Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1855 Page 5
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DiKmrmtjrrM-urg* Otoe tvHO colored sad la a oioa aaaa, twiee th? else ethers take a?HL aad equal Is qas iy aad iU? la tboaa mada tata tar ?. ANSON, 8? uroadway, oppauta Beiro BoUL Althti' Club, ComiMMcd of Kpanlth, Orrman, Birh, luglith, French, Italian, and Ameriaan picture makers, photographer!. daguerreo typists, Ac. Immense bubal, taking photographs for SI, and daguerreotypes tor 25 and 50 cents. 250 Broadway. Illustrated London dews?Permanent Kn ot of tho Illustrated London News to two j ah sots, containing ninety-six columns. In conse wssaoo of tho ropaal of tha nawapapor sUsop In Eng sand, tho proprietors of tlia Illustrated London News an ?oonca that the sua of that papor wiM bo doablad, aad arfli consist in futoro of two wnolo shoots, or ninety-aix columns every wsok. As tho removal of tho stamp will prevent tho paper passing through tho Mnglish 1'ost aAoe, additional charges will haw# to bo paid by the im paste ra and tho trade In consequence of this, the ua Aoraigned agents for the Qlnatrated London News tor tho UuHed States, have to giro notice that from tho first of Jnly the subscription prioo of the paper in America, iu otading all extra supplements, Urge engravings, lie., wB bo twelve dollars par annum, or six dollars per half year. WILLMKR fc ROGERS, Foreign newspaper office, 41 Massaa street, corner of Liberty street. Ihsksi. How ace Waters, 333 Bswtway, has fibs sob egencyfor the sals of T. Gllbsrt A Co.'s, Haliott b Cwmston's, Wood warn k Brown's, and Jacob Chioksr tog*s Boston pianos; and his is tho only honse where can bo obtainad the eelebratad modern improved Horace Wa beea' pianos, with overwtringa. Prices issa than can bo lad ouowhsro, and which defy competition. Pianos to sent, and rent allowed en purchase. Pianos for sale on aasutbly payments. Bow HUstc.?? Triumphed Polka." ? Oocsar Mnwtint, 50 cents.?The theme original and Blessing, Ms arrangement brilliant, bat not difficult. "Swinging Ms1 '?Thomas Baker; illustrated with a beautiful Misted vignette title, 36 cents. "Geraldlne Bchottlseh" ?Baker, 36 cents. Three excellent productions for piano ysaetiea. HORACE WATERS, Publisher, 333 Broadway. Ibe Way to Keep Cool?IfYom will Call on ALFRED MUNROE k CO., No. 441 Broadway, they will exhibit an extensive assortment of men's, boys' and sfesldren's clothing, elegantly made up. Also a large and wall selected stock of furnishing goods, suitable fiat the season. Mourning Goods,?We are now Selling Rlcb ? silks, grenadines, bareges, bombazines, alpaocas, s, delaines, ginghams, Canton crapes, and every article necessary for those wearing mourning, at n redaction of 26 per sent. Wo will open this day 1 case But printed lawns, warranted fast colors, aiM par yard. E. H. LEADBEATER k CO, 847 BWoadway. Zephyr Caseins ere Suits, 910.?Theee Really haautlful suits are mannfaetured from a now descrip tion of woollen goods, of rich, delicate shades. About i hundred of them are sold daily at EVANS' clothing " suse, CO and 6B Fulton street. Zephyr Matlno, Lisle Thread, Cotton sad sUk under garments, for summer woar, In groat va rlwty, at MCLAUGHLIN'S shirt factory and men's fur nish hog store, 232 Greenwich street, coiner of Cham bora. Shirts made to order. Rend and bo Instructed?June Salts, 93. Cboek;martslUes suits, $8 60; zejpbyT oassimere suite# 10; brown linen coats, $1; marseilles vests, $1; duck odhte, $3 60, at EVANS* clothing warehouse, 60 and 68 Ful ton street. Jsmci Little dc Co., Merohant Tailors, 412 Broadway, where you will find the best assortment of sosdy made clothing in the city. He is now closing out bis summer stock at a great reduction. City Ladles and Ladles Visiting the City can find at J. B. MILLER k DO. >S, ladies' gaiter hoots, 12s. to 20s.; first quality slippers, ties and buskins, 8a. te 10#.; second quality, nemo stylos, 6s. and 7s. par pair: nrith boys', misses' and children'a boots and shoes of all kinds and prions. J. B. MILLER k CO., 134 Canal st. Banger's Sowing Machines.?It Is a Fact bnswn to thousands that one of tho groat ?uthi?g bsosss in New Vork Is making extensive sales of sum nmr soats aad vests, made in a style of perfect excellence never approached before. These eoats and vasts are made throughout, except button boles, by Ringer's sow big machines. It la not strange that tho firm referred la should have a rush of business aad obtain bettor prices than any of tbeir competitors. They have taken Me right means, by employing exclusively Blager's ma chines. These machines have just been greatly Im proved, to as to run without noise and with very little snsxtion of the operator. All other machines are liable bo salts for infringements of valid patents. Singer's Only can be bought with safety. L M. SINGER k CO., 323 Broadway. Defiance Salamander SsufMh?Robert M. Pat R1CK it the sele manufacturer in the United States of the above celebrated safes, aad patent pewder-proof defiance Bobs aad cross bars. Depot 192 Pearl street, ens door below Maiden tons. _ We Would Recommend Prudent House keepers to go to tho large tea and sugar a to re of ALBRO A CO., No. 106 Bowery, aad save twenty cents on the dollar, in the purchasing of butter, teas, coffee, sugars, in pes led liquors, fruits, Ac , of the best Quality. Also ni tho store 88 Division street, corner of Eldridge. Cognac OAs, Fhotognphle Chemicals, Dw> gasman apparatus, As.?German grata, Frenoh white, and j allow cognac oils; peppermint, wlntorgreon, juni per. clove aad caraway oils; essences; Jamaica aad St. Cbwix rnwir ?PP'e> poach and cherry brandy; gin and M photographic chemicals and apparatus; ?pass; bromides; pyrogalic and acetic adds; M silver preparations ; suite percha baths. , fox sale by DR. L. FEUCHT iff ANGER, 98 i. N. B.?Warburg's tincture for cholera and ke Baldenlana. N. B.-Warburg diarrhoea, 92 par bottle. ladn Water and Cream Syrups, made from fresh cream?Something now and superior to ordinary syrups.?Ladies and gentlemen an invited to call ana try It, at RUSHTON'8 only, at 417 Broadway, corner of Oaaal street, and at 10 As tor House, corner of Barclay street. Durao'i Invaluable Catarrh Snuff la now to sale in New York city, by Here man, dark & Co.. 166 Broadway; Jo. J. Coddington, 716 Broadway; C. Adam sea, 698 Broadway; L. Leroy, 771 Broadway; H. Trim amr, 29 Whitehall street; Delloe & Co., 636 Broadway; John Meakim, 497 Broadway; C. J. Cook, 41 Canal ?treat; 8. K. Smith, 42 Greenwich street; T. H. Wag ataff, 288 Greenwich etreet; C. Smith, 377 Greenwich ?treat. Boxes, with name and trade mark in full on eaeh. Price 28 centa. At wholesale bygStephen Paul A Co., 149 Chambers street. Whiskers that time's snow is sprinkling Can bo darkened in a twinkling? By a Single Application of Crutadoro'a Ex sa brier hair dye, which ooatalne no caustic, does not ?into ths skin, U inodorous, and Imparts a matchless husk or brown. Manufactured and applied at No. 6 After House. Batrbelor'e Hair Dye, Wigs and Toupees.? The best in the world. Nino priests rooms for applying his unrivalled dye. Beware of imitations; tbey result to ridicule. The largest stock of wigs and to a pees in America, wholesale and retail, at BATCHELORr8, 283 Broadway. Jait Opened, Hill's Branch Ilalr Dyeing, enttias, ear ling and shampooing parlors, ae No. 1 Barclay street, fl' ted ep la a neat, comfortable and practical etyle. Shaving at thie or Utoold etand, No. 48 Nasesn etreet, six Wilkin Amlelet?Prepared by Dr. S. M. Hlioti's prescription, presented to mo, will restore, preserve and cleanie the hair. Price 37)4 centa per bottle. M. WILKIN, 44 Maiden lane. Wight and Morning. At night, "magnetic powder" flew around; At morn, dead fleas and bed bugs strew'A the ground! At night, K. Lyon's pill was next applied; At morn, piles of doad vermin were descried ! the depot of these world-renowned articles is at 424 Headway. Ae a guard agaimet swindlers, a facsimile of E. LYON'S autograph and prize medals art on all genu ine articles. Hnlluway's Pills and Ointment.?These Va luable medicines aobng, as thsy do, upon tbo main springs of lift, restore health and energy to the system, when failing, to a manner superior to any medicine ever a Slide known. Hold at the manufactories, 80 Maiden , New York, and 244 Strand, London, and by all druggists, at 26 Mate, 82)4 osnts, aad 21 per pot or box. Vow Liquor Low?Grocers and Druggists WOUTX'H MCH1SDAM A SOMATIC SCHNAPPS. A medicinal diet drink manufactured solely by the proprietor, at hie distillery at Schiedam, la Houaaa, ex pressly for sisdicinat purposes. H is the pure tincture of juniper, distilled from the host barley that can be selected in Europe at aay eost. It is flavored aad medi cated, not by the oommon harsh berry, but by the choice botanical variety of the aromatic Italian juni per horry, whoso more vinous extract is distilled aad rectified with tte spirituous solvent, and thus tt beoomos * ?OBWBtritid tincture of ?zquitit# flavor and aroma, altogether transosndaat In its cordial and medicinal pro perties to an aloohollo stimulant now in use in the world. It hue been submitted to nearly all the drat ehe miata and physicians in the United States, who endorse tt over their own signature* as on* of ths great essen tials of the materia medics. It is now prescribed with great success la gravel, gout, rheumatism, obstructions of bladder aad kidneys, and for dyspepsia it has no su. ptvior. Grocers and druggists can continue to ana the schnapps under the new liquor law, according to the opinions of the lion. R. J. Dillon, Oonnsol to the Oorpo ratioa; A. Ookey Hall, District Attorney, N. Y.; J. w. Gerard, Esq., Judge Beardsley, and Dan. Lord, Esq. Mayer Wood, oTNow York, ia his proolamatioa to the poke, June 20, eoeflrma their optaiona. Pal np In quart aad pint bottles, enveloped in yellow paper, with my name on th# kittle, cork aad label, and far sale by all the respectable druggists in th* United State#. UDOLPHO WOLPE, 18, 20 and 22 Beaver street, N. Y.; 26 South Front street, Philadelphia. Beware of counterfeits, as the whole country is flood ad with them. Hill's Improved Instantsrirons Hair Djre? the cheapest end beet ia nee for a jot black or bountiful brown. Does not rub off or change eolor; gives entire sasiitfaction or th* money returned. Sold or appUod privately at No. 1 Barclay street or 46 Naeaeu street Trasses, Shoulder Braees, Ladles' Belts and support*rs, Instruments for bow logs, elub feet, and all deform Hie* of the body, on hand and mad* to order by Dr. GLOVER, at the Surgeons^ Bandage Institate, No, 4 Auction Sal* of Cb*tc? Old Wlmcu, Bran dies, As., Ac., of a high order.?ALBERT H. NICOLA* will sell, ihia day (Friday). Jans 29, at 11 o'clock, at hit ralesroome 11 Bio Ad utrttt, a* ext? naive variety of su perb brandies, wines, Ac., including soma which art thirteen yeaie old, baring boon imported tor tie Irving Homo, and used upon the to tits of that oala hratod bout# caily; also, man7 othors wbioh arc in bond, and will bo sold without reserve A portion of them art the balance if the Stock of one of oar first importing bouioo, and are to bo told in consequence of the party's doclioing business. This aalo offers unusual induce ments, and wo recommend all parttea that are desiroua of purchasing duo liquors to attend the sale, as every article ialwarranted as represented. For full(particulars we refer to the advertise meat of Mr. Nicolay, in another column. Boots and Shoes.?Executor's Sale, to Clone aa estate.?A rare lot of calf and patent leather boots, and different styles of patent leather shoes, will be sold mush below cost, for the month of Juno only, at No. 78 Naaaau street A Rati A Rati Dead for a Quarter 1?Mr. Chan. Partont?Dear Sir; It gives us great pleasure to testify to the great merits of your "Rat and Roach Ex terminator." For years had we battled with these filthy peats, and notwitbsiaoding we bad used every means within our power or knowledge, and kept persoas con etantly on guard against thorn; and although we bad slain thousands of the enemy, their reserved legions were sure to come in at the last hour and claim ths vic tory. But by the aid of you valuable "Exterminator" we have routed the enemy?horse, foot and dragoons. "We find no necessity for even our guard, aa there are not enough of the enemy left to try experiments upon. Msnnrrr A Lasoley, Proprietors of the Dey Street House, Not. M, 56 and 56 Dey stiost. Agents, C. V. CUCKENER A CO , 81 Barclay street. Tsue, Pimples, Frocfcles, 8 sue burn, Erup tions, saltrhsnm, Ao., positively cozed by GOURAUD'S Italian medicated soap; it is, moreover, the very best shoving compound over invented, and can he used In hud or salt water. Poudre subtil# uproots hair from low foreheads or any put of the body. Rouge, lilly white, hair dye, and restorative, at the old Spot, 67 Walker street, first store from Broadway. Graham's Ongucnt Cor Forcing the Beard to grow in six weeks, is 81 a bottle, or luge bottle con taining eight small ones. 86; sent to any part of the country. R. G. Graham, 586 Broadway; Zaiber, 44 South 3d street, Philadelphia; Brlgge, 37 State street, Albany. Real Estate Owners In Ague Districts can greatly increase the value of their property by intro dnoiDg the new "antidote to malaria" called "Rhodes' Fever and Ague Cure." This will ensure health to all tenants, and Us innocence is proved by Dr. Chilton's oertiflcats on each bottle. For sale by C. H. Ring, C. V. Clickener A Co., and dealers generally. J. A. RHODES, Providence, R I. Hair Dye, Wigs and Toupeem?Batchelor's celebrated factory for th*se articles ia 233 Broadway. Nine private rooms for the application of his unrivalled hair dye, wholesale and retail. Beware of Imitations. The largest sssortmsnt of wigs and toupsss in ths wsrld. Married. On Thursday, Juns 28, by ths Rev T. J. Sawyer, Ellis L. Pricx to J clia C., daughter of Stephen Smith. Esq., all of this city. r On Thusday evening, June 21, by the Rev. Ira Stew art, Mr. JaniD Coxites to Miss llaxnu Isabella Coburn. all of this city. California papers please codv. On Thursdayfj 001^28, by the Rev. JotA M. Krebs, Henry D. Moms to Harrirteb Adelaide, daughter of the late Gould Thorp. On Monday evening, Juno 26, by the Rev. James Mil lett, at his residence, No 171 East Seventeenth street, Mr. Robert S. Bradford, of Had ley, Mass., to Miss Sarah Jane Pin well, of this city. On Thursday, June 28, at No 61 Maodougal street, by the Rev. John Brash, George Diack to Miss Mart Orb, both of Scotland. On Monday, June 26, at St Ann's Church, Brooklyn, by the Rev. Dr. Cutler, Richard Swestxng, Esq., M. D., of Nassau, Now Providence, to Martha Seward, daugh ter of James Deane, Esq., M. D., of Chatteries, Cam bridgeshire, England. At Hudson, on Tuesday, Juns 26, by ths Rev. Win R. flrler, Joseph M. Gils ore, of Providence, R. I., to Miss Elizabeth Vincent, youngest daughter of Henry Drayton, Esq., of Hudson City, N. J. At Vandeusenville, Mass , on Wednesday, June 27, by the Rev. Mr. Greens, Richard St a pells, of New Yerk, to Miss Lizzis McLkand, of the former place. Died. Ob Wednesday, June 27, Mm Xht F. Hcrt, eldest daughter of the late Matthew Hunt. The friend* of the family are respectfully incited te attend the funeral, from her late reetdeaoe, No. 114 Chrjstie street, thli mora log, at nine o'clock, kui will be celebrated in St. Patrice'a Cathedral at ten o'clock. California and Washington Territory papers please copy. On Wednesday, June 27, Riounn Blackmar, aged 44 years. Hie relatives and friends, and all paper carriers, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, No. 243 West Forty-third street, this after noon, at one o'clock, without further invitation. On Tuesday, June 28, Catharirk Dibblk, wife of Wm. Dibble, deceased, aged 71 years, 8 months and 28 days. The friends and relatives of the family, and the mem bers of Washington Chapter No. 2. O. U. A., are respect fully invited to attend tee funeral, from the residence of her ton, Robert B. Dibble, No. 34 Goerck street, this morning, at 10 o'clock. Her remains will be interred in Cypress Kills Cemetery. On Wednesday, Jons 27, Jacob Lockjlar, eged 83 years, 11 months and 8 days. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his lato residence, No. M Barrow street, this afternoon, at two o'clock. Btaten Island papers please copy. Suddenly, on Thursday, June 28, Johr Fica, in the 62d year of h<* age. The relatives and friends are invited to attend the fu neral, this afternoon, at one o'closk, from his late resi dence, Fitty-fourth street, near Eighth avenae. On Tnureday morning, June 28, after a short but se veie illness, John Coonky, a native of the county West meath, Ireland, aged 41 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family, and those of his brothers-in-law, James Bruton and James Braoken, are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, this af ternoon, at two o'clock precisely, from his late reetdenoe, No. 218 Elisabeth street. On Ihuraday, June 28, of dropsy of the brain, Mart, only child of Nicholas and Elizabeth Martin, aged 1 year ana 10 month*. The(r*lative* and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at three o'clock, from the residence of her parents, No. 228 Mon ro* street, corner of Scammel street. On Wednesday, Jane 27. Gsonas Stewart, soa of George and Margeest Stewart, aged 2 year* and 8 months. The friends of'the family are respectfully iavited to at tend the funeral, this afterooon, at three o'elock, from hie father's residence, No. 378 Seventh avenue On Wednesday, June 27, of oongestion of the brain, Milks J. Murphy. aged 16 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family, and those of hi* uncles, Joseph and Lawrenoe O'Connor, are re spectfully invited to attead hie funeral, this afternoon, at two o'cloek, from the reaidenoe of his mother, No. 161 Eaat Thirty-sixth street. Dearest brother, tbou hast left us, Aad thy loss we deeply feel; But 'tie God who has bereft us? He oaa ail our sorrows heal. On Wednesday morning, June 27, after a short illness, Lrrrru M , widow of the lato A. W. Samson, and young est daughter of Mr. James D Bis sett. The friends of the family are invited ta attend the fu neral, from her late residence, No. 24 Beckett street, between Court end Smith streets, Brooklyn, tdis after noon, at three o'clock, without further invitation. On Thursday, June 28, after a short but severe lllncM, 8ofiih WiLLMiBi Johrbor, wile of Peter Johnson, aged 80 ytars. 2 month* and 16 days. Her friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from her late residence, No. 1 Summit street, corner of Commercial street, South Brook lyn, at ten o'clock this morning. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for interment. On Thursday, June 28, Janr J. Mairtain. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at three o'clock, from No. 227 North fcixth street, Williamsburg. At Fence, P. R.. en Friday, June 22, Mrs. Aura Had dock, wife of Captain Haddock, of Br. brig Meta, of Sun der land. English papers please copy. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAI. B., FROM R1PIJCY, WISHES TO KNOW THE , direction of B. G. Address Broadway, City Poet Ice. J'NFORMATION WANTED?RESPECTING T. C. McOOY, . who entered on hoard an American merchantman at oag Kong in 1848, having previously served in the Roy alist aad Samarang,British men-of-war. Any one who can give information respecting the above mentioned T. 0. Me* oy. is requested to oemmonieat* with Rev. Charise Hutchinson, West Dean Vicarage, Chichester, England. INFORMATION WANTED??F ELLEN MCCARTHY, from Bal lea willing, county Cork, Ireland, who land ed March, 1861, aad waa twelve months la New York with a comrade girl named Ellen Desmond, from Dunebtwglh. H?r sister, Catherine McCarthy, who landed last March, would feel extremely thankful to any good person to write to Nancy Kidney, otherwise Mrs. Griffin, No. 4 Cliff ?treat, New York, for Catharine McCarthy. iF MR. MORALES, A SPANISH TEACHER, WILL send hie address fto Carlos, Broadway Post Office, will obtain a pupil. "Y^OU MU8T MEET ME AT THE DEPOT AT EIGHT JL o'clock. Saturday morning, as you ptomiaed. 1 will tako no denial. Your own interests demand It im peratively. 0. Taken by mistake.?the gentleman who toek by mistake a black leather travelling beg from the Jersey City ferryboat on Wednesday night, wtrt?2T2toirt.#W* No- 7 LlMM'linn, Lectures on miiltary surgery, at tup mi i York Medical College, fast TWrtUVthT?* Dr. Ieidor Gluck, chief surgeon to the Hnniri. (Vihnoe) Hussars, and to various hospitals dnriu u late war la Hungary, will deliver the -utroduc,^ j. ture on Satnrday, Juno 30. at 12 o'eloek. Militia en goons, practitioners and students art respectfully l< sited to attead. 7 " warn u<t?OR ?UEmos. T A MEETING OF THE LIQUOR DEALERS' SO ciety, held at Odd Follows' Hail, on the 26th in btant. tba following prunblM and resolutions warn unanimously adopted ? Whereas, a daily i>ewnpaf M in deemed by this aoctety to bn indispensably naoeaaary to promote tbo success of tba liquor dtalera tn procuring tba repeal of the in famous Prohibitory l iquor law by the Legislature of thia State, and to protect their constitutional r ghts and property, and their character as a class from insult? and, Whereas, wo have the legal opinion of two eminent counsellors of law that a newspaper cannot be published byajelnt stock oompany without every stockholder being personally liable for debts and libels, and that the only practicable way in wblcli it can be established is to give the capital to some person or persona in whom we have confidence as a bona tide gift?and, Whereas, R. French, in whoeo integrity and capacity we have the utmost confidence, has agreed to invest twenty thousand dollars in the enterprise, provided the Liquor Dealers in this State will raise by subscription eighty thousand dollars more, to be given to him. making, with his donation, a capital of one hundred thousand dollars, which ia ushered to be only sufficient to establish a paper equal to any other published on this continent?and, Whereas, he bas farther agreed that, in the event of his death or his retirement from the paper from any cause whatever, the I.'quor Dealers' Society of this city shall bare the right to designate the psrty or partiee to whom the paper and establishment connected 1 hue with shall be transferred, for n price to be t peel led by ap praisers properly appointed for the purpossitenrefore, Resolved, That we, tba Liquor Dealers' Society of the City of new York, do earnestly recommend and entreat those engaged In the business to subecribo to the said capital of eighty thousand dollars, and that when the payment of the subscription shall be called for, it shall only be paid on receiving a receipt signed by the proper signature of R. French, or by giving a check drawn to bis order?therefore, Resolved, Tlipt the Central liquor Dealers' Convention b# instructed to use their beat endeavors to raise the said capital through their organisation, and by the aid of the Ward and Election District Committees. Whereas, the constitutionality of the Prohibitory Liquor law can be tested only by n violation of it?therefore, Resolved, That members of the Liquor Dealers' Soci ety be requested to continue their business as hsreto fors untUythwr are compelled to discontinue it by the decisions af tbOtdghest courts of the country. J. N. HAYWARO, President. N. R. BUNCK, Vice President. D. S. Paigs, Secretary. A PUBLIC MEETING OF THE LIQUOR DEALERS' iL Society of the First ward will be held at the Wash ington Headquarters en Friday, June 29, at 8 o'clock, P. M. The meeting will be addressed by the Hon. D. O'keafe, Hon. T. Monday, Hon. P. G. Moloney, A. May, Esq., and other gentlemen. J. BLACKBURNK, President. akthcr Botox, Secretary. J7HGHTH WARD LIQUOR DEALERS' ASSOCIATION Id will meet at 185 Spring street, on Friday evening, at oclock. A punctual attendance is expected. Eminent speakers will addieea the meeting. D. R Paigk, Secretary. C. H. RING, President. Liquor dealers' society.?members of the Liquor Dealers' Society are notified that the regular weekly meeting of this society will be held at Odd Fel lows' Hall, on Monday, July 2, at 4 o'clock P. M. J. N. HEY WARD, President. N. R. Bcxcx, Vice President. D. S. Paigi, Secretary. CLARET ! CLARET ! CLARET !?GOOD TABLE CLARET $2, 82 50, $8, Ac., per dozen. Bottles returned. De livered free from PIERSON'd, 18 Bleeeker street, one block from the Bowery. IMPORTED LIQUORS IN BOND?WINES, BRANDIES, gins, Ac.?For sale, from under Custom House lock, in the original packages, with certificates of importa tion, In halves. quarters and eighth pipes, for sale by L H. SIMPSON A SONS, 19 Beaver et mO DRUGGISTS, PERFUMERS, GROCERS AND BAR* X bers.?Just received by the bark EUen. from St. nomas, four puncheons of a superior quality of bay rum and bay water, which wilt be sold very reasonably, by the gallon, quart, or by tbe dozen bottles. Cell and try it, at ELI w. YONDER3MITH'd Bowery Drug Store, No. 158, Just above Brooms street. A M EXCELLENT QUALITY OF CLARET WINE AT A 82 per dozen, (bottles returned); various grades of olarot, wlnta. brandies, gin, tobnepps, London and Dublin porter, and Sootch alee, for sale at UNDKRHILL A MAT TERSON'B, tSO Broome street, on tbo corner of Crosby at. POLITIC AJw - rnHE THIRD ANNIVERSARY X of the YOUNG MENS' DEMOCRATIC UNION CLUB will be celebrated on Saturday evening, June 30th, at the METROPOLITAN THEATRE. Tickets, admitting a lady and gentleman, can be ob tained at Ring's drug store, Broadway and John street; H. B. L'odworth'e muslo store, 493 Broadway, or of the Committee. Balcony boxes and dress circle reserved for ladies, and gentlemen accompanying them. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Exersises to commence at 8. ?. WALLACE CONE, 1 Committee C. L. VAN ZANDT, V of L. F. HARRISON, J Arrangements. THUS gDMft Rid house, harlem.-this fashionable re sort 1* do v complew Is oil it* appointment* and tbo ealeo otabloi attached are eonatantly tilled with the flneet and foateat horaea to bo fonad. Persoas la want of boraoa oaa alwaya be anppllad at the Rod House. Tbo trotting track la in splendid order, aad trotting matchea occur every fine afternoon, Tbo fieoond avenue oara paaa the door every five minntea. UNION COURSE, L I.?TROTnNQ.?ON FRIDAY, July 0, at half past 3 o'clock P. 11., a match for $*,0C0, two mi lea and repeat, to wagona. W. Whalan name* gr. m. tontag; W. Peabody name* b. m. Flora Ttmple. SHAW & WHITE, Proprietor*. UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING ?PURSE OF $200, with stake of $50. Half forfait. MUa heats, beat tbiaa In five, in harneaa, to come off on the 4th day of Jnly. Free for all horiea except Highland Maid. Eddy, Flora Temple and Sontag. For those named borate a liberal porta will be given at any time. To cloae on Saturday evening, at 9 P. M.. at Faukland A Dnree'a, corner of Eaat Broadway and Catharine street. SHAW k WHITE, Proprietora. TO THR LOVERS AND BREEDERS OF FINE STOCK. ?The celebrated thorougbred stallion Wild Irishman Will stand for a limited number of maros tbo ensuing sea son, at tbe Rod House stables, at $B0 the season. All mo neys to bo paid before serving tbe mare. All accidents at tb* risk ef the owners WILLIAM A. BROWN, Proprietor. BBWABM. HRAA REWARD.?THE TRUSTEES OF THE fflOvv thodiet Episcopal cboroh In Seventh street, this city, offer a reward of $209, and they are authorised by the companies interested as insurers on their build legs, to add thereto the sum of $300, making in all $500. which will be paid for the discovery and conviction of tbe person or persons who burglariously entered their church building on Friday night last, and then wilfully ?et fire to the tame. JOHN RAYNOR, President of Board of Trustees. dfjl AA REWARD?LOOT. ON FRIDAY, JUNE 1$, KillUU a deposit book of Marin* Bank, N. Y.. be longing to Warren Harriot A Son, containing $411 in current bills, and check on Irving Bank, N. Y7, for $121 12, drawn by 8. B. Waller; also a check on Grocers' Benk, N. Y., for $48 50, drawn by John J. Northrop. Any on* returning the above deposit to Harriot's flour store, 124 Charlee street, will receive the above reward. i <&1 A REWARD ?A BLACK AND WHiTE NEW iD LU foundland dog lost yesterday; had a brass collar around his neck. Any one leaving him at the office of the Metropolitan Hotel will receive the above reward. REWARD?LOST, ON THURSDAY NOON, IN passing from Pine street through William, up falden lane to Trinity church, an all fashioned gold seal, with stone, attsched by a buckle to a ribbon fob chain. Any one leaving tbe same at 62 and 64 Pine street will receive the above reward. (JUfT REWARD?WILL BE GIVEN FOR A CANARY NpO bird that was lost on Sunday morning, from So. 1 State street. Apply to Mrs. WILSON. No. 1 State street dhF REWARD-LOST IN SIXTH AVENUE CARS, ON iJjU yesterday, a package containing worked muslin cogings; whoever brings them to 129 Sixth avenue, will reoeiv* the above inward. LOST AND FOUMD. ~ CAUnON?IXJ8T?THE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY cautioned against negotiating 26 coupon* of $30 each, issued by the State of Missouri, payable on the 1st of July, 1856, numbered as follows 38, 87 , 38 , 39, 49, *46,-147, 149, 60. 67, 86, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 807, 308, 309; 310, 407, 408, 409, 410, as the same have been lost or stolen from the mail, between Medi ae n and Janesville, Wisconsin. The finder will please return them to the Metropolitan Bank, tlOfl Broadway, New York. ' Found?in grand street, a pearl portmon naie, containing a small amount o( money and aom* papers, which the owner oan have by proving pro perty and paying charges, by calling on on H. KORNAH RENS, grocer, 272 Grand street, corner of Forsyth. YJIOUNIV?TWO PAWN TICKETS, WITH A SMALL J sum of money, in a portemonnale, in Broadway. The owner can have the same by applying to THOMAS, 80 Bread street, up stairs. OST.?TWENTY EIGHT DOLLARS, VIZ. FIVE

fives, on* two, and one one dollar bDl?supposed to have Men dropped in Sixth avenue, near Tenth street. Whoever will return twenty dollar* of It to 92 West Twenty-third street, will receive thanks. T OST?TWO NOTES OF ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS I t each, made by A. K.Warner, and payable to the order of S. IZreyfous. The public are cautioned against negotiating said note, payment having been stopped. I OST?A PAIR OF GOLD SPECTACLES, WHILE OO j ing through William street to Ferry. The finder will he handsomely rewarded by leaving them at 65 Chatham street. LOST-A CRIMSON AND YELLOW SILK PURSE, containing a small sum of money and locket en closing a daguerreotype of an absent friend A libera) reward, arid* I rem tb* money, will he paid on leaving it at No, 621 Broadway. L 4 A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL W19HKS A 8TTUA Uoo m ivn and plain tewer, or chambermaid and to bolp io wanking u4 ironing, oo objection to make herself useful in oil other departments. Coo bo seen ot 280 lit nvenue, with five years' oily reference, until engaged. A RESECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL W18UBS A B1TUA XjL tion io o respectable family oo norao ood mud stress, or to toocb children; eon embroider; no objection to mote bar self useful in oil other deportments, (on be seen ot 280 1st orsnus, with the boot of city reference, until engaged. YOUNG ENGLISH GIRL WAN IS A SITUATION AS nurse or chambermaid, with o family tiring at wme or in o hotel. Apply ot til Spring at, in the base ment ot the roar hones. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS 1V. plain ooox, washer and lroner, or to do the house work of a small private family; has no objection to'go o short distance in the country. Please call at her precent employer's, 26 Norfolk street, between Hester and Grand, lor teo days. ? MIDDLE-AGED RESPECTABLE WOMAN DESIRES a situation as chambermaid on board a steamboat; has been fourtesn ysars in the business. Plesse call at 99 West 26th st., corner of 3d or. A NEAT, COMPETENT YOUMG PERSON WISHES TO XJL obtain employment by going oat to do family sew ing by the day or week, or would do chamberwork and sewing; no objection to the country or to travel. Excel lest references Can be seen st her present place, 26 9th street. COOK, WASHER AND 1R0NKR WANTED?CALL at 26 Washington place, between tbe hoars of 9 and 1 o'clock. * PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 8ITU a tion to cook, wash and iron, or to do general housework in a small private family; best of referwoee given. Please apply at 108 West 20th at, in the latfloor. A LADY WHO IB GOING TO LEAVE THE CITY, A wishes to find situations for two sxoellsnt girls, sisters, one to cook, wash and iron, and the other to do chamberwork and waiting, or to assist in washing and ironing; no objection to go n abort distance in the ooua try. Can be seen every day this week, at their last place, 282 4th a venae, near 22n st. N EXPERIENCED LADY WANTED?TO ATTEND A fancy store in Hobokan and da fine needlework; an American, French or German boy, to attend mornings and evenings. Tboee speaking English and German preferred. Apply at 111 Broadway, room 88, or 147 Washington st., Hohoken. A YOUNG AMERICAN LADY IS DESIROUS OF OB A. taining a situation in a daguerrian gallery, lady's shoe store or fancy store. A note addressed to Floy, Jersey City Post Office, will meet with prompt attention. A N AMERICAN BOY. ABOUT 17 YEABB OLD, IS J\ wanted, to take charge of a carriage and horsee for a lady and gentleman travailing. Salary good. Ap ply between 2 and fi P. M., for two days, at the Waver ley Bouse, corner of Broadway and 4th st., room 31. One from the country preferred. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE XL young man, as teacher of drawing, in some classi cal seminary, or to go with a lady or geatleman in the oonntry, to give instruction in landscape painting. Ad dress J. C., Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE J\_ young woman, in n private family; is a good cook and exoellent washer and lroner, and can produce satis factory reference as to character and capability. Call for two daya at her preeent employer's, 161 W. 22d it. A SCOTCH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS 8KAM J\. stress or child's nurse; understands dressmaking; would be willing to assist with chamberwork; can give satisfactory reference. Can be seen for two days at Mr. Leonard's, 129 East 26th street. ? RESPECTABLE WOMAN WOULD THANK LADIES for dressmaking or children's work, to do ether own residence; she can cut and fit dresses on a superior plan, having bad much experience in London on the im proved method. Will oall, if required, on any lidy in the eity, after 8 in tbe evening, by addressing, Mrs. Spong,>26 Second avenue. A sewer wanted. A YOUNG FRENCH WOMAN, WHO SPEAKS X* English, wishes n situation as wet nurse, in an American family. Apply for two days, at 69 Warren St., from 1 to 2 o'clock, P. M. A YOUNG GIRL GOING TO CALIFORNIA, AND A paying bar own passage, would like to accompany a respectable family or lady goinw there; never isa sick; is willing to make herself as useful as possible. Please call at 021 Broadway, room 38. A COOK WANTED-ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS cooking in all its branches for a restaurant, and can come well recommended, sen apply at CuUen's res taurant, corner of Broadway and Ninth street. A YOUNG MAN IS ANXIOUS FOR AN EN gagement in some mercantile bouse as entry clerk, where, by industry and sobriety, he may gain a perma nent situation; writes a good hand and understands bookkeeping thoroughly. Refers to last employer. Ad drees a note to A. S. R., box 130 Herald office. Agents wanted?for every section of the country, to soli all Josdyn'e popular map shvets. These are the safest and cheapest pnblteationa that an agent can eell. Three splendid, entirely new, colored sheets, size 28 by 32 laches, just ready. Letters of Inquiry answered by return mall. Address A. H. JO CE1.YN, 60 Fulton street, N. Y. A WAITER WANTED?WHO IS WELL QUALIFIED xV to perform hie duties in every respect, and willing to go in the country. Oail at 890 Broadway, In the store. Agents wanted-a few energetic men wax receive liberal commissions on the orders they take for two mannfactured articles in universal demand. Apply te Hudson k Lawrence, 80 Spring st, basement, between 9 and 12 o'clock A. M. CLERK WANTED?TO TAKE CHARGE OF A NUMBER of snen in the country, who cm furnish his em |>loj?r on* thousand dollars, for which good security wul bo given and liberal salary paid. Address L. C. B , He rald office. RIG CLERK.?WANTED, A SINGLE MAN, TO conduct ? physician's drag end prescription store, In Peterson, N. J. Reference as to sobriety will be re quired. Inquire of Wheeler A Hart, 20 Beekman street. Drug clerk wanted?one speaking German, French and Italian, tully competent to prescribe and dispense, preferred. Also one (a German) partially acquainted with the bnsiness. Inquire at It Hudson street, in the drug store. RUG CLERK WANTED.?APPLY AT THE STORE 280 Fourth si, corner of Wooster. D ^\RUG CLERK WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, WHO ? / understands the city retail and prescription busi ness, in a small store kept by a physician, a few miles ontof town. Gcod reference required. Apply at 113 avenue B, between tbe hours of band 11 A. M., this day. F ARMING.?AN ENGLISHMAN, WHO HAS FARMED land in England for many years, wishes to engage to manag e a farm In either of the United States; high testimonials as to character. Address J. Y., box 188, Herald office. RJER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG man, 19 ysars of ago, who is willing to maks him self generally useful to lus employer. Please address J. S., Herald office. PORTER WANTED-ONE WELL QUALIFIED TO Dis charge the duties of such a situation and can come well recommended, can apply at the music store of Horace Waters, 338 Broadway. SAIF8MAN WANTED?IN A WHOLESALE TOY AND fancy goods establishment, a steady, smart and active salesman, (a German, of middle age, preferred.) Only such, who understand the business and can come well recommended, need apply. Salary liberal. Address box 4,029 Post Office, with real name and reference. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE PRO testant woman; Is a good cook, and an excellent washer and ironer; a small family preferred. Can he seen for two or three days, at her present situation, No. 269 6th avenue. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, AS light porter or assistant bookkeeper, In some re spectable store. Can give the best of city reference as to honesty and integrity; would he satisfied with a small salary. Apply in the store, 101 7th av. SITUATION WANTED?AS WET NUR3E, BY A healthy woman, with a fresh breest of milk, in a gentlemen's fsmily. No objection to travel. She is a Protestant. Good reference. Please call at 36 King street, rear building. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE AME rican widow lady, of middle age. as chambermaid end sesmstrese, or would he willing {> take charge of a small family. Has no objection to go a short distanoe in tbs country. Can give unexceptionable references. Can be seen for a few days at 79 Greeuwioh avenue. SITUATION WANTED.?A FIRST RaTE GERMAN girl wishes a situation with a lady going Into the country for a couple of months. May he seen for two days at her employer's, 162 East 18th ft. SITUATION WANTED?AS SEAMdTRb'-M, BY A Protestant young woman; ctn do all kinds of sew ing; can make children's dresies and boys'clothing. No objection to do chamberwork or the care of one or two children, if required. Call at 132 Ifith street, be tween 7th and 8th avenues. ' '' t QALKSMAN WANTED-IN THE XOTHING BUSINB-W; O one who thoroughly understand< tbe retail trade: best of reference required. Apply at Oak Hall, 84 k 86 Fulton street. TO FREEMASONS AND ODD FELLOWS.?WANTED, a member of either or both tbe above frateraities, to set la the capacity of clerk, and If oapttal eea ha fur nished, an interest In toe business of an old established manufactory of regalia, jewels, Ac , in the city of New York. Address" Masonic, Herald offioe. TWO ACTIVE YOUNG MEN OF GOOD ADDRESS, wanted?to obtain subscriptions for tnemoet pepu lar work yet published. Salary by the year if preferred. Addrrae box 126, Fulton Poet Office, 09 Fulton street, Brooklyn, or apply pereonally, aa above. UNE JRUNE I'EHSONNE FRANCA1SE, QUI SAIT coudre et rctffer, desire troarer one pleoe do bile dc ehnmbre eu bonne d'enfante. b'ad'eseer 888 Broad way, ches Mme Fhilipctcnux WANT*. WASTED?A SITUATION, BY A HIGHLY RBiPMCTA ble French vomii; she la an excellent atiartrtN, and iccustomed to Um oere of.ckildren; speaks English, aha la an excellent aaanntnaa, ?. ~ ?. wa of.ckildren; apeak* English, sad would Lava a* objection to travel. Apply at 1M Clinton at., front roam, up on* pair stair*. IITANIED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, If a situation, a* waiter and chaaabarmaid, in a pri vate family. 1'lease apply at her preeent plaoa, 137 Mac dougal *t., third door below 4th at.; raferanoagiven. W ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GER man girl, a situation aa chambermaid and waiter, or do chamberwork and fine washmg^bi a private Kng lish family, good reference from her tost place. Can be seen for two day* at 467 3d avenue, corner of 36th at. WANTED?A FEW GIRLS, WHO UNDERSTAND braiding and embroidering. Those who are folly competent will please address SUk, Herald offioe. w 'ANTED-BY A YOUNG ANDCOMPETENT WOMAN, a situation to do chamberwork and waiting, or fine waahlng and Ironing, can rive the, be it or re ference from her pieeent pUce, where she has been for one year. Call nt No. 2 Union st, oorner of 14th. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION, as nurse or plain cook. Can be seen for one day at ber present employer's, 40 Morton at. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION to do general housework In a private family; ia a good plain cook, wmaher and Ironer; has Uvtd two years In her last place; no objection to a private boarding house. Can be teen at 92 24th street, between 6th and Tth avenues. WANTED ?A GOOD, SMART GIRL. TO DO GENE ral housework in a small family; an Amarioan preferred. Apply at 66 Henry street. WANTED?BY A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL, A SITUA tion, to do gvntral housework In n email private family; one who understands English. Best of city re ference If required. Can be seen until engaged at 84 7th St., fourth floor, back room, near 1st avenue. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general housework in a respectable family. Can bo seen for two days, at her preeent place, 186 avenue B. WANTED-A LADY IN DELICATE HEALTH WISHES to engage the eervlcee of a lady, to manage a house containing a fkw boardtre. She most be of good address, active; and fully understand housekeeping in all ite branches. None hut Americans need apply. Ad* dress Williams, Herald office, stating where an Interview can he had. WANTED?A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; must be a good washer and ironer, and also oook and bake; wage# $6 per month. Apply at 162 West 11th st., near 6tb av. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, a pls-e in a private family, in Brooklyn, as cook chambermaid. or tor general housework. Is neat indus trious and obliging. Is a good cook, baker of bread, O, Ac. May be seen at 201 Washington street, yn, until Monday, when the family leave the city. WANTED?A MARRIED LADY, OF UNEXCEPTION able character, wishes to take charge of the houee of a family during their absence, who Intend spending the summer in the country. No compensation expected, other then accommodation for herself and husband. Satisfactory reference given. Addreea A. L. S., box 130 Herald office. WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, AS NURSE and seamstress. Apply at 47 Jane atreet, from 10 A. M. to 2 P. M. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general housework; is a good plain cook and excellent washer and ironer; can give good re ferences from her last place, where sue lived three years. Cull at 49)* Prince at. WANTED?A COOK AND LAUNDRESS; MUST COME well recommended a* to character and qualifica tions; none other need apply. Call at 142 C ingress St., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION ss chambermaid and seamstress, or child's nurse. Call at 100 Hudson st., for S X., for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do cbamberworx or to take care of children. Can he seen (or three days Inquire at 4 Desb.-oeaea at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOJNG WOMAN, who was ccnflned lately, a baby to wet nurse, in a respectable family. Can give good reference. Has no objection to travel. Please call at 211, in the baseintnt. WANTED-AT ALBERT ROGER3' DINING SALOON, No. 4 Fulton street, two or three girls to wait on table. Call item 9 to 11 o'clock A. M |1/ANTED?A SITUATION, AS GOOD COOK; UNDER Yy stands baking and pastry; woulJ be willing to assist in washing and ironing. So objection to go in the country. Beet of city reference. Please call at 274 42dst., between 0th and 10th * venues. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as child's nurse; would take cnarge of a baby from lis birth, and Is a good plain sewer. Good reft-. rence. Would be willing to go for moderate wage*. Can be seen at No. 4 Horatio St., in the rear, first floor, (or two dajs, if not engaged. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, to do general housework in a email private family, or an cook in a boarding house. Good elty refe rence. Pleese cad at No. 83 Monroe at., second floor, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, to cook, wash and iron in a small family; no objection te do general bonserork in a small family. Good reference. Can be seen for two days nt 36 West 13tl) St., between 6th and 6th avea. WANTED?BY A COMPErENT PROTESTANT YOUNG womin, a situation m seamstress and ladi?i' maiu; be* no objection to go in the country for the Hummer, or to travel with a lacy. Beat city reference. Call (or two dayi at 174 Waverley plaoe, one door from Chris topher at. WANTED-A 81TUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa plain cook, washer and lroo*r; has no objeotion to go in the country. Beet city refer ence. Call for two day eat 132 Weet 20th at, in the itore. l\TANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T? young woman, as first rate cook, washer and ironer, and baker. Has no objection to the eountry. The best of city reference from her last place. Please call until salted at ?08 Mott st., between Honston and Bleecker. WANTED?AN AMERICAN WOMAN FOB A HOUSE keeper in a hotel. For particulars call at the Bay State Hotel, Nos. 146 and 147 Fulton st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG AMERICAN woman, to take care of children and do plain sew ing; is capable of taking charge of an infant; would like to go in the country this summer. Good references from ber last place. Piece# call at 307 West 26th at., near 9th avenue, second floor, front room. Can be seen for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as chambermaid and waiter. Wages no object, bnt a good boms. Best of reference from her leat place. Please cell at 207 West 26th st., near 9th avenua, second floor, front room. Can he seen for two days. ^fTfTANTED?BY A NEAT YOUNG GIRL, OF GEN Wf teel address and excellent city reference, a situa tion aa nurse and chambermaid; will take care of a baby and do its washing and ironins; is s plain, neat sawei; makes children's clothes, or is competent as waiter and parlor maid. Wages 84 a month. Call nt 217 East 23a St., for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young womsn, a situation to do cliamberwork and sewing, or to take care of children and do sewing; has no objection to the country for tbe summer. Can be aeen for two days at 197 East 13th st , between let and 2d avenue*, fourth floor, front room. City reference. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as cook, waahar sod Ironer, and le a first rate baker; can produce good city reference. Please call at II Columbia ah, two doora from Paclflo, South Brooklyn, for two days. . . WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT yonng womsn, a situation to do general house work in a small private family; Is a good plain oook, and sxcellent waaher and ironer. Best of eity and country reference. Mey he seen at 111 20th st. and 7th avenue, for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE female, to attend to a bakery and confectionery store; has been several years In the business. Beet eity reference given. Address E. M., 71 Vandam st, for two days, in rssr building. WANTED?A FIRST RATE SALESWOMAN, AT MRS. F. Hagarty's millinery establishment, 1H Cathe rine st. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, In a respectable family, a situation aa chamber maid and waiter; can take care of rle-m and silver ware; no objeotion to ehildren, or would do housework in a ?mall family, or travel with a lady; best of eity refer ence, no objection to the eountry; can be aesn nntil engaged, nt 404 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, aeaond floor, back room. Wanted-by a respectable girl, a situation as chambermaid, and to assist in washing and ircning, or to take care of children, and do light chaos wi rk; no objection to tbe country. Applr for two day* at her late residence, 314 West 24th street, Chelsea eot tsges Wanted?a situation, by a respectable Protestant girl, a* cook or chambermaid, and to assist with washing and Ironing. No objection to go n abort distance in the country. Bast of cltv reference. Apply at 162 7th avenue, between 21st and 224 sts., 4th floor. WANTBT?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A situation as seamstress; is a good plain sewer and else understands dressmaking; or wonld have no objec tion to take care of a child. Please call far twe day* at 488 6th arcane, third floor, front room. WAN I ED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonng girl, to do general houeewoik in a small private family; is a goad washer and iron?r. Goo-* city reference from her last plasa Csn be seen for two deye act 112Henry st, No. 6, rear house. WANTS. . WANTED.?A HEALTHY WOMaM, WITH A JTJUCHH hreastofmllk dee ires a child to mures. Analv to Dr. Btahap, 174 Mott it WANTED?A SITUATION, A3 HOCiKKKKPES IN A private family, or to do cooking or housework, or to tut car* of children in a a mall family. Apply at 219 KHtabcth at. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS COOK, IN A 8HAIX private family ; i* a good washer and iroaor, and can make broad; bar good city roforonoo. Pleaea call at No. 3 Vand am at, in tu roar ba lament. ? WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GJRI, A SITUA tion aa chambermaid and traitor, or to mind ehfl drtn: baa no objection to go into the country for the ?umntr; baa the beat of reterenoe; baa lived nine yeara in one place. Can be aaen at 13 4th avenue till engaged ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNG GIRL, A altaation ,aa cook, waaher and ironer; good oily reference. Can be teen in her preeent situation, No. 44 Montague place, Brooklyn, for tkree days WANTED-SIX OR EIGHT GOOD AND RM3PW0TA bio girla to work in a gentlemen'a hair iiaaaltg .aaleoa. Good wages given. Inquire at HANDS ft SMITH'S, Hair IiTOsatrs, 821 Broadway. WANTED?A YOUNG HAN, ABOUT 14 YEARS OLD: oae who writes a good hand, and ia acquainted with the French language, preferred. Apply tale day ah), from 10 to 12 o'clock A. M.( to A. Ltgonx h Par es, 64 Cedar it. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young man, as coachman or groom. Undssetanda bia buainosa in all Its branches. Good rsriBmmaninttnna given. No objection to go in the coundy. Address a aetata H. C., Herald office, boa 201, which will bo at tended to. WANTED?THREE MORE MEN WHO CAN COM maad from 615 to 626 on a liberal salary. Alao eao man ia an office who can command 6100. Bnainsae light, genteel and agreeable; 640 a month and a perma nent situation. Apply or address Wm. Kingsley A Co., 298 Broadway, np stairs. WANTED?A MAN, WITH A CAPITAL OF B18 TO $20, to engage ia light pleasant buatnaea that will pay him $3 to $6 a day profit. Can travel or rensala at noma. Apply at No. 6 Catherine at., room No. 9, np stairs. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, SEVENTEEN YEARS of ago. Apply to W. P. David, 301 Broadway, near Daaae al "YET"ANTED?EN TERPBISING YOUNG MEN, WITH V T email capital, ta sell an article of universal eou anmp'.ion; one or two on a salary of $900. County aad State rights sold on favorable terms. Enterprising men are making $3,000 yearly Apply to CAHPBElXAPHIL L1PB, 118 Chambers street. ANTED, IMMEDIATELY?A SMART CANVASSES, . . of good character and pleasant address, who will loan hia employer $600. A salary of double the a meant will be given to a thorough a over Using solicitor, in an established baslneia. Address Goodali, Herald W WAN TED ?AT KIMBALL'S I) AGUE RR1AN GALLERY, 407 Broadway, a good, quick aad aueeeaafui operator; none other need apply. .Also, a daguerreen gallery for rent, with furniture, instruments aad apesi - mans complete, now doing a good business, aa the pro. prist ir wishaa to go to tha country for a lew weeks. For particulars apply aa above. TRY ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE If young man, aa clerk in a wholesale butiaeia, or any other occupation suitable to hia talents. Is a goad penman, accountant, and master of four languages. Any information directed M. M., Herald office, will he duly attended to. UI/-ANTED-AN AMERICAN YOUNG MAN IN A TV medicine store None need apply who are afraid of work. Apply to J. hNYDRR, 642 Grand street. "1XT AN TED? A IOREMAN OVER AN EXTENSIVE V v livery eatab'.ishmeot; one who thoroughly under* stends the care oi horses and carriages; also, three or four good grooms. These who thoroughly understand their business, may apply to ClEAVEK ft MASON, St. NIcbo las stables, 57 and 59 Mercer stmt. "VT7 ANTED? A CLERK IN A GROCERY STORB; ONE V V who understands the business and can give res ponsible reference for his honesty aad oapebUHy. ChU this day at 263 3d avenue. \KTANTED?A COUPLE OF GENTEEL YOUTHS IN A TV wholesale shirt store; must board with loelr pa rents and have undoubted reterenoe from their last situ ations; none other need apply. M. WI .SON, coraer CcrUandt street and Broadway, Gelsey Buiiduag. WANTED, IMMEDIATELY?A BOY WHO SPEAKS English and German, to do errands, Ac. Apply ia tha music store, No. 60 Montgomery street, Jersey City. WANTED?A LAD, AS ASSISTANT BAR TENDER, at Wiggins' Ho'-el, Coney Island Plank road, L. I., four mllea from Fulton ferry, between fifteen ana eigh teen j ears of age. an American, and oae from toe coun try, preferred. WANTED?AT THE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY. 311 Biotdway, at? Situation* procured (or clerks, poitrrs, barkeepers, waiters, coasUmeo, garden er*, Ac. Boji for trades and nalooni; girls aa chamber maids, waiter*, Ac. Charge* moderate. Apply to ' TBOS. SPINK, Agcat. CiQiy BROADWAY, CORNER OF READE STREET. Zol ?At MORMS A COHNERf'S can be bad Eug luh, Scotch, German and Irish help, for botole aad pri vate families; also. waiters porter*, coachmen, gaxdtn ern, farmer*, and mechanic*, at thi*, or the braaob office, 102 Greenwich street. jtfQ TO $10 PER DAY.?AGENT* WANTED, T? OP jfiJO erate for Pornn, Bergamio A Co. '? gold pen enter prise. Good inducement* ottered. $8 to $10 nor day can he made by agents Each purchaser of a $1 gold pen beet me* an owner of ono ehere in $200,000 worm of property to be distributed. By etndlng ono dollar, y?o will get a sample pen and one share, and aa agency will he sent with certificate to sell if desired. Information will be sent on spplicetlon, postage paid. Address PER R1N, BERG AM IN A CO., 8b Walnut street, Ebil edelphi*. BARROW STREET, IN THE BASEMENT, NEAR ibO Bleeckea?A iltuation wanted by a respectable gtrl as plain cook: Is a good waaher and ironer; or to do general honseeoik. Good city reference. Can bo aeon for two days. THE TRADES. A GERMAN WANTS A 8ITUATION AS GARDENER; be underetends hie basinets in all tta branches. No abjection to go in the conatry. Address 111 Warren street, between Hoyt and Bond, Bo nth Brooklyn. PIANO TONER WANTED?ONE WHO HAS A THO rough practical knowledge af toning pianos, and csn come well recommended, will learn of a good ettua lion by applying at the music store of Horace Water*, 333 Bioadway. ? COTCH GARDENER WANTS A SITL' A HON?A yonng single man, recently arrived from Scotland, nademand* gardening in all Its branches, as well aa the laying out. of pleasure ground*, and is willing to make himself useful to bin employer. Please apply for Alex. Manson. at the teed itoie of Messrs. J. M. Thor burn A Co., 16 John it. mo TAILORS.?WANTED, A GOOD GENERAL CU ITEK J for a store up towa; be most be a practical tailor, and understand bis bnsinsss To sneh a man, who would ho satisfied with moderate wages, a permanent situation is offered. Address H. A, L, Herald office, with refer ence, which most bo unexceptionable. mo BOSS BE 11 TIERS AND OTHERS.?A MAN OF THE JL best experience, who fully understands the trade in all its branches, a good draughtsman and accountant, wishes a situation as foreman; would prefer engaging with a railroad comoaay, as iaspector, having filled the same sit nation before; would have no objection to go west; can come well recommended: wages wot the prin cipal object. Address G. H., Chatham square Post Office, for one week. mo JEWELLERS WANTED, A "YOUNG MAN OR BOY 1 that baa some knowledge ot chasing and engraving jewelry, to go to Baltimore, Md. Inquire of GILL 4 GORDON, Barlem Railroad building, White street. Ten or twelve compositors.?wanted, this morning, ten or twelve oompoeitore. Good steady work guaranteed to the beet haad*. Apply easly to BARER, GODWIN A 00., Trtbuao Buddings. mO WIG MAKERS AND HAIR DRESSERS?WANTED, JL immediately, a Orel rate workman on wigs mad hair work. Also, a good hair suttor. Those competent to tako charge and carry on the bnslneM, may have a per manent situation. Apply at 277 Fulton street, Brook lyn, up stairs. ~ INSTRUCTION. A H. WHEELER, TEACHER 0? WRITING AND A . Bookkeeping. No. 836 Broadway, earner of Thir teenth street. Ladies' class from 4 to 6 o'clock. Ma thematics taught by Mr. Pond. INSTRUCTION.?FRENCH AND MUSIC TEACHER? A Trench classical teacher who has taught ra Farm tor three years, aad now engaged tn a large scholastic institution In New York, wlebsa lor a sitoevoa. He teaches the French aad Latin languages, masts, aad the element# of drawing. He can prodeeetbe host too ttmoalee and the most highly respectable reteronees. Ad dreee for thrto.days Prof. George* H. B , Herald ofileo. NfR. and MRS. CHARLES GANDA'S BOARDING Jttl and day school for yonng ladles, No. 17 Lafavett* place, will bo re-opened en Wedneeday, September K. 1,^-y lo Spanish and RaglJsh, printed la eelore. for IsaleMW*** M InookKBKPtNO, PBNMAN8MIP, ho., ARB TAUGHT W la a enpester aad eipedittens manner, by FOB TBI A ?jXON. SM Broadway, where geatlemsa aad youths are oalffitd l? dteeharge ti>t datle* of the eenatiag heSbwMb prswiptn***. fectllty and deepateb. ___ Wnnns-ti OOYBRHBM FOR TWO YOUNG LA H die*, a lady wk* will be willing to mid* in a per ecreeeel* aoereee, no >,nenm nneneeevwr tfilrtv yeare ef lie The moe* sacxecptieuabl* ritwmil a* t* character aod capable*, will be required, aethesalary win k* literal. Per tnrthcr particulars eddsees A. B., kea SOS, Char'**tee, Benth Caselba. uaUl the 10th ef July mil