Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1855 Page 7
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mnnsEMsm uiuvn vteet day. VOR MALE. ft Q7SA A-FOH *ALE-HALF INTTRIfT IN ON# ffiu?v vU R tt? mass4 M< tail |!W?n *m?b kiboiti if tm, 01 BrM4??;. *lior? tn wrt"" km ton ?*?? Alan splendid bet more down town, dn>| is iiitsH retail business, 9900. Atoo, superior |N0ir/ and feed store, Grora street, |1,W?? Apply at Sis anaiiy, iw la. ft A /\AA -A SPLENDID MANUFACTURING ?4.UUUa bu.iu.e# fa* eele-profie- 3<K> p?r a*at, no competition; demsad unlimited. On* b?lf in taiaA tn this rata and (ancaal bustaen. wlU b# sold for ?4,CMrto nay bnatnaaa man who will superintend nod man THOMASASTREEr, 34* Pino at FOR 8AIX?ONE HALF OF A Ma F? nufecturing business, in the country, Ew ia'sueeeeafal opera lion. A lea, to let?A pretty country reaManee 1b Ceaseetieui; and part of n a tore, ?Mb largo ikaa window, in Panrl strset, both at vary low ante*. Address A. H. C., box SOS, Herald a Bo*. 1 AAA LOW FOR BALE AND EXCHANGE, liUUU situated ta Now Verb end Brooklyn A Maek aI house* 1b aeanoa C, for aalo low. A splendid bwainaaa preprrtr, down town, paying $7,000 par year, lit atk. M. L. 8HELDKN, M Nassau street. A1 AAA ?I HATE A GROCERT STORE IN QlisvUvi aa good a location aa eay la thiaeity, and doing a aplandld business, with ftrotelaae customers. 1 require eoswtaae*, and will rive a good m.n a flra ratechano* aa partner Apply ta R. C, 384 Koir-.ii evsaao. WILL PURCHASE A FlBfT RATE CROCK ory store ottabllahed fear yeera, ~mw,ww~?m, fixtures, ho., he., ataitrd in a Brat rate btaiaea* thoroughfare Ratistsetory rea-ona riven for aoNlng. Inqalre at No 8 Gold atreet, ground Boor office, tor C. W., so Friday and Saturday, from 9 to 12 A. M., for two daya. ft 1 PA ?FOR SALE?THE OLD AND WELL I*. WiuUs tahliahad diatag and drinking saloon, la So vieiolty of Wall and Broad streets Here la a chance fern jaurntn with n swell capital. Apply loam* dtateij to C- G. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau street, room 7 ONLY?FOR SaLE, A SODA WATER stand, with aaarbi* slab, silver mounted at, Ino awning, and nil the necessary apparatus, he., ?seated (without doubt) better than any other stand in the oiiy. Apply immediately at 2*9 Broadway, room No. 10. GEORGE W. BIKERS. A NEAT COUNTRY HEAT FOR BALK OR TO LET? aT ?Jamaica, Long Island, containing anout one aire of grwand. On th> ptemlMs there is a neat two etery koaao, with tea room in the roar; a carriage boose and other ewt betiding*, and n well of water near the door. Mo pine* is in g?oo order and within ten minutce' walk of the r<Ihoad depot Inquire of GEO. W. SMITH, 17 jfmltoo street. New York, or of the suMcribor; one mile wool of the village of Jamaica, on the plankioad. GEORGE NOSTRAND a RARE CHANCE.?THE HAIR DRESSING AND J\^ batbing aalooa of No 9 Murray atreet, with a leare of Bv* years, for aalo. Tbo proprietor being en gaged ia noma ether business, wlakes to diapose of It. Inquire oa the prem'.aea OILER FOR SALE-A MONTGOMERY TUBULAR boiler (second hand.) very eootamiealoo foal, be ?*Id low to close. Can be eeea at the foundry of J. A. 4 J. D BECUR, 441 Tenth a treat. U.00 TvBUG 8TOIJR FOR SALE.?THE WHOLE OR HALF I * share of aa old and wall oatabllabad retail drug start ia ana ?f the beat loeauoos la the city: the store la wefl stocked and in geod condition, with a lanes for a term ef year*. Address Druggist, box 140 Herald Y/UGANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE FUR SALE-WITH Fi the furniture, carriage, he ; and twenty acres of land, oae and a half miles trom the New Brunswick Da pat, N. J , oa the banks of tha Raritaa, and commtnd u?g o magaiBoent view. The bouse la In the ielbla material* and filled In i place can bo seen at I Exchange place. irsg a magainotut view, rue own style, lately built with the boat mi with brisk. A photograph of the tha offiao of F. D'BEEVILLY, 18 E?< eXTtOR SALE-THE PROPERTY KNOWN AS H PEUG Jf net's Institution. The buildings are largo an i in order, and desirable for many purposes, par Lieu far a school, for which they have served sine* Mi. They will bo arid with six lots, throe on Bank street and thro* oa Troy street. The other stx lota, a so wen w?U situated, will be sold separately or altogether. Apply to P. PECQUET, St Bank street. FR SALE-SLOOP SUPERIOR; CARRIES FIFT t TONS; also, n sloop of thirty Bv* ton*. Botn are eeatrc board, aad extra light draft, are wail found and ready tar as*. Apply at Mrs. WILDER "8, Bay House, Penny Bridge, Scath Brooklyn. Will bo sold on one year'* credit, If real estate is glvsu for sonority; or apply on heard, at Fanny Bridge. IjLOR SALE?AT FOBDHAM, OR EXCHANGE, A LARGE 1 doable bene* and thro* acres of lanl. Possession given as soon as waatod. Enquire at No. 26 Ferry ?Meet, ap stairs. IjtOR SALE?A FIR9T ' RATE STAND FUR COFFEF. ' aad eaksa, or for a foreign aad domestic fruit stand, at the ooraer of Cathsrins market slip aad South street, east side. Apply oa the premises, between 6 aad 7 P. M. E FOR SALE?A PLEASURE SAIL BOAT, CARRYING jib and Mlauil: ixwlliBt bwM ana ts aoaphte ?td? for dm*. 8im, 20)4 fset long, 7 f*?t wide, warrant ?dt*b?k hit uil w*t boot, is Abo or rough weBther The owner not being able to use her, would **U at a sa crifice, if told ion. Inquire of JAKES E. WALKER, 114 Kaltes ?treat. Fr sale-an extensive MINERAL WATER AND vise manufactory, bow doing a profitable busi B*f>, and 1b eomplete order; lease of fire year*, rent wrj low; will bo told at a great bargain. Apply at 166 Mercer ftreet. "EVMt BALE?JUST FROM THE COONTRY, THREE ? J flrit elan alagie borees one a fiae bright bey, with black Kane and tail, 16 bands high, ?ix rears old ADd elthoagb greea, out trot in three minutes, and in Very fine stylo. Tbo Beoand one, a fine gray, eight year* aid, 16)4 banes high, slack man* and blaek bob tail, and eaa trot Inside of throe minutes, also a beautiful sad dle borne, sale for lady to ride or drlwe The third a dark hay or brown, 16)4 bands high, dee drlrer, six years old, w*ild**igs*d (or a gentleman's carriage or basins** horto. Thee* horses1 her* been owned by the adrerti ser from one to two jeers and e?.a be well recjmm-mi ed. They cob bo seen on all days, Sunday excepted, by ealMag at 69 *renue D. SflOB SALE, AT YONKER8?A BBAUTIFCL 00 UN TRY residence for g*nt>*0Ma doiag bualn*** in the city, ty Ire nunnt**' walk f rem Glen wood depot Tbo booa* to built by day'* work, la th* boat maon*r, in the Italian style, water, bath room, gat. marble mantels, glees sh dmgdrots, ceilings ote.menud eery rtohsy; eontalns am sit r-n lots, ore* mooted aaJ studded with large feeeet trees the view of the Hudson a* for as States tbbtsen roome and esllar; the ground ennteins ten Island cannot be surpassed. price 97,000; terms easy Also, a tars* denote, first elase bouee for 99,CUO. Apply to JAMI8YOUMAN8, Warborton arenas, fiiet house ?her# IamarUse arenue, or Yaaksrs Poet Office. OR SALE ON 8TANTON KTRkitT?TUB TWO TWO atery end bee*meat brick dwelMugs No* 0 and 11 toe street, near Bowsry, for neie One half of the pmrcbsM* meney can remain on moitgsge 'or a terns o years Apply to JOGLN DELAPLaINA, No 7 New street. For bale, exchange, ok to lkt-thic hou-ie, With the furniture. No. AO East Twenty eixta street, near Kaortc arenne. House three storici, basement and seller; 20*64; modern imprac-mants; 16 feet court ruri to front. PoMoaoion immediot? >y Ajpiyae a nose, or to JOSEPH DAVltON. Hiaer-r huiMtng, corner William ?nd Pearl strsete, er to LUSH A AOON, 2W Fourth TNtOR BALE. OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR A GOOD r farm in New Jersey, or sserehandiso, n first elase house, containing 17 looase, with gas, range, Ac., in a gced neighborhood and ploaeantly located on the earner of Weodbell and Hicks streets rsonth Bro iklya. 6\>r par ticulars, inquire of J. A. LYHECKKR, 199 Columbia, eor ' nor of Union street, South Brooklyn. X70K SALE OR EXCHANGE?A EIRiT Ob ASS HOUSE, JC loeatod in Brooklyn. Apply to JOSEPH HAGUE, 12 Gafd street, New York. i JEWELRY STORK FOR RALE?TOGETHER WITH leas* and geod will, in a good locality, w?U eatab ' halted. A rare ehance to a practical man, aa tne jobbing hi sufficient te pey the cxpsneee. Will be eoM with or without the stock. Apply em the prewiiees, 214 Fulton *%**t, Brooklyn ' ^ Meat shop for sale?an old stand, with lease and fixtures. Inquire on tbo corner of Se ? cend svsnu i sad Third street, before 12 o'clock. The owner Is west. SEGAR STORE FOB RALE, IN THE SIXTH AVENUE, with soda water stand and fixtures; the sale of ?eda water pays the rent; the store la fitted up neatly sail doing a*t>od bust nasi, will be sold low, as the owner's beaMh does not permit bim to nttond to It. Apply st 12.1 k Htxth arenas, in the store, nay time after 9 o'eioe* E PORTE MONNAlli M ANUFAOTURERS ?FWR RAL-c, a prsss to eompWV* order, also the aeeeeawry s, patterns, dice, stamps, tosls. sad mstortol?fur ifiTb sash Uan be seen at 99 Fulton street, up ? tains, ' at th* office of John K. FA RLE A HON. riTO THE TRADE ?ABOUT THREE HUNDRED HORSE J* shoes, new annl. rice, an 1 bellow* for sale cheap. Apply at 72 East Thirteenth street. C~ ImIITON. STATIN ISLAND, WIAh THB NARtOWl. ?hslldle* lets ee high rroand, with pure water, te* riaws, end perfect sewerage. The meet attractive position ler residenee* e* lb* Ulead. W. W. TAN WAOINBN, K post's bundle**, 11 assr?r street. I IaTjMWBI SPLAN DID BTKAMIh CROrOlf ; ike is sow to perfect arder tad eaa be see* da" ?f Peek slip. New York Foe terms aeplr te r. ?*t. *b* is sow to perfect order sad tea be ***b daily at the * slip. New Vork For terms aeplr to JOHN T. 1RV1NO, Ne. 7 Names street. rR BALK?A WILL IfitABUBMKD MAN UP 40 taring kusiesss, seder a ralu .hls patent, already fa werably ietmdnoed. and promleiag s leeratirs and perms mat isrsstment. For partisuIar? apply le BBAJfaNN R. mmWlQ.? Wall It ?OAL. tofoAL-MY OBJECT Id QUICK HA LER AND SMALL q j profits, for rash. I am dnllrariag beat quality red or wh-ts aab, wall screened, at 96 60, or In tots orcr firs tons, at 96 26, from my yards, Kina and Orsanwleh, Twenty fifth street and Math erwue, J^Dosae etonet, near Broadway. PBTEB CLINTON. Honu AWD WIMMEH RKTREATS. A TLaNTIO VIU A, LONG BRANCH. It. J ?r?H A mw boon? drbghtfully (Mu<M near m KWibOf, is ready lor Ue t>wflie* of company. P?r?oo? enamour ?IKnrtif r obi alii jlim raft, or audioes AM04 R. SYtLLE*-WEEK Imormeiioa eu ho had of K W. 3ow jm, U? White croat Now York. IjMEHF-RMKN TASK NOTICE.? THERE 18 FINK FISH 1 teg at Per. H?a?iltou; ?ui ftah and eoa base ara Ukn is leige qa.lut M. boat*, bait, nl taikie al nay h re.ry ?? ItoSUlnll Ho *1. Too Coooy I* wad boat teoeooo at Tort HaniltoB each way. LONG RRANCB-SEA BATHING.?THIS WELL Obowb and dedgbtful eummer retreat la sitae ed tw?Bty-loor mile* tiou Now York aioog tbo Atlantic ecaet. Etwemera Ooooo Waro aod J* me* Chri-tophoc Dare fort of Jay atraat daily, (or Long Braoah, there aro Mraral large aad oaoaMlou boarding booaao situ atod within oao hundred yard a ot the too mora, with a fine graoa Iowa extending la front to tha odgo of tho ?aa. >'Hm Baking, pteaaeat rldot, aad every attention paid to tbo gaoate lor tbair oomfort Tharo aro at loaat lk.OOu poraoao visiting long Branch dartag tbo *ummir reason; tho navigation of tho fhrowabury river being greatly improved oaring tho present year, to aoab o toe steamboats to lead pe Meager a at Braoohport, within oua mile ef the boarrlng bouses. dtegoe will eoavey peaeea gere to tho boarding houses, which will be opaoad the y-th of Joaa. Aay person daalrona of obtaining room* Will apply to tba proprietor*. Metropolitan, by Vandyke A Cooper; National Uouaa, W. Stokoa, Mansion Hrase, 8. Laird, United States Hotel, Konnady A Oratoa; J?n ilea Hotel, 8. C. Morria, Bath Green A Sena; Howlaads, J. V. Oonvers; Alioghaay, by J. Wardoll U)NG BRANCH, Proprietors. Mount vernon hotel, cape may, x. j?Taw mammoth hotel, with ac tommodataooa for one thouaaaO gaaato, will open for tba moooq on Saturday, Jano bOth, 1866. Oao band red and Sfty additional Memo hare boon added. Pare eoft water iron an arte * an well Leo been in l rod used through the hoooe, aad a largo Belabor of new aad complete hath noueeo added beaMes many other improvements alaao im loot eeaeoa. Portioo of eh perooae or nnwards oao here prtrate table a at aay hoar agreeable to teem. A regu'ar table will alee at regular hoar* will alee bo aet for thooo woo aro not in pr itter, or who may prefer a table do bote. Tbo term* will bo moderate, aad no extra charge*, except what may be ordered SAML. B. WUOLMaN, Agent OLD STAB HOTEL, 84 AND 66 LISPENARl) STREET, Broadway, near the depot of the New York and New Haeea railroad. Thi* hotel haa born refitted and imp>rtent addition* made (or tbe aoee?e?eodattoa ant oomfort of rveideate aod rlaitera to tbo city Choice wine*, spirit*, aks segars. Ac. Lancheo throagh tba day and an ordinary from one to tbrvo o'clock. Good ted a. . JOiKl'H BKOOK1, Late of Cincinnati, Ohio, ard formerly of Manchester, England, Proprietor. N B ?Summer 'retreat?J. B. beg* to draw tho at tention of hi* frioade and the public to the garden In rear of the hotel, where he hoe fitted up.a partition end with the Inxnrtant riao which now orer-caaopleH tl oynrd forma a cool and pieaaant reiort for the seaexs Bona water, tee cream and rummer drums. The Glee Hub meet* every Wednesday evening in the club room. EOOKBKIDGE At I'M SPRINGS VIRGINIA, VIVE mile* from the Virginia Central rallroaa and twen ty-three mllek from tbo Natural Bridge ? For more tcau tnirty yeare there remarkable water*, unaided by a riu gle newi-paper adrerti**ment, have DOrn growing, by mere force of the wonderful carer ettected by tbem into public favor, and a ganonti celebrity throughout the middle and With*rn State* It i* confidently asserted that la those communities they stand without a rival ia tfce eure ot scrofula chronic uiairbaea, dupe pelt, obsti nate diseases of the hver, ot the kidneys aod of the skin, op'hulmia and nervous affections, bronchitis laryngi tis, and diseases peculiar to females Pamphlet* oon talning analyse* and a few oat of many certificates vo luatartiy tendered to the proprietor*, will oe for war led on applloeticn. The establishment is bow fitted up for the reception of five hundred guests. If Northern etti svas are disposed to meet and mingle with an agreeable. i, they wiu refined end rocial assemblage of Southerners, they find this a pleasant "neatral ground"?whilst tho ad mirer of the sublime aad tbe picturesque will derive a rare esjoyment from the saocessful paasagi of tbe cars across the summit of the Blue Ridge at Kookftsb Gap, as well as la tbo contemplation of tbe Natural Bridge. After tbe first of Joly passengers breakfasting ia Wash ington City or Richmond, will dine in Staunton and sup the ramo day at these Bprings, thus bringing them within two days of New York without any night travel. The Volaadt hand ot music engaged for tbe *?aeoa. FRA/tiER k RANDOLPH, Proprietor*. SUMMER RETREAT?THE MEDHUR3T FARM, AT Ceatreport, Long Island, ia now open for the re .?j tioa of gentlemen and femtiiee el reepectabihty. roe eteamer laland Belle leave# foot of Obthanno street every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 11 o'olock, A. M., for Northpcrt, IK miles fteos Centiwpert, three hours from New York. Only a few superior rooms are now vacant. Tortus moderate. For pirtleu lais, please apply to W. ANDREW HA DIE, 117 Fulton St., NewYotk. N. B.? Excellent bathing, fishing aad shooting. AVON SPRINGS UNITED STATES HOTEL.?THIS ?OL splendid hotel on the bluff, ? tor looking tho uorirallitti valley of tbo Genesee, pnrohoiod of O. Comatook, is uj> open refer eisLed, enlarged and improved, adjaoemt to tbo renowned mineral springs, about a quarter of a mile from tbo railroad depot, by tbo Central or Erie, near Roe healer, N. T. Tbo proprietors will so pi ease l to aooommodete rial er?; a quiet resort for invalids; they will Hod Avon a delightful boallb loetoiiag watering place; thorn who de sire to spend the maimer in a roanaatie region, with the ci mfsrts and lnxvriee of a Sret aiaoo hotel. WILLIAM VAN ZANDT. P. D. BILLMAN. BEAVTirDL SUMMER RETREAT.?FOREST HOUSE, Band's Lake. Now Jersey, situated oa dobeoiey.'a monntaiu, aboot 2 600 feet above the level of tho sea. and snforpaesed for baalthfalnsss and boaaty of situation. Car riages always ready at tho Stanhope station sf the Morris nadEsses Railroad to carry guests to tho hoase Wot rooms, An., addrsss the proprietors J. M. SHARP A CO, Forest House, Stanhope Post Dffiee, N. J. MEW TORE BAT HOTEL, MILES PROM JBRSBT city ferry on Lergon point, plank road The most boan.lfaf summer lesideuce in the ssato. Pishing, bathing, boating. Dinners and enppers at an honpidnotioo PrivaU carriages to and from tho house to eity. Mow open for per manent and transient go seta. Apply at tho house, or to Cap*. LABSE. Poet Otteo. Jersey City. Trenton palls, nbak utica, n. t.-thb hotel at this plaoe of favorlto resort is opoa for tbo season. Tie.ere saa now roaoh It direot by tho Blaok Elver and Utioa Railroad, trains leaving Utioa oa tho arrival of tho Steam boat oaproM train, also of the Hudson river sspress train. 11. MOO kit, Proprietor. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE. -THc, foot of Jay ttreat, or Tuesday, Juno 26. at ll)h o'ciojh, on Wednesday, 27th, at 12 noon; on Thursday, 28th, at 0 A IL; m Friday, 29th, at 1 A. M , and oa .Saturday. S(th. at 8 ig o'clock p. M.; returning to tha c.ty e*oh day at an early hour m tho evening For coney island and fort Hamilton -.he steamer Nor walk leaves Now York is follow-:? Pier loot of Amos street st A. M , and 12,'4 and 314 P M.; pier foot oi Sprag street, 9Jf A. M.: 12 K and P. M.. pier So 3 river' at 10 A. M., 1 And 4 P. M , leaving Crney Island, last trip, at <i)t P. M Fare to Co ney Island sod tor' Hamilton and beck to Now Fork, 2o cents. No half price lor children. FOR SHREWSBURY, LONG BRANCH, ft0?1 strainer J A MUX CHRISTOPHER trill leave the 1 110 DAYTON,' CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE.? Spring and summer arrangement, via Now York and I'rto Railroad, Hudson River Railroad, Peoples' itae steamers. New York (octroi Railroad, Lake Shore k*J /oad, t'Mveland and foeoo Railroad to Clyde, theece by Had River and lake Erie, and Cincinnati, Hamilton nad Dsytoa railroads. Quickest and most dirac: note! through from New York to Cincinnati two hours In ad vance of any other route. Conoeotioai certain, and ample time for meal*. Three daily trains. Passengers leaving New York on evening steamers of People'a Line, or d a M. train of Hulncn Hirer Railroad, or d A M train of New Y or and Erie Kallioad, eonntct at BaiTalo and Dunkirk as follows ?Arrive at Buflaio 9 P. M., Dun klra 10.16 P.M.; Cleveland 6 30 A. M., Grafton Mk>A.ld , Oyda 8.6d A. M , BedefonUioe 11.4b A M , Dayton 1 P. M., Hamilton 2 P M , Cincinnati 3 P. M. Passengers leaving New York on owning boat or People'* Line or 0 A. M. train of Hudson River KaUroad, or 6 A. M. train of Now York and Erie Railroad, arrive in Cincinnati two honra in advance of Columbia route. .Soooud train? Leave* tlevemad, from writ side of river, 9 A. M , oa armal of stammers Creseent City and Qusen of tbo Wegt, fiom Buffalo, arrive at Sandusky 11.86 A. If , Dayton 6 P. M., Cincinnati 8.20 P. M. Paeeongsre leaving New York on 6 P If trsiaa of Hudson River it ail road, or Now York and trie Railroad, arrive at Buffalo 10 30 A. M , Dnnstrh 11.69 A. M., Cleveland 6.20 P. M., Grafton 6 46 P.^lf , Clyde 8 60 P. If , Dayton 4 60 A. M., Cincinnati 7 A. If. Passenger* leaving Now York on owning trains of Had ion River Railroad, ar New York and Ene Rail road, by this reate arrive Id Cincinnati thirty four mi nute a in advance oi Columbus rout*. Be sar* toeali for tickrts via Clyde and Dayton. Cleveland passengers, en rente for Cincinnati, via Clyde and Dayton, take the cars of the Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, and are c?u tinned to beware of the misrepresentation* of manors m tho Idsv*land depot, that the train for Cincinnati does aotloave until 7 80 A. M. Two hours are seined by tvklng ? It A. M. train, via Chide and Dayton. Baggage che--?d hem Nsw York to Baffaloor Dunkirk, and from Batata or Dnnkirk to Cineianatl. Through tiekets, and all in formation can be obtained en board People's Lia* steam era, or at the ttoket offices of New York and Erie Ran. ! read, New York Central Rail row), and Hudson River Rod read, or at office of CtneiaDati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad. 169 Broadway. T. C. MITCHELL, General Agent, 119 Broadway, New York etty. G. B. BROWN, General Eastern Agent. f'OBEBTrOBTAND POET HAMILTON.?THE NEW sn* fuit rtesmhoat EEYPORT leaves Nsw York, foot sf Murray street, daily, knadays sieepted, at 4 o'ciook, P M., rsturniag leaves Kevpovt at 7H s'eleek A. M. Par* 26 seats. Psrtsns dssirensof visiting sn* sf the mest health* end best baihidg plaees 1# the vicinity sf Nsw YoSk will f ud tt at Es-wort; and business men eaa be la Nsw York <hm ?H A. IT until 4 P M. DEHTIRTRY. GEORGE P. ?CRAPPER, DENTIST. 276 BCD80N near Hreewa-istabltshed. 1841.-Mr d, hat U1 W IHri Nib ? ui|N in fnrawthin* N a iJT Vf "S* "? vieiulty artltoist taeth, at the* halflsaemaals usually ehtrgsd to tbsir patieats, and is uew famishing the same style *f work iwhlih l?r heuuty, quality etUily *r saa sot b. surpassed) ts ths pub He upon the earns terms as Iwwatefe,. shkrgsd to deattsta Persons lu want si artffisisl teeth am rwpeetf.lly tMleited sail, before making eogsgsineats lelsswnere. He wUl be wost happy te explain hU systemi to all whe mae favor higi with a oall. A oorresn,.ndin<r reduction upsa all . thsr ope rations soaueetsd with the profssaiea. Terms lavarlahlv ErOLKN GOO DM, FFKR OF THE CHIEF OF TOLRTC, NKWYORK June 27, 1866 ?Owners are wanted at the First lit tret I'oliee Court tar three crape shawls, and at this office for oa# stiver epeoo, marked M. A H., which pro perty is supposed to have been stolen. OIU>. W. MATSl'XL, Chidf of Pelioa. 0 SIIIPPIM?. Tri (iiff i' n am* uriirMLtiiiTiiiMmt RhI Kto?a>?r* ?t be ?H,pe eeS leilv* inn:? ATi.anT1L. lapi *?> UL'lu CMi 'M pacific, ch. n>? AUkiAtic, < ?p* Tb? ihlpi ?'??? bee t .UI jj wnirHoipitMit fir *?? iHitnl Hritgp R<wr> Mil tw boor. Wn I* Ibdr m Uruatioa, it tku fa if air u.imm, lo ea.ure <trM?U oad ipeed ai 4 vhtir aco-iuiu.? for I MIM|?|| or* ?M reaped fur cb.iuc* and j. lufurt Pnee "f ?*<??*? W?? lew York to firorimol Mi i.rst eiase eehlr, tlBB; w aoouod 4c I7&, SBulemve n**> ef idrt alto ?u tevooia tX.'A fro? I frtrp' '1 ?<? Me * To'k #? aid *U fifw-a*. is e t periveoed "War attaehod a? eaah >Si* Mo North ??oojodwattf nM V fl?fi)'ij utrti or laiuia. 'Auk tuna. ??u/; utatroai. Weau;.?oij.... kt) it ,834 ja?as4o? May if. iJM ?Mi.ridt) ....Mb* *?. IttC Satarda* J a or 2, I Hod ? odncdaj ....Jar.c 13. 3NU Saiu. day Jane IA, WW Vedumdny ....Jane 17, iM# Sote.d.y Jim 3u, i? VeOaasds) ...,Jul> 11, 1846 Mbiardor.'. Jul* 14, MM VtdMwiap ....Jili It, IMA A?la.?4*f JMj M, 1Mb For_fau*nt 01 pauaia spa?j '?? Ml V I) A. CiLUNA Vo. AC Wall Mmi No* Tort. BROWN. Ml I) 1.1) i CO , Liverpool. STAPH AN tUiNotb * CO., V Austin Fnaro, London. B. 0. WAIMWAICUT AJ-O., Pari*. Ch/ktil a. DHbpkr, Bono It# VWBUO vf thee* ah'pa ? Hi aot 00 BoMankBklO lor gold Mlror. bullies, epeols jvwslrv, ureolwn t lOlaa or metals obIom oil is of IbMbo oro alos?4 vbereiot, bb4 tko vala* thereof therein noroarod. Sh'ppors piMM (boo b->itoo tbatthi ik.|? ?f this Una aaa boi ears* ob* (Mdt eeatrabaad ot ,u TBE VAMDEAU1LT AUAOPEAM LINK 3* STAAji aSipa.- Ybt link ilaal now ftiaminia A HI AL ABA moo, Lafevre master, wui leave No* Turk from pier S: North river, foot of Chamber? iir?et, ot boob oreoieaiy. oi Saturday j Jim 30, tor Uwvia direct. ?intolaoo 01 Iv Sec od olooo bboobob B Tko Ariel ?&l Mloilirtd b* tbo North flt-or. Jul* 21 1 boovBor of thtee nwah will aot bo aoeouutable for told, stiver. bullion. opooio, jewelry prestos* atones, or me to o, oBloat bil .o of ladte* oro rimed View for. oad tbo to'oo hberof therein eoprooood. Sbeeie sad goods tatta at usual rats*. No freight rooolrod ?ftor i*<-on of tbo da* before salting. No be rib seoured ontil paid for. Letters prepaid IHdo ie? fc ei wUl ho roeetied at ibe affile op to 11 A. M. ot tbe da* if sailing. aad will bo tar rirdio itroar India rubber bare under <ook, and ou arrivo) at Him ulflha immediate!., ie xmltoil la the Coot i.lttoa there Pareolr takes, eaeh prepaid, one dollar aad onwards rioan Dorc* or mure. *bom ??* tobb. rooo Movna. arWl done 30 North Star dune* North Star July 21 Artel ....Joi321 Art?) Aoo II North Star t?( U North Rtar Soit. 1 Brlol "opt. 1 Ariel Beat. 21 North <?tar nopt.". NorthHtar <tet 13 Ariel not 13 oriel Noo, 3 North Star ?? 9 Arm Nor. to Theee itoamelupo are o.tooed A I at the iaiaranee .ifllee?, aad apeeie and coodr will be iniured la .heui at o< low rat>> of pnmlom so In nay other rteanr' io>t orori tbe ocean. For ffet-ht er ptararo, apply to P. IURKaNCE Me I Howhno Oreen, No* Tart BUBMB. MuNTANf A DR Alt A, JA dae N. 1). dee Vie toiti. > ario CBMYNT1 A, BCBLOASANANM A CO., 27 l*ual Onu ou itltrltr*. barn. OR LIVBRPOOL.-SAlLH ON HATURDAF, JI.N2.ti, at 12 o'eloek, tbe well known pnoket amp AHllliU.tFoN. For lecond cabin or itoerare pa'nnoc apply on board, pier No. 19 Kiel ri er, or to Tttvid. ? . ROCBB, H3 Hootb at. F Black ball une ok packets kor uvkrvool ?rho ctppor ohlp -.HKAT WMFtK-S, Uapt. Kurrer ?ul pooitirely oaUfou Monday the 'id of J aly. Kor cab'n, Mcona cabm aad itcara^e paaeBRe lo tbia ap!oc did packet, apply on beam foot of Beekmao otrdot, Kant ilvor, or to JaCjB VlLJbON, 10k Soatb street I""OR UVLRPOOL ?PAl'KF.T OK JUNE WrB -THK ?pumcjld packet id-pCOLliVAVOR, J.O00 tuns bar then, CaptsiB Auat o. will positively nil on .satordAy, June 80. Kor paoaage in cabin, oeccnd cabin and eteer a?e, apply on board, at pier 28 Kant river, foot af Dover street, or to WILLIAMS A Ut/IOM, 40 Kultoa et. |7tOR 1JVWiPOOI.?EMPIRE LINE ?THE CKLEHRA tod clipper ship CITY UK NEW YOBK, J. I, Moooe, master, wltl posiuveiy sail on hatrrday, JO li, at 12 o'clock precisely. Her accommodations I or cabin, se cond cabin and it??raga passengers am unt trptased cn board, pter No. 6 Nerth nvor, or to 11EMA k JONES, 40 south street, earner of Old slip. Notice?cheap Passage to Liverpool?the splendid new clipper ship BELLE WOOD, Captain la ker, will positively sail on Monday, Iti July. The soecmmodstiODS for nil eiatuoe of pateeugere are ua or pai-red. To secure b-rtbs only application should b made on board, at pier 87 East river, foot of Market street, or to TAPS lOTf & DO , 8rt South at. TBE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA 6TAAMMD* Company intend tnUino their favorite steamships? PITT Of MANCRRdTlB. J.1J& UU, Capt. ?FyUe. II1TT OF BALTIMi>KE. |ns*.l 2 68b tons, Capt. , cm OF WAbHlNGTON, Ac..2.7U1 tons, Capt. R, Loiter. Sai'-un |0)l, $68 and 146. aoeordins to state room A limited number of third nines paaiongon will ho takoo from FhUsdelpMi and Livorpooi, oad touad la provisions 'rem Philadelphia $Su ' From Live, pool ha. Parties wishing to hnng oot their ?rieads, oaa obtain aor iJoatot of passage sr.d draft, on Liverpool iu suius of f ?"terlinn and upwards Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, azont 17 Walnut street, PhlUdelehiB, tad No. T BroadwayTVov Tork. % Stttw Mail StMuiliiD ('oapuj wM 4mu?< wall n thurvi kj, J sly 6, at 2 ? cloak H. a., | pier feat ot W erren meat, N. ft., the mew Bremen, via Southampton.?the united htatee mall steamship HERMANN, E Iligglae, com master, will tail I'ar Bremen, at ^Southampton to lanu the mail* aad passengers (or Eoglaad MM trance, on Katerday, Jnly 14, at 12 o'clock M., (rum pi> r 37 Strth lirer. ITtoe of paeeage (rooa Maw York to Southampton or Bremen:? In firat cabin, main taloon 9130 In firoteabia, lower aaloun lib la second cabin bO an experienced surgeon U attacbei to eaob steamer Spado delivered in Havre or London. All letter* mual pare tbroogb the Pom: Oflloa. For passage or freight ap ' i to C. B SAND, Agent, 11 Sooth William etreat. I he eteamer Washington will sneooed the Hermann, and sail Angnst 11. fOB fiODTHaUPTON AND HAVBB-THK UNITED btatesmail itaamer ONION. Capias B. Adauis. eon ? aader, will '.esva for Havre tonohiac at Southampton tc j.erd the mails end pavveugrrv, oa Saturday, gone 3d, at 12 a'olock, (Tom pier No. 37 North river, foot of 3took street. 1'rloa at passage. lint eaMa. 9110; eaoood eabla, 976 Lap vage mat wanted during tue vay ewe thou.d be vena oa boara the day before vailing, marked '"below." No freight will be taken after Thureday, J one 28 Far freight or paeeage np ply to MOBTIBBR LIVINOarONJUHroodwny. N. B.?All letter* nut pee* through the Poet Offle. RBTUCED PBICB8.-100 LBS. BAQQAGB FRB1I leur boure from eeean to eeann by Panama Hdlroad. No exposure ta tropical tan and rain*. Na walking ia the mad arouad shoal? and rwpiee. Na river fever and age* Through f. r California via Panama Railroad The UiJled !?h for Avpia . preaItaly, from aaw and spleadld aUamahip BKORGB LAW. 2,100 tana burthen. Passenger* aad mailt will ha forwarded by Panama Ebiiroad, an l eon naet at Pvaatua with the Paeido Mail Steamvhip < ampaay'v magntfieaat rteamvbip Uoldaa Gate. 2,670 tone burthen, A V. M. Leroy. coromanoer, whiah will ha la read new and leave immediately tar Baa JTraneieoe. The p i olio are in faimtd that tber. M. 8. 8. Co. always have oaa or mereai tra ?ivan ere lying at Panama, ready ter tea, ta avoid any feasible detention of uavatnear* or mailv. For ptMtie ap. ply To I W. RAYMOND, at the naly oflioe of thaCompa ay'*, 177 Waat etraet, aoraar Warren. N. f. I TICK SAN FRAN UI9O0?THE Sl'LKNWD A 1 FIRST ' clave dipper ahlp ANDREW JA JK80N, Williams, r briar, ia new landing at pier 10 Eaat river, and will positively eall on or before Tncsdey, 17th July. 8Mb. pars will plaaaa send their freight promptly on board, no a complete their engagement# before iu?sday, 10th. The thipa of tbui Mma are advertioad tar b eartain data, aad guaranteed to vail an or before the day advertised. SUTTON k CO , 68 South av, ear. Wall I^OR CAIJFORNIA?PASSAGE 9o0.?FURTHMK RB dnetlon of fares.?New York and Qnhforain atanm abip hue, via Nicaragua Aaeaeaory Transit Company, of Nicaragua, prepriatora?through iu aovnaaoof um mall ?7tu mil** vbortar than any o'.her route, avoiding the deadly I auiima fever, and tn mile* of d-.ngerous boat ing in Panama Bay. Katea oi fare through to Sea Fran cieeo, laaludlng the Isthmus crone tag ? Eire*, nab m, 9176; aecood cabin, 9126 steerage, 160. the spies ltd ileuble engine steamship STAR OK l'BK WEST, 2,ft00 tone bar den, Capt. Turntr, will leave pier No. 8 North river, at 3 o'clock P. M. precwely, for Pun tad re nas oa Thursday, iuly 6th, 1806, ~connecN.Bg with the iteamvhip Uncle Sam, 2.000 toas burden, over the Nicaragua Tranett route, Laving hut twelve miles ef land transportation by first class carriage.. For information or paesage at the recused rates apply only to CHARLES MORGAN, agent. No. 2 Bowling Green. Letter baga made np at the office. Htnmped letters taken far oeate anoh. A USTRALIAB 1NDIPBNDBNT RCTUAL LINE ? A The magnificent A 1, c'.lpper tbip METROPOLIS. L000 'one, T. H. Jay Commander, will messed the Cryvta' Pa lace and ftsve immediate devpateb for Melbourne. Tkaao oommode'tonv for paeaangore la ibit tae ablp are of the very beet, both in flret and vaeoad eaMa*. Alto, a limited nam bar of steera?o paavangvrv wlU be taken at the low sate ot IHJ, funad with fwavtsiaav by tha chip. Haviag a portion of tereergaalready engage o. passengers eaadepend oniyiiek deipaieh. F?r freuht or petvagt, at law rataa. apply on board at piar 17 Rett fiver, ar ie MAILLBB A LORD, 108 Wall straot, aad ABXBLL A iuLIO f, 1441 Pearl etraet. TTN1TED STATER MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY.? (J far Havana and New Orleaai. On Monday, Jnly 2, at IP M., f?otn pier foal, of Wervtn street. N B, the will known and favorite steamship EMPIRE CITY. Captain Uenry WIndie, having keen thoroughly overheated and put lb flret elan eoaditleu, wtll reeume her place la the line aad vail at above Paeeage can be eaearvd at tha Covnpa<grfe office. Krelgbt to New Orleans, 30 aeata per coWo foot, fthippeiv will be vnpelied wMb blaok bill, of lading of the (orm vigned r.y tha Company, on application at their oAoe. Na otber farm* eigntd, aad na bills of lading wtll be vigned after the boar of vailing. For freight or paeeage applv at the office of tha Company, 177 Weat etraet, aoraar of War ran M. O. BO81A 1*8. For savannah and Florida?united states mall liae.?Tha new and elegant steamship AUGUS TA, Capt. 1 hemes Lyon, will leava Now York for Sa vannah on Hatorday, June 30, from pier No. 4 North river, at 4 o'alock P. M. IhUa of lading igned on bbarS. For freight apply on baard, or for paeeage to SAMUEL L MI!CHILL, 18 Broadway. For Florida, through tick et* from New York to Jeckeonvllia, 931, lliatka, 933. The Alabama, Geo. R. Schenck, will sucMSd, aad leava <n Wednesday, July 4. "COR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA?SRVCI-WEEK - all bills of lading will be signed, and tog paeeage at the office of Spoflord, nlsstoa It Co., 29 Broadway. tThrough Vckete to Florida aa fotliws:? To Jacksonville, 911; to Itletka, 938. The heutkerner will aacssed, and laave en Wedneeday, July 4th. FOR NORFOLK, PETERSBURG AND BIOHMOYD.? The United State* mail etasmahia JAMK4TOWN, L. Perrish, comssaader, will Wave pier No. 18 North river, on Saturday, Jane 30, at 4 o'clock P. M., will arrive at NV.rfolk the nemt nfternoca, and at Petareburg aad Rieh n>< nd lbe foilowiag moralug. From Ner'olk paeeengwri for the loath proceed by railroad direct, with thr ough ticket* ficm Wvtdva to Wtlmingtea, Cbarleetoa Be. Paeeege and fara toNorfalk, 98; te Petareburg and Rich mond. flo; vteeragd hair price. Through ticket * Lynchburg, 914. Apply ta LUDLAM A PLEA8AWW, Mo. 82 Broadway. N. B ?No freight taken for Peters burg, *1W PITBUCATIONS.

t'lMAijc urt ami^u 'hk m-irmo^-rmc viil V r-wov/d by a rndy *)>? lutdatpl IrMi > ?)rn I ?D fcgyp'utn bondage.?"/ m<J? bo i>nl?Ma? Ike won i will ?>? ever wbv i| to Ui.t in* tun of K?it La*? i*?? n-v-r complained of ttie peaulltr tm>? cf the Ntbhi II fk*t A* be true, >?) wfi h?t* naasee. cote*. u4 pfeyia, and svaois wtoin uui own satsUUgs, eerrotiuraluig many at her ?UU ?ftli, U?a, ib n*o, it i? ki^b ilat Mint Iw ertias* m tb?'r canning B) pocntow w*rr punn>Mrt by the govenj meat; tkul lb< poor rituau, ?ku am MMftibt ?? ?vl; Sieven, ?fit ??? at liberty i'ai fa " particulare ?"? the >w Yeik Biips'eh for July X Woo four cants, for by oil thai uewimvn. I^UTN aM'B MONTHLY ? JUL If. K)|?t Bum*>cr o< liltk ruluma. c>).*ncm?of .00. xxxi. J rv log's L.fe of Washing lea. 1m. Wbot Cbssrf Y<ct?r Unlhmith. PMt MUDIO loi. Mural Objects ib Europe and Aussrua. Boo I coma to llbo Diamond*. Kaoent igi?riaao Poetry. Cop* Coal (Coounuod ) AucCrsimna. (GenUnutd.) fubWl aad Autaus Huraoe lire'lsy. role* Married (Osnttnoed ) Br Pa peerage'? fourth of July Oration. Ec iter la I No v* I. Literature.? 1. Religions Worts? Norton'* Now Tram >?*. ion of the tioopou, luylrr i*?wis' Six lUrs of Croatian The Hwtery ol the lift and Lnatitato of ML b iiotluB Loyola, by Mertadt, (ruabfed by Madam* Onlan ran i* La baron, The (ipidno Mbtd, by M dnrntt. X Htstorira? >Me Ufa of Sir Vi'Jiaa fopyariil, Mart., by Ua'sr I'ariKBia, (Jutaon is Ring. X Novel*?1 carle* R-?la's Peg Westing ton CTirhftie JobERtouo; Pefcowl of Life, by Anon Mary Hewitt, & root bray or tba Pino of 60c oty; Mary Lirodoa; Pen pi from a UaMry: Ka'o Aytesford, hliso Mjarbray; loi tialo 1 ?c> ku*' WorSo 4. Miicellaniei? Bancroft's L-torary aad Historical Mice* Lamas, Beechsr's Star Papon: Hut Gooper's Kb) mi and Reason of Joan try Lit*; Margaret Foliar; Gazetteer of tbo World. II. Pine art*.?1. Archtsctora? l'aia ty Cbnpel; Aca i'tay of Mnoio. i. Sculptural?At Boat, in, Kiehard Uroonougb; W. W. Btory , Oawfor.i'* Bs* .boven 8. Tbo Opera? ?.rb>l; Mario, Molferouo; Brig noli; V?Rtrail; "William foil;" '-If rrovnters;" Mrs. Perkins' Hall. Mad*bio Lagrange; U so LonUa Pyao, (jsroiaa Opera; Mr Barrinoo, Mr. Brutow. Ill Nt ar Publication*. Kiftb volume, I ooad in clotb and half moiocov, buw ready T rw>?Tbroo dollar* a year, or twenty tive cents a number. D1X & EirWARDd P 1 Mistier*. 10 Park place. Now York. 1>ME SOU IUKRN CRMIOB XKD nENRY WARD BEBCHER. The 1 rani fort (Ky ) Commonwe*lth in roriiwiog Mr. Btecner's bow b*vt, SI Art I'AI'KKS, ipealkas foJuwe: ? "If it Dad been io<d ua in nlvanea ibst Henry W.ard liaweber ha.1 published a book, we shouli bare expected to Hod itfuU o: Irnuaciauons and mrcasm< aimed at tne Sooth; or ax l-aat lull of flinga and glees at 'cearaersial religi<n' and 'cotton oonerienc*.' But here h* Is, no*, ae a pel* tnio, a contrereraial orator, or belUgeront editor, bat in the pleasant and quiet character'of an admirer o art ami an ardent luvnr of nature?a man of tmotion ano santimeut. We l'xe bim hugely in hi* new charac ter. There is no possible lUseimuiat'in about his relish for weoila, and glens, and mossy rock*, anrl roariu< nuuBtalD rtreams, with their whirlingeddi-i and speck led treat, lie evidently loves nature as a boy loves his*f)r?t. sweetaeart. He enjoy* her society with an eeitstic re lish; and bedescri as her with a f.-emnessand truth that a'sost transport his readers to the scenes his pen por trays, aad givss them a share in the rural spirts hi re count* it is indeed a charming book.'' Tbo above book is haviag a tno-"t extrsor lintry sale, sad it Is giving pleasure aad doing good wherever it goes AU booksellers have it. Price gl -ib. J. C. 1IEKBY, Publisher, 119 Nassau ?t., N Y. The bridal chamber AND I ra M YsrERIK*: Showing high life at our favnienabl* hotels- Edition published this day, and said in advance of the trade, at 2b cents, at oar offioe send in your orders or call. WM. KINGRLEY It CO., Publishers, 298 Broadway, up stairs. WILL B1 READY ON THE 1ST OF JULY?"TUB OLD Psrm Hi ass." by Caroliss H Butler Lidns. illui tratvd uitb gas sngrswugs by Vsa Inssn from-ledrut by WLitv, 460 peg**. 12 me. extra muslingiU. gl 26. T&e above work i? a besBlital domrstio storv, ef deep lnieruits Tbo teed and evil ebuuotsro?tbo eharmiac views of e>an try life-lb* follies of a fasbionable city life, and all tbi va ried topics brought upon tbo seeaeof the story, dosoribed iu the bappiesgunaaner. A copy wi.l be teat to any part of the Union, frca, en roeeipt of ths price. ('HAS, H. DAVIS, pnblUker SO South Feurtb street, Philadelphia. w WATCHES, JEWBLRY, dfcC. IBDUCED PRUB8 - ffATOBIS, JEWELRY, DIA I mtDii lud ulici war* '(he atdmVinM, tor the IM otgbtooa mil k well knows tester lud tin purser, nfin lot uli ill goods la hi* line, at lower prise. for lbs same qneiity, kfaia lap other bonne la Now 1 ork. Philadelphia, or tu other oil jr. aad will Med by mill or M"*,,'WAtCHB8t jbwBLKV, Ao.. to eli parts ef the UoRed States, free iicharge. All nodi wairea'ed oe represented. Orders by aii, postpaid, kith 'oilj attended to WATCRBS. Pagecneotyp* wieohos (100 to (UN J urgentoo witohoa, loaaiao wirmatod 140 to St Cooper witoboo, geania* warraatod 136 to 371 indoiwndont ooooad watohoa 134 to Mb Pocket chronometer* 136 to IK tight day watohoo... 100 to 136 1 odioe' oaiatel wltehae 96 to UK i idle*' diamond walchoo 46 to 900 Manic watohoo 10* to 79 Gold bunting torero, tall Jewelled. 18 earat 00 Geld open flood lerora, fall jewelled. 18 carat... Si Sliver open taaed torero, tail Jewelled 48 !,pta imiXi: ? Bar ring* (1 99 to 829 (M Pine 1 V) to 14 0 Bracelet* ? UN to 9) ?" U< Id look eta, one, two, and foar glass** 1 (k) to 29 00 SoldUaard Chain* 10 001* WW Gold Chatola ac, or Belt Chains 10 M to lid 0U Gold V oet C ha too 8 00te 86 00 Gold Feb Chain* 0 Ml to 16 0* Gold Powell* 1 26 to 10 0C Go d Pons and PoaoUa 9 60 to 14 Oi Geld Croeee* 2 00 to 13 Of Chased Gold dingo 1 OOto g 0(1 Plata Geld Biogs 76 to 6 06 Jewelry of every doeorl^icjn.^ ^ Diamond Single Stone Plat Si! 00 to 81.300 0c Diamond Claoter Plao Ju 00 to 400 0C Diamond Ring* 7 to to 360 00 Diamond Karriag* 100 00 to SOU 0. Diamond Cronos 35 00 to 800 07 Diamond Bracelet* 100 UO to mm At., A*.. Ac. SILVER FABf. 911 eor Teaopeoao ...per oet |6 00 to 8) W Silver Deesort Spoons per rot tt ft) to 16 00 .ei rer Table Bpeoao pre sot 15 uO to 16 (Mj Mirer Table Forps per set 16 UU to 38 Oil 8Drer Iies'ert Pork*,... .per est IS 00 to 23 0(J 8flv*r Wedding-Cake Knives, He Calves, Pith Kairot, Pickle Porks, loo Cream Knives, fruit Knives, Butter Karvoa, Children'* Rets, via.: Kni'e, )ork aad Spoon, Wlver ? ope. Kapkia Singe, A*. wntoboe. Cloak* and jowelrr repaired at leM this the tea at prise*. W atekee aad Jew airy taken la exohaago, , OBO. C. AL3LKH, Importer tf Watohts and Jewelry. Wholesale and BetaiL Be. 11 Wall Mkeet. (roebed floor.) tear Broadway. Bow 7>tk. PUUtWOHKH. PRfcWORKF, FIRKWORK8, FIKKWORK^ ?A 1,A3 IK assortment ef beet q inlfty flrewort* anting at it sacriSee, to clone np the bus'Bene. If yon want bargain., call immediately at 62 John street, up stairs. T7<IRK WORKS FOR FOURTH JULY.- 500 KXHIBr X tion pieons, of an* nr pas ted brilliancy, for city sod country cfoplajo, for sale, by JOHN K 110SH, No. Aid Woohingtoa otreet. T/DABS' FIKST PBBMIUB COLORED AND B&1L Hi UABT FIRBWORKS. Baay aew aad original deal gas, apprcprlato to the ecmla aanivoroary, never before offered to the paklie. The snhooribcro ere now prepered to Guninh d-splayt foe sitis*. towns or villa*** to any extent, end hero ca head a somplsto variety of sal* work, of rory superior qeabgy, wbioh thev ofler ei the loneoi n.erkec prieea. Orders will meet with prompt attention. Address _ J i3 0 A ISAAC BDOB Jr., Halted 8l*te* Laboratory, Jersey City, off DUN k IN A BOBBINS. 68 Maldta lane. N. V., Oar taly aathorlttd ageet* for eke oily tf New York. IIB1WOBK DEPOT, 98 DIVISION 8TBBBT. WHERE sea he feaad all the variene kinds, made by the boot manafhetarars, aad warranted to be ef the ffrot quality, at the fewest tosh pries. Conakry dealers supplied, aad *r dm pens to ally attoaded^io. I. J&NBS. 88 DiviBen okrttk fIBXWGBKS?BBW YORK LABOBATOBY, 196 FRONT street.?Ffad sraokere, Caaton roskots. dacbia-boadrrt, Jos* sticks, aad a complete assortment ef are wsrVo. war ranted of (ho trot qoali. y. Coaotry morohaut* and dealer* to general, also committee* feroity nod oeaniry displays, oat plied ea ike moot liberal tonne. B. BBNNKTT, 1M Freak street. LEGAL BOTICE8. IN rilPRCANCK OF AN OKPKR OF TUB sUilMfHi ATT. of th* County ef Now Vork. notice Is hereby *iv?a to all pertono having olaim* against John L II. WoCraeket.. Into ot th* olty r.f Now York, morohant. defeased. to j ??at. th* same with vonehors thereof to the subscriber, at his cflro, 61 Choristers street, in the city of New 5 ork, en or before the IBt'i day ef Jnly next. Dated New York the 2Hh day ot Jttnarv, 18M. PBT1B R. SWRdNY, Puhtlo Administrator. KKDIOKL. DR. POWERD I.ADlES' OOLDF.N TONIO*ABlTPK rlooio Fill*? A sure remedy for the monthly lrrr iujaritlr-i to which female* are on Liable. 81 per box. The geauioeto be obtained only of Or. WARD, Oeaal street, eaat ef Broadway. "TvR. RALPH, AUTHOR OF THE " PRACTtUAL Pill I J vain Treatise." Ac., office 648 Houston otreet, nenr Woooter, especially for the cure of seven noi tony standing case*. Honrs of oonaultntien from 9 to 13 A. II , and fl to 0 P. M., Sunday excepted. miPFlVG. PR RICHMOND AND NORFOLK.?THE mTEAMHhTp JAMESTOWN, Captain Parrisb, (o now loading at pier IS North r<eer. for Richmond ond Norfolk, and will loave on Saturday aftaraoon, at 4 o dock. LQPLAM A 1 l.EAHANTS, 82 Broadway. Fob charter-the large and coMMonioTie it vomer CROTON, can be char tared for oxcurxiono, on Mondnya, Wednesdays, Thmaday* and "aturdayt. Far particulars apply ho WM. O. LOCK WOOD, 37 South itreet, or ho Cant. Wm. H. Wood, on board tho boat, at fhofOftcf Twelfth otiset, K, B. AM1>KMKVT8. JCADBkOT OF MI'S C. ITALIAN oidiRA. tHK LArT NIGHT UK lUC Ui GRAYGK OPBRA TROUPE. AND kKO OF THK -iEANON. ON FRIDa Y evening, june 29, wbfn Mozart's maatorpn-ce. th icrwod o/^ra of DUN JUa-N, ?111 Is given, (or the LAST TIME. Principal role* supported by Madam* 4SNA UK LA GRANGE, MesAenw* ku-A MCVWK8 aid SlFDaNBLRa, S'qfoori KAHAI-LLE VHKaW; MORE-JJ, BOVERE, GAsl'AK OM sudoiULK). f'MtiU boto, assisted by Horn I. Vereses, vlU dine* a Miauet in the tint net. Musical Director nod ('endact r :-'lg. Ar.llli New Reentry, bt,, ...r-ignor Allegrt heals may be e?cur?d nt Hell & Son's; JoUie's, 619 Broadway; Van Nutdeu A King's, nadnt the Academy of Music. Prett of Admission.? Parqnette, Perqnat Circle nnd Mrst ilrele, *1; Second, ?1 to; Family Circle, 40 route; Amphitheatre, 16 oeou. Doors open nt o'clock; the Open commence* nt 0. B IRION'S. CHAMBERS S rRKKT.? DRESS CIRCLE una Pniquet, fiOrenhf; Fnnuly Circle, 16 cents, Or ciwhr* Cbetrs, 91; Prtvnto Boxen, 96 ??eh Doors open nt7>i b?f>n nt 0 o'clock. Friday, Jaoe 29. BURN TO GOOD LI CK. | NEW YORK AS ir 18. O'Knffcrty Mr. kddy | Mose Mr. Chnnfnn THE FEURrT. Theme* Mr. Hollnud | Dupuis Mr. Drum Gt KO. CHRI.-TY ft WOOD'S MINSTRELS, 473 BROAD T wny, above Grand etrout Ot'KN EVERY EVENING. For tWf week, Ethiopian Minstrelsy, Dancing, Ac., eon eluding with the DARK DEED8, OR CRIMSON CRIMES, Doon open, 0Jt; commence, 8 o'clock. Tickets 24 cents All business transacted by H. Wood. Buckiey's serrnadrhf from buckle?'s bor lesque Opera House, 681) Broadway, Near Yort, w.U appear in Utica, Monday nod Tuesday, Jnly 2 nnd 3; in Fyracuee, July 4, 6 nnd 6; tn Auburn, July 7; nod will shortly appear in Buffalo in their Graud Burlesque Opens. OLYMPIC CIRCI'8, 4ft BOWERY.?H. ERA NOON I sad B Rusd-Us, Proprietors Il.MhNfK PlitXfSS?(M'rKKLOWING HOUSES. Engagement of tha two oclebrated Germaa nrtlsu, 11EKU DEUZEK AND COUIUD, who will appear in the double trapeze, nnd go turougb n a variety ot astonishing feat*, tecood wauk ol the c.eljbiet?'i female equestrian, M'Ll.E MARIE, and, also, n comio scene, cuutled MONS anil MAD. DENIS. Open every evening. Afternoon performances:?Mon day, Wnlnoedity and Satur lay. Boxes, 2b cents; Re served Seats, 6o cents; Pit, 12 tq cents. >,'KANM.iN MUSKUM, NO. VS UOWkKT, jNMaMLY P opposite tha Uowury Tbsatrs Performances avary at >ietnoun, at 3, aud every evening, at H. S A ? Stranger* Will observe tbar, tt.e Franklin k moh Ii tbe >ntrp>eoela the Wo'ted Ptatea where tbe Model Artists are exhibited, with other original entertainments. Remember, Me. 43 Bowery. Black, pianist.-mastjcr Augustus luca, tbm Etblopiao Thai berg, onl> sixteen years of a rq, w bote nutraorritnary rer'jrmarci'a navo excited tbe admiration and astonishment ot tbe profession who hmve witnessed biz private rehear-als will give bis first Grauo Cone, rt at the Tabernacle, on Friday evsuina, J use 29, oommeno'og at H o'elook Master Luoa s sit be asaiated during tue Concert by bie brothers nnd <bo celebrated voeatUt, Miss Alien Uiulng tbe et 'ping be will perform Lint's Onooito, ly Hertz, and Wallaces Polka de Concert Tlokste, 2ft oeats: Reserved S*at* 50 cents. TieVet.s to be h*4 nt the principal Msiie stores throughont tbe city. fflO DRAMATIC AUTHORS ?THE YANKEE BONG, EN JL ttited 11 Bobbin Around"?words nnd music by W. J. Florence, w U be publahed in n few days. This song was written by the undere>gn*d expressly for hie wife, nod be* been t>ung by her with great eclat in the prin cipal cities of the United States. W. J. FLORENCE, Comedian. Exhibition at the crystal palace, july 2, fur the benefit of the Sixth Avenue Ragged School. This school, which has been for tha last year under the ehe/ge ol Miss Mary Ann Dow, will hare an exhibition 01 Its condition aud progreos in the Crystal Palace, on Monday, the 2d of July next, In the after neon. The school will enter the Palac.i at two o'clock nnd leave nt fix, end during that time there will be exhibitions by scholars, music and addresses. Mayor Wood, of Now York; Mayor Hall, of Brooklyn; Rev. Henry Ward lieter tr, Rev- E- H. Chapir, John H. White, Beee'ver of tbe Palace, end others, will take part in tbe proceed ings. Judge Edmonds will read the report of the school, end Mr. Gerard will give ana-count or tbe Ragged Sthoola in London which he vDitud with Bishop Wain wright The receipts of the day, after paying the expenses, will be devoted to the suppo-t of the school for tbe ensuing year. Eocwcrtii's Bend have kindly proffered their services en the occasion, and wlD perform at intervals during the alter noon. The various articles yst remain ing in tbe Palace, including most of the statuary and paintings, will be open to the examination of the visit ers during flit day. the undersigned taxing an interest la the school, nna dsslrout of seeing similar ones aatah I shed throughout tbe city and vicinity, solicit for this exhibition tbe at'.cation or tbe humane and their ehar. table aid. Tickets, 26 cents, ebildrea under 19 years of age, half price. Tickets .o be lied at the door aod tha principal hotels, hook and muatc stores, James Hairier, Jamrs W. Gvrard, Peter Uoopsr, John H. White, J. W. Edmonds, James Ere eland, ii. 1L Day, riam'l Brevoort, Geo. H. Jcnee. A MUBEMKNT WANTED, FOR FOURTH JULY.-GON JjL Mnental H?U. oornrr of Eighth avenue and Thirty fonorth ?tre?t, to lot, for 4 th iulr, day ud evening; will ?eat lis hundred. Also. an an to ball to lot; will Mat three hundred. The hallo are neatly fitted up, platform, dressing rooms, he. Rent Tory low at any tine for Oon oertii. Exhibition*, he. Apply to T. HANSON, 386 Bronaaay. "VTATIONAL THEATRE, BOSTON.?LADIR-1 AND .1.1 gentlemen, of acknowledged talent, wishing en gagements for the next eeatreu, will pleaae oommnni tatc with Mr. PAH-X/JE. WM. FLEMING, Tosses and Manager. PERHAM'8 ETHIOPIAN OPERA TROUPE, W3 BROAD way.?Negro Minstrelsy, the "Walk Around" and 14 Railroad Explosion.'' . To conclude with the "Mischievous Darkles." Performance!:?I1.Ten tags, at 8 o'clock: Saturday af ternoon, at 3 o'clock. Ticketa, 26 eenta. Gift ticketi admit four peraona aaoh. GHARLEH STREET THEATR1, BALTIMORE, FOR rent.?This beautiful and fsskieaablt tkentre, at the earner of Daititnoru and Charles alreeta. la offered for rent, by the week, month, Jeer, or longer, an reaeonable teim*. During the put twe seasons it kaa been wetl attended br t?? beat portion of oar eltUeoa; and nat witbatandiai (be general depreeeiea of theatrieals an over the eonatry, ?be hasiaaee baa beea proAtabla to an extent whiob warrant* the aeeertien that, wftb a geedeeea pei y and attractive oerfcrmaneea, U nut prove Ins rail re to the manaaer hereafter. It la la good repair, and baa lately beca nmeh Improved la ventilation, rendering it one of the meet comfortable and airy theatre# In the eitv. A .Pfiag outlay would place It In euoh a eeaditlon aa to rank seernd to no establishment in the country as regards beanty, neatness and eligibility of location. Por terms, addroas Wk. W. Mel.LALLAN, Baitimote. Sid. MEDICAL, BR. .f01IN;M)N, 1C DUANE 81REET. H Yd PKRIORM ed mora cures tnaa any otber medical man in New t. t-r. John,ou'r treatment is safe and expeditious, hie medicines can be taken without fear of detection. Charge* moderate, and the money refunded If satisfac tion is uct given.^ Dr. swan ha devoted his strictest atten t-OB for the last 18 yearn to an othee practice, ap<l continues to be consulted daily by both aexes, at bia r 1-oe. No 1 Chatham square, in partnership with Dr. l.ake, wbtre bia celebrated remedies can be ontalned. Recent casus oured in n tew days. BR. COOPER, 14 DUANE STREET, SO LONG known to the citixrna of New York aa the mostsuc cesaful practitioner this country oan boast of, con tinue* to be consulted at bia old office, relieving the un (ortnoate, and giving consolation to many an aching heart. N. B.?Dr. L guarantees a cure la all caaes an derteben. ?pvft. WARD'S UNFORTUNATE'S IRfEND, El, WITH a book ?Ju*t a hat Uiose want who have contract eTdlseases; namely, a ewe at once, and no delay and " . Wat more expense. Oreateat cure in the world by Dr. Ward's '-Unfortunate's Friend." Afflicted take notiee?no ?titer remedies can cure yon radically. Blight ease* cured lu a few hocra: not bing else doe* it. No 50 Canal street, one deor east of Broadway, is the piece ts get In New this rapid and thorough remedy?nowhere else in New York. A cure warranted by Dr. Ward. Patients anxione for reliaf may rely on a rapid cure by hia treat ment, without ta ting the system. Alteration of diet or cstation from business not required. DR. HUNTER, NO. 3 DIVISION STREET, NEW YORK, ao long and favorably known to the pnblic, may te consulted at bis old established office, where be has practised in one branch of medicine (or the last 24 yean, and made mora cures than any otber man in tho city, in many loattnce* of pernor, t considered incurable, sofceof which he permisilon to refer to na heretofore. Chargea moderate, and in all caaee a cure guaranteed Caution.?My great remedy, Hunter <t red drop, that cures certain disease# without drying its poison in the blood, csr only be had as above. Price El. (all and get the Monitor of Health. DR. COBBETT, 1# DUANE STREET, MAY I1K CON aulfed with eontldeooe cm certain dheasea; 84 years in one speciality ot the profession, enables him to guarantee permanent cares. Hia treatment la the same aa that praetiasd by the great Rlcord, of Parts. N. B ? Dr. C.'s diploma, aa member of the N. Y. University, may be aeen at hia office. M I.ARMONT, PARIS AND LONDON PHYSICIAN and sure son, author of the Mediaal Adviser and Mar rings Gnde, 346 page*, 76 engravings, (mailed by -WJ * 4 ? him, scaled closely, to any addraae for 81,) Is at 42 Reads street, corner of Broadway, from It A.M. till 2, and 8 to ? P. M., Sunday* exceptsd. Those at a distance treated by mail and express. We eooenr with etbsr paperi in reeommendiaar Dr. L. and hia treatise. ?Iffsynteb, < ourler de EUta Lais, Day Book, BtaaU Zai tung, National Democrat, Ac. SURE CURE?DOCTOR WARD'S UNFORTUNATE'S Friend now is used before every other remedy only certain sure known. Do not be deceived. It is only remedy that will not disappoint. Quite original? without mercury or mineral poiaoaa. No one ever tried the CtfoTtunate'a Twend hut expre?ei We admiration of Ita eflbet?equally plea mat as salutary. Many art cored by one does. Office. Canal street, one doer seat of Broadway. Dr. Power*' ladles' periodic pills, a ran remedy for Inegularttlei in females. The genuine pre pared and mM by Dr. Whrd, 80 Oauol itgoet. A-MU*K>1K>TS. TETTRLO'S QARI'XN ? TIME UK (OMdENCKMEV T ? Jy ? ttl, Ovvnonv lOouaaitM at 7 *; eo* tun r ??? .iaoooei frc??ijf Khiha r Cv.< m?o Jni M. THE PYNF AND HaKHDOK COMPANY, (by partiowlor >?qu?M,) is *#??'? oow<o opera of the crown o: oio\i?. Dos Hniiiiu*.. Mr. W. Han, a Ceteris* Loei.o Py Is which ibe will le trainee Bhodci' oeWbrotel Air ? 0 Vertut ad< Saturday- Ictizotti'* DAUGHTER OK THE RE' MFNT Due bo tie* will be given of tie rueetitioa e? Be:'' i grand optn f 1HK DAUGm'UlOKiT M V.. Conductor Sir. G. K. Brtitrf ? virnc*. Ticket* Mm ? Private Ho leu 0 ' Orcbeotra Hoot* * I Box often of n daily, from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M , fcr ?? coring Oicbeo'.r* Heat* nad i'rirete Boson oniy. ROADWAY THEATRE? E. A. MARSHALL, dOLT. L<***e.?Door* open at 7)g; oommon:o At 8 o'ek.k. Uo&ofit of Mr. Barn#/ William*. Kridoy a,romp, Jolo ?lU l>e performed IKi L vNl. Ad IT IS. Rigged I'at Mr. Barney WUBeai-i Judy O'FIaborty Mr*. Barony WdHeai 0 ( aroUn. Mr N. B. Clone I Florence Mm. Mnglo Pan Sou; Minn Ada Pno# YANKEE < OURTBHIP. Our Jemima Mm Barony VUUmM l ane* Mian Ada Prion THE UVLRICK BOY. Paddy MUm Mr. Barony WBEarna BOW EHY TI1EM Rt--Plti)PB.IBTOR AND MANAGER, 1. P. Wakoiwn Stay* Mmiigor, Robert Joaee. Prion* of adnoiiH'oa:? (teste '.l?oti; Pit, 1J>? cento; QaBmj , 12,i, cinte Pr rato ftoxva, fif, ?Friday, June 29. THE ENCHANTED TEMPLE. Gnlutto Mr. B JnTantna THE ISRAELITE'S KaVENCE. Zarac Mr. Johaetea B WA1Xa? K'8 THE A 11E. GERMAN OPERA. ON HAJJURDA Y EVENING. JIVE 30. will be tarformtd, for Ibo fir*t kne here, Auoer's great nptra, It ttv? acta, of MANANlELLO. Principal character* t>y MceOmte* LEHMAN. UKPER Memr*. QULNT, YINKE, MUlLKR, he. Cnuduetor Mr. Robert .Sloped 1 oorn open at 7; ft oru>*o<-e to enmeMuee at 8 P. M. Prieo of atloii-aiou ? J'rivate Boson, #d, Onhtotre Stab*. II, Parquet ane Dr*?* Clrcin, 60 ecu'.#; .'inomd Tier, 26 crate. No esvra r.tnrge for roaorved oeato, wbico may be secured si Uie fx s office nay day, from 8 A. M. to 4 P M. Pre'iiOT.n * grand oprra of FIDELIA In in aetlrn re hnnxoal. BOWERY THEATRE.?T IE GRAND, MAGNIFICENT ipre tacit, oatttte.l THE ENCHANTED TEMPLE; Oh, tuk tr?n?? of ru* Nil*, will be prerenteo In a atria of MAGNIFIC&NCB aND SPLENDOR, which mu?t be men to be rva.iiod THE SCENLitY IS ENTIRELY NEW, and, in addition to which, A PANORAMA OF THE NlIJC baa been painted, occupy tog a apace of 20,000 SQUARE FrJCl OF CANV/HS, and introdu.ii&g in ita paoeage EFFECTa BUBLIUE AND BEAUTIFUL. The place produced au i pitied upon the ota#n by ROUtKl JONES. TUESDAY AND WfiUNEdDAY EVENINGS, wlllbe urerouted the grand <lrimtuc npectaelo omMUo* THE KNCUaNTKD TEMPLE; On, thb Sfrcras or tht Nils. Tor chaiactoro one bilio ? t tbe day. Acr I. Egyptian Landie*yi aoo Garden?By Culbort. The Oity of the Deal?By Colbert. Myotic Opining of tho Tomb. Interior of lb. Eh.-bin tod Temple, Grand Proeeaaiuo ol tno l'rleate, bearing Banner*, Trophic* end .Symbol* ef their Myste i iouM Urct'r Magie and Startling Appealanoe of the Soreerer. Maltdioc oo an i Cnras. Fhgbt of the Mtg<c Coatr. Tbe Enchanted T em uie Sinka into tho Earth. The Whole Sjece IJu appear*, show Dg a Bird'* Eye Vie* of tue Illuminated City la tbe DUtanco, producing an elltct at once WONliKlU" '!. A.VO OHA-N'D. Act li. Cottage Among Ui? Abyoo'nian Tree*. VIEW ON TIE NIOE. GRAND MOVING PANORAMA, Midday, Eeanuig, nut nit. Ntgbt, and Sunrise. GRAND St I.LET, by Monsienr BCktMlDr, MdU* THEKkSE, and the Corps de Ballot. Grape Vine Bowor and Fair of Artinoe?By Thane. Tho Ambuscade Cborui of Maraadera, Comba*. of bis. Torrifte Appearance of the Spectre. TABLEAU OF CONSTERNATION I A or 1U. Interior of an Egyptian Teat. The Borceroo* Bear* off At*the. Paee in tbe Block Mountain*. The Bphins Hood?By Calbert, RUINED AQUEDUCT AND MOUNTAIN TORRENT, Occupyi*g the Fall Ksieat ef the BUme. Arrival at tbe Boroerer and his SatslHteS. Tha Poiioued Chalias. The Eiemonto War Againot Viae. Doitruetloa of the Aqavdnet by an Earthquake. Hilio?Rockn? Mooilve Column*, All Crumble to I'ieee* t A TORRENT OF REAL WATER INUNDATES THE STAGE f TERRIBLE KATE OF THE dOK'ERER AND Aad final TRIUMPH OVER VICE AND CRIME I BOWhRY THRATRR-SPKCTAL NOTirK.?LAMBS ud genttom.n, of acknowledged talent, wilting engagement* fer the emuing aeaaca, comm-iaotog M Monday, Jul* ?, wil nuke immediate application to ( r w aldkon, ih?H?. N. B ? An efficient Corpe de Ballet wanted. TOBJt B. SMITH'S GKkN'J TOUR OP RUROFR >vi ev atsnffi n nun t * * 0 L BlOiWHi O AMD SIEGE </P SKBASTOPOL, At Cniwnan Aieewai.* Kooui, C33 Brno ?bowing oeiauamtOTiiwi, forty feet wide, of the pilno'.pol CITIES AND OBJECTS t>r INTEREST IN EUROPE. Even eroolag, It 8 e'elo >k; tad a Terr Saturday alter neoa, at S The mnaie by Mr. AJwj* field, et loadaa Admiaaiaa. SB taatl ClRYSTAL PALACR?WASHISQrONEA GIGANTKA, ) or monitor tree of California.?An enurmeaa opeai ne* of the foveat giant a of California, tranaoendiM is ?lie and beauty any 4 big tree" aa yet impor.ed from that region, baa juat anloed from San Fraaeiece. and will be exhibited la the Crys'a) Puleua, which baa Men engaged oy ti e propri-tor of toil wonder of nature, an the only buihtlrg in New York large enough to dhplay ito magtilc-nt nropcrtm-.*. Tbe exhibition wiB open ea Y~aca?rday, the 4th of Jtly, and caaaot fall to proyo the grand attraction of the ataien. Tbe Waihiag tenia Glgantea (ao nnmei by botauletu, t !* of much larger di menaioaa than the ?pecim?n if the auMttnil deaeribed and depicted m tbe London tUnauated Newa, under the title of the Vreil ngtoaea SigaDiea. , 1 lint tree oaly meaa ared 2 ? feet at ito naee and 176 feet In bc:gat, while the prlucipel diameter of the Waah IngUaea Guanea in 31 teet. end itoal'.itnde wheagrow lag waa 3-3 feet. At the hele t of 110 feet Ito dlaaaeter wa* 16>i feet. The ,rbig ir** 'eihibitod ia thie city ae verel aiontha ago waa aliiioet a pigmy la oeaapanaon wt'h tfcu maatodou, which waa unquestionably the lergeat "atlck of timber" ie CaJiforn'a. It la aappoeed that there ar* not mor - than one hundred of theae great treaa tn tbat Hate, and thte, lrom ito n lii liipplaa heigh*, waa alaticgutahad fr?m the -eat by the title ef the Matter of the Foreit. It haa bean cat down and brought to New York at. a rery h-avy ooat, and cannot fail to attract unirereal admiration, not only froaa Ito unrirahed magnitude, but from tin- a .ralgbtneee and ?ymmetery ot tte bole. (Ufhvwa month. were coaenmed In Slimy, trimming, aad pr?| a'lng the tree for exhibi tion, and bringing It to ? hi* p >rt. Ilotaniata who haw* eiammed tbe ring* oa tbe trunk pronounce ito age to be between tinea and four thou* >nd year* ft wee proba bly a eegHof before the Drat ? ear of Ibe Pyraaaide waa laid, and waa contemporary with Moaea aad tba Pro phet. I? (N. Y. Eiprene.) To ha aeaa at tba CreaU* ralaaa an the Fourth of July, and -eary day afterward* nntU farther notice, Doore open from 8 o'clock A. 4. tin ? o'clock P. M. Ad mittance it cent*. A CUR* POR HARD TIMES. paanan ? Qacar Out T>i?tuiirnow roeitlrely takoa iUi? ea btb of Jul*. n REMEMBER TICKETS AMl! ONLY $1 EACH, AK1 admit fcmr eraeaa to Pinun't Bthiopux On:ma, 8CS Baoan way. Amoaget '.he ,-if.i to be diaf-i'-mt-d ia a Splendid *enn, w >itb I lean of na?a 1 lone nt earth 1 loauot eaeh. t loaee of eaeb, toll raeu 10 loam of oaeii, 1100 rOth Tbe 2:40 trot'lng mare Lilly Die.. WRreewied plaaoe 00 0?l<l wuiehae. be., be. Bead all < ruer? for tleketo i* JOS)AH PERHAK, Kama Benea, MKDU'AIm RlOOltD'8 PRACTICE?NO HCK )P REMOVAL?1 aaderMgned, formerly * pupil wfcfe the great Rg. eort, of i'arie, aad with the celebrated etffiomo af tola oily, lire. Urnoahan aad Motv infarme the pnbMa toil he baa nncrid and peraaaootiy enUUbahed his ME-' aaltiag and diapenaing roam* *? No. SIS Broadway. Hf tbe cure of diaeaaea. Ha Nader* to all efMeted f' ' aaanraneeof relief, aad thoee who baye beta i 44 apeeiOoa," awtldofca. ***?, " ?oi Mke effnaiena of to" oemerona -nedtial eh* day, may raiy en baring thek eaaea treated ef na matter how aomp'icato.i they may appear, tended ebrerreltoae ia the Umoub Hoapltal dt Parte, un<*ar Bleord blmeel", togothar with 1 new and eRdent remedial uf mil amlnent leader fkiJare Impoealble. I', may bentanMened. _ laferniatton ef patienta reaidlng In the cornnti* or dto taat tifiee, that thay aan at *ay ? rue eooanffi the ewh neribor by totter, giving a pla.n fUtemaal ofthetomao, when Via necaaeary madleluea adapted to II Will he pro pared aad aeat to them, ftooout caaea onred wttbont now dalay. Charge* quite moderate, sad toe moat eam did lnfonmatien glyen in owery iaatanoa Rto liaelmeoi of eonanmptioa, eerofula and ??t?uu* diaeaao, to baaed entirely on the modern owl lnpro?ed acianaa nfmadl elne, aad eae been emlaontto aaenaaamJ. Ooaanllatiama an Frangato, Offiaa haima ftom S to S aad torn S to h. A D. HAMMOND M. D.. Enrgnon, Author of M*dtool Information for the Rilltom, he., he , Vto IM PwAaAmaw amfwrnltj MR TtimlanU a QaMI V 5*1 r"aJu JVT* '