Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1855 Page 6
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DfEITISmjfTS RENEWED EfMRT DAT. 8ALE8 AT AUCTION. A UWKT H. NICOLAY, aU .'HUNKER. ? i'KUEMITORT ***'.**- a>l brandies, oonlials, Uu, fruits, 4? -iL4XT H. NIOUL \Y will mU, thu day., Friday. J? y. ?* " o'otocfc, lit tie sale* rooai, No. II Broad ?tract, e spieodid lot of viers, brandies. oerdiais, hi, nod oewaxetiag ia pare of una ootars* LoaJeo Jock brandy, 1M6, (la bead) duty p?l.i or vnaiU, fif-sea hbie. pura Cegaai, 184", (ia bend;) Ito can a Ht. Juiltss Otorat, lac article Bvnaam; im-cas** Htut Baxterae ; 10* oaaaa Bemao, in oji<J; 70 case* Rchisdam S ihntppa! 2?"S*r Hyk *'?*? ln* *rt.clo. 5 casks Ra te vine; 5 yff.T ? j*' .?*** 0l,r*t "?? Th? a bora art all ?a^J5f? ^ 1#w^ *>? dsltv*r?d frooa the United states bonded twiHiaa flvs <le aijoboa pale (Hard ?****'> ' ^F?7 A Co ;) 84 dozen superior old peie bran iiS J. thirteen years ex?re*ely for tha Irving , " ooaaa superor old port wtaa, laam years (a doroa years la dm at the a bora house; 78 bat ?MO champagne, royal grape aaJ imperial?quarto aad : Ji* whole to bo positively aold to oloaa an ac count The abora Uqnor* ?r01 bo sold ia lota to enii ?,??' 1?yi?R teaatonk ate re spectfully Invited to attend this sale, aa it oflera uaaaaal inducements. 4 LBSRT H. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER.? PEREMPTORY A oxosntor's aaio of auci*at oil palatines. ALBERT t NICOLAY will sell, cm Saturday, Juno 3Mb, at lit o'oh?ck,attheaatesrooaNt 11 Broad street the remaining P**W 1 pauitioift belong1 ng to the settee Una ?JN* bla T. A Cunmki, ?aq , including many &ao aid Ofoeimiae from the sehojl* o Pouaalo, Uaawnr, Tea 7** -^'n ' ?*r'? *to??*M, ZuaarUU, Van OaaL Cowered, Weaartax, ?initio, Domiaohiao, Laooo. Gendaoo, aad other masters of celebrity, many of wnioh **.* !'"*> worthy tat attention of coaooAaeurr. the whole to bo pooltirely r< o ru se tho misfit* Also, a b" ooahct'ou ?< modern paintings and engrsvioge, now wody^lor^ otonoiaatton. Catalogues to be had nt tho A LBERT H. NIOOLAY, AUCnONEER?PRKREMPTO Jt\, rj sale of genteel hi oaebolc furniturs at anotioa.? AujMKT H. NICOLAY will ?eU on Saturday, Jaae 30th, at lOJd o'clock, at hi* salesrooms No. 11 Broad street, honaohald furwitnre, coni-tstiag (a part of rosewood and ?shogaay suite#, la orocatei and hairelo'-h, elegant jeeewned 7 octave pianoforte, made by tbe oelel rated Pff fl?<? 84 by 6s, coat 8360, mot quality Free oh plat* rosewood Voltaire chair, v 4?ldered; mabogany sofas, do arm chairs, ia ??? wtotb; bureau, waebeteada, centre aad aide t*bia?, parlor oad oflioo chairs, velvet and Brussels tapestry earpets, black walnut and mabogaoy offioe <Jt<ks, silver plated ware, ciocks, refrigerators, he Also, o lot of ntsamla, with which the sale will commence. Tho whols fcr^stCr ssiesf 801(1 *? odyances aad to moso room Atotion notict:? BY EDWARD schenck?o\ Friday, June 2i>, at 10>t o'clock, at lit Wail street, ?Mh|ulsc( fine old wines, brandies, Ac , belonging to oaImporter closing his business, vis : old Hereafter ??d P. Iiwmeqc shernes, Gov. Hopktns'and Midfiwi, port*, Ac,; (Hard, Dupaj, ffmnii ?T. martcll and Pinch branoy, in dsmijohns and oasoa 1846; cognac do. Sale poa tirs ' Auction notice, -a j-: aring out salk. - crocke ?J, tltoowaro, rich china vases, fancy taa aad winner acta, at 8?7 Eighth, on Monday, July 2, at 18 ? oloefc. Store to let. oad fixtures for sale. WM- SHIKLY. Aac-ioooer. A C^ri25^NUTlCK?J BOG ART, ADCllON'EER?BY .aX. 8. BOGART,-Saturday, at lOJ^ o'clock, at tho auction rooms No. I Ncrth William, Frankfort street, hyvirtne of an exeentlon, a small lot of household fur nitnie, 60door looks, about W0 brass hoys aad knobs, he. Michael, DOUDY, ConatoUo, Auction no ncR?THos. beix, AUcnoNoat.? By Bnx h Bl &H, th.s day, at 10)^ o'clock, in ?ow salesrooms, 12 North Wiliam street, as already an Bcnaced, wo will positively close the balance of private ?'?to ?f onpsrior wines end liquors, all imported aad l*ti from the London docks, he., compr'tlngport, Ma ~*lra, aherry and claret vines; Jamaica rum. Holland gin, brandies, whiskeys, he., old importation?not ao ctoetoJ to give high s jnndmg tiUos, as this stock has been alreaoy ?ost?o and approved. The wioes, he., an principally ia Cennjohai-, one to five gallons each. Bold by order of the apeutof a gentleman now in Bu A*?. /?? lx>"? Havana segars. Satur lay. oala gotoa* h **' g*?dO|.BhO clothing, gents.' fcrnishlng A UCnON NOTICE?THE PUBLIC ARE NOT AWARE X. of tha great benefits they may have by attending ^'??,or*iBg ot 10o'clock, at my aueHon establishment, ?l Nassau street; I can sa ely eay goods of almost all kinds are included. I r> fer o other advertisements in this paper; goods partly described. TUNIS MORRELL, Auctlonosr. A UCriGN NOTICU-J. BOtiARr, AUCTIONEER?BY gtX. h- BOGART? Ihis oay, at 10 o'clohk, at No 7U iaird avenue, corner Klitietb street, sals con oisting of the ctn'ents of s dry gr,odsauQmil'oery store* calioo, delaines, ribbons, linens, gloves, hosiery, ladies' ailk aad other hats, show casri, Ac. Also toe coateots of a tin atop, conristiDg of 22 new cookin; ana ct ler staves, tin uare, hollow ware, Ac Also the lease of bai.dicgho 744 Third avenue Ai*o tbe buduiagiu the rear. TBOMAB CAR1.1N, Attorney ft r Mortgagee. Auction notice?j. bogart, auctioneer-by 8. BOGART?This day, at 11 o'clock, ia Foity seventh street, near ihiro avenue. Sheriff's sate; lot of . teei ingots, steel scraps, crucibles, firs brick, Ac JOHN OKiiEK, iihsriff. Thomas Cables, Deputy Sheriff. A CCUON NOTICE?J. BOGART, AUCTIONEER?BY XX. 8. BOGART?Saturday, June 30, at 11 o'clock, at Thsmi i oa h French'* store. No 00 West street, Sheriff's sale; 0,000 tea finished steel octagon, sqoare, Ac JOHN ORSEK, davnff. Thomas Carlw, Deputy Sheriff. a uctton sotice.?j. bogart, auchoneer-by J\ a BOG ART?store No. 1 North WUlUm street? Saturday, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at No 118 West Skoadway, mortgage rale; tbe stock, fixtures aad fnrni tarn, oil palatlogs, Ac., ol a public house, known as tho Clrfeir Bouse. WILLIAM THOMPSON. Attorney for Mortgsgoor A BSIGNEK'S SALE?JOHN W. SOM ?R1NDYKE, XX. Auctioneer.?-The stock of grooeme and liquors, and the fixtures of the store, 144 West Thirty oooond street, will be sold on the premises at po ll? auction, oa Friday, the 2hth lay of Juns last., at 14 o'clock A. M. Dated June 23, lb.>6. By order of MICHAEL PURCtox, Atslgaoo. ThUNCAN A SHACKKLTON, 71 NASSAU STREET I 9 corner of John, locoad story, back room, have for aaio or exchange 40,100 acres In Wisconsin, 2U,oOU acres ia Bliaoia, LCO acres ia Indiana, 66,000 acres in Texas, 35,000 acres in l ennajli ania, on* coal tract on the Dar lington Railroad and Little Beaver Canal, with a strata #f twelve faot of Cannel coal, and two la rs of iron ore, aad another atiata of bituminous coal; it containi about 36,000 tens to the acre; thirteen aero* with a rikr front at Harlem, aad farms ia every state in the Unioa, vary ing in price from |i00 to S40,t00: somofirst class houses ia New lork, Brooklyn. Jer ey City, Ac Ws particu Inriy oali the atteati. n of tbe puolic to our first salt of real estate in tho Merchant*' Exchange, and judge oar competency. We fohrit a portion tf your vtlo, and will t*i tar or to give satisfs? ion. DUNCAN A SHACKELTON, Real Estate Auctioneers. EUGhNE a KRANKUN. AUCTiONEER.?BY FRANK L1N A NICHOLS ?Thj day, (Friday j at 10 o'clock, at 70 Nassan street, between Fulton ani John, oa immense etock of cabinet and household furniture, comprising six magnificent suits of carvsl rmewooa parlor furniture, and the fallowing arli-1 *, in great varisty, viz;?Centre, pier and fancy tabies, wardrobes, bookcasvs, bureaus, wash .tan .s, bedsteads, extaasioa dining tables, oil paintings, mirrors, sofas, tets a-tstes; stay, rocking, parirr and niairg room chairs, with a largs assortment of other articles, too numerous to meataoo, also a largs invoice of silrerplatsd ware. Rale peremptory and without reserve, to pay advaocee Every facility for packing, shipping aad storage. Cata logues now reedy. T7IUGENE B. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER? BY FRAVK "l hn A Nichols.?Mortgage sale of two horses, one light boggy, and one set of silver plated harness, this day, 12 o'clsck, in (rout of our store, 79 Nas sau street FKK WORKS, LIQUORS FIRECRACKERS, BRUSHES, p drugs, this day, at 10>4 o'clock, 67 Dey street, cor ?er Greenwich, teas, code#, raisins, figs, currants, champagne, claret, sagara, tabacoo, iadigo, starch, hams, codfish, soap, knives pistols, scissors, files, scales, clocks, costs, panis, vests, vest patterns, caiaimsre*. W. H. CARTER, Auctioneer. OSOHUE COOK, AUCriONKKR?KLEGANr FURNI ture, til pfcintinj,*, ?>li (runt mirrors, chine and an tw ware, he.?On Vritey, (this day.) at lU)f ?'clock, at tab* rooms Broadway, corner of Duaaa street, a splendid aaeurtmtnt of rosewood, mahogany, oak and wnlnnt parlor, din'ng room and cbanoar rarai ture, aad housekeeping article* of every description. TTEMtY H. LK1CII8. Al CnoNKKK?BY H. LI. xl Lead* A Co.?Friday, June idt, at 12 o'clock, at taalferchsaW Liaobange. thirty chare* Commonwealth Flrt taenrerce < dmpariy?9100 each TTKWRY T 1EMK, AUCTIONKKH^-bY'sTB~W<M)l]. XX 1XT h CO.?Win eeU, tbi* day. (Friday,) at 10K o'clock, at lb* caiearooai M Bookmen atreot. ciroer of WllllfMa, a largo eeaertnent of housebold furniture, both Hf aad aaeoad han., confuting of on* elegant race wood rait la FYsaci. brocatel, do. bnraaoe, oeatra tables, pier do. aad earn tables, all wita marble topa, rosewood bedstead, do chairs, superior rosewvoJ piano forte, ooa organ, am table for a church or clab rooms; epring aeat aofaa in balr cloth, mahogany was Of tends, bureaus, card aad centre tables, do. French bedsteads, mattresses, pallia see, bookcases, decks, enamelled far altera, clacks, oil paintings silver plated ware, cutlery, laacirare, Iron safe, re'rigsrater, he. Also, second " furniture. The whols ccatents to be feld without M KNBT B. HKR13, ,TK., AOITIGVKER?ON FRI day, Jure kfl. at luti o'clock, et store No. 9){ strwet, large and peremptory eala to close onaaign prior to the 4th of July, of choice winee, brand*, tie, liquors, imported Havana sogers he., comprising part, old IUff Gordon amoatUado and sonth aids efcerriea, Londaa dock port; 100 cases ? Julian aUret; ?ignetta nod cognac brandies. grape leaf, Be Ma Jam and club bonea gta; Hledalok and vaseae? charapaenee Matr A Rons' Edinburgh ale; Byes' Unrlon pnrur, aisyath, ,urmto maraachino; 300 m Henna legem of the follow lor brands - Figaro, hoaae (e, aatiqutdad, oonbariv fondrte aalrahoraa. opcraa, temita, la Norma, prtadpa, ?I. itana 'flor del ???!, 1? pUrUWoas la gloria, oners* la chueblte and various otber breads, wWrTutad aa repmnetad aad to he setd with nrarta TWaleth- U**?M? that wi 1 offer aad -STf theattenhow of tba tmdea.1 prints oca JXxs. '*?? case, posits retired. ?ALU AT AUCTION. OHW FBHBLArT, AUCr.ONKhB, ?9 #1LU AM street oocdt of Cedar.?Executor's isle of re?i route io Rtwtl;?.-1 tuite story ttwont brt? teu? Ite property oisnr, also, o KeuU'ai be-oment oxooSrr artier framo bouse, bu ll foe tu owner; uU>, o TMMtiotMitte tbo Urab.m House, six lota of load ia Jemeica, Lang Island; oae uottsge end oiot ol ground i ?tot 2b0 loot squsrs, food gerdeo its.; lU,o number of Wte oo Ploak rood, near too t?H oote; oioo, o flat three a'orjt brick booeo in Week flilrty-flith street, Now York, with oU the modern improvements. If not tola ot private eolo before tu fint of tifut, will oo 10M ot the MrtchesW' Exchange, without rssorve. For par tieuiari. apply to JOHN FHHBiXTC auctioneer, No. f>8 William etiret. N. B ? Real route bought aadtoll; 9rO.WtO to looa oo reel estate, he ; 91,0(0 to loan on perooao! property, diamonds, jswelrj, Ac. JL. VANDEWATER. AUCTIONEER?THI.d DAY a Friday, Juoa 20, at 10X o'olock, at ta* set**, room, 12 Maiden laao, assign ess aa'o of furniture, r? moved for convenience of eate Parlor furniture con sisting ol rich roeowood aad walnut suits. covered in plash and aatia brosatel; rosewood ana mahogany eUfoioa, with marble topo; Brussels tapestry aad iu grain carpet*; black walnut, mahogany and roe#rood etc re tarj bookcases; manogaay a?d black walaut mar. Ma top tableo; oak and black walnut extension dining tables, French cbiaa dinner and tea'eeta, 4j. Also, at 12 o'clock, an assortment of choice wine* andliquors, prime ale and porter, oardineo, auchorim. tea#, p cKtee. Ac : quarter and eghth boxee segsrs; alao, an assortment or faaey aad plain marble mantela, some verjr superior pi .tola, double and (ingle barrel gun a, Ac. J MORI ARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL TRW ? dsv et 12 o'clock, at 177 avenue B, brtwrenbe vtnth and Eighth atrveta, the con cum of a cinieoties ?ry store, anlee ai eortmant; aleo, engraving*, oil paint ing*, two very 8ne aeda water fountain*, beer pumps, a nice aaeortment of eagara; alao, aome chaira, Uquora, brandy, gin, Ac. in bottle* and timber; alao, the furni ture, a nice aaeortment. The a ale will be positive. Mortgage saix-john w. somerindykf., Auctioneer, will eell on Saturday, June ilu, at 10 o'clock, at corner of Centre and White aire* a. four Ad am*' printing prvaeea, three Hoe'a cylinder preaaea, and cue hydraulic prtoa, Ac. CHAS. F. WATTS, Attorney for Mortgagee. Mortgage sale.->joh n w. somerindylk, acu tioneer, will aelL on Monday, July 2, at lOo'clook, at 17 Crosby atreet, household and aeloon furniture. PartlcuUr* hereafter. JOHN W. SOMERINDYKE, Att'y for Mortgogr*. XTOnCE.-WM. B. JONES, AUCTIONEER, ONE OF i.1 the conatable* of the Marine Court, of the city of N?w York, r?ap*otfulJy informa hta fiienda aad the pub lic that h* will attend to forecloalng mortgages, nerving ef summons, and all other legal buaineaa. The above named is in no way connected with V. g. Jouea, of the came oourt Office. Marine Court. WM. B. JONES, Conatable and County ofQotr. EU8SELL W. WESTOOTT, AUCIIIONEER.-MAUNI ficewt and ooatly bouaehold furaltnre, elegant rose wood pianoforte, gaa chandeliers, velvet carpet*, Ac , at the residence No. 162 Weat Twenty-first atreet, near Seventh avenue.?R. W. Westoott will sell the entire ooatly furniture of the above ftret class house, this day, Friday, June 10 x o'clock, all of which ia of th? beat rescript ion, and la to be peremptorily tSld, cam logue* of which can be obtained on the morning of sale, when the whole sen be examinal. Parlors?Elegant rosewood seven octave pianoforte, coat $400, with aatin covered stao); English velvet carpets, tiro magnificent chaodtllera, elegant pier and oval mirrors, coat 9200 each; statuary marble top centre tables, one solid rose wood parlor suit in French brocade, two so ar, two arm chairs, and four parlor chairs with slip covert, one suit solid rosewood in three oolumu tapestry, with slip cover*; superb rosewood etegere, FJiaabethlan style, one roof wood fiUe-du-fe, with satin wood linioga; Uothio reofptien chaua, embroidered In tapestry; brocade and i lace curtain*, ceatly and elegant mantel vases, painted In Franc* Hlvabetblan clock, Ac , with a choice and valuable collection of oil paintings, worthy of spec al attention. Dining room furniture - Klegant oak exten sion table, oak marble top sideboard, oak dining arm cbaira. variety of rich silver ware, Parisian china, crys tal cut glass wars, balance handle cutlery, Aubuaaon car pets, Ac Chamber furniture?Superb carved rosewood bedsteads, do. mahogany, with pine curled hair mattrea sea and palliates, elegant rosewood and mahogany mar bla top bureaus, full marble top weshatands, carved rosewood and mahogany tete-a-tete*, sofas, arm chairs, roeewood amour de glace, rosewood and imported spring seat chairs, Whton carpet*, secretary bookcase, china aad porcelain toilet seta. ovnl and square mirrors, one superior sofa bedstead, French engravings, gold broid ered shades, Ac , with a large variety or baaement end kitchen furniture, iron ware, refr gerator, tubs, Croton ho#*, English oilcloth, stair carpets, bail stands, Ac. The rale will be positive, without regard to weatber, and a deposit required of every purchitmtr Tunis morrell, auctioneer.?so,ooo segars? this morning, nt 10 o'clock, (half an hour before furniturr, Ac ); aiore keepers aa well as consumers will do well to attend thi* mornirg promptly, aa they will be (li.pond of in a very abort time, gmrg privilege to teke as few or many as detlrcd. Tunis morrell, auctioneer?rich velvet and Brussels carpetting, this morning at 10X o' clock, at 81 Nassau atreet. Also furniture of all Mads, rosewood parlor suite, covered in aatin brocete); oak axd m<hc*any extension dining tardea, chamber furni ture in large variety; also a second hand pianoforte. Tunis morrell, auctioneer .?piano, oentle toena' cravats, under net gaimeota, reticules, oil painting, mirrors, coflee urns mattreaeas, iron safe, reirigeretora, clocks, cribs, rich nod plain bedsteads, bnieaur, wash atanda, famy g-oda, sofas, tets-atetea, easy aad rocking chaira. hell stoves, marble top tables. Ibis morning, 10?? o'clock, at 81 Nassau atreet. M DUMONT, AUCTIONEER?CONDEMNED CLOTH ing ?By order of the Navy Agent, Wm. Dumaut will eell at auctioa, on Friday, June 29, at 12 o'clock, at William Irving A Co.'* sales roem. No. 2 Pine street, 607 blue pea cloth jackets, 816 do. monkey do., 1,162 round do., cloth trow sera, blue flannel over and nndarshlrta and drawers, flannels, blankets, ehoea, Ac. Terms cash The goods must by removed immediately after the sale* Will JAM IRVING, ADC IIONEKR.?RECEIV EK'3 sa.e of quilts, blankets, Ac ?WILLIAM IRVING A CO. will s*U at auction, en Friday, June 29, at 11 o'clock, at the soles rooms, No 8 Pine street, receiver's self, to the trade, hotel keepers, end others, about 400 bed quilts, counterpanes, oonstortabies. Ac ; 100 pair fine ail wool blankets, work boxes, writing d*:ks, drefs log cases, Ac , of rosewood and mahogany; 0.0 man's nnd boys' straw hats, te he sold in lots to suit th* trade and others. without reserve. Alao, n number of fine rifles, fowling pieces, pistols, Ac. (OPARTKER8HIP NOTICES. $25,000. ?A PARTNER WANTED, WITH _ __ this amount of ensa capital, in a business already established, paying a net profit of Ri per cent per annum. Bales over 6100,000; may be et tsndia to twice this amount. That* statement* gue<wn teed. No agents nesd apply. Address W , Herald office. flhQ f t AA ?THE SUBSCRIBER 13 DESIROUS OK UU? entering as partner, in some mill tncturmg business already established, in this city or itd vicinity Any partita interested in a cash p*ya< bust ness yielding a fair remuneration, tbat woull like to ne gotia'te with the advertiser, wilt plea?e aifroes H. L. K., H?rald office, stating (CLuddrntially) real name aua where t a interview may be had. dhQAA ?WANTED. A PERSON WITH THl fflOUut amount, who would like a'pieuant tour o. travel, to join the advertiser in purcba ing a safe and rare speculation, from which (26 par day clear profit, can be made. Call, immscUtsy, on J. M 1)., Bay State Hotel, 145 and 147 Fulton street, room 50. A DDITIONAL CAPITAL WANTED foha manufac jfx tnring bus Dees, long eswbiiahed, in thia city, In which over 610,000 ia now invested. If oilers a goal op portuuity (or the profitable employment ol about $io, oOo as special capital, or to a man of exerience in mer cantile affairs, who I* in good credit, who can furnish from fiiO.COfi to 916,000 cash. Address P. 1). C , box 2,(141 Post Office, with real name. Notice is hereby given that the cojart. ncrahip heretofore existing between C W. Arm strong and Ihos W. Higgins, iu the name of C. W. Arm strong k Co., is this day dissolved, the interest of (J W. Armstrong having been bought out by said Higgins. Notice is alio given that the bus.neis will hereatter be conducted in the name of Thos. W. Hggmi k C? THtW W H1GGIN3, New York, June 26,1866. 0. W ARMSTRONG. rARJIES ARE WANTED TO TAKE AN' INTERE tT IN the lormation ot a company to manufacture chemical ana other preparations, new In ;h? m irket, and for whieh there will be an immense sale, n*tt ng t profit ot from two to three hundred per cent, with but small risk and ouilav. For full par'lulvis, address Maoufactorer, box 3,847 Post Office, stating real name ar d address, nnd the amount to invest. A vsey lucra tive berth in the establishment will be given to such as will invest a suitable sum. Wanted?a partner, with a cash capital of twenty or thirty thousand dollars, in a OMR business already established, which wiU pay a large profit. Audi ess Industry, Herald office, stating where an interview oan he had, when all necessary tnforma tion wtii he given. CLOTHUG, 4iC. CLOTHING ?LADIES OR GENTLEMEN, HAVING any to dispose of, can receive n fair cash price by tending to the stores 12 Laurent street, near Canal or 62 West Broadway, or letter by poet. S. COHEN. Ladies attended by Mrs Cohen ClIOTBING.? LADUP OR GENTLEMEN HAVING ANY / of the same to dispose of, can obtain a fair casn ?nee, by sending for tbs subscriber, at hia reddtnee, or through the poet, 18 Llm street. L. M. DU.33SLDORF. ladies attended by Mrs Duaeeidi rf. (tl/HHING.?IJ1D1EH OR GENTLEMEN HAVING ANY j of ins rasas to dispose of, can obtain a fair cash ?rise, bi sensing tor the subscriber, st his residence, or thro jgb tae pest, m Ess, or 101 Chatham street. M. 8. COHEN. Iodise attended by Mrs Cohen ? ATUMOII1 AJLm tTRTMONIAL ?A HOITHERNRR, THIRTY TH lM years of ngs, being heartily ur?d of single hl?es ednesa, wt?b?s to opea a eorrespooden m with a lady fnen 18 to 26 j vara of age An* Udy of dotneetie habtte svd rerperiabl* stamina ?n?y sea e-r tins a< ver tlsweat. Ihe gvwtwmMi 1s highly euuoatsU. Fwi.Uat ne object. Address VtRlTAS, Herald eflco. 147 BO AJUMWGI AKD LOMHMk U01MUN MWtET, FKOtiTlNU ON At. JOHV8 fMt IMI i? let, with betrd, CO auigl* gmtfai'n, or g?*tlt-m>? mi their wtree; also. ft UictKaf futrusir# D*oft parlor Co 1-t, boa?# hu ?ii ?b? mcdero trpiovemmto. aed ?"ety furs used. A Cow <1*7 boarder* eaa N aooommodated. mHT HARKti PLACE ? THK H \LF OF A FOUR si?tj house to lot, with pnn,?fri of front aod bock poiici, Old front brolif, bath aod gas. liif tACmt PLACE, THIKD DOOR WKsT OF Lvt) V i*n*ng?o? P?rV,a low dc?tr?hle rootw eaa bo bad. with hoard, by (ootioaroaadth# r w ???, or ?iogt< jit aUt-mtn. location is on# ol the wu>.: deughual io tae city . term* moderate; i#foreoo#* oachangsd. (SO FOURTH AVINCK. A PLEASANT LOCATION.? O O Poonut to let, furnished or unturnLhed, with full U partial board, to ingle fentteeaoo. *{) FRANKLIN HTREKT, FIRST HOUSE WESr OF a Jj Brondwcj ?Suite*, (breakfast served if required) tingle and double room* on the Bra*, and re tool do*-*, neullj furnished?a good, location for a physician?to !?'. Icr a abort per.od if required. Cfeaniioe** strictly ob Horitd. in iaixu an atova, rt) EAST BlXTKEMfl STREET.?AN ELEGANT OJS *a:t of rccm.ion ?e-ond floor, also rooms on dm and third Hints If deaired, with goo, bath*, Ac., wlJ he led, with board, to a genteel family, in the above evorlleot location, near Luton Park. References ac changed. W) BO NI? STREET, MAR BROADWAY.?A FEW PLE1 rant rooms to let, with permanent or transient board. Strangers visiting the city will And this a most desirable opportunity. A LL PERSONS WISHING HOARD OR BOARDERS ,iV Will find my office the surest and most eat'.sfao tonr method of Boding either. Roar ers ore pol.teljr di reeled, free of cbergo. to all parte of the oily or miuntry. Office SOU Broadway, oast te Grace oburch. N. B ?Not connected with any petty office. B. D. GOODWIN. A FAMILY OF THRU'. PERSON'S, HAVING A LARGE bonte, wiuid be glad to take one or two single gen thorn to board. The house is plaaxant, with al! the modern coavruirooies, and no oth?r boarders will be taken. Best of references must be (ins. Address L, Broadway Poet Office. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN HAVE HAND A~ somely furnished rooms, with, board for the lady only, in a gtnteel private family, up town; would make term* easy if the party would loan $100. Addrese Mrs. Wilson, Broadway Post Office. A FEW SELECT BOARDERS HAY OBTAIN ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, with a private family, io a new bran stoat* house, containing all the modern improvement*. Apply at lit Fast Tbiruenth atreet, between Seoead and Thud a ve nae*. References exchanged. A FLRNISHED ROOM TO LET TO A SINGLE UKN J\_ ill man, in e private family. References exchaag to. Apply ot 70 Division st. A WIDOW LADY, WITHOUT INCUMBRANCE, J\ would like two or three children to board. Ihey would have the ears and attention of a mother. Ad diess E. W. L., Poet Ofhc ?, Tarry town. Good ecnools in the vicinity. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET TO A GENTLE J\ man and wife, or two gentlemen, n pleasant room, in a house with modern improvement#, with full or par tial board, Terms moderate. Inquire at 166 West Nine teenth street, near Eighth avenue. A LARGE FRONT ROOM, SUITABLE FOR A GEN tlemun aad his wife, to let, furnished or umuru i?t;ed, witb or without board,a'aogood aooommodaton* lcr five young gentlemen and three ladies, ecom'ortasle home can be realized; kept bjr a respectable English wi ^h'Tre^b A C?rB,,r 0rMn A YOUNG MAN WANTS BOARD IN HOBOKEN, IN a private in mil/ Breakfast, er breakfast and tea itgulrtyT Aijorwi X. Z., Herald office. BOARD?Oh THE HIGHLANDS OF PUTNAM COUN 'J i oppoeito West J'omt, at a eery pieaeant (arm nous*. J or particulars apply at 1,028 Broadway. B OARD?NEAR tT JO UN'S BARK, IN A FAMILY "ho Mare more room than required ?second story room, with p?ntr/ and wardrubsa, and other icon*, comfortably furnished tor a gentleman and wife without children, or for gentlemen. Bath and gat, key to the .Bark. Reloiencee exchanged. Apply at 18 Va tick etrset. , Board.?a gentleman and hh wife ok two single gentlemen, oan eotain a pleasant room on there rood lioor, also baek parlor on the Brut door with or without board, at 224 Ureene etrwet, ou reasjoa ole Grins Gas and bath in the honee. Reference* 10 qutrtd. IYOADD?A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM ON THE ' J second. ana bees room on the thin- fl.or. hi lei witb toarx.; house newly furnished, and baa oath and 8?*; the family being email, de-re to take a few It'srdere o make u mom pieaeant. beet of reference K'Veu Inquire at 19i Faat Uroanway. Board down town.?two or three gentle men can be accommodated with board at 172 Dunne street, near Hudson, opposite the Duane street I JO-ikD IN BROOKLYN?SINGLE GENTLEMEN AND JJ families can obtain rooms with trnnaient or per manent board, in a delightfully situated bouse with all the miH.ern improremente and borne comtoru, and only a tew minutes walk from Fulton aad WaU street feint* - rB",_ moderate. Apply at 208 Washington afreet. Board in Brooklyn -a trench LADY.HAy iug a fffiw I'leKiftni roomo (large and small; unoccupied co.i)d aeooo'iuodate twe or t'jre# gentleman with partial ^u'fi Wfi i Kefereaoes eichanrsd. Ap T ? *l IC W ilkmbby street, tonrtb biook from City Hall. Board in brgoklyn-in henry street, In that new brown stone honee, only gee m.nut- ? Irom the ferrer. Location uaanrpaased A eery deal rable tront suit of well furnished looms on the aecond Botr. Alto accemmodationa tor one or two single gen tlemen. References required. Apply at 328 Henry it. Board in Brooklyn -two or ihrf.egentle men can be aciommotatod with well furnished rooms Urge and airy, in cue or the dneet loeatlous iu ffrooaljn, by applying at 86 Clinton street, between the Wail street and A'ianVc ferries. Also one hall bedroom to wt. ROAKD IN BROOKLYN.?A GENTLEMAN AND Bt wfe, sno one or two single g-etlenen can be nc cunnn*.a.ed m a private family with p savant rooms. , baying cUaete and gsa. at IK) Hresiuent street, wl.Wn three minutes walk of Hamilton ferty. Term* very mo ?mate, and every attention insured to make a comfort able Louie. BOARD ON NTATKN ISLAND MAY BK HAD FOR The oeasor, for two or ttiree families, m a pletvant piece, and salt water bathing convenient. Farpartios lars.jipplj at 77 Barclay street. <><>A11> IN HOROkkN.?A SINGLE GENTLEMAN i> can be aceouia.o?ated with a baoiieom* lurui orl mm. in a pr.vets family, With breakfast, te? aad tin ner on evnlays, in a brst class hougn near the ferry, terms 16 per week. Andreas B M., Htrnlu o'Hce. YbOAKl lN UO IKkN.? COMFORTABLY FURNISHED : X> '?*>? on lecon l Boor, to Ul to single gsnilsmsn a th pertlsl bosia, where tbey can enjoy the comforts of a terns eo wry mo -erste tsrma, a few minutes' walk i. m the lerii e, by applying at 21 place, Gardeu *fi?*t. Board at hobokkn.?a furndhld room ro let, on second door, w!th partial board, to two g.ii'Iiini'ii, in an Amtrioan family, on moderate term* fmatisn cool and pleasant, and near the frrrle*. Ao?l? at ti4 Gardm street, near Second. BOARD WANTED-FOR A YOUNG LADY, 8rUDYI.N0 mui-ic. aheie there would be no ohjectron to prac tising. Teims must be reasonable Location preferred m the neighbornood of FDteertb street and Third ave nue; also, where there is a piano.- Adores* J. D., boa 1,2kW l'0?t Office. References exohacged Board wanted in the vicinity of union equate ? Board in a private family, frontl'parier, aid two ben rooms, with bathing room attached. A4 dreta No. 4 Wall streat, room No. 6, atating term* and kration TiOARDINO?TO LEi ON MODERATE TERMS BE JJ uau?o unexpectedly yeoebnd, a handsome second a'ory fiont room, furnished or unfurnished, with board IsHAtion 27 North Moore, being near St John's Bark, ?nd wery desirable as a summer residence ; also twe ale gie bed toe ens. Bath in the house. Boarding?an elegant suite of rooms in a lira; class bouee, will be vacated on the Bra't day of July, in Pcurlsenth street, near Union rquere. Ao p'y to REYh A HOAGLAND, No. 3 Ererevt douse. ?YYOARDING, 74 WIHT TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? ?J bolts of forms, witb board, on second aad third noore, suitable tor gtntlemen and thwir wirpa, miy be obtained, psrtnmently or for a short psriod if desired I o alien '?.ur doors rom toe Sixth avenue, and nartrna' laily desirable for the summer muaths. Ei OA Rill NO?TO LET-A FINE LARGE FRO VI AND > back room. Lgetber or separately, and luraishsd ?r unfurnisbed. Inquire at 40 Walker street, between Lroadway and (.hurub street. "YlOARDING. ? A I.ARCE UNPURVISUP;d ROOM TO JL# witu beard, at 42 liaaca Btrtut, oupoiite St Ja in * park a!*c other rooms for gentlemen iliegsn wman wbora.lvd yesterday for a room lor him-elf and ort?tbfr cad bnve on? by applying imoaadiatalj. BOARl LNU?BY THE DAY OR WEEK. IN THE FIB IT class house 16 Mate street, fronting on ttie ilvtOry bar dsomr suite of room* on the second and tbiro deer' sui.ab e fvr gentlemen and their wives; alao single room* mi.'able lot en g-e genUemen. Reference required. Ao' ply a* above. r IjOARILM.?FAMIIJ1R AND STRANGERS visTnvO ) tte city, c*:. be bsn -romoly accommodated with spacious ami siry rorins at 411 and M West Teootr seci n i street b?t-?eei> Frth and Sixth avenues. The I > cstion taEeaithy ami ronvenient to toe faebionabts pub lie squsrsa. Kefereeeea required. Y>0A1.) i>G A IFW (.KNTLEMKN CaN BE AG J> rrt-iiin'sie.' wtib mi nis sod board wh-re they

est1 *>;'? t, r ? om'wte 11 a hi tee Inquire at lti Bowery BOAliDlAO AVD LODQINU. BOARJhcU AT MO. 37 CITY BALL PLACE?A FEW single geatlemen eta to aeoemmednced with 'all or partial bo*r4, at No. 37 1'ilj Hail Hjm, OM door from Ik* eoraor of Poor) iliwt. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?WITHIN M TO 100 miles, is or dmu oom* MmIid ullage, aoor depot, for the equal of toar to Or* porno*", in Jul;, August, ul pe??ibiy September. A room; fanner's boar* And i?iiu r'- f?re pr-f?-rred Lrcation ant to healthy, Around* plessarit and shady, *?ulJ I to it near salt ?>tor Artdrees, with particulars, trrnr, Ac., Aadrtw Cum Ho wen Post Office, Now York Cock try board ?a private famm.y, living on tli? Hurttoo river, o*n accom mulct* a fow boarder*. Plenty o' fruit eon abed*. Gool reference* required. Addree* Private Board, Cm on Square Poet Office. COl'NTBY BOARD?A PEW BOARDERS CAN BE AC oemmodeted, to a prirate ftrail/ in Furdham, near tie depot, known *e tfc* Powvll Place, lit Bile* from the City Hall, with plenty of oha<lo tre-e, shrwbbery. At#.; two minute*' walk from th* d*pot Inquire on toe pre Bit**. IURNltHKD KOOklR TO UCT?ONE OR TWO BOOMS neatly furnished in a email private family, iiuitaol* lor gentlemen. th* house contain* all the modern 1b rroiements; in e desirable location, partial board if re quited. Apply et 91 Wert Uth et., between Fifth end bixth avenue* Furnish id booms to lit?to gentlemen, without board, in a genteel private family, oa Twenty-eighth street, near MadU*n avenue. Gas, b*th?, Ac , all through the house. Addree* B. H 8,. box 1,639 Po*t Office. TOllRNISHKD KOOMS TO LET?POUR NICELY 15 furnWwdr (WW tf H fy rea*enabl*, t* single gentlemen, or to ? petty of gentlemen, with or withont partial beard, In a genteel family, in Chambers etreet, out a short distance west of Broad war. Apply to B. W. KIGUaROS, 307 Broadway. Furnished lodging rooms to iet, to one or two single gentlemen, at very moderate prtoea, la ?b* first clar* hoase No. 77ii, Broadway, corner of 9th etreet. SUKN'lHlEi) APARTMENTS TO LKT, WITH OR withont board ?Inquire at 212 Broaaway, reatau rant. Aieo, a bartender wanted, city reference r*qutr*<l~ HOBOKKN.-BOARD?FURNISHED PARLORS AND bedrooms for gentlemen, or for gentlemen and t litir wive*, with or without board. Inquire at 23 First etreet, five minute*' walk from the ferry. -QAKTIAL BOARD IN BROOKLYN -FIVE MINUTES' JL walk from Fulton ferry, in the beet part ef Adame etreet Two gentlemen can be accommodated with capi tal bedroom*, with breakfast Apply to Mr. Fsulkenor, book publisher, 117 Fulton street, gp stair*. T>ART!AL BOARD, OR FURNISHED ROOMS WITrf X ont board, ran he bod on moderate terms, at 108 Grand street, first block weet ot Broadway. 1)RIVATE PARTIAL BOARD.?AN ENGLISH FAMILY . occupying a handsome house, with modern im provements, in one of.tbe best tonalities ef South Brooklyn, has a vacancy house' within 16 minutes' walk or Hamilton ferry; cars from it and Fulton ferry pees. Keierencr* exchanged. Address A. L., box 8,904, Post Office, New York. ; Spanish board?a gentleman wishes a well furbished room, end full or partial board, in a pri vate Spanish family, where an ogportunity for practic ing that language will be afforded. Address E. L., He rald office. STATEN ISLAND.?CHELSEA HEIGHTS.?BOARD. ? One or two small families can be comfortably ac commodated in a pleasantly situated farm houss, twenty m Dutffi' ride from I'ort Richmond lindiAf. For purti euinrfl ipply at 762 Broadwtj, or of Abraham Duller, r?t RicLmond landing, or ou the. premises. S i OUTH BROOKLYN.?A FRONT ROOM ON SETOND. and a back room on third ttoor, with full or partial loaro, In a unall private iamtlj. occupying a molern btuee with bath, gas, fcc. fcdtuctlou unsurpassed, and near South and Wall street ferries. Terms moderate. Apply at 242 Henry street. T 10 IJST, WITH BOARD?A FURNISHED PARLOR AND ? bee room, with pantries, suitable for a gentleman ardlncy. board -.or the lady only; the family is Tory cuiali-re bodT, ersi situation desirable; batn and gas in ilia bouse: pries 820 per week Addreee, giving name and residense. Mrs. A. King, Broadway Post Oiiice. 1i(7 LET?WITH BOARD?IN A PMALL, GENTEKL private famly. a front room and bedroom, with pantry and gas, on the second il< or. Apply at 165 Lau iena street, near Houston. T 'WO OR THREE AGRKEaBIJC PfcR-DNS, W(THGOOL) . rtden-ni-e*. can obtain desirable rooms, with break last and tea 11 teaeesary, in a private family, where no other boarders are kept. Location good, above Seven teenth street, and west ot Broadway. Botha in tne house- Apply to F\ D , box 3,672, I'ost office. Fr WO hOOMS WAN TED?FOR A LAD/ AND GEN Jl t lent an, board for the lady only; payable in ad vance. Address Edward, Post Office. TO SOCTHIRNERS.?GKN IXkMhN OR FAMILIES DE suicg tirst clans accommodations in the way of bars'som"furnished apartments, with or without break fast, wiil find sucb in the delightfully located house No, 18 Clinton place, Eighth street. HOK8B8, carriages, &c. *5~ YEAR OLD COLT FOR SALE?VERY STYLISH, O end promises to be very fast, partly broke; will be sold at a bargain, ne the e wner ie going to California, lrqnire for two days nt 368, Eighth avenue, of John Andre we. A GENTLEMAN HAVING LEFT FOR EUROPE, 13 desirous of selling e superior pair of bay horaee, 16 bauds high, kind and faat, suitable for eoy one desiring n good ety lish pair of horaee. They can bs seen and tried upon application to Mr. BEA1TIE, 76 Nassau at. AST HORSE ?A BAY COLT, FIVE YEARS OLD, OF I great style and beauty?can trot m '1:50, a mngnltt cent Mors an horse, Ave year* old, strong and speedy; also, a splendid pair of Urge coach horses, all just from Vermont, at a very low price Apply at til Boerum street, Brooklyn. I1AM11.Y AND ROAD HORSE FOR SALE?A VERY fine bay borse, 16* hanae high, six years old, suitable foi a family oivoctor'a use. Also, a very etyhsh brown horse t6>, haude high, eight years old; can trot very fast. Can ue seen at 108 Fourth street. y,or7ale-a superb carriage h?rse, 16h f bands high, bright bay, stylish and free drivsr. WiB be sold low to an immediate purchaser. Inquire at t,EO HURRAY'8 stable. No. 83 Last Thirteenth street. IVOR SALE?A HdlS."'. ANi> GOOD TOP WAGON, ? suitable ior any kind ol business. Inquire at 203 Grand street. ./OR HALR-A VERY SUPERIOR PAIR OF BLACK II carries* borers, perfectly sound, kind and gentle, can be seen eny tune this week at the stable, rear of 25 West Twenty-second street. IVOR SALE?ONE ENAMELED LEATHER TOP BUGGY, almost new, has been usd on month; will be ?i.ld for cite hundred dollars, if sold this week, also two ro top baggies Apply at the livery stable 6? West Twenty-thud street, wtw en EVIth and Sixth avenues. 170R SALF?A COUPE AND PAIR OF HoRSES, PER ! fectly matched, eight years old and warranted oud'I? ctupe reatly tew, built by J. Ford & Son, of New Ycrk. Sold lor want of use tog?th*r or separate, i id te seen Ht SbtfTenth street, near Second avenue r/CR SALE?A HANDf-OMB DAPPLE GRAY H0R3E, X 116)4 bards high, sound and kino in all harness, 8 years old, very stylish driver, suitable for any kind of ' us oess; can oe recommended as a drat rats fam ly l one, or physician or express buslne-.s; will aland wit bout tyng; is sold for want of use, cheap. Apply to VV. HYATT k CO., 329 Third avenue, where he can be sun or at 210 Bowery, o carpet store. ORSE WANTU?? IN FJ(CHANGE FDR A PIANO, which cun be eeiected from ten of the bsst mak<rs .ntteimtfu t-tates Horse must he of a goal build see perfectly sound. Apply at the music store of Horace vsstirs. 383 liroauway. OWE, "wAGON AND HARNESS FOR SALE.? ltroen horse, seven yewfs old, 16>m hands high very genu*, buggy with top, and a good set ol elngli harness; price 8176 for the whole, also, a light roawa way, with pole and sbafu, in tirst rate orcer; also, a vi ry pretty lady's saddle mare, 14>g bands nigh, six yesrs old, and aind m hirnese Apply at THOMP.-ON'S stable, 110 East Thirteenth street Horse for salk-a noble bay mare. wft bands bi*h, sts years old, sound and bind in all bar nese. Jnst from lbs euuntry. Prloe 8150. Can lis sseu ior tbret days. Inqnlre at 53 Lndliw St., nsar Uraaa. "V OT1CE ?GI-OD PASTURE CAN BE HAD FOR borses. within four nules of ths F'altcn ferry, Brooklyn, LI, by applying to the subscriber, on the premises, near the Four Mile House, Jamaica Plank I toad. JUl'.L OOMKLIN. KOCKAWAY.-A SECOND HAND ROCKAWAY FOR sale in gcoil order, and suiiable for one or two bone#, fit for lias country or wty, n very superior ar ticle. Apply at d7 Bleeekcr street. Can be seen at 437 Fourth street, at tne Empire stables, near eeooud ev. 1UMMKK CARKiAUK FOR BALE -A 8EX)Nl> HAND a> six seat Bret, is per'ect order, will be sold low, also, n superb saddle h;.r*e Apply at FLYNN'S stabiee, No. 18 West Thirteenth street S IXragon wanted-a well made top wagon, ft bung low, such ss usually used for a doctor, m ist be in good order." Address, out og lowest casn price and where to be seen, Columbian, Herald office. 0ENOIN AOAJBMM1RE Dancing academic*.?grand danoing aoi reee.?M'Ue CAROLINE VK/.1EN3 reepeotfully in'oims her Irienis and pupils tbat a grant dancing soi tee will take place on Saturday evsniog. June Alt, from 8 to 11 o'clock, at her dancing acadtmy, 21 Howard St. ?niLIAHM* IdII LIARD TaBI.FTA?WE OFFER FOItSALE A FINE I stoc?, with oar late >mprovsd enskleas of superior elasticity balls cu*s, clovas, poanets and cus t ,? or '.!? M ""^V^hTdETFE*. DO Ana street. 752 TKMAMTT RKOIBTHH. BROADWAY?10 LET. HaNUdOMKLY fuR , sashed cioai, te females ar atngte gentlemen. Privet* table eel/ The house ? first elm, m4 cub. UiMUitto madera Ifuwnh. At URN1SHKD HOUSE TO LET, FOR TUBES HON f Hi, on Ttrj KuHibU wraii-viit?Uo? rattnd u4 beaitby, and suitable tor asoutaero family, #<???? visiting tb? city, or Ui roMU wiU be let ?ep*rateiy, without board, to geatUmea; or a suite lot perma nently Apply at Mo Fourtn arena*. PAiirtUNT8 OF FIVE KOOlIS, TERM FIRE Places, two with marble man *1*. Criton water eud vaato pipe in ooe, on the third flcar, also, privilege in front baeemeat to wn*h la, and vault, la the honae lid Amity etrost. Inquire of Era. T. Reymoad, at 111 A mo* * * FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?OR THE FUANl ture will bo sold on raaeoaabie lorma The house ha* all the modern improvemtata, and the furaitur* la a'most new; In the vicinity of Ctaal street. Aoareaa a note to G. 8., Herald office stating where aa Interview can he bad. B0AR14NG HOUSE TO LEf?NEAR BROAD WaY, kotow Canal atreet?containing about fourteen room* and from twenty-live to thirty good boarders who will reman. Veariv rent $000. Furniture a art every th ng complete, pri.?$600l with Immediate poeeeeaicn. Appy thla day, toil Y RlQHARDi 307 Breed way. CWTAGE ON THE HUDSON RIVER TO LET.?A neat cot 'age, two ttortee and high basement, con taming fourteen rooms, sitaatod at Tubby Hoot, forty five minutes from Chambers atreet, within 100 yard* of ihd Tailrdhd <k|>0*. with nver view, will Je Ut wbvle or la part. Apply, on the premise*, to JOHN H. WATsOlf. I NANCY RESIDENCE TO LET-AY BERGEN HKlGHTd, Now Jersey, IX mile from Jersey City ferry, a noet Gothic Cottage, located upon high ground, COM uaadiag a view of the harbor and bay of New York., and unsurpassed for ealnbrity and aa a cool retreat for the lUDBur araaon. Stage* pan* witbia a few yard* of tho dooi every Of tern minute* to and fiom the oity, fare 6X cents The bonne was neatly furnished about twelve montos since, the furniture of whioh will be ?eld at a great eaorifioa. Also, a pair of Fronoh ponies, carriage, he. Poeaeeeloa given Immediately if required. Fur further parttoulsra apply to R. KJNGSLaND, 110 Chamber* street. HOUSE TO RENT FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS, AT Newport. Rhode Island.?Genteel forniahod house, ten room*, with or without furniture. Ha* a good yard and garden, pleasantly nitnatod on the hlLL For term* apply to N. UKFFKOx, at BrumlvaAGetiroy'*, lOOort landt street. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET?AT 68 TROY STREET, near Abingdon square. Board, if required. Ko lerence* exchanged. T)ART OF A MODERN HOUSE TO LET?NO. 261 1 West Thirty-fourth street, containing gas and fix tuxes, bath, water closets and laundry, and ie newly painted; convenient to stages and ears; from four to six rooms. Rent low to a small family. Referenoea ox djanged. Apply oa the premises. 500MB TO LET ?A YOUNG PHYSICIAN, HAVING more room than be requires, wishes to find a urn til respectable family as tenants, who would botrd him in payment of the rent. Inquire at 118 avenue B, oppo site Tompkins square. SUMMER RESIDENCE.?A FURNISHED H0U3B TO let, in Hoboken, in a delightful locality, near the ferry. Every convenience?gas, bath, raage, dec.?in tha bones. Will be let 16w to a good tenant, for tho next three or four months. Would also bs l?t far a longer time, and furniture sold. Apply at 24 Vesoy street, up stairs. TO LET.?AT CLIFTON, STATIN ISLAND, A NEATLY furnished and comfortable house, (or the furn'ture will be sold at a moderate price,) pleasantly situated on aimonaon's avenue, a few minutes' walk south of Vsnderbilt'H landing. It Is built with a good airy base nieut, and all convenience* within the house, end is now ready for immediate occupation. To see tho pro misee, a* ply to T. BaTTELLE, Tewnsend avenue, or 163 Front street, New York. TO LET?OFFICES IN CHAMBERS STREET, NEAR the City HalL Are large handsome rooms, and second to no offiee in the street with respect t? their adaptation to a professional business Inquire at 12 Chambers street. Also a large basepent with a good entrance. 10 LET?TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, THE npper part of house No. 121 Second street, near First avenue, with the necessary arrangement*, such ee gss all tbriBgh the house, hot and cold water, with privilege of batbing tubs and all othtr necessary accom modations. Apply en the premise*. 10 T.KT?TBE FIRST FLOOR OF A TWO STORY house, with four rooms and front baa-ment, with Cioton water; the sraond story occupied by a respecta ble geutleman bad wife, without family; a small genteel family preferred. For particulars inquire at Mr. Grug ery's grocery store, corner of 3d avenue and 81st st, mO LET?A SMALL THREE STORY BOUSE IN ELE I gant order, on a nice street. Rent only $360; also, one on Twenty third atreet; rent SAIO. Also a fine c welling part?12 rooms? gas and bath, $476. Also, a four atory house on Prince street, $800. K. ti. KIM-HIHKK, 319 Fourth avenue, 8 to 7 P. M. TO LET?AT A VERY LOW PRICE, POSSBS813N Gi ven immediately, a large house, or part of house, 11 Barclay street, nrar Broadway. It 1* well adapted few offices, or hotel and restaurant business. The baa* mentcan be converted into a nlee barroom. Apply to F. FIGUE, 42 Murray street mO LET?THE LOWER PART OF HOUSE 98 ALLEN JL etrrat, to one or two small families. r> LET, UNFURNISHED?UPPER TENEMENTS, 00N sisting of tour or,five rooms, with modern improve ments, will be let to a respestable family. Call at 30 Amity street. r LET?POSESSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY?THE second and part of third story of the house 276 Last Tenih street, near Tompkins square; has all the modern Improvements; rent low. Apply oa the pre mises. 10 LET?TO A SMALL, QUIET FAMILY, A ROOM end two bedrooms, on the second fl?or of the thro* story brick bouse 86 Charles street, near Fourth street. XO LET?TO SMALL AMERICAN FAMILIES, FLOORS through, consisting of five rooms, with bath*, Cro ton water, Ac., in the new bouse* in West Nineteenth ?treet, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Rents from 69 60 to $13 60 per month. Applv on the premises, 140 Went Nineteenth atreet, from 3 to 6 o'clock P. M. TO LET?A GENTEEL FURNISHED HOUSE, IN A desirable neighborhood, Brooklyn, near South ferry, all but seeond flat, or third story unfurnished. Rent low. Address Brooklyn, Herald offiso. T upper part and front basement of bouse, 76 Delw cey street. App'y on the premises, from 8 A. M. to 6 '10 LET?W11H IMMEDIATE PORSEsHIdN, THE X three story btick bouse in Delancey street, between Ivoru'ge and Allen streets, consisting of twelve rooms, in good order, end within two minutes' walk of the oars. Apply at 64 Delancey street. TO LET?HANDSOME HOOKS AND Ua.DROOM3, UN furnished, to a small family, without children, at 71 Franklin street, three doors wait ot Broadway. fTlO LET?IN 1HK 2?EW AMERICAN FAMILY HOUSE, i built for the express purpose oi small respectable American fam.lies. No other need apply Every con venience throughout. Apply at 103 West Twenty)fourth street TO LET-A HANDSOMELY FITTED UP TAILOR'S store, niw doing a cash business, is almost suit able for any kind of business, and in the best business street in the city. A lease for two or three year* will be given, with the privilege of as many more. The stock will be sold low for cash, as the propiietor is leav ing the city. For particulars address H. B. F., Herald cilice, stating when and where an interview may bs hud. r LET?THE WHOLE, OR ANY PART, OF THE bonus 141 Mercer street, as the landlord U going to the country. Mill let it chenp to a good tenant at good terms. Apply at 62 Excnange place, or wtthin. ;|t0 LET?THE BEUCOND STORY OF HOUSE 211 X Tenth atreet?two rooms, bedroom and kitchen, to a rvapeetable famdy. 1T0 LET-A GOOD THREE STORY HOUSE, CONTAIN ing gas, bath, Ac., ins first rate location near Bioadway, for boarders, aevsral boarders now in it; also, a portion of the furniture ior sale to auoh an amouutas will suit. Call at 432 Houston atreet. A. M. FAN NING. rLF.T? A FURNISHED ROOM ON THE SECOND floor, front, to a gentleman, without board; reat ?6 a month, with attendants; also, a basement, unfur nished. to a man and his wife, entrance in the hall door; rant M n month. Inquire at 136 Read* etrea". ?0 LET AT LOW KEN TP?A HANDSOME NEW AND pleasantly situated three story house, with versa m front, on north Bids Eight/ sixth street, near Fourth avenne, on high ground snd a commanding view. Also the one half of similar house, same row, possession immediately Apply to B. SILLKCK, Eighty-sixth street, near Fourth avenue. >0 1ET, AT WILLIAMSBURG.?STORK AND I)<VEL l>cg bouse, corner of Oraham avenue and Powers street, long established as a meat merest; also, house snd two lots on Hanford ?tract, Fast Brooklyn, first house south of Wilioughby avenue. Kent gl?0 per an num. Apply at 466 Grand street, Williamsburg. 0~DRLGGHT8.?10 IJCAwK THE FIN a. STOKE and basement, west side of Sixth avenne, between Forty-sixth snd Forty seventh streets: would make n gaptial stand to commence the drug business, as there is ?>o other store of the kind In the neighborhood Tar me will be made v?ry easy ant liberal to the right kind of tenant. Apply to JOHN MUKTHA, 626 fiixth avenne. I 10 BUTCHERS?I0~1.ET OR LEASE, THE MEAT market on the corner of Twentv-eighth street end fcecona avenue, with the privilege of buying the stoek and Hituree belonging to the earn; is now doiog n geed piofitabie ton daeM. TO LET OR FOR KAI.E IMMKIK A TKI.V ?A BARBER shop, 64b Hudson street, well tttted up. Also, a good bew-ment, the store aaltaole for a wa'vhmagar or ?i>y other bu-iness. inquire on the premises or at 22 Oaneevoort street. r MHAMtir nBtiuraia. TO LET?TB LARGE HOUSE AND OHOUNtM^OW tbe oomt W Gnfflc *n? Uiuih atr??U Qtwu tlM, StaUo Maud ; k>. W*a uted M a li^rmn heUA. AIM a brick htiut, farui.hel, la the village o du>U ?a Bprlngt>. Apply at No. 1 Great Jenee sheet, ooraar ef Broadway. f|tO LEASE?FOR A TERM OF YEARS, TBI FINE I otaco aoi dwelling No. 716 Eighth avenue, went aide, batwaoa Forty-ma to and FVheUi ataaU.tce above stewe i? tunable lor almost any kind o' teap-etabie btiaiaeaa. Inquire of SMITH n WOuCELL, No 44t Eighth anw, or No. 626 Sixth aveaoa. TO I KT OK FOR 8ALE?T.600 PQUARE FEET ON TOE ptaal floor, equal to three fail lota, for ear baa neaa requiting muck room, at Naa 63 and 8? tea Ire afreet near Pearl, a aitable fat hardwood a ad aataaaad lumber, largo iron or eraaa taaadry a loam engine, for letting out power to eoopa. TO LIT OR FOR SALE, IN STANFORD, CONN.?A vary deairabte country aoot, delightfully looatad, atll thaded, fruit* la obuadaaoo, furaitkad or uafur ouibtd For full particolaro apply to K.B. GOODWIN, 818 Broadway, next Uraco Church. Aloo, many other plaoea for oolo ood to lot. Basement to let-pniladelcnia-to b m ben, faeblonable beat or trunk nek era. under the ale (ant bat etore, 138 uheetaut etreat. Country eesidbncb to let-in the ratios of (ileavilla, tH mllootnm the Portoheeterdepot. Weit ?bteUr eoonty, oa ?be Mew Ba??n Railroad, IK heora from tbe elty. The plaoe oooelete of keuan outbuild imga, are eight oeree of laad. Woo'd lot oeoarata er toretber. Adf iteo J. L. MObHfclt, Foriohooter, or to K. D Goedwin, 80s Broadway. ? Partly furnished house at omftoil sta tes 1 eland, to let, wltbia 'ten mlaatee' walk af Yea derbilt'e lendiag. The ground* an wail arranged and beea tilully ebaded. Terme moderate laqoin ot B 3. HOWES, re riding on the prom Dei, or af MR. CHESTER FLOWER. n **vrir*r, ?p "*ka rrny let-possession oiyen jemewrtblf?*gt X rear part of tke eaacad itery, ibd tfjt third atory, aad all of the fourth otory o. S Uaakmaa street; aieo, the front noa af the fifth atory W 5 aad S3 Beekmau otraet Eaob apartmaat la mutable foe awy kind of meebaaloal baeiaeto: alto, baoomeok el td ??_ ?'road. Inquire af JAME8 COMMJtB A SONS, 9 fteekamm at root. rO LET-TWO THREE STORY BROWN lt?M front Engliab baaeweah houaea, with all the aaodam Ik pro rum out a, la Twenty ant otraet, between Flttk aad Biath aveauee. Apply to ALEXANDER WEGKBEOKEB, HfUkwU etreat. MISCEUAMEOPg. 7AAA POUNDS FINK OLD ENGLISH AND PINE ?VVv apple cbeeea.for sale by WARD A GILHKRr, SOI Waal BILBRRr, SOI Waahingtou atreai. 1 ?*!? CANAL STREET ?W. A H. VAN NOTES HAVE: lUt/ a large eatortment of the latert patterue ad mantel gratec, kitchen range#, aummer' range# and stoves for sale, oa reaionnble terme. Jeweli?ra and braoo foundeia' furnace* built and repaired. OrutM and ranges aet and lepaixed. SR1CK MACHINE, PATENTED 1864, WARRANTED ?They are eet up to the common tuba, with a m to grind the clay. .Fire men oan make with eaae 20,000 brick per day, superior to hand made. Weight 376 lbs. Price f 100. Apply for machines or circulars for the State ol New Toxk and the New England States to J. M. REED, 42 Duane gatieet, Sew York. For the States and Territories south aad west of the Stats of New York, apply to 3. C. Ripley, New York, sr Chicago, III., sod St. Louis, Mo. The co-partnerahip heretofore exikting under the firm of Ripley A hood is hereby ma tuaily dissolved. CtANADA HATS, CANADA HATS.?RECF.1VED THH / day, of extra quality and breadth o( brim, for sale by GaYNOR, MAC-DONALD A 09 , Nos. 24 aad 88 Warrea street. CTOUGH AND DISEASES OF THE LUNGS CAN BE J cured by pine vapor inhalation- A -now open, for two weeks, for tbe reception of all theee dis eases, free of charge for the flrnt visit, at 102 B6erum street, Brooklyn, near the terminal of the tunnel. DRESSMAKING.?SOUTHERN AND WESTERN LA. die* visiting New York, will find It of greet Im portance to giro MRS. LANolNG a call at tier establish merit, 120 (.anal street, where dresses of the Parisian style, and in a superior manner, are made on the moat reasonable terms. Fishing hodb. rbelp, and tackle, for pre senta?a large sasortmeot of which, at law price', c.n be found at j. A J. <'. CONRJY'd, No. 86 (late from 62) Fulton street. ' IONA t RUIT8?STRAWBERRIES, THE LARGEST ana beat ever offered in this city, fresh every day, for bale by the agent, JOHN d MARTI ST, 126 Spring street, corner of Greene. LADIES' ATTENTION-.?M. D'OAMERON (WHO WAS tor Biz years patronized b? the late royal family Of France) will lorward to any address, for the ante of one dollar, enclosed in ? pre pad letter, reoelpte and instruc tions which will enable yon to make with ease, and at an Immense saving to yourselves, the following valua ble and Indispensable toilet articles:? Ills Eau da Bo quette, for the handkerchiefs and glovea; his La Bade White, for beautifying and improving the complexion; hit LentriSee, for cleaning the teeth and sweetening tbe breath: his unrivalled Capatherion, for restoring the hair and preventing baldness; his improved Essence of Tyro, wbieh will instantly dye red er gray hair a beautiful black; his invaluable Cosaabonata, tor removs irg freckles and pinfelss from tbe akin. Also, his Pou dre Subtle, Pomade, and Bloom of Roees. Tnrse arti cles are of unfailing efficacy, and may be relied on with entire confidence, M d'Cameron will guarantee the highest satisfaction, as thsy will enable the purchaser to make for from 9c. to 16c. preparations whloh would cost from Is. to Iff. In ths shops. Address Maurice d'Uameron, Poet Office New York. Jowl 39,1866. M. d'Cameron?Pear Sir?As the note enclesing my dollar fell frum my fingers into the letter box, a feeling ?f distrust t< ok possession or me. I was afraid I should be sadly humbugged. But hsv'ng obtained your re* oeipta. and having tried the tooth preparations twice, I must acknowledge that I am agreeably surprised. Though so simple sad easily made, they are better thaa anything I ever used, ana I should suppose, from the greet cure with which your directions are given that the other preparations must bs squally good. I am so well satisfied, that 1 give yoa permission to publish tbi; as a testimonial, with my name and address. MARY M1LD0LLAR, No. 4 Columbia street, Brooklyn. "VrO WOMAN CAN BE liULY WHO HAT FINE JY teeth! (J. J Rosseau).?Save your money? ihose who have lost their teeth and intend to remedy the evil by an artificial sat, will save fifty per cent by purchasing of DR NAPOLEON PREl'KRttF; all his den tal work proves to be good, better tbaa ths best end in price cheap, cheaper than the cheapest. 436 Bread way, oorner oi Hewsrd street. PUNCH BOWLS?THE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE ON bend a large assortment of the shove artistes of vulons sizes ana qualities holding from one to five gal lons each. Prites rasging from 8* to 860 each also, a beautiful assortment of pcr-.sLin statuettes. F. J. A J. MAYER, 81 Pearl street. STRAWBFRMES, CHERRIES, OR ANY OTHER FRUIT it vegetables, may be effectually preserve# taa fresh state for years, by tha use of bprati'e patentae<f-aeal ug cans. Full flheciocs for preserving accompany tha cans. Tbsy ere easily opened or closed by band with a pa tent screw attachment, and ate guaranteed a1 ways to an ewer folly the purpose represented. N. B ?The genuine seli-ses ling cans have cast in letters on the oap, "Spratt's patent.'' This much is mentioned to prsvent imposition upon the public by any spurious or worthless artlcis la imitation. For sale by tne proprietors, WELLS A PRO VOST, 321 Pearl street. Agents wanted. This song, wiih glowing affsction to the toul that still beams through Miss O. L, of Ht, Lools. TRW 1RIH1I OLD HIRST The blood rag atiU waves o'er Kiicrea's gray n'd abbey: The knife kn'gbt still rules in my forefathers' home; ihe vulture still craven o'er thegrandscu of Paddy, That sleeps 'oeath the ruin o' that ivy atales dome. And yet o'er tbe East fsr lingers the morning star, While I wait impellent to welcome the day, To win back for Marv tbe eld home and dairy. Ihe home of bravo parent?her forefathers' lea And still as it swings o'er the blood ot O'Lesgy, The wbaler of royal thief, tyrant and foe; His tool ever sings o'er tne sprites of the bwiTs free; Ths laurel o( loyalty to cleave as they go Oh, eh while this tears me my spirit ne'er weary Home rovingly stole with my heart's will to stray Wfeeie flrat it mat Msry ia spring of lift early, As care free 1 stroll'd nigh the Abbey Kilcrea. Ihvre sleeps 'neatb the tower's oi l ivy crowned lower; Its glorioos souled founder, the old monk serene, Phi e still blooms tbs flower o' hU sunny heart's bower, Unfading bed under the heath ever green. Yet though they moulder there, shoulder to ahouldtr oeer, Tbe virtues of yore are here cherished within. As deep tbawmg aiory blooms honest laws glory), o blossom tbe core of all true Irishmen, till tine as night waned on the newsboy doth sheen on, O' th' morning star brightens and I mast away, Ere the sun Ms* meridian I'll telt the old given on, ai d hie tbtreto fight ia the hot flashing my of Ores fUmlng fev*r, the red fo? to oovsr, And trample tha tone o' the last tyrant's moan. Tren biek to the dairy, I'll take mv loved Mary, Retieatof the brave boos, her forefathers' home. Williamsburg, St. John's Day, 1866. ? WaLHHj a MBRICAN PLATE GLASS COM PANT- EACTORT, a W lillamsburg, Lea* Island?Am new SOSgMSd te er eeote orders far tough plate glass suitable t-.r floor*, sky llsbte, vaalt and dock lights Prompt attention will be rive* to all ordrrs left at tbeir offioe, 448 Broadway, or with their agent, J t PLATT, TV Murrey street. Lovers or aquatic sports.?at inqeesoll'S. 240 Sooth strto'., can a ways be found p'eaeure boats ef tbs flaeat build and nodal cl any ia the eeantry. Sail boats, 'r .m 14 to ? feet In length, aan be Sited eat erne piste ia 24 bonre' notice. Remember, 208 beats etwnys on band at 240 South street. ROBBERS' ALAEMf-TO HODSBEESPERS. STORE keepers, effiee propria tore, Ae.?Eeeh and nvary per son may sscurr a dsetdod sataty within tbejr dwel inst ot tlans of budpksa at a trlfliac aiptnea, by ad dusting Safe ty, R. B , bo* 473 Hernld Oflte "TRUSSES, SHOULDER BRACES, *e.-4 COMPLETE I assortment of trusses ef avary kind, ?h-mMer brasses! :bo meet improved sty iss, imported o'astia sinebtag*. ladieP betta w ade a'tov the most apysavod patterns. and ?astrn mentofor 'h?ve taf and onrs c dsfwadiM ef every Mid sni..t?rtlv oa bawd and mods ?.> nvdar, b D- GLOWER, a' *hs gorreon*' Rat dsge lastituia. Me. 4 Ann street, uia ?be Aw'teao Mn-vnm,