Newspaper of The New York Herald, 28 Haziran 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 28 Haziran 1855 Page 7
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mown irai Nf, ?1 A AAA -aau quarries co^ww Bi.4. vUVjjnw aoree of rani ewtsto, aad MrlrtMNw tvntj feu yetr?? btw. Tkta* I Sail halfthese vlll M mM for theahewe??, ?'?? 1RBL lb?M nutqitrrtu pttteM 55SS3t but Hutb mUb<?1 to supply ta? demaad. | Mia U> illj > cash bMlMii Tbeeealoto. are the Uietil Ha the State of Nsw York. Fw foribsr toformsUen a? fly to J. O,SBKE, real Mtoto agent no* jpmbUo neeeunt uL 1M MumoiW ntruM fieon Oft; Ball square, where a mifli of U? slate can to asom. mSm a..?eon avenue lot^.?ju)k.s ^R.O /1) very deeirahto loto on HUto-s^M^AS ^Ku fsct tach, win to sold (to WiJmh Apply ua IMftoly, to M. L SHE.DON, ?6 Nassau .tmt I fli A AAA SPLENDID MANUFACTURING l)4tUUU. kulMH for sale-pro fits 800 per ?rat: m sempetMeu, demand unlimited. Om half In tereak to fbto rare and gonteel business will be mM tor $4 tfififto nay kulBM nu who will superintend aad mtrj item. Apply to THOMAS ft STREET,34* Flaw rt. ^?FOB 8 ALE, MANUFACTURING jewelry bullosas, wall eetabunnad ^^?^^?(alarye aad Inarenatog buatoeos; thin to iMh aN too taala, Its , whiob ara la (aad order. Sood ml astato la tbia city or Brooklyn Uita ia czehange. inl; at 299Broadway, room 10. OBOB6E W. RIMERS. djAAA ?BOB BALK, A SPLENDID HAT KTAB Bt/V vt liahzsent, down town, situated ia too Start of trade, aad doing a snporior saah business. Bar tog tho adraatagaa of aa naaorfaatad location. Ow ? gwtng West. Alia, a nyvlar grocery aad fend store, dobg a largo aad laoratiro baalaoat; Snoot stand up town; ywtea SI,100. Apply at 212 Broadway, room IS. ONXY.?FOR SALE. COFFEE AND CARE saloon located la tbo vicinity of oao of ^^?sttbeatiea, nierly flttod up, root law, and la orory I way dosirablo lor aay smart young man. Apply immv diattiy, at 289 Broaoway, room 10. ^ GEORGE W. 8IMER3. balf-the fixtures and lease of a segar ?'or?, No. 205, Spring streak ^^?cnaocennt of tbo ownsr waving the oity. A good a lady. 8252 $125. Ribs Dost ar ?FOR SALE-TIE FIX TORES, LEASE, j As., of a tailoring ootablttbtooat, on one i avenues; a dostrnbto stand for nay bind of bntteoM;fli tares are in ezeetlent order;rent low. Ap ,* oast ?< ?? ??<"isaat't. num. s flOOD CBANCK FOR A YOUNG MIOBINITT.? JK 9be tools and mnehiatry to toanufnotoro nil alads ?Tototh buttons, with srders on hand, will bo dispoatd of oa reasonable terms. Inquire of S. BAXTER, (9 ?.m ntoost. from 8 to 10 A. M. and from 4 to d P M, J NEAT COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE OR TO LET?AT i. Jamaica. Long Island, containing about one awe ground. On the premises tbere in n neat two story benia, with tfl". room in the rear; a earrings bouse and ?tbsr oat buildings, sad n well of water near tbo door, lbs pines is ia good order and within tsa minutes' walz af tbo r?Urosd depot. Inqui-e of GEO. W. SMITH, 17 Fulton street. New York, or of tbo sulseriber; one zailo west of tbe Tillage of Jamaica, oa the plaafcroad. GEORGE NOBTRAND. A FAVORABLE OPPORTUNITY OFFERS FOR A goad joo printer, baring one or two prestes or the ?wane of getting them, to locate himself where he mty do a first rate businee, at littls or uo i*p^nne as to rent, fte.,ftc. Address James O'Flyn, 168 Broadway. SOILER FOR SALE-A MONTGOMERY TUBULAR boiler (second band,) very economical on fuel, be sold low to elcss. Can be seen at the foundry of J. A. ft J. D SE00R, 441 Tenth street 2BUG STORE FOR SALE?THE WHOLE OR HALF share of an aid and well established retail crag > in one of tho boat locations la tho city: the store Is woB stocked aad in good condition, with n 1?m# for a term af years. Address Druggist boz 140 Herald eflco. "TTiLEGANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE-WITH r*i tke furn'tore carriage, to ; and twenty acrss of land, oao and a half links irciu uo New Bronswicc Ds gwt^.J, oa the banks of tho Karl tan, aid command ing a magnifier nt view. Tue Louse la in tho iolhio style, lately built with the beat materials and filled in wftharfak. A photograph of the place can bo aeon at tho effleo of F. D'HE-KVILLY, 18 Exchange piaoo. SALE?A COFFEE AND CAKB 8AL00N; ONE of the heat stands in tbe slty. For particulars la game an tho prem.aes, No. 7 West street T7I0R SALE-A PROFITABLE BURNERS, IN FULL JO operation, and da<ng a largo cash trade, the profits of which arc t?0 per week, whiob eaa be Satisfactorily Mbnwa. This Is aa ezoallent opportunHy for any parson hat tog a small aneunt of cash. Apply to 7HOMAS ft STREET, 34* Pine street. F2 TjWR HAIX?THE PROPERTY KN'JWN AS H PECG J? net's Institution. The building* are Urge anl in geed order, end desirable for many purposes, pirticu arl) fer a' school, for which they hare serve! since IRSe. They wiU he aold with ilx lete, three on Bant ?treat and three en Troy (treat. The other six lota, a so eery well situated, will be sold separately or altogether. Apply to H. PBCONET, 27 Bank atreet. fTIOR SALE-ONE SIX HOUSE EN9INK, ONE TEN r beret boiler, fix iron atilla, four copper worms, a lot ef new and aecond hand faritace hart. Apply at 201 Pearl atreet. FOR 8A1X-SLOOP SITiRTOR; CaRMES FIFTY TONS alio, a sloop of thirty fire tone. Both are centre hoard, and extra light draft, are well found and ready for nae. Apply at Mr*. WILBER'rf, Bay House, Penny Bridge, 8c nth Brooklyn. Will be aeld on on# year'a credit, If real eatate la given for aeeority; or apply on heard, at Penny Bridge. FOR SALE?AT FORDHAU, OR JCXCR AN'uE, A LARGE donhla house and three acres of lanl. Possemion given as toon aa wanted. Eaqulre at No. 20 Ferry atreet, up ataira. "EMIR SALE?A VALUABLE SQUARE OR BLOCK Or J ground, in the city of Washington, D. C.?This property it iltnated in the moat growing part of the city; the title ie unquestionable; one half of the pur chase money may remain for two year*, at six par cent iatereat For farther part'cuUrs Inquire of Messrs ANTHONY J. BLEEKER A CO., No. 7 Broad atroet, New York. FOR RALE?IN THE VILLAGE OF HACKBS3ACK, New Jersey. eleven miles Iroaa New YjiX, thirty - one acres of Untl, (seven of which ie w lodland,) ples eantly losatel, sad in a good state of cultivation. Thereon is a large house, with all the modern improve menta, and adjoinisg is a large and bsautxfal g-rdeo, nanonnded with abrnbhery and shade trees The oat buildings, which are in good condition, will be sold ebeap, as the proprietor intends goint West. The aaues he* a vary desirable location for a hotel. Inquire of CAHPBFXL k PHILLIPS, 112 Chambers street. FOR SALE, EXCHANGE, OR TO LET?THE HOU4K, with the furniture. No. 19 Eaet Twenty sixth street, near Fourta avenue. House three etor<?*, be dement and eellar; 2tx66; modem imprevrmeate; 16 feet court varl In front. Pesseseion immediately Apply as above, er to JOSEPH DAVfcON, Hanov-r build lag, oorner Wsliiesn and Pearl streets; or to LUSH A NOON, 290 Fourth avenue. TTtOR SALE CHEAP?THE LEaHR AND FIXTURES OF A an elegantly fu>D<eh?d eegareturn, leeated In the heat therenghfare of the city, a gfeat bargain Ai drees a note, immediately, to L. 0., box 168 Herald office. FOR SALE OR TO LET?TI1E NEW FIR4T CLES-i brown etose front house 201 Weat Fsurt'eaib ntr?et, between E'gbth snl Ninth area nee. four atorie-. and basement, 62 feet deep, use of lot '1> by 126 feet, will ho aold on moderate t-rms or leered to a gaol te nant. Inquire of HENRY B. HERTS, J;, No. A)j Pino , or 182 Weat Fourteenth street. TT OUHm FOR 8A.X OR TO LET?THE THREE NEW XX throe story houses, Nos. ltd, 1 #0 and 102 West Twenty-fourth street. Th*y have axteaiive rooms in the bast meat and flret story, and are pr v ded wi'.h a'l the meoern improvemtnte, anch ae baths, water closets. As. The flret clan three story house, No. 261 East Tenth atroet, near First avenue. The heat three story bouse, No. 663 East loath street. ftte houses art all in good order, and ready for immediate ossnpanay. For term*, either for sale or leaao, which will he favorable, apply to R. HOGAN, No. 179 Maodoegel street JEWELRY STORK FOR SALE?TOGETHER WITH lease and good will. In a good locality, well estab lished. A rare chanoo to a practietl man, as the jobowg te sufficient to pay the expense* WI1 be suld with or -without the stock. Apply on the preaUee*, 814 Fulton atreet, Biocttj n. 10 PORTE MONNAIK If ANUFACTURER3 ?FAR SALT, n press in compute order; also the neeeisary eta, patterns, dice, stamp*, tool*, and material?fer $176 cash Can be sens at 96 Fulton street, np stairs, at the offlee ef John K. EARI.K k BON. ACHT FOR HALE-ABOUT 12 TONS, WELL BOlLT. copper fastened, n fast sailer, roeasy and safe, well fonad, in perfect order and est!* new. Inquire ef 8yd ney Derlon, 11 and 12 Fulton market Mil SALE?THE BFLflNHIfl STEAMER CROfON ; Fike ie now ia perfast erder erfd can be teen daily at the fleet ef Peek slip. New York For terms apple to JoHN T. IRVING, No. i Nassau street, OR 6 a LB?A WBLL E8T Atil.ISHt D MANUYAC. luriag busia-ee, under a vnlaable petoat, already fa weraMy iatredeaafl. sad promising ? Issrs't's ast ssras newt investment. For partiealart apply to HERMANN R. ?CDW10.36 Wall st. IB BALK OK TO LBT-A GOOD TWO STORY AND aaalf beaee sud flue# low, 26 >j 1CH lest; else a s'.*>1e and earrmge hewse *a the abate property, eitun'ed on AU aap street, between deed sad Patobia Ireaaee, Brooklyn Fer partiealart apply at 86 Undue areaua f OR BALI OR EXCHANGE?A SPLENDID HOTEL, near the eity if New York. Would prehears fbr a neat faem fa t he eeaatry, er real estate ia the etly. Thte hotel ie now real lama a* least flA.issi net prvflt per year. Disposed ?deaaneeert ef the ill xealth ef the fatally Yala* aoeut MJXjO dollar, This is a rat* epeorfnatty for any yeatle maa wishing to ieoate In pablie life. Address Thomas, He rald ellee, wbiea will b* attended to. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC. GENTS' ring OOLD CALlFOBkIA DIAMOND CLUS tet pins with ehain, ?A; althoat ebaia, fld Tbae* pine are equal fas bvUiiaae* aad apenaraese to tbe real diamond. Bent lj mall te any part ef the United Us ee, by enclosing ??at to Is. A J. JACvM. W Broadway. jnrau akdiquoh hbtrkatb. a luimo vhjla, long branch, k. j ?thw A new >i?M, fehghtfuDj AuM mm M Mtikw, Steady tor lk? r? sept lew W sampan y. Ft in Mnu NW wU |lim mllL or eddreoe AMOd R. enaxKMnuy. h?w?ii?**?b*>iktt?. W. Ban jos, 1M ym* !W*t M*t Yrt. T?XCELS>OR HO CUB, CBOrON DAM ?TOM HOTEL, JEj toe M*t kniUil iuumt reeiteaee tm toe dUM, Snowep*n Hi Mm mmmoOUi ol ftr?Mi ? toaasiini k?ti*n Tditot* will kkt the HiImi River HKlWi un to Mag Btef, and to* Hubs ears to Mount K im ?*ntioa. Carriages ml M to mtom at both ptoosa to ?avpy them to the Qua Tetma malsrato. TTtfeHERMEN TAKE VOITCE.?THERE IS FIVE FISH JP tog at rait 'Hamilton; weak Aah aad *m to* are tokaam large quoBMiea. boate, bait, ami tackle el weys reeey at toeStilweil Ho el Taa Coney In-and Mat to oah a a at Fart Hamilton aaeh way. LONG BRAN< H?SKA BATHING.?THIS WEXL haawa and delightful summer mtraat la slcue ad twenty-tonr milaa boa Now York along toe Atiaa la coast. Stoamere Uoaaa War# aad ' Christopher Have last of Jay atmt, daily, f or Lang Branch. tbare are e?vtral l?rg* aad oommodious boarding bo anas alvj a ted within aaa hundred ynras ?( tha aaa aaora, with a fine gbaa lava extending ia boat to the adga of taa aaa. Ftaa lahiag, piaaaaat lidaa, aad ??j atteatioo paid to tha gaaata (or their comfort. There arc at laaat 16.000 poraaaa vUiting Long Branch daring tha aommar fhaoa; tha navigation of tha Shrewsbury river beiag greatly improved a Bring tha praaaat yaar, to aaah a tha steamboat* la land paaaangara at Branch port, withia aaa mi la of tha bearding censes. Stag** will convey passen gers to tha baaurdlag bomaa, which will ba op*e?d tha 'i> th af Jaaa. day paraaa desirous of obtaining roans wnl apply to tta propria tor*. Metropolitan, by Vaalyxo A Caspar; National House, W. Stokoa; Maaaioa House, 8. Lalid: Uaittd States Betel, Kennedy k Cratea; -'avt Uoa Hotel, 8. C Morris; Bath. Groan % Sena; Ho viands, J. V. Convert; Aliaghany, by J. WardeJl LONG BRANCH, Proprietors. Mount virnon hotil. cape may, n. j.?this mammoth hotel, with accommodation* for ou? thoaaaad ga*?u, will open far th* eeaeon on Saturday, June 30th, 1866. Oaa hundred aad tfty addittonai room* bare been added. Pure soft water rron aa arte sian well baa been ia'redastd through the bone*, and a large number af now and coaipiote bath noaaee adiod, boaidra many other improvement* ataea the laat aa??oo. Partka o( m p?raons or opwarda can hare prtrtt* table* at any bear agreoabla to taam. A reguv*r table at tag alar boors will alao ba aet far thoee woo are oot la p*rtira, or who may prefer a table da hot*. Toe trims wdl ba moderate, aad no extra charges, except what may ba ordered. SAMI.. B WOOLMaN, Agent. New rochklle pavilion ?families and siv. gla gentieasea caa eeaare del gttfol rooms for taa maimer, or far a p.eaisrs tr.p ot a law days; actese T>rj co*yea eat, by New Haven cars *Tsry boor, or by steamboat tram Catherine ferry, lJ>d cents, dally at 3 ? clock. Terms reasonable. Applicant* lor board are solicited to call. Rockbridge alum springs, Virginia, five mil** from the Virgioi* Central raiiriai aad twen ty -three miles from the Natural Bridge.?For mora tiao thirty years these remarkable watere, amidol by a ada gio n*w?pap*r advertisement, bare oe-n growing, by m?r* farce of the wonderful cares elected by (ham, into publle favor, and a general celebrity throughout tbe middle aad .-anlb*ra States. It Is confidently aieer:?l that in those common ties they stand without a rival ia the aura el scrofula, chronic oiairbo a, diapepsii, obsti nate diseases of the liver, ot tbe kidneys ana of the skin, opthilmi: snd asrvou* affection*, bronchitis laryngi tis, aad diseases peculiar to fsmalaa. Pamphlet* on tewing aoalytes and a few oat of mtny ceri.Coa'et vo laatarily tendered to tbe proprietor#, will oe forwarded on application. The establishment iiaoi fl'Ud np for the reception of five hundred guests. If Northern citi zens are dispeeed to meat and mingle with aa agreeaote. refined and tocial assemblage of Southerners, they will find this a pleasant ' -aeatral ground"?whilst the al mir*r of tha sabhme and the picturesque will derive a rare enjoyment from the successful ptseags of the care arrms the summit of tbe Blue Ridge at Ruck fit h Gig, as well as in the contemplation of tbe Natural Br.dga. After the first of July ptstenger* brtak' la Wash ington City or Richmond, will dine in Staunton and sup tbe same day at these Springs, thus bringing them within two days of New York without any night travel. Ihe Volandt bend or music engaged for th* s-asoa. FRAZIKR k RANDOLPH, Proprietors. CtEA-VlEW HOUSE, HIGHLANDS OF NAVKSINL. - O 'hm new and commodtou* house will be opened for tbe recaption af company on Saturday next, the iOth instant. There can rolling #qual, in grsndaar and beauty the shore* and ocean scenery af the Nav*s.ak Highlands, there can nowhere else ue found such advantage* for aaa bathing as are combined ia tbe river and surf which stretches for miles in front of tba Sea- View House. Tbe house has bean elegantly and luxuriantly fur nished, and ia all appaintaieata H la not surpassed by any similar establishment. All tbat experience and liberality can command? \11 that teste and eomfert can desire?will ba furnished foe tba eaUrtainmeat of the guasta who may favor the heme with their patronage. Thoaa desirous cf obtaining rooms aitbar la tha main house or In tba ndjot*ing eottng?a caa do so by apply ing to 11. E TUFFS, Na. 89 PriaM street, or on tha pre mises. Tba steamboats James ' 'Vristop- er aad Oesan Wave make tha trip aaeh way daily from tbe foot of Jay street. M. JARVH. s' SUMMER RESORT? EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATIONS, par* air, delightful teeeerj, tah og, banting, mi! boating, at HKNDtRrON 8 Orange Lake Hon**, four miles wt at of Newoarg, by plank roed Stage* every day at steamboat wharf and railroad depo., Newttarg, la quire of D C. R1NGLAND, office of William Fctlertea, 61 Wall street. t'MMKR RETREAT.?THE MED HURST FARM, AT I Ceatieport, Long Island, I* now open for the recep tion of gentlemen and families ef respectability. Tae steamer Island Belle leaves foot of Gather no street every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 11 a'oixk, A. M-, far Nortbport, lji milts Hum Ceatroport, three hours from Now York. Oaly a fow superior room* art now vacant. Terms moderate. Far partna lars, please app'y to W. ANDREW EaDIE, 117 Fulton at., New York. N. B?Excellent bathing, fishing and shooting. If TORE BAT HOTBL, 2% MI LBS f BOM JBB8MT City ferry, en Bergen pclnt, plamh reed. The meet . laiifuf snmmsr reeldene* ia the State, fishiag, bathing, boating. Dimaore aad tapper* et ea hoor'efretiet Privets ?extern* to aad from the house ts amneat aad traeeient gaots. A| 'Japt. LABdB, Pest Office, Jersey i N anneal aad transient gaots. Apply at ike hcase, st t? _ . - - " ijlSty. PAVILION HOTEL?W. Bl'NBL RBSPBCTPC 'f informs his friends aad the peblis, that h* ha? t ? peaed the I'aviliea dotal, at Pod Washinstoe. N. 1 <ia the three ebury rivor, and if readj te revive families fa. the ??iron. Di-jeer* far pri?a*--< parties at moderate price*. Per farther iniorm&tioa,apply at089 tlocston street, New York. ritRIN TON PALLS, N1AE CTICA, N. T.-TOB HOT1L A at this plaoe of favorite reeort it ogea for the teetic. Vir ere oaa so* reaeb it direct ? ? the Black River aad U?ioa Railroad, leaving mica on tba arrival of the steam boat express train, aim ot t.c Uadien n?r express Vraia. M. BOOBB, Proprisicr. York family uotbl, kbit bbidom strut Lsdgate Hi 1, Leaden -IV above braes is centrally ai* sated, has am ax tallest coffee room, tea er twelve priv i-e sitting room*, between forty aad iflj light airy bedrooms, a good smoking fern; watm, told and ?bo*tr bathe always rsady. A bight prrtor la attendance A fixed thereafter ser vants. the Vow T ark Rerald ir filed. tHOMvS QUaB TBRMA1NB 'al?c rtopriotev of the Crowe tad fioepcre. and Ship taverns Oreeawlcn) tenders bie grateful shanks to his Amerieaa friends for the favors ho has so lone enjoyed at ibefr hands, and selioits their ecat.aaed patronage aad re eommeadatloa. ASTJROtOQY. **" A otology and phrenology?the celebrated ,\ Hrs Kiaury, from Paris, whose relation has been , .nstaatly e nsuhe 1 by Napoleon I, gives inform*'..on n all events of life, at 1263 B.-oome r.-e-t. GaRD?MADAM PREW8TKR RETURNS THtNKH TO her friends and patrons, aad begs to sty that after tee thousands both in this e ty and Philadelphia, who b ave roe suited her wi?h entire Beliefs :tlo9,]tbe reels con fident that in tbe quei'loua of astrology, lev* aad law matter*, and beeka, er oraok-a, as relied on oeaeUntty by Napoleon, the bee no equal. She will tell the nem* of the future hmthand, and alao the nam* ef her visiter. Reticence 78 Maeisoa street, one door from Oatheriev. Madame morrow?this highly gifted lady 1* e seventh daughter, sad wee horn with ag.ft to tell pest end future events fbe is the roost weniwr ful estreloglst in tb* worH; eh* will even t*U their very tbwoghts. N B?No charge If not fatisfled. Gentle men not admitted. 7d Hioome street, near Cannon Madame alwin, renowned phrenologist from Paris, ran b? consulted about love, marriage' business, ke , end will tell th? name ef the lady or pan' tic man tnsy will marry; also the names of her vieS- s Residence 209 ttewery, between F>r*t end Besnnl ? tree's ONLY FOR A SHORT TIME.?NOTICE.?MR*. 0. R0EDER, lady of information, can beoooeultei end gives true information on eil interest'or eSs<rs through life, es nsuel, at her reeidenee, 76 West EIr ventj at., near Fifth avenue. Her term* er* 81. TUB KUJTART. yETKRAN CORPS OF THE WAR OF 1812?A SPIi sial meeting wiO be held at hefq-iarteri, H. Riell's Star Hate), 02 Ljspeaard street, oe Friday evsi ieg. Juae 20, at 7X o'clock, on busiadie of importance. By ordsr, H. RAYMOND, Colore], Wm. Tatior, Adj't. EXTRA PAT. RODHTY LAND OFFICE, M WALL STRUT, BAB A AA meat.-Sold erv, tailor*, eai teamsteiela any war ties* 177B, er ebefv widow* can oblate their feed wamete ef the Meat r. T. BBIT9. 66 Wall tteeet, No charge until eel T and warrants bougiiT, bold and locatbd Tfit li*1?*t" hooaiy Utdt premptly rr-eeeutid by V* 11. LI AM B. HaWS, Biebsece and epecie office, 17s Canal efieet, under the B.eple'e Bank. Letters and ertes* from tkseouefty premptly eaewsred. I AND WARRANTS?WANYBD BY TATXOB DB0 J T11BRS, Bankets, 70 Wall etvwet. NAYY BODSTT LAND AND "BXTBA PAY" OfflTl -Besaty laede a.A "extra pev" fev 0 8 Navy t2Sf. As., la all wart 17*0-thai* wld.w.aad btSaliEm?* ly ebtalned aad a aid. m prompt Baiarta das widow* aad heirs, ef deeeeeed D A kii~ ani eshere sollacted. aad all biada of claim* evades* thatrJi ted ??e'*? raaa.ared by esdersignad aad the widow* er heir, af thaea wk* pttlebad wHh Called Wei eklp "Alkii." w01 ba are sited be calling an IDWABD NISSRll Ageat end Rate; Parser 0. 8. Navy, 17 WaU rtreei ?Mli rr? nnm am* ran ambucax botal n?a in von* n innmi. e* v.:wS HPH n?S'noer?* p# uvnnr?oonl^^^^^^| QW enhtaaanago lit aktf? Theao HMh mtj ? dear wheta Ighf U aw IW; pw mi awiwt tn; nk m fata K . ? AM AHA, StoaT " Asia, Lata. ?? Bank* aat toonrtd ml paid tar. |i aapvrivnooa cargoes em board, fho aaaaaa of those toipo wM! nek he eeeeemtable far geld. scssrs isa srfcrsswi'sivS? thereof therein iifraawt. TW??, v.. There vill be aa itawUlfa af this Baa from New York mill fartkat netted TU YANSBBSILT EUROPEAN UNI O? STB AII akipn-TSe baa etnas saw rtauuklg AIUL.1.9M loan, 1UievrelauaUr. will leave Maw Tirt from pier 30 berth rivrn. foottfChemeen afreet, at aaaa ptsaiaoipy aa Seaside), Jaaa 30, foe Baara direst. first elasi passage .....fUO The An* ? STSTCiM' hp tka IfaiAh Star, Jaiy 2L " Theowwr of these nawli will net ka aaoaeatakla foe $?sx?jr.S3. ess, grs.i.K thsraf therein uhmW. Speeds aid (aaaa '-aaaa at atual rata*. Ka fhi? ht reeadved afkar auaa af tka 4?| kafara ftltta# ?a Wrlk secured aatll paid tor. Letters rrapaid ISJne. par ti oa will ka reeadved at the ettee ap tell a. M. ot iko day of anlling, wd will ka oar riodtm strong ladtk rib bar Ian a Wet look, lit am arrival at Hitp will be Immediately deposited la tka Poet sMaa there Faroala taken, oaek prepaid, one dollar aad upwards, mao datbo at aiiuaa. raoM www woaa. raom Barns. Ariel Jaaa SO Kerth Star Jaaa 3d Bartk Star J my 21 Ariel ...July 21 Anal Aug 11 Nonk Star tu.ll korth Star Bait. 1 Ariel Sept. I Ariel Sept. 22 Monk Star Sept. A MorthStar Oat IS Ariel Oct 13 Ariel Mar. S Monk 8tar Mat. S AtmI .................. .Not. 24 Theaa fteamahtpe are aimed a I at the insurance offloea, ana apaaia and goods will ka inaarad ia tham at ai law ram of premium aa & aay atkar that oroaa tka aa? for freight or passage, appiy to 1>. TO*RANCB, Ma 8 Rooting Oroaa, Maw York. SUHMBR. RON TAN T A DRAT AH, 28 Raa N. D. do* Vie voir., raria. OH RY ST la, tlCHLOBSSKAKN A CO., 37 Quel Celt mil Iclavignv, Havre. For LIV1BPOOL.-SAIL3 OK SATl'ED AT, Jl'Nt 30, at 12o'elcek, the wall known packet ship ndtl BURTON. Foraeeind cabin or steerage pa..age apply on board, plor Mo. 19 East rltor, or t? TfluS. C. ROCHE, 88 Sooth it. XAPSCOIT'a LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKEH ? Packet June 28 -Tka splcad.d new dipper atlp J.E WOOD, Oaptain Taekar, will positively sail oa Ihnrrday, Jaaa 28 The accommodations for aaotn, aacand cabin, and .tea rag a passengers are naaarpaaeed. Early application# to aacora berths t bo old be made on ooard, pier 87 Ekat river, foot of Market street, or to TAPSOOrr fc 00., id South itreat I'APeCOlT & CO.'a LINE FOi GLASGOW T9E packet of the 28th June. The splendid aad fast sal lug packat ship GLaNuC, Capt. J. M Gillespie, will ?ail oalknxaday, i8tn Jena. Her accommodations for all elaases pf pasavngere are unrurpaaaed. ELrly appli cation .hoold be me da on boar J, at pier 38 East rlv.r, toot of market street; or to TAPSJOi'T k 00., 88 South (treat. Black ball une of packets for Liverpool ?The clipper abip GREAT WESTERN, Capt. Furror, ? ill positively tail,ton Meaday the 2d ef July. For cab n, second cabin, and steerage passage la tbia splen did paeket, apply on board foot of Bookman (treat, East rirar, or to JaQJB WILSON, 108 Seuto street. FOR LIVERPOOL-PACKET OF JUNE 30TH -THE splendid packet ship CULTIVATOR, 2,000 tone bar tben, < aptsln Aust.n, will positively sail oa Sa tor lay, June 30. For passage in cabin, second cabin and steer as e, apply en board, at pier 28 l'Aat river, foot of Dover street, or to WILLIAMS k GC .ON, 40 Fulton st. THB LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STRAW8HXP company intend .ailing their fkreriM at earn Hps? CITY UP KAMCURdTBH. 2,126 tens. Capt Kylia. CITY OF BALTIMORE. ibswJ 2.688 leas, Capt ??, CITY OF W A8HIN41TOH, da. .R7U0 tons. Capt B. LeUsk Saloon 8M, 866 aad 166, aotordins ta riaia room A limited nnm bar of third olaas ptcnei gm? will be dram Philadelphia and Livaniool, and fanad ia pravirisaa. From Philadelphia $30 i Prom Liverpool $41 Parties wiahias to bring sea their trienda, eaa obtain oar ideate# of passage and drafts oa Liverpool, in rnma if A storting and epwarda Apply to SAMUBL SMITH, arant 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia, aad Wo. 7 Broadway, New York f'OR BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON.?THE UNITED States mail steamship HEMMaNN, E. Higglna, con manner, will sail for braman, touching at Soatbamovon to land mails and paaetnagara for F.nglaaJ and Franee, on Saturday, July ldth, at 12 o'clock M., from pier No 37 North river. Price of paetago from Mow York to Eoutbamp on or Bremen-In first cabin, main saloon, $j80; in nretraoin, lower saloon, $110; in aeeond cabin, $80 An expanencad aargeon is nttnebed to each steam er. Specie delivered in Havre or London. All letters must pass through the Poo; Office. For passage or freight, apply to C. H. SAND, Agent, 11 South William street. The steamer Washington will auceoad tka Hermann, and sail llth August. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE?THR UNITED States mail steamer UNION. Captain 2 Adam., aea for Havre, teaskiag at Soathampaon t< onsaaacawa. on SwtamUv. Ji s'oloak, Item pier J a aider, will leave far Havre, teaskiac at Southampton te land tha mailt and pnaaaagon. an Saturday, Jaaa 30, at 12 I s'oloak, Item pier Na. 37 Ncrth river, foot of Boaeh atrsot. trice oi paaaaaa, drat cabin, $180; teoend a*bin, $76. Log Smaga not wanted during tha vayaga ahonid be seat oa board Ko day before .ailing, marked "bolow." No freight will be takes after Tbnradav, June 28 Fax freight or passage ap " to MOATIMRR LIVINGS TUN, 63 Broadway. . B.?All ieitara mart pais through tka roat uflie. KBTUCID PRICES.-100 LBS. BAGGAGE TRIII - Tsar boars from to ociu by Panama Railroad, bo oxposaro to tr< pienl san bad tolas. Mo walking ia tbo mud around sbsals aad rapiia. Mo river favor bad agoo. lbronpb f'r California via Panama Railroad Tbo Unnod blotoo Mall Steamabip Company will dosoot lh for Atpia w oil on 1 horoc ay, July 6, at 2 or<look P.M., precisely, from pior foot ot Warren street, M R., tbo bow aad splendid steamship URuRGC LA W, 5L500 tons burthen Passaogers aad mails will be forwatdod by Paoaata Railroad, and on noot at Panama wltb tbo Pacific Mail Stsamsbip Company's n>asnibc?at s-samsbip Golden Gate. 7 6)0 tons Sort job, A V. H Loroy. sommandor, wbish will bo la readiness aad leave lmmeslatoly tor San Tranolseo. The pa alio are in formed tbat tie P. M. S. S. Co. always have one or mores* tra usamirs lying at Panama, ready tor sea, to avoid any fcsiibls detention of ptseeniers or mails. Tor passage ap. ply to 1. W. RAYMOND, at tbo only efflee of tat Compa ny's, 177 Wsst stmt, corner Warren, N. P. (TOR SAN FRANCISCO?THE SPLENDID A 1 FIRST J; class clipper sblp ANDKE-V JaTKHGN, Williams, mar tor, is mow loading at pier 10 East river, and will positively sail on or before Tuesday, 17th July. Ship pers will please scad their freight promptly en hoard, ana complete their engagement# before l oss lay, 10th. The ships ot this line are edvertieed far a aartain date, aad guar antes d to sail on at be'ore the day alvertiaed. SCTION It CO., 68 South ft, cor. Wall. FOR CALIFORNIA?PA8UGK fiiiO,?FURCaSR MJ dnetiea of faros.?Mow York aad Oulifaraia steam snip Una, via Nicaragua Accessory Transit Compaay, of Nicaragua, proprietors?through ia advance of the moil ?7io m<ios shorter than any other route, avoiding the deadly Panama fever, and two miles of dsngeroua Dott ing in Panama Bay. Mates of fere through to San Fran ciaeo, including the Istbmnscressiag:?Fire teak n, 1176; eeeond cabin, $126: steerage, 150 The splen lid doable engine steamship STAR OS' THE WBtiT, 2,000 tons bar dea, Capt. "orn*r, will leave p'.sr Mo. 3 North rirer, at 3 o'eloeb P. M. precisely, for Pan la Annas, on Thursday, July 6th, 1815, cenaeetiag with the steamship Uncle 8am, 2,000 toae burden, aver tha Nicaragua Transit route, but twelve miles of land transportation by Bret class carnages. For ia formation or patsago at tie re<K;ed rates spply only to CHaRLES MORGAN, agen*. No, 2 Bowling Groan. Letter bage made np at Stomped le' the office. Stomped letters taken for 6% seats each. "VTICARA QUA ROUTE.?STEAMSHIP PACIFIC, JUNE JJI 13, 18b5. At a meeting of the passenger* ef the steamer Paci fic, the Hen P Herbert wna called to the chair, and H. Owner appointed decretory. On me-1ion, the Chair appoint# 1 Major James Graham, Color*) B, i* E. Bonneville, Colon*! Thomas, Messrs. W. C. McDongal and W. Dour nay, a committee to draft re>options expressive of the views of the meeting. The coamiitee reported the following resolutions, which were ananimensly approved and adopted:? Resolved, That being abeat to doie an agreeable pas sage from Pea Fraaci'co to San Juan del Bar, and to part with tbaea who have coatributel ae mach to l'.e ?etety end comfort, we tender oer thanks to the officers ef tbls ship, for their unwearied and moot incevssful rxvrtioas to bring no safely, quickly, and comfortably lata port. Resolved, Tbat to tbo wiso aad llboral policy adopted by C. K. Garrison, tbo deservedly yoptUsr aad most efflcleat agoat of the hno at Han Francisco, we are in debted for an abnndaat sayply of the boat of stores, and for every arrsngsmsnt po-siole to be mate to alleviate tbo inconvaniences and anneyaaoes iasepsrahle from a voyage ot sea. Resolved, That we welcome back Capt. E. Wakemta to tbe scenes of his former usefulness, where he hss gained a iroly eavisble reputation for capacity as a ssa msn, indomitable energy aad u storing watchfalaeet over the safety of his ship aad the oomfort ef his passen gers. Ressleed, Tbat a eommttoo of flvobs appo.ntel by tba Chair, who shall sense to be presented to Capi. E

w akeman a goid mounted belt in tha name of the pas eenjers. as an evidence of thotr confidence of kis sea manship, and a toksn of regard for his character as a man Resolved, Tbat the "atwaysoa habi aad never sleep ing" Mr. Boofish, first officer of the ship, well deisrves notice at our hinds, and wo take pleasure in bearing testimony to his capacity and tbe quiet and effi loot meaner in which he baa discharged tbe duties devolving apes bim Resolved, That to tbo Engineer we also extend our approbation ef the manner in which ha has devoted his nrne and ebiil to the rssponeible duties of bis position. Resolved, Tbat to tho genii-manly Purser, Mr. Pools, weave ne'er many obligations, wbo, tboigh devoted to tho dntieo of hie office, has always feaad time t > be st# w an tbo pasesngera the pleasant word aad kindly net. Resolved, That tha admirable manner In which Mr. Field has presided evst tee steward's depsrtsseet is sueh as is rarely seat with, and merits ear warmest pra se. Resolved, Thottbe secretary be iastracted to eend co pies et these reoelutieas to tbe Baa Francisco and New York papers. Committee?Messrs. James Graham, CaL RLE Roaaenlls, U.S.A.; W. 0. McDongal. W. Flow may, Cel. W "Thomas. O. HERBERT, Chairman Heoiv Owvwn, See rotary. ?*1 iVkmuA-Nouu uNi-^mnnjSi WMtlWi MNHllMlMi MMMMH (?! llW Ap pljettbs sSn of a W. CiMIIM. V*.< l?irS|anw aad II* Wall vitteA. TTjritn FTATBB KAIL 8TXAJUHJP COMPANY ? U In Itiut Mi >?? OiiiiM W Inux, lil} 1 M1P. Don pltr fset ?f fimi inti. jl. A. m will kim ill UijiitM Hi?Ml? llirM OlVr. CuMi Bony WiaiU, knU| km UMwwgkty eveshmrieJ h7 pi ii tut tint nMitlm, wtU mim In plsse li Ai Um ud ?ail OS Ik"! luiui Wl K IMNtltttlCMpUf'l ?in. Fiviaht ti Sew OrlnifN Hill par nmlwi kktppwi winbe?*p?n?i wlib vua md?or indu* ?r the form liitid rj tbe Company, on appUcetiea a* tbatraAo*. Mo ?tbar 'a?a ii?*?d, ud m bUla af ladln wf'l bo A?id aflee 4he boor of toiling, far freight <* passage apply all ?he trice af the Compass, 177 WaaO street. ?aaago apply i >!*S0BMT3* BAVAXKABANO FLORIDA?UNITED STATES MOkH- Ik* now and elegant steamship AUQUd U, Ob pi. Thomas Lyon, w.D km Nov York for Ik vaaaah oa Saturday, Jua 30, from pier No. 4 North rivmr. at 4 o'clock P. M. Bills of lading signed oa board. For might anh oa board, or far poaaago to BAN OKI. L Mir CHILL, 13 Broadway. For Flortda, tb rough tut ota from Now York to JncksoavBle, gSl; Pilatka, 933. Tho Alabama, 8oo. B Schaack, viQ auoaaad, ltd loara oa Wsdneiday Jnly 4. IR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA?3EMT-WEKK ly?U. 8. Mall Liao ?Tba boo. magulfimnt and fast-going rtttan NASHVILLE. N. Barry, aammaador, will leave pier No. 4, N. R., oa Saturday, Jans 30tb, at 4 P. M., precisely. Per freight apply oa board, whirs all bill* of lading will bo signed, and tor paooogo at the ofleo of Spollord, ftlootoB ? Oo., 39 Broadway. Through ticket# to Florida aa foil?a:?To Jacksonville, 931; to Pilatka, btS. Tba Feuthorner will auoaaad, aad leave ib Wadoaadoy, July 4th. FOB NORFOLK, PETERSBURG AND RICHMOND.? the Uaited States mall steamship JAMESTOWN, L Parriaa, cam Bander, will leave pier No. 13 North river, aa Saturday, Jane 84, at 4 o'clock P. M., will arm# at Norfolk the aoat afternoon, aad at Patera burg aad Rich mond the foiiowiag moraiag. From Nor oik pwtoagara for the South prooood by railroad direct, with through ticket# Dam w?idta to Wilmtagtau, Charleston, Ac. Passage and fare to Norfolk, 98; to Peteraburg an i Rich bmb<C 910; eteerag# half price. Through ticket fb Lyaebburg, 914. Apply to Ll'DLAM A PLKA-JANR, No 33 fa o*4 way. N. B ?No freight takeu for Petera burg. RioPBMOill. ~ Excursion of dorio lodgk of free and ao cep-ad Masons.?Bt. John's lkay, 25th Jane.?Toe beautiful aad wall appointed atxaaaer Liura Kaapp, under tba ooamaad of that experienced and gentleman ly Capta u, Aaceraou, atarted from pier 37 Beat river, havag the meaibera of the Doric Lodge, with their la dies, aad a goodly number from other lodged, on b ard, who joined uitb their srethrea to participate. Having at earned around States bland aad eajoyodamoat de lightful ;inil, with a happy aad agreeable ooeapaoy oa board, aad a good band of mirale. aooa partnership* were formed, and bueiaeea commenced. The waits, the polka, tbe tcbettiach, Ac , all came in for their turn, and I'gbt merrily was it enjuvel, aa'U wo came too to make a abort atop at that delightful spot, '-The Sailors' Snag Harbor." Much has been, and much mgat well be, said la regard to this noble lnstitatloa (we were oor dlaliy received by the governor, Capt. Depuyster, j and its fac Utier. Tba sailers new there?two hundrod or more, a very node class of mea?showed, by the sunk en eje, tbe furrowed ehe?k, the gray locks or a disabled limb, that they had ceased to war with old ocean, and had come to anchor their frames in a snug but safe harbor, tho use of the chapel having been kindly tea* dated to uo, aa informal mooting gathered, where re marks wore made by the P. W. of Doric Lodge and a brother of Centmemtal lodge. Then we prepared to take our departure, followed by God bless them I Ooeo more upon our noble boat, all was life, and tbe brother ly feeling exhibited by aB to render eaoh other happy waa proverbial. Tba music woo struck up again, aad tbe company joined in the dance. Before arriving at our pier, a meeting of tbe pasaeagers wa* called, at which tbe P. W of Doric Lodge premJed, when It was re solved unanimously that the tbanks of tho company pro sent bo presented to Ckpt. Anderson, of tho steamer "Laura Kaapp," for bis gentlemanly kindness and do portmsnt, aad untiring attention to the wants of his pea ?ecg*ra; and we weald with confidence recommend him, si well aa the steamer he comma ads, to the favorable notice of the puohe, as well as any aad all parties mak lag excursions apon our bey. About 8 o'clock our party were safely lsDded, with many a porting grip an t adieus, end repaired to their respective homes, highly delighted with the festivities of tho ocoaaion?not an accident having occurred to mar its pleas ores. For the itching -banks.?the commodious sea steamer BUN, Capt. Wheeler, win make excur sions to the Fishing Banks on Thursday, Friday and Bun day, leaving Amos street at 7 o'clock; Spring street, 714; Peek slip at 8: Brooms street, 8,l?; and pier No. 3, North liver, at 9 o'clock. GRAM) EXCURSION TO THE F13HLNG BANKS, BY the safe and oommoaluus double engine (leaner MASSACHUSETTS, E. R. Hants Commander, on Frtdsy, June 29 Fare 50 cents; leaving pl*r toot of King street at 7o'clock; Asms street at 8; pier 8 North river at 9. Hiking tack e aad bait oa board. A hand of marie will be in attendance. mflK FOUR HOR.SE stage, called the beau, X o*im by Fort k Co , At 270 East Ktewentb street, Dry Dock, 1a bow ready for exenrtiona of aay kind. The owners Rata spared| pains BAr expeaia to makathia one of tbA gayAlt t?ra ABtA in thA city. This iuja will AAot twAlTA persons; and parties going to CoDAy Island, .Shsep's Head Boy, Flushing, High Bridge, or Any place Of TAAOTt, Will pl?AA? glTA BA A cell, At the Stable Of thA AbOTA, WllOlO it can bA AAAB And SBgaged At A rAAAOOAblA ebArgA. FOOT k CO., 270 Etil UaTenth street. TO CHARTER FOR 1XCUR.SI0N8?THE SAFE AND oommodtous donbiA engine itoAAAtr MA93ACH0 ohTfB E R. HABkr.eoaiKADdAr.AAB bA chartered for excursions. She 1a the largest aba most elegant aIaacoat ofiered, baring a dancing aalcon 112 fact long. Apply en board, foot of King street, N R., or to L. H. GROVER, 108 Broadway, up stairs. Excursion to the fishing banks.?thi ?learner GOLDEN OATI, Cart. Aaderson, formerly AAptAin ol the itiian Laan Knapp, will nak< a trip seery day in the weak, Baadaja axcaptad. 1 earing Amos atraat at 7 a'eloak, Spring atraat At TV Pack alia At A Eraaaaa atraat atHJa, ab? piar 9, N. B., At ii a'alack. A aatUlaa basd will be ?a board. mM)R FISHING BANKS.?THR SKA BTKAXRB MBR F CURF, Captain Kiakard Tataa, will laATa far tka tab tag knnka trm day, loathing at Fort Hamilton aaah way, horn ?ho following place*, wit:?Jaakaoa atraat, I o'clock A. M.; Dclnneoy atiaat.SU A. II ; Catharina Market, 7 A. M.; Faak slip 71a A RL; Spring atraat. North ri<w 8 A. X.: Piar Na 4, North rtwar, ??A. X. Fiahiag taokie And knit foraiahad at haAtd. TO CHARTER FOB EXCURSIONS?THE ELEGANT and caaiBodiatiBAW Aral tlaaa cleanser THOMAS S HA1GHT, with or withoat bargee. Apply aa hoard, foot of North Xaara atraat, or of ALEX. X. C. SMITH, KB Kail atraat. batwata Warth Xaara and Baaak streets. FURNITURE. EOURTEENTH STREET BAZAAR, NEAR THil ACA demy of Xusie ?Cbtap rant?A) way a on hand, new abo aaiond hand furniture, moilern and antique; painting*, maroio, Ma cult and other statuary, atlrer ailrer placed and other ware, objects of art, curiosities, lamps, broxres, fancy Articlea, pianos, jAwalry, books and book csies, opera glasses for sals or hlra; furnitare, fan?, glasaoa, jewelry, &c , neatly repaired. Old silror plated ware iepUtcd. HEKTKTBT. "N0., WOMAN CAN BE D0LY WHO HAS FINE taath"?J. J. Koaaatn. Sara year aeoney! Tnoaa who bare loat their taath. and intend to rataady the aril by an artificial sat, w'll aara 60 par aant by pur cbaabag of DR. NAPOLEON PRETERM-: AG hit diatal work proraa to bo goad, bettor ^ao the beat, and in prUe, cheap? eheaper than the chlapeet 1 No. 431 Broadway. MEDICAL. Dr. KR. GERAU'i office, for the specific troaiaaant of pileo and diseases of the bowola in I en aral, 341 Fourth atraat corner af Broadway. OHoe boora 12,1, 0 and 8 P. M. Care warranted, cr treat ment not oommanoed. Money returned whan not satis fled, tour week* after. Iatsrmitteut farera cured la all ioataaoea without injuring the general health la the alighteet degree. Protection against future attacks by miaunal duaea. ER RALPH, AUTHOR OF THE ~ PRACTICAL PRt ?ata Treatise," Ac., office 643 Houston atraat. near atar, especially for the cure of aawaro anl long ataadiag rases. Hacra of consultation from 0 to 12 A. M., and 6 to fi 1'. M., .Sunlay axcaptad. SI HE CURE?DOCTOR WARD'S UNFORTUNATE'S Friend now la used before every other remedy. The only certain cure known. Do net be deoeired. It la tha only remedy that will aot disappoint. Qmito original? without mercury ar mineral po.aoas. Na one arer triad tba Usfartunate's Friend but expressed kia admiration af its effect?equally pleasant as salutary. Many arc cured by sac does. Office, Chnal street, oaa door oast of Broadway. Dr Powers' ladles' periodic pills, a sura remedy for in egularftlet in females. The genuine pre pared and sold by Dr. Ward, 60 Clanal street. If LARMONT, PARK AND LONDON PHYSICIAN All. and surgeon, sathor of tho Madiaal Ad Mr or and Marriage Guide, 346 pages, 76 eogroMuga. (mailed by him. sealed eleeeiy, to aay address for 01,) Is eenaMted at 42 Reads street, comer af Broadway, Rem 11 A.M. till 2, and 6 to 9 P. M., Sunday! excepted Thxea at a distance treated by mail and express. Wo Senear with ether ptpers to ru unamending l)r. L. and hie treatise. ?Dispatch, Courier da Etata Unls, Day Book, Staata Zal tang, National Democrat, to. DR. WARD'S UNFORTUNATE'S FRIEND, 01, wm abeok-Jaet what ahaaa wast wke hawe aeakinetad diseases, namely. a tare Ok eaea, and Bo delay and mate ao Knee. Of?o**et eere la the weMd by to Ward'* " Onto ante's Friend." AHteted take aetlee m ether remedial ana ante yea radleally. Slight eaaee eared to a fkw bo ant aethtag Are doaaX Na ? Canal ? treat, ana deer east J Breadway, X tha plaaa to get this rapid and theromgk remedy-nowhere else to New Fork. A eora warranto*!] Dr. Ward Faaieate aastaae far relief may rely an a rapid ears by Ms treatment, witheok taxing the system. Altera Men at diet et eteeattaa tram btelseer set repaired. aisras&tMSs Tnvumv, Aim m. """"" ??<? . ?>?* Tknrsdaj w.1* 28. ^TJSwm ^M^.rw MAeoiR/2Tw^ Lieut 'mm. ... Mr . Trance' i '?* ' "???* WatolM Dr. U-tw^J... *,. MoriU M& ifcTSd ^Si *'* H#*Md ' Dec&SC our iai'i'.' Ad* Prt** Caroline Morton u _ Meheteble. ?"? WIHUmo ba?? ? . ' **"***,' the baro'n^?*7 wm"? **"<* 0 ^ Mr. Bamer William. For41* ?<?*? KVKRY eyxntng. elnfiJferSi fcUi?^B Mtortr^. ??? rv-^.. DaR* DKED8, OR CRIMSON CRH4H8. Tiekele PTO' *1 oomim*mo*. 8 o'clock. All boito^'t^^'cMj by H.' Wood*. 26 "?*? PkRHAM'd ETHIOPIAN OPERA TROUPE, <W3 BROAD" 7?A great bilL to night, for tbe benefit of Pm. A K GILBERT. "onnopco oomnxness ?t 8 o'clock. Ticket*, 28 eenta. B0^^?^eatre,-8,>bc,ai' kotick.?ladto N. B?.in efficient wK'SSS I*"** 0LYJHPh *Z???J?Zl?iY-lL 'Ranooni UiMliNfK SUOCEJ.^?OVERFLOWING HOUSE! Engagement of the t-o celebrated German arttet* >h? -,n deuzer AND OOURAD, ' a tr*PM*' ^ ?? ? Beeond week of the celebrated female equestrian . , M'l.Lfc MARIE, ' URN IS. * ??Bde ***??' ??t,0ed MONd and MAD. ^..P^.'iTerrJeTtiQlng- Afternoon performancee?Mon *71 Wednesday ?n l Saturday. Boxes 25 cents- (U screed Bents, 60 cento; Pit. 12k con" ' ' **" LA8T NIGHT OF THE DRAWING ROOM KNTER tainmcnt, by Mr. J. B. Brown, tbs celebrated dr?. Sthhiet^m *?d ?*****' of elocution, tsia evening Mtb Inst Tingle ticket*, 50 cents: three ticket* at' ' ?,eto"' " we-kBTVSSSt Hi rpHEATRICAL N OTICE ?TH E BENEFIT OF MR ing aame nt the ban office. CHLS. YOUNG. ^JEGRO M1N8TRELS.?A GOOD VIOLINIST, AND ?peri?nc;^d0wUOhi^SJ^titJ^*toVT^w^ 0^KAte*-wm J5R"'"-CTa National theatre, boston.-ladibs and gentlemen, of ncknowledged talent, wishinr ?n gagementa for the next season, will plsam ?ddr!5s ? ssy.'sSiS!' WILLIAM FLEMING, lessee end Mnneger. fT>0 ETHIOPIAN PERFORMERS.?8ET GOOD ETHIO X P'siia wanted, to play on the 4th ef Jnlr After $W.S? ,T5" "*? aPP'7 rstween 2 end 4 o'clock en SSSTR.'fiKSJ.luue RIJBU,ra' ?"*?" ffRgrra?ti^ Je?A .gAJSSS A CURB FOR BARD TIMES. ~~ 0?aat Gist Dimntenoe ?tiraiin** >in!UuM slsee on Mh ef July REMEMBER TICKEtfi ARM ONLY $1 RACB ANR p_BV , admit fenrperseAj to riKRiai Ithicpuii Opira, 663 Bioin?iw ?Ws to be 41etrtbnte4 lee ' Splendid fnrm, worth I Ioaa of eeek 1 lOAA ot OASh 2'JK 1 IcAn of eeeb J>0* ?USSShSE?."i" iffl GO Gold wAtehoo, Ao? Ae. AW fiend All ordero for tlekete to JQ3IA1I PRRBAM. AdAms Honee. Boats*. BLit?o^MTbMA?fTVtUOU8TD8 LUCA-TB* at by bis brothers, end tbe eelobreted TaiSuHF &? Daring the eeeninc ki ?iu mh1?I tooaU??. Mita Alloa Bert i, And WnllAee'e Polk a 4e D Roeereod Ssais Hi costs 84 Mnslo stores tkreugbent tbe 011"? ** "?* "'?53 T?3CHlWnON AT THE CRYSTAL PALACE JULY 2. JlJ for tbe benefit of tbe 8izth Arsons HArnd ffis tcboel, wbieh bes been for tbo last roar nnder the ^lLgrn0irt^Mir7 A?u Do,r' ^ ??are an exhibit^ et its condition and progress in the Ckrstnl Palace on ?. V'mB* ^ efJoly next, in the afternoon. 'The :.Ch0#1 : e1 tnUT th' " '"O O'cloSIST^TO ;'TJ d?n?? tbet time there wUl be exhibit!^ br fcboluf, DQuo and addrataaa. Haror Wood td Nt? Yorkj Major Hally of Brooklvn* Rat Haoww we><i Btecfcor, !<??. E H. Charts John H wkL DsIL 1 the Palace, .?d ofbe^Q J?*?' ^?nopde will reed the report of tho^SS lkr??ipuo<1h.d., ^r JSUS"?^.*SAUI K^r" pointings, will be open to the exnmination of the rUit c^.v.;rMFrt4knd-R k HBDICAL. A NEW BOOK.?THE MARRIAGE GUIDE, OR FAMI LY. ly Medical and Pbytiological lot tractor, epeclaU* for the married or tbooo in trad log to marry. By Dr. f. Hollck, the author and lectaror. Hundredth edition, MO pa gee, color ad plate*. Price $1. Pnbliabed by T. W. STRONG, 08 Natsaa street, who will forward by mail free, oa receiving $1 and add real. From the Medi cal and Surgical Review.?The moat extraordinary bcek we ever read. one. One feature whieh particularly dieting uiahen thia book from all othera of the kind i? the peculiar tone of delloaoy and morality which per vadea It. Dr. swan has devoted ms strictest attkn tion for the laat 18 yeara to an offleo practioe, apd contlanea to be eonanlted dally by both aexea, at bia office, No. 1 Chatham equaro, in partnership with Dr. lake, where hla celebrated remedlea can be obtained. Reeent eaeee eared la a few days. Important to females.?dr. Dubois' office? Agency for the exolnalve treatment el all diroeeee incident to famalea, 88 Lenngtcn avenne, near Bast Twenty-aoventh atreet and Fourth avenue, Remedlea tor femalederangemeata from 81 to $6. Advioe gratia. Lonanltntioaa and letter* confidential. Mail letter* eon toing 86 aerved with advice and medicine* by return Sit. Relief gnaranteed in nil caeca. Pereona from a itanee provided wiih eligible beard, aaralag and at BIOORD'8 PRACTICE-NOTICE Of REMOVAL.?THE nnderaigned, formerly a pupil with the great fU eorc, of Paria, and with the oeiobrated anrgaana of thu ally, Dra. Chxnoeban aad Molt, inform* too public that bo baa removed and permanently ootabl ibod hie emt io 1 ting and dlepenaing rooma at No. 618 Broadway, for tho euro of dlaaaaoa. He tender* to ail afflicted peaitlve aaturnnec of relief, end tboee who have been obneed by " specific*." antidotee, little booke. " no mercury,"aad like effaeione of the numerone medical eharlatan* of tho day, may rely on having then eaeee treated effectually, no matter how eomp'ioetcd they may appear. Hi* ex teneed obeervatiooa la the famoua Hoepitnl du Will, la Pari*, under Rioonl btmaelf, together with the meny new end efficient remedies or thi* eminent earguon, render failure ixnpoeel nle It amy he mentioned, for the iafermatiea of patient* rerlding in the country or die tent elUee, that they eon at any time eocault the anb aorlber by letter, g vlag a plain etatement of their cane, when the neceeiary medicine* adapted to it will be pre pared and lent to them Reeent eaeee cured without any delay. Charges quit* moderate, aad the meet can die Information given in every inataoea Hie treatment of coniamptloB, aeiotnla and nervona dlaaaee, ia baaed entirely on tho modern and Improved oeieeeo of medi elne, aad naa been enuntutly eneaeaefnl. Consul moona en Franaaie. Office bonre from 8 to 8 end faom 8 to 9. 0. D. HAMMOND, M. D , Surgeon, Anthor of Medical Information for the Million, hi., ho , No. 618 Broadway, opposite St. Nicholas Hotel. Dr. bohbbr. no. a Division strmmt. mrw you, ?O teas an* ravorafcly iuowo to kbo puklla, amy be earn ?alied at Ma aid aatablwaod effiaa, wbaro bo baa mm Meed iaaaa kraueh af medicine tar kha laat M yaara aaf mad* mere aarae thai say piker maa la the ally, la mauy la ttataa* af p*r?aa*a*aeldarad incurable, aama af whiaa h* kae oerwledna ?# refer t* aa korekofere. charae* moderate, end l? all <mm a aee* guaranteed. CaaMea.? Mr graui ea rned*. Buster'* red dree, thai aaraa eariela dliieeia with out dyitag it* pale en iu the bleed. *au ?mly be had u* kbave. Ptie* 11. Cell and gat ike Boniter ef Health. Acadbkt or mi sc. ITALIAN OPBRA. last NHUtr or rue la g*an4??_ TROUPE, AND AND Of THE SEASON. ON>BIDAr EVENING, J ONE 36, f ?knMourt't ?Mkrit'M, th- iim4eymO DON JUaN, will A* firm, fa* th* LAST TOOL MmIm) win HQWtrt by Mwlaw ANNA DC LA GRANGE, MMdiM) ROSA DEVKIta tad BilDENElRG, 8 ??:r RATFAXLLE MIRaIK. MOKBOJ, ROVERS, OAS *; ONI umI GIUL10. Seaenta Both, aoletod by Morn. (Ai**m, vil Ga'Ce Minuet IB to* a ret oct Ihileil Director uil t tMset r ?*. Jh-d!t New scenery, by *fMB Atar Santa bit bi Mcutd tt BbII t "sb'ij Broadway; Van Nmmd 4 Kiag'e, and a' iki Aeadianti cf Mists. Price# ef Admieeion ?ParquetU, Parquet OnM MS Firet Cirele. 91, Secured, II tO; Family Circle, 90 Mate; Amphitheatre, 26 cee'.a. Doers open at 7 J* o'clock; the Opera mbbmm at I. BURTON'S, CHAMBERS STREET.-DREB and Parquet, tt* "*ata; Family Oirele, 36 eente, Or tldtnCkabi, II 1 Tirana Bote*. 94eaeh. Dmi *)ta at 7,4#: begin at 8 o'elooe. Thursday. Job# 31. RAO FIChhR or PaRIS I NEW FORK AS IT IS. Jean Mr. Lv'y | Mote Mr. Cbmfcae Pierre .....Mr. De Wtlden | Joe Mirimau Marie..... Mia Frost |lOi*e Mi WALLACE *P TUP A IRK. GERMAN OPERA. ON SATURDAY EVENING. JIN'S 36. Bill be performed, lor tlw firet tunc here, inhere grant opera, in Ave act*, tit MASANIELLO. Principal character* ay Mead am* ? LLUMAN. 1.1 fcOKR. Me-are. QUINT, VJNRE, FlL'l.LLR, he. Conductor Mr. Rebert Htepai Doom span at 7; |tr:wnuc? te aomaatnee at 9 F. M. Price ef adaausioa:?Private Bote*, 96, Or theatre Stalls, 91; Parqset and Dre?e Circle, bO seats' Hesend Tier, Si otBte. No extra cu.rge for reserved eeata. which may be eecured at the boa office any day, from * A. M. to 4 P M. Baethovan'e grand opera of FIDRLIO lain active >e haaraal. Bowery theatre?the. grand, magnihqmn t apeetacle, catttieii THE KNCUANTID TEMPLE; On, run hrxcrna or nu Nits, will be prerentee in a ?t> le of MAGNIFICENCE AND SPLENDOR, wbieb moat be s?*u to i>e rea'ixed THE SCKM.kY IS ENTIRELY NEW, and, in addition to whioc. A PANORAMA OF rHE NILS ha* been painted, ,ie?epv-iag a apace of iif.ooi' sgLake Ktsr or canvass, and introdaeiDe in it* p*?-nge IFFklT- M'nLIME aND BEAUTIFUL. The piece produced *o<l pl.swi upon the stage by Kom.itc juNM. TUESDAY AND RhDNEdlJA Y EVENINGS, will be presented the greed drsmetn epe.taele ?Mtlcd 1UK K MU1 A M r. Il r E M P L f ; On, run m>kctbb or rn Nils. For character* aw bdls t the day. ACT I. Egyptian Len<i?t-*i>? ?oo Garden?By Colbert. The tit, of th* Deal?By Colbert. Mystic Opan.og of the Tom >, In trior of th* Enchanted Temple, Grand i roc'SMuu oi the Pries la, Banner*, Trophiea aoaSymbola of their My ate : oua trrcer Magic and S.arthag App*uran* of the So rearer. Maltaict.on an 1 Garae. Slight ol tne Magic 0 .a r. The Enchaote?: ':*n>ole Sinks into the Earth. The * hoi* Aoeoe DUappears, showing a Bird'a View of tha liluo>in*tedO)ty in the Diatance, producing an etlect at once WOMDMKrUL AND UKA5D. ACT II. Cottage Among th? Ahyaa'nian Treea. VIEW on tue NILE. GRAND MOVING PaNOIUMA, Midday, Lraa n;, .-nisei Night, end Sunrise. GKAND S&LLET, by Monsieur SCHMIDT, U?He THERESE, and the Gary a t!e Mallet. Grape Viae Bower a no Fair of Artinoe?By Theme. The Ambuecane tiborua of Murandera. Com ha; of Six. Terrtde A^p*arance o( tho Spectre. TablenU or ?x>nsternarion i ACT iu. Interior of an Egyptian Teat. The tiorcarvas Beara off Alalho. Paaa in the Black Moantaina. The rpbmx Head?By Colbert, RUINED AQUEDUCT AND MOUNTAIN TORRESf, Occupying the Full Extent uf the Stage. Arrival of tho Sorcerer and hie Satellites. Tae PenoeeC Chalice. The Eiementa War Againat Vise. Deatrnctten of the Aqueduct by an Earthquake. Hills?hocks - Massive Columns, All Crumble to Pieoes 1 A TORRENT OK REM. WACKR 1NUNDATM9 T8S STAGE ! TERRIBLE FATE OF THE SORCERER AND HIS FRIM3T3, And Seal TRIUMPH OVER VTCfi AND CRIME I WALLACE'S THEaTBE ?FRENCH VAUDEVILLE night?Donne* 1* Jeuri 39 Jum, IRti. Dimeteur, M. Anthony. ?LA DaMk aUX TROI4 MARK, vande tIUc en nn acte LE BONNET D'AhE, aceae eoaeiqua jam's par M Mg.rd. LA FILI.E DE DOMINIQUE, comcd.e vanrtvili* ?n un acte. LA FAMINE DE PAill'S, tir* a de la H?nriad* de Voltaire rreitee par M. An than y. I.E LA1T D'ANEsdE, e*m< Ala raudaTiUe en an neve. Lie bureaux oamroot u 7 neurea, on 11 inmaaaaaa a b. Btuaaux tie location le Jtuot, de V heurea a 4. JOHN K. SMITH'S GRAND TOUR OP ICROrB . ANO 81SOR OF aSUASTOPOL, Ar Caiaaii iMsantv Boons, tn Beosnwar, abowing on. h"NDu.u viawi, fort; fact wide. #f thr priaetpa* CITIES AND OBJECTS OP INTEREST FN RCROPR. Every evening, at 8 e'eloek; and every Satwrda* after noon, at E Tha mnno by Mr. Alwya FleiJ, of I ladiia Admiaaien .eg mm MEDICAL. Doctor J rrviprcR. hydropathic ahb ?e tanica1 dootnr tllN 217 lui S?;iil?nU itaM, ?urea iXimt'lra, elarrt.wa, and diecaa* af lot| Haw 4 III, aad all anting tram aa impart atata af Ik* Maad. Aha. Mi ointmi* I It bnrn* aad aea'df. Oflee lam from 7 ta 9 a'eloak, A M and frem 1 *a J o'alack, P.A;maki, fmm ?to l> THX ORkATKdT MDlC'AL D1SC0TBBY OP TU age ? MR. KONMir, nl Rnxburv. baa dlwiWWill eaa at *nr com man paitnrt ? aa?a a remedy Ikal nam *>aj kiad af baa>< r, from Ika want tearful* dewa *a a aaaamaa Ilia baa tned It la orar 1.1M> aaaaa, aad nertr Mad, eaeapt ? twoeaaes?both toowder humor Ha baa now la Hi a** ?oarion orar two baadrait oartiflaataa of Ita rbrtaa, a> Vllkda twenty mil** af Bolton Two battlaa are watrantad t* ear* a aaraiag aara maath. Oa* ta thjae battlaa will aar* tha worat kiad r*f*Tlglir aa tbraa battle, will oar* the mtam it I Two botMe* are warraatad ta *nr* th* worat i moat h or itomaeh Three to Deo bottlaa are warraatad ta aire tha t of arpiipela*. Oa* to two bottlaa are ?.nested to aar* all kamaa ta th* "ft. bottlaa ira warrai tad to oar* running af tb* *p*e md blotcba* amoaa the batr. Bear t* tlx battle* are warraatad ta aara eorrmpt Md raa aiag alaar* Oa* bottl* will owre aoaly eruption at tb* akht. Two to three battlaa are warraatad to rare th* warn* aaaa af riagworm Two to three bottlaa are warraatad ta aar* th* mart daa yerata eaa* of rbenmati>m. Thro* to four bottlaa are warranted ta am* th* aaM 'Virata eight battle* wll: aar* to* worat eaa* af aaaadrta. A kanadt ta alwaye a.partanaed from th* trot batUa, aad a perfaat our* ia warraatad wbaa th* ahar* ftaatiq M % Reader, I yaddiad arar a thoaaaad bottlaa af thde ha th* Tiatmtr af button I know th# aSaata af It tat a* So aar* aa water will tiUacmah da*. *o aar* wBl him**. 1 aarar .ad a bottle of it bat that eold am. tar a trial it *!***? .peak* far leaalf. Thar* an twa aroat tola herb that appear to ma rurprtdng?dart gram* la aar aaatata*. m a#ma plaeaa quit* ataart pat Ha rale# bo# aarar baaa kaawa natll 1 urnn " - -*??id nt all kladacf On mar ia .addee ri?# aad great gam ita, that la April lftWL 1 Sail at P*r day. In Aprs, Bid, pa* day of It. If# rtmgi m? fii tea gat, aad aateg 1846: eaooad, that it ehowld #*'# all blade of dar t* ale# tome idea >t th* red da a rle* aad - of tha Siaaorarj I will atata, "" 1 ? aad tall aba*' .!? botf ? arar a tbanaaad tat lie . arer aaaaatary i aat tb* beat ? _ IHiaatiaaa far a**? Ada Ita, aa* table .poonfal draa arar paara, deeear* apaaafnl ; ehUdraa eight rear*, tea apooatal. Aa ae diraaHaa* ?able t* all eoattltatloa* tab* enfleiant to ~ bowel* twiaa a dap. Br Beawadr glra* aaaa la had aaaa* #f tarofala Banafbe Beamed? Na. i? Warn*, (treat, Boxbnrp, Wboletale agar t* for New Vark?Cham u Broadway; C T. CUokaaar, >?. 81 Reralap D. Send*, l*o 141 Paltoa itraat; Barah A Ortanwiati vtraat: Shofflia A Brat A 0*.. 170' Bard A Peal, Chamber# (treat yjp. 0. W( Praabliw e'raot: M'Raana. Robbia* A Ca, ParPwwd ?#?*? A R|ee*? ??na* atraat; laMa* lata aad retailed hr allraaan FX MARRIBD WOBAW'S PBIVATB VBB1CA \ ?v if. paaiea. Bp Dr. A. B. Baortaaam, Prafamae af t aaaa* of Warn** Oa# honoredih adHiaa (MBdOLV, irmr.. pp. ISO. ba da* paper, extra binding. $1. Irary woman aaa her* dleaoror, br enmpaekag her ten ?rmptam* with tbof* dwaarlhad. th* aatwra, ahrnmei" wxd aa**#. af bar anmplaiat, and ba aparad mwah aaafaap and ?ulfbiiag. Tb* wife ahowt baonmlag * mother ba* eftee i.e..4 t from obrtrwatiam* or IrragolarlH*??*?? * ??'**?, or from aroia wa# atari (faUhm af cm nor a'bwe will eart dad la Hr page* th* af laarraattna aad adrle* la raapeat k* hoc Bkaadaa, whteh at* will bar* dnd tbo*a inO.rlng liar to th* law alt tha w#mb), or fK L?? . aeaai at pr#*#ntl?w, amaliort I'.a aad iwm Bxtraet of a 'after ? i* ? Dr A B Mnnrlewww D.rron _. Br Dear Sir-Bp wl'a ba* ???? M**ebtlMr torn* three paara or mo##, la aoaaoqaaao* af gi_^ _ tad in Bar lag aomta a""' ??*?? ifffw mMNlv(i 0m1 M#fo dibihliiil Iftl in&ltMlliMli" im diifir, Ml w%Ub waa oa tb* laU o^w-fom Awwpatrmrt af. Irarpaaad that thr# >e* tr errtabta. aad raaigaad it; .. 't eaawad a praaraat ta mawhdrtlBktl* Maeairwd wi* paMibl* Bat far thia. are amattmr pear rroald bar* paaaad orar at head, la alt hman prtbakl'llj i*. wife would bar* baaa la bar grar* aad mp ehi)draa loft "fa/Mi* by 8TRIVOBB A TOWH81HD. It*. artBhwwd way; Sherman A Ca . Aatar Baa**, Ha 1 Vtaar etaaadt 1>? wltt A Dar*a*or? (Triha*# Raildiagataad *t?he Pablka' t Othne, Da. 120 Litertr atraat. BawTork; J?*apb #e*l?.. BabUa; alee T. B Pa aeaoa. ?* 1(1 rhaeant rtraat P'- ? atlnbta Oa th* roaaipt of |l, a aapy will bo traaamtafad < p mail, ft** o(, (a aap pari af aha United Btala*. ?? latter* maet ba addeamad, aaa* paid, ta Dr. A B. Bowrleaa.., ndlaa 1* Idbartp atraat. Maw Tark, *r baa Jfrnl^Ud feir Talk Teat Oflkoa.