet Cognac Oils, Photographic Chemicals, Daw guenean apparatus Ac ?German graen French white, and J allow cognac oUa; peppermint wiotergroen, juni per. clove anc caraway oila; essences. Jamaica and St. Croix rum; apple, peach and eoerry brandy; gin and wtifkay: all photographic chemioUs anl apparatus; salts gold; Iodides; bromides; pyrognlle and aostio asiio; cadmium and silver preparations, gu.ta persba baths, dishes, Ac , for sals by DR. L FBJCHTW AnGAK, 98 Ma'de n lane. N. B.? Warburg's tincture for cholera and diarrhoea, $2 par bottle. The Fire in Jersey City. Nkw York, June 23, 1W6. Messrs. Stearns A Marvin. Nos. 144 and 146 Water street?Gents: In ths fire which consumed the Now York, and Erie Railroad depot buildings at Jersey City, one of your Rich A Co's safes, Wildor's patent, was fully tested?the books and papars were found in n good condition, proving it to bo what its name indicates, a salamander safe. H. HOBB3, sgent N. Y. and Erie RR., Jersey City. These eafes, secured by tbe powder-proof "La Belle" lock, ere manufactured and sold by BTEAKN3 A MARVIN, 146 Water street. The only maters of safes combining Rich A Co. and Wilder's patents. ,*>o, for rafo by FAIRBANKS k 00,189 Broadway. Families Leaving the City for the Country, should supply themselves with WOLFE'S Schiedam aro ma'ic echnsppr, as a preventive of chugs of water, which, the physicians say, is apt to bring on diarrhrei, dysentery, coLc, At As a number of merchants in email towns in this State refuse to take ou: licenses un der the new liquor law, persons should lay in a supply before leaving tbe city. Put up in quart and pint bottles. For sale by all tbe druggists in the city. Pallid Ague Fated Regain the Bloom of health by using tbe new auueote to malaria, called Rhodes' Fever and Ague Cure It hss never failed, and tbe certificate of the celebrated chemist, Dr. J. K. Chil ton, accompanies each bottle, f or sale by C. H. Ring, C. V. Click tmer A Co., and dealers generally. J. A RHODES, Providence, R I. Ilolloway's Pills.? Wby arc we Slcht If It were posnble to have a collection of ladies, (similar to a baby show,) a premium of $10,000 would be given could any be found as healthy or vigorous as those who have taken these pills, bold at the manufactories, 80 Maiden lane, New York, end 244 itrand, London, and by all druggists, at 26 cents, 62>i cents, and $1 per box. Scrofula, Rheumatism, dec? Hyatt's Life Balsam Is as certain to cure tbe most palatal forms of these diseases, as water Is to quench thirst; also, old ulcers, fever seres, erysipelas, tae worst cases of impu rity or the blood, liver and kidneys, general debil.ty, dyspepsia, Incipient consumption, piles, Ae. Principal depot 246 Grand street. Seventy five cents per bottle. Nations. Princes, Presidents, With best of ehemists too, Gave m< rials and eertt fixates, To prove tba assertion true: That Lyon's Magnetic Powder la the only infallible invention for destroying cockroaches, bedbugs, and all inseots. S. LYONS' signature on genuine arti a<es. Depot 424 Broadway, and No. 6 South Eighth meet, Philadelphia. Whiskers that time'i is sprinkling Cen be darkened in a twinkling? By a Single Application of r ruUdoro'a Kx eelslor hair dye, wh'ch contains no canstic, does not alhin the skin, is Inodorous, and Imparts a matchless black or brown. Manufactured ana applied at No. 0 Aster Home. Batch riot's Hair Dye, Wigs and Tonpecs? Hie best in the world Nine private rooms for applying liia unrivalled dye. Beware of Imitations; they result in ridicule. The largest stock of wigs and toupees in America, wholesale and retail, at BATCfcLELOivS, 383 Broadway. . Hill's Improved Instantaneous Hair Dye, for a jet black or bean'iful browu?the best la use; war ranted to give satisfaction, or the money returned. For salr, or applied privately, at No. 1 Barclay street, or 46 Nsssau street. Graham's Oogucnt, tor forcing ths Board to prow in six weeks, is $1 a bottle; or large bottles, con taining eight small ones, ib; sent to any part of the country. R. G GRAHAM, 685 Broadway ; Zeibsr, 44 booth Third street, Philadelphia; Briggs, 37 State street, Albany. Bright and Morning. At night, "magnetic powder" flew around; At mom, dead fleas and bed bugs screw'd the ground 1 At night, ?. Lynn's pill was next applied; At morn, piles of dead vermin were descried ! The depot of th?se world-renowned articles Is at 424 Broadway, as a guard against swindlers, a facsimile of K. LYON '3 autograph and prize medals are on all genu ine articles. Ths Grout Inhaling Remedy for Asthma, eeo?umpti*a, and all diseases of the tbroat end lugs?Dr. Curtlt's ll-teana. Thou?tiali have been restored to neelth the pest year by the Hygoana. Prinoioal otflos, 3?3 Br-ad way, and sold by C. H Hirg, 192 Broadway. Price only S3 n package. Dr. CURTIS will be at the office daily, from 10 to 3 o'clock, where he mar be consulted free of oblige. Anion's Dwgnerreoty pes.?.jar ge Size ftsr 90 eewts. colored and in a nice case, twice the she otfiers take lor 00 eenta and equal in quality and tile to those made eltcwhsre for 62. ANSON, 589 Broadway, opposite Metro politan Hotel. Trusses, Shoulder Braces, Lsdlti' Belts and supporters, instruments for bow lees, elnb feet, nnl nil de ?eimitiee of the body, on hand and made to order, by Dr. ULOVKR, at the Surgeon'* Bandage institute, No. 4 Ann street. Hair Dye, Wigs stud Teupeu Butehslurs's teUbrated faotory for these articles is233 Broad vav. Nino rrlvate menu for tho appUoattea of hlf uari railed balr dye, wholesale and re*all. Beware ef imitations Tlu largest Mrortment ef wig* and toupees in the world. Just Opened, Hill's Branch Hair Dyeing, cutting, curling and shampooing parlors, at No. 1 Barclay stfH?t, li-tod up in a neat, comfortable and praotieel stylo. Shaving at this or the old stand. No. 46 Nassau street, six ect '.a. Read This ?4n Old Man Made Young tor $10, by getting one et the beet manafao*nred snge or toupees from the oelebrated manufactory of MRDHORRT A GO., 27 Maiden tace. Back and front braids, bands, earls, Ao. Cepv the address. Married* On Wednesday, June 27, by the Rev Dr. Pprin;, Bkr rard S. Van RxNtfauiK of Albany, to If art, daughter cf the late Jolin Target*, Esq. On Wednesday. June 27, 8. B Cra.ns to Miss Ifrma Giu.nt*rin, all of this oi'y At Newark N. J , on WV.dnetday, June 27, by the Hev. Dr. Wilson, John 0 Joii.v.aox, or New York, to Haxsah G., daughter of Beth W. Marie, E?q , ot the former plea*. Died. On Tuesday, June 20, Lortaa C , wife of Robert Bills borrow. The friends of the family are invited to attend the fu neral, tliU afternoon, at three o'clock, from her late resi dence, No. 274 kUdt*SB street. On Wednesday morning, Jane 27, nt 6 o'clock, Bsnja Misr G. Janakk, of this city, In the '14th year of hi* age. The trlatms and frienus of the famdy are re pectlul ly invited to attend his funeral, tnis dav, at twelve o'clock M., fiom his late residence, No. 90 East 'thirty flrst atiset, without further notice. His remain* will oe taken to New Roebelle for interment Of omgestion of the lungs, after a severe illness of two weeks, Mrs. Elizabeth Btoxsb, wife of Win. Stokes, aged 28 years. On Wednesday, June 27, Mrs. Sdsaw Pat.vs, in the 81st yesr of her sge.^ Her Jrieat!* sad acquaintances, end those of her son. Benjamin, art respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, No. 87 Lewis street. Her remains will be taken to Cy piess Hills for Interment On Wednesday, Jane 27, of paralytic stroke, William McGrxgoe, a native of Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, aged 42 years. The relatives and friend* of ths family are respsotfnlly invited to attend his funsral, at two o'clock this after noon, from his late residence. No. 96 Charlton street. On Wednesday, Jane 27, Miss Mart F. Host, eldest daughter of the late Matthew Hunt. Ths (Hands of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 114 Cbrystle street, tomorrow morning, at nine o'clock. Mass wtQ be celebrated in St. Patrick's Cathedral at tea o'clock. California and Washington Tetritory papers please copy. On Wednesday, June 27, Srwall Fisx Dsbilndorv, son of Willism and Helen H. beaeadorf. the friends end acquaintances are Invited to attend the funi ral, to-morrow afternoon, at three o'clock, from No 69 Elisabeth street. On Wednesday, June 27, after a short iDness, CoRXS ucs, only son or Cornelius and Catharine Busklsy aged 8 years, 11 mtntha and 17 days. ' The friends and acquaintances of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, from hie late residence, No. 84 Thompson street, this afternoon at two o'clock. ' On Wednesday, June 27, Rorirt Caims aged 1 year, 11 months and 2d days, youngest child or William and Esther Jackson. The Ipcuas hud acquaintances an respectfully invite toatt*n< ?ha funeral, this aft-rnoon, at two o'clock, front bit lata rasldonoe, No 282 Bieeeker strwet. On Wvdnea'ay morning, June 27, James allait child of tbomaa nod Mar; Dawson, ag?4 4 yeara aoi 8 uou'bi. I be fi lends and acquaintance* of the fan \y art in v.ted to a'tood too funsral, thl* miming, at ntao o'clock from bia fn-^ar'i reii-leace, No. 103 EMriigs ? net. Flier-ma na aid bo LnCerrsB in Colvtry Oemetary. We lorai biro yes, ?) tongue can tall . bow much wo loved ni<n and boa art 11. God loved b m, >oo, and be thought boat To tote blot borne to be at rest On Tuesday, June 26, at 12 o'clock William H. BpaBks, beiat of t?ta car, aged 61 jean. qfl Ilia frienns. and too iri-nds of tna family, ate invited to attend tbe funeral, froro bit lata leal'ence, No. 108 Neiaan etifet. Brooklyn, tbia afternoon, at tbroa o'clock. tin Wednesday morning, Judo 21, Augusts Remcva roMsa, a?ed 86 jtara. wre of Walter Davis. The friends or tb? family are laqaeatod to attend tbo funeral, wi'bout farther noiloe, at two o'clock thle af ternoon, from tbe renderce of bar eon in law, J B've rb gt, No 268 Court street, near Union attaat, Brooklyn. Htr i#maioe will be token to Greenwood Cemetery. 0* Yinnee Jay morning, June 27, after a abort lUnaaa, IjrmxA M . wide w of tbe lata A W. Samson, and young eat daughter of Mr James D Biaaott Tbe fneadg 0' tbe family are Invited to attend tbo fu neral, from bar lata reeidenco, No 24 Sackatt street, between Court and Smith atraeta, Brooklyn, to-morrow a'temnon. at tbree o'clock, witbont farther inritotion. On Wednesday afternoon, June 27, of consumption, (tnrime, >on if Mettntae and Maria Kelly, ageel 2 years. Tbe frienda of the family are respectfully invited to attard tbe funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from their residence, corner of Lee arauua and Roes street, Brooklyn At Oat bam, N.J, on Tuerday morning, June 2Mb, Eujvard I'eici, formerly of tbia city, in tbe 74th year or bia age. Tbo frienda and relatives of tbo family are requested to attend tbo funeral, from bis late residence, tbia morn ing, at eleven o clock. Tna eight o'clock A. M train, from foot of OnrMendt street, will convey persona to Chatham depot, wbere carriages will be In waiting. MARITIME INTELLIGENCE. Movements of Ocean Stroma m. isawsa. brAvn von bats. Hermann Ron'bauipton ...New York Jane 30 America Liverpool Boston Jane 33 Pacific Liverpool Now York Jane30 North Star llavre Now York Jane 30 Ariel Now York Havre Jane 30 Union New York Havre Jane 30 ImplreCity Now York Ilav. and N. O..Jnly S Aeia .Boston ... Liverpool July 4 Arago Bonthampoa....Now York. July 4 Goo. Law New York Aspiawall July S Star of tbo West....Now York Sen Jaan Jnly S Baltic New York Liverpool July 11 **? All p nik'ipri and let fare intended Jot the Nsw Tons Herald enould be italed. alsavao ron saw yorr- this dav. sun rises 4 311 noon bits men 2 SO sua Sets 7 36 I HisH water morn 7 12 Port of New York, Jane 47, 1890* CLEARED. Steamship Florida. Woodhull, Savannah?S L Mttobfll. Steamship Roanoke, Skinner, Norfolk,Ac?Ludlam A Plea seats. Ship Golden West. Putnam, San Franoisoo?Sntton A Co. Ship Uooan Star, Simonds. dt Johns?W H Rivorsmilh. Bark Jnno (olden), Beahcr, Menienillo, Hennings, Mailer k Gosling. Beik Gto Warren, Vose, Cienfnetos?J Perkins. Bark Paul Hoggs, Plier, Savannah?J W Elwell k Co. Baik Sarah Ann. filler a. Maohiaa?White A Linnoaa. brig Craw lord Snail, Philadelphia?Mayhew, Talbot A Co Brig Amulet Bobbins, Boston?White A Donoan. Sebr S U Townsond. Boise/. Malasa -M If Freoman A Co. Scbr Maria A Joae (Putt), Costa, Oporto?J A R Osborne. Scbr E C FeHer, Arnold, Atpinwall?J W El sell A Co. Schr L Smith, Crocker. St John, N3?J l'iokard A Co. Schr Knohantrois, Simpson, Savannah?MoCready, Mott A Co. Schr Albert, Colo, Jacksonville-Thompson A Hunter. Sebr Wake. Taylor Wilmington?E 3 Powell. Sehr W K Seranton, Catboart, Wilmington?J T Johnson. Schr Hill Carter, Marshall, Baltimore?J S Merrill. Sctr MsgnoBa. Nnkerson, Baltimore?J S Merrill. Sebr 8 P Lord, Smith, Baltimore?Malllor A Lord. Sebr Fairfleld, C lisie, rhilad'lphii?J W McKoo. Schr 8t Stephen. UoGregor. Calais? DoWoH, Sttrr A Co. Schr Sophy Collins, Allen, Plymouth?Davis A Holmes. Soar A i awrenoe, A'ien, Boston?Dayton A Sprague. Sloop W U Urovn, llallooa, Providence?master. Stesmer Thos Swan Johnson. Baltimore?Crom veil's line. Steamer Delaware, Copes Philadelphia?fianford'a Lino. Steamer Novelty, Bell, Philadelphia?J A N Briggs. ARRIVED. Steamship Bultlc, Comatoek. Liverpool June 16, at 1.16 PM, with indue and 206 passengers, to K K Collins Juno ?3. in lat (4 Si. Ion 46 30. spoke ship Modern; 26th, lat 41 66, Ion 88, saw steamship Star of the South Enoonntered strong westerly wirds tbronvho"t tbo passage. Steamship Empire City, Windlo, New Orleans and Havana Jui e 23, with mdie and passengers, to M O Roberts. Ship Pvramidlfcf Ti.omaeten). Henderson, Cardiff. 31 days, with raiirosd iron, to order; vessel to mastor. June 3, lat 48 23, Itn 20 16, saw ship Geo hvani, steering W. Ship Ocean Traveller <of Belfast. Mel. Boardman. Havana, Juno 16. with sugar, to R L A A Stuart; vessel to matter. Bark Fire fly .of Burton) Sampson. Batavla, Feb 28. St Helena, May II, and via St Thomas Jnno 16. with rubber, to J H Williams. May 28, lat 2 21 8. Ion 33 2 6 W, passed a bark showing P J Farnbam's signal, bound E; 3d inst, lat 4 Ml N, Ion 43 kf, sptko bark Homer, of Boston, standing SB, Hind BNE Ifrom B fir ke'avial. Bark Robert Leonard (Br). Maolfnllon, Glasgow,32 days, with iron and 14 passengers, to order; vessel to J H Bralno Brig Tweed (Br). Nelson. Maitland, NS, 16 days, with plaster, to J S Whitney A Co. Brig Win Boethby (Br), Ccffiil, Windsor, 16 days, with plaster, to master. BrlgSsmaon, Murray, St Marks, ani Charlestons days, With oottrn, Ac, toBrodle A Pottos. Brig John H Joi oe, Mills, Charleston, 68 hours, with oot toa and naval stereo, to Dollner A Potter. Sebr Clyde (Br), Swectser. Blent here, 6 days, with plna apples, to C Aekeriy. Sehr Chief (of Now Haven), Potter, Elenthere, 6 days, with fruit, to J Eneas. Sehr Liverpool (Br), Albnry, Blenthera, 6 (lays, with pine applet, to Miller A Lutho. Sebr Martha Maria. Small, Salon. Schr Ameriotn Chief, Preiser, Rockland. Steamer Tot ten, Morloy, Charleston, 3>f days, with eotton, to J Hiley. Arr26tb. ship Lneonla, Freeman. Liverpool, 31 dayi, with salt and 31 passengers, to Wintorhoff, Piper A Karck. Kg- Shin Wings of tbe Morning, from Calls", was correct ly reported by the Restless She was net bound to Europe, as supposed, but to Hampton Roads, whore she arr 24tn wet. BAILED. Steamships Atlantic, Liverpool; Florida, Savannah; Roan oke. Norfolk, Ao. Wind during tbe day SSB. Messrs Staaton A Roger ship brokers, have (oil on pri vate terms to Messrs Pavenstedt A Sebnmaoher. tbo snip Htreuiosn, 612 tons legist tr, built of white oak at Kingston, Maes. Brig Ocean Bird, 190 tors, 7 yeati eld, bnilt in Maine, ha* I ten told at Sett 0, and ship M Howes, 430 tons, 8 years old, bnilt at iloboken, about 118,000. cash T'e new ship on the stocks at Betb, noticed ai sold ior a Liverpool paoket, is to bo called the Caravan. Lat'itcHED- At Baltimore Jnn* 16, by Messrs Cooper A Bnt er, biig Lanra ot 164 tons. Shu te owned by Messrs Friend A Price, and will be employed in tbe San Bias ooooa ant trade. Herald Mailne Correspondence* PHILADELPHIA, June *7, I'll?Art bark Henj Hallett, Little. Keniedins; rchra Amelia C Reeves. Reeves, Ronton; L Ssnnders, Tewniend, rrovidenoe; Frank, Creiahtoa, Wat aguei; Almatia, Hearse, NYt rk; Julia Francos, Wilton. Calais below,ship Mnatlnn, from Rio Janeiro; bark- Virginia, and Estelllra. Irom Bird Island; brigs Breeze, from 3t Themis; BepJ Career, tiom lla'antas. Old acbrs M Stnford, llsnd, N York; Jesae WStarr, Starr, NYork; C I Bunk. Coombs, Boston; W Sims, Mason, do; L Fanndera, Tonntsnd, Providence. A C Reeves. Reeves. Ron bury: Wm Tjmd, Mokerson, Nsw Bedford; Edna C, Rally, and Eastern Belle, Tomer, Boston. Diana tor*, Sc. Ship Annan, Van Pelt, whioh sailed from Yalparatao Apl 7 for Boston, pnt tack she at 1st nit, alter having doubled Cs|e Horn, In rorseqnence of leaking badly. Her cargo wrnld be rent fore aid in ship Cruader. The vessel and heigh t money are insured in France and Encland tor about MSW-0. Bark Vacoocmik 'of Augusta, Me), flowe, from Pensa rola firb'e* York, Inn bee laden, wa* abandoned 19th Inet, In lat 2a 30, Ion M, leaky. The captain and orew went on biaid trig D Moloney, from New Orleans, and arr it Charleston v11h inat. Her sails and most of the rigging were alto taktn on board the M. Brio Narcv Plaistid (of Qardlier, Me), Hoyt, from Madeira ISih nit lor this port tilth a cargo of wine and ba rilla contigted to Wratre Yates A PorterBeld, went ashore abont eight miles east ot Fire Island Light on Sunday last, at C I'M. She ar.ohtred of shore, but her oable parted and the drove bead on the beach, where she lay ligh and dry, tnt tisht. at last toeounts All hands saved. A stoamtng was dispatched to her sftlstanse yoftcrdav morning, and strong hopot arc amortsinod that both vessel and cargo will be saved. The t? P w?t built at Gardiner In 1m7, 119 tone reg.ater, ranted A2 and is owned by the matter and purtloi in Gardiner She ir vsln-d at about $31)00, on whioh there is only 91000 insure' ce in an Eastern office, where there Is alsofziOrn frehbt. Her eargo It worth about910,OCO, and it insured in Wail etreet. Brio Gait Foster from Port sn Prines, was at Nasstn, NP, 13th latt, pnt In leagy, and waiting for repairs. Notice to Mnrinen.

sfcooisnsssnT limit vssstL. The Sneconaeesrtt light vessel will be placed on her sta tlen oa or abont the 17th leet. fine is schooner rirged and hst one lantern stth 8 lemps end reflectors 2 hoop iron dey msrks (tne at etoh mait head) painted rsd. Her hull if tsinlea crsan. color above plank sheer, with the word ' S-. cconneseett," jai.teJ In rsd largs letters sn eeoh side, below, el'ernate squares of red and eream color. The following ate sailing diisedlons, to dear shoals, Ac Vessel' in coming from westward and bound through the noiih channel of Vineyard Sound, rhonld go*. Nobsvna Point litht to boar W, and steer E nuttl the lightship beers E by 8, then s*etr for lbs boat: after passing her, the course is IB I to Pt is t Gammon lighthouse. Cere most be token to make ttese entrees good. The llghtahtp lies in 6 fathoms vatsr, and is nearly midway ksSwten Sueoonnessstt Shoal and Udridge's Shoal 1 he folio*tag are the boerlngi of the points mentioned frtm the B< at?Caps Foge IL hthouie S by W; West Chop ligl.threse W bp 9; Nobtqne Point llghthoase W X N Buoy on N W end of Morse Shoe Shoal E X 8, These bearings art magnetic. Whalemen. Sid from New Bedford 10th Inst ship Sophia Tho-nton, Paelfio Ocste. At Valparaiso 13th nit, President, Yonng, of Weatport, from Top bet, 90O bbls, arr Fob 19; Awashoaks, Falmouth, taking In provisions; air Mob 20; Anseonda, Lawrence, NB, Son b trios. Air at HUe Meh IS. Java, Wood, FH SO sp, 380 wb; Apl 4, Sphndid. Smith. Cold Spring, S mot. 18 sp. Arr at do Apt 29, by letter from Capt (lorsloy, ef the En Itaior, NB. South Boston, Randolph FH, 160 sp. At St Helens May 11 btrks, Ssoramento, Snow, West port Ft, aid Lcandtr, Kimball, Mystic; oil not repotted. BpoMeit, Ate. Stean ship Washington, Isncs, for Havre, Jans 19, 1st 42 43. It n 63 43 Ship Iret Trader. Storcr, bancs June 7 for Caleutta, Jnas 15. lat SO 41, Ion I0X. _ Ship Isabel, from Charloiton for Havana. June 21, off Carrisfort Light. tlipOrisea, Stars. of sad from Boston April 27. for Mau ritius. was tlgnellied May 31, 1st 4 38 8, ton 24 11 W. SMp berthage, of Boston, from Callao via Hampton Rot da for Lototn, no date, lat 46 20. Ion ?. A >1 lp, showing a private signal with a hoot in it, was fined in lat 18 8, no date. Foreign Ports. Aoapvlco?In port June 21 ship Tornado. Mamford, from San Franoitco, 15 days pasaag*. an llth, for Callao abt June 1. **!?*? all? ad June 2 brig Warren Qeddard, Wnlte 14V Keys, Nil J<M 6 bllkllUi NoVlt, from 2 M S.-U,., BhaetalftN. " cViV?"?'l'uf?? H WfM. May 10 and 23 .hip Al ?tfJi&fMfT*.?i?.?..?* on uim, f* n y At* Jbt'ilat aetr Mu?i Roger., lur.1 for NYork *'h!?W?1A l.laada)?Arr Apl ? bAik An.klaad, In port /?*-?!* j tron Fort ao Priace for Boaton f?? I* leaay M f"p"?o"-Arr J... 9) brig Bu.a. ? G^?. NYork. Cld 14?b. bnaa Morning Light, Huugh, PhJadolptia, Ukh. C'fK?; a WcJt. Bog-.-by-Arr Jn.oll rhlpC.ld.tiul "SE^Ki* i??l?p H, Neamlth, Ulnokiogton. LBit?" A??i?o-Io port Boy 24 ahip Agnoe, Poek.r, '"st VoVw'n^I?Ar'r^une%(^?h1p0Ruppuhaunoek, Ca.hlog, KM^b5^A^.g.? V8 W* N\ orb Old tirk Sftflb Plfk, P6lldl?to#, LiTWpCol. ft t T h o ma ? ? In AAj? l/.kio Key Hon. 8UW, lie fit uSd, &m Boatw for Bob Finaeltoo. .royntraa;. Utk ?? l'etor, Oardntr, from Cardiff diag, brig 9 Momll. M??na, b*V??iaB?i?o?!? port bk* *?? 14 ahipl Akbar,Vw? Fait, mhich aid A ul 7 tcr Aoiton. put oftok lit uH leaking kldlTt Oroaada* Baton, for Boitoo with the Ahbnr'a oargo; fcrbfl. Jenkina. for (blneha lalanda abt 14 daya to load for Valen cia, and other*. __ ? Home Ports. ALBANY?Arr Jnna 20 tebre P?rioe, Ingrahem, and ae lata. Bacon, Beaton. Cld aobra ^bUadlnm, Arerr. No* London; Panama, Allan, Boaton; aloop Bardaombila, a Pax'aN I)R1 A?Arr J Tina 23 brig Candaea, MnUbewa. BcA,Un! .cb". ?llaf and William BCargill. do; J llonao, l^LTl^Vx-ui jIb?. * Janklna. Hal Jet*, Bo*ten; berk# Edmund Dwight, I'J'ker. Boiton; B . low CnrlUle, ? deva Sngr.n In Crandej aohr Cohaaart Han dy, *B.dford; iaraam Muaaon, llnnaon. NYork ^ld S'nilay!Pdo;*bar**'j H DnenlL Ntckeraon. Boaton; Mbra Sarah lintil'da. Harriman, Nawbnryport; W B Barling, 1 wSSkon. NY-k. C,S i'A-iifiSzt&lZ'?* R(>tTOV-Arr June 26 etenme* J???pk WWtnnj? bS?^.WH,A Z&iSukA Boai-a' Direr, Gnlratton 4th tnit; John wiuthrop, Trent, ?on Cnrdenaa- Wrthennn, Simmon*. NOrlenni; P*? Jot'e. Hatch PLlUdaVjWB; Mta^IapanMiea fc"raa! Maria, Lao 8t ThomBi and a mkt; Frndk WUofn. Batter. Mobile- rchra Amariean Ball. Brown; Luther Child, Nloher "nindJnUnAnnn. Hnrdlng. PhUndalPhln: Um? Albany Arm N ic kerf on, NYork. Bid alilpa, Sparkling Sea. "fomonnVain, Crom w a 11, Walker. Lucy, Mary Leonard, Indian Qnean. Jado, tinga Africa caret. Celtitine, Joacph Alb'.n: aenra C A Han p.m. S? ?? Amanda Poo era; and from below, bark ?CHA?RLFBSTON-Arr Juno24 kri* ? Holone^adln N ayBSfbSi! wind." At anchor ontaide foreign tara Yon Viake, from ' IIA iTFURD-Arr jnna 23 atm rohr Rongh]nnd Ready, WHARwicH-A??ji?b 23 aohr. 9nmn Chwa. Bo.ton for NYorh*?barn?. NYork for Sboo; B Stannatd, do for B JAcV180N V1 ixi-i>r Jnna 18 brig Adeline Bprngtia, Wyffr B.??n Cld 14lh aobrW A Dra.tar, Hatch, fioaton. 8 N dI? "-A?? nn. B p?p J N Hnrri., SmUh. N lii^s3S=s DlXraon . doBfor Proaidania; Deep Hirer, Acaarly, Snngar ''VFW''oKI*k!a8?'ait Jnne 20 Span bark 9i?mpre l1' aw*frpoSWl*rl55m 241brikwm Niehtlaa. Lefrkton. f V5r"w?>" .??, Cbrda^n.; for Boaton; aohr Colon., 0N?r.RF6LK3!J? S??^hwtSttMonntbi. Eaglo. Amay, CV>H?i.ATi?l VHIA?Arr Jnna 2? PM, atanmeri H Sand rord NYork, l'a'.mitto, WUlatta, Boaton. Cld aohr Central ArjTRTLAND-Aw Jan. 25 brtg Jat Croaby. Clifford N York for Buctaiort. Cld brig Oriaon, Adama, York. Phila d'J>rORTgMOCTH-Arr Jon. ?krlgChnatjnn, Hnmcr, Ron ' pi^VlPKNOH-? jSS* a??fc Amo. ?ralk.nbnrg, i ' RT)d Reecue. Bmob, Biltimoro; Seteh A Teylorf Taylor. Suffolk, Va'l.ouiaa RooT.a. C''lUxo'toS*^ and BrnVh, Y^tV.^ort^'b'oW S''fU^NY^Sid 'cbr^'suffo'lV.S^'^kl^aiw^ond'jHTalj^.^mUh'VhRn'* d BPAlW1T/j"??K? *br?.H H Wanton, AW, F A Hall, WwIVRhEN-i?b,indnaP^Whr H.nry Cola, Haatlton. PWIL*TnOTON, NC-Cld Jnna 28 brig Staphan Yonng, Caitnrr, Torto Bioo. amertislmenW reneved every day. raEBOTAln ?, B, FROM RIPLEY, WISHES TO KNOW THE I, direction of B. Q. Addieap Broadw?j, Cfty Po?t ce> BLATE OF 18 P. STREET, WTM, SEE^4N01.B friend, by addreaalng X. X., Herald office, a taring pretest reeidencP. 7-t a F fS VERY ILL, AND WISHES TO SEE HER On mother immediately, at No. 8 Columbia ?treat. TNFORMATION WA NTEp-RpECTINGTC.McCOY 1 who etriied on boaid an Amcrican n^chantman at H< ng Kong in 1848, baring pmrloualy ia^IntheRoy aliat frntrarnbg.Britiah men-of-war. Any one whooan aive information reepecilng the h lief nv ia reouealed to ccmmonicate wiih Rer. cnarien Hutchi'oaoo, V\>at Lean Vicarage, ChlchcaUr, England. JNFOBMATION WaNTED-OF CETBaWW. HLTO I wbo left N'aw York in December. 1854. She boarded ai, 8? Olir.r aireat when laat baard of. A?'*?JjTl2V tion of her will be thankfully receded by Antonio . d vey, 07 Market atrert. the: trades. A GERMAN WANTS A 8ITUATFON A^OARHESKR; J\ b? understands bis business In all its branches. No objection to go In the country. Address 111 W?rr?n street, between Hojt and Bond, South Biooklyn. GARDENER.?WANTED, A SITUATION, BE THE advertiser, who understands the business in all its branches, or would work a market farm on shares. Ad dress Gaidener, box 186 Herald office. PIANO TCNER WANTED?ONE WHO HAS A THO rongh practical knowledge of tuning pianos, and cm come well recommended, will learn of a gccd situa lion by applying at the music store of Horace Waters, 383 B oadway. SCOTCH GARDENER WANTS A SITUA HON?A jnuog single man, recently arrived from Scotland; understands gardening in all its branches, as well as tli* laving out ol pleasure grounds, and is willing to make bimielf useful to bis employer. Please apply for Alex Mamon. at the seed stoie of Messrs. J. U. Thor burn A Co , 15 John st. TO TAILORS.-WANTED, A GOOD GENERAL CUTTER for a store op town; ho must be a practical tailor, and understand bis business To such a man, who would be sathfled with moderate wages, a permanent situation is offered. Address H. A. L, Herald office, with refer ence, which must be unexceptionable. TO IO.-B PLUMBERS.?WANTED, BY A BOY, NINE teen jeers old, who has bsen at the plumbing three jrare, a situation; would like to serrs ont hie time with some geod boss, in city or oountry. Please apply at 08 University place. I'O WATCHMAKERS.?AN EXPERIENCED PRAC tical watchmaker, thoroughly conversant with ? very branch of bis business, and capable of conducting. the watchmaking dopartssont of a jewellery establish ment, wishes a permanent situation In the city. For character and competency he can refer to tho Arm with which be baa been engaged during tho last eight years. Address B., Messrs. Cooper A Fallows, Maiden lane. WANTED?A SITUATION, A8 GARDENER, BY A German with famBv; speaks the English lan guage, and nnderstands hla business In all its brooches, grape vines, hothouse*,;; Ac. Having bad a situation In ttia country before, can give the beet of recommeoda tons. Please apply to Mr. F. Mayer, 383 9th at., be tween 1st avenue and avenue A. WANTED-A GARDENER; ONE WHO UNDER stands something about the carpenter business w 11 bear of a permanent situation by ealling at tf>9 Broadway. WANTED?AT HUTCEHNGH' OAI.UKRY, NO. 873 Brotdway, a photographic and dagutrrean ope rator. Nona but a goo I photographer need apply. WANTED?TIIREF. FIRST RATE HARVESRMAKF3M, at Lawden'a, 79 Bieeekov it To good workmen steady employment will bo given. CHJE LHirOBdCBtnM. AT A MEETING OF THE LIQUOR DEALERS' so ciety, bald at Odd Fellow*' flail, ? n tea 26th in ?taut. '.be following pr< amble* aad reolutlonx vara ucai iuioualy adopted:? Where**, a daily aewspeper U deem*by thU society t< ba indispensably necritaauy to prcm>te th* success of tba liquet d< alan in piu.-uriog tha repeal of lha is fsmau* Eroh. bitury Liquor law by tba Legislature of this State, and to protect their constitutional right* and pvpeity, and their character as a c'a?* from insult ? and, Rhvreas, we have the leral opinion of two irn amt counsellors o/ law that a newspaper cannot ba published bjajiint atock company without every stockholder islng (eraooally liable tor dsst? and libel*, and that tha only practicable way in which it can ba eatab'iahed i* to give tha capital to some person or persons in whom we hare confiiisuc* aa a bona tit gi't?->nd, Whet, is, K. French, in whose integrity and capacity wa hare the utmost confidence, ha* agreed to invest twenty thoueaud dollars in the enterpriae, prorlded tha liquor Dealers in thia Stat* will raise by snbsnripiioa eighty thooaand dollar* more, to b* glean to him, making, with hi* donation, a capital ol one hundred thousand dollar*, which is believed to b* ooly sufficient to establish a paper equal to any other published on this continent?and, Whereas, he ha* farther agreed that, in the event or hi* death or hi* retireaent from tnapeper from any cans* whatever, the Liquor Dealer*' Society of this city shall have the right to designate the p?rty or parties t wbi m tha paper and establishment connected therewith ?ball b? transferred, for a price to be specified by ap {raiser* properly appointed for the pnrpo**?therefore, e it Resolved, That we, the Liquor Deal en' Society of the City of new York, do earnestly recommend ant entreat those engaged in the burin*** to subscribo to the said capital of eighty thorn ana dollar*, and that when the payment of the subscription shall be called fer, It ah*!, cniy be paid on receiving a receipt signed by th* proper signature of R. French, or by giving a shock drawn to bis order?therefore, Resolved, That tha Central Liquor De*l?rs' Convention be Instructed to u?e their best endeavors to raise th* said capital through th?tr organisation, aad by the aid of the Ward sud Election District Committee*. Wh*reaa, the constitutionality of lb* Prohibitory Liquor law can be tested ooly by a violation of it?therefore, Resolved, That member* of the Liquor Dealers' Soci ety be requested to continue their bueiaete as hereto fore until they are compelled to discontinue it by the decisions of the highest court* of the country. J. R. HAY WARD, President. N. R. BINCK, Vice President. D. S. Psion, Secretary. A PUBLIC MEETING OF THE LIQOOR DEALERS' Society of the First ward will oe held at the Wash ington Headquarters on Friday, June 29. at 8 o'clock, P. M. Th* nueting will be addressed by the Hon. D. O'Keafe, Hon. T. Munday, Hon. P. G. Maloney, A. May, Esq., and other gentleman. J. BLACKBURNK, President ARTHUR Boyck, Secretary. Liquor dealers' society.?members of the Liquor Dealt re' Society are notified that the regular weekly meeting of tbia soole.y will be held at Odd Fel low*' Hall, on Monday, July 2, at 4 o'clock P. M. J. N. HEY WARD, President. N. R Buncx, Vice President. D. S. Paios, Secretary. Twelfth ward.?the next meeting of the Liquor Dealers' Association will meet at the Irving House, corner of Eighth aveaue and 125th street, on Wedn* sday evenlcg, June 2T, at 8 o'clock. Members are requested to be punctual, and ail others wishing to join are invited to attend. T. T JACKSON, Chairman. I aw is ijtsuK, Secretary. Imported liquors in bond-wines, brandies, gins, Ac.?Eor sale. iTom under Custom House lock, In the original packages, with certificates of importa tion, in halves, quarters and eighth pipes, lor sale by L H. SIMPSON A SONS, 19 Beaver st. An excellent quality or claret wine at 12 per doxen. (bottle* returned); ratlins grades of oleret, wines brandies, gin, behnspps, London and Dublin porter, and Seotoh ales, for sal* at uNDERHILL A MAT TERSON'S, 430 Broom* street, on the oornor of Crosby st. Hungarian and Austrian wines.-tiie UN derslgned, sol* agent? for A. Sohwartser A Co , Vienna, have on hand and offsr for sale a full assortment of these eboiee wines, in whole, half and quarter casks, and oases comprising some of the finest descriptions and warrantel free from alcoholic admixtures as per certificate, from J. R. C'bllton, Esq , chemist, copied at foot On examination the quality of these wines will be lonnd to oompar* most fa vorably with any Imported in this eity. BUKIhaKD A BGl K. 22 bouth William street. CrnriiicAri ? I have carefully analysed several varietet ot white and red Jnngarlsa wines, imported by Bare card A Buck, 22 South William street, sole agents for A. Sohwartser A Co., Vienna. The samples were taken by my direction from casks which 1 indiscriminate!., pointed out from a larre quantity in their wiao vaults. I find them to bo of excel lent quality, and that they bave oeen made from the pure Jufee of the grape, witbont any alooholio or other admix ture. These wines ctn be highly reo-mmended far sacra mental, medicinal and other usee of pare grape wine. Among the white wines, tboeeof Tokay tseneei and Rnsitl, will be found to possess the most tonic qualities; and at the white winesjginerally have diuretic properties, they are beet for nephritic complaint*, while the red wines being most astrin gent will be serviceable when such an sfTeot is required. It givee me pleaeurceio recommend these pure wines to the public, and I trust that ths lmpoitere may meet with tbe encouragement tbey de*ire James R. Chiutor, M D.. Chemist. New York, June, 1865. LECTtKKtt. The w*r in ecrope ? mr. joiin mason, of Brooklyn, will deliver Mb second lecture on u The War in Europe?Ita Causes and Consequences, Political and Commercial." Thle evening, at tight o'clock, June 28, 185b, la the A then mum, Atlantic at, Brooklyn. Ad mission 26 cent*. REWARDS. an^rrvrw rewarj>?the trustees of ttie me ru, ^ v v thodiat Episcopal church in Serenta street, this city, offer a reward of $200, and they are authored by the companies interested aa insurers on their build irge, to add thereto the sum of $3ou, making In all $500, which will be paid tor the diicovery and conviction or the person or persona who burglariously entered their church building on Friday night last, and then wilfully set lire to the itme. JOHN RA.YN JR. Pmident of Board of Trustees. REWARD.?LOST, ON WEDNESDAY, 20TH _ Instant, in Broadway, Barclay, Naesau atreet, or In the Park, a large gold seal, facsimile of Kiss' sta tue of the Ama/.on. Any one returning it to the sua ecrlber will leceive the above re ward. Wm.H Leviaon, New York Picayune office, 114 Nassau street. (fh pr REWARD ? LOST, ON SATURDAY, 23D INSTANT, ffiO a small white ana tan spaniel dog, bi?uti!ully marked, good tail, teatbared legs, and a spot on hta fore head. Any person leaving h m at Thorburn's seed store. 16 John street, will receive tne above reward LOiT AND FOUND. LCST, ON SATURDAY EVENING, IN THE NEIGHBOR hood of the Metropolitan Hotel,a large diamond clue ter pin, Bet cloee with one large stone tn the centre and twenty-two or twenty-three smaller atones set ar mnJ. Tie fine'er will he liberally rewarded, and no questions asked, aa It ia a family relic, by leaving the sam? with C. Htllsbnrgh, 30 CLnton place, or 230 Water atreet. I OCT?A BANK BoOK, No. 161,f.20, ON THE J Chambers Street Savings Bank. The finder will pltaee return it to tbe owner. James Fortieth street, between First and Second avenues. The amount ia $42. T OST?TWENTY EIGHT DOLLARS, VK. FIVE I i fives, one two, and one one dollar bill-supposed to have been dropped in Sixth avenue, near Tenth street. Whoever will return twenty dollars of it to 92 Wast Twenty-third atreet, will receive thanks. LOST?YESTERDAY, ON BROADWAY, BETWEEN Broome and Warren str?-ts. or in Warren atr*et. between Broadway and College plane, a lady's cold breastpin. The fin tar will be rewarded by leaving it at 168 Greenwich at. T OST?JUNE 261H, A PARROT: STRAYED FROM I.J the premises of No. 64 East Thirty fifth street. A liberal reward will be given to the person who returns it. 1 OST?AT GREENWOOD, ON WEDNESDAY AFTER j noon, a chain and locket, with a likeneia in it. ? finder will be rewarded by returniog it to Mra. Hill, 671 Broadway, or 546 Houston ht J^OST?A GOLD WATCH, WIjOBOUT CSAIif, GOLD - . faced, either on the way t? Kim Park or there The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving the same at 64 Grand street, Wiliamiburg, with 0. K1FERT, Lost?in amor street or sixth avenue, a portemocnaie containing a small sura of money. If the finder of the same wPl return it to No 4 Amos atreet, he will be liberally rewarded, and receive the thanks of the owner, It being tlit all or n poor person. I OST?ON WEDNESDAY, 27TH IN9T., IN GOING j from Pearl atreet to Jersey City ferry, between 4 and 6 o'clock in tbe afternoon, a leather memorandum book, containing a promissory note, dated April 2, at aiz months, drawn by William Stevens, and payable to S. A Brewer k Co., for $376 26; a note, dated June 1, at three months, drawn by Gavit k W harry, In favor of John S. Mallsry, and by nlm endor>ed, payable to Jason Crane; <ne note, dated June '/6. at three months, drawn by E A. Crane ? Bro , payable to S. A. Brower k Co., for $217; one note, dated April 24, at four months, drawn by E. A. Crane k Bro , for 1226, al*o, n number of re ceipts and memorandum cheeks, of no use to any one but the owner. A libera) reward will be paid for the re tarn of the rame to S. A Brower A Co , 216 Pearl street, New York, or Bloomfleld, New Jersey. All parsons are cautioned against negotiating any of the above, as pay ment has been stopped. -J-^OSTOR STOLEN?FROM A LETTER, MAILED AT . . Cincinnati, May 25,1826, one note signed by me, cated Cincinnati, May 9, 1856, at tlx months, for $266 70. to our enter, pat able at 44 Broadway, New Yoik. Ali pet anna are cautioned from buying or negotiating the above note. L. ROSEN FIELD, Ciicionatl, Ohio. I OST OR STOLEN?ON TTli: 2?.TH OF JUNE?ONE j note dated Jane the 20th, 1866, for one thoaaaod dollars, mads by Jeaae West to the order of Jacob Rom, i.nd by him endorsed; one note dated May the 8th, 1*-A at right mcnthe, for one thousand dollars, made by O. West, in favor of and endorsed by Js.m West: alio, ona datrd May the 8th, 1865, at twelve rr.t nth*, for one thoueend dollars, made by Chas. O. West, to the order of Jeeee Wset, end by him endorsed All peri on s are hereby cautioned against negotiator the above notes, as pa j meal has besa stopped If found bv any (Orson a sai'sble reward will be paid bv resaraibg U.tsssle Use suhacr-Ur, Ihir.y ninth *lu?; . had Kurt* rim. JESSE WEST, RBD HOraB, HARLEM-TBIB FASHION ABLB BB ??rt to v com pi ?M la all H? appoiataseats and tba sales stable* att sects are eoanteaOy tiled with tbalnaab ask fee Wei horses ta be foead Per*eae la waal af " oaa always be supplied at the Bad Uoaaa. The U traak to ia splendid order, aad trotUaa mate baa aaaar ?as afternoon Tka Baaaad aaaaaa aara pass tka doac 8*e dinntaa. UNION COURSE, L I TROtTiNQ ?PUKiE OP ?210, with stake of 860 Halt forfait. Mtto heals, baat thire la flat, in to coas* off on the 4th day of July. Free for all horres exoept Buhland Mom, Iddy, Flora Temple tad Sontag For tb->?* unman boitaaa liberal pur.a will ba given at nay Uat Tn cioaa on Saturday evening, at 9 P M., at Feukland k Duraa'a, corner of taat Broadway aad CVharina atraot. BHAW A Will IE, Proprietor*. TO THB LOVIBS AND BRFBDBR8 OF FINE STOCK. ?Tb? aelibralcd Ihuruu^hrad statins Wild Irtobatan will itaad lor a limited S'n>Ur of mora* tba oaanias oaa ni at tba Bad U'umUlilw, a>IHi the eeaeon. All ae ??>? to bo paid before serving tbo mare All accident* at tbo rtok of the owner? WILLIAM A BBOWN. Proprietor. HOUSES, CaKHIAGEI, AC. VGOOD COACH, SUITABLE FOR CITY OR COUN try, used but a abort rn?, will ba soM ebaap by calliag Ik mediately at 2C.'I Mercer itreat, aa tba oenar la leaving tba city. CARRIAGES FCR PAl.E?ONE FINK PH.ETOV, KX peaairely got up barn oiad ooa aaaaon, coat 8900; alio, one light top buggy, and ona buainoaa top buggy, in good order; alio, one top auiky and a tlx ana tad rack away and a coupe. Ail will ba aold low Apply ta J NO. C HAM, 368 Broadway. Fifet HORSE -A BAY COLT, FIVE YEARS OLD, OP neat style and be<uty?can trot in 8:60; a magnifi cent Morgan hurra, five i ear- ol? atrong and speedy; alro, a splendid pair ot Urge coach hareet, all just (ton Vermont, at n vary low price Apply at 21 Boenun ?treat Brooklyn. Family and road borbf. for balk?a very Una bay borae, lhJd h?qos high, tlx year* old, ?ultable for a family or. octor'o oaa. Atoo, a rary styhab brown borae. 16)< handn h'?h. right yonra old; can trot rary fait. Can ba teen at 108 Fourth atraot. FOB BALE?A PAIR OF BLeCE MATCH HOR-B8, ? and 7 rears old, ir-a from triob and vice; atpliah and go wall together. Can be teen at the stable, 98 Mar ear atraot. OR f ALE?A PAIR OP BAY rWIN MAKES, VERY closely matched, ilx years old, aound and kind. Apply at Place'* livery (tables, go Cherry street, wham abo will ba found a good >uu of bo rata and carriage* to lot on tbo moat leaeaiiable term*. FOR 8ALL?A SORREL HORSE, 6 YEARS OLD, GOT by Imported Tru?u?, out af a Morgan mar*, 16 band* high, and a vary atyltab driver; ia parfeitfo sound aad kind In av?ry rerpect would make a splendid match or^roadgboraa; bids Inir to be vert faet, aad Tor -ymmatry o( form and style of notion la net surpassed by any horse In Now York Can ba reen by applying to tba fore man of tba Sixth nvenna railroad stables, owner of Sixth avenue and Forty third afreet. r'OR SALE-A SUPERB CARRIAGE H ?R3E, 18 >? bands hlgb, bright bey, (tylish and free driver, ill to sold low to an immediate purchaser. Inquire at GEO MURRAY'S staS e, No. 33 Lest Thirteenth street. For sale?a shifting tup buggy wagon will be sold cheep, ae the owner has no use far it. (an b* aaan by applying ?t. Houston straat. FOR SALE, SORREL HORSE.?A GOOD TR eVELLKR, gentle asd bind, witn hernes* and wagon, which 'ten be used with one or two seats, covered??l together making a gnntetl turnout :or a family. Has been kept ex pre* sly Tbr that use tn* last year. Oan ba seen at (Iter's stable, corner of Grand and Mercer ? treats. JAMJJS ACKER1UN, 101 Nassau etiaat, np sU'.ra. T7I0R SALE?A YOUNG BLOOU BAY HORSE. -EVEN 1* years old, sixteen bands n gb, sound and hind in all harness. Would be a velueble horn* for a d ;etcr sr a family. Will stand w-thout tying, and is perfectly gentle. Irquire a'. 128 Lsroy (front EOR SALE?A FINE HOHSE AND WAGON, CON vmient for any buemeea. Inquire at 19) Will am street. Fob pale-a very stylish thorough bred derk sorrel horse, 15Ji banns high, stjlu'j driver, sad a splendid sadole boite, so.table lor a la-ty; trot*, races and canters; is seven years old, gentle, somi and tied, and stsnds without j log. tne owner h >o no dm for bim, and will sell cbeap. Apply at W^n. r* Ran dolph's paint store, corner 01 Court and Douglass street*, Brooklyn. HOBPE WAN 1 ED?IN EXCHANGE FOR A PIANO, which can be selected tioro ten of the b*s' maker* in the United States Bora* m st be of a go id build and perfectly sound Apply at the music store of Hsraoo Waters, 333 Broadway. Horse, wagon and harness for hale.?. Brown horse, ?-ven ye*>? old, 15J{ hands high very gentle; buggy w tli top and a good set of siogi barnesa; price 8116 for tee wbo e; atso, a light rotca way, with pole and ebaf ?, iu Bret rate order; also, a ?try pretty lady's *arial? mare, 14)4 bauds i> gh, si* years old, and sind in h-rnrtit Apply at THOMPSON'S stable, 110 Earl Thirteenth street. 01 ICE ?GOOI) PASTURE CAN BE U ID FOR horses, within four miles of th> FuJt.n ferry Brooklyn, L. I , by applying to the aabsjrilu.', en the pteasises, near the Four Mile House, Jimi ca 1. ink RoaA JOEL Ci ># XLTN. NE SECOND HsND COACH AND TWO -EJONH _ hand rockaweys, mutable for one or two horsM, for Kale cheap, or wul trade for >? light top wigaa, er oae or mote horses. Apply to E VAN RAN ST, stable 34 Canal street. glCHMEH CAHHIAOK FURSALK -A dST'JM' HAND 7 six seat Bret also. No O six seat Bret. ? per'eet order, will be sold low; . a superb saddle hcree Apply at FLYSS - stauiee 18 West Thirteenth street MISCELLANEOUS. 7AAA POUNDS FInE OLD ENUL1SH AND PISE VSV/ apple cbeese.lor sale ny WARD & GILBERT, 307 Washington street. -i r? r CANAi.~sTRi>:r"_ w~a h. van Nora have lOO n large assortment of the latest patterns of mantel grates, site ben ranges, summer ranges and stoves for sale, on reaeonab'e terms. JeweLere and bras* fonndsis' futr?;s? built and repaired. Orates and range* s?t ana lepei/od Bmm ry\ jFfcTcaruonaiid kali-i^r~r^d7clvoa delirious sumni-r beverage, commando a very largo sale wherever iniodacec'. lu bottles pri e 21 cms. For sale, wholesale, at 139 Mtld-u mne, up etair*. Agmte wanted in alt the prlni.p*l cuius aou tiwos. H J EJUS TON. CfOCGH AND DISEASES OF THE LIJVG' CAN BE ) cured by pine vapor Inhalation. A rovm is now open, for two weeks, .<ir tbs reception of all 'h??e dls es<es, frre ?.f churge for the ttrst vieit, ?t 1P3 Bierum street, Brooklyn, n?ar the termiuas of tli* tunnel. bTS-'MaKINO w0UTHERN AND WESTERN IA dies visiting New York, will And it of great im puitance to give MRA LAN.MMJ a call at ber establish ment, 130 Canal strtet, whaie dresses of the latest 1'arisUn style, and to a aupeuor manner, are lcide en the most reasonable terms. ADAS, AIIKM ION I ? M. D CAMERON Will forward, to any adureet, for the sum of 81 and n latter stomp, enafoeed in a prepaid letter, ins true'.ions, which will enable you to make with rase, and at an Im mense saving to youueivee, the following v.'.uable Md indispensable toilet articles :?His eau tie boaqaette, fcr scenting hsudk treble's and gloves; his la belle white, for bMutifying and improving the complexion: hi* d*n triflee, for clean' log the teetu and twee toning the breath: his unrivalled capatherion, for restoring tar ba r and preventingbali'nra*; lis Improvtel essence of Tyre, which will instantly dye red or gray hair a beaxafut black;, and bis invalnah'e ccsmaboosto, for removing freckle* and pimples from the skin All mess articles are ksnrs to th* trade to be of un'alling efficacy. They can bo re lied on with en'Ire con tide see, as they never dsinppomt. M. D. Cameron was for six years patronized by the 1*8* royal family of France, and will guarantee that kis rt ctlpta and insiructions shall give the highest aatiaflkd t'on, enabling the purchaser to make for, from Oe.i* l?c , articles which would cost from ts. to 10?. in tlm shops Address MAURICE L. CAMERON, 1'ostOffiee, NY. "VT EVER DESPAIR ?NF.CRALH1A AND RHEUMATTHM 11 can be ?ffrctoalty cured by the AonihCnter, dis covered by Dr. WHEELER, 48? Broadway, where it is for sale. It is the only remedy known to cure thee# offlie tiens. of which pamphlets (gratis; will be sent by moil and Nat of refsrenoe given. QODA WATER AND CREAM 8YRUPi,_M il?E FROM IOfresh cream? Something new and superior to e rd-nary syrups?Indies and gentl-men are invited to call aaa try It, at Rt SHTON'S only, nt 417 Broadway, corner of Canal street, and nt 10 Attor House corner of BerMny stout. TRAWBERME>7cHF,RRlES7WANTTifEmrFRCTT | or vegetable*, may be effectually preicrvei in a fresh state for year*, by the use of Sprati's patent self-Mai- n* cans. Full dltec.ioo* for preeeiving accompany tbs enns. They ste easily opened or closed Of baud with a pa ent screw attachment, and are guaranteed always to an swer fully the purpose represented N. B.?T!.e genuine elf-sealing cans hnve cast <n letters on the cap, '>p**U'e patent." This much Is mentioned to prevent impeeitien upon the publ>e by any apurieus oc worthless ar.icle in faltation. For sale by the proprietors, WSLW A ntO UhT, 821 Pearl street. Agent* wanteJ. II KIN AM1RT.ET?PREPARED BY DR. 8. M. Ejlintt's presiription, prewmted to me, will re store, preserve and ckMse the hair. Price 37 % cent* i er bottle. H ?ILKIN, 44 Maiden lane. Tmxrican pi.ati 0?a?~coMPAnT-PAcfoir, A. VtllisnitiN, Leas island?Are new prepared it as eeute oidere Tor iuu*i'P'et* "J***1* S ??or*< **J" Uihte. vault and deck ll-hts Premnt attention will bes.ven to nil ordtrs left n?Jibeir ottee, 443 Broadvaj, tz wilb thai* asent.j * PI.A7T. 79 Hurray strtet. "r?*USD*V<'F EVERT BBBCRIPTiON AI illCJBRCin n fartorr, 337 Pearl street, f rnaklfu sataie. AL art.else sold at As fow??t factory prises Peiat emvhesof rnperior noalitj constantly on band. Maehias binsheewads t? sr 3" j nis K. If )TH_ LOVXM or AQUATIC SPORTS.?AT isoiWDLL'S. ? 230 Bonth street, ean n ways ba found pleasern touts of tbe a??st Vmld and model of any in thv oenr'.ry. bail boats, 'rom 14 to 28 fast in tsngth ean be attod oet oaa p'tte In 34 honra' notlee, RemsmEer. 300 boats always *? (and at 2M South street. rTRUSSn, SHOULD Bit 1RACR8.'Ae.?A COMPthTR I assortment of trusts* of e?ery kind, shool !e? kveo*s sf the most Improved styles. Imparted e'natie roekinrs. t .dies' belts made niter the meet approved pattern#, and 'v? tra in en U for the re'lef and enre ef dtformlUe* ef r?ef> kl?d roorlwntlv on hnnd sn* made to ?rder, b' Or. 8LOr M, s> tk?kn?Ner k?mt|t InslHutW It. 4 AM Itsilt, !?? ieiinw HiMtm.